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The Ledge Jul 21, 1904

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 tvSfr% * >'-, ^"-   :-M"  •-     '•-'---'V ?   * i*'-;*5    r,  ,<     ..-*-•/><,,"--',< ,^ • *.jmt?T   sty A     i- -     * ^^fe^xf^^'J - ^ \   -'>,- •< -\*^y,-  * = >->   " • ' '  , ~ .>-■•- a-    • --'xA-' *
t%&-'A '   . . -- _ Kx\ ■; ■'     ■*     "*    * -  -/jf-S*        .-    - -  -;--  *.'.-•:/*\--' ■ • *•■  ./.,•>%""'• fa v "   1 °   '      .*    '
1 *,%"*-■ " *, > J^. '• " , j y IB
Volume XL, Number"*^
,NKW DEiNV-LR, ii. C, THURSDAY, JULY 21, 1004,
Phice. $2 a Year, in Advakce
from the Cake Co wns
Grace Williams is visiting Miss Home
in Ferguson.
MrP. Harry Aylwin is visiting friends
at tho Coast,
Bob Cunning paid a visit to New
Denver on Monday.
Slocan City has raised a fund for a
Labor Day celebration.
Several merchants, will pull out of
Slocan City next month
Bob Johnson and Harry Woolley have
returned from Kettle river
Bob Allen has sold his meat shop in
Slocan City to Harvey AitcUieon
Monte Davys and family have gone
to England foV the balance* of the summer.
Mrs. George Alexander, of Kaslo, was
Visiting friends in New Denver last
. Joseph Millward is doing business in
Cranbrook    Hia family eiill resides in
_N p.l snn _,
AMrs, Kernaghan and family from
Revobtnke are the guests of Mr, and
Mrs. J. B. Smith.    k     .
Win. Brandon and Arthur Murray
havo. started a fruit ranch on the hill,
back of Silverton.
LeeChism has come down from the
Ottawa to do assessment work on his
c|uims nt Eight Mile.
The Methodist Sunday School will
hold their annual picnic Wednesday,
July 27th at Rosebery.
Mrs. Tucker, who has lately been the
truest of M.s. Geo. B Garrett,! left on
Tuesday for Dawson City.
Bruce White wont to the Mnlilo Gibson Monday with a view of getting the
mine In shape to resume operations.
The buildings no«v occupied by Tub
Lbixjk will be for Bale or to rent after
tho lst of August   Apply to tho ed tor.
Wm. Thomlinson will visit the properties of the Lightning Peak Co , t li ir*
week Tho company has recently paid
in full for tho properties.
Tho Vernon News has issued • special
edition descriptive of tho beauties and
resources of the Okanaiiau valley. It is
a handsome quarto of 80 pages, full of
illustrations and reflects credit on the
euterprlsu of tho linn.
Jim Bowes paid a visit to the Okanagan last week in search of a new hotel
site. Jim has always run ono of the
bent hotels in the Slocan, but like othoi ■
ho has grown weary of feasting on
scenery, and tho boom that is always to
come. *
A, 0. Ostby wasburned out In Poplar
last week. The flro Is supposed to liave
started from a lighted lamp, Ah It was
the custom of tho family to keen one
burning all night Ostby and his family
had a narrow escape, and got out with
a scarcity of clothing Several trunks,
and Homo ham aud bacon were saved
from the lower story. Tho Insurance
was $700,
We have received for review a song
entitled "It waa summertime in Dixit'*
land " Tho cover Is a rlream in black
and yellow. A primrose moon looks
dowa oi a bilious looking couple seated
In a garden of gigantic cauliflowers. It
Is most affecting. Inside there art four
pages of music. This we do not know
much about, but it Is clearly printed and
looks easy.  The publishers assert thai
..94199   9.     999.4..449.       9.**4 94 »*v>*„       *'   ...      ■*' ■*.      *.«**,**,•      .4.4^
\1 to,, "re jmH ibe poor j\«V»V,p
J. A. Magee of the Spyglass company
has been in Poplar the past week looking after the business of the iu:no.
Parson Smith commenced work the
paM; week on the Denver group, located
across tho river from rinsworiii station.
The tunnel beinjr run on ihe Silver
Glance lead by D A. 'M-urduck- is in 25
leet, Uie quartz carry 'good-gold values
Perkins Bros, the past week crosscut
a 4-foot lead of quarts''carrying peacock
copper. The claim is about two miles
up Poplar creek.
the incline on the Golden Eagle
group, near Gold Hill is down 40 feet
following the lead Altogether SO feet
of work has been done ou the group
this season.
to look liae a
^.......p vi»**K.   Every morning a train
of pack animals is loaded with supplies
Poplar is
mining camp
at E. UTMastersou's store lor the working m.iues.iu the vicinity.
Henry Magnussen aril Eric Strand
have com jdeted Uie" traif" up to'tlie Silver Cable group on Tenderfoot creek,
and have now four men at work on
their rich galeua properties.
The shaft on the Mother Lode is down
35 feet and the ore body is improving
with depth. Ou the surface the ore was
concentrating, and at 35 feet the bottom
of the shaft is nearly all solid galena.
Ata depth of 50 feet the ledge will be
Messrs. Nesbitt, Munro Gordon,
Burns and Lewis this week' completed
work on tho extension to the trail west
of Rapid creek. There is now a fairly
good trail extending from tho wagon
road to about a mile south of the Morning claim. Two miles more would open
up tho Territory as fnr as tho Alhambra
group, recently located, and the govern
ment should give some assistance to the
prospectors on Rapid and Rusty creeks.
Samples of ore sent to Nelson from
the Hecla for assay, gave gold returns:
Schist, $4.80, and quartz, $8.85. Thia
is a good return, as the samples taken
weru right across both ore bodies, then
each was thoroughly mixed and quartered, thus giving a fair average assay
of the lead. Tho Hecla is owned by
Chism & Hendrix and Is au adjoining
claim to the Broken Hill A tunnel is
being run on the Calumet, also owned
by Chism and Hendrix, to catch the
rich galeua lend that has been found on
the Carson. The tunnel is iu about
twenty feet.
Dan. McRae and Chas. Diamond a
couplo of weeks ago located the Alhambra, Diamond Hay, Mountain Uoat
and KinniH at the head of Hapid creek.
There are two leads running through
tho claims, one 18 inches of concentrating galeua and thu other 6 feet of iron.
An assay from thu surface of the galena
lead gave B2 ounces in silver and fi.Bu
in gold No assays have been had from
the iron Development work will bo
started on the claims ni soon nn Mr.
Diamond recovers from an attack of
ihtlammatory rheumatism, which re-
quires thu constant attendance of his
Apr 9—Quien Sabe
„   18—Hoodoo for two years.
,,   20—Two Brothers, Mountain Con
ox mmm npoolt.
26—Twin Sister No 2, Queen of
the Hills, Black Hussai, :win SUter
No 1, Golden Belt, Mojavo.
May 4—Mollie, Teller, Leadville, Madonna, Col. Kellers, Kathleen.
May 9—Katie fr, argo, Gypsy Lass,
Otis, Amiiston
May 41—Silver Leaf No 2.
„   12—Memphis, Coronation, Mabou,
Empress fr,White Sparrow
May 18—Sidelight.
„ 20—Neepawa
„ 25—St Lawrence, Dalhousie, Arg-
entite fr. ,
May 26—Kimberley
,, 81—Monteroyfr," Shiloh."
June 4—Crazy" Jane, Lady Franklin,
Brentwood, Reekie, Aston, Aston No 2,
Jack, Jim, Crown   , °
June 4—Mimic
6—St Louis, Dividend, Alhambra
8—Chesapeake.     ■*■*';"..      _____
yy\J—Kainbow. ■'*■„-,*
„ 10—Morning Star, Sheffield fr
Sandon Tim- Cropping*
There "was
frost in Sandon Mondav
Moro   than  GO  Eagles
ready to fly in this city.
P. J, Hickey is in Poplar looking after
his interests iu that camp.
Frank Malcolm and Bob H,eddle are
pounding rock" aud steel ai the Cork
Billy Karr isbuilding'a house in Vancouver, and wili remove his family to
thut city
EM Sandilands and F. H Hawkins
have been appointed agents for the
Elmore oil process.
Bill Davidson has more muscle than
any other member of theB C legislature.
He gets it by hitting the drill in the
Mountain Con.
Ed McLeod has added more paint to
the Kootenay- He is bound to keep the
surroundings.-in harmony with the
nervebracers behind the bar.
Tom Saunders caught a char in a ver.
■tttriow way thl* week. Ht had hookeri
a small trout, when a char eetecd It by
the tall.  Tom gave a gentle pull, but
Vt^A* **>Wt«.lf    ff^-*w  >»t»Vw VWiVfc   &  'tVUk^^-ti    >t*>Y'        hk*:^
seized the trout more firmly in the mid
die of the body and refused to let go
He thought he waa our bulldog and
hung on as if he thought the trout wat
a delinquent aubwriber But, alaa for
tnlaplaced energy, gaundert gradually
drew bim t\nmt Thw net wa* ready,
and with one fell swoop the surprised
tith wa» landed in the boat.
A ring which is said to be thu one
presented to Joseph by Pharaoh on Ihe
occasion of his appointment to thooOicn
of Prime Minister, reposes in a small
velvet case in the oflice of Abe Lipman,
ifil,    .1*9 lit Vll    9110-li*,    rn-iVW      tlltW.      U    III
hart i.>J,uu arl t'c*J3iTi3*■***!,) t,u) whkh 5h;
,v Lipman made a $50,000 loan.   Tho ring
ia valued at $1,000    It wat obtained hy
I'Mfeasor Laming, of Damascus, and
the moat famous Egyptologists believe
it ir* he ibo nritimai n*tt trntti iim «"<««*
of the Egyptians    U i§ probably 4,0-i)
Sears old, having lieen made 2,00(5 years
efore Christ. It is a circle of gold set
with a scarab. The collection waa
owned by a former real estate operator.
Masturfton, Griffith &Cu., Trout Lake,
•ell all the supplies needed by lumber
vMtii|m Hud minus.
18—Vendor, Carleton, Poutiaa.
,, 14—Danube, Silver Park. Utiea.
„ 16—Black Fel, Wilno, Roter, oacn
for two vears.
June 20—Fir.
,, 22—Constance, Zillah.
„ 24—Reliance, Sheffield.
„ 25—Anchor, XLCR, Porcupine,
Sevile, Maple Leaf, Sunbeam, Fallen
June 27—Wedge ' fr, Bassett, llother
fr. Jennie Long, Fourth of July. Truro,
Alma for two years, Regina, Bertha,
Juno 28—Free Gold, May, Jov, Joy fr
July 4—Hoboken two years, Gatineau
two years, Slmcoe two year-, Ve Fraction, Florence two years, So.dier Bov,
Jose, Shenandoah, Victor. Vevey fr,
Eclipeo, Sligo, Iron Cap, Bluebird '
July 5—Bright Light
,,   6—Hamilton, Hnzeltou, Puudle-
ton, Little Chillio, Colorado, Silvorton,
Little Dorrit fr, Mav.
July 7—Francis M. Alberta, Superior
fr, Ophir, Alliance, Dixie, Olvmpia.
July 0—Bessie.
Apr 20—Togo, ou Lemon creek, D 0
Robertson; Makaroff, same, Jos D.-nrin
May 0—Ehon Dare, on Lemon creek,
Dan Han lou.
May 11—Elena, on Sprimjer ck, An
touio Ma/./.eo
May l'i—Torpedo, ou lst n f Lemon,
'Ihos MeXoish
June4—Cly«le, on Tubin creek, J V
June »l—Slocan Boll, on Twelve Mile
creek, K O Snyder; Lailev fr. divide
between Springer and Ten Mile, C M
June 8—UoidHii Hill fr, ou Republic
hill, A Ii Bolderstou
June 20—Lakevlew, nmth from town.
II A Hicks
July 1—Noonday, head of Springer, J
E Skinner and Ulalr Carter
July 5—Jeuity Lynn, Ten Mile creek,
John Taylor..
July A— Vlrgel, divide nf Ten Mile
and FWMlle.JMGllll*.
July 7—4'hriHtfnn. same, W White.    !
Apr U2-Matrix* \ and IV«-mU'f 1, W
I! Wall to D II (Jilnnn
Apr IH—Skylark and Ranger audit
other claims, Sheriff Tuck conveys all
<d Percy Dickinson's interests to il W
H»nnington,at the suit of Elmer J Felt
Apr 20—Tonka No 2, Grant C*x in
Fred G (?Arlisle.
Apr 80— Democrat and Royal, 4 in
eacu, -A i .ilCiSaugiU to JOitu itiuuig,
Clul»i, same to same
Mav S—H»»*nty fr %  I M Mc<Srejper
to K Lemleux
n May !0~Fnnrtb of .Tuly No fi |, II
luytiw^ci Ai i*. is ktt .t'.i,   a******! 4, ,•*,*-.!.•.■<• !•'-
May IS—Alhambra, all, II Kurtathals
to Jas Smith.
May 20—Bonnie Doon, publisher's affidavit re delinquent owners; Southern
Chief 0 IG, K A Bradshaw to James B
May 2»t—Notice by registrar of connty
court ok letters oi  adimotitratum being
The tax on telephone messages causes
many funny situations to take place.
A Sandon man holds the record for getting ahead of the Ibsinir monoply.      ^
Labor day will be celebrated in Sandon on September 5th and 6th. About
$2,500 will be given In prizes. A dele>
iration visited Slocan on Monday to see
if that town would postpone their celebration on the same day, Wit without
Johnson and Fry, goldmlners and
prospectors, have discovered a rich deposit of scheelite in the Willow Creek
region of Caribou. The Provincial
Mineralogist says it is more valuable
than sold, and makes 14-cent steel worth
<U cents. Hitherto the only place in
the world where sclieellte* has been
found Is Northern Australia.
Johnson and Fry say they have an
im mouse deposit of the stuff which they
will work at mien It i« the mineral
f* om Milch tung«tie acid is manufac
tured The original dineovevM* was K "
W. Scheele, the Swedish chemUt.
will ship zinc ore to Kan-
The Idaho
sas.- '-.■•"'■
The Monitor flume will be finished in
a few davs.
More men have
the Luck v Jim
been put to work at
Tiie Silver Cord, near Cody, willeuon
be in active operation.
The Last Chance is being put in
shape for active operations
About 20 men are woakingon the contract tunnel.at the Rambler.
Last week the Ottawa shipped (16 'one
of ore; Port Hope, o; Alberta, 15.
The Ivanhoe has finished its contract
for supplying zinc to the smelter at
Bob Cunning will work the Dum Dum
a fractional
claim just above the Mer-
""Arthur'BriiiUla is doing assessment
work on the Empire* claim on Goat
The Dixie Hummer will bo opened up
this month. It is the properlv of Mrs.
Phil Hickey.
Thore are 12 men working at the
Mountain Con,"and the lessees certainly
have a bonanza.
\V H. Yawkey, of Detroit will visit
the Slocan iu a few days. He. is heavily
interested in the Ivanhoe.
The Idaho is one of the bitr shippers
of the Slocan They shipped J10 tons of
zinc to Iola, Kain-as', on Saturday nitd
also2t) tons of galena to Nelsoc. On
Monday they shipped 50 tons to Nelson.
Nelson, July 11.—The deal for the
sale of ihe Bayoi.nc group, located to
the west of tlu* lower ej;d of Kootenay
lake, to II Wiuehell, George T Mauee,
Allien JauC/.eM'okv. Churl*u F Booth
bud others of Buite, Mont has been
closed The teruiN of the bond call for
8.0,000 The httm of *",000 was paid
yesterday to George Harrison and Fret!
uidhon. the owners, and the remainder,
$a!l,oOO, will be |>ahl ju«t nn soon as
crown grams are issued Inn 600 foot
tunnel ou the Bnyonne claim there is a
idmnt of om 150 feet lonir which runs
hiifh in gold On the Ohio there* i« n
chute of oxydized ore 100 fret iu length
which also uns high iu gold The for*
matiou is a close grained granite, which
usually carries gold value-, at depth.
The properties are considered valuahln .
ihe intention ol the new owners is to
push work and nlute the properties on
a producing lia«D< m* quit k!v m* yuXi*
bin The nroperly wn** botidwl to Finch
and Campbell of Spokane some thr»-*«
veais ago, they doing considerable
work, but the bond was Allowed to ex
Plailuum was first di«mvered n*, n
metal In 1711, Witdam Wi»«oo, of Loo-
don, Euxhu'd. having been thudiscov.
erer Tlie ore- carrying platinum were
iuiu<d »o the i)e>goboih*Mid of 1 a«t|j«.
gens, Columbia. At one time it w«»
known t|« vv ti,,,%*' ^»ild    For teveral vi<4r«.
after It* discovery It wn** practically a
valueless metal,n* tin re wns no markel
for it. In 11 hh the king of Spain offered
to pay ti per pound lor the metal, aiut
Itis naid that be purchased X.huo pnnii<N
at that price,, his splendid qualities
wii-re not awwristed until well into Out
i nineteenth century, and since Ute ad*
,|„„B i7-Hhenandoah I Clara Werelv I \^ ♦•<■ i"»:»ua««eu4 vi**iii*. iauip* iuy
to (' V Barber '    demand hat Wen mi huge ihat platinum »
!»,.'.. .j^ltliLt. loo.i.n.B., i TIl-n ltmt •»•* «|*pre«ri*«*>«l to ihe value ot
d™t^AKtrffirSk Uol<!-   «««"«»" ™* rtt °»p l>™ t,w|
d\lm!e^>^eTott bv J liGr^»-U" «• I^W*?." « 0* ^n"< ™^
held that his heenne has lapsed and his
Charles Sweeney, president of tho
Federal Mining Company, »rvk the
Sumpter Miner, is drawing a salary of
?1H,000 a vear aud arels a large share of
the dividends. Ills ca«o furnishes a
remarkablo illustration of what changes
may be made in a man's fortune in ,i
short time, Ten vears «<ro Mr. Sweeny
was poor and made his livlnir hv snrving
as n deputy United States marshal.
When a cei-trt'n building Hunu'd he v«*-
niarked It was his last bit of property
he had In the world upon which he
could have realised Now he has a for
tune running into the millions and draws
au annual salary that would have looked
like a fortune to him a decade ago.
Always have ii bottle of Stutlon
beer in your pocket whon you go
Hidilng. Write to tho New York
Brewery and get a cnnc.
issued, appointing Leo Doiron admin*
iKlwtor ol estate of Joseph 1> urou.
Mav JV)—Mabou 4, Gvo Williamson to
It I Kirkwood; |W
May 81—Boston, all, I) Graham to M
JuiH'.1~-B!!ie Bird, all, L K Doiron "o
A it McMillan.
?...     * *    to  .,  ..       ,.o   t   . *r i*  , .,vt
in (lur*'V, WeltiSMt
Interest now falls to co-owners.
Jnlv 4-Dundee, Fair Friends, Doirest
and SummeraeRh, I in each, W TShat
ford to Pioneer Mining Co, Ud; Slocan
Prince J, name to same
VO.   HW-    fc-V*1*
er.ETtrtCATFi! w turnovKKFA'T.        . ^niin^n^ m
Apr'i'l—Hidden Treasure, Cru»ad»rf {addition of a prwntag*
Boulder, W«>ntouth. t il* n*oA vuin»g«*
gold in considerable quantity, without
materially changing the yellow color of
It. Platinum in and amuud the year
1758 waa verv scarce in Kpeln, hwmt****
so niucn of it found its wav Into gold
coina, and at one time the Spanish gov
foment d«*ha*rtl H* own t«>io v>iiliVl.«
ol the metal in
'** THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., JULY 21,1904.
Eleven™ Year
.' *r*->   ','■*'',<*"    ,
Over Wallace-Miller block, "Baker
St., Nelson, Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning.. Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
i\j     Warm   Weather is  Around      ))j
Cooling Shampoo
•M'»        krtre^iin'v,turtle MlttVl
Denver AngHgllOn'S pftrJor
He will make you feel pood
The Ledge.
H, T. LO\VEHV,^:dit,ori\n(l l-hiam-ier.
1'uulislii-fU'v'ery Tiuirstliy hi tin- ni-hest silvcr-
1 U'U'l zinc* »-.inip on earth,
Ij*:!ial iiilvi-rrlsin ' 1" cen*~ a nunjiariel lino
ti *>t insertion, anil ft t-cnts" a line ai-li suiif>«**rjii>-iit
i i«>-r»Ion. Ke.Klhi).'n'»tic«s'.Ti ernts a lhu.', and
ciitinnerc-Irtl ndverti-iup ijradH in price' necord-
i-ru-.-'-i i-ir .■iiiiii.tnii!'- s. '*.*,   ,.
->!i;n'j:-ii>'i;.vi. <iu ymir in ti'lvfuu-c-orAi M) if
u-)f so imid. ■'
Certi'ittiUe of Improvement notices ?1.
linquent Co-ownpr notices *10.
■F.'llmv Piitrrinw t'ne lkdok is li-wihvt at
\»',w euviir, B (J, ami is trm-ed t'> nmv.y pans
•••' the.tsurili It has m-ver hwn raiilfd hv the
-heriff. sii.'.vsliiled hy cliottii si-ver. or-iilidned,*
liy thii •'Hiirnfmiui It w >ru« for I V iv.-iI' blazer
.h'j, well astoolia.v-tvinrtuW'd.chanifMK'ie-fla v .v«m!
eaitit-.li.~t; It alms to be o>i Ihi- ritrhr. side of
es-eryilnna;. and beaevos that hell should be ml-
mi nistmvii to the wicked hi hi we dm*'* It has
st ,od tnUest of tiir;e, and an ever-Increasing
li'iy«tiv*ik is proof that it is better to tell th-
tru.h. even if the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation is the man
who always pays the winter; he is sure of a
bunk In paradise, with thornier roses for a pillow bv night, and nothing but prold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver. B, C
v pencil cross in Mils Miliar?
11 licates that your sal>.-»':ip
tl >n is due, and that tho editor
wants 'nee airain to look at
your colhteral
A mine in Mexico capitalized at
$950,00Q. has paid a dividend of a
million in a year. In Mexico they
will persist in being opposite to
British Columbia. Ignorance we
suppose'is the. cause of it.
Parker will  probably get every
democratic vote in Poplar.
A  porcupine  cannot write although lie is never without a quill.
We have been approached. Af<
Lardo the other day Bob Green
gave us a cigar.
These are tho days when the
forest fire steals over the hills, and
puts many a fat timber limit out of
business.       •'
Judging from the reports we read
about Sunday laws in Ontario the
people of that province are scarcely
half civilized.	
The Mad Mullah has broken out
again. The despatch does uot say
whether ho has the measles or the
same old kind of pimples.
A (joi'Hku ran past our office the
other day and looked up at us with
sympathy in his eyes. We are both
iu the hole most of the time.
Tin-; other day a bear was seen
reading the epitaphs on the tombstones in New Denver's cemetery.
This is a sight that few towns can
oiler to the tourist trade.
Wk would rather bo a ilea, and
live upon the back of a greasy Dago
than have a soul like some of the
animated elay that walks on feet
ami never pays the printer.
Tun winntint who said that the
mm was losing its heat Hhould come
and sit under onr tin roof while wc
go out projecting for a ledge of
lei» with MtiingiMH  of  mint, lemon
If the ehureh at any time in the
history of the world had had absolute control of the human mind
there would not now be any liberty
or progress on this earth. For our
freedom, our learning and our civ-
ilization we have not the church' to
thank but those brave spirits who
blazed the trail through the shades
of superstition until the mountain
of reason was reached even if every
step was spattered with human
We are inclined to believe that
Bob Green and Dick McBride are
not so deeply* ebonized as we have
been led to belieVe by the rancid
press. We watched them closely
during their recent trip through
Kootenay and not once did we see
them drink out of a bottle, turn a
blackjack or ring the bell where
the curtains are red. There ramble though the'-mountains was like
the picnic of two Sunday School
hoys,' although McBride kind of
tu !:ned~Gi:ean-as-they-peeped~i n to
the Tribune office, and saw their
victim, like an argonaut, setting
type through a spy-glass and whistling the latest s<»■:: from Ymir.
The man with the hoe, the axe,
and the drill has a b:o:id back or
he would not carry the load that he
does. On his back sits the army,
church, and all those who produce
nothing but wind. If the man with
the load was to straighten up, pull
the wool out of his ears, the dust
out of his eyes, and the moss away
from his bran where would all the
parasites slide to ? Into a chute of
hard work. But then he will never
do it in this age. The parson, the
politician a.ul tho capitalist liave
got him buffaloed. Ho will stab
his real friend, and bund his sack
to those who fatten on his fears, his
ignorance and the wheels that revolve in his upper stopu.
The surface showings of gold,
silver, lead and copper around Poplar aro exceedingly rich. Up to
date the secret has been fairly well
kept from the investing public, but
unless extraordinary precautions
are taken the news will leak out
and that camp will bo overrun w'th
a crowd of capitalists in .search of a
greater pile of wealth. The Poplar
people should take a lesson from the
Slogan if they do not wish to have
their peaceful existence destroyed
and their minds tortured with bank
accounts. We have succeeded so
well in the Sloean that the inlmbi-
are all happy nnd never suffer from
late suppers (»»• the eum» of wealth.
A BitooKt.v.v paper wants to know
why men do not go to ehureh. The
of the reasons why men do not go
to church.
The little, local, shoestring Tourist Associations that we occasionally find in British Columbia will
never build up a tourist trade that
will" be worth a whoop in Three
Forks. The tourist trade should
be worth millions every year to
Kootenay but. it can only be procured by going after it along business lines, just the same as*any
other legitimate business of great
magnitude. We have the goods
and this is the way to do the business. Organize a company, with
say ten millions of dollars in capital. Then build a complete chain
of first-class hotels, with trails and
roads to all high points of interest;
advertise the fact and the tourist
world is ours, bag, baggage, and
pikestaff. We have a land of
grandeur, but our light is under a
bushel, because no promoter has
noticed this great chance for investors. Properly explained to men
of-means.tliereshould be little difficulty in procuring all the money
ne essary for this great enterprise.
In Kingston, Ontario, the other
Sunday Canon Starr got warm and
denounced Sunday excursions, and
Meals nt all hours.
Manilla and Krimloops Cijrara for sale.
p; BURNS & CO,
.' Have fresh meat every
day at Sandon, and in
c all the shops operated
by them in British
Columbia. No contract too large for this
firm. Armies and
railroads supplied on
n*A short  notice.
Founders 4. Machinists,
— nelson, b.c.——
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on hand    Estimates furnished.   Scrap
,   Repairing
and Jobbing1.
Iron bought by the carload
B. c. Travis, manaoch.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented by GEORGE HORTON.
W. P..
Is the Leading Hotel of    *,,;■■
said that they were destroying the
fear of God. It is about time such
frothy seirmous wore throwu over
the dump amid the rubbish of ignorant ages. The fear of the man-
made god is just what we want
destroyed. Sunday legislation was
started by a pagan ruler of Koine,
and God had no more to do with it
than Red Paddy. Man has made
all tho laws and penalties regarding
what is called breaking the Sabbath.
You cannot break it, and only people with dough-lined brains believe
such twaddle. Parsons rant about
it b^cim-o they wish to hold the
peoplo in mental bondage for their
own aggrandisement. Every day
is the same to the Power behind all
things, and only foolish man has
mado any distinction. You may
break a creed by not observing
Sunday in a certain way, but you
can never hurt the real God by any
harmless worl; or amusement at
any time.	
TltUi.Y    ANJiWKrtKI).
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor
air of B.C. isper«
fumed by their
*■■■ *       , *■ ■... *
aroma ■** <* ^
Steamship Tickets
To nnd from European ■points* via Canadian
nnd Amorieim linos.   Apply for snlllng dittos,,
■ rates. tiek^tg_ai)d full Information to any 0. P.
Ry. auent or-
...■■'  G. B, GARRETT.
C. P. R- Agent, New Dcnve\.
W. P. F. Cummings, G. S. S. A«t., Winnipeg.
Is the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
Boats trading in the Medway in
former years rejoiced in rather cur-
ions names, and the following was
only one of the many amusing incidents resulting from this.
A boat named "What'w Thut to
You ?M passing a dockyard at nighttime was hailed as usual, by thc
"Boat ahoy I Your captain'k
Captain X "
'•And what are you laden with?"
•• Where bound for?"
♦•Ship's mime?"
"What's that to you?"
*' I  asked yon
"What's that to you?"
"You shall 1ms reported for your
insolence!'' roared,thecoaatguards-
mne*        \rt*tiii bt*  tint  llm niinoHrtn
With which Ih Amalgamated
Pnid up Capital, $8,700,000.       Reserve Fund, 851,000,000.
AifJfi'opnto Resources Exceeding 888,000,000.
GEO. A. COX, President. B. R. WALKER, General Manager.
Deposit* Itocdvoil nnd Interest Allowed
Corner Ward and Baker street*. . NELSON, B.C.
and other thingH running through | w»V,r of ,,!u,t ,m|w>r.,n,Hfi ,M* W*m
it. jor ho would not a*k mieh a aitnple
 _ <jtieMt*ion. Men do not go'tn ehureh
Ik tub powder now being wanted l btscauao the choir gtrln do not wear
around Port Arthur wan exploded |«horfc dies«ea nor wiggle when tluiy
<»i tho timntitniiiu nt tho >ilr*r*>iti * Walk• 1w»im*U*i» t,hr»v onnnrtt. «mntn
thorn won td \v> «wh n tvvmi nrnumV^ifW* h* front nf thn ptdplt, n\\i\\ n.^A reeo\viit^ tho t-omt* roeAy thn
New Denver t hat tlie oldest inhabi- j wjiiirt tobacco juice in the eoHmbn ] boat waa coinmamkd to * remain
tnnt« would be foived ta wake up,'-plate, nor draw to bobtail* while where she wa*. In the morning
and admit that they were alive.      ! the parson i» splitting, the air with '     *    '
'hi* MworotiK r«'iu.(ikw aluout thn
i jh: rrovint* ih u great tvunui ot, hiatnl at the tomb. Tliey cannot
thi* db-triet. When in doubt it! play ball while all is prayer around
alw.iyMpiitMa mine in the Slocan. (them, nor drink out of a bottle
Home ilny from it* *mmil columns while every wizened old prude in
we will lenrn that the Treadwell ia the congregation is »wallowing them
at Handon, ur the United Verde jut-.t■ with hevey*» and lHvthnivigtoJ*-hii>
neram tiie gnlch from Paddy's Peak.! al the mme time.   These are mme
Mveral hundred acres of the fluent fruit and ranch landw in the
Kootenay, Bituated at the head of Crawford Bay, Hubdivided into 40
and 80 acre lot*; nlw» an Improved Ranch. Land can be cleared for
815 per acre. There i« a good hotel. Hteambont landing and wagon
road through the property. Price from 87.00 to 12.00 per acre. Easy
termK.    Room for twenty or more aettler*.
Mm good Grazing and mixed Farming Land*, belonging to the
the name of the * Kootenay Valley'* Company. Limited, nituated in  EitHt Kootenay.
; Prices from 83.00 to 7.00 per acre,   TerniB 5 yearn, 1-0 cash.
X\VW'.*". ■ ■" ^WJAWIi   it; I'I'iil'U ''A;*'' M//A<
tySyy^-'iSi*. XW iA\'>'t
twit binitts were Been keeping g.iard.
Thn oflfoiata. w thev lxMtti(*d thn'
v(M«ul with full authiirlty to miu,
the offenders, observed for the fir«t
time the name pain tod in large
letter*. Amid the laughter aud
jeers of the crew of the "What's
Vital to jtouT' they ymWvA iwwn\\\y
nn «»(&"<* fl«»fi1l*rtf>i«; ftirnnt-e t»-Jl»<>t ibttmtbuin
Of the Miner's Union Block
h the ui.ly liall in (lie city fiiltAlitt for Tlie-
nirlcnl T'crforronricr**, Cowmts. 1 ntx-f* nnrt
, tiltf   )'',':Jii.tt  'i ii'Jti'iif.'fii'lt-ti-tt. t
Vat ixnklntr*. wrl*» *vr wire—
Siiiraiarj Sandon Mlisent" Union
lei lutcrlor view. Heating c»i*city s.iij iriwt
fiuniilnl lr»n in draw trim, 1 Jfift. -*m.™ i,»er*ur*.'. i .v^^t^^^ct.^**
Eleventh Yeas,
^ Canadian yHTnt      |
Manascor of the Imperial.Bank
of Canada, at the recont
annual meetiuu of its shsiroholders,
submitted some interesting; statistics
to support his contention that Canadian
coinage should be made in a Canadian
mint and should have a specifically
Canadian form. Silver and copper coins
are Canadian in character now, but
practically the only gold coins in use in
this country are "those of the United
States. According to Mr Wilkie, there
is inth* vaults of the Djminion Government and the variqus chartered banks
an aggregate of $84,430,884, all in American ffold coins His contention is that
all this immense sum should ba of Canadian, not American, coinage
Heretofore the immense quantities of
gold, from the Yukon territory- have
been disposed of very largely at the
Seattle assay office, thus promoting
Seattle trade" When there is a Government assay office in operation in Bime
place in British Columhia the stream of
the output will be stopped there, and
when there is a mint at Ottawa that
stream will be diverted to it to be converted into coins of Canadian make and
design, and stored in the vaults of the
Government and the banks as security
for our paner currency.
Mr. Wilkie makes the interesting
point that familiarity with foreign coins
to the exclusion of their own tends to
'•denationalize" a people, just as the use
of foreign songs does. He strengthens
this contention by citing the practice of
other nations Austria-Hungary, with
a gull coinage of $35,UOO,000," mints its
own coins; so doep Italv, with its coinage of $20,000,000; so'does Australia,
with its coinage of $50,000,000; so does
even Sweden, with its coinage of $1,800,-
000. , „ A
Formerly the matter of expense -was
a deterrent; it has now ceased to be ed,
partly because Canada has become
wealthier as the spirit of nationality lias
developed, and partly through the reduction which science has effected in
the expense of the mini ing process The
cost ol copper and silver coinage is now
more than offset by the admixture of
cheaper metal to harden the coin; wh.Mi
copper and silver coins are made in our
•wu mint, the profit will be equally
great and just as legitimate. The alloy
in gold coins makes less difference between their, currency value and "th- ir
intrinsic value, but'in any case the
matter of expense has ceased to be of
great practical importance It is not at
all so important as the cultivation of
the feeling that Canada is rapidly developing into a nation and that she ought
to have this evidence of her financial
automony in the hand of her people —
Toronto Globe.
Thornberg had been
1 C^TneseFor south flfrt'cil
Savage. His little all was tied up in
the stock, which wa« steadily dropping
in \alue. As the stock's worth waned
the greater waxed Thornherg's disgust
at his choice of investment, savs the
"I'm going to sell my Savage right
away," he told a ti iend. '"It goes lower
and "lower and first thing 1 know it
won't bring enough to buy me a ticket
to San Francisco."
On his way to order the sale of ihe
stock, however, Thornberg dropped into the Washoe Club, where he was per-
sua led to take a hand in a poker game.
The game proved fascinating. It continued all that night, went along without interruption until the next day's
sun aro^e and wafe still going when
darkness once more fell Ashe played
Thornberg drank whiskey. The strain
of the game, lack of sleep and the gen
erous flow of liquor finally wore him out
and when he went to bed it was to
sleep the round of the clock
Upon awakening his first thought was
of his stock. "It's pinched nut by this
time and I'm busted sure," he soliloquized as he bathed his aching head
and prepared to, visit his broker and
learn the worst
Soon after Thornberg started to play
poker rumors of a strike in Savage had
reached Virginia City. The drooping
stock revived. The rumor was confirmed. The stock went up by leaps
and bounds. When Thornberg returned
to earth it was quoted at $300 a share
and when he sold his holdings netted
him nearly $250,000        „
^top at The Queen's Hotel in
Trout Lake Citv.
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.    The rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing. Everything
, Up-to-Date.
We Set the  Best Meal  in Sandon
Meals 50c.'■' , Tickets $7.       Main St., Sandon.
? i
■ i
Twelve baek numbers nf Lowery's
Claim, all different-,, and a opv nf
Float se-'t to any address, postpaid.
Addrcss.Il T Lowery, New Pen ver. B.C.
"T>HERE is no disguising the fact
\^ that England, one of the first na
tions in the world to denounce and
abolish slavery, has forgotten and abandoned its glorious traditions, prompted
by greed for money. We are to have
slaves iu South Africa, yellow slaves
who will live under worse conditions
than the West Indian negroes The
ordinance drawn up by our South
African mine magnates in based upon
force, compulsion, penalties and restrictions. Confinement is in a word the
negation of personal freedom and indus
trial liberty, and is for the benefit of one
side only—the mine magnates.
As to whether indentured Chinese la-
—b o t~\ s-or^i s-n ot~sb« vr- r rror-i sti n-hi sti~
tiitinn ui»ai'takinsi-of slavery,"one good
test is the American .-lammid ut what
co»lieisrn is llie constitution, of the
state of California, that should represent
both by knowledge and experience the
facts, states: "Asiatic coolieism is a
form of human'slavery aud is forever
prohibited in this state, and all contracts
tor coolie labor shall lie void "
This was applied to individual contracts and to Chinese who were free to
live where they liked, and who were
not to feel that after their contracts
were finished they were repatriated and
lost to all other trades, and who yet became in so many ways bucIi a moral
menace and industrial evil that mi 1879
the importation, free contract or union
tured, had to bo prohibited. What the
Chinaman is as an imported industrial
ono can muhor from thc fact that all our
colonies and America havo had to ex
dude him
As one who has worked with Kroomen
and other natives in South Africa, I am
convinced that this ordinance means
slavery, even witn the disposition to
treat the Chinese well under it, aud on
that thu last people 1 Hhould trust are
the lajahs of the Hand,
It revives In worse forms than tho old
negro slavery the Hervltudo of yellow
to white men in many of Us most odious
napects That it is really and in fact
by tho compound HyMeni worse than
tho old slavery Is demonstrated by the
Chlnoso minister, as proved by bin Bug-
gonted safeguards, one of which is:
"That in no case shall It bo allowable
for tho employer or his aoi'vant to indict
corporal punishment on tho Chinese
Immigrant, and that any viohtinn of
this provision shall ho nunlahable at
law am a common assault.
His provision in this respect is jutttlfl**d
bv what has occured In the past in South
In 183U a native wan hnnton to death
hv an overaoor, who was brought up
am) (hied only $125. In tho month of
February, 1801, a miner caused thodeath
of a native hy imrpomtly puihing him
Into a ihaft. He was charged with
manslaughter nnd found not guilty, a
verdict that waa hailed with approval
by the whites in the court.
The Chines* minister also asks that
tho free and easy tranflfcr conditions of
tho ordinance, which Lord Stanmore
said would enabled men to be bought
and sold Hhould be altered and be saga*
dowdy luldii "Thia In necessary in order to prevent the Chinese Immigrant
Ituui nttllig in*uti a imuiu cimitri ot m
lii'hi.,-. i'j,uiitiijti.iy
Ho then proceeds to riddle tho ordl
nance in other wayaall of which goon to
prove ihat the Chinese minister believe*
what all the colonies affirm, the labor
alt but cowardly ministers aud shareholding legislators subscribe to, that
this Chinese ordinance Is a human document for tho transhipment of men violently recruited by corrupt mandarins
from jails and congeated areas oi poverty
sjtvleken China to be wed far thc violent
breaking down of tho standard of com
fort of black and white labor in South
Africa ?
Who are, then, the men who support
this ordinance?
By their past records, and tl.e cost
they have been to the empire, their callous conduct is inscribed in the reports
of two parliaments.
They are the people who have grown
rich simply by the accumulation of other
ipeople's money, and the scandalous
misuse of patriotism and imperial protection, and to secure more wealth thev
only want slavery enforced by British
soldiers, for whom they aie too mean to
The present treatment and condition
Ah_ll.ll -Tl H.m 1 nl nia.ln kAH..1 * t_4l-	
urivnuHiiiiiiuigiauUi nrniD
is such that one can onlv infer
The Lucerne of America is slowly
coming to the notice of the world
as an ideal summer and winter
resort. The sceuery and the fishing around and in the Slocan is.the
finest on the continent, and will
yet be a great source of wealth to
the country. Tourists and Travellers will find the Newmarket Hotel
in New Denver just the proper
place to stop at. Rooms reserved
by telegraph.
that tlie
Rand rules the government out there as
at homeland that, in its imperious way
of getting its interests advanced and
nuking largo profits out of neglectinsr
the laws, it is a law unto itself.
Certainly it sets at defiance health,
sanitary and mining laws, and the proof
of this is the results of weak administration, which wealth in Ah ica is strong
enough to defy. With what conse
quences let the industrial mortality from
accident, disease, and neglect testify.
I unhesitatingly say that where slavery, naked and unabashed, prevails in
Africa the condition of the same class of
natives is, from every point of view,
preferable to tho lot of tho Rand Kaffirs.
To prevent slavery we are at war in
Somaliland To prevent it wo are continually watching tho Somali and Zanzibar coasts. Topiohlbit it altogether
missionary enterprises exists and vast
sums of money are expended. But in
its personal, physical and domestic results on tho peoplo who aro thus enslaved, their conditions, without compounds, with their wives and families
around them and two free days to themselves, Is a Paradise compared with the
brutal treatment, bad food and ill usage
of Kaffir boys under tho British flag by
Lord Miluer'a protegea.
If tho Hand magnates aro allowed to
compound Chinese labor, if they "ocuro
their way and havo 200,000 'Asiatic*
within wall*, ovory Hand town will become a Kimboiloy, with a social po*t
and moral plague superadded to what
Kbnberley can produce
We engaged iu a long and bloody war
tn Smith Africa for frauchlvo, for "equal
rights for all men. and for the sake of
our glorious country all tho world
should know that tho people of Great
Britain an opposed to this now form of
slavery, that the South African people
aro *olId against it and no one has
proved the Nearcity of Kallir labor whon
properly treated On tho contrary, all
witnesses* declare thnt time, patience,
kfndnesa and good administration, firmly imifiuved agaillMt the cordiil elements
lu South Africa will render unnecessary
a step that oneo taken will .eventually
lead to tho loss of South Africa to Ureal
Britain nnd pave tho wav to further
moral and political damage to a atnte
that i« only greater than others by virtue of tho imat sacrifice** to secure tlio
llherty of the subject nnd tho freedom of
the worker.—John Burns, M.I1,
This is a story without a moral. A
true tale, however, and treasured In the
Hrchire* of tha Washoo Club an an argu
ment In favor of poker and hard liquor
,i*i*A  nn  !1*l«.af »«tlnn nf  l.r>ii» ttttrin.n t,t,rr,n
lime* l»app«med iu Virginia City's mad,
delirious prime. The hero of this chap*
tor from tho early seventies was W. B,
Thornberg, who twenty y«*ra before
had made • name for himself as Hherlff
of Yuba county. He ia dead now, but
thc rttovy of how hta fortune waa found*
ed, the tale without a moral, still Uvea.
Order your Summer Suit now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
Sltverton's Boss Tailor
HENRY STEGE, Proprietor.
J. R. Cameron
Is tho tailor to go to when
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
Ho has the nobbiest suitings
to select from, and the fit and
workmanship is tha best.
Ul. George Clarke
Is  one* of   the
Hotels in these mountains where the stranger feels
at home. The landlord has a smile for every guest,
and the creature comforts of the Hotel are unsurpassed in the Silver City. The meals are free from
lead, the beds from bugs, while the fluids on the bar
produce a reasonable amount of ^exhilaration without
a disastrous result in the morning.
Michael McAndrew's
FREE to tho Public—Rich nnd Poor.
Fifty Dollars Reward
Will be imlil to in yono «ufTerlii« with
Itlit-umntl»m that ft fails to cure. For
lunttoulnrR a<ldrei*—
Mrs  E. McDougall, Nakusp.  B.C.
The Strathcona Hotel
In Nelson, B.C., is tbe Headquarters for
Tourists doiug Southern British Columbia.
 Write or wire for terms or rooms——
B    TOMKINS,   Manager*
Grand hold
is tho homo for all
Blocan people visiting tho groat gold
camp. Taaly uiealM,
line liquors and toft
bed* make it a pleasant home for
Ojcohen « Jhderson, Props.
m row PFnpi f
*     1*0 *****   * *   * *      mam tat   *      mm mm
The Exchange Hotel in Kaalo is
liko an oasis in an Egyptian desert.
Slocan folks flock to it like been
to a flower garden.
St. James Hotel
Ih a haven for all mountaineer* when in
city.     The meala  nre   free-milling,   and
bracers in the bar juM   as   flue  an  the
that dam pens the hill* in the early mom.
your automobile to the St. James when
steam  into the Lucerne,  und  then a*say
wet goods.       Sample Room* in Connection.
A. JACOBSON, Proprietor.
loh Printing-
909* *m**       *  *t*t* mmmm *•"»— "-»   -999*   9-99,      -mmm.    •"■»•   ■•*—■    ——    ^JMMHh
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done at New Denver's printing emporium-
Ad dress
THP I FHfiF Kr^aT'&WWl'Jill^*B*gH^*g'T!^^ **" -■».■*■*.—r-H^->~g-**wt*U.n-'l'j"'.ll|il|itf|,''."' ■ar-awr^'P*
Eleventh Year
than by any other Liability Company in B.C.
Por Particulars Write—
ricDermid & flcHardy,
A&ents for East and
West Kootenav
18 size,   Nickel,   17  Jewel,   Adjusted
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Gold Pilled Case
We recommewl this watch to any work-
in."- man, and wc guarantee him sati-faction
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Watchmakers & Opticians,      NELSON
T11K KIN G' 8 HOT KL in Ferguson is a oheer-
1 ful home for all travelers to the Lardeau.
>Hinple Kuoms   P   ANK BARBER. Proprietor.
L aud American plan. Meals, *5 cents. Rooms
from 2 c up to *1. Only .white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the cold
In the safe. MALONE & TREGILLDS.
BABTLKTT HOUSK, formerly the Clavk
is the best SI a day hotel in Nelson. Onlv
wnite help employed. G W. BARTLETT
n*UK   SII/VKK   KING   HOTKL, Baker St..
1   near V\ ardSt., Nelson, B U   THK   I>OL-
, Nelson,
FKRGUSON is the home 'of
Slocan people when they are in  Ferguson
Slocan peop
MCDONNEL & BLACK, Proprietors
est and the best in the Lardo.   Gold seekers
alwnys welcome.      ULVIN BROS.
I" G. SIELVIN, Manufacturing Jeweller.
•J. Expert Watch Repairer. Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockets
andRlngs. Workmanship guaranteed equaI to
any in Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
"W iiolesale   Merolxetrxts.
ers In Butter. Eggs. Cheese
Fruit, Neinon. B.C.
Produce and
\f KKKOUSON & CO., Nelson, B.C. Whole-
"j. sale dealers In Wines. Liquors and cigar?.
Agents ior Pabst beer.
If   L. OKIMMKTT. L. I.. K.. BHrrl-ter,
i'l.   Solicitor, Notary Public.    Sandon. B. C
Branch Office at, New Denver everv Snturdny
Insuranoe & R-eal Estate
rWOSfl'SO.V,   MITCHKT/L  & CO.    Fire
L   Insurance Agent*.    Dealors In Real Estate
Mining Properties.   Houses to rent nud Towp
Lota for Sale.
n «. HAHHOALL, NewDenver. B.C..
Keal Rnntenwl Mineral Claim* forSale CMin*
r..t)rMnii»oi| mid Crown Oranted.
New Crop Home Grown
and Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds,
Eastern Priee&or less. White Labor.
Catalogue Free.
8009 Westminster Hnati
Vancouver. B C
I) ILMA ANOUIONON, Now Denver Gen-
I eral Drayman and dealer In coal, wood nnd
Hm bad 17 v«.irn»tx|>erienc« in denial worh.nnc
.iiMk<H a diwclnUy of Oold Bridge Work. Visit
made to tho Slocan regularly
 Oeneral   Btore.	
f   T. KKI.I.Y.  THREE   FORKH. dealer In
•I.   OracerlM, Dry Ooodn, Kte.
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson  Slocan City Nakusp
Rosebery » NewDenver
St. Louis $60    Chicago $65
Toronto $8T.35 Montreal $98
Halifax $121 80
New York $101
The largest empire in the world is
that of Great Britain, being 8,557.658
square miles, and more than a sixth
pavt of the globe.
The longest tunnel in the world is St.
Gothard, on the line of the railroad between Lucerne and Milan, being 9&
miles in length. . '
The first electrical signal ever transmitted hetween Europe and America
passed over the Field submarine cable
on Aug. 5,1858
Burnt brick were known to have been
used in building the Tower of Babel.
They were introduced into England by
the Romans.
The loftiest active volcano is Popocatepetl. It is 17,781: feet high, and has
n crater three miles in circuinference
and 1^000 feet deep
The largest insuranceisompanv in the
world is the Mutual Life of New York
City, having cash and real-estate assets
of over 8350,000,000.
Paris was known as Lutetia until 118d,
when the name of the great French
capital was changed to that which it has
borne ever since.
The largest tree in the world as yet
discovered, is near Fresno, California.
It is 154 feet 8 inches in circumference
6 feet from the around.
The largest desert is Sahara, hi
Northern Africa. Its length is 8,000
miles and breadth 900 miles; having an
area of 2,000,00u square, miles
The first deaf and dumb asylum was
founded in\En«land, by Thomas Braid-
wood. 1760; and the first in the United
States was at Hartford, 1817.
"It isn't ai had out here as some follows say it is," writes the author of a
letter irom the Philippines in the New
York Press; " the.soldiers out here are
getting''bughouse' drinking the native
wine, or bino, which consists of twenty-
seven fights and fifteen ways of killing
a maii, all forKmi cents Mex. Tne chief
occupation of the natives is building
trenches, smoking cigars, and making
bolns. Their chief amusement is cock-
fightintr.'" The chief exports are hemp
and dead American soldiers. The chief
imports are coffins for the dead soldiers
and ammunition to kill more of them.
The iiative house is built chiefly of
bamboo and landscape. The Filipino
is very friendly—at the point of a rifle.
quitocs, centipedes, scorpions, cockroaches, and alligators. They have establishes communication between the
different/islands by substituting mosquitoes for carrier pigeons, they beiny
so much in ore powerful and beUer able
to stand the Song journeys. The Philip-
pint' 'slande-are on the west coast of
cfvilization, nnd, are bounded on the
north by hoodooism and smugglers, on
tho eiti-t, hy typhoons and monsoons, on
tho south by cannibals and earthquakes,
The soil is very fertile, and large crops
of insurrectos" and treachery are pro
duced Tin* islands are an appi'bpriato
present for a deadly enemy "
£    Ported pafagj-apfis    ^
Hoops are still in fashion—on flour
For every man who is willing to lift
you will find a aozen to stand a nd grunt!
If a man looks at hia watch while you
are telling him a funny story, cut it
short! -
Trying to drown sorrow in beer i*
like trying to drown a fish in a tank of
water i
A Spiritist may tip the table, but it is
the chap who tips the waiter who gets
the most attention!
If everybody would tell the truth, it
would take a pile of lying to straighten
tilings put again!
Whenever a \iirl giggles at every
fool remark a young than makes, she is
willing to be more than a sister to him !
A society woman must not bo seen
twice in the same gown while the poor
devil of a man gets hia wedding suit
and wears it to the end of his (lavs!
To GUS JOHNSON, or to whomsoever his interest hasbeeii transferred in the ''O.K. No2"
Mineral Claim situated about two and one
half miles East of Three Forks, in the Slocan
Mining Division, District of West Kootenay.
YOU are hereby notified that I have expended
&102.50 in labor and improvements on the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if, withlu 90 days
from the date of this notice yon fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the above mentioned sum, whioh is now due, together with all
costs of advertisinjr, your Interest lu the said cluim
will become the proi»ertv of the undersigned
under Section i of thtC'Mineial Act" Amendment
Act UKjO "
New Denver. B. C, July 15th, 1901.
Respecting Coal and Petroleum land* in Southeast Kootenay.
H Hmiliti. 11.0 Men tlmr* In (lie Union Hull
iivcv Krldi»v «v<»iilnK at VM VMilntr lirethn-ti
j'rtnHitUv Invlr.j) f> *»t nil I K L»v».MMft,
Kohl* o'raml t A. L.Uhaui, VkeQmndi W..f.
(Uitnt)Tr. HwMary.
Three Month's Limit.
June 7, lfl, 17, and 18.
July l, 2, and a
August 8, 9, and 10.
September 5, (». and 7,
Low Excursion Fares
For all eastern points will also be quoted
going via Port Arthur all rail or lake
route, returning name or via Chicago
and St. Lotiln.
For full particulars apply to local agents
All the worlds a stage, and a good
many of the men and women in it are
merely stage robbers ,
.Nothing very serious will happen to
her girls and boys, if mothers will be as
strict with them aa thoy are with their
. A man never looks so helpless and
in«iguiflcent, as when he is standing
around a dry goods store, waiting for
his wife to get through shopping!
An Englishwoman travelling in Ser-
via thus gives a striking glimpse of
her own prejudices and tastes: " The
Servians drink too much cold water,
and they drink it till they are pulpy. An
average Serb drinks enough cold water
for an English cow. I doubt whether
the language contains an equivalent for
'bad training,'for when I tried to ex
plain the idea it created surprise. A
doctor told me he had never heard the
theory before To him it seemed a natural and wholesome habit;. moreover,
he added' 'there is plenty,' and seenied
to think it was rather wasteful to leave
any unswallowed. To me it explained
the lack of activity; the nation is waterlogged. All day long and every day'
the Serb calls for a glass of cold water,
and when he has drunk it he calls for
another. Perhaps owing to this he has
little space for alcohol; at any rate, T
never saw a drunken man, eve.n among
the peasants ", _
"VTOTICE is hereby given that licecnes to pros-
ll pent for coal and petroleum upon anil under
lands situated within Block 4.693, South East
Kootenay, will be issued forthwith'tb all persons
who have made proper application, in pursuance
nf the provisions of the "Coal Mines Act" and
The fee for each licence will he ?100, and all
applicants who have not deposited accepted
bank cheques to cover that amount are hereby
required to do t-o without further notice.
Licences will be is-ued In the following form,
viz, :—
"Mining Licence issued under the C09I Mines
Act and Amendments.
"In consideration of one hundred dollars now
paid under the said Acts,- «nd subject to the
provisions thereof. I. W,S Gore Deputy Coin-,
nilsslnier, acting for the Qhlef Commissioner
of Lnndsand Works,licence-
to enter, prospect, search nnd work for coal and
petroleum (but no other metal or mineral) npou,
In and under all thnt niece or parcel of mi> eral
land situate in and forming part of Hlock t,.W3.
East Kootenay District, and described as
and not exceeding in the whole six hundted and
forty statute *cres.
"Owing to the number of applicants for
licences to pros, ect for coal and petroleum, and
rho peculiar circ 'matinees.surrounding the ap-
tilicatlon for and issuanceof theselicouccs, nnd
the well-known fact that, the issuance has been
unavoidably suspended for so mmiy months,
the Government of British -Culumida linds it
impossible to determine the equitable ri -his of
the numerous --applicants, Therefore, for the
purpose of enabli* g all persons to go before the
proper tribunal for the etcrniinatlun of their
respective rights and priorities, this licence is
issued aud accepted, tfnbject -o such prior rights
of other nersons as may exist bylaw,and the
date of thl-* licence i* not to be t-*ken or held as
In any sense determining such priority, and
further-it,shall not bo taken orheld to waive
enquiry by the Courts into the propi-r performance of nil conditions precedent as neiw.cn
adverse claimant.*; and further,on the under-
-stniiiIliig-tlialLl.ha-flQrcrnm*Biitiahjill nnf.Jm iialti
Trustworthy lady or gentleman to manage
business in this county and aujolnlng territory
for will and favorably known house of solid
financial standing. .2 '.00 straight cash salary
ati't expenses paid each Monday by chbek direct
from h adquarters; Expense money advanc»-d.
"Position   permament.   Address,  Manager, 810
unvi lllock, Chicago, IHiuoiB.
II. I*. A , X oliion
K. .1. OOYLK.
I». 0. I*. A., Vn< emiver
OANIMJK   liiUUlK  NO  »4.     K.   OF  1».
i^ Mi-etm .very Wrdnntrl.tyi>v«>(ilni?at * n'ohtck
lu the IMIiInn Cnntln |(a|I. Handon SoJourntiiB
brethriii will rwelvn n I'yihlmi welcmnc. H.
Ihaachon.C.C,      AU'UFIl J, IUU..K. H.4S.
There still exists an old tavern in
London with a swinging sign ahove tho
entrance upon whose surface is painted
an oyster and the ieuond, "The Whistling Oyster." One of our Inquisitive,
sharp Yankees strolled In that direction
one dav and htopi ed to laugh at the
novel si^u, then entered and asked for
nn explanation.
'•Ci tainly," replied the host, "Hi toll
hit lusvory hour of ibe Any ami night*
I once 'ad a lio,\»tur given'tne as was
thocurlouBost oyater agoin' and hit's
GodV truth, *ir, that hoystor woA to
whittle ns good iih hover you 'card
'1 he Yankee looked nt the publican
with a queer tunile in his oyo and said:
"I don't see anything remarkable In
that oyHter. Wo have one kind ot oyster and there'n not one of that family
that don't whlntle. Worn ko, you know.
Vou must havo Imported your fellow
from tlu> State*. I know a tuvocii-
keeper In Maine, town of Saco—vou
may have heard of it—no? Well, that
mail had an oyster, a regular naudler-
ro»:ker, don't you uudcrHtnnd -and there
wasn't a 11 v nnvwherert about that
tavern lie lined to put thi* oyater on n
table by the window and flies went for
him, 'cause he nmelt salt, nnd he trob
bled'them. He unetl to gel down froni
the tnii|»—•'
"Get down?"que»tlonetl the publican
with a Miiile
"Ye*," continued thn Yanke<\ "t-o-
down by a Htrinu aud followed bin mm
ter nil around the bouse and the tavern
keeper wouldn't give that ovater hia
dinner till be whittled 'Hail C«»luint»in'
all through. He often want! at public
i'oneeiM All Ibev bad to do iv-at to
tickle bin l>H(k with a feather he'd King
Gold, Silver, Coppe.* or Lead, 81 00 each
Any two, $1 50; any throe, 92 00.
by mail receive prompt attention;
told, Retorts und Kieh Ores bought.
1795 Arapahoe St.,   Denver, Colo.
Plaeei Go)
P. O. BOX 185
Dealers in—
Wall Paper,
Sash, Doors,
GIiibh, Blind*, etc.
resijonsihle for.orin connection: with,any conflict which iray arise with other claimants of the
«amc ground, and that wider no elrcuni.vances
will ihence foes lie refunded.
"And Ihe holder hereby waives unv claim or
dcmaml airalnst the Government, and pxr.reo ly
aprcoa not to take any stops or proeee.iincs. or
present any petition, to enforce any aliened
claim or deimuid nifatnst the Government of the
Province of British Columbia urisiim out of the
issuance of thl* l|r>onc» or any other matter or
thlnf? uppertaininK thereto
•The land boin«r n"der reserve from preemption and sale this licence does nol include
any ri-arht other than the right to pro?poet for
coal aud petroleum.
"The duration of this 1'cenco is for ono year
from tho , nm
Paper hung in any part of tho Slocnn.
■>■}    ,A;hiU.AAu)fiy.i
Dominion and
lull..,-., II. C,
K. *% H. Ky,
1 Lv KtJtOft.m.-Hnndotv-Ar 4:25 p.m.
yr     ,
*i9.4*S.t„,,4.   .
r*  i
DRY G0008
Is the largest in the
Slocan. Ladies out
town should write for
samples or prices,
A.. ,L"iim?wm\%^'*ftd|,rov,ncl*1 Ar 10:45».m.-Ka«lo-Lv 2:00 p.m.
Steamer Kaslo.
uuw nuit-e'iiVula]
HAI.YCOX HOT sntlNOH Th« S*nl-
mrium nt Hnlrcon It «itu*'*l umld net *rv
thai riv«U axon ihe l.u,<rt)i*. It in well known
aa a tic nlth finil pltn«urv r-*ort Tin* lttrm bolcl
coiii-iin* i»liin«u TurfeWi, »te*m and nhow.r
Utl»*. Thtm**ud« have l,r«it tur.d of rlu-u-
nwtl«m, »clat«c* anil ni»unilirt« lt« w«t«r« heat
nil f'v.v.'. fcf*tu">', 4in! *',.*.an"'h ntlvueuta. A
tnr» etir* for lead |*>l«n.ninif Two m*lli daily
ami wU-awphlc commnnk«tl«ii.
Ar4:30p.m.-NelBon-Lv 8:00 a.ni.
Ticket* uold to nil purta of tbe United
StattM •nd CmiAdA vi* Greet Northern
and O. It ft N Compuny'ii lines.
For farther particular call on or ml
ROBERT IRVING. Mtnnjer. KuMn   tlmt is reqniral.
m ucvtr nuit-eiuiuvu \y dusty.- I'tu;
or wluHkey 'hat Iuih lont Ah vigor.
I), J. RoBKitTKox & <'o., of Nelson are alive to what tho people
iimi m Mie vnny tn rmuiixm:
Write thorn.
Every foot in this country necdu
ft boot or shoe. Tho Royal Shoe
Storo, on Baker street, in Nelson,
tan furniah any   kind   ol footwear
TU n  !> I Til? If ATrjf
M.IIV*   1. f%.M\M%,   l..l"F 1 l.^!,*
On the road leading to
Ferguaon and Tnitit Lake
haa ample accommodation
"Depntv Commissioner of Lands & Works
"Lands and Works Department,
"Victoria, li C .lKO,"
Chh'f Ooinmlsloner of Lands & WorkSi
Latidn and Work* Peunrtmont,
Victoria, B.O., flth.Tune, WOl,
Wanted Immediately
4 O'Anfd To Mil Fruh trees, Raspberry,
jTV^CUIUO Gooseberry and Currant himhet
etc Good i>ivy weekly; Omllt free. There Is
bli; money In this work for trustworthy men.
Over 600 acres. 25 *2fc
tlvallon,-..ver <S(<0 acres of Ntlrfcry Stock including the choicest, and Iw^t voi'letle* for Orchard
and i.nnlon planting Wo will d» liver goods to
custo ors In flood condition, freight imid. Our
RKeuts have every uilvantoKO Unit this line of
business can oflcr Hitm.  Apply nuw for terms.
Pelham Nursery Co.,
tV  Will make arranKomeiiti for local agency
or the handling of exclusive territories.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lnndsand Mineral Claims Sur voy«d
and Crown Granted,
I»0. Mx fttis.       Offlct". Kootenay Ht., Kelson
Is a weekly paper published
at POPLAR. II C. It gives
all the news of that great
gold camp.     It costs $2
t*i*i*i ** er*
I   W «.* .      9.4S
t* *r*+9
t*% rt A** f*i**r.
C* *r> %*s r?
yonr money to—
******* 4 r*t,*
The bacon, boaim, hmt-
Btcak, egp, oatn. hay,
boozerino and cigar* cannot bo beaten in the hills
of tho Lardean.
»'iimiiHit,, *t  i,
t WA0D8 BROS 1


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