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The Ledge Apr 17, 1902

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 ppp p   Ji.'-.PPPJ
>  .1
9Xn/rO0^"^XAX77^"  )
Volume IX.   N6' 29.
NEW DENVER, B.C., APRIL 17, 1902.
Price, $2.00 Year AVjfm
Sen^aT NeV/s PToat
In -anil About the Slocan' and Neighboring Camps 23
that are TajLked About.
Mrs. Capt. Seaman spent Sunday in
New Denver. ;
- H; Byrnes has fenced hia. Union-street
property and is clearing1 it.
Born—At &locan City,' Apr. 3rd,'to
t ho wife of J. 1111810111, a son
; The sawmillsW Kootenay art? busy
with orders froni the Territories.
John Hector ]iiix gone to Trioiit Lake
to,inspect his hotel.in that section.
.Mrs. FrankiHaniiiii of Trail, was the
first white womaii.toliye In'Nelson
Born—hy New Denver,' April .12th,
tlie wife of C. E. Strickland, of a son.
: Moran ;&i Greenlee. nre,; shipping a qir
of ore fr^iti'tlh-b'HpBW'Riih^bisWbek.   <
■" ■ The.BoBiiii'isc-gdtting, ready a ship-
ip.ent bf ,ziti<;!pr0,|9',bl'i sent to Antwerp
i.TfeCK^'i^VotBfirs!are: n-eg-oti'atiiig-
for the purchase oif tti& Hill Bros, .mill
and timber limits in the Slocan.
■' ■" ■ . i- ... I.-   " *i I • *i't p'i   tn i -)-i i j p -\i -
i Aa > time !-fl\^i tdflny [Tlie ■ ■ sfrfciety' io[
"ThreepTorkBTcontiiiue.s to grriw move
'■BorA—AV-'thd -%(km ■ Bess Three
Forks, ihe wife of W. J. Scott, of a
daughter. .
i • i   ^     I I
K|is|ojs-going to colobmte A'tctoria
Dajj. Silv-drlfoi and Rosfeliery ypt tolbei
hoa|dfr/m} M |v \ J /. j j j
%. R. At"herton'ami family ha've taken
up their residence in New Denver for
the slimmer.
Ti'BrhWn'iilitl'i)/ Wieir • h'a\*o been
made license commissioners for tho Slo
can district.
About 2(J0' silcks of dry ore is ready
for shipment from the "Cave" claim on
Goat Mountain.
A woman desires a position ns' cook
in town or at the mines Send enquiries
to Box 50, Now Don yer,
Tho beautiful -Arntha so often noticed
in N-pw Dpiwm ia partly paused i by the
„ n^onW knidM-ligl digars! ilxiu-glit  from
A hoisting iiud pumping plant is .to
Installed f(t t|io-fipffeulntni* as soon' as it
can be hauled War the- rtmd to the
1). Moi'o has letieed\ lijs ranch n-nd
A big- political convention is in pro
■ gress   this week at   Kamloops.    The
I Miners' Federation and  Labor  Unions
of the Province are preparing for!the
approaching struggle.'
: :*,. ' -' * *    .       p
i \\V. Lawrence is doing development
'work on the L \V. aud D N. chums at*
the head of the.lake, and is opening up
an 8 foot ledge carrying- a very promising payshuot of dry ore.
a coii.-ioltdatioii under the name-of
tlie Standard Hecla Consolidated Mining-
Co., has he&ninade ofthe Standard and
Hecla companies, of theCoeur d'Alenes,
with a capital of 83,000,000.
r There are 15 men at the Cumberland.
The company owning this and adjoining properties will probably, this sum-
iil'ei? bijild a new tram and linn thp (jonj-
jcejitrqtor f)t Alamo {n jru'nijing order, i
| ^ThQ^lpiJaii.' Star msty Vresume 6peni-
itions on an extensive scale next month.
The showing 1000 feet from the old
workings is wonderful, and makes of
this property a greater mine than ever.
, The Arlington mine is producing
j-iome phenomenally rich ore; lately, a
and another pf 30 tons .qouiethiiig over
$5190.   A better wagon road is to be
built to the mine this summer.
will lyiise a large crop of (jiili-ors this
■in nn
aev) Hi-4 example l* 'worthy of
...mtiOtl „ . :i . , ,* ,.t .'*,..
Slntauiitcs in liiiite report that tiling
aroiujd thai fiifiiiliT-ihir an***' 'lacking in
tbe fii'iif'imts iluit,,i|i,iik|*jiti easy for thu
man lu sijarch oi n,jo'i,,
Tiui lll'm* IWIIk iniiii', uii llie eoaal, has
been boipled tn an K.tslcru, syndicate.
.1 ll. Smith, of N<«w Ifenvi'iv Jms an
interval lu tlie pmpertv.
inil Ihivr rendered highlv ap-
iilent'Ml ll
'VM I ii
prwiit-nfi.Hi'i'Vii'-* lb
tju- town Sunday
afternoon fi.v'gi-aiiij-i * delightful opeii
air concert on the plaza.
Messrs Wills &-McNaught estimate
that  they have  *l<>,ou) wiir'h of ore:
bMJcftert out In'tliU ii|'p*r worlv|ngi»oir
theV'»felU. Hint ilnuiitiilii • i
Nault St) DiAolJmpK are -working n
dry oroliaiin near llimehery, culled thc
KnrgeMiUHinU, ;A «lihi|iiei|t will bit
made to the'jIme.HcM next month,
Hloeatt City wm lie attirm! from cellar
to'jtirm Aitli, rtiuiMli,', A tnHvOr in to In*
eltdwl in Illl the raemiK<i i-Mincd by the
ri»lgnntlon of Mayor DrniUhaw.
M. L lirimniett lm* built an addition
to hia summer rewldenee and family has
oiheA dbwli ffoii* fiindon' to enjoy tlii»
se*Hon In and abourNew I)onv«r. '
Spnng fruits and vegetables are con-
»Ui\tly arriving at the Htoreof WU
sai'e you money, with a liberal and pro
g'lessive policy and liiglidividends
The ord body on the Silversmith has
Inc'riiased to four feet in widtli A large
amount of gi*ey copper is mixed with
the ore. Five' carloads have been shipped from tho property, taken out in the
course of development, ami the returns
have been something over500or,s silver
and 70 per cent lend to the ton,
'Simon Guggenheim, chairman of
the executive committee of the directors pf tho American Smelting and He
1 lining Co , says he'belitives the price ol
silver and lead will niateriallv .increase
in a short time, certainly with Ihe passage of the IMiilipine coinage bill, which
will provide a now market foi ihe while
metal,       *> >  .)        •    i.   '
Dr. LeBau, of Nelson, intelidA to
make his home in Seattle, lie has been
longer in Nelson than any other resident. ! Ton\ Cullliis, the ItlHroriitu.-Aoines
nett.iir-fii-Vt Tom may be callhiL the
pioneer of Kooteimy foi* he traded with
the Indians more tliuii'iu yearn ago,and
camped upon uiany of jhe spots that
now nssuv high in civilization and »i*n-
i|erfi'nl.       .,      ' .    '
When llie water light is procured the
llvroii X, White l.'o , oporullijg the
Sim -aii ,S*^ar groui) of mines, will ortoin!?."
il:(iiiii)iuliy for tlu» purpose of p^ttinii
in ii plant at New Denver lo luriji-h
light and power to all the miiiimtuid
tot-vuu in tho Slovim.' The pb\i'.t„Hvil!
cost ifyn.iHlO pr more and, will be placed
below Box ciinyon. The undertaking
willbe ot ui'ciit heiielit to the district
ami a prolitable one to its owners   ,
.(iiniieilion has ut last bion uuuin al
the Payne mine bet-fceeit th*u No. 5 and
N'o. h tunnel*, a vertical depth ofllW)
feet. An iiurnii*!' was driven 815 (eel to
i-diinect with ii shaft sunk 70 feet from
the liflh level. It lh loimidered one if
the most diljlcult connectiouN that bus
lieen niiide in the camp, nnd was most
HUici'sufully iiitiiiiipllslifd Ibvwrk <4>
Twigg eiijilniH-ied the ,'pr«>j/-ct, With
this i-oiuii'ilion made the I'ayne will be
enabled to resume shipmentsoiinslnrge
a stale as <tt any lime m it» lusiury.
II.   V,   Ml-M.M)   OtTI.OOK,
freight and treatment on silver-lead ores
has been twenty dollars per toi:. This
excessive freight and treatment, charge,
coupled with the low price of lead in
1901, caused nianv mines to close down.
"On January 1st. 1902, the British
Columbia smelters announced a reduction of from three to four dollars per
ton for freight and treatment* charges
on silver-le'ad ores, and as the price of
lead is now steadily advancing, tin;
mines will be. in a position to resume
operations. In December, 1900, the
EnjHiBh price for lead was £18 per ■ton.
In January, 1901, the price began falling until it went down to £10 per ton,
and has fluctuated around that fiinire
until within the last few weeks It is
now steadily ad'w.icing, the present,
quotation being £11 12s f>d.
'•Another very serious drawback has
been the fact- that the silver-lead smelters of British Columbia  have not been !
able to handle the entire output of the;
mines, and a large tonnage had to bej
shipped to United States and European
points at thi* expense of heavy freight
"For example, the St Eugene mine
at Movie lust year shipped 11,000 tons
of silver-lead concentrates to Antwerp,
paying SIT per ton for freight alone
These concentrates were smelted audi
refined iii Antwerp; the pig load was
then turned into white and red lead* i
and several thousand tons of these products shipped back to Canada, a^ain
paying heavy freight charges. The
mine owners'of British Columbia felt
that their ores'shoiild . be spielted and
refined in: Canada', and' ttiade- ■ representations, to the Dominioiipgovernment to
help out, the. industry, The government recognized the difficulties under
granted a mtjftsure of relief in the way1
of a bounty for the reduet-ionofi pig lead
in,.Canada :.To my.• .mintf.-. the.relief
granted was inadequate, and should- be
dolYbled.    :    •'  ■•-': -■.;.-...■):.;
"Omiiirlfi iip lie j-rMjrtiit■«, IftrSTO iinftoi't--
er;of white n-iid ied; lead As isoon as
tho reilne.rv is.pfunpleted at. Trail, B.C.,
Canada' will produce lier owp pig, lead,
nnd': natiti'ally it will bo corroded at
home and turned into white and1 red
lead, not only for home consumption
hut.also for, export. British ,Columbia
produces td ti' raw inaterial in rapidly
increfiping (jtiautilies, andwitliiii a few
years Canada-should be an important
factor iu supplying the white lend markets of the world. ,Thus it is that, the
development of one industry leads to
the establifihiii),'of others, e'ac'h doing
its part towards the-upbnildingof Can
atta and adding to the wealth of the
nation   : ...
' The settlement of the labor .troubles,
tho lowering of freight and, treatment
charges on silver lend ores, the recovery in price of both lead andcoppei-.and
the building of, the lead rcllnery at
Trail have, all tended to materially
brighten   •he  urontiwt-s   for uvl'Mble
silvei; -,nd lead properties yielded ii,-
l.08,2M Of this the Amorican Smelting
and Refining Company paid $875,000 on
its preferred stock; the Quincv Mine, of
Utah. $375,000, on a S75.000 capital, and
the Homestake Gold Mine in the Black
Hills, South Dakota, 3315,000, being at
the rate.of fi per cent, annuallv on $21,-
000,000 stock.
The'copper.'companies'in several Instances,have reduced thoir annual rate,
owing-to the lower selling price of the
metal. Six companies reported S3,692,-
160, and. of this amount the Amalgamated, which controls properties in
Montana, paid'$1,538,079, and Calumet
& Hecla, of Michigan, 81,000,000.
, Two zinc concerns divided 8711,248,
of which the New Jersey Zinc, Com
pany reported §700,000.'Three California quicksilver properties paid $35,-
000. Thus 57 metal mines declared a
total of 88,001,640
A number of new payers liave been
added to the list, while .increased dividends liave been declared by others
whose profits have grown with the in-
diistriiil expansion.
In addition to the above mentioned
dividends we report $3-26,760by 12 Mexican mines, led by th-e-Petioles*, of Mapi-
mi (owned in Belgium), with $161,438,
equal to 50 per cent, monthly on .its
capital. Opt; Central. American mine,
worked by-New'Yr0rk people,' paid $15,-
000. Four British Columbia mines paid
$120,000. • .....p.*. *
■'!' i'H'k i* ttzo'xi-: 'of •-ambuioa'.■'!'
Kaslo is still hopeful, -although it has
had enough, of koodoos, to queer any
ordinary camp. ,, ThecitijieuB are quiptly
Avorkii i g. towa rdslmak i i ig—i t-^in sm el te
ff&m®m&) ?fim^&w&5Mm?m&8 as
Tourfst Aioye«n^it
^Secretary  Jowett Explains the  Objects   of
£§ Nelson Organization and Gets Support &
tourist association mketixg.   [ a trail wore cut'tb 'the glacier, parties
to the iceberg on the mountain top
would be of more frequent occurrence.
When we can find enjoyment in these
things there will be little difficulty in
bringing others here to enjoy thein.       ,
Secretary Jowett, of the Nelson Tourist Association, wats in town Tuesday
and came before the Advisory committee of the local Association in the evening., iand gave a-clear statement -of- the
aims and purposes of the Nelson organization. Mr. Jowett'is on a tour of the
Kootenay towns with a view to affecting
orgnnizatioiis where there are notie.and
encouraging and stimulating those
already in existence. ,It is the desire*
of the Nelson Association to act <ts. the
head, organization, and,' to' encourage
the sfiialbr,, associations to work with
it, if not through ii^ito' induce' tourist
travel.tocome this,way. Ten thousand
pamphlets will be, printed, descriptive
of the many scejllc points in the Kootenays, each localitybeing: privileged to
get up its own.inatter,' aBinuch or little
as they want to pay for .yXhegepainplM
lets will be sent td all tourist centres,
and, clrc.ulatea. through; tbe leading
totir.ist excursion ' headquarters iii the
United States *ahd!'London ' In addi'1
tion to this,'the-Association is i)i com->
njunicatiqn, ,\Vi,th .the^amo-usj^iytuoiidj
t   Vr
!   i
v:" in
fin  in nt- h itiiiliiri'    ii'iir,
"i here nre nit her reasons, tho, whv
this nIkmiM be so. 'Die mining bomii
came  no  us with a, ru.<d|. , Canadians
knew pnii'llciilly nothing of kuiniti4,i\ibi
i! .*.   i ..     .i  , ,..   it .., .
point, and their 'persever*anc6' de'R'^r.yes
success ..!'. .-.DaVc'Kiiight;- who has
spent many a day in this burg, has the
Seattle■ foyer, -.anil \yill b'op .along,tptbat
bustling city oil the Sound...,.,.,AJlpu
and Palmer, two of. the whitest men
who ev^f" Killed-'tlilrijt, have bought
George Minielly.'s biiildiiig and with
the coming, <)f May the customers of the
CentfalHotel can clink their, glasses, in
a new place Owing, to,' the police
poker'liAs'hn'd to go away back where
the light of day ehiheth not, and the
rubberneck never comes. It is a-sad
blow to the rubberneck family, butthey
still:' have ping' pong' and mai'liles to
look at which prevents despair from
euftulling them in its cnldaiiu clammy
depths  Money for  the   Victoria
Day celebration is piling up plentifully
through the efforts of Arthur (ioou-
enough and Alf Palmer On that day
the town (Will be en fete, as thoy Hay in
French, and all. tho llubes are expected
to come to camp for one of those not old
times that were, of daily occurrence
when Kaslo was in flower, and silver
had not trailed ilsamsb in the mud of
low prices,.,. . .Tlif i?o|d. market j is
unchanged. ,
ll Kl    Oil.    KOlt   M K<».M   «TKAMKIW.
and Cook.e JounVlE ageuS)os",wTth q.'vlew
to getting thjs district |M<ii;ed tipon tlu;
i outes of tlitise great suii'im'er exduraioii
managers.-iil'   m -iiii-.v '■-        •:'<: -u:
•;.,The.lQC|il committee.,was in perfect
j harmony .with all the 'pint's suggested
i hy. Mr. Jriwiif.t, tiiiA ii£'»Uiivl St» wlllln'a:
■ ness to" eo operate'with1 NelSdh in its
efforts   pThe cbmmittde! did  not: feel
tliat Ne^Denvofj could  go into:'tlie.
pamphlet extensively, since there was]
Ho much 'need  of the* expenditure of
what little funds 'that Could be raised
here in the'improvement of the facili-
ties for, reaching the.HevernJ points of
Interest hereabouts,
U is the intention of,the local committee to get up a. big picnic, for May
24t|i, and arhthgemeh^e are already
under way for a ■party of 10 to 20 to
make tha trip to the glacier at au ■ early
date. Uetinite dales and arrangeinenis
will lie made known late^
Stents justP^ssr^
"Mining iii British Columbia In JfWI
w»s carried on under most trying con-
dltioim, kmcmg wliltli might be men
were ion ed to dcnentl largely on Un
wily ,\nierii-fin. The cast ..fl'vu years I.
Imvf Imvh yi-ar^ of t'diii'.-itioi-i j I'
ence hiiK iit-i'ii caiiifd, bin il had
paid for, Ciimidtaii.-, hnvi* |;|k(ja; il).,)
milling iii.tMi'iieM, nml Mcfiill ; ini tli**i
Toronto School of Science nn* turning!
out a large number of g-md, hoiii'it.j
cii|i-ible miniiij; en^iU'"i'f* and pu-yil.»
Insists win) cauibi*' i|ep-*iuleil upoji, t<> j
snfeguAi'd tlu* iut'ci'i'.-te of Cab.idiftii iir ;
veslurs nnd lend their, valuable, aid tn j
tlioearryiiur on, oi inining opeiiuioiis'l
nu a legtttmatf.Hlid bu»neii*-li*ke \Ui*\* '
"Miuiy mining stocks are now ijuoted
at below their real value, while others
are quoted at figure* altogether inilatcd
and unjustifiable. The weedinir out
procest in Mi'iitlily g«»ing on, and iu-
viUlurs are rapidly li*arnln*r to dUtiu-
iritinh between the ciiiipaiiifS who are
mining the public and timet* <• uunu'cd in
milling rn en ■"
MINIMI   IU\llll.M>».
The   While   Piihs   \-   Vukon    Co.'s
s-n-anieis may tn- run with fuel oil by
limit her season,   According to it des-
;i patch from White Horse, the Compuny
luis decided to te«t r.-illfoniiil   oil,  Inlin
vpi'i-i |-1 l»"iut of eeiinuinv ••{•*  well   as  utility
't„  i„. i during the itpprimti|iii',' -e;-tvin. Should
' iln* I'Xperlmeiils turn mil   s-iti^lai-torily
tlii'ie will be au end ofthe wVi.nl cuttitiK
bifiiiriHs which has occupied t-o many
men along the  Vukdn   iu  the winter
sca-oiis.   ll is ,'ilfin poiiiteij out tlmt tin*
steamers could make the din to II.uwhi
nr io U'liite llor-i* fnnn  D-in'-nn  Midi.
No furthei^|eps have been Inki-n by
tha local Tuirist .Uvneiation to piesctit
to outsiders the .iilvaiitages and tnduei*
nieuts that New  l»«nver hiis to offer tu j
induce thein to come this way in their I
H'.m-ii fm- pleasure, health and happi-i
lies.-.    Hut it nintH not be,supposed thai
the A^ocialinii  is ,becniniiig lax in its
duties, nor allowing interesr to lajj    Ji,
older tii  work" liHrmnuioiisly wiih tin*
There.-ire some people who conscientiously believe that' Socialist leaders
and Socialists generally should bo put,
iu jail.    This  is  nothing   neiv.     The
Jews  of  ancient   times   believed   the
same of Jesus Christ, and his apostles.
And they ..we're jailed jand crucified, but:
that did not stop .the growth of their
doctrine.'"The religionists of England
thought the same of Bunvan, of Wesley, and thc politicians'' liave thought
the same of every: social reformer that";
haseveropposedtheii-jSchemes. • There
ia no doubt that there are some men,
preaching Sociali-sin who ought to b'e put
in jail; si) there are such men preaching
every oflier kitid'o'f ■ ifitri,' but' tliey' are
like.a flv-r-speck-to-armountain 'as" eoin-*
jiared* \vjth that class .ofmen. prea^ljingl
old party politics. ,M Jajl every Scl-dali-st.
in the land and tile' isiVuse would grow
-on-and-on.—lt-is-«(;cessar^"r—— ~r,	
i ■ >,,- -:*' *■ i*' '-1^" ^i i*.-'*;.',' i: 5 ■■! .-
; Cecil Hhode's is a."greater man dead
tllah nilive—in th«uWoylu>' eSUni/itidti:'
In life heshowedojll^'ld'fl ont^rnktiird.1
He was a cruel, grasping, ureedv, nion-
uri.h;-lh<i.utopnu-aaliiJmtl*ui]£ to,wm dollars and fanio iind.'pq\j-erj ..he.iifjed his
pow'c'r.to crush tlie wfiak and. build.up'■
the Ktroi)|fi' Ith' was A1 hard headed, Iron
Willed;-roaster;'a strong' friend,'ahd re-;
lentless enemy, line lias said that ho*
"was essentially religious," and perhapshewyiH, but[|vi,s;^oil seemed ,tp*b»
hiS liame and his saviour his belly. In
his' will lie' prov-6ft'; that beneath his
miter crust he'hadfH''nature as fanciful
tis he wan :masterful;,!as liberal and
broad and kiiiKly as he was grasping
and cruel Cecil Rhodes built upon
gigantic foundations* he could murder
thewenk and plllane their homes'if by
'so doing ho'could rtiiub more of Africa
red with u UhodwIiH:brush. Unsought
to do whaldie could to make Knglaud
greater, even if lie had to cake Atric's
soil with the life-blood of fathers, sons, .
mot hers and babes In life he was a
commercial tyrant; in death he is a
nation builder, n kiugj. "cKseiitiallv religious." ,,."■-.
il you ivam to ijiijikly (..iu i»i.'iei»ii»
rally kill a low n irv iiicorporation It
i-s -siiiv medicine* Kwryhody will then
have a chance to fear I'verybody else to
piece-, mul to keep < \iuug}\ liell on
tap ,io nuike life miserable. Incor-
poration has b«eii,te^t«d ina fewSlo*;Huf
j camps and it liiis'.liyen uii(alliii«.    Due
Nelson A»sm:lntU»ii the hii-aJ coiuiuiltei!'       ,-. , . -. ,,.   ,
' application has uencr/illy heoiisuflhie.iit
is imt inelini'd  to. U|ke .any   ju}|i<irtnj|l
ai lion unlit the Hecrotary of the Nelson
Association puis iuiiiMppmirancc    But
j ilieri* is iniiiii bi'iiiK' <l-vli>' by: individual
\ The ililpriiVeiie'lil  of the   I'nltil   Holiwe
' iit'.i'/.ii. the   iiin-11   nil*   i-iiiie(<v(-i   Iti'ii'il.*
to break tlie exchequer, and the -ii-cmd
breaks ail  (liiuUliipn,,"while ihe third
leaves nniy a sigh in ,the |toi*,keU of the
taxpayers.   To be , foolish is to incur-.
pornie, in incoj|ion)ti'is hell.
•nu Mopping tivtnk*1 i'ui fuel, which Uii j bandi* gratuitously giving, ih<* phint-1
drawback of the pre-e.ni »vst«*m. The j iug of ire*i*, llnw-vr giii'dens, lawns, mnt j
comp.oiy cxjii'vlii ti> urn li.1-1 ** tu lu.'H > ^ the otliei niMi he.i-^Iih ing oi iin- Iioiiii*i»|
conls of wood this sc*tsou.,  (*rvtnu mo\\w\ and public houses, all  temln to give to)
i* the timber used, ami of ihi* there
»tih h Ini'tie supply iivnilnble,  tlion-jli a
few learx would deplete the forest* lii.K
lu tli" river.
IbniMially lar«it dividends Wi'i-e jmlil'■ i,,.<.u'-4-. (r.i|j.'>i*v-^*
bv companies eiiitageii in the mini nil!
induwtry of tlie llnited States  In thej i^'jf,,;,	
qurnier. ending Mnrcli flint.    A com -j sM',(n .'j«ek*.,» lu.n.
Gllitlmi bv the K   and M.  Journal of if«><-
ew York, ot the dlvidimus paid by m  V2&ZS21 l'"v
trt 1 «ii fc 17, inf ,H«*t) A«vJ,'.,f,,o:,...;......
is; tbe town that import.'iiicp, tlmt uiiist in ;
due time be recognized .l»i<l Mpprei-(;iii«| j
by our ui'lithtio * !>*( there bi» hihh!)
ol it; liMniiuiiiiMis wuii.iiig tiigether in '
ihlsilireclioii will tiling iibeiit resultnj
Hint W'H he nstiiiiinliing    A  few   more,
  , afternotui'ii Inbnr on the I'otttl   House
Th.. total iimmint of ore uhlppiil fi«,.i. i «ro1""1. wllhn*k«. It Hie U*i i*?*i*.•aimn
H„. SI.mhi. and   Slmvtn   rir.v   mining I j»«™,,M ••',u"» KwU'ii«>«.*    \\itl.  my.
dnisioiiM for the sem \*A wnV «ppr«»x    ' ■«««» ••Ifnrt >t should be p„.,,ible 1,. »,.<
imately, ao.iMI t..i.».   miuv Jaumiiy I   ',,u',, ,,H' f""''"«li. ""•' '<aH*b.ll trams ..f
tn April li,   1'■"■'-', the tibipiiients Imvi
li^lija,'a fact much appreciated by the) lioned serious'laltor,lroubb's, excessive
iiuwiot »i Aiimrii* * 0-11* i^utciiic.  , ,i ueigi-ii mm i^cafm<$ii( ensr^**, onpei--j;  hor-fin^it
U« ^.n-tUipu^^ *±^\ [llMti'to^ j fetlSSfe'
bat the industry wan
ask iug for tenders for 'tlm construction
«f\* -ntUA-tUrd-nltert w*grt»» m«d from
Bliicah Citv tn their mirie« on Republic
* IVV-i.   t-W,-.*.'.!.*.*!'.!*   itf.li  f.'w* I-     ...P..-...!*-. '.*-,-.   '»*..?. j|--A;i
roM, »nd the ihinuteittt wilt increase
Ihw iramraer For the tir*t three
months of this year the mine shipped
\ty) thus.
Td« city of Sandon and J. M. Harris
haye »greed «g»ln to .lUagroe, and aa a
icujult tUc snww cAViiKsred city ciuuot
eltKer1 water or  light from the local
1'hfl Wonderful at Sandon. Iieing
«ork*^d by W. W. Warner, prorolw* to
lie k h**vy ahipiier ttik waMin. Tbe
ore-tmdy Vicentlv found by a *)-(out
cro«A-tat I*24' Itpel wide at a veiiitu)
depth of li.feett
companies shows thetotf
which is a iiot'i-esMe increase over tbei li»»m ........
correinoniKni'three inoiithd in intil       I •«•■»! tlisiw*..,
hor-fmelton tin) list are 'io peiroteuml K.^n^'w.'
... . j.-.. j . .1 ^^, v>»iu|i>-»»ui. ■* ilitii fv:|."i-'ii-.ti 1 ,lt'p.ini:i.i ......
Of thisNtiii.uin iho.SUii.l   fc^lu^
ardOil Couipany contributed ll!«.4(-V.-| wlZmZ?
Saiidoii, Mini the fjwH of I liiee forks, I
to come dtiivn herein liinher un    llmii
T,„„i j make it a catch |Hinny |ifopo»ltioii. I .ft 1
»iM tbetli te**t Ml Iioiiim    \ow* ulieli tlie snow
iVt   is kliee i|i>«»p   ill those   e;»mp^   \\   wollbl '
^ive the ln»v« a tnste of In-flveii tn come'
down here rtiid bunt the pig nkiu riliuiu
iu tbe warm miiishiiie     .Vint they need |
it    Tlu/iiw  tbe bt-autie.-! ni tbe tomi,
wide open lo them     M.ike tbem feel it '•
11* men .». tout Itiht  iney me \mt\ n\ it.
ANO   l.hAM
Apiil 5--S
iii el, SiSt'i
, l'i i <>iil
"    •»._
"      oif   .,.
"    fl-
"      ."tl       '
11 M^Kl
•«    t_
.,      j.,,-*..   ,
II k*0,{
"      br-
'«     M ' '
11 H*<iA
, t      -
1 •—
'      fill'*
11 HAki
"      i* —
"     6il|
' *      <l —
"  ^4..
11 Hs<;k1
"   lu-
•••  .-4"
11 Hs'ld
" 11	
"     .VI
11 H*<M
'• l.»-
"     Mi
• •
11 I'm
•■ II -
11 7-C-U1
'   l.'l
"    -^4 -',
'•    PI
A   r*A I.H,
*4l .
. i*»
"That the industry wan able to tmr-H**;, wnile l'iiiidt!|MMiileiit California and j«huw*
vlv« under tlicsw conditions is hut an | Texn* oil wells viehled >Vi7,:l*i7, j *•*«**•"
additional prool of the wonderful extent
fiiiik iw,ni*t,'nfi n, i'ui-; 'iiiO'ii-ilA'i   urpufiiiii,   111
that province."
S*H-otii| place is held  he   p| ir* 11 and'
Mem 1 iini|iHiiii-« -H iin *i,i,o.'i'.*i,>ij!n loineir
M  . C.edil      Hie bulk ofthltll l.dli.Klj W«s, •>»"'*
Thealwve rrnnarka were made by J.j (i«i.l l.y the I'niied States .Steel Corpor \<t'J'ui
M-irt  |l
r.uii'y Kiltltl
ItmtitiUr       .
11| j •*
T«i     ll tbe gov.-iiiuieiil agt-ni Wuiild speiei
Hi"* 1 j* (««i»r (li.iU»ir»* iiiiii'Bit**iW,i, n>r k»i.>ii.i   *»rtiit;*!.|.
"   w.-1-.h, mi: i li.ue ll put   mi  tlie  )|i|   find
l.et til. then \<a up and doing,
AM becoming money king»;
Some day we may bu endowing
rntversitie* and thlii*4{».
Lives of Inllloiuilrw remind no
iimi mn »«i uottQtiwn lite ftUK-k
>'!■  .• j.i-1 l'-,-vj..i-,-.vv„-,-,*.1;„,»
T.lt»r(irb*« on every block.
C. Drewry. of llovsland, the managing j iitioii, being a quarterly dividend of I
director ol the Cauailiau (iold Fields pei ceiii. <>it tin* (oiiiiuni Mock r.nd i\
Syndicate, aud a director ol the St I per cent on the preferred.
K'ngene Connoli.luted Mining Co, re-1 The «ith.*r industrial w.*n* lllcoal and
centlv In re«pon**e to a query hv ti rep-' enie r.uiifi.tiiles with Ai.fur.t *i7-"i. fed by
rescniatlvij of the Montreal Herald *»[ Ihe l'»ti*biirg rail nnd river cmibiiia
to how mining matte.rt were, progreMinstj tion*, and *\x rheuib-al and miners!
in bntuh Columbia i compune*, mill Q,tjn,>;;io, oi  which llu*
Coiitinuing,.Mr. Drewry nalfi,   "Thej yirgini**€arnlina   Ci.emiciil CoinMnyImn^yA^
*trlk# Uat an end; tbe mine* are now  lurni-lied Id't.SII.   In .tl! the I*. indii*   4n,| ^3^,^,
runriiiiK full banded, and the output d.r ■ tiial rompai.ie4 puid tW.Wt.i?!!, which '  —
I'Ji Unlit he greater thatt inany pre.vioiv* |U canal to uetrly *l per cent, -withe1    It i«e««iimate*| ttiit ♦"*•.'»»»..»». repre-
year.   For neveral  year*  the t-harg**! tiMal refw'trted §**nU ihe -ii-nv-i-as^t.t  Sn •enm-h'iw-i**. m
inade by Britikb Columbia nm-Hier-* t»r I    Intl;.- list ,if rm*tnl mines  14 g.ild.  tbe gold mine* «»f vnith Africa.
Tbv .«,Hrt<M'ii^ rn Jim J.»a-«r »-«<iiitiij|»
,„,    ....     ..... .. ,, ■ ,,        ,oii the Hewett hu.*, dr..wii toeuoi'inoua
^iMdjoiiiliitjbuildmxs. it  would add ma-; proportion*.   The or.- bo.|v  niiitinuct
>•    t.-ri(ll!*.      tn      tin*1      :n*i..,iir*iriii.      i.l     il..'*       .....,....,,.-,    ,-,.       ,      » -       ,-    ,
;   -m-oiiinls    If ihe ojiea «ir <oii<y-fts wen*
v7 bel'l at regular stuti-d inter-v.*-)!* mid tt««-
t..; date*  iiilvcrtmcil Mon*  band, au<l   if
J  lk«tiiiK parti.-n could  be arraugi-d f..r
*" .-orresp iiiitliiif d«t.-v. it *»ouI.Imvhi brniif
every cuueii ..ut to enjoy tbem. and
vjtliie.**    Shtpinents wilt r«*miin«- when
the govern*m»-iil r»»i.d li rerait*.^!.
"I'apii, what i» a fluincial fotetasl,"
jisk.-ii the little boy
**lt'i   the   wav    vour   inotber   -took.*
'—-  esi«-i i'.lh to ibe Siin.Jav aftern^.i con- i trough mv p^iit. i^kat* at night be
It. W (trirntuett. ihei.«n>ularoptlcinii
"t Spltl.).)!!. icif! I:e    i.t    N -\\    fti'livci*   ou
S»mrd«y next.    Hu i-hhh-i jut*pai/*<| t,>
Vk'l". ',  '.HA','.'i     '•kl.-.l'.-.l    Hi'.lilf     ll.iaki INdil-S   I'll     ,
M.«o.!ti{bt <vi ursjoii* oil tbe bike roiild
ren-liiy *■■• irr'n „'.-l;   h.'ij ..*'-,u f, ;..uti-'
to llie   b.'p^bl-   n|   *ilh*H"   MuHllIilJIl,    Iii
view tin* gi'.iudi'iir of t|»»» |*|,» hv i.,..oii
b„'tit of •iit.ihgbt; pij i 't M l-rip in mu ,,i.
Unlit iiver tie* Sitveitoii w.igi.ii i.»oi
and up  Four Mile   creek*   me   ot tne'
1l,'i-i tie.,'!,   Ml'i   •1lXSh)1,,   ^l.'Ui'li*--:   mh't'
'timl e.il: >** *'* -iif.d in   IM  l:li-,A        lr.,1 i!
OOi'.ivj in W lii.iUti*
l'i-   "iV   --.lv.1..,   li'.!.'   (:,t
inf." , 	
ii.ei .1 Ml. have rr*uuii-d tlieir l^rdo
•ervlce, i-oiiuueiii trig April 11. to twice
t we*-k, M.itdnys ate! Thii re-lav**, on
ibe pre«.iit at-bmlufe.
A 1 'libit- unit o{ water ev_> tiiitwl al
at.;ii*»pb-"-ri*c ('fes-uiv* will inakw a cubic
f.-n.f nf sf.-itu. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., APRIL J 7, li)02.
Ninth Yeae
Th« LkdokI-i two dollars a year in Htlvance When not so taul il in «2.50 to parties worthy of credit, Local advertisiiiK 10 ceiii.*-. ;i
nonpariel lino lirst Insertion, and 5 cents a line etu-h sul.sfiment insertion. UoadiiiK notices 25 cents r linn, and commercial artv.--rn---.iii*>,
graded in prices according to L-lrcum>taiii-es.
FELLOW PILQBIMS: Tuk I.kuuk is located at Js'ew Dunvur. B. C, and can lie traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the ir.n.t
every Thursday and has never been raided liy the sheiill, sr.owslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man.. It works for tlu-1 mi!
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champiiKiio-lliivciri'il cuiiitiilist. It aims to be on the right, side of everything and believes timl hoi.
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stent the test of time, and an ever-increasing l.-systreak is proof that it is
better to tell the truth, even if tbe lien veils do occasionally hit oui* smokestack. A chute ol job work is worked occasionally for the lioneht
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us, but dr. imt nut the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barre': one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of die noblest works >f creation is the man who always pays the printer: he k
sure of a bunk in paradise, with tliornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
Ki   I •  Ll) «V El\T
Don't '"/want to^be aifangel/'
Leave that, for the lower animals.
Want to be a MAN.
And as you want to be a man,
don't be a' Something with Nothing for a head.
-Don't be a physical,moral,spiritual weakling.
There i.« nothing higher than
man in earth, hell or heaven.
But man's Maker.
If you want to be a man, you
must be like Him after whom man
was fashioned.
There it- no other, way.
And if you  are  like Him here
you will not have to  wflit around
for a pass into His kingdom.
You svill carry it with you.
.Mil-;    SWPT-VIN    OK   IIS'OUSTKY.
When 1 was a lad I niaiia.^eu to squirm
In as office boy for a brokeVa'-i-e firm-
I cleaned the run' aud the cuspidor,
And at insL bought and <nld   things  no
the llooi-—
I juiHlinii itlon-y- .--ii sui-cefslulle.'
Thai now I aui a cnr.taiu., of  indusme.
and the people can do without them
and not suffer. Luxuries should
always be taxed first and the necessaries of life only as a last resort.
Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
indicates that your snbBC.riii-
if on is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
four collateral.
In Joe Martin the prize ring
seems to have lost a great weight.
The iron band, riveted with a)
golden spike, now holds Grand
Forks and Republic together.
The peace terms proposed by the.
Boer leaders at Pretoria will not
appear reasonable to the British.
Gentle Spring is still very coy in
the Slocan, and in eome of the
camps is still Wearing her winter
The prayers of the people seem
to hfeve been answered. The Local
Legislature will not touch the mining laws this Masion.
Some-member-should—in trod ace
a bill in Victoria for the maintenance of a prize ring back of the
Legislative buildings.
A wail constantly goon up from
the Slocan that we have been ruined
by legislation. Truth often shines
through the rifta in the cloud of
and discharged. She is now traveling with a troupe and is paid
SI,000 a week for murdering music
as a chorus singer. It is wonderful what American morbid curiosity
will stand, ff Miss Burns had
been guilty of writing some great
poem she would probably have to
live in some dark garrett and fill
her- stomach with dried apples aud
aqua pura to keep it from excessive
attacks of vacuum.
They never shake dice in Calgary.
The inhabitants are generally too
dry to wait that long for a drink
when they dismount in front of a
bar aud bottles.
The Slocan is full of big silver
dollars coined in the United States.
Their weight might not feel so
heavy if they were minted in this
great Dominion.
The street cars may have temporarily stopped running in-Nelson
but that does not keep the city from
keeping to the frout in the line of
theatrical attractions.
Poor young men have little
chance to rise in Ontario. The
laws of that provinoe are framed to
help the rich and keep the poor
ever on the ground floor.
It ih a long time since we onleml
that Canada mint, but it must
have become stalled Bomewhere,
ProUbly Koine banker has knocked
it off the tray of pr-ogrcetdon with a
roll of rag dollars.
Tha military spirit continued to
grow in Canada, and our volunteer
force is to he inofeased to 100,000
men. I'amma and pulpits tin not
seem able to »t«m ihe ever iiicroa*-
ing ili-wire for blood *«»! oonqinwt.
If the Canadian* were km eager
to dovolnp the mining resources of
tbelro.umt.ry as they aro to „hoot
Hoer* in South Africa this province
would In- a wonderful hive of industry. Shooting rock Is not very
popular with the native* of this
great Dominion.
By marriage Miss Grant became
the Princess Canta-Cuzene, of Russia. Most any of America's Four
Hundred would tie up with blue
blood for the privilege of wearing
such a cognomen, especially when
it is hyphenated. Without the
hyphen'European titles are not
quite so valuable in the American
matrimonial market, and Lords
and Dukes in search of a bank roll
with a woman attachment should
cut out this paragraph and paste
right on their looking glasses, if
they have any.
Talmage has passed over the
divide and the country paper has
lost a great filler. For years Tal-
mage's sermons have been read by
of words and beautiful illustrations
but their real value to the human
family is doubtful. Talmage
sought and gained the applause of
many muckers in the mine of
thought, but his work never appealed very strongly to those in
the. upper levels of intellectual
light. Talmage had much of the
mortal nature or ho would not
have passed at the age of 70 years.
Judging from the many articles
sent ns upon how to raise cows,
peas, corn and other things, the
people at a distance must think the
Slocan is a farming community.
It is not, although we raise something occasionally. Sometimes it
is the other fellow, sometimes lend
or a little silver, occasionally a
baby, and in older days much hell
was raised,"hut lately scarcely a
trace of th'e latter is ever brought
to the surface. We raise our hopes
every spring, and just now we are
clearing the way for the raising of
tourist*, although the raising of
rates is not expected. There is no
rayson why we should not raise
more in the Slocan than we do, but
we see little chance for it until the
Government is razed.
demon with only one thought raging in his tortured brain,to kill the
British or be killed. Transformed
by war this once quiet farmer became a terror and his thirst for
vengeance has drawn the. black pall
over many an English and Canadian home. After he had recovered from his awful outburst he
again went back to God and carried
his bible into every fight. Thus do
mortals chase the wrong God and
suffer accordingly.
r *-%%*%%*%*'%••'%♦ A^%%-%-■*.-■»
L%-^%%%'%%"%%'-%%/%*/^'%- *^w
What kind of an angel are you
going to be?
Every man and every womau,
every boy and every girl,can answer
And you won't have to go to the
encyclopedia Britanica, Webster's
Unabridged, or any other work of
Just look into that little machine
that pumps life into your body and
it will tell you.
If you use your brains.
What kind of an angel were you
I Wtili'hed the. ticker nnd 1 took' a chance
Now .nnd then, on a   siump' or  n  sbnrp
'rhin-415 iiiipi'i'iit'.ij sotiitd.iiw ti-  tXiTu   my
And I boujj-hi' t*ui   Un-   hrokei-a^-e .linn
one thy—
Then 1 was tli.' firm awl the linn wii." in.*,
I'd hecomu a ■.•n|Uiii.*i ei indiuMr.:*'
A **esteru writer who recently visited
Georgia says that on th^. very first day
he was addressed as "captain," and that,
after ten days everybody called" him
"colonel.'' Ho was somewhat puzzled
about it, but tbe whole thing is very
simple, as the following- will show:
First—Give a Georgia darkey « ';*-.ha\v
of tobacco" and you're a cap'ti.
Second—Give'him a quarter, ymi become a colonel
Thiid—Paralyze him with "a dollar,
and you're a general for life.
Fourth—Throw in an old suit of
clothes and two stiff "drains" of corn
liquor, aud he raises nil his children to
call you "governor.'''
rin*. above receipt for promotion in
Georgia, is infallible.
An English woman,who h<e> published
a diary of her experiences al Jacobsdal
din ing the lighting there, -says:   "It  is
j amusing to see   what   an   interest   the
j Dutch girls take in the British wounded.
i They   are   causing   quite  a   jealousy
- among their own people, who miv they
are not getting so much attention from
the girls since the 'oudc Rooiiieks' were,
brought   into   hospital.    The   women
were full of compassion for the. Highlanders   who  were  brought  in   after
iMagersfonteiii.     'Poor   thing*?,'   thev
s-vd, 'they are so poor thai   thev can't
afford in. buv trousers.'"
animal because he is an unhappy
animal. The universality of religion is based upon the universality
of suffering. Take away suffering
and religion would cease to be.
The first priest was a medicine man
aud every priest today is a medicine man. He flourishes on the
ills of humanity. He is for the
sick-bed, and not for the mart, or
the bright green fields where happiness reigns. Destroy all disease,
and  every church would go by the
board.—S.  P.   Putnam,
Religious Experience."
old    1   jfobbied
! watched my
Ot what I knew to h**-gib-edged stock*--
I gobbled slocks wherever ! could
And wrecked roads whes I* ii   wmid do
me. good;
The money came rolling in in me.
And so I'm captain ni ir.ilusfr.v-
l've a marble shack on the* avenut.,
And a brown-stone.cottage a;   New-nui,
I'ce h splendid yacht and a privnt* car,
And my fame's wbet-evct  fhe  railroads
I've pulled the strings m  MHi--.'visiuiU-.e
That now Fm a captain of indusiree
Cigar Oo.
The origin of the Christen religion, and of all religions, is the
misery of man.    Man is a religious
p|ie hij-.-jj'1-T
Then* in much road and   bridge
work to ite done in Ujo Hlocan, but
it , i* * .*
Tint' n.rsr sillctrt-J-Mi tei  u.">    JV,<J.vjyis
Well* it* w. * *
Th* ftla/*l/ Chrintian L)e Wet
I lie DlaCK jgft strong light
7Lnae>\      in tho Boer rank*.
^TII^CI When the Boer»
weakened after Cronje'M capture he
raided the flag and rode out of
PaardHhurg alone, carrying Mm gun
and bible. He wan prepared to
fight the entiiv British Army alone
if noce-HHary, no when he met the
Boon* retiring from the campaign
he com|H'lh>d them to help him
flghl the Itritixh or light him then
and then*. Thin* he drove men to
rally around him and the war began again. Like a religion* fanatic
he haa fought again*! fearful odd»
and AMoiutduil the world with hie
military tiM*ti«*«. ||«» i*» « Black
Angel anil live* for vengeance much
the ►aim* uh many men did in
America after their wive* and
faint tie* had town killed h\ the
What kind of an angel have you
been today?
What kind do you intend to be
It all rfe«T,s with you no say.
You are the doctor.
What angels are. if anything, nobody knows.
But anybody with a mind of
his own has an idea—or ought to
Many people delight to sing, aud
teaoh their children to sing, that
fantastic little nursery lullaby. "I
want to be an angel."
But few give a moment's thought
to the wish expressed.
Such a wish is as commendable
as wishing to be a cat or dog in this
present life.
If any of you wish to exchange
places with me drop around.
Though you be the vilest gutter
bum that ever tapped a liad beer
barrel for booze,
I'll exchange, if I can.
For you there is a chance u> be
oomething better.
For me, I must just be dog.
If I could be anything better,
don't you think [ would?
Did you ever see any kind of au
animal, excepting man, that would
It would be a lofty ambition for
me, a dog, to want to be an angel.
But if angf Ih are anything they
arc inferior to what .spiritual man
is deNtincd to Ik1.
And why should man witih to ite
Homething lower than what he can
In fact, something lower than
what it Ih his privilege to lie already?
Why wmte preciou* hour* in
wanting to be Homething hi the
great unknown future?
Life Ih lal>or.
Life Ih aaorifice.
The liwt Iwilaneo in which to
weigh younwdf i* adverxity.
In thia school you get your  ln»t
By it you are prepared for other
and greater things.
The man who H|»eudn hi* earthly
ll-fi.    Itfen o   rlr,,.    .».«.*.♦♦
-*. 4.1 '    ' ' '
nuftd h\ the future
! have dined wlnne »
ro dine.
Ami   few  hav.-  wsui*.
thai, mine;
1 possess two luuidre'J  milJitni  |i!uuks,
When   I   travel   1   rake   ahmg   eighty
Oh, 1 tell you wk.tr, it i>- great to hf
A glorious captain of industrc-e
—Chicago Record-Herald.
The Cartoons which the New
York Truth Seeker is printing each
week add a great deal to the attractiveness and effectiveness of
They are sharp and forcible strokes
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 .t>   -
lt», n ford
waiting tortile Ix-^ii-laiunto elm* m tlu»l h« t*n entore* the
WAge scnli* of 12.60 9 clay
XtntiK »t hhn lifter   KriutiiKjir-iiit.,!
nnnHiihUng hit* ronj(h   troojm   and!    What ho hM< twit hi'ro ho will
offering   |iraycr>   to  thai.    Tlion | lx> thori*.
wjjj|uul-j«Mi »»« ho linfsliw-rwMliiig » [*iilm      Wlmtmt angolii* xjiwmon  you
1 a mofmnigM* AtAnhem into tin-; onmjij would   nu»ke,   you   long-tonguod
• —J*^^   ^^-^^-^^    *^^^^^^ ^^r^^^^ ^^^
any j.rotot from tbo OpjioHtioii     '" m«"w»>ffT «iM«nwi imo tne* <nmp| would   nu»Ke,   you   lang-trmgneA \*f
■—""".p.""" .« ,'•"'■  »   H..-..1. «i,kP    p.»p..p.n   .,kw4*.   H-..P'*     .-.1-Ji.i,     ik.iahk , t-i'i'i'i .'i '»   lli  Pi^'l-llWi   ]jlillt\»^HV. [f  iwoviii*. WW
t»ue hy i«n the pftpem fado. Tho ,"'*'" "hot iIomiI smd tho hhm  Iuul I    A ml jou.wIkwo only god h gold. \ * •*
lioldon V.rngoen up U»e joumaliMtii*< kill»*«i ImIi hit* wife and ilaughtor. i wIiom* only thought i«« of liolly and
lliimo tlii»« month for the lack  of '"■-'» thin iron man.   U»roft of nils loitn.nt,   whar   a   *|H<mi»n   you
ail hmc«n>, and many othoi  *hoot* '"- l»ywl hy tin* lu-H of   war,
itt II. V. an* hanging hotwoou lifo
tttid the elAVii* of the AluiitT.   'l'h«
n«wnpn|)«r cemetery of thin pr»»-
vinc-H »-vrr   vitwna   for   tiii*»plai«*»i
••long Mt wantpt."
with would mako with "i% t-rown  upon
tin* lim«* of mortal  horror  on  hi» \nur fm^hoad, a harp within your! 1. J
fill-, hni-N th<* fii!if.,- t'luin [vim, lUuttliAiul." ; Jf I
with oloiiihiil Imrnlx ho roll* in thet     Viul you, who havo novor iw«'ri<-|   |
*Ui>.i, vai Uiiiiing.   UimI iUiiih liod!  in-ill nn hour'M timo,   nor nm-n  «
rinip in no <Joil! thought to othor   pooplo'n   hnppi-
Wh^n !♦•' U'tt nr-*** tin- (me lit* su-n-. «h/iJ  a   hrauly   you   would
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Yoik for iiiiinli*ring Walt«i Itrook- that of a man.    li wa-   ili»t   of h -»mii<1'
ir^ «l «t%      tm nr *
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»*4«*»tf4k.».*   I«ft.
tujiUil (all |«id Op) H2,UMOu.iu
Uo.vt*rv«l lund i ■. 7,'jr/J,{*»rMK>
iiiiuiv uii'O jironiK  .-   .•   ii}i\i >i,t,ij
iii'iii orrirr,  mh-^thkai..
>.•   Hon  b^nSTiniiH-oVAa.id Mount Hoyau GC.AI.li. I'reaidoiif.
Ilo.v. ti. A. DflvMMoxDk Vico Hrwiident,
K, 8. Cuit'HToy, Oenoral Mannger,
KrmelHM m nl» itirta ot CamhU, NewfooiMJIswt, tlreM itrltntn, tint*
'••  l   ll.li'il StJlII'Hk
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\M B. DE VEBFP. Manafcr
r^m P97XA9; ** Am pt^x
t   "MP*.   imi'PKX^PmX-
9. J*
I PA     MfcC A
Ninth Year.
'H1W DENVER, B.O., APRIL 17. li»02.
TUere's aheau of foolish cliattei- 'bout the way
the world is run,
Men and women alius tellin' 'bout the way it
might be done.
But it seema io me the wisest jest to let her roll
and si'M,
Knowln'  discontent  is ciituhin' as the yaller
fever is.
Cartel  had a quarter section   thsl  for raisin'
crops was great,
Land as rich as (ill creation, weren't no better In
-. the state;
Bill keii' workin' iate an' early; kep' the children
at it too,
'Ceptin' when the school  was .ru'iiiiiii*—would
have pulled the mortgage through.
Ri he'd had a mite of baekln', but ln.s wife she
eoiildn't see,
Any  future  cepun' famine, case in pint you
must .-.Ri-ee,
Fur Bill caught her discouragement, got discouraged, lost his grip,
And the quarter section dwindled to a twenty
• picre strip.
Mercy Meredith,you knowe.f her. wimai- purl.v.
pearl, an'spry
As an April niornln' robin, em rlleker in -July,
Father died and left tho humstead. house an'
land Rii'nll, toh»r,
Everybody said she'd aii ued It; well, sho married
Jacoti Burr.
Jt'roud nn'scllifh man was Jaooli, holdln' Kindness as u crime,
Magged his wife  ou'raucous,   preaehln' meek
"submission all the time,
Jacob had no cause to blnm-i her if at last she
fcuriieil to find
in .«orau other vijieu.the inuslo that was siiudir
In her uiiiid:
Trim, she's gui lo bear the liunleii, hut her hus
bund sowed tlio seed
0' discoiiu-iil thai druv her t" cuiiiuili Ihe wilful
Wliei-e's the usu of seekln' troubl.-;
Gladness dwells iu everything!
Moles that burrow lit   thc  meadow,  birds  that
mount and "ail and Bing,
Are the care of Him that made 'em: ihey are
happy, ..nean' all;
W nile a man can leap the di dies he has no n.v
"Use to crawl.
Vou may rpiis a liighcr stepper than the s,'«ntl<
nag 1 own.
But my roan may  still be  joKt-'in'  wh«u yniir,
handsoine. tuy is blown;
Kiini'iiii".streams'll tell r story sweet to eithei
you or inc.
Kf\vo"Ve tuned o-.rsoives to hear   it;  all   that's
best in life is free;
Mao may can-,'all of heaven 'Ihout  his slioul
ders beiii' bent,
But he's I'liisiied to eurtli with bi'arln' half a pint
So it .-veins to rno the wisest jest to let the old
u  rid si/-?.,
Know ii   dist'onteiit is  eatchin'. as  tins yaller
t.-ver Is ■
« —Denver Times.
"You may talk of your *Lead-
villes an' Cripple Creeks an* ToUib
."tones an'" such," commented the
informed Corastoeker, "but I say,
au' I'll bet on it, there never was,
never will be and never can be as
hot, as ?wift. as great a mining
tamp an was Virginia City, Nev.,
with Gold Hill as an annex, in the
seventies. There haa been a good
deal .said and written and published
in books about Virginia City before
the days when old Bill Comstock
made the first discoveries," he continued, musingly, "and they were
crude times.   All they   had   then
house level with the   grade,   drop [to the ol
into the verandahs anh   hold   ex- it were,
perience meetings, and th«y wasn't j torn it i-
calculating to do it in whispers,]    "But
either.   To sleep at times was im- [the hea
possible,    'Twas a continual chase | ier otto drive them   away.    Time  and j than t
again an angry and sleepy   miner | heat s
would lope out   in   fatigue  regimentals    and   shoo   them   away.
They'd just natch.urally hop up a
story or two and  turn  around   to
say 'ba-aa' as innocent looidn', but
as cussid as a heathen Chinee."
The old-timer condescended to
refresh himself at the expense of
the "tenderfeet" as he called them,
then continued:
"As to flies. As 1 said before,
the Comstock mines were the hottest
in the world.    We worked praotic- p
s' alon.q*. a
trike   -oo
the ve
by the
ally  minus any clothes.    I disre
member if there was anything but j il
a linen skullcap t>o keep the sand ! e
out of our hair. Yes, we did have
shoe*, but pretty Considerable filled
with holes ai thai.
"Well, the flit.*- was hotter and
thicker than 'oiled grease cooling
off. They just natchurally seemed
to burn a feller where they lit, and
there was billions of 'em, hatched
out from theleavin'sof lunch grub,
I guess. A man would comedown
from a hot floor drenched and drip- oi a..
ping and with all his nerves a-tin
gle to cool off a bit, while his part
ner made a 'pass,' All the flies in
the neighborhood would make a
break for him. The wetness caught
them and there they stuck. And
them Hies could wiggle, twist and
squirm and waggle worse nor a
nigger caught visitin' a hen coop
at midnight. I've heard more
brilliant single-handed swearing
over sticky flies that) I ever heard
over anything else. There was but
one way to stand em off. That
was bio -a out.your candle and go
sit in the dark."
The reformed Comstoeker shifted
about as if again feeling the bodily
presence of the flies.
You've   heard   of   cow   itch
African   \v,it-
colonies to it:
"The  colonial   put.
South   African  crime   iv...
hearts of all despots rejoice aii.
the character of tlie colonies in tli
inntion of all right-thinking people
how can the. prestige of England
if an impression is created that slu,   .
dependent upon her colonies,  most of
whom have the utmost difficulties in
paying* their way?   The greatness of
England has never depended upon  her
territorial   possessions,   but   upon the
number of good men and good  women
she has reared.   The pride of  power
and lust of gold mark the decadence,
not the advancement, of a people.   The
right policy for us to pursue is the development of our resources  at   home
rather than expansion and exploitation
abroad.    England's   glory  would not
suffer if she decided to  become  the
mother  instead of the destroyer of a
free South Africa, and even if federated
-were—stages—aira""ffeig lit- tealns
That was when we had Bill Sharon's
crooked railroad, the Virginia and
Truckee, connecting us direct with
San Francisco, and we bad all the
luxuries an' refined high toned
frills of a metropolis within twenty-
four hours of our hands.
"Well, as I was sayin',when the
Big Bonanza---which ran from a
Btriuger in the Gould and Curry,
on the 1200-foot level, through the
Best and Belcher, on fc-ii the Consolidated Virginia, on to the California, on to the Ophir, to kind of
blow out in the Sierra Nevada—
wae opened the biggest, richest oro
body in the world was given to the
United States, and incidentally to
the big foui», Jim Fair, John Ma-okay, Jim Flood and 'Sap' O'Brien,
in Vunt for the rttookholders. Excuse the long lingo, toys," he
added, pulling at his cigar. Then
after a loii^ breath, "< >u an average
there was an ore Ixidy 2A0feet from
true wall to true wall, running
from, say, the 1400 totheUlOO-foot
level, all easily knocked down, and
assaying, m the maimger's assayer
said, from l.'to up a ton in silver
and about the same in gold,
"To get out the hum* of stuff
they had to have miners, and they
got them. In Virginia and the
Mill there were from fio,000 to (10,-
000 men, the pick of the world,who
brokfl the ore out and N*ut. it on
top. They worked In three shifts
—from 7 a. in. to 'A p. in., from '.i
p, in. to 11 p. in., and from 11 p.
in. to 7 a. in. Thin wiw day aud
night, every day in the year, uho
Sundays, except on Miners' 1'nion
holiday, in July, when everybody
went to Crti-MotiCity by traln,cleane«l
out tbe town and  netii   the  only
haven't vou?'' he said.    <' Well,the j Australia were to bi eak awaj;!from her,
prickly heat we suffered; wasL worse ^rttrnTaV^i^lfi
public.   The greatest of the Roman
Emperors was Hadrian, who saw that
than a double dose of it. It was
with us day and night. It was bad
enough below, but. was worse on
top when yon began to cool off. It
was scratch, scratch, scratch till
vou were raw. The first hour in
bed was the worst, sanfUDaDering.
yourself all over and suffering like
the old scratch. The only thing I
ever found that gave any help was
rubbing ou lots of oil, such as they
used to oil the donkey engines
which ran the 'giraffes^ up and
down the wenges. Strange,though
the same oil was used for the ore
cars as for the donkey engines, the
donkey engines' oil was the only
kind that seemed to do me any
"Heat! Talk of heat! Why
you people don't know what heat
is. It might be thought the deeper
you went the hotter if was, I
don't find it so always. I felt the
heat worse on the 1200-toot level of
the Curry than I did on the 2000-
foot level of the Con. Virginia.
"There's a station at level about
the policy of Imperial expansion was a
mistake, and ordered the withdrawal of
all the Roman legions beyond the
"We would be the last to advocate
thejhrjnkiiigjTinegitiinate iLespQiisibik
Itles.MTweTare strongly of opinion that
those statesmen of a past generation
were right who condemned the policy
of the 'forward party' in India—a policy
which has brought India to the brink of
ruin—nnd  who held that it was the
mil-mint) nf Itn^-laud fn toooli hor <iopon<l-
ents to govern themselves, and thereby
to become independent. Lord Melbourne advocated the cession of Gibraltar to Spain even at the time when
Oiiiralter was believed to be impregnable Modern artillery has been brought
to such perfection that we have discovered that this once impregnable rock
can now be attacked from the land side,
and, as it will cost many millions now
to put it iu a proper state of defence,we
question whether it would not be advisable to take Lord Melbourne's advice,
especially if Spain were to give us
something In exchange for It The
veteran tioldwin Smith haB always been
In favor of the colonies waving their
own ting. Cornwall Lewis, a statesman
of the first rank, ridiculed the idea that
a nation derived any glory front an extensive colonial empire. Lord Bencotw-
Held, whose Jingoism was expressed in
his ambition to make England para
every 100 feet apart,  down.   This
ie a big open space, perhaps 80 by
flf^/mT^ at   ''rt. ^^'iiountin the councils of Eui-bpe,regard.
utiieeu to hold the   roof.    Its all L.l the colonies as n 'millstone round
covered with big thick  iron  boiler lour  necks'    Lord   Thring   actually
platen fitting   like   a   mortise, nil'
kept swept clean and oiled to allow
of switching the big iron ore cars
to any of the cage? watting at  the
level to take the cars on  top.    In
the station are three or   four   immense wooden  barrels  filled  with
water and perhaps a ton   of  ice.
I've come out of a drift to a station
ho red hot that I couldn't think.
I've dived into the ice barrel,pulled
out ii 100 pound chunk of iu.w,broke
drafted a bill for -jiving thorn Independence. The Duke of Wellington was
called a coward because he refused to
regard Algiers as the key to India and
deprecated the idea of going te war
with Kranee for the possession of that
"key." These men lind a better c >i-
teplioii nf what constitutes thn great*
ue-ss of empire than any that vnhrn-*
materialists like Chamberlain
lloiebery ant capable of forming."
John and Wm. Word nf the Klack,
it Into» pieces with my miidhwtfok, J0ak In|m, ,„ rylohmm wullly, c«l.,
spread them over the iron   plaice Mmt mom,w i|nw ,nvallt#)| n powtr
i drill is done by mean.-*-- '••■[
iiainmer, the sltavpanins' j
dtftl hammer, ••'n.i the tin- I
"i iMit on by   the  vi-.r*-!* j
ie new iiiH.-hine i
can npi'i-ate ;r. ;
■olieii liy h foot :
■ "■ i   wor!-. iiiif one i
..tlier     >|-„.
•ii'l ii i.»jai'l
'itioii    [u-o
Wi ex-
"1 lay
and laid down among the broken
ice, rubbing myself with the pirni*.
I've been so hot I have cried while
trying to put a e»p or tie on a
post.    I've Imhhi nn  hot   I
There is no harm
In blowing your own horn so long- as- yon have the right tune*
and you bet your big Canadian dollar we have the rig*it tan<=
Twn niiniiieii a,->l!;ir» worth of* Hums mul
Bitt'Gii just'iv-p'rtiv.'.i. Tlir>e Hums cnnnul he
•heat in PriiNv.-ic ijnulh.v.
Tr, •)ui-.ilc!ic|..niSp' Wauiuixl iCml.-ilivi |^u-kn»;i-
Bai:i)!i-- '.te tl..   B-.<>! in the woi-M.
0in.ii*,. 0*ii,us. <i|j.' L-uiis, lSc
XI>'K i.-mis ''h.-ik-./CixMiii. .-i
SIXI'KKX ii>)iiiid> Gnumlated sui-'itr *i
ll.'ld yow • n-i.l..'1-t. for soiuig. \V.* p.i-i- *?<.iiii.. t„
*,il yriu Soiips-'iit I'lioiory l'irfceij.
■Bin... Point Oyster*. Iii(r i.-ari, She
In t.iii it.-us I'l-.m i.oir wo an.' .uoiug 'o n-L-civr
u t.i_ sliii.mtiit of Su-irily Frefli Eygs. ,-uvl iv«
.uv? -'.iinj; to glvf. ihi-in Ki y.in at ine ,i t!i./,t-!i,
I'Ipm-p vour p.ivi.-i*.. w-'.-li n-ifni- K»!<;s<iinl Hultcr.
Hi-., 'ip.vis .\[ij■!,!.«. A, i.', l«,.v.
Ciroi.-(-r;is oi piil 'unii-. m ivh..!i i;ilp- j,rio<--,.   \V
i-amuiv nipii will not !.(• uii.lei'i.plil.    \\\- ruivi. tvr -
tli"iif-.uid l,-il!.-n> '.voi-th .if ,';r..'.\*-i-icvp ii, run -.rt a'
Eitstoi'H Prii-i-.--.
Kv-Hi-ythiiij.. in i|.h-1.. fivsli mid iioml.
Buy y.iui- nimitlj's '.,r :.u-o-im nt-ip's  -.ui,) li..
i.iiii si-r vvliiit you s.-i v.-.
3tl. (.'iviiiii Si.,d,,s. ':,,■
I'm iu mi*-U liriiiiiilatcd siu;iir -*'..+ p
Hi.y jvnr .sun i!' now   in': tlie Smuuhipi* -h-  y.,i
Will |i;iy i'll.T.i f-.i-'lmi fl,sii...fi*,ro. Jinn:.
Bit? Chicki-n W!i.-.ii Sn!.; now |?i>iu>:	
Cev.iiU sliip|H-il nil i.\«-i- tin. ooiiiiti-y.
Orilms iili.-r.iii-il t>, pii uiu'c.
.M'..flli'l>',    ppitl.-i-i--.    !*!lrU--,    Amirs,    <p.l|si|^
ri-.is|....,-l.irs. Il.s..l>f!..i-s iii.d .il,i Muid-.i'liHi*!
pji-t tlif--
i ..(ill |,i....-..,pili.,,    V.
.'I|.-.l|, (ll'.H-1'lii--.
\V rii.
-i« I'H ;irii-,
li -pil'e i,i,,,i. y l,i  i|,.ii:i,' ,
dividend i
per annum,
was carried f>
profit and '"
.■• .:   ■   , ■
This (.'- AiVX^i'
*          *
-' IA rirV-   /
coal  mines   a no
i-iiC     ,**. /
• of
Fernie.    Four yeans ago this Oom- „
pany had  no transportation facilities, and their stock sold as low a^
eleven cents   per   share.     Today
their stock is selling at .89(1.
The  Similkameen   Valley Ooal
Co.,  Ltd.  assets are coal  mines,
timber, water power, agricultural
and horticultural land,  city water
townsite of  Ashnola,  surrounded
by the following resources:   gold,
copper, silver, lead, iron, lime, tire
clay, platinum, and a fine stock
raking oounti-y, und it ie" tho smelting  centre  of  the Similkameen
Valley,   with a  climate all that
could be asked.    Today yon can
secure an option on this Company's
stock by paying 10c per share down
and 10c per month until fully paid,
with non-forfeiture clause.    This
price is subject to a 25c advance
without notice, or as soon as transportation is assured.    The present
price is 81.10 per share.     Do not
wait   until   it  is   too   late,   but
get in ou the  ground   iloor and
make a handsome profit.     A purchaser of 100 shares now may gain
a profit  of  88,090,   Crow's Nest
shares as an example.   This would
be a fair profit on an iiivi>Htiin*nt of
810 a month for a   period   of 1'
months.     We invite the fullest '
spectioii of the Company's affr
by Intending purohimem    For
titer   information    apply   to
Similkameen Valley Coal Co.,
lead Office, Nelson.   B. C, I
• *.'.," K.W.C. IHoek, Maker
actually not sweat/.    Fv« worked
in drift* wi hot  that, thu wooden
drill  Hhnrpeulng nuchiim wlik-li tlmy;
have htttii Mim'*»hil in tntnidiiciiijf in j
tha Michigan coiip-fMiiiniw.    Tha ina-t 	
chine wiiighH In  the iii.igh»Mirli«K»d of' '^iVwUhliViJ.ZZlt'i
could I pin |M)U||(tN ancl fit oiMmteil by i-oui-i a mu winn In my hun.l
giocii graMt and   growing   flowers] handlt^« of the picks  aud   shovels
protMd »ir     Tli#. nlmr^tdiiK l» doiie by I ri^&^mtiZ*'
two hainiiiiii'M, hub  vuriical mid tlm, l,i/^^myV.u.|,|h!
otliar horixoutal, each Ntriklug a blow > _ wiiow«i ii». m „(
....,    •......   fitte,,
.      „ ,, , , i .,.,- ,  -   •"•■■■   P'lt   miner   mi*  vpuhmi. .Hmlhuiif -m.ni
hardly walk up the»treeta that run  Virginia took out tVib,wm,mt of. hummer wnl on what la known na thaL.""""!.'""
ami i   Witt in tt
Up tho mountain,but you can come on* from it* dbwuvery up to lHHr». n,^.,^,     Tf,B shaping   fnllown
down   mighty quick,"   wild   the!    "It'* atran^ what.*»*** tW«~ <#<< tttmt WOll« urtBMMrww<,    (M%I,
«u«u«i miiKir, camming grimly. | heat makw a man do    Cv.. ««•» jv , v MVJ A.a  tl(Cl4. Awi ClWu ^,
liiMAiVtAuycuiAitLtiL uu the (HUiuiel i old hnndn who kn»*w every inch ^'«||-m jjpUi under « nw*g* m gim u
«n«ta autat Ihe   boiiMoi** of a the place come out ml hot. walk • WB||*iiinhkkiwm mA *',». Tht*hMV■'
Mrml h«toir ftlioot li-id with Uwhlelil^mh'ly to th» nhaft   and fall rimr put» nu ^lnv «•» th«- drilla nmuu.i
fnuliMif the  **ti\**4  above.    Fine down it.   Same   with   a  carman Hfce dial <»t« «*!* knit*    'IV ^.-l »f ^
or goat*, that wan.    ]WIh» ji,n^,u,,.   ,.      ,.    _;,    j',,   Vl„, (inli )f vut n, tht, sUH(tt, itl H ttiuks,:
wen* all wooden,   with  vcrandaha l»«Jii»v«*< a cage \*   waiting   at   the (,j,    ^fiitr «h# drill ha» Ikw« «bar|w*»*j^
Aroutid them. j Iml nml ruin, on   with   the  car.  ,t jw.ohrough th».l»llvln«'|.riH*«M,l.v»
'•The only animal* not Iiuuimii rhi^tation tender* yell to him to w|l!t.,, „ie e,ii(t. ,„ Hiraight#iMil, an.M
that could thrive in Virginia on|*top. lieotn't; henimply luw lomt x\t„„\t ,* ttminrtd.
th«» cmp#i of mge brush, tin t%i,», \ bi* w*n*w thmugh heat. On he
old IxKit^ mid ohl clothii- iiatur-nllv ir««^ The car phiiijji** into thc
wu* glial.". The I'-fio-nif nhowiii f Miaft. thi-iiinn hanging ou to it.
thew w»»* om* i'i*t >itid '.»,"• Vi<U f«»! fluwri they pj i'AO ur .10ii f«ei iuu.
txery tnau,   woman and  iiohl   ui the '*uinph.     Of omnia he i* al-
... ,t*    ...,* 4*
tkttr. i»
..u,l  rioiHil1
p-iiiipii,- iu :lii-
Kit   tvllH-
ip, pniilt'i- sec
(in.* w-piiai*-1
[ri!    V.l.i .
ACTIOX    \[ii,,
SIl.-iih -Minii..!..   |)ivisi...| ot \S't»s :
ipi-uiii.     Win'!-.1   '...p-ut.'-l:     Or
K     nt I.  -Liliu   D. An.lcivijii, 1
:! ..'   ('., n|.'..:iit  fin' Mrs.  .Man*
(Vi-titii-iu..    \ii. 2S21HA
fi-jtii    thi*    date   hero
In-      Miniiic    Rt-i-orde:
ivi*,int>!it>.   fur tlie- pur
* i IJr.-uu  iif tlm pibnv
.Illl!   ;   --i'lll Ull'll-r -Ji r-
. --I I.(.•''.'.iv flu- i«ijiini*f
ISf.-.v. UK-lit-*
••fp-ri-li. ,\.l;. l:--
J. l>. .iXDEKst    ..
H,\KTNl-:\.    U'filM'    IMllVKH,    SYI.
AND UITH. KOITH Practl.iiml
• nil KlMJSiTON Min. i-k! Claims.
. <-i*uiit.. ii*. th... M,...a:i Miipii,^ Division of Wr*
.       n«''f-i-iiv    5'ip-tnit.     \V!i,*r,*   Iooatt-d:   Or
* Mly.-i- Mii-iiitmn. «v.-t...i't|„. Mf-i-rimncMln
iTAKK VOTK'K ll.n.t I, Wm. S. Drewry, ac«
; I -.nt.':u iira.t l,,i- J..hi, D. .MHeMaitw. frt
j nmier s r-ferilticaie .W B .1247<i. iiitcn'!. «ixtv dav
. from ihjdftlclivi-efif. tfiupulytc. tho Minim? RV
• I'lnii-r r<.r l^r!itif;;tr<: of !m|iri.venn-nH, forth,
; Ptirm«.,-ilolit;.iui,;t--H (Vurl, lir.-irl "l' elVl,"
.lie r.lxiVn i-Iiili/iN,
;    Anrt/t'LliUliflJit-Uulii
"?Svi*>i}VT-..'".iiimeiu'ppil K-fure die
(   ........    ,...,-,  ,r ,, .iMIlil-IU^-H lil'Kir-P    Till'    t1
, i. siichi ertirtf-atw n|-|mprc.v(*im']ii«p
|    l».i»eiiilii«siitli dj.v'.f .lnnnnry.'A. Din
i x-X' \\   S   IlliRI
}. A. D. v.««.
in DM.l.Vvl'KX'i  C'MilVXl*./.
T'. l3Klif<GE C.   W'UAUTW' *.oiiiK*-
tverh.. m.iv   lu.v. .rfc^i
tin  L.ict   Is ,,,„
Silverlon. .„-'
MiniiiK V
i I   i-\r
1   U|K.I1
I A.'t.
l Iliis
' a Ik.
• ut't
Tin* tnacltina i* linilt on a mtl nt m-.v-
ion anvil, tin* obji'tt id  wtiit-li In t» |*r
mil tint rhrmninjr f,f ih<*  I"♦■»'« ntuier
oeMb tbe litmin^i      Thii*  if *u liiveit
l>.<««llr»<,Mln|„cM'ii   «i..l .cli.»« . .i. Iuv*
lh,ir «.nrL-4.KM. AM I lit rt IV .i ipH*
.*  ftfiHVSHKH
. 4»t !«r«,ii«l   i.|.i.».i,u|l,»J ,i|  J    \%
i.«m t>, .m^..*.i...ii.ii. urnii HtitJir:,
.it I.t in> |«»»*»,|i .., ]. i«..u< |„ vltiMTi Uh-v
l.lat llpȴ#   If*ll-f.tr.,|  tltrir   i,i',rr.t*.  Ill   |f||.
i.l«,M.> Mlinrrill Iilni.» in,!..1->iih* iH-.rUi
.*<lfnl Uuiw • r«*k «.. ft.^ wi,,ran Minin*
IHU-lmi"! UV.I K.-4.tny Himin HHittft
< i.lnttil li
I l«tr.r it
.iit-iii-i.lij- ii..i.i»i|.|J DuU
I  hnl'   .lijtiiit.il  tun, liiti.iliird   |,4taf<  tn
■*niHiH|,<" '• *i'ii« .'*  i.i*.i.  »(.»•   nlv i ,■  ihj-1
iw.v*-..i   in.*,.*. *i   * i ,*»,   t,i„i, r iHi   .p.r.A l*i..*w^ .Jt
llu*  Mlnt-Ml   iii.   ft .I   Miilmt i,ii,*|v   it.,.
\ tnm ihf Mn- t *■*.** . -...,*., i. r»|i..r r-*.'»#» t - .■
..,-,,, ,   . „. ,-..... ...   arranjfH thai ii ran Im* monil fri-immi-jf vi i>»yn<Tni:i:T.^,.,, »*i lu.wutmAm'ly^i^* ?,,s"./<?,» ■  •' *?! •-*■*-■■• k . »-i..,-4*i< r»*
\ininlaV     jioiiulat.oii. Hhm . uuwi iuatnully ktlM.    SoniMliiiik v«i u,uinim*in l«m lli... . m**m* vtx-v h . i^^iV^i^liilt^^, ^.U [
■ ul Ifc* WttlftlluT ttn I- f -*n »{.,., 1  ,,<   ,,„    ^,^  t,
\tAl9A-Ali   l""ii-"    **   •*•    II    >i.p,."    \l   :>,n  -'
bnitiw always UMtk tht' bouw tiMif whrn n man Mh into u tthuft,  In*
route when on rnniblin^'  brut.    A   htlhfituuidowu.    Hi'dot'.-n't.    lit*
pmg moiAA •t-iep toi  the  ten A  nf  :i  Imtiiuf" tintn niw *.\Ae nl tin-  i»hitf*f
in ie*9 llmii m NWiHifia
tiiut*.   Tbe ili-Ul U h.-l«l by *n n<l)ii*uhl«-
*l*^a*l li»^wl;, w^?*f|j>i, *)jl,+. 'Ur t-fi'tlie ■)!,*.]
■rii.«••. i* st««'k-»*«l »•* .ttr p:f9*nrt*      Tb,-
iWMtl <
f, I ,,*,,,-
V* « u
f * •
I:   i
• ■*,.,
U. I-
■■Oi   ;'t
■ »       rt.l'J    .liP
T*»ri;'•**■'  •*' ..■•■'
l'.A\i       i.V   {»*■!..n,-- -.
l.v K***4i"*-*y  * ***,    * ,,..,,
St I'mil. |«, ,i*'.     .;,..,(;
VVKnI -H »    ........
Vatiriii.t'.-i     •»• ti .
H«»MK-M.KKH;-   »'.
j H'kfl* f'U »J(I#>,    \pV .**-.. -    ;*
»<> Ai.. ■»
'l>ir«M»^i,   '*«„,! *,,_.*.   ,
AliNifirr I.<ii. *
VtrpliA !•. t.-I# ',.-■■.   •■*• ,*,
tt-*< IvftM   r  -     |       , .        .,, ,,
ll-     >lv4% Ir.
«i,H.,.AIf|{» j t, \„
If.   ^.i«*'t  •» , **   pi*    if    V ,   .
..- *..a, ,   t, f
A    f I i|*v
ll.,,.. **
v»»*»  h t; THE LEDGE, NEW.DEJS'VEK, B.C., APRIL 17, 1902.
Ninth Yeas
5pring and
I have just received a
well-selected stock of new
goods. Get In your order for
a nobby Suit early.
Lumber, Doois. Window.?, Store Fronts, Show
Caacs, Store nnd Bar Fixtures, Counters, Fanuy
Glass. H. HOUSTON, Miina-Ker.
Kelson, B. C.
Bm.ploymezi.-t Agency.
Help of All Kinds Furnished.
Vostofllcc Hox 105, Nelson. .1.11. LOVE.
She inherits the time-worn garments,
That ill suflice for another;
And things none else would welcome.
Are laid by for "only mother."
She is up when the rest are sleeping-,
To finish the task of another,
And if till the midnight she linger,
What matter? 'tis "only mother."
She does not care for the sunshine—      ,
The joy and the light of the flowers?
She haa only thought for the duties
o That drag thro' the leaden hours?
She does not care? ah, some day,
You may iiud what it is to smother
The pain and the longing and heartache
And learn to be "only mother."
God pity you then!   God shield you
While yet you may bring to that other
Such comfort and love as will make you
o A blessing to "only mother."
—Eva Williams Malone.
TOR  3A.Xj.E3.
DHY OHK ruoi'KUTY, North Fork Carpenter creek-A LPS, ALPS FRACTION,
end ALTURUS-Crown Grants obtained. Apply, W. J. MCMILLAN & CO.,Vancouv
ed.    Ap-
ver, B.C.
NELSON, B. C      Cor. WARD & BAKER Sis-
"iag had lo years ex;
makes a specialty
complete denial ulTli-e in B. C.
 1 ,        B. C,
.Hag had 15 years experience in dental work, aim
[lecin'ty of GoldJBrjdgc Work,   Most
on the Continent of North Ameri-n L A L I II
ca. Situated midst scenery un- D E G fl D T
rivalled for Grandeur. Boating, U Lu U It I
Fishing and Kxcursions Resident Physician
and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with ij.ll
parts of the wi-rid; two mails arrive and depart
every day. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kidi-ev.
Liver and Stomach Ailments. SPECIAL
WINTER TERMS: SM to *15 per week,
The price of a round-trip ticket between
'New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and stood for HO days. Is -J3.8R. Halcyon Springs. Arrow Lake. B. C.
HEYLAND, Enwineor and Provincial
A     H
J\.   Land Surveyor
WF. TEKTZKI, & CO.,  Nelson,  B.C.
,   Dealers in all Drugs and Assayers' Supplies.
T   R.   OAMEKON, Sundon, Manufactures
tf ,'-  Clothing to order; and solicits patronase
torn all classes.
! Wholesale   Meroliaiits.
Invention has filled thi*. world with
competitors not only of labor but of
mechanics—mechanics of the highest
skill. Today tho ordinary laborer is
for the most part but a cog in the
wheel. Ho works with the tireless—he
feedB the insatiable. When the monster stops the man is out of employment
—out of bread. He has not paved anything. The iii-achine that he fed was
not feeding liirn—the invention was not
for liis benefit.
The other day I heard a man say
that itwas impossible for thousands of
good mechanics to get emp!oyment,and
that in his judgment the governmentj
ought, to furnish work for the people
A few minutes after 1 heard another
say that he was selling a patent for
cutting put clothes—that one of the
machines could do the work of twenty
tailors; that only the week before he
had sold two at a great house in New
York, and that 10 cutters had been discharged.
On every side men are being discharged and machines are being invented to take their places. When the
great factory shuts down the workers
who inhabited it and gave it life, as
thoughts do the brain, go away and, it
stands there like, an empty skull. A
few workmen liy force of -habit'-gather
about the closed doors ahd broken Windows and talk about distress and tlie
price of food and the coming winter.
They are convinced that thev have not
had their share of what their labor produced. Thoy feel certain that the machines inside were not their friends.
Thev look up at the mansion of the employer, and think of the place where
they live. They have saved nothing-
nothing but themselves. The employer
seems to have enough. Even when
employers fail, when they become bank
rupt, they are far better off i! *K-
laborers ever  were.    Their
better than the toilers' best.
TOHN, CHOI.MTCH    &   CO.,    Nelson
♦J   Importera, Wholesale Grocers and Provision
' Merchants.
than the
worst is
devoured the weak—actually ate their
flesh.    In spite of all the laws thkt man
has made, in spite of all advances in
science, the strong, the heartless, still
live on the weak, the unfortunate and
the foolish.   True, they do not eat their
flesh or drink their blood, but they live
on their labor, on their self-denial, on
their weakness and want.   The poor
man who deforms himself by toil, who
labors for his wife and children through
all his anxious, barren, wasted life—
who goes to the grave without  ever
having one luxury—has been the fool
of others,   He has been devoured by
his fellowmen.   The poor woman living
in the bare and lonely room, cheerless
and fireless, sewing night and day to
keep starvation from a child, is slowly
being eaten by her fellowmen.   When
I take into consideration the agony of
civilized life, the failures, the anxieties,
the tears, the withered hopes, the bitter
realities,  the hunger,  the crime, the
humiliation, the shame,—1 am almost
forced to say that cannibalism, after all,
is the most merciful form in which man
has ever lived upon his fellowinan.
It is impossible tor a man with a good
heart to he satisfied with the world as
it is now. No man can truly enjoy what
he earns—what he knows to be his own
—knowing that millions of his fellowmen are in misery and want. When
we think of the famished we, feel that it
is almost heartless to eat. To meet the
ragged and shivering makes ono almost
ashamed to bo well dressed and warm-
one feels as though his heart was as
cold as their bodies.
In a world filled with millions and
millions of acres of land waiting to be
tilled, where one man can raise the food
-for hundreds,'millions are on the edge
of famine . Who can comprehend the
stupidity at the bottom of this truth?
Is there to bo no change?
; Are the "laws of supply and demand," invention andscience.monopoly
and competition, capital ahd legislation
alwavs to be the enemies of those who
toil?" Will the workers always be ignorant enough and stupid enough to
give:t'*eir earnings for the useless?
Will they support millions of eoldiers
to kill tlie sons of other workingmen?
Will they always build temples, and
live in lints anil ileus themselves? Will
they forever allow parasites aud vampires to feed on their blood? Will they
remain the slaves of the beggars they
support?- Will honest men stop taking
off their hats to successful fraud? Will
industry in the presence of crowned
idleness, forever fall on its knees, and
will the lips unstained by lies forever
kiss the robed impostor's hand? Will
they understand that beggars cannot
be generous, and that every healthy
man must earn the right to live? Will
thev finally say that the man who has
had equal privileges with all others has
no right to complain, or will they follow
the example set by their oppressors?
Will they learn that force, to succeed,
must have thought behind it, and that
anything done in order that it.may endure must rest upon the cornerstone of
justice?—Robert. G. Ingersoll.
When you want anything
in the line of Jewelry, or
have anything in this line
that is in need of repair,
send direct to the old-established hou?<> ef JACOB :DOVER,-*:-    Iodo% so you will be sure of getting
the.best—and it never pays to gat anything else.        No shortage in stock; no waiting for goods.
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This is our
Daily Motto
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meaning of it to yourself if
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* JaCOb DOVer'S Tbe Jeweler,
Latest Fads iu
of all kinds
Our iiersonal suarantee goes with evvry article, and should
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, we are at all
times itlnd to exchange same to thc entire satisfaction of customer. JACOB DOVER.b. P. R. Time Inspector
And all the Latest Creations in
Goods of All Kinds
FL. OHKISTIK, h. t. It., Barrister, So-
,   licitor, Notary Puhlie.    Sandon, B. C,
B?very Friday ntSilverto.i. tf
I.. aiUMMKTTYl,. L. tt.,. BwrrUter,
._. Solicitor, Notary Puhlie*. Sandon, B.C,
ranch Offh*'* at New Denver every Saturday.
Kootenay Coffee
Dealers in Teas and Coll't-e.
All Ki'iules and prices. A
trial order solicited	
Kootenay Coffee Company
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
P.O. H"x l*;!
West Maker St.
B. C.
All the
latest mixes
in Spring
at the Nelson
An up-to-date line of   ;'
CANTON STEEL. Etc .,.   ,
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON. B.C,
Stoie3at SANDON, KASLO, au-a NELSON.
KASLO, B. 0.
Signal Loweuy's Claim
to ('(Attc vour wav bv
*■ * A.
i gentling tho editor a dollar. It fuminhos a pow
dor that loiivoH no missed
holes, and cannot be
beaten for nhattoi ing the
i rock of superstition and
ignorance that covers ho
much of the bright metal of freedom on this
wiith.    Ditr. while the
thouuitf n( puiduuic io
warming your upper
U* T. Lowery
Hew Denver, It. C
Repon-, Kv.»min»tHi4»* and ManAge*
B. C.
The con ventioif which opens atlvain-
loops ou Monday will be one of the
most important gatherings, from the
standpoint of labor, ever held in this
province,   Hitherto the labor party has
been only of « loutilc'lmi'iiotot*.    Vnv in.
stance, at Nanaimo; where a labor candidate is generally sure of election, tliis
party has n platform of its own makeup, which in some details may differ
from that adopted in other places in the
province, where the local conditions
may be different. What is wanted is
m.t'local platforms, but one framed to
suit the entire province. Under present conditions, with a good healthy
labor wiiitf in the House, it could accomplish more in the tiny of advanced
legislation than the people of the province would desire.—Vancouver ,-"*"
ll'   I    KNKW,
The calTiraist^omii^fofWFfU^itiviTir
specific. He tells the working-man that
he must be economical—and yet, under
the preeent system, economy would
only lessen wanes Under the great
law of supply and demand, every saving, frugal, sclf-denyino- workman is
unconsciously doin^ what be can to reduce the compensation of himself and
his follows. The slaves who did not
wish io run away helped to fasten the
chains on those who did. So the saving
mechanic ia a certilieate that the wages
are high enough. Docs the great law
demand that every worker should live
on the least possible amount of bread?
Is it his fate to work ono day that he
may i«>t enough food to be able to work
another? Is tliat to lie his hope, that
Capital has always claimed, and still
claims, the right to combine,   Manufacturers meet and determine prices,]
even in spite of tho great law of supply
and demand.   Have the laborers the
same right to consult andeombine? The
rich meet in the bank, club-house or
parlor.   Workingmen when they com-
nine, gather in ihe street.   All the organized  forces of society are against
them.   Capital has the ariny and navy,
the  legislature,    '.he   executive   mid
judicial depJirlineuts,   When the  rich
combine il is fm- the purpose of "ex-
chiingin)! ideas "   When the |km>i* com
blue it is a "conspiracy,1'   If they act
in conceit, il they rallv to do something,
it is a *'in.>l>."   if iliev defend themselves, It In "treason,"   llow is it (hat
llie rich control the di-parliiielits uf the
"foveiiinien'?   In this countrv the political  power is ei-uiilly diviilfd iiuiong
men    Tlier<* are certainly inure poor;
than rich     Why shmild the rich con-j
truly     Why   should   nut   lite   laboreisj
combine for the pnrptin' of controlling!
the cxeriiiive.iheleuii'lativeaud judicial |
departments."   Will they ever nml inui
how powerful tliey nre?"  A cry  comes
•from the oppre-ed,  the hungry, tin*!
down-trodden,   from   the  unfortunate,
from the desplned, from wen who despair,   and   from   women  wlm  weep.
I'liereare time* when mendicant* be-:
come revolution^*—when  *  raa  he j
Cornell a banner .under which tltonoblext
and bravest battle lor the riglit I
How »re we lo settle  tliui  itue-quiil(
i-oiiteu between   uieii  and   uiiichiuchM
Will tlm UMt-liliHUi finally go into inrt* I DVI-UTAXT  t>T nfltr     A«.il   in
iier#hipwltb the luborm?  <'mi the«.fimAW  JSIjUUA., April  IV
force-x of nature be controlled   for   Ihe;.,   ...   I,|,i1i«1i,«*r
tMMwflt of her Mifforlii* elulifircii?   Wlllf1** w« HMMMhl '. »»"«•'* 'Y,,h"
ftfttrftVAKincc keep puce with in«i'iuiity?) •""
Will t!n» workmen necoine iitlniit-^iil,
i*ii(iii«b and utrong enough to bcumui,
owner** of the innchinm?   Wil! them»j
Hotel Bar
Reisterer & Vaughan
If 1 know llie box where On* kiiiIU***< ;iiv k(
Nn matt er how liiriff the key
Or slroiiK lliu holt. I would ttv *> liiuil*—
'TwihiIiI ojii-n, I know, fur un-.
Tlii'ii ovi-r tin* l.-niil mul fun tii-iuiik'iui
I'd M'titii-r tlii. Hinlleii In iilny.
Tlmt tin- ilillilii.'ii'ri fiii-ftuiiklil li'ild tliuii
Knr uiiitiy and ninny a day.
11 I luii-w ii liux tlmt win l;trut* eiiniiuli
To litild :ill (lift frown* I lum't,
1 would try iuk-uIIhtiIh-iii wry i-m-,
l*"i-i.:ii titi'-sp-ry. ''"Ism-il and mi-i-io . ■■
Tlii'ii. fiililtiiK mnt -lif.lillni,', I ,it iipn-U tin-ui lu
And turn Hit- mtinitcrl-u'y;
IMIili'.- .i iri.iui in i||h.;iI!ii' hox
"ii llu* ili*Ji!ll<i of Illl* d<M'|i, ill'l-|i m- i
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
^a^e ^liop8in,nearJyi:ali:^e icalrips and cities ..'.-
, of Kootenay and, Boundary, i  i :They sell* the-i.
best meat obtainaWeand^ aim to give satisfaction to everjreustomer.! '■'■"Try^lfnebftMr;
■"steaks-     "  ^''"""
Thn wellknowr Jeweler
anil Optician,  will be in
New Denver
Saturday, Apr 19
Bring your defective optic*,
(eyes) watcliei, jewelry, «tc
litul  have   them   jirot»erly
alnl .It w»lt
Aifi-nl fii'i'iiiHillrtii Km|.tk<*'»
m4Sin*im. n i*
Ki«lit*,tlien«»TH«n*,»li<trt»Mi or limgthen
tb« hours ol  Ulmr?   Will they (five
poor I
leinuie for tlw* indiHtriou*. or will
aitkke thi1  rich I'ldn-T  and   the
IMioipr    In in»n Involved In^ the
et*%i   -in.iii:i*i*:      v    .m4.fi>t     «■"   ........   .....
y'A", iid tni-rcy*' I'm* mini tn*coiiii. in
lellljrent nnmifth lo Im^ fifrtiieroiiK. in Oe
|u»tj or dof» llie Mine U,w or fact eon.,
liJi 'titm ihM o'ioU*i* the. Ar/aw/uiH ■»»
vej{el»bh world.'   Tlio gteAl oak »ti'iils.
the Miimhlne from the umall trees, the I
. t.     i     tt.,
. l?*»««. eM,L
Seeds, Trees,
'Rill V\C tor Kail ur Hprinn
iJUlUS punu,,^
■Qiitalojifuo Free.
.'liii^i Wi «lmliiK|tp|- tltiitl. Viinrniiwr, H. C,
WlflTK I,A Mult IIVI.V
fo niuHiimi KuiopfPiii juliili vU ■Ufitiinltti
.111,1 AliitlIt ;liiiitie» AliJiJy (or Nilllii|f «l»t«»
rslt>». tick- l«si.t|  (nil  liifi-niiittliiii  t>  niii I).
IU ntvnl nr-  '
C. P. II. AiiMit. Now li«ii*»r.
W  P..K, ('uinniiUKi.O.'X.'h. A««., H lunl|i»|i
and Provisions from the
Wm. Hunter Co.,umit«i.
Store.-* nt Silverton, Alamo,'Nelson olid Phoenix. ,
^1^^K^^>^^C^>^I>5^>K, *;
■^^^fc... j*^^w m^m^*.... **^^^^ ^^m^H^^^dm^^ki mm^m^^^,^m^^9i
. JAM1«»   CHOliT, *
llttultni; and Packing to Mine*,
und general local bualnost.
N-nw li»»*»i»r, l». V.
General Draylng: Miuiug Supplies aad Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Uajfifago wagons meet all Sun*
day trains.
Saddle Horses ana Pack a.a.a,ah.
Kced Stable* at New Denver.
Al.l. UKPAlif MJJMT^
ai.wa'ys IN.SWK,
Brick Bijook     Nbw Dknvkii
rverviiniitc al th* mercy of <H*ak *iut
tUw',At.A btr-A met l"**th~*A hmA and
e,..M       ...I
ill »Him .» .M
of hrain nnd gteM—fnwjnalltv,! I.<-««J v»|«,.-M«ih*r/-.,(»i»v i„vi
iniiuti, e everywh-r,..   Thi' poor bot*t*\    *»«»*~M •"»'« »w«^i^mj.t m*uium
'.'.ii.i...^ mi ih.- «tr,<-; with id* dmy.) Gold and Silver Refined and Boaelit
owfwork«l/iv#rwlii|i|H>d mid utiderftd,; fi|%ripm| a CI CI A V f*#l
whm he me* other hnr*f« gmtuneii likf! UUHJHIv AODM I  M-M*
! inti-ror-s, gliUffirig whIi tfti'id nml -»i'ili*i,
I *i-nrnltijr wilh proud leet lh# very MMh,
i |>niUii*»U iielulnvH io lUe. u.uaJ iuict.d
<i»lit* rtft«ctlon*». and thi* **ui*i liurm;
S won* out tnd old. d»»<*ertwf by hl« in**-
) i*t. turn-ed «ov» thn flamy eo*4, Imtm >
tit-* html upon the t,unm<i#t rtli, imk* at 1
I .t.nWpvi in i» field of clover and feel*
I    tu Hu* dav * of .•■utii»:ti!tti'-m thi' iu-<)tv£
I* Ji* Iftl-ft M..   l»tMi»»-r, * t-il-ft.
Pwadds bros]
tv*wcouvt* »*» -wcttoi*. « c. f
ll %*%%-%%%%%%%*%«*i
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
Ladies' JSSLm Shirt Waists
Latest New York Styles
Choice Line of Latest and Most Tashionable Millinery, and Dressmaking
Whit-P mnt Colored F*wn*! Uimilie*. Mm-din-*, lVr««l»*. Orjf.iidift^, mid lUtble*.      .«w mir i,mbt** *to\
f'liildren'M tiilorwl wtth dr*«'M**of Ort*« Lln-fii, Kawii^, |'iau<>«, Ztcphyrt, iitg*nAlet* jnd DimllW.      \\>
fnvlM -in i-i-tr fii»pi»<:tfnn tehfM wn i*nn ircf * irur.A <u*\t*ethw in till ihetrrum Ut tii It hunt,     Prie.en vorv;t.,>'*
»ft|.K AllKNTS FOR
thi: onlv KKi.iAn k.
Fred. Irvine & Co.


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