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The Ledge Apr 24, 1902

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Array S\^v-Axs1xi'
Volume IX.   No 30.
NEW DENVER, B. C, APRIL 24, 1902.
Price, $2.00 Year ADVakci
*. Sen^aT N^s Float
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps m
that are Talked &bout. |g
Slocan City has a tourist association.
All signs point to 'high water in the
Slocan this year.
A case of email pox is reported from
Trout Lake City.
W. F. DuBois is managing a gold
property at Boulder, CoJ.
Tom Roadley has flowered. He is a
inining broker in Kamloops.
Upon the arrival of H. B. Alexandei
the Ruth mine will resume operations.
The C. P. R. will spend 81,800,000 on
improvements in this Province this
Since the lst of January 1000 tons of
ore has been sent out by the Mollie
The recent strike on the Monitor haa
•developed Into the biggest showing in
its history.
W. C. E. Koch has purchased a residence in Nelson and is moving his
family there this week.
Mr. and Mrs. George "Alexander and
H. B. Alexander will arrive"in the Slocan
from Liverpool shortly.
Bob Cunning will look into the
resources of the Canoe River and Big
Bend country this summer.
A gang of men is rip-rapping on the
Columbia above Nakusp, The Dominion government is footing the bill.
Janies English has returned from the
prairie country and will spend the summer prospecting In the Similkameen.
Pekin duck eggs for hatching. Best
bred Belgian hare for breeding, $5 to
$10 a pair.   H. Byrnes, New Denver.
Minnesota capitalists havo formed a
company to work the Pmlro group, on
Canyon creek, Trout Luke division.
Found.—In the Now Denver cemetery, a small album, full of pictures.
Owner will Und the same at this olllco,
Carbonatss carrying 11150 ozs silver
and 2 per cent, lead aro being tiiki«n
out ot the Hope claim, one of the Ruth
The Chapleau company haft sent &1000
more to apply on the dents of the company, and tho creditor!) m*o correspond.
Ingly hapiiy. I   .';
Dr. Mllloy will ho in the Sloean tho
first two weeks in May, to sharpen and
fill and if need he extract the molars of
the people of the camp.
John Cory is In town, his lease in the
Queen Bess having oxiilred. John did
well with his louse, anilliift a lino showing of ore for the next twin.
I'hll Hickey returned to Sandon Tuesday from Victoria, where ho lias been
making enquiries relating to tlie no-cur-
ing of water rights for tlm city.
It Is reported that MInh McLeod of
the Victorian Ordor n( Nurses   has
fitomiaed a grant of ?t50u for n hospital
n Kaslo If the city will rnlso 91000
8lnce the Nakusp stwinill resumed
stwtnf a few weeks ago it has beoh
running at full capacity nnd ha* order*
■head for all tho lumber It can saw this
Kd Shannon and Dun Mcl^achlan
planted 02 apple treed thin week on
their Iota at tho head ol Hlocan avenue.
This will bo pleasant iiowh to thi*. rising
mate generation.
Somo timo next month a start will bo
made of the Pay no concentrator Wirt*
has been strung from the mill to the
mine and the electric plant will toon bo
la working order.
M. B. Webber, of Winona, Minnesota,
has bonded tho Mack Warrior group,
near Trout Lake, on a hula of IW.OUu,
■»b» -Hn-al -navi-nun*? to h* tonAe on
November i, 1908.
Dan McLarhlan ha* a bond  on  the
Sweet Uraw.   Ho will bond and leaee
ft to P«tc Murray and Mn MdtasaSd 5
who will commence on It neii month
The claim ia on float Mountain,
A ii'i-i'*, \>iiii% HifM'UkVft'iit,:   'il i.t.  i.p.J.;|.,:.i.. ,
In C!*vtr» bell Monday night. Th*
finals will b« play wi off st a later datr,
In the nioatime an effort will be made
to secure cheap rates to New Weel-
Accommodation* are lieing built nt
th** Ottawa tor a large hree of  men
The property I* improving greatly with
development,  and when  acenmmoda-j
liftn*  ar-ft r**«dy   the   lore*  will   he*
Inerwuwd. f
Tom Lak-* wn* *iek all lh<* way irswi i
Halif/tt tor'apAtown, and w** mu* off
four men declared uiifll for  service by \
the army medical officer there. He will
probably bo sent home to Slocan City
without having a chance to shoot any
Lowery's Claim for May will appear
this week. It is the lant number of the
first volume, and the subscribers are
warned to renew their subscriptions in
time as the word delinquent has been
cut out of that journal's dictionary.
John Williams and Jud Byrnes are
doing some work on the Eight Hour,
Goat Mountain. They have turned up
some nice ore. and run into 22 feet of
tunnel that Borne one else had driven
upon the property, apparently by mistake.
Oscar White is new in Victoria preparing the way for securing the water
right that the Byron N. White company is applying" for on Carpenter
creek, for the purpose of installing their
big electric lighting and heating system
at Box canyon. *■■     ..
The corporation of Sandon is applying
for the right to take water from the
creek at Bridge 32, on.ihe K. & S , and
also from Carpenter creek, the intention
-being-to-put-in-a-* water-system-tcr"btr
owned by tho city in opposition to the
J. M. Harris company.
The Iron Horse company is up
against tho financial problem. They
want about $4,000 to clean up the debt's
contracted in recent development wont.
This, the directors say, will soon be
raised and the property opened up
Williams has received a consignment
of candles that should touch every
sweet tooth in the Slocan country.
Their neatness and sweetness must bo
seen and taBted before the appreciation of a pleasurable existence can be
thoroughly understood.
The Sunset paid its usual monthly
dividend of $0,000 last week, and could
pay $25,000 more if necessary. The
mine is owned bv four men who know
that mining in the Slocan is proiitalile.
Sixteen men aro employed at the mine
at present upon development work
Frank Grifliths is long on continuity
Since Wl, working alone, ho has driven
700 feet of tunnels on his Ton Mile
creek claims. Owing to hard rock lie
could only drive eight feet sometimes in
a month. Frank deserves to win for it
is grit like his that builds up men and
Thu Hewett is taking out shipping
ore Ihe full width of the drift—considerably over four foot. This showing is in
the lower workings at a depth of W0
foot on the load, it will be a few weeks
yet before the Four Mile road is in condition to haul pro over, but when shipments are resumed it will go out as fast
as it can be handled,
Ping pong is not as Chinese as its
name would imply. It was originated
In England bv au KnglUli clergyman,
who was so slow that he lost a million
by not getting il pat-tutted. But as he
would licve lind to glvo all ho could
make out of It endowing asylums to
square himself with his Maker ho will
probably dio happier poor.
On tho Silver Cup, In the Trout Lake
division, a three-loot hole was driven
in what waa supposed to bo the banging
wall in tho drift ou the lead, and the
result of tho shooting was that the entire length of the hole broke in oro of
tho finest imdo. In addition to this
recent strike tho Cup is stoping ore
from three 10-inch oro shoots
N. C Diiigtiiaii has boon confined to
his bod in the Sacred Heart Hospital,
Spokane, since tho opratiou w&« performed upon his fractured hip a mouth
ago. He expects to be out of the hospital in a week or two Word was re*
-reived this week that his son Foster is
also confined to thu hospital, having
undergone an operation forappundicltls.
Government Agent Mclnnls is trying
lu t**ti.i,n,7*n, .icf-o.-i.nip.il <u i n.mi 19 in
ibe ■ne.p-Midty of Itmnrrtlnt.r need of
lurid* to expend on saving thn Union-
street bridge A number of citixen*
wttt «t work doling tbe pant week mot
managed to divert tin* water milllcienl-
ly to k. ep the bridge in place, but It Ih
lUtllll.   l„      I.,.       "..,;•}■        .*.,,'-., .',*.	
.. VI,
Have you found .tour life distaxlefuli'
Mv life did, and Aom, smack sweet.
I nnd earth not gray, but ro*y;
Heaven not grfm, but fab of hue.
Do 1 stoop?   I pick a pus v.
Do 11 stand and stare?   All's blue
- itohert Browning,    j
If ihe shank* lo machine drill** cry*-1
m!iw- and \ne*\i, hmi Uw i-uaiia to lew
ted heat and cover (nun tbe «iitiu **hi*»
or dry sand to anneal |
Iii ii letter to the Nelson Board of
Trade, W A Galliher, M. P., states
that there is no hope that there will- bo
a duty imposed on lead or an increase
ou manufactures of lead. It has been
decided that there shall be no changes
in the tariff this year.
The new bridge across the Columbia
river at Robson is expected to be fin-
isheo within a few days, and as soon ns
arrangements can be made, the C.P.R,
machine shops at Trail will be removed
to Nelson, when the repairs for all the
rolling stock used between Prnctor and
Midway will be done here. This will
necessitate the maintenance of a staff
of about 150 men in the shops and in
addition the train crows will make this
their home. Trains from Nelson to
Midway will run through solid from
here and a local will attend to the business from Robson'to Rossland.
The final payment has been made on
the Eva group, in the Lardeau, by tho
Imperial syndicate, limited, of Nelson.
This group is situated near the town of
Cambnurnc, off the northeast arm of
Arrow lake A great deal of development work has been done.and the claims
show a remarkably strong free gold
lead The Imperial syndicate has under
bond other claims for which the total
price of $80,000 was to have been paid,
and now all of this has been met with
the exception of $5,000, which does not
fall due till the fall. It is the intention
of the company to put in a mill during
the summer	
The average miner would give little
-though t~t-o*th«"opnortUTiit\-*Tiffordcd~for
investment in gold mines in the southern
states He would assume, as many do,
that cotton, sugar and tobacco are tho
only products of tho older, southern
states, and yet one of our leading mining men,.Colonel S. M. Wharton, learning a few years since of the value of the
gold mines of Georgia, paid that state a
visit and purchased a valuable property
Under the head of the "Oldest American Gold Mine," the Detroit Free Press
of the loth ult., has this to say of the
Calhoun gold mine owned by Mr. Whitr-
ton, of Spokane, which is'located in
Lumpkin countv, tho report not boii)|j
exaggerated in the least. Only n few
years ago Judge Huff, the present ordinary of Ihe county and Jake Loggiiis
took rut more than 300 penny-weights
of the yellow metal in one day. The
fact is there is v.o oettcr gold mine in
Georgia than the old Calhoun. Tlio
Press briefly says: The oldest American gold mine is said to be the Calhoun
mine in Lumpkin county, Georgia. It
was discovered by whites in 189.8. The
hiiliiins had known it before that tiro
Senator Join C Calhoun once owned
and operated it mui it received its name
from him. It subsequently pnsscd out
uf his hands and was donated to an
agricultural college From thut time
until recently it was worked in a de
sultory way. Lately it came into the
iiosses-jion of a Pacific coast miner, who
litis pushed the work and the placer deposit is returning him a clear profit
ranging from $2iK) to $U00 per month as
the result of the* labor of six men. A
recent clean up of 115davs" run produced
$9(10.03 in fine gold and $50 worth of
nuggets, all of which cost $i!7fl for labor
leaving n net profit ol KUfl.93.
Nothing W said of the qua its! reef on
this property, which is well opened ami
of tiroven great value though not yet
being milled.	
10K   MINK*   IN    ARIZONA.
A company of capitalists has been organised in mino ice from thu curious
and famous ico caves In Northern Arh
zona and supply tho towns of tho Santa
Fee railroad with the product during
the long oppressive Hummers
It is expected that a supply sufficient
also for the Arizona division of other
railroad* will bo obtained
Little in known of the ArUoua let
caves and nothing authentic ha* ever
been written about them Tlie main
cave Is at tlm head of Clark's vallov, 14
mile* southeast uf Flagstaff Until lait
August the main cave had heen point*
tratod to a depth o( only JfcW feet K It.
Dsltonof New Vork then explored tho
cavu past the point where the narrow.
nesn of the opening had stopped other
explorers and found that tlie pannage
was gradually widened nut Into a series
v. ....<....</( .», *.« w. tMllutlt .      .vltltt> mill
other etjtV.t^rv;* utTt.l p* titivp dlscnvp.ri'tl
that thn cava-* are mines of Inexhaustible ice, which extend* far down Into
ib-e bowel* of the earth Thi; tempor***
lure in tin* cave drops '10 degree* during the tlmt '20 minutes of descent.
i 'Here fill* 'iieiin loiiMtleiatiie tuieaii-
ne** in Sweden over the cnntractiug.by
a representative of thn Clergue syndicate, for brio Swedes for tin* nickel-steel
and kindred iitdustrl*M at the Soo. ilm
in-opln id .Stockholm cannot understand
the magnitude of New Ontario's dn-
velopm»»nt mul nil manner of afnnuUt
reports weie circulated to ihe effect that
ihe '21MISwede* wero eniitractln/rtheiii-
seive« intoitlavefy,
Tho oMt of •inkiOf i three-comi^rl
ment  abaft  7x£f feet in  and around
Butte, Mont, vmries front t-"i to US p«r
Sault Ste Marie, Out.. April 14.—The
first steel made into blooms in Western
Canada was made here this week by the
Algoma Steel company,one of the many
Clergue enterprises that have transformed this section in the past few years.
The event has been regarded of such
importance that the government was
represented here by the premier .George
Ross, and by the entire ministry of tho
province. They have been here two
days and left last night for the east
While here Mr. Ross and his party
inspected the railroad which has been
completed forty-eight miles toward the
north pole, thepulp mills and the metallurgical works, as well ub the water
power canals on both sides of the river.
No such delighted set of men ever went
away from the Sault as the representatives of the province, whose generous
and broad treatment of the subject has
done so much to make these great enterprises a success.
There are now in all Canada four
Bte*d making plants. These include the
noted plant of the Dominion Iron and
Steel Company on tbe Noya Scotia
coast, the plant of the Nova Scotia Steel
Company at Glasgow. N. S., the plant
at Hamilton, Ontario, and now this at
the Sault of the Algoma Steel company.
The Glasgow and Hamilton plants are
small, those of the Dominion and Algoma companies are largeand will compare very favorably with the best in the
United States. While the Sault plant
is not yet, anyway, the equal ot the
Braddock, the Chicago or some other
steel concerns of the United States, it is
the very latest in point of machinery
and completeness of detail. It isdriven
machines is concerned, by electricity
and hydraulics, and is designed and
built by a man equal to any in the
country in his profession.
Connected with the plant are two
large blast furnaces that will be com-
plotoU-*rt'ii»"iycar.   "Doth-worn   originally
designed for charcoal iron, but the de
sign of one has recently been changed
to coke These form the first pair of
lour furnaces that aro to be erected at
the Sault. Very extensive byproduct
ovens are in course of construction here
to take care of the acids from the carbonization of wood. A receiving dock
for oro, 2,200 feet long and about 400
feet wide is under way, and many other
portions of well rounded and complete
ilant on a largo scale aro being built as
last as necossary.
The works have not. yet commenced
tho rolling of steel rails, though thoy
have been ready so far as the machinery
U concerned, fo'r sometime There are
vet no roofs on the rail end of the mill,
hut these are now going up aud the
costly machinery will soon be under
cover. The American Bridge company
was expected to get these roofs on last
fall. The company has sold ahead all
the rails it dares to se'l at this time and
Is constantly being called on by Ameri
can roads for rails I Inil tliey cannot get
on the southern side of tho"liuo and that
they would, Iherefore, gladly buy here
and pay the United States duty on them
could tliey get them. The company is
said not to expect, however, to enter
Ihe rail business in competition with
American mills. It will have business
enough in Canada for a larger
I'lant than it now has, and it will probably Increase its capacity as soon as the
present works are running iu good
shape and havo shown what they can
There is always the KiiRlish field,
which it can roach as well as Pittsburg
can, better from somo points of view.
The Grand Trunk has bought a largo
tonnage of rails of this new works already amounting, it is said, to about
1720,000; tho Canadian Pacific, will re-
ceivo groat quantities of rails here, tho
government has bought more than
1800,000 worth, and the company's own
road will be supplied.
Following Is the IWt of tbe world'*
ton largest copper mines, l»a*ml ou the
output of 1000. They produei- between
lliorn, nearly one-half of the world's
entire production. Seven ol them are
lu this country, the rest in Mexico or
Europe lu tne subjoined table, their
nscertalnod production for Hwn, in
pounds, Is gfvon;
I   Anaconda, Mont., U.S A..K>7,uuu,00t)
K     lit,   T*.   i        t»       • '•) ■  ■■ 'V    -.■.*"
.....   . ...   *.,..,,*.».......       ....     .-., -.*»*.', ' »■/
R Cabimet snd !feM* Michigan, U.S. A  77.7UI.5W2
4  Boston and Montana, Mon-
tanr., I'S.A  «»,»■),"»«>
f>  Mannfleld, Uermany  -U.iraViOO
ft. United Verde, Arizona, V.
c * to n-i-i i«v»
"  Coppi'i Queen, Arizoiis, V.
S.A'  :tt,iW2,300
It. Holeo, Mexico   21,752,000
l»  Mountain, California, I* S.
A 2»,m,mi
10  Mont a nn Ore Piinhasing
Co., Montana, I* S A.... 22,«257,Mi
The Standard Oil ('itmimnv paid 1^2,-
i»»i ca>.ti \*m W.-.-1; in \V *. Williams of
Ihe liraniiv mini'*, and I .out* Jacnbuoii
snd lliu Jfilm-Mii, of Holland, for th*
Mound and t 'nnper t'litt mineral rlaim*,
no Copper Mo'inUin. iu the Himilkn-
ine-en eoimtr*.
g S3
| Labor Party PTatForrp §
"J   ' ' :—:	
I What was Done  at the  Lahor Convention Last
Week at Kamloops.
At the Labor Convention held last
woek in Kamloops, the following platform was formulated:
"That this party lays it down as a
first principle that they will nominate,
endorse or support only such men as
will place their signed,' undated resignation in the hands of the convention
which nominates or endorses them; that
the resignation be sworn to; that the
resignation may be handed in to tlie
Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council whenever a majority ot the convention shall
consider such action advisable.
"1. That we gradually abolish all
taxes on the producer, shifting them on
land values.
"2. Government ownership of rail
ways and all means of communication,
"8. That the Government establish
and operate smelters and refineries to
treat all kinds of minerals.
"i. That tbe franchise be extended
to women.
"5. The abolition of property qualifications for all public offices
"6. Farm improvements, implements and stock not to be taxed and
wild lands to be assessed at the price
asked for them by speculative holders
lands to be held from the actual settler.
"8. Ten per cent, of all public lands
to be immediately set aside for educational purposes, and education of all
children up to the age of IG years to be
free,' secular and compulsory, text
books, meals and clothing to be supplied
out of the public funds where necessary
"9. Compulsory arbitration of labor
"10. Restriction of oriental immigration by law on the lines of tho Natal
Act, and if said law bo disallowed it bo
repeatedly re-enacted until the end
sought is attained.
"11. That to protect us from Asiatics
already in the Province tho Government insert a clause in all private acts
to this effect: 'This act shall be null and
void if tho company fails to enter into
au agreement with' the Government as
to the condition of construction and
operation,' and that the House pass a
resolution to prohibit the employment
of Asiatics in all franchises granted by
the Provincial House.
"12- Conservation of our forest
riches, pulp land leases to contain a
provision for re-foresting so as to produce a perennial levenue iuul make
pulp manufacture a growing ami permanent industry.
"111. That the act compelling tho
scaling of logs by Government Healers
he enforced.
"It. Absolute reservation from sale
or leasa of a certain part of each known
coal at ca, so that state owned mini's, if
necessary, may be easily possible in the
future. All coal leases or grunts hero-
after made to contain a provision enabling the Government to fix tho price
of coal loaded on cars or vessels foi
shipment to B. C. consumers.
"15, Municipal and public control of
the lii|Uor traffic.
"10, 'Pie right to a referendum
where a valuable subsidy or franchise
is to be conferred
"17, That all transportation companies ho compelled to give free trans
portation to inemberH ol tho legislative
Assembly and supreme court and
county judges.
"IB, Flection day to be a public
holiday and provisions made that every
employee shall bo free from service at
least (our consecutive hours during
(Killing limn "
Resolutions worn adopted as follows:
"That iu thn opinion of this convention
all books used iu public schools in II.C.
i-lioiild be printed at the government
printing olliee at Victoria and w>ld at
"That this body views with iudigiia
lion the refusal of tho Attorney General
of this Province and the Minister of
dUHtice to enforce tho alien contract
labor laws and recommend thn enactment of o law making it compulsory on
the nsrl of is Id olHeiisI in iiocnre In* i«ti.
forcemi'itl Further, Hut circuin«tau-
iitii ,.,i I..',.!.-. > rt* mliilni in I minimi
laws suflii e to secure a conviction m>*
plvinif alike tu the manager or imported
A rcHolultou urging the Hssumption
of the Canadian Paciiic IVIeurntpli b»
Viie vuivetiiiiieiit
"That the Dominion Government be
requited to pass an act legalising the
Union label.''
"That tho Provincial Government be
asked lo have placed mi all it** printing
the lliiimi label, and that the i'uion
Irtbel he mud*' n ipivirfciHnn in nil i-nti-
tracts « Iii'ih the iwnie i* obtainable.'
"W'm-re**, a plank re eompiiNnrv
j Sunday IsImh- hat. !m*«-h miltrd from the
• plstfiiini, and whereas, such action
tnav nei-db-snty pre in dire elector* nf
j Ibis Provinee from *eciiririg their jtt»r
i right» ill the matter, ami therefore m* it
i n>iM»lvi.d   t!rn!    thu    ••onv.-'Mi»>ii    j*>t-h-
nouncos unequivocally in favor of the
rigid enforcement of'the Sunday law
and recommends such additional legislation as will make it more workable
and effective."
"That we, the delegates from the
various labor unions and reform organizations throughout this Province hereby express our disapproval of the indifference of present and past governments to the interests of tho working
people Bo it further resolved that
this convention immediately proceed to
organizations in future political campaigns Be it further resolved that the
name of this shall be the Provincial
Progressive Party."
"That, the Government immediately
enact legislation compelling all employers of labor to pay all wages due his
employees in currency, and that such
payment be made every two weeks,
and that failing lo so pay to be punishable by fine and imprisonment unless
such employes have previously entered
into written agreement to the contrary."
Tho following were  elected on the
Executive  Committee:    Chris    Foley;
president: Jas. Wilkes, vice-president,
Jas. McNiven, secretary; council, J1_H1_
AVntsimT-H~BtIUlfIoT~::U. StevensTT. "
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for tiie year 1901 was, approximately, 80,000 tons. Since January 1
to April 19, 1902, the shipments have
been as follows:
Week    Total
I'nyiu!  S»
Ivimlioe  866
Suiisiit. (.fuekmoii BhsIii)  841
Ilei-o  .. Silt
American Hoy  S-ltf
Arlington...    4i> liiiil
Ho*W;tt    5HS
Il.isuii  Wi
biiHtClmnre  130
Wonderful  110
Knt(.'i|irlHo    no m>
Monitor  4<>S
QiU'Mii Hush  142
Silver Uliuicu  Sft
Wlitt«wnt*r  !«!•»
nitiiwa  7
Neopiiwii.  'TO
Hiirtmtv  to
Mm Inn   ««
May " 5
I'liysti-i'iik,..,,  5
Siii'|irliti! :  in
Slocan Slur    IK MT
I IiiiiIii ,\	
Kniily Killtli  S"
I'riiHcolt   i
Hmiilili-r ,  l'UVi
Totnl ton*  tw wton
€11 7a0d
11 8s9d
11 8r(M
11 BsOd
j —
11 BsOd
tl Rs9d
11 Ksfld
11 10*
11 7slld
11 liisOd
11 12* 1<I
11 1'J SI 111
11 15a
11 Uhtnd
11 15s
Mr. Bennett ■dnrlnigh. thn fatnoim
war correspondent, In authority for tho
following strange story:
One day faat autumn two ofUcors,
newly arrived from different part* up-
country met at Capo Town. Rather
lonely and a good deal bored, thoy
•craned acquaintance and found ono
another agreeable When the diunar
hour ciune th«y agreed to dine toother.
Tlm keen edge el app«tite having been
taken off by a good dinner, tha *Miior
.,.".;,<. .(..Aim■.** niiiii mod' i xtmnitvo
"On vmi liiin'.v.'' snid be, "I I'lthi-r
like you;*' Ami there'* nomethiogabout
vou that seems familiar, at If wo had
-, of till'
ine! hrfot*.    i Mil ?d*jnl 8
i.f.     I :,.,.
Are you?" snid the other.
i d
youiiKiHit brother!"
There wn* an unrehearsed meiii!
the two khaki-clad warrior* sprang
tliKir feet and pounded ench other
the back—which i« tho Briton* w»y
falling on tho neck and weening. Ihev
had not met for years, and the babv
brntlier mid meantime uprooted into a
tall youth wilh an incipient nniiitlm In*
With Wo feet f«l) ».iii cub.c (eel of
wai*r p«r minute would give, with a
good water wheel, o praitiiJil erticieno
of about *»* II. I* A 'it-inch pip* would
carry the water I-Jom fei-t with n lieml
»,,.»',*.f \bf-ii\ .' J*'-* r i-i.l, THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, APRIL 24, 1902.
Ninth Yeab
Th« liKIiau 1» two dollars a year in advance When not so paid it is $2.50 to parties worthy of credit. Legal advertising 10 cents a
nonnariel lino lirst insertion, and Scents a lino each -subsequent insertion. ReadiiiK notices 'if, cents a line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: The Ledgk Is located at Kew Denver. B. C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never lieen raided by the slierill', snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well us the bay-windowed ami champagne-flavored capitalist. It, aims to be on the right Bide of everything and believes that hell
should ho administered to the wiclted in large doses. It has stood the test of time, ami nn ever-increasing pnystroak is prool that It is
better to toll the truth, even if the lioavons do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and tlie financier. Come in and fee us, but. do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of ihe noblest works of creation is tlio man who always pays the printer; lie is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with tliornless Toses for a pillow bv night, and nothing but gold to look at by day,
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
that obscurity that I must^believe
it, for it says itself that it abounds
in obscurities. My sect is extravagant, therefore it is divine; for
how, appearing so inspie, would it
otherwise have been embraced by
so many people? It is precisely
like the Koran, which the Sounites
say presents at once the face of an
angel and that of a beast. Be not
scandallized at the muzzle of the
beast, but revere the face of the
angel. Thus spoke this madman;
but a fanatic of another sect replied to the first fanatic: It is thou
who art the beast and I am the
A little girl had a quarrel at
school with a little Jewish girl; and
when she got home she. denounced
the Jews. Her mother said, reprovingly: "My dear, you must
not talk in that way. The Jews
were God's chosen people. Our
Lord himself was a .Jo\v." A fter a
moment's deep thought the child
replied, in a tone of horror and regret: "Oh, mamma, 1 didn't know
that. I'm so sorry, I always
thought lie was an  Episcopalian."
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
indicates that, your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
roar collateral.
So far the smelter smoke has not
injured vegetation in the Slocan.
The coronation of King Edward
is causing a boom in ocean travel.
The most beautiful thing in   nature is a June sunset in the Slocan.
Bread has gone up in price in
England but beer is still obtainable
at the same old figure.
The papers say that unrest is
growing in Russia. The spring
weather must be causing a movement in vermin circles.
Another bitter blow has come to
England, one which strikes at the
very life of the nation. There is a
roast beef famine in London.
In British Columbia there is a
bright fluBh in the dark political
aky. The Progressive Party has
just been organized at Kamloops.
As the lighted lamp attracts the
giddy moth so does the stories of
Thunder Mountain attract those
who think that far away rocks are
always yellow.
Kaslo has always been a breezy
town, and the tourists should not
leave the Ozone of America off their
card when visiting this wonderful
Kootenay of ours.
A, name counts sometimes. Over
in Kansas a man named his son
Czolgosz*. and the citizens gave him
free transportation. They rode
him out of town on a rail.
In France the IJonapartist party
is advertising for political candidates. Applicants must havo $16,-
000, be orators, und good mountain
climbcra This bars British Columhia.
making road repairs in the Slocan
shows that our member must be
lacking in something or else his influence is lost amid the clamor of
personal abuse which so often
disgraces the Legislature in Victoria. ^-
High water will wreck some of
the present, bridges in the Slocan
and cause loss and inconvenience
to hundreds of people, yet the Government at Victoria eareth not.
Probably they think that the people
elected them to call each other liars
and only to do public work for the
purpose of getting votes.
The fence around this office, has
been painted in colors that harmonize with the scenery. This is a
distinction enjoyed by few papers
in the Slocan, and we trust our
subscribers will forward their assessments promptly in order to
meet the enormous expense attached to the undertaking.
The Hot Air Railway was recently opened at Grand Forks. A
report is now current that Jim Hill
has bought an interest in the Granby company on a basis of $22,000,-
000 for the entire works. Fan us,
but that is glorious for Grand
of some prominence in the United
Edna May must be a charmer,
for the other night she appeared on
the stage in London wearing $2,-
000,000 worth of diamonds. A
Rajah from India gave her the diamonds for the occasion, but his dad
heard about it and made Edna return them. The old man should
take this Rajah home and put him
in the ice mill.    He is too warm.
Jaekleg editors should always
stick to agricultural districts. Amid
the men with the hoe they are sure
of something to oat, while in mining camps they are often not sure
tliat they are alivo,
Life is full of dangers.   We have
ust learned that witting with the
egs croHHed causes paralysis, rheumatism and appendicitis.    Wo will
have to break the habit even if It
cannon something else.
Tiik Lkihik is now the oldest
paper published in Kootenay or the
Boundary. It is tho only paper in
British Columhia of any age that
has not hud a change of editors or
owners si net* its advent.
The Nelwm people should feel
happy. With million" behind their
dailv Coal they will not have to
bankrupt themselves paying for ads
in order that intelligence can he
disseminated throughout thc city.
A tourist trade might be stimulated hy the distribution of a few
million copies of Lowery's Claim.
Orders for that journal are received
from all parts of the earth, and in
timo the world will grow curious to
see the country in which it oomes
to life every month. To Tourist
Associations a paragraphic hint
should be as ellicacious as a page
of elaborate remarks.
the summer, and dull as a rumless
saloon in the winter. The passing
of the Treadgold cinch will improve matters very much in the
Klondike. With no monopoly
upon the water and the closing up
of abandoned claims done away
with there is little reasons to expect
anything but prosperity around
cosmopolitan Dawson.
Some people, who are not friendly
towards Tuk Ltcdge, sneer at our
liberal advertising patronage and
say that we are making too much
money. We send hundreds of papers to Eastern Canada and other
distant subscribers, many of whom
take it merely to see how the Slocan and British Columbia are getting along. If there were no ads
in our columns these people would
naturally conclude that the country
was deceased and that we were
publishing the paper as a pastime.
As it is when they read this journal
they are led. to believe from the
enormous amount of advertising
that we are carrying that the Slocan, Kootenay and all British Columbia must be ablaze with business
and that it is just the country to
invest money in. They must think
that New Denver and neighboring
an extraordinary land. Hence the
very appearance of The Ledgk.
crowded as it is with Slocan and
other western ads,is an inducement
for outsiders to come unto lis with
their shekels and do business. The
business wisdom of a people is always apparent from the way in
which they bulge out the columns
of a live newspaper with their fat
ads. It is ah evidence of commercial virility.
The criterion of conduct is its
outcome. If it promotes pleasure,
it is moral. If it induces pain, it
is immoral. These three sentences
constitute the true science of ethics.
Their explicitness makes exposition superfluous. Their rational-
ness places them above the necessity of defense. Their avowal is
their vindication. They are confirmed by every dictum of common
sense, by every impulse of humanity, and. by every" purpose of   con-
The little toy dog* is covered with dust,
Bnt sturdy and staunch he stands;
And the little toy soldier is red with rust
And his musket moulds in his hands.
Time waa when the little toy dog was new
And the soldier was passing- fair,
And that was the time when our Little
Boy Blue
Kissed them and put them there.
"Now.don't you g-o till I come," he said,
"And don't you make any noise!" '
So toddling off to his trundle-bed,
He dreamt of the pretty toys.
And as lie was dreamingvin angel song
Awakened our Little Boy Blue—
Oh, the years are manv, the years are
But the little toy friends are true.
Ay, faithful to Little Boy Blue thev stand
Each in the same old place,
Awaiting the touch of a little hand,
The smile of a little face.
And they wonder, as waiting these long
years through,
lu the dust of that little chair,
What has become of our Little Boy Blue
Since he kissed  them and put thoin
—Eugene Kield.
A young Mexican has been writing letters to a New York girl
whom he met iu Mexico last winter. His letters are full of sentiment but the English in which
they are expressed is, to say the
least, quaint. Usually he signs
himself "Your lovely Ignacio,"
and in oue letter ho asked the
young woman to give his 'remains'
to her mother.
Cigar Co.
duct.—A. M. Lorentz,
and Progress."
in "Pleasure
The man who refuses to believe
that honesty is the best policy is a
born politician.
For prices apply lei—
Wholesale Agents for B. C.
Vancouver, B. O.
Our Special
El Condor
Wo want at onee trustworthy mon and women
In every locality, local or traveling to introduce
a new discovery ami kee|> our show cards and
ailverlWiiR matter tacked up in conspicuous
places lliroiiK-out the town and country.   Steady
, it i■ 5^,\v».'?,,V!,v,e.llU1^ t0 clear •»■ who Imve
^i°f aS1UMA i'UI-LER.amt we will mall
1.H1.K to your address n copy of our Stories of (he
Ureal North west, now going to press. Write
plain y, «Ji»l «<Wrewthe W. §MITh GKUBBER
The best lotion of all, however,
is lanolin. This, being the most
delicate animal grease, assimilates
best with the grease human flesh
exudes or supplies that which it
Onion Sets
Onion Sets
For Sale at
Night wtlootiH in Vancouver must
go, but tbe churches can keep open
at all hours. It is joyful to know
that something can be kept open in
that city, although it is a humane
act to clone the saloons at a certain
hour. It keepn the bartender*
from wearing their eyea out looking
at Hpace. Nolx>dy needs to drink
in Vancouver during the night except thone who read the morning
For the Hake of acquiring lichen
and dominion Cecil Rhode* stained
South Africa with the criuiHon
marks of war, and caused the black
mantle of Morrow to droop Its fold**
over many a happy home. Then
to aquare himmdf with man and
(Jod he leave* million* in money
to proineworthy objecta, and drop*
Into tho grave. Such thing* htive
Imhui liefore and oritieium nvaileth
P. J, Doane aunounce« that he
hah taught the XcImjii Miner aud
will change iln name to the Daily
News. I>ean doe* not Kay where
he got the money Irom,  hut  it h
rt(\)\ r»i"i H*t*   i*ir**> f,r iI/m-I   41   /.I   *1 ■f* *
i \>t Oon-I Co, Iv \ieh'A  the  dni.ft
When Kootenay be
came famous, like
Ql^p-hjncf buzzards to a dead
OH&cpmg horse, came fortune
hunters from all parts of the globe.
Most of them had no capital but
their gall yet they expected in some
way or other to get rich out of
nothing. Tinhorn mining companies by the score were floated
and while the eastern sucker wan
in flower the game was a lunch for
many men devoid of honesty.
During thc excitement many worthy
prospectors were enabled to make
a stake with very little in sight between their stakes. When the
daylight came the scene changed.
Kootenay is still here. So are the
mountains and the mineral,hut the
cheap guys behind thc skin mining
games have gone down the pike to
other points.
The froth has all been blown
from milling in Kootenay and nothing now goes but the real article.
Men with money and brains can
dig out millions in the Slocan and
other parts of Kootenay, but the
brassy individual with nothing but
granite cheek and a shoestring bank
account will seldom be able to do
more than rnbliernock the game.
Thu distant fools who bought stock
bocauae it had gilt let tern on it nre
also sleeping lieueath their expert*
enee, and waking occasionally to
damn Kootenay instead oftheni*
The pmapector who want* a fortune for some staked ground with
a few feet of tunnel on it is iiIko
climbing down from the clouds and
realising that with those who  arc
,,.tiit„....  . ,,i  ...    i* .    *     *
... <*> -.     .•*»*-      **u.       .....i. * 4. t.t.fii.lt
"    '     .........ui
NelSOn'S Drug & Book Store
New Dtttivor. II. C.
Our Naptha
Launch will soon
be on the Lake for
the use of
our guests
Three Forks
B. C.
Provides accommodation for
the travelling public	
Pleasint rooms, and good
meals. Thc bar is stocked
with wines, liquors and
cigars. HOT and WW
HUGHNI\EN, Proprietor.
v. o  UOX 7lL NKLNON, B.C.
And the traveling public generally
will find everything for the inner man
that will put a shine of health and
gladness  on the outer man at the
St. James Hotel
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—-
oo\A  llli-i-
British Columbia   is   likely   to
ti-*vi» fnllov  rniMtwi   >.n, *-i.i**-*,.i..i*-
i ..,*...,...*....  4] ^ -   - - — . ...... - .**... ....
at Ottawa liefnr* the «ff»»i(Mi HiicJ Ve-m Cnnl Co, lv W*Wnd  tVe  dni.ft  hh>■ yriv.peet hi
A* thin province W the third largest! column,   **tHl Denne te clever and | ehnnew-**.
contributor to Federal financeiM we! may have made the money in Kam-'    All them*- thing* |*>mt to a mow
are «urely entitled   t«  even more* mojm.hnt why drop the time-stained j h<**hhy   condition   of  affairs-   iu
than we are likely t<> get*. | name of Miner for the plebiiin  one- Knotenay.nnd although the country
iiXfi'tiA.     i*-*iiA|i*, w.iv,rt<iw ft, iii-.'h ( '"•*    iinvi    nii'ii    'itvui    O   vani'H    ot;
Outario i«» a  very   wicked   pro* 'name Miiellx clean even if bogrimwfr-raiiM1* the day ik not   far   distant'
vitnee.   They   hold cix-Mighte on with eimi Aunt. when it*t fame m   n   producer ofj
Sunday in Home of the town*, and !>   • minerals will awaken tho*c who are!
in other? they arrest  editor*  who!    The winter ju**t pawdng in I>»w-, dormant to iin poH»ibilitie*.   The
work on the name day.   Ontario w»n hm iteen a bard one financially, [alarm clock in ml,   and   when it
B0J1 1?>1 lb*
itii*biuii*<i ian.
rmi."f he ,*»* ilangemiH
young men from the
keep away from it.
The neglect  of  the
i n regard fo building
p 1,-j.i"
*,   ;tti'.!: The people u ith   iikuvy   wont  on?
should the outHtde in the fall,   and   thoM'
i>fl  ImIiuuI   l..wl   h«./.*•»•   Ki»l«l   till
around them but not an ounce toi
■Uovcrnniem Au*t over tin- bury,    Itav-twc-u ■*».!!.'
bridge*   and while it tout-*. nUuiv* U*  lm.*<v   to
ps*'.' uit llil- «til'hi   WlU  VMHilll'l
il didn't wake up sooner.
That which my wt   teaehe*  m«i!.
i» nhnt-mv, J oonfr-'M* iii, i-xeihiutfi m'.\
fail/tffr; Jtml it i« III rntwuueti*'*-*** of'
(Aftixital (M raid op) $1%O0Ul0UlMJO
Kescrvcd luud : ; 7.00QO0O.0O
Undivided proHw  :   i   fclGlOAl.M
HMH   nil Ml'.',   Mlty'l'HliAt..
Kt. Hon. I/>m>Stmath«>xa a.wl MotNf Koiai, U.CJI.ti. President,
Hon. ii. A. Dkummokm, Vice President,
K. S. Ci4>tinTox, (ieneral Manager,
HfituetieH in all fKirt* ol Canada, Newfoundland, (treat Britain, and
•ne Cniicd State*.
New Denver branch
IJ-  B.m: VI!HKk, Manager
:xm m xm mm mxm pxxm mxm m'^rm mi'" m mt" m mxm mx*n paxm if
:   ml mt    mimt    mt'Pm:   Tmimt   'mimf   w  W   *mmt    w*tuc   imp*:.   TmtPt   Mm.   *m*\ M
I. Ninth Yeah.
± Prorp th$ Suit's K&r\r$ i
No man is a prophet in his own
land. !
No bulldog is a beauty in his own
And perhaps it is not so much a
question of beauty any way;
Utility is more to our liking.
Give a bulldog half a show and
he will be the whole thing.
At all events he will take a
mouthful out of the canine world.
All this is sort of introductory to
what I want to say;
Canadians are the real objects at
which I want to drive.
Canadians are the sturdiest, persevering and pugnacious mortals
that walk upright—
When they have to be.
At the same time they are the
slowest, non-progressive, home
birds that ever grew a tail feather.
And they don't have to be.
Canadians can go to war with a
foe they do not know—
For imperial reasons—
And in cold blood, warm blood,
or any other condition in which
they find them,murder their brother
man on the veldt.
For $1 a day.
They lead even the imperial
troops'for courage, dash and inteli-
gent action.
When the war is over they can
come home with a red ribbon and
a tin dollar pinned to them and
look for a job in the cent belt, or
come out to the Territories or
British Columbia, and try to run a
Dukobor or a Chinaman out of a
For imperial reasons Canadians
go to war to kill and get killed.
For imperial reasons England
fills their places in Canada with
For Canadian reasons Canadians
have said we don't want Chinamen.
For imperial reasons England
says we have got to take them.
Canadians leave their home laud
and cross over the border into the
Chinamen are excluded therefrom.
Wherever the Canadian goes he
is welcomed with open arms.
His worth is recognized and he
is a power for good, for elevation,
for thrift, in every land under the
But Canada.
In Eastern Canada he is made a
In Toronto thousands of men
with families are commercial slaves
at 86 a week.
Other thousands at $3 a week.
And the fairest flowers that ever
came to the bloom of womanhood
are expected to maintain their virtue and fashionably clothe themselves on $2 a week.
There are no Chinamen there.
The Canadian mechanic that
makes $18 to $25 a week across the
border is paid $(> to 812 a week in
The Canadian bank clerk or
bookkeeper or manager who receives 875 a month in Canada, is
paid $100 and $150 per month on
the other side.
The one road to advancement in
Canada is by the death route.
For commercial reasons Can'*
adiaus have long asked for a mint,
in which to coin Canadian money.
For rag-money reaaona tho bank
trust aaya we can't have it.
Isn't there a remedy for these
conditiona?    *
What ia it?
It surely ia not in winning about
them; nor in pointing away from
them to defects in other govern*
It surely ia not iu admitting4hat
they exist, then closing the eyea to
them and waiting for the politicians
to preacribe tbe cure.
The politicians and their wealthy
backei* have been inatrumental in
bringing about these conditiona.
They are hogs.
They profit by keeping the Canadian poor man down.
It isn't reasonable to huppone
that they are going to deprive them*
wive* of uuch a fat take.
There ia more genuine loyalty in
the tall of a
found in nine out of every ten of
Canada*!* |>oliticianH and moneyed
They seem to be afraid to let the
country advance to the place that
it is defined to fill.
t uvf ungiu •<**" WW titiAl,
The people are to blame for putting them where they are;
And for letting them do as they
please while there.
If Canadians know what they
want, they ought to know how to
get it; '
And if they know how,why don't
they get it? ..       -   .
Is Canada always to be held as a
concubine by John Bull,  and her>
fair breast held open to pollution
by the vilest of oriental' scabs and
commercial libertines—
Anything, anybody, who pays to
John Bull the price—
For "imperial reasons?"
Warner Van Norden, of New York,
whose iwo daughters deserted tlieir
positions in society to become Salvation
Army workers, has appealed to the
churches to save the souls of rich men
He is president of the Bank of North
America and a rich man.
At a meeting of the Presbyterian
union at the Hotel Savoy, he scored the
preachers for being- too prosaic. Mr.
Van Norden reiterated and added to his
statements in talking after the meeting.
Here are some of the things he said:
Creed is not the all-important question confronting the Presbyterian
cliureh. Tiie problem is to find a way
to cure tho rich of their coldness and
indifference. Young people aro paying
too much attention to the music and
consider the sermon a bore,
Somo prominent preachers actually
read their sermons. A man who reads
his address loses three-fourths of his
power of expression and impression.
Think of an actor reading his lines, or
of a politician or lawyer his speeches
Who has ever heard of a sinner being
converted in ono of our big churches?
I mean a real sinner; some big millionaire, purse-proud and hard-hearted, or
somo crime-tainted, hardened criminal.
Not one of you At least, not one of
you has heard of such a thing in the
last twenty years *
What we ought to strive for is to
convert millionair is and take them out
of their wtetched, selfish lives; and the
women, those foolish butterflies who
aro wasting their lives. Why don't we
do that?
It has become  nothing less than a
scandal that so many ministers leave
their work for three or four months of,
the year.   Merchants and bankers do
not get any such vacations.
The sordid grasping after wealth and
the things of this world, which are only
mortal, has taken away the attention
of the human race from the supernatural and ideal. The soul ie forgotten
Our mental attitude is unequal to our
temporal, making a condition really
Banker Van Norden's daughter,
Emma, was the first to leave her home
of luxury to take up tho work ol saving
debut in Newport and New York
society, she astonished her friends by
announcing that she had joined the
Salvation Army. After a regular course
of instruction in the garrison of London,
she became editor of the army paper
thoi'O     Six yuartt Intoi' her aiotoV,  Com,
met the Booth Tuckers and publicly
abandoned society for the spiritual life
of the Salvation Army.
two wats or advkbtisino.
A man was denouncing newspaper
advertising to a crowd of listeners
"Last week," said he, "1 had an umbrella stolen from the vestibule of the
 church It was a gift, and valuing it very highly, 1 spent double its
worth in advertising, hut havo not recovered it."
How did you word your advertisement?" asked a merchant.
"Hero it is," said the man, producing
a slip cut from a newspaper.
The merchant took it and read:
"Lost from the vestibule ofthe
In the name of God, amen! I, Timothy Doolan of Ballydownderry, farmer,
being sick and wake on my legs, but of
a sound head and warm heart, do make
this, my last will and ould and new
testament. First, I give my soul to
(iod, when it pleases Him to take it—
shure, no thanks to me; I can't help it—
and my body to be buried in the ground
at Ballydownderry chapel, where all
my kith and kin that have gone before
me, and those that live after belonging
to me are buriod. Pace to their ashes
and may the sod vist gently oyer their
bones. Bury me near my godfather
and my mother, who lie separated alto*
j gether at the other side of the chapel
yard. I lave the bit of ground containing tin acres—rare old Irish acres—to
my eldest son Tim, after the. death of
his mother, if she lives to survive him.
My daughter; Mary, and her husband,
Paddy 0'Regan, are to get the white
sow. Teddy, my second son, that was
killed in the war in Ameriky, might
have got his pick of the poultry, but, as
he is gone. 1 lave them to his wife, who
died a wake before him. I bequeath to
all mankind the fresh air of heaven, ad
the fishes of the sea they can take, and
all the birds of the air they can shoot,
I lave them all the sun and moon and
stars. I lave to Peter Rafferty a pint
of potheen I cant finish, and may God
be merciful to him
church, last Sabbath evoninsr, a black
silk  umbrella,    The gentleman who
took it will bo amply rewarded hy loav
lug it at No. —, San Fernando Street."
"Now," said the morchvnt, "I am a
liberal advertiser, and 1 have always
found that it paid me well. A -/rent
fiaal depends upon the way an ndver
tlsouiiMit Is put. Let uio try Ior your
umbrella again, and if you do not acknowledge then that iiilvortising pays
I will purchase you a new one."
The merchant thee took a slip of
paper from his pocket and wrote:
"If the man who was iceri to take an
umbrella from the vestibule of tho 	
church last Sabbath evening does not
wltih to get into trouble, and hava *
stain cast upon tho ChrlKtinu character
which be value* no Highly, lu* wtl! return It to No, —, San Fernando Street.
He In well known.'
Tills duly appeared in thu paper, and
on thu following morning the man was
astonished when ho opened the front
door ol liln residence. On the porch lay
■t leant a down umbrellas, nl all hhsden
and Hiauw, that had been thrown In (rom
tlm sidewalk, while the front yard was
literally imvml with umbrellas. Many
of them bid notes attached to them
•living thut llii'.v had been taken by
mistake, and begging the lo**or to keep
the little affair quiet.
"How long haa the niiniator been
At tho weekly dinner of the Canadian
ClUb, F, C. Wade delivered an instructive address on tho Yukon trade. Mr.
Wade gave an account of the growth of
the Yukon from the staking of the first
claim in 187G down to the present day,
showing the production of gold, the development of Dawson, City and its
neighborhood, and the improvement in
the traveling facilities. He criticized
somewhat severely the Canadian politicians and Canadian newspapers for
lack of interest in the affairs of the
Yukon territory. He commented upon
tho fact that the newspapers of the
United States were well represented at
Dawson,while there was not one responsible correspondent of a Canadian paper
there. It was also an indication of
slowness on the part of Canadian business men that only advertisements of
American products and manufacturers
were in the papers. There were excellent opportunities for Canadian business
men, which seemed to be grossly neglected
Casey Wood, president, owupiejd the
iehairrand*thanked*the lecturerfor llie
information given.
Edna Wallace Hopper's after-tile^
theater WoUh rn.nhitK-m-o woll known
in the theatrical profession Whenever
she gets a member of tho company who
knows anything about cooking into her
dressing room she I'kes to talk about
new recipes, The other night, according to a Philadelphia Times story,while
she was chatting with Jeannette Low-
ery, of the "Florodora'' company, Cyril
Scott k'.ocked on the. door, but seeing
somebody there turned to go away.
"Oh, come in, Mr, Scott," taid Edna
Waliaco Hopper, "we aro only discussing culinary matters." "Indeed," commented tho young actor, "whom aro
you roasting?"
An English woman,who hae published
a diary of her exporioncos nt Jacobsdal
during tho fighting thore, says: "It is
amusing to see what an interest tho
Dutch girls take in the British wounded,
Thoy are causing Quito a jealousy
among their own people, who say they
are not getting ho much attention from
tho girls slr.ee the 'nude Itoolneks' woro
brought into ho.splt/iJ. Tho women
were full of compassion for tho Highlanders who were brought lu after
Magorsfontcin. 'Poor tilings,' they
saiil, 'thoy are so poor that they can't
afford to uuv trousem.' "
You bail leetle boy, not raoche you care
How busy you're klpin' your poor gran'-pen?,
Tryin' to stop you ev'ry day
Chimin' de lien aroun'de hay-
W'y don't you gcev' dem a chance to lay ?
Little Bateese!
Off on de fid' you foller de plow,"
Den Wen you're lire you scare de cow,
Slokin' de iIok till dey jump de wall,
So de milk an't good for not'hig at all—
An' you're only five an' a half ills fall,
Little Bateese
Too sleepy for sayin' de prayer tonight ?
Never min': I s'pose it'll be all right
Say dem tomorrow—ah! dere ho got
Fas' asleep in a minute or so-
An' he'll stay lak dat till dc rooster crow,
Little Batsese
Den wake us up right away touto suite
Lookin' for sometlng more to eat, 0
Mnkin' mo t'ink of dem long Icr crane,
Soon as dey sw.iller, dey seart again,
I wonder your stomach don't get no pain.
Little Bateese
But pscc lieem now lylu' dare in lied,
Look at de arm underncat' hees head;
It he grow lak dat till he's twenty year
I hot he'll Ixi stronger dim Louis Cyr
An' beat all de voyagcurs h-evlii'licm,
Little llftteoM'!
Jus' feel de^musde along hees back,
Won't geev' lieem moche bodilcr for carry pack
On do long iwrtage, any size canoe,
Dere'g not ninny ting dat boy won't do,
For he's got double joint on hees body, too.
Little Bateese:
Hut Little Bateese, please don't forget
We rmler you're stay in1 de .small boy yet,
So chase de chicken an' mak dem scare,
An'do what you lak wit.' your oie gran'-pere,
For w'en you're beeg feller he won't be dere—
Little Bateese!
There is no harm
In blowing your own horn so long as you have the right tune,
and you bet your big Canadian dollar we have tbe right tune
Two hundred dollars worth of Hams and
Bacon just received. These Hams cannot be
beat m Prices or quality.
Try our delicious Diamond (Cudahy) package
Bacon—28c lh.   lies! in the world.
Choice Clams, big cans, 15c
NINE cans Choice Cream, .-jl
SIXTEEN pounds Granulated Sugar il
Hold your orders for soaps.    We arc going to
sell you Soaps at faciory prices.
Blue Point Oysters, big can, 35c-
In ten days fi-Din now we are going to receive
a big shipment of Strictly Fresh Kggs. and we
i are going to give them to you at hoc  a dozen,
! Place vour orders wilh us for Eggs and Butter.
■    Hen Davis Apples, --?2.-15 box.
c liriccs.   We
We have two*
Groceries of all kinds at wholesal
cannot and will not be undersold.        _ _
thousand dollars worth of Groceries to run off at
Eastern Prices.
Everything in stuck fresh and good.
Buy your month's or two-month's supplies-
and see what you save.
311, Cream Sodas, ibe
100 Ui sack G rauulaicd Sugar **s..io
Buy your sugar now for the Summer or youv
will pay .»ii.75 for UHi l!.s before June.
Big Chicken Wheat Sale now going on.
Goods shipped all over the country.
Orderg-altcndiil to at once.
Mothers, Fathers, Uncles. Aunts, Cousins,
Prospectors. Bachelors and Old Maids,don't forget the-
I For cheap Groceries.   Wrltu,io us for pi ices, or call jiersonally.   Vou will save money by doing so.
There are loyal hearts, there are spirits
There are souls that are pure and true,
Then give to the world the best you have,
And the best shall come back "to you.
The reoWniinr of the Great Falls,
Mont, smelter, the Mining and Scientific Press save, is because the Groat
Northern railway will change from
Great. Falls to the Canadian line from
narrow to broad jraug-e, when the smelter will bid for Canadian ores. It will
be rebuilt and water power substituted
for steam.
Travellers, Mining Men and others can have
their work done ACCURATELY at the-
ToHAKRV .VI. ADAMS, or to whomsoever he
may  have  transferred   his Interests in  the
Laughing Waters and Faraway'mineral claims
situated iu the McGuigan Basin, adjoining the
Soho and Rod Cross claims, in thc Slocan Mining Division of West  Kootenay District, B.C.
VOU arc hereby notilicil that* I have expended
1    p^OMKi in labor ami improvements upon the
above mentioned mineral claims under tho provisions of Ihe Mineral Act, and if within UO (lays
from the dale of this notice you fail or refuse lo
contribute    your   proportion   of    the   above-
mentioned sum, which Is  now  due,   together
with    all     costs    of    advertising,   your   Interests in   the   said   claims will   become the
property of the undersigned under Section I of
the'"Mineral Act Amendment Act lOoO."
Dated at Kaslo, II. 0., this *7t*h dav of March
190-'. J.C.RYAN.  '
To the legal personal representatives of J. W.
LOWES, deceased, and to HUGH McRAE,
or to any |>erson or persons to whom they
may havo transferred their interests In (lie
Glencoe Mineral Claim, situated on the north
side of Hume ereek, In the Slocan Mining
Division of West Kootenay District, British
YOU, and each of you, are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred dollars In
labor and Improvements upon the above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of
the Mineral Act, and If. within ninety days
contribute your portion
together with all costs c
.1 such expenditures,
or advertising, your In
from the date of this notice, you fall or refuse to
of all
..,-- —  Jf advertising, ,„.,. ....
terest In the said claim will become ttie property
of the subscriber under Section 4 of an Act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral Act lDOO."
Dated at New Denver  B. C. this S5th day of
February, ltKK. '
 — —-B-rAT-MuDONEDDr™
Aftrrlbe i*»|ilr«lliiii of llw «*!<! thirl* il*»«.
i   1Y1       .i     "i   ." i    i ..........i.;..,.■>*»".'..I.:.,...,....,! il....,».»..,».,.. Ilt«* Admlnlrtnii-ur will proceed wilh thedMrll.u-
litillriog than t« to Uv prnwliing?   wliitijioroii tin* utr-HUgfr ljutot4i-i<#„,ui.',ii
Administrator's Notice.
VOTICK IK IIKHKHY lilVKN that on thc nth
ll   dnyof April,Una,It wni ordered by J, A.
fl-.llrilF,H|Ullt. iuiiiit: ut thi n.M CuUlt, liml
»me» Furgutoii AriiwtronK. Official Aduilnl**.
trator of tlw* County of Kootoimy l# Aitmlnlt-
iratur nf all and •Ingnlur ilw> K.»tat» «f Martin
Murclilaiiii.of Hllvcrton, miner, (Uu-raw-il, IntM
Every i«m*i liidcM-Ml lo the aald DN*aiwil la
rniulrcdtn mak* tmymvnt forthwith to the tin*
KvfryiaTimii havlnu In \*,+,+d,ni ilT^-ta U--
loiiulnKt«ilb« D-i-<-*aaM l» r*«|iilf***l to forthwith
notify tin* umleraliniod,
Rtery wNlllor or oilwr (wr-aon luvlng any
claim uimi or lnt<-r»at In «Ik* dlMrllnitli.n ut thi*
paraonal *»tatf of the aald I>«■<•«••»««-il la iwiiilrrd
Within thirty ilnyx of thlmlab'tn arml by rrirta-
turn-d Mler aildrmeil io Mh- nri(lfr«lirn<l. Iit«
nam« ami adilrnuami it* lull p»rtl< ulnr. of hl«
t-lalii. or lni«-fi-»i, mix! a atainnaiit of tiln art-mml
■ nil lite tultiivnf ihe *<m ,;rttv 'If any htli i,\
!„.-....,.,,£.      .......j.. .... „,,, ^,.«»«,*6*^» jijuj^H^-njui-i-.iiauiiii iraam Ut Hum- eUim
who hiul waniliTwl into a Ohloum 'ml*' "* wMrh •** *h*n h*''''* •""' «"*'*«
church mid ton down away buck.
"About thirty year*. 1 U»llev«,":
replied tho other occupant of the
now. "Thati bring the caw," r«
joined tho ntninger, "I guem I'll \
i May.    in; in<i>->l. ite m*riy (tone.    .- ,
Official AiinilnlMrnitur, Kurt Hitwk. II0,
jApp'icatlon for Water Rieht.
r*it*lnu, tt. 1 ., H Mil Hit, in*-*,
N'«iTM"K la VtMiv i»l*,.«*"n tV» ifn- mini'-mM-ih
wuial llv» n|Hr»ti.>n *4 lull wrrfca tr*im
AtU'it live,
'They »re higoKHl mittcr*.
^iil^iAi   *liv<j      Jlmmy nAndout_Sjhu   V(.U   5n.i^ ^f^ltii WM^Ji   .„ II* Utl
** *  '   -*    ' waiir *• bn»lu.l
Mjrf.ii V
'•♦ 1TO*tiam.i* >«f ih* nM-llp-put'  u
Vi hi!*
Ir   Till" Uillili-  nf  tin    i-rei-k   I*   "I
i      k.'+fJiKte* kVu^-ti-*!-—.-lO'lt,  ;t*i»u   \'«v»'i'i 1*     l(..   *J'J,i* im)i,t ,,i tHi-n-mou
wiy!   Whatheh«*ft-doiii'!   T»kin« -*♦'*»•■«•** »*•
• i.i.s uiivi tucv; »u
U^ I* .:,'...'. ..    .^- .L.11..   .*-   ,liu<il     Jimmy iianuoui—nmu  j"i-iv jij-, iw nn.i juwiihuhu wucn *
ie Dominion   gttmmlly   W Mt*9ll\        .       '. . . :o<x«mla*>it<>rlor a rm.rrl ,4
*ith »*»* wi «wi»irio«c, cvMpiNf ™jflunJ^;?!?l* ]f: ,£, p r3     " *,±m
and  gWM-dy  public and moneyed), "''  Jvt»
•ti that ever wUntal a onuntrv,« >'   ,,    "$.: noW
»KA» aw-xty-A-Vc--- ,*A'0 ,   'jiirti   \'«V»'i'i i
What he hi-a-doin'!
Xlm* in thought,  low. r»»-..; |^,h Mereiw" or PunchfnK tho
Mim-rn in i-verything that \mi\th]    Mike—Say. Itoliw, mireand I'm
up and br.nwliMi*. a itiiumiinit> and a »i«er man thin .Solomon.
fount ry. liulan   And plnvy i* thotV
Thefr jmtw »»r «» idmllovi   and      Miko—tli h»vr> only w«n  wi.ifi-
Idviirif- no cotnetthiA mm!  1o*n*iY,m\:
- Ih# rl#V«I«fWB*!Hl  Of  M  mllrn   ii   rt
|4..'i*-«t!.'*«i.   Tli* »l0|>i«ir *»-1j*»*«*tiit>i.r" t
o nm,t* utter if i* <f**v»»Fopf»iif N exploit-
that   .i   tuiiibli-bng   might   wade*
tht-tiittfili without ««*ttin« it* iNittom.
Cut tl.i- v- not sit.ii* fault'.
•i i)iUMMtiih' ui
,)tfr l*t,,w AUmn. and will I**!
*«*   lV*«l<*M  f*»t   l*J..*i Utai j
|*4nl, with a i||fff»pff«ir In   iltltinl.   Iwiw.pf.il ih*
l<tinl .< itlrmli.n iml niurn •■! nt.^ji iw., h<*n> I
tliml f. *l
•1     ll OtttUti<t"'lUi,,ii'lt"t **t*i> ll* ^inrbf<
Hun* ..rinill |Il*
«*    tlw-ni»»li*ri.-f litdK*   *|^,t|..ii f„, i. tm,,'
5«a.' ihi.n*«.tii<f
I.    I'ln-|illrii.i-.c|..| »1»|( h il    it ..*<*^«i,p,»l ,. t.*
».r,.t.ih,v / ..trWIn   f.rf .iin-lni.* IWI.I *,,,(.
,>«iWi*r I', tnllic.    i HI,-* . r ,;.l-;r,}'h. .lit,., ■     >.,(    . ,
e»-si*,-r»lMp|r iwi U»it i ih! ^r-iitiilii
g        7'll#l»|.4«f*«*l>»    «hll-|l    lt(»    m*1t1    I'l.tlr
u*i| la th* A|«*l minaral titer,
1,        It,*.,   p...!!,••*   \.    ,,^.t.*i      „,    fill    Wl   ,     .ill,
iHli   t   1»   1*1
ItVI-fnV    .\      ttlllU.,
1',, It.. *,• \-   \\ |..f,     v.., , t
The fifth annual meeting of the
■shareholders of the Crow's Nest
Pass -Coal Company was held in
Toronto on March 7th.
The net profit of the year after
paying all operating expenses and
all charges of every kind amounted
to $207,848,80. After paying a
dividend at the rate of ten per cent
per annum, a balance of 828,14*2.811
wn« carried forward to the credit of
proilt and loss.
Thin Company's RHW-ts nre their
eoul mines . and the townsite of
Fernie. Four years ago this Company Iuul no transportation fncil-
ities, and their stock sold as low as
eleven eentm per share, Today
their Ktoek is selling at $!)(».
The Similkameen   Valley Coal
Co., Md.  assets ar ml  mines,
timber, water power, agricultural
and horticultural laud, city water
woikH, electric light plant and llie
townnlte of Ashnola. .*umiunded
by tlio following resources: gold.
eo)>|M'i\ silver, lead. iron. lime, lire
clay, platinum, and a line stock
raining country, and it is the smelting centre of the Similkameeit
Valley, with a climate nil that
eniilil lie iisked. Today you can
wuit* an option on thii*CompanyV
stork by living Hbt |ht share flown
anil Ilk* per month until fully paid.
with uoii-foi feitmv , Ihiim'. Tbi»
price in subject lo a '.».rM* ndvance
witlnmt uotice. or as mmih h**- lirth--
purliillnn i« awsiued.     The present
*|*il*lr>i< l« • I   III    tie*'    ft,;*;. l\     ,     *
",-iii1 wA'A \) \- int. V|i.., !,..i,pj
l*;ct ih oo the gioutnl Hunt and
lUAVt ,% h.Hiili!.«M-iilili'   pinftl.        \ |,i|| -
clia-cr of Hn» «<|i;in*M now may gain
I*-,     t   %.,,.., .     .
..h    i(i..'i...        *.^       . ■ ■■ ,l ' ■'■'-i      'i ','i-i-h    -      .»-»■',-'i
nihari'*' io* an example. Thi*- would
Ik* a (air profit on an iim *iin.*ii| uf
Ulna mould fm- a (m-ijimI of II
nioiilliH,     UV invite tin* fulli<»t in-
^lOi'fl.in iif tlu- f'mtjau)',* -.AXo'iir.
by iiiti-iidiii^ piicvha»i>-r>i. lor fnr-
llii-i informnlioii a*pj»)> In i)o*
Siiiiilkaiin***!! Valley <'«.;»I *'**.. i.iA.
|fen<lf»ftb*»\ VeN.iu. I!, f . |:..,i„
*\." K.W r. |;b«-k.. liik.j -!
and FKDOKA MiiK-ral Cluims.
Sltuntt! In tins Slocan Minim? Division of West
Ko'-itenay ilistrh-t. Where loi-ntcil: On
liali-na Karni Klatj-
TAKE XOTICK that 1, J, M. MfGrt'Kur.nctiiiu
as agent I'm-Charles K. HoiM', Krce Miner's Certilieate Xo. I6,*>25H, intend, sixtv davs from the
dale hereof, to applv to the .Miniii-,' Recorder
for Certilicates of.improvements, for the purpose of ohtninlni? Crown Grants of the ahove
Ami further mice notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced hefore the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 9th day of April. A.U , HXtt..
KING   FllACTION   Mineral   Claim.
Situate in the Sloean  Minlntr Division ol West
Kootenay   District.     Where  located:     Ott
Noble Five Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE Hint I. John I). Anderson, P.-
1 L. S,, of Trail. B. C, ukciiI for Mrs. Mary-
Holland, Free. Miner's Certificate Xo. 23SI1SA,
intend, sixty days from the date here
of, to apply to the MiniiiK Recorder
for a Certilieate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining ii Crown .Grunt of the ahove
And 'further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance
of such Certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this 5th day of March, A. D. V.O-i.
■H9 J. 11. ANDERSON,
AND HUB, KDITII Frnctlonnl
and KINGSTON Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan Mlnlnt' Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
Silver Mountain, west of the Merrimac Mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE That I, Wm. s. Drewry, act-
1   ing ns agent, for John D. MaeMaster, free
from the date hereof, to aiiply to the Mlnlns Recorder for Certificates of1 Improvements, for the-
puriiose of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under Section .17. must be commenced before thc I.nsuance:
of such Certiticates of Imurovemenis.
Dated this 30th day of January. A. D^liHtt..
To GEORGE C. WHARTON, or to whomsoever he may have transferred his Interest i»
the Lost Bear Mineral Claini, situated near
Silverton adjolninp the Ali.ha, intheSlocai?
Mining Division of Weal Kootenay District,
11, C.
J* expended MOSLW In labor and Improvement*
upon   the   above  mentioned   mineral clalnv
io. L l'li* ..A'.rovl.8io"!'. of '"»-' Mineral
Act.aiidlf within ninety days from the date of
tlila notice you fall or refuse to contribute the
above mentioned sum, which is now due, to-
R?#i.«r.!!i ihiB,il l'°*^.,J.f n<lvcrtiniii(,, your intense
In thn said claim will liccomi- tlio property of the
underslifiied, under Section 4 of* thi* '-Mineral
Act Amendment Act liwo."
Dated at New Denver, H. C„ thk mih day of
March, MM ||, CLKVKR.
Job Printing h an art.
It is today one ofthe
most advanced of arts,
and greater efforts are
being made to reach
perfection than ever
before in the history
of printing. Every up-
to-date business man
recognizes the import,
ance of having his stationery   well printed.
Thr c,»t io im tfiraterltmii (lit- hm-Kitdi
work thai iiifriiur. tttn-. «in k-|\( v,,|i
vvoui.Ds M'KNir lloi'TK
:i»IHK«T I.IXK        lo\VK>T f.'ATKS
\yiuui|,cH Viu.ioiiver
I i l-nroiiiii i Vi.-inriM
! KAST ] •Ml»»'« \VKV| J Se*Ulm
1 Sn* Yntl SKrntirUco
Via .mmi LINK
j si. I'mii, i-'hn-mrii mul nil I.S |Niiiit«.
.       MM MlV| >|.KKI'Klt sKIIVIi'K
KAST---l.v iMiu-tiiurf jil.. Ibnh
f V Kltii'iMiav   !,♦.,•   Tn,. .t. ■     .     ''" ,\ ,
J      Si  I'tul,   In oil!*.,   MitlltttMl. IWlMOH
I        W^s'l   -l.v   Ui-vcUtuk.*.   I»*iih
Vniuiiiiv.'r.  Nrmili.. i ,m*t
Tirkfto on -ale, UVkt-Umiitl. \[,n,-h i«j
! to .\i»rtl >fli
: Inroinih   ipp-ppliiij;.  (., l.tii,,,,.. UH #l(j
Atlantic {.inc.*.
.* I'n'pwi.t t ii '*, i-'» limn all | . .*-) '
i rai«-».
f-p-4 KtlW   s ,*■•,., J   .j,,.    -,.,« ,,   ,.
, «*"**   Ullttfti,
f U,H.nAHHKtr, t... .«.,
n. ».oo>i», t.«..!» i,... \,,. ,,
'l».fl THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, APRIL 24, 1902.
Ninth Year
Spring and
I have just received a very
well-selected stock of new
goods. Get In your order for
a nohhy Suit early.
Boas Tailor
Lumher, Doors. Windows, Steve Fronts, Show
Cases, Store and Bar Fixtures, Counters, Fancy
G1&S3. H. HOUSTON, Manager;
Nelson, B. C.
Employment -A.gen.oy.
Hcl|» of All Kinds Furnished.
Postolfice Box 405, Kelson.
FOR  3-A.L.EJ.
and ALTUUUS-Crown Grants obtained. Apply, W. J. MCMILLAN & CO., Vancouver, B.C.
NELSON. B. C.      Cor. WARD & BAKER Sts.
Has had 15 years experience in dental work, and
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work. Most
complete dental oflice In B. C.
on the Continent of North Ameri- n CA U I II
ca. Situated midst scenery un- D E Q fl D T
rivalled for Grandeur. Boating, II t U U 11 I
Fishing and Excursions. Resident Physician
and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with all
parts of the world; two mails arrive and depart
everyday. Its bathes cure nil nervous and
muscular diseases; Its waters heal all Kidney,
Liver and Stomach Ailments. SPECIAL
WINTER TERMS: 818 to 815 per week,
The wice of a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for 30 days, Is $8.85. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. 0. u
Land Surveyor
Engineor and Provincial
F. TEKTZEIj * CO.,  Nelson,  B.C.,
Dealers in all Drugs and Assayers' Sup-
JR.   CAMERON, Sandon. Manufactures
.   Clothing to order; and solicits patronage
rom all classes.
Wholesale   Merohants,
JOHN   CHOLOITCH   &   CO.,    Nelson.
When I sailed for South Africa, the
ship which took me to Holland steered
into Plymouth, England,with the mails.
The Captain said to me that night, that
he had never sailed a ship into Plymouth
Harbor before. The English vessel
which should have delivered these mails
was in South African waters in the service of the English Government. Some
years before this a certain beery German, Otto von Bismarck by name, had
muttered in the g-uttural accent of hiB
mother tongue.that South Africa would
yet be the grave of the British Empire
Six months prior to my visit to Plymouth Harbor, an Alsatian by the name
of Johannes Stephanos Paul Krueger
had averred that if the Colonial Secretary, Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, should
force a war on the Transvaal Boors for
the possession of the gold fields of the
Rand, the price would be one which
would make humanity stand aghast.
It was a saying current in English politics, that to send an English statesman
to South Africa was to bury him.
There is a contrariness in the very
soil of South Africa which has placed
alluvial gold on the mountain-tops and
left the valleys barren; which put diamonds in such utvlikely places that the
greatest diamond expert in the world
said of Kimberley: "Well, if diamonds
are here, they have no right to be
here." South Africa has been called a
land of rivers without water, birds
without song, flowers without scent and
men without honor.
Last summer as I passed through
Stettin.Germatiy, 1 noted great activity
in the ship-yards of that place; and was
told that four ve-ssels equal in size and
speed to tho famous "DeutBchland"
was being made ready for Trans-atlantic
trade. While journeying in Siberia
shortly after this I read a despatch in
Reuter's telegrams declaring that Wall
Street had taken the crown from Lombard Street, as the money centre of the
In December, 1901, we all read an
excerpt from the "Statist," the most
accurate financial paper in England,
which stated that since the dav that
Piot Joubert crossed Laing's Nek with
9,000 moth-eaten Boor farmers under
his command, English Consuls had
fallen from 104 to 90—the, paper declared the loss from shrinkage of securities in the British Empire to be the
awful staggering total of two billion
About the name time, the war office
of Englaud gave us a rough estimate of
its contribution to South Africa in two
years, the loss of a hundred thousand
soldiers and a billion dollars in currency.
The war-lord, William, followed this by
a declaration to tho effect that Germany
could not afford to make an alliance
with England as the latter had ceased
to be a great military power. From
the mountains of Zu'lulaud followed a
telegram from an ex-farmer *of 'Natal,
named Lauis Botha, saying that he was
in command of 25,000 seasoned Boers,
all well armed and in good spirits, 11,-
would help the Boers to alienate even
the English civilians in South Africa
from their own government, and finally
result in a Republic from the Zambesi
to the Cape.
It seems to me that the progress of
South Africa will resolve itself into
three epochs, first, military rule. This
will be superseded by some form of
representative government. At first
the civil government will naturally pass
into the hands of men like Lord Milner
and Mr. Cecil Rhodes When the English and Dutch settlers in South Africa
have endured enough of the kind of
government that these unpopular men
will give them, they will be likely to
unite and demand ah entire severance
from the British Crown. This demand
will not be met with bayonetB. There
will be no more English wars in South
Africa. The settlers will get what they
wa^t. A great United States of South
Africa will probably be formed. Things
pointed that wav before the war. The
war has changed nobody's opinions.
Thus when the whole mad, bad business is over, all expense and loss of
prestige will fall upon the little rock-
bound islet in the German sea. The
great debt will keep England handi
capped for many years. It is hard to
see how she can ever regain her primacy in the counsels of the nations.
America and Russia are the empires
of the future. England is gracefully
bowingpto the inevitable and passing
over the hegemony of the Anglo-Saxon
race to the Americans. She will probably never know when she becomes a
Becond-rate power. She will long be
one of the world's great factors. But
the past is her most orilliant page. She
has buried in South Africa her military
reputation, the flower of her army and
a few billion dollars. She litis not
buried her sturdy heroism; let us hope
she will not bury her honor. England
has played a magnificent part in her
struggles for freedom and progress for
a thousand years. But South Africa
has struck her from her pedestal of
power and from her unchanged place
as the foremost empire of the globe.—
Peter MacQueen in March Brown Book.
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much of the bright metal of freedom on this
earth.    Dig, while the
lUUUgllC   Ui
9%      ***      *
New Denver. H. C
~WU ui"inem~i;-*3iiig~oiiviBir-Cin;&GiiB-i/i-i.no
Capo Colony.' If this telegram is true,
the Boers have a stronger army today
than when tliey fought the battles of
Colonsound Magersfontein,
When the present Congress of tho
United States assembled, it wan in
formed that England no longer insisted
upon the conditions of the Clayton-Bul-
wer treaty in ro to the construction of-1
our Isthmian Canal. The Americans
were told that they might build,operate,
fortify or do anything else they liked
with the canal upon their property in
Central America. Tliis was a point in
history to note.
Over in Germany, for the first timo
sinco Frederick the Great, the populace
during January 1902,aroBe above Kaiser
and luiicliBtag and openly avowed that
The Rov. S. J. Betts, pastor of the
People's church at Bayonne, has discovered a brand new method of destroying; rats. There isn't any patent
on it, either.   Aiiybody may adopt it
Mr. Betts is not only a pastor but a
druggist as well In'the basement of
his drug store there appeared sometime
ago a small army of rats. The dominie
druggist could not understand what attracted them, but there the rats were
and a war of extermination was begun
against them,
Oue day last week a big ball shaped
rat with which agility Beemed to be a
lost accomplishment was cornered and
killed An autopsy was performed on
the body and it disclosed what was the
attraction in the basement for the rats.
They were sponge eaters.
This particular rat had swallowed a
big piece of sponge and it had swollen
move with difficulty. That gave the
dominie his rat ridding device Every
night now ni'*e little meals of sponge
and cheese with basins of water to
quench their thirst and to help results
along are  left for the. .rats..    Every
morning there was a yield of dead rats,
till soon tho pastor was practically rid
of the pests.
Gen. William T. Sherman was
of relating the following story:
"When I was with the army in Georgia, a slave owner about Christmas
time missed a lino fat turkey. Ho suspected a good-looking mulatto and ordered the man brought before him.
" 'You have stolon mv turkey and
eaten it,' said the irate planter.
" Tho not gwine to say I didn't,when
you says I dn, massa '
" '1 ought to have you flogged. What
have you to say why I Hhould not punish you?'
" 'Well, massa, you hain't lost anything particular Vou see, you has a
little less turkey and a good \ieni more
"And the muster was compelled to
acknowledge tho philosophy of the slave
and let him go tinwhipped.'
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Report*, Ktamiiutiout and Manage
as a people they detested the conduct
of tlieir British neighbor-* in the matter
of the ruconenntrnuo campH established
by Lord Kitchener in tho Tninsvnal.
1 Iio KngliBlt imperR, though angry,
counselled moderation nnd -swallowed
Dome big gulps of pride.
From tlm camps of tho.Englisli themselves come storios of gieat struggles,
constant guerilla attacks,whole RectioiiH
of country won and then lost, trains tin-
railed, commissaries missing—a heroic
army utiiiiding up agninst a dcaperatu
and iiiilomitalilii foe. From the Boers
we got the information that tlie Burghers now hold as a military stamping
ground, iiine-tentlis of all the territory
of South Africa. DoWet, Molarity,
Botha, Stuyn, Ileitis, Smuts ami every
one of thn really great spirits on the
Boor side are still at large. Cronjo is
the only Boer leader of any Importance
whom the English have placed horn tie
combat Meanwhile many of tho Kreat
Captains of the British Army have all
but lost their prestige—Duller,Methuen,
even Lords Roberts and Kitchener are
no longer n-auics to coiijuru with in
Now.while most of us believe English
civilization to be the best in Europe, all
these recent happenings point to the
passing of England's urea tness. Tolstoi,
the Russian Mge, remarked to me lam
Junes "I have no data for the belief,
but I havo in Intuition that England
has passed the zenith of hor power."
This idea teams to bt growing. The
unhappy Boer war came at a most in
auspicious time for England. Uormany
waa crowding her with cheap manufacturers, America was forging ahead
at a rate unparalleled, France and Bus
Mia were hostile. We ware beginning
tu outer the World's arena at shipbuilder*.
The money, men, ships aud national
eu-srgy which England need*! to develop her mighty empire had to tie
withdrawn from regular channels
Then came the opportunity which (Jer-
many and the United State* were not
in the cam-In^ trade of Hr«at Britain I
has takiiii place,   taxation ts heapings
up at a terrific rate.  Conncriptiou is in
sight (n the land nf Cobden and Bright '
Kipling, the prophet of Tommy Atkins, { -  _	
Is in disgrace over his poetry upon  __,  ..„,  _    .-.^...   _.
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Kullun *ubmi»-Hl(«i cotnoH— A U ever,
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