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The Ledge Dec 5, 1901

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VOMJMEIX     NO    10
Peicb, *2 00 YBiB „1„
S In ana About the Slocan and neighboring Campb c
I tnaL axe Talked About
There nre two cases ot smalipox at
Haggis waa ting: in Slocan Cit**- list
Eridaj night
Ihe Miners   Union  of Slocan  City
have opened their
The smoke from Ro\ il Seal eig-ais te
seenin.man\ a Kooteinj town
Howaid West basked tn tlie Lucei tie's
tcopical atinshtne o^ ei Sunday
4 moral wave is sweeping o\ei Nel
sou    Gib Stanley li is quit smoking
Joe Butler did some asses-soient work
oil his foot sever il davs n^-o with nn a\.
Geo Garrett te losing his rheumatism
in tho waim waters of H*tk\on Hot
John Williams his i line of  pipes
thataie just the thing- foi  Chi
Thft umJitnor}   foi  tht. P«\r.
■centrator is arriving '"■ Sanson    It will
fill 40 cars
rt is quite likelj   that the tram cais
In Nelson will soon remain quiet until
after election
-*-      Joe Hamhn is feiem in it thc Speut
'        lator vicaWtn  Hudson transferred to
the Arlington
B W Bull, of Fire Vallev hat gone
to England to visit his mother after an
-absence of 15 ) oars
Do not be a chubber Smoke the
Little King, and Imigine yourself a
•member of some trust
■EhewholcMilegroceiv Ann of Thos
Eaile of Victoria, assigned last week
tor the benefit of creditors
Santa Glaus has arranged to bu>
most of his goods for the New Denver
children at the store of Johu Williams
Woek is being wished on the Queen
fraction by Lessees Benedum & Smith
and indications are reported t erv good
Work was started on Monday ou the
Keepawa Ten Mile, Ohas A Sandiford
taking a force ol workmen from New
A C Allen -was up from Veiey on
"Monday, layinglusuppliesoEliteintuie
toeans and bacon and ner*Q teasers for
bis guests
A mini daiius will lia flUou In tho
BoBim Hull, Now Dmi-iOi on Tliursdui
evfinlnff Dou 12 Admission, BOeonti,
Tito grant qiioftlon Dint annum to bo
won j toff tho Indies of Now Dwi-ioi Jimt
itoir [■>,-'Iio-a ami to «ut « ix*-.* rtiaiw
for tlie Now Hart UflJl?1"
Gon, S Vnnatoiie Ir limiting hoiuo h\g
(tiitcliaa on his irnppliiff (apudltlmiti un
Wilton m*» He wan in town ftloii*
■fflnv •linnfnp n Inrito uumlioi of nmrrim
A now HtrlHo litis boon niniio nn ilia
TrnoEliloinoiimn nt Kimlo Tliooio
•liowliiRin flnltl la bo fain foot wlilu,
flRitiTilta tekwi fiom tlm shoot uolti*-- ao
per vunt, hi topiioi*.
!UB iMWited from WiiflUlBKtoi) Unit
the Sahlo> omu't ol Inquli". will tninir
III Itropoi* coinplotuly vIiHliutlns thu
Sttiilfm!, Itwoul(l))otiSt)illu\ dn) (oi
DfllHnoj's tiirhey shoot Tlmnkfl(!hli)j
Dns drew quite ft oiowrt of spoilsmen
ffflm Silverton Thej biaught tlieii
globe srglitn atongr ami ^b Biivorul
fwkeiBhoiue-flitli them
Lewis Miltow na Injured 1)J strlMnir
into u mfesafl hole nt tho i'nuio last
-week - Pundit wme iftlseil to staid him
toBpokHim-nhuiolio mi «ut tlio hbi
J H MuKini/sloi lute nmiinif"''of tlio
Briiiit-Miinpnciv mines ot Cnlitomlii, linx
aMumart mntintrMiieiit nf thn Im Hot
TjittWi mul Itr In no»nlai«l torn lllm Suing
stding-  last   Wednesda*     Ivraton w
killed outright and Grora bad!-* tujuie
Eastern parties luue tal en a bond r
the Chimpion group   fwehe mile   and
i btrons lompanv  his been ois-ini/ed
tonpeiatethe propeit*.     Chas   Demp
*=tei   olSlotrinCifi engnieeiad thi.deil
Tnm Llo*.(l Kill leiveiu i tew di\s
on i tluee months tup ro Lngland
Judging fioin Ihe natuie of the im
pro\ einents being midt to hie houit, he
will be accompanied on hi-- return b\
Mis Llo\d
I*-is nniiouncpd tint the lutein itiontl
Oldei of Rul« iv Cnnrtui-tnrs nil) h-ni
a paidiepn-sentiime in Oua-iia it tin
lHAt -.osplon of Piiliamput to w till
legislation affiirs iffectmtt tlu inteicit'
of i«Ilwa\ men
Tin complete census iptunisirno tin
Province of Manitoba -i popul ttioii o
2oi-3U3  aud tlio uigani/id teintoiioof
the   Noitlniest    loB-US     a     follnu
Mhert 111 02ii    \ssinihom   >7 '^iii   S
John Gnrerimil -i iS 1 iiiKi u„ tlu
Josh tiamwa-*, at Rowland hstttidiy
*as Stiuck bv one* of tl t ti un in*-
at choinitih and his left leg smithed
tins tbri.w !um m fiont ot the othoi ni
which stnuk hint on the lieiui ind killed
i all S'
, guet
local k of P lodgt. the d
Clevers hall lhanksgiMtig oieiimj:
a great suciesi The hill «ii
ided themuiti good the danieis
happv mood nnd the re free It men ts
plentiful and toothsome
The Nelson Tribune will soon ino\e
into its new ofhie on Baker stieet It
i the ground floor and will affoid
the public an easv opportunity to go in
and Corbetize the edttoi when he does
ot tun thepapei to suit thein Noth
ig like having things hand1,
These are the data when the Uiildien
think of John Williams The*, know
that he has a close alliance uith the
chap who (ills the juvenile stPikiugs on
the 24th and their dieams are of John
and the piles of fruit aud cand*.   that
tnound lum in his dailj cnreoi
A big strike is leported from the
lion Horse, Tin Mile A miao whs
Htflited bj the new Lompanj from tlio
long tltnnel di-lton b\ the F*>nus S\u
tlltiiteof VftntnuMii thine vents itgu,
nntl nfew foot fiom ilituntif ol the tun
noln pay shoot ot IuIirIiuk ntiltim mn
Tlio -iilluo of o*<-|)Ort« tliranifh tlm cits*
toiim limine »t Noithport, fiom this hoc
Hon at Koototm-i, for thu moiilli nf Nn.
uniliDi Hiii (8n,t|7p Thu Milne of Ini-
pnitfi far thu Biimn |mi Im) u ns, dtitlilhlo
ait and muiuliaiuliSB, 91GQ.I1D! fluu
oi-Qi (iiid inorclisiHllBtt. *17^,ISA mini
htipoite. mlMft
A lliont tlinSllvut lilnjc mino, Nol-
son, iloHtio\oil tlm Innildiotiso ouih
Situctnj moinitift rhts «i\b thu tnoflt
ooiiipletiifiUiieuimnf Itslilntl In Kooto
unw If not tho pin visum .luat uluitlho
clll ho lins not houn oatiiniitod, hut
thnonuipiun uiulntl 914,000 IubuiHlius
on tho huiklliiB Wflikivnsluimodliil!'*
ly «nitod nn a tompoiitiv stiiKtmeto
namnmodiitotio ot CD men, tn \Miiuh
numhei tho fmui nlll ho rmluoud mull
niliei q.uartorBiuei«iid\
llu. CQlpmunity wna smllv Hlmokittl
Tuoadaj moi tilng hy the HUddoil don tli
nfMIss Kohofiii Jrotut, in ii iiinnl-ytlu
Htiolie, nt Mm homo ot hei nepliow, 0
K NalBoii MlSKMonfttftftsflijQiiiHol
■ago, and aa "Aliutlu itow«t,■ »«*
known mid ustuomDtl mid ]o\ml b\ nil
Uoi' sudtlon (ionitso Una omit w Mill of
aoi row nvm tho LOimntinlt •<, from « hloli
niiiti> will ho slow tn ifluiitui Tlio
rinioinl tuok pIiukj Wudnnailrts nftcinnnn
from tliil PruulMiuiuii ulmiuli^vttQiiitoit
byallultlKeiiB mid tlm IquiiI K of P,
blip lu a hnriv.'
[>H'^i*aiBS&!n,-ttjifi   \mh_   --niokev   amtind
KaslO Tth^amelte-f pU>K|S**Ji3ii-i.,fg j^
• lli^i,nB!iUtttgj3 j business like cgpeet    A.
(le&pBtei'i ffRiS"tm- unmrg town ■
"Maurice Gmt/lraigcr of the Monitoi
Alinffi* ini oijuu/ed i tomp
Glasgow in build 5_ji und peiatt a
sn eltt ut ["he ioniputi\ winch
Nugth iompo**<.d of stoekholdLisof the
Monitoi inuipim Ins sufhcient il]i!ta*
to finanee the proposition and tariy il
through to a suiithstul (onihtsion
One of the Iil t lcid stnUtei expeits m
trieat But nil has been letained b\ thi;
compairt and lie is non on his way to
thc Rooten i\ to l\ mmie md itport on
thc [ ropo=itiou If his report is satis
fai_tor\ whuh it unquestionably should
bi lou tinitioii will be lomrienc
immediatcK mil the stnel ei «*ilt be
opu itton tsqiuekl*. ismone-i and thi
gumi***. of the hi tbuildn*- lan act oni
I Hilt tleie«tlt
\s i sineltt.1 point Ki=lo h is numei
tins minifcst id^intapea Its ^eo^ra
lihkal aitruatnin ia suih flint it can di i»
mij | Ins of lead on from the Mourn md
Mone uiiiit-i, ilicapoi than mj othei
|iomt B\ tliBconstnteiioti of the tie«
l i id to the LirdiHtt it lias i prtceinp
lion on the eutne output of lead and
dn ou finm thai i imp which is dLS
tniul to hitouie one of tin, j-h itest|io
dmeis in Biittsh Columbia Kislos
sitimtinii mi kooti u i\ hil i ei\ i s it the
i enelit if «hite\ii iDiiipttitiou tlu-ie
I ll t«LLU till. Ll-illlll Ptcilu ml
f n tt Jsoithcrit -* i ts (ui>l mipi I «i
tin Cion siSest lsiimtfst it hand In
rh itting thfdi*. ok finn Slonn hie
His iuhtl\ huiditliped I-. tlleloiilld
ibnuthml but this i-, mon tli in offset
bv lCi pro-v!imt\ to the Sim-iii lead
mines 1 di the ekitiic po" ti iiquind
Kaslocieel will fnnish ibundaiit in
i-vpeiiBHL <j»ug\ md the sui»pl\ of
I   iton lr     is almost
IheGieat Rivei Lamps ind
of ^ortlmiu Idaho will find a
nciuuit market foi their leid
and di\ oie& m Kaslo and in unn>
othu pain Hilars tht. to tti has advaut
The uen Lompam holds the stock
id loncessions of the company oigan
i^ed in K-islo about i \eai igo The
.lU offus a bonus of SaOOOO a Tiee
.itc free watei and exemption fiom
i\cs foi a pel tod of ten \ cai s
AS     ■LCKfc.E-lJBl.l*    CHA^O
In tin tlnv** that in past it was a
oiture to ildton the Spokane ttioith
in i illiuiul fioin \elsoii to Sorthport
p?he mis nun Ultln   and the bumps
t, ei e so mi moi ous th it n mnti w tth false
tuntil wits liahto to Iobu thum    Non all
liaiuod,   piohahlj   onln„   to   tlio
uiiuij,\ of 14 i\   Jiuksou    A Pulliiiaii
un*» fiom Nilsou to bpnkttno nnd
the ottrn i«*5 io ilde In It Ih mil\ 81   oi
tn Smili|nnt    |t Ih n liiMin
Unit sni|iii™i* ilu  puhllu    MuiiIh mo
Mil n In tnitt    nml wlmn thu utr
nn stln lino tin -till i» taknn off or
tlm   lliiiiu    lo|iiiiiiii*nt   tloliij,
Ul) llm mm tutu "( jxulUiin n bottle
i 1'Hli.htliK polstiii nl \\n\ Ntulionx I lit**
tmln ni'ix emo Dilv nn timo, wilh
Dndclani slrulali oitlliu pitutli llumo
-(Idltiniuoiirtiwtoinmnl,**-. tlm Juuinci
it |iloiiH»iit opinndo to nil pntunis of tlio,
liliu    Smli   OMvUllulIt   HCl-ilCd  us   this
Olid lBlin« rfhliigr wtH wnim B-iorjoiiu1
iintdauil tQiip|)it<uiiitlnn. rumi NuShou
tu Sunkiim.' in n lusmlotiH I'nlimnn car,
uith tUI thu tilimnliius, Ih a dullj-lit tlmt
no mn Hliouht uiIrm \0ton hniuled to
nidi Tpdiljs onuitli\ und liio-iiia
tlmt this mini (hm uoi Im-iu in slklo
il\ui\ hiul> itiuldouio Its lights when It
cmnustuuomtoit (oi tlm uftM'llm Ask
n H hulahun luNoUnn IF this Ih
not sn
W I' Kilhoiiiuo & Co mmuifiictliiB
olgiirt-nt-iVinni[ifj|i»mi do u DtislnQtA
till over tha wont. TboiL hiaiulB ai«
tlioEtim-i Vnna, Ulumhuh ExpflsLHaib
KlHiuuinuh nuHio. Tlm WliHOl, ui
AttlstiH jTit-tniin wliipa, Ko.\ waw
Iliu'ium C-lmiis anil UonmbuMi flonm
Thii U n Hub liirjin and vmlod to mill
nluioul tun t.inul<Ql lain Him link
hunt} ndtl-dd tho liliu liihul to tliolr
linens nnd I'niitii mun null ttfii-akft.tlivli
~ .r«~,^^waVEEOii&Ln
I^Orter^thtp^nanaj-er oM
Hn'tintioii'tF- ^«ThS man-^em^l
to put on stocl nettjea-* to tiansport
then ore to tiie steamboat landmj
the Duncan because it has now bet
(iKL-obir, *oiei-o (.the ore taken out
in the iouf=e of development and it
must be cared for The lack of
portation now >s p gieit hindrance to
ud, because i\e could soon ship ou
fiirh large scale hid we the neiessni
facilities Howevei we puipose t
continue development only moi nig or
The returi
hand while
tions are ni
ing indeed
for that purpose "
i of the Ruffled Grouse to
ot coming up to cxpecca
ertheless ten encourag
The net weght of the
a 111 4 pounds Tne
spieltei assay pei ton w is 1G3 7 ounces
and 10 per cent lead Contents
914 59 ounces at o6£ cants pei
ounce, $492 08 1117 pounds lead at 1 401
ents, pei pound S1411 total gioss
. due So07 19 less freight and treat
ment fiom the Landing gnes a net
esult of $426 IS
Woik on the Senont i giuitp on Oiii
on creek ia making substantial pro
tress Thc tunnel is now in ibout 3j
ict with a hue showing of oie in the
ne Thev have now got constdeiable
re on the dump
Theie ate now about 43 men worl inj.
»l. tbt SiHer C-up and the work of
.ettintJ out oie ispioceedmg \igoiou-*
\ Somethinn like 400 tons of the
1000 ton shipment is now l\mg sacked
: the mint
DiiMti/* is now pioceeduig bnskh
i the Kathleen gioup on Tiout cieek
he men will be tn ore fiom the stait
I and it is e\pected that beEore the
sw veai there will be 8e\eial tone on
the dump
Mackenzie, tho managei of the
Mmuesoti Mining ind De*\ elopmeut
Co recentlj visited the Nellie, on Fish
eek, owned b\ the company Thej
have 3UHt struck the lead which is fullv
13 feet wide and earning- ore tn eon
sidetable quantity
Mr Johnson of Thomson t Landing
has doue considerable work on his
.latin on Bo\dcieek having dinen on
he ledge about 40 feet Thc face of the
tiiiuel shows considenble ore mostlj
galena and coppet
The contractors aie down fiom the
nteiion and Ovstei The shaft is
dow n about 40 feet and thej report a
en good showing These piopcrtiws,
Along w irh the Camborne group, belonu
m tho Noi thw ostoi n Uo^ olopmant Co
8IOUAN   0«K  airil'9IK>TS
Tlio total amount of oio shippoil fiom
the Sluunn nntl dlnuiiu Clt\ mining
dhlslmi* foi the -.em lDuo waa, nppt(i\
InintQlj, SOUOO Iuiih b1in.ii I'tlilttliy 1
to No1, SH, ItHJl, tha alilpmuntfllmvo
Iwun m [nWaw
.iftMC pn-PTatlfimpj,
■a;" -^ ■■■- •  ,M
US Tlie Ontario DepartmO**|-SaaflSi gtoes ^K
W mation to prospaotapjs ^ffi
hoMis mul I'unm rami unu Bii
ultiniBnlthoutu hliulutwliilfj
HfH!(aiu Gtui nf thu Ta'st mm
Nobodi has evei elumed for the
present B C go^einment am shockinj
amount of brains Tt has been claimed
that it w a? a business administration
hut thii claim has not been well found
ed Thedepaitment of unties has made
sevei al feeble attempts to break
fiom the fossilized ideas of Victoria
politics and has taken t-teps m the
light dliection But at the present
of progress the^Oth centui". will have
waned befoic the mining industr*. of
the pro** nice reeen ea am benefit fi
the half heaited efforts put forth b\ tbe
department    A- an c\ample of what
ght be done b\ the depaitment
matcinlh benefit the industi\ and
benefit it now w e reproduce the monthl*
bulletin issued on Octobel 11 from the
Ontano fro*, ei mn-nt issa-j Office lo eat
ed it BelleMlle md eonduited b\ tbe
o'lliues foi the assistance of
pi o=pectors and develop nei*t nf miner il
" mds fhe leport show s a tot il receipt
of 13-3 san pies sent in for <£-annnation
during the month of October
The assays  and  analytical   deter
.aeuated 381 each cheel ed
oEE by a duplicate in oidoi   '
before issuing coitihoates Of
tliPae49 wi-*ri* forgold Stsiher i nut el
13 l op pei  etc
Sixteen samples of iron oies from
diffeient paitsot Ontauo weie received
foi paitial or complete examination as
to smelting qualit**.
Sivtj one samples of iflw and bn
quoted peat were rccened for nnahsts
as to quahfi foi fuel pm poses
'The Bureau of limes required 'ol
deteiminationson which no fees were
collected 130 being done for prnate
paitiea The custom work for the
public ts done at actual coat fees col
lected from all this source amounting
to Sill 9a
'Se^ent* tluee samples for identiH
Lation or report as to probable coin
merctal \aluo as well as for qualitative
CM-ninations wereiecened on which
feet* amounting to *lo 20 weie collected
^chaigeis made for such examinations on samples brought pctsonal)**- to
the Ubointorj
The office supplies, free of charge
(.aii*a-* shipping: hags and imitiil'a
uiniliti^ envelopes foi smallnntlcmshed
sampler to those requiring tho use of
■ The onminoiolal ubo o( motalliu
platinum la Uolng so wldul) ottontlod
nt piosout mul tlio uoiikiimptinn iu*
uiBiu-lng at suoh n into tlmt Siiitm pint-
ilium U im-iv [juotort at ul <*• pot* otiuuo,
phttluum In thu oro bolng ivmth nhoiit
817 ou pm  ouncn tteonrdtng w anuy
"The vuluo nt phUimuii \* not IIKolj
semi to dooioma homo miv oig cai rj lini
platinum inptihle of 'mlutf oiunolod
Lomniinoldllv In in imiimtil ilamniKl
IhoiUutu vuliioof platliuun I** taiwocl
h\ Inoruniotl can sumption in photo^m
lihhml woik, oloittlo lightlnir, Imnn
dnKti(int lighting innutlus hunlnd b\
liiirnluc a»K tiiHtiltmmil.mflUnjr and
vailntiB nppltintUh Ul(i(lo (iiilirolv
putt nf piHllnum and ntilioi* usos In tlio
"Platinum Is pilmlpnllj [tumd In tin*
nutlMi [oni (l mi Hug m'mnUK lu
illln-iliil suuds iiBsnuuled with ^auiets
iiiafftiotitii topit/, conimhim, -iliions
iwtlvo gold ami othoi hwiu uiinui»ln
Platinum tiintnlH imi round iw wmnll
gmiimoi Htuloa or a tin whllu oolm
whmi olonuHtl with nltilo noUl   Tlio
SOIiloS UIO gQUOTttllV tOO ftUD to CtltBil iho
cii, mikHoIIow ttUhaiioavi fine aantl
nastreuliRfif brottnor lunrtcoloroiViKir.
tiulos whioh mn voi\ linaw aud can bo
innucntrotuil hy w u^hiny w Ith running
whIoi orh\ tmmihitf
1 rim onHimiv rlfllna in n aiilii*sn\liig
■p*.luitii\\n\ will tiotMtvii all or tho phi
(lUUm mntnlt. ttt lu' found lu illiiniai
f|\ll!j BSdomuoMlw vnlutiH Qioop "M>r
"   "      '       Kar fill tlm platlmira
"There are several satisfactory
methods of con^ontratin-r allmnt sands
as as to save the platinum metals and
full information regarding these met hods
will be sent to interested paittes on
apphc ition
A list of metatlurgiial fiims in the
market for platinum ores will also be
sent ou application
' Samples of hean placet sands sup
posed to tarr*. platinum will be ex
amined bj quahtati-. e methods to detect
the piesence or absence of platinum at
a nominal cliaige b\ sending samples
to theaboielabnratoiv
Platinum occuis in the Sudbtuj
mining district as sperrvllte, which is
a combination of platinum and arsenic
found in the gossin 'of the Vermillion,
nickel mine The matte fotmed bv
smelting the nickel copper bearing
pvirhotitesoE the Sudbury distuit eon
tarns platinum which is sa\ed in the
prccess of reHning the metallic aouteuts
It is possible that ih -or searcltof plnocr
sand-*, w til result in bndtng more of this,
•mlnable mottil m pajmgquantities tar
woil Ine hi b^diuuli*; methods
Tho above information on platinum,
is tunelv as the metal Is to be found In.
BC if prospector" on h knew how toft ud it
vtakio IMUJSTitr vr.
The aoieage of assessed lands in the
rov mce in 1900 was placed at 23,818,
101 of which 22,728,082 was resident
and 8J0 022 non lesident The total
acreage cleared was placed at 1&2Q7,
Tho i ield of fall wheat was23 309,737
bushels, the yield per acre 219   with a.
ket\aluo of 81oal7o0o, on SU ai
per acre    The \ ield of spring wheat
as 6 940 333   bushels    the \iald  per
.re 18 4 with a market value ot$12 4,4
The nnnibei of cattle in the pioviuce
increased from 2,318,335 in 1899 to 2,-
1900    The \alue per head
increased from (3114 in 1899 lo $32 12
1900    A similar increase is roported
tho cases of other lt\e stock
Tlie value of farm pi opart) 1tuoluttlng*
land   buildings   tmploinonts and live
stock nmountod to $974 8H.981 us com
piu od w 1th (947 61J1104 in the pruvloua
l?iu m \ alue*. per nora nvorHKotl
441 J-lt nB(.ninpnie(l«ltH**W40 lu Mw
llmcQUtpoi .tut* on iitiui OEUiipiutl
WHHtl.aO, M uompitiuil with tl.TT In
tlii) innviouit veint mul tho tout per
foiin on Imul uiutuo.l .va-4t34S, m u<n»>
paiiul wlthtafil In tho jui'Vlmm vnar
A Inttur urlltun hv aw at tho heft
Illinois in Canilioo and a must wull 111*
tniiniHl nhont tht> Htinofly dUtrloL, lifts
bouti iioolvud In u nisldi>niotA»horoft,
Iho Jouintil puh'lBlttwptutotlE ra|ati\ij*f
tu the now ilWco\ m ion
I think mosl ot tho now utaolta <U»
voMirud will be oaniK workud, nnd
lioiu this iiruaiuits I havo wjon tliuj mo
mnnrt fm S*» in tlu a ihij I hup*.- they
will mm out lurttoi and dn n-** woil us
lepoitud It ti lou lato to do fltij pios>
pooling lu that uomiti \ this j ear Quitu
a fow will sn in iniK in lhuspring, but
\oi} lit ilt>  will  hu dm it) botari1 liljrli
WtttOl "
Tim new dlMtoioiloti on thu hcuut-*
wutoisof thu Horsollj itvor lira ubnut
inn mtlos (lom ivmivroit Iho wait
I uown Utrtbao WH^nu laml latrawlM
iminillis Sido wii^on roaik load *jo
tlm foot of Um-Rollj laku, and asntlot
^miUwhiliiKS tho Ut)\ollui ultlUn9&
tullos nr tho now ulsuov orlos
\ fhutt Ih butnir miiih tn tlio Wuo oluj*
•in l.tuolfftoiookthiB wluior ThO io»
huiIsqC this wnife will bu wftltcd tw
with Ihu»imit08t*lnt:mmit
Tha iwUtwveM of n mm m
Ninth Yeab.
THK LkuokU two dollars a year in advance. When not so paid it. is 82.50 to parties worthy ol credit. Lesal advertising 10 cents a
nonpariel line first insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion. Readiinc notices US cents a line, and commercial ailverllsniR
Rraued in prices Hccording to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: THE Ledge is located at New Denver. B. C, and can bo traced to many |>arts of the earth. It, comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the slieriil, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear ol man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champnune-ilnvoretl capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It bas stoou the test, of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally lor the Deneht
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us, but do not put the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow- from our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays thc printer; ho is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with tbornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cropis in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
your collateral.
Many a Scotchman  was resurrected last Saturday.       ^=
It   is' a   wise   prospector   who
knows his own stakes.
That mint of Canada's seems to
be a long time on the road.
Snow and silver seem to be falling together in the Slocan.
Raising apples will always be a
profitable business in Kootenay.
Compulsory   vaccination   is   an
If being often chastened is any
sign, the Lord must love John
This is the time, of the year when
California   has the smile  on  the
northern country.
Vancouver is to have cheaper
gas. The city must have tapped a
Nome transportation ollice.
stalwart statesman is needed to
'•shoo" away the political buzzards
who are roosting un this province
while it is still alive.
Dogs that bark in the night are
not allowed iii Omaha without a
muzzle. 2sew Denver is still a
wide open town. The dogs bark
at night, the cats sing, the cows
chew the posters on the wall, and
the horses punch holes in the sidewalks.    Nothing like freedom.
Same    .? a H"e WT
drawn   through
IV Canada  Canada at  Fort
William    the    following   remarks
from a Kansas paper will apply to
this great Dominion:
"Of the 40,000,000 people who
live east of the line drawn north to
south through the center of Indiana, 3D.000.000 of them believe
that 39,000,000 of the 40,000,000
who live west of that line are a
cumscribed as is the environment
in which they "little ■ aro*Hlltl""\viiile
stringing words together at so much
per string, and by short-haired
grannies who if they could have
their way would not let a man live
anywhere north of the equator, we
feel like hoisting the black nag in
return and keeping it hoisted until
the owners or managers of these
Eastern publications banish the
entire tribe of puritanical warts to
the antipodes."
c^rse7~unletrereil, uncoml>e(l"ahTl
unwashed people, who feed on hog,
hominy and prairie hay, live in
clapboard houses and on dirt floors,
sleep on straw beds, have cockle
burrs in their hair, go to horse
races on Sundays, and  shoot each
UtlH-'l     un    .•sifclit.       M'lu-y   lidii.ic    nil
this and much more, because they
themselves are nn traveled and ignorant; because they are narrow,
prejudiced and provincial to the
thirty-third degree, and because
they have been taught from the
beginning that everything coarse,
common and vulgar finds unwilling
worshippers in the. brutal, uncivilized West*.
"Eastern newspapers teach and
preach it; Eastern magazines,whose
pages are  usually   filled  with  the
f •««••••§■»« »g>g»g©g®»a«p«'i»
Invents just passes By |
It has been said that you can get
a* man's attention by striking him
over the head with a bludgeon, or
by striking his auditory, olfactory
or optic nerve with some other sort
of a club. But you can't get his
heart in that way. You might
argue all day with a man, but if he
is not in a mood to  be argued with
is neither one thing nor the other;
who delights to play fast and loose
with" the church; who is converted
to no principle; without any spiritual aim or ambition in life; a shillyshally, folly-chasing, dollar-grabbing, pleasure-seeking individual
ashamed to confess his C4od in his
life before men and afraid to deny
him? That is the kind of timber
the Ontario parson wanted to knock
out as pillars of his church, and he
did it.
Pity it is that there are not more
parsons in the world of this stripe.
What would be thought of Lord
Kitchener, for instance, if he were
to take on his departmental staff
such timber in a military sense;
men who would come to his table,
partake of his kindness and go
forth to blaspheme his name and
through cowardice dishonor the
army and their country? A halfhearted man is a failure in any calling. Pure patriotism i« ^emaiulcd,
ii. uiiuui.i.y afe, in business life, in
social life and in church life. Patriotism and honesty to and in the
cause you espouse. If all parsons
were to act as manly as the Ontario
man there would be less to coin-
plain of against the church and
-less opportunity given to those who
are ever seeking to, honestly or
dishonestly, discredit Christianity.
John William" is alretuly rw'.'ivinj;'
Christmas uoods, and a*. tlie.y ,\xe sn
••hoiee, it is advisable to t-all mi .John
early and avow the rush
A man's popularity, like Jonah's
gourd, sprouts one day and withers
the next.
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Santa Claus
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Intend having a
Some married men are so mean
•■.hat they enjoy seeing other men get
■■The prize-lighter is still a power
in the United States. His wind
makes many a roar in the land of
The December issue of Lowery's
Claini will  appear Ihis  week.    Ill insipid  drivel  of  the Q.  Milksop
will  olYer  some opposition to the  Podgeiser, the Jane Spindleshank
ooal niiiii. j Soapsuds class of writers, revel in
  I picturing everything from the West
Thanksgiving Day was not so Us cranky, sensual and unworthy
slow. Wi-struck ii howl of gi'i-en j of any sort of notice except beastly
turtle souj, upon 1 hat day. with all | ,'ni'i''Jlt,m'' and yet taking one mil'.*
,,    ,., , *     , " square   right  under, the  noses of
the trimmings. ' , . h      ... ., >
__. ... j those skim  milk   writers  there   is
'      more crime, more debauchery,more
drunkenness,   more of all   that   is
vile and brutal than can be  found
in nil llu* va.-t   area   lying   west of
tlie li,(liana line.
"Tin' Ka.-tern   lobsters   who   are
liHi'M r nviiiiig llu* We.-1 and   who
hii'Vi'    no   tieo-e   kiiowlfilee of (his
1 lie wine rooms in Jtpokane will
ha\e lu go away back and fit down,
but ihe faro room-* can still Hand
up and talk back.
Tlii- i- the lini'iit' tin- year w lieu
every -'on in I Ik wesl should write
a lelter to his mother, a lit I pill in
<«|u n- a po-t-eript.
Tin- |J. ('.  1,1'gi-latiii't' w ill never
lie    a     -lleees-     until     it-     ;tie|n I ,i>f -    ;j|',-   i .|ii i|'-|tlt.
ee.-i-i' it i believe in the great ect gnii'l" t riot i-ni. mon
to the lea-t number.
- V'     IN   NKLSON
Tlit' Oysii-r,   raw or(^
tiiiiclioil, is        X
ahvavs then*       f(fr\'
country limit lias a  Digger   Indiai
ola iii.*ilioi'aii\ sent iu the New I chiii'i'lt-going peopli
JiTii.-iilciii. an- as narrow its a ! to such a condition,
clothesline and  a-   sltitiid   a.- the*, '
he will not hear what you have to
say. In an advertisement you
have a chance, of presenting your
argument to the public and winning
the public's confidence and, incidentally the public's spare dollars.
But to do this well you must do it
right. It doesn't pay to compel
the attention of the reader against
the reader's will. Better to take a
quiet position and from this position say such things in a quiet way
that will draw his attention easily
but unfailingly. Boldness and
strength are essential, but ugliness,
outlandishness and obtriisiveness
.ire not. A little well Haiti is better
than all the bombast you can put
into a whole page.
Some weeks ago a parson in one
of the Ontario towns "got on his
ear," so to speak, and sent in his
resignation to the church hoard.
His resignation was not accepted.
and after some parleying lie con i
j smiled lo withdraw it, lint-one ol'i
I tin* conditions upon   which he con-'
j 1
jscnted to remain, and the principle
| one. was ihis, that no unconverted
I niiiii should be elected lo or be le-
i I-: ill., i on I lie ei ill it'll bin, i •!.       'i.i.i,
would ..!.,)<•. i j tfeistcrer & V/iuvhun
Thai  ela-- nl j AV/.SCJ/I.
individuals who use   the cliureh iis i
ig Discount w Sale
which will last for
One week. c°—^ Monday, Dec. 9th
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Other lines, too numerous to mention.
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winter drinks
ill llli'  Wlson
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( >Y.st<T        ( nek I'll! Is,
l.nlllilll  PlUliMi.t .'hull
Xccrar.   iiud  niiinv
J. O. BUNVAN & CO., "g
XKW DKN'VKR,    P. «.'.
II.-.-- line nl the most beaut Hnl locations  in America, and ihe public art*
assured ol' pleasaul. jiceniuiiioihitioiisi.
I! EX in   SilAi'.  Pi..pricier
! lii-re is   more   ji:i- ]
ttve <tl eoiiuti v and1
Mnrysville i** only three week"
old aud already ha- two tiutrt\i>,
They un- jiiiltli-hin^ a local pajtei,
with a name old enough  in ^i\i* ii
, i.
Judging    llolil    llie    etiii-l    p.tpel
the    hulioiije    plague   seems    lo   lit
sp.u ti njj. Im iin opening   in   America.     U -lumld In- careful   «u-  -..nu*.
,f ii,,.   ,*,... i      ..-HI   . . i    ;.    :.     il,,.;,.
  Illl-il" Hie pllHi-0 |||.ii|| a mine   lion-1
The lower levels of  the Sloeati ioralth-, iriilliful iiud manly pedestal j
countrv -till have a .-niiwl.s-winter! li,a,» »<"•-•<•• •"-> "*l**'* |teo|iIc K.»i **
\ „. .   '  ,    ,,.,        t\       • ».     i       without saying.    The West* know>
out no one know- *i"' »• «•«»•<   •*« »...•. •'    H
a   cloak    to   hide   shad)    ..n-ine;-
of il.e Hag. more ,«,,! nianl,,„i.l aii.l!or s,,,i;'1 Il'11'^",i"11^ '" :it" !>» ''"
woiiiiuilmod, lunit love ol lhel,eau-| ""1,l,,,"i pi'"vided for tlieir own
Iilul and Irtie in anv uiie We-ii-ru j couveitieiice and Sutiiliiv e\ei.iiig
"Ian-limn cu, l.e iiiiui.l in an enure; ,.,,1,.,'tai,, „„.„,,  siiiuhi   lie   inclined
t-H ill).: ol -i.ili > alttit-,'   tin-    Atlantic'
* it.; I,
■The Wesi ,'i|,e- nothing. |i,-irroi-
UiAly,,, ,ou\ .n.iyn „i, ^i^-iyill1^" ^<-h :t Ih-nt  -Intid       \nd   yel.
(■buiip.iii/.( e's   dechdiilioti-   a,-    •-..,('110 one will deli) that   the  Ontario
-landard ol liusiue-sorsoeialethics-7 ijju^hh i-  riuln.      \Y
inn* doe- it fall mi it- stomach and
-ing   peiili"   when    lis   Miobocracy
p;t"-t- tliHvu the -treel.     The West j """'"'   .'".""  " ' "'    """[ ]NC
i-a law   iinin  itself,   and   that its! j ***'
Imsines.  and   MN-,»|   and   pol.t.cah  |'H*hU.    IVlMUl^UlM   I »
lo raise their hand- in  holy hoi ior
,J if (heir own church   pastor were to
'*    take
no o
parson is right.      \\ hat   is an nu
couvcrtid per-ouV     l> it not one of
those weak-kneed individuals   who
Provides :icc*iiiiiii"(la:iiiii t 'i
Ihe liavellili:; |iiil.!ie, , , , .
Plete-'Mit I'pi'itis, -md ^p-.-;
meals. The bar is Htotiked
with wliit'H, liquor"-, and
citfai*-*. HOT and COLD
HUGH M\EN, Proprietor,
luw*   ti* !•   «'  b ^» m*
UIV tO it RfcADE
N.w Denver. B.C.
Ik'Ht trenl.i m  the city— OinN'tiihlc room*.—Wm
Litpiors .ind ''i.'jraif- -Rest service thi'oiifflioitt,
\   J ICOHSOV, IVivprtvl.tr
replete  with ttte tv»s» .-.f
-mt^ ?*m>*. ^_x p*^>4, p*.xm\ ^c^>^ pA::xm, pwsxm, p*sx**i^xm pas'^*\.p€X3*a:pc~^
y*i»9t    m*m    **•*'-^^ W W    W Ur    *■■•*   W    mimt    mlmt    mi mi    ymimt    mi ml.   **tmt   1
MAXtH( 1 l.'KKK ol
I>. it, idiV id.
Ledger is tin
the ii'mht   when    ,    ,.   , t        .   .    ,        ,    ,
•" tlie l-'i-t  ft-iitii   \   in   I'/mrM     IfiitiM
the  lieaiilil.U   m-jJJ  civep   upon  ti.-u|jii,Hvvaslu-d*.ml.haU'.Ji4iki-d ideas!
acid   bury   the   |.'iwn   under   the uf wlmt i on-iittiK •*  poiile  nn ii-ty, \
while. and ix charitable enough lo forgive!
it iu its huuiesi icgard of tlii'liro|li«»r-'
name of the lmHl „f ,„„„. ,M|( j, ,|IMV„*t ro,.g(.t|
journalistic   k'ibv   in V/m-. rhc ehiitteriuK matrple.** who, wfiile- IFAVixt; soi.p.ur*t..r.•-.» ri.r**. k..?i**i..j,
••ouver.    It iitok*-healthy.althoiigli hoisting the hliiek ling, drool ihcii'i |..t»it »r. '(ayi'tVif r7t",ii
mat.*, „f its eulumt,-   iii-limlt-*- HialA''"'''' r"f tht'iit^i all the   l-^t.-ni]   ;^.,lU
it Hiok« the j*-*.- brtt.h more thani»,M,,,i,i,;lli",W   T   w,Ml,|,,,1,w»u"l,t "Jl
,       .„  ,      .     ,     . . I'vervthing and evmlvody we*x of' _
tlmuiilkJK.itic.for.g.uahty. thf Indiwrn. lim*. VANQUARD$An KO!
HriHih  CVdnimMii   i*   ln*t«i   l«i«'k
•And when we mull  that one
hM oi all this I'rtii. id .*-o*i-.ii]ci3 line
NKI.siiX, H.i'.
WM  111 NTI'ft oi   tawttili
il   l(tlll)   Hill)  I'inllltll'll .ll «*•!».
,            ,      ,          .     ,     ,              , ,                  , IWIII Ol Ail  IIOS Itilli MI MH-illldl   IIIIU.ii.   l,.jt»   Mlwr.,M * *•-•. (■ t■-  I   III             i^w
for   inek   of   in-h^ntfetif hnne«.t; vvlilU|R   ;ft  jtrtM.   u>    u>urt^ivd jc.v-tf iv.i u ..(!m:i!        ,VU       |ll
public men,  and U lietl fa*»t  hy * iitt«rnry fidlem'   whose practical! u *"''""• ''"*"' f*'*'**                              ym \9^~~}Mm*c'~*
rotten   pftichnieut   bond'*. S(unc|kiiowh*«ig(*of thf-  unrhl in hh cir-j                  n.tt\.      tn n ^^''J^J£ J^11^^^
Bank of Montreal.
l'.t;il»Jf.h..l   ISI7.
(.'npittil (all jaiil ttp) fl'.'.lMiO.tlD.OU
Uosci'vod lund   :    :     7,0U),(X)O.M>
Undivldf-d piotlW   :    i    "dtM^I'd
itHMi ori'ier., monthk.ii..
ffov  F.(if?n STiMTtrfovt it,id \fnr:vr Tforu., C,,f. M.ti.  i're*1Aor,t.
Hox.it. A. DaiMWoxi), Vico President,
K  S,  ff/ir-.i'ov, (lenertt) Mnoajrer,
Utanelieii in all part-i ol Canada, NewfoiwdliUid, Urem Hritain, miA
l'ni«<*d States,
New Denver branch
I.B B. DE Vnnnk, tHan9t.tr
|^^^^**m> 99i^^^i ^^^^tf^mmit^^^g |      H      |
W^^*^^^^\ 1^^*^^^^^ W     kJ ■"■£1 i3sa->L>**-p ji-jji^aui-^uryB*^; ,y- fr-
Ninth Year.
Che Uacclnaiicn -Curse
A case of smallpox has been
found in Eossland recently and the
next thing we may expect to have
sprung on us is the cowpox by the
medical profession. The vaccination curse will be forced upon the
patient public, and cowpox inoculated into well people to make them
sick whether or no. Science says
it is better to make well people sick
by shooting into them the poisonous
vit'us from running sores on a diseased cow than it is to keep them
well and healthy and strong by inducing them to practice a few simple exercises and cleanliness. And
what the medical profession doesn't
know about smallpox—would fill a
library. Seventy years ago a physician by the name of M. R. Lever-
. son, wrote upon the evils of vac-
i eination.    He said in part:
"A remarkable instance of a degrading and cruel superstition,
taking its rise among a people
claiming to be enlightened and persisting into what is called a "scien-
tilie" age, is that of vaccination.
"If the believers in this superstition were content to indulge in it
without attempting to force it upon
the more enlightened, it might
safely be left to die but as enlightenment advanced. Unfortunately
for the race, a few greedy self-seekers have managed to foist their belief (or alleged belief) upon the
lawmakers, and these men, nearly
always ignorant of the principles of
legislative science and but too frequently corrupt, have suffered their
fears to be worked upon until this
superstitious belief has been erected
into a State Medical Church and
the greedy self-seekers have been
appointed its well-paid priests. So
disease,'! and t-luvsupposed horrors
of smallpox been insisted on by
nearly all the teachers of medicine
during the past one hundred years,
that there can be little doubt but
that a majority of the medical profession today "have faith" therein,
and to most of them who read (his
r iirt icle it will be a great, surprise to
learn that there is no foundation
whatever for their belief. That
tnis statement is true can be proved
from the writings of al) medical
men who wrote upon smallpox before the senseless practice of inoculating smallpox ns a protection
against smallpox made smallpox
almost universal.
•When ihe pathology of cowpox
is examined,   the absurd  and   re-
glance will   reveal   their striking
Phagedenic sores.        Phagedenic sores
Node3 in the head.       Nodes in the head.
Ophthalmia. Ophthalmia.
Dentition delayed in   Dentition delayed in ehil-
childven, with pro-      dren, with production of
duction of the so      the so-enlled   syphilitic
called syphilitic     teeth,
Eczema of all kinds.   Eczema.
Herpes. Herpes.
Ready fracture and   Caries of bone,
difficult healing of
bone, also probably
curies in some cases
Insanity, probably.       Insanity
Scrofula Scrofula
Mucous patches on Mucous patches ou ton-
tonsils, tongue and sils, tongue and lips
lips tending tn ulcer- tending to ulceration,
Bronchitis Bronchitis
Tuberculosis,  prob'ly   Tuberculosis
Arrest of development   Arrest of development
This parallel showing of the
similarity of syphilis and cowpox
"will be discredited by the medical
profession, though the writers of
the above were men who had spent
their lives in a study of the diseases, and wrote knowingly of what
they had learned. Now is the
harvest time for the professional
blood-poisoners. It has never
been absolutely proven that smallpox is contagious. In fact, the
vaccinators themselves will admit
that it is yot contagious unless you
are in a condition to acquire it. In
other words, unless your blood is
impure from breathing foul air,
overfeeding, muscular- inactivity
and an excess of clothing.
In Physical Culture, Bernarr
Macfadden tells of a Dr. M. J.
Kodermutid, of Appleton, Wis.,
who last year visited the pest house
of his city, passed his hands all
over the sores of a* patient in the
acute stages of smallpox, then
transferred as much as he could of
this contagious element to his coat,
vest and handkerchief. Thus reeking with the supposed contagion of
this  foul disease he sallied forth.
pass unmolested. Under the cover
of legal marriage, it has been at
liberty to cause all manner of suffering without being attacked by
those who ought to and do have the
health of the world in their hands.
Its evils have not been held up to
the public gaze like those of drink,
food, dress and pleasure intemperance.    Nay, many of the reformers
function as they do on those of eating and walking, as a necessary
part of their lives. The physician
will no longer be implored to put
the stamp of Cain on his brow in
order to deliver them from a burden which they are unfitted by a
misuse of this function to bear.
The desire to rid herself of the
functiou of propagating her species
in these other lines are as guilty of j has   had most direful   effects on
this one evil as those who do not in woman's nature.    It has made her
any respect uphold the tenets of
temperance.    This   has   been   the
cruel and  cunning.     Woman  has
ever sought to defy man's oppres-
one condition in which man has j sive power by cunning, and as long
been allowed free exercise of his] as she is oppressed she will. Women
own will. It has been only when ' who would be horrified at a murder
such intemperance has occurred! are willing to murder the little life
outside the sacred precincts of mat- j within them, pleading that the be-
rimony that the public voice has ing is not yet alive.     Not woman
been raised in disapproval. Two
persons legally united are free to
injure each other and their offspring as much as they may have a
alone, but man also. A woman
will come to a physician, desiring
to be relieved of her undesired offspring,  with  the oft-repeated re
mind to, and it is all right.    The mark: 'My husband does not want
He was well known in his native
town. All his friends were greeted
with great elfusion. He shook and
held their hands, rubbed his coat
sleeves over theirs and was especially demonstrative in his regard.
That evening he attended a party.
He wore the same suit of clothes
and carried with him the same
handkerchief. He continued to
demonstrate his alVeetion for all the
invited guests in every possible
way. His handkerchief at least
had probably rubbed against the
sleeve of nearly all there. At the
conclusion of this parly the doctor
announced what he had done.
There was a terrible outburst ol indignation. The doctor came very
near to being lynched, and for a
time he had to be conspicuous by
volting character of vaccination \ ],is absence from town. Now, was
shows itself with special force, i H*,,. ,|,w*tor crazy? Or did he have]
Inoculation had its rise in the er- j *•-, object in view? lie wanted io j
mucous theory that one attack oi'j p,..,V(, vvj^ ;,iW)|u1c accuracy the!
smallpox   was   protective   againsi \ falsity of the claim that smallpox isj
contagious.     And be did   prove it. |
legal union covers a multitude of
sins. A woman may be invalided
for life, may be sent to a lunatic
asylum—it is all right. A man
may be lower than the most degenerate brute, and yet be all right
in the eyes of the public so long as
this intemperance is exercised within the pale of holy matrimony. Ignorance is at the root of this evil.
Education, as in all other reforms,
will alone remedy the evil. Until
men and women fully realize the
physiological functiou which they
are violating continually, no remedy can be expected. Prohibition,
as in all other reforms, will fail.
•'This   sexual    function   is one
me to have any more children.'
Yes; but that selfish husband has
not will-power to properly recog-
nide that he is misusing a function.
The world today is full of those
who are trying to regulate family,
not by an observance of natural
law, but rather by artificial means
which are sources of danger.
Knowledge alone will be the remedy for this evil, which should be
called nothing less than legal prostitution."
ANAKCI1Y    AM)    Ktlll.
''The   Christian   Nation,"   discussing Anarchy and Ruin, says:
"This nation believes that wine
which ought, like all other func- j is a. safe companion, but the demon
tions, to be performed in accord-10f the cup laughs at the false con-
ance with natural laws.    Abnorni- i fidenee of the  nation  that lets it
live to prey upon human lives. The
murderer of the President came
from Nowak's. saloon. The anarchists of the Chicago Hay-market
massacre came from   the saloons,
and when some of them were released from the prison at J olio t
they got   saloons   of   their   own.
ally exercised, it calls for more and
more, and ignorant persons credit
this insatiable desire to the strong
love of the individuals. As well
say that au abnormal stomach,
winch"ever aiTd~ever ^fa\res~fof
more food, while unable to digest
that which it has already received,
is a sign of love.
"By observance of this law there
will be. fewer invalided women,
women who say T have not known
a day's health since i was married;'
fewer inmates for asylums, fewer
deformed children, and, on the
other side, fewer weak-willed men.
As the physical nature is made to
obey its laws, it  will  be healthier,  vision*.« un* .-.unci-.u ,m,'iiiuii.-',viiiiiii!M(iavs
i   » ■ .. i*     . |... I'l-'.in Ihi* ilulf nf thin nntlfi., ymi  fall nr l'i'fii«pi.'ti
and Irom its more perlect condition i-ontiHjou* v.mi-jim-itm ,>i y\ •uiciicxpciiiimirc
will-arise stronger  intellect!
and spirituality.     The popuh
instead of decreasing, will increase.
Women with  healthy bodies will
not dread maternity.     No  longer
slaves   to   an   abnormal appetite,
they   will   look  on   this  physical
Iht-     legal     |h*ivuiiii1   iiM.ri-s.'iiiulive-s     ni'
.).    A.    SMITH,    ilm.-iis.-d.    nr    to    mi,-
pcrsim    or   persons    tn    whom   tlu*    sniii
■I.    A.    Smith    lino,     have     transferre
hi* hilt-rest iu tin* Silver Hill .Mineral Cl.iim.
sit nut ei I nn Payne Mountain. il miles ,-ji.in hut
Thi'i'i* Furl;-,, in tbt.. Slocan  Minim:' Division
of West Knntcnay, British Columbia
roll   an.I eiifli .il" y.ui. are  hereby  noilticil
thut we have e.\|ienileil two luiiitlivil ami
tlvi* ilnllat-H iii liilmi' nntl liiiprnviiiui'iirs upon tli.*
iilmve iiicntli.neil mineral ciitlm unilcr the pi-t,-
f the Mineral Ael, anil U.'.Viililn nn*
(■igi'thi'i- wilh all ci.swiif advertising, vtuir Inter
est in ihe said "lptim ml! lieeotni- tin* ''unpen v n:
,    ,. . the subscribers uniler Section   t ni   an   Act  en*
IO population, 11ltl.il **An Act l*. Amend the Mineral Ael iimi"
1    Daleil.it New Den vim-, II. C. thl-* -.'Uh dnv nl
oeiiil.er, l'tnl. I1KKUKIM* T TWjo'o,
ItOliT  (HJNNIN'd,
Schwab, who was suspected of
sharing in their plot, keeps a saloon
in New York. Most has his headquarters aud issues his iucen diary
paper, 'Freedom,' from a saloon,
and the writer tracked him through
three saloons one morning as Most
went about among his flock. As
the legitimate business of the country stood still while our President
was laid away, the saloon went on.
It was the day of its victory, while
with its red eyes it looked out on
the streets leering at the nation
that dares to trifle with its power.
Czolgosz loses his life as the penalty
of his crime, but what of that?
The saloon is raising many children to prove to those who have
sold it the right to live, while it
robs the nations of their rulers and
wives of their husbands, that it
mocks at those that deride its
power. It avails little to hang up
efligies of the assassin, the child of
the saloon, while the parent lives
to multiply his kind. Hang up
the. saloon, and the race of anarchists will die. Wine is a mocker,
and it jeers at us over the tomb.
A little boy came home after the children had had their eyes examined, with
the following* note, duly signed by the
"Mr. .iudldtis:-— Dear Sir—Your son
shows decided indications of astigmatism, a ml his cusc is one that should be
attended to without deluy."
The father sent the following answer
the next day:
Mr. Kershaw:—Dear Sir—Whip it out
of him     Yours trtih,   Hiram  .hulkins
Al. Mineral Claims.
Siiuatn in tin'SIiKMii Minim.*- Division'nl' We.-t
Koomiiny District. Where loealed: Silver
Mountain, two miles east of New Denver.
'PAKE NOTICE That I. Htijrli S. Nelson, Kit-.-
I Miller's Certilieate Xo. H.'.it43, iideinl si\ty
days from tin: date hereof, to apply to tho MimuL-
Hecord*.*'- for Certiticates of Improvements. RiY
the iiirposi; of obtaining Crown lirants nl the
AjijlJimiUil^J^_J|^ce_Jini t_jii-lkuj__miiiaj„
Mineral   Claims.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West'
Kootenay District. Where located: North
of Sandon. Pavnc creek.
AKE NOTICE that 1. Herbert T. Twin-,',
Free Miner's Certificate No U Stm,tor my -
self and as agent for Hobort Cuimim?. Free
Miner's Certificate No R 6218!). and Albert David,
Free Miner's Certilieate Xo 5219!, intend,
sixty days from the date here if. to apply to il.e Mining Recorder for Certiticates of
Improvement' for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of each of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be comnit'ncfcd before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvement.*.
Dated this 5th day of December. A. 1) 1S01
CL'I/TAS   N'O.   -4   Mineral   Claim.
Situate in lliu Slocan Minin*,' IiivUlon of West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
Trilmtar** creek, near Sandon. ou divide.
'PAKE XOl'IOE Thai Wilson & Si-nkler.actini*
1 as agent for the Adams British Columbia,
Mining I'nriipany. ftvo inlnei-'s certilieate Xo.
1I1K55. intend, sixt davs from the dale hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilieate of
Improvement*), for'.the purimsc of obtaining a
Crown (.rant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section .17, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certilieate ol Improvement*.
Dated this 17th dav of October, A. D. 1901,
section 37, must be commenced liefore the ip.
aiice of such certificate.*, of Improvements.
Dated this 28th il.iv of .November, A. D. iimi.
N Alto it   Mineral Claim
liitiiil) \- t,iiiniii,t n.i'
'!'" Di:i,lN(Vl'KXr .'t.-OWNT.I.S.
I'll V*,   ANDKIl-si.N, Iii;.i   J." \|l'HA!l;\
i      \     M.*!. IN N't.V    ,1.    I'.    I'll'll MO'**;
I'll 11,11' llow I-:, nr tn wlmin tin*\ iii.-i.v luvr
ir.tsi-'p ti. .1 :!.. ir ,i,;, r, -i. Ipi tli,- j-Yi|,,i-;i nS.u  I
<*iill   <-l:iliii. mi n;.|(..|   ml   tialeii.i   I-'.miii   |l*ii,
Ileal Si!l.'e|'!.i:,   in l||e   Sl.ifji li    \lriiii(,-   |lm-|
inn, ..I Wi-t Iv ii..*,,-n ,y lii-tni! '
ti   no-: iii'.ifi.itY \u'i iiii-.i* om i h,*,.- i
Situate lu the SI .can  Mi-lug Division ..! ,'.'.-~t
Kootenay   District.     Where   located:     <):>
K'.to   Mountain,   adjoining    the   Illuchirtl.
Stranger, Tradi;  Dollar, Malm Xo. 2, mul
Kawitnii mineral claims.
'PAKE NOTICE thut l.ll. W. Hull, lie.-miner,*
L    certiticate  No.  Il:i.'.lll,  f..r myself and   a-.
a*.'uut_for(!ei.]'g,* ,1. AI kin,,  live nil in r's eeniii-
catu No, 11 17!i;.', intend, sixtv ilnv ' Iimiii tilt-dale
hereof,  tn  apply    tn    tlie    Mining   Itccordci
fur a Certilieate <■(  liiipmvi'iiifut",   im-llu* pur
pose of obtaining n Crown (Irani  of the a'tnve
Aud further tuk.* iiolic.-that  aell.iii unilcr see
tinn .'17, must he t'liiinneiiceil liel'niv tin* issuance
of such Ci'ltill,'.He,,! Illlllll. •.ellllil.K
Dated this 121b dav of.Inly, A, |). um.
U. W   lll'l.l,.
r.\*llllvlt   Mineral Claim
Situate In the SL.eaii  Minim.  DlvNinn ol W'-i
Kunti'iia.v,    Di-trict.     Wlien*   Incnt.-i!:     tin
Carpenter creek. niljpiiiiiiiL* ilit* Siinri-. .
'I'AKK   \' U Kl*:   Thai   I, Jiilin   Keen, i,,,
1     Miner "('eitiiie'it, \,,. lOs-il, intend, s|\t\
day*. Irinii llie date li.-vnl, (., u|,|,|\ t..lh< Mining
Ki-eoiili-r lorn Ciiiilieatt- ..I   lu.iiii.veiiieiit*', ,'..i |
thepuri e of ohtiiiidlig p.   I'i-iiU'ii   (ii'.inl   ..|'   ih,  |
iiliuii* claim. !
And lunh. : t',.;e n. il,-,   il,„i   :,,||. u u,,d. i - ,   '
tlm: ill, lllll'l  lie i'"lllli.i-l:,-ii|  I,-.I, IV   the i-*ll:il;. -,   '
"I -IIp'Ii Cl-Kllieille ..!   lMI|>|.x,i'l|lfllK
KM'JU mul KOHSON Mineral Claims.
Situate In the Arrow Lake .Mining. Division ot
West Kootenay District.     Where located:—
On I'ingstnn creek, about 8 miles from Its
'PAKE NOTICE Tli.it I, F. C.'Green, acting «*
I   agent for the Daphne Mining and Develop*
incut Company, Limited Liability, free miner's
certificate Xo   1102258, intend, sixtv days irom
the date hereof,  to apply to the'Mining Recorder for a Certilieate of Improvement?, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
Ami further take notice that action, under section :i7, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certiticate. of Improvements.
Dated this intli dav or September. I'.ioi.
 F. C. (iltEEN. Nelson, B.C.
LOltXA  DOO.N   KHACTION  Mineral Ciain,
Situate in the Sloean Mining Division of West
Kootenav District. Where located: On
Four Mife Creek
'PAKE XOTICK. That 1. M. K. W. Rathbornc,
J. Free Miners'Certiticate No. It.".2.'l-I», for myself and ftsiigcut for Frank Culver, Free Miners'
Certilieate Xo. li listi.ii, inteiid, •»*i dav* from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Hccorder for
a certilieate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a  crown  grant of the above claim.
And further take notice llnit net inn under Sec.
37 iiiti.*t K* ci.uiitni.'iicetl Mori; tht; issuance of such
certiticate (pf improvements.
Dated this loth flay.,I Octnlier, A.D. lull.
TAMA HACK   Mineral Claini
Situate in the Slocan  Mining   Divi-ion  of West
Knoteiiay District.   Where located:   On the
lliird Last Fork of Wilson ereek. about similes from Slocan Lake.
rpAKF. NOTICE That 1,  Kenneth  L.  Burnet.
-^    agent lor .liuiies M  Martin E*i*r., Free Miners Cert Uicate No.  H .iviiin.  intend, sixty days'
irom llie date hereof, m apply t-. the Mining Ke*
coi-ilei- for it (.'eiiiiieate nf Improvenicnl.-i, for the.
purjmse of obtaining u Crown (iraut nf the above
And further take iioticethat action, under Section H7 must be eiiinineiue.1 lielore ilie i-suaiiee
of such (.'ertilic-ije^-f Iiniirovcnjents.,,.
n'TiiteTniiTs'^m*Tfa>M>riIt'loKerTSn), l't'l.
I'n-:il-i .!  y
\. D. .:•■
■i"H\   I*.
SCXItlSK   Minernl   Clahn.
situate in th,   SI*.can  Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District.      Where  located:'    Ad-
Joining the Hope mineral  claim,  near Sun-
TAKE NOTICE Thai 1.George* Alexander, free
1     miner'** eertilicitte No.   liniio, o,  it*  agent fur
the Kulh Mines, Limit, il. five ini'ii !■'** certificate
No.   Il.liisiiii. lureiiil, «i\t\   dm-.- irmn the dale
hereo:,   to   apply   to   tie-   Mining   K'.-eoider for
a Cellilicate of liil|ii'.r,euiei,ts, for the purposctif
obt.-uiiilig ;.  I'l'owu   Oiaiit   .if  the  alnivi* claim.
■ \ Illl ilirt her (il lie nolicet ha tacl'oli llielet' >l-C. XI
Ulll-t lleeomill.'lieeil   bel.-I'<-   III.'   ivPUiiucc iif sl|l*h
Ct'l'tilicate nf Inipl'.iveuieiil-..
I luted litis 17lh dnv ol I iclnbi*i-   PhI.
i.E'il.'t.E ALKXANDElt.
IllvWni,   KIXCON,  Tll.lXliril.lTYmiil
MOI.l.;  Mineral Cliiium, and ;!;,- UINCON
ami CHOW Fractional  Mini i.,| Ciiilms.
Situate h, ihe :.|,,i*in,  Mi,in,„  ]i|vi,|.m nf West
K... ll llliv   ill-lriel       Whl-.i-  Ine.lt,-d;    About,
three inil.*. -"iiili i.isi .,: silv.*i't..ii, II.C,
'CAKE -Mil I*ri: Thai   I    Fi,,.,c:-,I, o'ltelllv,
1      of Sihertuli    I!   I  ,.   ,[.. „,., lit  !o|   |(. iusJliglT,
p.l Sjnliitue, Sin, .,| Wmliiiigtiin, C.S.A., Free
Miii. r-Cettilieiiie N,, I', V|.,;, ii,lend, sixty days
trcni  the  date   hereof,'*;,, apply   f.,   t|„,   M|i,i,iK
K.-cordi-r Im i'iriiii,..,p .. ,,i lini.tovenieiit- for
(l.e pi.l|...-i o! .-Ii'iin.illj ( l'.,\M i,rant* nt ihe
• ill-.V*  fir,In.-
And Inili-.-i' -elte nolle.. t|mi p., li-m. ,nnli-r *.c-
"■•-■> "■ tun - I'f - - li.in.-..oil l„ |. |, the i-,UPII.l|.
..: -in li ( . rliPie.,:. *,,i Jnij |.,,,, inriitv
I' .1. ■' ill,*,   ,: I,    P.l*,     ,.  N'.iVelltlier    l*m|.
I'!*.' tN't'l.s  I     , l.C.ILl.V.
Inri'   iti-\cr   was  unv
was lu'iii'vcii in ior
by  llu* liii-ilifiil jii-o-
aim! lur,      'I
li:i,sis in  t'ii'1
iii'Vi-rliif!i-.*-*s.   i
siiiin* i-i-nliirii'S'
1'i'ssioii iu   wlrtt   wi'i-i'   ilii'tt   i-alli'il
si'ii'iitntf tins s, iiiiiiotio'ii looui'o ti|i
on ii** ,-i hiiti* vulifar   notioii Uv tin*
li.-iti-r iiiftrsni'il   jiiiy-i'-i'tii-   ol   an-
I i(|lllt V.        I h .      Xni'A.    pi'iiii'S  i*l*   ol'
II\;t"i'i itiiil f-aiut.icy   Mali-lit'- iii
I '>li\iT.**il\   nl   I'll id-    S\S jl /(•; hlli'l p.
l*t*|niti-       thai     on    lli<-      In*;!**,    oi'
'lie  I
Illl--    aHHIIIlj.|IOIi::('U|„iUo ,,..   |„.    ,|i,|    (lip.'i'l     I'fiilil  l
JM'.'-I     lion:*!',      lilcctlll^     Ullliirloti-',
11 ii'i u l< who .I'i'I'i' siihjci't lo litis ill- '■
iiio.-i ilircfi ru'.ilii^ioii.   not a ,-ino|,.
c.'i-t' olAiuall|io\ was   t-otil riicli il as!
:i ri"*-|ill.
1 y ll- ul     i;vt  vl.   is i y m i ijanciv.
'. Tl ll
i"*..i-i- •pi..i.
I'l.P    IIPPIpP'I   li   '  hull
,' '*" I- I !..   i-VP-'-n-i' 11
li-.pp.-l I.p.
li -d .!,,      Id , I ,j ,
Ml'   .'.'      I     1,1 Pill   j!
,t.t.'* : l!n- ,,  pp.-
,t   ni   ,.i   ;■ nl.-.,. .
" I.i. ,. I-   Ip. 'V     dn
ill    ip'ipl'.V.
I  lie    ,.'      I
it. I'M,I*:.,.i
vs   a\':>i,i.
ii. i
I'llll.U   li
'.I'    ,:*|. ".    P
ll ,l...|
.1    -.     .1
I .i.' i'A '
i.lvO    I-
■I      'I
". ii   in It,.-,
:■:■•;.  W i
• ■• -i„ti  i
-■   I        !. .   .
■! !•  II  |.   I
,i:;i. iii
"l  .: tr
■• II I.l m.11 i * I  i .. ..'.', \|-;i(.
it   W   \i..(i|ll*
a- . \   ip ■ - ■- * i
I W . -I
- !•
I " v i   '
i    - It
•-. « h"in he
• p r. -I   in   the
Hi,    |„-,„|„|
Vl l p . i i:.: 111V I
'-"   • V' i.'d
I:    .''I    tl.e
VI. ■ . '   I
Mli'lt     Ullt* lb   • !l>   t'.ltl    In    jll'Oi lll'f'!.
a jti'i'-oii wlto ha-*   oiti-i'   Iuul -iii.ill-
(ltl\   It I-  lit*. I    |ll'l   <llll.   Illnll'   I'lliilll'r
o|' lu'iot. attarki'il in ;iu i-jiiil-ciuii-
thiin !.;;.- -'H-- ".''■" is:-.- ..-v-vi' ''*-".'.
altiii ki il.
"'Iln' *\ iii|*toiii-ol   siiiall|uiK an-
t tiiiij..ii-.iliv. I;, I'y.v   ami   oiiM with
•tilli'l  out
. ...»
I,. >■    ,.,. -('.
t ii i ,
• .p^p
n a     1^11 p
1   1 if   '
I'itlsi' ni-iiili sty, iiii|iro|:i*|- cilttt-a-
lion nnd tin' |n'i'\«'i -ion ..j in-iiui i
tiuii ri--*ulA, an' tit!, loi" n, wi'ak'ii-
iiy Ininiaii |iipwi-i:-. Kiiown im v iv
|t)i>siciiiii, 'I'lii'V an Id..unlit I'ai-i-
to lat •• with th" ri *'!!•' : '"!• . vi •■
tiny hiv nol pci'iiiiiii'd   lo  -'iiiml a
llllinll  ^   I**     illtl-l ,t>.l*      ....IV       ...ll.,
.-it'ti't- on ihi' tnliooi'il -iiiiji*i*i«. I In*
Woi hi ha- raisril it -liiiilanl which
dcrtatv** that .-oiivi'iitional ,-niil it|i-
olic fal-c   inoili'Sly   is   Mi[ii*i-io|-  tu
, ,.,,,. Iiiiilth: il has ho? a iii.-iiiiiiin on
.,. ,y ii'iioviini'i' ttinl Imiutcil l-tnvivl<'<li'<'of
jthnu.-i   ccrlain stilijcct** whit-h   i**   i-scntia
ritual witn
I'ldivt-iiit'iicc. S
it<U) ii'.'.'iii'st Iii i-
il'.lti «S*» per d;i\ .
every iiiudcri.
i'1'ld! I'l'oli'i-
s"'  ,ri»
Mutlici ;i|vva\s liii.k Well
tillil    Wear    well     if tin-
r.'iiloi* kfiow-* hi*, Im*,!
tics-* Wear fh" In-,!,
I^'iivi* \ 'tu* itiller toi   ,*i
Sili ii;i)   l."\V!:i;v's  •  i
tn    i p i)j|i'     \ iit||-     \\ ,| v
-'•iidin^ t!,i' ''<liioi ii <|p<!
I .* 11 *      !l   !'ili'iii.*lii-> ;i ja.w
. i.l. i.-.
■ ■ a a
lu-t.t". %■
........ li*
i it \ Mi I-- i l.ll I-;.
p.' .       u;, vti.\ r
! M '■,       '*..;■ \ i; >
p \ i. I   \ \ i p
'-.     !'     *.,  ' .. .'
iin t.t,lll|.ia, ViV ■'. I
< o  i   i m« i   a ii<
j /•. F. UiiiiSUUiR, ,,):77'i;;!L        i,„i
S'ii. eiftjlit Ssvtsii]^.     |tin( thei-ye mn+t h*
d. E. Angrignon
l he l.'iulmu
Finest Shop in thc Slocan.
^l i-.lt jio\    *,**Vjiliins       -He
iitcidii al ouA .tn*   lfo33owc«J   *iy -«
oinlarics of the most   serious cli,u-  •»«•»«. «*v-*«n ii a lew |M*opi«* Iwvc m
'•■I i* ■• t««.     ^hicI/m! Tn tin-.    t*nt\       n ii    »■»*.
t'«'i V   _ .        * Vv*    i''fiti"t'Aii'^'- ■*   j'-'ii-f-1.*( -y*A t '-y-fA ''•-- ,
ri»!'ovviy, is r»ve  from  tin* Ai«en-e !»"«>• M»w ••'•   atticl«*   from  the
even  if ho   Ih   iiiHikctl   l.y war-. "IihHhii M.-dical KwiiM" on .S-.v-
S. i illpov will mn iK-p'i either. -.»«■• :««I   Iiiti'iii|)(i*Hit(c, by  .Jennie U.
ti-t\ nr HVfliilix.   (In  tli»* <*,nmti v. r»r«Mtiiaii. M. !>.:
theve .we viituiu-. '.juli»i.-i-jti'.'ut utatii-'     "At tho iir."*<.'iif. fftii"   u,-,.- juv tu-.i. fh'k'f*:
f-wt-tlioiw in  vituviiiHtitni.  or cow- i»|»t to (-online our remark*-*tolii-ttor
pu\,   -wJiicii   an*   TMivatkaV'ly  like int-ftnjwmnn*,   and   ovcriook    iin*
th«-«*   tlmt   «|»it«-iar   iu   what on' Uu« that tliw nre «»tW  foi in--a  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS
kiunvit n« svi'oitdarv   aad tertian infcniiwraiKV   which   nn-   just  as       in.....10-m Kut-.^"*-" H'"* vui'inaiiui
|>»'iiiKl** of syj.hiliH.    I*.i low ;ui-tah- |M-niicioiih to tin*   welfare  of man.
lAnte^l in {wirallcl  «iihimiH s<»m»* of Hither   from   i^nm-Bini.',   or  from
tho many m»nifeHt«tioui»  th»t aj»- fai-*«* mtMi(«ty,   «••   iuivi*  jiHowi-d
f#Ar in iioth fh»*se <li**en>iiii,   and n this evil of sexual  iiiremjM'raiii'i' to
f«..(!H:.    Wi'Unvnn   \v,
Denver, (J. C,
N'o. w
U    (*-f
■ !■■:.l.-li -I
(Illllf <».»(«.
,.  I,-,"i r
I .Hfn-i.tt. it* li«,*.
.'•*  1';-1 .tit* iri,<!   ''
,«'»...i    . ..
o   Ho WlltKIT,
I', !', I.*,  U'lit, \>W DeliVif
i<    i.'   J.    i.'uu.:!..i>«>..   •  S, *-*. Atft , W ini,ij«d
lull--. an»! (*:inu»d lie
i»o;|!t'!l !ur shiilti't !1|o' the
11nd- nt'  .nt.i.iv'itii.ii   *ii-iI
itrnorancc that i-out-  *»
lniicli (tl* ihe luiulii met
ji! <d   irtM'fiuiii   (in   this
I'iUtii.     Dio.   uliilc   iIka
fliouulu   (>l   jiurcii.iM' i.s<
ivaiutiiiu     yciir    iif «|i**r
R. T. Lowery
Sew Denver, B. C !
I!    .
U.l, UK
I,' I,    I
li 'III    II   N\|\.
\    11 l V ii«
l   * -^    V    i \.J %_* .
till -I
»'1. /.It)
li* I i    \   *
\..„ y. ... i   <■
1 I- N- v    .- •
\\.i .'-«'- . !•* ■   t
. S    i I..,,<(('..   ,
!*   »i. i, . I ».*..- ."
«. N..-, ..
!■■> IH..1 *\yi I \ l i ..
i li -.'-•     VS IiHH**«iV    1,1
I      ■     vt, mvni.n.    i
i'Mii.ir if.w i, .. •  «,
'rpp*.p.u..|'l,.-ii >,,(. ,. -*. ..
-.pi- p.. - I iimi *,;.i'!t :. .... t
. ,, -,'li.r-...     ,,, 0,     -   ..
,|\\ M.li-
>    I   ViltllUliS
I        i(l|-|l.t,l{|l-.
.. "!i. I   ii. , t li>tl ,
•!..- ft,-, k   ll,.!.,"
r *i* ,. , _:.,lu<   rt.ll.
t  ..,        '   W I    '    K',.,*. .    i <|.|. j. *
I    \»K lli:i{|.|»V S-MlUt ». '»,,• |t>...
i . i5" i. i*.'i :
'...  .p. „, hi   ;:
t A :        i. IVe   A
' .1 ii j   ii.;:i, I »ei'   :•*
N'"-v   "> -*t ',   "».   *   - P)i       l,(-t  ,11
II Jit eft. if. I.  \ ,V A      |'    ,   ,,|,*|,,|(i4,|»i',   t
  '!.'.. t'v,   1"
>.'•• OlH .   I'*-*
I. it*..ii-. , !».
[•,.*(   f...   it
Ml* i.ti -I,*   *    ».    .'    #-   i
..r*l-f I- h,M tu- ...
■ * :h>  Mi  . i  . %
tr. irHlte.li .-..' *'. *
t '.»!». '.*.,.»       ■,.,.,.
nh ml *ii,,| .„„■      •
•i pi'/i        '■) ,
t. r. .|.    i.t ll,.      .,i
...... .-,-*. „ i,. 11 ,   ,,..,,.
I* ,       '  -.. ,»M'|   ,,      V*   "      *
I*.:**,!   .m   hi'v. i»
II   !■• '•■ ■!'    II* I,
■     -'     .*!.,.,      Up      1, ...
■   'It.-  ,"i>«">,«»'    , ,,.',*..',(•,    ,„
-* * i ' i,*l ,ii,,(- I  M-«       ,'.'..vs.! .,,■*
. d   it    « llldi,     ii.,. I .    ,i , , ..
* .-..in >• i ...i ',nl , r re'ii.i   i-.
-..f. |,'.,viS ...    .,'.     tt.,     ..,- ».
nn I.   I*    .■•-.»    .in.      '   .-, 'I-, f
( >»S T!\!',\'i M   -*\!l.i\i.<
"i   N -'th   * ft:,ii,,   I    ., ;,    fLiiil.tirj*
I'mki-l   «"•>,   ll.iiuii    \(tn*riiH.i,   Ue*l
**.;*( li-m-itt .-ni-1   \*,, -,,,-,   *a-,,-»  ,i, sj.i.ij.
i .tftntt
11 I
wl I     I.-, ...i
'  \.,f I". 11
, tnl« t:*u
t    f tftlt *ivn, ••'• »..   «l .   j
'      ...»  I I.   ,     *.i   -tl      . i I'!1*
.'.-- r
.1   ' • (III--* »«•
i •'   if   Iii,
« IUi.l.M i.   Hiil'K.
r (». H.i.AKHKl I, Ann I Vt» it utft,
K. l,lV»*yt*( A.(i.l*  A«'...\'M,i..,i\,i.
( I. s.« ».t. , li |* ^ , Stlmm. II C THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. 0., DECEMBER 5, 1901
I have a very fine assortment of Sterling Silver,
consisting- oi cheese scoops,
berry spoons, sugar spoons,
sugar dusters, shaving
brushes, match boxes,
butter knives, ink wells,
whisks, napkin rings,
mustard pots, manicure
sets, etc.
Sec mv whitlow tor Sterling Silver and
Cut Glass display. I tun inonareil top;ive
the best value in tliesu goods
G.  W.  GRIMMETT, Graduate Optician
and Jeweler.
Acent f-pr Canadian Kodak Co.
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
Nelson, B. O.
Kootenay Coffee
Dealers in Teas and Coffee.
All grades ami prices. A
trial order sal icited	
Kootenay Coffee Company
P. 0. Hox Wi. West Baker St.
NKL.80X, U. C.
Deftler in
-i n«rni/^_!nrr*'r"*„r!V-
nvirtm i cu
Xov I—Champion, Four Mile, CliasCopii.
Shamrock, head of Pour Mile, Chas McXichol.
8—Buffalo, Payne mt, C E Johnston.
st--Bcinlisw, Eight Mile, A V Smith.
Xov4-l'olly,Caskill. S-Moriilu*,'.Stat*. B-
Columbia fr. 8-Xew GethiuR. H—Mikado fr*
1-2—Mollie., lS-M&Mfi*. lo-Diirdanelles Xo 2.
Itett Fox fr.   l!>—Burlington XoS.   -'fi—Seolig fr.
Xov 1—Willard and Golden Clmriott, notice of
lease liy D F Burk and 0 J Martno to Fred Wil-
liamscn mid H J Byrnes.
8—Paymaster, \, Ludger Guere to l** Kwnnnell,
Oct ,11.
Paymaster, i, J Vallance to Liu Igor Guere,
Dee 20, 18U».
Bristol, Congo No S, Coinmiitider, t eacli, KL
Byron to Chas E Hope, Sept!).
IK—Mollie—Affidavit of publication of (lelin-
iiuent co-owner notice, John Vallance to X D
13-Mollie Xo i, Wl, John Vallance to MrsS P
Owen, Xov 111.
H—Belledoim, Millie, Pembroke, Minnesota
und Evi, J each, Frank I* Christie to Geo Petty,
Sept It.
Vernon—Affidavit of publication of delinquent
co-owner notice, J G McLean and Wm A Tlager
to John Eldrich.
80—Palmar fr, all int. John Docksteadcr to.
Frank P O'Xolll. Xov 11.
Chicago fr, ail, John Docksteadcr to Frank V
O'Xeill, Anglo.
ii—Empire, J, C G Baker to Gits Anderson,
Xov ii
28-Power of Attorney, F \V Polehamptou to
Wm H Sandiford, Oa 25.
25-Kei.io, J, Dan McLeod to C D Chlsholm.
Xov 10, no.
Keno, 4, Dan McLeod to Robt Johnston, Xov ll)
2i!-Hlgliland, all, L" M Knowles and Frank
Ryan to Patrick Clime, Oct 28.
ai—Power of Attorney.'John W Chlsm to Wm
Hunter, Apr in.
Power of Attorney, Patrick Clune to J no Find-
Power of Attorney, Edward Stewart lo Chas
3n—Torpedo, Shamrock and Highland, Frank
Kyan, Patrick Clune, Edward Stewart and Jack
Cliism to Jus ,\l M Beneduni and Frank Uyan,
one year's lease.
Oct 2—Good Hope, J, Francis J O'Reilly to Win
F H.-illitlay, Xov S'i.
Oct 29—Aston Xo 2, last sf Lemon, S X Long,
ill—Maisy, Springer ck, Jas E Home.
Xov 2—Bunker, lst n f Lemon, David Sloan.
I—Maim S. saint:, P Schonberg,
11—Agricola, cast ol Sloean City, W  11 Davidson.
14—HanU'„Dayton ck, CU Tipping.
Oct 28-Hlut'k Jack, St Liiwrencn. 2D—Clyde.
Xov 1—Summit tr, Hill Top,  Xancy.   1—Para.
ways," it is Liken in blocks, prospected,
and practically selected by the railway
We wonder if the. jiovernnient fully
unleretood, und hud a knowledge, of
the future prospective value of these
enormous uveas. As it is, however, it
is up tn tin* present j>-overiiinent to explain why these areas were reserved,
aud if reserved in the interest of the
Canadian Paciiic Railway company.
IN   A    BAD   WAY.
Van Camp Lunch Goods, Confection-
erv and Fruit
Newmarket Block.       New Denver
IOjii<K'iiseduilvi-rti-*iiiiii'iit*i,,*iucli as For Sale
Wanted, Loot,Strayed. Stolen, Birth*. Deatiw,
Marriages, Pernonal. Hotisls, Legal, M«lk'(iltete„
are Inserted when not exeoedliij? 20 word* for
85 eenn (*nch Insertion. Each live words or lew
over 2'' words are live cciit.s additional.]
Poultry .Fox* Sale.
BAIUlKD PLYMOUTH Hock fowls-three
ycarlliie liens, live piillcW, one yearling
ler; wolulit 13 Hi*.,   lnitmrtuil stock.   Price
W*i.. Minorca and Hock
s, fSchcIi,   W
Employ-merit A-genoy.
Help t.f.VII Kltitt" I'tiriiHhctl.
Pomofllce lltx i-i\ Xi'lfoii. J. II. LOVE.
E, Bulko,
Xov 1-Eihel K, John W Whitehead to A E
Hampton, Cuinji Fire, Ethel K and Plunger,
order for judgment liy Supreme Court in favor of
X 1** McXaught against Harvey Van Xonnan, ct
i.l, for a iiuarter Interest.
I—Power of Attorney, Olia* Heinze to Thos
Haliaua and Flora fr, \ each, C Heinze to Thos
:"j—Il'iniinzn No .'J. Ittpulilic Xo 2, Dell Xu2,
American Eagle and Ve fr, 1. J Bancs to the
SlocHii-Republic Mining & Development Co, Ltd,
12—East Side and Golden Boy, J Frank Colloid to Arlington Mines, Ltd.
Port Hope, Mi), H L Fife to T J Baty.
1,1-Montreal,}, David Lload to J C Owllllni.
Hi—Moatoii, J, Geo Fairliiilrn to A McDonald.
Navy Cut,}, B P McViiiitflil to A McDonald.
Hit-Athens, James E Orr to K W Orr,
A. story is told of a young man
who is very bashful.    He called on
a young lady to spend the evening,
and when he got ready to leave he
realized that a heavy rain was raging.    He had no umbrella or rubber
coat and  when   the girl's father
asked him to stay all night he readily consented.    Next, morning when
ho was invited to a seat at the table
he very reluctantly consented.   He
was   very nervous and   agitated.
He sat opposite a mirror and discovered that he had  forgotten to
comb his hair.    Then  he dropped
his fork on  the floor and  as he
stooped to pick it up he upset the
coffee pot.    Matters went from bad
to worse until  finally  in  despair,
the young man quit eating and put
his hands under the table.    Tlie
loose end of tbe table cloth  was
lying   oa   his lap,  and when  he
touched it  he   turned   pale.    He-
thought it was his shirt,  and  that
in his  nervous excitement   while
dressing he had  forgotten  to put
the garment inside of his trousers.
These, he thought,  accounted for
the   smiles   and   embarrassment.
There was no time to lose.    He
hurriedly stuffed the supposed shirt
into   his trousers.   Two  minutes
later when the  family arose  from
the table there was a crash.    The
dishes lay in a broken mass on the
floor.    The young man pulled three
feet of the table cloth out of his
pants and  fled through  the back
on is open for engagement to a less
nervous young man.—Ex.
Deacon De Goode—Why don't
you go to church, neighbor?
Neighbor—No time, Churches
are too slow for this age. They
don't fit into our twentieth century
mile-a-niinute civilization, nosiree.
Deacon De Goode—Fm—well,
what would you suggest?
Neighbor—Can't say exactly;but
it ought to be some sort of a put-
soul machine.
Ninth Year (,
INTEGRITY is the main spring  OR IGI N A LITY Is thelcverup   PUNCTUALITY Is
of every successful I msin (•«-*.  '""'* -*'"■ — -'  *--■   ■. >"'•■---» ■ **.*-*■.*-* '..'
on which the continuance of every successful   ulator necessary to ihe welfare of every
business depends. successful business established on business
WE Combine all of these precepts; hence our unqualified success since
establishing our business in Nelson In lHi>o.
Our jewelry and watch making departments have no equal In B.
,C.   All work guaranteed.   Mull orders receive our prompt and careful attention JACOB DOVER. C. P. li. Time Inspector
THK   JEWKUSR,   Nel*  B. V.
Uiwn a mountain's height, far from the sea,
I found a shell.
And to my curious ear this I melv thing
Ever a song of ocean seemed to sing-
Ever a tale of ocean seemed Vj tell.
How came this shell upon the mountain height!
Ah, who can say
Whether there dropped by some  too careless
Whether there cast when ocean swept the land,
Ere the Eternal had ordained the Day ?
Strange, was it not'! far from its native sea,
Oiie song it sang—
Sang of the mighty mysteries of tlie tide-
Sang of the awful, vast, profound and wide—
Softly with echoes of the ocean rang.
And as the shell upon the mountain's height
Sings of the sea.
So do I ever, leuuues aud leagues away—
So do I ever, wandering where I may".
Sing, 0 my home—sing, O my home, of thee,
--Helen Modjeska.
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers ot Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.    Correspondence solicited.   Address—
R.REISTERER& CO., Nelson, B.C.
h7byers & ca
f '
Au up-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B. 0.
"I \HY OIIK I'HOI'KKTV. North KorkC.ir-
1) iwnterer.-ck-Al.l'S. ALl'H XUACTloN,
and Al-TUKl.s-Crnwii Oratits obtained, An*
lit), W. .1. Mi:.MIL!.,\N S. CO.. Vancouver, B.C.
VKI.K'IV  II ('       ('••'•  H'IHII.1 lUKI'Mt St-.
j)R. MILIOY/'f's"
Hail naif 1,1 veur-. i'«|«.rlfiii-.' in denial w«r!<. aim
Uittke* a »JK-«-|-»il>- of (i'tlil Bridge Work. M.hii
fom|ileti!ili'iitil"tltct- In II <<-
Jl HIM. Tli.-iii..,lt-.impl.-t>- II r 4 I Til
on theOmtlii.i.t. (Np.iiIiA.ii.iI* fi CA L I II
en    Sltimuil initl'i 11-i'iM-ry mt   D t 0 fl D T
h•.itiiiK.n tou n I
Soiitlw-imt Kootenny is essentially a
mining district, and is a country of vast
liosHibiiitiea in agriculture, lumbering'
and other indiistrie.K, shvb the Fort
Steele Prospector.
During the |iftKt (our yearn the Canadian Paciiic railway company has had
surveyor* in the field every summer,
ostensibly their business was to survey
lands already crown-granted  to that
company.   But the real fact of their
being here was to select the best lands
in   the   valley,  that   when  the  It ('
Southern railway was completed, that
they would be able to secure the best
arable  land   in   the Kmitenay  valley!
under nu tu-t  wltwh  *;iive them i'.'.O'J'J'.
acres per mil*' (if constructed railway.! w •'■ McMlLLAN itt'u.
-ll'liulr-i.tlfl A(rnnt< fur B.C.
Vaiu'miver, II.C.
Cigar Oo.
|-*..|- |l||l'l-H lt|l|il>   In-
Our Special
£1 Condor
stoics at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
The iiiu-t Important que-tion thut is :
before the people of Smith east Kootc*
nny today is the manner in which the
provincial Kovt'i'iiineiil has disposed of
almost tlio entire district nt South-en-l \
Iviiotenay as railuiiy hum grants, not
only lor railway-, ciiin-tiucted in tliis
riviillMlf.irHriiiiit.nl- M '.itliiK. I\ LO U n I di«trict, bin for niilw*t\> that tlo nut
ar,»rV^;»: .,!^±;U,S,:Mi;'PI'n.t,ch wi.hi vend .„„„lr, I,-,
iwrl-i of tlii' W'.rl ' Mi in.il-t p-.nlvt* iiiid tl.-j.iil
inn <l.pt) li- ' -d- ' nt'' ,!! ii«-rvp,.i-» piippI
tnii*iiil»r ilt»'*••* *. i* -**• •'■ f - li'-p'l »•' Ki.lti.**
biwr iiiiiMlonu.il A ilin.-iilv Tiiiii«; *1. t. I*
l*.r H.i'k iirci-llii'.' i" i. «i.li'ii>-i' ni liui.'l ■'!
vlll ix I In* tin.. ■ ■•! i r.nii.i-iiiii (M-ki'i i»,«..-n
Sf* li—»-r .v.'! ".'.- ■■ i ..litpiitipilil-- ill (in
JiMt r..« l..'*l .. -!'.'■ " , • !' "'''!'. 'I'-'
lyoii Sjiiinni'. An-.* I..k.. II C.
4% %%%%%%.%-%^%%%*%^*
Seeds, Trees,
"Rill VlC for Fall or Spring
UU1UO Planting.
Catalogue Free.
.so f.i Wi'siniliistt'r Kond. Vaiicouver, U, C.
Reports, Examinations and Management.
NEW DENVER,   ■   B.O.
A lull line ot Silverware ami choice
Confectionery at
.ItMH'iihlm' St., Nt.-H- Denver,
linld  I ..'ml.'Jolil .iti.l Sliver ..* .7."i
l.i-iul    .Vili»ii|.l.»llvV.t'.i|i|iV j.fi'i
Siuii|ili'-i li\ mull iii-.-lvfjiroiii|.t iittt.iitlon.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
Hid lilih Ml.,   Itinvir, lulu.
Have shops hi nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO
Buy Your Holiday
Ci 1*0CC1*1CSand Pi'°vi9ions frora •■■<-
Wm. Hunter Co.,Limited.
Store* at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
of   ith Ixirili'i's.   Iluriii-:  tin' |m.-,t twu
yeliri*  Ui'l'i   !l,n00,i»iMi   (tllr-   IlliVl'   Iii-imi
tiHHii tfimitt'il tn llu- H. < , Soiitlii'iii  ■ -
itiii'l a^cntk
i 11 **-» #» i.'ilitli « i'l p   I. Hin-iii   t.i In-   luh
in inuirr.'il,  tii.il ,uit| ml,  liiiiiln-]' ami
l.uni   fur   tlU'l'tl'llllUlu      Mtntilt   (it'litChtti
Ii.iM' lii'i'ii uirtih" tn tlu' ■iiivcriu(i(*nt,
intliii.itiit/iln- v«liii< ttiitli ri«»iiurt-i'fi nl  j
tl.l.l.,.       uivitfll       DITOTi- Tl...     ('       l»       \> 1
Uunwhi;* tin' tjiriiit|i'''"tivi' vntiii" nf   tlifni' '■ I
\*t   |f, ii.i.izii. ,v < (»., Nti-p»i.. ii e.,  bo\ie nri'H-., iliil not ttin-ki' aiiv titti'tniit
\\ ,   1»..»!«'i-i.i .il Liu.'* -tittl A-wiv.'r»'Sii|-j |0  |IHV(t   [Iii-iii   iiultiilrit   in  the   H   (',
StuitliiTii land   jfrniit.    Tlicy   (.i»|im'|hi|
IiiihI nn tin' -AKHtfrii »lti-jit' of tin* St'lkitk
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local bustiiest..
Ni'M'   llfllU'r,  11. V,
r*ra pi ir
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Baggage wagons meet all Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack * x.":,Ais.
Feryl Stahlen at New !k-nver,     *"
1(   IIKVI. (NU   Kiil-iiii'..! nml l'i' .vim in
l.^.it «ill»v.*l- .f      -» • nt >l
II I.IZI I    ,V  CO.,
i    ii.   rv»n
♦I .   Cl-i'.hii.i.- *
f iW. kt\<\>.*-
I   Job Printinjr is an art.
IN   Al.l. STYI.KS   AM J
i ::
Fred. Irvine & Co,,
sIMKKSfruin 5ctu5Uc      !
r SS'H i i Special safe iadies?& CMidren's Furs
ii p
Mill.Illl.I tlll|.- I  ' '    '    "
ll.*lt» |.*t«..«,.-,.-»: \%n\ i.ihe.
"WTioloralo   M-rafOliftntH
'IM'KMKIt.   IHJ.ION   A   I ll.,  Wl, ■
I     M--. I,ni.', ai. i ;•     .int.    I,..|n .i». i
•ni.f fi-i i,...--."     V '    -. ..i,\-,..-,   Vip-
j.; -I l,.4i'l'.n. V.--H
J illl
t tint,III 1 I  tl     A     ' ll.,      '
■ r-   ,\ i,.... ,,i. lit., -i-.il .it l"|.
•IBKTir, I    I
-,   X«'ui  fiit.ti*
II., Hurt'
II    I
1  >!'-
Willi .ill ihi- liiijt«' Hleii,
there w;i*. not niitticii'iil I.i im'i.t ihi- (if-
lil.ilitl h!  Ilii»   i.ilhi.it.   ri.in).nil-,,   ihmI   »
;.n_f .tifii Ktitw ui ii\  in min-.-. vdii*
tHi.liiH itlmtlt -*-i?i»,»*»»* juri'*., Ihe In'%1
I. ■' p« ii'-ii,-.. i.*i A ■ IV,;. -(--n.n.T,,. .|fv.
tut I, .in' *i-»*ivii| lur I'.'tilvi.iy |iHf|«»-«ii»<*.
....,     ,»,    i ,i , ..iiit'ii'U- I ni* H   -I... .viliilif, Ii
i.i   i j»rrtiii
•*..iiili-i-:i-: K'»iii'iu> -ttuitnii.i* .hi
ii< rt-ii-j-i* i.i .*l«iin is.'t ••." '" ini,--. Tin*
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I.l'lllltv'    lllll'lll.
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X\    I,    .It'll    ,i|-|'li|itlll|.    ItlW    Iil,l1\*l\t,t it        1l,l,\'     I ,('   I*1!!!'.-      .)♦
. .    .......     ...       •" ■»,    •... . -.,.-,.. ...    ...     ..    .     ....„,,
in Nelson, for a short time only.
LinlicB' Kur ('jij)oh, CollaiH. MnH's. Hoiw, Fur-lined Ci\\um, Vw Hull's, Persian
Lamb Jackets. Grey Lamb .Jackets, Electric Seal and Mink ('oats. No 1 South
ScalJacket.H in 21 and 20-inch lengths, extra quality. Ah these Coatn have Ikjoh
carefully '-.elected from the la.rjre firm of T. Artlmr fafjiiet of (Quebec, the !a,rtje>'t
and one of the most reliable linns ol fur manufacturers in Canada, we can wifely
recommend each and every garment wild by us.
C'hildren'H Gray Lamb Collars, (Mps, Mulls. Rous and Coat«.
i:t'TTt-:t:['.-K patmiins.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,


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