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The Ledge May 12, 1904

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H.W*t9Mi*K*l-91milA**.&^**i, -^.P«,. «,„
,','.< A
nnd rinancier
Ltliliv** -s^s**"-*--*»».... /&.*-"   J
^'?&*9 , ■"" • •;■ v
Volume XL, Number 33.
PH TCE  82 A   YEAR. fN  .A f-VA Y CE
In Slocan City aldermen are in de-
, mand.
Bob Allen is now chief of the fire brigade at Slocan City.
Hugh Williams is the proprietor of a
livery stable in Poplar.
The survey for the zinc plant at Rosebery has been completed.
Captain West died at Balfour last
Friday from heart failure.
The boom iB on at Poplar and population of the town may be 8,000 by July.
G. B. Mcintosh has returned to Silverton after a long residence in Vau
The benedicts were defeated by the
bachelors last Saturday iu a baseball
Murlock McLean has the contract for
building the Alice concentrator at
The vein of job printing may run to a
knifeblade seam bccassioimlly, but it
never pinches out.
The Hon. Bob Green is moving: from
a New Denver Aip, and we have written
her that we will trade even
Victoria Day will be celebrated'in New
Denver. 'Boat races, Caledonian sports,
baseball, foo+.ball*, rock '.drilling, and
shooting con tests will be the prime fea
tiires of the day. A ball will be yiven
in the evening, and a large number of
people from neighboring towns will
enliven the proceedings and make tho
Lucerne look like a boom town for one
liaBioTff^vi-craria.   a cannier position
is the cause of the change.
TheO.S Lumber Co are driving logs
on Bonanza and Wilson creeks. About
2,000.000 foot is the output.
A bunly marauder held up Miss Brown
at hor residence tho other evening. The
villain got away with $7.
Wm. Elsen, one of tho best conductors
the C P. R. over had has been appointed train master at Revelstoke.
Andy Jacobson paid a 'visit to Poplar
last week and reports that camp to be
in a condition bordering on a boom.
11 G. McLeod has returned from Seattle to Nelson. Ho sold several thousand shares of Spyglass stock on the coast.
Orange Hamilton is still alive, having
turned up at Revelstoke the other day.
He had been in a gin fizz trnuce at Calgary.
Hugh Nlvon took a pack train ot meat
to Three Forks on Sunday. Hia boarders
are export! at swallowing Slocan beef-
Hteaks, rock and all.
George Aylard left on Sunday to inspect some'coal lands found by Neil
Gothingr in tho Nechacko valley, about
130 miles from Ashcroft
R. J Hamilton waa in tho Slocan this
week, Ho was tho first man to agitate
for better freight rates for Nelson and
haa the »atislactlon of seeing his labors
Tho citlten* of New Denver have
cleaned up the front part of the citv, and
put It in Nliapo for Victoria Day. Henry
Stege wan a prominent figure in the Improvements
H Clever bought a safe from Bill Hun-
tor the othor day for 1100. The safe cont
1010 In Toronto a few years ago Look*
im though we could ship safes cast and
make money.
Ed Angrignon nana garden this-spring
that proven he ia an artist. While hia
customer* are waiting for a shave thev
can play tennis or pick flower* until
their turn comes
Fred Bakor write! in from California
tliat the paving of * street In Ikar Valley with the scales of rattlesnakes wr§
a failure. The warm spring rain* turned
each scale into a young rattler and they
all colled their way to Cathay, via Mt.
George Day, one of the salt of the
Earth, miner, prospector, gentleman
gambler, good fellow—who passed
through Baker City last week en route
to Sutnpter, from a trip to Tonopah and
Goldfields, Nevada, gives these two
camps a big, blue black eye. By a re
porter for the Sumpter Miner ho is
quoted thus :■' ■■
"AtvTonopah and Goldfield* there are
about 5,000 people, and of these hot
over 150 are employed in the mines.
There is practically nothing done at
Considerable numbers of immigrants
are corning to the Okanagan country.
The district between Revelstoke and
Vernon is fast filling up with new settler's
nnd in many parts of the adjacent country new settlers or*, arriving daily. It
is pleasant to note that the new arrivals
are emigrants of the best clasB, and in
two instances have brought with them
sawmills, which tliey have set up and
are cutting all thp roaterialnecessary in
the construction of their home and farm
Itis to be regretted that the wild lands
of British Columbia are still imsurveyed,
and that little information isobtainable,
in the various government offices re-
garoing land at the disposal of the department. While a proper survey of
these lands would no doubt cost conBtd
erable the government would be justified in expendingany reasonable amount
in surveying all unoccupied lands, and
in furnishing their officials throughout
the country with maps of each district
so .that intending immigrants can secure
the information necessary in the choice
of lands, more readily than is at present
po6Pible Another matter apt to be confusing to new corner^ is the amount of
land held as railway reserves and as
grants already,*given to railway companies.   These grants haveJaeen-jnanv
don news Cropp
has returned from
of ore shipped weekly amounts to only
one car. This ore, it is claimed, runs
$800 to the ton, but a uiiuer well next
to the situation told me that in his
opinion it would go very much below
thii,.and* that It would scarcely pay
to ship. Iio thought shipments were
largely a matter of keeping up appearances in order to boom stock propositions.
" I was advised before reaching thero
by old miners to Btay away, but I had
started and I was going jo see for myself. When I arrived it was a glad
hand layout, which convinced me that it
amounted to stock rather than mining:
My advice is to stay away. Everything
there is high, up to the top notch:
•'At the very cheftpeBt board costs
$2.60 to $8.00 per day, hay is $80 a ton,
wood $20 a cord, and timber for mining
purposes $70 a thousand. Another
thing, the climate is very disagreeable
The wind and storms are frightful. If
the wind were to ston blowing the aver
age citizen would fall Hat to the ground,
so accustomed in he to landing against
"At Tonopah the main locations were
on a (500-foot shoot, but this is practically stoped out, and there is nothing doing. The deepest workings are a little
over 000 feet. At Goldfield the surface
formation is of lava, soda quartzite,
porphyry conglomeration, and it ia 200
reel to any permanent htructure. The
values are pockety and it will take deep
sinking to establish any permaiiuucy to
the bodies, even If this wilt do it. To
conclude, 1 advise peoplo to may away
from either Tonopah or Goldlield."
and large and no proper survey of them
has ever been made. The consequence
is, settlers looking for land are unable
to tell where they are at, and being unable to get any'information from local
men, give it up in disgust and go somewhere else. Steps should be taken to
remedy this state of affairs, and every
effort made to place before intending
settlers tho desirability of this province
as-a place of settlement, so that British
Columbia will secure heiJ share of the
vast tide of immigration that at present
is flocking into Eeastorn Canada.—
Greenwood Times
Although they had sunk a shaft to a
depth of 205 feet through frozen ground
miller* at workilB miles above Dawson
opened a tremendous (low ol water,
which ban never decreased in volume,
and which supplies tho entire community with a doliclously pure drink. The
workmen could not determine if the
ground waa frozen tn a greater depth,
as the volume of water was nn much ot
thu gusher order an to drive them out iu
haste. The Canadian government has
planned to pump tlii* »liafl out and let
sinking progress to determine if there
N another bedrock below, which sue me
to be indicated Ity the finding of placer
gold in thu work below llib old bedrock.
When till! winking i« resumed, then it
Mining engineers of the old school will
learn with regret thattheSaxon government has brought forward a measure
for tho complete abandonment of tho old
silver mines at Freiberg, The mines
and works are to bo dismantled and the
workers dismissed, but this change will
extend over a aeries of years. The government has resolved that it can no
longer grant the annual subsidy to tlie
support of the experimental mino working. Mining in Saxony will hereafter
be eoi: fined principally to the inining of
eoal and lignite deposits.
There Ih no reason, however, to bellevo
that tho closing of tho silver mines will
mean the end of the famous old mining
school which has prepared so many of the
bent mining engineers of the woMd for
active work. In addlttion to the coal
mines, there are tho cobalt mines of
Scheenherg, tbe tin mines of AI ten berg
and the copper mines of Grassliz-Klln.
getitlinl, and enough work will probably
bo continued at the old silver mines for
the puriiose of instruction at the Academy. We learn from Kuhlow'a Uovlew
that a collection of ores from the Fret-
berg mines, selected by Professor Beck,
will form part ofthe German exhibit at
tho St, Louis Fair,
Charles Newhaus
Mexico. *      .
Charley French is developing his coal
claims near Blairtfiore.
Billy Williamson and several others
left last week for Movie.
Lee Chism is still in the camp, saving
his money to look at Old Missoury this
' Two local pugilists will fight a mil! on
Victoria Day, either in Kaslo or New
Billy Parham has just received a carload of fish hooks which he will sell at
eastern prices.
The Paystreak skyscraper is for sale.
The lot goes with it.' Address the owner
at NewDenver.
The snow whitened the streets last
Friday and on Sunday the frost froze all
the ice cream in town.   ,
Willie Eccles and wife returned to
Three Forks last week after spending
the winter in New Brunswick
George Ransome took„tbe tfa route to
back without a waver or a jolt.
In Sandon prize righting has been
shuffled into the discard and the leading
excitement now is looking at hole cards.
Andy Grierson is catching rock at the
Ivanhoe mill, nnd Gordon Monkbouce
has gone to Mo\ ie tc work in St Eugene
Angus Cameron and Miss Mary McRae
wero married in Rossland last week,
Thoy will livoAtThree Forks and were
given a reception at the residence at
Mr. McCuaig last Friday evening.
will  bo determined if the ground  Is
frozen to greater depth, or the apparent
.... _„,      .   ,  , [thawed section penetrated ii merely
A car laden with McGill student* U |fr0in the effect* of thn ffowlnv stream of
1MHD   oVu   JIMMY.
The London Rialto tells uh that
'♦Jimmy Lawler, a notorious mining
share-pusher in British Columbia, It at
It again. Ho ha* got hold of a Hnssland
property, known uh tho •Big Four,'and
is trying to sell share* therein on the
hire system. We know as a matter of
fact tliat thii property la absolutely
worthies*, notwithstanding all Jimmy'»
fudge. lie should keep the shares him-
self as plpellghffl, and they should he
useful to him, seeing that he Is an In-
, The Kilo
IhiB week.
will probably start work
shipped 20  tons   to
The Enterprise
Trail last week.
The Antoine ie being put in shape, for
summer mining.
At the Ivanhoe mill jig and table men
are paid §4 a day
Machine drills are to be used m the
long Rambler tunnel.
Last week the Payne shipped 20 tons];
Idaho,20; Ivanhoe,78
The Slocan Star will
100 men in a short time.
be employing
On Lemon creek the White Sparrow
shows a fine body of ore.
Two much water has stopped work in
the No. 1 level of the Payne.
Several miners have tried to obtain a
lease on thi Bosun, but without avail.
Tho Ivanhoe. is obtaining satisfactory
results from their rziucshij.mente to Iola.
Monday for
of the
UUU|     »»»«»IA*    tlKVUftlt      IIVWIMtimy     M(.«
"wewT Tbr ntnflcvtd.? 3nc*l' VA.v a 1t>t of
sleepy farmers after a night at a village
fair, and their car carries an odor tbat
reminds us of a Slav colony going weet,
about three weeks from home.
A lady in Osutoriiia xuim mat by
reading Thb Lkuob constantlv she has
cnltlvatcd a desire to am the grandeur,
and inhale the owme of the Lucerne of
America. She is willing to exchange
an orange grove for tbe slippery side of
water. \
The deepest shaft in a gold mine is, so
itis *»id, that of tbe Jupiter mine in the
Transvaal. This ia now nearly 4,000
feet aud is to be continued to 4,200 feet
in«ieat»a uuintier oi Owp-Miaits going
down in tho Transvaal and in a few
months there is a probability that shafts
nearly 5,000 feet deep will bo in operation. Tbe Turf mine Is to have a shaft
over 4,800 feet deep.
w»«+i»-*#   *;**■*#■* an./#"'
lay   n
M       »
tK> a m*
..     7
it     o
£11 18h 0d
ii   io
£11 17« fid
»,    "
£11 17hG(1
During tho month of April 888 feet of
development work was done at the
Granby mines,
Alox Miller reports that a rich body
of ore has been struck in the Heleti,
near Greenwood, and that a Binelter
shipment will be made soon.
Three shifts have been work Ing of late
on tho lower levels of the Providence,
and it is expected that Itho shipments
this summer will bo somewhat heavier
than in the past.
The 18th of May lw the dato set for the
sale of shares owned by delinquent shareholders In the Morrison Mines, Ltd It
was postponed from the 22nu of April,
and will no held in Greenwood.
Work was resumed on tho Trilby,
near Greenwood, this week. The property Ib under bond to L. A Smith and
(iaunceaud Wickwire.aud beingsituated
near iim Hteadilv hltipning li. 1' V, and
having a good lead, It is believed will
prove to be a good mine.
Development on the Defiance waa re-
auined bv William Fowler, the man who
was iii'iruinentrtl in making the Provi-
douce famous The entire steam plant
of tho Marguerite, in Deadwood camp,
has heen nitrc'liascd, Including hoist,
pump and drills, etc, nud is being installed at thtt Defiance.
Supt, Longley isstnrtingdevelopment
on the Caruil, up tl.u West Fork, All
repairs, necessitated by a year or two
shut down, have iwen mnde, and drifting on the 150 font level of the ('arm! U
on the provi-auiiue. Thin is one of the
proper'iftM that in expected to become a
steady shipper at uo distant date.
Development work was started this
week on the I^ottle F. group, up the
* * *■        . i « %     % r*i w*t
********     4fc«<**»!/■     ««*«<)     V*«*il*«     */}      M M .
NninbeT^T, f rfnrl.nl!, .1 V. McCfrabj'
and William  Ferule.- Phrvnlx Pioneer.
Float is a handsome annual, written,
compiled and published by R T.
l.nwerv It rr-mtnlTi*; much thnt uivor*
of life in tlie, west and milling camps.
Many of the articles are singly worth
the price ofthe book. It is sent to any
address upon receipt of 25 cents Send
orders to It. T. Lowery. New Denver
or Nelnon.
AT~C. Garde leaves
Montreal to attend a
■Payne'Mining Co.
■ The, Last ('.'banco closed down on
Tuesday. Work will be resumed when
tbe surface water subsides
A'carload of ore* recently shipped from
the strike in No. 8 tuuuei of ihe Payne
ran 23*2 ounces in silver and 7ii per cent,
The  Wakeliel 1   resumes  operations
this week, and will employ -10 to50 men
Sid Hambly iH in chargeo'f the boarding
The Highland at Ainsworth has GO
men working. Last inor.th ii"20 tons of
concentrates"were shipped to the Nelson
A   large  number  of  men  resumed
work at the Slocan Star on Monday
The remodelling of the mill will be completed this week.
In the Court nt Rossland this week
J K. Clark is eueing A. Il Fiiiglnnd
for a commission on the snle of the
Monitor at Three Forks,
It Is reported that Frank Watson hss
raised fiiO.OOO to work the Rock land,
and that work will commence in June.
The Rockland has an immense ledge
carrying gold and copper values
For a short and sharp way of dealing
with yellow journalists and sensational
writers, we must go to China. Yuan
Shl-knl, Viceroy of Pechili, Imp Ist-ued a
proclamation dealing with transgressors
of this class, and his published the funic
in tne papers of his pioviuce. According to one of them, the " Peking aud
Tientsin Times," the first paragraph
reads? "Auy one creating wild rumors
calculated to alarm or nrodnce doubt in
the people's mind will he beheaded "
For directness and brevity thl* leaves
nothing to be desired "
In Korea most crude methods are
uwd In mining. In vein mining there
is much dillfctilty in keeping down the
water. The miners Himplv raise the
water in buckets, the ones below handing to thnw a few feet above, and m on
until the surface is reached. In the absence of steel tools or explosives, the
breaking uf rock is veiv slow. One of
the methodh employed fs to build large
fires in the different faces and cool them
*,tii*j*ti,* «m««i wwivii] toe tiiictvm dun in
iV'il '.to fiTwunJ iif ,',ut }■ h,iy-uiji-t\ 5,\*.'}
the enclosing walls are nlKo disinlcgrs*
ted, resulting iu the handling of me
tons nf rock for one ton of ore, and the
hanging wall becomes a source of danger.
The lire Is i,rn>.ttp*l -not«• rum mn uiftnm
the upper one having its bottom cat iu
the form of an arc. A rocking motion
is then Imparted to these boulders reit.
ing upon a Hat granite boulder and a
pulp equal to a 80 mesh screen is tbe re.
suit. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MAY 12, 1904.
Eleventh Year
Th e Ledge.
With whioh ia amalgamated the
-'Sandon Payrtrkak.
Published every Thursday In the richest silver-
lead-xlnc camp on earth.
Local advertising lo cent* a nonpariel line
lirst Insertion, and fi e«nts a line each subsequent
insertion.. Reading notices SS cents'a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to circumstances.
Subscription. .2 a year in advance 6r $8 50 if
not so paid.
Certiticate of Improvement notices £7. Delinquent Co-owner notices «10.
Fellow Piiffrims: Thk Lcdgk is located at
New Denver, B C, nnd is traced to many parts
of the earth It has, never been raided by the
sheriff, snowsllded by cheap silver, or subdued
by Uie fear-of man It works for the trail blazer
as well as the bay-windowed, champaRiie-flav.ired
capitalist It alms to be on the ri-arht side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the-wicked In large doses. It has
stood the teat of time, and an ever-Increasing
paystreak Is proof that it is better to, tell the
truth, even If the heavens do occasionally hit
One oi the noblest works of creatiqn lathe man
who always pays the printer; lie is sure of a
bunk in paradise, with thornlefs roses for a pil-
low'bv night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver. B. C
•-    V pencil crosH in this square
i-i-HcAte* that your subscrip
ti »n Is due. and tbat the editor
wants nice a-zain to look at
your collateral
. New York has grown so wicked
lately that thev arrest people for
playing ball on Sunday.
Tup: Mormons are flocking into
Alberta.    They love a dry country
Senator Wark is the oldest
legislator on earth. He .is over a
100, and still able to toddle up to
Ottawa aud sit in the Senate.
Even Japs can sell liquor in Vancouver. Bye and bye some Siwash
will get in the ring. Verily, Vancouver is a cut watermelon.
Back east around Guebph talk
must be cheap. A pr-on by tie
name of Burnett sued one of his
disciples for slander claiming $5$000
damages. He received a verdict of
$15.25, but had to pay his own
costs. This is a low value for *a
preacher's reputation, and Barnett
would have done better following
tho teachings of the Master he
howls so much ahout on Sundays.
A green writer states that the
moral toueof Canada is higher than
any other Christian nation because
the divorce statistics are lower. It
is the law that makes it so, as it is
so expeusive to obtain a divorce,
and we venture to say that upon
that account there is more married
miserv in Canada than in any other
country. We need a liberal divorce
law and a more stringent marriage
law. ■
The mayor of a town in the
States could not get the police to
to pull the gambling houses
so one night he heeled himself vyith
two guns and went on a still huut
for poker fiends and other game. Ih
one saloon he held up 14 men until
the patrol arrived and took them in.
It will be a long time before the
mayors of Sandon or Nelson would
commit such an undignified and un-
gentlemanly act.
.-_ —  ^
Ferdinand W. Peck of-Chicago is
credited with one of the latest and
best stories of;absent-mindness. It-
concerns a Pennsylvania professor.
Being called out on some urgent
.matter recently, and expecting to
be engaged for some hours, he affixed a notice to the door of his
private sanctum stating that he
would not be back till 3 o'clock in
the afternoon. As it happened, he
was able to get away earlier, and
arrived back at his chambers a little
before 2 o'clock. Seeing his own
notice, which he had quite forgotten, on the door, he read it carefully. When he had thoroughly
digested its contents he took a seat
on the stairs and waited patiently
unti!3 o'clock.—New York Tribune.
is offering; with everv purchase
25 cts.
one chf nte on a ticket to the
World's Fair. The tickets have.
a coupon attached, which is
placed iu a sealed box until the
loth of July, 1904, when the
drawing1 take? place. The manner of drawing shall be decided
by a committee. The chance of
a lifetime for a cheap trip.
People at a distance can send orders by mall
They count just the same.   Address all letters
Have fresh meat every
day at Sandon, and in
all the shops operated
by them in British
Columbia. No contract too large for this
firm. Armies and
short  notice.
p. o. box 185
Dav*Carley refused $25,000 to
support Hearst for the presidency.
Oh, shucks l We don' t mean Dave.
It was Henry Watterson, of Kentucky. 	
Vancouver has driven the tinhorns out of the city. Iu order to
gamble in that city now you have
to get into good society and haunt
the mansions of the West Knd.
Man is not so much after all.
When the average man has the gas
and water pressed out of his composition chemists say he only weighs
29 pounds. Nearer angels' size than
we thought.  	
Kink Eowaw> wishes success to
tho Colonial Exhibition in Liverpool
by writing a letter to tho manager
to that effect. This helps some,
und also give* tho A.v-iociuted Pre^a
a cable item for the Toronto papers.
The government does not treat
it* towns right. Xew Denver, Silverton and Roseberry peoplo are
forced to pay taxes. When they
want a sidewalk they havo to build
it out of their own pockets or walk
in the gravel.
Fifty citizens of Woodstock,
Ontario, were recently caught by
the police at a cock-fight. They
were fined without appearing in
court, and the magistrate refused
to give out their names. All cowards. Any manwith a degraded
taste strong enough to look at two
birds kill each other should have
nerve enough to face publicity, and
auy magistrate who shields him is
a boneless toady.
G. O. Buchanan is spoken of as
a possible senator to fill the seat
made vacant by the death of Senator Reid. Buchanan would fill
the bill as far as Kootenay is concerned. He has lived here for many
years and thoroughly understands
the wants of the district, especially
the silver-lead interests. Wo doubt
if a better Grit can be found for the
position in all British Columbia,
and we trust that he will secure it.
Genera] Reyes, the President of
Colombia, attended a dinner party
in New York before he sailed on
the "Kaiser Wilhelm" for Paris.
" They tell me," said General
Reyes at this dinner, "that the
United States has-its share of-nou-
veau richer—of new-rich persons.
This may be so, but I am sure that
the uew-rich are to be found everywhere'., I like them. They make,
though, some strange mistakes.
31ue Prize, Henry Yane,
Columbus, and': Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented by GEOBGE HORTON.
A. JACOBS"5n, Proprietor
When you are seeking firekeiass hotel accommodations you will find them at this house.
'NEW  DENVER,   B.  C.
aire—in Panama. This gentleman
engaged a butler the other day.
" 'What time, sir," said the new
butler, 'would you wish to dine, as
a rule?'
" 'What time does the best peoplo dine?' said the new-rich.
" 'At different times, sir,' the
butler answered.
" 'Very well,' said the new-rich.
•Then I, too, will dine at different
> >«
Gold.. ...H .75 I Gold and Silver..81.00
Lead.   .761 Gold.8ilv'r.copp'r 1.50
Samples by mail receive prompt attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
___AX_t_lt*_Ar*1 J-iige.*JL-t__Penver. Colo.
tags jxa pga.8?.
*'   THE   '■
Is the Leading Hotel of
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor
founders & machinists,
Mill and Mining: Machinery. Cbmplete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Repairing
and Jobbing.
B     C.  TRAVIS,   MAH.OEH.
'"   YOUR
PURtEY WARD, sandon
F. W. Peters must have done
something nice to the Rowland
Miner. It says that Peters does
more for B.C. in his spare moments
than McBride and his chums do in
a lifetime. This sounds sweet, but
the Mintfr should have said Nelson
and Rossland. Its opinion is not
voiced by the merchants of the Blocan. Personally we think Peters is a
star in his business, I Ie is one of tho
brightest humorists of tho day, and
his executive ability as a railroad
man will someday land him on the
high spot.
II. H. Mikiuik, of Greenwood,
ban been appointed by tlie Laurier
Thk cotton worker* in Lanea
Hhlre are immigrating in thousands | government to represent this pro
to Canada and it is feared that j vinee at tho St. Louis Fair, The
•apitaliHtrf will'bfc ruined by the price is 37 a day nnd expenses. This
  is just like sending a schoolboy to
exodus. They should pay higher
wages and keep thc amateur farmers at home.
run n Now York paper, or a mucker
to manage a Patti concert. Munroe is a good fellow in bis place,
In Kugland a member in ttiefseiiiug papers and cigars, hut to
House oil Uimiiioim proponed $110 j Mend him to a great fair to represent
other day that Httle Jap girls bc j this rich province merely shows how
engaged to unlace the boots, and j far Laurier will go to please a sup-
slippers on the feet of the members. | porter and how little be cares for
ic-iAi'epi. Kit tiie u*fl.ng»*t tn' gvi'iiingiiiiitspiH.'ime'»lowuey. inny pm-ilics
cold feet the proposition would of this kind are a curse to any coun-
work well in \ ictoria, where the try, and must eventually ruin it
brown girls are right handy. 1 financially.
John Spencer Bassett, who has
been forced to resign his chair at
Trinity College, N.C., because he
said that Booker Washington was
the greatest man the South had
produced since Lee, is a foe ta all
illiberal views. •' In a recent lecture
Mr. Bassett scored religious intolerance.    He began in this way:
'• I was born in Tarboro, and in
Tarboro in my boyhood I went to
church every 8u day. I shall
never forgot an object lesson that a
clergyman impressed on me there.
He arose one Sunday evening in
tho fall with a fresh green walnut
in his hand. He held the walnut*
up so that we all could see it and
" k Dearly beloved, with this walnut I am goi.ig to give you an object lesson. See me now remove
the nut's rind. This rind is soft,
dirty, useless, profitless.   It is Hko
the church.   Now I come to
the shell. It is a hard, strong shell,
a dilVu'iilt thing to crack, but thero
Is no taste to it; there is uo nourishment in It; It is valueless, a
thing to be thrown away.   This
shell, my friend*, is like the	
chtirrh. And finally breaking the
shell we come to the kernel, which
is like our own church.    I —',
"At this point tho clergyman
took out thc kernel and found it
rotten, lie reUdeneu, oougueo aim { i
pronounced tho benediction, and i
understand that he was after that
day liberal in all his views."
Is a weekly paper published
at POPLAR, B. C. It gives
all the news of that great
gold camp. It costs $2 a
year to any address. Send
your money to—
air of B. C* is perfumed by their
aroma *&,<*,*&,■■■
Steamship Tickets
To and from European points via Canadian
I American lines.   Anply for lulling dates,
rate*, licketa and full information to any 0. P.
and American lines,
rate*, tickets ai
Ry. agent or—
0. P. R. A«ent. Now Denver.
W. P. F. Cummings, Q. 8.STArt., Winnipeg.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic meiit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Is one of  the
Hotels in these mountains where the stranger feels
at home. The landlord has a smile for every guest,
and tho creature comforts of the Hotel are unsurpassed in the Silver City. The meals are freo from
lead, the beds from bugs, while the fluids on the bar
produce a reasonable amount of exhilaration withbut
a disastrous result in the morning.
Ul. George Clarke
1'hreo Hotels ior .sale, al price
ranging from $S,000 to $60,000.
Address — R.   T.   Lowery,   New
nri ir?
Of the Miner's Union Block
t* ui*: unij i.*m iu *itt *.**$ twowtt** nit t»(«"
nnljilUl)    Vl-fhiHtlMfVli:',   Cl,kH:ljAi\   JjW.iT,
bitter public tntnui-!&&»*) I«,
Vut haoXiltigit, write ci w Si**-
,*.tl<'ll'IH.I>,!Sli*h*f|..HP MUllitfM   L, lUdll
MJJ 1}
%1 Interior view. Beating capacity *W", moi
mi Mag* •ppttanftn; farnac* ht«l#d thro*o«h«*t: popeiation to draw from, %#**, Eleventh Year
.      THE 0>U|flCfl      I
Among the many rich mining sections
in Canada, ■vvhich will'be tapped by the
pi ejected Grand Trunk Pacific rail way5
is a'section of British, Columbia, known
as the Ominica district, which embraces
an area of three hundred miles square.
There ish&doubt that the Grand Trunk
Pacific, which .is'-estimated" tb cost one
hundred and thirty-five million dollarB,
will be the means of starting1 many lpg-,.
ging camps in this unexplored country.
No section of British Columbia has been
so little spoken of as the Ominica, as
owing to its distance from thecommer
cial centres, and lack of transportation
little attention has been paid to the vague
storie^of the great wealth of the district.
Now^hat the country is to be opened
up reliable information is being sought.
CF. Law, M.E., of Vancouver, states
that he took six men with him, and
spent seven thousand dollars in spying
out this country. Ho says that in many
respects it resembles districts in Color
ado, and Colorado prospectots who de
sire to try their luck in the country,
could da.80 without expense, and "many
British Columbians would be willing to
grub stake them
The largest.deposit of gold bearing
conglomerates ever found ia the Northwest is situated there. , These conglomerates'are identical in structure and age
with those of tha Rand in South Africa
It is the only district in British Columbia where free silver is f.?und in the
wash of the stream, and the probability
is that when the country is prospected,
the lodes from which this float has been
derived will be found very rich.   It is
now known that many lodes have been
discovered of rich argentiferous galena.
Thegold washings of the streams shows
that the origin of the metal is in the immediate vicinity because much of it is
associated with quartz, and rough and
not water worn, which would point to a
Source near by.
' This offers a fine field for the experienced Colorado prospector, because the
the'conditions are exactly the same as
in many of the camps in that state, while
local prospectprs have not had the ex
perieiice which would help them'to discover the leads as quickly asmen trained
in the Colorado gold and silver fields.
The country is almost a "terra incognita;" it is intersected by great lakes
nnd torrential rivers, affording the best
kind of water power. The elevation
above sea level is almost five thousand
feet at the mine The datum level of
the country is..about two thousand five
hundred feet. There is an abundance
of timber for mining aud other purpose's.
The snowfall is heavy and the climate
severe, but not more so than in parts of
Colorado where the elevation is twice
as much as in £his country. '
The timber line is at about five thousand feet The geological conditions are
perfect for th8 discovery of rich, lodes.
The central mass is granite, which is
thrust through chorloticand argillaceous
echiet. These schists are much faulted
and cut through, by dykes ot diabase,
porphory and other eruptive rocks,
making favorable opportunities for the
deposition of mineral matter.
The Anaconda Mining company, of
Montana, is the % largest producer of
silver in the world, this company
having an annual production of
5,500,000 ounces each t year. Th%
Broken Hill Proprietory'Mining company, of Australia, is second in point
of silver production, it having an* output of silver for 1903of 5,217,300ounces.
Next comes another American mine,
viz: the Daly, west.of Utah, with a reported production'of 4,382,228 ounces of
silver for 19U3 The "mines of the Couer
d'Aiene come next in importance in silver production, though they are indi-
dually not in a class with any of the
above properties, the Couer d'AJene's
total production of a dozen mines footing up for 1903, 5,693,421 ounces
Born of love and hope, of ecstasy and
pain, of agony and fear, of tears and joy
— dowered with the wealth of two
united hearts—help in happy arms,
with lips upon life s drifted font, blue-
veined and fair, where perfect peace
finds perfect form—rocked by willing
feet and wooed to shadowy shores of
sleep by siren mother singing soft
and low—looking with wonder's wide
and startled eyes at common things of
life and day—taught by want and wish
and contact with the things that touch
the dimpled flesh and charmed by color's
wondrous robos, mimicry beguiled to
utter    speech —  releasing    prisoned
.    .-1'       I-Aj.        . t.4* -« ^...rt 1-..% A .1 ._xt.tr. rl.i :.^..>.i aiia-
marks On tattered leaves—puzzling the
brain with crooked numbers and their
changing tangled worth—and so through
years of alternating day and night,
until the captive grows familiar with
the chains! and walls and limitations of
a life. :'•"""
And time runs on in sun and shade,
until the one of all the world is wooed
and won, And all the lore "of love is
taught and learned again. Again, a
homo is bullti with tho fair chamber
wherein faint dreams, like cool and
shadowy valofl, divide the billowed
hours of lovo. Again the miracle of
birth—the pain of joy, the kiss of wel-
come and the cradlo song, drowning tho
drowsy prattle of a babe.
And then the sense of obligation and
of wrong—pity for those who toil and
weep—tears for the Imprisoned and
despised—love for the generous dead,
and in the heart the rapture of a high
And then ambition, with its lust of
pelf and place and power, longing to
to put upon .its breast distinction's
worthless badge. Then keener thoughts
of men, ancf eyes that ace behind the
behind the smiling mask of craft—flattered no more by th^ obsequious cringe
of gain and greed—knowing the use-
lessiiess of hoarded gold and honor
bought from those who charge the
usury of self respect—of power that only
bends a coward's knees aud forces from
the lips of fear the lies of praiae. Knowing, at;last the uustudied , gesture of
honest thoughts and holding high above
all other things—high as hope's throbbing star above the darkness of the dead
the love of wife and child and friend.
Then locks of gray and growing love
of other days and' half remembered
things—then holding withered hands of
those who first held his, while over dim
and loving eyes death softly presses
down the lids of rest
And so, locking in marriage vows his
children's hands and crossing others on
the breasts of peace, with daughter's
babes upon his knees, the white hair
mingled with the gold, he journeys on
from day to day to the horizon where
the dusk is waiting fpr that night—sit-
tltig by the holy hearth of homo, as tho
last embers chansro from red to gray, he
falls asleep within the arms of ono he
worshipped and adored, feeling upon
his pallid lips love's last and holiest kiss.
—R. G Iugersoll
Oft in the solemn stillness ofthe night
I wart and waken Irom a sleep profound,
And deem I hour a footfall soft and lifjht
lieslde my couch a,stealing rustling sound
As of n woman'b garment, and I He
And listen, and, indeed, 1 secrn to snow
Full well thate'ep unto me drawing nigh.
Oh, how it stirred my heart long, lon-i? aj»o!
And as. with breathing stilled and straining ear.
I wait, st me stniK&ltng moonbeam shows to me
Alforin, white robed and sta^elV.standing near,
With ravon hair unbound anu flowing free.
I see a face I loved &nd still must iove,
All palid in the moonlight's ghastly ray,
"And bending mv recumbent form above
It seems to smile and softly faije away.
It moves me not to terror; I am sure
That apiratiou meditates no harm;
No awful apprehensions I endure.
I've not the slightest feeling of altrm;
For next there comes of min ert coin the clink,
And to myself I say: 'It will be strange
If am not shy tomorrow, for I think
My wife has jus* relieved me of come change."
Chicago Dally News.
One of the most positive and indisputable indications that prosperity reigns
in Nevada is the opening to the public
last month; at Reno, of the most luxuriously appointed gambling palace in the
West. Gambling |s the barometer of
the Western mining camp's prosperity
Reno has become the Monte Carlo of the
of the Pacific Coast, the Mecca ofthe
"fancy." Reno has long been a Gretna
Green, and now has further honors
thrown upon her.
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.   TheroomR are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Moderx Plumbing. Everything
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets $7.       Main St., Sandon.
Close   To Had^s
The land on this oarth which Is noar-
est like hell lies between the 1'quntor
And eight degrees south latitude, aud
between the sixteenth and twenty-
eighth parallels There, today, the
greed for gold of tho white man makes
the lot of the black mnn such as to cause
civilization to crv out, Shamo! The
Congo Fn.»o Statu N nominally under the
control of several Europ«a*n nation*,
but Leopold of Belgium is tho immediate
authority. Ho Is tho moat corrupt of
kings lie was a brutal husband. Hit*
h»« made miinerablo the lives of bin
children. If ho has thun brazenly delicti
the public opinion of Europe, what
might hsve heen expected when placed
In solo control of millions of helplons
blacks away from tho world's eye in
dftrKe*t Africa ? Nothing but what hns
happened. The talcs of shocking cm
etde* are now toe manv and too clrcum-
Htsntlsl In character longer to fall to
convince tho most cautious mind. That
Leopold of Belgium with hit pttrl-
Archill whiiksrs «.*»nted and b-netirled
rosy dandle upon his knett the ex pen*
slve beauties of tho Paris boulovard»—
may pamper his senile fancies at Monte
Carlo And the spas—may pllo up gold In
Commercial Hotel
Is the home of all Slocan people
traveling   to   and    from   Poplar.
Heals always Ready
McLaclilan Bros., Props.
Charley Gale's, sandon.
Brick Block    New Denveb
Manager of HOSUN HALL.
Meals at all hours.
'   *9+^*fi'ia*ti *^W^wJ**i9*t ^i*+*mS^^m tt
'   w^<i«*Sw **^^wwS*W*ti -x'-^S—^-^* m
hlahcr heaps—the natives of tho Congo
aro beaten, unsaved, and tortured till
they bring down to the river landings
ureat load* of rubber and Ivory. Only
lat*t weok American mlsHionarles called
upon Secretary Hay and laid before him
detailed accounts of atrocities thoy had
boon compelled to witness. Thoy 'show
ed phntnoriirditt uf children mulmc t nnd
mutilated—han'.sand feet chopped off
—because their parents failed to briny
in tho prescribed number of pounds of
rubber. Against villain^ which have
refused to submit to the harsh demand**,
of Leopold's mercenaries, arm«d force*
have been si<nt,nnd they hevo returned
with hasketfuls of hands to exhilit to
thn officials an proof of their murderous
elllcieiicy. Scores of the women have
been seized, chained together, and held
in bondage in licentious camps, iu order
to force their male relative* back into
Leopold's slave Army. If Theodore
Hoosovclt and John Hav can find a way
to make known to Leopold of Belgium
what the American people think Alwut
these things, we hopeAnd trust that they
will speak out—speak ont loud and
Manilla and Kamloops Cigare ,'< r sale.
A pleasant substitute for home to those who travel. It is
situated on the shore of Lake Slocan, the most beautiful
lake in all America. From its balconies and windows can
be seen the grandest scenery on this continent. The internal arrangements of the hotel are the reverse to telephone, all the rooms being plastered, and electric bellk at
the head of every bed make it easy for the dry moments in
the morning.
The best and cheapest meals in the country are to be
found in the dining room. The liouse is run on cosmopolitan principles, and the prospector with his pack on his
back is just as welcome as the millionaire with his roll in
the bank. Every guest receives the best care and protection. •''.'."
The liquors are the best in the Slocan, and the hotel has
long been noted for its fish and game dinner.0.
This is the only first-class house in the Lucerne of North
America. One look at the landlord will convince any
stranger that the viands are of first-class quality. Rooms
reserved by telegraph. '"
Henry Stege, Proprietor New Denver, B.C. SS
ffig&gs as ss gas ■« %£SKft
Some months ago I issued a publication called "FLOAT" at the
greatest expense ever incurred for the single iwrno of any publication in
Kootenay. The work contains, in addition to over 50 illustrations,
full page and otherwise, several stories by different writers, and sketches
of my own upon things that have occurred in the various camps of the
Slocan. Life in the cent belt is depicted in all the sombre shade of the
effete but Sunday School east. Taken altogether a $1 would not be too
much to charge for such a work, hut I shipped several carloads at
50 cents, and still find that I have several thousand left. In order to
assist the world, and spread sunshine over many a dark path I will,
until further notice, sell " FLOAT" at 25 cents, three <x>pies for 50
cents, or seven copies for a dollar, post free anywhere. Tourist
associations should send it to all centre* of travel. Others should treat
their distant friends to a copy. 8hoot your orders in the most convenient collateral and address tbem—
•N™ D°™< R. T. LOWERY ""*"■•Bc-
The Strathcona Hotel
rtfV*V^^~»"i^~t*ii*V*Ti*iiJi^"i",'^^'^'ry*r^»"r*i^i",*'i''"i''' "'i*^^^^^i^*nn^^ ^™^ *^ *!■" l*"'*-*y*,^^,*r^r^r'VV**r~*»*y^"in<^^
Order your Spring Suit now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F* F* Liebscher*
Slhartaa'a Bat* Tattat
In Nelson, B.C., ia the Headquarters for
Tourist** doing Southern British Columbia.
 Write or wire for terms or rooms	
B.   TOMPKINS,  Manager.
Corner Ward and Baker street*. NKUSON, B.C.
t.wty twit tu tuiowuiiuy u-wuoi    otvp m,  mo t{umi » uotei !U{ uie  fexciiaiigc liotc-i tu jvajmo
* hoot or buue.      iini   Ivuyai &iio<o Tiuut Lake ii&y.
Slow,on Baker streel, in Nelson,     The Koot€n^ Moon in^nAm
is nfcver Snorslidcd by cheap beer,
or whtakey that ha* lost Un vigor.
can furnish any kind
lhal iff required.
of footwear
like an oasin in an Egyptian desert*
Slocan folks flock to it like bees
I). J. Roff.rt*ox & Co., of Nel-
eon are alive lo what lha people
need in Ihe way o! Furniture.
Writ© tbem.
Always have a bottle of Sandon
beer in your pocket when you go
fishing. Write to the New York
Brewery and gel a case.
*4*_r-   >w*   19W.'m ■
.wvrrrrt Inmidrpd   nr-rr«  nf the flne«t frrtt  vaoA rnnrVi bntV*   ?n
Kootenay, ftituatol at the head of Crawford Bay, subdivided into 40
and 8# acre lots; also an Improved H.inrh. Land can be cleared for
915 per acre. There in a good hotel, »Le&mhoat landing and wagon
mwrl thrfinrrh th*» nrnneitv.     PH«v from ftT.Od to 19 (Ml nor ner*>     lv*«v
term*.   Boom for-twenty or more settles
Also good Grazing and mixed Farming Lands, belonging to ihe
Kootenay Valley's Company, Limited, Hittmted in Ea*t Kootenay.
Prices from $3.00 to 7.00 per acre.   Term* 5 yearn, Ui canh, >9wmt-mmmmm9a
A% %%lVk%%V%^% *%W^WW1WW*V^ *sf
Eleventh Ye^b
»  ,
American   Boy   2^
Slocan  Star 85
St.   Eugene »6
We wiil buy
South African  War Scrip,  8200.00
Mc Derm id & ricHardy, nelson, bc
• *
L%1k^^%^^%^^%i^%%%^^^%*^%^^^%%%%^^%^^ '%r*_.
3 Q U I R E
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
THE KING'S HOTKLin Fergusonisa cheerful home for all travelers to  the Lardeau.
F   ANK BARBER, Proprietor.
i and American plan. Meals, 25 cents. Rooms
from2"cupto $1. Only white help employed.
■■ Nothing yellow about the place except the «?old
THE BOrAL HOTEL, Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of itscuisme.  SOL JOHNS,
proprietor. ____i__>
BARTLETT HOUSE,  formerly the Clark
is the best $1 a day hotel in Nelson.   Only
white help employed.    G    W. BAKTLETT
THE . SILVER,   KING   HOTEL, Baker St.,
near ,VY ard St.. Nelson. B O.   THE   JiOL-
THE HOTEL FERGUSON is the home of
Slocnn people when thev  are in  Ferguson.
MCDONNEL & BLACK, Proprietors.
HOTKL is the oldest and the best in the Lardo.   Gold seekers
always welcome.      ULVIN BROS.
J. R. Cameron
Oldest Tailor in the Slocan
Is the largest in the
Slocan. Ladies out
town should wr*te for
samples or prices.
An amusing feature was introduced
into a breach of promise case at Mac-
room quarter sessions, County Cork.
The doiendant, Timothy Creadon said
that the rine he-wus allpgvd to have
given to the girl, Kate Corcoran, was
really designed for putting1 through the
nose of a pi** and was not an engage
ment ring at all. For the plaintiff it
was contended'that it cost 10s.,and that
Creadon, who is a middle-ajj-ed man,
considered the, price excessive. Thi'
jury awarded the plaintiff £3 damages.
Rome—The Church of St Andrea
delle Fratte was the scene of a curious
marriage ceremony
The congregation was about to leave
the, church, when a young couple,, ac-
cmpanied by four friends, rushed towards the officiating priest as he stood
behind the altar.
As soon as they had leadied the altar
the man, pointing to die. yirl, called out
in a loud voice. " This ix mv wife ''
The girl immediately answered, "This
is m" hushand," while tho four friends
shouted in unison, " We are witnesses.*
"We are now legally married," said
the man,' Cesaro Luna by name, " and
you must grant us a certificate "
.The priest at first refused, but eventually admitted that the marriage was
valid. '  ■*"
The loverB had gone through this un-
UBual form of rtiarriage to frustate the
opposition of the bridegroom's relatives
to the union.
TO. MELVIN, Manufacturing Jeweller.
•), Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains. Lockets
. .md RiiiKS Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any in Canada, urders by mail solicited. Box
•J40, Sandon.
VVfrolesEae   Merohants.  ,
ers in Butter. Eggs, Cheese. Produce and
Fruit, Nelson, B. C.  .
ML. GRIMMETT, L. L. B„ Barrister,
.   Solicitor, Notary Public.    Sandon. B. C
Branch Ollice at New Denver every Saturday.
Insuranoe & 3?J/ea,l Estate
Insurance Agent*. Dealers in Real Estate
Mining Properties. Houses to rent and Town
Low for Sale.
New Crop Home Grown
and Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds,
Eastern Prices or less. White Labor.
Catalogue Free.
S009 Westminster Road Vancouver, B. C
—■ «——  ■'-■>'
Dr. Golwin Smith writes: "The Day
of Rest ia inestimable All the more e'o
since our everyday life has become such
a whirl of I oil and excitement. Our
sympathy must be with those who desire to guard it against the apprehended
encroachment of an intensely commercial world. But they must remember
that the state in Canada, happily for
both church and state, is unsectarian,
and leaves all citizens perfectly free to
take their own course in matters of religion. Those who do not believe in the
Sabbath cannot be compelled by law to
keep the day like those who do*. They
can only be compelled, in the interest
of society at large, to respect the Day
of Rest. Nor can any man be compelled
by law to spend the day in religious
exerciees, or, if he does not, to spend it
m listlessnoss and gloom, it is perhaps
not generally known how peculiarly
Puritan the belief in the "Sabbath" is.
The reign of Edward VI. in England,
was a period of strong Protestant ascendancy in regulations relating to the
church. Yet a statute of that .reign.
5th and 6th of Edward VL, chapter III,
respecting the observance of holidays,
uses the name 'Sunday,'not 'Sabbath/
' Tirarit^iTairBe
8. RASHDALL, New Denver, B. 0..
Real Estate and Mineral Claim* for Sale 01»lmn
reprwented and Crown Granted.
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson     Rossland     Trail
$60       $65
Has hail IT years experience in r
I) U.MA ANOKIONON, New Denver Gen-
1. eral Dray man and dealer In coal, wood and
Has haif IT yearsexperience in dontal work.nnii
malce* a snoclaUy of Gold Bridge Work.  Visit
made to thc Slocan regularly. -^
 general   Store.	
r T. KELLY, THRF.K FORKS, dealer Iii
•I *   Orseerlt***, Dry flowls. Ete. 	
i> Handon. II.C, Meetings In tho Union Hull
over? Friday evening at tiHO Vlrttlw; brethren
cordially Invlt.d to attend, •). K Lovkiuno.
NoblftOrands A. h.OiiAio, VieoGrand; W.J.
OATinOTT, Heerctary,
tjANDON  I.OIIOE  NO  »4.    K.   OF' I».
n Mwt* ©very \WdnMndny evening at * o'clock
in thn Pythian (iasilo Hall. Handon Hnjournine
lirt)thr.!ii will receive u I'ylhliui welcome. H,
iRAACitox.CO.     Ai.rim> J. Ham., K. R. & H.
\     AND   RETURN
1.0   DAYS'    LIMIT
May 11, 12, 18, Juno 10, 17, 18.
July 1, t, 8, August 8, 0, 10
September ft, «, 7, October s, 4 ft,
lawful to every husbandman, laborer,
fisliertnan, and to all and every other
person or persons of what estate, degree,
or condition he or they be, upon the
Inly days aforesaid, in harvest, or at
any other time in the year when neces
aity shall require, to labor, ride, fish, or
work auy kind of work, at their free
will and pleasure : anything in this act
to tht) contrary in anywise notwithstanding.' It doea not, seem that in
Qumda at present Sunday is ill kept, or
th&t there ia any interference with its
religious observance by those who are
fninded so to observe it. We present
a happy contrast to New York or Chicago." -	
Tho time has arrived when it behooves
every newspapei in British Colulnbia
to talke up tbe question of British Columbia immigration. It cannot be said
that this province in getting its fair
share of tho immigration that is pouring
into Canada; yet the natural advantage*
and resources of this part of tho country
are superior to nnytliltiji to be found
oast of the Rockies. The Miner maintains thnt tho fault lies almost entirely
with the provincial government, whose
maladministration of affairs nnd iniquit
ous methods of taxation have continued
tosenro men nnd money into going elsewhere. If we nro mintnken we should
like nothing better than to have someone prove wherein wo err aud tell ua
what is tho real Bourco of tho trouble.—
Tho Roaslnnd Miner.
The man who waits until he gets rich
to advertise will never advertise
. While thousands of dollars are lost
yearly through misplaced advertising,
tens of thousands are lost through not
placing at all. i
Tell buyers everything necessary to
oiiv.ncethem that your goods are what
they want. Teil nothing that competitors cau use to your undoing
Good advertising is founded on business experience . Poor ad\ertising
usually fails for lack of it Sometimes the
man who writes good advertising bas
the business experience. More often the
writing is done by a man who hasf the
knack of using the business experience
of others.
Every business man can have a decided influence iu his community. He
can make an impression in many ways
if he only starts right Enthusiasm
about i u in i--s t at lm. b es over with
40od fellowship gives the impression
that the merchant enjoys his business
and imiHt be making something out of it.
People like lo trade with him.— Ex.
A short time ago some parties sent
outaprospectingoutfitintoSonora.Mex ••',
searching for gold and nothing else. One
of the prospectors, iin particular, was a
gold bug, aud anything but gold was so
much couutry rock in his estimation.
After knocking around the couutry
for a few days these gold hunters struck
a country that was particularly promising in copper and silver. A good ledge
of silver bearing rock was struck and
the two nrospectors chipped off a few
pieces with their prospector's picks, just
enough to see that the rock carried silver, but waB not verv promising as a
gold proposition. They turned this
down and ieft for parts where the yellow
metal might be found, in their hunt
for the gold they ran across an old prospector and mining man named Magarell
to whom the prospectors told the story
of the silver ledge .which they had turned
down because it carried no gold. Ma-
garell went to the place and located and
prospected i>. thoroughly aud proved to
his own satisfaction that the discovery
was a valuable one. After doing a little
work on it he met parties who were
'ooking for a silver proposition He had
just what they wanted. Thirty-five
thousand dollars was offered Magarell
accepted the offer and a bond deal was
made. Five thousand dollars waa paid
down to Magaiell in Douglas, Ariz.,
within the last few days and the buyers
will begin opening up the silver ledge
at once. The.two.prospectors, who had
turned down this silver mine have returned to Douglas. Their search for
gold had proved fruitless. In the meantime the silver ledge that they had not
thought worth taking had been bonded
for $85,00C and a poor prospector made
'a~l0^tu^e7—"^~~,    —^-^-*    -—■   *->    i^_____
ISIS Mineral. Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: Near
Bear Lal-e, adjoining the Snap mineral
TAKE NOTICE, That I, Wm. S. Drewry, F.
I M.C. No. JB 64471, for myself and acting as
agent for Minna Boetcher F. M. C. -• o. B 04907,
Hu«h B Fletcher F. M. C. No. B.69888, John F.
clntosh. F. M. C. No. B 69S55, Oliver T. Stone,
F. M. C.No. B. 64; 16, Robt Williams No F. M.
C. B 61880, Jas. Black, F. M. C. No. B. 6l671,and
Her ert T. Twing, F. M. C. No, B, 6-1392, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mininp Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim. ,   .
And farther take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of eucli Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 17th day'of March. A. D 1904
Sltuato.in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Koo enay District. Where located: On
Silver u.ouutaiu near the Hartney mine.
TAKE NOTICE That I, Wm. S. Drewery,
acting as agent for Alfred J. Marks, Free
Miner's Certilieate No. B. 80,609, Intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certiticate
A Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
And further take notico that action, under section 87, must be commenced before tho issuance
of such Certiiicato of Improvements.
Dated this 2lst day of April. 1904.
NOTICE is hereby piven that, sixty days
after date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the- Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchaso for agricultural puriwses the follovvlng described tract of
land: Commencing at a post marked "A. R. F.,
S. W, corner"anasltu:ited about 800 feet northerly from the shipyard at Rosebery and adjoining It. N. Cook's pre-emption thence north 40
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence south 40
chains, thence west 40 chalni! to point of commencement; containing 160 acres.
Dated April 5th, 1904.
To CHARLES NEWHAUS, or to whomsoever
he may.have transferred his Interest in the
Black T        -
north Fork of Carpenter creek, Slocan Mln-
Eagle mineral claim; situated on tho
" rkofOarpentt
Ing Division, West Kootenay.'
YOU are hereby notified that I have expended
$102 60 in labor and improvements on the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 9<* days
from the date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the ubove
mentioned sum, which Is now due, together
with all costs of advertising, your Interest in the said claim will become tbe
property of thc undersigned under Section 4 of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900.' •
Three Forks, B.C., March 10,1904.
At corresponding ratot on some date*
For full particulars   apply  to local agent*
or write —
One can't very well get sunshine out o^
life without putting some back in.—Puck
Laws and institutions must go hand
in hand with the progress of the human
mind.—-Thomas Jefferson.
Miserable fallacy, that high morality
and refined sentiment can grow out of
harsh social relations, ignorance, and
want.-George Eliot.
That is ever the difference between
the wise and the unwise; the latter
wonders at what is unusual, tbe wise
wondorn at tho usual —Emerson.
If wo compare the different nations ol
Europe, we find that tho richest aro also
the most peaceful, tho most humdne,
and tho most happy.—Buck's History of
The more we examine this great principle of skepticism, tho uiOre distinctly
shall we see the part it has displayed ii
the iirogress of European civilization.—
Buculo.   .
Wo did not get our freedom from tho
church. ! he great truth, that all tnon
aro by nature free Was never told on
Sinai's barren cr«t;s, nor by tho lonely
shores Galilee—Ingersoll.
It in estimated that thero are more
than 100 rotlt-B of underground workings
In the Eastern "old fields
To G. F. COPELAND, deceased, or to whom his
interest has been transferred in tho Morning
Star mineral clnlm, situatwl on Goat mountain.Slocan Mining Division, SV est Kootenay.
YOU are hertby notified that I have expended
$710.00 in labor and Improvement* on the
above mentioned mineral claim under tho provisions of the Mineral Act, and tf, within 90days
from the data of this notice you fail or refund to
contribute your proportion of tho above mentioned sum, which Is now due, together with all
costs of advertising, your interest In the said claini
will become the property of the undersigned
underSection* of the "Kline*al Act Amendment
AetllhX). jQHN  0AR0LAN
New Denver, B. C, April 7,1904.
alter date I intend to apply to the Hon The
-to'iruY atod parry away Umber
laud, comment"
D. 1'. A , Nol«on.
I), (1.1», A., Vaitcuum
JOHV  MkLATCIUK,   Dominion snd Provincial Land Hurveyor.  NeUon, H. O,
ll. HEYLAND. Kngineor and Provincial
LandHurveyni.  KAHLO
JLJ.   ItiM.  Itictnoitcomplete || t A I T U I
mi 1.1H' Cdiitlnr.ipl i.tVnrtti \iMr\ J} J. Ji L I H
ea, Wtnated mldrt nc-snary un- n r ft S _ *r
rivalled for Orandeur. iioatinr. It C O U if I
Fl.*htne and Riftir-tl/m* tu »h# m*nir(y»fmM.Af
IntftrMt, Tslwmiphle communication with nil
parts of tba world; two mail* airlve and depart
•very day.    Its bailies cure all ner vou* and
*d*'*.it. W.t*i**.   i***Sl'«->.k#<:.'..i..»l|     *****       >'*    i,-,'~i-s     O.-H'i.-t"     *i*.*»     ik*feU*»*»><*&^ ■*
Lit at ami Stomach A ilfiwuu of o very -name.
Tha jirica of a round-trip ticket between
Haw Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and jrood for ao 4*ia, (a #9.1*1. Halcyon 8prli,g«, Arrow Lake. B. C.
K. & 8. Ry.
Lv 8:30a.m.-Sandon-Ar 4:25 p.m.
Ar 10:45a.m.-Kanlo-Lv 2:00 p.m.
htfcftiner Ka«!o. (
Lv 1:30 p.tn.-Ka,Blo-Ar 11:00 a.m. \
Ar4:30p.m.-NeK»n-Lv »:00 a.m.
Tickets «old to all parta of tho Unlti»d
States and Cannd* via Gn»nt NnrtWw
and U. K. & N Company's Hnm,
For further partlculat call on or ad-
ROBERT IRVING, Muiagtr.Kailo,
Outdoor Cooking
We have had a book prepared by a
practical out-door cook, which gives
many good suggestions and receipts for
cooking, building fires, care of camp,
etc., and will prove of interest and
help in camping, cruising, hunting and
special llcouc" ... ._. —
from the following dewribed 	
Iiik at a po«t planted at the North Ka»t corner of
W. H. udhoite Tlmlicr Limit on tho f uuth Mdn
of Bonanza cr- ek and nbout (I) mile* -Torn Hlocnn
lako. iu West Kootenay DUtrlct, Thence west »■
chains, thence north «0 chalim, thence cast HO
chains, thence south OU chfttnn to place of com-
inenccneut. ^^ Q ^^
. Dated this 4th day of April llKM.	
Uf A Xf,l,I?^sl}*0!ft,   R«t»r**eiitaUve
W A JN 1 Ci U In this country and ad-
JolnliiM' territories.1 to reprwmt •«<! advertise an
(>d established milneM home of solid financial
standlnir. Halary **l weekly, with Exj*nec» art.
vancedeach Monday l»v check direct front b«id.
nuartcw. Ilonw and huKUfy lurnUhed when
ucewsary; |.<*itlon twrmaiiant. Ailditf* Illew
Bros. It Co., Hjom 010 Monon BUIr., Chicago. Ill,
Provincial Land Surveyor
Land* and Mineral ClalnuSurvoyod
and Crown Granted.
IH).Dok6<W,       Office! Kootenay 8t„ Nelson
„,..'#»  ttrili   m**i
I    ,       W t t    99 9 9 9*999
,1 ..,*..   9.      9. ttm, A     mm tl 99 tat*
Uii   tlii-   UilUW  t***i*   *****%****
a copy, without charge, to any of our
patrons. Write for copy of "Mine
and Ranch," tu
I ^ back
I ** numbers
(each one different) are
sent to any address for
rft* 4
1R. T. Lowery3) f
%9\t W* WwtrwtTat  W^tT^lw^tSa   w
+  mm #%i#i#t# !#!%%•«» _\
9*W+   A


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