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The Ledge Jan 9, 1902

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 \7/rfi/'vi>~ts--~ \ ■•■- *•*-■
Volume IX.   No   15.
Price, §2 00 Year ADvanok
-if ..MaXaa*
G-Sn^art "NfcV#s Float
— m~\w
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps 83
that are Talked About.
mm%m%% as m mR&%m%m%?&
LOCAL   chit-chat.
The, Mollie Hughes will make another
shipment this week to Trail.
.John Williams has. for sale some of
the best pipes ever shown in this camp.
The Bosun shipped more ore last
month than any other month in the
Two hundred and sixty tons of ore
■were shipped from the Arlington last
The Goodenough will pay another
dividend of 1 per cent, a share on the
30th inst.
Construction of the Payne concentrator was commenced at the Payne siding
this week.
Anderson & McDougall have taken a
lease on the Heal Idea, one of the Mollie
Hughes group.
D. McLeod and his partners will do
some more work on the Newmarket, a
claim near Rosebery.
H. Tattrie and   C.  Band,   Sandon's
(/I \^ I," ^Pl *""J,      " 1-J. %*--»-•—»-—» . «*-.EV~-—.	
ing into the possibilities for a brewery
Manager Caldwell, of the Marion,was
in to see the property last week. A
shipment of ore. is being prepared to be
sent out.
A possum dinner is possible at any
time in New Denver, provided you can
lind a possum. John Williams has the
sweet potatoes.
Messrs. Will and McNaught lately
shipped 4,\ tons of ore from the Hampton group, returns from which went 7<>0
ozs. silver to the ton.
Louis Miller, who was injured in an
explosion at the Payne some weeks ago,
and has been lu Spokane under doctors'
care, died last Friday,
The Rambler-Cariboo Mines, Ltd ,
paid $120,000 iu dividends last year, the
last of the f'W.OOO quarterly dividends
being paid in Decern her.
Knowles tl Findlay, proprietors of
the Lake -/iew hotel, Silverton, have
dissolved partnership, Mr. Knowles
taking over the business.
The Miners' I'liion of Kossland has
Ordered n boycott on all (Jooderlmni
booze, because (iooderhain owns stock
in the mines affected by thc strike.
Small pox is scaring the people of
Fernie. Two cases were discovered
last woek and the town is quarantccd.
There are also tive cases at the mine.
Tho s.s. Walla Walla was sunk at sen
off the const of Northern California ln-.it
week in a collision with a French sailing vessel. I'pwardsof 1* passenger.*!
lost their lives.
Since the Byron N. White company
got hold o( the Slocan Star that property has paid 1185,000 in div'dends, and
It has nure ore in sight now than at
Any time in its history.
The Silver King mine at Nel ton will
toon be shipping :«»»» tons of #_»u ore
per month. This will greatly benefit
the Nelson smelter, as it will be enabled
to operate al Its full -smelting capacity.
a night's lodging and whatever else
that coutd be carried, visited the shack
of Harry Hewer, at Taylor's milk ranch
at the sidinji Sunday nighf. Harry
tool; a shot at them, and with a whoop
of fear they Inst themselves in the* dark.
Tn top off the happy holiday season,
and to cheer up the "jolly tars'' on thii
s.s Slocan. the band and a number of
friends serenaded tho steamer last
Thursday afternoon, going as far as
Uosebery and returning. The metropolis al the head of the. lake was also
given a few strains of that article that
softens the heart of man.
The Mollie Hughes shipped 2'> tons
of ore the latter part of December, the
smelter returns of which were very
high in silver and gold. Another carload is being taken out, and the probability is that this property will ship
regularly. It is benur worked by the
owners, who have lately put the property into shape for permanent operations.
The "Australian Wonder," that prince
a year or more ago, was lately operating in Vitiligo, Cal . where he worked
the. people to the tune of a few hundred dollars. After selling slips of
paper, bits of string and bad cigars for
S2, $5 or $10, he began joshing the
suckers, and they went upon the stage
to interview him, but he held them at
bay at the point of a revolver ami finally
The ball given hy the Bosun hand in
(.'levers hull on New Year's eve was
without exception the greatest linuncial
success that has ever been given in
the town, Socially it was also up to
the high mark of perfection, and its
successful termination reflects great
credit upon those having charge. Be
tween 150 and iiOn people partook of the
supper. The hall was crowded with
gay dancers, who enjoyed to the full
extent the excellent music furnished by
the 7-pleee orchestra Something over
SlOo was cleared on the dance, after all
expenses' were paid.
Many as have been the social successes
given by tlie local K of P. lodge, yet
none have excelled the public Installation given in Castle Hull, Clever block,
mi Monday evening, with ("5 rami Chancellor Noble Blnns handling the gavel
The seating capacity of the hall was
taxed to its utmost by New Denver
friends and the visiting brethren, and
from the fall nf th* gave! at I*I.* until
luvlu the ceremony was most interest,
ing and impressive The iiiitnlllng nf
the ollicers elected for the ensuing
term was conducted by Noble Blnns iu
that smooth, dignified maimer that
marks * man capable of cntniiinuiliiiK
Between the installing of the several
ollicers selections of orchestral anil
vocal music were given, together
with short talks on the principle*, and
object* of the order, concluding wilh
ihe ptChi'tilHtinli nf jewel* t.t the piist
chancellor  commander* of the lodge,;
.tr.iJ A Vi'lJ Ab'.K AU,* iiffU'ntlilr oddl-tlis
The men working on leases at the'by Noble Biuns. The evening »«»!
Queen Bess are t»klng out large quan* j mo*t disagreeable without, but thet
titles of ore, and rhipmenls from the. large audience went I.t their homes1
properly will he resumed at an early | feeling well repaid Im'haum: braved t|„*
data, if the present soft weather tines j stm-m Th.* m««.I\ -tn-»t.i!|i*,i,>iHi.,..i:*» .n,,*;'
not-continue* H . C , A. K. Koi.ctt*: V. <;.. cim* V.x
Those claiming to be iu a position to:.Strickland; Prelate, I, it. tt Kelly: M.<
know, stale thai the kovcrnment  will: ok ^ ,  kl. L.   i lio>nnii»oii;   K. It ,v > .
commence early in March, if not before,  H M  Walker: M of 1'.. <» li. (iarieit;
th« construction ot * permanent '-budge; M. «W V... .'Ingu* M-vtiiilliliviav- M «d A..
acr»s» Carpenter creek.   Piles will be| It .lohn*t*ni- l,«. , Hen Crawford: (.Mi..
,1rie,.i.      tr.,m     li-HiV     lit     tin fit*     '.ml    tl...    .Il'thll   Willi?!"*!*
whole distance bridged. j     %UtCA„   ,T%„   vhmMt   ,m<rv    .,
A   happy   wedding ceremony   took , 	
place at Slocan City last Thursday! nte Pax streak *,**.* of the i losing
evening by which .lack Cavin and Milsi ,town of th* .slogan Star: '»n Tuesday'
Jessie MdiiHivray were joined in wed- evening the Slocan Star mine wa,,lo^|
l*.v:fc. A hiH «'*s i»fven fn thuir honor ,as^u> u,,Uij; „«• am Uii,u ,M<1>(>1 p
the following evening in which between ,,„.„, %|K, „-,.[ work ,,„ ,|evet„,.niei f,
lw and l*.n,lt.',ai/*'.u» U«,k t,,.m. j -,„. s-uv-rrttmin drill will *- *•- tcn.u-s.).
Two stranger*, evidently looking for  me No. I and N*» •'» Star tunnwU >fr i%v.-»
to the. west and the No. 5 driven to the,
east on the Slocan King.
Orders to close down came from
Byron N. White late on Tue-day and
were a surprise to the Sandon oHiu'rs
of the company Asked as to thc
reasons for closing* down. Oscar V.
White, superintendent of the Slocan
Star, stated that the suspensim nf operations was an outcome of the court
order in the Star Mining A Milling Co
vs. the Byron X. White Co. The. owners did not propose to'continue mining
operations while they might be hampered or impeded hy tint surveyors of llie
Star M. & M. Co.
Interviewed on the matter yesterday.
.1 M. Harris, of the StarM ,t M.Co .
saitl that aside from inspecting the Slocan Star workings at Christmas time he,
had not yet made, any effort to avail
himself of the court order in the famous
Rabbit Paw apex case. He was not in
a position to give any statement on
what conclusions he drew from his inspection ofthe mine. He had intended
to commence surveying at Chr'stmas
time, but in compliance with a request
l'i oni Oscar Y. White he had concluded
to defer- commencing until alter the
holidays. Clements and Farwell, the
surveyors who will do the surveying,
arrived in town last night to commence
work immediately. Mr. Harris stated
that he expected the work ot surveying
to take :-t0 days. The court order gives
the surveyors privilege of taking lo
men into the mine to assist in the work
good, from which should be deducted
the deficit of ..S212.H7. By doing so a
balance of §890.08 is left, which is the
real amount the people of Slocan City
have spent for the. common good, the
remaining SI,5-1-1.7-1 have been spent to
keep the machinery of government in
rn ir~FirA>Ts—crnxn^nxircr
Speaking of the possibilities of the
coal mine ai Fiank the Sentinel shys-
The Company's mine here was never
in better shape, for producing a large
output than ,-it the present time. The
main entry is now in on the coal vein a
distance of i,.s0ti feet and in the face
shows eleven feet of clean, hard coal.
This entry is being driven ahead as
fast as two shifts of miners can drive it.
and at the rate it is going ahead it will
not he long before the Company will
feel justilicd iu installing the cable system to haul the cars in this tunnel At
present horses are being used for hauling-
The vein,which is a laige one,varying
from 10 to over i'ii feet iu thickness, is
peculiar in the history of coal mining,
in so much as it stands perpendicularly
and the walls, which are of iron sandstone, being ns hard as Hint. It is pe
ciiliar also in the fact that although a
great depth has been obtained upon the
vein there is no gas iu the mine und
open liuhtsare used in all parts.
A   NEW   I. AltllKAL*   TOWN.
Tut a 1
l.i-M ,
i na
■"' ii i
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1900 was, approximately, 85.000 tons Since. January 1
lo Dec. 81, 1001, the shipments have
been as follows:
Lii'si Oli.-uii-e	
Slwnii Stnr	
It ii Hi	
Aiiii-rii-Rii lluv	
lv.-iHm.* '	
suns,'! f.liu-Usiiii Urn-tin)	
Two Krit-Miil.*?	
Hnii'i-prlsc    -Jn
Blr.i-k l'riiicf	
(iii(iilt'iiolii;li     -'."i
.ilillcr (lroi.'k	
Rot-.i   ....    -in
'-tni-t't tOiut. Gulil Field-*-'	
S-ilvir Klnj;-	
Xtililo Five   	
Red Fox 	
Qut'on Ill's-' :;:  	
Corinth '.'...,	
Kiisln Group	
V.& M	
Fourth of .Inly ,	
Tanitii-ao '	
Marv Durham	
Siviu't Gran*	
Mnllli' HiiKhcs	
1  A R^n^y Assumed   1
>X5  g
^The C. P. ,R. Will Add it to the Trail  Smelter as
b£ Soon as it can be Built.
A despatch from Hossland states* tliat j tinues good.   The reduction in the price
W. II. Aldridge, manager of the Trail
smelter, has just returned from  an  extended eastern trip ami states that  the
of lead, noted last wee'K, does not seem,
to have, increased business to any considerable extent, though a fair trade is
i.'anadian'smelt'ing works will proceed j reported. Spelter shows the. best posi-
at once with the construction of a re-1 tion of any of the metals, and a good
finery at Trail of suflicient capacity to j market is noted: while there has been a
handle   the present bullion output  of (sharp advance  in  the prices for zinc
ores in the .loplin district.
"Silv«r continues quiet  and  without
the country. The plant will be lo a
certain extent experimental, but as
soon as it is shown  that sullicient bul-i spoeia
7'-* *
i as
Total tons  K.1T :'7 "Hi
The above figures are correct as far
as we have been able to learn. The
total is several thousand tons less
than last year, although to these figures
must be added thd ore shipped from the
Whitewater mine by way of Kaslo
This ought to bring the total for the
year up to MO.OOO tons.
The Nelson Tribune gives the following approximate estimate of the production of the Kootenays and Boundary
camps during the year:
ItoiMlnml miii.*i
Slocan mini-*	
.   ,   .HO.miii
N'clnoii mine*   	
V.nA Kooti-na.v mlm-v..
l.iirili.Rn rutin***
All othi'r e..|in|n
.... K*iT.n<>'*
WANTS   .V   BOSl'S.
Speculator Mine, Slucan, B.C ,
Dec. :vnh, im
lion can lnt obtained to insure its bc-
cumiug a commercial suceeps it will be
enlarged and extended or, possibly, another plant will be built at Nelson or on
the coast.
Mr Aldridge. says thai all of tlie
metal markets have been most tinsati---
tactory to mines, smelters and refineries. The fall in lead and silver has
affected the receipts of some of the
Kootenay lead and silver mines to the
extent of $000,000 aii'iually, comparing
the quotations for these metals in January with those at the. present time. The
smelters have also lost heavily in buying and selling on a falling market.
The lowiisiie known hy above name
is situated on  the  Wi'M   Fork  of the
Duncan al the junction of the Little!
West Fork.   It was located over a vein j Kihiuk I.kkhk,
ago hy Dr. Spencer's agent, since which I ^(,w '*,,",VBr> B ^
a crown irmtit has h i issued and is in i    ]h'At 8lr,-H«rew-tli  encloned   two
ihe liamU of the I Inn and Canadiani 'M{*r' (,i""'•for whilh l,|,,ns(' "cn,i ""'
Dcvi-liipiunn ii.mp„(a, ui which in■! T,"'! Lk""r f'"' on" >'•'""■ "'"" i1'"'"",
Spencer is piv-ddeiu. "»nv* the Ka-I.* i throw ii) a tkkot to Paradise as a prem* |
There are >«-»vr.-il ho«,l«is of the *\mvn!i,,,n' l ,">,1,'r^1""1 >'»» '">v" *-r,,'!" »'• j
and il is the iulention of the owners to m,r*l,0M f,,r "" w,,° promptly pay tin-
open a Mipply ..(ore, put up a »aw mill,!,,ri,,u,r' "" ' t»«>f»i« y»u wont refuse the,
pill in a hver.v. pack, and a laiu« board homi* U >'"" ,,on l ' *',,»'1 kuk «*»««•=••»J
ing hou*e, «n eai lv iu V,*,> as |«.,.,ib!c. *" r,,K ,',:""K '" l"",'-v u"0'1 vnh"' nuy'
The surveyors  hav.- laid out (.etci-af ,u,w' Ymir* trnl>, !
Mieets.aml there i» iilniinUnie of water
foi all piirpo-*.!"-..   The goveriiment tiaii  toi nisi
i» nearly liui-lu'd from Hull , crock  n* 	
the lowuMte. ami the nail  I., the Hid      Kffei live .l.niuai«. Im. ihe (' P II will'
Hold («uip Im*   been  made     N'cgotiH*  *»pi'i'»te louiiM fleepmit e*t* on the  loi
lions are on fm ci-ci*liu*g a smelter there lowing  schedule:     Kn->thonitd,   leave i
and Willi llie dn/.en gold pio|ierlies *»iir  ! Koolemy LhikIiiiiT every Kridnv for  St.
rounding it. i- u..|| M« tin* i-nt(-rnti»in--. Punt. Toronto,  M-mtreal,   Ito-tort.  ••(■' :
i*»ui|»aiiv   pushing   il   ;«head,   .1   town; h'nve Dutiinoiv .Jundinii even 'Monday!
und Thursday   nu* st   Paul. Toronto.
ami inletiiiediale joints.   WestlMiuud.
ouglily alive to the situation, and while
Loudon lead remains at present prices,
they will join in making a reduction
from S:l to §4 for the coining year in
freight and treatment charges ou lead
ores The smelters are willing to reduce their charges provided they can be
relieved from the danger of incurring
further losses due to the decline in
metals and it is generally conceded
that the present prices of metals have
nearly reached bottom. To accomplish
this it is proposed that the preliminary
settlements involving- the payment of
tin per cent, of the proceeds will be
made as soon as the results are obtained
at the smelter, and tiual settlement to
be made on quotations for metals !«•
days after the preliminary settlement.
It is proposed to reduce the zinc limit
from 10 per cent, to s per cent., which
would mean that on clean lead ores
carrying lo per cent, lead and over the
total reduction in freight and treatment
charges will he f I per ton. while on ores
containing over .*■> per cent, situ- the net
reduction will be $!l per ton.
The above reductions iu rates will
not compensate the mines for their
losses iu the decline of metals from the
first of the year to the present time, but
as the quotations for London lead dur
ing the latter part of 1900 and the be
change in prices. The conditions affecting this metal have been fully referred to in recent issues."
The Calgary Albertan has a writer
on its staff who signs himself "Mull,"
and who had the temerity to say the
following of the guests at the St. Andrew's ball in his town: "He ance read
in Burns 0' an auld witch, at a shindy
gien by the deil, wha
Linkit at it in her sark:
but  some of the   leddies   at   Friday's
dance, tae a' appearances, didna hae a
sark on their backs.   The bare legs o'
the kilties on that account didna look
oot 0' place. Mull has. however, tae
gie in tae the lack that some 0' the.
weemen were weel faured and didna
look half bad wi' next tae naething* on,
while ithers wad hae looked better had
they flung a crazy quilt ower their
scrawny necks."
MiiltliUHianisni has 11 new vogue
now. because it supplies the plan
of the church as an opiate to sore,
consciences, by shifting the resjwni-
nihility for had social conditions on
to ''Nature." in«4ea<l of on lo
There is no evidence whatever
that human population has ever
"pressed on the means of subsist-
ciice"; but even if there lie. for us
to fear it is absurd. The whole
population of the earth, man, woman and child, could go into our
one state of Texas, ami leave the
rest of the globe empty and desolate.
Still, Texaa would not be as thickly
populated as the Island of  .Jersey;
Dltll.l   PolMH.R.
•s|,1,1 I'lX.   f,\U    SK.ItVM'l*:.
and the Island of .lersey e.vjKtrt«
ginning of llsi'l were abnormally high.!->vcr ?40 per head of population
it is hoped that the mines will lind it to (every year, besides supporting it«
their interest to continue operations al '< inhabitants,
these   figure-*.   The   average  price nl'     ,,....    1  .:     .    t>       11      1
.     ,    ., .       ? ,     Over populatioji.    laugh,  yrhtii
London lead for a number of ve«rs ha*!  . ,,       , , . .   .
been between fl-j and Ci:». and a re 1t,lfi woll-lo-iU. are lamenting then-
duction of tl pei ton of ore is e.piiva | small families and sterile women.
Ii'iiitolll per ion of lead, assuming j We arc "over populated" with
tit*, or.' 11. contain l'i p.'1-.ent   b'.-n!  an.); |aIl(J invneis    OU.- of   whom   would
that the smelter pav*   he   **»  per  cent    1
p In
Thi* reduction of #1 would make the
present lend quotation on the Im-i- nf
last \ear's rale*. fl>'•*'*»d.
an  over  {KipulMtioii of one. ■•-■-
Holton Hall.
MtltKKT   »(»MMTIO%*
'liollld som; lie iii t'Vislem-e.
iti.isi'Ms 01.   (\( ounii; tuny.
Pur*' air for the lungs, pure food
for the ht-oiniM-h. pure love for the*
-i-xii.il atittloiiiv, pur*> water forth*)
speaking of  th*« market .'..nditn.n*. .kidney*, pur** blood for thc  heart,
iv.'.A   {.•if'   «li-"H^!'t-   {■>':   th- tuisiil
Mill   lll.lkc thi*   *'\i-!«lM e    *    IctlltV"
of  bli*.*.   and   surround   to*   witlt
lit-Hvt-ii while toti ,-!*\ iw iinniiaU-d.
*.-g",-.*-*• I'
ll ;.*
le;iVr Ili'Vclstuki' e****»»   SnieJidj,   Wi-d-
. ,., ,1 ,.,«    1*,i.i.,,     *. ,*■     -I*,,,.,*., .,..,.„
<l'Hll|l*       eti*        VmU    <  til'tfOl-.tv.
nliiriiiK'd from  ,*d!  |.-,.-;»l  ngi>i,t>
• alter, D.P.A.. N.'U.li
'-dn    be
I      S.
H-JI-I.L'MIN'h  SMII.ll.lt   I MlKII   VV.ll
«*.,.■• I '-,,,-   ..♦.     , ..   mui   .'IU »IH i*l\Hll9lett
'■''.''• .''.-'.   .',.      ,| ,,,. *..!      11*111)
ones   hui^   ,1   vili.   and    -onie   jwopie
t«r III 1,1,'i,l|   tt, li'li'',,^''-!,    ,-p   »   . "f  *1;   ,,.,,, ... :(lp   H    Jl^n     j3J
.lith'r ti, pi.   It,,* .--tlj,, ,,.,»  f.„ (j,,, |,|*)V.
liege,      I).t- pi-.,'.!i* ...' •*!.„■*»»;    lit.    !,-nv
11 ll'il  lllillillj 11..'   ilii'ii   iinpi   iJJ.'UJ'. Jkj- wjv
month--, arp.l .-.ri p...|nk,.- ... ,,  «t>.p*,-?»--1.*-.;,.-*..hs
mad.* hv tl,,.,->ti ,-lrrk.  tin-   utuO  i«- > ml ..1. the  -loiind.   Th*>  ».asei(1,.nt   i-
«*eipl«   Wen*   *l,*'.U,s,>.   iti.d    the   ai fli.il t!ili»»! ...iiinietetl.   Al'.d   <«r|i«*l5(e*#   will
.|i.hHrs^.o#li!« *•.117,J'.. «|,Hh leaves « 1„.   ,,|   werk   tin-   Week.    Word   ut   ■!.*•
dctiiitoi  r'ljy;,   t»{ tl,«. juihuiiiI di#- .iinul »f tht- mm hmetx ttmn  I »i«- •» ;•
burse.l. |. -,.-„. *,.„,   1 .n.!i,-,j-   l.iiildiug ei|,e«'te.| daily,    the vrntni-t limn*  f.u,
tihb'wnV *, .. t -;i,«,',  (.,,   v.»iT,tt»n»M-*. \f%,t ii «,.','' >i»..'c,' -*--4i. ai,i)   tUt-vU   1
■■: the ni'-tiit*.:
**ln the metal market*. *-npp«'r i# a! »
-tilll'I, .'(lid tliefe I* 'iltli- 'tr tin h||sines«.
•some  lUfther   tetluclioiis   ale   reported
iii the noiniii.'il prices, nml lunct-s ap
puteiitly Ifear more »uch aitmii aid
li»-sji,iie to go   iicyoij'1   ineii   itutiie.ti*ttt>
lll'l,fnlll\H'*        li.     L-«    n-|i.iuen    Ul.U     »ll..--
im\e he«-n umde Im*ii«w    I1..11110.1,  qo«»ta*
llrili«h   1 '1thm.1l.ia
I-  nu*'
of 1.1
•A vi- .
unt  frtci,
hi-    b:c*.    V
*, ,H-n.'i Ihi i€ •»
■Ve IM.
.an) ai*-iteiiin ilii'ii .iimi   lo   -coin-
juKijit'- -nhn asSS ,n.._*   Jj.iliiosi* nut
l,,llUin-f     ii'l
m,-.* !"t*p.ji„' liX'A
Vii'liisHut \iitiS\i-l.
I «-rgt«iott,  !,♦ l.«*i* ,-
'*' '! ''       *'    *<i«it ,.ffl*.     "! i.i*    in.,!,,-.   k
total •*(  -     >.*   I*. ,(■-.-  |„. . J   '...** ,!,,.    , „|,r t
|{.IO-1 ih'Ml "i '■'   till-
'(•'il  ilebl »'li"i        1 i.t
uii«.*i'lainiy mhictid...-* mn Uxor  bus,    ,,jwj„tt   nghtlnll)    Mong-   t«» All
•-,'•■*-     'lh,,- !*f^*ltt*-.' -.-;t»-r *.**rti-(•' y-**.»■   tl.i. t,..,,*,li.       s.1,,-1,*  ■*.    tl ,.   ,.*t,„.i   ,.t
l*krlt lite l..'*ltem th:.l   H-   ,'tli   mill, ml   **<li\i*h MiA hviiuU'**  \i'£,*{i%\\nU.
ti-V.-l -»» lis . |»,(»g.*t   ?i'iptI,J»!'»if|pt-J,    *!*#S**    ;,
lotthlllg to pi«>\elit    ,rne*   goi:i^   t|.'Wli
t*< !U***.<»st  «(S » ll\.[H-l      UI   Im'I'iW M>'4Ii-
?!llt>   tiie   tlldepelulelit    I ftt'lUrer*    -how
:-.. »igit# <•( giving wav »r etit^m.f  it.t.»
,i:,\   -tU\ ul UjitreUtellX„
"lo tin- 1 >ther -metal * t!.,«..-,-. tt,      .,(
Iit.ll.lll„   uf  Cpe< ill*   ,tilpi.| illllt ,•        'J'if,   1-
Whuf drilling t ■! 1 il  i.e.u   M-anfoH*.
vole. Ky . 'In- .>!iif-r -in •',.- >.|.eratoriv
.|im-.,v,ti-4 1 vests .-i .|ii»ii/. whuli **•
•*A%e*\ |.'» t IOC. %'••* ;i.ttttei.il s.-*ker»
>'.< *.'...», ..i.ui.l, .,:-.* ..,-.i.»; '. *f gu'id
Lii. nil  hi in.    j,fe,   1,ui  Au no!
-l-r-t-r**"*--** A.   xb-tn-i
•ietli^rei     «..[i-,*.!a>   Up .til  tiight  l<    il't if THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, JANUARY 9, 1902,
Ninth Yeab
THK LKDGK U two .lollai-n h yenr in iitlvaiut". When not. so pitiii it is S-'.fiti to purtios worthy ol ert'dlt*. Lewd ■ ailvertisinR lu rents ti
nouniiriel line lirst insertion, iiiiti ft cents a lino titcli suliseiiucnt insertion. RetuliiiK notices l'5 cents u line, mul oonniiei-oiul lulvertlsiuit
Kradetl in prices iicuonliiiK to circnri'istaiii-es.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: TilK Lkhok is looiitml at .New Denver. U. (.).. and can lie triu-etl (o many parts of the earth. It comes to the front.
every Thursday ami has never lieen raided by the sheriff, snowslitlc-d by elieup silver, or subdued by Hie fear of mini. It works for the trail
blazer as well as tlie hay-windowed mill clianiiint;ne-llii vored cni>i(alii*t. It aims to be on the rijflit side of everything and believes thai hell
should be administered to llie wicked in la rue doses. It has stooil tlie test of time, and an ever-incrcasiiiK giaystreuk is proof tliat it is
better to tell the triilh. even if the heavens do occasionally hit onr smokestack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally lor the benefit
of humanity and the iiiuuieier. C-ome in ami see us, but do imt pat the bull dog on the uranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage nnd the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer: he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow ltv ninlit, and nothing but jnild to look at by day,
R. T. LOWERY. Editor and I-lnancier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in tins sijuarc
indicates that, your ,subscri]e
tion is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
your collateral.
would stand  still  long enough to | accounts are quite trust worthy, as
Dead ads poison  the blood of a
live newspaper.
The   snowslide  is  proof  that a
fast life is a short one.
Lobsters dread thunder, and will
dive deep when the}' hear it.
If the voters were all ladies Eod-
vvell would be a sure winner.
The consumption of sugar has
doubled within the past  15 years.
Green sheep are found in Germany. They live near copper
An ordinary day's work consumes .'500 tons of energy. It
must be light stuff.
There was just a Hash of boom
times in the Lucerne upon the
initial day of this year.
The (.'liinesi' look upon the lion
as an emblem of good Iuck, but
probably not the Ilritish one.
A cave has just been found near
Butte. Mont., that contains skele-
tons of people of gigantic stature.
Potatoes were first cultivated in
South America-, and Murphy had
nothing to do wilh the lirst crop.
Parkliurst wains Sunday saloons
in New York, lie can get what
he is looking for by coming out
A boy in Texas stole a pair of
pants to be baptized in. He is
now in jail and his sins have not
been washed away.
have her hirsute, appendage accurately enumerated.
Carnegie has given 10 millions
to start another university in the
United States. It is a pity Andy
wouldn't endow New Denver with
a few millions to build sidewalks.
We need them worse than the
States do more colleges.
There was recently a bloody
fight in the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem because two religious men
could not agree upon which had
the right to sweep the church. It
does not take much to raise, a light
amongst some people provided they
are not pugilists.
A erue
Going over the Niagara Falls in
a Imrrel is not much of a feat, but
putting the Kails over a barrel
would be an achievement worthy
of incut ion.
Mission ar ies are
needed in Germany,
CUStOITl judging from the report printed below. Its cruelty
rivals anything of modern times,
and is a disgrace to any country
that permits such doings "within its
UA young oll'icer. named Blasko-
^wito..jivasJoJje,iiiarjledJiui .couple
of days, and gave the customary
'farewell' supper to his bachelor
comrades. Blaskowitz had, of
course, to respond to all the glasses
raised to his happiness,and imbibed
too freely of thc 'bowle'—the usual
cup on these occassions. Two
brother ollicers saw him well on the
way home, and then left him. but
thought it better to return and sec
him to his rooms. They found
niaskowit/, where they had left
him, leaning against a low wall and
half asleep. On being roused he
hit out, not recognizing his friends,
and both of the men received a
"The next morning lllaskowitz.
heartily ashamed of himself, bill
with little remembrances of what
had happened the night before,
started for Dcntsch-Eyian, where
the wedding was to take place. He
hud scarcely arrived when a telegram from Insterbiiig demanded
bis immediate return, for he had
been challenged. 'flic wedding
was postponed, and Uliiskowit/.
obeyed  the summons.    The lieu-
Newspaper business must be good
in Grand Korku, Another editor
has been married in that htirg.
which is a sweet fate that does not
come to Hull the profession.
Hid in the hills around New
.-Denver there are millions in gold
ftnd silver, but this wealth mjuireii
hard digging before it will jar
loose. It will not walk into town
without assistance.
Nature is very
miuiiint of wind
away around NVw
tlie short circuitted 24,000-volt current passed through the cat's body.
Somehow she managed to fall
across both wires, in consequence
of which a fuse of the Niagara
power-house was burned out, and
the power was immediately cut off
from all the outgoing lines.
It was two hours before the cause
of the trouble was located and the
cat removed from the wires. It is
understood that she was dead.
During the process of her cremation all the electric lighting plants
and street railroads in Western
New York were without power.
Punktuality is one grate element
ov sukcess.
A watch that, don't keep korrekt
time is wuss than no watch  at all.
If yu want to klime a tree yu
have got tew begin at the bottom.
He who reads and don't lvtlekt,
iz like the one who eats and don't
ever seen are thoze who conintense
on themselfs.
Too mutch branes iz rather a
hindrance than a help to a simply
bizziness man.
Religion iz too often kut az the
clothes are. a-ckording tew the prevailing fasliun.
People are more apt lew make a
shield ov their religion than they
are a pruning-hook.
A praktikal joke is like a fall on
the ice—thu re may be plain in it.
tenants whom he had struck in liis
drunken -stupor--his own friends—
had challenged him; and the 'court
of honor'—consisting of distinguished elderly ollicers—decided
that the duel must take place.
Lieutenant Hlaskowitz' father, a
clergyman, his mother, and the girl
he was engaged to, accompanied
the young man, and did their utmost to prevent the duel. All in
vain; the next morning it took
place, young Blaskowitz received a
fatal bullet, and died after a few
hours of agony. He wit* buried
by his father on his twenty-fifth
"This course is in direct contrn-
diction to an edict of the kaiser's
four years ago. which prohibited;
duelling among his officers,   except'
has  thrown !foi* the gravest causes," I
i.l-.l   11   Ai
but the one that falls kan't alwus
see it.
AVicked men should pay homage
tew virtew, for though they do not
honor her she ii* their gratest safeguard.
He who simply repents ov a* siii
pays only fifty cents on a dollar,
while he who forsakes it pays one
The soundest, wisdum cuius from
experience, but thare iz a nearer
road to it almost az sure—reading
and reilekshun.
Grate powers arc useful only az
they are made serviceable; the
value ov a- boss depends upon hiz
being well broke.
When I cum akrost people who
are perfektly krazy for ventilashun,
I say to miself, •'That krittcr was
brought ii]) in a windmill."
The more a person 1111111'* for the
mote in hiz brother's eye the plainer he will diskover—if he iz a man
ov sense—the beam in his own.
I would mutch rather alwuss
look forward tew the time when I
am going tew ride in a carriage,
than tew look bak once tew the
time when 1 used to do it.
A certain amount, of ceremony
seems tew be necessary to run the
soshul   niasheen   with;   but when
NelSOn'S Drug 8l Book Store
the past week would keep a million tinhorn politicians iu Mipplics
for the next century.
I'AH.   «»r    %   CAT.
ii  !,. ,,„,,,. in   <»i.t    <i    title    01     Hu-
ya.Aysi,    To btcppii-pi-  :i  itrmet* onlv
co*ts W.*Mt.    It i> a wonder hmuc
>|(«H*uSrtlor  due-   not \uhn_ .1 U%J» h j
of prince* from that country to the]
A few evenings ago a stray cat
en used a great deal of trouble for
the International Traction company j
(and the .Niagara t-alls Timer coiii-t
|p»ny.    She climlH-d a  trolley  \xi\e\
)of the Buffalo iS; hick port   Kleetricj
railroad at Hoffman, a village justj
went of   I.<M*k|M»rt.   and   undertook
to walk aiong llie feed uuv,   uniig
'I here are  mh.ihxi   bait-   on   tin*  |M.(- rail  «-  the   tig|it-io|H-   walker
head of a red-head.-d   v.oiunit. and  u-.'* the Imhincing pole 01 the Jap-;
1-to.iMNt on lhitl of a fair one, while lHli*'-i'nn umbrella,
a bla« k-linind dttni-i! ha- l"i.* <*■-.       Inning it* ow-illation*- ihe afoie-
\o wotidi r w<- • ;it« b   lie in   on  mu   «,II(|   t«• • I   loin lied   the tetutn wire
1-ti.ii -     *.,. a-i*.;....'!>.        \      '''"''"' ,..!.:•!. p.itiit tl tin    p:;:ittif.    >i,*i< I   tn
iII-j-.iVi ti-,1 thi*.-tlrti\e !;t«t-. lw^.is.-«*   Nmiiaiii.      I li< i<* ua- a tla-h w hit h
u.*   ,.,■-.,,    '„*■„,..)    >    M.i,ni,,    - i...  "   dd *<•■ —■■•■ 1-*-i it.:'.-   if lb<* If A
Ni'W Deini'r, It. V,
pholks git so mutch ceremony on
hand that they have tew be for-
maly introduced every time they
meet at an evening meeting, I
think that they have wore the flesh
oil oph from ceremony.
Family & Commercial.
The quantity of sodium delivered
to the sea every year by rivers is
about, 11)0,000,000 tons; but the
quantity of sodium which the sea
contains is at least ninety millions
of times greater than this. The
period of time during which rivers
have been carrying sodium into the
sea* must therefore be about ninety
millions of years.
000  MEN
To work on self improve
ment these long' winter
Cigar Oo
For prices apply to—
Wholesale Agents for B.C.
Vain'ouver, 15. 0.
Our Special
El Condor
Schools, nf Scranton, Pa., will give
you the best of instruction in over 80
courses of study, including Steam,
Electrical, Mining, Civil and Kailroad
Engineering, bookkeeping, Architecture, Drafting, etc. Also give you
Spnish, French and German with
Plu.uOgraph, so vou hear the master's
own voice. Write lor catalogue on
any of our 84 courses.
1\ 0. HOX 76.
■il Huby mul Diamond Jewels,
In heavy Silveroid case, for—
Wali'hes, other prices
Kaslo, H. C.
HAVING SOLD our store at Three Folks lo J.
T. Kelly, all accounts tine the linn nl that
point are payable to him.
WM. HUNTER CO., Limitkh.
November US, UKU.
Fitted with every modern,
convenience. Special protection against lire. Rates $2.50
and$H per day.
Buy your fall
rasic ine
winter drinks
at tlie Nelson Hotel
Bar.      Hot   Scotch.
Oyster      Cocktails.
Roman Punch.Clam
Nectar,   and  many
Reistcrer & Vnugtwn
Kootenay Coffee
llwilei'H in Teat anil Coffee,
All ttiiitlt'*. mi,I iH'Ici'i. A
(rial order inlli'lli'il	
Kootenay Coffee Company
I'.O, Hox IKK. Weil linker Si.
NKl.SdN*. II. 0,
The NcwmarketHotcl,
11ns nne ot the most, beautiful locations in America, and the public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
New Denver, B.C.
A .IACOHSON, t>roprlel«ir
Ment. meals in the, city—-ConiformNo rooms—liar roplcte with the lwst of
Liquors and Cigars—IVst service throughout.
Three Forks
B. C.
Provides accommodation for
the trttvellliiK public	
Plenmnt rooniH, nnd -jjood
iiichIb. Tlio bar iH stocked
with wines, llquurs nnd
ciRftrs, HOT nnd COLD
HUGH NIV EN, Proprietor.
Job Printing
Timl assays hiyh in  arti«iic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing; emporium—
Address ===== THE LEDGE
Jul) Printing is an ail.
It is today one ofthe
most advanced of arts,
and greater efforts arc
being made to reach
noffoffirm th»»n ovor
iioloro \}\ the history
of printinif. Rvery up-
to-date i»i»inci» man
nM'ogni/.es the import-
.i hfxi   ..fi^-iii'-iiiii' Vi*.-   .-I.i
tl.il. ,    I, l   i   I   u     •        l   ,   i    ^        *    * .   I.,       .
tionery   nv»"11 printed.
WzV kmC'jm1 ***** PrnTymi PtTxd «Tj
- ji,.
Bank of Montreal
KMHblUtlril   l*\1.
Cunitnl (nil \m\ii nji) $12,000,01 X1.00
Reserved fund : : 7,000,000.00
Undivided pmtiw  ;   s   alU,Ohl.OI
I'li.tl-,,  'I unlit r,i a n ihi i/lsH Vi.iO  .'iiUiiVi   in/'i ,'ti.,   "i i ''... iii A i,   i i v.niu-riii*,
Ho.v. ti. A. Dui;mm(i.no, Vice President,
K. S. <Jmiist<ix, (ienernl Mannir«r,
Hranclies in all i«irtn ol Oaniida, Newfoundltind, (in-rtt hrlfnin, mid
he I'nitcd States,
New Denver branch
LF. B. OK VKRKk. Mnnnjjer
mp*  T+p*r~-Mp*--ympxxm  m'^^p^^mr^^p^x^pArxmp^^'J*)* )
N esth Year.
i /
When Billy Barker, the man tor j ing   the   operation,    but   '*
whom the town of Barkerville was
named, iirst started to sink a shaft
below the canyon on Williams creek
there were not many  miners  who
shared in his sanguine opinion that
rich pay continued down the creek,
but after he struck  it richer than
the Steel  or  Abbott claims   paid
above the canyon, everybody came
to the conclusion that Billy's idea
was pretty  nearly  correct, and a
regular   stampede   for claims followed, which resulted in the staking of all the ground  between  the
canyon  and  Jack  of Clubs lake.
Every man on thc creek had an
even chance.    There was no  grab
game allowed in those days for one
man to stake ten or twenty claims
for .himself and friends on speculation.    The old  mining laws only,
permitted one claim by preemption
and one by purchase to each individual,and if instead of the government tinkering  with the   mining
laws they would get down to common horse sense mining principles,
and go back to the laws of 1861,
they could do more good for the
majority of practical miners and be
able to offer greater inducements to
capital than the present placer act
affords, which gives all the, benefits
of a new discovery to the best man
with an axe, and it seems strange
that our Solons "don't take a tumble,or get some one to throw a gold
mine on top of them.'"    They never i
would be missed,  any  more than
Camerontown   or   Marysville   are
missed by residents of Barkerville
who  recollect  how  the one arose
Phoenix like from its ashes, while
her   two   promising   rivals    were
buried   under  twenty-five  feet of
f tailings in the meantime. Before
these events occurred the Barker.
Canadian and Diller claims were
producing fabulous amounts of
gold which made times lively for
Nick Ctineo's brewery and .Charley
sold all the beer he could  make at! i.,...w .,f .,,,f:'    ,.<.;,,,. ,,,.,,,    f ,
p laws in anti-septies and ot  hygiene
81 per gallon or '25  cents a glass,; „,,„   ,.,,..   ..,,.,,1,,..       ..     ,,.   : ',.
1     «■> *      ' j aie   not   products   oi   aueetatioii.
while the latter sold whisky straight j ti.;,,...«. ..,,..,,1    i>lH   ■    ,.    ,.
•> ■»    i tilings apart,,   out   instinctive   por-
at 2o cents a   drink.    Money wasj +;,,,,,.,.i-....,. .i.,;i,, i:,.„, .       • ,
! nous ol our daily lives,as ijinversal
there's a will there's a way,'" and
magnanimous Jim found a way.
The water was muddy, and as he
gave the pan a vicious whirl, preparatory to a final shake, he let it
fall into the water, and while endeavoring to get it out threw a lot
of gold into the hole. When he
brought the pan to the surface all
eyes were intently gazing at the
contents and Jim saw that it was
impossible to deceive them any
longer. He therefore got up and
politely handed Mrs. Cameron the
contents of that pan of dirt, when
the party returned to the surface.
Mrs. Cameron took the pan home,
and after weighing the generous
gift found to her astonishment that
she had 60 ounces of gold—approximately S1,000 About the same
time that Mrs. Cameron was admiring her precious wealth, Jim
made a straight shoot for the water
hole, and the boys stated that all
the candles went out and that the
air smelt like sulphur while Jim
Loring worked hard at that water
hole panning out the gold he had
put into it. He finally got it all,
and when it was weighed Jim had
just 40 ounces, or nearly $700,
which with the amount Mrs. Cameron received, made SI,700, the
yield of one pan of poor dirt from
the Diller claim.
Iii a recent novel we all read, the
author, in playful mood, makes as
the chief difference between one
character "to the manner born,''
and another, presumptuous, who
has risen from the ranks, that the
former uses the toothbrush three
times each day without personal
felicitation, while the latter makes
proud mention of the single daily
Trivial as the incident; may seem.
it means much; it means that our
are happy. Where before you
passed the dentist fearfully,making
observation from the corner of your
eye, you now greet him boldly, a
broad smile upon your face.
Time passes,and the decay which
has caused the death of the pulp
(the nerve) works down through
the root into the surrounding
tissues. Some night you lie down
and feel a heaviness like a weight
on the affected tooth; you bite on it
and it seems longer than the others,
and sore. The pain increases to a
dull heavy throb. You walk the
floor and watch your face swell.
Next morning your head is size one
and a half. You consult your
dentist and this time it is he that
smiles. You ,look in the glass and
see why.   "
"Abscess,'' he says, as he stabs
the swelling with a sharp bistoury.
Have I made it clear, my friend,
Just another condition you have
wondered at. You brush your
teeth vigorously—for a change—
and find your gums bleed. "Too
hard, bad thing for them," you
say, and wait longer before you indulge again. 'When next you try
you brush them softly, gingerly,
and now they bleed at the sligetest
touch. You conclude at last it is
time to see your dentist.
What does he find ? Lime salts
from the saliva (tartar you call it)
has been deposited all about the
necks of the teeth under the gums.
The irritant has heen there long,
and much blood has been sent to
the parts; they have grown abnormally and are large and red and
full of blood. The "tartar" has
pushed back the soft tissues so
that the necks of the teeth are exposed high up.
The dentist asks if you clean
your teeth regularly and smiles
knowingly when you hesitate.
Then he takes a tiny hook and
pulls the deposits clear; the blood
ilowing in streams where he touches
so that"you marvel. "Cood." he
observes, "it will make you feel
better,"   and   it   does.     "Now,"
Whavca small store, but, von must remember, -good
thing's are always done x\\) in small packages.
Remember this; and—
We can give you Fresh Goods always and the best goods on the
market, cheaper than any other house.     The following
are our prices tor ten days:
Clirisliit's ZimiIi , r Ovum Sodas, S-1U Huxes. (Si*
XTNK cnns Cream, si.no
Seedless Raisins. 1-Ri \,Un, U'.'.c
Currants lilo 11.
All l'.-,-ls,'.>.V Hi
I'lilvi-fizi-il Su-ar. im* lb
liiy Uioi.ui, :f*".e
Dri-p'si-il Turkeys, Geese ami Otu-Us to nrrlvc tliis
iw-fk - in' *p|iiv ami send in ymir order--is A; i'.*c-
Wf liavi' also just received a dwicelot nt'eandics
--Hun Huns. Knirlisli Mints, Cliocnlntcs. wliiclt
will {.'(i at in |km- i-L'iit tivcr wholes-tic.
I Itim nous, a:,c lb
, ii,   ,-,/
Three cans Tiniiutoop
Sardines, iter tin, lite
Ceylon Tea Xol. try it.SOe lb
Bulk Kollcd wlient, nclli
(iranulnted Simiii-. '!\e lb
Fresh Roasted Java & Much Collee, llie very liegi
or vour money back, -Ihe lb
Crosse & Hlnekweirs Soups, Moek Ttinle, Ox
Tail. Chit-ken and other varieties
Uiiuelfss  Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Giiliia sun-   Chocolates :
sai-v, Kmrlish  Breakfast  llacou, lie Mi: fro?, i 1 Mint-, i.-ic lb
viiini" "-ruin-fed H"*-'S, I'**-*-' ■■>■   l,{(- t'.'ii't'-tiii. I MixctUunities.-'tic lb   ,
fuiil don't   use  slau«liier*b"ouse-le.l  II<t«s,   or   Co|it-iilia^i. SnuIV. 1-lh jar.sl.s.*.
Wdvi-HKM Hoes.) A' ,-«>" s o  hiii.; ish -Miiokms: 1 ,M,-*:i
F-esli Firts   Itte doz I     I nivi'ller s.   l-lli, lac
Vi.rthorii Km- Annies, choice,-?i.l.r>-•"."-lb box        j    Hudson May Mixture. 1-lb. he
i'otaloes, all cootl. lie lb j    Sl.irl'hcwinir 1-lb *-l
ii bars choice Washing miiiii, -Tie 1 iiiiix, 1-lb M
l'lire Blade l-V|i|i'-r, »>c Hi | A" ■••'"•!i Cmiiullaii tobaeeoes in stock
Mail and letter orders attended to same day
J. F. Delaney,Wholesale Commission Herchant
The plant as now contained in the
buildings at Thunder Hill, Upper
Columbia Lake, consisting ot oce 50-
ton concentrator — complete - with
Engine, Boilers, etc.
For further particulars apply to,
A  S. INNIR, Victoria.
MOl'Vi'AIN    SC'KXKKY    Mineral Claim.'
Situate in the Slocan  Mining Division  of West
Kootenay   District.       Whore '...cateil:      At
tlie head .it Eight Mile creek
fpAKF. NoTICK That I. Albert A-bei'ult, ac-
A.    in}.' as stictnt for Ham Christopher Winder
F M O. No H. .'.ilSt'i.Chiirle*; McXiclii.il. I-" M C No
B fiLMKiami F F   ljchschei.  F   M C  XnBiiMn.'.
intend,   sixt.   days   from   the  date hereof, to
apply to the Milii'iitr Recorder lor a Certilieate of
Improvement!*, for (lie purpose of obtaiiiini-  a
Crown Oram of Iln- above claim.
{     And further take notice ilutt  action, under
Section JIT, mu-l b.-eomiiieiieed lief..re  lite  is.su-
! mice of >uch Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated lhi> <'■ 11i dav of .lamiarv. Ai I), l'.'o-.'.
Al.liKKT ASIli'UtiFT. l'l.S,
I'.l VMASTKK Mint nil Clnlm.
terial. , Resides, it mechauically
polishes the occluding surfaces,preventing decay at one of the most
vulnerable points.
plenty nt the time ami little matters of detail were, nut considered
of suilicient importance to  interest
and as necessary as sleep  or  food.
Could the people of this country
be reached individually: could they
The law in Colorado rightly requires that any one milling, sampling, concentrating, reducing, shipping or purchasing ore must keep
a. record of the shipment and all related data. Thus a check is put
upon the possibility of the practice
of dishonesty in connection with
the shipping and treating of ore.
Highly skilled miners and other
workmen employed in the Johannesburg, Transvaal, mines are
gradually returning. There is a
demand for more of them than have
yet gone back.      The government
is still limiting the number that are
permitted to return, but is rapidly
removing the restrictions.
local   capitalists  in  cornering the! ,)y adl|al demonstration  be  made
beer and whisky business. \ to ,j.a.ii/<(. the pleasure of a,  mouth
There were no hotels in Barker- j ma(k. t.i,..v„ Im\ aseptic through the
ville in those days. Kichiield wasj ,m.(iiiiin „|* sjik lloss skilfully used,
the nearest point (one mile) where,| amj ,1,,. t,om.cl; application of a
the culinary artist dispensed savory j Ktiit«l»l»- toothbrush: could fhey'all
dishes ol'beans and bacon to hun-|bc thus rwichod, he who was the
gry miners, with a tin cup of coll'ee,!a|,vl)t would have his name on
"sin leche,1" tit S2.50 a meal. Thisl t.V(.,.y tullg.m. tts n,(. j,mitcst, l„.m»-
sintple   fare,   however,   was soon j ftlt>tor *>f tlio <ln.v.
relegated to the camp when Mr.
and Mrs. Uichard Cameron arrived
on the scene and opened up a firnt>-
cIiihs boarding house. Mrs. Cain-
eron attended to the cuisine and
with feminine taste noi'Tcd tempting meals to her patrons, who paid
the modest sum of £40 a week for
"Why do teeth decay, anyway?"
Thank you for asking.as it shows
an inclination in the right direction. I'll tell you why. Fragments of sweet and starchy food
become caught in inaccessible
points in the rough grinding surfaces, and the tight interspaces be-
say s he, and looks you squarely in
the eye, "use a good linn brush on
those gurus and membranes, and--
don't be afraid of wearing it out.
(iood day," and he smiles, '•eonie
back after you've been careless
several months again."
Toothpicks are useful,   provided
you   have   never   learned  to   use
I'l'MIE Co-r.-o'tiersliip heretofore existing lie-
-1* tween I. Nl, Knowles and John Findhe -Jr.
in the Lake View Hotel, Silverton. 11. C' has
been dissolved by mutual consent. The business
will be conlii.lied hy L. M. Knowles, who will
collect all out-taiidnif.' accounts.
.101IN FIDLAV Jit.
Silverton, H. C.lan. tl. l:»>'i.
Situaie iii tin-slocan Mining liivision of West
Kootenay District. Where located: Al Three
Forks, aitjoiniiiL' the Newport.
'UAKF. NOT1CF. dial 1. J. M. McGreuor, .ii-tin«
1 asat-cni for Fred Swannell, Free Miner'*
Certiticate No H5!iSi*i. int.-nil sixty days from
the (late hereof, to applv to tlie Mining
Hccorder for a certificate of improvement*, for
the purpi.M' of oblaiiiini.* a crown uriint of the
And fui'lliei' take notice that action uii<lerise**>
tion 37 must he commenced liefore the issuance
of such eeriliicaii' of iiiiprovi-nients.
Dated thi-, llth dav of iK-ceinber. A. D ltmi ■
t M'oronto
F.AST ) Ottawa
( Montreal
N«w York
■ \
WKS'I'-] Seattle
/ Portland
S Francisco
J.   A.   MeKINNON,    J.   T.    H1C11ARDS,
I'HILII' ROWE. or lo wlmin thev miiy have
transferred their interests in the lilack Horse
mineral claim, situatetl on Galena Farm liat.
near Silverlon, in the Slocan   Milling  Division,of West ttooteiiiiy District.
1    expended Sloa.ilO in labor and imiiroveineuis
on the  Black Hor*,c mineral eliiim.   'The aliove-
iiieiilioneil isin-i.'iti is  the e.\;.ense   necessary   in
ord.-r to hold the said claini under the  provisions
p.!' Ihe Mineral Act. and if** within  ninety days
Irom the-date, of this noiici!.vtui fail or refuse to
ciiiurilnite    your    proportion   'o!     tin-   above-
ine.iitlonud  sum,  which !<   now   due   together
with     all     costs     of    adveiti-iiie.   ymir   in-
tere-ts   in    the    said   claini   will    become,  the
|i|-o|ierty ol llie lllll!e|-sii;i|ei|  uii'iler  Seelioli1  I  of
the •-.Mineral Act Amendment Act l'.ino.''
Daletl  al   Sihvrt.ui,   II. «.'.,  (b.s 17th dnv of
SH-.VKU    Itll.l.    mid    MKItCVKY
Mineral   Claims.
Sitimte in the Slocan Miuiiiu Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: Nortli
of Sandon. l'avnc eivek.
rpAKK NOTICE that 1, Herbert T. TwiwK,
-*- Free Miner's Certilieate No U Wl iti, for my -
self a ml as Hs'ent for Hubert* Cunninir, Free
Miner's Certilieate No U icisii, -md Allien David.
Free Miner's Certilicalc No ftillil, intemi.
sixty days from the ilale hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Cerlltieutes of,'
Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown (irant of each of the above claims.
And farther take notice that action, under section ST,must be commenced before the issuance.*
of such Certilicates of Improvements,
Dated thl" .Mh dav of December, A. D. V.itf}
CASH l Kit    Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Shx-an Mining Division ol West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
('arp.-iitei' creek, adjoining Ihe Sunrise.
'PAKE NOTICE That 1. John Ken, Free
I Miner's Certilicnte No. li aSWU, intend, sixty
days li'tini the date hereof, to apply to the Minink
KeVoriter fur n Certiticate nf Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining u Crown (Irani of the
above claim.
And furthertp'.ke notice thai actlou. under section :!7. uiuM In- coiitir.eueed befnfe the is-uiillcer
of such C'eriilieiite of Improvements.
I 'nt.-d this Hls| dnv ol I ictohcr. A. D. l!ml.
Mineral Claim.
j Sit mite in the Sloean M iiiiin; I ii\ i -i..i, ,,; West
; Kootei.u.v    Dt-lri'-i* Wli.-n-      l...-nt,-.l:
I A'ljoiniii}.'   tl''   .M.-rriinac  ami   Eclipse,   on
St. I'anl, Cliicao'o mul all I'.S  pniut-s
soniethinj;' very much  better -l\uX HAST-I.v Ilevelsinkc, \Yeil , Fri., Sun.
"i      l.v Dtiiisinori' jet., Mon., 'I liur , Sat
i rpAKK N'iiTICE thai I. Wtn.S. 1 in-wry. .i.-tiutr
I -•- a*..tt:enl hu- Herman Clever.1 tree niiiit.-r'.s
| eertii'u-pite No. ICisn'.n, llenrv St.■*.'(• free iniiier'K
! eeilil'u-a;.- No.  H'.:M:.-.p.  ami  .loin. Ooeltsche, ftee
 • i min* i's certiti. -al.- No   H.'lsOT*,. intend, sixtv davs
TO DELlNglKNTOl-ttWNERS. f.1;"1".    th.-     .1..1.    b.-ivof     i„     apply      to    tlu
1 .       .. Minim:     lui-ortl.-i     !..;    a     e. i!ni.->[.•  ..I    nn-
CHAS   AN DKUSON.   (il-.o. FAIRIIAIUN.   provein.-i,:- for th- pm |..-.- „•'.,;.,.. |i,i„K a (Jr.-Mi
-I.    A.    McKlN.MtX.   J.    1'.    RICHARDS     !;.-aiii of Ibe ,.b,.ve flaim,
I'll 11.11' ROWE. nr lo vrhmn iln-v iiiny lia v.    " Am* f,,,.,],,.,. ta|-e n.,t ii*.- thai aciimi under-ec-
traiisferreiilbeir iiil.-re-is in tin- Wl Hor,i. [ ti,,,, :i; ums, i„ nnnenced  beloiv the is"iiiiiicc
No. 1  mineral   claim.  Mtinited   on  Galena j ,lt M1(.h ,,, nib,■at.* ..I im|pi'..veiu. his.
in   the   Slocan ;      ll't.-.l this |-..|h i|p. v , .f 11.-.-, nd,. i    A   |i..l:«-l
silk. You can buy dental lloss in
handy. Hat vest-pocket spools, and
once initiated you will never lie
without this convenience, To use,
cut oil' a piece about eight inches
long and pass it with a drawing
motion between each of the teeth.
You  will   learn   to do this   very
,x Koowiiiiy l.tlo- Friday
St Paul, To onto, Montreal, Huston
WK.ST--1.V   Uevelsloke,   Mon.,   Wed.,
am! Fri. •■ Vancouver," Seattle, Coast
From  Viiucouvcr to   Alaska,  llawnii,
• 'liiim, .liipan, Australiii.
Throuirli   liookitio's  to  Kurope via all
Atlantic Lines.
Farm (Int.   near  Silverton
.Minin,, Divlsi.jn, of West Kootenay Distncl
Vol.1 .iRE IIKltEUV Nt t'l ll-TED lha: I Iip,\.*
I    e.\|«.iidetl >liii..'.o in labor and  liiiprovcinciits
..nlhe White   Horse No,   I   nn.tela]  claim,   Tin-
allllVC-lllentiollcl    jill'L'.,'ill    is    .||e   expense   lieei-s.
Miry iii order to hold the .-.n.i claim under the
provisions of ihe  Mineral   Ael,   and If wiiliin
ninety days from llie dnte ..f this notice >*..|i  fail !
or ivluse in enntribiitc your pi-oporlioii of the I
iilnivc lll.-lllioll.'d   ^iiiii.   which    is   line  due,   lo-
t'ether wilh till cosin oi  advi-rlMim. your hii.-r-1
.*s|s in ilie  -s,- i.|   elaim   will  become' llu- prop* i
ct't.t   ol  tin   ii.idcr>ie;iiid imd'-r Seclipni   lot tin -I
"Mineral  Ael   Al(ieii.l.ii.*iit  Ael lo..'.."
Haled ill   silverlon.   li   C.   thi- 1 Tt 1   .|!lv
October, 1-f'l.
<HAl(i.pES IC. lltil'F,,
( 'iikm it \( i\ i;i:   i i: \( iiiin
Mineral    Claini-'.
rapidly, and it will remove foreign  IVpaid ticketH from all ,..)i.it«at lowest
substances much quicker and more ^ |( )iA1(li'1'JTCTi'A(.,.„tN«w D.nve,
effectually than can be done with
any toothpick, (juill or other ina-
K. J. Coyle, A. O. I', AkC. Vancouver
.I.S.Chrter, D.I'.A.,Nelson, li* (
board alone. There were not many I tween the teeth. The warmth and
ludieft on the errek at the time and j the bacteria alwayn ]>resent cause a
every new arrival wiih welcomeil j ,.apj,i fei'ineiittttion, and the par-
by the miners. Mrs. Cameron, | tides are traiiHformed into organic
therefore, enjoyed the freedom of j acids. The acids thus formed are
tUeniineH.rto to Hpeak.and received jj„ the most favorable place to do
many invitations to visit the various deep shafth below the canyon
harm.     They   promptly   expend
j (heir   energy   without    hindrance
One day she had it very tempting J U,K)U the lime salts of the tooth.
oITer from Jim luring of a pan of The enamel in softened and rough-
dirt if she would go down the Diller miH\f aw\ n„ opening made for the
shaft, which she accepted, and in Ucuuia of putrefaction; these creep
coinjiany with her husband made j„ „„ x\w OXposed dentine and des-
the lUscent, Jim luring, being an troy it oompleU-ly. In the small
owner of the claim and foreman, j cavity thus formed   food   lodges;
knew just where the richest ground
and,   fermenting,   the   locality  is
laid, and whispered to one of the j kept coustttiitly acid ami the cavity
men not to give St from that quart* j Bnn\r* ajmco. Then some day you
er. His innttuctioiis were olieyed. I bite on a hard substance, the un-
but the result somewluU-astonished I derm in ed enamel breaks in, and)
the liberal Jim, lor when he undertook to wash the dirt, at the first
shake of the pan tlie yellow   metal
you have a cavity formed "all at
The voice of wisdom dh-oets you
showed up oil the surface. He) to a dentist immediately.where the
thought this was too much, so he i cavity could be Idled without pain
quickly wwped a lot of it into theI and in a short time; but you arc
water hole. Thc next shake, of thej busy ttud neglect.
win ltneovered more ot tin* iireeionw! Kiton Vim -notice that hot Uneh
slull, and a lot more of gold drop- ji-anse a momentary twinge o( pain;
ped into the water hole. At ihe i when oni iu the eold the tooth aches
third shake Jim saw that there wa**! continually. \ii«hi the pain ri-cs
very little gravel mixed with that * without external eam-e. and mile..
pan of gold, and -o concluded lo n-lit-ved la-l-* for -evi-ral iuiiiis.
y«coop out Mime more. Tbii- \\a« .Finally, it may be alii-r wi-«k- -o
not vets ea-,-1 iocs .*.-- lie I.ut> A'sA itemlU*-. tie- tout!. [*,-,;,'!i ;. p|; :.-,
her husband ft'Mid clo«.c b\   watch- i more; ihe net \<-  i-   ilemi  n
The Modern
Christian's Prayer
Oh I.ord, 1 coiiiL* to Thee in prayer om*»- more;
Hut pardon thnt I do not kneel liefore
Thy giaciuus oif.sLiue— iuj ji.s kr*i v.- ,uv t-oiv
With too much walking.   In iuv chair instt'iul
I'll sit at ease, and humbly bow my head.
I've labored in Thy vineyard.   Thou dost know;
I've sold ten tickets lo the minstrel show,
I've called ou fifteen stranger* ill onr town,
Their cotilribiitioiiH to our church put down;
I've baked a pot of beans for Wednesday's spree-
All "Old Time Supo-vr" it is going to be.
I've dressed three dolls fur oni iiumutl fair,
Ami iiiiuli' a cake which we will rnflk- there.
Now, with Thy Imumllew, wisdom so sublime,
Thou knowest"that thene duties all take time.
! lust- nu lir.it to figlii nr, s:.i;it'«*. ftn:>;
I have no time to mend iuv husband's clothes.
My children toani the hiieets fnnn morn till niKht.
1 hnve no time to teach tlu-m to do riglu;
Hut lliuu, oh I.t>ol, considering my cares,
Wilt count thein righteous, .unl heed my in.iycv-*.
> io.   .,,,-,.,*,., i , i,,.,,
*'•**•'*'* *"•"    -t *     ii
*iiv\ \\ut b in (bf hearts nf nil lo vn.
Induce nil visitors to patronize
The men who in our programme iuhcitiM ,
8n-iaw->t.' f'n- ■p-fpt/.i.-n-nf, UwiK*. ittcri'Iiui.t*. '.I!,!, t.fu-e hid
Whene'er th«-y s*ov mi* enming-■■*!■•.. ihcy di>l.
Im li .cc I In- it tilt i ilm tn His In i.ti; i.i::.
And 'ill -.*. the jx-iijib- wlln i«v( niltb- 'lli-n-
Hies- thou the gr;ib-l>;i^ and tin- kM»ss >''iit.
"I'll,   ll-.vvrr tublc ,i!l'l c.ike Ih-'it's st til,
M;iv ..'.tr -.vbis' c!iil, lw |..t!n -fitiif !.!.'-',
Tlu d.itu'ini; lull-   '.'im i tl'Mi O t  •.•*,!.
situ:.:-     in   ill'-     -sl.-.-iiip     Minim.'   itivi-lmi   i.t
W.-l   Ki„,l.*ii;iy   lli-irict       Wlct'.*   Inciilcil:
si.tith nf N'i-w 1'cnM-r. .idi.iii.liiL- (In- Al|,lm.
I.nl,cvii.« .mil ('..|'in-i..cl*.-i- t(|ipii nil .-Ipiinis.
rpAKI-: N'tTlt I'.iIipiI I. Wm,  S.   Invwiy,  .tcl
A    mi-' :i- .il'i-iii l..i lie Nurilnn-t Miniiit' svn-
ilic.ii,-, l.ttl, !r.*i- min.*;-'    i.ttiii- .Hi* Nn.  Il'.'t.'ll.',
, i   llllt-ll-lti'HlpIV-- !l'i nil Illlllll.- Ill'.IV.lt |.. Pl|l|.l\ tn llie
'j Mining lti-t'-..ri!.-r o.r ;i < 'cililiciii-   -I   1iii|.!'..v,-*
j hi.nl- fur llu- iiiiriiii.**-! ..I ..liiiiiitliii! p> i r..wii s.-1'iilil
I nf llu-Iiiiuli- clilil.il-,
l     And liiriln-1 ill,.* ii..ifc-  lli.il  .icii.iii timlt I M-c-
I llnllli? lllll-l l.ip r.illllll.-lli'itl l..f.,.l.   llie I-S1IHI|C<-1)|
! -'it It it-ililiciti-* -.I' iiii|i|..\fiiitiit*.
:     li.pi.tl tin* I'.'ili -Ipiv ..' |.i'i-.iiil„-i-. A l>., li-ttl
W  s liUl-'.WIiV.
»Cl-',l.l(i   rilACTHIN   Miii.-i*,.! C!.-,
To lil-'.l.lN^CKN'r CitiiWNKK.
ihi-    lentil    |h-i'-.iiiiiI   rciin siiil.illvc-      .1
.1,    A.    SMITH,    .|,-c..:i..,i|.    ,,i-    tn    ,u>
|.l|**i|l      nr    Jl. i'*p..ii.p     Im ., vvlmiii    III.*     - n ill	
• I.    A.    sinnli    niii\     have     lipiii-lcrii-
his Ini.iv»l In tin-Silver HIII  Miiii-riilC|p,liii,i siiu.iii-  m  Hi.*    SI...pih    MIhiik.*    I'ivi-i.hi  ..u
W—i   K....ic,i;iv   l»i"trii-i.   Wli.-tv   I'li-iiit.l:
iliiiitid ..It 1'iiviic Miiiiiitiiln. .'I miles si,mli i.(
Tlll.e l-'l.ills, i.l Hie Si,n*a||    Mil,ini.'   |>i\j-|.,l|
nf V,'e*'-i K-.-.o imy, UrltUli ('••liiiiililti
\'iit'   piii-I  i 'ell nf -,..11. :trc  li.-nliv   ii.ililietl
1       tlmt \Vl-ll.l\i-   e.VJielllle.l   IVV.t   lllllldl'ell   .llltl
live i|i,t|,ll'S ill l.ll,.,I  Illl,| lllllir..VCIIII-llt- ll|it>ll tilt-
iilinvi-iiii'iitt.'itcil liliiicral t'fniiii until I' lie lit-..
vNii.ii. ..f lie- MiiiiTpiI Act, and 11. witliln imilnys
I't'.tlll tin' il 'li- wl tliiti initicc, you f.ill nr relil-e tl'
ii'iilrlliiitc ytuii'littrlii'ii nf all *nielicx|icii'lilui'c,
|ii«t'llii*r Willi ill C'.*p|s.,l uilvi rli-lnu, >nur in'.-r
est Iii ill.- s;,iil claini will Iicciiiiic llm |irn|ii-rty ft
tin-siilisfillitis under Section I <>f phi A«t'<-.n-
III led "An Act tn Aim nil (lit: Mineral Act l.»»'"
Illlllll al New lienvcr, 11 (' , (III- .Mill  litis   ul
oet.il,er,l!"tl IIKU'IIKIM' T TWIliU,
\ iiavih.
in I'iil,llu Uuiii*. - .mil ..t Nciv  lienvcr, mt»
i.,inii.i.*   lie*  I'ilelio. l-'.'is,-,,, .mil Cruckcl"
,1, i*k min. r.il eliiinc*
rilAKK NitTlCl-. ili.i- 1, \\i„   s. Iiivwr-., ,.i I-
A   Ini.' ii- lori'iu ini-1lie ll.p*.iiii Mini'*, l.limic'l.
In-c miller1* e|'llili"ale Nn U'.'i'lll. ililellll
t'lKty .|.,vs ti'iiln llu* .lad. Iierc.tl lo
llllllfv l'i Ui''   Mlllilll.'   Uec.rii.-I    (i.l   a I'erdlicaiB
n! Iiii|ir.iveii,ciiin, fur tin- |inr|«.*i   nf .iliUiiiluir
a I'luwii i,rant ..I tin- aliuVe . I.i|in
Ainl inrtlicr take in.ilcc ili.ii iietlmi. niiilir w
tip.II :i?.llll|s| In*  enlllllil-lil'l'ii   Ih-IiiIC iln- issuance,
nf ,iu h Ci.rlllic.'iti* nf lllilin.Vfllit uts
lulled iliM'.-llitlay iiMieeeiiii-cr, V   |i. I'.ml.
W   s   tiltKWHV
r«t iu;i.iNyi i;sr <■•• ■iwn*i:»s.
'I'.. I'llA-s.  ANUKltstiN, liK't   l-MKUAIUN,
I     A.    MeKISNiiX.    .1.    r    IIICII Vlllm.
I'HII.II' IMlVlvtii'l.i \»limn lliev iiiav luvi
timi-fi re 'I ll» n int. i. -t- i., ll.. I'.*.|.,i« miii I
i Till   ellltni*  slltlPllei   ..II   lialell.l   K-.im   llnt.j
iieai Sllveili.ii, in lie- si"i p. it Mi'ilnu  Itivl*-1
|,,n,..f Wi.l Kntilfiiav I'liil.t
V'iiC AUK. IIKKKIIY S"l IKIKH tint 1 Ihm*
,   I     e\l« ll.leil tU'ti '<i|n lilf     tint   itii|iin\i-llielil*
n II till- Kill .fa IIIIIH'lill el.illn. III. *,|..i\i -im ||. .
I li.ilied »ltiV Vi I' llie iA|rii-i> lit" ■ ss.iri iii nrili-r In
j twltl III. "till illlllll iinilei   it,.   |,ri.vl«|..n- ..( Iln:
Mineral Ail, mil If witliln nii.,1*. (I.iv« Irt'in llu s
1 diile ..f litis |,,,iji. j mi (alt .-r ii-lii-. r,, ..iitriliiii.
y* in   |.r,*|„*rii,*ii ,',| il.,    -si *.i - tn.'.it ■-,.*.! -iipp
Wllll-llt*   lUlW     lllle,  (..uelln-l     Willi    pill    (-""In   •.(
IlllVl'I'liHilll.', Vnlll   lllti 1. ■'< l>. lilt    -ll.l ' Mill Will ,
I U-ciillie (lie   |.I..|«-IU   nl   llie   l|p..|. |s|KI,l*ll   lllnlet
| Sccllmi I '■! Hie    Minimi   Ail    1 in, l,.,n., i* i    ,*l
t l'trn"
'     |l..ftl    -1   Sill* it.,,,    II   till.   I'll,   am   .,!
; 11. i.,i«i , fm
; i II Al(l.t.s K   H"I'K
Hls'tlM.s un.I ll.\s||\(,s | |t,\( HON-
Al. Mineral I liiliii.
siuiii. in (In* s|.«-,u, Mliilni.' li|M«|i.ii ul SNent
K'M.teiiiii |ii«triel. \\ In iv In, iiti-d- Silver
Mn mil alii, i"" lull' * '•"' ni Nt w lienvcr.
'I'AKI, Ni-'I'U K linn I Miu-li s N.lfnii, Kici-
I     Mlini'sCi-rltlic.iti-N'n II ',<l»... Inii-ml "Uty
d.l \ * ll,,le tip.   til. In li. .1, I.. :ij.|.lv I.. Ihe M111JI. (.;
II,*. nrili-r |..i i; Hilii -Hid* >*l ft, j tr- •»» n »i.(» f,.i-
ill, |iiir|i.i- ..! *.!i'*..|piiik-' r -'i,'tt'-ttp'* '.' Un
p.I,nil- i l.lillin,
An*I  luttlii i i.,u.   i,,,in,   ili.ii ,nil,ui. iii,tier
*-( ll'-t. 'I?, tlltl-l li" ...Inllli in t«l I" Inri llie I--II
tin I- ..( -IU ll i • ltllic.lt,-s nf Illllir..Vl'tltl lil»
Ii.|i.|llii-vs|li d«i ■•( N'i.v mlur A   H l'"l
\ UHIK    Mi
. ,,,   Mii.n.,
t,, ni-l Ivnll'VT i tnlWVKf
Tn Un-li-tral I«i«.iuj1   li-|iri.»i-utiiflvi'* 'if    I
-.lii'l I!    .'• . .-
. ,n« *„ «1i..n, tin* «nl.I I
tl   M,.|, It, l| III"  lilt,   >l>l
. r .1 liiim sini-iitit,,., I
mi!'-. - n'li >.( I lit<« I-
\lli.i...t In,.,,.,. ..:  W,
i'..Inn,Li ,
A   Smiili iii.-iv ti ii,*
On   Mi ii in) Min*
\ |p.   M    ill,Irtlll llll.s
it,-    ii,   tin   s(...,..i,
,..*,. Il'ltl-ll
siiniit. mil,.    -,.,,,   Mn,n.-h*   liul-ii.i.   •'   .v i ,1
K*-,'ee:tV     Ill-Ill- 1 Wlll-tr     |.« Mlrtl Kll
K.ii,   M'nHilt ill.     ..ilj.ili.l.i.;     Hi.     Illui lilnl,
■sii.oufi r, I'tJule I'..llm. Idptlw N..   I. ami
l(.lHl|..|l   llllltl-l.ll  lllillis
'I'Ahh .Nulli hllinl 111. A llnii.tin mn..!-
I •■.riitlml.. X.. Il'i.'lll ' t mis. If .inil ••
1..-H' f-.i (|i..r*. .1    Uklu-.  '!■•   itilti- r'- .. iiili-
t ale Nn   || if lit, lulillll   'Illl il.lO fl .til Iheiliid*
turci.f. i«. ,i|.|i|) (n 'In Mil.on.- H'-itiiili-r
ti tr a  IVOilii-.it,   ••(   In.|.i-.i,n„ nl*    f..t U.r fur*
li..-**. ,p( i.l.tuinli.K a I'titAH lit n,t .,' tin* al.i.v«
Ami liirlln-r Ink'- .'.-ll, •• tl. -'   .<* Iwi. nti-li r s.-i-
li..|i ■>".  intisl U-  i ..iiiiiui.i.,1 I- Lie id.- Is.ii,i.i»
-.I •mlil . 11 .it,.,.- .,* ttu,.r,.i, tnci'ls
I'slcil Itiif I'll, .1*., ■•! ii..,    i   ir ,*i ,
y, w  in ii
IIIWITT,  HIVIHV, llUMItlinV it, (
MO|.|*; Mil., r.|('I.ini«    •>..! 'In   ItlNCON
.„,. I IOIS1   t i... ;i*.i,„.   Mini ' .. * him."
-PIPl ,|.   n.
i , l..i -I
And -ahen Tl."ii !n*t
uv( <! tlii.
Ul.   Ip
Ml.,   Stli
., ii.. -I,
III lip.
, .1
Ski. VU'lrt    ll.p,t  1    I
*t s||i,
ll I
I'm, i
.'   '  •:   I
-i.t.    -I
p.  -.'  (V ,*t
I     U'l.Vllll.
I l -P"   t, 1 .,
(        If, l
tt I.
i »
\i,ti WMBammm
Ninth Yeak
A poor wretch was about to be
hanged in one of the north-eastern
counties of Maryland. His lawyers had been working hard to
save his neck, aud there seemed to
be some possibility that he might
be reprieved. But the time set for
the execution arrived, and the
march to the scaffold had begun,
■when a messenger appeared waving
A telegram in his hand.
The condemned man, trembling
with hope, tore open the envelope.
He cast his eager glance at the
message, paled, and let it drop
irom his hand. The sheriff picked
up the paper, read it,and the march
to the scaffold was resumed. In a
few minutes the man who had hoped
for a reprieve was in eternity.
The message was from some minister who had become interested in
the case. It told him to trust in
the Lord and he would be saved.—
■Washington Post.
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills,Ltd.
Store Fronts;
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
Nelson, B. C.
Clothes always look well
and wear well—if the
Tailor knows his business. Wear the best.
. Leave your order for a
Xmas suit with—
Dealer in
Van Camp Lunch Goods, Confectionery and Fruit.
Newmarket Block.        New Denver
/Condensed ii(lvt*r(l*oiiii*iiii», sued ax For Sale
Wanleil,Lost.Siruyirl, Stolen, Blrllis, Death*,
MnrrlfiKOB, Perfonml, Motels, I.pkuI, Motlit-nl.t'tr,,
are liiiiertetl when not excuedliiK *0 w<»r<l» for
95 cent* each Insertion. Eiu-h live words or Ion
over 2tt words uru live cent* additional.]
EJmployment Agorxoy.
Help of AllKlmU KiirnUlwri.
I'ljUoffk-e lUixiU'i, KelMiu. .1,11, LOVE.
DKV OKK I'KOI'KKTY. North Fork Oar-
penb-TGroek-AM'N. aI.I'B VHACTIOS,
•nd ALiTUHUH-CrownGranM obtained. Apply, W, J. MCMILLAN k CO.. Vancouver. B.C.
NELHON, ll 0.      Cor, WARD k ItAKKH SU
1)R. MIIJ.<)Y,""T^
Hu n»d lft )e»r> exiwrlence in ttenul work, ami
makM a a|wclaity <tf Uold HrMiru Work. Moil
complete dental uffli-v In U 0.
on thn Oi
IUM.   Tin-m.t»tiuni|iU*li' II C i I   TU
 Continent of North Amerl* H CA L I H
ca. Hllu»u>l <n!*l«( m i nery un n r n A n ¥
rivalled for llrand<ur. U"Hlln«, ) CO U Fl I
FlililtiK and Km union* llr.ltlHit rhynli'lin
■nd NuntB* Telt-in-mtlilf ei,mmut(i«**tlt»n with nil
|*r(«iif the world- two mall* arrive and d«|mrt
•very day.    It« lt«tli*.« mtv all  nervoui and
?*iuieulardlaeaaet; lu wat*r» leal all Kldaoy.
,lvnr and H«om»<-t« Ailment.. sl'K.Ct Al.
WIVTKIl TKItM* «H to »l--V i«*r w.ttk.
The iirlc* ol u i-.timl trl|i llt-ke( Im-Iwhiii
N*w iVuver »htl Halcyon, obtainable all th*
year round and iimii fur*' <l»y«, l« fS.S.V Hal-
v)ott s|.(it.a->, ah..* :..*.'».. l), <.'.
It  HKYLANO. Kinnin«<r Mint I'rovlncia
l.mill Surveyot     Hmitl'iit,
At a big dinnor given in Toronto
some days ago by the Canadian
Manufacturers' Association, Wm.
Robins of Hiram Walker's booze
factory, delivered an address on
Imperialism. He said many good
things in the coarse of his remarks,
and some that were badly tinged
with cent-belt ideas. Speaking of
reciprocity with the United States
Mr. Robins remarked: "I do not
want to throw stones at our American friends, but you may remark
this, that .'whea reciprocity did exist the balance of trade was in their
favor, and that when they put an
end to reciprocity, it was not due to
commercial reasons. No matter
what, they meant, whether to force
us into annexation or not, I say
that wc may be glad, for today we
have more self-reliance than we
would have had otherwise."
There is another side to this
question of reciprocity and self-
reliance and annexation. It seems
that prominent Canadians will
never quit talking about annexation. Thev seem to believe that
the whole business of our friends
across the line is, by intrigue
and stealth, to force Canada into annexing herself with Uncle Sam. No
matter what comes "up in the commercial or diplomatic world, wherein Canada and the United States
are interested, the cry goes up,
•'look out for annexation.'' On
the other side of the line it is extremely doubtful if the question of
annexation is ever thought of. Of
what benefit would it be to Uncle
Sam's domain to annex Canada?
If Canada were annexed it would
mean that our national debt of
something like three hundred millions would have to betaken care of
in the transfer. The only thing
that would induce the American
people to consider the question of
annexation would be the commer-
W*. .«.«......... m i p ■., :*.;.  . ,  *.' ::
,   t»«»W«l(i Ul l»niif« ttiid A*uy«r» Sii|-*
|     ll.   CAMKIKIN,   Nip.il.t.,   M.uiiifn-uin-«j
♦ I.   OlothliiK (•x.rli-r     itol p-MMn  iiMtronau*
r.int %l\ i|i«,i-» J
Whol-e.sa.1©   Merohants,
cial advantages to be gained thereby. • They are a people of thrift,
and business—dollars and cents.
They know a good thing, and never
loose an opportunity of boosting it
along. Just now that good thing
is America. It has always been
America. It will ever be America.
Under present conditions, there
could be no advantage derived by
the United States in annexing our
Lady of the Snows. The advantage would ho to Canada, in that
we would then be placed under a
more progressive policy and forced
t-o build ourselves up. American
capital and American workmen
have the same commercial privileges in Canada as Canadian capital and Canadian workmen. The
American capital int lias already
annexed Canada commercially. All
our iron, coal, lumber and metal
industries are gradually being
monopolized by Americans. It in
only a quoiHon of a few years until
these industries will be completely
in American control. They are
already held in audi a way as to
turn all the commercial cream into
American coffers. Canada ia today
at the mercy of the commercial
kings acrosH the line. They want
no lM-tt<»i- annexation than thin.
While Canuilians are [tatting their
buck* and peacocking up and
down, priding them wives on being
loyal to the mother land, self-
reliant und dignified, they me giving away the life-KUMtaiiiing resource* of the country. We |>ay j
tht* coM oi running thc govern-,
mental machinery. England Inim-m*-* <
the job. iiud American capital steps]
in and carries t-o the other side the'
jcoininercial cream, It is well!
I to induce outside capital to conic j
I into the country, but it is not, well t
1 to give to nlicn corporations or in- \
\AivlAmtU th* eoiiimiereial rights of'
heart with which we must be kind
iu dealing. Frailties are not sin;
sin is the result, of frailties indulged
in. 'Tis enough to "do jrour work
today as well as you can—and be
kind." Do this and you will not
burden any skypilot with thoughts
of darkness in your search after
the Truth.
I have stood hy the open excavation of the new underground railroad in New York City looking at
the men digging. They have told
me they got $2 a day for fair days
when the work could go on. Living is expensive in New York.
These are not the submerged; they
are the men of brawn and health.
They are the "labor."
I have gone through the corridors of the fashionable hotels at
midnight hours and looked on the
diners and winers, the evening
dress of men and women, with
liveried waiters obsequiously serving the viands of all lands.
These are the "employers."
Are the interests of the two
classes mutual ? Can easy-going
optimism conjure up any relation
between the two? Can any bridge
spun the chasm between them ?
"When I go through our factories
and see line, able-bodied, dextrous,
earnest men working nine hours
every day and every year a lifetime
through, fashioning the uncouth
raw material of wood and metal
and marble into house material, I
ask myself, "Will the 'laborer'
have any of these polished and
luxurious appliances in the home
of his family or will they only go
into the houses of tlie well-to-do.
the mansions of the rich, the 'employer'class?" Are the interests
of the laborer and the capitalist
mutual in this work ?
I know full well that many will
say that money payment settles the
whole score; but even if that were
so, is there any mutality When one
makes   and   the   other  enjoys'.-*--
1-tislwiy Pnt.te1'
DIAMONDS-Looseand Mounted
WATCHES-Filled and Gold
GOLD BROOCHKS,latest designs
Nobby Patterns
Ladies' and Gouts'
with and without .stones
GOLD OHAINS-all weights
m ith and without stones
GOLD GUARDS-10 and 14 karat
Standard Grades of Killed Chains
and Guards in all styles
Don'i waste lime
Sending your orders to houses that
do not have the goods.   Send
them to us and get just what
you want without any
At JaCOb DOVer'S The Jeweler
Our i«i|8omilBtiaMntee goes with evvry article, and should
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, wc arc at all
times glad to exchange same tn the entire satisfaction of customer. JACOB DOVER,C. P. R. Time Inspector
Latest; Fads in
of all kinds
Aud nil the Latest Creations In
Goods of All Kinds
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
Seeds, Trees,
"RlllVlQ for Fall or Spring
DUJ.UD planting.
Catalogue Free.
Stun Westminster Road. Vancouver, B. C.
W. GMMMBTT, r,ra.hui.. i...ti.-ion
•Hid Jeweler
iii-iit fur CtiiiMilliin Kodak (Jo.
H,\.\l.*ON, ll c;
I nil*  nmi.iiiK ii
♦I   Iiii|»>h«m, WIh.I.mI.- (Ir
*    I.O.,     S-lmm
Hti£eii»hi|i. i
*'J>o v«»in* work today »> well as
" ' I* p
you inn-.md \h* kind." i* a motto
thnt   will  d(»   for   the ImmI—and I
worst—*A ii**.     "l'i* human to err;!
'tin human to want our ivIigioiiK
.Sljiiiul Lowery's Claim
to come your way by
sending tho editor a <|ol
lar. It rurimlus a pow
der that leaven no misled
holes, and eannot be
heaten t"«»r sharierinji' the
rock of .superstition and
ijLi'Uoramte that covers so
much ofthe bright, met.-
al ol freedom on this
oittth.     Oio*,   while  the
thought  of purchase i.s
warming    your   upper
** .   . -
■■•'■'•'■■"' •
R. T, Lowery
Reports, Examinations and Management.
A lull line of Silverware and choice
Coniectionery at
,11tstJliliiii.it St,, New Donvor.
Oold t .rm I 3old nntl Sliver,.* .7.1
Lead Vt| (ioltl.dllv'r.i'Oiiii'r 1.50
Siimplo.-diy mull itiei.lvdprompt ntt«ntloii.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
1430 Kith Nt.,   I>«nv«r, Colo.
Tlio Lendimr
Finest Shop in the Slocan.
Brick Block,   Bcllevue Ave., New
Denver, B. C.
To mul from Europ-can |x>lnt-*> vU CutiftdUr
nml Anntrk'iiii Ilium,    Apply   (or muIUiik iluU^
iHte*, tn-kftn ami full Information to tiny 0.
liy memt nr—
C, I'. It. AhciH, New Denver.
W I' F. Cummln-M, 0, H, S, Ant., Wlunlt»y
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address-
 R. REISTERER& CO., Nelson, B.C.
An up-to-diito. lino ul*
constantly on hand. u.
Head office: NELSON, U.C.
Stoics at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
 Haye shops in nearly all the camps and cities
They"sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Buy Your Holiday
Q focencsami piwisions fmra u,e
Wm. Hunter Co.,Limited.
Stores at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local business.
Smw niumtnr, It. C.
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transport*
ation a Specialty.
Our Baggage wagons moot all Sunday trains.
. Saddle Horses and Pack '..ir.'.uis.
Feed Stables at Now Denver,
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
SPIKES from So to 60c
Ncv Denver, 11. C
BwwiO«,r»tXf» r>.■-.!*.
ML. OKtMM-KTr. I.. !.. «.. lUnrOin-r,.
,   hflUiM.XonU}■ I'uHii      Sii'.rtptn, 1( (, !
f-% *%%,%%*^%%%%%%%-%^t
22   t
\_l" ly< ''">■"     - ^'«  » '• ;ll,.w.Uc!icf,,luuu(l iuti-;iiJ|.inn:.of 4   WAUUS OHUt»  a
»nl« and—wonN.     Hut aftor nil; t \
iit",- onlv  ,i  fr.iillv ui ihe  JiiiJJiaii,
VANCOUVER •«.• ^d'OI   t*
The biggest sale in our history in Fall and [
Winter Wear. Cleaning out all lines. Bargains |
for all
nrnT.uiu; iwtkkns.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
ritUNkh ash VAU1SKS 01-


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