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The Ledge Nov 5, 1903

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 C^^l x-V^A/l^'^^
Volume XL, Number 6.
Prtce, *2 a Year. TN Advance
from tbe Cake towns
The dog poisoner is causing woe
in Three Forks.
Several Butte miners arrived in
the Slocan last week.
Mrs. Henry Stege returned from
Spokane on Tuesday.
W. J. Adcock is going out of
business in Slocan City.
Kaslo is all agog over a fashionable wedding this week.
George Kydd is now manager of
the Royal bank in Ottawa.
The 2-ton shipment of Cripple
Stick ore netted $100 per ton.
The recent shipment of ore from
the Alberta gave upwards of 8100
per ton.
A true bill of fraud has been
found against Whittaker Wright
by the London court.
T. McNeish, Jas. Cross and J.
T. Tipping have taken a lease on
the Bell, one of the Republic group.
Flags of truce are seen flying almost every day in New Denver.
And it is always in front of happy
Several dances have been given
at the Hotel Slocan in Three Forks
recently, and there will be several
more this winter.
Last year the first of our winter's
snow fell on November 6th. This
year we can paddle about comfortably in our shirt sleeves.
Services will be held in St.
Stephen's Churyh Sunday next.
Matins and Holy Communion at 11
o'clock; Evensong at 7:30.
Two deaf and dumb pugilists
by the name of Roman are starring
the country. They do not explain
how they live without talking.
The Bosun Bhufc down on Oct.
31st, and Manager Sandiford is in
Vancouver discussing the situation
with a London representative of
the company.
Won't somebody cut up and
carry away for kindling wood the
forsaken band stand. In ite present condrf ion it makes the eyes
sore and the heart aick.
A car of high-grade ore was
shipped from the Rouse claim, on
the North Fork, this week, by
Messrs. Hunter & Fairbairn, who
have been working the property for
the past three months.
The Lieutenant-Governor has
cancelled tho proclamation calling
the Legislature together on Jan. 21,
and has ironed a proclamation convening that obstreperous body on
Thurday, the 26th itifit,
Rev. J. Calvert delivered an
optical lantern lecture at the Bosun
mine last Friday evening. He
took the boya through Australia
and Palestine, with a side trip
through Yellowstone Park and our
own province.
Hermann Clever ia to be congratulated on being able to open bin
butcher shop in bin larger and mod-
ernly improved block. The bust-
nefw block he haa erected on the
ground where his old block utood,
w in every way a great improvement on the old hnlldlniP.
T.rwr». ti! ^oort (•j.tSr-rJa3,u.v.'i..vl
will be pleased with the high-el**.1*
article to be provided thl* { Wwlne***
day) evening in Bosun hall by the
Maridor-Oouldlng Company. They
■oiit }nrfifA>)M Mie ihhs! &ggrega lion ol
•Hilda that have come into the Slocan for a year or more, and arc
highly npoken of by the Kootenay
and ouudde pre**.
rrrnt.tVMW wrrarttrirn
Castle Hall, and to enjoy the festivities with them, Sandon lodge,
No. 24, sent down a special train
of 20 or 25 Knights. In addition
to these, there was in attendance
Supreme Representative Noble
Binns of Trail, Grand Master-at-
Arms Irvine of Nelson and H. C.
Hallett of Greenwood. •
In all there were upwards of 60
members present, and from 8
o'clock in the evening until 5
o'clock the following morning, the
hall was the scene of an old-time
Pythian love feast.
Rank work was the main
feature of the gathering, five candidates being given a taste of the
butt end of the mystic goat.
Teams from the Sandon and
home lodges competed in the
first rank work for a prize offered
by the Grand Chancellor, the visiting team walking off with the
At midnight a sumptuous lunch
was served, and between the degrees speechmaking and other entertainment was indulged in.
Tho event will long be remembered as one of the most happy
fraternal gatherings ever brought
feature to mar its success being the
non-arrival of G. K. of R. and S.
Emile Pferdner of Victoria, who
failed to get here, owing to a railway wreck on the main line.
The totnl amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan nnd SIocaii City mining
divisions fnr the year 1902 was, approximately, 80.000 tons Since January ]
to October 31, 1903, the shipments have
lieen as follows:
Amerli-an Boy	
Blnek Prince.,	
Hisilll    40
'line Itlrd	
Crlpiito Stick	
0 illy Vurdcii	
Kiiti'i'iir'.ie   io
Klsher Mnliicn	
Illirlilniiil LlKbt	
Mnlio   «r,
Ivim lioi'    M
l.nrkv Jim	
Mi-n-urv    Kl
Monitor    v!0
Moimtiiiii Con	
OttKWA ,,
Ouifll   jll'M	
Until    lil
Httt Vox	
It'ill-m    10
Hlocftll KUr    SI
Sim-nil  Jlnv...,	
slim alaiu-e ,	
Vhiico iver ,	
VV *) 11 <,! n t f u t	
but tho usual duty is   exacted   oi
lead when the contents in the  on
amount to over 2 per cent.     Alto
gether the zinc problem in the Slocan is becoming more practical.
Total torn,..
-Jl'i        U.S.**
During the year aliout 1800 ton»
of zinc ore have been shipped from
the Slocan to Knmuui, There are
aliout 2,500 tons n?ady for ship-
ment which will proliably lie Kent
out before February. Thin supply
will be principally drawn from the
Payne, Kutb, Ivanhoe, Wakefield,
and one or two others.
If advisable tlio Slogan mine*
could ship 15,000 tons of line ore
The Wakefield sold 200 tons last
week. It ran J 5 per cent, zinc, .10
ounces In silver and I per cent. lead,
The Wakefield will ship hundred*
... Kiim .»<;« wttitfi,    t no magnetic i {
,<>l'{,i'4,\'iU,i'- UH
At the fall assizes in Nelson, in
a suit over a claim on Payne
mountain, decision was given in
favor of Ransom, Garde and Jones.
Particulars of the case are as follows:
In 1898 one Dilley located the
Parrot mineral claim on Payne
mountain, this claim being subsequently acquired by Selous and
Snyder. In 1901 G. F. Ransom
located the Belleview fraction, also
on Payne mountain, lying between
Big Timber, Emporium and other
crown granted claims, and in 1902
he applied for a certificate of improvements. Snyder and Selous in
the meantime bad surveyed what
thej' alleged to be the Parrot
ground, and also applied for a certificate of improvements.
The Parrot claim, as surveyed,
covered practically the entire Belle-
view ground, so the Parrot owners
adversed the application of Ransom, with whom Garde and Jones
had become interested. Then in
January, 1903, the Belleview was
No, 2, and by him transferred to
Ransom et al., who then adversed
the Parrot application, relying on
both the Redress and Belleview locations.
Tlie chief contention of the Random people was that the Parrot,
■••hum as surveyed was not the
same as the Parrot ground as located, and in this they were supported by the judge, who found
that the Parrot location stakes had
been removed from their original
places before the survey was mad".
The judge also held the Belleview location invalid for want of
blazing, but held that the Redress
No. 2 was a proper location, and
as this was owned by Ransom.
Garde and Jones, they got judgment, voiding the Parrot claim,
with cost?.
.uidon news gropptogs
Those individuals who talk about
gold mines not being operated to as
great depth as copper propositions
would find it instructive to study
the Congress mine, in Arizona.
The Congress has been an excellent
producer for many years, and on
the dip of the vein, the-lower workings are said to be from 3,500 to
3,600 feet below the surface. Mineralization of gold-bearing quartz
seems to have sufficient depth
there for the ordinary investor.
OcOirsirver; 85rxsa7£ii ssScf
Oct, 30 Silver, 60" Lead, .£11 5s
Oct. 31 Silver. 59ff Lead, £11 5s
Nov. 2 Silver, 59i Lead, £11 5s
Nov. 3 Silver,     " Lead, £
Nov. 4 Silver, 59£ Lead, £11 5a
By thc Editor ^^^^^^^j^^:^:^^
Spuds.—"Say, Kaiser, phat does yez think of Chamberlain's
Kaiser's Ghost laid down the chunk of liinbiirger he was munching, took tho cotton batting out of his nose, and remarked:
"Veil, poys, I dond know much ahotid Joe Chamberlain, but if
he can build a tariff fence in frond of everyding excepd der British
colonies, I dinks ve get em all in our sack. Der Unified State? is
der natural market fur many of our dings, but Sam he cut us all
mit der pig dooty. If ve can get der cinch on der British market
fur our veat, cheese, apples, minerals and odder dings, ve back
Uncle Sam inter der sump up tf) his neck while ve svim nvay on
der vaves of Imperinl prosperity.
"Canada must do somedings. Become independent, annex to
der States or form a combine mit England and shovel frost to der
fellars over d.»r vail. If ve could ged der I'nited States in der
game vid us, I dinks all der vorld vou Id only be dooce high. But
if dis deal of Chamberlain's goes thro, ve must expect! all der odder
fellars to play buck, vich vould make gin fizzes and odder dings
come mighty high in dis vonderful C. P. R. country. Mixtion ry
Ike las just come over der trail from Nelson and he vill dell uh der
Tke hlew the foam from his air valves, and tuned his ozonagram
as follows:
"Pardners. there is hot times in Nelson. The people of that refined and cultured city «ent John Houston to Victoria, fully expecting that he would* bo handed a portfolio, bnt when I left the
l>urg John hail just got back without even a pocket liook. There in
all kinds of rumors in the air. Some think tliat July dinked John
lieeaiiM his language In sometime* more forcible than elegant.
Others aay that John did not know how to hold a drew coat at the
proper angle, or walk in a ball room without touching the lloor or
lisp sweet nonsense in French. If John is not good ciiougb to nit
in the cabinet he ia not good enough to sit in the house. His turndown is a direct insult to Nelson, and if he in an outlaw in the eyes
ot an ornamental figurehead, where does his friends get oft at? To
tell the truth, Houston is long ou brains and short on tally. If he
was an oily-tongned Ananias and a simpering. wip-headcd Judas
Iscariot, full of deceit and skimined-niilk ideas, he might hunk
with the crowd at Victoria, but he cannot crush his manhood mid
lil.«y fi»i.M- to bin nature to July any crowd of pindicadcd |mliiii'inii*.
Logan McPhee left this week for
Nova Scotia.
The ''roaring game" will soon
start to roar.
Night and day shifts are working
at the Ivanhoe mill.
Paddy, the Priest, is again in the i
midst of his Sandon flock.
Tlie Mercury shipped three cars
of ore to Nelson last month.
Bob McPherson is working the
O. K. through the Jo Jo ground.
It is reported that the Sovereign
will resume operations this month.
T. J. Roadley is taking a course
in milling at the Ivanhoe concentrator.
The Empress, near Whitewater,
has just shipped a car of ore to
Jas. McKinnon left on a trip to
old Scotia, Canada's, fish country,
this week.
The Maridor-Goulding Co. will
play in Sandon Thursday evening,
Nov. 5th.
Will Irvine and his young
on Sunday.
The Conductor, Democrat and
Mountain Con are all working
under lease.
J. Barber has bought the packing
outfit and business of Willie Eccles.
Three Forks.
Mr. and Mrs. Denis St. Denis, of
Xelson, paid the Silver City a visit
the past week.
A. Peterson is in the hospital
again, for further attention to his
ulcerated face.
The force on the Reco is being
gradually increased, and is now
about 15 strong.
Packer Powers, of McCuigan,
has bought the stock and business
of A!ex Crawford.
Miss Mclntyre left on Monday
for Revelstoke, where she wiil
spend some days with friends.
George W. Hughes will remain
in camp until February. lie has
a force at the Sunset all the time.
The McAllister on the north fork
of Carpenter will soon have
another car load ready for shipment.
Mrs. W. W. Warner and family
left on  Monday  for Sand  Point,
Mrs. M. L. Grimmett gave, a
very enjoyable dancing party in the
Auditorium Tuesday evening in
linnor of her friend, Miss Watson,
who is visiting her.
Harry Lowe, Walter Murray,
Bob and Dave Sloan are working
the Black Grouse on the north
fork of Carpenter creek under lease.
They will make a shipment in a
few days, and have commenced to
run a long cross cut tunnel.
Another judgment has been rendered in the Joker and Cody fraction mineral ground. This time
Ceo. Clark and partners lose the
Wild Rose and John Doeksteader'*
title to the ground is declared
valid.    Clark will appeal the case.
Thc Last Chance is sinking on
the new ore body recently struck
in No. 6 tunnel. The ore body is
three feet wide, and the product
assays 170 ounces in Bilver and 00
per cent. lead. The force at the
Chance is to be increased and shipments will be resumed in a few
The Misses Pound gave a hallo-
e'en party last Saturday evening to
-abotit-20-of-thcir- young- frieiTdlT*
and it was the brightest home event
that has taken place in Sandon this
season. Abundant entertainment
was provided appropriate to the
oceassion and every one in attendance spent a most happy evening.
Jno. Cory and Jno. Foster have
Uiken the Cinderella, Medford and
Keyser group of claims on a two
year lease, and are pushing work
on a tunnel on the lead. A great
deal of work has been put on this
property, but without favorable results. The property is crown
granted, and the lessees believe
they have a good thing. They are
encountering some ore in the work-
in the case of the B, N. White
Co. vs. J. M. Harris, a suit to recover possession of the site whereon Harris erected a reservoir for
water to run the Sandon electric
light plant, was decided last week in
Nelson in favor of Hiirri", the court
holding that under defendant's
grant from tlie li'»utenant-govetnor
giving leave to expropriate the
ground, the II. X. White Co. had
no right in the premises.
Wlltnti: TO  OKT   WHAT   VOI! WANT.
(let your winter furniture from
D. J. Roliersoii it Co. in Nelson.
iiiiiMTwim^ l?!v "iM\,0,,k at
whiter. I        goods   in   the   Kootenay   at
!    The Denver house wns closed a
• few days* age, and K. St. tatwrewe
and family left the following day
j for Spokane.
! Gasey Thompson and Jack Cum-
j tilings are running an hotel, which
■■they call   the  Oil   Exchange, at
* Kayak, Alaska.
■ Work has commenced on the
ibdrcs* No. 2. Thi* elaim adjoins
llu- M< nun and i- owned by
Hansom, Garde and Jones,
,*w>,»,.,.   ,.S    t.i    u^tlAUUll   wi    ihv.i
Payne which enable* that mine to,
venA <niiti a prod-met running 55 p-trj
cent, zinc, Ifi ounce* iu nilver and I
a trace In lead. The pmeem in o*e>
n\ Xtie i'nyne NcpMrattw the iron/
from the *ine. |
The Slocan Star has an immense j
amount of zinc in part of it* working* nnd could easily ship 500 ton*
a month for neveral years.
Zinc now  goes  in  Healed  cam
from the Slocan to Iola where it 1*
La** Monday ww a ml letter!opened in tbe  bonded  mwhoufier
day for Pythiwitom in the Slocan. recently ewtAblinhed at the smelter, j
On tliht d*t* New Denver lodge, ] A government mmyer *araple* the
No. '2% formally opened their new' ore.    Zinc »nd tilver pay no duty,
lie is plain John Houston, ju«4 the same on the lookout chair of a
| nation a* be wan when he packed a nut-cracker pn-ss Into Nelson,
and lxiosted the third commercial city of this province into iis
present proud position. John is not'sugar-coati-d and does not
wear dianunvdw. If he was and did the cii**t crowd would fr»-*/e
onto him lik*« n mutntto tnetrle« iee erenm I'm from nM Vi«om-v
and yon have got to nhow me whv thev want to pot #hot of nm- nf
the strongest character* in the hiatorv of this Rreat western
Ike stopped, out of breath, and Ivaisern Ghost jumped up. wiping the Iim burger eh* em off his bazoo, and ejaculated:
••!»/,«•.:    At... t,i  A*....it.    i?i,,.„i   :..   a\.    ..,...-. . nti    t  i .    .-ii
probably make von **< riliee bit and let der party touch  ilrr home
?ilate, but, bye nnd bye, ven he stands in der pitcher's box. Green,
Irntus McBride, Wilson and some of done oder nice |>oy.* vill yoost
fan der air nnd die mitout touching firvif Im^. I vas ;«*pr*»fet, und
I can nee der finnish. Veil, poys, I wen you again. I must now
■tfo ortd mfd tier town und puy a paj.y enrringe fur mho- front. .Intrev
A Her Kaiser's Ghati had dua^i arid duvui iio: tuu! tin: Imy*
iumetl in for the night to dream »i*iut the day* when the titr-h and
the devil will be burned ont of thm*e who *it oo tbe l«»i ind
drive rtage for the utate.
The beer mnde liy the Xew York
brewery in Sandon is to lie found
in every camp in the district.
Mrs. Williams has just received
a stuck of dry goods and ladies'
furnishing*. Ib-r stock of hand
made confectionery has no iijiuil in
the Slocan.
si.tiiltfl.V   Afiyr.MSTKIi.
The inconvenience of rnllrotid H*r-
j     Donald   .MH'alltiin   has   put in  vice  U,ul  always   kept   Johnnie'*
, Mipplies at the i:-d Ko.-k and  wi!'.; father much away from home.    He
; work all winter.     The   Kcd  Hock j «<»* for*-.-*! toeotiipns* hi* domestic
is just aisive the Whitewatei mine,  duties and pleasure*, into on.- short
„,.               ...                   i       i   .   I evening of the week.
!       lice are - ..I .ne,, employed  ,.,      ^h, nftvr <(  ,h	
and around tlie mines of theMikviii i,,    i:,,i " f, ii   , « .i   ,     i
hi tne ta-jt Midi ti.e iiiiiiei on  one
Mie  .mn iu<   u.utinii i imi uie iillii-l.
V*iH't\    ,ti",r.'- - ot\      lo
• gluniny T«'tniiii<-'<'H<'<-.
Kolwit Cunning Ita-*  leaped  bin      "Why wbnt's the matter. .
hotel in Siinlnii.       He   will   leave! iiii''"'
next week for Eureka.  California..-     ••Xotliin*. onlv I ain't   u'»«t
" 1 ■ •■■■  1     ;     * i,   .   t.*    :. . .  ,* *      .'..,."    .'....
the hotel hnsii.e**,
Kev. J««.  Turner,  the pioneer;    TlH.rt„it ,.f Vi„,„K  ,„.,„„.„ (>l.
ptrsoii of Slocan lake,  will   preach   |tr,t.»ii    ami   iht  iimtnUmi   "i   Smn
Saturday nigbK   llefpnnked ""*
]■ in Sandon on \he. |."!th, the iw-eo-  y**-..ii*,i*i*tl*o*>r\
T*.-? *<**. i- ii-
dim of the anniverNiry service* of »»»**}■** t,ne. iuv.*\\ u./ t'f.i.?«i,.'ii,eer.
,,..,,       i      X, o."if■»*;• nf  •i'-*' i-i iiif'-ii- *■•'  -tin >i'
llie Mellioiii-I ciiurch tbne.
IT. r tlAAon. nn old «yAx-7>- ,
likH Ite* ii 1'iiiihueil in h MontivAl.
lift»|»it il f*»r more than n yesir. lh- Slander i* *!»'- revenge of *. vow-
ts now tot.illy liftnd and h lieirig; ar»l. and di«s?milation hi« defense.
I oreii tor by the Knight* of Pythias.   — Johnson.
I ..1**1,1*91      I lie tirnlw'r will lie i% (»ntl>
i-i-i-r    n-||'i *    iini-    i-l    1 -»i    !e..f      It*.,
;,!!„-t-.,t hi ibe Wi.fl-i. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, NOVMEBER 5, 1903.
Fads in Connection
Act of Trickery
ery to a Mem
the Legislative
The turning down of John Houston, M.P.P. of Nelson City
riding, by premier McBride, under shelter of the wing of lieutenant-governor Joly, has been a live question in Nelson for a
week. Mr. Houston returned to Nelson on Sunday night. He
consulted with his friends, but refused to make any statement
for publication, after seeing how unfairly a brief statement he
had made to a Vancouver World reporter had been mangled.
He stated to his friends the reasons given ,)>y premier McBride
for his being turned down, and until McBride's statement could
be verified by thc lieutenant-governor, himself, he or they could
not do anything. On Tuesday morning Mr. Houston received
the letter from the lieutenant-governor, which is printed elsewhere, aud his friends acted promptly. His campaign committee to the number of over forty niet on Tuesday night. William
Irvine occupied the chair and stated the objpet of the meeting.
A number of speeches were made and the following resolutions
were passed unanimously: .
Resolved, that we have the fullest confidence in
John Houston, the member for Nelson City, and
we give him a free hand to act as he deems best, ,
believing he has been most unfairly treated by
the lieutenant-governor, and that premier McBride
is censurable for allowing the lieutenant-governor
to usurp his (McBride's) constitutional rights.
Further resolved, that the mayor be requested •
to call a public meeting at the opera house on
Thursday night, in order that the people of Nelson shall have an opportunity of giving expression
to their views on the action of the lieutenant-governor iu objecting to John Houston becoming a
member of the government of British Columbia.
Resolved, that  these  resolutions  be wired  to
premier McBride.
The next day a well-signed requisition was presented mayor
the governor. Before leaving he told me
to remain at his oflice until he returned.
On his rein rn, he said the governor had
intminted that he must till his cabinet;
thia lie intended doing so, aud that he
wor.ld immediately ask for the resignations of McPhillips and Goodeve. Before
closing the interview he saiiV: "I will lay
my full programme before the governor
tomorrow forenoon, and put an end to the
uncertainty that now exists."
The next day at one o'clock I called on
the premier at his office. Ho said: "I
submitted your name this morning to the
governor, and he did not approve of your
becoming a member of-the government."
I asked if he had given any reason, aud
McBride said, ' 'No.'' I then said I would
go home, resign my seat, and leave the
province, for if I was not fit, to associate
with him (McBride) I was not* fit to associate with decent men. McBride's one
concern seemed to be, what would become
of him ami his government, as my resignation would mean its defeat. He said:
"Don't resign, and at the end of the session I may be able to get yon in the government." This appeared so ridiculous a
statement that I left liis oflice, and
haven't seen McBride since.
At first 1 lelt as 1 imagine a man must
feel on being released from serving a term
iu a penitentiary. 1 felt as if 1 could not
look decent men in the face, imagining
tliey knew of my disgrace. However,
tliat* feeling did not last. I am not a
(Sliristinii. When Mnpped'on one cheek I
du not turn ihe olltci'tiibeslapped. When
•'slapped, 1 do my best to reach the other
fellow's face. I did not know whether
A" e* Bride had told mo the truth, and to
find nut 1 wrote the following letter to
tlie lieutenant-governor:
Thk DuiAisi) HoTKt..
Vktouia, October •*>:!, 11)0*5..
Sir,—Premier McBride has just informed me tliat lie submitted my name to you
this morning for member of the executive
council, and that you objected to me being
a member of his government. If it is not
asking too much, I would like to know if
I have been told the truth. If it is the
truth, then the people of the city of Nelson liave been slapped in the face, aud I
will be compelled to leave British Columbia, for if I am unworthy to administer a
department of the provincial government,
I am equally unworthy of sitting as a
member of the legislature. Tlie people of
Nelson have honored me three times by
electing me mayor, and twice by electing
me to the legislature, bnt I am ashamed
today to hold my head up on the street.
My address is Nelson, B.O.   Respectfully,
Sir Henri Joly de Lotbiniere, Victoria, B.O.
In reply the following letter was received on Tuesday last:
Victoria, October a-ith, li)0;S,
John Houston, Esq., M.P.P., Nelson, B.C.
Sir,—-I have received your letter of yesterday, inquiring if it is true that I have
objected to your being made a member of
the Hon. Mr. McBride's government. It
is true. I objected on account of the unfortunate incident of last session when
you forgot what* was duo to tlie legislative
assembly as well as to yom-self in youri-e-
.sponsible^poMtioAi; Thero was no inten-
Rose, and he in accordance with the requisition called a public
meeting for Thursday night, the notice appearing in the Nelson
Daily News. No other notice of the meeting was given and no
effort was made to bring out a crowd. On Thursday night between 400 and 500 people assembled in the opera house. Mayor
Rose called the meeting to order, and stated liis reasons for
calling the meeting. He then asked Mr. Houston, who was in
the audience, to take the platform, which he did, receiving most
hearty applause as he did so.    He said:
Mr. Mayor and Fellow-Citizens: It is
not long sjneo tho two political parties in
this province had n more or less healed
campaign for supremacy, and one of tlie
resultH of the campaign was my election
turn ropresentntivo iu tlie legislative assembly for Nelson. I believe my election
wuksomewhat of a surprise; but it must
tw conceded tliat the majority of the pen-
pio of Nelson preferred me ii > my opponent.
After the light was won, my supporters
and friends believed Nelson was fairly entitled to some of the fruits of tlu< victory
1 hail hel|H-d win. 1 hold llie honorable
position of president of tin- Liberal-!'"ii-
ht-rvutlvc Union of British Columbia, a
iMwitioii wliich eiuiie lo me unanimously.
Thin shows that I am ni hast 11 captain in
the IiilM-niLCousvrvutive party, and my
election shown thnt I um n captain wlm
can lead llie forces under my command
succeHKfnlly, therefore I was fairly entitled totirefertnent.
I left Nelson lor Victoria, arriving I Inn
011 tlm Thursday following th" election.
I culled nu premier McBride -n his olllre,
and lie wns apiiareinly glad m ►<••■ me.
Me congratulated me ou mv vii-tm-y, and
said it entitled me to ivi-ngniiinii limn
tlie party, for had it not 1 11 for nn- tin-
party would have Iwi-u def'-no d. i.nd thai
lie wan pn-|iurc(! to give me the recognition I hud won. I made no d< iniuiil on
him at tlmt tune or nt any utln 1- time. I
say ilil* emphatically, iK-i-au-e n| iho
stiiteiiunls published in llu- new-pa]-* i>
day after day timl 1 na* in Vi-nnia holding a ({im to .McBride's la-ad. Mel'iid'-
led ini- to lielicve lhat I wax io'ih-lai.eii in
the giivi-i'iiim nt, and »o ennlidi-ni v.,i-- I
of liliu Unit at He- end nl tin- inlin ii -,i I
wind to tie- prii-idi nt of th.- Wl-.m l.il-
i-ral-CoiiM-natiic A-*-iHati'>M '..•) «■, ■;• tb--
machine in go-nd running order, fm- iny
Hceeplimce of oflice meant 11 bye-«-!• i-iini>.
At the premier it n-queM, I hud ini'iuin
interview with hint mi the u ■.: *l,.v. ..:
which it was praein-itlly Milled dial I
•dionlil l*e made chief i-iiiimii»»i'»ii'T   nl'
hinds and work*.    I   wn* tnM  thai
jmlicy of  the government  would  l>
tn-ui'lutieul iu all  Un- deii'iriim ni-
thal 11 Niving of £l!*»*m year i-mii
Uiiim  *•*  *".*****.***•*>   *.•■>    ,*• •■••
tin- m\,\ -i.«n>*   'A u'.i»••«i'"ut-     1 •>■•' ■•
lie- premier that   I  was
cord with that jm!i<-y;
way ',i\ ih.tl iu 1 11 ry yj> !'j I
tiig'tlie'<aiiiji,iig!i, ImiiIi 111 ihi- -
mid in thel.iln-riil Coii-ervi.iiM
lit thorough ileum) IH'tll  lure   I
..^l ■ A.it
1,1 ll'iU-e
I'lilniMi 1
land another porl folio with his assistance,
he turned in his chair and said he would
be frank with me; that I had not treated
him right in The Tribune during the campaign. Other charges and explanations
followed, and J left his oflice feeling that
Iio was distinctly hostile, I thought lirst
1 would write to premier McBride, as
Green and, I believed, other ministers
were hostile to me, that it would lie best
for the success of the government and the
party that J give way to someone else who
could work in harmony wilh all the niin-
islers. Instead of writing Ihe lei ter, 1
wi nt to McBride's ollleo, He was not in,
but I founii him in the Library. I told
him he was at liberty lo lake back everything he had promised; that I did not
want to liecoiiie ii inemlier of the government unless I could work iu harmony
with its members; that* friction nnd luck
of harmony among memliers had wrecked
llu- Seiiilin government; thai I did not
wisii tncaiiM' friction in his government.
McBride asked me what was the mat ter,
I told him "f ihe interview 1 had hud with
Given. He replied, "(), don't mind
Given, he is billions,"    Hethell said, the
M'leel loll ill Ills le-Mie|)lles in |j|e government rested .Mih'ly wilh himself; that
mine 0!' Ibe other minwiei-< bad anyihimr
to do wilh il; that he alone deult wilh
the governor. I again said if my being
taken into the giivenuiiciii meant friction
that I would raliiei- May mit,
conld depend mi nn- giving
ment loy.d support, lie :i>Min d me every,
thing voiild rn- all  right and lhal then-
Would U' tin trouble,
(111 iln- follow in;; W'eilm>dny I again
had an interview with tin- premier, at his
i. qui »|, y, In 0 tie eiiiaiid ginn- over at
|.i*m*-> iii'< i-vii-". - -. :*i • got), ov. r :*;• .ia
it»,i >tii*n.*« of p.,r;v jmhi y ut-re dix'ii«,»i d,
mul  iimoni'   otln r  lbhi> .. he raid Tatlow
linil Julie mil 11!   ioult   ,iu   nr.   tail    In   Mgll
(!,re!.-,    Tlii- ! ;.ii-.-, know   to In- a mi.-
Matetin at, lm-'1 allow a! thai lime was ui
.VlliTiill. or no  the ("iH'iboo load, negotiating for iin-ojh uim; <>t l.illoO'.-t by securing   tin-   r<-ignatimi   ot    Mclioitiihl, the
|l|e|lllll-|-  I  ll I'l,   ill    lll'lli -1-    III    1,1  t   !i   '-I'll-lilll
iim y  for  Mt -Phillip,*, the defeated at ior-
tion on my part to insult either your constituents or yourself, as, to judge by your
letter, you appear to think. I considered
that I had a duty to perform, I may add,
a painful duty, and I performed it. I am
your obedient servant,
Evidently the lieutenant-governor knew
little of the (what I b'lieve to be trumped-
up) reasons he gave iin* turning me down.
Had he been posted he would not have
written as he did. Thero was no "unfortunate incident" at the last session, for
surelv even sir Henri ,'fniv will not hold
that willing Albert Edward McPhillips a
damned fool is a good reason for blackening a man's reputation for life. I may
havo called McPhillips a damned fool,
and if I did 1 came pretty near the truth.
The "unfortunate incident" to which I
believe the governor refers occurred at the
session before the hist. It was the occasion when I defied the speaker. It was
said I was drunk at the timo, That
statement is not true. I v, ill admit I may
have had four or five good-sized jolts of
Scotch, and may have been under their influence, On ihat occasion McBride, who
is now premier, was leader of the opposition and had the lloor. The speaker had repeatedly warned him to speak to the question under discussion, warnings which if
made three times required the member so
warned to take his seat. McBride, as was
usual with him, paid no heed to the warnings, and the speaker, who is a good-natured old gentli inan, let things drift. 1
raised a point of order, and after stating
it to the speaker 1 that McBride was not
speaking to the question) was told that
my point was not well taken. I took my
seiit, and iu 11 minute or two again mnde
an at tempt. 1 was again told to take my
seat by llie sponker, as iny jmtint of order
was not well taken. 1 did mi, but was on
my feet again in a few minutes, and this
time U lieu told to take my seat, i ilG".« d
the speaker, and in so doing said I was
willing to sitiiulder any odium that might
attach for my net ion; lhat 1 believed the
obstruction Indies of McBride and his
followers were hurting the province, and
and lhat he j that the speaker wasblameabh- for not en-
hi- govern- j I'oii-ing hi* own rulings, I was neither
reprimanded nora-keii to n]niligizo either
to iln-hoiiM; or in ihe speaker, so I think
the lientenaid-govcrnor hnng'-iti-mit of his
way to even refer to nu incident with
which In- had no concern. Were he to
jig up every in- mber who tnl.es too much
Scotch, the liou-e V.otlld often In-left without a quorum.
If the people of Nel-on say 1 have acted
Vi,'iii.;l; ;i 51 *•'.„"..*.iii.;j  -.-till  \»- wis tl.r
".pi-iiker'w dc;t; when the house icii'tw. If
liny miv I have in fed unmanly or unfairly at any lime sine.- (i<tul»er ;ird, J wil!
leave llie proN isiee to!Uo|ToW,
Mr, IIhiiMuii look hi* seal amid ap-
p!an*-e that could mily have one meaning,
and that   meaning.  "We,  the |»cop|e of
mier he was informed that the party owed
him recognition, and that he (the premier)
was prepared to take him into the government as one of the ministers; and
Whereas, the premier did submit Mi*.
Houston's name to the lieutenant-governor for appointment as a responsible minister; and
Whereas, tho lieutenant-governor objected to Mr. Houston becoming one of
his advisors, giving an incident that had
occurred in a legislature that has passed
out of existence as the reason for his objection ; therefore be it
Resolved, that we, the people of Nelson,
in public meeting assembled, protest
against this action of the lieutenant-governor, in denying to a representative
elected by the people a right accorded him
under constitutional government; and be
it further
Resolved, that we deplore the fact that
British Columbia has as premier a man
who allowed the lieutenant-governor to
reject his advice without resenting it by
tendering him his resignation;
Resolved, that copies of these resolutions
bo forwarded to the lieutenant-governor,
the premier, and to sir Wilfred Laurier,
premier of Canada.
The resolutions were read and on being
seconded by John II. Matheson, the mayor declared them open for discussion.
Calls wero made for S. S. Taylor, and he
took the platform. Ho said he was the
first man to congratulate Mr. Houston on
his election, and he would have congratulated him had he returned to Nelson a
member of the government. While a
member of the party opposed to the party
of which Mr. Houston is a leader, he
therefore could not agree with him in all
things. He was forced to admit that the
treatment accorded to Mr. Houston by
premier McBride was such as to prove,
that the premier was not a manly man,
but he did not believe the people of Nelson should be asked to censure that honorable gentlenum, sir Henri Joly, for the
part he had played iu the matter. The
lieutenant-governor was too honorable a
man to lend himself to an unworthy action.
Mr. Taylor's remarks were iu effect:
Condemn McBride, the Conservative, but
'spare Joly, the Liberal. Before the resolutions were put, Mr. Taylor, from his
seat in the audience, suggested that the
resolution protesting against the lieutenant governor be cut out, and the other
resolutions would then be supported by
himself and otliers.
W. A. Macdonald followed Taylor, and
before he got through he was unmercifully guyed by the audience. Macdonald
claims to be a Conservative of Conservatives ; one of the pure breed; so pure that
he at uo time can stomach anything but
straight Conservative doctrine and pap.
He criticized Houston for daring to attack
McBride, the leader of the great Conservative party, a gentleman who was not-
present to defend himself. He intimated
that it would be all right to condemn the
lieutenant-governor, but for Conservatives to censure McBride for turning
down a man like Houston was absurd. If
Houston was a Conservative he should
take his medicine and like it. Macdonald
took his seat in the audience without ro-
ceiving the applause he expected, and for
■tt     ■' tA
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un- that In- inli-iuli-d tu taki- tin- ;iii"iiin-
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howi-viT, wn* nut it* «"*irdi.'d »■> I had »-*-
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had tuvu - u-;« 111I1 d.    In  lm
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• (in »ni.11. iini   iiuiy   l*v.:uw. llu- i'ii*:d miii
a'-iiudly  iKi'lid,  i.ni '.<m-.iu.i- nf tin-  in-
lllH-IH-C     Illl'    ti-lllli|l«i'i!l   llf    WiU'k   llli^lll
liiiv<- mi llu- liyi i-Iu'linii,
Ho Friday llu- :>,* vii'-r l*eio"i-ill, tnul
ua- iia uu'i. in iii iii- ufjav until i!h- tul-
luvv T.i',r«*ilai'.   Iin-.M vi r. I ■■iivmiutl'iii-
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■*'.■ .1    ' ■'.-.., II-1'.'   '-..   i.i.   .... ..I,.I.       ..li,.
j,»i iii t;,l tiiiU.
tin Tiii.i *,lay n! !.t-r ui-.k I imi liim liy
,ipj9i,iiiiii* so. lit i,,.,; n.i \„i huil l*-n
•witt   f<»r  Inmi  < i<>\* n.niiail   Itmi-i-, und
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niiri- ciintiiii-ni-
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Tlii- iiuiynr,
'Aiuii I .■i'\i.ir; Sji-.--.'||'j Mi*
infill tin i|ti* 1 iimi mi)
s.imi,    l-'ri d i-tnith in i-
w lm \vits pri-M'tiiii;, Niid
Hiii'js.-Iuii'i .-3.il'-''
iij.ni fur ili.M'iis-
mid iiftrr limiting
TBo rest"of'TKe eveniiig"lie IooKed~ns~iriKT
had messed something.
F. J. Deaua was called for aud he took
the plittforui. He started in by saying
that the statement made hy Mr. Houston,
if true, proved MeBride to he a dishonorable man, one unfit to be premier of the
province. He then switched and said the
people of Nelson would make a great mistake and would stultify themselves if they
passed a resolution censuring the liouten-
ant-goveruor. Deane simply showed himself a partisan entirely willing to lambaste
MeBrido by resolutions or otherwise, but
unwilling to hurt the feelings of the lieutenant-governor, who is ii Liberal, and the
audience seemed to be aware of it, for he
wns not applauded when ho retired to his
seat alongside S. S. Taylor, K. O.
John Houston was then cnlled on. He
began by saying thu meeting was not
(•ailed by partisans for party purposes. It
was ciilleilby the mayor of Nelson to take
action on ii question that concerned the
people of Nelson, and it should be so considered. The three gentlemen who had
pcrceded him had spoken not as citizens,
lidt as partisans, Two were Liberals and
they could not forget that they were of
that party faith. The other was said lo
lien Conservative, of which he had his
doubts. All three of these gentlemen
ivmilod In appear to be men of lofty
thought, so lofty lhat they did not expect
to be undersliMMl by the lowly and illiterate portion of the audience. One, S. S.
Taylor, K. ()., was a defeated Lilierul candidate, and it wax just {Missible that he
was now more lofty in thought and speech
than when, during the campaign, he was
pleading for the labor vote. He was lofty,
but he was a partisan. He would condemn Mclhide, a Ciniserviitive, but the
lieutenant-governor, who is a Lilx-ml,
should not lie held blanieable for his lofty
action in placing 11 stigma 011 a man whom
the |n*np!e of NcIhiii Imve rejicatedly honored. Mr. Housloii tiii'ii took 1111 W. A,
Mncdoiiiild, K.I!. ami no man ever got
Mich n nice ti>;wt!iig on n platform in llrit-
isli Ciilninbia. The audience fairly yelled
with delight when the sjieaker descrilM'd
the kind of a Conservative Mucdonnld
wns, nnd showed hint to lie the kind who
talked CijiiM-rvalive whin away from
Imiiii', nml it-fused to vote (.'onservativu
when at home. It is safe losay that W,
A. Mncdoiiald did not have the sympathy
of h single man in the lunlienee when
Houston got tl rough with him, even from
nun, who liki -himself talk Conservative
and cither v< te l.iU-ral or sulk when
things don't cnuie their way,
Mr. HoiiKtmi then took up Mr. Deane,
Wlm he Mini, M-iiig an edilor, Mionld Ihi
muir l.i'ii.ul iiiiiuiul than mere lawvers
I like Taylor and Macdonald. An editor
j should he able to tniit questions from the
i stand)Miint of a disinterested onlooker,
j hut llei.ne had miserably failed. He was
' a jini-li"it 11, and could not forget tliat he
j hush mere putiMin.
1 w-- *,, ««'tv>l"  ,",,u<\  out  rvhethi-r Mi-P.rii'e'
* was 111 'ons<tv 11 five or whether Joly was j
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the fttviTnn In telephoiKi, nil tlm ruoiiei helnu |ihiHterml, iiud tilm-trie ImlUut the
ht'Hil of ovi-ryheilumke It uii»y for thu dry iimmentu lu tliu iiiiiriiin«.
Till: In--t mill t<lit'it|M<»t mi>iiU in llu- i-uuutiy iiie to he liniinl in tlie ilininu
riimii The linii-ii' li run on t-o-.ru<i11'• Ittit11 iu'lin-liitm. iiiel tlie iii-n-iii'i'lnr with his
Iiilek i* jii't us wi'li-oiiiiuis the uiillliiuiilri' with his lull, livery Kiie-it n-i-elvi's
the hnst eHn* nml liriitneliull.
hotel Inu hum lieen imiiii lm
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0*, It -ti mi'l KiOne 'Inn ir»
Till** Is tho mily llrst-ehisi liiui«e In Ihe l.iiii'rne nf North Aim-rli-n.
nt the liiiiillnnl will i-iiir,iiiri- miy slmiiuer (hut the \ iumli- me nl
iiuiility.   Iloijiiu re.iirvnil hy tile«ni|ih
One hmk
lir il-il/im
\tixhl* ft." i-Ah-iun.   ^MAle jl'jfc Jaiulrj-WHt-
{,'nviiiuu' had the uiidimhted light to re
t um- to take the ndviee of hin chief ndvther
Whi-rii, m» ih- pii'Tid «l'i-tinH h* Id
mi tin- third "1 tliis itmntlt Jnim KotiMon
w as e]i<tnl l»y •! niii j'n ity vnt<- tt» n-jin""
Miit Xelsi'ii l*»ty t ln'tur,,! di-trii-t in the
lej.dj.Jiitin- it**** lei.ly, and hiiiiiiu' ^ai in a
Jitl-Viiitli   )i-«l-latlil.-.   In-   uu. d«-i-!.ieil  hy
Iiii- i-'n 'im> i'l'  A 1 i* "II »i- il llmII l;iji!ilili- nl
tiikinu' Hun.'"  nf   a di-jKififhi nt  of   the
jilti'. Hi' ..1.    *--,■• iiiii.. i.l         i> --(mn*.li»l»-
iiunisii-1', mul lo- oiu* iny. >l in pit,, ut lus
eliiim* {.iv ri'i'o-.'iiitiiiii: and
Wiii-j'i'»i», in- pii*i**h*l in Vii'i'inu iii
jiecnril.ni-i- with ih»> wjshi-s nf  hj.s siiji-
that lit- would Imve to ko there and «*<! potton, und tu nu iutcnluw with tho pre
it |»'litirul right l»iuu««. of dniwinn-i'iMiiii
go'siji Xo i.Oli-iid w«n wi high in Cmindn
to Ix- tilmvi- erilii-i.*iii for hin olliciid iii-tn.
Sir f lenri Joly hud done an net that no
other lieutenant-governor in Canada had
di 1 uud it i\i*e tu do, and he uitiKf take
th<M-<iiiMf|iii-ii<-<'*of hi* net. If high olll-
iini*-, ii'iii- .in'iy, 1 niiiii tninijile witn ini-
jinnity nn th<- right* of «iti/eiM, then the
(» w^ili   wl* I'.Ul.lvl.l Il.id  Ui illnl' llleil' Ulilisl-
id hi>• Hy imi 1 iij.MittiiiuimJ guninnienl,
nml !ea-t uf all did tin y Imve what all
Uriti»)ii-r» JjniiMiil w» imii h of, "HritWi
fair |ikr,"
Mr. Hoiutou concluded bU spc-wh by
i bans 0? Montreal
Ettalilltliod 1017
Capital (all jmld ii|'i* SlU.liT'M'lD.m
J<i;.ii't-vi'd Innd      !i,U'I'1,1 i-n 1.1 m
rinlividcd pruiH*.        f.lH.OHHH
Ut. H011. Sli'.itliioria mid  Mmit.t U-.yal, (1 (*. \I. <»   IVenident
llmi. (<> A Di'tiiinnond, Vii-e.l'renideiit
l". .S Chwytiui, 'Ji'iii'i'iil V'm.'i;.7'r
HraiH'hei* In All jmrlH of fiiimdii, Newfiitiiidliiinl, (Jresit Ilritiiin,
and th" I'tillrd Sf;if-».
New Denver Branch, A. W. Strickland, Acting Mgr.
$_WfOs£i_\3ln^ /Tv/Tv^./fviffi/S>flfc^>&!e^
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saying: "I will make my fight in the ment to "pack up and get out." We have
Liberal-Conservative party. Were I to. not eome to the day under constitutional
leave   that  party and join the  Liberal | government when a party returned with
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Kuests.   AnilAiiAMSiiX lilies;
party, I would be classed as a mere self-
seeker. No man in British Columbia is
less n self-seeker than I am. I care little
for political life aud tlie rewards that
should eome to successful politicians; but
my reputation, and that of the people who
have repeatedly shown their confidence in
me, is ns dear to me as the reputations of
McBride, Green, Tatlow, McPhillips, and
Wilson are to thorn, and, by the living
God, I will do my best to oust tbem from
leadership in the Conservative party. Iu
doing so, I will be doing the parly the
best work a man can do for a party, for if
its leaders are tricky and treacherous it
cannot be successful, or govern wisely if
successful. If the legislature meets, I
will vote with the party that elected me,
bur I will not vole in the parry to retain
in high ollice such men as Richard McBride, who has proven himself to-be lacking in the manly qualities that the premier must have if the province is to have-
stable government."
The applause thut was thundered out
wlieinMr. Houston took his seat was deafening and lasted for fully live minutes.
At this stage of fhe proceedings S. S.
Taylor, lv. C, arose and said that mayor
Hose had no authority to call a public
meeting io condemn the representative of
the king in the province. The mayor in
reply to .Mr. Taylor said: "I called this
meeting on being presented with a requisition asking that the meeting be called;
the requisition was signed by a large number of well-known citizens. My notice
calling the meeting contained no words
either censuring or condemning the lieutenant-governor, as you will see if yon
read tlie notice, Mr. Taylor. I have as
much respect for constituted authority as
any man in the audience, and I believe the
people of this city have the right to express approval or disapproval of the acts
of any olticial iu the land, be they of high
or of low degree. The wording of the resolutions before this meeting are in my
opinion most temperate; they enter a protest against the action of one official, and
deplore the action of another official.
a clear majority after an appeal to the
country, is receiving any such intimations, and we do not think that in onr
present governor we have a mau who
would intimate in any such fashion that
his advisers should "pack up and get out,"
as the Times so elegantly puts it, or would
base any intimation of the kind upon any
save the strictest constitutional grounds.
What tlie true inwardness of the facts iu
connection with Mr. Houston and a portfolio is we do not know. But this we do
know, that the interpretation placed upon
these facts liy the Times is false in every
particular, as we said before. This we do
know, that wo trust Mr. McBiide and
Mr. Houston to consult the welfare of,the
country and their party in everything,
and Ave equally trust* sir Henri Joly to
consult the dignity of his high office, aud
to discharge its functions judiciously and
The Price Was Artifical.
In his report to the United States Geological Survey on the production of copper in 11)02, Charles Kirehoff says that the
copper mining industry of the United
States suffered during l'M2 from the reaction which followed the unsuccessful attempt during lilOl to maintain the value
of the metal at- an art ilicial level. The relapse which came towards tlie close of
I HOI left many producers pledged to sales
covering a long period, at low prices, with
the menace of heavy accumulittions of
metal over the market. Yet metal productions were heavier during 15)0:2 than it-
had been in li)01, because some of the important mines were worked to full capa.
city and because some of the enlargements
and improvements previously begun became effective during the year. Furthermore a number of new enterprises produced important quantities of metal. On
the other hand accidents and labor trouble
cut down the output of some of the larger
undertakings.   Unless unforeseen events
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Direct importer
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cause widespread or prolonged stoppage of
The question was then put by the mayor | operations at the miues.Mr. Kirehoff is of
the opinion that the production of copper
find a standing vote had. Those who
stood up as being opposed to the motion
must have felt lonely. All told, they
numbered less than UO, out* of an audience
of nearly 500, and every one of the lit)
wero men who have fought Houston in
civic; polities or opposed him at the last
Ml, GRIMMETT, I,. L. B., Barrister,
.   solicitor, Notary Public.     Sandon, B.C
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Lots for Sale.
The Political Situation.
Victoria Colonist, 27th: The Times
published an article yesterday on the political situation which was an agreeable
mixture of malice and misinformation.
It began by omitting certain quotation
marks wliich would have made clear
where what it quoted from the Colonist
ended, and where its own comment thereon began. But wo should not be inclined
to rebut the argument that this was a
mere inadvertence, and that the variation
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on tlie Continent «.f Sortli Amen- 11 L ft L. I Ij
ea.   Situated initial hi- -ry im- l) C Q fi P T
rivalled for Graiid.'tir. Iti-eiiinx. II UU U II I
Klnliii'1? and Kxeiiri-I<nis to tlw cany i-iiut-io
Intercut. Ti'lef.'i-!i|ilili- i-niiuiiuiiiciiiMi with mi
Darin oltlie wi *iM; two mills arrive and dc|.,ut
tverv nay. Uh i>*itli-"» <•»"•« i1" i"VV\\ ""
mun-lllnr dlncam-i; lis wntur.-i lieul ell hlHrey
lAwt uiul SmhiiiicIi Ailiiieiiu of cv.-iy nann
•rim iirice of n rouiid-nlii tii kit lieliver.i.
NVw iWuver and IhK-.w.i.. ulitainaiile all he
year i-oiinil and irnml lor .in days, Ih .-.1..V. Ilal-
cyoil HjirlllKi..-ltT<iw Iiaki', II* •'.
OIIN   Mi'l. VI'IUK.   |lnnili,|,i i -ii"!
vluclnl l.iunl Sui'V.'.vur.   Nel-'ii, II C
indication of its different sources. It then
went on to give its version of what has
occurred during the last two weeks. In
the lirst place, it stated that Mr. Houston
presented an ultimatum to the government. This is absolutely untrue. It is
the interpretation put upon certain facts
for interested purposes of their own by
Liberal partizans. There is not a word of
truth in it. We were very sorry to see
from au interview published in the Province that Mr. Macdonald, the Liberal
leader, lent his name to this rumor, ft is
beneath the dignity of the leader of a
party to repeal .street gossip and dignify
it by the name of an "open secret." Auy
secret in possession of the Liberal wirepullers of Victoria would indeed be open.
This mutter of iho ultimatum is a matter of fact or llction. It is either true
or untrue. We say that it is untrue, and
we know what we are talking about,
The Lil a-rill press, and tin- Liberal leader,
have given currency lo the report.
Will they give equal eiim-ncy to the cou-
tradiction? The Times then went onto
say that after Iwo weeks Mr. Me Bride
mustered up cuiirage to ivftise a portfolio
to Mr. Houston. The Times must have
au amazingly poor opinion of Mr. Melinite if it thinks it takes the premier two
weeks to ninke up liis mind as to who
shall or shall not enter his cabinet. And ,
it must have an equally annr.'.i!igly poor cents per pound,
opinion of Mr. Houston it it thinks he
would allow himself tii U- put for two
weeks in an entirely falsi- position in his
r.-latimis with Mr. Mi-Bride or any other
man. But then, tli" Times rain d another
point, "whether (lie lit utcn.mt-governor
or his nilvi-ei's pert'on-n d the stil-merging \ js \,. Canada
ad is tin-question." "If," il goes on to
•-ay, "His Honor intimated to premier Mc-
iHde that tl"- hi ml of the Co:i.-i rvative
party iu British Columbia wus not  n lit
iu the United States will be considerably
larger in 1!)0:] than it has over been. The
Lake Superior district will yield considerably more copper; Arizona is expected to
return a considerably larger product;
Utah may reach a total of 95,000,000
pounds, and Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado,
New Mexico, and the Southern States will
report an increase.
The consumption of copper in the
United States was enormous in 1902. It
was larger also in other leading industrial
As compared with 208,783 long tons iu
li)01, the total production of copper in the
United States in 11)03 was 294,42:} long
tons, of which the Lake Superior district
prodused 70,175, or 25.9 per cent, Montana, 1:58,975 long tons, or 48.8 per cent,
and Arizona oH-,547 lo»K tons, or 18.2 per
cent. This is an increase on the total
production of 25,Oil long tons, or nearly
10 per cent, as compared with 1901.
the most important copper states, and it
is notably in tho Bingham camp that development has been most rapid.
Only small quantities of copper ore have
been shipped from Alaska to Puget Sound
smelters, but it is known that large deposits of copper ore exist, the development
of which is being seriously taken in hand.
The imports of copper ore in 1902 wore
valued at .$7,921,041, as compared wilh
$14,:)94,0<;:i in 1901, and the imports of
copper in bars, ingots, pigs and in manufactured forms were valued at £12,804,02.1,
as compared with $11,820,459 in 11)01.
The exports of domestic copper in different forms were valued at $40,811,729 in
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Goodwin Candles
Giant Pouxier, Etc.
Love in Nelson.
This picture represents a nightly
scene in Nelson and shows that the old
old story is ever new. The young man
is happy because his best girl fans Uie
delicately perfumed atmosphere, while
he sits serenely, well knowing that his
immaculate shirt bosom was done up
at the
Kootenay Steam Laundry
P. 0. BOX 296.
Phone 179
and will not break even if the situation
becomes critical.
AH jw:V!.ANI\ !■
,   I.hihI •virv.'.v")'.
; -'ild p;-,.j-.*i- ;,  v.   *ii !•> .-.  , ;. J I.l ,'..:■ i uU,U ..:*.
jli'oiu which he ttin' lii-iiioiiiiiit-govi-rin-r.i
i inki-Midv ii e, thai v.'ns n pn-ity pluiti inti-
| niatiiiii that tin-wlioii-nuuit should |n,rk
jUpandgt'l oal." Tliisilm'snii-c a niiiii r
! riii-ion*. qnt'^iioti, Mr. .Imhn IIoinIoii ha-
! tin, •• ♦inirp !*• :-u iln t-> d iu.,yoi of ihe dly
j of Ni l.-oii. v.'lio-.i- iilViiirs In- ni.uiagi-il with
 „_ _    ...   j i iiu-pii'iinti*   liiiiii'.-!y,   ability, niid   pro-
.,    , ., , .     - i i|i III".     Ill   ll.i-liic  tl'n-t   lllll   cuillidi'lici-
Nelson hniploijnienc Aqcncij;,,! tii..j^ipi....(i7;,!-m in,»v.t-y mibd
' di'i/i'i e, a* ih'-y  icvi   -h-i-,\n hy i-lriiinu'
1902, as compared with $:Jli,071,44S in 1901,
The exports from Baltimore, Maryland,
increased from r>4,:)77,:i."iii pounds iu 1901
to 10,'!,(107,2.'iO pounds in J!)t)2, and from
New York the increase was from i:!!i,(54(),-
HiO pounds in 1901 to 2:10,titifilo pounds
in 1902.$
In the aggregate the re[iorliug mini's
had a stock- of ir)."),(i(i.7,iir>2 pounds of copper on iliinimry I, 190;!, as compared with
2^2,1)14,29] pounds on January 1, 1902, a
decline of over J20,000,000 pounds during
Tin- estimated consumption in 1902 was
*>-'i!,.N'--,UM pounds, iisi'oniparcd with iis-.',-
701,(i;-: pounds in 1901, and with il.'iii.S'.n,-
121 pounds in 1900. The average selling
price of lake copper during 1902 was 11,Mi
Rebuilding Railways.
The railway between Nelson and Hob-
sou has been practically rebuilt, and it
will soon be as line a pieeeof rojiii us there
Hebuilding railways is
going on in many places besides l'rilieh
("iilmnlii'i, a- tin- following >!iuws:
Ui ci -miy pnl'lislnd I'ai ts i. luting to the
The Filbert Hotel
Bennett & Clark, Proprietors.
The Filbert is now thc best hotel in the Slocan. The Dining Room is conducted
on strictly first-class principles. The rooms are large, comfortable,
and properly taken care of.
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Vancouver, II, C.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Low Ratfis
Ni-w Vurk
Slid J-'tMlli-ixril
.<■* lii i...riii "i  Iin- Is" ai In,
tin- llil'i-etion ol president
I'll I'iii-iiii- nniii-r
im rini.'iii ninh'i-
Employmorsi   Agency.
It.MsK.H snii i;i
lli,||i.if nil Id
Nt,l>i'K, M  ('*
,1   !!   I..-'
I', u, 11-
INTKIiNATlONAf. N.VVI(iAT|,'iS' ,<',
KAM.o ,v M.tM A.N KAll.tt'Al .
iijii ii in. t.v,   jvAni.il An. .''it» p in
U:i.''< ft. in. Alt. SAMMi.N l.v i.uu p. in.
,,., ,*tt\*  , -i-l,,.,* I 1       V  .  ,**'     ,    ' ■' ,    V
"11! :\. 111. l.v. N*KLKm\'  Alt 7.1" p. i<i
" :■ .-.. v... .'-.u.   K \s,\,i\ 1 ,*,. ,■,...'1 ji 11,
Tii k«il!* si»l.1 In all p:nif nt tii.- l"i,:ti"!
'V..i*.ii» mat '* '.ni,*.'I«i v ni i.i'-Hi NoUii-ii
and ". 1* *.'■ S. ( ulii,mii) V he.,'!*.
Fir (urlher pmlii-tilarf t«ll un nr tub
ll'tVc   -
iiiin (Miii In (li!- I- >:i*li,:nre liy lnr;:e  ina-'
jo.'iiies,    N11I 11 ■■ 11v hi,   lint   tin-  pi u|i|i- nl'*
Jvi'iii nnv aiid \ el- 111 fi 11 i';<!, It, vt- I i--ii.
iini'in;*; lia- U li"i" I'tiUi-i- ui Hi- (.•!■'■.', lh id
these ri'iintrii-,-. innt'i'iiiiiiiv iniiwiii-'d hv
On- !„*. * .!>m- -.-,,1 e ,*-u.7r. .  ,r m. _ 1;. „;
III)!,   illld  IlKlS.   llu    t'l    !|JM    !!•:    u'l"    of    ill"
!■• ally ji'is.'i'ii'ul men nl' \Ve-i--i -i C.ii.td 1.
Jt ls'lrni- that in- i- hluiil lo the piiinl nl
i-inii-je-'-', and i; o','. <h '. »id ut i ,-<•• htriei
lie.-;, I!ut Jn* |„ ](>iij.-,' Ui lh.- -;,li,i' ,*..i* k
\1l1icJ1 pindiii-ed I'li-il lii!iii(.''i on and
Tlii<:i!ii*» t'nilvie. 1,mi iiii- I'-ioui'^ in
,, i,i,.i, |„,,-, t.Asui,.  ,!,,.,„ (   „ ,,., ., , .-I,-..
It iln- if|iiit.!i:mi nnd hnimr In- ■ n>n> in
im lui ul «lii'.1 in- uWn, iuul Uie tf *
liiill      IV".I      llijie/i       j;"     Jl*|l|.>    HIV     Il'l
t-iioiiiflt, tin- l.il«-n*il-(''»r^"rv,-,»i,vi' it.-t.rty o(
llnti-li fiiintiiliii i»n-i nn! I*-ti Us-k-M.-trd
t-i m-iijjni/r )ii«. liirrit*-.    Al  tin  !,:>! enti-
v.-nti">l   'it'   tl:-'   <i"*r?v   ('.*   -,',;■•   -  ■    th-'nl:
Illl,III,IIM'!!-I\' ,   l'l"l tei|   I Ijl    I'l'f- --.S-lit   Hi    Hi'
I "nn-1 rinfh' ii''..'.ii!i/iii,iin,i Uieiiri"i!tee
W'f i»iiiii.til iri-.I*-a iioiiK 11 n fi.,.ii:;d 1" if
lhal p r-ii!!;d |»i<-in,'". ;i'"i, -Iiii r.-iatn. «l
j'.^a pri imu'ii! 1 •• "I tin-1'I'e-.vij. iJi-Purn >l it
I'lah, ! iiii i  I.Me ■- i-'i'Viii* nl   hi-H'An   e|,y,
t   ,ie«- it-   I' I'l* -' Ut.'l'l'e, Iitt't   pll'-ldelll   •■!
inti ii-stiHtr I'lii'liiiir in i-veivlimlv that
rides nn railiuads, Within three years
w-Mi,,*i>;;,:;:is is said to have Imm-ii hpent in
illtpl'itVi-lllt-llls   "ll   tile    .S'lUtlli-l'll    I'ai'ltie
;i;xl I'liiuii I'ai ilie iili'iu-. On ihe i-ntiii'
llaiiitnan s;,>ieni the eniinnuiis ,*-nin ol
Mill,.i;>..:ii'.!i'liiis I km 11 c.\p. tided. The S:dt
1,'ike   I'lltoi!   nliiiie cod i;'l.lllMI,l».NI,     Uy !l
nm- hundred nml three mil'- <>f old and
i-i'.inlo-il iriii'U i- i-eplai-i-d vi itli a litu- nl
|iniy-|.iiir null-. »trni;:ht Hern*., tin-hike.
I'dniiii'-' riiiu di!!ieiiilii- itmui'u ndile \m m-
i-iii-.i ,ii!i-f ii iMid neri'-i"*", ;nt*,l !".".' i.;-,Jy
min [• -m!,!» ni 11 mile nt tn- k t"nnii:i- i>-
ln- iiill-liueti li      N-i-U"   hl'lilj'e-*   e|--M iii-,1
 * ;i • '•<•*.<, .i^iii  i„iin niit<-  1«-ei! l' ■
pi.-','*d dy (• *;iiy o||i--, '-iii'V--,- h.iVrln iii
11..11.-I -i'iii' d nun i-ti.uk^iI lriii-A», (.'r;iii'->
li.a. I1-1-11 1. diiei-d or .ili'lislted, and liltv-
!iil.ell< ii -!,l!i"U- hiiie I ei'li i'Ullt. MVl.V
l..i!li'i|l   lulls  u!   111 ll   -li-i-J   hive |M*fi| ll•'•• I
diinii,',' lio'i e ,\e,'i:'*- iii lii'ith.v- Iniildin,':mid
irn"i;-lnyiii>;.    As tm lolHi!}; .-t«sl:, lit.u-
Robert Cunning, Proprietor.
ioneer hotel o( the Slocun.    A table that is replete uith
the Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Uooiii!, I.iir^e, Airy and Conifurlahle.    Speilil Attention to Mining 'li.nU-
• •
In -t   IV'le IliVe In
III i^ill t'UI'n li.iVe
*«l«ii Hit lit
■■ f'.iriiiih'- em'
'•It   pllt-1-lll-.i 'l     :  in',   I
l«-ell  lllllliil.     Tile
.  iititilt-  dial H   iin
tn in P.-4* iiitie- buor', whili
Im-'iiiiiitiVi'S would iniiiti- 1
I'll." ^IM,*'*-    -     ".'•■'■        '     •*      '
l-OJIt ' -l'-l'/ll -Hi il'.llj.t .'i'l* linili'l"!!-,-
osl-i !I!IH 1 • !Ht»l the cilijilnyi!:'-ill i.f
tl.i J.- I.i I'liil.e lin-tii i|i,-A>-■*. It 1
t!»d    t'l   Ull    the   t-lllll-i'    t.'.H U.l,
r»*.it»ii». 'i !ie 1 <ii)-trn< He! «■! •
li.iin- ;-. tii-- ! 'i.idiii^ nf te-v,
«ll"po, tin'   lliti<«lui-li"ti ul   li I
Ti; i'u,-t!y ii* u
lint- I'iitir mil- -
ll!    Mil
lit -.-li'H
,'i-A, >.<■ -..
,v.!; -v.*
Is the leailin^' hotel in Southern  H.iitish   Ccltimhiii
ll    ]l!l*i   Ittll^ll'    '|f,f*nP^H"li'»i1*l»«i'>»^     fir   •»     l-irir.i     "'""'i <
« t*
quests, .um the uleai position it occupies appeals
n|i;al!y to any traviScr .is wcil .is the louiisi. I>i itiii-
mers will fin J lar^e sample itumis ami all tlu* conveniences of the modern hotel.
via Soo I'ueitie Line, St. 1'iiitl,
Chicafyo, ami all lT. S. l'oints.
S. S. Service From
to Alaska, S;ipan CTiina, Hawaii, iuul
Scitlci'n' rati's wi'stliiiiind, sold daily
till Noveinlier .'!').
Thlf.il»h li'.ii!.-.!iij,".' to Kti^liMld Mill
the eoiitini-nt via all S. S. lines.
For time lahl' s, rate- and inlbniiu-
tion apply to local a^ent or write.
1 s r\ii,jH, i-: j ihm.i;,
•.. II. I*. .1 u I' ,1 . \»i uvrr
it r A...S.I-
sua Kit city i.oih;k no. ,t.»
i.i„i-;.ij; •*
I,,   nl!' I.'l
1.. .tins-.
•IM.'V, I    e.
iii ih.- I ,,!•', M>ll *'i-vi r\ Frlit'iy t\t
*.* \ I'l'l: l-   1*1.11,1. It t    1 ill*111   IliVlKlf
I,»v   Hi 1.111    S--I-I.- i.mi'.it;   .1   K,
V .■ 1 i.t i.i    In-    It    Tn* no*, a.
A.F.& A.M.
\t.l v l.-'M.i:
-iv;*'.s, li
Hill I"- ■min,. , ,  ■"  11   I
■ l.l •» III . 11 ll in, 1,0,    I;      VI*.
-v*)  iliuiii,' 1 ii*»i,(i li   11 n
n 1. f    ,(a»ii '   M   Itti, ii*n
« i», f!"l Tl.ur.
11,r Hull •! « |< i,*
nllili) iniiii ■! t'i »l-
-1, 1. |:,  \
MCW   mUMtO MttlCPO'
■ii>o        fc. ***** *-#*      a*****. *******
\t,,\* . •,... -.vi: It! fi
MIMICS I Mt .\ ll vl I,
HI t.ll U II.I MM-
W  I*
**t 1111 > r v.
, r 11 * 1 im
I i'i nn
of lie
*!lV ,
ll'tlitll ut it
A Itll   l!|.    \.
i* f.-irimtis, miv.« fliid
• I. *l!
,Xs it :(
■ *i;d.e|l!
• int.' nf <"ii»il<>iii!;i ii
1, ••.*-■»    ,.•     ; II    ,,-,*,,   ,*. •      '
, *    ^. , *
', ii.t    *l iii  ■ " 1 ,),     lltel        1   Uli.Jj J.-m-l  i-  IJ.e
-I'!'   'H-itt    lh.it, V. Ili'tl    the   tf VV   iil!"!f   I*
1.lli-1.'l|     li,'-     tl.iM]     Ijl.d-     11, l VI ,', 11     ,%..'!
•itch mh ii'-Tion iwnild   Kr;iiii'isi-ii uiul ("liieaK'i will U-  ndu'»d
UtjUEUT UIVINO, Manager, Ka»lo, < U: mu iiititMAtion lutiiv MciJricle govero-, #c\«11 hwirs.
1 nr*,*'  t •
K. OF P.
It  H
J'.') '..1
J  IUi.1
»t * ,, *•!,., I
>, * ..,*.(»,,
it ri , n.»
K   Ilk*
Cnadbournc & McLaren
< He tl
ll'iA, iu NitHf-Ti will Iteiwe
Mtllv I ok* A alter.
Eleventh Year
Have not added to the
quality „of our goods,
nor to our prices. But
our big. store in the
Clever block, has added much to the appearance of things.
Our goods now lookas
good as they really are-
Call on us in a lew
days. We want you
to see how nicely we
are fixed for business
Ne,v Denver, B. C.
Have you your
Stoves forWinter?
We ca.irv nil sizes of the liest makes
of eo.-d mid wood liuriivrs. Tlit-y an;
makers of heat and givers of'fucl.
That looks good, is sold
for f)0c; -shaves for 25c at
Brick Block    New Denver
.Milliliter of liOSU.V HALL.
The Ledge.
With whiith Is iimnlirnimiti'd the
SAMlli.N    I'AWriiKAK,
I'tililislivil evi'i-y Thursday in the richest silver-
lead-zinc camp on earth.
Leeal advertising 10 cents a linniiaiiel lino
lirst Insurtioii. and S cents a line each su'iiscqucnt
Insertion. He.'i<liii-_- notices «"i cents a line,.ind
commercial lulviirtii-iiii,' gnidcd in prices nccord-
inff to circiiriistntici-.s.
Siihscrlption.&Mi year in advance or $2.50 If
not so paid.
('ertit)cati) of Improvement* notices ir-7
linqiient Co-owner notices *t'1ii.
Fellow Piijri-tms: Thk Lfivik is located at
New I onvi.-r, H. 0 , and Is iriiccni to mnn^parts
nf tlioimrtli It has never heen raided hy tho
cherift'. snowslidid hy cheap silver, or«uhdned
hy llie fear of man It works fnr ue trail hlazei
us well ustl-,0 hay-wiiKlnwt'.il. i'li:iin|iiiene-tl:iV''irt'il
eapit.-iIlM It aims to he on the riurht side, of
everytliinir. and helleves that hell should lie ad-
ininistercd to ihe wicked in lurire doses. It has
stood the test of tin e. and un ever-increasliiK
I'liystreakis proof tlmt it is hotter to tell th>
Iriuh.evcn if the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of theiii'hlcst works nf creation is thc man
who always puys the nrinter; he is sure of a
hunk in paradi"e. with ih"i'i'lccs roses for u pillow hy injclit, and notliiiii; hut tfoiil to look at
hy dav.
Address all communications to—
New Denver. R. C
\ pencil cross in thi- •.<|iinrc
i I'lleates that your *ul,scrii>
ti in is duo, and fiat the editor
wants -mee aeain lo look at
Vour collateral.
Diamonds and minerals have
been found in the Republic of
Liberia on the west coast of Africa.
A. representative of the African Rc-
view, in the course of his inqnines
scourage is 35.5 years. The report
ascribes the disease to the inhalation of dust, and states that it is
more prevalent among rock-drillers
than any other class of worker-?. It
is essential that respirators should
be worn by these men and that
special attention be paid to the investigation of the character and
harmful porperties of the dust in
the mines, mine ventilation, gases
given off during blasting operations,
mine sanitation, and the conditions
under which the miners live. The
disease is correctly known as silicosis, and is a condition of chronic
fibrosis of the lung. The inhalation of line angular dust in the.
mine produces enormous development of the delicate, fibrous tissue
in the lungs. Thereupon bands
and patches of solid useless material
gradually encroach on the normal
breathing apparatus and interfere
seriously, and eventually fatally,
with the respiratory functions.—
African Review.
Volcanic action has in most, cases
primarily determined the configuration of the crust of the earth, but the
chief agents in the formation of
tortuous valleys have been streams
flowing above ground or below the
surface. These naturally take the
course of least resistance, dislodging tho softest soil, and thus gradually enlarge their channels and
are flanked by rising ground.
Gold mining in Virginia began
jn_1829.    The mines are   situated
sombre colors. It is true that we
have wept. But oh, this thread of
gold! Let us turn off and look
back upon its wonderous web and
when it shineth sometime we shall
know that memory is possession.—
Jean Ingleow.
In love of virtue and hatred of
vice, in the detestation of cruelty
and encouragment of gentleness
and mercy, all men who endeavor
to be acceptable to their creator in
any way, may agree. There are
more roads to heaven, I am inclined to think, than any sect believes; but there can be none, which
have not these flowers garnishing
the way.—Charles Dickens.
All civilization is but a creation,
a modification, and a re-creation of
conscience. And it is more than
strange that those who talk so loud-
into this subject, called at the oflices
of the Western African Gold Concessions, which possesses extensive
rights over the Republic—over 4,-
000 square miles (or one-half) being assigned to them exclusively as
far as mining purposes are concerned, and having rights of prospecting in the remaining half.
Over the first-mentioned portion of
this territory, the rights exercised
are to all intents and purposes
those of a chartered company, and
in the course of a very interesting
conversation he had with tho managing director he learnt that from
the various expeditions sent out
during tho past year or two to this
territory numerous indications of
dianiondiferous ground have been
reported, and a number of miscellaneous stones of various kinds
gathered en route sent over. The
diuinondiferons ground, already reported by tlie expeditions, it may
lie noted, consisted of deposits of
mineralized blue clay, and was
traced along a section of country
for some '25 miles, and stated by a
prospector to be exactly similiar in
character to deposits observed during a twelve years' experience iu
Brazil. Our representative per-
sonally saw and handled specimens
of iimi'thywls rubies, corundum,
cinnabar (containing a very high
j percentage of mercury), and lignite.
! filing t.v.i't nn of tin: t ;vi.-ti in i uf
eo.-il, which has been reported in
Libuia in luge quantities. In
fact, judging from the variety and
quality  of the   different   precious
" V:.,*■K»5...,n "iMirM.',,i\Vh..n!V»:!:-a.;.' i *,0,,,'H    ',,,',     ",ilH,™,H       nill'llllHlIB
'•■i   iivii. i„(i,,v, j--),,,., ij  ,,„| ,;,■■„,„.: gold ) brought buck bv thedilTercnt
oV;,ii;.,„:Zit..i;!!.,r'"',"',",',',,y 'rol"l«-xHitioi»s Liberia Would appear
TXv.K. -n'.'t'VVlri.! " I*. V5'"";** w"" > to lie, as continiiiuiKlv claimed   hv
'* i.    .. •      l'ii«i-"it, fi, •   'ii'H-r- 11 r- i   , . .      , ;   . tiii
'.» -'"N" it "m, k i  i'  |.  k \t i' w   ihnwe ai'iitiainted with it, a htghlv
■ii-i..».   ox,*-   .t,tA  tr„u   it,,.   flt,.",,,,; .  iiiiiier;ilize«l region,  and the   Oold
. i...,lv *„ il„- Ml<iti".-"l!„i..r*|.'r 1 ••- > t', i't|>. (t,
' !■«:!- r ,i.■>!*.,*,,.«.  f ,r i|„.  ),,,...,,    ,.j    i,,   *.t.
ti:i-.»-»l  lir-,1,1  „|(|(„   ;,(,.,,,.,  (,(,„
Ami furltinr t»l»i» ic.ih '• llinf 11 »|  1-,   111,.I. r *»i. , • ■ 1     .  *,       • 1 -.
...ir.m.|.n ,„„ ,..} 1,,.,,,, V, ;,;,,r,^'# 1 v.iniMiH linnet of   Liberia   in   its
Ht't-ii A vit,,
Ituilliliitf ulnce the mi-ilt Iln
Up I" lllllllllnllt.
•iilv.TCity MiiilKi'ta illier.
. . nnd always ojien
Hall In when ymi strike the
Meal Ticket, $5.50 for $5 00
Whether for immediate or future consider-
eration our prices for
Copper Plate Engraving are worthy of
For instance, we engrave a plate like this
for $i.oo.
ly about the testimony of conscience
to religion overlook the pregnant
fact tbat this testimony voices its
strongest accents in the infancy of
the race, and grows ever weaker
with the advance of civilization.—
C. Cohen.
What is fame to a living man?
If he lives aright the sound of no
man's voice will resound through
the aisles of his secluded life. His
life is a hallowed silence, a pool.
The loudest sounds have to thank
my little ear that they are heard.—
Announcements from Butte indicate that as soon as the additions
and improvements for the Washoe
smelter have been finished, the entire force of men employed by the
Amalgamated company will be returned to duty forthwith.
When a man dies tliey who survive him ask what property he has
left behind. The angel who bends
over the dying man asks what
good deeds he has sent beforo him.
There is nothing that makes men
rich and strong but that they carry
inside of them. Wealth is of the
heart, not the hand.—John Milton.
The human race would be too
unhappy if it were as common to
commit atrocious things as it is to
believe them.—Voltaire.
BY VIRTUE of a writ of Fieri Facias to me
directed and delivered against the goods
and chattels of the Queen Bess Proprietary Company. Limited, at the suit of The Bank of Montreal, I have seized and will sell at my office,
next to the Court House, in the City ol Nelson,
B.C.. oil-
Friday, the 13th Day of November, 1903
At 11 o'clock in the forenoon, the following or
sufficient thereof to satisfy the judgment debt and
costs herein, namely:
The. interest of the said Queen Bess Proprietary
Company. Limited, in the mineral claims
"Mentor.'-"Mentor Fraction," "Second Extension," -Bess (Traction," '-Queen Fraction,"
"AmericanGirl," and "Young Dominion Fraction," all situate in the Slocan Mining Division
of the West Kootenay District, and recorded in
h * office of the Mining Kecorder at New Denver,
li. C and also the following goods, namely:
General Stores, mine tools and acces.senes.lix-
tures and fittings, O'Ofacks, mine timber, mess
fixtures and fittings, assay appliances, office hx-
nres. rails and oars, two hoiltrs and fittings.
Pelton wheel, flume Hue, pipe line, one 3-K Rand
drill with column and fittings, compressor,
duplex hoist, ntr receiver, quantity Sin. pipe with
tittlngs.S-iii. Globe valve, Win. air pipe, S-iu.
pipe, 2-in. pipe
All the above general goods aud chattels are at
the Queen Bess Camp, about i miles from New-
Don ver. Au inventory ol the goods aud chattels
mny be seen at tho office of the Sheriff of South
Kootenay. Nelson.
Terms of sale are cash.
ShorHTof South Kootenny.
Nelson, & C, 2nd November, Will.
On« oftlm PruttliiMt l'liuin* In Kiiotoniiy
Th New Denvor Market Garden. Sixth Street.
Seventy fruit trees, nearly all bearing; nil kinds
small "fruits, strawberries. I'lispberricH. goose-
lierries, red currents, etc. Flower garden with
choice varieties of roues and other plants for
cutting-gixid market. All under thorouuh cul
tivation, and perfectly Irrigated, with comfortable dwelling house, woodshed, storeroom and
out buildings. For further particulars apply to
WM. ANDERSON, New Denver, 11 C.
\ii,'iil fi.r lu*!.uiill'lu:irl'.i
ft k;uu *.■>;.■!.
p.o.box 36 NEW DENVER.
T -rim ti in .ip; llraMmi
I'MII.AllKl.nilA   Ml.    {   Min. r; I  Hal,,,
tiiiiniiili/i'il t'l-^ioii, am] tin
I'n.^l piM-iiiiuiiiu   industry   may
;i»ppaii-ntly ••x|m,<i to Im* awisti'il by
i * ..iii),.'*?...,( iiii',r„i,-ti|. „(*i,
• I »hl< |.» .hv ii' to -ii,*   i   (i i
i-'. - t'l.yyiv.sr- v :
l"'» nv.t.isvri ;yv fMtwsKit*.
ntuvu* v ntK   ., ,., „*», ........,,
.1     )■.-'!     .'.**,*>»   *|J,       -*'»*       j;   ,,   ,
icIlutM lo iiuiipi'ti* with   the   rival
' jir'"«luc-iiijj lYihuili'n of South Afrif.'i,
Dearth of n.itivi' labor   in    the
mini * ami  jiitbUe   work*   »m   llie
I'aiul i*- the ino*t  H'rintis   }irohJetii
now confronting employer* mul  it
*. .,I i'f1,,*flt,  ,M*"/'*-H"i*ri* It*   litiA-     tut*
in the range from Fredericksburg
to Danville, and were in many
places rich. Work on those mines
was likewise long abandoned. But
after the war the industry was revived, new quartz mills weie
erected and operations conducted
on an improved and paying basis.
Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee
each have a portion of the samegold-
bearing ruige. Georgia has been
the greatest producer of any of the
Southern States, the mines*having
been most actively and systematically worked, her yield being nearly half a million annually. The
States above named previous to the
advent of California, were the
source of almost the entire production of tho United States.
In 1SH!) a hunter in the
northwest of South Wales
wounded a kangaroo. The
animal went oh* through tho mulga
and the salt bush at a pace too fast
for tho hunter to follow. The
hunter was a bushmau and did not
depair. He followed the blood
trail hopeful of a short search and
a speedy bag. At one point of the
pursuit it may be that tlie trail grew
faint and necessitated a closer inspection. Anyway the hunter
stooped and picked up a piece of
stone. This he examined. The
red Kpot was not on it. It was in
it. Such was the beginning of fhe
White ('lilts op'il fields.
This i.- the kind of trick Fortune
loves to piny on designing man.
Not very many years ago, when the
thatched roof of an ancient cottage
near Hipon, Kngland, was removed,
a rich nest of live guinea gold pieces
was discovered hidden away under
it, When the news of this treasure store came to the cars of a
neighboring landowner he was so
fired by the lust of gold that he
forthwith purchased a dozen siin-
11ntr cottages in the district nnd had
thi-in all piitlid down, but imt a
solitary coin was found in exchange
tor the l.:i,0U0 the exjieriiuciit cost
From the
We have just received a complete stock of
Mirrors, Crown lVrfumes, Kazors and
Razor Strops, and Fine Cutlery. These are
the best goods manufactured; can't get
anything better; and we get them direct
from European manufacturers, therefore
can save you considerable in the buying.
What is nicor than modest, pure, delightful
perfumes? No one ts so "linicliy" as to
object to the Crown goods.
ir1 a J >
Sandon's Pioneer act Cross Drug Store.
CLAKA   MOOR  Mineral Claim,
Situate in the Sloean Mining Division.of Wrest
Kootenay District. Where located:
Ou Gold Creek, about one-half mile from
Slocun Lake
TAKE NOTICK, that I, A. R. Flnghind, V M.
C No. B UUstiS, Intend, tin dnys in mi the. date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder lor
a ccrtitlcfite ot Improvements, for the puriiose of
obtaining a crown  grant of the above claim.
And fui'ther take notice that action under Sec.
S7 must lie commenced before the issuance of such
certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this i!:!iid day of October A .D. 1008.
To H. EUMMELEN. or to whomsoever he may
have transferred his Interest in the Soho
mineral claim, situated in the McGuigan
Basin, Slocan Ml ing Division, West Kootenay Mining Division.
YOU are hereby notified that I have exi«nded
#102.50 in labor and improvements upon tbe
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act. and if within 90 (lays
from the'daie of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, which ls now duo, together
with all costs of advertising, your interest   In   the   said    claim will   become the
property of the undersigned under Section 4 of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900.''
The next time
you're down
the hill
Tafcc Time by tho forelock,
£et a money order for '>0c
(or a dollar for two) enclose
it in nn envelope, with your
name and address, and send
it to MOMKN IS. The No-
vembor number will lie out
in ten days. It's better than
all previous number*. It
won't co.st you much to try it
Address—   Momknt*,
New Ihn.vcr. I J. ('.
I'nl.ll li.'tiiirh rmiutli bv It  M   WAl.KKK.
Let Liebscher make a suit
for you and you will never
be satisfied with another
"fit." He has the stylish
fit; his clothes look well,
they wear well, and feel
F. F. Liebscher,
Silverton's Boss Tailor
A. JACOHSON- Proprietor
When you are seeking llist-eliiRS hotel accommodations you will lind them nt this house.
Gold  t .7.11 Oold and Silver. ,-ri on
Lead V-*V I Onld.sllv'r.copp'r i.fto
Samples hy mull receive prompt attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
ITifi Arni »hiw u*i.,   Iletiv.nr, Colo,
Strongest  ever  itiuile;  luinil-newiilj
hoiicHt value*,   Itepaii'lng neatly done
Purtcy Ward.      Sandon.
Minors'Sin it-mi npicliihy.
_. ir ^1*„I1 _.J-I__. M 1...I-991-.*.mm-1 9. 1IU1U
$5 worth
one Dollar
Addross- E.   GALLOWAY,
The Old Bookstore. Vancouver, 11. C.
P. O. BOX 105
We do it promptly.
We do it rij?ht-.
Bo   you   know   your
watch should be cleaned
if not done during the
last 18 months.
0. I' II Tliim IimiHClor.
. .i ■ i
VL*..*   *,. .1   1.
ti.U   Vl  ui*>
Vi 1... .1. *..,,
• I
>T ■»«,. |.,.-r.*i.f , itOtift it,*, ,*■•-l,*
•    ' '   ■■ '-.JtU.:    ,..,■■(   k. I... ,,*.
'''       •'- *■    li l.-li. '!   li, ::. ;    t   ,
***.   .'.I.!*,-,  '.f> l„-     Mil- fit     .».!       :-
I.l*.   ,'l     '"   Ml-   ,l.l4-    4.1    ll,*'.    I   *   '»
.   Mli.ilu.'
•I   (lilt.  **,
oniAAo      The  \mpi\T-
,-.\ e
ii* ,f, i
".I I    •
-i,it-.  ,.
lit, M.i»
-1 • i!   -Ml'     H'liil ll  H    *i  u
* ' -   :'h. nil   r*. ,1*   ■ f   „H.
II* •»*.- .,(> .*«,,„,«   *,()   |, ,   .,,,,
' »i .*   if*. '. * .\ju.tl   t)ru'„f   *,*   If ,.
■I ^ri An,.. *4m**"f ie»  »-».«
f!liW |> HI \T
IHVr VV l»   M»' * *'i\ \t.l».
1+ i*r-1»*
» ■< lh.
II <•
mv i v\ i ti
f' *
M   • r*|   -|,-,",."
I,-.:•<*:. 4.19 *.*■*.
*,h'.*.!■ I'   h1   1,*f(-fl
.. ,. I,.,  1>,    ...
i'-t'h-tl lit Itt I*
•11 i.t,
ti i.'-.r  ** t«.i.tAM>
Ho|Kiit«'d disciiviTiesof iii'W vein
<il ii-iiii ttfe in Un- .Mi-,iui   lotin*' in |
tation ntvhin \ti\mr i- n«1vo«.ntwl. > j1""**" *« ^»»'l**"i tniV*uUni
hy non ami i-i»-«'l nu-n, Ih-i.uim'tlu-y
!sn     ,\Xk    jfjKiirt   -on   mWieva' | hjtJicat^ an f.ij«i.-5i»a   of   thi"   uir
phtliiMs. in t!i«» Transvaal, tint Coin-1 limit* of tin* nival raiijjc.    the new
tui-^i>n.-i-.-ui»*>itit<'d In iiujuiiv ln-! find i- in tin* wmth of  th"   lcr<'to-
»« iho Mjiij.-i'i jjjiij thnt ihe ijimi-.*i«c [„ir known liiiiu** of Un*  lh*->eniev
i** htrii* ly <<»utiiiiil in miiu-M   who „r,, *%w\ (or thi« navon  i- n^wLnI
hav«- wot kid in ini-tAllif«-n>usiiiiiH^>(is ciih* of the ino>.t iiiijMiitant of the
for voiiti! tinic. and is mine i"*pee-'
ially to lie fuuttd anions the  rtK-k-
•Iril! miiM-re of the  Hniid     miiiti.
In the ^Vitwiiii r-raiiil l.v.'loijiinrr;-
wfTf nn-diraHv   ctnmitn-d   at   tht
iiiM-awi- of tlii- <*oriuiiii-«ioiirT(-. audi rrnri-t j»o<>r of all who Ion- and wiM*
of ih^w l>*7 vv. ;«• found to 1*»  af- Jh» y miyht forg«-t.    For life i«« on«-
to*-U-*ihy ihi- <li«-«-*><\ and a futilicr; nuA iu it"* nnrp  and   woof  ihni;
■< *<*, wit*-\*i*i\**-A u\*iii -,%•*  9,i**\**%*A,i\iii* •* thty.iA ui £o\A that ^lilti-rii1
ea*ff-.   The  m'-cttn-gi-   \\te ->jvs»  <vf' fafo, m.A '■fiwiime* in t!v- jvat^rn
• if tutni'i^ mll'wti'1. ii Ith f.ii-.; t^rrihfi*|>hiw'^ too*? meet, ivhere thin- tire
Keep^Floor Warm
Niiii'-tt'ntliH of all wintur ailinunth 001110 from poorly carpeted
iloors. With proper prwatitioiiH, many of tho pains from which so
manv snlTiT at this time or year can he prtwented, Wo have a com-
plcto stock or liiiioleuniH, Oil Cloth*, Mnttiiifp, Brussels and Ingrain
Cnrpi'tH, Hugs, dc Vou cannot do butter. Order your lloor coveriugs
before the cold weather sets in.
W.  IR, Ile^aW, Sandon and Vernon.
AM, liUii
They are   jn«.r   who   have
limning; l)\o) ni't- jiiinr>r   far
Iodine  hav«-  forgotten:   and
The lit'iil Tonnortal Establishment in
the Hlocan.
Balmoral Bi.no, Main St., Sandon,
fi in .1'-WiM».1 U'. f.t ..sir ("iti-I'Mii if, *i"lfltl.tj
lw**1 l.tOkm tli»l*ii-*n tfitt, tlti»iiii t-n n* <<.r|
l„i,-ilklriiiiii*'l'<'-ini »ri'ii*,(.T.iiifiiip« Siul for cut!*-1
l'**iM-r<iriO!iifiii/ • ilnrinr .tint liiii-rlor tltwatA]
Miliyiiim'i S**.'v',,*^*',-'i;:'
THK llMllt RUslNRirtM DH.I.WIK.
Of the Miner's Union Block
III* MilyitmlMii I'"' t**-/ 'ulUW* for Tin-
a.ti-Knl lV»ti.ii'twiiw<"», (*niii;iii'W. I u.in.''-** umt
other pulille iniinaii innitJ,
Kor ttnoklnim, wtt'.a or wire-
Hi«Mri»t*»rir Sitmjfl-ii Mlmtrt' Vuiiin
•tlliiti-rlorvlrw.   Hi'iillnifi-iijiui'lty    ifl; iimd
tin ivu-i- n('l- Imii-i-"; lurimi'f ln-nli-l iliriumliniit: |.o|iiiliiti(ni io flrnw Irniii. l.lnn.
Job Printing
Thi assay* hijrh in artistic merit, quickly
ilone at Now Denver* printing emporium-
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