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The Ledge May 23, 1901

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Array V-*
Volume VIII.   No  34.
NEW DENVER, B.-.0., MAY 23, IftOl..
Price, $2.00 Yeab advaW
8t W^ KfcVf*- PToat
In and About the Slocan and neighboring Camps
that are Talked About  -
Pat Burns was in town on Saturday.
Mrs Funk has gone to Los Angeles,
R. F. Green has returned from his
duties at Victoria
J. M. Harris will take a look at his
old Virginia home.
The wagon roads around New Denver
are being repaired.
Up in Cody George B. Macdonald
rejoices.   He has a son.
Sandon Methodists are lucky. They
are to have Pye every Sunday.
Frank LoCasto is at White Horse, in
the Yukon, running a cigar store.
The C.P.R. offices in Kaslo have been
completed.   J. R. Crudge is agent.
m    Al Teeter is working the Combination, a claim near the Nancy Hanks.
on the proposed site, across the bay.
Thos. Henderson has secured a per
manent government position in Nelson
Chas. Aylwin is supplying the local
market with radishes from his gardens.
When celebrating Victoria Day just
think of John Williams and get loaded
upon fruit.
M. Gintzberger talks of building a
residence at Three Forks. Why not at
the Lucerne?
Some of the force on the Steamer
Slocan have not been caught by the
census takers.
There are no Florida crackers In
Mew Denver, but Williams sells nearly
every other kind.
Fred Hulten, Tom Tlghe, J. A, Hogan
and Fred Urban will spend the summer
at Nome or Dawson,
Ohas. Moore, the Kaslo surveyor, Is
going to China. W. J, Twtss has pur*
chased his residence.
Rolling contests are common in
Sandon. The entrance fee varies according to circumstances.
Pat Walsh, of Kaslo, and Miss Mo*
•Garry, of Qlenwood, Wis., were married
at Bonner's Ferry last week.
*' Harr>^W_ala#7 formerly of New
Denver, has been appointed a stipend*
lary magistrate in Vancouver. „
Bcxur. ball will be cfWded tonight to
hear py} St5djt|h|eutertatneriJ^-Gavln
Spcncc and Flora MndDonalcl. ..
The Nelson Tribune is putting In typo
setting machines. Must have got a
new man at the overdraft hoist.
Burns and some other pug will fight
a mill in Kaslo on tho 24th. The police
will bo informed of thn matter on the
The company proposing to build aii
^electric light power plant at Throe
' Fork* has received It* rights from the
Alex Lueas bas been ftppolntnd mining recorder at Kaslo, and E. E. Chip*
man is now government agent for tho
Sloean riding
Kaslo stores must close at 7 p. m or
pay l&O. This gives the clerks a better
opportunity to play poker and other
*\\ *,r\r>*th
Tin; wuyntol, rm'LJj^, j'.vjfjjuj; j.vtwj-
tain torrents make it advisable for
travelers to pack a lunch when moving
about tho bills these days.
It is said that the smeltei trust may
purchase the lead mines of Idaho By
so doing they could control tbe lead ora
business of the United States.
The ball to be given in Bosun hall on
Friday evening by the Miner's Union,
will he participated fn hy a large number Irons 811 ftrton and Sandon.
- By the death ol his father in Buffalo,
Pan) Mstsdorf, of Kaslo, bas fallen heir
to W0.000. Pan! bas a reasonable
•tense to visit tbe Pan-American.
Geo. Agar bas returned te 81oean
City aftar prospaetfnf far  Boar*   fn
South  Africa 7 with... the   Strathcona's.
Owing to illness he did not locate many
Recorder Mclnnes has lumber on the
ground for the erection of another residence.
A gang-of men is at work widening
the wagon road along Carpenter creek;
also one on the road to Silverton.
The Canadian Pacific Steamer Kokanee now leaves Kaslo for Lardo on
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.
Mr. Smith, a pleasant young student,
just out from Glasgow, occupied the
pulpit of the Presbyterian churcn on
Down the gulch from Sandon float
many erotic stories. For a towr s.:t in
cold Bcenery its people seem to be above
the normal in temperature.
For Victoria Day, May 24th, all' C. P.
R. agents will sell round-trip tickets at
fare and one-quarter; good going May
23rd, returning till May 27th
Timothy Lucy, one of the oldest members of the Mounted Police, died at
Battleford last Friday. He was a
brother-in-law of Mrs. G. B. Garrett.
J. M. Black, the good-natured ,cdaddy"
of all the boys, has been spending the
past week or ten days in the Slocan,
from Ferguson, looking after his flock.
The McGill College students went
through the Slocan. Their car was
labeled a la circus, and the young fellows learned all about the silver country
in a couple of days.
Miss McGillivray was thrown from
her horse Monday evening on Sixth
street, sustaining a severe shaking up.
She was rendered unconscious for a
time, but rapidly recovered.
8ome things are lively in New Denver. Carpenter creek has all the business It can attend to, and is daily increasing its deposits In the banks. It
turns tt_ bed frequently, changes sheets
daily, but never takes a snooze. Its
mad career has but one ending—a
plunge in tbe lake and all is o'er.
Colonel Egan, who has been ou tbe
staff of tbe Rossland Miner for years, is
now travelling through the hills in tbe
interest of that live journal. Jack Is
one bf tha tew Colonels on the Kdbtensy
press, and his qualities do not need
concentrating. Ha \» the clear stuff.
Have your hand oat for the Colonel
when yoa bro him coming down the
©*•&: :": ..,.: /:  ,:, ,;,, ;,
The Emerald Duett was not given a
very hearty reception In New Donver,
bnt the two evenings' entertainment
provided was of the highest order and
greatly appreciated by thoso fortunate
enough to be present, J, Parson Smith
Is a speaker of great power and Mr.
Mlllor's cornet solos were tho best ever
heard here. Their duetts worn captl*
.lack Cavln. tmmstor far Wm. C. E.
Koch, was thrown from a freight wagon
loaded wild nrn Monday (•vonlntr hy
tho neat breaking, nnd thn front wheel
panned over liis body just above the
lilpn. The accident happened near
Aylwin, Ton Mill*, and he hnd to bo
carried on a stretcher to the Landing.
He was brought up on the s. n, Slocan
•«WW»^      UlUtUIMg    A.M.    |<K1MHi    III    lti»
'.;hi:*n   hiM^ilni,   whvi-o ha is i^Hiufi
Shady Gieger.ch is still working a
chute of puns at Sandon. He finds a
home market for the nreduct. althonrh
some of them would bear shipment.
His mine Is not troubled with high
water, and everything Is run through
tha mill that comas from tht upper
stone. Tbe ore Is ponlferous. Shady
baa so far escaped arrest, (easy in
Sandon), although there Is plenty of
evidence to prove that h» has rnt many
people and stolen much laughter from
the bank of gloom.
Swltxarland has 1,700 hotels-seven
Hmwns many for Its slw as England,
The tourist trade is eceouoiabhs far the
Work on the Hampton will commence in June.
Football is epidemic in Sandon. High
balls are the same way.
Electric power is to be used in the
Reco for driving the drills.
It is rumored that the Ruth will resume operations in a few days.
,A strike of clean ore has been made
on tbe Donnelly, near Sandon.
Wm. Bragg has a contract to drive
800 feet of tunnel on the Hewett.
A cave-in at the Queen Bess last
Friday seriously injured P. L. Morgan.
Ore is being sacked at the Black
Prince, and a shipment will be made in
Ore from the V. & M.y Twelve Mile,
is freighted arid treated for, less than
$12 a ton.
A 20-ton shipment of ore from the
Marion is being hauled to the wharf
this week.
R. Crellin fell 40 feet through a winze
at the Enterprise last week and escaped
with a few bruises.
All the machinery for the Enterprise
concentrator has arrived. It is to be
hoped that this mill will not spend its
days in idleness after completion.
__A_second»oreiShoot.has—come.into the
drift being run on the Ruby. The ore
is massed with grey copper and is much
richer than that found in the first shoot
caught. The shoot is stronger and the
ore cleaner and of better width.
Friday will be a gala day for the children of New Denver, Sandon and Silverton. The union Sunday School picnic to be held on that day promises to
be the most enjoyable that has ever
been given in theSlocan. The grounds
selected are situated along the lake
shore just north ofthe Bosun wharf,
and this week were cleared of under
brush and put in excellent condition.
Today swings are being hung, bunting
and flags strung from the trees and
tables built to accommodate the great
crowd of little folk and their friends.
Good things to swell tho famished youth
have been prepared by the wagon load
and there will bo an abundance for all.
Four teams will leave the Pyman block
at 9 a. m. to carry the merry flock to
the grounds.
At last the Government has taken
steps to contribute its share towards
the improvement of the Government
property. The efforts of the people
last yoar and the year previous were
therefore not in vain, and tho result of
the Immense amount of labor put upon
the Government block is just now being
achieved. Thl* week a gang of men
and horses has been engaged filling in
tho'draw, and work will be continued
until the block Is placed in good condition, and is a credit to the town. Let
s reasonable amount ol money lie spent
in this way, and the Government will
have less difficulty collecting the balance due on Government town lots,
For thoio who enjoy audi oviints SI1-
v«»rtnn l* promising -omv !v«t ha-tebal!
and football jra-m**. for May 2ltlt. Handon, New Denver and Hlouiui City each
will nhikI n team of some kind, ami the
day will be. spout lu totting ilid merits
of the vm'Iohm aggregation*, nil ,-'uis
havo been planted promiscuously in the
unusrgrowM) in WiHouittelu of tho ball
giu-uu* mm *mi wurreiiKHi u» caictt
and bold all the halls coming their way
until tlielMi.esarech-aattl. Caledonian
sport* are also promised for cash prise*..
London, May lu --King Edward, who
was born on November flth, IMl, has
decided that his birthday shall bt celebrated May -24th of each year, thus eon
timiing the holidav hitherto observed
by all tha bublic departments-Queen
Victoria • birthday — and giving an
Impulse to ths colonist governments to
obaervs the date as Empire day.
It U ft-uimate.1 that the men nf Great
Britain spend _*2?A<w*> a year on till*
Stock sucker8 in the city of Montreal
are supposed to have lost 118,000,000 on
British Columbia mining; stocks and
now they are sore on B. C. mines bf all
kinds. These people probably lost the
eighteen million all right enough, but
they did not lose it in British Columbia
mines. It was in Montreal and Toronto
promoters' offices that they lost, their
money, and their argument that mining
don't pay is absolutely without foundation. Take the Payne, for instance.
Since the first drill was struck on the
job that property has paid, yet Montreal
people have lost money in Payne stock.
If the Payne had not befen stocked at
all, but had remained in possession of
the original locators, Carpenter and
Seaton, these worthies would have made
over $2,000,000 profit out, of the ore
shipped. The difference between the
cost of extracting the ore and the
amount realized on the sale of the ore
must be the profit of mining. If it
costs more to take the ore out of the
ground than the ore is worth, then
raining does not pay. If it costs less
the difference is profit. The fact that a
property is stocked for more than it is
worth and that people lose money on
the decline of the stock value can not
be taken as an evidence that mining
does not pay. The Payne was stocked
shares were sold as high &b $l.62_, making the stock valuation nearly $5 000,*
000. No mine in British Columbia has
$5,000,000 worth of ore in sight, and as
a matter of fact the Payne promoters
only claimed to have a million and a
half in sight at the time the stock was
placed on the market. As a gutted
stope has no value and the value of an
undeveloped ledge is entirely problematical, the ore blocked out is the only
basis on which a mine can be valued,
If we accept this, in the case of the
Payne Montreal speculators, when they
took Payne stock at a five million valuation, absorbed 18,500,000 water on a
million and a half mine. When the
stock depreciated the Montreal people
sot up a howl that they had lost money
in mining, yet the Payne has been shipping nearly as much ore as all the
other Slocan mines together, and the
profit on the operation of the property
must have been immense. The loss
has not been in mining, but In stock.—
Sandon Pay streak.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1000 was, approximately, 86,000 tone. Since January 1
to May 18, 1001, the shipments have
been as follows:
Ltr.t Chine*  to
§o»n8Ur IM
Hs'rctt ,(.,*...,*•«,■*,*.,.». ,.,i,,
Amsrican Boy  to
Ivsnlioo .,	
Trade DolUr .,,	
Two Friends	
KnlrnirUM...'  ID
Iliac)- Vrlnce.
(inodAiiuUffta ,,.	
Miliar CrMfc	
SiniMt Usrltwii B»«ln}.
Siiiisstipeu.OoM riew«.
OlUHI llffW.
... tillor,
II .nlhuiM/T
Kn*i. (irtiUipi.
H|*'iiil«ii>r   .
Kmll.v Killlh.
Hv»«"U .•-..
••'•. Xi
ToUibms.......... Ml
oil tw a. c.
■ni, i
p.  i
% Lead BonUs
; Limited to $100,000 a Year for a Period of Several)
Years—R. C. Campbell-Johnston's Views.
The work of drilling for petroleum
Oil   iiif.    ,*.v»,    w    mrt.r.)»u    -Wfettt,    WW*.! j
Grand Forks, in the Boundary, will
commence next month. A. I). Rand,
of Vancouver, will make a thorough
lent ettending over four months. The
surface Indications are excellent.
British naturalist* having discovered
ftiMBleM b*es that make honey In the
Iilsud ot Montserrat are trying to Improve tha Hr«tl trith the objett of sup.
planting tha kinds of bsas tfe«t hava
Smnty-ib-rw r*r taut, ef ships entav-
tu- rfrfflar. pnrtt* fly ttw British ffltf.
The welcome news comes from Ottawa that the Dominion government has
granted a bonus of $5 a ton on all
lead bullion refined in Canada to the
limit of$100,000 perannum. Thebonus
will be given in the same manner as
the bonus which fosters the iron industry of Eastern Canada, and will cover a
period of several years, gradually diminishing until it is wiped out altogether. The granting of thebonus will
not have any startling affect upon the
mining industry in the Kootenay at
once, but it will restore confidence in
the country and induce a greater expenditure of capital in opening up new
properties and developing on a larger
scale those that are already shippers.
But the result later will be far reaching
aud of the greatest importance to this
country. The conditions of the silver-
leitd industry are different-to-what-pre-
vailed in the iron industry in Eastern
Canada prior to the granting of the iron
bonus, and the development of this section as a result of the lead bonus may
not be so rapid or extensive as was the
development of the Iron section, but the
erection of smelters and refineries for
ihe home treatment of our ores will
give to the industry an impetus that it
never had before. The country will advance on a more substantial basis, and
the industry that has so long been held
in check wiil take the position of importance that it deserves.
R. C. Campbell-Johnston holds views
of his own upon the lead problem of the
Slocan and the matter ot its satisfactory
solution. He does not agree with the
advocates of a government bounty upon
refinery product that tbe solution ts to
be reached by this method.but contends
that any such system is fallacious and
of very questionable benefit. Mr.
Csmpbell-Jobnston realties of course
that his views may not be popular, but
this does uot restrain him from venti
latlngthetn. In bis opinion, says tho
Nelson Trlbume, the stiver-lead mining
industry ia suffering from tho domination of the United States smelter and
lead trust, but It does not suffer so much
from this cause as from s starvation of
capital necessary to Its economical
working. In some cases this is the result of insufficient working capital, and
In others It Is due to distributing too
much of the earnings in dividends and
allowing nothing for development account) but in either event ths reault is
tho same. It means excessive milklnga
of the Industry In mining, In transpor
tatlon.in smelting, and ultimately In
refining, which put a tax upon the Industry very few mines csn stand. That
the managers ol the trust understood
tho crippled condition of the silver-lead
mining Industry of Kootenay is t*howi.
by their action In refusing to purchase
«llver*lead ore. They appreciate the
{.ut U...I al they have lo do tit (.top production in t» refust: to purchase, and
they therefor* have a smaller output to
t«k<» ran' of. Thin in manifestly a much
cheaper way of controlling Utt«»itiuii<>ti
than would ln> the outright purchase of
the mines, but it is just as effective and
must remain so until ttuificient money
is lounO tor titeu propt-r working
In ths opinion of Mr. Campbell-John*
iton the scheme of lii« United Status
(sad snd smelter trust is much larger
than <fi»n»»T*Hv d»*«nHbi-rt In hia nnln-
ion It does not end with the control ol
the silver production of the world, bnt
sims at the control of :hs trade of China
and India through tbe control of the
silver market. It is from this inter*
national feature of tbe complications
that he looks for assistance for the sit*
v#r-l#«d mlnlrrglrwInMry. Hrnal Rrttsin
cannot alord to allow tbe United Sates
lo assine abaoiuta control of tbe world's
tilvtr production, sine* ibis might mean
tbe moving of the world's silver marks*
from Lm4oa to New York, and would
fajurtoasfy affect Ormt Wrtt^nf trade
with China and the East. There is one
way in which such an undesirable .consummation could be prevented, and
this would be by the control of the
Kootenay silver-lead mines by British
syndicates, or the investment of sufficient money in the silver-lead properties
to facilitate the groupiug of mines with
a view to smelting. This, in the opinion of Mr. Campbell-Johnston, is the
great essential. JThe properties necessary for Buch a combination are already
more or less developed, and all that is
necessary to carry the scheme through
is sufficient capital. With such a
grouping of properties, and a smelting
plant located at the dry ore, virtually
two of the milkings which the industrj
is submitted to would be done away
with, and would place the silver-lead
properties in a much more favorable
position than couldbe hoped for under
any system of government bonus upon
iciiucu |jruuuui.
the establishment of a refinery on the
Pacific coast would be easy, and to be
of any real benefit to the mines of
Kootenay the refinery for their ores
should be located there. It is from the
far east that the great demand for silver
and lead comes, and to supply it the
refinery should have the advantage of
the cheap water transportation rates to
and from the Pacific coast. To accept
the present proposal of a government
bonus upon refinery product, with "a
refioery situated in the province of
Quebec, is to assume too much. It Involves a change, in his opinion, of the
policy of the transportation and smelting companies by which their rates for
freight and treatment are based upon
what tho silver-lead Industry can Btand.
It would simply result in transferring
control of the Kootenay silver-lead industry from the United States smelter
and lead trust to the transportation and
smelting interests on this side of the
boundary line. In his opinion It may
take British opinion a year or so to
crystalite, but it will come. The probable incursions of the United States
silver trust into British commerce aro
too serious, and the sliver deposits of
Kootenay are too rich to allow the
present unsatisfactory conditions to
continue very long, especially when all
that Is necessary is the capital for working sxpensas.
oKAKi^lt^w»ii~i7~or t».
The Twelfth Annual Convention of
the Grand Lodge. Knights of Pythias,
was held at Revelstoke May 14-15. O.
C, J L. Brown of Kamloops, presided
and under his able management a large
amount of business was done during tha
■Hsslon. Revelstoke Knights banquet-
ted the Grand Lodge on Thursday night
snd a moftt enjoyable time was spent.
The Grand t^odga ofMcertt for the year
aro as follows: < I. C , NV HI mis, Trail*
tJ. V. C , II. Hoftrnttint'ir, Vancouver;
(1. P., A. Ferguson, New Westminster;
G. K of It..% B , E Pfcrdncr, Victoria;
0. M. of K., K. I\ Nathan, Victoria; G.
M. at A , C. ¥. Nelson, New !>enw; O.
1. (t, John Thomnon, Union; G. O. G.,
Uoo. .loliimion. Sanaiino; B. ll., J, K.
Evans, Vancouvor. Th« Grand Lodgtf
meets in Vancouver next vear.    G.
{.Sutherland is the reprnientativfi from
New Uanver.
tU»*S_A*ttn   MIWsU.
There are five uvdrlll compressors
'MtfiMtiK* "H   '»*»-  i«pwui.«,fc,„(  rUMitiii).
The five compartment shaft on ths Le
Roi Is down 1,080 feat. Tha shaft on
the War Eagle is 1,410 feet deep. The
shift on tbo Kootaney bas beta driven
1,900 fad below tbe outcrop of tha vein.
The payroll of the tamp U aWt •*»,*
000 a month.
Russia bas issued an edict afslaat
scboolffrls WjsartoiAeorseu, to which
tba Alliance of German CerastflMkart
marts that earsote worn by girls under
14 years art feartals**, a* tbay art
never tightly laced. .-tf
-■. t_J!T.>-
> V
Eighth Yeae
T» Lmkii U two dollars r year In advance. When not so paid It ih $£.50 to parties worthy of credit. Legal advertising 10 cents a
nonpariel line first Insertion, and 5 cents a Hue each snbseiiuent insertion. Rcadinit notices t& cents a line, and commercial advertlsiiiR
graded in prloes according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGBIMS: Thb Lidoe Is located at New Denver. B. C and oan be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
ever** Thursday and IiaB never been raided by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes that bell
•boxdd be administered to Ihe wloked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-Increasing paystreak Is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A. chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us, but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation U the man who always pays the printor; he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
R, T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again. to look at
your collateral.
TEURSDAY,   MAY 23, 1901.
There will be a legal murder in
Nelson on July 16.
Texas has some wonderful petroleum wells. So will British
Columbia when oil experts turn
their attention this way.
The Legislature has had much
discussion over their Loan Bill.
We have often had the same trouble
and it has our sympathy.
The many riots in the United
States are the breezes that precede
the revolution gradually being
brought about by the iron hand of
greed; '       '
• The saving of copper by the oil
means more to the Slocan than
anything that has turned up for
many a day. ■
What will it benefit Canada to
locate the North Pole? It cannot
be used as a summer resort, and
the C. P. R. does not require it for
business purposes.
Driven insane from smoking cigarettes a lady of Boston committed
suicide the other day. This should
be a warning to all girls who smoke
tobacco done up in a paper bandage.	
For 12 years Rev. Lafevre labored in the north and made one convert to his religion, This convert
waa a dying woman, no doubt with
a mentality weakened by approaching dissolution. The Esquimaux
and Indians in the north eeem to
be real sensible people.
King Edward was born on Nov.
9, but like'some of the rest pf us
he can have a birthday when he
wants it. He has decided to celebrate every 24th of May. This is
a great compliment to hia late
mower, and Buito the universe
much better than a date in November.
The authorities closed every faro
bank in Montana last week. In
consequence the pike in dotted with
-a string of chnbbers, dealers, boost-
era and system fiends struggling
with despair and hiking for tome
land where the law does not blow
its frozen breath across the green
Many people in England must
liave brains that are befogged with
Idiocy. With the ooal mines gradually pinching out.and the treasury
almost a void, thousands of workmen want to strike because an
export tax has been put on eom\.
The feeling should he the other
An oil company advertise* in the
Toronto Telegram to sell stock
that will pay 24 per cent a year.
teMT •,*on'tpVni# artr. rvt tWr VVnd,
The world I* crying aloud for such
invexrttnentSH, especially in Europe,
where capital only draws 3 or 4
per cent a year.
Quite recently in tiie east several
churches have been hit by lightning and in one instance a young
man was killed. Must be aome-
thing wrong with them gospel mills,
as the Lor»l wiiuld War.Uy M»**h
His own property nniem He was
terribly rilwt «v~r «*>tn<*thing that
the people had or had not done.
There was a time whew Canadians flocked into the United States,
hot this hat changed. Thousands*
are sow coming into Canada from
across the line; American factory
promoters are urging British capitalists to build factories in Canada.
The Dominion is strictly one of the
coming great countries of the
world, and will soon need long
Some people say times are hard
in the Slocan, yet all around us are
mountains carrying millions in
mineral wealth. The rivers and
lakes are filled with fish and water,
while every mountain side is green
with the foliage of thousands of
trees. Singing birds, budding
f.owere, beautiful scenery and gorgeous sunsets make the Slocan a
modern Eden, and times cannot be
hard,« except to those who worship
nothing but the cold white dollar.
Buying Rossland mining stock is no longer a
Q.r\r\     fad   in   Toronto.   The
*JV\J speculative people of
that burg have many a glittering
certificate packed away for which
they can blame the large ads in the
cent dailies. Some of them are
already biting at the same old bait
is done in oil, and should be swallowed easily by those who do not
know that sure investments that
pay 24 per cent, never have to advertise the fact or beg for capital.
Millions of capital are just lying in
wait for such snaps, but they never
hunt for them in a broker's office.
The union station in Toronto is
a great place for tears. So many
people leave it for all parts of the
earth that sad and tender partings
are of daily event. I got away
from it one bright afternoon without wetting my face with grief or
being kissed to a finale by a hundred female children or relatives.
No tear-stained darlings did I leave
on the platform to wave their kerchiefs in a last and excruciating
adieu. Any of them that were that
way I took on the train with me.
It takes 24 adult hours to reach
the Soo from Toronto. Business
is good between Sudbury and tiie
Soo. Commercial travelers were
thick all along the line. Sudbury
is the wholesale centre for smallpox in the district They hive the
entire business at this point, and
young doctors ride up and down
on the trains seeking opportunities
to inoculate victims with the pus
of cow-pox. What a nasty outrage
to be permitted in this age I Still
they say smallpox is very fatal
around Sudbury and kills one to
the million.
The Soo is a live town. Years
ago when the boom of '87 struck it
full tilt the boosters used to say
that it would be a second Chicago.
I believed that for some time then,
but had to walk out My health
failed so that I could get nothing
to put on my stomach, I believe
now that the Soo will lie a second
Butte, Sheffield and New Denver
all rolled into one and marked Hot
Stuff. As I walked along the
street* of this paper (palp) town 1
could readily see where I bail lost
millions. However, a million or
two does not cut much liquid air
with me now. Whenever I get
short of funds I draw upon imag
(nation. Of lata I have looked so
I much like a millionaire that the
j porter on the Pullman to bt i'»u»
| .grasped me by the hand and warmly
| ejaculated,    "Why, Mr.  Morgan,
flail to see you with us again, but
*^">''******   *'■*»"   «'•»****  in    Vnirtrte,
nah!" When he discovered that
I was only the Colonel of the Slo*
can hit face dropped to a brake
beam level and I had to iremiscitate
him with a IA bill that waa wrap-
p*»rf mmrinff a honqnet and thrown
I at me in a Toronto church.
\      It tilt Hut. Wilis OUt W^f It   W/Mili)
i have about three daily papei-f* aiu!
forty ho!#*l». It only lias thw
weekly papers and seven hotel*. It
requires a pull to get a liquor
lk*n*e. Money h now n#i.*mmy.
Yon mm* *trik» il** C*uv.v ut tL*.
commissioners just right or you
cannot, sell the booze in this town.
The gentlemen who have the say
in granting licenses are little tin
Czars, and in the west they would
be tolerated about the length of
time that it takes hell to melt a
pound of ice.
The Star is a smart paper, but I
envy tho editor. He has two beautiful ladies setting type for him. I
also envy Editor Biggings of the
Pioneer. = Long ago he got married
and raised so many boys that he
can now take it easy while his sons
get out the paper. His large family
also furnish him with so many
items that he is never short of
news. In fact the Pioneer is one
of the greatest family journals in
Having just received a telegram
to attend a meeting of the Poker
legislature in Nelson I must hurry
and get there before Thursday or
Sunday, so it is with much regret
that I drop my pen until next week,
when I will enlarge my word
picture of the busy and romantic
were brought forth. Professors
from regions beyond who come to
Montreal and teach doctrines contrary to the truths of scripture
have a hard time of it. Some of
them have not been crucified, although some of their followers
think they ought to be. Herron
should be flayed, if the process
were not contrary to law."
Now that is what we call the
real Calvinistic spirit. If old Cal
was in Toronto he could not have
done much better than this bloodthirsty scribbler. It will be remembered that Cal burned his
rival a la southern negro fashion.
The Review editor must have had
his soul poisoned with creed mush,
and his reason clouded by the vapor
of bigotry. His mutterings sound
more like the words of a Spanish
Inquisition thumb screw artist than
those of a nice, clean howler for
Jesu6. To advocate murder does
not seem the right thing for a religious paper to do. It jars upon
our intellect that real religion never
does anything of that sort. The
devil is generally credited with
that kind of work, and, bad as
Nick is said to be, we think he
would hardly skin a man alive because he held opposite opinions.
If there are any good Presbyterians
left in Toronto they should run the
Review editor through a Turkish
bath, give him a dose of calomel,
and then search him for microbes
of insanity. His article on Herron
indicates that he is either one of
the biggest fools that ever wasted
ink, or else a villain whose heart
is black with a hatred for real
goodness. 7
Everv inhabitant of London eatB 178
pounds of potatoes in a year. A Parisian consumes on an average but'49
pounds per annum.
__\a/am.M     -Ptfgfo George
Vy utiiu—Dr-HSrfOfi—is—ar
Skin H i m m a n of brain8>
«_mm i inn and occupies a
higher mental plane than the majority of souls on this earth. He
is famous and has many enemies.
He has pumped the cold lead of
reason into the creed market, and
consequently the orthodox denounce
him as an heretical villain whose
very name would rot the nose off a
brass monkey. George once lost a
fat professorship because his views
for tbe benefit of humanity clashed
with the capitalistic pirate behind
the college bank roll. His bouI
was above the touch of gold, and
for a time he suffered. His marriage was not harmonious, and following sense and nature he changed
women legally. Nature points the
way to -joy and harmony in matrimonial affairs,but the church points
the way to hell when it would have
men and women live together after
love is dead. Herron stood above
the church, and now its knife-
bladed followers are dumping slops
upon him at every torn in the
road. It was ever thus. George
is not the first thinker and reformer
who has been covered bv slime
thrown by lesser and misguided
souls. Even Christ was persecuted.
The Presbyterian Review is a
religious weekly published in that
wholesale centre of erw-ds,Toronto.
This is the way its editor spits
venom at George:
"They tortured Herron in Montreal unmercifully, yet Justifiably.
He came to teaeh men who knew
more than he knew of the real and
the unreal in the themes which
Wa * »w arm yon
(•dually M vat) *t
wall as If yea lift
your **\irh ptrwm
II KM »aitt  9 M*
wank s*-»h1  u« ik«
momy ytm l«it»o U>
ln»*-*« fn nm>, ana
<t*«*ttto the My la
pttttmA. and *•»
will smid j-nu tha
bast lAbmptwiwnAtm
forth* mona*-.
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills,Ltd.
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
Nelson, B. O.
They cut pa's tpousers down for me; I don't get
nothln' new;
I have to wear his old coats out, hia old suspenders, too!
His hat and shoes don't fit me, but I suppose they
will some day,
And then they'll come to me instead of- bein'
thrown away!
My sister Grace is twenty-two
And she can sinf? and play.
And what Bhe wears is always new—
Not stuff that's thrown away!
She puts on style, I tell you what!
she dressec out of sight;
She's proud and haughty and she's got
A beau most every night.
I never get new things to wear; I'm just a boy
you see, *
And any old thing's good enough to doctor up
for me!
Most every thing that I've got on one day belonged to pa—
When sister's through with her fine things. sh«
■ hands 'em up to ma!
 -8. E. Klssr.
No less than 16 solicitors were struck
off the rolls in four days in London recently for dishonestly. Several had been
convited of felony, among them B. G.
take, late Presidentof the Law Society;
Julian Arnold, and his partner, Sisinay
As a general rule clouds are about a
mile above the surface of the earth.
Are you thinking of buying? Sse these first.
They are, without doubt, the leading American
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Confectionery at
•)o-9ei>hliie St.,. New Denver.
**.. *     *r>, ■    f'
and Miners'
Will commence publication in June. It will rise
to the occasion once a
month with 16 pages of
mutter calculated to jar
the universe. It will bow
to nothing but truth, and
will not aim to please anybody. It expects oondem*
nation and praise from the
jump and is not paraded
m a family journal. It
will look largely upon the
funny side of life, and will
endeavor to brush away
some of the cobwebs that
cluster around the mind
of men. Get in early if
you want it. $1.00 a year
to any pan of the world.
R, Ts Lowery
N«w Dtnver, B. C.
Awwrirsn |ir|r*i.
I will »«» stU
«*pMo.    ram*.
Kodaks si
....... .  Mtnitfor irnieMon
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Brown Bros.,
Tftt Uwthri, Nel*e«
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IV o R.p.-, ;r
sVatm in
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supplied by us—no matter how
large the order. Our facilities
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freshest goods on the market are
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tamplu of taetr ore to
Parties tuerm mtnlnjf property
the Eicha-ageweiWUUon.
AUsampsM should ta sent by Kipress. P«l«ld u^"3!l»ni,nttjtf !2|Jtfi_„__
Address*!! eonanraleattons to- ANORBW tr.  ROSKNJMXROKR, _
Telephone Mo. IM. P.O. Bosiou. Nelson, B. O.
The NcwmarketHotcl,
Has one ol tbe most beautiful Iteatlons In America, and tha pabllc are
assured of pleasantaerommodatiops.
".      .... Proprietor.
Bamik of Montreal.
KatahUshsrf tttt.
Capital (all pate op) $12,000,0)0.01)
MtMfesiu::-^ -  .■   vw.^'r*
Undivided profits *   -   £>IO,U»t,QI
mr.Att orricr, Montreal.
Kt. IIok. b>RDSrTRATiiooKA a.id Mockt Row, O.CM.O. President.
Has. O. A. P   mmokd. Vice President,
K. S. Ci>ocsti>k, General Manager,
iVr*-ncW«* m *U \m\n «>4 Cauada, Newfoandtawf, Greut Rrfenfn, nrtrt
\b+ United flutes.
New Denver branch
t-6 ft, DE VRBFV, Manager «'-*
-. *>.>*
Eighth Year.
THE LEDttE, NEW DENVER, h. C, MAY 23  1901.
^ents just passrnS- By
God give as men!   A time like this demands
Strong minds, great hearts, true faith ai:d willing
■ hands;   .^
Men vhom thelust for office does not kill;
Wen whom the spoils of office cannot buy;
.slc-ii who possess opinions and a will;
"Men who have honor; men who will not lie;
Mon who can stand before a demagogue
And damn his treacherous flatteries  without
Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog
In public duty and In private thinking.
"For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn
creeds, .   '
Their large professions and their little deeds,
Mingle in selfish strife, lol freedom weeps;
"W rong rules the land, and waiting justice sleeps,
—J. G. Holland, in "Our Dumb Animals."
Prof. Crook, of the faculty of Northwestern University, recently remarked
to a mixed crowd of 'Students that he
had never indulged in frivolity.    He
had never uttered a profane word, never
smoked, chewed tobacco, drank whisky
4or hugged or "kissed a woman.    We
would like to see the color of the'professor's hair.  It ought to have a^olue
cast.  Tiiink otthe joy herfhas7turned
his back upon!    Think of the blissful
moments that have not been his; the
nectar of lbve'that flows, with thoughts
of paradise thrbughj the|kisser|that; has
never beijh tasjted^tliie tingle^f passion
that carries one to the summit of glory
and drops him over the other side;' the
silent, sweet language of the heart that
he has leftunleairned! ?   Think of all
this inexpressible joy that he has never
tasted!   And weep.    Frivolity?    The
professor mistakes the meaning of a hug
or kiss.    Never having learned the
language of love he is not in a position
to speak on it.   He ought to change his
ways    Ifatleastoneof the young.lady
students of the Northwestern University
doesn't make up her mind to convince
the professor that he has missed half
his life, it wonVspeak well for their department.
ceived. It claims that it will do this—
and It will do it three and four and
sometimes an hundred fold if the advertiser will give to his advertisement
the same thought and care that he gives
to any other business investment. The
great trouble with the average advertiser is impatience. He will scratch off
anything that is handiest in his mind at
the moment,7 dealing in anv ot the
stereotyped generalities applicable to
his business, and hand it to the printer,
expecting it to bring to him dollars
where he spent cent's.''' "He expects to
cast his bread on the water today and
see it come floating back tomorrow with
butter and sugar on both sides."
m ••ati
-14!       •
Our  Relation   to   Others.
''i - There is people, in Nelson and all
through B. C, they think they are
Robinson Crusoes, living each one on
his little island alone.A There are other
people, and they are"all about you or
us. 0Thelr lives touch yours or ours
on many, points, and their or our interest" interlace 'with yours or ours; 7.«In
peeking to live put pur /own 1 ife to its
Utmost;* we soon become aware of limitations caused by duties to others In
a sense, the whole world has its claim
upon us; and there is no man, woman
or chijd anywhere whom we are not to
consider, to whom we are not a debtor.
Thelaw of love to our neighbor leaves
nobody out'.' The wounded man by the
wayside, .whoever he may be, we must
not pass by. This relation to others is
one which must be considered in every
true life.''—Sermon.
You good preachers take this for your
text and you will7please God, which
you claim to represent on this globe.
Jerry Robiixabd.
Max O'Rell usually says the improper
things at the proper time. And he is
free—decidedly free—and easy with his
advice. Particularly to women. He
thinks he knows all about the fair sex.
He probably reasons from the same
standpoint that the man takes who can
tell you all about eternity and the In-
iinite. However, Max does say some
good things: "Let the man smoke and
the rhildren romp all over the house;
Don't compel them to withdraw, like
culprits, one in some underground den,
the others in a nursery at the top of the
' Six hundred dollars' worth of eggs
would seem to be a rather heavy
breakfast for one man to eat," observed a well-known scientist, "bat I
can certify that a man ate that
amount ot eggs, and chat he told me
after he had got away with them
that they had not fully satisfied his
hunger. Ten minutes after he had
finished his meal he complained that
the eggs did not seem to sit well in
his stomach.   It happened  in this
he lounged carelessly into the composing room of a big daily the faces
of the old-timers became wreathed in
reminiscent smiles. His letter of introduction was his soiled union card,
and he didn't expect work. In fact,
he had been practicing pedestrianism
so long and continuously that he expressed the opinion, with becoming
modesty and frankness, that arduous
indoor labor might seriously affect
his health. After getting a tew donations with which to satisfy his appetite and wardrobe. Reprint Jim
condescendingly related some of the
most interesting experiences on his
latest tour.
' D'ye see how be-yutifhlly me back
hair is trimmed ?" he observed, with
a droll smile, as he lifted his hat and
exposed the rear cranial view, which
piesented an absurdly comical sight:;
The hair had been removed as if by"
a circular saw, and the effect resembled a pale moon decorated with
a stray whiskerletor'two.    ;      A
"This is how it happened," explained Reprint Jim. "My pardner
and I were laying near an elevator
in Toledo the other morning waiting
tor a train, when he jumps up in
alarm and whispers, 'There comes a
peeler. If we're found here we'll git
jugged sure Gome on!' With that
he starts off. When I tried to follow
I found I couldn't move my head. It
was stuck last to the board upon
which I had been stretched, someone
having kindly smeared tar over that
eiid of the board. Every effort to
extricate myself gave me a twinge
of pain. It wouldn't do to run off
with that board dangling to my back
—the railroad company might 'pinch'
me for larceny by con version A The
peeler hadn't seen us, but he was
coming closer all the time.
" 'For heaven's sake, Jack, don't
leave me in this plight!! I pleaded.
■Come and cut it off—I don't care for
appearances, ye know.'
"With that Jack, who is a barber
when he works, pulls out his razor
and saws the board from me hair.
He had to cut close, for I was glued
on pretty tight, but lie made a good
job of it, and we got away just in
time. It was the quickest and the
cheapest haircut I ever got."
The Roman soldiers, who built such
wonderful roads and^carried a weight
of armor and luggage that would
crash the average farm hand, lived
on coarse brown bread and sour wine.
They were temperate in diet and
regular and constant in exerciBe.
The Spanish peasant works every
day and dances half the night, yet
eats only his black bread, onion and
watermelon. The Smyrna porter
eats only a little fruit and sour olives,
yet he walks off with his load of one
handred pounds. The Coolie, fed* on
rice, is more active and can endure
more than the negro, fed on fat meat.
—Scientific American.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ace, of Montgomery, Ala., were kicked clear out
of a buggy by an unruly mule the
other day. This is probably the first
instance oh record where one Jack
has beat two Aces,
There is an increasing demand for
mica for use in the arts. It is employed
ground very flue in the manufacture of
fine grades of wail paper.
nen Wanted
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Connecticut Fire Insurance Co.1, of Hartford
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Phoenix, of Hartford, Conn.,
Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Company,
imperial Registry Company,
The Dominion of Canada Guarantee  and
Accident Insurance Company.
If some"stucili-up~pTrgJor-your
way.   Several^"eare^p"ri^"out
in the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado,
hunting eggs tor the Smithsonian
Institution.   I was instructed to devote special  attention  to pheasant
eggs and to one variety in particular,
the yellow pheasant, popularly called,
which were then, as now, very scarce.
The trip was on the whole rather
sucoe-sful, though I did not find many
of the particular pheasant eggs referred to.   One morning 1 found myself on one of the high mountains
which surround the oity of George
town, Col.   I had had my own breakfast in town and rode up the moan-
tain on a burro,carrylng on my search
for pheasant eggs.   About 10 o'clock
I ran across a mine prospector, who
was Just finishing op his breakfast.
After spending some time in conversation with him. I noticed some pieces
of egg shell on the ground.   To my
surprise and delight they were the
■hells of tbe phenunt eggs that I was
so anisoof to find,   Not supposing
that he wit Interested iu my branch
of science, I mentioned In a ea ual
way that the shells were of the egg
of a certain species of yellow pheas
ant that I wu exceedingly anxious
to find or secure.   Then ht told mt
that In his wandering np on tha
mountain that morning he had found
a nest containing tha egga, and finding that they ware fresh he had eaten
tbem, tli in all.  Then it waa my
tarn to talk, and when I bad told
him that the eggs wtrt very rare
and that I would willingly pay $100
aplaae for tbem, he looked disgusted
and actually turned pale,   Ha had
been having rather a hard van of
look, and talt vary sorry, of wane,
thai be had unaware partaken otnob
a high-pt Iced breakfast.   He thought
be might ** able to find another nest
thereabouts, and offartd to famish
me six egg« of the same species for a
earn considerably less than   1000,
whioh offer I aoeepted.   Wa hooted
I together all that day and every day
tn  nn   *
acquaintance should call on you and
spread the report that your house is not
kept on the strictest lines of order and
propriety, plead guilty, and show that
woman, to ebtain "extenuating circumstances," the marki*. of the kisses of yout
husband and children engraved on your
cheerful, Imppy face."
+;" ' '
Advertising does pay. No businessman would claim that it doesn't. It is
true therejare men in business In every
town who claim! that it doesn't, the
samo as there are men who claim that
the world is flat. But It doesn't alter
the case. Advertising does pay. For
instance, a man in a neighboring camp
advertised (or a girl and the next
day his wife had one. But to make advertising pay you must know something
about It, and put that knowledge into
practical use. There are innumerable
methods of advertising, and any one ot
them can be made successful. The
most popular, and undoubtedly tha
surest method, is through the columns
of a newspaper. But advertising in
even the best newspaper will aot bring
business. This is not tho fault of the
newspaper, however. The selection of
a business location and the general ap*
pearancegof a business bouse has much
to do with tha success of tha buiinass,
but thatiislnot all. Tbe selection of a
bright, spicy.lneatly.prlnted newspaper
Is essential to successful advertising,
but that Is not all. Neither Is the appearance of an ad everything.  Appear*
unci* count ferttnuch, but other thing*
count for more.   First, an advertiser
nhouli know what he wants to advertise
and then study how to word his ad so
aa to emphasise that particular article
and ei plain Its merits In a way that is
not only concise but attractive.    To
this should be added absolute truthful* I
nesa. An advertisement should contain nothing that is not substantially
correct.   But Jibe expression of this
truth ia of vital Importance.   To say
that John Jones is conducting a genetal
mioreatilU* busine** and that his stock
It fresh and more complete than bin
competitor mav be the truth, but it
conveys nothing.   Bill Smith may not
'  have hall the stock that Johu Jones has
h„t he M1« flxsrtlr what he's wot andi;A„„„„,, „ mmi%%r ^
what he will ffiva it to you for. and be-!—.      _.__i 7    *      ^     * ...    I
eauae be dose so be interest, vou.    Aa <™w' wnJ* ^T! ™** _*«««
advertlasraentthatlanotintwtstiniwilli*'1" »y*],*» *t at a place 300 tollca
•et draw trade '. diMant from there.   The egg* t ftaond
+ j are in tha Smlthtoulaii yat. and as
•'}.l'.Vr l -■:"" i-i*"***ttM»9nt*,nit,w9*t ."fAr ft* 1 know, are about she only'
meat, not a contribution."    Uve aOs j eggs of that particular specie* in any
areibeHfeoranewapaper.  UmaynotjeoUeetbn in the United Statea.   A
appear to the eaaual observer to make! year agu I got a letter from the proa
any  ,*rtknl.r differ*** to a news* ^^    Helill,„ ,„ Cbfo,^ ^
lam closing out ray large
stock of Dry Goods and Men's
Furnishings in Nelson, and
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Kootenay country. There is
no reason why the people ot
the Slocan should not take
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only difference bouse in the
time to and froni Nelson.
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excelled. Special quotations to contractors on application.
Dealer in
Van Camp Lunch Goods, Confection-
cry and Fruit
Newmarket Block.        New Denver
Three Forks
B. C
Provides accommodation for
the travelling public	
Pleasant rooms, and good
meals. The bar is stocked
with wines, liquors and
cigars. HOT and COLD
HUGH M\ EN, Proprietor,
To THOMAS SHEA, owiicr of an undivided
one-eighth (J) interest in the3 Nabob mineral
claim, situated on Reco mountain, and adjoining Blue Bird and Trade Dollar mineral
claims,and recorded at ?Iew Denver record
TAKE NOTICE, that I, B. W. Bull, have done
nnd recorded the annual assessment work as
required by Section U of the Mineral Act, on the
above claim for year erillng July 15, 1900, and
that your share of expense of said work Is now
due. Should you fall to contribuu; your share of
expenditure for above work together with cost of
this advertisement I will at expiration of said 90
days apply to Recorder to have your interest in
above claim transferred tome, pursuant to s«c-
 Lfloi)JJJaiiieral.AgtJlmendmentAet. 1900,
Regular 110 Black Crspotms Skirts, to clear, tn.
Regular fi JO Black Oreuouoe Salrts at ts.
Regular iuo Bine snd Black Barge Skirts, •».
Rejpilsr W.tV> Black Lustre Skirts, to clear. «.«>.
porset (fever* at Ite, tte, 40c and Me.
White Skirts at He, 11 and si Au.
White Drawers at ite, &•«. Tte. »1.«.IU and It.
White Might Gowns at 60c, ,5c, fl and HM.
lien's Blue and Black Serge Holts, regular «U>
line, yours st |10.
Men's Seoteh and Irish Tweed Hults, mcular |lf>
line, sttU).
" 4-c**,*Mf>. ***»< •
trge range to choose Irom.
Whose O
Place i
Fresh Fish all the time,    Mf^s
Poultry most the time. 20   UP
TOO GOOD     "
Job Printing is an art.
It is today one ofthe
most advanced of arts,
and greater efforts are
being made to reach
perfection than ever
before in the history
of printing. Every up-
to-date business man
recognizes the importance of having his stationery  well printed.
Fire Valley, B. C, March 28,1901.
ToV. H. BEHNE, or to any person or iiersons
to whom he may have transferred his Interest
iu the Miner Boy mliu-ral claim, .Ituatcon
the north side of Carjienter creek, In tbe
Slocan Mining Division of Wctt Kootenay
District and recorded in the Rut-onter'i. office
at New Denver. B. C.ou July sth, l«*».
two liunclred ami fifty-six
fty.cents hi labor anil Improve-
YOU or any of you are hereby notlliwl that we
have expended "      "   "       ■ -•     ■
dollars nnd fifty cents In labor and Imp
ment» upon the above mineral claim, under the
nrovlhlon of the mineral act, and tf within ninety
days from the date of this notice you fnll or refute to contribute your proportion of such expenditures, together with all cost or advertising,
your Interest In said mineral claim will become
ihe proi*rty of the undersigned under section 4
cf an Act entitled An Art to A mend the Mineral
Act 1900
Dated'this tsd day of March. 1001.
,'s 5 ««d ttuits U M,«(., ** «.«.<,( tt.
Pants, s It      *--'
 igularls line t
to "liar at. MMf M
Good Tweed Pants st li*. *U*>and I*.
|t* at tin •*,**s«toiS.
tea snd Un
nen Suits at tl.
Irttttho rents.
fen's Colored.
A. FBRLAHD, Hclson.
NELSON, fc   C.
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
To E, J. MATHEWS, or to any person or persons to whom he may Dave transferred his
Interest In the Ksttte E mineral claim, at
Glacier creek, a tributary of Wilson creek,
nine miles from Thraa Forks, and roooraed In
the Record uffice for the Hloran Mining
1 etpended One Hundred Dollars In labor and
Improvements upon the above mentioned mlnerr.l
clsim. In order to hold said minersl claim ondsr
 Mineral Aot, aiiTlf i
Ituyer and Ki|«*rtrr •*!
Hatpp Uy Ksprus
The Uadin?
When In NELSON tee oar
$25 Suits
R 8KINNBR, tnilor
Fred. J. Squire,
General Braying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
(tar HtgRftKe wagoni meet all Han*
dav trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack ' .i:r.-i$
Feed Sublet at New Dwo-rer.
espendltan), together with all eoets of advertla-
Ug,yottrintercitla«ald claim will bt&tmttm
Inaral Att
property of the subscriber under Hoctlon « of an
Act enllllrd, "An Act to Amend the Mil
Three forks. B. C. Msrvh ri. lwi.
OKHAR Mineral Claim.
west      .
On Howe.* creek
Hloran . Mlnl__ Division
In ihe   Hlors-  .
Kooltnsy Distriri
where toes
■TAKE NOTICE mil.Herbert T. TwWf.M
I agent for Ths Het>t_«h Oolnolal Oold fields.
Umhed.Pi*»eMWe&rtlflesi#No. Wi4l. and
Menrgf W. HoJftKs, pVrw Miner's OrtMeataXo.
mih, intend, 4sty dsys tt*m the data heraof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder fur a Ortlleata
of Imiirovements, f»r the purpose of nbtslnlng
a Crown flrant of the abuve olalm
And farther «ske notl«» that aetion, onder see*
Hon JfJ, mutt tie rommeni-ed hefnre thi* maanet
of «««h Oh («<»«+ of IasM«ve«f tits
canadian ^)
Pacific Ky.
TO    Uf
papor «ha. (.«• pmmpwd a btulmm\mf§ ^ hM mw ^n ,Nt to ttn\^nr1imtttHMM
le the pUitt so have y*mr wsleh repair• atteadW
lo. IfyoorwaWhtooirtof mdtr. "Mill It Ut ««
and ..will*** set it ri*bi «*»•••• Weilooaily
trtitUm work aad pgwarai>te* l*r«*p« tstlsfar*
tHm»t* tt%nn  Im »»,» flnnnn
Itrick Bloek.   Uelleme Ave..
Denver, B. C
'un eggof *ny* kfnrf
Ington Rrening Star.
Itr.rWIXT   AIM'*   HAIIUfV.
firm tn mtverthe *» Mnsr** the> ttiuli I*
forthroininir r*mil*»"*y «« \*y '«»" •«•
Out U tloe.i m*if."<- (i  wry IrMt ',w"r'
««c«.   H» ttemajMtftei- uaiUm to «.ti«t on
OM>tribntir*u«     Ad"*fti**»f ii * imrtty ~~~
bttHne**ptr>p<«itim,   The<«tnmm<«*     Ha wwa lyp.rftfce«*«ft*t|*rt«er
newspaper *re \t* **t«fc *tt«l twrtt.   It »»»»» "»«*•» «»»k« ■»• aM«air»««e 1«*
we»t* t« give-, wllisa mr «»•«*>• MUr m> the hfget eak* wr#dajx*»d w
KElJ»)f. R c.
.   ",Of»lCE-«.t.W .       .      KV1M\S
si. James
Tositri fiom Korofmii pnlatt vlaOsnsdlsi
I and A»eft«*SM Nnee.    Apnty   f«r selling dates '
rates, tick*u< and full lnfofiwati*>n to enyC.
1 111 tttttA «# —
I,   H  liAMHiiT'i.
,...„, _ i rfcrvufti Ttehet* v»
f • 1. R 4setit Vew th9vtt.
n  v. ►'. tMmmtnts. o.«. x. Airf.. Wliinipea*  ENGLAND THK OlXTlNKKl
rrr=^       AiHTRAl,IA   t'HINA    lAf-AN
New Dtfiv«r, B.C.
Wm n*eati in tht clty-CwilortaWe roonn
h^w*r* mMl ('Start—Bert -ervfc* thr»oi;htiau
* jacoetoN • to
B«r r**i*i^ttj wtth the heel of
fur HMif -tables, riii-s slid full in!. mmilMi rail
cr. -r eddrve* the nesresi Im al agent.
ii. t. QAHnmt, A«t*l h«- Peaver.
E. 1.Onyte,A.tt.V. Agt., vaaeeowr,
J.«. i.rU'.tl!'A..K»la_«.W C THE LEDGE, NEWDENVER, B.C., MAY 28, 1901.
Eighth Year
April 26-Green Hill, Four Mile, J C Butler.
29—High Rode. Alamo Basin, J W McDonald.
May 8—Twin Valley. Vancouverck, S Barker,
AW Carey.
14-Badger No 6, Four Mile, J Finley Sr.
15—Eva, Goat Mountain, T Avlson.
April 17—May Queen fr, May Queen,' Broken
fr. 20—Mamie. SS—Alice Murphy, Dooley,
Sweet Grass, Echo. 25-0 K Xo t. 26-Nelfle
fr, Malvana. 27-MaMere, Queen City. 3d—
Cuba, ManUla, I X L. »0-World. Wallace,
Sllgo fr, DeiDey, Capella, Alice. Banner. May t—
Emerald fr. S—Boyal Five, Lake View, Jennie.
*— American _lrl fr, Queen fr. Bess fr, plght
Hour.  6—Alberta, Dora.  7—Isls, Electric. Ke-
Subllcas, Golden Chariot, Corncracker, Fair,
aven. 9—1 X L fr, Spray. 10—Bostock, Jessie,
Fenolescot, Penolescot fr, Lorna Doon fr. 11—
Stanley, Reliance. IS—L H, New Columbus.
Sllverita, SUverridRe, Sllverlte fr, Billy D, Ground
Squirrel, Golden. Manitoba. 16-Soho, Red
Cross. 16-Chlef, Denver. 18—Shy an fr, Diana,
Shamrock, Snow Flake. 8>-Lost Bear, Clara
Moore, Tramp Planet fr, Bodle.
April 17-Central, J, A McDonald to A Fisher,
Pollard, Richmond, K P, Central, « each, A
risber to J T Foley, Apr 8.
as— Prtmeteva. Jerome Baidho, 4 each, J T
Kelly to T Rouse, Mch 16.
Ik-Columbus fr, W W Beaton to A 0 Van
Moerkerke, Feb 16.
Moscow. t, A Ertokson to A C Van Moerkerke.
Apr il,
$7-  "
Huckleberry, i, T J Lloyd to R Thomas, Apr
W, *1»».
New England, G H Winter to Geo Krdd,
Hotlceof option on Tunis group, A Thomp-
«i-Glen Ore, J Boogh to C French, Apr 17.
MUier Creek Co, notice by E M Saodilands of
lapse of Geo B Dean's lease, Apr tl.
29—Denver, _, A Owens to H Thomas, Apr It,
son, WD Mitchell and R Thompson to NF
Naught and W B Will
so—Tnrris_31teofr, Wallace, Capella, Demey,
IU each, N F McNaught to W S Will, Apr 19.
May 6-Midnlght Star, fr, J W Donnelly to Jno
A Black, March 18
Florence, 4, J A Black to W R Will. May 5.
American Girl fr, E R Woakes to Queen Bess
Co, May 6.
9—King Oscar, {, J Emdal to 0 Auffustln*.
Keematis, \, A Lemiux to J Weeks, Apr 7, >75.
11—Stanley, h ■ H Thomllnson to Emily Byrnes,
M-Mlller Creek fr, 4, E L  Warner to Gas
Faundry, Apr tt.
April 9—Malta Star, Lemon ok,Can Hanlon.
11—White Grouse, Tobln ck, Geo Nlchol.
15— Los Gatos, Springer ck, Hugh Cameron.
May S—No lSXemon ck, H L Fife.
4—Franklyn fr, Springer ck, F Provost
19—Katie fr, Springer ck, Jno Wafer.
April »-QuIen Sabe. ll-Paystreak. 12—Friday Morning. 18—Early Riser. 19—Stanwood,
Slocan. Iron Horse, al—Dwigat. 24—Melton,
Emlle Mansfield. 25—Little Bonanza. SO—Early Bird. May 1—Ottawa for 5 years. 6—Pontlan,
Carlton, Bend'Or, Little Bobs, 7-Jumbo, Red
Wing, Saxon Maid, Dewdrop. Missing Link,
Canadian Star, Butte, Silver Bellfr, Nightingale.
*—Two BrotherSjMountaln Oon. 8—Otis, Gypsy
Lass, Annlston. Triple Cedars, Tllley, Marlon;
ette.   10-Golden Belt,  ll—Chlselhurst.
'   TBAS8«R8.
April 10— Bald Mountain fr. option, P Lind-
qutst and Jas Campbell to Hugh Cameron, $1250
April 1<—Paystreak, |, AEHtllman to Thos
Blsnch.   s
__ ijtrC__p fireball. E Jack to J A McKlnnon.
" t»tiffiTireTina"Fiunt«rrl,~J'~A~MoKinnon-to
SUver Bow, \, N F McNaught to J a McKlnnon.
M-Del Monte, \,J EOrrto R J Mamllton.
15-Port Hope, 1-5, H L Fife to T J Bat
Maggie, all, A Wallace, D G McCua
Weir. J M Black, D R McLennan, A Jacobsoh
and D McPherson to A M Johnson
tl—Two Friends, 1*16. J P Allen to W T Shat-
ve, P
Frying Pan, all, N F McNaught to E Jack and
Br McNaught.
Star Pointer and Tea Pot fr, J each. N F Mc*
aught to B F MoNaught.
Dipper, {, Geo Falrbalrn to B F McNaught.
Naught to B F MoNaught.
Dipper, !• Geo Falrbalrn t	
f'eapot, t, B F McNaught to B Jack
Frying Pan ^tar Pointer, Teawt and Teapot
,Tli **Sh- ?n,(l iPfWdi' -L-I*0** *£.M H.McKaught
_ Occidental. F L C, Get There Ell, Reno and V
* M, X J Deacon to V k M Mines Co.
Bachelor, all, T Lake to D MoVannel
May i-Port Hope, 1-1, T Lake to J 6 McCallum
„l-Goldsn Boy, Frank nrovost to J Frank
4-8nowdake, alt, BGrifflth to Isaac Robinson
Star of India. B Griffith to Isaac Robinson.
Maggie. A M Johnson to A Wallace. D Ma-
Phenon D G McCoalg, D J Weir, J _ Black, D
X MoLennaa and A /acobson, agreement to pay
fW'to the latter when a sale Is made of tbe
Bondholder group.
Maya-Star of India, J, I Robinson to Maud
Oregon, Hibernian. Vlotor,  1 each,  Henry
Helchsrt to Calvin B Hlttle aud P Nolan.      '
•-Corker No l,,. J A Davis to Wm Flndtay.
tMBhalf Id, f, JDKeldtoKHDunlap,
anrawoBTB division.
HUlstde, Kaslo Mountain, J D Oarlyle. Oam-
^Cmk, Kaslo Mountain. A UHevUnd.  Uka-
jfiw.heafof Crawford eV frank wWnj
Whitewater, A McC BanUng. Iron Bar fr
loMoqnUtn. D Gi
ek.fw Garrard
ek.Chas Samusoi
Victor Daslannler
Regina, Lshlsau river, A K
tJohn.     „  .     .
Ur., Il-Jos J U fr, Empress fr, Monareh, No ».
Aprilla-Rajr Vlaw.fcnrora. IT-Mas.* HsrrU,
Ralnt John. Itaas. W-1'layback.   *»-I«J. Hec
W-L M.C W. »5~ItoswUle, Hi Mary-i, Jit Kn'.
eras. g-8l*jufat«>r. if-Oomt it. flolisii
Crown, Silver Bell. iMymuU. Oassadsra. I X h.
nomoet»k«>, Daniel, Daniel fr. May I-Superliw!
Mabel Nora. Loadon Hay, »-Iroa HsntT t-
Jennie. Bryan fr, 4~'SUver Foi. Monarch. n~-
tlolnrado,Morning Olory, Mountain (Ilory, Morn-
jjig fr, Pay Oro fr. UUea, IWk Itoukii-r, Hi Mary.
St Joseph, Suifrtor.fr 7-R.*i|||e, Henrlettl.
tterauton. »~w*r, Jumtw.Oi/uiJMi, MarilM* P.
lo- Alice.   H-liONis.
catTirifsrwor imi-kovkmkmi.
ia-E.|a    May I-Bryai» tt
April IS-l'srlxmit Nil f, <'li irw-twi, .s«wtll
Siiniwi, OingmiS: K M Huiililiniln ,in,| M |,
QOtftttliAl 11 i'l'.i,. '»'. f ..,< •
tt—Bears Paw fr, I, Unn0\*m in D.ilhh Inhn-1
son. >
IfoenUln Oi*l. all. .In..:jili 0<,k»ui> to C\\.,»
iampion.itaitn Gerard, dm* W Mr Ann and
W—Henora,all, An.li-w I<i|iii«»ii t-i i l^wls
t«4«Mur.*U. IftMtk Oinruiii, u» J C tUytlv«.
_«lv«tl|i»w,Mllv<«rSi»ry', Mountain view UB,j
Wythe'   " 7, (
■M   Sim- Cicu «, J   4 iip/u 'i --j-.Vui-.Ii-.i |,, .i c */„u
Moerkerke. I
Borlnii. all, W W l*a*l>n in A O Van Mm-r
smoking, it such an one looks with
favor on the weed, and my friend
and myself looked not with favor but
with enthusiasm,.
We called into a side grocery and
asked for cigars. Yes, the lady car
ried cigars and she could recommend
them. They were domestic. My
friend threw cut 25 cents and asked
for two.
The lady put out two and handed
back 20 cents change. We looked
on with curiosity which developed
into Astonishment when we saw that
the lady had made no mistake in the
'•But," said my friend, "haye you
no other cigars?   No other kind?"
"Oh, you English," said the lady,
'*you all beznesa. Tou do be de elose
ones in the bargain!"
Then she reached her hand to the
box and handed out a brother cigar
to the other" two, remarking, "Oh,
take dis one, too. Now are yon
iatezfled?"   -
We were.—London News.
Submerged gravel beds can be tested
for gold by drills.
A Tasmanian tin mine bas paid 287
dividends aggregating 99,000,000, being
9705 on each share.
Emery wheels should be given a rim
speed of 5,500 feet per minute to work
at their best efficiency.
The total gold production of Cripple
Creek to date is 1100,000,000. Of this
920,000,000 has been paid in dividends.
Acid waters are prejudicial to amalgamation. The quicksilver is attacked
and sickened. Quicklime added to the
water will remedy the acidity of the
The most intense heat known is that
of the electric arc. Next to that is the
heat produced by the combustion of
aluminum. It is known to be in excess
of 5,000 degrees F.
Gold in black sand is ordinarily a
mechanical admixture. Drying tho
sand and removing the magnetite by
magnetic parting devices leaves the
gold in much easier recoverable condition.
Magnesite, carbonate of magnesium
is used in the manufacture of paper
and grinding to a powder.   There is a
roasting furnace in operation at Porter*
Opalized wood has no regular value.
The Arizona variety is sometimes cut
into slabs for ornamental purposes. A
start was made at using it for an abrasive, but the discovery and manufacture
of carborundum made it unprofitable
Oil wells have great drainage power.
They have been known to draw from
distances up to half a mile. It is not
necessary to sink wells close together
to get all the oil. The sinking of a well
on each acre of an oil-beariug tract is
wasteful and unnecessary.
119   VJBAB8   OF   AGE.
Barrio, Ont.—Isaiah McMaster, one of
the census enumerators, came across a
very old man in Angus while on his
rounds, His name is Wm. McKlbbon,
ahd he claims to have been born in
Ireland oil July 12, 1788. Mr. McKlbbon, though feeble, la able to get up at
the usual time in the morning and
kindle a fire. He emigrated to Canada
when 85 years of age, and followed
farming and horsetradlng In his younger
days. He has a (air education, but Is
rety deaf. When Mr. McMaster took
down his statement, the old man looked
over his shoulder and scanned the
paper curiously. Mr. McMaster was a
little In doubt as to his age, but the
neighbors bellevo that he Is quite as
old aa he Mate*. A number o( farmers
in the vicinity have known him for 50
years, and say that they have never
noticed any change in him.
Thirty-four pounds of raw sugar make
21 pounds of relined.
JsPtiaa a liars okkam or* T-*T»t» powom
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair
,  Avoid Baking _-owd*n contn^af
alumu They »~e,inJ-rt<»»s t* liMlta
ra It pays
H to be up
$ with the
K times. .
Established in Nelson
 To have the new things
 To have what our customers are most liable toi
ask for
 To have the quick selling articles—the kind^
that go quickly '
—Our Spring Novelties are to hand and they
■—are Beauties. '
—— And a thousand other things too numerous to mention.
——Call and satisfy yourself by seeing them.
ftcrr.KutM w««am*t.i *ov»n M<H>rfc»rk«. Catalogue Free.
Tli;' \V«rdr<>|M«r <'i>U*,trc; nice situation and
locality* four Ian*-* room**, with kltifiini and two
im*ll r<*im* Mr*.** vermiils «m.| ruinitnrm all
around the house. Two lot**, frtic.il and Crown
Inmraiinf Ait-iik, Mine* is 11**1 Keisie,
Seeds, Trees,
jrianis A(jUlcULTUHAL
The following conversation, the
Montreal Gazette says, took place between the wife of a well known news*
paperman living in St. Louis square
and the census enumerator of that
particular district:
••What does your husband do?" the
census man asked.
"He is a journalist," was the lady's
"Can he read and write?" was the
next question.
"Where was he born?"
"In Nova Scotia."
"Is that in Quebec or Ontario ?"
Ezra Kendall, the well known
actor, is progressive in more ways
than one, and talks like a true socialist and in a manner that might be
emulated very well by others of his
profession. "I bt Heye in unions and
in the ultimate triumph of ail unions,"
Mr. Kendall wrote in an open letter
recently. "Competition is the death
of trade and the life of art. Co-operation is the only road which leads to
permanent prosperity. The price of
perpetual peace is sacrifice; not a
contribution of blood and treasure, for
that is destruction. Destruction of
one's interests is not sacrifice. It is
"simply a contribution of ignorance to
Ail watch repairing guaranteed as
lwe only employ proficient workmen.
Nelson, B, C.
, O, P. R. Time Inspector
Ilay»-at Antltiiiiji#all. A II Plstiier ij \ [>
WeeUiy.t***).     __
A (Hind of mine and 1 were doing
tha capita! of the Dominion and lo
tha oocree ot onr perambulation wa
troaMd orer to Hull, which hi as
frteeb a« a Buviodiaa town or
Frenehler for that matter It fi Ilka
patting from life and light into a
draatn to erm that narrow Ottawa
river end drop Into a land 200 ceo*
tarle* behind the lime*.
ft wit* a doll, dreary da? and Ittst
the kind that nukes one deilroot of
ao**> Wiiiimiuntiir Homo. Vaiuiouver. B. O.
forget the
Lake Snore
[Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale,
Wanted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal. Hotels, Lcjfal,Medical,etc,,
are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
25 cents each Insertion. Each five words or less
over i> words are tive cents additional.]
BLACK M1NORCAS, B. Plymouth Rocks.
Egps for settlni?, *1.50 for 15.  W. A. Thur-
ttian,Nelson, B.C.
and ALTURUS-Crown Grants obtained. Apply, W. J. MCMILLAN k CO., Vancouver, B.C
pJEVERAlO THOUSAND old newspapers, at
5 ThbLbdob.
TRAINED NURSE, is open for engagements.
Address- SLOGAN, B.O.
•PHKO. MADSOM, Nelson, B. C, iiisuufac-
1 tures l'ents, Awnings, Horse and Wagon
Covers, and all kinds of Canvas Goods.
NELSON, B. O.      Cor. WARD k BAKER Sis.
Resident Physician
Jl IUM. The most complete U _ A I T U
on the Continent nf North A merl* tl C A L I 11
ca. Situated midst scenery un	
rivalled for Oraadear. Uoal_g
VUhlag and Excur-loos, Resident I'Bnlclsi;
and Nuns. Tuleyraplilo communication with all
parts of ths world: two malls arrive and depart
every day. Its liatliea cure all nervous and
muscular dlaeaaust lu wsters heat all Kidney.
Liver aud Stomach Ailments. Terms: M to *18
per week, McnnUng to resluincse In hotel or
villas Tne price ot n ron nil-trip ticket hetween
New Uenver and Hsioyou, obtsSnaliki all lUe
year round and vood for **) day.., I* *5.s.V Hnl*
cyon Npring*, Arrow Lake, U (J.
A    K II BY LAN I). Knttwir ami Provincial
.anil Kurveyor. Hsmlon.
V. tKKTZIif. * Vt>., Siltrn,. n,a,
mnli'r«iiirtH l)iu<«  iiul Ai«>yrr«'Hii|-
f   it.  r?i*»rt:ttov.
if,   CUhliiHTt'i'iM-r:
frmn all vh*««.
•J'liitii,    M.i>nifjhtor*is
.»«»'* »"II'|i*s <i*trim«fff
Wnolesale   MerohantB.
'IM'ltNKIt,   1IKKTON   A
I      ^IlWiIiihiKoihiI ||imin|iii*i'
and pry Oust*.   .Wlsm. ViiHoinn, Vicuxis,
niirt ",iir    ■       •
CO., Wholessl'
An old heffro in a neighborhood
town, arose in prayer meeting and
eaids "Bredderln' and »i-terin', I
been a mighty mean nigger in my
time. I hade a heap er ape an'
downs —'specially downs —since I
jined de oharch. I stoled chickens
and water millina. Icassed. I got
drank. I shot craps. I slashed
adder coona with my razor, and I
done a sight er adder things bat
thank de good Lawd, bredderin' and
sisterin'," I nerer yitlostmy religion."
—Ex     '     ' ..- "  ■ -   7"   v ■
A Connecticut Yankee has invented a clock which shows the time as
mileage is marked on a cyclometer.
Thus, instead of observing the position of tbe hands on a dial you simply
read the figures 7.26; presently the 6
drops out and is replaced by a 7, in a
few minutes more the 2 gives place
to a 3, ih another half-hour the 7
gives place to 8.
Another Preventive of Baldness.
A German doctor says if men would
quit the habit of parting the hair
there would be no more baldness in
Cigar Oo.
Union ££
Label   Marguerite
Our Special
El Condor
For price* apply to—
w.j.MCMILLAN*co. Schiller
Wholesale Agents for B.C.
Vancouver, B.C.
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general looal otulnew.
N«w Uenv«r, K. C.
In Xi-w Dtuv-rr.  Easy term*.  AwJy tJ(IKO.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter-the best in the land,
enee solicited.   Address—
R.REISTERER & CO., Kelson, B.C.
H    BYFRB  A   Rfl heavy and shelf
7^7■ ' hardware
Coat, Iron,
Steel, Blowers,
Water Motors,
Truax Ore Cars,
Ore Buckets,
Rails, Belting,
Packing, Wire Rope.
Tin and Sheet
Iron Workers
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary.      They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line Of their •
P.   BURNS  &  CO.
Wine Co.,
Wholesale dealers In
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars" "■*
A.ents for Calvary Beer.
_        PHOTOQWAt*»HIR8
Passily a Commsrclal.
J. K. CLARK, *
Reports, Examinations and Management.
Fitted with every modern
convenience. Special protection against fire. Rates $2.50
lias hart IA years eimrlenee Indents! work, and
makes a specialty of Oold Bridie Work.
Most complete Dental Office la B. C.
nrtnti. r,,i[*
IOIIN CIIflt.tllT('|{ A CO., Xetson.
M Imurtrwrn, Whol«al«<»rivrr.»i,iII>m*'l«lrtB
I* v. ermii-riK. t.. t. -
., asfrlsMaf, a**
Maed'ta, i, O,
t. tg^mmmrtx^. t. a,,9**rw«r,
M~6St* at V*w tttmrttttttf AstwJUf
■■ AXtllfOTOW, «OTBt,
U Ua4»i_MUji fu*- ICUUu« i_4
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
j _. £__\C* %£ %__/ dJk CI v*
Headgear for Men
Hl'IKES(rnii) octoiilk'
| In the«8 lines we can give you the latest styles, newest goods and at prices that will
p ■'
; strike you favorably.   You can get nothing better no matter where you send.   We
fill mail orders promptly and guarantee satisfaction.
Fred. Irvine & Co.


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