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The Ledge Dec 12, 1901

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AAoAffyAA' x
Volume IX.   No. ^
Price, $2 00 Year ADv!&c*i
Sens^aT fleV#s Float   1
 —__ J$
Iir and 'About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps 2$
that are Talked About. g§
Mark Manlev will  winter in Boston,
Jen Long has moved from  Kaslo to
Fernie. A
Theo. Evans has dosed the Gem res-
taurant in Kaslo.
Ward   Macdonald returned to  New
Denver on Monday.
There arc still two old and buttered
stoves for sale at this olHce.
J. C. Harris had a pleasant party at
his residence Saturday evening-.
A son was born to Mrs. C. M. Geth-
ing, Slocan City, on Nov. 30th.
On Nov. 29th a daughter was born to
Mrs. H. J. Lipsett, Slocan City.
church Sunday evening*.   A.E Roberts.
in the Slocan Hospital, of pneumonia
He was 40 years of age, and leaves a
wife and sister residing at Fort Steele.
His parents are well-to-do Ontario people The funeral service was held Sunday afternoon from the undertaking
rooms of C. G. Baker, a large number
of friends attendinsi from Silverton.
Ai a meeting of thc. ollicers and teachers of the Sunday School the past, week
it was decided to hold the annual Xmas
Tree exercises in Bosun Hall, on Xmas
eve. A better program is in course of
preparation than any heretofore given,
Misa Hewton ofthe primary department
of the public school, and Mr Peddler of
the seniors having charge ofthe drilling
of the children
Buy a pipe from John Williams and
send it to some friend in whom you feel
an interest.
Frank Watson is suing Con Folding,
one of tho original owners of the Ar*-
lington, for $9700. ,,'
In Nelson, Frnn'k Fletcher and Jbli'w
Houston are exchanging the compliments of the seaison.
A social dance will be held in Bosun
Hall, Thursday evening, Doe. 12th.
Admission 50 cents, Indies free.
Jack Frost and Santa Clans, pards
from Funny Land, wore seen the other,
night "noseing" around Nelson's book
Con Murphy is one of the daddies of
Slocan City—not a municipal daddy,
but the daddy of a real live boy, born
last Thursday.
Applications are coming in fast for
membership In tho K. of P. Tho membership will reacli 75 before the end of
tlie year.
The city of Nelson ia fairly well illuminated at night by pooplo smoking
tbe Royal Seal cigar. This kind of
light does not deed a by-law.
For Sams.—Mru. Mcrkley, Now Denver, offers her stock of millinery, ladies'
-dress goods, etc., for sale at cost for
cash. House and lot on tho same
Sandon has organized a hockey team.
They are going to have a gaum with
tbe Medical College Hockoy Team of
Winnipeg which will tour tlio Kootenay
■sometime in January.
If anything U to be done tn cuntine
tbe water of Carpontor creek to its proper
channel, now is the time to do It Ton
dollar* spent now will accomplish more
than 1100 oipendod In tho Spring.
Little Dodo, youngest child of John
k, Tiiylur, was badly scalded Saturday
evening by falling into a tin of ,l«ilHtig
milk. Hhe has entirely recovered from
the effect* of the -shock, hut will be <•*»«-
lined to her bod for mtrw time wlillo the
burns are healing.
Thuro-wlll lw iin elocutionary recital
in Bosun ball this (Wednesday)
evening/given by the popular I'lncd-
UonUt. Mlw Jeailn 17 Potter; tinder thi?
•twpicet of tlio Methodist chimb Tit*
Hllverton quartette will give tliei-onm*
number •'O.P.R A"
I-JIU Wednesday night l*wo till rob.
berlfts were committed in town; Thqt
The bond on the Tamrac will be
lifted Monday.
The Hewett shipped 18 tons from
Silverton last week.
Work recently started on the east
vemof tjie.Arliugton, in the old Finch
Jvysjfjcjng-V, lia-s a|>eni;d\ip'n Vpayshoot of
galena ore two feet in thickness.
Two feet of ore has been encountered
in the drift on the cast vein ofthe Speculator. After drifting ?U0 feet connection has been made with the big shaft
and crosscut froip the west drift
Under the terms of tbe sale of the
Champion,' a Twelve Mile property,
made some time ago to Charles Dempster, Wm. Lee and Win Harrington
received their money lust week from
the Bank of Montreal.
The Enterprise mine buildings and
workings are now lighted by electricity,
furnished by its own plant recently in
stalled. A new superintendent and
foreman have recently taken charge.
Trial runs of tho mill are reported to be
very satisfactory. Upwards of 75 men
are employed,
'''ho report of Bernard Macdonald on
tho Le Roi mine and smelter shows that
thu net profits of thu company (or the
ycai ending June :)lst last amounted to
$l,276>B8tf, or over 1100,000 per mouth
It. is also assorted tliat the mine has
$18,000,000 worth of ore In sight above
the 000 foot level
A number of railway brotherhoods In
Ontario endorsed tho new Canadian
organisation that include* the workers
of all branches nf the service Several
locals held a joint aes-don nnd not only
declared (or the new Industrial union,
but adopted resolution* denouncing tin*
competitive system and pledging themselves to vote only for such candidates
as would favor public ownership of
trttfts and tiionnpolic*..
Says the special correspondent, of the
Inland Sentinel at 150 Mile House:
•"Parties from Clearwater district,
about *200 miles from the Forks of
Quesnel, have; returned from their
season's prospecting, and are very
jubilant at their luck, briuping# in
splendid results of their;finds This
locality, is in the same belt as tht; Horsefly. The route is via Quesnel Forks;
thence to Quesnel lake 100 miles long
to destination."
That i*. of course the route, used at
present, but a glance at the map will
convince anybody of thc. superioritv of
the Revelstoke mute by the Columbia
and Canoe, river waterway and thence
riyht along the great belt of the placer
strike between Cariboo and Big Bend
to Clearwater.
Speaking of the Revclsti-Uc route  to
the ne-v placer fields, an old time  mining  matt  and   resident  of  Revelstoke,
who probably knows North  Kootenay
and the Canoe river district as  well as
any man in  the  province,  said  to  the
Herald   that  the route by the Canoe
river to the head waters of the Clear
water   was   quite    practicable.     The
of the direction of the river at all.   But
at the crossing of the divide from Canoe
river   to  Tote  Jaime  Cache  on  the
Fraser, the. Canoe is seen coming in
from the northwest, where it heads up
in the same district as the Clearwater
,with as great a breadth and  volume of
■■water as it possesses at its  month.    It
come-, in round  the sleep and rugged
raiii-o which louns the divide between
the valleys of the Columbia and Canoe
river and the North Thompson, a range
which forms one of the roughest and
most ditlicult mountain sections in  the
province     Further south the range is
traversed by  au old   Indian   hunting
trail, which leaves the Columbia by the
valley of Malouey creek (called Nagle
creek ou the last published map) and
winds over thc. summit Into the valley
of tiie North Thompson.
The yield of oil in the Beaumont,
fields il'l Texas is something enormous,
says Grocers'Criterion. At the present
time there.-are 69 gushers, all under
control,'which, are yielding 1,490,000
barrels per day This flow of oil is
something wonderful in the history of
the petroleum business, as the yield is
restricted to a very small territory, 50
of the wells being on only 7J acres of
ground. The wells that have been sunk
yieldfrom 5,000 to 50.00C barrels pet-
day. It would seem that the source of
supply must soon be exhausted where
it is so heavily drained. Cue well,
which haR already produced over a
million barrels, is slightlv diminishing
in its flow. The great difficulty at the
present time is in taking care of the oil,
and great efforts are being made to
erect large storage tanks and to lay
lines for conducting it to available
points for shipment.
It has only been ten months since tbe
discovery of oil was made at Spindle-
ton, but two millions of dollars have
already been invested in tbe industry
there and fortunes will be made out of
it by. those who got in on the ground
Tiom*T~Tire'wh"oieTiTea~of tmrpfoliTOttrg"
fields does not exceed 85 acres and is
controlled principally by seven companies, and the average daily shipmen)g
at the present timo kfe about 8,000 bar-
riflls. It is estiii'iatect'lhat over 1,000,0*30
jljarrels have been wasted since the first
jiislier began to spout oil at Spindleton
'What is  Being Done  in Mining in Boundary,
Lardeau and Cariboo.
For the past week the ore treated at
the Granby smelter amounted to 4,724
tons, making a total of 201,539 tons to
Ore is now being hauled from the
Ruby mine at Boundary Falls to the
siding for shipment to the Greenwood
The lateBt in regard to the date of
when the Granby smelter will be ready
to increase the treatment, is that it
will be on oi about January 15th.
Development on the Golrlen Crown,
adjoining the Winnipeg, about 2jt miles
from Phoenix, is now in full swing with
a small force of men, which will be in-
xreaseiLa&^hev-cau-bojised—— —
day morning for the property to make
an inspection of the work, and will return in about ten davs.
The ore shipments from Boundary
mines for November are given as follows by the Phoenix Pioneer: Granby
mineB, 20,824; Mother Lode, 9,88(1; "B. C.
Ihine, 3,275; No. 7 mine, 00; Snowshoe,
"Cariboo," said a well-known mining
man, speaking of that .'part of the district near Barkerville, to the Ashcroft
Journal, "is on the eve of a big revival
in mining." There is ample warrant
for the statement in considering what
bas been accomplished during the last
few months. It is worthy of notice that
the gratifying results are mainly due
to the smaller hydraulic and drifting
mines.' The big undertaking's such as
Slough creek, Cariboo Goldfields and
Laird's mine on Willow river have
added   nothing  to  the   production  of
Cariboo this year. The returns came
principally from Burns creek, the Low
Quon claim on Lightning, the Thistle
gold mjne, Gus Langes' Dragon creek
mine, W. C. Fry on Hardscrabble,
Flynn   Bros,   on  Mosqucto creek, the
200; Jewel, 290;   King Solomon, 280;. Sa*„ JuftU( LowheCi Fir8t of May, Stout's
The total amount of ore shipped from
tbe Kliican nnd Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1900 was, approximately, B.j.000 tons Since January I
to Dec. 7, lflui, tlio   shipments liave
been as follows:
W««k    Total
(L'.-Utl)  OF  THANK*.
;-   x] '   x"- .,        *    i
C. ¥, mid Hugh N(uJ-M*n»»di**M|» lu ion
v*y their *lni ere thank', to the ninny
friends who were »o kind doling their
recent bereavement*
I'nyne  80
U«t Olui lie*  mi
Sluoan Star  140
n.i»un  K>
He-volt    IH
Aiiitrli-Kit Uny  *•
Ivanlioit  in
Huiwt (.iHi'kviii limUi'i) ».... tl
Hover* ii/.i	
Wonderful  tt
,\t\\ll\tiiAl •
Two Frli'iuN	
Haitm-v •	
Mark Vrincn	
Milter On*	
sun.** H'iui. floM KleM-i	
Sllvir Kltiir	
Xt.tilu Five	
\\'M«llltlKlt.ll    ,
Qitfuii llitti	
i IMi.lholili-r
**0r|.rl-w» . . ..
KikI . Uiuil|i.,,.
The gold production of the world,
according to director of the U. S. Mint*,
llobort's report, amounted to 12,457,287
ounces with n valuation of $257,514,700,
In 1900, which was over forty million
dollars le»s than tho returns of 1899
The loss is traceable to the great falling
off in production from tlio Transvaal
mines last year.   The comparison being:
1899,  t*7a,277,10G against $9,071,000 in
1900    The United States heads the list
of gold producing countries.   Tlie output from the countries producing tho
chief amounts aro as follows:
United States $79,101,000
Mexico    H.WO.OOO
Canada nnd Newfoundland.. 27,904,100
Africa    0,071,700
Australasia 74,200,000
Ilussla  20,145,500
Austro-Huiigary    '2,141,700
Colombia    1,809,600
Braail     ii,lW0,300
Venezuela     1,089.500
British Guiana    2.0H5.900
French Oulan*    2.241,800
Peru    1,065,200
China    6,574.400
Korea    4,600,000
British India    0,4IM,A00
Winnipeg, -210;    Miscellaneous,   050;
Total, 35,175 tons.
The Greenwood smelter owners in
New York have signed a contract for
the treatment of the matte of that concern by tha new converter Hearing
completion at the Granby smelter ot
Grand Forks. .The matte shipments
from Greenwood will now average from
20 to 25 tons per day, which amount*
will be doubled in January.
Probably no mining property In the
Boundary has shown as much progress
in tho last two or three mouths as the
Snowshoe mino in this camp, as far as
surface improvements aro concerned
Not only has there been a large lot of
surface work done in tho way of stripping to got al the largo amount of de
composed oro which is known to exist
there, but new buildings have been put
up at a cost of many thousands of
dollars for the accommodation of the
men and ofllclals of tho Snowshoe Gold
and Copper mines, Ltd., owning the
Gulch  and  other  mines   working on
small scale.
The latest reports from the Horsefly
district give three feet of snow on tho
ground, and numbers of men already
on the scene putting up shacks, nnd
waiting for the return of spring.
A   HOC! A I.   flttC-CEM.
The undent miners did
ataud the una «;f explosive*,
Vril-AtUUI''.     •■>"(»-"    *'<     HH.Wl
r. A.'...i>. i . ,  Jl -. . ■/.   u>,l*i<     .....
not  tinder- j
Their (*\-]
ot-tii'   »i:lf •
Kmilv Kiliili,
,tl|.lm... .. .
V * M
One of tho most successful events
ir»\ over presented by lival talent In Silver-
}} j ton was the basket Kocial given Tue*
v; day evening, Dec. 8, by the ladiei of the
u-ijneighborin^carop.    Every number on
ii4i; the pngram wu well given and en-
<*oj thiiNiastirally received, particularly tho
"Five o'clock tea" dialogue, which was
typical of such afternoon uveitis and
sparkled with local hits of innocent go»-
ini «ip. told in that spirit of delicious bigotry
that make* it w> palatable to the Indie*
The program wan as follows:   ( tiortH,
"The l*and of the Maple," by the young
la.lics of Silverton:   cornet   nolo, Mr
Finlay,  nong, Mr   Chandler;   kinder
-1 gartten fcong, by little thUdrf.fi; dial-jiiir \
4 i
The Bagle says the Nettie L have
not put on their winter forced an yet,
though some 80 men aro working.
They are pushing work in ihe raise
from thc long base tunnel to the upper
Probably the most important event
in the camp* this week is that the ore
body has heen tapped in the American
group, which la working slung Mcadily
under Foreman Hugh Brown
Charlie Short   and   Pete   Cameron
w*r«» up from  the  KuthU-^n,   aimther
Trout creek pro|H«riy, thi* wewi,    They
strn getting n lillle or* and the ehntiee* y,   ',,   ,    7   "
,, , •*••< •*• (i*»iil
are goiwl for mure,    ronr men are en
A rather interesting motion will bo
heard in Bosslnnd by the chief justice
this week iu the case of the Star Mining
company vs. the Byron N. White company. Tlie defeudeiit company owns
and operates the famous Slocan Star
and Silversmith mining claims, near
Stindou. These claims were located
under what is called the ''old" Minora!
net, which gave the owner the right to
mine any lead outcropping on its ground,
For somo time the White company has
been working a vein at a |>oiut within
tlio side lines of the Heber and Habblt's
Paw claims which belong to thn plaintiff
company. The defendant claims that
this is a lead which outcrops in the
Silversmith claim and it Ik thereforo
within Its rights in mining It. It catoo
to tho knowledge of the plaintiff that
work was being done within its side
lines and therefore action was commenced (or $fr*VMi lor ore unlawfully
extracted from the vein which it claims.
The plaintiff aU<i contend* that a por*
phyry dyke cuts ott the continuity of
the vein and as il* cIhIiii* were lot-ate-d
under the "new" act, width gives St
everything within the aide line* of its
rlrtllllH, this both of oil' lil'lnng* tit it.
(Ml,   «l*   **AUA   I'UV.VM.
I 'til tl . Hi
I,, 11 ,' tl      ..^i       I. .1."   ■   ii tl,   , "
iim) of iron nr ftU'-cl piiki,c)ii«cl»,Hi'ij«e»,i H^Von
Kant Kootenav if, like Penu-»> Ivunta,
Ml -il *.<HI«.«-#, -«li<i  i'l  tmifeft 9*
fliulitfli nil Hint li.illli.«l  _■••  .im    i-itiiiilig
lUav-rl*     (lil pim-pi-Ct".!*-  fi'jMt-M   that
Supt   H  N. WArdetinf th* «'H|.  w.-m'*M,,.y hnv* f.titiid.itlrtiiSiitfii «ivek.  Th«*
down Ibe hill a dav   m   two aMo    The „,,,„,„„ Umu * -piing. wiiete ibcrr-wk
raivlilders expect to rcliegin   work   to-   1,.^-^ m„. miiuntanini     Mifiiif whrne Ut-
('i»i.'iw«',i^VT..»"(.nir v,Mi.,ri,,li,.«* i-i«.v-   "Ihecoiitratt calls (or wn urns, ,„t w-. j,,,,;,,! nBtiiriil ?a« «»* ••».•«nt»t»
"tit,«,Mar.!•«•», Mra. AlwrrmmM* utirt Mv* »o*'.-r »>»l«ii#ol m.«*i. ia im.w «-«.«,■ lor  ,r„m ,,,„ ,„„!„„ *fcr    lhtb«mUmi nt tho
%\ ystct; doldtein -Hhoros:- rm-Ung, Wv,|'u-'m
_. ?/rin«ling; nolo. Mm. Pdtrakanj emi-|f,*",,>
tl »ia ciiiiiiuig with the toHiic ■'thr.il.A.* hy *    From
Un' tutie   n.|v«i*l«   nt   *imuV   ,W» .
■omething over $10. So clue ha* yet
beotl found looking to the discovery »f
theVohber*. Both stores ware entered
through the front door hy the u*e of a
tke^ton key
On Tliur-MU;-/ ui^ht the Ucu iiwju of
Hcitry Stege and Ja«   Morin* wVre
gnd#', -lie., "t.iiiijtpj,p!<'!i'|ji/i*s|jl*'i8 ifr-cii'ii-c-dti-ih' *.>y
Uio iisu uOire#^id'Uiit<ii.   A.fll*'would,    i (be<jutrt*Ue       Ihejuo
»H»huUt«g>tU'^-W'^»Vf««ei«i4wJi«»r .: ititiKl: «x"Ttm ^kwawa.       «ve»iagaaioaiiied !'••-».
AnHli'ieritJy  liftftti^t.   wnter  *mtM   Ut*i*   - •-   - - -   -     *—
da«h«til upon il-* Ie«*Miii^ril.tiiUinakiii*g      The work »iarti-l  U«t wnk nn the
Iheniettfthii: IwiulerowtiW^viM. uiwrc   Necpaw*. under U»\*\   to  an Knftliab
tbe    tail    ttMl    tx.ii* ■»|(H#r**.
ill nnd if»i» rtidd* t* »k«»itt ,»t* iml»««
north t>f tie Kinsti lake l.nminn* in
llu- h«l Mo ie dMfit-t.
j tho^ttartette      The jiukcihI.  oi the i lUmr KIMj Vrnig & J^||t(,ap *rfr ltuild
KAHI.OH   >m»'.I.T»!ll    l'Hi»,l»:<T.
tril^alt'Ukp.,  tl   »•   llw*  yr*»t«(')r*l  m
,     ,      , ....i.- , that m-aih all  tAhttio iirt thl],
heUieW the l«n»lfro«t»V*Jili-j|, ,W«  N"«-|*«»- "•'•■>' '«"'«  'V",, «*,,!f     Hegarding the ,*.,«>rt **m out from\ibt*'woAief tfliPu* tak^h oni
.«<*llv«i,.HM|il» w..v adi^WMU-feiA.vndi,««e .epre,en,,,    by W   II.Sai.di.;        r^rrrfll«Lt „ thw.f„
mll*lfl1«4lh. were o^mb   , r. .-     ^ «rd, h..*.. ^  «'-nogli.fr r^ikst\ , J MUwi    \^ - ,„
, ,    .   , . . . '  ' It  w** d»*<iiie«l  nt  the  *tart off t*» *tw
.\i ibf '"in- •■■■ it-'-  -"\we-i  *e.   lVr,-t
EiUH'in'-'''*  the SpfUDArlt. Hir liU'A l*,t viffi'l   -Oil
hsui-iit** **l5sS*'*s *f,,"t'*''!*'•'" r'*»i**<l- <fc5 i'<-H
i.-Srer Hieitti.ut the native*. r.f «"S,i|i    Tin* st««li|
"touched ' lor several hip? p|l|l«jt»    ip  with U^o'dnad.   I luring thc plunder M; t\u* proped
rec*nt weeks II. ByniM hat noticed the pera hy th« ^nanlar.U, th
gr*4xm) docreaae in hi* flocli ahd ob ^ 'Tolodo lia \m, vfhi
t*kltlg"stock a few days ago discovered
that 40 hens had   disappeared  from
his' Union
\i *»«* the »ut»\iini   in   Pern,
the tljne of the tnVds^ trt iftn
•» »
Jii.iu till",  it.I*-, i
'trW-ti'A* fiVlig tiitiiiel drltcti* on
oi.iii*  fiiim ibe
the   Wit   mhrJl
* reeeireil:
lumn* I MineoM riwd, via Thnin-Min* limiting
as»Mi»n;     Ibe^ifty huH iohmm «u thp Cam
' tiiinui    il''oo[i,.    -i.i-i-i    fhe     1favii1*tii1,;ii
fruity shot gun might aid In keeping
tha feathery
.    . , .    , i»r'»"v>   -.- -i
Tl»r«i F#rkf» B C„Jth|l«\, iSy!   ) Hersl-l, whith t* tb* «nnm«i>«H»i»nt of
T>ri*> Xew Vienrer Iwl"»' .<4wirVf—' ,,     ,       -  -      ,     '.   '.,,. ,'. u  ,
o -i-unt  V<or tieiti tn  ronr m>nr *f»f-l)*if-  fith.i  ... .        ,       ,   .k.
nt had bt-AtteA "Ka.los Moelier I'-mJ^t-*^ 1^'^ *»*« * "-» *ft»«'*«« ««»' • '«'«*«
iJe afiiiCg *\\*eJhWiVuei'U<elM •>**« Mtm-lh »^ »«l^o« «f  »^ <-^««^hwhU^mX-m*- wmI «*d. ♦* eaW#> *t mmAimw4h* ttom
■* ' * *        ,    7   propone* to hoiM tb-" smelter ji com- fwu^ uv• the\nrthwe-*t«*»ut»^v.-t«piwBt| .'■'" "••,,,n^,,,w,   ■  H'*m«
*d, *twt»tt»-,|K#w| |*«|r«ir ot   »tnrt«N)*4eft 'oi'tlteL„„.,!,..,,. imt it h*tti(r-mil lii-Mt-n m Mr-Ore
print®? tU*toverM t   turn A* t nl   grm*.tu^otinte^ne,i-.2* .t«t*r«*n nhrnMiflt «,N«- UmH^f *Whfmi%.   Th*im>rt'i'n ifuM-'  • ~
'hmllM^cn i.-»ke»» u,r lb* b*»fmm nail  «*!* !«• llttkgether a 'ttWt*****tit94*t»A\    WamI i*m* 4<*wn from Hhf BUne lay
mi,,-.! tin-o.e mi the i.ther .«{<{«, iB nmt %tm M«i»tor «tw%!tiiMer» xr t»i#' m Thur*tn  Uat p*v  dit*. Iiad be«a\   Ve- ye,,vle -n ti..-S:.«*n t«- f.«4lnf
wnnr* iitarre iw» !.«* in thirktwwi.   Mf.j M<witwC*mptBy 1«i(^»*^ilf#lr«iWh*}»4    ,,.  {    ,J|(, thHUt„.l   ^; A Bradlev,1 fowardi "mivikk   iinfn    i   fffWtmai
aritMt9^lbii IMimlt-*i^t  log whare^^do with »t Atpremm j mt*     ^ ^ ^ ^ olilpr^t Ua*w  J«fc»" W
affi tiotierez! comjMinle-.   Ili-fure th««  rr-mw-ri
gallery In the tomb of a Peruvian[ tneh-*** wldf u.i* .-(.'(..nitittri-it, and "ur
street   poultry  farm.     A  amounting in value to more Un* $1
un might aid In keeping ooO.uOO.   Anamouui, tttual io weigi
»a* mM iiae-d'N* mtitiir%, Nit w*« em*
phuwt in dettiratiitit the ri-inple*. or
w»» fi(i**l jo *rtr*t i»'(fi«it»ir»«—. It e*
* tumuli} i'-.oi*-.*!* J ;-.». *..-!■! .j.miiii-
!«•« .rf lytiMt writ* i,*v •»"! tc! ' e.e i-im'-fl
Jit Ihf 1iri>e ihe S|..ii/imii*!t» (Jitjugi-d th*
emtMtry. and that mih  »mn|l |-»«n**n#^
U»«*, hulk
-000,000." An amount, «-«pwl
jttattyr«»(n million doll
weight I ** I"
i*>lH*nft.».'   livmm
m -fs..     T ,:.    tl.
Ninth Yeae
and 'e 'ad 'sixteen ehiklei*. And
my feythei* 'ad this cottage, an' 'e
'ad sixteen cliilder. So I ups an'
sez to-myself, sea 1, 'Jemmy, jest
you take an' whitewash tliat 'ore
cottage afore you gets married,- so
as there mayn't- be no infection
about it.' "
Deacon Ebony—I liab not seen
you at oiiah vcvial meetin's,Mist;ili
Black.    *
Mtstali Black—Wot foil I want
ob revival nieetinV?
Deacon Ebony—Don't vouebber
pray >
Mistah  Black-
rabbit's foot.
-Xo;  I   carry  er
ThkLkhukI- two dollars a year in advance. Wiieti not so piiul il is fc2..ln to parties worthy ol credit*. I,e«al advertitiiiiK in cents "
uoiipariel linn lirst iiiMjrtion, nnd 5 cents a linn encli sulisi'imont insertion. Hi*HtliiiK notices as reninR linn, anil commercial mlvci-tisin**
(trailed in prices iirconliiiK to ciicmiistaiu-es.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: Tun LkdokIs locu'etl nt New Denver. II. C and can lie traced to many purls uf (he earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday ami has never lieen raided liy the .-ilieiill. snowsliilcil liy cheap silver,or subdued hy tin.' lenr of man. It works for the trail
blazoras wall as the hay-windowed and t'lia!ri]>ni;ii(:-flavored caiiidilist. It aims to he on the ii«ht sitleol evorythiiiK and helieves that hell
should he administered to the wicked in lm-pp do>cs II has stoon l)ie test of (imp. and an ever-inciciisiriK imystreak is proof that it is
tetter (o tell tho truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit onr smokestack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally for Ihe l.cneiit
of humanity ami tlie iiniiiicier. Conic in ami see us. hut do not mil the Lull dos on the cranium, or rlutse the black cow froni our wit (or
parrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works .if creation is the mini who always pays the printer; he is
sure of a hunk in paradise, with thornloss roses for a pillow hv niulit. and nothing but jroldtolook ut liy tiny
' ' "   T. IT"
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
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four collateral.
The political sea in
this week.
B.'C. is calm
stances too long-winded. If the
elective system was in force it
might improve matters. When a
man has secured a* job for life lie is
liable to forget that there are other
equally as .important people on
this earth.
Whistling will make you
in the lungs.
A beautiful bust is often destroyed by tlie wearing of corsets.
One of the best resolutions for
the coming year is to always pay
the printer.
There is a boom in "oats, but its
just our luck not to have them produced in the Slocan.
THeTeall reluTeT^i^comiiig up.
Don't get-impatient, we are not
the only ore on the dump.
Trout Lake City has a dramatic
society. The terrors of mining
camp life- are never at an end.
In Moosejaw the people are walking on air. Tlie Duke of York
bought a barrel of flour in the
F.lYoits are being made in Mexico
to increase the stability of the price
of silver. Nothing is being done
in Canada.
It is snid that Morgan and his
band now own the Canadian government. They got it by buying
enough of C, 1\ R. stock.
Camilla gives millions towards a
national railway, and (hen it is
gobbled by Wall Htreet money
kings. Canada is a rival smart
* _mm__m__^_m_______________
In riding horses it is Incoming
fashionable for women to ride
astride, and the Hide saddle will
Boon disappear^.. It Hhould never
have been in fliHtcnofc
.   ij-Aii.,
The Boundary output of oiv will
amount to about 3'7A,0QQ, tonn thiH
year. If it** grade *•*' equal to
Ihe Hloean ore what a bonanza
Boundary olaliitH would la*!
I.i Hung Chang, who m^ntly
died, waa the greatest robtier of the
age. Wall Htreet never had a man
who could hold even a small pair
to him. If It i* true aliout no rich
men gutting into heaven old Li
mum he at the eitreme Kotithera
end of hell by thin time.
-Beverftl Kootenay men joints I the
contingent of mounted infantry for
Bouth Africa thl* ih\i. The pay
i* iHity A ii***» ***** •* • ***>)* ou41 ■
Uiere miii tut iu> ninfc-u. '{'he mtiuy
may have It* trouble*, but It never
haa utrikfft. The glory inauffident
to make op aU financial nhnrtnera.
Ten y«arn ago thia month New
Ifettv-ar waa fomdad, and tha
woIvm bowled around the cabin*
of the flrat  aettlen.   How all in
-nftangmf,  r»«rin(r %o the power of
The women who work in the
Lipton factories are organized for
the purpose of striking for higher
wages. They should not do it, as
Thomas needs so much money for
yachting purposes, and we all want
to see him get that Cup away from
the Yanks. Don't strike, ladies.
Try and get along until he wins it.
and you may get another penny a
A doctor was held up in Chicago
last week when he had §9,000 in
liis hat. The footpad had to take
a shot, at the doctor, but it availed
nothing. When the doctor arrived
the bullet had gone through the
bunch of bills. Some people are so
reckless with  money.    We never
think of carrying around §9,000 in
our hat.
Thousands of Japs are headed
for this province, says Vancouver's
yellow journal. For Imperial
reasons, which means for the benefit
of London merchants, we must be
cursed wilh the browii and yellow
scum of .Japan and China, but the
day is not far distant when the evil
will be stamped in blood across this
continent,and then our wishes may
be respected.
A howl; a dog is on the ncent;
another dog joins in, and they are
after me, and I untHt leave the
haunts I know ho well. No more,
perhapM, will I nibble the tender
branches, the sweet branches, the
juicy branches. No more, perhaps, will I listen to the music of
tbe little rill Hinging on its way to
the leaner lake; no more, perhaps,
will I view my graceful form mirrored on the still water which
holds the shadows of Nature on itH
bosom; no mon:, perhaps, will I
scent the breath of the morning, or
rw-it In the welcome warmth of the
November win; no more, perhap*.
no more.
For why?
IlecauHe men love blood, and
venison they nay in good.
And where will I run?
Anywhere; if I may but difttam-e
thoae cruel voice*.
I <»nnot hear them well,but. mill
I know they follow, for even now,
from the faint distant* hurried by
the willing wind,  I   discern   the
..•i i-t Tt*„iy
Cii;w.- thi-i.'/.
What have I dooe to be hunted,
to be driven a i|uarr> lu ignoble
Ait, yfh, i linpft,   iiit. ymttwui* Xrl
man for blow!, and venison they
aay ia good.
Mo t-hey leave ikmr kotam and
the quiet of tha happy corny menm
and Kiiv,« to toy hum*, and beapoU
native soil, they' come, a savage
host, to wait, and watch for me,
Kor venison is good, they say,
and they love to kill.
And, now, I hear the hounds
approaching, and as I run I know
'tis play to leave them, for I am
fleet of,foot; but it is the bullet I
shrink from, the ping of the ball,
the wound, the ravening hound,
the cruel death.
He who, however limited may
lie his capacities, and however
humble may be his social position,
is true to the gift that is in him,
and tries, with such helps as lie
may have, to carry out the principles of religion and virtue in liis
daily conduct, has in him some-
tiling akin to the touch of Christ,
and is a fellow-worker with prophets and apostles, reformers and
saints.—Thomas Sadler.
He who sits down in a dungeon
which another has made has not
such cause to bewail himself as he
who sits down in a* dungeon which
ic has thus made for himself.
Poverty and destitution are sad
i things; but there is no such poverty,
Then they will hang me in front] t|u.lv js ,U) such destitution, as that
of a store, and men will poke my j<,f a, covetous and .worldly heart-,
dead hotly aiur guess my age and j pOVerly is u* sad thing; but there is
weight, for they say venison i*i ,„> man m> poor as he who is poor
good iuul men must kill. ] in * his   affections   and   virtues.
Would that my Hesh were bitter; j
but  even   that   would   not avai
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Intend haviiur a
against the passion for blood.
A shot!
I feel the bite of a ball, I see the
blood, and the figure of a man rises
from a hill.
1 run, spurred by desperation,
Any   church   that would
married people live together
love is dead is false to the
teresls of the human race.
I know a lake, a little lake, perhaps I may reach it and shake the
pursuers from my path.
Another shot!
It sings in the distance and proclaims it-self a miss, but I am Hearing the lake, and perhaps I am
Again the voice of the rifle, and
I fall to rise no more, and the
hounds are closing on me; but a
mail approaches, and, driving them
oil', draws a knife from his bell.
He comes quickly to me, and as
I struggle he takes a fresh grip on
the handle of that shining weapon;
he lifts his arm, and it is the end,
for the blade enters and is searching for my*heart.
Tlm passion for blood, the passion foe blood.—Charlie Churner,
in Toronto Star.
In a village not far from Stockport, a young farm laborer was
about to lie married. The village
pat'H<)ii,pa8Hi!ig his cottage one day,
wan plwwed to find that the man
wan very busy whitewaehing it,
both liiHide and out. Tt wan an
example of cleanliness to which the
village was not accufttomod.
44Well," wild the parson, "I'm
glad to goe you'iv making your
cottage nic-e and smart against your
wedding. The man 'demanded
alowly from hin ladder, and, with a
myHlerbuH air, walked towarda the
panwiiftta grave and thoughtful
pace, like a man with a burden on
his mind. Then,in a half whin|M*r,
he Mid: "Well, pamon, that'*
not 'xactly the i-ohmoh why I be
a-doin' o' thin Vre job. You *e#,
my grtndfeyther 'ad thin cottage,
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an ort^ional on* ooowaM in «tm*l ^^    ^ y^.^^^, frim %{*
elfmhm.   ihot#lf th* doctor from hk pati«t,
JVr# immm •» h* bimb ttw rt-' the lawyw Irom hia brief, ilia rUh
fbrtu In the mtinner of ntlmlnitttor-lfmtn hh riehmt *h# ponr trrmi hi*
■«•■ ■■•«■»        mm m 999 mm mmm*   wm
incu. ifiMyouiiiu
MA-wur-toTuaiui or JLr)
f, 0, 901 ih
AWlMiW, H.V,
HA Vlltt MH.U vm mm* tl t%twt V«U to J.
T. Wlf, *tt »t"r.nnnf* itnti obn *rm ml read
H*> *-** f<V*Mi to Wat.
tttmntiii'n, two
tog jtMlies in thia proving.   raa«: powrtv. th* potiticiaa   froas   hia
mt* ttw\ 9*tn»i%9iv» wod in manv. in.'fi»m(«h*Hn.*»  the*9Arm»*r .(Www. >»•
tl lib; iwt VHwumt Hw*l».
i« *«it; mwmtf umm, **
cask Wrrn oboe«. (itn*i ^^ U
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.. ««l«klU>.'»4  Itlt.
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Ht. Kor. 1/>rd Str4tw»wa ajd Mooxt Rornu O.CH.G. President.
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:v*. R a CLouttoK, Oencml Mana«er,
Brmaehea ia all f*n« o< Oanada, Nsirfbandland, draat Britain, and
the tlnitwt fteatoa.
New Denver branch
LCB.DE VEBEtt, Maaagtr
> Ninth Year.
H fortune in a Dream
Michael McCaffrey, of Bangor,
N.Y., is the principal hi one of the
greatest psychological mysteries
that have ever confronted scientists
—one that has indeed utterly confounded them. The dream manifestations which led to a tentative
claim of 85,000,000 on the Bank of
I England are so at variance with
scientific classification, the repetition with which they , appeared so
logical, that even so high an authority as Professor Jas. H. Hyslop
of Columbia University owns himself* at a loss to advance the shadow
of an explanation.
In a dream a  British  soldier of
the colonial period appeared to Mc-
There was the same look, the same
attitude, the same words as in the
previous dreams. Michael then, for
the first time, was overcome by the
realization that there was ''something to it."
He went oir July 2 to the old
pine stump, which, by the way, is
the only one on the farm. On one
side was a depression, a sort of
cavity, such as is eomiiionly peculiar to stumps.
After digging two feet Michael
found three flat stones, two large
ones and a smaller one, about two
inches in diameter. Loosening
these he came upon a piece of paper
| between   the   upper   and    middle
Caffrey and told him to dig under [ stones
an old pine stump on his farm.
m'Oaffrey did as directed and
found a certificate on the Bank of
England, dated 1775, for £10,000,
with interest. Then the soldier
appeared to him again and told
him. to dig deeper. This time another certilieate, for £4,000, was
unearthed. Five times afterward
came ihe soldier and spoke to Mc-
CaiYrey, and so real was his presence that the dreamer began to
-doubt-that, he slept at all.
This paper was of bluish tint,
ruled, and was about eight inches
long by two and a half wide. It
was rather damp, but held together
firmly, it was straight, but apparently had been folded at one time,
and it seemed to be without any
trace of writing. Michael had
never seen anything like that style
of paper before.
"I took it to the house," he says,
"and showed it there.    Mother and
I the rest were all very much excited.
standing obligations of that nature,
and that the bank never gave interest   on   notes.     The   Bank  of
"On my little brother, who had
me by the hand, and like to have
smashed   him.
Now,   what's the
England authorities also added that [ matter?
the   paper of  the  notes was  notj ' The girl's mother emerged from
made until twenty-live years after | behind   the   coffee pot,  a sigh of
In    the    meantime     Professor
Hyslop began  to   study this   re-
relief escaped from the minister,
and the old gentleman turned the
conversation"into a political  chan-
markable    case     experimentally, jnel.—Secular Thought.
This required a series of investiga
tions.    Psychologists are quick to 	
detect frauds, or at any  rate are God-jivus us love.   Something* to love
able, in most cases, to furnish lucid I    H® »ivi'8 us: but when love is tfrown
' To npencss, that on which it throve
examinations of mental phenomena, j    Falls off, and love, is left alone.
These findings do   not  apply in j sloop sweetly, tender heart, in peace!
the case of Michael McCaffrey.   He !    Sleep, holy spirit; blessed soul,
... .       , ,.   I While the Starr* burn, the moons ine reuse,
is  neither a fraud,   nor  can   his.    And the KreutiiSes onward roll.
dream mystery be explained.
As a final touch to his experiments, Professor Hyslop took  Mc
Caffrey to his house, 519 .West One
Hundred and Forty-ninth street,
New York, recently, and there repeatedly hypnotized him to discover if possible whether in that
condition, acting under suggestion,
he could reveal the supposed real
sources of his dreams.
I Sleep till the end, true, soul and sweet!
Nothing comes to thee new or strange
Sleep full of rest from head to feet;
, Sit still, dry dust, secure of change.
WKNT   OKK    KAI'li).
"Not long ago," said a traveling
man, Hl went up the, picturesque
Kentucky river on a little steamboat which runs from Louisville to
Frankfort.      By   the   way,   there
The people   in   Bangor and itsiisu>t a wiltler or more beautiful
vicinity,  without,  of course,  tlie, Htreaui in the whole coiuitry  than
capacity to investigate the matter
scientifically, look upon it as a
mystery of mysteries.
Tlie certificates, with interest, I Mrs. Mary Wilson, a farmer's wife
would call for §5,000,000. When' near by, was on the road, and she
they were presented to the Hank of! came dp and looked at it. When
England it was  found  that there i 1 told her of the dreams she thought
was no outstanding obligations of
\ that nature. The bank officials
also made the discovery that the
water mark was not made until 25
years after 1775
it very wonderful.    Then I put it
in the clock for safe-keeping."
A few nights later the British
soldier, for the sixth time, came to
Michael   and   advised   him to goj
rhere was no good ground to be-j back  and  dig deep on  the Same
l lieve that McCaffrey was party to
any fraud, and it was to determine
this that   Professor   Hyslop   conducted a series of experiments upon
"FrmT"    ~~ ~~    """""      "
r* The McCaffrey home is about
four miles from Bangor, N.Y.. near
the Canadian frontier. There on a
farm of 35 acres lived Michael,now
a man of 40, his mother, and a
brother and sister.
Though life lias not been roseate
\drfft this family,  any more than
with   millions   of   others   whose
legacy is hard work,the McCaffreys
have the'genuiiie touch of optimism.    Penury has put them to ex-
pedientsjof self-denial at times, hut:
it hasj not disturbed   their  complacency.    Both   local   reputation
and   appearance   stamp   them   nt*.
honest.    They   pay   their  debts*!
they are industrious, and live com-'
To  this 'unsophisticated   rustic
the*vision of a British soldier appealed in a dream one night,telling
Michael  to   dig   under  the   pine
stump,   where  he   would   lind a
paper.   Not only was this mode
distinct, but the sQldier expressly
ordered hint to dig there on July 2.
The soldier, according to Michael's
description, "looked like a middling
liked man who used  to  live at
Itrushton."    lie was smooth-faced
and whh dressed in a red jacket
and a big, iall hat, something like
those hand men wear at tho Fourth
of July celebration at Brushton.   I
had never seen anything like that
red  jacket,   and  he  wore  those
things (meaning epaulet*) on his
Hb^ulders.   No; I never had seen
any Kritialt uniform and had never
read any dowription of it
"I went right away when J got
up," Michael narrates, "and dug
two feet deeper. Right in the
about an inch in diameter and six
inches long. 1 couldn't dig well
there, as the subsoil seemed to
have been pressed together, and in
loosening the bottle I happened to
break it with my crowbar.
"I carried the broken bottle to
the house and took a paper out and
showed it to the folks. There was
writing on it, pretty faded, but I
could make it out to be a certificate
dated 1775 for IM,000 with interest
on the Bank of England. I knew
what the vl)' stood for from my
arithmetic lessons. Andrew, one
of my brothers, was working for
B. F. J. Jewett, whose son, Professor N. K. Jewett, was then at
home. He said to me, 'You had
better take it to the professor.' I
told Professor Jewett about my
dreams. He looked at both notes.
and after awhile said, Til keep
them in some dark place where
they won't fade.'
"Then he and his father hitched
up a home and buggy and came
down and examined the spot. The
professor took ft spade and dug till
be struck solid ground. His father
asked him what he did that for.
He said he did that to see if the
ground at the bottom was old, old
ground, and he said, -I have no
doubt of it. I am satisfied it has
been there for years.' "
Professor Jewett, who is connected with the High School at
Krodonia, and who interested I'm*
feasor Hyslop in the case, haa assured the latter that it waa evident
that the ground had not lieen dis-
that same Kentucky river. The
boat passes through eight or ten
government locks during the trip.
Michael declares that he was j 0n the i)0.lt, j encountered a queer
never excited or elated over the;okl customer—a long-bearded, griz-
prospect of getting a fortune from | zk(1 Kentuckian, who was full of
his recovery. He works on thej interesting reminiscences,
farm as usual, and carries the mail I •• •Once on a. time ' he said. 'I
in  the morning  for the   Govern- i H,.1(ie a limp 0>. m0„ey upan- dmvn
"W"*- I this little ol' river—a-poddliiv.'
"All 1 regret,'"-  he naively says, j     ** ^Yhat,   did   you   peddle?'    I
"is that Professor Hyslop and Pi'oA asked.
fessor Jewett were put to so . much j     -< -Keerds,' he answered;  -play-.
trouble." ; in'keerds an'bibles.'
And Professor Hyslop  says.   "J j     .''That   was  a  queer  stock in
trade,'   was  my comment.     'How
am fully satisfied there is no fraud
in this case. It is simply inexplicable. It must be accepted as one
of the greatest, psychological niys-
, tori es-evei^kiiown A	
did- you  happen   to have, such a
mixed up lot as that'?'
" Thought it at a auction down
pie along this river is alius wild for
playin' keards; I sold them playin'
keards for $2 a. pack. They went
off rapid, ev'ry one of 'em, yes,
siree; an' I didn't have nary bible
left on hand, mitlier.'
" 'How much did you get for the
bibles?'  I asked.
" 'Laws,' the reminiscent Ken-
tuckian explained, 'them bibles
went off rapid, too; I give 'em
away with th' keards.' "—Chicago
Let us do the most we can to
make the home a place where the
children shall grow helpful,natural,
happier, toward the noblest manhood and womanhood. Let us ..remember that it is the little things
that make up the atmosphere. The
kind word to the child, the little
fault-finding, the little nagging—
it is just these little tiny things
that make the comfort or discomfort of home.—Minot J. Savage.
If we compare the present with
the past, if we trace events at all
epochs to their causes, if we examine
the elements of human growth, wc
find that Nature has raised us to
what we are, not by provisional
expedients; and that the principle
which in one age effected, the advancement of a nation, in the next
age retard 1 the mental movement,
or even d< ;roved it altogether.—
Wimvood iAade.
It is a wise prospector who
knows his (.wn stakes.
A I. Minelitl ClHlm-t.
Sitiinli' In tlie Sltx-un   Minim;  Divisiun  of" West
Kootonny District.     Where located:   Silver
Mtmiitiiii'i, two miles east of ?,'ctv Denver.
'JUKE NOTICE Tlifil I. llttyh S, Nelson, Free
I.    Miner's Certitk-titc Xo. B 521*1.1, inletnl sixty
days from the ditte hereof, to apply to the .Minini,'
Keei.rder fur Certilientes of Improvements,  for
(lie   purpose of olittiiuiiif? Crown'Ornnts. ol (lie
SlLVliK    KILL    mid    MKHCl'KY
Mineral   Claims.
Situate in The Sli.c-iui .Mining Division of WosC
Kootenav District. Where located: Xortli
of Sandon, Pavne creek.
np,\KK XOTICK that 1, Iterl-crt T. TwiK(?,
A. Free M iuer's Certilieate No li r,i tlii, for my -
self and as n^eiM for Kol.ert CiinniiiK. Free
.Miner's Certilieate No B raw.), and Allien D.tvitl.
Free Miner's Certiticate Xo nil'M.. intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to ai>-
tily to the Minini; Recorder for Cet'titientes of
Improvement, for the iiurpo-se of obtaining a.
Crown (irant of each of the above, claims.
Ami ieither take notice that action, under section 87,must he .•..mnieuced before the issuance
of such Certilicates of Improvement.*.
Dated this Mh dav of December. A. I) l'.tOl
Mineral   Claim.
Sidialeiu Ihe Slocan Minim,' Divi-km of Wesr
Kootenay District Where located: On
Tributar"-*- creek, near Sandon, on divide.
TAKE NOTICE Tlmt WIlsonA-Senkler.nctitiis**
1 as ujrt'iit for the Adams Htitish Columbiit
.Minimt Company, free miner's certilieate No.
lflK.1.-), intend, slxt* davs from the d.iie hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Orlittcate of
Improvements.'for the puriHise of olituinitiir a
Crown (ii'iiiil of the nhoVe claim.
Am) further take notice tlmt action, under
Section :i", must lie conimeiieeil before the issuance of such Ccrtiticiitc ot Improvements.
Dated this 17th ilny of < letober, A. I). 1WU,
(MM A ami  HO I5SON Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Arrow Duke Mining Division ol
West Kootenay District.     Where located:—
On I'inustiui creek, about x miles  from  its
TANK NoTlOK That I. F. C. (ireeii, actlm,' as
I    a Kent for the Daphne Minii!/.'  and Development Company. Limited Liability, free miner's
certiticate Xo 'Warn, intend,  sixty days from
the date  hereof,   to apply to  the' Mining   Recorder for a Certiticate ol Improvement!!, for the
purpose of obtiiiiiintt a  Crown (irant of each of
theabove claims.
And further take notice that action, under section .'(7. must In- i-oinmi need before the issuiiliCB-
of such Certilieate ot Improvements.
Dated this I'titli dav of September. I'.ml.
R."C. ORKK.V. Nel-un. li. C.
l.OHNA   DOOX   KISACTION   Mineral C'lnin.-
u—nvnj-wvi 11 is •**
HOW    SHK    KF1M..
'•You ought to have seen me,"
said the vivacious young lady to
the new minister; 'Td just got
the skates on and made a start
when I came down on my M
"Maggie!" said her mother.
"What? Oh, it was funny!
One skate went one way and the
other t'other, and down I came on
my "
".Margaret!" reprovingly, spoke
her lather.
"Well, what? They scooted
from under inc. and down J came
on my "
".Margaret!" yelled both her
auctioneer lumped 'cm, so I had to
take 'em. But I got rid of 'em—
yes, siree—-ev'ry one of 'em.    Peo-
Situate in tlie Sloean Mining Divi-ioi. of West
Kootei.iiv District. Where located: On
Four Mife Creek.
'PAKF NOTICF.Tliat 1..M. K. W. Riitliltoine.,
I Free Miners' Certilieate■'.N'o. HaSSlit, for my~
-telf and asavreiit for Frank Culver, Free Miners''
Certilicnte Xo. 1! :'.sti*/.i. intend.- in iluvs from the
ditte hereof, to apply to the Mining; 1-iecorder for
a cerlilicate of improvement!., for the purii..se ot
obtailiin^r  ;i   crown   |;riint of tin- above claim)'
And further take notice that action under See..
',11 must lie commenced before the Issuance of fuvH'
certilicnte of inipi-ovemeiits.
Dated this loth day of October, A.D. l.«il.
TAMA HACK    Mineral Claim
-And fnrllii.i--l:ike-„i inil' ti
section :t7, must be conimeiiei'd before the issu
mice of such certificates of Improvements.
Dated this JKth dnv of November. A. I). WOl.
Situate in the sloean  Minin*.'  Division of West
Knoli-nay District.    Winn- located:   On   the
Third Fast Fork of  WiNou creek, about  l'i."
utiles from Sloean Luke.
rp.-VKK XOTICK Thai 1.  Kenneth  L.  Unmet,
■*•    aj-rent for Jituies M  Murtiii (Air.. Free Miner's Cert itieate No.  li U'Ulu.  intend, sixty  .lavs-
from the dale hereof, to ftpl'ly to the Mining- lie--, .
c*r(!er for a Certilicnte of Ini].r..veincnts. for the
ptti'liose ut obtaining it Crown (irnnt of tlie above
And further ink.- notice thai nctiiiii. under See-
NAKOIt   Mineral Claim
the U'Ktil tHM-soniil representalives of
.1. A. SMITH, decuiised. or to any
person or persons to whom the said
.1. A. Smith mn v. have transfprre
liis Interest in the Silver Hill Mineral Claim.
shunted on 1'ayne Mountain,.") miles south of
Three Forks, In theSioeaii Minini; Division
of West Kootenay, British Columbia
rOV aii'l each of you, are hereby uotllied
tliatwelmve expendeil two lmiidred ami
live tlo'lars in Inlidr and improvements upon the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provision* of the Mineral Act, anil if, within !Knlnyn
from the dale of (his notice, you full or refuse to
contribute ynui'lHirtliiii of all such expenditure,
together wilh nil eostnof iKlvei'tisini;, your Inter
i'st In the said claim will become the property ol
the subscribers nutlet' Sect lull l of an Act'entitled "An Ael to Amend the -Mineral Aetl.ino."
Dated nl Xew Denver, II.C., this jilli dnv of
October,liml. IIKHHKHT T TWKiO,
Situate in the SI .can Mil im; Division of .'.'est
Kootenay District. Where located: Ou
Keco Mountain, uiljolniim the liluebii'U.
Sirnufier, Trade Dollar, Idaho Xo. u, and
Itiiwilon mineral claims.
'PAKK NOTICKthat I, U. W. Hull, free mliii-r.*.'
I e.erlilicate No. U.-U.'lli, for myself mid as
ajjent for Geori;e .!:• Alkin.*., free liiiuer's cerlili-
cate No. H I7!)7i, intentl, sixty day < fr an the date
hereof, lo apply to the Mliiiui; Heconler
for a Ceititiciite of linproveinenls, for the pur
pose of obtaining a Crown (iranl of the above
And further take notice that action under section .'17, must be coinineiiet'tl before die issuance
of stit'li ('crtilicate of Imiiroveiiuiiils,
Dated this U'lh dav of.lulv, A.D. l(«i|.
II. W. nri.i,.
( ASIIICK   Mineral Ciiiint.
if such Certilie.ite ef Iinprovemelits.
Dated this:tlst day of Oetol.ei, A. D. 1'pul.
SVNKISK   Mineral   Claim.
Situate in tin-  Sloean   Minin*,* Divisi.n   of West*
Kootenay   Dir-iriet.    -Where located:    Atl-
joiniiii; the Hope mineral claini.  near Sim-
'PAKF NOTK'F. That I.Oenrp' Alexiinder. lie..*
I    miner'.p eel'tilieale No.   ll.Vmti,  n*, imeiit for
lite Huth Mines. I.united, free miner's cert tticale-
Xo.   HwikV.. iutcinl, sivty   days  f|-,.,in  the date
hereof,   to   apply   to   the   Miliilll.'   Ileeol'dt-r  for
a Certilicnte of Imprtiveuients, for tin- purpose of
■ liit.-iiiiluir a Crown  liraut of the above claim.
Ami lurilicrtukcuoticcthatactitiii under »ec.37
liuist beeomineneeil liefore Ihe l»siiaiicc >.f sliel*
C-ertilicate of liu|il'oveiiients.
Dated tliis 17th dnv of October  liml,
MO I. J.) Mineral Claims, ami the ItlNCON
nnd CHOW  Fractional Mineral Claims.
Family A Commercial.
"Keai-vld he wm » Holdier and
IhM  lie had lxw>ii killed hy the I tiirhed for many years.
IndiatiH, and that he had no re-j    I'rofeMHor  Jewett took   the two
lationH    whatnoever.     Then   thejpapeni to Fredonla.    For a seventh
time the Brithh soldier came in a
dream and told Michael that the
Fitted with every modern
convenience.  Special protec-
tion against fire. Rates $2.50
and -$3 per day.
.1. A. MeKINNON, .1. f. KIOIIAUDs,'
I'HILII' HOWK, or t-o whoin they limy have
ti-Hiisfen-ed tlieir Interesti In the Fetlora mineral eltiltn, sltuiitnd ou Onleitn Fnnn Hut,
near Silverton. in the Sloean Ml'ilmr Division, of Went Kooteimy District.
I expended linn,.Vl In labor und ImpiovenieiilH
ou llie Fedora mineral clnini. The above*inen*
tloueil -tlW.Vi Uiheexjiensc neeewiorv in orderio
hold the mi hi clttlm under the provHloiis of the
Mlnerul Ael, nntl If within nlnetv dnvn from the
date of thin notice you fall or refute to eonttlliute
your proportion of the above-mentioned num.
which la now due, togelher with all conta of
ailvertiiinK.your inlercata m the wild claim will
liecomcthe nroiierty of the undcrftlitned under
Spctton 4 of ih*1'Mineml Act ,Vtv\<t*ntlm.-ti( \ct
Dated at Hllverton. II. (',, thU Kth day of
Oetolier, UWl.
CIIAHI.KS 10. llnl'K,
Slluiili'in (lie Sloeiin Aliniuu' Division ol West
Kooteniiy District* Where Ini'iited: (in
Carpenter creek, adjoining the Suni-lse.
'PAKK N'OTKIK That I, .lolm Keen, Free
1 Miner's Ceilllicute No, H ,'iw*ll, Intend, sixty
days fit nu llie (lute liereof, io apply to the Minim.'
l-teeordi'f for n Certificate of linproveinents, for
the puriiose of oliiHliiltiir a Crown Grunt of the
above claim. .
Ami luilln-rl kc notice thut iicllou, under sec* I
j Hon :I7, UUlSt In- ctinimeiiccd before the in»unnce
of sinh Oi'tlllente of Iniprovi'ments.
Dated thlsSlst dnv ol October, A. D, lind.
Situ,in* lu the Sloenn   Mining  Divi-b I Wesr
Kti.tclliiV  dlslrlet      Whe-e loeated:    Aboljl
three miles south-cunt of Silverton, II.C,
'I-AK1C NoTlCK Tlm( 1.  Francis .1. o'll.-llly,
1    of Silverton, 11. C, as intent tor H. InaliiKer,
iifSpokiine, Stale of VViishlnt'toti, t'S.A., Free
Miner's Certltlciitc No H Ml.'id, Intend, sixty dny»
from the flute hereof, to apply  to   the Mh '
Hecordei- foi Cerllliculc* of Inipn
from the flute hereof, to iiliply  lo   the MIiiIhk
if Itnpriiveuiinl-,. for
l»tn in I nt; Crown (inmls of llie-
the piirtio.He ol
above emInis.
And further lake notice iluit action, under section HI. must he commenced before (he i»*,u:oii'->
of such CerllllcatcMof InijirovemeiiU.
Dated thin (th dnv of November, liml.
dream vanished and I woke up.   I
didn't think it waa worth while
1*    i        1     • 1      T .    ,. .  .   I     -..    1  r   ,.,.!■..,*'    f *.,..-,«-.   r •/-.. ^i,*%*  I if.l*        ,1,-mI*! *s    r   9 1     r ,* f.
-|<iMt Jl ittaL   MtA/M|   *p**«-w*   ■*    ftt/»*4   mtt<*j ** ***99     •*••**»   mv»Vj    *»-*»**w**   wvmiU      **%**     «^W    ui.
(■iuU uioiuiujt M<iJ.»ui^*i»i..n ii j*..   d^t-itMl,   wm lui X.lt}%0i)i}. aUh]
0her thought." inter-ml.   Michael wrote the anl>-
But attain and agaiu the vinion) tiance of thin dream lo Frofeaaor
ot the Hritinh Hotdlef reappeared, J Jewett,   who replied that wioh a
frith *i*my uia tarae «*»»**>, wnn
«une intlru<!iion» lo dig on July 2.
l^ach time the draan iihprem«d
|tkt>ae1 ibore and more, and after
It* tmmrth«manifwitation b«i(MMl
Wllolkn. ^
i-^uk-pIO-mkxi wm «|u-Mnr, Uial> be ni*ui
junt UMd addi on the note,and had
found thatH waa for the very Hum
named in the dream, frofeaaor
Jewett nubKqnently went to England and pr»«*ntwl thn nou* at the
»«We were drawing potato**," hei Bank of England. An with Int^r-
\e)b, "and when ! described the J wit and compound interMt money
dream to my folka they laughed at! double* every twenty year*, the
' Meant) |^]d me I wait tiurely a*|xH,000 from 1775 would nowhw«1I
-topming. and JatnMi HnWu, whoitheamonntto more than |5t000,>
1O0 thft«, \oM mi* f w*«t gone|00t>. The oflldfaN of fth« bank
0m%" , carefully inv«etigate<l it* aouounta
Kootenay Coffee
tlMltri in Ton and GoffM. |
All irtd-M and prlc-ra.   1 j
li-l*) ordtr aolleltod. .... '
Wr   m *A-n»* ,***   m^ n Arm* #   *     m^ »**•,+ *»..*,*■*,
iktNiiwiiajf luiiwc Luutpauy
t'.O. UquW, WMBtlilrM.
jiKIJtON, 11. C.
J. E. Anqrignon
The Leading
i   Wmt Shop la He Slocti*
Brick Block,   Bellevoe Ave.. New
Denver, R C.
To and frMa »-ari»iiii pc^ata rla Qanadlar
and Aatrtew Nm*. Af*ly ti* mill** 4*tm
r*m,9**m**4 hn i«fot«Mti»» t«' **yc.
Kj af««t tjr-
t». M. UARHtmr.
C. V. Vl, Aia-ot, Mm Dw-far.
signal b)WKiiY's Cuim',
to come your way by
IMUMl* ROWK. or to whom tlmy mny have
tr.U)»fei nil tlulr liinrcxta 111 (lie While Home
No. 4 tnlneriil eliiim, ultuatcl on Oiilwin
Kiirm' Hut. ui'iir Hllverton, In tlm HIu-aii
kllnlin, |)i\hi.ni,.il Wt»l KtKiteimy Iditrict.
\\tiV i\UK HKRKIIV NOTIKIKI) that I havo
1   eiiiciidrtl»lii<,.Villi lulmr and Improvement*
1 initliii WlilKi I low No. I inlnitriil elalui. Tin-
HlHtve.inc.ntluUftl ttW..'i'l l» llm <M|M>niw necev
-.ai.-i In onliii lo linlil ilic »aitl I'lidm under tlw
|irovlnloii*i of tlie Hliiernl Act, and If within
iiliietvilHyn from the dule nf (lilt nntice )ou fnll
or rcfiiH' to coutrlhulc .your |iro|Kiitlon of tin-
aluiMt tneiilloiifil ktim, which I* now dim, to>
Ruther with all (to*!* of HilviilUlnir, your Intir-
■•Ma In lha anltl eliiim will Iwomn Ihe |iro|i-
erlv nt I hu uiiileiflmii-d iintler Heellon i of t\v*
"Mineral Act Airii-mlni.-nt Act IUki."
Datctl at Nllveiion.  II C.   lhl« nil, .Uv of
Mi'inhcr, inil,
'ItilliflcKNl ix-rioiial ri'|iit'»i'iiiMllvna of ,1.  \
sUITH,'lr<-t«**ti|,.ir di aitv |*r«o»i or |»-r-
«.nn to whom Iln* anlil .1, A, SniKh may liav*
lr«ii»ferre<thl«liil.ri*tii In thi* Mrreury Min*,
i*rul Claim. «liii«(iy| i.ii I'avni'U .unuln thnw '
uilWtaiioilili of Tluc«- Koik<, In (he Slocan;
Uliilna lllvMoii ol \\>-i K-Mfnay, HrKlth ,
('oliimiila. i
\'(H', anil (aih of y,u, nil Imwhl liollfl«J thai
1     wf have cipiiilMt \w„ hunili
To U W.MOOllK, or to any |*r»on to whuin hu
miiy havi! iniimfcrrcil  (ii« iiitwcin In the
Twleki'tllllim mllierMlelHltli. »t t!»♦» head nf
Kltrht Mile creek, In (tic Slociui Mlnlncdllvl
alnu.of VViM Knot«nay DUtrlct.
\ftii; «re hei'iliy unijheil thai I Iium- «i|»'niJed
tlf. In laiHtr and Improv-nnmi*. on arcount*
of vour lud-retit In ihi. T«leU,nh»(iv mineral
claim. The uhovn nx'niloii.d »;*'. la your t>rot.or-
tiou of thf- ciiwiikc nwanaarv In order to holrf tlw
»ald claim under the |irovl»!on-. of (he Mineral
Act, ami It within nlneij day» Irom Ihe dale of
thla notice ymi fall or r«fu«- to cmtrllmte the
aUive mentioned mim, which U now due, to*
jfether with all coala of advertiiinit, your intereat
In the aald claim will Iworn*- th*- jiro|#rtv of th»
nnderaigni-d, under Hection 4 ••( tin- "Mineral
Art Amendment Act VO"
IHiml at New lleiiver, li. (!., Ilil» 3rd day of Ik.
■ we have ei(#mled two humlred and live
•■a'lwlillO' tllO (MlltOr a (]tll.id.illai-> In lal>or and li..|Hr..-.tnwiit» upon the
M.IIUIIIK  Illl, -uuiiui   « (nn  J ai^ve inaiaill»i<i*Mt ntifirrial Vlattm In order to hold
ihe uld claim iiuilir Ihe iiroilalonaof thn Mineral
Illl' It ill I'll IMII*LkN a HOW Ail. aiidlf. wlihliiiiliial* day* from tha rial* of
IUI.      ll IUI i|innt.n » \tv\\   lU,no|,w,vffj,ft||„rn,fuaa 'u oonUlbuUyour
Uoi' that eaven no mmHec11 ••• ««* -^ ««»mwn». y»«r iniwMi in th»mm i
" .• i'liiiuu wJJJ l*V'iti,;-t-1-M',■.<•'• \Mil) t.« lt\*it.*m:liiM.n\
,     , , ,       tinderHectloiiliif an  Act eulllted "An Art to!
IKlltfiM     HIKl      (JtttlflOt    06  »meml the Mineral Act liao,"
IIUIOW,      HUM -^«IUIUI       IJO|    lHmittiitwiUnX.„   B   ,;.   |KU Hlh d*» «f
„        , , .     jiiriol*r,.i«ii. IIKitllKKTT.TWIoA.
tMj^tcttforsluUtcrlnKtlJe! HiWiV/''
Canadian ^
IPacific Ky.
1f» KN(if.ANI>
St. John, N. R , lo I ,Iv«r|iO(il
I'urlunjNov.M      NutnWian Nov. *»
lonimi, U-flc. 7 Ttinlaiiti, iter 14
Portland U> Uwfxx'l
■idA.HUi  »iipi*,!jhi.i-iU>u Atitt
Igrwr&nt'Ai tliat covers ho
YIMUV HOWK.or tu w|h,oi ttar aMjrJmtt
iraMf«rr«« itMlrjiite««an fcj, ttelterk H*m
miuth of th© l>iight met-'
al of freedom  on   thin
'em-til.     f%.   while   the. ynxtnv i^Hrm v./rrnrtM^ ,ha»«
thought of pnrchaMi i^^N.wiM^™^^
near Kttf et ton, la Ihr HIomu Min
■kvn.of Wm 99,Mm*f Dtalrfel
lutad -f l'« V In ta Vrf awd twf*rryt«w«nlii
Ui T, Lowery
mineral rlalm, Utrntfi wTOaleM rarm (G?
 '   " ""    ■'   "" IM ~"  "
• niin it* hiM iM aaM «tni« «f>#« the prettmm
VOIlr       i|i,iknr'.tlh»'Mineral Art, inil if within nnuAt itayi
; rontritrtitt your nrttwirtl-.n of lha above
; wrf-n'lpwtH *mti, m\Uti 1* mm due, lufnOtn
i with all coala ef adeertl.luf. ?mb* !••
, U**%U lap tU taul .inn* wilt 1w*m** -Mm
i*i»tier»y ul Ik* aniiaraifneti 9tiA*t tmUtm « nt
UM"Mln«ral Art Amewdment AfltlW'
•'—-*•-- Itllvert'iii.  II. «:.. thla ni* day t,t
V-n-nrmiv-pr, lift \*\
Riot on to I,i-f(>r|»o()l
Iv«rnia, Nor. 28 SaionJi, Dt*v. 7
N«w KiifUnd, Dee. 4    IMtonii, Dfo-21
N«w Vork to Mmpool
OtrtnAoic. Nov u7 C*mMiiit, No?mW
Mt)»«tlr, Doe 4 I'mhrlt, foe 7 .'
Cymric, D«c 10 I,nranit, Dec 11
Ow«nle, D*e 11 Ktmrit, Dm I!
Ttttttwie, f)« 18 (fcrnpanii, |)nc m
Xm York to Southampton
Hawtrforrf, Vov 7f r»hira«te?phfa,r>f<
St. Paul, l>oc 11 st. Louie, tmt ik
ra#B to,  Holland   Aiti#ritan, H*5
nth and Anchor Mnn'nnappi^
tMImi a Unh», t.u* »u4
verraaaifMMi*nwMka, rai»a .u* nmjttu
0. K tlAKBETT, At«i.t >Uw ttenver. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C„ DECEMBER 12, 1901
Ninth Year
Half price^2^
Beautifully Silver-mounted, foi
Ladies and Gentlemen. Regular price $6.50, $10, $11, $12,
$15.50—yours at one half Di'ice
fflflPC*1,50 t0  $2'50, reKQlar
vallvd price.; yours at half price
Pocket 13ooks, Silver Mounted
$2.25 to §3.00—to clear at just
half-price. ,.,
Now'sthe timufora Imi-siiIii. If you cuiiiuit
come, send tlie niviount vou want to pny and
receive the arlinle l.y return of I ruin.
G.   W.  GRIMMETT, Graduate Oi.tioian
anil Jeweler,
Airent for Ciinailiiin Kodak Co. '
soiknck  am»   MisiNt-j.      '     | recently found by the miners who are
  *     | employed   in   workings   contiguous, to
Fourteen hundred men are employed ■■ these old mines Tlie wheels are made
in Salt Lake City smelters. of wood, the axles, where the greatest
The Mysore gold mines in India pro- j strain would come, being- of oak, and
duce about 810,000,000 a year in gold j the other paris of pine. They must
valuee. . ! have been worked on the treadmill
The Romans had a complete svstem ' priiiciplo, by men standing on one side
of safe deposit vaults, whose rules, wid i "f tllB,». tho "'-iter behi =    '
SFor the Holiday Trade 1
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
Nelson.. B. O.
! wheel
raised by one
regulations were verv similar to those ; ^'1W1 »"° « l*^ basin, 'and then
in use in the present'dav. '   .    ! liftfl another «age by " second  wheel,
,.   ...       ... .    „■ ; and so on in the same wav bv others to
Even in the earliest times the ancients!.. . '•*•..
°       .      .   ..,'., , | the surface.
were acquainted with the use of mercury |	
for amalgamating gold, and it was very j "Darling," he said, '-'there is a
generally employed for that purpose. |(\ark spot in my past life which I
In 1542 the Spaniards.whileexploiting j ain afraid you will not overlook."
the rich gold placers of Caravaya in ! „Do not despair," she replied.
Peru, discovered one nugget that
weighed 4 arrobas; 129| lbs., and took
out another of nearly equal weight.
! "I will marry you, no matter how
dissipated you have been."
The gold receipts at the United States
assay oflice at Seattle for October
amounted to $4,485,70'$. For previous
months during the year about ?L0,0OO,-
000 reached the office from the Klondike.
Clean galena contains 8rt.fi per cent,
of lead and 13.4 per cent   of sulphur
It always contains some silver, even in
the Missouri mines.   As a general rule
—which    has   exceptions-—when
The man at her side shuddered".
"Alas !" he cried, "it is not that.
But I was once a member of the
It is not enough to have the love
and do the duty in silence.    We
live not by bread alone,  but by
every word that proeeedeth out of
t,ie the mouth of those we love.    Out
crystals are large and couree, the con-  Qf the month_-t is the gpoken love
that   feeds.     It is   the   kindness
Clothes always look well
and wear well—if the
Tailor knows his business. Wear the best.
Leave your order for a
Xmas suit with—
tents m silver is small.
In the fossil fields of Wyoming, the
bones of a prehistoric mammoth were
unearthed recently, the measurements
of the skeleton showing that the animal
was 80 feet long. 18 feel high, and
weighed about 40 tons when alive. It
will be placed in the Carnegie Institute
in Philadelphia
Alluminum is being boomed in France
nowadays. It bids fair to supplant
wood entirely and even iron in the. construction of automobiles, which it is
reported will hereafter consist almost,
exclusively of alluminum and steel.
Moreover, the French deposits of the
light metal are said to be the richest in
the world.
The large copper mines of Arizona
are nearly all associated with limestone;
those of Butte, Montana, are in granite; those of Lake Superior in conglomerate sandstone and diabase; those of
Ducktown, Tenn., in mica-schist; those
of Iron Mountain, Shasta county, Cal ,
for the most part in rhyolite; those of
Idaho mostlv in diorite.
offered that furnishes the house.—
\V. C. Gannett.
Ladies' and Qetits'
witli and without stones
GOLD CHAINS-ull weights
with and without stottus
GOLD GUARDS-IO and 14 karat
Standard Grades of Killed Chains
and Guards in all styles
Don't waste lime
Sending your orders to houses that
do not have the goods.   Send
them to us and get just what
you want without any
A' Jacob Dover's i* ****.
Our personal gum-anlcc -goes with every article, and should
any article bought of us not provo satisfactory, wunrentall
times glad to cxchaiiKG same to the entire satisfaction of customer. J ACOB DOVRK.O. P. H. Time Inspector
Latest, Fads in
of all kinds
And all the Latest Creations in
Goods of All Kinds
Love others by ceasing to love
yourself, and in doing so you will
live intensely; for you will liave
within you not only your own life,
but also the lives of all whom you
bless by love. That is the best religion, the life of Christ, the very
life of God. —Stopford A.   Brooke.
Van Camp Lunch Goods, Confection-
crv and Fruit
Newmarket Block.       ftew Denver
[CowliMned attivrtlsemt'tiW, such as Kor Sale
wanted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
MarrlaKcs, Pcrsoiml. Hotels, l^gal, Medical,etc,,
arc Inserted when not exceeding to words for
85 cenM each Insertion. Each five words or less
over ti> words are tlve coins additional.]
Poultry For Sale.
BAHllKU PLYMOUTH Hock fowls-three
ycnrlliis hens, live pullets, one yearling:
roosters wclnlit IS IU. Imported stock. I'-rfce
♦JO. Minorca and Hock cockcre s, HI each, \V\
:E3mploym©n.t Agenoy.
H.'l.pof AIIKIiitli I'urnlulled.
l'dstoHre Hon IM, Kulnon.
DKY (IKK IMIOI'KKTY, North Fork Car*
l*nterirt*k-Alil,J*. ALPS KKACTIOX.
knit ALTUHUK-Crown Grant* obUlned.    Apply, W. J. MCMILLAN k 00. Vancouver, B.C.
NELHON', II (!       Cor. WARD * IIAKKK HU*
H. (!,
^+v, MILLOY. t  „
unad 15 j't..tr»«*i*rli-iif.' tn d«ntal work, and
makM a iprktiy of Oold Hridfte Work. Most
rom|il*rtedfitlilt>fflci« In B C
on ui«
IUM.    rii.in...l pt-.iiiu.Mf 11 C i
"lovth-Vin'-rl-n CA
r"'\CmiiVg. R ES 0 BT
«|..ii«     lt.»ltli'(i( rhyalclaii
on Ui« Contlni nt -f North Aim
ca. Hlt-nat*! mltl»t »i-.inTy tin
rivalW forOridil'-ur
I'ldiliiK aiuI K-*'-»r-»l
mul Nut*-   *i.W-T**»|.tit  ' ."i.i*.rt«iH-»*H.-«« -«ttli«li
|ian«<»f ll<*w<irl.l- iw«. nuil- ,miv<- and <l«-j>»n
evi-rv .U>      I'-  laili* • t iirt-   nit  ii.rvmn aud
ino-u'ul ir llm-i •• «:  I"  ■> il.'i-* ln-.il alt  KIiIiim}
Mv-nr and Htom.it li AiIuk'H"    I-iiii*: »lit«»|i»
1JCT 1».*tH. afv'.vtltit." t" f.*»(.t>i** r HI ll-.tt.-l <l»
villi* Tlw |»f U■■• ..( i i .■*...'! til,, il. k--» It-'-tw-ei.
Vi*w lUinVfT ami Hnl.-. .ti, ..ti'iiitJlil.- all tli-f
v<iirr,Hiilatittv.'.«»ll..r:("t«v. I* "**'>■ I*"'-
<-y<iiiHitrt>.«4..\ir.iw l.tk.. II *",,
™ SU R VfflYOR"    ~
I      l»   HKVI.»M»
(•'....'in,-.,t mul I'r.iWiii-ta
Juneau, Alaska, is named after Joseph
Juneau, a French Canadian, who was
one of the first prospectors to demonstrate the existence of gold in the south
eastern Alaskan mainland. In 1879 lie
discovered Gold Creek on Gastinenu
Channel, where he found rich placers
and quartz ledges The Gold Creek
diggings paid from $5 to $20 a day.
India may be styled tho burial ground
of the precious metals For ages its
teeming population has been hoarding
gold and silver, only a portion of which
ever again comes into circulation. The
insecurity of tho country in past times
led its people to the almost universal
practico of burying their treasures for
safe keeping. A part of this has been
forgotten nnd is lost, on account of the
death or forcible removal of its owners.
Another part is hidden for fear of loss,
while the remainder is utilized iu the
usages of life It nevertheless rem<tiiiH
a fact, that India possesses in one way
and another * greater bulk of the pro-
clous metals and of gems and jewels
than any other country.
Biddy and John lived very comfortably together, and generally retired to
bed early,but John came home late one
night and found Biddy in bed
Of course, on opening tho door Biddy
shouted out to hltn,"I» that you, John:*1"
"Yes, Biddy, darlint, it ia me la
there ivcr h bit ol i-aiuie) in the houae,
'•No,'* sayn Biddy. "The la»l \irno
burned down iu thu neck av that bottle
on the dhreaser"
"Thin, Biddy, whereabouts will ah
ttnd me Kiipperl**"
"Yell get it in the basin on the tabtu
—the wan with thn spoon in It."
"All right, darlint."
John was devouring hid aupper very
gKM'dily, and when he waa Uniahiiig
Biddy called out to him, "How did you
like your broth, John?"
"Verv well, indwd, Biddy, tliay wen*
|>tlll>  rtlnl xtifT, but, lUflillt,   tlll'lt*   Wl,-*
a lot of atring* in tbem, which wan very
hnrd to chew "
"Why, bif a* me mmiI, John," mM
Biddy, "that * tin* March liaain you got *
Cigar Oo.
Union ££.
Xj9,D*S1    Marguerite
Upon ii mountain's height, fur from tho sea,
1 found it shell.
And to my curious cm- (his 1-incly tiling
Ever ;i son;,' of ocean seemed to siiifr—
Ever a tule of occitn seemed to tell.
How came this shell upon the mountain height!
Ah, who can say
Whet Iter thcro dropped liy some  (oo careless
Whether there cast* when oeean swept (he land,
Ere the Eternal hud ordained the Day V
Strange, was it not ? fur from its native sea,
One sonu it sang—
Sant," of tlie mighty mysteries ol the tide--
Sautr of the awful, vast, profound and wide—
Softly with echoes of the ocean ranK.
And as the shell upon the mountain's height
-Sings of the sea.
So do I ever, leaiiues and leagues away--
So dn I ever, wandering where I may'.
Sing, O my home—sing, O my home, of thee.
■—Helen Modjcska.
Nelson Brewing Go.;
nl !.-•;..» t „~ r» j t-i-_,l--_    ..     i      . .    ... _ .4
Brewers ot Fine Lager Beer and Porter-the best in the land.   Correspond-
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
ence solicited.   Address—
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
OlgaXS Our Special
El Condor
For prices apply to-
W. J. Mu\lll,I,AX 4 CO.
Wholesale. Agents for B.C.
Vancouver, H. 0.
n ii^3p1 -^-^^^ -" — "*^t**^s^-^fg j*^j*w ■
Job Printing is an art.
It is today one of tho
most advanced of arts,
and greater efforts are
being made to reach
perfection than ever
before in the history
of printing. Every up-
to-date business man
recognizes the importance of having his stationery   well  printed.
Seeds, Trees,
"RnlKo for Fall or Spring
JJUlUb Planting.
Catalogue Free.
SOOM Westminster Roiul. Vancouver, It. C.
An up-tn-datc line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B.C.
Tin* •■ •*• I* no (tivUrr lit in llie luw.j(r»ili'
work lit it iiift*i(.ir..rHc«» « 111 nlv.->..u
r   r.
ir.ri/.t.i. A *"«*., Mi(m«i. m <*..
-,|..r. p>. .tit t'ntiM   "««<l   A-*»»vmV it'll'
lili^ :iM "
Onr Nftlffmlly WtHitlort.
»P ,   CI.MruM
t '.ni-ftltr-l-tl'O"*
mi-4.»...   1|tii»w?littk»»»«|
• ;..t   ».,II<|1«  f«'r .ii -ik.'*
Wlvolean.!©   Merohants.
'I'fir.vFir,   ottros   ,t   **«.. u> .f.--»t,.
I Mrr-:»•».(■» »i"ll:ii-' r'.i* l.i-ju t« i'iim-**
■ nil |(rf ii'nl* Vr.«,ii V*u:i*r,uvrr. VR-t.-fi»
.i.ip' '.-pti'f 'it. fi '
FOI! v
} 'r~*A
■riiot.m-r-f'ii   *   «*o..    k#i-w*
.   «f»   d'»irl,«l' (|f<.«->»»ttPMt(«»*
lUllltl.. I.. I.. It.. tUnrNer, Hi
**..$***tf P»Ui»--    H»trft-«. B   C.
• tf it Kit»»»»•.«.  H_
"Well,'   *in* mW hi iwmiB aM-ouMi*
Trifii* »n. >♦;•" tnr»W-ri4 tit» frfim ftt*r  nni,et
''wotimti ei'rtsiiiik i% iuvtkiiiit^ all iiiit".
of lm<ii«'i»«.   A ytiS lifirylJir h»* jn-?
f-*iMi cyii^W/, « , ..
"I womW,' be t-'iimnetttcl ilirni^lii--
fnll>*,.*>if ilit* liiiif »♦ I'l.miu-ir. **lit,'ii Ui»lil'
m.ifi «*MI »m» wAynVvf nt  nflffit 'for te.it
there % n u iimi n» wtr-l'-r tlw  lm47'-~- iln
'■■(•"".p^;,'   " .... .".
Th* St, Uiiminrft minc» nt Sj»fl|i w^rw
work*1*:! by th* tlumtni *t tbwit th#*
jliiiif uf Citiritit    lu mine of tliwu A'lit*
; wen- pxtiivat^l %- ilrdin^e .pur-jtfftu*''
< tnmrly tbtm mH** in t«n>fii», whtUt ni-»]
oxb*r$ will* <toftp -*h»h« %bn w*ier w*#
»iM«t by mm** «f n nerie* ml f{f»ntie
«wl<A.<il«      tflfthf nt thfute^iklt nt  ttiAm„lw-'
Reports, Examinations and Management.
NEW DENVER,   - J. ^
A Inil lino of Silverware and choice
Confectionery at
.liMCJihllif Kt,, New |H>nver
(l.ild    f ..VII Hitl.l rtll.l Hllver..* .7.1
!,,«*(! .w|i»i>ll.*|iv"rji*ti|i|i,f i.ivo
K»mptfi»iiv in it 11 nf.lvi' |iroin|ii nttentlou.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
inn |dili HI,,  li«iiu>Kr, I'iilii,
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary.      They sell tlie
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their       ~„*
steaks-'-ll^fKi^®--®-^^ "'
P.   B U R N S   &   C O.
Buy Your Holiday
Q rocencsami provi8i°n8 f,,°m the
Wm. Hunter Co.,u»iw.
Stores at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
HanltnR and Packing to Mines,
And general local bnilnen*.
S»w llixnviir, It. V.
General Braying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Oar Baggage wagom meet all Run-
day traini.
Saddle Rones and Pack *.«: utbr
Feed Stablci at Now Dunver.
OITH (?fll(SF.T 1»KI'AI{T.
IN   Al.l. STYI.LS   ANIi
i ^■■■■•■■■•■■■■■■■■■■i
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
sPlKKsrrnrti AetoAOc-
Worth 11.00, -tppclally m«d« to
ami ih* cllm*tlc oondRIOM of
WMttni Caaada, *rtll b* Mnt
tern w m*n rmrly ■nbtertbtr
of tb*
Stmmm 1901*1901
Oal mm   ikl*   *Ar*rH»mm*l
«•€ imewun » Tt** rem* milk
m* imUe *M r*>8fv(! W-tflkff
Tn* Ttmt Ht mm jmt
*r wMh a liaeAKww tfi
Wcare ull^riiijr «»n»' mmpK'k^fiK'k (ft V\ma\ yny-v* Jiuvyi i>i»it;»rw^jiwi^i » -
iii-Neltton, fi»r?a-rf»liorf. time only. "     '*'"[•'.' " ...   *    '      Z  ? ^"'T'     '
\M\i#* Fnr.CitfiM. VMitrn. Muffs.' Ro:is,Tili-lined Va\]wh, Fm* Ruffs. l¥fHi!i?i «
Ujuh .IhpKcIh. Orev-Uimh Jai-kctx Eleciric Heal and Mi£k Coats. No 1 %ntt\t'■'»■ ;
R<«»1 Jttf'lwtH in 24 and 20-inci) t«»"n$rHi«. extr'A 'onality.* mfttata Cone*1fav<! hem - ;
I'liieftilly NeltM'l^rfroin tiie larjro tiim ojf'.I. Aiiiirtr l*jii|UtTt>i' Qneiitc, t\ie laTuiwr-1 ;
and utu; t»f the ma.it rclhiblr firms of fnr m.ihnf,M',»»»,'»rH in r'jinftifa, wp <*?m mfdf ; .
reeimimcnd each and every Ofhi'ii^iit Hold byjk / ""     *    f''
Children.^Oray Lamb QollirH. <*a}vs, Muffs. Ifcwm and <v»»r*. '
-—-" f ' Fred, Irvine & Co.,   hzi^^
WEl;$OH, B, C. ' * at VKRY I^>W PRICES


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