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The Ledge Nov 7, 1901

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 General Ne^s FToat   |
? In and About tha Slocan and Haig:hi!onnr,'Ga!Tips
that are Talked About
1,OOA*£,   OHtT-miAT.
Smallpox in a mild f.oriii.b* prevalent
at Bonner's Ferry.
-Nakusp ia not dead. It ha.-* a pay*
toll of 5G,000 a mouth.
Mrs*. James Williamson, has takui
up licr abode ill Bni-tmi
The Little Kiiiff ci-jMr doe* not :.hiwd
contempt by familiarit.*.
Do not eat candy, but if vou must ett
it buy it frain ,-John William*- /
David Heap, of the Last Chance, will
go.south to prospect for health.
Business can always be judged m
Sandon by the number of oysters that
areshippid in
The Queen Ciffitr store in Xelson dues
not sell diamonds, hut you can alwavo
find Jasper there
Dc MHluy. the well-known dentist,
will be In New Denver.on the 11th and
remain three days, |
Ben Bi'tssa ot Kaslo, stole-(i few
things Eroin Alf Johnson and got three
mouths lo Nelson jail.
The Slocan Ulfle Club will celebrate
.<      the   KingiB htEtiiday.   Nov,  nth,   b>-
givlng a shooting match.
All the old-timers are an tin pa tins; «
n-reat treat in htJflrvns* R*JV Mr- Turner i
•f*"" thisiThtirsdayteveniugat the Methodi<-t
Jacob Dover, of Nelson, has.n S^oOi'■
Stock  and 'fills all  orders   prompt H
Write to him when yen want wedflin"-
Amos Thompson has lumber mi tin
ground to renovate hu- n sldi tu ** and
office builrtirijr. nest to. the Bank "t
The Drill compiles a statement •>( (lie
number of minersemployed m tl"'
Slocan City-mininir. diii-nm wbitli
Paul Hanck, of S-.loi.-an: I'm ««-
mained it few d-n*. i,ro tn Mis*. M
Ziinmoiniiin, late ot -i hi i nlu rjr ""-iv
ouy, CJermaTiy
Arran-__iiifihts are: bein,r luadi to
hold dames in tlu   Bo-un Hall   Now
Two ranks will bo
ferred,:and In-ntlmr KniifhMromSln. m
City aiid Sandon.' will be preient ' R'
freshmenr.-*. will . be   ■.»■".. d   ■» t« i ■ it
Mis-sHnwtnu. of the primary dep-T.it-
meut if the puhlu* scho'.l, will have
charge of the  preparation  nf the -chil-
mile* from KnnH
considerable attention by ii ismi <
tmeptionallyrich. ore which is
found. Tlie "-roup was Incur ed Se
her Hah hv Thnmaslhiyle. aiid'**V
English, and they already him 21
of.ore mi the dump, carryins vntr
H-ia\ mpperaml Milpliin-etsof up
nf 'SanOp.-rt.-n     li is  the niti irti
'I he folio,
pupil- meo
school ilin n
iiiiiiii i
1  tin
chnnl: Something i
(.-ill he produced thi<=
The   Kami nop?
bv.. the -Sunday |
the   "loiiir. haul" freight
invsterv. It finds that it i-i
chiimry from Montreal t -.
ti-alu thence to Van' him i
t" Kamloops for 11 lenta i
less than, the ,-harj*:-"- - r«i I
from Montreal to Riimlimi**-
Sidnev the chnrje i** SI " p
t.i Kimlonps,..'[rpm Men!
Let's move to Sidm *.
At Kaslo. the Tm
Work   has" been
Th.-Ruth and. N.
nrk thi** »inter
The vein of dry ni
heiii:? developed.
(Inly de vein pm en
hinnoti  Viri * leu i
Bh,P '"1 ] Renin.  Baku     \*-ne-
i —i.'harlie Ni
_ ill. Artie Willi!
Athlyn V.-illmu
ei -Ethel - Burges*.    Willie
\mond Blumi'iintier* Di n
/ii Biirs-i
an   HU.
Haworth   'Drewry.-'  Ma
allance. Bert
:tln; Bw si*
A number of men workinp- for. [-'red
RoblliMiin left rnmapli*:- for the Wi»-
wami where the Prod Robinson Lumber
Co inii'iid to build a sh'nBle mill. They
expect to have.-it riumin°\ in.abniit   i
iid   Bell mid :Billy ■Schmm-k- -.111111
la«r   li-m
.-•cmerictin and John L groups, say** the
Tion' r iki rnpiL "ith uu-hr pick
horse-wlik-li'tliey had ehg-aired tran-
portin-i- supplies to these propertiei
Thev-iiy that in the Aineriian tunnel
no» time ait s viral streaks of clean
ore the largest of which in eight iiiche**
in thickiiess ahd the -imallei't about two
inches contaitied in a lead of three feet,
Ti ok Unlil
Gnldlields, the in \i tnwilMt,
Mile, on Fi-i 11 eek ifl
mitrki-.l iuipioMtiu lit cuttui
si\ei« stii Pt** also bridne
oppo-ItH the Eva. This 1*.
mifei-iitev Em 11 town on 1
111J being close totheiainon
mil   -iiidonbteULj
im|)ortnht plat
-g^r-  ortof HA-D =r?V
»i*y Gonf.~mepl -- Prospectors >
r:n the District I
^i^mS^li^^?^^^i^S&fS&8^^^ -
Last woek mention, was made of the]
[iepartnn* nf the Campbell ontHi. from
Auhernft to.thepnld ditr*?in<>:s lately dis-1
io\eiei! "ii th( hi-ad water*--of the Horse
Hv. in Cariboii. Little tt-a*- known
ibout (he hitfl then, and imt a sreat
ileal is known from authentiL -.i.uici. as
^et but a letter has been received -bj
the Ashcroft-.Iminial. from ti son of .the
editor, that throws more li<r!it on the
suhjei.-t. The letter nays: "Bob Camp-
hell and several nthers returned last
night from their last "trip up with quite
,1 hit » gold and <ror.<i reports.   The;
eral c
jiiiH-^ld. but thei
1 thoronjrhly prb-pi
'.li'k   '"    "PP'ie-
had 1
ill 11
pitted for the tiali
ie=of a half interi
! Bur-ic".
to Hevelstoke
thi -eimnta
onneii  h\
.V..ami Fred
1   u'lsh  um
it bt work
mt   of develop-
nipped -out   will
"n the a-roitnd.
11 Hi
fort 1
if this
1 the Daitlaiit-lli s
me-   »/!'-"id
Hi 1 iii/.
no-, nt work r,
n th_ propevt*. tt
1 tiiil up iSmu
nUns within n
(.the workinsa
iiuutt of ore shipped limn
Mthe Sloean  and   Slocan    Cin    muiiUK
division*! for the year ISou was., appras*
"'iiiiateiv. 85,001) tons ' Since January 1
j to   Nov   "2* WOl,'-the shipment
imiiiiti*. nnt irom the creek bed
ipek- ■•how even better indi
None i.f the party ami no othor parties
1 n*i-prospected iliis new territory. All
tliat have" vet been in have staked npol
Lureka,as it is the nearest and ha:
dready proved rich enoturh to satisfy
liis now staked frotri mouth to suuite
nnd we go on to prospect and locate 111
nther-ti earns
"Campbell cut down a tn 1 am
nushlv- hollowed out the lo-* am
shoveled foi an liour,..lbsiiig. mtiti* hal
of the: sold,, hut saving ?12.5(i in tin
lirst nxperiuient
■Since then it is.reported au'einpln.1
-taktdbyhitu  ha--  heen saving  Hun
inther break in an anrient, channel
Hve mile*f helow Harper's on. the Horse
iei where he found ihe ancient
e! dennsit on. ahiifhei- hunch above
iver AFter lyorkiuir ii in a small
for several years. McCallum sold
i-ound to the --Horsoflv . Hvdraulic
Mining Co., J. B Hoh-on ma*M*er
Hohson was -o wall pleased with
the prospects that7 he equipped the
property with an extensive hydraulic
plant at a cost of S2MHI**-in is"t Cold
1 ■SlTU.fujp iva.- .piped out
ight acres and then it "as
decided that the ffriivel iiiu.-i In; drilli*d.
illed for it was so (.eiiienre.l that
hy-lraulicinfjhad iioeffn* >» 11
.  Mr   Hobson   -.-mniiieiK-ed  .Irlft-
has been proved that hi>: propem
■* iieen es|iloreil from
1 ii_ros« tin, chacni*!
ut strikiuff the op]io
muted thai oiei !(>■<,
(in led bv actual mill
r that h;
mill contest
Hobso-i  ml
Coiilrai-ls have heen:awarded for  e\. |
ien-ne iiupiovttnentflit the Eroh Home      rm
■l*(*u Mile. .0  MH'nai* will  erect  (he;   ""'
hmikhouso.  l)...l..MeNally will eiett'
(he sltaftliousn.  and Olms- McNicholl
mil hue tin   lutildms-  nf the  road  to       1
Miimeit the mine  uith  the  Entel miie1 -mn
mu-ii «
i.lk 110
il lyithu
lull  -.ti
Ili^L    (111
\ plosion
.     O'l.ltl
iJ    -.m
t    h n«:h
. !.«(»•
s      lllldl)
s follows
wa*. as minv hour?.
j     "The parti sav  the .muitr*.
hki the BarkerviiUi; with 1 *" 1
11 t proMiis as -rood  or  better
dready'quite a ramp     As I
hind an. improvised bar) a 1111
Lather. A hlacksmith hu
I iharpeniiig picks, anil a 1
.aiiie with beta of iiothliiir'lei
lis holds the center m th<
about the middle
If the Diikeof York had
son he would hiivelmd the
oE tufltin*,' tlwHoyal Seal 1 lira-
la lie (loB*i HDl kiiow whtil hi- nth
■J-o'tt'fi-vuK.-MfH. Merklej*. Ni
v'Wj oftors liin'ttni'li.iil mlllliiin
dreSiKonils,, .etf...fflr-wiln..at cost;fur.
cftgli     Hoiuw ainl  Int  mi  H"   "«
Tlie jiiiplfii* «i "Id by .loliii Willlunii
bit fltOtti In Ntfflf- Upiivhp nn' ■Iwmitlfnl,
Oh tlio mitNltii* und  (lelldmitt nn 1I1C
IflJthlB   Blt"*;soiiU'ortliiiiiiHymi tltmhi
this uliort HMHOVtUm.
JMper PliKlr'ln one "f tlm tm ynimjr
men wlm hHVn arnwii up In Ni'Mi ll*-*
_w rocmiHy tti-dwlviw! «"■ iJiH'cn *n»«i
Mori* In tlmt Vlt,v, mul m-IlN tho .Im
goodH in thu "imii'ltrt.
fhB people nt NiiUn*i>. are .isiviiitf
tioiMrUn'Bom-He's lutll.. Krlttn? e\v
!HJC, thl) fltll timf,. m Hill nl Ibe M I
■ Murk'tichiiruli Mhw. A .KJili-nillil pm
gEHin hill hwni prepaieil
fllo-Hrat HHiw-flttuitil of thi'.i'.ltv of|
Slocilll fonts up *l7ft,8-l6. of ivhich 81 Id,* \
008 la oil' Itltid mid SfiH.rM .oti Impi'iin
meiltH,   Utidw thi-'govurnintmi b vahi-
«tKm the tnial wtte Si \o,\m.
■itw..S*ranl4 SenUn*'!'. published by
M6t!li»on Brothel's, has liunle It* up
pDIHTtnCO T,lk*> tilt) mill iiimp lu
Wllloli It* in. piihlished, -It Is new and
-ttlBtfflrtte. «Jld piDiiiiw* bU tlilnils In 1
.'tllO 'intiire,
Owttifi to the liuiimilds nf «li(". Ihi.p
WOditor, Then Mmlsoii, iif Niilann. wn-
folriioii to ftsaltfti liitt weoli He Intmulw
to aonUmio ilif iii'aMiiriH!timi'0(-i«nt*
Blid-n-*WBtiiR»- wliun BiiUiibli! .avrimjp;
mems mm bo mndn.
The'CtUHKiinii 1'ricHic Hallway coin 1
•mm hnK entered the mliiiinr hustni'sul
and hiis bunded in Iron ehiinis. tdkituri
In pi-iieilmlly tho wh.ile of Iron Mnun
t-liii, Tutrnteil "nbtmi A" itiiles .north n(
Wiii'ilner. Bit'. 'I'll,- bond I- inr tl"*'
mm, of wiiU-ti (iI'I.ikki wim - i-kid down
llm Imliiiicn fiilllitii-line lir <.(u* yelip.
Mn: I he i-ii'Bliiitli nf this pnivhime the
1'islileht-Viif Wiirdiii-i-aiirt thn vlelnltv
nri' i-tpeeilnir a xiiiclior Irmi Moun*
lulu I* hijly nhnlll !l" iiille- froni 1-Vi'iih
tin llu- I'l'iiw!* N11..1. and Irnm lids
smii'et' Mini eniild lie sei'iirwl eiiallv.
wlilli' n *iuii* li' inllei. Inii,- fi'imi Wnril-
inei «inilil tflA'e ti*nn-*porliitlnii dlmt
ifi-mii the mminiiilii. Wheihi'i'Wdi'iliii'f
In in tfrt'n Kimdiernr not. irbimlim to
fli-nli n'-Hlf iher.il1,11 had lU'i-ytMiii (hi*
1 lelinei'v limiiis nffi'i-i'il hv tlm Do minimi
irnvni'ii'inciit. and -\» jettina* thlujsH In
e should
he .Ul-iij mid
llih  ai-if the.
I'niil ti. I.i
1'°"' I &■?,■*"
1    ^^T»..,...nS,v   H'VS:,,,,,
in t    N'.iv,  -*th: J.n[(B"t-R«inW'-i
Manitoba   \«   1Mb   I oriiitlimn ■ Nov I KiiX'finnn.
l*fth    l.nte ••nttniti, ^o^   -"Jud     !b" ^""''-JjJi'.p
TunlBhui. t omiililiin, I.akesi|i..i|i until ■*!«*'
I.aLe   Mnun btt   are   m-»    l»*"» mil' n'.X Edltl,
tl„„ .l|..i
n 11k. equal to the 1
1 Ym-'k,'   Kail*  n\i
1 I'll:  -if  Kt'l'l-lll-t
.Ik I
*■*..urili >t ini
' ^l( lliirllnti
It haa. long, been kuimi
1 \i-sie.d an nxtetisive *.*. si, 11
n\er chiiunels in the Hih-»i
m tin I'ariboo dlstrh-t, but this
kiiown to but [ew..niners that dlscn
wl-K»lrf.«u the bar-- »■ ..'bo ilorM'll'
muilern river Ihat lind in places 1
In tiontaot witli tin* de.-p biirit d an
I'lVBrcliiihtielyllbenitliiirBoiti,' .-( 1
j-olil nnd i>xpii»ihs the hi lie tfinvi
whlub they are lllled.
Must CM'ivurn'has hwint i.l tin
Il-unar itiilm oil Urn II»i*ttil\ rlvt
whwi'»iti!U "■vii'imnlttiiivv fiver/iriHui
wim illiwiivt'wl "it tb-J '"iw lii'ibui mi'
In llu> etirly -.l-uln**.. - In tbe fall >•! l«i
. Mr. 1U»kit>. nn iihl Onrtluiti;niiimt, -un
a "hull mi.Ihe lliii'imi' ami Hot ithoat I
to .ontimie deM_lo|
a -uliicient qunntit.v ot
pa\ /ratel is t.lockeil nut ready lor
breast int; to warrant opemtlom. nu a
l.n IHfHlIM-i.Campbell.ofC'alitoriifii.
visited the district. Sufficient develop
ment mirk had.heen done tiu-11 le ii
tibiiah the fact bevond a dmilil that
ancient dead river i-Laniteis, same In
i hat iLti r as those in California, existed
in tin*.Horsefly district Mr. Campbell
h>, itiil -.i-veral miles ef the channel
idji.iiiin- the old Harper lease, (or .hi-*
.iimpnny.-he Miocene lira vei Miuiii**-
(.*■>, tiifd immediately-bugtt 11 sinking -'tn
lind tin* hot tout. lu. hie surpri.e ^n.i
ihe -urpri-e of everybody, he found tin
,1 pili n fie ann foul, hi*, last new .-lini'
i.t-iiij;  (lint .-dee',<  nil  in  gravel  uf  (he
1 und in thl* shaft tut ii,". Wire riot
I ruiiiiied tc liendlL-the water and had
,1 ,W, ,ii.«ti until henviei- inaehiiifrv
mid he installed Mr. Campbell 1*.
.1 m nt the mini' aud ifl. iii'riuisin^fpt-
tln* early instalhitioii of henvy pumping
dltlSAI   l»i»*«
unit all the
nt; thm has I
111 <d channels
itmui tar enough,
irtiek'* that Emi
111 111 Hilu.Vtiiir
> di>|
t Kin
ii'iihitf op tin' uTeiil
i.l    reporter
muted  Hint  the. -.niching form "on thej
'property . hud   iuii   himu dnuLled,   ll j'
wan the liiientl.iii nf.hi- i-n'mpain   t»
innh the milk iinhiMiiipin.  the Udj(i
MltliHll po-mfbli. *. mm nhib tin pienmii1
llmi-Wiiiithm-- lusteil   and. flimiurh a*,
much of November 11*. the *unw would I
pel-illU   ' When  the  i.||OW   -et*. :\\i::n)\.\
mu'k,would Uetlnii iuM'tilnithewlntcu
bill  hoped   ibiit   this mmld imi wi'iiv,
herui'u.tbsltnt.-.t S.i.eiilli"! I
IVFRS   FlUltll   MlllWAV,
I tin* imtll. Un.
1 In* limii'l  1 \,
jtluit lltm-till p
tflim-l. .tli'lhih
i.ldetiatim-1,   lift
I'lu Lake Shore.Ilritlwh Ciiluiiiblu
1 o|i|i(.r eniiipany hin*" thrown up the
liiiml un tin. Blue Hell properly In thy
Kholt si'ctllin of the Huitlliliir.V I'lllUp
I AViildo llunihy,. (if, SpiiKiinh, "tin
iniiipiim *-atlnuui\   imide nn llieffmi*
ual effort to mtuiu'i. from Urn nwnurt*-nfi   a  ,'iiiiAni*".S,**v.;-*'\ii  Afc.iHis^'r
the prnspoi-t 11 mmIhj MXtinislnii tiroi'dui-j ——-
10 jieriiilt ihe i-iuiipiiuy todo furtlmr ile* J V Mnthui, a > buns'; lo'iikiuiiiiu •»' l-lio!
■.oliipmoiitileeiiied iieensi-iiry he* ow. tlm j ir'm\v. iunt both (Bid ut. Umiuiiin». jluiie I
llnnl inmnimH of iw,iMKi wme mmle.] timi pllt,»dn\ nlirht of ln-t week Hu1
hi view of tliii tlieeonipan,v,(lauldii(l tn; nitmnpieil to jiimpoiia wiuw ciiv nnd
llii-iiw up tluv m-iipmilllnn 011' wlilt'li lt|.ml-si.d ttinnlep, bntli fin>t beluu
hii» paid cut Iii. wiirli, miil.'.piiyiniititi". tin - ui»l»r. ilm wheel -if the ea'v.iviiifli pBRsod
tlw biiinlntntHUf-311,1)1111. . ;.iiver tjimii.. 'AmpiitntlmV *«*, imotiSNflry
nnd he will hen i-ripple Lu* life In Bin*
Sflt|ll81li i'
I'liti Billtllilih'u grmip, 011   P«|'0U|itn« 1    liuVB.you iliVt thi* Little Ktim?   An*
Wiii. .I.iIhc. . lirothe
aiiiifteiMif the Sunset mint', Im- b"iiitlit j ■" ■■-''"
..NoIkoii!- intmi'-t in theNnuloti Imul ,,".*""*
reeiiivnutl, tbe prnnrletor*. (*{■ which llll(i ll'"
io mw Miner* Jiihiw, ln«tu«d" nf Nel-|8lft'""'1
m A Satnr, at*, heretoforn. nmibl"
! [ui'tl.ei
[otbei p
Uai.ttmri'" nre itrent rii'hmi .(it - Hit*.
liel i. evidcmvil i>> Hie ftn-( thai
dlM-nvei'v nl ii-ni mi Hull Hwr,llnnl
•I 11'ml Ih«Movie have iillrmteil the
Hilum nl melt ihe jirwil imjier* (»(
1 VmM'itv A recent (»m* of tin
1 Vnrh .liiiiriial ...iitnliiit an nrltele
-aiti«_ (In1 '.imi-re-tiiia liitermMtloti
1.,im nl itie-c "i«r^<-ii'on dejnuilth
I e.|'-> t'cmd.-nt  lltli. Of
1,1, ,i Sunt,,'!... >vli.. iiiol-V,ii>ti on
\< iiii'K in lln-l lerae iK-i- il"t*e»ll*» on
1   l'i
1. buildio.   1
1 bat
OS   I'llllFl'l'INK   t'llHUk,
Mfljida*, ninlit the Knits-lit* rd I'vthliu,
"Wlllliolll 11 Btn'ttif lovolentt In P<ittil)Ln,Oloul*i uttho liuiid at t\a.lo urcoli, ln| hutt-l n.u
reporiad tlint.^ii .Iwitls* «t me
1 srwlo tlian the jjimpml run \
\ «)ii*'i 1 l'!i in thn.i'iine has liueh j
jumuthipat tlu>'|Hii.fnoi lo\ul orl"' *"-'■ "    '
■ the Umeimlnii  I oiitf lake oninp    aI"'"1""1 'l"1'' *
lnuiiillliv ia lioliiu sent to tha uraBltoi j "*" ltl''*    '"* l,ll""il1*
![<i ahnllttOHl eimud .1 n«\\ mil and
1    ,. r,   ...   E, .   ,., ilvm    Abuiii tlilMiiiit
illumta.M E.et llBtmit, Mleh   havo JjiJ"J, h,VE tb,
hueh b(i«n eltiRply emimlnliijj thu Hnh\ \ AiuM siN V1].IS „„„ ,,„
mnt Bmindu> I(MU, whU-k In uudai   y*.",^,*, t u   h   1
iitmil tn Mr UflM'-multuiaoclKtHR.   Uw <ts ( ,,l(, |,)l„lttltx 1U„| |„„ [„,„ „.,,-
,    ,*>ta,.mwt^th.wnnnilutho<llnu   (imi(t», UMbe Ind.aull.   .i.xai...  pi*. ^^
"      tinti filJnu  tfiiralllmi luiadlspltiHod tlie,.,,.       UiU ioiupun\   nmn   llie Wind      *'
puwtiefaf-nmf vdi> lino jroia MHpor. u    , l1v ,,„,, M,Ulu* t .1 mu hi*  *'■■' "
oie. w    hm it «,.peniK prolmblo rl»L „ur .^u ,.„.-.,nml ulll have „„„•» '•""'
noiul will l... trt«n ,„.,-Tlm Advnnti.   imi{y ,f w\ ^ M w,.„ „,„ suu M
'Thi' Hdj'iil'KoiU Ih Hindu lit SflliOtl mill . ■, Akoui Um yi'fti** «K« Ihm Md'nlluiil,' mpti
Mill Old Clll'lhiai prn-iperini*. ihsenyofwl i_th,in
kl     fi'i'tlle   to
within'-a .tew
11 »t dei-.'.ilt'-
. etl reiieatorf
>Hik ol Bovonil
1 l-»t hi
ii it iitamitfi'i tm
,1,.1-CilVilio".   Mi
o.iid' Com-
k |Mildii   llMiU
ml nf ouu
e   m *i.M-
Ti,»   totftt
.1 io. no ,v.,m.
lani   up to
!>•       lb-'   mine
n. prodttB*
M.m per mmiii
n   iimi the
iibiion5li"Hi H
hiii. luiHal. 1 0
t ojtfirs in
.11  tun   KUiBi!
in mnKt q[
III tell jinn nil aboiu tt. ■*"  . (iffiokuti-till-.(tviir Kuoiminj*. !■*
7   *
Ninth Yeajj
scheme. And how readily they could
be used to shoot those murderous and
rascally workiiiginen who will not he
satisfied with bread, but wfint pie.—
Cleveland Artisan.    <
ThkLkdgkU two dollars a year ill advance.   When not so paid it is S2.50 to parties-, worthy of credit
nonpariel line first insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion
graded in prices according to circumstances.
Legal advertising 10 cents a
Reading notices 25 cents a line, and commercial advertising
ev« .
should 1
i do
It comes to the (rout
works for the (rail
believes thai hell
proof that it is
sure of a hunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold toloo^(R^^RYi EdUor ,„„ Flnancler,
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
four collateral.
years to collect the feathers from
which it is made.
The English language is spreading in Mexico.      	
The mint in Canada is still a
dream.   So is the lead refinery.
Food should never be given to
patients suffering from acute diseases. 	
An oak tree sometimes lives a
thousand years, if it is not near a
The United States is a good field
to exploit when capital is needed
for B. C. mines.
The undeveloped natural re-
"•jQiirceS-QLB.-lA-are rich,enpugh_to
support an empire.
The silent snow is tucking its
white mantle around the jagged
mountains of the Slocan.
The mayors of Kaslo and Nelson
have each had a pugilistic experience, and it is now up to the mayor
of Rossland to ante or pa<ss the
The St. Marys Hospital at New
Westminster is always out with the
mitt, and we cannot understand
why it refuses this paper when it
is sent free.
Canada will never become a
great nation until its people rise
above the stench that comes from
rotten partyism and decaying religious superstition.
When redistribution comes to
Kootenay the ridings should be
laid out so as not to conflict with
each others interest, and have at
least 3500 p'eople in each one.
A young New York doctor anxious for money is raffling himself.
He  is  selling  $15,000   worth of
Uranium has the strongest smell
of the rare metals, although there
is a good deal of cent in, copper.
In Norway can be found wooden
churches 700 yeai-s old. Tlie wood
is preserved by coating with tar.
The United States produces 8S0,-
000,000 worth of strawberries
yearly.    Xo wonder cream is high.
Morality has broken out at Grand
Fork*. Professional gambling has
lieen roiiglt-loeked by the authorities.
The .laps are not all cheap. The
emperor of that country lias a.
salary of t\u» million dollars a
•'Coining events east, their shadows before them " is constantly
Verified ill the (Ionic,-! ie  life  of the
lloiiiHiil lias over Hi.iiiio windmills, ami yet that country lias
never |i|iiiJiici-(| a noteil jiii|_ili,*.i,
**\ce|it ui it-
If bail wa- doubled in \ii\er ai.il
•ilvei $1 Imw would iIn* -liMc-m
touch tin* earth? That"- ju-t w hat
it would d".
tickets to women, and the winner
he agrees to marry. Let her go
double. Doc.
"What is heaven?" asked the
small boy. "A place where the
delinquent subscriber is unknown,"
answered the editor as he turned
momentarily away from the overdraft column.
The Chinese think that boy
babies are the greatest blessing
heaven can send, and put earrings
in their ears in order to make the
spirits keep from stealing them.
Different people havo different notions. 	
The people of the Southern States
would make no kick if Teddy broke
iread with a rednkiii, but when he
entertains a negro they fly into a
pout, .'md rave about the color line.
Socially, the only thing against
good coons is hot weather.
Some of (lie fanners in  Knglaud
iiiy   .strange   rents.    One gives a
snowliall in .July and a red rose at
Christmas, another two doves, while
an estate in the north  of   Kngland
i-   held   by   tlie
t-lH/i'U   veil!*** Ilf !!  i
by the family.
including a diamond drill of the latest
make and a heavy steam boiler, arrived
at this point, and on Saturday morning
by an early hour the moBt of the plant
had been placed on wagons and the
start for the Kootenay oil fields begun.
In conversation with a member of the
company we find that a  number of
prominent northern capitalists are interested in the venture,principal among
whom are Mr. Vanwart, of Calgary,
and J. Linehf.ni, Okotoks.   The drilling outfit, which was brought up from
Petrolea, Out, is capable of drilling a
6 inch hole 1500 feet or more, but it is
thought that long before this depth is
reached the oil deposit will have been
struck and the crude petroleum being
brought up to the surface    It will be
some six weeks before the drill can Input at work, as a wagon road, *a mile
and a half in length, will have to be
blasted out of the solid rock before the
spot selected to begin operations can be
reached.   It is just possible that it may
be Christmas time before the drill will
be started on its way down in search of
the  petroleum   which   is   somewhere
hidden.   A gentleman from Petrolea,
Ont., an oil expert well-known in :hat
part of the country, waB expected up
on Saturday last.   He will have charge
for the next few weeks to come will bu
made under his own personal supervision.   Let us hope that the efforts
being made to discover the source of
the supply will be crowned with the
success they are deserving of.
The oil find above alluded to is mi
the upper waters of Kootenay river
southwest of MacLeod in the eastern
hills of the Rockies. Oil from this
field has been used for lubricating purposes in Cardston for the past two or
three years, having been taken by Wm.
Aldrldgo from oozinga on the surface of
his homestead —MacLeod Advance.
Slavery just us horrible as existed
before the war exists in this so-called
land of the free today, in West Vir*_i'iiu.
The poor miners are forced to work ten
hours ti day in the bowels of the earth
for a mere pittance. I imve seen them
when they have come to the Miifaii*
after their day's work was done. Many
of the poor felines would drop irimi c\*
liaut-Uoii uk they -.W-ji-.t-d out IV-m-.l
to druilfie all day, with two or three
biscuits lo keep up their utivngth, they
nre In worse bondage than were the
colored men. They iuiim l.ve in the
capitalistic dog Iceniicli iiwneil by the
c(impan,\; they iniiM buy all their
itercN'-itio of life from the coinpiiny
doi-lor     Kvery cent thev e.ire liml-.  it*.
You-knock a man into ,a ditch,
and then you tell him to remain
content in the position in" which
providence has placed bini.—Rns-
There are times when a man
needs neither friendship, love,
hope, comfort,sympathy,assistance,
nor anything else, only just to be
let alone.—- J. L. Jones.
The English and Americans cant
beyond all other nations. The
French relinquish all that industry
to them. What is so odious as the
polite bows to God in our books
and newspapers ?—Emerson.
How little the world knows about
its modest heroes who bear burdens uncomplainingly and show no
envy towards those who are more
fortunately situated from a worldly
point of view.—Blennerhassett.
The tiny pocket pistol in the
hand of Czolgosz at Buffalo has
done more to advance the cause of
Archism, of man-archism, of imperialism, of centralized power, in
this country than did all the heavy
and costly armaments of war against
Spain and against the ''insurgent'"
Filipinos.—M. Iiarman.
Let each one think as he pleases,
speak as he pleases, and act as he
pleases; and encourage him in doing so, since it is only an encouragement to honesty, and you may
want him to be honest in your interest before you are through with
him. To grudge one his rights is
as mean as to grudge him his money
or his happiness; so that intolerance is a vice akin to envy.—Bier-
bower.      7_
A man to be truly pious must be
able not only to love his enemies,
but to hate his friends.—Anon.
The owners of the placer claims on
Lamb creek, in the vu-inity of Moyie,
have clubbed together and are sinking
a shaft to bedrock The work is in
charge of Tom. Johnson. The result
will be known in a few davs.
"I'm surprised at. our minister,"
said Deacon Straitlace. "He says
all Christians should follow the bee
as a model of industry."
"Well, what's the matter o'
that?" inquired his Avife.
"Well, the bee works on the
Sabbath same as any other day."
King's Biitlulay Kxcm-gloti Rates.
On November 8th and 9th all C. P. R.
agents will sell return tickets to and
from all points in local territory at fare
and one-third, good to return till Nov.
11th.   J. S. Carter, D P.A., Nelson.
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ronipctitiou the famous Milwaukee Beers.
Our Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable whiskey in the market.
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Ti*li'|iliono No. HU.   1'. O. Box 700. Nulmin, H. C.
exhibition   cvciy j way Imck into tin' batnUm tuv lii'-a
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surest diwH'-i'*-' known, i in' jiin-
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fu Cutty yi-ar-. The disi-a-e is
riiiiiiiiiiii iiiiioi*-.'..Jap-  and   Chinks,
(Mill  h\   .'Mill  I iv   j|   lu!t\   In" rla-'i-il   1-
ili*«;i**r*.    in
I tOI-l**     I'liini"-    ;i   jii'ip'.,.'".
tin- *-|o\ve**t but j s.ililii'i*!* uf fniivii'ii.    U'l,r
Tb.. '— '	
.i tin
ii    ^'I'H'liili
I'.'lll'td.'l   i** full .»(  jinlitli'iil   I'lmiU.
vim t.A tin- ]iii)i)ii- ui'li.'i'i  ii, i,|,j..|.;mn-   nf   tbi'   -tiiiidui
tn Kci'ji ibiin-ihi - n i I'.-f-v  .*.itli th-*   l-iiti-b ' 'olunibi-i.
tHl ui \Ue bind.
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* ;i line lint of tin* j
| lnfi'st  winier i
■ Miitinys.    Yx.7' :
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I'oUtl   l,(,'A
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:t  i
it  ii*
ii« (.«<"<.•«*■ .11 i   I'MH-llil'iJ   tllllli-
i«»-iiii<-    Hi    Ni.va    ""pcnti-i,      fi
I/««il ].<'i*i*<b(tiii'i* tiuii* »ti*  .!
oi tiie '.'•* nicriibi'-i-**,
Then'sin tbiiiiKiiid*. ni b'|M*r- in
lajiaii.    .iiid    i»   If*   -.tJiiiil   tn    l'i.
V-iilHi.td  ib.tt  ,ill\**.   -Mill Ml !•;    11 • ill)
»nt   li-jmi-v   aie   fi-biiti.'  and   fanning
jsaliHiiii un llu- i'nlitiiibia  m.-r.     Il'l
•It. .      iu   „     i a :     . j '"ll till*   '. 'illltlililiiili    ViltV    imt   *m   t Ui
I III* i illlnr <>! til!- paj.i 1   \>. l-lii'- ;i *    .      " "     ""   '•"
»!i Hot*!
liar.      Ho!   Scotch
f»y>fi't'      <'nektail.".
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I'p'y "
St James
Nt*\% Otrnvvr, B.C.
R. J* Steel, Broker
MJ..1C*, II. V
lU'-it il'i-.-ii**   :(i   the  e\t\ —(
Ot   (<<<!( *P   ,1111
mm"m p*mm pxxm. p*s.x»*, pc "m, px " ^ p€'xm mx**,. pkx»*x mt'x**, pc~t9*\fm^**\p*yy:
^^ - ^^-        ..^^ ^^9,. ..^m IMl Jmm]  \wm*\.,,        Jmm\ tmm. mmm       ^^„.        Jmm mmm.^ ^m  %mm*. Jmml l^*M. .^*m\ 99*m. J*mt 9^**., ..*-l^W ^^»,.,.„,. „
I"l**lv..f **      "i'U,.   1„,       ......  I
1'tV  hoii, AvA   ri ;i i,n .    -i,.,} 'A  A,   ,
lair kpi^-i h on ,<«■,>.   u i*. mi.. Rcistcrer <£* Vauxhan
tth&>   h-p-i<n*\   mrxiAi   i7nn  i.iinini x*ClSOn.
\mi- -<i |Mij.iibir in Turkey ,-almnii would not  Im* i»li*h(*<l bv? """      "
wuihjf uvi   i.ii'iti' vviii^p,   mriuimiy.
tin* biilid.ij.'.    Anv fakor>?
( oir.*.
%t   rum i tifni* «(p'i*   *.   I*iii    .i»iti.   '.    >i .'.. ' .    .
ground** for >l!ivnm* if her Iiii-IaihI |||.
ilbl mil pnividi* lli»* iH-vi'ltlg"'.
If III,. *-t«,ry g,u out   il   mayt ilic   MlNfcRS* ;
Mop pwipU- lilting minion, bm that j EY"TU A WfX Tlir« ForkfS
The Toronto T**I**graiii «*alli* unj
an ar* hbi-diop. Well. »• long anj
liny iio not (all w- when  we h»\e
nn j.'.irr fb*-rv- i- n-'. h.trui done.
do***    out    ma tt.r.   for    ImjMnriftl
B. C
OH.   |M    mtt-TIi     ll.ftlCRTA.
Wf tire in h jifiMUdii lo tmy   ibut «»i •)
The rno*t emtiv ptiment  in  th*|oChrr •«*• » mt>T*' '»>*J«nnln(».l *Iort U to*
world i- n rosml Ho«k fmm the P^ m*** w tup th* *,,!lt*'rta ***m«
frovkJet *ecotnmod*tion for
tbe tr*-»eHU»K juaViiic.....
Plentint  rconut,   ind food
mi**I*.   Tb* Irwr » txrjcled \
with   winet,   Ihoon   tod;
tigtr*.     WW *M WWl
teniiwidi Ii.iai.ik  it f«»ok i^tr^flll,.lm k ^JM,oA/v;vvvj,'HUGH!fl\Efi, Proprlefor.
ii j.ivoti.Mis, I'm.jiin lur
o!ii!»'ri(*t>!(* Kciin-*— Mai   !'«**|ili*ti*   with tbp in-n of
i   ' 'itfdl.**-- tm-fl   M'l V il"|- lil(»»ll{4l|i»l(l.
Bank oi Montr-eai,
t'.itMWiutit it   ISf..
i'h|.:i*I (all |«lcl ti|') H'-'.niA^o.n)
Wt^^rrH tnnd    •    •     7.** IN Hit its
Indivldtxl imtltM  ;   ;   .MU^il.Of
HIL.»I»   Ori'lCIL,   -HOMfRIUI..
Kr. Ho«. b>Kn Htratkoika a.Ml Moukt Kovu, G.C.M.G. I'reaMent.
Ifox. ti. a. Dri*m«oxi». Vice fruMWent,
K. S. CuH'sTttx, (knemi )tanmrer,
HrnneheA in itM port,* ot fTunndff, ^(ewfoiintti^rt^ Orenf, Rrff.ifn, .-tnrf
i In* I'niOiil SkAte*.
New Denver branch
LB B. DE VEBeir, Manaf«r Ninth Year.
I* events JUst fassrns Sy j
Shellguss, the murderer of McKinley, died as he bad lived—like
a dog.    He seemed to know no fear
and went to his death   with the
same careless indifference that has
characterized his bearing ever since
he came up in the public eye as an
assassin.    He has never acted like
a man of courage,  but rather like
one driven to desperation by his
own evil imaginations and dogged
inclinations.   He had no love of
God in his heart, no love of man,
no music in his soul.     There was
nothing in his make-up that was
human   aside   from   his   physical
form and  capabilities.     He had
turned against priestcraft in early
life, but in casting off the religious
yoke of bondage, instead of turning
to the true God, the God of Wisdom, of Truth and of Love, and
making himself the physical being
of Light, he,  like many another,
made himself submissive to no law,
denounced home, society and every
elevating environment, and sought
peace in the darkness of his unbridled hatred of Goodness.    After
smothering it in himself he was
unwilling to perceive it in others,
and became a blasphemer of God,
a hater of man, a  man without
manhood, a human being without
Love, an animal without a name.
Among the ladies who have penetrated into the Klondike are Mrs.
R. D. Hitchcock, widow of the late
Commander Hitchcock, of the U.S.
Navy,  and  a   friend,   Miss  Van
Buren.     From San Francisco to
„Dawson their journey was a long
series  of adventures, but though
mixing among the roughest of the
rough they never failed to secure
respectful treatment.   In  Dawson
City they soon became famous, and
hardly a miner in the camp failed
started on tlieir first  Sunday in
Klondike.   A peculiarity of these
services was that the miners selected their own music,  and the result of their deliberations at tlie
first service was the following combination:   "The    Lost     Chord,"
"Nearer, my God, to Thee,"' "Tlie
•r*"  Portuguese Hymn," and Straus'
•'Blue Danube."    To an easterner
it is not easy to realize what mining oamp life is like.    It is the tendency of the eastern mind to look
in gaping horror upon   even  the
mythical minor in  rough  working
clothes.    A ml the thought of a lady
coming in actual contact with such
people, talking and  walking  with
thc real live thing! Oh, tlmt- would
be shockitig!    What uonscnw!    Of
course, Mrs.   Hitchcock and friend
received respectful   treatment.     A
lady, if she In- a   ladv,   will   never
* w   '
receive anything else in  a  mining
camp.    The sifot   place on (bid's
in the South. It- was thoughtless
of Teddy to make such a breach of
etiquette, especially at this stage
of the game. It would have been'
cheaper for him to invest in a meal J
ticket and give it all to Booker.
But Roosevelt does things that
way.    He doesn' t care a dam—and
room was broken into. Upon the
table was Mac's last scoop. It was
written as only Mac could write it.
Locked in each other's arms on the
bed laid the forms of two loving
souls that could not live in separation. A bullet hole in the breast of
each and a revolver with two cham-
that's the smallest piece of money ibers empty  told how it was done,
afloat—what  the   public    thinks j Yes, it was sad to see two young
about it. The White House is his
now, and if he wants to have a
negro eat dinner with him occas-
sionally he'll do it. And why not?
Anarchy has been defined as lawlessness, but anarchy in its true
sense is just the reverse to lawlessness. Anarchy is the doing away
with all laws, aud the making of
every man a free will agent with
no laws to govern him but that of
love between man and man. Without laws there could be no lawlessness, and until all laws are done
away with there can be no true
anarchy. That which passes for
anarchy to-day is lawbreaking.
But all lawbreaking is not considered anarchy. By a misconception of the meaning of the word
anarchy is thought to be only that
kind of lawlessness that aims to
take from capital its special privileges and from the rulers of nations
their power, But the word can be
as correctly applied to the capitalist
who oversteps all law in his greed
for gain, or the commercial octopus
that by intrigue and stealth saps
from peoples and nations the life
and health of prosperity. The
common anarchist seeks to deprive
the few of power, while the anarchist in power seeks to hold the
people by the throat with one hand
and empty their pockets with the
A prominent society woman of
Chicago, who had a husband and
three children, and a prominent
physician who had a family of his
own***—became-Tr-enamored .of—each-
other and for three years lived a
life of shame. It became necessary for the husband of the woman
to move to another city, and the
guilty pair, concluding that they
could not live without each other,
resolved to die together. They
agreed to swallow morphine and
cross the dark river for the unknown side by side. The woman
kept her promise, swallowed a large
(■uantity of the drug and was soon |ft Mii]. Ummm] aiBcriminntion is
sleeping the sleep that k"»ws >n)|miuI(J between th„ husbaml audlhe
waking. Her paramour, however, lw.f0 ,n tht, mattPI. of infidelity,
played the part of a coward and | The mau is a*,owe(, (livom> fr01n
lives of such promise and beauty cut
short like this. But Mac was true
to his love, as he ever was to his
When a man like John Morley,
M. P., of England, talks to his
constituents as he did at Arabroath
the other day, something is wrong.
It does not take a keen eye to see
trouble ahead for the war department unless a wiser and less bull-
headed policy is adopted in South
Africa. Mr. Morley said: "The
government is aggravating the essential mischief of the situation in
South Africa by its management of
the concentration camps. The
death rate of children, measure it
as you will, is hideous, excessive
and appalling. The policy of de-.
vastation has been admitted to be a
mistake. I wonder what Lord
Palmerston would have said of a
government justifying themselves
by saying that Russia - in Poland
and Austria in Bosnia had done
something like the same. The war
has entirely changed in character,
and is drifting into a Avar of extermination of a people fighting for
their own land. The policy of unconditional surrender and submission means extermination and annihilation. The present attitude is
one of sullen desperation. There
is nothing worse than metal in a
blind horse. The king will, perhaps, at no distant date have to
seek other ministers with a better
insight and a more pliant mind in
the face of the dangerous and complex situation which confronts the
country-^———— —•	
Olvorct* Iii KnglRiu).
From the American point of view
j and hence, according to the N. Y.
Sun, from the point of view of
morals and justice generally, England stands even more in need of
divorce reform than do the states
of the republic. In England by
the act of parliament passed in
1857, establishing a divorce court,
to himself, ' -but nevertheless I am
sincere in my opinion that 'the honest old farmer' is a misnomer,
writes D. F. P. in the Chicago
"I make a business of .buying
wool direct from the farmers every
spring, and am thus brought in
close contact with them, and my
experience has been that the tiller
of j the soil is like the great bulk of
humanity—on the lookout to get
thp best of you if he can.
j"Last spring an old farmer delivered to me a load of wool that
bipught down the scale to a point
that made me suspicious, and I investigated matters. The weight
was easily explained when I opened
the fleeces, for I found a big cobble
stone as large as my two fists in
every one of them.
" 'Come in here,' I said to the
old man; 'I want to show you
something.'   '
"He followed me inside, after
carefully selecting a straw to chew
on, and I pointed without comment
to the pile of rocks that I had discovered. Feazed? Not a bit. All
he said was:
" 'Darn them fool sheep! They
've been rollin' ag'in on that rocky
ground.' "
How to Kind a Fuultoil Vein.
Schmidt's law for finding a vein after
it has been faulted or dislocated, runs
as follows: If the dislocation, or fault,
is struck in its hanging" wall it must be
passed through aiid the driving- continued on thp hanging' wall side of the
faulted lode. If the foot wall of the
fault is struck it must be passed through
and the driving continued on the foot
wall of the faulted vein.
took only enough of the potion to
make him rest well. This tragedy
furnishes a true contrast of the
character of man and woman. With
woniiin there is no temporizing, no
retreat—nothing satisfies but  tho
ultimate■--and she can  die  happy 7.
sustained   by   a    lave    that   bus
an adulterous wife on that ground
simply, but the woman is debarred
from getting it from him unless it
bc coupled with other offenses,
which of themselves would have
entitled to a separation a utensa et
To D W.MOORE, or to any person to whom lie
! ma'j'  hftve transferred  tii9 interest in the
I Twickenham mlnei'iil claim, at the head of
Elpht Mile creek, in the Sloean Miniiii,'Divi-
i sloii, of West Kootenay District:
YPU are herchy notified that, I have expended
| itb In labor and improvements on account
of|your'interest In the Twickenham mineral
claim. The above mentioned t**75 is your proportion of the expense necessary In order to hold the
sn|d claim under tho provisions of the Mineral
Act, ami if within ninety days from thejlate of
thisllOliceT*3iirrS"T5*~i'6ruse'"lb contribute the
above mentioned sum, which is now due, 10-
i-sther with all costs of advertisiiiB, your interest
In jthe said claim will become the jiro-iertv of the
undersigned, under Section 4 of the "Mineral
Aot Amendment Act woo."
Dated at New Denver. B. C, this 3rd dav of October, WO J. FRANK E. ClX'TE
(.ASHIKR   Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Milling Division oi West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
Carpcnler creek, adjoining; the Sunrise.
fJiAKE NOTICE That I. John Keen, Free
J. Miner's Certilieate No. B 5KS61. intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to (lie Mining
Recorder for a Certilieate of Improvements, lor
tlie purpose of obtainhifr a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 31st day ot October. A. 1). WU.
TAJUIIACK   Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Minin;,' Division of West
Kootenay District.   Where located:  On the
Third East Fork of Wilson creek, about 'iO
miles from Slocan Lake.
rpA KE NOTICE Thai I, Kenneth  L,. Burnet,
•*•   iirciiI for James M. .Martin Esiir., Free Miner's Certilieate No. B 42010, intend, sixty days
from the datehereof, to apply to the Minin*,* Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining «, Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under Section 37. must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certilieate ef Improvements.
Dated this Slst day of October, A. I). WOl.
SUNRISE!   Mineral   Claim.
Situate in tlie Slocan Minini; Division of West
Kootenay  District.     Where located:    Adjoining the Hope mineral claim, near Sandon.
TAKE NOTICE That I, George Alexander, free
1   miner's certilieate No. B5IKX.O, as agent for
the Ruth Mines, Limited, free miner's certificate
No. B50850, Intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certilieate of Improvements, for the purpose of
ohtaiuing a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action under sec. 37
must be commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of October 1001.
CULTAS   NO.   3   Mineral   Claini.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District Where located: On
Tributarv creek, near Sandon, on divide.
TAKE NOTICE That Wilson &Senkler,acting
as agent for the Adams British Columbia
Minin? Company, free miner's certificate No.
16855, intend, sixtt days from the dale hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilieate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of October, A. D. 1001.
KM MA and ROBSON Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Arrow Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.    Where located:-*
On Phigston creek, about 8 miles from its
'PAKE NOTICE That I, F. C. Green, acting as
1    agent for the Daiihne Mining and Develop-
mentCompany. Limited Liabilify. free miner's
 ''"--'- "-   "    intei "     '
cordcr for a Certificate of Improvements, for the
_.. lability
certificate No  B02252, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining Re
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
Hie above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37. must be commenced before the Issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.'
Dated this 20th dav of September. WOl.
F. C. GREEN. Nelson, B.C.
However defensible that
diseriiuinuliiHt   may   he   on    cold
wrought her ruin.    Man. however.! M|,Vf.iol(H,ioH| KI„„,M|S. morally it is
is a coward by natuiv.     After tak-
|iei|ietiial whirler  for a   lady  is a iu*.',   all—evi-u   to    her   life   and
mining ettup.   The roughest■ miner soleinly   promi-dug  to accompany
i* a -j-cuth-iuun at heart ton woman
who i> at heart a lady.
bis victim in crime into thc unknown be iuh'P"- in (be liual hand
and cliii-'S to life like a brute.
Statisticians tell u> ol l.».v_»,i;i.»|
woiihii in tliiat Britain who ran!
tievi'v hoiii* In be married. Th"!
pit\ of it! Think of it. y«- bach-1
fitu- of Sloe ui matrimonially n,-'
dined! \ million liii\imi maiden
-!••« li \ .'.it*, and iiiiili'i"  -a bo u il!:
(absolutely indefensible, and it in-
s volvcs an injustice lo women whi«-h
; is intolerable in American eye".
; Wilh us. the lirst regard of the
Icjii-lation is I'm* woman.
Illlli-.ll      |li-.-.lilt.  Ill ,
To the legal personal representatives of J.  A,
SMITH, deceased, or to any |ierson or persons to whom the said J. A. Smith may have
transferred his Interest lu the Mercury Mineral Claim, sltuatedon 1'ayne Mountain three
miles south of Three Forks, lu the Sloean
Mining Division of West Kootenay. Biitf-.li
yOU. and each of ymi, are hereby untitled thut
1     we have exjieiiiled iwo himdivd and live
dollars In labor .and Improvements u|khi ihe
above mentioned mini nil claim In order to hold
the said claim under the provisions of the Mineral
Act, and If. within iilni-tv days fr.nn llie date of
this notice, von fail or refuse to contribute your
portion of all such expenditures, together with
all costs of advertising, your Intei'i'st In Die said
claim will become the pi'/i|p«rtv>l (hesubscribers
under Section 4 nf nil  Act ei'tilled "An  Ad to
ameml the Mineral Act 11*11."
Dati-dat New-Viiver  ll. C.   ibis mill day "I
OetohiT.l'.i-il. IIEU1IKRT T.TWKIH,
I'l'..    iIn*    h-iriil    |»-i'-oiinl   n*|ii'''s.-ul.iilvi'*.     -.1
j .1      A.    nMITII.    .I.-1'.-h-..iI.     ..i    i,,    il(,v
I |ni».ni     or   i»r*in»    l>>    wliniii   (In*    -ii i«I
i I.     A.     Miiilli     uiai      Iiiivc      tr-m-fi'i'ie
j lil-tiit.-tvn In <l,i'Mh'e<   Hill   Miner i". Clin:.
I      «aimteit ipii I'.o i:e Mi'Uiitt'in, a inil- ***..inli.il
i I'lllee Knl't'H, ill llie s|.v:m   Mhiiiic  liivl-t.pi
j        ul WY'i K. p'< n.iv. Iliiti-li ("..lunilii '
j yot' iin I ..uh i,i* vii. ■■»■■ Ii'n*!i.  ,iutiii,-i
■    1       'llP-l w-,-Imv»'   .-\;.-;(d'  i   I'-*--'   Ip.i-..iii>>!     .   i
th-  il .'lit- iu l-il.-.i ic,-i| im; i   • i pp- -.'   n, ■.■' tl..-
I lll-.VV UH'l.li'.lml lllilli'l'ill   rl.'tilll    Pill' 'I    III,    pi-
I \i  -.,li*,i( III.- Mm, I.: I   \. I. a i.ii i'. .i 11 Id 11 ■'i.l i . •
'   It. .;.!  till- .'    !'• "I   III*  !l..|if ■-,  l-li    I  III        I   I       '.-I    I-'
i p. inibin«* nun- i».ril oi ..I ■*!! *!■' Ii i'*., ■■!. 'I'll'i-
>..   - Mu r ivuli ppll i -. <!-, 1 p it*, -i-t.-ii ;•    ,'-.;rl'.--
■■•* i,, *(.. --.ip.I i.l -i.i. ii ill ;■   -.-...   '!>. j ■■', ■ pi.
JIOI.E Mineral Claims, and ihe KIXCOX
and CKOW Fractional Mim-ra! Claims.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenav district. Wheie located: About
three miles south-east of Silverton, B.C.
__ ,  days
from the date hereof, to apply to the-Mining'
Recorder for Certiticates ot Improvements, for
the purpose ol obtaining Crown Grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before tlie issuance
of such Certilicates of Improvements.
Dated this Jth day of November. 1B01.
Sir-VKK  LEAK Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Sloean Minini-' Division of West
Kootenav District, Where located: Oil North
Fork of EiKht Mile Creek.
'FAfcE NOTICE, That I, Albert E. Ashcroft,
i Provincial Land Surveyor, as ai?ent for Ernest C. Briuon. F. M C. No. U451M, .and Joshua
Fletcher, F. M. C. No.~B45!«M,jiiteii'd7»lxtydays
from the dato hereof, to apply to the Mining-
Recorder for a certificate of improvements for
the purpose of obtaining n crown grant of th
above claim.
And further take notice that action under.seo
tion 37 must lie commenced liefore the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated (his lath day of August, A. D. WOl.
Mineral   Claims.
Situate in the Sloean Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District.        Where     located:
Near the Elgin mineral claim, south of Sandon.
TAKE NOTICE That I. W. S. Drewry. actin*?
1   as agent for Nellie Hickey, F. M. C. No, 88024,
and Wm. C. Yawkey. F. M. C. No.37ii.tt, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof to apply to the
Mining   Recorder    for     certiticates  of    improvements forthe purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of each of thc above claims.
And further take notice that action under section 37 must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 19th day of September, A. D., 19C1..
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of Wes t
Kootenay District. Where located: Abou t
two miles up Carpenter Creek from Three
Forks.on the south side of creek.
TAKE NOTICE That I, George Man*, of Mc-
1 Guigan, free miner's certificate No. BS213S,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvement, for the purjiose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of each of thc above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before tlie Issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 10th day of September. A. D. l'Wl
Mineral Claims.
Situate   in  the    Slocan    Mining   Division of
West Kootenay District,    where located:
On Tributary Creek, in the Slocan Minin g
> Division of West Kootenay, B. C.
TAKE  NOTICE  That I,   E. M. Sandilands,
I   Cft. No. Bft-iSl-i, acting as agent fori*. Burnt),
Cft. No. B :mtt, and 1). D. Mann,Cft. No. A 865*1,
i»ti>nil Hflrlnv^.l'i-'"*-* il"viiar*iii.
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenav District. Where located: On
Four Mlfe Creek.
TAKE NOTICE, That I. M. R. W. Rathborne.
1 Free Miners' Certilieate No. BM.'US, for myself and as agent for Frank Culver, Free Miners'
Certilieate No. B SHOifl. intend, •» days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Milling Recorder for
a certilieate of improvements, for the puriiose ol
obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action under Sec.
37 must lie commenced before the Issuance of such
certiHi'iitc of improvements.
Dated this loth day of October, A.I). J'-oi.
I'Ximiljiil -W.'-illli |ntnir and  iliij I'..vtiiii'lil-
VVhili)  lli.rse Nn.  I  miiirral i-l.-'lin,   Th.
Milling Recorder for Certificates nf Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants
ol each of the above claims.
And further lake notice that action under section 37 must be commenced liefore the issuance of
such certificates of Improvements.
Dated this •"Mil day ol August. A.D., ll-oj.
RETURN   Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kooicnay District. W'lii-iv located: West
of the Sapphire*, on I'avne Mountain.
T.lKK NOTICE That 1.'Herbert T. Twigg, as
I agent for the I'avni- Consolidate!! Mining-
Company, Limited. Frt.-r Miner's Certificate No.
II "i!<.H7.ri. inii'iid. sixty davs from the .late hereof
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a < YttltU-ute
i.flmpri'Vi'ini'nia, for Ihe purpos.- uf ..litalniiig
a Crown Grain of the above claim
Anil further lake notice that action, under Fee*
lion :i7, must lie commenced belore the issuance
of itiirli Cerlllieati* of Improvement!,.
Datdl lids Mb dav ol Senti'inlier, A. D. l:«'l,
Mineral Claim.
Slnmt.' in iln* SI can Mil Ing l'lvl«ion ..f '.Vent
Kootinav Distill t. Where lisiiied: On
I'a.vn.p Mountain.
.1, A. M.'KIXX'-.N, J. T. RICHARDS
1'llILll' HOWE, or in whom tln-v may hav
transferred their int* n-ts in the W'hiU' Hi.r-t-
No. 4 mineral claim, -Ittmtcd on ((.iIiii.-i
Farm lint, near Sllvertuii. In the Sloran
MIiiIiik I'lvl-pinn.ul West Kui-tenay ilistriri
Vol* rtKK HEREBY .Vol IKIED ih.it 1 |,:(\.
I    exp
p.i.llu' V
.•ibiil-i'-llielltimicl   ***|n;'..Vi   Is   Ih,. i-xn, in-  n—   .......,, «    „„ .     i
>arv in ..riier to hold Hi.- -aid claim uinicr tii.'T<■••■■> V'"* •"*,, ■•'.••■   -•  Arthur s
pr.ivisl.mi nf ih.' Mim-ial   An,  mul II within I •-    •" '"• Miner » I .•(
iiin.-l\ dn)* fi'..in tin* ilnte of ihi* ii"tii-'- y.'ii 1' :i
ur lelu-c I" I'niilriliiil.'  \..nr pm; m-limi  ot  ll:e
above jii'litloioil   *uin,   which    !*  u.iw   due,   I. •
gether ivllh all cii-i*. oi  U'lveitMin:. v.iir h.i  ;•
< *(»   111   (III'   »Pli'i     elllilll     Mill    b.'1'..llle    llie   fit* p.-
el IV    of    Ill''    liil   !. 1-iL'lll ll    IIP.lI.  I     V. I tl'  ll      |o!'l.
"\|llierri|    Ael    Alll.'l.'l I'     \el  !■►-' "
Dale.I   nl    Miv. |i..e,    It.   C      tlii      |*,tl     .i"V      !
Il."..|„.|\    |t.P.I,
("Haim.i-:-* i   iiiii'i:
Fa ni ell,
lilicab* No II.Vil.Vl.lilleinl.lKJ
dav-from the.late hereof I . pioplv to the Mining
j Hee.'ldi i I'.l':i (Vrtlllenle ol Iiii|.|oVi.|iilii(S, for
j tli.' plirpos.*  ul  ubiaiiilhg .i  l'ro«li (ifiillli'llho
,    il o\<   el.lhn.
lii'l   Im Hi. I I,.Ke  nolle.'   lli.it ... ll..ii   mult) r
'  -e. Hot, :\'t. Il\ll"t    be   II .1,11nelie.lt   il.l.-V.     tb.'1-.P.ll-
i nn I *t|i ll. i itllieiil,  of lni|.|-"\i'ttp. lit*.
ii.le.l tin* .- all .:,. -•( Aiiifu*!. .1. 11. l'*i|.
■ .'] A. «. KMtWI'.l.lo
• i niiiii.   i:t i» i o\  .ni.i   ki.ii   fox
I'llAI "I'lON  Mm. imI CI.iIiiivi,
'l.l.l VI,'i   i   ** |
I., u ii.i.i »M   mi oi; \ \   inir>i iii;si
I.P I •
H 111   ll,   ),,
• ll
IP.', I,,I
• I".-    •:■
■..   w,
ipp.t.    Iii   tin      **!-
We-I      K.»'!!., I.
— -   I.l* — -    II      ll.    I
■•. .ub.
iivt; \ni ii k !i,„t i.i,
■ ii    \ll' iin.-    leu-iioi   nn
ln-ln.-i      U"t.|-   (...'ali-.h
.1   J
, rt-
ii (tin
i *,
bur- "
•t   it,!•   ••iiihi;ioi-
ill'   .-rill     llll-.li.nill,
• if   ;i   'm*»v''*   ki--
iii.: *,i'.*:i..('    V  nii!'i«'
wli'Hii   im?*li-»iiil*>     i
ol .1 hl.i:
li i In' ii;:
il|i<»ii   lit
p,   ■■■■tlii.*!.
•aitttoi    !«
l«'ll.<l. I I.....IXII        1,1       I .UJ»i,.IIM
loi'.'vi ;|.»\*i .-r-i (tint mHi tifVi't- (.•
[•nuki'ii. A iiiiiiimi !«i--ti f* il<<»'iiii-i
hy the itih'I Ii.-iik) of fat.' to ,i \'r,<
of I'linitini'ss, a. Iciiii. niifi'uillii
-tiiiHt^rliiKMl! Wlio would
i\ruy -,i uvMi^vnthi'tii* tmir*
Not so with our old iii".v-|ia|»i'i"'
I'n'iMid \(H'«v<j"iir. ^I'-u fiiiiiiliiii*'
nith Aiiii-iii-aii |iiililii-*- w ill ii-iin-iri-
ln'f ihai au iiii|ioi taut i'ast a i-»-t -
tain it'tin, known |.oliiii'nli\ ji*.
lit.- "Mini Iii-uti h Ida .'' *i!a_v<'i| in
tlii- deli-Hi ol (ii-i".--i > ti\.-iaiiil !u»*
tin- ;iii -idi'iii", in iln i asi!|i.ti'.'ii H'
l^'.ej. "Hu* innii i.■-|nni**ili|i' l>>r ill.-
jin'.'i.-.iC^.n . t Sli p' \- "1,-r pi, -pt- Vi
iiuid M«< ii-p-pii". at thi* tiiin- i -tail
i> ,•■ ii i< i •*.« ,ii> i,,,-■ 'inhi p.'.- iin,iin.
•i l*jiiih*t- ^iiiMi t i * * \«■ r* pM-h'-ii n
1'iiln-i than Mai-. A man Imin
iisirvet in ivH'ir. a ti ii-tid tliat nl
w.'iy- I'/trrii'il imir iiilcrr.-t.- willi
not In"*: of t»ood fannlv. ..olilc tuidiifion.
bitty inlidl»-<*t and » Inin-i :i- Iii" n«
vonrliat.    IIS- luiij"*   wen-  weak.
For tin* lies l tiin*' -iiii*e tin Crimean war tin* linii-h |no|ili* .in in -
niiiiiiiiU lo look anorily and rn-tixi-
U .»{ tlieir ndiiiiid..*--. -ay iti** v-.
Tin- Hi iti-ii |p-.«|ili-
<u!k "i tin- tliihkino
\v Ii" !i     ii;    •i)'d:U<il'V
in. .1 " V;- .Vei to  \e I '. '  Min. i .!  \   i | .
!'.'..! ,' V, pi p. in, ,-   i: i     n.i.   ','i   ,i
I.    'I.* i    1 ■"' III  .ill'i'l.' I    'I     !    '   '.
Hull I    I I  WlM.
I -ll
I. N
1      Kil.el,     I-
k->- »    He
IS   ". ■■■'    I
■ ' '7     \      ^l
■Hit. inn-
.i-i-i (.*.'afor
i . iilile„'i- No.
■■■ Mi.'i i «( i r-
'.■il'ii'.'.   l'i*-.-
M - I-, ,..
'i...n tl.. linfii
V.   Wm Id.
nn an- tin*
ntiiidli* i'i'i-
tiltii-- t'l'idi'
jtoftiiii* il U
i i # \
'       i      v
i-iili.ii- i
I ... v.'l   !.\ I   I -
v \ t p I. i f *-. r,'   *,
- i,i ui.
liail    -
• ji.'l • I.i- - ;i i ■ I
p.ii --. 11,,   tu
'in*,    ta'iiilai -
Til/i" tlV'-'l '•I'lii'hlil   Wt    «>'( ^Vn'^fi'-ifi'i'lilill ' t-tjiiiiclh •^((•iriiili*)lii|*tii»iij    fmir    hA    Hiii'ntin'   iiM
|{no**w'V.dt \\m onetluil ovfi^U'ii^'d; l^w Au^idot-: Inn   that   i>  aiiolln'i"
•ill   l'i..       ,.1    ..,.,.,- ..I,.!...,,  *t»,.l   ,-n..t, ,in    Ati.iv ll   Xn'f   i.teti-   n.i,, .»»,.!'   (It-it
and lia.*- brought  u|*tn him the di?*- ran win iln* atln lion** of thn* fairi-*-«i
gimt of tin* Mtuth-rni   ftntdi*.     Ue\ daughter of tin* jtrojHU-tor of tit**
invited I look ci WnMliin^ton. a inan! pajwr. hut   Mac did.      How   long
of noble heart   am!   purpo****'.   hut [ they had lived ti|>*iti  itM-h othcrV
rnndfly f*kiii, tn ent tl doHnr'n worth j love nolmdy will ever know,      The
of grob in the Whit** IIoum*.     By j umtih wm not   <«n«tioiH*«i by tin*
thl* wtapie jm-1 alone kediiy ham for* • l*»*tti*r-h;iH   ot   the  jfiitonai   hfiid,
ever and aye blasted  hi» {miitiea! | and a demand wm made that their
fArt+r am! -non for himself a name I relation** phoui«l i-emnf.    <me aft»*r- ru, CASI( w IT„ (l|(t)i*R
of honor among men and one tohe|nnon  Mm- failed to nhow up for ,*„,! f„,. #t»-^uf y ,^t w>tnwm «**«,»..
hi#*d at by emy it)h»r**iine arti»t\ detail.     imte in the «-*-(,-wing hi» *w:.mi »;« whtih *"{i^'»^ r.
-*ul!ii' man ni liiyh ami Mitlii-ii'n
raj<arit\ l!ii'/iand ni.n (.f-^cn'U
tnki* —tnti-i' li«ii'> >!• •»- i"i.«..i!0 in •
ciiiniiij; a iv.-d .|i-iin>i-laiv. -s>'tli
ini'iil a- iln* li:i-*i- ol .idv.innnM i:t
iii-tia«i oK birth and rank.      Mi-.iis-
'lil*,.l     *,»*        M.-M       .**       nil.I ■>-. ■'-',. .-•.        h
UlllUltllC   to  OH-  rtkll.lMI,.   iliV   ill''   ■•iniv
m*K!* of llritainx awak«-ninu to tin*
f««*t that it i- Int hMili-od thai i-
bi'iii}{ drunk up hy 'In- thirty
Nnnii SVliienn -.himi*.
mit   mi  -iKini-ivr.
**! in<%\ ire p«*!*imi>ti.'." snid th**
talkative man, a* hi* -inihil noftly
'    ...    'IP.
;■ ,   .   ».
ll  .       : .
ii ua.i.**.
«»\ t la»U > M-*-:  -t c. i»i\
• ij t.
P. S. aARTLETftjv
KJtwtH. SlfUl In   \J)
>i)*ri!fill*H'*ni-, *-.»,i jiriij»i«
i" nil lM,l l.\f I <m\\ v| u-
','     1   ■„ (Mil      '-,».. I.PP    ,   . 1       "    '   ':■     *.       «   'I"   '
'I     '»|i h I v'v 'v      .i      /      li ii il l i, l .-
I'Utl.tl' H-i-Oiti      •< ',,.. ■■>., h, ,-iii'V. , i,.... I'.. 4.
t, ,..-„#»... B  it'-.:*   ■    -     -",-!.   },.-  1^..    j  •».--    -- .'      .-Pi.
vil   • tiltii.   -In,   I.i    .1,  liiitt,.,   I    .-p..   *!*
■■ > "*!t»»j|..i«    I.    It,     sl.-j,,.,    Ml-ill p.'    tl.ll-
..-,... f\v. ** K-..V.P.J l'f*ni.i
v'-.j    mt'. MKI(M.>   V'.TIUKO id.t I i.......
I * ii* sf-'S-ii #1 »"4 "*iii. i. '*.-; .uA l.ppf,i-,i*iwi p.
.-?-« ti.- »*»«", -n M»rt!«-rmi'. , !*.»'« iiw xt*.%..H*si.
p. 11 if -tne Vp (-4 p|[„ „i|„.i, ,i. in', i «m;t r i   in ,11-ifi-i-1 -
J...*-, Ol'   "-■IA tUiM,UI..4. I    'It    HJ'-iUln.-*..,. ,-4   n*
Wlu'.il l«l. »«'p«i W 9Uti ■: nl-.n«t> ctn.ft (ri*i ll»
ii, i
• ' tin      V|P
I'-. i...
'M'i 18.S.. »N
I •
> ,,.: ■■*r.*t,«i<i*.:h-4, >il Of +p'-- "i" 'Hi' . tl- *lti*ft *.|
• h-.vt.N »*"• 4si*-. f tffil#f *ilh *H t,M*
.-»,.»1t*»fts*, |.-«»»* 04.1' *•.* »*• th*-  *.til • him »il
.-••Hill- 'il.    PJI«(t|H!l1S    IA    -If.      tU'lt'-riifl.l-l    .'Ml'!',
*«.-, tK*, I..( Orf - Mfftrrftl   \,\   \rr*i..im.f,i   \rt\
J. E. Angrignon
Tie i.< <d io;
i Hairdresser
Finest Shop fn tbe Slocan.
.' u >•. I'.iii' \ ia. Si,<. liinj
Ki<iln\    I *!"■• Tot-.i.t... A|. ntival, I5n*-*
I'    4   "... «   ',»!.-..      .   ..-* *., ,     .,., .,   .    »ll,««.,|, f»|I
..n    r i.i.,r* >* «>■»(«■,",.. i :„!•.••
'..II '.AKKKl I, U*> f Vr* il»«iitr.
I.   i.IVviV, .( ,1.   I*   .»#«.. V.»* i ,.i,t*r.
«.**, -i'*(v»,i»i' %.\«i.**, h a
t 'i *ini l.tutti I'.ijTdj
' »r»« Am*ttt*9 tin**
' piw -»»<'i»»f.4 fc.a
• l*f »t»fit "f—
I. ll    j.   il." *   P, ,h 1 al.tilUn
i',%*i    t t -witnif .(tW*
■•»,* l» I.'* .1, ll. ., % «».
Itriek  VMftit.   ii^Slevoe Ave.,  Wwl
«♦    H
t».|..J   .i|   Siit.d'in    11   i      (fn*   JTi».  ,\<%\
.   '1'1'K'I.. 'i'*»'j  '         * •-•"-—* -»-•* -   -| f     j.,     iff        .
-mi urs.n*. r if*i*r.      i Denver, It. t, \   wr ew rum*
, .(,» ii»(k»t-r.
** *•   (.»   o limine m
Ninth Year
Your Eyes
and My Optical
My stock of Spectacles and
Eye Glasses is very complete, consisting of Rimless
Eye Glasses and Spectacles
and a full line of standard
goods.   .......
I am the pioneer optician of
the Kootenay, litivim*: the
largest experience, nnil my
appliances are second to none
In the Province	
G.  W.  GRIMMETT, Graduate Optician
and Jeweler.
SJAu'ent for Canadian Kodak Co.
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
„ Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
Nelson. B. C
Kootenay Coffee
Oct -'—Wilmer fr. Goat mt, 1'oiiald McLachlan
7—Cosmopolitan, bet Four .Mile and Eij;lit .Mile,
Gus Anderson.
S— Slocan. nr Kosebery, 1' *1 Gallagher and Geo
Hinckley fr, near Three Forks, John   Foster.
Reliance fr, Carpenter ck, J HCory*
Havilock, n f Eight Mile ck, Chas McNicholl.
'J—Rosebery, Wilson ck, A S Blondin and A M
12—Gipney Boy, Payne Mt, John E Jones."
11—Bell, Tour Mile ck, Patrick Clune.
Mountain Chief, Carpenter ek, J J Grant. -
13— Highland, Four Mile, L M Knowles.
]7_\Ve One, Wilson ek, G S Vanstone.
tf3—Ceylon, Goat Mt, Amos Thompson.
Jamaica, Goat Mt, Russell Thompson.
Satterlee, Goat Mt, T A Austin.
Martha Ann, Goat Mt, J BSmitli.
S5~Ptaiii*ilgaii fr, Best Basin, Thos F Cofcg-rllT.
Klni*: Edward VII, lst e f Wilson ck, Wm
mj—Nurven, Silver Mt. D V McPherson.
»8—Nellio fr, Grat Ml, G W Martin and D
UK—Menoinlnle, Four Mile ek, Chas S Rashdall.
Florence, same.
SO—Kxtenslon, Goat Ml,C H Hrindle.
Victor, Red Mt, John Smith.
Oct 1—Kin-,' fr, Bostock No «. 3—Tornado.
•I—Silver Creek, Flood fr, Two Jacks fr, R E fr,
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baking Powders containing
■luiu.  They are lnjurlou* to bealtb
1 ieuti.tr*> in Teas an.l Ccff.'e.
All nr.idi:- hiipI pric-p. A
trial ...nl.'fs.plicitepi	
Kootenay Coffee Company
P. O. B...X is.'. West Baker St.
XKLSON, 11. C.
378 pounds, and was valued at over
English Bar on tlie Yulm river was
so named from two Englishmen wlio
worked thi-re with poor success in 18M.
They gave, their claim to a man named
Wilkins. and' sought richer (li»*-p>*in»-H.
.-   ,   ,     .  >.„,     ,  ,    ., ,,    ,.     ..   „.   Willcius formed a eomiianv, and in the
Kaslo fr.    n—Silver Lake  Falls,  Granite Mt ; .,-.-,        ,
Silver Lake.   T-Aftermatli,Colonial. 8-Storm, | summer Ol l«o*2 took out S0O.O00.
T P, 9-Coliimhus. Proiishiiul.  w-Mowieh fr, ;    The war in South Africa has drained
Upton.Seaton fr, Henhow.   11-Alma.    -M-Su- j |Vom Allstraijft more than  10,000   work
perior,  Mamiet.    Hi— Diamond   Hitch,   I'lngle, I
Ahcv Jones.'   17-Triuinph fr.    18-Bendluo fr, \<iVS: has lessened tlie niHow of British
Triumiih. Mom-toil. Polo.   21-Nip and Tuck, j capital   for   the   development   of   new
.'■.'--Edith. Kin-jston.    US-Red   Mountain   fr. i mines, and, combined with the rein-irk*
Drumlumtnotid Homestake    L'S-TanmraU. as-j ;,bu.   in,m*-tlia 1   boom   ill   Europe,   has
Cross Roads.   *.)—.Mother Hmtflov. hxv A wav.   .: . . '
-■ tullv stopped euiiij-ration io Australia.
Dei (-No3 fr, Ms. Geo w Hughes to John !    The Malay peninsula supplies by far
Daly. May is. I the - "-'-'Hei'moic-tv of the tin supplv of
No 3 Ir. 5*12. Oi-ii W Hiiiilicstrt V J Ftnut'iuie, I   , , , .    ;
()(.tli |the«   -Id: the present output ot  tin is
s-C B. w s N Wills t.. A K Finsjianil, j. and | 'Abu: ' .•; ■• follows:   Federal Malay states,
to Clias Brand, J. Sept 2- i 4o.c - • vnis;   1 ndepetidi-iil Malav states,
i.wHell.P.itrlckCl.iii(!t.»\vsAult.Ocm.      1.u)l,,   lj)lltch lmli(.s_  ir m0   Australia
MaKin-i, '.i-'in, Jus C Kyiin to \V R Rust, Oct 11. '    '
Established in Nelson in 1890
DoH Rigid NOW
If you need a SILVER TEA SET, call at JACOB DOVER'S Store.
For a STERLING MANICURE SET, write to DOVER'S jewelry store
PIANO LAMPS, ONYX TABLES can be bought at my store
Do you need a nice MANTLE CLOCK?   Call at J. DOVER'S store
For DIAMONDS and PRECIOUS STONES, we are the headquarters. A LADY'S WATCH set with
Diamonds, ask for them a', DOVER'S store. I invite you one and all to do business with me as all mv
goods are guaranteed .
All watch and jewelry repairing*guaranteed. lAOnR  nnUCD'B
Mail orders receive our prompt and careful *■*#%»* WD   UUVCK 9
attention,      JACOB DOVER, C.P.R Watch Inspector. the jewkler,  Nelson, b. c.
■J.'i—Viitniij; Raml.ler, J, ,las Brown to Seymour
'land ".'.ismania, 8.000; Peru and Bolivia.
("olden Chariot, all interest, <> J Miirino in D F
ll-irk.O-'t 21.
Dealer in
*"° DOMESTIC CiGARSj,.^;^:
Critieiuien.Otio. '•'   -1,00.':   Cornwall,. 4.0OO.     The    Malay
■nl--Kluod fr; Oi-'ifr, Franl'lin Karrell to Wm   mines are  a!inn**t  entirely   ill  Chinese
II Ailum*. June 1**, sRiK l);u,U**.
Klondfr.i, Win H  Adams to (.'has ,1  Kainw. 1
Di-tiM. I     lierii-gc Mix was a  prosperou.-  miner
-."..-Lauijliiii!.-Walers, Far Away, ieat-li, Ja-i 1 alom;*   the    Yllli.'t    riViT  ill   the   liftics.
C Ryan to Harry M A.ii.ins, June ir.. | Whh $7 f, ,„,*,. tll(. am,mllt 0f liis savings,
he. erected a toll Uridyl- across the river
at Billiards Bar in   ISaS. intending to
take iiie easy.   The high water of that
p winter,   however,   carried   his   bridge
i.ncvnox**. t.     •      •    i i.i  •.
.-.,,, ,  i    ,, ii.-* : awav, «o'in alter ne  nad completed it.
i let 1 -Beaver, ind u f Ijijmoii <_-k. J t..ro»*>. i •
-Triam-'leir, oh Ki-in rnt.u.Snyder. j and   in-   was   in  despair.   Wandering
-Ha/ai-.t, Twelve Mile c-k. Clias Mae.loiiald, 1 diseonsolat'ely   about   the   ruins   of   liis
j OaiiipiiellaiidD Kennedy,.  M.marcli, same,    j i>ruii:*tt. what  was his amazement and
f,—sietiiiiiif Chief, l.cnioii ek. 1'ati Mauloit. ,  ......    , ., a   ., ,    , .
,   ,  . .    ^   .        ,   ,,    , -j       L dehmu  o hud th.-u tin* Hood had swept
'-Jtitnlio, S|irtii<.'cr<'k. Frank r>rov."t. ■ ~ - '   -
!*-Strathr..y.lw| Ten Miiv and Twelve  Mile I ihe   oatlk   OUt   ill   an   eddy,   disclosing
 n^_ _„_,_______ _  I thereby a nest of n_ug-ggts out oi  wlc'ch
in -Mndoek, on   S|.riiit.'':.r <-k.AAiA"{atTqTrT,*TF j (,,. ci^atl,.u up *2!"i.'XH ~     "   ~" ^~*
1 »avid Parks aiid  fauiilv  ni'iied  and
IH'cially among the Indians, who were I TTl* pi
glad to give a tin cup even full of gold] Jl ilv
dust for the same quantity of heads or |
sugar, of each of which they were extraordinarily   fond.    The.   Parke  only
stayed six months and then returned to
.their home in New Orleans with S8ii,-
000 in gold dust.
Those having had any connection,
permanent or transient, with the,oil
industry, and owing it some of their
fortunes, are not easily counted. It
may he news to our readers that the
famous industrial prince, Andrew
Carnegie, early in hia career made a
neat sum out of the same source. At
the time of the early Pennsylvania discoveries, he borrowed a part of $18,000,
-ays a New York contemporary, and
invested it. in Oil Creek lands. He was
just on the point of selling all his interests, and actually disposed of a third
interest for SH.uou, when on returning
irom a trip to England he tound the
situation changed, resulting in a profit
for him of Sl.ouO.OOo the lirst year.
The proceeds from this speculation
enabled him to enter the iron and steel
Nature doe? nothing for man except what she enables him to do
for him.-*(-lf.—James Lane Allen.
Van Camp Lunch Goods,  Confection-
cry and Fi-uk,
Newmarket Block.        New Denver
ICoiidi.'iis.'il •■iilv. r*i*pi-iu<-iit*, jii-'|i J* P.ir'Sale
Wanted. Iiost. Str." veil, -'"i".'- Ilirtli*. Iientli-.
Marrliiifi***. IVr-mml. Hot. I* l..p..',l, M.-dieiil.etc,.
are inserted when not ,->,-,•,.,.,1m- in words for
8.1 eeiils eaeli Insertion. K-u-li (Ice w-or.U ot' t***n
over i ■ word* a re live ceiiM .iddill yiml."
EJx-iaployx-nent Agenoy.
xrKi.«*o\ i;*iii'i.i»VMi:s r  u;i:m v,
H.l|...| All Ki'iii* !'*ii.i,;.'ip'.I
r..i|i.ftii.- !;•■ v I-'.,',. Xp']*i.pi .1   H    i.ovi:.
N'ew Glory, same. I{ A liraiislipiw.
ll -l.iby. n f Twelve Mile, .1 A Taylor.
ilrekion—liead Springer .ek, X V McXiiuslit.
11    Tlio.-i'.'liot   1st ii i l.einoi. .-!;.ii ilantm-r.
Deliorili. W.'.lison ek. J (' Aiclii.-.*>ii
N'otawa.suiiH*. .1 I' Ai.'lii*iiiti ana .1 I.pi\».
liooiletioiif'li, same
Ureeiiwood. StiriiiHer ek, I'll-. * r. Si,\ def.
Krnt.St. Hell elv. *:lllle.
MornliiK' l.i^ltt. *'th *f I.'-ni. I    Ki.-hlrt (i.'ori.*e
IU -S-Uiiiwin. S|irhii!iT ek. Cr S|.|[).
Ill—llellii.diviile lit an.l'.'inl n :'   1.* tn.iii' ek, A
(Visinns, *ii!ii.-. l'i Si.ill
Staunton.Kiiii ii f l.i.'iii.iti,.I   *, Kol-v,
VI--Kiifjle, S|irinu'i'i- ek. Frame S'ippVo.-. ]
K II. lii'tsf Ten .Mile and int.ii: el.     i' Mel.aell   I
hill. {
A I,'. <iitiie. I.e.. Aylwin \
I M.T.mi Mile. .1 \Vlllliiii.* i
J;'     Kloreliee   I'',   lei..'-   ol   1'l,.i.-!i...|       !   V   I'm-- ;
vii.n'c j
B !', divide Ten Mil.- U..I  Cw.-lv    Vii- ek., l'\
\V Hiirrlni-'toti. |
-14-Colilel Ir.Tol'iti ek   ,1.ilif '.(.'.,'■•( I
'.'1 -1,11*1 Cliunee, dh ide S|irli jit"-   itut   Twelve ;
Milei-ks, 1 l;..iuliee.l, S
A.Ssh.s.(||.\. I
S'pt ..ii ll.il.y Uuv.'il. ii." ! ■ H-.eky :>•, tiv.. i
year- .Hidden Trea-ni.-, lt«..ii!.|f.i-, i'. .time ■madii' !
N" '.'. .' Al.'-llleeil, N>'« lleliV.-f '1, TiviMin*. j
UlV.-l-llle. Vlllllll.ll. . -Whii.- -,, I i-llaiold,
KpiIi.1i. .' —Uiii.i Kov.ii, U'.vit..'. - .'.. i Nix tr. ,
F,.eh.n*. Silver l".p.i. .- -Mi.eti,..-, Ilolli -
Aiii-.i.-i. Am., ii :i      ii  -|{ii.?v   t'r. usure  N<>!   j
Kn.'.v   i'riit-iiie N'n '.'     Tr.in.l. i    It lull. Mm - p
Iter..      II    l''«nii,itli, 1'pitii in..   N'.. ;!r. I,..ii..rk.
DK.MOKRISON.t"'-M,vrJ7"!"  w MU"' ""•"•  i; s' SUv"'"''
esi*: n trading fiost and stort* on the
Vub.-i river, lifteen miles above Marys-
vili***, i.'alifornia.'hi the fall of ISIS and
.-ix-iti.^- of 18H'. The i-usit(ii(ii*i-p» were
eliiftiv Indians; a:n'. the early minurs
u'lii"' cliisti'rcd ahottt ihe .put (ioods
hrou^-ht   i*ii(ii*moii!.iy   hiyi'li  prices, es-
DltV OKI    rKdl'Di: ( \ , S  ith  r'.-ri-I'nr-
IHHtiereivek-Al.l's.   \1.1'-   KKXi'TliiN
fiinit A tiTKUl ■.-('!-,...,!    ,,:*   ..(.inn,..!       \,.-
(ily,\V. .1   Mr.MII.I.AN  v  .u.Va in.-. II,.'
S ICVKUVl.  Tlllll'.lMl    !.!!.,'« •■  ."■!'•■ i*
.      Tin. i.i .".I ,
(;..lil.     i ..'"  | ;.i»ld and Silvei . ..* .".',
l..-,n'i        *ip' I liiilil,"ilK'r,ei.|.|i'r l.Mi
Si< (iipl.**. l.y mn 11 ,'.-..-eiv, |iroiii|it att.-iiti'.iit.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
(4'.'(l  1 (It'll  ■*(.,    Ilfiilit, t'ulii.
<ut\ile. ami Fancy
Air>'!it f'nr
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.    Correspondence solicited.   Address—
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
'     SELL
An iij.-ti.-iiiiti! line of
ei'tpstatitlv pin hand.
■tli. .•: XELSON, B.C.
Simes at SAXDOX, KASLm, uml XELSOX.
XKI.SHN    i!   I
i ..r. V.'Ald' v ml* Kl: st.
\ .-< '.,-. ({..nn-   1*. :..|ll o- !-'      >    S|: ii.-iiiiti
\||||.   V  'l        .'I      " 'IllPI    M..I.-.II     S'l-|   Hi*.
SAN* |l'IN
])R. MILL()Y,m,WN"' !
H*»» Iri'i !" »..,*-. v.... '...-■ i.  .I.-- * il '» .*•'„, ui.'   ,
Hik'ups. ,i i'...-1'i.iHi- ■.( (■ .1! Hrit.'.  W-.r!..   \1"*( !
rmnpl.-i.-.t. i-:'.i ..(lire ii. |j , ;
s.-|.t in   1..-C.I   . Alt lloi-i.-r.
l\  S.I,iln,-1
T I,-'
1( K'.ir»-.-.li
win-t* i.i M.u le K |i-tit|.«ti-i |
Hit I ■■ I tu-iii-v l-d    il I! M'-nitt Ml.-i* in....      :
I     i. H, li.ilin- l.y   III'   l.ln.Kn ,    -vttiri   i.t   li:il( '
.ii ^jYtYYY^t health^ .»-" »-' "•,f ■* »••• '*- ••■•«■«•-.■•-»■ \ Cigar Uo.
I   <*,r|.H.ii   I I' |irU..II t , Nisi.   V ilnliinl       j
M(t,IH I AT  MllH'e.     V\   It   I'l.ll.enr.   (' .    \V jl ll    i'
ci     ?«iln:it.*.<  !l'i!»l   *. . il
EiSr^ '^Y^YVtyf;:,,, «* vfu, \ TTn : on
,,nt j tn .im ii».l w r. W -.i l.-u t.. ,t4*.*i;   Kin*.-    I Mul*     E  J   I LJL\,JjLj,
-In'  il.t;..i. '
[mil-...! tin* 'v  ip l   l»-.  (.. -il*   -itiv  -o .1
ev.ri <Uy      1'*   '.,<("•.-*.    ,|i   i..iv,-p,.   ,i.
mu*- ul ii ■!-' i' ■*. ;•*  »  '■!• le •'-   •■'■■■ ***.''! " >
UUvt   il.e -I.-., I. i.   \..'i|.   .: -       I- fn*    *!    I    -<*]
j.« r   hob     ■, ■!■!•, .-.-   i i   ,.'•--.    .•  ie :■; ■ ■ t
»ill,.      Tie    -..I ,-   l*   - I-.     , ! t'l ■  Hi lie'    «?'«- -■■!. I I
N'.tt    P.   ,
>i„l  l-.llli
i yiiti **'#t
\.H      ,|,   !     II..1,   V    -.1           l><
1   ■   iU- -'■!■-
.»■«. vir-.w I '.».•• ll '
.ii. .1
-1-.   '.I!   1
iltl.lMi    1     .i  .-   ■
«-,S,.',,!,,          *..      ,1.    ,
!'. -  .. ;■..
w •:
• ■   . i,
,...-.' *»
1          U\
*l .      '■   I.
tl   -fi.    t'l '
1   Mil i.<i"*,   >#    ,
-   :'
■\VliolOMtUo    M»>:
»i«t ifmi:.   isi»;m»\   x   «
1       V.r. 1  ,•„.   .....  ! .',    •
.-.: *?*,•> • ;      V    * - -     '-
%*.*i ty--«v: t- r* .-
• ►..
- i"
V, ip .!   -
■'*    ' 1.'
V      t
• *
Wl!     '
Sl  l,,,i,  •
lui fe.*_+ ^*V i—
' * 1 -
1 I'l..-. -
• '»ist*i ut   t   r.
.   H
* *. *» ■
>i  7
*,iitlA'At"% \     %      *
-.(.- (.,-?■   S- ' i*.  1" •
t        H
\. \    i.ii Ir' ,1 .liips.ii,, 1* *i
Xii.ili **trt> 1. I W .(. i ■.. ;■ !•■..-.-.,!
..-     drlli.-.-t.--, V,.. I tr    i   Ki .   k   >'. Il.-ti:   •■■   \<
,,i Mil..., t.lo
l.-:n. Ii-.iti'l I,nt]. IKmiti ■ Viu'i ' .IU
\t-j-,. |'..iH*i!ii. U»|t-r. Mp.ir;* H .|« .ii.i iv.ti
n..I tin kt-otloiutii .litlwt.i   Minn. I.'.!
'.- .... -.;*, '.*. - •••■]:     'AS'    '.        "■ - ■-, -i
li.-i,i    I"   't''*-ti.ili -I'-! • In-.i    •,'•■    .1 l'iip.1,  •
..... p..i ,i.i..,*;:.: . \t>i,-*. :.:.•
. -   il .ir.! I*-*  ii'i.-i. '-.'i, .ii. i.-1   i 'i   - .i h  if A
\'.   MM ..-,  > . Mi. M,.--.
.•-  r,.itf u ;. r..iu..
• I ml..i. I.. I-,.i.   V ur. Im
• I 1.111 , i i . t *     I
XjR.nftl    Marguerite
ur Special
El Condor
rlants AliUlcULTUKAL
BlllbS ^ 17,!! Planting,
Catalofjue Free.
III VI-  \\*. •tiliillSllT  III l'i ll. VlHU*..!iV»*l ,   il. I'
WHITE l.'Xlt.'I! kN'I.V
Contains   a   Reliable   Rooord   1
of all tho Events In tho '
•4.00 A YEAR,  SINCCE COPV, iOcta.
For 8alo by all Nowsdealors.       i
!  P<x>^p^m^p<xmp<'xm,  !
i   ' k<A%rfW^%^VC7AWWc^M    ;
Hatilnnr iuul PucUiiiir tu Mine*.
and jreiiciMl \uen\ IniMtU'o.
Sim   II.-mil, II. V.
JH P«m>** P*^**, P«*
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to jjive satisfaction to every customer.     Trv a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Wine Co.,       \
Family ofc Commercial
•(,* .iv.ll.-n in
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars    ***"
Agents for Calvary Beer.
Cigars *
|U'*..rt«, KKiiiuiiiittii'MiN an.! Miiiia*;**
! iticiit,
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.
Fit tod with I'Yi'vy niudeni
;convenience. Sjiccia] pioiec-
1 tion against lire. Hates§2.50
|and *:i per day.
General Draying: Mining Sup-
; piles and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
; Our KajfjrHtfe wng.ni**; lueet all Sun*
day trnitw
1 Saddle Horses and Pack • .»i^.4i$.
Keoil Stiibteit at New IVnver.
dim; ((ii;>i:r pki-aim*
MKXT   In  I I'.'l*-- I'All,
IN   .'li si ■  ■'* i i i Si.i-   SA.,'.
IM.I' !>.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
\V    I    \1l-MM.i,^S \ i
[NF.\VI,lNT..*r *ifJKi;>iA.s«»
IMMKON KNr#s,HVriX,   j
*• I'IKK*» tr-iiu Ati. vi,-       !
——■■•■■ ■—
Wll.-t.--.tr  li'.P,'.
v..  .--, V. i.
'•ItM'l       \M»    1dl\lN».
I..Hint   .1   |p« in I   Hi*(
4   ».,*.
f.'f.   ".-it • - *
i>   j.,,,,'.,..,*  *l   1»   •■   .-
• M..-J      •'•«-,•. (««•!«      •-'»'<-■*
!  .,'-!#**!    • i-il;.-*.   t-»(-f..*   Il'l .  ^...i.-h    -    .1,,     ■;.-1   ifh-'
.\-[ .'tl      *■     !        A ' ■       - I-'*'
'i  - li t.
■ „•« »(    in*.
u,A     ■-,   'i
.  it.*-   A*l
THW».  I.\.\\*»
tiVM * IT* M" !!«>! *>t    kA-l.o,
Vt'*-^-: , i-'i .iVi (in linir.      MS-.ALS
:l'..u!fr\ ui"*: 'A-.*- On.•■   2*5    Ur
Hkl V^lk Mm # MITIIMM
^_  ^_|-. g^ __^^l             _^_   ^^ g^^^^l            .    ™   ^^^     a     ^^0 * *» # 4  99       ^^&   ^^^^^ ^^^          ^^. ^^„           ^^_     ^^^          ^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^
SM    '^^n J|jji^^^^^         kii___l'     ^£aY        ^^^^^*^^^±^±^*^U^^^±   ^^^^^^^S ^^^^^^^B- ^^p^^^^^H   ^^^^^^^ffl   ffiSL.^^^^a
■   ^B BM     w    W      WW••■ II •• ■ ^HM *MmW W WmmW WmmW
l    .-tllKH **.
;ilnl  I   l.-fi I,*..
I ***j«i*i-i;ill)
I ..in     I'lit*.-**
9»A 1 %m V *-* » ii 1 • lr% ■% *m "~ • *. " ** - - - — • «»»»»«»" |
A !oH • ir,*- "A siHt-j«-•.:<•-.■ %\a eWte X      -i*', y   ..i,;\*- *»*!.
t'lintt'**.!!'.!.!-? \ ml _
*    IM   l'| l.-.'h  I-.   !\!l' l.'V
Mi'ii'- I.null-** Wool Shirt- am!
Nhv-u-i**. i (cv* -Lim-iil TudiTMiMt.
M 'it    ' Wt.ol unit r-iwhf'n*r«* SM-k**.
].       FijiHipflrtt'- \i^!it Shirt-,   rn.tl
I'.tJAtKik-a*   \er\ !tiu ftrit »••>.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
t'.*i»-,i*iii.»  i-
• Iri'v iuul NVhitt*
IS!iHik«*t**<.  WikiI r..iii.
t-.rti-r- *Hnl  KjiJ, j.
• l.nvh <|nih-
rut vk*> nf v.\!.i>F.s t>r\ ;   '
Al.l.MZ*.** (v.vfll.l.s   :
•• vruv i.'hv vuh ia


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