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The Ledge Oct 3, 1901

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Volume IX.   No   1.
Price, $2.00 Year A»J?wm
G-^n^aVN^s FToat
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
that are Talked About.
Bom—In Sandon, Sept. 27, the wife
of Dr. Gomm, of a Bon.
There was ho school Mondav because
the Duke of York stepped on B. C. soil
that day.
Work was started on the residence to
be erected by H.Byrnes, on Union street,
this week.
The sidewalks of New Denver are
not expected to recover. They are too
full of holes.
Silverton has had a whisper of the
high old times of yore the past week
Road money.
The "Prophet" having escaped the
dangers of the Boer war will return to
New Denver in the spring.
its utmost to induce capital to' see the
advantages of that town as a smelter
Recorder Mclnnes will soon start the
building" of his residence, on the ground
where his former home was burned
some months ago.
The 'Little King commences its reign
in   Nelson  this  month      It  is   clear
Havana, and the Kootenay Cigar Co.
f*       desire all to draw to it.
Mrs. It. 0. Matheson and Bister, Miss
Walker, of Silverton, nroBpondinjr, a few
dayH with Mrs. David Matheson, prior
to leaving for Frank, Alba.
The Presbyterian congregation of
Slocan City has extended to Rev. Mr.
McKce a call to continue as pastor of
Knox church another year.
Nell Gethlng passed through town on
Monday, going to McGuigan to see how
work is progressing at the lied Fox
mine iu the absence of Geo Ay lard.
F. Mourgues has entered suit against
the Chaplaini Mining Co , to recover
*I1W5, wilaiy nnd (luninges for non-fulfillment of contract, as engineer for the
Jan. Howes is constantly making improvements to his popular Silverton
hotel. No house In the Slocan is more
up to date in all the aeceasories that go
to make hotel life comfortable,
Sunday will be Rally Day lu the New
Denver Sunday School. Uevn. Mr. Mi>
Coll nnd Mr. I've, of Kandon, will par.
tlcipate in the services. The public,
and -especially tho parents of the children, are cordially invited to attend.
A. J. Uehaeher, Hllvarton'•tailor, haa
just placed on hl» •helves 11000 worth
of tho latent fall and winter initings.
Mr. Liebfchor has worked up an eiten*
*iv« builnem* lu tho 8locan. He is receiving many order* from New Denver
•nd Sandon.
""■* W. F. DuBoU loft Slocan on Monday
for Heattlo. It ia rumored that he will
return shortly with hi* bride, now Minn
Laura Hammond, of the Sound city.
Mr. DtlBoN If manager at the Arlington
mine, and ha* a bett of friend* who will
be happy to congratulate him on his return.
J. A. Taylor, Sow Denver» pioneer
"l       .    1   ,,, ..(   1      «(..,      1' r.rtll if*,,,
tendance next Monday evening. A
program will be rendered under the
auspices of the good of the order committee, including a memorial of the esteemed brother.
The C. P. R. agent at RoBebery has
gone east on a holiday trip. After
living so long at Rosebery he is liable
to get dizzy looking at the rush in
Talk about the luxuries of New York !
Why, right here in New Denver you
can get from John Williams all the
sweet potatoes that you want provided
you have the price. John will even
hunt up a possum if necessary.
Silvertoii's waterworks is now an accomplished fact. The reservoir was
finished Saturday and the water turned
into it, and this week pipes are being
The'expense of this undertaking has
fallen upon Wm. Hunter, the. enterprising pioneer merchant of the camp,
who continues, as of old, to put forth
every effort to build up and strengthen
the town.
There was some heavy drilling nt tlm
Spokane fair lust week, McLeod and
Ross' best drilling was 51J inches in lij
minute*; thht of Rradshaw and Frecthy,
of Butte, Mont., 55 inches, and Davy
and Stevens, of Marysville, 5.HJ A
wager of $1000 was put up by the friends
of Hosb nnd McLeod and those of Brad-
shaw ami Froethy and in this contest
the Butte team won, drilling 52 inches,
heating thu Sandon team \ of au inch.
liiineiiletl thc removal of the newspaper
plant from the town nnd criticised the
Matheson Bros, for havingallowed their
"greed for gold" to overcome their
spirit, of martyrdom: condemned the
government for various und sundry
causes, and promised to improve the
style and finish of the paper when business warranted it.
A   Tl'MIU.K   IN   IXKMl   MK.IT,
Snowslides are a common occurrence
in the Slocan. So are mudslides. Hut
when 500 pounds of bear meat come
tumbling down the mountain side, tearing a pathway through the underbrush,
with apparently only one object iu view*
and that to get to the bottom, the camp
risen above the common and enters the
list of the uncommon. Such au occurrence is reported from thoCapellf* camp,
Goat mountain. Monday evening a
rumbling, sweeping sound wan heard iu
the direction of a near-by path of a
anowsltdo. The boys of the camp in
vesttgntod to discover the eauao of the
nolle, and found nt the bottom at the
nlfde the carcase of a big black bear,
weighing 500 pounds Where it started
from they failed to discover, and, an no
bullet holee were found in it, the tup*
position Is that bruin wan the victim of
minplaced confidence, in picking up
tome poisoned meat net out some days
ago for wolves that have been seen on
the hill.
1 ho following Is the standing of the
pupils attending the New Denver public
school during the month of September:
l-HIMAKl   lilVIMu.V
Second Clam—Winifred McDougall,!
MUST.   UK   OPEXI'ill    in*.
The, Lardeau Eagle is a wide-awake
inining paper, and a credit to the division in which it is published. In a recent
number it concludes an article on the
possibilities and immensity of British
Columbia mineral resource!- thus:
"There are only two ways by which
a mining country can be opened up.
Lither capital must be attracted to do
the mining or the government must do
the mining themselves. Any government not sufficiently radical to adopt
tho latter policy, should carefully refrain
f-om dabbling in legislation, of which
that policy is the only logical conclusion.
"The foundation of the whole business is the prospector. He should be
left severely alone by the legislator and
regulation framer. His customs vary
according to conditions. Leave him to
hummer thein out for himself and make
"iTo" i frvv'toiic h i irg'"pr os pec ti ii g*~rfo t~ n a s od"
on them. Next to tne prospector comes
Hie local mining syndicate, which lias a
good property, which it wants to mak.
into a mine It has a tough job in front
oi it. Any legislation based on the,
assumption that it is picking up large
chunks of gold and stiver every shift is
hound to he away off. Then comes the
big mining companies with directors in
London or Chicago and other embellishments, Tliis iB a very timid bird.ensily
■.cared. Dividends is what it is alter
Any legislation that touches its divi-
(lends is liable, to hurt its feelings. In*
security of conditions will keep it away
altogether. But no mining country can
i et along without it. And tht biggest
problem, which today stares iu the face
of the government of a country contain
ing unesploited mineral resources, is
how to steer a course amid the rising
waves of modern radical oninious as
held by the average elector nnd at the
same time keep legislation iu such shape
as to make capital willing to invest in
million operations in the cotiuti v "
been sent lo the T
an average retur
silver and one ounce in gold per ton
,7o(" m^Z jg^sa-awss w^%mm&ms&M<¥w&3\
Various reports are being sent out
from Rossland regarding the strike
there, some predicting an early settlement, others claiming that the trouble
will last indefinitely. The following
special to the Nelson Tribune gives
what U supposed to be an unbiased
view of the condition of affairB.* "Henry
Bratnoher has come back again from
Spokane, and it is said he has had some
conferences with union men here and
at Northport, but nothing has been
given out for publication Frecheville
is expected to reach Rossland soon, and
until his arrival nothing will be done
openly towards a settlement ofthe strike.
Edward Williams, the Ottawa labor
man, has been busy with the question
of the employment of alien laborers by
the Le Roi mines, but he has not taken
any open r.tep in the matter beyond
questioning some of the late arrivals
from the south. The green hands employed at the Le Roi continue to get
into trouble at the mine. Yesterday a
carman sent a car of waste rock over
the end of the tramway and it landed
ii.. * I.A-^.Ix.--* a Mj*-n-"l_ K-A**-_*(- Mi a __r_ _>_iL-__.
V7II—vii*0^~-wV»5I\7— I wr\\I—i»V7»iw»*4.ii j—fi—.riiivn—
Today about 1:30 at the same spot another car was sent to its destruction,
and this time two of the new hands
were in charge of it."
\n conver-ation with a representative
of tlie Phoenix Pioneer, Mr.Miuer, presi
di'iil of tlie. Hi unity Co., expressed him
«elf as greatly pleased with the work
that has been done at both the mines
and tluMompauy'a smelter at Phoenix
In the hint twelve months. He stated
that while thev had a I read v gotten the
u*-»t of Ue.rtiiig ore, dutut to wh.it na*.
believed lo he a low figure—generally
believed on the outside to be tl 90 |»er
ton—within six month, thoy would still
further reduce tho cost al least '25 per
-out. It was the aim to treat Phoenix
orea as cheap if not cheaper than similar
work could be done at any oil-ling
smell cr
On the nunpletinn nf the Republic
and Grand Fnrka railway It ia under*
Mono that the freight and treatment
rati* for Republic ores will not exceed
fd.fiO |M*f ton. Theso nroa will be
j troatod a; Grand Forks.
The improvements now j^ing on at
Charlie Nelw.n, Atlilyn Vallance. l.u-
vemo Lawrence, A rile Williams.
First Keader-Willlo Nenbitt,  F.thel
Iku'iteiM, Raymond lUumeuauei', Agues  jy.r wm \H. u„^i    When th« m-w or*
• MIit.   Li-9dn  Rur-res-*.  Marv Clevar. t m-. h*-i* ..„„,-,i.»c..l ti.<»r» wilt h,*   o i«
Am ih tn "the cmY" CpttMb-r* tvn\ wW! Denver Shannon, Heroice lUker. ' «**,*. H «,,,rnf» ennaHtv nf 11 ,»»»iton«-.
Lull.) ibereon • model dalrv.    Lumber!    M Primer-Norman Hill. Mar» Mnr
1* im th* ground and building will be? ray, Nina Sutherland, Haworth Drewry
commenced nt once.   A  residence will
be erected, and barns, feed *heda, milk
"lltlll-.e. hu.
While Ihe •jueiHi'jn of aidewalk re
pans i*. up fm di»cu*ah>u. it might Ik* in
order b»i a contribution paper to be.
prepared and bir«a«*d«*d to Timothy
Katon with the fall •rtuifigumetit <>.*
ducat* irum .*«ew i»i*iiv«-f. rum it in. if
a k.iijf diotanfe nwav, tin tru*. but ah
niflVaaU'K in Nc* Deiives iead u-
— r'jituo'n
In com non -»m» Alt 8.nili,'«'.* of ihe
Orders Knijfhl* ».* l'>»bi«». «!>«* *****
imige i*Ayl-n>i'iv,vfiy Siey'i-Wit^ IM?.-
uu lull \i a tflhuw o: ■•] mtmffi)  ro the
fain.If and M,***«.f Hr« Wm,.McKinley   t**inin/ item. «f bxal interem thai •**•«•  15 feel, (..mi **bUU ;»*i »«cU-A ..re, Ur
All m*m»»«r# are n"i|m»<>«e.l t.. be in at-'Wlim-d to V htnny.      Tbe  'Meadei'" x«thar webbing :t.',*n>'i t«>utuUf hav-'
I Primer— Moa  Baker,  Ivy Sproat,.
j Bert Williann*. Bert NVIaon. KHa Bur
....   •    It .„,.r\f„ V.,ll<ni,.ii    Vtinl'iriM,
I *'        ' '
' Fdilh Shaniin>ti. Waller iMby.  F»n»ne
I (AmV, ViolH. Nestiill
Honor   l(oll-Charli(» NcImui.  Willi**'
Neabill,   I.uverue   IjiwrfTK-f. N"orni,-ii
Hill. ^Ina Baker. AjritesiMhy.
Mr-*** HtfU'rm, "fV.trher
*4||,V»-,HTn«l,«   W%l,l.   rai'KII.
the Mother Lode atiit*ltcrf to double iln
capacity, necesuitate the expenditure of
|l*.»,OW. and about tOO.iJOO feat of him-
lion,ii.1 (" Walter*, ha*, leased io
Win P'-wler. uell known In the Bonn-
t'iiij-v JUKI jlincrii-'ui (isiiiiorfiiiiilicinci^,
the Provi.b'iiie mineral claim, aituated
near (JneiiW't1"!. fol" twelve lilnii'h-.
fioin Si*|.!.iiiler 1-.1. the le.*-,'.' to ln-nr
alt m«!**iif tt'irknig *-niiie hiuI to pay
lei-MM 1>» pei t-«nt "f net i.tiirim of all
uti- *i'hl, "ii)*. Ibe Hnrinvxiitil \ inn«
i i.tidltionntlv that claim **hs*!l not mean*
A despatch from Grand Forks says
the Granby smelter iB now being enlarged to double its present capacity,
and will within six weeks he treating
lilOG tons of ore. daily. Since the arrival
of H. C. S. Miner from the east, it has
been decided to make a still further
enlargement, liringitii? the capacity up
.0*2000 tons a day. Besides the new
plant now being installed, two additional ftirnneeB will he ordered immediately, As it takes four or live months
to build a furnance, the plant will not
he brought up to its maximum capacity
before next spring. When these furnaces are installed the Granby smeller
will be the largest gold-copper smelting
plant iu the world
The secretary of the Ymir mines has
issued a circular to the share-holders in
the company giving the result of the
Vinir's operations for the month of
August. During the month the com
pany'a mill ran for '20 days and 10 hours,
dropping 80 stamps, ati*l while tlm
tonnage put through the mill is not
given, the estimated proHt on the
month's operation ia given at l-ii.Coo.
"Nl'MKHOV*   ANt»   t'lWTI.V."
The '•fanners" at the Lo Hoi are
having a perfect picnic. Tht daily
accidents aro like wedding preaents
"numerous and contly and the casualty
list U aasuming alarming proposition*
—KomUiuI World.
Do not look for wrong and evil -
Yen will Hud them if you do;
An vou measure for your neighbor,
lie will measure hack to you.
Look for gooilnes*; look for gladness;
You will mi'i't them all the while,
If you bring * smiling visage
To Ihe glaaa you meet a smile.
.(Alt id NO.
- o
■ £ Recent Developments Have Proven the Property
^ to be of Great Value.
''■■■ Recent developments on the Fisher
Maiden by the new company of Spokane
capitalists, represented by Messrs.
Greenwood and Watson, have demonstrated that this is, without doubt, one
of the biggest dry ore propositions yet
opened up on the Four Mile slope.
The Fisher Maiden is no new property. It figured in the shipping list of
Slocan properties as early as 1894*5,and
has always been looked upon as a good
thing. But financial difficulties, and
subsequent litigation in the courts, did
much to shatter the faith of moneyed
men in it, and for many months prior
to the new company taking hold it was
closed down and branded another failure. Early in 189). it was bonded to
Davenport and Hughes, Spokane peo-
parties faithfully worked the property,
and some 200 tons of ore was shipped by
Hujhes et al. Watson, in 18%, took
hold of it. He had faith in it,but lacked
financial support, and like iu the case
of the Arlington, he had to abandon it
But his faith was still strong. Watson
always said the Arlington would somo
day make a big mine, and his prediction
has been verified. His faith in the
Fisher Maiden has been as strong as
that in the Arlington, aud, while it can
hardly bo classed as a big mine ub yet,
it has certainly been proven to be the
maker of a great shipper.
Under the old management something
over 1000 feet of tunnel work was done.
Three openings were driven to tap the
vein and rich ore was encountered in
every  opening.   In   the lower of the
old workings a winze   was sunk a short
distance and  when  the property   was
closed down many, many months ago
the showbill of ore in the bottom of the
winze, whs something   like 12 inches iu
width     When work wiib resumed this
summer,  under   the management of J.
K. Clark ami foremanship of (ieo.Long.
the winze was   cleaned out and the ore J
exposed    Then   going *•*-*t* feet  down-
the Four Mile slope of the mountain,
work was pushed lo uncover the lead.
The wash was 'i'l feet deep, but  soon
the lead was struck.   It hits since been
exposed for about loo fuel, and is to
feet in width, carrying a '2-foot payshont
of ore that will average 'too ozs. silver
lo  the ton     About m) feet  beUm  llie
last surface cut here made a tunnel wa*
recently started through the wash, and
laat week the ledge was encountered
afU't* .Hi feet had been driven.   Hero
the payahoot waa oven wider than that
exposed above and prnv.-a.thn oro for a
depth of about mi feet from the highest
Manager Clark went to the property
Tueaday morning to perfect plans for
(he immediate erection of a new bunk
house, ollice buildings, etc It i* the
intention to put as large « force of men
to work this winter am the development
. frill atand, and shipments will be made! A"!"*"T. —
I (JvIibii llrM .
j from the-.tart     The   lower opening ia  M«-ii(»r	
j only about urn teel  above   Four  Mile! ||,m'.lM«lw
! creek and not uio-e than a mile froin"",",,,|,'r
  j Mir|>rlw
I the, wagon mad. with which  il   i*» i-on-l Kanl'.iirmi'i
\f\  <mti. | «l-r(eil <«•   tnt|! ..,„..,„■   *., .,-. i,,.„n      TD „,,„.,:,. I «'lia|'l'»n
identical in character to that found in
the Arlington. These are dry ore properties, and promise quite as big things
as any of the big mines in that vicinity
when in the prospect stage.
Croft's pack train is engaged bringing down another carload of Capella ore.
to the Siding Station.
Four men came in from Nelson last
week to resume operations at the Bondholder.  Work wil! be pushed all winter.
Work is being steadily piiBhed on the
Emma group, Goat mountain, and the
property is developing very satisfactorily to the owners.
The road from the old Springer creek
road to the Republic mine will be 21,-
375 feet long, and will have 15 s witch -
backs, 2 brid.es and 12 culverts.
The Hartney mine has temporarily
closed down, during the absence of Chas.
Sandiford on a trip to the coast. The
force of 18 men came down the hill
Mondav evening.
The Washington has (50 tons of ore
sacked ready for shipment, which will
he sent out in a few days. A very important strike was made on this old
property last week.
Geo, Alexander has bonded the Fletcher group, at Whitewater, for 185,000,
lo per cent, of the purchase price being
paid down. The Fletcher Bros, and
Mr. Moulse are the owners.
The first payment on the Tamarac
bond—$11000— was made the past week.
The bond is for $l8,oC0 aud runs 13
months. Neil Gething, Geo Henderson and Con Fielding are the owners.
Supplies have been sent up to tho
Fourth of July group aulliciont for four
men until next spring, and it is the intention to push work all winter. Ten
tons of ore will he shipped before tho
snow conies, after which no further
shi'ptiients will ho made until March.
The total amount of oro shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year I'M) was, approximately, 85,000 tons Since January 1
to Sept. 28. Ifdll, the shipments havo
liecn as follows:
hunt Oiannft    *'
sinpanHtar    l/*i
IkM-i-lt -	
Am-frkan Hoy,
Trail* P-.lUr	
Kun»*'t (Jarktun lUriiij
KnvuraiKti ■ • •	
Wnnilerf ul	
Twi> rrlfndi  . -
nitrli I'rlni'*	
Mlll-r (*rf.-_ 	
Kn'i   .
•sun*! <('«ii.(iM<irit>iii«
Silver Klni*
SMif thi* ■*.
i     Mllllnoairo-
i -.ear* of ag»* n clerk in a country More.I ,,< th" V'<M"*v'v on •■*!<• Fonr  Mile ob.-'e' M?«'
I Today I'm worth ten million*,. | w^ aT^x\y U\e\\\\*ie it
j    His Son—Well, pop, you couldn't do{ cheapen irain>|tortation
I it these day*, you know.   Dev »|| has
i eauh rugb'ter*.
Vl lie -— I'leiil i, , ttiiHl    I'M*   ll"'   Minimi
work In-.- and  Kmilv MMi
I l-Wnl-
' 1.1-.Hi,
i v a m
Mil*    II. (Mm.,.,.
: Hill'.      ..   .
' 1 ,
HIII llll   VlilUII'l .    Alltl'   I III kll
os   rut:
I (tot
  **\,'i\v I,ave l.,^is -'.1<1  i.ft w.iiw*o(h* .•!*»■
Fiilhu* adi<   Silvertoniau*   }n*i will Mr. Fowlt-r h*i- the rigid to pun-hate i»
not In- miiihoul a oc-m «.{**(«-(     ljt*l .■***»■ lei the hipji al kl V"*' * *A>    The Vt^i -
ukJav *».»* **. thcli/ brt'al \*n artUta got d(Cice *a-' ow •A the itr-*! ctalut* iu tl
i-yirj*-« «r«t|i| *<ih:M'Wi t4  ill'i-c ><iN**tlfl.,aS'i*5 Itoiandtry   »b,%t,ri*-'   tn  *hip m.     (fn,,
■ind hnny fr nr» in  the  **tii**frifti-"■■*,  enn- nhkft ia down "•* ie**l -»r«l •» worn! *h»ff
uiih vou when you tame in la«t night?'and tieu   l.on_*  located   the   l.tllv   It.
Hiiiband —Nothing that I know of IN.rlland nnd Itniuhnw mineral elaim*-.
Wliy.'' situated mi  Springer  creek,  adjomin-
Wife— V.'nli,,.>u kept walkiiiifnn.iuul :'■>*• Arlington Mine il.m im,<- iin-v
si.- be.I wilh your hand on thi*  railing,   lii-.ee.tih   vear   pu«hnl   work  on  tht-
•>»in^*.        \ii-n-'-,  tl,.- ..rtinitl.-l* n\\ (igbl,    i- >->   .'■ f" •••■,   •'    *'.i'il)_    *i-Ki   --iliiiini  In
. ii »heii*a the stair-.*' (h,<( of Ihe .\rbny;t"u  rarrving it  pav-
*,!,. i.,X ol S" In !'.( llirlse* m wnltli Thl«
Will ba* been di*V«>t»|>ed bv I'M* feet of
tiihiAi Hoik mn\ mu in- imnA l'i i.'i»i
(."..«.'»!   .-»
I  llllll 11'
I de J (like o| "^ ..il; ni;iy nut rimi NH*f
ui. Imt tl,.. JJttlf Kit./ i* there all th..
Man fn.iki's In- on, ii heaven.    \ l,'t»y«|
.**«*4tl »i4'**r i» a vaiiM'.ii' aid.
John William* bn<* ^c-en p.-ppcr- for
a inter ii-.-.   They are better than t-oa'., s exploited
IW't aoi-o*.-
(I?.* w-i.it  Uf
I'latro, 9 he
hiii|* '--..A
Mi.   '!;it.p.*       1 hit   •utiiiiifr
•».   *-.-^(«  I »;t    (>!•   ft.»  1*. •■•».*!|.»l
■ (In-   Afbfi •ton  !«•».(    run*
p-1 *>ti. li.i- l.ill.'i    !*.   i- in'-iltg
flic ix -bo", tu,;   iu   (liis lend
Tot il (on...
I.ihn Wereley ha«. b«>i'ii nursing a
liit'liv bruis«i| nirn tbe p.-tut week n*. a
M-iill <*f Ihe upM-ttaiji i»f ('lever'a meat
«..|..'iiii which b#* ii'i« driving. Tbe
iwi^'on m a*, b.udly  m recked.
r*biia Au/i'itfti.tii i*. i.uildiii^ xlargt-r
watei lauk f,.r u-e m las wnter buKtiifaa
this -Aiiifei
ltf*v, 1 '-. f'vi* nl < itidnr' wil! [iri*nrh
in il.e MatiiiMlitt  • iiitrt h  ni-tl  Miiciav
at T ;Vi i. >m. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, OCTOBER 3, 1901.
Ninth Yeae
tn  snirtltis  woi-Hiy  ul  rn-iiit.
inlini'  not ii**.*. :','. rent*, h  line,
l.ei.'iil'iiilvc'i-tisiiii' lu i'i'i;ts :i
liml I'lilnlllel'rilil 'uIvi-rU-iM*
TilK I.KPOK i> two .lolliti-s h yi'iirin inlvni*.."'' VVhon ni.t -■« 'i-iid i! is
nommricl Mm-lii'-t in-i-i-tion. mul .'"'I'nl-11 line i.-uli ^nl -i ijUrni hiM-i-timi
l*rii'U"i in |'ri(i->iu''i'i'liii:: to rlrcinii-tiiiu'cs.
KKI.I.OW" ril.t'i HJMS:   Tjik Uiil'dKl'. loi-nli.''l at Xew I'riivci-, H.C, mid clin In-  ti-noi-i] (o ninny |p;ir(s of I lu'e.-iri h.   It i-uini-to t lie !>..ni
ovcr.v Tlnn-.liiy it in! i»» - ih-vit I .(■en niiik'ii 'py tho sluiill. -.i!,,\\>li.li.(l l.y (-l!cn|i silver, ur Mil'iliuul l.y the 1'i'iu- of num.       It -..-oi-U for tlm t r:ii!
bla;'('!• n... sveli h*. tin- l.uy-*.viii<l<jw*-<i nn%il i'liainp:ii.']ii.-iiii\ un"! i-Hiii'-ili.-f.   It  niiitp- to lu- on llie i-i«|n siili- nl'evcryt.liiiiKiiiiil ln'lii'Vi!-. tlmt hull
^honl'l hi.-ii.lmiiii-teri'.i to the viidii'il hi lin-Ki-(Ii'im-n.   It  lm- -ru-in  the test   of time, iimi 1111  ••ver-iiier(.!i*-iin? juiysti-t'iili  i* proof thut it U
ht'(t«i' tf" tell the (villi:. i'itii it (he lien yens iio oui'iciniiiilly hit our >niiil;«-st sieh.    A chute  of joh  wurli i*. worki-i) <>i*(-ii->ioii:i]ty loi- (ho hcneiit
of huniiiu.ity iiii'l tlie (iimneii-r.   Come in  ami  «t-e u-. hut iio not put the hull ihm on the criiiiinm. or I'lin-e th« hlaelt cow  from onr waterj !'n|- three, vetll'S, itllti t hilt line ni" lit then
barrel:   one i> -:i vjiuo ini't tin- nllier 11 victim ot t hir-t.   One ofthe nohlest works .if i-rentioii is the mini who iilwuys piiys tiie printer: he U i '* A "
sure of x hunk in pni'ii'ti-e. with (horiilcs*. rose-, for n pilk.w Lv iiinht. it ml not hintr hut ifnlr! to look nt hy .lay,                                                          i 'Vil s Id ken out Ul   I lie   st n >!):*'   I
                                      '                 R. T. LOWERY. Editor nnd Financier.          j ,-,-,,"„„„„    ,0    Sm,    l,-,,,,.^,,,
| valued at S-5,0tK 1,000
because the losses made in milling ane
the sums stolen represent enormous additional amounts which arts not considered in department records It is
probable, thai the ^ross yield of "old
and silver, from the beginning to this
day, will approximated value of fl'A-
000,000. The Consolidated California
and Virginia Mining com patty, genei a My
known as the Con. Virginia, has produced S]Hl,7o9,;ul!l Up to the end nf It-Si ill,
and had paid out in dividends the. sum
<if £78,1-18,800
When the bonanza began lo be pro-'
ductivc, in LS7-I, il made 'the ''on Virginia a marvel among mine.'1 The
average yield for three yours was .)',.
in'iO.CiOt) ; ei' month .Tiiedividends were,
ni tlie ratiMif-Jl.iMi.in)!) j-er moiith <hs
l-ST'.i .Iniin W Mac!'ay. who wan then
Mip'.'i-iineiidi'iii, toiil-'. out. •-?■ ;,ijii'i,')iKl in
one in anil in onler to make, an exhibit |
of buliinii for lite (.'eiitenniiil lCxhibition
ai I'hiladeip'iiit. Ymi can visit the
I-'iss.-iv nliice at Virginia City ■nnd Mr.
i-'ielding. who still iia.-* charge oi it. will
ieil villi that, there u.-i** nielled in liial
ollice. .-M'-i"),iit.wi wnrlh of litillion  per  dav
mi, inr
The Ledge.
A pencil ornsis in this s(ju:iri*
Indh-Htes tlmt your suhscrili-
tlon is due, mul Mini the i-ilitoi-
wishes once him in to look at
roar collateriil.
THURSDAY, 0CT0BF.K3, 1901.
Tn Africa, the..white ants cat telegraph poles.
There are seventeen metals more
valuable than gold.
Only one of the seven presidents
of France has served a full term.
ation.    Each one driVins 810 acre;
at a cost of 25 cents an acre, a vear.
The coal man has gone on shift-
well working on   the  Nelson post
oflice building.
Tins   relieves "the  monotony  but
does not increase the bank account,
Walnut is very valuable,  and it
but the ice man is taking a lay-off.| is to be regretted that it does  not
The oldest known weapon is the
club.    Tt is still used by policemen.
In a wild state a horse will live
36 years and be healthy at that
If gold dollars studded the streets
some people would complain of hard
"times:        ™~
The tuft hunters saw some big
game in Vancouver and Victoria
this week.
All persons in Paris who work
in lead are provided with free sulphur baths.    	
Proclamations do not seem to
have settled the Boer war. It is
still sizzling.
New York people spend 88,000,
000 a year for cut flowers.    Roses
are the favorite.
A rancher in Arkansas is raising
kangaroos. The business keeps
him on tlie jump.
Tho season approaches when fans
and cold drinks arc tabooed iu
.Dawson ('ity society.
British Columbia is walking on
■ air. The Duke of York looked at
our scenery this week.
A caterpillar can eat 000 timcH
its weight in a month, and does not
ni|tiii(* any liver pills.
Tlio hot-cross bun is going out
of fashion in Kiiglnnd. This will
decrease the sale of liver pi'lN.
The oldest piece of paper money
has turned up in China. It is 5.14
years old, and its face value calls
for SKiT. redeemable in silver bullion.
in France pigeons often build
their nests out of hair pins. They
evidently know the value of a wire
mattress for the young to nestle
Every baby boy in Japan has his
head shaved when he is eight years
old. Perhaps this is why male
children are often called little
The North Pole has not yet been
located, and probably will not be
until some coast boomer starts a
story that gold has been found on
its apex.     	
Some of the laundries in Paris
use balloons to dry the clothes they
wash. Thieves never take anything off the line where this method
is in vogue.
An Indian sepulchre has been
found in Lincoln county, Ontario,
with 800 skeletons in it. The reds
had been dead 200 years and cannot
be used as voters.
Tho Provincial Government can
spend thousands in entertaining
the Duke of York, but it cannot
find a dollar for shiplap to make
sidewalks in Now Denver.
In England you can toll  the degree of a lady's title by the length
if train   she   wears.    A   duchess
sweeps along with threeyardB while
a baroness only has oue.
Just HO years ago there were
i:>0,OoO school children in India,
and now there aro four millions.
Ireland produces giio.oiMi worth
of honey every your. The value
of the blarney product is unknown.
An Italian  has  invented a not
thill will break  llie   wave*-   lit   ceil,
Sell wii-kliCM-* limy   yet   become   llli-i
known. '
They have strange eats in Maine.
One in Portland drinks hot water
and cries when she cannot get it.
Vnother cat in Hiddeford only has
two legs and walks erect jiiHt like a
Tu a town 1- miles from Athens,
the capital of Orecce, not a word
of (Srook iH spoken. Companion
oases arc found in Quebec, whore
English is unknown to some of the
inhabitants. *
In tho Sloean the product ion of
bnblos KoettiK to bo increasing faster
than tho mineral output. If all
Canada made such a record we
would need no costly emigration
agencies iu Europe.
grow around New Denver. A man
in North Carolina, received 81500
for one curled  walnut tree.
ThctJC- figures make tiie ordinary
di-ggiug for gold seem lame, enough. It
is not surprising that under such conditions human nature .should have, a-*
.-ei'U'd itself, and ilia! the. prolific pro
iluction of the mines should liave led to
a reckless extravagance of ideas and * I'
....    I I'xpendituics    Tiie mouev paid in com
1 he!
lissions to superintendents, the steals
product of this tree when cut into J jieipetrated by the. rod net ion \v.irks,rhe
lumber   brought.   8(50,000   in   New j tricks   played   with  the stock .market
went in rapid succession It waB intelligible to the very cute twain that
had recently made fun of its author.
When interpreted it read:
'•Dear Sire,—I am 'superintendent of
the telegraph lino upon which you work
Vou will please, solid your time io headquarters and resign your positions at
once. Yours,.Superintendent of Telegraph."
A digniiied rector of a church was
preparing his sermon in his study
against the coming Sunday, when his
little, daughter decided to visit him'.
Taking a gladly accorded place, on liis
knee and easrini*,* a critical eye over the
scattered pages of n-ifti'iii.-icript about,
she asked: "Papa, (loot* (iod tell yon
what to writeT' "Certainly, my child,"
was the. devout reply "Then what
makes ymi scratch so much of it out;-"'
she. asked, and wonders why site never
had an answer.
in the operation ot'drcdeji)}.. naviable
channels at .the.'mouth of the Moruya
and Slioalhaven rivers, Xew South
WmIos, it'was discovered that the mud
contained gold dust. An automatic
gold saver was ilien attached to the
diunp'im machinery, and it is estimated
that enough gold will thus be obtained
to defray the expenses of keeping the
channels open
= f
PALfl fg
J. E.Angrignon
The Leading
Finest Shop in the Slocan.
Brick  Block,    Bellevue  Ave.,   New
Denver, B. C, ,
When Henry Clay was alive the
chambermaids at the hotels where
he was. in the habit of stopping
gathered the hairs left in bis dressing comb and sold them for §1 a
hair to those curio hunters who
wanted a souvenir of that great
Owing to the rich ore found on
the Capella. many eyes are turned
towards Goat mountain. This
mountain .lies next to New Denver,
and most anywhere else in the
world would cause a veritable
millions in wealth, but requires
digging to reach it.    It can't walk.
Returning pilgrims say that the
Slocan people do not know when
they are well off. Probably not.
We havo no yellow fever here, and
the Boers never shove their guns
through our windows.but the poker
games have grown so feeble and
the people so tame that the camps
resemble those of the effete east
where virtue is found everywhere
on the surface.
It is eight years ago this week
since Tuk Lkikjk floated into the
journalistic sky and commenced to
spar all comers. During all thai
time it has never closed the works
nor changed owners, editors or
linanciers. Tliis cannot be said of
any other paper in British Columbia. Published in one of tbe small-
est newspaper towns in America wo
are satisfied with its record, and
will continue to do business at the
old stand until forced out by the
march of time or the dead hand of
hard times.
The-.'ildliucli i* Ui nlv   bird.!     The   King of  Creccc  has  been
II*-,-.■!*• up   ii   mn' uYloi'k in the fined for keeping four dogs without!
inoriiiitig.   lotijj
Hit* 'MH  Ol   tred,
before  the  worms
The I'lit'i'i' i if lts(b\1 i*- 'iti'iilfi'V in
ilr-eii,» tlia:i jii.'in.     Once  fnrmed ;t
jug un bald Ininls.
Jl.'uian- '-an gra-.hopper.- luiJc
hoi'M--. .'U.d iio- < >t imaii-* call llioio
ll.i\  ho;-'-.      Ill  New   Denver  ibi'V
Uf- < .(i.'"l b-h b.iil.
SIocwi'h poet Irttireate, U. T. Anderson, of I .onion Crook, has exprcused iu
beautiful verse the sentiment that hat*
stirred the benrtfl of Kuirlishinen in
sympathy with Am erica in the loss ol
u good provident. Hero me threoof the
six vnriHK—■
('outdo*, (ict'OH-i the border line,
Your* it a norrow kecn;
You mourn your murdered I're^ident
As we have uioiirncd our Qinvu
Ihe kindly word you guve to us
U'e give it trebly hack—•
Mid 11 lory Hiii turn down the must,
U'e loWvt ''-••'•V'l the dink.
rite British heart i-. often rniitrli.
Nor U*ei| In -cultured WllVH;
The Hritidh tongue hie* little -.kill
In frunilng .'niirfly phniM*:
Bui sympathy, the Brllish In-net
Will never, to-u-i lock;
Nor, hi ill" limn* of .lentil, refn-e
I ll InVI el   i|n« || |(|f .1,1(1,.
having Uiein registered, lie imulo
thc law himself, but I be irony of
jolt- n.i- .ig.wn**! iimi, and  ilii'   (log,
limn imniglil iiim t..-iure tin-   Beak. | N«,( onlv I'resi.lent. but malt,
" " "**  1     I or one -.villi*.)' mind na* brum
The     pj-e-gri".-.'-     ".>'?      the      Mu'Uili;
Mountain in Swil/irhtiiil bas  been
♦ , , , ,.,l l ,   l,,,il,i:. ,.  ..  t ,.
were, all inciin and despicable,  as siu-h
performances in their nature  must be: j
but they are. perpetrated on  the. Com   ,
stock with such a magnificence of nro- !
portion and with such grand ducal  ins  !
pudeiicc that their true character was j
obscured by a glamor incomprehensible
to those who have, kept out of the atmosphere of insensate speculation   The,
price of tho shares'of the, .Sierra Nevada
mine, for example, rose in eight months
from 50 cents to 8275 per share.   This
was in 1882.   One thousand dollars be,
came more than half a million  in  less
than  one   year.     This    is    unearned
increment with a vengeance    No wonder the people of San Francisco tumbled
over one another in tlieir eagerness to
buy stocks, and the servant girls and
in the mines of Virginia City, which,
save for the absence of the glitter of
splendid salons and the suave voices of
inviting croupiers, was a greater Monte
Carlo than the one which suns itself on
the Mediterranean shore.—T. A Hickard.
A well-to-do young man recently
married and started west on his bridal
tour. The happy young couple were
breakfasting at a station eating houst,
During the repast two smart Alecks
came into the eating room and seated
thumselvcH opposite, the married couple
Thoy were telegraph operators, by
delicate poising of tlieir knife and fork
they were able to mliko sounds in close,
imitation of telegraphy. In the mystic
language ol the key one said unto the
"Ain't she a daisy, though;*'"
Tlio party thus addressed replied by
clicking off:
"Wouldn't I like to hug and kiss iter,
(he little lal angei ?"
"Wonder who thai old bloke Is that
she has married;*'"
".Some gorgeous granger, I reckon,"
replied the other.
The groom stood it until forbearance
ceiised to Im a virtue, when lie also
balanced bin knife, and click, click, it
Pall Weather is bad for
Causing Golds
Cascara Qninine Tablets
Bovoll's Syrup are good for
Curing Colds
t'i'.r m km   11
NclSOIl'S Drug & Book Store
New Hi llli-i, II, I-.
W!-'    I1AVK   I'.X UOIJT1C
•tSTl'e "Kaiiler" Uoor luis bfuonui tins favorite Heor in tlie Coast Cities.    It 1ms met In success/u
< pi.'titi<-u the famous Milwaukee Hours.
Qui" Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable lyjiiskey in the market.
We liave it in bulk and is cases, 5's and (i's. We are agents for the Bruns*
wIck-Balke-Collender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies ofall kinds
Write us for prices and terms.
__^__—--^I-P-YOlM^-NnH^¥TH*I^&-l-N^— ——	
NO. 4 K -W. C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C. £
The NewmarkctHotcl,
Huh one of tlm most beautiful locations in America, and tho public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
HENRY STEGE,        .""      ~      '>      '■       -
Job Printing
Tlmt iiKKiiyM hi<»'li in  artistic im*rit\ quickly
dune at Now Denver's printing emporium---
Address ===== THE LEDGE
'■•■-,. tn tiit-UH e ini  ...    i'iimt -inen,
WitU MiuJ-l'ivi' fm I.i. (juil,
Hiii-h'lii'i' Willi tf'iiinn lire uvi'ii■;ist.
wall iuimiikI it- I •ax*.     In l», < . tin-
proyi**-- nf tin' iiiiitiniiiin-- im- ln'i'ii
>t'ljl|.'-il   I'V   ill)'   I Ji'M'l tlliiiill    lillilil-
itij4 a uall ."i^aiii-l rapilal.
"/if (.lm-y llutt"r- 4 ,«), !|„. ),(,,.(_
\V*'     l.lVV.'l-    '|P,VI •'.;     'I;, I,,,    J,
i'in-:  iint-iiK i,   uu*. i\/.\.
fi    i-   fiirfMii-fft*   »(i.-<t
noun- liiKiiiit.iiii* «.n llu-
if vin- |H'tii'tiy  h'Vi'l
(*<i\..|. <l will
rlii't-i'  -ire
*«nli.     If
n   \S'itili| In-
\miI<-i two mill'- (tt'i'ji.
s ir_iii.;i
•ulril.l,    '.,
^i'\rii   million    mih
ftl.ii ,-i! .-;' 1 ),r v <ih<- film- i
tlie i ii/i-li |>\iaiiinl.     Tlii
\fvaiU, I
.- ■■■ 11f-iii- 'n
Here    I-I.I-
tt 'itiil'lit'^;
i\ iKlnid
ti< li.-v-   in
l ">ii fi-i-1 Jiij^li ;»i
u 111*1.       In    ol   l-'l it,i-|'»-.      'Ini
tluiu [M.'"t'i .A.-.X.
lli'-li    tl'lll."
A.,i .tu,ui..
a 1'iTi-li-ir it,'rn'-| t,» tin- .'.-iiii'l .if *
•'••*• -ti- i.V,, ,. Ai.n., .>, ni,,- Pinii*
ilir.iH'ii.'.i. bv Ha* iii«i.'iii!ii.|i' ,,( it*
-.I*' r |,r.Tlii, ri.irt*, t.i'li»M|i. ih,. ii,,an-
' i;ll -i.sli'tn o( ili-*civiliKi'.l v.,,ii,;,, 'flic
ilnry "I the Cui|ii,|in-k inn- i>, lijj* ijjf.
ur.'v    '(|„. ..mj.ui   |.a.  ,„■..,,   vA»t..n«ilv
• I i-i.vi-i> an  uvea
■totn' in  it   look
p ,11 *    1o    1<T)li''   ]',
■ Ii
**imt,,.Umt   .ZmU*-.****""**   W%W%k%W%k%WrWk%
ank of Montreal.
IMiillll-lti'it   IH17.
1 -rtJHl-HI ^111  JiM'lll tljo   .T-l.',i»lo,lM..i.i (o
HitM'ived Hind    :    :     7,0*M*».».<«•
Iiidividcd proHfH   :    :   .'ilii.i .si.MI
in:»n uiTiri:,  muntki.ai..
id. Hon", biitliSTi/Miin.w ii,ill Mount Rnv\l„ (i.-'M-iJ.  I'icsidi-nf,
ll"V, ii. A. DitcMMON'ii, Vice I'ri'-.idciit,
V'„ S, I'i.oi sin.s, (iciii'ini Maiiniji'i.
Hi'rtiiclti"* in  (ill iDirf.s ot Onninln, Ncwfotindliinil, tirctit Mrittiin. nti'l
.ue \ -lilted Sliiti'H.
New Denver branch
I.R B. DH VI.MU, MxifinKer
i , ._
• jl>r  "XKK—_h_h"   *_■ m—mm—i_*i-r*—"wm   __r—-_■(_«—-*_•-_.-—- - - .—-—. - -   —— . . —.
■ ^—f    ■ __^\„_<****^__ffc .,^m^ ji. ~,^m^. j\, .^mw^ jj. ^.^m^ ^   ± ^mw^. v^ .^mw.   a    "Wp   ri *99^^j_^^*^^_A ^_A9w
^~*~^»t,     .*^^m 9mm*.,.,. .„*t^m^9 \wm__mt^l¥rKM^mm_ ^^W»_     .. +^^m_ mwmi_.,.,... «Jmwm *m^^i>    ..,-im^^9_      i^^lL»       <M ffHk „ .. ^,^^-1 JM>
^/^^^A mmm*,,, .r. iUf_^-V    |^^hn..,,„ ._ _M*99\ Ninth Year.
Sport fywtitig Bid Game
Up under the rim of the Mogol-
lon Mountains, which form tho
northern end of the Ton to Basin,
Arizona, and which are covered by
a part of tlie largest pine forest in
the world, the cattlemen are'making preparations for a. great war o
pect to round up several hundreds [been dried out.    Don't leave the
of the beasts, and as the bounty on insoles   iu  the shoes over night,
lion and bear scalps is §20 each, j Change your light stockings every
and on wolf scalps $10,  the result'! day for clean or dry ones.
The   bear was|sllould t>e  profitable.—New York j    The next best fabric to wear next
again thrown to the ground by a ISun.   'the skin is cotton,   then  silk,  and
jerk from Pierce's rope, and Hugh!     iv you  would lick lush-     '-,lastly, wool.
Hastily throwing several  turns of j -— j    In winter wear wool hose twentv-
hisrope around the horn  of the;    Sleep eight hom-s, but. never with j ei^t iliches loilg in  the  k;g.   wU1
both   hiud   feet.
c   as
saddle jumped to the ground  and ja»other person in the same room. :]inevi  0,.   t.()tton   Rexl   the
started toward the bear,pnlling out j SloeP ou J'0"1' nSht sidc" These may be' short hose.
'xterniination against bears, moun-! his knife and opening it as he went.      Keep the room windows open all;    jiatjui in . he m01.njllir at tlu, n,ln.
tain lions and  wolves,   because of Watching his chance,   he stabbed  "-ight, summer and winter. pmi-tun-oi' the body or*a- little less.
the damage these beasts liave done the bear several times in the region i(   Place several rugs  on   the  floor j Bathe at  ni^hr in   warm   water!
to stock in the las-t two years. of the heart and then   slashed   her j about, the bed. .WasliMditr  hair at   least once  :i
Tlui Mogollon  range  is a-  great throat.     In a few moments the bear j    ]>]..,.,. thl) iJ(.,jgll,ul at leasi, three : week. \\nnh it every night with a
wall of rock stretching half  way | ceased struggling.    Aft-er scalping! fm. ■•,,,.„  (>V(.ry  wa!L    A„   vval]s ,•„,. mnK
across A ri/oiuip from cast to   west J the bear for the bounty,   the  boys! are cold  and  cause a  cold   draft i     If you wear cow  throw  then-
and   from   1000  to   'jouo   foot   in i cut. oft" a-  few  pounds of  the  best ■- downwank     'llu. ,'....,i..i. ,.r .. ,-moi.A ' '   .        ,
. ■• - , ou.Miwa-Kis,     I lie ceniei ol aioom  awav,       1 mi   cannot    breath
height.     I here   lire   onlv  two  or-meat and wont on  their  wav ,v lfii^s'ilV *   • ■
, , , * :     -, . ,,    ,, issau. .'iiiitnre iineiidcdnndei
three places  where  n   wagon   cai;  nothing unusual ha<  happeii-ed.             .> ..                  ,          ,. ,   . -
,     '                      ,■"',..                                                   '     b,'h»'«'   von  sleep,   lie  ou your  whatever.
make the ascent and as many more1     It is not unusual for cow-punch-1 .,„ •     .,, '    •     ...           , , A,
where .he tough and wiry bronco, ers  to  rope  a bear   and   even  a-i   U'   "1^" " ^l As you ean never get something
" mountain    lion   „,   this   country/"* ^ W ""^ ^ ; f-nothing, go out and   battle for
where the heavy   underbrush ami'     M,m"«h   thc   ,,H-V   i'e|M'a, d^P ^od health, making i, catching in
the manzanita scrub, together with
the rough and broken nature ofthe ,
ground,   make   a   close   approach:     De<T»   breathing   saves   doctor's jatioii put into your blood.    Statis-
possible without, detection. During
the fall round-up, the foot-hills,
which are heavily timbered in
many places, become the resort of
hundreds   of   bears   and   turkeys
of the cattlemen can cross from llu
gradually rising plain on the north
"\i the  many  valleys  lying  under
the rim ou the south.    ,
From the Colorado Kiver, more
than 100 miles'to the. northward,
the desert gradually rises in au
almost unbroken plain, until the
rim of the mountains is about 7000
feet above sea level. Mere it suddenly drops away, leaving innumerable deep, rocky canyons, which
are the homes of eouutless bears,
wolves and lions' in the fall and
winter months. In summer these
beasts nearly all go up on top of
the mountains to escape the heal
and to be near herds of deer and
turkeys that make their homes in
the broad, unbroken pine forests
which stretch for miles along the
almost Hat top of the mountain
The country to the South of tlie
rim forms the range for thousands
of cattle, the owners making their
homes among the canyons and foothills, wherever a sufficient water
'-■ siipplj^ean'"be"had~~BeiTigiiniian3ri
places more than 100 miles from
the nearest peace ollicers, might is
'„ right among these people.and there
f is probably not a region within the
confines of the United States where
men are more skillful in the use of
the six-shooter au'l the lariat than
hei;e. From the age of ten they
.fire as much at home in the saddle
as an Easterner in a rocking chair,
and boys, and girls, too, perform
astonishing feats <>f horsemanship
and roping.
Hook Ludsoif s two boys, Hugh,
aged IS, and Pierce, who is 14,had
an experience lately whioh illustrates well their hamliness with .the
rope and ability to take care of
themselves. The two boys were
working with the round-up in the
Xiteglin Canyon country, and started one morning to join another
round-up out lit tlmt was working
1/ about eight miles away. Their
course took thein down a steep
canyon for several miles and then
over a steep ridge ink) another
narrow valley.
About three.miles down tho canyon made an abrupt bend,the walls
being several hundred feet high.
As the I toys came around this bend
they ran almost into a large she-
boar, who was feasting on a freshly-
killed calf, Both had left camp
without buckling on their six-1
shooters ami belts of cart ridges, but
angered at the sight of the dead
calf both charged lit the bear, ropes
Altfiigiiig iu readiness for a throw,
The bejir fled down the canyon,
The speed of an old, lean shchcar
is remarkable, and for a quiitler of
il mile neither I my wmc able lo gel
which congregate here to  feed' on I
the acorn  mast and  the   juniper j
berries with which  the  ground  is j
covered.    The deer also  love tlie'j ^'haCevi*r.
acorn mast, and the  wildcats and
mountain lions follow  up  to  feed
on venison and turkeys.    The cow-
punchers, in   working among the
cauyons.ofteu have exciting experiences with both bears and lions.
Jake Hendershott, a German
rancher, nearly 60 years old, was
going up a canyon close to the rim
one day last fall looking for outlaw
steers, when his dog started a female mountain lion and two half-
grown kittens from among the large
boulders. The lioness faced the
retreat of her young. The dog, a
cross between a bull and a mongrel
hound, closed in on the mother before she could escape.    Both kittens
Through   the   day   repeat   deep,good
breathing live minutes,   live  times: stead of disease.
• i .
or nu),'('" j    Don'l allow any virus or vaccin
saves    " ■'---•
bills. " j tics the   world   over prove  more
j    Avoid all intoxicants, and drink j deaths by it; than where there is no
i no tea or coffee,   and   little or no j vaccination,
j fluids when eating. j        ■,.,*, au7who  rsii  mh.k.-
i    Drink  an  abundance of   water i 	
glass! W('--'*lve''|>erli--ii"S liumh-i'.il-. of limes,
[ in lectures, luliiresses, aial in this paper,
jaiul other huniaiiu jHiliiiculioiis
two'hours after eating aiu
of water one hour before.
Never use tobacco  in  any
Pet animals carry disease germs.
Live in the country  if possible,
make it possible.
Take frequent short holidays.
Limit   your   ambition   a little.
Keep your temper.    Never  worry
i or borrow trouble.
!Eat the flesh of no animal, such
food is full of uric acid, the cause
of rheumatism. Uric acid is also
in coffee.
Live only on cereals, fruits and
nuts, and a small  share of vege-
ittcntion in tin: very «Teat importance
| In public health of treating i-yu's kindly
—that while kind words nnd acts l>ii 111;
in return monvaiid gnod milk, cruelty
alwayfi, tn a greater or less wxt-eio,
operatus exactly as iiv the case oi the
human mother to poison the milk
We. have recently read front tiie Lon
don  Spi'i'tat-or  tho following -striking
account of  a   case   in   which   simply
4-t, 1-^1 _n-.
Never wear   woollen   garments
next to the skin.
Always wear linen mesh goods
as linen absorbs and carries away
took to a small pine tree.    Luckily j moisture four times as fast as wool.
the dog got a throat hold, and, encouraged by the shoutihg of Jake,
held on, even though his sides and
belly were torn by the sharp claws
of the. lioness.
Hendershott. had no weapon of
any kind, but slipping from the
sad die, seized the first thing at hand,
which was a chunk of granite, and
ran to the assistance of the dog.
He grabbed the lioness by the ear
with his left hand, and with his
right, using the granite chunk, he
pounded her skull into such amass
that he was not able to save the
scalp for the bounty. Then he
turned his attention to the two
kittens in tlie pine. Mounting his
horse and riding up underneath the
tree, he was able, after several »t-
tempts,to drop a noose around one,
and it was but the work of a second
to spur the horse into a .un and
jerk the kitten from the tree.   The
Jn winter wear wool over the
In summer change linen three
times a week.
Put hair insoles inside your shoes
all the year round, and change
them every day for a pair that has
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
SII.VKR LEAF Mineral Claim.
jealousy on the part of a cow, because,
of the petting of another, affected the
"Oh ! I'll milk her right enough, sir,
by and hy, just give her a little time to
settle down," said. Thomas, "it's nnly
jealousy   of   that   'ere   pup,   sir     She
couldn't, abide socina* tne n-fondling of j »estQ, Hi-iuoii.F. M. c.Xo"; Hifflys, ami Joshua
Sitimti' in rlii'Slui-in Mining Division ul" West
Kooti-mtv District. Where located: On N'ortil
F.ii-k of EiKht Mile Creek.
'PAKE NOTICE, Thai* 1. Albert   E. Ashcroft,
I    Provincial l«in<l Surveyor, as agent fyr Er-
In aboiir twenty minutes Thomas
called me down tu set* the milk. The
cow hud stood quietly enough to In*
milked Bui the. milk wat- dc-ply
tinged with !i|;.,p,|, ;m,i iu half  ;in   hour
a i-iqiinu.-, ivd pri-cijiitati   had settled roi         ~~" ".""  -
the hoi torn ofthe pail.    Till then I had! ^Y'r* v !!lrM1''!* TOM ""WMNO,
I       I.N.   KANAWHA,   SI'ATON   |'KA<;-
TlON,   TltM'MI'll    1 i:.\(   IHIN
Klelelit?)', F. M. C. Xo. IIISICU, iiui?ii'l, sixty days
froni tlie (lute he'eof. tonppl.v r<> tlm Mining
Rc'-orrtor for a ce-rtifieaT'f cf improvement*; for
(lie purpose* of olitainin-* a e-rnwn Kni.nl "('(119
Anil further take not ■ice that act inn ini'tei* *ieO"
tion ,'i" must lxi voiiimuiu'-ud  hefnre the issuance
of -pucli i-i-rfiiii'ati' of iiiiin*..v<-tin-itss.
.    Hati-'l (hi*, li'li .lay ,,'] Aiif-ust. A. 1)  liml,
Al.HICltT  i'. ASHCKOKT, 1*. L. S.
doubted the jealousy theory     After that
I 1'oliovt'd —I.uioioi,  -MHvtiitor.
1 l'i- !-.-■! K-nlii; ii-.-il i'i-p.-iiIp: • • . |..r - _' p*p ■:
I X". i !■' I'. K • -ii ii. u<eii,re;r. -|.'-.i ... .!-.r <", <•■ I
I .<i.. : \ K.I'.K.'-lak lew. r- -.- • ! ."'. l'...r -|:..m. j
1 Nn -i I'M'. Ko-lali. i»-=•*■■ I. n_     17 .".*'■       I'.ir -l-'i-lnpj
1 .N'.i. ! Mall's Eye. u-t-,1. irt;. -U.-n l-py sIppph j
1 No. 1 I'..■ t>11*.-1in, u.-'.-il, I'.'u'. -ie.-.i . .ini- -s.iip-1
1 \'i. ".'Ili-iii , IV.V us.-a.ret;   .-l.-i.mi. .. .  1'i.ir • i.:V
1 .V'i. :; I'l-i'iiin, tx'i. lew, n-L'   -l.'.im    .   .tor -i-'i.:'
(,'a.sli wilh  onli-r.  or  si-.,ip|  sj.p-ii. pinil  li.-ilnni-'
('.ll.l i . siihji-i-t io cxaiiiiiiiiliou.
0. STKATilEAh'N, Kaslo, H. C
phipI !(i;mik;o ri(\( rio.v
Mineml    < *j;i i 111 -
i;nti- ii; »ln- Sliien 11..M ii-inir I ini-inii nt ,-\*e.--t-
l\iiiiii'iiay    l'1-.iriet. 11 lur.-      ioi-atvil:
Ni-pir iln- l-';luin iiiiii.'i'al el.-iim. -aitli i.l   Smi-
TAKE N'lTM'K Tliatl. \V S, Ur urv. ai-tiu-*
1 ;p- .-'K'-ut ;.,i N'elll'- lli"l'.-v, !•' M I". \■..:;.■"'jI,
ami Win. I.'. Vauki-y. K. -M, ('. N'c :i7n.*»l. in:>-utl,
-i\t\ iln.vs fi-i-iii lia- .liilf in'ie,.!' t" uplilv i" :! «
.Miiijiij.' h'i-ii,ii'iler Ippi ci-rthii'-iti-s .,f improvements fm- the jiiii'im«r of ■'lit.iiiiiu'*' pi (":'"\vll
L-i'piiit nf vaeli "I the ab"ve rlaiins.
Vint fiirlln'i' lake initii-r  tleit .leli-n liieler see*
tiuii :iT iin.i*i| In- inmuieiieeil   liefore   the issuanee,
of siielt I'l-nilieali'Sol" ini|irovi'iiieiits.
Da'i'il thi* P'iIiiIiin of S.-pt'inlie!. A  D, l:i:l,
anil    II.\|{I»SIvI:A< I'KI.I.
Mineral (.'laiins.
&&W&mV%s&m/%/%''% \
I Optical
| work
t, Brown Bros., i
™      The Jewelers, Nelson.      tk
Siniiin-in the Sl-ieiin .Mieiin; lJivi.si-,.,ii (J: Wv-t
KiiHleiiiiy Ilistriet. Wln-re loealod: Ahout
tiio mile's up Carpenter Cnvk from Threo
Foi Us on (lie smit it side of ereek.
'PAKE NOTICE Thai   I, (.i oi^e Mpirr, ot  Mc*
1    liiiijr.-in. frei'iiilin'-r'sci'i-tillciiti' No. H ffiV.Vi,
intend,   sixty ilny.s   fioir.  tin   ii,,t<;   li,:iv„i',  to
._    np]ily to the Minini.' Kecoriler ior (\ rlilieates of
\ j Inipri'ivei-it-nt, fur the piirpuse uf i-litaiiiintr a
(B   Crown Cruiit.nfi'in-li of ihe-ahove claims.
•    '     And fiu-llii-r tiilie nntice thai aeti.m. uniter see*
tiuii ,'o,,inu>t lie eoninieuci.'il lirl'iiie ihe issumu'e
of fin-l'i Certilirati.s u! linprovenii'lits.
.   Dnie.i this loihilav of Si pi.-inlii-r. A. |) i:,oi
Three Forks
B. C.
Provides accommodation for
the travellinir public	
Pleasant rooms, and good
"nnaris. Tii¥"bffr~ts~I^k7eci
with wines, liquors and
cigars. HOT and COLD
HUGH NI\ EN, Proprietor,
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
<1oK liiimwlliitely   nmlunl  in,  »ndIph-  •      Uj.|vp|.    Manajri.r|-
With   .liiko'-i   }iPMiwtiinr'(*  mum ,1phJ^UOUW UIIIJU*   ITIdlldgvl \>mms_xlsjsjl
— \
Seeds, Trees,
riaillS    A(;KI(;Ui;n;HATj
BlllbS for Fall PlimtliiK".
Catalogue Free.
Hn-tl WrullilhlM.-l ltii.nl. Valil'iiliver. It. I'.
Place *
FresliJ^jsh all the time,     MEALS
Poultry most the time."25°'OP'
Minenii Claims.
Situnte.   iu   Ihe   Slueiui     MiuiiiL'   Division   of
Wist   Ko'iieuay Oistriet.     \Vliere  lucateil:
On Triliutnn Creek,  in  ihe Slrsean  .Miuinj'
i        Divi-imi 01 \\'est Kootenay, li. "C.
7'1'AKK   XilTlOK   That   1,   iv   M. Srtnililati<i>.
|  I    Cit. N>i- UaiSli.acliii- as.iirent for 1'. Munis,
I Cfi. No. II ,7i.-iii,mi(l 1). 1>. Mann.Cft. No. A Sijfl-I,
I iutiii'I'.iiMlav- flppin the ilati1 hereof (<.■ apply to tho
! MinliiK   Ite'i-onler for Ceriitieates ...1   Iniprove*'
I iiii-nls for the pur'iosi' of oIii.-iIiiIiik Crown Krauts
i ul each of thealmvc claims.
i    And further take notice that 'action under section It" must lieciimiiiciK-cil he-fore the i.-suauecof
Mich certificates of inijiroveint'iils.
Dated this ■fMluliiv of Ail-urn. A.D., l't'l.
Contains   a   Reliable   Record
of all tho Events In the
»4.00 A YEAR.  SINGLE COPY, lOcta.
ForSalebyall Nowsdealera.
Toll llVMiHlKK. or In any fer-oii to wlimn he
mui Inn.' ii'.eiit.ri.'il in- int.-ri-t in iln-
'1 a ii 1,1'liliniil nilli.-ia! eliiilu, at the heail >l
Ki,_.'it Mlieeieek. In (Id' Slmeiil Millhll' Hlvl-
il ai, i.f Wi-M K'l.iieii.t.i Ui-irii't:
\'i if are hi'li-hy li -till'-il that   I   Imve  expelnleil
HKTIIKN   Mineral Clium.
Situate in the Sloean MiuiiiL* Division of Went
Koo'en-iy Hi'trict. Where locaied: Wont
of llie Saiiiihirc. on I'avne Mountain.
'V.\KK NOTICE Thai I,' Ilcrhert T. Twlug. as
1 iiftent for tltc l^ywAMlSiJUiUCil-iUulws-
(JmiTp^*Tl.iinitwl7T**reini.iier's Certiliciite No.
B.*i!i.')7.'i, iiiU'iul.sixty ilay.i from the date hereof
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilieate
of Improve-neiim, for the purpose of ohtahiliii*;
a Crown Grant of (he above claim
And further take notice that action, under hoc,-
tion 37, must be commenced before the. issuance
of such Certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this 5th day of September, A. L). l'Jol.
Mineral Claim.
Situate lu the SI enn Mii-lni* llivlsion of'.'.'s(.
Knotciinv DNtiict. Where loeiitnl: dn
1'ayne Mitiiiiliilii.
■TAKENOT1CK Thai I, Arthur S. Kanvell,
1 Pre" Miner's Ortillenit* N i ll.Vtl.'iil.-Suleiiil.OO
day.ifi-oin thedati' liereof. In apply to (ho MlnillK
IteVord'-r ("I'll ('(Tlillcatf nl' hnpri'VeiliellW, for
the puri  ot olitaiii|iij> a  ('i-nivn Uraiit of tho
aliove eliiilu.
And lill'lliei l.ilie nntiee that aclion, under
rt'ctlDli SJ, liliisl In- eoi.lineiiced beli.-re ihe Issll*
aliee nf Mtelicei'lilieali* of llliproveil i",il«.
I luted lhi< -."'111 ilnv   -f AiliTii-t, A. I>, Hull.
'.'■.'pol \. S. KAKWKI.L.
OKVi'it.u,,  m:n riix umi   ki:h   cox
I'll ACTION Mlu. tiiI Claims.
Situ.ill   III   the     Kliii-,-01     Minim.'     l'ivi>Pin   oil
Wi-t   Koni.i.iay   Ol-trii't.   Win iv  Imateil:
Siii-|ii'l-i" lln-hi iuul J"ln-' tin- sm-prw (he
'1-AliK NuTICK that I, (I. II, AU-ii.i.ii;'nt for
I -li'hu A Khieli, Kree MliH-r'-'Ci-rtilii-a'i' No.
j.*> in lao a- p'.ml liiipi-nvcnieiii- mi ii.'i-imui:j li '■ ,:'l--|l'' "U" II- Heiii|er*iim, pre..' MimT'* (Vr-
nl muii- ln1.-1-.--l ii. 111" Twlelduliliui mineral | lll'n'.iie N" H .Vi'i.'.'i. Cnin.liii- M li, -lliinjt, Kr«e
el.iiln. '1 lie iihove ui.-.itinin d -7!. In vmir |iro|mr-1 Min.'i - C«-iil(lenti' N'n It .Vn!r;.i. Pre.-M hiet'*' Cer*
Iimi .it iii,*.-\|Mii!.i'ii<-ci*.*iii,v liiiii'ilf'rtii linlil the | tliiepiti N" ''Jllll.liii.'iiil. *.l\l.» iluys fr.Mii the date
*j|ii.-l.iiii.ii..il«-i (h i-o.vi-intf. -.( th- Mineral j hi i.-p!. •" -'1','I.V (■> Hm- Alidiuir Heeoriler
Ait, a- "in itilhlii hliietv d.'V- frnni tlie date oil for a Certilieiili' "f liii|irnvi-iiieiil«,   lor (lie pur-
'     '     in   ('.■lllribllle   llie ! pn-i-ul "hll.llllllK  II   CrnWII  llr.'llll   of   till'ill'nVO
lliU in.tli.' yiii f-il nr  iti(u*,i
ab'Ve  no•i'iliiiiii-il "Him.  nhli'li i*  linn   -lui-. I
vetlit-r ulilutll fi-M" "f advertl-unc, ymir intere*!
lu Iln- -ai.I <l oni will lie .me Ihe p|.i|»rtv ut the
in,del di'ip.-il, in.iler s.-i-i|,.ii  I  '.( ll Miii'nil
Ae! -Viiieuiliii.. t Aot lym"
li.ilt-d.K N. ■« Iti'iiii't. II, C, (hi*-ti'il dav ol <'■•
tnl»r.t-l PR.l.VK lv ( I.l" IK
|Mit«hwl tln> kitN'ii. Tln» otlicr cub
wn* treat-wl th*^ Kami' way, mul tin*
wnlpK of liot.li being cut off. Jake
ret uriicd to iloetor bin dog.
The wild beaut* untituilly deHtroy
limiflredH of cuttle nnd colt«. Horxe
raiwiiiK in tlmt region ban Imhmi almost entirely given ii|> on lUconnl
of the ntiniliei* of colts killed l.y
lions. In tin* hint live years the
Kllison family have killed more
than _f«Mi l»ears and one-third as
iniiiiv lions, loin were killed in
one morning  Inst   fall  out  of ten
Nelson, B. O.
clo-c   ciioiigh   to   land   bin  rope.
ilrnsb, trees nnd Ismlders made  it Isiinted during the day
ii diiUciiU task  to cast  a  ."lO-fooi (.'   This spring l>»-iwi. th
ui        ...,:..«•    ( .,«    tl., .-1.   ., • •,,!..(    ,..
.   j      ..... . t p.. t.,
v.. i  ,. \ i,.  i.i,,    .,   i,,,,,.   , , ,..,   Vi)....! 1
,,,1 ,(,.,
p.,A,,.,.  ,
•«*i*"'"ft "
Simml Lowkuy's Claim
to 1'iiine your nay by
st-iiil'mir thi' iMlitoi* a ilnl
lar. It luruislws a |»n\v
ilcr that leaves no uiisicd
i   THE BEST IS (NOT   j.
".ll .i
i'. AA.■
the .-ear's head and led fore lejj;. j pounds, ami captured h cut. alive,
and swerving hi*leax*io ihe right, i briugiuii il io the ranch tied ticlmui
the liein- went on olle side of tl scrnlij hei* saddle,
I i  I *V    .Mill       III' llll.M        IMP       i(|l        'i|l|i|, ll        I*       *t|i|!       |"     'l"1        '''"       lllli"-      UllU
When the rope lightened, the horwe'lliidcrl.'ike   svhat   i«  di-siuiiei| tn Im*
wasiicnil\ thrown   from   hi-  I''d.  the greatest round-iipoi wild lic'tst-
aud llie hear ui>-iu*d a   -oiner-.iull.  ever known in liii-  conuiry.     I be
The younger UiV   wa-*  goin-_   at   Ivlli-oti i<oy-   Imve   the   mallei-  in
.-.icli -j.c»'d th..*< I,.' Uv,i',!-( vii,!,■. ,,,,', Lout, !i '..* '.t.i'ir i,.it ..ii'.',, ',., ^,-i
the hear tf she ruse to her feet. Inn to*>i*ther n- niiuv eowlniv*. n-- |m,--i-
»hi- did iml prevent him l'l'imi drop* lile. and itill'i a I'.'iilt i»i ~"u up .;i«i
ping i !ix.p 4»vei- her head as h<- to *-utr-*tind a di-trh t l.'.or _'o mile-
went l»y. t'\ ihi* time Kiiuh'-, Mpiure. Willi triiihcd h<u>e- and
rope linl -lij.ped down around   the do-.s they uill   drive   their «pmm
Jw.;»fA  l„i«fv    ,'lllff ,•(**   V'rll'f   l'-'lllefl»'Into ,'(   'I'-ep f)tn\ OH    whuff tfli-l    i-.'ltl
ie.l hi- t .j-1. Mu^h - (High! around kill their'janie ot  will.     They o\.
beaten lor sbatterino the
rock of Mi|ierstifi(»n ami
iliUoiaijcc tluti iiivi-r- .-ii
much <il the brii»bt nn*t
reeilolll    oh
.bih Printing is an ait.
It is today one of the
tilosf ailvaneed ol'iiits.
and greater ellortsate
bi'injr mitde to reach
ju'lleefion than ever
Iteioie in the hi tory
ofi»riniiiii_'. Kvery itji
Id-dale   business  man
lic'iini/.e.s the import*
(-1     , *.       1 •
io lU-.i.iNyi'KXT «'><iw\i:i(,
'I'     •    ll''   I'.l 1   ■     '■>,--. ','.,,.,1    ,.'ls.nl   „l |>l~il|i.
In lllh Hu he 111'. \   I.PlVe II illl-felli .1 III. lilleli"!
And liiltlii I take Untie,  tlial   a.-|j,,n i|ii,|,.|* -,,,(>.
linn a:, inii-l he i'i.mint-need |„,|,,,-,, »(„. ts»uuoa»
nf -IK ll *   '  Illll.-Ilte. nf   |llMI|-n\e||l|.|l|-.
I»hIii| Ihi" .'.th ilnv nl Si-pi.-iiil-er, A   It. Iml
I'OSM'    I IIACIION   Mln.nl Claim.
Slin.ii. in the slnean Mliiln,' lMvision nf Wntl
Ko teiiHV ill.iriet. Win"i' Ineale.l: Oh
I'pvnt- M,.iiiitiiii. m|j„!i(ii,- ■ **i!\. i Ifctf,"
Curb aiKit.' Kliiir" Hint • Sajipbli.." Mineml
'IMhK A-Wlc'l-. iiiN!  I    IV  M.   Have*,   Pre
I     Miner'- I I'ltllle.il..  N't.    II  '.i1'>,    m-'liif  ««
 ,. .. ,,,    ., , ... ,. . ,.   i iio nl lot r   II. lVil«on, Pr.-e Miiii'i'«(ViilHcat«
l"" *■"•     Mii.er.il llitl,,,, on.  ..I Un-1 ,**, „ ,,,,,_ i;ll(ll),    ,h()   lJl(. ,,,„,, „ ,„,,
-.Sniipai.'il i;tniip. *ltin|e umr lleai l,.iki, | In n-..f. <<iiim.lv lo tin* Mlnli.-.' It'i'.iiln fur »
in the S|..e,.i. Xlliiiiiir l»IU«inn o: W'.*t ' Cerlllieiilr ..r liii|.n.vciii.-iit-, tot the puii..*- of
, . : iililiiliilnu' a (Town   (ilanlnf   iheiilnVi   cl.ilir,.
It.e.li-n.n |i|*lin i And luilbir Inke iinlirt timl it t|,,i,   under «.-fw
mini   Oi.n ,1'., Iiiu*l lie iiimili.'iiinl ln-f-,1.* the  i».iiaiil*n
li   .le  , nl -neb I'erlllii'.ili-nt Iliipl-iM menu,
liiled (lilD-Clril.l.o- n| Alll'll-l   l!«l|
I'  M.  IUVK-
l*'l|    ■'!'   llUll.i iintll:. '*• lli.tl WrllAt'-t-
I      »p».<-, . i.l   l.ib-il   ..mi   llll|l|tnellie|it
V'-iiinii   Mlinril
lint >i!  ymir ini. i< *i   In   llu
i linn      'llu   .li.v,   niiiiliiiii.il  »p»,.,', j. ).,nr
|.t .ji Hll-ill i-l III- .\|«li«e oefe«».lly 111 i,,.lti|..
I,,-III ihe -alii I'lflUII UII-IlT till' priiv"i»lnll'* 'it (lie
Mine)-11 \rl. .Il.-I li w illll I II III' (J iln • (inlll tin*
.).!• -,t Iln* until •  »i.o (pill-.r t.-til*e tn i-niiiilliiiti-
•'.He    lll.>ll(l'>tl.-l|    aillll.    « tilth    !»   Ii,.«    <|l|l.
. ill. r ulsl, ilj en«l. ..(  ,'n|».-ol*iiiv.   v-ur  in
- -t  III llie ve. i i   111) Hill   li* .    n.i.   tin   |>|i.||Tlh
'!„   ..!»,.. Ml,. ..     I,'.  ■',    I   V,     l| i       I    !'. Mi;,
t    Ll    Villi ll.lll.l III   All   j *>.'
Mltd .-it X. |. .,1, It    I*     llu*   I*'li   ititi  -.1   li;l» ,
• >• tn i,t. .i.\,
•1   (1,1.1 (Ml.   !'(.».
'I I IS'.n
I  c.
u \ I a
■*    w»:   p.
MMI.Il Tot'Its
1 1 v.
hUmiCk'S GHfcATEvSI S€i:Mi.
!<• Al.l
. iA-lT.i:\ fn!
VI''- « t .
!   Uv
1, Itol   1 )      M.I.
<■> ,**•«»(• 1 IM.
U At!,
a.-t A -.li
-i.i* a:>   i. .' t i
|'.i   1 > Ai "
i-l'-s-    !
! «•
h(7 | ,rhOF".
al ol
t) j,,, i ■ i \ 11
wai tnitio
-'■ ~'-f-Tifr~-_ifi"r
vour    ii|iper
Si. James
tf. T. Toner}'
Mew Denver, U. C
I .<•*-■
fttf,      fj.y
I.l }U'*t> ;
n I*-*'
i-t;    l"e|,„
.-.-thri.it j)
***.-«. tHint-r, H.C.
t »v«it»'-..N. I'rnfiit|„r
''■      '<* '.t; •    tilt:   •-»"*'   lit
)' I;. I.-
'A'    t THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, OCTOBER 3, 1901,
Your Eyes
and My Optical    _
My stock of Spectacles and
Eye Glasses is very complete, consisting; of Rimless
Eye Glasses and Spectacles
and a full line of standard
goods.   .   .        ■    •    ■    •
1 am the pioneer optician of
•the Kootenay, haviim the
.largest experience, and my
appliance-*are second P. none
In the Province.	
*G.   W.  GKIMMETT, t'raihiale Optician
and .lewnlcr-
Airent for Cani.dian Kodak Co.
SANDON. 13. 0.
make-; a specialfy of mixed
drinks, and affords	
A Weary and
Thirsty Public
a -.-l-lioiiMiay oppni'tiinity ot
drinltliis; the most delleiniil
ticveraires produced hy an and
good liquor* The ei«ars can he
smoked when not a hreeze i.i
-stirring, and add pleasure to the
life of any lover of irood tohaeco
Reisterer & Vaughan
Kootenay Coffee
Dealers in Teas and Coffee.
All grades and prices. A
trial order solicited	
Kootenay Coffee Company
P.O. Box 18.. West Baker St.
Cigar Oo.
iFor price* apply to—
"W. J. MCMII.1.AX & CO.
Wholesale Agents for B.C.
Vancouver, B.C.
Our Special
El Condor
Oh, tell me, papa, tell me why
So many stars are in the sky?
Why does the moon come out at night?
What makes the snow so very white?
Oh, tell me, papa, tell me quick.
Oh, tell me, papa, this one thin**-':
Why are the leaves all green in spring?
Why does the bark grow on the tree? *■
How did the salt get in the sea?
Oh, tell me, papa, tell me quick.
Oh, tell me, papa, if you know,
What makes the grass and flowers grow?
Why do we walk upon our feet?
And what has made the sugar sweet?
Oh, tell me, papa, tell me quick.
And tell me, papa, tell me how
The milk and cream get in the cow?
How many scales a fish has got?
What makes the heat so awful hot?
Oh, tell ine, papa, tell me quick
And tell me, papa, don't forget,
What is it makes the water wet?
What holds the sun up in the sky?
When you were bom, how old was I?
oh, tell me, papa, tell me quick
The Lardeau Eagle is greatly encouraged by the good showing that is being
made by properties thereabouts. It
says development is forging ahead and
good reports continue to come in from
every direction Preparations for the
raw-hiding season are now being made,
and Lardeauites have a good winter to
look forward to. The ore production
this winter will do much to attract outsiders for next year.
Another big strike of ore has been
discovered on the Ajax, one of the
claims on the Nettie L. group, some 800
feet above, the find made some weeks
ago while the claim was being surveyed
The possibilities of the Nettie L. group
seem to enlarge each week. The wagon
road to this mine is now Hearing completion, aud the force will be gradually
increased from now on.
The contractor, Sig Davis, and his
men are down from th3 Mountain Lion
group, having completed the 50-foot
tunnel. They have not struck the ore
body, but things are looking all right,
and instructions may be received this
week to continue work until the ore
body is tapped. A cabin has been built
and well provisioned, and Mr. Davis
thinks there would be no difficulty in
working therefor two months yet. The
same owners, the Mountain Lion Co.,
have made the first monthly payment
(CondeiisiHl iKiviTllseiiienM, stlelt a*. Kor Sale
"\\ anled, Lost,Strayed, Stolen, Births, Ueatlis,
Marrlmres, l'crsoiml, Hotels,l.cual,Medical,etc,,
are Inserted when not exi-ei'din*-; KO words for
Si'i cents each liiserlliui. Riicli live words or lei*
over ■}■• words aru live cents additional.]
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baking Powders containing*
alum.  They are Injurious to bealtb
Year ,
for. s>vi_m
DItV OIIK I'ltOI'KHTY. North Korlt Car*
■>entcrcrcel.-.\l,l,S, Al.l'S KUACTION
itnit Al.TUHUs-Crowndraiil* oliliiiiuid. An*
jily. \V, J. M.-MIU-AN 4 CO., Vancouver, 11,0.
>'KI.S*».V, II 0.      Cut. \VAKI» & HAKKH SU
., i\UUA)Y "W'''
Us lud 15)cars ei|ierl*iu'.' in dental work, aim
make* a np-'i'luity of Oold HrMt**' Work. Mont
complete ilt'litilnftlce til II (',.
Jl IUH. Ttwmom.*«m|ilrt.* y r j, I Til
onUicC-JiitliKutofNortliAmerl* II CA L I II
«_ Hlttitti-d mUt'l K-e-wry u» DtCllDT
rlr»llfdfor(lr»iid.ur. Ii<mtlt.i(, H LO U If I
jrUhinff and Kicumlmn llt.l(W Pliynli-Un
md Nunw Telfifriphlr i(iiiiiiiuntc_t|..i. with all
pp_rt»of Um wurl'i; tint mills arrlv* nnd tfrptrt
4«rry.Uy It* tiaUirJ cure all n. rvout and
a_u»rultrdl*K*«-f*; lu w»t»r* hril all Kidney
Liver and Mtonmch A HiWiiiW. T.-i in«: f IA Ut «1K
p$r w<wk ac-yvrilliid in r*%«ldi>nc« in hotel or
■flllat Hi* |*lc* of a fp>und trlii ticket ImIwmd
V*w fOliver and Halcyon, obtainable all th*
year round and ktikkI (or »i ilar». It M» Hal*
*yon H|>rliiir», Arrow l.-k*>. B C. 	
A    If HKVI.ASli   KnmiMNir •ml I'litvlnela
,   Land HuiY*ytr.  Hamloii.
under a working bond, and the pay roll
..money is expected daily.   .
J. W. Livingston, of the Ruffled
Grouse.was in town on Sunday securing
supplies. He and his co-owners have
50 sacks of &KX) ore ready for the packers
but this amount will be more than
doubled before shipping.
Manager Chas W. McCrossau is expected to arrive here from Colorado
this week, and the Metropolitan may
then cease operations for the winter on
account of its location: but work on the
Black Warrior will bo pushed incessantly. The Warrior cabins are now
almost completed and a force of twelve
men will be at work by Monday next,
under the old owner of the property, T.
E. Home. Over 100 sacks of the proposed -20-ton ship iient are now ready
for shipment.
Ed Hillmau is building a cabin on
the Horseshoe tiiineral claim, and the
force of two men will be increased upon
its completion, The property has been
surveyed and in liulng crown -.ranted
Andrew Ferguson left on Monday for
tlie Trail smelter with a second ship*
ment of 40 tons of Triune ore. With
the'2(J tons bcionglnt* to Che leasees of
last year this makes an output of 80
tons so far this senooii. The owners
hope to make another M-ton shipment
this season, and more if possible to
work at tlie mine
In Russia oil holds absolute sway.
And from Hiiku to Nishni Novgorod
petroleum iinds favor on railways and
steamships alike For :20t»0 miles along
the'Volga bouts ply from north to south
propelled by means ol' oil, of which 8,-
000,000 tons is used in Russia alone.
An Austrian electrician has devised a
telephone which takes care of itself It
has a phonograph attachment,and when
the owner is away from home,he simply
sets the machine to say to those who
call him up: "I am away from home.
The phonograph will take the message."
Tellurium was rirst obtained in 1782
from telluride of gold in the mines of
Transylvania.' It has not been used in
any form and is only interesting to
Mi'entific chemists and metallurgists.
It is very light and brittle, easily fused,
and so volatile that it burns if heated in
: lie air.
As an inptanceof the difficulty attending the making of surveys in Alaska,
Mr. FrancisTagliahue, of East Oakland,
has just made a survey of a strip only
200 feet long at Karluk, on Kadiak
island, which required a trip of 46 days
and an outlay of over $500.
Theoretically, there is no obstacle to
working mines 12,000 feet deep. Mines
5,000 feet deep are now oeing worked,
and the other 7,000 feet could,probably,
admit of a vertical shaft with intermediate landings and separate hoisting engines—a winze on a large scale, with,
of course, proper ventilation.
Comparison  of the economy of the
Established in Nelson in 1889
Hurry Up!
We are waiting for you
And you will get white treatment
You never heard of our customers kicking; not
much! They all get 'white treatment', big and little
alike, that's why. The man we have never seen,
who sends his orders by mail is served with the same satisfaction as the man
who buys over our counters. The "best in the house" goes out on memo if the
customer orders uthe best in the house." We're not afraid of losing outright
sales between the going out and coming back of the goods.   X,?;u,.WhaYS,0fy. V-'0*0?1'
, ,,        ,       ,*,      .    ,    ..... . » ,™, i   ,       , .     *^    ,       , .v tunes ueioio tne rli/lit tlntiLrls
delivered.      Out- stock ot \Y iitcliets and Diamonds is so lame that noods out on memo doiit luuidic.ai) us once in a don's ace    On-lit tn
be pretty Rood peoplo to trade with don't you think?      Kl-ln nnd W-iltli-im Watches-all liiiiuiter of Cases,      And DIAMONDS— i bi"
lint wisely chosen assortment, nnd a plenty. AT*—- ' '     °
Our \V iiteh and Jewelry departments l'i ave. in) equal hi B. C. lAfinD   RflllP S»_ i _•»
All work RUiirnnteed.   Mail orders receive our prompt and careful ntttutlon JAuUd    UUVLK  3
THK   JEWKLKK,   Nelxnn,  It. C.
ed at the Odeon in Paris.   The news of I
his good fortune came to him in London |
and he at once repaired' to the French j
capital and in the early morning presented himself at tho manager's office
The manager was engaged on the stage
rehearsing au adaptation of "Othello,"
and the doorkeeper failed to recognize
the author  of  "Esther  Waters"  and
"The Celibates" and simply asked him
his business with the manager, ,
"Tell him," said Mr Moore in his
best Erse-French, "I am an English
author vhose play he has accepted."
The doorkeeper went to the manager
and said, ' There is an English gentleman at the door who says that you are
to produce his play and wants to see
"Bien,*'said the manager, "show him
in M Shakespeare, without doubt."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer
\t»   r. Tr.BTXKt. * co., Nctocm. u. a,
V> ,   t»«.*W*r» In nil l»niif-i strut A-M.*.-r*'r«'Hup-
A        ,..      I   .i ... *...'■■ ,
• I ,   ri-rthltisr UimtArt:  mi'l *"IM(« (*lMH»i*t
U'»ui itt'i'i'.nn'pi
Wh-le«nl*»   Merohnntu
The l*roN|i('ftor »b,vh: J, Y. Kenler
htH let a contract for a 1000 foot tunnel
on the Star group of clalnm lituated on
Hull river. Mi'Mrs. Violet mul Olann
have the contract, aud work c-nimiieiu'cri
on Ihe Hrat of October.
ll is reported that gold has been discovered on Ijimh creek, neur M »yie.
Be vera I placer daium have been located.
It I* Mid tlmt the gravel yielded U
cent* to the pan A immher "f p-tnic*.
have left Movie to make local in*.
A. H- FenNfik and 1. .lniniMin n- :
tutiiitl Irniii h pin*.|ii'ilina trip in lltci
mountain*- wuth of Movie on Weilne* '
day. They reiiorf the finding »f a Ituf* j
tinily nf Kpi'culnr iron, nnd the Itcfltion;
nt tUw cUltu*. It U »utUl tint llu*'
bilite K 14 U*9i in width, (tiiilfrlviii!/ n i *,
f cavpiiig of quarlx, and tan )■<• irmed*
I lor a dioiiiiH i* ot i>«M Iim-i
compound and triple stage expalisTdn
types of engines in similar work and in
vessels substantially the same.extending
over one year in both cases, shows that
the triple-stage engine cost less for coal
by 18 per cent, the cost of up-keen being
no greater with one type than with the
other. •'
There is excitement in Colorado over
a great strike made by an old darky at
Georgetown. The entire country adjacent has been staked. He has named
the claim The Harris, after himself He
is very liberal with Ins ore, as solid
chunks of mineral exhibited on the
streets daily by his various friends
prove. Tho ore still holds up with the
lirst run, whk'h gave results of 21,000
ounces silver nnd five ounces gold per
ton, or a total of a little over $111,000
;ier ton,
When a dramatist's lirst play! is ae*
cepted by the manager of a theatre he
is apt to have an exaggerated idea nf
his own importance.
(ieorgo Moore, the novelist, who is
interested In lit**r;iry revival of the
Erse language, on.-e liad a play accept-
A limited number ot shares in the
Similkameen Valley Coal Co., Limited. For further particulars apply to
Sandon, H, C.
Dealer in
PIPES, &.0,
■"„««>, T MT.f.1. ('.nrtil.-
crv i-itvl VrwVi
Or ..tnftlln**
Eastern prices at the Bosun Hall Pantry:—150
10-lb. baskets Concord anrl Ntngara erapea at BO
cents each: Red Rogers fancy size, 35 cents a
basket. This IS my last consignment of grapes
this season, ,0 get lu your order early. Choice
full apples, 50-lb. box, **l.T5; 5n lO-lli. cakes Stilton
cheese, English make, '-'.I eta a lh.i potatoes, il.15
l«r 10U lbs.; fresh nork anil hams, sugar-cured,
l(-i cts. per lb.;fresli dr.v-salt hncon, 15 eta. Try
our 35-cent Ceylon tea. Jersey and St. Charles
cream, s cans for Jl. Live chickens and ducke.
Send us a mail order,
 j-.g.. *p*sr;vvgy
Nelson Brewing Co.-
Brewers ot Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
An up-to-date Hue of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B.C.
Stoies at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
Commission Merchant, New* Denver.
to supply builders and contractors
with all the above building" materials.
Our,, products received First Prizes
and Medals the last two years at the
Spokane Exposition. The Lime that
we are now manufacturing* is not
excelled. Special quotations to contractor.! on application.
P. O. BOX 688
Hauling And Packing to Mines,
and general local business.
N*w ll-Mi-nr, II, V.
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   C O,
Wine Co.,
Wtinlesiili' ilcali'M In
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars    ^
Agents for Calgary Beer.
Family & Commercial.
t •••*ttt*
Fitted with every modern
convenience. Special protection against (ire. Rates $2.50
and $3 per day.
Kepora, Examinations and Management.
General Draylng; Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Baggage wagoni meet all Sun*
day trains.
Saddle Hones tod Pack f aim-u.
Feed Stahlei at New Dtinver.
IN  Al.l- STVI>;s ANli
Fred. Irvine & Co.
SPIKES from be to SOc
^rirwrtK .\*ti*  mi vis*.
♦I*rii*r.is, hkkton  * et*.. Who!***,.!
I     M.i«lj»ul*ni)'l liJ't"'rt'i»    Llijunr*)   i"ii'Mr*i
.im'l l..../*-l"i., K»*
IIHIV    t Ilill.lUTIII    *    i'tt.,     Sil*,n
tl     I „..,rti.'.   Wliol *»1. (iti. .r* .mirKtH'l »i
M.-vt luiit*
17    I..  I Illtl-vm., I.* I- ».. Himiwir   s<.
,   H.*.l*.»   \"".rr I'rttilii"     sjnw|"fi.  II   I*.
fi   ;., ,   fr. 1, i      ' «.,!,-• r< '<
Ml.. riKI-MHr.TT, I.. I.. *., R*rrttt#r.
,    v.,»•«,<»' X /mn !*/»:•*       H*f*4-*i. H C
Ittmnrhlime-*' ** S*-9 iKnirr.-iri* Hktafilay
HATH I* IV t '< >N' X F/TK »V.        I.
Xnwiimrki-i Hlock.        Now Denver!
■l>«K   hHI.IM.IOS   Hl>l|r.l.,  .*vL «•..-. L,.
I    Hi9wtv**rv**1'.* Mmfnt *wl d*'*»iK#tml
Mm.   t.ntiit'i A Hii-iiM'.di'o*.
Tin* j'crcciiUiyi' i»f {.nlil in Ii.imI ;ii.i_**
i ^iiiii i-(i**iiihh iii I'm 1-11 j'Hijini nun tn
1 thc ti*n»p-(*r«tiir(» ul the f»til|i. a Metl«* >
t nmri* iiuTiurv i'«'tii|jr r.i|iiin-iUii "winter A . ,. .        .   ,,. i  ,    '
t " A tnll !im» of silverware nwlcnoic-*;
Jhere i* no trute Hi.thraiiie ««*1 <.ii (V.nleCIioiiorv at
the l*.u iln* c«>««t a» lur jckno.fu   Tln're j
•AntimiM«i.ti.r«.*i!..,.*.,;,«r*.i in ci fifjcj,j,n.Wereley s
• *H*iUl, Ainl HUlill   miife   lilllill'l   n|H'   'Jl I, *.(.hl..- *>»■>.» Ivn.r ,
New M*»xir*i.
l,Aw4,r;' iH:.l''z^:iii;:,t reliable assays,
■ SlSK'Oifl**!, \l*** , • -r Mm' •1 lf<- i**«  !«''•*    ^ . ,, A    ...  ^   . s siitv.,
i Urnvh nl*'hm whirh «*i!!  ret-«*iv  ine*.   t^^i .... '•»'.. i« .iiv..r,.fM.V !,"»*
WiJe* tmtu   ,he   N«..mlH   lirfhi.t.,,.. ^ R ^|#
,"t.rdii(.4   i.f,Miit:tunu    u#■.*.■   uuw   hi   mmMm9mm,mt   «#»*»»**#%«!
».i-.,..„ .-._.., u_v:* .... _    , *.., OGDEN ASSAYCO#
New Autumn Goods
v.'-tui. MM-i'tiEssv.s .v.,.'. r.uir.r.n i'.v:. (>fu;vs.
Pur/*-*in* in V«1i'<4N, Trunk*. ttn<\ Tr»v**!in*f War*.
i,AUlF;.V KUV Cll,oVF.S, V'lV'VV I'.VM FS Y,\,\,
Sm out VVnnli Ki«I (Slovi*--
u.K AfiENTsniu"""!   prcd Irvine & Co    *™]~n~k* ^ *a'*■****"■"k
\W. MSLV HF.-iAAH-i.F..
PfELSOW, B. C nt, very i.nw PRrcps*


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