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The Ledge Jun 23, 1904

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Array /.' .'
JUN 2 5 1904
*.    . .
'V** ,*..  X 41,    ****t*t.,t4 J,.^rt-t.  ,^fcW      /^    ^ \
\ ' 4 , t V*.
Volume XL, Number 8$^
Phice, |2 a Year, in Advance
Local strawberries are being sold at
15 cents a box.
Silverton will play football in Nelson
on Dominion Day.
Miss Floy StubbB was married last
week to 0. Appleton.
New Denver needs a more extensive
system of water works.
Dan McLachlan is at Creston hitting
nails on the Alice mill.
Mr. and Mrs Robinson and daughter
from Europe, arrived on Monday and
are stopping with the Campbells,
Three Forks is crowded with visitors
from various parts of tho country. Many
young men ,'from England have lately
settled in the camp.
The membeis of the Aylwin family
beg to thank their many ifriends for
their kind expressions of sympathy during their late bereavemenf,
A party will be given at the Hotel
Slocan in Three Forks Thursday evening in the honor of Miss Colquhoun, previous to her departure for V ictoria.
Mrs. E. Caldwell, of Sydenham, Ont,
and Mrs. G, B. Taylor and children, of
jGrceu wood, _ arr|y£d___ in._ JN eyv_ JJtin vet
last" week to spend the summer with
Mrs. J. H. Dawson.
In writing to us from the far east H.
Dr. G. C. Aylwin, *ho last of a family
of eight, and father of a family of six
boys and three girls, all {living1 except
two, passed away at tlie residence of his
son Goorge, at Enterprise, Slocan on the
morning of Friday, the 17th in his 82nd
year. The remains ' were .brought to
New,Denver on the 2:80 boat" and on
the afternoon of the 18th were borne to
the Episcopal church whore service was
held by Rev C A. Mount, thence to tho
cemetery and.deposited with due ceremony. The coffin was covered with
beautiful floral emblems, tributes from
kind friends, and a few sprigs of the
emerald green and purple leaved Shamrock were dropped in the grave.
George Connolly Aylwin, MD. was
born in the city of Quebec on the 4th of
Oct. 1822. ';i His father waft,."<a wine merchant, trading from Quebec to ports in
France and Went down; itfbusihessbw-
ing to the loss of his three vessels in the
war of 1812. He afterward was placed
in office as High Bailiff of Quebec, but
only held it for a few short years. De
ceased's eldest brother Thomas, was
judge in the Court of .Queens Bench and
died in the harness, and in his circuit
It is proposed that there be held a
drilling contest at St. Louis, says-the
Denver Mining?Reporter, and wo hope
that the efforts no^'- beiug exerted to
that end will be,successful, If the
management can see its way clear to
offer, prizes in the amounts suggested,
i.e., $10,000 to $20,00$ it..w,ill bring together in the competition the most expert
drillers in the United States, and be aii
educational object, lesson to many
thousands of peopieVwhoj although interested in mining,Utavo never visited
the operating mines of the West.
Hundreds of prospectors'*, and miners
have taken locations within the past
two weeks ojn Nipple Mountain, about
thirteen miles south of ..Cripple Creek,
where a gold-bearing dike fifteen feet
wide has been discovered. Sample* of
ore from the dike which have been
assayed run from $12 to §i00 per ton in
gold It is estimated that 1,000 claims
•have already'.* been,'Staked* in the new
district. The camp has bTOtr'nameci
Bullville/ from the bull quartz found
therein abundance.
GAMBI,l-;riS  PltOTKVr.
A. Higbie states that he would not be
without Tiik Lmdge, for he wishes to
keep posted upon what he thinks will
some tlay prove to be one of the richest
mining sections of America,
The Buchanan Dramatic company
presented "An Eye on Hubby" at the
Bosun Hall, ."last Wednesday and on
Thursday produced "Who's Who?" at
Silverton. They are both excellent
comedies and were greatly enjoyed.
The eastern universities are awakening to the fact that British Columbia is
tho mining province,, of Canada. Wm.
Thomlinson*lias received a letter from
tho professor of mineralogy at Toronto
aslfiug him to purchase certain ores for
their museum and the \x^o of students.
Bill McNelsh sends in his subscription
from Vancouver, and wishes that wo
have homething stronger tb drink than
Car pun tor creek water. Contrary to
evil roports that is the only tipple that
has been around thia print shop since
Pock McSwaln burrowed the flask that
Seneca Ketchum left with .us. for'safe
keeping many years ago.
Tho Smithsonian Institute has just
Issued a hook dealing principally witii
the moths and huttoifltci of Kootenuy.
It ranks W. J. Cockle, of Kaalo as one
of the leading entomologists of the day,
nud gives him full credit for his work.
One paragraph in the work states that
owing to the lack of commercial itiactlv
ity butterflies can he easily caught in
the backyards of KasJo. So it i* au ill
wind that blows nobody a butterfly
Bishou Dart of Kootenay consecrated
the Episcopal church onTuosdaynt 8
p.m. Proceeding to the door of the
church he was mot by tho vicar and
churchwardens, and the petition was
read in the name of the parishioners,
nnklng that the church bo ennsecrstod.
Tho clergy then proceeded to the altar
whore pravir wan offered up hy the
Bishop iini the deed nt consecration
read and thou signed by him Special
evensong followed and an eloquent m»r
mon preached ;by His Lordship This
titiAm a aervlco of great interest iu tbe
history of r«Ii«tious work In New Denver.
Tin is harder than lead and softer
than gold. It melts at 142 degrees V.
it is not sensibly volatilised at high tem-
nwrnliir* thmifh at, * atrotit* etui ha**t tt
mnita white fnmos.
was populariyiknbwn as the' Poor Man's
Lawyer". Deceased graduated at Mc-
Gill univiiwity and first practised at the
quarantine station near Quebec ih the
year of the cholera. He afterwards
practised in the counties of Pontine P.Q.
and Carleton, Ontario. About six years
ago>, he came to New Denver ana has
since resided with various members of
the family. Of late his feebleness had
increased, but he was well cared for by
his children, well-known pioneers of the
"i . "™— """
J. B. McKenzio and Arthur Gowing
are working on the Oliver, Rusty creek.
Chas^Tetersou is doing assessment
•work oh claims up Poplar creek, owned
by A. O. Ostby.
The offices of tho Great Northern
Minos, limited, havo been moved from
Ferguson to Nelson.
The. proprietors ol tho seven   big.
protesting against a new.time table of
the S. P. Co. Recently, the railroad
put on a train to leave Reno at 8 p m.
daily for San Francisco and travellers
from all the surrounding mining
camps ahd towns do not have to stop
over in Reno from 6Vp.m. until 8
o'clock in the mornings was formerly the case, The owners of tho resorts have asked Manager James Alger
and General Passenger Agent T. H.
Goodman to discontinue tho night
-train from Heno They insist .the new
train means a loss to their business of
$30,000 a month. The protest of the
Western Monte Carloites has been forwarded to Messrs. Harrimnn and Stubbs,
with the recommendation that it bo ignored The gamblers of Heno certainly
have more nerve than is good for the
community. Their greed is without a
limit.        ____	
Billy Bennett has returned from a
short trip to Cranbrook.
Charles Hanson is in the hospital at
Nelson with an attack of typhoid.
Mrs. Jackson, arid her sister Mrs. F.
Ritchie visited friends in Kaslo last
woek. p ,
A. J. Harris, of Whitewater, is. in the
St Maries county doing work ou his
copper claims.
Louis Suecol, who was injured in the
ivanhoe a month ago is the only patient
in ttie hospital this week.
Paddy Murphy's brother Jim has
struck the .-camp and is working at the
Star,   He. hails from Michigan.
Robert.' McTaggart, and Howard
Thompson will develop a mother lode
that they staked on Cooper creek in the
L'ii'deau last year
A.C Garde returned last week from
a visit to St. Louis Ho reports that
the mineral exhibit from B.C. is vastly
superior to many States of tho Union.
Red Paddy, Windy Bill and Paddv
the Priest are all hived in Nelson. They
probably expect an 'engagement to lead
the Kalihumiliars on Ca r.i<»da,'s natal day.
The force at the Wakefield has been
Last year it cost the Rambler mine
8.20,000 for coal.
Several men are doing surface work
at the Bluebird.
The Alamo shipped 20 tons to Nelson
on Friday morning
The leasing system is becoming very
popular in the Slocan.
Al Teeter is doing considerable work
on the Fourth of July.
Wm. Hicks is doing some work on
the Mary Durham, near New Denver.
The crosscut on the Myrtle is in over
400 feet and the ledge should be reached
in a few days.
The Silver Glance, Bear lake, made a
small shipment of 1,000N ounce ore to Nelson last week.
The California oh Silver mountain is
being inspected with a view of resuming operations at an early date.
Last week the Enterprise shipped 20
tons; Red Fox,. 21; Psivue, 41; Slocan
Star, li'i; Ivanhoe, 184; Rambler, 126
Bob Dewar has located placer ground
near the Second Crossing which ho believes will prove very rich.
Chas. Copp Is doing assessment work
on the Calumet, sltuato about half way
between Poplar and Rapid creek.
IC. Burnet, P.L S,of Rossland has
completed tho survey of the Lucky
Jack No 2 Mining company's claims.
Five yoars ago Charts II. Eichol-
borger was a prospector in Arizona. He
owned a pair of overalls, n shirt, two
burros and a couple of hob-nailed shoes.
Ono day he climbed a hill that raises Its
sun-scorched back between the Colorado
and Gilo rivers, and tho nails in his
shoes scratches tho formation. Whon
he looked down nt tho nail marks he
uearly went crazy.    Thn  rock   was
A quart/, ledge is Wing crosscut on TiiS^^T1 w,r,T.M'   "^ I"1*1
the Silvor Glancu which is said to bo a ? •«°,vor«d the kinit of Arizona mine.
continuation of  the rich lead en the
.Lucky Jack,
It Is reported iu town that the lead on
thcSpyglftirtis wiilunjnga.s doi ulMpmcut
progress, and that there is now thn»o
feet of Holld galena iu th* (nee of the
Jim Wardner wm in town the past
week looking ov<r the camp n**A it is
said ho has nn option on some of the
Poplar creek properties If so, there
will shortly be doing* iu camp
Anderson and Cochrane havo cnni.
meuml work ou the Copper Qin'«>n,
sltuattfd about four miles
creek. There ara two h.l^nh nn AUe
Queen, both carrying valuos in copper
aud gold.
Al. Houston has linUhed tin- vearV
Assessment work on the Hod H<uk and
Cumberland, northwest nf Poplar. A
quartz ledge 1 feet In width was cross
mit and stripped for a considerable dis
which dally is adding tlio'iuuind* of dnl-
lars to the gold output of tlio Territory.
He sold his interest for $250,000, and
since then has boon indulging iu the
ku'xuriotuf life in San Krnncisco, and
has now invested iu hiiHlnonH that pays
him less but which givim him more
Five steam«r» havo been chartered at
Hong Kong, China, for transporting
Chinese coolios. to South Africa, delay
now being duo to tho Intmiess of thV
Chinew empire signing the trwUv.
Theso steamers, each of which will
make tho voyage iu 21 iIiivh. wiil carry
up Poplar '£,m} coolios to tin* trip, wliich slioulil
land nl Cn\ie Town williiu n nhmt
period tlu* Chinese required hv Rand
in ine utMnttnn*
All the gardens in Sandon are looking
well. SamUland's iawn looks like an
oasis in Ireland, while the flowers that
sweeten the air around ihe C.P.R. depot
remind us of Red Bank, N. J.
Three Forks will have to do without
another hotel for the present. At the
meeting of the Board of License Com
misaioners all the old licenses wore ro
newed, but. the^ turned down I). Mc-
Cuaig's application.
A prospector camo in camp the other
day, and stated that ho had a claim for
sale upon which thero was a well re
fined ledge running laconically across
tho formation. Ho Avould not admit
that Bruce was his native land.
Arthur Cody, of Kaslo is a mighty
bear hunter for a lad of 18, lie, killed
nine bears up Kaslo cre.uk this spring
and has just shipped tho Bkins to Now
York. Last season ho captured two cubs
and brought them into Kaslo alive and
The interior of the Kootenay saloon
has been beautified with alabastine, and
this popular resort is a grent contrast
to wet tunnels for tho miners who drill
in tho hills. Even the man behind the
dummy-is merry, especially when he
has the blues.
Bob Cunning is coining to town, and
probably he will put a top on the Hotel
Sandon. None too soon for Ooorgo
Clarke has become so popular that In-
often ln\9 to give up his room in <*rd-'r to
keen some eclated gm»st fr*-ui Kitting up
all night talking to Sam.
Tho Cornwall tin mine* ^f En^l/.al
havo it is estimated, in their I.ivk) v» ars
of exploitation produced ovor l.wvrw
tons of tin.
WilU'irn Fn*t»'!\ ki'ownii* tlw "Qtnrtz
King"' of Klondike, is on rmtetoSt.
Louis with a collection of 'jti.OOO rare
specimens from the rich north countrv.
Among hi* rarest specimens are three
•iiliciflwl tnnstmlnn teeth, in which crya
tallied sfold aud iron pyrites mav he,
seen Theve teeth wore'found on bed-
I'K'k In the puv »tresk nt the rieli Kldor-
ado claim, aim! near them were nicked
up nuggots of goil snd silver combined.
in the United Kingdom the j»er*nn
owning th«» Mirfncel* entitled to nl! the
minerals beneath, I'Treptliig l'i tin* Instance of gold and silver, which belong
to the Crown.   The Crown, however.
i|ai*« tint rlntm rtt>l,t **** Itttvitf , ..♦,..,
The miiit-r*. fimdovf
diamond miiii-«. South
in the !»f»Heers
Afriea, nre kept
oxtraoiditisry rinse watch of The plan
adopted with the native mtnm i* to
eonrlno them fur tho length nf their con
tract which l»* up to thre* months, and
sitti-TrCTtTtvai'.      -   ---     -    v »
The Mascot, adjoining the Hope, has\
been leaped by Mike Kiriin to W J and
J. A Thompson, James Livingstone
ami Twogood & Bruder.
Tho Silver Bell and Hurler at the
head of tho Idaho basin aro being worked
by Harry Lowe who has thein leaeed
from tho owner, James Dunemuir.
Investors should examine the properties around Boar lake. A car of ore
shipped from the Empress gave returns
of 287 ounces in silver and $1 in gold
A. 3 Harris and his partner are making a small shipment from the Charles
ton,near Whitewater, a property worked
hy them under lease for a long time.
Tlie Bluebird and Ivanhoe received
bounty cheques last week By tho end
of this month tho B. O. lead mines will
havo earned $150,000 tin bounty money.
On Goat mountain Barker and Burgess have stripped the load upon ihelr
claim and shown up some rich sulphides.
They will probably make atrial shipment this week.
George Turner came in from Vancouver last week to commence work on the.
Groat Western     This property is in
McGuigan basin and is owned by O
Plunkett.C.I) Hand, Turner and others.
Up the crook about two uiihvi from
Ka«lo "line" Leo has located a claim
that <Iiowh freo.yo'd in the quart?. The
llnd ha** caused Home local excitement
and Leo has already given a short option
on the property.
!',  M, Sandtlands acting ns agent for
K .Malum, ol Vancouver, ha* leased th»
Snowstorm  to John  lloug;, aed S <
J/icksoii,    The Snowslorui  i'miii I'avn>
mountain, and adjoins the Slocan Hoy
Work will commence on ir early in July.
The Mountain <*'on U bey-inning to
look like the real thing and Mc Lend .V
Thompson bleu-* the day that thoy -signed
the tease. A foot of solid ore running
Into the hundreds of ounces in silver
and n small percentage of lead is a nice
thing to be hitting with a drill
lu the Cork on the south fork of Kaslo
creek thero it W feet of eomeniratliiir
ore, varr,. inn **iu*n jau* This prn|*ti t>
ba« n jw-i.,1 hearing uputi tho future of
iheK AS railway. In all probaMlltv
a npur will •»>• Intilt to it and thc product
shipped lo Krt«b» Mhere n (urge reduction work* will »*e «>rected
I   Mining in New Caledonia «c*m« *low \ from the ore* of the bnaer meitU
__   (to u«veiop to lifi« iiuportAiico »o ln>wljrjowii«r»hi|» ot Mm mineral can be nr.dj
."   "     "     ,                 .     pa**Jic4«d  in the pAt.1,   though   both oit^n is, severed from thnt of tho sur-
Copper mining operations are under pwt»eh and EoxlHii cwji»„nit# mt «!'«*• *^« Jattcr being miM while  ibe
wav on both the north «nd south coasts wor),t mineral rights are iwiervt'il bv the ori
of Cubs,   The mines at Santiago were — jginal owner.   Mineulslvlng muhr jh#!
»tnnn*tdo»   rtrr*Ant*.ira    fnr  i   t,,i,**.*.t,*1r,*. I     T*'"   ""»,*'.'!   A.   X.yA   '..,.  l.AA,,«   XX,:* ,-nu-i ffixx.   ur^neti   itiUtl  HM.  IOW   water
during the past century. Imi wertlcreMtMl sixfold since \mi. It now ex [mark Are claimed bv tha lord of tho
wreckedin arcvolntion And Allowed to cowls «,O0f),00O tons a yeAr and the!manor while everything tinder those*
remAin Idle until the estAblishnient of a j supply Is considered practically lnex-1 and bevond low,water murk Is the pro-
stablo government. haustlWc. »peny of the Crown
11 **
1'h,»i l*.*ii tn t*ti tsMiu\t\
Tor years A. O Bus/etti. of Buttehu»
Vnru-V'   'tVi-v'^'iV,   jyy  -,,*•.,  :.... ,l'^..; ■*; i.,*
go direet to their lodv»hi/« ti.v n «eenrelv
closed way and return to the mine the
mi tne way. The twrracks are one-story
buildings built nf corrugated Iron, af-
ratifed **.► a« to farm the four *iiAe* nt a
large square a;el dividivl into wtmn
holding alw»nt 2«> nail vei <>acb.
The "compound," a« it is termed, rovers
several acr**« and Is mirmunded by a
high iron fence
prop'-ttles on the %v,n\U tui\ of Kf.»*)o
creek, having ^rnwu tired waitln«„r for
the crowing Hme He ha* etpended
over t1,0»'S) upon Me claim* and wonders
Ai'tiA.   He lm* h h-ilgo of <piijft/ TA feet
wld»\ eirrying gold uixjii hi* claim* up
Campb»'ll creek, and ha* gone back to
Butte until capital awakens to the re
soiiHen around Kosio.
kHHi iM'>tM^';eA*afl*s*A=.,wi«io«B-JEil.»rj**!j'i™,y-,.
-r i^t *«> v<tMtiwaBtMtSOii<
Eleventh Year
The Ledge.
R, T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
Published every Thursday in the richest silver-
lead-zinc camp on earth.
Legal advertising 10 cents a nonpariel lino
tirst insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent
Insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to circumstances.
Subscription, .2 a year in advance or £2 GO if
not so paid.
.*. .
Certificate of Improvement notices §7. Delinquent Co-owner notices &10.
Fellow Pilgrims: Tuk Lkdgb is located at
New Denver, B. C, and is traced td many parts
of the earth It has never been raided liy the
sheriff, snowsllded by cheap silver, or subdued
by the fear of man It works for tlie trail blaster
as well as the bay-windowed, champagne-flavored
capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
.stood*tho test of time, and an* ever-lncreaaing
paystreak is proof that it is better to tell the
truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation is the man
who always pays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk in paradise, withthornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver, B. C
A pencil cross in this square
i I'licates that your subscrip
ti m is due, and that tho editor
wants mee again to look at
your collateral
it amongst the heathens in the cent
belt. Millions of white heathens
have never heard about the paradise that exists around Slocan lake.
It is quite likely that Morgan has
never heard of the Slocan. Somebody should drop the old gent a line.
He might take a notion to buy a
few mountains with mines on them.
L\- North Carolina |here is a
chap called Lowery running a newspaper who has invented a chopper
to cut grass and weeds from a cotton patch. In Texas there is another Lowery running a newspaper
who has more nerve than any other
one of the name. He steals editorials regularly aud the people around
his town look up in admiration
every rime he goes into a saloon.
In B C. there is another Lowery
performing the difficult feat of running two newspapers without starving to death or filling the local
cemeteries with dead sheriffs. Another Lowery is running a bank iu
New York, but as he is no relation
of the above we will not comment
upon his altitude in society.
"Oh, yes, Miss Birdling is a cultivated singer, but she will never
pass for a great artist, you know."
"And why not, .pray ?"
"Because she can sing in nothing
but English."
"Oh. dear.    Is that so?"
"Yes, and it is abominably good
English, too. You can understand
every word she-says."
"It is hard luck," complained
the story-writer, "the way these
artist fellows illustrate. You know
my 'Exploits of the Brave'? There
are a noble rescue, a fire, a collision,
and an earthquake in it, and what
text do you think the artist chose
for illustration? 'When Mr. BrOwn
met Gwendolin he raised his hat!'
My other yarn, where the lovers
jump over a clifi rather than fall
into the hands of the Indians, was
illustrated with a full-page picture,
with the line, 'A pot of geraniums
stood iu the hall.' "
Money will tell. Bostock is now
a senator in this glorious country
of party politics.
Ix Revelstoke some of the people are so economical that they
gather up hail stones and sell them
for ice.
His name is Hon. Francis Lacy
Carter-Cotton, and all along we
thought he was ju.st plain Cartep
Cotton. However this must not
occur again. 	
A Avostan's club in Chicago wants
a legislative act compelling husbands to pay their wives a regular
salary. Nothing is Raid about the
rake-off when a chap loaves his
pants lying around the room with
the pockets unlocked.
A junon who can keep his mind
upon the facts of a suit involving
nearly a million dollars and at the
name time his eye upon the chap
who spits in the coal scuttle is a
genius, and worthy the admiration
of the entire counlry.
The latest fud in Boston is that
music cures all ills. Wc suppose
the music of the bag-pipes and
hand-orpins when properly handled
will Hot broken legs* and lull a lunatic into. a sane sleep. In time,
perhaps, souie, uiu-ie may be dih-
cover.nl that will touch the heart of
delinquent subscribers and make
them repent while their victims are
yet alive.	
Sr.viiAY legislation will always lie
a failure. Compulsion is not the
proper way to touch the heart, ainl
jmrHOiiH who fly to law in an endeavor to tiuib' eon veil** are simply
cowards without confidence in their
own power to force the masses along
their trail to heaven. Political
grafters will throw sops to Puritans
just as long as they ean see votes
thereby causing trouble when* none
should exist.
An extraordinary effect of light:
ning is reported from Lake Grand-
iue, in the Nantes region. A violent tempest burst over the lake,
with vivid lightning and thunder.
lake, aud while they were hurrying to bank there was a tremendous
peal of thunder. Almost immediately there fell among the boats the
dead bodies of a flock of wild ducks,
some of them roasted to a nicety
and some charred to a cinder. Roast
duck by lightning reads like a novelty, even in the freaks of meteorology. If it could only be adapted
to the quick lunch system!—New
York Tribune.
During a lesson on the animal
kingdom to a kindergarten class, a
teacher said:
Can anyone give me an example
of an animal of the order of eden-
tata —that is, a front-toothless animal?"
"I can," cried little David, his
face beaming with pleasure that he
should have an opportunity to win
himself a place at the head of the
"Well, what is it?" smiled the
"Grandma," came the unexpected reply.	
One of the last stories told to Andrew Carnegie before his recent departure for Europe amused him
Tho fond father who told the
story was trying to impress upon
his young son tlie necessity of contributing to the support of the poor
through the medium of the church
contribution box, and the lad was
objecting to parting with his
"Don't give unlewtyott really f«»el
you would enjoy doing no," snid the
father, "for yon know thi? Lord
loveth only tin* cheerful giver."
The boy was silent for » moment.
Thtin  tin Mii**•*<»»! nut-
"Oef>  he w\v\ he dond \A\ie\
The fearful things that the types
make innocent mortals say are calculated to make the recording angel
weep; but usually they drive the
victim of tlieir depravity to some-
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
Brick: Block    New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
__ _ _ 1 _	
/ *
Meals at all hours.
Manilla and Kamloops Cigars for sale.
• • • •
IIVI-1 U1'1U~1U~
-.JV1 «/*_ TV*/**»-**„_ C! tin A*\i*r\i-i CI-
the shape of language.
Here are a few examples:
A popular and prominent man in
England was onco called upon to
address an assemblage, which
greeted him enthusiastically and
with cheers. The newspaper which
reported the meeting said innocently: "The vast concourse rent
the air with their snouts."
An MS. read as follows: "All
these facts are really worth noting."
The printer, however, inserted an
"h" into the last word, and it was
thus set up, "All these facts aro
really worth nothing."
A provincial newspaper, in reporting the speech of a celebrated
politician, intended to add as a
comment, "and the masses believed
him," instead of which by a typographical error, the addition read,
"and them aB§es believed him,"
An enthusiastic editor wrote,
"The battle is now opened." But
alas! tho compositor spelled battle
with an "o" and his readers said
they had suspected it right along.
An instance of faithful effort to
"follow copy" occurred in a Now
York newspaper oflice. Tho reporter, who wrote a very bad vortical hand, put it down that zigzag
flashes of lightning played among
the clouds, and iu the proof it came
out that "Jno.-'JOO flashes" played
among tho clouds,
"Tlie queen drove two cows,"
for "through Cowos."
Most readers will recollect sitnilnr
examples.   Thero is a case of the
learned reenter who wrote, 'The
bride looked an fait."   It appeared
"all feet."   Agaiu the poet piped
sadly of the tune
"\Vhen I shall rett within thc slmlo,
With « weeping willow by iny niAe."
Imagine his   horror  when
lines were printed:
"U'hen I Hhnll rem within the hIhuv
With a weeping widow by my oMn."
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
,     Winnipeg, Man.
Represented by GEORGE H0RT0N.
Is the Leading Hotel of
—tDRINKS always ready—
Have fresh meat every
day at Sandon, and iii
all the shops operated
by them in British
Columbia. No con-,
tract' too large for this
firm. Armies and
railroads supplied on
short  notice.
— NELSON, B.C.——   '■
Milland Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings/ etc., always
on hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Repairing
and Jobbing.
B. c. Travis, manager.
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor
air of B.C. is per"
fumed by their
aroma <*> -^ -^
.■■*     .
Steamship Tickets
To and from European points via Canadian
and American lines.   Apply for sailing dates,,
rates, tickets and fulllnformation to any 0. P.
Ry. agent or—
0. P. R. Agent. Now Denver.
W. P. F. Cummings, G. S. S. Agt., Winnipeg/
Is the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BEOS., Props.
With which is Amalgamated
Pnid up Capital, $8,700,000.      Reserve Fund, $8,000,000.
Aggregate Resources Exceeding $83,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.        B. E. WALKER, General Managor.
Deposit* Received and Interest Allowed
Corner Wnrd and Baker streets. NELSON, B.C.
several hundred acres of tho finest fruit and ranch lands in the
Kootenay, situated at the head of Crawford Bay, subdivided into 40
and K0 acre lots; also an Improved Ranch. Land can bo cleared for
$15 p«ir acre. There is a pood hotel, steamboat landing and wagon
rond through the. propeity. Price from $7.00 to 12.00 per acre. Easy
terms.    Room for twenty or more settlers.
Also good Grazing and mixed Farming Lands, belonging to the
Kootenay Valley's Company, Limited, situatiMJ in l&ist Kootenay.
Prices from 83.00 ta 7.00 per acre.   Terms 5 years, 1-0 cash.
Carnegie. — New
Pifui'ovt Mouuw lm« recently
paid ?i:U»,000 font «pr»cia11y printed j Andrew
set of Dicktm's itnaV**.    Ah" Dickens .Time*.
Is ijcad it will do ufm no good, Imt ~	
Morgan could ha\t> done mnru good { I). J. Roukutso.v & Co., of Nel-
with that amount ol' manv.y by buy- 1mm are alive. t*> what the people
ing a few turn at New Denver's new! in the way of Furniture,
leading excitement and spreading J Write them.
Wi jt'iy
*   ait*   *„*W* * am*-fad
Of the Miner's Union Block
York in never mav alided by cheap beer,,
[or whiakcy that hm tm-l its vigor. J
!     AI wav* Imve t%   bottle of Katidon
beer in your  pocket  when you go
j Ashing.   Write  lo tho New York
I Brewery and get a cane..
I* the uulif hill In th# HIv •nltaM* ft** Tbt*.
itriral  IVrfornwnrM, Concert*, t aaeta and
^J^fi^W-UJU ***** l»W* MUWUllllWlttt.
For Uookliifr*. wHU or wlr*—
HtetitarrWitiAnn tAlrtartf TTnfftn
uAimMii., 1 IL§ %%|nUrtervUw K*«i«i)(rf«r»«cUy a»} may
*rnt M«ffe »|»pHimm; fnrrinee hmi**t lbr.*i*h'Kit: itopnUtiwi to draw from, 1,800. Eleventh Year
The. D^eKed Village
THE following good story, published
by the Salt Lake Mining- Review,
has the merit of being true—too
In a prosperous little town in this inter-mountain region, not long ago, a
banker met the district judge on the
street The two were soon joined by
one of the leading merchants of the
place. The banker was doing a good
business, the judge had made some good
money of late in deals in real estate and
the merchant had enjoyed a brisk business during the fall and had a nice account to his credit at the bank. The
three, after a few minute's conversation,
were joined by a mining-man—a man of
excellent standing in the community—a
man who could be relied upon, although
he was in rather straitened circumsancea
The mining man was just in from the
hills, where he had made a discovery of
more than usual importance—a large
vein of free milling gold ore that cropped
boldly to the surface, and which could
be traced through the length of three
claims, After the s driving bf tunnels,
llie sinking of shafts, the making pf. tin-
raises, the sinking of winzes, all in ore,
and after the ledge had been cross-cut
in many places, blocking out a large
tonnage of ore of even and paying grade,
the mining man decided that the condition of the mine would fully warrant the
erection of reduction works, and, for
purpose of securing the necessary funds
for the furtherance of this project he
proposed to the banker the judge ani
the merchant to give them a controlling
interest in his mine if they would furnish the money for the building ofthe
mill, being satisfied in hiB mind that
they would realize thousands where
they had invested hundreds.
And yet, notwithstanding the fact
that the" town dependedialmost entirely
upon the mineB of that section for support aud growth, these three men, who,
doubtlcs3 would be willing suckers
should any Ifake i scheme come their
way, bo^au to offer excuses and to discourage! the mining man in his undertaking.
Said the banker: <:Things look squally
to me in the East and I look for a panic
within the next six months. Why, look
at the high rate for call loans on Wall
street; and then, too, iwe are to have a
presidential election next year, and that
always unsettles the money market In
'*■■ my opinion, if any one haa any coin, he
had better hang on to it."
The judge said: " I have a few thousand in the bank, but, if you feel that
way I think I will pass np any inining
 ^_1,_ - -i^.!: 9.L r-9. Ka.Au. *m £ T__a>B*&.*M A AH11 MJ1J-1_ t 9m. A I-
—prupWSH,luil7~uv*i3H~ii~x—wan-annul ru-vimi
mv investment would make twenty-one
inside of a year.   I had been
of buying that corner lot opposite your
bank and putting,up an office building
on it, but now 1 will put my money out
at interest, eyeu if I get but a low rate.
The times look, too risky for me to take
any chances."
The merchant said: •'•1 have bcien doing a good business, true enough, and I
have been looking forward fur a big
trade foi* the holidays. But, as you both
say, one cannot tell when finances in
the East will all go to smash, then
where would I be. I have just made
out an order for a big bill oi goods, but
I will npt send it in, and will try to get
along with what 1 have until these
troublous times pass over. J guess I
will let out my head bookkeeper and
dispense with a clerk or two."
And thus wa8Qthe mining man turned
dow^i pn a legitimate proposition,
"Aud tho next day it snowed.''
For, within less than six hours the expressions and opinions of the banker,
the judge and the merchant had gained
currency in every nook aud corner of
the town.' Within three weeks three
mercantile firms failed because of the
rumors of hard times coming ° Two
manufacturing concerns closed their
doors because merchants and dealers,
becoming timid, .curtailed their orders.
Deposits at the bank became less and
lesB because people whispered about
that, owing to the hard times coming, it
might become insolvent. Many families left towrinn search of a more prosperous locality, and the rent sign was
hungup in many vacant houses, and
where once all had been the scene of
enterprise and prosperity, the solitude
of the graveyard how prevails, the ouly
increase recorded being the number of
croakers who are still burdened with
the topic of hard times.
Still, the mines are there. Hard times
have not robbed them of their great deposits of ore, of their almost iucalculabls
wealth, and yet; for fear that something
of a calamitous nature may happen in
the East, their treasures remain untouched, and men yith the millions of a
RothBchild at their door, with an opportunity to make a fortune with the expenditure of a little money, and who
have the money in their pockets, and
refuse to take advantage of this chance
to amass wealth because the banker was
timid, because the judge was (influenced
bv tho banker, and because the merchant was a, fool because he had been
too prosperous—because three croakers
were allowed to roam around at large
and poison the atmosphere which, until
then, had been buoyant and charged
with the electrical energy of prosperity
"I have heen operated ou a few more
times since then In all I have been
operated on eight times in four months
and. there are'yet four operations to
come. 11got the middle finger of my
left hand grafted. I live in Bayonne,
N.J. and keep a news stand on East
Twenty-Second street this city "
The ethics of the Post-Graduate hospital forbid that any- information shall,
be giveri to the public about either the
patients or the attending physicians. It
was learned, however, that Katica's
statements are.virtually- correct and
that the successful inaking of a nose
from a finger is being done by Dr. Samuel Lloyd, of No. 12West Fiftieth street.
Katica is 23 years old! How he lost
his leg, his eyelid and his nose is im-
possibieto learn.
In the last operation the base of the
nose and the inner surface of the finger
were roughened, or the cuticle removed,
so that when the two parts were placed
together they might grow as one piece.
When this had been done Katica's left
arm was so strapped to his side that he
could not involuntarily move it and dis
tttrb the transplanting. The finger was
bound to his face, not with a piaster
cast, but with strips ofj adhesive plaster,
which i passed across the back of the
hand and the finger and were attached
to the face or passed behind the head.
For six weeks Katica has suffered his
finger to be bound to his face, and though
the pain, he says, was intense, he has
not lost his nerve or determination.
When the finger was finally arrjputa
ted from the hand the flesh was found
to be growing on the face, and all that
is* uow uecessary is to form it into shape
by small operations.
Dr. Lloyd refused to discuss theoper-
ation. From another source it was
learned that there is not the slightest
doubt that the new nose of Katica will
be a success—New York World.
BENNETT &. MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.      The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.    The rooms are •.
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing.
We Set the Best Meal  in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets 07.       Main St., Sandon.
pi uj^ i ccDiun;	
It snowed the 'next
and it is still snowing.
day in tide town
People are coming into Sonora rapidly
these days, prospecting, and many of
them are again opening np the antiguas.
These mines must have been wonderfully rich, if the people who were working them could afford to ship the ore to
Spain, and it is reasonable to expect that
there is still more of the ore in the
ground, either in the old mines or. near
by. One of these old mines has eighteen
miles of underground workings, which
shows libw-extenjiiye the development
work really was: It is said to have
yielded $250,000,000 worth of ore, says
International American
In digging near Santa Rita a few days
ago into what was supposed to be the
ruins of an old mine some California
prospectors unearthed a large number
of skeletons of a small race of- people.
A large quantity of bone beads and
other such ornaments were also found
with the skeletons. From appearances
ihiLpeo pJfiJhad_either„bjeeiiJ*caug ht_by_a,
lands'licte or wero suffocated from some
volcanic odor.
The Lucerne of America is slowly
coming to the notice of the world
as an ideal summer and winter
resort. The scenery and the fishing around and in the Slocan is the
finest on the continent, and will
yet be a great source of wealth to
the country. Tburists and Travel*
lers will find the Newmarket Hotel
in ■■ New ' Denver just the proper
place to stop at. Rooms reserved
by telegraph.
SSBSiSSSS ^^2S£3£S#&3« assss
.The un*'of the poles J
HENRY STEGE, Proprietor.
0   Is
one  of  the
Stop at The Queen's Hotel in
Trout Lake Citv.
THE STORY of Poland ought to bo
taught in every American public
school, so that the children would
learn to value democracy and to hate
The peoplo of Poland had freedom
once—not real Ireedom, of course, hut
what was called fieodom In those days.
Whenever they wore robbed or op-
prOHsed, tho robbery was done by Poles
in a Polish way, so they did not mind It
8o much as they do now whon they are
robbed by foreigners tn a foreign wav
Today'Poland is a country oi wretchedness, poverty, fear and despair. It Is
completely under tho control of tho
lltiBHinn government. Although tt has
almost twice the population of Now York
stato, it has had tho spirit of its people
so crushed that Is today nothing but a
rabble of miserable human beings.
Suppose the coal trust wero ten times
as rich and twenty times as strong us it
is; suppose Its actions were never at-
tacked or oven exposed Uy yellow jour
nallsm, and that it had absolute power
to do whatever it liked; plcturo to your
self such a trust as this, and you will
have somo idea of what tho Russian gov
eminent hns been like in Poland.
Here area few of the actual facts, if
vou wish to know them;
1. It has been made a grbno for a Polo
to talk his own lantttwgo. Alt over Pol
and Hr« signs which road: "To sihshIc in
Polish is severely prohibited." ThePol-
ish language has been banished front the
schools and thero is not a single printing
ollice that prints papers or books in thit
Polish language. (There aro sem-t
printing oflice* In cellars and In garrets,
imt thev are its illegal as tho inojiihhiiw
stills of Kentucky.)
a. There Is no freedom ot religion,
i Iio Poles nro troutsraHy lUniiau Catholics and on this account they are pro
hiblted from holding any government
positions. Thfiir churches aro confiscated, and their religious customs nre insulted In a hundred ways,
8.   AH Polish *mblems are unlawful.
Tf •»-    HI    r.99,    t,   1*r\1it t,r*it t.rt* t*
ff,tao^n " *oA U be 1* nvt-ihenrA bv one
nf Russia'* hordn ol spies, the Polo may
bc exiled to Siberia and driven from his
wdo and tauitiy forever
A lew days ago the great Polish musl-
dan. Paderwski, dared to nay to the
tmri '1 am a YtAe, ami m wm» twti-
lilted from 8t. Petersburg m if he had
be«n a criminal.
4. It hat be«n made a crime for a Pole
to lovu lh« history of hit country. II he
is found reading a book about one of the
George Washingtons or Abraham Lin-
coins of Poland ne can be arrested and
punished. A CQpy of our declaration of
Independence or of the Evening Journal
would send any Pole to prison, if it
were found in his pocket.
5. The people aro treated ns if they
were three year old children in all bust-
ness and educational matters A Pole
cannot organi/.oa club,or make n speech,
ur paint a picture, or chisel a statue, or
read a wagassino without getting a permit, from tho government
1 he land ot Poland Is passing to tho
hands of Russian nobles aud officials
The yoyng men aro forced into the Russian army—about forty out of ovory
hundred now on tlio tiring line aro Poles.
Poor Poland is a couutry of rabbits
and hounds. She is an illustration of
what government becomes when it
passes mil of the hands of tho People.
Every American voter who thinks that
the destiny of this country can be safely
left to the trtt«ta and their hirelings
should hunt up a Polo, for there are
about 2,0(X),000 in thia couutry and every
man of thein is earning his living by
doing useful work
Every foot in this country needs
a boot or shoe. The Royal Shoe
Store, on Baker street,  in Nelson,
can furnish any
that is required.
kind  of footwear
Hotels in these mountains where the stranger feels
at home. The landlord • has a smile for every guest,
and the creature comforts of the Hotel are unsurpassed in the Silver City. The meals are free from
lead, the beds from bugs, while the fluids on the bar
produce a reasonable amount of exhilaration without
a disastrous result in the morning.
Kl. George Clarke
[ne Strathcona H«ei
Order your Spring  Suit now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher*
Sll vt tion't Bott tailor
A ymmg man uow in the Post Graduate hospital iu ths city has had ono leg
amputated and wears it wooden one In
its place llo has had ono eyelid des*
troyod an I has had grafted the llerii of
another portion of his body to make h
now eyelid He was also witiuml u mute,
but his middle finger of the left hand is
being successfully unified in iho place
of that member 'the patient tolls of
bis several contributions to surgical
svhmcu in the following lflmguatf»:
"I am John J Katica and i am now
at tho Post Graduate hospital (retting a
new nose, which is bolnft mado from my
linger. I got my lem amputated on October 11,1901, In the Metropolitan hoard-
tat,   My eye was operated on in the
?*At**   f'.'lit*l1**l*ltf%     itlSv.^trtl     i\.*     fli^rtt     1*is?,1.
.Imtft IS, 10CW.   I btiA a nevt mi/eWA vnaAo
Irom my own llaih.
"But I didn't have any nose, and ao
Pi of, Uojd of the PtttlGraduate hospital Is building mo a new one Irom iny
own fliig«r gralteA to my tae* and during tne process i vt*# ior tux wvent m a
8taster eaat. On January 80, 1001, my
nger waa amputated, leaving it growing to tho,place where jny nose should
Grand hold
Is the home for all
Slocan people visiting tho great gold
camp. Tasty meals,
line liquors and soft
beds make it a pleasant homo for
Jacobson * Anderson, Props.
In Nelson, B.C., is the Headquarters for
Tourists doing Southern British Columbia.
 Write or Wire for terms or rooms	
B*   TOMKINS*   Manager*
St. James Hotel
Tti«   T«Vf»li««rrr«   Ifnfnl   in   V^oln   ?o
kike an oama in an bgyptinn (iettert.
Slocan folks flock to it like bees
to a flower garden.
Th a haven for all mountaineer« when in
city. The tneala are free-milling, and
bracers in the bar junt an line as the
that dampens the IiHIh in the early morn,
your automobile to the Ht. James when
atcam into the Lucerne, and then asnay
wet goods.       Sample Room4* in connection.
JACOBSON, Proprietor.
jod printing
That asjuvvn hitrh in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Eleventh Year
than by any other Liability .Company in B.C.
For Particulars Write—
flcDermid & HcHardy, Affi£^d
« $12.50
18 size,   Nickel,   17  Jewel,   Adjusted
Same as above with 20 year
Gold Pilled Case
We recommend this watch to any working man, and we guarantee him satisfaction
Send for one while they last.
Watchmakers & Opticians,      NELSON.
THE KING'S .HOTKL in Ferguson isa cheerful home for all travelers to  the Lardeau.
PiiANK BARBER, Proprietor.
and American plan. Meals, >!,5 cents. Rooms
from 2"e up to SI. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the <jold
In the safe. MALONE & TREG1LLDS.
formerly the Clark
    is the best SI a day hotel In Nelson.    Only
white help employed.   (Jt.   W. BARTLETT.
near Ward St
KING 'HOTKL, Baker St.;
.Nelson.BC. THK UOL-
Slocan people when they are in  Ferguson,
MCDONNEL & BLACK. Proprietors.
THK   HR1TTANXIA   HOTKL is the oldest and the best In the Lardo.   Gold seekers
always welcome.      ULVINBROS.
JG. MELVIN, Manufacturing Jeweller.
»>■ Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockets
.ind Rings. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any in Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
340, Sandon.
BaKi^o  Powder,
Good health depends mostly upon
the food we eat.
We can't be healthy if we take alum
or other poison daily in our food.
When outfitting for camp always take
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder for
good health and good food. It makes
the finest flapjacks, biscuits and bread.
Vi partnership heretofore subsisting between
us, tlie undersigned, as general merchants, in
the town of Silverton. British Columbia, has
been this day dissolved by mutual consent. All
debts owing to the said partnership are to be
paid to'.T H. Wilson, at Silverton. British
Columbia aforesaid, and all claims against the
said partnership are to be presented to the said
T, H Wilson, by whom the same will be settled.
Dated at Silverton, British Columbia, this
seventh day of June, A.D nineteen hundred and
Witness: T. H. WILSON.
Frank D. Wilson. J0HN BARCLAY.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
Silver n ountatu near this Hartney mine.
TAKE NOTICE That I, Wm. S. Drewory, •
acting as agent for Alfred J. Marks, Free
Miner's Certitioute No. B. 80,600, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certiticate
if Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must lie commenced before the issuance
of such Certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this aist day of April. 1904.
Pnioe Baking powder Co.,
Never go into the woods away from a
doctor with a cheap alum baking powder
in the outfit.■> You want the best baking
powder Jn the world—and it is most
economical in the end.
"Wholesale , Merchants
»<3 ers In Butter. Eggs, Cheese, Produce and
Fruit, Nelson. B. C.
I? FKUGUSON & CO., Nelson, B.C. Whole-
lli, sale dealers in Wines. Liquors and cigars.
Agents for Pabst beer.
ML. OH1MMKTT, L. L.I II., Barrister,
,   Solicitor, Notary Public.    Sandon, B. C
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday.
New Crop Home Grown
and Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds,
Eastern 'Prices or less. White Labor.
Catalogue Free.
3003"AVSltffi!nsterKoaa7 Vancouver.TTC
Insuranoe & R-eal Estate
.   Insurance Agents.    Dealers In Real Estate
Ining Properties.   Houses to rent and Town
Lots for Sale.
S. KASIIOALL, New Denver, B. C,
Real Kstato and Mineral Claims for Sale Claims
reprwented and Crown Granted.
First Atlantic cable operated, 1858.  "
, A barrel of rice weighs 600 pounds.
The first steel pen was made 1830.
Light moves 187,000 miles per second.
Slow rivers flow seven miles per.hour
A storm moves thirty-six miles per
The first lucifer match was made, in
Battles of Bunker Hill and Lexington,
1775. . .   ■",
First musical notes used, 133S; printed,
1CAH  _ __.„
To G. F. COPELAND, deceased, or to whom his
Interest has been transferred in the Morning
Star mineral claim, situated on Goat mountain, Slocan MiniiigDIvlsion.VVest Kootenay.
VOU are hereby notified thaf I have expeuded
1 §710.00 in labor and improvements on the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and If, -within 90 days
from the date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the above mentioned sum, which is now due, together with all
costs of advertlsing.yourinterestlnthesaid claim
will become the property of tho undersigned
under Section 4 of the "Mineial Act Amendment
Act l%0." ■ ,  ■   ' •
New Denver, B. C, April 7, 1904.
island in the world is
]l\LMA ANOUIOXON.KVwr Denver Gon
1 eral Drayman and dealer In coal, wood and
Han h ut IT ye*r« experience In i
,       H. O.
  ,    ... .n dental work, and
*n*k<i* * «->u'l<iity of Gold Bridge Work.   Vfnlt
made ti tlm Klwan regularly
General   Store.
r   T. KELLY.   TllUEE   !"<<!
•I,   Oroc-.jrliw, Dry flood*. Ete
«).miii la
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson Slocan City Nakusp
Rosebery    New Denver
St. Louis $60    Chicago $65
Toronto $8r.35 Montreal $98
Halifax $12180
New York $101
Three Month's Limit.
Juno 7,10,17, and 18.
July 1, 2, and 8.
August 8, 9, nnd 10.
September 5, 0, and 7.
Low Excursion Fares
For all onsturn points will hIso be quoted
tfolnjj via Port Arthur nil rail nr Inke
route returning wimo or via Chicago
nnd St. Louis.
For full particulars apply to locnl agents
The largest
Kerosene was first used for illuminating in 182G.
National banks ilirat   established in
United States, 1816.
Slavery in the United States was begun at Jamestown in KU9.
First poetoflice established, between
Vienna and Brussels, 1510.
First marine insurance, A, D. 538;
England, 1698; America, 1721.
The Alexandrian Library contained
400,000 valuable books, A7 B, C. .
Professor Oersted, Copenhagen, discovered electro-magnetism, In 1819.
Congress declared war with Mexico,
May lil, mA\ closed Feb. 2,1818.
Moscow, RuBsin, lias the largest bell
in the world, '182,000 pounds.
Tlio highest denomination of United
States legal tender notes is $10,000.
When the public reads that a hundred millions of yen have been set apart
by. Japan for war purposes -it may, perhaps, put au. exaggerated*, estimate on
that amount. Although Japan has a
gold standard, the yen is silver currency,
and fluctuates with the price of silver bo
that at the moment a hundred millions
of them means scarcely more than ten
millions sterling. But even1' this is an
immense amount in a country in which
the wages.of a skillful artizan are often
not more than three yen a week. The
Japanese currency System is decimal
■Thua a yen or dollar ,"is divided into 100
son, or cents, the sen into ten rin, the
riri into ten mo, the mo into ten shu, and
the shu finanally into ten kotsu. * .Government accounts do not take notice of
anv smaller than a rin. but estimates.'
by private tradesmen often descend to
mo and shu, which arejincredibly minute fractions of a farthing. No coins exist, however, to represent these lilipii-
tian sums.
The long ton is 2,240 pounds; the
metric ton 2,203 pounds, and the short
ton is 2,000 pounds
Knii.imi, ll.C, Mwtiuvs In tlio Union Hall
eve** KrUtav eviMiltiK at 1'Mt VIMtlint brethren
cordially Envlt.'d to Hit ml. .1. i: l.ovKlliNd,
Vnl»M»r««»|; A. 1..CitA»J, Vice Grand; W..I.
OAiiiitirr, n«t. »«ry.
^ANIMIN   UllllIK  NO  'ii.    11.  OF  1».
O M't I* «♦ wrr Wednesday evening al t% u'eiuek
l» ili« IS ihl*n i'-ntli* UM. Handon H«>],iuriiliiH
tirftlm-n will receive a t'ylhlan wlmm**. M.
It»AAC»o.v. v.a.     At.rnicn J. Ham., K. K.& h.
fOIlN  Mrl.ATfJHIK,   Dominion and  Vr*>
»l   %'IiicIaI Land Mtirveyor.   Xelwin, ll. C.
Alt. !1KY!,ANI», Kimimir and Provincial
,   Lain! Siirvuviti,   K4H|,n
D. I*. A , NeUon.
I). (1. I*. A., Vancouver
. tS>Jt%.&. Xi.J%tx,l U M,
K. & & Ry.
Lv 8:30a.m.-SamI<m~Ar 4:2"» p.m.
Ar 10:45».in.-Knttlo-Lv 2:00 p.m.
i St«*amr»r Kn«>Io.
J. R. Cameron
Oldest Tailor in Tim Slocan
Will bo Celebrated in
JULY   I   and  2
This includes several prizes
for rock drillers.
Is the largest in the
Blocan. Ladies out
town should wr?te for
samples or prices.
IfAf.YCON   »IOT   si'ltlMJH
II t.rluiimt II-hiff.,i. J*
•iftiftM ttnid *rw, *ry
fiiJti iii a'i* *ri*i u tit* iAt tu,*-. U'** mril-'kn*>w h i
a»a lu'ittih unit pi. «»«r<' t* »..rt. Tins latm leiul'
contain* iiliinir*   Tnrltlvh, *imm »fid  »h«w*f
t«»li*     f>tf»T**»nrt.  halt*  **>•■«,  t-nrt-O  r\1   t1tt*it.
ifiHTicriu «4'iM)icii ii*i«1 mnriiiifiu    It* waief* tji'a)
IruT^Z.! Ar I :J10jim.-Xeim*n-Lv 8;Oo' 'Um.) RELIABLE   ASSAYS
Alt  liv«f« kt>t»ry, tnd *:«>m*<rh ailment*.   A | Artm1L
tntaetn* tut bM |**»*'»B_li»if   "*"•*■■» "»«»•» .«*n«« "•«'»'1»
T!ck«U m»M in oil mtla oi thn Unit#5d i f 'H •
SUtwandUim(U vin Omit Northern'
•imIO. K AN Comwn»'«»llnfn.
For further tmrticular call od or ad-
Special train leaves Sandon
(IM) a.m. July 1, and arrives
in Nelson 11.20 am.
The Rambler-Cariboo Mines,
Limited, will receive bids up to
noon of 25th June at their office in
Kaslo, B.C., for driving Crosscut
TunnellOOO or. 2000 feet. Plans
and specifications can be seen at
the company's office, Kaslo, B.C.
or at the Eambler-Cariboo Mines,
McGuigan, B.C. Envelopes containing bids should be so marked
on outside.
The Company reserves the right
Q Manager.
Kaslo, June 9th, 1904.
List of Machinery stored at
Caribou City, on Arrow Lake,
B C, and Prices t o.b. CP.lt. boatB at
Caribou City.-
3,000 ft 4" casliiff 10 giiuiw @ 22c. per ft.    tf«x)
l IS!" x W" leftside of Duplex Comproa-
tK>r(C(viia(UanIland)     $0SS
I  6ft.  Double  Nozzle, Pclton   Water
Wheel, with 8ft. fly wheel, etc., all
complete    ..,,.    $4»7.fiO
1 Tnmx Ore Car      827 60
1(hi ft. 1" 6 ply Mnrlln wrapped air hose     $¥7.50
130" x lOft. x 1" thick steel air receiver     m.M
it H" Oanadliin Rand Drill Co.'s Little
Giaiit Drills, with Drifting Column,
stoping   bar   and   tripod,   with
weight*, all complete      PSfto
B00 \\" rteel bit* for above drills      {SO
Thin material Ik nil now, and In perfect condition, aa it has been atorod In dry buildings. It
It offered at from 5o/, to «6|7, of iu value.
Dexter Jlorton Building, Beattie. Wash.
Trustworthy ludy or gentleman to manage
bunlneMin thU county and adjoining territory
for well and favorably known house of solid
financial standing. 1*1.00 straight cash salary
and expends paid each Monday by check direct
from headquarter*. Expense monny advanefd.
Pofjltlon iiermament. Address, Manag.r. ftio
toino BliH'k, Chicago, Illinois,
^0Xi?oxX??   SANDON
Dealer* in-
Wall Paper,
Saah, Door*,
Olans, Blindrf, etc.
FiiAWK   i'Liiluiiisli    j
and tele«nii4dc (otnman^atktn.
Two malls dilly |
ROBERT IR7INO. Mma«tr,Kiw!o,
..,.,....* .I.V|u»/i.i Jhil .MlVef..«li*
 TA|GoItl.«llv'r^.u|<|i'r lAi
HampWMi hy mall rc««lv« prompt attention,
C^I» *9»1 oavwi iiiiiut^ AO\i h\in%tll_
I7*fl Ar»| th»« *:..   limnivr, Colo.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Landaaitd Miners) ClaimtHtirveyed
and Crown Granted.
PO. Box 6*3,       Office: Kootenay St., Nelson
ti9V** italic ut any |>uri ul thtv blocan.


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