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The Ledge Feb 19, 1903

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Volume X.   No  21.
IrRICEj v*&«Uv i EAR advanck'
Si ^
Genfci"8' NG^s Float
SxiiicKLAND-On Fob. 1-1, 1903, to tho
wife of Harry Strickland, a daughter.
Hunter—On Feb. 17, 1903, in the Slo-
can Hospital" New Denver, to the wife
of Wm.Hunter, Silverton, a daughter.
—  8
In and About the~Slocan and Neighboring Camps 83
that are Talked About. S8
route from Vancouver on train wliich
was 'caught bv a snowslide at Clan-
william. He received a nasty gash on
his leg, which convinced him more than
ever that everyone should carry life insurance, as it was marvellous how he
The coal miners of the Crow's Nest
Pass mines, went out on strike the past
week, and fear is expressed that the
close-down will be of long- duration, in
which case the smeltprs will have to
blow out their fires, and a general suspension in mining will result. It is intimated that the coal miners on the
coast will also be induced to quit work,
but this is doubtful. The Western
Federation of Miners is behind the
strike, and the only grievance of the
men is that the mine owners will not
recognize the Union. It looks as if the
W. F. of M. was in league with the coal
mino owners of the western states, and
is taking this means of closing down the
coal mines of B. C, thus preventing the
shipment of coal into that territory
while the coal tariff is off.
, Michael McGuigan and wife returned
to Sandon on Monday.
In these days of snow society in
Three Forks is devoid of anything
The zinc man from Kansas finds it a
slow job getting a lease on the Lucky
E. E. Chipinan of Kaslo graced tho
Lucerne this week with his genial
This is a good time to eat fruit if you
would avoid the spring fever. Buy in
from Williams.
Tho postal revenue of Canada is on
the increase. Lowery's Claim has again
been admitted to the mails.
may within a few days again enter the
Slocan as a buyer of lead ore.
Tonight will see Pythian Hall crowded with local dancers, and many from
Sandon, Silverton and Slocan City.
A choice line of old newspapers for
sale at cost. Apply at this olllco. Must
be sold to make room for spring stock.
Tho Slocan Star will ship its lead ore
(to Denver, Colorado, having made a
icontract with the Trust smelter in that
jcity. -
A list of tho Slocan crown-granted
claims upon which tho taxes havo not
been paid will bo published in this
paper shortly,
Tourists coming to the Slocan do not
oed to pack bottled beer with them,
'hoy can buy It in case lots at tho Now
ork brewery In Sandon.
A houso without furnlturo is like a
in without masts.   D. J. Robertson
Co. of Nelson uro fully awaroofthis
ict and keep furniture, for salo.
The best cocktails in Sandon can bo
obtained at tho Filbert. Try ono whon
tho clink of Ico in tho pitcher is to you
more than the song of a prima donna.
Tho two por cont. tax has not been
paid on about 11,000 tons of ora shipped
out of tho Slocan last year. Tho gov-
eminent is rounding np tho delinquents
Tlio Fornio strike will cause- an increased traflic on Slocan lake, as coal
from tho coast will bo pushed ovor thin
route to satislly alt tho Kootenay locomotives
A meeting was held in the Hecord
Oflice Saturday evening to discuss thu
matter of organizing a branch of tho
Provincial Mining Association Only a
few citizens Attended aid action was
A party of 2,000 British settlors will
leavo Liverpool on March 21st for this
country. Tho party will settle in the
northwest district of Saskatoon In territory specially sot apart for thorn by tho
Canadian Government.
Two moro valuablodogs wero hurried
> to the pot hole this week by tho poison
fiass. Dr. Brouse has boon induced to
end his aid and will analyse Hin stom-
4ch ol ono of the animals to dim-over
what kind of poison is being used
in Throe Forks on Monday evening
divine aervico was held iu tho school
h»j»o by a Sandon jiarnon. .fust as ho
uttered these words "nnd tho last
trumpet shall sound,''sn alarm clock
went off somewhere in thn building and
almost caused a panic in the audience.
Ice has formed in tho lake at Nelson
In Kelson, Sandon, Slocan Citv and
othor towns the snow ii banked high
•long tho sidewalks, while hero in Now
*&'«,<« **..    '.*.*.   w**i*a<*«..«.   .»   m****v»*   **uu
emoophin r.ftttfle tbe j»t<\und to botir-
mtod for Indecent and unseasonable
•xposure. Verily, New Denver is al-
rao*t it pttfAtml mtamtttend.
The Nelson Tribune claims that the
Nelson News is controlled bf theOrow's
t4«iwtt»»»i lonirisny. i no editor t>l Hie
News denies this report. If such a re-
nort is not true the courts will furnish
Aie rodress necessary.   Otherwise if the
fmbllc believe the report it will Injunt
he business of Nelson's excellent daily
I j i aa the people nowadays do not value
1    Ihe titteranrftinf a Jnurn-tl t.l*A ttrktly
I to labor or capital
J    Mr I. It. Eark uf Ttmmtu, superintendent of agencies lor tho .Mutual Life,
_ has been inspecting his company's in-
tertvts throughout B. C If« was accompanied through the Ko«ten»v by
\\{ General Agtnl \V. A. Twins, of Katlo
Mr. Karle waji one ol the pJti*<mger* en
The probable, construction (hiring the
current year of rail and electric ;,lines
affording transportation facilities on the
Duncan river is likeiyto bo a most important factor in the prosperity of the
Lardeau country. A considerable portion of tho Lardeau has already been
very substantially benefitted % the
construction of the Canadian t'acitic,
and operators on tlie Duncan river side
of the Lardeau divide expect to bo
similarly benefitted before the end of
the year just opening-.
James Carson Murray, formerly of
Rossland, and now of Trout Lake City,
where he ia identified with several of
the principal mines in tho Old Gold
camp', is in the city for a few days on
business. He states that while no
deGnite guarantee has been given as to
the construction of a road on the Duncan, there is every reason to believe
that the enterprise will be proceeded
with. All the timber adjacent to the
river for miles on either bank, and all
water power of any value have been
staked by J. H. Gray, the engineer who
made the surveys for the proposed elec-
There promises to be greater activity
in mining in the vicinity of Vernon
during *he coming summer than there
has been for several seasons past. W,
Gcndar has bonded the British Empire
and thc Royal Standard mineral claims,
tho property of John Highman, V. L.
E. Miller and H. G. Miller.
Mr. Geudar is acting on behalf of a
San Francisco syndicate, and the
amount of the bond is $25,000, with 10
per cent, deposit, or $2,500. According
to terms of agreement Mr. Gendar will
return about the lst of March to begin
operations on the properties. These
claims adjoin the famous claim owned
byS- Highman and H. Seydell. Mr.
Gendar is satisfied he has the making
of a big mine in the properties just
bonded. There are ten veins and one
is two feet wide, and has a shaft of 70
feet, and a crosscut on tho vein, the
average value of quartz being SlG a
ton in gold. Tho facilities for mining
and getting" in supplies aso excellent,
as the properties are but three miles
from Vernon and near Okanagan Lake.
There aro several other similar veins
, Short Things of Interest to Mining People on the
World*s Greatest Industry.
The following letter explains itself:
To the Editor,—Dear Sir: It mav
interest you to learn that the movement
to organize a Provincial Mining Association is meeting with very great success, and that local organization has
been affected to date in the following
places: Revelstoke, Nicola Lake, Lil-
iooet, Clinton, Horsefly, Keithlev, Fort
Steele, Texada, Ashcroft, Laclallache,
Bullion, Quesnel Lake, Harpers'Camp,
Aspen Grove, Camp McKinney, Cowichan, 150 Mile, Quesnel Forks, Saanich.
Others are organizing, but in ono or
two places the effort has been criticised
on the grounds that the aims and objects of the Association are selfish. This
criticism ia tho result entirely of ignorance, for, as a matter' of fact, the objects of the Association havo uot yet
been stated, aud it remains with the
convention to outline a policy and determine upon what steps will be taken
to endeavor; to tying about an improvement in conditions and promote tho
welfare of tho mining industry in tho
Province. In fact, all that tho present
Provisional Executive Committee is
attempting to do is to biing together a
representative body of men—chiefly
practical minors—to discuss among
themselves tho requirements of tho
mining industry.
At a mooting of tho committee last
week It occurred to them that as Victoria has taken up tho matter so enthusiastically and has enrolled so largo
a number of members, if this city wero
to appoint delegates according to the
number of its membership roll it might
bo ablo to dominate tho mooting; consequently, a resolution was passed limiting tho number of delegates to tho
convention from Victoria and Vancouver
to 20 respectively. That li an excellent
motto, "In union thero Is strength,"
and will you inform your renders that
this Is tho whole Idea of this scheme.
Yours faithfully,
II. MoitTiMKit Lamii, Secretary.
Tho London Economic'* special mining commissioner, Mr, Curie, is a mining engineer of world-wide reputation.
But lm is more or less a pessimist. He
says that all thn gold mines of Canada
are "apparently valiioi«*s," and conclude* that "In tho whole of this great
country thero is no one gold min* Into
which ono can buy on an investment
A correspondent takes exception to
the commissioner's remark* In the
Economist In thisablemnnnar: "'British
Columbia at the present timo stands nt
the parting of tlv» ways She has passed
succeaffully through thn trnnbfnun
tu,u»(imi an mining countries ex per-
^pTicc nt tbe ouh-H, Miy) ki:y J..y u_ uAtt*
deserved prosperity is now at hand. In
view of this, it ii regrettable that such
uibleading and harmful attacks should
be so needlessly circulated. Never
wits British Columbia ho prnsjMtrou* am
.k't ;..*.-.. y ,-X.i!.:...',*,, W-AriWMI,,        » HID IMlH>Ull-inl-t!
for 1002 exceed those of the previous
year by about 20 per cont; freight and
smelter charges havo been considerably
reduced; and adequate supply of coko
is ensured; new processes for further
reducing the costs of handling the ore
are about to be employed; the miner*!
tax, which hitherto has somewhat
handicapped the industry, will, it is
I'ttlxirtv.d. shortly be. repealed: the price
nf copper i* l-'J centa a* against It
cents at thi* time la*t year, and, in fact,
everything is swiftly movirg in the
right direction, and points to a bright
future for the mining industry <d the
Enemies seeking to crush "Lowery's Claim," after months of watching,
finally picked upon an issue which they thought might shut it out of the
mails. Not being honest enough to show the post-office authorities at
Ottawa all the numbers of that journal they sought to have it excluded by
having the department read oue article iu a single issue. Their efforts to
£ restrict the freedom of the press have failed, for when the department jiad^
■?— the-iuatterproperly-explainedrthe^ollowingnelegram'^a'S'^^rt^tHfe^st"^
x   master at New Denver:
j) "Ottawa, Ont., Feb. 17, 1903.
L      "Lowery's Claim removed from list of prohibited publications.   Inform   A
publisher. A. W. THROOP, Acting Secretary." i
k%%^^^*^%^%*%^^%%^%^*^%%*/%^^^%%%^^%^^ ^9
trie road,    Various other indications j on the west side of tbe lake, and Borne
point to tho practical cortaintv of the 1 very promising properties,
scheme going through, and Lardeau     One of the biggest, and perhaps the
mines that will be afforded transporta-1 best pioposition in the district, if not in
tion facilities thereby arc building high
on the outlook.
Mr. Murray believes that tho nresent
Great Northern grnde from the liead of
Kootenay lake to tho foot of Howser
lako will ho utilized for an ordinary
steam road. From that point up Howser lnk<* to Hall creek on the Duncan is
navigable water the year round, and
the supposition is that this will be
covered l>y steamers; Then tho mono-
line electric road is to run north to tho
West Fork or further if desired, Tho
mono-rail is approved for this country
owing to tho heavy snowfall From tho
Wesl Fork a laternl lino would run
over a tirade from 2 to 2i per cent- to a
point within a couple of miles of the
Old Gold camp, where connection would
bu mado by aerial tram. .Similar lateral
linos could bo run toother minor camps
along the Duncai".
That there is business for such a lino
is undoubted. Tho Canadion Pacific
did uot expect to do much business for
the first year or two with its Lardeau
brunch, but the actual results,so far
exceeded expectation-* that steps will
probably bo taken this spring to place
a much moro powerful steamer on tho
Trout lake run than has been employed
heretofore. Incidentally it may he
stated that thu Canadian Pacific has not
definitely announced its policy with re
spect to completing tho lino from Ger-
rard, at tho loot of Trout lake lo Trout
Lake City, but ono of the propositions
iu this connection is to lower Ihe level
of tho lake twelve or fifteen feet by
deepening the channel of thn Lardo
river in tlm neighborhood of Gerrard,
thereby expediting the draining of the
lake shorn instead of the expensive
rock work unciusnrv tn urado along tho
At the present time tho properties iu
tho old Bold enmy—the Old Gold,
Guinea Gold and Primrose—could furnish h tonnage of 150 tons a week, aud
in the course of a year this tonnage
could he readily doubled. Ou the Duncan side of tho dividn are half a dozen
other wn«|| developed properties that
can ship ore n* anon nn economical
transportation is furuihhed The lumber resource* of the country aro groat,
aud this would be the piincipal source
of revenue for the road at present*—
Knsalnnri Minor
the province, is the immense deposit of
conglomerate, several hundred feet in
width and in thickness, which was located last fall about two and a half
miles south of Vernon. There is estimated, from measurements taken,
that there are 10,000,000 tons of the oro
in sight and it carries an average of
between (2 nnd 83 per ton in gold, and
is likely to prove n second Treadwell.
Somo other mining properties a few
milos east of Vernon wero recently
bonded for $30,000.
The Roundup, published at Pinchor
Creek, Alberta, says: In tho coal oil
laud of this district considerable activity is being shown, nnd two outfits
are at work Last week Engineer
Patrick for tho Rocky Mountain Development company, laid out a town*
site on Oil crook, to bo known ns Oil
Citv. A small force of men are at work
on the townsite clearing off ground for
a number of company buildings, and a
start in building un the town will be
mado shortly. Mr. Lineham, president
of this company, is now in tho oast par-
chasing a new drilling outfit, which
will bo taken to tho oil field as soon as
Scarcely 200 yards from thc well of
this company another outfit is busily at
work putting down a new well for Mr.
Trethowny. The outfit Is a complete
one snd good progress iu the drilling Is
being made. At present thn drill has
iust pierced the surface wash and struck
bedrock. The result of their work will
be watched with interest.
A few days ago two men were piloted
bv Kootenay Brown into tho oil field
about twen'y miles south of thoiAlherta
workings on tho American side at the
head of Main lako, These men will hold
down petroleum land this winter for
the International Coal Oil company A
plant will be taken in for this companv
in March and hauled up the)lake on the
ice, or on Hat boats if the ico. which has
not yet formed, i« not •'rote enough
Vet another company will locate In
the early spring near St Mary's lake,
nnd also on the Flathead closo to the
boundary line.
A   IIKKK7.K   FltOM    IIOII.
ftr.OflAM   OHK   <WI*»«»«"VT«
Lowerv'* Claim bs« bone   wnmwii.il I
the use of tho mails, thus prohihitiiu'l
'iVw U»C*i amount ot oro shipped Irom j {'•*,"'.A'V'>J'\m ""»»«*. ,itw u»"»"    »•>••
ihe Slocan and .Slocan   Citv   mining h1^1;1,!      1    f i(,Tt   p ^.l t0 .K,low
dlviNlonarorchavMrim«u.apnr»x-ltKt-hn.?'l,at'10 ° ,0i.urn*,.,!n? l0 *'r'
imatoly. 2H.OW »nn« Since January 11 f1*1 ,n f.hl,> «»Blr? ,M «fc" which ttten
to.F«brnarv 11, IOOT.th« shipments have I *»*>"»• blackguard •■• our genial fol-
been as follow*: 'low townsman,  to th»* (' V. It. a<t "onr
, 11 ii(rin-!*..iiii*to   tieneiactnr,' and to the;
cock-eyed amateur sorii-fHtnm with a!
voice. Ilk" a boatswain in a quinsy, as j
"that (harming vocalist.''   Doiibtlfh*,
also, the government were afraid that t
State experts place Colorado's output
of the precious rnetals the past year at
something like &14,871,4*04.
The Bunker Hill and Sullivan company of tho Corar d'Alenes is arranging
to Btart up on a large scale.
The Atlin gold fields of Alaska are
said to have Yielded a total of something
like 83,000,000 to dato. Most of the gold
was taken from creek beds with pick
and shovel.
The management of the Centennial-
Eureka, of 1 Utah, has issued orders to
sink the working shaft 500 feet, which
when completed will give a depth there
below the surface of 2,850 feet.
The cable mine of Montana, regarded
as the greatest gold property oi that
state, has been unwatered untbr lease
contract, and now 20 men are emploved
sinking, crosscutting and drifting. T*his
property has produced many million
__AtJlH! recent Jjjeetinjr^oOiie_Black
"Hills MiriiDg ilerTs association there
wero 300 members represented. This
association started out with onlv mining men of tho Black Hills counties on
the rolls, but is expanding until mining
men from the adjoining counties and
states are included.
A big lead combine has been effected,
the United companv having been organized in New .Jersey to that end.
Tho present capital stock of tho company is $15,000,000, but the statement
is made that this will be increased to
$05,000,000, including tho important
lead producers of the country.
The Engineering and Mining Journal
places the consumption of copper in the
United States tho past year at 231,300
tons, nnd places the stock on hand at
the close of tho year at 65,000 tons. Both
tho Amalgamated and the Calum et and
Hecla companies havo contracted their
product several months ahead.
Tho December report of the Alaska-
Treadwell company shows that the 240-
stamp mill 20J days nnd tho 300-stamp
mill hM days, both crushing 43,715 tons
of oro. Tho estimated realizable value
of the bullion from the plates is $1.1,025,
and thero was saved 825 tons of sulphurets, of tho estimated realizable
value of $-10,288. Tho working expenses
for tho month wero $64,288.
Shortly after recommonclng operations at tho United Verde, Jerome, Arizona, tho management an*
nounced tho necessity of closing down
again, owing to the shortage of coko.
When tho last closing took place, but
two furnacen were working In tho
smelter. It Is rumored that Senator
Clark will replaco his 250 ton furnaces
with 500-ton furnaces, giving his plant
a capacity of 2,600 tons, instead of 1,500
as at present.
A number of German and American
capitalists havo heen Investing in Cuban metal producers, particularly copper. An English syndicate recently
acquired 2,7wi acres of cupriferous
ground, and is at work exposing veins
from il to 22 foot wide which are said to
carry from 5 to 10 per cent, copper.
Between 1H2H and lHlo thu island of
Cuba produced nnd shipped to the
United States about $fl,00O,i-OQ woith nf
copper annually.
The Butte IntermmiutHin eHliuwtte*
the tonnage of the Iluttw miniiiK district Iho pant year nt 2,750,500 tons, a
greater amount of oro than was pro.
dun*d an,\ nittgiu >e««r beforo How-
evor the paper it<H(**t the material do-
1 rc.'iM* iu the price ol silver and copper,
and warns the public for an ollki.il
statement of lower liuuncial showing
The paper says that ni a result of the
reduced copper price, a heavy drawing
has been made on tho richer ore re-
„„,.,.,.„  ,.,, .1 .. * . .      , 1   ,
, -  ,     • ■   I "I""ri" 'Ut;
exltnmtfW. iireat reserve.* of *t p,»r
cent copper wero left intact owing to
the low market v*luo of the red metal,
but «h«> nam* wUi he available thouSd m
any time the price go higher, or economies In reduction increase the margin
of rirnflf
There are over forty shafts going
down at Tonopah, Nevada, with prospects of great values in all of them.
The Mizpah ledge at a depth of 500
feet is strong as on thc upper lovels
where ores worth many millions were
mined. This vein has "been proved to
carry rich ore for a distance of 1,700 feet
along its strike, and new work extends
these extreme points. On the 400-foot
level of the Valley View, almost under
the camp's main thoroughfare, has been
opened ore that assays §300 per ton.
while 20 feet south is a ledge in tho
same territory which shows values
ranging from §455 to §2,000. A third
ledge in the grounds of the company
gives values of §200 per tou.
Labor problems in the Rand seem to
surpass any growing out of strikes or
difhculties of this nature in America.
A committee of Rand mining men called
upon Colonial Secretary Chamberlain,
seeking government assistance. However, to the 'proposition that the government import 5,000 laborers|for public
work, while the mineioperators import
5/J00 fo_r_th_eir service, the„jnining.comj_
Tnlflee protested, not "desiribg the government to assume control of the work
of constructing railroads, or other improvement of that character. The Colonial secretary bas agreed to throw
open Nyassaland and British EaBt
Africa as a recruiting field. The mining men desire the privilege of impressing natives for a, short period, which is
a species of slavery, with payment, as
though the work was voluutary. Itis
unlikely that force will be permitted,
Tlie best place to do your sorting is at
tho working face, if you can; this is to
bo done, either by judicious blasting,
which removes tho maximum of clean
ore and the minimum of wallrock, orby
eliminating the largo pieces of waste
which are always serviceable for loading the stulls. All sorting at surface is
made inore.diflicult by the mixing which
tho particles of oro and waste undergo
in subsequent handling, either while
being loaded into tho cars or when
dumped Into tho oro liou8.\ Tho Cornishman who "rescues,'' that is, strips
the lode by shooting down the adjoining wnste-rock previous to breaking
down his ore, separately and clean,
presents ono oxtremo of* tho methodw
possiblo underground, while tho man
who needlessly shoots n narrow and
clean streak of high-grado oro together
with several feet of adjoining barren
country, only to give employment to a
number of mon at surface, who separate
what could have been kept apart in the
stope, Illustrates tho other extreme, It
is not n mathematical or scientific question, and on that account it is insufli-
clently appreciated, but, liko manv
other problems arising in daily work, It
demand* that fundamental science
which Huxley defined as organized
common sense — K, & M. Journal.
Our contemporary, Lnwerv's Claim,
tins been prohibited the line of* (he mails.
In this matter the publlMher has nur
sympathy, Although we do not always
approve of the abandon and freedom of
the itaper in question, yet there is no
doubt that it tries to publish the truth
as it appears to the writers nml that It
in welcomed by manv for that reason
There is much uncalled literature that
is allowed to pass through tho mails
from tho United States, which, iu lis in-
crniued idiocy and sickly maudlin sentiment, doer, far more to injure the
youthful mind than anv amount rf the
free and bold even ibald expression nf
truth to be found in Lowerv's Claim.
The censor of the press lu this cane has
by his prohibition Interfered with thn
freedom of the press and, what is moro,
!...-**..... ,.<..< n,,u ,i,,: pntHti) iroeuorn
o! iiid*:"ment v/Mi-h i-vcrv 1 'uV .vj''A>':* lu
that paper ha« a perfect'right to enjoy,
and we think nine out of ten of those
)»ub*cnbfc»* ar«* men *A m;iim>, morality
and strict integrity. None others would
enre to read it or take Interest in it—•
v... 1.. n.    1. i"       *
A met tr »n
Arlington .  ..
HUrk l'rlne#	
Ilrjinlll ililur	
H'xun    li
jjayton     ,
V.niffjt'm        , 	
rithar M«frf*ii  11
Mimllur ' Jit,   '
i iittnwa  '.'.,,'.'...   t ■
j  I'-MHi- ,,    f^,
Qtwn  l»r«,	
1  Urttt ' V'..,.,   ""
ii9.,uhiit* ,7...777.7 :»
- HjjK-m m(r *	
i an
L«)*veiy  might begin explaining how j
Mi. Davis was constrained to retain his
Lowery's Claim, a journal published
in Sew Denver, H. O., bv It. "*" "
Total tor*.
Ore iahciiiir mined on thetirot, second,
third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh,
eighth, ninth, (WO*nd l*J5ofoot levels of
Stratum's Independence,   tht*  cost ol     Lowery'si
mining, includinghreakititfroek,muck- in Sew llenver, It. O,, by ft. T". Lowery,
ing, hoisting, irammiug and sorting, a former resident of the Soo, ha-, been
being  91US     The great   juimti   rhir I refused the iw> nf the mn,i!.t.   The, puh-
' weighs tvy) tons ha* been [,hu,'A un tlw j lisher lias received no word from the
I H'»» foot level without intcrft'rin-/ with* irovemment as to the eau»e fifth'* t«igh-
<n far ib* huts*.,   .t  ..«.:,„,  ;  " I'MMlnctiniMir niiaciideni.   Tins will In*} banded   prf»eeeding, and   nnlv knows
>o Ui the ImUiry  of  nation*  »«; readr for «ork in  a  few  dava, after! that the C. M. would not take his paper
to a largo Pxtontth" history of wnr.wbub the plugs to tbe watfrreoiir^ on ! in.   Lomerr, bv the way, \< a master
The ti»)<» te corning when it will lw». ,h«; lower level* will be pulled gradu-j hand at Invective, and if he lluds out
otherwise,   whon  men ahall  beat •*'•''    Itj« the plan <%fth*» management |ili«iiarn« of thiM-«»nsor, that individual
their *vrt»rd» into p!<vr# hire*., ~\lev'
if   irt   fhe   Onrar
ii) Jitter Kyis-Opener.
ini i
ii*       in-  J»r, Tiven. Toronto.
y, to exploit the e*t*tt* thoroughly tt Jhix' will In* tur*** lo h<*«r n.\methinjf drop,
depth    The fore*; of miners employed I Lowery delight* iu plain t*lk —Manf-
OittH WU'.UU'I* 4 ".
I louiin «»unie THE LEDGE, NEW DEJNVER, B. C, FEBRUARY 19, 1903.
Tenth Year
Thk Ijidok Is two dollars a year hi advance When not so paid It w 58.60 to partie» worthy ol owdlt. Legal adverti-slns 10 cents a
nonpariel line first Insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion. RetuUwj notloes tb oente a line, and wanm»*ol»l Haw»u»lnn
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRXM8: TilK LniOB Is located at New DenveT. B. 0., and can Vie traced to many parts of tho earth. It oomoi to the front
every Thursday and has novor heen raidod by the sheriff, snowsllded by olteap silver, or Mibduod by the four of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windo-wed and champ»Bne-fltivo»«d capitalist. It aim* to be on the right side of everything and believes that hell
hould be admlnlsterad to the wloked In large doses. It. has stood the test of time, and an ovor-lnereaslng paystreak Ib proof that It ta
better to teU the truth, even If tho hmveni do ooonsioaally hit our smokestack. A ohute of Job work is worked occasionally lor the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Oome in and see us, but do not pat t-habuU do« on the cranium, or chase the blaok cow from our wat
barrel: one Is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of tne noblest works of oreation is the man who always pwys the printer; ho
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornlens rosea for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil crosa in this square
indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wants once again to look at
your collateral.
How would Fernie suit the coal
"barons of the Eastern States?
Oysters are scarce this season.
Pity silver wasn't in the same condition. __
Judging from recent reports the
"United States seem to have finally
discovered Canada.
If another railroad is needed in
the west, and we think it is, the
people should build it.
Some ministers expect to overcome the negro problem in the
Southern States by soap, soup and
religion I
__Some^ legislators in Canada are
more™ adapted~f6f~deeking~on~a
steamboat than making laws for
the nation.
Colonel Prior may hold his job,
provided he knows the art of serving pap to hungry heelers, tooters
and parasiteB,
The C. P. £" should double the
wages of the section-men. It pays
that class of labor about half of
what they are worth.
By charging two cents to send a
paper through the mails Mulock
is striking a severe blow at the
spread of intelligence.
Colonel Prior is opposed to the
entrance of the United States railways into Canada. He must have
a pass upon the C. P. R.
For the sake of equity, Canada
must either put a high tariff on
lead or take tho duty off everything consumed in Kootenay.
Football in Vancouver should bc
prohibited. It is moro dangerous
than selling postage stamps in
Heaven (Toronto) on Sunday.
Bishop Spaulding says that
pleasure is death's forger. Strange
ideas some people have. The main
object in life should be pleasure.
Nothing else is worth striving for.
Its perpetual attainment comes
through proper thought and living.
Postmasters in Manitoba are demanding more pay for their services. Mulock's cheap wages are
not appreciated by the people of
the west. His efforts to make a
name for himself by paying starvation wages does not suit anyone
but slaves.     	
You can never satisfy greed.
The C. P. R. has more business
than it can handle and yet it thinks
of raising the freight rates. It will
always cinch the people when the
opportunity arises, and there is
no redress except the people build
another road,
In Eugland a letter-carrier cannot use a bicycle while distributing
mail on Sunday. This trebles the
work upon t>hat day of these worthy
public servants, but saves propriety from being pelted with indignity. Such a law is on a par
game of cards on the Sabbath because one of the players began to
A zoological garden should be
established in New Denver. This
would enable tourists to tell a porcupine from a grizzly bear before
they went into the hills with a
gun. Such a garden would save
a lot of trouble and probably prevent many a cow from being
plugged to death by tenderfeet
laboring under the impression that
bosBy was a moose.
It now comes out in the taxes
that young Johnny Rockefeller is
not so rich after all. He is assessed for half a million, but
claims that bc only haa $80,000.
Johnny must have blown himself
for Sunday school prizes at Christmas. If ho is really in want his
dad Rhould lend him a few beans,
until ho can tap Borne trust for another wad of the long green.
"Five dollars !" echoed the coy
and shy and innocent. "Why, my
old 'gov' coughed up fourteen
for this hat, and we got $G off at
that!"        _____
TIIKN   TDK   RM.K   WAS   Ott.
"Yes, 1 am from Minneapolis,"
oaid E. P. Burnt, general western
representative ot the Berlin machine works, and I suppose it is up
to tne to tell some story indicative
of the hostile feeling existing between my burg and St. Paul, our
neat little rival across* the river.
The latest one I know of te of the
Minneapolis Norwegian who wan
being prevailed upon by an im
portunnte book agent to buy a
Bible. The iiaxcn-halred man from
tho cold peninsula watt all but persuaded when he happened to glance
within thc volume and ran across
th<* name of St. Paul; he threw the
book down in disgust saying, "Aye
tank you can't fool mo into buying
a liook thit ha* anything to nay
about St. Paul."
I    "At least that ih not MMiidu*
! the tale of  tho  Minucopoli* iiiinN-
I ter. who was liml by hi* eongr<>-
...   .. "" , tgation hocauM* he took his  text
All  Kootenay want* n duty on \fnm St. Paul." wid  Mr. Hum..-
lead.    All Canada kIwuW me that | Mlhvaukw Journal.
*,*n trttt *f   f*r  ewe   tiikr»   tlie   dulli'S
off overythim* we uw* in thinwHi-;       «*ii»* M»ti* h*«-«h< i h.»«t.u..m<.
tion.    Hurely   kontpmiy i* entitled <    She   won   young   ami   tithoo'iU
to protection on i»t least one of it* Hooking and city and shy, and the
product".         I half Ao7jon  men among tin*   \tmn-
The boom in the Slocan this j wngcr* on a St. Paul rtwrt ear
npnug will urn oe M-ri 'im. w,i'A.*'- ••■■"•■• ''"." """!'''' ♦♦"•"""•tv**
«till have million* in the hili»i looking at her won- than owe ami
around N'ew Denver, but the eon-1 wishing they had »tich a daughter, i
ditions are not
induce labor am
hand* in getting it out.
The legislature in Idaho would
not pass the eight-hour law for
mines, believing that such a law
should not exist unless applied to
all classes of labor.
Tho reformed Toronto Globe has
rained the red flag against separate
schools. I f separate schools taught
only the Presbyterian faith it would
tell a different story.
All the news agents on the Western division of the (.'. P. R. have
Ixnen discharged. Can it Im possible
that they liave been selling Low
cry's Claim, sub rona?
Consistency te e«wential iu poli
tics.   Chris. Foley roared against
the Chineae, and at the Haute time
nouie of thc yellow ln>ys were rawing wood in hi" lockyanl.
A member of De "Wet's army
during tne Boer war gives this picture of the makeshifts employed
by the fighters: "Our boots wore
out and men were appointed to tan
hides and make boots; even women
occupied themselves in this kind
of work. The war had not been
going for fifteen months when
there was a great scarcity of soap.
Then our mothers and sisters
boiled a very serviceable article
with the help of mealie cobs and of
various weeds. The English destroyed the mills everywhere, but
mills were mounted on wagons and
carried off when the English approached. Our corn was done be
fore we had been fighting a year;
but peas, mealies, Kaffir corn, rye,
acorns and dried peaches were used
as substitutes. Through dire necessity a fine old handicraft of our
great grandmothers was revived—
thespinning of wool, which was
still plentifunn^piWorthe~devas-
tatiou of the enemy. Spinning
wheels were fabricated in various
ways from old sewing machines,
fruit peelers and bo forth. Our
salt was at last quite exhausted
and this was a source of great
anxiety, especially in districts such
as Harrismith, where there are no
salt-pans; but here again wells
were dug in the pans, and salt
water was found. Everything, it
was often remarked, was scarce,
but nothing completely lacking.''
"Is this the best wurst you can
send me?" asked the lady who
walked into the delicatessen store
with a wad of that edible in her
"Madam," answered the man,
"it is the best wurst wo have."
"Well, it is the worst wurst I
ever tasted."
"I am sory to hear that. The
best I can do is to try and send
you some better wurst from today's
arrival, but, as I said, that was
the best wurst we have at present.
I am sure, however that the wurst
we are now making will not be any
worse than this, and it ought to be
better. I assure you that as soon
as I get the Avurst you shall havo
the best of it. We never gave any
one the worst of it so long as we
have been in the wurst business,
and you may be sure when we give
you your wurst it will be the best,
for our worst wurst is better wurst
than the best wurst of our competitors."
But the lady, whose eyes had
taken on a stare of glassiness, was
seen to throw up hev hands and
flee from the place, for she was
afraid the worst was yet to come.—
San Francisco Wasp.
The Reno Journal recently contained the following: A story of
pathetic incident comes from Virginia City. The other morning a
young man who had been away at
his home town and hastened from
the train to the residence of his
star of hope. Her mother answered his nervous ring and invited
him in. "Yes, Jennie is at home,
upstairs. She would call her."
Stepping to the foot of the stairs,
she called:
"Jennie, Will is here and wants
to see you."
"I can't come down, mother.
I'm just taking a bath.''
The young man was impatient,
and stepping to the foot of the
stairs, he called:
"I must see you just for a
minute, Jenuie. Slip on something and come down."
She slipped on the top step and
caine down and he saw her, but for
much less than a minute.
They lauKh at me when at thv feet,
Thy fragile diataff in iny hand,
I listen to thy soft command,
And ply thy woman's trade—oh, sweet!
Poor fools!—tbey do not understand
That love alone makes life complete!
They sheer because the lion's dress
Across thy marble shoulder lies,
And that thy hand strays in surprise
Upon my war-club's heaviness.
They laugh and cry:   "Ambition dies
In wanton days of idleness !
They do not guess the keener bliss,
Thy spoil and creature thus to be.
The disUtir. with its wool, they see,
But not the hand that gave mo this;
They see thc conquered soul of me.
But know not thy consuming kiss.
Then let them laugh, revile and blame—
Omphale, bend a little near,
If I but feel thy presence, dear,
I am more happy in my shame
Than when, with clarion sounding clear,
They call me In tho House of Fame!
—Ethel Watts Mumfoid, in Smart Set.
Drink water and you get
phoid. Drink milk and you
tuberculosis. Drink whiskey and
you get the jim-jams. Eat white
Hour and get appendicitis. Eat
soup and get Bright's disease. Eat
beef and encourage apoplexy. Eat
oysters aud encourage toxemia.
Eat meats of auy kind and get indigestion or some kind of germ
disease. Eat vegetables and weaken
the system. Eat desserts and
take on paralysis. Smoke cigars
and secure a nice catarrh. Smoke
cigarettes and die early. Drink
coffee and tea aud obtain nervous
prostration. Drink beer and have
dyspepsia. Drink wine and get
healthy one must eat nothing,
drink nothing, smoke nothing, and
even before breathing one should
see that the air is properly sterilized.
Beware of demure women. They
are always daugerous.
A story is going the rounds of a
youthful minister who, when he
preached his first funeral sermon
over a woman in a small ■ Maine
town, praised her so highly that
the poor bereaved husband, sitting
there listening, could not recognize
her by the description. Finally,
in a glowing peroration, he pictured God and the archangels and
the angels and all tho hosts of the
redeemed joyously forming a pa
rade to welcome to heaven this
"one of the best of all women."
The patient husband, who had
never been able to rule his own
household, could stand it no longer
and, leaping up, interrupted tho
preacher with a beckoning hand
gasping out: "No, no, elder; not
quite that! She was only 'bout
Mr. Gotham: "So you are going
tojsettle in the United States ?";New
arrival from South America: "Yes,
sir- they'ye got to drawing things
a little too fine in South America j
to suit  me.    Why,  sir, it's got so i
now that a man can't even getaj
job at overthrowing a government
unless he belongs to the Revolutionists'  union and has paid  his
fees regularly for six  months." —
New York Weekly.
Arthur ilullen
Has opened a Wholesale Liquor
Store in Three Forks, and has
all kinds of Liquors and Fancy
Drinks, Champagne, Tobacco
and Cigars.
The Best Liquors
in the World—
From France, Ireland and
England—and he wants all his
old friends—and new ones—to
come and try a^bottle, cr case,
or barrel, whether you order
by mail or in person.
Order your Xmas suit early, boys.
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
It is said that an Evanston, 111.,
teacher, who compelled six girl
pupils to strip themselves of all
clothing so that she might judge
whether or not their calisthenics
were benefitting them, found the
girls in spanking condition.
Reports, Examinations and Manage
Hotel to rent, containing fixtures
and furniture, For further particulars address—
J. T. NAULT, Rosebery.
Address? E. HARROP, Nelson, li. C.
agents wmrmr~
Are you »aU»tied with your Income?   Is your
time fully occupied?  It not, write us.
\Vec»ntrlveyou employment hy the month
on roou terms, or contract to pay you well tor
such liushiftss as you secure for us nt odd times.
We employ both male and female represent*
atlvcf.  Tlie aext three month* is the vary beeti
time to tell out goods.   No rtepottlt is reoulredr
otittlt U alaoluteiy free. •
We liave tlu) largest nur«erle» In Canada—ovij
800 acres—a large rai.ge of valuable newspecla
ties,and alt our stock U guaranteed as represent
If you want to represent the largest, most p*
uln r and best, known nursery, write ns. It *
lie worth your while.
Canada's Qreateat Nurseries]
You're going
Don't you think
will 1» the right
hind you?    We
a good photograph
thing to leave he-
make a feature of
Of every size, style and
shape; for prttty feet,
and ugly feet, and Just
big feet. Storm rubbers,
Moccailntop robbers,
Overshoes, Rubber hoots
For all feet
Don't have wet (ect when
you can keep them dry
und   comfot table   with
our ruhbftv good*.
a    «->     r* WW ITI f     fa     fWf\
New Denver. B. C.
They'll remind those who remain at
home that you are an individual
worth missing.
Queen Studio
Baker St. Nel*on
The Lake Shore Laundry
In New Denver
te still knocking the spots ott ot
clothing that te toiled.
H w iscwmarkd Hotel
rllHI* ^ D*HCer, otter* a pleasant substitute for
A-^l I I   home to those who travel.   It is situated on the
ll B 1   8^oro °* kRke Slocan, tho most beautiful lako in
^JlBU   an Americii.   From it« balconies aud windows |
nfi can be seen the grandest scenery upon this continent, i
L^J The internal arrangementH of the hotel are the reverse'
k£ to telephone, all the roonm being plastered, and electric
ru^i bells at the head of every  bed make it easy for the dry
LnJ moments in the iitorning.»JC*cs>t^t-*v^vjw^*t-*c»
^£      The best and cheapest meals in the country are
tan to be found in the dining room.   The house is run up-
L'J on cosmopolitan principles, and the prospector with him
h£ pack is just as welcome as thc millionaire with his roll.
rJi Kvery gueat reo-ive* the hei*t ot care and protection.
LPJ      The liquor* are the Ix'st in tho 8locan, and the
&£ hotel has long heen nuted for it* lixh and game dinners.
pJi      This is the only first-class house in the Lucerne of.
LnJ North America.   One look ut the landlord will con-
£-£ vince any stranger that the viands are of thc be«t qual-
pji ity.    Rooms reserved by telegraph.**JiK3K3'~3Ui>t~3t-J-'
LPJ HENRY STEflE,  Proprletorfrxf)ex4KNj>-f\$\@t\
I "XORK »»..tU vUut; -Ji th.<  »*,>**!>
\ aiH*,'.*l:'',4)':t    tail   * rtlWIi.   E«'*«t#li#«*,   '
t  Sl'M
ri,., ;nough vet tot I'wwntly another girl pn in nnAl^^^A'i^u^^^^
nd  .-apital  to join j the two exchxngeti wbtnmtion* of .•£-;» F*„^ $«£ ^t^.^
Hurpri**'.   Two itiimiu-* Inter tht
fit  iht f <*«■>» I fi? prop-
Another religious f*d ha* broken
out in ignition. I'.iigland. The
Kev. C. .1. Parker of that city hold*
ntrvimi* in *l»*olitte darkiK-**. It
may be a little hard to pans the
tut 2» ib dav nl Muff h
l.nt* »>(>.• (t- and Tw<> '»■ fit,*. *»wiIhii ill
lu. in.-kr.i nil ..t.-«ir tl*> -• Mi-lilHIi tiy'r »,lAtUMi\ii VinXi,*,„ ol *,*-*i Itrti*
!*•   lifftTtl   ail   "»f "■jw.B.c    tl^pe^rtf U».|,»|UW »M«>
* O.i- i\'i*t* kl i ffmnc ttr,9.,j,,t   _'w,*mii*.
H«t, enmer wn.* siring Food cnonpliS    t>-r«oi»,.tf.»ndTir..*»* m
enough to
"I)«»ar tne, Madge, imt your ww! tt.hu* ov mu
hal in a rtnnner." * ' Jtftg ™-,<>'"" **•»»»—r .•••*«•"
"Yes?" Dnyoolikeitr
iff if, i*.
lift* "1 Kit f-4 '.*« t«1|m«» wm*i9 iHttf
tUyittifttttir*   *9k-ri.i)f! I*, j, Umn-it tilt
IUtnblUhe.1 IMT.
Capital (all paid ap) $r2,UUU,UJU.UU
Reserved tand   :   :    71<XJ0,(X)0.UU
IIKAI1   OrriCIt,   MONTKK-M..
Kt. Hon. !/>Ri>ftTHATit<x>XAa.id Mount Kovai, G.C.Il.O. President.
Hox. (t. A. Drcjumoko, Vice President,
K. 8. Cijucstox, General Manager.
Brunches m all imru «>» Canada, NewfoondUnd, Great Britain, and
•♦hi United Butcn,
New Denver branch
LB a OE VEBER, Manager
collection plate. Imt service* of tbfjt!    "It"*   perfectly   splendid.     ltN*#v*»i **?**
kind should W foil of feeling. nt«ftt hav* em% at le.vt |V
T«M«rt *lll r»<julr* w tw i»*t»4 Bat Uttrthun
"    itntwan       : ;_:.
9ttete*sri.i, UeMASTm * ORAKY.
ii Y<*«*<< Sftttt. Tr-twai*. too. Tenth Yeae.
fl fortune in thc Drainage
One by one in this fin de s-iecle
age are illusions dispelled. There
never was any Jack the Giant
Killer, Columbus did not discover
America and the pretty little fairy
tale of how fortune came to J. L.
Ledford in an old tin can right
here in Butfce is the last to yield to
the touch of materialism, says the
From time to time when an'
eastern correspondent arrives in
Bntte he is told this story, and he
writes it up and sends it back East.
All the big dailies have published
it in some form or other, the last
oue being the Chicago Inter-Ocean.
Like the others, it states that J. L.
Ledford was a prospector, broke
and altogether out of luck. That
part of the tale is true. Then it
goes on to say that Ledford one
day accidentally stumbled upon an
old tin can, which crumbled under
his foot, and he immediately
wanted to know what the funny
brown dust it crumbled into was.
He sought an assayer, who told
him it was copper precipitate, almost chemically pure. He went
home and thought about it hard,
the result being that he concluded
the can gathered that copper from
the water from the Anaconda mine,
which was flowing over it. And
he straightway went and leased the
water. And got rich. So rich
that he was, as Butte citizens well
remember, not long ago sued for
breach of promise right where he
made his money.
The truth of the little story is
not so romantic. Some eleven years
ago a German—Frederick Mueller
—with his wife and children arrived in Butte from the East.
Mueller was of a scientific bent,
having studied iu Germany, and he
had a decided penchant for mining
pursuits. Not long after coming
here he began keeping 0 house way
out on East Broadway dewn below
tho Anaconda mine. His interest
from the first was diverted to the
greenish water flowing down from
the Anaconda mine. Why was it
so green? Copper. He visited the
mine and learned all about thc fire
raging in the lower levels of the
St. Lawrence and how the water
was turned into the part of the
mine which was~buraingahd1aitir
doing service in extinguishing the
flames was pumped to the surface.
He learned also that so strongly
was the water impregnated with
mineral that all the machinery was
spoiled by the action of the acid in
a very short time. That the only
way to make them do any kind of
service was to line the columns
with lead.
As the water flowed dowu past
his house he began experiments at
once, and he found out many
things, but not how to save tbe
copper; he had rows of bottles on
every window ledge. Then he
built several small drains of wood
and caught the water in them. HIb
wife remonstrated with him, bnt
he kept right on. His little daughter Lucy caught the infection and
worked right along with him. His
experiments cost money and his
wife had little faith in them. Then
he dug holes in the ground in the
path of the water, and finally one
day he thought of another experiment.
He and his little daughter gathered up all tho tin cans they could
find aud throw them in tho holes
in the ground. Then he waited
patiently for the action of the
water. In a few days the cans
bad disappeared and in their place
waa a soft mass of dull brown dirt,
seemingly a mas« of corroded iron.
Then he cried "Eureka" and be*
gan evolving other plan*. He went
•round and collected all the old
iron be could find and dumped it
in tbe hohw. Although it took
longer every inch of it was eaten
transformed into that curious
up his plant, and he lost a great
quantity before he learned just
how to handle it. He only had a
lease for three years and unfortunately he had secured it from
some of the minor officials. The
last year of his lease J. L. Ledford
came out and became greatly interested in the Mueller family. He
poked around and asked questions,
watching the operation of the plant,
and Mr. Mueller not expecting
treachery, let him see everything
going on, and then Ledford found
that his lease only ran another
year: less, in fact. He determined
to get it away from Mueller if possible.
He did not go to the mino officials. He went to the owners aud
before Mueller thought of applying
for a renewal af his lease Ledford
had one from the ownerp, and when
Mueller went to see hiB men about
it he was astounded to learn that it
had passed from him; that the
fruits of all his labor and toil were
to be enjoyed by another. He
could not realize it at first, but
Ledford soon commenced operations, building tanks just across
the road higher up than those of
Mueller's. He did not have to
waste any time in making experiments, for he could profit by the
brain work of another man.
For some time after Ledford
started in Mueller caught the overflow in his lower tanks, but Ledford soon found a way to divert its
course, and even that source of
revenue was cut off. Ledford went
on and prospered and in two years
he made over $100,000 clean coin.
From his first clean-up he made
over $2,000 and it increased every
month. Then his lease ran out
and the Anaconda people determined to keep the water and make
the money for themselves. Ledford applied for it, and he offered
to give 50 per cent royalty, and
even seventy-five, but they would
not listen to him. Poor Mueller
applied, toOj and was turned down.
Thc plant is now a very largo
one, a succession of seven tanks,
and the water passes through each
one in succession and what one
does not catch the other does. It is
a unique sight, the greenish water,
verygreen-in-the first-tankSj-grow-
ing paler as it leaves each one;
Things at last grew to such a pass
that the other members of the family decided a check must be put on
her tongue. The father decided
that he would take his little daughter in hand, representing to her the
error of her ways and specifying
things that must not be told, as
well as the penalties in case they
were. Little miss seemed much
impressed and promised to reform.
At a dinner given last week the
little girl was allowed a seat at the
table. She behaved beautifully
and was as mute as possible, till the
dessert was about over when her
father noticed that her eyes were
full of tears and her chin quivering.
"What is the matter, little daughter?" he asked. "I—I—w—w—
want some more ice cream, if that
is not a family secret," she wailed
between sobs.
The little town of Whiskey Flat has sorter petered out;
The placers are exhausted, an' no miners
are about;
The shanties all are fallen, or are standing bleak an' bare,
And the gray coyote holds them as his
undisputed lair.
The times has changed since Pious Bill
came trudgin" into town,
An' took a drink of water then, and laid
his trappin's down,
An' says, "Tin meek an' lowly, an* I
foller Duty's way,
An' I jedge I heered a whisper that summoned me to stay,"
He was an unassumin' man, an' placid
like an' still,
And so he gained his sobrikay, his name
of Pious Bill,
An' when Kansas Charlie met him he
says, "We'll have some fun,
An'efyou fellers watch me you'll see
how it is done."
So, foolin' with his weapin' says he, "I'll
take a drink
With you, my Pious William, a whiskey
straight, I think."
"I do not know," says Pious Bill, "1 do
not know," says he,
"But though I'm meek an' lowly, somehow I don't agree."
Ah, then, this Kansas Charlie was dretfu
in his wrath,
An' he said:   "You cantin' parson, you
had better clear my path,
Fer I'm out fer gore an' carnage, an' yer
impidence mus' stop."
Then he started in a-shootin' an' somethin' seemed to drop,
An' the thing that dropped was Charlie;
he landed with a thud,
An' his nose was mounted sideways, an'
his mouth was full of blood.
"Which I wish to do my duty in my
humble way," says Bill.
"When it whispers, 'Whip a bully,' you
can then surmise I will."
(each one different) are sent to any address in
America, carriage paid, on receipt of TWO DOLLARS.
LOWERY'S CLAIM attacks all the evils in church,
state and society.
Canada, and  has been denied
It is the most fearless journal in
the   use   of  the   mails.
Address all orders to-
R. T. Lowery, New Denver, B. C.
finally, leaving the last one, it goes
down the pipes and does still more
good in the work of flushing a portion of the city's sewers.
Everything in the way of tin
aud iron is thrown in. Even the
immense locomotives, ore cars,
boilers, immense pieces of iron, is
gradually eaten up, and the great
cables also. Corrugated irou roofing is there in great quantities and
aa for tins everything from a tin
fruit can to old teapots and the
five-gallon kerosene cans are used.
These are stacked all arouud waiting their immolation. To one who
does not know what they aro intended for the place resembles a
dumping ground for garbage.
When all the material placed in
a tank is eaten up a gang of men
are pent to sack it. They tarn the
water off the tanks by removing the
flume running to it from tho upper
tank. Then they get into tho tank
with rubber hip boots on and with
ordinary shovels take up tho precipitate, which looks exactly like
nice brown mud, the very thing to
make into mud pies. One man
holds a aack, made ot ordinary
Hacking, and when it ia llllcd he
tic» it up and it te thrown aside to
dry. When it te nearly dried out
it in loaded onto care and sent to
the smelter at Anaconda. Ar the
lowettt percentage realized in sixty
per cent, Home idea ot the value
Mtn be gained. Thia week tlm men
were cleaning up the tower tank
and there were already over 400
sacks lying drying,
up, tmnstornmi tnto mat cartons-     ^valuable is the product that a
looking dull-browu -dirt," « his J»*J~» {±Z^J$tetXl
wife contemptuously called it.       I d»v to w»*h U'e P1*"1 mA m, **
..   ...    \       / A ino one walks off with any of the
He did not need to go to any ilAclcH ttIH, thj|, the workingu (|1} not
wiuyer to know that ho had pre- * abgtr(|Ct ms     F|        ftW ||0l ob.
cipltete of copiw and pretty nearly i tainab!e<   },ut   MVCmI   ]mi]m]
pure.    He carefully  sempml out j t|IUUKam| lU)lhm clwir „f „||
the precipitate and dried tt until
he had three cracker hoxm full.
Then h<' took  it to ihe smelter.
When he came back hte wife asked
no «|tie*tioiiK, but he made haste tn
tell her that he had nteivfd  $."t
tn., Ittr,  ♦1.*t"tl» 1m1V«<J of llfVOnicirtd flirt
F-wwrnrffd bv thte rt**n\* b*> made
tank*-1 in lite own yard nnd determined to see jiwt what he could
mak*» of it. He «oon found that he
had a fortune in hte gra«*p and he
then   1'iouB  William  with Charlie
mopped the floor,
An' when we thought he'd finished, he
mopped some more;
An he used him as a door mat for the
wipin' of his feet",
An* he murmured "Halleluyer!" when
be fired him in the street.
But when the dust had cleared a bit he
seemed to cogitate,
While he says i'l'm meek an' lowly, an'
am humble of estate,
But I thought I heered a summons urgin'
me as duty bid."
An' the little crowd of witnesses remarked
"You bet you did !"
The little town of Whiskey  Mat has
sorter petered out;
The placers are exhausted, an' no miners
are about,
But when I'm sittin' lone of nights there
comes the mem'ry still
Of all  its foremost  citizens, includin'
Pious Bill.
I see them pus in single file, an' each
remembered face,
Though somewhat roughly bearded, has
its own peculiar grace;
Hut 'mid the ones who thus appear, there
never greets my sight
The form of Kansas Charlie—he flitted
out that night,
—Alfred J, Waterhouse,
Human* Macfadden hitH straight
home when he hits at all. He says
in Physical Culture, speaking of
tbe Electric Belt system and the
dispensers of Patent Medicines;
"These men are the hyenas ami
and only object is to extract every
possible penny from them.
"Read the advertisements of
these heartless murderers, who
flaunt their lies in nearly every
paper in the land. Hvery intelligent person knowB that they are
the lowest kind of mountebanks:
that their business is carried on by
swindlers of the lowest order.
"To gain their end, they will
stoop to anything that will uot
make them liable to imprisonment.
Yet, in face of all this, they are
allowed to continue. Where, by
all that is holy, are the lawmakers
of thiB country? Are they in
league with thW conscienceless
scoundrels? Is there no remedy to
protect, the weak and ignorant from
a class of fakirs who look upon this
kind of criminal robbers as a legit-
mate field for their nefarious
pen*** mmtt lie realized yearly.
Other mini's have put in plants, mi
Ktnaller M-alox, and otlicw havo
leaded tho water*, and all arc
simply wining money. As for
Ijcdford, he te back In Kentucky.
the lxml?"    No answer,
jackal*   of   the   bt.t«ilne<w    world. I does your father do when
A .Itut I'linlalimoiit.
"I verily believe," said the foreman, "hat Smith's goat bus been
in here and swallowed that fellow's
"Serves the goat right!" said
the editor. "'He should have died
long ago!"—Atlanta Constitution.
" Now, boys, what is the best
and most appropriate time to thank
vou sit
Kastus: "Ah dreamed ob heaben
las' night." Zeke: "Am dat so?
An'what did it look like?" Kas-
tus: "A monst'us big chicken roost
in de middle ob a watermellon
patch!'*—San  Francisco Bulletin.
In South Carolina: "What was
the verdict that the coroner's jurv
returned?" "Willful neglect of
duty on the part of deceased. He
went out unarmed knowing the
other fellow was in town."—Chicago ltecord-Herald.
Thc following brief but explicit
telegram was sent from a near-by
state to (Georgia recently: "Reason
John didn't git home fer Christmas wuz-—he stopped in a hotel
fer the lirst time in his life, an'
blowed out tht* gas."—Atlanta
"'Are yon sure the course is
clear?" Aw whispered, slid-
ing down to the arms of her
lover. "Yes," he responded: "I
succeeded in boring a hole in the
waterpipe. Vour father has discovered it. and will keep his finger
over the hole until the plumber arrives. Come!"—Philadelphia Hnl-
Oold f .75 I Gold ami Silver..SI "ii
Lead 7.1! Gold.silv'r.coiiii'r 1,50
Samples by mull receive prompt attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
178S Anijmlioe St.,   Oenver, Colo.
yoTKK is HICUKUY G1V X tint ":>t <l«y«
>> n(t rdiilft I intend to nmilv to llie Chief
Conimtaltmer -*f Utnln and Work* for a special
licence to cut ami curry awuy timber from tbe
following iiMcrlbed tract of Und:
Comtncneiim at h ito*t nliHtil mi leet north-
we«t*-f llie Twelve Mile I'nm on tbe Knlctiap fc
Slocan lUilway, wenee we>t Mi *e)iniiii>, thence
wiiitli Hit chain*. MiMitce north Kit ebalnn, tlience
to point of eotnilieiiicinelit
Dated at Sn* Den.er, Feb, Utb. V.iM.
A. It   KINIil.AXD.
down   to    meals?"     "Cuss
cook l"~ Town and Country.
They feast ou thu sickly and the
dying! They reap rich rewards
from the deaths brought on by
them !
"We shudder whin we hear of
the cruelty of savages and lower,
animals. They treat their weak
and infirm with little consideration.
When they become old and uselessM.     .     , t ,
they are taken out nnd mauled or j 1* '»»« 1>«>»H«, **> wt,,l> <" whfil
peeked to death.    It is nor done j in the   SUvi'iy   City.      Tho
I Illl tlltr'    ;i|lll   (."""I   I •llllf Mlloii   In  cadi
lUtel'ini' in Hi■* i" iMity n-1,1.ii-.il/ io n|.Kin-ill
j met athi-it!»-  **M  . #talili»b'--l   *••-■» lliu  i.miinn*
' n.i**   \-A\w," ■ '->' ■*>*•■■ \.i"!     S.l'i»-,*  ttt.rn
i a lili>
Weekly wllb.-nin me. *dillli"i'Hl. ull |wy»ii|e Iii
eiixli direct nun VVi-dii«*«d»y tr.mi heml otHn-«,
tiiitw Hitdcairticefimilalird wlc'ii neenwary.
IM*ri-nc*»      KiH'ln*-   nell 4i|i|i<*»»nt -rttVH,ti|ir.
t ol.minl r,* , ..-.i 11. Hil-oiii St.. ciilcaiti'.
The Filbert Hotel
ToSANTOIUI IIAlfil.K.ir to whuiiit.i*v«r b«
may   liave  Irmmferred  bin intcreit  in (lie
"CiiiiK'- Sn. x," "Ilri«tol"aiid •'tiiHimaiidai'"
Mliuul CUlm*. ultiiHle on tbe North Pork of
KiKtit Mile < rtrk, in thc Slocan MinlnK Division, of Wi«l Kootenay l)l«trlil
Vol* me hereby notified that I baVe expended
1    li-ram>n«iiii*iit work -iu\ tccoidlnu tec*on
the above named clalmn (or the year liut pail.
three hundred and "even dollar* and Hfty cenU;
namely, one hundred and two dollaraund Miy
ei-ntolor i-Hi'li of the »ald clairna, in older to
told tlH-aaidi l.iinii undir the |-ro>M-in»..f |h<
Mineral Act: and If, within !*> dav* from the
date ot "tlii Holler, y.ii fall or re I ox- Id conlrib*
ute your |.t<i|«<ril*-ii of aurh e\|*«-ii.|jiur«», to
-    '•* all ci ----■--■ • •      -
wciliiT with i
In wid claim will I«m-i mie the properly uf thaiub-
»er|l»er  under  "wtlon
Amendment Act, lto>.
tv-Mt'.uno. ■*!**.
i*i of aovirtixlni y«iirlnt«rMt
of  the   Mineral   Ad
i-ctmU-r, l*t.
secured a tense of the water, paying
them a fair royalty. Then he went
to every district of Hutteanri quietly bought up all the old scrap iron,
Mueller te not discouvagt'd
keep right on experimentintf.
will proltably sooner or Iftter
cover some secret which will
tnm Men.
in the came way by the genus homo
-man.    We adopt different methods     We   1»,%U*   publicity  and Ae
Mn-ompli»h exactly identicai object*
liy other  nod   more   refined   "!)
means.     W«*   might   imagine tin*
savage* using   their   dogs   to rid
_ themselves uf useless* examples of
i intirntitv.    We have no   Aogn to
»iiH< in this wav. but  Ul'  have lm-
|u. itinn jarkstlH anil loui vulture;- wito
AU(\iAte lower than th«» lowest  tyjs1 of
djs. **he mongrel sp**-!!**-.     We Set- lin'lii
.! loo*«e
upon  the
',ft* I tl> V
poor,   weak and
luiW,ti...i %»;^*in>v   »<Ti-*l tlir-v litf-rnHv
t»»ar oui Uwlir vitality ;uui devout
it with the voracity of the. carrion.
"""-" , They deceive with f.il-e,  insidiotm
The Macoupin, ill.,  rouidy Ar- j promise*,   nun-bed   in   the   mwt
"  " in  ItcAtitiftiUy
MIT   A   rAMII.V  JWmilT.
and all the old tinware, and made, gus» tells of the little daughter of sympathetic-   term*
amutgviUuutU1  with   sv  number of* certain professional rnsn of Car- f written let lem.
boy* to bring him all the tins and linville who i* a great chatterbox,!    -'foor. fmii, trusting fool*.   S*e
irou they «*>»ld get.    lie. iAism cou- 'aud uithalhafl rnorv* thm tUteoiver- them £>'»m£ hop^l<«*ly on t/> their*
strticted law tank-% and the re- age  childish   inclination  lo   tdljdoom.    Ko helping hand extiwte'A
tumt were larf*-, Uot  it ewthim things   wkieh the welkonductf-d * to ihem.   Into the  *rtn«  of the
a gr**l de*l that fimt year to put family would rather keep to if##»lf. \ heart!** executioner,   wh<*e <»ne
rooms iiif airv awl tin
«"«n«hu"iv»" to sjinnln'r
thr   rnll-MU   Inside
tl't.ir will put you in mint
utirticni   civilization.
meai* in  thi>   liin'tnt;
Will Itl.tKt: it Hi.t.^o u|...;
taste ami fhiiitff4* voui
•M'h mu* an imticrnal heavi'ii.
Thi* KMIkti is (M»MiiM|Hiliiati.
.,,,.I '. ,.,,,,   ,, i  ,,,, f t,,.  1 ',, i,-ut i-i »i
',"''"• '• '" ' ' I       '     "
Aincrican and Knr«»|»ean
plan. Th*- bar is rcplot**
wilh all kiittlH<inna««r>troin
gentU> i»l*l  ryr to iln- lippU*
that foaui'.i in tlw irtu^-.
Wm. Bennett
Tn imi ff.-.m V.ttt*-!«>.tri
<!-•■    4 -K
1  .    .,.*,.*
trn4 Atf.ttUl* !!ii>
'   :    -,;
*.' *.'       *t
fkW*,ttftt»t»tV(l  fntt
tnf^r *
.•'.»   1
H m ugiix at -
• I
.. »MK«tt.
C. V
1|   V ,* -•
t ■»■«.**»*
*. i*
-    »»•   .
H *tl.'l,9
uli Printinu is an ml.
ll is today om» «>l the
UWhI ;t*lv:».»i'»<"! <»f ;\fi<
.m«l LM'iatt r firurt>ai'«"
Ix'iny niadf »«• rnwh
\o'v\'vfi"um tliau wvv
h«'Ion' in thf history
of printing. Kvrry np-
lodaif hiisnns> man
r«'fnmU7f> tin* import•
atH'o •i)"liavin«i his sta-
liolttr\     well   jifillltd.
rt'.irt,   >l, ,.   . ,   I" ... ■      ft. , ..   .        I
I Bishop
• WOt III  i« whW,  l   *   Ui.A.r |t.
Viiiffi.i. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C„ FEBRUARY 19, 1903.
Tenth Year
Notary Futolio.
, Notary Public, Insurance ARont and
Mining Broker. Mining Stock? bought and sold.
General agent for Slocan properties. Small
Debts Court held lst and 3rd ALondnvs in every
month.   Established 1895.
and American plan. Meals, aft cents. Rooms
ttom 2Jc up to Si. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the cold
in tlw safe. MAL.OXE & TREGILLUS.
MADDEN HOUSK, XELSOX, is eontrally
located and lit by electricity It is headquarters for tourists and old timers. Miners or
millionaires  are equally  welcome. THOS.
MADDEN. Proprietor.
THK KOYAT. HOTEL, Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of its cuisine.   SOL JOHNS,
BAKTLKTT HOUSK, formerly the Clark
U the best $1 a day hotel in Nelson. Only
white help employed. Q. W. UAKTLETT.
THK   EXCHANGK, in KASLO, has plenty
of airy rooms, and a bar replete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
rilHE BIAZK, in KASLO. is just the place
JL forSlocan iieople to Dud when dry or in
search of a itownv couch.
T G. MKLV.IN, Manufaeturins; Jewellu
f) • Expert Wiiteh Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Maiiufni'.tiiivs Chains, Lockets
anil Itintrs. Worktnanslii|) jtuamtitewl equal to
any In Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Hox
tw, Sandon.
pi-re Lntakin Student's' Mixture, Pace's
Twist, Craven's Mixture. Uootjack, Xattirnl
Li.-af,and manv other klmlsnf Tobuei.M
0. ll. MATTHEW, Nelson. I'.O, Hox •!•).
H.I. IMIA1K, Dealer lu KoreiRti and Do
■   mestic Cigars and Tobaococu.   Hiker St.
Koote:aa.y Candy Works.
A.   McDOXALD,    MauufitfluriiiK   and
Wholesale Confectioner.      Nelson, ll. 0
"Wliolesale   Merolia-nts.
ers in Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Produce und
Fruit, Nelson, U.C.
FL. CHKISTIK, L. L. B., Barrister, So-
.   licitor,  Notary Public.    Sandon, B.  C,
Every Kriday at Silvertoii. tf
ML. GRIMMETT, L. L. B„ Barrister,
,   Solicitor,Notary Public.     Sandon, B.C.
Branch OlHee at New Denver every Saturday
 Mining Properties.
Mining properties should address Box 59,
New Denver. B. C.
Insurance & R,ea,l Estate
~^Wt)MM<l^JMTOHSni^  & OO.    Fire
I Insurance Agents. Denier* in Real Estate
Mining Properties. Houses to rent aud Town
Lots for Sale,
1 8. KASHDALL, Xew Denver. B. C.
Real Estate and Mineral Claim*for Sale. Cl'iims
represented and Crown Granted.
Lumber. Doors, Windows, Strrc KronttjShow
Cases, Store and liar Fixture*. Counters, Fancv
GUM. II. HOUSTON, Mttii«Kt»r,
Nelaon, I). C.
Hu hid 16 years experlenoo in i
t        »■ C
  ,  n dental work, and
mftko* a «;>et-i»ity of Oold UttdgD Work.  Mont
complet" dnitsl oflice in B 0.
General   Store.
JT. KKLLV,   THRKK   FOURS, dealer In
<  Groceries, Dry Uoodi, Kte,,   GoodtSlilp-
ptd »tl over the Slocun.
IUM.  The most complete II r 1 J Til
on the Continent of North Ameri- II L A L I II
m. HIluimM tnidtt icenery un- D t C fl DT
rivalled for Grandeur. Idintlnir. I) CO U ll I
Flulling mid KxcurnioiiH to thu iu»ny puluu of
lotereM. 'i'uli'grnpblc eoimiitimfiUloii with nil
ptrteof tl«e»«rld; two mail* arrive ami iic\wvi
tttry day. In bathes cure all ttervtxi* aud
muacular tlm'M*eii; lu watum heal all Kidney
Liver and Htomiicli Ailment* of everv uauie.
Tlie lirice of n rouwMrt|i ticket uetween
New Denver ind Halcyon obtainable all tdf
year round Hint good for an (lay*, tn »8Si. Halcyon Springi. Arrow Luki-, 11. 0.
TOWN  Mfll.ATCNIK.   Dominion and  IW
t)   vtnrlal LntiilNnrveyor.   Nt-Um, II. (!.
A    It  HKYLANi). Kukuunh au.t Provincial
,   l.an'1 Surveyor.   KASl,o
VANKTOMK'H   lltlirti    HTOItK,   NVImn
Mail i.rib rn pro nptlv »l».ml-«l I.i.
|    It.   < AMKIlllN,  Hunjm    Matiufiettirp*
•I,   <*t<ithliiir ♦iiorti-r:  ami i-ilMta nitron aut-
. it,tf'.***9*
Silver King Hotel
frt K*»larm I have vneiirfitl n
|pn«w» rt-mn tht» tnypnrtaV *r\A
have changed the nniuc to
what it wm >var* »g&?.
tt,       (>•*
tt   i   *
im, oiivu   mux  ninci
Thi* name it familiar to all
who bUzed thc trail* fn early
•laya,  himI thc newcomer*
<** il'. y.ul"' 'tgeX ii. il tte-y tlruji
In and v* we.
#r^onrthe»uips KenneT J
V HANK   REKLAW _      _     \
An effort is being  made  by the
gold-using  nations  to change  the
coinage ratio now existing between
gold and silver.   The coinage ratio
the world over is 16 to 1,   and the
object of the present movement is tb
raise the coinage ratio of silver to its
present commercial ratio as a commodity—something like 34 to 1.    It
is contended that with such a change
silver would be less liable to fluctuation, and would always bring, as a
commodity, a price as high as its
coin value.   The idea of changing
the coinage ratio to stop the fluctuation of the commercial price of. the
white metal is a novel one.    The accepted value of silver and gold the
world over, measured by the quanti
ty of the production of the two metals,
is and iias been for  centuries, not
lower than IG to 1,—i.  e.,  IG points
silver to 1 point gold     Because this
is so the nations have adopted it as
the standard of value between thc
metals,  and   have  issued  all  coin
money on that  basis.     The reason
that gold has enhanced in value has
not been because of its scarcity. The
world's stock ot gold has never been
so great as now, and the price was
never so high.     Silver has not de
predated in value because ot its over
production.   The cause ot tho appreciation of one metsl and the depreciation of the other lias been because
gold has free coinage privileges and
silver has not.
That something will liave to be
done to lift silver out of thc sump te
certain, else the nations will have to
stop ics coinage altogether. A coin
money is supposed to be worth its
face value. In this respect it differs
from paper money, which is only a
promise to pay. A nation that issues
and circulates a coin dollar that is
actually worth only 35 cents or thereabouts, is not any more honest than
the individual who does the same
thing. It is hypocritical of England
to boast of her honesty and at the
same time Hood a colony like Canada
with silver quarters and half-dollars
that are worth only 10 and 18 cents,
No amount of changing the coinage
ratio will stop the market fluctuation
while one metal lias free coinage
privileges and the other is demon
etized. Take off the ban from silver
and nature's ratio will assert itself;
there will be no fluctuation then. At
no time in the world's history has sil
ver reached so low a price" If the
enemies of silver should force the
nations to raise the coinage ratio on
would b'e like jumping upon it when
it is down and saddling it with twice
the load that nature intended it should
bear. If the price of silver can ba
"fixed" at f)0 cents an ounce by in
ternational agreement, why can it
not be "fixed" at $1 an ounce by the
same agreement? And if the market
price can be held at 50 cents an ounce
by the nations raising the coin ratio
to 32 to 1, why was it not held at $t
an ounce all the time they have been
coining silver at the ratio of IG to 1—
the natural ratio? And what is tho
difference if the price does fluctuate?
It can't go any lower than it is because it cannot be mined for any less,
and while tho coinage ratio is IG to 1
thero is the possibility, at least, of it
climbing to $1 an ounce. But make
tho coinage ration 32 to 1 and the
thing is done. It can not possibly go
any higher than its coinage value
Better to let it fluctuate with a chance
of its coming up than to bind it down
to 50 cents. But, better still, give It
free coinage and let ft break the
chains of slavery that the gold gamb
lcra aro binding about the business
The reform ladiea of Toronto are
trying to get a law passed that will
cither stop fie vulgar show of legs
In the cheap theatres and music halls
or prevent minors from visiting such
places. A law with the latter object
in view is needed In every city where
comloucs exist. The most 'degrading, debauching use of the human
body is tauglr, in these swill joints
and is only fit for &tupilled bald
headed roues The performances
would disgust a bras* monkey :«nd
nauseate a wooden Itidltn In front of
a tobacco stand. No self respecting
youth would gn into such phem if let
ulono. but manv are drawn Into them
bv tho enticement of others, and their
standardi) of moral purity nre quick
ly lowered. Not that there Is anything vulgar about the liody itwlf™
thcrc Id nothing more ravishlngly
beautiful than n Hha|>ely woman's
nudity. Th« Creator nuy have Wen
able to make something more beauti
ful out of a hpiilOty man'* rib, hijt, m
proof that He thought woman wa*
good enough, lie didn't untk<- any
thing bettor. No; it is not the
nudity ot the thing lhat hurts, but
the brutish passions that nudity ii
made to arouse.
U wm in Vancouver tb*t. T nn.-n *
striking example ->| It.    Hulvinl. the
younger,  nlayed a three night en
giiiicinvoi ill iho Ur»t wf .SiVrtkajirarB
plays at tlie   Vancouver,   the best
o|«'iH tenee* In   llw province.   The
!iiii'«>«uOicfi(M-» ji jau Jiit-oone would
t.ot till Ifcwon hall.    The following
week "Carter's <»irl»"—» leg show of
tho rankest tviuft—gave one iwrform-,
me*' in thc old Imperial.   The house j
win* |mcketl from cellar to garret and I
iioti stood in   the  min   look In,? fn'
i! rough the windows.   Thc rag till
• .f*i^i*.ty?   Not* n bit r»f it     im,i.'
* *nAeA tmsinetn men exchanged;
hclt* with bank clerks and had their1
•j- aff li.it« mow in trying ta me Hiti
most of it standing in their chairs. It
was a wild affair and these moral
lepers yelled themselves hoarse at the
horse-playing mares on the stage.
Then they sang "God Save the
Queen" and went home. Next day
you could not find anyone who had
been there.
Business methods are largely
regulated by law in Germany and
there is not the individual liberty
iu such matters as there is in this
country. For example, if a manufacturer makes false statements of
any kind about his products any
business man may bring suit
against him, the penalty being fine
or imprisonment. Nor can a dealer
advertise a "removal sale" and
then restock his store and continue
business at the old stand. Such
phrases as the "best in the world"
and "superior to all others" are
not allowed in ad%'ertisements, as
they are considered detractions of
A popular comedian tells :i story of a
waiter at a London restaurant who was
Badly given to drink. A party of young
men determined to i efonn hint, and
one day they read to him an imaginary
paragraph from a paper relating a terrible accident in which an inebriate in
blowing out a candle was killed by the
flame igniting the alcoholic fumes of
his breath. James pricked up his cars
at this and requested that the. paragraph might be read to him again,
which was done to the evident horror
of the poor man, who immediately went
in search of a Bible.
Returning with this, he expressed
desire to take a solemn oath upon it,
bemoaned the fact that he had been a
sorry tippler and was bringing himself
to ruin and then swore that never
again so long as he lived would he attempt to blow out a candle"
The rising copper market and the practical extinction of the supply of that
metal is already having a noticeable
effect on the copper producers of British
Columbia, in that they are more hope
tul for the future than they have been
tor a year and a half.
Copper is now quoted at 12J cents per
pound", and it is prophesied by authorities on suchiquestions that before twelve
months aro out the ruling price will be
15 cents.
This opinion is based mpon the now
nearly indisputable claim that the market is" but scantily supplied with cop
per, and there are those who even go
so far as to assert that there will be
copper famines within the next eight
for February has a most interesting
article on railway taxation in Canada.
Some striking comparisons are made
between the government revenues from
railways in the States and those in
Canada, showing that the latter are enjoying a great snap in this respect. Ho
also shows that tho Canadian railways
have received from the peoplo in tiie
way of cash and land subsidies and
other sources a total of two hundred
and twenty-five millions of dollars, an
average of eighteen thousand dollars a
mile, enough to have built tho roads,
and yet thoy do not pay over $500,000 a
year in taxes.
Why should a woman everlastingly want to be a man ? To take
tho rough and scruff of life? Little
fool! Why isn't she content to
sit on silken cushions) in her glass
case and feed on nectar of roses?
Why does she cry for her rights ?
It is her right to be man's comfort,
man's solace, man's holiday.—
Now Orleans Picayune.
Why yoa should buy
BeCaUSO 't i* the best quality.
Because i* i* th« most iming
Because it «■• the im^t high
grtele 5 or lOtTpiug,
BeCaUSO th« onr* arw valuable for
premiums until Jamurv
bt, 1001.
Becausew" jjjmjiiiis" ,imv
plug, ami
BCCaUSe your dealer te author-
i/.t*A   to    refund    vmir
monny if you are not
Cigar Co.
Union Brand8:
Label   Marguerite
dinars B(mqaet
£1 Condor
»* nr prttt* I ft f ty ti*—
w. t. MciiHXAXftco. Schiller    -,
WhtinMto lf»»tilift P.C. j
tfawemttr, B.C i
For a few weeks only I will allow a 2C per cent discount on every article bought  at mv store
Slgo^are6 guaZfeed       aoqua,nted Wlth m* ^oods-   Yoar P™*' attention will be app^ciS:
Orders by mail receive our prompt attention.   Send your watch repairs to me and I will do tne rest.
The British board of trade has issued
the annual report on trade unions in
1901. There was but a slight addition
to the numerical strength of trade
unions in 1901, the total strength of all
unions at the end of the year amount*
ing to 1,9-22,780. or onlv '12,166 in excess ot the total at the end of 1900. The
unions in the mining and quarrying Industry increased their membership by
9,480, those connected with the employees of public authorities show an
increase of 5,-190, and two other groups,
the food and tobacco trades, and general labor, show increases of nearly
2,000 members each. These increases
are, however, partly counterbalanced
by decreases in unions connected with
tho building trades and metal trades,
so that the net increase in 1901 is only
0.6 per cent of thc membership iu 1900.
Of the 1,286 unions in existence at the
end of 1901, less than half were registered, 589; but these unions contained
1,5113,-115 members, or nearly 80 per
cent, of the total membership of all
trade unions. Although a number of
large unions remain unregistered,
the average membership of tne registered unions is about four times that
of i the unregistered, The income of
the 100 principal unions in 1901 was
£2,062,000, or nearly £l0C,000more than
in U900. The expenditure also shows
an increase, namely, from £1,475,000 to
£1,656,000. The accumuleted funds of
these societies now stand at £4,161,916,
or about £400,000 more than at the end
of 1900; and nearly £l,000,000morethan
in 1899.     	
The worship of wealth is an evi-
tience of demoralization and disintegration in any nation.
Every man needs some woman
to hang on to his coat tails to keep
him from going to tho devil.
P.  BURNS   &   C O.
Shops in all the principle camps.      Excellent service always
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Address ===== THE LEDGE
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
This old-time hotel has recently
been bought hy tho undersigned
and renovated into an up-to-
date hostelry. Miners, tourists
and all classes of this world's
people can always got a square
meal and an easy hod within
the portals of my doors. The
bar contains many kinds of
nerve braeern, ranging- from
tho brew of Cody to the Bweet
cordials of sunny France. If
you aro dry, hungry, weary or
sad when passing through tho
Forks, lift tho latch and drop in.
9, %%%%*%%%%%%*4*'4
Tea Tips
25 cts
25 cts
Wilt buy ONE POUND
of imre.olcan.flne-flftvored
Will buy ONE 1'OUND
BLACK TEA. Purcb»fr
on of teu ixiuiidi or more, will rocalve ono pound
extra for each ton pounds purchat-ii'd.
Frlce* on our reffulsr linos of CHOICE TEA,
30e. Sic, *oe, 45c, 80c and «*> per pound for
Muck, Qrocn nnd I)lend«d,
Kootenay Coffee Company
I'.O. UoxiM. WestB&kerSt.
General Draying: Mining Sup-
plies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Coal & Wood for Sale
Saddie Horses andTack 4ui:iuTs.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
NOT thn '-Urirwiti nnrwrlon, rrmnh.wm*. nnd
ui«*l h*m«< In the world." but wa b»vt bftttr
•lock ttitu ever, and you will uv« money by
buyinar dlrnct. My new Ottiloirafl will i«ll
I ou ill abiiui il,  1UIUJ f<«*.
*»*> Weatmlnrtar lU*a*i. Vancouver.) H, O.
9.-00 * in. Lv. KASLO An, 8:16 p. m.
1125 a. m. Ar. 8ANDON Lv. 1:00 p. m.
A.-OOa.m. Lv. NELSON Ar. 7:16 p. m.
8:40 a. m. Ar. KASLO Lv. 8:85 p.m.
Ticket* Hold to til ptrw of thn United
Stated and Canada via Great Northern
and O. R. ft N. Company'* line*.
For further particular* call on or ad*
ROBERT IRVING. Manager, Kaalo,
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
New Goods Every Day
Bloate Waists, Drew Skirts and CoiUtroei. Piece Goods !n pltln and figured LuHre*. lulten
Cloths, Homespuns Frlez«% Broadcloths. Series and all the stylish cloth*. Beautlfol and complete
new line of Embmideries and Insertions. Orkney Shetland Floss in all staple colors. Oar Spring
Millinery Is coming; part of it Is here now.      Do not miss having a look through
Complete Line of Carpets & House Furnishings
itrrmncK patkksh.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,


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