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The Ledge Feb 11, 1904

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l3ntoiB^S3E»M^Xtf <»«■■-*«
Volume XL, Number 20.
Prtce 82 a Year, in Advance
from >hc Cake
It is always darkest before the
dawn—consoling thought!
Born: At New Denver, Feb. 5,
to the wife of Geo.   Aylard. a son.
Born: Near Slocan City, Feb. 1,
to the wife of John Graham, a
A district convention of the W.
F. M. will be held in Nelson early
in March.
Born: In Nelson, Feb. 1, to the
wife of Aid. Madden, of Slocan
City, a daughter.
Russia and Japan have quit
passing bouquets and are throwing
cold lead into each other.
Mrs. C. K. Hill and child, Halcyon, of Portland,Ore., are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Aylard.
G. 0. Buchanan gets $200 per
month for handling the government end of the lead bonus business.
Kobt. Fairgrave, of Nakusp was
taken to the Slocan  hospital Tnes-
millionaire's daughter and Finucane is one of the luckiest and best
managers the Bank of Montreal
ever had. His first great start in
life was made while managing the
bank in New Denver.
All preparations are made for a
big time at the At Home, w> be
given by the K. of P. lodge in the
Castle Hall on the 22nd. An invitation has been sent to Sandon
lodge to bring their wives and lady
friends and enjoy the occasion, and
an effort will be made to get a
special train for the trip.
The new council of Rossland discharged the city officials without
cause. Then war broke out and it
was found that one of the new aldermen by the name of Fetch sold
bread that was short in ounces.
Threatened with prosecution Fetch
was forced to resign, and will leave
the city.   The end is not yet.
OUR   LKAI)    AND   /IXC.
May"mT)Tniiag"~lTfffering from rheumatism.   ,
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper was
chosen party leader at the Conservative convention held at Victoria
last week.
The Kootenay socialists will hold
a convention in Nelson about the
middle of March to nominate a
candidate for the Dominion house.
A snowbank held the right of
way against the C. P. R. on Monday and the train from Sandon did
not reach the Siding until nearly 1
Last Sunday was "horse Sunday"
with the New Denver Sunday-
school. Rev. Mr. Calvert addressed the school on the horses of
the Bible.
Services will be held in St.
Stephen's church on Sunday next:
Matins and Litany at 11 o'clock;
Evensong at 7:80. Rev. C. Arthur
Mount, Vicar.
Kev. Mr. White, of Nelson,
paid New Denver a visit on Tuesday. An informal reception was
t'lidcred him in the evening at
rhe Methodist parsonage.
The row in the English Church
over Mr. Beer proves that man,
and not Christ, i.sthe iuowt prominent sometimes iu the church of formal and stereotyped prayers.
A furnace has been installed at
the Enterprise, and Iho quarters
for the men are now fitted up with
every comfort. Tiiirty-five men
are employed at the property.
J. Delaney, tho only merchant
in New Denver who is making
business by advertising, sells his
goods at low prices, but he cannot
handle Star tobacco at 2m a pound,
as his logical talk price list states.
It Is a priuter'n error. Jt should
read $1.10 a pound.
Rev. Thos. Crosby, thu pioneer
missionary ta the Tnrlf«n« of W C
will address a meeting In the Methodist church this (Thursday) evening, Riving a brief account of thc
work being carried on. No ad*
mission fee will be charged, and
everybody is invited to lw present.
The engagement of Mini Sweeney,
of Spokane, to Francis J. Finucane
The following article appeared in
the Lead and Zinc News, from tbe
pen of (jreo, Huston of Sandon, who
has given the question of zinc mining a great deal of attention:
''The year 1903 really did much
for the silver-lead producing districts of the Slocan and Kootenays.
Naturally, the decision to pay to
lead producers a bonus has done
much to stimulate the industry, the
direct effects of which will be
shown during the year 1904. An
other, and which promises to bo of
more lasting beuelit to some of the
largest mines in the Slocan, is the
possibility of making a marketable
ziuo product. True, the total shipments of zinc from this country were
not heavy. On the other hand, the
total tonnage shipped was not more
than a fraction of what could have
been shipped. Heavy freight rates
and the preference of mine owners
to hold their zinc ores until the installation of magnetic separating
plants would permit the profitable
disposition of the concentrates were
really the cause of limitations.
•'The total shipments from the
Slocan during the past year aggregated less than 10,000 tons, little
more than half the production of
1897, for example, and smaller than
during any later year.
"This tonnage include** the zinc
shipments. W ithout them the silver-lead tonnage of tho district
would be less than half that of 1897.
"Ou the other hand, it must be
admitted that the granting of the
lead bonus has already had a very
Injudicial result upon the silver-
lead mining interest*. Many properties which had been practically
deserted have been put iu shape for
development work or for shipping.
properticH equipped with concentrating plants have beeu overhauling
machinery aud now that the government ha» appointed G. O. llu-
"M»r\r. ?s 'M':.\y^vJ.::£Uto*-.t*.,*i.■•>***'
peeled thnt ;> riviiiJifrliUii -ul u^ou-
tions will be general early tbisyear.
"Throughout thc Slocan the utilization of the zinc resources of the
diintnrtx thoroin    !<•»«    I*'*';::  ;x ::,;,'.,,';J
absorbing topic, now that the lead
producers have had their innings.
The first magnetic  separator to ue
erected during the past summer at
the Payne mine at Sandon, although'
not without many heart-rending experiences with floods and other
sources of delay. Meanwhile shipments of crude ore were being made
to the Kansas zinc smelters, where
tests showed that satisfactory results could be secured from this product. The Payne furnished the
bulk of the tonnage, its shipments
aggregating 823 tons. The Ivanhoe, which has also good zinc values in its workings near Sandon,
shipped 260 tons. Two carloads,
aggregating 45 tons, were abo
shipped from the Luoky Jim. Extensive improvements are being
made at the Payne mine and at the
first of the year there were upwards
of 1,500 tons of conceuerates awaiting treatment with the magnetic
separating plant. It is quite probable that there will be at least half
a dozen additional zinc plants erected in this country during the present year.
"Another evidence of the deep
interest taken b}' mining men is
found in recent discussions of the
-prob! em s-aud-p< >ssi bi 1 i ti es-wh i clrth e*
development of the zinc resources
involve. It will be remembered
that during the recent meeting of
certain boards of trade resolutions
were adopted calling for a government bonus for zinc production.
Mining men are not in favor of such
a movement, but do want the government tc send experts into the
field to study the situation and recommend methods of treating the
ores. It is possible that such a
movement will result favorably
during the year.
"The Slocau Star, which was the
heaviest silver-lead shipper in the
Sfocan tho past year, shipped 2,-
259 tons, being also the only silver-
lead mine in the district to pay a
dividend duiing the year. This
mine has large zinc values, which
carry from 200 to 2,000 ounces of
silver to the ton. It is probable
that a zinc reduction plant will be
installed at this point
on Hw$ Cropping
just now a bank is greatly to be
prayed for. Sandon must not be
easily discouraged: New Denver
advertised four years before it got
a bank—and it used the columns of
The Ledge, too.
A. R. Hall left for Beatofi Satur
Thos. Trenery is looking into the
possibilities of Trout Lake.
Wm. Kiel was confined to the
hospital a few days this week.
Work has been started on the
reconstruction of the Star concentrator.
Frank Mclntyre is visiting Rev.
R. and Miss Mclntyre, from Salmon Arm.
A. C. McArthur has been looking
up insurance business in Sandon the
past few days.
Lee Chism hit the camp in search
of some diversion last week. He
is now at the Payne.
G. W. Grimmett talks of moving
to Vancouver while J. G. Melvin
has bis eye on Poplar.
The Filbert is crowded with
guests, and Paddy's sweet smile
grows wider every day.
during the
Tho total nmoutit of ore shipped from
tlio Slocan and Sloean City mining
divlsloni) for the year 190!] was, npprox
imntely, 15.200 tons Since January 1
to Feb fi, 1904, the shipments have
been nn fulluwh;
Week    Total
Mine Hlni	
CIikIiti lla-Mi'ilford	
Comstock    *•
Ktiterpr'.Mt    '#*
Khther Mnidtw    vu
HfWltt    80
I.nst Chttiic<>	
j.<imn Oooii ,	
.Marlon  ....    .
Monitor      .   ft
*Vit>|«m-a  ,.,,.,.
Ottawa    s"*»
I'ii j ne    Tn
I'orl Hoinu  	
Iftuh..    .     t'.l
XI-xmii Star    II
H>iv*»r«-lgn  , ,.
Total tona m
~^oF"M7NeircFmF"down from the
Ruth Tuesday evening and is iu the
hospital.    Stomach complaint.
The troubles of the Slocan are
not so bad as they might be. Over
in Montana the trains have been
snowbound for ten days.
Sandon can see the son—our
informant failed to give his name,
but he probably came over land
with a rush from the hilltops.
A foot of s-now in Kaslo Monday
morning put the Chippy road out
business, as the rotary snow plow
was in Sandon opening up the Cody
Twelve men are working at the
Cinderella-Medford. Cory & Foster, the lessees, expect to ship one
carload of ore per week while niw-
hidiug continues good.
It is rumored that the K. & S.
will change to a broad guage. Then
it will be not the narrow road that
leads to Kaslo, but the broad one
that leads on to prosperity and ore
in bulk.
Light is being let into the* Hotel
Sandon dining ro< m by the addition of several windows. This will
make it easier for the boys to see
the smiles of the accomplished lady
who operates an waitress.
The Slocan Star mine \im been
experted the past few days by
Messrs. Parks, ElmsdulT, Davys,
A twater, Hickey and Sixer, assisted
by Lawyers Lennie and Taylor of
Nelson, and E. P. Davis of Vancouver.
The all absorbing topic of Ihe day
is the now famous apex erne between Star Mining Co.  and II. N.
is announced.   Miss  Sweeney in a installed in British   Columbia was
qir.VKR-».f.»f»    ni'nTirmvi-
feb. 4 biiver. 6.H Lead, £11 5s
Feb. 5 Silver, 55J Lead, £11 5h
Feb. »J Silver, ftfil Lead,
Feb. 8 Silver, 56J Lend, CI 1 »s P.tl
»Vv». ,'♦ f>iiver, i»t»f Lead, &.. IVh
Feb. 10 Silver, fiflj Lead, ill 13s9d
The prospects are bright for a big
sawmill at Rosebery.
Death reached into Rossland last
Thursday and took  "Shorty" Day
to his long home.    George G. Day
was the name his parents gave him
years ago in Oregon,   but owing to
his stature'he was popularly known
as "Shorty" all over the west. Ten
years ago he  came   into Rossland
and made a fortune,   having made
$35,000 out of the Porto Rico mine
alone.    He was a typical prospector
and his money was free as air. When
the dark days cast a   shadow over
the iron caps of Rossland "Shorty"
was financially bent, but not broke.
Last summer he went with the rush
»to Jioplarran d-h ad-acq-ui red cl ahnrar-
and a knowledge of that camp that
would have brought him a fortune
next summer.    All winter he complained of  stomach   trouble,   and
while on a visit   to   Rossland last
week it became acute   and he was
taken to the  hospital.   The  next
day he threw up the option on life
and left for the land   where all are
of the   same  size.   Shorty   was a
man, a humorist and a philosopher.
Just before he died   he turned to a
friend and said; "Jack, I'm an unlucky walloper.    1   have  just got
everything going nicely, and here I
am turning   up   my   toes."    And
thus he died,   game   to   the   last.
Shorty had a hunch in his back bnt
none in his soul, and  when he sits
in with the angels he will have wings
and not horns, even if while on this
earth he occasionally blew sulphur
into the ozone and   threw wine ou
the carpet.    He was a happy friend
in camp or on the trail and many a
western man will learn with sadness
that Slnnty Day   has   climbed the
last hill and dropped his pack where
the formation is all gold.    He was
buried in Kossland   last Saturday.
A week ago Iu«t Wednesday Geo.
F. Dougherty, secretary of Greenwood Miners' 1'noin, W. F. M. No.
22, walked out of Greenwood down
to Midway and on into American
territory, being a fugitive from justice, having appropriated funds of
the union as well as funds of district No. 0, W. F. M., of which he
was also secretary.
I Jt required several days to nicer-
tain the amount of his* embezzle-
White Co., commonly known aw the J ,m»IIti but a member of the Green-
Uabbit Paw ea»t« which come* up in j wood Miners* union states it will
Nelson thi* week before Chief Jus j |„. „,.ur|y g 1,400, of which $IW0 be-
tice Hunter, longed to   the  Greenwood   union
Our loral Wizzard of cyclone, anil $744 Ui District 1'nion No, t».
spool fame, has corralled by uii*-- .*. „ , „ , . ■ .
Uike on his spool a portion of M.J °» >■««««»>• J*altiiimr« Md.. suf-
1 Japanese current, which wa* inov-' ll',eU l,,l! "'"•-*> '<»*« »»>' hre tlmt
tng south, and until such time- fm'!,^wv*r l»*n J"'0*11 ,n American
the aforesaid Spool Wizard can In- ! h}*twy- l\ ™" "J"™1* to IM'n,, *
induced to let go, we mav content!thll>* ovyr «'*M™M»00.
ourselves   with   cold   and  frostv'    Fr..rrtl.*'».». r», „ j^.*   ,.\:-
weamer. / previous i^ues  about our glorious
Sandon is advertising for a bank, j winter weather we retract with the
We haven't seen any lying alnnit. 'objected apology. It was all prejudging from the number of I mature. We won't say anything
busted bank accounts in the Sloean I more about it. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., FEBRUARY 11. 1904.
Eleventh Year
The Ledge.
Willi wliich is nnuilKiunnted llie
Sandon*   Paystkkak.
Published every Thursday in the richest silver-
lea'd-zinc eump on earth.
Lecal advertising 10 cents a nonparicl line
lirst insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent
Insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to circumstances.
Subscription. $2 a year in advance or §2.50 if
not so paid.
Certiticate of Improvement notices S7. Delinquent Co-owner notices sll*.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Lkdok is located at
New I 'enver, B. C . and is traced to many parts
of the earth It has never lieen raided liy the
sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued
by ihe fear of man It works for tbe trail blazer
as well as the bav-wlndowed: ehampa<rne-Hav. >red
capitalist It aims to be on the ripht side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in larjre. doses. It hap
st«od t;ie test, of time, and an ever-lncrenslnji
paystreak is proof that it is better to tell th-
truth, even If the heavens do occasionally bit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation is tbe man
who always pays the printer; lie is sure of a
bunk in paradise, with thornlcss roses for a pillow bv night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver. B. C
V pencil cross in this square
1 ilieates that  vour subscrip
H >n is due, and that the editor
wants -mee again to look at
your collateral.
In spite of the talk of hard times
the snowslides still do a rushing
business in the Slocan.
Jng for cheap labor to cut tlieir logs
and run their mills. Cheap labor
is of little advantage to any country
unless it is impossible to carry on
an industry without it.
A man by the name of Marshall
left 860,000 in Hs grip at a Sandon
hotel. When he returned to his
room he found the valise cut open,
and the money absent. A man so
careless with his money probably
deserves to lose it. In all our experiences in hotels we have yet to
lose $60,000 by leaving it in our
grip. When we have that amount
with us we hand it to the bartender
for safe-keeping, and up to date
have nothing to regret.
The people in the frozen cent
belt would hardly believe that the
thermometer has not reached zero
this winter in the Slocan. In spite
of the fact that we are 800 miles
north of the latitude of Toronto
the lake in front of this town
never freezes, and the steamboats
run perpetually. New Denver is a
desirable winter resort, in addition
to its attractions as a summer town,
and if its citizens were energetic
enough they could build up a great
business in tbe burg instead of
pinning their faith to some little
notion of a.race. I thought you
meant you'd bring your boat out
on the prairie alongside the track,
and give me some chance."
blemishes.    The tonality according    The Coeur d'Aiene district, Idaho,
to our office boy, who   knows   all I had a record   production   of silver
about it, is clear and resonant, and
rests, so he says, on harmonic relations and melodic elements."
This is a little school girl's composition on men as given by the Fort
Cobb, Oklahoma, l\ecord: "Men are
what women marry. They drink
and' smoke and swear and have ever
so many pockets, but they won't go
to church. Perhaps if they wore
bonnets they would. They are more
logical than women and always
more zoological. Both men and
women have sprung from monkeys,
but women certainly sprung further
than the men."
Send 50 cents to this oflice and
get a copy of Float.
and lead to its credit during the
year just closed. The lead was high
as 100,000 tons, which was an increase of 33 per cent, of the production of the proceeding year. The
mines taken over by the Federal
company, through the agency of
Charles Sweeny, produced about
50 per cent, of this total.
Float is a handsome annual, written,
compiled and published by R T.
Lowery. It contains much that savors
of life in th^ west and mining- camps.
Many of the articles are singly worth
the price ofthe book. It is sent to any
address upon receipt of 50 cents Send
orders to R T. Lowery, New Denver
or Nel-non
htop  at The  Queen's Hotel in
Trout Lake Citv.
Try the porter made by the New
York Brewery of Sandon.
A former assistant secretary of
the interior, who lives in Washington, Wears the same name as a poet
who hails from Pennsylvania. The
ex-official recently received a letter,
which he considers a remarkable
epistle. The writer confounded
him with the poet, and wrote:
"Dear Friend and Statesman: I
rite you the earliest dait to be so
cind as to do me a fafor. I haf
tried all cinds of pateu medisin for
hart decease an no avail. I read
your little poem on hart deces beginning
'•The hart which sad lumultus beets with throbs
of keenest pain,
Wil oft  recover its defects through tiature's
sweat refnine."
I haf never tried an injun doc
but haf took all cinds of erbs. I
now ask you to send me by return
male 2 bottles of your medsin
naturs sweat refrane. Sen to Alex
K—, C— Postoffice, Penn."
"P. S.—I will sen prise by return male."
The Sandon
The Pioneer House of the Silvor City, is now in the hands of
W. GEO. CLARKE, who has re-opened tho Dining Room,
and otherwise improved the accommodations.
First=c/ass Meals Served
And the service in every department of the house is Al. uld
frieniis and new; pioneers and strangers in the camp, capitalists
and the Man of Hard Knocks, all taken care of and made happy
XTdespatcii lrom~PopiaT_states"
that the threatened uprising of the
Swedes has been suppressed.
An Arabian while locked up as
a vagrant in Windsor the other day
received word that a dead uncle had
left him 850,000. The Arab's luck
is no excuse for others getting into
the town cooler.
Out on tho ocean sometimes
there is water everywhere and not
a drop to drink. In Poplar there
is gold underneath tho Nugget
oflica and yet the editor sometimes
hasn't oil enough to grease the
wheels of his rotary press.
An editor in England says that
it will not >e long before Canada
will camp under the American Hag.
Judging from the way the Yanks
are settling in the Northwest it will
not be long before the entire crowd
will be over and doing well.
The mine owners of the Slocan
are ever anxious to have this paper
boost their business, but, with one
exception, none of them ever come
near this office with their job printing. They are certainly an appreciative band of bonus hunters.
_.l.i y a . -
w*-a -i i-fc rt=
Row much Will you help?
MOMENTS needs the help of every earnest man
and woman. It needs YOUR help. It is aiming to
serve itself by serving mankind, in a simple, humble
way. You can help it by helping your friends to get .,
it. If you will send us 25c we will send you, or any
friend whose name you suggest, six numbers.   Try it.
ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER?   No?   Why Address—     MOMENTS,
not?   It will cost you only FIFTY CENTS. „ .,. ,    .      L '®,e ^7 „"V'F' ]?' ®'
Published each month by H. M. WALKER.
TRY   THK   V.  P.   R.   TO   SANDON.
Jas. J. Hill, the railroad president, began his connection with
the transportation business through
steamboating, but he soon deserted
it for railroading. The road which
he has since made so widely known
was at that time considered the
slowest in the country. Mr. Hill
listened good-naturedly to the fun
that was naturally poked at his
road, and worked tbe harder to
improve it.
Meeting Mr. Hill one day on the
street, "Diamond Joe" Reynolds,
of upper river steamboat fame,
"Jim, I'll match one of my
steamboats against one of your
trains in a fair race for $500 a side."
"Well, I don't know," hesitated
Mr. Hill, "some of your boats are
pretty fast."
"Come, I'll race up stream,"
urged Reynolds.
"Oh, thunder!" returned Air.
Hill, in a disgusted tone; "if
you're going to stick to the river
then you might as well drop the
This is bow the editor of a paper
acknowledged tbe other day the receipt of a new song, entitled "When
First We Met.'' The review of this
moie or less melodious effort appeared as follows:—
"As the editor of this paper
doesn't know a demi-semiquaver
from a diapason or a bass cief from a
bone tumour, he will not be expected to give an extended notice to
this production. We can say. however, that the type used in printing
the song is clear and plain, and the
paper seems to be of the best quality
of rag. The design on the front
page is artistic, and the words are as
tender as a veal steak and as poetic
as the song of a meadow lark on a
May morning. The melody is sound
and all right, with no wind-galls or
collar marks. Tho harmony also
seems to be in a healthy conditiou,
with no patent defects or noticeable
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall in the city suitable for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, lances and
other public entertainments.
For bookings, wri'e or wire—
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
'TEH Interior view. Seating capacity H50; mod-
em stapro appliances; furnace heated throughout: population to draw from, 1.600.
Tiik company operating the
Silver Cup, near Ferguson, has
made a record. It has imported
90,000 worth of quicksilver for use
in the mill that is stealing completion. Ferguson has reason to be
proud of this great company.
I.\Ti,\\i,n 10-year-old boy has
taken to preaching. He probably
find* that an e»«y way to gi-t away
from carrying in the wood for his
mother. In the name state iv man
pi eaeher has diverted the pulpit to
become a U. 8. marshal. Had a
call, proliably.
A iuhh of hard times will make
f.ilitf.K*»«»HWI Tv»on!»> dowwt their
\r*evi\ w\*ev WVo ent** omlprMlnf \
from a mud-scow. M'ght as well \
erw\ into som»» tunnel and «lt»«, as
*it with folded hands and allow the
nir»nlbt>i«N«* of a camp to pass in itw
cheeks from an attack of iinauei/il
Tub passing of a law at Victoria
to permit laborer* to l»e brought
into the province under contract
means that the lumbermen are look*
IHue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
(Joods, made by
v. r. Kiuoi'iixi: & co.
\Vlunl|n'ir. Mnn.
lti*l«ivM!»tei! hy OKOHOK iloKToN.
Steamship Tickets
Tiuuul (mm Humpum iwtut* _i% CttiuulUn
nml AniiTlcan line*.   A}»|>l)' for •lUlhitt tlnte*,
Hv wilt nr -
ii. it. ii An.iu\i"i.
V. V n*A>.'fii1.Kiwl'>iii%>r.
\V. I». F. CummliiK*. tl. H. S. Atft., Wlinil|x-ir.
n Ew ~ t ~   *sjf n \s Zm sy
Sironi*w*t  ever mail*;  hniitl-*twi*\;
honett v«|iKf.   Itipiirlni? iifully doin1
Pur ley Ward.      Sandon.
Mimrs' Shoes a tptruity.
A..1ACOHSOK, Proprietor
When you are "•('Uliitr llrst-cltisn hotel nee hv
tiimlnljun* you will lind them nl thh> house.
NKW   1IKNVKR,   II.  O.
Is published once in every century, and the current number has been
on tho market about a month. It is a literary blend, compiled, written
and sold by It, T. LOWERY. Its contents are streaked with humor,
with a touch of pathos here and there. The upper levels are filled with
comedies and tragedies that have occurred in the zincy Slocan when
its trails were hot with the swift rush of new feet, and the fever of
mining camp life showed 105. Certified assays of the cent belt appear
in several chutes, and three poems with at least $100 of Mexican money
appear like diamonds in a blow-out of gold. The lower stopes are filled
with pictures that would have astonished the universe one hu mired
years ago. Thc stories by other writers have clean ore, although,
Dickens did not write any of them. This grand and lurid publication
is cast adrift, postage paid, to any part of the earth at the following
prices: To people over 100 years old, 6c; to parsons, 15e; to busted
prospectors, 10c; to all others, 50c. On the 1st of May, 1000, all
copies aro redeemed at 810 each. Remember that 100 years will climb
the shaft of timo before another FLOAT Hashes across the literary sky,
so get in early with your little half dollars, ami become happy.
Address all letters to—
New Denver
Nelson, B.C.
Oohl * ,V> I Oold and Silver. .11 .no
Lead 76 I Onld.Hllv'r.topli'r 1,50
Sample* hy mall receive prompt attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
179S Aruj »lui«< •»*..   litnvnr, Vnin.
Ib a weekly paper published |
ntVOPT.AR, Kr. Tt.crWo.si
all thc news of that grout]
gold camp. It costs *2 a
year to any address. Send
your money to—
Job Printing
Tlu Assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done it New Denver's printing emporium— ^3^s&&iMS^^^^^f^^7^^9^^^.~	
Eleventh Year
The Chicago Mining World says:
"Substantial reductions are being
made by the American Smelting &
Refining Company to the i.'ceur
d'Aiene mine owners for treating
the silver-lead ores of tbe big district. Under the old contracts the
mine owners have been paying $18
a ton freight and treatment on
most of their ore, and they have
been getting only 3J cents a pound
for the lead contents, although the
New York price ou lead in 50-ton
lots has been around 4^ cents.
"The big Coeur d'Aiene interests
have been demanding a readjustment of prices, by which they will
get 90 per cent, of the New York
quotations instead of an arbitrary
price. Lead has been advancing,
surplus stocks have been worked
off, and tbe American Smelting &
Refining company, which practically controls the market, has
withdrawn quotations temporarily.
That move is believed to be a fore-
sfcep tD a further advance. Tho
whole tone of the lead market is
bullish. With lead at 4£ cents,
which will probably prove a conservative figure, the mine owners
would receive 4.05. cents per pound
for their product,'if they get 90 per
cent of the New York quotations.
That is an advance of practically
15 per cent over their present price.
"The smelters have always made
an arbitrary reduction of 10 .per
cent from the lead contents in the
ore. The deduction is for alleged
losses in smelting. That practice
will be continued under the new
arrangements. Practically, therefore, the mine owner will receive
90 per cent of the value of 90 per
cent of the lead contents in the ore,
or 81 per cent of the gross assay
value of the lead. In the past he
has received 3| cents tor a pound
for 90 per cent, of the lead.
"Take an ore going 50 per cent,
in lead. It contains, gross, 1,000
pounds of metal, Under the old
arrangement the miner was paid 3^
cents a pound for 90 per cent, of it,
or 900 pounds, which gives ,831.50.
Under the ^e^jmi^gemei^if-l§§4
"~commands~$| eentsTnthe New York
market the mine owner will be paid
still, for only 900 pounds, or 90 per j the English Court of Chancery there
lays the fortune, and can Mrs. Morgan prove her claim of survivor of
the Mompessons, it will be hers. Of
late she has been in but poor health,
and the news acted as a revigorat-
iug tonic.
cent., but he will gee paid at the
rate of 4.05 cents a pound, which is
90 per cent, of the New York price.
That will give him $36.45 for his
"There has also begn a readjustment of freight^ rates! Last year
ores carrying gross values less than
§50 paid freight of eight dollars a.
ton; ore running from §50 to $65
paid ten dollars a ton, and ore valued at more than $65 paid $12 a
ton. Under a new adjustment announced by the railways a few days
ago ore carrying not more than„§60
a ton will take an eight dollar
freight rate. That classilication in-
cludes most of the ore shipped from
the Coeur d'Alenes, so that there-
suit is a practical cut of two dollars
a ton in freight rates.
"The miners are not asking a
lower smelting rate, and it will remain at eight dollars a ton. With
the cut in freights, however, and
the increased price for lead which is
demanded, the miners will actually
receive $6.95 a ton more for their
50 jer cent, lead shipments."
Mrs. Peter Morgan, a well known
elderly lady of Peterboro', is  the
heir to four million dollars can she
but prove her claim. Mrs. Morgan's
maiden name was Anne Mompesson
Porteous,   and   her   grandfather's
uncle was George, Mompesson, an
Englishman by  nationality, but of
French descent,   tracing his ancestors to the Norman invaders.    Mr.
Morgan's    grandfather,    Captain
Mompesson, waa with Wolfe at the
capture of Quebec   in   1759,   and
when in that city  fell in love with
a certain Louise Melvin, whom he
later married, and whose daughter
was Mrs. Morgan's mother.   Thirty
years ago Mrs. Morgan read in The
London Illustrated   News that an
immense fortune was awaiting the
Mompesson   family.     Her son-in-
law, Mr. Walter Strickland, looked
into the matter, but  finally threw
it up.   A few  months  ago   Mrs.
Morgan's son, Walter   Morgan, of
the Merchants'Bank, Montreal, be^
gan the upheaval   of the affair,
which he found to be   correct.    In
Atchison Globe: Mrs. Mae Law-
son of Hortno bas   been promoted
High Priestess of the Aryan school
of Occultism.    It is said Mrs. Law-
son "possesses both the natural and
acquired powers of  psychic,illumination and   concentration; that is,
the power to invoke aid to come into
vibration or oneness with the ether
or other and more subtle element of
the supra-essential emanation of the
Divine one, and has actually held
personal    telepic    communi ation
with the Yoghis in India."    Know
what it is?   We don't. The Hortno
Headlight goes on to relate that at
a picnic once, when   it   was found
that the spoons   had   been left behind, the  "Professor"  put her occult powers to work,   and in a few
minutes dug the  spoons up out of
the ground at her feet.    There's a
fairy story for the fools to go crazy
over.    Will they   believe  it?   Of
course they will; they accept worse
rubbish every day.
21 from 4.40 cents to 4.50 cents.
The present price is over a quarter
of a cent a pound more than the
average price for the year 1903.
Officers of the American Smelting
and Kefining company say the advances have been due to an improvement in the demand. The policy of
the company, it is stated, is to let
the prices be governed by the law
of supply and demand.
The best Tonsorial Establishment in
the Slocan.
Fernie Free Press:—The pay for
the three collieres given out last
Saturday amounted to $138,000 au
increase of $7,000 over the preceding month. The advent of winter
has curtailed certain development
work in the company's operations.
Colorado produced in 1903 about
30,000 tons of zinc ores. Lake
county is at the head, having
mined fully three-fourths of the
state total. Lake county includes
the splendid mining camp of Leadville in its borders.
The art of compounding a cocktail is seen to perfection at the
Kootenay, in Sandon.
Balmoral Bldg,  Main St., Sandon.
A name that is familiar to old-
timers as the name of Three
Forks—familiar because it was
there in days of boom and in days
of depression that they enjoyed
the hospitality of the genial proprietor, and" partook of the
hostess' bountiful table. The same
conditions prevail today that
have won for the house its enviable reputation and the name of
its proprietor is—
It has lately been renovated
throughout, aud is first-class
in everything.
Indiau Territory has several exclusive negro towns. One is called
llentville, after one of the promoters, and is located 15 miles
south of Muskogee, on the Missouri,
Kansas & Texas railroad. The
Creek nation has a number of other
negro towns, among them one
known as Wildcat. It is a government townsite. Everything in the
place is the property of colored
people. The people of no other
race are allowed to settle there. It
is said by those acquainted with
the place that if an occasional
white person chances to come in
on business or otherwise the word
is soon, passed around to him:
"White man, don't let the sun go
down on you here." A hint is all
The Strathcona
Is the leading hotel in Southern British Columbia.
It has ample accommodation for a large number of
guests, and the ideal position it occupies appeals
equally to any traveler as well as the tourist.
Drummers will find large sample rooms and all the
conveniences of the modern hotel.
BaRk ef Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (all paid up),   -
Reserved fund,
Undivided profits,
Head Office, Montreal
Rt. lion. Stratlicoua and Mount Royal G. C M G,, President
Hon G A. Drummonil, Vice-President
E H ClouBton, Goucrnl Manager
Branches in all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain and the
United States.
fiexxx Dem/et* Branch,
fl. IXX. Strickland
At'thiK ■• • imager.
The Cascade group in Poplar
Creek, in the Lardeau, is evidently
a promising property, if one might
judge from the following assay made
by the Trail smelter; gold, 43.10
oz; silver, 15.4 oz: lead, 85 percent.;
Iron, 3.8 per cent.; salica, 78.4 per
cent.; zinc, 2.G per cent.; sulphier,
2.7 per cent.; giving in values, gold
88G0, silver, 88.55 and the balance
about 87.50 making a total of $875.
Dan McDonald and the Leasks are
interested in the property. The assay was taken from an ordinary
piece of quartz with no visible gold.
If theso values can be shown to any
extent, tho property is a veritable
L1 ^- w— *-—— w — wa^-^*mtm—i-r ^JM        J* ! Cdl tH, tO 4.
r ¥ Henry Stege, Proprietor
The advance made in the price of
pig lead by the American Smelting
and Refining company makes the
price higher than it has been for
over two years. The present price
of 4.50 cents per pound compares
with 4.07 A cents per pound in January, 1903, nad 4.00 cents in January, 1002. There have been three
advances in pig lead within the past
On December 14 it wns
from 1.10 cents to 1.25
January 13 from 4.25
.40 cents and on January
MB. TOMPKINS, Manager^
— * '    - * "r-    ■ ■■■■ —
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Sloean.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.    The rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
A pleasant substitute for home to those who travel. It is
sit tinted on the shore of Lake Slocan, the most beautiful
lako in all America. From its balconies and windows can
be sei'ii tho grandest scenery on this continent. The internal arrangements of the hotel are the reverse to telephone, all the rooms being plastered, and electric bells at
the head of every bed make it easy for the dry moments in
the mnruii>g.
The be«t mul cheapest meals in the country arc to be
found in tlio dining room. The house is run on cosmopolitan principles, and the prospector with his pack on his
back is just as welcome as the millionaire with his roll in
the bank.   Kvery guest receives the best cart* and protec-
y.it: Yiquii'i'ti ni'f .Ins V.si 'm iht -SJu'.vj.1., mn} i}**u \ul-d lu.ii
long been noted for it* fish and game dinners.
This in tlifjonly lint-claws hoti*c in the Lucerne of North
America.   One look at the landlord   will  convince any
ulft, mini, tlmf tilt, vl'»rwla Ufn   fit   tin-*   tilt^,.
reserved by telegraph.
y V' Let Liebscher make a sn:
•.■^ j tttt*  in ill   Mild     t'/in      it'll!   IH.I'l
Euhtiw Light, Hot Am, Modkrn Pi.vmuing. Everything
We Set the  Best Meal  in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets 87.       Main St., Sandon.
Sandon and Elsewhere
Tn every inining camp in Kootenay. this great company of Meat
Dealers has established a name that will live as long as the name ofthe
Slocan, Iu Sandon, Manager (iusty is ever on the alert to supply the
best meats obtainable. You will always find the best Fresh ami Salt
Meats: Salt, Fresh and Smoked Fish; Ham, Ha con, Sausages and Lard.
And when you want Poultry in season,  or feel  like having a dish ot
Drop a word over the 'phone to "», Sandon."
for vou and vou will never
be sntisli((l with another
"fit." He has the stylish
lit; his clothes look well,
they wear well, and feel
Fi Fi Liebscher*
Silverton'* limn Tailor
• M.,1!l..
I"*—'»J ■
«»„, 1\*mrAH   DP      .I]   KINGDOM M'-m^oI wliv'.'rt
nCW UwlIVCI, Uila*    W V   lx.Ml-ZIitc«riiorih<Hm'«ii. from mint* In the
■ M   \lclitliv it Sew Itetiwr.   Fivif.r :o vmi* ni*
>**0>rffcC^>«VC><      >?•■« l*wt. ll* A, Ah,,j, i *.'..
A nderson
Are the leading !MumlM»rx of Vancouver.
Write lo them when anything is out of plumb.
\ *~
Eleventh Year
That looks good, is sold
for 50c; shaves for 25c at
Brick Block     New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
General Draying: Mining Sup
plies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Coal & Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses and Pack Animals.
Feed Stables at New Denver
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
l\ O. Box 563, Office: Kootenay .St., Nelson
Diamond drill work in the El Po-
tasimine, Santa Eulalia-district,
Mexico, has proven an orebody of
richness at great depth. This is
regarded as the greatest lead-silver
mine of the country today, and had
until recently been developed to a
depth of 1,250 feet. The drill was
sent down 1,000 feet further from
the bottom qf this shaft, and is said
to have been in ore of good grade
during the progress of this exploratory work.
C. W. Whitely, of the Salt Lake
department of the American Smelting & Refining Company, has been
called east on a mission which is
strongly, and seemingly with authority, intimated to be completing
plans for construction of a new
smelting plant in the Utah Valley
district. The capacity of this copper plant is forecasted as probably
1,500 tons per day, and it is thought
the location will be near the $1,500,-
000 plant that was recently completed.
The eight-hour law that has been
declared constitutional in Nevada
applies to mine workers and employees in reduction plants. The
measure was fi^st presented four
years ago, when it was defeated,
but at the following sessiou of the
legislature there was scarcely a dissenting vote, as both parties had
been pledged to the measure at tbe
primaries. This is said to have the
effect of putting Nevada on an eight-
hour basis with regard to mineral
development and reduction.
Nuggets have good size sometimes,
especially when of the base metals.
A mass of native copper wa3 discovered in the Minnesota mine, Michigan, in 1856, which weighed 525
tons, and took 20 miners a year and
a half to chisel it out by using long-
handled chisels. Native mercury
is sometimes found   in   a cinnabar
So great has been the demand, that we have concluded to
offer for a few more days
iivery size made, and quality the very best. This is your opportunity to get the best garment for little money. Ii is no remnant sale
this time. Our entire stock of Ladies' and Misses' underwear is offered
at reduced prices.    It will pay you to come in and inspect tbem.
^WV Rj> iH©fp&W9 Sandon and Vernon,
A visit to our TAILORING EMPORIUM will give you an idea of
prevailing styles for FALL and WINTER Clothing. New line of
Suitings to select from.    Leave your order now  for a Christmas Suit.
J. R. Cameron,
Reco Ave, Sandon,B.C*
[Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale
wanted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal. Hotels, Legal,Medical,etc,.
are Inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
J5 cents each insertion. Each live words or less
>ver i'> words are live cents additional.!
'HHK KING'S HOTKL iu Ferguson is a cheer-
1 ful home for all travelers to the Lardeau.
L and American plan. Meals, ih cents. Rooms
trim i't up to il. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except tho «old
lu tho safe. MA LONE & THEG1LLU8.
MADDEN HOUSE, NELSON, is centrally
located anil lit hy electricity
Meetings in the Union Hall every Friday eve
ning at7:30 Visiting brethren cordially invltcri
to att. nd. .1. E LovKiUNG, , Noble (iiand; A.
L.Ckaig, Vice Grand; W.J.Gahjhjtt, Sec'ty.
t\ ■ P ■ ©it §\ ■ lw I ■
Remilnr Communication held the first Thursday m eaclimonth in Masonic Hall at 8 p. n .
Sojourning brethren are cordially invited to attend    J ami s M   Hahton. Secreta y.
deposit. At Hauncavelica, Pern,
a mass containing 600 pounds was
discovered, and at the Alameda
mercury mines of California one deposit of 200 pounds of the native
metal was found.
The holdings of the  Fair estate,
of California, in the Selby smi Iter,
of San  Francisco,   amounting to a
twelfth interest,   have  been taken
over by tbe Hercules   mine, of the
Coeur d'Alenes, for a consideration
of about $200,000.    The   purchase
is attributed to   the   fact that the
Hercules has experienced difficulty
of late in marketing ores, it having
850 tons per month for this method
of reduction.    As   a   result of the
purchase, it is   rumored   that   Ed
Boyce, once president   of the Western   Federation  of   Miners,   is a
silent director of the Selby com
pany, which was the reason he withdrew from the board of directors of
the Miners.    The   Hercules  is regarded as one of the richest properties of the Coeur d'Alenes,    Itslow
grade ores are not touched, only the
shipping being handled.    Shipping
has been in   progress   for but two
years, but already the mine is paying in  profits   $40,000   a   month,
for a concentrator.
200,000 barrels of  cement,   deliv
ered at Globe, Arizona, at $4.80 per
barrel.    The cement   is to be used
in the construction   of   the Ton to
Basin irrigating dam.
The gold production of the mines
of India for the eleven months ended
November 30, 1903, amounted to
550,120 ounces. This will make
the production for the year somewhere about 610,000 ounces, worth
about $12,500,000.
line, wholesale and retail. Letter
orders receive our prompt attention. The Bosuj Hall, J.F.Delaney
Fill your cellar with beer or
porter from the New York brewery
at Sandon.
The cocktails in the Kootenay
saloon, Sandon, do not carry any
lead or zinc.
Just before you get married price
the furniture in D. J. Robertson &
Co's store in Nelson.
The estimated values of metals
produced in Ontario, Canada, in
1903, is as follows:
Copper  .$  335,000
Nickel 2,200,000
Pig iron and iron ore  1,500,000
Gold      139,210
Silver ...:...       10,124
Zinc         7,(500-
The Kincara, one of the Mollie
Hughes group will soon have a car
of ore ready for shipment. It is
being worked under a lease by
Harry Sheran and his paitnei8.
vote   van   SOCIALISTS.
quarters for tourists and old timers.
millionaires aro equally  welcome.
MADDEN. Proprietor.
It is head
Miners or
'fillE HOVAL HOTEL, Nelson, is noted for
*• the excellences of ItscuUmo. SOL JOHNS,
BARTLETT HOUSE,  formerly the Clark
Is tho best u'l a day hotel In Nelson.    Onlv
white help employed.   Q    W. UAUTLKTT
L   for Slocun
In KASLO,  is  lust the place
people to (hid when dry or In
tearch of a downy couch.
Sandon Lodge No.
K. OF P.
Meets every Wcdnesdny evening at « o'clock,
in the Pythian Castlo Hall, Sandon   Sojourninu j
brethren will receive a Pythian welcome.   S.
Isaacson, CO.     Am-iikd J. Ham., K. It. & H.
fOHN  McLATCHIE,   Dominion and  Pro-
A   vhiclal Land Surveyor.   Nelson, IL C.
K HEYLAND, Knmneor and Provincial
Laud Survoyoi.   KASLO
I    O.   MELVIN,
»J i   Expert Watch
Mamifacltirlng Jeweller.
Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Ma induct tires Chains. Locke'H
uul Ring*. Workmanship giinmntt'etlequal to
any In Canada. Orders liy mall solicited. Box
IVi. Sandon.
"WYioloso.1©   Merohemta.
tr> in nutter. K«'-*s, Chit se, Pr.rduce and
Fruit, N«il».m, H.C.
MI.. (IHIMMKTT. h. It.
.   Hollfltflr. Notary Public
Branch Oftlce *l New
H.i ItarrUter,
Sandon. It. C
Donvrevery Saturday.
Insurance As Real XEstate
I In«ura.i<'<» AtwnK IViW« In Heal K»tatc
Mining Properties lloii«c«to rent and Town
Loi* tui S.nt-,
ICM. The most complete II r i I Til
>n the Continent of North Ameri- n CA L I ll
ca, Situated mld«t scenery un- n r Q f\ h T
rivalled for Ornmlcnr. Hnntlwr. n tOU tl I
Fishing and Excursions to tho ir.any points of
Interest. Telegraphic communication with all
imrtn of the world; two malls arrive aud depart
»very <Uy. Iln bathes cure all nervous and
tmwuhr dK''ttwr. It* wivt.'W Iikk.1 all Kidney
Liver ami Stomach Ailments of every name,
l'lte nrice of a round-trip ticket between
Sew Denver and Hnlevon, obtainable all the
rear round strid good for'.io tinys, la &1.3-S. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake. II. C.
I    near Ward St
KINO   HOTEL, linker St,,
NV1*m. II i„   THE   MIL-
'I'llE HOTEL I'l lt«;i SON  |* (hi
I    sl<« in |m«i|,|i- when iln>v  arc  iu
MClHiNSF.Lfc 1U.ACK, Proprietors.
home of
rpilK   HIIITTANNIA   HOTKL I* Ihe old
KAfltfTMT.f., N.w Denver, H.V..
i-«« arid tin' \>e*t In Ihe Lardo.
U*.-,*,S9*v.U'"*r*'        Ct.VlN HltlW
Oold t*eeki-r»
I.l AND.!.  HANDY A. CO..
I ji   Uracil*!'* and NewiCorri-si
Street. London, K. C , Kin'
A tile of tM<tm|,erefin
by visitor-, tu 1>>iidon, to
will lie glviMi If ri.'iiuli'i'd.
AdvettUltig Coit-
x>ndi'id». »<F wl
,• M-eri fr»* of eharire
whom advlc«) gratis
K«»«l Estate and Mtut:iai*,m*m*uti i*xtt. ********
.*,,,,*,* *,*,:tt"l mhMV.v.-,* 'X'.fUA
H»* fia'l li year* «-*jw.t,. mv ,,, ,,*-.
m»V#* t si»erl*'tr of O »14 ltrfd»;r
tnmie to the Hl-^-an reiruhrlv
II l'
i<Mt    »• *ti  ll,  Jj'ti<*
Wutk.   Vtiit
| ^% back
Ote>n&vo.l   Store.
. .      ca*:.''.'ft<"'. n
WI all over tlie Hiomri.
J,   tlnXX"'. Dry 0.v,if.<
THHKK   PORKS. ,lt*Ur In
f-'re        fi■ ir.it* Ship-
(each one dittewnt) aiv»
.sent to uny addreas for
It's the vote and not the strike
that will free labor from being ruled
by the capitalists.
A million Socialist votes iu this
country will do the working class
more good, will command more respect from their masters, than a hundred big strikes. It doesn't cost
idleness and starvation to vote like
it does to strike.
The working class seem determined to elect men to ollice who
will be against them in every contest for better conditions of life.
They don't know the power of their
ballots—and give it to their master
at every election.
Cnpitalists control the nation and
all laws are made in tho interest of
the capitalist class. That is logical
and nothing else conld bo expected.
When the working class gets wise
enough and elects itself to office the
government will make all laws in
the interest of the working class.
That will he logical also. The working class are the great majority.
Do you know any good reason why
the laws should not be made in the
interest of the majority?
"My wife is frail, with four small
children around her without a servant or a dollar at  hand.    I have
done."    And with   these words J.
II, Thibadeau, out  of work, blew
his brains out in a Washington City
hotel.    Yes, this is a glorious system to protect  a   family.   An old
man of 02,   broken   down,   left to
j starve--ye   u<»dh!   To   think that
j men or women who think tliey are
j Christians   would   uphold   »ttch «t
j hellish system!    Vote   for   it,   ye
slaves of capital; ye wild and woolly
frc<- Americans.-—Ex.
IN l>Ust III.% I..
I it ih aniiotnut'O tUu.% pinna aie lie-
! ing prepared for the construction of
j a bridge across the Htrait of Caiiso,
Small   Profits  and Quick Sales
is our   only   System.    The   more
goods we turn over the better prices
you will get— every month.    Mark
strictly what we say.   Buy where-
ever you get the Cheapest and Best
goods.   Let your   wife   have   $10
cash and she will look a long time
at every nickle she spends, but tell
her to go down to so   and so s and
charge up the goods, she will say to
the merchant—send   up   5 lbs. of
this and 10 lbs.   of that, and does
not ask what he charges; but  you
have to pay the   bill all the same,
keeps many a good  meaning man
with his nose to the grind stone all
his life.    Show us the man or woman who pays cash for goods and
you can see the picture of happiness on their very   countenance.
We are selling this week cheaper
than ever: 10 cans best cream, SI;
fish, all kinds, 15c pound; 17 lbs
granulated sugar,  SI; choice tea,
35c lb; Northern Spy apples and
Greenings,   $2   50-lb   box; choice
pickles, 1-gal pail, SI;   raspbery &
strawbery butter, lie lb; Canadian
Blackstrap tobacco,  8 plugs 80c;
5 big plugs SI; Star tobacco, 25c lb;
choice butter, 25c lb; 3tinsLibby's
veal loaf, 15c per tin; 4 bars Sunlight soap or any kind mixed, 25c.
We have everything in the grocery
Keco Ave.,
Running since the great tire, and always open,
night and day. Call in wben you strike the
Silver City and get a tiller.
Meal Ticket, $5.50 for $5.00
Agent for Inland Cigar Co., of Kamloops.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
afterdate I intend to apply to the Hon .Tne
special licence to cut and carry away timber
from the following described land, . in ,. West
Kootenay District, viz: Commencing at a post
marked "P.. Pelton.S. W. corner," about llfty
Nakusp and Slocan K. It., in a northwesterly
direction, and about 200 feet north of the railroad;
thence north forty chains; thence* cast 1U0
chains; thence south forty chains; thence west
IHO chains to place of commencement.
Located January nth, 19 4
Dated, New Denver, B. C, Jan. 12. Iii04.
FRACTION Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mlnlnif Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: Near
the town of Three Forks.
TAKE NOTICE That. 1, Maurice Glntzbuncer
as agent for The Monitor & Ajax Fraction,
Limited, lice miner's certiticate No, H ilj:>rt'.».
Intend, sixty days from the date hereof
v.o apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate*
3f Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of each of the auove claims.
And further take notice tliat action, under section 87, must be commenced before the isauanee
of such Certilicates of Improvements.
Dated this nth day of January, ltxu.
p.o.box36 NEW DENVER.
Terms on application
MHi Went ml n*Utr Road. Vancouver, H. O
FLORENCE  Mineral  Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division ol We»t
Kootenay   District.    Where located;    On
Goat Mountain, north of "Turrl."
TAKE NOTICE that I,Herbert T. Twlw. as
agent for Thomas W, Fitzgerald, free
miner's certificate No. II HI-WIU, Noah F. Me
Naught, free miner's certificate No. H, 01.88*.
and William R. Will, free miner's certificate No.
B tHIOi. intcnd.slxt> days from the date hereof. to
upply to the Mining Recorder for a Ortiticuto of
Improvements, for thc puriMio of obtaining a
Crown Grant of thu above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section M.imiftt be cdnmeneed liefore the imu-
mien of such Certificate of Improvement*.
Dated this 3d day of Decemlter. A. D. 100.1
Direct Line   Lowest Rates
R. T. Lowery
Nova Scotia,  to  cost   05,000,000.
.  ,■,      *,.     *«   • e
iilVH CUIUlllrtl  'rtUli    \,t*iifii*l'ti*'ti   * Wl*.***!*.
Ha'tlways will uj»o the bridge.
Tho Pad fie Portland Cement Company, whose works art; located in
Hotano county has entered into a
contract to ftiriiUVi Ui^Govf.vnment
Hun Fraix'Uco
New York
Via Hun Pacific Llw, St   Paul. ttilc*R»tm!«ll
U. S. |w>iiit»
Vl >. M WiVf'l I'»' >»i,ilti,» n,.fi, 'I'lVriW. >i A.'u.n/'wt iu-ft
to AUnkrt. Japan,China, Hawaii, Au«tr»lia.
Through l«Miklniri i>» England and th* Continent via all H. H, I.ti <•.
For time uMen, r '*-** ai^l Jtiform»tion. »|>j«lf
to local agHita.or wi;tf—
l>. 1*  A , NrWn,       A  l«. V, A., VfttiCotittf'(
fl:00 a tn. Lv.   KASLO Ah. I»:15 p. in
UvB a. in. Ak. HANDON Lv. Loo j>. m.
5:00 a. m. Lv. NKLSON Ait. 7:1f» p. m
8:40 a. in. Alt.   KASLO Lv. fl;H5 p. m.
Tit-tat* unltl tn all part* of thi' UnlKid
Sutflii and l«ii«u« via uif«t .\utiueiu
moi ii. ii tk l\7 LuUtYtkii)■'.*> Ji'.'.'i.i.
Fnr (urtlicr jiarlii tilar# call on or ad*
ItOREUT IRVING, Manager, Kaslo.


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