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The Ledge Mar 10, 1904

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\,  lA
Volume XL, Number 24
Price. §2'a Yeae, in Advance
Cake towns
Pete is cutting his ice crop.
Tlie Arlington mine is gradually]
paying its bills.
J. C. Harris returned from the
old country this week.
Patsy Clark will do some mining
in the Slocan next summer.
Five tons of pre went out from
the Pinto Tuesday morning.
Itis reported that the California,
on Silver mountain, will resume
operations in June.
C. A. Sandiford is employed at
the Payne mill. He contemplates
moving to Sandon.
At the Enterprise last week 23
men came down the hill owing to a
disagreement over the coook.
New Denver expects to send
some people to Sandon on the evening of March 23d. Silverton also
will send a bunch.
Tho sidewalks o? New Denver
~~»ru~i;n.'Hr~|!Ji ~biiuw~^ou*ii    uuc    ni\<n,co
are off the wagons. Auother week
aud the dust will fly—or it won't.
There is an egg famine in Three
Forks. All the hens having struck
for more cayenne pepper owing to
the approaching activity of Easter.
Cecil McKae returned Tuesday
evening from his eastern trip. He
will locate in Winnipeg when he
concludes business connections
New Denver is without ice, and
the hot days of summer are just over
the hill. This makes it awkward
for the lovers of cold cocktails and
solid butter.
It seems hard for anything to
stay over night in Kaslo. Even
the K. & S. train gets out of that
eity before dark and does not return
until after ten in the morning.
Everybody will have a chance to
dance to the "Wearing o' the
Green," on tho 17th. fcandon has
the big dance of the season in the
Auditorium, and Silverton will
enjoy its annual concert and ball.
The Mountain Chief would lie
working 100 men today if McCune
would get off his perch and do something. Government ownership of
tho Slocan mines would do away
with the closed condition of many
C. Fernau has made public his
plans in the smelter line. His
company will build a zinc enriching
plant at Kosebery and a zinc smol
ter at Fernie or Frank. Tho pro
position of a lead smelter is not
being considered by him.
Adelliert C. Frv came liefore C
8. RaBhdall, J. P., at the Court
House, Monday morning, charged
with trapping Martin on Wilson
Creek without a Hccu*e. Constable
Black lodged the complaint, knowing Fry to be a resident of Bonner'r Ferry, and an alien.    Fry
*    * * ,*   i *
*..*..4.'  Kt    tUUi     Ut
t 1
robbins to dig worms. The windows of our printing palace are up,
waiting for the first bumble bee of
spring to come in and bumble his
bumble up and down the window
pane. The music of his bumble is
like honey to a love-sick soul. It
puts gladness in our li^earts and
makes our bank account swell up
with anticipations. Walk up, delinquents. Help us to make a
jingle compatible with the tingle of
our single blessedness.
Silverton will soon have another
shipping   mine.     This  week Nat
The Government statistics showing the imports of mining machinery into Canada last year show that
there has been a considerably increased demand for machinery of
various kinds, the total value in
1902 amounting to $851,000 which
increased last year to $1,281,000.
By the Customs regulations miuing
allowed free entrance, and we find
that last year duty was paid on machinery only to the value of $72,000,
the rest bei:ig imported free of tax.
Out of that which paid duty nearly
90 per cent, came from the United
State*, which still exports the
greater portion of the machinery
into Canada. With regard to wire
rope and cables, however, the trade
is principally in the hands of British manufacturers, and last year
thiscountry exported 1,847,000 lbs.,
ngainst 097,000 lbs. from the States.
The returns showing the imports of
steel and iron tubing also show tliat
by far the greater proportion of
these were supplied by British firms,
who might with advantage cultivate
the Canadian market for machinery
and hardware products generally.
—B. C. Review.
Another great trek of Mormons
from Utah to Southern Alberta is
about to take place. Between four
and five hundred famlies, exceeding
2,000 persons, will invade Alberta
with their live stock, farm implements and household effects. The
district in which they will locate is
known asTaber, about twenty miles
square, on the Crow's Nest Pass
Railway. Preparations are now
under way to receive the new-
cornel's, who are due to arrive aliout
the middle of April. The Taber
district is said to be well favoured
with respect to moisture and climatic conditions.
Ei». LLiKiL, Dear Sir; I have
noticed by Sandon Standard they
got mo married. Please don't publish such statements; false rumor.
Yours truly, M, McCarthy.
Tucker took a small force up to the
Lou Dillon, and will start sacking
ore from the recent rich find made
by him on the property owned by
himself and Geo. Long. Two
claims are embraced in the group;
the Lou Dillon and the Del Mar.
A few months ago Tucker was
hunting bear in the vicinity of the
Fisher Maiden. He found his
fortune. In walking up the bed of
the creek he discovered an outcropping of remarkable richness. He
traced it for a distance of 90 feet,
and caught it on both sides of the
creek. It has an average width of
nine inches on the surface, and
from 20 assays made shows an
average value of 200 ozs. silver to
the ton. It is a self-fluxing dry
ore. The smelters give a very low
rate of treatment on such ore.
A cross cut tunnel was driven 40
feet to catch the lead at 30 feet
depth. A strong ledge with perpendicular walls was caught, and
in~drifting"fonr~~fef't~the ore-came*
in the face. The shoot is from six
to 10 inches'in width. It stands
clear on the wall and the ledge
filling has been removed for -40 feet,
leaving the ore to be knocked down
aud -acked.
The property is within 200 feet
of the main Four Mile trail and of
easy access, The owners expect to
ship several carloads of ore.
civ$ Cropping
Rod Dewar has gone east to visit |    Shady Giegerich is in California
SI.OC A N    OK K    * M I I' M V.S TS
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan uiul Sloean City mining
divisions for the yenv 190!$ was. appro\
imateiy, 15.200 tons Shim January 1
to Mch 5, 1904, the shipments hiivr
lieen ae follows:
W.-«k    Total
Amenta  r>
nine Mini  	
Blink I'rlnci!	
ClndtTt'llu-Mudford     So
Ctiin«t<«iU ,.
YiAlvx Mafduu	
Hewitt         '0
ivaiHinc      Hi
Last chance    *»
Lornn P.ion	
Mountain Con	
Ottawa    ti
I'avnc  .
I'ort Hope	
Rffo    40
Iluth    »;i
Slwiin Star    ai
Sun*, i.  ,	
Total tons.
Mch. 3 Silver. 57? Lead, £11 17s(id
Mch. I Silver, 57{} I^ead, £11 18s0d
Mch. 5 Silver, 57JI Lead,
Mch. 7 Silver, 57< Lead, U12
Mch. 8 Silver, 57J Lead, £V2
Mch. 0 Silver, 57g Lead, £12
» **"*        *.*i,ff ,
•lit    liVL^I uu«
iiiii* Hit  tii.')   ptVittiiiisiiifc
of Wilson Creek trapping grounds
the charge waa dismiss**!. Officer
Black says that in future all aliens
■nri,,*r.T»* Itnt, .\., X .** /*»   n ».     t. ., *e.*t r. t.  *t\   liiitt
...., ..to....... ...^i i,....^    ,, , ^   	
district will be prosecuted to the
limit of the law.
A chinook wind has lieen working double shift this week. Our
lawn will soon be rwidy for the
j lie luU»l     .nitus   Ul
inetaia ttuu
luitieiat pivmuct-u iu iW* .South
Wales, Australia, since the discovery, is estimated at $761,500,000.
Of this, over 8253,500,000 was from
1 1    finr.jt  -r,n  r.Ari  p
t^'tH't*, ■g«.1o-i»,i»|.»1*l,'ii,v»,a   kt.l>»*.kk 'vkiniH. , <; u'lfc.v,-
000.000 from silver: $55,000,0<X)
from tin, and $14,100,000 from copper, so that the.se minerals have
produced aliout 05 per cent of the
At the shaft of the Frank mine,
which is sunk on the coal seam at
a point near the railway, drifts are
being driven on the vein lioth ways
from the shaft at the 400 foot level.
This nortion of the   Frank mine it
i mpidly Iwinfr d«»v<Mnped   to n point I ?
| where it will be capable of producing a large quantity of coal daily.
This whole property is again in ex-
I cellent shape and could eauilv produce 1,000 tons of tint] jk'i day if
the C.P.R. could furnish the necessary cars for its transportation.
at  thc
his folks
Wm. Beattie has gone into the
laundry business.
John McNeill, late of the Ruth
mine, died in Calgary last week.
Phil Hickey jr., returned to Sandon from Spokane last   Saturday.
The Empress at Bear lake is the
newest shipper on   the Slocan list.
Corey and Foster are about to
run another tunnel into the Cinderella,
The force has been increased at
the Antoine and reduced at the
The Payne tram ran away last
week and caused a sensation at the
end of the line.
The K. & S. hasn't reached Sandon since Sunday. The rotary got
through on Tuesday.
Ked Paddy has worked 22 shifts
si.f.„fAi,CA--T-t-0 lilirvn n.ii/1 *h|\*p*.£i-_i*4-.L;f.ilL
.rv- i«» *o—Jt-*»"i, I , i i\/\^ i.si v. wii\_i."*0—lR"OVI II"
plenty of ore in sight.
A. Shilland'went, to Nelson on
Monday to attend the district convention of the W. F. of M.
James McDonald and his partner
have secured a lease on some of
the workings of the Queen Bess.
Pat Griffith nnd Joe Ladell were
admitted to the hospital this week,
somewhat "under the weather."
Chauncy Stubbs is doing a turn
at the hospital this week. He is
taking cocktails from the doctor.
Phil Moore has a deal on in New
York for a group of seven claims
across the gulch fnnn the Monitor.
The trouble between the Slocan
Star and the Rabbit Paw has made
a heap of pie for lawyers and wise
The poor niinc-ownor has more
trouble The C.P.R. wants the
freight in advance on zine ore to
A couple of miners   won SS00 at
bhek jack the other   evening from
ono of the most popular capitalists
su J of the city.
■I'.'.! "
Frank Peppin has recovered from
the recent operation for appendicitis. He left the hospital for his
home this week.
A new time-table went into effect
over the K. & S. on Monday.
Trains leave Sandon at ti-.'.U) a. in.,
aud arrive at 1.25 p. in,
W. K. Will returned from the
coant Saturday evening. He says
that Vancouver is exceedingly progressive, but he likes the spirit of
Victoria better.
Win. Lawson walked into the
Lucerue Wednesday morning, leav-
the train behind a slide near Alamo.
He is attending a mewing of the
Board of License Commissioners.
Life is Sandon has taken
U'l l
on a
MtillUVoA     ti-ll* UMUIlMltWii
... t
II  •<<
eating oranges and gaining in health
everyday, although the doctors say
he will never overcome the habit of
making puns. It will stay with
him nnMl he ceases to take his ozone
Sandon Knights of Pythias are
preparing to be At Home to their
friends and brethren on the night
of Wednesday, March 23rd. Tliey
have engaged the Auditorium for
the occasion. When Sandon
Knights take it into their heads to
cut a melon they make a clean
job of it. This time they are going
to surprise their friends. You'll
be sorry if you miss it.
Tuesday evening as Conductor
Cameron was sending thc Sandon
flyer np the grade bevond Three
Forks, Frank Whitfield fell off the
train over a trestle and landed in a
snow bank 20 feet below. He was
picked up iu  an   unconscious con
dition and taken to the Sandon
hospital, where it was found that
his injuries were slight. Conductor
Cameron will tie his passengers on
The semi-annual election of
officers, Sandon Miners' Union.
was held last Saturday, and the
following chosen: President, Robt.
D. Mitchell; Vice-President, Joe
F. Mcl)<>nal(l; Financial-Secretary,
v. Shilland: Treasurer, Jas. V.
Martin: Kceording-Secrelary. P.
W. Johnston; Conductor, Isaac
MeCully; Warden. Malcolm McKenzie; Finance Committee. Robt.
McTaggartv Howard Thompson,
Perev W. Johnston.
A bank has been established in
Sar.don. It deals from the top,
and only has 5 per cent, the best of
it—which is less than the majority
This new
not lend a
i'UiiiiiiAili'itiii itu CiiiMiih «»iV
of banks get around this
cent. Kootenay of ours,
bank in Sandon does
dollar to anyone, but pays cash for
the right kind of paper. Depositors, in order to get their money
back with interest, require to be
lucky and gifted with second sight.
The proprietor is doing well and ex-
peetstoeut his whiskers next month.
He dare not do it now for fear of
catching cold irom the drafts that
blow against him.
J. T. Flynn, of Alaska, has presented to the Washington delegates
a petition signed by a large number
of Alaska mine operators and
miners, asking that the law requiring assessment work of $100 per
claim each year be repealed k<i fur
as it relates to Alaska, the argument being based on the difficulty
of getting into the distant north
and doing assessment in the shnrt.
seasons of the Artie zone. It is argued that after the plneer owners
have their ditches completed, it will
uot be so bad for   thein,   aud they
M^l*    w!n.',,(Mv.inn     until     »ln»    LrxtiM'
o-civV of thi"   ehnwtnr   tww being
tut »,«.»«*iit-ii*f .»i■ u*u hum an ott   ma i , ,       , , . ,
dodging snowslides they are squint- ,lono hn* W,'n lar«,,,y <-onip!cM.
ing at the flood gale and uoiHluriiig j    Tho present svstem of'timlwfng
how soon, oh, Sol, how mon. mines, known as the "square set,"
A shoe for  every   foot
Royal Shot Store, Xelson.
Vi'fitfcig On A irt't'ft.    iu   'ou.'-ivnvrv* Ine
jail in handon has become a cold
and cheerless place. In its present condition it is unfit to entertain company, and a rush of prosperity would min if entirely.
'♦trt.-uiM mrmi'iriiiii n't oieVMtlui
mine at Virginia <'ity Nevada, and
was the work of Phillip Deid-
escheimer. The idea was never
patented and it at once became common property. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MARCH 10,  1904.
Eleventh Year
The Ledge.
With which is amalgamated the
Sasdu.v  I'aystkkak.
Punlished every Thursday In the richest silver-
lead-zinc camp on earth.
Lesjal advertising: 10 cents a nonparlel 'ine
first insertion, and f cents a line p.icli subsequent
Insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded i'i prices according to circumstances.
Subscription, Hi a year in advance or S2.5G if
not so paid.
fertitieate of Improvement notices $7. Delinquent Co-owner notices ••'IO.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Lkdgk is located at
New Penver, B. C , and is traced to many parts
of the earth It has'never been raided by the
fiherifl*. snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued
by the fear of man It works for the trail blazer
as well as the bay-windowed, champagne-flavored
capitalist It aims to be on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing
paystreak is proof that it is better to tell th--
tru'th. even if the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation is the man
who always pays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk in paradise*, with thornless roses for a pillow bv night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
'Address all communications to—
New Denver. II. C
V oeneil cross in this square
i ■dlcates that vour subscrin
tl >n Is due. and tbat the editor
wants mee again to look at
your collateral.
Eggs are 40 cents a dozen, and
the price of cake has risen so high
that only millionaires can reach it
with their sticky and silvery fingers.
door is black with crape while hearts
are breaking, and unguish runs riot
in a hundred homes The Queen
catches fire and the watchman
knows it not. It remains for a
passenger to discover the flames and
alarm the officers. Fourteen more
souls are pushed,, across the divide,
and still we wonder at death. When
the people cease to travel in Pacific
Coast steamers the owners will
change their system.
_fliTT«_tItI i"t *»_»-*"»   1%   W» _.-»W* rm ***.„
irarfw iac~fflcn u-miio
~Dttll*U ~ UI J fl U~ U» 1 *0
way to hell is paved with four
flushes forgot to mention that the
route to heaven is littered with little
bunches of aces, stacked up in fours.
St. Paul and Minneapolis are
the greatest frog markets in the
world. In spite of this fact neither
of these cities give any sign of
croaking. Too many Swedes in
Ix Paris a couple recently
waltzed six hours and 45 minutes
for a purse of $10. Not a stop
was made during all that time, and
the band played 101 waltzes. This
record might be beaten in the Slocan, but not for $10.
In May and June mountain
fever is principally caused by drinking snow water. Another argument in favor of red eye. You
might get a managerie in motion
out of a bottle of ancient rye, but
not a touch of mountain fever.
WixTKit is breathing its last in the
lap of Spring, and in the distance
we can see thc red face of Summer.
It is a sad time, for it is an even
break that tho Slocan will bo a hive
of industry this summer and in order, to pursue the tranquility of our
placid existence we will be compelled to go away back in the country where the sounds of commerce
do not mar the sleep of man.
A in tin tiin Spokane says that
many churches are worse than the
saloons. He must be right for we
never struck a church yet in which
the parson ever set up tbe drinks,
except holy water or a full bath in
view of the entire audience. In all
our church experience we have yet
to see the parson who would stop
in the middle of a dry sermon, and
hand a dying soul a full flask. That
angel   promoter   in   Spokane is a
nlist-r* nb^uyuue  unA Aoonevnu rhonlrn  '
Tiir, timid will man rente to
travel by steam between San Francisco and northern porta. Not long
affo the Walla Walla, guided by
drunken officers ran into a toirque
and increased the majority by many
souls. Then the Clallam, captained
by a bull-headed man more avaricious than efficient, goes down in the
bight of aIujm and land, and many a
Our pathway through life is littered with   danger   from  the time
that we don our   first   shirt   until
weeping relatives   march   to slow
time behind us to that cold, clammy
and quiet place   called   the grave.
Every little while some unthought
of danger is brought to our notice,
probably to remind   us that life is
not entirely a   dream.    The latest
to come into the formation is frozen
eggs.    Eggs in a   congealed condition are dangerous   if subjected to
heat.    The fact   was recently discovered in Virginia.    A rancher in
that old placid but   historical state
went to his hen-house the other cold
morning, and  found   the floor covered with dead   hens   without the
sign of a coon   around the egg factory.    The hens   with their minds
eggs and the warmth of their bodies
had caused the high-priced fruit to
explode  and  usher  the innocent
birds into a sphere where the rooster
is unknown and   the tough spring
chicken is tabooed.     These «hens
were shot full of egg shells aud evidently died in great  agony.   The
provident rancher gathered up their
remains for chicken   soup and forbade the other   hens   making any
more dead sets.
This incident, trifling as it may
seem to the mud-brained mind,
warns us to be ever on the watch,
especially in Ontario. We know not
the day that we might sit down in
some hotel, call for ham and eggs,
and innocently be the cause of a
terrible calamity. The cook might
inadvertently sit a cane of frozen
eggs against a hot stove. Then perhaps just as we were reaching for
the mush a roar like a blast from
Dante's brimstone regions would
permeate the recherche surroundings and mingle us with the ruins,
covered with shells like a bunch of
Russians at a Port   Aithur picnic.
Look not upon tho egg when itis
cold and white in frigid silence,
for in the end it may burst like a
bomb, and spatter the pcenery with
the microbes of death. Wait until
the summer time when the frost is
iu the north aud trained hens make
their cackle just outside the kitchen
doors. It will be safe to eat eggs
in July. Just now we have'sworn
One thing leads to another.
Frozen eggs suggest bad eggs. Bad
eggs are found in every land and
are exceedingly cosmopolitan. With
a little practice, you can tell by
breaking them when they are bad.
Bad eggs occassionally explode
through their own depravity, and
give the ozone a pronounced breath,
while gloom becomes thick around
the spot upon which they pass away.
Beware of the bad egg at four bits
a dozen. It has ruined many a
purse, and raised more odor than a
bevy of she-prudes at a five o'clock
feastoftea, buns and scandle. When
properly treated the egg is a delight,
fit to be devoured by even gods and
editors. When ruined by age or
wrong treatment it becomes worse
than the perfume of a soap factory,
and more rotten than the politics
of good Toronto.
other $5,000,000 at your disposal,
gentlemen, if you have spent the
first sum wisely."
The directors consulted together
in whispers, and then quietly sent
for an officer.
The man was evidently insane.
—Chicago Tribune.
The story is told of a meeting of
creditors who were trying to settle
the affairs of a merchant who had
failed for a large amount. He insisted that his assets were absol utely
nothing—that his wife owned the
house in which he lived; that the
family farm was the property of his
daughter; that the store belonged
to his son. "I have nothing," he
said, "Except my body, which you
can divide among you."    "Well,
shentleraen," spoke up a Jewish
creditor, "if you do dot, I speaks
right now for his gall."
No clash in creeds.—A Melvin
man proposed marriage to one of
the belles of that city the other day.
Before accepting, she said:' 'George,
I love you and would not deceive
you in anything for the world. So I
will tell you beforehand that I am
a somnambulist." George looked
puzzled for a while, then remarked:
"Well, that will be all right: I'll
go with you to your church and
you can go with me to mine."—
Roberto'(111.) Herald.
Chollie—"But a fellah cawn't always pick the winnah!" Gussie—
"Then, bah Jove, pick the losahs,
and bet against them!"—Puck.
The Sandon
The Pioneer House of the Silvor City, ls now in the hands of
W. GEO. CLARKE, who has re-opened the Dining Room,
and otherwise improved the accommodations.
FirsUclass Meals Served
And the service in every department of the house is Al. uld
friends and new; pioneers and strangers in the camp, capitalists
and the Man of Hard Knocks, all taken care of and made happy
march moments
*, ' o
hot from the press and full of good stuff—at least,
stuff to make you think, and that's pretty good—is
now ready, you can have it singly, by the volume or
by the year, ten cents will buy one, fifty cents will
pay for a bound volume (six numbers) or will buy a
year's subscription to yourself or friend,   send for it.
directors together
Once there was a rich man—a
very rich man—who wanted to do
something handsome for a struggl-
ing"i nsti tntioTi~of "learning
He called the
and said to them:
"Gentlemen, I propose giving
your institution $5,000,000."
"But," they said, after they had
recovered from their surprise, "it
wiil be impossible for us to raise the
$10,000,000 that will be needed in
order to secure your munificent
"You will not need to raise any
$10,000,000," he replied; "thedonation will be unconditional."
"Then the money will bo invested
in bonds or real estate, we presume,
and we shall be allowed to use the
income in erecting new buildings
and paying running expenses?"
they faltered.
"Not at all," responded the rich
man; "the gift will be iu cash, to
be used in any way you please, and
when it is all gone, there will bean-
not?   It will cost you only FIFTY CENTS.
Address—   Moments,
New Denver. B. C.
Published each mouth by tt. M. WALKER.
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall in the city suitable for Theatrical Porformancee, Concerts. lances aiid
other public entertainments,
For bookings, write or wlro—
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
'KA Interior view. Seating capacity .150; mod
P. O. BOX 185
•   t
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
GoodH, made by
W, I'.  K11.B0UHNK & CO.
Whml|M*ir, Mnn.
R«*pre*«iit«t l.y OKOKOK IIOHTOX.
A..UCOHSUN, Proprietor
When you nro aeekltiK llmt-cln«w lintel accommodation.* you will II llli Ull'lll itt till** Iioumu.
 f ,7ft I Gold #n«l Silver. ,|l.oo
7ft|OoId.»llv,r,cop|i,r 1.5<i
HHtnple'uby mall receive prompt attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
1785 Arm ♦ho* •»*.,  I>*n*«r, Colo.
em stage appliances; furnace heatod throiiRhout: population to draw from, 1.500.
Is published once in every century, and the current number has been
on the market about a month. It is a literary blend, compiled, written
and sold by R. T. LOWERY. Its contents are streaked with humor,
with a touch of pathos here and there. The upper levels are filled with
comedies and tragedies that have occurred in the zincy Slocan when
its trails were hot with the swift rush of new feet, and the fovea' of
mining camp life showed 105. Certified assays of the cent belt appear
in Hoveral chutes, and three poems with at least $100 of Mexican money
appear like diamonds in a blow-out of gold. The lower stopes are filled
with pictures that would have astonished tho universe ono hundred
years ago. Tho stories by other writers have clean ore, although
Pickens did not write any of them. This grand and lurid publication
is cast adrift, postage paid, to any part of the earth at the following
prices: To people over 100 years old, 5c; to parsons, 15c; to busted
prospectors, 10c; to all others, 50c. On tho lst of May, 1909, all
copies aro redeemed at 810 each. Remember that 100 years will climb
the shaft of time before another FLOAT flashes across the literary sky,
get in early   with your little half dollars, and  become hftppy,
Steamship Tickets
To and from Kuropeun point h via Canadian
...... ..I*.  ..-...*•..      4*1,1.1      -■.<•*<     t.„i„„*    uniff. |   j|i
IpU.-I* hoiI full Information to unv C   V.\
Is a weekly paper published
*r*r\r*,t   i t»    vi
1 Ui. Lull*. i>.
Address all letters to—
New Denver
NeUon, B.C.
Ti •    .
11   ^t ♦<-.<.•>*
Uy. tti<ent or—
C. I\ II. A»f*ut, New IVnvftr.
W. P. F. CummhiK*. l». *>. s. A«i„ tt Uoniwn,
•■f_   ■fL il^^M m'ii'i'*    -am       tL        |^^|k *9   tL a^^ja «^^ ^^fc
StronK*«l  ever made;  Imnl-ww.d;
honmt valuer   Repairing neatly done
Pur ley Ward,      Sandon,
Miliar*' Shot* » Bpmliihy.
all the news of that great
gold camp.     It costs *2 a
...,,..    *-*•. r. 99*. r. rl fl* titf't* CaiwI
VC/U.I     iJU      **■*•*.} Ul'USJl* V*MJ>. K/v.ki.'i*
your money to—
I'OPl.AH, \. C
Job Printing
Th*. assays high in artistic ment, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
THE LEDGE Eleventh Year
See the hyphenated name
Of the fashionable dame
In the Sunday morn edition
Of the Social Statistlcan—
See the name:
Mistress Stenselaer-VanCooger-Fitz-Llew sllyn-
Now, therewith
Goes descent from Knickerbockers
Sturdy puritanic knockers
Who Knocked royalty to bits.
Welshmen—kindly note the' lFitz!"
So'you see
That the name's a pedigree.
Should this style continue for
Say, an hundred years or more
Fashionable appellations
Will display their hyphenations
By the score.
Mistress Stensellaer VanCooger-Fltz-Llewellyn-
Standlsh- Smyth - Hohenstauffer   Poniatowski-
Fuslyama-The O'Grady-Wu Tinpr Fang-
Thus, of course,
Showing the ramifications
Grafted on by all thc nations—
For, in those days, of the man,
And thc maid American
Such will be
Possibly tbe pedigree.
—New Orleans Tlmes-Demoorat.
The Dry Goods Review, of Mon
treal, refering to   the possibility of | sign to hurt and gall us.
us anxious to be annexed, but it
has put in the breast a certain chafing thought of dependence. Mr.
Bourassa and Mr. Goldwin Smith
have their views, but while the
former has ability and the latter
learning, neither could show a following of a corporal's guard. We
shall remain as we are for many
years to come, but the hour shall
strike when we shall separate from
the Mother Country—not to fall into
the arms of the United States, but
to set up independent housekeeping.
We need not fear that day, nor will
we hasten it. Our development
from this on will be rapid. In fifty
years from now we shall have between twenty and thirty million
people in this country. We shall
want then, possibly before then, to
express actual nationhood. We have
every reason in the world to hold
back from closer relation with the
United States. We have been
thwarted by the policy of that country at every turn. There has been,
J all the way through, deliberate de-
annexation, says: "Certain United
States papers are printing the alleged opinions of Canadians (who
are not named) in regard to the feeling of the Dominion in favour of
annexation to the great republic.
There is not a man in the Dominion whose opinion is worth anything who has advocated annexation. There was a time, indeed,
when annexation claimed the regard
of many of our most influential
men—a time of distrust of the
Mother Country, who had neglected
and hurt us, as we thought; and
there was a bitter feeling which
found expression in annexation sentiment. That has passed away. The
recent disappointment has not made
submitted because there seemed
nothing else to do, but we have not
forgotten. We admire the people
of the United States. They have
many admirable qualities. They
are the most alert people on the face
of the earth. They have produced
a type, from a medley of types astonishing for mental vigour. But
we do not like tbe methods of government; we do not like the domination of the political boss, though
we have had a hint of that ourselves;
we do not like the political despotism of the great centres which whips
the people into line; we do not like
the delirium which marks the pursuit of wealth; we do not like the
braggartism for which the republic
About New Denver: It is the very
prettiest spot on earth; it has a
city of 10,000 population; a branch
of the Bank of Montreal, two schools,
four churches, five general merchandise establishments, an Opera
House, a Lodge Hall, one drug store,
a barber shop, butcher shop; it is
the Government centre for the Slocan, has modern hotels, is electric
lighted from the grave yard to the
printing palace.   JJggJspace for further
stands. Canada can make her own
way unaided. She has, away in
advance of actuality, a thought—a
dim thought, but still a thought—
of independence—some day. To
place the whole of this northern
continent of America under one
cQotral government would be impossible. We shall not live to see
it, but there will be a great sister
republic unfurling its flag within
measurable time—a republic which
shall stand for peace and progress,
but which will be able to maintain
its own life without need of merging with the larger life of the great
neighbor to the south."
Our courts of law would probably
soon all be deserted if judges and
magistrates were to imitate the example of the Hungarian magistrate
in the following story:
At one time certain towns in Hungary received the right of self-government, and were in no sense attached to the counties, as were the
villages proper.
An English traveller once arrived
at one of these towns, aud, being
anxious to see the workings of the
national institutions, presented
himself at the house of the chief
magistrate and asked if he might
watch the administration of Hungarian justice.
The functionary, who was a short,
stout man, attired in a magnificent
Magyar costume, received him with
great politeness and begged him to
be seated. He then rang a bell,
which was answered by a gigantic
soldier-like official, known as a
pandier, who wore an immense
sword, a cocked hat, and a brace of
pistols in his girdle.
The magistrate inquired if there
were any cases for trial, and, being
answered in the affimative, he ordered a prisoner to be brought in.
The man was accordingly produced,
accompanied b}' the prosecutor and
his witness. The pandier then
stated the charge, which was that
the prisoner had stolen a goose belonging to the prosecutor.    The fol-
.lnwinor.„HJj«.lno-nA .t.hAn_Ansnpfl»	
changed by the lapse of years, he
hastened to don his opera clothes.
—Harper's Bazar.
"that   ere
by  Lord
Two young ladies on the promenade of a seaside resort had been
watching the vessels pass, through
a telescope lent them by an old salt.
On handing the glass back one of
the ladies remarked that it was a
very good one. "Yes, miss,'7 said
the ancient mariner*
telescope was given me
Nelson.'' ' 'Good gracious! \V hy,
Nelson has been dead nearly a
hundred years." ft "Well, I'm
blowed!" replied the salty one,
quite unabashed, " 'Ow the time
do fly!"
According to an exchange the
editor of a neighboring paper in
writing the obituary notice of one
of the citizens of his town used the
expression: "He has gone to that
undiscovered countrv from whose
bourne no traveller returns," but
the intelligent compositor made him
say "burn " The editor has been
horsewhipped by the widow and has
a slander suit to defend.
The best Tonsorial Establishment in
the Slocan.
Balmoral Bldg, Main St., Sandon
A name that is familiar to old-
tiniers as the name of Three
Forks—familiar because it was
there in days of boom and in days
of depression that they enjoyed
the hospitality of the genial pro-
Erietor, and partook of the
ostess'bountiful table. The same
conditions prevail today that
have won for the house its enviable reputation and the name of
its proprietor is—
It has lately been renovated
throughout, and is first-class
in everything.
The Strathcona s
Magistrate to Prosecutor—"Well,
what have you to say?"
"Please, your High Mightiness,
the prisoner stole ray goose.''
Magistrate to Witness: "What
have you to say?"
"Please your High Mightiness,
I saw the prisoner steal the goose.''
Magistrate to Prisoner: "What
have you to say?"
"Please your High Mightiness, I
did not steal the goose."
Magistrate to Prisoner: "A fortnight's imprisonment for stealing
the goose." To Prosecutor: "A
fortnight's imprisonment for not
looking after your goose." To
Witness; "A fortnight's imprisonment for not minding your own
The three prisoners were taken
from the august presence, and tbe
exalted representative of the law
turned to thc Englishman for approval.    	
Kip Van Winkle looked about in
a dazed manner.
"And are they all, all gone?" he
faltered tearfully.
"No," replied tho villagers consolingly. "Patti is still giving her
farewell .performance.''
Shoutiug with joy at the discovery that one thing at least was tin-
Is the leading hotel in Southern British Columbia.
It has ample accommodation for a large number of
guests, and the ideal position it occupies appeals
equally to any traveler as well as the tourist.
Drummers will find large sample rooms and all the
conveniences of the modern hotel.
jj»JB. TOMPKINS, ManagerVj
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now tho best hotel in the Slocan.
conducted on strictly first-class principles.
The Dining Room is
The rooms arc
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Elkctuic Liout, Hot
We Set the Best Meal  in Sandon
Meals .r)0c.       Tickets 87.       Main St., Sandon.
A pleasant substitute for home to those who travel. It is
situated on the shore of Lake Slocan, the most beautiful
lake In all America. From its balconies and windows can
bc seen thc grainiest scenery on this continent. The internal arrangements of thc hotel are the reverse to telephone, all the rooms being plastered, and electric bells at
tho head of every bed make it easy for tho dry moments in
tho morning.
The best and cheapest meals in the country are to lie
found in the dining room. The house is run on cosmopolitan principles, and the projector with his pack on his
hack w just as welcome as thc millionaire with his roll in
th** hnntr      V.ttorv rtnt-wt. weoU'em tho  hwwt. e*re nnd nrohv.
9  -. .
Thc liquors arc the best In the Slocan. and the hotel has
long been noted tar Its fb»h and gamn» dinner*.
This is the only flrst-class house in the Lucerne of North
America. One look at the landlord will convince anv
stranger that thu viands arc of flr*t-elass quality. Rooms
reserved by telegraph.
Henry Ste^e, Proprietor New Denver. B.C.
(Infer  your  Spring  Suit
! Natty Suitings now arriving.
■F. F* Liebscher,
Sllitrlon'a Boat Ttllor
Sandon and Elsewhere
In every mining camp in Kootenay, this great company of Meat
Dealers has established a name that will Iivt* as long as the name ofthe
Slocan. In Sandon, Manager., (iusty is ever on thc alert to supply the
best meats obtainable. Vou will always lind the best Fresh and Salt
Meats; Salt, Fresh and Smoked Fish; 1 lam, Bacon, Sausages and Lard.
And when you want Poultry in season, or feci like having a dish of
Fresh Eastern Oysters
Drop a word over the 'phone to "7, Sandon.
now. (
viunnnu »»y m*" <*n **mi,k*
IVI Hi wm 9*9 VJ Iwl *i»<lii..*i>« ol Silver-
ljeail-f.ine urn nt theUluttin. from ii*l?i#« In tli*
'ilttitifv ft N>» Il*fi\i>r.   Vint, r .*»• c* -ui* tite*
I Inr-.rt' titt'ie  m ll*■fi(t»c fiiftrr irc'-lif: (ur tAertit*. J
/""!_JFjtm^K^7jf   al\j\JM M
Arc thc Leading Plumber* of Vancouver.
Write to them when anything is out of plumb
w !>■ n*
li. UVil Hi l,h. Ml).."** Ural KsUU. I
n««-r, li C, lite », l;«>J. * Mm
Eleventh Year
A Haircut
Tliat looks good, is sold
for 50c; shaves for 25c at
Brick Block     New Denver
*, Manager of BOSUN HALL.
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
General Draying: Mining: Sup
plies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Coal & Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses and Pack Animals.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
The Comstock for the 21 years
following 1S59 produced in bullion
some $306,000,000. «
The Empire mine at Grass Valley,
producer of gold
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
nnd Crown Granted.
P. O. Box 503. Office: Kootenay St.. Nelson'
California, has been   a con turn oue
for  the   past 53
a record unsurpassed in the
United States.
The IJ1 Paso smelter was burned
in July, 1901. A new plant was
erected and in operation a year later.
Itis owned by the American Smelting & Refining company.
Less than 200 tons of copper were
produced in the United States previous to 1847. During the year
1902 no less than 272,700 tons were
produced, being a record year.
In the Kalgoorliemining district
of West Australia two kinds of dry
crushers are used, ball mills and
Griffin mills. For wet grinding
flint and Huntington mills are used.
Ofthe 20,000,000 barrels of Portland cement manufactured in
the United States during 1903 the
state of Pennsylvania produced
fully 50 per cent., or 10,000,000
The Cananea Copper Company,
of Sonora, Mexico, has completed
what is said to be the largest and
finest concentrating plant in the
world. It is operating in connection with the smelter.
"Diamond Field Jack" Davis,
the noted Western character, who
was under sentence of death in
Idaho for a time for murder of a
sheepman, is reported to have
struck it rich in Tonapah.
The three important ores of tungsten are hubnerite, wolframite and
seheelite. These ores are found in
the west in Colorado and Arizona,
though but sparingly. A good body
of either of the said ores is valuable.
The Gold King mine, Alaska, is
having erected a 100-stamp mill. It
[Condensed advertisements, sueli as For Sale
wanted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Blrtlis, Den ths,
Mardaws, Personal. Hotels, Lejjal,Medical,etc..
are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
IS cents each Insertion. Each live words or less
jver s*i words are rive cents additional.!
THK KING'S HOTKL in Ferguson is a cheerful home for all travelers to tho Lardeau.
I and American plan. Meals, M cents. Rooms
from i'u up to il. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow ahout the place except tho irold
In tho safe. MA LONE & THEGILLUS.
\/TAI>l>KN HOUSK, NELSON, is centrally
iVJL located nnd lit by electricity It is head
quarters for tourists and old timers. Miners or
millionsires nre equally welcome. THOS
MADDEN. Proprietor.
npi.IK ROYAL IIOTKL, Nelson, i* noted for
**- the excellence of llsciiUuie. SOL JOHNS,
is believed by some that this great
property is on the same vein as the
Alaska-Tread well, as the fissure is
very wide and is said to average $3
to 84 a ton.
In 1903 there was 1,370,000
pounds of arsenic produced in the
United States. During the same
period there was imported into the
United States nearly 9,000,000
pounds of the substance.
The management of theSan Juan
mining property, Silverton, Colo.,
has adopted the policy of painting
all buildings of the plant with fireproof paint, a costly undertaking,
but regarded of sufficient safety to
warrant the outlay.
Ehodochrosite specimens are now
very rare, that is good crystallized
ones. Colorado produced by far the
best rhodocrosite specimens in the
world, and some of which are almost priceless, being held by the
big museums as show specimens.
Yuma county, in Arizona, has
produced the finest and most varied
lead minerals of any other American locality. Among the best species
represented are wulfenites, galenite,
anglesite, cerussite, vanadinite,
mimetite, endlichite and stolzite.
A second 500-ton furnace has
been added to the United Verde
smelter, making the total capacity
now 1,250 tons per day. Charles
Clark, son of the managing owner
of the United Verde, will take
charge of the rich copper mine soon.
The finest specimens of crystallized galen in the world have been
produced by the Joplin lead and
zinc mines. These specimens are
noted the world over for their beauty and given a background of pure
dolomite the galena cubes make a
most satisfactory setting.
The Transvaal mining district
of South Africa produced 2,677,-
688 ounces of fine gold within the
eleven months of 1903, from January to November inclusive, tbe valuation of which amounts to nearly
$54,000,000. This indicates a restoration of the mining industry
since the Boer war   to a very sub-
Ladies' & Misses
to one individual.
The wet season is with us. If you
are to keep your feet dry, your
rubbers must be good. Another
week of low prices. One pair only
Let us fit you for the wet.
Wo  Ro n©g'SlW9 Sandon and Vernon.
A visit to our TAILORING EMPORIUM will give you an idea of
prevailing styles for FALL and WINTER Clothing. New line of
Suitings to select from.    Leave your order now for a Christmas Suit.
J. R. Cameron, Reco
Ave, Sandon,B.C.
aint the North Pole. You cau be
"Yes? Well, you aint the only
shirt in the laundry, neither. You
can be done up."
"Yes, easy—but not by the boy
that drives the waggon."
' 'Huh 1 "—New York Press.
p.o.box36 NEW DENVER.
Terms on application
this   and adjoining
BAN DON, 11. C.
Meetings In the Union Hall ever.v Friday eve
iiingat7:30 Visiting: brethren cordially invited
to att.nd. J. E LovKltiNG, , Noble Grand; A.
L. Ckaig, Vice Grand; W. J. Gauhutt, Sec'ty.
A.F. & A.m.
Regular Communication* hclfi the first Thurs
day in each month in Masonic Hall at
Sojourninghrotliren are cordially lnvi*
tend   Jajiib M  Rahton. Seereta y.
Bosun Hall—for the Lenten Season: Smoked Bloaters 12^c lb;
smoked kippered Herrings 12^c lb;
boneless cod fish >2^c lb; Lock Fyne
Herrings, from old Scotland $1.85
keg; Labrador Herrings No. 1 60.'
doz.; fresh Salmon in tins 12^-c;
kippered Herrings per tin 15c; imported French sardines per tin 15c;
Sutherland shrimps 20c tin; clams
15c tin; Golden key lobsters20ctin;
eastern Hams best in the world 17c
ft; choice spice roal bacon 14c lb;
Northern Spy apples $2.10 box,
Greenings $2 box. Watches, clocks,
Singer sewing machines to Rent,
Buy or Sell. We have everything
and at wholesale prices. Our goods
are strictly fresh. Write or 'phone
to us for prices. J. F. Delaney,
Bosun Hall, New Denver, B. &
The cockMis._m^bje™I£Qoteiiay
territories to repr. sent and advertise an o.d
established business house of solid financial
standing Salary $21 weekly, with Expenses
advanced each Monday by check direct from
headquarters. Expenses' advanced; position
permanent. We furnish everything. Address,
The Columbia, 030 Monon Hldg.. Chicago, III.
BARTI.KTT HOUSK,  formerly
Is the best *1 a day hotel in Nelson
while help employed,
the Clark
1    for Slixsnn jMJople to (inti
Is just the place
I wl
lion dry or in
search of a downy tbiuh.
r   fi.   MKLVIN,
•I,   Expert  Watch
Manufacturing Jeweller.
Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Kngravcr. Manufactures Chains. Lockets
und Ring*. Workmanship gunrantccd equal to
»njr In Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
lit), Sandon.
Sandon Lodge No.
K. OF P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
in the Pytltlnn Castle Hall. Sandon Sojourning
brethren will receive a Pythian welcome. S.
Isaacson, 0.0.     Ai.fkkd J. Mau.. K, R. & s.
AVith the divideud just declared
the Calumet & Hecla company, of
Michigan, has paid to its fortunate
stockholders the great sum of 885,-
850.000 and this on a capital stock
of 62,500 000. This record of dividends covers a period of 20 years
aud represents by far the greatest
disbursements in dividends of any
mine in the world. The extraordinary richness of the Calumet & Hecla
mine makes it the greatest mine
known, its mineralized zone compassing a seemingly endless body of
ore, the mining marvel ofthe world.
Gradually the shafts of this mine
have been carried lower until now
at a depth of a mile operations are
being carried on, yielding ample
profits for the company's enterprise.
—Chicago Mining World.
fOII.V MuLATCHIK,   Dominion and Pro
v   vlnclnlLand Surveyor.   Nelson, 11. Q.
\     R* HKYLAND, Engtneor and Provincial
t\.   LamlSurveyoi.   KASLO
'Wholesale   MoroliFtnts.
er« In nutter. Eggs, Cheese,
Kruit, Nelson, M.C
Prodnee nnd
MI.. nWIMMKTT, I.,  h.
.   HolMlor. Nolan Public,
11., Harrlnter,
Sandon, H. C
Branch OfTh-i'at Xew Oenverevery Saturday.
Innuranoe Se R.ea.1 HJato.t«*»
* Vt*.    Fit*
Wmil'MlN,* MITCH KM.
r« In Ren I!
Hou<i«Mo rent nnd Town
I    ln«tirftiiw AwiiM.    I>«w»ler« In R<*l E»t»ti»
Mining Properties.
Lul* f<>r Hulp
H. IIAHIIOAI.I., Niwlknver, ll.C,
IUM, The most complete U C A I TU
on the Continent of North A nier I- flCAL I 11
c*. Situated midst scenery unnrn n nt
rivalled for Grandeur. Hooting, n CO U II I
Klshlng ami Excursions to tho many points of
Interest. Telegraphic communication with all
part* of the world; two mails arrive aud depart
every day. Ita bathes cure all nervous aud
•mwettUr dlWAfW, It* w.\krA he.\S M Kkkey.
Liver and Stomach Ailment* of ovary name.
Thc price of a round-trip ticket between
•Jew Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round anil good for *i day*, U 13.35, Halcyon RpriiiRi. Arrow Lake. II. (3.
saloon, Sandon, do  not   carry any
lead or zinc.
Send your friends a case of beer
and buy it from the New York
Brewery at Sandon.
A shoe for every foot at the
Royal Shoe Store, Nelson.
Stop at The Queen's Hotel in
Trout Lake City.
At Mineral Point in southwest
Wisconsin, where zinc is mined
quite considerably, the following
minerals have been found: Chryso-
colla, azurite, chilcopyrite, malachite, galenite, cerussite, anglesite,
sphalenite, pyrito, barite calcite,
marcasite, Sraithonsite, calamine,
bornite and hydrozincite.
To CHARLES NEWHAUS, or to whomsoever
he may have transferred hia interest in the
Black Eagle mineral elaim, situated on the
north Fork of Carpenter ereek, Slocan Mining Division, West Kootenay.
"yOU are hereby notified that I have expended
X ilOi 50 in labor and improvements on the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days
from the daie oi this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the above
mentioned sum, which ls now due, together
with all costs of advertising, your interest in the said claim will become the
property of the undersigned under Section 4 of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900.''
Kaslo, B. C„ March 10.1904.
Is hereby given  that, thirty days
from date I intend to apply to the Board of
_Liceiie(i,Comm issioners-.for— the-Sloea n-Lieenee-
Oistrtct, for leave to transfer my
licence from the McGuigan hotel to
Roads hotel, McGuigan.
Dated this 25th day of February, 1904.
retail liquor
the Cross
Mineral   Claims.
1 near ttnr.l *<t . Sri*uo, 11 C. TIIK HOLLAR   A   DAY   HOtlxK.
Tin: iior»;i. pkhuhmon i*
I    Slociiti |k'(i|>!c when thev  ar,*  in
the lionir of
MCI M)N\ Kb lie HLACK. Proprietor*.
HPIIK   ItlllTTANNIA   HOTKL l» the <M-
•a-   I'M ami tlie best In the Lardo,   Cold M-i-ki>r»
I.i ANI1.I. IIA HOY & CO, AdvirtWiigdou.
J.   lr4clor*NiidNV»'«Curni|»>iid<iit»,SoFieei
Stn-et. LoniMi. K. C, England.
A tile of tlil< im per i'iin   n> »een free uf charge
by vhlti«r« t« Ixmdon, to whom advlco gr*tl»
will. I mi glvifiv It rwi)uli'iti*L
r9pT*-u*nlff\ snd V.tuwn ilraiOfii.
,).M ««■     %, t ■*
Vatow * aimi't.Hv of 0*44 llridg* Work.
road* in the Sl-x-trt regularly
| *% back
Oeneral   Store.
T   T. KKI.LV,  TMKKB   FORKH. d#«krln
•l»   nrietrltw. Dry a**K F.t.*.,   fMnrtii Shlp-
i*i il k»er tlie slotitu.
(each ono difl'crcnt) are
sent to anv address for
They were enriching the English
treasury of figurative speech.
"Gee, I like your work. You
seem to think you're all the eggs,"
said one.
"Oh, I don't know. I s'pose I
carry just ahout as much pressure
as you do," said the other.
"Is that so? Tarn mound and
let mu look at your steam gauge,"
"Oh, it aint necessary. 1 don't
s'pose I'm no radiator, like you, am
"I know what you are, Jimmy.
You arc a furnace, hut you've got
a bum draft."
"Is that so? Well, I don't see
no storm doors on your fuce."
"Xo?" I guess that's hocus your
windows i« frosty. You want to
get somebody to wipe you with a
hot cloth."
"(Jec, you're full o' comebacks,
aintyou? Where's all your medals?
Got "em on thc other vent?"
"No, I can't wear  'em.   Fm so
hot I melt e'm.    Feel o' me.    I've
i i    i i^i,     <«
,4<f*.trn    ..*•«<< 4 KUlMt'D.
t    1*. V ff i   * *
Yen? Well, that's very lumpy
work. They tell me different! You
must  'a'    read    that  on  some
New Crop Home Grown
and Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds,
Kiidtoni PrM'ior le*s. Whiff? Labor,
CntAloguo Free.
mnt Wcitmlnnter Road. Vancouver, II. 0
Herewith notice change in time
on this Company's lines, taking
effect 12.01 a. ni., Monday, March
situate   In  tho   Slocun    Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.    Where located:
On Slocun Lake, t>ne milt- east from Rosebery Station
MVAKK NOTICE That I. A*. R. Hcyland.npMit,
1    forE. Hunt. F.M.C. H 71W-8. U. J   Mntlic-
hoii, F.M.C. H 715(18,and 1). D. MacDonald, F.M.
0. B 71.122. intend, sixty days from the date
hereof,  to apply  to the MIiiIiik Recorder lor
Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of each of the abovo
And further take notico that action under «ec. 87
must lie commenced before the Issuance of sucb
Certiticates of Improvements.
Dated this lftth day of February; A. D. W04.
KIIACTION Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: Ntar
the town of Throe Forks,
TAKK NOTICK That I, Maurice Olntxlmrger
as agent lor The Monitor & Ajax Fraction,
Limited, free miner's eertlllciite No. II ii:<:-fi;i.
Intend, sixty days from tho date lieit<>f
.o apply to the Mining Recorder for Ct-rtllii'atm
it Improvement*, for the puriiose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of each of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must lm commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements,
Dated this lttli tiny ol January. WM.
|^UV   144.    ...
• ti< J
Direct Line  Lowest Rates
New York
Via Soo Pacific
San Francisco
Kt. P.uil, Chicago and all
S. puiutit
R. T. Lowery
Tl»»nr* W' w. 4
"Don't let that annoy you. Xo
matter where I get 'em, I can prtss
'em back to you every once in a
"Oh, I don't know."
' 'Uh, I guess yes.   You know you
Lit 6.iiiitt.ui.-»S*iuiuii~Ai
Ar 10:45a.m.-Kimlo-Lv 2:00 p.m.
Steamer Kaslo.
Lv I -M n.m.-K«*lo-Ar 11-00 nm.
AH:.'i0p.m.-Nelson-Lv SM a.m.
Tickets mU\ to nil p*rti of tho United
8tat«« and CmwcU vi* Groat Northern
and O. R & X. Comptny'* linca.
For further purticulart call on or ftd-
ROBERT IRVING, Manager, Ratio,
to *1n«trw    fnnmt Chltt*   Itnwntl    *»»,»«^..li-.
T*\r'«u»<i t*infiV1i*i«*s t'i F,n*"dnTvl ntirt t.Vii Ciinll
i ,L*i p. til.   n«iU vin all H. H. Lli t*.
For time tables, r '<•» and Information, apply
in Mif*l *$*««». tut wn :.»#'•-
H, P. A .Nelson,
K. J.tXlVLK.
A 0, P. A., VjineouviT
f VANCOUVER »„„ NttnON. BC.f


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