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The Ledge Sep 3, 1903

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Array J/KsifSi/ri^AAs^f <*/-e*-t*^-*"-~-~7
Volume X. Number 49.
Price $2.00 a Year, ix Advance.
The Lardo is full of Jbld Slocan pros*
pectore thislsummer.
Ita end is ia Bight. The Provincial
Mining association has entered poll ~
A hydraulic company is getting read;
to wagb.gold.pat of the bars along1 Lardo
Foot hundred tons oE salt are beinj
shipped via Nelsou to the chiorinatioa
works near Ferguson.
The two large mills ofthe Smuggler-
TFniou mines, at Pandora, Col., are
treating- an average of 350 tons per day
under the new management.
L. H. Season, ,who recently had
long article ia the Pacific Coast Miner,
predicts that Salt Lake ie destined to
become the greatest smelting center of
the world.
J. W. Chism and bis partner
docks have » deal on for the sale of thc
Heels group at Poplar to Spokane parties.   The group is close to the Lucky
Jack; and shows much free gold.
Whsture known as the South Range
copper unites of the Lake district,
Michigan, are producing at tbe rate of
35,000,000 pounds annually, whereas
they were unknown seven years ago.
Everything is [humming atFergusou.
The building-of the big mill and tram-
wajSInesr that-town, along with the
payroll at tbe mines, makes tbat burg
a. miniature Sandon of the olden days.
Mining men agree that theEsperanza
mine, in Camp El Oro, Mexico, has
been purchased by the Guggenheims
and the Venture corporation, jointly.
This is one of the richest gold mines In
the southern republic^
A strike of higii grade galena and
zinc blende has beeu made in tbe 400-
foot level of the Ymir. It is reported
to be wortb over ¥100 to the ton. At
this mine tbe tram is to be extended to
the No. 2 tunnel.
Late reports from Mexico reverse the
rumor circulated earlier that tbe Guj
genhetms had purchased tbe rich Dolores mine, Chihuahua. Mexico. Itis
now stated that ft California syndicate
bas purchased the mine for $2,000,000.
The mau who first located the famous
Congress mine, Arizona, which is the
deepest gold mine in tbe world, died recently in Arizona, a poor man. He
sold the Congress j for $150. The property has been held at 35,000,0000 since
E. Mobbs has a townsite called Uto,
at the Second Grossing, near Poplar.
Near it some .Swedes have a property
which they vatue at 850,000. Theloca-
tioufor a town in tbe free gold belt is
very desirable and Uto should
% bummer.
The company working placer ground
on tbe Salmon have ten men employed
and wSII install machinery this month.
Some of ihegravelgoes 45 cents to the
pan and tbe future of tbe camp is
bright, mainly through the efforts of the
company now operating on the North
Hudplph H. Hunter, tbe scientist of
Philadelphia, who asserts that he is
able to manufacture gold, announced
recently tbat be had the backing ot
capitalists of his home city and New
York for entering upon the business of
manufacturing the precious metal in
commercial quantities.
The Star group on the west Bide of
Morning moontom has been sold for
$30,009 and 10 per cent of the amount
paid the owners. A 4D-ton mill will be
erected on the property, G. W. Stead
and. Philadelphia capital are behind the
deal, and tbe sellers were John Bloomberg, J. P. Smedbery, Mike and Oscar
Johnson, of Nelson.
Eight men are working at the Alma
group, across the lake from-Lardo,
Tbe Alma runs high in gold and copper and is worked by a Boston Company- A wagon rqad is being built up
Hammill creek to the property, a- dis-
tanceofalittleoyer three miles. Tbe
Layina group is above the Alma.
Pouald, the jwetmnstec jrt Lardo, is
lower coiit than ever before^ aud
tbat an expenditure of S25*CX» will
shortly be made m equipment *ti.al**r
\o reduce the espesse ut- smelting-.
Northport; was smelting for ahoutigt
for aperfod, audit^s assumed that'the
reduction reported takesithe cost below
During the month of May the Alaska-
TreadweH company, Alaska, had its 2-a)
stamp mill running 29 days, and the
stamp mill 23% days. In tbat
period the two mills crushed 72,889
tons of ore, yielding 368,791 in gold
bnliion, and 1,6*? tons of concentrates,
vaalued at 590,470, or a total of 8159^50
for the month. The total expenses of
ttion during that period are reported as 383,313.
Albeit MacLean, of London, the director of the Velvet mine near Rossland,
who recently came to 1
Superintendent Wilson of the Le Itoi
smelting pjant at Northport, has an-
heing treated there
investigate conditions at the property,
announced before leaving that the mine
would be closed only for two months,
during which time Superintendent Gray
would make a visit to England to meet
the other directors. Mr. MacLean said
that the directors were willing to ad'
vance more monev for development.
Prom Spokane has been received a
dispatch stating that A- B. Campbell,
mine owner of tbe Cteur d'Alenes has
sold bis Standard mine of that district
to the Federal Mining and Smeltins
company for $3,000,000. Tbe purchai-
company also contemplate taking
the Empire Stato-Idaho an I the Mammoth mines, of the same district, with
the Everett and Monte Crista rail line,
the Federal company is incorporated
for 380,000,000, and appears to be the
nucleus for a successful lead combine.
The Jerome News, of Jerome,Ariz,
states that  the  Tbarsis  Sulphur and
Copper company, of Glasgow, Scotland,
which  owns  the great  copper   mine
adjoining the Bio Tinto, of Spain, bad
iption last year on the Copper Chief
r Jerome, bat let the same gobe-
»of the fact that Senator W. A.
Clark controlled the railway over which
shipments of copper would have to be
Their option was for a Jess
figure than the value of the ore now in
sight, which is estimated at $3,000,000.
Authorities in touch with conditions
of the Lake copper district state that
tbe average cost of production there
does not exceed 9 cents per  pound,
which leaves a handsome margin of
profit when the metal is selling for 15
The Wolverine, of that district
produced last year for 7.105 cents, including construction costs, while the
year previous   the cost at tbe  same
property was IS cents, showing the remarkable reductions being made   in
some of the properties.   Calumet and
Hecla is believed to have produced last
year for about seven cents.
Tbe profitable treatment of the complex ores of Australia bas been a problem which metallurgists of tbat couu
try have been working with, for years,
daring which an enormous amount of
research I143 been accomplished. Most
of the experiments have been made
with the zinc-lead ores of the Broken
Hill mines, although the fasmania zinc-
lead and the South Wales copper-zinc
ores have also received attention. The
decline in metal prices has lent an incentive to the utilization of the zinc
values and a number oE processes have
been discovered which have added mil
lions of dollars to the value of these
properties, particularly the Broken Hill
Proprietory company'a mines Experiments with nil of the processes are be
carried an, the successful processes
being magnetic and etiemica' although
the chemical processes are reported to
be the most satisfactory. One
patents recently granted in this country
covered one of the processes which was
evolved at the Broken Hill mines. Ans.
tralia promises to become a heavy producer of zinc in the near future.
Not so very long ago a gentleman of
1 our acquaintance bad 3 mining deal
on, and was expecting an investor from
tbe East who intended to examine the
property. The local man bad not come
in contact iwith. the particular species
described above, sajs the Leadville
Herald-Democrat, and' thought it the
proper thing to tell some of: his friends
about the arrival The first man he met
took him. 10 one eioe «-d inipiessively
breathed these words in bis ear:
'Son,*' said,he, "you hold your ton-
e about that eastern party coming
here if you want to get that deal
through. Take the advice of a philosopher, and do as I tell yoa. When you
team that your party is to arrive, meet
Mm at the depot, and don't let him out
ofyourstght until he leaves- Eat with
him, sleep with bim if neeessary; don't
let anyone else talk to him, ^unless you
certain you can trust the man he
talks to.
^hereare men who prowl around
ikiB£ just such fellows as your friend,
theinvester. If they can get next to
bim theyll blast your reputation, and,
after sowing the seeds of distrust, they
will seek to lead the man to look into
their schemes. Take my advise and be
Thisisnot a dream, but a true story.
The home "promoter" ie a dangerous
character,   He lurks in our midst and
poisonous.   Bat if the public is
i&ide aware of his characteristics"thos£
danger from bis poison can guard
Barney Layton, the new manager of
the Sullivan mine in East Kootenay ha"
been visiting the property and has this
say about the company's   future
5 the desire of the company to rework on thesmelter buildings at
Marysvilleand work the mine to its full
limit    You all know here that the company hae had its financial difficulties,
said Mr. Layton, as tbe result of tbe
towards building a smelter
Tbe heaviest stock holders are anxtoui
place tbe company on its feet ant
mete out justice to all interested in the.
proper; v^-tTdo this we have mutually! 10°IoIS b{we been ^^
arranged to secure the funds
In sightl This is tbe ore body opened
np on tbe Hesperus group four miles
from Grand Forks on the west slope ol
Hardy mountain. There are over 150
tons of ore on the dump and experimental shipments to the Granby smelter
will be made shortly. Just how wide
the ore body is has not yet been determined. The capping consists of decomposed lime and quartzite impreg
nated with copper stain, and appears
be from To to 100 feet wide. The mineral
lies betneen a contact of diorite
and porphyry and can be traced across
both claims; in fact, half a dozen open
, in addition to tbe main workings
have disclosed tbe oreiin place.
Since development work was started
ss than a month ago an  open cut 100
feet long was run through wash until
ore body was encountered.   Tbe
irs then ran in on the diorite foot
wall which trends north and south with
a dip to the east Ten ifeet farther in,
at the face of the open cut tbe workings
(18 fset wide) is all iu ore with no hang-
_ wal> in sight. Thus far a depth of
•25 feet has been gained. The open cut
will he extended 50 feet farther a= a
mel when a crosscnt will be made to
determine the width of the ore body,
if surface showings count for anything,
the Hesperus will soon rank as one of
the biggest propositions in the Boundary, not only in regard to values but
squally so in respect of width. Theore
s a typical sulphide with a matrix of
lime, iron and silica in the proper proportions to-make it self-fluxing.. The
lowest assay obtained was $11 per ton.
Several tons tbat will average $50 have
been sacked,; bnt careful sampling
placed the average value of the face of
the workings at ;S15 per ton in copper,
gold land silver in  the order named.
e group is downed by the Hesperus
Gold Mines company, a Chicago corporation.—Grand Forks Gazette.
Poplar Creek.
The popularity of Poplar Creek still
continues. Every train from the south
crowded with prospectors and people
looking for business or mines. Tnere
least 500 people in the camp
and vicinity, tbe greater number being
The town was laid out and lots pat on
the market on August 17th, and over
going on rapidly and the sound
by the sale of bonds for 8250,000 to take ol hammer, saw, and axe is a continual
tbe old indebtedness and leave
rking capital to proceed with the
ns agreed upon    It has been agreed
that 20 per cent of the stock shall be
used as a bonus to tbe parties taking the
bonds, and that tbe stock shall  be  fur-
from daylight to dark. After
dark there is another kind of singing,
produced by the bottle and glass or high
The business interests are represented
by one hotel completed and two under
nished by large aud small stockholders (construction,   one   restaurant.
Swede, three atores, one assay office,
bakery, barber shop, recording office,
townsite office, and one tourists
across the creek.
Prospecting is the principal business
now aud the   hills
thorough search for the precious before
ti. O- Buchanan has a deal on for his
mill and timber at Creston.
In Poplar the e*hsi day a Kaslo n
ian won enough money to buy a to
Free gold has been traced train Rover
creek to the windows of Nelson merchants.
The Ledge is prepared to sell advertising space to the business men of
Ferguson has fewer churches than
ay other camp of its size in this
Mayor Smaiies of Greenwood and Dr.
Gordon of Phoenix were in the city
The Rosemount is the name of a new
restaurant next   to   the   Athabaska
Three more hotels iare to be built at
Poplar. Fred Kaiser of Eholt will he
jne of the new landlords.
Try a typical typographic triumph
when you need iob printing, by calling
on Lowery at his Nelsou office.
GusOIeson will have the wagon road
> the gold bonanzas of Forty-Nine
finished next week.   The cost is 51,GOO.
Parm Pettipiece was in town last
week, hoarse from shouting at Fernie,
He is now in Ferguson looking at the
Eagle plant.
brtune awaits tbe lacrosse team
that can beat Nelson. Still people frill
ilain of bard times instead of doing
The K. & S. By. runs a steamer every
Tuesdoy, Thursday and Saturday to
Lardo. This tri-weekly event is much
appreciated by the public.
George Neeland3 was the first man to
buy and sell lots in Poplar. He made
3150 on tbe deal, and only had the
ground a few minutes,
The name of the Phair hotel has been
changed to Strathcona The house has
been much improved of late, and has
few equals west of the Red river.
Nelson needs a music hall.   Not
id, roaring, short-skirted comique, but
a hall in which music charms the soul,
it is not necessary to go outside to
politician, 'passed through Nelson this
week on hie way to Poplar. Mr Butler says that be ia not taking any active
part in this campaign, and the fact tbat
he was in Kelson at the same time as
Duncan Kosa and R. P. Pettipiece, bas
uo political significance. Years ago
candidates 1 wen men of substance, if
providence didtft bless them with great
ability; now they are an impecunious
lot of hot air shooters, that is not worth
while enthnsing'about.
, In Rossland.
(Several Miles after Kipling,)
"lVbat makes tha people took so glum?"
said Files-on-Parade.
" Cos beer is Up, 'cos beer is np," the
Color-Sergeant said.
"Is that what makes you seem so blue?''
said Files-on-Parade,
'■Ton ve guessed it right first time, my
son," the Color Sergeant said.
"They're putting up the price of beer in
growler and in can,
The thing's enough to raise tbe ire of
every thirsty man;
There's but oneway to fix it and Ith ink
I have the plan—
And we'll take to drinkin' whiskey in
the raornin'!
Four Ways to Health.
Hygienic living deman ds imperatively
tbe absolute purity of the four follow-
' ig necessities: Air, water food and
thoughts Granted these, you have the
constituents out of which nature formulates such a 1 perfect creature tbat the
inward punty seems to lend a radiance
to the personality. It is not simply a
law breaths of fresh air a half dozen
times a day that a woman needs, but a
continuous supply, and just as the
greater part of women are .half starved
for fresh air so tbey are also stinted,
oftener from ignorance than necessity,
inthe quantity of water the body requires to keep it clean and healthy.
Pleasure of a pure elevating nature bas
come to be recognized as having a distinctly therapeutic oflice, and hence to
be one of these factors which merit the
same consideration and consideration
aud attention as other necessaries in
a. well ordered life.
alike. This plan has met with the general approval oE the heaviest stoekhold-
holding back.
They must all understand that to complete this deal this stock must be 111
hand, so that we can have it to transfnr
to the parties buying the bonds. Sup-
prise a person hold.**, sevcial thousand ' the snow fall;,, aud many rich diseover-
nbaresoE stock. At the present price, * ies should be made. Very little devel-
20 per cent would onl> amount to a fii? j u^mnit hns ueeit done so far. Tlit
dollars, and if the move is a success the Lucky Jack aud theJlarquu>e& Gilbert
remainder of the stock would natural'? [ claims nre doing some work with goud
increasu very much m value, it ia lo ! results. Several deals are pending and
the insert"-* of every stockholder io 10 some will likely go through
operate with us in this movement 101 Among recent arrivals are L. Alexati
that we may he a bin to go ahead with - der, Greunlcn*, Shannon, .McLaughlin,
the work Bindle,  Tbnro-jwou, and   Morrison  of
Patsy Clark of Spokane speaking otj Sew   Denver:   Kirkwood, Bos Smith,
his visit to the mine,-aid tbat lie had   Fife    Luscom,   Emm   Slocan.     Bruce
carefully examined the under ground j Whit^ showed up on Tuesday and has
workings and surface croppings, and i been btmy looking over different claims
ikly stated that so far as Che show-j Andy Jacoh-.on is expected here next
_ j were concerned it was the greatest [ train  to start work ou his proposed
lead mine he had visited.   '-There are hotel.   P 11 Hayes of Sandon u* iook-
WaddsBros had a photograph tent
tbe Lardeau last week.   This firm
turns out the finest work  In  the land,
and have for sale views of the finest
scenery iu Kootenay. j
Brace Craddock was m town the other
day on his way to the Lardo. Bruce,
along with the agreeable Jim Dawson,
ran a hotel in Kelson when the pack-
train was more common than street cars
thousands oE tons in sight ready to ship
which will go So per cent in lead, and
ire body i» -Si ft<-t wide, shun nig
pure galena for its whole width." said
Mr. Clark. One shoot has heen (IpvcI
oped for 250 or 300 feed. The lode has
been exploited on the dip of the vein, I
should say for 160 feet. I was ngree-
ably surprised at the showing and if it
assays as reported it is a big proposition.
Eighteen feet of ara running -Sis per
ton id all values with, no hanging wall' pmyin' fer fair weatfii
By a Biiclielor.
Too many servants spoil the « orfc,
A woman considers that her husband
is trying to do better when he ie smart
enough for her not to catch him.
It is simply beyond the understanding of a man bow a woman can see bow
to walk right into his arms when it is
pitch dask.
.    Anoman gains weight mighty fast
Parties 11 search of warmth should P wben aho has E habit o/ ^     on her
sendjl to a. T. Lowery, Nelson, and j hu3band.s lap,
get fcibaek numbersof Lowery'sClaim. 1    „. ^ _. ,    . .        .   ,   -
Like wine it improves with age, and in The «""* tnuk1° ""prying wisely W
one hundred year* ,t U sate to say that. not s0 "J"*10 ",ck tUa ri*M one M
each copv w.ll he worth 81ft. , nM M Pick ll,e *"•* 0,,e-
Dick Blnudelt was in Lardo the other 1,£tTl tT, ^ ""^ l° "* "^
day looking for the lot be bought it
nt town eleven years ago    In order'.' __
nMhltajAHftirlU have tobesunk The Ghost Tlmt Failed.
a  feet.    This  shows how fast   real 1    ., , . , „       ...
estate grows i„ western towns. ,    B™™ls* ^d, ***** but ****
" , „ one bad habit.   It Is of never reaching
Beer advanced iu Rossland last Tue*=- hom[, unn, the amall hourB o( the morn.
day and surprised tbe natives of that (i|j(,
hut did not fin on the Nebomtes. j    £nt Qm (|      ^ weafc Mm b feR on
Sot being familiar mthfi cent hdtooners I Jt p!]|ii    „ she cpmd no(. parsuadt! him
irely blew away the foam and ou[  o[  lbB  ]lab]t  p,.^^ she ^m
frighten him out ot it And, conse-
rook a long bit where only on ^tho yes- qU(,nIlv> when he reachetl homB lhat
terdaj a nickel sufficed.   Fur greedy | nlftlll ,;o wascQHfroI1Eed bya tall, white
ing  for the  mother lode,   but Micky
Jioi.ahan claims he has already located
it    A t-upy or '1 &*. Lei*" strayed into
camp last Tuesday.   To the boys it t
a letter from home.   It certainly 1
read by fifty people first night of
rival.—J K,
Erw. Pike—Mother, you got ter stop
takin' iu summer boarders, er else I
got ter quit fanniu".
Sirs. Pike—W'y pa, wb.U's the mattery
Ezra Pike—They's no use in prayin'
with fourteen.summer hoarders
things to a girl about Iter beaux he is in
y to cut tliem a
afters the gin mills
the stud dealers in Ferguson.
Nelson had a nu-nti!
politicians sojournmg
, night be irantt.  ,, —,.-, -
Rossland equal  sllrxlBded ngure> wtaeh jjudgj towards
minent" j    '• W-h-a t's tliat ?" gasped poor Brown
ity the'    *-i  am  the family ghost!"   replied
past week -.   Duncan Ross, who believes (a sepulchral
that the dry rot wouldn't affect tbe po- ■    "Great Scott J" he said.   "How you
tatocropor the provincial treasury if  frightened me!   I thought rt was the
the Grits obtain 3 comfortable working' missus:!'
majority; K P. Pettipiece, who sports
a red hat and lie, thinks the province
needs Socialism or some other kind ol
explosives; aud Joe Butler, who hns
big disgust 011 with thu modern method
oE choosing candidates.
Joe Butler,  of   New    Denver,   the
pioneer prospector,    wild-catter,   and
An Oklahoma sditor lircd sht^hots at
a man who refused to i>ay *t on sub-
acription. It taaes an expert with a
gun to llit a I.ttle tliini; like that.
There's many a mau selling suspend ern these days that holds his own
rsup with a belt. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, SEPTEMBER 3, 1903.
Tenth Yitar.
sirens  in  the  underworld."—John A,
The Ledge.
With which is smnlk'ui'.wtod the
'    Sandon I'avbtukak,
Published every Thursday In the richest-silver-
leivd-zlnc camp on earth.
Legal ndvertisini? 10 cents a nonpiiriel lino
first Insertion, anil S cents a line each subsequent
limcrticm. Heading notices 25 cents a linn, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to clrciiinstaiu'C.s.
Subscription, $2a year In advance or $S.50 if
not so paid.
Certiiicato of Improvement notices S?, Delinquent Co-owner notices iio.
Fellow Pilgrims: Tub Lkdok is-located at
New Donvcr, B. C , and ts traced to many parts
of the earth It has never been raided by tlie
flheriff, snowslided liy cliean silver, or subdued
by the fear of man. It works for tlie trail blazer
as well as tlie bay-windowed,eliiunpai;ue-ttavored
capitalist. It alms to be on the right side of
everything, and believes that bell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
Mood the test of time, and au ever-increasing
Saystrcak Is nruof that it is better to tell the
•uth, even If thc heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation Is the mail
who always nays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk in paradise, with thorn less roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look al
by dar.
Address all communications to—
New Denver, B. C.
A pencil cross to this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wants once again to look ut
your collateral.
enough to be bom in Oningcville, he
was early a bright star upon tbe
Buffalo, and Toronto press, but an
erratic thirst and a love of travel
drove     him     west,      where     he
wrote   "Wandering   Willie Water-
tank of Walla Walla, Wash.,'! and
other touching poems.   Ketchum was
a real humorist in more ways than
one, and once said that after death
he would need no funeral.   All that
would be necessary was to pour him
back in the barrel.   When the bloom
was on the Slocan boom he wandered
into our oflice at New Denver.   We
assayed him, and he went 400 ounces
in hope, 00 cents in money, and a
trace in beer.   He wanted to start a
paper in Sandon, so we gave him the
capital, and he rapidly rose to for
tune,   becoming  chief of police in
Nelson, and it is said that he only
made  one arrest in  nine months,
which is proof conclusive that Seneca
was a  humorist.    He resigned   his
position to become married.   Since
then he ran a  successful paper in
Sedro-Wooley ior many years, and
some think tbat such  a long resi.
dence in one place hastened his end.
Although  Alex, and Seneca   have
gone where the devil never shouts
for copy, we hope that while they
are loafing around the throne they
will waft some inspiration down the
wireless to the editors still laboring
in  the  sphere   where   the   sheriff
breaks in, and all is not gold outside
of-Poplar creekr-Peace-to theirashesr
"We will give it to him once more,''
added the electrician cooly. jlle
wanted to make a sure thing of the
job, and earn his money. How depressing it is, in this enlightened age
of ours, to think that a man can be a
public executioner and still hold u^>
his head when he passes decent people on the street! It was not so in
the Dark Ages.
When yon are forgotten or neglected, or purposely set at naught,
and you smile, inwardly glorying in
the insult—that is victory,
\Vhen your good is evil-spoken of,
your wishes are crossed, your taste
is offended, your advice ridiculed,
and you take it all in patieut, loving
silence—that is victory.
When you are content with simple
raiment, plain food, any climate, any
solitude, any interruption—that is
When you can stand face to face
with folly, extravagance, spiritual
insensibility, contradiction of sinners,
persecution, and endure it ail as
Jesus endured it—that is victory.
When you never care to reler to
yourself in conversation, nor seek
after commendation, when you can
truly love to be unknown—that is
Act Natural.
When Pegleg Smith had got tired
in Butte, and made almost everybody
else tired iu the place, he borrowed a
bank roll from I3en Kingsbury to
start a faro ilier in Anaconda, says
tlie Pacific Coast Miner. Kingsbury,
who was a mining man as well as an
all-round sport, gave the money willingly, wishing to give Smith a
chance to redeem himself or to stop
the almost diurnal drain on his
finances. Smith started his game
and had a hot crowd in front of it,
and it was not long before the bank
was tapped.and broken. He wired to
Kingsbury, "Am broke. How shall
I act?" Kingsbury, without waiting
an instant, wired back, "Act natural,
you idiot."	
| Mail Orders.    |
1     §
W We give  all mail  orders  our  ^
■jj^ prompt and careiul attention,   §
.......... |
| We Solicit Yours
§ — ,
| For Prescriptions
Of all kinds.   Kodaks, Cameras   §
and Photo Supplies. $
It behooves us to be careful. Even
Morgan is said to be in danger of
going broke.  	
Kootenay is again prosperous and
Its inhabitants making money, with
the exception ofthe editors.
In thirty years all the timber
available for lumber in America will
be used np, and the buzz of the saw
will be dead.	
While on a trip through the Lardo
last week we were covered with
mud. An assay of our clothes shows
several colors.	
If the showings along Poplar creek
were on top of the north polo instead
of a fow hours from Nelson, all tlie
world would bo aflame with tlie desire to see them.
In Hamilton the price of beer has
gone up §1 n barrel, and thc editor
of the Spectator haa become so dry
that it is dangerous to go near him
with a match.	
With the rise in silver, the bonus
on lead, and the zinc industry, the
Slocan should soon be lu a very
prosperous condition. If it docs not
soon reach that condition the fault
will lie with flic mine managers.
MuMl.vs.s te thu title ol a link:
magazine Issued in Now Denver by
II, M. Walker, In a t.V|>o«ni|>liicaI
sense it te a beauty, and its editor
has Iuul enoiiirh of experience to
make itn contents palutable to thone
who love Idealistic literature.
and  may their spirits never grow
tired gazing at the sights ot paradise.
Through sexual love humanity
realizes its unity with the cosmos,
and becomes divine.—Ironicus.
Religion bids man endure, suffer,
have faith, and accept finally everything as from God, and thus is the
best friend ot oppression; liberty rises,
looks religion in the face, and not
knowing which to do first, laugh or
curse, ends by spitting on the idols
and bidding man ignore threats of
hell and hopes of paradise in favor of
attention to the things of this life.
Unattended to, religion gasps and
Nothing is really right, and nothing is really wrong; nothing is really
good or really bad—only as we consider thnt it is so, believe it to be so.
If people could only cliunge their belief, black to them would appear
white, and things old would appear
new once more. All tho qualities
of objects that attract our notico or
a fleet us iu any way have their seat
in our feelings or in our pcrceptlonn.
Wliut is high for ono man is low for
another, and plenty of people perceive no color where color exIstH In
§ School  Books
ft --»--«-*-*-—__-—-.
ft and   Supplies.    Blank   Hooks,   ^
ft «
■Sv Letter   Books and  OHioo   Sta-  w
To and from European points via Canadian
and American lines.    Apply   for sailing: dates
rates, tickets and full information to any C.
Ry agent^or—
C P. R. Agent, New Denver.
"*, P. V, CnmminKa. G. S, S. A«t., Winnijwt?
tionery, Wall Paper, Etc., Etc.   §
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Lands and   Mineral  Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
I'. O. Box nil:),       Ollice: Kootonuy St., Nelson.
The other day Secretary Hitchcock referred tiie following letter,
addressed to him, to the pension
bureau for consideration: "Befor the
the war there wasn't no man who
could a throwed me down or made
holler but now a goodish sized man
could blow me over, and I am so
nervous now I holler when I hear a
hog squeak in killing time or the
jists of my old house grono with the
-winds—-I— aint—playitt—no-baby-aefc-
Mr. Sectery, but if you alls is spreading $20 bills out in the son to dry
you mite jus as well let me have a
few as any nuther olo soljer. I ort to
be paidjfor my nervousness.1'
Not long ago a young college graduate gave the following as a toast to
competition at a college dinner given
in one of the small towns in New York
"Here's to Competition, bright-eyed,
beautiful Competition, which though-it
is the life of trade does not forget to
become the dealh of humanity, Here's
to that wliich with the look of an angel
drives mankind to the devil, For we
see co-operation among tlie trusts and
big moguls of capitalism while Competition grows ever keener among the
workers for jobs on the outside.
"The keen-eyed spirit of Competition
controls the world of today far more
powerfully than anything else; and the
Golden Calf, unseen but potentially
felt, is the force which draws many
idolaters to its shrine. For every one
in the twentieth century age is grasping for but one thing from each other,
and love, home, friendship, patriotism
and all the old-fashioned virtues of
thing is Gold.
"For it husbands become demons
and kill loving wives, wives* poison
husbands, children sacrifice parents
and parents make away wilh their offspring so that they can obtain some
petty pense from infantile insurance.
The profit-masters of the day working
through the power of the organized
trust sacrifices men, women and children in slave-pen, wage factory, sweatshop and mine, a vast number of wage
slaver, maimed or mutilated as victims
unto monstrous greed.
"For it many a weary worldling in
this wild satanic sphere of existence,
in his chase after the elusive dollar is
driven iusaneward, pushed over the
the precipice of the night into a realm
of riot and boisterous hilarity where
cowards crouch, maniacs laugh with
glee, and blithering idiots jabber and
make faces at each other; and madhouses plentifully increase in a world
of wild-eyed wickedness where llie insanity of competition is llie incentive
to a most powerful activity. Specialization is the thought ofthe hour; and
in the narrowness of an omnipotent
genius-embracing specialty insanity increases with due and proportional representation without anv undue piomin-  .
* .        I r t«l»n! |'iili!!c iiii'i-*4.liv.
erne to  sex,  color,  creed  or  previous I   •'tTomhii-i tint i>rhn*f|>li*n »•( ^ivi-miiieni own-
,, , - , .. i-inliiii nl rulltt.i.v* in mi fill as tlii'rlit'iiiiiMiiiiri'h
coiwhti.ni of '.'.'n.'tii.i'.li.'.     \iu>,,   ■• *■-<   -■•' ■,,    ,    .        , .,       ■     -.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip cigars. Union
goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented by C1EOKGE HOKTOX.
The Umpire's Hubniyat.
A book of rnlim. a frown upon iny brow,
An inriieittor, a umhI eye nml thun
iii'hiilo  nm, shrieking   "Lobster,  thou art
Oil, this, until inks were iiKony enow,
Strange, Is it not, tluit when 1 ealht strike,
I'l-oUMi Iii every luvnst sini-ere dislike ?
Vet, if 1 eal.l that sell-sumo curve a ball
1 ion utilised by Turn ami Dick ami Mike.
What beets il though ll player be tiuW'il nllt.
beyond the slightest* shallow of n ilonbl ','
The very instant tlmt 1 wave iny hwml,
From stand nnd hloiuhers eouies a threatening shout.
1 sometimes think that when my mee is run,
When three strikes hiiye been enlleil, ami, all
1 hciirSI, iVt.ii'iviiil ills riot net
I'll kick ou his ili'i'lsion, just ft'-r fun !
Cockle & Papworth
KASLO,  13.  C.
Henry's  Nurseries,
Custom Typewriting
The best in Nelson. No amateur
work. Travelers, mining men
and others can have their work
done promptly at the
Business School
Victoria street, opposite the City
Library, Nelson.
A name that is familiar to old-timers
as the name of Three Forks—familiar
beeause it was there in days of boom
and in days of depression that tliey
enjoyed the hospitality of the genial
proprietor, and part011k of the hostess"
bountiful table. The same conditions
prevail today that have won for the
house its enviable reputation and its
proprietor is—
Mineral  Claims.
Sltnato in the Slocan Mining Division of
West Koote.iay District.'Where loeated:
Northwest of Hear Lake, about (! miles Irom
Three Forks.
'PAKE NOTICE that I, Robert Mel'hersoii, free
1 miners' certitieato No. B ili«H3, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Keuorder for Certilicates of
Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of each of the. above claims,
And further take notice lhat. action, under section 37, must he commenced before tiie issuance
of such Certitiwites ol Improvements
Dated this lizd day of J unc. A. 1). 1908
FltKIHiY Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Sloean Mining Division oi West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
the (ialena Farm, adjoining the S'.evcn-ou
Mineral Chum,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis .1. O'Reilly, of
Xelson, B, C.as agent for John A. Tinner,
free miner's certilieate No. H 80T0O, and Hugh
Nixon, free miner's certiiicato No. B 8otiiK>,
intend, sixtv days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilieate of
Improvements, for the puriiose of obtaining a
Crown Oraut of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section .17, must he commenced before tlie issuance of such Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated this 4th dav of June, A. D. liKi.1
Roses, Bulbs, Rhododendrons,
Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
Greenhouse and Hardy Plants
Home  Grown  and   Imported
t Garden, Eield and Flower Seeds
We have a bettor stook than over, and vou
will save money by huvint,' direct. Mv new
CiitnliiBUi'Jwlll tell you all -rbout it. Mailed free
S0O!l Westminster Road. Vancouver, ll.C.
To H. EUMMKLEN, or to \vhon,soevor he may
have transferred his inteiest in the Solio
mineral claim, situated In the. McOutenn
Basin, Slocan Jil'mi? Division, West Kootenay Mlnlnif Division.
YOU aro hereby notified that I havo expended
e'KK.SO In labor and improvements upon tho
above mentioned mineral claim under tho provisions of the. Mineral Act, and if within <.Ki dayh
from theflatc of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the lahove-
mentioned sum, which Is now due, together
with all costs off advertising, your Interest iu the said claim will become Uie
property of the uuderslitiied tinder Section i of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act lnoo."
Kaslo, B.C.,May 3(1,11*13.
|Atli>i-tiil at Itcvi'lstiikc, Sejilrmlicr 13th, l!*ti.]
I, That this rmivi ullnii reiilllnns llie 1ml.c.v
of the party In ninth r« ul provincial roadi. and
ti'iill-t; the uwini'liip iuul ciiiitl'ul ul riulwity*
and llie development of the uciteiiltnnil nnour-
iii. of llu: ptuvliirt ;i« I dt down lu the pl.illiiMii
Hl|o|,li il In I Irlol 1 I', IKi'.l. which I. as lulloW*:
•• Toiicilvi'lv niii 111 tlie const ruiilou oi nails
tlir"iit'lii,iil thn unili \iluiii d |um! on* ol lie
province mid the builillni,' of provincial trunk
■ ■ ■ THE ■
Newmarket Hotel.
abtituliinco.   Two extremes uro nl
\v;iyMli(M'tul of one nnd  tlio wnnH-iiiumc in hi> emo'.i.ny.iutyi
;"v  '■'-,Xl..i■,.
finpi;   from  ihe hint,'  on  his K«»IJen I tl((> |ir(ll
n..:...'. i,.i,
tlmt mi limiti? uliuttlil h>-ui'.iutril to
y'ri.lH'"lyi'iiiiiii-niv which iim ►■   i>"i eHi'tin-
fnvcniiiiiiit  of   ihe   province coniiol ol rat<'«
mi r Inns I iiint'i d.louithrr »lth the option of
" i'.l H'-tlU'U   :l*"\*H liy M.llc |i|i| III Ihi* id-U'l'Ul-
hetween jrouiiiesa and ImdiiesH, or {union  i*   a^iinsi   uiH:on>tittitioii.iiity | i^'r'*"'' H-;,i4"""'-tl ""-""^ "; tfi' <'"v-
uluitc     1.1 slum    ol"   illili-iili     *•    Thid   In   llie llli'lilitlllie  ami   lllllil llie Mil
WIIOIl,    S) Ml 111   Ot    jllUUI.il ;„,„* ,„,!(,,> ,,,|,„vt. „H,,„|, cube hi mi-INe-d.
n Hi-iu r I riilluiiy hi 1 11- |n«~ d. ulvlntt Iru'd'Hii
iio i'i,|i"!lilit   inll-*t,i)« unili-r erlt'tiii   i|,|,i,i\n|
line, ainl there is 110 murk U)separate ,|lt.  injuimion-scniiiK jndi-v  on ihe
them.   There is no actual tlin'erence|,|u. |,c„th-aho>e whole billions ,ousti-
litr^enentH mid tmiallnesH, or utreiigth ;u,j wlm-e
and wenklieiw, or  between  lieftt lind \ procedure is biased in favor of torpor ,
, ,        ,, . 1 ti        1 I ' lt.it •ililit   rMll«,t)« lliuli-r c.ittiu  !»|i|.l.>V<
cold.    At) one could tell  where one >;()t. power, Aw prvsidcni in ihe sirvnn- i r*-«iii,iiioii« nmih-voti" t" the *y»i.iu ih-.n lm
,       . ,    ., ,, 1 t 11 ' . i r"-:liltnl III *"iu h r\leii*lve   railtv-.o' ruti-lrucfliiu
benms and the other enda.   In Mil j ,„,,-, p-iv ,,f his biWh o\)lce to Aw pi-.is.nit ; iiiih.t ■mhiisiti^, niih * mil j.iv»ni«Kt*
c.im:* the dilVt-reiice Ih one of decree.
,    , , . ... .       ,        , , to truili'iiiiil Ci'iiiiui ti,.
ill Ins tiK'b..ippvat'\ng Inti tncrhnrditHd 1    x   .,.(( „ ,„ ,.,„.,„„.„.,. „„.,„,„,„„ ,„(t„.irv t\«-
ti      11.    tim is a oiui v«?i»r ior !"*"■*• •»••»*»* -* •• * * "««•» «-«.
"IO J OK© Canadian   hutuuiiau.   iwn-d tn ■» pl^ny.   A day that, i.i hot
Mux. I'liie, crazed hy the Iokh of his
witn.  went aloft bv the (run route.
Manv of the liest claims In the
Lardo Ih«U are owned l»v .Swedes.
The Swede in » «rcnt rustler.   He
will crow* a continent mi a kmnoek, j Things are for u» merely what woj vvi,|, work, bothered with the ox .nul j i^.'s.' '«i*.V. .".rm. t*.i*/i. tn,,,",",,,*,,;'^ »V,r.Mi.i »^. <,r, ii„.
climb a  mountain on a winriwlcli, |think tliey are, and their qualitiesjj,.,,,,.,,^ |,v ||U. w|,(,|t. round world i.f!,,Y!,Tir»r[iM^^^^
and locate a fortune l«fui« miinw j*o j «|e|tsntl ujion llie standard witn wmcli | nluj, a|| arc luinkd and tarn-J in a i ^V;V;,Vi^'.-Ii'-.%,.''ii-it,h*i\T»^,Mt^'ii»'iViVi!*-."''*""**
pl« have laeed thflr yellow hiHits.      ' tve CJiiipare them,    A  man of  luwl | wo-rW wln-ie ihv ii.-.uuu uf Aw. iota.;   .'. iu.t . e ni,. ..(,* •»,■».*..! m,-.* Uu-Ain-
   - .iti.i 1.1 . , 1 to In- ill*i*"*il i-f »h <ii|in>'' i'.-M-rvn,l fr>itn mIc or
Tills W » l««l VCar for uraUs •H!'-tf''1   ** ft  K"'"1   when 0»UI-j pi-iitive   suptrsiititm   rules  with   ib;ii : |.■■**,..*■.ilmt »uwi*ii.ti tnln.» tuny l« «a«ily
1 ...... 1 ... ■      •.-      1 ■  ,  1 .nn-*llilc. il ihfii nit-run 11 lm mnt* tn 1 ft-iity
same pi-tMin ol deiiion-ejei.l slnte uliult . „, .ui-,i.,,.i,|i-.
for some people I* Cold fur Others. I |,(res hut to beirav and iii.hM.ii, ! ,"   Tlmt In the |m*i- liml lent.; imivWon
I ' • •Vt'tthl   !»•    lit.tilt-   f««   e.i-il: -UllHil   .Mid   Ui.»l   1U-\H
It   is   :ist(illlshill(r   llOW  blind  tOIHO J      "For it   lioliiless  anJ   sainlly sweet- -. .hmM U ■ lakt-i, »,.r lie  w.n.ril in.^MrtUoii ..f
while KiincCA it* Ketchum tfruHiteri i |»cuplu Iwcome at la»t bv being hu-ss are trampled in iJie dusi, pr«»»h-
eti»rnity through an overdose of eu- \ iiectwtonied to certain wroiiRs'. For Muted inti* pne-th lies and tbur. iih
cutuben. Wo knew I'iiie thiity Iliihtnnco, wmie |>eoplo do not know s.uutiiuatuni v»s.i>-s where prviJui
j'ftini Hjfo, when be wrote the skits' what a murder te when they see it prattlers mutter 'imimbo-iutnho" ..o.l
inthe Toronto Hon. He waa to our I committed, or when they kiow that proninuue a hened'm'on in fauiroitiu
youtliltll inilitl nt thai lime H gt.ni, yn uO» ■uorn vuiiiitiii.ieii, i-nmiie pfo- ni.iu' in meir 'lu-i'iio.m t* oaim^ m hiiki
and we had him lineal up with Mark ' |»le think that a m«n cannot l*e guilty ilu* ivitinvtis of hui-litUe eu.u imhui-.
Twain and Arty Ward. However, of murder it ho aetu under the law.' houuM wi;l> the |vri->h.iMe ko!J.
he drifted into the «;riom »ide of j Hut that* is a serious mi*-Uik*«. The "l;«»r it l»«n«u» t»i iv.tuiv.neii-.KK-
juuriiMlisut and his humor only j law cuiinot take away the sin of formed with radi.uu viwtg\ iuiu huh■*.
hnhbleA ueenAnmtlly niter the Aenth ' mtmler—it* runnoii eh n n ire the eh ^ rue- ■ of h*M .in.I Kifioii<f-t'«»,ir»l-, nf" \X
of tbe diminutive .Sun, I'irie was a iter o( the act in thu least. When the, where tite k«>UI that |»titu-rs imj-its
lit'im;**   t>n etkl'th,   noA  ateuAA   lie,  a ■ e.Ie.v.uSe.„nt ncwU 0  to,mi  t*> »!l«iiiii.y ■ ,m-i»u to •« v>t.»o.ttt *,*.,.,. .**'-* -A.i*.-**.,oui
king in heaven
Kctahum -Ud a name ihux finiA'murtht'f   "lh te dc*V«aid out tAibtiug** K'Juitnv umic .■! s*eni.tsi «^-;'^l,r?'^1^V?-.mmatv^n4wfarn4mAnaK^mrert
hi» taknt^    Altliough uatuitututc1 the auetidatiu at a reccat execution. iiV-.hu Am as.ukt-wolordl lip* ut^taaiv iti'Wuuuataoiuiil. t
Tin: Nj*;wmaii«ki lloiia, ix Slav IHxvni oil. rs a p]iH»unt »iili*.tltiHe' for
hnuie tn 1110.0 who trnvel. It I. .Ituated on the xlinrit "f l.nlui Slnciui, tin* most
bi'itutilitl hike In nil Anierieit, I'ruiu Hit Imb'tuile* itiid wiudowxeiiu be xeen the
Kritudt-.t M-<-n.-*r.v on thl. eouliin-nt. The interiutl urmni;t-iu«'nt.-t of the hoti-t ttn-
the riivei'tiii to telephone, ull the room . 'ni nu pliKteri'd, und eleitrii' bell, lit the
heHil of ever)' bul initkii it e«».v fur thu dry inouient. iu the tiuiruiiiit,
Tli*. lit'.t Ulid ell. aimi,t uit'itl-. ill the eouutl.v il f «• to lm found iu the dliilliii
moiii. The liuii-it I. run oil t'ti.iiio|iolitHli |itilirl|de», innl the |«ro»|«'i tor with hi.
|ii|i'k i» Ju-t (is vteliouiti 11 h the lollliouiiire with hi. roll. Illrrj cui'*.! ri-ri'lM*.
tlie bett fiire mid |iriitictioii.
Tin: lii|iuir. are the be.
li*. 1i.l1 and 1,'uiin* diioier.
In the
I'ltu.uinl tbe hiitel lm. Imu; been noted for
Till* L tint only tlr.l'chin* lnui««t hi llit» l.iu-eriie of North Aiiorini. One look
ut the liiiullord will j'lituiiH i' »ii,v .tnuiuer timl the viiiiole ute ol lir.t.eliK,
Hiutlily,    Ituiiio. re»erve,l by telfgrniih.
mnn ii<«iot ilu.U r. I
t     1 tulle.' i,*[„*iAiii(i' .net tuvi-fi-uietit, ut ute i
|,|-utl'll-i   -Uiiil'll  I'll   « Vi Tt-   111 llu-  I (1"lt to M-I'lUi
llii*'i'i»i'lii*l"iii uf Aniuw h'ir.
*. TliA l'li. iii'S'ss 1 -i 1 'h-iWi -:ii-if*i',uihi d.uj j
,,, .el.ii,!-, -ltd' n|*]ir('i|,r| ,fj, m tit lh. |,f,-iv(i,,*, '■
tii.iilM lv \it!*>r,i*i*iy |<r.»».*.| iij.hi Hit"  Id.mlnlun j
l»,t,-|.o,U'l.-(. I
m o_ ..1- .c
sa DtiiiK uii
11. .i.       1 BS
,i '1 on 1 ',*" j>o*>,;* ,*,.., ,,,,,.,*■ ri,*1,
[ilftiti'i-ii' tut Ui,1ff*nt .ii.,'i* intiin '.tit.O hy
l*r«itt « *4 llo mn««nl I'li-l'-tin -Ititv-t »>n'lr»*l -enot \
Uii! j,r.«|tHtt itti|.,tt<d lm-» r.ti.,ti|*. »int Hmi I
ita r.t|i»»v*IO' 111,101. r« .4 Ou lloioliil 11 i
||u<t*<- I*- ur.'-tl I" *:i|'l> rl so) tm-itl'jii litlr-.- f
iliieid f-f >«r'i *• ..not-**- S
Jn fliat »» lutlio'll »l ■li-Jtit, • rtltivtl litl'»fi -\
■t04. tfitOI h» Hf'U !'-*« '>'*"1 m|»i»l' 1**lt »>• llw '.
(,iK't|i«is>t*«-t-ri •••! ,tuil I,. U,i- f-ii'.fN-', V*i,f**I.ifl.,,* i
>ih -iitd iii' li'u-i'-il l'i 1 1 ■ .\ I 1.    ii"   1,.  tin  tm   nu*I   ;
*-.it*ir ;>itj»»"'t'f»' ttl  tit   "Hrl.   ttl«;,««('-»   Iat*t«rl1   «'»I»- ';
,.»   , ,.,» suit I Hl>l|,,ll*i >
- ij . 11.,.,,. 1
ulv.ml ol
)\.   Tliti* 'i ■* r''li
f »*i,*f  *,;,(   ifivfif-*-
f th* j.r*,»it««- Miihin *
Ettablikhtd 1017-
CapitaMall psbl ti|i)	
t»,.  ..,. ..11.,, ,1
head orrice. Montreal
Itt. Hun. .Strntlu'ona and Mount Ihnal, (*. C. M. ft  IVesitleut.
Hon. <«. A Unimmond, Vici«-I*ri»i«lent.
K. S Cloiistmi, iieiurral M.iiisj;»r
lU'AUi'he* iu all |-»art« »1 t anadn, NewlnuiiiliainS. Ureal HriUju,
•nd (he Tidied Stalin
New Denier Branch - - - Le B. De Veber, flanager
j With I,Id) volts,   wh:it isthcacihutiinone) ofa  surplus market   rr.K(vriit   '^^''J.^'""^^"^1" l^'\1"'^'","* Tti^" '     W! W%
.mt ifcatfiiu^-wanlcrV   "He i»dr*d,-*a me^^riu,*., *XunX M„Ijc A **i,n,.*i }^^ ^^^31311111^31*11^11^^1^
h uatuitutute1 the auetidatiu at a reccut execution. 1 iV<Hn th** KartcKol-area hp» ut jaurtw uik'ttiauataaiuii. 1   jfetf/nT4XKflV iW <!V<ClViCtv^^«i^ /l\ */R/nrill/l\/T\/rv Jtkwm Tenth Year.
[Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale
Wanted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Le^al, Medical,etc,,
are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
15 cents each Insertion. Each Jive words or less
jver 'M words are live cents additional.!
and American plan. Meals, Ho cents. Rooms
from 2"c up to $1. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the sold
in the sale. MALONE & TBEGILLOS.
located and lit by electricity . It is headquarters for tourists and old timers Min et*a or
millionaires are equally welcome. THOS
MADDEN. Proprietor.
THE ROYAL HOT HI,, Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of its cuisine.   SOL JOHNS,
BAKTK.ETT HOUSK, formerly the Clark
is the best $1 a day hotel iu Xelson. Only
while help employed. G. W. BAKTLEXT,
nHHE EXCHANGE, in KASLO, has plenty
A. of airy rooms, and it bar replete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
rpHE MAZE, in KASLO, is just the place
X for Slocan people to lind whon dry or in
search of a downy couch.
near Ward St., Xelson, B.C. Tho BoUar a
Day House.
THE KING'S HOTEL in Kernnson is u cheerful
■»■    home for nil travelers to the LiU'deuu.
.I amiss CUMMixus, Proprietor.
THE HOTEL FERGUSON is the home of Sloean people when they are in Ferguson.
McDo.nui.l & Black, Proprietors.
THE  BRITANNIA  HOTEL is the oldest and
tho best hotel in Lunto.   (!old seekers always welcome   Ul.ViN DlUitf.
TUB QUEEN'S HOTEL in Trout l.ako'hus ivmple
accommodation for a lurgu  number of
guests.    AllltAllAMSOX IlKOSJ
JG. MELVIN, Manufacturing Jeweller,
, Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains. Lockets
und Kings. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any in Canada. Orders hy mail solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
Wholesale   Meroliarits.
ers In Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Product) and
Fruit,Nelson, B.C.
-pi   I,. UKKI8TIK, V. Xi
B., Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public."   Vancouver, B. C.
ML. GRIMMETT, I,, t. B., Barrister,
.   Solloltor, Notary Public.     Sandon, B. C
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday,
JCg^uran.QeJfeJRestl Estate
The great trouble is that only a few
persons in this world do any independent thinking, all  of their ideas  being
obtained from  others.    This is  partly
because they are not  taught  to think,
and this fact is now  being recognized
by some instructors.    .Most  of us  engage in  a  mental  process  which   we
imagine is  thinking, but  it is  only a
superficial  operation  unworthy   to  be
dignified by the  name.    If we really
reflected upon the various concerns of
life „we  should  long  ago have  instituted some radical reforms which would
have made this  world a  much   more
pleasant spot  than  it  now  is.    Take,
for example, the criminal element wliich
infests   larger cities.    In   New   York
there arc  fifty  thousand  persons  who
never earn an  honest dollar, but are
living at the expense of others.    These
criminals;  confidence' men,   swindlers
and frauds are well known to the police,
and  yel they are suffered to remain at
large, the authorities contenting themselves wilh trying to implicate them in
crime after it has been committed.    Il
costs New York  millions every year to
guard the people against   these human
wolves, and even at that they constantly
get  in  their work.    If the people had
been-taught to think they would  long-
ago  have seen  that  the better way is
to make this criminal  class impossible
by compelling it to earn its own living
—voluntarily,  if possible, but by force
if necessary.    I have read  that a thousand years or so ago, in one of the old-
world   kingdoms,    every   citizen   was
obliged to come forward once a year
and prove that he had been engaged in
honorable   occupation.      Suppose   we
adopt a rule like this, how long would
there  be a eriminal  class!    It would
simply be impossible for them to exist,
and we should thus save a large part of
the vast sum we now pay for  policeing
our cities.   Nor would such a law work
a hardship to the honest citizen, because
he would be known for what he is, and
his annual appearance would be merely
formal.    It would be the idle  and vicious only who would  be affected, and
this element would  rapidly disappear
under  an  inflexible  administration  of
_the_ statute.—We—cail-oursefves-a-civi!—
    __ Fire
^. Insurance Agents. Dealers In Real Estate
Mining Properties. Rouses to rent and Town
Lots for Sale.
ized people, and yet we suffer ourselves
to be plundered every year of hundreds
of millions by a criminal class which we
might utterly exterminate in a brief
time. I do not doubt that in the remote past there were far higher civilizations than ours, for the plain truth is
that in many respects we are not far
removed from barbarism. Think of a
"civilized" people which last year spent
more than a billion dollars for liquor
and tobacco! Think also of a "civilized and christian" people paying tens
of thousands of dollars for the "pleasure" of seeing, Jeffries and Corbett
pound each other during ten rounds in
San Francisco on the 15th of this present month! "According to the official
count, 10,669 persons saw the contest.
The gross receipts amounted to $62,340.
Of this sum the fighters receive 70 per
cent., or $43,628, which was divided 75
per cent, to the winner and 25 per cent,
to the loser, Corbett's share being
We scorn the Mexican and the Spaniard because they encourage those horrible bull-lights, while we rush across
the continent to sec two human brutes
smash each other's faces! What phari-
sees and hypocrites we are, indeed.
And these are only a few of the ways
in which we are showing what savages
we really are in spite of our pretentions
of refinement.
Is it any wonder that such  a people
as this continues to cling  to the  monstrous superstitions handed down to us
by a shrewd and designing priesthood
which fares sumptuously at the expense
of  its   unlhinking   and    unreasoning
dupes?   Why,  the persons who take
stock in this so-called religious fraud do
not  even  take the  trouble to read the
b6bk upon which their alleged  faith is
founded.    If they did read it and considered   its   utterly  improbable   statements  they had  long ago  thrown  it
overboard, because it proves itself to be
a childish  fiction  of iio  more  weight
than the slory of Jack and  the  Beanstalk.    But they have not even  sense
enough to read it, all their information
concerning it being obtained from their
equally ignorant parents or from  the
priest who profits from  their stupidity
and  credulity.     And  if you   are  fool
subject,   they would  kill  you if they
dared.—D. S Crandall.
Bring Your . .
to this office. It will not hurt
you, and will help tlie editor to
live in luxury.
General Draying: Mining
Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty . . .
Goal and Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses and   Pack
Animals;    ......
Feed Stables at New Denver.
I  Over Wslluce-iMiller hi0„kH Baker
1  street, Nelson: Spec in 1 yearly con-
j  tracts for Pressing Itep'nirin'j; and
CleiuiinR.   Goods called for nnd
delivered weekly. Tents und iiwn-
ines made to order.
Smoke j|
H 3Bviti$h Zion and E
ty mainland Cigavsj^
£   ORDER YOUR ....
Call and see my
Stock of suitings
Vanoouver onrf Nelson, B. C.      |;:
P.   BURNS &  CO.
Sandon and Elsewhere
Fresh   Salted   and   Smoked   Fish   Just   Received
Is the only li'all in Ihe city suited for Theatrical
Performances, Concurts, Dances and other |iur-
lie entertainments.    For bookings write or wire
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
Eastern   and  Olyinpia   Oysters.     Turkeys   and   Chickens
Sausage ot all Kinds Made Fresh Every  Day
Staple   and  Fancy-
Groceries, agent for
Goodtrin Candles
Giant Potoder, Etc.
" ^MiH^IHaHHiii^
8. KASnDAM., New Denver, B. C,
Real Rata to and Mineral Clnlm* for Sale Claims
represented and Crown 0 ranted.
. ,       ». Ot
.,.„...... ./years experience in dental work, and
make* a 8|>ccl*Uy of Oold HrWgo W ork.  Visit
ninile to the Slocan regularly.
Hi-tfTiad 17 years exiierlence in
Oeneral   Storo.
T T. KKI.I.V, TIIltKE KORKH. dealer In
0. nrorerlwi, Hry Oooita, Etc., Goods Shipped ull over the Slocun.
.... IUM. Tli«m-jut complete U C A I T U
un ihe Continent of Norlh Ameri- n CH U I M
e». Mtu*t«<l mldit »««nery un- D C Q fl D T
rlviilleil for Grandeur. RoHtinir. ntOUn I
PhliliiK uiul Kxeurshiiid to the nany lulntu of
Interoit. Tclcumiihlr coinmiiiiicattiiu with all
Wins of th* world; two mail* arrive ami depart
everyday, lis bailies cure all .nervous and
museiilnr dl»t>MSe*i IU waters heal all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments of uveiy iiiuue.
Tho lirieo of a rminiMrl|i tieket hetween
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
ye.ir round and «.Mnt fur an days, U tiXi. Halcyon Hprluies, Arrow Luke. 11. C.
Ought to Kiss Somebody.
A married couple riding in a Clinton
street car a few days ago had an experience which neither would care to
have repeated. Accompanying the
father and mother was their promising
daughter of four years. Becoming uneasy the youngster turned hor pretty
face toward Iter father and said, "Kiss
mama, will you, papa: kiss nice
ultima." The couple blushed and tried
to quiet the child, who naturally grew
more insistent,
"Not now, daughter," Ihe father replied; "wait until we get home."
Presently the child subsided into n
puzzled silence and climbed down from
her father's knee and staggered across
to the other side of the car. In a moment she had made the acquaintance
of a young woman who sat directly opposite.
"Papa, papa," called the little girl,
"Well, what is it ?" answered "pop,"
a little out of patience. "Will you kiss
this pretty lady ? She won't mind."-—
ICImira tin/etle.
liiiiiiiiiluii and  l'i<>-
iii( lal I.himI Surveyor.   Nelson, II. f).
fj    vi
R IIKYMND, Knianwr and Provincial
Land Surveyor.   KASM)
Employment   Agency.
Nelson Employment Agency
Help ul all Hiiidt
111. I.ovi;
!*,<» it.-■<,♦■.
K »<-»!.«» * K?.WAN RAILWAY.
Spolh'd Ills Vnee,
In a mining town in the mountain^.
ill'Yijgiui.i Uu'-J Uwj link- Imv.i Ai^io
and nine years old, neighbors and good
friend*, who pasted 1110*1 of their U-Uuie
timo logether in boyish sports, bul, like
all healthy boy*, tliey .onutinie*
snapped. Ou one of these iwvas'ntns
llie yuuiigi'i' one, who was built on the
lines of the proverbial man who could
not stop a pig in an alley, was being
twitted by bis -.oiiipaiiion on Iking bow-
legged.    He  stood  il   manfully   for a
most eminent divine, They have lost
their former susceptibility to threats of
infernal fire and brimstone. Devilish
talk does not cut much ice in American
millionaircdom. The fifty-thousand-
dollar-a-year man does not bother his
head with the possible moral dangers
growing out of, or connected with,
the spending of his money. He is apt
to conclude that his way of going lo
the devil is rather a pleasant and comfortable one. The enjoyment of the
here and now counts for more in plutocratic circles than talk of eternal damnation. "Let us ea', drink and be
merry, for tomorrow we die," still remains the motto of the individual who
worships Mammon. It's a sordid and
degrading motto, yet it is the most
honored and the most popular of the
many which llie human mind or heart
has invaded.
The IMi'l. Mini's IMniiit.
I don't sec what good my money
duets me, I can't eat. I never naw
it in its entirety. I dress no better
than my private secretary, and have
a much smaller appetite than my
coachman. I live in u Mtf barn ot a
house, am lettered to death by beggars, have dyspepsia, and most of my
money is In thy hands of cithern who
use It mainly for their own iHinellt.—
N'ew York Pro s.
Love in Nelson.
This picture represents a nightly
.-cene in Nelson and shows that the old'
old story is ever new. Tbe young man
is happy because bis best girl fans tlie
delicately perfumed atmosphere, while
he sits serenely, well knowing that his
immaculate shirt bosom was done up
at the
Kootenay Steam Laundry
.      SANDON, 11.0.
P. 0. Box 29G.
Phone 179
M! ^=L-
an u~\Vi 1 m m r Drea ktj vein r~i litrsi tuaiiorr
becomes critical.
Filbert Hotel
Bennett & Clark, Proprietors.
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan. The Dining Room is conducted
on strictly first-class principles. The room? are large, comfortable,
and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumwng, Evervtmint.
We vSet the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c. Tickets $7.    Main street, Sandon.
ami agents for
A visit to our Tailoring1 Emporium will give you
an idea of the prevailing stvles for Spring Clothing
I     R     C'VMFROY* "reco avenue,
vl.     IV.    Wi\l\llyl\V/.\ SANDON,   B.  C.
Monogram, Marguerita,
Boquet, Our Special,
El Justillo El Condor,
Sarantizados Schiller.
Tuckett's Union Label
Karnack T. & B. V. C.
Corm-r AlMuuuler Street ami Columbia Avflime,
Vancouver, B. C.
Hotel Sandon
Robert Cunning, Proprietor.
Pioneer hotel of the Slocan.    A table that is replete with
the Choicest Seasonable Viands.
RiViii!> l.arp.', Aiiy  ,oul (.'oinfoil.ib!..-.    SjHii.il .'wu iill-.ni tn Mining Ti.idi*
sinl'X   CITV
CIIICAOii ainl return tfn.wi
TOltOVTu ami r<-tum  xkjii
MOXTUK.VI,, NKW YuHK, ami return .H«l.*i
;iiii-lii<JiiiK MiMiU tm,) Itt-rtIim.
A iiu*. I*, Hi, ;',*•, ii'..
Km iline Mlili-, r;Ui-« mul ruiujilit'-|liifi»rm«.
timl niiiily.nl S'i'.il (i-Kent, nr—
j A. II, I,i:\VIS, Miiu|..n Airent.
I       I  '•! ClHWt I-' ./ ('nVl.K,
i Ii. I', A,,.Vi**<ii,H..r.       A.ii.l'.A., Vancouver
Tlie Hi'yliinhii: and tlie KimI.    j
1/ive, remarked the chronic liadie-
ler, te ihe birth of nn IUukI.mi. I
i    If Hint's tlie i.'i.sf, rejoined tlm man
' with the scanty hair, marriaye iiuint
; K' the death ot It,
while, hut, linally, Iomii-h patK-iuv, lu* ...	
Miim-d mn:   "\\VII, I nuv lv luuv-1    "M,Mt," said *,ktusal (Jr*ftt SnliU
la'uwl. Ihii  ttluo  llu- I-"fd'»-«^'V«M«;alit.echlutiU: vutcraiw ot   tl.etJiai.d
IK nudtf you it* mjjIv s«> he could and ;ar„lV( *.|,j»ve tho incentive ti tet\\\e,
then hit you in the f.ue." fm ^,,m-c,| ,.,« |»y the  excitcllieli!, ul
conllict and are crowned with the
Cmttiot He Hriiretl.
a • ■  I nc
■ a a
A wcll'knowii   Brooklyn  di\ine took i.
yl'ory of victory, but the woimn-it
Cliadbourae & McLaren
Ore hhijiji'd lo Xi-l.-on will iwearc-
lullv looked alter.
B. C
0-1*1 * m. I.V.   KASM) An, H:15 \i. in HHiasJon reeently to ohImimhii  himself
tlr.»5 n. m. Ah. HANIM>N i.v. \m p. m,
,?   I,   **!',  ■
5.iit)a. m l.v.
«:40». in. AR.
SKI.SOS An. 7:15 p. m
KASM) Lv. 9Mp m
I in rv^iird   lt»  the  uwl'id   il;oi|;ers  n<n-
| froiiliun the man utio is m» unl.mHin.ite
in** to  sutler  from   :ni   inrome  of  llfty;
j thou-*,iihI dollars si }ear.    In the eour-e
I til   1 un .It ^ llllii III    III    II I, nil    I ill'   V t IK Illl III
,ulJ init|ii.ililu-.l   .i-Mlli.nl   lll.lt   mn ll it '
1 in,01   it "IhHiiul  lo  go   to  ihe   devil.")
The   eI«H|Uetit    pre.u*lier   li.tJ   a    nitnl i
Ticket* wiil f« *« r»irt# of tin-Uiiil-d
StAt«ht and VamhIa vi* <»i?«t Northern ;''"hion.ible  ludieiui, vilneh. howeu-r,
mid <l. It * N (Jompuny'i* Inte*.
For lui liter |>«rtii'ul«r* *aU on ot mi
lUiBKHi' iitVlSt,. M»n*f»T. r*.n*h,
A g"iA »*Jiri .ij.nt*"»i.T .;«   ijueaiixi
il ii a»k*d if it b a propo»At.
did    not
Willi  111*
.lllti „uU *<- ,  W.   v.
, t'lejj.itiot**  «'••»
stiiii   p,irfii'iit.tr!v   inipr*-s>,i-tl »
pliiiippit.   ji^aiiisi the dangers .
., u: j,i..,LU,    rhx, ii,-..L,.u.  '
no  l«»n|4»:r   iv   si'.ir«,-U j
J!r„.u-*  iX:   A IbA  XA,
■7'<sM )iv :iivj.(Ji..i3. 7Xy y,Ayy
Ut aiienec ihu must liy lug otde.ti ilx*
wartiiire tjiffcr* aistl th.nt ",*, m._nfo,^.
Kvcry bullet that layu a warrior low
iiiere.i-*, tbn henn nt **   ivri'ivin »-'n>>
!Soni-p I "mul l.v History.
Sin- Ii.«,|   llllc. 11  litltlloi,    l.illitf ...
|"j:i.-.«i tu l-.ui.l,. m. 1 .li.iri . «,!.*. i< ..'■'*
Ih- li.fl fifi.-fii 11.11U..11 l.,li*.r.,
•»... fdrv tn.-r-tr. ( ,t„ ,r ..-ntin,*,■'.
Ni.** !!»•>' n. i9i9* I 4. %.,„ t.1,.,'; • ..; .**
A( inai-tl-v ilUtiy «■*•-..■»
■   I ni. */,. s '■■
J,       Tin n- ;:te  110  wi, kvA
livutv it' it ■siii.tiuti.-i from thc li[H of' th*. * only da ukkvd ttiing^J
9 * .Un. 1
Is tho leading tioicl in Southern B.mish Co!timl»i.i
It has ample accomnnulation lor a lar^e numl>er of
•ntt";V,, ;\e\i\ thi* v,\i-,\] p<x'A'yxy A ^r-;nn'r* :ip,jii.-;iV-.
equally to any traveler as well as the tourist. Drummers will liml larjLje sample rooms ami all the am-
vcmciiecs oi (lie iiu»JeMi hotel.
M-ll»\, 11* f
M>.*ijiii'«in it»t* 1 til-Hi H.111 in,*r-i Fiiifty t-irt'
t( ,.* »• T . o     \ Li'l.!*.-  l.nO.r. 11 r-.f.llillv tin.!'*.!
r * -"    'I    f'ts   lit 1.1»».  N !.!,   iii*i'*.|.  J. K.
l/,»iiitst»,   Vi-,-iitAi.il;  ,li*   H    Tii.,mit<ii,
A.F. & A.M.
tlw,I*' V11   **,
IS,  «.< .
, .ll    I.i ,i»   llli-    111.I
O     - ■!■-:       tUll     U     »    1,     II   .
n   . ,f,|ulljr Ititlliijiml
' Un
«t,T-l   l.ttlw.l.' V11
»*SI«.S, «.< .
,l» ll
■I ,V I'l   •* 1' li 111  * I. Ill    ' 1
s j union.-1 rtl'itt 11 1
•*■'** *fl       .1 Ill-H «    1(1      Hi*
M'l  Ituw*
'jtw ncm/co miwcoq'
«-*v«»,-*t*4 -9* m. •*■■•*■*■  *** • *       * f*x •.-**m*->9. -**
NO. 07, W. f, M.
19 %■*, Vt* *t*
M •»« *\*
\u\r.u -
•It t.ll  Wl*
ft*9. ;
'» s\ || HIiAV r*»nliv tt l*Ui)
NT   N ll.V 1.1.
*• 1.\WHt'.SC9..
K. OF P.
!, 1:
K* ll.tjti**-!'*,* ,*
...'.,■   . **,*.,(*..# *•'«*,'< '„:•*%
,,   Slim *•:>, -fl:.    **tij. t.«i-
it ■   t t"..t l.i*n ti«l*--- .*n.».
A.to     1  llill.k   Hti». THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. c., SEPTEMBER 3, 1903.
Tenth Year
and Shoes
Union flade
We have a large assortment of the best
makes; all sizes and
shapes, weight aud
color; and in addition to our present
stock we have on the
road a bigger variety
than we have carried
in recent years. If
it's shoes yon want—
hill shoes, business
shoes, walking shoes,
dress shoes—shoes of
any kind, you cannot
do better than to select from our stock.
New Denver, B. C.
-* Mere
should call on
One Combination Pool and Billiard Table
Hue Pool Table
One National Cash Register, No. 7, total adder
' )ne small Excelsior Safe
One.I. J. Taylor Safe. No. 0
Set of tine Bar Fixtures
Sewing Machines
Glass Show Ca es
One Plate Glass Mirror, 40x9G inches
"      3«x54 Inches
Hai her chairs. Mirrors, Bathtubs, Tanks,
Heaters       Letter-Presses
One Mason & Hisoh Piano
One Bail anil Sprlnff Engine Governor, 31-Inch
steum pi |ie
One Duko Engine 12-hp, with governor and
lilting* complete
One Hake E  gine, 5-hp.
One Boner, 12-lip.
One IHnch Shafting
Wood Split Fully, from 10 to 24 Inches
One Wood-Splitting Machine.
Sandon Hews Cropping from the Cake towns
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of HOSUN HALL.
IN-i'o ,*!»>„
Kiuiiiin« tluee the irreat fire, anil alwaysoikmi
iii'toiiiiilnjirht. Cull In when vou *tifke the
silvir Cur aiid nut a tiller.
Meal Ticket, $5.50 for $5.00
fl. H.MLKHAKli,
-IIII'IUK   Pit ACTION   Mineral i;uim.
situ iv in tlm sliK-an  Mining III-.lull >n nf
!*  *i.V   Hutrii-t.     \Vlir.-I.K«tri|.
lictn-ti nf  O,,* Kt,t*h   V'*tt*
 ■*,',U !•«• ly VMr.lell UiiUII
Mr. Gusty is visiting his son, John, in
Wm Tattrie returned this wsek from
Nova Scotia.
Ore in being packed from the Bluebird to Cody.
W H. Yawkey will leave for the
East this week.
The American Boy Bhips a car of ore
every three days.
Wm Bennett, of the Filbert, has gone
to Duluth for a short visit.
George Roger is working the Glenore,
a claim he owns near the Queen Bess.
There are 20 men at the Ivanhoe and
the force is being gradually increased
Five cars of concentrates and sacked
ore are being shipped by the Kuth this
Miss Victoria Cameron leaves Three
Forks next week to attend school in
Walter Murray returned tn the Forks
Tuesday, after a bL\ months' visit to
Nova Scotia.
A rich strike whs made last Friday on
one of the outlaying claims in the
Rambler group.
Billy Sanders has quit studying minerals at the Payne, and gone" prospecting for Green votes.
Byron Cliffe departed for the Soo last
Tuesday. He is missed by a large circle of admiring friends.
°A carload of dry ore is to be shipped
from the Rouse fraction, on the North
Fork of Carpenter cr ek.
Mrs. Anna Hagan now has charge of
the dining room at the Exchange. She
eerves tasty meals at moderate price.
The Mercury shipped a carload of ore
to Nelson this week. Another car will
follow and then the force will turn their
attention to development.
The regular election of officers for
the ensuing term will beheld Saturday
evening by the Sandon Miners' Union.
A full attendance is desired.
Bob McTag-uart, after some weeks
spent in the Poplai creek district, with
Phil Moore and Howard Thompson, returned to Sandon on Friday.
J. F. Grimmett, watvhmakcr and
jeweler of Bcissevain, Man., after a
short visit with his brothers in Sandon,
returned to Manitoba this week.
James Vallance hassold his residence
in Sandon to Dr. Goniiii and will move
to Nelhon. W. \V Fallows succeeds
him as manager of H. Byers & Co.
Sandon Miners' Union will give a
Labor Day dance next Monday evening, and tho committee having" it in
charge, promise that it is going to, be
a~gTBiiu"uffftir7—* —— *" ~
The Hodder brothers, two schoolboys
of Kaslo, were drowned in Kootenay
lake last Friday. The body ofthe elder
was recovered, but that of the younger
was lost in the depths of the lake.
Thursday evening (tonight) Sandon
lovers of good entertainment will appreciate the great lecturer, John 11
L'Urke, the man who has made thousands laugh, in his favorite lecture, "To
and Fro in London,''a lecture he has
given more than 1900 times.
.1. It Cameron is one of the most energetic men in Sandon. During the
boom dayH of Winnipeg he mnde 810,-
000 in one year out of u tailor -shop, and
lost it the next in teal estate If the
Reliance mine below Sandon turns out
allriitht Cameron will make more out of
ore than ho did out of clothes In Winnipeg.
J. T. Nault was in Randon this week,
on his was to pro-peel for gold around
Trout Lake He states that tho fish
in the lake at Rosebery nre rejoicing at
his departure. Nault hns done considerable prospecting this summer. On
one trip a hear stole his Hour, nnd for
two weeks hu lived upon white beans
and porcupine. ' xett is nt home in the
w»un* provided the, red mulrrels nntl
porcupines nre not nil (lend.
Suniloiiitps nre tnnde of the right kind
of stuff. When money is needed to
boost a loin I iiixtitutioii it is hI\vm\>
forthcoming. lhn skating rink has
long liter pUhtt-n-il with n iiioitgnue
With (merest nntl incidentals tho In-
iliOiti'iliirKH Hinniinted to 31500. A
mortgage snle «ns pinmisotl lu»t week,
but iuMcad of nllowing to rink to go iu
this manner, the busineiH men chipped
in nnd wiped nwny tho ttiortamE»». It'«
j pntrinti.Mii like thnt Mint make* Snnilon
1 Sainton.
Theuradeof the C. P. R. between
Three Forks and Sandon is very steep
and a safety switch is recessary half
way up the line. The passenger train
is pushed up every evening, and the
engine is then run "backwards to Three
Forks for the night. Engine 406 was
backing down about dusk on Tuesday
when something went wrong after the
safety switch had been passed, and the
engine ran away. The brakes would
not work, and "10G" was'Boon sliding
the rails at a mile a minute, inspite of
the fact that the lever was reversed to
the last notch. The train crew ran
along the running boards and took a
jump towards Sandon.
Fred Winsley, one of thebrakies, had
his arm broken and was cut in several
places. , In company with McDonald he
walked back to Sandon in starch of a
surgeon. Jack McPherson, who had
only been iiring two days, jumped in
the middle of the track' and escaped
with a scratch on his ear. Bob Brett
wns on the pilot, along with George
Caldwell, the engineer, when the crash
came. Both escaped with slight injuries. The engine went in the ditch'on
the right side of tho track r.ear the 88
mile post For fifty yards tho rails and
ties were broken, nntl mud, rocks and
pieces of wood were thrown 100 feet in"
front of where the tender stopped. The
steam escaped rapidly, and <he engine
was dead in two minutes. The wreck
waa complete
If the accident had happened coming
down with the coach in the morning
few of the passengers would have
The Silverton skating rink is being
The voice of Red Paddy is still heard
in the land.
The tinners are at
of the Clever block.
work on the roof
Phil Munro, wife and children,
for the East Tuesday morning.
Born.—At Silverton, Aug. 29th, the
wife of A D. McDonald, a daughter.
Miss McKechnie, of Vancouver, has
been visiting Mrs. J. B. Smith the past
Wm. Thompson has secured a position wiih the Dominion Express Co , at
"Parson' George Smith has gone
placering on tho Lardo. He left his
plug hat in the Lucerne.
Mrs. Herman Clever and children returned to New Denver on Saturday
after two months spent in Utah.
J C. Bolander is looking nt tho gold
around Poplar creek, and getting a
focus on business in the new camp.
Bob  Johnson   came  in  from
Valley Saturday  after   several  weeks
spent at the Cherry Creek gold mine.
C. A. Lett will entertain his friends
in a ping-pong tournament inthe rooms
over the bank this (Thursday) evening.
Chas. Greenlee returned from Poplar
creek this weeK, He brings with him
glowing reports of the big things found
Wm. Gibbs, for six years connected
with the Bank of Montreal in Now Denver, was transferred to Nelson this
No 2, on tialcna
farm, Kd
Auk 8—Lydla
6-Keliance fr. on Silver Mt, Wm Barker.
7-L.ilierty, on Hed Mt, WmKeel.
lS-Sliam'roeklll fi, Silver Mt. S T Walker.
Hamilton, Four Mile ck, Ida nfay Williams.
14—A n nip. G, s 1 Carpenter ck, J Anderson.
15—L A, Carpenter ck. L A Tipping.
17-Gem, Queen Bess Mt, Hujdi Niven.
Arkansaw, Queen Bess Mt, ,1 D Ryan.
Fly, Dardanells Basin, M K W Rathborne.
Floi encc fr, Miller ck, nr Sandon, Marlon Bell
18—Marlon, s f Carpenter. A F Adams.
Brownie Boy, 8 i Carpenter, S h Brown.
Ml—Graceticld, Trout ck, Ben Bambridge.
Kaslo, Trout ok, Jno D Moore.
Wabasli, Trout ck, A D McGillivray.
22-Pelican and Outcast, bet Miller and Tributary cks, 3 A Thompson.
26-Hurolti A, Eight Mileck, J A Taylor,
j7—Triumph, Q-.een Btss mt, Ja* H Moran.
31—Thistle, n f Carpenter, T \V Barbour.
Au« S-S\vitcli Back, Philadelphia, Mnlli.nl.
4-Acui Boll. 5-Biisiufr. li-World 7 Violet,
May, Flower, Roscdale. 8—Independent fr
Tornmlo fr. 1.1- Utah. U—Silver Cord. 17- ■
Gophei fr, Archie fr. Eni|Mirium. 18—Purso-
verance. 20— Happy Di'llvury. 21—Hub, Bay
state fr. 22—S A, Nunvu-r Three, Number Knur
Number Five. 21—Monte Carlo. *5—Little
ij{,,.IGUut. 26—Reliance fr. Imjierlal. 28—Clonuiell,
1 inj I l'injflfi, Mother Hin^ey, Magnet, M & M fr. *>-
Mono f r.
AuBi-Phlladelpliia, i, VV A Coplen to h h
Presuott, July 80.
Philadelphia, 1, W A Coplen to D S Prescott,
10—Diamond fr, 1-6. John Doeksteader to Hoi
18-Aladlg(m Extension, _, E L Warner to J A
O C rmlchael, Aug 18.
25-Llttle Giant, J,FF Liebscher to Dammlck
Salk, Aug 25, $50.
HIIU'A*   OKK  mhu'hkmth
•I'AKK VOTI«T.TIm»r  W J Mi ill |«,.. tnt
I _ luliiKr «i*it lib »li» Vt>   H-Ji:*!,  I,.1   uiv**.lt
mi'liKNiA.iit t'ir||. J \l,Mill iu ir*w n.li.r'*
..•nlil,.,*, s Hjj:i;,| (niii •m'v.uwfri.iimn.
■toi* i„.r..„f, to «|t-4y to llw Mlnlnif ltwor.1.1
lur * 1 .rMiH-iii «(f |iii|iriivi,ini-iil.. u,r ||M. >,Ur
I*..* n| ■.Umlnltiirn Crown <!r.»nt -»f il,r titnv.
< him
Ail (ii'tb»ri»W*<it.t!i-niti*t aiilm ntnlcr «*«•
t >!•»•,i:.itiii-<iliPl-,inim<*ii<-M| tff.u, i|tc (..luti'i-
nl •iji,|| l'i*iini,;iii,,,f lm ,r ,vi m..|,|<.
I'u. I ililn wtli .Uy ol Jul     i|i   j.*,
W..I  VI. VHI.I.vS.
n'.i.riiiA  mi, .1 Min.,ni _	
  II*min ...
''■' I Ilium lilnl ,.,
I.l    llw     Vf-,f-«fi      Ult>l»e>   IUuM ...        'Iini.,,,
"I ...1   K.« 1.,,-ijr iMirltl      \Vli.-r»- lo-*i»-,i: f Knurl**'*...
"■   'U*IW   U-iwu-r .   J'..,t,-IS  ai.,1    ,,„„,|.    > .^-i» M..i,l«*
(,.-rV,    »i..ui   1}   nil. 4 »,(iii.u.*-i. rly  (runt . tlaitm-y......
->l»>Tt. •<iv*ii'< iTi-tri, ' Hiifiiiiion
'IKK VoriCK liml I, V. *i. (*lwi*i,i« *,th,i,   IliBltUml I.U'ht
'I 'ur il,<*. IVi-«-..'.l.l«..- ul,,.r-'.«f-
iiiii urS„ lim*t, y t, i',,..,,.((, v \. •(; ^„
■!»;•« , nml «'.,». r..|.»..ii, P. M i- v... |i-,.vi
lnl,'i:,|.     .Uiy    ,fi.K*    [, ,m.    tlv»    ,{,vtt   h»Y»..|
I'. »'.),|, t„ Ott Hitting llnt.r.U, f,,r » t; n,ft,»i.
The total atnotmt of ore Hlujiped frntn
tl e Slocan nnd Slncan t.'iiy inining
.liviMiiin for the >>ar WU wite, iipjirox
iiiifiti-lv.itH.rtW totm Slncn .Imiurtrjr 1
to AiU'<i-»i'-."»i 1'**^, the Miipini'iitx Imve
Iktii *a folliiWH:
.Vim rlriui Huy       ^1
.t dilution	
Illuk   I'lllUti 	
Claim j Hii.i'Ho'iil. r
To--. I
f.urttv Urn
HHJl'ttlK ....
Mi.iill.ir ...
»<>.»" i.r»i,|,rflhr »l,.v.< Uli.i
';■■> '  '■:   'I,, ,   I,,'..,*  l,,,li**.* |l,„l    „ Ij   ,-.     , ..   ,,l   ,   ,„,*
il'itt i? mii'i l* frt«m»iii*l Iwifrirf ih». i*M*n«nrt
fit tu, I, tfrnttkai* nt lm ,i'itriii>iiii
"i>. I |l,l.|.l.|lV "' *ii.ii '   %  l> |-*.t.
i . *. i l.lMhS.1*  S.-i*
tut *n
M.U.K   TKACIir.lt   W.IKTJJ
••'..• V*»r Wni'<-rHr«il>r H-li.*.'. t,n ,.i
1kt.,'»r !«i  l*a
«•* r» Mirno i.i,
Mr; ftrh.».i I!.,
\»«-|k-mt»r. %m« II l*«t.
lifilrt * ., . * -l'i! UtM »«■♦ "«ltt»T    »!»«•
Ifftli .. .4~<>}t*.ii.iMli'f*-fi.l,'l  IV,
»*«mi>fa« fc-r m-»tl t*t*lt*prtmpi a* taut Inn
GolJ *»& Silver Refille4 sod heugbt
i;i.\ \t*tW9h9H9 *■*.,- tttmitt, Cni»
Hamlikt -••   i>
* i«*>*.#.!..;,*-,	
Until      H
K-.I fit*,  2-1
**,, .i,*,   ,   *i. ,.*, ...
st*.r»rf  Un    .	
**it%.*f 1,,.i*.itt  . ..  ...,.
S'*.|«H***  .   .         *     	
V*.i,i-,i vi-r 	
Last week a number of mining: men,
members of the Silver-Lead miners
association, met at Nelson in connection
with association business A meeting
was held in the hoard of trade rooms
and resolutions were passed expressing
the thanks of the association to the dominion {joveininent for the bonus and
to Messts. Uetallack and Pratt for
their services therewith. Tbe only
other business transacted which the
association was willing to make public
was the appointment of a finance
committee composed ut S. S. Fowler, H.
B Alexander, James Crcnin, \V. E
Zwickey and \V, S. Jenkins
Several of tho mine managers present
were interviewed by the News and expressed themselves'freely on the out-
took in the Slocan camp.
A. C. Garde, of the Payne, stated that
in his opinion it wotila he next summer
before the Slocan really felt the effects
of the bonus, although in the meantime
there would be steadily returning prosperity.   If the Slocan could only   have
the chance of working on the eame basis
as the Coer  d'Aiene  mines  it  would
today they are getting $3.50 per hundred
for their lead, while today's  quotations
give us $1.41.   The mines here if they
•rot tliat price with a free market would
beat anything iu the world in  a  very
short time    We are doinp: all  wo can
to work and market our ores economically, and with this bonus should he able
to make a fair profit.   The mere  fact
that the government thinks enough  of
tho country to pay two  and oue half
millions of dollars to help the chief industry to surmount  the  artificial  obstacles in its way iB inspiring, and will
result in good in many more ways than
tho direct nnyiuu of tlie money to  this
section.   To us the bonus mean* 810 per
net ton of ore, more.   I wish,   however
that we c mid i-eo thein   show  a   little
more lif« in making arrangements  for
the distribution of the bounty.   I   sun
po>*.e nil good thlngH come   slowly,   but
still we ate all  anxious to know  how
the  bonus  will  be divided.   At  the
I'uyue mine we nre working fifty men,
with twenty-live more nt the mill    The
prospects both ut our mine aud   nt the
ncighming   properties   are  most   en-
courauing, Although  considering that
many of the properties  wliich  nre  re
opening have been shut down  for a
year or two, It will take some time before thiiiKH are In runnin** order ajialn.''
(J. Jenkins, of tho Idaho mino, nt
Alamo, stated thnt he had just  closed a
contract wilh B. C. Uiblit, of  N'oNon,
for the erection of a <UXX> foot tramway,
work ou which wns to  be commenced
at once, the whole  to  be  In   running
order  before   December flint.   There
wan a force of twenty-five men now  at
work on the Idaho, and a force has been
started to renovate the oh! concentrator,
with which the  new  tramway  would
connect the  mine    This concentrator
wa* the lirM one built iu the Slocau. aud
lias been idlr fa i>vvt* four  yeavi*    Bv
the time  \ ot li  tramway  aud  cuiueii-
tralot were ready  there   would   lm  a
lnr)>e amount nf oro ou hand ready   for
treatment, am) tho propelty would he a
htiny one all winter    Where they were
limited they miffi red in  common   with
iimd Slocau properties from the danger
of Miowidides which occasionally Interfered wilh their work.   This wan mine-
thing that could not  he  avoided,   hut
onl»Me of thiH nn furtl er dillictilty is expert ed to ntbe to prevent the proliiahle
win kin* of the mine, on which only Ae
vei. puietit work has heen dune for the
piiM oiiiplo nl years.
loin* I'ratl, of the I-nM Chance mine,
*.|,j»v»l ti.-ii, il,.. jiroj^rtv Mini mjililly he
Iny got iu nbape, for (.hipping. There is
ft Urge Amount of ire rcidv for moping
ami there wa* every indication thnt
they would Imve a liii»y n/id profitable
tuiiter Within the lm»t three weeks
them had been a marked Improvement
in t ..inhume srenernUy in the Hlorau,
I ami he !rw»l-e.| lo **>e It rontiiille
John h. KctAllMck, ui   Kn-lo,  italeO
It is said that big boulders of molybdenite ihay be found iu the vicinity of
the Lone Dutchman, at the head of
Lemon creek.
i Kobt
George Ay lard has some of the finest
apples ever grown in his orchard
Next spring he will start a fruit farm,
near New Denver Siding.
H. Aitchison, of Slocan, has a valuable »old property on Tiger creek, upon
which he is developing an 8-inch paystreak of good looking ore.
The Clarke lecture, advertised for tonight (Wednesday) iu Bosun hall, is off.
If possible, Mr. Clarke will be induced
to give his lecture here Friday, Sept. 4.
The interests in the Hansen group of
mineral claims situate on Lemon creek,
helomring to the Murchison estate,
have been bonded by W Thomlinson of
this town
A. W. Strickland, new manager of
the Bank of Montreal at Now Denver,
took charge on the lst iust. LeB. de
Veber has taken Mr. Finucane's place,
as manager of tiie Greenwood branch,
~whi ie~M rc~FinncaiveTj oesttrSpokancr-
Manager Williamson of the local telephone system, is looking for the party
or. parties who cut down a telephone
pole between New Denver and Silver-
ton last week and carried away 150 feet
of wire. He promises a reward of $25
to find ihe outlaw.
Prof, John U Parks of Spokane, with
wife and family is eujoying a holiday
on Slocan lake". At present he is stay
ing at the Victoria Hotel, Silverton.
Prof. Parks is known to nearlv all old
timers in West Khotenay and his many
aqtialntnuces are pleased to see him
A new trail has been built from Three
Forks to the McAllister group on the
east side of North Fork of Carpenter
creek, and a carload of ore will be
brought down shoi tly. This is a drv
ore proposition and is opening up well.
W. Hunter and Geo Fnirbnirn are the
owners and they feel certain they have
a paving proposition. Tho section they
are opening in haft been much neglected
of late years, nlthotigh many promising
claims are located there
Auifl—Continual, ad j Enterprl.se, Ten Mllo,
\V Hicks.
Kins? Hilly Nj l.Tlffer ok, Jas Fancll.
8—Delta, divide botween Twelve Mile and
Springer, W Hicks.
Norn, Lemon ek, F Knowles.
Petrel, 2iui n f Lemon, E t) Almas.
Medfonl, 2nd n f Lemon, R G HeiuUrson.
Royal, Hobeitson ek, H L Fife.
Demoerat, Robertson ek. J Wafer.
Earl Khitf. lst n f .SnriiiBer, J Horrie.
A—oriental, Dayton ck T McNetsb.
(I-Holy Terror Gold Hill, J W Kyte.
7—Ethel S, Kootonny Puss ek, B A Shntford.
Alpine, Kooteimy Pass ek, J Saulter.
11-Gold, s f Ten Mile ck, D 1) O'Neall.
Knob Hill, Ten Mile ek, H. D Lea.
Golden Crown,Ten Mileck,.1 Hamelin.
Deer. Ten Mile ok, D B O'Neuil.
18-Red Ll|?ht. Dayton ek, T Mulvey and N
U— Surprise. Ten Mileck, H Farrcll
Champion,Ten Mileck.H D Curtis.    ,
Zone. Ten Mile ck, A Jaeobson.
Hamilton, Ten Mile ck, A McGillivray nnd E
lft--A bite Rose fr, 1-t n f Lemon. F Dick,
Empire State, on n f Lemon, J T Il'-iuicliesiio.
lfl-New York, last s 1 Lemon, \V C Koch.
Black Diamond,lst n f Lemon, John Bull.
Louise. Ten Mile clc. \Y A Harvey.
Four O'Clock, Ten Mile. J M Benedum.
K & S, Springer ek. R A Bradshaw.
21—Victor, 2nd n f Lemon, J B Foley.
Mask, 2nd n f Lemon, John Foley.
Chebovsran fr. Amos. Hill Top, Traeey (2yrs),
Ma. S—Ohio, Mabou, Younp Bear, Lurk. Miss
in;; Link. 4-Flora fr, Hiihana. 5—Times,
Mayotta._Alnia b *i3 vrs). Louisville (2 yrs),
Siinnyside fr. 0—Sampson, Jcsie (2 yrs). 7—
Mucker. 8—Trea8uri',Cr(iipleSliek(2yrs), Hurdy
Gurdr, Tarn, in—B T, licekic. Aston, Spokane
(x yrs). Violet, old Glory. Kentucky bell. 12-
Juliilee No 2, Happy .Jerry. Shunter fr. 11—
Roter. Black Fel. 17- Kitchener. 18-Ida,
Wlnfrod Alberta, Red Rock, White Beauty.
Btnek BcBUty. 2l-Sno\vilake, Mlddle.ex fr,
Aug 1—Traccy, A H McMillan to Jotin Campbell
fl-Cllmax No 8. .1 H Wallace to C E Miller.
11-May, I1C, .liw.Strathrov. Joy fr. John B
Mablcy fr, II R Joranil to il G Van Tuyl.
WHAT   A   COL.U   18.
Prof. Lohnbcrg publishes nn essay on
cold in the head. He says an ordinary
cold is no individual complaint, hut
only a collective name for a InrRO number of different complaints.
He hays: "Tlie attempt to discover a
uni vei sal remedy against a cold is just
as absurd as to search for a generally
cilicacious remedy for headache " The
particular complaint of which Ihe cold
is tho hyniptom can only be ascertained
hv careful examination of the nasal
cavities and neighboring arts. Hence
sufferers should be circumspect in the
use of remedies
Tho professor says only that which is
true but of which the uiass of mankind
is ignorant. Colds are of innumerable
varieties, hut the most common one is
that which is persistently misunder-
i-tood It is attributed to anvtliing but
the right cause, which is a microbe
All its symptom^ are those of a highly
infectious fever, and the. public instead
of blaming the microbe of infection,
and striving to kill it, will persist in denouncing1 draughts, wet feet, low temperature, etc
They exclude air, the enemy of the
the microbe, from their rooms; they
supply a temperature in which it can
multiply, and, having become thoroughly inoculated by breathing the
germ-laden atmosphere, they find that
a cold current of air causes them to
shiver. The shivering of the ordinary
mind decides the question of causation.
It is significant of every fever that it
begins with shivering, and a cold is no
Cold, wet feet, draughts, etc , are at
most only accessories. By putting a
greater strain on the animal economy
they decrease its resistence to microhic
infection. Colds are not known in the
Arctic regions —Vienna Clinicol Review. 	
Walk up to the New York brewery
when in Sandon and sample the product.
The Kootenay Saloon in Sandon has
a fine line of September cocktails. Try
When furnishing your hottBO or hotel
in   the Lardo,   remember  that  I),   J.
Kobertson & Co. in Nelson are tho real
live furniture men  of  the  Kootenay-,
Fon Sale—Furnished cabin with
complete batching outfit, 8 minutes
from Post Office and wharf. Wood and
water at the door. A snap for cash.
Apply at this oflice.
C. W. H. San-some has bonded the
Gold Finch claim, in Skylark camo, to
D. W. McVicar and W T. Hunter,
manager of the Hunter-Hendrick Co.,
Greniwood Mark F. Fadden, of Chicago, holds a small interest. The property will be worked iu connection
with the E. P. U mine adjoining it.
Thomas Higgins, whose rise from a
common miner to a wealthy capitalist,
is familiar to every old timer of Bisbee,
Ariz., has just paid $200,000 for a corner
on one of the prominent streets of Lns
Angeles The entire sum was paid in
cash that Higgins made in the sale of
a property near Bisbee.
$5 worm
One Dollar
The Old Bookstore.
Vancouver, B. O.
P. O. BOX 185
C. I' R Time In»|ie<'tor.
They nre not many, but what
lliey are we cannot iret aloim
-wllhuiit On in. Next to i» f*t
bank account we mini * few
tliouiwnil milMcrllMirn—and wt
an- iT'ilntr to (tut litem Wi>
want a suliM-rlber every Mom-
v.vt— without» »uWrlli»riv«ry
IIomimt In a tlnuiiclM lo i.
Kitty renin for twelvt numbers
U   lllilll   tlKilwh-HIIll    It"*  Uu
riimuih, twi If mc iretenmiRliof
lliiin.   Kviry month Momkxtm
■Mill 1 (Illlllll,   SO III 21 |l.l«<« of
pretty |p»>d Muff, On« iiiiintii'r
iiii;;lil I* worth a fortune to ymi
If j mi like IH »t jlc If ymi do
not like Itmlyli', leave It alone;
If you Itm* It, tho* ynir «in>r«
cuiioii liy i.Ijhihk OM a Ouiiar
llu* way.
Addrtwd-—   MoMKxn-s
New Denver. II. ('.
hil.ll Inil mch wonlli l.y II. M. WAI.KKK.
Wo have Honp enough in our window to make Biid» to wash all the
tlii tv linen of all political parties—It'a good BOftp, t<K>,~-tHv bewt mnde.
IliUf the work of washing ih done when you  ubo good soup.   Try it.
W. R. flegaw,
Sandon and Vernon.
f*9 m        9
UUt wwi
u,i i w t > • t v. ,*, mt mi^tuHin* uUvijji: i'*
,!!•>.,' <|i * me lad bi'i'it iiisiSi'   on   llu
'. , fori of Kaslo creek on a claim
jt.tby Sf<»it t lioriilinrg and pxrtiuT.    Iltei
*••; ute i-arriitil i,oii*iili->;al>b« tree silver, and j
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the Slocan.
IttMioKAi, Hum, Main St., Pjmdon.
Shoes that Wear
Ai'u'i iW.pt, It, iuul-.** a, ill hu
lui Hie. bt**l tent*'** Hi All r*lijtt'» liiHiU:
in  Hi*  «tli!y  j«metir« on SAtitnlnyi    Work h»* bitm rr«»iir.nl nn  thr>  Ah
Alu-runou* i Th«*f« m ite.Au-ii'iai} -I'Jiiinj'i, Mtu.-gy*,,] mi.
I'roviihntf »nflirlf-nl mlrie* *tt* m*tle\ i* ittltw Inlitii nnt S"ni»> *)Hl|ifvinf it
a j»riz«'fthoot will in* h*iA nn I^iliori tt II t><'inir Aon* from th« Morriton in
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U* t^t*tt haatnuut i\* lt*t      thty '<
civ* lait'iuttlm.    Htpiuitii! Ui.in'. ■
Puriey Vrardi      Sandon.
Ml/ii*i,»"*V<i,» a tfvtiult) 'j
ty    THE
m     OLD
A. JAOOI1SOX. I'n^ftMor
When ym want a fine clti*» mo a!, or a hod thut
I* clean and MAX and well-made, yoo will flr.d w'.mt
yoa arc Mfdnjr (or at tfite pioneer houje. AJdo tie
Iii it w nerve tonica.
New Denver
Phone 10
Jfcftt JOB WORK in thc SliKim ik-no at'THE LEDGE.


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