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The Ledge Aug 6, 1903

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 Volume X. Number 45.
Price $2.00 Year,
•       IN
:''^W^S*^&^ reading_your,paper m
Sen^w' N^Ws PToat
SS Hews of Local Color for and of Mining Men and &
28 the Busy World. X?
About 17 delegates, from all the
polling places in the Slocan riding,
attended tho Labor convention at
New Denver last1'Saturday. The
gathering* was representative of the
labor element generally without regard to unionism, though most of
the delegates were members of the
The" convention adopted the
name of tho Independent Labor
Party, and nominated Win. Davidson; of Sandon, to contest the riding. Tho following platform was
This party lays it down as a first
principle, that they will nominally
endorse or support only such men
as will place their signed, undated
resignation iu the hands of the
convention which nominates or endorses them; that this resignation
be sworn to; that this resignation
ant-Governor in Council whenever
a majority of the convention shall
consider such action advisable.
1st. That we gradually abolish
all taxes on the producer, and the
product of the producer, shifting
them on land values.
~ 2nd. Government ownership of
railroads, means of communication,
and tho establishment and operation by the government of smelters
and refineries to treat all kinds of
3rd. That the Franchise be extended to women.
4th. Tho abolition of property
(nullifications for all public offices.
5th. No land or cash subsidies.
Lands to bo held by tho nctunl
settlers, and further, that ton per
cent of all lands bo immediately
net aside for educational pnposes
and tho education of all children
up to tho age of sixteen years to be
free, secular and compulsory.
Text books, meals, nnd clothing to
bo supplied out of the public funds
when necessary.
0th. Compulsory arbitration of
labor disputes.
7th. Restriction of Oriental immigration by ft law on the lines of
tho Nntal Act, and such action by
tlio government as will ensure the
workingmen of thia Province protection against tho effeetaof Oriental competition and association.
8t*li. Absolute reservation from
sale or lease, of a certain part of
t>very known coal or oil aroft, w>
that Htate-owned mines and well*,
If necessary, may be easily possible
in the future. All coal lenses or
grants hereafter mado to contain a
pioviMon enabling tlm government
to fix tlio pi fee of coal loaded ou
cart* or vowl* for shipment to Ihi-
tlsh Columbia cooau'mcra.
0th.   Municipalization and public control ol the liquor traffic
10th.   To provide for tho settlement of public qiiCritloiiH by direct
vote under the Initiative and Referendum.
11th.   Election   Day  to \n, n
Jas. Currie and wife are visiting
Vernon and vicinity.
Fourteen men were added.to the
Wakefield force this week.
The approaches to the Union
street bridge, damaged by the high
water, are being repaired.
It is reported that the Monarch
mine at Field will resume operations.  It is heavy in lead and zinc.
Joseph Irwin has been elected as
teacher of the Hume addition
school, Nelson, for the ensuing
But for the calendar, and the fact
that our bunker in empty, we
would open business jvith the coal
The tug Bar don is temporarily
doing the work of the ss. Slocan
on the lake, while the latter is
bwiig repaired.       ""   *; „    : ■■ ■* ■"
realize yon are doing a good w-firk
for the advancement of that
country and hope yon may be able
to reap a rich reward for the efforts
you have always put forth to bring
about fair treatment from the O.
P. R. and Canadian Smelters,
who have largely been the cause
of discouraging capital going' in
there more extensively for the ■de-
velopeniont of the country.".
,1M„     \*
T».,c.■!"'««     it*   1m.
Seventeen men are employed at
the Comstock. Two carloads of
ore are ready for shipment when
the road is repaired,
Customs receipts .for July for the
Dominion amounted to $2,603,531.
an increase of 8002,481 over the
same month last year.
The electric light line men have
the wire strung from the power
house into town, nnd are rapidly
making connection with tho business houses and residences.
A deal on a cash basis ia pending
for the Lily B. Tliis property is
on Springer creek, and is owno-d by
Eri Thompson, George Long, Martin Mnurier and Nat Tucker.
Herman Clever is doing a big
meat business. Last week he sold
about 4.000 pounds. He is planing to havo one of tho best shops in
the camp when his new business
block is completed, and has ordered
an up-todate outfit from Seattle.
Business is rapidly improving in
all lines. Tho laipe mines nre
greatly adding to their forces, nnd
many that have not been working
for two years or more are resuming
work. The general tone of bus!
ncss is strong nnd the outlook
Another furnace will bo blown
In at the Hall Mines smelter in a
few days, and will be run on copper
ore. Tho lead furnace is now kept
steadily employed, the .shipment*
of lend orca from the Blnccan com-
lug in steadily. Last flock nine
cars of concentrates from tho lfcun-
bler-Cnrihoo were received.
A Ijirgo shipment of sections of
Iron derricks for the Silver Cup
tramway at Ferguson was sent, out
of Nclwnt hint week. Tho tramway te now well under way, all
preparatory work having lieen
completed nnd with tho nrrival of
the derrick sections work will be
rushed through m> that the mine
Hhould bo .shipping before fall.
Tn    Qii*\i1rm       \*t**t.       Unn    1T„r-tit,
lAPITAL   FOR   B.   O.
Congressman Sulzer. of New
York, says that British .Colombia
may look in the future to get £10
from New York for every dollar got
from Great Britain. The senator
has just passed through Vancouver
on his way to Alaska, in connection
with the Canadian-American boundary question, "and the United
States fisheries, as a commisioner
for the United States government.
The congressman was reticent
about the details of his trip. He
is an enthusiastic admirer of Bri
tish Columbia. He stated that in
New York there was not the same
lack of knowledge of Canada as
there was in London, and the
more New York capitalists knew
of British Columbia, the moro they
became interested.
He stated that he had certainly
of western Canada, and British
Col u rid h-, and had been so impressed that he intended to give a
lecture, on his return, entitled,
^Through western Canada, to
The following letter will explain
itself: it is from the wife of the
late James A. Minto, who.died
from wounds received May 31 last
by a dynnmito explosion nt the
Cherry Creek Mining Co., Fire
Valley. Mr. Minto was on liis
way home, waiting for tho stage,
when a case of dynamite exploded,
supposed to bo from lightning, ns a
heavy storm was raging at the time.
The policy was only affected lant
October, proving tho importance
that every man should make provision for those left behind.
NewDcnvcr.B.C., July .'10,1903.
W. J. Twiss, F>q., Manager, Tho
Mutual Life of Canada, Vancouver, B. C.
Dear Sir—Your letter of the
18th inst., received, enclosing
cheque for 82,000, in payment of
Policy No. 40,845, held by my late
husband, James A. Minto, in your
I can only thank you sincerely
for attending to my claim so quickly; your company is certainly to be
recommended for its pvomptnoRB in
making payment, and if my case is
a sample of your usual business
methods, your claims for reliability
and dispatch aro well founded.
T will bo happy to recommend
tho Mutual Life of Canada to any
of my friends, which company is
well worthy of trust and confidence
to the insuring public. I am,
yours sincerely,    Isaiiki. Minto.
,. . .^
iwm\o thnt every emyteyee *-\v,A\ \*e
free from porviee at lenk four con- jhoupc and opened In a building nd-
necutive hours during polling* ami I Joining the Exchange hotel. Meals
tlio exorcise of tho Franchise to he | are served in regular hotel Myh\
Hugh Campbell, of Cow Hay, O.
H., who was in charge of a prospecting party in the Peace River
country for about a year, has returned to Ottawa. Iln represented
Ontario people. Mr. Qtmpticll waa
•A* volt    e,f ereil       !fo «titt«<<0<it<««
the filing a great amount of exceedingly fine gold dust besprinkles
tho carpets, but in such infinitesimal particles as to bo temporarily
lost. The carpets wero put into a
furnace which consumed them.
The gold which remained when run
into a°bar was valued at $0,000.
Canada, during the year ending
June 30th. exported to the United
States 30.419.000 pounds-of copper
matte, valued at82,990,000. Over
twothirds of the product was shipped from-the'Boundary in British
The El Oro Mining and Railway
Company which operates extensive
mines in the El Oro district, Mexico, will very shortly award contracts for additional equipment involving an" expenditure of about
8350,000. A 100-stamp mill will
bo built.
The word copper is generally admitted to be derived from Cyprus,
as it was from that island the ancient Romans first procured their
supplies. In those remote days
Cyprus and Rhodes were the great
copper districts, and even in oitr
day new discoveries of copper ore,
especially the beautiful blue and
green ores, from which the metal is
so much more easily obtained than
from the copper pyrites and other
sulnhureted ores of Cornwall, are
made nearly„ every year in the
islands'"of the''Mediterranean.
A hew process of hardening steel
has been found in London wliich
is expected to revolutionize tho industry. By hardening it in a vapor
of quicksilver the steel is rendered
so hard that it will not rust and is
vastly superior to the f resent' product. Tests by the British government, show that the new method is
all that the discoverers claim. If
seems likely to render the present
armor plate of ships obsolete. The
agent will soon leave for the United
States. He will present his invention to steel men.
The miners' worm appeared
among the coal and iron miners in
Rhiueland and Westphalia, claiming many victims. This parasite
lodges in tho iniicuous membrane
of tho intestine?, taking nourishment from th* blood after tho manner of a leech. As the worm propagates very quickly, tho victims
soon dio of poor blood or lack of
blood. The worm first appeared
among the workers in St. Got hard
tunnel. It is assumed that it was
introduced in theso provinces* by
Hungarian nnd Belgian hihorcw,
coining from parts where ill nourishment is a rule.
'Among the strange and weird
demons ami bogies which were
believed by minora to haunt the
workings underground not the least
horrible is tho'Ladder Dwarf.'"
said a former prospector. "1
never saw the creature myself, but
ho is described n« hunch-hacked,
with a short body, large head and
enormously long and powerful
arms. In fact, ho icsemhlca nn
exaggerated gorrilln. liis favorite
triik te climbing the ladders by
meant* of which the miners leave
the mint*, raining himself with hi*
long arms, aud as he passes the
runp kicking them out one by one
He is Bupposcd to always do this
jnat liefore an necident of pome
kind in the mine."
I Sandon-'^Vfs Cropping ~
2m-What the Busy People are Doing where4he Mines W
$8 Are Located.  %
Geo. Clark is hunting for gold
on Poplar creek.
The Murcury has a car of ore
ready for shipment.
A small force went to work at
the Reco on Saturday.
Byron Cliffe has sold cut in Sandon and will shortly leave the city.
For the first time since thc strike
tho Jackson has resumed operations.
A 10-inch strike of clean galena
is reported from the Chicago, on
Cody creek.
Four men aro working on the
Blue Bird, one of the oldest mines
in the camp. ■
A. H. Lewis has
cou.ver where   he
transfer business.
gone to Van-
will enter the
it*    ee* volt    r\1 f*f\*il       tto
■ArmnA ibe T.n Owndo bwmMVtr' thnt, he mtnVeA nut, an  neon of ennt
amounting to 250,000,000 tons.
Some of the aeama were nine feet
thick.   The coal te of good quality.
since Jack
A Philadelphia firm has received
an order froni the Japanese government, for nevoral X-rnv   machines. I imtn** hv tht* flrwlo
which are to lie used for   a  novel I while it wn<* enroute.
made compulsory,
So far there has lieeni (131 votes
registered in tlie 8locan riding.
The list now Hands na follows:
8locfl»t. 204? Nakn.'p, 73? Rindon,
121: New Dcnvev, 104; Ro*cbery, j
."!; Silverton, W; Mcflufgnn, .'!!;
Three   Fork*,   33;   Whilaw,   17
nt regular hours.
I V.iV.>   ■■i.i.WM^'i.
Mnt. Ifagen aW
* i»
ilH^t^kli"-*        *»V4        ak't%\
It Is near
. I-
Hojw,   not  a
sold to
Tho firm some time
a  representative  of
on   the Nakusp flyer
Cadden went East.
Shady Giegcrich, the well-known
humorist, is improving in health.
Ho is still in Spokane.
City Clerk Lyons is now acting
chief of police in Sandon, Geo.
Waite naving resigned.
Geo. W. Hughes is expected in
any dny to push tho work on the
Sunset and Trade Dollar.
Paddy Murphy is in the Lardeau
looking after the Lucky Jim group.
Paddy deserves a fortune.
Rev. Mr. Mclntyre and party
returned this week from tlieir
camping trip to Slocan lake.
Billy Sanders is in town, nnd
"-ays that Bob Green holds five
aces in the approaching election.
J. M. Harris will return to Sandon in a few days. He has spent
thc past five months at his old Virginia home.
Charlie Erickson was admitted
to the hospital the past week. He
had his collar bone broken in an
necident nt tho Monitor.
In nbout ten days the force at
the Ivanhoe mino will lm increased
to 80 men. It will take several
years for tliat number of men to
handle tho ore now blocked out in
the Ivanhoe.
Jack Thompson will go to Poplar
creek thih week to work on the
Lucky Sport. Ed McLeod nnd
MikeKirlin are alw interested in
this claim, which shows £20 gold
rock on the surface.
Morris Davis had a very narrow
escape from fatal Injury on Saturday while working at the Payne.
A piece of shafting fell upon dim,
striking him lightly across the kick.
He waa sent to tho hospital and te
ropting eat»y.
There are r»0 men in the 1'ayne
mine nnd 2? In the mill. The
operation of the /.ine plant will be
delayed acveral weeks, owing to
the damage Anne the magnetic mj>-
~ it*    Wl-cennfl
A WW *«*p-
Afte.r that he will settle down in
Georgia, and raise cotton. J. E.
Wood will be missed by many
friends in these hills, who have always admired him for those sterling qualities that were never
dimmed by contact with life on the
Bruce White put a force of six
men to work on the Noonday last
week. This property is principally
owned by Bruce nnd Byron White.
It was located in ,92,by Black Jack
Cockle, Walter Crevice, Tough
Nut Jack and Hans Madsen. It fr
on Cody ereek, and was the second
Clipper in the Slocan. It has not
been worked since 1896. In the
past 845.000 has been expended on
the property. It is a big lead and
zinc proposition, with a small
amount of silver. Although only
a mile from the railroad it is somewhat handicapped by the lack of a
wagon road.
orator had to lm ordered.
rnoxos ritost thiwk j-oi ks.
Bishop Potter delivered an able
lecture last Sunday.
Hugh Niven will build a livery
stal le in front of his hotel.
Wm. Bryant, chef of the Ymir
mine, is spending his holidays in
Since this camp began only two
resident* have died from too'much
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lowe spent
a few days last week visiting Mrs.
A lacrosse team is being organized in the burg. Vancouver will
now tremble.
Mrs. J. T. Kelly has gone to
Ottawa, owing to the serious illnest-
of her mother.
The woods are full of berriet
around here, but the natives an
too busy to pick them.
John Cadden and wife are touring the East. Mrs. Shearer and
child will nturn with them in the
A bear was coming to town Inst
week, but Bob Sloan and Dnvi
Woods met him on the North Fork
trail and pursuudtd him to ambh
iu another direction.
MUMVSICI» IN Till: LAKK.     *""
John Doe and Richard Roe.
Italians employed on the section
gang at Robbery, wero drowned
Sunday afternoon off the whore at
the head of tho lake. Jt Ih supposed that they were finhiig <»{f «
piece of cribbing when one fall into
the lake, and that tho other weni
to hte tiMdMwue and Ixith drowned,
Their coat a nntl lint* were fount!
on the shore. P. Gallagher ha* n
number of the mtion ncu en*
gaged in grappling for the bmliea.
ItAft   I'AIO   MttltK   IHVItllMlft,
Despite its load of fraudulent
clnima and wildcat ccbemctt, tin
mining industry has paid more
money   in   dividends,   compared
.,.'.44*4*4**.,    M.tMlMH It ,.->  PiMt ttm     «l|||]>
hi Il'l: hA ihl'h   j*M.,»,   il.Uu   AUi
ki «   -     -
other buHinM»« known. Under tht
xt.hm.i.. «... v «„ ,„„..i.j,,ft „ i,j..i. ; In *** lmwr working* en thej wing of mining th<rre exit**, t*m,
^^^^^.^"ttll Slocau Star a alrtko of tlfrce feet of | of the mfat and moat profitable ol
all bnslui'SH.—-New York Tribune
upper atory of the Exchange hotel. IVaec River Pa*»
Tho»e who appreciate tasty men Is
well cooked, and clean beds should
not forget tlie Exchange when in
kino woutv*.
Alamo, 2: Gntelitn*.
Burton, 2.
1;  Codv,   3;
After being used for nIx years the
Brunei* carpet* wliich covered the
adjusting room* at the Sin   Finn-
rlsmbr/tn^h «f thc U. H. mint, were
A   New York *»ate -subscriber! t&keu up tent  week.
hi* stibocrip- room* the gold ia filed
deal  of  in- ptoper weight, and a« a
the Japanese explained, waa to Im»
nof-ii.! tt, tlm rrfi-i'-r.rtinx.iitil mlnto    In
Japan for the detection of dhdion-
cut employe* who Mole gold min*
by (wallowing them.   The machine
• clean high-gmdc galena wan made
HaH week. 11 i.-** ai a dcptli ol WW tm
on thc lend and ha* been drifted on
for a distance of 50 feet.    Thia is
*tm...»»A  *»   «v«.ni„« «i.B««.t. „«i considered to bo a very im por tan t
waa u«ed  to   examine jmpt*te a, ^^,   ||(|j min(M>m^1   \      H
mint daily,  and of mnt.X*nmtUa .„«..„ .l, ' i..'. »„,
they left the  mint
eonrtm ft revealed  the presence of
many   coina  "in   their  midat."
The teat waa no  f.iti. factory  that
ant not for the mine alone but for
the district.
A "iivittt.M-i.tr rAitTWHKiK" ia being introduced in English minea te
bring down coal in place of dynamite or powder. Thc cartridge fe
twenty inche* long. It in iitM-ttad
fn a ttriVrA hnhy tttul hy meana of
tbe well-known hydraulic pre*
principle a lucmuie uf liue* too* u.
aayit wltcn renewing
Hon: "I take a great
.1,   K,   Wrwl,   after   spending
Iu   theaejthe Mikado ordered mvettii morel nearly mirm year* iu Ute Hlocan, the aq'uare inch i* brought to bc*i
down   to machine*,   hoping to prevent ihe'will leave thia  fill]   tor Florida, Un the <**!, which after a little
iwult of j form of theft referral to. (where be will upend the winter. • time quietly give* way. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, AUGUST 6, 1903.
Tenth Year.
almost everything. The dollar Is
mighty and seems to prevail, except
here and there where somo soul'has
risen above the mud and laughs at
the crowd chasing the elnsivo cartwheel. As a rule gambling in stocks
is worse than backing a wheel. In
. the latter sudden action relieves your
Legal advertising 10 cents a nonpariel line .  . . .     , .,   ....      ,   ,, .    ."    ,
first insertion, and S cents a line each subsequent  anxiety, While the   holder  Of  StOCKS
insertion.  Reading notices 25 cents a. line, and
The Ledge.
Willi which Is amalgamated the
Sakiwh Faystkkak,
Published every Thursday In the richest silver-
lead-zlnc camp on earth.
commercial advertising graded in prices accord'
ing to circumstances.
Subscription, ti a year in advance or §«.60 if
not so paid.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thr Leduk is located at
New Denver, B. C , and is traced to many parts
of tbe earth It has never lieen raided by the
sheriff, snowsllded by cheap silver, or subdued
by the fear of man. It works for the trail blazer
as well as the bay-windowed, champagne-flavored
capitalist. It alms to be on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should bc administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing
paystreak is proof that it is better to tell tlu.
truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation ls the man
who always pays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk In paradise, with thorn less roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver, B. 0.
A pencil cross in this square
indicates that your subscrip
ti m is due, and that the editor
wants once again to look at
your collateral.
may dream on for years and awake
at last to Und that he is down to the
blanket, and nothing doing. It is
tbe aim ot nearly all stock schemers j
to do the public out ot their hard-
earned money. Dangle a glittering
bait before the eyes of a gold-crazed
people and they will jump for it as
does tho coon for a watermellon.
Many a deacon who looks with sanctified horror on a game ol draw, will
buy benns in any old stock scheme,
especially if it is endorsed by some
smooth cuss who has more piety than
honor. It is little use to write or
preach against this craze to get rich.
One swarm of suckers are no sooner
swallowed by the sharks than another takes their place. The supply
is just as unlimited as gall in jack-
leg editor, Even if it suffers, the
world evidently loves to be bamboozled. Brass looks like gold to
many, and the fakir eats turtle soup
while his victim lives on tho sweat of
a kitchen window,
A confiding public play their
money against many a fake besides
stocks.   The world is full ojLlegaL
The editor of The Ledge is preparing a publication which will appear
in December. It will be a gorgeous
affair and will surprise thousands of
people. The pages will be double
royal octaves. Wo will write about
twenty pages and depend upon others
for thirty-six pages of stories and
illustrations, The matter that we
intend to put into this book will be
characteristic of the mines and mountains. It will call some things by
their right names, while others will
be veiled so that the delicate in mind
will not lose their equipoise by read
ing It
The title page will contain the
words: "Float by K. T. Lowery
New Denver and Nelson, B. 0." In
the center of the cover will bo a revised cut ofthe bulldog, The color
ot tho cover will ho a Slocan green.
Tbe cut will be circular in shape
and printed in a Poplar ereek shade
of ink, while the letter press will be
a lurid Sandon red. The effect of
this cover will be much the same as
that felt by looking at a Now Denver sunset in June.
A portion of this publication will
bo dovoted to the description of towns,
men and various lines of business in
Kootenay and thc Boundary. The
number of |»ges dovcted to this section will depend upon the number of
j«ople who wish to have themselves
or their bualneaa woven Into romance
at so much a line. Tho bjwco for
this is limited, and those who desire
to take advantage of such great and
lasting publicity would do well to
drop a ilne to the writer. Tbe pub
Ilea tion will toll lor W) cents a copy
atd aa the edition la limited to four
thousand copies, intending purchai
era should subaerlbe early.
social, political, medicinal, religious
and monetary fakes, and tbe man
who escapes them all is almost as
wit in a Vancouver newspaper. Let
the fakir and his victim alone. There
are times when they are both happy.
Joaquin Miller on Knee Suicide.
President Roosevelt in swaddling
clothes, suspended by ribbons Irom
the bill of a stork, furnishes the illustration for the cover of a new poem,
in ten cantos, by Joaquin'Miller, en
titled "As It Was in the Beginning.''
In the "prefactory postscript" the poet
"When, like a sentinel on his
watch tower, the president, with his
divine audacity and San Jaun valor,
voiced the real heart of the Americans against race suicide, I hastened
to do ray part in my own way, ill or
well, in holding up his hands on the
firing line. * * * I'venture "this
new book with confidence, not only
because it is right, proper, clean,
courteous, but now seems opportune.
'Let the galled jade wince!' I give
no quarter and ask none, except par
don for errors incident to great haste.
I cry aloud from my mountain top as
a seer and say: The cherry blossom
bird of Nippon must be more with us,
else another century and prolific
Canada, like another Germany from
the north, may descend upon us and
take back train loads of tribute. We
are coming to be too entirely
Tbat the poem is truly Rooseveltian
in its strenuousness may be gleaned
from these stirring stanzas of canto ix:
God's pity for the breasts that bear
A little babe, then banish it
To stranger hands, to alien care,
The attempt which Paley and others
liave made to solve this mystery—design in nature—by rising from the
laws to the cause, are evidently futile,
because to the eye of reason the solution is as incomprehensible as the
The disciples of Jesus thought of the
kingdom of heaven as some external
condition of splendor and pomp and
power which was to be ushered in by
and by, by hosts of trumpeting angels,
and the son of man in great glory riding upon the clouds, and not for one
moment as ihe still small voice within
them.—John Burroughs,
I want every schoolhouse to be a
temple of science in which shall be
taught the laws of nature, in Which
children shall be taught actual facts,
and 1 do not want •hat school house
touched.or lhat institution of science
touched by any superstition whatever.
Leave religion with the church, with
family,,'' and, more than all, leave religion with each individual heart and
If I believed that my mother or my
father were in hell, and if I believed in
the efficacy of prayer, 1 would pray day
after day and year after year to induce
"our heavenly father" to reconsider
and to let them out. But my orthodox
friends whose creed is the creed of external punishment, seem to eat well, to
sleep well, and not to worry very much
| Mail Orders.
We give all mail  orders our
prompt and careiul attention.
We Solicit Yours
£ For Prescriptions
Ofalllcinds. Kodaks, Cameras
and Photo Supplies,
School Books
and Supplies. Blank Books,
Letter Books and Office Stationery, Wall 1'aper, Etc, Etc,
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan Mlniue Division of
West Koote.iay District. Where located:
Northwest of Bear Lake, aliout 6 miles Irom
Three Forks.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Robert MePherfion, free
1 miners' certilieate No. B 69343, Intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining' Keoorder for Certificate's of
Imnrovement, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of each of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under sec-,
tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates ot Improvements
Dated this 2*d day of June. A. D 1-303
robebt Mcpherson.
about their unbelieving friends who
have passed over the river. It is possible, after nil, lhat they do not believe
their creed ?•—.M. Babcock.
FKKDOY Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division ol West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
the Galena Karm, adjoining the S eveiuon
Mineral Claim,
Nixon, free miner's certificate No. H mm,
intend, sixtv days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Milling Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the puriiose of obtaining •
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 37, must bo commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
DaSed this 4th day of June, A.D.1W03 l:
Slocan Election District,
God will not pat a square peg in a
round hole, bat man frequently pats
a log" roller In the pulpit.
Telling the truth does not pay
judged from the standpoint of doPars.
Otherwise It Is a huge success.
Iv Poplar creek is half as good as
reported, the Kootenay country will
have a boom next summer that will
(ouch the stars, and mako Cripple
Creek look like a rotten potatoe In a
Chinese swill basket
"The summer ia nearly over and
nothing done," says the Nelson Tourist association. There is plenty of
time to boost Nelson us a refugo In
the winter for those Manltobans who
hate blizzards in thoir whiskers.
Stock gambling seems to be n poor
builncsr, except for the brokers.
Forgetting tbat no gentleman Is ever
Mkk with nickel minds can never
build up a dollar town. The press Ib
mighty in the upbuilding ot a town
or country, but editors cannot live
very long upon ozone nnd promises.
They must have porridge occasionally
A New York preacher says that
wc all go to the devil when wo get
$W),OUa This Is some comfort, although wo wish some breeze of fortune would send us a ticket so that
we could tako a look at the devil,
und seo whether he Is real, or just a
dream of blue brains or yellow livers.
What will becomo ot us when
Kosftlann becomes a Johannesburg,
Grand Forks a Butte, Phoenix a
Leadville, Poplar creek a Cripple
Creek, Kaslo an Iola, 43 creek a
Confederate gulch, Trail a Swansea,
and Greenwood a cemetery? Nelson
Poor, helpless hands reached anywhere,
As God gave them to reach and reach,
With only helplessness in each!
Poor little hands, pushed here, pushed there,
And all niulit lonjr for mother's breast.
Poor, restle»s hands that will not rest
And gather strength to reach out strong
To mother in the rosy morn I
Nay, nay, they gather scorn for scorn
And hate for hute the lorn night long-
Poor, dying babe! to reach about
Tn blackness, as a thing cast ont!
God's pity for the thing of lust
Thut bears a frail babe to be thrust
Fortli from her iirms to alien thrall.
As shutting out the light of day,
As shutting off God's vory breath I
Bnt thrice God'* pity, let us pray,
For her who bears no bubo at all,
But gaily leads up Ftixhion's Hall
And grinning leads the dance of denth.
That sexless, steel-lirneod breast, of bono
Is like to some assassin coll, ~
As whited sepulohre of stone,
A graveyard at the gates of hell,
A mart when* motherhood ls sold,
A house of murders manifold.
A few stanzas further on the poet
And oh, for prophet's tongue or pen
To scourge, not only, and accuse
The childless mother, but such men
As know their wives but to almse!
Give me tho brave, child-loving .few,
Tho full-sexed.fow ofeither so*,
Who loves,brings forth, and nothing recks
Of e*m or cost, its ChrUtlnns do—
United souls who will not hear or see
How Christ once raise*I his lowly head
And, *n relinking, gently »rtl*l,
The while he took them tenderly,
"lA)t little children eome tu me."
Hear me thi* prophecy nml heed
K«< <-|>t w« I'lnuiM* its kirk and ereed,
KX< ■'« l'i   'I*  11 Midi ll*  Mold Mild itctnl
The Jew shall rule ti«, relsn tlm -lew.
Aud Just heriutse ths Jew U true.
Is true to iinture, Into to truth;
Is rlesn, is ehsnte, as trustful Ruth
Who tititt us llavld, H-iloiiinit •
TlielUU'. tlmt far. Ilr»l Clirl*tuinsdfiwn.
The poem is dedicated to 'The
Mothers of Men.
Notice oft Date oft Public Meetings for the Election of Delegates to Nominating Conccntion.
Supporters of the Liberal Conservative party
will hold public meetings at the following
named places in Sloc'in election district on
Saturday, August 8th, 1!K)8, for the purpose of
electing delegates to a convention to beheld
at New Denver, in the rooms of the New Denver Liberal Conservative association, on
Saturday, August 15th, lj)03, at 2:30 o'cloek,
p. m.: No. of Delegates
| to be elected.
Sand on    ti
Slocan City    4
New Denver...........    3
Silverton ,    5!
Nakusp    2
Three Forks    1
McGuigan     1
Enterprise    1
Winlaw Siding  :    1
Burton City     1
Tlie delegates to the convention will nominate a candidate for the legislative assembly
to contest Slocan election district in the interests of tho Liberal Conservative party.
Tho ohairmau and secretary of the public
meetings shall issue credentials to tho delegates elected.      JOHN HOUSTON,
President of tho Liberal Conservative
Union of British Columbia.
-I-   _~\_._._iA a£ YT.*f».»»«-T.LiiM«««.» T.«1-«_iiea.1- ■* "-• "
To any one who reminds me of the
boasted superiority of the Mosaic
morals, 1 would remark that it is evident from Ex. XXXIV that the original
decalogue was devoid of the ethical
provisions now found. And these commandments are strictly tribal. The
command, "Thou sholt not steal,'
was no protection to the Egyptians;
the command, "Thou shalt hot kill,"
certainly did not apply lo the Midian
ites.—J. M. Wheeler.
Cast a glance back into history and
you will find that the chief humbug-
gers trace back their origin to that
artist who created the universe out of
nothing, and that their existence rests
on the same artifice. In that time
when from their brute-like isolation
men associated themselves into tribes,
then was first developed, on the foundation of the creation humbug,, the
humbug of monarchy and priesthood.
Monarch and piiest were united in the
person of the patriarch. Since he, by
the strength of his arm or by his age,
was the wisest, he was asked, for instance, concerning the cause and origin
of things. He knew as much about
these as the others, namely, nothing;
but with a turn of the hand  he made
OAKLAND Mineral Olnliu
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District.       Where    located:
On Fot.r Mile creek, adjoining the  Edinburgh mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Wm. S. Drewry, acting
as agent for Ferdinand F. Leibscher, Free
Miners' Certilieate No. B IH405, intend. HO days
from the date  hereof to apply to the Mining
Recorder  for a Certificate of  Improvements
for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown  grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action under section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of
such certiticate of improvements.
Dated this ith day of June, A. D, 1903.
HAI'PV   DKLIVEKY Mineral Claim
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
Silver Mountain, adjoining thc Loi>t Tiger
H1..-—I   4.1.1... 1*4, r.
'PAKE NOTICE That I, Wm. S Drewry, as
I agent for Hermann Clever, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B (54376, Intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Hccorder for a Certilicnte of Improvements, for
the purpose ,of obtaining a Crown Grant of tlie
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced hot ore Iho issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated tills 4th day of June. A. D. 1903.
DALKEITH and  KELSO  Mineral Claims,
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: On Four
Mile creek, uear the Waketleld mine. ■
  ...sixty dajs
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of In '
 »„™ „. improvements, for the
., .       ., .      . , ., . ■■ ,    i purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
this nothing into a dogma, through the thcaboveclaims.
discovery that everything has arisen out  „*!I&f^,V',t?ke no,ic,) *¥* n,ctio»j u?der 8e0'
-      , .v        »»    , ti • tion 37. must be commenced before the issuance
of nothing.—Karl Hemzen. i of sucirCertificate of Improvements.
~     -"   "       "Vi
»,.     ,       t «...
>•«    *-* *• 9**  9  J  §
For a Million io love liberty, it U suf-
Ocient (hnl >»he known il; nml to lv
free it i.t xudkkMH thai she wills ii.~
Design, represented us n search after
final cnust! until we come to a iir»l
cause, nnd then slop, te an argument,
[Adopted at Revelstoke, September 18th, 1902, J
1. That this convention reaffirms thcpol.cy
of the party In matters of provincial roads and
trails: the ownership and control of railways
and the development of the agricultural resources of the province as laid down in the platform
ndoptcd in uctober, 1»», whioh Is as follows:
"To actively aid hi tho construction of trails
throughout tho undeveloped port ons of the
province and the building of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
">To adopt the principles of government ownership of railways in so far as the circumstances
of the province will admit, and tho adoption of
the princlplo that no bonus should bo granted to
any railway company which docs not give the
government of the province control of rates
over lines bonused, together with the option of
" To actively assist by state aid In the development of the agricultural resources of the province."
*. That In the meantime and until the rail
way policy above set forth can be accomplished,
a gener-l railway act bo passed, giving freedom
to construct rallwoys under certain approved
regulations analogous to the system that has
resulted In such extensive railway construction
in the United Suites, with so much advantage
to trade and commerce.
8. Tlmt tu eiioourugo the mining industry the
taxation or metalliferous mines should ho oil tho
basis of * percentage on the net profits.
4. That Ihe gioveriimeiit ownership of telephone systems sh'iuld lie brought nbout as a first
step In the acquisition of public utilities.
ft. Ttmt a portion of every coal urea hereafter
tu lw disposed of should be reserved from sale or
tease, so tlmt stale owned mines may 1st easily
arcusslble. If their ojwratiou becomes net-enury
or advisable.
0 That In the pulp land leases provision
sltouW lw made for reforesting and that »tc|*
should lie taken for thc general prewrvatlou of
fon*ts by guarding against Ihe wasteful de-
structlon of tlmls>r.
7 That tho,legislature and government of the
firovlutf should |«rs«vire l» the effort tom-curo
theniiliislou of Asiatic labor.
*. That ihe niiittcrof Ix-lter terms in the way
of milrtdy ami appropriation* for the province
xtwiUl 1*. vk"„n,wl3 j,imh*h*,1 vijwu Oui VmuiUiiuii
0. That the sllvrr-lcsd iudiMrie* of the
prov|ne,.|*fn.t<re,l and .i,c..ura««d |,y <),« in,
jweltlon of Increased custom* duties nn lend nml
Irad (product* Imported Inl-i Canada, and thai
the Conservative inrmlwri of the Domlidoti
IfoiiH) be urjod lo support my motion Intro,
ilwvd tm such (I ,1UI|S«».
10. Hint as Industrial dispute* almost Invariably rwtilt In great lets ami injury both hi the
IwrtlHi concerned and In the jaif.lle. legislation
should he |»«»ed lo provide tiumm fnr an anil
nhi* sdjimmeiii of such dispute* between cm-
ployer* end employee*.
11. Thst ,1 Und vlMLk-to fouler the ma'.iifap-
tura of the raw products of tlie pmvlmi* within
lite I>tov ne* m fur h» \*f*;i,\f hvinennsnf taxation mi Ihe nsld raw pnstneU. wtije-el u, tttutt *.f
the«amcIn «;ho|» or |«rt when uiauufttlured
lu British Columbia.
Over Wallnco-Jiillor hloolc, linker
street, Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing Repairing nnd
Cleaning. Qoods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings mrde to order.
Dated thto-sVtb day of "May"Td7 1903.
To H. EUMMELEN, or to whomsoever he may
have transferred his interest in the Soho
mineral claim, situated in the McGuigan
Basin, Slocan Mir ing Division, West Kootenay Mining Division.
YOU are hereby notified that I have expended
$102.60 In labor and Improvements upon tbe
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 80 days
from thejdato of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the (above-
mentioned Bum, which is now due, together
with all costs of| advertising, your interest   In   tbe  said   claini will   become the
property of the undersigned under Section" 4 of
"    'Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900."
Kaslo, B. 0., May |80,1003.
j, a ryan.
■ ■ ■ THE ■ .■ •     '
Newmarket Hotel
Tuk Nkwuaukkt Hotki. in N'Kw Dksvkh offers! * pleasant substitute for
homo to those who travel. It is situated on the shore of Lake Sloean, the most
beautiful luku in nil America. From Its balconies and windowsoun lm seen the
grandest scenery on this continent. The Internal arrangements of the hotel are
the reverse to telephone, all the rooms being plastered, and electric bells at the
head of every bed make it easy for the dry moments in the morning.
TiikI-.-.I and cheapest meals in the country are lo be found In the dining
room. The house i* run on eo»my|«dItaii principles, and the |>ro»t>»ctor with hU
pack is just as welcome as the millionaire with his roll, Krery gueiit receives
Ihe liest eare and protection.
TilK ll<|uor*art> the best in thaHlm-an.nud the hotel has long been noted fur
Oh lUh and limn dinners
Tins is the only tlrst-ela** house in the Lucerne of North America. One look
at the landlord will convince any stranger that the viando are ut find* las*
quality.   Rooms reserved by telegraph.
U<i;v. rJi'.!-, ntnVljn'iirbWj' full flown
and lc*r their (*nla.   Thlstfretxl for
.,.,..„ ,„        *?" |l confess, which in il-*lf brings me no 11
!• already the Athena, while as the I   .. ,   .       ,. ,,. .. K IS
Lucerne of America, New Denver I
ha« a monopoly.
• ** *» «*4,.tt.
I   hnve   never
my mollis turns j L^J
to!<l carries tbiTOftivds ercrT year    Tnr. Imdm Mining .ImmAi lm wriUen •*■*{***'» «rw<nJ* ia »*» fc^pm.sJn. | &*^
into the oottkirta ol  hell, breaks discovered the  Boundary, and la* tmurc from i,u%''i»«>» «i the supped \Al
ronnv *   wfwnnn,« betirt  nnA rn»tr**»*' mt>ni* tho tier that m Unln  *W11»*»   wtimga lie h*d Aon* nw, (ur whirhlllll
remorse a drag on the market. The
poor in parse, and even thoee with
bloated hank accounts, um over eager
to grasp any bait that protnues riches
wlth< at effort.   The loan companies
1 money has gone into that camp. The
statement has been made by an en
llmvv    nol    tifU-rtA nni*    fawn   dtvplyjUl
iish.tmeJ, if not  imwofcolably mkI.—S. ■
I*. Herron.
gineer thst copper ore Is mined and
smelted for lest money than in any
other part ofthe world.   It is a real
In  tVntarto hawe recently   wiffuted \ pUy that tiie iiottntJary smelttsu do j timorou*  rogues  who ittiKht  fa* in
from the thirst *or easy money with j not handle Slocsn ore. Tt 1s snid thst'dineil fn f.-,i re.nerw* fur »ju.;r ,j,ur(
Absolution! it a tntxt  ht*ppy invention, well calculated to featureicrliiin
out effort
.Tost so long as society hi cut from
the present eloth there will bono
ehatige.   In this age money means
tbe Granby mines have 70^000,000
tons of ore In tight That being the
mat Grand Forks may yet be i third
comings Aid nol ilk; mother church j
thus take I Itt trouble to m-i th«m *o-i
tirely at their cute on llwi score.-.)
II       )9       -*9\       ~t*1      II      9" 14*99     Jt*. tWI\a —. 4    99,     A~ 9   9. — ■«—. IP
KtUbllStied ISlt.
Capital (all paid up) $12,000;000.00
Reserved (and   i   >    7,000,000.00
flnHfvMsd ^en«to   .     •    Mf-jnOt At
Rt. Hon Lord Strathcona a.id Modkt Rotal, O.C.M.O. President,
Ho*. Q, A. Druhmond, Vice President,
E 8. Cloduton, General Manager,
Branches in all parte oi Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and
the United States,
New Denver branch
LE B.DE VEBEK, Manager Tenth Year.
[Condensed advertisements,, such as For Sale
Wanted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births, -Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Legal, Medical,etc,,
are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
la cents each insertion. Each live words or less
jver 2i> words are tive cents additional.!
1 and American plan. Meals, 25cents. Booms
from 2"c up to il* Only white help employed.
Nothing:yellow about the place except the gold
In the sale. MALONE & TftEGILLUS.
located and lit by electricity . It is headquarters for tourists and old timers Min of*a or
millionaires aro equally welcome. THOS
MADDEN, Proprietor.
THK BOYA1, HOTEL, Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of ita cuisine.   SOL JOHNS,
BARTLETT HOU8B,  formerly     a Clark
_ isjthe best $1 a day hotel hi Nelson.   Only
white help employed."
THK  EXCHANGE, in KASLO, has plenty
of airy rooms, and a bar replete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
rpiIE MAZE, in KASLO,  is just the place
X   for Sloean people to lind wn
search of a downy couch.
for Slocun'people to Iiiid when dry or In
A.   E:
MELVIN, Manufacturing Jeweller,
Expert Wtitch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockets
.md Rings, Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any in Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
pure Latakla Student's' Mixture, Pace's
Twist, Craven's Mixture. Bootjack, Natural
Leaf, and many other kinds of Tobacco.
G. B. MATTHEW, Nelson, P.O. Box 40.
"Wholesale   Merohants.
ersin Butler. Eggs, Cheese, Produce and
Fruit,Nelson, B.C. J
An Inspired Avalanche
I,. CHRISTIE, L.L.B., Barrister. Solicitor, Notary Public.    Vancouver, B. C.
Mt. GKIMMKTT, L. ti B., Barrister,
,   Solicitor, Notary Public.    Sandon, B.C
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday.
Insurance &s Real Estate
Insurance Agents. Dealers In Real Estate
Mining Properties. Houses to rent and Town
Lots for Sale.
8. RASHDALL, New Denver, B. C,
n-wwDi r inmim_	
It was two years ago that (he greatest hydraulic pipe line ofits kind in the
world was completed at the noted
Sweepstake mine in Trinity county,
Cal., The contractors who moved the
materials for twenty miles of steel pipe,
over steep grades from Reddjng to the
mine, sixly miles away, point to their
achievement as a record. They are
proud, too, that during all the time
that they had six hundred men employed in difficult and often dangerous
work, only one life was sacrificed, and
that there was only one serious mishap
before the line was turned over—one
beyond human foreseeing. But thai
mishap cost the ^contractors several
thousands of dollars for repairs, and
the remarkable circumstance of it cost
them a great deal of perplexity. While
the great pipe, winding among the
mountains, was being tested with a
small volume of water, the flow suddenly ceased late one night. A force of
men hastened along the line, and in a
few hours found the seat of trouble. A
landslide of thousands of cubic feet of
gravel and earth had swept away a
long section of pipe from a shelf where
it flowed along the mouiitain side and
the water was forming a lake in the
canyon. Landslides are not uncommon in the steep mountains of Trinity,
bul they come after the phenomenal
rains, and though this slide came down
a precipitous ravine, there had been no
rain for months, and how it could have
started was a puzzle which neither old
residents nor contractors could solve.
A hunter who camped half a mile away
in the woods that night, told of having
heard a sound like the muffled roar of
a cannon, but this was thought not unnatural when tons of flying gravel
struck upon a half empty steel cylinder
thirty inches in diameter, and neither
this nor any other circumstance shed
light upon the strange disaster.
If old Henry Parthniss had not been
born with a streak ot ill luck in his,
fortunes, he himself must have been
the discoverer of the famous Sweepstake mine. It, was the Coffee creek
boom which carried, the veteran miner
Real Estate and Mineral Claims for Sale. Claims
represented and Crown Granted.
Has had 17 years experience in t
 .        B.O,
f years experience in dental work, and
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work.  Visit
mado to the Sloean rogularly.
Ooneral   Store.
T T.KELLY, THREE FORKS, dealer ill
ti. Groceries, Dry Goods, Etc., Goods Ship-
pod all over the Slocan,
the neighborhood. One of these was
John Leslie Hendricks, M. E., confidential agent of New York capital,
which had profited heavily by backing
his advice, and was ready to do it
again. He met Henry Parthniss, and
the o|d miner told him about the
Mountaiu Lion claim—of llie new ledge
which was the querest he had ever
seen, but which he believed was full of
gold. Hendricks was much interested.
He did not relish the prospect of making the difficult trip to the claim until
he had substantial evidence that it was
worth while, but he would like to examine that peculiar ore ahd test it.
Parthniss scratched his head. Eager
to keep at work in the tunnel, he did
not want lo make a trip to Weaverville
everj*- time he had a small quantity of
ore ready, and he did not want to miss
this opportunity of getting expert
opinion on his ledge, with a possibility
of a sale. A bright idea came to him.
There was a pipe with a stream of
water now running down it.
"Do you ever get over to the Sweepstake?" he asked.
"Why, I am bunking over there to
study that novel proposition, in the
way one of the biggest gold mines on
"Good!" cried Parthniss; "what's
to hinder me enclosingy my specimens
in a powder can every evening, dropping them into" the pipe, and you
watching for the can at midnight on
the dump at the Sweepstake, and no.
body ever being the wiser?" And thus
was the plan arranged.
John, Rodman andCharley Matthews,
miners employed by the Sweepstake,
carefully gauged the flow of water
through the gate until it was at the required volume, and sat down to rest.
"Let's go there while the old man is
away and see what he has got in his
tunnel," snggested Rodman. In ten
minutes they were bending over the
Parthniss ledge with a candle. Rodman broke off a piece of ore and held it
close to the light.
"Whew! Do you recognize that
stuff Matt? I'm an Injun if it's not the
Jl IUM. Tbe most complete U C A I TU
on the Continent of North Ameri- fl b A L I fl
ea. Situated midst scenery un- n r O (1 D T
rivalled for Grandeur. Boating. |f £ 0 U n I
Fishing and Excursions to the many points of
Interest. Telegraphic communication with ail
parts of the world;' two mails arrive and depart
every day. Ita bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; lu waters heal all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments of every name.
The price of a round-trip tieket hetween
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for no days, ls f9.S5. Hal*
eyon Spring*, Arrow l»ake, B. 0.
I   vinclal Land Surveyor.
Dominion and Pro-
Nelson, B.O.
AU. HEYLAND, lCuinneor aud Provincial
,  Land Surveyor. KASLO
OAMKItOM, tendon
mnt f '    '
rom all classes*
J\%*     ws-rwmmwtwavrwt    nnnwii.    nmiMi-Kviuiw
,   Clothing to order; and solicit* patronage
"Rod, you're a genius," was his
comtade's expression, and the two fell
to the scheme which ihey intended
should cause ihe expert to declare the
Mountain Lion claim nothing more
than a ledge of iron ore, and too remote from transportation facilities to
be of any value whatever. Then old
Henry Parthniss would be glad to take
two hundred dolters for his mine.
Foreman Nelson was sorry to lose
two good men next morning, but if
Rodman and Matthews had their hearts
set upon going prospecting of course he
would have lo pay them off and let
them go. They set out with supplies,
doubled back through the woods, and
camped al sundown close to Ihe section
of flume in the great pipe line. Again
they wailed on the flume as midnight
approached but they showed no
inlerest in the a flow of water
more than to curse the current for being slow. At last a tin object in the
water flashed back the light, Ah !
Just as they expected, the little bird
was to flj again that night. Ten
minutes later the men climbed up the
hill to their camp. A pound of rich
samples from the Mountain Lion mine
was in ^Rodman's pocket, while a tin
can bobbed on down the pipe, carrying
some pretty bits of iron ore to a man
who was waiting at the camp.
On the following two nights a traveling can was intercepted, and its cargo
of gold changed to a cargo of iron. As
night again settled on the mountains,
Matthews said to his partner: "1 guess
that expert has seen enough to make
him not want to lose any more sleap to
catch cans full of hon shooting out of
the pipe, and I'm tired enough to want
to do a little sleeping myself before the
night's half gone."
"Don't be a fool," returned his part,
ner; "If a single can of the real stuff
got by now, you know it would ruin
our scheme."
Matthews had been drinking and
was eager for an argument. The determination of the other prevailed, but
they continued tlieir loud words as
they slid down the gravely bed of the
steep little ravine and took positions on
the pipe line.
Old Henry    Parthniss   had   worked
Employment   Agency.
*., ■■" ■■" • - ——— "-
Nelson Employment Agency
Help of all kinds .1. II, Lovk
Furnished, l*,0.lkix,«tt'
0.-00 a m. Lv.   KABLO Ak. 8:15 p. m.
Utib a. m, AR. HANDON Lv, 1.-00 p. m.
into the section,  and after failing to
find pay dirt there, he went to Weaver-
ville, loaded  his burro  with  supplies,
and struck off through  the woods into
virgin territory.    He camped   in   tho
Sweepstake   ravine   for a   week   and
prospected   the   decomposed boulders,
but somehow did not quite get into the
ancient channel  where the gold was
later found.    Leaving a trail of pick-
marks behind him, he moved on ten
miles to wild,  rough   Grizzly  creek,
which   is   so nearly inaccessible that
none but bear hunters have ever gone
there.    Just   ns   in   thc   Sweepstake
channel the rock was decomposed and
very solt'. Hfi worked into what seemed
to he a rotten ledge and found that thc
water from the hillside nbovc had percolated   through   it   for   unnumbered
years,   There wns evidence  of gold
having been present in thc formation,
but   it   had   washed   out  nnd nwity.
Parthniss   believed   that nt depth lie
would lind the yellow mctnl undisturbed
nnd he set to work with it linn faith in
his ultimate miner's luck,    At the end
of a year he lind driven n tunnel, sunk
n shaft, nnd taken oi'fcnough gold in
small free bits to buy provisions on his
infrequent trips   lo Wenvcrville.    He
required  little, and the burro lived on
mnnznnltn and scenery.    When he was
beginning to grow impatient he learned
of the   discovery   of  ihe Sweepstake
mine, and of il» sale to it syndicate fur
a fnbulous amounl.    He went hack lo
work  with   renewed strength,    The
Sweepstake people had hi contracts for
great pipe lines to bring water In their
giants, nnd one line wns to dtp Grizzly
creek, cIomj to Ihe rude cabin he hud
built.   When nt length iho pipe crew
camped for n couple of day* on Ihe
j creek lolay ihe hwt scclion of pipe and
build it witler-gale, they found nn old
miner   digging    furiously   in   it   hvng
The ocam'tonal grain*; of free gold
were no longer found as l"arlliniK»left
the surface, but he kept on, and juttl m
his .supplies were nil bul exhausted, he
very same kind of decomposed gold as
(he Sweepstake. I'll bet a good deal
that this, old quartz miner hasn't the
slightest suspicion that he has struck a
ledge of the real thing."
Matthews examined the piece, his
eyes sparkling, and agreed.
"Listen here," began Rodman, excitedly, "let's buy this claim before the
old boy finds out what he has got, and
I guess we won t need to worry about
the Sweepstake any more."
Henry Parthniss, tired and happy,
was cooking his supper when the men
he had seen turning water into the
pipe appeared, accepted his invitation j
to eat, nnd soon offered him two hundred dollars for his claim. "We're willing to bet that much on rt blind propo-
eition," explained Rodman.
Parthniss shook his head. He had
worked too long on that claim to sell it
for a song, and besides, he wasn't
lulkitig sale until he got a little expert
opinion on his ledge. Yes, one of llie
experts al Wenvcrville was going lo
test his samples, No, the expert wns
nol coming to the claim—not right
away; a little bird was going to curry
the samples out to him.
Midway between Grizzly creek and
ihe Sweepstake mine several lengths
of pipe had been left mil and an open
flume lind been built in (he breach. At
this point the volume ol" water could be
measured to uncertain if any were leaking and ihe pressure gauged. Laic
thnt night. John Rodman and Charley
Matthews sat on thc aide of (he flume,
smoking their pipe* and occasionally
dropping their recording instrument)*
into I he stream. "Mall, there's untold
quantities of iron in these mountains,
nnd when we get a railroad in here lo
haul it out there'll he fortune* for bis
of m. I've got some good claims my*
selfwlwre tlu* stuff %\kh*. uoi *A the
ground." He tubed a handful ol* shining hit* from hit pocket and displayed
(hem ou his palm.
"Hello! what Ihe devil is this?" ex-
claimed Matthew*, as he slioi an arm
feverishly in getting out this strange
sort of yellow metal from his ledge, and
sending the choicest specimens of it
down the pipe. But no answer came
back, and the suspense wore upon
him. He had told the mine expert that
he would return to Weaverville in a
week. But surely he had already sent
down enough of the stuff to prove
whether or not it was gold which
marked his ledge in widening lines, and
he could nol wait a week for his answer. On the day that closed with the
two novel highwaymen quarreling by
the flume, he had poked the donkey
out of sleep nt daylight and headed
him across the ridge to Weaverville.
By noon he was sitting with Hendricks
in a room of thc hotel.
The mining expert wns trying to
break it gently to the old man. "Yes,
your ledge is worth holding, and when
the time comes when iron ore can be
li nulled to advantage here you will
make n stake."
"Man, you arc wild!" cried the
miner; "(here is no iron ore in my
Hendricks took some dark samples
from his pocket. "These are munis-
tnkably iron, without a trace of gold
among them."
"Bul lhose are not from my mine,"
exclaimed Parthniss. Hendricks went
out and fetched a hox containing nil
ihe ore specimens which had conic lo
him down the flume hy (heir night
express. Parthniss was amazed. He
showed a particle of real ore which he
chained to have wilh him, and the two
men agreed lhal someliody was tampering wilh Ihe cans which traveled
ihe flume in Ihe dark.
The miner wore out many Mick* in
clubbing the burro Kick lo Grizzly
creek in llie fattest time he had ever
made in making ihv distance. Hi*
rage grew as he traveled. He reached
his tunnel, dug out a few specimens,
put them into a can and the cm into
ihe mouth of the pipe, and then, sup-
perltsH and neglecting even lo empty
the bluff when he stumbled over the
stake rope of a tent, the tent being
screened by trees from his notice in the
semi-darkness. As lie got up, his mnt-
lered words were cut short by the sound
of voices. Men were quarreling somewhere near at hand. He moved cautiously along, until he stood at the
head of the steep little ravine. Peering
down a hundred feet he saw the figures
of two men sitling upon the side of the
flume, and presently .the • wrangling
died out as one of them gave his at-,
tention to finding a match and lighting
a lantern. Parthniss knew this place.
The narrow little ravine was like a
gash in the face ofthe bluff. The rain
had caused many a landslide to shoot
down here, and when the contractors
were building the pipe line they had
spoken of the loose gravel in the ravine
with misgivings.
The man who had lighted the lantern
held it close to his face as he turned the
wick, and Parthniss recognized Jack
Rodman, who had offered him two
hundred dollars for his mine.
"Swing the light over the flume,"
commanded Ihe other man, whom
Parthniss recognized as Charley Matthews; "that can of rocks ought to be
due about now, if its coming tonight."
The old miner's hands clutched as
intuition revealed the whole plan to
him. In a flash he saw how two
wretched rascals were all but succeeding in their plot to rob him of the
treasure which had cost him years of
trouble and heartache. The involuntary cry in his breast for revenge was
all but audible. His hands sought a
ready weapon. He flung himself
against a great log at his feet to heave
it down upon them, but the weight resisted his strength. Even now the robbers had caught the can ahd were
emptying its contents—his gold !
Henry Parthniss passed his hands
swiftly through his pockets, though he
knew he had ne weapon upon him.
From inside his flannel shirt he drew
out a parcel of stuff which he had purchased to use in opening up his ledge.
He whipped off the wrappings and selected Ihe first of the candle-like sticks.
Into the loose gravel at his feet he
thrust it until only the end protruded.
*Iir^notirWTffotTT5m~iie~liaU sirung"a.|
fuse.    While the men at the flume bent
Bring Your
job_ ^
to this oflice. It will not hurt
you, and will help the editor to
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Phone 179
nnd agents for
Monogram, Marguerita,
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Sarantizados Schiller.
Tuckett's Union Label *
Karnack T. & B. V. C.
Corner Alexander Street aiid Columbia Avenue,
Vancouver, B. C.
over the dan of gold, Parthniss struck
a match in the shadow of his coat,
stooped to the ground with it, then
turned and noiselessly ran back from
the brink.
Before the explosion of the dynamite
stick had fairly begun its deep reverberations among the peaks, startling
the quiet night into a strange din,
thousands of tons of gravel and loose
earth had shot down Ihe ravine, carrying into the canyon below everything
in its path, nnd particularly a section
of Ihe great Sweepstake pipe line and
two men, who must have been dead
from the shock even before being swept
by thc flying earth down itiio their
deep, deep grave.—Rufus M. Steele.
CHICAGO and return £70.80
TORONTO and return  950O
MONTREAL, NEW YORK, and return..KW.80
including Meals and Berths.
Aug. 'lN, lit, 2b, Hi,
tion apply.of lucal agent, or—
A. H. LEWIS, Sandon Agent,
D. P. A.,Nelson,B..C.       A.G.P.A., Vancouver
Chadbourne & McLaren
Ore shipped to Nelson will be carefully looked alter.
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to lam-mi.  Dan  Miihi.kv. Noblct Grand; J. K.
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I* the only hall In the city lulled tor Theatric*!
I'erformaticei.Concertii, Dance* and other pin-
He entertilnment*.   For booking* write ur wire
Hccretary Handon Miner*' Union
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Regular Continuiiicatlnii held the flmtThur*-
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NO. 9T, W. F. M.
Mwla every .SATURDAY evening at Ti*>, In
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ing 1'h tlm li w.ill icii'ivtit IMIiIhii ueli.iiiiit.
It. !l.<l<il|lMK,r. f. At l III !• J ..II Al.l., K. II &*.
i Hotel Phair
I,*   .....,* ft,.   it\f 9*11*9     4*4*   t   .Ut*   I IV,*      i
TJiJirwc coM-TA-sy, immi>,
fi;00«. ni. Lv. NELSON An. 7:15 p. m
BMA.tn.Au.   KASLO Lv. BM p. tn
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StattM and Quindii vl» Grant Northern
and 0. K. A N Compinjr't llnet.
For further particular! call on or ad
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l o ami (new lUrafMMi polnU Tie Uentdter \
ataiAmaa-kaa*.***.    Appty tor **Uint Aam*
ntm,H*kiia*9*i fall tafamttlM i* aeyC.
0 P. B. Ateat. Uww Onm.
V7.F r.V*mmiatt,Q.ti tLAt\-.Wl9*tp*t
■—  ***-t**- ***•
ku3   i'i'i-j'  i-rr.i.1.     T.l-ivt1   Mvj.v  ihji., nl-
i nun l it J, utclal in it, and liic win
slsfr'HtJ ti'tt)' inJi«.»jiij» of H'iJcnitiK
with ik-plli.    Parthniss threw down hi*
nub nml *et ntf wbh llie hurm rnr-r tli»
Iratkte** iitotmlain« lo buy more h»c<m
and powder at Weavervillc. A* lie left
hi* cabin he naw two men turning
wafer into the pipe al the waler^Rale.
The pipe was to mn one-ihlrd full for
tw»» m-i-Wto, Ilivy loUi Viini, in -order lo
teat it before venturing the full pre**
The fame of Ihe Sweepstake bctminxa
had spread over the Ensit. Mining experts had quietly arrived at Weaver*
*, ,..,in\.
" ' •■ "IV
, tui'ktd
txilitmafioii,   and   held   the
M.Wlst'iVii wrmfctud Ak lop,
into thc can and emptied a few s>mall
Oirree nf nre tnlii '-*'« Ini
"Well, I'm danged!" broke out
Rodman; "Ihe gold out of the old
man's claim, an I'm a thinner. So Ihi*
pipe in Ihe Utile bird, is it ? And, of
courte, Mr. Expert is waiting down nl
ihe dump. AH right. But i gut*"* he
won't buv the claim wc bupptn tu want
He reached (or ihe empty i-an,
poured the sample* from his iron • J.iim
inlo it, -screwed on the top, and dropped
,rr a,.
i  ii,
(viile to look for other good thing* in > the can back into the water,
t.V J ..'ii.'.*,   .Vi   -ul   i.\'J  u'l.-it
The (low in the pipe wa» nu aw'Aut
th.ut ,m c.uikJ man c out J »*Ak, ot;A
I'nrihims forgetting lhal he was al*
rr.;*t:1v 1,'it n f,ri' 'ind   *f,i,*M   f,ituiiit   I,!,;
way through lite bru*h al place* where
he could make whort culo and gain
upon hi* unseen companion. He believed he iio* keeping Mane dUlance
ahead of the floating can.
Tiii-k'Mily he *irode along  lor miles
He knew where the  -wclion of flume
wn* built in tbe pipe line, arid Juic
loo, thai by «*caling  lite hlufT ju*t
fore he reached ihe flume he could «av
hiimcll  some  difficult   walking,
had gone not a hundred yardi along
38 B. TOMKINS, Hanage
I it' I       ff    I-^^p—«*^^^ ^^00*mm^^^ ^^00*mmt^^^l *^^^m>«*^^^i       ^  _
In the loading hotel in Sou thorn  HriU»li Columbia.     H
h-fti ftiiiplo Accommodation fur ft large iiuinlicr of guaila,
t it    • i   *      *i*      *, • t ,.
**W**   *.«.'.,   *:. •»>,,.«*«    -J,- J..II.W ..th     I,,,*      Hi'. 1^ *.* ,, -.'..,„■-*,      JDtif.tt J.:..*,      Mt.Jit,,,:*       DU   Wl't'i
traveler a» well m the tourist. I hummer* will find
large wimple room* nnd nil thn conveniences* of tlio modern
hotel.       Room* retterved hy telegraph.
¥"V THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. 0.,. ATOUST fi, 1903
Tknth Yeai.
Delightful for Summer wear.
So soft and cool and satisfactory. Do you need anything in this line ? If not,
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Sew Denver, B. C.
Parley Ward.      Sandon.
Miners' Shoes a specially.
-     ■■■{]■
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
$5000 in Prizes
Under the ansplces of the Mayor and City
Patrons:  The Brotherhood of Railway Train*
men and Rossland Miners' Union No. 38, W'.K.M.
Grand pared", lacrosse and baseball tournaments, Hremei.'s competition, tugs of war, hor*e
racing, boxing and wrestling contents, athletio
<l>ort* of all klndn, machine and double and
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ifiildoldiis woudvr. Dr, M.. Brand ball, magnificent
liyroteehnic display, and performance* by tho
Rossland Dramatic Club Railway rate less
than one fare for the round trip.
Further particulars from—
A.J. DREWRY, 8eo.
* Vllonsc
The reports of the rich leads on
Forty-Nine and Bird creeks which
have been uncovered recently has
led to a considerable revival of interest in this most promising district. Several prospectors who
worked there years ago and gave
it up have come back again and are
now working on their old claims.
During 1902, the Republic of
Costa Kica exported gold and
silver, coined and in bars, to the
value of $147,350.50, and imported,
during the same period, gold coin
to the value of $250,000. The total
exports of the Republic, during
the year were §5,659,695.85, and
the imports, $4,413,333.53. Two-
thirds of the exports were coffee,
($3,179,188.47), and bananas
made up most of the
It is claimed that the deepest oil
well in America is situated in the
Monongahela river valley, about
25 miles from Pittsburg. The
hole has been drilled to a depth of
5,532 feet, but the work has been
suspended owing to a break in the
2|-inchrope used. Asa result, 1QO0
feet of rope and a string of tools
are at the bottom. Experts are at
work, and hope to be abl§ to resume drilling soon. It is proposed
to sink the well 6,000 feet.
The manufacture of glass from
quartz has passed the experimental
stage, and is pronounced an established success It is predicted
that ordinary glass will soon be
displaced for many purposes by the
quartz product. A monoply of the
manufacture of optical glasses is a
thing of the near future. Quartz
glass consists essentially of melted
quartz. It is perfectly translucent.
It can be produced at moderate
price, wherever electric forces can
be cheaply obtained.
The total gold productiou of
Chili since the discovery of the
country by the Spaniards, in 1535,
to the end of the last century, (1900)
is about $163,000,000. Prior to
1535, a tribute of about 1,400
pounds weight of gold was collected
annually by the Incas of Peru
from the inhabitants of the northern part of the country, (the Pur-
umanian    Indians).   The    Incas
^^SGLHi(Lt^e---???ntry  *u   Im
mense sheet weighs more than 100
tons. The full deposit has" not
been entirely uncovered aiid it is
not known how much larger it
may be. Nothing like this has
ever been known in the history of
lead mining and at the current
market price of lead, $54 a ton, it
would be worth $5,400. As much
of it as can be hauled will be exhibited at the World's Fair, as it is
one of the, worlds' wonders.
According to the  statements of
Frank    G.   Carpenter  the   wage
workers in Germany do  not fare
very well as compared with  those
in America.    "Germany is a land
of low  wages  and  long  hours,"
says Mr. Carpenter.    "In the steel
and iron  industries $5 pesr week is
good pay, and in the textile mills
.   ,     I the wage is still  less.   Mechanics
remainder, | think they  do   wdl  if  they  get
fifteen cents nn hour, and on the
state railways the best paid engin
eers receive only $10 per week.
Fireman are paid from $5 to $7 per
week, and porters less than $6.
Workmen employed by the city
are paid equally low, the boys
cleaning the street receiving
twenty-five cents a day. On the
government works the average day
is nine hours, but it is longer everywhere else.''
The Old Dominion mine at Colville, Stephens county, is now
working under a full head in all its
various departments. W.JF. Kyle,
who took a lease upon the property last winter, has charge of the
work and states that the company
is opening up all of the tunnels and
uncovering the various leads on the
property. Besides this they have
repaired and now have in operation the 60-ton concentrator plant,
and the work of reducing ore for
shipment is now in progress with
good results. The main lead in
the old Ella shaft has been   uncov
ered, showing a width of three
feet of chloride ore which will run
as high as 6000 ounces in silver to
the ton. This same vein is cut by
the tunnel at a vertical depth of
800 feet and a lateral depth of 2700
feet from the mouth of tbe tunnel.
The water is coming in at the
upper works of the Ella so rapidly
that it is necessary to put a pumping plant in at  tbat  point.
p.o. box 185     Q&iinnii
TELEPHONE 22        DAIlUUra
Terms on application
Heen At*,,
Running since the treat tin, and always open
ii|ilomlilnl*ht. Call In when you strike the
Sliver Ciljr and get a tiller.
* nailers
Hhould call on
On* Combination Pool and Ollllaril Table
On* Cool Table
una NationalOmIi Kejriiter.No 7, total adder
Um small Ki«*b lor ftafe
i >n« .1 J. Ti jrlrtr Hata.. So. 't
Metofflna llarrittara*
HumUig Machine.
Ots»» Hhow C* *»
Ont I'UUOUm Mirror, AtnUt inch**
" "     WiWlncUss
Bather ehnlr«, Mirrors, Bathtub*, Tanks,
>{*et«r*      t*l-Mr.|*raw*«
On* Ma.iwt * WI.eh IMenn
On* Rail and Hpttat Rnflae Governor, S|lneh I
,-l|,HUi Jl\)ll I
On* flake Etiflne It Up, with townorand
mtfr>»<eompl«t* j
t>m UmMh V. t.t,*, Ut..
Oik Boii»f,tt hp.
One 1| Inch Rhaftln?
On* W*»J tyllUitu Mathhtt.	
VeryTittTe lTknown of the "history
of the country prior to that date.
The Siangeli copper fields which
extend on either side of the boundary between Norway and Sweden,
have sold to an American company
for $1,000,000. A recent dispatch
from Copenhagen referred to a report that American mining speculators hud made large purchases of
iron and copper mines in Northern
Sweden and Northern Norway,
and that the great Scandinavian
Mining Companies were likely to
be incorporated in the American
copper combine.
The cost of producing gold has fallen sixty per cent since 1870,but the
price of the refined product is the
same, and is likely to be ever the
same. This explains why every
gold mine on this coast, that promises any returns at all on the capital invented, is snatched • up as
quickly ns it is offered for sale.
Abandoned prospects are being
transformed by modern methods of
operating into paying mines and a
second golden age is coming on
California and ite sister states of
tho great golden west.
'llie biggest sheet of galena ever
uncovered was recently found near
Dodd Ctly, Marion county, Arkan*
pas. It measures sixteen feet long
by fourteen feet wido and Is alwut
twenty   inchca  thick.   Thin  tro-
The best Tonsorial Establishment in
the Slocan.
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Eastern &'' Olympia Oysters
Turkeys and Chickens
Sausage of all kinds made if resh every day in the week
Psychic Function,
Just how io produce a Metaphysical function-
athiR of the Psychic Faculties tliroueh tlio five
special senses of Scent, Taste, Touch, Sight and
llearlnff. Bv control of the subjective activities
of the thought forces you produce a perfect state
of dreaming when wide awake. This awakens
the 1'sychlc function of intuition which dives
you a clear snd lucid conception of tho under
lyliifr principles of all phenomena.   Tills wives
you the mental powers of a Psychic Adept, mid
true Metaphysician. These •'exerclws,""metli
ods" and "drills," for ihe development of ' The
Higher Occult      	
only loo sliver.
 _.       _ _.      mm
Higher Occult Attainments" will be sold for
Lincoln, Nebr
AKCIIIK  1'UACTION  Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Slocan Mlnlnar Division of Wttt
Koo'cnay District. Where located: West
branch of the North Fork of Carpenter
creek,on Do ly Varden Mountalu,
TAKE NOTICE That I. W. J McMillan, free
1   mlnerl certificate No. IITITII, for myself
aiidasairuntli.irlt. J. MoMlllau. tree.miner's
eertlfluate N .IlllJi.VI .tend sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to tha Mining Ilecordei
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the pur
pose ot obtaining a Oro wn 0 rant of lha above
Anil further lake notice that action, under aw
iIoh 37. mu»t be commenced before the issuance
of such Certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this nth day of Jul*-, A.D . 1««
w.j M-nm.t.w.
In good and la getting bettor. We are glad of it, even if wc don't have
time to tell you a long story in our "ad" »pace. Wo aro content to
call your attention to our Specials, for we know if you want anything
in our line you will eome to un, knowing that here you can get the beat.
Pioneer Hotel of the Slocan
ROBERT CVNNlNQ, Proprietor
A Table that is  replete with the
choicest seasonable viands.
Rooms Largo, Airy and Comfortable.   Special attention to the mining trade.
™e Filbert Hotel
Bennett & Clark, Proprietors.
The Filbert is now the best hotel In the 81ocan.    The Dining Room is conducted on strictly iiretclass principles.    Tho rooms are large,
eomfoi'table and properly taken care of.
We set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals, 50c. Tickets. IT.
Main Street.
Footwear Specials
This week
W. R. HegaW, Sandon and Vernon.
1MIIRTT lUTa after «ts«e 1 laUmi to aptly
J tn tha ChM t>mtiilm1fin**r at tjinit* itttt
W i,r** for a Wpwtal Lic-enee iu rut autt carry
away ttmbtr trim UM. feWowlnir tra*t of U«4,
"KomMrnreHpi-Hal Licnce t« ent and ca
away ttmhtt trim 9m foUowlnjr tract of "
»llu*l*wl tm WRt-in t>w*. In tha Wi*w Ki*t,lt*n»r
ln*atlri*  t'/owmmnetat 9* * pmi tdaBt«t at I
Umi Mat Ma of Wliwm -Crtafc. **w*i tout an.i
oneliaH snllM thor* tG kl«ti  falls, marktd |
-rt.«,T ,s,r.c.*• ttwamw*mmtw****,th****]
wetw** thalti*. thawta twm m rh*ln*. ihmrt
ati9*h 9irha1n* ^H\ap*itnt*ite«mmane**m*nt.
1.9t*it*l tht **fi Jnlr, »**«
Ufmhaty, II.C, Jat> w. t»4.
.'-»   .■.*,.*.*, %i.i.-9 .In    imt*    .f.l,l„tf.,   w, tit\,-
ttn.era aa the name of Three Forkft.
—familiar Ikkhum It waa there in
thyaof boom and in (lay* ofde-
presMon that they enjojf d tbe hospitality of the genial proprietor,
and {i«rtook of the luvtcwt' uunUi-
fol table. Tbe aame wnditlonn
prevail totUy Utat have won for
ihebonae Ita enviable reputation
Mid Ita proprietor la—
A visit to onr Tailoring
Emporium will give
yoa an idea ol the prevailing styles for Spring
mtco Avirxtm.
Order your
suit now
Call and see my stock of Suitings.
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Saddle Horses and Pack \.iirr,*,is.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
\h/L   CD   K B
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus & Havana Whip
Pl0fOl*C we made by—
^*S"* *     W P. KILBOURNE k CO..
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented hy OKonoB Horton. .
#        PHOTOGRAPHERS        f
__. noKf.iiKnv. B.C.. July Olli.iws,
Tlnrty «lay» after dale we Intend to apply to
(lie Clilo/lOonimlwiloiier of Land* anil Work! «t
Victoria (ura (.jwolal lleeu»e to cut and curry
away Umber from the following described trucU
ol land:
Conmioiiclnif at a |»o»t planted on tlie fouth
>li!e ut tht necoml Wrat Fork of Wlloon ereek,
W tt Kootenay district, about one mile from the
mouth, marked L. Oallapher, H. K O,, Ihence
wdoHUolialna.lliem'a norlh mt I'lmliu. thcnie
tail wi i-haln*, thence iouIIi Miehatm to ihe |»lnt
of commencement.  Dated July Mb. WyS.
CommenelnR at a -pott planted on the writ
bank oi Wilton ereek about one mile above the
blwhfalli. niarknl J. McO. K, K. 0., thence
MHiihWchaliu. tbencH went 110 etialni, flienco
uiirtluiirhnliiN, thiinew imt imi ohnln* to|Nilnt
of commencement.  Dated July Mh. lum.
Commonelmr at a im* planted on tho ra«t
Imnk of Wilton cm»k. about four mile* aim e iht»
(hint Ka»t K'ork of Wllnon em-k, marked J. J.
C, H. K. ti., tliente we.t 40 rhalm, (thetice north
IU) chalni, tlitnce eaM 40 chalni, il.em e aouth l«i
chalni to point of eoinmencement,
UntettJulyMh.liKU.       J J UAI.LAIUN.
Oommenctnir at a jxat planted on the north
bank of Ihe third Kaat Purk of WIImii creek,
about three and a half ^ '" " "
marked A   Keniiey, N. ... _    ..„
tlialna. tl#nce aouth M chalni. thenc* mtti l*i
ohatnt, theiHw north 40oh»lu» to |«>liit of com*
mencement.  Uatetl July 6th, V*a,
Iialf milt* from tha mouth.
VV. .0. Ihence taat liki
W    THE
vfo      OLD
\ St.JamcsHotci
lit A.JA^aaoH.^or
AaJT   When yoo want a hr»t claea meal, or a bed that
IKr  to elean and aod and well-mftda, ytm will find what
Joo are looking tor at this pioneer hooaa. Alto tho
neat nerve tonka.
Ntw Denver
'Phone 10
{Best JOB WORK in thc Slocan dene at THE LEDGE.
Til-1, V. AHMHTHONO, admlnUtrator of llie
aetata of Martin MurthUon, mt lo «lw mioevtr
Im m y Imve tiaiv»f«md tlw luwunt uf I ntlt*.
UunblMm. deieaaed, In the "Wllmer" and
**i?ati' uttitttft* cM(«t*i *j*h»***«hi *m ou*«
.uniuiilutn, (.in- luilf miif niiTiV iilY.i'Vi Tii'.n*-i»r
Blocan lllntng TiWloIon,
I   ciiwikMI *uiaj »n UboraiNl lmt.i>i*.«me«ii
uimiii the above mentloned mineral claim* under
the tiroTliloniof thellinenu Act,l«tw.en lurch
tmh.lHtl 9*4 Uii*    1Mb, I1M«  aad IfoUlilu
'll'lirtll'i    t.ltjb     iV9*U4    W   WVl     •-*    ,'4.H    -4,1,1,14.  J.ll,
fati'or raliiw to contribute your oroportlui
ahuya mefttl^md tarn, whleh U bow Hoe
wther wilh all coatt of idvtrtuina, year intettM
hi the wid claim win hecoma the prof «rty of tht
i the wid claim win heconw the prof«riy ol
nrtenlirtM-d, under Heetlon 4 if an Act
IM 'An Act to AaMnditMi Mineral Art ll
luted at Naw Detiw, B, 0Jt thU »ih ia
tltM '. 	
luted at Naw Denver, B,
ll«f 111
i itm*
O,, thU tih 4»v «
ii. a. yooko.
. t MI Haiti and Mlvw. H«*
. .fllOaMjtlv'rjroMiY U«
receive preaipt at taut Ion.
Gold and SO?er Refined tad fceoglit
I TIS ArapekiM »»,,  r>**ver. €'•!•.


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