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The Ledge Feb 13, 1902

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CUf I L/i^    y.-''A77^e*r*"-^ff^77^77:-'/
Volume IX.   No   20.
Price, *2 no Ykar adv^c«
G^riwal N^V/s Float
83 In'and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
that are Talked About.
John Buckley ha-s reopened tlie
Clifton House, Sandon.
Henry Stege ib storing a car of ice
for the warm summer days.
A renewal of his lease on the Washington has been taken by John L,
Boun.—At Silverton, Tuesday, Feb.
1.1,1902, to the wife of Thos. Lenahau,
a daughter.
The management of the Filbert restaurant, Sandon, has been taken over
by Geo. Aspen.
A number of New Denverites went to
Silverton Monday evening to take in
the dance there.
The Bosun is shipping a large tonnage
of zinc ore this week. Forty-five men
are on the payroll.
Robert Green,  M. P. P., is making a
tour of his constituency previous to de-
"parting-Cor-Victoria. *———-______
Road Inspector Moore is in town,
having superintended the repair work
on the Carpenter creek road.
A 4 inch streak of dry ore assaying
1000 ounces silver to the ton has been
struck on the O. D. claim, Bear Lake.
Boun—In the Slocan Hospital, New
Denver, on Tuesday, Fob. 11, the wife
of E. F. Everett, of Silverton, of a son.
John Williams is not yet setting up
milk shakes, but he haB other delicacies
that give a pleasing sensation to the
inner man.
Six men were put to work repairing
tho government road near New Denver
laHt Friday. It will soon be in shape to
haul ore over.
The third social given hy the Ladies'
Aid of the Presbyterian church will be
hold this (Thursday) evening at the
residence of Mrs. Tunks.
N, C. Dingman was caught under a
falling rock while at work with tho repair gang on the Carpenter creek road
last Saturday and had his hip dislocated.
Mr. Simpson, who gave up ranching
last fall aud wont to Los Angeles, Cal,
is expected back in a few weeks. He
thinks New Denver ranching is good
enough for him.
There are all grades of chocolates
manufactured, John Williams has
only two grades—the .very hist and
next best. If you like candy you will
enjoy the best he's got.
The first of the shipment of oro from
the Hartney and Marion was hauled to
the wharf Tuesday, the rosd having
been sufficiently repaired to allow the
passage of ere wagons.
An Iowa farmer writes to the Sandon
Paystreak to learn if there in room
around Cody to raise stock and plant a
colony of farmers, Replying the Paystreak says the country thereabouts
would hardly h« considered a prairie.
"Most of it I* straight up, and some
leans over a little, A man plowing tho
Payne bluff for intUnce would have t-o
put sticker* on his horses to keep them
from moving Into Three Forks. Most
of the plowing is done with a rotary, j
But we raise lots of stock in the Slocan
and have a way of watering It, that
would be new to the man from Iowa.
There is ono farm in the Slocan tlmt we j
know ol, the Galena -rami, imt it is inn\
heavily stocked already/ j
i tip to this npfinrr.        |
be good for four years, and he does not
want to send the parties down for a long
term. They have played their limit,
however, and next time they visit his
hen roost or meat house, they will go
over the road to the full extent of the
law. Tub Ledge does not circulate
extensively among thieves, but if the
enterprising chicken stealers happen to
see this they will back out and quit the
game.   It is getting dangerous.
The extensive improvements at the
Canadian smelting works, at Trail,
are complete and the plant is ready to
resume sampling and smelting. The
new automatic crusher and sampler,
having a capacity of 150 tons per hour,
has been tested and demonstrated to
work most satisfactorily. In addition
a system of electric tramways has been
installed to connect the roast heaps
with the main works, which expedites
Me-my -siege wantu w p\ ti •.«•• ,.,i
that he knows who the sneak thieves
are who stole all bit -vhUkens and on
Monday carried away * side of veni*m;
then when Henry went out looking for
law, brought the venUou bark and left
it hi-th«i diMit. We, ,\>\*, >•-. i»\iY Ciiev.h
not to takw (list bet, Henry know* who
•hi; thieve* are awl u-nulil win inuv
money.   Theonly reason why be bo*
tl»l hhtl tbe ffJUlii-** Jim-fcUttJ ]*   tiri'SiUfC
it is i csti-t' of hou-ebreiking 11 *.-»t moild
the handling of material. The smelter
is to blow in the lead stacks immediately. The date of resumption of the
copper furnaces depends on shipments
from the Centre Star and the War Eagle
mines,which are expected to commence
this week. The plans for a refinery to
treat silver-lead matte aro finished and
the management is awaiting a favorable
turn in the weather conditions to commence building operations.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocau City mining
divisions for the year 1901 was, approximately, 80,000 tons. Since January 1
to Feb. 8, 1902, the shipments have
been as follows:   ,
W«ek   Toml
Payne  115
Ivanhoe    40 1»5
Sunset (Jackson Basin) ,.   id ifti
RCI'O .,. ,. HO
American Boy  RI
Arlington  so            .Vto
Hewett  ss           4U
Itmun  to           Uo
LantChancs  to             .to
Woiutorf ul  sn
Kntorprtw  no
Monitor   DM
Queen Hem    «>
Whitewater (for January)      ...mt not
Sliver Olance (for Januaryi  is            M
Ottawa  J                3
Total tons Ml «7.\s
The performauce by tbe Cosgrove
Merry-makers last Saturday evening in
Bosun hall was in every respect up to
what It was advertised to be and the
company won many now friends.   A
large audience gathered,   and   each
number on the program was thoroughly
enjoyable.   The musical   part of the
program was perhaps the must highly
appreciated, hut the comedy sKetches
were rendered in a manner that elicited
hearty approval from tlio fun-lovingi
part of the audience,   iu  April the
Cosgroves will return wilh the highest
class musical organisation traveling In !
Canada  today.     That  event   will   in1
many respects equal, if not excell, thej
Madame Vrso concert company. I
Bpeakiug of  the  route  to the
Horsefly via   Kamloops,   that  ia
being extensively adverti*e«l by the
t-f-amlrux-rto   -nwrtor-a     th»»     Anhnnnfft
Journal naya: \
"It would he a* senaible for any-j
one going from Vancouver to Kara-1
loof>a to leave the train at 8jw»nc«'*i
Hridge and drive through Nikola!
«_.   t" i.._. . ,.     r.i   n .,,,* ,,i.i   v,. tn„\
anyone going to Horfl-etly to go via I
Kamloops. Of eourao on«' would j
reach Kamloops via Nikola ini
course of time, but it would Is- a |
silly proposition, and we presume j
:i, min iroiiM r^rr.f-h Ifnr-Wly vi-i
Kamloops if he kept a going long
There are strong ••vi»ieni*»*» that,
tin* 1 lorn-fly ■rvnmtry   will   In-   the
main nttriu'titiii   f<»r   guM  seeker*,
this spring. Over 10,000 people
are known to have applied to the
government and others for information about the discoveries. A few
days ago a commercial traveller
gave it as his opinion that there
would be 10,000 men in the Horsefly in the spring. He did not
know until he reached here where
the Horsefly district was, but
formed his opinion of tho number
coming from what he had heard
among people in Kootenay and the
northern states.
The Kuinloops Route.
Replying to the Ashcroft Journal's
criticism of the route to the Horsefly
from Kamloops, the Standard says:
"We claim to have the shortest route
to the headwaters of the Horsefiy.a fact
which anyone can prove by looking at
an ordinary map of British Columbia.
"It is not always wise to jump at conclusions. Lots of prospectors may think
that when they arrive at Harper's Camp
on the Horsefly river they are close to
the new diggings. This is not so, for
they will still have 70 miles to go It is
true that Ashcroft is petitioning the
government for a trail or road over
this 70 miles, but the prospector will be
going over ground already worked or
taken up. If he wishes to waste his
time by looking around to see what
Tom, Dick and Harry are doing along
the hanks of the Horsefly river, he had
,betterjaka,thiLlmigestirouteJL   ButJLhe
wishes to get to work aB quickly as
possible, and look for gold in a country
at present un prospected, he had better
take the shortest route via the North
Thompson and Clearwater. They must
remember that Kamloops is also petitioning the government for a trail of 40
miles right into the new placer grounds,"
By word of advice the Standard says:
"Still the excitement is just as keen
about the Horsefly, and perhaps a word
of advice to intending prospectors may
not be out of place here. It is not advisable to start in too errly, as nothing
can he gained by it, and the dilliculties
are Infinitely greater. Wait until the
end of April or the beginning of May,
it is quite soon enough. By that time
the snow will be off the ground and the
prospector can see what he is doing.
"For the benefit, of those not familiar
with the British Columbia Mining laws,
we. publish the following:
"To locate, hold, or mine a placer
claim in the province a person must
obtain n free miner's certificate—cost -IS
a year—obtainable from tbe Mining
Recorder at Kamloops. Aliens may
become free miners.
"Every free miner may locate and;
record only one claim on each separate
creek, ravine, hill or bar, but he shall
be  allowed   to  hold  any  number of
clnlm* hy purchase.   A free min sr may'
act as agent for two other free miners,
and may locate one claim for each as
above, but before so doing he must I
have rccurdwl in the ollice of the Min !
ing Recorder powers of attorney to so j
act as agent. J
"A discovery claim—one discoverer
—fl-ooxtMO feet rectangle; to a party of!
two discovered—1Q00 x '.250 f«i«t  ml-
angle     After   'discovery'   has   been
located on a creek, other claims shall'
be-25ox2V> feet ' |
NOT   l'l,KA*M>   WITH   IIOIIHKHA.    j
Tin* A«-hcro((  Journal   say*:   "The)
Nome miner and prospector, I'.  Morri j
son, returned to Ashcroft last Saturday I
after being In the upper country for
nearly two mouths. a good part uf which
he spent prospecting on the Horsefly.
"A correspondent of the Journal
tn Iked with him but found it difficult to
get him to talk much about hit* trip.
ill: Ititillt: *i * .i .*.*  -mint .»<   *«..'ii *."--*    ,p,..,w*,* .
•v.'.'.i ^aa'.1 ,'..''.',*;*>!'*!•*).' ,-j-,'.'tJ he Km! .M" ,f.u'J3,p
in luUitt: development  "f Kureka andj
Fimm'ir if-trwl.*.
"There was,   lm  m>h, ten  iiulus  of.
Mum- on Kuri'ku i-i'ei'k when he went in
,'inti in i'Ici'i   w ui'ii   in-  mini*  ntii iinin
there ali-nut t«« weel;* ago. ■
"Nothing more than that he w*i un-j
utii-t-estiful in litiding any good prospect*
could be learned from him     Heboid
Iii* out lit at Harper'** ('atop ami ♦«viit#«nt-'
l> i- lititiii^'ii v\M*n iin' Hoi *-e_\ i-minlr**..
"ll i> ali«'tluifl\ iiinto.«,jl.|.- m t«-l!
vil.ut 1! <■ H<ppi-   v:i1>h-  >!  lit*-  Uf*   lirt'J-***
"ill  t >• in.Hi it. st -t'i«iiii.    Mr. Mor/i-
>■* <u t , j *],*,. i, ,ii i -.  I,,- r> *, f i-1** •■-»   y,   *Miy
"Prospecting with five feet of snow on
the ground is a pretty difficult opera-
tion. No matter how rich the creeks
might be or how little gold they mity
carry it will take the best part of noxt
season to prove them,"
The production and progress of the
mining and metallurgical industries ol
the United .States for 1901 has heen reviewed by the Engineering and Mining
Journal. Coal, upon which all the
other mining- industries depends for
fuel, was treated first, and the total
production was estimated at 300,000,000
Bhort tons—an amount considerably in
excess of that brought to the surface In
Great Britain and far beyond the quantity mined in any other country. Nearly
the entire amount was consumed at
home, despite a material growth in exports. The anthracite coal fields of
Pennsylvania contributed one-fifth of
tbe total. The iron trade showed a
production that a few yearB ago would
have been regarded as impossible, and
the quantity of pig iron exceeded tha
output of Great Britain and Germany
combined. Itaw iron, steel aud finished
products showed that aggregate equal
to that of pig iron. The enormous output was not in excess of the demand,
and at the end of the year the great
mills and furnaces were almost all behind with orders. Ore specimens from
Lake Superior region exceeded 20,000,-
steel showed a materia! falling off In
comparison with 1900, but the home
market made up the deficiency. Gold
production showed an increase nnd
amounted to between $82,000,000 and
$83,000,000. California, Colorado and
tha Black Hills regions were the heavy
gold producers. Silver made no gain
over 1900, and copper fell off slightly—
'2,500 tons. The Lake Superior region,
California and Utah showed gains in
copper, hut they did not make up the
shortage elsewhere. There was some
decrease in lead, argentiferous lead fall -
ing off 20,000 tons and Boft lead incroas-
ing 10,000 Zinc, showed a gain with
Missouri as the chief gainer. Quicksilver and nickel made good progress
Ex-Mayor Pholan of San Franelsco-ln
his testlmouy before the house committee on foreign affairs ut Washington
last week, shed some light on the Chinese exclusion question heretofore not
given. He showed that those fighting
most persistently for the free admission
of Chinese are ijot the kindly people of
the east who hav* not been brought lu
contact with the coolie, hut the trims-
pacific railways, steauiHliip lines and
overland railroads which expect to make
money nut of transporting tho hordes
that would flock to this country in event
of the bars being lifted
One of the most powerful lobbies over
assembled ut Washington l« that now
seeking free admission for the Chinese.
Most prominent is John W. Foster, who
admits that he bas accepted a retainer
from tha Chinese embassy
Then tlutre is i'l-Senator John M.
Thurston, who is working agnlnst
enactment of the (Scary law.pre-mnubly
iu behalf of the Union Pacific railroad
Tin* CsriAdiftii Pacific has a staff of lour
lawyers on tin* ground, and c(mu»(*l (or
the Southern PiiciHc Is also on hnml to
labor in behalf of the coolie*.
Th* northern roads do not npi>«ar to
be 4ii acti ve, tint tin- Pacific Mail Sliim-
»hip cnmpKiiy hav had a repreMmtalive
in Washington for v.ecks, and the company in working hard, recalling, no
doubt, "the good old dny*" when iUa«
led to knaugurAtt"lt*trau«paelflc service
tlirninrh the hopo nf making immense
sums «ml Ol lIMIiitjm/tili;,' v Hinrv Hum
,"..-* .V„v.. J.V,'.' v.'Oiv,',1 1" l''.d'iTiii'ui;i
TIUM'T   l.%Kf,   MINIXli   NKWli
Things are q'lit-t  hi  iiMiiinjj  clrcies
• '        -, *-, t*       tl ,,   W.itp,,   I     iii.(>t.li>  \p*\
rf«-«"iitly btnke throu*'-> *Ah tlm U|Mi««';
and in* -wnin a* it »» tiinl»**ri*d up linn ,
will tM'gin tu wml down or«' nt the rule;
of *i<ver*l ton* u day-
NorrU Hinith U no" *»t work on the
vMiU'iu t-i llu- " tt'-'p '»'-'• -imf hv Hi<*
fiiiii' th** Ni-Uif I. .- ntrniii*.' tun  III l<»
'life  ,i  .I.M-    In'  wl!  V-lVr !b»-   lll-W    '.'Hi'.
•iilil.lili.! 'll, ■*,..]if ?>• "   -'!*""*   Un-   <-l|l|M
Tin- Si'tlti- I, Mi.iki,,' -laff U lifiiiii tn
,.fv;4-..,-.i \\ Tp.iii? ' A>- ii,,-rt' p- w* it -
ing tp *n- -fm-••! .ilipi,' H"> ton* nf till*,     j
1 uookfnl to t^ putui-e I
w The Outlook  for the Province  as seen hy the SS
vQ Victoria Mining Record. " 5te
The development of a country proceeds in recurrent waves between which
there are periods of relaxation, visible
enough on the surface of things,although
the tide may be making all the time.
The waves of development follow upon
either the discovery of wealth available
without railway facilities, or the building of railways into rich parts of the
country, unproductive without them.
Thus the firet great rush into this province resulted from the early discoveries of placer gold. The second followed
upon the completion of the Canadian
Pacific railway, the third, upon the
tapping of the Kootenay country by the
Great Northern railway and the Nelson
and Fort Shepard railway, the fourth,
upon the construction of the Crow's
Nest Pass railway and the Columbia
and Western railway. The fifth has
not yet arrived. The third and fourth,
however, were so closely connected as
almost to be merged into one. The
stimulative effect of the one had not
ceased before the other began to make
no ordinary disturbance. Capital and
population poured into the country from
tbe United States, from Eastern Canada
and from Great Britain. Unfortunately,
as is always the case, a large percentage
of the capital so introduced was wasted.
Itisonlyjust to our own province to
say that this was far more due to the
entire lack of discrimination on the
part of outsiders who sought sudden
enrichment, than to either want of prb-
fitable openings in the province itself,
or to wilful deception on the part of our
people. But as only philosophers blame
themselves, a reaction set in against
British Columbia as a field for enterprise and the credit of the country fell,
as one undertaking after another showed
external evidence of that fallow predestined from its inception. In addition
to this feature, no new country has
been opened up. Here we havo the
true explanation of the complaints
which have had frequent expression
during the last two years. It may be
pointed out, however, that those complaints, so far as they havo been directed against what may be called the intensive development of the territory
already opened, are without reasonable
foundation. That, which may be compared to the steady making of the tide,
has been going on in a most satisfactory
manner, and is far from showing any
evidences of decline.
The outlook for thu coming year, as
restricted to those districts, is not unfavorable from a mining point of view,
but possesses elements of uncertainity
Irom a  market  point of  view.   The
market for silver, lead and copper, is
unsatisfactory   from    the    producer's
standpoint.   The piUvs of silver Is unlikely to revive, unless in response to
some renewal of demand not yet fore-
Hi-oil    Chinas imports of silver have
<i«cri**.-<ed during tin* last y«ar ovtir 40
per cant, ami  the conditions  under
which the d-ccrea"**-   ha*   taken   place
have not yet been tnodilied and show no
lik-Hili-m-d if change In the Immediate
| future, although it i* highly turnfe to \
j predict anything in regard to hu Ori-
i eutal market     The price of silver is
| nut  likely to affect Its production  in
1 British Columbia but only the profits of
| the producing mine**. rm»#t of our nilver-
i t-H'Ml'llig OU in Oi-Hig 0l|{li  #t9ne vimuitu ,
i.i t . ■   -i t  '
U> Miitim i* uf'tune. ut jn ii-i      ik,.»,,-,,.i.-., (
l.owever,   to aff-rvt  the  invitlne ul  of
*v«pil.t9 in l';if'i*-vtiy-mi-'sA A tww AU-,,t
milieu, aud, i"»pe»;ially, when i-mipled
viifh the n'-iiiM',,',e demoralization <»'
lit.-  it-.tij  niMikH,   »nlj  n-iarij   llu-   -ul-
\ftM'rmrtlt ••< th"' . ..illltlV.     Olir   MtVer-
i.-.tl mine** 'tie u the prevent tine*
llifl.l .* MM*i'lHHM of f\peli«f. while
they nre rereiviii^ ;i minimum price for
their pnidllrt       It l» '|tli!e jm—*
*)*> .i-.liulixii* il* tH'Hiht.   -mi- i
l-e'illl't ' l-y-iri'l". Tl,e. tit V. ' »'
Villi i)l \'i '■', *"* I'i'Mf'i 'I *l ' [ '
ruili  !»>!»!!  »l   lifedcllt.  eVi-ll   if  t,  '
»'h.ilnfe l*k*-i> \,*nei: to l.u- prii'-t"
•   M.e
■ -riai
.  <<1
i ij****i-
metals. All those interested in the
mining industry have been thoroughly
awakened to the fact that so long as it
is a mere pendant to the United States,
it can never be placed on a solid foundation, and must always be subject to
avoidable costs and charges. We may,
therefore, look during tbe coming year,
for the establishment of the industry of
silver-lead refining, and for other steps
to give independence and stability to
this most important source of wealth.
The main silver-lead producing territory of the province, the district of East
Kootenay, possesses every facility for
the cheap production and treatment oi
silver-lead ores, and a beginning bas
already been made in rendering thesa
available by the construction of a
smelter at Marysville. But whether
the industry will be so reorganized
during 1902 as to stimulate production
to the amount of which that district is
capable is somewhat doubtful. The
chief progress which will be noticeable
in East Kootenay will be the continued
productive capacity of the field is still
far from being sufficiently developed to
supply the market open for its coal and
coke. And while the production has
shown a great increase during 1901 over
1900, a Btill greater development may
be expected during 190-2,
With regard to the othei silver-lead
producing districts, notably the Slocau,
there is no reason to expect a decline
in production if only for the reason that
less favorable conditions than havo prevailed during 1901 could not well bo
Imagined The dry ore belt on Slocau
lake is yearly growing iu importance
and the outlook for steady progress and
development there is very good; while
if railway communication into the Lardeau becomes an accomplished fact,
this district will immediately occupy an
important position as productive of
high grade ores,
If ono were to cast a forward glance
the eventual complete opening up of
British Columbia would be sure to de-
pond on the completion of three trunk
lines of railway running from east to
west with intersecting feeders running
from north to south. The development
of the wide and certainly rich district
of the Similkameen depends on a westerly extension of the Crow's Nest Pas*
and Columbia and Western railways.
The development of the northern are*
of the province depends upon the ex-
tension of the Canada Northern to tide
water on the Pacific ocean. While that
of the intervening territory depends
upon a system of north and south feeders, one of which will be on the Island
of Vancouver, connecting the three
msin easterly and westerly trttuk lines,
it is evident, however, that a purview
of the (-.fleets of such development would
carry lis far beyond thi* possibilities ot
one year. The problem before the
province for the immediate future is
entirely whether the wrangling about
the best -method* of wearing th«e railways will ve**is within a year, anil
actual t-oii-vtrmtiori lie^iu
"If it Aoei, we inuy r«»a*Miualdv look
(or a renewed Influx ••! i-Npita! snd
population into the province to take
possession of its gr<*m re»nurr«s If ir
does not. then, although there f* no
qucsti'iti that the progr**-»■**. of the pro-
<l lit lite |Mli» wi *!•*" I'l'i'ii.tt' Wm H« <»ii,
u'e (i.t,iii it*': |..'*',,^.   .-*■■)   *.      .' . .'. k.,-.%:     ,,'
i„.u teintorv
■»l>i,|.t;   r\nt:  To  uo*«i.txii.
I I      ■    ,  ti...      V*;.    I-        •' nlli- il        fi,.*
the Uc»«'*■:.'! ¥Ullt."l   i»rn.Vnl,    I" ell     .''»,
.'1  iit'l ..'.', tn ill   )-»ue   retltli,   tlikel*   ill
slliele (iin-. ieh   -*««»ll"l   'A:   '.•iwtil   lore
tiuii nl! I'et.  .'I,    fijd pMrticuiar". from
i- '*tl   jt ni».
\ ., i. |,.i- .it j ,t. n,t it' "-* pip t«* given
I     i i.    -, ,*i.pt / ■<• " ■ •- "vtvt»rtnn rink
!'ie s*€.**>t '»f U'li'-rance is not to
kie-iW your l.»ck • * •*"■*"! ''is. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., FEBRUARY 13, 1902.
Ninth Yeap.
Ths Lkiigf. is two dollars a yaar In advance When not ho paid it is $2.50 to parties -worthy of credit. Legal advertising 10 cents h
nonpariel line first insertion, and 5 cents a lime each subsequent insertion. Reading notices aft cents a line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: The LkpokIs located at NewDenver. B. C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It lias stood the t-est of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that it is
botter to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Como in and see ns, but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage nnd the other n victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but cold to look at by day. -
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
your collateral.
Boston is experiencing a lively
anti-vaccination movement. Bos-
tonians were always noted for their
The death rate of France exceeds
the birth rate. When women are
less true to their calling than female dogs a nation must decay.
French botonists are endeavoring
to vaccinate plants against parasitic disease. Dr. Brouse ought to
vaccinate the town's water pipes.
Gladstone once said there was
nothing on earth except a mint that
could make money without advertising. And the grand old man
was right.
A fellow found $100 in gold
nuggets while digging post holes
all the farmers in that neighborhood are digging post holes.
Senator Terapleman, of Victoria,
has been appointed a member of
the Dominion cabinet, without
portfolio at present. It is understood that he will shortly be placed
at the head of one of the depart
nients at Ottawa.
If one half the energy were displayed by the railroad companies
in opening up and advertising the
coal lands of H. O. and Alberta.,
that, they are expending in lying
about them and trying to outgrab
each other, the whole of Canada
would feel tlie benefit- of it.
A married editor soliloquizes
thus of the gentler Hex: •'There is
gladness in her gladness when Hlie's
glad, and there is sadness in her
Badness when she sad, but tho gladness of her gladness and the sadnens
of her sadness is nothing to her
madness when she's mad."—Pittsburg Kansan.
And now comes the news that a
■commission is lieing organized in
England tu visit the 1'iiiU-il Htates
to investigate American industrial
methods. What will they liml?
Simply what has been found in all
.other methods that havo been in-
ventlgftted: that the Americans
work, aud make their work count
Thin incident illustrates tlm sort
of gallantry that is most prevalent
In this degenerate age: As a man
aud hih wife wurti passing n school
a flying snowball hit the wife of his
bosom in the neck. He was enraged, and justly, and turning to
the HchoollKjys, shaking his (1st in
antrer he oriwl • "Tt,'« inoVv for
■von, vou riMVB.1*, t,hat vovi didn't
law, which he would amend. But
the Kaslo prophet was dreaming.
Bad digestion.
A movement is on foot in some
parts of the States to induce the
court judges to abandon their simple
republican dignity and revert to the
custom of the English justices by
once more assuming the gowns,
because it is a ' 'symbolic aid calculated to impress the people with
the dignity and importance of the
bench." What rot! When the
bench has to resort to symbolism
to uphold the dignity of the law, it
is time to go out of business. There
is already too much "symbolism"
about justice, too much cloaking of
the law and too little sure aud swift
justice. Canada is suffering from
this very thing.
Martin r^ke Liberal conven-
j tion held in Vancouver
LCSuCriast week decided unanimously in favor of drawing
party lines in Provincial politics,
The old provincial executive of the
party was dclared defunct and a
new executive appointed.   Joseph
Martin and hiB following carried
the convention by storm, and
Martin was named leader. Speaking of the results, the Province
"The result was that not only
were many good members of the
Liberal party, whom the Liberal
executive decided it would be wise
in view of their standing and influence to admit to the councils of the
party, excluded, but the executive
itself was disfranchised.
"Even the chairman who opened
the proceedings was deprived of his
right to take any part in the discussion which might result. Senator Templeman realized this, and
of course left a meeting in which
he hud no recognized position. He
wns followed by all the members of
the executive present, and by all
who were not numbered among the
friends of those who bad organized
this political conspiracy.
"But this purged assembly cannot surely be called a convention
of the Liberal party. After having
excluded all except those on whom
they knew they could absolutely
depend to do as they dictated, they
wore ut liberty to pass whatever
resolutions they chose; but what
authority havo they from the party
»h a whole for having done so? They
cannot be called in any nemo of
the word a convention. They have
no regular legal existence even now
and cannot legislate for anylxtdy
nave themnelvPB.
"Tho roBiilt of the con veil tion is
most  deplorable.     It   leaves the
Lilierals of  British  Columhia in a
far worse  disorganized   condition
than they were before.    It render*
uuion at any   future   timo, should
circumstances arise which  would
make party lines advisable,  very
tiitiicult.    tt lias prcHeiiWMl to the
world a picture of disintegration in
Ihe Liberal forces, which wan only
(i, O. Buchanan,  Liberal editor-1guessed at previously."
leader-prophet of Kaslo. In  an  in-1    The Vancouver N«ws-Aclverti«er
tcrview in  the   Vamviuver   World j-say.fi:
last week said that there wasab-j "The Provincial Liberal conven-
•olutely no development work tion has met, completed it* laboro
going on iu the Slocan, that the and adjourned. The objectit of the
camp was dead, lowni losing popu-j gathering were itated to lie three
lation, and generally j*a»iit«l a Iin niiinU-r: to decide as to the
pHure ofdeeolfttioFi. nl! of which] adoption of Federal party linciuu
he  attributed   to   the   eight-hour Provincial polities, and, if decided
in the affirmative, to draft a platform and select a leader. The two
latter matters haye been achieved
by the convention. In regard to
the other—the adoption of Federal
lines in Provincial matters—it appears to us that "some other fellows' ' may have something to say
about it—the large and influential
section of the Liberal party which
is not prepared to abide by the
convention's action ; the Conservatives and a mass of the neutral
people that is so influenced by other
than party considerations."
. Fforp the sun's Kenn# I
Thought. I would lay off a shift
this week.
The printing palace gang said a
long letter was coming from the
But it hasn't materialized.
Probably burned a hole in the
mail sack and fell by the way side.
I don't think our editor salted
himself at Sutro's, 'Frisco.
As a result the maidens of dusky
And prefer to   fry   away   their
lives in the frying pan of celibacy.
Rather than jump into the fire of
Will get all they want of it.
I like to see people get. what they
are looking for.
Whether it be trouble,happiness,
love, goodness,
Or vice and dollars.
And they generally do.
I guess they all get what they
Bulldogs do.
By the way, speaking of matrimonial things,
And this seems to be the all-
absorbing topic just now
Among our young and old men
and maidens,
New Denver has lots of boys yet
on the market.
Who are waiting to be ensnared.
And if any of my bulldog friends
on the outside
Belong to mistresses not under
15 and not over 40
Whom they'd like to see get a
man to work for them
They'd do well to send them this
There's Andy Jacobsou, who
keeps one of the best hotels in the
caiftp, and has a long bank account
and a large cage of wild cats.
He would make an ideal husband.
Can play solo, seven up, and the
Jack Aylwin is another hotel
man with a future.
Can also gramaphone some, and
hits all the high places with his
good-natured smile and winning
Owns a dog named Ike that is
good to me.
And everybody.
Dan McLachlan can provide lots
of room, warm mitts, knee socks,
garters, and other warm things for
the right kind of lady.    Dan has a
skin, j
Luscious eye, 1
Voluptious form,
Have been too much for him.
And he has succumbed. j
Bad thing for editors. I
Say, what does it mean  when ,a
fellow marries?
I have seen my old friends,
■' T. ' ii
And others do it,
And they are transformed from
tough old stags
Into a frisky, smiling, happy lot
of affectionate husbands.
Some even taking steps toward
And pushing perambulators with
u squeeling piece of humanity in
If 1 had had my wuiy J would
have been a boy when >L was born.
But I wasn't eonsulwd in the
Hoys are the best of all things
called people.
Besides, if I was a boy,
T'd have a chance of growing
into a man and getting married,
Like the rest of them in New
Thoy are not all getting married.
Hut all who can are, and the
other fellows don't know how.
(lirls get married, too.
Some marry to get husliands.
Others to enable the family to
get rid of a nuisance.
Others became they feel it's a
nocessarv evil.
Others to avoid being old maids.
Old maids don't get married.
I don't just know what old maids
are made of.
Nor who made 'em.
The fellow what made the world
and all good bulldogs.
Didn't have a hand in It
<Juess thev "just growed"
That way.
t hope all my friends who have
sipped too deeply of the
Intoxicating benedietine
Knjoyed themselves liefore getting
And thai (he girls and hoy-a who
have grown to men and women.
very-high forehead and a pocket
book that has fattened with years.
Pap McRae is temporarily opposed to matrimony, but an opposition like his will melt in the sunshine of love like a snowball in
And Pap is good from the ground
up and all round the middle.
Ed Angrignon is another boy
what smells good.
Dogs and girls are strong on
scent, and I like to go to Eddie's
tonsorial parlor and lie by the
It somehow awakens a feeling of
heavenly ease and rose beds with
coverlets of violets and honeysuckle
Nice catch, eh, girls?
These are only a few of the catch-
If me and my kennel are not attacked for having mentioned them,
will tell you of others.
If the editor stays away long
I'd like to see these goods off the
'Twould give the editor and the.
printing house gang a chance,
Before they become shop worn.
J. E. Angrignon
The Leading
j      Finest Shop in the Slocan.
Brick Block,    Bellevue Ave.,  New
Denver, B. C,
Cigar Co.
For prices apply to—
Wholesale Agents for B.C.
Vancouver, B. O.
Our Special
El Condor
t\ O. BOX 76.
Curling Tongs
Toilet Water
If you do you can get any of them
NelSOn'S Drug & Book Store
N'ltw Di'livi'l-, ll. tl.
Kootenay Coffee
liwilt'l'H in Tim" nml ("ipll't'it.
All iii'ihIi-, mill priri'*, A
trial iii'iliTiiilli'lii'il	
Kootenay Coffee Company
I Ml. Hox IH*. VVitM HukisrSt.
\ F.I.SON, II. {).
Provides accommodation for
the travelling public	
I'lcns.tnt rooms, and good
meala. The bar is stocked
with wines, liquors and
clears. HOT and COLD
HUGH M\ EN, Proprietor,
names iuul imstoftlcc addresses of ELEVEN
FARMERS who Imve l.in.i to clear or who have
usi'for a STUMP I'ULLER.and we will nail
fhkk to your address, a copy of our Stories of the
l.reat Northwest, now jrolnjr to press,
plainly, nntl address the \V
21 Ruhy and Diamond Jewels,
in heavy Silverold eases for-
Watches, other prices
 - *        Kaslo, B.C.
Dealer in
Van Camp Lunch Goods,  Confection-
cry and Fruit,
Newmarket Block.        New Denver
Buy your tall
J. O. BUNYAN & CO., »*£§»■
The Newmarkctlotcl,
Has one ot the most beautiful locations in America,
assured of pleasant accommodations.
and the public are
New Denver, B.C.
SL James
A, JAC0H80N, Proprietor
Beat meals in the city—Comfortable rooms—Bar ronlete with the best of
Liquors and Cifjars— Best service throughout.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
dono nt New Denver's printing emporium—
Address ===== THE LEDGE
Baek of Montreal.
KctntllUhfifl  I HIT.
Capital (all paid no) $V>,nno,(rvi(¥i
Kemrvfldtand : s 7,000,000.00
Undivided profit* i   i   510,081.01
Kt. Hon. LowiBtnathcona a.id Mount Koyal, G.C.M.G. President.
»i-.|.H, >k. i-i, kiprtuMMiihiii, 'i'MO J'l-CB'iut-.Ilt,
E. S. CunjftTON, General Manager,
Branches in all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and
the United States.
New Denver branch
LR B, DH VP.HP.P, Manauer
Ip*—**, P**.,-.*** P*t^>*i PK
[ W%* mtr*mi k% mt
i.yjmp*i.  P9pm.
KXSXS Ninth Year.
The house is full of arnica
And mystery profound;
'■'   We do not dare to run about,
v Or make the slightest sound;
v,      We leave the big piano shut
,'   j       And do not strike a note;
*   ^     The doctor's been here seven times
Sincn father rode the tfoat.
He joined the lodge a week ago,
Got in at 4 a. m ,
And sixteen brethren brought him home,
Though he says he brought them;
His wrist was sprained, and one big rip
Had, rent his Sunday coat;
There must have been a lively time
When father rode the goat."
He's resting on the couch today
And practicing his signs—
The hailing signal, working grip,
And other monkey shines;
He mutters passwords 'neath his breath
And other things he'll auote;
They surely had an evening's work
When father i ode the goat.
Ho has a gorgeous uniform,
All gold and red and blue,
A hat with plumes and yellow braid
And golden badges, too;
But, somehow, when we mention it,
He wears a look so ffriro,
We wonder if he rode the goat
;Or if the goat rode him.
—Baltimore American.
Che CnM
moves, acts, only from desire. I they are guiltily spending their ill-
gotten gains. All of which is a
part of the poverty-hypocrisy encouraged by Christianity.—Washburn, i
By Klbert Hubbard, in Philistine.
It is a great and beautiful  thing
to be patient if wrongfully accused;
to be so   strongly   girded 'round
with right that you can meet slander by silence, and calumny with a
sniils?.    There is no such thing as
"righteous indignation"—the term
has an apologetic touch and was
coined by some pious pedant whose
temper often ran with him a-muck.
I have seen Pentecost placed iu
positions where an   average  man
would simply have boiled over, but
Hughie was  absolutely  unruffled
inside and out.    He   doesn't play
the devil's tattoo,  sneeze,  cough,
rock, jig, twitch, amble, mince or
monkey with his watch chain.    He
can relax and keep quiet, no matter
how great the din.
It is a great thing to keep silence
without being glum—to down your
critics without saying a word, and
add to your friends by holding your
„_peace._„.And   Bince  language can
Will, in the sense of volition, is
merely a servant of Desire. AVe
will to do nothing except what we
desire. AVhen we speak of a person
with a strong will, we mean that
the said person has a strong desire.
It is easy to will to do what we wish
to do. The desire to eat goes before the movement of the body towards food. We will to eat because
we wish to eat.
VII. There can be but one. Desire, viz.: The Desire to be Happy.
—In this we are not free agents.
It is impossible to wish to be miserable. There is no one word that
describes the single desire of the.
universe. Happiness is a good
word if we give it a large meaning,
including pleasure, comfort, peace
of mind, blessedness. It is impossible to wish for anything but
happiness,or to will to do anything
except to promote our happiness,in
the large sense here spoken of.
VIII. Once understand that our
only motive is the Desire for Hap-
piness,and Life becomes a Pleasure.
—The slavery called Duty is over,
and we arise into the glorious freedom of doing whatever we do because it is a pleasure. The only
reason why anyone does his "duty"
is because it is a pleasure, but if
we take our pleasure from a "sense
of duty" we are slaves, whereas if
we do our '-duty" because we enjoy
Bosun Hall, New Denver
Supernaturalism is an utter absurdity; it is an impossibility, it is
wholly an assumption, it is an imposition, it is a tyranny, it is an
enemy, it is a constant and perpetual lie. Nothing has done so much
harm in the world as an acceptance
of the supernatural. Supernaturalism is the doctrine of Gods and
devils, of purgatory and hells, of
wretchedness and lies; but nature
iB at the same time the fountain of
life, the cause of existence, the
source of all truth.—D.M.Bennett.
Ed Hillman's force of five men ou the
Horseshoe is making excellent progress
with the work of development and ore-
getting Work has been suspended on
the incline shaft for the present and the
drift is being pushed with a double
Bhift. A car has been secured and
tracks will be laiu down during the
course of the week,
NINE cans Cream, si.(to
EiSSI P°UIlds Xew Currants, $l.ott
EIGHT packages New Raisins, il.00
SIX bars Best Washing Saop, 25c
Northern Spy Apples, chok-e, $2.85 60-lb box
£jy,-?„Kxckases "olle-3 Breakfast Wheat, -'.ie
THREE cans Tomatoes. 40c
FIFTY pounds Rolled Wheat. *2.35
Orange, Lemon and Citron Peel.i'Oc pound
Cross & Blaekwell's Imp. Qt. Bottle Pickles, 7<te
Grain-fed Hogs, dressed, \n\v lb
We have just received a consignment of Ari-.-i-
killa Ceylon Tea, which we arp poinu to sell at
-Well). 'Recollect, this is a 00c tea. This is the
tea contracted for by the British Government for
the supply of their navy at Esquimault, and was
selected 6y a board of competent officials from
over 100 sam|Jes submitted to them by the merchants of Vancouver, Victoria and" Montreal.
Anyone purchasing one or more pounds of this
tea'from us, will have the option of returning
same if not exactly as represented, anil we won't
charge for what you use. We are bound to satisfy tne public on our Tea and Coffee and Fresh
First-class Groceries at 15 and 20 per cent below
regular prices paid elsewhere.
Wa have received a consignment of French
Red Prunes, so Boxes. Also large California So-
40 Prunes. The very best Table Prunes put up
for family, mines, and hotels, i'5-lh boxes, %i:&
and ^8.8o—wholesale prices.
Try our delicious 1-lb brick Fresh Butter only
30e a pound; don't pav 35c.
We have, on hand a" few Oak Drop head Table
Singer Machines to sell on time, small payments
or for cash.
ams. Bacon,(the'best), 17!c lb. Second-hand   Sewing   Machines   bought or
Fresh Eggs. 2doz, ti5c.        " taken in exchange.
OTAnother consignment of Hazeldeau 1-lb Brick Butter, best in Canada; two lbs, «5c.
Ashcroft Potatoes. 112-lb sack,81.60.  The only potatoes worth using.
Three lbs Cream Sodas, fresh from factory. 30e.       English Stilton cheese this week 23c lb.
Just received, consignment of choice Rex brand Hams and Bacon, the best, 17 l-2e Hi.
Dog Biscuit for yourdogs cheaper and better than meat.   Try tbem     Three lbs 30c
Recollect, you won't get snaps like this every day.
St. Charles and Jersey Cream, $5.(10 per case.
THREE-pound Tin Christie's Soda Biscuit,45c
Fresh Finnin Haddlc, 15c lb.
5-lb Bag Salt, line table salt. 12c.
All kinds Can Goods-Corn Beef, Roast Beef,
Cros-t & Blackwell's soups. Mock Turtle, Chicken
etc.   Jams, .fellies
Silver Q-loss Starch, 10c pkg
Climax. Star Chewing Tobacco, *1 lb
Pay Roll,50c.   Canadian Black Strap, T & B,
large and small plugs, 25c each
Hudson Bay Smoking Tobacco.
All kinds English Tobaccoes cheap
Fresh Roasted Java & Moca Coffee, cannot be
equaled at50c lb, our price 40c*.
Write to us for prices, nr call i«rsoiially.   You will save money by doing so.
The soundest wisdum cums from
experience, but thare iz a nearer
road to it almost az sure—reading
and reflekshun.
never explain to one who does not
already know, and since words are
never a vindication, silence, when
ballasted by soul, is effective beyond speech.
Pentecost is just a plain healthy
man, who has secured freedom by
holding fast to the truth (until it
has become a habit of mind) that
there in no devil but fear, and the
Reality (God) is on hia side.
This man has gotten so good a
hold upon Truth that he can, to a
degree, live it. And so I prize as
especially valuable the following
statement concerning the Basic
Elements of Truth, as it seems to
Mr. Pentecost:
I All is One.—There is but one
Reality. Matter, Mind, Spirit,
thoughts, things are but manifestations of the one Reality. What
the Keality is no one knows. Wu
know only forms, appearances.
Matter exists,Mind exists, but only
as expressions ofthe one Keality.
II. All is (Sooil.—All things
work together for good. Some
things are better than others, but
all   things  are  good.     Sickness,
it, we are free.
IX. Without Freedom and the
Sense of Freedom Life is a Drudgery.—As a matter of fact every one
not physically confined is free to do
exactly as he pleases all the time,
but few realize this, and consequently live in the sense of slavery,
which is a kind of death.
X. The one motive is the Desire for Happiness, but Permanent
Happiness is only Possible by living
for Others.—It is better to give
than to receive. It is said of Jesus
that "for joy that was set before
Him He endured the cross.'' The
only permanent joy is found in the
crossr—To-live-for others is a-purely
selfish performance. As soon as
we discover how happy service for
others makes us, we become what
is called •'unselfish," but there is,
as a matter of fact, no unselfish-1
ness. Numbers of people become1
selfrighteous or make themselves
miserable because they do not know
that their "unselfishness" is purely
selfish. When I know that I do a
"heroic" thing because I want to,
I don't care to be praised for it.
XI. Courage is the Condition
of Success.—Courage conies from a
profound belief in the first five
doctrines here laid down. No one
can do lushest who is timid—afraid
of his outside and of his inside; of
his environment and oi* himself.
XII. Physical Health is Promoted by Healthful and Happy
Thinking.—As a general proposition the body is an expression of
the mind. If the mind is healthy
the Inidy will be healthy. As a
man Miinketh in his heart ho is he.
Taste the
winter drinks
at the Nelson Hotel
Bar.     Hot Scotch,
Oyster     Cocktails,
Roman Punch,Clam
Nectar,   and many
Reisterer & Vaughan
Canadian o
Until further advised the steamer "Kokanee"
for Kaslo and "Moyie" for Kootenay Landing
will leave from Proctor, connection from Xelson
being us follows:
':l.-"> a. in.
(i-lS p. in
PHILIP ROWE, or to whom they may have
transferred their interests in the Black Horse
mineral claim, situated on Galena Farm flat,
near .Silverton, in the Sloean Mfniutr Division , of West h.ooteimy District.
I expended S102.5O In labor nnd Improvement*
on the Black Horse mineral claim. The above-
mentioned sKW.SO is the expense necessary m
order to hold the said claini under the provisions
of the Mineral Act, and if within ninetv days
from the daie of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your uroportion of tbt' above-
nienti.pi'd sum,' which Is now due. together
with p 11 costs of ailvertiMiiK, your in-
tere.fi- in the said claini will become the
nroju-itv- of the undersigned under Section 1 of
the'-.'*.-ueral Act Amendment Act l!X)n.''
Da—tl  at Silverton,   B. 0.,  this 17th day of
Octo* cr.iimi.
The plant as now contained in tho
buildings at Thunder Hill, Upper
Columbia Lake, consisting ot one 50-
ton concentrator — complete with
Engine, Boilers, etc.
For further particulars apply to,
A S. INNIS, Victoria.
KI.OOI) FRACTION Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Sloean Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District       Where   located:    In
Best Basin, joining the John  W. Mae key
and Jim Fair mineral claims,
'PAKE NOTICE that I, Alexander Sproat, ujj
i   agent for Wm   Hastie Adams ana Charles
J. Kapps, free miner's certiHcftt.es Nos. B 7787$
and 58800, Intend, sixty   days from the daii
hereof, to apply to thc Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of thc above claim.
And further take notice that action under sec. 9T
must be commenced before the Issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of January isms!.
MOUNTAIN   SCENKUY   Mineral Claim.
Situate in llie Slocau Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Whore located: At
the head of Eight Mile creek
TAKE NOTICE That I, Albert Ashcroft, acting as agent for Harry Christopher Wheeler
FUO.su B,'.12420, Clmrl&s McNicholl. KMCNo
li 524K) anil F F Liebscher. F M C No B 52400,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining &
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 37, must be commenced before the i-Wtt-
mice of such Certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this tith dav of January. A. D. 1902.
1:00 p. m.
daily ex. Sunday
10:l,1a. in.
For Kootenay Lake points, Proctor to Kokanee
Creek, connection from Nelson will be 7:15 a.m..
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, returning
same evening at p>:15.
For berths, time-tables, rates and full information, apply to
G. B, OARRETT, Agent New Denver.
E. J. Coyle, A. G. P. Agt.. Vancouver.
.1 S. Ckfter D.P.A.. Nelson, li. <
$29Q0O. in Prizes
Fifth Annual
J.   A.   MeKINNON.   J.   T.   RICHARDS
PHILIP ROWE, or to whom thev may have
transferred their interests in the \Vhite Horse
No. 4 mineral  claim, situated  on Galena
Farm flat,  near  Silverton, lu   the Sloean
Mlniiij, Division, at West Kootenay District.
I   expended $102.50 In labor and Improvements
onthe White Horse No. 4 mineral claim.  The
above-mentioned $102.50 is the expense necessary iu order to hold the said claim under the
provisions of the Mineral  Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of this notice you fail
or refuse to contribute your proportion'* of the
above-mentioned sum, which   is now due, together with all costs of advertising, youriuter-
[ests in thc said  claim  will become the prop-
forty of the undersigned under Section 4 of the
''Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900."
Dated at Silverlon,   B. C.   this 17th day of
October, l'.Kii.
J.   A.   MeKINNON,   J.   T.   RICHARDS,
PHILIP ROWE, or to whom they may have
transferred their interests in thc Fedora mineral claim, situated on Galena Farm flat,
near Silverton, in the Slocan Mining Division, of West Kootenay District.
1    expended I102.A0 in labor and improvements
on the Fedora mineral claim.   The above-mentioned *102..V! Is tho exixm.se necessary in order to
m ■      ^  ii     •.*. • ~ ,«jin-u«u»u„nii.mm-m    hold thc said claim under the provisions nf thc
Grand Hockey Tournament (for the senior and junior hockey champion-     ■    •' -     -
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
February 20 to 22,1902
PAYMASTER Mineral Claim.
Situate in thc Slocan Mining Division of WesC
Kootenay District. Where located: At Three
Forks, adjoining the Newport.
'PAKE NOTICE that I. J. M. McGregor, acting
I as agent for Fred Swamiell, Free Miner'*
Certiticate No B A9822, intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to applv to the Mining-
Recorder for a certificate of Improvements for
the purpose of,olitaining a crown grant of the.-
above claini.
And further take notice that action uiiiler^sec-
tion 37 must be commenced liefon*. the. issuance
of such cert ilicatc of improvements.
Dated this 9th .lay of December. A. D luol.
j. m. McGregor.
Mineral  Claims.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of Wed t
Kootenay District. Where located: North
of Sandon, Payne creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T. Twigg,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B 5244«, for myself and as agent for Robert Cunning, Free
Miner's Certificate No B 52189, and Albert David,
Free Miner's Certiticate No 52194, Intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of each of thc above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance
ofsnch Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 5th day of December, A. D. 1901
ships of the Province,) Five Skating Races, Six Snowshoe Races, Ski Run
ning and Jumping:,  Carnival  Masquerade,  Cutter Races for Pacers or
Single fare tor round trip on all railways. Tickets on sale February
20th, good to return until February 24th. For program or any information
address II. W. C. JACKSON, Sec. Carnival Committee, Rossland.
I'll INK KitV    TIIOMiHTs,
poverty,   war,   caHualties,   death,
workjtogclhur for good tlio wunc as i ".	
■    ,.r        ui i.        . three are one and one
health, wealth, peace, Hocurity and|
life. |
III.    All jh Power.—-WeakneBHi
A City of Wonder, Progress and Prosperity
STANLEY NO. t Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Sloemi Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located:
Adjoining tlie Meriimac ami Eclipse, on
Silver Mountain.
•TAKE NOTICE that I. Win. S. Drewry. acting
A   as agent for Herman Clever, free miner1-**
free miner*-*
.   nys
tn    apply    to    the
,  ,    . . bn-
>f obtaining a Crown
It in too late in the day for men
of sincerity to pretend they believe
in   the   Platonic   niysfieiwin   tlmt
s three, and
yet that one is not   three  and the
three are not one.    Hut this  eiin-
, , , Htituten the craft, the  power, and
iHlHitaHight ur leaner degree ^ ^ ^      .^
power.    'IheoneK^htyjaPower ^ w   ^^  (Jf
Mil thin power h available for our j fl(>tit|ou8 ^ im) m<] woM
every need.   All that  we need ih
to know how to call it to our line.
and to appropriate it.
IV.    All in Wimlom.—The uui-
veiw i» the exprcHHion  of  I'erlWt
Window, therefore there never was
catch   no   more   Hie*, — TIioitiiim
The day retuniH and bringH uh
the petty round of irritating con-
eeniB and dutiea.    Help uh to play
and never will lw a mlHtake."whiib!the n,ftu' helP u* u> Perform thon1
we call miHUtkuH are unMuwuKHful'w,th ,ai,«htw »nd ki,ul fftc0H! ]H
effort* Ut reach perfection,by mwiw' "heflr,,,,neM ttbound with Muiitry.
of which uiiHiicceMful effort* we, «>w»» to «o blithely on our buni.
iearn. that wlncti teachex mt*,
cannot be a ni intake.
V.   All in Love.—The univciKe!
Ih the expreftflion of Perfect   Love,
Perfect Power, IVrfivt VViiwlom aud '
Perfect Love constituU' a combination agaiiiHt which there e-an he no
opponition.    Almighty Power ren-
.11    *        I    ' p
.... *.uj ,uitn^ uh uu nut
dew opposition iui|M>HHihle; Perfect
Wiwlom permitH uothiiig but har- B** "ho** 1/   »he   could
otAty Moi -.AJiitciu ami uiuuh-
honored, and grant u« in the end
the gift of Hleep. Amen.—Robert
Louia Htevenwm,
there in Jotw of iioiihciiim; written
aUtut tarefootcd virtue anil patent-
leather vice, but virtue doe« not go
barefooted voluntarily.   She would
V great
Development   of
llie eon]   mines,
tho   installation
ol' water, eleetrie
li&'ht and power
plants are now
uminu'cri for, The development by the Ashnola Coal
Company of their property,
owned hy tlie Toronto Syndicate, unci the equipment of
their mines has already heen
arranged lor, which U a
guarantee of two large payrolls for Ashnola.
Lots in Ashnola are a safe
investment, and are now selling- at from *50to*225; 2f»"/
cash, luilaiiee in A, fi, and fl
months without interest.
The Company's stock is
now selling at par, $1, on the
following terms: 10 per cent.
down, hulanoe in niuo ormoi
monthly orM-h with n<m for
fcituro clause, until February j *»4iiu«„ «*
ir>th, 1U02, when it will be ^"S'ffiiff.
the market
Large Herds
of Cattle
Fine Grazing
All Kinds of
i Hay Mead-
! ows Galore
Vegetables of
Every Kind
■.-M'f.—|jf— WW mmtmmmm
fit JWWVWUMi WlUlftf
Game in
Mineral Act, and If within niiu-tvdays from the
date of this iiofici' you fall or rouiBit to coniriliuli-
your iirnportiiiii of the abovo-moiitltuicd sum.
which to now due, together with all conta of
aclvcrtisliiK.youi- Inti'it-slN in tin? said claim will
lieconiii Iln- pmiKtrtv of the undiTsifriied under
Section 4 of the".Miiicrnl Act Amendment Act
Dated  at Hilvttilon. II. 0., thU lVlli dnv of
OclolKir, liml.
nv7 CIIAHI.KS K. U'll'K.
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Lumber !
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Rar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillycr, Manager
certificate No. B6:'43!i, and John Goetttche,-free
miner's certificate Xo HSf-tWA, intend, sixty dav»
from the date hereof tn uunly to tlie
Mining Uecorder for a certilieate of improvements for the purpo.fe
(,Tant of the above claim.
And further lake not it-e that action under section 37 must be commenced Ix-fore the fMuunco
of such eerliiieate of improvement*.
Dated this mh dav ol lli-ceuil.er, A  D.. \\xl.
.Mineral   Clalmx.
Situate In lite Sloi-Hii Minim." Divwfon of
West Kootenay District, Where locatedt
South of New Denver. adUdrliiu the Alpha,
t.itkeviit-iv and (Yirnemcl.ri  mineral claim*.
flUKK NuTlCK that I. Win. S. Drewry. act-
A iiik afii^eill f'll'tlie NorihweM Minim; Kyn'
tllc.tle, I.ttl, free miner'i certilicnte N'o. U-MUII,
intend tioilayx from tin-date hercot to npitly lo the
MiniiiK Uecorder for ,t (Vrllilcate of Improve-
menli' fur the |iiii')iii»cof ,>li!a!iiliii,' it Crown prant
-il tie ,tli-,vt claini-..
And fm'tlifi'lake notice Unit action under "-W-
liiill .'(7 luilM becoiuilltlictpil U-ti.iv llie I'muiii'fill
-nel vtlilcittt«itl lm|ir',veliii-n!».
Haled ilti- i"lt p|piv ol |iecciiil-er, A.D., l'.itl.
withdrawn from
ni' tte'itliA)
ft. of Timber
X-X-HXXttlKWn i
Job Printing is an art.
It is today one of the
most advanced of arts,
and j*renter cHoi'tsare
beitifi* made f»> reach
(icrfeetion than ever
before in the history
of pi'tntitiu'. Kvery m>-
to-date hom'nev« mon
veeofrni/e-H tin- imj^rt
ance of having )m .stationery   well printed.
»■ ji i. j j i
Cr-.w* N>«| .li.-irt-i ,idv.in<ti| fru.n lie to »•"
In four yenri. All I<.tx in lllock« line lo K«mr,
mul Thirteen toTwentv will ltetnlvfcui-e.1 tr.|»-r
cent, per month until \tay I-'. I'm. iuul p'|ri
nt. In «ll rf-i,,.ilnliiiH-|.i*fk».
Grounds that
Tin-e.-oi |. mi irif»fi rih.ti. tfe |.,m fc"int»
Work ttnI inferior • flHif* mill till* »'<>i
iiiony; lufiniU' lx»v« ileviw*   iiutli- '««•«>' p««>pie pruUiiid to think  (hatj
in« but (Jood. K'MM' ^'Aht** huA ?»!#-** rhln^  ^-u-;
VI.    Ikmrv ih the only  Motive. .eniUy iiu>dii that   their   pofwewiui>i'
•—The iinivi*rw anil nil it  e«ititain^, have   mhtw<]   Kornetwxly  and that |
For further informatioti i\\i\A$ tn
Similkameen Valley Coal Co., Ltd.
SKr.i.iii   I'liACTlON  Mltn-rpiU'liiim.
Situ,ih- in th ,>!•„ ut Miiiit.k' i'lM-itin -iD
We-i Koiiii'.iay lii.triet Whfi'e lo'atcl!
tin l-'iih Iin Unite. ~,nth ,,t Ni » pi i.\. i, atl»
joluiou' the Ki'lelity, l-'.-i", * . ni'i I'tacker
.link mineral > IpiIiii*
rpAKK NttTK'i-; t|,.,- I   iv„, s Di.«r>, act.
*■      ilti; '1-1 Mifelll I'll  tile ll'i-Illl  Ml|il'»,   l.illllU-il,
llie mini r'< errlilii ale Sn ll-'i'-'U. inlinil
«lxtv • t ;• \ - fioin tic .late In ret if to
iiiiitl.v t" tin- Minini.'  Hecnln  (nt  a t'ciilfii Hte
ol IUi|'|iiH-llte|l|i|.   (,,|   tin    |,||r|ii,n,e    of ..|lt»hllll|f
a I'l'nU'i, liniitt of tin- a!->o\e 'I..I111
\, ii *iii-i|i.-i- ' it..* i,* tt*   •!•■.,.i,  (•; ,,, ,.,„,;, 1 Htv,-
I timl T,. innttl lie i-o|iilneiiie,i   liefuic tin- i**xtuiif*
1 of .itt h I'eilltleatt of Imiirovi-iiientii.
luicii ihi** It'th thy ni li.-itiiti.-r   \ l» it'll
W   s   KICK WHY.
IMSTIKO*  in.I II.V»IIMi- eil.%('T|OX.
II. Mi" i.-M'l.tittp..
"Sllllalc III till- S|.«*.«l>   MIlllllK   I»HI*ioll   1 if    W'tAt
KiMiti-iiM)  Dintrli I.     Wlitrr luritt-*.!'   Silvrr
MiKiitlaln, iwn milt 11 i,i»! uf ,'■'«» Denvi t.
'I'AKK N'OTHK Tlmt I lluuli S. X.Uon, Fiiw
I Miner'* ri-rtltii ale No || ,',»ti!i, inii-utl «uiy
ilxya from (lie dale lirreof, i<i iti'ply to the Mtiiittir
Hei order l"r r. niflenteii «,l fmprovoiiiiiiu, for
!li«  |,ui|i«»*   i.t olit*iitiiuf <rowii ••mnt* ol the
t al.nvi-i hltnit.
p Aid I nr the; take iinlni H.-l ailloii. under
ten tion IT, iiititl 1» ei.l.iliu iintl Ixfun- till- lliU-
miee of »ili-hi-<-ltlti( ati-» of Illipr'iVi||i>lit-».
'     t»» -.pf'. !!-.;■."".;. Uf   ■'. Xu 1. ,„h, t. A.\: n**!.
I N %KOH    Mlnrml 1 mui.
Mllil.tr il, till'    >i H HIP    MllttliK   Uli l«lol. "I   ^ • .1
Knotiiiiiy   DiMittt-     Whi-r-f   li»mnl      tin
Kriu  Uiinnl.ilii,    idtoliilitir   tin-   Hlint.ini
HirmijOfr. Tr»d«i liuflin'. liUli»r Nr». 1, »t,(i
K*»ii'.-n mii,tr4i -rUlnn
inii'i'i', io,*,-  1 ^
t    enrtifirat*  V"   Huui
1  p'^l'il   'ii   t.ti-. ,,*,.*   ,1. ,i.X,,t*.   ,,ii-   ulilit-r » lelUft-
I I'it* Ko, H I?v7», fntntil tutu ,lav« triati-tli»ilBt#
hrrituf. Ui «W-i> (0 lh' ' Mimiiir Hrrnrtkr
tt*i * rerllfli-iit*' of li»ttiro»*i»wn»iiili« f,'*<r nit* tnn-
I>mt nt uMeiiiliiff • if own tirant nt tto* »I>dt»
And furtlii-r t«kr itotu•*■ ih»t  »■ lion iimtf r •»«>
Ik'H'l \l. |ib*ii»M *■»   «*.fr,"» »■;.*! •■•(  In'i.rt ft*., t* .'.pi ,!*(•»
p, «i.j, if ■ ii*,■-.,«, ,.,..  ,i, 1II1I1I in llill.l"
l>.r*.|lt.i« |/i»>.t.y .,« |lti»    «   l» t*l
It  Vt    11
- . -.-.,„...,.-,*„ ,.,,,.,4.
fur mv«*-!f mit   •»
Nelson, B. (..
!    And » funny <dit jfov it he;
tIf<-*3K tut hii.f *y *r>\ he w<ck*u}>iib]*u
An<1 In i,i<*r<* tie- iiificntee.
i»i»-vii»i iimn nr • i'-i'*KrNt KMfH*.
'•"'HSf.   i orVallll) I'lllj,      firfM"'"!.     «'l)»tlli|r    U -
A   i»»»tp I. If  Kniiwirm.iiifthn Viltill** Jt
tt    f   ~  **4
11* u,i*ii-r*.
tntlw i,»kf Vick  ll ».t   -tu*-
,.««l. .',,,!.*.Ni »,»  tlvtlltl •! I ,*ttV
will lu: it/iillhltnllil 1.    U.   k,.m...mhti
rtthrt all mlWatiP'tlii,- ».•» ..tn.ft
*ttl»*rtMil   M 1
■ l't
M * h % 1 r*A i,t,_
o\ rif.nv ju. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. 0, FEBRUARY 13, 1902.
Ninth Year
Clothes always look well
I \ end wear well—if the
Tailor knows his business. Wear die best.
Leave your order for a
f        suit with—
F. F. LIEBSCHER, ££/%?,£
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Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Legal, Medical,etc,,
Aie Inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
36 cents each insertion. Each five words or less
•over 20 words are five cents additional.!
Employment Agency.
Help of All Kinds Furnished.
Postofflee Box -4C5, Nelson.
IPOR.  3ALiH3.	
DRY OKK PROPERTY, North Fork Carpenter creek-ALPS,  ALPS FRACTION,
and ALTORUS-Crown Grants obtained.    An-
ply, W. J. MCMILLAN & CO., Vancouver, B.C.
XELSON, B. C.      Cor. WARD k BAKER Sts.
Has had 15 years e.-qwience in dental work, ano
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work. Most
complete dental office in B. C.
Tl- II Lnu  I   II
lesident Physician
on the Continent of North Ameri- ll CA L I II
•jft.   Situated midst scenery un- - -. —
rivalled for Grandeur.   Boating
Fishing and Excursions.    Res	
and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with all
parts of the world; two mails arrive and depart
everyday. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments. SPECIAL
WINTER TERMS: *1» to *15 per week,
The price of a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for so days, is jtS.35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. C.
R, HEYLAND, Rngmeor and Provlncia
Land Surveyor.  Sandon.
WF. TEKTZKI. A CO., Nelson, B.C.,
,   Dealers in all Drugs and Assayers' Supplies.
—.   CAMERON,  Sandon.  Manufactures
■*1.   Clothing to order; and solicits patronage
vom all classes.
"Wholesale   !Merolia,nts.
•I Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Provision
T?   I..  CHRISTIE, L. I.. It., Barrister, So-
.1; .   licitor, Notary Public.    Sandon, B.  C,
F.very Friday at Silverton. tf
15>ents JUst Passes By *
The Slocau Drill has called England's    greatest   economic   writer
down in bad   shape,    This is the
way   it   does it:    "That eminent
English fathead, W. T. Stead, says
the ultimate destiny of Canada is
complete absorption by the United
States.   Froth-spouters of the Stead
kidney have been  saying that for
years, but there is no sign of the
absorption taking place.    If there
is any such business to be done, it
will be by the Canucks taking the
States into fold.    Johnny Canuck
once took hold of   the   Michigan
peninsula and a large portion of the
New England states,  but had to
relinquish them for Imperial reasons.    It   will   be   different  next
time.''    There is no doubt that W.
T. Stead will quit his "froth-spouting" after this, and hereafter will
write things more to the liking of
the Drill, and its  blind  following.
But whether he does or doesn't the
fact remains that Canada is not being absorbed by the United States,
because the Drill says so.    On the
contrary, Canada is absorbing the
United States.    Of course she is.
Canada is playing to the heart of
Uncle Sam and also to his pocket.
Canada is a coy miss.    She is giving him free use of everything that
is her's, and he, like a silly old fool
is being taken  in.    But there are
absolutely no signs of Canada being
absorbed.    Of course not.    She is
giving away her iron mines, timber
lands, lead mines, coal mines, silver
mines, gold mines, just to "absorb"
her silly old Uncle* Samuel.    Her
great trunk railroads  are  in   the
control of his   railroad   magnates;
he pockets the profits from all her
mineral and timber resources and
carries the boodle to his little cities
across the line.    He takes her best
sons away from   her  and   adopts
them as his own, and all   to   help
her in the absorption process.   Poor
coal company is not ready to fill
their outside orders, aud the Canadian Pacific will not furnish cars
for outside orders until their own
orders have been filled. Under
these conditions the coal company
is powerless. This company has
had an order for 40 cars of coal a
day, but the same has been shut
' 'I do not think we can depend
upon any relief until we get our
own line completed into the coal
fields, which, I regret to say, however, will not be in time for this
winter's business, as we do not
expect to haue the line completed
before May next.
Ml.  OBIMMBTT, I..  L.  B„ Barrister,
.   Solicitor, Notarv Public.     Sandon, B. C.
% ranch Oflloe at New Denver every Saturday
Signal Lowery's Claim
to come your way by
sending the editor a dollar. It furnishes a pow
der that leaves no missed
holes, and cannot be
beaten for shattering the
rock of superstition and
ignorance that covers so
much of the bright metal of freedom on this
earth.    Dig. while the
thought of purchase is
warming your uppor
at ope.
R. T. Lowery
Now Denver, B. C.
Koport* KxatnlnAtioiiA nnd Manage-
Uncle Sam. He already has more
than a million Canadians over there
who have become naturalized citi-
and if Canada is real  smart
A five-year contract has been
entered into between the Canadian
Pacific Railway and the British
government for the transfer of
troops by the Pacific route to the
Far East. The test recently made
for the carrying of troops by the
Empress resulted so satisfactory to
the government that the long contract has been entered into.
The railway will he used for the
conveyance of mails, troops and
stores monthly between Halifax,
Quebec or Montreal and Hong
Kong, for the annual subsidy of
£60,000, of which the Dominion
contributes £15,000. The most
interesting stipulation is that, the
vessels of the company are liable to
war service, the company agreeing
to construct all its mail steamers
under admiralityj supervision, providing gun platforms and otherwise
fitting them out so that they may
be used as armored cruisers or
troop-ships. Similar
have already been concluded with
the great transatlantic and Oriental shipping corporations, replacing
old agreements. The government
thereby obtains pre-emption of 18
of the largest and swiftest steamships, while thirty others are available for emergency,   without fur-
■ 4-ltj-m   rmKinHxtf  _'.	
Ui ici ~o u -umv* V7=== =■■-- —i =====
1 For th
DIAMONDS-Looseand Mounted
WATCHES-Filled and Gold
GOLD BROOCHES, latest designs
Nobby Patterns
Ladles' and Gents'
with and without stones
GOLD CHAINS-all weights
with and without stones
GOLD GUARDS—10 and 14 karat
Standard Grades of Filled Chains
and Guards In all styles
Don't waste lime
Sending your orders to houses that
do not have the goods.   Send
them to us and get just what
you want without any
At Jacob Dover's n. je-*^.
Our uetaona^uarantee goes with evvry article, and should
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, we are at all
times glad to excliauue same to the entire satisfaction of customer. JACOB DOVER,0. P. R. Timo Inspector
Latest Fads in
of all kinds
And all the Latest Creations tin
I Goods of All Kinds
ing inining stock they fail to exer- •
cise the precaution of a school boy.
Now let the Eagle ask you a fair
question :    As    a  business   man,
would you really expect the editor
of this or any other paper to give
you the  information   you   ask for
without money aud without price ?
No man has any   right to give his
opinion of a property unlesn he has
some knowledge of the conditions
which go to make up the probability of the existence of an ore body,
and he   must  certainly   visit the
property and go over it thoroughly
before placing his opinion on record.    This we cannot do; it is out
of our line of business.    But if you
want a report on a property in this
camp when the snow is off we will
contracts^ be pleased to forward you the card
of some reliable mining man who
can be depended upon   to tell you
what he believes  to be  the truth.
And even this pointer is  of more
value than you might think for—
Lardeau Eagle.
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—-
 R.REISTERER& CO., Nelson,B.C.
she might mother a million or two
more in the next one hundred years.
If these go over, too, there will be
at least 5,000,000 with Uncle Sam
when the year 2000 begins, who,
with our 20 or 25 millions at home,
ought to bo able to absorb Uncle
Sam and his 100 or 150 millions
without any difficulty whatever.
Absorbing Canada? Not much!
Not if Canada knows herself, and
the Slocan Drill says no,
The C. P. R. seems to be gobbling up enough of the Crow's Nest
coal output so that the Great Northern is not able to got enough to
furnish its customers, who are
anxious bo purchase coal. It is reported, however, that the (Jrcat
Northern is getting a supply for the
use of tbe road.
The Great Northern owiiHlarge
dcponitn of the Crow's Neat coal,
There is scarcely a mail-day
passes in Ferguson but what letters
from different parts of United
States and Ontario are received by
the editor of the Eagle, asking for
all kinds of information concerning this or that mining company or
property. The subscribers apparently want cheap information, for
no mention of remuneration is
made. What the editor of the
Eagle has to say of any company
mining property is published from
week to week in tho columns.
The subscription price of this paper
is 82.00 per year. The editor is
not, nor does he pose as, a inining
expert; hence, were ho to go into
the cheapest business on earth—
that of giving gratis advice—he
might make grave errors and injure
what might be a good speculation
in the end. At any rate his -'private" opinion is not on tin; market. The Eagle may say this,
though, that the time to enquire
but, it is claimed, is deprived of jof tho v»luft of» •** or ProPorty
the use of much of it, as the Can-11?."01 after Vm »»ve purchwedjt
adian Pacific will not furnish car*
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
An up-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B.C.
Stoics at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
Seeds, Trees,
jrianis AGliICUIjTUKAL
"RnlVlC for Fall or Spring
DUlUb Planting.   ,
Catalogue Free.
mm Wcatinln-itur Rom). Vancouver, H. O.
Have shopsln nearly all tHe camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Buy Your Fancy
and Provisions from tlie
mi Mil
I .U*H,
_      A»tJ
Fined witl
ii   U .^.lill.-t   1
fvorv modern
by which to transport the output
of tbe American railway lines.
The Canadian Pacific also, it is
understood, is unwilling to let car*
lie furnished for tho purpose of
filling onUitde order* for this coal
until it* own orders are filled.
Borne time ago there was considerable discussion in the nowapapi'i
world an to which road would capture the output of thin ooal dcpotiU-
The (Jreat Northern and the Canadian I'ad fie flkirmished for some
time in getting this matter settled,
aril! finally the (Jreat Northern wan
conceded to have gained control of j
a \nr\te field.    I hi* mud began thej
count motion of a line Ui   tlie f*oal!
iftoliK      Tho    I'-Hiiadirtii     I'aofficJ
; however.   U  iofu*itig   to give the,
1 i>thor ntivi ?b»- eerAi   it   want"** until ■
it.-* own order* aro liiiod. '
j    A lot tor from  Ii. Miller, mi-oikI
' vin* jiroaidont of  tho-fJroat North-!
1 orn. to a   lo-rnl   floater,   nays   tho*
Sfrfikfin   Chrun tote,   iliu^   «'i|>l;iins'
Thevo Reemw to he more uuokoFs
drawn into tho mining arena than
any other huHinww we know of.
The dupos may ho good (?) lniBiness
mon. and yet when itconw to buy-
Oold I .iwiaold ami Hllrer.» .75
Lend to I Ooltl.»llv'r,i'opii'r l.fto
Hitmpltu-i liy mail recnlveprompt attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
1439 10th Ht.,   Uenvftf, Colo.
To and from European point* vin CantdUi-
mul American Hum.    Apply   (or uHlng '\it*i
r»t**, UckcU »nd full Information in any l).
Hy a««nt or-
0.1'. It. AKmt, N«w Dcnvit.
W V V. Oummlngn. 0. H.«. Au»., Wlnttt|MM
Wm. Hunter Commuted.
Stores at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
Hauling and Packing to Miuea,
and general local
N-fiw Dnavnr, 11. O.
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Haggage wagons moot all Sunday train*.
Saddle Horses and Pack 4..u:n*is.
Feed Stablei at New Denver.
oun consKT dkpaut-
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
At i
■ Us i
l.vllall   K    tltKl'
M-INI-ON   »i. r
...I I.
t vtifUlt
r—efin \
.SjiOiriai P'^^^hihoronilitionH^^StSa
ill .    RutV,.v$2..f)0        ■■[ t.,,,,1    n^m    \n\i'-\i^Mu-U   iln
<J;t\. Ixittiation to I*-that  tlm Canadian
PAPWOKTH        VAfitic haw  n»«-n-a*«»tl  thoir outer
fVnurtHAr*j f«»r «-ml U* -*i»'*h au  oUoul that thp
An   immense   assortment of i
Spring and Summer Dry Goods [
jnat reoeived direct from manufacturers.
<r»l.V A-i'.KST'.-; F*iH
i ill. oN 1.1 KhUAJJU..
Fred. Irvine * Co.,
all sm*> am.ktyi.es   ;


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