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The Ledge Aug 7, 1902

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'XD/ro^^^TAAx^xyx )
Volume IX.   No, 45.
NEW DENVER, B. C   AUGUST 7, 1902,
Price, $2.00 Year
Sew*' NSVfs Float   1
' :  S3
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps 23
that are Talked About;
Fresh Eggs—delivered by H. Byrnes.
Charles Kent died in Seattle last
The force at the Last Chance is being1
Byron N. White is spending a few
days in Sandon.
Four men are employed by R. I.
Kirkwood on the Riverside group.
A few Cabinet Baths—the luxury of
the age—for sate.   Mrs. Matheson, Agt.
A tunnel one mile in length will be
commenced on the Soho group tliis fall.
Four men are employed on the Monterey group, at the head of Springer
Married—At Sandon, Thursday eve,
Julv SI, Andrew Shilland to Miss Annie
It ia not ail wine suppers in Sandon :
A t'reabyterian divine ia to be ordained
this week.
D. Robertson & Co., in Nelson, are
always ready to sell furniture. Write
to them for prices.
From peaches to cucumbers is a wide
range but you can see it at Williams'
store in New Denver.
A shipment of several tons is being
made from the Florence, situated near
the Howard Fraction.
The Wakefield has shipped 100 tons
of ore since it was taken over by the
Anglo-Sloeau Syndicate.
The best beer in B. O. is made by the
New York brewery in Sandon. For
family use their bottled goods are hard
to beat.
Miss Hewton returned Monday evening from Enderby, where she spent
several weeks with the family of Rev.
When at Slocan Junction tourists will
find no trouble in locating tho hotel of
J. A. McManus. It is the leading hotel
in the burg.
During the short season this summer
Mrs. Williams sold $800 worth of strawberries, principally the product of the
gardens At Roseberry.
The Slocan needs more money expended on Its road8 and trails, tor instance take a look at the Reco trail and
tho wagon road from New Denver.
A party of tourist* Irom Philadelphia
spent a few days In the Lucerne the
past week. Thoy were delighted with
the scenic beauty ami tie flower gardens.
Judging from the amount of water
running through the tunnels of tho
Noble Five itroup, the entire Surprise
basin must be drained through that
After a brief illness oi typhoid fever,
Mrs John A. Taylor died Mondav
afternoon at 6 o clock. The funeral
service will be held thin (Thursday)
Afternoon al 8:30 from the Presbyterian
A shipment of oi* Is luting made from
the Mercury claim, or, Payne hiii. Tw«.
men have been employed nine days on
the recent find, and have 85 sack** of ore
ready for shipment. The orewhoot is
IH Inches in width.
Thn »utn of M*).om» had Iteeu railed to
put in au electric plant al Box ranvon,
near New Denver, bat the project hat
Viftt **<Md otttt lit. a U*r minttht-awta/
silver and .83 ounces in gold. The
value of the gold contained in the ore
waa 81G5 56, and the silver SG93 59, or a
total of $859.12.
It is reported from Kaslo that tlie
combine fever is spreading and that
Charles Behrman intends to gather all
the hotels and saloons under one roof
The rumor is not believed in the Sloean, although it came over the Daly
wireless line, from the city which often
builds a smelter in a night.
A party of tourists who came, into
New Denver last week stated that the
C. P. tt agent where they bought their
tickets told them to stop "at the hotel in
Rosebery when in the Slocan As there
is no hotel in Rosebery, it would not be
amiss for the C. P. R agents In various
parts of the universe to locate this fact
in their upper slopes
Between the lst and 20th of July, the
shipments of lead bullion from the Nelson smelter amounted to 193 tons. The
principal shippers of ore to the smelter
at present are the Arlington of the
Slocan, the Arlington of Kile, the Cali-
fni'ilia   nf   Republic,  _Emma—mine. of.
Boundary, Ymir mine of Ymir, Molly
Gibson "of Kootenay lake. Sunset of
Slocan, Washington and Slocan Boy of
McGuigan, Whitewater mine of White<>
water, Enterprise of Slocan lake, and
Wonderful and Ruth of Sandon.
Saturday morning as the train from
Nelson was traveling along the Slocan
branch near Slocan City, a fawn was
noticed racing along the track in front
of the engine. The animal turned snd
denly from the track and struck a wire
fence, with the result that it was thrown
back to the track, with one horn broken.
Then it ran at the fence again, this
time getting its head between two wires
where tt stuck The Y where the train
stops waB but a short distance from
this point, and as soon as it came to a
standstill several of tho crew went out
and captured the animal and carried it
to Slocan City.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan Citv mining
divisions for the year 1901 was, approximately, 80.000 tons. Since January 1
to August 2, 1902, the shipments have
been as follows:
The minister of Mines' report, re.-
ceiitly issued, contains some very interesting aata.
The .values of the mineral product of
British Columbia for the year 1901 is
thus tabulated in the report:
Gold, placer  .   970.100
Gold, lode    ... -1,348,(503
Silver ....:  2,88-1,745
Copper  .|;41(1,936
Lead  2,002,733
Coal  4,380,993
Coke  63*),.I05
Other me'.als...■..;.*  417,-288
'.As compared with  1900 ■ the production for 1901 shows for: .   i* t'
Gold, placer, decrease    28
Gold, lode, increase    26
Silver, increase    25
Copper, increase  175
Lead, decrease...,    25
Coal, increase      2
Coke, increase .•    49
Other materials    23
The increase for each year from 1896
oyer that of the preceding year is shown
below :
... $1,864,914, 33
.. 2,947,312, 39
451,503, 4
.. 1,486,270, 14
.. 3,951,620, 32
..   3,742,029,   23
1896, Increase	
1897, increase	
1898 increase 	
1899, increase	
1900, increase	
1901, increase	
Some days 'ago
named " Big Jim
Pnyiif     -l"
Hutitet (J teluon lUtln)	
Amur lean Boy    #)
Arlington   *
Hswelt   10
n»win   *»
I.n.t Climicti ,.	
Entcr-prlM * l*>
l.u vin*	
HUmtrek .-•  ■*>
auecn lieu 
Whltewtter    l->
Wumlvif .luiy       	
TrtiJti DrtlUr	
Mlwaii Hoy 	
to the o
of J
White to.
M  HarrU tntb'e't
I'nyWrmk  ,..,
Mi mi tor (for July)..
gloran Hlar	
Molly OIlMMi,..   ..
IM loll
|«;o o	
UlMloll hiii	
j Antolti*
t H. I"   Vi*  ..
Tirttl Mn*.,
HltWf.TT   roRt i:
T.t.. I
n Kootenay Indian
who was hunting
up the Wild" Horse creek, a tributary
of—the—KooteiiayT-ra «~aeross-a-large
grizzly bear and fired at him several
shots, acording to the Fort Steele
Prospector. The bear got away and n
the Indian thinking he might haveL
wounded him as he found blood on the
trail followed, and in passing along was
s-jt upon by the bear, who had cached
himself in aome underbrush The
grizzly knocked the Indian down, tore
away nearly all of his face, broke his
under jaw in several places, and made
deep gashes on his shoulders and legs,
leaving the poor Indian insensible.
Fortunately he had a good dog with
with him that attacked the hear and
drove him away or the Indian would
liave been killed outright Hu was
afterwards found hy his companions,
who carried him several miles to the
wagon road and from there brought
him to Fort Steele, where his wounds
were dressed.
The contract for the const ruction of
tlie Coast-Kooteiiay railway has been
signed. That is about as' fi.r as the
work will progress this year The contractors state that they "will now hurry
off to Ottawa to secure a Dominion sub-
tidy in addition to the 16,000 per mile
guaranteed by the provincial government It is out of th* question (or anything idetinite in the shape of a subsidy
to he secured at Ottawa until the next
session of parliament, ko that no start
will be made on the road yet awhile.
However, no one looked for anything
to bc done upon the agreement entered
into with the prcMintcontractors by the
provincial government, and the signing
of the contiact does not advance the
project in the least From J. J Hill's
remark* at Grand Forks last evening
it may Ite inferred that he has lift given
up the hU>« of bulkilitg a iuic tiirnllKh
to the coast. If the long-talkedof Coast-
Kootenay railway ever takes more material shape the odds are It will be
through the agency of Jim HIII,—Nelson News,
A correspondent at Beaton, formerly
Thomson's Landing, says that usually
quiet camp wits thrown into a state (if
excitement last Thursday by the pro-1
prietor of the Pioneer Hotel finding a
letter signed by Alexander Fetherston
stating that liefore the letter could be
opened the writer's body would be lying beneath the placid waters of the S.
E. Arm'of Arrow Lake. The writer
stated that he had lied to his mining
partner, who had just arrived from the
United States, and had swindled him
out of a large sum of money. In fact he
had been so crooked he could not think
of living any longeraud was now standing on the li!rink of eternity, and would
die by drowning. Justice Thomson
was notified and on investigation found
that Fetherston had deceived hie mining partner in the U. S. by sending
him rock from the "Eva" and "Gold
Finch1' inining claims, and swindled
him out of a large sum of money; had
forged a cheque for $57, and stolen a
bundle of blankets from the Pioneer
Provincial Constable Swanner and
Special Constable Foster came, and
concluded that Fetherston had not committed suicide but had skipped. An
information was laid and a warrant issued for his arrest. It is reported that
the constables tracked the fugitive to
Sable creek and there found that he
had broken into the camp at that place
and carried away a rifle and about 80
pounds of grub" The constables at
every point are on the lookout for
Fetherston, but at last accounts he was
still at large in the hills.    It may be
1 sunrtse fn jsew Denver
ig Interesting Contribution  from
fe       Mitchell on the Beauties of the Lucerne.
the Pen of W. D. SS
t large
fe will"
thatlie will appear Th the Slocan otFliis
way south. He is a tall, well-built,
fair complected man about 36 years of
age, and weighs about 180 pounds. He
annot be induced to look one in the
face while in conversation.
John Moran and George B. McAulay
are the owners of the Big Copper claim,
in Copper camp, adjoining the King
Solomon, owned by D. C. Corbin, tho
latter having shipped over 700 Ions of
high grade copper ore. The proporty
is about six miles from Greenwood, and
a few men have lately been developing
it with tho best results. An open cut
12 feet wide has been run into the hill,
which now has a face of somo 86 feet,
all In solid ore of an excellent quality.
It is thc intention of the owners, as
soon as the needed arrangements can
he made, to ship a thousand tons of the
ore to the local smelters. A wagon road
to the property, from the main wagon
road In that section, is now being com-
Twenty two claims on Baker uiouii
tain, iu the Fort Steele district, owned
by II, \V. Melton. H. Helinne and S.
Johnson, have been bonded to the New
York Steel Trust for the, sum of S160.-
ooo. The property is situated on Baker
mountain, three miles from Fort Steele
June tion, on the line of the Crow's Neat
branch of the C. P. R railway, ami consists of a group of 22 claims. The ore Is
a high-grade hematite. Development
work consists of about 140 feet of open
cuts and shafts. Sir. Melton, when
asked as to the extent of the vein, re
piled, there f«t no vein. If i«a vail, mountain of ore.
For a mountain town New Denver occupies a most unique and
romantic location. Situated on a
modest peninsula on the eastern
shore of Slocan lake at the mouth
of Carpenter creek, with Bigelow
Bay on the north and Union Btty
on the south, the lake in front, and
surrounded by mountains, it enjoys the genial effulgence of the
winter and summer sun from early
morn till dewy eve. The land
rises from the shore line in a succession of undulating terraces and
gently sloping hills, forming almost
a half amphitheatre of choice and
eligible building sites upon which
the artistic architect and landscape
gardener would have ample scope to
exercise their wisdom in designing
cosy liomes, comfortable residences
and palatial mansiqns, that in the
not distant future may modestly
fivartliF""fiW"fiaiFTiomes oFEuig
land," or any other pleasant land.
Though placed in lines of "high
altitude''it must be kept in mind
that our isothermal lines are laid
'moug pleaeaut placgs, and all
along our valleys and rivers, round
our lakes and up the sunny slopes,
our winters aro tempered by the
warm atmosphere from the Pacific
ocean and the genial chinook from
the sunny southland, and are very
mild and moderate. Fruits and
flowers and vegetables thrive and
flourish, while those who desire to
face the winter's snow and storm
can take in the altitudes of the
mountains and hunt the wild
deer and the roe, the mountain
goat and the cariboo, the sociable
bear or fretful porcupine.
But at present we must draw attention to our scenic attractions,
which I may again say are most
unique and romantic, and to view
them in their beauty we must adopt
Charlie Nelson's motto and "get
up early." Rising with the reveille of chanticleer we step out to
the balcony, the platform or the
street, and, looking to the east up
Denver canyon, with Silver mountain on the south and Goat mountain on the north, we behold the
bright and glorious morning star
like a brilliant pendant over the
northern slope of Payne mountain
shedding its soft opalescent light
over peak and pinocle and inotiu-
taiu slope. The grey dawn appears
ami soon the tosy tint* of morn
adorn the eastern sky.     Tbe tops
may be seen the canyon of Summit
creek opening up a pass through
which the tourist passes . on his
way to Nakusp and Revelstoke.
thence east or west to the limits of
the world.
To return to our glacier. We do
not pretend for a moment to hold
it up alongside the Great Muir. or
the far-famed glaciers of the Alp*
or the Rockies, but as a glacier in
miniature it will be found massive,
extensive and expansive enough to
satisify the curiosity and aspirations
of the average tourist. Moreover,
it is quite approachable and accessible and the tourist can engage
Stege's naphtha launch, or the
steam launch Alert, oi can go by
rowboat across the lake in the
morning, and even at present without a trail can reach the base ofthe
gjacierjn jjie -early afternoon. cook._
Texas, among other thing*,   h** a
man 115 fears old, aud the old linner
has been smoking tobacco for MWvears.
What * horrible eiample for the youth-* | of the mountain*  to the  west <tre
of the state.   The old gentleman re-'  " "
members   when U.   Washington   lied
a'-otit the cherry tree "in order to get
tip a reputation for truthfulness.   He te
certain lhat Waitlilitgtoii never scratch
A luoject Is now being actively agi
tated in »ome quarter* which {f sue ,        ,
cesNfullv (Nitied through, wiil riniilt in - •"' * >'>»t<'h on the cent nf his pains nor
Ihe building of another railwav In Am ! «•'* gr*l" »>«'«
J Boundary, sav* ili,> Ph<»enh  Pioneer '.
Ml Die spec lie object t*  the  liiuhlniji nt n ,     An elr1isii||e »*,■> - that   *  hnh\   t*. *
wj tramway in rnniiert the rlllmnf Phoe. j I'rime Of wails, an  iiihubitniit of lap-
f,1' nl* and tlrennw ,tf,\   u. In* opei-*ti-»|ln ' Isinl. the ttinruiujt .slier,  the noonday
(tl-fctrlcltv, iinw thai I he Taorade Water, < crawler ate! »he nn<lii«s,'ht brawler, the
lunch and make things comfortable
for the night, and be prepared in
the morning for an early start over
the icefield to hunt for ice-blades,
possibly ice-clink, or perhaps catch
a glimpse of the ice-blinks from
glaciers on the distant horizon.
From points of vantage a most
magnificent panorama opens to
view. On every side a great ocean
of glacier-crested billowy mountains stretch away in the distance,
diversified by deep canyons and
lakes and rivers, dense forests and
broad plateaus and basins, covered
in summer with rich and nutritious
grasses. Again, as we glance up
at the glacier we notice that from
beneath its frowning brow there
issues a perennial stream, which,
gathering on the flat, and concentrating its forces, springs over the
sharp escarpments, down over precipices and palisades, now a tiny
stream like a .«ilver thread and
again, when the sun comes forth in
its brightness and strength, it swells
like the Solway, and on downward
it comes through cracks and crannies and crevices and chasms, over
rocks and boulders, dropping hore
and there into boiling potholes or
swirling whirlpools, and forming a
succession of cataracts and cascades
waterfalls and rapids.
"Here it come* sparkling.
Add there it goes daikling
And rushing aud crushing
And ila»)iiii|(aiidsp)aMiituritiidciatthiug
liver and o'er,
Just   ai   the  water   inme..   down  at
I.adore "
As it reache* the foothills it is
hwt to view in the heavy timber,
but as we glance along the lake
shore it suddenly appear* dropping
over a precipice, spreading out into
the bosom o( the lake,  furnishing
Off,  (•,»«..r*t
id l.i-fh
t company ha>>l|w |»iwi»r
"I ^mk before you leap'" I* only too j
Irtie wilh Life lnniirniice Before plu-j
clng your Life Insurance eluewhere.J
ciitwuU uxA ««auiUv," m  -..ulU'y iu Tlu>
Mutual Life of Canada.    W. J
Meuetii 9iiviii. t\9*ii', nut we |m-*mi to -a _ ,„, .   " _  " "■--'   '--•■• •"-" -"•»•
*1vr vnii Yntt jmAiM.'.ii*   Me:\iM   i-m.ni * miw h*« ^ rf'1";"f ♦"* <»™   _        ,
"      ■ ' »*iop was defined advi»ab)e in view ot
Sal unlay will be * gala «laj for ihr ;».iiiietnplai*d  change* to be made in
children.   Big iMwIcets- ftllnwl to ith.*» n-aijn, l t«*ny«»f iMi#> jnfifi.ji./>iMiv.     tnm Al mA -nm
with older he*i|« lo dlwl Ihe enter- J ter concentrator f* to be installed in the
talnmen'of tb#» boy* and girls, and a | near future to treat the ore, anil there
Hues to Phoenix .,e«Tfy ready to deliver'
electrical etierjiv
The matter \* lo-in-rf taken up by the :
ri'.y conned of Greenwood, and   timl
mwtv i» looking inl«> the pi-nl/mM*- voti
I bin ol Ihe principal owners and the
uiiiilim engineer of the Hewett came in
■ w\t- l #—» ■-» ■ a;  **"»«i*    iff i*n.
ttoUs.! ° r*.*m,!»* *,h* Property lhi»wi*kf and j o( ,-,,„ „„„ „,-„, f|l„ ,.„„{„„„.,„     , *„
Y^\l I Utie would  Im eight ur leu wife-. Imig
J.'. j,'li, ii,*'.   iVi^iniiii,   4i.l..i«'iit, itii'iioiiAi'
the di*t*m# betaee-ji the two f>hn<-*« hy
olll}' pret mil« j i ■»-«e.#,(i|i tlill exeitei no
envy, a lex- thnt npeie, the heart of tH
cla»»e-» licli and (NHir alike, in all -win
trl*« n *1 run iter with iiiinpfulinlite
■cheeks enter* the h«<n#e without a
ftliU'b trt u» bnik AUil U v-vhv-;v.»*<1 with
ot>eii aiin» iut evervoue. -V.t.
iivy it ctH'ctt _   puwvi Uo   u>(   tni
liirthquaken en ti*h en tminolohp
hi UmV:
d-Hi-fbtfrtl Trtir-'fn-r wiuxe m *be nt-viw nt
tuiiwi Way, who Hwingn, xee saw.**, eic ,
•hat mort* It n«>te<-«r\ bul Happy
hearts to enjoy It.
A pli
Witt lm    tin    tru,r„     ».«...»     .....',,.*. Tl..
|ofvvirt/«ien ivttiiov/ ut the proiwifv
will be kept in the upra!«# lhat it being
dtiven to connect ihe upper and lower
tmiworAa go* him ont, b«l n?lth#r tkl*f ""'f «f f * wi   »»* *>***•** daily     The
has won a Waterloo.   Huty will prnti ^mtptttfiatu lUc. www.i-,Ht»*to«  *A, te.
Ably lm on shift In Sandon thi« wrffc Hi
Aoi* PmvikKe »»n»rt b** imi *n»m»-»l loot    .     ,    ( ,,-.„,     - -, ,   .   .,    ^...,^,
to ai. a*«v aiiMow tn *an««>nver . ^^ ^ ^        ^ Bpri|«# ha» heen
AI.Te>rt#t lis* fetHv+A ibe ?<ri»m*t' .<»»*<*, .nUm Ix feti, awd m th* Uoe.
ttotn thf reteiit, sMpnwnt made by the of the upra(t« (t if \ feet acron*.   The
w*foti niwl Is but Avv mite*. ' It it an-1.    . -      .,   *, „ .
*ia|MiIiH| lhat thi. In.*- wilt mi mi the,'" w 9ttti    UU-iy, vu lilt  »
iwl^hborhnod nt f i<sv«»i, and thn City j hk the worl'   had done gone en
nl ttiet'ttutrtt  j r„(-. .*.*•. to i*>,i.ii* delwn i nirvile oo it* min' ter  fume  ♦*>?  an
tt,tr:„ *,,, vttltt em  , ,,„,] f,.r ^,„. " mM   HfullMT    IHvk} .
' 1 bingi look^ **t unrirtin in dit
...   ,    ,.,.,,,    «•, dir«-«;k«huii. I heat done made   up
nt !>•• Ileal  »>n- i»v  (he  Klmore *
"Iiii* till |*t»M-«.««.
tipfHMl with gold, and the dark
shallows are ch*M>d down the
towering wall of the valhalla* to
the lake.
We look again to the east and a? food for fishes and food   for the
blink of the sun ix appearing like a'M|H>rtsumn—;kud f<HH| f,,r thmight
litth* Mar over the -Iojh-. till al! »t  and nmiviuplaiiiHi.
oin-e it leaps alwive the IiuHmiii in
nil lt« tcdjiieiiif.-tnt glory   mA    it te
nmrrtiiig   in   Vi-w    |b>nvi«r.     The
Hiituke uf tin'  kindling  iin- curls
gracefully above the lnni^f|/if*«, the
tiiilkiimti   aud   gardener-   are  un
their round'-,  the jmekers are fund.
ing their animals in  front uf the
■m«.i. - rtn.i iittuwttm Hu-     iii.uioooi
V', .,'*••   f   ,     * 1 , *  .    i
im,*.'>t       »>n    i,ii<     tu'iuttidiiu   U in* iu
tin- niitii*.
Itiii-l tiii rii'iirw v» o*viif *vtin''fy.
The ttliM-i ver cm nut help Imi U»
Mtiurk uith (lie nritfititiid.- mui vn-
net \ i>1 ihe itiuiiiitmii t ott It not* un
nil *tuh**t «"»|n*cisilly lo th*» we*! of
the lak \ where the d.irk, ui;f«ive.
Ihiiibtless iniiiv peiH.m« feel thai
there is nothing in their round of
wink tli.tt iall* foi ihe i-icuiw of
their higher |m«ei>>. They ore *iit-
islbil i<» do fishy prc-ii-M-ly what.
lhe\ did ye*h'rd.iy and what they
will do to-morrow.    Tliey »re c*m-
. .4        *.,4
ten tim« a day     The ere shoot It eon
iloot'iit* lr,-im thf upper Torfviiii'i to ■■>
■Aet,ih of ljjjffeef, 	
lm lli Ai^mlS ' »»y m,rwl" •M'quit |*vi»' hoiia*rwnl »»g»';^ featm-cs lia.m up in ib.ii
ft »ilt Mv«!*tnv'iN;fn advance."—Atlanta Constitu- majt^tie grandeur, the «t.«ep. nl-
Sawyer was in met tion. }-vumijs-rju-udictilar \w**k* aud pin-
__^_____  acle-   towering   uvei   tlu:   Lnvei v
*'Yt»vt don't like the minfat-trV gtaeier.   thtit  loAA* in  it<»   rhilh
llo -imunit -Iojm''.*-,    !*Htlln-r
|«r trill.    K*  K
'.MOMWU tiki* 9i'\'k   * iiii «    Vie*    to tfc. l-t
taininsr th" -thane*-* of'.workin-f th# pro-
i'S--1 on  *.tf>vr f. .1-f  nn,.     ll   a    IV (it   .Oik
ve*Ati>U in at Miioih uie it   will lie*
bonanxa for ih# di-triri, a* • I On. ton
III i !1 -vttU t <u*4* 11 li, * 'i»'). £
'•■^ifi'l i.t tbe   -tuj.1 'ii.-ii.l'i'i.i.i-   hu)?'"3
t>ivili/..iiion, wJiirb lir-- then* down
to earth by *tmn<zer .mA i»(«'ot»gier
cold-'. To break them iv.jtiiies
hdder and   inure   -tnniiuu»  elTort
in.in  io,'»    i:/i.t*'    in    i'»ir'i.      il    we
really wi"h l*» are»in> our intellectual frewlotn ;igiin-t the j»erih with
which tradition and custom environ
it, this* is not to lie done by renouncing our ordinary vocations,
oi'  by   A,**'kilig OH* »-ilelgicK ill tbeir
pursuit. Iwt- rm*h»* to Imlancing
•niriicliviUe*.     Hn>  citoe   mi't-Ure
fiwrjh ttt Jnlfvo «W- }**mm metier i «rw tmrn^ol fmaf* fn %*hn« wWr ilsftt '^- A jswn mn nibi at it» Am* nt a twi.
irMi,teWittAlh.'*'mr -* *m*Uo\Xr,*n*  -o<'1i%,',irttu*<iu*mt1<in
IW •«»»*, whii h **mifeA'
"Totitactly." ^    ...    ,	
"What did he m\»" , etmitrn. an<t'aa£.ir l«t»f i+aU* ut the' nmn-u* -i-mu-vm*: —II. .\V. ikmili
••••Well, the- gtet  of   It   waa. •()' Rubv mountain* n*a* in their *-ym       fluving   >idvortt«tug <&%& in n
lawful dH jtt f M! j^amd you'lFVm^i/t'y. -mA l^f-n^vj iWw *wl"«*lw 'p-i,-^ w-Xpiin-t te £tim*,i i*_iiivM~
nil right,""**' A PhiJ:tA?-lphiAJtef*nrtl    yitfrie-ri  mounMui-Ji  nit -fire  nuVfft   lout f» tm\ m^ U.-..I
grn*p ,.,, ,	
tfi   ihe' northmst   the nvrjMirt<laii°',B*lk»*f'»**lf*«'W»ii which-4afiv.nl
Ninth Year
the officer. "You can't walk the
streets of Dallas in your sliivttail
if you belong to all the churches in
town."—Garland News.
Ths LkpoeU two dollars a year ill advance When not so paid it is -J2.J0 to parties worthy of credit. Le«al advertising locenth a
nonpariefHnJflwt insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent"insertion. Reading notices a cents a line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: Tuk Lkdok Is located at New Denver. B. C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the iront
everyThursday and has never been raided by the sherifl, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man.. It workei for t e triu
Uawr as wtU as the bav-windowed and cliampngne-flavored capitalist. It aims .to be on the right side of everything and believes t at hell
-hoiSd be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing naystreak is V^oUhatlUs
bXer to tell the truth, even if the heavens 3o occasionally hit our smokestack. K chute of ob work is worked occasionally for the'->ei ettt
of humanity and the ttnancier. Come in and see us. but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel one is savage and the other a victim of thirst, One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; he is
Jure of a bunk in paradise, with thoinless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at bv day. „n*p,nan,ier
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
indicates that your subscription is due, nnd that the editor
wishes once again to look at
four collateral.
After all, Tracy does not seem to
be tracey.     	
All women are
they are painted.
not as warm as
The judge is mighty and must,
prevail. He can get drunk and
neglect his business, but if you
talk out loud about it off flies your
liberty, and in you go to the bastile.
A band of capitalists might make
a fortune by building a large sum-1 in like mannei
the possibility o^ stable government
without a King, Emperor or Czar,
and the circumstance and pomp of
Imperial power.
The presence of   penal   institutions is   a reflection on the morals
of the class for   whom they  exist,
the existence of
There are no
in Kaslo or the
smelters building
Slocan  this sum-
There is room for a million farmers in B. C, but don't come all
at once.    v   	
Job printing is nearly as scarce
in the Slocan as jokes in the Edmonton Bulletin.
Soda water is not
sold in Montreal on
allowed to be
Sunday,  but
Holy water still goes."
mer hotel in New Denver and going into the capturing of tourists in
an extensive and progressive
A young man recently committed
suicide because he owed 89 and
could not pay it. If the world was
like him what a boom there would
be in burying delinquent subscribers !
In England bets of 5 to £ are being made that the Coronation will
not take place on Aug. 9th. Englishmen evidently are fond of bluffing or they would not bet so strong
on one king.
Xew Denver may have its drawbacks but no farmer has ever driven
a load of pumpkins up to our door
and offered to trade them for a subscription. Our soul longs for
BomethingJikeJiihat, or watermel-
If something is notc done very
soon we are liable to have a fast
Atlantic service to Canada.
If parsons and priests could try
the editor of Lowery's Claim for
contempt, what would the sentience
The Nelson News is the greatest
paper in the world considering the
size of the town in which it is
Billy McAdams will probably
write a story for Lowery's Claim,
entitled, "What 1 Know About
It will take 20,000 extra men to
harvest the crop in Manitoba and
the Territories this season. Canada
in growing.
Then; in a paper in Philadelphia
that payu $200,000 profit a year.
Can anyone show in* the trail to
John \V. Mackay did uot know
within 20 millions of what be waa
worth. We are the same way, except in a lewer degree.
Editors are not very good church
fiends. Probably bemuse they do
not believe in hell, or etee their
pants bag at the knees.
Just now editors are warued to
keep away from British Columbia,
especially those that are married
and have short bank accounts.
Pierpont Morgan doc* not believe In poker. The results are not
certain enough, although trusts are
frequently formed to carry it on.
In a tist tight over a girl at Portland, Frank Carlson was killed.
One would think that there were
enough girls in Oregon logo round.
on s.
DeBarry has been put off at
Buffalo. Not a tear was shed in
"Canada, not a moan escaped when
this bouncer was bounced by the
U. S. Government. A gentleman
will probably be appointed in his
A Texas, editor speut a week
writing an editorial on the beef
trust. It was a glorious appeal,
but when the paper came out beef
was spelled beer. It showed plain
ly wherein dwelt the mind of the
There is little ennui about run
ning a paper in the mining camps
of Kootenay. When an editor
grows tired dodging the sheriff and
starvation he can purchase tem
porary surcease of sorrow by jabbing a judge, and studying scenery
from the inside at Victoria.
The word corrupt moans many
thing-4 besides bribery. If a judge,
parson, editor, politician, or any
other man drinks too much alcoholic fluid, on or off duty, he can
safely be styled corrupt. The
word means to waste, to pervert,
to deprave, to consume, to become
rotten, to break, to dissolve, to de
flle, and so on.
Profcaisor Guthrie, of the University of Chicago, is so ashamed
of Shakespeare that he hopes the
day will soon come when it will be
considered unfit to read. Guthrie
may be fishing for cheap notoriety.
If he is sincere something should
be done in the matter. If he should
stray Into the country and see nature unadorned this sterilized he-
virgin is liable to expire liefore the
farmers could put flg-leavc* on the
oows and other animals.
There is a name) in the Toronto
Zoo with two humps. That's
nothing.   We once saw a tiger in
rt % • ,, ,, «       ,   ""
«;|'uik«<.<    M»««. mu.i   ..*».. Ji.J.  uuiiij*.)*.
We have received a pamphlet
from the Dominion Government
telling us how to raise horses for
the army. About the only way we
could raise horses *ould In* to lasso
all the old plug* that bunt against
mir tenet* in * WnnA   At*!**   to   Via*
I the fnww on the inside.    Hy work-
Just 10»l yearn after he crossed j Ing hard some night we might ob-
the divide Robert Rums haa had a | tain a tidy bunch  for the army
statue erected to hi*  memory in (market.   Otherwise we can raise
Toronto.   This is what a man gets) no horses for the army, and the
....   ..  . . wow literature on tbe subject.
A Methodist church in London, t mwrnesaaammes
Ont., was recently struck by lightning. Ko reason is given, but tiie
congregation may have been praying for King Bdward or min.
mouarcliial institutions is a reflection upon the civilization and intelligence of the people who submit
to live under them.
The idea that Kifigs rule by divine right was conceived in superstition and brought forth in ignorance. It is a lying, demon-
hearted, imp-faced spawn of hell,
whose slimy trail can be traced
throughout the world.
The only government that exists
by divine right, is self-government.
As self-government involves the
right to misgovern yourself, until
you learn better, a people who are
sufficiently ignorant to want a King
are entitled to have o.ie. If they
are so stupid as to consider a limited or absolute monarchy better
than a Republic, they are entitled
to have what THEY consider best
for them. It would be wrong to impose a president on people who want
pie who want a president. I'epub-
lics have no more right to exist
without the consent of the governed than monarchies have. The
imposition of any kind of government without the consent of the
governed, is tyranny. Resistance
to tyrants is obedience to God.
The devil never made a freeman.
God never made a slave. Heaven
never sent an oppressor into the
world. Hell never gave birth to a
The theory of the, divine right of
Kings is based upon the divine
right of might; the divine right of
might originated with the strongesl
savage in the darkest ages of the
world's history. It is the philos-
phy of crime.
Monarchial institutions were born
when the earth was enveloped in a
black pall of ignorance and superstition. Where superstition is rank
and ignorance dense, monarchial
ideas thrive. Intelligence may tolerate but it holds in absolute contempt the preposterous pretensions
of princes, potentates and  Kings.
The enlightened minds of Germany and Kussi* cannot help but
smile when they contemplate the
absurdities of Kingcraft. I can
understand how interested parties
—Rhodes, a Saulsbury or a Chamberlain can support the contentions
of the British throne, but how a
Huxley, a Hpcncer, or Darwin
could be induced to pay homage to
such a ridiculous fetish is more
that I can comprehend.
I can understand how the British in general could go wild over
the prospective crowning of their
King, but how it could have the
slightest inter«st toaeiticen of a
Republic will forever remain »
mystery. It was well for other
kingdoms to send *pecial emlMuwies
to assist in the coronation ceremonies, but it wax au unpardonable
infamous, treasonable crime for
President Kooaevelt tn dispatch
such a commission in such an errand. It can only lie explained
on the hypothesis that Teddy is a
monarchist at heart, or an egregious mm. Ah uue Auiieduau*, itr-i
K»(UiW ul ^tAtiy, Aiojii,}*} tjjtMiilttiii*
hint. Imperial toad-eaten* and
snireling snolie alnnecan endow*
his un-American, undemocratic, w~w
damnable departure from iwpubll-* | ^**r
mn precedent*. —Geo. A. WindJe lAj
in -Thiraga paper. I. J
In the days before Hugh J. Chis-
holm of New York had become the
president of the Intern itional Paper Company and a dozen lesser
concerns, he lived in Portland, Me.
A great delight to him was a fertile little farm  which  he owned in
the suburbs,  and in whose management  he took   great interest.
Frequently he relieved the tedium
of the business life with a trip out
to the farm to inspect the place.
On one of these visits he strolled
out to the piggery.    The ever ravenous porkers heard him coming,
and, persistently on   the lookout
for feeding time,  they scrambled
into the trough and braced their
feet against the side of the pen.
As Mr. Chisholm peered over the
fence the hungry swine, with a
huff and a puff, began to grunt,
"Hetigh, heugh."
"Now, how," chuckled Mr.
Chisholm, "did those cute little,
critters know my name?"—N. Y.
A rural bride aud groom boarded a Rock Island train one night
last week and the young man was
heard to say to the conductor;
"Say, mister, we want the best accomodations on this here train for
the night." "Looking for a berth,
eh? said the conductor. "A birth?
Thunderation, no!" replied the
groom. "We've just married! What
we want is a place to spend the
night. '—Bowie Blade.
we were told by another that Jesus
came and disappeared suddenly,
and passed through closed doors,
we would say that one or the other
storyr may be.true, but both cannot
bc true. For whatever passes
through a closed door, whatever it
may or may not be, is not a body
of bone and flesh. If we were examining the question today, we
should require the witnesses to be
independent and unbiased, whereas the gospel records gives us the
witness only of deciples.— Rev. C.
E. Beeby. '
By morals I mean the doctrines
of a special kind of pleasure or displeasure which is.felt by the hn-
I man mind in contemplating certain
courses of conduct, whereby they
are felt to be right or wrong. The
maxims of ethics are hypothetical
maxims, derived from experience
and based on the assumption of tbe
■uniformity of nature.—W. K. Clifford.
and political world. Physical science, which is so much more important than all other sciences, and
which, properly understood, really
embraces all the so-called moral
sciences, is still regarded as a more
accessory in our schools, if not
treated as the Cinderella of the
curriculum. Most teachers still
give the chief place to the dead
learning which has come down
from the cloistral schools of the
Middle Ages. In the front rank
we have grammatical gymnastics
and an immense waste of time over
a "thorough knowledge" of classics and of the history of foreign
Our education of the young is no
more in harmony with modern
scientific progress than  our  legal
Warm weather
Is at hand.   A cih-iI, refreshing
Is ii luxury that costs only Hiif
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Brick Block    New Denver
If you wish
to purchase a shot gun
Ox   riH© Or anything in the Sporting Goods line.
"rx^:$a. - 5 5"'-V''
send to
Charles E. Tisdall
Of moral purpose I see  no trace
in nature.    That is an   article of
exclusively    human   manufacture,'
and very much   to  our   credit.—
Theology makes God a tyrant,
a slave: credulity a virtue,
thought a crime. Everything is
demanded—obedience, faith, meek-
nes- the only reward; Well done,
good and faithful servant. Everything is promised except liberty.—
R. (j. Ingersoll.
In" order to induce belief one
witnesses directly and accounts
which do not contradict each other.
If we were told by one that th<^
risen .Testis was not spirit but ilesli
and bones and was able to eat, and
eat a dinner of broiled fish,
bread, and honeycomb, and could
be handled and  touched, nnd then
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Job Printing
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done at New Denver'H printing emporium—
•   . *  *w*_j_tw  ■ r"*r\/"i*-r*l
Address =============== THE LEDQBI
<*»   n*r
Au item about Britiali Columbia
Bine* appear*! in a Toronto papw
tbfiottar day. Thin in nmAtk-
•We ai we coold not tnd any
ta*p« is mining Mock advert!wsd in
utsn*  AND CHOWS*.
Crown!, M«ptem and throne*.
Ilk* fetter*, nta-olr, dnnpenn* and
t*humb*cr«wii are ntlica of barbarism. At. mints wen etill rninire
fetter* and prtwon bum to k«*p ibem
In anbjrrtioo to Jam lawn, wotntna*
tion* require tbe flitter of crown*
and glamor to make them reepeet
government. Tliey cannot etmtmtrt
A Dalian policeman armtted a
■leepwalker a few night* ago, who
had wandered away from home in
hi* night clotben. "Hurely you are
not going to lonAt me op/' »»Jd Ihe
tdeap-waJker. 'I can't be reipon-
wble for the poniUon yon found me
in; f am a iomnnmboliirt," It doea
not make any difference what
ehureh you aw ft member of,  tald
n&tiK oi momreai.
KMaklUMil IHI1.
Capital (all paid n\i) $t2,(XX),0uatX)
Heaerved land   :  :    7,00^000.00
i/tlUVW'ltkWki )Wl>»ili*»   .     ;     ni-u^x-'iAfi
IfKAII   orriOR,   MOMTRKAt..
Kt. Hon. I/>nn Hthathooxa aad Mount Hotau G.CM.G. I'reatdenu
Hon. O. A. Drummonii, Vice President,
R. 8, -Ci-ouhton, General Mann-rer,
Branehet i« all parte of Cantdft, Newfonndland, (treat Britain, xnd
th«< United Hutra,
New Denver branch
LB ft. DE! VEBEI*. Manager Ninth Yeak.
THK LEDU1S, NEW UENVEK, tt (_)., AUGUST 7  1902.
ReiflB of Stock Jobbers
! burn incense to
I Beit.
The British are highly elated over
the termination of the racket in
South Africa. What they had
hoped for so long has at last been
realized. The Boers have given
up the struggle, acknowledged
King Edward as their lawful sovereign, and in return for their obliging and submissive attitude, the
British propose to give their former, stubborn anatagonist $15,000,-
000 in cold cash, for reconstruction
and restocking of farms, It seems
that everybody is satisfied with
the final outcome and willing to
cheer for Edward VII as long as
the cash holds out. The Boers obtained better terms than could
have been considered probable, in
view of the determined, ferocious
attitude of Lord Salisbury and big-
mouthed Chamberlain. It is very
likely that the King brought pressure to bear on his ministers, advised them "to let the Boers
down easy." But it i-* also very
likely that powerful financial interests had a voice in the councils of
peace, and pointed out the dangers
of another year's campaign aud the
rapidly increasing financial burdens
of the Empire, It is, of course,
very patriotic and very inspiring
to see a statesman arguing about
the magic charm aud power  of an
J. P. Morgan and
Therefore, strike up, band!
j What is the last quotation on De
j Beers?    Baal,  Baal!—Francis A.
great while.    There are thousands j House, in the St, Louis Mirror.
and  thousands   of   impoverished J 	
speculators  in   England,    France !>£'%%*%<%%<%<%.'%* •*%%-%%«'•
and Germany,  who are anxiously i£ ffv,ftm ±hA fei,,(>«. ^^d! t
waiting for a revival of bull speculation and for a chance te get to the
empire, the greatness of its past,
present and future, tbe necessity
of being stern and unflinching to
wards rebellious peasant. The inspiration dies away, however, and
that very quickly, when the cash
is growing scarce, when debts are
piling up, when tax-payers begin
to groan and kick and when time-
honored policies have been abandoned. Some years ago, a certain
prominent member of the German
Reichstag exclaimed that "it is
hard to be patriotic with an empty i
stomach." The Englishman, un-'
doubtedly, felt the same way in the
last few months, or else he would
not have been so anxious to indulge
in the luxury of a jag, of rioting
and mailicking, when the news "arrived that peace had beeu signed,
and to endanger his precarious
health, after having his fill of all
the wild orgies, by sleeping and
snoring peacefully on the sidewalks
residence sections of Old London.
He had to have a "hot time," because the blooming war was over
and those bull headed Boers had at
last recognized the superior rights
of mining stock-jobbers and the
necessity of giving up their lands
to the stronger and wealthier.
Yes, the stock-jobber's rights
had to be recognized; they excelled
those of the British tax-payer and
soldier. Without the stock-jobber
there would have been no war; no
loans aggregating $1,250,000,000;
no increase in income tax; no resort to a protection policy; no
Magerfonteiim and no Spion Kopw,
no humiliating military exposures;
no surrendering of Great Britain's
exclusive rights in tlie Yangtse
Valley to hated Germany and no
buckling under to Russia and
France. No wonder that the average Britisher has lost his head
and sees visions of the millennium.
He will now be more disposed to
IMirticipate in the greatest show on
earth and of the century, the coronation, and to tell envying foreigners that Knglaud is still a great
country aud propose** to continue
to do business at the old stand.
If taxation has increased, the
hope te indulged in that it will lie
offset by speculative profits and
larger tittde, The ntock-exehange
broken*, both in I«oudou aud Johannesburg, are iu a jubilant mood;
their mouths have become very
watery again; plentiful aud fat
coinmisMionH are once more inaigbt.
There will tie great times, great
manipulation, great purcliaaing
aud sale*. The British public, they
think, will soon be buying right
and left, any old thing, hnthtud-
maid lia* to vent il-Mclf in something,
and what could ite more appro*
priate aud more tempting than a
purchaKC of Kaffir atocka? Some
of them are already above the ante*
Indium   level,  but that doe*  not
trough. Bull speculation is the
only one that satisfies the public.
It is, therefore, no wonder that
brokers always advise purchases.
The public will not sell, and in
order to make commissions, it must
be induced to buy, which it is only
too willing to do. There is already
a slow increase in transactions, and
Kaffirs and other securities will
soon sell at fabulous prices. Dividends will be disregarded. Who
cares about dividends these days?
People do not want anything on
their money any more. They only
want to speculate,
too small to be interesting or profitable, anyway. Speculation for a
rise, that is the thing. It is only
the old fogies, with antediluvian
ideas that still cling to dividend
ideas and dividend prospects. The
value of a stock is not determined
by such things any more. It is
determined by pools and cliques,
by high rollers like Morgan, Gates
and Harriman, to whom Btock certificates are nothing but pawns on
the speculative chess-board. Such
men do hot care whether the certificate represents something or nothing. They simply fight their battles with it.
Similar ideas are beginning to
prevail in European markets.
Everything is speculation; everybody with a little money saved up
wants to gamble. The more unknown a stock is, the more popular
it is with the frantic speculative
mob. Kaffir shares, for instance,
are issued by companies controlling
properties which are more or less
unknown and located thousands of
miles away from home. The management of such mines can issue
any report it pleases. It can pay
dividends that are not earned, in
order to dispose of stock to the
suckers, and it can also refuse to
pay anything, or make discouraging
reports, when there are millions of
ore in sight, for the purpose of
freezing  out easily-scared   stock-
.hplders. The_public does not con-
sider such things, or such potentialities. It likes Kaffirs, because
these shares represent gold mines,
9SA,'%t%+/*%s%>'%)%f%f%WV%, 9rm
They tell me the B. C. Justice
mill has taken a fall;
In other words Billy McAdams
washed the slime off* the court's
dignity and got out of jail;
The puncture has been plugged
up, and things are going to be as
sweet as beeswax again on the
How deucedly pleasant, doncher-
But that was a close call for our
friend Billy;
He might have been  kept about
i the  prison  walls until the angel
Dividends are, -QBl}riei came? had not the newspapers come down  upon the court
so heavily. I
Billy will be good hereafter;
And so will the court. !
It must feel good to have the
puncture mended;
They can buy a new tire pump
and push wind into their dignities
until they swell up like poisoned
Won't that be nice !
And everybody will be so delighted to see the show !
Just think how those dignities
must have been shattered and torn!
When a little apology no longer
than your little finger was sufficient to satisfy the demands of
the judiciary 1
The medicine ought to have been
administered sooner.
McAdams can now change his
He can come home and go to
Buy his own meal ticket, and go
to bed when he wants to.
His snap was short.
the value of which is reputed to be
fabulous as was that of the land of
The stock exchange is a great
institution. It is growing more
important than governments themselves. The public is more disposed
to read stock exchange quotations
than Government or Congressional
news. , News about the European
trips, or about the health of J. P.
Morgan, is more important than
all the eruptions of Mont Pelee, or
the Coronation of a British king,
or the ascension of Alfonso XIII.
Money rules the world. Money is
the power, and kings and goven-
ments are its puppets. Money
makes aud ends war, The Rothschilds, the Cecil Rhodes, the Werners and the Beits had more to do
with the troubles in South Africa
than Salisbury or Chamberlain.
They urged the beginning and
urged the ending of the war. They
advised their followers about coming eventa; they had their private
sources of knowledge and made
millions and inillious, while Boer
aud Tommy Atkins were banging
away at each other.
The public will not bother about
such things, however. As long as
everybody haa a chance to make
money iu speculation, everything
will be serene and nobody will dare
to voice a pioteet. The eternal
worship of Baal will l« resumed
with renewed energy, Old Paul
Kruger and his old Bible, the tie*
feated Boer, justice, decency, humanity may all go hang. Who
can's almut such things? Are they
of any profit to anybody? Thoy
accomplish nothing. It is only the
cranks, the soft-hearted and soft-
brained, the dreamers and vision*
aries, the men who never amount
to anything and never
Advertising and humor seldom
combine well for the reason that
advertising is a serious business.
"Comi'aniks Act, l^uis
Province of British Columbia. /
No. HSU.
'HIS IS TO CERTIFY tlmt • The Anclo-
Slocan 8,\ndlciite Limited," is authorised
and licensed to carry on business within the
Province of British Columbia, nntl to carry out
or cited nil or any ol the objects of the Com-
im ny to which ine legislative authority of the
Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head oHlee of the Company is situate In
The amount of the capital of the Company is
ii-'i.iKKi, divided Into fi,iioo share* of fit each,
The head oflice of the Company In this I'm-
viiice Is situate at. Silverton, and Thomas Kcym-ll
Lane, whose address is Silverton aforesaid, i*
the attorney for the Company.
Given under iny hand and seal of ollice al
Victoria, l'rovince of British Columbia, thisUltli
day of July .ono thousand nine hundred and two.
fl. H] S. Y. WooTTON,
Ueulstrar of Joint Stock Companies,
The followliih' are the objects lor which the
Company Inu been established:—
(*) To purchuae, take on louse or otherwise
acquire any mines cr mining property iu any
part of the world Willi any water rlfihls, liuiltcr
rights, plum, machinery, elleetaand tliliixs and
as the lirst operation of the Company to take or
Accept a lease ol the Wakefield Mines lu British
Columbia, with an option to purchase thtiBiiinc
on such terms as may lie a (freed, ami, with a
view thereto, to adopt and take tin* lieiielit uf
snd curry into effect (with ur without modifications) an Agreement dated the xmli day of February. llMM nml expressed to lie made between
lliu wnkellcld Mines Limited, of liieoiieimrt,
ami Thoinu Heynell Lane, (on liehuld of tlie
Com puny,) uf the other pari:
(ti) To carry on the business of miner* and
mine own*rt, und to work, develop, manage
curry on and turn to account miy milieu or
oUur property In which the Company may be
interested, mid to seaivh for, win, net. quarry,
cruih, reduce, amalgamate, dress, retinu und pre
para for markft auriferous ipiarU ami urnvel
and other metalliferous o.ea nml mineral sub-
itani.ei and precious stones, and to carry on any
metallurgical operations; and t,j buy, sell, und
deal ui bullion specie, coin aud precious metals,
copper, quicksilver and other mineralsor metals;
W) T.. uek for and secure o|ieiilit||*» fur the
employment of capital and to prospect and
sewcii (ur mine* and mineral*, and examine and
explore uny lands or territories, and employ and
equip axped lions, explorers, proiipectori, experts
a monthly journal that you do not
meet every day.    Its home is in the
Wast, far from the smoke of crowded
cities and the hum of grinding com-
Iligh up  in   the  mountains, surrounded by scenery that would drive some
artists mad with joy, its editor sits close to
heaven   and draws   inspiration  from  thee
*      :i:     :|!      *      :•:      *      *
Claim is  principally
to Truth  and Humor,
friends and enemies.    It
just according to how it
mind.     It presses the
and always deals from the top.     It
to no creed, cringes to no god or devi
•:      *      *
It has hosts of
is hated and loved
strikes the human
limit every  time
, and
fears nothing, not even the sheriff. It is a
sham crusher, and aims to tear the mask
from everything that is evil. It is the
most independent magazine in , the world
and panders to no class, party, sect, creed,
color, (lag or fat advertiser. It has pay
ore always in sight, and every shift shows
that it is increasing. It has touched a
chord in the human heart that vibrates
with its music wherever the English language breaks the ozone :::
If you want to get in
early as the circulation is limited to a million. No sample copies are sent to anyone,
but it is furnished free to all people who
are one hundred years old. Postage free
to any part of this wicked earth
*  * *   * *"
with it, get in
* * * *
make any difference.     American' anything, who will refer to matter*
Idea* nee apreadiug f»*t in Knglatid j of this kind.    Bucveaa in the thing
and ou the Continent. MorgHnimii
hiw leavened tho «|>eculative dough
mid there in going to be a riw, and
* O-tMUtlititOtit *M *4M.*i
. *4*4-W-« .K.m..*'i
and other amide, audio IocaIc. pen >>iii and ap
ply for and acquire mine*, inliiluu claims, inln-
Inir right*, water right*, timber rfthtt and other
coiioe*ltiwi», Kraut-., in&iio|>»lli'<, rl|rht« and
property, and to acquire, take on lease or other-
wlM, miy lands, farms, foreeU, irrixluu right.,
fisheries and properties,uiul work and develop
Ihe aame or turn thein loaccount:
(d) To carry ou anv other hiieincM, wtaetliei
maiuifseturln.. trailing, commercial or other
win*, willed inav Is- ca|mble nf being con veil
lently carried on In connection with ibeubuve,
or calculated, dlmtlv or Indirectly, to enhance
the Value of or render in-re |ir.irtiable miy prop
erty or Mislm-as nf the Company; and In particular to carry on the biislnoa of merchants and
traders, cnrrlera by laud timl water, Imllihr*ninl
(el   To purchase or olhel wile m unite, prnlecl
pioliMiK and rent-w any MU-rt patent, )«i<iit
tight* Hcciism, proin lions, coiiceasloin. iiioimp-
nlli-s timl rlithts, an.l 1" manufacture, use. vmiil
• md turn lo -ic'i-iiinil ibe same, or au> lnveiiil.ni.
MM'UDIUlHie I Improvement, |iriHc«s, apparatus  eoitiiiiuattou
ur nthtr matter <-t iIiIiik f>rmlni( llu- <ubj..*i
thereof, and tu Kraut ll. «m*-> ..r privll,K.s In r>-
«l«y-t ttwtW.nnd ti.ei|*ud mniey In makiiiK
experiment* i**itor tiivnailiratioiis In relation
llurelo, or In iiutkliiu ur tcekitiv to make Inveu
ilotisor liiipiuvruu'iUp winch may Ikcoiu-u ihe
subject of any such patents. Ilernsw or rights:
-um,      -''): 'I'" taiwUam, luku or leuwi. or ollieeiilw
.1 . I Acquire for any iiitm-»t any rralor|*r«Mial prop
'"'» !..-•-■    .• ■  .L.liii ,.,h<..mi.(ii« ,.f nrtvltei'M suit
nowadays, uot dieauis or ethical
| connidefationH. Did you ever we
I a rich philosopher, or » rich poet,
tht* luAtfew yemre; they have UTun*jaltould nw'ieulat/e antl devote thrirl ''io t«i,Uiw. ..Mmrmt. m»ii,i«ii.. alter, i
traded the ptarvmm of *l«ia-k>hbiiiR I limitm |*, hett«r and more profitable! J^vW&OT
and modern llnauciering ha« l>een J things. Who thinkn nowaday^
rv<luee<l to a fine ai t. Speculative j Nobody imrea to think anymore;
haIration oomen inon ine \in*wiiv»n . i.uai te i*» -ha* , .»-*«»***i \*t '.^»^
aide of (he Atlantic, where Hor^faeuae. Action ia what we want.
gan*a gonpel has gained nuinermiH j What are men like Socrataa, JMato,
•dheitjuU and te univeraallv ac*K1cero, St. Augimtlne, Tetmreh.
claimed an the only right anil pro-jSbakeapeare, Michel Augelo and
per oue. \ (Joethe lieelde John Law, a John
London broken* are tigging u)>| W. (lateM, a .1.   Pievtwnit Morgan
of Mor-fora Dr. Sewanl Webb?
exclmnite.let, iiiortiiaK''. tuvn to nceoiim, l'ihii
I'HMniieiiti), rlkbts. or privileges lu rcsiect of, ami
otherwise deal with all or any part of llie prop.
eity and assets of the t'cmpaiiy:
(k) To sell or otherwise dispose of all or anv
part of the undertaking and assets of the Company . eliher louether or In isnlloiis:
(I) To Invest and dual with tin- niuuoyN of the
Company not immediately required for the bu».l-
neiisof lliu Coinpuiiy .11 any inauii>'r which uinv
(m) To lend ami advance money nml Ktve
credit, mid to Kiiaianlie the einisiremciitsof uuy
com|Miij. tlrm.or |*rv>n, miiiI to timl und make
(II) T11 ralsu or borrow money:
(n) To leouni the payment of any money or
the performance of any otdlKatioii by inortjcaue
01 oharjfe upon all or any of Ibe usueU nt the
CompAny, liietiidinir II' iinciitled capital.and to
Issue debenture* or debantiiM slm-k. wilh or without «>curlty!
(pi To make, draw, nceepi.endorse,discount,
and Issue bills nf exchamre, i.rom|s«irv notes,
warrants, debentures, and other neirotlsbh- ln-
(i|l To apply for. promote, and obtain any Aft.
decree, order, provisional order, license, or other
authority necessary or useful for any of the oh-
Jeets of tlie Company, or for cfTcctliiK any modi-
liealioii ol the Company's ioimttiuilni;
(r) Toitlveoraceept, Hscoiislderatlo.i forauv
sale or iiirchase or eichaiiRe.or .1* lemutieratlo'u
forauv s41rvlr.es rendered or otherwise, nuv fnllv
or iiartiy |»UI shares or st.sk.or any debeulures
orolher security, or any clio«elu aetli-u or valu*
aide property: >
Isi Toact a»JiKeut«, brokers, or subroiitr.n-
lore,ami load In (he liusliiess >.t the Company
IhroiiKti nitents. brokers coutraclor*. miIh-oii-
(ti Topa.v all or any expense* iiicurndloou-
ueciloii with tie fonnstlou. pr.>moiloii, ami In*
c-(ir|»inill-ii .if Un- (VK.11i1.111y or the proctirini/of
the aiibwrliilloii of Its eapllal or any |«an tber<>ot,
or tlK'olilalnlim of miiv (nam nml t>. pav e.mi-
ml»>>loiis to brokers and others f..r iiiiderw'ritliur,
plitchiir,stllltiir orimsraiileeliii*rthesiiUeri:>iloii
of uny shares, debenture*, or •eiurli|.« >il the
» ompsay <>r >>f aov *rrtmi>a«>» j.ro <4ed l>« this
lu)  To eirect ln«iirsin-« awliut l'**> i" lb.
"oininiiM i>r In the |H-rs<iii«. mploj'cd by It. and lo
premlumo. mid  lo . .imiiimii.*  to u-orfii
>!•   ttos|.ili»ls.   ami  i-harlt.il.le  lii«l|tiill.>n«
I'rii.lloiiHl Mlneial Claim.
Situate In llie Slocau Mllilnu Division of
W.vi Kootenay n.strlct. Where located:
On Four Mile creek \\Y«| of Cornier I .roup.
r\i,\\i.V. XOTICK.That I. Ilerliert T. Twl«i.'. as
A Niieiii for (icurue II. Dawson, Frc' Mlner'-i
Certllichle No. II Hi* tt, iiiieml sluv days from
llie dale hereof, lo apply to the Mliiiiitf
Uecorder tor Ceillllcate-. of linproVkmeiila, for
the piir|*i»e of obtalnluv Crown tirauta of ths
above claims.
And furthertiike notice  lli•• a -tion, iimlei
section .'17, must lie cui.iiiicufc.il b    .re the Istu
auce ol mieh |.«iiltlcnle« of Improvements.
I la led tills 7lh dnv of Aiiuiisi   A. II. V*H.
Mluersl Claim.
Slin.iii'In the Arrow l.akr Mluluu lilvlsloii of
West Kootenay   l>l»lrlet.    Where loeal-ed:
"in ll.Id Mountain, cltfht end one-bulf mile*,
from in.mlh of Plnttsl.mcrifk.
»|^»KK XOTICK. Tint I. Thoi   Abriel. of Na-
A.   kusp,  II. C., Kree Mlu<r'» OrilHcale Xo
II vtiui. Intend,MIty days from the dale hereof
Mineral   Claims.
•rn* no. 9
isi, luleiifl.SUiy Hay  	
In apply to the Ulniuir Iteeonler for a leitlnc st«
if linprovemruta. for Ihe pur|Mi*e of »lilslnlur
a Crown (irant of Ihe above claim.
Anil further lakr notice ibsl act Ion. under section ill, must lis commenced liefore ihe iwuaiiof
of »uch Cerlltl.ate of linnrovrmeiiis.
Iiste.1 (lit* -i 'tb day o. .Inly A I*. Ilsii.
I  tMIIKN simI «' H Ml,,. i»M'Mh,.
Situate in the Arrow Lake MiiiIiik Hlvlsl,,n of
Wesi Kootenav lii«trlcl. Wh.-ie located: At
head of Cariboo Cr.-ek, alsiut l'i miles from
Ilmtoii Oily.
rPAKK N'OTUK that 1,K. M. Saiidilands, Cft.
a No. ll'ai.'U. aclliiK n* au> nt lor 1*. lliirnK,
Cft. N'o. IIMftllj John Hmwu Cfl.No 11 710M|
W Mackenzie, ("ft. So. II iW,i|. mid \V. Q.
(lark. Cft No. H iWMO. intend >lxty days from
the date hereof, to applv to the Million Ke-
curdcr for a C.-rtlllcate of fniproveineiits, for the
pur|Hisi> of oblaluiiiK a Cmwn Or.iut ofiachof
tlu-above claims.
And further take notice that aclloii, under see
1 Ion .'17, 11111*1 be commenced In-fore the Issuance
01 Hti.-li ('i-rtltleei.- ot Improvement*.
Dtiied ilil« itvnil day of Inly  A  I). HSU.
KIM,!)   NO.   'j,    KKISTOt.   «nil   COM-
MAM1KH Mluersl Claims,
Iiik as «K«iit.for Chai
Situate lu the Slocan Minion OivMou »f Welt
Kooleuay District.   Where located:  On the
North Kork of Kltiht Mile Creek.
V. Uoi*, F. M.C.
II 44.VH. John A. Turner, K. M.C, IIMW4, M. E.
Hainmelineyer. K. U.C, R H*m*. ami Sanford
Dai-fle, r. M. C. IIti'WI, Intend, slaty days from
the dale hereof. to apply to the Minimi Recorder
for (Vrtlrteates »f Improvement., for the par-
pone of nbialiiliix Crown (iianta of ih* alK>ve
Ami fuitbri ukis nolo* thai ..1 lluii. umltl Mellon .17, must I*, commenced before the lasuanr*
of such Ortith'atrsof luiprotrmeiita.
tilted this 1Mb .l.y of .Illl v   A II . !'«'»
WtiUl.DM tA'KSW Kol'TK
Pacific Ky.
lllltlirlt-il.le !
thingn nmler the guidance
gimV masterful hand.     t bey are
rapidly becoming adept* in tbe art j
of "ecieatific'" *pet*«la4iou, and we'
might aa well prepare oureelve* for
t-NfttMMional iteveiopfaeat liefore a
mi of any nature
wluttaoet.tr, aiel mi) 1 ait I**)*, intiuoiii ,1
other ways.and any wnicr ctHiries, eniiiliili.. or
slulers and any engine., plant, mscblner>, ur
w*trk**4 my .mime wUataimvi't. and t« employ
•u-vsm*11<» I..j. .»i. .-.*.* i*„i *..'.-.'> .*.'...> ; '.. 40 ■'■,.',.»
b; To sc.pnr* llie whole *# all) part ul On
uiidrtUkbiK sod Uisluaas and umb-rlak* the
llaUIIllrSuf 4ovc>>iii|-«iiy,flnn ..I |«rr*<>M.i «rrv-
Imr on any bmlnea wblrh this Company i«
fartitl !«• ruiry on, or lo atnalKaiiiiite wilh 01
enter Into arranmnmis lor f.int i^«reiioti>
with any siwho.mi»ay. ir«>, ur |«rsou:
ill To pmnnrttany otlwr i-..mi|hsiiv *.0mi i»r
tlie |rt.ri»-*- of anpiirlnK til or any pan of ih*
t>v>tM»vty aaurlMtitinf iht» *'iiuiii»ii.v   or urnii-
r«enak(t»» any nf Its IUMIttl-«a, or of «-«ny In* mi
,      say laMlw-i^whkli maybe UMfal lo thillV«-
iberefure,   \ei   um   rvMitnuii   tuw.^uy.ui may cutuuci- tlm * i'ih of "i>> "'"*
.,^lU .1   0--|   mmA    I.*   ...   LMM,|.f«l*iiy,or.B»iiiirik«y.w»ihasTew 10 wisliinK»
womhipof Haal and  let aa ouy ^iiMid99tb ^^toi**. tut* u< *uh«r\t~
Kalfira.    Let ua daoce attmml the &^^S^^^^X°^tXt?
Golden <Jalf,   AH   we   have   alwaVH  IU«capitaloraermltles of or |.«ni» Many .neh
done and will alwaya do.     I^et iia
.111.1 to give |fl'ii|li't|i-.  |h H-l-.
'v    To.llMilhuli- auioti).' ll"- iiiiinlwri ol ibe
C-omnaiiy In kind .mj' pto|«**rt>  «f tlir (Nimpnov
and 111 pui'llcular «li>   «lliile«    «to V .iteheiilllivs.
or oeenrille* nf oilier eomiMiiilea:
ie To prmMin' tlie Company lo he rimMcred
or r.c'Kiilsed In any colony
fr.ri'li'o (..iinnre «ie»ts e-
(tl lotto all surfi lftloa'» *» *•«» ...»•«»...•. .1
.•iitii-lticH-e Vi the uttstiim.-ut nt mu of tbe sluvf
SllU»l^ ill tl...   Vl -   ,1.    tlil.l..*..    Illl I.! ...   ,,l  UV«I
KooteiiH.v lilililiI Wli'-ic liN-at.il: iin
tied Mountain.-st*tit I mile*. »ootli of Hlhrr-
toil. » C.
'VMiK MiTlCKihai »>. AIK.-.1 H. Kln«l»i..l.
1 K.M.Celt S" IMS-'.'. ■« ti. tbl« fouilbs
l|i nndCh.irte« llrnml, K M tVrt No |l«*««
looue-loiirlli iliiiileinl, «litv day* froUl tlwilatr
hel'eol, lo apjily to the Minimi Ifecordi'l for
r dejieiuleoey or ■) t'-ettlHeates ol liiiprovement*. (■* the nur|«-*e..l
obtuinliif » Crown i.iuiil of tai'li of the above
Dittwrr link
N«w York WKHT><
Si. J.'l.ti
lli ml 11 h
Si 9 Wrti*
Dm m miii
I'tmn 1'ort William, tin1 favorite •tun-
itvtr rune to all W»*tevu iwilul*.
Allllllinllertski'llotli.lliJt in Uo       .nl.r.i-c 8]
I  .4*    . >f **'
oooiwueei.  irtii..|i   ,,,<
•rtllleiiten ..( Iiuprov. m.-i.ts
I     I I.i Oil lliu .'nil .Uv of .lulv. A   l>. I'«ri
'!. 3
J. "Ti*'l«i|*o»t, m*9aa9i ralihate, rt'»*lo|>
•fi. 1.ft IVolVV'T I1MIWNVH
To JullX II. OtVLf.V. 01 wtHfUtma rer b.      .
have iran.ierml hi*.  Int-W* In   tlw Ureal
We«l*rn No. t mineral rlaiw   • Hulrd In lb.
Arrow Uke Mlnlnif IH»lsl-n. W'e«t K.«.tein»y
V'tV ARK HKMBHV XOTiriKIl Ibai lha-ie
I rtpendad *l»'i">1 In l-it'>' ai*4 tm|*nv«Dieiili
mam the above ineiillonwl winctal elaim und»r
the pro-vMon-* ofthe Mineral Aif.»i«l If within
oloetf days In.ui 0* i**** <** ui* »«■»"■» 1 ■■■■
fsllorrefui. lo-eoiiiributr jimr i*oponlf-4...f the
lUtim mttiUourd aum. wWeh W now d«», tn-
vet bet ««b »l» e«*U >•< adurilWiita, yuiu iul.iasi
In IbaaaWW.iw will t*ew# •}>* JM*!^!'1 ,l*
Art aw-i^eMfcl A' '!«**"
Ite fed it Xakuep. A ('-. IM* 1*1 as? «f Jolt.
B*** r. w.jom»»w,iv*wM«
iimyJt,Ht:.ir liH+THns Ml, »   *Ui,n*l * Mm.
«"|iic»gn,   I'll'
TOfiiisT  si.Ki;nsn
l.l-»V»- llltlltllrtlt* .lllll. tt»ll .ItllV
Nt    rJilit:    KtMi|i>iiii>   t.aiii'iiii^
-,tii»ii I., ib.' Ano»   Luke Mliiluc MvMi.n o( j
VV..I K...I111H lliilll. t     Whtii loistnl llw • wpsT
lor ....       „
Tueailav ami Satin day for Tnrotito,
Monirt^l, et*
l *4lil»,».   eirek.   I'   mile* fr« >
tlati v J for
Him droits.- end t'erll««i« reeks.
I'lki: NuTK K lb.I l.rrederlrk W.J.«ilen,
I eelinsr a«*ifent I.* Ihe r<> own*r». free min*
,, - > < l.u.. »lr \o IV«.ii. nil.11.1, inn ilsy*
ir.Hn tbe date he rent, in antil? to lb* Mining
Hi. i.nlsi for e.»ttl1tnkte nt imitifivnments fivt
'lieimt|n»e ot ..l.iainiiif a . i..wi, iranlol Ibe
»l-..l*r lijlli
And fettbet take nolle* Ibsi si tloo unfet.M*
i..,i. 3;i»wasU i^mrnimai twit** Ibelaaaea-re
..( «tM b i»iitlli sir uf IwprutewtbU.
I^iiil thi. <ll, 4m »l 1»U- A. h 11*
Through   ttooliiiiga  to Kuro|«- via all
Aflanti-f l.iof*
|'r«*|»aW) tickets at low-^al rate** iamtA
trim all F.ttr*»|Hsain rrttiritrira.
Ifnt -WMtta. Il«e-i»»sle». r.tn soil foil lufi**raai,<
-%i.oa«KirT# k>«>.iKi> t»»*w.
K.J.O*tl*i A.O. r. Agt.. Vttieoatet.
J v tWttm  *r»f*.4..»ela*» N   « THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., AUGUST 7, 1902.
Ninth Yea&
5pring and
I have just received
\vell-3electeil stock of new
Roods. (Jet In your order for
a nobby Suit early.
Relief, notice by fi -f Felt that the conn has declared him to be an| owner in each.
30—Iron Horse Xo 2, lis pendens at instance of
Boss Tailor
THK   EXCHANOK, in KASLO, has plenty
of airy rooms, and a bar roplete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
rpHK MA56K, iu KASLO. is lust the place
1 for Slocan people to lind when dry or in
search of a downv couch.
BOTTJCjINO  works,
tt    when you want .-oft drinks.   Sjiecial attention paid to the tradeuf families.
C. K. IIIGNKY. Sandon.
Insurance <Sg Real Estate
OMPSON,  MITCIIKbl.   & CO.    Fire
Kenl Estate
Hott-exto rent  ami Town
Minini,- Propci'tler,.
Lots for Sale.
GKOUGK L. PKOl.AU, Opt. D. Honor
Graduate of Philadelphia Optical College;
Graduate of the Canadian College of Optics and
Detroit Optical College. Outfit for the diagnosis
and correction of Optical Defects unsurpassed In
the Dominion. Consultation free. At Nelson's
Drugstore ufter May 28.
1 S
RASHDAI.T., NewDenver. B.C.,
Real Estate and Mineral Claims for Sale. CWlms
represented and Crown Granted.
Lumber, Doors. Windows. Store Fronts, Show
Oases, Store and Bar Fixtures, Counters, Fancy
•Olans. H. HOUSTON, Manaiwr.'
Kelson, B. C.
June i— Dewey Admiral, near Silverlon, J  H
Pons Piuif. Goat Mountain. V Brairleu.
Alfonso, Goat Mountain. D. Brandon.
ii—-Coronation, Four IMile ereek, C A Sandiford
Peace, Four Mile creek, R. Johnstone.
Rainy Dav. near Sandon, R McTatrgert-
10—Ping I'ouk, iraction:u,iiear New Denver,
Carleton, above Alamo mountain. H. Same.
13—Daffodil, Silver mountain, C SOliiaholm.
Virtue, fractional, Cody creek, N S Baldwin.
Thunder Mountain, adjoining Cube Lode, F 1J
Early Bird.Four Mile.creek, A S McDonald.
1(1—Speculator, North Fork Carpenter creek, T
11—Keystone, fractional, Silver mountain, A R
in—Niagara,near Idaho, P Murphy, 3 T Foley.
28—Skookum, Cody creek. C \\\st:ii.
itl—Cllde. Slocan lake. M Cummin/;*,
Annie, Carpenter creek, J T Foley, J.G Melvin.
21—Kate, Sliver mountain, W Anderson.
May 31—Shoifu. Grant. Perth, Lost Bear.
Happy Delivery. Lime Daisy Golden, Broncho,
Southern nirl, Miller Creek fraction, May Belle
fraction, Flossie fraction, Lllicral No. 9.
.rune i—Fairhall, Timber Lake, Fatrmouut,
Freefurl, Cosmopolitan, Perl, ICvciiinir Star
!1—Cani|wdooillo, M«sral.
(J--SilverKim,', Empire.
9—Return, KlnirEiftvaiii, Moriiinir V. Holland.
10—Crown fraction, .Masonic fraction, Yountr
Dominion fraction, Mentor. Mentor fraction,
Second Extension, Vuiioui fraction, Ourav, Eva
fraction, Millie, Belladona.
U-Coiiko No. i.
l.S—Shareholder, Lucky Baldwin, Frank (ruction. Little Jumbo,Shttkesiieari'.
1 l-Mallard, Utah. HMiHiiee.
Hi—Klnir Oscar.
1»—Kinit traction. Ontario. Glcnmiry, Reliance
2<i—Hill Side, Swunseii,  Malvern.
2.1—Penobscot fraction, Kites, Sussex, Silver
Ridire, Ground Squierel, Silverid fraction,
Golden, Daniel fraction, Bellevue fraction.'
27—-Harlem. Camdoii. Echo fraction, Minnesota, Pembroke, Cort-ez, Linnet. London fraction.
vs—Ashland,Grand Stand. Carlton.
July 2.1—New Gethinsr. New Koliiuor, Black
JuneW—Ophif No. 2.
Ik—Corncraeker I'rHction.
June 2—"-tanlev. J, E llrynes to A. Ferguson,
May 28,
a—Coronation, C A Sandiford to Condor Claims
Peace, H Johnstone to Condor Claims Limited.
Orient Fraction, J, Diamond Fraction, I,, J.
Docksteader to W B Knowles, April 22.
10—Alert, l,B. Kneebont to Ross Thorburn,
12—Lucky Baldwin. F P O'Neill to *\V S Baldwin.
l.V-0rieut Fraction, .'./Diamond. Fraction J.G
B Knowles to A. Scott, June 11.
Co-owner notice*, re Glencoe, R T Lowery.
U— Alma, J, W. Clouj?li to T. McNelsh, Dec 23.
Kumatls, LA. Leomieux to A. Mullen, April 7.
16—Rubv Fraction No. 2, C McNioholl to A
21—Annie, option for one year, .I.T. Foley to
J G Melvin.».
Jas Campbell and A We ib.
nslow fr, Ben Robertson to W E Wor-
Dune. Gra-
Marie E Dempster to same.
Wells to
Eva, J, James
Duplex, l-n, James Livingstone to
Muriel, B M Walton to T Waring.
Eu, A E Rotheriuel to \V McGregor.
Golden West. M J McCarthy to J P Driscoll.
Champion and Sapphire, Frank Hovey to tlie
Sapphire Mine
Champion fr
June! Ohio, J, Frank-A'Wells to R I Kirkwood: -Siono.
7—Dead wood .Green wood and
Moffattto A York. ,
li—Bend Or. J,0 Nicholson to Geo Aylwin.
Pontiac, \ J Aytwin to C Nicholson.
Carleton, \, Geo Aylwin to C Nicholson,
10—Iron Horae No 2 and London  fr, notice
•seizure by sheriff.
is—Montreal, \, A York to Jas W Moffatt.
20—Slocan Prince, Black Prince fr, Dundee,
Polrest, Sunimerseith and Four Friends, lease,
and option to purchase to Sidney Norman.
Slocan Prince, J, and Duudee, J. Leo Doiron
and R E Allen to John Elliott.
23—Oregon, J, N F McNauglit to Leo Doiron.
Monterey, Oregon and Bancroft, option to
purchase to Geo Me Lain and Henry A Stewart.
21—Ve fr, all, J M McGregor to Slocan Republic Mining &Dev Co.
27-Snow Hill and Granite HIII, \, in each, J C
Butler to F F Liebscher.
Two Friends J, A York to Wm J Wilson,
July 2—Jack Franklin, jj. G Falrbmiru to II F
San Juan, Transvaal, and I'lue Top, J iu each,
N W Tessler to Jos Fran/..
■i-Star Pointer, Dipper, Tea ^ot Jack Franklin. Frying Pan und Tea Pot Tr. 112 in each, It V
McNautihl to W T Shatford.
7—Shamrock fr and Bondholder fr. all, li C
Campbell-Johnston to A M Johnson.
K-Port Hope, 1 fl, H L Fife to Isidore Heauiire.
12-Eldorado,l-,5, B F McNaught to 0 S McNaught. X F McNaught, Chas McNicholl, and G
I.)lii|Kir, HI, Tun Put fr, Star Pointer aud Flying Pan, 1-24 iu each, G Fairliaim re B F Mi--
Ten Pot, Tea Pot fr, Star Pointer, ami Frvlng
Pan, 1 21 each, N F McNaught to B F McNaiight.
23—Mayltower,.'., to each, 1? E Allen toG Cox
and J Mitchell.
you want anything
in the line of Jewelry, or
have anything in this line
 that is in need of repair,
send direct to the old-established house of JACOB DOVER.       In cbing so you will be sure of getting
the best—and it never pays to get anything else.        No shortage in stock; no waiting for goods.
DIAMONDS-Loose and Mounted
WATCHES-Filled and Gold
GOLD BROOCHES, lalest designs
Nobby Patterns
Ladies' and Gents'
with aud without stones
GOLD CHAINS-all weights
with and without stones
GOLD GUARDS-10 and 14 karat
Standard Grade* of Filled Chains
and Guards in all stylos
This is our
Daily Motto
And you will be impressed with the
meaning of it to yourself if
buy your goods
At Jacob Dover's
The Jeweler.
Our personal guarantee goes with cvwy article, and should
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, we are at all
times glad to exchange same to the entire satisfaction of customer. JACOB DOVER,C. P. R. Time Inspector
Latest Fads in
of all kinds
And all the Latest Creations tin
Goods of All Kinds
DRY ORK PROPERTY, North Fork Carpenter creek-ALPS,  ALPS FRACTION,
ply, W. J
»nd ALTURUS-Crown Grants obtained.    Ap-
MCMILLAN & CO.. Vancouver, B.C.
NELSON, B. C.       Cor. WARD & BAKER Sts.
^Ma« .f.ari.1 *=*.eii!'-ss5i)sri-uiic&=-iii--
makes a specialty of Gold Brldsp Work,
complete dental office In B C.
IDM. The moat complete U C A I T U
on the Continent of North Ameri- fl C A L I II
ca. Situated midst scenery un- n r (j n n T
rivalled for Grandeur. Boatiinr. n CO U II I
Fishing and Excursions to tbe many [Mints of
interest. Telegraphic communication with all
parts of tbe world; two mails arrive and depart
•very day. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments of every name.
The price of a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and (food for*) days, Is (J!I. Halcyon Sprlogs, Arrow Lake. B. C.
Land Surveyor.
Enuiueor and Provincial
WW. TKKTZEL A CO.,  Nelson. B.C.,
,   Dealers In all Drug* and Assayer*' Sup-
Gkithlntr to order;
rom all classes.
Sandon, Manufactures
and solicits patronage
"Wholesale  Merohanta.
I DMA Uiioi.l>lTOn * CO., Nelson.
»» lmf-rers Wholesale Orocers ami Provision
Mi <• tv*.
L. OHMSTJK,».. t. II.. Barri-Ker, Solicitor. Notary Public. Sandun, B. C,
rrbUy at Silvcrto.i, tf
L. ORIMMKTT. I,. L. II., Barrister,
._. Bollellor. Notary Publl.. Sandon, B.C.
ranch Offlee at New Denver every Saturday
ar Oo.
Kor jalcn »|»,.1> i,»~
W  J  MCMILLAN *r.».
MCkoteaawt A«.*..' • |..r ll.i .
Vamimifn. 0 f
Our Special
El Oondor
May 2rt—Imiierlal, lst n f Lemon ck, H A McMillan.
28—Argentite fr, Springer ck, Wra Harris.
So—America, Twe ve Mile ek, H S Woolley.
31—Dixie Queen, Slocan lake, W L Cotterill.
June si—Quebec, Springer ck, H A McMillan.
-J-Golden Hill, same, T J Baty.
Coronation, lst n f Lemon, J Driscoll.
Blue Bird, east of Slocan, J D Doiron.
■1—Plug Pong, Springer ck, L R Doiron.
a—Bonnie, Ten Mile. T J Lloyd.
11—Lucky Jack, nr Slocan Oity, J Uadcliff.
West Indian and Valley View, nr Slocan City.
14—Roso of Nubia. 1st u  f Lemon ck, J P
18-Mt Pelee, divide bet Twelve Mile and Ten
Mile. AC Smith.
Snowdrift, same, J Smith.
Starlight, Ten Mile, J Saulter.
Lady Ann, south east of Slocan. J Kadelill'.
Bosphorus, Slocan City, R Bradsliaw.
Olympla. Twelve Mile, R Bradshaw.
17—Sun Crown, south east of Slocan, I Robin-
Spray, nr Slocan, J Taylor.
18-Blue Grouse, Twelve Mileck, RKurtzlmls.
19-Nelson. Springer ek. S B Clement.
Il-Flr, Ten Mile. D Graham.
;'3-Eldorado, Springer ek, B F McXaught.
Black  Republic,  south-east   of Sloean.  J  B
U— Tacoma fr, 1st n f Lemon ek, W B George.
Slocau Flat, ur Slocau. J Bull and J C Butler.
Lakeside fr, ou Erin mt. Wm Harris.
H,'.-Wolverine, at Vevey, J Williams.
KT-Krnest fr, Bell ck, Chas E Snyder.
July i—Constance, last is k 2nd nf Lemon ck,
R Georgo.
Calclte, Lomou ck, Ii Bradshaw.
Complex, same, J BFoley.
Extension, same, E Haley.
J C, same. J Conliian.
S-Blue Bird, n f Cedar ck. D C Robertson.
Vevey fr Joy fr, and Joy. Twelve Mile ek, H
R Jnrand
Clair, divide bet Twelve Mile ami Springer ck,
J Welsh.
8—Nancy Hanks fr, and Tonka, springer ck,
J I* Driscoll.
Haseca, Summit ek, 1) Hiuilon.
O&S. Erin mt, L Skelly.
Blue Bird, south of Slocan, I Robinson.
lo-Ophlr. Kiid s f Lemon ck. J T Smith.
. Emma E, l.einon ck. »aino.
Hamburgh, Crti-wlcr hill, T I) Tobin.
Indeptiiiili'iiiM' fr. same, A M llogen.
Blue Bird, 2nd u f Leinou ck. K Sherry.
1) C fr, bet Speculator and Bondholder, U G McCuaig.
Alliance. Ind s f leinou ck, J Ground.
Mnrv Alice, I^ernoii ck, same.
ll-Flaunlgan, 1st h f Iroinon, J Craig.
1*- lUnulw Springer ck. C S McNaught,
Valhalis. Ten Mile, I) J Cronln.
Pkeadillv, same, G W Bartlett.
l.'i~May Flower, Union ck, H K Allen,
17-Ai'a,Ten Mileck, A Jaeobson.
P-Alu,Falliik, F llni».jn and W .1 Hliicb-
Jl-IU-lliivllle, 1st li f Lemon ck, I) Hoi-t.
Ilairi-t, Mine, I)Sloan.
Mollie, Dayton ck, A II McMillan,
rt- Hold Iisiik. Tw*lv4> Mile ck, I Horrieand
1 Reaupr*.
Democrat, lloliert ion ck, J Wafer,
It-iaS.souc, HI. Flli-
US-Drill. Tun Mile ek. 0 K Smitheringale.
John D Mabley fr. and Sapphire fr, Falls i k.
tti -Indiana, Ind u f Mrnou, Oeori* Stnll.
^i. -Alhambra. asm*. It Kumh-ill.
Mj.i <.i- Kinlli' Maii.tiild, Dslbouti* No t, M
Lawrence, iVimbliiation.    »T—Halitbow. Chess.
isake.   its  johamu, Uil<a for i yu, Hose Mur-
l>l. Wilno.tVill. Keniiethfi.PumloKfr, Plum-
. llnefr.Nsiicv.  iW-Mln»ilf, White Cbail.  si-
Bonnie Dim M <>i-4doii IHt. Anna IMI.
' June .1 -Corouation. MrKiinioii. J<*-phln<. for
I i yis,Trel.»|||for it vrs, Palti fur 1 yn, Mini-
f.-revfr I Falls View So 1. Tamarack No »,
j Hhllob.Oerly II fr.Oermsnb'ii*     S-Klmberley
u -W-.il., Illick Hussar ir    • •ll.'nilor.t'aibtoii.
'  I'-.lillJK It -I'l.n^s-i,   Vt-n.-f,   ||.     \%    SDu'l
j Tip Nightingale, Untie     pi -Fn-vlioii,    IT-.st
|,..iil., Smith K\'hst. ■••    !•» -Hsu T..y     *• -Aii-
rb..!     ti   Lulu Lulu n   IIIiisviiii     H  ('»in»i
■ ..limn. Mig... Rnyai    fi* Lilly.  Voting OmiiIh-
■lonVi.f   XiiiiIn-.mi  f.r   ' ii.ii*.     ■>;   Hfo-fttttd,
M-.miii.- ^ur.    .">   m-lu.1, lit-.Mtn. Snath.
iii    M.iuiit   IfuNsl.  N*).|.liii>     *i,   F.lhel K
I I'liuh-stnii.   July t   Nlu>iiaiidi<ali. Hla«»k Cloud,
j L-m-iia Mine, N'e ft.l>i«|i\Di**diicy. Vancouver,
i Uuiuic. lui.u, Ri"«ii*.    :t   llutt-ltoii. Uamllt.ii,
j IVndln.Hi, Lllll.' Cbillle, Champion.    l~IVrli-,
I Ki'i'if i.i.Jil i..iv Ah*.-lit., Ji-iniw lioiiu' Ci,ieilyr-».
Fourth of lulv for* jr.. T»r.. fort jr.. Hltvn
• I,.«!.-  Tn.v V.'.«l   Mnllli.  M   «*«-..« '*■     1  ■(:■•	
, w•.•.«!, u»»dwt>o i, ».*»     i'1-Muiie, llainiitoii, |
1 T-.v..!:•*. 1t-.b-i.<-i.iV-"'■■ .Mt,i-rl-i 11 IVn.nl,, '
, I A 1, lhri-» Uiiaf.tniii.-ti. Clip|k-r. Msiilniao. ■
j IkJiiw Billt it yiyinii l'"u im X in, intmn; t
' for t vi*. \Vat«'rvlll., si«< kl .1.     H -lilsck HU-;
■in-, itv 1- ii*. y■ji-w/w-Jii ii iu a 1*. a*» — V
* K-tM*.-.) t'.'4t liars, Mi.|..iii!»,f»|vl.Lii(f.»r.|b,
i W hit- I'lur. |.alt. VI.• w. Smiitf«k»     |.j <}olleii
•yiuti.    VJl«.|ia'    Uiik    U'»o'*»ii    Y.tiititi  ll*'»f.'
"When I was playing Dame
Drusilda in ''The Brownies,'* says
the tiny actress, Ida Miielle, awe
sang for three nights in Canton to
enormous houses, for the city was
full to overflowing; election was
just over, and Major McKinley was
our president-elect.
"One day I went to see him and
found him alone. He spoke of
some of his favorites ou the stage,
and his favorite plays; then he
talked of our production, and he
laughed heartily over a humble
little hit I had made. I must explain. In our opera I encountered
a demon three times my height,
and he bellowed at me, 'Keep off
the grass!'
"While in Canton I changed ray
usual answer as given in the lines,
and said, 'I don't see any grass.
Oh, I suppose you think I am
walking in Major McKinley'3 front
3'ard !' Every night that brought
down the house, for Americans had
not a spear of grass remained in it.
McKinley laughed heartily over it
while we sat looking out on the
beaten turf, then he said, 'Well,
come Ground tomorrow aud you
will see it in better condition, for I
am expecting men here right away
to resod it.'
"'Don't!' I pleaded; -please
don't, major; my lines would fall
perfectly flat unless the lawn stays
like this. Please don't touch it
until the Brownies leave town!'
And if you will believe me he did
not. He went right into the house
to telephone an order to let his
beaten yard remain untouched fo.r
a week."
by the prophet of old. and no less
by the conscience of mankind—a
life in accordance with righteousness: that is, a life in conformity
with the mora) law.—W. R, Sullivan.
Direct arguments in direct language bring direct replies and direct
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewere of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land
ence solicited.   Address-
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
Just to hand
A new atock of
Prices running'
from a.'.
$8 to $40
for a complete watch
These are strong-, serviceable
and excellent time keepers.
Fully warranted to give satisfactory service.
Send along your watch
repairs and have your
watch made like new
G-  W.  GRIMMETT, Graduate Optician
and Jeweler.
Aireut for Cuna.iiau Kodak Co.
Always and everywhere is the
shadow of tbe priest* the mystical,
magical dispenser of the favor of
heaven! We look to the days when
religion shall be purified of nuch
conceptions, when no one shall
venture to stand between a man
and his conscience, or claim to pos>
fiess powers unattainable by other
men, or pretend that the favor of
heaven can be purchased by any
other means than those indicated
This* nlil-llmehnti't hun recently
bwn honght by the tind«rnigned
ami renm'Mi"! into *n up to-
dtte hostelry Miii«r«, tourist*
and nil iliis*e« of thia world'*
people can alwav* gm a iquar*
ntenl mid sti m»v lied within
dm |iortnU ol my dour*. The
bur iniitiilii* manv kindw of
nerve lirneers, rittijfin^ from
tin* lire*- ol Cody tn tin- nwetit
cordial* of mi tiny France If
,»»li km- t\ti. Iiinmr*. »#iti or
and when |<*h><*iii^ ihroti-ifli the
Fork-, lift Mi-Hutch-tnd drop in,
When in Sandon should not
forget THE DENVER hotel
Rates reasonable
Rooms airy
And one of the few houses
in the world that is built
over a river.
Victor Klcinschmidt.
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
H. GIEGERICH I palma angrignon
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transport-
Our Baggage wagons meet all San-
day trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack '..nnuis.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
Is new, but the proprietors are
not. Tliey have been before
the public, and behind the bar
in the old CENTRAL long
enough for the world to pans
judgment udoii the quality of
, their fluid bracers No need to
tell ol(i-tiinei*H where tbe light
now shine* on Alf and Jack,
but pilgriniH to Katlo Hhould
look thein up when in search of
a nice room, or beer that te not
all foam Tell them where you
saw this and vou will be Holld
Palmer  &   Allen
'""~ ' a
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local buslnees.
Seeds, Trees,
for Fall or Spring
New Denver, B. U.
Kootenay Coffee
iMfllfM III Tm-h imf fYilfi'ii.
All ttjulti. mul prlirt,   A
trUlurd-Htiik-ltoil.,,,   .
Kootenay Coffee Company
IM) n.,Kl*)l. W«M linker Hi.
Catalogue Free.
»O0 Wpitmlimtor IUwI. Vaneourer, B. 0.
KA8LO, B. C.
II-   !
I ll'.,    i-i   llui.i,n,. Ml   N'.-iiJi*  Oh.-mi.
S Intil. M»rri<- M>ril#, Ivy    n—Ktluitix-y.
* ll-<(.|.» .I.ti*.  ti.. P-iiti-. Ii«k*., Itilrilirkir.    «'►*-*•
! ■r>.fiiw*ll Dm.tlm?toi;. HljtWwnil Unto 1,* ryt*,
' .-Hilli-i I lift.   ..;   I*.* i..-  IIIkS, !»ri»i.*«,
and M!N!MQ
Repirtu, Examination*
end Manage- (:
p. «> B»>I 7»*i.
11 n 'r
UMirMAllv «»l
i- !«   <i*H Vlfcii.*.
VU.if,| fr. Sn
NEW DENVER,   -   B.O.
i .'*>H»Ol'l »«.» >lll*cr    •   It
\Ui4i liiVr^tMii'i 1.
    ">n lUiti
MtlWplMliy »»«ll iwll»|»i«|it alf*:
Gtld aa4 Silver Refined nnd tmght
M. 1 r.
■* -> * »• -*
it wit*
Vt.'Wlll* 11  Jo .  *»:»>.(.
Tit .tMrMl •:.
•^1   I.<IH*|.|,, .<\.l   J.    J   i   H-llRI.!
<V r lA-iitAi-, I ■ *H-o, T-r.wll.
■.Aim i-tu. it»l *»*& ■». i.-**:*ili, Mn.
M.ai» l.r.tlurk !•-. Mull t;.m.-U. -{
:•* ■ >*ii,|it|t. |f*Siifii-T   Kor**»n »   t^.w -'i. **'*i't
fhit-t 1 . ,,'v, ..ftthn-* tr Otht*..t,  •ilfrnn/IHIf
•i. I*•*«.**  ..    {.»'»  ■' ■ .' At.-   .     t'.i;      A".'Itl »B4 ,
i.. »..'l It.mi Kowftat. ii-rttii* *i«l^ruilui I
»M Amtru-tn Una* •   Afptf   l<* »nilir>t ■!»•*•
rtt#*.*!-!.i-%Hi*fi*! Mt tit1t*.irm*1tf*t, it, »f,y *;     I
Ry attM or- '.-,»'" i
.. (I  B. OARjlfcTT,  *    [
C. P. It, At*«(W ■»•» Dm***.
-■ • P; r. ComvUft-a*. ft. *.M. A«t.. W trmijwr ■
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
We have a beautiful range of
In Hlank Hr*utrU'loh», Hlafk. Rhte and Red Screes, Cashmere all colors,
fctrlpcd FlnnnelH. Woolen Crepo do Chiiu*. in aU fashionable uhndm. Hoino-
luiuy w «uii every ono. In .NUiinner goods we have a tine range of Colored and
Plain Dimities, Flowered and Htriped Orjiandies. Striped Muslins, Victoria,
Bishops, and Persian Lawn*. Striped Grenadine Muslins. High class Dry
Goods in all line*.
Choice Line of Latest and Most Fashionable Millinery, and Dressmaking:
Fred. Irvmc & Co.,   hwmm ™ ™**r»*
NtLSt)N;,B. C.
iWiu: a<jkxt$ roR.
, ALL.MHFfiAwSTyj.KS  ;


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