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The Ledge May 1, 1902

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Volume IX.   No .31.
N15W DENVER, B. G   MAY 1, 1902.
Price, $2.00 Year
Gfcn3™' |SeWs Float
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
that are Talked About.
A. York was elected mayor of Slocan
this week.
Harry Hewer left this week for the
Alberta country.,
W. H Greenwood has  gone to Spokane for a month,
Old timers are predicting a Hood in
May equal to that of '94.
The government proposes to borrow
$8,000,000 to meet deficits.
Many farmers will take up ranches in
the Boundary this summer.
Louis Levesque has removed from
Robson to Trout Lake City.
Ore is being sacked at the Cliff and a
shipment will be made this month.
■ "-H. H. Knox is located in Spokane.
His wife is conrined to the hospital.
Dr. Milloy, the dentist, will be at the
Newmarket hotel from May 6 to 10.
Another slight drop  in copper  will
-cause some trouble in the Boundary.
■~^^fTT3o1iTFwr*of~F-8rnie, haB~taken
over Dr. Le Bau's practice in Nelson.
Jack Lind is spending a few days in
New Denver, en route for Trout Lake
The drop in -copper has caused 120
men to be laid off at the Le Hoi in Rossland.
A. W. More, a prominent broker from
Victoria, made a tour of the Slocan last
Sandon is short two aldermen. Some
of the taxpayers think there are still two
too many.
Choice fruits and vegetables are con-
stantlv arriving at Williams' store in
New Donvor.
The Ontario government has placed
ping pong sets in several of the iusaiio
asylums of the province
Second ICnglnoor McKoehnie has been
transferred from the as. Slocan to the an.
Valhalla, on Kootenay lake,
Ralph, eldest son of Tom Sloan, form-
erlvnf Slocan City, died in Carlotou
IMiico, Out., on April 12, of measles.
John Goottacho linn tired of the Kant
and has come Went He Ih looking for
new fields from the Pacific hotel, Spokane.
Reports from the Fisher Maiden are
more encouraging """• «v,,r* The ore
shoot continue-! tn widen in the tunnel
1'i'kiii duck egg* for hatching. Best
bred Ritlgiaii hare for breeding, $5 to
$H> n p.iir.   If. Byrne*, New I)enver,
. Found.—In the New Denver come-
tery, a amnll album, full of pictures
nwncr will lind thc name at this ollice i
'.Vin. (Jibb.s l« ci-llvi-ting iimncy Ui lay ,
a plank sidewalk up Sixth street    The
walk in a sure thing—if it tala*«iilt >uni-!
incr. J
The strike ou the Eight Hour, (font
Mountain, hai greatly ontlinced ibe
owner*, They have Mnkcd two claim*
Found—By the lundo Koiitciiaian,
after years'of deprivation, wiiiiehnily
who Clin imt ix sparkle of life Into ilf
new* column*.
Tenders are being asked by the Government for the erection of a school
room iii New Denver. The building
will be erected on the lot back ofthe
Lrdge oflice; and will be a one-room
affair with a eeiitinc- capacity of 50. It
will be used by the junior grades. This,
with the school house already in use by
the senior grades, will give accommodations for 100 children.
Sandbn ie going to have a crack baseball team this season. Pettv will shove
the ball over the plate, McCreary, who
played with Trail last year, will wear
the big mit, Paddy Murphy will hold
down first, Caliope Bailey second, and
Gusty will pull them down at third,
Adam Esche will play short, and LitMe
Willie Richards and the Mysterious
Billy Mills will stop tho long balls in
the field. MacAdams will tell them
how to do it.
means a present to this Bank of Montreal
from the 'people nf fi per cent, upon the
seven or eight million dollars rf its
notes in circulation,-say (on seven millions) 8-420,000 a year. The people present to the Bank of Montreal each and
every vein* $420,000 of profit free gratis,
for nothing. And so in proportion with
every chartered bank in Canada.
This great concession is, the Journal
believes, ii(,tho public interest, giving
strength and vigor to our banking system, upon which tho health and stability of all business and industry greatly
depend. It entails upon the banks ii
corresponding sense of public duty and
responsibility. A part of that sense of
public responsibility should apply to
the matter of circulating their notes in
clean paper.
The Bankers' Association of Canada
should take this mutter up in good earnest. But whether or no, each individual
bank should tackle the matter for itself
—Ottawa Journal.
We doubt if any new country in the
world ever undertook to. handle its
educational system upon anything approaching to the munificent scale wlucli
obtains fnHiis proviTieer~0ur estimated
revenue for this year amounts, in round
numbers, to two and a quarter million
dollars, and out of this we will pay for
public school purposes a comparatively
enormous sum approaching closely to
half a million dollars: and tho out! in
not anywhere near in sight.
The cost of this department increases
each year at an alarmingly rapid rate
Hundreds of thousands additional expenditure marks its Annual progress.
How long can this continue? What
system can be devised as a change to
the existing state of affairs in this connection? Must direct and special taxation for school purposes be resorted to?
These are questions that must be faced.
No ono denies tho necessity of proviij.
Ing ftn adequate measure of educational
facilities for the youth of the laud; but
no one can fail to nee that comething
miiBt speedily be done towards bringing
our expenditure for tliis end into keening with our provincial income. Would
It be possible to maintain a good avutcin
of this nature with fewer schools? It
does not seem very absurd to hold thut
this might be accomplished. Take our
own district for instance; In the -sec
tion extending from Mara to Kelowna.
and iiicludinft White Valley, there arc
at present  twenty-five  of  twenty six 1 upon
Robinson Crusoe, that pattern for all
the rntes on making the best of his circumstances, helped himself to achieve
that desirable result by stating his case
like debtor and creditor. One of our
spinstor friends has been following his
example, to her own surprise and profit.
I am no longer young.
But in that respect I am no worse off
than my contemporaries, noth married
and single, men and women.
I see my hair is turning gray
But it is an inoffensive.standina' color
that goes with anything, not like pea
green. "
__JJlMLthaLlIiyiJUUnlei!i pOMiues_pr,ef et.
tlie society of younger people.
But so do I myself. Children and
animals are not critics of ages.
I liave not the same interest in life as
married folks
But neither have I the same worries
nor rOB|)oi]iiil)iliti(\;.
I hate to be called an old maid.
But that is a bugaboo on the surface,
not to he compared with the skeleton in
mativ a cupboard.
I despise the self-satisfied pity of those
who think no one ever askeil ine to
BuJ any fool can get married. It
means inmost cafes merely a lowering'
of ideals.
I feel as young as ever I did, and it i«
hard to realize 1 have arrived at the age
and appear,*!iKv When no man would
ever dream of falling in love with  ine.
But ''falling in love" is » youthful
mitladv, and God forbid I should catch
it from a callow boy, 1 prefer the
stable fi jeudship of nieii of my own age
I feel that I have missed the best in
But 1 have -escaped the worst.
I have no children to bring "forward-
looking thoughts "
But T find the past filling up witn
memories that   are   nloasiihi   to  dwell
teadierfl employed; and two or ilnve
additional schools have been applied
(or We certainly can lay no claim to
be suffering for lack of schools hero I n
some parts of Ontario, we hear of an
agitation for fewer hcIiooIh, and it has
been there suggested that the expense
might be greatly decreased hy employ
ing the use of wagons to make daily
trips currying children to aud fro from
their homes to schools within reason
able reach. We do not offer this as it
remedy lur the condition with which
we arti confronted iu this province; bin
H might hear looking into, lu any
case some change will have to be effect,
ed, and that at no distant drtte.Veru >n
niJilV   HANK    HU. I 4,
direction the Adventure, Boulder,
Dreadnought and Mammoth claims, the
laiter being the nearest to Sand Creek.
North of Sand Creek the mica claims
held by Hevelstoko parties, including
Dr. Ca'rruthers, H. N, Coursier, B It.
Atkins, T Kilpatrick and others, are
located. Air. Smith bas taken mica
from a solid face on tho Mammoth claim,
but it does not show, so well as the
Bonanza Mr Smith and his associates
also hold three mica claims.the Eureka,
Tuscan and Grizzly, on the west side of
Canoe river, on a deposit running exactly parallel with the Bonanza deposit.
The mica deposits on the Bonanza
group occur in a vein of pegmatite, 80
feet in width. There are two other
veins on the property, one 40 feet wide,
and the other 60 feet In the large vein
an open cut was run 42 feet, then a
tunnel eight feet, and sinking done for
ton feet on the deposit. A breast was
then run 22 feet wide and ten feet high,
and from this work, which cost about
$10,000, ten tons of mica has been shipped.
From the Bonanza group shipments
have been made annually since 1898
This mica is worth from 25 cents to 815
per lb. One lot of 688 lbs sold to the
Seattle electric works realized $3,500 or
an average of $5.50 per lb. Fifteen
pounds of this mica cut into the extraordinarily largo size of 22 in. by 23 in.
This splendid mica was obtained from a
block weighing 360 lbs , but which, on
being dressed,yielded 90 lbs. of marketable mica, including the 15 lbs. of extra
large sheets.
The marketable mica mined will
yield about 50 per cent of 4x6 size, 20
per cent, of 8x10, and 30 per cent of
other sizes.   Mica cutting 8x10 is worth
*3u^nw"irtoli~   —    —
There is little doubt but that when
transportation facilities are improved
those interested with Mr. Smith in this
veiiture.including S Winter,of Moncton,
N B„4!id New York parties, will have
a splendid investment in this property.
Hitherto the 'property has been worked
under the most terrible disadvantages.
There is no settlement at the Cache,
and horses, supplies and labor have to
be taken in each season causing much
lossof timo. Mr Smith says if the colony
which was talked of bei'ii" formed iu
Revelstoke carries out its intentions of
forming a settlement there it will bo a
great advantagiyii then horses,supplies
and labor could be relied on and work
could he carried on for a much longer
period each season,
1 They *Ve *ft& Bears
! First Party of Tourists Invade the Bear Haunts
of Wilson Creek.
Messrs. Shields, Glenam and Wright,
respectively from New York, Baltimore
and Spokane, came into New Denver
on Saturday. They intend spending
two months 011 Wilson creek hunting
silver tips, Thoy have male their
first camp about 11 miles up the creek.
Eight pack animals took up tlieir sup
plies on Sunday. It will be seen that
they are loaded for bear, as the train
carried almost everything a hunter
needs, from whiskey tb kodaks.
G. O. Shields is editor of Recreation,
a New York magazine devoted to hunting and similar sports. He was, or is,
president of the American Sporting-
League, and his presence for such a
long time in the Slocan will assist our
tourist trade. Mr Shields will publish
illustrated articles of his experiences up
Wilson creek, and this alone will be a
great advertisement for the scenic and
fame .-attractions ofthe btmutiful Slocan.
t is to be hoped that many more parties
like Mr. Shields' will soonbe camped in
our midst.
On Saturday the tram running be-
iM'p'i-ii HfVcUi.-dio <tiid .Vriiiwli-ii.i w.-n;
through a treble and Win l.oe, llu«
head hrakcuinu, wii<* killed.
The i!ighUud«r mine at
is running fill! blast and cvpeit* to
a carload of ■voii.i'iitrali'** a
eepest pay 'i|<* tunnel   ill
mine ha- the d
Ca uiida.
Bub  Thnmp-sou   leUU'U'pid   I'l'iUtii   Air
IforaoHy country thi* week. The wing*
......   mui ,,(,,<., mi iitf, mnrm*tl\ ,««<i*«
Ituf* Thoimi im   v.-iii    um.iikt' '.i    tbi-
■Clonrwnter countrv
Fiiuime Miliixter l'lelilliiy j* repotted
ns saying in reference lo the agitation
111 favor ulileiin paper currency, that it
It.-is been the rule lor nouie time in i#*iie
new hi!l» -ulieiievoi tin* h.iiiki*. ieinl   in
■ lid bilU to tin* Ueccivee liciieiHi'**«(illiec
I It rtppe.iin fnnn lI.ti- la.itHiH-tit timl   the
< hunk* -l'e i-tiii-tly, if not m/.-'v, In ItUiiiv
j lortlie i-u<tit.i!i-.ii of liSlhy bills D-tuiiit
j Ion nn well a* brink currency,
1    Ait, im* »»i en n-|.i-;ii«'«H> H-niKiiu»*ii.iin-
AitiPWiirth j Innt-i. ought H-il In i'lllnu nu* cotiipt.iii.t
*hip- io be jiiMilriwi* in nie nl,..iit dirty M!U,
tiny.    This ] Iicciiiim- Uh- l-.iuk* me _*nml<-'l   tn   the
1 am nasslonately fond of children—
all children.
But I do not need any of mv wn to
rouse the motherly instinct, dormant in
xome women until they have families.
I tuny spend myself in devotion to mv
nephews nml niece-,: the maiden aunt
"is nothing in comparison with the
Bill I have been .spared the we«iiuesn
and worrioof tii.itorttitv.and the crown-
inif rcspiiin>ihiliiy of  discipling  young
I hare no house of my own
Hut I am apiiri'd the w>rvant worry.
I have not the constant, dully, loving
sympHtliT <>f-i husb/ind,
I    But my tiiisluiiitl might  have lieen a
j very ordinary man, who could not   in
i the' teJMt   !->-. inptnit/.c   with   in,   tinei*
j taste, or higher aspiration**,  where**
j the tnitnlN of the ui,-iiiiei-H In   litei.ilnie,
j IH, ,<ud niiixif an* not   hiiieil   a^aiii-i
, old ,11.till-
1     I have no line to   Hlir-e   on*   u-di-o   1
win, ill
■      Bill Will lio|  I..* !|.i! V|* :j'i, .,?   iPii.it.-us
i hluedl'-I'M, .Mil ctli iil.ipiis -    Iii-    ;.iui>p-, !\
; ii«.'ii#*'! in ,: li *;*i*v:
1 till) 1i:»l 1* as, \iti),..*l\; r « ill hi- .
crouiiiiia j«iief to ht,i»p»h n heii ini
Amsterdam.—News of an extraoiilin-
nry reason lor the withdrawal of British
troops from South Africa is current iu
Boer circles
This is nothing less than the discovery
that the dread disease of leprosy is
widely diffused among the Dutch far ".-
ers A suspicion of this became so well
grounded a few months mro that .loiui-
than Hutchinson, V II S, consulting
itirg-win to th<> Loudon Koniiitnl, was
■•cot to the Transvaal to tnaue an investigation and report.
It appem-s that Mr. Hutchimtnn has
now returned with note* of the most'
disquieting nature. He found that the)
ili^e.-ise was scattered over llie whole of (
Smith Africa. Originally it affected few J
hesiilea the natives, but in recent years j
it has become diffused among Ihe* bur- j
•jliei* from ("«|h* Town over the whole
Britihh territory, being eipeeially pre-1
v.i!c*'t in the Train.vhh! aud llie Orati||M i
lie Stale -just where thr Briti#h sol ,
tilt i,i iitr milt ijjoiil i oiuenU-iited .
The -(tread of the illaeaxe i« believed
lo lie due to the eating of food f'Oilt'lhl •
milled liy lino-sing through the hands of
!ep.M-, especially In the case of will lish
prci-an-il at vaitoiM place, on the nouth
,*;i-i w i*4 enlists
1 ui-siii  illicit   iiiii:in.isi,
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1901 \va"s, approximately, 30,000 tons. Since January 1
to April 26, 1902, the shipments have
been as follows:
Week    TotHl
Sunset (Jackwn lla^ln)	
American Roy	
Lh st Clinncc ,	
Wonderful  ....
Enti>r|)r!ite    no
Monitor (Ai-r-l)    »
UuiMiii Mums f April)    in
silver Glane-a	
siucan Slur    a
ICuilly Kililh	
Total ton*  nor
April I—Silver, :a\
• l tlu* ttl>t    ItllH
: lin-d, in*.' ii; th
.■■ !•*! thi! lu.e   .1
ll..- i I.
'I 1 IH
'*!« 1,11!
Wl.; u-.l li
ii. 10 ll'ir;
.»  !
*. l.M ll
•I   1-  |l,
Hi   the    lll-loiv   Ol
.  pcnv iiice it ie an
the   KiilclMlies   illl
11 .'u a il'l Mil- .h-'-ii
.';•    (in*    ..i.l    l'oln'1.
.    I ,\ ? • .1*
<;..iii lir.-
I -•
111 -
11 -
i -
'j 1	
.'.; -
■j.', -
:i 1  -
l^ead.i'll 7»nd
visions of empire, Rhodes one day in
Kimberley was picturing the grandeur
of British South Africa when the. rich
ands should be developed under the
British flag and the great colony should
be tied to England by lines of fast express steamers and "by a railroad to
Just then a litter was borne by.
Rhodes' face was illuminated by enthusiasm. He had just said: ""The
cost of the struggle iB as nothing to the
fruits that are to be reaped."
The litter bearers paused to change
their hold The fair face of an English
soldier lad was turned toward Rhodes,
and the wounded boy's pain drawn lips
Sympathy changed the expression of
Rhodes' face as he stepped down to the
dying soldier.
"1 am not afraid to die," gasped the
hoy, bravely, "but there is no one*, to
take care of mother."
"I will provide for her," said Rhodes,
simply, as he, made note of the mother's
name and address,and he strode quickly
into the house, with tears in his eyes,
muttering:  *
-sOiT7the'cairoritT~tiTircoit onr?flPT~
SOUWAB'S   conckssion.
Charles M. Schwab, president of the
United States Steel Company, is fond of
poker.and when in Pittsburg frequently
enjoys a friendly game at his home.
One evening this winter, just as the
timo limit was approaching,Mr Schwab
and one of the guests, a Pittsburg merchant, came together with good cards.
After a stiff raise or two the others
drop]led out, and the bets went back
and forth until the merchant had no
more money.
"I want to raise vou, Schwab,'' he
said, "can I put up an 1.0 U :-"'
"Don't like to take paper jn a card
game '' said the ateel man. "If you are
so sure you have the best cards why
don't yon bet your trousers!'"
"How much" are tlmy worth?" asked
the merchant,
•Put thein in for t'*h" said Mr.
He called the bet and won.
"I II have to trouble you for those
trousers," he said as the party prepared
to leave the card room.
■'Can't I semi them to you in the
iiiorniiiHi-* begged the me'rcliMit, "I
niMil them to go home in.*'
"Can't wait till morning," said Mr.
Schwab firmly, "but I'll loan you a
linen dilutee."
Ami in that the merchant sneaked
11 8s0d
11 Hslld
11 Ksfld
11 Hi-fld
11 bslld
11 tWiil
11 10*
11 7s:ld j
II HsMd i ||,.|.jr ., fortinie of more than -f'tmi/nv^'wiii
II l.!s»i<l j exprc*>iei| himself before Ihe voting
11 '-"'u||iiieii'p. l.ibleehiM iu llie Fifth Avenue
11 *'-'-' llai'lint I Illlllll,
IH-M.d» <V
II 16*
Riehes do not bar one Irom salvatioci.
Salvation depends on whether the mini
iioswesses the gold or the gold possesses
Ima "
Thus    epigiaiiiinallcally    Jolm    I),
Rockefeller, jr , who floiueday  will lu
ll liKliI
11 ios     «
II l;i«:»d:
II I'.'s<id
II 12M.-I
11 V.WM,
11  !.!,'-,!
11   I "is
11 Vo
nlil yesterday
id.-d   I uichiiii
Mi. Rockefeller  had
on   the   Piibject   of
1 *,.(-
1    III Vl II    l|»    III.IIMI.V'.    IIIMI -.
< *■ „'
•r.»!e.|   .1'    <iil|i
■     ! ,i j .11 ii..
-> o! ..'Ul /'--in
le ail i*tioeiuoil- bliniin-s^iulVHiiliirfe
i-oiie.'i'ii-    in
Veil llie   i4i).
siieh u«4 110 other iitisiiii--
lliis co'intrv n«ci*iri*, not
'Vlll. I-
l*,veli bniiV <*   mul,
,..t    t.
hu- *'■•!.;tl'h-Uii.n-u
11 oo the I |i
ti lur <.<*pp-j<»*< ■<»<•
er     I o.-iimlio,    .,,
t*iieui iirifoii 1 «
tin-     ll .llid.tl
In-or w li lc
it'.*;.     Tl.;-
I HI;     It ,t ■■
U.iu up
the iiiiichine  «
!»   I ■•Il.,'lll.-.'lt>1l*,
II       fi
I-    HI
and i»
IV   I..
* Ifl'l
ij eta
.is. lib
I roiiillieoi iio'ti   11
Uoii*f•• o* tii.ii-l, nut   i»
.""Hil.li   -.     I >.   ,-<•■>»    •»      Kl.lli
lil.-lll-li ! he lli.i^l oi llielH
ive   all   mui- ol
.cttei   I'lioil   :n
:,,.!   uiri,   «ti»
It    (*    froiii    11
all 1.
;t in-
i> in
(Wli III     .nit «-ii» h.Oi iir<     "|t,.(,,
||-i*,       il     -Hl*t       "*r :|||. ^l-!il|l^
/lo tiiitit"' io *lmu   lot   He*    pm
llin III;: :|.   'i-t    -it   i.-..;-i|'i.i|    il! "In'*-
Hflj fi-t . mh- 11     Wc are to t»i\<-
itehei iii hi* Suiiiiay talks  io  his  hthle
"When .lesiis »/in| lh.it il whs a*, no.
1.1-»ihle for a rich man to entei the
Mii^'l.iio of lieaVeti n* it wailura caund
to {i**n thtniiii'i tie* eye <»( a needle, in
toy opioion le* lid ii"t oieaii thai lii>
vvord". were til lie collsl. i|i»i| in the
lilel .il, lit'o.-nl -en»e.
ii ,(hr.,l,..|i ,l...| |l|. i-liH ,,H* (ill*
llllili-f f»••♦»"•(**••— -if 'ilte'. ofr, thev should
!'.• 1 ti Hi M II    .|.-|p|.-       I   illl.t     -.lltitlill    l-llllll'
Hint, It the rich ipi.iu |i!;|tl-j|iil«. |»n-.i«e*,-
-i«i|i*Ih»I in i.iiiIphI ■•iili-V|9<* I, lirgitnill
.1  !*• rivet.
Hiii tie' |..i»««-i.i.ii nf wealth will in.I
-*l   --In- Itntii  hei -; ip. .      I'   f   'it'    Mll|*»  1-
J-l-l   4|i»- (*>i  ll 1 Ik    ,li,(*ii,| 1;   l,»c ol   ;il,v
u'lilitv oi'e-ii'iu!;. \< --t.'-u  i*.  >-»|tl,vll>
«.||en»ivc hi the t;;;h? ol < io'I.'
I l»e.||e Oftllk-liotes lo an Hlflrtlitif i-ipt.tl  ti
j lis |.,iiil-iii. capiiiii     K«<r  iiistatici*.   th<-
Thos.   Mulvey of Sloean  (.,'»«>•„ mi.A   *?*iii,*l; fljf ^B'n-iibltf-^atQ.•«u*i!ij ij**!'",'-"'"1 sxAn,
MimSi   M   Miillftti.  were niarriwl at I i.aid-up «a|, tal, in .iiitlinui d' t<.   Ann-
thi» home of th^brldfi'* parent* at Vin-!itu,0i»ii,i>ii in htink note    ft-, cijiiini.
ton, <^tie., on .Kuril   7th.   r-Miirntn? lot the liin' .-..   ,■<     ■-, ',...„',. .,
Moi-iin 1. uy lam weeK with ini! In nie.     \ in flChhieni t<» the in-les (1 i*,*,tie*    Thi* {lb
T R luinocamein last week from
throil'.'h Mu- Y.*!tnO ,"ui P*i-**, -'n -   1!p.
K-ioteua.v M-ii!„ 111u.il Miii-re-:   „itt.uh<*s
'l-i the lii.%,1 n*-i,it ..j  «"«-;,'  Slant,*"  i »t i.f   *
.-,., Iili.iii'ie .ill .lllMiio |i\ .(-He-   i»|e   Mr j
li, M    I>.iw-oii   piiiii.iiiini il   Ihe   loo *i
tv«if|..f,    Mm-misj  -I
I'. Smith, ik«-
uieans that lh# ttank nt .Vlontreal gel*i w+H konwu K*tnhwv<n»   «»vi«.i   mm.,  **.*
the u**«of ten mllllnn-of mmiev free, il» ohi.iined If.iio him tin*  hdlowing   |«n
it can circulate th# not*».   Asa matter ticnlnrs ..(th«-^i- Uith* known deposit*
of fart, lh«» Itank of Montre-it yei»,»rallv S Mr Smith * u* ImA ten year*' etju'r-eir*
of late Ima had 7 or Hi million dollar* off with mi-a and Ik- ih-ntoii.'I.K  studied
ita imte» in cirmlalion. accorilinjf tn the,' it« elnraiieri*iie* and marketab|#. r^ual
ofRciiil Qav*<nnn«vvt Mmnv   If an or-jiile*
A ahoot of high-grada galena orf h»ijdinary hu»tn*«a man or busuu-a firmf    Thr |.ro|M*rtv in whhh be 1, inifn-t
come Into thp fafi**rif th* lower wnrttlna* nu C'ltruutn Ae^rt**■ ive. e.( ttiuiu'v,iutcrciUjCd in f,!u* vUUviiv n, \<f\* .Uiiimi *»,acb#
ah  the   He«*tt.     HfT-ctofore   till  or-fl ha* to be jfiald.   The iuiwtwt ihe haiiki|*wm-»l*l« ot *c*Wi tJa in« on \fira Moim-
proixtrty ba» tje-fii, a»k it at itrtwnt •'. i*r wm,   In othi-r' tain, four mile* from Sate! Vreek to ttw
ixwdoiiand will reopen the Wakefield
immediately.   The Augfo-Slocan Synd)
•ate wa* reeooAy forim-rd in Kugland
for the purpoio of leading the property
from the Wakefield coiapany.
I i.* Do-
uiiiiii 11 ily
of \ num.
.-. 1 '-I '1 of
"Irarif* rti g»»hi in the a»tie« mt it belli-
bn'i. Iff-cr" 41 Olvtitpia. 'i\i«»l<.,   i*lel   Ihe
tl.r*»' found in a t-hiikeu'* cMp" at
loiepliiii'-. tb,, the two Sn»i annual
»iat<*iiietita beiiin urnr o»i>riliie
• i 11,-i 1 ;, i' .!* '-t'.
(at ' >- she laie-'t fine "!'* uieler
lam. »"*;tii-»      1 to* «l|.ct<iliil* the
Xlfi'i WUT'O *ii ♦«» |***l oilllie
ri-pofli'd    'i-i*l'i    ihe   v'nii.!'
»l , , I.   ,   V.i*.   .'* I ..I,-I'll  i I, nl I   tl
I   I ,'llt I   lll-l:   1
H.« ueeil a i 1'
•■ ' *> ;.* *'l '■■ ''
nil! IV..oi* .. .;.
ail 'town ami
1   .   Mho »lts in the i*!,.'.i|'i-
1.1 new ami d-K-i'iii   ;*!«•»,
,  -A...     Ihi-fr    .Uf    '.-il-    -A
"Hi  i;.;iiil..    M nlil   ;>. u
',*. mi- 01 about   llllv  no;io
l l,e  .-!,.<   ,,i    IllUft  -.,..-     -I
sin- «•) oil linio a tunnel (ai
• tt,i,»ji i,\ i,.ii;ii -**.«' nr v.p<ro-
Ji-''....... ,',.... ■   „.    »..,
;' lln-eil ll».-(f  Im-loti*/     U.*il*    tfielO
■ »er*,"t*» llu* *!">»' 1-  Jp.r ;»   i««*«
"> dishe* fur tli**   H.ipiisf  cliurcb
grind ihein ciil a* p»mi a»
ifelld them t<» Hie     I*. S -
*t*-t   ni
ihle ami
CU,    l-i
the    (-.
1    .it
(.'il,1 Illl   |*i(V.
l1e.1V s
Ul   i»    the pf!' >
.1    , r n' *: • i,;* > p * -
■ (o 1 de vm«ite
hir^riv 9 till
'-.,■'     "   « '   :   :,
■ .!..•*!*>• of
will   put
AU Ihesc original
• haurirey  lh'
If *otk.
•Tfrf ff-'T of (t   trj.
ahipjwd fiom thia  proi^rt.i
drv, and -raniiing »tth lh# jtai**«» t*-\ word*, t*WiBank u, i.i»uWr*\ t* ii-mnoig
eemtiy muonnfari%l la altotit  threr».fe«*t f out at ft per c«ut it* notes, whuh i-oat
. of thit character «l or*-, all  of. which i*j it nothing ftnett the i-Hct-* nf manti'ac-
•hip-pin^. xtmfrg trnA-etigTiithij lb? fmon     Ttii*
ton the prog tarn nu
I.oh t*i:* *re f,r^M»»le to »f^l raifaj **** *«" ***£   -' ,,*vl,,|l,?,,'v
»mieh mori- time and labor t*v mend and i
ftraijcbtf «>.*nd it'** o*i* »>l tte-m »i»»itkT*ei* *	
«!.'.#*• r*mi in thr long run lhan th* iron"
»til* i-h». n?9t\ ihiAtgb ihe taltw may .\ *;$i»»t*-<- iA An- Me I'm A WmhIih* s*
mot-tlte*** The Hoi.aula i* the henner «w»t mens in the ttegintiing- THie ir»ii 1 had in a feller wilUn from Kirwlwme*
r'niro • t*i!« vttt at*'*  uttiUve tlu*   »t««l   i»ll»,| auon »fte» ihe RrltUlv f*A'cm«itkrti *A  U*<
The Minnie Smith adjpuiu* lh»» ou tW  i*«wMif le«e rapilu mtrnAtA by oHInarv I«-il*
u.Hth:,-i'*!,ih*n Ifiitnw   m   9 tfntttetU •■wu.tw motrt. '     r.tet a *\t+*tt**t, tn* tiuii t hlt^t  **ifh
i*l,*ii.i-ni nil* .ttpil ^'1-eii'ol fu«( k.
• tuinatra •iiiiij)  i»v   pc.vehog
weie to|i T it'*  till,  n»*i-.la-s
s|e.-l imt* of largf rapai •>*, ainl  an  *!>
» inii y iintform i}r«id«» lo tl e trark, ii«»t
, ir**** ih.iii t iiH'hes or inoir liiao 7 inchea
:i«thi»l'*t ft*et    I l.i«  car should run
''.liwi. !..y x*'.*'*"'*;*. *n>*  ***' *S,   ,,    Wii^bt
* and ih Mgn surh I Imt   it can in* rtnlly
An->-ty hii,-l ,*ri*{?y ip, > > •,■> ,tr   '! 1,*  ,*r
dinaiji  -jieeiS nf ttitiluia
n   .    .:>.. h#** 11 f.ft#-*-rt iHrint**
grafiif    *ift>    eighf jinunif
J S,ur*i
ttir» »V>i
t.tii n»«»» «*• tlf,»- k«*»t innttU,,tilnulili'
■h*t;4**i ifaUhmg *t I,■*•»•<»?,!'#*, I'.'.-i .  Jttty
4, l"#»* THE LEDGE, NEW D^NV&R, B. C, MAY ], 1902.
Ninth Yeae
Thk Lkdok U two dollars a year in advance When not. so paid it is ShSO to parties worthy oi credit. LorhI ndvertishiR 10 cn^tf H
nonparlel lino first insertion, and ft cents a line each subsequent insertion. Keadinn notices Ub cents a line, and commercial advert!-,) "l?
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: Thk Lkdok is located at New Denver. B. C, and can he traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the tt"£\
every Thursday and has never been raided hy the sheriff,* snowslided hy cheap silver, or suhdued hy the fear of man. It works for the tf"}]
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champnuiie-ilavored capitalist. It aims to he on tlio right side of everything nnd believes that R ,11
" should he administered to the wioked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that PJs
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of lob work is worked occasionally, for the lion^U.
of humanity and the financier. Ilomn in and see us, hut do nut pat the hull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow Irom our wii*«r
barrel: one is savage nnd the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; h' >s
BUre ol a hunk in paradise,with thornless roses for a pillow hy night, and nothing hut gold to look at ttyatiy.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this squnrc
' indicates that your suWriji-
tion Is due, nnd that the editor
wishes once again to look at
four collateral.
THURSDAY,  MAY 1, 1902.
May 29 will be Laurier's anxious
day. *	
May is here, but not so warm as
she might be.
A good joke is generally no joke
for somebody.
Talmage died a poor man, .only
leaving $300,000 behind him.
Americans seem bound to own
England commercially, if not politically.
The rising price of beef indicates
that the meat men are playing for
high steaks.
"Hit the kitty, and keep a-deal-
ing," even if silver just grazes the
50 cent mark.
humor unless it is   writ  in  large
letters of mud,
Tourists in search of bears can
obtain free information from tlie
editor of this paper.
- wm
You can always judge the intelligence of a community by the support it gives a virile newspaper.
War between Japan and Russia
seems inevitable. This adds a
brighter flush to the lead   market.
Fanners in the east are asking
$1 a bushel for potatoes. Rubes
are just the same as other mortals
when they have an ace in sight and
another one in tho cellar.
London papers now say that the
Morgan Trust will control Canada's
ports and railways. The poor
Canadians of course will sit quiet
and take their medicine.
The tourist trade promises to
make Banff a large town. The
newspaper is to be revived at that
point—always a sign that someone
has money, even if it is only the
editor, v
The Kaslo Kootenaine says that
The Ledge should be light enough
for New Denver without the addition of electric lights in the town.
Thatmay be right if it was turned
on daily.
The Dominion census of 1891
cost 11 cents a head, and that of
1901 a little over 20 cents a head.
Pap followers are evidently more
expensive under Liberal than Conservative rule.
In British
spend time
Columbia some  men
and   money to get a
Legislature. Iijdoes
not look wise to us when a really
good prize fight can be seen nowadays for a dollar,
A movement is on foot in Ba-
yonne,New Jersey, to force women
to wear short dresses on the street,
This might be all right in Bayonne
but it would never do in New Denver.   Too much wind.
' The Golden Era haa ducked, and
will come up at Armstrong under
the name of Advertiser. Golden
is evidently sliding down the scale
in I of commercial wisdom when it CAn-
There should be   no trouble
making the meat trust of America I m)t support a newspaper.
bring down its prices.   Eat vege 	
Lost week marked an era in the
lead business of Canada. The
Trail refinery turned ont its first
pig load.
The amount of money provided
by tht* Provincial estimates is totally inadequate for the requirement*
of the Slocan.
The IxKim iu the Territories is
making the saw buzz in Kootenay.
Our lumber industry Ih worth more
than iU Jxiard.
Sad news comes from South
Africa. The Highlanders can no
longer wear kilts, according  to a
reevnt military order.
A man recently fell over ttOO feet
in a I'nited State* mine and was
only slightly hurt. Must have
lieen a Christian Scientist.
The tourist moiwoii opened in
New Denver last Saturday. It.
will never end when the world gets
wWer through reading our ad*.
Tin* earnings of tin* lutereolonial
railway are greater than ever which
will imiiii more money for votes ni
the next gcniMBMcctinii in Canada.
The I'ltihihUioniata want a new
di*l in ManitMiu. They any that
in the recent cle-ctiou they wen*
cold'dpeked hy fraud and iiriliery.
The <* mt ml  nf   Canada'* Tim«»,i
People kick at the actions of the
B. C. Legislature, and seem to forget that the men who represent ub
were the choice of the majority. If
they had not been elected we could
not kick at the.ir amateur legislation.  	
Open gambling has been strangled by the police in Rossland.
The citizens will now fall back upon ping pong and Sunday too, as
betting on mining stocks has long
lieen out of fashion in the golden
The game has switched in Toronto. Once it was miuing, but
now it is railroad stocks that the
people aro lietting on. Wonder
they wouldn't trade in faro and
roulette. The action is quicker
and the result similar.
farmers that it is not advisable *o
mingle too much aqua pura \\ft\
the lacteal fluid. About a pint °f
the former to a gallon of the lathis the right proportion. By following this advice the public will neV;V
catch on, and every milkmai' 8
reputation will be immaculate.
"Come from behind the rocP)
and we'll finish yon in short order < ''
shouted a Highlander to the Bo*0v-$
at a recent battle in South Afri^.
The Boers shouted back. "If ybiJfi$
come from behind the Canadians,
we'll clean you up in no tinig-''
Great is the Canadian.
conies from holding the flag in the
bre^e against a sure thing and being shot to pieces with the vain delusion that fool hardiness is bravery.
Fov » few cents a day, a suit of
clothes, and slender rations, the
sons of Canada have cut a; wide
swath in one of the most expensive
conquest wars of modern times.
They are no doubt satisfied with
the reward for their longing for
blo0d has heen appeased even if the
world does think that they went a
long way from their own trail in
order to-back the materialistic government of England.
4jid now that the end of the
wav is in sight what will tlie Canadians'receive for their share?
thanks from the capitalists'" and
Itye war has cleared the way for
capitalists to dig gold and diamonds
without molestation, and given the
Chijies-o ii new field for their cheap
labor- There is no exclusion law
against the yellow race in the
black man's country and already
200 Chinks have sailed from Vancouver to Boei'laud for the purpose
of working in the mines around
Johannesburg. Thus great good
is done by bloodshed and tho wreck
of matter. The rich men get the
cream and the Chinamen get the
jobs, while the Canadians get their
passage home and the supreme
satisfaction of being great soldiers).
Verily, this do be a queer world.
Heading m-edical works on disease and patent medicine ads produce many maladies. Through
the power of wrong thought people
are made sick, ami through the
power of right thought they are
made well and kept that way.
The H'jimmi that Canadian inaiiu-
fart it ivrn do not Hceuru a larger
nhare nf the Yukon imde in luraiiw
they do not furninh good* suitable
for "the requirements of the trad*'.
Tliey need more brains at* the head
of tiielr establishments and hw
ttA**e. economy.
A piece of a dog's skull was recently grafted upon a human h#il
in Saginaw, and the patient is d^-
ing well. B\ e and bye science \tfHl
be able to do most anything, pliably inject brains into B. C. legislators. What a triumph of si*K
gical skill that would be?
This winter owing to the gr^t
rush of tourists to Los Angelas
people in Chicago sometimes \\M
to wait ten days before they coU^
get sleeping berths on the trails
running to. Southern California.
Hundreds of tourists could not ^t
accommodation in Los Augers
the hotels. This should be an <?b>
ject lesson to British Columbia.
Every summer when Old'SoLmaJ^s
life unbearable in the East V1*!
South this province should be-filled
with thousands of people who love
fecenery and cool nights.
Tiie following passage from 'Mi
unknown exchange contains a yim
deal of wisdom and sound seu^:
"What helps one, helps all, T^e
thing to do is to stand together gflt\
help one another. Help the. t<)<vn
and you help yourself, The prosperity of one is the prosperity Qf
all. Pull down your neighbor j>n-il
you hurt yourself. Put a w^e
across tho path of progress and /Qu
break your own neck. Jump oVjt-o
the rich man and you'll be poor indeed. Oppress the poor and you'll
suffer from poverty. Be hopeful,
big-hearted, broad-guaged. TlJeVe
is nothing hurts tho town, the people and the husinesH more than *^e
presence of the narrow, contract
cross between a blue pot auJ a
vinegar barrel, who never spend* a
dollar for his own or any otJ'Sr
one's comfort."
A Kansas editor makes this -ftp-
peal to delinquent Hubscril^N:
"Fish into your pockets and dig Mp
the dust, the editor is hungry -*hd
the paper 'bout to bust. \\VYe
trusted you for Ki'vcrai iiioiitliH,i*lui
did it with a smile; so just retail
the compliment and trust us fu)' a
while. Our wife she needs w>'he
stockings, and baby needs a drS-%;
Jimmy needs a hat, so does l(At<J
and Bess. Pud is on the hog tnihx,
Peggy's sick with grief, and g^xl
gosh almighty, can't you giy/' a
man relief? Shell out thosenid^l*
and turn loose those dimes; \t>\u
'em loose and whistle and w^ll
have lietter times. There will lie
fewer jiatches on the hoaom uf fl\\r
pants, and we would make tlie
pajier letter had we half a ehui'l\'.
bnn't give us that old story, bo
long gone to seed, 'Imm taking
mon* family imi|s*ik than the fan'Uy
waiitK to mul: but help to -V«il the
,,,.l,,it\+, i*,.*,,! lw, ..-III I*-,-.*.!.-..   fM.-f*   , ,i\-,~,
i - ■ , .....
to \*to*k  ',\r\A thiin ewnpn  the   **\\-
phur in the region? down hchiY*,'*
..V\H*H   OF    i*llK   Ttiisi'lf.
The woman who would have
beautiful teeth must remember that
three'things are necessary;—they
must, be white, sound  and strong.
l-ryr the teeth to meet this description, one of the first, or probably the very first, requisite is
cleanliness of the mouth. Without
this precaution there, can be no
preservation of the teeth or gums.
Again, as the condition of the
teeth depends greatly upon that of
the -stomach,  it is  essential   that
Onion Sets
Onion Sets
t'oi-Sflli' "t
NelSOIl'S Drug & fcook Store
Now Tloiiv-BIN I*. C.
that organ should be kept in good
order. An indirect, though very
sure way of bringing on decay of
the teeth and aii offensive breath is
to overload the stomach with rich,
indigestible foods. If, in spite of
a discreet diet, the teeth sometimes
get out of order,a simple and effective remedy may be found in a tablet
composed of soda and mint dissolved iu a little water and taken
after meals.
It is a very simple matter to
keep the teeth in order, if one will
once cultivate the habit of giving
them a few minutes each day.
With a good brush, which has
bristles neither hard nor soft, a
wholesome powder, devoid of any
gritty substance, and a pure mouthwash, one may keep the teeth and
gums in perfect order indefinitely.
Listerine makes an efficient
mouthwash, but for those who prefer a myrrh lotion a simple recipe
is the following: Gum mastic,
powdered, 2 drams; balsam of Peru,
A (Irani; orangeflower water, 5
ounces. Mix into an emulsion,
and then, shaking continually, a*dd
three drains of myrrh. This is
especially effective when the gums
are diseased, or the teeth loose.
An unpleasant breath is often
attributed to decayed teeth, when
the teeth are in no way affected,
and the odor arises entirely from
the stomach. As a cleanser for the
stomach a remedy whose virtues
are extolled as highly as those of
soda and mint, is hot water. It
should be taken   on   arising,  and
also between meals.   The generous
use of limewater is also helpful.
There are many arguments advanced against the eating of sweets
in connection with the teeth. To
these it may be answered that eaten
in moderate quantities sweets, if
pure, will not hurt the teeth. The
only essential is that the mouth be
thoroughly washed afterwards.
This, too, should be an invariable
rule after meals, and if even after
the mouth has been rinsed, there
are still accumulations in the teeth,
these should . be removed with a
dentist's thread, strands of which
may be purchased at any drug
Cigar Co.
For prices apply to—
Wholesale Agoutis fovP.Q.
Vancouver, H.O.
Our Special
El Condor
Our Naptha
Launch will soon
be on the Lake for
the use of
|». O  HOX 7(1. NRLHON, M.C.
"w-mr.    WANTED
\\V Wit iMuW'y ♦'uMwovthv |llU. ,\i,,l viuiutii
In „vt'i-¥ lorulliy, liM'ni nr Irnvi'lltii', to Intrndiipf*
» lu.iv dlm'tiviT/ mul tUM\> mir show i-uiilii nml
mlv«irtl*liiK iinitt<*r tin-knl up in <'<>ti>i>l(.|i<nm
I'-ftr'"' llihiuKimt I'"' tuwii anil -.iimiiry Mti-a<|y
e«tiiil<*«yiin>iit vi-nr round! <*<iiiiiniMlnii ur xiilnry.
•»l!» |M*r Illlllll ll   lllul   l*l|H •!*•<«,   lint   In |.'»-
ci*v,| */ -V» in*r i|iiy.   Wrlli- fur i'iirtk*iil«r«
fiMllflllii |)<>» 8.11. I.llitloii, Out
»l*»ii«,« '-'i'l l»»»n>nli*o nil<lriK»t„ .,| J-Tl.KV KX
FAflMKlN wrho (mv,. |nn > toctairor wlmlmvi*
iIm. fur nSTI!«l» I'Ul.LICU.mul \u> will „ll
f»tic»!ii;.viiiir(nliliv.» , mjiv •! .nrhi-.il. »ui thi
ilt-i.-it Niiriliwc»l, imw ituliiic ti, i,i-i'»«. Wrlu
l>U|iil>',Hiiili,iliiii«u||M. VV. HMITII ••ltl*lllli:i»
Cli   l.ll |(<».SSK,W|S
And the traveling' public generally
will find everything for the inner man
that will put'a shine of health and
gladness  on the outer man at the
St. James Hotel
A. j;
Job Printing
Thai assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Illl' HtltOlllOlllIl!   IH   A    tlltllK   IIM-
prodwtiw ni ki'l minra hm \mwet\\ known n. tin* mukhii, nut we.  inw«
Int4> the littnri* of n jjr«il Amerii«ii j »*»<• Hnownliilo.    Ir im much nwifu-r _____
tnwt.    1 ImnlcM io thp Ontario fjov.t»i'd •»>lw«ly who ritUii out-t i* iiewi j
Priiuwit. |«m»twl by thi'Hici'.    Now York (>an,\f*i/(*     .
Iik Xmu' Ym-k "Km jMilici>ini>ii  ii*. ■ uh«>n il in u\\  to   «nott«lid«*i  t'"' gnH Waf 'M,rj   "'
I'HIUWllttll** ll |i v (• j L"J
with  all
ilK?    l^er
war.     \m  figh'*'w
llii'ir record in  on   tin*  top   |j^i*.
Ooing to the front voluntarily \*h|
wntl.v tr«i«lMl th^ Mil «uriatii   iii*.; stucnn mruply ilic-j* away
trict Wnd arr«**t<**fl over 2(K) wuhk-ii, j th«* honom.
Taking thc fruit, and   having thej  "
tree, an it wen*. Wc have a long article from thej no particular end in view exee*,t Xo
———— | Department of Agriculture instruct-1 utinte   their  desire   for   liunt^g
1 hiM ix IhuhiI* » growing  time, nig uh how to look after cowa.   I In*, liiinuiii gauie they have written thu
Jnd/L'inp the way l>eef and jn>tatfM*4 inforiuation I* wa-tinl upon   n* a*«! name nf (Vniatla in blood acn*H« *lic
are cliujldng   upward.    If 'ilvcr  nm jnirnKt iu Ihe  VtAton*   fntnih   tnee nf Smithcrn Africa.    Tin w ie
would follow «uit what a halo there Med when our picket   fence  wa^tiiiithin-j: in il for the Taiiin*** ^'AjtJ P*y?mp9r~^P*cx^mPX~ymm—mm—m  m—mpCAmm—~mp^:^mm'~y^P*Ciy*[Pj
would tn* nniiiml the Siocnii. thirn.     We  might   *ay   to  dairvt'c*ept   the   iiowi>)m|iit   glory     ti**%la X % Wj^'m^mtm^A&Pm^mm^wmm^m  Pm^'mAP€   mm^^m^A^mpA^lmimtllmmB\ %
Bank of Montrea
t**.1pii,\p.ii(.in*ii mil.
Capital (all \mht up) |tl,,(-*-U0,*UUMJU
»<»*iprvwi tuwii  :  -.   T.mxmxm
Undivided proflta  :   s   M0,(«l.(M
in.*ii  iu-fic-v:,  Mii.STiii:.*!..
Ur. Hn.v. IjniuiHrin7nai.VAii.id .Mount h'oiMu (i.V.M.ti. J-'itMideut.
llox.CJ. A. Drummoni), Vice President,
K. 8. Cmiuston, (Icneral .Manager,
|lr-inclie.K in all paitH of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain. nn<l
•lie ('nired State*.
New Denver branch
l-R M.DR VPAWU, rnnncer
V Ninth Yeah.
THE LJflUUJfi,'NifiW DENVER, B.C., MAY 1. L902.
"My boy,"  said   Uncle   Hiram,  once,
.,       - while giving* tao advice,
I'   ' ".< ■     "The saw that doesn't wabble is the one
that cuts the ice,
The saw that close applies itself, within
-. its narrow groove,
,.y       Will soon or late fulfil its work by keeping-on the move.
When half way  through, temptation
may beset it, like as not,
To leave the place that seemeth  hard
and seek a thinner spot;
But shifting saws will learn, at length,
when failure they invite,
There's many a way o' doiir' things, but
;, only one way's right!
"And bear in mind, my  boy,   through
life, if tempted tasks to shirk,
Success is but a second crop, the after
math of Work,
A lubricator tried and true is Perseverance Oil,
p And Fortune's smile is rarely won except by honest toil
A safe cross cut to Fame or Wealth has
never yet been found,
The men upon the  heights  today are
those who've gone around,
The longest way, inspired by the savin',
somewhat trite,
There's many a way o' doin' things, but
only one way's*right."
I knew my Uncle Hiram had achievement's summit reached;
1 knew him as  an   honest  man  who
practised what \\e preached—
And so 1 paid the lesson heed, and nipt
attention gave,
When, in an  added  afterthought, he
said:   "My boy, be brave!
Act well youi- part; tenaciously to one
straight course adhere;
Though men declare you're in a rut-
work on, and never fear:
You'll realize, when   vou,  at  length,
have reached achievement's height,
There's many a way o' doin' things, but
onlj* onu'way's right!" *
—uoy V. Green, in April Success.
The coronation is now the one
absorbing topic of conversation in
society. The subject haa been a
daily increasing one for months,
but since the new year began it has
developed by leaps and bounds,
until now nothing else is thought
of or talked about. There might
be no war going on in South Africa,
no session of Parliament sitting,
debating and voting away the nation's money at Westminster, no
theatres. Indeed, dinner-parties,
"small and earlies," and balls
would excite but little interest in
the West End, did they not furnish
a field for the discussion of the en-
_ grossingjopie of the hour.    Natur
ally, the chief question of interest
to Americans who are already coming over in shoals is: "How am I
going to see the coronation?'' How,
as a matter of fact, unless he (or
she) be a special embassador, such
as Mr. Whitelaw Reid, or in his
retinue; or belongs to the regular
United StateB embassy in London,
no American citizen, male or female, will see the coronation. They
will have to be in Westminster
Abbey to do that; and the space
within the power of the authorities
will barely supply room for the
cream of the people who have a
sort of right to be there.
1 dare Hay it is generally thought
that both Mr.Pierpont Morgan and
Mr. Andrew Carnegie are sure of a
place. But these gontlemen will
find that, on this occasion, their
wealth won't help thein. Thus,the
coronation of King Edward the
Seventh of England will offer one
occasion where money will not
have power, In other words, "The
free list will be suspended," to
which we may as truthfully add,
"The press excepted." Yes, all
London, aye, and all England, and
the rest of the world, except the
chosen few who are to lie given
entrance to Westminster Abbey,
will have to content theniHclveH
with reading about it in the evening or ou the next morning, and he
Mitihllcd with a view of the king's
procession to and from the Abbey.
And so will the American ladies
and gentlemen who have already
begun the trimwatlantie rush to
England. "(Joing over to ace the
coronal ion," is what 1 hey-tell
evcryliody. A Ina! for their pretty
Innocence, They will hco the procession, that's all.
And juwt fancy what the streets
will lie like! The man in the street
on coronation day will he a thousandfold what lie ordinarily is,  for
cression will, on Thursday, Jup-5
26th, leave Buckingham Palace by
the sovereign's gate and proceed
by Constitution Hill, Piccadilly, gti.
James Street, Pall Mall, Cockspur
Street, Whitehall, and Parliament
Street to Westminster Abbey-
After the coronation the retur*1
journey will be much shorter, an-^
will merely include Whitehall
again, and then turning in at th0
Horse Guards, traverse the Mall-*
simply, and so regain Buckingham
Palace. What is known as th#
great procession will take place oV
the following day, and the rout-0
will virtually be through London*
embracing the Strand and eastward
through the city, and be identical
with that followed ou the occasion
of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubi'
lee in 1897. This latter display
will be a more popular pageantjbuti
the first day will be mostly fof
"Bmart" people,and in that respect/
it will be more to the taste of the
American cootingent of sight-seers.
A comparison -of the charges for
house frontB and windows on tin?
occasion of the first day's "show"
with those asked in the city on the
second day, will, perhaps, give
sufficient point to what I say. Th-y
windows of St. George's Hospital,
fronting on Constitution Hill, command from $1,250 to 81,500 each.
So in St. James Street, windows
supplying from 20 to 30 seats eau
be had for three hundred guineas;
while the lowest price for a window
in Pall Mall containing from 20 to
40 seatSj ranges from three hundred aud fifty guineas to'five hundred guineas. In Piccadilly the
prices of windows are pretty much
the same, one shop-keeper offering
the entire front of his building for
$5,000. On the other hand,for the
second day you can get a window
in Ludgate Hill for from $500 to
$2,000 according to the "floor";
while the highest price is in Scovell
Road, Borough Road, where they
ask $3,500 for a window.
So, single seats in the West End,
to which the first day's procession
will be confined, range higher than
in the city or south of the Thames.
Thus, for a seat in a Piccadilly or
St. James Street window you will
have to pay from $7.50 to $25,
while in Scovell Street you can get
a seat for $5. However, strange
to say, in some parts you will have
to pa}r higher for a single seat iu
the Strand, than they will ask you
in Pall Mall. BjitJbhe-JBlucidatioji
of this seeming paradox lies in the
fact that "smart" people will not
want single seats. Rich provincials
are the fish for the second day nets.
The-first day and the \Vest End tu-0
what Americans will want, aud a
matter of dollars is not going to
stand in thc way of their getting
it. The king has formally ordered
that the day following thc coronation shall be observed as a general
bank holiday as well, so that, as
Saturday will thus by tacit consent
become a virtual holiday,' London
will be en fete from Wednesday
night to tha following Monday
For tne benefit of women readers
lot me add a few facts concerning
the robes to be worn by Queen
Alexandria during the coronation.
She herself has decided that they
shall be as up to date as possible,
She has no wish to look like a pie-
ture painted iu the Middle Ages, or
to resemble a queenly portrait
taken from Andrew Lang'a fairytales. Nor will she walk under •_
canopy. She has put her foot
down on that point. But the old
custom of having her train borne
by her three daughters she iH likely
to adhere to. They, by the way,
will bo conspicuous during the coronation ceremony. For, with the
death of Queen Victoria, her children (the king,of course, excepted)
immediately became Kccoiidttrv u>
the children of thc king. Thus,
Princess Christian, 1'rincti.H Louise
(the Duchess of Argyll), Princes*
Henry of Hattenherg, the Duehe.su
of Saxe-Coburg-Uotha (widow of
the Duke of Kdinhurghj,tho Duchess of Albany, nnd the Duchess of
Counaught, all must give way to
the Duchess of Fife, Princess Victoria, and Princess Charles of Denmark, and llie wife of the Prince
of Wales, who now   precedes   the
robeg worn by James the Second's j of the street with a lecture on po-
queen are said to find   most  favor! litical reform- admission free—and i
with Queen Alexandra, and as the
forn\ of crown worn by the same
queen has been adopted for that
being made for Alexandra, it is
probable that hev robes will also be
determine where   the   "betrayed"
j people will most congregate.
Just so long as the people imagine their own fault to be the fault
of some one else,and not their own, j
just so long will there be no im
There is no harm
In blowing your own horn so long as you have the right tune,
and you bet your big Canadian dollar we have the right tune
Ass to tbe crown, the massive < provement. Once reason it into!
afiaii* which delights all sight-seers j them that they themselves are to
m the lower of London, will not i blame, the sooner they will begin
be worn. It would simply crush | remedying the evil—the sooner the
down Alexandra's lovely hair, and j people will begin ascending a better
give ber a stiff neck holding aloft j plane of thought-the sooner poli-
its mighty weight.   She will have I ticians will become statesmen; for
an up-to-date crown, if you please,
patterned in the main after that of
Jameg the Second's Queen Mary.
It will be made small and light,
and will rest daintily on the head
Without swallowing up'and hiding
the hair. The famous K.oh-i-noor
Will not decorate the crown > but
Will be worn on the front of the
queers bodice. It is hoped by
Australians that their great pearl
■may be allotted a place, but nobody j
quite lenows. So, also, with the
Queensland opal. It would be ft
graceful compliment to pay the
eolonies, it is true, but kings and
tiueons must use tact and not cause
jealousies at home. The colonies
■must be kept in their place. The
Duke of York's visit carried them
away » bit.—Cockaigne, in Argo-
Till!   "HETIM^KD"    riH)l'LK.
Two hundred dollars worth of Hams and
Bacou just received. These Hams cannot bii
beat m Prices or quality.
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the SOOner the j Baeon~i3e lb.   Hest in the world.
Choice Clams, big cans, 15c
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Hold your orders for soafis.    Wc arc goin^ to
sell you Soaps at factory prices.
Blue. Point Oysters, big can, 35c
In ten days fr Din now we are uoing to receive
■is juices.   We-
We have two-
the people will have become statesmen themselves.
The only true reform is the ele-  „-...„	
vation of the moral and intellectual] S«ltW™ themlS ^atlf /tt
Status of the people. ! eiacevour orders with ns for Kkks and Butter.
          „_"_.   .     _ !'   Hen Davis Apples, *S>.45 box.
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Big Chicken Wheat Sale now going on.
Goods shipped all over the country.
Orders attended to at once.
Mothers,  Fathers,  Uncles.  Aunts,  Cousins,.
Prospectors, Bachelors and Old Maids,don't forget the—
The following" words of wisdom"
from a recent American publication
*u*e quite as applicable to Canada
as to the United States:
Many people seeking uo further
than personality lay much blame
Upon the politicians for the situation as it is." But the blame lies
Hot with the politicians; it lies in
the general apathy and erroneous
ideas. The kind of politicians we
have today is the kind of politicians
the people through mistaken ideas
themselves create. The successful
politician of today owes very little
to the people. True, their votes
elect him. 'But what of that?
Their votes would also elect A or
3 or C as quickly as they elect
him, if either of these were to receive the nomination of the convention. The nomination is what
he must look to, and that means
he must look to the monopolies, for
they fix the nomination. Now,
then, if the monopolies fix up the
ticket, of the R party and also fix
the people unanimously vote either
of these tickets, and thus a, politician receives office, he considers
the monopoly who put him on the
tiokofc ae hie master.
If you were to ask this politician
\vhy did he not  consider  himself
indebted or under obligation to the
people, he would tell you (<that the
people did not vote for   him,   but
Voted for the ticket,"   and   which
Would be a solemn truth;   that the
monopolies offered him the  office,
providing he would serve their interests during his term, and which
if he did  faithfully,   they  would
ftgain place him on the ticket which
they regularly give to the people to
Vote.   Now, then, to expect a man
to represent the people who receives
hothing from the people, and who
Would   never—could   never—even
get on the ticket if he stood by the
pcoplo,and whom the people would
Vote into the poor house if the corporation-* did not put him on their
ticket.—-J say to expect such a man
to stand by the people is to expect
■something from him which is radically impossible for him to give.
Vet in the face of these facta we
liave heard some one say that the
people are betrayed by politicians.
Who has not heard this over and
over, again and again? Who haa
hot heard about tricky, designing
jJoliticiaiiH, public thieves, peculating knaves, false demagogues, selling, bartering the interests, rights
iimi libortiea of the people? Kvery-
We have heard thia, read this.
Let Us penetrate into the inward-
iicsH of the matter, and analyze thin
Universal complaint about "the
people being betrayed."
Who elects the public iliievew,
the Micky peculating knaves, the
The '•betrayed'' people.
Who re-elects them, after  they
^_ ^^—,—/»~/~/-____       ^T ' Kur ('hc'11*' Grot'w"''-,('-   Wriiv lu us fur prices, or call jiersoiially.
If enthusiasm was a commodity >    Enthusiasm is trie lump of leaven
on the market, j that puts life int.) the world.
And the price was $5 per; From Christ down it  haa  bee,
Mow much would yours bring?    the enthusiast, that has kept Life
Could you get a meal on it?        . in the world;
In other words, how much is
your enthusiasm worth, to yourself
and to the community in which
you live ?
Have you got any. and is it the
pure article ?
Are you willing to back it up
with ducats ?
Or are you a dry old stick, whose
fountain of hope and joy and love
has been frozen up by the frosts of
"the winter of our discontent?"
Do you know what enthusiasm
is, and are you willing to call it by
its right name?
_ Enthusiasm in a child is recognized as vigorous, open-hearted
As gladness intensified.
In man, we are prone to look
upon enthusiasm as the result of
a screw loose somewhere.
And enthusiasts are winked at
as men devoid of business judgment;
A mild form of lunatic.
And there are jnen who are so
afraid that people will really become convinced that they are "just
a little bit off" that they object to
having ' 'enthusiastic''' associated
with tlieir name.
If they but accepted the word in
its true, its deepest meaning, they
would glory in the appellation.  •
Enthusiasm     properly    defined
It means passionate zeal;
Intense interest;
Heat of imagination.
A man must be mentally, morally and dispositional^ strong to be
an enthusiast.
An enthusiast is a man who can
sink himself in his personality aud
at the same time force his personality into the object aimed at.
No man ever stood deuce high in
service to the world who smothered
his enthusiasm.
To be an enthusiast means to be
everlastingly a knocker of dead
men's idols;
A thorn in the side of men who
won't grow.
But all great men were enthusiasts in their way.
They could not have become
great if they had not been.
But all enthusiasts have not become gveat, as the world looks up-
on greatness.	
Application for Waier Right.
Administrator's Notice.
Life in  business,   in  church, in
society, in home,   in communities;
In everything that has life and
It is the narrow, bigoted, alive-
but-dead moral slave that lives
without enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm springs from effort
and is kept alive by effort.
Without effort enthusiasm is
as valueless as our editor's check
on the Bank of England for a
Because enthusiasm means effort
lazy men prefer to live without it;
And weak-brains haven't thej
concentration of will power necessary to achieve it aud keep it alive:
Enthusiasm sours on some men
like milk on a bad stomach.
They are faint-hearted, careless,
indifferent, morally and mentally
Weak nonentities in life;
And it would be a gracious act
ii' they would hold their breath for
24 hours so that they might be
It is the lack of enthusiasm in
her public and moneyed men that
has ever been the curse of Canada.
Their enthusiasm is like their
Of the cent-ante type—
Born of a brain impregnated by
\rOTlCE IS HKHKHY GIVEN thatontliu 14th
i\ tiny of April. l'.HU.it wan ordered by J. A.
Forth. Esquire, -Indue of tin* said Court, that
James Ferguson Armstrong, Ollklul Administrator oftlm County of Kooleimy In- Administrator of all and sfimular the Estate of Martin
Murchisnii, of Sllvcrtoii, miner, dweased. Intestate.
Every |ior-*oii Indehted to the said Deceased in
required to inaUe payment forthwith to the un-
Every pci'mm having in po •,-cssioii ell'ects be-
lonjilnw lo the Deceased t» required tnforthiritk
notify the undersigned.
Every ciedilur or other ihtsou having auy
claim upoiiur interest in the distribution of tho
personal estate of the said Deceased Is required
within thirty days of this date to send hy registered letter addressed to the iimlersiiriicd. his
name and address and the full pari Iciilars of ids
claim or interest, and a statement of hi»- account
and the nature of the securitv flf auv) held hy
After the expiration ol the said thirty days,
the Administrator will proceed with the distribution of the estale, having regard to those claims*
onlv of which he shall have had notice.
Dated at Fort Steele Ihls Kith day of Aiiril, ll-Oi
OIHcial Administrator, Fort Steele, B.C.
. T0 !2«i,inqueNt co-owners.
have  transferred
or to whomsoever he
his intu-ests in  the
Travellers, M in lu g Men and other* can have
tlieir work done ACCURATELY at the-
^-••-"'" XELSON, II.C
wiuigiuiip vi iiiersand l-araway mine,.,,vmiuia
situated in the McGuitfan -Basin, adjoining the
Soho and Red Cross claims, in the Slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay District. B.C.
YOU arc hereby notiried that I haveex|ieiided
s-20S.no In laGor nnd improvements uiion the
above mentioned mineral claims under the provisions of the .Mineral Act, and if within !1U (lays
from the dale ol this nolice.vou fail or refuse'to
contribute your nropoi'tiun of the above-
mentioned sum, which Is now due, together
with all costs of advertising, your In.
tcrt'sts in (he said claims will become
property of the undersigned under Section
the-Mineral Act Amendment Ael 1900."
Dated at Kaslo, B. 0., this K7t*hdnv of .March
190;;. J. CR YAH.
4 of
_ M f^*,^rr. l v*?v.«-*	
To (1EOHGE O. WHARTON, or to whomsoever he may have transferred his interest lir.
the Lost Hear Mineral Claim, situated neur
Silverton, ntJJotiiin£ the Alpha, in ihe Slocan
MiniiiK Division of Went hootenuy District,
I expended 8102 ;V1 in labor and improvements
upon the above mentioned mineral claim
under the provisions of ' thc Mineral
Act, audit within ninety days from tho date of
tliis notice you fall or refuse Id contribute ihe
above mentioned sum, which is now due, to-
ifother with nil costs of advertising your interest
In the said clnlm will become the jiroiortv of the
undersigned, under Section 4 or the "Mineral
Act Amendment Act 11)00."
Dated al New Denver, H. C,
Mri-cIi, 1MW
Mill dav of
mi mn mi m.i-ajf-u*!
New lii.vv-rn Sriioii|..Mui;sK j
SEALED   I'ENDERS, Indorsed "Tender fori
Sehoiil-lluils..'" u ill be received by  th'- un-!
.*.,.■,.„., . N»»*il<>n, U.C., April mh, liny.
VTlilICE islieieby Ktvon that tin-imderslifmil
11 will tit thi» expiration ol four weeks from
[lie ilrsl publication hereof apply t*i the Hold
Commissioner lor n record of water us herein-
after set out.
(a)  The name of the applicant   i« Hymn N,
111)  The name of the  creek  I-  "Cuipenier"
Un The point „f dlvi-r-don or liii.-mli-d dlb-.h
hold l-tnt tint Ooriio Mow Alamo, nml will Im*
returned about one th iiisiinil fmt   below tlmt i •■•
|M< nl, with ji illfffi'iiiu-tt In aliunde lii-IM'.-en ihei
point of diversion und return nl it limit two h n-
hia augmentation will   come   from,
every part of London, every   part 'children now outrank
of (lie I'lilt-wl Kingdom, every part
of Kurope, every part of the. world.
"Of course there will ini Umli* oi
stands," you hear people say.   Ho
king's brother, the Dtiko  of  Con.j
naught.   In short, King ICdwardVj have ix-en la-traycd by thcmV
Queen   Vicj    The "lajtraveil" people,
toria'a.     .Strictly   speaking,    thci    Who is it tfiat cry by thc hund-
present Duchess of Fife is l'linecR*! wmIh of I'IioiihiiikIh, "We know ymi
Itoyal of England.    Hut   she dot^jare right, that it is the true  prilimit rtefliii to care for such greatiKiHtf i eiple, hut if wc voted for you our
♦ livnpf  itr-fNin   ti < •*■»■•      <nw!      MV'fi'»,c      +1    *'**    * — >J 1   1        '1>* 'i'*
- '        ' ■  ■ j -  - '     J -1- ' J" '" -•«*i«'*fc |% H-.:*      "*,****■****   t*      *A   **  HA)   i
The "Vl.r;iyt«<V' ^eoyie *
feeing the   king's! of   T4Wh   wif<*.    Their   house ut!     In the ruling politicians of A mcr-
tmcricaiiH will Hud it I Brighton is but a modest rcsiilcnci^ ica tine p^ipln behold their enlleei-
innre congenial to their t**te, and, I for people of mich high nutate, ; ivc intelligence ivllccted as from a
happily, within reach of their purse*, |    A a Ut the fanhion and cut of the; mirror.
in» ivi-i-i * <V nirtiw, in   >V»    A 'if 'i    rnnkv.    **, -vj^va '.. t> <i,%*,i.p, v \n,   i,.\.   y»ni     m»\4s- 1 *i\- jwiiiiH*     Vi^nllii     irtill     OV-|llll|'
window somewhere on the
ll, ,.,.„  ...tlfl.ff    1,,,«   ,,»»4l,", ...  ,--.,   ., ..|i,„,|l|liiini.|  »r,.Mi   liii*.      itml      , ,,.,,f,,..,.      l\    .
>•■    ■ ■     -• •••    *  - • . .   * f,      .............     -    -    -    ** t •    * ,     ■-       -      |  •     .    - ...»
b- \\e\\\\e\.> thi* pWpiiu1i'?*t ii nr the'.move retired jwwit inn of the \)\A\v
Kwelh'Ht way of feeing the kingV-of Fife'* wife. Their houne ut
ilreil feet
'ill    ll l« Illl, II.I,* I |o lllv, ,| ,,, .,,„,■ ||„  .
IIiiiiii-nr Iron pipe.
l'i   TheiMimbel'iil IimIhk   iiiii.II it  do
P4"»lll| ll|PlU«lllld
il; The purpom.for which ll .« .nipiin-il i» lur
«,iii i iiilnii ii (.irlcliy fur »upplviim Hulil und
iciwei to luliim., c|He»iiriliini|c|pullll.-i. nml lur
Kiiii'iwlliiif heal, Unlit und el'i-itieliy
W I In-1.ii.il upon which tin. tinier l-lulm
im il In Ihe ApeX mineral clnlm.
h Till. Iinlliv |. I**.,.led .,n |b„ k||, i|H\ uf
April A   |i Wn,
I'll  OKCMI V   Whllr, .Uvnt
WHITI-: imitm \ii  i, hi.v-k ultimo
■inil I'KIMHIA Mm, nil rlnlin.
*it»id'In tin- .sluntii Mining Din.mi, <•! Vi.-i
Ko hi,i,i    >||.irli-t.      Win-.,-   I..(.it.-1:    On
H»li-iia hnrt'ii Kbit
TAKE NOTICE thai I,.I. M. M.Or.n.r.i.iiiiK
as nueiil l..r Charles E, Dupe, i-Mu Miii.iv'* iVr-
lIHcali. No  lOriPUl, lutriiil. »hlv i|«»« fr.lii llw
dsle herrv.f   ♦,, «,,t,|v  o,   il>(,   Wli.I, ,. t',.,.,,r,i,T
dersltrueil up to ium.ii of Krlday, Ihe nth May
llllg,   fur   llie  I'l-eclloli   mill   completion   uf   hi
Hcliihil-liiiuw* »t Vew lienvcr. (I. C.
I'huis, H|n-i'liii-iit|.iiis, furm-i ol tiitider and cuu-
irnil iiihv Ih. n-i-ii ..ii and tiller tho Kith April,
lima, at llu* Lund* 'Hid Woilm Ollice, Vicbtrln,
und nl Ihe .Minimi Rd'oriler'softlc*. New Denver
Temlcr. will nut In' cinslilered iiiiIok*. uiailc up- ,
on the piluleil tortus suppll,d fm- tin. piiriiowi, |
miii ihi- i(i.'i'i'iMii''iit toeiieciite it liuinl, iippi-nili-.l
lu Iln-furni uf tender Is d-|y -Ikih-iI by the con-
Inictur liiniii'lf anil two oilier iv«poii»Uile r«sl .
dents nf the I'l'uvlnce 111 the iieii.il sum of ».Vmfi.r 4
llie failllflll IH rfulllltlleii of llie Wiil k. I I
Tin-lowem ur any l-ndi-r nut iuhtssiii-Uv a< • i
pled '
W.s. uoHK,      *
Dipiily Cuii.lul-iilt.ner of Laud" ami Wurk*>, j
Laud* iin'd W
aim- li) : :Viii| Apill, l!»i,'
I> lw.
•ik* Hepnrtm.-tit, Vli-lurliiH I* ,
Job Printing is an art.
It is today one of the
rnosl advanced uf arts,
and {rrcatcm* ellortKare
heino- made to reach
perfection than ever
before in the history
of printing. Every up-
to-date business man
reeoynix.es the importance of having his stationery   well  printed.
till-   Mllltll
if a iVrillii-i
lent I'llli- l-.iii, UMllvlll-d ,1-*mi(|l
.in lliullvlil.il ih.i ,,l| mi,,,.,,,!*. pi.i|„ii« and j
Imt. ».ive i oil .iii-l |„ truleiiiii, n iilu l.ul I'iH |
lit..up I, Kii.,l.iin,   iMMiIri,  -Mi.i,|l-n" mln. \
• i.ii i lailii
Y'-TH'I*. I"« IILIII-hl i.fVI'A' ll„.i it |. „ii '
.1 I .t.-t,t|..|, t.,t..n ,- i|,.. , ,1,1,,,,,.,,, ,.f ,„ !
iliui.th bum tb. ili.i uni.li,.,((,|, |„,,„,| „ r,.r|jf| {
ii   iniinlulirtj tmdlvlili-l I
, _        I   .tH   iilliii'l'iil-,,   p.,. r|..ii> I
•*•"•, '"'"'  **".'■;,•*  ••• *' ,>ii>iiuiu    iiiii|.*r I.i
|!i|i,   i,I,.ii,.   I.   KluI.iui   MMrlit,   'Uuitlitir*
 ii lili Iimi   ; ' Up.- ,i!iii„. ..( Kt. ii.   i    I    K'.Jp-
iUIi.iipiI .HIh.I II   K.iiirbiuil. -.ililrh r.nliii i,t,   l>
• I.iImI Ill^i.tll d u .,!   ii ,-,-|,|l..|,    Jl.l,   ;,|,,|   niiiii
II. y   M*('LKi»|)
l'ii.ii'U-1 H<vl«ir«r
I,mui Ki-wl-lr.v Mill, ,*, \, |-,,Ml |t r, j,,i,.,| ^.,ri| |
.-nl.-..* Tiili-i.. il,,-  .-il,,
i -« nml ii i.ll*. id .| i * ,
Th, 4-ial i- im hi, i,i, i ilimi iln luu-tiriid.-
wurk lb i in fi-n..i i.Hlci« w ill mi you
Wnitl.ii.- M KMi   Hol'TK
I'iiiKi I I !\l        i h\v;.w[ ':.\(i;s
VViimlpi- Vjnuouviir
  \   '"l-'Mlll. .   Vi. f..fj«
KAST jfittuwtt        WK-.T   .s,Miii„
f .M(iiitri»nl f I'iuHiiikI
Sew York SI i.-uiciM'o
V i ,( y   *   *%■*•
nion'n rout**.
prrnvK-! ion, notliiiiK (letiuitti luw yet heem tliemiw'IveM   that   tho   fault m not
iannounced.   Hhe hna pa^ed many; their 0wn; tlmt it in the jxilitieiitmi
eftune of the evilx eom-
To understand it the reader will jau ittixioiiH hour Mtudyiu« the mnt'' who nre thi
have to know hi* I>inilon a hit; liutj tor, mid Iuih called in eoiiHuitatidu plain^l of.
many San Kmiieiwanw fmm per-1 nil the gwat damen in the kfngdoin. j If you want a tent of tlm mural
witvkl expt'fieuoe have the n*ijiu«ite| De^i^ttH nf tlu* eurvinatiou rohev \,(j vitaxiVn of tin* pt-opU*-iln- * Ih-u,^-
kuowledK^ «»•' the llritinh niotiopolin j nil tlii'ipn*en «Hinort«« who lmv«r wl'' |»«ople—ojmui'h hull with ndop
•nilcr a lietut^ai oi'   llu-  line of; pieiiih**! hei haw Imh*h  Hiliimtlmi  liglit.   oi    iiinn   ii{{ht nu om> yidi* u(
lo ii
iitnreh by no men in* a mutter that J to lur and Imvii enrefully i-onndt'i'; the Mtrfet—fifty mmt*. adminHi.ni-
ih "all -fiii-ek" Ui them.    The pro-|«*d hv her nnd  her  adviwr*.    Tln-iind another h.ill un the <»tln i   >-id«
IUI    lIltttltAllIt   <>I    llllpfulctMllll*.,   Jul    llM
(I.*'   lit    l||,(„|i,\,,,,    t'fl.tH,,    t,i.,y,.,   ,,l    |l,r    ,
•Vli.nui|h|.fUk<- ll.lil.  llllil ..il|..,l.   Ill.llil mn- .
Iimi .IT, ittu<i| l«< (■iiiiiiiM-iii-iil |^ (ur.. Ihi- i«-n:iii(r
**"'! «.,.(| t'l 1 Vn'irt'li ,i,J.| ,. ni  (Sj,,.*i     I i ;,.„ j;-.,
Hiii*.! Ilil«!it|iiliv i.f April   1 li   l*.«
HIMi    I'll A*'I ION    Mii.-fil   i-l.lm
SIlllPlll- In III.-  Hlicil.   Jlli.il*.-   IHtl   i.l UVrt
KiM.'4'iia)    llUlilit      Hint,   l,«'i«i.*il:    Or
N'iiIiIp KlVi' UiHllilnlu.
TAKK NoTICK llmll. J-liti I' li.l. in-m. I*.
A .'' ■*-•.! Ti'-.ll  II  <'■.. nt:....i f..i  Mi.   llmi
llulliiiid, Cmi Mimr'!* r. silii. ni. \'u. tn*.i
li,t.«n.l,    »uii    ,|JS»    i(„,„    ,|„*   .im-i-.   |wr«-
..f- '•' .ippff tu Oc- Minini.- U,,;,nlfi,
luf pi ' fflltii-nti ..I lill|ir..vt*ini nl". I'.l' till'jrtii
!«,-- ,f 4.1.1 ulidi,tf  „ -lY.wi, «ir 11 I   nt l|p.-»l,   w
\   it If.ltlirr iMkf   l.r.Ml.    t .,-      ,'i.... i,   .!,,».,.
in..'*'.    I4ll|.| lav   4-i.|*|il||.*h4-«,f   U l.-r. »iu- l*n*\t, 1,,-t
<»• i Ii<' il.fi, ,|,.,,( lii'l-i   '   p* - • I-
I'. '.'.I till. '.'I, ,|„j,    J \t   . 11,5 ...
•'■•■ .p-   *.\iti:i(vi\
■ <•   \'nn\   n,t.
Uliil   :,''
To tu:i.iv«,H i:\7- lo.nvviiH '
.tit.. I.ir.il i»-i.iii,..l i.|>H-*.-iit,itlv<» nf   i   \\
l.iirt l'.!., .I.....-.1 .ii„| i, man MiKAK i
nr   I.. ,ni\   ).r-.i;   ■„■   |„'i*.,,in l.jtthi/f<, tlj-n 1
lorKJST sl.KKl'KK M.liMi h
KA^'I  I.V ||'H»lp>.»ipVi|f«" [.,<!., IVvpf'l
K<t«t».imy I.«ljr T'e-'l-ii   St   I'riiU.i
St Pniil, Tii-oiitii, Mi
,i- Ml... i
.11 I.im.
■i-»l.   t .
i i K -t.
llu Med 4,(i ||,».  „of,(,
flu* SI.k-hi, Mining'
..*) I»f(ifc*i.  Htlit4ii
i.lrenl. |l
l»l*.f i
.i.|, ,
I   ,,[!|l|,l.t.l
ill*, ii.ii. .it, ..i *t..it, ,,r*f riin-lii nu'itii^l thut!
I  1.14-4.   <-k;«-i(«|i-i|  :«., huiidfi-'l d-ilhr.  In*
l*l«if mul ltti|.r.>\.'ttM-it!<i iii»,ii  lb.-  tl.itf fom-i
ll i«l   11111..1.1I   , I..ii,,  nn.J.t  lb.- |*r..-.i.i .1,. <,f
,; *ll.'*'"''   .-•"'Ill- ''-..,      '.. '-■.','.    *,   >,--,."    1* \
tlilrt.-'. ..»4i i-^lluii.il nil -ii-.fi m«-ri(tl|nr#»,j
Willi   .11 ...*!• of    .lllffll.  ,*,-     t,,,nr   j,,.4
.     , '.'" "'     '''";   '■''•Hit ..lul   ll,..    W..,*.l»
■;i   1,1.    -*.„«. >-..»(   .,„   P,,   N,.,1i,„, 4    ,„l    ilM     Arl    ,,,.:
1111.^1    At.  \,*tt. 1 .-,t. ml ii,,-. Mli.'fil   \,t l*ni*"|
|^».-.l ,; V,   *   li. ..*,*.    ||   4-     .|,u   .-..,,   ,t», ,.f'
!"(> imp i.J*
i'  \   it, i»i\-i:i.t.      '
4,.. f,,
W\ »-,> l      J.V    lifU-Mn-iii',
Vmu-iiUViT.   N-Jltlli*.   I »p;»-l
HOM^SKKKKKS  K\cri{-I(i\'
"lii-fc^N 011 **\**, Wf*t*»«itiiil   M.o-li |*f
fo Aj.ril :»'»fli
Throiigii   iHi'ikint'*.   l'i   Kiiti'i >• \tn  ill
.Ae.in'tf- l hu**
Pri*|M*liJ tirfceli' fl 'in mil |».iiii*(ii '.im-tt
►'«» ii*nn» nrr...| i**.* • i.»  . ...ji,, ■.     <-.,nn,
lii'ii. 9pi>ty fc.
O, ll.ajlRKKTT, l.*iv... |.   ,,,,
A. J.Cwt**% •*•■*«. '"• *«'. * »ii«-..«v**#
.. -  »..».'-,U I'   *    Vl.*.   0   W THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MAY 1, 1902.
Ninth Yeab
Spring and
I have just reoeiv&l a very
well-selected i-toi-k of -new
goods. Get In your order for
a nobby Suit early.
F. F. LIEBSCHER, BosTtaiior
Lumber, Doors, Windows. Stcro Fronts^Show
Cases, Store und liar Fixtures, Counters, Fancy
Glass. H. HOUSTON, Manager.
Nelson, B. C.
■Bna.ploym.eiit Agency,
Help of All Kinds Furnished.
Postofflco Box -MS, Nolson. J- H. LOVE
DKY OKK I'HOPEKTY, North Fork Car-
pouter crcek-ALl'S, A LI'S FRACTION,
and ALTOKUS-Crown Grants obtained. Apply, W. J. McMILLAN & CO., Vancouver, B.C.
NELSON, B. C.      Oor. WARD & BAKER Sts
^  B.O,
Haatoairw'yeargcsiiefieiTt'e in'dental worlt.ann
makes a spei-iaUy of Gold Bridge Work. Most
complete dental office In B. 0. ,>.
nldat scenery tin- D C Q fl D T
indeur. Boating, It L OU n I
Sxcursions.    Resident Physician
on the Continent of North Ameri- 11 LH L J M
ca.   Situated midst e
•rivalled for Grandeur
Fishing and Excursions.     - - ...
and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with all
narts of tho world; two mails arrive and depart
everyday. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; its waters heal nil Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments. SPECIAL
WINTER TERMS: $13 to *15 per week,
The price of a round-trip ticket between
New Deliver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for SO days, Is $3.35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. C. 	
AR. HEYLAND, Engmcor and Provincial
.   Land Surveyor.   KASLO	
Creature of night; bold, brazenly immoral,
Responsible to neither gods nor men;
From out the dark thy irreligious choral
Jars on my nerves and angers me again.
V-Vlu-n dog* and other honest brutes are sleeping.
And not a cur awakes to bay the moon.
With low companions thou thy watch art keeping
And giving tongue to thy unlovely tune.
What demon,deep within thy black heart hidden,
What b.ise promoter of foul deeds and strife,
Malignity and hate aud war has bidden
Thee lead that dissolute and vicious life?
Art thou provoked by influence infernal
To levy war on all thy wretched kind.
Profane the air with revelry nocturnal.
To gratify thy dark and bloody mind?
Thy fur, once thick, is largely dissipated,
Thy ears are notched, thy lips arc gashed and
Six inches of thy tail has heen abated,
Thou art a thing to look upon with scorn.
Yet why waste hard-wrought verses in denouncing
Thy manifold transgressions, callous oat?
The word for vou I'll lose no time uronouncing,
Take good care that you heed It.ThoinaB; Scatl
—Portland Oregonlan.
T7r i<* TEKTZEL * CO., Nelson, B.C.,
W. Dealers in all Dru'ks and Assayed Supplies.       '■   ________
-r   «.    CAMERON,  Sandon. Manufactures
J.   dothlTig to order-  and solicits patronage
rom all classes.
-vykolesale   Merohants.
TOHN    CHOLDITOH    *    CO.,     Nelson.
J   Importers, Wholesale Grooersand Provision
EL, CHRISTIE, ".. L. n... Barrister, So-
.   licitor, Notary Public.    Sandon,. B. 0.,
Every Friday at Silverton.              "
if L. OIUMMETT, L. L. B., Barrister,
M. Solicitor, Notary Public. Sandon, B. C
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday*
KASLO, B. 0.
Signal Lowery's Claw
to conic your way by
MMnlinu' tho. nditor ti. dollar.    U hiniUho* a ]M\v
lumu-n l»»rHlmiii*i*i!iu'tin*
The vice of drug-taking' which has
taken so firm a hold on the livok of society men and women is developed to
such an extent and in such curious, directions that it threatens to become a
serious and all-povvadina evil.
Most drugs are taken for tlie sake of
-soothing the nerves and producing-
sleep, but a new drug has lately been
discovered which owes its value to tlie
fact tliat it is regarded as a substitute
for natural rest. Modern men and wo
men who are not now content with a
day of twelve hours, but wish to live
and enjoy as many as possible of the
twenty-four, now'carry in their little
silver"bonbonniers or embroidered bag
some innocent-looking white tabloids,
tliey declare entirely do away with tlie
want of sleep*
"it seeniB so lazy," said a well-known
young;man about town the other day,
"to sleep away eight hours o[ the twenty-four."
People will no longer allow themselves
the necessary amount of fciino for sleep
Tliey are so worn-out and exhausted
witti too much work or too much play
that tljey gradually become entirely
enfeebled, and aro quite ae unwilling as
they are unable to rest.
.With the loss of health, thoy lose as
well the wish to eat, and another now
drug, which is now being exploited in
Paris, claims for itself that henceforth
no one will need either nourishment or
The fact is, society life today is so
entirely artificial that it is only by a
constant use of drugs, the most common
of which aro morphine and cocaiuo,that
its devotees are able to get through
their day.
Some of its popular favorities, the
women without whom no ball or party
is complete,aro often invisible for hours
under the influence of some deadly
Morphiiie has its uses in illnesB as it
has the effect of inducing drowsiness
and a desire for sleep. On the regular
consumer, however, it has an exactly
contrary effect—stimulating the brain
tion.   si
Unfortunately, tliis artificial stimulation is but temporary. By degrees the
victim of the morphine habit is easily
recognized on account of the apparent
weakness and lassitude which succeeds
each dose; while gradually the brain
softens and the man or woman becomes
The effect of cocaine injection are not
so easily apparent, for unlike morphine,
its use does not contract the pupil nf the
eye, nor does it make peoplo look pale
nnd ill It is, nevertheless^ dung-emus
-stimulant, bracing one up momentarily
ton great extent. Hy degrees, 'however, it deteriorates tlie moral system.
and the regular cocaine taker becomes
incapable of telling the truth.—Loudon
nu.  now to initio.
In one of his sermons Dr. .John
Dow jjttvo llie following good ad-
vii'O to tlio voung ladies oi' his
"The buxom, bright-oyed, rosy-
oheekwl, iull-broaHli'd, bouncing
liiHK, who can darn a stocking,
iiituid truiixi'i-s, miiko her .own
frocks.coininund a regiment of pots
and kettles, feed the pigs, chop
wood, milk cows, wrestle with the
boys, nm! he. ,<v lady withal in
'company.' is just the sort of girl
for me, and for any worthy man lo
"Hut you, ye pining, moping,
lolling, serewed-up, wasp-waisted,
putty-faced, ooutstiinpiivi', mortgaged, musir-miiideriiig,  nuvebdi'.
| vouriug daughters of  fashion  and;
I idli in'ss, you art* no   more   lit  fur
matrimony than a pullet is to look i
j after a family of fourteen <*hi<*keii.s.!
I     •''Ihe liillli is. my dear girls.you !
dt'l* that leaves IIO missed j waul hiuiv lilii'ily ami less fashion- J
'able restraint, mon*   kiieltcn and:
holes,    and     -rillinol    hej |,.s-, parlor, more leg I'xi'ri*!*-..*   audi
le***;-- rcfii, mon*   pudding   and   Irss
piaiin,   mure   liaiikiii'--   .md   \e—
.•ek «.f mm.M'stiti.in  iHHlj'"*"^ '"«»["<'.v."•<»,■.* !,,-,-,kiVt «•..!'
ii»'n«ira!i,,»* that «M»VelS .sojlioh*. '*nj'.y »uw|-<* liberty  and   lc-
,' j ....( I •;, ml     l,\      r,'|i»||ifil;       hl'l'lt l.|'     ll-..
mneli oft hi'  lirhjfhf llli't-j Jiiik* iliii"-|ili'*r>* of  fn*<'i|«im,   'Hid'
,   i bi'.'uiii'* M.nn'tliii);'   ii-   lowlv   anil)
al   oi    ll.-riJolll    on    1IU-; |„.;,uHint a-lie* i.'ikI of Nature il.-'
OJUt!..     I>m\   while   lh"!       „.,...        ,.     ■   ,
••\llthvl,      lu-   wild,   v.ilu nu■ ap*
Hioiwh'  <d   ntiri'hiis.* isi i.ni-*fiit Hintt.ii-*- In* **n/e*\ down im<i
i Iter <iiviitii> eye*, *'yoifvi» nlwiivs
I iM-i'ii »** ti -iM.'i- l<» mi", bavi'li't
jyonV" 1
Tin* long exjMi-tiii  immiHit.  hail'
"Then, Mabel," he continued,
lowering his voice to a quiver, "I
apologize for my boldness in saying
it, but when I leaned over to turn
the pages of your music I busted
off two of my suspender buttons.
Will you sew them on?"
And trembling inwardly, but regaining her outward composure
with an effort, the brave girl went
into the other room and brought
forth the necessary implements.
The brakeman at a certain station ou the Northern Pacific Railway had been granted leave for the
purpose of being married. In addition, he. was given the customary
return railway pass.
During his absence a new ticket-
collector had been put on, who,
upon Benedick's return, demanded
his ticket.
Benedick, who had put both pass
and marriage certificate in the same
pocket, by mischance tendered the
The collector opened and gravely
scanned the "lines," then returned
them with a slow head-shake,  and:
"Gee! man! it's a ticket for a
d——d long ride, but not on the
N. P."
8 When you wani anything
in the line of Jewelry, or
have anything in this line
that is in need of repair,
send direct to the old-established house of JACOB DOVER. In doing so you will be sure of getting
the best—and it never pays to get anything else.        No shortage in stock; no waiting for goods,
DIAMONDS-Looseanii Mounted
WATCHES-Filled and Gold
GOLD BROOCHES, West designs
Nobby Patterns
Ladles' and Gents'
yvith .and without stones
Some very good stories are told,
savs the New York Times, of the
impression made upon those who
attend for the first time the very
High Church Episcopalian service,
with its elaborate ritual and its
extraordinary musical features, at
.the church of St. Mary the Virgin,
New York. The reply of a very
prominent Roman Catholic priest,
when asked by the friend who had
taken him there how he liked the
service, "Well, really, I prefer te
simple ritual of my own church,"
is a current story at the clubs.
Even more amusing was the
comment of the elderly Scotch
woman whose relatives said to her
as they were, leaving after the service: "Well, Aunt Janet, did you
enjoy the service?"
"A' weel," said Janet, in response, "it's verra.interestin', but
what a w'y to spend the Sabbath!"
An ordinary incandescent electric
lamp, 10-candle power, will throw off
euough heat to i»nite paper, cloth or
wood in close proximity to it. It is a
cause of lire that is the more dangerous
because unsuspected. The flexible cord
connection with the lamp, short-circuit
ing through a defect in the insulation,
can also be ignited by the arc formed
GOLD' CHAINS-all weights
with and without siones
GOLD GUARDS-10 and 11 karat
Standard Grades of Filled Chains
and Guards in all si vies
This is ourt £
Daily Motto
And you will be impressed with the
meaning of it to yourself if
buy your goods
Jacob Dover's».
Our pci-soiial guaranlco kq«s with evsry article, ftnd should
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, wo are at all
times tjliid to I'xeliamsc same to the entire satisfaction of customer, J ACOD D0V KR,0.1\ R. Time Inspector
Latest fads in
of all kinds
And all the Latest Creations In
| Goods of All Kinds
Kootenay Coffee
Dealers in Teas and Coffee".
All grades ami prices. A
trial order solicited. ...    .
Kootenay Coffee Company
P. 0. Hox 182. West Baker St.
"hefore tlie safety use burns out.
Smoke can bo burned if the proper
conditions exist. Most smoke coneum-
ers are, howei'or, devices for insuring
the complete combustion of fuel without,
vho product ion of smoke, which is a
much better plan than to attempt to
burn the smoke after it has beon formed.
There is coindderablo g-olrl mining in
Brazil, S.A., one mine—the Ouro Preto,
in the State of Minus Geraes—employ-
intf 1,500 hum); but the inducements to
American minor* aro very slijrht, English capital controls the miuas and
native labor is abundant and cheap,
The saving of a cent a ton in tlie eoRt
of producing iron ore nt the Lake Superior minim amounts to about 8200,000
annually on ihe entire production of
the district
The life of a steel wire rope is about
two years of cur'.hiss use.   It can ho in
cri'iised much hy ha vino- hirjje kIiphvkh
and perfect lubrication of the interim
wiles of the rope.
Neglected    W-^C
oriiiji'htedncss A/*?
rOI^ \Vr>ri»e.      ■ vl i
■ it.  thu  dnntftr, \
I   lh«   prouren* of     „  J
»mi|{Muiluv»» It  .[/..
i  fori runner of PSV/J
tilni'it, tjL IM i
correct all •*« de- lC_3'7i(
fecit. VV—W
All the
latest mixes
in Spring
at the Nelson
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter-the best in the land.   Correspond-
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
enco solicited.   Address
Reisterer & Vaughan
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
An uii-to-dfitollne of
constantly on linnil.
Head office: NELSON, li. C.
Stoics at SANDON, KAI&O, and NELSON.
Seeds, Trees,
JriaillS AoKiuui/ruKA7.i
Tin 1 lie for Fall or Spring
JJU1UO p|ftnl|nRi
Catalogue Free,
*mi \Vt<n!iiiliinti<r 11<iiii1. Vmicoiiver. B. 0.
I'd Niul fi'illt Klil<i|)nin  |i.|ih-< vin Cnnnillup
.mil Aimik-uii llni-t.      \|.|lv   lir «lllnir il»li»
riii-. ili-hi -li. ami full liiliirm ill.iii ti> mn ('.
II>  laciit nr-
0.1'. H. Amiit.NiwIViivcr,
u    J*. K. CiilniiiliKr*. 0, H, S, Aul„ tt'ti,iti|pp*>i
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction Lo every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Buy Your Fancy
OrOCCriCS an(lP^i8ionsft^m the
Wm. Hunter Co.,umited.
Stores at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
llHUhngHiiil Packing to Mines,
and general local mislnpiw.
y*nt Dimmit, 11, V.
General Draying: Mining Sup.
piles and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Ilagtfugo WHgtuiH uui-ut till Hun*
day trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack *..:: dis.
Fwl Hut bleu at N«*w IK-nver.
,.  VV. iili'[,MM(-/IT, .., ,u,
\t..p.i i.
III.II,   KihI.II, I'
-» vN'Ik i\   I ■   '
■I     l.ll.  I,  |
■tl.  I.lll
Warm weather
l« nl li.i.il,    ,1 ..■•*.!, ri(n »lniii.i
Shampoo       i
I. pi llU'.r*.  I ll.ll ,*>.«l- ,.lilv »',r I
At PA*9. ToiiiwHnl Pnrlor '
HuHii WutcK     Nbw Dkwkk
•         • m
Mt;NT \> nvn».i'.\Ti:
Fred. Irvine & Co.,   j'
vwr VMVKt.riKs in
R. T. Lowerv
New tk'iivcr, li. C
nl tart arrival. M,d ,he gmeti coyly! RELIABLE   ASSAYSl
Report* KxumlnatkNit and UmMge-
men l.
I*  .lull ,11.1.1 lilt.I -II VIM
"I've   tiieA   to,   <J«*«»rir€»,"*   nhei'•""'*  .vi|0.4.1 »»l-»,rjr«*i»i»V 1..V1
... " j     **,«mp*m l.y )»*ll«»wlv*i|»<ni>««jif i.l|»iili>n
Hiio»|«t^i 1 Gold and Silver Reflncd and Bouem
••And if I \vi*r«! to wiy xotitothing ^ " ™*TM v*^^'^  """ **"~2"
to yon thut fdiotild only I** -aid by! OQDEN ASS AY CO.
|m>>*!«iiiiii   who  nn'  intimatHy  a«*J        •«*• •■*«•» •»•«. «»•*•»»•*»•, inin.
t iimi 11 lei] an A who filiomughly  im-|
iicii.tMnd mch othor. vou would not
take uffrii.-'-c?"
SIm- thought it rniliirqueer that
he ihould v}<»«' * *iwpl#» [iTt>po»*|
Jn thl- tight, but Aie trembling aa-
Mir«*<1 him Ate would not.
\        »»HOTOCRAPKtH8       $
f va
I «M<*of     Spring     CkW IIUW<>
LdUiV^   and Siiiiiflier *3Ulil ?Tdl515
Latest New York Styles
Hft>r<l-* S\*^ !--'!'•<   *,Sl-t WSsH ^KiHT< 1 itotr-n *iy •, iy ;,-;,;;*;.•••
Choice Line of Latest and Most Fashionable Millinery, and Dressmaking
VVhiii- nml liilnnil Fawn*; Dtinitii**, Mu-liii», IVrrnli-*. Or^nitip*, «'»d HatiMwi. $m mir ljulim *in.l
CliililiiMiV caloreil wa«h ilr^w^otdra** l.iiiwi. I'-iwii-h. I*i«ni«**«, Zephyr*, fh'gnmlfo*. 4ml Diinltlrw. V\V
Uiviip nn I'urly iuipet-tiiui whil* you ran gi't a jruiil wleniou 111 all Kitcf/from 8J l« II hti«     t'tiee* wrvilA**
m:rn*:iii<:K i»atkrss.
THK »»M.\ UF.I.tAHM^
J*AU. UHllRUili UKi'.KlVtt AVVXUl. AVl'V.HH'iA
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
"HUNKS ami, V AMSKS 11^


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