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The Ledge Oct 30, 1902

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Volume X.   No  5.
Price, $2.00 Year advance
Gen^aT N^V#s Pfoat
£§ In arid About the Slocan and neighboring Camps 2$
that are Talked Atiout. f§
KkSiOTctf eac3 <Zfd*S r&ZZi '<Xs^<<^Sr^<^^wm^mr>
Tunks—Friday morning, Oct. 24,
wife of Andrew Tunks, of a son.
A. H. Lewis is the newC. P. R. agent
in Sandon.
H. B. Alexander has gone to England
for the winter.
Thomas Lonigan has gone to Seattle
for the winter.
Bear stories continue to float this way
from Slocan City.
Theve are LOO men working in the
mines around Erie.
Charles Aylwin has gone on a business trip to Morrissey.
John Chapman and John Riddle have
returned to Kaslo from Mexico.
The Slocan Star is again being surveyed for the benefit of the Rabbit Faw
Alex, Sproat is among the applicants
Work on the Big Bend trail above
Revelstoke has been suspended for the
Last Thursday F..S. Attwood of Kaslo
was married to Miss Seale in Birtle,
Frank Hall, a six-year-old son of J,
F. Hall, was drowned in the lake at
Kaslo last week.
Six men are working on thu Mont*
real, a claim adioiniug theTwo Friends,
and owned in Nelson.
Tho prospect of a saw-mill at Trout
Lake City is having its effect upon tho
real CRtate of that burg.
The Nelson Tribune says that Fred
Hume is contracting to deliver beat
mont and vonison next fall.
The New Brewery nt Sandon ships
bottled or draught beer to any part of
tho country.   Writo for prices.
Medicine Hat is all ready (or a /.ine
smelter. This is a proposition that will
bo prosperous if it ends in gas.
The regular Sunday School Xmas
Tree services will be hold in Bosun Hal)
Wednesday evening, Dec. 24th,
At Slocan Junction J. H. McManus
keeps tho hotel and shows visitors
where the fish are to bo caught.
Counterfeit bills upon the Bank of
Montreal are in circulation. None of
them have been seen in the Slocan.
It ia reported that the Mother Lode
mine ana smelter at Greenwood are
making $1,000 n day for their owners.
Charles Borene is now solo proprietor
of thc Victoria hotel at Whitewater,
buying his partner's Interest last woek
While working on tho Carpontor
creek bridge last Saturday John Williams fell against a rock and fractured
A rib.
In Nolsoii Fred Irvine & Co are doing
«o much busines** that thev havo had to
••cure larger premises In fhe Hums
It take* about *5,u00,000 " Aay to
keep the world In tobacco, and part of
thl« In paid in to William*', at New
The Leadvlllu   camp   in   Colorado
•hipped 71,000 tons of ore hut month
The rise in nine has put life into that
©Id camp.
Sweet potatoes and celery make a
feast that even editor* cannot find fault
with. Williams' tdoek appeals to the
local taste.
Tom Hickey te laid up in the hospital in Spokane. He recently Imi) an
operation performed removing a minor
..***,,  ..li* *f.'tA, .
li.it *i:j   Aunt!.Ml I.    uAill    in*    iijfili til*
severely injured while sharpening Med
at the Arlington. He haa gone in Spo.
kAne for treatment.
If yon want any kind ef wearing ap-
-.-..) *.,.,„t \,,. ,„,.,, ,,,,ii ,.,, I.,,,,,,   rttii.,.,*
in Nelson Vou could not he tniteii
much better In Pari*.
More zinc ore buyers* are reported to
Imi on tha war to tite Slocan from Kan-
'San.   After all there may lie nothing
tht matter with Kan*a*. '
A. \V. WtigVit ittttwl iVir m^b iU- Slo-
can last week    The "ledge"' i* rich
now and cuu afford tu look at tlw v-sriex
In California Ihi* winter.
$tu*re*of the I.<- Roi are -qnot-fxl in
London at til. Th« profit* from the
mine for the th*e« month* ending with
^epUrtftlier h*ve h**B M.M/*'»»..
., Jacob Dover has returned to Nelson
from his eastern trip. While away ho
secured a choice lot of goods for the
holiday season.
The railway companies offer a rate of
811 a ton upon zinc ore from the Slocan
to Iola, Kansas. The dark horse will
be a winner after all in the Slocan.
When Nelson gets the lead refinery
thousands will drop into that city to see
it and manv of them will buy their
shoes at tho American Shoe Store.
W. J Tretheway, formerly a mining
engineer in the Slocan, is now an inventor of some note, and an operator in
the virgin oil fields of East Kootenay.
These are the days when the feet
should be watched with a tender care.
H. McCausland iu Nelson has just the
line of footwear that will make cold feet
Theodore Ludgate will build a sawmill at Arrowhead. Ludgate and his
partner, McLeod, of the Spanish Pulp
Mills Co-, have secured millions of leet
in timber along Arrow lake.
The court in Nelson gave a verdict
$1,000, and her husband $200. Most of
people would want a million to go
through her experience on a runaway
A large number from, Sandon are to
participate in the K,*.-, of P. ball, to be
given by the New Denver lodge on
Nov, 18th. Several couple from Silver-
ton and Slocan City also promise to attend.
Chief Forbes has closed gambling in
all the Fernie hotels, nnd notified Ihe
courtesans that they will only be allowed on the streets after certain hours
of the day. Lestock in bound to make
Fernie be good.
This is a good time to educate the
tourists that flock to Southern California in the winter, that Kootenay is tho
finest Hummer land on earth Printer's
ink will do it if tliis great power is
spread in the right way
Runs Thompson, A. Brindle and Wm
Thompson, havo taken a lease and
bond upon tho Great Eagle This property is owned by Torn Lonigan and
Wm. Grady. It is near Three Fniks
and has a nice showing of dry ore.
Henry Stege is one of the most en-
ternriiing hotel men in Kootenay. His
house is thoroughly cosmopolitan and
the best care and protection is given to
every guest without reference to the
size of the bulge in his pocket book.
The first practice at the rifle range
was held on Saturday afternoon.
Ninteon members shot, the average at
200 yards was 12 out of a possible 25.
The first annual shoot will be held today, and a full attendance Is desired.
Last Friday George W. Hughes sold
his one-fourth interest in the Idaho and
Alamo to the Scottish Colonial company for §75,000 rath. Tho Sentt!«h
Colonial now owns all of the Idaho and
Alamo group*, for which they have
paid $»oo.ooo.
It ii reported that Dave King, Alder
Bishop and Edle Mathews are in New
York promoting a comnanv to dig gold
•round Cnpe Nome If tho elephant
does not tremit on Dave this Slocnn trio
should do well in Gotham, especially If
(hey von sit in with Morgan.
At the meeting of the (itlzcn's Heard
of Trade last Thursday evening the
attendance was large ami a lively bind-
nil* section it was. Tlie constitution
and by-law* submitted by the committee
were Stdnpt-wl and th*' ?ii«nib*f*IUp r«>U
0|tened The Hoard Ih ready for busl-
nets now, and will he the mean* of doing much goo! if it I.' given the support
of thecltliens
One night last week John Larlmour,
male of the C V It tuur Columbia, wat
drowned at Nakuip    He jumped over-
There is no .sentiment in life insurance, it is purely a business proposition.
Wh<U can you compare life insurance
to ? Simply a savings' bank, with this
addition, that you get the protection
gratis of .81,000'or moro. The Mutual
Life ol Canada offers today a model
policy which Tias held the foi't for thirty-
three years When buying life insurance it will pay you to get full information from William J. Twiss, General
Agent at Kaslo, before closing your
contract elsewhere.
The devil rushed into the office this
week and unburdened his sympathetic
heart to the cow editor. He had just
seen a heifer swell up and die, along
side the road. The bull dog was turned
loose, and the staff prepared to have a
high-jinks time around the water barrel, when, lo, and behold, the heifer
gamboled around the corner and said
"ma-ah !"' It spoiled a funeral and
stopped the editor in the middle of
another "ode to the heifer.'' She
ou..ht to have stayed dead.
Kootenay is a great country for
scenery. Is is found everywhere and
in such profusion that the inhabitants
scarcely know that thev have it. There
is no Wtter place in which to kuild
beautiful homes, especially if they can
be fitted out with elegant furniture.
This is easily done, since D.J. Robertson & Co. located in Nelson. Their
stock of furniture is elegant enough to
adorn a castle, and buyers should look
at it before going elsewhere.
Jas. Moran, of New Denver, has
some weeks"ago W Frank Fritz and C.
VV. Harrington, brief mention of which
was made in these columns at the time.
The claims are situated on the North
Fork divide and within four miles nf
the water-shed of the west fork ofthe
Kettle river, about 12 miles from Fire
Mr Fritz spent some days in Now
Denver a short time ago, showing
samples ol* the ore taken (rom the property. Mr. Moran was interested, and
wont in with the owners to examine it.
Speaking of the transaction the Evening Sun of Grand Forks says: ''The
property was bonded for *-$*3Q,bou, in per
cent payable in uO days, 20 per cent in
four months and the balance in six
months. The ledge, wliich can be
trac d 500 feet, has been stripped in
three places It varies from ten inches
tn three feet in width. Tho ore i%ga-
leua, carrying grey copper, the fissure
vein cross cutting a formation of porphyry and syenite. An assay of oro
gave 590 oz. silver and 15 per cent,
copper per ton. and 51 oz. silver and 51
per cent load per ton respectively,"
Mr.  Moran  will start  development
work as early as possible'on the prop
erty.       __
representatives in all the large centres
of South Africa, and that through them,
nineteen-twentioths of the American
business in South Africa is done. Mr.
Jardine suggests that three or four Can
adian firms located in Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, and Vancouver should ha.yo
representatives out there Canadian
manufacturers must wake up and follow tbe methods of their competitors if
they expect to obtain a snare of that
growing trade.
Several mining men who had chanced
to meet in a hotel lobbyin this city were
discussing the various mines'in a certain district, says the Portland Oregon- i
ian when ono of them spoke of a "wildcat'' mine.
A logger who was sitting near pricked
up his ears at this and chipped into the
conversation. He said that there was
the most productive wildcat mine he
ever heard of near the lodging camp
where he had been working on the
lower Columbia. One of the mining
men remarked that his idea of a wildcat mine was one that yielded nothing
but assessments, and asked what this
wildcat mine produced.
"Why, wildcats, of course," .replied
the logger. He then proceeded to explain that many years ago someone had
run a tunnel into the side of a hill, but
finding no coal had finally abandoned
the workings.
There were wildcats in that section
and the parties who had been prospecting for coal left several cats in their
cabin The wildcats and the tamecats
had affiliated and had taken up their
abode in the tunnel and had increased
in~nuraberir~     ™
Finally a celebrated bear hunter of
that region discovered the half-closed
entrance to the tunnel, and, thinking
that perhaps Borne wild animals might
be Occupying the place, sent his dogs in
to investigate In a few minutes the
dogs came rushing out, literally covered
with wildcats and howling like lost
spirits. While the fight was going on
the old hunter took a hand to help his
dogs and killed 27 wildcats.
Dynamite was put in the tunnel at
night when the cats were out seeking
food and next day the fuse waa lighted
As it burned some cats came out and
were shot down. The shooting and the
dead cats terrified Uiobo in the rear aud
they hold back till tho tunnel was fairly
choked with a surging, squalling, spitting army of aats and then the giant
powder exploded and several tons of cats
wire shot out of the hole.
*.„...•>. ../ •*,.*. m f,,,tt.*tt,„tt   mutt „t**l inr
\e*n titt i\\t* bntit W<\ ob\ei-l v,*v* Mtc
rftMfttl.litit helnftt hi* life in performing one of the nnhlont deed* on record
itt ttu-JA pivvvitK'* A ftiJiu nt-io wilt girt
up hi* own cult lily eglstcitre to nave a
vellowbov, hn«t a soul white enough to
The (tovernment  would do well to
hire A. F   Ho*enber*er •• emigration
of capital agent.   Through hi* effort*
iVt buMi-sca men   front  .Michigan  and
other  mate* came into Kootenav I am
week to look at the Lardeau.   Thl* i«
fhe wav to ptHh ,1  cmnifry to the fr.irrf.
Brie* 'be people from n "diitunre risht
into our mid*t ami let them *itt* up the
t formation with their own <\p!Jf«,   Mn
! etvnr*ion oi thl* kind is el tn^re benefit
i to Brit*}*h C*o4ni*nl<ia than a tew-ye,*!'**
| resilience in London of • polities! pet
i catted an agefit-getiefi! or *om*tbini?
| similar..
Attracted bv the magnet of a mountain of gold of fabulous richness, four
men started from Chicago one day last
week on a journey of thousands of miles,
which has proved the death of the
members of the two previous parties
that went in search of the treasure.
The destination of the little party ii
Patagonia, now a part of the Argentine
republic, on the southern tip of South
The leader of the party is Charles
Corrlgan of Texan, who cfalmt to Imve
■ chart showing the location of the mine.
He is accomnanied by Captain Emery
Busac, who for 25 yean-i lm* nailed the
great lakes, and Is now ambitious to
prove his skill on larger water*. Two
sailor* complete tin parly.
The trip will be made in the tittle
schooner Mercury The vessel started
into the drainage canal in tow of n
Rtnain launch, and is now being carried
down th«) Illinois ami Michigan canal
toward tho Mississippi river
Corrlgan i* the owner nf tin' Mercury
which, though only 10 feet long, I* a
staunrh craft, having been built at
Manitowoc two t-cnmnmi ago. Captain
HttHse will be second In comiiimid during the trip, which, it ii entimated will
Uku nt lean tune ir'iiiilh*.  to rnmplt-lp.
Cnrrigan'* companion* were drawn
Into thn expedition hy a story of a gold! coMliln'fc     *pell
mine of immeiiHt* r'chnp'-w, bnt guarded! ^i^q  jvcrow   I)r
by thn I'atagoniann, who refute toal-j
law white iweple ttv plevce t'ar Into their,
country    noiih of  the  narty  except >
: *.'niii(i.u time mw.tt ion loan, oui turn ,
Mrivt'  Wt-n    hiiv.'n   Mitii.t^i'!*   nf  i.ii- .'.o
I which wire gold run* thickly, nnd bnve
) become entranced by their leader'* den-
, Uipli-Jtl ut  the   III me   iimo   w'okh   A
i'Olltf »l
i    All declare their willingness to under-
H. Edwards lives in London, Ontario,
and has recently heen on a trip through
the Western States. On his return he
told tho News of his city many strange
tales of the west, and hero ia one of
thorn tolling how thoy find gold amongst
the potatoes lu Colorado:
It was while ataving eight miles from
Boulder, Col,, thai Mr Edward* became
acquainted with an old bachelor, Paul
Jones by name. The old gentleman
had been living in a tumble-down building on what was known ns "Sunshine
Claim." Mr. Edwards met him ono
morning and wat Informed that for (our
years he had lived on the claim aud had
sunk tairteen different shafts in an
effort to locate mineral. The old man
remarked that he had some potatoes to
dig In front of tho building That afternoon Mr. Edward* met him hurrying
to the batik Ho h >d (truck a vein two
feet in width while digging in tho potato patch. A syndicate which was
Brespecting near by heard of it, and on
tiding that the earth in the vein was
worth •*.'.■) to the pound they at once
bought the claim for two million dollars. Hefore night every claim for miles
around was staked out.
I The ZJnc &. Opened
S An Era of Prosperity for the Slocan Greater than
g§ ■' Ever Known Here. 8§
The zinc era has dawned in the Slocan, which means the inauguration of an
era of prosperity tho like of which the
Slocan has never seen Mining men
well versed in the resources of the Slocan, and knowing its tremendous possibilities, predict that in a few months'
time the camp will be experiencing the
greatest boom that the people have
known. And it will be founded upon a
good solid foundation.
On Monday final arrangements were
completed by Thomas Jones, representing the Lanyon Zinc Co., of Iola, Kan.,
for the shipment of 1,000 tons of zinc ore
from four Slocan mines, the shipment
to be as a test, to demonstrate what his
companv can <Jo~4n^handling the ore,
and to hna out the best rate the com
pany can give tho mine owners. The
mines shipping are the Bosun 250 tons,
Paj'ne 250, Slocan Star250,;and Ivanhoe
250. The rate paid for this test shipment is far ahead of what was previously got from the Antwerp smelter
people, but is not as good as the mine
owners believe they will yet get from
the Kansas company. To test the ore
the Lanyon Zinc company has installed
"treat the ore, at a cost of 810,000, and
Mr. Jones is authority for the statement that if the test is a success, as
there is no doubt it will be. he will be
in the field to contract for all the zinc
the Slocan mines can produce.
The railways have given a freight
rate of 311 per ton, which may be further reduced when large.shipments are
made, Tho rate given bv tho zinc company is on tho sliding scale, but is in
every respect ahead of the Antwerp
Already the Bosun and Payne mines
aro preparing the first shipment of
eight carloads, and it will be sent out
in a few days The mines ship in sacks
to Slocan City, where the oro is dumped
on the cars aud goes in bulk to the
smelter, and the sacks are returned to
the shippers by the company.
At the Bosun a new strike of four
feet of galena aud zinc was made this
week Tho management is preparing
to double tho present force, which will
moan tho employment of (55 to 70 men.
Tho ore houses are choked with ore ami
everything will soon he in full swing.
Eighty tons will be shipped this week,
ft is' reliably asserted that other zinc
ore buyers aro'looklng for Slocun ores,
aud theynro expected in here in a few
days There are also representatives
of' American capital headed this way,
aud who are ready to buy any einc
property of promise.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocau City mining
division* for the year K901 was, approximately, 80.000 tons. Since January 1
to October 25, 1902, tho shipments
have been as follows:,
own signature Clark declares ho was
offered a bribe of two millions and a
half to assist Heinze in securing control of the legislature, that two more
supreme court justices might be selected
These judges would be named by Governor Toole, one of Heinze'e alleged
lieutenants, and Iin litigation with the
Amalgamated Copper company, iu
which millions are involved, would decide [in favor of Heinze. Furthermore,
he could force the Amalgamated to purchase his properties at almost any price.
C. W. Clark was to persuade his
father to keep out of tne campaign
until after he had thrown the party
and Heinze had secured control of the
Clark's statement ha§ caused the biggest kind of a sensation in political
About 44,750,000 people are employed
in the worm's mines.
In the Lake Superior regions 1 per
cent, copper ore will pay costs of handling and lft per cent, a profit.	
The matt who took Kleetrie
tern and hivl electric light*
been out-ttotie. The prodigy
grip* the bun my*:
"I   whh born bald-hea-led   and
hair     until    I
Knob'H reHUim-
tive.    F bought a bottle, and In going home fell into n brier patch and
, OtuUe tlie IMXllf, Allti   l(o- llt-Xl (Iny
i Cut: Cutci-ci wan mu ul iititlf.
I    Here ia another that iH Him pie
and beautiful: "During five year*
' of my life I had only one leg.    I
Suiuet UnekMii !U«ln)	
tiet'ti    I*
American Hoy    t\
Arliiiituin ■■   *>
Rtit*f|trlM   to
OlJlWM ll«M	
Oltnwa,  ,    	
C»l»lli *.
Truiln Un'.Ur	
"W'K-411 It'iy......    	
Hsmiibv ,
M«r1'.i< -	
H<|i|it1«t ,	
M'fiitor ( <  	
•41 K'.itl .H|»f	
Mii|4x«  - ■
K-tnllr Kriith	
I'fWO't   ,	
rumv-Wf  —
P.»l toll '       	
l Ml
The highest price paid for copper was
55 cents a pound, in July, 1864; the lowest, 9 cents, in July, 1894.
Leadville is shipping 75,000 tons of
ore per month One hundred and
twenty-five cars of 40,000 pounds capacity are required daily to handle this
Oil is replacing coal on the California
railroads aud tests on ^Colorado roads
havo proven so satisfactory that many
engines have been equipped for its use.
Scrap iron is becoming a scarcity in
the United States owing to the erection
ot numerous open hearth furnaces,
causing a demand for this material that
can hardly be supplied.
Statistics show that for every 119,000
tous of coal brought to the surfaco, one
man is killed and two injured. Tn 1901
there were 481 fetal and 1,25(3 non-fatal
accidents in the coal mines,
The black diamonds used in'tho bits
of diamond drills are found only in
Brazil. Tho principal supply of white
ones is found in Africa, but they havo
boon found in a groat many different
The Edison magnetic process ia to be
applied to Norwegian ores, which are
10 per cent, magnetite and GO per cent,
gangue. These ores are worked in
England, and unless concentrated they
cannot be profitably shipped.
The Beatrice has the reputation of
being oue of Mie most valuable inining
properties in the district, and has tho
advantage that it is comparatively well
situated for transportation. The"prop-
eitvhai just been taken In hand hy a
locally organized company, whicli Is
being floated with a capitalization of
|W0,«>."0. The dire.tors aro V. I'uloter
of Camborne, Mrs. Anderson of Beaton,
and Messr*. A- K. Kiucaid G. S. Me-
Curter and J M. Doyle of ReveUtoke.
The company fs Itelng heavily backed
in Spokane, and with the extensive development done ou the property and
the high character of its ore there ii no
reason why the Beatrice company
should imt proVf one of the most Kite
coMtful mining enterprise** itt the province In addition tn the high silver
value*, two ledges of free-milling gold
h«v«« lately been discovered, aud a
upletidld ftrlke wa* made on the property lam »»*<'k. .v.vi>nty per cent of
tin'Mock gi'C* to tlii- iui'h'i* iu the pur
clmtmnf the property and the balance
will lie offered to the public for mi Inter 11>-
tiott fur development of the propcrtv,
but at what price ha* not vet been de-
tcniiiiicd.—Kiiftteiiay Mall.
l.„)utmt Hilt
H. fc   Iju*	
si».-.*m.,r   .......
n«i f<* * ....
M * mi*'m
*    ,
gtm\.   Finally I;
tite Mt«»*!-*iippi,acr*v**th«»*tttill oi Met l they did tne no
i<o and around  thrmigli the *tratt* of t corinuIle«l I)r. 	
Magellan for a chance to  fight for the I lto_ "    tii   ,.ntt. u  »M \(ma
mine    Thny believe their expedition! ^ "H*  "*  un,U  "°      * ' g
will escape the fate of the two which t
|Iii*Ui»I1m ,
ttnd he pulled. (it'iMton
..   .■ .      i fii„i..
preceded it
*.AHAt»*   «tn»t    WAHK   DI'
* The'MtdWft Hepai'MiM'Til  t,l Ag
| ture ha* received a l-ftt^r from Mr
* din**, C«n»«IU*-n T«*de Cenevsiiwiettef in ,
(Sonth Africa, in which it li Mated that f
\\b**r**.ir* dim leading  United Htale*'   .. .
i -OMMmtattan Imwh-1*-* httlvig iv#5*f>p* **n! intn**
enough for three
Here ia one from a woman who!
i now appear* in a lair tOataof health
'•♦I waa w> lean that  I eonld have)
Htiil- traveled in the living skeleton, but
Jat-t I took eight bottle** of your mpdi-!
nine and noa  hnv*' mi much f)e»h
Hi *
i.t* i*   ifftMOrori,
Toul torn
A    WlinTASA    *KV**TtCiS.
whm I ^to the theatre they.^X^uZa& miT*:
I am a boi  fWrtT. * *|,Jy*ff*»* '   the ftittte M.nei.
iini, t,< tbe *'r**.it-*t teninthtnft ->prwng
within the p ilitic^l areri'i of Mo/jUijih
in which a number of millionaire* ar*
ttruigbtig fo. -Mii-remitf, i* ibettau-l
ment of Charles W Clark, mn of W A.
•rnir, which j
Abort* bin,
!i,AiiuiiA.i.i •! L.Huoviiuiueiiy oruugttt
■to the cilv tfje beat aHttH>let ot copper
nn*  we nave  vet  »e#n  here.   The**
■Miiipleaarrt from a new di-icoverv mi
l.ii>wuic creek, made bv J   ('   Mont-
u-ontery, at » jwdut te>   mil«*«t ftfito the
'i inoiuoiH   iivii      'llie  wimpir'x iiiciude
iMiruite.     Mr.   Montgomery   M?«   he
found a ledge in leet in width carrying
four feel of thine ore*.
__        lb'aUo found a ledgejlo feet iu width
t$«•*>!«arr>ieg *ilver-lead nre **i high ullver
i vuluea*.   and  brought in  »»niple*  nt
f tiiolvhdonife grit  in  fh.tr   '.H'lfity     On
(104I iiioiiiittiii, e**t  nl the  KevMnne,
he frttiml a l»dge canvtng loj.pi-ri'old
ore, k.ttiij>ti>-> ol wlmH  s»****%vei! IV&l aiul
j $l>'** geiti — K<viten%v Malt.
When after itealt ejtii* we 11  Itvritee,
*e',\*   Lowney's   delicious
tlnxyjUU'.*. -s—*
Legal adv-brtisiriB 10 cents a
and commercial advertising
Tuk LkikjkU two dollars a year in advance When not so paid it is $2.50 to parties worthy of credit,
noiipurlel line first insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a line
gTHcleil in prices according to circumstances.        ''    .      ".
FELLOW PILGRIMS: The Ledge Is located at New Denver. B: C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raidod by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by fhe fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as tho bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that it is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A. chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us. but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black oow from our water
barrel: one is savage and tho other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is duo, nnd that the editor
iii     once again to look at
jrour      atcral.
Two Rossland mines made a
profit of $81,000 in September.
There is a boom at Sudbury in
Ontario. The nickel makes dollars
in that camp.
The train robber is patriotic. He
seldom does business outside of the
United  States.
Okanagan fruit and vegetables
continue to grow in favor with the
Kootenay people.
The   world   grows  better.    An
.effort was recently made in Texas
to keep a negro from being lynched.
Prohibition is a great breeder of
hypocrisy,   and  the  hypocrite is
two legs.        ^^__
Man is the enemy of nature and
the lust of killing lies deep.in the
human heart. That is why men
shoot at innocent pigeons and kill
tame nmskrats and other little
birds or animals that cross their
The reports of new gold camps
in various parts of the west are
just commencing to come in. The
old reader will notice that they always come -about the time that
Jack Frost is chasing the birds
Many a man has had a monument erected to his memory who
could scarcely get bread when he
was alive. Death and absence
strangely touch the memory, although as a rule too late to benefit
the individual.
If Roosvelt is elected in 1904 it
will be without the assistance of
the trusts. As cash has always
been mighty in American elections
it iB difficult to see how Teddy will
ever serve a second term in the
"White House.
The price is $100,000, with or without the bulldog. At this price it is
a snap for the right people. We
are tired of the easy time we have
had with it and we wish to go out
into the „ world and seek a more
strenuous existence..
Every tourist who came into the
Slocan this summer was simply astounded at the wonders of this
favored region.
England is taxed to death over
the Boer war, and it will be some
time before the commercial lassitude is entirely dissipated,
Thomas Gammon, the man wbo
wrote "Goo Goo Eyes," has met
with an awful fate. He is dying
in a Pennsylvania poor-house.
9   '
New Zealand never has any
strikes, and the government owns
the expresB, telegraph and railroad
Hervice, as well as some of the coal
The largest incubator in the
world is near Sydney, in Australia.
It holds nearly 15,000 eggs and
would be a bonanza for a ooon settlement.        	
Spokane papers are reaching out
for tlie tourist trade. They already
Heo millions in it if tho proper
means uro forthcoming to capture
the tratlic,     	
Hunk Rising of Spokane ban
written a book entitled "Come with
Me Into Babylon."    It must be a
ntovy  about "Dav"   Nrown's congregation.
Some of the New York papers
are confident that Canada will yet
assimilation, owing to the enormous number of Americans that
are settliug in Canada. How about
annexing the United States ?
Advertising pays. Just look at
the B. C. Gazette and notice how
it flourishes without printing any
news of the day. It (foes not even
print an editorial and yet its advertising patronage probably exceeds
any other journal in the province.
While a train was running 60
miles an hour through Missouri the
other day a baby boy in a valise
was thrown off. The baby escaped
tho jolt without tho slightest injury, and in due time should be
lucky or tough enough to run for
congress.      _______
John L. Sullivan JuktJ Quit drinking champague and will stick to tho
stage. He says that ho won a million bnt most of it flew away with
the corks. John weighs 270 pounds
and feels better than when he had
the million and so many quasi
friends to help him spend it.
A boy of 72 and a girl of 70 havo
jtiHt been married in Quebec. It
was a ease of love at find, sight, and
for the bride the first time that she
hud known Cttpid existed. The
neighbors tried to prevent the
match but the young couple were
Itound to have their own way.
The Doukhobors are desirous of
moving into British Columbia, but
the Provincial Government has
notified tham to stay away. They
desire to settle in a country where
they will not have to obey any
laws except those made by God.
This province is not hard to please,
but it wants no douks, of this kind
within its borders. Baer and his
gang of coal barons might get in,
but these Russian chaps wijl have
to go to Sifton or climb up in the
clouds somewhere and lie down,
Jim Younger blew a hole into
himself the other day at St. Paul
and died. As is well known Jim
years ago lead- an industrious but
strenuous existence. He played
the guerilla during the war, fought
Indians, robbed banks and trains
and finally got a life position at
Stillwater. After stopping 25 years
in the one place Jim and his brother
with a woman but found that he
could not marry her, as he was
dead so far as the civil law was
concerned.      This   little k matter
mining coal and iron and copper
and lead arid the precious metals.
The manufacturers in Canada have
less than 6,000,000 of  people to
supply, only a small percentage of
whom are engaged in mining.  The
greater the turn over of any manufactured article, the less will be the
cost of production.    Powder, therefore, costs less to manufacture in
the United States than in Ganada,
and if it is sold at the same price
in the two countries, the manufacturer is making a larger profit in
the United States than in Canada.
The prices quoted by The Tribune
in recent issues show that there is
little difference in the cost of powder in  British. Columbia and in
Idaho and Montana, at towns that
are centres of the raining industry.
Forty per cent, dynamite is selling
in Butte, Mont., at $13.10per hundred by the carload, .aud the price
in Nelson is $14, with 2 per cent,
off for cash in 30 days.    The price
at Wallace, Idaho, is reported to
be the same as the price at Nelson.
The reduction of the duty,  or
even the removal" of the duty altogether, would not reduce the cost
to the mine owner in British  Columbia.    It   would probably have
the contrary effect.    Powder would
not be manufactured .in Canada,
and foreign-made powder would be
handled   by   selliug   agents,  who
would liave nothing whatever to do
with   fixing   prices.     The prices
would be fixed by the Duponts of
Rhode Island and the Nobels of
Glasgow,' who today own 75 per
cent, of all the powder   works in
the world.
Tlie cost of explosives used in
our mines might be reduced, not by
reducing the tariff, but by reducing
freight rates.    For every pound of
powder used in Kootenaiy the railways get from 2 cents to 5 cents for
hauling it in carload lots, and when
handled in less than carload lots,
the freight rate is always double
the carload figure.-Nelson'Tribune.
A Greek publication gives an interesting description of an ingenious method of milk adulteration
practised in Athens. The" residents have a penchant for goat's
milk, and herds of these animals
are led along the street by milk
sellers wearing long blouses with
capacious sleeves. Their cry of
"Gala! Gala!" brings the housewife to the door aud she prudently
demands that the goats shall be
milked in her presence. This is
done, but the milkman has in one
hand the end of a thin tube which
runs up his sleeve and connects
with an indiarubber receptacle full
of water, which is carried under
his ample blouse. At each pressure of the fingers on the udder
there is a corresponding pressure
of the water sack, and milk and
water flow side by side into the
milk pail.—Family Doctor.
A woman without children has
not yet the most precious of her
Give heed tf) the voice of an old
woman; sorrow has given her wisdom.
Arthur flullen
Has opened a Wholesale Liquor
Store in Three Forks, and has
all kinds of Liquors and Fancy
Drinks, Champagne, Tobacco
and Cigars.
The Best Liquors
in the World—
From France, Ireland and
England—and he wants all his
old friends-and new ones—to
come and try a bottle, or case,
or barrel. He will serve you
well, whether you order by
mail or in person.
preyed so much on his mind, to
gether with the suffering from old
bullets that had been shot into
him, that he decided to put in one
more shot and go off shift. His life
cannot be held up as an example
for Sunday school scholars.
You can now repine*! those broken pieces, as our
fall stock of Jayauese Chin . lias arrived.   This
year we have some cf tho most beautiful designs
in Novelties.and they are all
Prettier than ever
Come nnd see.
A few bulbs for fall planting still in stock.
NdSOn'S Drug & Book Store
New Denver. B. C.
If a railway accident happens iu
Mexico the train crew are put in
jail and forgotten. Such a law in
the I'nited States would seriously
impede traille.
It iH strictly against the  law to
cany explosives ou  boats or trains
! that carry passengers.   The Inw te
| constantly violated by people car-
jrying dynamite concealed in sacks
If the Mineml Act is ever amend-j and  shipped    under   *>»»»•   other
ed in this province there should |H'j clarification.    Some day an aeet-
a cIhuhc put in  preventing  knock-1 dent will jit* happen and give the
er« from breathing the air  around S paper*
mining camps.
It te predicted by ••<»> authority
that within twenty years there wifl
lie 500 shingle and mw nt'Ate at
Hlocau City aud other points in
British Columbia.
I NC  r\-cQ discovered   that  a
TlP-kpt"    man  cannot   sorvtt
I IU IMC I    tw0 manors   wj.fl,
any continued degree of success.
As it were, you cannot ride on the
band wagon and lead the horses in
the opposition procession. When
the boss was over in Europe Ttvrte
filled up with a load of ideas upon
higher protective duties aud commenced to blow them into the
ozone. All the while he was holding a job with the party that owes
its life to low tariff and free trade
principles. When Laurier returned he promptly told Tarte to
hit the pike. Laurier evidently
does not appreciate politics that are
sweet on one end and Tarte on thc
80 'Parte is like the Slocan lead
business: Out in the cold with
frost showing in the face nnd coal
upon it? dignity. ITe will probably exercise his excess of brains
by standing In with the manufacturers and attempt to educate the
people into the notion that higher
protective duties is purl ot the
uudicine that Canada needs to
make it fat and rosy. Such a
policy would mean vast lichen to
the manufacturers and a grinding
existence to the poor unleHS wages
were largely increased or the
prolits divided with the masses.   A
  high protective tariff enables  the
• leu io fallen upon  the many.    It
Some   \e\ar   editor   know very j |nwinH high prices ju»t low enough
little about the Bible. One of them I io (i0,]ge  the  fellow on the other
recently read  the   I en   ( ommnnd- - Hjt*j,. (|f (|u> wuj|
incuts and was ho  struck   with thej'  -■   .  jn , in ■■
Hpirit   of   them   that,   he   win   |.|»ej
whole thinu iu his paper under thet
A 'Present
Of a pretty watch or a good
piece of Jewelry is always
sure to be acceptable and in
good taste Next time you
are Present Hunting, we have
something to show you that
will end your search at once.
We want you to see our stock.
Patenaude   Bros.
rianufacturing Jewelers
Nelson, B.C.
Order your Xmas suit early, boys.
ft F. LIEBSCHER, gjffi
Hair Cut
and Shave
At Ed's Tonsorial Parlor
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
-Reports, Examinations and Management.
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.
Mrs. Merkley's
Millinery has just
Bargain Hunters
R. Elliott
Seals, Htencll;, Price Markers, Printing Wheel*.
Numbering: Machines, Band Datln-sr and Nam-
betlni? Stamps. Check Perforators, Rubber
Type, Printing Presses, &c.
Vancouver, li, O.
11 man or lady lu each county to manage
business for nn old i sUMMied hou*> ol solid
linaiiotal standing. A straight bona fide Weekly
oiwh salary of ¥18,00 paid by ohwiue o»oh Woa-
iicsdsy wttfi all ajcpeiiss* dlro«t from hwdquiw
tern. Money ndvanucd for exiNxt-sen. Manatccr.
i» live  horror tu (ill their
Olio eoinblll.itluit Dllll.inl ami l'oul Titbit',
[by May]
One Liir^eHiife.
One J, J Taylor Hnfe No, h good A* new.
Out) mi liar Fixture, very line.
One National Cimh Uairl'ter No. IT. toml wider,
Mirror*, 1HX40, other size,*-.*
One I'lule filum Minor, I *xi»7 luetic*, beveledit*),
one. PhiteOlKM Virmt. .HvM inch, with litrd-
wii.ii Ir.iiin'iuul ulile lir ii'Uin. fixture  "n'. feet
loiiir bv ll feet hltfll.
New I hit Miulilii' -al ureal bui'i/iiin*.
Two Plan ■•»-
n.ilb...'Cli.tli.1, Miti-.iN ll.'iili T!i-'\ J'i|*.-, i.iiiK*.
due Il.ill fllid -"Spilii:." Kimlne Oiiveriinr fur ,'ll-
linli Mi'iUli lil|ie.
Due M.'.iiii iiiiiiui', mn' Liiliiieiiiii, "in* 'I...HI
wills: le
lilll-H K|l*l«- ("HH..--1.
ii,i,-(i uiii-ii S.nl Drill, bv M .Hi* iv-
(iii.'i    ..! 1,1-Ui'i' l*r«i».
Stnv..\ ,t'« Imtniiwiii*.
1! » I, l« )..|| (t.lllt I-lm'   .idVeltN' t,   Kill" I.l  it.
H   I ,1,     H:ll    III.  l.ilt.ll   (111.     jli||K.|    ll    .1*11   i    1 111
»ili..,.l K,H*i|i» Hllll ,VH11   9 lit   Ill-live   llili.lllllllli.il
|.r.i||l|i|IV III""-1! tie- tlm" >im de-liv tu imrt'lln*'.
'/.' Newmarket ma'/.
o te run up- pJi
jtor with hi« L^J
vi t.i i liiu iv»H. A..A
(lit KCW DMIVCr, often* a pleasant subBtitntc for
home to tlione who travel.   It iH witnatcd on tho
Hhoro of Lakt» Slocan, tlie inoHt beautiful lake iu
all America.   Krom its balconioH and windows
can he, wen thc grandi'st scenery upon thin continent.
The internal arrangements of the hotel are the revcm*
to telephone, all the rooniH being plastered, and electric
bells at tho head of every lied make it may for the dry
moments iu the inorninK.*v^t-5WL^«>^>^34-»t-i^i^-^-»
The best and cheapcHt meals in the country are
to bo found in the dlninp room.   The house
on cosmopolitan principles, and the prospce
rY pack is just as welcome ih tho millionaiic with his roll.
}\Ji Kvetv gui'st receives the best of cai-c and protection.
* ^      The liquors are the best in  the Slocan, und  tho
hotel has long been noted for its fish and game dinners.
Hiiiri ilil,r« ioii^ nii'ii inin'ii i"«  ii>- iimi mm f»""*" *'.••*•**•-* y-w
This is the only Hfrt-class house iu the Lucerne of p^
North America. On" look at the landlord will eon- L^J
r v vince auy stranger lhat the viands are of the te*A qual- * *
p^A ity. Uooin." reserved by telegraph. *^Jit^9v>s>i>j>v.a>Sw2i*v_® p^,
LPJ HENRY STEC1E,  Proprktor^s^irs4PtoX^r\^^^J
HL,Jd *Wt«~ - -,-Jim iPWKfcMW.„j^B> }^mm_,-,»*.*a^^ 99999m***.,. ^^^m rn^^wtw*,..*.*^^ tmmm^***,  *-^^ *^-^*a»        -**-^^ ^a^,****
W     ^mmt _mf    "W W'**'W ^    'W ^at     —at hm     —d
■■^^ ^^-^^ ^rf^^^^ l^^^^"*^^ 1^^^^"^^^^^^1^^
_*t******9iH-.    .. t^^^m i^-*-*-^^.,.       ^^^m ^m**w^        j^^^ >^^^k^*.. ■ . ****^^^m -^^^k***.,. # **^^mJ
\ltOHT    I'OWItKH.
J.**«|^14^«*    <*H«'*ii* *4   n*i*A\
'> **********
i lltTCIIt
"**! Iiemlllig       "iH'llln
ago   the  ftii'ots   for   inloxication * ——*..—
were four"n>M'it I«mhm> u.'«itnnn.  Vow f     Tit** dir«-*>t <-tt<tiiii»<hip service in-
it is three, uiiincii to one tiiati.         j attgursitcd    this   month   between
                       j ('anada nnd Month Africa cannot
]| b I'llllll'I't'll III Hie   MorJIll V'llMI'j lllll      ne     ul    "Vil,**t,    lliiirili      nu
a lot of real estate  is  to  be wid S Dominion.    (Swing to tluini|Mivei
next month fnr  taxes.    One of our'ished   i-ondit
nis h\r*r
ti •hiU, ". j
subset il>ers
it has been
in Canada.
tells uh that he thinks! through tht
advertised  somewhere* will lie ditftetilt U
i time.
Powder is manufactured in the
■t inted htates. ami those who man*I
ufaeture it an» absolutely protected j
Jioin   (iiiO|H-litioii,       The   luil-i
HtHtes import, duty is 5  cents
»,*niim*l    nn    urn* (lot*   I'titoerl    n*    '
',' jeeiits or les,« mv pound, andHcents], * -*
tiicm   of South   a frirai "!•««»«'«"»I^«J«'»- valunl at ovet! jr |
•  wnr,  return  cargoes \*> «*»«- * l»«»«l.     IW.Iwim»1*M \*
„i i....;..   *. V. ' manufacture*! in < 'nnatta.  and nui'i   .» ,
tr** '%<% ll r    yr\H%*     l\\Ai /T> fl<^ A* t%*%/n* ft* 11
il )Wl ll ll !t\   A // II    A ^ 1W\ // ll il «1 U vSLwCl il -i
obtain  for mium , , .   , ,
t ihiuiiiiMi'turers »re [iroteitHi I»y an
— ■ inifinrf Attty of 'St eentf. » pottnd on
Borden doc* not U'lieve tu*    It is «aitl that   I arte. Iiaeked by; lAuk jwiwder and 'A cent« a |»onnd
>aw maU'iial Uuo* VmimUi. ('m.m.Ixu  m.-umuiUiut■:,, uil! hoy <■<,, Ixuuinitc.
Initetl Mtatis to te' worked t a string oi  new>p;tjsrM  from *im-l       llie mamifa-eluivr* in (In- I "nitiHl\
tbt'ti   tUi\ii'i A iuv k .'igain.   lo .»»a*«, :v.ui ithu-nU' tbe j»eop!e to Hi.tt*-- ttni?i mt-ei the rtifuiifiitent*'
mighl   help the  hwlbusi-i' taUi- the  high   tariff mad.     Well.-of 7o,f*H>,fMK!  of  p-wiple.   a  large!
appioa* b«d on the subject, here i» one journal they can hav.  j« *<•. ntngt* of whom nre engaged hi -1
«.-nihil.I...I isi;.
Capital v'dJ \<*\A op) •Jlir.liQDKtVi.W
Ke-iervcd luud   ;    :     7,<XXJ,(MJ.<)0
Undivided prulltM   ;    :   .M0,l 81 ul
it»;.»!» oh'ici;, MttwruKM*.
1I0.V, I.oitiiSiirutt«^t.VA sad Mouxt Rovai, (i.C.M.tJ. IVwidctit,
Hos.fi. A. nitCMUoNh, Vh:o President,
H. J\ ('tvot.'HTov, (Jeneral Manager,
Hritclws m all t'iir'sof fnnada, Newfoundland, Creat Britain, and
Vn'tteA A'tOea,
New Denver branch
I.I: H. DI: VPKF.k, Manaser
_— _ i.l.    if.  ui.     , i.Ki.n, imuiHjin WW
'•'• jvexmp^Apmp€.xmpcxmf*TA?mmrxm m^m9*xmr*c^mnr^mvx^mPXXmifA
1 lk%K%K%W%k   WW%   mf    •'mtmt,.. XW    <Mfc*    ^X    miitt.   Ml ■
\ Tenth Yeae.
Tun for Old and young
An old newspaper man has lately
gone into the photographing business and says: •'I find that photo
graphers rarely advertise, but I am
too old a newspaper man not to believe in it for everything. I'd advertise if I were running a cemetery—quiet rooms, clean?beds and
plenty of free heat."—Seagoville
Why is heaven like a baby ? Because heaven is home, home is
where the heart is, where the heart
is is the chest, a chest is a box, a
box is a small tree, a small tree is
a bush, a bush is a growing plant,
a growing plant is a beautiful thing,
a beautiful thing is a primrose, a
primrose is a pronounced yeller,
and a pronounced yeller is a baby.
A Spokane man offered the reward of a dime for the return of
his runaway wife, and the advertisement worked beautifully. The
next morning she appeared with a
copy of the paper clutched in hev
rage-trembling hand and took off
her things and said she would stick
to him forever just for the pleasure
of pestering him for estimating her
value at such a ridiculous figure.—
Ballard News.
"Dear," said the fond mother,
I must punish you for disobeying
my orders." "Please, ma," said
the little oue, "may I go to my
room first?" "Yes,"consentedthe
parent, and she cautiously followed
her first-born up stairs. There
Robert was kneeling by his bed
and his uaother heard him say:
"Dear Lord, if you ever wanted
to help a little fellow in trouble,
now's your chance." £he whipping was indefinitely postponed.
The pure cussedness of the average Mexican is aptly illustrated by
the following incident: El Paso,
Texas and Jaurez, Mexico, are divided by the Bio Grande river; a
few nights since a big fire broke
out in Jaurez, which threatened to
destroy a large portion of the city.
The El Paso fire company responded to the call and assisted nobly in
controlling the flames. On their
return the Mexican bridge guards
attempted to make the firemen pay
The judges in St. Jjouis are
bravely taking the part of young
women, which they should do, of
course. Only a few days ago one
of them Sued a young man $500
for attempting to kiss a young
woman against her will. A second
one severely reprimanded a policeman for arresting a young woman
who had allowed her sweetheart to
kiss her; aud now a third one has
just fined a young gentleman $20
because he struck a young lady
who wanted to kiss him. St. Louis
judges have some things to be commended for.—Bonham News.
* While crossing the Atlantic on
the Lucania, bound for .Europe,
Henry C. Frick of tho steel trust
was accosted by a strange man,
who called to him:
"Hello! Pittsburg 1 How are
Krlck looked at tho man a mo.
ment, and then replied:
"Very well, thank you, New
York! IIow do you know I'm from
"By the stogie you aro smoking,"
answered thc stranger. "And how
do vou know I'm from New
"By your gall,*' replied Frick.
Justice Brown of Joplin ban rou-
dered a decision which will win for
him the gratitude and admiration
of every one who use* the weed.
Thc city is trying lo compel it*
merchants to keep their stores
closed on Sunday. Thc law permits the necessaries of life to in*
sold on the Hahhnth. During the
trial of a test case it was proved
that a grocer sold chewing tobacco,
His attorney immediately raise:;
tin* point that chewing folwico Was
a neccHsity of life, and the court
sustained him, and said the man
had a right* to keep his store open
to sell that indispcntfhlc commodity. Oh, wise judge! Kan
sits (fity Journal.
No man is a gentleman who.
without pvovwutioii, would treat
with incivility tlm humblest of hi*
mw-ftic*. It is a vulgarity for whiuli
no in-cotiiphshiiii-iitMol Oress or address can ever atone.   The mail
haps you owe for last year, or
several years, or may be for job
work or advertising. Now, you
understand, we don't need money,
we have millions—to get; but it is
really an imposition on our part to
let people go on carrying our money
around .when we are so strong and
healthy and abundantly able to
bear the burden ourselves. For
this reason we ask everybody who
has any of our money in his possession to leave it at the office, or
send it by mail, freight,, express or
any other way, just so it gets here.
Silver and gold are heavy, and it
would be a matter of life-long regret if any one should get" bow-
legged carrying it around for us.—
Nictoria Advocate.
A student at Berkeley contributes the following: Many ludicrous mistakes are made by foreigners in grasping the meaning of
some of our common English expressions. A young German attending the university translated
"The spirit is willing, but the flesh
is weak," into "The ghost is willing, but the meat is not able."
And a Filipino youth fairly set the
class in an uproar by the statement
that "Out of sight, out of mind,"
meant "The invisible is insane."—
Los Angeles Times.
A paper in Golden, Colorado,
raked in many delinquents on the
ground of this eloquent appeal:
"You may approximate the stars
in a nail keg, hang the ocean on a
grapevine to dry, wipe the nose of
a cyclone on a towel to dry, cut off
the tail of a tornado for a keepsake, put the sky in the ground to
soak, unbuckle the bellyband of
eternity and open up the sun and
moon as health resorts, but never
be deluded with the idea that you
can escape the other side of purgatory if you don't pay for your
A Mississippi girl describes her
first visit to a city in the following
raphsody: "Oh, I had such a perfectly beautiful time ! Everything
was so converted, you know. We
stopped to a house where we rode
to our rooms in a refrigerator and
our rooms were illustrated with
in the room,,but one of those legislators in the floor, and the heat
poured right up through it. I did
not have any appetite and could
not have anything I could realize.
Honestly when I got home I was
almost an individual."—Atlanta
took the reins in  one hand and
grasped the situation.—New Hope
News. .
A Tennessee paper says in one of
the mountain counties only one
man took the newspaper, and the
citizens for some dietance would
gather in to hear it read when it
came. A listener one time asked
what tbe Republicans were doing
in congress. "Oh," replied the
reader, ' 'they're* playing the dickens over there, they have passed a
lawjadding two months to the year,
and the worst of it is they have
made them both winter months."
"Blast their fool souls," said the
listener, "and I'm nearly out of
The lady (?) who yesterday called
the attention of another to our
patched breeches, whereat both
laughed heartily, is informed that
a new pair will be purchased when
her husband's bill is settled, It
has beeu due nearly a a year. Don't
criticize a printer's dress too closely
while you are wearing silk with
money due us. Tell your husband
to send us $40.79 and save the cost
of a lawsuit. We need another
pair of pants.—Ex.
The printer is the cause of much
woe and not a little amusement.
This time it is a minister who is
made to say queer things, so says
a clipping. "Well, that's enough
to try the patience of Job," exclaimed the village minister as he
threw aside the local paper. '' Why,
what's the matter, dear?" asked
his wife. "Last Sunday I preached
from the text 'Be ye therefore
steadfast,' but the printer makes it
read 'Be ye there for breakfast'."
It is related of Senator Hoar,
that he once undertook to take the
place of a young friend and teach
her Sunday School class. During
the course of the lesson the senator
explained with great detail the
story of the Pilgrims* landing on
Plymouth Rock and then asked,
"Who can draw me a pictnre of
Plymouth Rock?" "Hen or
rooster?" inquired a little boy, to
|-fche-sentator,ti infinite disgust.—Ex.
An editor desiring the news,
asked a man to write it from his
neighborhood and got this reply:
' 'We have two school marms, the
hog cholera and about fifty bushels
of potatoes, and a tarn-tl fool who
married a cross-eyed girFhecause
she had a mule and forty acres of
land, and the same is your humble
"What is the pedigree of your
naif?" asked a would-be buyer of
a farmer. "All I know about it is
that his father gored a book agent
to death; tossed a justice of the
peace on top of the bam, and Btood
a lightning-rod man ou his head in
a fence corner. His mother chased
a female lecturer two miles one
day. If that ain't pedigree enough
to ask 884 on you needn't take
One of our neighboring papers
relates the story of a lady in its locality who, being of a jealous disposition, thought that her husband
had been in the habit of kissing
the hired girl, and resolved to catch
him in the act.   After watching
him a fow days, she saw him com- . rr ...
ing home one evening and the kit- ,\ K"088? newspaper ts charged
chen was quite dark. Burning with asserting that "adreamy-eyed
with jealousy the wife took a few duck from the dark wilds of the
matehcH and hastily placed a shawl way-back Last has reached town
over her head as the girl often did; ^ » haml P1"?88 Bnd a sl"rfc ^
she entered tho kitchen by the hack f,.,n ,of ^P6 "nd proposes to start a
door, and immediately she was »yal J**!*"; His hide will soon be
seized and kissed inthe moBt ar- added to thoHe already hanghig on
dent manner. With a heart al- °".p ^ fenco- -Briggs Enter-
most bursting the wife prepared to P,,|BL*'
administer a terrible rebuke to the A Michigan farmer recently lost
faithless spouse, and tearing her- a cow in a peculiar maimer.   The
self from, the fond embrace, stood animal in rumaging through asum-
face to face with the hired man. -tier kitehc.ii found and swallowed
The husband says his wife has been an old umbrella and a cake of yeast,
exceptionally good to him since the Tho yeast fermented in tho poor
eventful night. beast's stomach,  raising tho um-
Not long since a Missouri editor brP,,ft» ,,ml *hi'<llwl (»Sreat ««0,,y-
announced that juBt for one issue     A man in a neighboring tewn
he would tell the truth naked and  who took a city papit itt preference
unvarnished.   That te, the truth to*country paper because lie got
was Ut Im» unvarnished.    Here is more p'iper for the money, wus atone item from the issue:   "Mar- traded by  the advertisement of a
tied—MIhs Sylvia Rhodes to James fliv chnipe wliich   would   be for.
Otrahan, last Saturday evening at warded on reoipt of t»2.    He sent
tho Haptist parsonage.   The bride the cash and in a few days received j
is a very ordinary  town girl who a copy ot the New Te-tatneiit.--Kv.
doesn't'know any mow than a rah-     ..TI„, |jg|lt ot ,„., |jf,, )m R0IM.|
bit aliout cooking,.and never helped out," was the epitaph a  Wliart .i.|
her pooi old  mother three days of |mu, |mf   „„ ,liH wif(i.<H toill|,sjou„ ;
her life.    She is not a beauty by Hiv „lo„t|IM |„n»r he married again. •
auy means and ho* a g.dt like a Tl„* other d,iv he visitedthctrravc-!
fat duck. The groom is well know n}VMHi nw\  w'm mTi*v\HH\, to   And!
here as an  up-to-date loafer, ha* Hcratehed    beneath   the   cpifujdi ■!
te-en living oil thc old folks all Ins.. Vw     |„„    vo„    found   aimthct!
lite ami  don't  miioiint  to shock* iUi#4U,l(. *~ Kl Cu,,,,,, Saw*.
nohow     They  wil!  have a hard)    A Kl.,m„.kv ,.mv    , H1| „,„ M||,.j
ife while th.y  live  Uigether, aud,       ,        k     ;, „,„*,,,„„   wfts „,„!
this paper extends absolute y no (,<.Hfni,tio!1   nf  „.„   fn.!fffll   „im|
congratulations, for  we Ami t be-  ,    f     loug»lftM,,„, ,|„4j llol U\
Hfivi* inv   wiml   rmt-i   net nt 111*' rvrnio • " '
a year.
IS a monthly journal that you do not
meet every day. Its home is in the
West, far from the smoke of crowded
cities and the hum of grinding commerce. High up in the mountains, Riir-
rottuded by scenery that would drive some
artists mad with joy, its editor sits close to
heaven and draws inspiration from the
clouds **-j)c**********
Lowery's Claim is principally devoted
to Truth and Humor. It has hosts of
friends and enemies. It is hated and loved
just according to how it strikes the human
miud. It presses the limit every time
and always deals from the top. It bows
to no creed, cringes to no god or devil, and
fears nothing, not even the sheriff. It is a
sham crusher, and aims to tear the mask
from everything that is evil. It is the
most independent magazine in the world
and panders to no class, party, sect, creed,
color, flag or fat advertiser. It haa pay
ore always in sight, and every shift shows
that it is increasing. It has touched a
chord in the human heart that vibrates
with its music wherever the English language breaks the ozone ********
If you want to get in line with it, get in
early as the circulation is limited to a million. No*sample copies are sent to anyone,
but it is furnished free to all people who
are one hundred years old. Postage free
to any part of this wicked earth *****
his honesty. Some days later the
bachelor missed a scarf-pin, and inquired of the valet as to its whereabouts. "Me flonnd it on le floor
an.' me klep it for my honesty,"
was the explanation.
A mother not spoken well of by
her children iu an enemy of the
state, she could not live within tho
kiugdom's wall.
Respect always a silent woman;
great is the wisdom of the woman
that holdetb her tongue.
[ Winnipeg
W-TE have Just Issued a new
" and linndsom-iv illus-
trated catalogue, a copy ot
which will bc mailed to any
adUtess on request.
Whllll ll llluilrite* hui i <m*UI
portion of mir UwV of Fine ,ti *»cl.v,
Ilik dtptrtmtat of nur 1 <■>. --.-. '-.*
rapr-ewnitd by ciitttitly »e ii».J
Ourstockof Stcilir.r'-ihcr
for tliis season in of «p*'.<.* *Ml
ment. In it there ar«. .1- ',i
nuaicrahli' pJAt pieces, mml.
eratc in price, attnXic in
design, au-J fintmhu.)j U'„-
(ulnena and t1iu.ti-i.it>.
i New York WKST-( SFraiioUco
St. John Now West-
Halifax uiinstor
Boston Skagway'
[ I. Dawson
From Fort William, tho favorite! mini-
mor roittn to nil Eastern |>oinls.
For St. Paul, Duluth, Sanlt Sto Marie
Chicago, etc.
THH'H'till TorillST Hl.KKIMNt;
1'A US
FUST—I,ca vi* l>iiiimnr-».!tuii.tlou iliuly
for St Pit uh Kootenay I.aniliuj:
Tue*(lny an.I Saturday for Toronto,
Montreal, etc.
WEST—Lea v.*   Ut-velntoke  daily   foi
Seattle ainl Vancouver,
ThroiUjli   bookings  tn K.ui'o|u> via all
Atlantie Lines,
l'ie|innl ticKein at ioweat  rate* iHMieil
from ill European eottiitricH.
i.ii». 1 un .inn lull iiilnriiii ■
I i.t "nllii*. liliu-Vl
lion n|'l>ly te
0,».OAIIUK'IT   \
'■*-:   J. t'llUf A   0   V   Alt! . Vl-l:.
I  *■'. 1'i.in.r  HI
I -I N'.-'.k' fVllViT,
t„\*-l«lll, ll
Ryric Bros.,
Y«.ii,:c »ad Auki»iJe S'm.1*.
nf -ano-h « union.'
wan a funeral.
One ot nur young
men took a
who  de»irt-»   t«   limit*   «v.-ryo.,,.,   ,,.,,, i(Ii,     |nr, (nTnj     ,.lst
around bim    happy,   and   who« j^ ftWhf ^   £|mwit||||l tJrnwl
'ftMlVli    III'.
.-.Itniittiit-fi   -H.   nin'oi' In
olfon* to nuy mm, w « gentleman) wI|f|liw ^ M£vwHu ,wl,ini,,rv.
by nature and >|hti,«. though hv] „W(,U , |W, kj|(m, ^ , tW|;k
may  never have won, a -.til  of , <>im!), f       „ ,.niuynmit i(
bn.a-jdcloth nor  loniA tit n U-xotm. i , ,     ,. • J -
#i>i * 1        1        _•    *     *jaW     illl      llllt'in
Then* aii- men   in  ev-ery iIiimI» of
t-rhnar ItM»rN then* f« volieltnAo tori ,      ,   ,
---   i -,iv-ik|(*)<.'.irv.r-l   l»»-v    lt«t-<iiini|^   ,%\n
I"1"'-*.       leiu.'iiiii   »*..-«.. (    ^'mT^t^**^
Th« Hev. Dr. Ntwl  write.-: "Vorl
a iiuinlxT of years I  i-uiilfr-wl from
in«omnia, but after lining two liot- \
t«,..-   ,.»   ,.,,.,.       t;t, ..,,.,,,1,.     »    ,   ...  '
my (Congregation to sh^p."
Cllte <if P!liliul.||)!ii;« v iji'h yulittg
liaehelnrs rcttitii'd fnnn atrip to
in  one of  your the I'act lie etinul with a  (.Ihinaman
The young man wm flow a* a valet, hiving Ih^h induced t<>
1   «-itj4>i^«'    Vn»(i    by     Shu     Imiiiicn'"
\\   |». \ |N( i-X I  ,*i •>•   hi.
ltllll|H*.l„.V< 1   jl     ,11 ,\   I, ,\t-    ti  I,
'. ..»• •,,. it.,   I, „y --,,,.   M/,-.
...   „     ,,,(,!,..   ,1    , !,(-***,.,    .J.;.,.'    .'
i»,.[.t.li;  II >>lll "j* .;  .li.»•   ll|.    •.
' 1 >—i I iim* ii* id,* n .... ,11 Mi,
.1 U.-i Id. 1,11 iv tii-nli-i It 1
■•ini* '■ ittn*   I li
U „U,
\"m    ,.|.*n. 1
I     *;|n(»' in
-l**V     HM.li
M-lnlrl ,*! Mi
ir..mill, il, ,-
, ,|
• t'lili
r-.i h!» I;
I. ll 111
U *    M**
ml It it
..- I**!-,,.* ,,,
' !.,*   .. t.V
• I !|.l   ).,|.,.
PKN'OIIKCOT  Mlnaral Clnlm.
Situate in the* SIohbij Miniti* Iiivisinii of Wttat
KootenHy liihtrint. Where locHted:
(in Four Mile Ciwk, iKlJulnlntr tho Hewitt
nnd LoriiR Itoone.
rpAKK NOT1CK Hint I. M. II. W. Rnililwrnw,
JL Krcfi Mlnpr'H Ortltlcntp tin 11, flflOMi. for
myi-elf, nnd nn ntiiint for Krnnk Culvtir, Freo
Mlm.r'nCi-rtiticnK' No |l, WIS;;, liilcml. sixty
days from tlio dntif hereof 10 apply lo tlir
MiniiiK Itci'i'rdi'r for n Ccrtlilcatu of improve*
inwilK for the iiur|iofM' of olitnliilni; n Cron-ii ifrmit
nf tin'ulnivv claim.
And furllicr iak<i notice thnt action under kc-
lion .17 imt«t tun'omiixiicfd tM'fori- tlie linuniirr of
micli ci'rtlilcnte uf linprovciiwnu.
lintel till" l.'-tli *nv of Ofloln>r, A. 1). lttlK.
Hllunli'.Inlhi'Sliicnii Mining DivKiou ut \Ve»t
KoiiIciibv (lUtiict. Wluirt* liM'«t«(t: On
l'«yii'- MouitUiln. North uf San.Inn.
•TAKK NOT1CK Thai 1 llcrli*rt T Twtuis, .11
1 nKiiit fur (iciiiw K* llun-oiii, fun Mlnvr'a
Ccitltli'iUi' Nn. rtuvtw, Alfred C. (innle, Vreu
Miner"! *>nli!iMHi No fl'rtl, onl-Miii l» Jont-*,
Kre*< Mliier'"'rertllle.'i*i- No <i«i!i|.l, liiieuil, »|\|y
d.iya frmii iim ilnte litrei't lo -apply to the
MiiiIiik lleeoriler lur it 1 eilllli-rtli- uf I in-
prciveini'iiia fur Ihe pui'|«iiu- ..( ..I.i.iIiiIhk .1 Cut* n
Kiant ol the nlmve clnlm
Alot Iiitllu 1 Ink'' notice th.-il action itlnler nee-
llmi C muxl lie ...Hum in nl I-(.,!. tin-i*.<ii.iiice
uf mii-fi i*iT'lflivi<i .,f Itll in', -vi ir, Hi
OMfiltM" *Hhiti'V of llclnlK-r, A. II ll#i»,
MllfllKKT 1    TWM.f.. Ap»m
K*KKW\TI« MliK'tal t■l.-iitn.
Sltii.il.    in   Hi..
W..I   h-.|*
A'!J..lnln*jf tl«- ('..fiUml \
Ml     Mlllllih'     |l(VI»|iin    -,n
f'Kiti.t,    Wli.|i'   lomii.i:
,       - „         '"Hill. f,.| ,-|„|,,|
l.u ...il ,ii.-,,i Tin.-. t-.,ti,i.. '
pKKXt.TlfK'i.,1 I, M.i,,.,,   il,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,
u ■ hi»,
1 !i ii. t.ui.»,,
U !. ill.
'ini I, M.'mi.1
ml n.i Hi.   M-.nli..<   *
fi..   tiitinV* . . ititl<-,».
iii     .tn.    tf.,1,,   t|t,
; uirlill -In  I
, wuli     ill
! |..-ri.-f- In
i-f*.,].* tit
.•Iii itj.ii'i
Mfn»r*l I,'  **:• -•
Ki»»*d», Arij.'ii.( ii, 1.1
re!ll««-   !
.* it. \,
■•*•• 111. 1
•I "tn 11
#n.|lie Hi
««i.iii   I ,
.Hill  tu II"   Mil,in.  I(. e..ti|,.|  I, 1
Ini),ii.veiii.'u',.. lm   tin'   j.nti«»i*
( l*,« n 1,1 .,!,< ,,( 'In   j||.,\,   > I llm
Al.il ('-'-llln'r   li.lti-   I.oil. .*   Him'
"t. . I '.    ili.i-. (..   . • i».i..i Im "i   '
nin*r .•' >ii. li l'i I'llSe.ue >*' l.u; >.*-.
|t.,|.*l|   Oil-    :«Ht.   V|*,*|     1,1   S,|*i.||.:i,
U   i->\  I
•Mill n|>
I.l ..III Inn
.fi'n    .,» *l*
-I     Ull**   Id.*,.
J. III*.,
♦   fl, v.l*f
lllll.   \o.
'I     <   ItlUl.
■■!■'•   M,   if »   -^  ...
K    In*
I 'ml I'
,     il;,.,.,,!
lili I,        XVI
li"'   i'. HI." *..,   .lli,,!,     ,..-«,
il lll> III ..1   I «',-is     Mi-,. , ,.,,.,
'pKKWN('i:T!.;;l. ||..,»,„ ,. initli  t
Ili«>   weitme   of   iiimikitiit.   h1miw»|w, uj,j, ,-m^nu'.id nod wHitkI.d  friwwl-.   who -Hid   ttvtt   Orii-titnt-
i!Vt:iy    bi'LUtn   l.:   ',*':it!ttilr.f    ^''■'■ *»,r)>w unll| „,   \mmX   two iihW>« h««i   mn\:o   whntmbt*.-   .-.,->«vunK      ity.,-
kmAnem. — hi. !l#n»n tmv»»r»«1,    Th-t-n a grwil Ii^t»t* morning   thi*   (hin.-iiiiut  lutii.d   t
i'uHtA  m'*n7miit  hove \*oi  |»*»1 ImAn' miori him auA  .w ex^mm"**- imlt Ao)l*i  *m ihe l\,nn. nuA w.i-
yuur suh«cripti'iu thi-  y»'.ir? P*-r- ^mib* ilhitiiitifttwl hte teattm-*.   Me told by hi.i ftnphnvr to kev^it Uo
■   m. 9      9 1^9 mm f^.   jQ
Contain*   a   Rellablo   Recorif
of alt tha Iventa In tha
*4eiii A VIA-f). SiMCLC COPY* KX.I-*.
for tola by at I Nowradaalara,
SAMPLE   COPY   mil,
Arfdreaa HtW YORK oupptu,
I, a
'.  i'ttl.,1.0   '
, > i*nr, >ti
1. „• 1..-.,.
.ill. »1«   A*-.
•*       -l   •■     I
1 i-r-li r I r »i I» oi-Acalr .4 Imet* \ • -n
j..,'j«-*<   .,',   iii,: i.tiinii    -»   I'r
nt. *<*.* ehlnva.
.*. .* ittiy,- t ,.*k* ti.,:,., ii,
H .,. X  ,„•>: |„- . , iMiH*;,,,, ; !
- f -11. tit erm. ur • I I'iiM'.i. 1
11 .,    1, .,    ii   . .1   1 -
f.rno  111 \i ti<»\
♦ .f.>(;l
»  ft...
,f   It,,..
1 -r
fc I'
ll U
to .,'.
»•* (i v
if.**   it... t*.*.•
■ti   \
i U   ', ♦(.-
'-    »»!.'». IV H*i dfflE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, OCTOBER 30, 1902.
Tenth Year
THE BOYAt HOTJEL, Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of it*cuisine.   SOL JOHNS,
is the best Si a day hotel in Nelson
■white help employed.    ~    «.   »• *• «-
the Clark
THE   EXCHANGE, In KASLO, has plenty
of airy rooms, and a bar replete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
11HE MAZE, in KASLO,  is just the place
.   for Slocan people to find when dry or in
search of a downy couch.
tevest, for hie figh?, xwas made single-
JG. MBXVIX, Manufacturing Jeweller,
■ Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockets
and Rings. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any in Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
H.T. PHAIR, Dealer in Foreign and Do-
•   mestlc Cigars and Tobaccoes.   Hiker St.,
Kootenay Candy Works,
J   A.   McDONALI),    Manufacturing   and
.   Wholesale Confectioner.    .Nelson, U. C
"Wh.olesa.le   Merotiaiits,
ers in Butter. Eggs, Cheese, Produce and
Fruit,Nelson, B.C.
„ Importers. Wholesale GrocersandProvision
Ft. OHHISTIE, I.. L,. H., Barrister, So-
.   licitor,  Notary Public.    Sandon; B. C,
Every Friday at Silverton. tf
Mt. GRIMMETT, t. I.. B., Barrister,
.   Solicitor. Notary Public.     Sandon, B. C.
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday.
Mining Properties.
Mining properties should address Box 50,
ew Denver, B. C.
when you want soft drinks.   Special atten-
ion paid to the tradeof families.
0. E. BIGNEY, Sandon.
Insurance Se R»eal Eiata/te
.   Insurance Agents.    Dealers in Real Estate
inlng Properties.  Houses to rent and Town
Lota for Sale.
GEORGE I.. PEDLAR. Opt. D. Honor
Graduate of Philadelphia Optical College:
Graduate of tbe Canadian College of Optics and
Detroit Optical College. Outfit tor the diagnosis
and correction of Optical Defects unsurpassed in
_tl>e.r)yvmlnlj>n On«.nllolUn  traix k j*_TSlatonn!,*..
~.iiB wuiii.iv.i,—w.uu.m.ivir..w .»v—*. wjO..'*.-
Drug Store after May *3.
. Ff orp theStj!t>s Kenne*
Darwin said that." man evolved
from the monkey.
Darwin must have enjoyed looking back over his ancestry.
When a man won't see anything
higher in man than the animal, it
is just as easy to believe that his
ancestors were monkeys as anything else—
But who made the monkey?
And why say that the men who
point to him as their good fatliX^
evolved from him?
To look at the lives of some men
through my kennel window, I am
constrained to believe that it was
devolution instead of evolution.
The monkey in his native haunts
is the most helpful creature, one to
the other, that ever lived.
In this characteristic man goes
no higher, and generally not so
Monkeys have beeu seen to cross
a wide stream by entwining their
tails about one another and making
I a swing bridge from a tree on ono
I side of the stream to one on the
opposite bank, thus enabling.the
whole band to cross.
Each helped himself by helping
I have seen men and women act
in a similar manner;
I have seen them lock arms and
by a mighty effort bridge difficulties
that could never have been crossed
in any other way;
And I've seen them standfast
through thick and thin, and all
And then, again, I've seen men
and women use their friends as
rungs in a ladder over which they
might climb to ambition's goal, and
when they had attained what they
could by or through their friends,
I've seen them, and so have you,
turn their back and scorn the
means by which they did ascend.
It would dishonor even the monkey to say that such people evolved
from it;
They may have devolved from
the orangoutang.
Every man or woman who has
a sane mind, and has named the
name of God, either in blasphemy
or love, knows that it is in his or
1 S. RASHDALL, New Denver, B. C.
Real Estate and Mineral Claims for Sale. Claims
represented and Crown Granted.
Lumber, Doors. Windows, Store Krontajihow
Cases, Store and Bar Fixtures, Counters, Fancy
OIium. H. HOUSTON, Manager.
Nelson, B. 0.
ta, .MILLOY. "«"> ■ „
.... naa IS years experience In dental work, and
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work. Most
complete dental office In B C.
Oonoral   Store.
JT. KRLLY,   u>«i>   nn
•   Groceries, Dry Goods, Ete.,
_.   _ ..._,    ry Q
pod all Of er the Slocan.
FORKS, dealer In
Goods Ship-
I' II  bfl ia   I   II
id laanjr point* of
JjL IUM. The most complete liril T II
oothe Continent of North Ameri- II C A L I II
ea. Hitoatftd mldit scenery unrivalled for Grandeur. Boatinir,
Fishing and Excursions to the
tnterMt. Telegraphic communication with all
ptrU of the world; two malls arrive and depart
•vary day. Its bathes cu« all nervous and
nusGtlar diseases; Its waters heat mil Klilnoy,
Ltvar and Stomach Ailments of every name.
Tbe t>ri«e of a round-trip ticket between
'New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for DO days, is «3,»5, Hal'
cyon Springs, Arrow Lake, D. C,
JOHN Mcl.ATCIIir,   Dominion and
V   ▼Inclsl Land Hurveyur.   Nelson, 11.0.
eternal happiness or eternal un*
They can have it as they will it.
I think if I was a man or woman
I'd suck the honey of happiness.
But they don't do it.
There's the atheist, who says
there is no God or Supreme Being;
The infidel who denies the Scriptures and refuses to have faith in
The agnostic, who disclaims any
knowledge of God or the origin of
the universe;
The pantheist, who sees no God
higher thau nature;
The deist, who believes ia God
but not in revelations;
And then there is the nonentity,
who clings to the old heathen idea
that man is nothing, responsible for
nothing, and is wafted about like n
cork on the ocean of life, regardless
of the fact that he was endowed
with brains aud a will to use them
even if he wont.
These fellows waste a powerful
amount of energy, and keep their
heads sore bunting against the in*
evitable, but they've been doing it
for Heveral thousand years, aud the
God of all, bulldogs as well as man,
goes right on iu loving kindness an
Ue has done from the beginning.
handed, and it was1';:My after is years
that he was rewarded, on July 4,v1891,
by the discovery of the Washington
and Independence mines. It fs interesting to recall that it.is only a few
months ago that Cripple Creek was
astir over'.the reports that the Independence, which Stratton had sold to a
London corporation, was giving out.
A carpenter by trade, Strattou spent
his Winters with the hammer and saw
and hia Summers hunting for gold. The
first investment in mining- property
which has been laid to Stratton was the
§3,000. that he planted in the Yretaba*
Mine at Cunningham Gulch. He got a
lot of good schooling in that venture,
but nothing more.
When the Yretaba scheme had
petered out, Stratton took a course in
metallurgy at Colorado College. This
completed", he set out again on the old
quest. The Yretaba was a vanished
dream, but there were other fields to
prospect, and in some of them he was
sure he would find his reward.
Tn the meantime, however, be didn't
despise his trade. Colorado Springs
saw him intermittently and gave him
work when he*wanted it Then, when
there was a little money in the stocking
it saw him no more for a time, and thc
neighbors knew that the carpenter had
become a gold hunter again.
A <>;ood part of tho time Stratton was
spending his own money in the quest
for pay dirt, but whenever he could
find anyone disposed to grubstake him
and divide with him on the chance that
some day his dream would come true,
he took uii'the partnership gladly.
It was under such an arrangement
that he set out for Cripple Creek in
April, 1891 Samples of ore which had
lately come down from the region led
him to believe that it would give up a
great store of wealth to the man who
had the persistence and kuowledge to
examine it thoroughly. He had been
working on the grubstake contract for
a month or two, whun the man who was
putting up the monev concluded that it
was a bad bargain and quit within
striking distance of millions.
Stratton went back to Cripple Creek,
replenished his store of necessaries, and
on July 3d rode out of town on horseback to resume his prospecting, this
time on his own hook. He staked out
two claims, and, as it was the Fourth of
July, he named one Independence and
the other Washington.
Out of those two claims, Stratton accumulated a fortune estimated at $14,-
000,000. An early assay from the Independence showed ore that yielded
$380 to the ton; so Stratton wasn't long
in making up his mind that he would
hold on to that claim and get the money
he needed for further operations from
the Washington; for he did need money
never more than at that moment when
millions lay just beneath his feet.
He eold or leased the Washington for
a sum that is sometimes stated at $60 -
000, an! sometimes at $80,000. At anv
rate, he got about $10,000 in ready cash
out of the deal, aud later, when the
1 iuyer or lessee failed in the required
payments, the Washington reverted to
"th%prsei^i*5n~6f"its~discW6rer;    ~~	
With the first $10,000 that he got out
of the Washington, Stratton set to work
on the Independence He was never
in a hurry about taking out gold, even
in later years, when he had the capital
to push things'to the limit if he chose
to do so.
"It's just as safe in the earth as anywhere else," he would often say to those
who wero urging him to work faster.
In 1894, $(30,000 was all he had denned
up from tlie Independence     From that
New styles and patterns;
inthe East.
and as reasonable as you can buy
I want your patronage.      You can get your Christmas presents at my store and you are not t iking" any chances.   1 guarantee all goods and quality, and as reasonable as you can get anywhere.
Orders by mail receive our prompt attention.   Send your watch repairs to rae and I will do tne rest.
time on, however, the product of the
mine waB fabulous —American Mining
9:00 a m. Lv. KASLO Ar. 3:15 p. m.
il:2o a. ra. Ait. SANDON Lv. 1:00 p. m.
5:00 a. tn. Lv. NELSON Ar. 7:15 p. ra.
8:40 a.m. AR.   KASLO   Lv. 8:35 p.m.
Tickets sold to all parts of the United
States and Canada via Great Northern
and O. R & N. Company's lines.
For further particulars call on or ad-
ROBERT IRVING, Manager, Kaslo,
Land Homy or.  KA
iMtor anil Provincial
Mall or<lnr» [ironi|illv atti'iulinl in.
WT. TKKTZKI. A CO..  X«l*,i..  II, C,
,   Haitian in all l>nnr« ami  ^wwyw-***' Hti|>-
1    It.   OAHKRON,
at.   Cliiihltur iDtinl.r
rom all classes.
floM'imt Silver
  . UoMjIlfr-ropii'r I.S0
Hftinpliuliy mull t'ti«i'lv« yrompt; MtUmClun.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bourht
1*f*B Arapntio* Kt.,   T»»>«vn*r, P-ntn.
To»inl from KuruiM-jMi jmlnti vl* CaimlUi
luuti hmt'i'ti iti, -hunt*,      ,'iiV'J    v 'i   tu,,.,,.„   '.j,:*.*
rtta*,Urk«W*n-J fall information t.. «u> 0
Ry »*«-iti>r-
C. P. R. AKitnt. N«w Dtnvor
W V.t. Cummin*. O. % H. Aift., Winnie
t.i m.iii.iir.i |
tatfiitMM for »n -Al -ttfUMMiMl Won** „t »,.|| I,
tlnamlal *Unilln«    A »tr»l*ht, Iioii* Ma wiwklv {
civil mf.nv •■! II-'" julif '-j ihenii.   i-.ii'fi U'i'if ,
rn* t*r ttitli nil «-»)»"»ii>!« *ti!>*i fr.'i-in limii<li)iirit.;
urt.   Most* »4r»n«^«l f..r cit*»n«M.   lUii-tirw.
sur*mm nMf..rtit**r...
mnn or In.tv  In iin''h  ''.iiiTifi,'
A v»io wonmn  te  to te1 feareil,
for «he will wieriftfe all to lior pride
Ihe newspapers have recently an.
nouueed the deatli of two men whooe
careers are of interest from a minis)?
nandpolnt from the micc'ena which they
reached in that iudiiHtry nml from the
fact that it .watt perHeveVntice in tlio face
of ohstaclea that dually hrmighr the re-
wnrA. Tliece iiitui are Alexiiniliir U.
Shepherd and Wltifield Scott Stratton.
The former wan lieht known throiurh
hi« tniwr an the pnliticnl "himn'*(if the
City nf WiiHhitijrton. It wan altt'i lm
left that city—practically driven out—
that he atartetl to ri'«tnrc htn lout fir-
tune** front Mexicn'o tninitt. His frieudn
s-.nii.iri Uiiiuf.nt.ir.-, »»y that hit had little money left when
fri <nil," »'". "'! the mid of lliu political power came At
any rate, he organized a company in tin*
United State* mid hnturht nnaliHiiiimieil
mine st Batopilna, for which he la said
to have Imid ll.OOJ.ooii It waa after he
becaiiif known on Ate "Mine Kiiiu-*' that
he told thW brief utory of hia llj(lit for
"The engineer reporttMl the mines ex-
v-ix^uligi.-i trtiii.iun-. .mn tniiiUji tite
t.roj.etlv fimn OiC Wi'^i I'nv^n*. T'""K(inci**
Company people, I took llJWi.tKHi for
working'capital. Hut hefnrn work had
guite. iar, 1 found tiie engineer huA Ae-
ceivtid me He ('Miniated there wan
•atx'i.tMMif Mlyer in the plllnm of the
..wi,,-,.*- .      *,.-■:    ^■■.„i.; .i    -,,i,,.-,- .14.   j*,., .*, .qA>;,:. i.'ij ,
"I Had then to nre nil kind* of nmk-v-
*bitu to keep the work union, ti. <|iiiet
the impatience of the ever itiricn»iii«
number of credltnra and to aieoire the
itocklioldi'ii. and atill he able to turn
out nomethliifir. But by dint of a tre
iitciidoiis amount of Aiggtng, by ineana
oi itiiprovement, and alter winning thu
gnrnl will n| a iitanWr of Mtinpidott
Menu an iilln ihU witti did imi reimli an
Ainericati mining their wiiver, we have
in th* la*t •teveiitnen yearn tak«ii out
llu,.'.n,i> ii worth uf nieutl And tliere
i« tniji'h more down there yet."
StrMltnn'w career in even nf more In*
The mechanism of a watch is
an intricate and delicate thing;.
Many good watches have been
ruined by bungling" repalrera.
I do expert repairing and am
willing to stand on my record
as such. I know how to handle a cheap watch and I know
how to handle an expensive
time piece. Either gets the
same honest attention and care
In my hands. II you have
watch repairs to be done I
want your work. 1 promise to
do it at a reasonable price.
C. 1*. H.TIm-»lti»|K>cior.
For Sale
5000 Shares (0f *i each) folly
paid up atock in the SIMILKAMEEN
CENTS each, in lots of 100 ihares or
more, This is not jiooled stock and
the certlfloHtes will be delivered on
receipt of remittance If you want
to buy or sell stock of any kind write
us. K. ». MoDKKMID, Nelson.
This old-time hotel has recently
been bought by the undersigned
and renovated into an up-to-
date hostelry. Miners, tourists
nnd all classes of this world's
people can always get a square
meal and an easy bed within
tlie portals of my doors. The
bar contains many kinds of
nerve bracers, ranging from
tho brew of Cody to the sweet
cordials of sunny France. If
you are dry, hungry, weary or
ead when passing through tho
Forks, lift the latch and drop in.
- Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of theii-
P.   BURNS   &  CO.
That assays high in artistic merit, quioklv
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Address ===== THE LEDGE
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
When in Sandon should not
forget THE DENVER hotel
Bates reasonable
Rooms airy
Aud one of the few house*
in the world that is built
over a river.
Victor Kleinschmidt.
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local business.
New noriTPr, n. C.
General Draying: Mining Sup.
jrties and Heavy Transport-
Our Baggage wagons meet all Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack Ennuis.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
Kootenay Coffee
Dealers In Ten* and Coffee.
All grade* and prleet. A
trial order »oIIcIWkJ	
Kootenay Coffee Company
I'. O. Hi* IM.
Went linker Nt.
Seeds, Trees,
Buibs aag"«ww
Catalogue Free.
»» Weitml.mter Road. Vancouver. U. 0
KA8LO, B. O.
11 tiokeU,
Fred. Irvine & Co,
Cigar Oo.
i Cigars
tor iirlcwi appljr trt—
Wh >li«l« A* *r>tt f>r B.C.
Our Special
El Condor
We have a beautiful range of
I    0/lf-A.C*'     C***** *4* S mm n*fa
Tn Mack Broafldohs, Bhwk, Bhio and Red Serges, Cushmere all pt.\i.v*
Striped Flannels, Woolen Crepe de Chine, in all fmRtoiible .hSis Some
th'iwr to suit ftv«rvon«. Tn Mnmmnr ow\H<j wo havo <•* ««« «*««.« .m '* * . *,
Plain Diraitiea Flowered and Sniped Organdies, Stripedlf^ti^Vk^ia'
Bishops and Persian Lawns, Striped Grenadine Muslins. Hiirh elan* TW
Goods in all lines. * Ul'
Choice Line of Latest and Most Fashionable Millinery, and Dressmaking
Fred. Irvine & Co.


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