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The Ledge Jul 28, 1904

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\<*f|   \^
1 , > ,^v^
A \
^   >      I     X       $*^$^>%
■*\1 *-rrm^)^ifyn      -tmj-
'"" 'a    ,j Financier
Volume XI., Number -441.
Pkice. $2 a Year, in Advance
front M
Bush fires are quite numerous in
the Slocan.
Sam Mighton has opened a cigar
store in Cranbrookl
Mr. Simpson and family removed
to the coast lasu Thursday.
It. J. Hamilton, wife and family
spent Sunday in New Denver.
The sawmill at Winlaw is being
improved with new machinery.
'W. T. Shatford & Co. will close
their store in Slocan next month.
The latest war news states that
there is no hope for peace between
Sandon and Slocan City.
Jim Bowes will operate an hotel
at Kelowna. He has rented his
Silverton hotel to Frank Fletcher
and Harry Thorburn.
Slocan City will celebrate Labor
Day by horse races, baseball and
football matches, Caledonian sports,
drilling contest, fireworks and dancing. For the rock drilling contest the
the prizes are $100 and $50. A. big
time is guaranteed and Slocan expects,*. Rossland to move in for one
day. Sandon will celebrate thc
same day in a manner befitting the
fame of the silver city. Both towns
will have a crowd, but it would
have been much better to have arranged the celebrations at least a
month apart.
According to  the   sworn  statements of the mine owners made to
There will be something doing
shortly in the beef business.
This week Archie. Speers ships
a trainload from Brooks, Alta.
On the 25th 200 head are expected to be shipped from the ranch of
CK B. Murphy.
Early iu August H. A. Mulling
will ship about 3000 head out of
the country south of Medicine Hat.
The beef from Hooper & Huckvale's
and tho Midicine Hat ranch go out
about the 10th. There should be
a lot of good beaf in thone bunches,
as they did not turn oft' in uch beef
last year.
Tho II vat shipment from Spencer
Bros.' ranch will g> out about the
20th. Tho Milk River Ranch Co.
will ship at the samo time. These
two ra:ehes will send out 1700
head, and they will be divided into
two shipments and will make 100
carloads. W. A. Taylor was in
from Spencer Bros.' on Saturday
to make arrangements for the ship-
ing and while here had a wire from
Mr. MulliiiH.
These August shipments will take
about ten trains,to move the stock
to the seaport. The stockmen are
anxious to see the cattle get a run
east on the timo'made a week nr
two ago on a shipment of Burns &
Co."a cattle.
Medicine Hat will have about
15,000 head of beef cattle to go out
this season, and tlio price* arc good,
aud tho prospects arc that they will
continue good all season.
Cattle an* iu good condition and
an effort will be made to get nil
stock out before tho lirst of October.
Sellers of beef should insist on
buyers taking their stock before
that dato.—Medicine Hat News,
Utah produced in  April alwut
$2,000,000 in gold, silver and lead,
whilo copper production was 4,300.-
524 pounds, or Another million
dollars, brmgiim the total metal
production ol the state up to about
Spain has a 12-mile aerial tram-
,.>«H» <«<1*.**<-)1.      If.    1,,,',,.,.    ,,*•   .rt,    lf.1,.,1 19
" '  > v    "*  '      •   " "n '■- -"" i1'   "'■'"'       '" "
extends from several in ines 4,4 00
feet above tho sea level to the coast
at ('ara Fuerte, where a pier is to
be constructed for the loading of
steamers. The cost of the cable
and right-of-way is said  to have
Uounly~A ssessor"tioopeivof ~S li o -
shone county, Idaho, the net profits
of the Coeur d'Aiene silver-lead
mines for 1903 reached the enormous sum of 82,105,416, an increase
over the preceding year of about
perties of the Federal Mining Company netted $998,726, nearly one-
half of the total amount. The record of the Hercules is marvelous.
From 10,043 tons of ore extracted
from tho mine a net profit'of $438,-
746 was realized after expending
$100,000 in repairs and construction. For 1902 its net profits
amounted tn $169,000. The net
profit for the Morning was $316,420,
a gain over the orevious year of
$200,000, while the Bunker Hill
experienced one of the most profitable years in its history, returning
a profit of $287,497 as against a
profit of but; $6/,000 for the preceding year. The neb profits of tho
Standard and Mamoth were $595,-
038, while in 1902 thev reached
$618,912. The Last Chance, at
Wardner, increased to 382,652 from
$279,607, while the gain of the
Hecla was approximately $40,000.
The producing mines to report a
loss were, the Coeur d'Aiene Development Company, the Gold Hunter.
Frisco and the California Consolidated. Tho Coeur d'Aiene company, operating tho Silver King
mine, reported the largest deficit,
838.N3K, which was considerably
more than that of the other proper-
A week ago the chances were altogether in favor of another session
ofthe present parliament. Now it
is said to be as good as settled that
there will be an appeal to the people as soon after the session as possible. In all probability the general
elections will be held during the
grst week in November. Word to-
this effect has gone forth from
headquarters to the Liberal organizers throughout Canada. What;
has determined upon this course
has not transpired, but some say
the change of program is due to
another hitch having arisen in the
Grand Trunk Paciiic negotiations.
Enderby is likely to be the headquarters for a big mining company
in the near future.0 The recent find
on the Mount Ida Group, situated
near Salmon Arm, owned by Messrs
McLeod, Currie and Scaforth, °is
said to be something of very great
importance. Those who have seen
it say that a 14-foot ledge, carrying
a big shoot of galena ore, has been
uncovered in the channel of the
creek, and that it can be traced into the mountain on both sides of
the creek. The ore is rich in -niver,
and carries a good amount of gold.
The Mount Ida property has long
attracted attention in this vicinity.
It was once, held by local parties,
but was thrown up because the
owners could not lind the lead.
Now Salmon Ann people own it.
Local people have secured au option
the property, and it' it proves satisfactory on later investigation, it
will In; operated from Enderby.
Assavs from surface ore showed
silver to tho value of $105, and
some gold, per ton.—Kdonograph.
Oro shipments from Kootenay
mines to smelters total up to 82,-
816 tons for the month of June this
year as against 66,179 tons shipped
in June, 1903. This is a net increase of 16,637 tons. Every district from which ore was shipped
shows an increase, except one,
which is good evidence that the
mining industry in the Kootenay
and  Boundary districts of British
Thomas Jones, of zinc fame, will
be >out-of town for several weeks.
W. J. Patterson is the new foreman at the Payne. Harry Stearns
having resigned.
John Sheridan was in the hospital last week. John is one of the
oldest and most cheerful veterans
of the west.
Enthusiasm is running high on
the Labor Day celebration, and it
certainly will be the event of the
year in Sandon.
The addition to the Hotel Sandon will be erected this fall. It
should be finished to make things
right by September 5.
Our Sandon friends should keep
away from Persia and Dawson City.
In the one plac1 they have the
saloons are closed up.
John Gusty will remove to Fernie
to take charge of P. Burns & Co.'s
shop in that town. Jack will be
missed by all Sandon, although
everyone is pleased at his promotion.
A. C. McArthur, at one time
C.P.R. agent in this city had several knife tunnels run into him by a
miner named Sam Brown. Brown is
in jail awaiting the recovery of McArthur. It required 52 stitches to
hold Mac together, and he looks
like a man who had sat down on a
mine at Port Arthur.
Dawson advices to hand state
that Jolmnsen and Petersen, two
inineir, on Woodchopper's Creek,
on the J.owor Yukon, wero overcome by gas in a mine and lost their
lives. They had considerable gold
as a result of the winter's work.
One of the men died in the bottom
of tho shaft, whilo the other succumbed on the ladder, and only
started to climb after a heroic effort to save his comrade. Had he
sought safoty at lirst, he would
have escaped. The particulars aro
aro meagre and tlio name of tlio
hero is not yet known.,
Dawson is hading off in tin*
movement of ehureh union in Canada.  The Presbyterian Church and
Miners are none too plentiful in
the Slocan.
The Wakefield will close down
next month.
The Idaho shipped 30 tons to
Nelson on Saturday.
Considerable ore was [tacked from
the Colorado last week.
The Slocan district produces 50
tons of zinc ore every day.
George Clark has a small force
working on the Wild Rose.
Lemon creek claims are attracting attention owing their gold
Barker and Burgess have made
another shipment from their Goat
mountain property.
Columbia is in a better condition
to-day than at  this time last. yoar. j ij^Methodisi V'huirh'of that* citv
t        Besides the substantial  incivw.-.. in (j,.|Vl. nmt|,. ..   temporary arrange-
ties.    For   1902   tho companv  re-' am tonnage for the month as com-  „„,,„ fo|. utljonjHn,   |t uh* to Invo
ported a net profit of $1-13,000.        I ]»»'&*■ with June last year, 262 tons  |„,,.(,m„ HJVetivo la-t Sunday.   The
of pig lead wore .-hipped by «L- j»iist<*r of ono «>liurfh will «Ui all tin-
Canadian Km.lttng Works at Trait, p,.,.,^,,,, for thotwooobujegutious
to Toronto, Winnipeg, Montreal (|urj„j, ,|uiv, and tho put-tor of the
and oter points in Canada. Tln« i^„thor church will do nil tl.cprouoh-
an advance step in another direction, j„,r during August,
—supplying Canadian markets with; x.nvn was r.-eoived 0v arrivals on
the products of Canadian raw ma- ,}„, Monarch that twit men had
tonal. Tho copper matte made at, lw.4.u Hhut iUlll ki|U.,j ,|u(j a ;lli„j
tho Trail smelter and a part of that; wmuuiwi iu tiu. Koyukuk country
made at the Greenwood smelter was |,v „ m,'ner unmetl l*Y«nei« I uAtt.-f
Scientists now state that noise
cures disease, If that, ih tlie truth
a hospital should be built next to a
boiler factory, or it girl learning to
play the piano.
In the case of the St. Louis Milling and Mining Company vs, the
Montana Mining Company, which
«..> «vuimV. ly   uu■ *-...|.irim-  timtt ( *|»ippeU   to     I annua:   tl.e   pto.luct       :|'|„, immlw w  «. «!.••»  tuid
J»-> .', ii *si>* v«<*.m*uvu  imii Ciie,oh«ter copper M»n he t.ranO fo.ks  ,.,k„„  to  j-Vn-baoks to maud tvin!
owner ui iiiiiuiiK ground conid iiot|wlu.i,w was shipped to New York: M,m. jmJ}r, u irtci-r-ham.   I^lg-r
was- iu  Fairbanks when  the Mon-
*><-V4*i'hI day*
na*i, mm proo.toiy wiJi he l net I
within a siioit time.
The name*, of the men shot by
Ledger are not yet known.
The Koofertav Saloon jn Sandon
drive a tunnel into adjacent ground innt\ t\u. \,.H\ t,n||j,in ,»f rh>* Nelson
not owned by hint to loca to a VMlnjHm,-.|t..r and  a  part  of the Trail aV.Vlefi the' TaTuina
MiieiVer .-   hciiV I...   rvm    r nmc.-.-w    ,,^,l(   ilUii    j,,,,!,.,!,^
The total tonnage of eopjwt* matte,
blister copper, load bullion and pig
lead shipped during Juno was 'J.AIA
Xelson Tribune
" in^~~octa"wa is~"wofKinf inore
than 50 men. An assay ollice has
been put in at the miue.
Under development the Club
shows steady improvement. A carload of ore will be shipped in a few
Dr. Hendryx will be in the
Slocan next month when an extensive plan of work for the Last
Chance will be outlined.
Last week the Enterprise shipped
20 tons; Ottawa, 66 ; Idaho, 100;
Slocan Star, 162; Ivanhoe, 20 ;
Payne, 53;   Bismark, 20.
Tho Pioneer Mining Co. will
build two miles of wagon road to
the Bank of England and Black
Prince. If is expected that 40 men
will he working at the Black Prince
next winter.
The Molly Gibson on Kokanee
creek, has boon acquired by a now
companv, and work will be resumed
with a full forco. Tho new company bought the property for $23.-
•100. No work has been done on
the mine since the fatal slide two
years ago.
The latest teports from Nicola,
Southern British Columbia, aro to
the clTeet that petroleum of the
very highest nnd best grade has
boon struck o. Coldwater river.
Loiters received fioin Nicola last
week say that great stir and activity oxi-t. and that capitalists from
England, Eastern Canada and the
Tinted Stales are eagerly seeking
investment in Nicola coal and oil
laud, now that the Canadi in Pacific and Great* Noil hem have deeid-
ed to build theii lino,-, into this promising coal held,
Tho Standard Oil Company'* rep-
leseiitaliyc* are there, and. in company with some of tho high officials
of the i anadi.iti Pacific Railway
ioftipam, iin-\ nave o-uihh*(I ami
H'cun a ait iitaoaotccoat iauu lia ie.
and agrei d to pay a high price for
Hms land. Mr**. PooicvTs big farm
lm*   been   *i»ld,   and   manv  other
, «'»iiVn *,   t ,r,
mini   i»>
property.    Admitting thar he had
tho right to sink on the vein apex-
ing on his claini, even though it
dipped into adjoining property, thej t<mB.
right was dented to drive a tunnel
across a side line merely to explore-    stop  at  Tho  Queen's   Hotel in i* never snovslided  by cheap Mt,
for this apexing vein. Trout lake. Citv. 'i.i' uhUUs 'hat ha.- !*.-; £;.-vi^a.
tht* Standard tlii company, ami the
Canadian Pacific officials.*'- Portland Telegram.
Mnsioifon, Griffith -S, Co.   Trout
Lake, havo all the supplies needed
Iff T *
u>   tUtihiM'i   t.mt^iMkHl  llHhi>. %•■-.
Eleventh Year
The Ledge.
K, T. LOWKKV, Editor and Financier.
I'uolisheil every Thursday in tlie rU'hest silver-
lend-zinc camp on earth.
Legal advertising W cent* a nonpariel line
lirst insertion, and 5 oents a line *»aoh subsequent
.insertion. 'Reading: notices 25 cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to eiviuinstanci-s.
Subscription. S3 a year in advance <y $2 50 if
not so paid.
Certiticate of Improvement notices $7. De-
I inquent Co-owner notices $10.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Leimjk is'located at
> ew i 'enver, B. 0*. and is traced to many pans
of the earth It has never been raided by the
•sheriff, snowsllded by cheap silver, or subdued
by the fear of man It works for tne trail blazer
as well as the bay-windowed, champagne-flavored
capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
stood the test of time, and an ever-Increasing
paystreak is proof that it is hetter to tell the
truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation is the man
who always pays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver, B. 0*
i pencil cross in this square
i i licates that' your subscrip
ti *n is due, and that the editor
wants mee again to look at
your collateral
Love in a cottage is like New
Denver. Beautiful, but not very
filling at meal hours.
The chap, who said that the sun
was losing its heat has not been
in Nelson this summer.
The rock out of which the Nelson
post-otlice is built carries 82.00 in
gold to the ton. The stamps in the
building have no impression upon
The Argonaut says that the
Democracy in the States is not a
party. It is a congiomerous conglomeration of deafening discordancies. Might as well have called
it last year's edition of the B.C.
During our time we have met a
few choice deadbeats. Some of
them have been professing Christians believing no doubt that Jesus
paid everything, while others have
belonged to that despicable class of
human reptiles that crawl into your
confidence in order to beat you out
of something. Deadheats are worse
than thieves. They have not the
courage of a common thief, and-
deserve to be shunned by all honest
nie-.i. 1 neir place is iu the swill-
barrel along wit h the other garbage.
.J. T. Wilkinson, otherwise
known as Wings, certainly deserves
his name at least on thin earth.
The last we heard from him he was
over in Japan trying to insure tho
army. Alter that wo heard indited ly that he had reached the
Holy Lind and was quoting rate*
lo the mommies hut hud fallen in
the lied Ha and lo-t hit* record*.
This week we notice by a Vancouver
paper that he is looking at the
nuggets in Atlin. At auy minute
wo expect him to open the door,
ami ask how vv> escaped from New
. .,"       *     ,*..,,      .
,    M    <        ,     ' .1    ' . .   . ■ ' ■ '
>t'n it,t»<i, inm n>a*.i uii mc uc>.
Ij- s.- little wonder that .woe
Canadian editor* are poor.    Kvery
xeo.'l*    for    ntmtli-     i,***:l     t 'i •i'oIi-ti
newspaper ollice* have Urea Hooded
with literature .*ont out by the
manager* of the St. Louis Fair.
Hundred*of papers in Canada havo
printed this stutT without getting a
cent ior their space.    Mich a way
of running a paper never looked
good to us, although we. have admired the gall of the Fair Managers
in the States, and regretted that so
many editors in Canada do not
know the difference between news
and advertising matter. They
swallow.it because it tastes sweet,
like a pill coated with sugar.
The decision in favor of the
Centre Star at Rossland against the
Miner's Union for $12,500 opens
up an avenue wide enough to make
many a lawyer grow rich. It means
that every time a strike occurs in
Canada Capital will have a chance
to sue for damages any Union that
orders the strike. It also means
that every time a mine or factory
closes down the unions or towns
depending on the industries in
question for support will have a
chance to sue for damages. The
rule works both ways, aud the precedent established by the recent
Rossland case is liable to have no
ending. Bless the law ! It is great
"Hafyou heardaboutlsaacstein?''
■"Vast* itiss? '
••Dey took him by the hospital
nnd took his appendix avay from
him, alretty."
The Judge—And did you see the
prisoner com mit any overt act? The
Witness—No sir, I didn't. All I
seen him do was to bust a couple
o' front windows an' smash Patsey
Breen over th' head with a bung
Not long ago a man with a reputation for tightlistedness engaged a
professional ratcatcher to undertake the ta,sk of ridding his warehouse cellars of tha troublesome
rodents that infested them. The
work done, the ratkillor presented
his bill, which came to a couple of
pounds. "Good gracious?" exclaimed the tightiisted one, as he
glanced at the bill. "Two pounds!"
Then, after a second's pause, he
asked : "Don't I get anything for
the rats?"
It was a devilish odd question to
put lo a man, nnd it momentarily
knocked out even the polished ex-
Adelphi-villian, "Billio" Abingdon.
The interrogator wuh a brother
actor—a cultured gentleman and
right good fellow—whoso better-
half had been touring in the States
for many moons. And following
Abingdon's remark that he had
come across {ho lady lit and well
iu the citv of Noo Vark, the an-
guished hiihbv asked : "Ih my wife
manied yet, Bill ? '
«*IIK    WAX    .11.1.    ItlOIIT.
A pretty, rosy-cheeked country
girl entered one of our largo department stores one day thi* week.
It was bargain day. and the crowd
"Oh, I've found a grand intelligence office," said Mrs. Van Albert.
"Charge you $1 for one cook?"
asked her husband.
"One? Why, they agreed to h.t
me have four cooks for S3.98."
Conductor—All aboard! Please
get on board quickly, miss; the
train is about to start.
Young Lady—But I wish to kis?
my sister good-bye.
Conductor—Get aboard; get a-
board; I'll attend to that for you.
"News from the war?" queried
the managing editor in the tone of
a forlorn hope as he entered the
telegraph room at midnight.
"Many rumors, but nothing doing," returned the boss of the wires
with resignation. "The Yalu still
separates them."
The managing editor's face grew
grim with determination. "Cable
this," he cried. "Cable this in
duplicate to the Czar and the Mik-
ada: 'If you fellows don't get together and  mix it up by a week
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. (Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
m     Warm   Weather is  Around „ 5n
Cooling Shampoo
|D5,Z*.Aii-rrignoii,ss,tS,? !H.
Jy      He will make you feel good      W
Meals at all hours.
Manilla and Kamloops Cifrare for sale.
.    G. H   MURHARD.
4,   A   SHAVE,   4,
■*•    SHAMPOO    ■"»-
(fr   °R    BATH   4,
4 .4tt*t       til' *>*<«..
• ni     ii.m
a ilil it*'
1   .A   .   ,, >    f,,     •       U :        u
*l   iliAiiii   t It'll.   il"W.    I It   >l*»l|
alitlie bewildered al the.magnitude
of tlie e.-UbSWiJiicut tlie large*!. Anv
had ever wen.
c .,,;,.,.   in,..    „    a.    , '*-.
proiched  and si id ; "I* anybody
waiting on you?"
"Yes, sir, * said the girl, blushing to the root?* of hor ilaxen hair ;
"he's outside; he wouldn't come
Tfom to-mgnt Tbe Advertiser will*
take you both off the front page.' "
Sir Archibald Geike's examples
of the" rigid Sabbatarianism of the
Highlands are interesting. One is
of a lady who rose early on Sunday,
and carried her canary down into
the cellar to keep tho bird quiet.
Another is of a young clergyman
whose orthodoxy was suspected because he was seen standing at his
window' on the Lord's Day "dandling his bairn." A third story was
told by the lato Lord Playfair, who
heard the nurse quieting his little
boy one Sunday in this wiso:
"Whist, whist, my bonnio lamb;
it's the Sawbatli, or I wud whustle
ye a sang, but T'l I sing ye a paraphrase."
Out our way there lives a boy
whose mother is bringing him up
according to the most correct ideas.
He came iu the other day with his
pockets quite full of marbles—
glasses, crockion, jaspers and all
the other kinds boys hold dear.
His mother asked whore thev all
canto from.
"I won 'em playing keeps," answered the boy.
The mother was properly shocked.
"Why," said she, "don't you
know it's wrong to play for keeps?
It's nothing but gambling, ami
gambling is wicked. You must
give them all back or I shall speak
j to your father about it."
•     :'()h.   that'll   be   alright,"   an-
j Hwered the boy.    "Speak to father.
! He won't care, lie didn't care a
hit about that silver dish you won
at the euchre party, and I guo«* ho
won't kick at my keeping a fow old
inaiblc!-."—Washington Post.
A ooHsImhI centleman is ono who
can Ih> rubbed the wrnnt? way without getting hot.
AI way* havo a Utttle of Sandon
boor in your   pocket   when you go
j iiMong. Y»rne K» i'iii". ^rft i ur *
i Brewery aud got a ca«o.
\ I). J. HoiiKitTrfOX & Co., of Nel-
json aro alive to what the people
Kneed in thc way of Furniture.
S Write them.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented by GEORGE HORTOX.
Is the Leading Hotel of
_ai._*. nt\Tiy n        * t   w tt.. * .ATri-„T) tti.. >-t\-tt„
—"=rjn.ii\i!Cs~A'o 'vvTrrs~Kj!i""A"D 'i~
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor
Have fresh meat every
day at Sandon, and in
all the shops operated
by them in British
Columbia. No contract too large for this
firm. Armies and
railroads supplied on
short   notice.
Bfoy &fl fegffi
Mill and Mining- Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings, etc., always
on.hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload.   Repairing
and Jobbing.
B. c. Travis, manager.
SmOI^E : :
air of B. C. is perfumed by their
aroma <^ <^ <a*
Steamship Tickets
To and from European points via Canadian
and American lines. Apply for sailing dates,
rateB. tickets and full information to any_C,_P_._
TTy. agent or—
C. P. R. Agent. New Denvei.
W. P. P. Cummings, Q. S. S. Agt., Winnipeg.
Is the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
mkals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.       Reserve Fund, $3,000,000.
Atftfrojjato Resources Exceeding $83,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
8AVINC8 BANK DEPARTMENT   ^^^«j?±i""«**n™«
T. G. Procter
Real Estate
Mining: Agents
KanchcM and City
Properties  For Sale
U« .Miles From Nelson )
Fnmily particM can be Hiipplicd with
frf»h milk, butter, ctfjrH, etc , fnnn tlio
Homo Rniich Rmhui'd Utiun* by tlm
week.   Apply to
NcIhou Oiitli-t liotH I rocti'i'
rWL't i ui\iUiti
Of the Miner's Union Block
U Uu* util} tialif in the *U* -u.udiic lur 'lit*.*
itiriral  r<>ri<>rtiiancr», r«nc<*rtis I *nve» and
*i(lv#r fnilllif fnlri-ikhmmtt*.
I'M booking*. wrt<* or wire-
HetTt•larjr Hindoo liimern* Union
1ft Tirf.«rfrti»vli-w. RetiitntrettmettY ■1w*r »><*•
M»sr<- attftllanf**; ftmmt-* ht-»i*<! throughout: imputation todrrnwfrom,!,*». Eleventh Yeab
Tht Bt*own Pa^Ti    I
P ENGLAND, were to make .Japan her
eni:mv, it would mean a sweeping of her
iutiueiiee from ihe East. ... lu
one sense, England is China in Europe.
What si.e depends upon is no more than '.he bequests of her ancestors i.nd of hi-toiiciil irlory.
Even that historical glory was not obtained
-by fighting with equal powers. ... Our.nnv.v
will be increased; after tlie present war, with a
view to cope with combined squadrons of
European Powers as our object. . . . We are
rea y to sacrifice our country for its own dignity, honour, and.right, and we do not fear
Europe."—Thk Javanesk pai-kk "Kokimiko-
TO.MO," TKAN8LATKD JUNK 21. 1895.    ,
"Should the Japanese rule dominate China it
will result in a process of'civilization and education of China's millions and the adaption of their
latent strength for occupation as a producing
nation in open competition with the other industrial countries of the world. The question
arises, pregnant with imp irt to the labouring
classes,'How will tins competition affect the
manufacturing and) producing countries of
Europe. Amu-ica, and Australia V" — W.
GntKturas in "Thk Emi'ikks ok tiik East."
'■Mr Ooote relates that hu was travelling on
one of tne railway* iivJupuu with a friend, who
has beei. for thirty years residing in tlie country,
when his attention was attracted by a loud conversation going on botwo. n several Japanese
military officers, who were seat-.d in the same
carriage. 'Would you like Uto know what those
follows are talking about?' asked Mr Coote's
companion. 'Thoy are referring to your country
Aust alia. They say that Australia has great
pnstoral lands, great forests, and soil that will
grow coffee, te i, ri« e, and every other tropical
product. The Australians, they think, are acting in a dog-in the-manger fashion in not al
lowing ether people to settle on the land, and,
by doing so. develope it. Thoy consider Kng-
land a capital ally in case of war with any other
nation, but HhouJd anything arise of an unfriendly nature between themselves and the
English, the best thing for their Government to
do would be>to at once send down some of their
warships and capture a good slice of Northern
Australia.' "— Audlkv Cootk, interviewed uy
"Tub BiushaneUouiueh" Sei'tumbku 1>, 1890.
"The Napoleonic craze has reached Jap.n.
Tsabonchi, a leading Japanese novelist, has
made him the hero of one of his romances, and
prints of the great Corsican adorn the walls of
almostevery Japanese cottage. The historical
e«?ay, by the way, is a form of literature in
much favour among the Japanese, monographs
on Bismarck and Cnnar being only second in
demand t > those on Napoleon."—"The Si'ECTA-
roii," London, 1897.   ,
"Japan is not only building more ships than
any other power except England, but she is
budding better ships in English shipyards than
England herself is constructing for her own
navy . . . It must . . . belassumed that
Japan's purpose is the general one of predominant sea-powvr in the Orient."—C. H Champ in
"Colonel J. F. Maurice, an expert strategist,
writing on the results of the peace conditions of
the ohina-Japan War, says that if Japan obtains
the c mtrol of affairs in China rfie is certain to
demand'the free admission of Chinese into Australia "    "
'Asiatics as wo are, we have made our Empire
llization' m glowing hues on our standard.
Oliiua. Korea, Japan, the Indian States, all look
tu Japan us the modern representative of Asi
atic power and national vitality. With every
'other A*ia;ic (und looking to i.iapan for aid, wo
(irmly believe that it is our beloved country's
exalted duty to lend a helping hand to une aud
al; to act as the friend and saviour otthose once
pow.'i'ful states now cowering undor European
nii'iiaces; t> raise tho Asiatic standard of civilization, and to prove to the world ni large that
thu Orient is every wlut the c nnpt-er of the Cccl-
tlcnt."—1'HINCK KoNOYE, l'l.KHl t>KNT OK, TIIK
MA<iAZl.NE,'ToyA." *
Mr. Stephen England, in the, Daily
Mail, gave recently a picture of the
social IUV of .Japan, which is a startling
variant from tho superficial impressions
of the tourist, and shows how hopeless
would he that country's position in a
louy-drawn-out war :•—
In Tokio nut fower than 2iM,<MVi pcop.e seldom,
If ever, know of a certainly where the ncccsslilfs
ofthe next day will come from, and throughout
tlie land the great majority are ti)o pnor to cat
■ rice. Tne liigh-*ur,ide ricegr >wn in the i«la d*
iscxiiortetl almost to the last sack, and inferior
rice imported for those who win iill'ord it. I have
sinint days and nights In company with n brilliant .Japanese sociologist, who, like score* of hi*
fellow-student* of men and things, believes that
Japan has le.tit.H good days of general hnppine**
ani itenuritl comfort lor ever behind, and i*i
entering upon a >,ordid and uiercilesM ego of in-
•tivtirutlistn, in which iu tvoplonre not litted by
temperament to compete. He w crving out a
warning to Japan that her wat at the council
table of the Powers I* Mug pnid for in the lA*i"*i
of her Htlr.<Mi8, not expended an they would pour
it forth clieerludy in war, hut iu factory and ju
fnnn, iu xhnp ami iu ollice. ' Think for u
niomcnt," he cried lust week ns we looked at a
JttpunuM' b.ittleHblp iu the oiling.' what a mul
tftiide of our tiny me tie.Uix it takes to support
such a mmiKter, and then re eiiilior thut our
jH-oplfl can't afford to eat rice!"
Sup|H»M! » Jap;ituHi> worker of the ensoul da**
h:o« Iuul ngniMlilay and ret <m< t<> lit* limn- with,
ua y, sixpence.   He will e.|«iid this In larlhtiig
j.ujfvl.A.vivi '.'fmUu, .i Uiml i
■ iiii *>l,Hlv, fi't, J'iiul.
tobacco, and perhaps a little tl-.li, which If he
ffol* reckUss, in- will cat raw with horwrudlsh,
lie tmv* In <lr|hlat.t .md Itie Uu {nut io*:\*oy
eity ut the world, payi i'iitirinmi» prices. H;ul
h> returned empty hamled he would have hur
Hed to the |<awi)liroker, »lwiiy«i near at hand,
und ml*><l -t few farthing on his pn cii.u* bras..
pl|X\ his hlli.ichi, or III- few gurutiiiU not in
aclunl ii*o. Willi Kiel money he would have
purchase fl.«li ciitrnlU or tli« -.-IF.U from h<>r««-»
uwl for f»nk|„ aii'l |M>rhni»« a huodfal of «ciaps
fioin a garbage lmm-1. With the*! be would
have feittlut! with til* futii'lv, and with them
prayed that IVov ideiice would giv.i liliu n It. llf r
ito.v to-morrow, *• tlmt he rntiihl reclaim hi*
garni* Wl'h tin1 ffSrftil pii-rciitg front of a
J*5>tl',e-«' w-hil.T, to i e * net-riiix mii-l Im* hi-*
Now an ear* anutiicr n'midcrer ol tliei»..rhi
tlieiaii-H'of Ihe c«|4tnil»t wlm rent* nuiltshv
l'n« lligll'      Heclltn".   fmm   tin.* 'rirllild,,- (.,r »
utiredof ilirtjr. imtclml old r.ig, to a unsniiy or
i'Mto tuoiM-.tiiv, Lit a d-iil Imi bi«v>- ro\*rttitr.
H.-nt mini be i|rtld in advunce, and liefore the
fjiiiilly go t<i»ltv|i the irollcH'ir conii'i andgt't*
cither the money or th>' quilt, Ptw of the in*-
fmblt.itifx of shltnyu ever get enough money
•head to hnjr Wd clothing, and the ghastly IM«.»-
miy ul rentliin, lm I'MtttKHinl wulu and .i^alo t*w
wlnt«r after winter. Nothing tint w,i«evir»"lll.I«
Prom tht* and similar ont.rt'-rfi die •cnv«-iv_'«r.
D,.i imvlm i.'Aii^ M;.UVltOil* .Ui   UK.llt. *llO UH J l.lKt
tltv «lty t* with ti riimli, J'tu-U they i Mine .it
nlirht laden with bid rice .decayed full and nntl,
i*friifJH  tt-l'M   itcy   %m,<ih,   btu'kfU   imal   ItvUt
rt*.i<mr,wUt*nil ttt manner of uucer odd* and
end*. Poverty h«« It* ultlniate ex|tr<'«thm h«r««
—lu (i*t word.
We print the fr»r*»ar«tti.»r «'Xtr«ctii a* n
warnin« to tho |noph« of Kr.^laml
When, four yoar* «tro, *xe tubi them
what would bc the result ot Chamber
Uintt infftuiuti* Kaid in Smith Africa,
they would not liolievt* ToAny they
are hi wululoth ami Hnbe*, aAnnttiiig
their hntte and Ijrnorant mixtnlii* \nA
ti** as to .tftpfin.   J/>*l!iin<{ the Itit.-'.sl»/i
Government, we must draw a distinction botween that band of desperate
autocrats and the Russian people who,
on the whole, are humane, charitable,
patient aud :God"fearinjf* We have,
therefore, no desire to see Russia defeated as, indeed, we believe il is impossible to defeat Russia in the lon<r
Our fatal alliance with Japan was tlie
direct result ot Chamberlain's blundering- policy in South Africa. Having
entered upon a'war for the benefit oi
the Jewish and Gentile mine owners,
with a criminal want of knowledge and
preparation, we soon found our hands
tied in the East, where we had
been supreme/ The fool. Government,
which ihoBrit-iah.W(>rUin<*!'.t'lai>ses pitt in
power, threw away the splendid Heritage of influence,"built up throngh a
couple of centuries of astute statesman
ship. The punishment was a most dan
gerous alliance with Japan, which binds
us to right in other people's quarrels.
Thus Krugor continues to " stagger
humanity," and Chamberlain stands exposed as the most impudent political
imposter whom the credulity of the
British people has ever tolerated.
A section of the London Press, headed
hy the Times, writes scurrilous articles
reg'ai'ding' Russia These -opinions are
quoted on the Continent, as the" expression of English belief It is marvellous
tliat there is no foieign correspondent
in London'intelligent enough to draw,
attention to the limited circulation of
these journals. Whatever the Times
may have been previous to its false and
maiicious charges against Mr Pamell
and the Irish party," to-day it is looked
upon simply as an interesting curiosity,
a doddering' dotard, representing' the
last stage of toothless Toryism. There
is really no particular enthusiasm for
Japan in this country Japanese civilization is a mere veneer, like Japanese
honesty, as to which all people who
have had anv dealing' with that race,
admit does not exist.
.Except for its Government, a good
understanding- with Russia would be
much more-to the benefit of Great Britain than the Japanese alliance. At
this moment, in spite of the infamous
Press censorship, Russian literature is
one of the freshest and most vital forces
in the world. Russia is cursed, not only
with an autocratic Government, but
with an ignorant and bigoted Church
'¥Bt"hw~pfo"pie™b{nTM nj^^
State, are, on the whole, sagacious,
patient, industrious, law-abiding Our
Democracy must have the kindliest
feelings towards the Russian Democracy,
while detesting the form of Government
for which the Russian people are not
responsible. Who that has read the
novels of Tolstoy, Turgenieff, Gogol,
Dostoyeveky—to* name but a few—has
failed'to bestruck with the confiding,
innocent, affectionate nature of the
Russian peasant, his charity and inherent goodness, all the more remark
able in contrast with the detestable
qualities of tho corrupt Russian bureaucracy. In Japan we have a very wily
ally that will use us for ite own purposes.
As one of our correspondents points out,
if Japan captures Port Arthur in this
war, in ten years' time she will clear
England out of Wei-IIai-Wei. It will
be a (second Boer War.
Tho moral is that wo should think
coolly nnd sanely on this business  Peoplo should remember that in theso days,
more than at any other timo, the Press
—and particular the London Press—is
used as an agency ny Governments and
financial groups.   rlhey ought, there'
lore, to look very guardly at tho Press
utterances.   We know what was clone
hy the Yellow Press as regards South
Africa    People are aware as to what is
still being done--how the mino owners
havo bought up  all the newspapers,
except one or two, and how new*, unless
it he favourable to the mine owners, b
being fmrpivwd.     In this sense the
Press, once a guarantee of liberty, is
becoming a come.   There, is hardly a
newspaper in the Kingdom in which the
lulituii • (.•» fife so u'l.e, be* owiiopinion—
the opinion of a man whose business it
htoMudy  these questions mid  to it'll
the truth.   'This is a deplorable slate of
affairs, hut if (he public understand that
this i* *n half the inK'hief i» averted.
We conclude by what we have already
H/iid, because its importance is eiiormoii's
—if foreign cnrrcwpoiidenlH would learn
that n Miction ni tiie Press, of very Iim
ited  circul ition,  ablv  conducted,  no
doubt, doe* hot in the leant represent nor
public  opinion, though   seil'Mudy  and
craftily trvingio uiaiiufat'iiire a t«|.iiri
oih opinion, and tell (heir readers this
truth, tbey woAA '«•' A'.A.:£ an .v.*.*'.* ul-
able   beiiellt   to   peace   and   /o.idwill
among the nations of the world.—W.
M   T. in Reynold'* Weekly
Woodward mopped his brow and when j
he cooled down he began to deliver!
himself forcibly.
"I'm disgusted," said Woodward, "at
what I just saw on the street as 1 passed
by the carriage way leadiug into Wells,
Fargo & Co.'s yatd down at California
and Montgomery. Sittingona chicken
coop, either drunk or knocked out Inthe heat of the'bun, is a police officer
fast asleep."
"Let us-take a look at the animal,"
said Clemens, getting up from his desk
and walking out.
On' his way down to the corner he
stepped into the California market and,
going up to a vegetable, stall, he plucked
a large leaf from a head of cabbage
When he arrived at the place where.t!ie
big, fat policeman was fast asleep the
humorist proceeded to fan him with the
cabbage leaf This amusing scene soon
attracted a crowd, which inside of ten
minutes had swelled into hundreds aud
California street was blocked lo traffic
To add to the excitement someone had
run to the old city hall and informed
Captain Douglass that (here had been
a robbery at Wells, Fargo & Co.'s, as
the place was surrounded by armed
men. Douglass summoned every available cop on his force, which at the time
counted less than a dozen, and rushed
to the place designated. After brushing
the crowd to one side he entered the
gateway and there found Clemens
whirling the cabbage leaf as though
nothing unusual had occured about him.
To say that Captain Douglass was mortified-would be but a'mild expression.
The drowsy cop lost his star and Clemens enjoyed the joke.
Every foot in this country needs
a boot or shoe. The Royal Shoe
Store, on Baker street, in Nelson,
can furnish any kind of footwear
that is required. Q
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.    The rooms are
large,-comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, 'Hot'Air, Modern Plumbing. Everything
We Set the  Best Meal  in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets 87.       Main St., Sandon.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Silverton's Boss Tailor
The Lucerne of America is slowly
coming to the notice of the world
as an ideal summer and winter
resort. The scenery and the fishing around and in the Slocan is the
finest on the continent, and will
yet be a great source of wealth to
the country. Tourists and Travellers will find the Newmarket Hotel
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place to stop at. Rooms reserved
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Suit of Clothes
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Hotels in these mountains where the stranger feels
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lead, the beds from bugs, while the fluids on the bar
produce a reasonable amount of exhilaration without
a disastrous result in the morning.
Michael McAndrew's
FIW.K tu th." PuMIc-RlcIi ami i»o..r.
Fifty Dollars Reward
Will lie indil to ii' voile »Mir*'rliii; with
Klx-iiinatlMn that it fulls In i'iir<-,   For
p.titi. ul.u« nililrf*.*■-
Mrs E. McDougall, Nakusp. B.C.
Grand fioicl
is the home for all
Slocan people visiting the ixrenl jjnld
ciinp   Tufty meal*.
S3*a| line Mutinr* mui end
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S*ri ,.,.,..   i........  i...
The Strathcona Hotel I
In Nelson, B.C., is the Headquarters for
Tourists doing Southern British Columbia.
 Write or wire for terms or rooms-—-
B.   TOMKINS,   Manager.
Nitit    Inline
James Hotel
,.,..., ....,,„   i <n*tii uituie mn name
t:\V.t'.tl    in i."     'll   1   l-ilAtUl A.,,,   ui "Tm.
Innoeent" Abrond'  lie was a I tar bed to
the stuff of the old Alt* California,   [ti
w«* while there thnt he perpetrated one
of hi* joki**. which nt thnt time had no
1 Tttr»»■>■■•   .»'»T,ifii'»npi» 1 iiiu Iiii* ,,' ■••>  •,",'•*,
my wfljf who tnjoyed « little lun At
another'* nxpenie. But nine* Mark ha*
made hi* name known to the readittjf
world the joke will bear repeating
It wu* tine ol Wins* hot tnunmer Any*
that rwcatirtnally \isit San Franciico
fh.ti: Vr, Woodward, one ol tlu1, yv»>pi'v«
etortiofihn Alia, stepped into the wli-
torl-A r*■->►?/ ,ind there fuuud Cftuuuu*
ilr.-tui.iii uu the ftiA of a brier root pipe.
flacobson $ Anderson, Props.
The Exchange Hotel in Kaslo is
like an oasis in un Egyptian desert
Slocan folks flock to it likt« lx*es
to a flower garden.
haven for all
The  meals
btaeers iu tite liar
Is a
mountaineers when   iu
are   firejiiUliii^,   and
ju-t   as   fine   a>   the
lli..-.   i!,ili>|»elt-  the   \tYi\- in the rum  lliotll.
v«»ur  nutiiiiiobile to ibe Si.   .Jain***   wIm-ii
steam   inU> the hiwerne,  and  then  u^ay
wet giswls.        Sample Kooiih iimmnH'tion.
A. JACOBSON, Proprietor.
T     1
That assays high in artiHtic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing omjavriv^m-^
ALLEN  &. PALMER'Arfflrpcc
THE LEDGE m^4m*-qim
Eleventh Yeae
4  '• s
employers; liability insurance
than by any other Liability Company in B.C.
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Agents for East and
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We are
Ring Makers
Aud in that capacity we have to carry iu stock
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bloodstones, Agates, and Carbuncles.
Send in your repairs; they will receive our
careful attention
y G^i^s of ■ KnoWgdg£\ J
The largest volcano in the world
is Etna. Its base is 90 miles in
circumference; its cone 11,000 feet
high. Its first eruption occurred
474 B.C..
The largest suspension bridge is
the Brooklyn. The length of the
main span is 1,595 feet 6 inches.
The entire leugth of the bridge is
5,987 feet.
The most remarkable echo known
is that in the castle of Simonetta.
two miles from Milan. It repeats
the echo of a pistol shot sixty
The largest diamond in the world
is the Braga.iza, being a part of the
Portugese jewels. It weighs 1,880
carats. It was found in Brazil in
The '• Valley of Death." in the
island of Java, is simply the crater
of an extinct volcano, filled with
carbouic-acid gas. It is half a
mile in circumference.
1   Pelted paragraphjs   i
The grade of titles
Patenaude Bros.,
Watchmakers and
'Manufacturiiuf Jewelie«'s
'PHK KING'S HOTKLin Ferguson isa cheer-
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Sample Rooms.  F   ANK BARBER. Proprietor.
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3010 Westminster Koncl.
iu Great Britain stands in the following order
from the highest: A Prince, Duke
Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron,
Baronet. Knight.
, The city "of Amsterdam, Holland,
is built upon piles driven into the
ground. It is intersected by numerous canals, crossed by nearly
three hundred bridges.
Good work is its own reward.
Right is right, though wrong may
win the fight.
Seize your opportunity by the
right end.
Failure is merely a chance to try
A: rolling stone can go but one
An idle brain is the busiest for
harm. ■
Don't rest till your past the half
way point.
Prize earners are not alms's prize
The Lord hvlps those who help
each other.
When a young man has anything
to say during courtship he can
figure on holding his audience.
Don't sib down and wait for
something to turn up; turn up your
sleeves and get busy.
To admit that because things
have long gone wrong, it is impossible to make them go right, it is a
fatal doctrine.
Respecting Coal and Petroleum lands in South-
East Kootenay.
■\TOTICE ie hereby given that licecnes to prosit peot for coal and petroleum upon and Under
lands situated within Block 4,593, South-East
Kootenay, will be is-sued forthwith to all persons
who have made proper application, in pursuance
ofthe provisions ot theo"Coal Mines Act" and
The fee for each licence will be 1100, and all
applicants who  have not deposited   accepted*:
bank cheques to cover that amount are hereby
required to do so without further notice.
Licences will be is-ued in the following form,
viz. :— .
"Mining Licence issued under the Coil Mines
Act, «nd Amendments.
T |"H K*
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and   Hardy   Plants   for   Kail   Planting.
Home Gro^'ii and Imported
Garden,    field   and    Flower   Seeds.
 Always-'in—tocte*in~BcaBoni '     "
Green house full of Plants. Cut Flowers,
Flor.l Work. Buy direct and secure agent's
Catalogue free, or call nnd examine stock.
Vancouver, B.C
Senator Depew tells of attending
a commemorative dinner given to
Chevreul, the famous French chemist, on his 100th birthday, apropos
of having himself arrived at the age
of 70.
"Chevreul ascribed his longevity," said Mr. Depew,. "to tne
fact that being sure of his position
in the factory of the Gobelin tapestries so long as he might live,
though his position  was a modest
lUNHDALL, NewDenver, B.C.,
Rial KiUU'iind Mineral Claims for Sale  Cltlm*
r-pr-vii'tiilniul Crown Orant'd.
I> v
1    «T:tl UrnviiiHii and dealer In eoal
,\l\ ANtiltlONOX, Now Denver    Oi-n-
woimI mid
OR, MT!J/)Y, u'Tr>S1'
H.m had 17 uit.it* i-x|>»<rU'U('<' in ileiiUl work, ainl
,iHl:.M,Hi..ri,(itv of 0,.|<l Brl-lcc H'<irK. Visit
mH'li- t'l llie *■>!,.ran rei/n'-irly
GerxereU   Store.
1    T. KIIM.V.   THHKK   KOKKS. dealer In
•I.   fir^cii'lc"!. Dry Wood*. Etc.
JII.VKII I'l IV i.omwi: VO, .lit. I.O.O.K.
■iniiul, Uf M.'.'fliit'" in the I'liLm Hill
,v,'-< 1 *;i|iv i vmii.t,' at 7 '■■ Vt-ltbiv- l».(Li ji
, ,..'.llill\ in,'- ii ',•» nil ml ! V. i...vnii.Mi,
S'nlili'iirmiil: A. I. CliAUi. Vice (Ir.u.d ; \V, I.
li \inif|'l, Svr.-tury,
World's   Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson  Slocan City Nakusp
Rosebery    New Denver
St. Louis $60    Chicago $65
Toronto $8?.35 Montreal $98
Halifax $121.80
New York $101
Three Month's Limit.
.1 tine, 7, Kl, 17, nnd IM.
.Inly 1, 2, and U
Aiiirunt H, it, and K>.
^eptcrn'MT fl, A. and 7.
Low Excursion Fares
Fur h!1 t'listcru points will nl^u In-<|.;()t<-(l
X'diiir via Tort Arthur all rail or hike
mute, returning siutm nr via (iliit'ajjfn
ami Si. LuiiiH.
For full particulars apply tn local intent.*
ni       l«, •;, I'  a, Vh ,f, uvi'i
o^7^^^ver^oiTied~"abo iTtn nances, never had serious troubles, aud
never had touched tobacco or alco
hoi. He had lived most temper
ately and drank the muddy waters
of the Seine.
"Beside him was a gentleman
who enjoyed the dinner to the utmost and was hilariously and rather
uproariously proposing the health
of everybody at the table. The old
gentleman every little while would
place his hand upon this neighbor
and check his levity.
" 'Why does Chevreul take so
much interest in. his lively neighbor?" I inquired of my escort.
is his son,' was
s. cahtkh
I»   I'   V ,Sei*
>   M.
i.niini' no  'tt      K    <»r  I".
• ilM<vtrv W, .in,•*•!.,> evi-nin«; .11 h .'i-l'-rk
"I till' l'\llll 'li <",t«tll   Il.lll. S-I'Mlf.Ii      >i.j,l||fllillf
l.r.'llir'ii Will   li"' ft* >' :t   I'vlliiim w.-le. tur.    *•
!**\c«,iiV.r.C UiHHi.l    M.U.I.   I» , It  AS.
X   Mfl.ATIMIIK,    IVimlnlnn  nt-d
H'lili l.iiU»l .MttVKVut.     .Vckwill, li* I',.
If       V|
.\ .   I.min ^nrv»»v>ii
i'lHrU'tfit* mrtt l*mvlr.i"f*l
K AHI.ii
K. .v- S, Hy.
Lv S.-.'IOrt.in. ~.S,iiidoii--Ai 4;2.*» ji.iii.
" 'Because he
the reply.
" 'How old is the boy?' said I.
" 'Seventy-six,'    answered   my
polite escort."—Washington Post.
A young clergyman in makiug
his weekly visits among the poor of
his parish in a nearby country village quite recently learned of a poor,
j nick man who recently came from
j Ireland with his wife and one child.
i When tho minister called at the
! house he was given a most hearty
! welcome and on reaching tho bed-
I Hide of the sick man was surprised
j at finding him apparautiy well. The
(lay being warm the clergyman sug-
; gested that he get out of bed and
spend an hour under a shade tree in
the garden.
"Tunny do you good," he added.
Tbe wife, wl.o was pn-ceul, i-aid
hei hu-band hud better remain iu!
the Inline until the following day j
and then take a little reenaliou. J
When the clergyman returned a)
week later he iouml the Iui*-1mii.I*
hi ill in bed. j
"Haven't you been out of bed
since 1 was here?" asked the man
of the cloak.
A farmer's wife at Driffield has
given seventeen shilling to the
Church Missionary Society, proceeds of eggs laid on Suudays.
London, July 6.—Prof. Charles
Dion, director of the Institute
Opthalmique, is a, Canadian, who is
attracting much attention in Paris.
He is the inventor of an instrument
to massage the eye, which enables
patients who are perfectly blind to
see well enough to walk. By means
of two tubes he restores the circulation of the blood in the eye. Prof.
Dion goes shortly to London to
demonstrate die use of his apparatus in the eye hospitals. In the
yjeur_lM7_Piiof »_JQion „i n yenied-tha.
first telephone fire alarm in Mon
A resident of a Minnesota, swamp-
district heard that frogs' legs were
commanding a high price in Chicago. "How much will you pay
for frog saddles?" was the question
he wrote to a Chicago commission
house. '• We'll pay SI.50 per
dozen; how many can you furnish?"
replied the com mission house. "Ten
thousand dozen,'' replied the resident. A week later the commission
house received the following: "I
ship to-day three dozen frog legs ;
all I could get. I was misled by
their hollering.''
'In oonsidiM'iitlon'of ono hundred dollars now
paid under this said Act?, nnd sulij:-Pt tn tlm
provisions thereof. I. W.S Gore Dvputy Commissioner, noting for the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works, licence
to enter, prospect, search and work for conl and
petroleum (but no other metal or mineral) upon.
In and under all thut piece or parcel of mil eral
land situate in and forming part of Block 4,aw,
East Kootenay District, and described as
follows :—
and not exceeding in the whole six hundred and
forty statute icres.
/'Owing to the cumber of applicants for
licences to pros" ect. for coal and petroleum, and
Ihe peculiar ci re "mst-nees surround ing the application for and issuance of these licences, and,
the well-known fact that, the issuance has heen
unavoidably suspended' for so many mouths,
the Government of British Columbia finds* it.
impossible to determine thc equitable ri-.-hts of
the numerous applicants. Therefore.'for the
purpose of enablii # all persons to go before the
pioper tribunal for the etermination of their
respective rights and priorities, this licence is
issued lind accepted, subject ro such prior rk-hts
of other persontj.as may existj by law, and tlie
date of thh licence i* not to be tiken or held a.s
ip any sense determining such priority, and
further it shall not be taken or held to' waive
enquiry by the Courts into the proper performance of all conditions precedent as Detween
adverse claimants; and further, on the understanding that the Government shall not be held
responsible for, or in connection with, any conflict which may arise with other claimants of the
same ground, and that under no circumstances
will licence fees be refunded.
"And the holder hereby waives any claim or
demand against the Government, and"expros-ly
agrees not to tako any steps or proceedings, o'r
present any petition, t<? enforce any alleged
claim or demand against the Government of thc.
Province of British Columbia arising out of the
issuance of this licence or any other matter or
thing appertaining thereto
'The land being under reserve from preemption and stile this licence does not include
any right other than the right to prospect for
coal and petroleum.
"The duration of'this licence is for one year
from the „ , nsn  ,
"Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
"Lands And works Department,
"Victoria, BC. ,100."
 JL^GfiKJOiL^____^ —	
Chief Commlsloner of Lands & Works,
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., tith .Tunc, 1901,
Twelve hack numbers of Lowery'.*
Claim, ull dilTeruiit, nud a opy of
Float sent to any address; poMpaid.
Address, It.T.Lowoiy ,Nuw Denver, B.O.
Dealers in—
Wall Paper,
Sash, Doors,
(•lass, Blinds, etc.
Wanted Immediately
A 0"AlTi"C To sdI Km!i trees, Raspberry.
■£»-S5 v*l iia Gooseberry and Currant bushes
etc Good I uny weekly ; Outfit free. There is
big money in this work for trustworthy men.
Over 000 acres. SSJEfc
ttvation, over (IijO acres of Nurtery Stock including the choicest and best varieties for Orchard
and warden planting We will dtllvrr goods to
custo ers In good condition, freight naid. Our
agents have every advantage tlmt tliis line of
business can oiler them.   Apply now for terms.
Pelham Nursery Co.,
KST   Will make arrangements for local agency
or tho handling of exclusive torrltorie*.
Trustworthy lady or gentleman to mannge
biislues.i lu this county and adjoining territory
for will and favorably known house of solid
financial standing. ftKUO straight cash tn In ry
and expenses paid each Monday by check direct
from headquarters. ISsjienso money advuncul.
Position permnment. Address, Manager, *vt
> oino Hlnck, Chicago, Illinois.
ClnM, Silver, Co|i|nv <»r Leml, 81 00 <«iu-!i
Any two, $1 50; any three, %'l ti),
Sn tuples  by mull  receive
IM.icii Cold. Km on-, and
I "tii. Ani|mliciH St..
prompt attention;
Rich Ores bought.
I)*>iiv*nr, Colo,
I'npcr linntf in uny part of the Slocan.
Ih the largest in the
Sloean. Ladies out
town should wr'te for
samples or prices.
Provincial Land Surveyor
LhihIx ami Minurtjl ClftitnaSurveyefi
and Crown (iratitocl.
IM). Do* ,VM,        Office: Kootiimy St., Nelson
<*X A "NTTT1 A wttti»
ii i*fC.
111    lltltl <MU4>,
i     • t ri*
vioti i at*
tu :i.
i. \
*. *,,,.*.
Ai.il m\
MritimM Ilnlrcoti i*
tivnfstm    fit, Saul*
• lin,v«"l amid ««• i»ry
llmt riv.d*ti'At-ii tin- l.u .-fn.'. J> i* «,tl tiit.iwit
.**. 4 IkhIiIi mul Jilt rt»urv t* ■•>• >rl Tli>* lurs.".*- Imtil
i .,llt..l,,« lilllhg.* 'r<ll"!ii*!i. *tr.*m a!*il nbow.-r
l>«th*. Tli'ei».»iiil< li.ive i-i-eii iiir.it «,f rlii'ii-
iii«tf«iii.M-|:ili«-< .inil nciua! -.'I ,i II* *iri!i-r« tir.il
,»'iV iIm(, kl'lu. ». .Hnl * iiiiiiii'irt iiiineiii*. A
♦ ..r^ciHefer I-«>l !*»l*<">iiltiu'    Tw<» mtili ilaily
•n\  !>.|l*!.'fli/,5>'»1   ■  ttUIHl'itllr.;.},   .,
,11 •.
<; wu \ikh yiiu, mi , i
but tite diMi.n \t.\M' my hiihimnd upj
Ar Hhj5a.m.--Kn^Nn- L\ 2,0*^ p.m. ,n ■miA*. »go nud we bolt! Ihh elotJieH. f
Ktwwwr Kittflo. 'Tlmt'H the rcAKTvii li«' didn't go to|
l.v 1 :.A) j;.iji.-Kj|«Jo-,vr J 3 ;00 h.M. {
At'-l:.10|Mn.-XoK>tt-I.v H-.tni a.m.:
Ticket it sold to all parte of I he United
.State-* mid (."anmln via Omit Northern
imAii II »% N Coiii|>Aiiy'* liiifm,
Vnr fttftlier [i-irffftilar   t-ail w. ".n-,\A i
111C f AKK HOlfcL i
On the road leading to
IVi|4Uhoii and Trout Lake
hn** nmiAe ;H-«kr»mmodntion
for man and hix how.
T!n» baton, Im-uiih, bent'
Ktoak, otfgH, ontit, hay,
boozerino and ci^arn mu-
not bn boateu in the hills*
tti ihe Limlcau.
IMPKHT VlVlst'f Mtf!
P  O.0OX 185
i-'        TELEPHONE 22
Tr»i weekly paper published
ut POPLAR. B.C. It gives
all the news of that uteut
gold earn p.     It eoHts $2 a
VUi   Hi   Htl.)     itllUICh.^.     M'llM
your money to—
# vftNrouvrB *** nfi «*on, net


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