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The Ledge Oct 17, 1901

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Array V
Volume IX.   No, 3.
Price, $2.00 Year .^nci
S"en€.™j N€Ws FToat    I
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring^Camps c$
that are Talked About. P
Mrs. John Black lias gone cast for
thc winter.
Judj^o Lilly lias resigned as police
magistrate of Sandon.
Robert Taylor, of Three Forks, has
removed to Sault Stc Marie.
The Socialists of Slocan City organized a socialist league last week.
Tom Mulvey says he has got religion
Probably picked it up in Nelson.
Service in the Methodist church next
Sunday evening.    Rev. A. E. Roberts.
A good cigar produces joy. John
Williams has plenty of joy producers in
his store.
The Little King cigar is meeting with
favor wherever introduced. It is made
in Nelson by Union labor.
John Wereley is erecting a small
building on his property opposite  his
young ladies were persuaded to give h
second performance Friday eveniiur.
Miss McCoy also sang "The Holy City"
in the Presbyterian church Sunday evening
There is a horse in New Denver called
Razor, owing to the sharpness of his
rustling qualities. The other day he
chewed a door off its hinges, got into a
back kitchen, helped himself to several
puts of jam, ate a baking of bread, and
was sampling a sack of spin Is when discovered. Razor's acts are clever, but
they may lead him up to a finish if he
does not reform.
sWadds Bros., the well-known photographers of Nelson and Vancouver, will
he in New Denver on Saturday and remain for several days. At the New
AVcstminster fair this firm took all the
prizes for photo work, and as artists
they are equal to any in Canada. The
public of the Slocan country  are as-
this out of 800 tons of ore, all that has j arc bad,
been shipped from the property, while! ea-dlv
the heavy development work has been
going on. The Centre Star paid 5105,*
Ot 10, Le. Roi No. 2 Sl'U.OCO, North Star
$117,000, I'avne .-578,000, St. Eugene
*210,000, Rambler Sl*2,.j00, Ymir $111,-
The total amount of ore shipped from
tlie Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for tlie year 1900 was, approximately, 35,000 tons Since January 1
to Oct. 12, 1.901, the shipments have
been as follows:
residence on Josephine ftreet.
J. IV Fisher and G. Knowles will start
a $25,000 brewery at Ashuola, the promising Similkameen coal town.
Slocan lake is to bd stocked with
black bass by the Dominion government..   Glad tidings to iiimrods
A bear weighing 817 pounds was
killed in the Surprise basin by J. W.
Peacock and E. Lucas last week
Thomas Saunders and John Craig
left yesterday for Victoria. Thay will
probably spend the winter at Alherni.
The winter time-table went into force
on the C. P. It. last Sunday The company are now running tourist sleeping
cars over the Crow's Nest Pass rend.
The missionary lecture, illustrated by
lantern views, given Tuesday evening
in the Methodist church by Rev C. M.
Tate, was greatly enjoyed hy a fair audience.
Services will be held in St. Stephen's
church on Sunday next. Matins and
Htnuy at 11 a.m,, nnd evening prayer
at 7:1^0 o'clock. Rev. C. Arthur Minim,
G. R Hawthorne was through the
Slocan lasl week selling Hoyal Seals
and Little Kiiiti*. He reports business
just h hit dull in some towns and lively
in nthuta.
Mrs. Bernard O'Donuel! arrived iu
Sandon on Monday from Toronto. She
is a sister of Fred Iticltardsou, whom
uho says has just sold his hotel in
The old timetable was put into force
on thn lak« nn Monday Two trips a
day of thn m. Slocan, thn morning it-oat
connecting *vlth the Nelson tr*ln nt
Blocan City.
John A. Taylor was seriously injured
by lining struck over the head and
shoulders by a fnllin*. tree* Tuesdny
afternoon. Thn«xtent of the injury is
not yet known.
A telephone line i* Miitf strung from
lin-eTlT-iflroou* worYl7>nTaTTiTJ_ iipnnThTs
celebrated firm when they visit New
The Sandon (.■uses that  will  lie  tried
at the approaching assizes to be held in
Lh'sI ('ll.-IIICH	
Sloean Slur	
Ainurii-iiii H' i.v	
Ivai'lioi" '	
Tr-el- M'.l'l'ii-	
SlIILSI't  I'.llU'kSDIl  Illl-'ill'.. .
Two FriiMid*	
Bl.-u-k Prince	
liiniilmii.'U-rli  ..
Sunset (Ciui. Oolii Kields..
Silver Kins' •	
N" utile 1'ivr	
If'.'d Fox	
A ni, lino	
Qiiftiii Bess. ..	
^HIMpl'i<l> . 	
Tin nl
11! Kl
' e***5 j
plving for it i-i the proper spirit and in j CjJ
the proper way. • j"J)j
So much has been said of late from
press and pulpit about the writings of
F.mina Goldman that the woman has
really gained some renown. More people will be induced to read her book6
today than ever before, and that irood
will come from it there is no doubt
Knnna Goldman's books can hurt no
one of sound mind She is a woman
wluAhinks and writes as she thinks.
Women of this type are scarce enough
Her thoughts cannot always be right,
but thought, right or wrong, is better
than the insipid writings of tlie host of
light novel writers ofthe day. Thought
creates thought, and what is evil in the
thought of one mind is not necessarily
catching. Rut no thoughtful mind can
he nivon expression without creating
thought in others. As the mind is so
it will continue to be If murderously
inclined it will continue lo develop on
these lines even if no literature but the
Holy Bible be read. If the mind is inclined toward goodness it will grow in
•goodness, if the heart be. right, even if
opposed by all the literature of the day.
Emma Goldman is rabid in many ways,
but beneath it all,  she   is thoughtful.
She strikes at a national evil
Nelson are as follows: The
thn Speculator over the -livid* to the f Hi»riiiiri*r creek.
of Canada vs. Harris, action to recover
on notes: Carmioliael vs. Egan. action
over rent; McMillan vs. Sandilands,
action arising out of estate of.Crawford
.*» McMillan; Docksteader vs. Bofsfnrd,
a side issue in Callahan vs Coplen;Sandilands vs Warner, action for commission on a mining deal.
John Crnitf is leaving for the coast,
after working scceral years at the
Queen Bess, John has been nearly il*.
years in the mining camps of A merle i,
and still retains his Scotch accent Ho
was in Leadville in 77. spent lo years
in Butte, and seven years mi the coast
of British Columbia. He is a lou ccnis
mi the dollar man and a benefit to any
camp in which lie hits the drill, The
Slocan doe*" not like to lose citizen*, like
Mai GaiTlly unrolled his blankets in
Siiceuliitor ". ...
A j.-t **....'  •..
K:nily Edllli	
V \* ,\!	
Fuiiiili nf .Inly	
Totiil (imp*..   '..Ml l!i38*!
SWI.KT   (il'.ASS   I.OOKIM'    WKLI..    |
W H. Davidson, of Slo**an City, was
iu New Denver Monday and inspected
the Sweet Grassgroup, Goat Mountain
Mr Davidson !s interested with Messrs.
Mowatt and McKeimc, who recently
took a lease and hond on llie property.
lie was very much pleased with the
(ii'operty and believes that here is the
making ni'a rich thing. Mr Davidson
brought down with him samples of very
rich ore. carrying galena and grey
copper.   They have two seams nt  ore
and in
FaVopabTe Conditions
IV) '	
wThe B. C. Mining Record Thinks British Columbia
?S Minins; is all Right
sr'nl-Ttig incites fools to deeds of law
iie^s.   This might be said of every reformer that the world has known.   It is
one of  the sad  features about all  reforms.
Slime, hogs are like some people,     In
fact, the general run of Logs have many
characteristics that resemble those of
some, people. When we see a man or
woma'i cling with stoical stubbornness
to a narrow idea that has been born of
biiiotry and reared in ignorance, re-
iusing to listen to reason or to concede
a single point that would necessitate
a change of base or the acceptance, of a
higher thought than that of egotising
one's self, we say that person is as "independent as a hog on ice." Being unable to skate or walk  the   brute lies
down ami assumes a position that is to| which mining is carried on. but tlie in-
all appearances ns comfortable as il it j evitnhle outcome of a largely fouuda-
were bedded in a hogmire on a warm tionics*, boom. It is absolutely im-redi-
summers day So with this kind nf] We if the laws of British Columbia were
man or woman      Limbic to understand  ■"*■ ->--d »s ••'(•>" have been  made out  to
anything highei than the Ego m his or J he. or il the resources of British Coium-; silverware and ornamental piece.,. The
showing in ihe workings, one tinee | ln'i* Imsoin, and unwilling lo concede | bin were ol Ihe profit loss diameter at happy couple left on the |o*-',u bnat on %
indie*, in thickness and the oilier,which ! anything loftier than he or she can un- j U'ihtited to them in some (■unrters. that, *,.,■,.,.|7„ trip to Nelson, Spokane and
tiie Lucerne last week and delivered a j lias just i.een broken into, eight inches j deistuml, this ••independent "personage | hi the face of reaction, gloom, and diili -j neighboring points. Cpon their return
few orations upon a wide range nf! wide Tw,. men an iploved at; assumes a position of cold indifference j cully, such solid progress, investments! tj|(.v w*n t..^,, „,, x\u,n. i'«.*j,fence ii. Mr-
topics. Hedwelt deeply upon the scar-] )i<-*-eiii. I>i! !|n-tnrie will be increased j In the grander, more ennobling traits '
city of boo/.eiiiie, and claimed that
tenderfeet would ruin any camp He
finally hit the tie line to McGuigan in
The Mining Record of Victoria takes
a very sensible view of the mining
situation. It suvs it is satisfactory to
note, that there never was a time when
more men were, actually at work in the
mines of British Columbia than at present; there never was a time when the.
output of ore was larger or more valuable; and there never was a time when
inore. capital was being legitimately
expended in the pur-hase of milling
property. ;he installation of machinery
Goth for mining and treating ore, and
the construction of railways for the service of inining* districts. It is unnecessary to particularize Here. The. promising outlook for the. coai. smelting,
railway and iron interests of East
Kootenay, the rapid recovery of the
Slocan now in progress, the rehabilitation of the Silver King at Nelson, the
hoavv investments iu the Lardeau, the
increase in furnace capacity and rail-
way-n Rvoio"pnT(JiTf" iTTTlTrBtnTfiTiary'raTnr}'
the promised inauguration of copper
mining and smelting on a large scale
on the Coast—all these, things discover,
to those, of only ordinary observant
capacity, a steady progress in the development of legitimate mining iu the
Province of British Columbia.
The point we wish to make at the
present time is this, that these satisfactory features are entirely inconsistent
with the hypothesis that the natural or
legal conditions under which mining is
carried on in this Province were responsible for the depression noticeable
this spring, and still exist to a certain
extent! while tlieir appearance, concurrently with this speculative reaction is
proof positive that this reaction has
nothing to do with the conditions under
and Stemwinder mines. Some discussion has also arisen respecting the opportunity for a smelter on Slocan lake.
We have frequently referred to the very
satisfactory progress of the mines tributary to Slocan lake and particularly of
the remarkable development of thp dry
ore belt which is becoming an important contributor to the mineral output of
the Province. But it is doubtful
whether there, is a sufficiently large and
steady tonnage lo keep a smelter in
operation, and with regard to dry ores
it is doubtful 'whether the premium'
offered by outside smelters is not more
than sullicient to offset any advantages
lo be. gained by treating them within
the limits of the district in which they
are produced. However, not to include
a smelter on Slocan lake, where, there
is certainly great activity and progress
in mining, how can it be reasonably
maintained that the inining industry of
15rltTsircoIuiTiT5uns~Th~aTiy tru7*Aouse in
a decadent or backward condition in
view of the conlemplated industrial developments which we. have here outlined"-'
STKI("Kl,.\Ml-(ill.l.li:s Ntll'TIAI.S.
Due of the happiest nuptials ever held
iu Xew Denver was that performed
Wednesday morning at 0 o'clock at the
family residence of Mrs. John Gillies
by lUsv Mr. McColl,when Harry Strickland and .Miss Blanche Gillies were
joined in holy wedlock. Cecil Mcltao
acted as groomsman and Miss Todd as
bridesmaid. About $0 guests wero
present to witness the ceremony and
partake of the wedding breakfast which
was served immediately. It was a
happy lot indeed that gathered around
the festive hoard. Mr ami Mrs Strickland received one of the brightest send-
offs that could he bestowed, The. list
of presents was very large, embracing-
nianv beautiful articles  in Chinaware,
I Wn
1.11!   !
a- -mui a* development warrants it.       j of manhood and  remain*.—jus! a hog-
It was Mr. Davidson who negotiated j satisfied lo feast upon his or her own
Ihe sale of the Itepubiic group,Springeri mcrow view of life, content to live in a
search   of  work,   and lamenting that  cceek, and il iln'*aine tompBiiy ran he! sphere of which Self Is the only god
cavuses were so selilom  in these hills,   induced   to   tuke   hold   of these Gout +
Mat thinks of putting on ■.tore clothe* Mountain properties it will mean much. Another human hog is the person
und running for the legislature. He] to the town and a big thing to the com| ,v|iose highest aim is to '^et. all the good
would do woll iu Victoria.
of mi large and beiielicial a  character, j Strickland's residence on 1'nion avenue.
would havo been made during tbe  past
CAN    IHttW    %   MdVKKl.
| that can be got out of life hy the gut
' route.   (lorinaudisers all of them, they
j seek to find nothing better than a tri
J    New Denver's juveniles are us bright j daily bellyful of grub and a bed ti|>oii
i a* (he win Id produces.    The  w»y they J which to sleep off  ihe  effects   of their
watch  our    "aiiy-littlc-papcrs"   scrap'stufling.   Then tlu»is is th« moral de*
j box is a   caution      They   take  the-e  haiichee, the hog to  passion,  vice and
f little pa pet i. lo kcIiooI and  --dmw" on  hoiote, who seek*, to know nothing hut
Tom Collins and C B. Taylor expect | .*„,,„    n„t. little chap was reciling his! evil  about  woman and   hoot*, at  the
to work n  property  near Sandon  this] M,.,.,,„|..li„luiit.ht,4 -„  „« i|„. other day.! downfall of his neighbor     And tlm go*.
The force at the Speculator Im* been
reduced to 2<> men
The ore shipments last week overreached theiSiKMou mark
winter. I
•lap   King,   T«.m   Mulvey und  Fred i
Johnson have bonded the Ottawa irioiip, •
few months, it is absolutely  iucredibh
that filch far reaching and satisfactory
developments   would   have   been    the!
promise of the immediate future. j
There can be no more satUfai toiy in* j
dilation of the broad and solid founda-<
tion upon which the mining industry is|
sAVim.s  or Tin: « irn,i»iii:>.
'Johnny, what distinguished foreign,
er aided Ihe American* in the Bcvolu-
tion y"   Johnnv  .-ifter a pause — God
Tommy~-\W have got a new U-ibv at
our house.   Sally   with upturned nosei
Knterprlsn nnd Koch'* sawmill, thus
bringing that creek in ipe-iklng touch
with Slooiii City.
The Payne concentratnt*is being ervc-
ted and preparation* arc well underway
for eAleiHive operations at  thi* prop-
Mrs, C B. Taylor bas leased tlu» din* j crty this winter, ;
Ing room and sleeping departments  of     The Noble l'i ve closed down ti, hi, last j
tht»  Arlington   HoM   in Slocan City j ww,|,t _,„*, ,,|| „,„,,,)!,.,   w,.t). i,,,,,,,.*-.- j
--        ,, , , >i.       ■<i ,
'•<■'   •«•*»* -'»-■ ••■■....,,.   ......   ...'p...i    ...i  . ,J)r„ ,, |t,jiff, j|,|. |j|,|,i ilium*,    i,,t   Uir i
Irui'i'}A;,'' •'iiVVip an C'rTW-Ani • -1*.i ***"u i*
"I can dca a* a monkey,"said he
"''mi -.i-ii?"
"Yes; Want to m*o me?'
"Vni in ui-,    \X\..<\i.  •!■■»•»   '•<  !• ••-..
when you get ir .Irawn."
"Looks like a snake."
SOIIs   4»\     l-AS-tlNd    KVtKN'T'*).
Ph|ki. I.ke tbe Sandon  Mining He
■ t,... .(.,.,, i    ,•    <   .   i.
pel ho_, of knife-pm-iuii mind, who sit*'
m the Mm-Ic of bin doudy  inteiied and
grunt* for more   sold*  to save at  *o
A ;
';.   a;
•»'.   3 he
! -.a.iu (sho sreks to tntinh   his gie. 4 for
I dollar* by crowding out'«.f lm<-iu*— lii<«! iwrv«*l,[1;* «*l»i««* _ •» ••'•« mmw|»v lotth
heing established iu Blitish Columbia,! "AV*" *•*"- * ■*'"••• ",H': we'vegot a piano,
than is afforded by the amount of capital I While walking in the suburbs, the
whidi it is contemplated to sn k in the Bishop of Norwich met a little girl of
establishment and equipment of smelt. I aii-out eight or nine, who u-ked: "Oh,
ers within the boundaries of the I'ro*] please sir, will you open this gntc for
vince Au individual mine herd mid; me.*'" Tin* bishop, smiling nit thc de-
thnre may at one time have a large j miiru little maiden, held back tin* gate
supply of ore on hand, and at another, j for her '<> p-i*n Uiroiigb. aud when -he
have il* r«*sel ve* depleted and it* ship ' thanked him with a smile, fie jmke.l tier
incuts interrupted. But a smelter de*J if *hf was not big •■uongb i<* open the
peiids for it* «.«i**e!ice upon n *te*-**lv
and continuous supply of ore   I'nlcss
thai i« jftlHI*-*!lit«*»*»1 I'C  the   emiilirioii   .if
tin* mine* and district it Is intemieil ro '<
i scaki'i-riv-fj! that be might  wallnu   in
[ the swill nf plonpenl>        Ami   ||„.   j,(IB.
; *i[i hog, thai luiiy, nosed rnoU'i* that uu
«arlh* thc skeh-luns buried in the farnilv
h this -fit tin v. or
'inil l.u*ii (.moke .miii * ii .una. >iuti o i*
it just  another hit j the gt-ucral opioion  thai   ri  *< lnine u
<|l|,,ll,   "\;;\t\   vo'm-.Iii
only a euc-e (i
.",    .,,"'* (*'(<».> aid*,  mul  lotes  its foiii-iceiited
,, .' 7      '.."' |«ane.ii  hihiuI Oie  iieiglilMirlioo-l'   an,I
tin* couiiiiuuitv in which ■  , ■ .     _ ,     ,
., i .- .    .   . ,* .   tin* Micietv  hog,   with  the rnia*  *i.n«l
tlo-v Hicpnhli*»ii'd. but sire.letririo'ofil:. ,. •        " M   *.,,-■»■
. ,  .1 ,     t ■      t • *0.*IH 1(1  .1* ll<.»**,   « (|i»»e    IIO*    |*   .till!(*■»■* :
to (he progie** ,.f the Kiiiiiug industry       , . , ,. ishi,.|i,.r,   _A
,,,,.„,.    "   . „ , ,,,*'i snd lean because oi its  uiibi ilv f» get*   "•","     Sl"
tlitoughont tin* priivnuc    It I* pn. -ible,    ,-...,,
I'-i*. i-l if* »im IJHI  litur nm.-i
coming to insure ttteoiistriK-tioii, With
nut considering the increase in capacity
both at the Granby smeller and al the
Grct-iiH/tod Miu-ltrr, we Pod that, at the
;*eeiii ito.« ,   ««>   «.•■■»«■»   tu,«u  ti%r   tie*
.       i ■ .   .   .    , ■    i i ■ p     ,
,*,,,>'.,> i .> n.,  .,,,..,,!■,  ,,,   in,,,,*,,   v.imna
M.1      We w.UlLl tie l*t It.iluiiiiiuiUUlll*   |,„„af,lri.„,   n„w,.rv   „,   tri....
ft? wftpii l<%j><x¥m$ thbtAtUlhtk oJ ihe\ ^•■■5w^ •«iv»5,r.| hi lite Ui j<e ^i-AiAhAiAf.
thu Sandon Mining lU'view:*' ''All re* ] to gather in the stock held by ..ii'siders
port*, ta the <vKitiarv  tKrf«'ith*tandlu_ ' at a hit*' (l„'iire
bMloeiti in the Shu-mi i   )iiii>ruv>tiii, hot:     iUt.   ,.,HIUVI,.%   on*ratn. *   th.-    Iitau   . ""  "     "    ""'   "'*'"" '"   '"'"""*;
»*rv little if <nv ** ' n *r     li'.      Xumh", u"     irm ■■ >twn p***e<i n. iv.enf year* can Ih* fwi-f
«ry little If any „ ,,,( „„,..  ,. , .,i.|„t|I|(| ,„ ^  ^^ ,h(,n. w „)m|iiuM !||5(U, wi||l
IhcSandonCnrling" (lub elected thej ..pcratfon* on an edieii*ive scale thi*.. ,M, w||,.„ ,,. mt..tk „„,, (.lt|,,v     i(|N       ; * dd .-..thing to ti.e w.> rid. ei therm g.**.J-
follftwlnff   ofticers la«t  Thursday eve* i winter     A biinkhou*.*, *.»*,x.v» Ut-i  into   i......'ii. ,i .    .   .   '.. ! e-**". love, wi»d<<m. truth,  literature »r
.        «     .,    ,  ,.  ,    „ ,                 .      i.                .        . ..,„,«  |„,lV,,|, i,j |,i»i. -ticai test, Inil iioHtiiount ,«.,        ,        ,       ,
niltg: Pr-tslilcnt, M  L drlinmctt; vac,! be erected, and a wag .wdlVnlnng ,t( iheort.u. ••   bv *„ch   vcr.ile mouth   4!t     "'">,",M">r die they arc - l,i»fi.-d.
Thomas Brown: sec *tr««*., K. A  Hall,-! will be built to Miinn-t iln*  . rnrierrv  ,,,-    ,   ,, it, "r* .,7, „        ,     .,-i i   i ., , "
'[•") , vi-'""   i" '-li" Uevicw .-uv. ".ojmUIi- Uno.g      ... - Iipm ibi'if t- p.. (egn'uir siandard
mnt lean be«au*c
,! ; -i'lls .in in\  iito* uoi.*',* 'ft
' |,e'ipie  sl<*  romiiioniy    met.
«<- their All«>Jt.-»l lone .md -.lo*.
trtin(iiitte.'of(nan»g«menl,W(o Wilson,! with the Kntcrpri*e r<nd      A ;»»hor*e
.1   \*    M.*ierlr»    K    .1    PnvMoitovh   ,hkI   imwr J.,-»Jl,-r .10 I   lipj-ri),^   ,,j,t, .   .,ltu
about the >le*iif*«| end.
lav.*..,( U 'i . can  roi   in
war*■■•'i''■("»• i" tin- ■i-fXi-'n ila**! a'Ai A, ibe!*
uiiui'diHtviy placed
undei' iMiiisiriii'tioii. hut {hi- ».- »i||
• H,. , I hiii I'lde j* ),„i !,)„• ,,] Il»e (>r.';<*('|s
which h*s let a tertiin auioniit «d
legitimate pifiitii atiun derived fiotn the
condition and pm-pecis of the mining
!t i* now a foregone coin-|ii->t>in thai *
(pp) }"■!* »Uie'ne|   will He elciH-l   at   Dulilt)
gate   hejsi-Jf.     *-(M,,    if.,    sir,'    *le-    tl*.
plied, sweetly, "but, <,oti *i*e, thc paint
iw u-..i   *.,.!   I   -i, .",',t   »•;.,,.   .};••.., ,{   Ut}
hand* "
A  *(<>ry wlii.li   Mi    ('liaml-ei^iu  is
*aid to be telling  ,i^,(iu*i  htni*<»|(  just
leiW is ifooil cUiill|{h I" lie tlUe       \ Well*
Isti'iwii iiisprcftpif ,it ■.i.'Uu-it- *\,f\\i a j,..t.n[
• (Mllfler of an li'.ilC Hi MM!.ri*-sir><*- mi no
Ihe little j(ll I* i.l ,>t *. t|it.il i.eir ItirilllU:'-
liato tin* lie.nilit*. <i| i-.itme, the Hiileti-r
..l,d   of
r 111 • t > 11. _• sir ci ins Al (In* .(i'l n| Inn
.|i*coiir*e lie Hioiighi   Id   in  (dit   n   few
Alt'*. McMillan.
The mining <>' distance.    Stunlird.   vary   in  the ton*.*ui.-tit p..i«t <m  V»tu-t,n*,.*r  Llsrn!
proven cither   liftercni  pr<»vlr,<-**s '■■', the e,„,,"„e, the  •shwh-sd! has.-the on- .4 ii,c  l.entitn
'   Will* !ll.l't>*    (((•■*»-
* Mi. i 'n.i(mi<i*f i.uii'
.lli.W.i "t the little
*-*ur.-i*.      «;ttii   tbi
tak.'li   l'.*ik.    "sliMi*.    Mt   ( ii.nnl.eriam
riillld     le>l      rut k '*     :i      :''|pfe    pi?     ;'r.1W  *''
*'  ii, '    *4i'i tbe little (*»*£. *A..i| l(iu»t b •
.  . ... If.,. ,  '
"».'i«'Hi.U   liui.g* .*"
vta*  tie  pronm
ill)     Hli'»    «.!*   (,»(.
i}.s|*ect<i,i,   rather
"the t^ootert given 5«*t Tkur-wiai' eve-' n,ie>'
Mtiweil oi iHiti -.-.s.Wt.iUJb.. i.iitiriat  ha,|0, g.^i niml H,e> have Wan trM. , hid. r>r uiiit  of len-th. varying from  mine at  Moiii.t Sicker s« its base of     * "*■ «• •■»'«l-,» '" Aii»t.ia than many
an*t Mitil 'hey 9te Mov."., 1.a<| it i. nm. h jo 1,; u„he* i« ,3iRei.-nt j i-.«vif.<*Mi.   A  aapfilt.     i m   th,'   lUutuUty  t-.tuMty
nlnif  in  Bo'tun   Jlatl   by   the   UU***.*.     Kootenay mine* Imve ,«J.l M,^" in  rwWi.i talk atmut  having tharn »m«   chines,-* mile may he fr-.tu * ijiurter ot' l«»"»e* twAu-t- a. uX,UipUM,um
ilit-r   » utrn.t i■«,-
averages ll, ?> «r r'
Qne«ni(» McCoy and Jean nnbinson.wa, | dividen.b- *!,„,• .»„.  ..*.*,■  ,.j .la«uar>.  ded    Whan i: .*. dam..i.*trate.| by pnt. m Kngli.h m,»e e<> ., mde m,4 tkt^"mi,*mrm-	
so  greatL   eoyo^i that   the tatente.1. (X l.d**nc.iii.t the C..m,o ,*jii-. -fl :.'di; -twat «..rku,_  re*t*  vAwte-.u the  law* .|uart.-r.. .nvordir,*.' r.. »h*- fn,,-;,,,*,    ' :'and r,ru* ,„ , „,,,.,
"!*, I^i- **'!;•(>,** ffit if*  ri.me]     Vl.t ";A->t »>")   frk'l
•Xfu wirfi rheffrooltlrn '.'■ftttid'U'd < ip*«fiicf!-
1.,,-f' ,
• j k'
Tii-eft-    il
I *■*• THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. U„ OCTOBER 17,  1901.
Ninth Yeab
Tuk LkiiokU two .lollars a year in advance When not so paid it is S...W to parties worthy ol credit. LeKiil advertisiiiK in cents n
iionpariel lino lirst iiJertlon, and 5 cents a Hue each subsequent insertion. RemUiiK notices •.'"> cents a line, and commercial Hdverllsinu
graded in prices lu'eordiin** to circumstances
all tlie good things tliat liave been
said or done since Napoleon built
the ark and Greece her knees in
suppliance bent, lie is the original
Norval on the Grampian hilte* He.
knocked a bully down in a saloon
out in the golden West and preached
to the benighted heathen in Chicago
taking his life in his hand and not
near having a hand full. He, has
the smartest children in the world.
He shook the navy till all the marbles fell out of its trouserloons.
He has always been the idol of
Wall street, yet he never was idle
in all the long centuries of his life.
As a boy he stood on the burning
deck whence all but him had fled
and shouted, "Ring, Grandpa,
ring !"    And Grandpa rung.
He was a rough rider without a
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in tins square
indicates tlmt, your subscription is due, nnd that the editor
wishes once agum to look at
vour coll literal.
A   marriage    certificate    often
covers a multitude of sins.
The Slocan is not all silver. The
yellow is again showing—on the
Olive oil and cream are recommended as a diet for nervous
women. _
The Chinese can keep eggs for
100 years. This beats some of the
Kootenay hotels by several years.
The cool weather gives us some
advantage.    The flies keep out of
the paste-pot and the cows do not
whiskey and more  rabbit paws it
might make a difference,
Adam and Eve may have had
their faults, but they never borrowed anything from their neighbors and forgot to bring it back.
They also never subscribed for a
paper and left the editor to live on
At Sioux Falls. Fred Gebhard is
seeking a divorce from his wife.
You will remember, bright reader,
that Freddie once made the world
talk because he traveled along with
Mrs. Langtry, much the same as a
poodle, dog.
In Portland, Maine, with prohibition, there are 12 drunkards to
the thousand. In New York,without prohibition, there are 23 to the
thousand. Make whiskey free as
water and in a few years drunkards would be unknown.
less courage than a fat louse. He
is so thin that even his death would
not enrich the soil.
The Granby smelter at Grand
Forks is said to treat ore cheaper
than any other smelter in the world.
Quite a bouquet for the Boundary.
Five more smelters are to be
built in British Columbia. Toronto
papers will please not mention this,
until they can see a dollar or two
in it.
Thc niiin who always pays
promptly for his paper is possessed
of ('-lalitie.*-* that should land him
on the shore's of permanent prosperity.
Bulgarian bandits do not respeci
the religion taught by American
missionaries, In return for scads
they will only give tin* Yankees a
Tin' valley nl' iln- Slocan river is
rapidly filling up with ranchers
w)i<> know good soil and climate.
Some tlay it will lie the l-.dt-n of iIn*
It is now said that tin* lion war
will ln:-l two years more. Ton
much gold |»cc and not enough nf
gray matter iu tht* upper stope*- of
1.1 Ai'lAti u.Ui« i.-.
I-or vagrancy
cently sold by auction in Kentucky.
The law under which this was done
was passed in 175)"). The. negro
was knocked down for 82.55, and
then escaped from his purchaser
and has not been captured. He
may have struck the old underground trail for Canada.
In 1897 when the Rossland boom
was in flower the Toronto papers
were filled with news from the
inining" camps of B. C. Then they
contained the big ad. tliat lured
many a bank account to sip of | the
financial damnation contained in
wildcat mining stocks. Now j the
mining fakes are buried, audi the
Toronto papers cannot  find rOom
Nome is far north, but it is closer
to hell than anv town in the United
States. People are held up day or
night, and no man or woman with
a bank roll is safe. The Yanks do
not seem to know how to subdue, a
tough crowd in an isolated place.
I.tulle**   with    myths    tu
should slay   away   from
The country is t'u
steal anything Vlllllllbli'.   even
vntioii A mi v lassie--.
■ IpA
People in the east who have mining stocks stored away in old trunks
should not lose hope. Lucky Baldwin once took a lot of apparently
worthless stocks for groceries, and
afterwards made a million out of
them. History is sometimes a repeater.
Thieves broke into the shop of
I'. Hums & Co., at Phoenix, and
carried off the safe. The small
size of the sale would seem to indicate that the meat business is not
all gold, even if hit has saved
enough to start' house-keeping in
The 1,'niled Stales will probably
never again have a president who
fought in the rebellion between tin
North and South, Tlie new presidents will probably be ollicers  who
That kept things in a Uutti'i-.
And when slid hail her bread and
The goat was there as butter!
fie also wrote:
Needles .-ind pins, m-edles: and pins,
When a num marries hi** iroubl'' lie.ins.
It is recorded of Roosevelt, that
ien minutes after he was born he
got up, eat a raw beefsteak, put on
boots and started out to strain
things. He has been leading a
strainuous life ever since. This
from one biographer. Others say
he never was born. His mother
found him one day with his gun in
his hand charging barefooted
through the cactus bed and yelling
for more thorns.
Really, Teddy is all right. He
will make as good a President as
9,000,000 other men in the United
States would make. He is nearly
as active and intelligent as the rest
of us. We get disgusted, not at
him, but at the fool newspapers
who in his case, as in all  others,
of Major McKinley  as the president.    I am speaking of him as my
husband.    If any one could  know
what it is to have a wife sick, complaining, always an invalid for 25
years, seldom a day well,   and yet
never a  word of unkindness has
ever passed his lips;  he is just, the
same tender, thoughtful, kind gentleman I knew when first he came
and sought my hand.    I know him
because I am his wife, and it is my
proudest pleasure to say this, not
because he is president,but because
he is my husband.    I wish that I
could have seen him yesterday.    I
love to see him among the people
whom he seeks to serve so faithfully.    But I read his speeches this
morning.    1 read all liis speeches.
I only wish that I could help him
as 1 should.    But he is so good, so
kind, so patient.    He gives me all
the time he can.    He never forgets
me.no matter how busy he is.   But
1 will be glad when  he is out of
public life.    I did not want him to
run a second time.    I thought he
had done enough for the country,
and   now   I   know   lie   has   done
enough, and when his term expires
he will  eoiiie  home and   we-'will
settle   down  quietly  and  he  will
belong to me."
The Leading
Finest Shop in the Slocan.
Brick Block,    Bellevue Ave.,   New
Denver, B. C,
_3?Tlie "Kiiiiier" Hei'r lias licconu- tlm favorite Beer in lliu Cons! Cities.    It lms met In suecessfu
rtiiii]>etltl-m tlie famous Milwaukee Heei'B.
for legitimate mining news.    T leir
love for us was false, and only lasted: try to make a little god out of a
while the fat ads of lying miniugigood enough common man.    Let
eagerness to make money  eadsed
many a sad heart in Ontario.
Two fresh young girls from the
Okanagan thought they would, be
cute when they went to the Coast.
So they registered from Tacoma,
Wash., blew out the gas, and retired for the night. An hour or
two later they were rescued from
an untimely death by suiVocation.
If they had registered from the
Okanagan they would have been
told not to blow out the gas, but
the landlord thought anyone from
Tacoma should know enough to
properly handle a gas jet. Another
proof of the value of truth.
The dying words of McKinley
were, "It's Cod's way: Hi,- will In
done." All over die land ministers
agree with these words, and tlmt
"we must bow t-ubinissivi'ly t,. Hi-
will." This being the case, why
blame the man who fired the fatal
bullet.? If it was (iod's will thai
McKinlev    lie   assassinated    whv
trial. He will do well if he saves
his salary, and that is about all
there is iu his ollice. One thing
we know. He never wrote "Uncle
Tours Cabin," and the public will
feel kindly toward him for the
omission.—A. M. Brownlee.
A    NOIII.K    MAX.
Through McK'inley's formation
there ran a streak of devotion to a
sick wife that needed no concentrating. If every delicate wife was
as fortunate heaven would touch
this earth in many homes now
scorched by the hell of neglect and
cruelly. The following words of
Mrs. Mi-KiiileyV shine all the
brighter miuv her husband departed
for thai sphere where builds cannot
shatter the anaiuiiiv:
•"Do you know Major McKinley?
Aii, no one can know him. because
to appreciate him one must know
him a> i dn. ami I am not. speaking
Oar Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable whiskey in the market.
We have it in bulk and is cases, 5's and (i's. We are agents for the Bruns*
wlck-Balke-Collender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of all kinds
Write us for prices and terms.
When you want
Baby Carriage
get quotations from-—
crushed the Spaniards in   Cuba  ni   censure the means by which it  w,
made tin* Filipinos retain the yoke done
of slavery.
Men, ''lurke  Walla".'   is -"aid
have died from a broken heart.
'along with
If ihe jobber** of Nel-oii   wish to
llblJlill eol|ci-«'ioll-  ill    fl eight     rate-
from lie- i ,  I'.  I!, dies -hoiild do a
»'IHlh    ullo|c-,l|.'    Il.'lile.    .Ilnl    ||.il
en! into !Int iii the leiail men.
, was a  giviil   Uraugciiiau. aud lin-
,       '   •*i'1   ''■ j barred   htm   from   occupying  th>
ut bad men who,     ,. .    .       •,•     ,     ,   ■    '■     v  ,,
, 1 political position In desued.   Nodi
•l-i * . mi .   i   -
I ing   else   eoiilil   lie   c\pecled   in   a
j country with   il**   nose   up again-*!
thc ('nlholie vote.
■**|iol..-|||i*   1-   -ii
il  i * uoi -ale lo
dai 1:. >'.tii','i,i||\
!',■" ot    t!'-i;;*
•»■ out   aloin
on  a   lii'nl-i'
(Millie   -lio'l li 1  i i ili'il   llie   Ilia il \    i|i\ !•■
nf (ii ll   li.-lilitillli   but   W iclietl .'ll \ ,
We an- continually cha-iuj. -.nine
thhej io the (li**tancc or llie future
There i» gold at   New   lionver. yet
■  „.. \*. !l.i.*,*i.;,   A,   !:.    Th..,
p~ |iieiil\  ot lic'iM'ii   armtuii   limit.'.
lull   il.-lead of di-^illi*,  il    Up   |i|e|i1\
o!' |n'oji|e ima-'Inc tliat they have in
Inline!  th roll-.'h a  d\ l"e    of    hell   lie
lore   n   can   be   i;tn|n-<l.     lake  all
Why   not   place  t'/olgosz
Mirabain   who  obeyed
<iod'.-   will?     According   in   Mc-
Kiuley's dying words and the pulpit utterance*, afterward* < !o(i really
killed the president and used (V.ol-
go.*v. as the iiislrumeiil   for  aceoni
pli-liing tin- deed.     Ai- consistency
is **o often wanting amid ( hii.-iiaie*
tlie\ will iu»w kill I'/.olgos/: and *-a\
that   il   i-  Cod'-    will    thai    *aich j
-IhhiIiI   be   ihe   .a-e.    To nilh.nai i PITCH   H1H.U5
] , jji^.- de- -.v ay- nf Cod .md par-mi*-
 ni Mrausjc and   pitsi   all   under-
Fancy  China
*-   I'd J-    -I'il'l W.'i'-i   Mill
Cups and Saucers
25c to $1.00
i, 'lil. Silvt-r-l.i'iul ,'iiiil('n|i|ii'r Mini's ivuuifi! m tlii- KXCII AM IK.
KUKK MlM.IN'i (iOI.K :'''o|ip'rii"> vetiili-d nt unci' u,r ICasl.-ru Iiivt-.i(>ii'*-.
I':irlii-M liiivliiL' iiiliiiiii.' |i|u;pi-i'| v lor wile  mv ivi[iii".t,'t|  tn ,-i'Hil hhiii|iIiih ut ihi'li <.ri' tn
llii- Kni'Ihiuim' I'mi* i-xlillilllnn.
■ II ,*piiiii|iIis '•In.ilia In1 •..'iii liv K\|uv'*p. in'i-|i:Jiil.   i'p,n,'S|iiiiii|i'iiri'.-...1 i<-ii..'it.
A-l.ll-.-s-i all I'liiiiiimiili'iilliiiii |p, 1VI)III*\V    I'".    ItflSKN ttMICli l-llt,
P 'ri'li'l'liniin \".i, Ini.    IMl, Hun Tiki. NcIhiiii,   It.  ('.
e Newmarket-Hotel,
N'l-.W !)i:\VKK,    I?. A
Has one ol the uiosv lioaiitifiil locai.ions in Ainericn, mid the public are
assured of pleasant, aec'iiiiiiodaunns.
wp-hnu/Ma    CIGARS
Tci Sets
$3 to $15
l;:lillnl'-|.'.  ll    li
■ I, -!.'■,
Job Printing
i ii ri.,
NclSOn'SDrue:& Book Store;
I lull ilS',;i\s
'lolle ll!  New
U'jli    11
nrtisiic  iiicril.  <juickly
s  l»i iuiiiiLt «'iii|iorii!in-"
..  <l    il, nt.
S :-
I (  •»It \   -    ISIIM.lt \l*   1*1 .
I.no i Veil,     ||
,  ll,
m    ym P*-^"* m
't«C     'Ml ul      m'' <
ott      <m   r *»       «» y •»
»-f>-*,    mw.   \«tv*   >m  w.    i*4)m   mm
m_nw -MV. *--Vt -W
1HMF |FWt Wkm mm% Mil PHL,.
.XI pAS.
\ i  I -I Mt    , ni
in- up w In ii
kipp     ,1) i      ,llii Al i \       ■ '•» l  I I
tln-i,   -peai; about I m n
e 111- Ml I l|i*  t ,,!   il i.-r
• leVil*
'I      u;
i.,,i .. ;
li   Ilea**.'*)!-.
.iii*. ii \ i  i ni
.•■i.i i .1
Illo.lUUiell i
• l|!1,,'
..!      Id;
.,lin     ll.*0|i
■|!..     le
to in .tl! th'
Ihe A-
I).-;»!.* tli.it
i-x i;
...  'b.
..."   !     ,
V   i;
V  i \ •
! !',!■   \'. ,1
a mi ' le
vl.., .
-", : ..-.'t
,.;,.! .li
i 11 lath
:(    •■'   If.
I   lil.'U I lie   I   'i!''
.;di<      i'.ei  iile- o!   Iill-crv. 1-ei!    «:lii
I   ot   -,.'.'.niirk    a,;piii>**i    !.•'!■ ab.oi.'
i i   ■ fe ■  ,'     i j .11 l'i 1 \    i ,il» ell 'Kit i i i '. i >p
', s, ■!,      ') !;*    "— -sii 1;*11    !»   an ii.i-
.',',,n »1,   and   an   all round ' papi'i
11.      h:*-     (be    »|.ti il    «.!    a I,, en
• '<..   tin*    i
!l«     : ■   till
**l;l!.—     \(
■Cal    He!
u , , ■
:ai     .j„lil."
- pI. I,. I, III .-
i-i-Ii   down
.:e   arc in*
■\    man  in
'■a i'    -jo   le
iiiiiav   si i'l
., "r l.
■ •!'. and   tbcie   : i   tall*,   of
lb'     i**     ii-.-     ..ii.il.       lie
!)..!•■   paye-   in   M„-   muhI:i\
-  d. -.oi.il   to   him.     He has
• I•■-■•! On ci-i.'lm !> - and  !",  in*
:<-u   it       tt*' i-   if .'  -M'tlt'ir of   I   I ;
i X
i-ieiAjik -oi M'Olilli^it
i .i iiin.li. a im|7
al! p;- ill uy>     C'.'t
;'•!' iiii'iH -  . a
t'tlife.i >''i»('S
,,ii,viib ,1   [.|*.!o-     ;      .      .' 1*','
in  v..    ii I a » .   Mov i ci vi..
!i> n\ \ a..d   Mei'\ !   i.'iil  M„   ' '  » '  M  t p,    !'.• -;o
: I  '*-   (-. A. !).-ii MMoN!»,  \ jce i'lv-'ilciil.
1'!,  S,   I   l.«i!"-l'i\'. ( I'l-Cel'.-t'
IP    t'.i I i   .   ■   i    .    ,1 |,,l> ,   i       .'. ■■   ,*. |, ,i||,.) ,,111' .,    '•   i ', ■   .,'     I M
New Denver branch
i.i*: h. m: vi'itr.K MutmjttT
k A
r -mm'   -mm    m.m   mim:   mm   x   m   mm"^mmt'   mm*'   mm   mm'   wm I
rmmmmmmmmmmwm'm'm*mm-m'mi  tar    wtar    "Mfe-r    mm    w_.*wW*m)[ I
■>/ Ninth Year.
About Our first Parents
And now it is our first parents
who must, go. In fact, they "have
been going for some time. Science
and evolution long since turned
their backs upon them, and now
unless Professor Dorsey can reinstate them oh the anthropological
section of the Field Museum at
Chicago, we are all orphans and
strangers in this cold world. Nobody can tell who "begat" us, and,
indeed, unless we are willing to
By Bystander, in The Weekly Sun.]
As we hear no more of any sup-
bad for our first parents (that we i pleuieutary list of "honors," it may
were supposed to have), it is not Retaken for granted that the list
so bad for us as some of our anxious jis complete, and we know what is
teachers are wont to make it. For ithe Imperial estimation of Cana-
it would clearly indicate that the!diau merit* The hi8hest distinc-
true Eden, like the golden age of |tion 8oes to the manager of a great
the world, must lie before and not
behind us, and that the day may
come when we, as better developed
children, shall dare look God in the
railroad, which by the majority of
Canadians is regarded, not without
reason, as a power of political and
commercial   evil.     Minor   honors
face—aye, even talk with him in!are  8iven   or   tendered to   three
our  "pleached gardens"   without
fear or misgivings, or the need of
"say to corruption thou art my
father, and to the worm thou art j any leafy screens to hide us.
my mother and sister," it is very j This makes it, of course, of less
uncertain whether we were begat j concern to us to consider who "beat all. Out of night and chaos we I gat" us in the flesh than who is
came to our dear mother earth,who! plunging us along in the direction
placidly devours us with "the as- j of this glorious Eden through the
sistance of a  few sister worms" f spiritual birth throes of humanity.
And since it is open to us to tear
up the old genealogy, it would be
an immense comfort to put ourselves in the direct line of Socrates,
Plato, Marcus Aurelius, Sweden-
borg and all the other rare creatures who lived and begat in the
spirit.    Most of all,  if the divine
more or less when our day is done.
"It's just this way I make it out
to be," writes the up-to-date poet:
\\*o lather*', mntlun-s, systems were i'f-3|innsible
foi- nn-;
A Mllli' slet'iiinj,' seed 1 woke, 1 did indeed,
A million \ear.i liefore tlu* blooinini' huh.
I woke liecnnxo it, seemed the. time had come.
And every where I found myself at home,
HeeniiH" I alway.* went nccui-iiiu*; I') the laws.
And in whatever shape, of mollusk or of anc,
I always ehose. to lie the tiling I Was.
There's modern science and
natural theology both in a nutshell,
and Caliban on his island, or Paley
in his sanctum, never evolved anything beyond it, especially as regards the supreme wisdom of going
according to the laws.
It's just the very same
Willi a difference in the name
As thy will lie done;
Adds the audacious poet, and the
truths of life  appear to  be with
him,   which  in  no  way  militates
against the wisdom  of Scripture.
Meantime   have we Abraham for
our  father, Adam and Eve for our
lirst parents, or just some protoplastic germ in  the  middle of the
deep sea ooze?    Who knows and
who cares?   To do  credit to any
,v_father_is_the main^thing—that,conr-
cerns us.    Moreover,   the greatest
"scientist" that ever lived told us
long since to call no one on  earth
our father, for one is our father
which is in heaven, and with  that
kind of spiritual parentage we can
afford to  let  Adam  and   Eve go,
though it must be confessed that
ffiiey were creatures of parts, with
■ magnificent ambitions to make gods
of themselves.    Hut  that  appears
to have been just the  trouble, and
for a reason that the wise old (ireek
dramatists discovered  when  they
said,   "Never  make a god appear
unless for actions worthy of a god."
Would-be gods who were so afraid j
of themselves, or any one else for]
'that numcr, that they had   to  run
away anil hide their glories behind
fig leaves,   were  certainly   coining
out too  early   in   ihe   programme.
And perhaps if ihat creation story
is In lie thrown loose into tbe arena
for science and private opinion- to
try their hands upon, that is not a
bad moral in be drawn from it.   Ai
any rate i< tallies beautifully   with
that fundamental principle  of  |j|V
and   harmony   which   consists, n*
our poet pul-  it,   in   alway> goin;.'.
••aecordiiij' lo the laws."
It is a si'4tiilicui!l point m con
ncetioii with tho evolution of even
bible theology that it was not until
Christ's (I.i\ thai men were invited
to take timl a*, tlieir pal tern,
Though ii. walked with them in
gnrdcii-7 appeared to them ii, burn-
JU^bii-die*. and talked ti> liiein in
all iiuiuiur of -tranee loneiie*. he
wa- ahvay- (he ejeni   ,ui*l   terrible
**'       < M    I..     ...      .,     .     ,.. :.,,l     I
and !iv. .     It
c'uiic    tiiat    I
cuoii'_:U aii\ai 1 |o   >„•  t,.)il io hi
pe> icct even a- the Father in ln-.i\ e:;
is im i iect. and iierhu'i- il wa- tin
clti'll ot -oiue ,'linlill inil- -\m il- will
of due |;|,i     '   A"   I i.!:!,'H,i'i. », ill,
I he * iod-licai! (''«;   •■.,■ •*iAm>>,'«'  i*  •?
M'!l,„k       i.
\A\...     .I,,,-
Mayors, whose merit is purely
chronological, consisting in their
happening to hold the office in this
particular year, and to the heads of
three universities, the head of the
greatest university of all, and the
university in his person, being
slighted. Might not Canadian appreciation of Canadian merit be at
least as judicious as this?
Sir Wilfrid Laurier says that
Canada is not a colony but a nation.
With her population, her extent of
territory, and her resources,Canada
has in her the making of no mean
nation. She surpasses in these respects Holland. Belgium,Denmark,
Christ should find it possible to say*j Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and
to us ''ye are my children," we
could afford to let even Noah, with
all his clean and unclean beasts,
reconstruct the human family without us. This is precisely why
science can never harm religion
much by any liberties it is pleased
to take with its ancient faiths or
records, because there is a, spiritual
line of life and inheritance that is
beyond its ken, which holds its
own sure course unruffled by the
continually shifting views and discoveries of science. Meantime,
however, if in its search along the
line of evolutional*}' being for the
supreme moment when the conscious life of spirit touched the unconscious life of matter, it can find
anything grander than that quick
Portugal: to say nothing of the
Danubian Principalities or the
South American Republics.' But
no community, however great, can
be a nation while it lacks the sovereign power, while its constitution
is imposed on it from without,while
it is incapable of treating on its
own account with foreign nations.
On the road to nationality Canada
may have been, but Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and his party, by turning
her face towards Imperial Federation have been doing their utmost
to make her retrace her steps. Imperial Federation may be a grand
idea, but it means the renunciation
of independence. About that there
ought to be no mistake.
The question whether party government is founded in reason and
can endure is not merely speculative; it is the practical question of
the hour. The Winnipeg Evening
News says in defence of the system
that parliamentary government has
made prodigious advances since the
time of the accession of William
IV., when the majority ofthe House
of Commons was elected under the
influence of a boroughmongering
oligarchy by a very small minority
of the population. No doubt it
Inn?. But it does not follow that
the militant forms into which the
antagonistic sections of the nation
were thrown by the necessities of
that struggle are fitted to be the
permanent organization of government. So long as there is a broad
division of principle about an object
of paramount importance, party is
natural, rational, and consequently
moral. But such conditions are
occasional and transieut. Party
without a division of principle on
an object of paramount importance
is faction, on which nobody would
propose to lay the  foundations of
the State.    What is the state of
party government in England, the
mother of the system ?    What is
the state of party government  in
any   of   the   European   countries
which have tried the  English system?   In Canada,   what is  party
government, or is there any prospect of its  being,   but a constant
fight   for office between  two machines bidding against each  other
in an  auction  which  demoralizes
the people.
Before 1880 little, was known in China
of kerosene. In 1890 more than 100,-
000,000 gallons were, imported.
The development of the phosphate
fields of Tennessee will be. cons jlidated
under one great company
The Little King is made of clear
Havana and will no doubt have an immense sale all through  the mountains.
SILVKK  LEAF Mineral Claim.
Situate in tin- Sloean Miniui; Division of West
Kooti'iiav District. Where locattd: On Xorth
Fork of fif--lit Mile Creek.
•TAKE NOTICE, That, I. Allien E., Ashcroft,
1 Provincial Land Surveyor, as agent fur Ernest C. Britton, F. M C.SSci. BiXiitS, and Joshua
Fletcher, V. M. C. Xo. BI5M1, intend, sixty day3
from the date hereof, toappl.v to the Mining-
Recorder for :i certificate of improvements for
the purpose ofolitainiuK a crown grunt of ths
uliove claim.
And further take notice that action uinler'seo*
iion ;17 must he commenced heforc the issuance
of such certilieate of improvements.
Dated tlii* lath day of Anfi-ust. A. D WOl.
BKNisow, Timhimi, tom nowr.ixo,
Mineral   Claiini*.
Situate in the Slocan Minim; Division ot West
Kootenay District. Where located:
Near thc El-fin mineral claiin.nouth of Sandon.
'PAKE .NOTICE That I. \V. S, Divwrv. aclini?
1 as agent for Nellie Hickey. F. M. C. \w. .WK4,
and Win. C. Yaw-key. F. M. C. No.37'*.'il, intend,
sixty days from die date hereof to apply to the
MiniiiK Recorder for certiticates of lin-
provemeui.'* for the pur'iose uf obtaining a Crown
grant of each of the above claims.
And flintier dike notice that action under sec-
tion .!" mint he "oinincnced before the issuance
ul such cert ideates of Improvements.
Dated this ltnli dav of September. A  1».. l'.K'l.
mul    HAKDSKIlAClM'-l.l.
Mineral Claims.
1 Pocket Kodak, tired, resuliir **.">.'hi ... .for s 2 '*i
1 No. 1 F. 1'. Kodak, used, reg. slo.no ....lor ?7..Mi
1 No.i A.F.l'.Kodak, new, reg. **l-i.0u.. .for mi.KU
1 No. 3 F.!\ Kodak, used. re*.'. *-l"..riO... .for <16.0o
1 No. 4 Bull's Eye, used, reg. fclU.oo for "Jlii.tKi
1 No. 1 l'andrani, used, reg. .-no.00 for fc8.(X>
1 No. 5 Glencoe, -lx">. used, rep *il.'i.iKl for s7.,5n
1 No. 3 1'remo, 4x.->, new, rep. rt.-i.(K) for >13.2."i
Cash with oider, or send SiMKi, and balance
CO.D., subject to examination.
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Nelson, S, c.
i i.ti
*A .1       ll.'i     ini     (In I**!
I.i-    i.iir    mi lunl   Ai
be equal with its God, it. would he
inspiring to know what it is.    And
if it can tell us further  who that
serpent really was that first told
man the level truth about the way
to be -rods some of us would like to
make his acquaintance,    Consider
the exactness of the truth he uttered
and its strange confirmation  from i
the lips of the Most High.    "Audi
the serpent said unto the  woman. |
'yea, aud hath <io(l  said ye may;
not eat of  the  tree   for  (iod doth ;
know that iu the day ye cat thereof j
then your eyes shall he opened and ;
ye shall be as gods, knowing good,
and   evil.7"     "And   behold   the;
Lord said."   runs the'laller note. j
" 'the man is become as one of us i
to know good and evil.' " I
Somehow that "old serpent" in- i
trodueed man to  the  higher con-,
-eioilsuess    which    has   lilted  him j
more nearly than anything else to
the glory of being ■ ;is one   of   us"
with the   immortal   god*.    Ami it
was ihosi* ble-*>*ed  parents   ih'lt   We   ,.,...   .    .,.,   ..^
are in such   danger  of   loi.,*- wIh,j(.,.:m' ,Miu|» llVlUSI*:,   KASl.O,
lirsi pm forth the hand of flesh to j Kl.(i>|l k*h|i ft!, ,|l(..,jm(<)     MfcALS
pluck it for in*, from llu*  .in-bidden  •■
free.    Though tlie i-Oort   <■ "!■'   ;<''<• [
uialilie and nipped the IViiil iu tin '
bud, their ilil«-lltio:i> \Sfli* ;;ioi iolis.
'I'luy were high and aspiring lend-1
i't*' nl' the human ra"-', and it  i-- to
In* hoped ihi! the anthropolojjeal
soeii'iief will uoi   In*  in'i   lia et on
thi'in.     However, ii l!n-\   niut  jj<>.
let  si'iciii'C MSitlve l"i'   U,«   the   lil\>-
terv of thai turn  in   lie*  e.iinse uf
thill«A     uilM'il      • ' il'l      .-in     into     lllr
world and .'ill onr woe**," lor, to
relieve one Linden-, it i- ,i linh-
v\ illi ihi> lii«-.'i\ ui the fail 01 iiian
as   the  good   woman   --. i i * I  of   • li« -
dmililie uf l.it.ll  ilepr.iv || v ,
i'V.'ellt Ut  ..lie  if IU. ,[   Ul    tu
Taste the
winter drinks
at the Nelson Hotel
Bar.     Hot Scotch,
,.    Oyster      Cocktails.
Roman Punch,Clam
Nectar, and many
IvOK.Vl   IHIOX  l'"l(A(T((IX  Minci'iil Claim
Siluali' in ihe Slnciiii  Minintr Division of Wcsi
Kootenav    DMi-lct.     Where   locnted:   On
Knur MileCri'cl;.
'PAKE NOTICE. That I, M. U. \V.  Iliitliliornr. , .         ,      . , , ,      ,
1    Free Miners' Certificate No. H.WU.*!, for mv-1 mteini,   «uxt.y day*   Irom  lhe_ dak*   l.vmil,   to
.self nnd H-iaisent for Frank Culver, Free Miner-'! Jl'l'l.v to the Miiiin-.* hei-onler ior ( crlllicatcs of
Cei-tllicate No. U .-MKH. intend, m (lavs from tlm I Imin-ovement, lor llie iuirim.se „1 obtalnuiff  a
date hereof, tll anplv to the Miiiin*. Recorder for   ( rown (.raitl "t each of iheabuvc claims.
a certilieate of iiii|iripveinenls. for the imrpose of    . And l-Tllicr ta.-ic netice that action, under tec
obtiilniii''' a cri-wii  irrant of Ihe above claim.      «■-■•■"•  -
And further lake notice that netlou under See
37 must be commenced before the Issuance of mid
certilieate of lmprovemcntx.
Datedjthis nuh day of October, A .1). nn'il.
Sit im te in the Sl.'ietm Miiiinn Division of Wea t
Kootenay District. Where located: About
two mile's up Cai-|i.'*niei- Creek from Three
Forks on ihe south side of ereek.
'PAKK XOTK'K Thai   1, Ci'orpe M-irr, of Mc-
1    (miinin. free miner's certilieate No. II S'il'.W,
Reisierer & Vaughah
If you have
a watch
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures Brown Bros.,
COUIlterS !rheJeweler.s, Nelson.
Fancy Glass
That require*! attention
send   it to the  Wan li
Kxperts nf NVIpiiii.
Charles Hlllyer. Manager! THE MINERS'
I'lllVllll'S   .(('('OllllUOlllltioil   t■■!
tin- ii'ii'.i-il.i..; pubiut ....
I'lcii.siiil   1'i'Oiiis,    .'ind  ixu...
(Ili'uls       Tilt*  t.;.l"    oi   -li-.-idd
witn wiiiiw. In-(('if-- ac I
.■!-.!!•• IIO"!' ."in-l i'01/l
any person or |icrsons to whom he may Imve
truusferreil his interest iu the Joker Fraction
Mineral Claini, situate on    Cody "Mountain
in   the Sloean   Minim;
Kootenay District.
Division   of   \\*e«t
\'OU are hereby notified that I have expended
■*_05 ill labor and inuteriaU on the Joker
Fmetlon Mineral Claim aforesaid. The alwve-
inentioned sum was the necessary amount re-
nuired to be expended on tbe said mineral cliiin
iu order to hold same under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, for the two years ending the tilth
day cf October, 1900.
And ii within !MI days from this notice you tailor
refuse to contribute your proportion of such ex
licnditurc, together with all eo^ts of advertising,
your interest in the said claim will become I ft
proi>erty of the tuidersiKiied under Seclion 4 of
'•the Mineral Act Amendment Act I'liiO.*'
Dated at Vancouver, this 3rd day of October.
liMil. J. MacQUILLAN.
whom he mav have transferred his interest
in tlie Codv Fraction Mineral Claim, situate
on Cody Mountain lu the Slocan Miniii*?
Division of West Kootenay District.
\'Ol" are hereby notified tlmt I have expended
•tfO!) In labor nnd materials on the Cody
Fraction Mineral Claim aforesaid. Thc almve
mentioned sum whs the necessary amount re
quired to be expended ou the said lninerai claim
in order to hold name under the provisions of the
Mineral Act for the two years eiuliin; the 'id day
uf August, Hon.
Hon .'IT,must be commenced before the issuance
ni' such Cenilieates of Improvement*:.
Dated this loth day of Si pH'iiiber. A. D liml
VlOI.I-JT mul VK'i.ET I'ltACTlON
Mluvrnl Claims.
in the Slociin .Miuinj* Division of
Wist Kootenay District. \Vlier« located:
OiiTribtittir. ("reek, iu the Slocan Mining
Division of West Kootenay. li. C.
XOTICK   That  I,   K. M. Siindil.'tnds,
Cft. Xn   H !n>Ui, iictiii-j- as ii|.'eiit for 1'. Minis,
n   i,   <•*'•*   *■*      -  - —
I     Cft      ~,
Cft. Xo. B um-it. aud I). D. Mann.Cft. Xo. A W.54,
intend tMdays from the date hereof to apply lo the
Minim-- Recorder for Certiticates of Improvements for the purpose of obuiinfiiK Crown grants
ot each of the above claims.
And further take notice tlmt action under sec-
lion :)" must be commenced liefore the issuunce of
such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 2Mb dav of Auirust. A.D., l'lii.
~ KKTUKN   Mineral Claim.
Siluate in the Slocan Minliu; Division of West*
Komenay District.     Where located:   West
company, Limited, Free Miner's Certificate Xo.
B '.mV.i, intend sixty daj|-sJ'ro]^tibialeJiei-eo'L.
of Improvements, for Ihe purpose  of obtaining
ii Crown Grant of the above, claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 3T, must lie commenced before ihe issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated tills Mil day of September, A. D. UHI1.
Mineral Claim.
Siliiiitein the SI ran  Mr inn DivWoii of , >>t
Koolenav   Distrb-t.     Where  located:
i'ltyne Moiiiitaiu-
Tn DFI.IN'yCl-.XT ( o-oWNKI;
To 11   W Moo|(l<:. or |n :t * i..  ; ■.•)••„ ui tu Al,.,.ii li
iippi v.ilrivi   ir nisi'I'leil   ins  inter.'':   in     I.
'I e.'li'hi-uliam niiiii-tiij i-liiJiii, .il   i In-  lienii ■
i:i--lll   Mlleeiveli, io ll:.' S|..i';. n .llinllr; I in
■■■••ii, i.l' \\, -I Kooien n Di*irtei:
\'p ll    Pill    ll.'tvliV .1 .-tilled    I'lHl    I    ill V.-    e\,.,  ■:•:,■
l       i.. iii Ini.. i    ,i,.l  inij rov,-ii.,'tit •■  "ii.t,'i'.i
i      \ '    11     ill!'-Vi    '     !.      'h.       I wil'!,- liliPitll    llllliel,
i-i.i phi.    'I lie  .Ii. \"i- in- ii!ii.|i.',l -7 i "■ y air j i up.'.i
'; ■'     ' ■'■      '.:•, ii  ■  •;  p ,     pi t p,  in , ,p  li"' p    'p .ol I)
ninli','  Ih      ,i,,\ i-ioii«   .,,   iii.    Min. p
■-> illlj.i  I'llielV   if.iy-   li   nn    tlie   Il'l   '
Illpl'iiVei. .lits
f Aiiiru*!,  V. |i  itmi,
VlltAl.,    Iii ll IOV    .in,1     Kl.ll    I ov
l'"ll.\< TION  Mineral CImiii*..
-inial.*   in   lie     Sl.i.-iii    Miiili.i.'
\\'i*l   K"'.!.*,,;iv    D'-irie'     Wl
II.,-In iu.il  j .in-   I,.   *-
I'iVWPIII ii||
' !'■ lo ateil:
irpri*.' "ii lliu
,V,I ..'
A A''
■! v
. I i.
■ i t
HUGHr'IVFN,   Pnmrieior,
.ti i,i
ill llie -.1.! ■
'   I ■ ■. ■ . i
A- '  A.in pp.
Oil.'I   ii
l.ili.-r. pi.,|
■ I
> -|* \i, \: s'l'Ti'*!•: ti,...I i.<;. n
't       .1    I'   p    \    !-'!... I. I'l,      Mil" I'
, I !,- ■   !.'••  li    lll'lllii-l'liiill,   ! 'lee M i;,, I '•
'■ .. li ,'.,".'.' «* ,: I... t in-. \l I,. ili)ppi\
I . i-ili'v!.. N- li Vn;,.,; ■;,■,... Miln r
\ : ,u. io', 'nl, hl\ iIp.v* 1 ■ * >iii III'
' .,-:.y !" 'ir .\io.l.._ K"
V; I il'- I .1 i l.|-' I i-ll.ei.t • ',.i ;,.
">.!.,'    :•,        .1    I  !'    'Ai.   Ot.   Ill    uf    il.,   ,
i i r.
'!■      I '.
■onlirv most tlie tiino.
Siiitm!    |.(i\\TUY's  ( 'I.AIM
In ciiini-   \<»iir   w.tv   l»\
-fiiiliiiM flu- cdiii.i
Hi: IM S I   IS i\<)'['
100  0uu(.>
;i 'A
11 ** in
( ('
ll   itU'lliNllcs il  Jew
al  |c;|\"i ,. ||u mi
"iniini      I
' "■ t.
\        O  lli.'ll
w :-u ■ !*
,'dl. •   Villi
■'! ill'H'.-IH r
til -I
V\ i-|i
till.Ill' O   lo It'o-i*   .'|i|,:-ri|
i*.(l-  <l   i~ ,'|i.||- (|,,t|    ttii'\
."(-   ::>!' .*p|  ■llu   Oi   tin* iitH' ul   I in*   >..
iikr il*    l M'   Ill ml'   -.illlll'l -   IHI',     **|>,|
iit-ii   hit*..-   i i-i-it   ilii'ir  ;ni. nij.i
Beeds, Trees.
i •»■.( ii'ii it M   -*>ii.t I i i-1'ili
1-,   ■ '' I  '   ! ■':„"''
• - '    P,      '      ..■ ,        .      ,.,
\'*"inn  lin't' I l;:i' ' ■  y
-.1   S
• I"1' lYih'iiio i> iiu ac
ii  .**■ '(ttlny   one  ul' I !i
Hi"*-' ;i(lv.*uict'(| 'jl'jjri-
-i-i'l 'jic'tfcr cfiuris a ri
'"   A'A   111.lilt      !.p   j.•;,,•!
|»' I* ('linn    than   I'Mi
hi   nl'r   ill    Tlii'    l>I   !(i!\
■•: * lAAA ■_. A: , ,-> ii,,
K.'l.'llc lii|«*l||<*>- tliiit:
l'i      i'J lii/.c*  (he  ilujiul I
.i A :" "( 'i.i v i; u lu.* ~ia
• i, • ...i i     ..'.,r,    . , ..... -i
Hi 11
I. ir,  I.l ;
I A.' ipi«.'
O   .... I     III'     li,'    .I,-,; ;,
i it '. S !>.  I    I I.l
i.is'i.n rv i i u.iiw v|.-|,>
-I pi ri,i
in,   I,
\    D
KM   ,'
\l. I
Ii \\
-.: IV, m-
• oi
'    I.Vi (.**
, I..ii.
\p \i\
.ii I'jlii  iu. )
nii'i i'\n;\ is
I I))
i ills
tl,l>>  I .,..t,> ,
'Hi V.-
! i
* i_.
l*,i» »•
Ill'flll'C      ll
,i J M -i|t
« I»'Mi.*l  i,.ll;
tin-il.iV  ot   il.    Ih:it    lornh'   ill?   ih
HO Mil
H Tl    I l»T !."     ''Tf   I t •
Mt mm Mti oi t. im?* o j" ■■*■'
iv cr. J". C.
niuJi t/ll-
R. T, l.fivvcrv
; »   (.11
III 111
r   M
> t THE WDDGE, NEW DJi^VER, B. C, OCTOBER-17, 1901.
Ninth Year
Your Eyes
and My Optical
Department   ^^a^
My stock of Spectacles and
Eye Glasses is very complete, consisting of Rimless
Eve Glasses and Spectacles
and a fall line of standard
I am the pioneer optician of
the Kootenay, having the
largest experience, and my
appliancesare second to none
in the Province	
G.   W.  GRIMMETT, Graduate Optician
and Jeweler.
1    Agent for Canadian Kodak Co.
WHKKK    DID    HE   (id".'
Kootenay Coffee
Dealer* in Teas and Coffee.
All grades ami prices. A
trial order solicited	
Kootenay Coffee Company
I1 O  Hox lH-i West 1'J-ikci- St.
Dealer in
Van Camp Ltincb. Goods,  Confectionery and Fruit.
Newmarket Block.        New Denver
Contains   a   Reliable   Record
of all the Events in the
While St. Peter kept jruard at tlie beautiful irate,
There came to his throne from the valley of Hale-
n spirit in Kakhi, all battered and smeared,
Witn a'sword in his hand and with otind in his
A shot thro' the shoulder and one thro' the eye,
Had wafted that spirit to Sweet-Hy-and-By.
••Why standest thou here'/" said the Saint, with
a frown.
"'1 come forniv robe,and my harp aud my crown,"
"Discover your name and your calling, I l)«g."
'•I'm the Rev. John Jingo from fair AViniilpCB,
I Ions have desired to preach to the blacks,
And lift the iuiquirous load from their backs,
So joined the Strathconas; the Government paid
My passage to Natal and gave me this blade."
"Did you preach to the blacks with that thing in
your hand '•"'
"Xo. no, dear St. Peter, you don't understand,
.My plan was lo light till the trouble was done.
And then 1 could he to the heathen a sun;
I thought when the Lord should discover my zeal,
He would stop Bocrish bulleti and turn Boorish
•'My friend, Mr. Moses, once wrote with his quill.
On a sheepskin or something, 'Man, thou shalt
not kill.'"
'•Quite true, but, St. Peter, we read 'twixt the
And by fair revelation and wonderful signs,
Let.rn.oiie nation another may plunder aud slay,
Hut p*taiiding alone, niint must Minos obey."
"Did you kill any  Dutchmen  ere  soaring  up
here"*""    ■'
"Yes. seven, thank  Heaven, and came nilghtj
Making hole* in tlieir leader, a man of renown,
When his minions dispatched me in ([HCSt of my
"Long, long ago, looking right into my face,
Said (he Xazerine:   -Pete, pm thy sword in iis
1 had jabbed at a flunkey who had bullied  my
But the meek Man of Sorrows luu1 no use for a
"'All. yes. dear St. Peter, llie story I've read.
But again 1 must say as before I have said.
We road'twixt the lines and this truth we can
'He sure tlmt the circumstance alters the case,'
You'll admit, I nm sure, yours were'primitive
The light ofthe centuries gleams on our ways."
"Yes,yes,'" said St. Peter; "you preach very well,
But I'm boss of this portal—Just amble to hell."
Then over the rampart the. Demon of Fright
Bore  the spirit in kakhi, down, down to the
An imp took his sabre and goaded him in
To the throne of tlie sable avenger of sin.
The king looked him oyer, then smilingly s.dd:
"Dear Kev. John .lingo, your lingers are red;
A sanctified son of ihe Gospel of Peace.
With carbine aud sabre sad souls to release,
Is the baldest, of slanders; my dear Kev. John,
Yon discount this devil, so kindly move on;
A sinner worth damning you are; it. is true,
Bui this hell is too decent for sinners like you."
-Walt, A. Katelill'e.
Established in Nelson in 1890
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baking powders containing?
alum.  They ut* Injurious to health
For Sale by all Newsdealers.
[Condensed ai.lv.'rliseiiieiits, sueli «s Kor Sale
Wanted, Lost, st raved, stolen, lllrths. Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Legal, Medical,etc,,
•ire inserted when not exceeding id wnrds for
2A cents each insertion. Each live wunls or le*»
over £ ■ words ire live cents additional.]
_Bmployment Agenoy,
Help of All Kinds •■'uruli-lieil.
rostofllce Hox: ii,-',. NeUnii, .1   II    l.nVK.
HV (IKK  IMtOI'I'llTV. Xoitli Polk Car*
nnd ALTl'HIJs-Crown (".rant* obtained,    An*
ply, W. J. McMILLAN & ('(»., Vnm-oiiver. »,..!.
SKVKIIAI. THOUSAND old newspaper*, at
_!   DLXTIsT
NHL-*-''**.'. H (*.       ("<»i-  WAHU .. !i,YKI'"lt Sti
Tlio. alloy of which the Chinese; make
their t*-oin>*.s is composed of 80 parts of
copper to -2»i of tin.
"The iit-vvicst play of tlie lonjr gamo
was mad*- W Mr. Mtit-tin 1 was sitting' at li*s elbow and saw the cards U
was a bi<r jack pot and Mustin, sitting1
next the ••..■nlt-.r, opened it.
"All hu had was a pair of ('lU'ttne. His
left hand w'if>'hl>f>r raised good and
hard and *lie dealer followed suit. This
double rAisc, was for -JlK-AW, but Mustin
never hi**-itated,
--LiMV<'Ht his $-_f>,n00. He held four
clubs nr well as two queens. Onlly
announc'-'ii" tliat be would break his
pair of openers to draw, Mustin took a
single ci'1"'!. It cost kiin $25,00(1 and it
was the six of clubs He "-von hands
down au'aiust a pat jstraio-bt and three
aces and •"aked in 890,000 in that single
liiviik tlw s«*i.
A five-year-old boy went with his
ipp'therf0 make a call The lady of tho
i'Uise, vi'lio was fond of children, told
hinisbB meant to ask bis mother to let
her hav« liim "Don't you think your
mother xvould let me buy you?" she
asked. "'.No, ma'am,"- answered the
little, fallow, '"you haven't sjot mo'iey
enou-rli " "How much would it take?"
shecont'Kued. "Three hundred dollars,"
said the boy, promptly, a? if that would
settle tbe matter once for all. "Oh,
well, t,l>c*V' said the woman, i'l think 1
can in-ii'Uge it. If 1 can, will you come,
and stn.v with oie?" "No., tnii'am," he
said, wi1'* decision. "Manmu wouldn't
sell me. -'Uiyhow. There are live of Us,
and miiiuma wouldn't like to break the
,—        '   "    '        "*"*   i
!>*> l«i*arn<Ml hy Ex-j^'i'U'nce*-
We sell Wholesale and Retail Wj
Hurry Up and ask for Prices:
Our Christmas Goods are arriving, daily and
you have a good opportunity to select from the
latest up-to-date goods, and—
n You will find prices reasonable J3
JLX We want your trade.   Send us your orders and we will do the rest. JCX
All watch and jewelry repairing- ""uarauteed.
Mail orders receive our prompt and careful
attention.      JACOB DOVER, C 1\]{ Watch Inspector.
THK   JEWKIKR,   NeUou, 11. <).
a lecently married couple who evidently | Tl* a
were just befrinniiiir to (ind each other) JtUv
out, relates the Detroit  Journal    The I
woman was niiliiij*; at the man in waspish tones, and the husband was jtriiilly
replying' whenever opportunity afforded.    Both   were,   mad   clear   throujih.
Filially the wife ejaculated, with  tears
in her voice if not in her eyes:
"You told me you were well off before
we were married !"
"By Jove, 1 was!" yelled the husband,
"but"I did not know it."
John Williams ships fruit in any part
of the Slocan Write to him for further
information upon the subject.
i i.f_; Ki i r,ui i—Ajaji'u
While James Whitcoinb lfiley and
Bill Xy'' were traveling: to*i*e|lier they
found flU'inselvcH registered iij a country im"* and in the adjoiiiijijr room,
scparat*1*. only by a thin partition, were
Staple and Fancy
,!)lt. MM.l.OY. "if'^f"
Him ii.nl Ip'i > x.ir- ,'X|»*i'iiiii-i in ili-iiiiil wiirl,, lino
iiniki"- :i 'iM'pi-iuHv nf (I'll! Ilrllk-i' Wi.rk. Mi *i
ipniii|ili'ii' i|p ni-il".,lH>-»* in II (',
iitiiliii »r*n.rt un nrnnnT
...nl  u    V, .e.(-.„!,K CO U l\ I
Kvriii*i"ii*     Ili-.liU'iit Pli>nli'iaii
I I'M.   TIm-ih***! i-oiiuilfl-' U C A I  TU
on llii'Ciintlii.-iuiif X irtli.linirl* II CA L I II
cm.   Sltuuiil iiiul'i
iii.ilit.tlJu; tir.i
KlnllliiK iimi  I*'.
anil Nur-*'. Ti ti'ur i|ilili* ■ 'iiiuiiiiiiii'iiil'in wild nil
|uir(-. ul tin' w.,rl,l l*i> hi ill* urtlvi* piiuI ili'imrl
every ilny li*> lnulit-i* i-inn -ill in rvmin ami
mu«i ul irilim.«»<•; li« »iiir* hint «ll Kliltit*y
Llvur ptuil siuiiimli Ailtiniil.. Tirm*; MMutlM
|««r wirk act<<r>liiiK in ri»l'l»iii»' in h.it.'l nr
vtlU», Tl.t jiiUi- if i » iiuipI dl.i tli kit ln'lw<*u
Ni-w |i,-nvi-r aii't lUlcvnn. ulitnln-lili* nil llif
>i»r riiiiml nml |,-.*i-l lnr.li ill)--, I* ».1.V,. Hnl*
i you ^(iiIiik*. Ani'W l.ik*. II <".
4     H   IIKVt.INI
Iui.iip.ui mul 1'ruvliirln
I **l||MI«il .     Slllllill,
000 of the 1*2,000,000,000 tons of coal
mined in the world during" the nineteenth centurv.
About SI |O,o00,o0o in cash was disbursed in the construction of the Central
and Southern Pacific railroads up to ihe
year !87>*i. Much of this wits expended
on the Pacific Coast.
Jones and Scott, miner.-, who arrived
by the Princess Louis-} fro in Cape Cor*
niorell, on the extremity of  Vancouver
Island,   report that  they  found  black I
sand bearing" K*old there and took out'
$1100 in two weeks. j
In the "Dry Diuifin.s," near Auburn, j
Placer county, California, during the I
month of August, 1MI8, one man y-ot j
SKUKi nut of five cart loads of dirt. At i
that time a wood many in the same
diji*rinji's were collectinji1 from $S*M> -to !
•Jl.finO a day.
Torpedo tubes made of aluminium in* t
Htead of Hteel have been placed ou boai'il j
of two destroyers at Portsmouth. Tlie!
use of Ihesn tubes al preseul is expei'i*,
menial, but so consiiieiablc wil! be the:
savintr in weiifht, an important matter j
in coutii-ctinu with liirht craft like des-,
ti-oyer»~-lhat, if siicces-mi, oluininiinn j
tubes will be generally used iu plan* of j
steel tubes. {
When  we   lind   specimen*  of   -fold*'
stnillif'work  dutiii« from   I.7.VI yearn
liefore the Christ Inn  era, such as are j
lineal tiled in Die tuinbn of Ktfypl.wiiirh j
have   never   lieen   sui'|i;iNseil  *»ince in   _^m «
techniciil  skill,  working  of de.-iijriiH, ] y_j\OfQ/FS
variety of form and iverfcrtiun of solder* I ^*^'*'*^) **4/* >J
fiur, we *te mberoii (•otiiewliat  in our I
belielthat thi* procc-is of tlint*» iiieaint!
|iivt^n>««, and tlmt th* iinwnf  |e th« j K'" l«"'***''*4> u^
lieM Htld noblest -.ra of oiviliiUtloii. i W. J. M.-L'MILI.AS * <••'.
Tin; Pumry cash pricis for two wm-Us. Get
your orders ii'i .it oiu-c. Full a|i;.k*s. <1.B n Imx-
IR'aolies. .**i,*i5 :i t'l'.'ito: jilums, T.ie :i frnto; frrninis.
(iiv Iii-lli bii'-kft: winter ju'urs. .i.w fm Hi }yix;
Kurly Hose initiiti'i'R, No 1,1-1.1*1 iwr loo lbs: t* a I •-
b.-igi'.-'Uc ;\ lli: puiniiliiiis, 1'" ;t Hi for holi'ls or
mines; (lou: liiviul, ;i liis for Un:: miy erc;ini. s cans
for si; wheat lnuiuia, "if a Hi, lvineniber this is
gppld for 12.'o a lb: fresh soiln biseuits, -' boxes -Ific;
siirilimis, fue e.ur, alinoiiils, i'iv lb, walnuts, :l0e a
lb; fri'#h i't;irs, Sfio: 1'iosh-laid ept;*. fitk-; fivslt
bains, lsc lb; smoked bams isc lb; brooms. S'n",
breakfast baeon.lSc: «elf»en]ers, *l.-.';*i a dozen;
choice butler, afic: Goveruini-nt butter, ll Mb
bricks at itv. We never [mv for our j_roods, con-
seiiuentlv you can always ilejiend on fi'etiiiiK
biir^aius. Why not buy from us when you can
save *3 or .tl a nionrli. W'e will not be iniiler
sold. We have live or dre*>*>eii chickens and
ducks for market, mid all we want is a trial
order. I3e sure to eet a pound of our biack
Ceylon lea, :i.x* Hi, actually worth ''''"•'• :U!'l our
beautiful Kn-jrlisli Stilton clieose, .'»(■ a lb. Wire,
phone oi-write tu us.
.1: K. DEIjANKV.
Coilllliifsidii Mei-eliatit. N'ew llenvev
Nelson Brewing Co.,
Brewers .ot Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.    Correspondence solicited.   Address—
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
An up-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, 11. 0.
Stoics at SANDON, KA-il.u, .md NELSON.
ntVVe"s110 pS* i i r
1)  _-_~_ l^il-iti »1 /'I__*■_ I _•_- f\C\	
Thev sell the
Cigar Oo
Our Special
El Condor
\\*     »*.   tll'T/l-l.   I III ,   V..|^..i.    |( <*
\t  ,    l»r l*r« in ill l«m_* ai«I  A*«i)tr»" Sup
It.   I• tMI.HiV   -mpiIip    Miiiniiilur.*.
< I .'liii.' I.i . • (■ . '.il   »i.|li*ll*i   llllloMiit-e
..  ..I.l,*.,-
Th* laic ii.illii.iiHiri', 'ninniim II. Wil.
Iii((ii-i, (iM'alifoniiii, laiil tlm (.niinlnliiiii
of lil* Kn*»t (iirtiini* in a t*\\eei w«v At
the tlnii* ot the liti'iikiim nit nf (In*
('(iinttocl; t*xi-itonii*(it In- wn. a  y*nunj_r
Jm« V»T, \>tHl'Uem<t  Willi   lili-tli'Mlt*   Cllt •
ee** iii ('alifiunlii.   lie wi>nt il-crc wiUi
lilt* Hl**il Mint III .1  I'li'llllllflll  Mill    Wllltli
In* whIi ill I**"*!, tii» ilii'iil   tinhiri*it  him
tit Hicciit !<»i h*,t\ «( w-tiHt I'luri'iici-Khig
I \Vhnti.i-»,p A(fi*nt« for 11.0
| Vdiii-ou*". H.-'■
to supply builders and contractors
with all the above building materials.
Our. products received First Prizes
and Medals the last two years at the
SjKikiine Kxi-oBitioii. 'Die Lime tliat
we Are now miiiiufacturintf is not-
excelled. Special quotations to con-
tractoiii on application.
P^xy^p^xm p<xp*\ p*7XP*.
_-c%^ Wl^M W_S-J W?W
Hauliiitf and Packing to Mines,     I
and neii-nral IocjiI burtlnesn. '
of Kooteriiiy and Boundnrv
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO
Wine Co.,
Wl,nl,.r»;l|i* llCilll>m III
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars    **
Agents for Calgary Beer.
Family & Commercial.
>'•»*■* lirnvcr, II. I'.
d. K. GLARK,
K('l«in.st I'.xiiiiilnatiiiiiH and Manage*
NEW DENVER,   -   B.O,
Kitted with every modern
convenience. Special protection a.uainst lire. Rates#2.50
and $.'l per day.
General Drayln?: Mining Sup-
I piles and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our llagKage wagons meet all Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack • .nauis.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
A limited huinlxr <»( *liai¥»ln Uiej
imII.*.H,,i.i.*i. tti-oiiiMi in Hi.- ii.nlli.-rn siinilluiilH't-n Vallev  C>M Co., Uin-
I'hil n( Virninia lity, in li»«n ul liii (ee ul , t
Iti'd. i'uv liirUn'i* iiiirtiiriilars apply toi
Whnl'.qr* I*-*    MrtitJhMltH
'1*1 ISM i;.    HI I Mt**.    A    I IL,
I     M* it Inn*., ii,<i liiii,. .ri> i*    l.i.jit
.4 , . i ., ..■.■     ;.     ...   'i .-■ .jl ■
.  ,f f .,„f ,   \.,...
»♦    I,.,,,
W->f»li ..
(!»•»!  |lll«  II      *      « *l.
ip"i/»nn     l[i(p   I'cjj'jiiili'il   tli*   in'>i(i->i(iiliLi.iirv!
»«tlnT ri*»lii. i.-iiiilv. Km   •-••.•Hit*'  In*  wnk
lint llkflv tn u«»l ;i*ji\ttMll)f ebe,   be  to:
iii>|.li'il,    Iln*   '_'iiiiiiiil   wan  Wnnwii  n*.
•i* 'eiitmr'iA iVniral No. 2, nl't^r«iir.1*> in<"'*r|Mirat.*i|
• "'      ,J j min iiM* i aiiimiun mn,.* miii |.rii\<*t*! in
] Ih» ih** -/r«.nri<l tlirniii'ti Mhiili run tin*
mi*:nt is ri'-To-DArr.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
tl'l K h\ Jroui de to .Vx*
\V. W. t.\t.ijm.\
• rfi«*'U tKiiis-d/'i,    Ity th.- ,ii*««t»v.-i'>  :«.»| A hillf»ne 0*1 Hllverwarc awl dw*ic*
. - .»:»(~,*^[il(.-5,? (.»- SM v*lKi-«if tbi*. {»?,,j«"r!*
•»i(-li«-riil   Willmiii.   iii,.-!.*   i  luriiiiji. y(
nvi'i* a.'*' I."«»
1..   « UI((-*TII , I . I.. II., II.tip*
!'. .1   r     \..'4f>   I'
! :nt t fi («y *t S»U> ft
' ,    !'. .1   r     \..'4l>   |-.i(.!ii-        s.,i.ij.-.i,     ||
I,. fUHIIHKTT. I..  I.. B.. H.trtHrr.
Ir,l,,r   V*1'l    l',,ti!l, Hmn|'.|i    11   I-
h nfti-i- »• *»• *** in--.'■ ? 1'Vi'nr »ni"i|i«
m ii^ >».«   iti.\%>:n.
N'ew V.irk.- A »l'»r>' i* puliliitu*.! her*
;f"  'le ,■?/. p ■ (,lA* \v, T. Mti (up,  {.-re pf
■ iJunl ot ihe i'ttinliitr-f StfH-.k  KtibAOge,
■ «ii«l Pre-*'!, iii JM.n N". Cbarnhef* of (lit
I %t*** friinr. Wfin ■>.-m»vmi At iififcff on
Oinieciiurierv at
.l.d^^hln*'s'... N"»'» |ViH»r
•l** *"' »*',T"V,?T*S^'*r'ftt/l ,h** l»**»<t<»ilr.n«|.   T».i«i »«-oiint t,Kiv<-n
'     H« *i«*,4ij*»m*"*n'* * * V*-i.».»<i* »*.l Crm.Hf*t+fAlf
ii     ,.     •«» . HIM.   i    l(»1,<. »*
ul * %'*t.*»»i^k-imi:
• iMiJ      • ..,,*...,. *.»-(. .*.Uv*i        ..
Uri ..■■       ,      '"i'- i' uh'rmf' *"'''
fttdi Ores *ad Bnllion gesflt.
1*19 IMti -VI..   !*»«•«»•"'•'. t'fl9.
mZ*%U 112lliinAMaAnpiiimi
iiii ITiiiiiiivi ij |aS|W^h j j
VVV h*-'A *ii\t K-'ftiil.-tir t'tkil MilOmty Hi'-cui'ii/ "(i THiiu1**!*-,, fruity ,*nl .NkUimUy al I**.- «.i~>k \\\,
Hill ti'litita.i* ».. «.|,i»» llm* S«*n*!*t »ii»SN*tli«.(i ii.f Kili-i.tli Mel Alii'-rU'rilr I«m*li*i J.4t». tM|l|r». ItliKmi- i.iisj Imi|||,i*(**
«*v«r pit! on ili*|>h*. in Ihi- city. Imvui.- 1m*«*i( «*.*ti < l*-«l hv «.m M,— I Urn-in wliih* *»tt.ii.|in^ tht- n|M*iiin^* |n
N'-c* V«rl M..i,{nt*."il. Tor.Mii.» ami r'»»i«*<^... S.iini* of wir i««..«I.*S« nt** ine-n M t.l.iun* Lmdm. SuHivju \)te.w
of Nf**' Yurk. .-tittl l'.«ul Vim;-iimI "I'uu.^iH.i.A.f |*«ri#. \\V »|«*»i«H> iini!.* „S, llu* |_iii<*« „t \ ■•;*.. m niut
ntber to-wii*. fn mil mui Iti^uft »hi< rnnynifii-fJir tnfferff.-n.
ntTl'IKKK.'K rxii.nss,
Fred. Irvine & Co-,
tM»im«M44«4M4«4«    1
ALL sl'/Ai-, As».**TMAIS
*t VKUY L«»W I'HIl K>
"<i umt^09m^»mm9mW9m9


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