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The Ledge Sep 19, 1895

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 ...^  /  /  m  ���'������ .'������-^!ii!iiii!!iiii��mi!!inr%  In Time the 'Siocan Coun=  try Will Ibe the Great  Silver Camp on Mother  Earth.  *. -^Oll!lli!iili!lIllillll!lillllllllliiJlilllllliIli\v  ^!llllll![ll!!!!!lll!l!l!:^-  j= Job Printing at This Office  j*= at   Prices in  Harmony  j=- With    the   He a-neholy  = Condition of Silver.  %llll!lllilll!lliilillllllllllllllllllllllllillill;^-  Vol.IL No.  51.  NEW DENVER B. C.y SEPTEMBER 19;  1895.  Price S2.00 a Year.  OKE SHIPMENTS.  ���Record*'of the 'Mineral Being Handled  Over the N. & S.'ltailway.  The ore shipments of the past week  will appear in our next issue.  From the initial shipment on September 13, 1894, till January 1, 1895,  the Slocan mines sent out over the  Nakusp & Slocan Railway:���  Alpha mine  Mountain Chief  Slocan Star  Fisher Maiden  Noble Five  .Minnesota Silver Co  Reco    '*,  Idaho  Last Chance  Total  771-V tons, valued at   .$77,125  91}, '                               "0,125  1,031 "f 103.150  47$ ' ."                         L775  87 .                8,700  lo 1,500.  12\ '.                                    :1J225  00 0,000  15 '    1;500  2,151  ��215,100  Since the first of the year the list by  the same route shows: ���  ������-������January 1-31  February 1-28  March 1-31      ,  April 1-30  1,397 tons, valued at  844 tons  . 881 tons  1.327 tons  DATE.  MINE.  WEIGHT.  $139,700  ��� 84,400  . 88,100  ,132,70c  VALUE.  June i  Reco  ; 52"-tons'  $ 5,250  July 4  Kalisnell  ���-.j.  250  July 8  Concciitratoi  :    iJ0   '  2,000'  July 11  ' Alpha  45  4,500  TuIylG  -.4  '.-4,5s  4,500;  July24  Slocan Stir  80  8,'0-rx).  July 31  " ....-.���  140  14.000  Alamo  GO . ' ...  O.OflO':;.  <(  Alpha  31  7V3,ioO  August 8  Alamo  80  8,000  a  Slocan Star  lift-  ���   11,600  ��� a  Noble Five  35  3.500  August 21  Slocan Star  127*-  '-, 12,750  .<  Alamo  00  0,000  i,  Cumberland  107'-  10,750  ii  Noble Five  20  2,000  August 28  Slocan Star  75  7,500  i.  Alamo  ns  11,800  <  Cumberland  30  3,000  .i  Last Chance  IS  1,800  i.  Noble Five  20  2,000  Sept. li  |Last Chance  IS  1,800  a  Alamo  255  25,500  a  Jenny Lind  . 20 ��  2,000  ���':��'���  Noble Five  20  2,000  il  Slocan Star  42  4,200  Kootenay or Kootenai.  The Spokane Chronicle asks : ���  "Will the coming- mining* convention  please decide whether it ough<; to be  spelled 'Kootenay' or 'Kootenai?'  There should be bu; one form of this  name in  west.    Which shall it be ?"  use throughout the north-  "This is the first inkling' we have  had,' says the Sookanc Outburst.  ��� that the coming'mining' convention  had tlie power to change the name of  a country. No doubt it would be  better if the British Kootenay and the  American Kootenai were spelled alike  but we doubt very much if the Canadian government will consent to  have its domain changed even by  the convention, and surely the people  of Kootenai, in Idaho, will not con  sent to a change in the spelling* of the  name of their country."  JS.Y. Central Flyer.  The New York Central flyer, as  reported by telcgraplvclaimstohave  beaten all previous records in fast  railway' traveling. The distance  from New York to Buffalo, 440 miles,  was covered in seven hours, or a  speed of a little less than a mile a  minute. Two weeks ago the West  Qoast train ran from London to Aberdeen, a distance of 540 miles, in 8  hours and 32 minutes, or a speed of  over ���3- miles an hour. The East  Coa^t train has a record .'between the  same points"cOnfuderable faster than  that of the New York fiver.  LADIES' AID CONCERT.  Below is the program of the concert  given on the eveniug* of Thursday,  Sept. 12th, in the Town Hall, under  the auspices of the Ladies' Aid. Notwithstanding the p-tiring rain it was  in point of attendance, merit of program and recepts a pronounced success, The ladies are pleased to  report the net receipts ��45, which  goes to reduce the balance of del)t on  the church. ;  1st part.  1. ; Chorus, by The Choir.  2. Instrumental,    Misses    Dry den,  Messrs. Stevens and Carrier.  3. Duet, Misses Dryden.  4. Reading, Mr. Gable.  5. Song, Mr. Smitheringale.  Recitation, Miss Cora Love.  ".;       MissL. Tailor.  " Miss Young.  Song, Mrs. Love.  10. Tableau and Instrumental Music,  Misses   Drydens   and   Messrs.  Stevens, Carrier and Dclanev.  11. Picalo Solo, II. Tomlinson.  12. Recitation, Mr. McDowell.  13. Song, Mr. Delano v.     .  14. Song*, IT. We  GALENA.  (W*rittcn s]:ecially for the L: 1)GK.)  It is our intention in these fe.Av  articlcs to bring clearly and concisely  before the prospectors of this loca 1 iry  the distinguishing features of certain  valuably commercial minerals which  are already found here or which the position of the galena.  geological formation  indicates  may  possible be found here, so that should  he in his prospecting trips through  the mountains run across any of them  he may  be able at once toridentify  them.  Lying directly above it is a great  bed of white porphyry, and this is  supposed to have been the source of  the lead and the silver which was  subsequently deposited in the limestone. In this case the ore was not  galena but a carbonate of lead which  is tormed indirectly from the decom-  6.  7.  8.  9.  at.  2nd part.  1. Instrumental, Messrs. Steves and  Carrier.  2. Song, Mr. Smitheringale.  Recitation, Mr. Love.  4. Solo, Miss Dryden.  5. Alto bob, II Tomlinson.  Recitation, Miss Adair.  Quartette,   Miss Estabrook,  Miss  Adair, Messrs. Brindle and Me-  ���Kenzic.  Reading, Mr. Curry.  9. Song, II. West.  10. Instrumental, Miss Estabrook.  11. Minstrel Duet,  Messrs.  Teasdale  and Smitheringale.  12. Song, Mr. Delaney.  liGod save the Queen."  6.  rr  8.  . The first mineral which we propose  to describe is one with which you are  all familia, namely, Galena.  Galena pure and simple is a sulphide of lead, containing 86.6 per  cent, of lead and 13.4 per cent of  sulphur. But galena, as we-.know ..it?  also carries considerable quantities of  silver, it is then spoken of as argentiferous galena, which means silver  carrying. Zinc, .cadmium,* iron,  copper, antimony and gold have also  been detected in some analyses of this  mineral, and we are told on the highest authority ��� that there are no external characteristics which serve to  distinguish-eveil the highly argentiferous galenas from ordinary gaiei a  the question can only" be solved by  assay or analysis.  Galena occurs in several distinct  ways geologically speaking being  found in slate, carboniferous limestone, gneiss, granite, granular limestone, etc., in various parts of the  world.  Here i.i British Columbia, and many  other places, it is usually found in  veins or lodes cutting obliquely across  the formation.  In Rhenish Prussia, on the other  hand, it occurs in small nodules distributed uniformly through a tremendous bed of sandstone over 100  feet thick. The continuity of the  sandstone is broken in some places  by partings of a hard conglomerate  which also contains galena, but owing  to the nature of the', conglomerate it-  is'riot, profitable to extract it.  The sandstone itself averages from  2 to 3 per cent, of metallic lead and  the nodules which are from 1-25 to I  inch' across and are composed of  galena and quartz contain nearly 25  per cent. lead.  ���In Colorado we find pockets of  argentiferous lead ore occurring in a  bed of blue limestone, belonging to  the geological age known as the car  bonacious period. This limestone is  of a bluish color as its name indicates  and  is from  150 to 2C0 feet; thick.  Galenas differ somewhat in outward  appearanee, some specimens known  as cube galena, exhibit the cubular  structure wiiicli is one of the chief'  characteristics of the the mineral and  on being ruobed ur struck crumble  readily into small cubes or break  only along the planes of the faces of  tlie cubes, thus showing a highly  perfect cubular cleavage- Other specimens appear massive and coarsely  or finely granular.  The color and general appearance  are too well-known to need further  description, but tiiere are one or two  minerals which closely resemble,.line  grained galena and might puzzle the  average prospector.  The specific gravi-.y of galena, is  about 7:&;* that is to say a piece of  galena weighs ?�� times as much as  ���tn equal volume of water.  ,  Modern smelting operations are so  economical and exact that it is now  profitable to extract the silver from  ores which contain less than 1 oz. of  silver to the ton, and where more  than this is present it is profitable to  extract and give returns on the lead,  although its amount may not exceed  15 per cent.  MINING NOTES-  Happenings;' of    Interest   Among   the  Treasure Vaults.  John McLeod, of Kaslo, has located  a claim at the foot of Slocan lake,  about four miles from the lake, with  a 6 foot ledge containing gold rock  and native silver, called the Van-  kleek Hill. Also one on the North  Fork of Lemon creek, with 14 foot  ledge, silver and gold, which he has  named Mayvill  A couple of prospectors almost perished in the snow last week Avhile  up very high in the mountains.  When they reached shelter they were  unable to speak and suifered consid ���  erablefor a few days. The excessive  cold damp atmosphere combined with  the snow and a long rough journey  were the cause of their exhausted -  state. Prospectors will in future do,  well to keep low. ���ic  ar  THE   LEDGE.  lit ���' *.* JPBO g3��,-*T- ���L->.���'��CT^W-r*K,'WI HIM1 J-MUJMruwcyH  ���g*aj,j*>ftji,j,c)*��..','it:u'rw'r*  ,5'STilONGER THAN DEATH.  1S W  ��re:l.  a love that nerves tlie trein  g hand ;  is a love that drio  .1  How is it with tl at man ?" Shorn  The  man .'who' at   tlie  midnight i had  never  been cured.    From 187/  hour in  V-.-5  the .dwelling' of another I to 1881 lie was a warder in the Paris  et  I tl  K'  r.iie  tear  ;ve  a mighty love that bids ..us  Jill il o upon our doar_,.o  e innax  dozing  go..;(t  Cl  And  in  the'  ryman.  he. retii  ���ea  Chi  n  .<)*  umpire,  ;ie  :e.w, .started up I  does an injury ; he burns the roof, I hospitals, lle.became fanuiiiar wirli  pillar, raiment,, the very shelter from j thc syn\ptoms of ma.nv .(liseas.es, and  the storm  and tempest: but he do<  OS  die.  as  f.rt mav writhe with' anguish  I the,brain -   ���  suddenly and replied  " "Safe.on third."  E'er J\��*efere ><���*.' in I-'  ruit.  They sat in the hammock���he an 1  ie���swinging, tlie  hours awav in a.  an injury tl a' ca i he re, ai; e I.   .The  was convinced that a hospital inmate  * o  Hie was a happy one.  1  ie  ���ier<  >iX  storm may indeed beat and chilling j imitated   the symptoms oflocomotoi  blasts assail, but charity \v 11 -receive-'I ataxia,   witii  the . sue  'ess  a ijove  re  the  victim  into Tier dwell ing,   will  corded.   His. cure was not. miraeulou  'S-).1  give him food to eat, and raiment to  for he had not been ill.-    At...the Pari?  dazed and. maddened in the j happv. 'manner   peculiar   to  loves  dl strife  j Finally he  whispered in her shell-  si  rong love bids us forget, our; like car  ikoothe ;with tender care  tlie  ling life.::  m the tearful.conflict all is o'er.  [i Death,   triumphant Death.  !|;,seized Ms* prey,  jh'aught of human love, availth  Ire, ;  "You are like'a peach," he sighed  wistfully.  Tiie maiden hung 'her, held demurely .for a few.'��� .minutes, while a  a warm blush spread "over her fair,  put on ; wil! timely assist lion, raising j assizes, tlu* judge said  I  rofessors  a new roofovor tie ashes of the old,   Charcot Ball and. Duiardin-Boaumetz  and he  will a^ain sir, at oui iireside I attended   vou ten years ago for par-  | ���....*. ������������.���" o  and taste the fruit of friendship andjalysis.    They are  home.  But the man who cireula  ll dead,  and.vou  are peifeetly well.  ;es  ���f.ii  use  ���It is ver  surprising." answered  reports concerning a. brother's char  aeter,   who exposes every act 'of his |  life which  may  be-' presentod to. his ] doctors.  Delannoy," that.an Uneducated man  ike l; am-sho  nld  deceive such  Teat'  bl  onoi  fac  e.  .1���"  ",  disadvantage; who goes.to:this,, then  His confession  was not,   however.  ���to that brother, tells them he. is very j ^nnplete..    lie denied having robbed.  tender of his broth  's reputation, en-  ratner oc a pear,,    sue an j joins upon them the strictest secrecy  thc fathers at Lourdes .of 400 francs.  convicted' and  ie was, neverthek  \i  swei'ed tremulously.    A long silence  ihen���oh, then!'���the burning | ensued ; then like a beautiful dream  the/ situation  unfolded   itself to  the  young man,   and the cards are now  out.  fed finds way.  .  II, if in that timid t, of the heart i  grief-tossed soul can raise its]  ;CS  ibovc,  lv. with, anguish thrilling cvei;v  Id is my father I : And he smites  llOVC-.!";'    '  Sin  ;ms:��s Hens.  US  VI  ���B'.CSJS.TO LONG- AG-T  BY.-EUGENE KL  iD.  .-" It is a fact \y.ell-known' to naturalists that the ostricb does not sit.upon  its egg?,  but warms them into incubation' beneath the hot desert sand  it is a  Darwinian tl  .environment  and then fills their ears with-hearsay:  and rumors, and, what is worst,  leaving them .to.'.dwo.ll**iip6n tliehiht;  and suggestions of. his own busy im-  ! and' ten,  ve  sentenced to.four years imprisonment  poll  GO  urvci  dance.  Our authority for thescstatements is  ho-London'News.'  ina.gma.tion:  Th  ���> j~>      i \ vn  e  n wvho   thus  filches     from    another    hi  S       <*���"('  >od  P^'��oo?  Ct  * ���-"!? -r>.!  '<->. r3":\ *  name," doc-3,  him  an  injury  which | .j_J[y jVflOlU  lilO.il)  neither industry nor charity nor tunc  itself can repair. -Mystic Tie.'  y.o  OH   lO'i K  UOl 1  ? -  c  Ih  mat vou are mother,' dear  ig confirmation  of the  icory of modification by  th.a't the hens of Abilene,  Kan., where the summer heat is ex.  have adonted a similar nro-  I P1-  ntt-  ilt  iV ���������t.hat papa is your beau  in thc corner here,  ���d'to long ago :  that we  is wc  > iKn  JC  ��30, we love  ���wo  ]use as nappy as can. oc  i-V  I)  cossivo,  COSS.  ift e  are coyereu  bird.  mot li (.  OU-i  Daring  the day the eggs are  posed to', the' sun ; at night they  .with hot sand  and the  goes to  a  lawn party.  A IlECOUDED "MIKACLE  ���Oil Aug. IV), 18SD, a man named Delannoy arrived at Lourdes.   -.���In 1S8;V  he had been admitted to the Sal])e-  triere  hospital. in  Raids, AvIkm-c Di*.  Charcot himself diagnosed his case as  N  Oil  f A     {���  0  ���jeuoi  5  TAG  :vv  K:*:-'!0  citiK'Kiilafc, uN-cry moraiii  nrci.'  j'Or!  i .s ij'clt.ck  !ov  ..'> .-,-'-  satisiaction  is. i  ���p..  n.f  . I.i. Ci. i.   <^iii <.  eed.  one of incipien  )coinotor a;  d'  aa.  M    iO  av  Pi  tl vou say.  love you  p*  lo*  vo  to you  to me  ||vo youX: we. both shall say,  a'earnest and all in yd ay.  Ilay that yon are tlie other'oik  Hat   sometimes came  and   \v<  awav  )lav  tnat the light ot .years a gone  |)le.into my  tv.that-.'yoii a  5----tlie-.da.vs .thai  ���t>e,  bav  art again to-i  lav  !  raic  e  until  day -s  icgre  a no:  tiie  nu  oi se  ie usually  uncovers  io  upon them again  in   is ready to tackle the  One   aged  lien,   with a  ientiiic knowledge little  less than marvelous, sought to warm  on a. day which was sunny  hy-propping up the cover  ndonel  lard pail to  act .'as''  she rather overdid the  i nor"e  li vo*  ;or)*  our, not no!  of a.n aba  lecr-er  the one 1 know  i..  lever again mav  Lome  I love you 1"' to you.  |;id you say, <kl love youF  love'" my heart shall say  ie vast conic bac  c* 'srhoi.  ;h  _ to-day  j ���  .  *.p)ay tl  ? olace  vi  Ol  i.  vou*  Light t.  ,or voiir own swee  an  1+.'  is n  wit I  liil;  !l-\'  dual'  your v  ;ud  llisc;  o   1  lot  n. vou  ��� i e  lie loi  ul ( ij  at   0:U  icr in \'  eves  a-.*>  iu.  1-. n  oncentrated ravs  of  '���'���'ut and  no  y h  :\ked the e  cv cv;  e\'e  \\   t  way  aero  s  or  are many old hem  who do nor, approv  ;na  ir  a.    i;  tlie  ova  new ncns,  ano  1 has taken place  w t. u  aojee  on.  ^ <-  ic new system  u tne a scon  'dan!  aiiik'T.  lioa-r  W Ml  lore is no deiense  d-  A1  ���ith  ���lU'lli  18B1- lie was in Dr.  Callard s wa  Hotel Dicu.    In   1S-S0  he  w;  rd at  at the  Neck  A. J. SCOT  ���vianager  ov  hospital, urst.as  ie natient i  <- ni'  Dr.   Rigal,   who bli-  red hot  irons.  ���re  :l him   with l'|>       &  "\. r?r*  and  a'n'.erwm  d. as t  0*  i\3  :r  r�� &  B.ii  a 8  jUj^J  j��* \.  !i\  >   eon  i!   I  patient of Dr. Ball, who -gave  draughts of belladonna and. injections'!  of morphine. Delannoy left this hos- ]  pital cured, but-returned in 1.887.1  For the next two  vears,   in  Avhich  :"*=V "-ITS  V V  '*^^f .-;��� J*.��w' ,  other Dhvsieians  ao  conurnu  id. Dl  Charcot's he was an inma.:te. of variou:  other hospitals in Paris.    Upon arriv  KASLO CITY  B.C.  ing at Lourdes in 188;) lie was carried.!  |    The only practical Vvate  aUer in  ~\r  to the .Virgin diary's Grotto, where lie  ���kissed the ground.remained prostiate  for a long time, and then found himself able to stand up, walk.andAlrop  his crutch. In the eveni  nlaced in  the; fore-m'ost  the  Kootenay   District  Ore  !;->���;���  bv.  n  vail receive 'promrl'I'ttention  no  vas 1  ITT  J . 1  raniv  oi;  iei  Ll  \ V  i. \ '  *k  \J  17A  T*��  ;*����� s  ^T"1']^  ���,a. *.<  Di  n roc-ess ie  :i.of ni.lgri.in  The next dav  lie underwent medical  examination  m the  pi  ���jence cm  -���-1 ���.. i  ka-e  lialla.  archbish.on of Cagliari and primate of  liara:  Crr". uav^t !'.  '���Jvi    "Cl   issf  ;->ardmi;  ind  t,a  .)7-i!Oi) < i  .0,     V  ���rv  oio-'ii  'it.li a  17' in  TIh* symptoms  \  and.   which   h  \   I : IV .1.1  :C    i  Hebron.  1 escribed,  a.ii   oi>aoi-caro(  were  it ho dear o  Is 1 hold m  d Til say.  And voir 11  10  i  I*.i^'e soa  il iiv  < ��� w  !���!!!��' on m  love  \*oii.; to v< ��n  I love  "Oil  ;e,  true thin;  :.   me I  ���;,' many a stran:  sii-y  id do when we pretend to play I  we  '���'������ .'.'ea.*.��.ii';:'   eooaagion >  v.-'iiioh' llie most warv i  Touml to be those oi V  leomoto-r ataxia.  -*'> n  I' 2W  Vartf''  XAK.US1  irl^au lie w  a .aion.i'oao  overseer oi  '( 7U  U' ; > . i-. ��� v. ���  leart-!  ionic lor.lnvalidsa waiting niiracu  ,.viiin<  ie   Oo;  i M  ue  -sassm : it  iu i *. >  W   WiM  Avouno  | oil  nn  cure.  a.'  ai rde  11.  \).  n.vM.'T \  [ )  i>  .\ uiji j i  v>. c  oovns,' Uo(.  AOuOa  X  s  case  is ; ~o  aiu  \L  Oi  bl -Attention t  O        V   1 1.1  u c  '���St:  aoaed   bv  /..O'O  who' owned j  ke.s this 1  ���e me  i; 10  ae niorta  1 stinr  at it was iiH-o\})lica  ma Ke.s  one  poi  ailai  wiv  h th  e  on.  the deadly  aiiae.  murder its cni-  *w  V.i  ag'o a  tthe.Parisiassiz  es,  lilL'ilO  nmecenc  ce  its  pr  and  Delannoy com;  ised.tna  the had never  rum its snoi  ;unere  1  ���from   iOJomotor ataxia-  and  Travc  lim  Im'olic,  yiRS. D. A. McDOUGALD, Prop Second Year.  THE LEDGE,  SOUTHERN DARKIES.  You have doubtless h eard of many  laughable incidents at the expense of  the southern darkey. He seems to  be designed by nature to furnish' entertain meiit' for the educated world.  'Who is it that would not prefer to  hear a negro make a stump speech  than to hear a statesman grow eloquent on a national question? The  average person is more apt to relish  or appreciate the ludicrous sayings,  the grammatical errors, and tlie contortions of face and limbs of the negro,  while making a speech, than the wise  sayings of the statesman. The reason of this is because the negro makes  his blunders so innocently,. and cares  so little if he does make them.  Several years ago a crowd of  negroes were employed by a southern  planter to pick cotton. There was no/  white man in the field with .them on  this occasion, and they were having  ;fun in their usual way. "The old  boss" had lost some chickens the  night before, and each darky was  declaring his innocence. It happened that a circus was exhibiting at a  ..town? about five miles distant, and  one of the leading features of the  show was a balloon ascension'. The  aeronaut made his ascension successfully, but when he wanted to descend  he found that some part of the balloon  was out of order, hence he began to  ���drffc. He went in the direction of  the cotton plantation, and was soon  over the negroes with the balloon  coming down. The negroes had  raised a tune, in which;all were taking a part. As one looked up to see  how the sun. was 1 ravelling, he  caught sight of the balloon. Not  knowing anything of balloons, nor  having* heard of such things, heat  once decided that that being in the  air was not an inhabitant of this  world. With fear depicted upon his  face, h'e called upon his companions  fco look. ���  "It's judgement day," they all  cried.  With this announcement, they fe\\  upon their knees and began to pray.  "Lordy, Mars Jesus, I'se glad T  didn't take dem chickens," cried one.  "So is I," cried another, and another.  All declared ther innocence except  two, Sam and Jake by name. Sam  dropped upon his knees, but kept his  eye upon the balloon and his hand on  his hat.  "I never 'spects to tech nothcr  c 11 ick e n, \ cried Sa in, bu t t h c ba 11 oon  kep' coming faster and faster toward  tiie crowd.  "I ain't de onliest one indatchicken stealin ; Jake hope me cotch em,''  cried Sam.  By this time the balloon was almost  upon them. .Jake had evidently lost  faith in prayer, and with a bound, he  cried to Sam:  " Come on, nigger ; no use to pray  after dem chickens is.dun eat."  This was a signal for all to get a  move on themselves, and they did  getaway, except one old paralytic  who could not run. The aeronaut  struck the ground a few feet from the  old crippled negro, and with his  tight-ritting and gaudy clothes; the  old negro thought he was fresh from  heaven.  With his limbs quaking with fear,  his eyes bulged out, he dropped upon  his knees and doffed his old tattered  hat and said:  "Good morniiT, Mars Jesus, how  vou lef vore pa'?"  J. Ii. Lewis.  New Denver, B. C.  OOTS and Shoes made lo order.   First-class  work. '.'Imperial Calf for line shoes.   French  ������'.'.  Goods specially adapted for Miners' andProspcc  tors' use.   Goods warranted not to rip for one year  OR SALE  HOUSE AND LOT  ������"."' .���--���.���-  - ...IN. . ::  THREE FORKS.  Will be Sold at a Bargain.  Address :  Wt  Saiidon, B.C,  RAILWAY.  The Fast Scenic Route  -TO-  SEATTLE,     VICTORIA,  VANCOUVER, & PUGET  SOUND and all PACIFIC  COAST     POINTS,   ,ST.  PAUL,   CHICAGO AND  POINTS  BEYOND.  Modern Equipment. Rock-ballast  Road-bed  Attractive tours via Duluth and tlie  Cb'eat Lakes in connection with exclusively passenger boats of Northern  S, S. Co.  . Direct connection via Nelson &Fort  Sheppard railway at Spokane ; and  via C. & K.S.N.Co. at Bonners Ferry.  For maps, tickets, and complete.information call on Agents C.-&S. Nav.  Co. ; N. & F. S.; Railway, or C. G.  Dixon. Gen. Agent, Spokane, Wash.  F. I. Whitney, G.P. & T.A., St Paul,  Minn.  F. T. Abbott, Travelling Freight  and Passenger Agent, Spokane, Wash.  The Foot  of Kaslo, and  Denver.  between Long,  enderson, of New  Baseball game between Sandon  and Hew Denver.  Prizes will be given for both events.  The Day's Sports will conclude  with one of the famous dances that  the Slocan Metropolis is noted for.  eye on Sept. 25  ���-    and New Denver. Second Year.  THE LEDGE,  Published every Thursday.  A   REPLY.  li.  AND  T.    LOWERY,    EDI T OR  FINANCIER .  SUBSCRIPTION KATES:  OXK YKAIt .....'. .' ......... .$2.00  Transient Advertising, 25 cents pt*r liiie lii*.-*t in-  seru-jn, xo cents per 'lia'e subsequent insertions,  n jnpareil measurement.  TO CONTRIBUTORS.  Correspondence from'every part oi" the Kootenay  1) strict, and communications upon live topics  ulway-* acceptable. Write on both sides of the  paper'if you wish. Always send something- good.  tio matter how crude. Get.your copy in while it  is hot, and we will do th-*} rest.  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1895.  THE  VISIT   OP THE   BOARD  OF  TRADE.  We are indebted to Mr. Walker for  the visit whicirwe received on Tu.es -  clay from the Victoria Board of Trade.  As is well-knovn it is composed  solely of the chief business men of  Victoria, most of them men of. some  means, and at present we cannot  even estimate the good which their  visit may eventually do,to the Slocan  country-.  They experienced some difficulty  in getting from Three Forks on Tues-  :;'. day, owing to the train men having  left work for, the day, but eventually  the train was commissioned afresh  and they arrived in New Denver between eight and nine o'clock.  After having dined at the New  Market those of them who were not  too tired were' treated to a fine display of minerals in the dining room  of the Slocan hotel, which it was very  evident they appreciated.  In the morning most of them, took m  trip in the W. Hunter as far as Ten  Mile creek. The day was perfect  and they expressed themselves as  highly charmed with our beautiful  mountain scenery and delightfully  placid lake, one gentleman even  went so far as to desire a bathe, but  time would not permit.  Thev left bv the steamer for Rose-  bery, en route for Victoria, at two  o'clock with three cheers for the City  of New Denver, and were thoroughly  imbued with the success of thc trip.,  Considerable amusement was afforded by one of their number being  left behind, having gone to view a  property on the Galena Farm.  It was rumoured about town that a  deal was pending for three-quarters  interest in the Blake on the north  fork of Carpenter creek, owned by  Messrs. Gething, Long and McGinn is,,  for ��2, OQ0-' ^100 down andthe rest in  six months, but owing to the action  of the owners in refusing a week's  option for investigation the deal was  not concluded. It is possible, however that it may come off in the near  future.  To the Editor of The Ledge :  Dea r Sir, ���I was very pi eased to  note in your last issue that some one  at least takes sufficient interest in the  development of our country to make  it worth their while to continue thedis  cusion which I started the week previous.    Inmost cases of this kind, I am  sorry to say, the generality of people  make too little use of the opportunities  which  the  free nature of the press  lays open to them.    Remember, it is  by such means  that  the wants and  possibilities of the country are made  known,   and prospectors and others  will  be working to their  own   advantage by joining in a general discussion on this subject.  As your correspondent "EtBlvo"  was so Nkind as to give one the impression that lie abstained from criticising my letter too freely, I intend  to reciprocate his kindness and allow  ST_.oo^.3sr kosipit^Lj*,  This Hospital which has been opened for the benefit of the Miners in  the Slocan District under the medical superintendence of Dr. J. E. Brouse  with thoroughly competent professional attendants, is equipped with all  appliances and conveniences necessary for the treatment of Surgical and  Medical cases. Situated as it is on the shore of Slocan Lake, it affords every  advantage for the treatment of fever cases, the water supply and altitude  being more-favorable than any other point in zhe district.  Annual tickets* entitling the holder in case of sickness or accident to  all  the privileges of the Hospital, including free Medical and Surgical  attendance, nursing and board, may be secured at TWELVE DOLLARS  ,,        ���, ,,        ,.r  , ,. , -each.   Miners in regular employ, subscribing through their pay roll at the  the remarks which he made to pass ���"  unchallenged, but I will, beg leave to!rafce ��f ONE DOLLAR per month, can secure the privileges above mentioned,  reply to the criticisms which he did  make.  Pie said that I seemed scarcely consistent in mourning in one clause over  the loss, to the prospector of nine-tenths  of his just gain and in aiiOGher insisting that for a few hundred dollars  many perfectly safe propositions could  be had.  For my own. part I 'think that is,  exactly where the consistency comes  in, instead of selling the property for  next to nothing to the capitalist the  prospectors themselves combine with  iihcir small capital and thus reap the  entire benefit accruing from the work  ing of the mine. It may be that those  who actually own the claim do not  get the whole of 'what they are  naturally entitled to, but by taking  shares in the company they eventually get a great deal more than they  would in the other case, in addition  the whole of the money which is obtained from the output of the mines is  kept right in the country and is thus  available over and over again.  With regard to his apparent sarcasm at the idea of electrifying the  whole country, I didn't suppose for a  moment that anybody Avould take  such a remark literally, what I really  meant was that such a'proceeding'as  I contemplated would, if successful,  open the eyes of prospectors in other  parts of Kootenay. and materially  assiot in the advancement of the  country.  In conclusion' I should like to say  that the, prorogation and furtherance  of such a scheme is outside of my  limits personally, and I merely made  the suggestion that it might be taken  up and carried out by our Mining  Bureau or some enterprising gentleman with time at his disposal.  Yours truly,  Algebra  Rates for non-subscribers may also be obtained on application to  A. E. FAUQUIER,  * Secretary.  New Denver, B. C.  OOTS and Shoes made to-order.. First-class  work. Imperial Calf for ii :e shoes. Frcteh  Goods.specially adapted for Miners' and Prospec  t jrs' use.   Goods warranted not to rip for one year  ERAL  (FORM F.)  "onto nf  NOTICE.  '"'Rambler'" Mineral Claim.  Situated in the New Denver Mining Divisipn of  West Kootenay.District.   Where located.   In  thc Best basin of tiieSlocan District and adjoin"  ing the Best Mine.  TAKE NOTICKth.it we Je^ie Wright.Atkins,  I 'live, miners certiiicate No. Oisyi*; Philip A.spiu-  wall. free miners certiiicate No "will: and Joseph  Benjamin McArthur, free miners certiiicate No.  ;')717?), intend sixtv days from date heivol to ariply  t���� the Gold Commissioner lor a certiiicate ol improvements for the pnrpo.-e of obtaining a Crown  Grant oi the above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action  commenced before the issuance of such certiiicate  of improvements.  Dated this :'0th day of Augu-t. 1S5W..  LL  -DENTIST  KASLO,  B.C.  Graduate of American College of Dental Surgery  Chicago. -        ���  Okf'ic'e: Over Byers'Hardware store.  M. W. BRUNER, M. D.,  Physician and Sui'GEon.  Three Forks,       -       B.C.  A   FULL Line of Drugs and Prescription Rcmo-  il   dies kc. t on hand,  ��� R.'S. WILSON,  ���THE -.....'���.  NEW DENVER, B. C.  Provincial   Land Surveyor.  INERAL Claims, Mines, "[Timber Limits, etc.,  surveved. .  Sixth street, New Denver,  ���������^S1  J  Assoc. R. S. M., London, Eng*.  Assayer and   Mineralogist.  tfSTrompt return on all samples.  THE HAIRCUTTER,  Three Forks, B. C.  HAS the only Billiard and Pool Table in the  Slocan. Choice lines of Cigars, Tobaccos and  Fruit. The Barber Shop in connection is the best  equipped in the District. Second Tear  THE   LEDGE.  MINING RECORDS,  Recorded at New Denver, the Assessments  Transfers and Locations:  ASSESSMENTS.  ". Malborough���Sept 11, by A P Bhiidy,  Dolt���Sept 13, by H Niven.  Saddle���Sept i;$, by J Hetherhigton.  Elkliorn���Sept 14, by J Cockell.  Los Vegas No 2���Sept 14, by A Harrison.  J C���Sept 14, by "W E Mann.  Lone Star No 2���D G McCuaig,  Coniro No 2���Sept 16, by G Kingcr.  Reciprocity���Sept ]/>, by, W Sudrow.  Silver Cord���Sept 17, by \V F Kennedy.  Nainao���Sept 17, by \V A Potter.  Alligash-Sept 17, by W A Potter.  Peona���Sept 17, by W A Potter.  TRANSFERS.  T McGown and AV Franklin to J Wallace������} in  Molley.   Recorded Sept 9 ; amount, SI.  , T MeGown and Wo Franklin to J K Own����� in  Mollie.   Recorded Sept 9; amount, ��1.    .  Miss F A Hennessey to E Dumey���1-5 in Maud  E. World's Fair, Bonanza King, Knoxville and  Noble Five, Aug 27, Recorded Sept 9; amount,  $20..   .*  7 C.-T Porter to Bank of Montreal���All interest in  Washingtoii Fraction, Garlotte, Herbert, Sept 7.  Recorded Sept 11; amount, $100.  11 T Lowery to L Seran-2-9 in Nabob, Aug 20.  Recorded Sept 16; amount, $1. ���  F L Mclnner to A3 Marks���V in Marion. Aug  31.   Recorded Sept 16; amoun% Si.,   , 7  locations. >  Septl27"  . .',/.  Bonanza���On Carpenter creek, by J Woods.  Evelin���Sandon creek, by C H Locuson.  Ibex���Lemon creek, by E G Smidth.  May Flower No 7���On Lemon oreek, F McLcod.  Albemarle���On Carpenter creek, by R R Caldwell.  Sept 14. .  Slocan Eagle���Adjoining* Calfornia, by W M  Cook.  A R���Adjoining Silverton, by N F McNaught.  'Argcntenil���On Finnel creek, by W M Cook.  Surprise Extension-^Adjoining Surprise No 3  by A Smith.  '.',"':'    ,, ' ...-,''������.  Septr;;.  Bristol- Eight Mile creek, by G Kcnger and D  K McDonald. *  Superior���West of Noble Five, by J G McGigan.  Sept 17.  True Blue--On Dayton creek, by H A Hicks.  Producer���On Gold creek, by D McLeod.  Defender���In Houson Basin, by A J Murphy.  Blizzard���Near Last Chance, by E H Tomlinson  Topas���On Eight Mile creek, by AV plough.  Sept 18.    .  Crusader���On Lemon creek, by R Welay.  Pilot���On Lemon creek, by J T Kelly 1  Valkyrie���On Coady creek, by B M Walton.  LEDGE CROPPINGS  STANLEY    HOUSE,  I  NELSON, B. C.  BEST Rooms and Board in thc City.   Hot and  Cold Water.   Bath Room for. die use of. the  Guests.   Rates reasonable.  mrs. Mcdonald, Prop  JUST  RECEIVED  A CHOICE STOCK OF DRY GOODS,  MILLINERY,  Ladies and Gentlemen's  -    Wearing Apparel.  All goods sold at Eastern Prices.  Come in and see the Goods.  RS.W.MERKLEY,  NEW DENVER.  HELTON & Co.,  507, 509, 511 & 513 HASTINGS ST.,  VANCOUVER.  DEALERS IN:  Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades  Bedding Supplies, etc., etc.  Send for our Illustrated Catalogue.  NOTICE is hereby given that it is the intention  of the Nakusp and Slocan Railway Comrany  fo apply to the Railway Committee ot the Privy  Council to sdnction the building and construction  of a branch line of Railway from Three Forks,  British Columbia, the terminus of the Nakusp and  Slocan Railway, a railway leased bv the Canadian  Pacific Railway, to Sandon, British Columbia, a  distance of about four and one-half miles, for the  purpose of giving increased facilities to business,  and of transporting.the products of mines, and to  ���sanction the appropriation of the necessary lands  for that purpose under the comnulsory powers  vested in the said Company by the Railway Act  or by any other act iu'its behalf.  Signed,  When in Vancouver stop at the  Manor House. f  R. B. Kerr's new office on Seventh  street is almost completed.  There has been considerable rain  during the past week, but the past  two days have been exceptionally  hot and drv.  A. J. WEAVER BRIDGEMAN,  Secretary.  Victoria, B.C.  August 20th. 1895.  ie Prosnectors  New Denver.  Tlie D. C. Joslyn Music Co.  Dealers in  Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Sup  plies, Sewing: Machines, and  Supplies,  SPOKANE, -���' - WASH  Assay Price List:  ba.:r,:r,I��3t:e:r,  aOLICITOR and Notary Public.  New Denver, B. C  Gold. Silver, or Lead,each.   Gold, Silver and Lead, combined.   Gold and Silver.   Silver and Lead ;... ......  Conner (by Electrolysis)    Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead  .  Gold and Cop]id* ,.'...*..'..,.'   Silver and'Copner   Gold. Silver and Copper   Platinum    Mercury   Iron or Manganese   Lime. 'Magnesium, Barium, Silica, Sulphur, each   Bismuth, Tin, Cobalt, Nickel, Antimony,  Zinc, and Arsenic, each '   Coal (Fixed Carlton, Volatile Matter, Ash,  and percentage of Coke, if Coking  Coal).........:... '..'  _  Terms:  Cask With Sample.  June 20th, ]K05.  FRANK DICK,  SI.50  :���$ oo  oo  oo  oo  on  50  2 50  ;' oo  5 0'!  2 00  2 00  2 00  .4 00  1 00  T. J��  Front Street, Kaslo.  Tto Largest and Most o��tt Sttt la tlie District  Dry Goods, Carpets, House Furnishings  Gents'Furnishings, Clothing, Hats,  .     Boots & Shoes. Tents and Blankets  f   ^   ��� g**��       a* '      1^*%"^ ���^M II ' ��� i i^l IH| _��  INDSGR RESTAURANT  In New  Denver, B. O.  It is the oldest established business of the kind in the  Slocan, and satisfaction is guaranteed.  JACOBSON  &. co.  ISTES"\A7"  Is the Metropolis of the  Slocan District, and  Realty Must Increase in Value  For  CHOICE BUSINESS AND RESIDENCE LOTS  #  Investors wi1! consult their own  Interests by consulting  AMGUS McGILLIVEKY.  New Denver, B. C.  Keep Your Eye On   .   .    .  son's News  In New Denver, and You will see all  the Latest Sensations in Literature of  the Dav.  Fresh Fruit and Konfekshunery  .   ..   Always Kept in Stock  FEED J. SQUIBE  Nelson, B. C.  Merchant Tailor ,  Assayer and Analy  Full Line  of Suitings and  Trouserings always on hand.  HOT SPRINGS HOTEL  ARROW LAKE,  TS now open  for the accommodation  of guests  1   Rates, SI.50 to ��2.50 per day. "Baths  25  cents each,  or 5 for .SI.' For further  particulars write to the proprietors.  DAWSON, CRADDOCK & Co Second Year  THE LEDGE.  SOME TIME.  BYiiMBS.   MAX RILEY  SMITH.  Some  time,   when  all  life's   lessons  have beendearned,  And sun and stars forevermore have  -   '��� set,  The  things  which our weak judgment here has spurned���  The things o'er which we grieved  with lashes wet-  Will flash before us out of life's dark  night,  As stars shine most in deeper tints  of blue;  And we shall see how all God's plans  were right, (  And how what seemed reproof was  love most true.  And we shall   see,   that,  while we  frown and sigh,  God's plans go on as best for you  and me;  How, when we called He heeded not  our cry,  Because his wisdom to the end could  see:  And e'en as prudent parents disallow  To much of sweet to craving baby  hood,  So God,  perhaps, is k eepi n �� from us  now  Life's  sweetest  things c because  it  seemeth good.  And if, some time, commingled with  life's wine,  We fiihlthe wormwood,, and. rebel  and shrink,  Be sure a wiser hand than yours or  mine  Pours out his portion for our lips to  drink;  And if some friend we love is lying'  ���low,  Where human kisses cannot reach  his face, ���  Oh! do not blame the loving Father  " s0- ������'  But bear your sorrow with obedient  grace.  And   you   shall shortly   know that  lengthened breath  Is not the sweetest gift God sends  His friend,  And that sometimes the sable pall of  death '      t;  Conceals the fairest boon His love  can send.  If we could push ajar the gates of life,  And  stand within,   and all   God's  workings see, .  We could iuterpret all this doubt and  strife,  And for each mystery could find a  key.  But not to-day.   Then be content poor  heart ? . ���  God's plans,  like lilies pure and  white, unfold ;  We must not tear the close-shut leaves  apart;  Time  will reveal the calyxes of  gold.  And if, through patient toil we reach  the land  Where   tired   feet,    with   sandals  loosed, may rest,  When we shall clearlv know and un-  derstand;  I think that we shall sav that "God  kn-^v best."  H.SCHW1EG,  The   New    York   Tailor,  HAS o-H-ned a Tailor Shop at Three,'Fork?, and  is ready to give first-class Fits and; Work  nunship.  W Pellew Harvey, F.C.S.  VANCOUVER, B. C ,':  Mining Engineer,  Analytical Chemist, and Assayer.  Assay Office and Metallurgical Works.  .KELSEM,  SANDON.  Dealer in Tobaccos,  Cigrars and Fruits.  DOCTOR  J. E BROUSE  SlM�� Falls ,4 Irtteii  RAILWAY.  Nelson & Fort Sheppard  RAILWAY.  C/F.   1895=7  otjti^bs  ALL  HAIL KOCTE  TO  SPOKANE  The only through route from Nelson, Kaslo,  Kootenay Lake and all Slocan  Points.  Daily   (Except   Sunday)     Between  Spokane and Northport.  Tri-Weekly Between Northport and  Nelson.  Leave 8:43 a.m.  NELSON.  Arrive ">:;��������") p.m  PHYSICIAN  7-0- o= AND '="" '^:  SURGEON  NEW DENVER, B.C  anders,  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, trains will run  through to Spokane,arrivinir same day. Returning*  passengers will leave Spokane at 7 a.in. Tuesdays,  Thursdays,Saturdays,arriving at Nelson at 5:25 p.  m., same day, making close connection with the  steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake  points ���  P issengers for Kettle River and Boundary  Creek connect at Marcus,with, stage on Mondays  and Wednesdays, Thursdays and  Fridays,  Passengers for Trail Creek mines connect at  Northport Avi th statre daily.  i KOOTE  Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.  '-. 1TM:E OA.K.TJ 3STO. T  In Effect on Monday, April 29,1895.  COUGHS & COLDS  S.S. "ALBEKTA."  T EAVES Kaslo for .Ainsworth. Pilot Bay, and  Jj Nelson-on Mondays, Wednesdays and "Satin*-  days, at 8 a in; Tlmrsdays, at i) a in; Tuesdays and  Fridays, at 8 a in  Leaves Nelson for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and  Kaslo on Mondays, Wednesda5rs, Thursdays and  Saturdays, at 3 u in; Tuesdays and Fridays at 0 pin  Close connection is thus made between lake  points and ail incoming and outgoing trains of the  C PR at Nelson.  The steamer is newly equipped in every particular, is lit throughout hy electricity, and contains a  bathroom and all modern conveniences for the  comfort of passengers.  The above schedule is in effect May 1G, 1895, subject to change.  J-VS.WAUGH.       GEO. F. HAYWARD,  Purser. ' Master  Nakusp & Slocan Railway  TTMLJSl' OAiK/O -No,.   1  IK EFFECT JULf 2IST, 1895.  naiu:si>  TRAIN LEAVES  rilUKI'* FOltKS  Sundays at 9 o'clock  Tuesdays at     '���' '  Thursdays at   ������ . .  Fridays  Mondays at 14 o'clock  Wednesdays at      "���  Thursdays at "  Saturdays "  Close connection made with the Columbia river  boats for all points north and south.  This schedule-is subject to change at any time  without notice.  For further information apply to  J. S. LAWRENCE.  Trainmaster  Nakusp, 1-1. C.  AUCTIONEER  and  COMMISSION  AG-ENT.  KASLO  B. G  THE DIPLOCK  REVELSTOKE  ROUTE-SIR. LYTTON.  Leaves Revelstoke. south hound,-''on.'.Tuesdays and  Fridays, at 4 a.m.,for all points in West Kootenay and the south.  Leaves Robson. north bound, on "Wednesdays and  Saturdays, at 8 p.m., for all points east and  west, via the C.P.R.  NORTHPORT    ROUTE���STR.   LYTTON.  Leaves -Northport,'north bound, on  Wednesday's  and Saturdays, at :t p.m.  Leaves Robson, south bound, on  Tuesdays and  Fridays, at 0 p.m.  Stages run in connection with the steamer from  Trail Creek Landing to Rossland.  Jl!  (LIMITED.)  ���V^TKiOJl.ES.A.T-.EJ  PAPER DEALERS & STATIONERS  Vancouver,   B.  C.  SOLE AGENTS FOR :  Brinsmead & Nordheimer Pianos  Dixon, Borgeson & Co.'s Show  Cases. Self-opening Bags, Wrapping' Pa per and Twine.  Mail Orders receive prompt attention,  KASLO ROUTE���STR.^NELSON.  Leaves Nelson for Kaslo, on Tuesdays, at 5:10 pm;  Wednesdays, at 4 p m; Thursdays, at o:40 n in;  Saturdays,* at ">:40 p m. Connecting on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with N &. S F  Railway for Kaslo and lake points.  Leaves Kaslo for Nelson on Mondays, at 4 a in:  Wednesdays, at 4 a m; Thursdays, at 8a in;  Fridays, at 4 a in. Connecting oil Mondays,  Wednesdays, and Fridays'with N & F S Rail-  Avay for Spokane.  Close connections with Columbia & Kootenay  Railway at Nelson for points north and south.  RONNERS FERRY   ROUTE���STEAMER  NELSON.  Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry on Mondays  and Fridays at 8:.'U) a m.  Leaves Kaslo for Bonner's Ferry on Mondays and  Fridays at 4 a m.  Leaves Bonner's Ferrv for Pilot Bay, Nelson.  Ainsworth and Kaslo, on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2. a in.  . Connects with east and west bound trains on the  Great Northern Railway.  The Quickest  and  Cheapest Uoiite  East  or.  West*  The company reserves Urn right to change this  schedule at any time without notice.  ' For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., apply at the Company's-offices. Nelson, B.C  ALLAN, Sec'y,  Xklso.w B. C.  J. W. TROUP.  Manager  Steamer leaves Nakusp every -Thursday and Sunday morning, making close connection at Kevelstoke  witli trains for* all points East or.  West.  Before you travel get information from  C. P. P. Agents as to  time and  rates.    It will  save  you money  Apply to nearest Kail way- Agent  or to  GEO. McL. BROWN,  District Passenger Agent,  Vancouver Second Year.  THE LEDGE.  SOME NEGRO'HUMOR.  A few examples of negro humor  which have been collected from  steamboat deck, from cabin, and from  church are here given.  Charles'Lamb's famous botmotwas  almost equaled by a-rough "rooster,"  as roustabouts are called along the  Ohio river. Lamb, it will be remembered, '-sat up all night playing  poker with Miller, who was very untidy. As daylight streamed into the  room through the shutters Lamb  caught sight of Miller's remarkably  dirty hands.  "Miller," said the wit, "if dirt  were trumps what hands you'd hold !."  The negro roustabout, who of  course Ii ad never heard of Lamb or  his famous witticism, was coining  along with a nail keg on his shoulder,  when he stumbled over the enormous  brogans of another "rooster," who,  being off watch, was lying stretched  "���out -on deck, taking a sun bath.  Glancing down at the colossal feet he  exchiimed, admiringly:  . "Ef feet wuz trumps cl'at niggah  dor could play high, low, jack an' de  game!"  Coming up the Ohio river last fall  from Cincinnati on one of the steamers  that run in the Pittsburg and Cincinnati trade, the negro cabin boys, were  engaged in' a surreptitious game of  craps, the great game of the river  negro. Two of the boys were Chafifing  each other unmercifully, when one  gave the other a knock-out blow  which put an end to the war of -vords.  * * Niggah," he said, *' you need'n'  to talk; wen yoil come on dis boat  you done been so long widout some-  pin' to eat d'at you des ez light ez ur  tedder. Wy, niggah, you could cut  de Mobile Buck on ur eister crackah  an' nebbah bus' de crus'!"  At a certain col ored church in West  Virginia the pastor announced that  the sacrament would be administered  in the morning instead of the afternoon, as was customary, as he would  be called away. Immediately an old;  elder arose and said :  "Bredderin', Tse of'n hvahd ob de  Lawd's suppah, but I nebbah urfo  hyahd ob de Lawd's brakfus!"  The sacrement was administered at  the usual time. ,  Down in Mississippi not so very  long ago, there was a young darky  who bore the classic name of Scipio.  and was the happy possessor of two  mules which rejoiced in the api ella-  tions of Sam Jones and Mary, and so  dearly did he cherish the brutes thi-i  one day when he met a girl named  Mary he fell in love with the dusky  maiden for no other reason, as he admitted, than that she bore the same  cognomen as the off mule, and they  decided to wed.  Scipio wanted to do the thing up  right, and eive the bride a present,  so he went one day to the country  store, and, after examining the entire  store, purchased ��� two hoopskirts and  took them back to the girl. She was  delighted, but pretty soon she said :  7 "Look heah, Scipio, what fur d'you  get two er dese hupes fur?"  v" Why, honey," responded Scipio,  "I didn't want cher t' look lopsided."  --���Whus'.at? Lopsided?  Humph?"  "Suah,  honey.    I got one fur de  right laig an' one fur de lef.'.'"  THE GRANT HOUSE  Sandcn  B. O.  GOOD Meals and comfortahle rooms make this  Hotel a pleasant place for travelers to stop at  ARCHIE GRANT, Prop  RS. J. H. WERELEY,  New Denver. B. C.  HAS in stock Millinery, Hosiery, Ladies' Under  wear. Dress Goods, etc, o.  A lai'ge quantity of House Lining*; at very low  prices.   '.���"���-. -7  Call and inspect the Stock.  W. J. TRETHEWEY, E.M.,  Examination & Reports.  Assays of Ores.  Analysis of Ores.  OFFICE AND LABORATORY:  FRONT    ST ,     KASLO  Newmarket Hotel  NEW DENVER,  Stege & Winter, Props.  Headquarters  Men.  for  Mining  Accommodations and Service  of theBest.  The  ��LW  ��  AVTNGr placed some new  Machinery in our Mill,  we are prepared to furnish  all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles at  greatly reduced Prices.  PRICE LIST:  suDom  Only first-class house in the City. The .rooms are lit  with sunlight and petroleum. Game is served with nearly  every meal, and the beds are conducive to the repose of  mind and body. The bar is supplied with the regulation  beverages of all mining camps.  Prospectors, Millionaires and Tourists always welcome.  SAM WHITTAKER, Prop.  B. C  *  WORKS, LTD  Vancouver, B. C.  Mining Machinery and Supplies. V  General Machinery for Reduction Works.  Pipe Fittings, Belting, Oils, Etc., Etc.  Tram Lines Complete with Brakes,  Gars, Rails, and All Other Requfstes  CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.  Dealers  GENEHAL MEKCHANDISE,  NAKUSP. ,-'."��� B. C.  Wholesale Produce Merchants,  131 WATER STREET, - - VANCOUVER, B. G  o  WE handle Pried Fruits,   Fresh   Fruits, Butter, Eggs,  Cheese, Bacon, Hams, and Lard.  Rouirh Luniher, narrow^  $10 oO  " ��� '      "         wide,  311 00 to ��12. 00  Joist and. Scantling, sized up to  18 feet long,  $11 00  18 ' to 24 '  ��12 00  2t 'to 30 '  ��13 00  Flooring, T & G, G "   *  $20 00  ���a                -'4 "  $22 00  'V joint Ceiling, J ''  $22 00  ' " Rustic,  ��19 00  Shiplap.  ��14 00  Surfaced Dressed  ��13 00  THREE   FORKS,   B.  C.  A liberal discount on large orders for Cash,  PETER GENELLE & Co.  o  THIS Hotel, under new management, is cne of the best in  the country. The Rooms are comfortable and the  Dining Room contains lhe best the market affords. Don't  miss it when you go to the Forks.  LOWES & CLAIR, Proprietors H..*ju*JJ��iWr��^.-JWi��i��.eiinii.'i  Second Year.  THE LEDGE.  LOCAL ASSAYS.  Little  Tv.'inklers    CroAvded    Out  Front  ���Their Accustomed Nook.  .'��� Numbers of mountain trout are nov  being caught in the Slocan lake.  Mrs. M. Merkley has this week received a very fine assortment of new  fall goods.  ���        ,���'���'"  J, A. McClellan, traveling agent  for the Seattle Post ���Intelligencer, was  in town yesterday^  Mrs. W. P. Evans and son arrived  last .Friday from New Westminster  and will make New Denver tlieii  future home.  Pete Angrignon Jjas added one  more improvement to his lumber  wagon.which already serves as bus,  express, carriage, hearse, and ambulance; the last is a brand new  water cart.  F. Pyman, New Denver's witch-  maker and jeweller makes cleaning  and repairing watches a specialty  He visits Three Forks every Friday  to accommodate customers in that  town. f  R. T. Lowery and James Gilhooly  liave arranged to run a one hundred  yard race on the 25th of Sept. for a  purse of $100, the winner to take all.  Articles of agreement have been duly  signed and witnesses-  hold of this and that tempting offer,  and for the sake of some great gain,  venturing 'where they did not know  the ground and could not see the  pitfall���amition in trade.���-Shareholder. ���' ���  ���  N. D. MOORE, Pres-:  TL McFERRAN, Secv  VALLEY  STAGE LINE  ^rEETS all -C..& K.  Steamers at  If I    Trail for Rossland.  Baggage handled cheaply and safe-  ly.    Dominion Express route.  E. JOHNSON,  Projjrietor  CONCENTRATOR, THREE FORKS, B. C.  Mining    and      Miners'     Supplies  IW* Hay and Grain in Car Lots to the Trade.  AMBITIGX IN TRADE.  "In all negotiations of difficulty, n  man may not look to sow and reap at  once ; but must prepare business, and  so ripen it by degrees."���Bacon.  Well directed energy and enterprise  are the life of progress and safety lies  in sticking to a legitimate business.  No manufacturer, trader or banker  has.any moral right to be so energetic  and enterprising as to take.from his  legitimate business the capital which  it requires to meet an emergency.  Apologies are sometimes made, for  firms which have failed by recurring  to the important industries they have  aided, and the unnumbered fields of  enterprise in which they have freely  scattered their money. We are told  that, the individual losses sustained  by those, failures will be as nothing  compared with the benefits conferred  on the community by their liberality  in contributing to every public work.-  There is not much force in such reasoning. A man's relations to a crcdi  tor are to a great extent different  from his relations to what are called  thc public. Tire demands of one are  definite, the claims of the other arc  just what the ambition of tlie man  may make them. The careers of  honorable, successful men unite to  exalt the importance of sticking to a  legitimate business; and it is most  instructive to see that in many of  Canada's failures the real cause of  disaster was the branching out beyond a  legitimate trade, in taking  DOCTOR  Jv.-E,  PHYSICIAN  ,  :      --.AND = : ���  SURGEON  NEW DENVER, B.  O.  THE  LELANB  HOUSE  'Kaslo. B. C  nOXVENIEXTLY situated to the steamboat  V.; landing. The bar is one of the best appelated  i.i the Kootenay District. ' ���  JAMES DELANEY,  Lessee  ii.  WHOLESALE  Books, Paper, Stationery, and  Office Supplies.  Wall    Paper   a    Specialty  Great Eastern Block,  SPOKANE, WASH.  oitse  V  03. B. 0.  Best   Furnished Rooms  in the Citv.  THREE FORKS.  SILVERTON  HTj-nsTTEPi <& i^oK:iisrisroisr^  T. NORQUAY, Prop  : o :  Dealers in:  roceries,   Provisions,  and flining Su  Dry   Goods,  les.  S-A.3SF3DOISr, 3. O.  This hotel is now readv to accommodate the rush to  Sandon.; The bar is finished with antique cedar bark, and  presents an appearance seldom seen. If you are hungry,  thirsty or weary roll in and you can have the best in the  house for a reasonable monetary consideration..  NEW DENVER, B.C.  IDE ALEE S I3ST :  *ry Goods,  loots and Shoes.  oi u-Qoas require  iners an  Postofflce and Money Order Office in Connection 


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