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The Ledge Oct 26, 1899

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 flJ  Volume VII.   No   4.  NEW DENVER, B.C., OCTOBER 26, 1809  Price, $2 00 Year  ^tf^sas m^m&nm&& \  5L06AN GAMP NEWS  LOCAL    CHIT-CHAT.  Miners are paid $4.86 a shift in the  Transvaal.  W. H. Brandon has returned from  the Windermere district.  During* the past week in the Slocan  soft water has been strictly in place.  Billy Sudrbw, of:Silhdoh will pros-  pefct fer hSAltli in thte south this winter.  Rev. J. Cleland will conduct divine  ���service at the Presbyterian church next  Sunday morning.  The Knights of Pythias are making1  every preparation for a successful ball  to be given Nov. 2nd.  Wm. Mcintosh has returned to the  Slocan. He reports Jiiigh Brady as  having: gdhe toDaWsori.  A concert in aid of the Presbyterian  church will be given in Bosun Hall on  Tuesday evening*, &6v. 7.  Services will be held in Stephen's  church next Sunday,'both morning and  ���evening.   Rev. C. F. Yates, pastor.  Wm. Anderson, who has a small ranch  at the head of Sixth street, is planting  pear, p<each, apple and plum trees.  Hon. G. W. Ross, lately appointed  premier of Ontario, is a brother-in-law  of the Hon. Bill Boston of New Denver.  Mrs. Geo. Garrett has returned to  _.ew Denver after spending two weeks  in Nelson undergoing a severe dental  ���operation.  Chas. Aylwin is putting more ground  under cultivation this fall. He is laying  out an extensive garden patch, berry  patch and fruit orchard.  This is a world of strange ways. The  president of the Silverton Miner's Union  is a mine manager, and the Secretary a  dealer in fruit and notions.  Turkeys were not procurable in the  Slocan tor Thanksgiving. The unfortunate people of the silver bolt were  forced to celebrate with chicken and  ���champagne.  An Ontario lawyer passed through  the Slocan ihis week looking for Peter  McNichol. By the death of a relative  Pete has fallen heir to some money. He  is said to be in*the Klondike.  __ J. Robie, since moving into his  ���new store on Baker street, Nelson, has  found a wonderful increase in business.  The excellent fit of his goods has no  doubt something to do with it.  The Idaho State Tribune has discarded the patent inside. It claims that  the. patent inside is principally produced  by scab labor, and should not be used  by journals wishing to uphold the dig-  nitv of the wage earner  right move and should receive the cordial support of all classes. The miners  of New Denver are all level-headed boys  and they can greatly assist in upholding  the dignity of their avocation and bringing about &'settlement of the riiariyques-  tions that are sure to arise from time to  time. The surest way to prevent conflict between employer and employe is  to put m.n at the head of affairs who  can with reason harmonize the differences and keep down antagonism.  SLOGAN    MINERAL    FLOAT.  The American Boy shipped 20>�� tons  of ore last week.  'Work has been resumed at the Surprise, McGiiigah Basin.  A boiler and two machine drills are  being put in at the Queen Bess.  The mines on Four Mile creek took  100,000 feet of lumber from Hill Bros,  last week.  The tunnel on the Marion is in about  150 feet, with ore showing all the way,  and improving as depth isattained.  Business in all lines is showing a decided upward tendancy in the Slocan  since the mines began employing men.  Ore has been encountered again in the  tunnel being driven on the Queen Fraction. The ledge is being crosscut at the  tunnel face.  At the Ivanhoe a snowshed has been  built from the bunkhouse to the lower  tunnel and the miners nee.d not fear the  deadly slide any more.  When the pumps are put in at the  Lucky Jim the force will again be increased. The Jim will be a heavy producer in zinc ore this winter. Its owners are said to have bought the smelter  at Pilot Bav.  the California,    Marion,    Hartney, and  other properties not yet  under bond*, is  proving beyond the  shadow of a doubt  that several prospective shippers of very  great importance are situated there, and  all within a short distance of New Denver. The three properties named promise  to be on the  regular shipping list this  winter, though it is possible noneof them  will ship heavily until  the wagon road  proposed   is   constructed.      The   companies operating the California,   Hartney and  Marion aro ready to   put up  what they consider to be  their share of  the expense, and the government stands  ready.to contribute $2,500 toward  the  building of the road.      The cost of the  enterprise is estimated at $5,000.    What*  the companies are prepared to give has  not been stated, but there should* be no  hesitancy   in    commencing   the   work.  the preacher's face. "That's good: but  when you go home read that chapter  asrain, and you will doubtless learn  something to your interest." Of course,  they found that there is no second chapter of Jude, and, of course, no matter  how they may attempt to laugh it off.  the victims of the clerical pleasantry  are not likely to love their pastor any  the more because of the "rise" he took  out of them at that time.  A SUCCESSFUL. MINE MANAGKK,  ���bin: Who Employed  Business Principles  in tho Late Eight-Hour Dispute.  Mrs. J. K. Clark and daughter joined  Mr. Clark and son as residents of New  Denver Sunday. They will lease a cottage and make this their Kootenay home.  Mr. Clark is managing the Marion, and  is extensively engaged in other mining  business in the camp.  A. E. Fauquier returned from a trip  to the coast Monday. He spent ten days  in the Fire Valley, hunting and fishing.  Rich quartz finds are being made on  the Kettle river, he says, and many  parties are going in to spend the winter  in the placer diggings along the bed of  the Kettle.  Lew Hauk dropped dead in Mexico  the other day. He was the most expert crooked gambler in the world. He  acquired his skill by shuffling cards  during a seven years rest in jail, In  company with a business man of Spokane he came to Sandon last year and  touched a mining man of the sunless  city for a large sum,  While hunting along Springer creek  Nat Tucker came upon a silver tip and  two cubs. He killed the she-bear and  one of the cubs, thereby securing two  fine skins and some bear meat that was  tender and pleasant to the taste. The  old bear weighed over 400 pounds, and  required three doses of 44-Winchester  bullets to make her lie still and become  deceased.  A -fegeting wis held Saturday night  for the purpose of organizing a union iii  N.w'De'hver of the miners.     This is the  SLOCAN CITV  NEWS  IX ItKIEl .  Mrs. Thos. Henderson and her sister,  Miss Livingston left Monday for Nelson.  Several cars were pretty badly  smashed Monday morning on the wharf  The usual custom is to send all the  freight cars which are brought up on  the mixed train from the crossing off on  a flying switch from the wye while the  passenger cars with the engine follow.  This morning the switch was turned on  to the wharf instead of into the yard  and when the Cars got ori the incline  the brakeman lost control and the cars  smashed into several others which were  standing" and .sent theni up ontd the  barge.    Fortunatelv ho priewas hurt,   ���  ���     6.  SLOCAN    ORE   SHIPMENTS.  A. H. Gracey, who for nearly a year  past has had his headquarters at Nelson, says the Toronto Globe, was introduced on the Toronto Mining Exchange  the other day.   He has been engaged  in superintending the development of a  number ot mining ptoperties in which  Toronto people are interested, and his  work has been successful.     In  regard  to his own work Mr. Gracey declined to  make any .statement beyond the fact  that the miner's lock-out in the Slocan  had been of the utmost  help to him.  He   paid the full scale of. wages demanded by the men, and  in that way  was able to   command   the very best  labor in the country.     All   his miners  were skilled and experienced men, and  while lie paid the liia'h wages the quantity and quality of the  work amply repaid the extra outlay.   He is operating  the St. Louis group  on  Lemon creek,  and the Silver Queen, near Burton City.  Mr Gracey was previously engaged in  mining'in California  and  the Western  States, and was also employed as an expert by the Ontario government.  STRIKE    OX    THE    CALIFORNIA.  Total shipped July 1 to Dec. 01, 1898,  17,994 tons. Januarv 1st, 1899, to  Oct. 21:  Week  Payne   Last Chance   Slocan Star :   Sapphire   Coin '.   Ajax    Sovereign   Reco ���   Ivanhoe , '������������'   Treasure Vault   Red Fox   Trade Dollar   Liberty Hill   Madison   Wonderful   American Boy  Idaho Mines  21  Queen Bess   Wild  Id Goose  Monitor   Whitewater ...  Jackson   Hillside   Bell   Wellington   Antoine   Rambler   Dardanelles���  Great Western  B .un   Marion   Capella   Fidelity.-   Vancouver   Wakefield   Emily Edith....  Comstoek   Noonday.   Enterprise   Tamarac   Black Prince..  Chapleau   Total  5,437  2,245  548  33  18  40  20  180  111)  112  14  :'>0  3  15  28  ���11  840  1,111  15  2110  2,3 id  72 T  1  30  11  050  4lU  100  48  51)0  20  3  3  320  580  (50  12(1  52 .'I  71';  20  35  15  On Friday last the raise being driven  between the No. 3 and No. 2 tunnels of  the California broke into 13 inches of  shipping ore The raise was up 5-i feet  and had 35 feet more to go to tap the  foot of the inciine shaft from the No 2  workings. This is down 10 feet, with 8  inches of clean ore and 1-1 inches of carbonates in the foot. Samples of the ore  shown here are pronounced as rich as  any found in the camp. A'cross-cut  tunnel has been started on the Clipper  ground, to tap both the Clipper and  California ledges The cross-cut will  be over 200 feet in length. It is the intention to continue development all  winter and the management purpose  increasing the force to 15 men.  'there Are Others.  TRACING   COUNTERFEITS.  "The tracing of counterfeits back to  the 'shover' is curious and exciting  work, said an ex-government employee.  "One day back in the seventies a bank  clerk in Cincinnati detected a 'queer' $20  bill in the deposit of a small retail grocer.  He sent for me and I started to work, I  found that the grocer had received the  bill from a shoe dealer, who had it from  a dentist, who had it from somebody else,  and so on until I finally traced it to an  invalid woman, who had used it to pay  her physician.  "When questioned.shesaid the money  had been sent to her by her brother,who  lived fn New Orleans. I looked up her  brother's pedigree and was certain I had  my man. He had a bad record, was the  proprietor of a dive, and was just the  sort of person likely to be a confederate  of counterfeiters.  "I came here with the handcuffs in my  pocket, but as things turned out I was a  little premature. The man proved to  my satisfaction that he had received the  money as rent for a small house he  owned in Pittsburg, Pa.  "That was discouraging, but 1 couldn't  give up after going so far, and'I took the  next train for Pittsburg. The tenant of  the house turned out to be a traveling  oculist, who i spent most of his time on  the road. He was then away in the  west, but I saw him on his return, and  he at once recognized the bill. It had  been given him by "\ patient in Cincinnati, the very point from which I had  started.  "The patient was a boss carpenter. 1  got his address from the oculist and  made a bee line for the city. I had a  premonition that something very strange  was going to happen, and I wasn't disappointed. The carpenter was an honest old fellow, and told me without hesi  tation that he had received the bill fiorn  Mr. for  repairing  his   barn.     Mr  _2*as8_33��a�� as ass/8 ��_3S_2g?a___,  J0PLIN ZING MINES |  Seg_2g?aSS_5 S-���5g_3SS8_3SS8_SSS_53S  Zinc mining is rapialy becoming one I which has to be blasted down; some-  of the greatest of American industries. | times it lines cavities with drusy crys-  A few months ago the United States itals.  furnished but one-eighth of the world's  zinc supply, but the yield is increasing  to such an extent that America's proportion of the output of zinc ore will  soon be about one-fourth of the world's  supply.   Practically, all of the zinc ore  in the United States is mined in southwest Missouri, ah adjoining  county in  soiithea'st Kansas, and two counties in  northern    Arkansas.     The   Missouri  Kansas district; frequently called the  Joplin district; because Joplin is the  commercial centre of the mineral belt,  produced over six mill ion dollars' worth  of lead ore. This year, the output of zinc  ore will more than double that of last  year.  This district now produces about  seven-eighths of  the  zinc ore of the"  United States.   Most of the zinc arid all  of the lead are used in this country fbr  manufacturing* purposes, but the   de;  mand for American zinc ores and spelter in Europe are constantly increasing,  and several, large exportation of this  ore  have  recently, been made.   It is  shipped to the smelters in Belgium and  Wales    So.  anxious  a.re  the,, foreign  smelters to secure high-grade American  zinc that some of them have established  agencies in Joplin for the purchase of  zinc ore.  Although the zinc mines of the Joplin  district have yielded more than sixty  million dollars' worth of ore within the  last 25 years, it has been only within  the last five  vears that this mining lo-  Lysander John Appleton spends his  evenings huddled over tne dining room  fire, airl he sleeps in a cold bedroom  because he can't afford to burn any  more wood. In the parlor of the Apple-  ton house, however, a bright, cheery  fire burns every evening, and young  men find it so comfortable that they  makeit their loafing place all through  the winter. The Appleton girls pile  the fuel on with a generous hand, and  though Lysander John grumbles, it has  no effect. The young squirts who call  are nothing to. him; they would make  poor husbands if his (laughters married  them, and Lysander John can't afford  the fuel and gas, but Mrs. Lysander  John Appleton says these rights are  "due" the girls. If there is anything  "due" the father, lie will liave to go to  heaven to get it.  The Preacher's  Jo_<.   was the small grocer in whose bank  deposit the counterfeit had turned up.  I  flew for his store as fast as a cab could  carry me, and found it closed.  "He had skipped.    Afterward it was  found beyond question  that he was the  regular agent of a gang.    His shop was  a mere blind.   That the bill he gave the  carpenter should get back again into his  own till after  traveling all   around the  continent was one of those miracles of  chance for which there   is  no explana  tion." ______ *  The   Wrong House.  A weather beaten member of the tired  fraternity, who had lost a leg and had  it  replaced by. a   wooden substitute,  stumped his way up the main street of  a Lincolnshire village the other  day  and paused at the door of the first likely  looking dwelling. Knocking at the door  which was opened by a brisk, businesslike housewife, the man began his stereotyped whine:  "If ye please, mum, 1 lost my leg"���  And before he could unfold another  word of his tale the sharp retort came.*  "Aweel, ye didna lose it here!"  And bang went the door into the face  of the astonished tramp.  Be   Ready.  Total tons.  18.71*3  ROAD TO SILVER MOUNTAIN MINES.  The question of a wagon road to the  Silver mountain mines from the wagon  road already in use into New Denver, is  of more importance than one would  think for judging from the amount of interest taken in it by the public. The  development work that is being put upon  A story comes from Oklahoma which  shows that a clergyman may have a  pretty wit and yet be lacking in tact.  In tho course of his sermon, Rev. Mr.  Newby, new pastor of the Christian  church, at Guthrie, interjected the  question, "How many of you have read  the Bible?" Fifty hands went up.  "Good!" said the preacher. "Now,how  many of you have read the second  chapter of Judo?" Twenty-five hands  were raised     A wan  smile overspread  Physic should be thrown to the dogs,  but there are certain "household remedies'' and "first aids to the injured" that  should always be ready for use. Marion  Harland explains just what they are in  the first of the four volumes "Health  Topics" presented to each subscriber  who takes advantage of the clubbing  offer for 1900 of the W eeiriy Globe, which  has been' for over 55 years, and is now,  Canada's leading family newspaper, from  now to January 1, 1901, for one dollar,  and Marion Harland's latest book "Bits  of Common Sense," four volumes.. Sent  free; postage prepaid.  The number of persons born blind is  r.O to the million.  cality has been considered of any great  importance. Its output of zinc ore has  steadilj* increased, while the cost of  production has decreased. At the same  time the prices paid for this ore have  gone beyond anything ever dreamed of  by the most sanguine miners. In past  years, when zinc ore, or "jack," as it is  commonly called by the miners, was  selling at from ��15 to $20 a ton, the hope  of the miner was that some day it might  touch S30. ''Thirty-dollar jack" meant  to him a paradise of prosperity, a realization of all of life's brightest expectations. Last year the price of "jack '  not only reached $30, but passed upward to $40, and this year it has been  as high as $55. That the profits are  large may be inferred from the fact that  the average cost of production of zinc  ore is less than $15 per ton.  Zinc ore is usually found at a depth  of from 50 to_ 150 feet, while bodies, of  lead ore are often found within iO feet  of the surface; and sometimes just below tthe grass roots.   Three   different  zinc ores are obtained here,  chief of  which is the sulphide; the others being  the silicate *and carbonate    The sulphide is found in irregular bodies, or  "runs,"  as  the    miners   term   them  Sometimes the ore body  is nearly 100  feet in thickness and extends over several acres; sometimes it exists only in  small pockets.   The lands where zinc is  found are to all appearance ordinary  agricultural lands, some being covered  with   timber  and   others   being  open  prairie.   They are comparatively level.  Here one can see well cultivated farms  and orchards producing grain and fruit  on the. surface, while underneath zinc  and lead are being mined.    In some of  the towns in this district, mining is being done in the yards and gardens of  the residents.  The ore found here, mostly the sulphide and zinc, or spahlerite, whieh  occurs in several varieties, is distinguished chiefly by color, and is known  as "jack," "resin jack," and "black  jack." It is more abundant than the  other ores, and more valuable. It is  pure and of high grade, most of the ore  running from 60 to 62 per cent, metal,  while some of it is nearly chemically  pure, running 66 per cent metal and 33  per eeut sulphur. This ore has been  found.at various depths at from 30 to  800 "feet. Zinc ore is of irregular distribution, sometimes being found in thin  sheets in the crevasses of limestone;  sometimes in great chambers; sometimes buried in clay and;a mass of loose  material which can be excavated with  pick and shovel; sometimes it is disseminated; through solid breeciated rock,  For years zinc ore was taken out of  the mines of south western Missouri in  connection   with   lead  ores, and  was  thrown on the dump piles as worthless.  The miner*-* did not know what it was.  In 1874 this peculiar looking substance  was examined by a geologist and pronounced to be zinc ore.   Several wagon  loads weria hauled to the nearest railroad, i���boufc 100; miles away, and shipped to an Illinois smelter.   This led to  further shipments of the ore and, ultimately, to the establishment of smelters  in  this  locality.   Now  the zinc  ore,  which the early miners   cursed  as a  nuisance, brings to Joplin,morethan a  million dollars a month.   If the present-  rate of increase continues, the .output  will soon be double that amount, for  new mines are being opened in ..all directions; the district is expanding, and  improved machinery and better methods  of mining are being adopted,   in addition, many hew uses are being found  for zinc in manufacturing,  To form an adequate idea of the increase in the mineral output of this district, one has but to look at the aggregate ore sales for the past 12 years:  1888, lead and zinc. .       ��2,321,597  1889, .        .         .*���       .. 2,722,500  1890, .        .        .          . 3,367,687  1891, .         .         .          . 3,840,480  1892, .      ..        .          . 4.580,787  1893, .         .      .* .          . '3;817,632  1894, .        ...       .          . 3.535,736  1895,  3J77.l,979  1896  3,667,495  1897, .... 4,813,667  1898, .        .        . . 7,717,814  1899, estimated,      . .       15,000,000  About nine-tenths of the total was  derived from the sales of zinc ore, and  one-tenth from lead ore. There has  been a gradual falling off in the output  of lead ore, while the output of zinc ore  has been gradually increasing. This is  largely due to the big advance in the  price of zinc ore, which causes miners  to sink deeper and to go beyond the  lead to find the zinc, for except where  the two ores are found together, lead  ore is generally found at a less depth  than zinc ore.  Joplin, the commercial centre of the  mining district, is a busy city of 25,000  inhabitants, and is growing at the rate  of 1,000 people per month. New buila-  ings are going up everywhere, and in  the suburbs, on every side, are little  villages of canvas, inhabited by people  who cannot get houses to live in, and  are forced to occupy tents while waiting  for buildings. Webb City, with a population of 8,000, is four miles from Joplin. Adjoining it on the east is Carter-  ville, where isome of the oldest and  richest mines in the district are located.  The several mining camps, towns aud  cities in the district contain nearly 100,-  000 people.  Outside of the towns, this is a typical  region, full of mounds of flint, smokestacks   and   mills,   and    canopied   by  clouds of black  smoke from the mines.  Evidences of mineral wealth can be seen  on every hand.    Further evidences of  the district's wealth  may be seen in its  cities, where  line residences and business blocks have been built by men who  a few years ago were struggling for the  necessaries of life.   Joplin, Galena and  other places in the district have many a  "house that 'jack' built," for out of   the.  sales of the "jack" mined on their own  land, these zinc kings have grown rich  and   built   their    magnificent   homes.  Others have grown rich at one turn by  the sale of a mine, a lease or a tract  of  land.   Often a zinc  mine, with a plant  that cost about   .5,000, sells   at   from  $100,000   to   $200,000.     Mining   leases,  conveying producing- mines bring from  81,000 to $500,000,  and some mineral  laud in the district could not be bought  for $10,000 an acre, the owners prefer-,  ring to draw their royalties of ten per  cent of the ore this land produces.  A mile in less than one minute has  been ridden on a bicycle by Charles M.  Murphy, of New York.  There is  a   temperance society  on  board every ship in the British navy.  I__I_.__H_.__II THE LEDGE, NEv.  D1_.VEK, B.C., OCTOBER 26,   1899.  Seventh Year  The Ledge./  Published every Thursday.  R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Three months * .75  Six "  ,. ��� 1-25  Twelve  " a.00  THKEE YEAHS ������i.00  Transient Advertisin. , 25 cents per line first in  sertion, 10 cents per line subsequent insertions  nonpareil measurement.  TO CONTRIBUTORS.  C jrrespondenee from every part of the Kootenay  District and communications upon live topics  always acceptable. Write on both sides of the  paper if you wish. Always send something good  no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it  is hot, and we will do the rest  A pencil cross in this square  indicates that your subscription is due. and that the editor  wishes once ugain to look at  your collateral.  TBURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1899.  JCKAPs PROM THE EDITOR'S DESK  very fond of giving large donations  to the church. This is the way he  tries to square matters 'with his God.  If he would pay his girl clerks more  wages the poor creatures would not  have so much trouble, in keeping  their bodies from getting away with  their souls. Too many men of this  class like to parade their religious  generosity before the world, while  the white slaves who make the money  for them can scarcely afford a change  of clothes owing to the featherweight  condition of their wages.  A    CONTRAST.  If Lipton wants to win a yacht race  in America he should hire as captain  the editor ofthe late lamented Slocan  City News.  Eber Smith has started a daily  paper in Grand Forks. Eber is quite  a rustler, although his upper stope  has never been flooded bv the light  that comes from journalistic ability.  Wages and the price of commodities have greatly advanced in Canada during the past few months. If  the advance continues it will not be  long before minei. will require $4a  shift.   Before the war miners received  $4.86 a shift in the Transvaal. Since  the people over there got the military  tremens our wire, to Johannesburg  has gone down and we cannot find  out anything about the labor market.  The receipts at the Record Office in  New Denver last week were over  $800, Some people must be awake  in the Slocan, although some papers  on the outside would have it that we  ���are all related to Kip Van "Winkle in  the second act.  A firm in New York asks us to puff  a system they sell "For Keeping  Cows.".. We refuse to do it, but if they  have a system for keeping cows away  from our water barrel we will gladly  give them a puff that will make all  Gotham shut their eyes and think  they are in Kansas.  It is worth noting that, though  strongly urged by a representative  of mining men, (a Mr. Cuthbert) the  Victoria Board ot Trade recently refused l;o pass a resolution condemning  the miners' Eight-Hour Day legislation. The members wisely recognized that the limitation had come to  stay, as also that they were in no position to decide the issue raised with  any authority.  Members of labor unions are too  often careless about the way in which  they patronize the work of others.  For instance, a cigar maker will call  for a cigar out of a box with a union  label on it, but if he is buying a pair  of shoes he is not so particular about  the label. This is not good policy.  A union man should be as particular  about all other trades as his own. If  he is not labor must eventually suffer.  The Spokane Fruit Fair w,��s a  financial failure. If the management had spent more money on outside advertising and less on expensive bands the story might have been  different. They sent us about $1,000  worth of advertising and offered us in  payment a ticket to the fair grounds.  As we have plenty of wind in stock  we declined to advertise on these  terms, and their show became a shining failure.  HUNTING    FOR    (ILORT.  The Canadians are fond of fighting.  During the days when the United  States had the blue and gray pitted  against each other, 70,000 of Qhem  exploded bullets for the North, partly  for glory, and partly for the bounty  they received. Right now are to be  found hundreds of Canadians around  Manilla helping Uncle Sam to complete one of the greatest crimes of  history. The Boers in South Africa  have unpleasant feelings towards the  British at present, owing principally  to a rich belt of yellow metal in that  far-off land. The English can shovel  the Boers over the dump in a short  shift, but the Canucks are dead anx  ious to get in the scrap anyhow. The  war department of Great Britain is  buying supplies in the United States,  but that cuts no figure with the fight  ing Canuck. A thousand of them are  on their way to back up Buller and  thousands more are almost sobbing  because they cannot ro.  The Boers are doomed. They have  no quarrel with Canada, but still  many people of this glorious Dominion, led by seekers after military  glory are almost frothing at the  mouth because they cannot get somebody to hold their coats and give  them a show to boom the cemetery  business in Boerland.  This military fever is a fine thing,  and we hope it will stay with the  boys who have gone when they are  up against it ..in the trenches and  pumping lead into these awful Boers  and the surrounding scenery. We  are full of patriotism, but have no  desire to become more than a colonel"  by courtesy. We have listened to  the song of the bullet, and do not like  its music. It jars on our refined sense  of harmonious comfort. We have no  desire to hunt for a scrap .so tar from  home, consequently during the blood-  red time in Africa we will stay in the  Slocan. It is true that we might dis  tinguish ourself, and be sent back an  embalmed corpse, wrapped in the  Union Jack while all the world  talked about another dead hero. We  will take no chances of dying with  our shoes on, and leave New Denver's  greatest paper to the stern care of th*  sheriff.    That would never do.  In conclusion we will just say that  if the Boers break away from their  present restraint :tnd make a sortie  on New Denver, we will take our  bull pup and entertain the burghers  until their inanimate forms decorate  the formation, or we are compelled  to lift the curtain of fate and help the  angels push clouds. The Boers under  the circumstances will stay away  from the Slocan.  When the eight-nour law became  operative in the Slocan the manager  ofthe Rambler-Cariboo did not worry  about the conditions thrust upon him.  For years the shareholders had faith  in his judgment and put up their  money for development. Work ha*  gone steadily on, and the mine put in  shape to pay one cent monthly on  every share. Asa result this stock  is steadily advancing in price and  no one is alarmed about its future.  The Payne is a great mine. At a  meeting of its directors in Montreal  the other day it was decided to pass  the monthly dividend for fear that  the treasury would run out of money  before the labor trouble wa settled.  As a result of this meeting the stock  receded to the 84 mark, many of thc  holders evidently growing weary of  the management. It was said at this  meeting that the mine could earn if  necessary $100,000 a month, If so,  why not earn it? People who have  put money into mining stock soon  lose confidence and patience when  the dividends cease to exist. Less  avarice and more sense is required  by the Payne managers. Accept the  conditions existing in the camp, and  the press despatches will tell a different story.  If the mine is closed down or attempts made to run it wi-.h scab or  unskilled labor the stock will tumble  into the sump, and stay there until  wealthy manipulators choose to fish  it out.  h-j��-����j��~ ��-1*irT-*��- ~- *-���!__���_.___ f  oetreal.  Established  1817.  Capital (all paid up) $12,000,000.00  Reserved fund : : 6,000,000.00  Undivided profits :   5 1,102,792.72  HEAO    OFFICE,    MONTREAt.  Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Rostal, G.C.M.G. President.  Hon. G. A. Drummond, Vice President,  E. S. Clouston, General Manager,  Branches in all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and  the United States. ���    .   "  New Denver branch  E. PITT, Manager  -re'��*'ra*--^-<*i-ra*';-M*-^  "wn  PHOTOGRAPHERS  LOOK!  Cabinet Solio, _.-ln, go prepaid  Film Cartridge . ;��?..\:i':. .7">c.  other Siri>*pH<-.��, same rates.  O. STRATHEARX,  Kaslo, B. O.  U. S. RASHDALL.  Xut.-try Public.  A. K. FAUQUIER.  WE  Eft  5. ft"*'A s  Sn***��i  BRICK  FOR   SALE.  .mux ooettsc. k,  XEW DENVER.  He bossed his household out of sight,  He kept them in a horrid frig-lit.  He slapped the baby, beat his wife.  And raised a constant household strife.  But, oh, what tears bedew his face  In talking of the Dreyfus ease.  ������'.'�����...'���  '  The robin has within his jeans  A ticket reading New Or-leans;  This strange unrest within his breast  Is instinct, it must be confessed.  That jay who stands, so I have heard.  This northern winter, is a bird:  But he his insects must annex  Near Popocatapetl, Mex.  Established lSiiy. ���  E..M. SANDILANPS,  Judge���Your face is familiar. I've  seen you before.  Prisoner���Yes, vour honor, quite ol':  ten.  Judge���Ah ! What was the. charge tin-  last time I saw you ?  Prisoner���I think it was 15c. your  honor. I mixed a cocktail for you, !  believe-    Cove oysters and Queen olives are in  stock at Williams'.  SANDON, B.C.  Mining Stocks bought and Said.   G eneial A. _111  for SUk.ii Properties   ,    Promising*   Prospects F..r Sal.-.  . E. M. BRINDLF.  Watchmaker  and  Jeweler  New Denver,  RASHDALL & FAUQUIER  MINES & REAL ESTATE.  NEW DENVER, B.C.  .MlXiXG INTERESTS BOUGHT,   SOLD   and BONDED.       CORRESPONDENCE   INVITED   Abstracts of Title to mineral claims.  THE GATEWAY CITY AND DISTRIBUTING  POINT FOR THE BOUNDARY COUNTRY.  Grand opportunity for investments in Real  Estate, Fruit and Vegetable Farms, etc.  For information address-  J. A. SMITH.  Fellow Pilgrims  If you receive a copy of Tin: Lei-gi: without  being a sxibseriber. do nor be. alarmed. It will  not cost you an ytbin. . After as ay hi. it. if yon  care to dig* up, you can give, no offense by sending in your collateral. The annual assessment  is $2, but. if you are financially in the _imp scud  in), and for six months you will have all the  blessings that this paper can bestow upon you.  The circulation is limited to one million, so do  not dally too Ion.   with procrastination.  R. T. LOWERY.  Orders by mail receive prompt at  tention.   EB. Dunlop  BARBER AND HAIRDRESSER.  Children's Hair CniTiufj a Speeiahy.  SLOCAN   CITY, - - 13. C.  NOTICE.  ���IHAS.  E.  STKI. KLAXU  will  o.-llc.-r  all ne-  ..'    cuius due me and g-.vo ivn .;.'. !..'��� the same.  I'. A    MUXI.'O.  New Deliver. Sept. 14.-1SHP.  The Clifton House,  Sandon.  Has ample accommodations for a large number of people.     The rooms are large  and airy, and the Dining Room is provided with everything  in the market  ,. .  ��� Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers.  John Buckle}', Prop.  SLOCAN CITY, B. C.  T"*-    G.  FAUQUIER.  NOTARY PUBLK.  Nnkusp. B.C.  Heavy and Shelf Hardware.        Jessop's and Canton Drill  Steel.       Stoves, Tin and Granite Ware.  We are handling; all kinds of  Blasting', Mining and Sporting Powders.    Also Blacksmith's  Coal.    Lumber, Sash and Doors.  On   Tuesday   the    Nelson   Miner  printed  a   long:   effusion   about thc j  Cceur d'Alene miners and the Miner's I Drug & t$ook Store  Otter Baits  Large size for trolling- for  big fish now in stock; also  small  Spoon Baits  and Trolling .Lines,  Gaff Hooks, Etc.  Nelson's  Lines th  At this time of the year we are all  more or less on the look out for the best  place to purchase our winter wear.  Some are more fanciful than others and  want the very best qualities. For our  part we always advocate that the best  is the cheapest in the end���especially  so with Underwear���but be this as it  may, we can suit tlie most fastidious.  Hill Bros.  .Manufacturers of  Union of New Denver. Before regu-1  lating all the affairs in this part of;  the universe our learned patrician \  contemporary should take the hay j  out ot its eyes and read up on the \  district it endeavors to place in the j  arras of Morpheus. New Denver may !  have soon, but it never has had, a i  miners' union. ���  New Denver, B. C.  Sunday hours: -' to i> p. in.  JOHN WILLIAMS  Dealer in  IMPORTED  A D DOMESTIC CIGARS  AN0TOBACCOES,  PIPES, &C.  Ladies'fine Woollen  Underwear, per suit $1.60  Gents' fine Woollen Underwear,   siws- ��1.50, *2, ��2.50, $5  Ribbed and plain, all :  per suit Sgr  The world still assays high in mystery.    We found two dollars  in our  coat pocket  this  week   and   cannot  recollect how it got there,      Any of |Van Camp Lunch Goods,   Confection  our  readers who   can clear up   the \ crv anf] j>uit.  mystery can have this small fortune I    by paying for this notice and taking  the unwashed lucre away from our  vision ere  plutocratic passion plays | Newmarket Block. New Denver  with our wild soul and tempts us to  worship that god before whose classical features the world kneels in its  daily prayer for more. We reler to  the mighty dollar.  Gloves and Mitts, both Ladies' and  Gents', in any quality and price, from  the wool at 25c, to the Mocha with silk  lining at 82.25.  Ladies' and Gents' Cashmere and  Woolen Hose, 35c, 40c, 50c, (iOc a pair  Men's heavy weight Black Mackinaw Suits, $7.50���splendid value.  Men's and Boys'Woollen Sweaters,  Red, Black, Hether, Green.  Rubbers and Manitobas, in sizes  for Men. Women and Children.  Lumberman's 2-buckle Blizzard  and Yukon lace���also Hip and Knee  Br.*.  F.  W. JORDAN & CO., Nakusp.  BATHS IN CONNECTION.  H. D. CURTIS,  Notary Public.  Mines;  Real  Estate;   Insurance;  accountant.  a _,_,_*.���, *��� ,_  i-v,_ -p���rf ���,__ uJ    Abstracts of Title Furnished,,  A merchant in  the  Last wno has  made a fortune out of cheap labor, is | SLOCAN   CITY,   B.  C.  NEW DENVER,   B. C.  Provides ample and pleasant accommodation lor the traveling public.  Telegrams for rooms promptly attended  to.  HENRY STEGE, - - -     * . Proprietor.  Imported  Goods of rough  texture  are Popular  this season.  and  Shingles  Orders   shipped to all parts of the  Country.      Mill  at head of  ���Slocan Lake. ���  Postoffice address, Rosebery.  HOTEL  J. & R. D. CAMERON,  Tailors. Sandon.  XV. S. l.iKWJIV  Ka.-lo. H.C  H. T. Twig(i  New Denver, B.C.  DREWRY & TWIGG  Dominion and Provincial Land Surveyors  Civil and Mining Engineers  Bedford. McNeil Code.  itgTRastidiill & I'.-uupiier. A_ent��.  ]-JOWARD WEST,  Assoc. K S M. London. Eng  MINING ENGINEEK,  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST.  '    & ASSAYER.  Properties   examined    and   reported on  ft _**   n>  tending purclm.��er��.  Assay office and Chemical  Laboratory. Helle-  vneaive. New Denver, P.O.  CTORIA  JOHN V. PERKS, Prop.  HEATED BV il AT A I p  and Electric n W I Mm  Bells and Light in every room....  Large and well lighted Sample Rooms  Hourly Street Car between hotel and  Station. Free bus meets nil trains.....  Reasonable Rates.  >^s^^b_^REVELSTOKE  Night grill room in connection for the  convenience of guests arriving and departing by night trains.  J^f L. GRIMMETT, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,  Solicitor. Notary Public, Etc.  Sandon, B. C.  Branch office at New Denver every  Saturdav. Seventh Year.  THE LEDttE, NEW DENVER, B.C., OCTOBER 26 1899.  THE   3IAN"   WITH   THE   HOB.  Bowed by the weight of centuries, he  leans  Upon his hoe and gazes on the ground,  The emptiness of ages in his face  And on his back the  burden of the  world.  Who made  him dead to rapture and  despair���  A thing that grieves not and that never  Hopes���  Stolid and stunned, a brother to the ox?  Who loosened and let down his brutal  jaw?  Whose was the hand that slanted back  this brow?  Whose breath blew out the light within  this brain?  Is this the thing the Lord God made  and gave -  To have dominion over sea and land,  To trace the stars and to search the  heavens for power  'no feel the passioh of eternity?  Is this the dream He dreamed who shaped the suns  And pillared the blue firmament with  light?  Down all ',he stretch of hell, to its last  gulf, '���''���'<..'  There is no shape more terrible than  this,  More  tongued   with  censures   of  the  'world? blind greed-  More filled with signs and portents for  the soul���  with  menace to the universe.  INTERESTING   ITEMS.  More fraught  What gulf between him and the sera-  plum?  Slave of the wheel of labor, what to him  Are Plato and the swing of Pleiades?  What thc long reaches of the peaks of  song,  The rift of dawn, the reddening of the  rose?  Through this dark: shape the suffering  ages look. ,    ��� ���  Time's tragedy is that aching stoop.  Through this dread shape humanity,  betrayed,  Plundered, profaned and disinherited,  Cries protest to the Judges ofthe World,  A pro test that is also prophecy.  O masters, lords and rulers in all lands,  Is this the handiwork you give to God���  This   monstrous   thing, distorted   and  soul-quenched?  How will you ever straighten up this  shape-  Give back the upward  looking and the  light,  Rebuild in it the music and the dream,  Touch it again with immortality,  Make right the immemorial infamies,  Perfidious wrongs, irremediable woes?  <) masters, lords and rulers in all lands,  How will the Future reckon with this  Man?  How answer his brute question in that  hour  When whirlwinds of rebellion shake the  world?  How will it be with kingdoms and with  kings���  With those who shaped him for  the  thing he is���  When this dumb Terror shall reply to  God.  After the silence of the centuries? .   ;  ���Edwin Markham.  PA   SHAVED     OF**     HIS    WHISKKKS.  I haven't had  such  jolly  fun  fur forty  thousand years,  Jes' laughed  until  I thought my eyes  was runnin' out in tears,  An' ma she slapped  me on my back  to  help me ketch my breath,  An'  said she couldn't   blame me   if I  laughed myself to death !  My ribs got sore lik" they was biles, my  head got achin', and  My inside fixin's hurt like they had more  than they could stand,  An' every time I see him yet I have to  fetch a giin,  Because  he looks so  orful  queer  with  nothin' on his chin !  There never was a father's son  That had such jolly, roarin' fun  As me, since children was begun,  Since pa shaved  off his whiskers !  He blushed jes' like a  giggly girl when  he come home that night,  .   An'ma, she met him  at the door an'  nodded real polite,  An' asked  him   if  he'd   not come in, a-  lookin' of him o'er  Jes' like she was a-wonderin' \vh6re'she'd  sueiv them clothes afore.  She  offered  him   the  rockin' cheer an'  aske 1 him fur his hat,  Air when she hung it up she looked suspiciously at that,  An' him a-grinnin' all   the time, an' her  a-lookin' skeered,  An'mea-sizin'of  him   up  an'honestly  a lea rd ! * -  -  But when he looked almighty shy  At me, an' winked his other eye,  I yelled to bust:  "Why, ma,  the guy  Is pa, shaved off his whiskers." "  l'a heaved back in the rockin' cheer, and  fetched a big "Haw-haw!"  1 had a real hysterics lit an'roared an'  squealed, an' ma  She stood  like  she  was  paralyzed  an'  stared in stupid way,  Jee' like to  save  her  life she couldn't  think of what to say.  An' then she reached her fingers out an'  rubbed 'em on his chin,  A n' darned if either one of 'em  could do  a thing but grin !  An' then she stooped  an' tuk a kiss, an'  say, I'll jes be blamed,  That orful   naked   mouth   o'pa's looked  like it was u-shiuii. d !  'Twas orful mean of me, 1 know,  But I jes' had to laugh or go  Insane, it paralyzed me so,  When pa shaved off his whiskers!  Wl ifii in a regained  her  consciousness I  heard her softly say :  "Why, Willyum, you  hain't looked  so  young fur many and many a day!  Look somethin' like you useter look them  times when me an' you  Was courtin'up to   married life, indeed,  indeed, yon do!"  An' there she sot upon his knee a-feelin'  of his chin,  Jes'   like  they  was a-lovin'   pair   that  wasn't any kin :  An' tne a-rollin' on   the floor jes' like a  dyin' calf,  Fur every time I'd   take a peep at pa I'd  have to laugh!  But now he doesn't look so bad,  An' never was-a prouder lad  Than me to have so young a dad,  *   Since pa shaved off his whiskers!  ���Denver Evening Post.  The length of the world's railways is  more than seventeen-times the circumference of the earth at the equator.  The Bank of England was opened 202  years ago.  The Thibetans have a week of five  days named after iron, wood, water,  feathers and earth.  No more *"han one couple in 10,000  live to celebrate their diamond vved-  ding���the sixtieth anniversary.  Pease are shelled, berries sorted, and  fruits pealed by machinery, but nothing  has been invented that will husk corn  or string beans.  Both in Great Britain and in America  new words are constantly being made  to fill the needs of modern inventions.  To give some idea of the tremendous  growth of the langnage, the English  words and phrases under the letter A  have increased in fifty years from 7,000  to nearly 60,000.  About four millions of false teeth are  manufactured every year in the United  States, and it has been calculated that  tiie dentists of that country pack away  about a ton of gold, and three times  that weight of silver and platinum, into  the teeth of their patients, the value of  tlie metal being estimated at fully.Si,-  000,000.  A curious custom still survives at  Yarmouth, by which the town is compelled by law to supply "a hundred herrings yearly to the sheriffs of Norwich,  bilked in 24 pies or pasties, and thence  sent to the Lord of the Manor of East  Clareton, who is to convey them to the  King." They are still sent to the  Queen's clerk of the kitchen,  The Queen has a great dislike to  typewritten communications, and, does  not allow any documents that are supposed to emanate from the Sovereign to  be typewritten. The Czarina. o;i the  other hand) has taken a great fancy to  the typewriter, and is the owner of a1  machine witli type bars of gold and the  frameset with pearls.  It is said that the Pope owes much of  his long and vigorous life to the healthy,  outdoor pastimes he enjoyed when a  hoy. With his dog and, gun he would-  tramp for miles over the mountains in  pursuit of game. Nevertheless, he was  a studious boy, wrote Latin' verses at'  tlie age of eleven, and passed his examinations at the Roman College with  such distinction- that a special record  was made of it in the archives of the  college.  Alice McMahon. 105 years of age.who j  recently arrived at Queenstown, on  board the Cunard liner fimbria, after a  residence of 101 years in America, is an  interesting- old lady. She is a spinster,  and says that, she never had a sweetheart. She went to America wht-oi she  was four years of age,and has now come  home to die. Miss McMahon has not a  grey hair in her head, has ahvays been  an early riser, has invariably lived a  regular life, and has occasionally taken  a drop of whiskey. She has never suffered from ill health. The old lady  wept when she was informed that she  had reached Ireland.  The Sultan of Turkey arises at six  o'clock every morning and devotes his  days, in the seclusion of the-Vildiss palace and gardens, to personal attention  to affairs of state. He isjof slight figure.  A pal�� brown overcoat conceals any  decorations he may be wearing, so that  the attention of those that see him on  the one day in seven when he presents  himself to the view of the people is not  diverted from his pale, wan, and careworn face, half covered by a thin brown  beard, tinged with grey, and surmounted by a plain red fez. The sultan has  been the means of establishing 50,000  schools throughout his empire, not only  for boys, but for girls also���a striking-  departure from the usual, usage of his  race.      .      .  POINTED    PARAGRAPHS.  The up-to-date book agent now wears  a canvas suit.  Williams reoeives orders and ships  fruit to any part of the Slocan.  Corn bread will go much farther in a  hungry family than will philosophy.  Ladies will wear their skirts longer  in December than in November���one  day longer.  Good resolutions should be reduced  to writing. Memory is a treacherous  thing.  Smokeless powder may reveal the  horrors of war, but it conceals the ravages of time^  When a man gets mixed up with a  wasp's nest in the garret, he thinks regardless of language. ���-_-  The tea kettle sings when it is merely  full of boiling water; but man, proud  man, is no tea kettle.  Nesbitt receives regular consignments of choice and seasonable fruit.  His store is in the Bosun block.  Xew Inventions.  Below is a list of new inventions recently patented by Canadian inventors,  through the agency of Messrs Marion  &   Marion,  New   fork  Life building  Montreal:  J.  F. Grimmett,   Boissevain, Man.,  Self-rocking Cradle,-   J.  B.  Hill,  Win  Chester, Ont., cutting hat* for mowing  machine; J. H.  Underwood, Calhoun.  N. B., bag holder;   A.   Grenier, Vancouver. B. C, weeder and cultivator;  Daniel Sullivan, Dominion City, Man.,  drain ditching plow; A. Urquhart, Fort  QuAppelle, N.W.T.,  snap for harness;  Thomas Fortier,  Waterloo, P Q., attachment for plows; Delphi*-: Denis, St.  Benoit, P.Q., potato digger; David Hol-  ford, Birtle, Man.,  device for supporting horses heads:   N. L. Gobeille, St.  Hyacinthe, P. 0 , attachment for plows.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  Alice   Fractional,     Spokane    and    Last  Chance No. 4 Mineral Claims.  Situate in the ��?locmi Mining Division of West  Kootenay District. Where located: In  Best Basin.  ���PAKE NOTICE, That I, Herbert Twigg*. Hfrerit  I for James A. McDonell. Free Miner's Certificate No. _2_>_i, Intend, fiO days from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for  Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant of each of the above  claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37. must be commenced before the  issuance of such certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 12th day of October, 18!.  .  012 HERBERT T. TWIGG.  Canadian  ANDSOO LINE.  Between  Hustler .Fraction Mineral Claim.  The room in which, according to tradition, James I. knighted the huge  joint of beef on which he. feasted, and  which has in consequence been known  6ince that time as a sirloin, is to be seen  in Friday Hill House, near Chingford.  The very table on which the act was  performed is also visible,forthe inscription on, a plate fixed to the table declares "all lovers of roast beef will like  to know that on this table a loin was  knighted by James I., on his return  from hunting in Epping Forest."  Such Sound Sweet Spuds are Seldom  Seen in the Selebrated Silvery Slocan as  Williams Will Willingly Persist People  Patronizing him to Purchase. These  spuds are raised in the south especially  for the use of northern folks, and Williams intends to keep them in sight all  winter. The demand could be largely  increased if by way of a premium he  would throw in an occasional fat 'possum. ������,'''*  WANTED!  2 500 Miners ss_^  <!rous Mines of British Columbia, at the following prices per day of eif,rht hours-  Hand Drillers.... .....���_..)  Machine Men 3.50  Miners in shafts 3.5(1 to ���*. .00  Carmen 2.50 to   S.OU  Shovellers ....   2.50  Laborers   2.50  Blacksmiths  3.50 to   1.00  Timbermen  3.50 to  4.00  ������Apply to���  THE SILVER-LEAD MINES ASSOCIATION.  Sainton  British Columbia.  Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West  Kootenay District. Where located: Adjoining the town of Three Forks.  'PAKE NOTICE That I Ernest Harrop. Free  1 Miner's Certificate No B14082, recorded holder  of a one-half (.') undivided interest, as agent for  Geo. A. Petty, recorded holder of a one-half 0)  undivided interest, Free Miner's Certificate  BI3030, intend sixty days from the date hereof  to apply to the Miniiip* Recorder for a certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtain  in_r Crown a grant of the ahove claini.  And further take notice that action under section H7 must be commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 4th day of October. 1801.  012 ERNEST HARROP.  The direct route from  Kootenay Country  to all points East and West.  First-Class Sleepers on all trains rrom  Revelstoke and Kootenay Ldg.  Legal Tender Mhi��ni] Claim.  Situate in llie Sloean Mining Division of West  Kootenay District. Where located: A relocation ofFree Coinage near the Noble Five  Mineral Claim.  ���TAKE NOTICE, That I, Charles S. Rashdall, of  1 New Denver, B. C. acting as agent for  .fames Wilson, free miner's certiiicate Xo.31<l24 A,  James Wilson as administrator ofthe, estate of IS.  C. I'ease, deceased, Lewis W Toms, free miner's  certificate B17021 and Caleb A. Freeman, free  miner's certificate No. 33227A, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that action, under sec  tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st day of October, 1899.  CHARLES S. RASHDALL  Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat daily  for St, Paul; Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto; Fridays  for Montreal and Boston.  Same cars pass Revelstoke one day  earlier.  Slocan City  Furnishes accommodations  to the traveling public  equal to any on Sloc.in  Lake. Comfortable beds  and tasty meals. The best  brands of liquors and  cigars on the market.  Lot 2001���Eldorado Mineral Cluiiu  Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West  Kootenay District.      Where   located:     In  Noble V. Gulch about one mile east of Sandon. adjoining the Mollie.  T>AKE NOTICE' that I. Robert   E.  Palmer.  1    agent for Edward Mahon, F M. C. No. 94537,  Harold Seloiis, F. M. C. So. 98142. and JarneB  Rae, F. M. C. No. 2423A.intend, sixty days from  the date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a certificate of improvements for the purpose  of obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under section 37 must be commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 5th day of October. 1899.  ofl R. E. PALMER.  I'U.NNKC'riQNS  Revelstoke and main line points.  8:55k Dly: lv ���DenverC. Siding���nr: Dailv 15:30k.  8:15k ex. Sun: lv N.Denver Ldg: ar ex, Suii. 15:40k  KOSSI.AN1), NKLSOX Cl'Ow'S   NEST   IIIIAXCH   AND  llOU.S'DARY COUNTHY.  9.50k ex.  Sun: lv N.Denver Ldg: arex.Sun 13.30k  TO ANI> KltO.M SANDON  L .30k dly lv..... .Denver C. Sdg ar dly 8.55k  13 30k ex Sun lv. .N Denver Ldg.ar ex Sun 9.50k  Ascertain rates and  full  information   by addressing nearest local agent or���  G. B. GARRETT, Agent New Denver.  W. F. Anderson, Trav.  Pass. Agt.. Nelson.  E. .1. Coyle, A. G. P. Agt., Vancouver.  ft  SYSTEM,  Best   Fraction  and   Humphrey   Mineral  Claims.  THOS. LAKE, Prop.  THE  K  ASLO HOTEL  Family & Commercial.  New Denver  Transportation  & Light Co.  PALM A ANGRIGNON, PROPRIETOR.  General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.  Saddle Horses and Pack Animals.  Feed Stables at New Denver.  J. E. Angrignon  The Leading  Hairdresser  Or  never  so   poor,   that   it  could not be made better by  NEWSPAPER  ADVERTISING  in a judicious, pains-taking  I �� ,i way, and the circulation of  V V neatly    printed,     attractive  BUSINESS  STATIONERY  in  the  ordinary  channels of  _-ade   and    correspondence.  L  arge  And  Comfortable  Rooms  Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West  Kootenay District.      XVhere located:  In  McGuigan Basin, adjacent to the Rambler  and Best mines.  i-pAKE NOTICE That I, Alex Sproat, acting as  1    agent for the Rambler-Cariboo Mines  Ltd.  F. M. C. No. B. I2i'89. intend, sixty days lrom the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a crown  grant of the above claim.  And farther take notice that action under Sec.  37 must'be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.  Dated this 27th day of September. ]8fli).  NELSON & FORT SHEPPA RD CO.  RED MOUNTAIN RY CO.  The all rail and direct route  between   the  Kootenay  ..District and..  All British Columbia Fonts  Pacific Coast Points  Puget Sound Points  Eastern Canada and the  United States.  Connects at. Spokane with  GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY  NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILWAY  O. R. R. & NAVIGATION CO.  Tjincou Mineral Claim.  Ttv__     i.i i ' '"vscii iniu co-owners,   line  r ltteci with' every modern i ***clatu hereof, to apply to t  r< .    , ! for a Certificate ,of Improve  convenience.   Special protec-1 lwseof obtaining a crown <  tion against fire.  Rates $2.50  and $3 per day.  COCKLE & PAP WORTH,  Proprietor h.  Situate in the Arrow Lake Mining Division of  West Kootenay District. . Where, located:  On Lincon Gulch, north of Cariboo creek.  TiAKE NOTICE. That I, George Alexander,  1 Free Miners' Certificate No 74000. acting for  myself and co-owners, intend, sixty flays from  the  Mining Recorder  ments, lor the pur-  Grant of the above  claim  And further take notice that action under section 37 must he commenced before lhe issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this lflt.h day of Septcnilier. 18951.  s-'l GEORGE ALEXANDER.  Hcloiiii Mineral Claim.  in  If it's an increase of business  you are after you can get it.  The quickest way about it is  to advertise through the  columns of The Ledge���the  most widely-read paper in  the mining- region. It goes  into  every  home in Slncan  New Oeirwei.  Sandon  . Kaslo  WMfewateir  S3ocam  City  Sf|vertoin  AM Mining Camps,  The  Ixland  House,  Nakusp,  a comfort., ile lioiel for travellers  to stop a t.  Mrs, McDougald.  Situate in tiie Slocan Mining Division of West  Kootenay District.. Where located: On  Wakefield Mountain.  'PAKE NOTICE That I. Clms. E. Hope, f*_e  L minor's ci-rtiiicnie Nc. TiityA. intend, sixty  days from the date hereof to apply to the  'Mining Recorder fur certificates " cf improvement's for the i-inyose of obtaining a Crown  grant of the above claim.  And further laid: notice that action tinder section M7 nui. . I. 'commenced before tlie issuance  o'' sr.c-h certiiicate of improvements.  Dated this .ttli dav of Aiumst*.. 18!):)  .".ol " CHAS. E. HOPE.  Leaves Nelson 9:10 a. m.  Maps furnished, Tickets sold and information  given by local and connecting line Ticket agents  H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T. A.  Spokane, Wash  KOOTENAY    RAILWAY  & NAVIGATION CO.  Operating Kaslo & Slocanli.ilway,  International  Navigation &  Trading  Company,  Travelers  Will find the  Arlington Hotel  a pleasanl place to slop at when in  SI can City.  GETH1NG & HENDERSON. Proprietors!  J. ..I. M.' HENEDUM,  Silverton. ASSAYER.  Golden Crown Mineral  Claim.  -ntnated in the Slocan City Minim: Division of  West Kootenay District.     Whore located:  On Springer Creek,  about, three miles from  Slocan City.  'PAKE NOTICE That I. Chas.  E.   Hope, free  1    miner's- ceitnieate Xo. 7!KlaA. intend, tin days  from  the. date  hereof,  to apply to the Mining*  Recorder for a certificate of improvements for  Che purpose of obtaining a crown irraii' of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action under section 37must he commenced before the issuance  ol such certiiicate. of improvemcnls.  Dated this -.Mth day of August, is. ii. *  a31 CHAS   E   HOPE.  KASLO & SLOCAN RAILWAY.  Schedule of Time.     Pacific Standard  ���Time���  Passenger  train for Sandon   and  way stations leaves  Kaslo at 8:00 a  m. daily,   returning,   leaves Sandon  at 1:15  |'.   ra..   arriving at    aslo at  3:55 p. in.  Adv<  Bosun Block, New Denver, B,  FRED J. SQUIRE \  Nelson, B. C. j  Merchant Tailor.  Fiill Line of Suitings and I  Trouserings aJwavs on hand, i   : : I  F. L. CHRISTIE, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,  SOLICITOR, Etc. |  NOTARY PUBLIC.   ' - ���   j  Every Friday at Silverton. SANDON, B. C i  Tn this advanced age it is  out of business gear to attempt to carry on any business without suitable printed  stationery. You should be  supplied with good  quality  Letter Heads  BI33 Heads  Statements  Note Heads  Hemo Heads  C3ma lairs  Envelopes  Anything Wanted  Call or address���  THK LEDGE,  Ii. T. JXnVEKY,  Editor and Financier.  J.K.CLARK,  MINES  and MINING  Reports,  JvNPininatioiis  ment.  NEW DENVER  and Manage-  B. C.  By using the New Denver envelope in your  correspondence. Printed with your name in  the return corner, and  sold   bv  The Ledge at  1.  FIKST HUNDRKI .  P1FTV   OI-NTS  ijitioii.il hunrtn-fl.  ''Hell    ;l(l-  ji��0iW��@��@��O����@��  DR. MILLOY,  DENTIST  ROSSLAND.  <_*_N����9*$_*��  Best meals  New Denver, B.C.  a. jacobson & co.. Props  in  the  city���Comfortable  rooms���Bar replete  with the best of  Liquors and Cigars���Best service throughout.  INTERNATIONAL    NAVIGATION  & TRADING CO.,   operating on  Kootenay Lake and River.  S.  S.  INTERNATIONAL  Leaves Kaslo tot* Nelson at 6:00 a.  m., daily except Sunday. Returning  leaves Nelson at 4:30 p. ni.. calling  at Balfour, Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and  all way points.  Connections with S. F. & N. train  to and from Spokane at Five Mile  Point; also with str. Alberta to and  from Bonner's Ferry, Idaho.  S. S. AD BERT A.  Leaves Nelson for Bonner's F�� rry,  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  at 7 a ni., connecting with steamer  International from Kaslo at Pilot Bay.  Retur ling leaves Bonner's Ferry at  7:00 a. ni., Wednesdays, Fridays  and Sundays, connecting with str.  International for Kaslo, Lardo and  Argenta. Direct connections made at  Bonner's Ferry with Great Northern.  Railway for all  points east and west.  LAKDO-DUNCAN  DIVISION.  Steamer International leaves Kaslo  for Lardo and Argenta at 8:15 p. m.  Wednesdays and Fridays.     Steamer  Alberta leaves Kaslo fur Lardo and  Argenta at 8 p.m. Sundays.  Steamers call at principal landings  in both directions, and at other points  when signalled.  ic kets sol i to all point * Ca^ ada  and the United Statas. o ascertain  rates and full information,   address���  Robert Irving, Manager.  S. Campbell, Kaslo, B. C.  Freight and Ticket Agt.,   Sandon.  ATLANTIC STEAMSHI^TICKETS.  To and from European  points via Cannrtian  and American lines.     Apply    for ..riling rint.es  rate?, tickets and  full  information   t'> any C.  Ry a^ent or���  . . B. GARRETT,  C. V. R. Agent. New Denver.  W. 1*. F. Cninmings. 1 . S. S. Apt... Wiunij ep.  I)  R. A. .    MARSHALL.  Dentist.  Kaslo, I* C  ("rnduat. of American C'ollefreof Denial Surgery  Chicago THE LEDGrE, NEW DENVER, B.C., OCTOBER 26, 1899.  Sevenths Xbar  MINING   RECORDS  his business.   This is evidenced by the  fact that the only successful merchants  ihe following is a complete list of the  are the ones who utilize all their adver  mining transactions recorded curing the  tising possibilities on every occasion.  Whenever a merchant declines to listen to an advertising proposition, it  may be set down as an indubitable fact  that he is either bull headed or lacking  in business acumen.  It has been demonstrated that those  who have the greatest faith in advertising are those who score the greatest  succssses; while, on the other hand,  there have been many fortunes lost by  an obstinate refusal to believe in printer's ink.  There are doubtless just as good patent medicines on the market as those  that are sold in such immense quantities, but they fail to find a market because their manufacturers lack confidence in themselves or their goods to  spend money to bring them before the  public. On the same principle there  are unquestionably small dealers whose  cupidity obstructs the way to success,  for, if they would in vest a comparatively, or even a ridiculour.lv, small sum in  advertising, they would attain full  limits of their possibilities. The people  must be coaxed; there is no better way  to coax them than through the medium  of printer 'a ink.  Hence, the dealer, no matter how remote he may be located, who has any  advertising possibilities, and does not  week in the several mining divisions of  the Slocan. Those of New Derive- were  as follows:���  LOCATIONS.  Oct 10���Lipton, Washington basin, H  T Twigg.  Ll���Old Maid, Four Mile cr, W S  Clark. Snowshoe. divide Granite and  Brindle cr, W A Keith.  13���After Math, Vancouver cr, J Fin-  lay sr, J Finlay jr.  14���Iselin, Paynemt, E M Sandilands,  IB���V Fraction No 2, Howson cr, D  Cameron Halifax Fraction, nr Sandon, L Craig.  17���Surprise Fr, n fk Carpenter cr, D  Peterson.  18���Roben Ruff, Best basin, J C Ryan.  20���Munroe, Carpenter cr, Dan McLeod.   Snow Bird, Red mt, H Hyland.  ASSESSMENTS.      ,  (By payment of .100 in lieu of work.)  Oct f-0���Hcber fr. 14���Best fr. 17���  J C, Charlotte, Herbert. Carbonate  King. 21���Winnipeg. 22���Eastern.  (Certificates of Work.)  Oct 10���Denmore, Formosa. U���Ram,  Polo. .12���Alma, Pleasant View. 13���  Jessie, Chicago, Madison Extension,  Little'Giant. 14���Black Colt, Waterloo. 10���Storinont, Illinois, Edith,  Perseverance. 17���Kilpie. 18���Jumbo, Rattler. 20���Kaslo Fr, Tom Bowling, Yukon. 21���Norma, Profeshnil,  Pinacle, Emblem, Lake Shore, Cross  Koads.  TRAN8FEKS.  Oct 9���Standard and Moncton, John  Docksteader to Geo B Dean, agreement  to sell for $12,000, Oct 7.  11���Standard and Moncton, J interest  in bond, Geo B Dean to L B Keyser,  Oct 9.  Oct 12���Thereso, C W Harrington to  W E Gomm, July 17.  Archie Fr, \, J Potter to W J McMillan, Sept 28. .    ,,  Iron Clad, Eagle, Emliy Edith Fr,  Eagle Fr, all hit, A Wild to M E Ram-  melmeyer. Feb 12,1898.  Same claims, 1-5, P Allaffer to M E  Rammelmeyer, Feb 12, 1898.  Centaur, all int, M E Rammelmeyer  to C E Hope, June 16.  Iron Clad, Eagle, Emlia Edith Fr,  Ea'gi'e Fr> all int, C McNicholl to M E  Rammelmeyer, Feb 12. 1898.  Hastings, J, H S Nelson to C E  Smitheringale, Sept 25.  Oct 13���Little Giant, J, G Fairbairn  to D Salk, Oct 11.  Shoshone, J, C McNicholl to D A Van  Dora, Sept 18. Shoshone, if, D A Van  Dorn to E Pitt, Oct 12.  Oct 14��� V Fraction, f, A J Becker to  Scottish Colonial Co., Oct ll.  Morn Fr, f, same to same, Oct 11.  High Ore Fr, |, J Batt to Scottish  Colonial Co, Oct 10.  Cape Fr, |, same to same, Oct 10.  Morn Fr, %, A J Becker to Geo W  Hughes, Oct 11.  V Fraction, %, same to same, Oct 11.  Cape Fraction, %, J Batt to Geo W  Hughes, Oct 10.  High Ore Fr, 3_j same to same, OctlO  Oct 17���St Clair, all int, J A Ginty to  J H Moran, Aug 14. Home Run, all  int, same to same, Aug 14.  Deception, Lone Star, Colonel Sellers,  i each, L H. 603-1000, J Tinling to W  Hunter, Aug 4.  Jehova Fr, ., A Mullan to D Peterson, ��100, Sept" 18.  Oct 18���Snowdon, \, R McDonald to  C French, Aug 31.  Oct 20���No 3 Fraction, all, J M Martin to Geo W Hughes, ��6,000, June 29,  1897.  Portland, all claims released by Geo  B Dean, Aug 10.  take advantage of them, is doing himself and his business an irreparable injury. ___  IXVOOATION.  AINSWORTH   DIVISION.  LOCATIONS.  Sept 29���Colusa, Blue Ridge mt, J  Foster and H Nivin. Annexed No 2fr,  Jackson basin, L A Hunter. Tamba,  Woodbury cr, J E Otis.  28���Lone Brie, Kaslo cr, C W Greenlee.  Sept 23���Blue Bird, Duncan river, D  Crawford.  25���Copper King, Houser lake, A  McMillan.  30���Ironsides fr, Hot Springs camp,  F Strobeck. Iron King, Campbell cr,  Wm Shackleton. Mollv Carey, same,  M M Guyman. Lake View, same, C G  Simpson".  Oct 2���Endepender, Kaslo cr, S W  Pearson. Silver Cup, Canyon cr, E  Gosslan.    Minnie, J Vallance.  3���Duluth, Jackson Basin, J W Bell.  ASSESSMENTS.  Sept 27���Summit, Montana, Gold  Dollar, Silver Dollar, Coin, Gem, Harrison. 28���Hidden Secret, Legal Tender, Star of the West. 29���Glory,  Kaslo.   Oct 2���Daniel.   3���Alabama."  TKAXRKBRS.  Sept 26���Comstoek, Erie and Virginia,  1-6 each, F E Archer to G F Cleveland.  28���Withdrawal of sheriff's sale, re.  Slocan Chief No 10 and Kootenay Queen.  Evergreen and Fossil, H Grillith to A  Smith, payment of $2,000.  Ho��� I'nited Fr  d .rhill.  Dixie, L Brant to .1 B Townsend.  Codv Fr. A B Docksteader to J Dean,  $l,*20u'. Codv Fr, J Dean to W.J Whiteside, SI,200.'  Oct3���Virginia, Erie and Comstoek,  1-6 option, E Cuminings to A McCallum  Province, W J Davenport to R P  Briggs.  4���Bell, \, C VV McAnn toO K Oleson  Apex, John Struck to Wm E Boie.  Twin Lakes, Green Lakes, Apex and  Crescent, agreement, Wm E Boie to  Rene Laudi.  5���Robin, W J Hall to HenryGriffith.  6���Lacombe, ��, C H Chapman to  Thos H O'Brien and Ralph Bradford.  ADVERTISING.  L C Knaggs to S Un-  "O God! have mercy!" a mother cried,  As she humbly knelt at the cradle's side.  "O God, have mercy,and hear my prayer  And take my babe in thy tender care;  For the Angel of Death is in the room  And is calling aloud for my babe to come.  Thou, then, alone hast the power  to  save,  Oh! God have mercy, 'tis all I crave."  A tiny grave 'neath a willow's shade,  Telleth the answer the Merciful made.  "O Father in Heaven, protect my boy  From the wiles of folly���from sin's decoy;  From the snares of temptation in life's  dark sea;  Guard him and keep him pure for thee."  So a mother prayed as her darling son  Went forth to battle the world alone;  Alone, save the blessing his mother gave,  And that prayer to God to keep and  save.  A murderer's gibbet, high in the air,  Answered that trusting mother's prayer.  A father and mother knelt them down  Together before the Eternal One,  And with trusting hearts implored that  Heaven  Would guard the flower its grace had  given���  Would keep their blossoming daughter  pure,  And shield, her, aye, from  the tempter's  lure,  And from  every stain  would keep her  free  As the lillies that bloom in eternity.  A self-slain lost one, seduced, betrayed,  Was the only answer that Heaven made.  A beautiful maiden knelt to pray  For the life of a loved one far away���  Away in the fields where life and death  Hang poised in  the scale  that tips with  a breath.  "Oh,   Father  of   Mercies,   protect the  heart  Of him I love from the foeman's dart;  When the death-bolts rain on the charging field,  Be Thou his guide,  his   strength,  his  shield."  A mangled corpse and a soldier's grave  Was the answer  the Father of Mercies  gave.  The night was dark on the ocean's breast,  And the wave rolled high in wild unrest.  When a stately barque was dashing on  Towards a breaker's crest with her rudder gone.  Around the captain in wild despair,  The crew had gathered and joined in  prayer  To Him who oi ly had the power to save,  To deliver them from a watery grave.  A crash and a gulping wave alone  Were   the answers of the Omnipotent  One. (������  'Twas midnight in the city's heart,  And   slumber reigned   o'er   home and  mart,  When the fire-fiend burst from its secret  place  And wrapped all things in his fierce embrace.  Oh ! then how many a friendly prayer  To Heaven for safety then rent the air���  For homes, for lives, for loves, and then  The  flames that crisped  them sneered  amen!  claim to have the biggest 'devil' in this  county in our office. He is Robert  Blanchard, of Hinsdale, N.H.,and when  in good trim we'ghs 406 pounds, but he  is a little thin this summer and his  weight has fallen off to 362 pounds. He  is only 18 years old.and holds the medal  for champion heavy weight bicyclist,  having gained considerable notoriety in  this line."   Cape Town enjoys a certain distinction in respect of the .height of its constables Police Constable Andrews is a  veritable giant. His standard is six  feet, 8)4 inches high, and he is said to  be the tallest policeman in South Africa^  Police Constable Lang figures next,  with 6 feet 4J inches. There are five  men ranging from 6 feet 3 inches to 6  feet 4 inches, three men between 6 feet  2 inches and 6 feet 3 inches, twelve men  from 6 feet 1 inch to 6 leet 2 inches, and  seventeen between 6 feet and 6 feet 1  inch.  Mablethorpe, which is one of the most  delightfully quiet resorts on the coast  of Lincolnshire, and, by reason of its  safe bathing and splendid sands, is a  great place for children, has, in it.  church of St. Mary, a curious memorial  of a duel. This is a broken helmet,  which is suspended in the chancel.  Earlsbridge, about four miles from Mablethorpe, probably derives its name  from the fact that two earls fought a  duel there, and each killed the other.  The helmet remains as a testimony of  their prowess and determination.  From Joplin west to Galena, Kansas,  a distance of nine miles, the country is  a level stretch of prairie, dotted with  fertile fields and farms. Immediately  around Galena are little hills with a  thick growth of sCrubby oak timber.  These hiils in every direction present  to the view hundreds of rich lead arid  zinc mines. The whole coiintry is like  a rich prairie dog village, with the gopher holes and mounds of the prairie  dog enlarged a thousand times. Galena  is a busy little place.  Confectionery, sweet enough for  angels to sample^ is always kept in  stock by Williams.  ��ar free pass from Nelson  THE WALLACE-MILLER CO., Ltd. The largest Men's  Outfitting establishment in Kootenay, make this offer to any party along  the Slocan Lake that buys $15.00 worth of goods from them. That is,  they will be allowed 20 per cent, off their purchase, or a free pass back.  The Wallace=Mil I er Co, Ltd  Baker St, Nelson.  (Please mention The Ledgk.)  Parson's  ���%AkW*/9&'&***s+A**S*/*^%^  Co'y  */  Wholesale  BUTTER  EGGS  CHEESE  GREEN FRUITS  CURED MEATS  VEGETABLES  When your wife is perfectly sure that  a missing article is in a certain place,  that is the best place not to look for it.  Fall  Underwear  Something't' at will keep  you warm and free from  cold, at prices lower than  ever  offered   before���at  HOBEN'S general store.  For Groceries ��� fresh,  clean, the best put up,  ���you will get the best  service at HOBEN'S.  Supplies for the hills, the  cabin, boarding1 house,  hotel and home, you  will find complete in all  lines, at reduced prices  AT HOBEN'S  Mail orders.  New Denver, B. C.  Shippers of the  Early Breakfast  Brand of Bacon.  Fall  and  Winter  Full stocks  Nelson  aud  carried at  Rossland.  Mail orders solicited.  California  Wine Go.,  ������ NELSON, B.C.  Wholesale  Dealers in^*^  Choice Wines  and  will just  suit you.  Prices low  o my  Patrons  intheSiocait  I have opened my Tailoring1    establishment    in1  Nelson and am prepared'  to fill all orders with neatness arid dispatch.     Most i  stylish Suitings and workmanship guaranteed.  When in Nelson ball and i  inspect stock* or write me(  aiid I will c'allbh you with]  samplej of goods in my,  trip through the Slocan  which I contemplate mak- \  ing in a short time.  Hoping to   be favored1  with your orders, I am���  Y-oiirs truly,  The Tailor.     Nelson, B.C.      x  The  Homes, friends, and  and charred  Told   how   Heaven   their  heard.  loved  ones crisped  prayers   had  The only tradesman who does not  appreciate the value of advertising is  the tradesman who gives no attention  to the subject. And it stands to reason  that he who gives no consideration to  the subject, is the one who fails to take  into consideration all the possibilities of  From tiie earliest dawn of nature's birth  Since sorrow  and  crime  first darkened  the earth,  From clime to clime, from  pole to pole,  Wheresoever tlie waves of humanity roll,  The breezy robe this planet wears  Has quivered and echoed with countless  prayers;  Each hour a  million knees are bent,  A million prayers to heaven are sent.  There's not a summer beam but sees  Some humble supplicant on his knees;  There's not a breeze that murmurs by  But wafts some faithful   prayer on high ;  There's not a woe that afflicts our vace.  But   some  one  bears   to  the  throne of  grace;  And for every temptation we may meet  We plead for grace at the mercy seat.  But   the   beams smile on,  and Heaven  serene  Still broods as  though   no prayeis  had  Deen.  And the breezes  moan  as  the branches  wave,  "When man is  powerless  Heaven can  not save."  Cigars.  Write for Prices.  Our Stock is the Largest in Kootenay  Has been thoroughly  renovated and refurnished, making it one of  the best hotels in  Kootenay. The table  has the best in the  market, and tlie bar  contains tlie choicest  brands of liquors,wines  and cigars.  Mrs. L. A. Snowman.  The 8=hour  Law  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.,  Jobbers and Retail Dealers in  DRUGS,  WALLPAPER,  STATIONERY,  MUSICAL GOODS-  nelson, B. C."  NELSON, B. C.  WHOLESALE GROCERS  Agents for B. (J. Sugar Refinery and Royal  Gity Planing Mills."  Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter���the best in the land.    Correspond -  solicited.    Address���  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.  t VANCOUVER *nd NELSON. B.C.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  Heated with   Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Large, comfortable bedrooms and first-class dining room.        Sample rooms  for commercial men RATES, $2 PER DAY  MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Prop., Late of the Royal Hotel Calgary.  Baker St., Nelson, B. C.  NELSON  Carr. a complete stock of  _sr ir  and solicit orders from any part of the province  Write for prices.  The Biggest Devil.  *' ATe do not claim," says tbe Portland  Advertiser, "to be the biggest printers  and publishers in the  world, but we do  Has been on shift in the  Slocan for many weeks,  but it has not injured the  quality of the beverages  in the Ivanhoe at Sandon. Nearly everything is new around this  old-time tavern except  the whiskey and the  landlord.  Bick Orando,  for further information.  Art Goods  zes  Piano and  Table Lamps \}  Jardinieres  Vases  Bric-a-Brac  Cut Glass  Glocks  We are the Largest House in our  line, and devote ourselves especially  to  importing goods adapted to the,  Kootenay people.  We carry a full stock at all seasons  ' of the year.  Our assortment is constantly re-i  plenished by the arrival from thej  manufacturers.  Discretionary  mail  orders receive  our   prompt  and  careful attention.  'They will be filled by salesmen conversant with the needs of your local-  Sterling  Novelties  Manicure Sets!  Toilet Sets  Soap Boxes  Powder Boxest  Atoniezers  Baby Sets  Combs and Brushes  ity, onr aim being to secure duplicate w^J^C��/? Dover, j9woler.  __._r>2 I        J w_ orv*r   r>   .  ' orders  X_X  NELSON. B. C.


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