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The Ledge Sep 14, 1899

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■-.-_  --'_S9*s_fS*__^^^^;^/ ,..._^
Volume VI.   .No.  50
NEW DENVER, 13. C.v SEPTEMBER 14. 1899
Price. 82 00' Yea k
^—     0^   «  mi '  _-*   »   **_   _^_    _!_-_   ■._-    C>5!
.SI _V_K
m&m£&m$S83& SrS SS &^teSg%'2mwg8
[ across the street and  said: "Over there
* J is one of the  best  fellows in   town, and
Red   Paddy  is  prospecting along the I he does the largest  business in  his line
Kettle river. ! in Kootenay."    The  name on the store
Trout Lake City'has challenged. Sandon to play football.
A. P. McDonald will act-as agent for
the Lethbridge coal in Silverton.
Born—In Trout Lake City, on August
31, the wife of D. Ii. McLennan of a son.
Hill Bros.' sawmill is kept very busy,
and they have several large orders on
Rev. C. F. Yates is figuring upon the
erection of a rectory upon the grounds of
St. Stephen's church.
Rev. J. Cleland will conduct divine
service at the Presbyterian church next
Sunday morning at 10:_).
John Bull, of Argenta, merchant, has
assigned to W. H. Bell. The creditors
will meet on September 21.
0. J. Marino willleave for Pueblo,Colorado, some time this month, where he
intends to reside in the future.
Services will be held in Stephen's
church next Sunday, both morning and
evening-.    Rev. C. F. Yates, pastor.
A pack train from Sandon, loaded with
supplies, passed through here Tuesday
for the Jeannette mine, Wilson creek.
No move has yet been made to convene the Conservatives in this vicinity,
Avith a view to sending a delegate to
the New Westminster conference.
Nicholas Treg .ar, superintendent at
tlie Le Roi, Rossland, has resigned. He
will he succeeded by A. P. Wilson, of
the Elkton Consolidated, Cripple Creek.
P. A. Munro has sold his freighting
business to Palma Angrignon. Phi! will
spend a few weeks around Montreal before again settling down  to active work.
Thursday night a social dance was
held in tbe Bosun Kail and an enjoyable
time spent. Several Silvertonians were
present, having chartered the Alert for
the occasion.
Editors when they stir up the animals
in the journalistic side show should avoid
skunks. Their poison is harmless, but
their smell would make sewer gas seem
like the attar of roses.
Barbarian Brown and Steve Bailey
played a high rolling game of faro in
Spokane last week. Brown took down
$2,800 by a lucky call of the turn. It was
Spokane's banner game.
Jim Bowes looked in the other day
and said he was going to the Palouse
country, to raise hops. Jim was onlv
joshing, as Silverton would never let one
of its best men turn into a farmer.
window was Jacob Dover.
D: Ii. Young, chief pilot and orator for
the Kootenay Standard, is in the Slocan.
He states that if things do not become
more smooth in his present sphere, he
will start a ranch and hatch chickens by
putting the eggs in a natural hot spring^
This is an idea worthy of Colonel Sellers.
ST,OCA.       HnXEKA-Y    FLOAT.
Silver is on the downward road in
W. Koch is rushing work on the Emily
Edith wagon road.
Last week's ore shipments make a
most meagre showing.
The Ivanhoe is having its five-drill
compressor put into place.
Colonel Ray inspected the Molly Gibson and Dardanelles last week.
More work is being done on Wilson
creek this season than ever before.
The Evelyn, on Four Mile, lias been
bonded to W. McDonald, of Sandon.
Murdock McLean is superintending
the construction of the Wakefield flume.
Work was commenced Saturday by
contract on the long tunnel on the Queen
Twenty tons of high grade ore \v's
shipped from the Rambler-Cariboo last
Lucky Jim ore is held- at the Kaslo
sampling works, from whence it will be
shipped to England.
Part of the machinery for the Ruth
concentrator has arrived, making a record trip from Chicago.
For two months ending Sept. 1, 2;>0
locations and 256 assessments were recorded in Trout Lake City.
Butler and McNicholl have a nice
showing of clean galena on the Mountain
Scenery, Eight Mile creek.
The receipts at the record office last
month showed a big falling off from
July, owing to the wet spell.
Work on the Silver Band has been suspended until financial arrangements are
made for further development
i The Vancouver News-Advertiser says
ihat it will doubtless interest British
Columbians, large numbers of whom
are concerned in silver producing
mines, to learn that British India's
adoption of a gold currency is in the
opinion of Clinton Dawkins, the financial expert of the Indian Legislative
Council, unlikely to bring about further
detriments to silver values.
The Indian government is enabled,
under its gold currency legislation, to
buy silver rupees with gold at a fixed
rate of 15 to the pound, which coin is to
be the unit of the new currency of British India. It is this fixture of the rate
of exchange for the rupee, coupled with
power for the Indian government to
buy rupees freely at such rate, which,
in Mr. Dawkins' opinion,will more than
neutralize what would otherwise be the
adverse effect of the new legislation on
The intended fixed rate averages usual recent rates of silver exchange in
I ndia and should substitute tolerable certainty of a moderate rate for fluctuating
uncertainty of silver value. Hence Mr.
Dawkins declares that -whilst the Indian
government naturally has no desire to
direct anything hostile to silver, in
which the inhabitants of India largely
invest their savings, it believes that the
rupee silver currency will hereafter expand in response to trade demands,now
that a lixed value in gold is sought by
the government's effort.
All friends of silver—and they are, of
course, many in our province—will
iiope that Mr. Dawkins' expectation
may lie fully realized, and the change
now brought about in India rather benefit than depreciate sih-er values.
,*••<>'  UT__N    INCHES    Ol*'    OIIK.
Though the owners of the Mollie
Hughes commenced work only last week,
that property never looked better than
it does at the present time, while the ore
chute being cut has never been excelled
for richness in tlie c _ip.* Thos. Avison,
who is in charge of affairs, decided upon
opei. ing up the lead on the Mollie Hughes
claim, where it was partially exposed in
an open cut. Good ore was soon encountered, and then a new tunnel was
commenced, a little above the openings
made by the Northwest Mining Syndicate when they had the property under
bond. The vein was quickly struck, with
the most gratifying results. Saturday
night there was 14 inches of ore standing
The force on the Vulture has been in-| in the '"'east* with ever-v ""^at'on oi it
creased, and preparations made tor im- continuing »■* place. It carries copper,
mediate and regular shipments. SoU1 and silver« the latter showi"S lai'Se"
Gordon Sutherland will look after the! '>' in the native form* As mi&ht beex'
construction of  several  buildings which   >3ected' the combination gives very high
values.  The ore as taken out is carefullv
THE    ft-ALUNA    FAKM.
The Salt  Lake  Citv  Herald,   talking
about tlie Galena  Farm mine, says that
it  adjoins   the   Payne.    It is  ten miles
from the Payne.   The Herald also says:
"As a matter of fact, this property was
purchased  for  $70,000  for   the  English
company.     The   English   shareholders
were told that the mine could pay about
$500,000   per  annum,  although   at  this
time the developments consisted of a 50-
foot shaft and some drifting.   The management,  in  the course of two   years,
spent $100,000 in cash on the plant and
in development, when the discovery was
made that the ore was of much lower
grade than represented, and  worse still,
development failed to  open up the  ore
bodies shown in the upper levels.    Several reports were  made on the property
for the English  shareholders, and it. became evident  that a further large expenditure of money was necessary before
the mine could be put in shape to   pay-
"The funds by this time had become
exhausted and as a result it* became necessary to shut down the mine, and the
last page of this portion of the mine's
history was written some weeks ago,
when it was purchased by A.W.McCune,
W. L. Hoge, and McCuaig, Rykert &
Co., of Montreal. This Montreal firm is
the owner of the Payne mine, the biggest mine and the one that has paid the
most dividends of any mine in British
The new owners of the Galena Farm
propose to develop and operate the mine
on scientific mining principles, and considerable money will be expended in improved machinery. Recent reports have
been made of an immense body of ore in
sight. Carl PL Hand, formerly of Butte,
superintendent of the Payne mine, has
been placed in charge of the Galena
Farm. There is already a fine hoist and
compressor run by water power, and rapid development of the mine has been
determined upon.
r*___^s _^<*g<s as __s s-ss_3sa-ss _/sss
'*  -      - --- - ■      ■  ■-    ■    ■ 8B
as sssssas as -ss _ssssg£_sgg^ss
In Utah eight hours is a legal day's
work in a mine, but- we are informed
that there is no penalty attached foV
working longer, except that a miner gets
an increased ratio of pay for over time.
It is stated the pay is from $2.50 to $3,
except in wet mines, where it is $3.50.
Three shifts can be worked with advantage on nearly all of the mines, and most
of them are shaft properties. The Washington Star contains the following:
"While in Utah the  sub-commission
investigated  the operation of the eight-
hour law in that state, which is the only
one in the union where there is an eight-
hour law applying to miners.    We found
that the law was giving great satisfaction
both to the laborers and their employers.
The testimony of the operators was that
the men did as much in  eight hours  as
they formerly had in ten.    The men who
work in the metalliferous mines work by
the day, arid they getout as much ore in
eight hours as they formerly did in ten.
The managers of the mines said that the
men came to work with more vigor after
their longer hours of rest, and that they
now  work  with  an  eight-hour   stroke.
The  men appreciate  their   exceptional
conditions in  regard to  hours of labor.
The testimony showed  that their moral
and intellectual, as well as physical 'condition,   was  improved   by   the   shorter
hours.    There is less  drunkenness than
under the ten-hour svstem."
taxes the miners in that country 2)4 percent, on the.net profits of the mines.
The Canadian government takes from
the Klondike miners 10 per cent, of their
gross output. The difficulty and expense
of mining in Canada are twenty times
greater than in the Transvaal. The
Canadian taxation is 1,000 per cent,
greater than in the Transvaal. But Canada ostentatiously expresses sympathy
with the British miners in the Transvaal.
Scottish   Oi scrim ination.
The native preference of the Scotch
for their own, not to say their dislike for
the English, is illustrated by this little
military incident:
Color sergeant of Highland company
(in which were one or two English)'
calling the roll:
"Angus Mackay!" No reply. Louder:
"Angus Mackay!" Still no reply. (Sot-
to voce): "I ken ye're there; yer aye at
ver jooty, decent mon, but ye're ower
modest to speak before sae rnony folk. I
see ye fine." Marks him down in the
"John Jones!"
Squeaky voice replies: " 'Ere."
Sergeant':    "Ou,  ay,  ye're  here, but
ye're sich  a  muckle  leear  I  carina be- ,
lieve a word that comes oot o' yer mooth,
sae I'll jist mark ye  doon as being absent!"'
Lost Tiger Looicing Well.
New Denver sent down a delegation to
Nelson to hear Godfrey's band. They
state the Guardsmen would vastly improve their technique by a short course
of instruction with New Denver's finest.
Papers in various parts of the country
report shipments of ore from Bosun
Landing in the Slocan. There is no such
station in existence and a pound of ore
has never been billed from such a place.
the Emily Edith is to have erected  this
A large and complete camp is to be
erected at the Jeannette, on 'Wilson,
creek. The property will be worked all
C. W. Brewster and S. A. Hartman, of
Rossland, have finished the assessment
work on their Wilson creek claims. Assays from 'the ore taken out show high
values in silver.
Jackson Radcliffe  and  Frank Provost
will run -10 feet  of  tunnel  on the Twin !
Sister group.    The   property is  on  the j
north   fork of   Lemon  cresk, and   work j
will commence this week. j
Robert Clark has discovered coal in j
the Boundary camp. It is on the Laur-j
ier claim, on the north fork of Kettle'
river. Jay 1'. ("raves and li. C. Camp-!
hell-Johnston are interested in the pro- \
pcrty. '
_Uickiutosh's Titles.
There is no sign yet of any purchases
on behalf of the new S15,00u.0_> syndicate which Mr. Mackintosh is reported
to have formed, with Lord Aberdeen at
its head. By the way, the ex-lieutenant
governor of the Northwest Territories
has no right to tiie titles "Governor" or
'Tion.," with which the local press delights to adorn him. As far as can be
observed, he still (and quite naturally)
takes a lar_e interest in the affairs of
the Britise America Corporation,though
it is reported here that Mr. Whittaker
Wright has bought all of his shares in
that company. A gentleman who brings
a great reputation from Broken Hill is
examining the British America Corpor
Four* men are working on the Lost
Tiger group, a Silver mountain property
that H. Clever is developing into amine.
Two tunnels are being driven, one of
which is in 60 feet and the other 70 feet.
The lower drift will catch the ore chute
125 feet from the mouth. A number of
open cuts have also been made on the
lead, which the lucky owner believes to
oe one an... tbe same as that of the Alpha. There have! been several offers
made for the property, but no terms will
l>e entertained till the ore chute is cut in
the lower workings. The Lost Tiger
will be of material assistance to Now
Lead  Smelting-  Bonus.
piled on the dump readv for shipment, I iltion properties, in order to report on
very little sorting being necessarv. That! themfro,n <l smelter Pointof view ~
the owners of the property may meet | !^mdon correspondence of News-Adver-
with complete success is the wish of the ' l!,el *
Carlyle in _i>m:iu<l.
W. G. Par melee, deputy minister of
trade and commerce, left Ottawa on
Friday for British Columbia, to inspect
the books of the various smelters. In
1S95 Parliament authorized a bonus of
5150,000 to assist the smelting in British
Columbia of silver-lead ores, there being then, three smelters in existence
The terms of the bonus provided forThe
payment of not more than 50 cents per
ton, and the total r.ubvention was divided over five vears. at the rate of SHO.000
Tlie boy who scribbles for the local rag
in Silverton acts like a Syphax. He
should tone his system with chloride of
lime, or put on a brass collar ami run
with the juvenile male canines of the
The coming frosts of winter may make
the milk shake temporarily obsolete, but
Williams will be able to forget it ny selling soft drinks out of bottles that wiil
quench any ordinary thirst of the nineteenth century.
The paystreak of job  printing in Tin-: [ oping a claim with promising results.
Ledge has again pinched to a knife blade j  *	
thickness.    It  may  widen  out  at   any' They Mean  _h_ii._.s.
moment if the critical and artistic public know a good thing when it is nearly
in sight of them.
P. DuMoulin, accountant at the Bank
of Montreal, left on Friday for Hamilton,
Ont., where he is to be married to Miss
T. Martin, sister of the chief justice of
this province. He and his bride will return early next month and take up their
residence here.
Two men walked along Baker street,
in Nelson, the other day.    One pointed
D. A. Ross has returned from Toronto,
The Chapleau iias shipped 15 tons of
ore to Nelson.
Shook _ Arnot have sold out their
sawmill at Lemon creek.
Hugh Sutherland is expected in this
week, when arrangements will he completed to resume work on the Fvening
Stai* group at once.
Quite a number went from here to
Nelson on' Saturday, id hear Dan i-Jod-
frev's celcbi'iiicd   hand.     An extra coach ;
On the north fork of Carpenter creek ! Wli* :ul,jcd to die train to aeeommodaie
A. O. Ostby and partners have yet to i t!u' cowd ti*om iieiv and up tii" lake-
drive SO feet on the Lucky   Swede before   I)0!!llH-
they strike  the  lead.    Across the creek \     Mr. and   Mrs.   .1.  H.   M. ran. of   New
from this   property Tom   Louse is devel-! Denver.are. guests, at tlie Arlington hotel.
Jim is One nf :•"
men.    Me was
i mineralogist and now superintendent
of the British America Carporatio*"*- pro- j
perties at Rossland. lias been offered tiie j
management of the famous RioTintoj
copper mines in Spain, at a salary of;
.■J5.oi.i0 per year; j
Tin's offer Mr. Carlyle has since accepted, leaving* wussland on December!
I. and wil! fake charge at the 1st ni'j
next April. His salary eomim'nces at -:
the new yi'ar. Tim lijn Tint" employ-,
i I.'Ho men ami is the third I;.r:g-1■ st pm !
■nicer iu tiie -florid. ir has been wort-;
ed iny centuries, and last year paid •■•-'I.-!
n- ..nut   in   dividends   upon    ,*i   raoilai;
A pet flea has been known to live six
years. s
Some butterflies have as many as 20,-
OOu distinct eyes.
Several species of moth never eat
after attaining a perfect state. They
have no mouths and live but a few
. Thc common house fly has 10,000
eyes. To the fly, therefore, caught by
a small boy, the latter appears as an
army of giants.
The fly lays four times each summer,
and SO eggs each time. Tiie descendants of one female fly in a single season
may number 2,080,3*20.
In times of scarcity the South African
natives sometimes robs the nests of ants,
and as much as five bushels of grain
have been taken from a single nest.
The pain of a mosquito bite is caused
by a fluid poison injected by the insect
into the wound in order to make the
blood thin enough to float through the
mosquito's throat.
The weight of a queen ant is equal to
30,000 working ants She is always attended by one or more servants to earn-
off her eggs, of which she lays from 5,-
000 to 10,000 a year.
The upholsterer bee lines her nest
with the leaves of flowers,ahvays choosing such as liave very bright colors.
They are invariably cut in circles so
exact that no compass would malv
  j them more. true.
A lower or deep level tunnel is to*be : South American ants have been known
run on the Oueon Bess. :-'Jn feet lower | ll» construct a tunnel three miles long,
: han the present to meet the.workings I ■'' labor for them proportionate to ihat
which are. down 2-"»i» feet, so that the'which would he required for men to
new drift   will   develop   the  mine'.'.n'.■;.   tunnel   under  the  Atlantic   from   Xew
■i year.    As the term of  the bonus has
W.  A.   Carlyle. formerly provincial  nearly expired, the department considered it advisable to have the accounts of
the companies examined.
<Jueen  Bi  ,s  Dcti'l.ipiimit!
feel along tlie ledge.   Future operation-
wiii be greatly facilitated, as all ihr- on
caii   lie   bandied   ;il
'monthly out put will   he
steady   output   wili   he   maintained. ;e
so .k of s!h,i.iO(I.im)o.    The   sh.'ireh.'hh'i's j there is niiough ore in sig'ht to keen tin
York to l.oiidi
are iu   England. Scotland
am!   I* rant.*
'lOfhs:.-hilds bavin
Tii"'  .'■'.
tile cilfre
inaiiageine.nt bus
is being1 driven,
a vear.
- wlnle Iue new * mine!
Tiiis will lake at least
A. W. McCune and W. L. Hoge, who,
with McCuaig, Rykert _. Co , of Montreal, have just purchased the Galena
Farm property, have returned to Salt
Lake City alter a visit to their latest
purchase. The property was thoroughly examined, and :the newM'owners ex-'
press their intention of putting considerable money into immediate development. Mr. McCune announces that his
company wil! resume operations at
locaivs successlul mining
one of the original owners of the i.Jueen Bess. He is now here
in connection with sonic mining property
he owns adjoining tiie .Molly Gibson, on
Kokanee creek.
If you are a lover of cigars that you do !
not have to smoke  on   the top of  Silver J
mountain in order to  escape the aroma, i
call on Williams.    He   has   brands that
even a small lord or duke  could  smoke
with enjoyment, complacency  and contentment.
Nesbitt has a stock of  fruit  that is always choice.
A    Miin-r    Killed
low nig*
to   the
last week:—
The report published in your issue of
the *21st ult. that i wiii shortly visit
British Columbia witli a view t" a coin-
promise was manufactured out of whole
cloth. While our mines are closed down
smelting charges are being reduced,and
■there is a probability of the repeal of
the duty on lead which would increase
profit on every ton of lead ore to twenty
dollars. The beneiit we are themfore
deriving from the delay is apparent.
Clarence J. McCkaig.
David (.Viidoii. employed at the Vancouver mine, in tin- Kimberley camp.
Boundary country, was killed Saturday
night. He was tiring live, shot.-: at the
bottom of a ifo-i'oot shaft, and. in going
up the ladder, slipped, and fell from the
top just as the shots went off. Deceased
was a single man and 4_ years/dd. Ll?
formerly lived iu Rossland and Butte.
ie lustnilo . nuvalis, nr ' ship worm,
lhe bnt torn. The* has caused the. hiss of more vessels than
l"'i ions, and'-i ! were-ever destroyed in war. In tropical countries, this worm penetrates the
timbers i>'i vessel- ami eats away the
"••" od until (here is only a shell left,
which will crumble at a slight blow.
;.:*'go beams, apparently sound after
removal frmn vessels, after the outside
cnist has been broken, have been pulled to pieces by the fing*ers During the
last century an Fast Imliaman, docked
in London, crumbled to pieces when
the supports were placed underneath
and the water removed.
TiiMing "Miners.
This is is how  the Philadelphia Press
puts   it: —The    Transvaal   government
Send Tin-: Leix;k to your friends. It
will not cost much and will be appreciated by the recipients.
Thousands ot old papers are for sale at
The Ledge office, at prices compatible
with the size of your bank roll.
Cigarettes that are not coffin nails can
be proem ed at Williams'.
mmwMimwuBMammss&MtiaBM THE LEDGE, NEW D__NVER, B.C., SEPTEMBER 14,  1899.  Sixth Yeas  The Ledge.  Published every Thursday.  R. T.  LOWERY, Editor and Financier.  . 1.2'i  2.(*>  .  .**).. I  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Three mouths   Six "    Twelve  *'*'    Three vkars ��� ���  Transient Advertising, 2b cents per line first in  sertion, lo cents per line subsequent insertions  nonpareil measurement.  TO CONTRIBUTORS.  Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay  District and communications upon live topics  ahvays acceptable. "Write on both sides of tbe  paper if you wish. Ahvays send something -.cod  no matter bow crude. Get your copy in while it  is hot. and we will do th. rest  '  A pencil cross in this square  indicates that your subscription is due. and that the, editor  wishes once a.^.-iin to look at  your collateral.  f HU USD A ���, SEPTEMBER 14. iS9'J.  SCKAP-s  I'limi  TIJK   K_ JTOK'S  OKSK.  Doctors say that cold ankles kill  more women than nerves or disease.  This is another stronj** reason why  ladies should never iday poker.  people, and that butter could not be  induced to melt in his irtouth. No  matter how the municipal game goes,  John Houston can be depended upon  to keep the cases, and see that everybody gets their bets down in the  right place.  LIGHT    A_ I)   BREEZY.  Miles���Wasn't it disgraceful the way  Jones snored in church today?  Stiles���Disgraceful isn't the word for  it; it woke me right up.  HAD    TIfj;    SNAKES.  Typhoid fever occasionally does a  little business in Nelson and Rossland,  It has not been in the Sloean this  summer, which i.: one blessing that  we are thankful for.  We jabbed the pen of truth into two  literary pimples last week. One of  them emitted sufficient pus to entitle  it to a medal for idiocy, while the  other merely showed its color and  dried up.   Dreyfus has been found guilty, but  will likely be free in a few days. He  should come to America, where he  can roast the French at long range,  and lead a lite free from care, jail  and court martials,  The Nelson board of trade has re  surrected a map in use in the days of  Noah, and palms it off _s that of Kootenay of today, They have even attached Frank Fletcher's name to it as  draughtsman. People have been  hanged for less crimes than this.  A subscriber at Arrowhead, in sending in his subscription, states that we  might need it on our proposed trip to  the Boundary. That is so, we may.  If reports are true, ir. takes about this  amount to get even a few lines of  smelter talk around Greenwood and  Grand Forks.  Lady Harberton says that women  should not be ashamed of their true,  God-giyen form, and should change  the raiment of misery to the bloomers  of health. She is right. Let the  bloomers bloom, if by so blooming  the bloom of health will mantle the  cheeks of delicate women.  It has been discovered that there  are 300 distinct kinds of bacilli in  whiskey, This explains why drinking it effects people in so many different ways. It all depends what  kind of a microbe is on shift in tne  boozerino when you take it. Microorganism that is disturbed by the j  admixture of  harmful.  When Frank Oliver pushed his way  north and got out the first issue of the  Bulletin, there were few white people  around where  Edmonton now stands  j and only one stove. Stoves came high  about that time and the first lot in the  camp sold for $72 each,    Oliver, like  ! most   of   pioneer  journalists,   was a  ��� strong character.    He   was   an   abstainer  irom  alcoholic bracers, and  j never went against any of the prohi.  j bition   whiskey ".that found  its  way  j into the camp. He used to swear like  j a mule driver and  often saw snakes.  j His office  was  built of logs and tlie  j floor was of mud,  inlaid  witli  small  ! poplar logs.    While   Frank was set-  | ting, type, the snakes would pop their  ! heads up between the logs and  take  observations. As Frank did not drink  he knew  tlie  snakes  were real and  took no notice of them.    Many printers have seen   snakes, but few have  ever set type in  a  room where they  were real and not an optical illusion.  They do not infest the Bulletin office  any more, as the march ot  time has  changed the  floor   and   driven   tie  snakes to pastures new and Frank to  Ottawa.  TH_    AUSOKBING    TOPIC.  Editor Ledge: Sir���As the columns  of your paper are always open to the  discussion of any subject of vital importance I take the liberty to say a  few words upon the eight-hour law.  Three months have passed since  this law became operative, and  there is no growing time in the Slocan. Eight years ago last Saturday  the finding of the Payne gave to  Canada its great galena camp. Since  that time the Slocan has had many  trials. It has suffered from the crash  in silver, the gold boom, the Klondike, and a second panic in the silver  market. Through all this trouble  wages were $3.50 for 10 hours underground, while men and owners worked in harmony. The passing of a law  making it punishable by a fine to  work longer than eight hours underground, has restricted the freedom of  the subject, temporarily destroyed  the prosperity of the Slocan and  wrecked the harmony hitherto existing between labor and capital. The  large mines are shut down, while  here and there small numbers of men  are working the regulation hours at  the former wage. T'he managers or  bonders of some properties deem it  better to accept the situation under  protest, rather than do nothing and be  worried by then* backers or stockholders. They are not satisfied with  the law,   and some of them do  not  Thev also  __________   _ __ _. ___!__, .__���___ ...���^ M^. Wl^-  _*  Magistrate���What passed between  yourself and the complainant;-1    ���  O'Brien���I think, sor, a half-dozen of  bricks and a lump of paving stone.  Minister���I am sorry 1 didn't see you  at church yesterday, Tuinmus.  Tunnnus���Weel, ye see, it wis siccan  a wet day it wisna fit  to turn oot a dog j  in.    But I sent the wife, sir. !  �� '. !  A new singer in the south dashes j  from his lyre the following pickaninny j  lullaby:   ' j  Unto a little nigger i  A-swimming in the Nile,, ;  Appeared quite unexpectedly j  A hungry crocodile, j  Who, with'that fierce politeness j  ���That makes the warm blood freeze,  Hi. narked, "I'll take a little dark meat, j  Without dressing, if von please.*' ;  Mrs. Suddeiu'ich., (a smart woman)���j  Did you write to the -Town Talk Prim.-'  ing Company for specimens of all their!  latest visiting cards**1 j  Daughter���Ves, maw, air they just !  sent 'em���'bout a, hundred of .in, all |  sorts and kinds. j  Wiiat names are on 'em?  Names of all the bigbugs in the city.  Put 'em on the parlor table.  ��  ek of Moetrealo  Established  1817.  Capital (all paid up) $12,0C0,0C0.C0  Reserved fund : : 6,000,000.00  Undivided profits :    : 1,102,7.2.72  HEAL)    OFFICE,    3IONXKEAL.  Rt. Hox. Lord Steathcoxa a.id Mouxt Eotal, G.G.M.G. President.  Hon. G. A. Dkummoxd, Vice President,  E. S. Cloustox, General Manager,  Branches in  all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and  the United States.  ver  ran*  E. PITT, Manager  ?V**Z'"*J._3-  .v^  *������;���<������_���,;*i  ���ksos- <j2 **sys��-&  :.**: -^ss -��_a_3r*!_ *����*������'  ;����������!_? waras.  A      ��� I VV     Lly't-i'Ki   .  A meiiinry of bri^-hc.'i* days.  Is mine tonight:  A fireside with its inddy Mu/.'\  And two eyes bright  'That Ion!, in mine so tlmmr!iil*:l!y.  Those, oi" the. lad who wnre to.me.  Perplexed. I  toiied, witii  many cares  Upon my ta.-d*;  My little one came up the stairs  Something to ask:  i'udely repulsed, without a \ynrd  He left me, with his wish unheard  "Whv don't vou get dinner?"' he ask-  j want   it   at  any   price,  aqua  pura is the least j gt.ue that  men "cannot do as much   ;  ,. j work in eight hours as thev can in  Old Sol has returned to the Slocan | ten, and that the system might work  with a beautiful panorama of sunsets, j in some camps but not in the tunnel  and he will exhibit them every even- ��� camp of the Slocan.    Capitalists also  ing in front of New Denver until the  curtain of rain is again rung down.  Then one of our greatest scenic attractions will be taken off'the boards,  and the war of the elements continu  ed. "We are already lonesome for  rain. During August we had so  much of it that its absence is strictly  in evidence, especially when we look  at our water barrel and t; e red cows  that have raided it all summer.  THK    _VOT>l*TiO_    OK   NKLSON.  state that the government has been  dishonest with them, by increasing  the cost of mining after they had put  their money into the country. Some  think that the government should  have fixed the scale of wages as well  as the hours of labor. In the meantime capital stays away, as it does  not want to settle down in a district  rendered almost silent by legislation;  prospects are decreased in value, and  business exists principally in mem  ory. Tlie mine owners who have  Amoral wave is gradually wash-j money can wait. The miner who  ing away the vices of Nelson. The ' has nothing at stake can work some-  piano thumpers on  the  east end of I where else, if he has strength.    Nei-  Baker street have had to cease their !ther wilLsuJS; T.HmI  H^min..  .   ,  , ���    , .   .        . ,        owner with little capital, the miner  nightly labors, and there is more than j with cia'mS;  and the  business men  one kind of  ruin   in   that part of the; are tlie fellows who have to take the  c;ty.    Gambling   is  confined  princi-   financial hell in  this conflict.    They  paily   to  nickle-iu-the-slot machines; llave t0 be crucified in   order that an  ' ,     k ^       m,        , ,..,.! experiment  mav be  tried.     If   the  and real estate,     lhe saloons are still  SIc|can cannot st"and  its medicine  It i  as of old, but  they know not the day  can die.    If it can stand it, labor will  when the  tenderfoot  population will; be jubilant and prosperity will again  cause them to close up at 11 p.m. and! mingle with us, until some new trou-  ii ���_    ,   i, _,_ _���i      ���   i       : ble  attacks   the   camp.    I   believe  deal grog through the back window,   ^ eigh(.  hourg .g ^  enoUffh  t0  a   la   Toronto,  on   Sundays.    Fruit, j work under ground. What it is worth  do   not  know*.    The mine owners  their  brogans, for fear: say it. is worth  83, while the miners  say it is worth  $3.50.    A difference  ,    r,  . .     .    . .   .      , . . , of' 50 cents causes  many   of us   to  on the Sabbath day.    It is whispered j mourn.    If both  parties  could agree  that an eastern man  is looking for a I 0n some basis long enough to give tlie  seat in the lookout chair of the coun-1 law a fair trial, we would have more  cil.    If he should  get it, the citizens! knowledge of its practical nature.   In  .��� ,     ,,   , ���    ' ,i,,,       e X)      i the meantime the Lord  will   have to  will no doubt have  plenty   of Beer; ]ook after  the  slocan     The  llliners  next year, and   nothing but real  es- j an(j mjne owners are  too  selfish to  tate will be allowed to run riot,    '['he Scare for anybody's   interest   except  ed.  "A'ou didn't marry  a cook,"'she replied, simply. ��� !  Time passes. It is now the dead of j  night, and muffled footfalls are heard in ���  the house.  "Why   don't you go  and drive the  burglars away?" she exclaimed.  "You didn't marry a policeman,"  he  said.  ��  Two Wagoner girls became infatuated with the idea of having their photos  made with their heads stuck through a  torn newspaper, and went to a photograph gallery for that purpose. However, when their pictures were taken,  they were horrified to see what thoy  failed to notice before: the paper they  had put their heads through was a Cin-  cinnatti paper, and just beneath their  smiling faces was a tailor's advertisement, headed, "Out* Pants are Lined in  the Seat."  A London paper gives this story,  which may possibly have a moral con  cealed in it for someone in our own  country:  As a well-known London clergyman  was recently ascending the steps to his  church, an old lady requested his help.  With his usual courtly grace he gave  the old lady his arm. On the top step  she halted, breathlessly, and asked him  who was to preach.  ���'The Rev. Mr. ���," he replied,giving  his own name.  "Oh, dear,'' exclaimed  the old lady,  "help me down  again, I'd rather listen  to the endless grinding of a windmill  Help me down again, I'll not go in."  The minister smiled and gently assisted her down again, remarking as he  departed from her, "I wouldn't go in  either if I weren't the preacher.''  Buy your fruit early and often from  Williams. He is never too tired to show  goods, and he throws in a smile with  every purchase.  The moments fled: then ar my door  A. step came, light:  A tiny letter on the floor  ��� Jnick caught my sight:  I. picked.it up, my heart was sad  That I had so repulsed tiie lad.  "Dear pa," the tiny letter read,  "I know that you  Are tired; so I'll'go to bed,  But these words lew  I write, to tell you that I love  Vou more.and more, all else above."  Oh, how the wisdom of my books  Shrunk into naught  Before those uncomplaining looks  That erstwhile sought  My ownl I called him back to me,  Dear lad���and kissed him tenderly.  A memorv! Oh, if we knew  The future's blight  That oft our pathway doth pursue  'Twould clear our sight:  And words that chide, would seldom fall  To haunt us, like a gloomy pall!  I could not keep my little lad!  But here tonight  A fond memento, sweetly sad.  Makes dim my sight;  A letter kept so",sacredly,  The one my darling wrote to me.  ���Eugene Field.  This time it is  Fishincr Rods  From this date until  Nov. 1st, 1899, I will  sell my stock of fishing Rods at  Williams has confectionery that i.n-  gels.mis.dit eat without getting dyspepsia.  When you  want  cigars  or tobacco do  not go past Nesbitt's.  iscount  FOR CASH  The  cigar, and other dealers in goods, are j I  quivering in  it will soon be a crime to do business  name of Frank Fletcher is spoken of  as the possible great chief of tlie Nel-  sonites during the last year of this  century. Frank has some qualifications for the office.    His sweet wav of  tii. ir own.  Yours respectfully,  Frif.xd of the Slocax.  [We give the above communication  at its face value.     If Pro  Bono Publico, Veritas, Citizen   and other well-  ,   . , , known writers have anvthing to offer  using honeyed words is calculated to j thfty wi]* find this paper always open  make the masses believe they are the i to anything* reasonable.���Ed. Ledge.1  Has been thoroughly  renovated and refurnished, making* it one of  the best hotels in  Kootenav. The table  has the best in the  market, and the bar  . contains the choicest  bran ds of 1 iqu ors,wines  and cigars.  Mrs. L. A. Snowman.  E. M. BRINDLF  Watchmaker  J CWCiCF New Denver.  Orders by mail receive prompt attention.  I have a large stock un  hand and do v.ot want, to  carry r.h.n over. This  will give \ ou tlie choice  of a'splendid assortment,  at a price cheaper than  you can buy in the Fast.  You can thus imy a  splendid  Greenheart Rod,  Value $6, for  and a magnificent  And barken you to this:  The fishing: lias ]>i'ii _.���<:��] I.v  Just started.  Buy your flies and other  tackle here. We handle  the best quality and  PEICES   ARE  RIGHT.  Nelson's  Drug & tsook Store  New Denver, B. C.  Sum lay hours: -' to .ri p. in.  Hill Bros.  .Manufacturers of  and  Shingles  Orders  shipped   to all  parts  Country.      Mill   ar  head  ��� Slocan Lake. ���  of the*  of  Postoffice address, Rosebery.  x-__cgj__c��^iofj.^iji _  ]'.'iS*Il*A!.L.  X'il;;l*v I'liii'lic,  \. E. F.AL'QUIEK'  RASHDALL & FAUQUIER  .������MINES & REAL ESTATE.  NEW DENVER,  B.C.  MIXl.Vd IXTERKSTS bought,  AI. tracts  SOLD   ami HOXDED.  ���IXVITKD   if Tii.U: 10 iiiiiici'iil claim.-:  COKI'ESPOXDKX.l':  ig^________a______t__^^  OODOOCK&Co..  Tinware,   Stoves, Miner's Supplies,  Paints, Oils, Glass, &c.  CANTON and JESSOPS' STEEL. CALIFORNIA GIANT POWDER.  Slocan City, B. C.  The Clifton House,  Sandon.  Has ample accommodations for a large number of iwople.     The rooms are large  and airy, and the Dining Room is provided with everything  in the market  Sample Rooms for Commercial Traveler. .  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Xew D.'iivcr. 1.1 C.  liellc-  HOT AIR  Liiriit in every room....  Larije and well lighted Sample Rooms  Hourly Street Car '.etween hotel and  Station.   Free bus meets all trains   Rearonalih.' Rates.  -��_*��___^REV'EL!5TOKE  Nis'ht ,2'i'iH room in connection for tho  convenience of quests arriving" and d.e-  partino' Lv nU'ht trains.  }[ #L. GRIMMETT, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,  Solicitor. Notary Public, Etc  Sandon, B. C  Branch oflice at New Denver every  Saturday.  SSSiKft^S^^^^Sfi^^  wmmmxm  R__^rJ��������-%_<w_��v l.-i"i Sixth Yeah.  THE LEDttE, NEW DENVER, B.C., SEPTEMBER 14  1899.  WHEN' A FELLER'S PACKIN'  UP.  When a feller's packin' up to leave he  whistles���don't you know:  Oi*, tell-, you it's the weather that affects  his feelin's so!  Or ef from jest one corner of his eye a  tear may run,  He says he's ''jest perspirhr!"���but  he  don't fool anyone!  Fur that 'ere packin' up ain't what they  crack it up to be;  You never pack your heart in with the  other tiling's, you see!  Thar's the letters"that she wrote you���  that you've kept and loved for  years; ...  An' some of 'em looks blotted���but I  reckon it's yer tears!  An' the last sweet  letter, mebbe, is the  one that reives the pain,  An' made yer eyes run over like rivers  swelled by rain.  Bnt thar it is amongst 'em, an'yousigli,  aii'.understaii'  You're only keepi'ir of it 'causeshe writ  it with Her ban'.  V. h .11 a feller's packin' up to leave he'd  better keep apart,'  Or he'll have a sad time in try in' lor to  whistle off his heart!  .Thai ktugli o' his  ring's hollow, an'  his  jokes air'feeble, too���  '*  ������ lie's a  funeral   procession   'spite o! all  that he kin do!  I   never  did  like  packin'.    When   the  leavin' time comes on  1   alius   gives   instructions: "Ship my  things when ' am gone!"  An', that jest what I've tol1 'em! (Never  think I'll shed a tear!���  But it looks as  ef  'twas rainin' ten   or  twenty mile from here!)  ���Atlanta Constitution.  ANADA AS  AFIELD  CAPITAL  j Canada in London, invariably gives to  | those who seek it. That is, before in-  ! vesting money to go over the ground  OF  While our constant efforts to encourage the flow of capital to wards the great  Dominion   may   be   as   a drop in   the  ocean, there are journals devoted to  the general interests  of the investor,  ever and anon following in  our wake  with weighty editorials on the claims of  the   country    for    wider   recognition.  Want of space  frequently  forbids   us  quoting    our    contemporaries  to   the  length  their utterances may deserve,  but the following' from the Financial  Times we are sure will be read with  close attention:���Rtulyard Kipling has  said of Canada:   "It is a great country;  a country with a great future.   There  is a fine,   hard,   bracing climate,  the  climate that puts iron and   grit into  men's bones, and there are all good  things to  be got out of the ground if  men will work for them. What it wants  is more men and  more money.    Why  don't Englishmen  think more of it as a  field for English, enterprise and capital?  Surely   there   is an excellent opening  both for the investing and the emigrating Briton there.    Thing's don't perhaps  move quite so fast as iu the  United  States, but they a re safer, and you are  under the  Hag you  know, and among  men of the same stock and breed. Send  your folks to  Canada, and if they can't  go   themselves.   let   them   send   their  money���plenty of it "   This is certainly  a very strong testimonial, and  though  as a rule we  do  not  look to poets and  novelists for advice as  to in vestments,  we must concede that Bttdyard Kipling*  is a very keen  and  accurate observer.  To  be  sure  Canada  has  not   hitherto  been a very happy   hunting ground for  British   investors.    Hut   the   fact   will  constantly obtrude itself that other people have made;, and are making ���money  there     Canada is the nearest and most  important of our colonies.    It is,' therefore, but natural that   we and our capital should  play  the  largest  part in its  development,  if  that 'development   be  profitable.    Yet for one  reason or another we seem to have gone everywhere  else first in   the  endeavor to find em,  ployment for our surplus capital.   We  have been  largely  instrumental in developing Brazil, Argentina and Chili  and making  them appreciable factors  in the world, though  it. can hardly be.i  said the result to us  has been very sat-1  i^factory.    We have exploited  the petroleum fields of the  Russians and built  them railways. We have simply poured  money into one enterprise or another in  the fJnited States, while the proportion  of Britons residing in that enterprising  rapid development, of  which we   cer  tainly desire to take advantage.  The population at present is estimat  ed at b\ millions, though a reg'ular cen- j personally, to know the business you  sus will not be taken again until 1901, j are embarking' in and to manage it on  and immigration from various parts of j the spot. This has been Lord Strath-  Europe is proceeding on a (airly exten- ! cona's own plan, and he has certainly  sive scale. There are in all about 17,- ��� found Canada a most profitable place to  oxi miles of railway,and a second trans- : do business and invest money in.���B C.  continental line of railway will soon be ! Review.    in course of construction in links, some j     Nesbitt has musk  melons that are de-  of which already   exist.    There are 70,: ��� 'ieious.   Buv one.  ..)0 iniies of telegraph wire in operation  and considerably more building. With-  i'. a short time  there  will  be a 1_ foot  waterway  from   the head  of Lake Superior through the chain of great fresh  water seas to Montreal,aud the navigation of the  St. Lawrence  will be so improved  that the   very   heaviest vessel  will be easily  able to  come  up to that  port.    The coasts are also well lighted,  so that a great  deal  has  been done  to  pave the way for internal   commercial  development.  Nor in doing this has tiie country been  at all over  burdened,  as  th  the government in the Lou  was  shown   to   be exceptionally good i \  when the last loan was'floated on terms j &������  more favorable than could be obtained, j j*\   J  probably, by any other government ex- j i  ^  cept that of Great  Britain itself.    The  government's budget for  the past year  .'is, we believe, not yet closed, but it indicates a probable  surplus of over ��1,-  1110,000. ���  It does not appear, therefore,  other'than a healthy sign that the expenditure  voted  for the  coming year  (some ��10,500,000),  or  thereabouts,   is  the largest in the history of that colony,  while at the session of parliament just  closed over, ��1,500,000 was voted in subsidies  to   prospective   railways.     The  value of exports of the fisheries in 1S9S  was about ��2,200.000; that of produce of j  the forest ��5,300,000: and  that of mine- {  ral products ��'7,B00,O00; and, to give an j  idea of the extent of the interchange of  commodities between the different pro-  die  credit of j'tf'If  ldon  market ! P Vl  9&994&&9G9<S&9&��Q(lbf5><&&��&&(Mt9&QQ&&&9&Q9Q&&&999Qf)  V  .  IJM  An appetite that we cannot  satiate,  For several years we have been catering to the  hotel wants of the Slocan public.  Our success has been won : by our efforts to please;  our future success will be ditto.  Our dining room is set for the hungry miner, tlie  weary,traveler, the wealthy mine buyer and busy  mine manager and business man.  Our chicken dinners advertise themselves; they  must be indulged in to be appreciated.  Our bar room is supplied with the purest liquors  and best cigars.  Our bedrooms are light and airy, clean and quiet,  and electric-lighted throughout.  Our attendance is good; it will please you.  The St. James Hotel is the place and Jacobson  _. Co. are the people. . If vou want the best hotel service this is the place in New Denver for  CANADIAN  ��  AND SCO LINE.  3��l  Or  never  could not  SO  >e  poor,  made  that   it  letter bv  NEWSPAPER  ADVERTISING  in a judicious, pains-taking  way, and the circulation of  neatly    printed,     attractive  BUSINESS  STATIONERY  in the ordinary channels of  trade   and    correspondence.  [&  e  New Fast Daily Service between  Atlantic ail Facile *�������  "**���- II.ial Limited  Improved   connecting    service   via.  Revelstoke or Crow..  Nest route  ��� to and from ���  Kootenay Country  First-Class Sleepers on all trains trom  Arrowhead and Kootenay Ldg.  Tourist. Oars pass  Revelstoke daily  for St. Paul; Thursdays for Mon- "  tre'iliY. Boston:  .Tuesdays .  Saturdays for Toronto.  XEW DENVER TO  oronto,    - Di' hrs    .Montreal,   M hrs  Winnipeg, r_ hrs  New York. IQx hrs  V>  .nicouver, -  *���������  .">.)������  Victori;!,    HX hrs  vinces, 25,000,000 tons of goods were  carried over the railways in 1897, while  the tonnage of vessels in the coasting-  trade and on the lakes in that year was  27,200,000 tons. The total exports for  the year ending June last were ��23,-  000,000, as against ��13,500,000 in 186S,  and about ��2,400,000 in 1837.  The agricultural industry is yet by a j  good deal the most important in the j  country, and the export of provinces, j  such as cheese and butter, to Great Bri-:  tain has grown very largely in a few j  years, while there seems to be equal j  room for expansion in many other ���  branches. The facts and figures which  are available certainly seem to show !  that there is a good field for British en- J  terprise and commercial ability, as well ;  as capital, in further developing even '  those branches of industrv which are l  already well established, though they j  are, perhaps, not as alluring as more J  speculative ventures like mining. In J  connection with the lumber industry !  alone there seems to be a most promts- I  ing field for the employment of both !  brains and capital. Already the mak-!  ing- of pulp to be manufactured into pa- j  per abroad has acquired considerable!  importance as an industry. \  in respect to mining, there are prac- i  tically  only  two  comparatively  small ;  districts where as yet ample capital has !    ^  been efficiently applied.    Mr. Whitney, ; A  the Boston  financier,  seems to be well ' j ��  satisfied with the results of his labors in  this direction in the coal mines in Nova  If it's an increase of business  you are after you can get it.  The quickest way about it is  to advertise through the  columns of The Ledge���the  most widely-read paper in  the mining region. It goes  into  every  home in Slocan  New Beany .3"  Sanidoim  Kaslo  Whitewater  Slocan City  51 Ivertoini  AH Manning Camps,  H. J. Robertson,*  TINSMITH,  Has returned and is prepared for all  CERTIFICATE OF i_1FB0VEiE_TS  llolunn _I'ne_il Claim.  .itwite in the Slocan Minim? Division of West  Kootenay District. .'here located: On  Wakefield Mountain.  ���TAKE NOTICE That I. Chas. E. Hone, free  1    miner's certificate Xc.  70f._A . intend, sixty  flays  from    the date    hereof   to  apply  to  the   ��������� #      : Mining*    Recorder    for     certificates   of     irn-  killds of WOl'k   in his line. Special ; provements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown   ������ ; :  ; ���-'rant of the above claim.  rllcnnnnts tn min. s in Stnvp*.   Tin and ]    And further take notice that action under see-  aiscounts to mines in otovoa, im dim ; tiri]1 37 mml be f.ommem.ed before the jSSU.ulC(,  jf such certificate of improvements.  Dated this iMtli day of August, 1S!W  Granite Ware.  tiHl  Slocan City, B. C.  CHAS. E. HOPE.  Golden Crown Mineral Claim.  -quality 1Q(  eaels        ft ;  republic is by no means small. We go  into ectasies over China or some other  distant portions of the world as fields  that it will be profitable to us to exploit,  and we are told that wc have neg'lected  a very rich and promising portion ef  our own empire which has been for  many years ripe for exploitation.  We might retort that this, if true,   is  very good  proof  that  the  field is not  what it is represented, were it not that  the efforts of  others   have  been singularly  well   rewarded.    Our   American  cm-sins have, seen and taken advantage  of opportunities m mining*, manufactitr  ing, lumbering', and  many other bran  ches of industry which have given them  very good returns indeed, while we appear to have-had  the singular   faculty  for either choosing   unfortunately,  or  mismanaging with  painful consistency  when  we  have chosen.    We notice a  great deal in  the Canadian papers just  now about the recovery  that set in a  year or two ag-o, and though the results  of this  renewal  of  activity are rather  difficult to crystallize in figures as yet,  wo  can  give  some   outstanding   facts  which seem  to  that the count;-  Scotio, and the Rossland district of British Columbia is considered even here  as promising. Yet the mineral possibilities ofthe Dominion have scarcely  been scratched. Klondyke we hear  enough about, and the Kootenay country, in British Columbia, is occasionally  mentioned; but the government engineers aud geologists tell us of what appear to be valuable mineral deposits,  not only in many other parts of British  Columbia and the Yukon district, but  in north western Ontario, eastern Ontario, Quebec-,Nova Scotia,Cape Breton,  and Labrador.  Taken altogether, therefore, it would  require a very sturdy doubter to persevere in the contention that it is not wise  to make a very thorough  study of the  possibilities of this country, where, as  Rudyard Kipling puts it, " You are under the flag you know, and among' men  of the same stock  and" breed," before  deciding to continue the policy of giv- ''  i'ig our principal attention to the devel-1  opment of foreign  countries.    The ef- ���  'foi ts that we  have made  have  not al-!  ways resulted happily, and it is too true !  that there are a great  many designing i  and unscrupulous men  who have been, j  and are, only too ready to take ad van- I  tage of the slightest  sign  of interest. |  But we think there would be less reason j  to complain if the advice were always j  taken which Lord Strathcona, the veteran  man   of   affairs   who   represents  In this advanced age it is  out of business gear to attempt to carry on any business without suitable printed  stationery. You should be  supplied with good  q  Letter  Bill Heads  Statements  Note Heads  riemo Meads  CjsrcLilar.  Euye.opes  Anything Wanted  J. K. CLARK,  MINES  and MINING  Reports, Examinations and Management.  NEW DENVER,   -   B. C.  Si United in the Slocan City Mining Division of  I        West Kootenay District.    Where located:  I        On Springer Creek,  about three miles from  ���Slocan City.  I 'PAKE NOTICE That I, Chas. E.  Hope, free  ; 1   miner's certificate Xo. TiKisA. intend. Go A&ys  i from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining*  ' Recorder for a certificate of improvements for  ! the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the  ! above claim.  I    And further take notice that action under sec-  l lion 37 must be commenced before the issuance  s of ?uch certiiicate of improvements.  !    Dated this 24th day of Ainrust. i��*:*.  , :i.*il CHAS   E. HOPE.  j Slocan Belle. linerstl Claim.  cOXNIvC'I'T'iN'.0  Hovel, .oke and mai'ii line points  1 .*::_!��� Dl.v: Iv-IM'V .���(.'. S'-'iiiir���ar: Pailv tL':i_k  ll:ook ex.St'.!:: lv X.D.1' _���]' Ldg: are.*-:. Suii.i:!::. ik *  i:osslax;<. m;i.. .i.n axii etoiv's xk _* i.ixe.  \r>.2i>k i-x. Sun: lv X.Deliver L-lp: arex.Snn 11.00k  .Ascertain rocs and   full   information   by ad.-,  dressing nearest local agent or���  G. _. GARRETT. Ai;  XV. K.  Anderson. Trav.  Pass  E. -LCoyle, A. G. P. Agi  t Xew Denver.  Agt.. Xelson.  Vancouver.  Spokane Falls k irfta  SYSTEM..  andon,  PIONEER HOUSE OF  THAT CITY. DO NOT  FORGET IT WHEN  INSANDON   "Tl  indicate, pr.ttv id ear K-  .* is Oil   the, eve nr ;;  \*!: **.*  EED J. SQTJXKE  Nelson. B. C.  Merchant Tailor.  Fall Line  of Suitings and  Trouserings aJways on hand.  J. E. Angrignon j  The Leading  I  </ We   have, a  sp .dully  contrived envelope, advertising  New Denver that should he  used by every letter writer  from this point.     They  cost  SI for the first  hundred ,uu  f>0c for  each suhsequ. r.r ii)0  ���with  your name and  dress printed thereon.     r or -^^f  the ladies we  have a fancy /*>-A  line of the  latest styles of  Visit]iiig Cards  And our stock of  I Wedding Stationery]  liniyrtatioiiiis  Ball Programs  flenti Cards, Etc,  Is equal to any  to lie found  in the largo cities.  Call or address���  THE LEDGE.  It. T.  l.OWKRY,  Editor and Financier.  PHOTOGRAPHERS  I.-lo, im |'iv]i.'iifl  .. 7.ric.  .illllc rules.  Situate    in    the   Sloean   Minins   Division   of  West  Kootenay   District.     Where  located:  South of Carpenter creek, one-half mile east  of Sandon.  I rpAKE XOTICE thai   I. Herbert T. Twit;ir. as  I   I    agent for Ho!iert Cunnint,'. free miner's certificate Xo. SStii'JA. recorded holder of a live -sixth  i'.-5-iii undivided interest,  and Volney D  Williamson, recorded liolderof a one-sixth (l-*';*! undivided  interest, free miner's eertirieate Xo. 'iT'W. intend  sixty days from the date here")' lo aiiply ;o rhe  Minii!'.:; 'l-tecordor for a   eertirieate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown i^ram  of lhe above claim.  And further ral.   notice rhat .ictioii under sec-  lion :t7 inn. . lie commenced before the issuance ���>'  .such certiiicate of iniprovemenrs.  Dated this .id day of Auyust. 1��<:��.  l'-I EIU'1'.RT T, TWIGG.  XELSOX & FORT SHElJPA RD CO.  RED .AIOUXTAIX RY CO.  The all rail and direct route  between   the Kootenay  ..District and..  All British Columbia Fonts  Pacific Coast Points  Puget .Sound Points  Eastern Canada and the  United States.  Connects at Spokane with  GREAT XORTHERX RAILWAY  XORTHERX PACIFIC RAILWAY  O. R. R. & NAVIGATION CO.  Leaves Nelson 9:10 a.m.  Maps'furnished, Tickets sold and information  nven by local and connecting line Ticket agents  H. A. JACKSON, G-. P. & T. A.  Spokane. Wash  id  Centaur :Mineral  Clain  Situate in r'.h: Sioe:iii   M  I'ooteiiay ^'District.  Four Mile creek. -��*.i  mil  B. C.  i\:n Division of West  Where   located:   Cm  from ������.Ivcnoii.  KOOTENAY    RAILWAY  & NAVIGATION CO.  Operating Kaslo Oc Slocan K. ilwav,  International   Navigation t.  Trading*   Cnmpany,  I. Charles E. He  "'-.'���:  TiM^A.  intern  li..T0uf   to   a I  ]y ���  inil  :*   C  F:  dx-y i  ilic-  ���pAKE X'-TICE Tii;  1 -Miner's t'Vrtiiie.'r  days from the dati  Aliiiiiiir   lii.-e.wder   *'<��� ������ a ci-itilicate  ol  llll-Ol..    ','���:"    -he     ������Hi" Or.:'    ���'*'    r ilitain'.DU*     {''.''tW  vrr.-.uts of the ahove claims.  And fur!!'-'!-fa! . novice that   acii'.n under:-  tion .'<7 niiiBi li,- eounii.vic-eii iii-:.. e die i-snai  if such i:i:i't!iicari: "l" inr^roveni'.'li:*.  j.iated rids llth dav i*i.*'"-fiiiie.is!����.  Emily    l^dith     Fraction,     Kiitflf,    Kag  i-'raetioii niiil i roncliiil >f iiicnil Ci.-tin^  KASLO & SLOCAN RAILWAY.  Schedule of Time.     Pacific Standard  ���Time���  Passenger  train  for Sandon    and  way stations leaves  Kaslo at S:00 a  in. daily,   returning,   leaves Sandon  I at 1:15  j.   in.,   arriving at Kaslo at  j 3:55 p. in.  mite in the Sio-un Minintr Division oi We. .  ivooien;;}' Ld.-.trii-f. Wiiere lo-car. 1: i in  F-'i:;1 M'iie civelc a!: un two miles iron. Silver! on. i'-i. o.  TAK E :'' -T'CKthat I  Charles  E.  Hojie. F. M.'  1     l'..\e. 7M2A.   mi Tiif; ilaie  rder   for  intend. '���<) flays  fr  aei'efi:'.   io aii]ily   to tiif.  Minii).    K  Certiiic.itf.-'of Im|n*ovenieiits. for th,';  jiurjiose o;  ���ibraininL- '"rown Hnut   of ihe alrive eIniin .  hur tii i_* lioriui- that   aetioi-. io.dei  -ecn'on   37.   ran-!   be   i-ommenoeil l-effire  the  is  .i;iiiee <>��� . .icli eertiiicue-'of Imj.  ovi;iii'_ir>.  'F'.'nted fbi.~ "lit 11 -l;,y oi June, i-mi'  Mrs. McDougald.  Travelers  Will rind the  Rvlingkon Hotel  a pleasant place ro stop at when in  SI can City.  . ETHIXG & HEXDEKSOX. I'l-oprietors.  Tin PinsBBCtflrs'Assay 01  B.andcn, B. C,  Assay Price List  i Furnishes accommodations  ;to the traveling pnhlic  'equal to any on Sloe n  'Lake. Comfortable beds  and tasty-meal. The Iv-st  brands of liquors and  ��� cigars on the market,  Cabinet '-'olio.   Film Ciiriridirf . aix:-!  '���their Snp;nie. .  ���>. ���STRATHEAKX,  Kaslo. I  AiRURESSER  Bosun Block,  New Denver, B.C.  F. L. CHRISTIE, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,  SOLICITOR, Etc.  NOT ART PUBLIC,  i Every Friday at Silvurton. S AX In >X. B. *  Gold. Silver, or Lead.eaeb   Gold. Silver and Lead, '���.������nibiiied...  Go'ii and Silver   Siivi-r and Lead   Coi.'i'er (by Elecii'oiysisi     Gold. Silver. Cupper and Lead   Gold and Copper   Sliver and Cop'*.*"   G--M. Silver and Copper       Platinum '.   .Mercury      Iron or .Manganese   Lime.  .Macriie .un.  Barium. Silica  pluir. each   Bismuth.Tin. Cobalt. Xiekel. Antimony.  Zinc, and Arsenic, each   Coal (Fixed Carbon. Volatile .Matter. Ash  and   percental;,   of  Coke, if Cokim.  Coal)   Terms:   Cash W'itl  Jtineiiitli. IS!!-).  ii.rtLi  2 on  ���J fin  1  O.i  IXTERXATIONAL    NAVIGATION  _ TRADING- CO.,   operating on.  Kootenay Lake and River.  S.   *_.  IXTERXATIOXAL.  Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at . :00 a.  in., daily except Sunday. Returning  leaves Nelson at 4:30 p. ni.. calling  at Balfour, Pilot Bav, Ainsworth and.  all way points.  Connections with S. F. e�� N. train  to and from Spokane at Five .Mile  Point; also with str. Alberta to and  from Bonner's Ferry, Idaho.  S. S. ALBERTA.  Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry,  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  at 7 a ni., connecting with steamer  International from Kaslo at Pilot Bay.  Retur dng leaves Bonner's Ferry at  7:00 a. m., Wednesdays, Fridays  and Sundays, connecting with str.  International for Kaslo, Lardo and  Argenta. Direct connections made at  Bonner's Ferry with Great Northern  Railway for all points east and west.  LARDO-DUXCAX   DIVIsIOX.  Steamer International leaves aslo  for Lardo and Argenta at S:-I5 . in.  "Wednesdays and. Fridays. Steamer  i Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lardo and  | Argenta at 8 p.m. Sundays.  I Steamers call at principal landings  | in both directions, and at other points  j when signalled.  I ickets sol to all point ; Ca ada  ! and the United Statas. o ascertain  ; rates and full information, address���  j Robert Irvixg, Manager.  ;: S. Campbell. Kasio, B. C.  Freight and Ticket Agt..,   Sandon.  THOS. LAKE, Prop.! ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS.  <KSj,  Sill  r\  ���I 0(1  .Sample.  FRANK DICK,  Headquarters for   Mining  Commercial Men.  atp  Assaye i- suo  !     TEETER BROS,  Slocan City.  ropn. tors.  I'll and fri mi European   point-; vin Caio.diaii  and American line .     Apply    for  saiiin*.- dates  rate-  . tielcel,.mil   lull   in;onu."'tl-��� ii   ! ���   ... >   <'.  I'y aLTellt or���  <*    il. OAUKKTT.  C.  I'. !'.  .\ _ 1.:.  New  i\:i.'.CI .  W. I'. I". C'.iinmini:  . . . S. S. A-:.. WinnipeS.  BEADS- st    An-  Cln.pk-i Ot M. An-  .-'(.- Sl.-.niji^. w lite to  ie   .'.���l.oo'.   I   .; >-':a\v  F  tie  A(--  St.  OR  my :  ene\  . Mo  CROISIERS-  ���or.- > .Mi.-.ia:. .  Liiile  md   L'anc-elli-!   I',,vt{i  ���  Ilethleilelll       tpo-t..!  iitreal, tjue  Do"  not  overlook   Xt  \v;i  lilt >  .���oiifcctionerv.  woen   vou THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., SEPTEMBER 14,  1899.  Sixth Year.  MINING   RB0ORDS  "Che following is a complete list of the  raining transactions recorded during the  ���week in tlie several mining divisions oi  the Slocan. Tlio.se of Xew Derive:- were  as follows:���  l.i'CA' fliiXS.  tl*. J T K.dly  -AVjitci'ion  Fraction. (.! K  Midday, reloc of Victor,  Extension.   Four  J   Tinlinu*     Mayde  Mile cr. .1 Brandon..  '-51���Kootenay Sovero'io-ji.r,locof For-  e'st Fire.. ET'Bre.mne.r.  Sent *i���( .liciia Fraction. ''niena'nit,  F H Wilson. .,.'.'  ">���F I) Fraction. Noble Five int. C A  Freeman. i-_inorc!da. il.uwser cr. (,.'  Anderson.    Cnrdi Fraction, s f C'.*n*j..e.n-  2i���Lakeside,Howser'lake.F Harper.  Silver Leaf. Knob Hill, Kootenay Star,  Duncan river, D Johnson and H Black.  ���2o���Unknown and Helious. Twelve  Mile, ll Roberts. Mystery, same, M X  Anderson,  _���'���>���Hope. ('oo|ier creek. (} D Morrison. Froo' Hill, on Trout lake trail J  Bouir.na. Iron Mountain^', .acier creek.  T F Cos-riff.  24���Wla. Cirtinite   Basin.    H   'Nelson.  Province,, s fork.W.J Davei.port.  Trail,  ': same, .11 V .Rio'2's, W .1 l)ave.n;>orr.  20���.Stoni-wal'*,  Coop;.*  creek, Erick-  ��� son .and McDonald  '     :-��0���Lirtle   Be;-.   <  .acier   ci*,-_k.   A di  ^ Michel!.  '. ASr-T.SSMKXTH.  Ano*ust  -British   Empire  Roy. n I'  *'   Johnson, C  e fv, 1) ��'  and Hoi.  llard-  -crainbie. G J Henry. Summit and  Hucla, VV F Kidded. Kootenay Queen,  Slocan Criiel' No 1,0. iron wood and Btir-  1 Hurt on, B Pearson.  2~)���Front .viae. R George. Ottawa.X  Mnrchison.    Triumph, lv Ross.  2i">���Golden Gate. Mollie Id ley. Get  'There, and Stampede., .1 C Hansen.  2s���Florence 1 . VV Mill. Alpi and  Meive'.ia, A Guidotti. Thurso, and lio-  meo. I) Gihlwist. St Gothard. Glacier  and Gruffle, hy S Sciiwander.  2h���Aspen, ���! Xeven. Wabash. -John  Tinliny. Dayton, G T Kane: Cocilia  May. VV Mobiles Mou'ttl Fraction, Jas,  Moran.  80���Mystic '-Jeyinn. by 1) 11 McLean.  Merry England, H R Stovel. Elkliorn  Quee'ii, J Trallcanti. Escanaha, Hazel  and Homestretch, T Austin, Diamond  Joe. K Ross.  ter. G Kay.    Tlie Just One Girl. Silver   One  Fraction, Win ' Anderson.  int. ('.''. F  Nelson.     Ocean   Queen.''Trout  ci*. Emily  Swan.    Copper  Kin^1. same,  F W Writi'ht..    Rubee,   same, A   Finne-  o*an.    Miehican, M-ime. M Matson.    Ein-  erfiid, same. !' McGr'e.^'or.  o���Mornino* Glorv Fraction. FideJitv  11,11. A Jacobson. ' J M B. Gold cr. 1)  Brandon. ,  7���Truinpef   Fraction. Slocan lake, .  W Miiiino* Syndicate.    Swed  Carpenter.   A J')  < >stby.  Peterson.  s���F,ank Roll, Fi-iit. Mile, rv, 1) L.rau-  don. * .  11���Chance, divide'Ten and Twelve.  M'ile cr, J Winters. Continual. Eii^'ht  Mile cr, J 0'Butler. Ava, Silver mi, F  Pyman. Sunrise, same, D McKinnon.  Alert, Eiji'lit Mile cr, D A VanDorh.  12���Oakland. Silver int. Pat' Mooney.  Nob Hill, Slocan lake. M L Nicholson.  AS*. ISSMl_TS.  Aug-ust 80���Mono Fraction, Toronto,  Province, Pure Gold, Belle Smith,Camp  Lodge, Eastern Townships. Sept 1���  Mountain Goat, Fedora, Black.Horse,  White Horse. >���Neglected, Tramp  Plaint, Mountain Queen, Mountain  Maid. 5���Tornado, Flood Fraction, No  2, International, Imperial, Bosphorus,  Gibraltar, Silver Band, Troy ford, Islington, Winton, Croydon Fraction,  Rodney. 6���Surprise Extension, ,Var  Fraction, Commander, .8���Fountain  Fraction, Black Diamond. 9���Snowdon.  11���Iron Mountain, Holliday Fraction,  Lillv, Oakland No4,Mountain Scenerv,  Twilight, Storm. 12���Sadie, Ellis, M"&  M, Ella, Prince, Alhainbra, Lilly R,  Lone Star No 3.  CERTIFICATE  OF   IMPROVEMENTS.  Sept 11���Boatswain Fraction, Tyro,  Tyro Fraction.  OPTIONS.  Sept 0���Evelvn,  option to   purchase  for ��8,000, J W'Kyte, A Horton and V.  Brown to Ward McDonald, Sept 5.  TBANSFKRS.  August 29���Alice Murphy, A J Murphy to V H B. line, April" 29. Utica,  Andrew Jay, Alice, Bridget McCue to  P McCue., Aug 3. Power of attornev, J  M M Benedum to J W Kyte, Aug li.  30���Same, C A Stoess to H Mackenzie.  Aug 2ii.  81���Drumluminon and Homestake _  J Carraher to T McMurry, Aug 24: 820U  Sept o���J L P, F A Henneberg to M  McAndrews, July 5, 1S97. Same, M  McAndrews to J V 0 McLaughlin, June  9, S1200.  7���Alert \, F Pyman to F R Flurrv,  Sept 4  S���Humphrey and Best Fraction, all,  Rambler-Cariboo Co to W H Adams.  July 28. Same, VV H Adams to Rambler-Cariboo Co. Aug 28. Coining Event  and Central 1-0,' J S Reed to r'P Clair,  Sept S. Power of attornev. J H Bowes  to E C Wragge, Aug 14.' ' Same, F F  MacXaughton to!.J A" Bowes, Aug 10.  11���Coming Event l.-(5, J S Read to J  Taylor, Sept 11.  SLOCAN*    .  J'TY     DIVISION*.  "But I haven't a dollar. You'll have to  get.it of Sinclair, the cashier; and mind,  if you don't collect the whole we'll have  a row."    Hi* Took  Xaiin.  The owner of a general store in a western town got.married. In this.little town  it i�� the custom of tbe happy bridegroom  to set up the cigars for all the congratulating males who drop in to wish him  joy. So the bridegroom in this instance  hii.l a box on tiie counter, and most of  his pafons were regaled from it. j  ]-Vetiv soon an ancient gentleman came j  in. The storekeeper, who felt friendly j  to all the world just*then,pushed the box J  toward.*, the new comer.' j  ''liave a cigar, "Uncle Jim," he*, nil-!  ingly said.  Uncle Jim looked at the box and then  at. the storekeeper.  f  is the season  when it makes the  house very uncomfortable to do  much eookino*. It  is also difficult to  get a good piece  of meat  to cook.  ro����  'What this for;  e asked.  TRANSFERS.  August"24���Sheriff's sale of the Slocan  Chief No 10 and Kootenay Queen  25-W S l4, W Sudrow to J Sudrow.  Betsey and Red Star i-, S Swanson to A  E Lundburg. Utica and Andrew Jay,  Bridget McCue to P McCue.  20���Tarns Fraction 3_, A- Stalberg to  V A Johnson.  28���Prince Edward 'g, N W Sprague  to H Cody, 8400. Pasamalon and Red  Star I, C A Cameron to J A McVicliie.  30���Redstar J, C H Cameron to J F  Mcintosh. Agreement between A C  Bozzetti and Jessy Duval. Power of  attornev, F LoCasto to A Sproat. W H  Tavlor to J A Finch.  IXCIDEKT   AND   HISTORY;  The storekeeper slightly blushed.  "Been gettin' marri.d."  "Wlic*.     YonV"  "Yep.    Me."  "An' you're standin' treat, eh?"  "Ye]i," 'said,the storekeeper.  The old man [licked up a cigar.  '��� Hi. * much did these cigars cost ye,  Ab?" he inquired.  "Oli," replied the storekeeper, "they  cost me 'bout four cents. They're nickel  cigars."  Tbe old man dropped- the cigar back  into the box. Then his gaze wan lered  aiound the store.  "Well. Ab," he slowly drawled, "ef  it's all the same to you, I'll take a pound  o' nails." <  And he got them.  Fresh canned meats  are always tiie best  in hot weather: less  troublesome a n cl.  more palatal)!e. We  also have a choice  line of picnic goods.  In _ iwtwcii:* yon will find tho  Ik.* .---. pi-'CiKlly in ]_idi(.'S* and  .  i-s.  ' jj-i.Miils for .Sunmiur wmir  AT'.HOBEN'  Mail orders.  The Fleas Suite red.  A braw son of Scotia accepted an invitation to spend a fortnight with a friend  in London, whose quarters were in, the  dense purlieus of Clerkenwell. On join"  ing his host at breakfast the morning  after his arrival the following colloquy  took place, much to the annoyance of  the lady of the house:  Flost���Well, Sandy, old man, how clid  you sleep ?���  Sandy���Aweel, mon. to say truth, ua  so vera weel.  Host���I am sorry to���  Sandy (interrupting)���Ah, dinna fash  yesself, naoh ! I was better aft than the  fleas, for they never closed a blessed e'e  the whole nicht.  Sr.OCAX    ORE    SHIP3IKXTS.  Total shipped Julv 1 to Dec. 81, 1S9S.  17,994 tons. January 1st, 1S99, to  Sept. 9:  Week  LOCATIONS.  August 29���Fern, 2 n fork Lemon, P  McEwen. Rob Roy, Lemon cr, A Fin-  ni��*an and R McGregor. Ouida, Ten  Mile cr, W Brasch. Selkirk, reloc Tallahassee, B Carter.  80���Royal, Dayton cr, B Kneebone.  Admiral,"same, P Alltoffer.  81���Wiltshire, reloc Joint Hone, H A  Chapman.  Sept 1���Willet, Lemon cr, I Orchard.  2���Tulidel, saine.Mrs Emma Rackliff.  Orthodox, same. 0 II Abercrombie.  Virden, Springer cr, Jos Smith.  h���Mountain View, s f Lemon cr. Pat  Nolan Climbing Rose. Fraction, n f of  Lemon, F Dick. Redwood, div Lemon  and Springer, W Kyte.  0���Alexander, Printer cr, W Anderson. Star, reloc of D Smith, R Kurty-  hals.    Maggie, Twelve Mile cr, same'.  SMiddiesex Fraction, Robson cr, J A  Foley. Midland,reloc Calgary, W Far-  ney." Latour. reloc Sterling, W A j  Keith. Flagstaff, reloc. Josie.'"VV Far-!  ney. Robert Bruce, reloc I & I', J G j  Gordon. Puritan, reloc Silvertonian, J j  J  Farney. I  9���Heather  Bell,   ''\>n   Mile  cr. M e|  Young. ' ' . !  A good Greeley story is told by a  writer in Youth's Companion. He says:  Horace Greeley's sympathy with the  working classes was intense, and ids indignation towards those who oppressed  them was. not unlike the "perfect hatred"  of the Hebrew king. A graphic illustration of this sympathy and indignation  is given in the "Personal Recollections"  of James 11. Gilmore, wdio was formerly  one of the editorial corps on the Daily  Tribune.  One winter night,two thinly and poorly clad women entered the room of the  managing editor ,'tnd asked to see Mr.  Greeley. Mr. Gilmore, who was reading  proof sheets, answered that Mr. Greeley  was very busy, and a half dozen gentlemen were waiting to see him ; but if they  would wait he would probably give them  audience.  They were willing to wait, and Mr.  Gilmore ushered them into the great  editor's apartment, where he sat at hie  desk, with his back to the door,absorbed  in an editorial.  Curious to see what kind of a reception  he would give the women, Mr. Gilmore  lingered near the door. As soon as Mr.  Greeley had finished his editorial, he  turned round and glanced at his visitors.  The gentlemen were wellknown to him,  for each man was a politician ; but, giving them scarcely any attention, he rose  and said courteously to the women :  "Ladies, what can I do for you?"  The younger of the two stepped timid-, E,.u,k priliee  ly forward and  explained  their errand. I Chapleau       15  3.1  New Denver, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in  Groceries, Dry Goods,  MEN'S FURNISHINGS, HARDWARE, CARPETS.  .   BOOTS & SHOES.  TINWARE, LINOLEUMS.  HATS & GAPS, CROCKERY, WINDOW  SHADES, CLOTHING.  "We carry the best lines that money can buy,   and,   buying in large quantities, stive you the extra profit,  Sandon        Rossland Greenwood  Grand Forks  NELSON,  OIESAIE  GROCERS  Twitching  Eyelids  Indicate eyestrain  The slightest hint  of it should not be  neglected.  I'aynu   Lu.st Chance ���  Slocan Star   Sapphire   Coin   Ajax     Sovereign   Rei-o   Ivanhoe    Treasure Vault.  Trade Dollar..,.  Liberty Hill....  M'iuli_>u   Wonderful   American Boy.  Maho Mines���  Queen Bess   Wild Goos.-   Monitor   Whitewater ���  Jackson   Bell   Wellington.  v-  Antoine   Rambler   Dardanelles   Great Wes; em .  Bosun   Marien   Capella.. .,���   Fidelity.*   Vancouver   Wakefield...'....  Enij'v "Edith   C .ni._cjck   _ oondaj-   Ent'.M-pi'ise   Tannine   20  Total  5,a7l)::  2, !���_  5-tS  33  IS  40  20  180  111)  112  51.1  :*  15  2S  20  GG0  1.4-11  15  21.  2.052  Oil  3o  11  05  421  10.1  <s  540  20  3  3  320  ."j.*.  �����')  120  .0  71"  2i'  15  15  We test eves free of  charge, and recommend glasses on! y  when absolutely necessary. Eyes tested niaiit or dav.  Ao*ents for 13. O. Sugar Refinery and Roval  City Planing Mills."  Newmarket Hotel,  NEW DENVER,   B.  C.  Provides ample and pleasant accommodation lor the traveling.public.  Telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.  HENRY STEGE, -        -    -.-       -     '-.*������.       Proprietor.  All work Guaranteed,  Agent  for  the   famous Hamilton &  Hampden Watches.  G. W, GRIMMETT,  Jeweler anal ��ptklami',  Sam don,  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.,  Jobbers and Retail Dealers in  f)  v- p.-./  . ___  u      B.  DRUGS,  LL PA  ONERY,"  GOODS-  NELSON, 1 . c.  |S8v^*'*V%-/'*fc/''^^  4 \m _a _*&ir_s_�� none   .  olOAL  AsSK^SJIKXT."*.  ���_s���-(. .'!(:na    Mountain.  August  tana. St LawiviK-e. Siiiinysidc, iu.  years. *.. i���Knipress. Zuin, Slim*  Sep! -j���Sim*. Hake..- Two Friend*  Near.. i'i--i)(ir--,(,t. 7���(jirinne I'm* two  yeai's. *->���-Hail. >. (inn. -;���L'niR'oniara.  I W'i'Kriciids  Si.il-  t wo  Ten.  lor '-I  August  :-.vd  !l; AN*.   .-*  ��� i.i mise,  :i.*>.  Arcli  Seet 7 ��� !*'r.uifis   M ... ���  J  i'adi-iil'f. si-M  '���'���'ire^'Dii.   uiitiee   thai   a  belongs in (..' M   (   .-'iniiir  and  lierson.  Void.;    o> I)  ii(iiii|).-iiii to  >s   l ill ere: .  ii' O IJ .ii -  AIXSU'Oll T!l     DlVlSIO.N  I.IK'A ��� i^l.N.   .  A uu'iist 21 ��� Moii'i i'raction. on I\aslo  creek. 1' ("rceii 1 .-.eeli!. Srlinieder  creek, 'i ( arl'juist .Kootenay. !!.u*  ereek. .1 Hansen. Ontario. Rlat-k Hill.  Tliciina. lion ! .iii'i. mi Dunn creek. |,  Jlae*^*iuiid Bluebird, ear creek.same.  B.lhy, H.i.ikia- creek. A I*" Adams.  John T, same. W .J Murphy. Comas.  Campbell creek. White and Otto  22��� Rose,Hooker creek.J Battenatule.  Last Will, s fork. D  Campbell and C K  Morrow.    Zenith, near Kaslo, -J Miller  Myrtle.   Schroder   creek,  J   Swanson  Wender, same, J  Nyman.    Lucky  Bill  Fraction, Woodbury creek, X Johnson.  28���Marion, Bear creek. Scovil and  McVicliie. Ohief Fraction, Kaslo creek,  K A Bradsiiuw. i  They were employees in a hoop-skirt  factory, where the workwomen had the  clay before suspended work and demanded an increase of pay.  "What pay do you  get?" then asked  Air. Greeley.  "Three dollars and a half a week," was  the timid reply.  "And how much of that goes for your  board?"  "Three dollars."  "Do you mean  to say  that  you have  onlv 50 cents a week for vour clothes and  I other necessaries?"  j     "That is all."  "It's a shame���a burning shame.''  i said Mr. Greeley, quickly. "You wish  j me to expose these men. I will do it.  i They shall liave :* column in tomorrow's  ! Tribune."  Then, seeing Mr. Gilmore standing in  the doir '."ay. he said : "Be kind enoueh  to show 'hese ladies to tlie stairway.and"  (drawing him down to him and --peaking  : in a lower tone' "look at their (.'lotlu ..  (   .ve them ifll) or ij-iM : I'll pay it.."  ���'Hid yuu hear what   Mr. <  .v_cy said  tn    me?"   asked    Mi*.    Gilmore   of   the  . youngei'   woman,   as   they   reached    the  door of the outer editorial room.  "Ves, sir; but we don': want alms���  we ask lo:* justice, not chavilv." she answered.  ** iie doe.- not consider it charity. He  thinks it a duty to divide his larireu'  earnings with those thai are underpaid.  He will lie offended if you refuse the  money," answered Mr. Gilmore.  "We wouldn't offend him for the i  world," said the woman, reluctantly:  taking the offered banknote. "1 shall'  pray God to bless him."  "Did those women take the money." :  asked Mr. Greeley, after his visitors had :  left. '  "Yes���a $20 bill���I had nothing smaller. But I'll compromise with you for  ten," answered Mr. Gil'uore.  "No, you won't," sail Mv. Greeley,  fumbling in his   pockets   for the money.  Total tons.  lUU  A neighboring editor now takes the  back str. ets of  his town on account ot  the way. he mixed up  the report   of a  cattle show and a concert, says an exchange.    This is the way  he made it  read: "The concert given  by Odessa's  most beautiful young ladies was highly  appreciated.     They   sang   in   a   most  charming' manner, winning the plaudits  of the entire audience, who pronounced  them the finest herd of shorthorns in the  i country.    A few are of rich brown color.  j but the majority are spotted brown and  I white.    Several ofthe  heifers are abhi-  I bodied,fine limbed and promise to prove  j g*ood milkers."  Juicy  Beefsteaks  Tender Mutton, and Delicious Pork, always at  your command at the  New Denver Meat Market.  Fresh Fish  From the  Briney Deep.  Eggs & Buttei  from the plains of Western Canada, and  SAUSAGES  from New Denver.  Shipments are made to  any part of the country  If  you  are in need   of  substantial nourishment  no not overlook this ad.  New Denver Meat Market  THE  K  ASLO HOTEL  Family & Commercial.  L  *  arge  And  Comfortable  Rooms  Fitted with every modern  convenience. Special protection against fire. Rates ��2.50  and $3 per day.  COCKLE & PAPWORTH,  Proprietors.  Established lS't.-V  E. M. SANDILANDS.  habit  is   ra<rin<:  m  The gum chewing  this  community and   Williams is doing  lis best to keep it going by selling nothing but the best 'j-oods on the nnfket.  When vdi run out   of   tobacco, do not  foruel  ih;'.1.   Xesbit.l . elS .  il.  PHOTOGRAPHERS  tVANCOUVER and    .EL .ON.   B.C. 4  E B. Duniop  BAKBER AND HAIRDRESSER.  OhiMrun's linir Cutting a Specialty.  SLOGAN*   CITY, - - B.  C.  H. D. CURTIS,  Notary Public.  Mixes;   Real   Estate;   Insurance;  accountant.  Abstracts of Title Furnished.  SLOCAN CITY, B. C.  J. M. M. BENEDUM,  Silverton. ASSAYER.  SANDON, B.C.  Mininir Stocks bought and Sold.   General Agent  for Slocan Properties.        Promising   Prospects For Sale.   JOHN WILLIAMS  Dealer in  IMPORTED  ArD DOMESTIC CIGARS  ANDTOBACCOES,  PIPES, &C.  Van Camp Lunch Goods,   Confectionery and Fruit.  BATHS IN CONNECTION.  Newmarket Block. New Denver  D  R. A.S. MARSHALL.  Dentist.  Kaslo. B C  Raima  Angrignon  NEW DENVER  Graduate of American College of Dental Surgery  Chicago  F.E. MORRISON, dds.  DENTIST  Crown. Plate and Bridge work.  Office. Broken Mill Blk.' Nelson.  Dealer in HAY, GRAIN,  ICE, WOOD, Etc  Livery and Feed Stables, General  Dray ing. 1 earns meet all boats and  Trains.  BRICK  FOR   SALE.  JOHN   GOETTSCHE,  NEW DENVER.  ^s^ WcL .._***. W**CL._ _sW fc"**___i*".  M  (.'.n)i>toy on!  est    warch-rU  ers.  K .>'���- haC .>d ���<.:iC. JW fcaaC_>-. fc��C_>8i  work O  is u'luiran teed. . . A.*  Does it ot nti.-l: the i.|ualit\  ef the liquid tonics at tho  LVAXHUt: IIO'IEL, in  Sandon. Tf you do not  think so call in and ask  the landlord   Dick Orando,  for further information.  Orders  receive our  ma  j^i Good A dvice  Drompt  attention  J?    G. FAl'Ql'lEK.  NOTARY PUBLIC.  Nakusp, B.C  Can be o-iven, taken and used without  spoilinn* it���jiist as good after using as be-  fore���and it makes no difference how many  use it, it is good ahvays.  Jacob Dover, Jeweler.  NELSON, B. C.  ���w* Kn 11 line-' when they visir Nelson.  _BjO ' _M_  Tlie liest advice we can give tin  (���U.*'niiier.< if the Kri'iti'iiay-! 1-- *--  .ml u.���? their ma:!    nlcr . riii.lt  he sure tn see nur ;


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