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The Ledge May 3, 1900

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 Volume VTI.    No   31.  NEW DENVER, B.C., MAY-3, 1900.  Price, $2 00 Year'  'V-j   are still beautiful, deep,  dark   and  a1  5^  ? Pen Pictures of Scenes in the Arctic City at Might S?  'Mid. Revelry and Yice.  ��2  se ssaasss as as asasssessssessss  Dawson is not like the average C;in;i  dian eamp. In Rossland, for instance,  the poor working-man must stand for  hours' in front of an inanimate slot  -machine in order to get rid of his day's  wages. -Neither is Dawson like the old,  wild, wide-open camps of the Pad lie  coast, nor the more modern camp of  Colorado. There are no deep-hinged  loafers with long guns, and only a few  with long hair, though it costs a dollar  in Dawson to amputate one's tresses.  There is gambling, to he sure, wide  open and free (if you have the dust), but  it is all business, quiet, earnest business. There is no loud talking over  the tables. Only the soft clink of  ;--'lasscr. and the softer click of the chips  that pass in the night, the burr of the  roulette wheel and the swish of silken  skirt, disturb the silent men who are  crowding about the gambling tables���  pushing their dust toward the till. They  seem ever to be saying: "0, Mr. Gambler, please take my money and let me  go to bed. I am so tired !" And he  takes it, slowly, it seems at times, but-  very surely. All about in the wide hall  where the men are speculating groups  of miners are showing nuggets and  discussing the probable richness of  various creeks. Others are buying  drinks for the "fairies" who sweep  down the wide stairway that leads to  the boxes overlooking the show. A  card hangs on the swinging doors at the  rear of the main room advertising a  "Theatre���Admission 50 cents.''  At one place we pushed the doors  open, peeped in, coughed and backed  out again. The foul air, bad tobacco,  and the smell of spilled gin were too  much even for my hardened friend,  Thompson. To a woman who blew  cigarette smoke and smiles in his face  he said: "You are no lady."  I think he must have been wrong, for  I am sure no gentleman would dress as  that did. It wore a pink bathing suit,  short and starchy natural stockings,  sunset slippers and garters of gold, Its  hair was the hue of a house on fire-  After looking it over carefully for. a  moment Jim said it was what Klon-  dikers call a "dream."  "'Wash yer neck?" asked a miner,  jerking his head towards the bar.  "Oui," said the dream, and then she  put a naked elbow on the board and  called in a clear, confident voice, "High  ball."  litter's some prospectors are  packing a  train of burros.    An   Engli.-di-Canadian  calls us into the hotel to have  a  liquor  with   him.    He   has   just   finished   his  d inner.    Tie has learned of a claim that  is not yet staked, and is at this moment,  11:80, p.m., starting out to stake it.    At  the door are his two guides, and at their  feet a couple of stout dogs, and in canvas panniers on  their  backs  are food  and drink for the men and their master,  and feed for the dogs     It is  14 miles  to the claim and24hack,making87 miles  in   all   chat   this   white-haired   Briton  must tramp by noon to morrow,  for he  has just assured me that he will be back  before the Victorian sails at 2 p.m.  These figures may seem a little, confusing to people "outside," but 1 can  assure, the reader that they are correct  and as near to the truth as the average  statement of the average trailer over  lands. These men are the mastodonic  liars of the earth. 1 have already  crossed swords with the trail liar and  the raisin liar. The former was on the  Edmonton trail six hundred days,  during which time he ate nothing but  ice. erorim made from the milk of the  moose. The other fellow lived nine  days on seven raisins. It is too bad.  The. mosquito liar is gone. ��� He just  simply pined away and died when he  had seen and heard the. trail liar and  the. raisin liar.  Here comes a man crying Puget  Sound papers only eight days old. Behind him, in the gloaming, a man is  carrying a basket of sliced watermelon;  little erescen*'S cut thinly from a six-  inch shell, and he wants 25 cents a bite.  Watermelons are cheap now. You can  buy a whole one as big as a boy's head  for $2.50. They were ?10 earlier, and  they were S'25 last year, in a little  market a man i8 cutting a round steak  for 75 cents a pound. Porterhouse is a  dollar.  THE   MEItltV   DANCK."  Across the street, three blocks away,  a whole banner is stretched bearing  this notice, in screaming red and black  letters:  most bewitching. But that light must  fail soon. She is Inirning her candle  rapidly.  If the prompter could be suppressed,  and a blue-eyed brainless woman who  screams occasionally would go to sleep,  this camp, awav up here in the shadows  of the North Pole, would he as quiet as  Jerusalem and almost as safe for a man  or. woman to walk about in.  A young nnri is dancing with a young  woman in a long shirt.    They -appear  to be perfectly happy.    They are to be  married  after  the  hall,  and   they are  I going "outside.v  A young man,  with wide  blue eyes  and pale hair, is leaning on  the end of  the bar reading a poem to some friends.  When the poet had gone out   I  cultivated the barkeeper.who had a woman's  diary in his vest pocket and  her story  by heart.  This is the story of the woman:  They   were   married   at    Montreal  under the rose.    It rained flowers that  day.   The streets were crowded with  carriages.    It had been a case  of love  on sight with both of them,  but they  quarreled, as the best  of lovers will,  and  he  went away to  the Klondike.  She tried heroically to live without him,  but she was a woman  who could not  live without love.   So she followed him.  He took the Edmonton trail.   She went  in over the White Pass and passed him  on the way.   When she had been ten  days in Dawson she wrote in her diary:  "what woman   knows  me  here?'' and  then I caught the glimpse  of a  bright  face laughing out  of a storm  of  hair,  and recognized   a  little  lady  who  had  come over on the Victorian     All day a  man had been leading her by the hand.  It  is long  past  midnight now.    They  have finished   their  shopping and  are  going   home.    "Come  on,  dear," calls  the man.    "Yes, papa,"' says the maid,  as she kisses her hand to me. and romps  away.     Like   the   breeze   that   blows  down from the gardens on the hill,   her  smile is pure and sweet.  She is eight years old.���Cy Warman,  in N. V  Sun.  r-0  HC1TOOI,    KKPOIS.T.  5j��- Camp Gossip Concentrated, for the Benefit of the  -���*' Paid-Up Subscriber.  grown well and should encourage others  LOCAL    CHIT-CHAT  The following is the standing obtained  by the pupils attending the New Denver  Public School for the month of April.  1900:  5th Class-W. R. Vallanee, W. D.  Thompson, J. A. Irwin.  4-1 li Class���C. L. Irwin, C. M. Nesbitt,  E. G. Irwin, H. Delaney, IT. Macdonald,  H.C.Baker, C .1. Vallanee, F. Ding-  man.  3rdClass���K.Blumenaiier,Eva Byrnes,  Lola Koch, K. Delaney, G. Baker, C.  Macdonald, Flora Clark.  2nd Class���E. Taylor, Jessi�� Cropp, M.  L. Nesbitt, Ethel Gibbs, M. Mclnnis.  . Pt. II Class���Grade Sutherland,"Geo.  Sproat, I(. Nelson, M. W. Sutherland.  Grade Williams, W. H. H. Clever.  Pt. 1, Primer���G. A. Vallanee, C.  Nelson, Artie Williams, S. A. Irwin,  Mary Clever,  B. Baker,  D. Shannon,  "Had one meal  to-day,  $2.50;   not  ten   Vera   Cropp,    Ray   Blumenaner,   May  LIARS  AND OTIIEK   MATTERS.  It was eleven o'clock, but not yet dark,  when we passed out and stood for a  moment on the embankment and  watched the mighty Yukon gliding by  There is something grand, imposing,  almost awful, about this river. Perhaps it is because we never heard so  much about it, and of the far off country  through which it flows, the gold on its  tributaries and the army of lives that  have been lost in its dreadful rapids.  At all events there is a weird grand \'.ur  about it to-night. It is so Avide. and  swift and deep. Along the wharf, made  securely fast, are. the many steamers  that run the rapids between here and  White Horse; and the still larger lower  river boats, some with two funnels,  that have come up from St. Michael,  and will carry you out by the way of  the Bohring sea and so around to the.  towns of the Pad lie coast���four thousand  miles away. It is a long ride���as long  ��� as the sail from New York to Egypt.  But we must not stand here by the  river and dream, for we have no burning desire to be borne away on its bosom  to the ocean, wild and wide. We are  .'/umbering  Leaving the strand, we take a cross  street that begins at the. river and runs  back to the hill, at whose feet they have  built the city of Dawson.  In all the shops people are still shopping, just as they were when we arrived  at 6 o'clock this morning. Like the  birds of the Klondike, they do not know  when to go to bed..3- In front of an .out-  "Nigger Jim's Pavillion."  I am surprised to learn that Nigger  Jim is a white man.  The noise that conies from this place  resembles music. A man in his shirtsleeves is calling the figures of the  dance. Sometimes he sings them, and  this is his song. It must have originated  in a cow camp.  S'lute your ladies, all together!  Ladies opposite the name!  Hit the lumber with your leather!  Balance all and swing your dame!  Bunch the heifers in the middle!  Circle stairs and do-se-do!  Pay attention to the fiddle!  Swing her round and off you go!  First four forward!    Bark to places!  Second follow���shullle back'  Now you've got it down to cases-  Swing 'em till their troller* crack'  Cents all right a-heel and toeing!  Swing 'em; kiss 'em, if vmi kin'  (hi to the next and keep ,-i-goin"  Till yer hit yer pards agin!  Cents to cejitre: ladies round  eni!  Form a basket: balance all!  Whirl yer gals to where you found 'em!  Promenade around the hall!  Balance to yi-r pards and trot 'ein  Wound the. circle double quick!  Grab and kiss Van while you've got'em.  Mold 'em to it if they kick!  Ladies, left hand to your sonnies!  Alaman!    Grand right and left!  i Balance all, an' swing yer honeys-  Pick 'em up and feel'their he'll!  Promenade like skeery cattle-  Balance and swin��- yer sweets!  Shake yer spurs an' make 'em  rattle'  Iveno!    Promenade to seats.  Here, as at the other resorts, roughly  dressed men are reaching over tin-  tables to place their money, A young  woman in a neat tailor-made gown  strolls about nodding and calling men  by their first names. She plavs roulette  for a little while and then strolls out  She appears not quite to fit here. Spite  of the cold, mechanical smile that plavs  cents left.  Three days later she wrote:  "I'm hungry.    Saw a man pay S17 today for a head of lettuce that grew in a  tomato can."  The next day.  "I now fee! that you have forsaken  me. Six months���there is no trail as  long as that. Well, I'm going to work  to night. The manager of the theatre  has just left me. I am going to work in  his theatre���to 'rustle the boxes,' he  told me. I presume 1 am to take the  coupons and show the people to their  primer seats. But first we are to dine;  at 8 o'clock, I think he said. Mon dieu!  three hours more, and I have fasted  three days. Two hours of the long,  long night have passed. The candles  are burning in the tents and cabins.  Outside the snow is falling, softly,  silently. I saw them lay a young  woman to sleep in the snow to-day, and  I envied her. It was a weird sight to  see the people all muffled up like Esquimaux, and the mute, uncomplaining  huskies hauling the black coffin across  the white field.  "Far up the mouth of the Troanqujck  I hear a malarnute mourning his master's  absence. I wonder why dogs always  howl after a funeral. God! was ever a  land so lonely, so utterly lost in darkness ? Even the winds go by on tiptoe!  If they whisper they say 'Hush!' Not  a sound comes to me save the 'mush,  mush!' of the drivers and the mournful  cry of the hungry dogs. Ah! my poor  candle is going out. I must dress for  dinner now without a light. It is still  snowing. It snowed on our wedding  day, you remember, mon cher. And  you spent *l.r>i)0 for Mowers. Goodnight."  Thai was  all   she  e>'ei'   wrote   in her  diary, but the barman,   who   had   been  her    friend,    and    who   had   loved   her  wii h,nit knowing her past���almost without know ing her "-(old us that  she   had'  herii   very    unhappy   in   Dawson.    One'  night ihey missed   her  at   the   theatre:'  I he next night she failed   to   show   up. '  and on (he day following ihe   manager  called,",! her room     That afternoon he.  sent a iloi-ti>������ up. and two days later an  undertaker.  And this man with the wide blue eyes  and pale hail had been her husband.  She had been dead a vear when became  Vallanee,   Bertie Williams,   Lola Cook,  Willie Nesbitt.  J. Irwin, Teacher.  SLOCAN    DUE   SHU'MKNTS.  The total amount of ore shipped from  the Slocan  from January-  1,   1899,  to  June 30, 1899, was 15,113 tons.  From  July 1, 1899, to   Dec. 31, 1899, the  ship-  ments were 4,310 tons.    Following  - are  the shipments from January 1, 1900, to  April 28:  Week  Payne     175  Ainerican Boy   Last Chance        SO  Total  3,038  <il  4-G  2(1  345  ���121  Surprise   Whitewater      fin  Ruth   Lucky Jim   20  til)  18  73  38  BN A   Gibson   lfi  li  2-n  Hartney   Capella   Emily Edith   Vancouver   20  7  20  20  Enterprise   Arlington   Black Prince   3CXI  300  <V)  120  Total tons     Sfift  (!,(>2'.i  WAS    JflVUK    THUS.  It was ever thusly. From Wompplw-  ton to Wimppleton, and Pumpkinvil le  to Nincompoop, history has failed to  record the name of a town that has not  been pestered in the same way. 'Ihere  are always a few men of some ability  and good clothes who apparently believe the town owes them a living, because they grace it with their presence.  While the thrifty, energetic citizens are  plodding along, bringing money and  business into the country, these no-  I goodies-dressgoodies take it upon theiii-  | selves to dictate what the town should  do and be, how its citizens should vote  ' Miid think, and what should be I he hours  i of labor for the laboring man  i  _   j_   j It promises to be a hot summer and  i Williams is keeping his eye on Old Sol '  j When Sol make* the thermometer much i  : ihe high places Williams will deal out]  : the frothy milk shake at a, bit a drink. ;  | Ask for one of them when the alinos-i  I phere is hot. and life seems like a blister :  I on the sands of time.  Triicniu n   !s  (Inniint;. i  I!  H.Trueman will bo in New Denver |  J. PC. Clark visited Nelson last week.  In Slocan City eggs are 17 cents a  dozen.  Business is fast improving in all lines  in the Slocan.  Several good catches of fish were  made on Sunday.  The Steamer Slocan averages 100  passengers a day.  P. J. Hickey is calling upon his  family in Spokane.  L. C. Morrison's hotel is open for  business at Fire Valley.  Efforts are being made to establish a  newspaper at Silverton.  Chas. Strickland and Erniw Brindle  havo gone to Wauchope.  Pleasure trips in the steam yacht  Alert are already programmed.  The St. James Hotel is putting in a  piano for the pleasure of its guests.  Subscriptions are dropping in for The  Lldge at the rate of 15 to 25 a week  A. B. Docksteader, of Cody, will be  the Slocan returning officer at the coming elections.  Alex. Lucas, with a line line of Conservatives samples, was drumming the  Slocan last week.  Pat Hayes and Jud Rhore'r are looking for yellow metal deposits in the  Kettle river cam)).  Divine service will be held in the  Presbyterian church on Sunday at 11  a.m.   All welcome.  Kaslo barbers have decided to quit  working on Sunday. Nothing is said  about the other days.  Billy Harrington and many other  pleasure visitors from Sandon were in  the Lucerne on Sunday.  New Denver will continue to advance  in spite of the blue-ruin gas that a few  would cloud the air with.  Billy Donahue, of Sandon, and F. C.  Holden, of Greenwood, will prospect  Cape Nome this summer.  The Newmarket is noted for fish  dinners. Henry believe* in giving his  hoarders plenty of brain food.  John A. Turner has returned to Nelson from London and resumed his  position in�� Gold Commissioner.  A Slocan football league was organized at Sandon last week. No provision  has been made for an   ambulance  corp  The fish in Slocan lake are intelligent.  They always hide, when the piscatorial  brigade from Sandon raid their haunt*.-  Several new boats will be added lo  Ihe Saunders' boat livery this spring.  The demand is far greater than the  supply.  Arthur li.  Browne  was hit u rested in   (In  to try the experiment.  Regular services will be held in the  Methodist church Sunday, morning and  evening.  The Sunday school children had their  photos taken by Waclds Bros, on Monday. They are a group of happy,  bright-eyed, pretty-frocked youngsters  that would be a credit to any city.  Kaslo expects a great time on the  Queen's natal day. Elaborate preparations are being made for the entertainment of several thousand people from  Sandon, Nelson, Silverton and other  places.  Wadds Bros, have done a very satisfactory business in New Denver the  past few days. Their work is unsurpassed, and they are Kootenay's favorite  photographers. They went to Silverton  on Wednesday.  Nelson continues to advance. Sixt3r  amateurs produced Pinafore in that city  last week, and the mutual admiration  critics say that nothing equals the production in this province. What, never?  Well, hardly ever.  Bill Hunter is jumping around these  days like a cloud of gas m a bottle. He  must he haunted by politics. Billy  should stake a few more jaekleg papers,  and then rise up and offer himself as a  martyr to public opinion.  B Byrnes is applying for the water-  right on the spring he discovered on the  hillside opposite his residence on Union  street. It is his intention to place a  tank on the hillside and pipe the water  to his,grounds and into the house.  Keep the motion up! While a few  are bobbing about like corks on the  Pacific "shaping the political destinies"  of the province, the great majority of  New Denverites are saying nothing-but  working systematically to improve and  otherwise advance the interests of the  town. A few hours' hard work put  into improvements is more valuable  than months of this bubble-in-the-bottle  political business.  And   still  the g^od   work  goes   on.  Saturday a few of the  faithful got  together and resumed work on  the government   block.    A   road   grader   and  team   were  given for the day by W. C.  Koch, and other teams by P. Angrignon  and Hewer & Croft.    The result of  the  day's work was a   very   noticeable  improvement,  and   it  will   only   require  about a week's time to  finish  the job.  i Up to the present time the government  I has not contributed a cent towards the  ! work  SLOCAN  MINKKAI.  KLOAT.  iroperl ies. di<  other  days ago  Thomas   Itros/   pack  at ion bei ween  Fire. Valley and  ii|ie       l 'lenly "I  pack a ltd -add  meet  ail boat.-.  A ll the available re-id..mct ���  are occupied or -.pnkon l"l', a 11  a- il ma nv more woul  to meet I he demand.  A pair   ol'   g  el Ween     town  wuosh company  Lucky Jim and  in  England a lew  on  maile   m  I rain i.�� in opor-  W.'llieh-  hor-es-  lo'.  The   Vancouver   resumed   operations  last week  Work by contract   is   being   done  the llendholder.  Some altera! iou-  are  the  Whitewater mill  Mike Penrose has si ruck three inches  the I .i/./.ie, near Met 1 uigan .  i red   '  A  ill  i ire  I lan.-  depi.it ;1j  with it.  \V     S  linv been   pre]  I��.'uvcr siding  tor   a  liew  stove   goes  to  1 ,<>-  Inch's  lit -rimiin:  and    lie-  ������    oillil  ;-pec  dd i llg  Mom. real,    has  in    the    Legal  i reek,   from   Ben  thanks    bv  lo camp.    Now I understand the mean-; with his tent Friday until Monday, May  ing of thai nielancholv chorus to his sad I -1 to 7.    Your chance for artistic   plioto-  i       ��� , .  ���, i  song: j graphs is now visible.  '���She had fifteen hundred dollars'  Worth of (lowers at her wedding;  The poor girl, at her funeral,  She. didn't have a flower."  The night, winds that came down the  Klondike were fresh and cool as we  stepped from the smokedimmed Pavilion  to the. broad walk.  "Hello!" said a cheery voice, and it  named my  name.    "Now,"  thought  I,  ���turiieo  Ileilll lien t V of  hust lor  i Along with the flowers in May come  j the green-hued onion and, the lender  lettuce. They are. health preservers,  and are handed out by Williams for an  ordinary amount of the currency now  becoming so apparent'in  New   Denver.  The. "miners' ton" in Great Britain,  for weighing ores and matter, is 21 cwt.  of 112 pounds each, or 2352 pounds.  ; r iniler will receive a ia<l\  ��� leaving I hem at t hi-- oliice.  |     .1.11.1 'aiueroii. I he tailor, has i  I lo Sandon after ��pending a I'vw  j in Pho'iiix.     I le already   ha.-   p  : business, as it is hard lo keep a  from being busy.  The Aylwin gardens on Union .street  are planted in fruit trees of all varieties.  berry   bushes   and   vegetables.    These  gardens are a vast improvement lo that  portion of the to,vn.  A greater amount of tree planting  should be done along the sidewalks in  town.    Those   set  out   last   vear   have  ll ll-o||.  bniii.dil    a    hall     inlen  render,   i ill   I .emon  Robei l.-Mii,  j'nr --'I .ooo.  Dan Met lilhvray. w.dl-known in the-  --ioiaii. has bi'vii a wa r<i*fii tin- contract  lor binding a >'.!��������.' '<��'' ore dock at  Midiipii'otin. on Lake Superior, for the  Aljjoma ( 'nil ral   Railway.  Work hah commenced on the Ivanlme  mill. it wili be erected on the Night-  hawk mineral claim, near Sandon. aim  will haw a capacity of lf.o tons a day,  nuiking it thy largest mill in 1>. C.  is completed the Minnesota  will have spent foOO.uiu in  . When the mill is running  be long be-fore all tl-.i- money  under  the   aide  man  When   it  Silver < 'o,  the SIocmi  il will no.  will be returned  agement of Phil Hickev. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MAY 3,  1900.  Seventh Yeae  The Ledge.  Published every Thursday.  R. T.  LOWERV, Editor and Financier.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Three months * ���'���>  Six "         ��� L23  Twelve  " a .00  Threeyeaks  '"'Oo  Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line first in  eertion, 10 cents per line .subsequent insertions  nonpareil measurement.  TO CONTRIBUTORS.  Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay  District and' communications upon live topics  always acceptable. Write on both sides of the  paper if you wish. Always send something Kood  no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it  is hot. and we will do the rest  A pencil cross m this square  indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor  wishes once a,rain to look at  your collateral.  fHUKSDAr,   MAY 3.   1900.  mind of the time when he ran a  paper in Strathroy. lie was quite  a politician in those days around  Middlesex. One evening in company with Harry Gorman he held  a meeting in Biddnlph. This was from 1 to  a great place for the Irish. The 510 feet,  meeting had not progressed very  far when a   free   light   began,   and   f f"|C Swift  ! the   lights     were     knocked     out.  I 'When' peace and light had been i-e-  j stored. Mac was found .pinned  down by a window through which  he had attempted an exit. Gorman released him and the proceedings proceeded without any further  incidents.. 'History repeats itself,  and it is possible that Charley may  get pinned down by the window of  popular opinion in Rossland.  the head and arms, while the foot  is formed by ihe bay of Buocho and  lake of Ui-i. Length from Lucerne  to Fluculen���from the head to the  foot of the lake���is 27 miles: width  miles,   greatest   depth  Slocan  Joe  FROM  THE KDITOK'S  UPI'BB STOI'K. |  We are likely to have. a. hot. dry  summer.    Old Sol is already hitting! {lll.>  all the. cool places around this burg. | P��^'<1  Between   Iiiin'   and   the   cows   our  water barrel.will   soon   drag  out a-  miserable existence.  Hilly Tieiiitter: ���-.Johnny,  go down to New Denver an<  berneck the Record ollice."  Johnny    Handout:     "Nitw,  can't do it. you know.    Arnold  Fauquier has got it all staked."  let s  rub-  vi-i-  ' E.  Joe   Martin ad-  I ���   :   r�� I dressed    a     large  I If! OS nClOn ]1)Uiiitude at Sandon on Saturday evening. The  linen in the audience-did not cover  hoboes, and Joe's oratory  i-wa-y as pleasantly as a  i summer s dream. (MifYe. the wide-  winged orator of past; glorification,  | rose to the occasion and opened his  j ozone mill. Some individual, more  forcible than elegant, enunciated  that impressive word -whiskerino"  and the man with voters on the  brain became'.silent as the store of  an unbeliever in   the   saving grace  The gambling profession    is   doomed  in    Vancouver.  Here in the swift   Silvery Slocan it  is no disgrace to  stand on a stiff, or i  j hold a. fat baby in that easy but ex-i  i citing   money   shifter,    commonly  i known as blackjack.     In the broad  | electric light of the night the game  is in full blossom, with never a cop  to pinch it with   his   frosty ringers.  | or drive  tenderfeet  away from the  J booster's vacant chair.     The eight-  I hour   law   does   not-apply   to   this  j noble game,   although   a. penalty is  j exacted from most players.      Here  I in the glorious climate   of  the Slocan the law   protects   a. miner from  being   worked    to   death    in   deep  black   stopes.   and   allows  him    Hi  hours to look at hole cards perfect lv  - ~" "Hi Hfc  aok of Montreal  KstitblislMMl   1817.  Capital (all paid up) $12,000,000.00  Reserved fund ; : 6,000,000.00  Undivided profits :���   : 1,102,732.72  HKAD    OFFICE,    MONTREAI.,  Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona a.id Mount Rotal, G.C.M.G. President.  Hon. G. A. Drummond, Vice President,  E. S. Clodston, General Manager,  Branches in all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and  the United States.  New Denver branch  E.  PITT,'Manager  I  muBum nunimm imum mumta ���^mr^BggrwgwMwwrg. ,r^xBXyW^WS'^S'^  immune from   anything  would   mar   his    plea-sure,  more can we ask?  legal  that  What  M; ROSENDAL!  ooxsui/lunh  MINING  MKTAELUKOIST  EXGINEEK  ��*  K2E31  P.O. I Sox liil.  Portland. Orfjjrim  The Politica  j of    printer's   ink. The    sounds    i around him   resembled those heard  Ike Byers has   started a. paper at j in a theatre when the vill'ian in the  Banff which he   calls   the National'j,lay    shoots   the    bell    mule    and  Park Gazette. Ike must he hot at  myself, as judging from the number  of ads in��� his paper, be will have to  incorporate scenery in his daily bill  of fare.  We Ctiiiinot find any record of  Adam a,nd Eve's marriage. As  they were the original parents of  all the human race, according to  our learned parsons, it would appear that something should be doiu  in the matter in order to save tin  world's good name.  A preacher in Kansas tried for a.  week to show how Christ would  run a. daily paper. If there is any  church that would like to see how  an editor would run a. gospel mill  they can obtain further information  by addressing the editor of the  paper you are reading.  A man just from Japan died in  Winnipeg the other day from small  pox. and caused a. small epidemic  of that loathsome disease, in that  city. The, bubonic plague was introduced into Manilla by the Japs.  If it gets into British Columbia, we  cannot object owing to Imperial  reasons.  causes the pack train   to   never return.     It is sad to see an old artist-  like   Charley    have   to   sit  down,  while his heart burns with crushed  hopes, and upon  his   sweet lips the  words of a great speech still a." wiggling.       Do    not    weep.    Charley!  All groat men are occasionally sunburned by the bright light of public  opinion.     Lay for them.     You may  yet turn a.   blackjack  and. get   the  deal.     You might have  had it-Saturday night, if.  instead   of digging  up those   old   chestnuts   about the  C. P.  R.   and   Manitoba,   you   had  stood up like  the   little   man   that  you are and told the vast assemblage of the noble   manner in which  you had fought for the poor, downtrodden    mine   owner,    and    how.  now when the corral of your ambition is just  around   the   bend, you  are compelled to let  go and slowly  sink out of   public   sight  into   the  abyss   of   ingratitude  and   blastet  hopes,    unsung,     un honored,    and  without the seven dollars.  The      game  C* of    politics    is  V^aiTlC beiugdea.lt   in  the Slocan. .Many will gamble on  the Green cloth, and raise Kane,  while others will endeavor to shout  Ke.eno. Thus do ��� mortals  down the trail of tiuu  the winners, while the man behind  the layout often deals from the  bottom and makes a deuce crown  the deck while the gaudy king lies  cold and alone amid the discard.  This has been done full many a  time in 'Canada's. Japland. and  '���brace" is not vet defunct.  Advise* mi '..lines, niinini:'  propci'lics  Mini fcheir  workings Claims,    Prospects. , and  Mines stocked:   Con umi lies or^nn-  i/.ed.     Capital   furnished.  slide  calling out  Since July"!, '98, each placer mining  location is considered as w separate  claim in U.S patent proceedings, upon  which is required SoOO in work or improvements.  Switzerland's  Sil,('c  i Denver  Lucerne  AUSTRALIAN  LAMBS'      WOOL  UNDERWEAR  URKAT.UK.M.AND FOR PROMISING SILVER  LKAI.1    PROPERTIES.  The 8=hour  Law  Mas been im shift for some  time in the Slocan, but  DICK OH AN Do has been  longer. He is always at tin-  Ivanhoe-in Sandon ready to  deal om hoo/.eiiiio that is  mellow with a��e, and goes  down the throat with a soft  gentle touch that, is delicious to the taste. Drinks  are not inter) uptcd by slides  bummer  Suitings  Tailor Made Suits  at  Prices  FOR GEXTLEMEX. | NOTICE TO  Jaekleg editors are easily made.  Take a. lump of gall, some envy  mixed with conceit, and a: fool's  brains. Stir well and you have it  ready. (-Jive it typo and a press  and it will swell up and pollute a  .-community much tin* same-as a.  poisoned our does the air. when it  is not buried alter death.  A despatch frpm Hull says that  Iv P>. Eddy only had S<>o().000 insurance on his plant that was destroyed by lire in that city. As  Eddy made his fortune out of (ire.  he must not be disappointed in losing some of it the same way. lie-  sides, he ought to rub along on  StioO.OOO until something better  turns up.  Joe Martin dropped in to see us  on his way to work at the Hartney.  Joe said, "I like sonic things in  Martin's platform. His road and  trail plank is good. If we bad  more roads ami trails this country  would move faster, and instead of  climbing Silver Mountain to cook  at the Hartney. I might be hiring  a. cook myself."  Beware of little, things. A dirty  chimney is not of much importance  and does not cause much stir if it  does not catch on lire. One oaughl  (ire in  Hull last week and caused a  New  has  icon     called  of   North America."  so   appropriate and  ������the Lucernt  a. name that i  one that will cling to it  as   long as  the mountains hist, it is proper that  we should  know   something   about  the  word   lucerne,    and    by   what  right it is applied  to   New Denver.  The word itself is   of   no   moment.  yet it is  of   some   importance, too.  It is the name   of   n.   most   prolific j  plant, a. clover that is ever growing  and bears three  and   four  crops a  year.     It is. perhaps, better known  in the west   by   the   Spanish   word  ������alfalfa."     But it was because the  scenery  around    New    Denwer  so  resembles that around the Lucerne j  of Switzerland  that  the   name was!  applied,   hence   the   importance of J  knowing  something   about  the re-j  nowned city of Switzerland. j  Lucerne is a. city  of Switzerland, j  capital   of a    canton   of   the   same  name,   beautifully   situated on the  margin of Lake Lucerne.       On the  land side the   town   is  surrounded  by walls and watch towers, and the  river Reuss.   which   emerges   from  the lake at this  point,   is   spanned  by four bridges,  two   of which are  roofed-in and covered  with ancient  paintings.       The    Court     church.  Jesuite church, and the town house  are   among    the    most  buildings,   the  NECK   WEAR  SPECIALTY   Al'  D.  McLachlan's  New Denver.  Nelson  Employment  genoj  FIENDS!  I will now sell  Solio. Films,  KoditU-i ;it  Anieriean price'-.   Send for prices mi  iiuvtliinit' von waul  '   o. sTRATIIEARX. Kaslo. \i. r  Contracts   taken  for  Diamond- Core  Drilling.  J. E. Angrignon  The Leading  Hairdresser  Bosun Block,  New Denver,   B.C.  We have made arrangements with one of  (he best tailoring establishments in Canada  with headquarters at Montreal,   to do onr  Tailoring, and are now   prepared  to take  orders for Spring  and   Summer  Suits.,  at  Eastern prices.    We 'have a large selection  of Worsteds,   Suitings,   Pan tings,   Serges,  Overcoatings, etc.. and are confident that  we'can satisfy vou in   every detail.     We  take vour measurement according  to the  latest and surest method  and guarantee a  perfect lit.     As we have no local tailoring  establishment we have   adopted  this-plan  of giving to  our  patrons the best tailor-  made clothing,  feeling sure that onr efforts  will be appreciated.     That yon may better  understand the proposition, we ask you to  inspect samples and get prices.  BOURNE BROS.,  New Denver, B. CJ  E B. Dunlop  BARBER AND HAIRDRESSER.  Children's Mail- Onlthijr a Specially.  SLOCAN   CITY, -    ���     - B.  U.  THE WM. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING CO., LIMITED  interesting!  latter   containing a!  i picture gallery and  Lion of  Lucerne.  nuiseiun.     The  a.   monument  HELP (��K ALL KINDS FURNISHED.  J. H. LOVE.  MAINLAND  and  BRITISH LION  Are the best  known  Cigars in B. C.    Thev  ARE UNION MADE  and sold by all first-class dealers.  F. L. CHRISTIE, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,  SOLICITOR, Etc.  NOTARY PUBLIC. j  Everv Friday .-it Silverton. SANDON. B. C  PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO,  CANADA.  The Cifton House,  Sandon.  Has ample accommodations fur a larjrc number of people.     The rooms are lai-ffi-  and airy, and  the Dining   Room  is provided  with every'liinir   in the niarki'i  Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers.  John Buckle}', Prop.  dozen people to lose their lives, andl'O' Thorwaldsen to the Swiss guards  brought lo million dollars worth of j who 1V11 '" 1>f,ris in  ,7!l-- wlliu> (,��-  WM. TIETJEN,  .Manufacturer. Vancoiivkk.  w.  L. Jeffery  ���& Son  Workers in Tin,  Copper and  Sheet Iron.  Air Piping and Mining  Work a Special! y  Headquarters.  New Denver  tending the I rielenes. and the  (ilnx'ier < !-ardou. containing relics of  the ice period, are objects ol' interest. Lucerne is one of three  seals ol' the Swiss Diet: has an important n'rain    market   and   nianu-  P.etter clean your chinincvsj 1'a(*tol'i,'s (>''.si,k ���������!   <-<>1ton  fabrics.  and of carriages. Population 2C>.-  ���Sin. The canton of Lucerne is  bonded by the cantons of Aar^au.  Zuii;. Schuryz. rnterwalden and  Bern. area. 5K7 square miles. It is  broken by ramifications of the  I'ernese Alps, but none rise above  the line of perpetual snow. The  with ! Tboinlisliorn. the culniinat in*>- j joint  property to an ashy end. So beware of dirty chimneys. If one  was to set New Denver on lire what  a calamity it would be. We cannot afford such a lire, as a loss of  lo millions would ruin the Lu-  ccriH  and take no eliancos  J.M. McGregor j Sch()olof  Gt)   if! C.  II.   Mackintosh  ��r\ I i is   l-iinnino   for   the  KOSSland legislature   i���   Hoss.  land and will probably be still running on the 10th of .June. He is a  nice, man and wears a bouquc  wonderful grace, but, (.'barley's, of Mount Pilat us. and of the can  place on this earth is beside t be | ton. is 7.1 1 d feet above sea level  rich promoter and the fat capitalist j (Jcnnan is the language spoken,  'ias desio-ns   upon   the   public; and by far the.   greater   part of tin  profess     tin  He^is  a  wlio  domain  but his frail <lo<  oa.mp where tin  of toil fry their  pleasant  fellow,  not    run   into tin  hard-banded sons  >acon.        ft    rather'  opul  Roman  lion   of  runs   to   the   mansions   where   the  fizzy   foams   in   the   glasses   of the!  (���lasses, and the masses never conic, i  'IVdking about    Mae   puts   us   in |  inbabitants  Catholic   religion,  the canton.  I.'U.KOO.  The Lake LuceriH- is noted for  its niagniiieent scenery and historical association. It is nearly cruciform in shape., the bays of Lucerne.  Kussnacht   and   Alpnaek   forming  I'UOVIXCIAL   I.AN'I) SUKVKyOK  and MIXIXO ENolXEEK  Slocan, B. O.  Corrcppondi'.ni'ft Solicited.  Travelers  Will rind tin-  Arlington Hotel  it pIcHSMiit place to .stop at when in  Sloean City.  UKTH1XG k HEXDEHSOX. Proprietor.-!.  BHICK  KOK    SALE.  .MiHN   OOKTTSOHK,  N'KW  I'KNVEi;.  usmess  Short Hand and  Typewriting  Second Term now open  | THE BUDGET'SYSTEM of  liookkeepinc and  Business   is   unrivalled   by    any    known  I method of office I'nictice.  WE 'PEACH  IT  TOUCH    TYPEWRITING   wives   one-quarter  hiuhcr r.itt; of speed llian   the. antiquated  Sifrlit System. WE TEACH  IT  STEXOOKAPHV and  PROOFREADING combined   for  llios-  desirous uf   Irainin.U'  fur  newspaper irmk  Kor leriiw and particulai.s apply to.  b'ATTKAY ��: .MERKILU.  \'ieloria Block. Xt-lsmi. B.C.  }\tL. GHIMMKTT, L.L.B.  BARRISTEK,  Solicitor, Notary Public, Etc.  Sandon, B. C.  Branch office at New Denver every  Saturday.  NEW DENVER,   B. C.  Provides ample and pleasant accommodation tor the traveling public.  Telegrams for  rooms  promptly attended to.  HENRY STEGB, - - -       -     \ Proprietor.  m^^  HOTEL  New Denver, B.C.  A. JACOBSON & CO..props  Best mealB in   the city���Comfortable  rooms���Bar replete  with the best of  Liquors and Cigars ���Best service throughout. Seaeenth Year.  THE LEDttE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MAY 3 1.900.  SOLILOOUV    OF    ALKALI    IKK.  Prepared especially for the eighth  annual jollification.of the Rocky Mountain Cornelites by Charles F. Allen of  the Class of 73.  I never went much on heaven,  And nothin' at all on hell;  1 swear and fight  And 1 shoot at sight,  I'm worse than a lite to yell.  I say I'm a holy terror,  But what if I've guessed it wrong?  I've laughed myself lame  At the devil's name,  But suppose he should happen along?  There is Lazy Man Jim and Billy,  And Bonv and me, and Cripps,  That would fade and go  Like the beautiful snow.  Or a tenderfoot's stack of chips.  Eve kindled a lire with bibles,  There's nothing I dassen't do;  But what if the guys  That believe in the skies  Are a-givin' us something true.  I wonder how me. and Bony  Would look in a case, like that?  A-meetin' the rush  With a bobtail Hush,  And the dominies stamlin' pat.  1 reckon they're only bluffin'  ()r think in' the cards is stacked,  I'm I. I'd like to know  Where the gang would go.  "If Gabriel did the, act.  If ever old Hornie gets us,  We'll never be cold again;  We never will whine  For the sun to shine,  Or kick at a drop of rain.  It seems to he awful funny,  To think what the preachers said:  But, Bony, if I,  And if vou have to try-  Well, wotilrln't it kill yon dead !  jdtS.    (iOTHOX'S    INNOVATION.  i;ti-t<i-(I;it<-   Salon   in  American    Society,  s;c(;n0_Tlie white and gold drawing  room of the. Gotrox mansion/' A banjo  band is playing. ''I'd Leave My Happy  Mom:'; for You," in ragtime.  ���rinu,_Th(i end of the' nineteenth  century or the beginning of the twentieth century.    Either way  Persons of the Drama���The smart set  and a few society people���struggling  authors, artists, poets, actors, freaks,  waiters and wine agents. Every one is  talking at once. The. hostess is conversing with Mr. Ge.ttem. who is managing the salon.  Pu/.zle��� Kind the host.  how tired we get of the endless round  ���drives, dinner, dances, diamonds and  delirium.  Distinguished   Man���Not   so  bad as  that, 1 hope?  Prettiest  Girl���Really!     You've ' no  idea,    ^his salon is going.to be just  like a circus.    I   want to  meet all the  actors  and a  nice artist.    Artists are  always handsome, aren't they?   And a  poet and a writer.   Then I'll  send out  cards and invite people to meet them.  Who knows?    1   may  have a salon of  my own some day.    If it gets to be the  thing, we'll simply have to have them.  And papa buys me everything I   want.  Distinguished Man���Well, you need a  salon.     No   family   will   be   complete  ! without one in another week or so.  j     Prettiest Girl���Ha, ha, ha!    (To  her-  ! sell')���Oh, how clever  he is!    He must  j at least be a novelist.    (To him)���1 sup-  | pose you know all the celebrities. That  ! line, noble looking man with the���mane.  j     Distinguished   Man���Oh,   that's  Van  Trotter, the, musician.    He's really  the  star attraction   here   to-night���the top-  ! liner.  !     Prettiest Girl���The top���  i     Distinguished Man���-The main guy!  Prettiest Girl���1 suppose that's a  I musical term���something about sharps  j and flats���yes?  j Distinguished Man (absent-mindedly)  ���<Hi, plenty of sharps���and a few crooks  j ���only a few, though. There's Slippery  i dim���he's posing as a theosophist now-  I adays.  Prettiest GhTi puzzled)���Vou see how  stupid we society girls are. We can't  even understand the simplest literary  conversation. 1 suppose you mean that  Mr. Van Trotter is (anions?  Distinguished Man���Ye's,; he gets a  hundied and fifty for three turns, while  that chap by the piano���do you see the  little follow in the purple tie?���he's a  dead.bargain. c,  Prettiest   Girl���Oh,    ves  you clever people are different. But  you'd like Willie. He's so witty. Why.  the other night at the opera, when Mrs.  Gotrox came with all her diamonds on,  he said���he, he, he���don't tell, will  you?���he said, "There's Gertie Gotrox,  laden with germs, as usual." Wasn't  that funny? I knew you'd enjoy that  Ha. ha, ha, ha. (She looks admiringly  at him.) Please tell me���do you write,  or paint, or compose, or what?  Distinguished Man���Oh, I don't do  anything like that. I'm a. Mulberry  street man. My usual beat is Wall  street���the dead line, you know. But  they've put me on this salon business'  to keep an eye on the diamondsand the,  bric-a-brac.  Prettiest Girl (looking at him through  her lorgnette)���Really? How perfectly  lovely !���Kate Masterson, in New York  Herald.  OolliiijfWoiMl "i*    Deal.  WARDING    OFF    A    HOODOO.  A clergyman was walking through  the outskirts of his parish one evening when he saw one of his parishioners busy white-washing his cottage.  Pleased at these somewhat novel  signs of cleanliness, he "called out,  "Well, Jones I see you are making  your house nice and smart."  With a mysterious air, Jones, who  had recently taken the cottage, descended from the. ladder and slowly  walked to the hedge which separated  the garden from the road.  That's not 'xacly the reason why  I'm a doing of this 'ere job," he whispered, "but the last two couples as  lived in this 'ere cottage 'ad twins:  so I says to my missus, I'll tak an  whitewash  the   place, so   as   there  mayn't be no infection.   Ye see, sir,as  'ow  we got ten children already."��� |  Cornhiil Magazine. '���  To Builders:  New Denver  Transportation  & Light Co.  PALMA ANGRIGNON, PROPRIETOR.  j     If vou    want    Dimension  i *'  Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Coast and Kootenay  Ceiling and Flooring, Double  and   Dressed   Coast   Cedar,  General Draying: Mining Sup-!Rll8tiCl   ,shiPlaP<  'Sapping,  plies and Heavy Transport- j Door Jambs, Pine and Cedar  I  j Casings,      Window.    Stiles,  Turned     Work.     Brackets.  ation a Specialty.  Saddle Horses and Pack Animals.  Feed Stables at New Denver.  is ne a  What   a  musician,  dreamy face he ha:  too?  Distinguished   Man���No.  glass and  nails and  tilings,  especially, because glasses are easier to  get at a salon.  Prettiest Girl (horrified)���Eats glass?  He   eats  nit irlass  The practically unanimous voteof the  town of  CoUingwood. < mf,   in  favor of  granting     $1.1:7,000    bonus    to   Messrs  Cramps & Co. of  Philadelphia, to. establish their smelting'works, is the outcome  of a well considered scheme  by the business-men and property-holders, behind  the vote.    Immense smelting, steel, iron  and ship-building works are to be established  on    Georgian   Hay.      The  town  grants  a free site of   more   than  eighty  acres for the works, undertakes  to keep  the minimum depth  of eighteen feet of  water for shipyard   front, to give a cash  bonus of Sl.oO,Out), to   fix the assessment |  at a low figure for twenty, years, and  to |  supply  water and light at'u figure  to he I  agreed upon.    The syndicate undertakes]  to employ not less than (iOO men regular-!  ly for a period of  twenty years,   to construct works of latest design, and to pay j  the school tax in full. j  "I cannot sing the old songs,''  She declared, and she was right:  But when it came to rag-time  She was simply out of sight.  W J. MURRAY U  TORONTO  New Prints  and Cotton  ���j  LIMITED  Send name and address  for Catalogue.  tuffs  Samples ready and will be sent to any add re  in Canada on receipt of request.  ss  (.Julie mi iHtvaii.tiiKc to Ont-ol'-Town Customers is tin- trcltiii?;' ol' Sample*. 'I'ln- exclusive  tilings tlmt, Hiv hard to procure :uv bronchi !o your o,vn home mid may lie carefully, looked over  before your decision is made. Krencli Cambrics;* nil':Muslins���lovely organdies anil Ran-Silk  Mixtures of .sheer texture arc: slioivn to a remarkable c.vtenf tliis season.  SHALL WE SEND YOU SAMPLES?  ADDRESS .MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT.  W. A. MURRAY & CO., Limited  17 to 27 King St. East,   10 to 16 Colborne St.. Toronto.  Newel Posts. Band-sawing,-  Turned Veranda Posts. Store  Fronts. Doors, Windows or  Glass, write to���  Nelson Saw  & Planing  Hills, Limited  Nelson, B. C.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  I.akeview,    I.aki'i'ii'H'     Fraction     Alpha,  and   Kopje   I'Y;m-( ion M ineral (.'hi ims.  ���HI'wYIJTS     A HE    THUMPS.-  .Mrs. Gotrox (nervously)���Well, 1  Hatter myself that there is not much  talent loose in New York to-night.  Mr. Ge.ttem���No; you got 'em all  corraled. Mrs. Gotrox I told you 1  could get. 'em and I have got'em. I  know how to handle 'em.  Mrs. Gotrox���Mrs. Hyphen Hybrid,  in the next block, is starting' her salon  to-night. I'd like to know whom she  can have.  Mr. Gettem���Oh! a few theatrical nobodies���vaudeville and all that. But  vou have the real thing'. Mrs. Gotrox;  the real thing! Vou have the only  original salon.    You arc, the pioneer.  Mrs. Gotrox���I'm sure it's all owing  to your efforts. Mr Ge.ttem, and Mr.  Gotrox will mail you a check in the.  morning. And���er���you will prevail  on the���the���artists��� to perform, I  hope, ?  Mr. Getteni���I'll lead up to it, Mrs.  Gotrox. They must be. handled delicately. After supper is the best time  to suggest any���any���specialties You  took mv advice about having the stone  china dinner service and the hea,vy  glassware���  Mrs. Gotrox ���I didn't quite understand���  Mr. Gettem���No, 1 didn't suppose  you would, Mrs. Gotrox; but, the fact  jS) the���er���artistic, temperament has  an exuberance about it that you would  not readily grasp. For instance, there  is Kantleigh, who has a recitation called  "The Last Charg-e " It is a line military poem, and Kantleigh gets so enthusiastic that he has been known to  dash forward sometimes, upsetting  c.hinaware. and thing's of that sort. I  thought it would be best'to have dishes  that wouldn't break easily.  Mrs. Gotrox���That, was very thoughtful of you. Mr. Getteni. j  Mr. Gettem���Not at all! Then Mrs.  Spouter���that stout,fine looking woman  in the spangled gown. She recites  "Laska.' You've heard "Lanka," 1  presume, Mrs Gotrox '!  Mrs. Gotrox���No, 1 don't think I have  An opera, is it r*  Mr. Getteni���No,   it,  is  a  recitation,  and there is a verse, which  describes ai  herd of buffalo tram ping over the prairie j  I lhave heard Mrs. Spouter give this,]  Mrs. Gotrox. and 1 assure vou that the!  Distinguished Man���Yes, at suppers,  just as the dessert conies on. Gettem���  Gettenfs that man with the whiskers���  I can't just place him, but I know I've  seen him before somewhere���Gattem���:  has Chewitt���that's the glass-eater���  carefully coached. He passes him a  glass, and Chewitt just bites out a chunk  as though it were a biscuit. It never  fails to make a hit.  Prettiest Girl���Why, how perfectly  lovely!  Distinguished .Man���-Yes; this salon  business will make Chewitt's fortune.  He used to be a sword-swallower with  a circus. Then lie began going to  smokers, but they used to make him  eat the chandeliers and the empty  bottles, and it was ruining his digestion. Then the salon started, and now  ��� why. you couldn't gel, Chewitt. to go  to a smoker. He says the salon is much  more refined and less trying. He only  eats a champagne glass. Sometimes  he leaves the stem, even. Lie's getting  'naughty.  Prettiest Girl���That palegiil in white  ���some one said she is going to recite.  Distinguished Man���That's Miss Gas-  log'ge, the poetess. She. comes only on  condition that she's allowed to recite  her own poems all the evening  Prettiest Girl���How nice it must be  to just sit down and write things! What  an agreeable head waiter that is handing- round the sandwiches!  Distinguished Man���That isn't a head  waiter.    That's Gotrox.  Prettiest. Girl (looking at him through  her lorgnette)���Really!''  Distinguished Man ��� Ii�� don't approve of this society salon business,  you know He offered his wife a steam  yacht if she'd give up the idea. But  she was dead set on it when ��he heard  that Mrs. Hybrid was going- to have  one. That settled it. She secured  Gettem, and he got all the stars. Now,  there's Bog-trotter, the Irish story  writer���  Prettiest Girl iwith lorgnette)���Beg  pardon���what do you call him ?  Distinguished Man���A harp  Prettiest Girl^-Really? How oddly  he talks! It's so brilliant. And that  handsome chap by the door? He looks  like a football man, but I suppose he's a  poet or something!-'  Distinguished    Man ��� No;     he's    a  bouncer.  Prettiest Girl���A bouncer:'1    Ha,  ha.  ha.    I suppose you mean  one  of those  "Spades are  trumps,"  cries  the   Boer,  as he turns up a trench,  "No! Diamonds," cries Rhodes, "thanks  to General French!"  Cries  the 'Kaffir,   "They won't; let. me  join in the rub,  Though I gladly would trust, as of old,  to my Club."  But   none' can   the   Queen    ol    Great  Britain withstand,  For she holds all the Honors and Hearts  in her hand.  ���"Arculus," in the London Globe.  The story is told of a young man who  was addicted to the cigarette habit.  He had smoked 1,200 packages, and  wrote to the manufacturers to know  what they would give for the 1,200  pictures that had come with the cigarettes. The answer of the manufacturers was right to the point: "Smoke 1,200 j  more and we will send vou'a coffin."  In the MASSEY-HARRIS Bicycles for 1900 the frames  are constructed to 'permit of the greatest freedom in  mounting and dismounting, and the specially constructed skirt guard protects 90 per cent, of the top  half of the skirt from possible contact with ..he wheel.  These are emphasized points in the  Massey-Harris  Bicycle  Agent Wanted.    Write for catalogue.  CANADA CYCLE & MOTOR CO., Limited  Head office, Toronto, Canada.  ! Situate in the Slocstn .Mining Division 'of West  j Ivootoiuiy    District. Where     located:  j        About one and one-half miles sout.li of New  i      ' Denver.  j 'PARK NOTICE Tli.it I, W.S. Drewry.  acting  i  I    us ;iwent for the Northwest Minhij;. Syndi-  ! care, Limited. Free .Miner's Certificate No. 18002,  j intend,     sixty    days   from    the   date    hereof  I to apply to the >liniiifi   Recorder for a certificate  "I   improvements,   for   Ihe    purpose   of obtain  | .inj; a Crown jrr.'int of each  of the above claims.  And further take notice  that action under section :i7 must be commenced  before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this M day of May. i;��)0.  W.S. DREWRY.  Dolly    Viu-den  and      Ensign  Claims.  M ineral  S.VfiSI'lEI).  i .ovc won- ;i tliri';ulli;irt'. dress  nl   gray  And toiled upon the ro;ul all day.  Love wielded pick and earned pack.  And Hunt to heavy loads the, hack.  Though meager-fed and sorely tasked.  One only wage. Love ever asked���  A child's white face to kiss at night,  A woman's smile hy candle light.  ��� Margaret K. Sangster.  When the. mild spring- begins her reign,  ('), then upon the window pane.  ,Ve. see. our dear old friend again.  The early fly!  There, there upon the butter plate.  Tlienceto the bald man's gleaming pate,  lndulgirg in the same old skate,  The earlv II v !  Welland Vale Bicycles  A Bicycle built on the correct chainless princip'e���-the bevel  gear. It is the highest type of Bicycle construction 'i'he Welland  Vale is built on this principle, and it combines in its makeup,  strength, durability and rigidity, and perfect machaiiism in every  part and detail of construction. Graceful models, beautifully  finished, light and easy running: has a handsome triple crown.  Agents wanted.        Write for catalogue.  CANADA OYCLF cc MOTOR CO., Limited.  Head Office, Toronto, Canada,  Situate in ihe ."slocan   Mining-  Division of West  Kootenay   Distiict.    Where located: At the  head  of  Wilt-on  creek  and  North .Fork  of  Carpenter.  'PAKE NOTICE ThatI, Clms. Moore, of Kaslo,  1.    iictinKiisHjjeiit for .1.  M    Martin, F. M. C.  .'11.301 A. Alfred Robinson. P. M. C. 13,748 B.  A.  W. WriKbt, mid  C. .1.   Arnold,  K.  M.  C. No.  13.H7SI A, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the .Mining' Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining: a  Crown Grant of each of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under .section 37. must be commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this i.lth day of April. moo.  ���'1 ���"> CHAS. MOORE, 1". L. S.  NOTICE  OF   SALE    BY  AUCTION.  PUBLIC  Estate of ,1AM ES DEI.ANEY.  YfoTICE IS HEREBY GIVKX that a Public.  1\ Auction will he. held on the Central Hotel  premises. New Denver. !5.C.,un  FIFTEENTH   DAY ����K MAV.T.iiki.  of the following proper y of the above estale--  <)ne hundred and fifty Town l,ois in the town-  site of New Denver. H.C.: Wagons  furniture,  irnods ainl chutleU.  ! The above will be ottered for ...-ilc hy Public.  | Auction on the above date cjjber en' bloc or  j separately t > suit purchasers.     TERMS   CASH.  I     Inventory can he seen and  lurihei particulars.  ] obtained bv iuteiidiuu' purchasers on application  at the Central Hole!. New Denver. B. C.  j LEE   COOMBS. Assi-m-e.  LAND LEASE.  j  There are 2,58:-? names on the  voters'  list in the. Nelson riding.  Hill Bros.  Manufacturers of  Chainless Wheels  Embrace all the special features that have been adopted in the chainless  for men���skill and costly equipment have combined in producing a  wheel that for mechanical accuracy is without a fault���light, strong  and rigid���has grace in every line���the maximum of durability and  easy running. Special features on Chain wheels���skeleton gear case,  combined coaster and brake.  Agent wanted.  CANADA CYCLK & MOTOR CO., Limited  Write for catalogue. Head Ofiice, Toronto, Canada.  I ViiTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that we, Walter  i :> A.Smith and Alexander Sinclair, thirty days  I after dale, intend to apply to the Chief Coiinnis-  ; siouer of La ds and Works for a twenty-one  \ years' lease of nveuty acres of land situate  | about one and one-half' miles north of Kosehcry  i on the en "tern shore  of  Slocan  lake.   Kootenay  county. B. C.. coininenciii!.'at a   post   marked S.  \V. corner of W. A  S. and A. S. Land.  I WALTER A. SMITH,  I ALEXANDER    SINCLAIR.  Dated, April L'nd, liion.  Canadian  This is Canada year  and  Shingles  ! ANDSOO LINE.  ! Between  ATLANTIC & PACIFIC  The direct route from  Kootenay Country  to all points East and West.  Orders   shipped  to all   parts of the!  Country.      Mill  at  head  of       j  ���Slocan Lake. ��� i  house shakes when she gets to that hit J India-rubber men:-'  aboutthehuffalo.    It is theinost realistic J     Distinguished   Man-  -Oh,   you   can't  tiling  etitmg  | have a society salon without a bouncer ;  Mrs. Gotrox���It must be very  inter-j Why, there's Charley Chopstick,  from i  Oh, I think I shall like having! Chinatown.     You   never   quite   knowi  i  a salon so much.    I was so tired of my j what Charley might do.    If you start a I  automobile. I salon, let me get you a  good  bouncer, j  (The prettiest girl and the most dis-|     Prettiest Girl���Thanks, awfully!  Oh,!  tinguished looking man are in a corner j there's Willie!    f wish he'd  look.    Vnit  The band plays a cakewalk.i      ' j know Willie Wurnp, don't you? !  Prettiest  Girl���Isn't  it  the  loveliest]     Distinguished Man���No.    Who is he? j  th'.Oi"-vou ever heard of?    Anclsonianv       Prettiest   Girl ��� Oh.   of   course   vou I  brilliant people!    It's so different! j wouldn't know him.    He's only a society j  Distinguished Man���Yes,  it's  lik��-  a j man     He's interested in the  Fiz/.leton I  Postoflice address, Eosebery.  The  One of the few of Canada's standard bieycles. After seventeen years  of keenest competition in an industry without precedent for rapid growth  and the keenest contest of capital and mechanical skill to produce the  best machine, the Ned Bird retains the high place it always held. This  season's special features and improvements embrace chainless wheels,  combined coaster and brake, reduced weight, unique hubs, improved  crank bracket, perfect handlebar adjustment, ideal seat post, fastener  and others.    Airent wanted.    Write for catalogue.  BR^VlsrTir'OIR.D   BICYCLBS.  CANADA CVCLK & .MOTOR CO., Limited,  Head office, Toronto. Canada.  ! First-Class Sleepers on all trains from  |       Kevelstoke and Kootenay Ixig.  j Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat daily  for St, Paul; Sundays and Wed- *  ;        nesdays for Toronto: Fridays  j for Montreal and Boston.  'Same cars pass Kevelstoke  one day  ! earlier.  Bleecher street table d'hote transplanted  And he's so  nice.    Why,  to Fifth   avenue     The  boheinian  iion i he wears a real Zulu bracelet just above i  and the  society  lamb  lying down to-j Ids elbow.    It's the oddest thing,  gether to eat salted almonds and  spajj-!     Distinguished Man���How did you find |  htftti. jour?     Does   he   go   around   in   short,  Prettiest Girl (to herself;���How  per-! sleeves?  fertly   brilliant!    He   miiet   be   one of      Prettiest Girl���< Hi, everybody knows j  them.    (To   him')���If   vou   only   knew  about Willie's bracelet     But. of course  Nakusp.  Is a comfortable hotel for travellers I  Mrs. McDougaid.^���ffl^��^  II. I). CURTIS,  Notary Pubdic.  Mines;   Read   Estate;   Insurance;:  ACCOUNTANT. i  Abstracts ok Title Furnished,     '  SLOCAN CITY,   B. C.  JL,  1  Km bodies all the essential features of a perfect racing machine, and  this season's madcls are bound to enhance the < iKXDROX track  reputation.    Vou can win on a Gcndron.  Agents wanted.  Write for catalogue.  CANADA CYCLE & MOTOK CO., Limited.  Head office, Toronto, Canada.  lO.SNKCIKl.NS  i Kevelstoke :uiil main line jioiiits.  I H:.V,k  l)ly:lv -DcnverC. Siilin^-ar: Daily ):'.:."(IK  j V:ir,k ex. Sun: Iv N.Denver LiIk: sir ex. Sim.1.5:40k  |   I'.OWSI.AMl.   XKl.SON   CHOW'S   NKS'I     1II1ANCH    ANTl  HOI.-NIIAKY COKNTKY.  !i.:"><ili ex.  Sim: Iv N.Denver Ld^: arex.Suii ].;..'lnk  10 A.NIi KHOM SANDON  l.'>.:inji dry lv ..    . .Denver C. Sd^ .ir dl.v s.fok  l.'l .'(ok ex Sun lv. .X Denver Ldtr.iir ex Sun !-..r>nk  Ascertiiin rales  and   full   information   liv  ad-  ilressiiie; nearest local nsent or���  G. B. OAKKETT, A-ent New Denver.  W. K.   Anderson,  Trav.   Pass.  A^r... Nelson.  E. .1. C-oyle, A. G. P. Apt., Vancouver.  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS.  To and from Kuro]K:nn   points via Canadian  and American lines.     Apply    for sailing dates  rates, tickets aJid   full  information   to anv C.  Ky a pent or���  U.  H. GARRETT,  ('. P. R. Ajitnl, New Denver.  AV. P. K. Cnmminw, Ct. S. s. A-t., Winnipeg THE LEDGE. NEW DENVL1L B.C., MAY 3,  1900.  Seventh Yeah  lOn    DADDY    AT    illK    WAIt,  ���"With the. shadows round   her  stealing,  Every night 1 see her there,  .lust a little figure, kneeling  By the side of daddy's chair:  Ami the silence is unbroken.  Not one whisper reaches me:  But 1 know, though 'tis unspoken.  What the prayer is sure to be.  Clasped together are the tiny  Little pleader's finger tips:  Though the eyes with tears arc  shiny,  There's h smile upon the.'lips.  'Tis no l)oon of her own needing  Those sweet lips are asking for,  But the gentle, trustful pleading.  "God bless daddy at the war "  Pray, my child, then on your pillow  Dream of daddy far away.  And believe, beyond the billow,  That he knows for him you pray !  Sleep, O little white-robed lisper,  There are angels list'ning near;  Though 'tis but a baby's whisper,  Daddy knows���and God can hear!  ���Clifton Bingham.  IM. MORAL     PLAYS.'  is due to starch, which   is introduced  into the system througn cooked foods.  "If all the people would use uncooked wheat and fruit and avoid all  cooked foods they would be 'much,  healthier. My baby has never eaten  anything but the wheat, fruit, raw  onions and potatoes."  Dr. Thomas is ?>2  years old and of ;  athletic build.  that it confounds the, ordinary person.  But it will be dug up and washed indue  time. Impatience will not hurry along  the day.  ki:j:k   tkip   to   pakis.  All    Liable   lo  a Fine,  I     Premier  Martin   sprang  a  mild sensation at his meeting at Kaslo last week.  Discussing  the  recent disallowance  legislation passed by  the  Semlin  government  in   1.808  to   restrict   Oriental  ; immigration, he noted that the Liquor  License   Act   had   been   disallowed  at  A free trip to i'aris and return will he-  given by The Illustrated American of  New York to the person making the  largest list of words by using only these  j eight letters "A-M-E-IM-O-A-N," for  : example: arm, men, nice, rice, etc.  An elegant upright piano for each  second and third largest lists. A high  grade bicycle for each of the next five  nf j largest lists. A graphaphone for each  of the next ten largest lists. A Morris  easy chair, handsomely upholstered, for  each of the next twenty-five largest lists  and a choice of either "a. beautiful silk  dress pattern or a China dinner set for  each of the next fifty largest lists in  case  of a   tie  for any  prize the  cash  Established in Nelson 1890  I am now on deck to tell my friends "I am still alive."  My Stock is Up-to-Date  My Prices are Right  I Guarantee Quality  I demand the Largest and Latest stock in B.  C, which 1 want you to know, and don't forget the place.  Headquarters for  Watches, Jewelery and Diamonds  The Famous KARN Pianos  What is the domain  of art,   whether  the medium lie literature, music, paint-        , ,, ...  ,  , ���.!)'���' ���������        patties.    Kverv person  who  ik  selling  in"-, sculpture, or  the drama���particu-   ' . -. , n  ,    ,    .,     ,    ...   rpi        it   /,      i i    Mia nor    in    unincorporated  larlv the last.-1     Ihe  old  Greeks,  who     M .. .'  .,,   ���      * f       -., ... . . ��� ,i    ... . i ������ under proper form   issued   nv  still stand for all that is aesthetic,  said ,    . '.   .? . .  Ottawa    because   it   provided   that   no  license, to sell liquor should be given to j equivalent   will    be "equally   divided j  anvJap or Chinaman.    "Bv  that dis- I among those entitled to it, and all  sue-'  allowance," said Mr. Martin,   -all  our Uessful   Canadian  contestants  will  re-  ,, ���.��� ,    ���   .    . ,     ,   :     ceive prizes free, of dutv.    I-orwardyottr  affairs are. thrown into most absolute , Hst of worcis (correctly mnnhertid) with  confusion. There are no liquor licenses } fifteen -2-cent Canadian or V. S stamps  in this province outside of  city  inunici- I for a three months'   trial   subscription  SEWING MACHINES  ;::$45.O0  Raymond Cabinets for  Wheeler it Wilson for ,  Domestic, for   White for.   Standard for   As we only employ the most expert watchmakers and jewelers, all work guaranteed.  All orders by mail receive our prompt attention, at���  localities,  the  pro-  I and you will receh  I notification of the  i award is made.  Over $250,000 has been  e full particulars and  result as soon as the  184? Roger Pros'  expended dtir-  .    ���  '     ��� t     ���    ,     ',    \,   '���;,.,     ! vinee, is liable to a   fine,  undur the old   in^ the past twelve years  to  secure for  its province was    o  instruct,  to  edify, ��� > ar(/roviywK bec;ause hehag | Tfce Illustrated American its position in  ana, most of all,  to  ,.ease..    I Ins  rule : ^ ������.' ,icenso<  a]J(1  there is I)0 j the foremost ninks of  American   ptihli-,  Knives, Forks and Spoons, always on hand.  Don't forget the place, at���  The Jeweler,  NELSON,B. 0.  was enforced so rigidly, in respect of  the drama that death beds.and murders '  and violent scones of that kind were '  supposed to take place off "the. stage !  altogether. The paramount object of!  the drama being pleasure, dramatists |  were very cautious in using pain, sor- i  row, disgust and other strenuous j  emotions, which .the modern playwright  makes his stock in trade.   Such things  cations, and 8100,000 more is to be spent | ���--������  uo  way ol   giving  the.   owners   of   hotels   to obtain foi. it tllc iargeo't bon;i-fide cii  throughout the province any protection   culafion of any high class magazine in  whatever until the legislature meets on i the world.    Every successful contestant  is to recommend it to their friends mid j  assist in increasing its already large!  innual   circulation'.    The   competition j  ,1 ulv 5th.  The Wicked   Husbands.  Mans perfidy to woman is making  a lot of trouble in Vienna.    The society craze for poker has reached a  were to be suggested more than por-1 point} tha(. called for the  interference  of the  police.    Warnings  were  sent  trayed���an    almost    indistinguishable  black thread in a golden woof.  The modern canons of the stage insist  on action, and, after that, action, and,  still again, action, so that we cannot  and,   indeed,  would not,   tolerate the  to clubs that the game must not be  played, and several leading society  women were summoned to police  headquarters and  cautioned  against  passivity   of  the   old    Greek   drama. ] allowing  the   game   any   longer  in  their parlors. They'denied the imputation indignantly, when the chief  of police read to them the names of  the persons who had lost money at  their houses, and the sums lost.  After hunting around for a time it  was discovered that the persons who  had betrayed them were their own  husbands, who found all other methods ineffective to stop their gambling.  Sixteen Years Ago.  However, it is still possible to stipulate  that the incidents be wholesome, and  the morale impeccable, that the black  passions of human nature shall not be  accentuated; that there are some things  which must be kept decently buried.  In this respect the instinct of the old  Greeks was true for all time. It is not  good art for a novelist like Zola or a  dramatist like Ibsen to tear a page from  the book of human life and give us only  the blurs and misprints. The whole of  life is not bestiality as Zola describes in  La Terre; nor is it sorrow and the sad  results of evil as we see in Ibsen's  "Ghosts." Why should these things  be dragged before our eyes, not according to their just proportion in the scheme  of life, but wrenched from their context,  isolated, stretched out, so to speak, on  the vivise.ctor's table? It is as if a  painter should choose to limn not. the  leper basking' in the gateway, but his  caricous sores. It is the difference  between a pathological plate and a  picture  Flays like Zaza, like Sappho, like  Camille, ought to have no place on the  English stage���plays which ask us to  sniff at the heroine's sin and snirlle at  her sorrow. They are, not for good  women or growing maidens to hear  with their mawkish sentiment and  hypocritical pathos They may do well  enough for Hbsinthe-minded Parisians,  but not for healthy, open-air Anglo-  Saxons. They assume to be analytical  and psychological, and bid for our  patronage on that ground, but the  psychology is prurinnt and the analysis  consists in nothing more than throwing  wide open the from door of the bagnio  and inviting everybody to come in.���  Toronto Star  opened April 18th. and closes May 81st,  1900. Five teachers from the New York  Public Schools will be invited to act as  a committee of final award. Write  vour list of words with name and address plainly, and toward promptly.  Address: The Illustrated American,  Dep't "('.'' American Tract Society  Building, New York.  J. F. Delaney  New Denver  WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANT.  Fresh Liuil Kings' from the Boundry Ranch  arrive every week; .'iOe dozen delivered to any  point on Slocan Luke. Fresh Spring Chickens  for Sunday Dinner arrive every Friday. Lake,  of the Woods Flour. Hams, Bacon. Also agent  for Singer Sewing- Machines. Your order for  Chickens must lie in before Thursday.  Get your Cigars  the Cabinet  in  uigar  Kelson.  HOTEL  O. b. MATTHEW,  IHE  J. W. BALMAIN  CIVIL UNOrXEER,  ARCHTT.KCT, ETC.  A    Di.it Of  Wheat.  New York.���Dr. Julian P. Thomas  of No. 153 West Ninety-seventh  street, who, with his wife and child  came to this city from Atlanta, Ga.,  about live months ago, is causing a  great deal of discussion  among his  Sixteen years ago this month the  placers of Prichard creek began to pour  their yellow treasures into the lap of  the nation, says the Murray Sun. While  the mines were discovered two years  before that time by A. .J. Prichard, little  gold was taken out until April. 1884.  Those who were here at that time will  recall the busy scenes most vividly, for  they can not have been forgotten in the  little over a decade and a half since.  Many of the prominent actors who took  part in those early struggles have  passed away. Those who remain can  take a restrospective view of old times  and console, themselves with the hope  that the treasures still remaining in the  creek and on the hillsides will re-enact  some of the life of the eighties when  the proper appliances are set to work  to bring them forth.  It would indeed he a wonderful  novelty in mining history if the early  operators on the rims had exhausted  the gold supply of Prichard creek and  transmuted the main, or dee]), channel  into a barren waste. Such things do  not occur, however. The millions of  dollars' worth of gold already taken out  will be found many times multiplied  when the great work begins on the  bulk of the acres which remain virgin  ground. We have seen the magnificent  yield of the rims. Many others have  seen it. The bank has handled it, and  the mints have made it coin of the  realm. There is no question about  what has been done, and had the law  not given locators the privilege to squat  on 20-acre farms there would be 1000  l\ O. Box 170.  SANDON. B. C.  Fruit and Ornamental  Rhododendrons, Roses, Fancy  Evergreens, Magnolias,Bulbs,  new  crop  tested seeds,   fcr  spring   planting.  Largest and most complete stock in   Western  Canada.   Call and make your selections or send  for catalogue.   Address at the nursery grouuds  and greenliouse.  M.J. HENRY,  WOii Westminster Road. Vancouver, B. C.  Wanted���A nurse girl.    Apply, Slocan Hospital.  acquaintances by  his advocacy of a, _,  i ;���a ~<- e~ a      it      i    a   ,���i,  ���.. ! placer miners on Prichard creek and its  new kind of food.    Uncooked   wheat;; .,.,.,._ ,...,,��� , ,., ,,.,_ _r  is what  Dr. Thomas declares  to be  the best food for mankind, and he  says that lie has made tests sufficient  to prove, his statement.  lie cites the fact, that for the last,  seven years lie has lived almost en-  f.ir- lv on this cereal. .Mr<. -Thomas  and the I-yrar.iM sun have subsisted  upon the same did, since the birth o|  the latter, and rln-e.hiid is said never  to have tasted aii\ !-hiii.iz cjoked.  Dr. Thomas ha< a theory i hat the.  vital 'p.talities are destroyed by e<inking.  ::Il one eats mnvioked wheat," said  he, "he gains all the I km e fit which  that most vitalizing of foods can give.  tributaries to day, and the wealth of  the. various deep channels would be  added daily to the money of the country.  All we. can do is to point to the unworked  field before onr eves.     It. is so extensive  Tinsmith and Plumber  ASLO HOTEL  Family & Commercial.  arge  And  Comfortable  Rooms  Fitted with every modern  convenience. Special protection against fire. Rates $2.50  and $3 per day.  COCKLE &  PAPWORTH,  Proprietors.  FEED J. SQUIRE  Nelson. B. C.  Merchant Tailor.  Heated with   Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Large, comfortable bedrooms and first-class dining room.        Sample rooms  for commercial men RATES   $2 PER DAY  MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Prop., Late of the Royal Hotel Calgary.  Baker St., Nelsori,cB. C.  NELSON  Carrv a complete stock of  FURNITURE  and solicit orders from any part of the province.     Write for prices.  HEWER & CROFT,  Full Line  of Suitings and  Trousering's al"ravs on hand.  t  Manufacturer of Galvanized Aii--Pipe;  Powder-  Thawers, Camp Stoves and all kind?  of Sheet Metal Work.  TIN    AND   GALVANIZED  SPECIALTY.  ROOFING  A  Personal attention i*iveti to all orders.   Estimates  R-iven.   Moderate prices.   Mailorders  Promptly   attended   to.  Shop at present near Sandon Sawmills.  Sandon, B.-'.C.  JOHN WILLIAMS  Dealer in  IMPORTED  AND DOMESTIC CIGARS  and-j-qbACCOES,  PIPES, &C.  Van Camp Lunch Goods,   Confection-  cry and Fruit.  in netore onr eyes.  <t.-llllisllcd   ]H!l  BATHS IN CONNECTION.  Newmarket Block. New Denver  J. K. CLARK,  PHOTOGRAPHERS  ktNCOUVER and WELSON,  B.C. T  Hauling- and Packing to Mines,  and general local business.  WOOD    AND    COAL     FOR     SALE  New  OenvtM-,  B.  C.  California  Wine Co.,  ������ NELSON, B.C.  Wholesale  Dealers i  DR. MILLOY,  Choice Wines  and Fragrant  { igars  ROSSLAND.  Write for Prices.  Our Stock is the Largest in Kootenay  OUR CORSET DEPARTMENT IS UP-TO-DATE  IN  ALL  STYLES   AND  PRICES. a  Fred. Irvine & Co.,  NELSON, B. C.  lo��  MILLINERY���ALL THE  LATEST    STYLES    AT  LOWEST PRICES.  Why send East for your Dry Goods when you can purchase from us and have them by next day's mail, at  prices AS LOW, IF NOT LOWER, than the Departmental Stores of the East? We have one of the  largest stocks in all departments in the West���Buttons, Sheetings, Linens, Dress Goods, Silks, White-  wear, Corsets,  Gloves,   Ready-made  Shirts,   Costumes,   Carpets,   Floor   Oilcloths, Linoleums, Curtains,  Window Shades,  Etc.       Write for Samples and Our Prices.  SOLE AGENTS  FOR  BfTTElilCK   PATERNS.  ONLY RELIABLE.  Fred. Irvine & Co.,  NELSON, B. C.  9  e  MEN'S    FURNISHINGS  A SPECIALTY.  E. M. Sandilands  Sandon, B. C.  ANDM1MI  P^  ���Jk  ry pudiic     Kiipo>^,  Insurance* Mining Broker  Examinations and Management.  ion   men  c  lii'fl  W  fully two-  that food."  '���About  strate the  i.ik fond  <   of t!  ie  thev  vit;il  dcsii-oy  c<?IL   in  SKM:   Y< il'!.'-   I.'l  'AIKJM;  T  rim  NEW DENVER,  RELIABLE  d> ,  flr.l.l..  U.'MlI.  ut'iihni-  I lived  six ycar~ a^o to  benefit of this diet,  for three months on uncooked wheat,  which I had crushed and made iir.o  cakes the size of a s /du biscuit. During" that time I consumed about a  bushel of the grain, and the total cost  was only-Si.  "1    sometimes    drink   coffee,    but  coffee is an inorganic matcral, and is  unchanged by cooki:���%.     \ great per  centage of rheumatism   in the   world  ASSAYS  GoM 1(11(1 Silver. .* .7:  C-i>lit..?iIv'i\ C'>|ip-i- i.-ii  Si:iii]jl(;s I iv i i in II receive. Jirompt iittentidii.  Rich Ores and Bullion Bought,  Heavy and Shelf Hardware.. ���"     Jessop's and Canton Drill  Steel.        Stoves. Tin and Granite Ware.  We are handlirm- all kinds of  Optician  1-12!I Kltll St.. Denver. Coin.  SLOCAN CITYj Blasting, Mining and Sporting Powders.    Also Blacksmith's  I Coal.    Lumber. Sash and Doors. *  I in I v >rt(*r of 1 li.-U'iKiii'is.  W;i telle*, Silverwiil'e.  Sj.eeliieleS. Hie.  C. G. BAKER  Eyes Tested Free!  AND  WA'l'Cll   1,'KI'AIKIXG  A  SI'KCIAI.TV   Sandon, B. C.  NEW DENVER, B. C.  Furnishes accommodations  to the traveling public  equal to any on Sloc-.in  Lake. Comfortable beds  and tasty meals. The best  brands of liquors and  cigars on the market. .  TH0S. LAKE, Prop.  Brewers of Fine Lager Beer, and Porter���the best in the land.    Correspond-  solicited.    Address��� .        .  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C. 


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