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The Ledge Mar 22, 1900

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 <���$���  '"""     " * /i-?P' ',}  Volume VII.   No   25.  NEW DENVER, B. C,MARCH 22, 1900.  Price, $2,00 Year  SLOGAN 6AA\:P NEWS!  ^S85as��?a��3as ass ss %m&&m$gm$s&  local   chit-chat. j jug to Miss Eleanor Bern is, daughter of    Mr, and .Mrs. C. E. Lyons, of Sandon.  The provincial  elections  are set  for j    The public school is becoming uncoin-  -J line 1.2. 1 fortably crowded  and  the need for in-  The vacant houses in town are rapidly | Creased accommodation is apparent.  An  filling up.' . j additional teacher is also an urgent ne-  Wanted.���A nurse girl. 'Apply, Slo-j cessity.  ���can Hospital. I    The 1.7th of March will not hein town  John Bourne and wife, Nakusp, spen  ���Sunday in town,  tobacco to  all   who have the necessary  collateral.  The Columbia Specialty Co. held forth  in the Bosun  had, Tuesday night, to a  frnodhou.se''    It was a  '-'rotten'"  show:  Lloyd   Bros, will   build   a two-story | t,u, ou,v r{ideem-^. rt.aturo 1,01113-that  addition to their residence.  am! their orders are to make the Hart-  ncy a mine as soon as possible. Their  money also stands ready .to begin work  on the Silver "Mountain wagon road so  soon as flu-government grant is available:  ANOTHER     FATALITY.  liese claims  went as   *-&?  or another   vear. but  Williams will be   hi* lif(1"    Jvennedy was one. of the 11011  ioi-o everv dav eager to sell cigars and   ullion ,IU'11 ''"M'loyed at the Enterprise  very rich  and  that he  knew for a fact  that   pans from  tl  high as ?;���!.  Mr. Menzies also brings the first news  to British .Columbia, of an organized attempt among- the Americans at Nome  to,run every Canadian out of that camp.  The information was secured in Seattle  that the Canadians now at Nome were  spotted and that spotters were on the  track of those Canadians booking' for  Saturday morning- shortly after the   Nome.    At the American   placer camp  day shift -went on   at   the Enterprise  '"�� committee has been organized to warn  miiuvTeu Mile creek, an accident oc-  all Canadians arriving and those already  curred, bv which Thomas Kennedy lost! there  to leave and avoid  trouble.   A  most   extraordinary   feeling1   has been  worked-up in Seattle against the Brit-  iv;  ft  53  Thomas Kciiii<-(ly tli<- IjUIcsI Victim of (lie  >1 iss(!<l-Fii-<!  I-Coltt.  E WILL. ADVERTISE!  IfKH'JNfr   THE    GOOD    CAUSK.  S3  Upwards of thirty men are v.mployed!  at the Arlington. i  The Payne's shipments last week j  amounted to l-io tons.  1 nose  injured   in  the Sandon   land- j  slide are rapidlv recovering.  ended earlv  Postinaster Strickland   has  returned  from   the   Kettle   river   country.    He  Two teams are  engaged  in   hauling j states there is plenty of snow there yet.  do'./n ore from the Enterprise. . j hut it is going  fast, and  that there are  Forty tons of  ore  went our from tho. I indications that  prospectors  will   flock  Last Chance during the week. ! into the district.  tie was a steady fellow, about HO years  of age, and  a   native, of  St. Coluin'hia,  ishers.  In   speaking   of   the   prospects, Mr.  Que.    He came  latterlv from Rossland I Menzies   said    quartz    mining   which  and was considered to be a fair miner.  The accident occurred in the stope  between the Nos. 2 and H tunnels, and  was caused, it is alleged, by the exploding  of  powder that had missed hie 111  would be carried on this season in that  section would astonish the world.' Two  big English companies were already  establishing large hydraulic plants in  Atlin', while owners of placer claims on  all the creeks but Pine.which is worked  out, arc pooling their claims, owing to  the fact that tho limits of each claim are  one of the holes driven by  the man on  the night  shift..   The  hole, which  was  one of a  round of nine, was  partially  blown out.'but it is  stated that, as  is i sn narrow that  it  is  difficult'  to work  ! frequently the  case, the powder at the [ them, singly and by combining ^hey can  j bortorn of  the  lioie.   had not  exploded j hydraulic all the claims at once. Claims  The lovers of  football  are agitating j     At Sumpter,  Oregon, Mike. Malumey j with that  above, and when  Kennedv i "f great richness will  be developed on  for a league of ihe Slocan towns. ; is superintendent  of'the Alamo, -Andy j started ro work  ho,  drove his drill into ! this plan.   A convention of  the  various Miners' j Murphy.is  foreman, and  -lack   McCiii- j.che. parlially blown   iu.de.    He struck'it j  Unions will  be   held,  at Nelsoir today, j tf*'*1 "lu' ">' 1;,b-' '^'niors. ��� Alike and Andy j |M.ii a.few moments when 1 he,explosion '  mm     n 1        l-        1 ��� ���    Ihave-.made a sr.ake out of this m-oprru 1 (i'ceurre'i     The force of the omicissimi 1��� Eorroi;  Luiihi-: :  I he .Bosun   boarding   house is now  in, ���     '      ���    "...1.1.1..!.     . m. nun, m an   1 o.n ,ts.,,on ,  An effort was made this week by  parties inclined to do a little pushing in  the way of advancing the interests of  New Denver, with a view to securing  from the citizens and business men'of  the town small subscriptions towards a  fund that shall be devoted monthly to  advertising New Denver in these columns,and the circulation of extra copies  of The LBDftE. For some weeks past I thk lucernk.of America.  this paper has taken to publishing-facts j  relating to the advantages of the town, j lts Advantages ��mi vi**avantage a, ��  The work has   been done gratuitously, Residential centre.  have not been interviewed in the matter need not be backward in coming-  forward. Many who have not been  seen will be interviewed this week.  Others can come to the office in passing*.  Without public spirit a town may as  well go out of business. There are,  however, only a few citizens in New  Denver who will lay back and reap the  benefit of the public spirit of others.  but, of course, could not be continued  for any length of time on this basis; so.  to make the thing permanent, at least  for a period of a few months, the step  above referred to was taken.  A paper was circulated and signed by  many, and the sum of $15 monthly was  contributed, in a few hours. This will  be increased to S25 or 830 this week,  which   will    compensate,   the manage  New Denver has all the advantages  that nature could bestow as a residential and commercial centre. Its central  location in connection with all the prominent shipping mines of the Slocan, its  natural beauty and unlimited area for  townsite purposes, its weli built homes  and business blocks, its first class  amusement halls and churches, all con-  T.KTTKit    I'KO.U    THE    I'Kdl'HKT,  t,      ,      ,    "    .���       ,      ���      f',.' according to report.  ���operation, Kossland   parties   having till I n '  >I  'c ha rue.  The  concert   given   in   Silveritiu. on  ., .    ...   ' ..   ,   .     a, ���      1 .Saturdav evening was  a   great success  hevera 1 citizens took in   the masquer-1 . ������   ��� ��� :^  ,   ,   ,,   ,  ,,, ,,-, ,. ��� ,   . I in every particular, upwards  ofs ai be  ade ball at Slocan Citv on  b rulav even- > ���   ' '  in'tr last.  m'g i-.-i'ised towards the building of a  Catholic church in rhat town A>uite a  numi'er were prc-"Sa    from   .N  the coutributurs to   the  fund, and will  caughl iiim in tiie abdomen and literal- i     Sir.���Thank you for  sending your pa-1  ly tore: he  lower  par;   of   his bodv  to I per so   reiudariv   to  me,   and I shall be! , ,.        .       , .     .      , .   .  .... .     .,     v       1   ,   ,..      "     .,, . , T   bo continued as lonif as the tund is kept  pieces,    liis legs were torn 111 siirods to 1 (dad it vou   will  continue  to  do so, as I.  ment of Tim Leuok for the publication | tribute towards making it what it is  of the advertisement and the circulation destined to be. Surely there never was  of 1UU or 500 extra copies of TueLeooh, >i town more favored by nature, and  monthly. The papers will be sent to certainly there never was a town less  isueh parties as is deemed advisable bv   Hppreciatod by its  neighbors and some  of the, people in , it.    This, is  said in all  candor and without a desire, to rellect 011  the   bone,   while,  his   hand-'   were,  also! am verv much inte  badly   shattered.    His   chest   and face i of'North   America.    I expect   vou   have  ontinue  to  do so, as  ., ^     h .g ,( simp,0  "i,usjHCSS proposition | t!mje*ious neighbor or the faint-hearted  -rested in the .mcerne; in([ Qn^ vhe t.iti!!ejJS of t]l(, t0Wn'.sil0U|(j   citizen at home, but purely  and simply  I).  Mark   Manly    expecis   io   intiodii-:-.1  cousideralile Boston capita! into tiie SL--  ^   '    1   . t  can this summer.   j  ft is a man or ol   01 air ; iiat .'������ .'-.v ;,'eu- ���  l!e.v. Mr. Duncan   will   preacii   m   the. v..r ^umhl   ,, ,   ^^^   ]>y   ,.,������.,���.;,,,-,,.,  |  Presbyterian church m-xi Sunday morn-; ,,jsI. ,1,,;,;],^ S;(!..,.,...   -pj.p. !s ,|M.ir .jr J  in^-at " l/'*lwk- iM-ip Through   Hie   ;���..    ianc.y, an!   th���- '  The Nelson Minstrels made a inistako ; .i.-i|j no douhl rece;1. ������ ; :_: ia���ui.^e- evei  l.'Ht week and played at tiie Soul h Pole ; where. Mrs. P'oi-tcr (..'oh. wim >v  inst cad of Sai'idoii. ! '.villi the-original i-'i d-;   musica1 ci'iinbi'c !      ',''- :)r<1 ''Xii'-'' S,'!M "u;' :ii "Hc-aud ( Hhcer ; comim.' back after the war is over.     Are  Sei vices in the Methodist church next ! at ion, is still 111 u-h a! liirector of ;ne ag- j ;:,;K'k ;::|1' t'lidertakor Maker went'daiwu | they uoing   to  have  a   football   team in  ���egafioi! of taleii'..,.'! .-d Hirers. | 0:1 I i,e afterniaui iioar.    The i'interprise ! New Dtuiver   this year?    .If so, f wish   I  I eiuiLjiaiiy ^-jj-i'd t.nhe (diicials ar Ne-isiin I was troinix to  be  there   to  keep goal for  TheArliuo'tou   has a   bi^ showing of j        '"'^   *"'*  ^_w'xl'VHurK-       j ami Victoria ,>,,-  a  coroner and waited ; the hoys.    I remain, yours very truly,  , ,      ��� 1   ���    .    .       (   ,.    ,     ,��� i !:::���.'..���.��� Uesdav. heiiiiiiiij' the i'mdv al llu-1 a    t   fir irvi.-ei \-  clean ore.   besides   *e\ era!   leet  ol coo  1     (y v. Stricklan,; :-���.;,; ned fr his trip   ..,:.���.     -.-,, 0A;(.(., .....: A.-..,,. .... r,"t..:, ���    |     ,       ,      ,..���-���. '       \Z;M',  centr'itim." mineral i ���   ���    t-     \- ,. ������ , > M-iiiK.    .so i.i,���t(n ,1111 \ 1111; at Aiat tinn-..       Howdeu Ti   ,C 1 npenhamAVilts.Eiiir.  centi.it.u^ mmual. , into I-.re \ alloy   tins   week arm  re;.orts   .������, , |isM,. lu.iMi,. ������   in,,ir;iti,!U rll;lt ;UiV ���] , "       "  Mill Bros.' tug   brought a scowload   ol | everythmg progressing favorably in that , j,u,m|(.([ tl) ,011!l, i(1 ho)(l .���, i11()tu.st.rh;. |      :      _   lumber down   on   Thursday  lor  several   section, with   the  outlook   bright   for a j hodv wa<   broiedit   to  New Denvr for I 3iud�� to i-vel stt Mo-.no.  local improvements. prosperous  year.    Mr.   Strickland is in-; jnu;ri!1(,���t.    Tuesdav luornii.g'the Ib'o-1     , . t.       , ,   ;  Mrs. Alex. Snroat and  children have   Crested with t.he Williamson   Bros, in a ] vim.i;iMlls,)(;i.tor ���r Min���s ,,,*,��� in. buf!     ��>"�� �����   ^ fd    ime  southern negroes  to present the case as it   is with a view  s  , 1    ,     , ',        , , ��� ,    ���- ��� .,���' 1 grasp   willinglv.'   There is  absoluteh  rf    o.auiy    ina.rke't    and    both    eve.-. ��� heard 1 am goimr to   South  Atnca.     We!'    ., .       ,.    .A'     ,       ... ,. .'     ,., <f ;,.Hn,,. ,,,, ., .1 ���^i,-.. u-h hin 1 iir* lie-n-r  , ' r-      = 1 ,-,,,(���], i,-j,,. onidnio' aboii t   it, sola i1 as   the   10 sin 1111^ up a uv.nin   i\uinn uie utitn  ore pur ���.,nt ny iiie   i.P.si.      J'he.   hodv i sail   next   Saturdav. the   L'4th.   on    the;  '     .  ..'", . " ,     ,,,, .      ' ,if-ill   m   -,;< ���iw,>   the  inrci-(.<i<  of the  . , '      ,T   . ,.-../, , contributors are.conceriied.     I ho.v sun- : '" -1"   w  ^u ��..lice   111c  luttn.-is  01 tno  a-inrown   souia  ar; nm ai 1 he slope   YV lute   Star   liner,   (avinrio.     1.   hope   to i    . .. ... ,,, '    ..      A,,,..,, ���Hli ���|.,(.,, ;.  where ii om> -Io to be  ... ���        ,        . ,'.   ! , ��� '        ���   piv continue   their   uionthlv contnbu-   ,<Ul n ���,lul l"rK'  ll  "iitit, it oiynr in ne,  '���'��������� :i   lio.e   i'o   lie-   tonnei,   where   his \ (Lome across i- orbes   out th'.-re. as 1 bearl .." , ���     ,, ,.    , .  ' >.      , , : .,,,,1 ,,,,,].,, ;r r\u.  i-.-Mi),iri--iiir town of ibis  .    .        , ���,.,.! ..     ,       , ,   ��� ., j lions so loin- as thev   ieel inclined, and   <"iu ni.iivi, n, ��iil  nnpoi rant tow 11 01 .mi.->  H.iivoiaa ;,,uiii| ;nn;.    iic was still alive 1 lie   has   gone.    I.   also   heard   J-ont   had .      .;���   . ' . . '       J ,,,;,,;,,,,.. .-n.-ich,.,      mi   rleM ;s iiecess-irv  . , .....     ; , ,, ,.     ,, i secure ior tr.oir   moner extra copies   01 1'"imiij, on is.<m.    .in   ui..r .,-> nt-n. s��ai \  al si'..>(.'o a sew Vviii'tt-,     I hev lam hnn : joined tne 1 lamiishire Yeomanrv.    lam!..,      T       ���    t    . .       . .      ,  " i;^rh-.   h.-o-t -\-   ,.���.���, ,tii,n ,i'  ihe Pnsi-  ��� t .1 1 1  I ne: liK.i'Hii; to oe sent to ir-ends. i.^tu..:,   in-ri<i\    10 npe.,tuou 01   tin., on. -i  1 on a aire:<���;,,���;��� and -'taried with him our ���! in the 1st Wilts Imperial  "Yeornanrv.    li     ,.,.        ., .,. ' n,^m,ieii   -ii.d   citi/ens-   rbe   sinl.-i'i��- of  I        . , ,    , , ' ,    - i      I he lollowiuii   citizens  and   business' U'-.xMii'.,n   ai.(i   (in/ana.   1111,   mum.i��   ot  I oi i jie. leve.i. biii   lason-  inev   had gone, j shad lie glao when vou have .settled   the1 ", ,.,   ,      ..,     .,      j ,,.,,.,.,,,,,   nreindleix   in   rln>   smnn   -ind  ,.      . . ' . I -.,.,, , ' concerns are to be credited   with eithei������ i'.iiio\.    pitjuuui.,>   111   ciu,   sump, .rnu,  !     r he ex|nreii. 1 labor ti'<Hii>les   in   the   Slocan. as   I   am  Sundaj', morning and evening.     Kev. A.  E. Roberts, pastor.  ' returned from  a   winter's  visit anion;  friends in the States.  townsite, at   what   is   known as ICi-rhtj ir is (lni,|jt,'ul if  ;ulvt!Hng will come of  Mile   creek, about   25   miles   from  Fire j t|K,. investigation  Phework train   and  a large crew   or|'Vlllle-v L:lIlllil1^. ����  Lowei*   Arrow lake, j     The ,,:  i went  to  Boston   to  make  his   fortune.  After a week of walking.up and down he  1 found himself penniless, and no work in  i contributing to iUo, fund to advertise ! wlth coats off and sloevoa rolled up, a  the town or advertising their own busi-l 'nighty shove- to set the "oal! rolling,  nesi'. wliich amounts to about tho same.j T!l!- disadvantages that the town has  thing, for a town without, advertisim;' j <-ver been pestered with are purely ar-  busiuesii concerns cannot amount to j ! i"cial. First, the townsite people are  much: Business concerns���The Bank of j dead, ligurafiveiy dead: second, the  Montreal, Bourne Bros.. St .lames J government has neglected irs duty to  Hotel.Newmarket IIoteLiolm Williams, j the town, in holding it as a government  C. M. Nesbitt,.New Denver Transpor- j townsite and refusing ro lend its aid. to  ration & Light Co.. .1 . K. Clark, L.' M | its improvement: third, its business  Brindle, New Denver Brick Yard, j people, with few exceptions, lack the.  Hewer & Croft, J.E,Angrignon.Drewry j public spirit that  is necessary  to bury  & Twigg. Mrs.   Merklev. C.  C. Bak  men have been busily employed on the,  'N. & S. during the week.  C. D.  McCrae gashed  his  leg  badiy  with an axe on Saturday while running  |a survev line at the Bosun.  The rnternatioiiai, Whitewater, is  putting in a gasoline air compressor,  the first of its kind in Kootenay.  Suits have been entered against the  Dardanelles Mining Co. to recover cost  of goods .supplied by Kaslo firms,'  The townsite was staked last year,  has been surveyed and plotted and placed upon the market.' Already several  buildings are in course, of erection and  great preparations are being made by  Vernon and Nakusp merchants to supply  the trade that is expected as Soon as the  snow goes off.    This is the central point!  for all that little prospected, but much j ('^-or Black was called to Sandon on  favored,gold belt, and is the natural sup- | M'i'day to look into .some trouble, there,  ply centre for the Fire Valley district, as "'Inch was reported to be. between the  well as al! the. section along Light Mile ! uni,,n ;UkI non-union miners. Friday  i creek.    They   have   named   their  town i ll"-' sllilt' !>0-ss '*u"   the Payne was knock-  nterprise eompanv took the en- j   .  , .     ������ , ,    .��� , ,     ,        , ,T , ,  ,       .   ...     ,  , '.   , '   . -        , surht.   Tnen   he   went   lrom   bouse to j lau, Angus  Mcfnnes, John   A. lavlor  tire oiarg'e ol the  remains and ordered   , " .,,-,, , ,   ,, ,      , It.'    ���,-,','   1     1    ,-.   i,  1      1       ������   -nl  ���     ,     ,    , , ,     house: -'Lf vou please, sub," be be��an.   John Black. J.   C Bolander, A\ .  riiom  that the interment oe the best that con d I    ,,������*',,,    r      ,   . '  .    , .   ,     .       1 when ins ring at   the front aoor was an-  he given.     ! he bodv was buried Wed-1 ,     ,(/V   ,. , ��� ,,   ,  ���-, . .' ,      ���   . ; swered.      Can tivou  give   a po  cullud  nesdav   mornmg   lrom   the   Linscopall ,   ,      ,    "       "      ���   >, ,.v-  ,        ; ' '     1 man work ter do. or somepin  tereat.  church. , /, ..    ' ���      .     ���   .  , ,  And the polite answer mvariablv was,  THOUnijK    AT    SA.N'tlOX.  "No, Mister���very sorry, but have nothing for vou."  .Every one who answered his  ring ad-1 registering his  refusal, stated  that "in  dressed  him  as ���'���'Mr.,'"  but  shut their   his opinion  The Ledge had  done more  (���I-, ! individual prejudices beneath the dump  Slocan Hospital. Citizens���Jacobsoii & j <'f patriotism. The.se faults are not  Co.. A.'I.).   McUillivrav,  Dan   McLach- \'natural; they have been acquired in the  iong seige of trouble that the Slocan  has suffered from. But they are no less  obnoxious because there is a faint excuse for their existence. The first thing,  then, that is necessary is to start within  ourselves and wipe off the slate all prejudice, fear, faint heartcdness and spite,  and begin anew tobuihlup the Lucerne,  of America.  linson, Aylwin Bros.  The following refused, either to advertise their own business or contribute  to the fund to advertise the town:  Thos. H. lloben, A. E. Fauquier  and Hermann  Clever.    Mr.   lloben, in  doors and hearts against him.  Finally be   rang  the  door of a brown  stone front.    A gentleman appeared and  in the past eight months to injure the  town and country than anything else,  and he  did   not   feel   that   he   could do I  si.ocan   (nas   smniKXTS.  The total amount of ore shipped from  1  Hugh Met lee. formerly of Sandon did i -;-���.   "������   ���;-���;   ������ l07i're W^ I <*'' senseless  bv   an   cx-��.'o-iir a'iiener. I the old man began : "Boss, 1 is starvin'. ! anv, hing that would   in   anv   wav cm  j ^  ^'^ t^'ul  ^^^   ''   M>">   t0  uotdieinSpohamL  as reported.    He >s ; ^    ^ ;���   *f\*?,1 ^ j'v ! called Big Mike   Turner.    If,- was tak- ! Can't vou give me vittles?" ! M'ii.ute .0 , h- businos ���f  The Crmct:  ' !    "'"y^ ^ ���*   l";U'    "*;    b ���m  in Sumpter and very much ahve !,,;..������;,... ,,;������ n,,.   Valley Landing .0 ! ">^ ������"'rink iu  a   sal-,,,,,  and Big  Mik.A     �� Y���u    darned,    black,    kinky-headed i lie did nm. think   f i. i -   paper   had ever; ^u^\^ZZi ��� ;,!m^     lAdiiiwino  a're  A.   superabundance   of  the   green 011 ! f\\x> \'a.ilev poslollice a good ua<ron road : b;:. > e k c 11    him   down      Later   on three 1 rascal!" exclaimeil thegmitlemau. "1 low Adorn- anything' to   advance 1 he iniei'e--! .-..(.��� ..... _  (Saturday d(Miinnsi.ratei|   New   Denver's ! i;as l>een buill am 1   the   aovern ment ha-- ' S^'-cde-    wen:    into   Sandon    from    I lie i dare you ring the bell ai my front door'.'; m  (he   counii-y.    and    did    1101    heiie\-  to-ve foi-   the   land   of   potatoes   and   in A in-idaed all tl;e si ream- iu (he vallev      .\ ' I'ay m-and (ieay -wi.-reaccorded 1 hesaimC''-o round t !k*   backy:ird   way  to tin.' kit-'��� ,-i'i  .,-j.l-U train of  ::o   Aa-a-si^   o,,re uau-l:;,,,,-: i raahmaii      ian    ronp.    lennewaril. a ml '(.-lien . and I In- cook'il :A '���'��' you something  ���makes.  ia-vs is    ihi'.v  Workliii  'he ore from ihe   Cap-'lla  wen; out on    from ili,< i,a r. Ai 1 o-i   io   WaucaM.... afford-   v;  hursoay.       I here   was   heiween   seven  land eight   tons   and   it   was sen! to  t'n.a  'rail smelter.  Charles S. Bashdal! has relumed from  in_;   goo 1   :nean.s    o  com narati \'al\'   in'--,v  : r;i iisporta: ion    n  ii'.a' nan !'i-aeli,-  The ei.uiil'.V   is    l;|Vl'1' "1; i,1;' !:';  il(!  !iolliew.-ll'i|. ami  a  j'liinl olilsidc  : 1 my   w ere w,-> \'-  (". ei'el V      he;i; ejl  ->���( I!!  Bill  .1 ���  Ill  id   !���  lit i ie pro.-pr-c.teij,    I i 11..; 1:,11    I h" old  ma  ds three months'visit to Kngland.    Tiie ,' s':l'"' "il:i" ilI1,i "llu '' .^ "��isin;j. local im  udge was   much   benelitted   by his trio | h;1 Vl* Um��  iiti'-acte:"l  al iention    mil.  .dcross the briny. : '"-' rllsit  Thedanger   from   land  slides in San-  'i!o}\ is  causing  many  citizens  of  that  furg to look towards  New- Denver as a I    Jilace of residence. j     Groat improvements are being iuad<  I'.'Ui' 1 lie li-.-an..  i'he i 11 i ��� i; 1 ���' ��� - i'!"u of :���  ���ieli I : 1 ���' em;' e;- A: A:i;;d  igal e : ue : rouble,  bill 1:  il,'l\e    la  !    ���_     into   the section is anticipated   n"   i'";i::"',';:i|!-'  ! this soring and summer.  u (ion iia ve. ! a-   wh he  ud will i.ives-   toiiii'  I e I he  preselii  I!  laid      Thev  :.k   <'a    I .a we, I     lone  elks n-   last !     Thank  ���in-- I 1 lone l'(inn' "e.ui ::  Kcj>;i ia-. Ned �� ������'��� ���  I i-nllg pa id. 'diy Way,  Fauquier,   ai'ler   readiu;:' 1 ii  -iaied ah' | nm ica !!y 1 'n.-u "hr .; a n A  ���li on hi-   in ha \ ������ a 1. \ ' l:i ni;' t ��� ��� do w hi. ii . "  : ii her ��� - r! i :< ��� ��� 11 s am;   A; - i e..-,-. ei -n  my   i.iwn    ha \-e sig: A hi 1,   iheir   wiiilui-'nes-  :  bawd.   I     ill  i;.e n',...A     rani':-;,    aiei   'i    now   ii ���-.  if   New   |lr|,'Oi'     is     i'e.'l il\     hi     he   j,,  fi'irvrard  i>.'     a   v.'.-trnri lie   bu.A ,; ������-���  : ellori !  ha i   Ll'l'e;; i   e i.()d   >\'ii i   ,a .. 11. ���  the shinmeiils from   J.-iima i ".' I, IHihi. to  Mar. 17:  \v.,  i'.ii.-d  1;  \h"  1 - i ������; 1 e  I?.,.,  1 1  lu;;  n.Ait'l'NKY   im   j-;r<vi-;:.iR>'TS.  j are deiei'iuined >���..   nin in   iha bud any-:     "f\;o wagon i-oads to Silverton and up   !i theriL is im Uoooi.   ; ::,<". no'  j thing of a lawless nature, and will very jsiiver mountain from   New I )en vcr are������ 'he   hisiory ..i   the   ci;y   oi    .-  Lpiickly   i-b!   the   city of   any   clement j badh  in need of repair      Phe Martney. i Sl ��� Louis   siarie,)   out   with a Si : ��� <���  I '-loohiiig for trouble "                                  | California   and   Marion   companies are | fund for adveri isiug ; he, A,y ami its a-!  ,     ,,                   .,                                      i                                                                             i readv to push work on the road to their i vantages,   ami   got   such, good i-erurr,-  Chief Engineer Brownof the tn-.' Ymir, | at the Ibiriuey. winch, when couiiileted. j          <:ana ska.ns    not   vr.\.\TRi>.         ;,,,.,,IH,rti(,s   |'ri)lll   ,|,,.   present   road  as l tlr.'it from ! s:vAo i sfi ; it spent .���?:'.."! -i,-i'= '. j     '"is .nmusim  lib was so severely scalded last week by i v-'il1 ii;lVr! '"' i"'P"rtaut   imaring on the. j  ��� i ' , '���', "n,���    ,.���,,,,,,,,0   ,,,,r..    ,,,,   if.    During 1 ha:   period   the   population iu- ! 'doiieck, three well  known miners, were  F.-i la! it \   11!  Trent   \.:sln?.  1 1 us ,,loii nsini.,  Ncls    N'ebui;   aiid  Win.  Ihe bursting of the safety valve,has since j t"\\'n.      A   new   biinkhoiise   is   being j     1). Meuxies. collector   of   customs at | s]    '     t(IM..inp!   tiM,   ,,n)j,.(.|   and there  jied of his injuries. j erected, alongside the  old one.    It will | Arlin. arrived iu the city r,lis ll'!'1'1'1'1'.--j ^|,'    p] hi- no delay in tiie iiiatter     The  The'r  P   p   i.dll   i-nrild   ���lrldif-imi.j   *,, i 'nj t wo stories liig'h .uioderu in i ts ctpii 11-1 sa vs   the.   "\r,-incoiiver   Province.      Mr.       , ��� ,��� '      , , ,11     ..... 1,,,  1 ne l,. 1 . ii. v. 111   ouiiu   axuutioiis   to .       .     -     - J    '   1 oilier repairs relerred to would cost but  fieir offices in New Denver and Silver-  |)i). What they will do at Denver Sid-  Jig is not yet known.  D. li. McLennan,formerly of this town  inent and will accommodate 00 ]nc.\i. In  addition to this a large ore house will  be built. The force has been increased  to 19 men, and this will be largely augmented  when   the  now  buildings are  lad now proprietor ot the Windsor Ho- .   ,,,,,1, h   i      .     M       <. ,      .,,  ,,  >.  ���,       '.,.', ,   , 1 completed.    Another tunnel  will then  '.',[, Irout  Lake,  spent  several days  in  few Denver during the week.  J. S. Gusty, the well   known Sandon  ','Jilete, was married Wednesday morn-  )  be commenced lower down the hill,  which will afford an ample test to the  value of the property. Tho management  are liberal   in  their  views and nionev.  Men/.ies says he, is down for a two  months holiday, having taken advantage of the fact that his staff was not  overworked at this season of the year.  lie is the first to bring the news of a big  strike on the south fork of the Big Salmon riTor. Such a strike has been  vaguely mentioned, but the location  kept dark. The reports from I hose who  located the claims are that the gravel is j ifornia.  little, and thegoverninent should waste  no time in providing- the funds.  I)����.<<! of His Inj urics.  John Doherty, foreman   of the  Nettie  L. mine,near Ferguson,who was crushed  creased hnn.iino and the Business Men s i caught in a sru>w.-hue on the hto ot  League is authority for the, statement ; March, and Klobivk was killed. Tiie  that niorethan SI lO.'inn.uoo was brought j "l('n NV(,'V trappiu:-' near Trout lake, five  to the city by this concerted action, j "dies from the town of 'front bake, and  Tin-manufactured product of the city j w'''��'1' sleeping i" a cabin in Am heavy  fifteen vears ago wassl~..(W,i)0(i a vear: ' timber, where no slide   had occurred be-  todav  it   is  siiuo.oOO.i.ion  a  year.    The  mora! is plain.  Any person desiring to  contribute to  j the Now Denver advertising-  fund nine  by falling rock i��� the mine ten days ago  j (,() . Ijm(j_    Tui   ^       js ,(t ,hjA  has died of his injuries.    lie was buried ��� '    '  on Saturdav.     Deceased   came from Cal-1 oHice and the  scheme   will be fully e.\-  foro. About midnigbt the avalanche  struck them, wrecked the cabin and  buried all three. Gus Johnston due out  and rescued his comrades, but one of  them was dead. The two survivors were  two days and a half  roachim:   the town,  I plained   to   one and   all.     Those   who i travelling bare-footed. THE LEDGE, NEW DJ^JNVER, B.C., MARCH 22,  1900.  Seventh Year  The Ledge.  Published every Thursday.  R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Three months .* .75  Six "  1.2a  Twelve "           2.00  Three years  5.00  Transient Advertising-, 25 cents per line first in  sertion, 10 cents per line subsequent insertions  nonpareil measurement.  TO CONTRIBUTORS.  Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay  District and communications upon live topics  always acceptable. Write on both sides of the  paper if you wish. Always send something #ood  no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it  is hot, and we will do the rest  A pencil cross m this square  indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor  wishes once again to look at  your collateral.  funct they should have a say in Imperial politics, and a brand new mint  in Kootenay.  If there is to be any cut throat  business between the Union and nonunion men, such as the disgraceful  affair at Sandon last week, the government should step in at once and  hang- the first man who uses a gun  or attacks another with any instrument with malicious intent. The  British law is no respecter of persons,  our peace officers are not cowards,  and anything that savors of Cceur  d'Alene lawlessness will be nipped  in the bud instanter.  fBURSDAY,   MARCH 22. 1900.  FROM THE KDITOR'S UPPER STOPE.  When the list is completed we will  publish a list of all the deadheads  who have done business with this  office. ______  Nelson is filled with polite people.  Up to date no lady has had to complain about standing- up while riding  on the street car.  A    BRUTAL   POEM.  Tis sad 'tis true that a newspaper  cannot always make its opinions conform to the views of some three-  dollar-a-month advertiser.  The Kaslo paper has improved  under the'new editorial management.  It corners out now loaded to the head  rules with words, beautiful words.  The Nelson minstrels were vaccinated with the marble heart in Sandon  last week. This will teach them to  stay away from a town in which such  a narrow minded spirit is rampant.  Joe Martin may be short on suavity  but he has more sense than some people. He subscribed for The Ledge  last week, and as he will take it  regularly his troubles are almost sure  to fade away, as does the morning  mist before the rising sun.  The poem, "An Absent Minded  Beggar." is an insult to Tommy  Atkins and those who depend upon  him, When he is at the front putting  up his time and blood in defense of  the old flag why should all the country ring with the fact that he is a  "beggar"? Whv should his wife or  girl he walked with be compelled to  subsist upon charity because'Tommy-  marched away without leaving anything in the bank? Should the  cheeks of these women be tinted with  the red (lush of shame and wounded  pride because they have to accept  the bread of charity? We think not.  It is their men who save the nation,  and the nation should provide them  with  everything  necessary   without  and thought he would follow the  teachings of that good book. Our  readers will be shocked after reading this, but do you ever think about  the horror of the sacrament as practiced in some churches in Canada.  People kneel around a table and eat  bread and drink wine, imagining  that they are eating the flesh and  drinking the blood-of Christ To our  mind this is a most cannibalistic service, such as some fanatic like the  Dutch elder would originate. It is a  relic of barbarism that should be laid  away by all civilized beings. We  will be condemned for these words by  some narrow-minded Jesus howlers,  but no man imbued with proper  thought can but admit that we are  right. To find almost at sun-up ot  the twentieth century that thousands  of people think such things are right  is but a proof of how priestcraft and  religious rites will cause people to  act more like idiots than rational  images ot God.  >J__M  ontr  Established  1817.  Capital (all paid up) $12,000,000.00  Reserved fund : : 6,000,000.00  Undivided profits :    : 1,102,792.72  HEAD    OFFICE,    MONTREAL.  Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona a.id Mount Rofal, G.C.M.G. President.  Hon. G. A. Drdmmond, Vice President,  E. S. Clouston, General Manager,  Branches in all narts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and  the United States.  New Denver branch  E. PITT, Manager  a'Y      ���  {  r_wrm��^  FIRST TRIP THROUGH THE  KOOTENAYS.  WANTED,    A     COKOXKH.  It the provincial government is responsible for the Slocan being without a coroner, it is a most disgraceful  state of affairs. Last week three  deaths occurred at Sandon from accidents���not particularly accidents due  to the criminal carelessness of anyone, but certainly accidents surrounding which are circumstances that-de-  ,    , mand investigation.    In all cases the  having the hat passed  around to the ,    ,.',..,       ,���,,->,    n ,   i    ,     ���   i  7 J ,,      ���, bodies of those killed had to be buried  A CHANCE TO HEAR  The original  "A  Bradstreet s commercial agency  gives British Columbia mining towns  ja, hard deal in one of its recent circulars. The report is uncalled for. If  some of the business men in Kootenay  Are a little short they seem to be able  to keep out of the road to bankruptcy.  tune of such a coarse and brutal poem  as the "Absent Minded Beggar," just  as though the wives and sweet hearts:       .   ,,    ,   , , ,     ,     .   ,    .,.  rt . .: again the body must be buried with  a  band of  Let there  without an inquest being held.    This j  week another death is recorded, and  of British soldiers were  low down street Arabs.  be less ot this disrespect to England's  soldiers.    "Absent Minded Beggars!"  What a nice name to call the defenders  of a country,   and  the  protectors of  every bank roll and title in it.  WS  UNDKIJ   THE   At." SIM 0.1  METHODIST   CHI  *    OF  10 H.  TOO    MUCH     RELIGION.  People in Sandon are a careless  lot. They just let the scenery slide  while they keep right on looking at  their hole card, oblivious to the fact  that the fate of Pompeii, somewhat  cooled, may overtake them when  their hands are stretched out to take  in the pot.   Uneasy rests the head that snores  in Sandon. A slide is liable to come  down at any time and make business  for the cemetery. It is surprising  how people will take chances upon  living in such an unsafe locality.  Some are bound to die. for it, while  the lucky ones will escape.  Sandon is slowly filling up with a  choice line of hoboes, macques, shoestring gams, and ladies of the oldest  profession on earth. Sandon being  the Monte Carlo of B. C. the moths fly  against its flame., just the same as a  contingent of summer flies tackle a  masked battery of molasses.  Men who have studied animals say  that the hyena has the best stomach,  and has been known to swallow six  bones without crushing them. That  may be so, but the hyena never  swallowed any of the beefsteaks that  saw service in the Slocan when the  ���camp was young, and the inhabitants  wild with enthusiasm and capable of  outdoing even a hyena in feats of  gastronomical skill.  It does not do to go to excess in religion any more than it does in drinking tea or any other custom or habit  of the age. In Holland they sometimes go to excess in religion. In a  church not far from Amsterdam, occurred last February a service that  was the most thrilling we have heard  of lately." An elder persuaded the  congregation that it was necessary to  offer up a human sacrifice. After  praise of the Lord and prayer had  been indulged in this fanatic seized  four women, one after the other, and  cut their throats from ear to ear. The  elder demanded another sacrifice,  and seizing his wife he despatched  her in the same manner as the others.  Then, after washing his hands in the  blood of his victims, the congregation  wended its way homewards.  We have heard of many exciting  ways of bringing people to Jesus, but  this knocks the laggan out of the  whole works. For thrilling religious  rites it occupies the top stope. The  Dutch elder must have been reading  about human sacrifices  in the bible,  /  out the usual formality in civilized;  communities of holding a coroner's!  inquest. In this instance, again, the!  circumstiwices surrounding the acci- j  dent that caused the death are such !  as to ��� demand investigation. The j  body was held at the Enterprise mine I  three days,   awaiting the arrival of j  the proper official, but he did not ma- J f��f\ f_\11 fj    I~$ ��$ //  terialize.    This is an outrage.    The k\J%J^Liil   1 ldli  Slocan pays enough into the government coffers to be entitled to proper  recognition    from    Victoria.      The  Slocan should demand a coroner���      r**-n,x       ��� ���    ���>  ^ ���   a >  gMf  Ihe original company, organized ���  and get It.     Oct. (>, 1871, at  Fi.sk   University.   Nash-   ;������  j ville,  Tenn.      Lately  returned  from  a  state   telegraphs. most successful tour ol" northern Europe.  Nine public concerts in Leipzig, 11 in  Amsterdam, 19 in Berlin, 24 in Hamburg, 50 in Stockholm.  We have a very nice line of Cretons and  Prints just received which are, we think,  very much better in every way than you  have seen in this section. Also some very  pretty rolls.of Japanese Silk, Lawns and  Muslins. And, above all, you should see  our latest shipment of���  ess  They .arc cut in   the  latest  provided with  all   the   latest  fashions and  attachments.  fo^'^S&S��/&'^/^'<bSb*&A^^  Tickets, r5c and $1.00  Plan at Nelson's.  A movement in the right direction  was made at Ottawa the other day.  Mr. Casey introduced a bill for the  establishment of government telegraphs. The bill provides that private messages shall not cost more  that 10 cents for ten words and press  despatches 100 words for 10 cents.  This is a step in the right direction  and it is to be hoped that the good  work will go on until the people own  all the institutions filling a similar  position to the masses.  Spring Prints  1 have this week received a part of my  stock of Spring Dress Goods, including  Cretons, Prints, Silks, Laces, Muslins,  Etc.   Ladies, call and inspect them.  Mrs. W. W. Merkley,  New Deav$r.  Lemons and oranges, with apples on  the side, are good things to take for tho  health. Williams can fill this prescription without having it written in Latin.  All you need is a few short bits and Ian  guage enough to talk. Williams will  do the rest.  BRICK  FOR   SA.1,K.  JOHN   GOKTTSCHE.  XEW DIyXVEK.  This is Planting Time, nnd wo  arc nnipared with a complete  slock of the BEST (lardeii and Flower Seedson tho market.  A Onion Seis. Etc.     Get tin- Best while (lie stock is new. ��  In our Grocery Department we have the  purest goods and the best brands, FRESH;  always. We supply the mines around  New Denver, and strive to please patrons.  FRESH BUTTER  A large shipment just received.    We will supply the trade  at wholesale rates for a limited time.    It is Al quality  When in need of anything in the line of  Staple   Patent  Medicines  AA and Bulk Drugs ren;  Y^BOURNE BROS.,  and Bulk Drugs remember  that  we carry them in stock.  New Denver, B. C.  E. D.CURTIS,  Notary Public.   ,  3VCcOa.ll-u.rn. &, Co.,  SLOCAN CITY, B. C.  Mines;   Real   Estate;  accountant  Insurance;  Abstracts of Title Furnished  SLOCAN CITY  B. C.  ���<>������  ������  British Columbia is in need of a  legislature that will foster the industries of the country and work for the  benefit of the masses instead of its  members and their friends. Any  person having a legislature ol this  kind on hand can find a ready market by applying to the people of this  g-lorious province, so much favored by-  nature, and so much damned by incompetent images of men commonly  called M. P. Ps. In most cases these  initials stand for Mighty Poor Politician.  It is months since the British commenced to cross-cut the  Boer formation, and Canada is outside the soup.  We have  been bombarded  by   warj  poetry, shelled by  arm chair critics,  inundated   with   Pay, Pay, Pay con  j Joubert: ''Paul, how you make oud mit your offer  to settle mit der English?"  Doomed Paul: "Dey turned me down, so ve vill  [ tight to a red finish, as der is no use Steyn mit  ) enny more plame kneegoshiashuns. Enny news  > from Kanada, Jouby?"  |     Joubert: "Veil, I guess so !      Der vas a storm of  ' frost in Sandon der  odder night  und  der Nelson  ! minstrels o;ot cote in it.      Dev  ran   rio-ht   into   a  ' regular glacier, und it took all der Scotch whiskey  ' in Kaslo to revive dem.     Dey   all   turned  white  afder der show in  Sandon und left dot burg afder  dey  vere dug out,, singing,   "Slide, Sandon, Slide,"  'Tra Going Home to Nelson," "We'll  Never  Come  Back Again," und odder pathetic songs."  Paul: "Dot vas sad. Did dev haf to valk to  Kaslo?"  Joubert: "No! Dey had about a million dollars  mit dem und dis vas enuff to pay der fares ofer der  K. &S."  Paul: "How is der politics in B. C?"  Joubert: "Dey is hot unci still a'hottin'. Joe [  Martin has hit der trail mit a coal deal shell in his '>  pocket. Cotton is behind a kopje shooting paper [  bullets, vhile Kellie is oud in der open trying to ���!  train his guns on Joe, Hob Green is taking lessons [  in der smile und glad hand drill, vhile GT 0. B. is j  chuch full of lead. John Houston haf hot a vite j  schirt. blackened his pouts, vound his vatch for i  eight hours, und vill charge der enemy mit a Union j  certs, and had the Union ' Jack j $! sundpag, und odder dings. Der are a lot of odder  wrapped around us so tight that it is,  a wonder we have not blown to pieces ;  with patriotism. The severe strain  we have passed through is positive  proof that the Canadians are the people, and after the  cruel   war  is de-:  J. E. Angrignon  The Leading  Hairdresser  Heavy and Shelf Hardware.        Jessop's and Canton Drill  Stoves, Tin and Granite Ware.  We are handling all kinds of  Blasting, Mining and Sporting Powders.    Also Blacksmith's  Coal.    Lumber. Sash and Doors.  Bosun Block,  New Denver, B.  THE WM. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING CO., LIMITED  Travelers  Will find tin;  Arlington Hotel  a pleasant place to stop at when in  Slocan City.  GETHING & HENDERSON. Proprietors.  PHOTOGRAPHERS  LOOK!  Cabinet Solio .S1.40, ko prepaid  Film Cartridges, .'Ijx.'i;. .7.ric.  Other Supplies, same rales.  O. STKATHEAKN,  Kaslo. B. C.  PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO,  fellers putting on der duds for der fray, vhile here  und (lave mules are making a kick. Der signs are  favorable for a hot fight uitdil the 12th of June.  1 vish ve conldsav as much."  E. B. Dunlop  BARBER AND HAIRDRESSER.  Children's Hair Cutting a Specially.  SLOGAN   CITY, - - B.  C.  JU  L. GRIMMETT, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,  Solicitor, Notary Public, Etc  Sandon, B. C.  Branch office at New Denver every  Saturdav.  F. L, CHRISTIE, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,  SOLICITOR, Etc.  NOTARY PUBLIC,  Sverv Kridav.-it Silverton. SANl'XiN. li. ('  Provides ample and pleasant accommodation lor the traveling- public.  Telegrams for  rooms promptly attended to.  HENRY STEOE, - - -     * - ' Proprietor.  The Clifton House,  5andon.  Has ample accommodations for a large nimil>er of people.     The. rooms are large  and airy, and  the  Dining   Room  is provided  with overy'hing   in the market  Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers.  John Buckley, Prop.,  L-y >_P   "fib ���_D   -&&��?-   a -s-^.m   Ife^^j    "Bk^_��   '&����?   �� A *  Man Seventh Year.  THE LEDOtf, NEW DENVER, B.C., MARCH 22. 1900.  )/& /&&/&>&/&&&%/&&&* <�� /%W&��'%'W*fc  ^      ^  BY    WALT.    J-     RATCLIFFE.     PORT    HOPE.    ONT.  They are shootin' with their cannon, they are shoutin' loud hoorays,  Thev are singing- Rule Britannia clay and night;  Thev are proviV thev are l'yal in a score of different ways���  When Kitchener arid Roberts wins a fight.  They are absent-minded beggars, usin' flags instead of brains;  But, of course, we've got to take 'em as we find em.  Thev are patriotic paupers, as are hug-gin" of their chains,  An'kissin'of the manacles that bind'em.  Hank's son, Frank's son, an' sons of a million more,  Each one drest in his Sunday shirt, lookiai'a hundred ways  Over this prosperous country fur a .st$}\jy job or a chore,  Fur a chance to work fur a bloomin' bosses Pays! Pays! Pays!  Men is holdin' up the corners while their wives is in the mills,  Or bendin' over wash tubs morn and night;  Strivin' fur to battle Hunger an' the fear of Want, as kills,  An' to keep their little young 'ims in the right.  Thev are absent-minded beggars in their patriotic paint,  Doin' faithful what the Jingos has assigned 'em;  What the devil does it matter if they eveiiastiii' faint?  Ain't the glow of British glory bright behind'em?  Nell's son, Belle's son, and sons of a thousand score  Of hapless wimrnen widdered ere their men has spent their days;  Pinched an' dwarfed an' blighted, beggin' from'dooi- to door,  Fur a chance to tyle fur any old buss as Pays! Pays! Pays!  It ain't no coloured ehronio: ye can see it any day.  If ve, turn vnur sleepy optics to the light;  Pure homes 'is at a discount fur pure homes don't pay,  While, we manufacture harlots day and night.  Would the absent-minded beggars, as is drunken with this war,  Could see the mill they're niakin' fur to grind 'em;  See the glorv lias departed from Britannia's ancient shore,  See, the fetters they air .reldin' fur to bind 'em.  Sue's son, Lou's son, bastard fruit of the Lust an' Greed,  An' Pride, an' l'yal heat an' Fraud of our prosperous days:  Darin' never to murmur at the scanty, bitter crust  That tiie swindlin" Piute considers.enough when he Pays! Pays! Pays  While thev're yelliif "We're the people, we're the freest and the best''  (Don't deny 'it, fur their shape is proof enough).  There's an able-bodied holler achin jest beneath their vest.  An' the morsel that must h'il it's mighty tough.  An' the, absent-minded beggars; are forgettin' in the fuss,  They have, got to take tiie bosses as they tind 'em:  Thev are each an' all forgettin' that they make it hard fur us  As must feed an' clothe the kid* they leave behind 'em.  Tool's sous, Fool's sons; sons of the Paupers 1'yle,  Dancin' so gaily the .Jingo jig that the selfish Shylock plays;  Worse'n the blacks in'their blackest days, willin" forever to tyle  Fur the bloated grabber as splits the dole what he Pays! Pays! Pays!  the wants of his friend. Colonel Chinn  is known all over the United States as  one of the best race starters in the country and as a man of unquestioned personal courage.  "Colonel Jack Ghiim's knife," a murderous looking blade, is also pretty' well  known. It is said that Chinn never  permits this weapon to leave his possession.  Several years ago Col. Chinn visited  Texas. He brought with him a negro  valet, Sam. The negro had been a  slave in the Chinn family before the war  between the States, and idolized his  j young master. One night while in  Houston the darkey came to Chinn and  said:  "Massah Jack, I'segoin' out in cullud  society heah tonight, an' I'd like to borrow dat ivory-handled sixshooter of  yours to take along."  "Why, you black  rascal," returned  j the  colonel,   "some of  these Houston  j coons will take the gun from you and  j break it over your head."  !    The darkey straightened up.   Like  ! his master,  he was a mau of unques-  I tioned nerve, and there was a peculiar  'glitter in his eye as he said:  j     "Massah Jack,  you  let  me hah dat  j gun, an' if I don't show up here wid hit  ! in de niawnin'you  can go down to de  | morgue an' throw   'down', de sheet an'  ! say: -Lawd! don't he look maclieii." "  i    Colonel Chirm's body servant was that  i niii'ht armed in  a, manner that entitled  i    ^  | him to move in the best circles of Afro-  i American societv in Houston.  THE    IRION'S   WHKI-PS.  JiigtM'riolI   and  Douglas.  KKLI'IN'S    MUSINGS  Experiences  of   sin    li-inh  Anierieii.  {{migrant  Laden with human freight the great  ship steamed into the harbor. Slowly it  moved towards its dock, its huge sides  quivering and palpitating, like a thing of  life, with each pulsation of its ponderous  engines. A slight sound, a grating noise  as of two mountains in mortal combat,  followed by the clanking of monstrous  chains, conveyed the intelligence that  the gang plank had been lowered, and  crew and passengers were once more  safely anchored within the sheltering  bosom of mother earth.  "Iloorah for  Ameriky !" exclaimed  a  modestly  clad  man, of 'decidedly  Cork  dialect, one among the  first to gain  the  dock.    "Me trials an'  sufferins  are over  at last.    If oonly Oi'd got here before Oi  came, me cup uv joy'd be overfiowin'."   I  "Papers! papers! Morning papers ! All j  about   the   terrible   strike!" shouted a |  newsboy, rushing up to the landing.        I  "Who struck 'im ?" inquired the stran- j  ger.     "Show  me  the  mon  that, would j  sthrike 'is fellow mon  in a blissed coon-1  try loike this!" I  "Paper, sir, paper?���full account of;  the strike," repeated the newsboy, ap- |  preaching the newcomer. j  "Give me a douzen uv thim," said the j  stranger; "the more Oi git uv this blis-1  sed coontry in me poseshion the bitter J  off Oi'll be." !  "Howly Moother!" he exclaimed, half  an hour later, running his eyes down the  long column of want ads. "If me ounly  father knew how rich Oi've sthruckit!  ���'Foive hundred men wanted on one  job?' 'Shtable men'���'hod carriers'���  'gardeners'���'Toie makers.' Get out  with such jobs as those. 'Lady's coachman���good sallery'���Hoorah?���Oi'm a  lady's mon, meself. 'Clerks, stenographers, and bookkeepers'���Moother of  ���J as us���how can Oi contain me joy ! Oi'll  have a good toime while me mooney  lasts and thin take a position as cashier  in a bank!"  The sleet beat furiously in the faces of  the frenzied pedestrians and the fierce  gusts of wind, twirling around the angleB  of tiie huge buildings, fairly lifted them  off their feet. Muttered curses and fierce  ejaculations, interspersed now and then  with an earnest petition of, "1 beg your  pardon, sir,'" completed the category of  the subject under discussion.  Presently a clear voice rang out above  the roaring of the tern pest, repeating that  ever familiar cry, "Papers! papers!  Morning papers! All about the new  American possessions, and the rapid formation of trusts!"  "Divel a trust!" returned a gruff voice  from the throng. "Oi wouldn't trust a  mon this side uv Ould Oireland. Dom  Ameriky!���Oi don't know whether Oi'm  in Ameriky or hell! If Oi had the manes  to pav me sthreet car fare,Oi'd conthract  to foind the hedqtiarthers of the divel in  tin minute?. Dom a coontry where 'u  pay one mon fur a job an' put oup a far-  lit for good behavier, and get turned  down by "is soilent partner and loose the  fee, farfit, job an' all the very next day  Howly Moother!���If Oi'd ounly come  and got back to Ould Oireland before Oi  arrived here Oi'd���"  "You're my prisoner," broke in the  gruff voice of a burly policeman, "come  with me!"  "On me honor? or do you want a far-  lit?" enquired the prisoner���"Oi'm on  me uppers and couldn't put up inything  for pood behavier.;'  "If you'll promise to behave yourself  I'll let you off this time," replied the  officer, after some hesitation.  "Dom a coontry thot won't arrist a  mon and give 'im a place to shleep unless there's boodle in it!" retorted the  disgusted prisoner. "It's the ounly  place that ever Oi was in where they  wanted a mon to pay for bein' robbed.  If it wasn't for the little oasos thot the  socialist has made in it' Oi'd unhesitatingly pronounce it hell. Howly Virgin,  Oi'd rither take me chances in Ladysmith than Amirky!" Kkijmk.  I'lUVATK   SMITH.  There's a worthy Volunteer  Known as Smith,  lie's a patriot, it's clear,  Noble Smith!  Yes, a quiet little man.  But an enemy he'd tan-  Deride him if vou can,  i'lucky Smith!  lie is thin upon the crown,  Father Smith!  And his chest is slipping- down,  Podgy Smith!  His moustache is rather grey,  But you wouldn't like to'say  That the old dog's had his day,  Would you, Smith?  Three cheers for Volunteers  Like little Smith!  For our country we have no fears  When she has Smith.  We can cultivate our crops,  We can bargain in our shops,  We can eat our mutton chops,  Thanks to Smith!  If he's short, he's linnlv set,  Solid Smith!   .  And his calves are growing yet,  Springy Smith!  For at exercise and drill,  He's enthusiastic still,  Going at it with a will,  Puffing Smith!  Though he likes to march to church  Sabbath Smith!  He'll not leave us in the lurch,  Proper Smith!  No! it'isn't all parade,  With accoutrements displayed;  For of real grit he's made," '  Sterling Smith! I  Late one Saturday night, in the midst  of a terrible blizzard, Frederick Douglas  arrived in Peoria, 111. He was to give a  lecture there the following evening, but  ro preparations had been made to receive him. . Going to the hotel, the'pro-  pi ietor refused to take him in, and he  was obliged to seek lodgings elsewhere.  After walking till exhausted, seeking a  place where he could lay his head, half  frozen and sick at heart from the discourtesy shown him, Mr. Douglas stopped a stranger who was hastening in his  direction. Stating his predicament, he  inquired if he could tell him of one man  in that town who would give him shelter. "Well, I don't know," said the  other, "but there is one man, and he's  Bob lngei-3oll, and his house is down  this street. ' Thanking him, Mr. Douglass went to find Mr. Ingersoll. It was  not difficult, and at Mr.Ingersoll's home  he, was warmly welcomed and hospitably  entertained. "If I had been a prince,''  said this negro, who was one of nature's  noblemen, "I could not have received  more courteous, and shall I say it, more  Christian treatment."  There is scarlet on his forehead,  There are scars across his face,  'Tis the bloody dew of battle dripping  down, dripping down;  But the war heart of the Lion  Turns to iron in its place.  When he halts to face disaster, when he  turns to meet disgrace,  Strong-and keen and mettled with the  life-blood of his own,  Let the hunters 'ware who flout him,  When.he calls his  whelps about him,  When he sets the goal before him and  he settles to the pace.  Tricked and wounded! Are we beaten  Though they hold our strength at play?  We have faced these things aforetime,  long ago, long ago.  From sunlit Sydney Harbor  And ten thousand miles away,  From the far Canadian forests to the  sounds of Milford Bay,  They   have  answered, they  hare answered, and we know the answer  now.  From the Britains such as these,  Strewn across the world-wide seas,  Come the rally and the bugle note that  makes lis one. today.  Beaten! Let them come against us,  We can meet them, one and all,  We have faced the world aforetime not  in vain, not in vain,  ���Twice ten thousand hearts we widowed,  Twice ten thousand hearts may fall,  But a million  voices  answer: "We are-  ready for the call,  And the sword wediviwlor .lusticeshall  not see its sheath again,;���  Nor our cannon cease to thunder  Till we break their strength asunder  And Hie Lion's  wheips  are 'round him  and the Old Flag over all.  ���Queensland News.  Minera I   1'i'inl net ion.  NO   TKfCKS    KOK    HER.  The summary of the mineral production of Canada, for ISflfi shows a total of  $47,27o,51-2, as compared' with B;iS,fi(->l,-  010 for l,80S,an increase of 22.2 per cent  Of this increase! 15.5-2 per cent, is for  the gold output of the Yukon.  Some time ago an elderly married couple, who had spent the great part of  their lives in a village in Derbyshire,  made up their minds to take a journey  to London.  They received plenty of advice from  their neighbors about how they were to  take care of themselves, and especially  to beware of the London sharper. To  save expense, they decided to go by one  of the cheap trips that started from a  neighboring town.  They got safely off, and all went well  till the train reached Bedford, at which  place it stopped a few minutes.  The old man, thinking he had plenty  of time, went to the refreshment bar to  get a glass of beer, and he was so flustered by the crowd that he did tho very  thing he was afraid of���got left behind.  An express train being due, however, in  a few minutes, the station muster kindly  allowed him to go by it, and he was thus  enabled to reach London twenty minutei  before his wife.  He was eagerly on tiie lookout when  the trippers arrived, and seeing his wife  he rushed up to her shouting:  "Hi, Betty, I'm glad to see ye agean.  I thought we wor parted forever. '  Betty looked at him indignantly, and  remembering the advice of her country  friends, said:  "Away wi' ye, man.    Don't he comin'  Lunnon tricks wi' me.  I left niv owd  NOTICE.  VtOTICE is hereby ^ven  that ai; application  ll    will bo made to the Legislative Assembly of  the Province of British Columbia at its 'next session for an Act to incorporate a Company with  power to construct, aqxxixi. maintain, and operate  telephone and telegraph lines within and through  out all the cities,  towns, municipalities   and districts of the Mainland of the Province of British  Columbia; and to conslruci, erect, and maintain  such and so many pole? and other works and devices as the Company deem necessary for making,  completing,   supporting,   using," working-,  operating and maintaining the system of communication  by telephone and telegraph: and lo  open or break up any part or parts of the said  highways or ��treete aiolten.as the said Company,  its agents, officers or workmen  think proper; and  for the purpose of the undertaking: to purchase,  acc/uire, lease, expropriate, hold and sell and dispose of lands, buildings, or tenements within the  limits aforesaid; and to purchase or lease, for any  term of years, any telephone or telegraph line established,or to beestablished.in British Columbia  connected.or to be connected,with the Jine which  the Company may construct: and to amalgamate  with or lease its line or lines, or any portion or  portions thereof, to any company  possessing as  proprietor any line of .telephone or telegraph  communication  connecting or to be connected  with the said Company's line Gr lines; and to  borrow money for the purposes of the Company,  and io pledge or mortgage any of the Company's  s for that purpose; and to receive bonuses or  assets J  privileges from any person or body corpora  and with all other usual, necessary or hidden  ! niav lie nceesM���  it, of" the above ob-  orate:  tal  rights, powers or privileges as niav l>e necessary  or incidental to the attaiumen     " "  jeets, or any of them.  .Dated this isl day of March, lMf>.  8  ���    ffi  an at t'other  station.    Il yer don't he 11 JRJ  I'at once, I'll call  a bobby and.hae  ye  j�� j(  ye i  m  off  locke<.  DALY &  HAMILTON,  ���Solicitors for the Applicants  csks:  up.  After a man has caught his train with  several, minutes to spare, he knows how  the engaged fellow feels who wonders,  why he chased her so fast.  .She���I suppose you were present; at  the court.while in London!' .He���Yes,  twice, but I was acquitted' o?> both occasions.  "George, you'll have   to try and catch  a cold."    "Why.   my loveV"    -'Because  dving lo  eat  some  raw on-  I  an  iu st  ions.'  .C holly���Love  know. Mabel���  to love vour dog as to lova vou  me,   love   my  dog, you j  1 should bo just as likely;  .Editors May .Save Many  Lives.  The other evening a gentleman, standing in the aisle of an electric car in Boston, was thrown off his balance by a  sudden jerk, and to save himself thrust  his hand through one of the car windows  in doing which an artery was cut, the  lloor was drenched with blood and he  would have quickly bled to death but for  a young man in the back of the car, who  had been attending emergency lectures  and who rushed forward and giving his  handkerchief a tourniquet twist about  the gentleman's arm above the cut, stopped the bleeding and so saved his life.  If the editors of the about twenty thousand publications to which our paper  goes every month will publish this it  may bo the means of saving, in railroad  and other accidents, nianv lives.���Geo.  T. Angell.  The 8=hour  Law  Has been on shift for some  time in the Slocan, but  DICK OKANDO has been  longer. He is always at the  Ivanhoe in Sandon ready to  deal out boozerino that is  mellow with age, and goes  down the throat with a soft  gentle touch that is delicious to the taste. Drinks  are not intenupted by slides  11  For a moment we'll suppose  (Listen Smith!)  We're inraded by our foes  (Mark me, Smith!)  To your home you'll bid goodbye,  With a moisture in your e}'e,  And vou'll drive 'eni out, or die!  Won't you, Smith!  If your cartridges gave out,  Grimy Smith!  You'd g-ive one defiant shout,  Baffled Smith!  Then your teeth you'd firmly set,  And you'd fix the bayonet,  And voti'd send it home, vou bet!  Tiger Smith!  COL.  CHIA'X'S VALET.  0. 7\I.  XKSBITT, (Hosun Block)  Dealer in  N"e\V DENVER is  located on  the  east shore of Slocan lake, one of  the  most   beautiful   bodies   of  j water in existence,  hemmed in  on all sides by mountains that tower  high above the clouds, and whose mineral wealth has as yet only been  scratched. The lake and mountain  scenery that greets the vision as one  looks in any direction from the town is  beyond description and must be seen  to'be appreciated. What the Lucerne  is to Switzerland, New Denver is to  America. The depth ot the waters of  Slocan lake is so great that the surface  never freezes, and the temperature of  water varies but a few degrees from  summer to winter. Soundings have  been made and have proven the depth  of the lake to be from 900 to 1,300 feet.  Trout, salmon, charr and other varieties of fish abound, and fishing parties  go out almost daily from New Denver,  returning with good catches. The  mountains and canyons surrounding  the town are stocked with game of every  description, from the toothsome grouse  and rabbit to the stately elk and caribou. There is no limit to the sportsman's opportunities of enjoyment.  But, sublime though be the scenery;  superb its location as a residential town,  New Denver is not dependent upon its  natural beauty for its life. At its v^i-y  door, the town has mineral wealth unlimited. Silver mountain, while yet iu  its initial stage of development, promises to be one of the greatest producers  of galena ore in the Slocan. Situated  on this mountain, within an hour's walk  of New Denver, are several mines already working, and others will be in  operation shortly. The Mountain Chief,  which has shipped 8150,000 worth of ore,  will soon resume operations under new  management. The Marion, California.  Hartney and Bosun-Fidelity mines are  working regularly, employing from 10  to 35 men each. The Bosun is a regular shipper. This is the second year  of its operation. On ah investment of  $7,500 the Bosun company cleaned up  .$(30,000 the first year of its operation.  Adjoining these properties are nuiiier  o.us developing prospects, which offer  great opportunities for the investment  of capital.  Within the distance of a mile from  Silver mountain the silver-gold belt is  encountered. On Goat mountain several properties are under development,  and two of them have made .small ship-  of ore. It is quite different from the  galena ores, and is of much higher  grade. The. galena or wet ore of Silver  mountain runs about Sloo to the ton, j  while all the ore shipped from Goat  j mountain has brought from SvioO to Sluu  : per ton.  j New Denver is the natural residen-  j tial point for the mines within a radius  i of ten miles. In this radius are situ-  1 a ted   the  Payne,  7  Young- men, become your own  assayers. Three months will  teach yon assaying for gold,  silver and copper. Live and  learn how, cheaper than you now  live ".   Columbia College,  Board and Instruction in assaying  ... all for....  ONLY $26,00 PER MONTH  Write to the principal���  REV. W. J. SIPPRELL, B.A.B.D.,  New Westminster.  All classes of learning niav be h:id in this the  only college of its kind m the west.  Or never so poor, that it  could not be made better by  NEWSPAPER  ADVERTISING   .  in a judicious, pains-taking  way, and the circulation of  neatly    printed,     attractive  STATIONERY  in  the ordinary  channels of  trade   and    correspondence.  \v  S. Drewry H.T,Twig��  Kaslo, B.C New Denver,B.C.  DREWRY & TWIGG  Dominion and Provincial Land Surveyors.  Civil and Mining Engineers.  Bedford, McNeil Code.  itarRashdiUl & Paiifiuier, Awn Is.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  That .Kitchener Mineral  Claim.  If it's an increase of business  you are after you can get it.  The quickest way about it is  to advertise through the  columns of The Lkdoe���the  most widely-read paper in  the mining- region. It goes  into   every   home  in Slocan  Situate iii ihe Slocan Mining Division of  West Kootenay District. Where located:  'hi the South Fork of Carpenter Creek, about  three miles ti)i from Cody, 1!. C.  'PAKK XOTIOK That 1,~K. M. Quirk, free  1. ...miner's eertiiieati; Xo. L'r.-ioi, intend. liodaj'S  lrom the date hereof, toapplv to the Alining  Reeonler for :i certificate of improvements for  the purpose of olitaining a crown grant uf the  a.liove claim.  And further take notice that action under section ;;" must be commenced before the issuance  of such ccrtilicate of improvements.  Dated this loth d;iy of J miliary, num. i-is  lii^iiiiiii  AND SCO LINE.  New Deo yer  Sairadoim  Kaslo  Whitewater  Slocami City  Slllyertoitu Y^g  Ailil MjitHihnig- Camps, V|  Between  The direct route from  Kootenay Country  to all points East and West.  Fruit, Cigars  NEW DENVER, B. C  1  The despatches say  that  Col. Jack  Chinn was   with  Gov. Goebel  of  Kentucky when he was  shot and that, disdaining-  the  stream  of   bullets   which ,  continued to come from  the mysterious j  window in   the   state  house, he leaned j  over and ministered as best he could to ;  Idaho. Queen Bess,  Monitor, Slocan Star. Noble Kive,  Ruth, Goodenoug-h. Wonderful. Madison, Sovereign, Silverito, and other  big mines in this much favored section  of the Slocan. It is, in fact, the only  ideal place of residence in   the Slocan  Tobacco   and Confectioneryi!ak<;-.section-   '�� addition it is th��  J    banking- centre  for all   the  big'   I'our    ' Mile properties, and  the mines tribu-  : tary to Silverton, Slocan. and Knter-  ! prise Landing- The New Denver  ��� townsite covers one square mile, all of  j which is cleared and most of which is  j sidewalkcd The land is nearly level.  j gradually sloping- to the lake. It is  ! amply large for a city of magnificent  \ proportions The town has a large  .' and commodious opera house.,two pub-  i lie halls, live hotels, school building's,  i four established churches, and most  ! every branch of business represented.  ; New Denver is not a boom town: has  ! not over-buil1'., indeed, there is already  ! a demand (ov more residences: and the  j prices of real estate have never been  i abnormal, and .'ire today remarkably  ! reasonable. A better chair.-c was never  i offered for the investment of capita'.  Ill  llli  111  The  First-Class Sleepers on all trains from  Revelstoke and Kootenay Ld#.  Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat daily  for St. Paul; Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto; Fridays  for Montreal and Boston.*  Same cars pass Revelstoke  one day  earlier.  CO.VXKCTIH.N'S  Itcvclstoke mid main line point.1*.  S:.Vik IUy: Iv ��� DenverC. Siding--ar: D.iilv ISt.SoK  K:i:.k ex. Sun: Iv N.Denver IaIk: ar ex. Sun. 15:40k  KllSSl.AXll, xf i.sox chow's  xkst   hkasch   and  UuCNDAKV CoUNIKV.  :>..',n|< ax.  Sun: lv N.Denver Ldg: ares.Sun 13.80k  TO AX1> CHUM SAM (ON  l'i.:iuk illy Iv Denver C. SdK ar dly s.55k  i." :;nk ex Sun Iv. .N" Denver Ldfr.ar ex Sun n.sok  Asccrtiiin rales  und   full   information    by iul  dressing nearesi  local iiJtenl uf���  W. K  K. ./. (>v|.  li. H. G.AKRKTT, Aycnl Xew Denver.  Anderson,  Trav    Pass.  Ain.. Nelson,  uicouver.  5/  A. C V. Ac;!., V.  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS.  Nakusp.  Is a coinl'orlaililc hotel for tru vellert  Mrs. McDougaid/  i I'll iind from Kuro]iciin   point  ! and American lines.  i rates, ticket- and   full  K'v ac-nl or-  via Canadian  Apply for ��ailinfr date;.  ini'oniialioii   to  an v C.  C. I'  <:. B. i;  K. At:en  W.  I'. K.  AHUKTT,  . Xew ! >i:ii vcr.  Air!.. V.'iniiipi  In  this advanced  a��-e  it is  out of  business g-ear  to attempt to carry on any business without suitable printed  stationery.      Vou' should he  supplied  with  ��'ood  quality-  Letter Heads  Ball Heads  Statements  Note Heads  /leiimo Heads  Garcia Jars  Eimveilojpes  Aiinytlhainig Wars tec!  We have a specially contrived envelope, advertising  New Denver that should be  used by cviwy letter writer  from this point. They cot  $1 for the first hundred and  o0c for each subsequent loo  ��� with your name, and address printed thereon. For  the ladies we have, a fancy  line  of  the  latest  styles of  YIs.it;iimg Cards  And our stock of  We ol d :i n g .Station ery JLI  I :my!tat;io ns  Ball Programs  menu Cards, Etc,  Is eijiial to   ;my   In lie found  in rhe hii-'Te cities.  Call or address���  TIIK  I.KJXAK.  i:. r. t.ow i:i:v.  Ivlitnr and  ^L_X^��C.    >a{    Wl    .>**  maiicier THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MARCH 22,-1900.  Seventh Year  1     The Financial  Chronicle of Montreal  1 remarks   editorially:    "The    unprece-  MINING   RECORDS  >f the i dented use of  coal -has caused such  an  very short time.    In   order  not to burn  the skin when operating on a patient, it ;  is  necessary  to  cool   the  light;, this is  1'Ae following is it complete list of  :..:nim' transaction* recorded during the ; exceedingly   active   demand   that. the... done by a  lens   '��� hat   excludes much   ol  weei in the several   mining  divisions 01 . wor'j(ps cr.;il market   is in   a most unus-   the yellow, red   and   ultra rays that  are  the Slocan.    Those ol  New !-enve- were | ^;). sjr-,1;xtj<>n.    Companies are stated to ; heating but   have   no bactericidal quali-  .���i* tollowe .���- j lie ;���! receipt (A  requests for nnotations j ties.     In treating skin diseases, sunlight   |T^!  :.oi:.vn'i.<:;. ��� for shipping-   c-oa! To almost, all parts  of ' is employed as   often   as��� possible, other-  Mar a'i���Four Mile. Four Mile creek."  C Butler.  1 is���tour a  seber.  A, same,. V V Lieb-  ASskSSMKNTS  Mar A���'i'eeum.-.oh.    i:l--Hover      1;'���  ..Mercury.   Silye  Ore   I'r.'This.tL  ,  10���Miiierai King. Naiiob, Pamlico and j doubtless due in part to the,.almost uni-  ;rsal   boom'   in   commercial, activity.  ihe  world.      While   this, condition   of , wise the medium is an electric arc light.  Iihiiurs   is  doubtless   traceable to Great: Dr.   Finsen's   method   is  considered   as  I Britain's   war   requirements,   and   the.   successful for scarlet .fever and smallpox  ' stocking of her various coaling stations   as in skin diseases.  ��� to their full .capacity as a precaurionery .   ~;     ~    '~~~     :      '.   .  ��� j.,.        "Be mine,''   pleaded   the poetic lover.  ���   '-and vour path in life will be strewn with  SO : - '  roses."    "Humiih ! and have me getting  Etetob^ishcdii^Ncl son 1890.  I am now on deck to tell rnv friends "I am still alive.  /nt r-:cuL��XMiM*��ii"WiA��v  .4  ims.oh.    i:-i-Kovei-. ' lo- j in(1,isure hj ,..,<tt of 'amplications   wit  ar   Bill.   Amazon,  .ingn ,.' .  i, Baldwni, V   fr, Cafe fr. | others than President .vruger. it is ah  '���'.-.tX'-  rjeu.  'r.-rANSKKils.  Mar 12��� Keystone ^. Geo M Davis to  David Mathes'on, May'go, 18A0.  13���Congo Xo 2. Comniander, Bristol,  I-lo each, Frank L Bvroii to S Dargle,  Mar Hi.  1.(5���Miner Boy .|, Chas W McAnn to  C Schoenberger.  19���Four Mile No 2 '.,, J C Butler to  F F Liebscher, Mar 17.  Four Mile No ;-'. '... F V Liel.)sche.r to  .) C Butler, Mar 1.7.  AIKSWORTH    DIVISION.  a imnctureon, the thorns. Not much !''  retorted AMiss , Sprocket!, who was no  novice incvcling..  L0CA.T10HR,  Feb'-iii���John  fr. Camp Mansfield, R  Laudi.  Ernest fr. same, same.  Mar 2���Eldon, Goat creek, \V. Kobb.  ASSESSMENTS.  Feb 2d���Pearl. 27���Cody fr for four  years.    Mar 8���No 1.  TRANSKKHS. '  !'cb2�����Diamond .JoeM.Handy Andy  y���, and Triumph fr all, D A Myers to J  iVl Harris.  Mar 5���Vernon and Hilltop V��, C F  Caldwell to P. M Linnard.  7���Dayton, all. C Clancy to George E  Kane.  TKUSTS    AND    I.ABOK.  Ve.  The Canadian coal fields are increasing  in value year by year, and ail the energies of our people ..out  to be devoted to :     For sale, cheap.���The cottage and two!  mining the -dusky diamonds' known to j iots on tne comer 0f Sixth street, imme- :  exist in Cape Breton. British Columbia, jdiately opposite the Presbyterian church,  and many  districts  yet  untouched  by j p01. particulars apply at Tin-: Limni:.   ;  the miner's pick. '  -If the world is threatened, as some. Whenever a young girl giggles at  would have us believe, with a coal fam- .'wvery fool remark a. young man makes  ine. greater efforts must be. made to in- ! she in willing to be more than a sister to  crease the output,   of every mine in the i him.  Dominion of Canada.    Let us make the j ��� -  most of our golden opportunities.    It is j prujt an(j Ornamental  estimated that the  British Government j ,.,1(,li(!(,(m(]l.0���s K���S(,S, F;lll<.v _   has, since the South African war began,   Evewn-ens, Miig-iioli.is.B.ilij.s,  '      ,    , ' .    ,    . 'new   crop   tested seeds.   Icr   spring  phuitine;.  shipped'   between    '200,001)    and   HOl),UOO ��� Largest and most,   complete stock  in   Western  . f | i. .1 0;ui;id.'i.    Call and make vour selections or send  tons OI   coa.1. ! for catalogue.   Address at  the nursery grounds  i and e;reen)iouse.  M.-J. HENRY,  i :)0t)i; Wustiuinster Road, Vancouver, H. U.  a/'  .,<?-'���"  .r'  f My Stock is Up-to-Date'  y Prices are Ri;  Guarantee Glial  O  SHOULD     LEAD    THE    WAV.  The following appeared in the'March  number of the. Typographical Journal,  written bv J. M. V. Grainier, of Buffalo,  N.Y.:  In his annual report to. the Knights of  Labor, General Master Workman Parsons, speaking1 of the issues on which  the workingman  should  take  a stand,  said:  Perhaps the most important of these  issues will be the trust, for who has not:  observed the progress of its making,  and who will contend that it carries any  charm to the wage earner. The concentration of wealth as employed iu the  industries of our country, has made  many strikes during the past few years  which have, resulted to their detriment  wherever such combinations have been  affected. It remains for us to uphold  the stand taken by the founders of our  order, who,thro ugh then foresight, have  seen the approach, of the condition that  is fast coming on. flow to meet it is a  question that should be-given your ear-  Says the Toronto Telegram: No danger to the British Columbia treasury is  involved in the Martin Government's  proposal to build a government railway  from the coast to the Koot,:iiay.  British Columbia should be the first  province in the Dominion to show that  it costs no more to build a road with the  public resources for the people themselves than to build a road with the  public resources for Mackenzie & Maun.  There is an old saying to the effect  that a man with S50 and the public aid  could have built every transcontinental  line in the United States. The $50  would have paid the ''capitalist's'' hotel  bill while he was waiting for the subsi-.!  dies which were the foundations of tin  scheme for financing every transcontinental railway.  British Columbia's new government  proposes to take the subsidies in land  and money,which have been demanded j  by private promoters of the railway ;  from,the coast to the Kootenay.and put ;  these resources into railway work in-'!  stead of into the pockets of subsidy j  grabbers. Tho result will be. if the j  province is not stampeded by tiie clam- j  JOHN WILLIAMS  Dealer in  IMPORTED  AND DOMESTIC CiGARS  ANDTOBACGOES,  PIPES^&C.  Van Camp Lunch Goods,   Confectionery and Fruit.  BATHS IN CONNECTION.  Newmarket Block. New Denver  J. K.CLARK,  EWING MACHINE  Raymond Cabinets for..... A  .Wheeler it Wilson for . ..   . .  Domestic for   White for   Standard for.   847 Roger Bros'  Knives, Forks and.Spoons, always on hand.  Don't:'forget the place, at���  1 demand the Laijokst and IA.tkst stock "n B.  C which 1 want you io AimA, and don't forge i the place.  Headquarters for  Watches, Jewelery and Diamonds  The Famous KARN Pianos  :.. i'S we only employ   the .most expert watch  makers uiivl. jewelers, all work guaranteed.  ,   All orders   by   mail   receive  our   prompt a  tention, at���  V  ii  m  The Jeweled',  NELSON,B. O  tisxsxgxsi  Get your Cigars  at the Cabinet  Cigar Store in  Helson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  Heated with   Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  <i. B. MATTHEW.  MINES  ANDMININ  ASLO HOTEL  Family & Commercial.  Reports, Examinations and Management.  onr. that British Columbia'will lead the j  way. in asserriii- the ri-htcous principle 1^^,., - R  that; the public  should  o��-n every rail-    H I- VV    ^ L \\ \, ..... r> .  way   which   is  built   at   the public expense  .Vow   1 n v��>Jil'if>!is.  arge  And  Comfortable  Rooms  |     Fitted with  every modern  | convenience.   Special protection against fire.   Rates $2.50  and $3 per day.  COCKLE &  PAP WORTH,  Primriotors.  Large, comfortable bedrooms and first-class dining room.        Sample rooms  for commercial men RATES   $2 PER DAY  MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Prop., Late of the Royal Hotel Calgary.  Baker St.; Nelson, B. C.  B. C i T7<1D T?  FEED J.-SQ  Below is a list of  new  inventions ic  RELIABLE   ASSAYS    j  j r;,,|,l     s .ad | fiolil ami Silver. .S .7a j  aiiii|ilea Av aiaii n-ci'ivi- p:"i, . jii :itiiaiti.ai.        .  Rich Ores and Bullion Bought,    j  i .Va-ni..  Nelson, B. C.  Merchant Tail or  Messrs. Marion  Life  buildiiiir  nest  con.-ideraiion. as  the  Kniglits of, .  Labor   above   all   other ortrani^ati-ns j ^��tly patented   by   various inventors j QQ  will hi-expired tospeak on this iii.jH.r-   through tl!c agency  -",'  ct   Marion.   :>ew    1 i.-i  MontreaI: i aaDGiasKiBiMSie-iiJiaBis^  I  Canada���J, H.ldeblethwaite, 1-Ioylake. ; C. G.  'rZA'r\ZR  Amt.,   truck;   Octave   Laurin. Deauhar- j      g E ^r) $?f ^p, T ^ ^ '^ jg*  R-PP a #-**���* a- -v ��.��?���*   ;     ^II11 Line   of t'uitino-s and  Ell A^feA i ^^��iTr<di8erino;sa]-avson hand.  113  tilvli St.. !'a;ivt:r. Colo. ; ���. .-i  tant suoject.  Thus it will   be   -ee:n  tiiafc tn:si>, instead of i'senelittinr labor, as their apologists would ha ve  ns  believe, ;'.re productive ui strike*      But this is only one   '><ns,   Que.,   truck;   Edward   Moriarty, ( ^  phase of the  evil   and a   comparatively   lAilliam, Lug., iinproveinenta in and re-j                                  ^'^  unimportant ��.iie    A greater evil winch \ biting to counting  or adding apparatus; I             __ f^5i _$ A fL. Sflfl^K  in time   will   be. ' brought   about by the j A-M'itim ^   Whetham.   Cambridge, Eng., |                NEW DENVER, B. C.  domination of trusts   is iiracticai imAis-j 'iiechatiism for   controlling  and indicat- i iKi-aKSE-ir^r^-.Tr.jss:���^^^  trial slavery.    The  trusts,  by eoinroi-i i����   temperature   limits;  U.  J. Bicklo,  liiiii- production and eliminating com]ie-i (dadstone.    Man., harness   buckle;    A.  tition. can also  control  the hibor inar-| -Many. Retinharnoifi,   Que., last for mak-  IS wados eeoe |  j    % PHOTOGRAPHERS ^  j     ^ VANCOUVER  a-id  :\ELSON,   B.C.  &  NELSON  Carry a complete stock of  tBTOS  and solicit oj'ders. from any part of the pi-ovince.     Write for jirices  1  I  V^V ft  ���  F UR 1ST I rTn  ua  Ine Co,  NELSON, B.C.  osesaie  ers in.  va,.,, i him;- lint  a,  A  ^  At E. ^r. BlUNDLK'ft,   New Denvei'    and  ��iS��i!^��.M.V^��^^^��������^if.'l?-����tS:@    !  DR. MILLOy,  I  i  11  IU,!    \JiU  KOSKLANP,  @���*J'S��C-Si����*S<S��������@@��i{^'i^>����  Vv'rite for Prices.  Our Stock is idie Largest in Ivootenav  jflffisC.-JSMS JK  HEWEK' & CROFT,  ket.   once in power xhetrusts will have M'lg hoots andaslioe.    Unimd states���J.  things all their own way.    No attention   Ye He, Holyoke,   Mass.. toy;  Charles Y  will be  paid  to  the  grievances of ihe  wage worker, and  strikes, usually   the   snoe:i��a.vm   iioiioru,   i.irtie,   .nun, <ie- j ___$  last resort and   most   powerful weapon I vice for supporting:   norses; heads: P.  L. :       [Taultr.g and Packing-to Mines,  at-the  coniniand   of  the   workingman. j IVVilla, Uuateinala, device  for prevent-j and general local business.  will be of no avail.    The trusts are here I '"g ships from sinking. jWOOO    AND    COAL     FOR     SALE  r�� a.;:, 5a,,-;hV.v:;;r..',:.;,siiA,,a', ^ j�� ^ m y i m fi  slioia David  IMfor.l,   llirtie,   Jinn., ,le-1 B^S jfa#TI   1       gi4U  oi'i: (":(")i-:sET  DKI-'AIIT-   ��  SSte  &���  (pfifl  ^  ���L-Td-DATL  |   Y*  MKNT   I:  iN   ALL   STV.LES   AND  TIMCES.  ^4.0  7  ��  ��  NELSON, B. C  Al'ILLINKKV���ALL THK  LATEST    STVLICS    AT  LtiWMsT   I'KILKS.  to stay; we must look the situation in  the face and endeavor to remedy existing evils. To accomplish this the three  points enumerated below will not only  remedy trust evils, but also effectually  crush them.    The points are:  First���Perfect organization. This  means that every wage worker must be  a member of a trades union.  Second���The adoption of a tiniveisa!  union label, said label to appear on  every article ���emanating" from a union  establishment.  Third���A strict adherencelo ihe !;iu--  of unionism.  The workiiiLi'uiaii must light his "wr  bailies.    Tin1 de.si.iiAc p.awer which the  A. Wosf'.'i-i:  'ifjiiluro.  New  Dciiivcr.   H.   <'.  aggregation 1.1 w ���  whicli cum:;> ,a;��������� '  Clin! ladled      ,a   I'i  e,e.A!!   In i =���:���.'-]..    ' i:  smi mil ������> !��� nk :  fi'ii'ii a u\ uf ! !:.' a 1  i.tv \'\\i: f.ui i.i.ik  ��';h    lie\-er     lir',_;'!|i  Stand ! iv yiiiir   gu  tale,  educate .;:,���!  I  i :i.; ca n vi en I. ami I >'.  Events may falsify the published pro:  phecy of Hewitt Bostock, U.P., to the  effect that Hon. Joseph Martin is dead,  and will be buried as rapidly as the  electors of British Columbia can get a  chance at him.    A province that would  tolerate the uselexsne'ss of  Hewitt P.os-  i  lock and assassinate the usefulness olA  Joseph Martin could get no government worse than it deserves. Hewitt  Bostock. M.I'., ranks as the most pin- !  found .disappointment of all the member.- whicli iVusii'i"! Panada returned  In Aio present Parliament His greai  wea.i! li and Ida ;:��� Hid inl eiitiuiis ha ve imi  ; 'ei- \-j i:! I ���������! I him frnm de;; eliaiat in:;' n;i i-  a --hi \ All I ��� ���.; i'iy In the J'nvel'l! .ilel! ;  V, !i iel. -.a'\e-; I iie i ������ il'lini"!! ;i iii~ i'.'.'i icli 11| i-  |..i ���.-.'   !;���!,!  a im!     bet lai V-   ." ���: e   I n-n! i!  Manufacturers'of  Why send East for your Dry Goods when you can purchase from us and have them by next day's mail, at  prices AS LOW, IF NUT LOWFR, than the Departmental Stores of ihe East? We have one of the  largest stocks in all departments in the West���Buttons, .Sheetings, Linens, Dress Goods, Silks. White-  wear, Corsets,   Gloves,    Ready-made  Shirts,   Costumes,   Carpets.    Floor   Oilcloths, Linoleums, Curtains.  Window Shades,  Etc.        Write for Samples and Our Prices.  W  m       SoLEAPEXTSKiiR        g    f^^   fry^ ���&   Q) |     ^  I  ^^ /f\  Tf^  ,Si.     BCTTFIMCK   1'ATEh'NS.  % "^T~0^AT~~    ��� "'    %  S    FLRNiSI-nXGS  '{'!���".!.'VS.  A.ALV i.T.LIABLE.  9  NELSON, B. C.  A SCEPIALTY.  *3SSSf''   A<  ���Inn dies  ���9W9  -i.  i.-i ii ii    i -   ' ..Aa.. .  lai! 11��� i!i������;i.'     A:.'.-i  I lie iiniiin iabi-l  i-iai I i 11 lv   I ' i"  'I'  IVii'l    i.ialll.  '. )nlei-s   si,i  ( 'ollllt!  ���}��-d   t--i   all   p.'U'is  .Mill  1 neati   !  at.   Heart   oi  it  I K (.'  Future  of ( aiiadian < <>:i I  If iaiiiij.  The output   uf   the   Prow's  Xesi   Pa ���  Coal (,'oAs mines al    Ferine at juv.seiit. i-  ! >)-. I- insim. nl I 'eiiinai-is. mis ���,,aii!,'ii!  the ;i t ic'itiun uf tin: cm tire oiedii'iil world  in his new' ".ii-thod of treat in;.' c(.-i-!ain  diseases by means of rays nl concentrated pain. His investigations arc supported bv state and municipal aid, and  are endorsed by the leading physicians  Too tuns daily, 'hiliis about l.oooimas. and professors of Copenhagen. The arc \  per in.mill go in i he coke oven-. Tic ��� lights used in the treatment are 40,00b  company has also started to open up ���candle power, about, twenty times as.  t��-o more mines on .Michel creek, mie m: ; sii-on.e- as the ordinary arc light. Al-  Sparwood, :.M miles east of 1'Yrnir. and : ready .'!oll eases of skin diseases have  one at Ericson, L'7 miles east of l-Ao-nie. ; been successfully treated by Hr. Mnsen.  both close  to  the   railwav track.    The.. This  is   the  first,  instance   in   medicine  "*a"VBr < w  I't isf.< ill ice a dd ress,  i ���,'oscl )<:��� r v ���  ew i)?n  ition  %\ %, ii A  m i     ft    *k  p|l|/ I 1  1111 I rt 1 j  A JACOBSON & CO., Props  ilest meals  in   the  city���Comfortable  rooms-���Bar  replete  with tho. best of  LLjUors and Cigars���Best service throughout,  PALM A   \XGRIGXOX,   PROPRIETOR.  KJk\  PTtrnishes accommodations  to   the   traveling-   public  se  f  lean, at Sparwmid   is reporteM to'be   |-j ;' where   light   has   been successfully em- i General Drayin^I Milling: SUp- j eclual   t0   an^   ��I1-hlS1?C:in  eet thick,   and   the  one, at Erickson \r,:'ployed   as  a  curative  agency.    After  a; pJJeS 2ill& Ut2.Vy TY2.1AS$QYt- |Lake-       Comfortable beds  feet thick.    Coal   is shipped   from   both j series   of  experiments,   Dr.   Finsen   has j atlOIl 3.   ^���'DQCiS.ltY.                 and tasty meals.   The best  places.    The   company   completed   1">2 J discovered that   the   blue, violet and uh | "**              J' | brands     ol      liquors   and  coke ovens in lS'it) and laid the foumla- j tra-violet rays, when   concentrated,   he-I ^                                                        . ! cigars on the market,  tion for  :-!8  more     It  has also let con- j come a powerful therapeutic agent, kill- j Saddle Horses and Pack Animals, j                        TTTHQ    T ATCP    Pmn  tracts for the building- of P.0o more.           ' ing bacteria in the skin of a patient in a ! Feed Stables at New Denver. ;                          lllUo. LAl\Cf 1 ivy.  The M  Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter���-the best in the land.    Correspond-  solicited.    Address���  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.  SmifoscHbe   for   The Led;


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