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The Ledge Mar 15, 1900

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 ^-^-*!>>^^  Volume VII.    No   24.  NEW DENVER, B. C, MARCH  15, 1000.  Price; $2.00 Year  "SLOGAN GAMP NEW81  LOCAL    CHIT-CHAT.  son, and will have a . green spot in the  memory of the . participants long after  John ha.�� gone to the Klondike.   <���  .Many business men are looking into  the merits of New Denver as a commercial centre. Get your stakes driven,  gentlemen, and then watch for the rosy  tint iiv the early morning sky of prosperity.  CAI'H    XOMU'S    COM).  M'ifiil ific  !���;>' pletuSit ion  if   Its   Origin  iiiifl  Niifji>t>l   Foniiut ion.  When it is freed   from  the parent rock j f^mt^MU^2& S^SS.SSSSSSSSSSg3  by the disintegrating agencies, it  has J ^  an  angul.-ir  form.    It is   washed down I >^  into the gulches and gradually becomes  m  Free vaccination in town now.  Local gardeners are getting their plots  in shape.  Nelson's gasworks are in successful  operation.  Several families will arrive in New-  Denver shortly.  . i   ���..���       , i ���..�����.;i] t,ii.,iAiifTint *!     I'obert "McDonald returned on Tuesday  Several citizens here will take out nat-1 ... ,    *  ... from his winter s soiourn in Alexandria,  urahzauon papers. J . '  ,     Out.    Mrs.   "McDonald,    and   their   lour  Slocan Oitv will irivea big masquerade     .... .   , , . , ,, ...  rMocctn vnv  nmb ,. - , I eh dd ren aecom pan led h nn, and they w ill  ball Friday evening. 1;lke   up tiieh.  permanent  residence in  Messrs. Allen ��� &   Cory  are   re-opening j Xesv penver.  their hotel at Yerey. ������ j     Some of the   irre!)1.esSible  busybodies  Billy   Walmsley    has   purchased   the | .���.*, cil.culati���g Lhe   minor that the min-  Filbert Motel, Sandon. ��� . ' j ers'   unions   are  engaged strengthening  './'-������������are   Williamson   is resigning   the j their forces with a view to another strike,  telephone management, i So long as the $:!.::���">  scale is maintained.  The svater in the lake has risen conaid-1 the miners will be the last to kick,  srablv during the week. |     Rev..L Woodsworth, of Brandon, Man.  The. twn geologists, Schrader and  Brooks, who \verv, sent from Washington to the ���<'apu Nome gold fields last  October, have prepared a preliminary  report.  The gold from that region thus far  has all been obtained from placer deposits which can be conveniently grouped, the investigators report, as gulch  placers, bar placers, beach placers,  tundra placers and bench placers. During  the  past season  only those of the  OS  the gulch placers, may be disturbed,and "SSSSSS^SS? Sc3 SB JSJSSSS?SS3S?SS3S3S  the nugget, again   moved and still fur- The Nelson   Minstrels   plaved in New I cate of  imnrovements  for any  mineral'  ther re<luced   in  si/e, rinds  its   u-ay to Denver on.Monday evening, in aid of the   i;]aiin Ulltiuhe books of the  minlng re.  tne tundra deposits.    I:>y slutting ol the Canadian Patriotic Fund.    They were 21 Lorder  of  the clivislon.  in  which such  sliore line it   lliav   Subsequently   1)C ex- c|romr   und   a   rav hand   nf   vnmw men        i   ���     '������    ���*.      l      i       ' i.i    iji      t  1  ���   ���   -           . suung   ano   a  gai oanu oi   ioung men.   tuillrn 1S situate,show that-the free miner  posed to Wave .action,  ground Vet   StUl Their tlinw   wi��   Jihnvp   Ihp   nvprncrp   of    i         i                 i              i    1 i.i              i                  ,  i                                         =>            - mien bnow   v,dk  aoove  tne  aiciage oi l has done and recorded the work,or made  smaller, and eventually be borne to set    . -���--*���-���   ���--    "-    '   < ���  gulch and beach   have  been important,       ^ , ,       ,   ,        .,.-.,. i  I   ..,, , v    ���,   .,._.   ' up the gold and deposited it upon the  gold   producers.      No   facilities   were   ,       ,     -,. . ,, ���   t  .,,.,:i. i i   c i  ���<���      .i    <      .      i      beach,   it is even asserted bv some that  awnlablofor  exploiting the tundra do- L, ^     ,,       ,',.        ���,,.  ������.;,..        i.i    i       ,      i ._ ..    the waves are constantly adding gold to  posits, and the benclie.s have not as vet. L, , ,      ,   .     :        ���   ,��� .,  .,������,,      ,.    ,   ,     ,���, . ,-    ���   these placers  by. bringing it lrom  the  been investigated.     Ihe coarse gold, as! a    ��  Nome region   that   the sea has washed  far as   present  developments show,  is  !" 1 depths of the ocean.  a   hit  with   his  stump speech.    W.  J.  Caldwell took the  low  notes in his song  MART IX ��� S    P1, A TFOBJI'.  in a way that was exceedingly pleasing.,  Echoes  From   the 'Cornfield." .sung   bv j .  J<* Martin, the  premier of the  province whom nobody wants and everybody  Messrs. Prosser, Thompson, Hardie and  Caldwell, was  one of  the best pieces  of  The C. P. R. is to put up all kinds of  terminal buildings at Nelson.  Bad mud slides have occurred this  week on the Slocan river road.  Kobt. F. Green, M.P.P.. has returned  .to Kaslo from Ins sessional duties.  superintendent of missions of the Methodist church, was a visitor in town on  Tuesday. Mr. Woodsworth is on his  j annual trip through British Columbia,'  and he will visit the coast (owns before  ret urn i rig. k  hirgelv,'i-oiriinedVa^r7m7l'-uUdii   ' The  l)rincil)a! an<}  almost universal | work in 'the" performance." Eddie' Mc-  Ih-iims " i-ui-iiv  from the  *P/o��of a 11 vo=etfll;ion in  the  Isonie  r^'10U 1S the|Ginn, Harry Gervan and Charles Honey-  "    "'        "' " '        ''moss.    It covers with a  dense growth j man   delighted   the   people with   their  the entire Nome tundra,  and in many  specialties.    With his roller skates Geo.  localities   extends   well   up    into   the j M> Ben.v lent a daah of the circus to the  New Denver  has   no less than sixteen  The postal-authorities  have  changed. J uusjness  houses "that  do nor advertise,  the name of Duncan City to Dowser.  being   apparently   ashamed   to   let the  pinbe.ad to nuggets weighing several  ounces. Two have been found on Anvil creek, weighing from twenty to  twenty-live ounces, and worth from  S;!00 to Slum Much of this gulch gold is  about the *i>:e of No. :���-'. while nuggets,  from a half-ounce to an ounce are not  uncommon. Much of the line gold is  lost through the primitive way of extraction now in use. . The gold is usually rounded and smoothly polished. In  color it is rather dull and somewhat resembles tarnished, brass. The nuggets  are round and subangular, but  seldom  mountains. In the. Noma region and  on most of the Seward peninsula game  of almost every kind is scarce. The  principal indigenous laud quadruped is  probably the Arctic   hare or white fox.  fears, has given the public his platform  for the approaching elections. It consists of 22 planks and is most seductively arranged to capture the popular vote,  particularly the labor party. He boldly  appropriates suggestions   from his oppo-  i -i    if   i   rr ii     e t-    i      nents and reconstructs   them as his own  programme, while  \Y .��� .J. Hall, ol Kaslo,; ,   .,,.       ., M   U1U" as Ulb u"n  ' ' brilliant ideas-  stirred the patriotism of everyone by reciting The Absent-Minded Beggar and  Bobs. He has a clear, strong voice suit-  ible for such recitations, and the money  Some lynx are also found, and occasion-1 rained on .the atage .eVerytime  he said  All  the  railways  are  having trouble I world know that they have goods for sale j fkU'.    Small vitreous quartz masses are  this spring with mud a'nd snow slides.      j or that they are  honored by having the  not   unfrequently   found   attached    to j  ally a cariboo or bear may be encoun-' ->  tered.  The hare seal is common along the  coast, and is a very important animal  to the native in its supply of meat, oil,  and especially the'skin for clothing,foot  wear and  sundry uses.    The  seal are  In summarized   form, Joe will abolish  the $200 deposit for legislative candidates  and will introduce the Torrens system of ���  land   registration.    aV   redistribution   of  seats is to be had, government scaling of  Mud slides have caused much delay to! ni��:^ '^autifnl spot   in America as their j them  traliie on the N. ^ S. (luring the week.     ��� 1'hu-e of residence  Miss Agnes McFerran, formerly of  this town, was recently married in the  .East.  St. Patrick's day will he celebrated in    .,, U)!,w  Silverton by a concert in aid of the Oath  olic church.  The creek gold usually appears on or \  Pay,   Pav,  Pay.    The  sum  of  $30  was ,     . -    .  taken up and this will be duly credited' ����s entorced, and the disallowed alien  to the town. The Cake Walk was a great laws re.-e��-���ted. Mongolians are to be  feature and elicited much applause. The ���.dn-esse<l and all buildings and ma-  bovs had a pleasant time in New Denver I f.n���y niafectei1 so ^ to safeguard pub-  and while their show necessarily has I "c llle and heallli- ihe London Agency  some weak points, it was appreciated, |ls t0. )e ^-opened, the resources of the  '{ taken in both winter and summer. lnj.ui(! the slocan people will aiwaVo be j P''ovmce conserved to the people, the  J winter the natives go out on the sea ice; pleased to see  the  gentlemen   in black r��unt,''-v t0_ lj�� ^1'lored, and.  money i,or  very near bedrock under a thickness of I  j six or eight miles from   shor", where a  ���'w seals are procured  at   the edge of  -,- ,' n~', ,  \ .!,,,,! rowed to   buiht  trails and   vii��nn va-*rl*  lrom -selson.    The   total  jn'oceeds wore i , '������'���'   ^>a0on loanj  lf1.JOg jeverywnere.    These   roads  sr.oc.vv   mivkk..m,   Ks.o.AT. i fi'Miu ii ve tn   /���i'-'iit   feet   of-ravvd.    'n.   ���    I ;SSv.,i;,,,,i;r,s,!i:;p.iV,M.(..,a :V,,, V,(|.VJM,J ti!e''P��u^';!'-     Ihe natives   are also re- i     ln   the  Millward orchestra the   Min  -ast week ihe American p.nv exj.oned ! ihiekm^s.luiV I'm'. ' -^v.i] ��� usaal'ivca"-! !i0rt''d '�� U[]U' '"l ^'^ ��V ^'�� al0!'S' the Utrels have a. valuable adjunct, thbrough  i   .                    , i   ,           ,           .                   ! coast almost everv s'ear.     Phev sell the' i,. ,,,, <.,, ,1.,^,^ ;M fi,,i;r ��pi<iciic>iT3 ������mil i>fli-  : ries some gold   lrom   the; surface down. | ,.��� ..:..,...,...'���'..,.   ...    .....'.     . i   -   ll  t0    at;       U        seiituoiif aim em -j  Tie  ngton   siiipp'.ai   20 tons of ore! A cross  secvii-n   of  the  gravel   at  any I ,:  '! bones, while the  llesh   is  appropriated ! c"ien|. \n e\ecut:  a:-1 week. j gi\'(!ii depth   would   show the gold  not j  A second case  of  -siiiallpox has devel-���     -,.,     r,  . ,       ! c\-eni\'   ilis^-ibnte.1    l>ul    nnvi-"   m- less!  ��� !      1 !.ie .l>-..)sun sent out -i1' iiiiiM oi ore iiur- ���      u:i'-' ���"������n-v..-.,   "in    iiuu,v   i.u   iesf> i  oped in   Nelson,   the  victim  bein^ Miss | .^ th(.v ^.^^ | gatliered   int:-   -niir-.    This  naystreak I  Dearie, a nurse. ���   j     ' ..',.,.    -4   ! nsu.allv treuels   naraieM   with the creek '  !      1 he hanioler put anotr.er-lO tons to its j      ,,  Smallpox has made its a onearance   inj  .,   ,-.   ������i_, ,. " '"  Grand   Forks.    There  are   also  several; ..,    , .. i art ol the   Wakeueio   ii  cases m Ke.]Minlic. ���   .   ,  ��� ricu awav this week. ; ���,,.    ,,..���.   ,.        ���    . .   ��� .     ,  | ii,\ ���' out i.eiieiis. out   "li-'e   aiceii!'.-   ;n ut  ior too'!  X Soiii'i' A;ji��lyzo��l.  A New   York  paper, which makes a  ire  to built  under   the   inspection  of  a government  engineer, while the annual expenditures  must be kept within the receipts.    Gov-  J eminent ownership of railways is favored  | in the   building  of  a  railroad from   the  \ coast to   Kootenay  and   a   bridge across    I the Fraser.    Bonuses to railways to lie in  Every spring witnesses the fatal sweep; cash and no land grants to be given.  on.  ftKADLV    NOKLK    5'MVJO    SI.IDK.  :��� -10 tons to its '    '"'���'  '""'"   i''"'"-:    "|"1 i'iiy i.n;ir.i>. i _    - '���-'���_    '  ' of the snowslide in  the Slocan, the most I     The power of   the iierttenant-r'overpor  1     ia!v,.;li.r    ;>.<,!   sM>ini\-   I'l-.i-jcs  ���> > '",-���.)���] i, >-.- i s 1 > ''''t <' 'i'v ol < li sco ver 111 ii11 or ri b I e t In n .crs. ;  , ,    i. .,   , *u* tl'-Ul  j ���  "          ' '���              "-   ���"Ulu;, /  ,, ,  ,   ���    - ,.     .,    .      -Hr/' terrible ot   which   is tliat known as   tue, is to be curtailed and   an   ^stalilishment  I ,.ii;(ni.,.;,))��� [������.,.,���������!���,.,���������.- V-'M'utkH--old '\-is; forecasts the awlul results that will fol-1       , ,   -���,.       ,. ,        T   . ..       . , ,   , . , " ',l  ,iaiut"1'  nn,,, .,..,     ^'.m.l.om,.!. l.!l,..i,1aiKi!i.o!(ln,b ....���, ���, - , ���   ,  ' Nob e   ��� ve s ide.    Itbas a list ot several j erected ior ihe education ef the d��at and  nine uaa e.o-;      ,  ,,nw    j    :  ,;i    L     ,r ;, ;Kn 1K.,.fJ,        i a>w when the t rusts   agree to pa\ high; , ;1   ,   , ,,,���_,      rru      ,,. ���     ���    ->c   .....   rf.iu  Rev. Mr. Duncan   will  lo-eacii   in   the  Presbvterian church next Sunday morning, at 11 (/clock.  '-   Pat Gallagher has jus; been app-nime.-l  Yesterday the  Bo.-u:  other 20 tons of ore.  shippsd out an- ; rm-hed   la.ekets.   wiii  cu   are  in the  fhis year's shipments are considerably ! Sua.ke ri\'er ai  /'oaojnasia.  lor the N . A:  iailwa v.'a'iTn  in exee-ss of :U)0(i tons.  headquarters at Pose'nery.  ow  being   raw!ii��led  down front  ;ld is   reported  ��� .1 ! ,u,  I.E.   dohnsion   has  been   appointed  1 lewett for shipment.  Billy  Bennett  ha  roadmasterof   the Columbia A Western \      '-"ny   nenneti   iia^   resigne,  ,!   ..���;<!, ',,���.,,I,-,,..- ).v,,i   i^.u.c,,,-, ; niansb,ip of !:!iO .kambler  lie  tore-  < ������    Oec ���; i V   en   ': .."a 0;> r,s  e:-.;i .';;:���   .lUMUUtles.      I!  is 'aere |  mui'h jiber than ii:   ihe ariinks :iiei gul- \  es. iutt iiui as   ri'diu'ee as rja;; in tiie i  leach.    .It   is   variously   m;ng''ed    with1  tiie gravels and   saiuis eonsi.'uiiving tiiej  .   , ' ";   "T" : victims, to  which   was added   two more ! dumb.    The   Alien   Kxdus'un    -\ct '�� to  wiiges   to   trie   la.iior   unions aim unite; .   . . i. . ' "'������������'   -ltl  ������   Ul  . ,   ., .-. ,,. ! early Tiiursdav morning.    Alex. M.ci-ar-j oe   lei'ealeo   aim   tlie   Deadinae    island  ,.,,,,.w. , 'a/i! li theiii.    .-Mipposo, savs  ibis   paper, i        - - ,        ,   .,     ,     ,t    i .....     , ,u-    >-ut.i.i  '���''",   ���    , ., ., ,   '   ,   ,.    ���   ' 'j iiine. Fred T. Shenherii tiiii.l (.'buries M.c-1 oi/hculty to be a'inicabiv settle.;     Prope''  j,; i,uat the. rubwavs ama, igaouab- into, one! ��� , ......       < -   ^v'"- "o '--  <-b  r(>ad, with heailquarters at Kobson.  ,. . , .,   ;���    .Fort^��� tons of  ore was shipped bv   the: ,  ,���",., ;   :,���>     .i   Salurday D,   v\ eir   purchased   l>-omJ.ir     . . ,\             ,     .       .,            , * -           ; bnis .uu.1. mv<-. ibem.  -.ki*   ueji  -                    '                                 .    Last Chance uurmg the week. a,       ...           ,                       ....,  WYu-ely the neat cottuu'o on tiie eorner ot i                           .        /", : ine ii , u ^ a.ei   su eai.s..   '.oari  , , . ..,..; ,-i.   ,,.,.,,, i      Hem.- Laudi and iarnest   Manstieid f.r'', i be m-oc.'-'-' '��� i'o-.\-n   b'.-aa ;���  Jose'ihine street, aim Hoean avenue. i ; t ,n, .0,1. (..,.. a,o a ,.   ...... .  ,   .     .      ,       .      .   I crown granting a bozen elanus in   (.lamp! o'ldciic^  Serriees   wil     oe    licid  in  Stephen's, i i.       ,���",..        " . ~  , t   ,       ,        .     , .'      _,j Manshel.i. ,      .\0i-,naliv. in the beacn  church next Mtn/ay. oeih moi-mng ami |     ��� ,,-,,,- .,.,,'  ��� ,.,,-,��� ,       '.ne rush to the Kettle river fold holds : are imo a:Yiib. golo sale!   :  ov'.'H!||i|. ii.eV.   '..    a .    l;i;e'>.   p.'l..-.l . li'. - - i '" '  '" ��� ' ��� is billed to start from  Ibis vicinity ea rly   gold.    '! he pun lelo- aa';._.  'i'lie pleasure yacht  Alert has had   her : ii(..-.-t month. / hut i.f a aiuoii oiiib.'a/  : ���  ;     A snow-slide struck   the j lewett hunk-: g''/''      ^'itii oniy  tho,   ;-;-;  I house the other night and the men came; '/"' si.'paraiion at. band ,|.  Iiie;'/        ,   ,       ;-��� '     /       ^ ..     ,'/"-" I Neii were employed on the niu'ht shift at j means are- to oroviued for '-'vim/iuMrue-  ,.���.��� i eoiossal   trusi   and   announce  u>   their1 '    - ...    -��� .       1   . .    " n       h "  '1'���������''. ,,.       .,,       ,     ,1     1 , c I the No. s dnlt on   the .-.obio r 1 ve mine. ; tions to   miners and   proa'/HCtoi-s--enon  ....,.,,', :;t011:  ������ ,\ e widmake the loM-est pav of 1 ��� ,,-.'������ .c.....    i.| un  ,   , -.- - " r,    ; it was in coming OIL shift tnat tne slide j minint;, lu'esunbibiv.  men wim   stand   bv   us   >a a. uav.      Bv ' " , ,     i ',  .jils   .ui.:ni���   ;!h,   ;i;ii!imi    ,..,1,,.,,,,*,,    nit,;, ; suddenly   desceieUaa   ana   engmied   Mie |     (bnheeUrht   hour  que.-tiun   .loe pro-  wiP.bo   uu-ned 'into   a   vast ineia'euarv !'tno'    '^"= A^   w���   ^ero   nistantly ! vibes a stradbler as follows : The govern-  ���,   .....  ,     ...;,..,��� ,. ;, 1 ...        ' killed, while McNeil iortunateiv escapee ; men; will continue to eniorce t he law ;\s  ;;iill\   to   ������ i>[ '.���. o;   dglu   iol  ! I.-, eiui.;io\ el.-. : ' : .  oil liavain foot the 'lull    Si-''i0U* '!l.iiU A'-    Tlie   '"bdies   w-u'e foil ml: it stands.  An immediate enouiry will be  with little dilliculty. and were buried by; made bv the   Minister of  Mine? into   all  now boiler and engine   installed and si  will shortly be placed in eoitiMiisKion.  The   Nelson   boaid   .it   trade   has en:-: to town till the season o  ph'tticallv deep,ried to- endorse the ivuslo  board's petition   ugai;;���-;;��� iiii- eielit  hour  law.  1  tiiere;  : Hake.;  1 i rum  ' i;ieia  .'iiices  Mci-'arlane was I grievances   put   forward    in   connection  * ruiiway.-   'uui  ali'eU.   nusts. usmt; ,  .,     ���      -ii   ��-i , ���      1      i-,.' /   ; the (.' niou on .'-at ur. ia,v.  same moiho.u. \v\\\   thus   a. b.sobite! v : .   ��� _ .  ; a single man and   came  !'o.>m \\��si. Bay.;W'tli its operanuu  vritl  Nova Seoiia; while ^hepherd left a wife, j ing about an amicable?  the. la no. ana 00   iv 11 ;i t tiioy please  ii'ing' ie-'isiai ion.  resisting- the iaws  r  !, li  llecss;.  go\-eri'.mi'  s pos/bbb -,'  .if th" esseii  11,  a.nger is pas.!.  "-aiine vsry fine ore is being taken from  the March Kjab, which   is now Vicing' do-  character   o;  vol  la '''ii  >,'i ceo  \i: a bout a'j ���'  -y .   ta.b ilig" jciasessioti   c  ii.      biow'evor plausible  alUV   :-'<'.,.1;:.   ii     possesses  ir,!   oiomem ���-   ��� if a comic  !i   the   mere   -nge-'aaion  obh;::' down iali.ir is a.'.dy  bo re.se  is r> t ('  IV. to IliOli v.) bis loss.  KATaL     (..-. NlO.I.v  A btel anal   fata.!   I  s * >. ;>;;-  aettlement is   a..-:  the   referendiuu  voie laken at   th  ic<-urr(  ������ ������.'..)  leva to oring-  mf:lli. 1 I I'iO  led, ii.-/ oriuciple of.  ���i: he upjbied and a  general election as to  ���bail   be ae.neaied.    If  1.. |  1 liie  I.,  a  be n-tabiC'.  its p./ual c  without   i;  illSt..  ���lav.!  UL!     i be  1 '���".!  A re\l-ii.'ii of ihe voiei ' lis!, oi the  Slocan will be hold -at Kashi in .day.  Sa'ie'cs n! oc',\' i'taones em u.opear no ;;ii'  rei-is.-d list.  '���-s slat e t.ha 1 rhe 1 i- ������': h:;-- :  thai on th^ i.'a !>eila  i'ete    A r;-I'iv;'!1 e:  'ote, it. vet!  '00of; with  in any way  iph: 'A tiie  Pa frii.".ion  :    plvb.       if  ���. a ', '   a. ri   ,. ���,  1 ���>��� 1 -;  :'ono> it  I.-.':  ill  Ma  a!!  d;n.  smelu'r ;���  ami \\*ar  i'b>r aale, cheap -The eu'.mge and \-,\o  lots nn the eonmr of Sixth Si."ee;, immedia vely opposite the Prosiiy (erian church.  For particulars apply at Tin: Limn;:.  i ne    i'ojaiv  mines of We-  r a Pack of   me  ( L I). Buchanan/  eldest   son   has just j '01* ('V('rN iil;;;  ib"'!i  ore    lion:    i ne <   ���  .:   "ight tons ;n a  ',;"!" a i'e sun'e.ri \;<z for  I-::''' oemg t hree ]< ih-s  \. h : gii'll" I'iite ���;>;  Wite-es.  . \'C  . 10  ait I  'li I  \s hi  i i.l a  m;  .'.I'O   \ a . 1  i'i em c-  I,  an  died   of    pneumonia     while     atteudi;i<.-j 1!M/i!i ''nrt! tlu> ' l',);:i,K'-  school at   Woodstock,   tint,     lie   was 17 i     At   .1 Hihith   it is  o.-.Lkuibeb   that  years old.    The rfmains will 'oik inierred ! bike   inioea   ivii!   jiroducc   iiiia   iic   in i/aslo. i over :'J> million tons of iron ore. ! 'N '  1 ; ..  a'i'nes!  Manslieldis nuteting with great '      It is reported   thai   soui" of the ore in!  /'��� -ess in his   iiutation   schemes in  Pur-"! Die !iol\- Tnrnir mim-, h:   iveystnm:. S. '  'S\Yo.    lie will return to  the Slocan next! !)-- 's >!l :''l'k in fi'eo   gold that it ha-, io.  month, having cancelled his trip to New i be cui nut v:\\\> a chisel.  '/'ealand. |      jn |s,:,".i ili^. niiims of  Y'e-.i ern .\ Uai aa-  Tbe safety vah'o of the tug Ymir burst! lh' pi'obuccd s;-;] ,:>���'',: igibo in --<��J.i. ' nno ab ' ee bwls laem  at Kootenay Landing, Monday afternoon, i Quicksilver is getting' scarce and ; ,,f !;].{.. ���>���,.;<���. As oiace; :  and PL L. Brown, chief engineer, and H. j should stiimdate |ii'ospeeting for einuu- i un]v ,|^Vi :i ;,;;: ;,',,,,, ;,..'  St. Clair, second  engineer, were terribly j bar. ' ! ,_>-, ,-"t-i1( y^-k.h Is .'vi.-i.mt mat !b�� course   a  scalded !>}' escaping steam. j  I   bU  ib 'bii  ins -men ieaiua:'.i  convu/nc:  picL;    in :.'���"������ 1  110 eviibjiici-  I:.a! iti'e  p: 10::.  iae    ,;f  : aiiees  sonic  J is a com-  >c \h.-vt) is  .-:;/ at tion.  oc;:i source  ! .-au move  ire;;   in tiie  e  in;, en;  ;eineli; .  io da;,  .at ion.  ,..n of !���;. d. ;  pronei'! v he  '  iv   i;  he.re ai'e over DnO perrohmni coJ'iior-! of tiie  gold   in ihe   creeks   and gulches   w  BelL on  o,l  a;a ,      i'-'U'ty    io'" nb   t ho '  !:'ia ;    '��� n    i i e-- ill n 11 ��.-��� 1 of '  ���\'.i.-'-iiiur   nonr the Sii- ;  an.e. n lurk  i'v.as!o.    De- 1      I n 1  \'orhi;i'i alone and had . foliov,;  John   Kininan   entertained   -PI   of   his | afion.-; in California.    One. company has ! must be sought in   1 heir various drain-   ci-a-'"d bad oe  friends   to   an   impromptu   prospectors'j produced shire lK7o .S'i'i.ubO.bbo w.irth of i age. liasins. beam killed i>v  banquet in Slocan City on Tuesday even-1 oil.    San Francisco uses  i )0,oijo liarrelsj     The iil'o history   of   a gold n'ugget   in   ;her of Conductor   P.oetcher of'the K. &  ing.    It was one of the events of the sea-1 of petroleum a month. ! this   region   is   something'   as follows.: ' s. it.  ta.iw   aia-iv   ','!.-ii:i  is   explana'o>r\'  of  cave 1 ri.  le. was a bro-  Ihe Mineva.i A<-\  . u  Ai  lOi'-a-  in   ' ne   :���;'��� can, 'a  If.  foil .Ci,.if   Yaiacea  -i 1'onu suit i- ii > :;: a  eight-h"Ur   hi":   i;i   '���  will have th" \'o;ea ���>  1  1 u_r so  '.1 li'.'t v.  11 ln'lii liiin mi!   ; n    ins  u./n t.  i .   MS  party  :' i a e't   a .  . IV'iiri!  a; -.I  the  and be  ing men  i r- State:;  "Thai   gold   commissioner-   be   anh are 1 it is untrue that   In-   wil!   resii:n in favor  herebv   instructed not   to issue, a cerlifi-1 of C. Y,'. Mc.\ nn's .'aiuiiilat ore. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MARCH 15,  1900.  Seventh Year  The Ledge.  Published every Thursday.  R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Three months s ���'���'  Six "         l.2.r>  Twelve  '���'         ....-'.00  TURKE YKARS   ���''���C'��  Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line first in  sertion, 10 cents per line subsequent insertions  nonpareil measurement.  TO CONTRIBUTORS.  Cjrrespondenee from every part of the Kootenay  District and communications upon live topics  always acceptable. Write on both sides of the  paper if you wish. Always send something good  no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it  is hot. and we will do the rest.  A pencil cross in tins square  indicates that your subscription is due. and that the editor  wishes once a^ain to look at  your collateral.  THURSDAY,   MARCH 15.. 1900.  Till  Mi-GJiiiNJi,  New Denver, the beautiful Lucerne  of America, is of slow growth. Since  its birth other towns have come into  existence in Kootenay, and become  adults while the town with the  most  magnificent   townsite   of  them   all, [ world.' and by which strangers judge  with millions of tons of rich ore in the  ence a chance to pray, pray, pray,  instead of wishing to rend the sanctified air with the stirring vocal sounds  of England's martial song.  In the House of Commons at Ottawa  the other day McMullen accused Sir  Charles Tupper of breaking all of the  ten commandments. The usual tirade  of words was indulged in by various  members and the affair ended without any bloodshed. Politics seem to  be coming to a pretty pass in Canada.  If the pistol was used as freely as it  is in Texas men would not use their  mouths so much, and the public would  not be bored with the long accounts  of boyish nonsense. >  The advertising columns of a newspaper are an index to the people by  which it is surrounded. If the paper  is well-filled with bright, large and  readable ads it is a sure sign that the  people are awake to the realities of  life. If. the reverse is the case it indicates that the people have lost hope  and ambition. That while physically  alive they are dead to the potent influence of an agency  that rules the  nwn-^r>rtfci��."��.Th.>Tiyii,>>.TT^ta^a>:  jb�� . *&t** y^m^\?tiBsvstrJ&  mountains around it, and surrounded  by scenery so grand tlutt some day  the world will rave over it/ has still  to wear the short pantaloons of com-  m ercial childhood. Why is this thus?  It is not the fault of Nature for the  Dame has been almost too kind to  New Denver, and its inhabitants  have cultivated the idea that,like the  wild rose, it will grow anyway, and  there is no use pushing it. This is  not so, as towns are made by men  and not by Nature.  If we would have a busy city here  upon the most beautiful location in  America we have got to dig, and dig  lively. We have got to MAKE it  grow, and this cannot be done by  day dreaming. If we would have  the Lucerne of America also rightly  called the Leadville of Slocan lake,  and the Helena of Canada, some tall  hustling has to be brought into action.  The supreme time has arrived. This  is the year in which New Denver  should commence to illuminate the  universe with the brightness of its  prosperity, but it has been so long in  the rut of inaction that it will have  to be shoved.  Reader, are you a shover? If so,  clasp the wheel ot enterprise with  your maulers and give us a boost.  Now! Shove, partner, shove, and  we will soon have this old town of  New Denver on the butte of prosperity, and the sun of good times hitting  it square in the face. Shove, partner,  shove, and let your pedal extremities  keep warm while the noble w^rk  progresses.  a town. In the end this spirit ruins  a section commercially, and brings  eternal rest.to its business men.  Tilli    DKlS'K    MANIA.  Scientific men have proved that  periodical alcoholism is a disease.  Thousands have' the disease well developed, and it breaks out on them  at certain intervals. Many of its  victims will remain sober for months,  and then a feeling comes over them  that they must have alcohol it they  wish to remain1 alive or keep sane.  It generally attacks the system when  the health of the victim is below par  or his mentality is excited or worried  over real or imaginary troubles. If  alcohol is not taken when one of these  periods come on the patient suffers  for weeks, but in most cases gradually  recovers, and if this course is continued the disease will  die   out in  about   two  years.      Every   time   a  sufferer from this trouble takes alco-: |  hoi into his system he becomes grad-14  uallj"   insane,   and   should   be   im- j |  mediately   locked   up for   his   ownjg  good  and   that of   the  community.' |  Men suffering from this dementia are !  daily robbed right here in Kootenay |  by people who think it  is perfectly i  honorable to take  the advantage of j  temporarily helpless people. j  This is an age of reform,   and re- j  cently   we  have   witnessed  a fight j  against a law framed for the benefit j  ot the toilers below the surface of the j  earth.    Why  not have a law that  will protect the human  race against  one of the greatest curses of the age,  the excessive use of alcoholic beverages.    Pass a law that will  compel  sobriety  to  increase,  and  the alcoholic mania, will gradually  cease to  exist. Dr. Keeley, recently deceased,  made a study ot people  who indulge jone by  Warman, written in Dawson  in periodical sprees,   and iinaliy con- | entitled, -"Turn that Picture to the  eluded that it   Avas a disease.     He j Wall."     Wings   has   recently   pur  then set about discovering a remedy, j chased seven sheep from   the. Prince  and after much research  succeeded ;0f Wales and placed  them   on   his  fcTBmfci'  iiumwiiin  oetr  Established'1817.  Capital (all paid up)-$12,000,000.00  Reserved fund : : 6,000,000.00  Undivided profits :: 1,102,792.72  HEAD    OFFICE,    MONTKEAlf.  Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona a.id Mount Roval, G.C.M.G. President.  Hon. G. A. Drummond, Vice President,  E. S. Clouston, General Manager,  Branches in  all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and  the United States.  New Denver branch  E. PITT, Manager  i occxa^xc^sr^vm^'aarv'^a'xu'^ur^m^ss^m^  in demonstrating to the world that  his gold cure was a success. The  medical fraternity, as is usually the  case when any of its members find  something new, tried to crush Keeley  stock farm at Chilliwack. Wings is  healthy in body, mmd and pocket,  and he deserves it. Ho never allows the dull cares of life to stifle.hi3  appetite, or put a diamond hitch up-  and his invention by taking away j on the smiles that are always ready  his license, but he succeeded in hold-1 to chase, each other over his open  ing his ground, and today there are j countenance.  Keeley     Institutes    scattered  126  throughout the world and thousands  have < been rescued from lives of  misery by his great cure. Keeley is  dead, but his name will live while  all those medical butchers who opposed him are forgotten. He demonstrated that alcoholism is a disease  and that science has a remedy for it.  Bert Thorn.  w ���it^i'HMnuniMmnrB  ALWAYS    WKLCOMK.  RELIABLE   ASSAYS  Gold * .SO I Gold mid Silver, .is .75  Lend .*><> I Oold.silv'r. copp'r l.ao  Samples by mail receive pro    pt attention.  Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.  OGDEN ASSAY CO.  Mill Kith SI;, Denver. Colo.  J. T. Wilkinson, of the Province,  came to town last week and dispersed  several peals of laughter. Wings always has a new story to relate and is  up to date in  poems,   especially that  BJBSSS^  We have lately added to our  .stock  a full line of the most  delicate and dainty articles for the Toilet that we  have ever shown, including Toilet Soaps,  I'orl'iiinus, Hair and Tooth Brushes,  and the various preparations  for the Toilet,' which will  just suit the Ladies.  %/*^^^^l^WbWb^'9^%,*Wt>Wk^/%,-  "}  Hauling and Packing to Mines,  !        , and general local business.  | WOOD    AND    COAL    FOR     SALE  Now   Denver,   15.   C.  "A Tew i  \      eas  \     the  DENVER is  located on  the  east shore of Slocan lake, one o  FIIO.H THKEDTTOiK'S  UTVIMSK STOl'JE.  The people of Canada should own  and operate all the railroads, express,  telephone and telegraph lines, banks,  insurance, loan and liquor businesses  within its borders. Reformers who  can bring about this state of affairs  jfldOHN WILLIAMS  Dealer in  IMPORTED  A,XD DOMESTIC CIGARS  ANDTOBACCOES,  PIPES, &C.  This is Pliiiiliiifr Time, und we  are  prepared with a complete  stock of the 1?EST Garden and Flower Seeds on the market.  A Onion Sets. Etc.     Get the Best while the stock is new. A  most   beautiful   bodies   o  J water in existence,  hemmed i  on all sides by mountains that tower  high above the clouds, and whose mineral wealth has as yet only been  scratched. The lake and mountain  scenery that greets the vision as one  looks in any direction from the town is  beyond description and must be seen  to be appreciated.    What the Lucerne  is to Switzerland,  New   Denver  is' to j    America.   The depth ot the waters of j Van Camp Lunch Goods,   Confection-  Slocan lake is so great that the surface  never freezes,  and the temperature of  aterials  For all  classes and   conditions���for   the Business  Men,  School Children, the Home and Office.    The Boys  and Girls know where to get the big, fat  School     Scribblers  cry and Fruit.  BATHS IN CONNECTION.  Newmarket Block. New Denver  RT  will   deserve  multitude.  the   gratitude   of the  It seems to be a natural law that  one thing should live upon another.  The larger fish swallow the smaller,  and the game runs back to such a  fine point that we often wonder where  , the smallest thing in creation gets its  rations. Probably it feeds upon the  souls of delinquent subscribers.  A firm of Winnipeg saddlers who  could not fill an order for military  saddles, complained to the Government because the order was filled in  the States. Dr.Borden gave the firm  a roast because they had locked out  their workmen for belonging to a  Union. A firm of this stripe does not  deserve business from any source, let  alone the government.  Some parsons are fond of stating  that God is all powerful and can do  anything. A skyologist of this kind  happened to make this remark at a  prayer meeting in Montana, A boy  in the audience doubted the statement, and asked the parson "If God  could make a yearling calf in a minute." The par.on could not reply,  and evidently thought that cow  camp youths want to know too much.  The other Sunday  in  one  of  Na-  nairno's churches the organist played  "Rule Britannia" while the collection  was being taken up.      A local paper  states that it was only by herculean  efforts  that   the  congregation  were  prevented from breaking out in song  to the rousing tune.    Why did they  not break ?   Is it any  worse  to sing  "Rule Britannia" in a church than to  play   it   on   an   organ?     Probably  while the collection   was being tak( n  up the organist should   have  played  Pay, Pay, Pay,  and  given the audi-j  t  Lucem  water varies but a few degrees from  summer to winter. Soundings have  been made and have proven the depth  of the lake to be from DUO to 1,300 feet.  Trout, salmon, charr and other varieties of fish abound, and fishing parties  go out almost daily from New Denver,  returning with good catches. The  mountains and canyons surrounding  the town are stocked with game of every  description, from the toothsome grouse  and rabbit to the stately elk and cariboo. There is no limit to the sportsman's opportunities of enjoyment.  But, sublime though be the scenery;  superb its location ;is a residential town,  New Denver is not dependent upon its  natural beauty for its life.     At its very I ^jINEs.   Kk.\l   Estate;  door, the town has mineral   wealth un-        "   ''' ' Ar  limited. Silver mountain, while yet in  its initial stage of development, promises to be one of the greatest producers  of galena ore in the Slocan. Situated  on this mountain, within an hour's walk  of New Denver, are several mines already working, and others will be in  operation shortly. The Mountain Chief,  which has shipped 8150,000 worth of ore,  will soon resume operations under new  management. The Marion, California,  Hartney and  Bosun-Fidelity.mines are  working" regularly, employing from 10  to 35 men each. The Bosun is a regular shipper.   This is the second year  of its operation.   On an  investment of  $7,500 the Bosun company  cleaned up  $60,000 the first year of its operation.  Adjoining these properties are numer  ous developing prospects,  which offer  great opportunities for  the investment  of capital.  Within tiie distance  of a. mile from  Silver mountain the silver-gold  belt is  encountered. On Goat mountain several properties are under development,  and two of them have made small ship-  of ore.    It is quite different  from  the  galena ores,   and   is of   much  higher  grade.    The galena or wet ore of Silver  mountain runs about $100 to  the  ton,  while all   the   ore shipped   from  Goat  mountain has brought from $-200 to $400 j  per ton. " i  New Denver is the natural residential point for the. mines within a radius i  of ten miles.    In  this radius are situ-1  ated   the   Payne,   Idaho. Queen  Bess, I  Monitor,   Slocan    Star.    Noble    Five,  Ruth, Goodenough, Wonderful. Madison,   Sovereign,    Silverite,  and  other  big mines in this much  favored section  of the Slocan.    It is, in  fact,  the only  ideal place of residence in  the Slocan  lake  section.     In   addition   it   is the  banking centre  for all   the big   Four  BKIOK  F(l|>'    SAI.K.  IOIIX    UOKTTSCHE,  XI'CW  DKXYKK.  H. D.CURTIS,  NOT.AUV PlTKLTC.  Insukaxok;  account a xt.  Abstracts ok Title Fukxisi-ikd,  SLOCAN CITY,  RC.  J. E. Angrignon  The Leading  Hairdresser  Bosun Block,  New Denver, B.C.  Travelers  Will lind the  Arlington Hotel  u pleasant piiice to stop at when in  Slocan City.  GETM1XG & HEXDEKSOX. Proprietors.  PHOTOGRAPHERS  LOOK!  I'uliiiiet Solio *1.-W, iro prepaid  Film Cartridges, 3?..\.'!.;..7.ric.  other Supplies, sunie rates.  (). STKATHKARX,  Kaslo. B. O.  E B. Dunlop  BARBER AND HAIRDRESSER.  When in need of anything in the line of  edicines  and Bulk Drugs remember  that   we carrv them in stock.  Staple   Patent  y BOURNE BROS.,  wirw wir:W w^m  New Denver, B. C.  IMEcOstllixm <&> Oo  SLOCAN CITY, B. C.  Heavy and Shelf Hardware.        Jessop's and Canton Drill  Steel.       Stoves, Tin and Granite Ware.  We are handling all kinds of  Blasting, Mining and Sporting Powders.    Also Blacksmith's  Coal.    Lumber, Sash and Doors.  THE WM. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING CO., LIMITED  PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO,  Mile properties, and the mines tributary to Silverton, Slocan, and Enterprise Landing The New Denver  townsite covers one square mile, all of  which is cleared and most of which is  sidewalked. The land is nearly level,  gradually sloping to the lake. It is  amply large for a city of magnificent  proportions The town has a large  and commodious opera house, two public halls, five hotels, school buildings,  four established churches, and most  every branch of business represented.  New Denver is not a boom town: has  not. over-built, indeed, there is already  a demand for more residences: and the  prices of real estate have never been  abnormal, and are today remarkably  reasonable. A better chain-c was never  offered for the investment of capital.  Children's Hair Cutting a Specialty.  SLOCAN"    CITV. - - B.  C.  )[  L. GRIMMETT, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,  Solicitor, Notary Purlic, Etc  Sandon, B. C.  Branch office at New Denver every  Saturday.  i     F. U CHRISTIE, L.L.B.  1 BARRISTER,  ; SOLICITOR, Etc.  j NOTARY  PUBLIC.  i Kvery Kiidav.it Silverton. SAXIMiX, N. C  Provides ample and pleasant accommodation for the traveling public.  Telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.  HENRY STEGE,  Proprietor.  The Clifton House,  Sandon  Has ample aeeomniodatioHS for a large number of people. The rooms are lsirgt  and airy, and the Dininir Room is provided with everything- in the market  Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers.  John Buckley, Prop. Seventh Yeah.  THE LEDOE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MARCH 15. 1900.  3IAKERSFOSTEIS.  A York gentleman has received from  a soldier of the 2nd Black "Watch, who  took part in the battle of Magersfontein,  from his shoulders just as if it had been  made expressly for him, with never a  button missing-. Oh, the misery of it  all! His necktie cost eig-ht dollars a  yard and looks like a map of Michigan  the following- lines  descriptive of the { struck by a rollicking- rainbow,  night march and the disaster that befel [    Note that cruel  scar under the lower  the Highland brigade.    The lines were | lip. That was caused by a silver spoon,  written in camp after the battle: j Yes, one evening while engaged in car-  Tell you the tale of the battle?    Well, ! ry ing a silver spoonful   of scintillating  "there ain't so-much to tell; : soup to its terminal station, news was  Nhie hiindred went to the slaug;hter,and i br0Ught   him   that  an   empi0yee had  Wire a?d Mauir^/lirst   and a | thoughtlessly kicked the ear off an in-  burning sun I offensive pig- of iron. The shock caused  Knocked us down  by the  hundred ere j him to lose control of the spoon's steer-  the dav was done.  j ing gear, and it entered into a hearty  Wet was the night, cold  and dreary;;    "   ,      ' . ,, .  chilled werS the men to the bone! i collaboration with a retiring part of hi  Bivouacked there in the open, thinking i chin.    At the same time the saucy soup  perhaps of their home. j delighted to regain its freedom, put an  Midnight���thoy come to awake us, form-, ^ _^f ^ alu;mstiu.hetl tablecloth. Oh,  us up in th�� aarU, ��� i., r     . .,  Officers whispered their orders, never a ! Unvcurse of gold!  light or a spark; i    Some day when you are weary with  Onward we went till the morning dawn- ! basking in tho sunshine of your blessed  ed in the east, grey and drear,      j ,RM jt;l���.e saunter ;nto tae private office  i of John  Df ��� Rockefeller.    John will   be  I tickled into a frenzy to see you.    We of  "The insular and exclusive custom of  condemning all close friendship between men and women that have not  been sanctioned by a justice of the  peace, must pass away ere the race, can  advance. We grow in grace only when  we love; all gentle, honorable friendships between good men and women  should be allowed to run their natural  course. You cannot thwart nature and  go unpunished. Through the interchange of thought and feeling-, and the  healthful play of the emotions, we add  cubits to our stature and give wings to  our spiritual natures."  the principal factor in keeping- immigrants from coming here, for, as Ave see,  only 1G,4.51 Britishers came here in  1800. Oh, Great Scott, how sick this  journal is of Gritism and Toryism.���  Bobcaygeon Independent.  STEPPING    STONES.  Prospectors,  THE    WOMAN    OF    IT.  While in  the front of us  looming, the.  kopjes' bold skyline showed clear.  Away on the left of the kopjes we'd not-  " iced a light burning bright,.  And just;  as the column   had halted it  ' suddenly vanished from sight.  Then, ere we knew what had happened  two shots on our left ringing out.  To the Boers in their trendies gave; signal, and the  rifle  balls answered  our shout  Someone    yelled    ������Charge.,'*   and   we  started, rose  up, and   rushed out,  on their lire,  Meaning to give them- the bayonet,but,  checked and stopped by the wire.  Bullets  and shells  ne'er   appalled   us,  trenches, or boulder-strewn hill,  But just a  few strands of the fencing  caught us, non-plussed, standing  still.  through   it!  loine   to  the  Over   the  wire,  men,  or  Drive the charge  ,'hilt!  Vain were the struggles and climbing  barbs sticking deep in the kilt      , . ....  Strong grows the light of the morning, I makes his income slop over tour million  hotter the lead on us rained,  Still we remained there before  them,  holding the ground we had gaili  the blessed heritage are so selfish, so  so selfish! We never think of running  in on John and shaking a day-day and  cheer him up with our exciting little  stories of the home life of those who arw  safely pinned to the extreme end of a  blessed heritage  John will lock up.the safe at any time  to listen to the story of how the kero  sene lamp exploded and set lire to the  cat, and will thrill with pleasure when  you tell him that the cat jumped into  bread pan and rendered the last baking  you had in the house totally unlit for  publication.  Saunter into John's private office  j some day. if J./Pierpont Morgan hap-  | pens to be there cursing- the luck that  ���od;  But down on our faces and seek cover,  ���    Nothing could live in that lire;  "Off to the right, men, and flank them;  forward, Me down, men, retire."  Then we  looked hack, and we cursed  f.'H'in; took home the truth with a  <,i-oan,  "Rest of the brigade are retiring,   now  we must stand it alone.  ���'Form   a   line,   here,   men: we'll hold  them," McFarlane'stall form stood  erect.  ..Volley and volley we  gave them, until  their fierce fire was checked.  Then  round the adjutant rallied remnants of different corps.  dollars a day, John will chase Pier out  into the corridor and invite you to take  a comfortable seat. Of course, you  mustn't take the comfortable seat with  you when you leave the building. The  rich must not be made to feel their unfortunate position too keenly.  Take John's poor, wasted hand in  yours and notice how the cruel scissors  have left their awful marks around the  thumb and second finger of the right  hand. Possibly-you may perceive a  woful water blister peeping" shyly from  beneath that same thumb. All these  miseries are caused by the daily toil of  clipping coupons,   and   the disease is  How could 1 know that his golden head,  Where the hidden sunbeams lay  Had taken its light from the fireeof Hell,  That he'd wreck my life someday?  How could   I  know  that his wondrous  eyes, '  That 1 thought were Heaven's blue.  Had caught  their light  from the brimstone lakes,  As his blackened soul passed through?  When he looked in  my  heart with   his  tender eyes,  And took my willing hand,  J walked with him the paths of sin  As one walks enchanted land.  T leaned on my elbow and watched him i  sleep,   "       '     ��� ��� j  With his head on my arm at rest, !  Then I drove my dagger up to the gold  Of its hilt in his quiet breast.  It made me  sad  that  the  blood should  flow,  And crimson his robe so white,  So I took the roses and laid them there,  The roses he brought tonight.  It pains me to think lie must be alone,  So I come to the river again.  Here where T   met him and loved  him  first,  As noblest of all God's men.  So 1 join  him here in another world,  For never apart can we dwell,  Our souls together will happy be,  Though-we walk the streets of Hell.  ���Mrs. C.H. Coolev.  Prejudice is a fog which obscures the  virtues of those we do not like.  See where a road ends before you take  it, and to what an action leads before you  begin it.  Avoid a slanderer as you would a scorpion ; both sting for the mere pleasure of  doing it.  Better make of every sorrow a stepping stone to higher, nobler thought and  deed, than to hang it against your heart  to weigh you down in the Slough of Dee-  pond.  PASSING    NOTKS    OF    IXTKKKST.  A large turtle affords eight pounds of  tortoise shell.  Nirvanin, the name of a recent anodyne, has received in Germany'the  chemical name of dyathlgiycocollami-  doorybenzoesauremthylesthef.  Near a certain quarry in Italy is a  town, the inhabitants of which pay no  rent nor taxes. They are quarry employees, who have dug dwellings in the  face of a steep rock. ���  Damascus    Steel.  T  Young" men, become your own  assayers. Three months will  teach yon assaying for gold,  silver and copper. Live and  learn how, cheaper than you now  live ..   Columbia College,  Board and Instruction in assaying  ... all for   ONLY $26.00 PER MONTH  Write to the principal ���  REV. W. J. SIPPRELL, B.A.B.D.,  New Westminster.  All classes of learning may  he  had in this the  only college of its kind in tin- west.  W.S. JdiEWHV H. T. Twusc;  Kaslo. JI.C Xew Denver,B.C.  DREWRY & TWIGG  Dominion mid Provincial Land Surveyors.  Civil mid Al in in it Kinrineer*.  Hod ford, McNeil Code,  its.'Rashdall & Fauquier, Agents.  r-w*; rzn rss*<  They Never Will be Missed.  Here is a list of the eight classes of  people who do a town no good: First,  those who go out of town to do their  trading; second,those who prefer a quiet  town to one of push and business; third,  those who imagine they own the town:  fourth, those who think business can be  done without advertising; fifth, those  who deride public-spirited men; sixth,  those who oppose every public movement  that does not Originate with themselves';  seventh, those who oppose every movement that does not appear to benefit  them ; eighth, those who seek to injure  the credit of an individual.  ft is hard to believe that other's cannot  see what seems plain to us; but we cannot see the sun at night, and, for all  that, it is quite plain to those on the  other side of the world. Everything is  in the position one happens to be occupying-,  NOTICE.  HO'RSE    SENSB.  I have the blessed,  blessed   heritage  of  -George V  STRAIGHT     TALK.  Hobart.  Some of the Black Watch, Argylls, and' known   as   couponisis.     But,   be   not  some of the gallant. Seaforths:        | afraj(l.    it is not catching.    Those who  All the long dav  in  position, watching i  LvinS'"Z^tSt^'^a ���.���u,���tal,! Porerty .n> h����nu..;  lips    swollen,    blue-black    with  thirst:  Not. thirty yards from the trenches Gen-    oral Wauchope lay dead: j , .  The Colonel, too, killed, lay beside him,      A Cleveland doctor has the following  their   lives   by   the' Boer bullets! to say about the relation of the sexes:  sped. '    "Anv woman whose soul is centred in  i\'i"-h on eight hundred our osses���Kng- I      .     ," r , ,  "     lish, Irish and Scotch, ja single man  for a score of years has  Half of them fell on one.regiment���God J hved a very narrow and restricted life,  help thorn -the noble Black Watch hind her mentality has surely atrophed.  Such is the tale of the  battle, easy, for j Aml tnus  for obvious  reasons  the un-  tongne to tell  Nine  hundred   men   in a deathtrap  nearlv four hundred fell.  n or. a in-  HA If I)     HITS.  As  I married woman of forty far surpasses,  j in spiritual reach, her happily married  ���! sisters. We learn from the people Avith  I whom we associate.    Men  learn  from    j women and women from men.    Imagine  "Mr. Andrew  Carnegie  observes: [ tho inspiration a woman gets, say, from  one honest, busy grocer!"  Every successful city doctor has from  one to two dozen women on his visiting-  Poverty is a blessed heritage '*  Yes.  Next to having S.1.;-JS above expenses  poverty is  the sweetest  heritage  that  can possibly be herited.  What is a poor man without poverty?  Ah. what?  There is no sadder sight in all the  spectacular scenes of this sphere than a  rich man surrounded by his loving relatives, who fret for his funeral.  For the poor the fresh air of heaven  and an appetite that coyly tempts them  to bite shingle nails. For the rich nothing but the misery of trussed terrapin  and marmalade macaroons.  Oh the horrors of marmalade maca  rooms!  Poverty is, indeed,a blessed heritage.  And so many of us are loaded plumb to  the hatches with the b. h. How happy  we should be.  Did you ever stop to think how cruel  it is that a rich man has to go through  the world without th�� blessed heritage  of poverty?  We who wallow selfishly in our own  b.h. seldom hare time to sigh for the  rich man who is permitted to sprinkle  salt on the tail of a blessed heritage.  Possibly we haven't time to sigh, because we are at that moment busily en  list whom he fondles and caresses, and  who regard him in the light of a lover.  He further adds that the clergyman  who makes "pastoral calls'" and has not  several women on his route with whom  he is on tender, affectionate terms, is  the exception.  . "'One of my patients���a married woman���has for me a more than tender  regard, which 1 fully reciprocate, and  this with the full knowledge and consent of her husband."  This doctor visits his fair patient almost daily and has for three years, and  between them are constantly passing-  personal letters and notes. This delicate, yet warm friendship, he regards  as natural, rig-ht, and holy, and the fact  that the woman has a legal husband,  really, he says, has no bearing- on the  case. He appeals to the Higher law.  The woman loves both men, but of  course in a different way and for different reasons.  Usually, when a woman begins to  love one man she hates another, for the  reason that she fears him and dreads ho  will do violence to herself or her newly  acquired friend.   And from fear to hate  1 am sure these rules are correct, for  I learned them when a colt from my  master, and surelv he knows what is  right. And does notman do as he would  be done by?  . "��� ' ��  When a man drops from sheer exhaustion or illness, promptly seize an  endboard or a cart stake and pound  him on the head or the ribs. 1 f this won't  recuperate him, kick him violently.  This treatment will restore him if persistently administered.  ��  ff a man finds a load too heavy for his  strength, knock him down and hammer him thoroughly with a club. This  will increase his power and he will  make no more fuss. But do not on any  account decrease his load. That would  look too much like common sense or  humanity, and he will'be likely to balk  again when overloaded.  Ply the whip frequently on a man  who is at work. No matter if he is doing- his best hi1- him often, lest he take  some comfort. If his load is light,oblige  him to go faster to make up for it.  Work, starve and abuse him enouj- h to  reduce man's average life one-half, as  is done with horses.  Put tight shoes on your man and  keep them there until he is lame. This  will make him thoroughly miserable,as  it does horses.  ��  Fasten your man's head in a strained  position, with his eyes up in the sun.  This will give him a line appearance  and prevent stumbling. Of course, he  will not be able to do as much work in  this fix, but it makes him wretched and  it is also stviish.  The characteristics of the famous  steel made in Damascus were hardness,  strength, great elasticity, and a beautiful variegated surface, flashing" with  prismatic colors at certain angles of the  light. The skill of the Damascenes in  the manufacture of steel became known  to Europe at the time of the crusades,  but the secrets of their process have  never been discovered. A mining en-  o-ineer of Russia, General Aanosoff, by  analysis and examination succeeded in  making- a steel of nearly as fine quality  as that of Damascus and scarcely distinguishable from it in appearance. He  had charge for a number of years of the  iron works at Zlatust, in the Ural  mountains, where he superintended the  manufacture of the. fine quality of steel,  it has been said that since the death of  General Aanosoff, in 1851, the works  have never produced such line steel as  that for which they had previously become celebrated.  I rillueny.a Sliitl  Venti liltion.  Atmospheric impurity, says the Lancet, was largely responsible for the recent epidemic of influenza. "If the  proper ventilation of private houses,  and especially the places of business,  were insisted upon by their owners, we  should hear much less than we do of the  infectious forms of so-called colds." The  imperfect provision of ventilation in  churches is referred to in the same connection by The Hospital, which "con:  siders such buildings as hotbeds for  influenza on this account, and on account of the gathering together of persons whose power of resistance has been  diminished by recent illness or by other  circumstances."  New Inventions.  VfOTICIC is herehy ��riven  that  an application  i>    will be made to the Legislative Assembly of  the Province of British  Columbia at its next session for an Act to  incorporate a Company with  power io construct, equip, maintain, and operate  telephone and teletrraph lines within and through,  out, all the, cities, towns, municipalities   nnri districts of tin; Mainland, of the Province of British  Columbia; and to construct, erect, and maintain  such and so many poles and other works and devices as the Company deem  necessary for inuk-  iu^r,  completing,   supporting,   ushifr,  working-T  operating' and niaintaiuinu'the svrtcin of communication by telephone and (eleirraph: and to  open or break  up any  part  or parts of the said  liiKhw.ays or ��treet�� as often as the said Company,,  its agents', officers or workmen think proper; and  for (hi'purpose of the undertaking to purchase,  acquire, lease, expropriate, hold and sell and dispose of lands, buildings, or tenements within  the  limits aforesaid; and to purchase or lease, for any  P, J   term of years, any telephone or telegraph line 0.5-  K    lablished, or to lie established,in British Columbia  :_ 1 coii!iec.tud,or to be connected,with the line, which  the Company inav construct: and to am.-ilu-amate  with or lease its line or lines, or any portion or  portions tnereof, to any company 'possessing1 as  proprietor any line of telephone  or telegraph  communication connecting or to be'eonnected  with the  said Company's  line or  lines; and to  borrow money for the purposes of the Company,  a ml to pledge or mortira^e anv of the Company's  assets for that purpose; and to receive bonuses or  privileges  from any person or bod v corporate;  and with all other usual, necessary o'r incidental  riiihts, powers or privileges as may be necessary  or incidental to the attainment of the above  objects, or any of them.  Dated this 1st day of March, 19(0.   .  DALY & HAMILTON,  Solicitors for the Applicants  NEWSPAPER  ADVERTISING  in a judicious, pains-taking  way, and the circulation of  neatly    printed,     attractive  BUSINESS  STATIONERY  in the ordinary channels of  trade   and   correspondence.  PARTY    DEMENTIA.  gaged in running IS miles to the north I is a short, easy step. Unuer more en-  east, playfully pursued by a bill collec- j lightened conditions she would lore  tor. I both; nothing in her nature prevents  The fact that the bill collector was  inspired to catch us and whisper sweet  nothing's in our ears by one of the her-  itageless rich men who owns a bologna  factory makes our selfishness all the  ; more inexcusable.  Some day when you meet Mr.Andrew  Carnegie on the street  forget for a mo-  this; the fact that she hates her husband  when she gets acquainted with a better  or different man is because the husband  makes himself unloveable. This shoe  fits either foot, ft is not a right or a  left.  Sir Richard Burton says that in all his  experience as a traveler and student,he  ment your pride and speak sweetly to | had seen but one community that was  him: "Hello, Andy! My heart grieves j free from sex jealousy, bickering and  for y/v..! Yon are lonely and unhappy j strife, and this was the city of El Medi-  without the blessed heritage of poverty j nah, Mecca, among whose inhabitants  .Take four dollars' worth of mine���nay! i the right of polylandry was freely ad-  nay!   thank   me   not,   Andy!    If 'twill j mitted.  bring you a moment's pleasure take six j    "Monogamy   has been a fetich; and  dollars'  worth, and   give   the   amount j all of its so called benefits can easilv be  named in small bills, please!"  Note with   what  avidity he  will exchange his garish  greenbacks for  the  pleasure of  possessing  even   six little  I dollars' worth of povertv. i  Yes. ' j  Note, incidentally, the   haggard hor- j  rors that have,  bv   relentless  attributed to a variety of causes. Because a. thing goes with a thing is no  reason that the thing is the cause of the  thing. All ships have barnacles, but  the claim that the ships would sink  without barnacles is held only by shallow  people.    And  even   though   these  the   fact   re-  been   heaped  upon him j people be in the  majorit  riches,    hfis coat   hangs ' mains the same.  There is one direction in which Canada has advanced   farther   than   any  other country  in the world.    We can  lick all creation in party politics. Here,  in Ontario,  political partisanship  has  reached its highest elevation, Gritism  and  Toryism  is the predominant element in every  county,  city, township  and school section. Gritism or Toryism  rule the roost.    It has reached such a  point of insanity that it is seriously affecting the temporal  interests  of the  people and the  prosperity of the country.   Great Britain looks upon Canada  as so decidedly off its head that British  emigrants will   not come here.    From  statistics just compiled by  the British  board of trade  we learn that the English, Scotch, and Irish emigrants going-  to British North  America in 18>)8 numbered   17,(540 and  during  1809   1(3,451.  Those of the same class going to  the  United States  in 1398 were 70,491, in  1899 they were 62,530.   In 1898 Australia received 10,(593 and  11,173 in  1899.  Only 16,151 British  emigrants  came to  Canada in 1899, and these were scattered over the enormous region lying between the  Atlantic and l'acific.    If the  people of Ontario would give as much  attention to improving  their own position as they  do to  improving the position of the political parties, they would  be very much   richer; if they joined together to .oppose  political   roguerv  as  earnestly as they do to oppose; for political   purposes   the   scarlet    woman   of  Ro'ne they would be much wiser.   Gritism and Toryism in Canada is a species  of   national   denrmtia.    Anvwav.   it   is  Below is a list of new inventions ic-  cently patented by various inventors  through the agency of Messrs. Marion  & Miirion, New Vork Life building  Montreal:  Canada���W. M. Scott. Stouffville,Ont.  insect powder; Robert Ireland et al,  Beachville, Ont., stubble burner. United  States���George A. Smith, Alberni, B.C.,  baby carriage spring; William C. Herbert, Stanstead, Que., soldering iron; D.  Holford, Birtle, Man., device for supporting horses' heads; James W. Murray, St. George. N.B., window sashes;  M. G. Lambert, Katevale, Que., combination tool.  .Smallpox KemeUy.  The following recipe has been successfully used in hundreds of cases of  smallpox. It is as unfailing as fate and  conquers in every instance: Sulphate of  zinc, one grain; foxglove (digitalis) one  grain; half a teaspoonful of sugar: mix  with two tablcspoonfuls of water. When  thoroughly mixed add four ounces of  water.   Take a spoonful every hour.  Pay the printer and be honored.  If it's an increase of business  you are after you can get it.  The quickest way about it is  to advertise through the  columns of Tin-; Lkijge���the V V  most widely-read paper in y^wr  the mining region. It goes P'A'}  into  every   home  in Slocan  New Denver  Smudon  Kaslo  Whitewater  Slocan   City  Sil'verton  Miiiiixig: Camps,  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  That Kitchener Mineral  Claim.  Situate 111 the Slocan M'ininj,' Division of  West Kootenay District. Where located:  On the South Fork of Carpenter Creek, about  three miles up from Cody, li. C.  rpAICE NOTICE That 1, E. M. Quirk, free  i miner's certificate Xo. 2(!.t01. intend. 00 davs  lrom the date hereof, to npply to the Mining-  Recorder for a certificate of improvements for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of the  above claim.  _ And further take notice that action under section ;i7must lie commenced before the issuance  ol such certificate of improvements.  Dated this lflth day of Januarv, lfiOO. 1-18  CANAD|AN  AND SOO LINE.  Between  i 9 j  Al  fit  The direct route from  Kootenay Country  to all points East and West.  ffl  In  this advanced  age  it is  out of husiness gear to attempt to carry on  any husiness without suitable printed Lrd  stationery.     You should he J^Jk  supplied with good quality ��~^(  Letter Heacb  Bill Heads  Statements  Note Meads  Hennio Heads  Cir cui Jars  En ye .lopes  Amythmg Wanted  We   have  M. XESHITT. (Bosun Block)  Dealer in  specially   con-  advertising  Y trived envelope advertising V"  >H New Denver  that should be pfi  Vlls,!  A I roi  First-Class Sleepers on all trains from  Revelstoke and Kootenay Ldg.  Tourist Carslpass Medicine Hat daily  for St, Paul; Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto: Fridays  for Montreal and Boston.  Same cars pass Revelstoke  one day-  earlier.  lONXKCTIONS  Uevelstoke and main line points.  .S:.'i.")k Dly: Iv ���Denver C. Siding���an Dailv 1;,:30K  S:l.r.k ex. Sun: Iv N.Denver L(1k: arex.Suii.lSMOk  liOSSI.AMl,   XKI.SON   CHOU'-.S   NEST    1(1! ASCII    AND  HOUNIJARV COUNTKY.  !i..riOk ex.  Sun: lv X.Denver Ldg: ar ex.Sun 13.30k  TO ANIl FISOM SANDON  lf).i',0k dly lv Denver C. S��1k ar illy S.55k  l.'i 30k ex Sun lv. .X Denver Ldj-'.ar ex Sun !t.50k  Ascertain rates and   full   information   by ad  dressing nearest local agent, or���  G. B. GARRETT, Agent New Denver.  W. F. Anderson, Trav. Pass. Ajjrt.. Nelson.  K. .1 ��� Coyle, A . G. p. Apt.. Vancouver.  Fruit, Cigars  Tobacco   and Confectionery  XEYV DENVER,  B. C.  il!  The  sed by i'.Yi'ry letter writer  oni this point.     They  cost  JC)T��1- for rl,e (irst   hundred and  i �� I oOc for  each subsequent foO  ���with  your  name  and address printed thereon.     For  the ladies we  have  a fancy  ine  of the   latest  styles of  yisrt.iT3.cj Cards  /  .And our stock ol ;  :l:ing .Stationery)  n vital! oris        )  Ball Programs     \  Henu Cards, Etc,   i  |U.-il tu   any  in lie found  Nakusp.  l< a ciiinfortiilili; hotel fur t ravel It. r.-.  Mrs. McDoiig-aidS-  TO LETTER-WRITERS  UK Postal Authority's  iidvict! to all win.  wrile letter* is to h.i\i-  _ the inline and addia-a--  of the writer printed  upon the envelope.  This saves time and  prevents letters jiohn:  to the Dead Letter  Office. In order tn  help oiil the, jiuhlic in  this important matter  we will print your name and address upon inn Xo. 7 white envelopes and Mail thein to any pari  of Canada upon receipt of  75 CENTS.  TIIK LKPGK, Xew Denver.  111 \-  tl'o'e citie  address-  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS.  ;k u-;i ><���'���:.  r. i.ii\vi:i:v.  '.'dilor and  To and from Kuropean  points via Canadian  mil American lines.     Apply    for sailing dates  full   information  to  any 0.  inaiicior.  I rates, tickets and  ! I!v atrcnt or���  W. P. V  <L  Io GARRETT,  <"��� P. R. Atient. Xew Denver.  Cnmmiin.'s. G. S. S. A-t.. Winniin THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MARCH 15, 1900.  Seventh Yeap.  I'NAXSWKKEf).  j"    lie   wants   a   soldier  who has been  I ���'���drilled''to handle -'o'lnfanil to "shoot"  WAK  Leaning to listen low  at the core of   the ; and work   a  ���'butter v'  also  a painter.  Private.Smith   of-the  Rovals: the veldt  world's heart betitinjr  . ..    .        ...... and a slate-black skv,  The   <n-e-,t    duml- he-n'f of   the wor^ ^Vll0��aU1"Ula    C'������?.'   ��� i Hillocks  of  mud. brick-red  with blood,  Jrh% inT W-ukte crv '     Ife Wiinl*  a  "Sfl����r<'-  ^   <>i men  to ;. an(1 a waver-half curse-to die.  witn its mai ticuiaie ci \. > , .   ,    .    ; .      -if in.      -   i   -    ^i  "God ' God ' God'" j work ior  linn,  some feed,  lor  his "uir- : A lung and a   "Mauser  bullet, pink lorth  affe," a bird for the '"ca.��'C."* a hunter to :. and a haif-choked cry.  hunt the ���i��'opiicr"and a :'griy;/Aey," and ; prjvate Smith of the Royals ; a torrent of  a   sprinter   to   -'run   a   drift'* ' ag-ainst ; freezing rain :  rjine I A hail of frost on a leaf half lost; despair  tt"      ������''���) i        ���ni,.���^������i 'and a grinding pain.  He wants a tidy man who wih put an , And fhe ^   (M^ ^ of the heavenB  -���apron'   on  and  '-clean  up    the mill, j. .        to wash out the brand of Cain.  sweep up the "dust" and wash "dirt."    ;, .    .        , .  7T     , ,...,'    .    , ...     ,.���,.   ; Private t-rnith of the Rovals; self-sound-  He also would like to have the ��ov- ing hig ��uneral kn^.  ernment  furnish .him   with    ������stamps' | A burning throat that each gasping note  free of charge. j scrapes raw like a broken shell.  He wants the "roof of the drift"' shin.: A thirst like a red hot iron, and a tongue  ��� ,   ,     ...  .        ,     , ,, ii    ���' i like a patch of hell,  g-led with twenty dollar g-old pieces.       ' '  Through the silence vainly repeating,  To shiver, bask  from   the dark from a  blank, unanswering sky.  Every throb a prayer for help, bufnever  a word or a token  That One has  leaned from his heaven  and listened across his bars.  "God! God! God!'*  And the infinite silence unbroken!  The woe of the  world's heart beats up  the path of the trembling stare.  Age after age the same, to  the luminouB  heavens o'er reaching,  Ever   that   woeful    prayer   for   help  Through the silence hurled,  Voiceless,   filling   all    space   with    its  changeless mute beseeching..  "God! God! God!"  What help for the heart of the world?  --Beatrice St; George..  THE     F.liKSH    WATI2R     IIVDIU.  la More DiTHilful Tliim tlio >1j t liolof;i<-!il  Creature.  U My  ii My  Private Smith of the  Royals; the blush  of a dawning day ;  The fading mist that the sun has kissed  ���and over the hills awav  ,.,  baked   in   a   "g-old pan."--Frisco  Re-1 Tj]e blest Red Cross like an angel in the  view. I trail of the men who slay.  | But Private Smith  of  the  Royals ga/.ed  ! tip at the soft blue sky���  j Tho  rose  tinged  morn like a babe new  born and the sweet songed birds  on high  And when he "dies" he "wants to <ro  to the "upper level'' and play on a silver  "horn"  and  have his  "slapjacks'"  AX    AUI/.ON A    BOX A X Z A.  ..One of the most wondorful producing-1  mines of the world is ihe'United Verde J-  ���copper mine at .Jerome,Arizona, owned ' With a fleck of red on his pallid lip and  bv   W. A. Clark, the  Montana million-: a film of white on his eye.  .,"���,, ' . ���Herbert Cadett.  <X 11 I.. ��� i  From the United .Verde copper mine,  with its income of SI 1,000,000 a year,  Senator. Clark  derives  $30,000 a   day,  A   Liini; War.  There was  once,  says'mythology, a  hydra  which   inhabited  the  marsh of  Lome, in Greece, and spread terror in  ail the country around.    This  frightful   Senator. UlarK  derives  syiyjuo a   uay,      Xupoleon   declared war against (Treat  creature had seven 'heads, and if some   wic|, ;s sj^i.h) an hour, or ��20 a minute, : Britain in 5kv. ISO;-),   the  previous war  says the Phoenix Republican. If the i i)etwC,e��� the two countries having term-  expectations of Mr. Clark in regard to jjnute,j oniy |)y the treaty of Amiens in  the output of the United Verde are. oclober, ISOl". The war of 180M lasted  realized-M9('),000,000 pounds of copper : tj]j .\prpM ^14, when Paris surrendered  a year���his income from this source ' to the Allies, and Napoleon was sent as  alone will be ��17,280,000 a year, or ��-1-0,-; a p,.isoner to'Elba, where he arrived on  000 a day. At this rate Mr. Clark's j the 4th of yj.iy j.Te esc;lped from Elba  Coppermine is worth ��580,000,000. There I ;��� March, 1815, and recommenced the  have been other mines which have pro- j w.ir) %v\^c^ finally terminated with'Na-  duced enormously for a short time, but j poieon>s defeat at the battle of Waterloo  they have soon, become exhaustod: | on the 18tll 01- ,ju,iei is.1.5, having lasted  The Verde  mine, however, is the won- i neai-jv twelve vears.  der of the as'e, and miners who have:       '���" *     had access in any way. to the ore body! .�����i,.itio*viw��i in isoo.  do not pretend to predict what the fu- ���  tureinavshow.    If it lasts two years at:    Following are the official  returns  ol  Stock is Up-to-Date  Prices are Right  ^ I Guarantee Quality  I demand the Lain just and Latkst stock in B.  C, which I want you to know, and don't forget the place.  Headquarters for  T Watches, Jewdery and Diamonds  I j The Famous KARN Pianos  ^SEWING MACHINES  Ibiymond Cabinets for.,  Wheeler cv. Wilson for  Domestic for  White for.. .  Standard for  As we only employ   the  most, expert watchmakers and jewelers,  all work guaranteed.  All orders 'by ' mail   receive  our   prompt attention, at��� '���.'���'  rj   847 Roger Bros'  Knives, Forks and Spoons-, always on ham  Don't forget the place, at���  The Jeweler.  NELSON.B. (.'!  adventurer, tried, with'praiseworthy intention, to cut off one, it immediately  ��rrew a��-ain.  Now, there actually exist . animals  which, considering their small size, are  more dreadful than the hydra of the  Greeks.  It is a simple sack of some few millimeters in length, called the fresh water  hydra. Around the orifice of the sack  ���H.11 orifice which is the mouth of the  animal���are found disposed long- arms  or   tentacles,   armed    with   poisonous  ���farts.  The hydra, very g-reedy  and always  in quest' of prev, ceaselessly agitates its .......    __   _  in the 'water, and  if one of | the   present   rate of   production,   Mr. | the bounties paid, by the bommion go\  M^^C^J^rs^rs-?^!^^ rs^r<^r<^^^r<z*.>*t  rsews,  Sells the  Best Cigars in  .����.  KJS  Heated with   Hot  Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Large, comfortable bedrooms and first-class dining room. Sample rooms  for commercial men RATES   $2 PER DAY  MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Prop., Late of the Royal Motel Calgary.  Baker St., Nelson, B. C  durina the fiscal  louth of the hydra,  long arms 1 ,  . .  tl.wn   encounters   anv   animalculae  it j Clark has vet ��520,000.000 to draw uixm j ernment on  silver ore  out  lllt.ni      LdH.UUU'-L.i.-J ,_ v 7 j .. ^ loan. l.r.ill'\finOC  twines itself around  the poor victim, | in   annual   installments.   If   the mine 1 year ended  June  .,0,1^.).'.   mu Mines  niercesit with its darts.paralv/.cs it.ancl   shouid  Ja��t   fiftv vears.   his  heirs.will j Co.���ISiKi, 1,7209.50;   1S07, ffl,S/b; 1S9S,  1 '  '������     iind a back account unequaled bv anv j $18,025.88; a total of $37,171.83.    Untish  iu the world ! Columbia Smelting & Hefimng Co.���1S%  ;��� ���  I $2595.32; 1S!)7, $18,124; 189S, $11,914.17;  vauna a Gr.-at Vein officii. '! or a total of  $32.(593.J9.    The Kootenay  Smelting A:Keiinin(i Co.���189(5, $6,779.79.  Dr. W.E. Nichols,of Huntingdon.lud., j T]je ^^ {ohi{ paid QUt was ^(^('HS.I.OI,  is back  from  British  Columbia, where, , th<j bD0Unty beins 00 cents per ton.  at the head waters of the Peace River,he  discovered  a  great  vein  of  mica.    Dr. j  "Nichols, in   1897,   penetrated 1700 miles j  so carries it to the mot  which swallows und digests it,  There is nothing very extraordinary  in all that, but here is where the fantastic begins! Cut off one of the arms of  the hydra and at the end of twenty minutes tiie arm will have grown out again;  split the animal lengthwise, in such a  way as to separate it in two halves, and  each part folds back on. itself, welds its  two edges together and you have two  hydras as a result instead of one.  'instead of splitting- the animal length-  HJfjITPlHf ff^yt" mtt-tWMILJIU MSlMtM1tM��g>^CTgWg��K��llll*VBICTVggCTgfwr  into an   unexplored  country,    He cured j  the Indians with his medicines,and they I  in gratitude   told  him  of gold deposits.  He made his wav across mountains, and  wise, cut it across  in  such a way as to, _q th_ _1q_^ q{ Qne  mn acrog? thig g,.eat  have at the top a depth of sack without! yein  tentacles, at the bottom  a kind of ring! ,  or tube  provided  with  arms, but open  at both cuds; you  will   see the upper j ^^.j^.^ br  half  provide   iiself  very  rapidly   with j '  arms, and  the  lower  part,  win en  of mica.    The next year lie went in  again with   a.   partner, C.   W. Norris, of  I Chicago, and staked off claims.    lie and  ought with them five tons [  ot mica, valued at  over $200,000.    They j  can   -produce   cubes ol"  mica !  O.K. CLARK,  MINES  and MINING  Reports, Examinations and Manage  ment.  ML  A5U) HOTEL  Pamily ec Commercial.  arge  And  Comfortable  Rooms  Fitted  with every modei;n  convenience. Special protection against lire. Rates ��2.50  and ��3 per day.  COCKLE &  PAPWORTH,  Proprietors.  FBEB'J.SCIUilE  Nelson, B. C.  Merchant Tai Ior.  lias     ,   .  ,  i claim Ir.ev  tentacles, close  itself at the top m sue. : .^ .^ ��� _    Heretofore the lamest!  awaythateachhaifof theor^ii',a!ny-jshmsh;ive ^^ IJlef(Sliml hl [nc^__ ;  di-a will become a com])!.:!,' and peri.et j T]je ^^ ^ daim ^ ^.^^ c^m j  livdra  Cut the hydra  iu as  many' pieey.s  as  .011 mav. and each niece -vill 'oecoine a j  . offured by the British government for a  j piece of mica lour  feet square,    lie says  NEW DENVER.  '    - *f 31 i  3. C  oerfect   hvdra,   Arlnch   sui  search for i'onfl withou  of iroubliri^' a.l.'oiif the operation wincii  a-ave it birth, 'hie can do bettev yet  ��� >ne can. if ii is done earcfuiiy. turn the  hydra inside out,as one turns the 'nitrcr  :>i a .ulove, so that tho stoma::!: of thy  animal becomes its skin and its skin be-  his sheets can "'-.e used as class in loconio- ;  ��� oi!  :d!  v.'; u i t    I ���; IS ]  soi'ir   I'eii'ii1.^.   i.()!   . , . , . '"  - .       .   ! lives and battleships.    The viDration�� <  t- haviuy the air \   , . ,  , . , | I be gun linns alwavf: slialters o;lass. an  ine navies  mica sbee  conies its stomach. In the lirst momentj  >o:'.  ill)(!'  of   the   world   wi  s.-.��� M i.aincr \ To rid  ^()i l'a!   i.hi>   !���;>:> i r .  tl,  T!ffr  f  ilanuiuelurers'Oi  m^iM- A Ml Ii  Full Line   of SHnitina's and  Trouserings al^^n's un hand.  ^___%_________NELSON _  Carry a complete stock of  vu&ju   twyw��  ���"T'-LJ  and solicit oi'tiers from any part of the province.     Write for prices.  me wcx  ton? \/ a s  NELSON, B.C.  holesale  ers in^_____t&��  ce Wines  ^%- %^^.^ /^^v^^--^^ ^-% ^yf  ?'     ^' JW (7   W.    p;��n KZ*> .f-Ji.    w*h IJfWt. .pav, ,a��ft     '��  0       ��? W  t^-<^ Clas' ��oV kS'     JU-y It ?l, &tf' ";.w      0/  $ PHOTO G Pi A P HERS $  ^ VA^ro'i'."-"     ������ "^' <^"-m   p r   v-  At E. M. JllilNDLlvS,   Now Denver.  Dli.  M1LT.OV.  >Vi?wt_      .Tr��wa   \sk        ._   ixtqwasri   y    vibik    "^l^t-i^vji  and r  ?*a c  UOSSL-AM  vi-^U  '(    ~1  *<��� J>  I'{1  _.    ago  a thrifiy old  IJeiliiii uiiiiiiiiy at I;-": ule-'  tiie hydra .seems  to   eAperii.--nce cortain | ��-'ve:'y   Sunday   ^joaumg    at    tne  ehur.;ii of   >t. l:'kvv: i'. di;-.t:i!!t   f-'omc.  1! -  otUirer  .service ;  ���   little  ?u  \.   >  t  ^  ^c:"  -  V!' >.  -   ��  <   -*>.    i �����  ft  '��-  M^  'I     <i'" 1%.     *$$���*'*&  VlaN'i'    !>���    i   i-  . inconvenu!iu:er>--!t'IOC.-', not sc.-m -r. ,>���������  sure of itself, ���'raui^ly. after <uch an  experience it wouid. be s'ran^'e if it did.  .But at last, at the end of a few lic-ur.s. it  anpears to take it�� lot phiioso-p'.iir:ai;y,  and takes I'oo'.l and lii^'f^ts :r witiiUh  former -kin, winch becomes it- new  atomach.  This is still no! all. iv if. -��; ; t'o.ai  wolves will not eat each, other. V'nar. is  a saving evidently faise as i���.-..11���;��� t��� j��� 11.s rae  wolves, but rigorously ituo asa-.yra.'ds  liie hydras. < bie may ;ak': .oii-.i:i:a^-o  of the irhli tony a>f \ U-\ a i;il*;.-5; ' ;������ ':,:���! ke :t  f-'v.'aliow ..iu- ���>;' ;;>. k!'..'<i. bo: it '.'-ib not  fb'iav in lin(!i!i>r '-u' :!;;��� triek yiayoai  II in ill it, and  o   ; ill'::'���.���! <::' ������������;'   i';a ; - ;y . :i a  ,'..i,ipb/> of :'raior!iiiy      !'���;'   ''.'!:��� i'e ' ..���  Valir.ii   i j!  ". in��� ii "a : i ;ai  a -.:,...>.   .- ���  _ a .''  is    T.' ii e.:    oi i. ���    ; 11'.���'.���'���:>: ���    ' a ������ a   ���   .  a  ai rn   faoal    aa, ,: a    ;.-     '   ��� :   ���  :t. a-^s ;������(.:!��� ii(.'!'   en lUie a:; a   jnnsaie   "01  'erliyshira.     As re;--rular in jier provis'ion.  'or temporal wants as she was in attond-  ince to sviirivstai  necessities, her custom  * # vi  and  1*1.  A   .-^    .  '~-"-\J.i"  /;*';?%> !M;l'.'i'i>.  M-:r.\ii  !'')-! ).V  j:.-'.. a:  e  "iJ   *4&  'V," l>      f'  ' <i^\.  M   c v I    tl  Write for 1'rice:  1 ,i i -, <���  1   'V     ) ( n l\  j A  *  k\  '<..  VII  �����*��1  p  O  x was  Irvine fV  SON, B. C.  f A  A r,:-: >  .'as to iuiii  ;h::u'  her  i.ook. '  llethia  L'l '.  a ;  U;  ol 1'iacon m a pot,  ?:.'ly cooked against  -.vi'.h. a. 'kg prayer  iio'.w liaudkerchiuf.  O  ��� 1 [ a' W$W  ;?���:    y (        _ _ /r?"^  I       i.oAVK-'i' im;;-.':-:s. ,Sk  I lift  .'tiers   shipjted  to all  ]);trts  oi'-thej^|  Country.       -liH  ;u   iieacl   of        |   .^  ���Slocnt; Lai^e.   r-^  1  f  Y3��t'l"  .l.laail OI.  a lay.,   however,  hue to iier   us  1.'  and.  1'" >.  costoil-eo a 1')/:!re  ttoseiie;  o;it  C%  tl%^  a���*: ..v.i.  ^ xnr  y ~" l .*i '--\j  IS   MOCI!   a!"!  ..io.-ui l'"i-  ;v  t iv iin -. it'-.  .iiilV  01   ;!i  i ^k;!^  <s'->;.!-'''��;  ���'���aB^-  (?���' '.'l-S1!,  &1   "'    >::!'*> ';.��    5  n % pi    i* <  Nil   ��^  I  ^.a^i  Wiiv si  '.%   u  t; *j-: ^ '<���'-  *.'��� *     ''���  ' 'W ��  /5   ?-3  ���V    >".'     K'l   ^   5i>  V-  iaast foi- your  .!..���'.'.W,    ii''   .Ni  v:s in all   do-.;  < ioO'is \  i.iiWF.i:  lents   in  loan  i can pur,  he ;>epar  ������I ��� koito:  uia.-'i.1 !;���(  ; mental  in us and nave cliem  Stores of lb.- I'.astV  ie.'-'.l   i;r  baVk' .  Vi I:  ��� ne(.'tinus.  i.iiii'Mis.  floor   "ila  J-.-ess  (���  W  .���icuni..  V  t ;!i tin.',  wi.-.eksj.  ti'oi I t,!H���.  ���very-  ::;d i,i,i-  /y'if?  Vs    it ���.'  w  lift  k'p  ...    fv\:  .:������. :aS^  L':t  ...v.  ib- wain-  ��� 1,11 u ���. i i -if t;  i io- (h'ifi."  Fie want-  a in 1  ,'a,: a  de in  e li in.  i;. 'IIS.  an mi  lie   !!-.('���  'l'01-j ���!! Vi"  .' l ' ���' .'  ���,.'..' z  ,-,,,,.  '.������������>   ;. lUiOU    a!  '..!.-���  h"   101-,  ;:  '���'  '  : 1 i .V."  ei!-..".  ~  ri -  la UU'h :   a.  .   . a  ..      |  1  '.    '.  '; 1 a v 01  hillil': ��� an  'I   "(���!  i''.  .--alii,'  i'  '''' !!"'l'"-',    "   ' ���'    '  i' *a  lie wan  .-��� ai!  peri  bury!.  1 r  . ��� " '��� a;  "lie     ii!   ;'. I'LL':'  ��� ���        1   , .,  V e    ;  <)������������   j.i-i  .';'.: ii" lire,  ; \  ;:.',' <  riiv.  ; ��� 1    ��� ��� j  ' ��� '���*���'   '���- '.!  '. Ii  0   .calmlv  '���-.:���:   ri-:  A.'ai     \  /.���in     aui.  a   \  .'a i 1  ��� 11111 a  !     to     _  i i .a  ,"���1   iu  '  ro and ! -a -.'���������  1 nine.  fi i 1 V e 1   pi.  lie wan  - a li  liiat  will i:'  a  "iie.a  ;  A    iover   if.  -11   i       J'C  iia  it      an  ��� I" water."  and  1 ni  nn  ���������.'  ho can  w<  ���ar '.ii  tli  at a Li'ir!  v.'oi  1 ; in,-!v\\  '   III  11   Ha  1 i  'cap of a 1  1111: e  ! .-���  1   "  w  i  li marry ><>;.  ���taidy   ,  ���!.-e  r.i;ari  tjrt  .'���).."-���.>  . .vi;  i. SI  .Ti".  . ���-. .8! >.,  ^ v*A  Hi  "si  i  iL':'�� .v^.iO'i.  ioxoa,  a     .'^  ;U'U;;:.  iriHitT  III.  ���rr;,npp-��  fining; Supplies uni Heavy Transportation a Specialty.  Saddle Horses and Pack Animals.  Feed Stables at Xew Denver.  K f) (i f ^ 'P-  %?i il  (.1  l}(��        ./a'     i :���  KJ .si.  <->     '.V  V:,A:-,J.M  I Furnishes aceomniodutions  j to the trnvolinr;- pttldie  I enutil to any an Sloc'in  Lake. Comfortable beds  and tasty meals. The best  brands of liquors and  cigars on the market.  V  tiie  city-  Liiipvoi's :  iniiortfiblo   lvsiina-  i ���iira.rs���- kesi: .scrv  J,u;o;.:,i;oN ci c  a i    1 e;.��i(.-tc;  titt'olio'kou  1  tta. t   r-JA  ^'-.jl'   ij  & N i! p. ^'ASi  P F AII711% ft  % % $ I   WW I i fe P  . "vV  Props  est of  :ii   ,M��^' ,S-   ^3r/  v     ^b�� ���  W. :  'U,>;'  ib-ewers ol !'*ine Layer Ficer and !'orter���the best in the land.     Correspond-  sij'lieitcd.    Address ���  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson B.C."  li "*'  oo:Scr:i!i>e   tm  Fhe  Ledff@:  TH0S. LAKE, Prop.


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