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The Ledge Jul 19, 1900

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 /i^-i^-t/i/^^-r  rj~^yU^^^^4  Volume VII.  NEW DENVER, B. C, JULY If). 1 f)00.  Price, $2.00 Year SDVax.;i  era . XVs   market    valuation   to   which   the  ir^j entitled        But     British    Columbia  VY~ j tftc.'ulily w<��;irii)*j down prujii<liw\ ;nu  ���,.; B ���.,��������� ������ ,;;^::,::::l^M^^^^l^^sss^sas!ssJs^   n use in  the   Boundary.    The ! ^   WWW     W^. >���HT-* W    T   US     '����� -w  tf��\      w   m    w���^  w    t   >M  is  if.  1  Camp Gossip Concentrated for the Benefit of the  \��i\ pectus," r  ,' Paid-Up Subscriber. r&  m&s&tf&m&y&s gas && ^jm^^m^^MtrM  cliinory in use in the Boundary. The : tXr  ���j, .m.:,iuni im'.iiniu iiim\ii in-ojiuiiw, ;iiiu n,; shipment consists of goods intended fori 1^1  CM' tin' principal issuiii" houses in London : use on Mie Knob Hill, Grey Eagle and | &Z-  :^S l adhere to llieir policy of placing the i Snowshoe. mines. In the Knob Hill I ��v��  ��\ j word   "prove'"   before   flint   ol  Zt  pros-' and Grey  Fagle  .shipment   is   the  new .[ ��i*  ?*S  L0GAL G0ISGENTRATES  It is again reported that  the  smelter  at Pilot Bay will resume operations  Nearly all of the great Slocan mines  are within ten miles of New Denver.  Service will be  held  in  the   Presbyterian church   on Sunday at 7:30 a. in  All cordially invited.  The Sunday school picnic held last  Friday in Williamson's grove was the  ruo.sy.. successful of any yet given.  ,. e Vrjnel Bradley' and Nancy Lees were  married last Thursday at the residence  of Elias Hesketh, in Three Forks.  In Nelson, Jacob Dover has a large,  stock of Roger Bros.' 1847 silverware,  which he is selling at eastern prices.  The partnership between Charles S.  Rashdall and A. E. Fauquier has been  dissolved. Mr. Rashdall continues the  business.  The sidewalks about town are not  improved with the ever increasing  number of holes made in them by the  horses roaming' at la rye.  Philip Munroe went to Greenwood on  Monday to attend the funeral of his  cousin, Walter Smith, who died in that  city on Sunday of typhoid fever.  The demand for coke and   coal  from  the Crow's  Nost  is  so  great   that  the. I  orders   cannot   be   Idled.    There,   is  a  ��'teat market for it south of the line.  The, Mountain Con group on the  south fork of Carpenter creek has been  leased by W. W. Warner, who is packing up supplies and will get to work in  a"few days.  We, are getting well into the shank of  the summer, but not far enough yet to  depreciate the useful nature of the. milk  shake. Williams still has them on tap  for the victims of thirst.  Slocan City's celebration of July 12th  was  a  grand  success.    Silverton  football team defeated   Nelson,  Slocan   do  feated  Sandon,  and  the  New   Denver  juniors won front the. Slocan juniors.  The��� Iv. & S. will reach New Denver  just as soon as the. outlook for trade will  warrant the construction from Sandon.  The, company may string a telegraph  line into New Denver before many  months.  The Cranbrook Herald tells of the  finding in the Selkirk range of a pool  of ammonia that poisons and kills everything that gets within reach of its  fumes. A party has been formed to  investigate the discovery.  Martin O'Reilly & Co.. of Nelson, are  doing a greatly increased business since  .they commenced to advertise in Unloading journal <>f America's Lucerne.  Ladies from far and near are sending  for samples of dry goods they require,  and this enterprising firm can see the  lights of monetary success glimmering  upon the shore of prosperity. Write to  them when you want dress goods of  any kind.  SI.OOAN     JIIXHUAI,     KMIAT.  of high grade oic. The Wakefield  shipped two carloads of concentrates  last week. The Vancouver is shipping,  with plenty of ore at rhe mine.  S. A. Hartniann has put eight men to  work on the Great Britain group, on  ���Meadow creek, at the head of Kootenav  lake.  'LOAT     KUO.M    SANDON".  Thomas Brown is on a three months'  visit to Scotland  The IIunter-Kendrick Co. will erect  a two story brick building.  Mrs. Funk will open the dining room  of the Hotel Sandon next month.  F. J. Donaldson will put up a building on the Bartlett hotel lot, which he  will use for his business.  Dick Orando has again opened the  I van hoe, and behind his sweet smile no  trace of Sandon's fiery past can be.  located.  Bob Cunning, Sandon's pioneer hotel  man, is busily engaged upon his new  building', which will be sixty feet in  length.  Sammy Lloyd committed a slight  in liscretion the other evening, and the.  authorities gave him (10 days in the  only building at Nelson where the  boarders cannot break their necks by  falling out of the w.ndows.  A    CHAI'TKK    ON     Slvl-NlvS.  It is an old saw that says, "Seeing   is  believing, feeding is the  naked  truth."  Not so   in  our  relation   to   the  skunk  family     One would hardly believe that  an animal so innocent  appearing,  and  with a coat of fur so  glossy  and   long,  could be guilty of casting to  the  winds  a stench   so  potent  and  disgusting as  that einitecl from the anal glands of the  skunk.    One, does not have  to  see  nor  yet feel the animal to be impressed with  his or her  presence.    And,  yet,   in   its  native haunts, it is as playful and harmless as a kitten.    The  skunk   does   not  emit its nauseous odor unless assailed  by   an   enemy,   and  one might  sleep  under your  bed   for  months and   you  would never know of its presence.   But  attack the little brute,   and   it  immediately   turns  loose  its  odorous arsenal  and  sends broadcast volley after volley  from its storage battery.  Some nights ago two of these animals  passed through New Denver and left  their cards. Several citizens, with  guns in hand, dressed only in their  night garments, turned out to intercept  the intruders, but the more noise they  made the worse the. skunks impregnated  the atmosphere with their Florida water,  and the task of killing them was given  up.. A few nights later a I'niou street  chiekeu house was visited and I-J chicks  had their life, blood sucked out of them  bv i his ion! smelling species of the  weasel family     Sunday  evening'   three  pectus," the. Western Province of  Can-1 10-drill   Rand  duplex  air compressor, j & Party  01  Hew   Yorkers    Inspecting   the  Promising r\i>  ada will, by sheer force of  merit,   come j with    two   So-horse   power  boilers,   re- ��� 'jQf SilVGT  Mountain    Property- ' rv>  Ihe   Snowshoe'  will    have   a   /O-horsel      . - .   x, ,..,.,.      ,     .,, ....  A   party    ol   New    York   capitalists | will makea good cyaniding proposition .  info favor with English investors  KI.O.VT    KKOM.    NEr.SJON  power   boiler,  pumps, drills, pi pes, etc  The rmipp.d of Tlnmeix (iT-h-ien form-1-,m     ,- "T'l'i'ii l"'.'J "' "' ������" i i"!'v">, *���"- j registered  at  tlie  St. James  hotel   the  i no inneiai oi   i noni,is cj bin 11,101 in-, pj)e ivn0)j j.],j]   shipment  occupies the) , .    . ,. rr    ,    IT    , .  ei'ly foreman at the Molly Gibson,  took  place on Sunday.  A lower tunnel is to be run on the  Princess. For nine years Albert  Gerrard and George. Neelands have  worked this property.  J. K. Reid has returned from Montreal. After inspecting sonic; properties  around Fort, Steele he will go to Mexico  and remain unt 1 November.  The street cars of this city are deserving of patronage.. They do not  make, their passengers stand up as is  the custom on many lines in eastern  cities.  Willie Beaton . is one of our young  and rising mining experts. Nothing  will hold him down, not even his dad's  editorials. He will soon exhibit his  ye 11 ow leggings in Mexico.  A lady who lives not far from Nelson  was walking to town the other day  when she met a bear. She. bowed and  the bear passed on Later on the bear  visited her garden, but was driven off  without doing much damage.  Professor Steiner, with the assistance  of local talent, will produce Mikado  some time in September. Steiner was  once, with Patti, and has played with  many other great artists. He. was a  member of the original Pinafore, company.  A jolly party visited the hotel at the  Outlet a short time ago. After spending   the   night  flushes   and    looking   wise they  went  h'shingl    One of  them,   a  noble  young  lawyer, fellottt of the boat and drowned  his 850 hshing rod.    The balance, of the  party rushed to his rescue, and  by   the  time all were again on shore,  the  lake  staggered   as  though   it  were jagged.  The subsequent events consisted of wet  clothes   hanging   over   a   cook  stove,  while a mad   Chinaman   sang  this  refrain:  "Nelson  man, dam foolee. come  fishee, fall in lakee,   hang  him   clothes  ovel stove,   dlip in   soup,    boalders  all  get dluuk.    Gee.   Clist !   me  jump  em  job and go to Ottawa, savev:J"  space,  of ?,l   cars,   and   the   Snowshoe |  takes   up   the  balance.    The  cars  left  Sherbrooke June 27, and are  due  now!  at any time.  Last week additional side-tracks were  started on at no less than four different  mines by the C. P. R. near Phomix. A  track '2,i)0o feet long, or half a mile, was  run  to  the   Winnipeg  mine  from   the.  iast  week,  consisting of IT. A. Beabie  jand  H. W. Breck en ridge, of Wellsvillo,  and   J.   D.   MacMasters,   F.   P. Michol  and F. M. Thresher of Rochester, N. Y.  j They are accompanied by Frank Kelly,  of Spokane, and  come  here  to  inspect  the, Hartney mine, a property they have j ag0 that makes  an  excellent  start  for  been   working   some   months,  and  to  Opposite the Running Wolf is the Elk-  horn, also being worked, where there is  a Son-foot tunnel on a lead, giving a  depth of about 150 feet, the, conditions,  regarding ore, are much the same as in  the others. '  J. P. Bailey made, a find  a  few davs  Golden Crown  spur;   the  Crown   itself  has   an  additional   side-track   50o  examine1,  other  properties  with a view  to   acquiring.     These   gentlemen   are  very   favorably   impressed- with    the  eet   locality, and predict for New Denver a.  long;   the  Old   Ironsides and   Victoria j verv m.iffht future.    They  are  pleased  will have one. Wi feet,  long,  and  the i with th(J wav th(,, Hartnev is developing  Knob Hill an additional track   500  feet�� and .,r(J struck with the ;pp.lrent  rich.  in length.    The steel for the side-tracks  was taken up on   the  switchback  over  the Bull Dog-tunnel, use of which  was  discontinued March 1st.    The object of  all this extra track-laying���8,500 feet���  is to facilitate ore  shipments.    In  fact  the Miner-Graves syndicate, people flatly  refuse   to    commence   shipping   until  adequate, facilities for  handling  empty  and   loaded   cars  were furnished.' As  they  expect  to  initiate shipments  by  ness of the Silver Mountain ledges.  The party will remain in New Denver  this week. The majority of them will  then return to New York, leaving one  of the party here for the summer to  look after the company's interests.  During their brief stay here they are  enabled to get only a limited knowledge  of the camp's resources and possibilities,  vet sufficient to give them a good idea  of what they are, and they  leave New  WILT,    COMMIT    SUICIDK.  Kenneth    iVitrington    Uellairs     in  .Strait.'*   in   Spokane.  Hard  sending out at least 12 or 15 cars of ore | Denver verv favorably impressed, not  daily, the handling must be reduced to j only with the mi���eral" producing possi-  the minimum. ' bilities of the camp,  but also  with  its  natural advantages as a place, of residence. They greatly , enjoyed the  scenery of lake and mountain and  thoroughly appreciated the climatic  conditions found here.  Two of the gentlemen, before going  direct to New York, will go to Victoria  to interview the. government regarding  the Silver Mountain wagon road, and  will do all in their power to hasten the  grant promised by the government, so  Rossland nearly a year ago K. ff. B. has I ti,.,t work lnav be commenced on the  tasted much of the bitterness of  lite  in   ro.l(| jn ;1 few weeks.  the City of the Falls.    His long stay  in  :   the Medical Lake Insane Asylum,  from  which he  was   recently  discharged   as  cured, and into which haven of unsound A letter has been received from Geo  mind many think he should never have Watson, who is, now in the White Hoase  been committed, has been telling on j country, in which he says that he, has  him greatly. Since his release he has j been fortunate enough to open up a  been endeavoring to raise funds for the couple of fine copper properties, and  purpose of publishing1 a book entitled : j that they are favorably   located   within  "Bellairs is Starving!'*   This startling  headline to an article appeared   in  last  Saturday's issue of the Spokane Chron-  drawing  to  immature j icle and was the  subject  of discussion  among  many  of  Mr. Bellairs'  old  acquaintances in this city.    Since   he  left  EAST    KOOTKNAY    JUNES.  ItOUNOAKY    CAM!'.  The shaft on the Rambler, east., of  Fholt, is now down 110 feet, most of the  way in ore. At 1.50 feet depth it is the  intention lo crosscut. Six men are employed.  Harry McLaren has a cl  he has run   a   cut  for  20   feel   without '  "The Most Infamous Fraud fiver Perpetrated by the Brain of Man, the Lunacy  Asylums of America," the proceeds to  be used in instituting against the. state  a damage suit to the tune of S5,000,000.  But the one time prince of the London  stock brokers, editor of the London  Bulletin and honorary member of the  .Johannesburg Stock Exchange has  failed to raise the, pittance necessary to  Kenneth ffaring- j  ton Bellairs is   in   want.    He  is   doing |  three miles of the railroad.  aim on which I carry out his project.  Mr. Pollen, of Fort Steele, has an  optionabove the falls, formerly operated  by Charlie Edwards, Gus Theiss and j mouth of June.  Jack Thompson, and is prospecting the  ground with a view to ascertaining  whether there is sufficient pay then- to  warrant hydraulicing. Should his hopes  be realized, there; may once -more be,  extensive placer operations on historic  Perry creek.  something   good.     It   is   located   near  Swansea,  and  he   has   named   it   the  Pretoria.    On the claim   there appears  to be three quartz  veins, one  in  the  center, and one five feet  from  that  on  each side, and from appearance  so  far  in a solid formation.    A hole a few feec  in depth has been sunk on the  middle  vein, which   was  very  narrow  at  the  surface, but at the bottom  of the hole  shows   15  inches   of   quartz,   showing-  copper pyrites and carbonates throughout more or less, and a 5-inch streak  of  galena said to assay ��12  in  silvci   and  81 in gold, percentage of lead unknown,  but appearances would indicate from 10  to 25 per cent.    The ore  in many respects resembles that of the Union Jack.  One hundred and  thirty  carloads of  ore were shipped during June from the  North Star and Sullivan mines, 20 miles  northwest of Cranbrook. all clean ore���  not concentrates���just as it conies from  the mines.    The amount  coming  from  each mine, is not known, but the  major  portion is from  the  North   Star.    It is  not unlikely that the Sullivan's  output  in  three months' time  will  equal  the  present output of the  North  Star,  and  the shipments will be -in   less  than  200  cars per month from both 'mines, which  will average net to them, at a moderate  estimate, ���?l-l per ton.    At that rate the  shipment of the  past  month,  allowing-   ���  1.30 cars, 22 tons to the car,   must  have  netted returns of not less  than  810,000,  and this is believed to-be a very moderate estimate, under  rather  than   over.  The. St. Eugene, at Movie, 20 miles west  of Cranbrook. shipped 1800 tons of  concentrates, or about 82 car  loads���value  unknown���but it  is  believed  that  $14  net returns would be a large underestimate, which would at this rate produce  S25,2O0  net.    Added   to   the   mines   of  Kimbe.rley camp, a grand total of -SHo,-  210 net returns would lie given   for  the  IN    Till')    LAKIlKAi:  (hi the Alpine, a group of claims  adjacent to the. Golden (bite,   a   shaft   has  been sunk for 18 feel,which has resulted  in exposing a streak" of mixed ore   run-  The Estcdla. group of mines on Tracy   ning ��12 gold,   live  ounces  silver  and  creed: has over SOo feci   of  tunnels  and   seven per cent. lead.  w|���. j drifts.    Tlie Dibble mine, owned liy   an j     .|.���.k Nelson   obtained   an   option   on  i dow. resulting in his being de'clare-d   of! ��"uwa   syndicate,   has over Too feet of  Work  a-'regating  nearly  -l.ooo  iVet i unsound mind and  sent   to  the  insane j tunn.ds and shalts.     1 he Big duel   has  has bee,, done on the R. C. mine,   Sum-! asvluin, have been ail   sold   at  a   sacri  j sevi'-'111 '"'"dr.,I ieet ol tunnels, also the  mil   camp,   and   the  deepe'si   workings I lir'p.   and   judging   from   the   following i l>"P<-��" g-i'onp.   Cbickanio,,  Stone,   old:  hnding either wall of the lead.    The ore j 11()thing to earn a livelihood in Spokane,  is red .ixi(l��. ol copper carrying  string-1 The |ilt-le i���.ion!fin��'s of value which he  ersol   quartz   with   copper  sulphurets. j il;l(| at om. M|lU.. |l(, f(.)| mit o)-  t,,e  He calls this claim the Alpha.  Thursday   last  on   the.   Kootenays,   a  are down ���!,:  lee  th  i i  Last week the; Slocan Star shipped 10  tons: Payne, 150: Last Chance, 102.  The Hampton, on Springer creek,  will make a trial shipment to Trail this  week.  A mill will be erected at the Chapleau  just as soon as the! machinery can be  brought in.  By Huicing the ledge, ore has been  fiiwiV.ii two places on the Fairy C>ueen,  Trout creek.  Assessment work is being nut upon  the, C.P.R. with a view to getting the  property crown granted.  The Arlington Mines will soon have a  water power saw mill, and cut the lumber required in the mine.  The Rockland, on Red Mountain, in  the Slocan, is being rapidly developed  by the Graves company. It is a gold  and copper property.  ic'.iii were, on parade near the lake  shore and playfully passed within ten  feet of a parly standing there. They  appeared as harmless as kittens, but  when .Hie of them playfully turned his  battery end in the direction of the  startled individual he dropped all and  made rapid transit southward The  nicest way to handle, a skunk is to give  him the earth, or at least as much of it  as he lias immediate use for. He may  be harmless and prett'v to look at, and i  perhaps will nor emit his perfume unless j  provoked, but. nevertheless, vou   never  develnmno.nt  About one-sixih   of note   which   he   left   in   the  Chronicle \ Alu'- ('olossal.   Bald  Mountain,   Oold.-n  las been  sinking and j office he is in bad straits.   "Please print. ! I'ive group, Minnie M.. Tiger. John L.  ���alaiK'c b  ing drifting  and ' Having had ail my rash stolen from me ; aiul   "1:l".v   '-'thors   have from loo to r.uo  tons   of  ore; and my goods,   by   the  officials  of  this | '<'1'1 "'' tonneis. shafts and drifts,  rail   stnedter ! state  or  others,   and   having sold all Ij     ,J. |-  could lincl at five per ���.���cut. of cost to me. j Creat  group of claims adjoining1 the Nettie, L.  The. deal L for 81s,mm. to be paid within  a year. The group consists of two  full-sized claim- and a fraction.  : raising, tin  I crossctil.tiiig1     (>\'er    I .not  | have   been   sent   to   the  j since shipments began last fall.  [ Alex Onion- and Alex. Donas have  just returned from a prospecting trip  up the east fork of the North Fork, and  reports what looks like the biggest  strike o  cooper.  1 am now living (literally) on dry bread. . Pelican, (>!<! Dominion and other claims I  and my next course, is suicide-." : in which he  is  interested.    Those :  !     Work,   will    be   commenced   mi    the  j Lucky .Jiin, near the Mabel group, dur-  | inn the course of a couple of  weeks      It  Sherwood ivceutly arrived from ! i* ihe intention   of   the   owners  of   this  Montana, to  ��� a  work   on   the  < e  a  i ven  test of the ore   body,   which   has  .... , ,    -   , pro-j retnrns of over ��15o in gold to  the   ton.  Is fins, then, to be. tne. end ol the   one ; pertios are located   two   miles   south   of  | time brilliant financier  and   journalist, j the  Perry   Creek   and   Kootenay   com-  the.   season   in   the   way   of J that made London startle. So years   ago ! pany's, and ha-e had considerable work  I'hey brought   down   samples! with   his   manipulations   of  the  stock ! dnne on theni up   '"  The chance-  change ban:  are that this property wil  s before long.  the   present   time, i  know when he. will take a shot   at   you.  Sit nation    Improving.  from a group of live claims, the Poland, i market, and in a pamphlet that cost the ' The; showing  on  I Surprise,    Wilbur,   San   Francisco  and j writer thousands of pounds to  produce, i claims is said   to  j Wilfred,  which   they   have   located   on j proving that the. bible, contained   many j ���j���t,s ���f fm. aohl running up to as high  j the west bank of the, east: fork of   North ��� descrepencies?���Rossland Miner. I as ��150 per ton,  which   has  open   been  the   surface   of   these;  be   remarkable?,   pan-  Fork, about 05 miles from this city. Thei  lead is said to be one of the biggest ever j  found in that section, and that   the  ore !  The Clara Mat lies  Comedy  company  will play in   New   Denver   next   week.'  obtained, the gold being quite coarse, at  be   demonstrated,  British   Columbia   is  coining   to   the! i-s rich no one can doubt   who  seep   the'  The   press    endorses    this    troupe;  as i  that.    It remains   to  however, whetheu- or not  the   gold   will  worthy    of    natron age.  drama    entitled  1 coined v  front   in   a   plucky   and   praiseworthy j specimens they brought down, for they  manner,  says the   Colonial  Goldfields j show any amount of  copper  and   some!  Gazette     It is quite true, that,   even  in j '>ther mineral, which looks suspiciously  the. unroinantic realm of mining specu-l like telluride  hitinn, fancies and fashions triumph for j     In  a   few  days a  shipment  of   four  ,, | often the belief   that   it   will  does half the work.  Their    new  Brown's   in  a tiino over  intrinsic  merits,  and   par- j straight   carloads   of  iiciiiarly is this the case in regard to the! arrive in  lies! Brbish   Columbian   mines,   which, I here.    The shipment comes direct from!     The best ad you can get is  The Hewett recently shipped In   tons! although proved to be valuable propei-; Sherbrooke, <,>ued>oc, from the shops of! good.  machinery    wil  h.r'iiix camp  for  the mines J  not be in a base form at depth.  The Perry Creek and Kootenay Mining  I.  most vigorously, and on the Pearl is  now in Hod feet on a crosscut tunnel for  a large; ledge; which makes a very line  showing on t be surface.    ()n   the   Run-  i ning Wolf tlie same company has a  none   too ��� tunnel in U)n feet:   this is also in a very  : large ledge, which. c" far as now known.  Town"   is So per cent, fun and will fire i t.'unpany, I.united, is prosecuting woi  a round of laughter every other minute.  Advertising  is  like medicine.    Very  cure   vou  R. Leckie-Kwing came down from the  ���jnpire group, on the head of Cariboo  and Gainer creed<s, a few days ago. A  force, of men has been put to work on a  crosscut tunnel, and are now in about  20 feet. The snow is going fast. Mr.  Ewing has taken some excellent views  of the. property and surrounding country. It gives one a good idea of the lay  of the country. Work will be vigorously prosecuted from now on, and  supplies for the. coming winter will be  taken as soon as a few repairs are made  to the; Empire; trail.  The; Bloomers of Boston were in Nelson last Sunday, but did not have time  to buy any hosiery from Martin O'Reilly  & Co. of that citv. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., JULY 19,  1900.  Seventh Yea&  sible for a woman to throw straight.  She met with an accident when the  game was about half -over. Bill  (Jalliher was umpire. The lithe  arid beautiful little woman had just  delivered a swift twister over the  plate, when something was seen to  drop from one of her nether extremities. 'Twas a. garter, and a.  deathly 'silence''pervaded the audience. The plucky little woman  was  equal   to ��� the   occasion,    and  i caught her hosiery on tlie Hy. while?  the crowd cheered and the small  boy yelled across the diamond.  "What are you out there for. .Dill?"  The- youth   of Nelson  are a. smart  ! set and many of. their shrill . remarks  at  this  game   would   have  provoked a Piute warrior to laugh-  The remarks of   sonic .of the  Tin: l,l-:i"'.i: i< two dollars a Year in advanei-. When not so paid it is .-���-'.:fi'i io parties worthy of eircelit. To. harljiiriiuis cast 01 Lake  Superior it i ���,..*] :��� voar. Leirui ml vert i >. i) i ^ lo eents a lion panel line tirsr inx-rtioii. ami fi eent-, a line ca.-li suhsci incur insertion. .tictidiiit:  lint in--. -IU i'ci:l> a 'line, ami i-oii'iini'i-eiii'l adver isini; graded in prices according to ei:'eniri<tai!<-es. \ fer.  KKId.OVV  I'lLGKIMS:    Tin; Lkdok i> located at New I lenver. I!. C, a ml can lit- U'iiced to ma uy pa rts of the earth.        It comes to the front , n  every Thnudity and has never li.-en n.i<ie��l hy the slieiill. >iio\vslided hy cheap silver, or-nhd ned hy the fear of man. It works for file trail ; KlCUeS   prC'SOnl'   WCl'C   e>e|IIilllV   a 111 US  hla/.i-r as svell'as the hav-v.'iiiil()w.;.i an.l chavnpa-iie-llavoreil capitalist.        h aims to he on tie- ri^'ht snle ol evcryt hniKimd helicvcs i hat hell : . , . I  should he administered io the wicked in hire,'.' .loses.        1.1 has si ood the test   of  lime,  ami   an   ever -nicreashik' pn.vsl real?   is   prool the t ri ts . litg.        1      SiUi     ailUdst     il     gilia.Xy    111  hetter to telMhe truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. .     A 'chute of jnli work i- worked occasionally loi-t he heneht. : ,  of humanity and ihe liua ncicr.       ('ome in rtnd see ns. hn v do not pa t t he hull dm.' on t he ci allium,  or  chascthe   hlack  cow   liom our w.-iler ; WOlllC'll, JOSl. 11 KC it T( >SC SUl'roll 11(10(1 |  harrel:   one' i- -a vase and t he oilier a vieUm of t h ir���t .       tine of the wildest- works of creation is t he .man who a 1 ways pays the printer; he is j . jargtle'S.    tlie   .temptation    to   enjoy   the  with thornlcs-. ros..~ for a pillow hv niL,'ht, and nothintr hni -eld to look at hy day. I>\'  Illle'S.  Mild ''Ollc   petite    ladv    W'llO .'.  R. T. LOW EM Y. Eeiilor and l-inancier. ,,,,,,,, , ,  ��� : held   lost   the   brake   lo   her   word  their fellows is inexpressibly shocking  to them and never to be thought of for  a moment. Of.course, the poor cannot  afford to keep their wives thus secluded  and in such luxury. Thus their wives  must have recourse to the impenetrable  veil. And, as in every country, the  rich man has other advantages the  poorer brother cannot hope to enjoy.  The rich man can have four wives, the  full legal number. The poor man can  have, four wives, too, if lie can support  them, but two is usually the limit of the  poor 'man's household. He. -cannot  afford four wives all at once, but if he is  industrious and utilizes his opportunities for divorce lie,can have more than  four before he dies. Indeed,'the working man of Egypt usually finds one wife,  .���is much of a burden as he can manage,  but when that one wife begins to pall  he can divorce her at a moment's notice  and hunt up another, '"his is the reason  why the Egyptian wife has so strong a  prejudice against the accumulation of  property by her husband. She will not  let him lay by anything if she can help  it.    Should lie tje.i something ahead, she  ���.n ri; ol ii hunk in pa radise  The Ledge.  A pencil cross m this square.  indicates that your sveh.scrip-  tion is- due. and that the editor  wishes once a^nin 1o look at  your collateral.  rBU'RSDAr,. JULY H).   1900.  jSIany people  of this  his   paper  sonic   day   when   1 can  afford it."   my soul might be mad  with the joy of appreciation   while  there was nothing' in  but prunes and hike witter.  If I bow down to the capitalists,  say that they are the only people,  a.nd that the, Lord created the  Slocan for their use and  that the  O0m���  world  are thin in theMa,ws should be made for their bene  Solid    ��iental Hkin tind lul] ofifit T wi]1  be  ,,ewarde(1   with  1''ht'ir  good wishes and'many will exclaim,  '���Deucedly clevah papah that chap  publishes in New Denver. I wonder what he lives on, the scenery  must be nutritious, doncher know.  By Jove !';  Thus it goes on. No matter  what I put my pen into J will find  some to hiss and some to applaud.  If I print a good live paper in one  town,the inhabitants of sister towns  will turn green and send their job  printing a thousand or less miles  away with'the.false hope of dimming the journalistic light that  shines for all. provided they, will  not shut its ra.ys out by putting up  temporary barriers.  r-       i       I'-iivy, hatred and gen-  I uLLo ei-al cussedness when  cold water is thrown on their ideas,  customs, politics, .religion or prejudices by an editor. Then it is  that their little souls light up with  a flash of anger, and the}- make a  splash much the same as a pebble  does when it is flung into Slocan  lake. I have noticed this ever  since I first travelled the-- journalistic trail. Run a dead, musty  paper and it will be so peaceful  around the office that the flies will  die, for lack of visitors to stir them  up. Make a sheet lively and fearless, and one-half of the community  will be alternately blessing and  cursing you. while not a single  reader Avill suffer from ennui.   ,       ! J   jfo-   I pi      Nelson has wonder-  If I roast  those jae.kals  of  the!*.    , fully spruced up in the  press, commonly known as jackleg /NCISOfl last few years. I can  editors, for being a blight on the | remember when it was a frontier  community and a curse to their j camp filled with that wild, free  creditors, every one of the syphaxi-1 crowd of prodigals always in at the  cal spawn will open their yawps | ''"th of a new town, but seldom  and bark just like other little town j found :it the funeral. In those  dogs do when a stranger throws a|<hiys it was no disgrace to daub the  bone ;it them. ! burg with alcoholic   paint,   a.nd   to  If   I  declare    that    the    IJoman | -stfiiKl In'o-b in tlie,   society   of   East  Catholic church should   be   demol- j Haker streetcwas   a   badge  of  dis-  ished and every Mick compelled  to] t-iiit-tion.    The saloon   doors   stood  eat meat on Friday then   the  sons j ajar on the Sabbath, a.nd the   bcef-  of King Hilly will   pat   me   on   the! steaks were the toughest things  in  back  until  my   natural   growth   is j town.       Nelson    never   was   very  impeded and everything is trimmed | wicked.     A man was seldom on the  in oraice ��� breakfast bill of fare, and  the   faro  ** " j .  If I honestly state  that   Orange-!'"'.^'1' ^ never turned loose in the  .   ism should   never   have   emigrated { community, although for a time, of  from Ireland, and that   its  annual I l;ilt(1 years,   the  slot   machine   was  celebration in America only   has ai led on nickels  by   gambling   chub-  tondeney  to   cause   ill   feeling   be-j hers.  tween    neighbors, ���'then    ignorant!     The   unstopable   march   of   time  geysers who know absolutely noth-j has brought many chsinges to  Nol-  ing about  King  William's   history I son.     The   saloon    now    locks   its  will consign me to it southern hemic j front door ^ycry seventh day. while  iilong   with   the   pope-,    while   thei the ozone is vibrated by the mellow  Micks    will    exclaim.    "Shore,   its  toned   church    hell.     Beer  can   be  sinse you have, if.yer docs   live in   bought    for   five   cents.      The   roe  New Denver !" ! lights on   Bilker   street   have   been  i  I have often found it difficult   to j dimmed, and the fallen sisters coin-  arrive at Ihe truth of events only a j polled to earn their misery in more  week old. even in ihcsc d.'iys ed'the! secluded (piiirters. '    The roar of the  art preservative of   all   arts.     Ycl, j street car has drowned ihe neigh o  ;ita   misty   period   of   the   world's! the pack horse.     The elude wil h his  history four hundred years afior lie j cigarette is more   prominent   than i  is said to have died.   1   lind   1 hat a j the  oldtinier   with    his   gun.     The;  history was written <d" Christ which ; dueliiie   everywhere   beaulilies   ih<':  millions accept   us   absolute   truth, i scenery by ihe bright-colors of   her!  While believing in the   lieaulies   of' I'arisian costume..and the delightful !  t he .Jesus' character as set forth   in ! rellee-fion  of her   nrtislie   counten-  the bible, if I was to assert thai liisiiiitce.     The city is filled wiih many  existence wits only a myth a.nd that' kinds   of   people,    some   can   trace  i  lie never lived except  in  the   brain ��� their   ancestry   away   back   to   the  ol a romancer, how   many   parsons! day when   white   piints   were   first  in this broad hind but  what   would i made, while others are still   in   the i  hold up their hands   in   theological i codfish     formation.       Some    have  horror and say that    I   was   wicked | souls broad enough to take   in   tin  enough    to    be    damned V     Nearly j universe, while  others   cannot   see |  every one of them,  and   yet   1   am ; over   a   .Methodist   or   some   either.  told thill flu's is ii free country. j church.     They are like a prospector '  If I stand piil for the miners how \ on a trail in the solid   forest.     The1  the    pot-bellied    gold    hoarders   ol'j bitter   class   are   very   desirous   of  Europe will   curse   me   and   say   I ! making the town conform  to   their  should    have   my    wings   clipped. | views.     They do not   want   others:  Mow the miner will bless me.   and j to enjoy life on  Sunday   and   havej  its he walks down the road past my! been asking tlie city fathers to pro- j  office to the. saloon, throws up a. live   hibit certain things that fire oll'en-j  to treat the crowd, exclaiming. "The  community of mixed ''.ideas should j pusher continually exclaimed. "Oh.  be more polite. " No one interferes I Jasper !" ������Run. Lucy, run!"  with them in their way of putting; "isn't Rocky a daisy!" "They  my stomach i in time on the seventh d;ty. and j call it a strike. She never'struck  ' they should be as generous. Cod's-it the ball !" "The pitcher must  elect people (in their minds) in j be a man !" "I hope they beat  Nelson probably do not know thai -j Nelson !" ���-Those two must be  every day is Sunday in some part1 sisters !" "I wish I had some  of tlie'world. Sunday is holy fori chewing gum!" "They got feet  Christians, Monday for Greeks,! Hkc fi man !" "Isn't that little  Tuesday for Persians, Wednesday. ��"e cute !" "Does . their daddy  for Assyrians, Friday for Turks, know they  and Saturday for the  Jews.     YoujI  don't,  wear  bloomers !;  .1 it in glad  ���<Oh,  pay   your  money  and   take .yourpl.v!   This is Sunday !"   and many  choice,   but  as it would not do to! other    expressions    in    a   similar  Irtiits ol his industry anil cr.oiiHniy with  bonier other woman will lie too strong tn  lie resisted ' She knows the wes'ikuess  of the-race. ' And she looks to it that  there is nothing left at the end of tin-  week or whenever the wage should lie l  spent.���Alexander Harvey, iu the Cosmopolitan  DIVORCE   IN    JAPAN.  The following are the texts of letters,  hearing a recent date, exchanged between an aggrieved husband and his  delightful successor, both of Azu'ma-  Mtu-a. Ashikaga district, Tockigi prefecture:  Mr. Sakichi Yamomoto.  Sir,���You have been guilty of improper flirtation with my Avife, Tsune,  and the affair has greatly grieved me.  For this reason 1 have made various  complaints against you for your offensive  conduct, through the members of our  communal body, and you have sent me  endless apologies, but rts I find them  unsatisfactory, I have, like a man, decided to get rid of my wife, and do  hereby give and transfer he-r to you.  Henceforth 1 will not entertain any  lingering affections for the woman, and  in proof thereof witness  my  signature.  Kamerichi Kujikawa.  Mr. Kamerichi Fujikawa.  ���Sir, ���It .is undi.sputalily true 'that 1  have been.guilty of intimacy with your  beloved wifc.and on that account I have  se'.nl you apologies through the members  oi'nur communal body. Vou, however,  stc-i.ll'astly refuse to forgive, and have  instead forwarded your wife to ihh. 1  beg herewith to acknowledge receipt of  said wife, etc.  High in the blue, expanse of sky that  covers the, Lucerne hangs that'warm  thing, the sun, while, on Sixth street  Williams'milk shake battery continually lessens the effect of its heated in-  llttence.  United they stand, divided   they  -business and advertising.  Kmpires may rise and stay up. but.  Williams does not seem to care. He  still sticks to the old stand on Sixth  .'sl.re.iet, in America's Lucerne, and loads,  up the. populace with the best fruit  obtainable,' provided they have the  price. If you are. a stranger in these  parts do not leave the camp until you  have sampled some of the many sweet  productions Williams always keeps in  stock.  have every day holy in Nelson the  better plan would be to let every  one act on every day according to  the light that is in them. Creed  rule in any community is a curse  about as great as any Ave can have.  There are people to-day who would  imprison all refusing to worship  Jesus according to church rules,  but I thank the great God'that the  population of this universe are not  all foolish bigots and knifeblade  creed blazers.  Last Sunday there was a hybrid  game of baseball in the city, although the daily papers ignored  the fact in their Monday editions.  The game was between Nelson and  a mixed club of men and women  known as the Boston Bloomers.  The best part of the exhibition was  the gate receipts. The receipts  must have been over ��o00. as the  grand stands were crowded, nearly  one-hftlI' of the spectators being  feminine. As a. curiosity the game  was all'right, but as an exhibition  of scientific ball 'i"if""was simply  eultus. The   Nelson    team    was  evidently too courteous to push the  game and the .Bloomers we're glad  to dodge fill hard work, most of  them preferring balls to strikes.  espee-iiilly as the day \v;is so warm.  The catcher for the Bloomers .was  a. man dressed in yellow clothes.  He looked very tired and probably  most finy man would who travels  continuously with a crowd of muscular female base runners. The  pitcher was the first woman I have  ever seen in the box. and her skillful work is evidence that if  is iios-  strain.  The    Nelsons    won   the  game  11 to'Sb and as the crowd  filed their way up town they wondered why so many people" would'  pay four bits to sec a few women  dressed in red bloomers.  KfiVPTlAX    WIVKS.  Wives, in Egypt's upper circles, are  private property. The women cannot  go beyond the limits of their own side  of the house and garden. And they,  poor tilings, cannot complain. In the  first place, it would not do them, any  good to protest, and in the second, they  are brought up to live in just that way,  and the idea  of mingling  freelv  with  ias3CS2CS2g:  NOTICE.  'PI-IK c()-|iMi'lii.'i'slii]i lii'ri'tipforLM'xistina' liciwccn  I ChiirU'sS. Unslidiili unci A. K. F.-uiqiiiw. ilo  in^'luisiiK'ss ns niiiiinu- limUci's nt Xvw IViivrr.,  BritNi Unhinibiii. uiulcr the linn iimiiic' nl' U.-isli-  ilull Jt F;ini|iiU'i\ is ilissnlwd. 'I'll'- liiisinrss will  no iMiniiiiicd hv tin' imili'i-siiiiii'd .  Xi'\v Iiciivi'i'. July l irli, l!��(i. !  The Kootenay    Beison,  Steam Laundry s^ftss;  nad I'iUciciit maimer.    I,.n.|; ili-jni !:;��� when . . . .  Your Linen is not Spotless  ���to the  Owing to the great: demand for such,  lines of Fancy Dress Goods as those introduced by us tlirough Mr. Reid, from our  Revelstoke headquarters, we.have decided  to leave in New Denver the stock shown  by him. In -addition, we will keep  this department supplied with the latest  things on the market in Fancy Dress  Goods, We intend to milke our prices so  low that onr lady friends will never thmk  of sending East for anvthhiii'   in tins line.  LI  Siajile and Fancy  ���-v is�����;  ������<  JZ*  Agent for  W  J Mil  m  GIANT POWDER  S  Vou will not find any thing that is not first-  class and as reasonable in price as yon can  find anywhere.  BOURNE BROS,,  New Denver, B. C.\rJ  Colonel is a peach, and 1   will   take  sivo to them.     These narrow creed  followers, who wish to dictate to a  rlicy   are  iimde  ill   yuiir midst,    ol'  the   linesi  iliivaim To)in(���(.���!i.        Where jfouel ('.i<rai's  ulil they can lie liouji'ht.  Kootenay Cigar  Mfg CO., Nelson Seventh Year.  THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., JULY 19   1900.  Thk message of the PREACHER, j mines, where, accessible, will have been    I worked away  first,  so  that  now  it is  ; necessary to break more tons of barren  j rock in order to get a ton of ore. Again,  I the depth at which the mines are working- must have increased, and though' a  man can break just as  many���or   very  "If you want to gain the kingdom,"  Says the preacher, g-azing- round,  "Want that home in glory,  Where you lay your burden down,  Pay attention to this message,  And the heavenly city see;  Give your heart to God Almighty,  And your pocketbook to me!  "Don't be nowise discouraged  If the stony way is long;  Puss the hat around, my brother.  While we sing another song;  If you expect religion,  Salvation full and free,  Give your heart to God Almighty,  And your pocketbook to me!'  eager and nipping on their sensibilities r  The time is pretty sure to come to all  when they must speak out what ie in  them or play the hypocrite. Who can  doubt which is the manly part?���J. M'  Wheeler.  Sunday laws are tyrannical; they take,  iway the individual right of judgment  Cabins or Homes  nearly as  many cubic feet of rock in a  j shift at 2000 feet depth as he can at, '200 i in the matter of sac-read days and compe  j feet, yet the incidental labor required��� j the citizen to observe Sunday as ;i  | that, namely, of enginemen, pumpmen, j sacred day regardless of. his belief or  jtimbermen,    etc.,.   'is   necessarily    far'j interests.    The ridiculous character of  Residence lots  in  NEW     DENVER  from  $15 to $200  ! greater. Furthermore, there is the I 0Ur Sunday Jaws was seen in a rulin-1  working capacity of the miner himself j 0f the Supreme Court recently, which  to be considered. We have no hesita- j allows cigars to be sold bv a dni-nst  -tion- m saying-ami we know that mine   0n Sunday because thev are a dmg,bur  ^Z^re^^^^e^iw8^   ',*"**** '" thia countr-v  wiH  endorSO I they are not to be sold at other  places.  Ui> not ticasu.es up on eaith ,       j the milark_that the  miner  of to-day j Now as Sundav lawfl are ^^ t(., ,j(j  j does not do as much work as did his j made in tlie interests of humanity and  j predecessor of 25 years ago. Hours of i to presorre the sacred cliararter'of the  ! work are shorter than they, were; miners  Give a liberal, large collection,  And receive the second birth.  When the dimes and nickles jingle;  Then we'll shout our jubilee;  Give, your heart to God Almighty,  And your pocketbook to me!  '���Give; it all, and don't begrudge it.  Don't be holding any back,  Sacrifices must be, offered  When we walk .the narrow track.  Pass tlie hat along the benches,  Pass it slow so ail can sec;  Hive your heart to (bid Almighty,  And your pocketbook to me!"  ���John Morrissey.  TtIK      DKCADIiNCIO     OK     KNOLANIVS  METAL    MINfNO     IN or.S'l'K V.  The (Mineral K'eport and Statistics, of  Mines and  Quarries  for  ISO!)  has  just  been issued by the English  authorities.  It is not a subject for congratulation on  the part of English   mining  men.    The  Mining Journal of London has summarized the report in an admirable editorial  article, which not only gives the cardinal  points of the report,   but .also  suggests  the causers of the.  poor  showing1  made.  The tone of the. editorial  is   not  especially buoyant, but, as an explanation of  the   probable    feeling   of   tlie   United  Kingdom on the. subject,it is well worth  , reading.    In part it is as follows:    The  bulk of what, is now issued  in  its   final  form has already been presented to   tlie  world iu the shape of preliminary statistical   tables;   nevertheless,  much   fresh  light is thrown upon the figures by their  re-arrangement in this complete report.  We   kiv.w   ill ready   that  for  the  coal  miner it was a record year, not only as  regards prices, but  particularly  as  regards   amount   of   output.      We   also I  know   that  all   metalliferous minerals!  have shown a decrease, the gravity of j mh^ wjth a f(JW honol,lb,e exceptions,  which, in the face of rising.narkets and , Thc foniu,r wiH be fomid utilising to  high prices, it is impossible to disguise, j fhe utmogt all the veti0m.C(iS of m0(|ern  and the importance of which appears to j tedlllk.al HC;<illc(i) the latter is abom as  be, only accentuated by the great in- j it wag ., ^  crease in the production of our coal  mines.    The present  tables  add,   how-1 thinker's   thoughts.  J. EL Angrignon  The Leading  Hairdresser  Bosun Block, New Denver, B.C.  I ���������" "- ���"-"��� ������'��� ������-������  i ���������: day,  the query  is,   how   is   humanity  j through their  unions  and  associations j served, or the day kept sacred, by hav-  jhave   gained   immensely   moie  power j ;�������� cii,-ars bought at a drug store and  ��� than   they possessed,   and   they  have : smoked as a dimg, rather than   bought  i uniformly   used   this  power  to enable j .lt: soin,, other  place as a commodity.  ! them to do less work.    Each successive j .������] smoked as a commodity ?���Geo.   P.  j increase of wages has the effocl,, not  of ��� Wheeler.  ! increasing  the  weekly   income  of  the!���: :���:���:   I iniiier, hut of keepiiig   it:   at   iibout   thei  1 i  I same level, whilst merelv enabling him  '. " ��� j  to give less labor in exchange for it. At ,  the sanie time the gradual closing down i  of mines in this country has forced ,  many of our miners to look for work I  aliroael, and, of course, it is always the j  smartest and  the   most  energetic  men i   who tpi. leaving the feeble and  tlie less j XOTioK to  capable behind      It may be urged, and, !  indeed, the argument has been   repeat- I  edly brought forward, that even though !  the miner of to-day does iio  less  work j  than   his  predecessor  of a  generation j  ago,   his   producing   capacity   should, >  nevertheless,   be   greater,   because   he I  has tlie advantage of better tools, more  powerful explosives, and endless  automatic   machinery..   It   is,   however,  a  melancholy fact,   which   the  figures  in  the tables before show only too clearly,  that the production per man is decreasing and that   very  rapidly.    It  is also  certain  that metalliferous mines in this  country hare shown   no great  alacrity  in    equipping    themselves   'with    the  modern   plant   and   machinery   which  characterises all their important rivals  abroad.    Indeed,  no   greater   contrast  can be  imagined  in   respect  of equipment than  that  between  any  average  English colliery and an average Cornish  Outlying Blocks   suitable  Tor small Homesteads    ��  from $200 to $500  Apply to���  W31. THDMLINSON,  New Denver, B. C.  Escaped the   ,cebtificatejOfimpbovemekts  "* I SnX'KISK    .Mineral Claim.  Fire !  The Hold ..nd Silver Jewelry  Diamonds.     Kine/s,    Silver  ware.    Optical    Good  Tools of���  G.   W. GRIMMETT,  W. L. Jeffery  & Son  Workers in Tin,. Copper and  .Sheet Iron.  Air Piping and Mining'  Work a Specialty  Headquarters,   New Denver  EWER &. CROFT,  Vou will finel him ready for  husiue.-'s two doors above the:  old ���stand. Send in your  U'atch Work, and you will  reeeive the same prompt attention as before,  (i. W, GiDM.VKTT. Sandon, B. C.  Sit ua.fe in the Slocan MiniiiK Division of West  Kootenay District.     Where   located:   On  West side of Climax Mineral Claim,  north of  Carpenter Creek.  TAKE XoTICK That I. F.  S.  Clements of Xe-d-  s  and ���-*     *'"��� K-C, aetins as a^ent for Johanna Erp.  Brockhauscn, F. M. C. Xo. B. HTMi, and  Sidney  H. Xichols. F. M. CI Xo.  li. Sfii'li'l.  intend, sixty  days  from    the date    hereof   to   apply   to   rl��cs  .Mining    Recorder     for   a   eertih'cnte   of     improvements for the |iurjxj.<e of ohtamiiif-' a Crown  trrant of the above claim.  .And further lake notice that, action under section :!7 In list be eominene-ed   before  the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 2��nd da v of June. A   11., llioo.        -.-,  SAXIlOlViiiiil   bONK   S/I'A!  era! Claims.  X<  Min-  Hill Bros,  -Manufacturer  s. 01  FIENDS! iS T*-  Kodaks at  American price;?..   Send for prices on  anythinjr you want.  <��. STRATHEAKX. Kaslo, li. C  DENVER  BRICK  KOK   SALE.  JOHN   GOETTSCHE,  . XKW  DENVER.  Established IM.15.  Situate   in   file     Slocan    Mining    Division   of  West   Kootenay   District.    \Vhcre   located:  ���On Silver  .Mountain. 11   miles southwest  of  New Denver, H. C.  TAKE NOTICE that. I, Charles S. R.-ishdaiJ, of  .1. New Denver. H. C. actiii).ras a^enl for Robert..  H. Skinner, F. M. C. No. B 17����T:i. and Ditlziel  eioreloii Smith. K..M.C No. H l.Vna. intend, <;odays  from the date hereof. to.apply to the Minium Recorder for a Ccrtiliealc of Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant- of each of  the above claims. ,  And further take notice ihat action, under ^(-c  tiou ���:I7, inusi be eomuii'iieed before the issuance  of such Certilieate ot IuiproveinciiIs.  Date'il this 2M'li dav of June. A . J >. I'.ici ��.  7-;. .   eJlARI.KS S.   RASH DA 1.1/  and  Shingles  Orders .shipped   to all   parts of the  Country.      .Mil!  at  head of  ���Slocan Lake. -  MCCK    I'K.U'I'ION    Mineral   Claim.  ' Situate in (lie Slorau MiliillM Division of West  Koou-nay District. Where located: About  iu-,, miles   cast of Silverton.  adjeiniriy   the  -        silverton  Hoy.  PAKE NOTICE Tim! 1. E. Rauiniehiieyer. .rec  I miner's certilieiite No. 1> .'iswiu, acunfr as  a^'i-nt for Mary E. Rannneluie\'ei'. five miner's  eenilic.ilc No] l; ;iss:i!i. intend, sixty days ii'om  the date hereof, io a|ipl.v to the .Mining Re  eorder for a ('erlitieate of Improveno-iHs. for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown (.rant ol the above  claim.  And   further take  notice   that   aclinu.   under  sei'tion "7. must  be  commenced  before  the issuance of such certilieate of Improvements.  Dated this Sth day of July, A. D., l!��n.  STOI5MOIJ.NT Mineral Chuin.  Postol'tice address, Rosebery.  Hauling- and Packing.to Mines,  and general local business.  WOOD    AND     COAL     FOR     SALE  New  Denver,. 14. C.  E.  ever, still   more details,  the studv  of i  wl.idioi.lv serves to drive liom��" the. | The secret of ��miins is to snffor no  conviction that Great Britain's dav as a! ,ict,on to cxist for u8> il,lfl to ll0��01-  metal producer is over. We see, f01. j ev��ry truth by usB.-Emerson.  .'xamplo. that the^ 'decreiased output!' -Talents are best nurtured in solitude,  actually came from an increased niini-! tiud character is best ''ormeel in the  her of mines, for we find a total here j stormy billows of the world.���Goethe,  recorded of 71)1 mines at work in ISflli, j Make the case of others your own,  as against 75M in 181)8. We, even find i and your own theirs, and you will them  that more miners were; employed than j have a clear idea of the whole;.���Thos.-  in the  previous  year,   the  number  at | Paine. j  work below ami above otoiduI standing j ,��� mit|,inrfil| the intellectual weapons j  respectively at: ���_����>,(. is and |.|,o:-l8.a��'ai��ist I w-hieh have even- been wielded bv man, i  ���JO, 178 and 1-1,058 in Ihe previous yrw. ; rj1(, UU)st tm.j,,I(, was )he in0(,k(,rv of j  Not only, therefore, has there   been   ��n I Voltnirtv    Biyots and tvrants, who'had I  i. Sandilands  Sandon, B. C.  Notary Public  Insurance & Mining Broker  J. W. BA'LMAIN  CIVIL ENGINEER,  ARCHITECT, ETC.  1'. O. Ho.x 17(1.  SAN-DON.  New Denver  Transportation  Co.  never been moved by the.  waiiin<>-  and  cursing of mi J lions, rurnee  iiatne.-- .Macaulay.  Alt!iou<.��d) the true  end   of  a  pen pie.   ,    ,      ���       .. ,   ���,   ��� ,  1      ',     i le.d.ii'e is action, and   it   is  only  mie.  at   his  1.01  increase ot labor employed in producim  a   lesser  am.mn!   of   mineral,   but'    the  .HT'-arer portion of 'be increase has conic  fnun that class   which   is  not   a   direel  )U'0('iuc.er   of   mineral,   namely  workinir   abo\re   ground.    Again,   tin-.  fact must be clearly borne i��� Inind that i Sak�� ��' !U'Uon f,li,r ��-��owleU-u is souf lit  this is not. a solitary or accidental occur-'!  rencei.    This same  report gives  us   an j  admirable?   statistical   summary  dating j  back as far as the  year   187:-!,   and   this |  table shows a steady and fairly regular ; ,  People justify all kinds of tryanny to- j  ward   children   upon   the   ground  that!  jibey   are   totally   depraved.     At   the  j bottom of ages of  cruelty   lie's   this  in- i  j famous   doctrine   of   -total,   depravity.'  I h'eligion . conteni])lates   a   child   as   a j  ! living crime���heir to an   infinite   curse;  :���doomed to eternal lire.���Ingersoli.  PA DMA ANGHIGXON,   PROl'RIETOH  ; General Praying: Mining Sup-  know- j plies and Heavy Transport-  th��-!        ation a Specialty.  iiy the human race, yet, in order that it !  may be gained in sullicient breadth and J ()u,. Ha^H���.e wai?ons   me(,t   all Sun-  depth, it is cecessary that the. individual ; tjay  ti"iiins  should seek knowledge for its own sake. ���' '    ��� \V. K. Clifford  J.K.CLARK,  MINES  and MINING  Reports, Examinations and Management.  NEW DENVER    -   B. C  J0HNWILLIAMS  Dealer in  IMPORTED  AND DOMESTIC CIGARS  A!VJDTOBACCOES,  PIPES, &Q.  Van Camp Lunch Goods,   Confection-  cry and Fruit.  BAT US' INC0NN KCTION.  At'S'l'h'ALIAN  .AM US'.     WOOL  L'N'DKKWKAR  'OR GENTLEMEN'.  NECK  WEAR  SI'ECrALTV   AT  ��� siiiiii te in (lie SI,can Alii'iiij,' Division, of West'  Koolciiiiy District;. Where located: Te;n  ! iiiile.-s cast of Slocm Lake mill uliout .one fiuel  ; one-hull miles I'n.at of Seaton Creek, anel  i behiir a northerlv extensi'.>n of the Washing--  i        ton  '|\AKE XOT1CK Tliiit I Cli.-is. Morn-e, actiiifr  us iment, for S. K. Green, F. M. C.Xo. B.2782G  ' :iii(l W. A. Jowett. F. M. C- Xo. 770 especial);  : intend (Kiela.y.s from theflate hereof to njiply lo the  I M^inin^ 'Recorder for a certilieate of imiirove-  ! ineiits foriiie iiurjioseof ohiainiiiK a Crown arrant  ' of the .above claim.  I     And further take notice; that  action under section 37 must he commenced before the Issuance of  such certificate of improvements.  Dated this I5t-l-'..1ay of June, 1900.  r,--n (-...-''' CHAS. MOORE.  ROSE   31 AH IE    Mineral    Claim,  Do  ZVLcLachlan's  New Denver.  RELIABLE   ASSAYS  Gold  Lead...    ���-' ..Mi I Gold anel Silver. .$ .7,r)   "''i I G-old.silv'r, eopji'r l.fiO  Sani])les by mail receive promjit attention.  Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.  00  1-Il'!I Kith St., Denver. Colo.  Situate in the. Slocan MiniuK Division of West"  Kootenay -District. Where located: South;  of Mowieh claim, Carpenter Creek.  'FAKE NOTICE That I. Herbert T. Twi^,  I ayent foi' James II. M.or.-iii, Free Miner's  Certilieate Xo. ;>VXil. and Charle.? W. Greenlee.  F. AI. C.Xo. 3X!JC>0. intend, sixty days from thc  datei hereof, to apply to the Milliner Recorder for  a certilieate of improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a  crown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under See,  .17 must be commenced before the issuance of such  certilieate of improvements.  Dated this 7th day of June. 1000.  HERBERT T. TWfGG.  T>AVTO>,XO. 2, ALTOONA, BON KNOT,  i REUHEN, unci TAW AN DA Mineral Claims  Cc )XSD LTIXf; MET A L Ll'ROIS'I'  MIXIXG EXGIXEER  Situate in rlit. Si,  P.O. Box .Hi4.  'pA.KE   XOTICE   That   1.   Alexander  Sproat.  I     aa-ent for the. Sandon   Mining and  Milling  an  .Miniiif.' Division eif West  Kootenay    District.       Where;    located:    On  Payne Mountain,  about,  U  miles from  the  town of Sandon. 13. C.  'OH  j rj\,  I    ; Company.   Limited,   free    Miner's    Certificate  ; Xo. llfi.'i'.'l, intend, sixty days from the date  Advises mi :,lines, mining' properties and rheii j hcre'nf. to ajipl.v to the Mint'iiir h'ecorder for  . ' . I (.'ertilicatcs of Improvements, for the purpose of  workings, Claims,     i rospccls,    and ��� , l.iiiininv a Crown   Grant of each  of  [he above  : claims.  And further take notice lh:tt action, under sec-  i/.ed.     Capital   furnished. j Mon .'17. must he commenced before the  issuance  ! of such Certilieate of Improvements.  M hies stocked:  Portland, Or,  Prospects,  C>itiipanics oryan-  Newmarket Block.  New Denver  //.   WALKER & SON'S  Canadian Whiskies  i GREAT DEMAXD l-'fllt PKO.M 1S1 N'G SILVER  LEAD    PH(lPEb"I'IES.  Bottlers of KILMARNOCK  Scotch Whiskey  I i.-ired ibis L'Sth il.-iv of'April. A. D. llii'o.  '1-7 ' ALKX SPb'i.iAT.  SHOSIIO.N !���:    Mineral Ci.u'ni.  -llioiio-li of coin-sc-t, not inv.-iri.-ible���ele  crctisc, of pi-ddiiction   from   the   nietalli- |  .fcrcnis niinos nf the Kingditin.a elec-rease  which is e'.\-ieleiitly slil!   ;;-oiii<>'  on.  anil  appiirc.nlly serins likidy to e-i.nfinue   in  the   fiititre.. l  This   steady   dcerease   in i  nroelnciit"' capacity i.s  accoinpanied   by]  an e'.i|nall>- steady.ine'reasc. in tlio  mini-;  her of persons-employee!,   so  rhur,  com-!  par:hi;; last year with   tlie  average   for;  the decade  |s7:M8S-2. we   iintl   that   the j  production has fallen some lo percent., !  :tnd the number of workers e.n^-ayed   in I  production   has  risen some 15 per cent. I that it could sanctify a lie.    All truth is  This  state  of  affairs  must   necessarily j holy, whether it be written in books, or  toitiiil the consecpienee that our metallic-j stones, or stars; and all enor is unholy,  minerals are costing its more, to produce   no matter in what scriptures it may be'  than they did -jo years a>>'o, and it need   .Morals thai cannot be 'de-ende-d   tno'-lii  not be adeled that a continuance of such   to be condemned.    It is not  within The'  conditions    must     necessarily   lose   ns j power of the .sanhedrim, or   the svnod  what little, hole! we still have upon   the j or   the   ecninenial   council,   to   convert  world's tmii-keis.     in these days of keen I bad morals into   o;ood   religion   - .M   M.  coiiipelifion     and     intense    prodnciuo- I Trnmbull.  Saddle Horses and Pack Animals.  Keecl Stables at New Denver.  z>3  C>-Wholesale Dealers in Wines/Liquors and Ci^ars-n  Situat'.-    in   Ihe     .Slocan     .Mining-    Division   of  West    Kootenay .District.      Whore   located:  Aeljoiniim-the i"'iiambci's and   Di.-rby  on the.  ouih Fork "!' ('arpeiiter creek.  'PAKK NOTI.CK that I,   W.   S.   Drewrv.   Free  !.     Miner's Certilieate- Xo. Cisus for oiyseli. .1. C.  lioia.iiile.r. Free Miner's e.yriin'cafc Xo. l'lS.'M, alio'  i b.iries Me\-[c|ioll. Free  Miner's  Certificate No. ^  I'lU'i.',.   iuteuii    s:.\ty   days fri.itn the dale  hereof,  i" apply to tin- Minim.'' fteeorder fi'r :\ Cerliliciitt;  of Improvement-:, for ihe  purpose of obtaining  :��� Crown (.J ranr of the ,it,o\'e claim.  A)iii fuither lake notice thai aedion . under sec-  tiioi ,'IT. inns; lie coinmi'iiced before the1 issuance  of such ('e it i lical e ol' IninroveiueiMs.  Dated this loth dav of Mav. A. D. 1 i.  'W. S. DK'FWKV  DKilKilT Mineral Cl.uni.  CClDltA NT  Mineral Claim.  'I'll IS'l'I.C Mineral Claim.  *;.     l'i!.A('TIHNA L . .Mineral Claim.  V! A It Y  n or!IO  llll  uff^  euet-o-y, with the. eleinent of distance  almost annihilated by low rates of  I' transport, it is only the producer who  can produce both abundantly and  cheaply wlio will be able to survive in  the economic stni,o-��'le for existence. If  therefore behooves metal miners in this  country to use their  utmost endeavors  to put an end to  the,  e.xistin��-  state  of j consider.    If you musi economize, do it  things, and to try to brin��- their operations in line with those, of the either  countries^t^at  are  compotino-  against  US  The. first thing to do, no doubt, should  ibe to discover the cause; of our technical  'decadence, to find out why the miner of  to-day is producing- only  two-thirds as  , much mineral as he did  2<>  years  ayo.  There is probably no one single  simple  reason to which this falling off can  be  ascribed; the causes are, no doubt, both  'numerous and complex, and will be  extremely difficult to trace in their entirety. In part, no doubt, thev are  natural;    the   better   portions   of   the.  Those ivho vfili not advertise  .Might still more, economize���  Do not any salesmen keep :  Close the doors and go to sleep', I  There never  was  a  book  so  sacree! I Service    t\)V     fllC     VCJir    WOO  will be commenced J (J HE  SOTH. Tlie "Imperial  Limited'?fakesyoii across  the Continent in four  days without change.  \t is a solid \'cstibnlcd  train, luxuriously equipped widi every possible  essential for the comfort  and convenience of pas-  senjrei'S. Ask     your  friends  who have   travelled on it, or address  81  ���<r>c>  *& i  Ha-; ample aeeomuio,l.-itioii' I'. ,r a la'r.^e i run her i  and airy,  and  tin-  Hiuiii.^   l.'omo   i-  ;,:',,\-|di-d  s.-implc lo.oiii-; for t'omuieivi; I 'l'ra\ eli-;-.  .'   people  with   eve  O^'C^'C^-  Sandon.  The rooms are lare.c  'him.'   iu the markei  h-i  ���ui   .Minim,   lii  ie:.        Whe-'e  on of West '  ���at'-'i:      <>u  Do not allow a dilTerence in rate; to  deter you from selecting' what ynti consider the best medium. Remember that  frequently the most expensive spr.ee is  tin' cheapest. How nirny dollars worth  of li-oods you sell in proportion to the j  cost of your ad, and not Innv much does  your ad cost per line, is what you must ���  on  ucKie3',  3*-��  XKW DlvWEh",  I l-ovides ample and )i!easant accommodation for the traveling j.iil.Jic.  Telegrams  for   rooms  io'oiii;if]\- atteitdeel   |(1  HENUY S'PFCK - - - '    ' i.  1 ' - 1 i o| motor.  on space���not on medium.    Small space :  in a relial'le paper is better than   larg/e  space   in   an   inferior  one ���Shoe,  and :  Leather .Journal.  .Jeihn olorlcy says the truth: '���< hie.  reason why so many persons are really \v j.-  shocked and pained by the avowal of ��������'���(  heretical opinion is the very fact that  such avowal is uncommon. If unbelievers and doubters were., more courageous, belic.verp would be less timorous. It is because they live in an emeu--  vating- fool's paradise of seeming-assent  and conformity, that the breath of an  honest and outspoken   word  strikes  so  Vat?  immnmsnssmsa  O. B. (CAKKKTT, .-Went New Denver.  Anderson,  Trav    I'aas.  Ae(... Xels<m.  oyle, A. (i. P. Airt.. N'ancouver.  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS.  To and from Kuro]ic:iu   points via Canadian  and Amerie-an lines.      Apjily    for sailine- dates  rales, tickets anil   full   information    to any c.  Ry atrent or���  G.  H. OARHETT,  C, I'. K. A^ent, Xew Denver.    | Host Il'.eals    in    ihe   CilV  W   I'. F. Ctnnmintrs, ft. S. S. Aist., Winnipeg I Lic|U(irs  BBSBIBSRIBBEn  New Denver, B.C.  A   J aCOBSON & CO .Props  Ko  |ein,\     i  iloU'.-.oll i   reek.  TAKK   Xo'I'ICK   that   1.    Hcriieri    T.   'I'wiire-.  I     av'eiit fori;eori;-e W.   Hiiirh"-.   i-'ree  Miner's  ��� errificate N"o 'an;;,, and  The SciM i-di Colonial  (odd   l-'ielii-   l,;d..   I-'i'e,.    Miner's   e'ertilieate Xo.  : i::^')'.i. intend, sixty days fivin   the d-O" hereof, to  apply o, lie- Mud ii."- iiei'ordi r fur  ("eriilieates of  I lope Venn ut-    for  :!������   i,:irp.><e of   oota ininj.- a  ' i 'ru'.vn (Irani ,.��f i-.-i -h   u' tin- ;'��� hove ''laiio.-,.  [      ,\ nd lerthi'i' rake i:i>li<-e that .-o-tion. umler see-  ;i.ui ,',V. must In-  commenced   hefore the issuance  ' "i such I 'erlitieate- .ii 1 iiiprov-'inenis.  ! late I tin'-' 17th d-iv of Mav. |!,o.,  MKIi.'liKK'T T. TV.'lei;.  To Builders:  wiiii!     r>iniension  1 i<mio��� h ;iiid Dressed  ( '(IDS! ;lll(|  Kodlc'll;) V  ('oiliiiii and Flooi'iiio1. iJouhle  and    I hvsst'd    ('(.Kisr   ('edar.  Iiiisiic.    Sliiplap.     Srcpi.tiiiLi',  Doni- danilis. Pine and Cedar  ('asinu's.       Window      Sn'l(>s.  Turned      Woi-k.      Hraekers.  Newel    Posts.'  Hand-sawino-.  Turned Veranda Posts. Store  Fronts.   Doors.   Windows  or  Glass, write to���  Nelson Saw  &  Pianino;  nilfs, Limited  Nelson, B. C,  I=K,I3SrTI2SrC3-.  -Conifortalili.  ni'l (.'i'i,rai-s -Ilest service t  rooms���Bar   replete   with the best of! Zt\  knvki.opks. with t   1 e/w    elress pruile'd there'll  ouiriiont.  for ho cents.   Till-: Dkiioi- THK LEDGPJ. NEW Dl^AVEK. B.U.. JULY 19.   I90O.  Seventh Year  MI \T 1X(5     Hbl>&01-i'Dt?   ' ttx tne Price ��* land-    * thought that-    ! all the business  of the  town  would'  ,;ie folio win'-' is a complete list nf '> he I center about   your' railroad  station.  " " de-   mining transaction* recorded yuro^ the-   ^d ^ eitv the,.e would become ; M^^^^^^^ll^iniiJtSdi,;;:;*::   TiH  week 111 tlie Several    mining   divisions '��. ; yrn'     ,,    T    _1T1    hn���    H._  .'.-uv hi^riwi  when   ������t-  ^.'.-.edi'iiir :.��:/ words  for    L��U  theSlocan.    Those of New Den ve-we. e : valuable.     You anu   1   can   oiu   the   .- ,.ellt, ���!l(.h h,S(.,.,i<m.    K,rl, JiVl. wr���,,s ,���. k,as | V V  as follow?.:��� ; land at our own price, and alter hav- -v"'' -' ��� ��-'���>* are <h-.- r.-ms additional.] j *j><��  CONDKNSED ADS.  ���Condensed iidverti-eiueiits.   such -as  For Stile  Wanted. Lost.. Straved.  Stolen.   Births.  Deaths  1  I ing the station built, in the  center   of  i   u \ it we could sell it back to the  people ; w  we bought it from, charging our own . j   ���,,,.., ,p|���<...,,,���   Dr. nertiu. 'wardrum. x...*  ^  th  follow?. :���  i.iiCA'i'li'Ss.  July :; Head i/mlir. ("ilncier ck. ' ��� T Kvcs.  ���Xonln.i-ii    i.hdit.  -nine.   D   :.i   Walford.   I  Hewer.  if--Wonderful. TroiiT ���:k', I. A '1'hurst.on.  Hahooi; !. (.'ariieiiler ck.X Alaedoiiald.  Star Spatj'iilcl Han hit. saint!. .1 -1 Grant.  Belmont. Davie' Mountain. .1 M D''inu��lly.  ;t -J nm- Flower. Fi.irht Mi if.   F  F l.i.d.si'.her,'.!  C Ihtller.    .     '       , ���   '  Ciraee. Four Mile. F F 1 .ie'-ediet. D Salic.  io -Sunliuht. near Dawn Centre. .1 F.stciiirook.  ;."--Lincoln. < 'arpenter ek. A (' Van Moerkerke.  Kxi't'i t. Carpenter ck. II Gie-vrieh.  Hi���Troy. Four-Mile-. M Mauley.  Si Helena. Four Mile. L M K nowleS.  Xellie Fr, near Dolly Varden, 11  N'iven.'  17���It-unit' ('. ni' Queen Be.-s, T t ;,,rdoii,  assi'.ssmknts.       ' ���    I The-'y started in the early mom  .inly .'.-cuha.sarnii Jane.' .v Aur aa, M inn.-I     And nothing seemed a miss.  liaha." Waek e.irouse. ciiainpion. International,! And when they reached the leafy lane,.-,  Kxcelsior.l'-ourtli of July, C  J, Gertrude.   <l-    j      They in j'r<  Sump-on, t X L Fr,   Wonderful   Fr.  K. vel-toke, I       rode twos till  Sy.vanil.     H:u���,ey    Minuel^m    ���<����������>��; ^i T|,,,v w;mi,(.ri.,j bv the  verda.lt elale.  Gen,   lr,o   ��� ra, ������,.    , ��� L��� le   J .������       ., .> . silolie 1 ria'htlv all the while  Lee Fr.   h'nlty.   Little   O.-osv,  (...Wli'ii.   I'.Ihii1m,i  Daikeith;     !!--Satisf:'e'li'>n.   Loin-.Star    N'o   ::. |  Santt-w. Shareholder,     lu   -Ma/eppii.  Denmark j  S�� -J.    11    Ki-ywcsi,   liell   Fr.   Kio  Fr.  Ctlieui-  ken.   Gvp-,y   Q.iin'ii,    Minnie   Clark.- Admiral.  li��� Bonnie    Jean.    Iliirlilainier.    1'ersevi'raure,  h'uhy, Kuhy Fr.  May.  K'-edal.-. Coruiim.    ���;;���  liell Smith Xo-' Fr, Mornin-.-Sun, Siitjitn.  SIimii-  don    Bells, Did  Toi11   Moore.  Ma.   Maria,    il--  Furness.   lu���'- Doulder.   1   X   D,   Sn.nvl/ird.    17--  Sf Lawrence, Action.  TUANS.KKKK.  Julv i'i-:X"h Mill,  :;.,   M   1' Xicholson  to   We;  Grady, May It  ���i��� BitfTimher, J-. A J llayword to M R W  Rathhorne, May .'in.    ,  ���   10 ���Action   a-ninst    Dolly    Vardcii,   Knsiuu.  Archie; JJlack Fox dismissed. March f>.  11-Bitr Timlier, ;.. W 15 Steele to F Steele.  .June 31.  Silver Leaf, f, A Erskim to K O Brttton, May ..1  Pinto anel Ideal Fr. ', each, C S Rashdall to T  Avison, 1-1 Clever. G II Crawford. H Sherau.  July "11.  17���Snurisu. Ooiitl, M Kirliu and A Waddell to  E M Sa.iiililani.ls. ���huie l'1.'  e;K|{Tll-'ICATIW OF   IMI'KiiVKMENrS.  J illy, l-'i���Anchor, Bessie. Xumher Cine. Xumher  Two, Black Colt.  ipi-iirsicT.^N'.  i Mi-own Si.: Phone. North 771: Spokane  AVash.  pi'lCeS.   ---���---���----:-:::- --.:~r.-_:::r:r:-^-:-:_^^T  Evidently human nature is. not es- ��3T_tk,'V-s'v"OI^S  sentiallv different in China to whatit, ��� -----      'r777^rr:,���"~���TT���~T,���";  ��� T     M. ^1'til'KG! lit, li. A . r-f.. \'yn\ ���iuci,".l Land  IS in  -he  United   States. ���.\CW   Eai'th.  : ��) ���    Survey,a- and   Mining   K'.eineer.     Slocan,  1!. f.;.    C'.rrc-pondeuce solieiied.  AX    AllVKXlTliti. "        ~"                                              ; I       i;   IIKVLAXD,   K.i^ineor a nd Provincial  ��� j.\..     Laud Surveyor.    Sandon.  Three smart 'youno- men and '.iirce nice  o-irls.   ,     All lovers true as steel.                           . ~r ,,, tkktzjsl. & <'<).,  Xeison.  u. ('..  I Decided, in a Iriendlv way. })   .    Dealer-in ail Drills  anil  Assayers' Snp-  To spend tlie day a-wheel  DRUGS.  Ii/Eiriei-a.1   Waters.  kl-     1^1 lISl-Ct.ASS      Alilt.VTUl)     IV.D'liliS,  iV !��� ,  1      '1'htirpe ,'i ('.o., Ltd.,  sole agents for Ilalevo.1  ' ^ .   '   \v-     ^',.1 ......  Water. Xclsou  . ���''  A^/W ^Xis  ^Cil;JDi'/.fi'j'i,:'''..  As [ have just returned from a Purchasing- Trip in the East, I  a in prepared to ��� show you all the latest Up-to-Date goods.  Quality and Prices guaranteed to be right, and  ���'' -< ,s  \I1 the Latest Diamond  Jewelery  Cheaper than  any place  in Canada.  TAILORS  I I   I     ...  The Famous KA1-JX PIAN'O The STIOAKX'S MCVODtiS The KAVMOXD  SEWING MAC1IIXK The DOMESTIC, Wil ITU, STAXDAIM) and WIIKICLKK  & W1LSI1X SiCWIXli  MitCIIIXKS. ID-ooclies,   Kai'iiiBs,'r,nici'lels,   CulV  inks, WT:il<0ics, Chains. Veeklets, Scurl" I'iiw, Kmiks. Ijatt'.st, Sterling  Silver Xoveltie.s. Hruslnts,  (Jonihs,  Mirrors,   Manicure  Sets,  Toilet   Bottles,   I'owder  oxes, shoe Horns. BuMon Hooks, Dariiin", Balls, |>;t<*.  A'e are he.a  ti'iarlei's for Mttritlen   Silver   Plate Ware,  and   Roger's '��� pstt" l-Tat  Thev heard thc son^-bird'.s triil. j  }    ��;���   ������amkison.  s,u  They sped   thron-h   many a  woodland ! ^,;��� iV,,,,,l:i:E",',,,'r:  "'  o-i  etc,  ctl's  palroiia'j  ^*_" _ . | WW  Ware.       We also carry a full line of Piano and Tahle Lamps. Brass Goods, Kire-plaeo  I    I  tixiures. Bar Sitpplie-. anil othtu'things too ntinierous to lueiilioii.       Call a ml inspect  Sandon,   Manufactures j ^C   my stock.       Xo Trouble to show-oojs at . ,.:S*;,'  M JACOB DOVER'S,  A^fr first co/^.i: To-yysV^KLD bll^  MT/l DULL|JiftE;\BLXS TOCe 0 4^  WoTlllZCTMLToPAZArtBtllWt  Vmele/\of Ffv.tt^P3 A^DL0YfMS7^UI.  I     A.   .Mcl>eiXAI,l),   Matlden  lilock. Xclsou;  */,    l-'ruils. tee (Jreain, G,'15. Chocolates;  Jli^h  SLOCAN    CITY    DIVISION.  LOCATIONS.  June-25��� Liverpool,-'ml u f Lemon- J Xicthau  27���Inek'pendenee, Ten Mile, W:m Brasch.  Blowing, 1st n f Lemon, X" McDonald.  Arctic, same. R MeDonalel.  28���Morninjr Star, same. E !! Dunlop.  \  ooelstock, samtt, A Wentzel.  ilune Bug, same, same.  ,'i<)���Beiid Or. Ten Mile, C Xicholson.  July S-Manilla fr. n f Lemon, John Bulko.  Eh fr. Twelve Mile. C W Hnrriiiirton.  Chainpion, same, W E Dees.  Chance, between Ten and Twelve Mile, J  Winter.  ���I���Alberta, Cameronian ck. W Kerr.  Lost Treasure, 1st n !' Demon. X MeKiau.  Stormelond, Twelve Milo. R Kurtzhals.  Dominion, sa.me, A YVentzei.  Don. 2nd n f Lemon, W B George.  fi��� K S, Springer ek. M Dominco.  Silver Dollar, same. K Jack.  Ma/.ie A, same. R W Malloy.  Pontiac, Ten Mile, J Aylwin.  Emerald, same, G Aylwin.  Xo 2o, 1st s f Lemon, J Horrie  No 21, rtaine. .-'aiTie,  7��� Sapphire, Twelve Mile,W E Lee..  White Cloud, Ten Mile. D Kennedy.  Minnie, same, D D MePherson.  Gamebrid.e-e, same. D G McCuaie; and D C;  Gilchrist.  Bird, Sprinirer ek, D Gilchrist.  M T, Lemon ck, M Ka del ill'.  AS3KSSMKNTS.  June 2:"i���Caniduff, Ai'ko. 2H���C PR, Blue Jay.  Silver Tip. White; Rose, Brooklyn. 27���Canier-  onian, Truro, Tin Plate, Gladstone two years  Pacific two years, Hiwabik. 2s���Victcria, Allendale, Alma. Bell two years, American Eagle two  years, Republic two years. 2ti���Independence.  Venture, no���Gertie R fraction. July .1���Silver  Bell. Get There Eli, V & M. Black Cloud, Truro.  Fourth July Xo ei, Jennie Lone;, Bessie, Vancouver. -I���Dewdney. Golden Wetlse, Free Gold,  Governor   Altyeld,   Lexinis'tou.   For   Sale.    5���  And when they rested in the shade  Thc-ysat       '     in twos    .        likethi��!  The Sllll Went down and evenill-came, i ..ratio Conlec.iouerv.     Fines,  IceCream Parlor  A lot too soon, they said; ; in Kootenay.  Too lony thev tarried on thev wnv, I =___^���������__ ���_���������-   _;-.__--   ���.-  The clouds*oTe\v black o'eihetul. BOOTS & S'JEiOHIS.  Down elashed'tlie rain;   they homeward , ^uaak "niii.s.,  Xeison,   are ever in the  new i  I j    i rout with the host line of e-o.its obtainable  'Till one unlucky ini.S.S i in their line of business.  Slipped Hidewise--Crasli !    Great Scott ' '��� -   ���-������-������������       : -: ������ -���- -- - -----  Werealhnixeduplikethis!  ���Wholesale   2vCei-cl-ia.iats.  I'UIXTKK'S    tNK    SMEAKTX'GS.  V.   Git:i''l'IX  ,v   ('(>.,  Front St.. Xeison,  wholesale    dealers    in     nrovisions,   cure.il  i meals, butter mid ei;  Sense in vour ads will briii^- dollars.  . . .     , .    . iq'UKNM'li:,     KIS.KTON    &    CO.,   Wholesale  An advertisement does  not  improve    j    '.\icrchants-and iui|>.>rters:   Liquors, cijrurs  j and Dry Goods.     Xeison,   Vancouver,  Victoria,  ! and Loudon. Enj;  u  .1-:-'.\ll mail orders receive prouipl ami "THE JEWELER," Nelson, li. C.  .careful at  ention.       All watcli ropairiny ��'ii.ir.i.ul,e.: I. n j      *  JL  with aye.  Advertising will not injure the finest  fabric.  Ads, like bread, are easily spoiled in  the. making*.  An  ad should   he   the   concentrated  TO UN    OiroLD'.TCH     &     CO.,      Xtlson.  *)    Importers. Wholesale Grocers and Provision  Merchants.  I_1Ea--A.I_..  f7    X..   (JH'Illtf'ri'K, t,. L. li.,  Barrister,  So-  Snneion,  B,   C,  tf  licitor.   Xotary  Piiblit.'  Every lt'riday at Silverton.  HOTELS,   rjtllK   LICr.AND   HOUSK,     Xakusii,    B.   C,  I     nrovides good a'ccomniodatioi>9 for travelers..  SlKS.' MCDiiCTGAl.D.  'JtinO   AltldNGTOX  HOTEL,  Slocan City,  1    is headquarters for Mining and. Commercial  Men.    GKTiii.vci & Hkxdkksox.  FOR   SALE.  essense of sense.  ,   It is-more important  to watch your j -, -   ,^ <;Ktji.mktt, l. \,. n., Barrister,  ads than your cleric. ->i ��� , solicitor. Xotury Public.     Sandon, B. C.  ! Branch Ollice at Xew Denver every Saturday.  If you have anything to tell the public,  do it in a telling- manner.  Make your ad,so ''pointed that it will  pierce through the eye into the mind.  You must have 'interest' in your advertising if you want to make 'capital'  out of it.  It is our duty to make ourselves ac-  quainte'd, so far as we can, with the  universe around us, and every part, of  it: to know what is known of sun,moon.  star, planet, comet and nebula; of beast,  bird and fls-h, tree, herb and fungus; of  human origins and human life: of institutions and laws, the right and wrong  of thein. It is our duty to search and  probe into all these things; taking nothing for granted, accepting nothing  on ,  authority, testing all  we are told  by   ous- haPP.Y and Serious !  teacher or preacher, by priest or savant,  by   moralist   or   .schoolmaster.���Grant  Allen.  A  I>\V.IS TILING AND TWO LOTS in New  Denver.   Apply at Tuk DKUCit; Office,    tf  'JMilC    'PAYSTREAK'     BUILDING    anel  I     lot. iu Sandon.   Address, The  Lkdue, New  Denver.  1.KVJK11AL THOUSAND old newspapers, at  SJSVJSl-tAHj   T  TlIK LKIiliK.  iterated the old fellow.  "Bv all means.   Send her  victori-  California  Wine Co.,'  ��� NELSON, B.C.  Wholesale  Dealers in^*^  Choice Wines  and Fragrant  i igars^-*'^^  Write for Prices.  Oar Stock is the Largest in Kootenay  _l  i  I PHOTOGRAPHERS  tVANCOUVER and NELSON,   B.C. ^  The. largest and most complete stock  ���in Kootenav.    Prices away clown.  Nelson Hardware Co.,^1^."-  Brewers ol Fine Lager Beer and Porter���the best in the land.    Correspondence solicited.    Address���    R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.  ?   U  HEAVY   AND   SHELF  "That's right,   sor!    I   wish   she  came to Dublin  every  year,  every  month,   every day,  sor!    Think  of  , , .,, .T7     7 ~   ,        .     i what she's done  for the   counthrv;  A bill providing for compulsoiy in- ; ...      ,    ,,   ., -,    ,      ,  surance against accident and illness Ithink of a11 the *ood she does t0  was submitted by the Swiss Parlia- people. Why, look at me; here am  nient to a referendum vote of the  people on May 20th. The vote resulted in 320,000 against and 150,000 !  in favor. According to the bill the What does it benefit a man if he is  Government was to pay a portion, the  I as drunk as hell, and never paid a  penny for it."  on the right i\��ad,   but  headed  the  wrong way :  rolclen   in   business.  employer another,   and  the  worker  the remainder of the amount of the  premium.    Although the bill was defeated by a large majority,   the dis- I    ^il<-!llcCi 1S 110t  _  cussion of the question   was of great! T;llk> alld talk lomily and often,  it you  educational value to  the electorate, j want to make trade.   Enipivss i'r. smninit fr, iodic fr, Mineral Moun- j and the public will soon be educated I --   - -- ��� - ~"~~���    tiiiii.c'iiai-ii:st..ii twjy.Nirs. siiiii^ffior. siiyo. ,ii��� 110 the necessity of compulsory  insur- '  Elk, Honies-eud, Liltl-Giant two y.-ara, Victor. | ance_      rphe gwjsg pe0p]e votQ,j   t]iree  - -Lucky Boy. Alberi.-i. Ivllh.ri.ey, Great Britain    timeg before they dec;ded  fco  buy the j  railroads.    Ln Switzerland the people  rule.     In   Canada   the corporations j  rule. !  The Miners  Exchange  The only liist-class hotel iu  Three Forks  Iloiiio Cooking anel best of  aeciniinioelat.il his. .  Coal, Iron,  Steel, Blowers,  Water Motors,  Truax Ore Cars,  Ore Buckets,  Rails, Belting-,  Packing,  Wire Rope.  Tfn and Sheet  Iron Workers  KASLO, 11. (.'���. SAXDOX, li. C\  Hugh Niven, Prop.  The  rp  Aylwin  fraction.  THA'NSKKItS.  .tunc 2i;��� Bison. W Met tremor to A Uotherniel.  ,'J0���(_4ertie R ;'.. I' Liiuliitiist to W 0 Adams.  July ?.-Aberdeen 1, W F. Hole to -I ��'!ae|eli>n.  5��� Ethel K ami Hatn|do:i .i ''aeb, A A Webb to  X F .MeXiui^lit.  ii-1'ortlainl, R Slo.'in to .1 F ('olli.in.  M<irniiisr Stiir i,  Evening Star l-'i. T Mnlvey  to -J C', Shook, sl'O'I.  .7���l_.itl.le ili.'int ,-. I, K'Larscit to .1 Uiielcliir.  ASLO HOTEL  Family & Commercial.  WHO     TIIOl'<SHT      CHINA       t'NCIV'll,-  1ZKI) -.'  At a chamber ol commerce, meeting!  LIKTBRS  AND   I.KAXKKS. i  No;   the two kinds of jieoplc on earth I j  mean.  Are the people who lift and  the  people  who lean  Wherever   you   iro,   you   will   finel  the; j _j>��i  world's masses ]  Are always divided  in just  these two  classes. !  And oddly enouo-h, you will finel, too, I j  ween, j  in New York lately, William Barclay J There is only one lifter to twenty who I  Parsons repeated an   hit ident of his! lean,  recent experience in China, at which J I" which Hass an- you? Are you easing '  his listeners h.u-heel   Ion-     lie Muis ( (,r (, V(.Vt a xIm M ift .-rs who toil  down  tin-'  de>cril>cs it : i road ?  "Sir Thomas, Jackson spoke about; Or are- you ;i leaner who lets others hear  the need of teaching the Chinese to i Venn- portion of lahor nod worry and  build  I-., 11 re.;, ds.     1   funnel   tli��t   Uieyj l"'l;'   _,.:���a Wlu'.oler Wile-ox.     '  need no'teachinji-em this  subject.    A    mairisrrate- who  was  detailed   to go j     An English journal   recently   won-  evei-vwhere   with   me,   to see that 11 dered ��'������ie��,hcr the  pronunciation  of  , i some  ol  the  lffnoranf,  clasaes or of  l:ad every o]M'ortu.iitv to conduct my j gomR ot the cuitivated classes  is  the ;  business, was very anxious to  know! worse.    For instance, the groom says:  about   railroads.    He  probably   had I '"Arry, 'old my 'oss."    But the -curate ;  never seen one in his life.    Cue  dav i s'd>'S: "IIe that ,iath >'aws ,0 vaw�� let j  ", ; him   yaw.     And   the   doctors wife;  urge  And  Comfortable  Rooms  This bote:l is near tlie Knteir-  prisu, ou Ton Miiu ercok. anel  (.���oiivunic'iii to truvi'lurs to  anil from Camp Manslii'lel  null Simitriilrr niine.  Georgo Aylwin.  Are household words in Kootenav. Thev have  retail shops in nearly every camp of Boundary  and Kootenay, and -wholesale shops at Nelson.  Rossland, Vancouver and other favorable points.  They are now showing at their many shops the  finest line of steaks and other meat productions  ever exhibited in this land of mountains, By  buvino- from them vou will alwavs have food  that will appease your gastronomical desires  and render unto your physical anatomy the  strength so necessasy to keep in the front  wherever force and power are essential.  When in NELSON see our  Get your Cigars  at the Cabinet  i  Fitted with every modern  convenienco. Special protection a-ii'ainsr fire. Rates$2.50  and ��.'J> per day.  COCKLE &  PAP WORTH,  I'ropriot orn.  elsGii. <<��� h- a  lATTHUW.  DR. MTLLOY,  ROSSLAND.  E. SKINNER, Tailor  Fred. J. Squire,  Manaerer.  Push!!  1... ��sk��l re,, wlmiv tin- station would ; says. ,iYliwj;e, please go to  Awtliah  ^ I and   awdah   the   hawse,   and  don't  in"- ladv wur-ali to die !"  The  MI ess i ii"-; of ���>! miiiro.li.v,  be   located   in   his   capital    town  h.oked   at   him  ?i while,    anxious   to j forget to look at the  fiah."    And  the  kin.w ifhe understood what   he   was' vicar s.{iyS: "If owah gracious  sover-  tolkin.y ahout.    He would like   very  n.uch to know,    1 T,i.'ld him that little  matter wuuld ne.;t be of   the  slightest;    importance. Hut he said he had an i The unconscious humor of the Irish-  earnest desire to find that, out, and he j man still lives. Lately a friend of  should like r,o have the knowledge! mine was sitting in Phoenix Park,  for himself alone. I told' him [ did | when to him appeared a ragged old  not know. I chap, most gloriously intoxicated.  "He expressed   deep sorrow,   and'     "God save the C^ueen, sor!" said he  told me ihat it would   help  me  also. \ to my friend.  1   eiMuireel   how.     'Why,'   he   said,!     "Certainly," was the reply.  'I,   like the   other   magistrates,   can j     "God  save  <\>ueen   Victoria!'    re-  i Its push! push!! push!!! a little  beyound what nature intended  ! or   can   stand,    that  ruins so  many eyes.    Work never kills;  ; it's overwork���neglect ���abuse  i that impairs any  organ of the  human system. The man of  middle life no longer able to  read with ease and comfort at  the ordinary reading distance  ���the man who foolishly refuses  his eyes aid when they thus  demand it, is pushing himself  into serious trouble, from which  a properly adjusted glass  would now save him.  Paten audi-: Bros., Nelson.  Opticians, Refractionists,  f>?\&&&  ol'l; eoi.'sKT DKI'AliT-  MKNT   IS   IT-TO-DATK  IN   ALL   STVLKS   AND  PK1CKS.  Fred- Irvine &  NELSON, B. C  MlLLlXEIiY���ALL TUG  LATKST .STV'LKS AT  LOWEST   CRICKS.  Why send l-!asl for your I >ry (Jexuls when you can purchase from us and have them by next day's mail, at  1>rices AS LOW. IF NOT LOWKI1, than the Departmental Stores of the East? We have one ol the  largest stock? in all departments in the West��� Muttons, Sheetings, Linens, Dress Goods,".Silks, White-  wear, Corsets,   (.Moves,    Heady-made   Shirts.   Costumes.   Carpets,   Floor   Oilcloths, Linoleums, Curtains,  Window Shades.  Ctc        Write for Samples and Our Prices.  SOLK AG KNTS FOR  Ml'TTKRICK PATKKNS,  THK ONLY IJCLiAMLK.  Fred. Irvine & Co.,  NELSON, B. C.  MEN'S    FURNISHINGS  A SPECIALTY.


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