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The Ledge Dec 26, 1895

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 1/  'iaaf  ���?*���:���' k  *"������"  x^  /v  :<^��.  ^!1!!!!1!I!!!H!*!!!!I!%  In Time the ^Slocan Coun�� ||  try Will _be   the Great 3  Salver Camp on Mother =  Earth. =  ^iiiiiiHijiiiimiiiiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiifi^  ss  l!lll!l!iinilll!ll!!Htes-  ��f Job Printing at This Office  == at  Prices (n Harmony  g With    the   fle'ancholy  S Condition cf Silver.  %J!lliiiiiillliilllJliilililiilJliJiilii!iiiJliUi^-  Vol   III. No. 13.  NEW DENVER,  B.C.,   DECEMBER 2(y 1895.  Price S2.00 a Year.  Ban Mann's Mine.  Montreal ;������Mr. Dan Mann, already  well known as a leading railway contractor, is destined to become the  John W. Mackny of British Columbia.  Mr. F. P. Armstrong, manager of the  Upper Kootenay Navigation Company, who arrived in the city to-day,,  told your correspondent that the  North Star mine, which was recently  purchased by Mr, Mann for ��40,000,  has developed into a regular bonanza,  and that nearly 10,000 tons of ore will  be shipped next season. Mr. Armstrong then compared* the North Star  to the   great  Slocan   Star  of West  . Kootenay, for which ��1,250,000 have  been refused because the owner says  he will make no less than (50,000 per  month, as soon as all the works are  completed in January next. He describes Mr. Mann's property thus:  "The vein in its croppings is from  W to 62 feet wide, of solid ore or car  bonafes.   The drift npw^ejaig worked  . L��U'2 feet high'vby2!2J6^ qi  this not more than,ten per cent, is of  too poor a quality for shipment." c  Air. Armstrong "says that this is just-  as promising as the Slocan Star, although it has not reached the same  state of development.  "Later he hunted diamonds in  Colorado, mined in the Black Hills  and used 50p yoke of oxen there on  freight wagons, merchandised in the  CoBur d'AIene country and built a  large concentrator there and lately  made a mining trip to South.,,Africa/  GOLD IN NATURE  Extract frqm lecture hy W. Nicole, S.B., in Can.  adktn Mining" Review.  Warclner's New Enterprise  "James F. Ward ner,   the widely-  known   Western miner,   has among  his  purchases  a -gold property  at  Kennedy,   New,   that has attracted  attention for some time, "says the San  Francisco Ca 11.    '; Mr. Ward n er, w ho  is at the Lick, house, has lately  been  able to add materially to the  output  of   auriferous   metal  from   it   by a  ehlori'nization process, which is being  discussed by many mining men.  "At his rooms in the Lick Air.  Wardner has an array of bottles containing the tailings and pulp in  various degrees of treatment by the  process. He is confident he has a fortune in it. 'I am convinced,' he  3:iys, 'that in all the mining states  of thg West and in Mexico and British  Columbia, enormous quantities of  gold are being daily wasted which  might just as well be saved.'  *jMr. Wardner expects . soon to  begin chlorinizing the tailings of a  number of mines in Calaveras, Tuolumne and other counties, lie began  mining first in the Clark district in  Arizona. This was over a score of  years &go, Later he was a stock  broker on Pine street. Then he went  to Utah, where he discovered the  Jackass-Handley mine, in the Big  Cottonwood district, lie also owned  other mines there.  Gold although occurring nowhere in  abundance, is often found in sufficient  quantities for mining, and is claimed  to be in minute portions in all reck,  even existing in the sea, which contains something less than one  grain of gold to the ton of, sea  water. An ore-of gold must contain  sufficient metal to pay the cost of extraction, and when disseminated  through the rocks in .paying quantities we have a true gold ore.  In these ores the gold is usually in  invisible particles, so.that in appearance -fiheore;is merely a common slate  sandstone or other rock.   -The gold is  concentrated from this state of d'issem-  ination into ore deposits by natural  agencies which are always acting.  These ore deposits are of three classes:  j First, associated  with silver, copper  'or lead in deposits which are primari  ly worked for these latter metals;  second,   in quartz veins;   third   in  gravels which are derived from these  quartz veins, the placer deposits.   Re  garding the first class, the gold, being  as a general rule a minor quantity,  'we  will  hot deal  with them   here.  The quartz veins it is impossible  toj  give any definition of, for geologists  are not; agreed upon this point.  Gold-bearing" veins are fissure veins.  A fissure vein is a rent  or fissure in  the surface ofthe earth, extending at  times to yery great  depths, which  has become filled with mineral deposited from solution in water.  Some  times che'fissure reaches a region of  fused rock, or rock kept from fusion  only by the weight of the overlying  mass, causing  the fissure to fill with  molten material which cools.    This is  a dyke and not a vein, as t ie minerals   are not deposited  from   water.  Gold-bearing veins as a rule contain  but  two minerals���quarts,   a  hard  white, brittle  metal,   and the chief  constituent ofthe veins; the other,  when it docs occur,   is pyiite,  being  brittle,   bright  yellow,   and  always  ocsurriog as crystals, and among the  nexp_rienced taken for gold,  hence  its nickname '' fool's gold." Although  its shape is crystal it is hard, and Till  not flatten under pressure like gold,  but will crumble to dust.  Veins are divided into two parts bv  the " water level," a fact of great importance to the miner.    The water  level is the upper surface of water  standing in the ground.    Below the  water level the quartz is usually firm  and compact, and is largely in the  pyrite,   and   while  not   chemically  combined   is   disseminated   in   fine  threads,   scales,   etc.,   therefore not  being saved by the ordinary processes  of milling, as it is above the water  level, where the air decomposes the  vein.    As the -pyrite  is composed of  iron and sulphur, the iron rusts and  stains the quarts yellow,   while the  sulphur burns   and   goes   away   in  solution,   causing   the quartz to be  honeycombed where the pyrite and  other minerals  have been removed.  As to the indications of the value of  a.vein by its formation,   no dependence can be placed upon it, its position  being more reliable, for while a vein  running parallel to a rich vein is very  likely to be also rich, veins of a different system intersecting ^hem would  probably be different in contents and  poor;. .rTIie nature ofthe surrounding  rock influences the deposits  in the  vein ; but while nothing reliable can  be placed upon this,   it  is only as a  rule in mountainous regions that gold  veins of any great value are found.  Thomlinson, the latter not remaining  to the finish, the former scientifically  playing his part to the end ; he is now  offered,any sum to assay it.  The Tree was prettily loaded and  Saint Nicholas' appearance brought  great joy for the little folks, much  amusement for the elders, and good  things for all.  The  lows:'  programme consisted as.fol-  Chairman's address F; Pyman  Secretary's report...... W. P. Evans  Recitation Miss Cora Love  "         Georgie Evans  Reading Rev. G. A. Love  Christmas'Anthem .-.  .. Choir  Picclo Solo IL Thomlinson  Recitation T. Wolson   ,H. West  Anthem  Choir  Duet Miss Livingston, Miss Adair.  Duet (tenner and cornet) 7: ......   H. West, H. Thomlinson.  Diaglogue .c. ........ y...! Mrs,..  Love, Miss Adair,Miss Livingston  Christmas Tree,St. Nicholas.. H. West  "God Save the Queen."  MIXING  NOTES.  Tlie Pilot Bay Smelter.  A. B. Hendvrx savs that the Pilot  ��~ ts  Bay   smelter   shipped  3000   tons of  bullion since the lGth of March the  smelter having"  been running about  one-half of the time, and,the company  has not purchased so much as 175 tons  of lead from the neighboring mines.  "Since January 1, he says, the Blue  Bell mine,   owned by  the company,  has produced .42,841 tons of ore.    The  new compressor is now at work in the  mine.    At present only four drills arc  being used.    A shaft is  being sunk  from the lower level and the ore is  constantly improving.    The same per  cent of lead is carrying a higher per  cent,   of silver.    The  hoisting and  pumping in the mine are being done  by compressed air."  H'api>ci:lngs    oT    Interest   Among-   tiie  Treasure Vaults.  ���New Zealand shares in the great  world-wide revival of gold mining,  and will make a large showing this  year  Christmas Tree.  The New Denver Union Sunday  school gave their entertainment and  Christmas tree on Monday evening  last in the church, which was well  tilled with an appreciating audience.  The entertainment while necessarily  short was of good quality. The parts  taken by the children reflected credit  upon the training, and although the.y  were small in number and size they  were the more appreciable. Among  die more important may be mention  ed  the   duet  of Messrs.   West   and  About 500 miners winter at the  Forty Mile in Alaska, while as many  more working* there during the summer, go to the Coast in the fall.  The Tacoma smelter has run continuously for five years, except a dose  down of thirty days during the strike  on the Norther Pacific last year.  The Covenor of Arizona estimates  that the gold production ofthe Territory will be 810,000,000 this year,  against ^-1,000,000 last.  Tho largest piece of gold ever found  in Colorado weighed thirteen pound?,  but it was by no means pure. A  nugget weighing Ul ozs. was displayed in Denver in September, 1SC0.  Many speculators in South African  stocks are hedging by taking out short  term insurance policies on the lives  of'McssJs. Rhodes and Barnato. The  death of either would have a very  disastrous effect on the mining stock  market���for the time being at least.  A heavy wind storm was experienced here last Sunday night,  and several   feet of snow  has fallen since,  and consequently Pete  has got  his  i runners on. Third Year.
tiVED fO TELL if
H    T,    TWIGG,
Provincial   Land Surveyor.
Mr^_rve vdClai,n?' Mine8' ^Timber Limits, etc.
IN EFFECT WED. NOV. 20, 1895
Subject to change without notice.    -
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
leaves oo A.M'. Kaslo    " ' Arrive, 3 TO P.M.
fc 3-j    '* South Fork . "      _ 15 '
"   0 3'i " Sproule'.s • «•       rv, "
"   » 51 " Whitewater >'      2 ob "
•'' JO o:j •« Bear Lake "      i is <<
.'* 10 13 •' McGuigan «      i 33 *<
" 10 ya " Bailey's «      l 01 • <
" 10 .'3.9 « Jusi-iioil. "      1 p ,"
Arr. 10 50 u Sandon Leave 1 0d tl
Traffic Mgr
Supt.; "'
They were discussing last night at
a miners' boarding house the recent
stabbing of Tom Lynch at the Butte i
hotel, and a number of cases of a similar nature were brought up in which
the injured men recovered and were
•as hearty as ever.
"The     most    remarkable    case,
though, I ever heard of," said Jerry
Harrington, "was that of Pat Mulligan, with Whom 1 worked for many
ft year*   In June, 1881, Mulligan was
working at the-Grey Rock, when the
shaft on that property was 2£5 feet
deep.    Mulligan was one of the sinking, crew, and one day the  bucket
which'was used for taking out the
water and waste was being hoisted
. to the surface.    The bucket- was al-
„. . most filled with water, and the shaft-
men, unknown to the  top mail;  put
ssix dull drills in the bucket to be sent
Up to  be. sharpened. . The  top man
.dumped the water in a trough at the
" collar of the shaft without closing the
"trap doors on top, and one/of the drills
'/rolled oii't, struck the trough and fell
.    off down the shaft.    It  was an  inch
.... drill about two feet long, and weighed about six pounds.    Mulligan was
,. -in a' stooping position whciv the drill
:   struck liim.    It hit him back of the
shoulder blade, passed clean through
jthe body, narrowly misshtg the heart
and partly emerged  from   between
his ribs.    Mulligan's horror stricken
comrades in the shaft rushed ,to his
assistance, and were about to pull ii
from his" back   when Mullisran camly
seized the lower end of the drill from
where it protruded  and  by a great
effort, pulled it through his body and
threw it down at his feet.    It  was a
wonderful exhibition of strength and j
fortitude, but every body who heard
ofthe accident was conficent that he
could-not'survive.    lie   hovered  be
twee'n life and death for  about three
weeks, and finally got apparently as
well  as ever,    lie  worked   for ten     —-■*>  l -^v       tt £ •*    ■   -
years   in   the   mines  of L.ute and     1J{A1L      VALlfcl
Granite, but finally met with a horrible death at the Anaconda  mine, on
Nov.   •'!,   1891,   by falling with eight
others   from  the   cage   while  being   :» * L" vrci o 11  ^   X  v   cw><-mipv« nt
The Fast Scenic Route
BEYOND ,      -
Modern   Equipment..    Rock-Ballast
Attractive, tours viaJDuluth and ihe
Groat Lakes in connection with exclusively, passenger boats of Northern
b: O. CO.
Direct'connection via Nelson & Fort
feheppard railway at Spokane and
viaC. &K. S.N. Co. atBonnersFerrv
For rates and information apply-at,    7-
Company's Offices. ' *•'!' maps., tickets, and complete in
ROBT TRVTMP      w it m^v a ™ ! ^niud'ion caI1 on Agents C. & S. Nav.
^  1   ?'     W' H* MocGRfW>   Oo ; N. & F.   S.   Railway or C.  G
fV*^ M- a"'^ ' '    l?™, Gen. Agent, Sookane,  Wash
Sitae Falls k ftriiiffl
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
The only through route from Xelsoii, Kaslo
, Kootenay Lake and all .Sloean
DAILY (Except Sunday) BETWEEN
Spokane and Northport.
Tri-Weekly Between Northport and
-*    Nelson.
* .      -  1 -   3*      .-...•■■■      ■ . I-
Moik a. s, \\ edne;d:,ys, Friday,, train, will „„,
ihrou^h to Spokane, arriv.ng- same dav. Returning
javonst-r, will leave Spokane at 7 a.m. Tueiav^
F. I. Wlntne^PlTTT'St   Paul" I TilU1VdW Snr_„l„yfl, «rplvlnP at Kcl^t^o
Minn. ' ' ,U-   l aUl'    Sf;', ^",e ^;.-niakh.fi- close connection I
Few Denver.
■    F. T.  Abbott,   Travelling .T<\-P.irrf,£
and Passenger Agent Spokane, Wain
the Steamer Xelson for Kaslo and all Kootenay
Lrke-point'.    ' •
Fa longer-j for Kettle  River and' Boundary
Creek connect at Marcus -\vilh stage on Mondays
Assay Price List:
fl »!■' I, Silver, or Lead, each ..•..'..:..,■,
'lijkl. Silver and Lead, combinedV..'.' '■'-''
>r >Id and Silver. ..."■*.'/.:;	
Silver and Lead... v -" "
n rn'ier (i)v Elceiivi /si.-n	
•t ;!{], Silver, C np;er and Le.id. ..77.	
1 < 'id and Opjier	
Sdvi'i* and C.-),y,n-r :	
(I .jld, S;l\'ui* and Coiiper ... .
vii'rcni'y 7.777777.	
iron or'ALin<;\)iiese -.'..'.'.'.'.'	
him-', M.t.q-.i^inm, B.irlum/siiieai 's'uY-
ijljur. cu'h	
:i:s:iiiiili,TIn. C.;l).ilt, Xickel, AntiinoiVv,'
/.inc. and Arsenic each..
Oy.il (Fixed Carbon, VotatfleM'itt.jr' A^lV1
and   pciveni.i-.i   of  Coke, if C-jkinsr
Cm!) ;-_
Towns:"-Cash ^Vith^auiplc.
■lime 2011 j, i4?!).-). : - " ;
Assayer and Analy
ii 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
■i 00
2' oO
2. o0
3. 00 J
d '00
 ~ ; !-i^w..v,..i,„ul.L,.L jUnrcu.s vrilh stage on Mondov.
ouLuIM -.4,. tmrmi. 	
ii l 1 ' ^ ■» '. "
Steam Nav. Co., Ltd,
-    TI3J«_:__3 OATD 2Xp:&.
In Effe.ct on Koaday,Nov. il, 1395.
it? a a
i 00
Leaver Wi.yvt'am for Nakin;) and ltohiun,  -Mon-
, days and Tlmivday-"; at 7'j^tn.'
Lcav(S Robtfon for Naku-i;), ^\"i>r\v.•lm and Cd-
adian I'acitie TJ'iil'^av  jjoint-s" (('ak3t and we<i \
■ on Tuesday.-.; and Fridays at 0 ii.m.. ^
CjniH'cfcion \--- made; al  T?'il, s m wiih C. & K. K'v
'■iv  Nehon and with .Steamer   LytL)ii  fur Trail
Creek and Xcriliport.
k ftUll IU
.    -LYTTOX. ^,'- , ■ -:-;
Loivc-Trail Creek for Rol).°on on Tue.-davs and
■        Fiiday.; at 10 a.m.
L^ave' h'oh on for Trail Creek oi Tue'div-. and
The Quickest
'Frid-iy^atl p.in
Comieo!^ at Rul)S7* Avitli Siea:nev
Olieapest Boute
"i s.i y.
hoi>ted from the mine-"—]3uitc Inter-j   V:j
Trail ■for Kossland.
W.PcIlew Harvey.F,C.S.i
'VAXCOirVKh-. i.{. c.
Mining Enginesi\ Analytical Chsni- j
ist; artel Assayer.   .
A ■:-;?.;.• Oi)U-c ;uai -Meiallm-gieal :\V.< vk\
I    iinggnge hnndlnd cheai)Iv and safe
' lv'.    Dominion Kxni-e^s route■
.'.■■■'.• Proprietor.
for yalciisiiand'ul^veiTkiiu'r'^^wiih (J.'&K. U'y
for 2<sUou a"iu. Koeleo >y Lake points.
"     -   LYTTOX,
Lei.vr>^ Tr.,11 Creik for Xorthvoft'on ^lond^.y?.
Wedue.-d-sv-i, Thur.-d ivs an'd Siturdav^ at ('•
Lfavi'1! X->r{l!:r rt   U>v Trail"Cre-.y on  M-'nday.". I c<i-rl
We Ine "day.-i,   Tluirsilays  and   Saturday ; "at
1 ; .in.       " ' ,
C;i::i:ds at Xorl'morl witliM. F. cj;X. I_ V for j
S t5
y A r ?y.:^
Leave.-. XcLnnf.iT Ka.^lo* on Tiii'.^lay?, ;it r>;lo ]i m;
\Vi)j.!!,.'e-"'d:i.y..at 2:;->0 p'In ; Tlnn-'day:-, :y.">::;Dp
ia; Erid.'iy-', at .">:.'!") p iir : ■■G.Uiii,d.i.y.-;, at "»::;;) p.
m.: Conneetinji' on Tinvdny^. Tlmr:r.c!.".ys and
Si'iturdny'Mvii;! X E: ;■■?.'Uailway :u Eive-.Miie
.i'ohit furTvaslo and L;ike Puini"*   ,
i -. ^ , _,   ,    ..   ■ -.-.v-   ; ■!■-•:;>.,/' ^,   ■    ' ',    Loaves Ku;-io for XoLan on   Mondavi, at:J.amV
(Jj   Xob.n,:;aAl;Ku]av:=yVed^da.vs,^mda5kiiv-     ' • ^ edne-uD>ys,at.-» ^nr; J na:?day^ attain;
! day.-cat;- a.in; Tlm'rKlV.ys ixt ■:> a ni;"'Tu«d::iy:? ayd      '  :kErid;iy.3rVi-at--'3 a'n'.i »   Satui'day/s . at   8 a m :
•    C>nneetinii-o:i .Man.-lav.--, v» odae.-'-uav.-. anolv'-:'
5tea in or leaves Nakusp every Wed-
nesciav and Saturday mornhur,
.making close eonnoction at iiev-
elstoke with trains for all jjoints
East or A Vest:'
y^|,1^.     tl       H        frllf 'fei'1i-3i_: ir If.    L^^^Vr'^1 ^vPirot'-.Bay,:'A"i:'i?wortli,^ C>imeet!nirp:i ;.I '-i.-lnav, We.lne.-dav::.Aijd Fiv
S2?,d.fi_?ii    ys.-'Hia      te S ■&._ l&ri__~=L=- _ b ! K-^lo l-u ..".t.-vifiiiys yauliiydav^, ;Thhrr:da\y e!^- ';       day.-w;rii A;cbE. i^.'.Raiiv.-av for S ».>kp:v.' ■-
.■■■■-      .-.    ■ ' py;!1"^y"';v:U^ynn;Tue.Aday^andPridavsatopn)   :   n ^.vJU^of ■ vi ■■   ■ .-.'i  ., /   , ■   7 r-    7
-i0Vi,^^ei.   i:?.   C, ,  |r^int.jnH'!.-illint.o_»;ii^And.oa^,i^tV^
■ •■     y    ...'.:.- ...    '■ '  ' C .„'■'•. R- ;'tAcl.^->n. :- ■.■■-;■:..■ .      •'  .■••""■■.'.■: ' -■■■■■".■.■■.• .. ■...    ,
]]'AS ;-; -K.c'k Miilinorv, ll'-kr^. Ladies L"nd<r:- ' ,   T:iy.^--!\;am;u\i.=; Jie^viy osjiuuv^! in evci*v par!:icu-
if    v.\.-:ir. Di-e-vK;-ood>, etc. ■ .       '-■■ j !ar- ~l" lit ^it'Oi-glinut isyehx-tricitv, .and tvvji'tain.-; a
" . .  Italiiroi.m   and  all modernX-QirvciiUvii-X* for thf
A i;;i'ii';.' 'ipi:r..it.;t v
i <'":dl and inspect tiie Stock
I-I-=n.<c  Linine; at. vory l>\v ]    The above ^heunle i.~ in e.fiV-ot May 10,3895. sub
''je-L't to clie.nge.
Fnr.-er. Master.
The iv^rnvKiny re-o:'v;'--lTio vXhi ta ehanire tliis
.-■ehodule at'.any .time without'naik-e.  •
For full informali.-vn a^ t-> fiekr^t. ra::e;y'e£e.,ai"p-
,1/ at the Cjmpany:s ofli^."-, Xel?o:i.- B.C.     ':: '
: ■ T. ALLAX.ye-y, J. W., TROUP.    '.'.
2vJ:lsok, B.C. ^lanairer
JJefore you fcivivel get information froni
C.P.R.   Agents as t.o  time and
rates.    It will save yon money
Api;Iv to nearest Kail way Agent
. or to
District Passenger Agenf,
. Vancouver
/ iS5  Third Year  THE   LEDGE.  Revamped From 3fa's.  When the women all wear bloom  crs and their skirts are all laid away,  when their legs no more are rumors,  coyly hid from light of day, when  petticoats are forgotten with their  swirls, and there's less demand for  cotton, I'll be sorry for the lasses who  in school are at their books���at the  head or foot of classes���I'll be sorrv  for their looks, for their mas will  make their trousers, and good heavens don't we know, who were boys  buf are not now, that they'll make a  holy show! It is bad enough when  Tommjr wears the pants his mother  made, but it often knocks you silly to  see the youthful blade wearing pants  that no man knoweth which is front  and which is back���if he cometh or  he goetli their is quite an equal  *'slack." But .your Susie! Oh, its  galling, scalding tears downward  glance, when you hear the urchins  calling, "Saj7, where did you get  them pants ?" You will see her youth,  ful, glowing, but by no certain rule,  can you tell if she is going or is com  ing home from school. * There'll be  trouble you'll allow sirs, there'll be  anguish for the pas, when the daughters all wear trousers that are just revamped from ma's. So I'm weaping  as I'm writing, and my great tears  fall dike pearls, scarce I know what I  am writing1, for I'm sorry for the  girls.  $. S. WiliSOf4,  ���THE���  SLOCAN TAILOR  Sixth street, New Denver.  Tie Wm 4 Sta By. Co.  NOTICE.  A PL AN, profile and book of reference of the  branch line of the Nakusp & Slocan Railway  from Three Forks to Sandon, a distance of about  four miles, is now on deposit in the Land Registry  Office, Victoria.  A. J. WEAVER BRIDGMAN,  Secretary  Victoria, B.C.,  27th November, 1R95.  MINERAL ACT  (FORM F.)  Notice of Application for  Certificate of Improvement  BRANDON AND ADAMS MINERAL CLAIMS  SLATER " MINERAL CLAIM.  NOTICE.  fPHE first meeting of the Trustees of the Cumber  1   land  Mining- Com pany, Limited Liability, is  herebv called for the jmd day of January, 1896, at 3  o'clock in the afternoon, at Ihe office of the Slocan  Milling Company, Three Forks,British Columbia.  Dee. 16,3 8:15.  NATHANIEL D. MOORE,  Trustee  Slocajt Division, West Kootenay District,  Located on Mount Adams, JBetweeh   .  Chamblet and Bkitomarte.  TAKE NOTICE that I; Herbert T. Twigg, as  I a^ent for Walter Chamblet Adams, free  miner's certificate No. 56974, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvement", for  the purpose of obtaining- a Crown grant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that ad verse claims must  be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvements.  Dated this 7th day of November, 1895.  Notice of Application for  Certificate of IipFfimts.  " TWIN LAKES " MINERAL CLAIM.  NOTICE  Slocan Division, West Kootenax Dittrict,  Located in the Twin Lakes Basin.  {'he fir.-t meeting of the Trustees of the Sunshine  Mining Company, Limited Liability, is hereby  ca'led for the 2nd day of January, 18fi<i, at 3 o'clock  in the afternoon, at the office of the Slocan Milling  Company, Three Fork*, British Columbia.  NATHANIEL D. MOORE,  Trnstee.  Dec. 16,1895.  MCE it-iur Lit.  TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN :  rpHIS is to notify that I have applied applied to  JL the Commissioner of Lands and Works, B.C.,  for a yearlv Ica^e on 1,000 acres of Timber Lands  situated about 2 miles from the bead of Slocan  Lake, on West side, the said Timber Limit being  defined by posts and lines as understated:  Initial Post No. 1 is placed near the mouth of a  small creek a bout ��ne and a half miles from Head  of Sloean Lake, on West side, the line running  thence along the lake shore in a southerly direction  ���for about one and a half miles to No. 2 corner post,  thence about one..mile'west, thence about one and  and a half miles north, thence about one mile east  t)'No. 1 post, the said limit comprising about 1,000  acres more or less.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T.  1 agent for The Alamo Mining Co., Li  miner's certificate No. 60589, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to Tapply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate oi improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims must  be sent the Gold Commissioner and action com-  cenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvements.  Dated this 11th day of November, 1895  Notice of Application for  rtitote of IiroFefflgflts.  GREAT EASTERN MINERAL CLAIM.  Signed,   ALEX.  McKA.Y  Sawmiller.  New Denver, B.C.,  9th Dec, 1895.  Slocan Division, West ��� Kootenay District,  Located up West Fork of San don Ckkek.  in Ivanhoe Basin.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T. Twigg, agent  1 for William Clyman Yawkey, free miner's  certificate No. 568-10, inteud, sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims must  be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action com  menced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvement?.  Dated this 5th day of December, 1895.  ft D. C. Joslyn li Co.  ' Dealers in  Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Sup  plies, Sewing: Machines, and  Supplies. .  spokane;  wash  M. W. BRUNER, M. D.,  Physician and Surgeon.  Three Forks,  JLL Line of Drm;  dies kept on hand.  a. c  A  FULL Line of Drugs and Prescription Heme-  KERR  Slocan Mining  Division, West Kootenay  Disuticr.   Located on Mount Adams.  fAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T. Twigg, as  1 agent for Michael Patrick Adams and Williair  Henry Brandon, free miner's certificates No. 52184  and No. 57661, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the Gola Commissioner for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown" grant of each of the aboveclaims.  And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and  action commenced before issuance of such certify  cate of improvements.  Dated 23rd of October, 1895. ���     .,;     . r  Notice of Application for  Certificate ��* Improvement  BARRISTER  COLICITOR and Notary Public.  New Denver, B. C  THREE FORKS,  CONTAINS 20 BOOMS   -   -  i       ;  /���: AND  HAS :���_  ���  t ���   .> ��� "'  EVERY ACCOMODATION  ���:FOR THE: ���   TRAVELING PUBLIC.   HOWAEB WEST  <  Assoc. R. S. M.,. London, Eng.  JSTETW 3D3B1TVTBBR, 33.0.  Assayer and  Mineralogist.  _5FPrompt return on alTsamples.  DOCTOR  J. E. BROUSE,  ..,-..,r.,.-. _  .  . - --_������_������  PHYSICIAN  - AND -  SURGEON  NEW DENVER, B.C.  Rates, $1 50 to $2 a Daya  HOTEIi  |G��cly Gre&k,|  Is the only First-Class House in the  Citv. GOOD MEALS, CHOICE  LIQUORS, and Warm Rooms  always ready for the Traveling  ^   Public.  J. Ol. UXintep,  THE   6LIFT0N   H0tf  '���I  mil- SKHtooH, 8. c. -iIiih  i*  Will be open in a few days,  JOHtf BUCKI-EV,  J,  Gamer�� n  ��f Winnipeg.  Have located a branch at�����  ^._.^.        .^    _  And are prepared  o suit the most fastidious in the matter  OF CLOTHING.  T^Y YHHJ&���  ->�� Xhird Year  THE   LEDGE.  Published every Thursday.  ��.    T.    LOWERY,    EDITOR    AND  .FINANCIER.  NOTICE.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  ONE TEAK $2.00  Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line first insertion, 10 cents i>er line subsequent insertions,  nonpareil measurement,  TO CONTRIBUTORS.  Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay  District and communications upon live topics  always acceptable. Write on both sides of the  paper if you wish. Always send something good-  uo matter how crude. Get your copy in while in  is hot, and we will do th<j rest.  THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1895.  HOSPITAL ITJ_MS.  YTOTICE is hereby given that application will be  li made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia at its next session for an  act to incorporate a company ior the purpose of  constructing, operating and working deep tunnels,  driits, or snafts for tlie purpose of exploring for,  discovering, working, getting, acquiring and  recovering minerals situate in blind veins, ledges  or lodes in the Districts of East and West Kootenay, Yale and Cariboo, in the Province of British  Columbia, and for entering upon and Squiring  lands for such puritoses, and for collecting tolls for  the ure of such tunnels or workings by any other  persons or companies engaged iu mining and for  acquiring; such water powers or privileges, rights  or incident?, as may be necessary for incidental  or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing  objects or any of them  '    A. E. HUMPHREYS,  Applicant.  $. s. wmsoj*,  ���THE���  SLOCAN TAILOR  Sixth street, New Denver.  S. J. H. WERELEY,  New Denver. B. C.  A large quantity of House Lining at very low  prices.  Call and inspect the Stock.  H,   T.   TWIGG,  NEW DENVER,' B. C:    "r  Provincial   Land Surveyor.  M. Holland of the Ajax. Dan McDonnell of the R. E. Lee, Peter  Kindel of the Slocan Star and A. J.  Gaebel of New Denver having completely recovered and left the hospital j l{AS_i!^G^yc^!0B,e^y, Ladie3' Under  during; the past week the only patient  at present receiving treatment is Wm.  Bennett of the Star, whose condition  is rapidly improving-.  As it will doubtless be of interest to  tbe miners and residents of the-Slocan  to have some idea of the good -work  . which is being* done at the Slocan  Hospital, which has been in operation in this town since August, last.  we have obtained from the records a  summary of the cases treated since  its opening. The applicants for admission numbered forty nine divided  as follows : Typhoid fever 10, mountain fever 1, bilious fever 2, pueu-  monia 4, acute bronchitis 4, paralysis  2,lead colic 1, alcoholisms, erysipelas  1, surgical cases 21, deaths recorded  none. Besides these a number of  minor cases both medical and surgical have been treated, not requiring  any prolonged stay at the hospital.  .,, INERAL Claims, Mines, ^Timber Limits, etc.,  Ill   surveyed.  OT  ARROW LAKE,  IS now open for the accommodation of quests  Rates, ffll.50 to $2.50 per day. Baths  25 cents each, or 5 for SI.   For further  particulars write to the proprietoi*.*.  DAWSON, CRADDOCK & Co  Is issued at New Denver, B. C, on Thursday  Wet weather, snow slides, hard times, or the  sheriff never hinders its publication. It  comes out just the same.  |Goay Greek,  Is'Jhe only First-Class House in the  - City. GOOD MEALS, CHOICE  LIQUORS, and Warm Rooms  always ready for the Traveling  |    Public. .  Does not dream of making a million out of it,  bat he expects to get a luxurious living. In  order to do this it is necessary to have cashable material, and the world at large is cordially invited to dig up enough money to pay  for an annual interest. To accommodate the  public we do  J. m. UXmtef.  11  .1.3-r WATER STREET,  VANCOUVER, B. C  'to-:  E handle Dried Fruits, Fresh   Fruits, Butter, Eggs,  Cheese, Bacon, Hams, Lard and Canned Goods.  And Sell to the Trade Only.  .V  I  At prices that do not discord with the de��  ������ y ���        .''���������'      ������'������'���     '     ".'   :' -' '  spondent price of silvery Third Year.  THE LEDGE.  ><f  ANOTHER VALUABLE FIN D.  ������'..���". "   ���:������������"���'*  ������ -: .' ������������'...y;"-  .. .''���One. of the various resources of East  Kootenay waiting for development is  the petroleum found in the Flathead  Valley in the southeastern portion of  This district. This is a; section of  country but little known, and is  separated from the remainder of the  district by a hig;h range of mountains.  The natural outlet of the- valley is  down the Flathead River into Montana, and the nearest railroad is the  Great Northern. Some years ago  attention was called to this section  through the finding of crude oil in  the possession of some Stony Indians,  who annually hunted in this valley,  and they were induced to show some  miners where they obtained the oil,  which they (the Indians) were in the  habit of using* as a medicine for  complaints of all kinds. The surface  indications are good, and two different qualities of oil have been obtained. ��� On Kishneena Creek, a short  distance north of tbe international  boundary line, a black oil, similar to  the Pennsylvania and Ohio oils, is  found. But on Sage Creek, some  eight miles north, there is found an  oil that is nearly pure, of a light  yellow color, which will burn in a  lamp as it comes from the ground.  Close by, there is natural ��as escaping from the bedrock, which burns  freely on ignition. Some of this oil  sent to the Geological Museum at  Ottawa, caused considerable excitement and comment, and was pro-  nounced a fraud on account of its  purity. Dr. Selwyn, head of the department, made a special trip to the  valley, and was surprised to find the  oil genuine, and also that this oil was  found in the Cambrian formation,  which was something unknown, as  all the oil fields hitherto discovered  have been in Trenton limestone.  Directly due east of Sage Creek, and  on the eastern slope of the main ridge  of the Rockv Mountains, in Alberta  Territory, there is plenty of surface  indications of crude oil. And the  ���finding of these indications cover  such a large area, and in the same  formation would go to show that there  is a large oil field awaiting capital.  And we may expect that in the  near future the oil fields of East  Kootenay will be known all over the  world. ���Fort Steele Prospector.  W. Peilew Harvey, F.G.S.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  Mining Engineer, Analytical Chemist, and Assayer.  Assay Office and Metallurgical Works.  JOHN W. GUAM *��� Cl,  WHOLESALE  Books, Paper, Stationery, and  Office Supplies.  Wall    Paper   a    Specialty  L IVANH  SflflDOFi, B.C.  This hotel is now ready to accom ���  raodate the rush to Sandon.  The bar is finished with antique  If you are hungry, thirsty or  weary roll in and you can have the  Great Eastern Block.  SPOKANE, WASH.  JUST  RECEIVED  A CHOICE STOCK OF DRY GOODS,  MILLINERY}  Ladies and Gentlemen's  -   Wearing Apparel.  All goods sold at Eastern Prices.  Come in and see the Goods.  afiOcrs?  AUCTIONEER  and  cedar bark, and presents an appear- X best fa tne hoage fol. a reaaonable  ance seldom seen. 1 monetary consideration.  OO^E & BLACK.  N. D. MOORE, Pres  R. McFERRAN, See'v  LTD.,  CONCENTRATOR, THREE FORKS, B. C.  Mining    and      Miners'    Supplies  EIT Hay and Grain in Car Lots to the Trade. v;  THREE FORKS.  SILVERTON  H:u_isrTE3Pi & nycoKziisrisronsr-  : o :  }-���-���-.  Dealers in:  Groceries,  Provisions,   Dry  Goods,  and flining Supplies.  AGENT.  KASLO  B. C  LELAND  HO US  NAKUSP, B. C.  fOMFORTABLE Rooms, Good Meals  *-*   and Careful Attention to Guests  makes this Hotel popular with the  Traveling Public,  THREE FORKS,  oux  This hotel situated on the N. & S.  Ry., just four miles from New Denver, has good accommodations for the  traveling public. The Bar is stocked  with the finest liquors in the land.   %-*%>^   mrs. d. a. mcdougald, prop  J. T. NAULT,  Proprietor.  ?  roprietors.  THE LEDGE OFFICE. Third Year.  THE LEDGE.  ,���-MiK,  GOOD THINGS.  Max O'Reli tells the story of a  chairman he had at one of his lectures, who, on introducing him to the  audience, spoke for an hour and a  half. The lecturer then.arose, and  quietly proposing a vote of thanks to  the chairman for his excellent address, sat down again, and the meeting closed.  A lawyer residing in the North of  England, and noted for his laconic  style of expression, sent the following  terse and wittv note to a refractory  client, who would not succumb to his  reiterated demands for the payment  of his bill: " Sir, if you pay the inclosed, you will oblige me. If you  do not, I shall oblige you."  Professor Blackie was asked once  to preside at a temperance meeting,  and, being of an amiable turn of  mind, he consented ; but he did not  help the cause much, for this is what  he said: "I can not understand  why I am asked to be here. I am  not a teetotaler���far from it. If a  man asks me to dine with him, and  does not give me a good glass of  wine, I say that he is neither a  Christian nor a gentleman... Germans  drink beer, Englishmen wine, ladies  tea, and fools water.  On one occasion, a magistrate asked a '.voman: "What is your age,  madam?" "Whatever you .choose,  sir," answered the lady. She was  under oath. "You may pur, down  forty-five years, then," said the magistrate to the clerk]; "What is your  occupation, madam? "Sir,"said the  witness, " you have made a mistake  cf ten years in my age." *' Put down  fifty-five, then," said the magistrate;  "yourresidence " "Sir,"exclaimed the lady, "my age is thirty-five  years, not fifty-five!" "At last we have  your statement," said the magistrate ;  and he proceeded with the examina  tion.  preacher then called attention to the  distinction between the religious person and the person, who "seems to be  religious."   And in a vivid and clear  manner presented the whisperer, the  tale bearer and the scandal monger  as the vilest characters, stating that  the    person   who   "sowed   discord  among brethern " was in the sight of  God,   worse than the person   "who  shed innocent blood:"   Prov.  G,   16-  19.    Hence,  Durant's crime in   the  language of scripture, was not so bad  as that of the whisperer who sought  to destroy the affection of true friends.  The scandel monger is a person to be  heartily despised by all classes, and  the x^erson who repeats a scandle is  even worse than a thief, or a murderer.    The.  whispering gossip in  the  ehurch and .among church people was  denounced in ringing tones as the  spirit of the devil.    The sermon from  begining to end was  replete   with  vivid illustrations showing the effects  of gossip.    Many felt that the sermon  was well timed.  WRO  Mining Broker,  SANDON, B.C..  DR. A. S. MMHALL  NICK PALORCIA,  Sandon. B. C.  B  OOTS and Shoes made to cider.   First-class  svoik.   lin;K'rial C:ilf for line .sluefo   French  Goods specially adapted for.JIfcnis' and Prcnpce  toi_' use.   Goods warrnnied not to rip for one your  DENTIST  KASLO,  B.C.  Graduate of American College of Dental Surgery  Chicago.  Office: Over Bycr_' Hardware store.  THE GRANT HOUSE  Sandon  S. O.  KELSEN,  SANDON.  Dealer in Tobaccos,  Cigars and Fruits.  pOOD Meals and comfortable rooms make this  U    Hotel a pleasant place for travelers to stop at  ARCHIE GRANT, Prop  Lodging Rooms  in  connection.  FEED  Nelson, B. C.  Merchant Tailor.  Full Line  of Suitings and  Trouserings always on hand.  SCANDAL,  MONGER.  Knox church, Selkirk, was crowd,  ed on Sunday night last. Mr. Ferry  preached a very practically sermon  on the use and abuse of the tongue,  taking for his text James 1, 26. He  said his mind had been directed to  the subject from the news published  in the Winnipeg papers of Monday  last. After giving the exegesis of  the text as set forth,and the meaning  of the Greek word rendered '' seein-  eth," the preacher remarked that'the  In one of the best mining  Camps in   the  Kootenay.  APPLY TO,  The PACIFIC. HOTEL  THEEE FORKS.  C I  sin of an unbridled  tongue  had  assumed such a respectable standing,  that the time had come for it to be  branded with its proper name. For  this sin was not most prevalent in the  saloon, but in the church ; it was not  the conversation of the tramp and the  vagabond which the text condemned  but the conversation of the person  who imagined himself religious; the  Hidden Mines  AND  HOW TO   FIND   THEM,  BY  w. rms. MLW IA \  This book sells on sight. Just  what every mining man needs as it  describes every Ore, Mineral and  Metal of commercial value, (including  Gems and Precious Stones) and tells  in plain language how to test them.  Agents wanted in all British: Columbia districts. Live men can make  money selling this book.  Send your address or order.  Price, cloth, ��1:50, Leather, $2:00.  THE M. ROGERS PUB. CO.,  54 YONGE ST., TORONTO.  Try the  Sandon Laundry  . . FOR . .  First-Class Work.  White Shirts   -   -  -   -   a Specialty;  S. REEjDER,  Proprietor.  R.  ERN,  Jeweler  KASLO CITY.  B.0  Yl  The only practical Watchmaker in  the Kootenay District. Orders by  mail receive prompt attention  ALL WORK GUARANTEED  HAVE OPENED AT  9  With a Complete  Stock of Gents' Furnishings,  Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoes, Etc.  i  S  ���ft  ns oeiore purcha&ng-. elsewhere ���V  X  LEDGE.  CffiCR  D'ALEX1_ NUGGETS.  Frcffcr ted for tlie Benefit of Former  Iit'::ide2its oi" that Can;!?.  MULLAX.  John, A. Fir.ch was in town "Wednesday.  A ball v.-as given Friday night for  the   benefit of the public school of,  ^iullan.  Capt. W. R Shields, a former resident of Mullan, has returned hereto  live,  ;"��� A. W. Steele and WebLeasurehad  a slight difficulty a few days ago  which resulted in some shooting, but  no one was hurt.  \ C. C. Eckert, a former resident and  merchant of Mullan, was here Wednesday. Mr. Eckert still holds some  Valuable mining interests in this  vicinity.  .WALLACE.  R. V. Largent, the distinguished  mayor of Carbon, was in town this  week. ,  jjW. F. Finch and son, Chester, left  Fiiday for Chicago to spend the holidays.  Charles A. Wing came over from  Montana last week and is doing the  annual assessment work on the Tin  Cup, in Lake gulch.  F. B. Fogg, a long-time resident of  thc/Cceur d'Alene's,   left last Monday  for i visic to his old  home in Maine  He will return to  this section  in the  spring.  Tiie warm weather of the past  week, together with the frequent  showers, has removed nearly all the  snow. Vehicles of all kinds have in  consequence had to discard runners  and take on wheels.  C W. Vedder and family left this  week for Spokane, where they will  reside in the future. Mr. Vedder has  been a resident of the Ccenr d'Alenes  for about thirteen years and his  friends regret very much to have him  leave,  WARDXER,  Jack Hume took charge of the  Smith',saloon last Monday.  Dr. France has been in Seattle  about two weeks on a business trip.  Pat Murphy, one ofthe old-timers,  returned to Wardner on Tuesday.  Mrs. Geo. H. Trumbull went to  Spokane the latter part of last week.  The hospital is finished. After drying a few days it will be formally  opened.  Scott'Anderson and A. E. Howes, of  Wallace, were collers at the News  office on Thursday. ��*"  Mrs. C. F. Conifer opened her restaurant on Monday.  Andy Devlin left his mining property long enough to come in and see  his Wardner friends on Sunday.  II. B. Oatman opened a fruit, tobacco, and confectionery store last  Monday i.i tne building owned by  Mrs. Clark.  The new scenery for Pythian Hall  arrived at the commencement of the  week and was immediately put m  place.  Mrs, W. S. Bidden expects to leave  on Monday for San Diego, California,  where she will spend the winter in  that delightful climate.  Andy Wilmot, of Wallace, has sold  out his 1G to 1 restaurant at that place  and was in Wardner this week looking up a new location for feeding the  hungry people.  OERING 8c SVIARSTRANDS'  ALEXANDER LAGER  BEER   &  PORTER  Is Specially Recommended.  post office, Moimt Pleasant, VANCOUVER, B.C.  O  FAN LEY    HOUSE.  NELSON, B. C.  BEST Rooms .ind Board in the City.   Hot and  Cold Water.   Bath Room for rhe use of the  Guests. . Rates reasonable.  ���   MRS. HcDONALD, Prop  NOTICE.  AWDISE,  NAKUSP.  B. C.  AfOTICE ia hereby given that sixty days after  i\ date we intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for the right to divert  (250} two hundred, and fifty, inches of water from  Second or Tributary crook for water works and  general motor purpose?.. ..  LOUIS DANSEREAU, I  FRANK PREVOST,     i  Sandon, B.C, October 19,1895.  er,Tttomp_5��ti &H6.  MINE AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS.  W. J. HOLDEN, C.S.C., Sec'y  FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE AND ��� ."  GENERAL  COMMISSION  AGENTS  CONVEYANCERS, ETC. TELEPH0NE N��'  NEW MA~KET,  J-**  W.J.TRETHEWPY,E.M���  Examination  _c Reports  Assays of Ores.  Analysis of Ores  OFFICE AjSTD'LABOUATOKY :  T,     KASLO  s  9  NEW DENVER, B. Cj  IDEj-A-XcjIBIE? ��3 IlbT i  Dry Goods,  AVINGr placed some new  Machinery in our Mill,  we are prepared to furnish  all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles at  greatly reduced Prices.  Groceries.  The Salvation Army will hold special services here to-morrow���on Mon-  daythe}'leave for Wallace.  Aaron Frost, for the past three  years manager of the Wallace Miner,  has leased the News.  Rough Lumber, narrow,  " " wide,  Joist and'Scan tii nf,, 'sized up to  13 feet long.  18'to 24''  2i 'to 30 '  Flooring, T & G, 6 "  a ���'      4. ��  V joint Ceiling, J '  G " Rustic,  Shiplap,  Surfaced Dressed  $10 oO  $11 00 to $12 00  " $11 00  ��12 00  $13 00  $20 00  ��� $22 00  $22 00  $19 00  $11 00  $13 00  toots and Shoes,  A liberal discount on large orders for Cash,  PETER GENELLE & Co  s reqiiire  ' ' ;l  iners and Prospectors. *  Third Year  J  (p.  I  t  "V;  *$jjfc  THE   LEDGE.  LEDGE GROPP1NGS  I  Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year.  Advertise ir. "The Ldege."  His Honor Judge Sproat was in  .New Denver this week.  At the time of going to press last  Tuesdays Kaslo mail has not arrived.  Rev. G. A. Love preached a very  appropriate Christmas sermon on Sunday evening.  Letter press for sale apply at'this  office,    f  Christmas in New Denver.  %���  iv:  SXr-  Is'"'  Wm. Thomlinson, who made a  business trip to Revelstoke last week,  has returned home.  When* in Vancouver stop at  the  :      Manor House. t  Miss Adair and Miss Livingston left  .    on Tuesday for Revelstoke where they  will spend the holiday season.  "77-7r .The organ raffled last Friday,  by  ;-y Mrs. J. H. Wereley, was won by the  ?���'/ ijady herself and the watch was won  by Archie grant, of Sandon.  'y ���;':", Job printing neatly executed at  / " The Ledge "office.  ���-.��;.  Even  in Kootenay  we  had our  Christmas, turkey,    goose,   pudding  and all just the same as in the less  favored la,nd,s of our childhood.   Most  ordinary pleasures we havo not time  to waste over here in the midst of the  serious purposes of getting rich, but  as to Christmas we thought it would  not likely be around again for another  year and we might be able to get  along with only 364 days of violent  work for 1895, so we ate three square  meals, -wished everyone   "A Merry  Christmas" and congratulated  ourselves on our own good nature all  day.   The sun shone brightly (somewhere), the snow fell industriously,  and everything was equally bright  in Denver as the weather.   So far as  we have been able to learn no one  was crowded off the streets thronged  by the busy   crowds.    Most of the  young batchelors of the town spent  some  part   of the  day with  their  friends who had families, and everyone seems to have spent as happy a  time as ourselves.  When in New Denver  K3#.  You will find everything up to date.  Tliree Porks Christmas Tree.  FE  Ky  est*  r  J-;;;-'i  'F. Pyman,   New Denver's witch-  y niaker.and jeweller makes cleaning  \ . and repairing  watches a specialty-  He visits Three Forks every Friday  :W:io, accommodate  customers in  that  town.  ���; A pulpit, presented to the Methodist  church as a Christmas gift by F.  Pyman, whose handy-work it is, was  in place last Sundav, it is nicely fin-  ishedand shows;no little taste and a  great deal of work.  Stop at the Hotel Windsor, Rossland.    Mrs. T. B. Lewis, proprietor, f  Mrs. James S. Johnson has opened  a Dress and. Man tie making establishment in 1 hree Forks, where she is  prepared to do all kinds of Plain and  Fancy Sewing. t  Under the auspices of the Christian  Endeavor a debate on "Should the  Women be allowed to Vote" will  take place on January 20th. Miss  Livingston and Howard West are the  captians. All are invited to take  part.  The members of the family commonly surnamed "Tenderloin " gave  a dinner to some of their friends on  Monday evening last. The menu  was most elaborate, the service well  appointed and those entertained speak  in the highest terms of the genial  hospitality received.  Along the line of the Denver Pacific  road,between Denver and Cheyenne  there are cedar telegraph poles which  have been set twenty-three years, and  are still sound. The average pine  pole lasts only four or five years.  Red spruce which is quite eonirnon in  places in the mountains, lasts about  as long as cedar.,,  The little folks of Three Furies' cir  culated a subscription for the purchasing of presents for a tree, prepared a  program and with the assistance of  some of the ladies held a very successful Christmas tree on Christmas  eve. The short program as given  below was well rendered to a fair  sized audience. The children did  their parts well and the music of the  instrumental trio was most delightful.  Santa Claus made his appearance in  proper time and with his wonted  mirth and liberality dispensed to the  anxious little watchers things of some  value and much beaut v.  Rev. G. A. Love occupied the chair.  program :  Song  Audience  Prayer Rev. Love  Instrumental Messrs.  Stephens and Carrier  ....... Henry Hasket  .... ....Allie Trenary  . ...... .. .Elise Hasket  1 , Stephens and Carrier  Recitation.... ....... .Allie Trenary  Doll Drill............ .The Children  Song, '' Jolly St. Nicholas "  instrumental.. .... ...... ,... Messrs.  ������,  Stephens and Carrier  Santa Claus and his presents.. ......  Song..... ...������.'��� '. The Audience  "God Save the Queen."  If you have time try one of their Sunday  Chicken Dinners.  Recitation  it  tt  Instrumental  507, 509, 511 & 513 HASTINGS St.  DEALERS  IN:  Furniture,  Carpets, Linoleums,   Window    Shades  Bedding Supplies, etc., etc.  Send for our Illustrated Catalogue.  it*  ^3S>��?3^"V(j!s^.ViV:?'r^"^^'?ivy^'r:'^;?"  .-jr.-  Headquarters for Miners and Mining Men.  o  JACOBSON  &.  CO.  jsne3"w  Is the Metropolis of the  Slocan District, and  ealty Must Increase in Value  For  .5.  I  CHOICE BUSINESS AND RESIDENCE LOTS  Investors wi]l consult their own  Interests by consulting  ANGUS  New Denver, B.C.  caiLLIVEEY,  -#.  SLOCAN CITY, BO  Only first-class house in the City.. The rooms are lit  with sunlight and petroleum. Game is served with nearly  every meal, and the beds are conducive to the repose of  mind and body. The bar is supplied with the regulation  beverages of all mining camps.  Prospectors, Millionaires and Tourists always welcome.  if '  S3  'J\.i;V'cV;y"-yy\ri^--��^::-0


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