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The Ledge Dec 19, 1895

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 \��  4'  /  /^jB^a^ssAP"*  ,/"  *t?  *i^KS��.  In Time tbe iSiocan Coun- 2  try Will fbe  the Great M  Silver Camp on Mother =��  barth. ���   *  YVi.mffii^on^*^**?  ;(���#'!* u%  NEW DENVER,. B; C,  DECEMBEE 19, 1895.  Jab Printing- at This Office  at Prices.In Harmony  ' With   tbe rielancboly  Condition of Silver.  Price . $2.00 a Yeah.- ,  The fur busihete^^^ry-slaclv'*;ih  British Columbia just, np^y.* The only  . fars fcomiti^sin in/any ^quantityare  bear, martin ahd mink, The quantity of hear is'about the came as last  year.   Martin is scarce,  .There is a  , "Looking- -For Investments.  t /-�� ; 4i  o - & ���  t -0 " w  ���,*'  H. P. Heacock, of Helena, Montana.  Is in[ Brilistf Coiuhlbia Wokmg for'in-  vesjmente for Montana capital. ���Be  was in the Slocan last week, and took  away with him cash^and bonding  from last season?/ ^hefels^airSup-  'ply of beaver, there were more this  time last season coming into the market. There is the usual supply , of  raccoon. There are only a fair num-  , be!* of lynx, but full as many as last  market is but moderately supplied'  with hair seal.   It is rather ear/v^br-  fisher.    They are coming: in very  slowly. - Tlie supply of cross and red  fox is moderate. {Silver fox,^ re scarce  Muskquash arejplentiful.' The following prices areJTiIirig in' tlievfur market: Black bear '-$5 to 825'; brown  . bear ^to|$|>0 ;,;i grimly |10 ,to %SQ \.  m%vpmmid,$Z'r niixik<50e .-to #1 25;;  beaver $3 tb,$8: otter'$2 to $10; i-ac-'  .red fo__ $l*to$3; silver, for f30to$100;  musquash 5c to 10c.  lateridate.*.  AINSWORTH.^  fiPan Clarke and James Van Hook  are the owners,,ofthe/.Lap^ ofthe  Mke mmi% !claim,/sikiat(?3 about  one and a fourth miles south west of  the town of Ainsworth^ on Kootenay  lake. - r'Three" *seperate leads run  through- the^ location;; each Ygivihg  evidence of considera ble value astbg  boys.have jdone SupVrird8 of $3:000  worth;6f work oh -their'^rbund.  OS TOP AGAIN.  C.' -K. Brown, in a letter from New  Orleans to the Fdifcoi\of The Ledge,  says : " Fortune has been more than  kind to Hill and I- We are mining  in Central America. 120 miles from  the coast. We have seven gold claims,,  Tree milling ore, running from $20 to  $200 pep ton. ���'' Hill has just brought  from p!iicag*o, a complete saw mill,  one ten stamp mill, tramway, etc.  We will use the mill to get out lum-  for our houses and stampmills. When  bur houses are built, Hill will go to  New York and get married. I will  spend the winter here with my wife  and little girl.  The range of mountains we arc in  is about 2003 feet high. We have  two tunnels on one claim, and have  about a million dollars worth of ore  in sighc, blocked and ready to break  down. The cropping from one of our  claims can be traced six miles. The  ledges are very large, and the ore  shows up on the surface. T te ground  breaks ea?y and labor is cheap. AVe  fyave 100 nien on buildings. Wc pay  the negros $1.35 a day, and board.  We have'about 10Q3 fauna plants,  piue apples, corn and all kincis of  vegetables.    We raise our own sugar  *nd have four mills for grinding corn  and rollers for grinding the cane, and  boilers for boiling the juice.   I will  sead you samples of ore next summer.  Our prospecting life has been one of  adventure and profit.    In B.  C.   we  gave away a fortune in five days  when we sold the Keco,  but we are  on top again and intend to stay there.  This batch of news will surprise the  boys."  ,  and paraliel-to-Ebon lake,*;a; ,body\>f  ;waterOT&-ha|f-fone;^  about 300 feetm, width; \ * Sinking on,  the ieads "&^nY:3tfe&K$&$ti:^$$  gifatly retanied  ', '���'. *������,"' i***  account,of the &*��&  seeping into the different shafts they  had started on their property. About  one year.and-a half ago they conceivr,  ed the idea of putting^ in k syphon; so  as to drain lthe 'lake/'"The proper  quantity of three inch pipe was procured and the work of* emptying xhe  lake started. For some months...the  syphon worked but frozeWlast wint^  er. It was started anew on th% 16th  of Januaiy last and has been working  continuously ever since, having in  that time lowered the lake about 20  feet, aiid by spring "they expect to  have the same practically dry.  As the water recedes they have  been sinking on a vein immediately  on the west bank of the lake; From  the surface something over two tons  of,ore were shipped which netted  them $76.50 per ton.    In sinking this  Messrs: Clark & Van Hook hare  noted/some of, the natural history  oddities, and their experiences if  written Vouldfill quite a volume.  One species of bug which inhabits  the.la^eisabout theseize'ofa brown  bean1:   It has wings shapped exactly  like oars and uses them the same as  -a boatman would in his craft on the  water. ;' They  have .watched' this1  curious, insect for hours,, first rowing  itself ahead, ;tlaBn. turning round by  backing, oul one ?wing.and pulling,  on the otherj also backing with both  wings, etc.  * !       .  ', j. ���*   * - *  Another singular member of the  bug. creation spreads  its: wings * as  sails, taking advantage'of any breeze  it skims the surface of the water,  tacking;-and* ��� going thrdugh all the  evolutions of an experienced yacht  man. '   '"���   ���.    ���.   -' -���  .' ^There i^one, creatu^ejwhich makes  this* body*of .wajber its, home that'is a  puzzle:v.to^csix Qne,5*wriiot has i. seen  it, ,pr rath^fwitnessedits..antics. Jn  'jtbfcfcthe annimal;;has neyleribeenseens  ibng'^nbugh-at'^ti^ it  is,v whether, ,of the lish;. or anirpal^  Species;;M It trav^frpm oneJjend.;?of  ;ihe l|ka|to*|he > o^r^sb/rapidlyi that:-  , ttie ,^y e ca nhot^cto'wJ4tStmoY-einei? Uk;  HIKING K<MPB��rV>  Happening-   of   Intercut v Amos^ < tbe.  * Trectavre Vaults,   '  .<<  .<.}  The Kali8pell is reportetf 'Bold Ibr  i 000 cash to Deadwood iaien.;', /  ."V  . The deal for the rale of the Oliff'-.at  Rossland is off, and work" isi^iiig, , ;;(:  discharged Ion* Saturday.  .This pro-.    ,.nfc  perty has: developed into :a 4��ugh  concentrating proposition, and  will ;.  require plenty -of capital to; work it *f  profitably.-   ,|^':1' *e" '"',]  * jy  yo%Jb.  .**.-*  V .***-  ��� ^,*c  ���    ���/*!>*  . V"-  ,* \**. Vr  >���'>.,  ] In this paper last week appeared-':':;j:^J\  an item, amongst the- miiiing trans*      J '  fers, in which it was" stated tha*6 Jasl  . -�����,*  Currie had sold his interest in the    "; -" -;|  ���Currie,,to:;J[v I^'rI>ruipfaWenJi'"a!I^  is;not so," the transfer, being^lfewife'etc \>V-*\'jfe  of a fraction, that'-is. no^em-bodi^vl'fX/'ti  in the Steyensqn? mineraKrClaitu^iuad  vv, -: ;. .<."!  nrac -nrniVi'ic/ari f-nTlniTTnh/illiow-Y.ftv.**^ ����/*��*,'  *V ->-*.,- ^���u.  tending from shore to shore. The  boys ar^nearly Jas .anxious to determine the^npur^ is it ?���  ks they*"are to" realize their coining  fortune out of the mineral veins.  i* Thomas Cayser/7 a young Englishman, accidently shot himself alwut 8  o'clock a.m. Sunday morning last at  Ainsworth with a rifle. 'The bullet  nearly; tore aw^y the lower jaw and  lacerated the root of the tongue fear  fully. The affair occurred in front  of the residence of the late Henry  inierscn.... Jlr. Cayser is a partner  in4 the ranch with Arthur B. Anderson  near Kaslo, and during the past summer and fall he worked on the Kob-  biert E. Lee in the Slocan district for  L. Alexander. The wounded man.  was taken to the hospital at Nelson  on the same day the accident occur-  ed.  * W. W. Sprague formerly a success  ful miner of Kootenaty lake and the  Slocan, is visiting and looking over  the country again.  HOSPITAXi IT��M��;   V    V % ���*  *o  shaft frequently   a shot will break I    T ,- ��� , T   . ��� ,    L  ,,        , . . .        ��._.,,-, J. E. Boss and Jack Robertson, two  through into a crevice or Unfilled por-1 mhn of mineS) tookin Ainswortb and  the Kootenay lake country durLig  the week.  por  tion of the vein. Invariably from  such a place the boys obtain specimens of water lizards, frogs, toads,  etc., besides quantities of high grade  carbonates. (elaborate   woodshed  It is said that this Loon lake is the assay office.  M. Holland from the Ajax arrived  on Monday Buffering from, broncbites,  he is much improved and hopes * to  return to the mine in a dayor^wo. :'v  S. A. McDonnell, from, the RE.  Lee came in on .Tuesday suffering'  from lead colic.   The Doctor expects  to eliminate   the   poison^ frorn^  his  system before many days.   \    . - v��� ���  Wm. Bennett, of the Star, although .  very weak  is  steadily improving. ���'���  Every effort is being made toget him  into condition to enjoy his Christmas  dinner. *   .  A. J. Gaebel enjoyed an outing today for the first time since his admittance to the hospital.  Peter Kindel expeets to retura to  the Star on Saturday.  '���o  Howard   West  has   erected   an  adjoining his  home of more varieties of the bug  family than.any other body of water,  large or small known. A celebrated bugOiogist visited it a couple of  years ago, and expressed this as his  opinion. Also that there was a greater variety of plants around its borders than in any place of similar aria  C. K. Brown,    i that had come under his observation.  Stores about town are wearing their  Holiday apparel, being well filled  with Xmas. presents for the old and  young.  A good sized snow storm struck  town this morning, therefore the public school and many other city institutions are closed to-day. But The  Ledge gets there just the same*  The Miners' Exchange ball to be  given Christmas night is to be the  grandest ever given in the Slocan.  Hunters at the foot of Slocan iakfe  report duck and geese plentiful but  very wild. The deer are annoyed  by wolves to such extent that sporty  men find it difficult to shoot many of  them.  Tbe telegraph office has been removed to the telephone office in New-  Denver, and the two methods of communication are now under the man*-  agement of the tallest operator in  Kootenay, the genial, polite and  obliging Tom Henderson. (<M  *-  vi  l>   1      VV"  *<-'->*���>'  Third Year  THE   LEDGE.  XO COMPROMISE.  "*>      tffis.  There having been recent persistent rumors, emenating mainly from  Toronto newspapers, that the school  question would be settled by the Manitoba Government, the Hon. Mr.  Greenway has authorized the publication df the following statement:  "The Government have had under  consideration at various times the  orde_*-in-Council of the Dominion  Government of the 27th July last, inviting action on the part ofthe Legislature of Manitoba to remove alleged  grievances of the Roman Catholic  minority in relation to education. It  has become perfectly clear , that no  concession by the Legislature will be  regarded as a solution of the difficulty  or as removing the alleged grievances, unless such concession admits  the principle of and re-estalishes  state-aided separate schools. Upon  the question pi the re-establishment  of separate schools the Government  will make no compromise."  and Washington, Oregon, Kansas,^  New York, Wisconsin, and Montana  afforded a considerable quota. Altogether 34 States contributed to the  exodus. r  The causes that Mr. Thompson assigns for this northern movement are  the disasters and discouragements due  to settlement Jn the arid and sub-  humid semi-arid ot partly droughty,  regions ofthe United States.  DOERING & MARSTRANDS'  -0__'lt-'S2<eX*S^.TH!I3-  STANLEY   HOUSE,  NELSON, B. C.  BEST Booms and Board in  Cold Water.   Bath Room  Guests.   Bates reasonable.  the City.  Hot and  for. the use of the  MBS. McDOHALD, Prop  ALEXANDER LAGER  BEER   & PORTER  Is Specially Bfecommended.  post ofrce, t^.w pipj^wH;  VANCOUVER,* B.C.  *��\  ABOUT CANADA.  ���..���������. '  Mr: S. A. Thompson has written in  the " New England Magazine '* of the  movement of population from the Un-;  . ited States into the Canadian North  jWest   Suspecting; that tlie reports re  garding the migration were exaggerated,; he resolved to investigate the  matter, and it was with painful surprise that he learned on undoubted  authority that American citizens by  , theI thousands were leaving the United, States for Western Canada.    He  determined to se&ure accurate information as to the causes of the movement by following the emigrants to  their new homes, and, after a journey  through Manitoba, Assiniboia; Alberta, and a portion of British Columbia,-  sometimes | travelling  hundreds   of  miles by wagon���he obtained the im-  pqrtan^facts now placed at our" disposal. ' Mr. Thompson first reviews  previous migrations from south   to  north, beginning with.the Loyalists���,  some,40,0JO���and shows from census  reports that this going to and fro has  continued with varying results from  She Revolution to the present.    The  movement  of population   from the  States to the Canadian North West  began in the earlier years of the last  decade���almost coinciding with the  sudden increase of immigration from  Europe to the United States.   It is on  record that 1,898 settlers from the United States availed themselves of the  privileges    of   Immigration    Hall,  Winnipeg,   in 1885.    In   1892   513  homestead entries were made by settlers  from  the South, representing"  1,552 individuals.   During the sam*  year* the C.P.R.  Company sold 543  quarter sections,  or 87 680 acres of  land to ,450 separate. American  purchasers coming  from  12   different  states.    As some of these,   however,  were made by homesteaders desiring  additional land, and some by investors, it is impossible to be sure what  population it represents. In the following year (1893),,the, increase in the  number of American settlers was so  material that it was deemed advisable  to keep detailed records.   During the  year 1893, 818 homestead entries were  made, representing 2,360, souls,  and  in 1894, the figures were 850 entries  and 2,588  souls;    During  the  four  years���I891-i895 (inclusive), the total  number of such, immigrants to our  North West was 7,700,   The States  that furnished the largest number of  new comers are Minnesota,, the Dako-  ,'tas, (N. andS.), Nebraska, Michigan  NOTICE  days after  NOTICE is hereby given that sixt;  date *w  ner of L  5) two hi  icond or Tributary, creek for water works and  date we intend to apply to the CI  sioner of Lands and. Works for the right to divert  tv days  3nief Commis-  right to divert  (250) two hundred and fifty inches, of water from  Second or Tributary, c  general motor purposes.  LOUIS BANSEBEAU,  '      .    FRANK FREVOST.  Sandon, B.C., October 19,1895. ''f  - ' *  W.J.JitETBEWFY,RM.>  Examination & Reports  Assays of Ores.  Analysis of Ores  -OFFICE AND LABORATORY:  FRONT    ST '    KASLO  '".' '        Dealers  In        r   :.',/ .',,..    .  GENERAL MERCHANDISE.  NAKUSP. - B. C.  \v  MINING BUREAU  M.  LELAND  HOUSE,  son  MINE AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS.  ' * . - ' '-v..,'- . ,  "\   .'v���.-Y ,*'.*' / ���/ ' W. J: HOLDEN.-as.CM Sec'y  FIRS AND-LIB^E INSURANCE AND  GENERAL  COMMISSION  AGENTS  CONVEYANCERS, ETC,  TELEPHONE No.  NAKUSP, B. C.  rOMFORTABLE Rooms, Good Meals  ^   and Careful Attention tor Guests  makes this Hotel popular with the  Traveling Public.  MRS. D. A. McDOUGALD, Prop  The  awirn.  AVINGr placed some new  Machinery in our Mill,  we are prepared to furnish  all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles at  greatly reduced Prices.  NEWMARKET,      NFW HFNVFR. RO  NEW DENVER, B.  DEALER S IUST  Groceries.  9  Rough Lumber, narrow,  " "        wide.  Joist and Scantling, sized up to  18 feet long,  18' to 24 '  24 'to 30'  Flooring, T & 0,8 "  " ���'     4 "  V joint Ceiling, 4 ' ...  6 "Rustic,  Shiplap,  Surfaced Dressed  810 oO  $11 00 to $12 00  $11 00  $12 00  $13 00  $20 00  $22 00  ..:. !. ,? $2200  $19 00  $14 00  ��13 00  A liberal discount on large orders for Cash,  PETER GENELLE &  __amr_  Hardware,  wmimi^i���ii ��� mwiiiibiii, .11 i ���   Boots and Shoes,  Mir"1'***  i  I*  .i  innwmmiHiii*-  mas oi wods require*  iners and Prospectors. ���.^. ���::':*.rP;-;.r.  Third Year.  THE LEDGE.  ODD TALKS WITH OfLD TIMERS.  By Cariboo in the.Province. -  -In a*recent talk" appeared a little  error which it may be as well to cor:  rect j ust now. t It" was stated that -the  h'rst banks /in $-Cariboo were /the  branctieslbf Bank of British' Columbia  and the Bank of British North'-America. These:were the first, chartered  banks in the country, but belore they  made an appearance.'jthere was a.private institution, . known as Macdon-  ald's jBanJc, operating there, and a.  few ofuVold'tiriiers are spared'to regret the fact. Macdonald was also  doing;lan extensive" ban king business  in Victoria, but somehow, the news  managed; to. reach us away up in the  mountains that thecbticern wasshaky.^  Crocker-was the agent in Cariboo,  and as soon-as he t began ..to^nofce.. a'  falling off in business he used* every  effort to allay suspicion and restore  confidence. His persuasive eloquence  induced very many to continue their  dealings. Among others badly bitten  when the crash came was Jack Bowie,  a keen Scotchman. He used to tell  us doubting dries -that -the barikAyas  quite safeiTarid had lis persuaded, as  he was himself, that-the, Hudson Bay  Co. and Jimmy Douglas were at the  t>ack of it. We too soon found out  that1 this was-not so,, and to - the tune  of not less than $100,000 did the Cariboo miners suffer when tbe; iron*, bar  was drawni across .'the door of, the  .bank-shack,and thesigpiticantnotice'  posted .outside that ovying-to the rush  is always productive of excitement,  and this Qca^sion;-was no, exception to  the rule/ Sohie of the' boys were pro  posing.; to ��� break^n^p^he^place,.,*uid  threats of lynching the agent were  made, but better counsels prevailed.  The'rd was not much to be got by  breaking in, as ail the gold had been  removed prior the -*'��� temporary " suspension.  ; After the trouble "every man was  his'own banker," became a very popular cry. and some idea of what this  meant may be gleaned, when I state  that I have seen as much as 400  ounces of gold taken out of Erickson's  claim in "three, shifts, or twenty-four  houtfsj . Hpwever,fwhen the chartered'banks and t tie gold escort appeared on ^the scene confidence was  restored.  In the spring of 1865 Dr. Wilkinson  and Mike. Brown were partners of  mine in a claim on the Slate range.  The doctor was a very able fellow  but he could not cure the gold fever  ---in fact he was suffering from the  dis aso himself. We worked hard  on our claim and had our wheel  pump in running order, when word  reached us that a Frenchman had  struck it rich on she Big Bend. .This  was in the fall of the year, and we  threw up our claim and parted company, none of us very wealthy men.  The spring of I860 found me on my  way to the new-fourid-but where a  claim had been staked off for me during the first rush. Climbing moun-  t lins with from seventy-five to one  hundred pounds on one's back will  only be described as healthy exercise  by thqs^who have not tried it them-  selvesvlt is ��� a. sort of exercise I ne ver  did ���iake^erely>for<,,,the/love of the  thing, nor have I ever known the  man who did. But I got to my journey's end after the usual fashion, ��nly  to find that my frien&JimmyOrr had.  good-naturedly jumped my claim and  was sinking a shaft on it. He at once  e  er, explaining that he did not think  we would turn up. Well, we saw a  sample of the stuff he was taking but  and Game to-the conclusion -Ke might  as well keep it. Men were very impatient in those days, so it was not  altogether in-.a, spirit of generosity  that we said' "keep"it"*** Wd prospected McCuiloch Creek, but without  the desired effect., and after a good  deal,of wandering,, about found our.  Selves at last at the Forty-nine Landing on tthe Columbia. Here we met  Jud^e O'Reilly and Mr. Moberly,  Commissioner of Lands- and.Works.;,  Mr. Moberly told us he had been out  with a survey party at the head waters,  of the Kootenay, and hod come upon  a very promising creek whic.h he had  nained* after-', himself. /Mouritainer  ferry ^wasI of the survey; party and  by him we Jwere assured that the dirt  on a certain bar of Moberly Creek  would pay at least five cents to the  pari.- The discoverer gave us a map  of the.place, and so as to more easily  locate the rich'.spot mentioned the  fact that they had left their tent pegs  in'position. Furthermore, two porcupines had been,, captured^by .the  surveyors ahd^the quills of the&nimals  would be found on the site of the  camp/ This was good news from a  reliable-source: y*  A company was-once formed con-'  sitting of ���Mike Brown, two Canada  ians, an Australian, a ,Mexican and  myself. .;' What jari.enthusiastic little;  crowd: we/were!;, That night wei  toasted the health, wealth and pros-v  ���perity of. Moberly Creek;" and^PorY  ���- *"     ' f*\ '  c       -*       TIT U      *   ' il''   4*.   "   "   ' A    '    -  wards those falls expecting to sweep  over them... /*��� ..  I will riot^attempt to describe the  sensation I cxperierieed-~the^thoug:ht  fear and much to gain, and although  advanced in years - J*,, hope .to be  spared to see the day when Cariboo  ~w_ILbe proved and^ackno'wleged to  eanopy of heaven.  TTT  % S. TfittUB0}4  t J ��**A-  ���THE-  >tv *  SLOGAN TAILOR  oitbe^idenj makes m^, sh^der to. ��e  the  richest .country under   the  this day/* Not very niany feet from ~"     w���-.  the fatal'falls,- the Mexican grasped  ttie^ overhanging bou^hrof a tree, and  instantaneously all jumped ashpre,  Mike Bcqwji throwing out., a.. small  parcel or blankets in which some  grub was rolled. A few seconds later  and: ttie-. .raft. vSyitk^ali <*thafc��� ;*wa.8 on  ,b6ard^went..oyervthe. fallsf ancl^ was  sina&hed to pieces. t A> pick,, ;.paa and  shovel yfas all /wesaved,/"v-ntti the;  "exception ofthe' couple of blankets.  ;Of course- wej had to get ,baek.~tovour  ;jcached*- provisions before' we ���; could  [resumebur-journey. .Ultimately, we  {got to the promised bar,' but instead  ���of five cents to the pan; /there waa  ^scarcely' a- color to;7bb^found.:': We  ,were a disappointed lot as* we tiirried  ourv^ackfv on.the' bar;* frofri'which we  'expected-to make so much.  Sixth street, "New De'nY&r...  i-..",  cupine Camp:   When*" :we.^t*urried-iri  for a  few' hours', rest it was only to'  dream  of -Moberly. Creek,and rave"  about  gold1; aud  pbrcu'gihes.   Next  morning bright and early we liad our.  supplies oh  board  a  boat and were  paddling - down   the ^Cqlutnbia.   .In  due course we reached the creek a,  mapped out some miles' below Littles  Dalles.   $dnie   three . miles   up the  creek we encountered high falls, and  here we took our canoe  ashore, and.  covering it over with pine boughs to  save  i**- from the Indians,   prepared  for our journey to  Porcupine Cariip  about seventy miles above- the falls:.  At this point, also, we very fortunately cached about 100 pounds of grub,  "up /a tree.   Moberly Creek was riot,  what]we expected to "find iif. \It was.  a stream froni/three tolfour hundred'  feet wide in some places arid in others  narrow, with here and chere impassable  falls.   Hugging the banks  of  the stream we wended our way along^  mile after mile until brought to ?a*  standstill before a hugh cliff.   This  we eould not climb.    After a brief  consultation it was decided to buikha  raft,   cross the stream  and recrdss  froni tlie other side at a -convenient  point.   The raft was hurriedlyu constructed, our goods packed aboard  and we pushed into the stream.   The  Canadians were paddling with their  shovels,   Mike  Brown   was  at  the  helm with a pole in hand, while the  Mexican and myself were  busying  ourselves  with the  baggage.    W$  had not made much headway when  our   "propellers"   good  humored!]}*  struck   up   "The   Canadian   Bpaj;  Song."   Whether it was the humor,  or the music,  or the novelty of the  the situation that struck us I cannot  even now say; but this I do know  that our position was a very danger-  our ope.   Suddenly the waters 'became too deep for the pde to reach  bottom, the current too strong for the  shovels  to press  the   clumsy  craft  forward arid "the rapids were near "  in reality.    'Twas an awful coupie of  " -Like most disapjpin'ved little bands,  We disbanded after. our unsuccesstul  cruise,   but whenever we heard of  Mountaineer; Perryy afterwards, ; we  dH hot receive".the hairie .witb'favor/  X^jsanie;'downtto1'Victoria .that/fall,  j haying put inj;he. tiardestyear ih the  mountains^;that:it has ever-been my  misfortune-to endure.   While .crossing from Colyille.ito. Seymour, it took  us'a whole day ��� toniake six" miles/  Therewere.ten,of.us an?,the party,  anol.so .de$p 'and soft*; wals /the snow  rthat we san^���to our hips with every  'stnde^^t^' -*v  .r ���'-"**' :iW ���. '    '  ' Our mode of travel^ was .single file.  One man would* cut his way through  the snow for a dozen pace's and then'  drop;aside.   .Number*, t>vo would next;  itkke tip the snow ploughing^  and so  dnUntllifl turns' the last becameJ first-  ai;id the first last."; \;S|Qvt trayelirig,;  but it was a case of necessity���do or  die.   It is hard to say. what a man is  capable of enduring until  he is put  to the test. WThere is no field which  tries a1 man's powers of endurance  more severely than that of mountaineering���that is mountaineering such  such as it was in Cariboo thirty years  ago..* Yet the small percentage of  .sickness we had ixrqur* mining camps  was],aston|shing?... The only way to  account for It is that none but healthy,  fobii'st men faced the hardships;. the,  weak and faint-hearted fell out early  on the road.   I have mined in almost,  eyery quarter of the globe, but I will  ���candidly, confess, that a finer class of  ineriri -never  met' anywhere than  those who worked up Cariboo.. ,With  the  memory  of all  I ,;have  gone  through in that country fresh in my  mind, I say that had I youth and  strength again there is nd place else  in the world I ;would rather go. in  quest of fortune.   Those going into  the country now, witlv a will .and, determination to work have jittle  to  : \  '; ���i r. Nelson, B. C'v _',.; ���>> -,  l-t (If -,-J! > �����   �� ^ " " �� ->  Merchant Tailcii4.  ��>-^-��fe'i^-  *��v  t f ' " I   *  -*,*-**!    *  Fvdl Line of Suitings.and;/;  , *-*  * 4 *i *, "  * *"**        ^"i-       "V     *    fc    *      '  T roiiserings aIwaysfoh hand>-  ���f    "   ,  , I       -t  "<>  HOT SPRINGS HOTEL  - W  I   * 'I -  ARRQ^^Ak^,  .vi  25 oe-^ts each, y or 5 -for,-.SHf /Eor���furthefr  yf*1**' J*- ft i* n.   t ^ "i  * "t       "  particulars write to"the prdprieton?.  - .."/**'-'   - *"  -     :   , '/J pAWS0N,���CRA*b.DQCK&fr^t  *--,(  3i  11 -��� v <  *- ��1  "j,,".  This hotel situated on* the N. &S;  Rv., just1 four miles from New Deri-  ver, has good accommodations for the  traveling public, , The Bar is stocKed  with the finest liquors.in^hc land. ^>,  ���W&^~  -I��   �� ���  Proprietor.  131 WATER STREET, - -        VANCOUVER, B. C.  11  o  'M.  E handle Dried Fruits,  Fresh   Fruits, Butter, Eggs,  Cheese, Bacon, Hams, ��ard and Canned Goods.  xpressed his willingneos to surrend- \ minut_s' suspense as we drifted to> And oell to tne Iraue Uniy.  ���* .    . -*-..*-��v.-* * Js - '      \ '     "  . V  "  ', \, ��� 'i  1 i V .<���'  *.;V*?  >K  '<    ' V<  ���\      ii - ft  ..v'j*"*/"  t   ,  c   Y  - ^\T(. wM��T-��WWiJiTi'~��n��U'  ,^��M,i^fw.J.4tlJI#,M]W.M..^.1.^l!M,H!, ���������-��--������._.--__�����,  'V  j,/     *���  .J$���     - -  ��i   *���    t       ft  Third Year.;  THE- -.LEDGE.  Published every Thursday.  ' *    -        * - ."     �� *���'     ���, , "  It,    T.    LOWERV,    EDITOR    AND  .   FINANCIER.'   Y       ,        V       * /      ,r .        V     V   V  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  ONK YEAR $2.00  Transient Advertising-, 25 cents per line first insertion," id, cents. \kr' line * subsequent' insertions,  ���nonpareil measurement.  ��  -       , * , , T  ���' * , '  TO'CokTRIBUTORS.  Correspondencejrom every part of the JKootcnay  District 'arid conlmaiucitfo'iis"; upon .live topics,  always acceptable. Write on both' side.3 of- the  p iper if you wish. Always send something- good*  110 matter now crude. Get your copy in wliiie it  Us hot, and -we- will do thf* rest.   ( ,-   *;  , THURSDAY,, jQECEAIBER 19, 1895.  Sir Van is said to have resigned"  the -presidency \of the C.P.E.   .'We  are sorry -to see Van, quit,   as' that'  great road will miss his guiding hand  * for many moons. \ ':. r ;  , v y     The ' Provincial   Legislature'  will-  ���,   ;;" open their annual performance upon  '"' 'the' 23rd -of January    It is to, be  ,'hoped for' the" good "of our mining  . fraternity that they will not mutilate-j'  '- 'the1 Mineral* Act, unless ,��\t the sug  'gestionof practicable men.     -  short.    It would not dp to let the show  get away from Port Huron without  George. ha ving a peep at it.   .In order  to do this" he climbs along the cornice  to the rear of, the hall,, ana., taps on  the window, until a man inside raised  and the  nimble George climbed in:  He immediately slid into'a" good seat;  in front, and ,before/long, a hian gave  him 50 cents for- the* seat.   ,Georgev  did not like.,to ;take the -money, but  finally   ho-accepted'it-and moved  back.    Growing tired* of the.show he  procured a [return *tch���;ck and .went  outside..  While, there :he sold  the!  check for 25--cents, 'and went'home  having made* 75 cents on the' transaction. ' That was'-one-'of the* elevei*est  pieces of financing we havfe.heanTdf,;  and if such luck follows [George/ he  ought to make- a "pile in the, Sunless  but red-hot City of Sandon.- ~fi>' ��� -  * This hotel is how ready to acco'm: . |st^^'i_r^^'^^5*_.^'��s^^^^'^^^  inodate the rush to Sandon;. / > J{ ^ { h^ ���  .  Thebai- _ flmshed; with, antique | weary roll in and        ^ ^'^  cedar bark, and presents an appear- ^ i    *. ���   +i    ��� "��� ti  ,        j ^uuociua^cdt,;^ best in the house ior a reasonable  ance seldom seen. * ���'�����������������'    _ -j  CT monetary consideration. .  *�����  ���* ��� t  T  9.  N. D. MOORE,' -Pr��"s  j-  1     "_'  R. McFERRAN, Sec'v  KOTps  3jv    RQS5  1-9    H  8:  4-Urir  u.  B, ��� THREE- FORKS:' B. 0.  T  ners..  \   \   ��� WHOLESALE^ .    ,.  *'/      -    . . '* "   '1 ' '*''; ' "  Books; Paper, Stationery, arid'  Office Supplies:     '    ! </ ' oi^__! TT v   < -. ^/ '.   .   ^,  ��� V , \ ���   <r  - ', ���  .    -ST Hay and -Grain m Car Lots.to the Trade.  -r* *.'  ~j-t A failr^ad-'1'war is on at Sandon.;  The C.P.I-v.  persist in building on.  ground claimed by the K. & S. R'y,,  apdthe latter persist in-destroying  t'ne result; 5of the former's labor.  .��� This,  "thing cannot go'on much longer without serious trouble, .and the authorities  should  step in and   settle   the,  disputed   territory.     At   present* it-  savors too ,much'of the early days of  Leadville.  Paper- a    Specialty,  Great Eastern Block.  ���u   '  J-   r*. < * -  THREE #ORKS.~r'  ���   ^<  .  SILVERTON  SPOKANE, WASH.  JUST RECEIVED  A CHOICE STOCK. OF DKY GOODS, ���  ^"^./-MILLINERT,  ,   ,;  .,  ."3     i     1.,'-'.-       -'."'.'  Ladies and Gentlemen's^  - ' Wearing'Apparel.  HxrJsnrEK <&. ������  iisrisro^T^  Dealers, in:  rovisioos.  All goods sold at Eastern Prices.  Two months ago many papers contained, glowing accounts of the sale  ofthe Cliff and St. Elmo Consolidated  mines of Rossland, a company with a ^  long name and offices in  Vancouver   gtf | jf|  and London.    A small amount was  paid down and 134,000 was to  have'  been paid on' the fir��t of this month.  It was not paid and the deal is off.  Is the.t-company of one   mind   and  promise ?   If not, what is their object  in making so niueh ado for apparently no end?  Come in and see the Goods.  L-  -it-Ci i  NEW DENVER  GEftT  L.FCK.  Some men are naturally luiiky  while others 'are*just the reverse;  Fortune runs up to some people, while  others cannot catch it with a modern  bicycle. George Spencer is one of  the lucky kind. He is in Sandon and  has played the banjo and pushed in  hirsute appendages in -niany camps  of the west// George, can tell a story  when he wants to, and the other day  IN  ���vJ  T3T  9  lLaJ  \JT ^  ra Ar-  <SX!&  TH  FORKS,  T  4  SANDON  '>   v.  pT  a  &  The Sandon Glee- Club, will make  their first appearance.  G. M. Spencer will be heard in his  Banjo specialties.     .". .  ���  The Graphophone will give  selec-  ttie conversation'driftedinto the showJtions, as played by the* celebrated  business, as it was when Cool Burgess musicians of the world.    This instru-  was in his palmy days/ ; At that time  ment; ^ a wonder.  George was in Port Huron, Michigan, DON'T MISS THIS TREAT,  and when the minstrel show came  along1 he was young and financially  ADMISSION    ���/-.' ;.���:..-      -       S1:00  ��  roeri  "SFT  -.*��� I  \f  ���*T i!  m  :  m  m  ���> "*l"!  i.ji'l  '���tin  ��� sj V  V4  tV  t i  Third Tear  SANDOA'  There will be big- cra^ ��������.  -?rt in Spencer's fan��� ��t thecon.  niffht. x on Christmas  THE   LEDGE.  boards  and  fcwer'cra'ekT?  T1.6 ^^Sft��**^". *_?"-���<�� -  dwellings.        WCI  cracks  --* their &"_,ta*S*"? */4WdtiS" 2ffl__  boards  and  fewer craekT''6  T1.6 &^^S��X��iaS?--��<�� ����������  dweUines cracks  m their I }_���J-?**��. ^orte to sSS^/a^"-%**iw��iy|  A2i> ssy**-****-^^  e K. &% RyZnJlL��v' ��f I_ .     *' J- WEAVER "m***..  Secretary  theK &S Rv i employ of a. j..w  tore down ihe sta?inr,U^fe tr*ck>>nd  VlCT����^; B.c.t  INERAL AOT  9n By. 0n|]_ _ C.  Dealers in  Pia1��r'  9r?ans' Musicians-  _nD  Plies, Sewing: Machines; ana P  Supplies.  WASH  1 ..-.?���.  NOTfOE  (K>BM P.)  , Notice of Application for  ^e ground and tfe C % PR��p,e C,aim  ��to��r it. -The"end is ����� ��tpwmt in  Snnlav0' T.?" ��pene.d their "ne on  Saturdays. W��? ������y* and.  ?-.  on Vonda^ TaTdav^ Th�� P"  days and Fridays.     aesaaJ"> Thurs- ���,-������,���������  The citizens are t  that the proprietor -of  g^atest   newspaper   wi  office here in a iew davs      Vf" *u|fiiSto?  Geo. B. Knowles has ouenprf'. *        m��st be ��"��f f^n%& ^at :**en_ cbi_f<  Clry store flnr? �������*,! i>       ��Pencd a jew- I action commenced iw����-fT-old  Commissioner arid  iishmeht.    n  w*te^ipairinfr.e^ of Bn$ ferfS  ' : I Dated 23rd of rw^��� ,�����,. ��� "   '  M. W. BRUN��R, M. D.  Physician anj)Sdkgeon.  Three Porks,       -      B#0  WEST  Assoc. E. s. M., London, En*.  Assayer and  Mineralogist,  Prompt retan on all szmplea.  !���'  f  !  Certificate of improyemeiit tft B~XFRR^  BARHJSTBR  OOOTOR  PHYSICIAN  ;���.#  SURGEON  ^ the~ ^pect  6? havfn* atlarmed      ^ "B ad���P*bai  12^^^ ,  ___     .......  ^DenrerJB^C NEW   DENVER    B C  ��-  :<*��l  ��� Wi*"!  ������- - ���;. -. v'4i  ��� i '/j *  i   -' 'i: is-'  i     ���    '��� th-  . ^ .* 11      ^'h.1*  -���  .        ' .,'��    .if   <*  -V ';v-I*/A'_|  f - '. *-*.'>,-"��� I  ..-:".:.���* I  ' ���'��� YK i' ."*   i  | Dated 23rd of October, 1895.  'Certificate <>f r  AUCTIONEER  and  COMMISSION  AGENT.  "SLATEK" MINERAL CLAIM.  '^J^_S��_^^'  KASLO  NOTICE.  missioner for a certifi?��PP^ ;to the Gold Com?  the purnose of obtaining . / ,m^ovement.��, for  aboye claim.  , omammS a Crown grant of the1  betnnVto1teGoIdecS^^ftadv^^^^ must  menced beforetlie teSSS?^ner a.ndac��on ���m ,  improvements.       ^ance of such certificated  ^t,d this 7th dav of November, 1895.  THREE FORKS,  CONTAINS 20 BOOMS   -  ,      - ^ *��� .  :������   '   ^  '   ���: AND has:-- *     ',  .    , every; accomodation  ���: FOR the :���  -TEAVELING PUBLIC.-  ^ates, $1 SO to $2 a Day.  IB  Is We onlf KrstGiai House Jn the  City.s GOOD MEA1S,; CHOICE  ���    U<5U0RS' *��* Warm Booms  |   ^^^^dyfortheTiiveiing  _   Pnblic.  '1  "TWIN LAKES �� MINERAL CLAIM.  Sr-OCAS DiVISION, WEgr Koom.JT  Located ik ra��� Twiv i !l   I���1>nTHICT-  in.  �� . KES B-*siir.  NOTIQt  Inniri.    .. -������-** ~AMiS BASIN.  1   S*.tTI"le-"��M. Herbert T. Twtelr.  <\  &LIFT0N   Heas  Sfl?__50^, B. C.  Dec. 16,1895.  to. IU  TO ALL WHOM IT MAY COXCEBJT ���  ��� 'fa vear v 1pi��p ,-,,-, -i ;v>n      iS an" Works. R p  ^ e"t aide, the said rr*mT,��v?i ���   ��� s,0^in ,  Y.    .  " v*  me  mijirovemeute.      Ma*"*-i��e of snch certificate of 1  Dated ,hi314thdayofNovcml)er_.i885  .       Nokoe of Application  IcertuicafB tjmmb.  Sr.ocAN Division, w�� k-���  Located dp West p������?   'mAY Di���-ct,  Will be open in a few days,  PR0PRIBT0R,  ^Tew Denver, B.C.,  9th Dec, i������95.  ---�� - v^xuwn ��rant of the ah���v ^rpose of  .And further take noHn- fl V   . c,aim-  Improvements. "   "mux of such ecrtiflcliteof  D��teathis5thdllyofDecemi)e.]89_  s  THV rum  ��f Winnipeg  Have located a branch at_<��,  ���omit a  And are P^ared  ....���* sun the most fastidious in the matter  OP CLOTHING. J j  ;v"���.-*-s^'yy:::;' ���:.y;'y 'y  i   ^ ^   H_i      (1     .JA-t-1  1 v.^'^r  .    v*v����.  * sffl  ' -.-ill  I      ^"��I  ' *.'vi*l  ;   titV*f  -V.'��j --r^-v  ,*'  1 ��.  Third Year.  THE LEDGE.  'f  CCEUR D'ALENU NUGGETS.  Prospected for the Benefit of Former,  . Residents of that Camp.  WARDNER.  , Since last payday, which was on  the 15th, four women are looking for  their husbands, The husbands have  left for parts unknown, taking what  little money they had and left the  poor women to be looked after by  the. charitably inclined people.  The Last Chance is producing considerable ore,   and  are  employing  ,   good miners,  and few men on this  work  receive less  than  the  scale  adopted by'the Union.  J. S. Langrishe, - editor of the  Wardner News is dead. He leaves  an aged widow to mourn his loss.  Mrs. Dennis Reardan has sold her  property here and gone to join  her  '   husband at Phillipsburg, Mont.  Since M. J. Dowd was appointed  : deputy sheriff the town is considter-  , able quieter.  .   John F. Ryan, died in the Holland  / hospital a few days ago.  MULLAN.  i - . '-  ' *.* Work on- the big -tunnel at the  ^Standard is being pushed with all  possible rapidity, There are now 21  men /working'in the tunnel, three  shifts of "seven men being worked  every 24 hours. The tunnel will be  5,300 feet long, and will tap the mine  at an enormous depth. It is now in  about 800 feet, and the work is progressing at the rate of about 200 feet  a month. ' When completed electric  cars will be put in to , haul the ore  out also a passenger car wrill be added  to carry the miners to and from work.  ��� The leasers on the Poorman are reported as doing well���getting out con-  siderablo ore ,and are making far  above wages after pay ingthe royalty  in what this company considered  rather poor ground. .  At the Mornihg there is no change  either way. The scale of wages is  all the way from $2 to $3 50, and the  managers are not happy over the  outlook.  At the Gem three 8-hour shifts are  at work sinking on the shaft, and  everything is on the move in1'this  mine.  The Hunter has discharged its entire force and closed down for the  winter.  Over 150 men are at the Frisco  work, and ever jTthing is moving with  a rush.  H    T.    TWIGG  XEW DENVER, B. C.  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  MINERAL Claims, Mines, "Timber Limits, etc.,  surveyed.  RAILWAY.  The Fast Scenic Route  Sites Falls it irtta  RAILWAY.  -TO-  TIME CARD No. 1.  !H EFFECT WED. NOV. 20, 1895  Subject to change, without notice.  Trains run on Pacific Standard Time-  Arrive, 3 50'YP.M,  "       3 15     '  2 15 "  '.c       2 00 'V  '���   ' "1 48 "  "       1 21    '���  "   -   1.12   '���  Leave 1 00   ">  *    For rates' and information apply at  Company's Offices. '  ROBT.. IRVING;     W. H. McGRAW,  Leave 8 00 A.M.  Kaslo  "   8 :v>    '���  South Pork  "   9 36     "  S* H-oule's  "   9 51     ������  Whitewater  *��� 10 03     ���'  Bear Lake  ��.*' 10 16     '*  MeGuigan  " 10 30     "  Bailev's  ,  "-10 39     "   '  Junction    .  Arr. 10 50     "'  Sandon,' ���  SEATTLE, VICTORIA,  VANCOUVER, & PUGET .  SOUND and ACL PACIFIC    -  , COAST   POINTS,    ST-  PAUL,  CHICAGO AND POINTS  BEYOND.  Modern  Equipment,     Rock-Ballast  Road-Bed.  , Attractive tours via Duluth and the  Great Lakes in connection with exclusively passenger boats of Northern  S. S. Co.      - ,;'     ��� ,  * * Direct connection via Nelson &Fort  Sheppard railway, at Spokane and  viaC. &K. S. N, Co. atBonnersFerry. I  Nelson'& Ft. Sheppard  RAILWAY  *���'  ALL RAIL ROUTE TO SPOKANE  Tlie only through route from Nelson, Kaslo  , Kootenay Lake and all Slocan  Points,  DAILY (Except Sunday) BETWEEN  Spokane and Northport.'  Tri-WeeklytBet-vjreen Northport and.  Nelson.  Traffic Her.  Supt.  flu ProsBectors' Aw Office  New Denver.   -  For maps, tickets, and complete, information call on Agents C. &S.:Nav.  Co.; N. & F.- S. Railway or, C. G.  Dixon, Gen; Agent, Spokane, Wash.  F. I. Whitney;, G.P & T. A., St, Paul,  Minn. .        ���  ���-,      .  . F. T. Abbott,  Travelling Freight  and Passenger Agent Spokane, Wash.  Assay Price List:  Gold, Silver; or Lead, each   Gold, Silver and Lead, combined.  Gold and Silver '.....: .".*....'..  Silver and Lead.  Copper (by Electrolysis)   Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead *.  Gold and Copper   Silver and Copper ���   Gold, Silver and Copper '.   Platinum ���   Mercury ".   Iron or Manganese   Lime, Magnesium, Barium, Silica, Sulphur, each '.".< '.   Bismuth, Tin, Cobalt, Nickel, Antimony,  Zinc, and Arsenic, each '   Coal (Fixed Carbon, Volatile Matter, Ash,  and percentage of Coke, if Coking  ,    Coal)   Terms: gCask TVith_Sample.  June 20th, 1895.  $1.50  8 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  4 00  2 50  2 50  3 00  500  2 00  2 00  2 00  4 00  4 00  Steam Nav. Co., Ltd,  TIME o^.TiDasro. s.  In Effect on Monday, Nov. 11, 1895.  Monday s, Wednesdays, Fridays.- trains will run  through to Spokane, arriving same day. Retaining*  passengers will leave Spokane at 7 a.m. Tuesdays*  Thursdays, Saturday?, arriving at Nelson at 5:80  p.m., same day, making close connection-with-  the Steamer .IfeLson fur Kaslo and ,all .Kootenay  Lake point-. v  ' "   *  ,','Passengers for Kettle  River and Boundary  Creek connect at Marcus with stage on Mondays'  and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.'  W; Pellew Harvey, F.C.S.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Mining Engineer, Analytical Chemist, and Assayer.  Assay Office and Metallurgical Works.  3  New Denver. B. C,  HAS in stock Millinery, Hosiery, Ladies' Under  wear, Dress Goods,"etc,  A iarse quantity of House Lining at very low  prices.  Call and inspect the Stock.  Assayer and Aualy  STAGE  LINE  EETS all C.  & K.  Steamers at  Trail for Kossland.  Baggage handled cheaply and safe-.  1 y.    Dominion Express route'  ; E. JOHNSON,  Proprietor.  REVELSTOKE ROUTE���STR. NAKUSP. '  Leaves Wigwam for Nakusp and Hobson, Mon  days and Thursdays at 7 p.m.  Leaves Robson for Nakusp, Wigwam and Canadian Paciiic Railway points (east and west  on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6 p.m.  Connection is made at Robson with C. & K. R'y  for Nelson and with Steamer Lytton for Trail  Creek and Northport.    ���  TRAIL CREEK-ROBSON ROUTE-  LYTTON.  -STR.  The Quickest  Leaves Trail Creek for Robson on Tuesdays and  Fridays at 10 a.m.  Leaves Robson for Trail Creek - on Tuesdays and  Fridays at 4 p.m.  1 Connects at Robson with Steamer " Nakusp "  for Nakusp and Revelstoke, and with C. &K. R'y  for Nelson and Kootenay Lake points.,.  9?  LEAVES Kaslo for Ainsworth, Pilot Bay, and  Nelson on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 8 a.m; Thurjdays at 9 a m; Tuesdays and  Fridays at 8 a m.  Leaves Nelson for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and  Kaslo on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and  Saturdays, at 3 p m; Tuesdays and Fridays at 6 pm  Close connection is thus made between lake  points and all incoming and outgoing trains of the  C P. R. at Nelson.  Tne steamer is newly equipped in every particular, is lit throughout by electricity, and contains a  bathroom and all modern conveniences for the  comfort of passengers.  The above schedule Is in effect May 16,1895, sub  ject to change. j  JAS, WAUGH���      GEO. F. HAYWARD,  NORTHPORT TRAIL CREEK ROUTE-STR.  LYTTON,  Leaves Trail Creek for Northport on Mondays,  Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6  p.m.  Leaves Northport for Trail Creek on Mondays,  Wednesdays,  Thursdays  ancl  Saturdays  at  1 p.m.  Connects at Northport with S. F. &jN. R'y for  Spokane.  Cheapest Route  KASLO ROUTE-STR. NELSON;  Leaves Nelson for Kaslo, on Tuesdays, at 5:40 p m)  Wednesday, at 2:30 p m ; Thursdays, at 5:30 p  m; Fridays, at 5:30 p m -Saturdays, at 5:30 p.  m. Connecting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and  Saturdays with N F. S. Railway at Five-Mile  Point for Kaslo and Lake Points; y-  Laaves Kaslo for Nelson on Mondays, at 3 a m;  Wednesdays, at3am; Thursdays, at8 am;  Fridays,   at   3 am, Saturdays, at  8 a in;  Connectingron Mondays, Wednesdays, andFri-  days with N. & F. S. Railway for Spokane.  Connects at Nelson with Columbia & Kootenay  Railway for points north and south-  Purser.  Master.  The company reserves the right to change this  schedule at any time without notice.  For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., apply at the Company's offices, Nelson, B.C.  T. ALLAN, Sec'y, J. W. TROUP,  .'���;!   Nelson, B.C. Manager  Steamer leaves Nakusp every Wednesday and Saturday morning,,  making close connoction at Revelstoke with trains for all points*  East or West.  Before you travel get information froin  pi'P.E.   Agents as to time ami  "rates.   It will save you money.  Apply to nearest Railway Agent  ���'���' or'.to ;':'  District Passenger Agent,  Vancouver  *>���*��.  J-v  *  ���  ..ft V  17  Third Year  THE   LEDGE.  ��t  GOOD THINGS.  Indians at a rancheria, near Ukiah  Cal., have organized a bicycle club.  All ride' wheels, irrespective of age or  sex. They have spent all the money  they earned picking hops learning to  ride.  Berlin proposes to have an immense  ,," Cairo Street "at her exhibition next  year. Six times as much space will  be given to it as* was. given at the  Chicago exhibition, and besides reproduction of Egyptian scenery and  monuments, there will be ��� a harem  hidden among the shops.  In his annual report,; President  Andrews, of Brown University,'says:  "For those im perfect health and  trained to it, foot-ball is safer than  either rowing, yachting, gunning,- or  running hounds. Rowing appears to  be many, times as fatal. So is base-  . ball.   Even tennis is worse."  , Among the Shakers, if a member  of the fraternity has taken, cold, her  companions seriously set themselves  to work to make her angry. They  make disagreeable personal remarks  about:her, until she blushes with indignation. Then her blood is heated  a*d, the theory is, she will be able to  , throw off ,the chill from wrhibh she has  been suffering. , ',    " *  r"  Dr.-Chalmers, the eminent divine,  was fond of telling , the following  story: Lady Betty Cunningham/  having had some difference of opinion  with the parish ��� minister, instead of  . putting her usual- contribution in the  collecting plate, merely gave a state  ly bow. This having occurred several Snfidays in succession, the elder in  charge of the plate at last lost,patience  and blurted out: "We cud dae wi'  less o* ver manners an' mair o' jrer  siller, ma leddy." -. Dining on one  occasion at the house of a nobleman,  he happened to repeat the anecdote,'  whereupon the host, in a not over well  pleased the, said: "Are you aware  Dr. Chalmers; that Lady Betty is a  relative of mine?5' "I was aware  my lord," replied the doctor;. " but  with your permission I shall mention  the fact the next time I tell the  story."  An enterprising Yankee book-agent  is making a barrel of money in Alabama. He soon came to appreciate  the enthusiasm of the negro in. matters of religion. He found that ia all  the illustrated bibles the pictures, of  the angels were in white, and he conceived the idea of having a Bible  made for the colored race, filled to  overflowing with pictures of negro  angels. The books cost him about  $1.10, but he placed the first large  large shipment at |8.90 each, payable  ��2,50 cash, the balance in monthly  payments. He is selling the Bible as  fast as :ie can get them delivered.  Brice's greatest play was building  tlie Nickle Plate. He put in every  dollar he could get, and there came  ym time when he had to,sell. He went  to Vanderbiit whose road the Nickel  Plate.paralleled.- Vanderbiit would  not buy the Nickel Plate. lie said  he could afford to wait the first  ���mortgage-''foreclosure and buy it from  the sheriff ���-. " If you d:vn't; bay it  Jay Gould will," said Brice. . "Oh.  no, he won't." said Vanderhilt. Brice  then went to Gould. Ho knew he  did not want tlie Nickel Plate, but he  had a beautiful scheme to propose.  He knew Vanderbiit would buy the  road before would allow Gould to get  in. Brice thereupon told Gould that  if he would sit silent and not contra  dict, neither affirm nor deny,, any  newspaper articles to the effect that  he was going to buy the Nickle Plate  and after this clam-like silence" had  continued for a week, if he would flien  ride slowly over the Nickel plat�� in  ��n observation car, Vanderbiit would  buy the road, and he would give  Gould five hundred thousand dollars.  It struck Gould that the whole thing  would be a majestic joke on Vander  bilt. The papers said that Gould was  going to buy the Nickel Plate. Gould  when questioned, looked r wise. At  the end of a week he meandered,  snail like, over the Nickel Plate in the  rear end of an okseryation car, and  had all tho air of a man who was  looking at a piece of property. Stories  were wireu about Gould's trip from  every water-tank and way-starion  along the line, and before Gould had  reached Chicago, Vanderbiit, in a .fit  of .hysterics, wired Brice that he would  take the Nickle Plate. . He did so,  and Brice was saved.  m  Mining Broker,  SANDON, B.C.  DR. A.  DENTIST  KASLO,  B.C.  KPAL  Sandon, B. C.  a  OOTS and Shoes made to order.   First-class  work.  Imperial Calf for fine shoes.  French  Goods specially adapted for Micros'" and Frospec-.  lora-' use.  Goods warranted not to rip for one year  Advertise in "The Ldege."  Job printing neatly executed at  ���' Tpe Ledge " office. ���        .     .        ,  SHELTON & Co.,  507, 509, 511 & 513 HASTINGS ST..  VANCOUVER.  DEALERS IN:-    \      ''/.,''  Furniture,  Carpets^, Linoleums,   .Window    Shades  Bedding Supplies, etc./etc.  Send for our illustrated Catalogue.  Graduate of American College of Dental Surgery  Chicago. ,  V  ���* i  , Office: Over Byers' Hard ware "store.  THE GRANT HOUSE  Set:n.cloii S. <*��*.  In one of the-best mining Camps in  the  Kootenav.  APPLY TO,  The PACIFIC HOTEL  THREE FORKS.  Hidden Mines  AND  HOW TO   FIND   THEM,  BY  . TH9S. N  ��� wr   '-  <<zw :r  This book sells on sight. Just  What every mining man needs as it  describes every Ore, Mineral ac&  Metal of commercial value, (including  Gems and Precious Stones) and tells  in plain language how to test them.  Agents wanted in all British Colum-  bia districts. Live men can make  money selling this book.  Send your address or order.  Price, cloth, ft:50, Leather, $2:00.  THE M. ROGERS PUB. CO.,  54 YONGE ST., TORONTO.  GOOD Meals and comfortable rooms make this  _.'   Hotel a pleasant place for travelers to stop at  ARCHIE GRANT, Prop  Try tlie  Sandon Laundry  .. . FOR . .  '  r First-Class Work.  White.SWbrtS;;-���'.-.. .,  -   -   a. Specialty;  J. S. REEI  Proprietor.  J. KEL  SANDON.  Dealer in Tobaccos,  Cigars and Fruits*  -' * *  .Lodging- Booms in  connection.  STRATHERN,  Je:w@l��r  "��� -r  KASLO CITY,      ~      - '" -    B.C  a *��� <    i  *    / _ i '^  . ���"   ' "'"*     '    '.    -      >',���<.'"  S * > J       M '        *   ,  < *       , 1 I  The only practical Watchmaker in  -.;��'.      ' :        "        ' '    .-.'"/  '  the .Kootenay*r.District tJOrders by,   v  mail receive prompt attention  ALL WORK GUiKAFTEEI)  ''!.��� '*!  - E-"- - '  w \  "��� r\  ���.v;  '     V  HAVE OPENED AT  3  R  9  With a Complete  Stock of Gents' Furnishings,  Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoes,, Etc.  et Prices from  lis before purchasing elsewhere  ./. *-lj**IJ1M lliMJIWIIM^IIIIi'l II**"1''*1**"]*11,!"1   '  TMrd Year  THE   LEDGE.  MINING RECORDS,  V  ��� \  1vi< /  f *�����  tV:   ���;  re,-  '*   1   '  ,   *    .  Y'v *;  'c'r -1  ..1  Recorded at Xew Denver,   the   Assessments.  Transfers and Locations:  assessments.**  Kalispell���Dce 16, by J J RatTerty.  TIJANSFEUS.  CDrouin to R RColmell���l-12.in Lucky Jim,  Roadley, St George and William.*-, Dec 7.   Record  ml Dec 31; amount, $1.  t,  J Caelccll to Jas Jeffrey���J in St Paul, D?e 4.  Recorded Dec 12; amount. $x.  D Whitcly to R G Heiicicraoii���J In Central. Nov  23.   Recorded Dec 13; amount, ��1.  S Yl'hlttaker,,to C M Gething and R G Henderson  ���All in the Pride of the West, and _ in Tamarack,  Falls View, Port 1 Hill and Young America. Dec  10.   Recorded Dec 13; amount, ��218.30.  A F Thompson to-V C RaekltflF-J in Kalisjxrtl,  3 unc 14,1894.   Recorded Dec 10; amount, .���"?!.  LEDGE CROPP1NGS  W  V .   '      .v  '-      .     '     !  *V'  , -..���-    i'   -*  vv *'  .  &",V V,.-  --1-   ���  &., i: .>,.' *   . '<   ���  W '?'���   ���'      ���  'w''1 ;>���        *  *v,     > *     ��  *i ..'^   * '' , i   ,  a :   ���      ��� *- ,  SiV :���'��������� v  ���Xf;'  .-< '   '*'"  ����****;���,*.-���. .y  ���7. J*^    .     V *���  ���"���"      a    -      ��r , t  ,   ���S^,*J--l,     *> '  Ik^Vf,;,-, *J '  ;\ ���'���k  ���I.  k  Advertise ir 'c The Ldege. "  Letter press for -sale apply at this  '  office,    f -      .  " f Wm. Thomlinson is, in Revelstoke,  on a business* trip.  H. T. Twigg leaves this week for  Vancouver, where he will spend a  few months.       \ ��� .  1   The raffle for the organ and watch  takes place to-morrow evening" in the  .���' Newmarket. -'.-  '��� /The Christmas  tree to   be   given  ; in the Church on Monday evening  ��� promises to be a success.  -. [ T. Wilson went to Sandon and back  ��� before -noon the other day.    Thus,the'  Slocan Tailor is a flying tailor*  1    Job   printing neatly executed at  '' The Ledge " office.  , Kev. G. A. Love returned from lied  Deer, Alta., oh Wednesday. The  train being cancelled he walked from  Nakusp. He reports from one and  a half to three feet of snow along the  route.  Jack Quinoy is wanted in Seattle  , as his evidence can save from conviction a friend accused of murder-  All his expenses to Seattle and back  to wherever he now is will be paid.  He is a mining prospector. *  F.Pyman, New Denver's watchmaker and jeweller makes cleaning  and repairing watches a specialty  He visits Three Forks every Friday  to accommodate customers' in that  town.  The New Denver ore sack factory  shipped several thousand sacks this  .week to the Payne, Ruby Silver,  Lucky Jim, and other properties. An  engine is to be put in as the water  power is not satisfactory in cold  weather.  John M. Winter has closed the  dining room at the Newmarket and  removed his effects to Cody Creek,  where he has recently opened an  Hotel. He intends to give a Christmas dinner, consisting of all the  delicacies in the market, that will be  the finest ever served in the mountains. John is an excellent caterer,  and will always be successful.  Stop at the Hotel Windsor, Boss-  land.    Mrs. T. B. Lewis, proprietor, f  Daniel Alton and Miss Margaret  Hurst, of Glacier, were married in  Vancouver lasl week, and have gone  east to spend their honeymoon.  When in Vancouver stop- at the  Manor House. , f  Under the auspices ofthe Christian  Endeavor a debate on ''Should the  Women be allowed to Vote" will  take place on January 20th. Miss  Livingston and Howard West are the  captians. All are invited to take  part.  Mrs: James S. Johnson has opened  a Dress and Mantle making establishment in 1 hree Forks, where she is  prepared to do all kinds of Plain-and  Fancy Sewing. ��� -   f  en in jngw Jjenver  _e .ek��__)  TXIES  You will find everything up'to date.  If you have time try one of their Sunday  Headquarters for Miners and Mining'' Men.  : O :  -A-  JAOOBSON   &   CO.  AND-  &���  Under the auspices of the '  Union  Sunday -Schoo  Will be held in Church  NEW DENVER- :    -  . 'Is the."Metropolis of the- * -  Slocair. District, 'and., ,  salty  <* *&* A  For  ve UQG  ALL ARE WELCOME.  Admission, 25c.      -     Children Free  507, :>o:>, -ill & f>13 HASTINGS ST.  DEALERS IN: -  Furniture,  Carpets, Linoleums,   /Window    Shades  Bedding Supplies, etc., etc.  Send for our Illustrated Catalogue.  HOKE BUSINESS AND RESIDENCE LOTS  Investors wi1! consult their own  .    Interests by consulting  HeGI  "-S*"1  New Denver, B. C.  Only firstrdass house in the City. The rooms are lit  with sunlight and petroleum. Game is served with nearly  every meal, and tlie beds are conducive to the repose of  mind and body, ��� The bar is supplied with the regulation  beverages of all mining camps.  Prospectors, Millionaires and Tourists always welcome.  9  .<,  Z^S^^^i^^i^^J^'^y^^'^^i^V^^^'^:^"  ���~'<^^Si*J^.tV^^3^',.:;c^ai^*:CCTrtgSi^


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