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The Ledge Dec 20, 1900

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 ��� Volume VIIL   No   12.  NEW DENVER, B. C, DECEMBER 20, 1900.  Price, $2.00 Year A  IN  DVANCE  in siocan Cannp A^nesl  eg ��������� g  03 Howard West, A. R. S. M., Presents the Condition S��  .*�� of Mining for Capitalists, x\a  The Christmas number of the B. C.  Mining' Record, is, without doubt, the  best edition yet published by that valuable journal. It. is filled with much valuable information relating" to the mining industry of the province.  Under the caption, "Mining in the  Slocan," Howard West, A. R. S. M.,  gives a concise statement concerning  the Slocan and its capabilities as a mineral and dividend producer. In his  customary conservative style, Mr. West  says: "So much has already been said  and written concerning- this question  that I fear it will be a hard matter for  me' to submit further evidence why it  should continue to attract capital as a  field for profitable operations.  "A   comparison   between   this   and  other camps can scarcely be made on a  basis of either tonnage   or value, the  economic  conditions which obtain   in  different localities necessarily governing the grade of ore which can be mined  at a profit, thereby exercising a controlling  interest over the amount of production.     The   only   equitable standpoint  from   which the matter can be  viewed is that which appeals at once to  the instincts of  every business man,  namely, returns on the capital invested.  "While I do not propose for obvious  reasons to go into the matter at length,  a few figures will serve to  show  what  some of the  mines,  at  any  rate,  have  earned in the way of profits during the  last few years.    The Payne,  whose supremacy   remains   unchallenged,    has  divided   to   date  considerably   over  a  million   dollars   among   its    fortunate  shareholders,   which,   added   to  other  amounts of which (he Slocan Star, $400,-  000;    Idaho,   $292,000;     Reco,   $287,500;  Whitewater, ��194,000;   Ruth,  $105,000;  Last Chance, $140,000 and Noble Five  $50,000 may be  mentioned,  swells  the  total up to something'like three millions  of dollars   to  the   beginning   of   1900.  When we repeat the story so often told  that less than ten years  ago the Slocan  was a veritable  wilderness  where  the  foot of civilized  man   had  never  trod,  that the total value of recorded production during the past five years has been  $10,500,000, of  which  $3,000,000  or approximately   30  per cent.,   has  found  itself directly into  the  pockets  of successful operators, that of  the  sixty odd  mines which have shipped  at all some  twenty are already to be   classed in the  list of dividend payers,  and lastly, that  they are practically what are  known as  grass-root   propositions,     requiring    a  minimum of outlay to demonstrate their  value, I think we have  said  enough to  convince the most skeptical.      Further  argument would detract rather than add  to the force of so  eloquent  an  appeal.  1 have been   reluctantly  compelled to  deal with figures of a year ago,  the statistics of production for   1900  being not  yet   available,   though    fullv    bearing-  out past achievements.  "Having stated the foregoing as facts  which will bear no double construction,  it may not be out of place to say something of the value of the ore and the  methods by which these profits are won.  Reference to the government reports  on the subject would indicate that the  average contents of the ore shipped  during the period mentioned was  105 ounces in silver per ton and 47  per cent, lead, a record in this respect  which I venture to assert will compare  favorably with that of any other camp  of its size in the world. This of itself  should be sufficient to encourage investors who are inclined to take a pessimistic view of the outlook as showing  the vast quantity of reserves which will  be available and the increased profit to  be made on ore at present mined, when,  in the natural course of events, by the  building of railways and consequent  development of the country, the average of Slocan shipments is enabled to  more nearly resemble that of similar  districts across the line. At present,  conditions are such that even medium  grade material cannot be mined  at a  profit. Taking the previously given  figures as a basis for calculation we  find that the average gross value of  Slocan ores at the smelter is approximately $97 per ton. The deductions necessary in order to arrive at the net returns or profit may be classed roughly  under five heads: First, freight and  treatment charges at the smelter; second, duty ou lead contained in the ore;  third, provincial government tax;  fourth, transportation from the mine to  the point of shipment, and lastly, but  perhaps of chief importance, the cost of  mining which includes sorting, ticking  and other expenses incidental to preparation for the market.  "The former of these is more or less  a fixed charge for all mines, amounting  ordinarily to some ��20 per ton. This  depends, however, in a great measure  on the character of the ore, being lower  in the case ot shipments where silica,  lime or iron preponderate and corresponding-^ higher where zinc is present  to any considerable degree.  "The question of duty on lead, though  pretty well threshed out, is not by any  means done with, but for the present it  will suffice to mention that it is responsible for knocking $14 off the value of  every ton of ore shipped.  "The third charge to be considered is  not by itself a large one, though in the  course of a year it may assume respectable dimensions. Being now two per  cent, in most cases, of the net smelter  returns, it may be conveniently stated  at $1.25 per ton.  "The cost of transportation from the  mine to the point of shipment is dependent, of course, on the location of the  mine and the facilities for handling the  ore, being influenced alike by the dis.  lance to be covered and the varying  conditions of the roads at the different  seasons. In the case of mines situated  near to a railway or the lake shore,  such, for instance, as the Slocan Star or  the Bosun, this item should not exceed  fifty cents to a dollar per ton, while on  the other hand, properties located high  up in the mountains, connected oftentimes by the merest apology for a trail,  which will probably not be suited to  rawhiding, the charges will amount to  $20 and occasionally as much as $40 per  ton. Instances of the later, however,  are fortunately very much the exception, a fair average for the district being, 1 should say, from $3 to $4 per ton.  Then, again, we must not overlook the  fact that in an increasing number of  cases the construction of mechanical  tramways of one type or another permits of loads being transmitted considerable distances at a cost of possibly 25  to 50 cents per ton, this means being-  employed principally, though not solely,  for the carriage of the poorer class, or  what is known technically as concentrating' ore.  "The fifth and last item ie one which  cannot be so easily dealt with, indeed,  it would be safe almost to say that the  record of one mine in this respect is no  criterion whatever of the cost at another  even though apparently identically situated. An elaborate system of classification is sometimes adopted in order to  arrive at the cost of mining, but when  all is said and done, the principal thing  which shareholders wish to know, after  satisfying themselves that due economy  is practised, is the estimated proiit per  ton; and this can only be obtained by  dividing the total cost of work underground, including administration, cost  of supplies, assaying, surveying and all  the hidden expenses connected therewith by the number of tons shipped.  Assuming that a uniform force is employed and other costs mentioned remain the same, it will readily be seen  that the chief factor in determining the  amount of this item is not the actual  work involved in removing the ore,  though this latter is influenced by Ms  width and character', hut the relative  amount of dead   work  or  barren   rock  ber and extent of the ore chutes which  are encountered.  "This brings us to a consideration of  the mode of occurrence of the ore bodies and the methods adopted for their  extraction. Beyond repeating, however, what everybody knows quite well,  that the main feature about them, as in  most high grade deposits, though occurring in well defined veins, is their  extreme irregularity of Bhape, size and  location, to say nothing of frequent  fluctuation in value, and that they are  worked by a system of tunnels and ordinary overhand stoping, the ore being  sent down wooden chutes to the levels  below, I shall, perforce, for want of  space, omit further details.  "Results, however, speak for themselves, and the one fact which I wish to  emphasize more particularly, and the  only one, which, after all, interests  alike investors, technical men and those  depending on the industry for a livelihood, is that, despite the high cost of  production���and it is admittedly so���  the enormous transportation and treatment, charges, assuredly to be lessened  some day, and the absurdly prohibitive  duty on lead, the mines of the Slocan  have disbursed in dividends during the  last five years the sum of three million  dollars, or thirty per cent, of the value  of the entire output.  "I append in closing an example  showing the margin which a ton of ore  allows for actual mining-and profit, and  leave the reader to judge whether the  inducement which is offered to capital  to invest in the mines of the Slocan is  not as good or better than can be obtained elsewhere in the Province.  Average assay value of ore, 105 oz. silver per  ton and -17 per cent. lead.  Value of silver, 05 per "ent. of loo at i>2 cts. >-i!0.f)0  Vnlue of load, ski percent, of 910 lbs. at c-1.25.. 35.05  season of unruffled repose, nightly  thanking whatever gods there be that  the danger is past, but the man who  looks for the city's advancement, and  the man who enjoys being a winning  backer in a big fight, share an equal  disappointment.  The churches of the city have been  holding high carnival���or bazaar,which  amounts to the same thing in church  phraseology. The Methodists, the  Catholics, the Episcopalians and the  Congregationalists have all had a turn.  A choloric christian in the mercantile  trade was approached by a lady with  tickets for sale one day last week.  "The churches are all going to the  devil, ma'am," he shouted; "you're the  one hundredth person I've had in here  this week selling tickets for some fandango or other." The fair ticket seller  beat a hasty retreat.  i ������ $  $s In and About the Slocan and Heigh.bdr.ing Camps'w  ���� that are Talked About. gg  LOCAL    CHIT-CHAT.  Total jjti'oss value per ton..  Frejjrht and treatment elm  UG.85  20.00  Duty on lend, DIM lbs. at 1.5 cts   Provincial Government tax, 2 percent..  Transportation to rail or steamer   7(5.85  14.10  ���a.75  125  (il.50  3.50  Allowance  for actual mining1 and profit,  per ton V. '. :.. .$58.00  LEGITIMATE   Mr NINO.  Hon. C. H. Mackintosh, in an interview in the B.C. Review, says:���Asked  whether Rossland and the Kootenay  country generally was prosperous, he  replied : "Yes, I am glad to say that  everything now appears progressive;  certainly ore bodies and ore values are  not decreasing, quite the contrary.  The trouble with British Columbia has  been the readiness with which many  investors dropped into the business because it seemed cheap. Water always  finds its level, and every other business  likewise. Of course, investors have  sometimes made a great deal of money  out of a 'blind go' on prospects, but I  am talking of mining as a legitimate  commercial transaction. Personally,  any property I offer, my first desire is,  that the very best experts, men who  know what underground mining is in  each particular district, should examine,  re-examine, and make an absolutely  unprejudiced report. It is gravely-  detrimental to British Columbia, or any  other mining centre, when unworthy  properties are put upon the market,  either as mines or shares marketed for  development "  NKLSOX    GOSSIP.  The annual agitation re municipal  elections is on The rattle of type and  the clash of pens waxes fast and furious  as the opposing dailies blotch their respective sheets with printers' ink, and,  incidentally, plaster impressions upon  the public mind The interest naturally  centres in the mayoralty contest, and it  looks as though the labor man will  shortly find himself perched upon the  horn of a. dilemma with briers in it.  Mr. McKillop would be an easy pill to  swallow, but the apothecary who seeks  to administer him is reg-arded with .suspicion. It remains to be seen whether  The Tribune can sufficiently sugar-coat  Mr. Fletcher to get him down the throat  of the constituency. A mingled sensation of relief and regret is prevalent  over the absolute refusal of Mayor  Houston to stand for re-election. The  city official who for a year has been  troubled   with   hideou  MONSTER   TUNNEL,   PROJECT.    ��  Messrs. Davis, Marshall &  Macneil.  of Vancouver, acting as solicitors for  the applicants, will make application to  the; Provincial Legislature at its next  session for an Act to incorporate a company with   power   to   run,   construct,  excavate and maintain a tunnel through  and under the mountain lying between  Four Mile and Carpenter creeks, the  tunnel to be started about two miles  from Silverton and to  terminate at a  point near Sandon.   The length ot said  tunnel would be about four miles and It  would top all of the veins that have  been discovered outcropping on Silver  Mountain and adjacent hills.   It is the  purpose of the company to run  exploring, and branch tunnels from  the main  tunnel, also to sink  or  raise mining,  working or air shafts along the  line or  course from the tunnel or its branches.  It is also proposed   to   maintain  and  operate by electrity or otherwise tramways and roadways for the purpose of  carrying ores, etc.,  and,  generally, to  engage in all kinds of mining operations  that   such   an undertaking would involve for the working and  lighting of  the tunnel and its branches and successfully treating the ores taken therefrom .  It is not known who Messrs. Davis,  Marshall & Macneil are acting for, but  presumably large English or American  capital. At all events, such an undertaking would be the greatest boon to  this particular section of the Slocan  that could be bestowed. It would mean  the opening up of great ore bodies that  can never be discovered by any other  means, and is the only mode by which  this great mineral belt can be worked  advantageously and upon the extensive  scale that it deserves.  It is to this method of opening up  mineral belts that Colorado, Montana,  Nevada. California and all the great  mineral producing states owe their importance as mineral producers. In  these states there are many such tunnel  projects operated. It is, in fact, the  general mode of operating, and has  made mining possible and profitable  where it otherwise could not possibly  be carried on. Until this Silver Mountain territory is opened up in this  manner mining must necessarily he  carried on on a comparatively small  scale, and the development of tin*. Slocan will consequently be slow and  tedious. With such a tunnel in operation the section's progress would be  more extensive, more rapid and permanent.  The season for deer shooting closed  Friday night, Dec. 14.  The Foresters will give a grand ball  on the evening' of Dec. 27.  Jas. Minto leaves this week for his  eastern home, where he will spend the  winter.  Born���On December 8, 1900, at the  Slocan Hospital, to the wife of J. G.  Harris, a son.  The Williams brothers left Monday  for Ontario. They will spend the winter  with their parents.  The Hogan's Alley banquet will be  held at Slocan City Christmas night.  The usual time is anticipated.  "Red Paddy" is again enjoying the  beauty and grandeur of the Slocan,after  some months spent on the coast.  The force on the Hartney was increased by two men Monday. Tne property is showing great improvement.  James McNeill's hotel in Summit  City was burned last week. The loss  was S10,000, and the insurance 87,500.  There will be a Christmas tree and  dance at the Miners' Exchange hotel in  Three Forks, Xmas eve., and all are  invited.  W. R. Will left Wednesday for Salt  Lake City, Utah. He will spend the  holidays there; going thence to Ontario  to spend the winter.  Silverton will have a skating rink if  the energy of its citizens will make it.  Everything is now ready for Jack Frost  to work a shift or two.  Gus Matthew has an immense stock  of pipes at his store in Nelson suitable  for presents. Intending purchasers  should call early as the rush will be  very great next week.  moters have secured a section of fine  grazing land near Nelson and will  shortly stock it with 100 head of milch  cows. They will put in a couple of  milk routes in Nelson and expect to  supply Rossland and other Kootenay  points which can be reached readily by  rail, In addition to this branch other  lines of ranching will be carried on  extensively.  The Christmas tree entertainment to  be g-iven next Monday evening in  Bosun hall will eclipse any previous  effort of the children, and it should be  liberally patronized. Heretofore this  annual event has been most entertaining and instructive to parents, children  and the audience generally, and each  year has seen the necessity of securing  better hall accommodations. This year  the Sunday school management committee have ventured to give the public  the best possible accommodations in  securing Bosun hall, and the children  will fulfil their part of the program.  SLOCAN    MINERAL,   FLOAT.  K.  K. & N. (J. Holiday Hates.  In connection with the Christmas and  New Year's holidays, the Kootenay  Railway & Navigation Company, Ltd.,  will put into effect local holiday rates of  single fare for the round trip. Passengers can purchase tickets on the following dates: Dec. 22, 23, 24 and 25, good  to return until .Jan. 3. Tickets will  also be on sale Dec. 29, 30, 31 and Jan.  I., good to return until Jan. 2 ��� Robt.  Irving-, manager.  This is the time of the year when  choice fruits and toothsome candy is in  demand. Williams is aware of the fact  and has his store full of these good  things.  Williams   has an   immense stock  of  goods suitable for the.  little, ones,  and  dreams of his [ Santa Claus should be made aware of  which has to be traversed to the num-: own decapitation has settled down  to a | the fact as speedily as possible.  A Christmas service will be held in  the Presbyterian church on Sunday  evening, Dec. 23rd, at 7:30 o'clock.  Subject���"The Child of Bethlehem, our  Saviour." There will also be special  Xmas singing. Rev. W. A. Alexander,  pastor.  The following officers were elected in  Court New Denver, No. 3380, I. O. F.,  last week: CD., H.C.R., J. E. Angri-  gnon; CR,, C. D. McRae; V.C.R., J. H,  Strickland; R.S. F. E. Shook; F.S.& Z.,  J.A.Wolff; S.W., A. D. McPherson;  J.W., L. Hoben: S.B., A. Gillis; J.B.,  P. Angrignon; Orator, J. H. Dawson.  The Canadian Pacific Railway Company intends doubling up its Imperial  Limited service. The running time  of the Imperial Limited from Vancouver to Montreal, a distance of 3,000  miles, will be scaled down from 90  hours to SS hours or less. This train  will be confined to first-class traffic.  The second-class and immigrant business will he confined to a second  train.  In Nelson, some time ago. A. J.  Marks donated the use of a hall, and  gave an organ, worth $100, to the  People's United church. The minister  in charge left the city to start a church  of his own in Spokane, and the. organ  cannot be found Bishop Mclnturff  writes to Mr. Marks asking further  assistance for his church in Nelson, but  that gentleman declines for obvious  reasons.  The bazaar and social given Saturday  by the Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian  church was an unprecedented success  from all points but one. The attendance was large throughout the afternoon  and evening and everybody brought  their pin money with them. The gross  receipts of the affair were $135. Socially  it was all that could have been asked,  and the phonograph concert in the  evening was thoroughly satisfactory.  The usual dance closed the affair.  Some Nelson business men have  formed a stock company with a capitalization of 825,000 and are applying- for  letters of incorporation to carry on a  general  ranching business.   The  pro-  Pat Duyer is foreman of the Hewelt.  Work on the Iron Horse, Ten Mile,  will be resumed early in January.  Work was started the past week on  the Frisco.   Two men are employed.  Alex. Ferguson and Frank Griffiths  are working a force of eight men on the  Neepawa.  The force at the Ivanhoe walked down  the hill Saturday, owing to some trouble  with the management.  Work was started this week on a  100-foot tunnel contract to be run on  the Bachelor, Twelve Mile.  Operations were commenced last week  on the V. & M. group, Twelve Mile, a  force of six men being employed under  C. W. Harrington.  The Arlington shipped 80 tons of ore  last week, Bosun 20, Whitewater 443,  Payne 124, Ruth 85, Last Chance 59,  American Boy 37, Idaho 55. Queen Bess  22; total for the week, 025 tons.  The Molly Gibson has a force of 50  men and is shipping a carload of ore a  day. This property is in good working  condition, having had over $100,000  spent upon it in developmentandequipment.  The Marion owners will be in from  the East about January 1st. Jas.  Marino has filed suit at Nelson against  the company to recover certain monies  paid out by him under an agreement  with the original owners.  In the case o( Greenlee vs. Dickinson  et. al, action has been discontinued  against the defendants, Warner Miller  and William Spier. The case is an  application for an injunction to restrain  defendants from removing ore from the  Slocan Chief group and grew out of  Warner Miller people throwing up a  bond held on Slocan Chief.  A writ was issued at Nelson last  week on behalf of W. 10. Boie against  Rene Laudi et al of London and Paris  to recover $5,500 alleged to he due the  plaintiff. Mr. Boie was the superintendent in charge of the work being-  done by Laudi and his associates in  Camp Mansfield prior to the closing-  down of the .Joker group.  It is said that the Mond Nickel Co.,  ) ecently chartered in Ontario, will be  capitalized for no less than 810,000,000.  If true, the mines of this company  would have to earn a net profit of at  least; $1,000,000 a year in order to pay a  fairly remunerative dividend to the  stockholders. The capital of the Canadian Copper Co. is only ��2.500,000, and  look at its mines. But London companies are generally capitalized far  above the commercial value of their  mines. In Mond's case, however, he  has a nickel refining process which will  be a valuable asset if it does all that is  claimed for it, and he has also secured  a large and valuable group of mines.���  Sudbury Journal.  i  ���A  \M ^m  THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, DECEMBER .20, 1900.  Eighth Yeap.  FROM THE EDITOR'S UPPER STOPE.  Prophets are appreciated far from  I home.  ��� The nineteenth century is on the  i brink of dissolution, and every one  ! of its years echo the fact that occasionally the printer is   not paid.  The dawn of the new century  finds the Slocan in a prosperous  j mining condition. If nothing turns  j up to mar its even progress a long  i era of success should come to the  ! silvery Slocan.  ; A limited number of fleas are  j good for a dog. They keep him  j scratching. Just so are trials to  i man. It is a good thing for a man  i to be poor enough to lie furnished  I the incentive for hard work.  TilE LKIKJK i.-s two ilolliirs u yeiirin ii<lviuiec>S>Wh('ii not so paid it is -}2r:M to parties worthy ul iTodii.lS?''"'-' luirliuriiins oust, ni LnUe j  Superior it, i> SI u yenr.-vSvLena) jolvert isinir lo cents jl lioiipariol line 1irst insertion, it nil 5 cents, n line ciu-li siiliseiiuont. insert ion. Hi.-inlint; !  notices 2!i eonts ti "line, ami eoiiijiiereiiil advertising ^rit'lei'l in price.- uecor'iiiijj to circiinistiinccs. j  FELLOW I'O.GRl.MS: , TliK LKDGIi is locate'! at Xew Denver. Ii. C, and can lie traced to many parts of I lie curt li <��y?'' eomcs t o the front  tvery Thursday in ul lias never I icon raided by the shoritT. rfiiowslided Iiy cheap silver, or suliducd hy the Tear of man. It works for the trail ���  blazer us well as t lic"hay-wi nil owed and cliampa'riie-fla vored ca pi t all's t.A3? It aims to he ou the ri^ht side of everything and believes that hell >  should he adtiiinistercd'to ihe wicked in lurK'' doseri.<3>Tt has stoon the test of time, and an ever-incren.-in',' paystreal; is proof that it is .  1 letter to tell the truth.' even if the heavens do occasionally hit; our sinokestaelciSrA chute of job work is worked occasionally for the hen eh t j  of Immunity and the iliiaiieii'-r.-^SfOime in and see us. but do not. pat the hull doc on. the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water  barrel: one is -avape and the other u victim of thirst .^��rOne of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer: he is !  .-���ure of a bunk in paradise, with thorn less roses for a pillow bv ni��ht, and nothing but pold to look nt by day.  R..T. LOWI-RY. Editor and Financier.  The mint question is still a live  one in Canada. Indirectly it will  pay the Dominion to have the advertisement of coining their own  money. This office will take a  large consignment of gold dollars  just as soon as they are turned out.  The Ledge.  A'pencil cross m this square  indicates that your subscription is due. and that the editor  wishes onee atrain to look at  your collateral.  TBUKSDAY, DECEMBER 20.   1900.  Christmas  Tide  This is the gladdest season of the  year.   Christinas  tide has ever been a season   of rejoicing, and will ever be, so long as  the old world continues to  wobble  and the heart of man beats with the  warm blood of human kindness and  love for all that is good,  and  pure  and holy.    The man who does not  at this glad season  have cause to  look back with adoration upon the  memories   of   childhood   is  to be  pitied indeed.    No power on earth  is so strong as love;  no power so  subtile   and   omnipresent.     It  is  implanted in the human heart to  live and flourish  for the good of  man himself and for the elevation  and Christianization of the  world.  At Christmas tide our hearts  turn  with love to the Man  Divine,   and  through Him to  the  man  mortal;  and we accept  with  gladness the  opportunity and blessed privilege  of celebrating the natal day of the  Man of Love.  In the hearts of old and young  the same yearning for a better and  higher life exists; a longing to  make happy the lives of others and  to build up a universal city of  purity founded upon infinite love.  The giving of gifts, the feasting  and making glad the heart of man  as we in our weakness best can,  express only in an infinitesimal  measure our higher and nobler desires, giving evidence of what man  would enjoy doing on a larger scale  if he could attain the goal of his  higher ambition.  But more particularly is this a  joyous season to the little ones,  whose lives are yet pure and un-  tinged with the thoughts of greed,  malice and woe that man is heir to  or acquires as he advances along  the road of worldly cares and strife.  To them the reception of gifts is the  prime source of enjoyment. And  the}' are as ready to receive the  love of God as they are the gifts of  friends, hence their happiness.  To one and all, little and big,  great and small, The Ledge extends a hearty wish for a merry,  merry Christmas.  it; anything that suggests the op- | length of it, where the sulphurets  posite���the loss of a meal, the giv- ! ���I believe the}' call them sulphuring up of a. little present pleasure, \ ets���though why they should, con-  even if it does promise a larger re-jsidering that, so far as I can see.  ward, will be looked upon as an (the main dependence of a miner  infringement upon personal free-; does not so lie, as some suppose,  dom. Such a person Avill be within but in which it cannot be success-  twenty-foiir  hours' of  a ruptured   fully maintained, wherein the same  blood vessel in the brain, or an appendicitis, or heart failure, but he-  will mumble between his gasps for  breath: 'A man as well be oft* the  earth if he can't have what he  wants to eat.' He does eat and  dies, not like a man, but like the  brute that he has developed himself  into. There are plenty of thin  people who are as-brutal in appetite  and passion as fat ones and die  from the abuse, and who are as incapable of receiving a new thought  impression.  should not continue,while part and  parcel of the same are not committed to either in the sense referred  to���whereas,   under  different  cir  it is said that the constant watcli-  ��� fulness and care,the close attention  j to details, the keen discrimination,  j the line artistic sense,   the  almost  I infinite patience, and the ���'���knack'*  j of overcoming totally   unexpected  j difficulties,    which   are  constantly  j arising in their  work,   develop   in  | printers qualities which,  with pro-  I per education, peculiarly  lit them  I for the most responsible  duties of  life, and yet  with all these  qualities, the ''prints'' of New Denver's  only excitement are no   match  for  Christmas  Cheer  i.  cumstances. the most inexperienced | the red, white and  blue  cow  that  among  A Stuffing  We hear a  great  ,_ . *-���'  deal   these,   days  DISC6S6 about appendicitis. It seems to loom up in every  locality, especially where the people live high. Dr. Tilden has the  following to say about it:  "The disease conies from the  habit of eating, stuffing, after there  is already so much fullness of the  lower bowels that one week of abstinence from food is required for  nature to throw off and adjust herself.  ���'People who will not take this  suggestion must take their chances  on having the disease. If they do  not have so-called appendicitis they  may have impaction, which,if badly  treated, may lead to an unnecessary operation.  ' 'The facts are that like attracts  like. The stuffers���the chronically  hungry���don't like anything that  runs counter to their habits.  "Feed a man hog and he will  grunt like a hog. Stuff a man with  beef and he will stampede at a new  thought���his thoughts all run to  one line. Stuffers are always one  idea. After the abdomen has  jumped the line of proportion and  the skin on the neck and back of  the head becomes fluted new ideas  have the same effect upon him that  a, red shirt has on a mad bull. As  a rule the mind runs to something  to eat or something that  will  buy  \A/r rH  TO  Artemus Ward"was  ,_ , a man of humor.  So  I W3in     was   Mark   Twain.  The first time they met Ward insisted upon Twain taking breakfast  with him. It was customary in  those days in the silver mines of  Nevada to precede such a meal  with a whiskey cocktail, and,  though Mark protested, he was  finally persuaded to comply with  the custom and partake of the  ' 'treasonable mixture.'' Artemus  dropped an unimportant remark or  two and then, assuming a look of  superhuman earnestness, made the  following astounding speech:  "jSTow, there is one thing I ought  to ask you about before I forget it.  You have been here in Silverland  ���here in "Nevada.���two or three  years, and, of course, your position  on the daily press has made it  necessary for you to go down in  the mines and examine them carefully in detail, and therefore you  know all about the silver-mining  business. Now, what I want to  get a.t is���is, well, the way the deposits of ore are made, you know.  For instance: Now. as I understand it, the vein which contains  the silver is sandwiched in between  casings of granite, and runs along  the ground, and sticks up like a  curbstone. Well, take a vein forty  feet thick, for example, or eighty,  for that matter, or even a hundred  ���say you go down on it with a  shaft, straight down, you know, or  with what you call an 'incline,'  maybe you go down five hundred  feet, or maybe you don't go down  but two hundred���anyway, you go  down, and all the time this vein  us could not detect it if it  were, or might overlook it if it did.  or scorn the very idea of such a  thing,even though it were palpably  demonstrated as such. Am I not  right?"  When lie had finished, Twain  was deeply ashamed of his inability  to grasp Ward's meaning and so  expressed himself. The latter  apologized for his not making it  clearer and insisted upon putting  the question more plainly. He sat  leaning far across the table, with  determined irepressiveness upon his  every feature, and fingers prepared  to keep tally of each point as enum-  era.ted, and Twain leaned forward  with painful interest, resolved to  comprehend or perish.  "You know the vein, the ledge,  the thing that contains the metal,  whereby it constitutes the medium  between all other forces,whether of  present or remote agencies, so  brought to bear in favor of the former against the latter, or the latter  against the former, or all, or both,  or compromising the relative differ- j  ences existing within the radius  whence culminate the several degrees of similarity to which������'*  At this point Twain broke in  with, "Oh, hang my wooden head;  it aint any use !���it aint any use to  try ! I can't understand anything.  The plainer you get it. the more I  can't get the hang of it.'" There  was a little laugh, and not till then  did Twain realize that, he had been  duped by the fun-loving Artemus.  runs her nose into our wafer barrel.  For Xew Denver Public. Scli"ul��� Primary Department. Applicant stale experience. Salary  $."ii..00 per month. l-hii^atri'inenl for six months.  Term heidnnini,'' January.  W. D. 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He was unaccustomed to taking whiskey cocktails  before breakfast and thought the  liquor had befuddled his brain, and  meekly asked ."Ward to repeat his  question. This he very gladly consented to do and became even more  fearfully impressive than before,  emphasing each particular point, by  checking it off on his ringers' ends.  "This vein, or lode, or ledge, or  whatever you call it," said he,  "runs along between two layers of  granite, just the same as if it were  a sandwich. Very well ! Now.  suppose you go down on that, say,  a thousand feet, or maybe twelve  hundred, (it don't really matter),  before you drift, and then you start  your drifts, some of them across  the   ledge,   and   others  along  the  The best Christmas present  to give is a fine watch.  $1.50 to 14.00  Perfumes in beautiful cut glass bottles from  $�� do-wn to $1.75  Atomizers in most delicate tints.  Photogragh Albums and Holders.  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At the falling of the night,  A nd I thought no more about them  Till, at break of morning light,  A ceaseless chirping and twitter  On the frosty air I heard;  'Twas the sparrows' morning blessing,  And my heart with joy was stirred;  For 'tis something to make happy  Even the heart of a bird.  It gave me a pleasant keynote  For the music of the day;  A song of thanks for each blessing  1 should find along its way;  A thought for the joy of others,  And how oft with little care  I might give some crumbs of pleasure  To another heart, aiid bear  In my own a double measure  For the sake of another's share.  Oh! twitter ye little sparrows  O'er the scattered crumbs I threw;  We are holding morning service,  Ye are choir and preacher, too.  Whatever one thiiiKS of the singing,  With (lie sermon there's no compare;  A thought of the blessed Master  To my waking heart ye bear;  II is test, was the Utile sparrows  When lie told of his Father �� care.  ��� I. 1). French, in Boston levelling Transcript.  rrrv   tiik   kimimno.  'The following article was written by  a repurter nent by a Christian paper to  investigate the liquor tniiiio in the  Phillippines. It has been produced in  many papers, and is presented below  somewhat condensed',  "A few days ago I returned from a  two months'* stay in the Phillippines,  where William McKinley, the Methodist, ie now conducting a' war of 'benevolent assimilation' in the name of the  Lord God, and. for.the spread of'Christian civilization,' etc. We have from  time to time been assured by the administration newspapers that the Filipinos were delivered into our hands by  'the Providence of God.'  ''But Mr. McKinley's campaign in  these isUnds (in the name of God) bears  such striking resemblance to the celebrated campaign of Moses against the  Midianites (also iu the name of God)  that 1 quote the official report of that  affair from the thirty-first chapter of  Numbers.  "Soon after my arrival in Manila, I  picked up a copy of the Daily Freedom,  the leading exponent of Christian civilization in the city, which, by the way,  could not pay expenses were it not for  an income of about ��1,800 a month for  advertising the whiskey of this 'Christian civilization.' 1 read there that six  drunken American soldiers had broken  into the. home of a respectable native:  that they looted the house; that the  brutes took turns in holding the struggling husband while the others ravished  the frantic wife before his eyes; that  when,the old mother of the girl pleaded  for mercy, one of these advance agents  of Christianity knocked her senseless  with the butt of his revolver, that the  little children ran, shrieking from the  house and alarmed their neighbors;  and that when.the policeliiiallyarrived  the American civilizers had all lied save  maids, who 'have not known man." For  eight years there has been on Calle  Neuva, Manila, an establishment of  lust, for the exclusive use of the priests  of the 'holy'Catholic Church.  "T!<;-���'- a brief resume of the work  thai i-- i"-in:r carried on in these unhappy islands by William McKinley in  the name of Almis'hty God."  W. E. Johnson.  SOUTH    AFRICA.  Partly from irritation at the military situation in South Africa and  partly from indignation at the un  civilized methods employed by the  British army officers, who are ruthlessly destroying property, laying the  country waste and warring upon  women and children, a revulsion of  public feeling in England appears to  have set in. One of the more distinct indications of this is an editorial  published in The Statist, the leading  financial journal of London, which  says:  "We are iosing in every way, losing in prestige and losing in life.  We are seeing our South African  possessions plunged into greater distress   and   the   opinion   is   gaining-1  ground abroad that we are incapable  of bringing the struggle to a satisfactory termination."  The same influence.: have extended  and intensified the anti-British feeling in Cape Colony,   until  the situation there is regarded, in the language  of the London Mail's correspondent,  as   "graver than   at   any   previous  period   during   the   war."   But the  British government shows no disposition to modify its drastic policy. Lord  Kitchener, who has the reputation of  being a British Weyler    has been  made commander-in-chief in place of  Lord   Roberts.    There   are rumor3,  however, that Cecil Rhodes has undertaken to foimulate a scheme of  conciliation, the central idea of which  is a  confederation of South  African  states under the British flag, and that  some   members   of the cabinet are  encouraging   him,   feeling that the  only hope of the ministry is to offer  such terms to the Boers as,   without  humbling the government, will enable  it to withdraw the British troops from  South Africa.  The   gold   mined   this   year   in. the  Cripple   Creek   district  is expected  to I  amount to .$27,u0u,OOO.  gs for HER  Whatever your present or prospective relation to  Her, Mother, Wife, Sister, we have that which will enable  yon to give expression to your wish for Her  If you want  *i     clean  clothes  Send your laundry to  The Lake Shore  Laundry  H. C. Thomlinson & Co.  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We can guarantee you her- appreciation of the thing you select at this store.  SO, IT'S RIGHT.  t BOURSE!  4 NEW DENVER  B. C.  NOTICE.  AGEiVTS:  SILVERTON, B. C.  THE WM. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING CO., LIMITED  one, who was  lying- in ;i drunken  slum  ber on the floor  "1 read the files of this paper through  for the year'ending'with June .15 last.  Its pag-es were fairly streaked for the  whole time with the most abominable  outrag'es of this sort, committed upon  inoffensive natives by those 'advance  ag-ants of Christian civilization.' 1 found  that this same 'Christian civilization'  had opened up nearly 400 saloons in  Manila alone, besides scores of g'rog  shops in all the cities and towns where  'the flag' had been planted.  "[I will now give a summary instead  of the statistics taken from a report by  Gen. Otis, and from the Bulletin of  Philippine Commerce recently issued  by the Bureau of Statistics at Washington. From these it appears that during  the first ten months of American rule  about twice as much liquor was imported  into the island as during- the two vears  of 1893 and 1S91. From further statistics it is shown that fully one-third of  all the soldiers who were sent here to  teach civilization were arrested and  tried for crime or misdemeanor before  the first eleven mouths of the American  occupation were completed. The balance I will give in full.���L.W.J  "About two hundred brothels containing about six hundred women are  now being operated under the direction  and supervision of the War Department, a regular military bureau having been organized to look after this  business. At Jolo. in the Sulu group,  no prostitutes could be found among  the natives, so these advance agents of  God Almighty were obliged to import  a pack of women from Japan in order  to stock their three military brothels  opened there.  "By one of the chief surgeons of the  First Reserve I was told that of the one  hundred thousand troops sent there to  civilize the natives, sixty thousand had  gone through the hospital. Of these  sixty thousand boys, ten thousand had  been stricken with infamous diseases.  Moreover, this diseased host of ten  thousand soldiers did not include thousands of others who took private treatment of private physicians.  "Prize fighting is another factor of  Christian civilization which has been  introduced into these islands. Two or  three times a month a brutal prize light  is given at the Teatro Libertab, the  sluggers being toughs from tin's armed  host of Christian progress.  "The Catholic priesthood of the Most  High have these simple natives by the  throat. There is but little in the way  of houses or lands that does not belong  to the priests. They own the land;  they exact a tax at birth; they demand  another fee at baptism: they extort  another for confirmation; they demand  another fee at marriage. They work  the feast day assessment several times  a year: they extort a coffin tax of $5,  and demand"rent for the grave. If the  corpse gets behind five years on his  rent; 'ihe bones, eoffin and all are dug  up and dumped in the 'bone heap' back  of the church 1 know of no words in  the dictionaries, by which I can express  my feelings of wrath, as I stood among  the coffins on the bone heap behind Paco  church,and with my own hands handled  the skulls of the dead who had gotten  in arrears with their rent, and who had  been dug up and thrown into the scrap  heap by these ghouls of Christianity.  "There is a whole race of half breeds  in the Philippines, who point to thia  priest or that friar as their father. As  in the campaign of Moses, these be-  frocked wretches, for a hundred years,  have, demanded the choicest of Filipino  BROWN  NELSON, B. C.  NOT    IN    NEW    DENVER.  By actual experience it has been determined that a man can live and retain  good health on 6 cents a day. This  has been done by William Hoi ley, aged  50 years, a bachelor.  Hoi ley lives alone at Brazil, Indiana,  and does his own cooking, and during  the past four months he has spent just  S6.85 for food and he is enjoying the  best of health. He says he has gained  in weight'  The following is his bill of fare:  Breakfast���coffee, meat, bread and  sugar;  dinner���same, with  probably a  vegetable; supper���same as breakfast.  A week's supply of provisions consists of the following: Bread, 15 cents;  sugar, 10 cents; meat, 10 cents;Kcoffee,  5 cents; ^vegetables, 5 cents; total, 45  cents.  Servant girls are getting harder to  please every day. 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And, take notice further, that I, the said Daniel E. Sprague, require you to contribute and  pay your proportion of such expenditure, being  one-eighth of the amount expended in respect of  each of the. said mineral claims, together with  the costs of this advertisement, and that if you  tailor refuse to contribute your said proportion  of such expenditure, together with the costs of  this advertisement, within ninety days from the  date of the first publication of this notice, I will  at the expiration of said ninety days claim to  have vested in me, as your co-owner, your interest in such of the sai'd mineral claims, as you  shall have failed or refused to contribute your  said proportion of the said expenditure in'con  neetion therewith, together with the costs o<" this  advertisement, pursuant to section -1 of the  "Mineral Act Amendment Act. 1900."  The. address of me, the said Daniel E. 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Gilmour, as  I agent for William Murray Botsford, free  miner's certificate No. B . 1-4WIS, and John Mae-  Quilla.ii free miner's certificate No. B 17051,  intend <j0 days, from the date hereof to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants  of the above claims.  And further take notice that action under section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of  such certificates of improvements.  Dated this 2f>th day ol October, li'oo.  W. A.GILMOL'R.  Used in Millions of Homes���40 Years the  standard* A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,  Superior to every other known. Makes  delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,  griddle   cakes ��� palatable   and   wholesome,  PRICC   BAKING  POWDER  CHICAGO.  CO.,  Note.���A void baking powders mnde from  alum. 'J'hey look like pure powders,  and may raise the cakes, but alum  is a poison and no one can eat food  mixed with it without injury to health.  New Denver, B.C.  Canadian  ! AND SOO LINE.  j Still continues to operate First-Class Sleeper.*  i all trains from Revelstoke and Kooienity  I Landing.     Also  |        TOURIST GARS  ' Passing Diiimiore .lunetion daily lor St. I':  ! Saturdays for .Montreal and Boston;  , Mondays and 'I'lmisdays for Toronto  i Same   cars    pass   Revelstoke  j one day earlier.  tul;  A.JACOBSON & CO..Props  Best meals in the  city���Comfortable rooms���Bar replete  with the best of  Liquors and Cigars���Best service throughout.  When in NELSON see our  E. SKINNER, Tailor  Fred. J. Squire,  Manager.  J. W. BALMAIN  CIVIL ENGINEER,  ARCHITECT, ETC.  I'. O.  Box 170,  SANDON. B. C.  BRICK  FDR   SALK.  JOHN    GoETTSCHE,  NKW  DENVER.  ISO TROUBLE  TO QUOTE HATES AND  GIVE YOU   A   POINTER   REGARDING THE EASTER'S TRIP  VOU CONTEMPLATE  TAKING.  Kail and winter schedule now effective. For  time-tables, rates and full Information call on or  address the nearest local agent, or���  G. B. GARRETT, Agent New Denver.  K. .1. Coyle, A. G. P. Agt., Vancouver.  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS.  To and from European   points vi�� Canadian  and American lines.     Apply    for sailing dates  rates, tickets and   full  information   in  any 0.  Ry apent or���  G.  H. GARRETT.  C. P. R. Agent, New Denver.  W   P. F. Cumniings. G. S. S. Atrt., Winnipeg ?V  THE LEDGE. NEW DENVER, B.C., DECEMBER 20, 1900.  ElGH?TH  Y'EAR  A    Slt-'URIAX.  They built a fine church at his very door-  He wasn't in it;  They brought him a scheme for relieving the  poor���  He wasn't in it.  Let them work for themselves as he had done.  They wouldn't ask help of any one  If they hadn't wasted each golden minute-  He wasn't in it.  So he passed'the poor with a haughty tread-  He wasn't in it;  And he scorned the good with averted head-  He wasn't in it.  "When men in the halls of virtue met,  He saw their goodness without regret;  Too high the mark lor him to win it���  He wasn't in it.  A carriage crept down the street one day-  He was in it.  The funeral trappings made display-  He was in it.  St. Peter received him with book and bell:  "My friend, you have purchased a ticket to���well  Your elevator goes down in a minute!"  He was in it.  BOUNDARY    CAMP'S    OUTPUT.  The B. C. mine sent out about 2,500  toiiB of ore last month. Its main shaft  is now 370 feet in depth. Crosscutting  at this depth will be in progress this  month. Besides continuing development during December it is anticipated  that the. output of ore for the month  will show a substantial increase.  The total quantity of ore sent to the  smelters during the month of November  was about 23,000 tons, in the following1  proportions:  Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 18,000  B. C  2,500  Mother Lode 2,000  Sundry small shipments.., i.    500  23,000  The 35-drill Ingersoll-Serg-eant air  compressor received at the Mother Lode  mine last month is now being installed.  On December 1 the large hoisting-  engine, manufactured by the Jenckes  Machine company for this mine,arrived,  and was set up at once. The ore stopes  at both the 200 and 300-foot levels are  opening1 up very satisfactorily. About  2,500 tons of ore were sent down to the  smelter during November, making 3,000  tons, in all. After the new plant is  running the daily output will be about  300 tons.  Dead wood camp is fast becoming one  of the most prominent in the Boundary  country, says the Times. Development  work has revealed so many large bodies  of pay ore that the camp has jumped  into great prominence. On the Mother  Lode the magnificent showings have  sent the stock of the British Columbia  Copper company from 810 to over $20 a  share. Strikes on the Marguerite and  other properties have added not a little  to the reputation of the camp. On the  top of all this comes the welcome news  that at the 250-foot level of the Crown  Silver the southeast crosscut has run  into a solid body of magnetic iron,  carrying good gold and copper values.  IN   EAST    KOOTENAY.  MAY    AGAIN    BE    WORKKD.  It is reported that work will be resumed on the Starlight in the spring.  The Stailight is one of the oldest properties in the Nelson camp. It is located on Giveout Creek, about a mile  south cf the Athabasca, and is a gold  and copper proposition with a small  percentage of silver. The vein is a  strong ledge of quartz. Specimens from  the Starlight have, it is stated, assayed  as high as 25 per cent, copper and ��10  in gold, and the owners hope the vein  will average 10 per cent, copper, which  would make the mine valuable. Some  140 feet of work has been done on the  property up to the present.  Vicar's wife���"Well,. Mrs. Rogers,  I am glad to bear your husband has  given up drinking. I hope he's all  the better tor it?" Mrs. Rogers���  "Oh, yes'm, that he be. Why, ever  since he took the pledge he's been  more like a friend that a  husband."  TRADE  This  Trade  Mark  stamped on every  garment, insures  you genuine  EALTH  UNDERWEAR  the most perfect, most health-ill,  most   delightfully comfortable  underwear made.   Endorsed  hv physicians.  Wot Jic��. Women an��*  -*-*��� Children. **-  tlfimclass OryGoode^  " 5res keep full  ^SS��?s0liB  Black and Wavy AC\n  Serges at *Uv;i  In this department of our  store you will find the very  newest creations in this  season's goods in Crepons,  Poplins, Amazons, Venetians, Covert Cloths, Che- -  yiot and Homespun Suitings........   B���ekGreponslt25r1.50,    2,00,   2.50  per yard  Black Henriettas,   HZ.^  J$r 1  OR npv trrl  45 inches wide, at    ' OC ^ i":jJ  Pel  JU  45c, 60c, 75c  and 1.00 per yd  A special line of Storm Serges 1  ()f\ nor TrrI  52 inches wide, at  l ���wu lJt5i  J u  Homespun Suitings, 54 in. wide, 1   KA �����-*,-., -yA  Plaid Skirting, 54 in.    1  OO     1   '-\0     1   *SO  wide, S�� yds to a skirt *-V\J,    J.OU,    l.OU,  le��Bth at: 2.00, & 2.50',eryd  Fancy Black and Kflp     Cf\0     n &0    1  DO  Colored Dress     ML,,    DUO,    I JO,  l.UU  ��KU3?,ft and 1.25 per yard  ��2TWrite for sample, stating color and price.  Martin O'Reilly & Co.,  Nelson  JAMESJ.CODFREY  MINES,  INVESTMENTS  and INSURANCE/��/^  Grimmett Block, Reco Ave.  Sandon, B.C.  Rents Collected.   District agent for  The Great West Life Assurance Co., Winnipeg, Man,  Agent Norwich Union Fire Insurance Company.  Connecticut Fire Insurance Co., of Hartford  iEtna Fire Insurance Company,  Phoenix, of Hartford, Conn.,  Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Company,  Imperial Registry Company,  The  Dominion of Canada Guarantee  and  Accident Insurance Company.  CONDENSED ADS.  [Condensed advertisements, such ras For Sale,  .wanted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,  Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Legal, Medical,etc,,  are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for  25 cents each insertion. Each five words or less  over 2 ��� words are five cents additional.]  Established in Nelson  25 per ot. increase  in our business so tar in our present fiscal year over any year in  our history is indisputed proof uf the fact that we have the right  goods, that we sell them in the right way and at the right prices.  We have the stock, and I want you all to know it. We have  the latest goods up to date and I guarantee all goods bought  from me to be at right prices and quality.  Goods will be sent C. O. D. on approval to any part in the Kootenays.  will have our prompt attention. All engraving free of charge,  nelson bc m JacobDover% "The Jeweler  If your watcb ie not running right, send itjdown and we will repair it, with a guarantee to run right.  Send in your order and it  Hill Bros.  Manufacturers of  and  Shingles  DENTIST.  DENTIST  DR. MORRISON,  NELSON, B. C.       Cor. WARD & BAKER Sts.  SA.2SriTjA-R.IXJM:.  HALCYON HOT SPRINGS SANITARIUM. The most complete II ril TIJ  on the Continent of North Ameri- D LA L I H  ca. Situated midst scenery un- n[Q fl pf  rivalled for Grandeur. Boating, II L O U 11 I  Fishing and Excursions Resident Physician  and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with all  parts of the world; two mails arrive and depart  everyday. Its hathes cure all nervous and  muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kidney.  Liver and Stomach Ailments. Terms: $15 to $18  per week, according to residence in hotel or  villas. The price of a round-trip ticket between  New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the  year round and good for 30 days, is 83.35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. C.  Orders  shipped to all parts of the  Country.     Mill at  head of  ���Slocan Lake. ���  Postoffice address, Rosebery.  Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter���the best in the land.    Correspondence solicited.   Addi'ess���  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.  There are reported to be some 15  mining prospects on Phillips creek,  near the boundary line. Some dispute  has arisen as to whether the prosoects  are in Montana or British Columbia  We are informed, says the Prospector,  that the largest number and the clainiB  with the best showing are on the Canadian side.  Two hundred sacks of sand carbonates  are being taken out of the now famous  Paradise, on Spring- cieek, daily. There  are about 10,000 sacks of ore, which will  average 120 pounds each, already on the  dump, which are being rawhided down  the mountain. Capt Armstrong has  erected stables for eight teams and  cabins for teamsters at the head of  Spring croek. Good winter quarters  for the accommodation of 40 men have  been erected, and 25 are now working"  at the mine.  In that portion of the district that  comprises the headwaters of the Mpyie  river, Perry and Weaver creeks, are  found good placer diggings, says the  Prospector, which have been worked  for many years, paying in some places  as high as $10 to $20 to the man per day.  The Moyie claim lias been a source of  income to its owners ever since it was  located. The Perry creek placers have  a large amount of pay gravel, and have  been worked for years. This is a  favorite spot for snipers, who succeed  in taking out many hundreds of dollars  during the year-.  Some fifteen claims are located on  Phillips creek and Little Copper mountain. The. ore is much the same'on all  the claims, copper pyrites with quartz.  The ore carries from 18 per cent;, to '27  per cent, copper, gold values rarely  going over .?:-}, except on one claim. So  far no lead or galena has been found  The claims are all at about the same  elevation, all in a syenite dyke, cutting  the porphyry and serpentine formation'.  Some of tiic'claims have a fine showing  of copper. Perhaps no district with  such an outcrop lias been so little pros  pected. There are several claims on  Phillips creek, on the Montana side,  which are showing up well.  I have removed my stock of jewelery, silverware, watches, optical  goods, etc., into my new store on  Main street, just below the Miner's  Union Block. My new store is  modern and up to date, and is well  stocked with the largest and best up-  to-date goods suitable for  Xmas and Holiday Trade  I invite the public to call, and shall  take pleasure in showing goods.  G.   W.   GRIMMETT, Graduate Optician  and Jeweler.  SANDON, B. C.  H. GIEGERICH  Staple and Fancy  GROCERIES  SURVEYOR.  AR. HEYLAND, Engtneor and Provincial  ..   Land Surveyor.   Sandon.  DRTjro-s.  Wl<\  TKKTZKT,  & CO.,   Nelson,   B.C..  .   Dealers in all Drugs and Assayers'Sup  plies.  Mineral  "Waters.  17IKST-CI.ASS     AERATED    WATERS.  IS    Thorpe & Co., Ltd., sole, agents for Halcvon  Water, Nelson  TAILORS.  I have a number of Suits  for Men and Boys that  are Al in every respect,  which I will sell at actual cost. Regular price  S14 and $16; bargain  price $10 and $12, No  catch; straight bargains  for you.       Take   one ?  at   DAN  HcLACHLAM'S  New Denver.  HEAVY   AND   SHELF  ' HARDWARE  Coal, Iron,  Steel, Blowers,  Water Motors,  Truax Ore Cars,  Ore Buckets,  Rails, Belting-,  Packing, Wire Rope.  Tin and Sheet  Iron Workers  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. O.  SANDON, B. C.  Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities  of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the  best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their  steaks-^-^^-^-^^#-^->��--#-v#  BU RNS   &   CO.  JR.   CAMERON,   Sandon.  Manufactures  .   Clothing to order;   and solicits patronage  from all classes.  BOOTS <Sc SHOES.  LIIYHE   BROS.,  Nelson,   are ever in  the  front with the best line of goods obtainable  in their line of business.  "V\7"laolesaJ*3   Merchants.  Y.  GRIFFIN   &  CO.  ... .    wholesale    de  meats, butter and c(  ��| .    wholesale    dealers   in  Front St., Nelson,  provisions,   cured  rpURNER,    IJEETON   &   CO.,  Wholesale  Merchants and Importers:   L'quors^.Cigars  and Dry Goods.    Nelson. Vancouver,  and London. Eng  Victoria,  JOHN CHOr.TII.TCH & CO., Nelson.  ��| Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Provision  Merchants.  LEGAL.  FT,.   CHRISXI.K  . , licitor,   Notary  , T,. T.  Public  Every Friday at Silverto.i.  li., Barrister, So-  Sandon.  B.  C,  tf  THE MINER  XCHANGE,  Agent for  GOODWIN   CANDLES  GIANT POWDER  KASLO  AINSWORTH  SANDON  New Denver  Transportation  & Light Co.  PALMA  ANGRIGNON,   PROPRIETOR.  General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.  Three Forks  B. C.  Provides accommodation for  the travelling public   Pleas'int rooms, and good  meals. The bar is stocked  with wines, liquors and  cigars.  HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor.  Our  Haggage wagons meet all Sunday trains.  Mt.  GRIMMETT, L.  L.  1$.,  Barrister,  .   Solicitor. Notary Public.     Sandon, B. G.  Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday  HOTELS.  Hauling and Packing to Mines,  and general local business.  WOOD    AND     COAL     FOR     SALE  New Denver, 15.  C.  NOTICE TO  I will now sell  Solio.        Films,  Kodaks at  Send for prices on  American prices,  anything vou want,  O. S'I'RATIIEARN, Kaslo, B. C  rnHE   LET.AND   HOIJS.E,    Nakusp,   B.   C,,  1     provides good accommodations for travelers  IHE   LKI.AND   HOUSE,  provides good :i  Mits. McDougai.d.  riiHE  ARLINGTON HOTEL,  Slocan City  1     is headquarters for Mining and Comnicrchi  Men.   Oktiiixg & Hkxdkkson.  Saddle Horses and Pack \.:i:.:<us.  Feed Stables at New Denver.  Silverware  A   full  Mil.!  Goods at���  >f Silverware,   Toys   and   Xinas  rirs.J.H.WereIey's  NEW    DENVER.  To Builders:  if you want Dimension  Lumber-, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Coast and Kootenay  Ceiling and Flooring, Double  and Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, fthiplap, Stepping,  Door Jambs, Pine and Cedar  Casings. Window Stiles,  Turned Work, Brackets,  Newel Posts, Band-sawing,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store  Fronts, Doors, Windows or  Glass, write to���  Nelson Saw  & Planing  Hills, Limited  Nelson, B. C.  RELIABLE  ASSAYS  Gold  * .fiO I Gold and Silver. .8 .75  Lead ��� so | Gold,silv'r, c.opp'r 1.50  Samples by mail receive prompt attention.  Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.  OGDEN ASSAY QO.  142!)"16th St., Denver. Colo.  J.E. Angrignon  The Leading  Hairdresser  Bosun Block, New Denver, B.C.  ornia  Wine Co.,  ��� -NELSON, B.C.  Wholesale dealers in ��.*��s;-i-3 l^^ffSy  Choice Wines  and Fragrant  Cigars  Write for  Kootenay.  Our stock is the largest in  l WADDSBRQS I  # PHOTOGRAPHERS $  LVANCOUVER and NELSON,  B.C. $  J.K.CLARK,  MINES  and MINING  Reports, Examinations and Management.  NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.  ASLO MOTEL  Family & Commercial.  arge  And  Comfortable  Rooms  Fitted with every modern  convenience. Special protection against tire. Rates $2.50  and $3 per day.  COCKLE & PAP WORTH,  Proprietors.  DENTISTRY.  DR. MILLOY  ROSSLAND  Has had 15 years experience in dental work, and  makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work.  Most complete Dental Office in B. C.  ��������������������<!MN&����������������S��������������^  our; coiiset department IS l"T-TO-DATK  IN   Ai.l.  STYLES   AND  PRICES. ��  Fred. Irvine & Co.,  NELSON, B. C  MILLINERY���ALL THE  LATEST STYLES AT  LOWEST  PRICES.  Merchandise has its place in the preparations for the Xmas season.  The attractiveness of the goods to be found in all our departments  will greatly interest our Slocan patrons. Our Holiday Specialties  are of exceptional merit and beauty, and will compare favorably  with the display of such goods in the large eastern cities���both m  quality, style and price. ' Silk Waists, nothing but the finest, from  $3.50 to 115. Furs���whatever there is for ladies to wear made of  fnr_will be found here. Handkerchiefs from 5c to $7.50 each.  SOLE AGENTS FOR  BUTTERICK PATERNS.  THE ONLY RELIABLE  ��  Fred. Irvine & Co.,  NELSON, B. C.  ��������$@������8������*9��������@��&|  ��    MEN'S   FURNISHINGS    "  0  ��  A SPECIALTY.


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