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The Ledge Dec 13, 1900

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 /i^^v^/ ^^-^  Volume VIII.   No   11.  NEW DENVER, B. C, DECEMBER 13,-1900.  Price, $2.00 Year  IN  ADVANCE  ;'4QUaf-aritTn^ 'SatUrrpT?a.|  ����'��� ���'- ��� ��  08'How the Government Officials Allowed ^Thing-s^to Jg  &     Run When the SS. Seattle was Quarantined      Sta  News are gradually coming of the  hig-h old time enjoyed by the passengers  of the recently (quarantined steamer  City of Seattle, says a Victoria writer.  The details are interesting, amusing,  and���scandalous. We are strictly enjoined by the Holy Scripture to comfort  and succor the afflicted, but there is  such a thing as interpreting this commandment on too liberal a scale, which  appears to have been done with great  unanimity by the crew of the vessel and  the officials at the quarantine station.  One would have thought that, considering the time of year, the first thing done  would have been to make the passengers comfortable and see that they were  all cared for. Nothing of the sort took  place. The luckless passengers had *o  find their way, floundering through the  gloom, to their miseaable quarters,  where the majority of them slept upon  the floor. The enterprising crew, in  the meanwhile, proceeded to erect a  large tent, stock it with a goodly supply  of strong drink, and open it as a full-  fledged, wide-open, 'unlicensed saloon.  Then, bethinking themselves that  more than alcohol is necessary to real  enjoyment, these worthy mariners di 1  proceed to raise two more tents in  which those who being well drunk  should feel inclined to try their luck  with the devil's pictures, or shake the  devil's bones, might have ample opportunity to gratify their desires.  Some thirty or forty of the passengers  were women and children. Of the  women you could count the respectable  ones on the lingers of one hand. The  rest were of the kind that one cannot  introduce at one's home, being followers  of that ancient and honorable profession'  so much in evidence at. the average  mining camp. Also, apart from their  penchant for male society, they were  afflicted with a consuming thirst, which  they lost no opportunity of gratifying  ���at the expense of their masculine admirers.    Moreover, they smoked cigar  ettes, and their language was an  abomination in the sight of the Lord.  However, so careful are the officials, of  the Dominion Government, both good  an.l bad of the fair sex were herded together in a mass, like a mob of cattle  waiting to be branded. The exact  amount of comfort this thoughtful procedure must have brought to the few  decent women in the crowd can be  better imagined than described. Fancy  the feelings of a lady, aroused from her  sleep by the entrance of some half-dozen  loud-voiced , harridans, reeking with  strong drink and tobacco, and exchang-  ' ing details���in quite unprintable language���of their interviews with their  lovers! One poor lady was so overcome  by their inebriated verbosity and their  peculiar manners, that she put up a  small tent near the confines 6t the  grounds, and, in spite of the inclement  weather, passed her nights there sooner  than suffer from the constant association of the degraded Jezebels.  It is sad to think that horrid class distinctions should obtain in a small, suffering, isolated community. Vet it'was  so. Anybody would have supposed  that all hands would have chipped in  and tried to make things nice and comfortable all round. But they didn't.  There was a high-toned aristocracy  there just as in larger communities.  And the aristocracy had privileges  which were denied to the humble herd.  We do not mention these aristocrats, for  the simple reason that they might get  swelled heads if they saw their names  in &;f. is'pectable paper. But the time  hung heavy on their hands, and they  wanted to go and shoot, and play golf,  and have nice drives in the country.  And they got their desire, and walked  through the law of the land with all  their feet. For them the quarantine  regulations did not exist. They went  out to slay the succulent grouse and  the wily pheasant: they went out and  played golf with Mrs. Watt, the wife of  the     Dominion     quarantine     medical  officer; they had drives about the country and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  When the tender came in with supplies  (alimentary and alcoholic) they went  down to meet her and fraternized with  her crew and officers, and had a good  time It iB a nice thing to be an aristocrat  But woe to the unfortunate man of  the common people who tried to get out  of the grounds. In his case the regulations were most strictly enforced, and  he was sternly ordered to keep within  the bounds. No shooting or golf for  him. Thus was he thrown back for  diversion upon his morganatic wives,  his cards and the soul destroying influences of alcohol. Hence it was that  the horrified guards (most of them family  men) peering through the dusk, could  dimly see the figures of man and maid  stumbling over the rocks covered with  sea weed and barnacles; he cursing the  rough road of true love, she more than  half drunk with a cigarette in Jier face  and her mouth foul with sill}r blasphemies and nameless coarsenesses. And  then the kindly dark would drop a veil  over further happenings. Oh, it was a  real carnival���a sort of autumn picnic���  a credit to Victoria and the Dominion  Government.  But the climax came on the night of  Saturday, the 10th of November.    For  a grand   "social  function" took   place  that night.   It will be remembered both  by participants  and  witnesses for the  rest of their lives as the  "Hydraulic  Ball."   The imprisoned ones had a big-  dance.    They also had liquor in plenty.  It was a perfect orgy of lustandalcohol-  ism.   A little way along in the proceedings a lady (?) appeared provided  with  a hose.    This she, at intervals,  turned  on the dancing couples and on the "ball  room" floor, to their very great discum  fort.    But behind her stood her   presumptive and temporary husband, And  in order that his  spouse for the time  being should not be annoyed by anybody  while she moistened them,  he held in  his hand a  Mauser pistol of the new  pattern that fires about eighty shots a  minute and carries about half a mile.  So   the lady was not disturbed.    But  when she wearied of her joyous sport,  the man with the Mauser���the man  behind the gun���proceeded to  explode it  with great rapidity.   There were others.  His example was as contagious as the  zymotic disease on  suspicion  of which  the revellers Avere detained, and. in less  than five minutes every man or woman  who had a gun or pistol  was shooting-  holes in the circumambient atmosphere.  And this cheerful fusilade continued off  and on for some five hours    It seems  nothing short of a miracle that  no one  was killed or injured; but there appears  to be a special Providence appointed  to  watch, over fools and drunkards.  As for the unfortunate person whose  attack of smallpox caused the detention  of his fellow passengers, he travelled in  the same room with two other men.  No care was taken to isolate these two,  even after their companion's condition  was discovered. They mingled with  the other passengers���men, women and  children���and all were happy.  What we should like to know, under  the circumstances, is why was the "City  of Seattle" quarantined ? If quarantining don't quarantine, what's the good of  quarantining? For all the care the  Dominior officials took to prevent the  spread, of infection, the boat might just  as well have been going about her  usual business. Most of our readers  will recollect the awful uproar raised  against Dr Duncan (Dr. Watt's predecessor) some years ago, on the ground  that he was alleged to have allowed a  suspect out to vote. Both time and  space forbid our going' fully into the  details of the matter, but we should like  to point out that the virtuous Grit Government has: done tenfold worse than  Dv. Duncan was ever accused of doing  ���let alone proved guilty of. Not merely  was. the quarantine made a farce and of  none effect,but the guards were actually  removed and brought into town to vote  on election day (the 7th ult.) through  which criminal action the escape of a  prisoner was facilitated���some say connived at���who was in durance vile for  playfully tapping a fellow passenger on  the head in an attempt to corral that  passenger's money.  The silence of the local press in this  matter, which has been common talk  for days, is nothing less than criminal.  A reporter on one of the dailies wrote  the state of affairs up after a fashion,  and was promptly told by his editor���a  well-known pseudo-politician here���that  if he wanted to keep his job he would  in future restrict the field of his observations.  We are just in receipt of a telegram  from Ottawa, bearing a signature which  we cannot decipher, but which seems to  read like "Slabtown." The telegram  informs us that Sir Wilfrid Laurier,  supported by his Cabinet, will perform  as "waits" outside of Rideau Hall, on  Christmas eve., the 24th inst. Sir Wilfrid will deliver a solo, entitled "Ma  Quarantine," to a well-known public  air. The chorus, in which the Cabinet  Ministers will join, runs as follows:  Hab you eber, elier seen m i quarantine ?  She's the hottest, hottest time you eber seen.  I'se gwine to run a bluff on English Oueen,  And  nex'  Sunday   morning  I'll  hab  another  <rua-ran;tine.  Tf thjs is the same ���'Slabtown." however, who .sends false reports and forged  telegrams to the local '"Times," the  whole thing may be one of his lies.  SCIENCE   AND    HIKING.  and smuggling it across the frontier  into China. The Irkutsk gold laboratory was founded in 1870, and since  then 1,173,456 pounds avoirdupois of  gold, worth probably -5300,000,000, has  been sent thence to Europe.  THE   GREATEST    SHIPPER.  The cost of electrical power in large  Philadelphia machine shops averages  1.2 per cent  of the shop pay roll.  At the Paris Exposition the mill  engine is not in evidence, and appears  to be ceasing to exist on the continent.  There is not a main driving belt nor a  drive rope at work in the Exposition.  All the large engines, without exception, employed in driving dynamos, for  the most part of the flywheel types, and  these supply power where it is wanted  through cables led in various directions.  To determine the amount of lead in  lead ore, one way is to weigh one gram  of ore if rich, more if poor, into a platinum dish, cover with a watch glass and  add 40 to 50 c. c. of a mixture of one  part sulphuric acid (L.42 sp gr.) Heat  the covered dish on a hot plate, water  bath or sand bath until the action of the  acids on the ore has apparently ceased.  Then remove the watch glass and rinse  into the dish. Add 10 to 15 c. c. hydrofluoric, acid to the solution and evaporate until dense white fumes of sulphuric  acid begin to come off. It is better to  conduct the evaporation under a hood  for various reasons. Remove the dish  from the source of heat and cool. Dilute  to about LOO c. c with water, digest till  all soluble salts are in solution and filter,  washing first'with a 2 per cent solution  of sulphuric acid and then with alcohol.  Dry, burn filter paper, and ignite precipitate separately. Weigh as lead sulphate and calculate per cent, of lead  present in the ore.  By the Russian mining laws, which  greatly need changing, all the gold  extracted must be delivered to the  government gold laboratory of the district, where it is smelted and weighed,  and an "assignat" delivered to the  owner for its value, less the tax (from  3 per cent, to 10 per cent, upon ordinary  mines, and l"> per cent upon the mines  which are the Czar's private property),  a charge for laboratory fees, the cost of  transmission to St. Petersburg, and a  margin in case the local laboratory  should have made an error of weight or  assay in the vendor's favor. The rate  of purchase is fixed by the government.  Six months or so later the head laboratory pays over the balance, but in the  meantime the vendor can cash his  "assignat " Under these rules the  private purchase or even possession of  gold is a penal offense, exactly as in  case of diamonds at the Kimberley, S.  A , diamond fields. But as illicit diamond buying exists there, so illicit gold  buying flourishes at Irkutsk, and the  Chinese merchants are the offenders.  They hang a few furs outside of a shop,  or put a few chests of tea  in   the  win-  The greatest mine in the world is located at Eveleth, Minn., says the Minneapolis Journal. It is known as the  Fayal and it has cleared shipments with  a total of a trifle over 1,200,000 gross  tons for the season. This is the largest  shipment, in point of tonnage, ever  made by any mining company in the  world It is 7,000 tons a day for every  day of the shipping season. Fayal has  three shafts and a pit, and the shafts  are worked all winter. They opened  the season with a large stockpile, arid  several shovels were put into the pit.  The shipments would have been larger  but for the fact that a storm filled the  pit and No. 3 underground workings  with water, and it took two months or  so to free them. This happened at a  time when No. 1 and No. 2 shafts had  shipped their stockpiles and the burden  of keeping up the tremendous output  could not be shifted to them.  It was the winter of 1894 5 that the  first shovel of dirt was lifted to make a  mine of Fayal, and its shipments to  now have been almost 4,000,000 tons. It  has been developed underground magnificently, and has a sufficient development to continue shipments at the present rate for many years. The mine is  being- enlarged and extended yearly  and will be able in 1901 to make a larger  shipment than ever. It has been employing' about 800 men. There have  also been about the property some 400  to 500 men-for the stripping firm engaged in enlarging- its open pit, but  these have now all stopped for the  winter. A brick machine shop, over  200 feet long, and filled with the latest  and best tools, is the. chief addition to  the equipment that has been made this  year.  THKY    WERE    A'    M'DONALDS.  & GeneraT /HrnrnS Float- 1  ��5   ������ . ���  ��� 83  SS In and About the Slocan and neighboring Camps: eg  ������� that are Talked About. |g  LOCAL    CHIT-CHAT.  A Oreiun from The Vancouver Province  About   Sandon.  Anyone who has ever been in Sandon  of the old days���that typical western  mining town pinched in between the  everlasting hills���will remember the  Balmoral House, kept in the early days  by three brothers McDonald���Sandy,  Donald and Colin, says the Vancouver  Province.  Detectives who visited the town said  they were Scotch.  About the same time there came to  Sandon a mining superintendent who  was also Scotch to a degree, and who  did not believe that a man could by  any chance earn his wages in a mine  unless he too was a son of the thistle.  There were McDonalds galore in  Sandon forthwith���mostly from the  County Bruce, which isn't exactly in  Scotland, but may be clsssed as a  damned sight worse whatever.  Naturally all the McDonalds put up  at the Balmoral with the ither McDonald and a man that wasn't frae the  highlands (or the County Bruce) had a  mighty good chance to starve to death  at the bountiful board simply because  no one kenned what he meant when he  asked for anything ��� and therefore  didn't pas.s it; to him.  When anyone casually remarked  ''have a   drink,   Mac,"  it  cost   him   in!  even money about eleven dollars and a  half, and all the little   pigeon   holes  The rate of taxation in Sandon is 27&  mills.  Kaslo has 134 children attending its  schools.  Ei-nest Mansfield sails for England  this week.  Joseph Brandon will spend the winter  in California.  Rex Cockle is the new chief of the  Kaslo fire brigade.  Harry Wright, mining recorder at  Nelson, was married last week.  E. M. Brindle has opened a watch  and jewelery repairing shop in the  Pyman block.  Captain McLennan, of the Steamer  Nelson, was married last week to Flora  Gallop, of Balfour.  E. A. Cameron, after an absence of  nine years, will spend the winter at  Monkland, Ontario.  W. E. Boie is suing the French company owning the Joker group for $6,000  due him for salary and money advanced.  It is still rumored that a smelter is to  be built at Kaslo. There is no rumor  about one at New Denver or Rosebery.  The Ledge will be sent to any American address from now to the end of the  20th century for S100, strictly in advance.  Send this paper a few months to your  friends in the east. It destroys the  brain moss so often prevalent in the  musty east.  Make your friends a Christmas present by sending them this paper for one  year. They will be rejoiced at your  judgment before many suns rise and  set.  Ladies in search of pipe presents for  their male friends should write to G. B.  Mathew, Nelson. He is an expert upon  these matters and answers all questions  upon the day of their arrival.  Williams, by a great effort, has been  enabled to keep a few choice pipes in  stock for those people who put off everything until the last minute, in order  that no one will be disappointed.  Many people think "there is nothing  half as sweet as love's young dream,  but they have never encountered the  delight that comes from smoking the  cigars that Gus Mathew sells in his  store at Nelson.  The Ladies'Aid Society in connection  with the Presbyterian church of New  Denver will hold a Xmas sale of fancy  and useful articles at Bosun Hall on  Saturday afternoon, Dec. 15. Every  one come and take a look, and don't  forget to bring your pocket books.  Nat Darling, whose name is not a  misnomer, was in the Slocan this week.  He sells the famous Mainland and  British Lion cigars. Nat is an apostle  of the god of humor and jollity. His  merry laugh inaketh the world glad,  and paves the way for many a sale.  Much alarm is felt in Slocan City at  the spread of  liquor  licenses.    If  they  SLOGAN   MINERAL,   FLOAT.  being  built  at the  Ore   shutes   are  Emily Edith.  J. Frank Collom has thrown up the  bond on the Mabou and Ohio.  The Monitor, at Threj Forks, will  commence shipping next month.  Duluth capital has purchased the  Metropolitan group in theLardeau.  Work has been commenced upon the  True Blue, a copper property near  Kaslo.  The Bondholder will soon have another carload ready for shipment.  The Slocan Sovereign commenced  shipping to the Kaslo sampler last  week.  Artistic job printing is often done in  the office of New Denver's leading excitement.  J. Ernst has secured a bond upon the  Blue Jay and Mountain View in the  Lardeau.  The Black Prince, Bondholder and  Two Friends will make shipments in a  few days.  One hundred feet of tunnel has been  driven upon the Philadelphia, a Fennell  creek claim.  Mark Manley has returned from  Spokane. He will push operations  upon the Iron Horse.  Under steady development the Speculator is looking well. The force will  lay off for three days at Christmas.  The management of the Marion  states that no freeze-out game is being  attempted by the principal owners.  The mine will likely resume operations  in January.  Last week the Payne shipped 285  tons, Whitewater 197, Bosun 20, Hewett  10, Last Chance 121, Slocan Star 98,  Goodenough 15, Ruth 16, Idaho 202,  Corinth 61, Slocan Chief 1.6, Arlington  80.  Six men are working in ore on thf  V & M. Twelve Mile. C. W. Harrington is superintendent, and the property  is being developed by Vancouver capital. Shipments will commence in a  few days.  A    HAPPY    EVENT.  Tuesday evening at the home of  George Williamson a quiet wedding  ceremony was performed by Kev. Mr.  Alexander in the presence of a few  friends of the contracting parties, by  which Jas. Currie and Miss Ethel Williamson became man and wife. Both  are well known and highly esteemed  and The Ledge joins with their host of  friends in wishing them an easy trail to  life's happiest home. Mr. and Mrs.  Currie left Wednesday morning for  Wingham, Out., where they will spend  the winter.  Golden  Cariboo.  Old Cariboo's mining prospects look  brighter at present than ever, and it ii  predicted   that   next   season   will   see  continue  to  >e little   pigeon   Holes  i" j thirst   will  the letter rack were knocked into  one,  which was labelled "M."  After a time the mines closed down���  or got a new superintendent,which was  just the same to the clan McDonald���  and the Balmoral ultimately closed its  doors. A receiver took charge and  commenced the preparation of a statement for the creditors���but gave it up  in despair  There were two cigar boxes rilled  with bar 1. O. U.'s and every one had  McDonald written on the back of it���  the book showed a total of one hundred  and twenty-three debtors to the house  for board.  They were all of the nan^ f McDonald.  increase  it  is  feared that i manv more large mining concerns than  dow, but this is merely a blind, for they j Nearly 75,00u tons of corks are need-  make big profits by buying gold dust in j ed for the bottled beer and aerated  quantities.from a niuch to ,-i   bucketful. I waters consumed annually in Britain.  disappear along- with the  prosperity that might come to a few  landlords, but cannot be divided among  a dozen  The Methodist church people in  Sandon are asking for aid to build a  church The brethern in Guelph, (Int.,  are willing to help, but think that one  Protestant church is enough in Sandon.  They think, and rightly too, that too  many churches are too great a tax upon  the community.  Ike Byers has started a paper at Banff  called Crag and Canyon. Ike will probably feed it on scenery. Years ago  there was a paper at Banff and the  editor kept his stove hot by using wood  from a Chinaman's pile. The Chink  loaded the wood with powder, an explosion took place, and the paper went  up the flume. It is to be hoped that  Ike's sheet will never end that way.  at present in successful operation. This  season's output of the Cariboo Hydraulic  Company will have reached by the end  of this month S��50,o00���8290,000 has  already come cut, and there will be  another clean up this month, when 850,-  000 will be added to this great mine's  credit for the season, bringing the  total, as before stated, up ro ��350,000.  Next year's production of this mine will  it is confidently expected reach $600,000.  The Cariboo Hydraulic. Company has  employed at its mine this year about  140 men, of which number SO are Japs.  The remainder are white miners mostly  belonging to California, where they go  to spend the winter.���Kamloops Sentinel.  During the short period that King  Victor Emmanuel II. has reigned over  Italy he has received a million begging  letters. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C.�� DECEMBER 33,  1900.  Eighth Year  t*  God.    1 have also found that most  of them will fall from grace   under  i temptation, unless by nature  they  ���are  very  honest and   moral..   As  i their religion teaches  that  at  the  last hour,   even   up  to  noon,   the  sinner can climb into the bosom of  Jesus if he only repents,   it  is  not  to be wondered that many in  their  sane, normal moments when away  from the intoxication   of  religious  service fall down and commit what  is called sin.  The Lkwsk n two dollnrsu year in n<iviuioo.iS>\Vlioii not so pnid it is ��.;," to pu.rt.-ios worthy of credit. ASVIu lmrliii  Superior it is t-1 n Vfeur.tQjLctra] advertising lo cents" a lionpiiricl line lirst insertion, and r> cents a line oue.li subsequent 1  notices 2b cents 11 line, noil cominorc.ini mlvertisiiiB graded in prices according to eircumstiinces.  FELLOW PILGRIMS: The LeihjeIs located nt Xew Denver. B. C. and can l��e traced to many part, of the cnrth.^Qvlt. conies to the from  every Thursday ami hfis never linen raided Iiy the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man . It. works for the trail  bin/eras well us tint liuy-wipdowed and champa^ne-lia voted c|ipit!ilist.iQ>It aims to be on the .right, side of everythiiiKand believes t hal hell  should he administered to the wicked in largo doses.v��>Tt has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that it i.-.  better to fell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokostiit-k.-iS>A chute of job work is worked occasionally for t he hum-lit,  of humanity and the jinaneier.-tSrCorne in and see us, but do mil. pat the hull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water  barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of fhirM ,iS>0ne of I he noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer: he i>  sure of a hunk in paradise, with tliornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing hut gold to look'at, by da.y.  .  R.T. LOWEKV, Editor and Financier.  The Ledge.  A pencil cross in this square  indicates that your sub.scrii>-  tion is due, and that the editor  wishes once again  to look at  your collateral.  Hell and  Heaven  TBURSDAY, DECEMBER 13.   1900.  Religion may have  been founded upon  reason,   but it  has  wandered off the trail.    Long  ago  the inhabitants of this  earth   worshipped ghosts because their minds  were   dark   with    ignorance    and  prone to  a  belief   in   the   supernatural.    Then came the  worship  of  the   sun,   and  the  creation  of  deities.    Some of these  gods  were  the products of imagination   while  others may have been actual,   real  clever men. around whom the people of their  day,   eager   to deify  genius,   threw   a   light  that  still  shines  for  those  who  cannot see  be}7ond   its   rays.    It   is  easy  to  understand why the ancients worshipped the sun and created  their  gods from it.    The sun is the life  of this world.    "Without it everything would be cold and still as an  ordinary Cemetery at midnight.    It  is readily seen why mortals embrace  religion.    All the mysteries of this  life are not yet explained  and  the  future is just as good a gamble  as  it was thousands of years ago.   The  fear   and  hope  implanted  in  the  human breast makes millions  bow  to the bible god.    I was born  with  a mind and reason of my own,  yet  many a time I have been told  that  unless I accept Christ that I   will  be forever shut out of heaven, which  no doubt would suit many I  have  roasted   on   this  sphere.    I  have  been   told   that    this    acceptance  makes life happy, and gives a man  a pass to  Paradise.    I have often  wondered at these statements.   My  life has always been happy when I  obeyed nature's laws, and  I  often  think I have always been converted,  but never  found  it  out.    I have  had, men and women, with tears in  their eyes, implore me to come  to  Jesus, and take no chances on the  fire hole of hell.    I have had  pity  in my heart for these poor mortals,  acting under a hypnotic spell   they  do not understand or cannot break  away from.   I have always believed  in every goodness that is attributed  to Jesus, but I do not wish to  go  crazy  over  it.    Constant thought  in one direction, with reason chained  to  the tree   of   superstition,   will  bring conversion   of   almost   any  kind.    I have seen men so imbued  with politics that  they  really  believed that they were right, and all  wrong who thought differently.    It  is so with many things   outside   of  politics   and   religion.      You   can  acquire any kind of a mania if you  hunt for it long enough, and genius  is quoted as living next door to an  insane asylum.  The church   kept the world   in  mental darkness for centuries.     It  stood   in   the   way   of science and  opposed nearly every invention  for  the benefit of mankind.    It reddened   the sward   with   the   blood   of  martyrs,    burned    women    at   the  stake and made this  earth  a  hell  for all who did not accept the faith.  Brave minds eventually broke  the  cinch, and new creeds, even though  they were harsh,   sprang   into  life  and shattered some of the chains of  religious slavery.     In this century,  science, free thought and education  have lifted the world  to  a higher  plane,   and   before   many   years  a  religion based  sole!}'   upon   reason  and goodness will take the place of  the creeds still in force.  The Christian church still believes in war and conquest. It  still teaches that no matter how  good, honest or noble a man is he  cannot get into heaven unless he  accepts Christ. It still teaches  that the vilest ruffian that ever  flashed a throat can. if he becomes  converted, even upon the scaffold,  get his title clear to a mansion  beyond the skies.    It still persists in  annoying other nations by attempting to force its various creeds upon  the inhabitants, even at the risk of  causing   war  and   bloodshed.    Its  lust for power is  so  great  that  it  desires to establish a, gigantic Jesus  trust and freeze out  every  opposition.    It apparently has no respect  or reverence  for  the  many  older  religions.    It stakes everything on  Jesus,   and  threatens  those  with  damnation who will   not abandon  the bright road of  reason   for  the  misty trail of faith and theory.  Do not be offended my orthodox  reader, but next to Christ the dollar  seems to be the principal deity in  the church. Looking through the  Avorld I find millions of dollars invested in beautiful edifices, Avith  cushioned pews, stained glass windows and expensive bells. These  edifices are used two or more times  a week for divine worship ,.as it is  called. I see fat bishops, wearing  fine linen, drinking choice wines  and riding in carriages.    I see Tal-  ' There     are    many     mysterious  things in this world.    One of them  is the effect that religion   has  on  some people.    Many have told me  that  they   had   received  salvation  and were so happy since they were  saved.      I   have   generally    been  ha.pp3T when my stomach   was   not  on strike,  although I  have  never  been   saved   spiritually.     At  one  time I disliked the idea of going to  hell, although I  like   fairly  warm  weather, and I tried to get  in   on  the safe side.    I   listened  to some  of the greatest preachers living.    T  attended prayer   meetings.    I  had  women pray for me.    I  had  good  Liquor licenses are too easily  obtained in Kootenay. Many of  the hotels are only so in name,  their principal business being the  selling of watered boozerine, gambling, and practically robbing  drunken men. Some of these kind  of men are applying for licenses  next Saturday, and if the Commissioners'want proof they can get it  at this office. It is high time the  standard was raised in this district  for hotel men. The public want  accomodation, and if good men are  to be kept in the business they  should be protected. The giving  of licenses to any kind of a. whitewashed hobo is an injustice to the  people, and a. premium upon vice.  It is high time the backbone of ihe.  law was stiffened. "     ��  G al li her has to go to Ottawa-.  This is what, the majority said at  the polls last week, although when  the next election comes around the  verdict may be entirely different.  Give any political party power and  it will drink itself to death with  spoils and success. Bill Galliher  now has the deal and with interest  we await the result. He may improve Bostock's record.  mage, Sheldon  and   other  divines  riding in Pullman  cars,   traveling  in Europe, feted and fawned  upon  by prince and pauper.    I see lesser  lights, lacking some  luxuries,   but  always with enough  to  wear and  eat, preaching the gospel, knowing  full well that when   they  are old  and gray-the superannuation fund  will give them all they really need.  Behind   all this  I  see the dollar,  sometimes greasA7,   sometimes battered, but always  there.    Take  it  away and the loss of this  stronger  pillar than even, the  hell   doctrine  would cause the church  to  topple  over and bury in its ruins all that  is left of an institution that for  19  centuries  has  lived  and  fattened  upon the fears of poor mortals too  weak  and  ignorant  to  resist the  hypnotic influence of  trained  experts upon the theories of a future  existence.  In the shadow  of  the beautiful  churches I see the  homes  of the  poor and ignorant.    The husband  gets up early  and  goes  to  Avork.  Avhile the Avife bears her cross and  plays on a zinc piano all day,   and  the children stay in bed until their  shirts are dry.    The parson gets up  at nine,   reads   the   papers,   eats  tenderloin   steaks,   makes   a   few  calls,fishes up a boiler plate sermon  from the bottom of the pile, prays,  and goes to bed in good time,   and  generally   sober.    On   Sunday   he  preaches the same old  story,   tells  the people hoAv full they are of sin,  and that the only  sure  remedy  is  to take plenty of salvation and not  overlook the collection plate.   They  do it, and go back  to  their  daily  toil on the morrOAV, while the  parson repairs to his coz}7 home,  and,  perhaps, smiles at  the  softness  of  his   graft.     What  a   graft!     No  wonder the parsons denounce every  writer and speaker   who  dares  to  oppose the great Jesus trust.   Their  living   depends   upon   getting  deluded humanity to Avorship   Christ  and produce the dollar at the same  time.  If all the money used in the  business of telling people how  wicked they are, and what they  must do to be saved, was used in  the proper education and training  of the human family vice and crime  would become almost extinct in a  century or less. Teach people how  to live right on this earth, and the  future will take care of itself. We  have had plenty of religious theories in the past, and are still building jails, Avar ships, gun factories,  insane asylums and Mercer reformatories. Let science, reason, goodness and education rule the world  for all time to come. Then it will  be understood that the best preparation for any future existence will  be the living of good, healthy lives  while here below. If we do well  here Ave will do well there, all  creeds and parsons to the contrary  notwithstanding.  men take my hand and ask me if I  felt the power, but ni}' reason stood  pat and I could not make it quit.  Possibly, by long years of hard  application, the hallucination or  mania that comes to those who  constantly strive for it might have  come to me, but I rather doubt it.  If it came at all it Avould come  Avith such force that I would need  a strait jacket. It is difficult for  me bo be mild in anything. Still  this deluded state of mind comes  to some very easily, although I  once knew a Methodist parson Avho  told me that he had been preaching  five years before he was ' saved.  He stated that one day Avhile praying behind a barn it came to him  in full force, and remained AA'ith  him ever since.  I have met a great many people  Avho had, or claimed to have, received a telegraph from heaven  that their seat was secured, and  nearly all of them Avould commit  acts that I would be ashamed of.  I have always found them intolerant Avh'en anyone went against  their views, delirious with the  nightmare that all others are wrong  and they the only  elect  people  of  Chinamen   are  seldom   seen   in  New Denver. Hurriedly one walked  through the Lucerne upon election  day.    A josher  asked   him   if  hisj  name Avas Laurier.    '-No.mc Foley j  man,"   said  the Chink, as he kept!  a moving. '  We refer to our facilities for supplying our  patrons with Christmas Goods. We are  daily placing; upon our counters a large  stock of articles suitable for the Xmas  trade, which we oiler at greatly reduced  prices. 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Dear little children are   working each  day-  Arid Ave send missionaries to China;  From cradle to grave knowing nothing  of play���  And Ave send missionaries to China;  Though back  in the  past the Saviour  once said  .  That the Kingdom of God for such shall  be made,  The dark curse  of   toil   falls on  each  little head���'  And we send missionaries to China:  Each dav   some   suicide  goes   to  his  death ���  And Ave send missionaries' to China ;  And a smile  of  content: gilds  his  last  gush of breath���  And we send missionaries to China;  For our life is too hard for the soul that  beats high.  And the  cage   breaks  the  wings that  need liberty's sky,  And for  one  who   dares   laugh  are   a  million who sigh���  And we send missionaries to China.  There's the satisfied lew who like things  as they are���  They help send missionaries to China;  But we know that their  prayers do not  mount very far.  Though they send missionaries to China;  For they always proclaim that divine is  the plan  That will give them  a  chance to grab  all they can,  And that poverty 's  really  of   value to  man���  And they send   missionaries to China.  The great sage who  sleeps   'neath-Virginia's sod  Didn't, send missionaries to China;  He knew we ourselves  were  too far off  from God  To send missionaries to China;  And when to the crest,  of  his  faith   we  shall climb,  And know men  are equal,  0 doctrine  sublime!  Ah! then, blessed day, we shall know it  is time  To send missionaries to China.  ���Win. E. Hicks.  THE   (iARDNERS    KU-OM ' BOSTON.  iquity did their mother bring them  forth. And now when all the damage  to posterity that two people can do has  been done, the aid of the law is invoked  to ho';, fbem out of their miserable  plh:!it:  ������io commit adultery���in its last analysis���is to adulterate; to mix those  substances which have for each other  no affinity, no natural attraction. To  adulterate food is to commit adultery���  against the public health. And the  man or woman Avho lives in the shame  of a loveless marriage is living in adul-  against the very spirit of union  Queer   Personals.  CT7RK   FOR   CANCER.  are their children  tery  ���and  in adultery  born.  "Everyone that looketh on a woman  ���any woman���to lust after her���and  all that is not of love is of lust���hath  committed adultery with her already in  his heart."  A Yankee tailor in Buenos Ayres announced that a young woinan of beauty  and fortune wished as a husband a man  of pleasing presence and honorable  character. .It was important that he  should be a stylish dreBser. The. Argentine swells did not stop to think that  beautiful and wealthy girls do not, as a  rule, have to seek husbands through  the personal column. The replies were  numerous, and afforded the tailor a fine  list for circular distribution. He reasoned that the young men who would  snap at such a bait could scarcely fail  to be good customers.  Several years ago a wag in Paris published in several journals the following:  "Leave the city at once. My husband  has discdvered'everytbing." That day  the trains to Belgium Avere all overcrowded.���National Advertiser.  >i>4*&|*|lfC  Goods stores  Watches, .$s to $so  GUARDS  BROACHES  NECKLETS  PURSES  BRACELETS  WAIST   SETS  RINGS  HAT    DUSTERS  Watches, $1.50 to ��100  Maude Odell, now leading lady with  the Imperial theatre stock company,  St. Louis, was for a long time with  the Castle Square, stock company in  Boston. She tells some quaint stories  about the prim Bostonians. One of  these refers to a certain eminently  proper family, the Gardners, who  went to Philadelphia to visit. Their  host wanted to entertain them, but  was a bit doubtful about taking them  to the theatre lest something should  appear to offend. Finally he resolved  that a first, class minstrel show would  do. He went to buy the tickets,and,  still a mite dubious, said to the box  office man:  "1 suppose that this show is quite  all right."  "Certainly, sir," was the answer.  "Nothing to offend in the least?"  "Nothing."  "Well, I just wanted to make sure.  You see, my guests are the Gardners  from Boston and of course I wouldn't  want anything said or done that  might in any way���"  ' Oh, don't worry," volunteered the  ticket seller.    "Havt no fear."  The Philadelphia^ and the Gardners occupied front seats and the  merry minstrels, having been cautioned by the man outside, spotted  them The end man began a story  but before he had spoken ten words  the interlocutor interrupted. "Sh-  h-h!'' said he, "be very careful!  The Gardners from Boston are here!"  And the Gardners arose and made a  hasty exit from the theatre.  Poor! dear! prosecuted creatures.  I.OVK    VS.    ADULTERY.  MANICURE   SETS  OPERA   GLASSES  TOILET    REQUISITES  BRUSHES TOILET   SETS  A large  assortment  of  STERLING  SILVER   ARTICLES  CHAINS  CUFF    LINKS  RINGS  LOCKETS  PINS  STUDS  FANCY CLOCKS       MATCH  BOXES  CANES   (Silver Mounted)  CIGARETTE   BOXES  (in Gun Metal and Silver)  SILVER   MOUNTED   WHISKS  IF BROWN SAID SO, BT'S RIGHT.  This very prevalent disease, the  permanent care of which many doubt,  forms the subject of an article in the  Appeal to Reason. The writer gives  the following cure, which proved  efficacious in his own case and in  scores of others that he knows of :  Take the common  "sheep sorrel"  which grows in your yard, and which  children like  to eat because of its  sourness;  mash it up in a pulp in  some vessel   that  will  save all  the.  juice that would otherwise be lost;  then put  it into a bag and squeeze  out all the juice onto a pewter plate  ���to get some of the acid from the  metal;  then  put this out into the sun  and let it dry until about as thick  as  tar;  then put in tight  bottle;  if the -j  skin  i:-   not  broken,   put'a  drop of; m/mcu; ot  chloride of potash or lye on it to break  I the skin, and then apply the "sorrel"  I on the cancer, just covering it with a  i thin coat.    If  the   "sorrel" gets too  thick, a little water will make it so  that it can  be  handled.    The pain  will be severe,   but it  is otherwise  harmless.    It will stop hurting in  a  few hours.    Keep up these applications, one every da}',until the cancer*  can he lifted out without any  pain.  It took four days in . my case.    The  "sorrel"  will  cook  the  cancer,  but  does not eat it as it does the flesh,  hence it eats all the flesh  away  and  lets the cancer loose.    When you see  the cancer put the "sorrel" on it and  not on the flesh.    When the cancer is  out heal the sore with any   kind  of  healing ointment:  THE RUBENS VEST  PATENTED  The Rubens Vest is the BEST j  undershirt ever devised for infants. No I  BUTTONS,    PINS,    or    STRINGS;  required. No pulling over the head tc !  worry email children. Its use is reoom-1  mended by the most eminent physicians \  for its efficient protection of lungs and I  abdomen.   For sale by all leading Dry  New Denver  Transportation  & Light Co.  PALMA ANGRIGNON,  PROPRIETOR.  General Dray ing: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.  ; Our Baggage wagons meet all Sum  ;'. day trains.  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England, the desirahilily of havhiK on tile a list of  furm�� and other properties for sale, with full and  accurate details, is obvious Properties submitted may include farms and farm lands, industrial  or commercial concerns, timber limits, water  powers, or other enterprises affording opportunities for legitimate in vestment.  It is not proposed to recommend properties to  intending investors, but to afford  the  fullest ac  cess to the .classified  lists and  all  available in-!  formation connected therewith, and to place enquirers in communication with the owners.  The fullest particulars are desired not only  NOTICE.  To P. A. DKVKKEUN.C. E.,  the  owner  of an  undivided one-eighth interest  iu each of the  mineral claims, '-Pansy." "Violet. Fraction,"  .'���Ala v," ��� 'Flower" anil*:'Kosedale," situated  on the Sea ton Creek >lope of  Payne  .Mountain, in rhe Slocan' Mining Division of West.  Kootenay District, British Columbia.  ���"PAKE NOTICE that I. Daniel E. Sprague, the  J    owner of an undivided three-fouiths interest  in  each of the  above named mineral  claims,  have expended the sum of ^li'ii'.flO in  doing the  annual assessment, work required by section 2i of  the   Mineral   Act   on   the   said   mineral   claim  "Pansy,''   and   for   recording   the certificate of"  work issued therefor for the year ending the :i!ith  July, liJOo; aiuLthe sum of slO-'.fin for doing such  work on the said mineral claim "Violet Frac-  "' | tion" and recording the certificate of work issued  f ' therefor for the.year ending the !)th August, liKK);  the properties themselves,, hut of the "localities in i *u><* the sum ol>]0i-;o for. doing such work on  which "they   are  situated, and   the   conditions  affecting them.'   "  the said mineral claim "Flower"  and , recording  the certificate of work  issued therefor for the  For this purpose printed sched- j .,���,,.. ���,,*;������ ft,,, -wfi, i ���,niaf  ules will, upon application, be forwarded to those i y-lu u"-dl?" ^ uth Auj?Ust  desirous of making sales.  R.   E.   GO.SNELL,  Secretary. Bureau of Provincial Information.  WANTED  ADY TEACHER  For New Denver Public School���Primary Department. .Applicant state experience. Salary  $.������0.00 per month. Engagement, for six months  rerin beginning January.  VV. D. MITCHELL, Secretary,  ���    New Denver, B. C.  THE WM. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING-CO., LIMITED  THE JEWELER.  NELSON, B. C.  THINKER'S    THOUGHTS.  The time is ripe for 'confining' the  operation of the human mind hereafter  to the simple content of observed facts.  ���FisUe.  War organizes a body of men who  loBe the feelings of the citizen in the  soldier; whose habits detach them from  the community; whose ruling- passion  is devotion to a chief; who are inured  in the camp to despotic, sway.���W. E.  Channing.  Religion innst always be something  emotional, and the culture of emotion  is not carried on advantageously in  ordinary school teaching The system  that is best, for securing the intellectual  element is not best for securing the  emotional element.���Bain.  How can infinite power be able to do  all things, and yet infinite goodness be  unable to do evil? How can infinite  justice exact the utmost penalty for sin,  and yet infinite mercy pardon the  sinner? .How can infinite wisdom know  all that is to come, and yet infinite freedom be at liberty to do or to forbear?  Plow is the existence of evil compatible i  with that of an infinite perfect being?  For if he will it, he is not infinitely  good; and if he wills it not, his will is  thwaited and his sphere of action  limited.���Spencer.  The elementary teaching of the children of the people, which ought to be a  simple problem for experts in finance  and in administration, has been most  woefully obscured by the clamor of sects  and priests. The greater part of the  hot controversy wc have lately heard  turns on the question, "How shall the  children be got to profess, or at least  be counted as members of this or that  theological sect ?" The real aim is to  get hold of public, money to promote  church interests���not in order to teach  the children When tin; state attempts  to inculcate opinion, it ends in the  oppression of the people as well as the  perversion of truth.���Frederic Harrison.  John Williams has seen Christmas  coming and is prepared for ic. He has  filled the air and shelf space in his store  with the choice confections that are  compounded principally for the delight  of the rising generation, and invites  Santa Claus, or bis many' deputies, to  stock up before it i6 too late  PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO,  CANADA.  H.  WALKER & SON'S  Canadian Whiskies  Bottlers of KILMARNOCK  Scotch Whiskey  1900, and the sum  of siri.SO for doing such work on the said mineral claim''May" and recording the certificate  of work issued therefor for the year ending the  12th August, Ktixi, and the sum of Sina.flO for doing such work on the said mineral claim "Rose-  dale" and recording the certificate of work  issued therefor for Ihe venr ending the :23rd. Oc-  ! toner. 11)00.  And, take notice further, that I, the said Daniel E. Sprague, require you to  contribute and  pay your proportion of such expenditure, being  I one-eighth of the amount expended in respect of  j each of the said mineral claims,   together  with  : the costs of this advertisement, and that if you  j fail or refuse to contribute your said proportion  I of such expenditure, together with the  coslsof  | this advertisement, within ninety days from the  j date of the first publication of th'is notice, I will  I at the expiration of said ninety  days claim   to  I have vested in me, as vour co-owner, your inter-  I est in such of the said   mineral claims, as you  shall have failed or  refused to coutribute your  said proportion of the said expenditure in con  nection therewith, together with the costs of this,  advertisement,   pursuant    to   section   4  of the.  "Mineral Act Amendment- Act, 1000."  The address of me, the said Daniel E. Sin-ague,  for the purposes of payment hereunder, is care of  McAnn &M:ickav, Barristers, Kaslo, B. C.  Dated the 27th day of November, 1000,  __. DANIEL E. SPRAGUE.  CERTIFICm^M^RWE^ENT  CODY    KBACTION  and   JOKKK FRACTION Mineral Claims.  Situate   in   the    Slocan  Division   o f  Sandon  C>-Wholesale Dealers in Wines, Liquors and Ci?ars^T��       Mining  West Kootenay District.     Where  located:  On the Freddy Lee Mountain near the Freddy  Lee Mineral Claim, about a mile from Cody  'PAKE NOTICE  That I. W.  A.  Gilmour, as  I    agent for William Murray    Botsford, free  miner's certificate No. B   44R3S", and John Mao*  Quillan    free   miner's   certificate   No. B 17051,  intend GO days from the date hereof to apply to the  Mining .Recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants  of the above claims.  And further take-notice that action under section a? must be commenced before the issuance of  such certificates of improvements.  Dated this 2."ith dav of October. l!?()0.  W. A. GILMOUR.  LOXK    BATCHELOK    ailfl     VICTOR  Mineral   Claims.  ���'That which is properly named love  between the sexes is a drawing together of man and woman by inherent  natural attraction,'1 says a writer in  Lucifer, "the male element seeking its  corelativeor complimentary female element, to the end that they may become  one. This corelation may and should  begin in the soul of each, and finds its  complete expression in the coming to  gether of the two bodies. The}- are no  longer twain but one flesh. This and  this alone constitutes true marriage.  "1 know of a woman with two children,  who is seeking a divorce from her husband. She alleges niggardliness or  some equally surface symptom, as the  cause. She tells her friends she does  not love her husband���in fact had never  loved him. She thought that love-  mere sentiment���was not a proper basis  on wliAih to marry; that it should be a  matter of "reason" or "common sense1'  as she termed it; and so she had given  herself to this man in holy (?) wedlock.  She had kept his house, ministered to  his sex appetite, and���incidentally���  borne him children; all this with no  love or natural attraction for him in her  heart.  'That man and woman have been  living in adultery, not marriage; in lust  not love; and those children���God help  them���were conceived in sin, and in in-  The Clifton House,  Sandon.  Has ample accommodations for a large number of people. The rooms are large  and airy, and the Dining Room is provided with everything in the market  Sample Rooms for Commercial Traveler*.  John Buckle}', Prop.  Situate in the Slocan .Mining Division of West  Kootenay District. Where located', One-  hair mile south of Three Forks  'PAKE NOTICE   That   I,   Herbert T.  Twig.'  ,',1 f 0'+B-v,sn' '"tend, sixty days from the date  WH,-'  t��   Wly ("   ,,lu ^i"ing Recorder for  Oei tjlicates ot   Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown   Grant of each of the above  And further lake notice that action, under see-  "!���" d'>.nlust.���� commenced before the issuance  "f such Certtticate of Improvements.  Dated this nth day of October. MOO, A. D.   HERBERT T. TWIGG, Agent.  XRWPOKT   Mineral   Claim.  Situate in the Slocan Mining Division oit  West Koote.iay District. Where located:  West of the Monitor mine.  TAKE NOTICE That I, Herbert T. Twigg,  1 agent for George A. Petty. Free Miner's Certificate No. B. 2(U2ih intend, sixty davs from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  fora Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 11th day of October, A. D. lfJOO.  HERBERT T. TWIGG, Agent.  are light; sweet and wholesome,  while others are sour, heavy,  titter, unpalatable* The same  flour, butter, eggs and sugar are  tised; what makes the difference?  It's all in the baking powder  BR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER  can be depended upon always to make the food light,  sweet, delicious and wholesome. This is because it  is scientifically and accurately combined and contains the purest grape cream of tartar, the most  healthful of all fruit acids, used for a hundred years  in the finest leavening preparations.  9  NEW DENVER,   B. C.  Provides ample and pleasant accommodation lor the traveling- public.  Telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.  HENRY STEGE, ....'. Proprietor.  AND SCO LINE.  HOTEL  New Denver, B.C.  A.JACOBSON & CO..Props  Best meals in  the city���Comfortable rooms���Bar replete with the best of  Liquors and Cigars���Best service throughout.  Still continues u, operate First-Class Sleeper.-, on  all trains fr..in Revelstoke and Kootenay  I;"tiding.    Also  TOURIST CARS  Passing Dunim.re  .Junction   daily  for St. Paul;  j        Saturdays   fur    Montreal   and   Boston:  ; Mondays and Thinsdays for Toronto  | Same   ears    pass   Revelstoke  i "lie day earlier.  1 NO TROUBLE  TO QUOTE RATES AND  ;GIVE YOU   A   POINTER   REGARDING THE EASTERN TRIP  ! YOU CONTEMPLATE  TAKING.  ; Kail and winter schedule now effective. Kor  , time-tables, rates and full Information call on or  ! address the nearest local agent, or���  G. B. GARRETT, A/rent New Denver.  ! W.F   Anderson, Trav. pa8.s. A(Lrt.. NeIwn  E. J. Coyle, A. G. P. AKt., Vancouver.  When in NELSON see our  PRICE BAKING POWDER CO.,  CHICAGO.  Note.���There are many alleged cream of  tartar baking powders upon the market  sold at lower prices, which prove, upon  analysis, to be alum powders in disguise. Alum is a corrosive poison,  which must not be taken in the food.  E. SKINNER, Tailor  Fred. J. Squire,  Manaerer.  J. W. BALMAIN  CIVIL ENGINEER,  ARCHITECT, ETC.  (). Box no.  SANDON, B. C.  j ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS.  To and from Euroj-can  points via Canadian  : and American lines.     Apply   for sailing dates  rates, tickets and   full  information   to  any C.  Ry agent or���  W- B. GARRETT,  c- p- R- Agent, New Denver.  _W   P. K. CummiiDis. G. S. S. Agf... Winnipeg  BRICK  KOR    SALE.  .JOHN   OOETTSCHE,  NEW  DENVER.  ���    A philosophical statistician calculates  (that  in   the year  200u   there   will   be.  1,700,000,000 people who speak Kn-Iish  and that the other European languages  will be spoken by only .-,00,000 ooo  p,,0.  ! pie.  SEJ23&9SOT r'?T7p���  THE LEDGE, NEv^lMNVER, B.C., DECEMBER 13, 1900.  Eighth Teak  IN    THH    BLACK    HIT.LS.  Deadwood, S. D.���The Black Hills is  now producing nearly every mineral of  value. The companies ate being organized and it is expected that within  another six months tin will be mined in  commercial quantities. For the past  year, attention has been given to the  opening up of properties showing- high  values in copper ore. At a point five  miles west ot Rochford, in Pynuington  county, three Michigan companies are  now operating. The Bla ck Hills Copper  company has an incline shaft down 200  feet on a very strong ledge of copper  ���Hd gold ore. There are five distinct  ore lodes, which run parallel tor a distance of ten miles. The mineralized  belt is about 750 feet wide. A shipment  of ore lias been made to Chicaga, which  , gave an average of 18.6 per cent copper.  The Maloney-Blue Lead Copper company has been organized for the purpose  of opening up the Blue Lead mine, located six miles east of Hill City. A  tunnel is being run to tap a large body  of ore, which produced a high grade at  the surface. A large force of miners is  now working at the surface on the outcrop, taking out ore that will average  about 10 per cent, copper. Several  thousand tons of ore have been broken  and placed on the dump.  W. H. Buffum, of New York city, has  arrived at Custer to look after the development of a copper property on  Spring creek, about ten miles north of  that place. A camp is being established  and a snaft is to be sunk 200 feet on a  ���^ell-defined ledge of copper and gold  ore.  The copper found in the Vigilante  mine, north of Custer, at a depth of 350  feet, has demonstrated conclusively that  the copper bearing ledges in the Black  Hills increase in width and value with  depth. In this mine there is a ledge 4  feet wide, which gives an average value  of 4 per cent, copper and about $4 per  ton gold. The shaft is to be sunk 200  feet deeper.  A. J. Johnston,  of Bear Gulch,   has  returned   from   New York and other  cities, which lie visited in the interests  of the tin ores of the Bear Gulch district.   He succeeded in organizing the  North American Tin company, which  purchased   a large  group   of   mining  claims  in that  district.   Development  work is to be commenced yet this year.  A concentrating plant is to be erected.  Now that election is over,  a  number  of the bonds on mining  properties are  being taken up.    The activity in all  parts of the Black Hills  ie something  unusual.   Another   cyanide  plant has  started up, making 14 now operating in  the Hills.  in the way of the highest wages and  numerous concessions. The company  takes a fatherly interest in every employe, guards its men against accident  by every safeguard devisable, and when  they are hurt or sick, cares for them in  what has been pronounced by author  itieB to be one of the half dozen best  hospitals in the United States.  Beautiful Women.  It is difficult to decide who are the  most beautiful women. In the streets  of Budapest, and in Irish dining-rooms  the greatest beauty exists. If the law  of my country made polygamy compulsory, I would make love to an English  woman or a fair daughter of Virginia; I'  JAMESJ.GODFREY  MINES,  INVESTMENTS  and INSURANCE/��/^  Grimmett Block, Reco Ave.  Sandon, B. C.  Rents Collected.   District agent for  The Great West Life Assurance Co., Winnipeg, Man.  Ayent Norwich Union Fire Insurance Company.  Connecticut Fire Insurance Co., of Hartford  .ifttna Fire Insurance Company.  Phoenix, of Hartford, Conn.,  Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Company,  Imperial Registry Company,  The  Dominion of Canada Guarantee  and  Accident Insurance Company.  would have my house kept by a German  wife; my artistic inclinations I would  trust to a French woman: my intellectual ones to an American  one.   Then  ��  when life got a little dull, and I wanted  my blood stirred up, I would call on my  Spanish wife. I would get it.���Max  O'Rell, in New Ycrk Journal.  The insurance upon St. Paul's Cathedral, London, is said to be about  ��95,000.  CONDENSED ADS.  [Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale,  Wanted, Lost,Strayed, Stolen, Births. Deaths,  Marriages, Personal. Hotels, Le#al, Medical,etc,,  are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for  ���>5 cents each insertion. Each live words or less  over 2 > words are five cents additional.]  itlilfl  O8OOjHWttWP*B0ftCQOftttQ#<D#E  1890     Established in Nelson  1890  DENTIST.  DENTIST  DR. MORRISON,  NELSON, B. C.       Cor. WARD & BAKER St-s.  S A.3ST IT AJEZJJJ-M..  EAkCYON HOT SPRINGS SANITARIUM. The most complete II C A I T U  on the Continent of North Ameri- II CM L I II  ca. Situated midst scenery un- D C C fl D T  rivalled for Grandeur. Boating, II LU U II I  Fishing and Excursions Resident Physician  and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with all  parts of the world; two mails arrive and depart  everyday. Its hathes cure all nervous and  muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kidney.  Liver and Stomach Ailments: Terms: *15 to*l8  per week, according to residence in hotel or  villas. The price of a round-trip ticket between  New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the  year round and good for 30 days, is ��3.35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake. B. C.  I am ready for y^ur attention.     Christmas is nearing-, and my stock  s complete.     AH these goods were'made in 1900 and are parelv ud-  io-date.   I solicit your custom and patronage, and, buying from me  t ou are sure of quality as well as quantity.    All my goods are guar-  ,       . .       -���,.,,     ���     ,      teed-in diamonds and diamond jewelry-in Ladies' and Gentlemen swatches of all kinds��� in sterling silver  manicures���and a  thousand other different thine-* ton  I numerous to mention.   Call at our store and we will give you the worth of your money      Don't ^nd  I your money out ot the country for I will compete with eastern and western prices        All goods bonHir  ifrom me are engraved free of charge; also express pre-paid on out of town parcels. ug"*<  nelson, b.c. At Jacob Dover's, "The Jeweler")  ^^^^^J^J^^^^[^k^d^2^ andw^wiU repair it^with a guarantee to run right.  SURVEYOR.  A.  R   HEYLAND, Engineor and Provincial  Land Surveyor.   Sandon.      ,  IDR/CJCa-S.  CALUMET    AND    HECtiA.  A correspondent writing from Houghton, Mich., to the Minneapolis Journal  has the following to say about the Calumet & Hecla:���In addition to enriching  its shareholders with wealth  compared  to which the fabled hoard of Croesus  was but indigence, the Calumet & Hecla  company'has done many other  things  in the third of a century since the first  copper was taken from the couglomer  ate.    ft gives employment to more than  6,000 men, at the highest average wages  paid by any mhu; east of the  Rocky  mountain camps.    It operates a inilrpad  boasting two locomotives for every mile  of main line; runs a large sawmill; operates two stamp mills and is building  a  third, the three to be capable of crushing 10,000 tons of rock daily;  runs  two  smelters, one of which is at South Lake.  Linden, Mich , and one at   Black   Rock  Buffalo; owns and operates a ship canal  which was built by the company;  owns  and   operates   two   systems  of waterworks at Calumet and one at Lake Linden, the pumping engine  "Michigan,"  with   a   daily   capacity    of   60,000,000  gallons, much the largest pump i'n the  world, being located at the latter point;  owns and operates pumps having a  greater daily capacity than those owned  by any other firm or corporation in the  world, with the- possible exception of  the city of Chicago: owns and operates  four complete fire departments, two of  which arc, on the surface'at the mine,  one at the mills and one underground ;  alBO a private telephone exchange, connected with the Bell long distance lines,  In this department of our  store you will find the very  newest creations in this  season's goods in Crepons,  Poplins, Amazons, Venetians, Covert Cloths, Cheviot and Homespun Suiting*   BlackOreponsTi25i   J^Q,   2,00,  2.50  per yard  WK.  TBETZEL  & CO.,   Nelson,   B.C.,  .    Dealers in all Drugs and Assayers' Supplies.  Hill Bros.  Manufacturers of  and  Shingles  istfineral  Waters,  FIRST- CLASS  Thorpe & Co., Ud  Water, Nelson  AERATED    WATERS.  sole agents for Halcyon  TAILORS.  CAMERON,   Sandon,  Manufactures  :hing i  from all classes.  JR.  .   Clothing to order:   and solicits patronage  BOOTS Sc SHOES.  LILI.IE   BROS., Nelson,   are ever in the  front with the best line of goods obtainable  in their line of business.  "Wholesale   Merchants.  Orders   shipped to all parts of the  Country.      Mill  at head of  ���Slocan Lake. ���  rcwin  Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter-the best in the land.    Correspondence solicited.    Address��� ^uu  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.  H. BYERS & CO., hA1d^XrE  Coal, Iron,  Postoffice address, Rosebery  Black Henriettas,   7Kr,  I 1  OK  npv ^TA  45 inches wide, at    ��� ,J(j <*- 1-&0 ptJl  yU  ISTt" w.avy..40c, 45c, 60c, 75c  and 1.00 per yd  A special line of Storm Serges 1  (\C\ nQ1, TT A  52 inches wide, at  -1 ��� VU pel  JU.  Homespun Suitings, 54 in. wide, 1   RQ ^\y vd  1.30, 1.50,  JY.  GRIFFIN & CO., Front St., Nelson,  .   wholesale   dealers   in    provisions,   cured  meats, butter and eggs.  qiCRNER,   BEETON   &   CO., Wholesale  JL    Merchants and Importers;  Liquors, Cigars  and Dry Goods.    Nelson, Vancouver, Victoria,  and London, Eng  Plaid Skirting, 54 in.    -| f)f\  wide, Si yds to a skirt J--VV.  length at i) QA  & 2.50l)eryd  JOHN    CHOLDITCH    &    CO.,     Nelson.  Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Provision  Merchants.  I-jEIGhA-Hj.  SKSK��,,d 50c, 60c, 75c, 1.00  Goods. (> yds to ;  dress length, at  Goods. B yds to a an(j   ^5   per yar(J  FX.   CHRISTIE, Ii. I*. B., Barrister, So-  .   licitor,  Notary Public.     Sandon,  B.  C,  Every Friday at Silverto.i. tf  ML.   GRIMMETT, Ii.  Ii.  B.,  Barrister,  .   Solicitor, Notary Public.     Sandon, B. C  Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday  HOTELS.  I have a number of Suits  for Men and Boys that  are Al in every respect,  which I will sell at actual cost. Regular price  $14 and $16; bargain  price ��10 and $12, No  catch; straight bargains  for vou.       Take   one ?  at   DAN  HcLACHLAN'S  New Denver.  NELSON, B. C.  Steel, Blowers,  Water Motors,  Truax Ore Cars,  Ore Buckets,  Kails, Belting,  Packing, Wire Rope.  Tin and Sheet  Iron Workers  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  USTWrite for sample, stating color and price.  Martin O'Reilly & Co.,  Nelson  smnti of tin1, instruments fin the  private  exchange heiii^- located   nearly  a  mile  ileep in the bowels of the   earth:   owns  the greatest and   deepest  niinin.ii'  shaft  in the world, the wonderful Ked'.Jacket  vertical, only :��U feet   less   than   a   full  mile in depth, and which cost   upwards  of So,on(),1111O to  sink   and   equip:   hwiih  and operates  machinery   havin.u'   more.  than 011,11(11) horse, power: owns the most  powerful i'.n��'ine ever worked   on   land,  the "Mackinac," of S/lOo   horse,   power;  owns more than a  thousand   dwelliti"'?,  rented to employes, and owns  the,  land  on which more than  another  thousand  homes   have   been   built   by   employes:  owns ;i half  d"zen   school   houses,   the  use of which   is   ���riven   free   to   various  school district;-: maintains a fr^e. library  t'Oiitaininy books in more than  a   score  .of   lunii'uajjHs:   maintains   a   free,  club  lriuse   for  employes:   employs   persons  s-pcakinir   :U   different  lan��'ua2'es,   and J  has   standing   upon   its  grounds   more. 1  than SO churches,   toward   the   erection i  of all of which the company  has   aided.)  In some,   respects   the   company   is   deTj  cidedly autocratic:  for instance, none of.  its employes may join  a   labor   union���;  yet   employes   are   yiven    voluntarily i  what union labor obtains onlv at times, j  Silverware  I have removed my stock of jewelery, silverware, watches, optical  goods, etc., into my new stove on  Main street, just below the Miner's  Union Block. My new store is  modern and up to date, and is well  stocked with the largest and best up-  to-date goods suitable for  Xmas and Holiday Trade  I invite the public to call, and shall  take pleasure in showing goods.  G. W. GRIMMETT, (;i,ulllilk, o,,tk,ian  and Jeweler.  SAXl'OX. B. C.  rpHB tELAND HOUSE, Nakusp, B. C���  JL provides good accommodations for travelers.  Mrs. McDougald.  rilHE ARLINGTON HOTEI-, Slocan City,  JL is headquarters for Mining and Commercial  Men.   Gething & Henderson.  JAMES   CROFT,  Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities  of Kootenay and Boundaiy. They sell the  best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their  steaks-^-^--^)-^-^)-^)-^)-^)^)  P.    BURN S   &   CO.  GIEGERICH  Staple and Fancy  To Builders:  If vou    want    Dimension  it  Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Coast and Kootenay  Ceiling and Flooring, Double  and Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping,  Door Jambs, Pine and Cedar  Casings, Window Stiles,  Turned Work, Brackets,  Newel Posts, Band-sawing,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store  Fronts, Doors, Windows or  Glass, write to���  Hauling and Packing to Mines,  and general local business.  WOOD    AND     COAL     FOR     SALE  New Denver,  B.  C.  California  Wine Co.,  NELSON, B.C,  Wholesale dealers in  NOTICE TO  American prices.  I will now ?ell  Solio,        Films,  Kodaks at  Send for prices ou  \gent for  N   CANDLES  GIANT POWDER  KASLO  Aixsvvoirrii  SANDON  If you want  JL  V    fllil   litl'  "f  Sih"t;rw;irc.   'I'ijv*   and   ,\ma>|  Hrs.J.H.Wereley's  NEW    DENVER.  Send your laundry to  The Lake Shore  Laundry  H. C.  TrTOMLINSON' & Co.  New Denver.  Nelson Saw  & Planing  Hills, Limited  Nelson, B. C.  THE CHAMBER OF MINES  Wants thoroughly reliable  CORRESPONDENTS  in every camp in the districts of East and West  Kootenay and Yale to whom  reasonable compensation  ���will he paid for their services  Correspondents will be expected to furnish the Chamber of Mines with all development going on at the mines  the installation of machinery,  shipments of ore and value,  and generally such news as  will attract the attention of  capitalists and cause them  to investigate and invest.  Applications to be addressed  to the���  CHAMBER OF MINES,  Southern British Columbia,  (Kootenays and Yale) Rossland, B.C.  P. O. Box 578.  anything you want.  O. STRATITEARN, Kaslo, B. C  RELIABLE  ASSAYS  Gold  f- .n0 I Gold and Silver. .8 .75  Lead     .SO | Gold.silv'r, copp'r 1.50  Samples by mail receive prompt attention.  Rich Ores and Bullion Bought,  OOOE^ASBAYOO-  1429 ifith St., Denver. Colo.  J.E. Angrignon  The Leading  Write for  Kootenay.  Choice Wines  and Fragrant  Cigars"-���^  :s.      Our stock is the laruest in  Bosun Block,  New Denver, B.  ft/%- TW%/^&&%/&V*^W��*B  t WADDSBROS t  l PHOTOGRAPHERS        '$  tVANCOUVER and NELSON,  B.C. ^  J. K. CLARK,  MINES  and MINING  Reports, Examinations and Management.  NEW DENVER,   -   B. C  ASLO MOTEL  Family & Commercial.  arge  And  Comfortable  Rooms  Fitted with every modern  convenience. Special protection against fire. Rates $2.50  and $3 per day.  COCKLE &  PAPWORTH,  Proprietors.  DENTISTRY.  DR. MILLOY  ROSSLAND  Has had l-i yearn experience in denial work, and  makes a specialty of Gold Bridge. Work.  Most complete Dental Office in B. C.  OUR COHSET DKI'AHT-  M'ENT IS I'P-TO-DATE  IN   ALL  STYLES   AND  PRICES. g  Fred- Irvine & Co.,  NELSON, B. C.  MILLINKKY���ALL THE  LATEST STYLES AT  LOWEST   PRICES.  rcler the  Merchandise has its place in the preparations for the Xmas season.  The attractiveness of the goods to be found in all our departments  will greatly interest oar Slocan patrons. Our Holiday Specialties  are of exceptional merit and beauty, and will compare favorably  with the display of such goods in the large eastern cities���both in  quality, style and price. Silk Waists, nothing but the finest, from  50 to $15. Purs���whatever there is for ladies to wear made of  fur���will be found here. Handkerchiefs from 5c to $7.50 each.  Fred. Irvine ���&��� Co.,  NELSON, B. C.  SOLE AGENTS FOR  BUTTEK1CK  PATERNS,  THE ONLY RELIABLE.  ��  MEN'S    FURNISHINGS  A SPECIALTY.


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