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The Ledge Aug 15, 1895

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 *w>  ��� V C   l-i r( <0 ,-���   ������������O'.;  "*y%  J-* ���*'.J**2>       ' .* '-..  i r _ ���/->* r\  .   ,    //  C4/*Z>  'C--  <c.....  -^iifiiiiifiFirffiinifiinf^.  In Time the Siocan Coun= =j  try*Will   be   the Great =��  Silver Camp on Mother 3  Earth, 3  -^'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij  #  ^iiniiininiiiiHHnm^:-.  ���� Job Printing at This Office  == at  Prices In Harmony  = With    the   rte'ancholy  j= Condition of Silver.  %UUIUliWlllllWI!illlJlilliilllllllJIIIIIIII^&-  Vol. II. No. 40.  NEW DENVER, B. C, AUGTST 15, 1895.  OUE SHIPMENTS.  Record  of tlie Mineral 15ein.fr Handled  Over tho N. & S. Railway.  Being unable to get this week's  shipments in time for publication wc  will give them in our next issue.  From the initial shipment on September 13, 18;.)-!-, till January 1, 18;J5,  the Slocan mines' sent out over the  Nakusp & Slocan Railway;���  Alyhainine 771J tons, valued at   8 77,-125  Mountain Chief Vi\ '                      0,r��"��  Slocan Star 1,��31A 1U3.1.V)  ���Fi-lici* Maiden , r>$ .          4,77s  Noble Five 87 -                    :'     8,701  Minnesota Silver Co   15 ( 1.500  Reco i2\ '                  A,22h  Idaho        , GO - ���       . .  (5,00;)  Last Chance 15 1,500  A SUCCESS".  Total  2,151  &'lo,l(XJ  Since the iirst of the year the list by  the same route shows:���  January 1-31  February i-28  March 1-31  April 1-30  1,307 tans, valued at  8*1*1 ton.-?  881 tjn-3  1,327 tons N  DATE.  June 4  July d  July 8  July 11  1 uly l'I  July 21  July 31  Augusts  MINE.        WEIGHT.  Reco 52> tons  Kr.liMi.eli 21  Concentrator  Alnha  - SI ican Star  Alamo  Alpha  A lino  Slocan Stiii-  Noble Five  20  45  45  . 80  1-iO  60 ,  SI,"  80-  11'J  35'  $139,700  84,400-  83,100  132,700  VALUE.  $ 5.250  . 250  2,000  4,500  ���1,500  '    8,0(X)  14,000  6,000"  3,100  8,')00'  11,(51/0  3.500  MINING IOHjIAU.  To Suy-ply Reliable Information as to  lUining- Development of B.C.  Hon. Col. Baker, in his capacity of  Minister of Mines, has caused to be  sent out to the various'inining recorders throughout the Province, circulars |  requesting them to gather every possible information as to mines and mining operations in their districts.  This iiiformation will be forwarded  through the Gold Commissioners of  the districts to Victoria, with Samples  of ore" from  the mines,'also samples  A splendid entertainment was given  by the Ladies Aid in the -Methodist  church, at Three Forks, on Thursday  evening last. No pains or labor were  spared in arranging and tastefully  decorating the platform ; while the  material of the program presented a  rich exhibition of local talent.  The duties of chairman were, discharged by Mr. T. Norquay in such  a manner as to bear with them the  respectful and honorable reflections  of the audience.  The most important items of the  program are given in the following  list : ���  1. Song���-Mr. Hammond,  2. Essay by a Small Boy���:t The  Slocan Mosquetto;" H. A. Miller.  3. Tableau���"Past, Present and  Future.  4. Vocal Solo���Miss McDowell.  5. The Doll Drill-By the children.  G. Tableau���"The Studio/'  7. Recita tion -Miss McDowel 1.  8. Duet���" The Hai'p that Once in  Tara's Hall;" Misses Dryden.  9. .Reading���A. J. Gabel.   *  ��� -10. Song���' 'Larbord Watch;''Misses  Dryden and Mr. Norquay.  11. Duet���Mrs. Love and Miss McDowell.  12. Reading���Mr. Foster.  13   Duet���Miss Dryden and  Miss  McDowell.  14.    Chorus���By Company.  ."God Save the Queen."  In addition to this several instru-"  mental solos,   duets and, accompaniments   were   rendered   by   Messrs.  Stephens and  Carrier on the  violin  and guitar.  A special word of commendation is  due to the Misses Dryden for the  creditable rendering of tabieaus. songs  and music. And a word of thanks  will mark the high appreciation of  the efforts; of Miss Nellie Beamis, who  undertook the training of the child  of the rock from the hanging or foot  walls.: This is the first move towards ren   and   characteristic dressing  of  establishing a Bureau of Mining for  the Province. A portion of the' pro  vincial museum will for the present  be set apart for the specimens of ore  from the different mines, and the  fullest information obtainable as to  the nature of the-ore,-the.workings of  the mines and the geology of the  vicinity will be kepton record. Then  when any enquiry is made* as to any  mine, or of the progress or prospects  of any districts, from the data at  hand the fullest information obtainable will be '.furnished':   This will be  of enormous bene (it, especially to  would-be investors, and Till" aid  greatly in the development of the  British Columbia  mining   industry  dolls for the doll drill: Miss A.gnes  McFerran- also deserves credit for the  energetic sale of tickets among the  miners.  It may be added that this was the  best of a series of entertainments  given of which the proceeds have  been applied to the erection of a  building for church and school purposes. The structure is a credit to  the town, and so far completed as to  serve the purpose for which it was  built. Divine service is held in it  every two weeks on Sunday evening,  and school will be held regularly  during* the coming year.  The proceeds realized amounted in  No Pass.  The party that was sent out some  time ago to make a survey of lands  along the proposed route of the British  Pacific railway, has returned to Victoria without having accomplished its  object. It is generally conceded by  members of the party that no pass  exists, giving access to the Chilcotin  country, from Frederick's Arm, as  they travelled 35 miles into the interior without being able to discover  one.  FIRE VALLEY.  The records will  be kept up to date fche neighborhood of $40.��� Commuiii  and as accurate as po. sible. A cated.  ' The prospectors are making their  way in the Valley. One party started  from Rossland with three horscs.being  one month on tlie trip, and had the.  misfortune to lose two horses. They  say the flies are a terror. The party  started back .again afjer buying supplies, from the ranchers. A store is  one thing1 needed as they buy from  the ranchers.  The wagon road is finished and the  boys will begin shipping. *   -     '���    -'  ���   We are'in hopes some of the mor:  chaiits-will give, us. a call, this year  as we have a quantity of vegetables  to ship. . ... ....'.  Mr. Kirby has started, with horses  loaded, once more for the montain  prospecting. He expects to be away  three months.  Bear arc very plentiful ir the  mountains. Mr. Iensori while walking through the bush came across  a bear and cub, having no ^nn he  put the dog on the track and they soon  showed fight, but tlie bear and cub  thought there best place of safety was  a tree.  Frank Jordon hopes to have some  musk mellon, sqaush, watcr-mollon,.  etc., in another week.  Miss Kirby has quite a nice garden  of tomatoes, etc., also apple trees,  gooseberries, etc., bearing fruit, all  are doing well. :.  RECORD  OF MINERAL CLAIM AND  '������-���.,, ITS DIJ . ATION.;.;-'. '  A recent decision, delivered by His  Honor Judge Spinks at Nelson, in the  case of Strobec v. Rettaliack, will in  all probability have the effect of settling a point, which for sometime  past, has been one for discussion among  miners. Two or three like cases  h a ve cropped out i n th is district recently, which the decision just rendered may prevent from coming into  court.  The first part o; section 24 of the  Mineral Act reads thus :���  Price $2.00 a Year.  "Any free miner having duly located nnd recorded a mineral claim  shall be entitled to hold the same from  the period of one year for the recording of the same, and thence from year  to year "without the necessity of re-  recording.  In the case before the Court the contention of Strobeck was that Renttal-  lack had not recorded his assessment  work within a year from the date of  recording* the claim. . To give an instance, in this case the claim was recorded the 8th day of May, 1894, and  the assessment, work on the 8th day of  May, 1895, thereby giving rise to the  question, when did the yearly lease,  which commenced the 8 th day of May  expire.  ' The Judge by' his decision has left  no room for further litigation upon  this "point, for he says that a mining  lease does not expire, until the anniversary of the day it was taken out  also expires. Therefore the lease  taken out on the 8th day of May, 1894,;  did not expire until the end of the-Sth  day of May following.   '  ��� ��� Those' of'our'-Mnihers- liavhrg locations, as alsor-those .who, have,.not  locations but arc desirous of obtaining  some, should read, mark, learn and  inwardly digest tlie above decision,  and having duly digested it govern  themsel ves according 1 v.  3JLINING NOTES.  Happenings    oT    Interest   Amo:iir   tin*.  Treasure Vaults.- '  ��� Mr. McGillvray went down to Ten  Mile creek on Wednesday, where he  will prosnec; for two or three weeks-  J. R Tattersole returned from pros--'  pecting on Lemon   creek   Tuesday  and recorded a number of locations  which he believes are excellent.  J. Keith Reid, Montreal, has just  issued a map, which is said to be excellent, of the Slocan mines, which;  certainly aught to be of great service  to mining men and capitalists in this  locality. The niap:has been compiled from special surveys and is beautifully lithographed in colors, the size  being 3('x!.0inches. -, .  R. C. Campbell-Johnston, mining  engineer and metallurgist-, of Vancouver, spent from Saturday to Tuesday in town. He is now at the foot  of Slocan lake. Mr. Campbell-Johnston is sa id to have in\\uence wri111. -  a number of English capitalists, and  as he will sj end sometime down the  Lake prospecting it is hoped that the  result will prove beneficial to our  mines and also to h'nise!''. ��� /sji-T-i ���f-v-aaaa-'j ^szrt t ii-ss-x-i  2 ia."j!Jii�� Vt'TtMf ���.-!����� -k��-Jo  ���>t^-*w*^tf;*w*t��y��i��*>**i,? T*i*3***r.-r:-*i  Second Year.  THE LEDGE.  TH3 NEW 31 AN.  "Here," she said impressively, "I  have a book personally descriptive  of American female writers and their  admirable contributions to literature.*'  "I shall take it ,"he began.  She beamed, and opened her order  book.  "If," he continued, suavely, "it  doc3 not say of a certain writer :  "She is prouder of her pork pies than  of poems."1  "I���I believe in one biography  there is mention of something of that  sort."  "Is  there  an   assertion   that   an  another author pays attention to every  detail of her house-work, and takes  r, particular pains that dust shall never  lie permitted to gather in her do-  track.. One day when Mary was at  church, this frisky little scamp,  thought he would leave her in the  church, and go and play the tramp.  So down upon the ties he trod, the one  the poor tramps use. till worn out on  the track he squats to take a snooze.  He, fast asleep, did not observe���ah,  sad indeed the story���the fast express  came round the f.urve ; that pup went  along  a  mam  v��  into glory. There came  butcher who once had loved that pup,  and with his brush and big dustpan  he swept the poor dog up. Next  Wednesday Mary got him back; he  did not look the same; he did not  come when she called "Jack"���  Bologna was his name.���Ex.  Application for Liquor License.  . "I���I think there is."  . "Does one paragraph declare that  a well-known novelist makes a boast  of darning her table damask with  number one hundred and fifty thread?"  "I recall a reference, to that effect."  "And is it averred on another  celebrity that she fashions and remodels her gowns with such skill  that her neighbors and associates believe them Parisian-made?"  "That is; indeed, said of a brilliant  poetess." "    - . , ;.  "And is it also asserted in any part  that a popular - woman of the pen  takes more pleasure in the knowledge  that the suppers prepared in the  chafing-di^h by her own hands are  exceedingly successful, than in the  popularity of her hovels ?"  ' 'There"���(faintly)���' 'is something  of the sort."  " So I supposed. When you bring  me a book, dealing with what women  have done in literature, without any  apology for their having presumed to  do it, I shall gladly buy the volume.  I have not read that Ruskin put his  ability for chopping kindling-wood  above his brilliant criticism. I never  heard that the chief argument in  favor of Howells was his deftness in  putting up stove-pipes. It is yet to  be announced that Riley takes less  pride in his poems than in whitewashing a cellar. There may be  people who think that a compensatory  domestic sop should be offered to the  Cerberus of mediocrity by every woman who ventures to send her soul  beyond the four wails of the kitchen.  But such people would not buy the  book, anyway. They would borrow  it. They shall not borrow it from  me.    Good-morning!"  1*3 hereby given that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a license to sell spirituous liquors at  Slocan City, West Kootenay, British Columbia.  " E! C. WEAVER,  Aug. 8th, 1895.  Newmarket Hotel  NEW DENVER,  Stege & Winter, Props.  Headquarters.   for    Mining  Men. ��� /       ��� ���-  Accommodations and; Service  of theBest.  Capt. Vanderburg, Master.  Time  TaTole.  T EAVES Nakusp on Tuesdays and Fridays, at  u 7 am, for Leon and Halcyon Hot Springs,  Hall's Landing, Wig-warn and Revelstoke.  On Mondays and Thursdays the boat leaves Na  lcusp for Burton City, at 7 a m.  P. M. TINGLING & Co  t:  e  awmi  Mary had a little brute, as fat as it  could waddle, and everywhere that  Mary'd scoot, that little pup would  toddle. It tagged her down the street  one day, close up behind the buggy,  oh, how it loved to run away that  naughty little puggy. 'Twas always  doing something wrong when .Mary  turned her back, and all the time he  seemed to long to walk-the railroad  AVINGr placed some hew  Machinery in our Mill,  we are prepared to furnish  all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber aixf Shingles at  greatly reduced Prices.  Rough Lumber, narrow,  " " wide,  Joist and Scantling, sized, up to  18 feet long,  18 ' to 24 '  21 'to30'  Flooring, T&G, 6"  **, ���<     4 ')  V joint Ceiling, J "  G "Rustic,  Shiplap,-  Surfaced Dressed  A liberal discount on large orders for Cash,  .910'o0'  $11 00 to $12 00  $11 00  - - ' ��� . $12 00  $13 00  $20 00  $22 00  $22 00  ��19 00  $14 00  $13 00  Is issued at New Denver, B. C, on Thursday  Wet weather, snow slides, hard times, or the  sheriff* never hinders its publication. It  comes out just the same.  Does not dream of making a million out of it,  but he expects to get a luxurious living. In  order to do this it is necessary to have cashable material, and the world at large is cordially invited to dig up enough money'to pay  for an annual interest. To accommodate the  public we do.  PETER GENELLE & Co.  At prices that do not discord with the despondent price of silver. :%>->  /'-/.  Second Year.  THE LEDGE.  ���   ��� *-:,T; ��  Xi  A CHIVALRIC TALE.  CHAPTER I.       ,-"   J.'  Fondly the Knight of. the Silver  Shield loved tlie*'"fair- and -noble Lady  Gwendoline, and she as fondly returned his love.       '    ��� V ?r '���  She returned it because it was so  nice to have Him'give 'it back to her,  as he always did.  "My,own," he murmured, .clasping  her to his bosom.  "Here, too," she whispered, as she  coyly nestled her flaxen head upon  his stove-lid cuirass.  to her side and once more moving"  swiftly forward.       .'"','  "But papa ?" she asked with anxi  ous eagerness.  CHAPTER II.  .... But the old Duke was opposed .to  the match. .-...v.  He had asked the Knight to take  off his silver shield and substitute a  gold one, and the Knight had refused  with scorn and contumely.  ft  . The Knight still owed for the silver  shield, and he did not care to mpr  tgage his immortal soul for a change.  "Do, as I command,' sternly demanded fhe old Duke, "or never be  a son in-law of mine."  ".Well, I don't think," hissed the,  Knight between his set of teeth, and  the.strike was on.  CHAPTER III.  The Knight bf the Silver Shield had  told the Lady Gwendoline all.  "I will flee," she bravely said.  '���Two-flees," lie. replied, heartily,  and they packed a small kit of wed:  ding things.  In half an hour they were flying  from the gray and grim old castle.  CHAPTER IV.  And fast before the old Duke then.  Three hours they'd fled together,  And if he'd caught them in the glen,  He would have mopped the heather  up with the Knight.  The old Duke hard behind them hied.  Should he their steps discover,  Then  what could cheer the bonny  bride  When he had slugged her lover !  But still, as widly blew the wind,  And as the night grew drearer,  The Duke was coming up behind,  His puffing sounded nearer.  CHAPTER V.   ":'���'. -.'.  A great thought came to the Knight  of the Silver Shield.  "Sweet one," he said, softly, slack,  ing his speed, "wait but a little: I  will come again."  '' Waiting for you," she whispered,  "were  such  sweet" sorrow,   that I  would wait until to-morrow."  Tt: was*.then 11:55 p.m., and. the  Knight, kissing the fair lady's hand,  hurried back over the way which  they had come.  CHAPTER VI.  "Saved!" he exclaimed, returning  ' 'Knocked out in first round," laughed the Knight of ;he Silver Shield in  i -  -  loud, triumphant tones. "I filled the  road with tacks, and the old man's  tire is punctured so that he has to lay  up for.repairs." ,  "Mv hero?" murmured, the fair  Lady Gwendoline, gazing fondly on  hiui as they flew, along, the glistening  turnpike.  N. D. MOORE, Pres.  R. McFERRAN, SecV  LTD.,  CONCENTRATOR, THREE FORKS, B. C.  CHAPTER VII. ,     ���*..:���  Two bikes with but a single thought,  .: Two lovers safely carried        -   \  Into the haven which they sought,  And so they were married.  W Pellew Harvey, F.C:S.  VANCOUVER, B. C ,  Mining MSneineer, Analytical Chemist, and Assayer.  Assay Office and Metallurgical Works.  H. SCHWIEG, |  The   New    York   Tailor,  HAS opened a Tailor Shop at Three'Forks, and  is ready to give first-class Fits and Work-,  manship.   " ;  Tie Kootenay Lake Sawmill  (Works at Kaslo, B. C.)    ,  LUMBER   YARD,  Foot of .Hendryx Street,   Nelson.  A full stock of number,  rough andj dressed, laths,  shingles, sash,doors,mould  ings, etc. Clear and dry  fir flooring and ceiling for  sale at lowest prices.  G. 0. BUCHANAN,  HENRY DAWES,  A'grent  Proprieto*  Tie ProsiecW Assay Office  New Denver.  Assay Price List :.-  Gold, Silver, or. Lead, each.. T..'....'......:  Gold, Silver and Lead, combined��� ......  Gold and Silver.   Silver and Lead....    Copper (by Electrolysis)..'...........   Gold, Silver,"Copper and Lead...........  Gold and Copper. ,   Silver and Copper.   Gold, Silver and Copper..   Platinum. .;.   Mercury.. ��� ...... .".................  Iron or Manganese   Lime, Magnesium, Barium, Silica, Sulphur, each ���-. '../..   Bismuth, Tin, Cobalt, Nickel, Antimony,  Zinc, and Arsenic, each..............  Coal (Fixed Carbon, Volatile Matter, Ash,  and percentage of Coke, if Coking  Coal).......:..'.. ...'.....  Terms:  Cash With Sample.  June 20th, 1*95.  ^      l  ��1.50  3 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  4 00  2 50  2 50  3 00  5 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  4 00.  4 00  Assayer and Analyst  Mining    and      Miners'    .Supplies  %SP Hay and Grain in Car Lots to the Trade.  THREE FORKS.,  SILVERTON  HixjisrTER <& i^oKziisrisroisr^  Dealers in:  Groceries,  Provisions,   Dry  Goods,  and flitting Supplies.  E.   R   ATHERTON,  GENERAL   MERCHANT,  \ t ' t ���  IS prepared to sell all Lines of Goods Cheaper than,ever  before.      ,. *  VOU WILL SAVE YOUR HONEY  if you buy your Goods froni him at, .  NEW DENVER, B. C.  IDE-A-LEFe S IKT :  Dry Goods,  Groceries,  Hardware,  Boots and  And all kinds of Goods required by  iners and Pros  Postoffice and Money Order Office in Connection ^*^^.^.'^i'i.���^^^,^^x^'��*^.lPi.^^s^.  '��!��s����aaiHa��aaiB.iu.; -  tt,r^:--;^^-^.i^��^1.^-_.-,y ,^.^-^;^^/^^.^;r:.,,^..,.fl ,,f. .....  >V  >'  W^yW-^s^lfttfi  Second ;\ ear  THE   LEDGE.  ".������������" '���'-' ^tafettce--1 -^J^Jjrigje,-- ;v:;.';-. "���":���;.(-;������.;?  Published every Thursday.  a.    ft LOWERY,   EDITOR   AKD  -\FINANCI;EB^-:,;v:''^ ���  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  ONE YEAR ;,>..:. .;..,.���... ;v;...,;.'....."........... .��2.00  Transient Advertising, 25 cents i��er line first insertion, 10 cents per line subsequent insertions,  noniiarml measurement.  TO CONTRIBUTORS.  Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay  District and communications upon live topics  a'.ways acceptable. Write on both sides of the  paper if you wish. Always send something good,  no matter,how crude. Get your copy-iu while it  is hot, and we will do the rest.  THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 1895.  The Kaslo Claim was resurrected  last week. Its second time on earth  promises to be prosperous, as it has  already driven the opposition paper to  seek another sphere of labor.  intercourse,  even, in r their keenest  competitions, should fcee�� off the English race courses, however amateur  Und   " gentlemanly-"    This is  the  place where the English boor sheds  his civilized varnish and struts in the  original nakedness of his primitive  Saxon sty.    Americans who venture  iiito these swinish  assemblies generally come back bruised, besmeared  and sick with disgust whether they  sailed yachts against the Prince of  Wales or rowed on the Henley course  against the English tradesman.    It  is a toss-up whether the British aristocracy or the British middle class is  the  more  offensive.    Tastes differ.  The studied insolence of the one is  made known, and thus to show that  British Columbia   mines   can   pay  dividends, thereby giving an opportunity of our figures being compared  with other mineral producing countries. "   Incidentally it may be mentioned that the new agent-general for  British Columbia, Hon. F. Gr. Vernon,  is doing good work in this respect, as  he is constantly forwarding to English  mining journals   particulars of the  output of British  Columbia  mines.  These journals gladly publish the information, and it must, accordingly,  be very evident that the premier and  the agent-general have hit upon the  the right plan wherewith to attract  westward a portion of the   capital  less endurable to some natures than I which at the present time goes to  6 Falls &  RAILWAY.  " The miners strike at. Rossland died  in its infancy, which is a great blessing to the people who invested their  money in that busy burg, and a sort  of disappointment to the agitators who  seek power over the backs of the  hard-working miner.  the coarse boorishhess of the other.  Distinctly superior to both in manners  and feeling is the small cultivated  class  about   the   universities.   One  -, .*  shining exception to the almost uniform, disgust of American competitors  in English sporting events is the frank  satisfaction of the Yale men with.their  courteous treatment at Oxford last  year.  Africa and to Australia.  T.  TWIGG,  H.  NEW DENVER, B. C.  , Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Canada has too much government,  and we see no reason why a great  deal of-it cannot be dispensed with.  Fewer members and less expense  would be much.more acceptable to  the people. It issafe to.say that there  are more M.P.'s and M.P.P.'s in this  fair Dominion than in any other  country iu the would.  THK SALVATION OF THE PROVINCE.'  Some people have no faith in the  strikes at the foot of Slocanlake,..because t h ey arc of a gran ite for m at ion.  This, we consider, is only a fancy, as  many of the best mines in Montana  and o^her pa,rts of the world are iii  the same kind of a formation, and  there is no reason why the same thing  should not occur in -WeSI; Kootenay.  The Portland Crogonian is hard on  the English, and abuses them in the  following manner, which shows-poor  taste on the part of a paper so prominent as the Oregonian r  " From the dull-witte 1 and lecherous lout whose nature and training fit  him so well to sit one day upon the  throne of the four Georges, to the  1 ubbcrly gamin wIo begs pence and  d istr ibutes bil 1 in gsgatc n bout the  national race courses, every Englishman is 'fundamentally a bully and a  cad. This is the seamy side of the  national..vigour which ha�� given the  race so large and important a part to  play in the world's history. British  '"vigour and British coarseness are  complimentary' qualities, /and both  a:;e exhibited .in the highest degree  upon the fte Id of Engl ish sports. That  is'why. people-who have been taught  Premier Turner is reported to haye  spoken as follows in*an interview; in  London :  It has been with regard'to provincial mining matters'that.,the.premier  has found, the most interest aroused.  He has conversed with many people  with a view to enlisting capital for  the development of the mineral  wealth of the province. "What is  wanted," lie said, "in order to attract  more attention to the province, is  some actual returns in the form of  diVidends from some of our large  new mines. When these are forth-  coiiiing which/vvill, I believe, be very  soon, we shall have a prbportionate  boom in the precious metals of British  Columbia to that which- is taking  place in regard to South Africa. At  tlie present time South Africa is, to a.  certain extent, attracting a great  deal of the capital which we should  like to draw to British Columbia,. I  have been talking to several parties  interested in South African mines,;  and, on my suggesting that probably  a great deal might be lost as there is  so much gambling in mining stocks  and that it would be better for them  to transfer their investments to British  Columbia, the invariable reply is:  4 Large fortunes have- been and are being made in South Africa, hot only by  members of the stock 'exchange, but  large dividends have actually been  paid to the shareholders at home.'  When capitalist," continued the  premier, "see the published returns  of these companies, they naturally  think that Soirh Africa is the best  place fur them to invest in. What we  want in order to divert( attention to  British Columbia is to have a jrcod  ]Ull\TERAL Claim*, Mines, Timber Limit?, etc.  Ill   surveyed.  HOWAED WEST  "   Assoc. R". S. M., London, Eng.  Assayer and  Mineralogist.  ��gTPrompt return on all samples.  w.itrethewey,e:m.,  Examination & Reports.  Assays of Ores.  Analysis of Ores.  OFFICE AND LABOKATOKY :  FRONT    ST,     KASLO  A. H. HOLPiOH,  Revelstoke, B.C..  Analytical  Chemist and Assayer.  o  RE  of any   kind   assayed.    Nickel   Ore a  Specialty.     / '���  Application for Liquor License. /  NOTfCE���.l���^.;!hereby/glvel^tha^thh���ty days a.'ter  date,"J."intend to applv to the Gold Commissioner lor a license to sell spirituous, liquors, at  Slocan City, West Kootenay, British Columbia.  SAMUEL WHITTAKER  Aug. 1st, 181)5.  3DE33ST17I&T  KASLO,  B.C.  Graduate of American College of Dental Surgery  Cli e.igo.  OFc'iCK: Over. Byers'Hardware store.   -  A.  W. BEIMER, M. D.,  Physician and Surgecn.  Threa Forks,     ���������-;     B. C.  FULL Line of Drugs and Prescription Rexhc-  ' dies''ki\ ton-hand.  to observe the decencies of human  output from our mines, and to have it ^ c.di and \ spsct t:ie stcci:.  1  New Denver. B. C,  HAS in stock Millinery, /Hosiery, Ladies' Under  ."wear. Dre^s.Goud^., etc;'"-. .  A larw quantity of House Lining at very low  rice.'-'.  Nelson & Fort Sheppard  RAILWAY.^  ':������;2��� ':;.���'"��� ���'��������� ?U'- -; 4  ALL  RAIL ROUTE TO  SPOKANE  Thefonly through route from Nelson,[Kaslo,  Kootenay Lake and all Slocan ,  Poirts  Daily   (Except   Sunday)    Between  Spokane and Northport.  Tri-Weekly* Between Northport and  Nelson.  Leave 8:43 a.m.   '. NELSON.       Arrive 5:25 p.m  Mondays, Wednesdays. Fridays, trains will run  through to Spokane.arriving same day. Returning  passengers will leave Spqkane at 7 a.m. Tuesdays,  Thursdays,Saturdays,arriving at Nelson at 5:25 p.  m., same day, making close connection with the  steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake  points ,  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary  Creek connect at Marcus with, stage on Mondays  and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays,  Passengers for Trail Creek mines connect at  Northport wi ih f-tage daily.  MAfc  Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.  -TIMIEJ !o-a*.k,xd 3STO. T. ���  In Effect on Monday, April 29,1895.  REVELSTOKE  ROUTE-STR. LYTTON.  Leaves Revelstoke, south bound, on Tuesdays and  Fridays, at 4 a.m., for all points in W,est Koct-  cnay and the south.  Leaves Robson,.north bound, on Wednesdays and  Saturdays, at 8 p.m.j for all points east and  -' west,.via the CP.R.    .; ��� " '-������'"���'' "������...  NORTHPORT, _TlOtj TE���STR. ILYT TON.-  LeaiVes Northport, north bound, on Wednesdays  andaSaturdays, at 1 p.m.       .  Leaves Robson, south bound, on Tuesdays and  /  Friday s, at6 p.ni.''*v;  Stages run in connection with the steamer frcm  Trail Creek Landing to Kossland.-i  ;  ..KASLO ROUTE-STR.^NELSON. '  ;  Leaves Nelson for Kaslo, on Tuesd ivf, at 5: '.0 p m;  Wednesdays, at, i \, in; Thursday-*', at 5: iuo v m;  Saturday?-, at 5:10 p m. Connctiiuv o \ Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with N & S F  Railway'lor h.u.-lo and lake points.  Leaves Kaslo for Nelson on Mondli^;-'!' at 4 a m;  Wednesdays, at 4 am;- Thursdays, at 8 a m;  Friday.*-, at 4 a m. Connecting <>n Mondays.  Wediie:-days, and Fridays with N & F S Railway lor Spokane.  Close connections with Columbia & Kootenay  Railway at Nelson fur points-north and south. ~;  BONNER'S FERRY   ROUTE���STEAMER  .    NEL-EON.<   -.,/ ���������/   '  Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry, on Mondays  a id Fridays at 8:?��u a m.  Leaves Kaslo for Bonner's Ferry on Mondays and  Fridays at 4 a m.  Leaves Bonner's Ferry ferTil<t Bay, Nelson,  Ainsworth and Kusiq, on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2 a ni.  Connects wilh east and west bound trains on the  Great Northern.Railway.  The company reserves the right to change this-  schedule at any time without notice.  For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., ap  ply at the Com^an y 's t fiicef, Isclson, B.C  ALLAN. Sec'y  Nelson, B.  J. W  TROUP,  Manager Second Year  THE LEDGE.  LOCAL ASSAYS.  Little   Twlnlilors   Crowded   Out From  'IMoir Accustomed Nook.  The Misses Dryderi's expect to leaye  Three Forks Friday to attend college  at Spokane.  A New Denyer checker player  would like to arrange a. match with  some of the experts of British Columbia.   ,  The W. Hunter took an exceptionally large load of freight, and a good  number of passengers to Slocan City  on Taesd;i3r. -  The game of, baseball played at  Rossland on Saturday' between Net-  son and Rossland resulted in 10 to 7  in favor of the home team.  H. Pyman, son of E. Pyman, New  Denver, went to Three Forks on  Thursday to open a watch repairing  establishment in that thriving town.  Miss Esterbrooke, Miss Adair, Mrs.  Esterbrooko and two children, and  Mr. Brindle have, been spending a few  days camping across.Slocan lake at  Six Mile creek. ���  F. Pyman, New Denver's witch-  maker and jeweller makes, cleaning  and repairing watches a specialty  He visits.Three Forks every .Friday  to accommodate customers in that  town. ' f  ,   ���   ��� ���   ������<- o  The return baseball match between  Kaslo and New Denver willbe played  on  the 21st at Kaslo.    The Denver  team think also of ..tackling Nelson's  nine while away.  The wind storm hist week blew in  two panes of window glass in E.  Pyman's jewelry store. It was a  heavy blow but no other damage  has been heard of.  Mrs. L. Hoyt, Mrs. Scott and family,*  J. and H. Aylwin and T. McKenzie  returned Sunday evening from up  the Lake where they were picking  berries for a few days.  New Denver public school was duly  opened on Monday. There are about  eight in attendance now, and as one  or two more families are coming to  town the school will be a success.  Mr. George Long, of New Denver,  has gone to Kaslo to train his brother,  who resides there,, for a foot race between him and Mr. Campbell, of  Nelson, which will take place in  Nelson oh the 23rd inst. The distance to be run is 100 yards and the  stakes $103, which are held by Fred  Irvine of Nelson.  Vice-President Shaughnessy and  party while in Victoria had an interview with the Government regarding  the proposed extension of their lines  in the Kootenay country. There was  a long: discussion on the subject, but  no definite conclusions were arrived  at. . The great importance of the  country and the exeat need of improved means of communication were  admitted, and it is probable that the  matter will soon receive attention.  I  A New Coal Mine.  Dennis Jordan has succeed in uncovering a valuable seam of coal on  his property near Wellington, The  coal crops out close to the surface on  a ridge," showing a seam seven feet  thick, of the very best qujdity. Two  feet of shale underly this seam, and  below the shale two feet more of good  coal. This makes in all nine feet of  coal, the seam sloping westward towards the valley and lying contiguous to the Dunsnmir properties. Mr.  Jordan has just completed a bore,on  the north end of his property, towards  Nanoose Bay, and coal has been  struck at a depth of 303 feet. This  settles the extent of his coal bed. and  Mr. Jordan may well feel proud of  of his success. ;  R. S. WILSON,  ���THE-  SLOCAN TAILOR  Sixth street, New Denver.  . KERR  j  S  JOLICITOR and Notary Public. ��� *  New Denver, B. C  W. J. TRETHEWEY, E.M.,  Examination & Reports.  Assays of Ores. .  Analysis of Ores.  OFFICE AND LABORATORY:  FRONT    St-,     KASLO  A. H. HOLDICH,  Revelstoke, B. C.  Analytical   Chemist and Assayer.  o  RE  of any   kind   assayed.     Nickel   Ore a  Specialty.  Application for Liquor License.  "VTOTICE is hereby given that thirty davs after  li date, I intend to applv to the Gold Commissioner for a license to sell spirituous liquors at  Slocan City, West Kootenay, British Columbia.  Aug. 1st, 18D5.  SAMUEL WHITTAKER  ;i"-:'A;.:'u.-  DENTIST  KASLO,  B.C.  Graduate of American College of Dental Surgery  Chicago.  Office: Over Byers'Hardware store.  M. W. BRUNER, M. D.,  Physician and Surgeon.  Three Forks,       -...     B.C.  A FULL Line of Drugs and Prescription Remedies ke'jt on hand.  C. F.   1895=7  OXJK>E!S  COUGHS & COLDS  .S. '-ALBERTA;"  T EAVES Kaslo for Ainsworth. Pilot Bay, and  Ju Nelson on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 8 a m; Thursdays, at tl a m: "Tuesdays and  Fridays, at 8 a m  Leaves Nelson for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and  Ka-jlo on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and  Saturdays, at 3 u m; Tuesdays and Fridays at (1 pin  Olo-'o, connection is thu-. made between -akc  points and all incoming and outgoing trains of the  CP Rat Nelson.  The steamer is newly equipped in every particu*  lir, is lit throughout by electricity, and contains a  bathroom and all modern conveniences for the  comfort of passengers.  The above schedule i*; in effect May 13,1895, subject to change.      - -   -  J AS. WAUGH.      GEO. F. HAYWARD,  * Purser. Master  Nakusp & Slocan Railway  TI3WCE   CA.TZID 3SIo.   1  H EFFECT JULY 21 ST, 1895,  TRAIN LEAVES  NAKUSP  THREE FORKS  Sundays at 0 o'clock ' Mondays at. 14 o'clock  Tuesdays at    " Wednesdays at      "  Thursdays at   " Thursdays'at ���'  Fridays ". * Saturdays li  Close connection made with the Columbia river  boats for all points north and south.  This schedule is subject to change at any time  without notice.  For further information apply to ���  J. ��>. LAWRENCE.  Trainmaster  i Nak*?sn, B. ,C.   .  The Quickest  Cheapest Koute  East  -OP,-/.  West; ���       ^  New Denver. B.C.,  KAS in stock Millinery, Hosiery, Ladies' Under  wear. Dress Goods, etc,  A larire quantity of House Lining at very low  prices.  Call and inspect the Stock.  .,..  Steamer leaves Nakusp every Thursday and Sunday morning-, making close connection at Revelstoke  with trains for all points East or  West.-"  Before you travel get information from  C. P. R. Agents as to time and  rates. It will save you money.  Apply to nearest Railway Aren't  or to  GEO. McL. BROWN,  District Passenger Agent,  Vancouver  Sjotae Fells k Mm  RAILWAY.  Nelson & Fort Sheppard  RAILWAY-  all    RAIL   ROUTE    TO    SPOKANE  Thcfonly through route from Nelson, Kaslo.  Kootenay Lake and all Slocan  Points,  Daily   (Except   Sunday)    Between  Spokane and Northport.  Tri-Weeklv, Between Northport and  Nelson.  Leave 8:43 a.m.       NE LSON.       Arrive 5:25 p.m  Mondays. Wednesdays, Fridays, trains will run  through to Spokane.arriving same day. Returning  passengers wirl leave S[x>kahe at 7 a.m. Tuesdays,  Thursdayp,Saturdays,arriviug at Nelson at 5:25 n.  m., same day, making close connection with the  ������learner Nelson for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake  pointr-i  .^Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary  Creek connect at Marcus with staere on Mondays  and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Passengers for Trail Creek mines connect at  Northport wirh stage daily.  *J  1  Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.  "TIME GJLT&TD JSCoi T.  In Effect on Monday, April 29,1895.  REVELSTOKE ROUTE���SIR. LYTTON.  Leaves Revelstoke, south bound, on Tuesdays and  Fridays, at 4 a.m., for all points in West Kootenay and the south.  Leaves Robson. north bound, on Wednesdays and  Saturdays, at 8 p.m., for all points east and  west, via the CP.R.  NORTHPORT   ROUTE-STR. ILYTTON.  Leaves Northport, north bound, on Wednesdays  and"Saturdays, at 1 p.m. .  Leaves Robson. south] bound,'on Tuesdaj'S and  Fridays, at 0 p.m.  Stages run in connection with the steamer from  Trail Creek Landing to Rossland.  KASLO ROUTE-STR.[NELSON.  Leaves Nelson for Kaslo, on Tuesdays, at 5:10 p m;  Wednesdays, at 4 p m; Thursdays, at 5:40 p m;  Saturdays, at 5:40 p m. Connecting on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with N & S F  Railway for Kaslo and lake points.   ,  Leaves Kaslo for Nelson on Mondays, at 4 am;  Wednesdays, ���: at 4 a ni; Thursdays, at 8 am;  Fridays, at 4 am. Connecting on ��� Mondays.  Wednesdays, and Fridays with N & F S Railway for Spokane. , .     ,  Close connections' with Columbia & Kootenay  Railway at Nelson for points' north and south.  BONNER'S PERRY  ROUTE-STEAMER  .���-'.' NELSON.  Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry on Mondays  and Fridays at 8:30am.  Leaves Kaslo for Bonner's Ferry on Mondavs and  Fridays at 4 a m.  Leaves Bonner's Ferry for Pilot Bay, Nelson,  Ainsworth and Kaslo, on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2 a in. ���    i:.  Connects with east and west bound trains on the  Great Northerij Railwav.  The company reserves the right to change this  schedule at any time without notice.  For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., apply at the Company's offices, Nelson, B.C  ALLAN. Sec'y  Nelson, B. C.  J. W  TROUP.  Manager ? ���WSJ.;.-...:.',���.'.11..',  ��:j>l-.:*L\^&-:-j;,--A--i, %^;-.*, ��v-rt::tri��<,;^*t*.rsr-;d>^C".; ttT^:'z\^-&tt&��  "W'^^vumx-:^:^'^^^^^  i^Srtft^<:i-^v<i4^^/��Wwi*��>i��i8'  Second Year.  THE LEDGE.  THE [DONATION  PARTY   OF  DEAD-  ���        MULE FLAT.' ������ ��� V-"���'������  From bleak New England's mountains  Up to the corralled strand  'y*. Where fair Montana's fountains  Rolled alleged silver sand,  A missionary; mild in  His manners and his speech,  Journeyed to seek the wild in  A church wherein to preach.'  In the ;' city " where he duly  His wandering tent did pitch,  It could not be said truly  The good man "struck it rich."  For the people (who would gather  To hear his words with mirth)  Were not earth's salt, but rather  The salters of the earth.  Of calls though oft spoke deacon  Or brother���I. mean " pard "���  He found that they were speaking ���  (See Hamlet) by the card.  And the language that they used with  Regard to every game  The good man'si face suffused with  A (bob-tailed) flush of shame.  And to his deep dejection,  When all around his hat  He sent for a collection,  �� f  But little wealth he gat. _  , If growled the pars 311 plucky  They would satiric smile,  And hint he was blamed lucky  In getting back the tile.  1  One day unto the preacher  Two ruffians did repair:  Each was the vilest creature���  Except the other���there.  x One was the "A 1 Terror,"  The other '' Murderer Ned;"  And they confessed the error  Of the lives that they had led.  The party cleaned the city  Out in an hour or so.  '' Doc," said the '' Terror " witty,  " 'Tis time for us to go.  Unto the distant heathen  We went forthwith to silde,  And preach the Gospel; we, then,  The plunder must divide.  "The sun is hast'ning bed ward,  No time to lose have we���  Here's half for Deacon Edward,  And here is half for me ;  And, my white-chokered hearty,  You shall have back vour hat.  'Rah for the donation party  For the Church of Dead-mule Flat!"  Dealers  GENERAL MERCHANDISE,  NAKUSP. - B. 0.  The missionary 'ware was  That jesting they must be ;  He .said in his church there was.,;'.*0.;  Just then no vacancy.  But when toward the trigger  He saw their fingers glide,  He remembered with great vigor  There was" room for two inside."  "Seem' we now air brothers,"  The "A I Terror "cries,  ' "We ought to get the others  Tocome and be likewise.  So cock your g\m, my hearty,  ,: And, parson, fetch your hat:  Heyfor a donation party  For the Church of Dead-mule Flat!"  Forth went the luckless parson,  Between the ruffins two,  Who homicide and arson  Vowed for "the cause" they'd do.  They had their weapons handy,  And used toward all thev met  The modus operandi  Of frontier etiquette.  First, Brother "Terror A 1"  Would range them in a row,  And stand prepared to slay one  Whose hands should downward go,  While Deacon "Murderer Ed," he  Went through them systematically, and the ready  Placed the parson's hat.  '' But, boys," the parson pleaded,  '"Tis hardly right fornie  To let you, unimpeded,  Take the church property.  All preachers to their trust are  Faithful presumed to be ; .  Just shoot my hat and duster,  That folks the holes mav see,.    :  " And think I made endeavor  The church funds to retain."  In duster and in beaver  They fired their pistols twain.  And the parson snickered queerly .  As he two six-shooters drew ;  "Brethren, beloved dearly,  I've got the drop on you!" ; ...  He marches to the city, j  And there his prize presents   ,  To a vigilance committee  Of prominent residents,  The pleas the missionary  For his captives nia-kes they fend oiff,  And they give the cemetery  Of his church a double snnd-off.  They give him the "donation,"  And heap anew his hat,  And elect by acclamation  Him Pope of Dead-mule Flat;  A church tax straight they lavy,  And now, when the hat goes round,  Its contents are right heayy,  And have a chinking sound.  And his mother would hot ���kiiow'm,  That young miuing engineer,  Who once had been to Rorne^  And with a superior sneer,  Where the Flatters most db cluster,;  The statement did dispute .  That the Pope wore a linen duster,  And was upon the shoot.;r  ���George T. Lanigan.  notice, :  ^TOTICE is hereby given that persons desiring to  1\ locate land, or take timber, within the Kaslo  & Slocan Railway Reserve, are requested to communicate with the Company's Office at Kaslo. to  avoid the 1x511 allies of trespassing.  THE KASLO & SLOCAN  RAILWAY COMPANY.  Rout. Irving,  Secretory  New Denver, B. C.  B  OOTS and Shoes made to order.   First-class  work.   Imperial Calf for fine shoes.   French  Goods specially adapted for Miners' and Prospectors' use.   Goods warranted not to rip for one year  MCMILLAN & HAMILTON,  Wholesale Produce Merchants,  131 WATER STREET, ��� - VANCOUVER, B. C  o  WE handle Dried Fruits,  Fresh   Fruits, Butter, Eggs,  Cheese, Bacon, Hams, and Lard.  HOTEL  SI3Li"VEPLTOISr,  SILVERTON, B. C.  GOOD Rooms. Dining RoomHfurnished with the best in  the Market. Stables in connection with the House.  Tlie Bar. has,all the choicest Liquors in use in the Kootenay  District.   ������ ��� :  W. R. HART, Prop  ��  THREE   FORKS,   B. 0.  0  THIS Hotel, under new management, is cne of the best in  the country. The Rooms are comfortable and the  Dining R,oom contains the best the market affords. Don't  miss it when you go to the Forks.  LOWES & CLAIR, Proprietors  STT7T7T  t  zlndi All Mining* Supplies,  Full Stock on Hand.    Branch Store at Three Forks.  STANLEY    HOUSE,  NELSON, B. C.  BEST Rooms and Board in the City.   Hot and  Cold Water.   Bath Room for the use of the  Guests.   Rates reasonable.  MRS. McDONALD, Prop  THEGRANT HOUSE  .SeLZidpzi, 33.O.  G  OOD Meals and comfortable Ro< m.�� rrt-ke'thii*  . Hotel a pleasant place for travelers'' to s'opat..  ARCHIE GRANT, Prep Second Year.  THE LEDGE,  The New Woman,  This very sympathetically as an en-  coura g��er.  "Yes, sir," she began, as she lau1. a  document before him. "It is a history x of Napoleon Bonaparte in  eighteen monthly parts at fifty cents  a month, and "  He threw up his hands, but she had  him, and he couldn't get away until  he had put down, his name, and now  when "a womaa with a history" is  mentioned  in  his hearing it makes  FRANK LOCASTO,  THE HAIRCUTTER,  Three Forks, B. C.  The('hew'womaiv appeared in Xew  York a short time ago. She was not  bold, but she was entirely self-possessed. She -wore a pair of bloomers of  checked cloth and leggings that extended to her knees. From her  shoulders a lull cloak hung to the top  of her loggings, and on her head was  perched a rakish Fedora hat. When  the wind blew aside the cloak, other  women stapped and looked freighter!- coId ci)i]ls mn down Ms b.lck>  en, and drew in their breath and ex  claimed, "My good gi;acious!". Some  of them said harsh tilings. This  newest -. woman was . Miss Dorothy  Ciiestio, an English actress,' who has  lately arrived in this country. Miss  Chestic stopped at the shop-windows  and all tiie women looked, not at the  windows but at her. When she went  into the slio'ps, the gentlemanly floorwalkers were very much .surprised,  while the young women behind the.  counter took a great deal of interest  in Miss Chestic'sicgs. Whan a storm  broke, other women gathered up their  bedraggled skirts and ran for shelter.  The obseryin.? then perceived that  they wore no leggings. Miss Chestic,  ���on the other hand, walked calmly  along.. Her hat and her cloak were  water-proof and there were no petticoats to swish and swash in the. rain.  "I have long been an enthusiastic  wheel-woman," said Miss Chestic to a  reporter, "and it occurred to me that  there would be no immodesty-,- but  infinite utility, in wearing bloomers  on a rainy day. So I invented this  ���osturae in London, and. after I wore  it, many women followed my example."  DEALERS IN:  Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades,  Bedding Supplies, etc., etc.  Send for our Illustrated Catalogue.  JOHN W. GBAHAM & Co.,  WHOLESALE  Books, Paper, Stationery, and  Office Supplies.   -  Wall   Paper   a   Specialty  B. C. IRON WORKS, LTD.  Vancouver, B. C.  Mining Machinery and Supplies.  General Machinery for Reduction Works.  Pipe Fittings, Belting, Oils, Etc., Etc.  Tram Lines Complete with Brakes,  Cars, Rails, and All Other Requisites  ,<?.  CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.  SHE HAD A HISTORY.  A well dressed and sharp-faced woman passed into the lawyer's office,  and very shortly was standing by his  desk.  "I beg your pardon," she said, in  salutation, "but can you spare a few  moments of your valuable time ?"  "I am'very busy, madam," he replied ; "but if you have anything of  importance to communicate, I shall be  glad to hear it.    Pray be seated."  "Thank you,, no," she said, looking  arour.d at a clerk or two in a.nervious  fashion. ' I am a woman with a  history, and���-"  HAS the only Billiard and Pool Table in the  Slocan. :Ohoicc lines of Cigars, Tobaccos arid  Fruit. The Barber Shop in connection is the best  equipped in the District.  VALLEY  STAGE .'LINE  [EETS all C: & K.! Steamers at  Trail for Rossland.  Baggage handled cheaply and safely.    Dominion Express route.  [E. JOHNSON,    . '���  Proprietor  SHELTON & Co.,  507, 509, 511 & 513 HASTINGS St..  VANCOUVER.  Tie D, C. Joslyn Isle "Co.,  Dealers In  Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Supplies, Sewing: Machines, and  Supplies.  SPOKANE, - - WASH.  HOTSPRI  HOTEL  ARROW LAKE,    ..  IS now open for tile accommodation of guests  Rates, SI.50 to 8-2.50 per day. Baths  25  cents each, or 5 for SI'.   Por further  particulars write to the proprietor.*.  DAWSON; CRA'DDOCK & Co  THE     ;���  FEED J. SQUIRE  Nelson, B. C.  ��  Merchant Tailor.  Full Line of Suitings and  Trouserings always on hand.  ielaslo TraiiiMoiCo.  LELAND  HOUSE,  rKaslo, B. C  ','Excuse nie,"; apologized the,attorney, seeing a fee appearing on the  ;horizon ;  "possibly   you  had better  step intoniy private, office with me,  where you will not be interrupted."  She thanked him and they went  into the adjoining room.  .���;������'��� Now,"-. he said, when they ;were  seated, ."I presume you wish to consult me on this matter Of your history?"   . -  "Yes, sir.   Thatiswhyl am here.'',  '���Very well, proceed. Anything  you may say to me will be in the  strictest confidence.. You were saving"  y u were a woman with a history?"  CONVENIENTLY situated to the steamboat  \J landing. The bar is one of the best ap'po..ited  in the Kootenay District.  JAMES DELANEY,  Lessee  LELAND       ~  HOUSE,  NAKUSP, B. C.  Notice to the Public.  OTAGES Leave Kaslo   and  Three Forks, for  . U   either place, every morning: at 8 o 'clock--.  Satisfaction is  Guaranteed.  A. J. SCOT!  Manager  Great Eastern Block.  SPOKANE, WASH.  /TQMFORTABLE Rooms, Good Meals  ^   and Careful Attention to Guests  makes this Hotel popular with the  Traveling Public,  R. STRATHERN,  cTe-weleir  KASLO CITY.       -      -      -     B.0  The only practical Watchmaker in  the Kootenay District. Orders by  mail receive prompt attention  ALL WORK GUiMFIEED.  MKS. D. A. MoDOUGALD, Prop  AUCTIONEER  and  COMMISSION  AGENT.  THREE FORKS, B. C.  RY Go.  (LIMITED.)  Best   Furnished  Rooms  in the City.  KASLO  b. c  WHOLESALE  PAPER DEALERS & STATIONERS,  Vancouver,  B. C.  T. NORQUAY, Prop  SOLE AGENTS FOR :  Brinsmead & Nordheimer Piaflos  Dixon, Borgeson & Co.'s Show  Cases. Self-opening Bags, Wrapping Paper and Twine.  Mail Orders receive promr.t attention, _���_'>^s-js j&Ottm^tJ&Jr&i^.jsa'vi. Jlato. 1. &-^r^i^'FS?'KK-"W'^"m.-'''  ���*vt-rew,��"ir-*��'W'-->  i> *����';s.w  ��Ai^^'*.WM^(i*W**^^  ���*>  Second Year  THE   LEDGE.  MINING BECORDS,  Recorded at New Denver, the Assessment*} and  Transfers for the two weeks, and the Locations for  the week ending  ��� August 15, 1895  TRANSFERS.  J C Blandy to A P Blondy���All in Tubuey, J in  Mascott, Grenfell. Granite King, Enniskillen and  Nancy Graeme, on Jan 8. Recorded Aug 3;  amount, S100.  G Anderson to D M Hyman���1 in Skylark, on  Aug, 5.   Recorded Aug 5 ;��� amount. $200.  W A Cooijer to D M Hyman and E Caroles���\  in Ranger,on Aug5. Recorded Aug5;amount, ��1.  r.WYCiarktoES Miller-* i" Silver Bell and  Hustler, on Nov 3. Recorded Aug 5; amount, $100.  C Faas to A J Murphy and J Gilhooley���All interest in Corinth, on Aug 3. Recorded Aug 5;  amount, $100.  S H Cross to W A Coopland����� in Philadelphia  No 2, on Aug 5. . Recorded Aug 5; amount, $1.'  W Clough to J W Black���\ in Snowflake, on  Aug 5.   Recorded Aug 5*, amount ��1.  C T Porter to E H Tomlinson���J iu Lone Jack  1 and \ in Washington Fraction, on Aug 6.   Record  ed Aug 8; $1.  - ASSESSMENTS.   ���  Speculator���RI Kirkwood, on. August 1.  Sixty-Three���Peter Grant, on August 2.  Daisy���N D Moore, on August 2.  Rescue���W H Smith, on August 2.  Willis���David Woodhead, on August 2.  Pluladelphia No 2���W A Coplan, on August 3.  Tupuey---A,P, Blandy, on August 3.  South Oxford���A P Blandy, ou August 3.  Chicago No 2���M M Fry, on August 3.  Aube Lode���M M Fry, on" August 3.  New Springfield���E S Kinney, on August 3.  Columbia Fraction���E S Kinney, on Augusts.  Look Out No 2 -E S Kinney, on August 3.  Dalriada-^-J T Foley, on August,5.   ,  Democrat���J G Steel, on August 0.  Corinth���James Gilhooley. on August 6.  Nancy Graeine���W R Stevenson, on August 6.  Au.ac.onda���J. Lowes, on August 7.  Lilly���A P McDonald, on August 7.  White Quail���C A Abercrombia. on August 7.  Nicola���Conrad Bill, on August 7.  Osborne���Conrad Bill, on August 7.  J W.kackcy��� Aug 8,-by J Regan.  Flood���Aug��, by J Regan.  Jim Fair���Aug 8, by J Regan.  O B H���Aug 8, by M Sanderigan et al.  Last Chance No 7���Aug,9, by JE Joyce-  Alps���Aug 10,by JAVeatherill.  ' Arlington No 2���Aug 10, by C E Fielding and R  Cooper.  Burlington No 2���Aug 10, by C K Fielding and  R Cooper.  Dunedin���Aug 10, by D McRae.  Buna Vesta���Aug 12, by E G Schmidt.  Goodenough���Aug 12, by J A Whittier.  Grey Copper���Aug 12. by J A Whittier. '  Stem-Winder���Aug 12, by J A Whittier.  Rio���Aug 12, by E A Biclenberg.  Carrie���Aug 12, by J H CLirrie.  MollieLee��� Aug 13, by J McLeod. \  .,..;.���>;'���''���   /locations... :.���...'.  Josie���On Drayton creek, Aug 9, by F Culver.  Constack���On Springer creek, Aug 9, by S S  Burton, E D Malley.  Eleetric--On Eight Mile cre.V.c, Aug 9, by W S  Cone, F/Strolm-and.Wm'Harri.*'.. -���  Flying Dutchman���On Four Mile creek. Aug 9,  by Wnr Harris.  Sure Shot-On Eleven Mile creek, Aug 9, E  Genelle.  Marmion���On Lemon creek, Aug 9, by W H  Crawford.  Mary Caiul���On Lemon creek, Aug 9, by Max  Heckmann. /       v  Silver King-^-On Lemon creek, Aug 9, by Chas  Fnas.  Ara���On Springer creek, Aug 9, by A Harrison.  Tig(*r���On Leva >n creek, Aug 9, by Mcx Heckmann.  St Gothard���Ou Lain on creek, Aug 9, by Max  Heckmann.  Lexington���On Sorihger creek, Aug 9, by D  Satin r.and, T Montgomery.  Little Darling���On Soririge.r creek, Aug 9, by P  ���Lu'quist, D Mc-Phcrso'-i, DMcCuaig.  Maggie���Springer creek, Aug J), by D M,.-.Pher  son, D MeCuuig, P Linqimf.  Young Bear���On Soriuger' creak, Aug 9, E A  Cameron,  Weymouth���On Ten Mile crock,. Aug 10. by C E  Smithcmigale.'''  Jay Bird���On Lemon creek, Aug 10, by P M  Sciionberg. ��� '  Detect!ve���On   L?m on . ��� e l eok,   Aug 10.  by .' C  Murolsy.  Two Friends���On Springer creek, Aug 10, by C  Murphy.  Oxberry���On Lemon creek, Aug 10,by A Provost.  Bank of England-^-On -'Springer creek, Aug 10,  by R Wai'pole. ,  Rough and Ready���On Lemon creek, Aug 10, by  H Abbott. '���;'���  Katie���On Gold Hdl, Aug 10, by PM Schenberg.  Rockland No 2���On Springer creek. Aug 10, by  E A McNaughton, K Morrison.  Rodnor���On Slocan Lake, Aug 10, by J Jones..  Florence L���On Four Mile creek, Aug 10, by G  W Sorelle, H Schultz.  Aurora No 2���On Four Mile creek, Aug 10, by R  McFerrar.  Russia���On Carpenter creek, Aug 10, by J B  McArthur. <f!  Tip Top No 2���On Springer creek, Aug 12, by R  K Ferguson.  Stanhope���On McGuigau creek, Aug 12, by W E  Terrill.  0  Little Chief���On Springer creek, Aug 12, by G K  Franklin.  Bird���Adjoining the Dalnada, Aug 12, by- Win.  Blankenship.  Lynk���In Twin Lake basin, Aug 12, by J T  Foley.  Carning���On Carpenter creek, Aug 12, by Luke  Sweetser.  LEDGE CROPPINGS  When in Vancouver stop . at the  Manor House. t  The CP.R. Company, has decided  to proceed with the extension of the  line to Sandon Creek at once and the  work "will be let to contractors.this  week, at Three Forks.  J. Findley, representative of the B.  C. Iron Works, Vancouver, is now  stationed here for-some time to come.  Mr. Findley will personally visit all  parties desirous of doing businesn with  his firm upon application. f  The bush fires at Three Forks, or.  Monday night burned three small log  houses on the outskirts of the town,  near the saw mill. The loss of build  ings and personal effects amounted to  over 31500. It was only by the greatest vigilance on the part of the citizens  that the town was saved.  Bush fires have been burning freely  during the past week down the Lake,  and the heavy winds and dry weather  have by no means put a damper on  them, but on the contrary spread it  over considerable distance. Although  otherwise than burning some fine  forest we have hea rd of no damage.  On Monday night it reached the town  limites and burned some very fine  trees on the south side of Carpenter  croek, and illuminated the town for a  time.  A public meeting was held at Three  Forks last week to consider the ad-  visablity of having a -'school. The  result being .that Messrs. Norquay,  Tyrrell and Sutherland were elected  trustees. They at once .set to work  to get things in shape, and obtained  for teacher 'Mr. McDowell, who is a  brother of the New Denver teacher-  Mr. McDowell arrived here on Tuesday's train and after visiting his sister  proce edecl to T h ree. Fork s w h e re he  will begin duties at once.    ���  Front Street, Kaslo.  Largest an! 1st Coilete Sloi iii District;  Dry Goods, Carpets, House Furnishings,  Gents' Furnishings, Clothing, Hats,  Boots & Shoes, Tents and Blankets  The Windsor Restaurant  3ST��"w- Denver, 33. O.  RE-OPENED UND  EW MANAGEMENT.  Everything in First Class Order.  Meals Served at all Hours.  Best of Attention to Customers.  JACOBSON & Co  Is the Metropolis of the  Slocan District, and  Realty Must Increase in Value.  'n  For  " CHOICE. BUSINESS AND" RESIDENCE LOTS .  Investors wi1! consult their own  Interests by consulting  New Denver, B. 0.  Keep Your Eye On   .   .    .  son's  In Mew Denver, and Yon will see all  the Latest Sensations in Literature of  the Day.  Fresh Fruit and Konfeksliuiiery  Always Kept in S tock  BOKjNt.  Thom a s���The w ife of Geo. Thbm a ?,  of Three Forks, of a son, on the  the 5th ihst. ��  STANLEY    HOUSE,  NELSON, B. C.  BEST Room* and Board in tbe City.   Hot and  Cold Water.   Bath Room for the use of the  Guests.   Rates reasonable.  MES. McDONALD, Prop  THEGRANTHOUS  E  SaricLori, 33. C  GQOD Meals and comfortable  Room-- wv'jp. Jh��  Hotel a pleasant place for .travelers iv Jr.'ui ui.  ARCHIE GRA3STT, Prop


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