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The Moyie Leader Sep 21, 1901

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• r   a,.    /
-«   -,--
/ »       '                 / .'
/    * ,-      *i     y^ ^.--j    /., «' :      i-      r     (   - J    ,r '   -
■-$ to
•OL. 4, NO 23.
*sd ia^.©
ft>     A
\! 8 Sift ffifl ft I
w* w 2 § i s i | y |
A .Partial lidt-
Ml ^
•*  *» ilr.
i* lira I
2% P13 -^
Alien Labor Lav/ !
■ .Respected.
st Be
I Prints, Cottons, Underskirts, Qverskirts,
| Uuderwear, Cotton Hose, Summer Corsets.   Some beautiful patterns in light
& Dress Ooods. ■      .    '     ,
In gentlemen's lines the finest stock of
boots in Moyie.
Light tmderwenr from 75 cts caoli nnd up,
'   . Summer buls from 25 els up
Cotton hoso from 15 cent3 up.       '
' i^ErSW JtjL. ,
COMPANY.'   -„
Taught-the Lesson That He
'Must not Import Men. to'
Work in Rossland    ,
■   The situation at Itossla'ml   lemaim
pracucally unchanged,    The ofT.irt, ■ (<p!
work,the mines   with -unskilled   labor
is proving a disappointing  and 'coolly
experiment.    Only ,1 is t Sal in day   o<k*
of the iiK'pericnced.mineiH.'U the Jo.fi07
lemporaiilyacliug as  cage'lender,  in
sending up a car of  ore   neglected   to
fit at en \h?  car   iu   the   cage.    When
ncfir the ,-uiuico the car wo.-ked out   oi
'ho  'c,-n;e,   catching   in   the   limbers.'
At once' (be  dc-tvutlibii   commenced.
The first .victim was tlie shaft timbers,
the faro was only $1.25 from North-
port. ! said T would only pay their
hire !o Northport, but no further."
Tho judgment continues: "From
(he evidence and Hie admission made
by defendant and Bowen, 1 can not
but come to the conclusion that there
was an agreement, , an implied contract, between the defendant and
Stcvtii'-on, that he Stephenson, wug'lo
come In Kossland, and was lo be employed by tlie defendant in the mines
'"The next point is, did defendant
knowingly assist, encourage pv t'ol-cit
Steven.vm -o come io Kossland under
(his contract? I think there can be
no question that he did? He paid the
fare t'o Northpo-t a-i'J ji'ovided money
for his expenses on- Ibe way., It was
strenuously d'rgued by defendant's
counsel that at most what defendant
did, was only an -cv'3« 00—a legitimate,
fvasiou of the ?ot 'Ihut Ibey taking
these men to'No <hpo-1. was not resisting their immig'-a.ion ixilo C.ui.ida,
and oases were cited on'this po-ol. 'T
cannot agree with Mr. D ily -ij this
contention.'" ''
"Tl'iorf, was, 'J think, clearly a
vioialioti of the act, and I so hold."
Tllli AUfitf L.A130K ACT.
Sec. 1—From nnd after the p«-sin^of
il\vis iu:'< it .<-h;tll be unlawfivl !for tiiy
iii-rion,    comp.i'jy,  ' p;ir(i:TiP)-j!hip    or
Final Service Over WilJiam
Vast Concourse, of Sorrow-
,' ing People Participate in
the Simple Eites at
■  Grave, ■
Tlie Craubrooic I-'alr.
East Kootemiy's Fall Fair will be
held at C.-anbrook next Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday. Secretary A.
W. McViltie and his staff have been
unibing in their efforts to make the
afl.ii"'a success. ,   .
iiloyie intends to be well represented
at it. There will be ore from the
principal mines and agricultural products from the ranch«,3 near, town.
There will also be at least one team
from tlie St. Eugene enter for the
drilling match. It is likely there will
be a good attendance from here each ,
flay of the exhibition.
Paid Up Capital j $3,000,030.
four 'sets boimrbruki'ii"in Iheeist coin
partmonl, then   w.-d-cd   i,.   the   mass I ,-"rtJor"lI',!r,» iu "">" rasi"»Pr io   prepay
nf  wreckage,   the   car    w.-is . 'crn»ln d. I ,hl!   > ■*-«'uPPi t'-^'on,   or   m   any ■ wny
The ambiiious iMigmer-r, Ftill  continuing .0 apply the   power   to   th,<   h..i-l,
X. A. MacKexzcis, Proprietor. „
fhc Hotel"^for the  masses.'- Everything:". First
ml;everyjifespect.i:Sarnple^"Rooms for
domnie rcial:Men.
British  Oolambia
V. i>E3ACJr;xiEK,    frop.
- Lar^c"1 sample   room ". iu"co:mocticn'
with house for commercial :neu.   Best
-Of accommodations
HeadquartersJdr jOom'irisncial ja'rfcf jiMining   Men.
QliKRj:   AVKNMJE, '— — , ~ MOYIE,  h. C
i>^r-;^^r^.*r*^^*r^£^^.ia>   —tt, ir.nr .-rf,   .irri.^Tirj...".rj.n^irii,^"ia.,.''Mri.    n. mitihi ..tip  ipti.     ■       „    —.v,-.^_-w-—
the cage was so badly broken a5 to   be
absolutely useleas.
The'lriiil of Al Geiser, the Oregon
contractor for violating the alien labor
law, ended in a victory lor the Miners'
Uivon. ,
"I find tbo'dcfeiitl.inL, Geiser, guiity
<;n both the' informations laid"," s lid
Police A[-ip,istra:i-Li 'ult;.;ee.
'•On iiic fi'-st on-'1, '!vil,of Stovcn-
sop, I sja.Qiicfc iiim lo   p-iw x  line   of
< 1    v
•>'50'J (0 bo lov e i by distrtsc', and in
"lefanU oi diatiess, ihrce nionlhs im-
piisc-i'fr,*iiu." »  ', ,•
'-For the second offence,  (Audn?.Y'js
case,) I inflict a fine of spDO/and in  default    three    months    imprisonment,
The fine lo be paid on" or before   September 23rd,"
■ Tlie court  after -reciting  the   facts
necesr'.io   tp  be proved   in order    to
!^,-^',i make out a case '.in =cr iLk; act proceeds
?!$ 1 to analyze the   evidence   and niter  re'
tf&\ I viewing what w.'S -worn to' by tlie pros-
.ecu!ion in chief  and by Geiser and his
witnesses,also in chief,   together   with
the admitted fact that in   B.tker  City,
Uregoa, an ofiioe  had  bejn  obtained
and a plaoard exhibited asking for'500
men and that' at  the   same   time   the
.wage scales in force   at   Kossland  and
XortbpcTt  were also  exhibiljd.    The
magistrate   reviews     the-  statements
made by the defence on cross examinations.
Geiser swore: "I explained to Ihem
(the men) that there ""'as a road and
11 trail and a railway to Uosslmd,  and
(o nssi-st or (■•"icourug'* the impm-l-u'on
'>r imfidiiration' of any alien "'or
foreigij'-r into Cunada, uncler contract,
or <i{;;c'c-in(- if, paiole or special, express or linjilioi!, 'm-i;!o previous to.Ihe
importation or immigration of such
alien, or foreigner, to perform labor- or
,s'.-rvicc rif :ijy kind m Camnin.
It eh.dl "r,e di-em---d a viobitio-i of, this
act'for any perton, pafii'mersb-p, com-
i -jau^, or    sornoratinn    to'    assist    or
j -■ . 1,
fucrmrage 1 h-^ im'pori'Uiou or iin
m'gratmn of any person who re»iilc-s in
or is a citizen of,'any foreign, couniry
■.0 which this act applies, by promise
if'empUiyment lb 10 ugh advertise men ts
printed or publiset-il. in t-uch foreign
country; and any such person coming
to this country iu consequence of such
an advertisement shall, be 'treated as
coming under a coritract, as contemplated uy ibis ac;.
For every violation of the Act a
penalty may be inflicted A not exceeding oiie thousand dollars, nor less
land fifty dollars. ' ■'
Canton, Sept.' 19:—With majestic
solemnity, surrounded by his country-
men and townspeople, in the presence
of the president of the United .Stales,
the cabinet, the justices of the United
States supreme comt, senators and
representatives in congress the beads
of the military and naval establishments, the governors of states and a
great concourse of people who had
known and loved" him, all that is
mortal oftfie third president to fall by,
an ass-issin's bulle', was committed to
the #grave. - Tt w's a spectacle of
■mournful urandeur. Canton caasml' to
be a town and swelled lo the,, pru|'v»f-
tion* of,a great city. From overycity
■ind hamlet in Oiiio, from the remote
corners of the southland from east find
west, the human tide Unwed into ihe
town until 100,000 people were, within
its gales here to pay their hist tribute
to the fallen chii-f.
The final scenes at the Firs Methodist
church -in —which-rtr^i-£-r—^t.\o*?-^}—rs^^i£-05
were held,'and at the beautiful;,West-
lawn cemetery, where the ho.dy ^fas
consigned to a vault, were simple and
am! imprc-'s.-ive.
The service at the church consisted
of a brief oration, pra\ ers by' Hie
ministers of .three denom millions and
singing by a quintet. Tht- body was
-ihon taken - (o AVestlawn cometery and
phiced in a receiving vault pe'mlirjer
the lime when it will be finally laid to
rest beside. the dead children who
were btr-ied years Hgo. < The funeral
procession was very impressive, and
included not only the representatives
of the army and navy of the United
States, but the entire military strength
of the stale of Ohio, and hundreds of
civic, fratei'oal and other organizations.
It was two miles loug.
Assassin Czoljjosz Arraigned.
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 19.—Leon
Czolgooz, ihe 'assassin of President
McKinley, was arraigned before Judge
Edward Emery in the county court at
3 o'clock this afternoon on the indictment for murder in the iirst degree,
in fatally shooting Piesideut McKinley
on September Gib.
Again the stubbron prisoner refused
t,o plea, or even   to   utter   a   word   or
* i ,
sound, and Morgan L., Lewis, ex-
supreme court justice, entered a plea,
of not guilty. The accused will be
tried in the supreme court- next Mon-;
dav morning.
Moylo W.iLurworks.
The work of layingthe pipe  for  ihe
waterworks   is   going'steadily   ahead,''
The main pipe is 1-ijd   down   Victor,,*
street as far as the Luke ' Shore   hotel,' ',
and.as far   iionh   as   the   M-nihattatJ,
and the   branch   pipes   in   the   upper"
end of town are    nearly   all  in.   .Five1
lire hydrants have also   been 'put' int. ■
One'ia at the  post*oflice .conif-r,   one"
!at the corner ncarrReid,- Campbell ' &
Go's, store, one   opposite Dr.   Green's   -
residenceon   Queen's avenue, and ttftf
at opposite   corners   near   the  Hotel
FJeelwootl on tho Wing.
The Leader ii. m receipt of a letter
from Dave Fleetwood who is taking
iii the Buffalo Exposition aud other
sights of into;est iu thd east. Mr.
Fleetwood was in the Temple of Music
when President McKinley was shot,
but he says-lhb crowd was so gre.it it
was impossible to get near him. However, he saw him iu the carriage as he
was drive::' to the Exposition hospital.
F. A. Andeison left for Spokane
Wedaesdp.y.    •
D. J. Elmer-has—again opened nis
ei^ar and fruit store.
Miss Flossy Linkligliter l-.-ft, for Mier
home in Lethbvidge last Sunday, where
she will spend the winter.
Flugs rrere flying at half mast   oy6r
llo Got Buck on tho Train.
Tuesday morning when the pnaseiJ-"
ger train stopped at the. station &
Chinaman got off caTying his belongings neatly packed' in a hour; siict.-
He had evidently heard that the peoplg
of Moyie,were bad and tha^t they di$
not have much lcfve for his race. H£
pacsd nervously up and down the* °
pht.'or-in,until the train was abotit tc?
pitli out when he started for town:
Someone in the crowd shouted to him/
''get back,on that train," which com-,
mand he obeved in ve'rv short order, -
the   Central   hotel   and   the.    Fariell
Mr.  Fleetwood   will   return   to Moyie   block this week cut of respect  for   (lie
this fall.
In ^the shower the other clay?
Didn't you wish then that you
thought 6i bu$rJiig; an
£L G..      .Mead MssV J&wH JL
Be wise ahead of time and buy
one how, even if the sun is shining. We have them remarkably
nice for the money, both iri wood
and bone handles, steel rods &hd
good fast color covers.
■   East. K--"-—'
i<;S?^i;V ^
Planer Has Ai rived. l
The,, PlaoL,r for the   Moyie  Lumber'
Co. arrived this we ek  from ,Lhe  east
and will 'soon  be   moved   to   the mill
where it  will   be   installed.    An   ad- '
ditiori has been buik   to   the   mill,   a'
<;ood big lumber yard has been laid out
and everything   is   in   good   shape   to
handle the big lumber coutract which'
the company now has on hand.
8nay;s Fall Fair.
Fhe   Complete  Program.
ij.—Grand opening of Ea.-t   Kooteuay's   Agricultural,   Mineral
and Imlu.-:rial Exhibition.
opra   house,   under   the
a r .1 1".
PI.    '1
4 p H €.»
■ IFV/iSf'
..       21;    '•*
Live stock lura.le.
1 ioO to i P." M.--Lacrosse:    Femie vs, Cranbrook.   ,
Foot Bull:    ihaiibro'.k. 1-Vi-nie and   Xurlh  Star   teams   for  Beattie
Olio and «levL-n gold medal*..
1..30P. M.—-L' iiibiLitm of riding unbrukeu mid bucking horses. '
{^v   f,:nO—"Rock dii!liiur contest.
\i  Evening—Gran-.' dance nnd supper ;-i   tin-
:$ auspices of Cranbrook Laerosso Club.
^  10:R0 A.M.—Football limilM.
^   L:.'!0 P..M. Sharp—1-torse iaees a? per ndvertrsed i-rogram.
'•Doctor }.\.'' the guidless paeer, will give an exhibition.
9 P.M.—G-pud sniokmtr cmcert a
comic Mm"*5 and ."purring cout- .t.
1:30 P. M. Sharp- Conclusion of hois- rat-ing program.
On Saturday afternoon there will bo a llugby f-iot  bill   game   be-
iweon Cranbrook a ml >!clson.    l\u-ng \ih lie of tlm   exhibition   the  ^
Cranbrook Brass band aud the famous native indian   band from the  iO
"t. Eugene ftlMsioii vill cater lo .he lovers of music. r^'l
:i'*;i-'o :o i"- ; :< :/>r. -I  v '>!-i!cv "f   Coimnittoc. -'"'3
•' rle." •'■'ami. .('^ of .the ni,ui.i:i-^'s are canceled.    Additions   have   '/$
■   Viv'VJo. to Ike vrizo lists'•'as follows :    Horses, singb driver under   ^
late President McKialey.
A. very   enjoyable   social    bop,  was
given r.i the Hotel Kootenay last evori-
James Cronin left for Spokane hist
Pev. W. L. Sheridan will preach .tomorrow evening in H°. nsen's V shaped
building, corner Victoria and Tavistock streets at S o'clock.
Leave your order at Elmer's for ripe
tomatoes.    Green onca for  pickling.
"W. L. Re id was in Cranbrook Wellness dav.
A Birthday Party,'
, Last Sat. little Miss Irene Kvmuy.'
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Kenny,"
was six years old, find a.hirlhdaj' party
was given at the Hotel Kootenay to'
mark the event. Between io aud 20
of her little'.fiiends were pteseuf. A
long lable, well lz leu vfilh good things,'
was set and the children had a banquet'
nearly all to themselves.
i &'
t   US
l   '--'.
i p:
' Ir1
^kalmg    link,   club   swinging,
Machinery Taken Ont of IScho.
Tnis week tho engine ' and boiler
was taken out of the steamer Echo
and shipped to Letbbridge io be used
in a brewery. Mr. ^"eiviig of Fort
Steele had charge of the work.
J. J. Murphy, the clother. Intends
.starting a bianeb store at Elko, and
will be ready -.o open up about next
Mo.id ay.
Ed Hill was" in CiOm'brook' the first
of the week.
.VTot.-il Quotations.
New   York,   Sep..   JO.—Bar   silver,'
58£   cents,    L»ad,   price ' for    miners
and smelters, %-i.Xl-h at the close. Capper, broke: s' price, ."Ji 10.50.
f     London, Sept. 10'.—Load £12.
S.  W.   Murphy   was   In   Cronbrook: —  	
Thursih.y. [     P. Fitnu-y, uncle of Mrs. M. A.  Mac-
G.   A.   King   and   Chas.   Bicsel   re-livenaie, was here from Fort   Sleeie   on
lurnnd from Spokane' yosterdu,. I .j v\bil Cnv n,s|i cf ^u,  w,Joli>
The fruit  teason    is   getting   short.]
Leave your order at Elmers, for a   case
of plums or Concord grapes.
McMahon Bros, expect to have their
in    Elko   f-ooipicicd
n by October 10th.
C. ii. Tallinn,  of   "aliner'o   peerless
pants fame, is in town.
A.   O.   Cook,  act-militant  at   Parle'
ili lmml
i)o-;s—l-bt-:j:'. of any breed/' $25.  modal
ana $1
.■;' Nelson.    Fowls—-'-SiI
imigled Hambargs, ;f2i.t $1.   ;\s"i
now   hotel
. ready io op
!     Tin re are now S5 men on   the   pay
! ioll at the St. Eugene.
Mr--:. M. A. Wall'nger was here from
Kurt Steele this week visiting with her
brother, M. A. Be ile.
.L. A. Backers'  went   to  Nelson   last,
dij i Mitchel". ife Co.:.-i mill, mab'e a business
| trip  to Cranbrook Tuesday.
J«.   J.    Kenny
,v.,--'!Nr- ^-v-os" '"■"''''" ^ ■ i
.    rhos,
Snok an-:;,
lla-Jer   has     returned
was    in    Or.iu brook
II L't'JX iC*JS    LOUA r.,*S.
Lois for.$75.   Easy    pay incuts.
ijnts   on
pay nieius.
' V icona   ..street
.Si e i,'. J. Ei:ner.
or. TO  ffiyn?   fDiniJB   i  -"ih',lvh Joh,,J- S,,1,,VJ" w uo
IIJLJJ     IftUliif     htjiibllll.      j-hiiU- ouJ M the iir.g  for   all   time   to
~ -"-    --"  --"--   "   " --"-----.----.   ~- fcrni'- .-(iii iic likes to expiv-.-.* an   i-pin-j
P.ibli.-hed in the inlercs'l of tbe people iil'!1 0!1 ,h';   y^ngcr  "pug*." as    they
'bob up.    In speaking   of   tbe   pre-enfc
' of Moyie and East Kootenay.
F. .1. SMYTU Aj CO.,
-    Vubllslipr*.,
.!     '-''
Oao Vep.r 52.00
^ATUKDAY, SEPT. 21. 1901.
There is ninny a small boy these
days wlio regards the public --.-boo] a
public nuisance.
champion a day or t'Wo a;,o-he .-aid:
j "Why don't it good,   big elrmig   fellow
like JeiTiios who holds the  chainpion-
| ship, got out   and   do   morn   lighting
| than h,- does?    Why don't he get   out
| ami j-'oj) ihese   mugs   in   four   rounds
like! did in my palmy days?"
Harvey    &   Mc Carter
llarvi-y, MoC:iiU-,- .'.> Alexander,
W.RN1E, B.C.
Barristers & Solicitors.
jg^^rgggggg-gaa^^ '^—'i'ffi?*?*-^"'*^^ -rr-oj-j
•Mining* Stocn
A pre-*s'me«*ling is to be held   at (ho
Halcyon   Hut  Springs  Semember. ."10
for t'ne purpnt-o ol inaugurating an   institute for Eastern   British   Columoia,
The meeting is  being   called   by   Mr.
Thr-y ,used    to   call   him   "Chippy" ! '■*'n(J*'i- McNau^ht, now 'man-iger of (ho
Hill.    Now lie is known as -C. P. Hill, jpl'n""-t!, ■'■•<? '» m-wspapertnan of eon-
thc iron magnate of Kitchener. j Mderablo   experience.    The ' object- of
this association shall be: 'To cultivate
friendship and pleasant social'relaLions
among the members.    To discuss   and
Frank is all right for the name of a
man or a horse, but don't it sound a
Hide punk for the name of a town?
. The Polish.residenfs of the ' counlry
having denounced him, the condemnation of Czolgosz extends from Pole
to Pole.
general   intei-
adopt measures in th
ests of publishers, editors and journal
ists. To procure .reasonable increase
of revenue lor the several publications
owned or controlled by  the   members!
Daily market prices ,by   wire
from Spokane.
a Notaky' Public, Accountant, Commission and
Insi;kancj-: Agent.
P. B. HOPE,     '
rf <7S & m
¥ 17-
Chemist mid Drug-gifit,
MOVIK.  11. C ■
*^. *zr*ttKM»l^~t~Aryra<*.
W. E'  QtTJRD,
15.  v,
Why Does Everybody Prefer
Accounts Promptly ..Collected.   Insurance* Agents.   Notaries Public.
■   xvro^rs::
mnAwx-jmir irwarTrTnmrwimi i rinrriririii
Sound Logic.
Cranbrook Herald :    That shot, fifed,
last Friday at flu  Pan-American  ex-
'  «1 •;
'It,'- ]
newspaper in the Koolorfays published
* last Saturday   that  contained   an  'account of President  M.* Kin ley's death.
,, The  Rossland   Miners'    Union   has
won a victory in Ihe Geiser   trial,, and
Mr. Cef-ipor has hud it impressed  upon
his mind to the time of SjiooO that, „ the
laws of Canada,must bo respected.
,   There is now n diversity   of  opinion
as to whether   it,   war,   the  assassin's. .  	
bullet. ' or    (hat   big    breakfast"' thai   I'^-tion,   has" shown, (be fclrenglh   ol
killed McTvinley. " -       '■■'*»   ii--'*-   that   bind   ihe   Angle-Saxon
isy^SMy^Tggsss? I race.    The   Saxon    may   live   .under
The Loader'was   tlie  'only  weekly (•'*1'l*"'*'<-!*Jl .lags.aud dillerenb rulers, but
w'ie.1 it comes to suilhriiig or   trouble,
the u'njly of their sympathies .and   the
bond of blood is  quickly   and emphatically     demonslr.Uid.      With    -'Un-
American . Mag at. 'h.«!f   niast  and   the.
American li-arl bowed in   sorroiv ainl
fear, awating the fate of the preoideut,
there  came  from   every   clime   where
the   Uhiuii   Jack  llo.it->,   messages   of
sympathy and   echoes  o,"  prayers   fur
the life of America's ruler.
nAitiasritii, soiiiciTon, etc.
Because It's the best and,is constantly
-kept on hand by I ho only wholesaler
in East Kootenay.
'    ,    ■      CRANB'IlOOK, B. C' "
:oot enay's^ _FIRST_' Annual Mineral,
A^fcuituigl   and   industrial  Exhibition,
U5li ■'■'
i«""'.'f •
_Thc father of C/olgosa  siiys  of ' the
assassin:    "He came iiome ' nignts  to
sleep.   All day he   was   away   fislr-ng
or idlim:. He said he was not well and
"could not work.','    And this   is  about
the "turn turn" of  the   average anarchist.
r Mil';-
I ■!'
: ■ I' :
*;. m- ,.,
,'ifU   !,
%%& i
'i }tM k   s
■ I ^
, *'.   i
i-      fl'  J      -
fia «
p. ■'«
Chenj) at Tiv'e » the Price.
An Oklahoma tdit.or who is a deep
thinker ha.- fixed a table of Wiles for
publishing things "not sis they seem,.1"
heie is his schedule; For calling a
man a successful citizen when everyone knows he is lazier than a   govern-
Commission   and   Insurance!
Agent.    ■
In sunt nee Co.'s
Fort Steele,       '      B.' C.
i c
City    Shaving   Parlor,
■    '"     ,   CENTRAL   HOTEL. "    "
wk-slet oti.vs, r ■•.>!>.
■Moyifi, B. <h
i_"y **^t-.tJT^g« ■j;sr*t*^7i,rr*ri-
1 ment mule, -$2.75; referring   to   a ' de
That   the   men   who   attempt   the
lives of our chief  rulers   arc   mad  oi
are anarchists does 'riot alter the silua- [' cojsed     citizen"   as    one1     who     is I
tion—-the iact ia that   the   king   killer ! "K-'nrne.i, by    the   entire  community
k abroad, and   k   becomi'mr   year  by    vv,u'n "'li kl*r>-v lie will only be   misled
[0   hy 'tlie poker circle.-,  $1.08;   referring
Send Your Work
o year   a  more   profeutous   men act
society.   '
to some galiavanating hussy as an   es
limable lady whom it is a pleasure   to
0£e   t.img   certain,    ;7   the  mines, meet when   every   business   man 'in
under Bernard McDonald   are  worked j"town would rather see the  devil   bim-
with   nonunion   men   tho*   will    be  self coming, hoof, boms at;d all; #3.19:
*&*. x
Board $6.00 Ter Week.
MRS. }V{UTET-IEAD,   Proprietress:
( 1
Biend delivered       "'   - '   ,
,    ,.  to any p,-ut,o   the,, city,
Alivavs" ox Hand, f
*,1**'M***TMrfirTJTVT<|-lKTTT.W*T)T ITIfHll.Wtl.ni> *t*
.   '"     '    ' ■      INTEREST AND ENJOYMENT,
Mineral -Exhibits, Bucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse  Races.
■»TJHilT«T*r.v-„..^.^ ^^
m.m - ,M*M- - .-^ •rnTTTlMlffiWW II
The best prouram-ver.soen in   the; co'uritry,    See /posters   and r«ircul,irc   in
further parliculars." Specially   low   return   railway   rates " from   all    p-iin!^
iff    ■
IT,!,    ,
. 'i f    i
|,'h-r !■  f %'
'F, '-,! { "M
-   iff "
-' k>rr .'
•|S  ■
r ■
worked with unskilled,men,'as   nearly
all the'stilled  miners of   the country
' are now Lo be found within the  ranks
. of me union.
■ ( Owing to the drouth tho Missouri
corn cob pipe factorymust shut down,
being unable lo get enough material
large enough to work. That is the
hardest blow the newspaper men have
had to contend with this season, says
the Mine Workers' Journal.
-1 ' 1 ,r. ■
:\#  »
'i-lt> nit
-; i
lie ,'.
■|: "*■
■'t -'
<k ?
as- !
;$ i
it,*, j
to* *
f !
■"* i
?! »
i* -
• Not only is education free in New
Zealand but, where necessary, children
are conveyed to and from school
gratuitously on the government rail-
-.vays. 'At sixty-live every man apd
r-voman win needs it, white or native,
receives an old age pension;
I Tho Silverton Silyerkmun has suspended publication for lack of support from (he business men of (hat
town. The. owners ran a,drugstore in
connection with tho print chop, and
Uie paper has been kept alive on pill
money for several monthsmast.
i Tho Leader contends that every dollar now in (he treasury of the fire brigade should be expended immediately,
:-o far a:, it goes, m Uw, purchase, of fire
In ease of a fire  the   hose  will
calling a common pulpit .rounder an
eminent divine, 90 cents; sending- a
tough sinner to heaven with poetry,
#5.00., '    ''
a MOiut.
I oiia- kneiv ii dear little mother,'
With a beautiful blue-eyed boy.
She coii-*t,uitly bathed and brushed.hiraj
Aud when he hud tired of toy
She \vouki tnke it and scald it nnd.scriipe it
Aud lay it away in the suu;    .
Aud thati? the way she took care.of
Hi*, play.tb.in;,>;, eVery.one.
Pent up iuhis,owu litle playhouse
The baby gieH-p-ea^ed and pale,
Aud there uere the neighbors ebildrou
A]] dirtyimuI bnj.py and hale.
' li the baby went out for an airing
The uuiie iviis to understand '
That none of tne neighbors* children
Was ever to (ouch his hand.
Hut. ti-.^y did, aud the injured mother
' J*roiuj"it the dear babf inside
!    And sliut. Jmn up iu hi-- pJojhou&c.
V/hf re (he .UtUe one fretted and died.
Then thc.toi-u lie«>n turned to the "S'ir.'dii
Aiid this vm tbe weight of hoi ]irayer:
"Oh, Mother dear, don't let him play with
Tbe olbe>- angola up there."
C'v v. AKjr.«.>'.
FOR    11ENT—Au    eight     roomed'
home.   .For particulars apply to   Mr
W. C. L-cc-v.
Where it   will  be  Done   Satisfactory,
•     P., LUTNER, Fro?.
GOOD "WOim. ^   I'ltlCES reasonable
PCBWO»JI*tll*-liu^ ^"tf**-,UW.*i^*,»K"f'",WJJ^uW,.L^^flJJWuUJgart:
For hire by the hour or   by
the  day.    Moderate   rates.
A. W.-,fl!c¥ITT!E; gec'y.
m L £ H fa g » i
Clothing; .Gents';' Furnishings,
BobtSj  Shoes, Hats, Gloves, Etc.
jJOU-s   hARBEJs,   D. .D..S.;   i,.   &
'O T? iO ■»-»•"'!"'
Victoria AVE./'AloYrE, B.  t"
Barber' Sho
men to tiuvel and advertise forold established
boi"-e of .-olid finaucial !--tandiug. .Salaiy ,S7S0 ».
je'ir4'iidux,.-uies,i',U i,ii\able in cash. Nocaii-
vn*nij reciuirod. (Jive reierem.--'; end eneluse
.self luJ-l.-essed .stumped env.ope. Address j'.Uni
i-'^er. :■:>'> Ca-vton il'dg., (Ji>-cago, }-l
' Hot, Cold and Vapor Batbs.g    '
Opposite /[Cosmopolitan   ?lHotel
, a        c
■   ',      ^ 2 '-       -.    >> *■
...   BlffiKTISTo
O/Iicc- aiid.Boidcnce    CRANBROOK
Area-tecl Waters of all
•yy » -a
■i   I'
I •:
be oi much bclLei , seivicc Ih.ui the
money. Ccl the ho.-e nof; and tl:c red
Wagons later on.
. The very latest is this from Pcblio
.Policy: ''Taylorville has a municipal
cemetery. Many of the mty'*, fmmer
leading citij -:-.- have n moved (h.-rc
It has \,r'n t-.o much bulfe: man,-.!--,...]
Sandon Pay.Ureak -.   lydbl v.-0ek John
McK:u-kil lost 90
in.    This
i nt' j iin.-in
Vi'o once k
a lightning
j"a!-e no!,re  thnt tliirlj   di>\*   fr»m ihe (hue
l'eivof, T intend to apply to  tho  i-hiei   conu.ii*-
■-..iiiei or iniicl*. and v.orkc for -i timber lnn*e  t,n
Iii-  foP i\>-itjg land
Prest, the photogra*
Ifaer, nas just received tbe finest lot
of mouldings in
East Kootenay. -
W. A. Prest, ■
Cr.iabi-ooli,    Tiloyic,     Fort Stet.-le.
Will Visit itfoyie on   '
Tucsr-ayanti «"ecrJnd   a
• iJASE NELSON; PrBfirlStdr?
MJnera   lieadqunrters.   ' Good* .'accommodations  for  traveler's
'••qtiore and cigars kept in stock',
Lake Shore Addition
Best   wine./
rrom-j iwoamwii
Orders Solicited.
:!)• foP m-iug l.-uuis, .situate   on the  w.-t  side   r;    1        ttt*-   , -     ~
of Aloyie lake in  South  !-'.e:t Kc.'tenay, u,.,i j &0CUI     VV atCl'      ELllO.     SVDJienS,
described a*, follow.,:: Loi'imenci'i'-: at a jio-.i ,
plimteVl lt7 chains So links ikv O ,i| ,'i^.j,, -,i nnn_
ncM lion tlie norluv,eM (o-iiti of "lot \<^ji.
:'">up J, litis'. Kooleiwty. 1 1k;uUo u-e*-t-'!.' eiiaiiii^
io a no-i, tbenee north ](.() i-'i.-ms u> >< -,iu.,t
u.eneeea't -'0 vli-'ius to a ik,"-:, ih-iiio -,.nilh UA)
ihasJ,r,„,o   much   bu(.e:   n:an.:c„.,l ' u^l^71 ins? ^ °?l'w u' "  I'"-' -j4^M^ .     50   VE^SS'
• an tlie leei Ol    ,m-Clty    Inat    ;(      ii,-    c-i-n"-.  lo  im>  place  01   begi:1.iinK, -onwniiw      '^ ^kUi^^n-^ „-r-^L_T.?TO,
abitants never make any kick on ac-   "^'"''-^oai   'S8",LAW,!KSl'"'''-WVU-.     '   ^    p   f^^^rff^f^
oum or mi.smanag,-mc-::t " '     1 ' '"-0      ! ^M    & / 41| & *& k' fe Ps,V|
0^ Kfi!
(fe? !*>=>'
ler-t   of
funnel   bv
'lak' notice th'it tniily <hi;«. iriua tin. ■ tlat',
hereof, 1 intend to apn!> lo the chief (ununis-
i-.oujruj" hiDil- and \ioii,s for a tiuil.er iucse on
tin-full uv.'i'g lands -ip-nt-.- on tin.- w-^w 'de r-r
Mo;, ie hike iu i-o.iUi K(mi 'C»/i*l -**••>-, nni'
de-ciibv-d ,!•. follows.- <JoiP)i-cii'_ii!<< .,; ',. ])0, .
1,1 | lilanti-d is" t-li -.in-, hi in.i-.noil'i 70. Id. :n 1t1jn
io purchasid 22bC feel of an artc-iin   v'"'  r'v'"1 ,Ju" ,!"1'll,',('-' «>■•""' of '.)■   *'"-oi  ,
*   irilo   thiec   loot   kngthij   and ' ''"-''"-''-"'- J<'nhams m y po-;, t;lf .„c
c1 :ouu'i    lb
new   ji*,k  for
loot kngthij and
countly   foi   pu
wafs on Han
duality not e^celled'in.the country. Try it and
be convinced.
Prices GiveL
and   Orders
Taen on
5.n tlie Printing1
' 0>    -
LU1 Jt<
'% _  . J'oijjysrdA' b.ros.
I ^;illri1F^tel is Few and well Furnished.   Tbe
§        I a Dies are Supplied with, the Best the
ld ;;«;u,,rMS I-..-,,-,,;; u,..,; ,,1rt;,!:;,;;..;ri,v::,=i,
( ■ I i-.'.ini'- to plnce  of  beeniiini..', eoiilainii."  ip ! cni..i,<, i :■! .-ii-.icleia-Jic* i ,"r'.al.    't'ci,:n, --j n
tljid.1I,!OuCrL».. (Slid)    SAJIITjiL GKANl-. l^V;-;.? r#';!J,ha' ^J-   «« 0 oyall i^wscIpuIow.
, -{Auff.ao.i-joi.        ■-      . .j_2o.''. - feiUftfc ^ lio.3G'BrHtiwa^^ew fo'rfc
S i
IV.       I.    fl
*0[U.Ui K3     CuJ
.     . AMD i.-XiMiHo .:/!•];M
■   .  «i
Vl.Il.iTIRir COl,U.-.Si:lA    <*'
S'i(?;^:;**:i*si>i>^C*:*i.-.*fc-r*.^^i'*-. '-^'.^-..,. ^. ...   .. '  '
^^^i^^S^T^^K^SU^iSS^^ -J-»'—*'>-'''*g*-Tt- irnn m
MOYIE,    B.    C.
F«rs«licn   iWnrdor
11.-id  ilJUiK-etl   <J»e  Murderer.
"*-niaIl things sometimes tell big tales
jind" unravel mysteries of. long- standing,"
Lid nu »\d detective who has *--ci-n long
Korvicf in running down criminals in various- parts of the country. "The most
Hin.'-il.ii- case that ever fell under my can-
„..,s a capo in which a white man had
ijcVa murdered in some mysterious way,
»,,,! (lie body was put away aud all efforts to -locate it were out of the question' Suspicion loll on a negro, and ho
,v,,s' arrested, but subsequently wus re-
Icnsctl because of tbe absence of proof to
counrvt- liini with the crime. Tin*.body
ffas missing, and it was certain that the
mini laid been murdered and robbed by
eoiuc person familiar with the surroundings The negro had worked'for him,
but had been discharged because of impudence. ''     .
"Ti-ii years lapsed. All interest ih the
,/rinie had died out. One day some negro
blackberry pickers came across a key
niiidi li'""JJ °» tlje ,iml> oC,a bush. lie-
- cause of the growth of the bush the lwn-
' i\a of the lAy was partially buried in
tlio liini'- Ih'glit under the bush the negroes found tho bleached nnd decaying
bones of a human form. When the matter was reported, I was sent out to iu-
ypstigate the mutter, and I gathered up
the buiics, cut the ■ bush down aud took
cvorj-thlng to the police 'station. ■ We
went back over the list of .missing men.
"Tin-re ■>'<*<- ft captain connected  with
the ilc/.'aitnient who possessed a wonderful nu-invry. and he turned nil of his nt-
(ontiVii to the rusty key. which was utill
In the limb of the bush.   I ouglit to state
here that tho uegro had remained In tho
community   and, bad    by, his' industry
bought a few acres of -land   on  which
stood tlio house which bad figured in the
mysterious disappearance ten  years  before.   'Cut that key ont for me,' said tho
captain,"and it was' cut out..   lie had a
consultation with the chief nnd, without
telling me where he was going, asked mo
to go with him. - ' ■>■   -
VWe traveled about- four' miles ' and
drove up to a littlo house late in tho
evening. There was nobody at home. 'I
guess we might as well go, In,' the captain
6ai(J, and, pulling thc-kcy from his pocket, he shoved it into" tlio lock, turned,,It'
and opened the door. Wo, waited for the
negro after locking the door again, but
he never returned. ..'Tho'' house was,
watched all night, but the negro never
came. We, grew, suspicious and soon
learned that ho had fled upon hearing of
tho discovery in tho brier" patch. Flight
Ftrengthcned tho evidence of his guilt.
Ho was arrested in a .neighboring state,
returned, tried and convicted and finally
Cleaned.  ' ' '
"The'key which solved the mystery had
got caught in a twig that sprung up in
' the brier patch, and but for this fact the
"mystery would, have never beou solved."
wln"ft«fiJ"ir'i-ii1l rfjg biTun
A Sad tetter from a Lady Whose
Husband Was Dissipated.
How She Cured Him With a Secrei
Some Useful'Hints to Mothers on the
Care of Little  Ones.
"I had for years patiently homo
the' disgrace, ' suffering, misery and
privations dtu- to my husband's
drinking   habits.      Hearing-   of   , your
oils   rammVy  for   the   cure     of
A GocKt Puxzler.
■ In ono of the, old' castles of northern
England visitors are shown two  rooms
which are connected with each other by
a singular mechanism. .Each room is adjoined'by an alcove,  use'dasa sleeping
'room apartment, and the floors of the-adjoining alcoves turn on a pivot in the center of the-pnrtition.wall.   *
This ingenious device was tho invention
of one of tho ancestors of the present proprietor, who was somewhat of a wag,
and found great pleasure in frightening
ami mystifying his guests.
When one had gone to bed in the green
room nnd the other in .the blue, tho floors
were ' turned on their pivots, and on
awakening the visitor found himself in
strange quarters, with clothes that were
not his own.
-It is said that this fun loving lord lost
n rich inheritance by disturbing the restful moments of a wealthy aunt, who never forgave the trick her nephew played
upon her.
.-niK-.ss, which I could give mv
husband svcretly, I deck!1 d lo try it.
I procured a pm-lca/re and mb.xd it
in his food'and coffee,, and, as tho
remedy, was odorless and,, tasteless,
he did not know what it 'was , that
so'quickly relieved his craving .for
liquor. Ho soon1 began to pick up
lesh, his • appetite for solid food returned, he stuck'to his work regularly, and we now have a happy home.
After be, was completely cured I told
him what I had done, when- he ac-
knowh dgctl that it had been,,his saving, as he had not the resolution to
break off"of his, own accord. I heartily advise all women afflicted as I
was to g:vo your reniodv a trial." - '
package of 'Tasteless Samaria Proscription SENT FREE with full particulars in rdain. sealed envelope. All
letters considered sacredly confidential. Address The Samaria Remedy
Co., 30 Jordan street', Toronto,  Ont.
" •'    TX3IE
Woman's Milan Tcprancc Unloi
Babies cry because tliey are sick
or in pain, and in almost every case
the sickness or pain is caused by
some' disorder of the stomach or
bowelri. Fermentation and decomposition of the fpod produce a host of
infantile troubles, such as griping,
colic, constipation, diarrhoea, simple fever, indigestion, etc. Proper
digestion of the food is necessary to
the maintenance of life, and evacuation of used,up products and refuse
of digestion is' necessary to health:
The lesson to mothers is, therefore,
that the stomach and bowels should
be carefully watched, arid if baby
cries, or is fretful or ' cross, some
.simple vegetable remedy, should be
given. Mothers should never- resort
to' the so-called '"soothing" preparations to quiet baby,>as they invaria-
ably contain .stujiifying opiates.
Baby's Own Tablets will be found an
ideal , medicine. They gently move
the bowels, aid digestion, and promote sound, healthy sice])', thus
bringing .happiness to both mother
and child/ Thoj, tire guaranteed to
contain no poisoning "soothing"
stuff, and may be given with absolute safety (dissolved in water, if
necessary) to children of all ages
from earliest infancy, ' with an assurance that they will promptly cure
all  their  minor  ailments.
For the benefit of other mothers,
Mrs. Alex. Lofave, Copper Cliff,, Ont:,
says: "T would advise all mothers
to keep Baby's Own Tablets in the
house at all times. • When I began
giving thrm to my. baby he was badly constipated, and always cross, ire
.is now four months old, has not
been troubled with constipation since
J gave Him " the Tablets,' and he is
now always happy and good naturcd.
•Mothers - with cross children will'
easily appreciate such a change. ' 1
enclose. 50, cents for two more boxes
of the Tablets; a.fkl will never be
without them in the house while I
Baby's ' Own Tablets are sold by
druggists or will be sent by. mail,
post paid, at 50 cents a box, <• by
addressing the Dr. Williams' , Medicine Co., Dept,, T., Brockville,   Ont. '
Boir   an   Illinois   Farmer   rr»pare*
Hla Corn Fodder.
It will be a long time before the silo
becomes common among ordinary
farmers, says J. A. Milne In Tbe Breeder's Gazette. Tbe large first cost, extra force of men and great power required to fill it and some uncertainty
as to result are all arguments against
It Tbe small farmer is naturally conservative and slow to adopt Innovations.   ,
I have a plan, simple, practical and
tested by the experience of several
years, which,, while I do not claim It la
superior to the silo1, will perhaps recommend itself'by those very qualities.
The plan is this: Drill corn as thickly
as possible in single rows" 3 feet 2
inches apart. Cut It with a corn"harvester and set,, it up In large shocks,
20 to 25 bundles In a shock. Stack if
jjossible after Nov. 1. if it Is stacked
earlier, it may beat. When needed, It
is passed through a feed cutter rub'by
horse power and handled by my own
help. There are a great many nubbins
on the' stalks, and altogether this
makes tbe best'and-cheapest feed I
have yet found. This season my ifod-
der, part of it stacked In November
and part of It drawn from the shock
only last week, Is in excellent condition, and my flO milk cows are doing
nicely wilb no other roughness. Any
one can try this plan without extra expense or a radical change of piiuxat
which is not true of the sli*.
to acquire a ta?te for good mu.-:ic by playing
A Williams Piano
and sirgirg lo its accompaniment. Thus do
ycu acid 1o then- plp.i-ure. Thus do they
learn to add to you s in la cr life. We also
sell Org ins, Phonograph-, Musical Supplies,
ani Eldredge-B"' Sewing Ma-jhines.
Your Credit i« Good.
Write for <"alai«'fiU'.- ai.d Prices, stating
terms yon wiih to purchase ou and tave middleman".- p otiis.
Y. M. C. A. BIdg, Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
ALtnO AtMAfts
As OlA/
Stations and Days.
Leave | l-.ea.ve;
Going   Going j Arrive
South.  North.'
.fiiLJLLUl   llLLlD
T was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Bay of Islands-.
I was cured of Facial Neuralgia bv
Spring-hill,  N. S. •   ■     *
I was cured of Chronic Rheumatism
Albert Co.,' N, B.
1 notice you've got summer' pants
on,  remarked -the  dog fancier.
Ves, gasped tlie exhausted- terrier,
but they're not loud : certainly not
as 1{,l'd as some of this season's flannels.    ,
Trtii'. Nevertheless, what you need
5-s muzz]in".
TOTALLY DEAF.—Mr. S.E.Crandoll,
I ort Perry, writes: "Icontracted asovoro
cold last winter, which resultod In my
nocoming totally deaf in ono ear and partially so in tho other. After trying
various remedies, and consulting several
doctors, without obtaining any relief, I
wis advisod to try DR." THOMAS' EC-
bkCTRIC OIL. I warmed the oil and
Poured a liltlo of It into my ear, and bo-
*oro ono-half tho bottlo was usoa my
hearing was completely restored. I have
heard of other oases of deafness being
curod by tho use of this inedioine."
AN,EASY  ONE.;.   ;
' Sleepless  wants  to  know■:.'   .What
would you give a dog to prevent its
barking at night ?
Uivo it away.
Letter ,from' Mrs.' Georgj Grant, of
Paisley,' Out., giving paiu'iulars of
'-a' cure effected by "Samaria Prescription," resulting in its use and adoption by the Paisley Woman's Cliris-
•,i«ui Temperance  Union.,
(Copy)       •       '"
Paisley, Ont., December Ulh, 1900.
The Samaria K< mt-dy Co.,' ■
30 Jordan Street; Toronto, Ont.
Dear. Sirs.—I penned a,few-lines to
you some time, ago.—as a member 'of
the temperance cause, 1 wrote for
iiifonna: ion; at that time 1 had in
my, mind frkr.ds whoso son was a
rrrat cause of anxiety "and trouble on
account of Ki^ ' drunken habits. I
-troiigly urgi-J the friends to try the
remedy I saw advertised in the Toronto Clobo. They did so. It was
the Samaria Rennrdy that was administered and 1 am pleased to ln-
:orm the company the medicine was
helpful; the young man has not
drank a drop cince, breaking oil from
old companions: and special prayers
on his behalf, all aided in breaking
the chains. ■
At'the last  meeting-  of  the  W.  C.
T.   U.  here, ;1 ir.-reduced your medi-
;ine for the cure of "the liquor habit,
v.ml a resolution  was passed,   "That
inasmuch as it is the aim of this organization to help ihe poor inebriate.
we should rccomn.it.-nd this ramedy in
houiQSPwHere persons are atdicted to
the     use     of     intoxicating ,-iquors."
Now,   sirs,   wishing  you  a successful
career in your noble work,  and  feeling that assistance can be given   in
the precincts of homo, by the hand of
mother  or  wife,     trusting God  may
jpen up useful avenues for your    lasers,     Yours very respectfully.
oCSigned)   -   MRS. GEOI1GE GRANT.
°On behalf o'f Paisley W. 0. T. TJ.
FREE SAMPLE fn1?^?1:?^
atlon, testimonials and uriee sent in plaii
sealed envolono. TCnclosfc io Htamp. Addrosi
C-Hlfl SAMAli IA HEHEDY CO.. 80 Jordan St.
TORONTO, Ontarlr
A woman's mission on earth is to,
convince some man that he .ought to
A'Bell That   ,Vev**r  Rans,
A curious legend Is that-connected
with the bell of St. Mura, In Ireland.
The bell was said to have descended
from the sky ringing loudly,'but'as,, it
approached the earth tbe tongue detached itself and returned to the skies.
The people concluded from this that
the bell was never to be profaned by
sounding on earth, but was lo be kept,
for purposes more holy and beneficent.
•  An Act of Grntitmle..'
A gentleman saved the life of a
clothes dealer who bad been capsized
. in a boat The latter was profuse in
his'thanks and said to his rescuer:  "1
' see that you have spoiled your clothes
on this auspicious occasion.   Allow me
'to take tbe opportunity of ^handing you
my business card. Ten thousand elegant summer suits at 46 marks!"
-cave from Canadian
h'orthera depot—       !
Winnipeg w) jtforri3,Em
er.ion.st. I\iul etcJiy
St Paul to Emerson
Jlorris, Winnipeg dly
Winnipeg -.o ,Bohiu,
Miami. Bel.rontJfart-
ney & Brandon, Mon.,
"Wedand Fri.    -.  -  -
Brandon, Harln-jy, Belmont, Miami, Holaud,
to Winnipeg, Tues..
Q burs and Sat.   - -
Winni eg to PortagGla!
P. ana intermediate
s'ations, daily ez Sun.
PorfcigelaP. and inter-]   ,    \
, rnedmte stations t-,,
Winnipeg dly ex Sur.' 18.30
Winnipeg to, station's on
, Boaver and Delta nran
ehes, Tee?, and Thurs
Beaver and Delta br'ch
stations, to Winnipeg
Tuei. and Thur3.    -
Winnipeg to Portage la
P., Gladstone.    -   -   -
Dau;>hin,    etc.,    Mon.
Wed. and Fri.   ' -
Dauphin. Gladstone P.*
la Prairie, Winnipeg
'i'ue3.,  Thurs. &   Sat.
iVinniyeg to Wp'gosia.
ti-Tugs. and Thurs,
Drink and the gang drinks with
you;  swear  off and you go  it alone.
Familj' quarrels wouldn't be so
bad if other fiunilics would only keep
out of them.
lIjsTit on a Grent Qnentlon.
"It Is my opinion," said one sage,
"that a man who has a college degree
is very likely to be successful in life."
"Yes," answered the other, "and it is
a rule that works both ways. A man
who is successful in life is very likely
to get a college degree."-
DYSPEPSIA OR INDIGESTION is occasioned by the want of action mthe billiary
duet?. loss of vitidity in the stomach to se-
cre- e the gastric juices, without which digestion cannot go on ; al.o being ihe principal
cause of headache. Parmolee's Vegetable
Pills taken before goiuu to bed, for a while,
never fail lo give relief and effect a cure.
Mr. F. \V. A'shdown, Ajhdown1. Out., writes:
•'Parmelee's Pills are taking the lead against
ten other makes which 1 have'iu stock."
{Vinnipegosii   to   Wpg
Mon. ana i«'rl. ..'.	
Winnipeg      to    Giand
View; Mon'. and  Fri.
Jrrnud View to    Wpg
Tues. and Sat	
Daunh.u to    W'p'gosis
and. returr., Sat	
DauDhin to Swan Kivcr
&' El wood. Wed. ..;.
El wood to & .v.tn B '.ver'
<fc Dauphin. Fri	
Leave frora C. P. depot
>,\'inuipeg  to V/arroad
Beaudefte and in cor-.
mediate stations.Mon,1
Wed., and Fri	
Bcaudette, V/arroad,etc.
to "Winnipee-.    Tues.
Thurs. and Sat.    '...,
Gea. Stmt.
13 00
lfi.43 .
2D.^5 '
1G.00   ,
'   Traf. Mc
Procene   Too   Expcii«1t«.
Warts are curious things. They
come and go mysteriously, although
their going is frequently marked by
exasperating delays', and there are almost as many infallible cures as there
are warts, the only trouble with these
cures being that'they, are useless when
applied to the particular wart you happen, to have. They are only good for
other people's.
"In my opinion,' said a clubman who
was discussing the*' subject with a
friend one day, "a wart Is merely the
outward correspondence^of some mental1 excrescence. Get rid of that, and
It goes away.
"Let„ me.give you a bit of my "own
experience," he continued. "Last°ye<ir
I went to Europe. - For about three
years I had had a wart on my little fin-,
ger, on which I had tried everything I
could^hear of, but without effect. It'
..only grew larger.
"Well, in tbe excitement of preparing-
for the trip and of the journey itself 1
forgot all about my wart, and when.I
looked for it about six weeks.later it
had    vanished    without   leaving    tbe;
slightest mark.   I simply forgot it,,and,
it bad" no mental condition to' feed on.
1 see you have one on the back of your
hand. , Forget all about It for a few
weeks, and it will go away-of itself."
"Yes," said tbe other clubman,' shrugging bis shoulders, "but'i can't afford
to take a trip to-Europe for tbe sake of
curing one wart."
'Mo.ny of our out-of-town patrons
find, when needing diamonds, that
they more than save tho expense of
their trip by .visiting us.
We, carry by far the largest   "
stock of diamonds in Canada,
' and our prices are made possible   ,
' only by personal selection from
. the cutters in Amsterdam, and
consequent saving of all middle-'
men's profits.
5   5-555
If you cannot come to us we can
. come 'to you by mail   through our
Catalogue. — Try   it   once   and   be
convinced. < "    '
T O   R   O   N
T O.
Some men owe all they have in
this world to others—and some owe1
a lot more than they have.
Even a sensible woman likes to
tlunk that some good'man is, making
a fool of himself abouUlier
The great demand for a pleasant, eafc and
reliable antidote for all affections of tho
throat and lungs is fully met with in Biclde's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup. It is a purely Vegetable Compound, and acts promptly and
magically in subduing all coughs, colds,
bronchitis, inflammation of Ihe lung:, etc.
It is so palatable that a child will not refuse
it, and is put at a price that will not exclude
tho poor from its benefitii.
ffinatf'r;Ltetaeni toes ;Ginet in Cows.
Surgeons should hasten homo from
-iicir. summer vacations. The footed! season is on.
rt< is good to grasp an.honest hand
^insisting- of four aces. '
'any  a  man    who   claims   to
Wedded, to his-art can't prove it.
until  railroads  cease
million dollar' favors  from
!nr 'tickets  will  passes   cease
■ssuod   to  public servants.
to  want
fifty dol-
to     be
MinardJs Liniment Cures Dipcria.
The oldest Monkish order is the
Basilians, having been established'
in AID.-; 3G3. The next, the Benedictines, date from 529.   •      .
In March of this year there were
only 293 tinplate mills running in
Wales, against 418 a year ago.   ,
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of this paper will beipjeafl ti
learn that there is at leant one dreaded dlseaii
that Soi.nce has been able to oure ln_aII It-
atatres, and (hat is Catarrh.. Hall's OHtarr).
Curolsthe. only pes tlve cure known to th*
medical fraternity. Catarrh buir-K-a constitu
tilonai dhierfae, requires a oonsiltnMopn* treatment. Hall's Coiarrh Cure Is taken Internally
aoting dlreotly upon the blood end mucous sur.
faces of tlie eystem, 1 hereby destroying the
foundation of the disease,arid giving the patleuj
strei-Rth by budding- up tlio constitution and
assisting- nature in doing lte work. 1 n«j>r»-
prietoni have so mucK faith in Its curative
powern. tfht they offer One htinflriBd dollare foi
any case ihnUt/alia to cure.   Send  for   list of
t6AMr^% J. CHKNEV & CO.. Tol do. C
Sold' y bruggletf, 7(5o.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
AncJcnt  Hook!ceeptnpr  Methods.
Tlio collection of Assyrian and'Babylonian records at the British museum bus
revealed more of the domestic life of people who lived 5.000 years ago than is
known in the case of our own countrymen 1,000 vears ago. Such was the opinion expressed by Miv W. St. Chad Bos-
eawen when he explained these relics to
an ■■interested audience. The clay bricks
and 'cylinders beneath tho glass capes
were covered with characters testifying,
to a'completely organized system of justice, marriage, divorce and commerce.
The bookkeeping of 5,000 years ago
was shown to be wonderfully accurate. A
curious form of record is ..that-preserved
in the form of baked clay tablets, which
were inclosed in clay envelopes, also inscribed'with the terms'of the transaction, so that a double record provided
against the possibilities of damage. The
"open and closed evidence" spoken Of by
Jeremiah is supposed to refer to this system. The practice of recording on a
brick the name of the king, of the building and of the city in which it was being
erected has had the advantage in modern (lavs that an odd brick-may becomo
the means'of disinterring a- city hitherto
unknown.—London- Chronicle;
.The    North   American
not dangerous  to man.
and    Indian    aligators,
contrary,   extremely so.
aligator is
The African
are,   on    tho
S. S.   Marie, Owen Sound,  Toronto
• and East - Via Lakes,   .Mon., -j.-h.ur8
Tues . Fri. and Sun	
Mon'.re:""1, Toronto,   Ne-.v York and
east, via. ill rail, daily..
lict     Pcrtuge    and    intermediate
points. Mon., Wed. & Fii. - ,
' Tue:., Thurs. & Sat	
Kat    Portage   • and     intermediate
points. Tucs.,Th-.r-j, and Sat	
iron.-Wed. and Fri	
Jiol^on', Lao  Du Eomicc »uid   inter
mediate Points, Thurs only	
Portage la Trail ie, Brandon, Calgary
Nelson, and a!! Kootem.y and Coast
points, dailr	
Portage la Pi.tirio, Ura-idoii, and in
tei niediaio points, daily ex Sun —
Portage lu Pra rie. Brandon, Moo=e
jaw and intermediate points daily
Gl.idstone. Neepawa, Minnedosa and
intermediate points,- i-.vily ex Sun.
Sh \ai i-«ake, y orkton and intermedi-
,*te points, Mon., Wed. and Fri —
Tues. Thurs., and Saturday	
Rapid    City,     Hamicta,     Minofci.
T ues.. Thurs. and Sat	
jlion., Wed. andFii	
Morden, Dsloraine andinterraeit;ai:6
points...- daily ex aun
XauinUa, Alameda mid intermediate
points, Mon., Wed., Thurs. «te Sat
Mor., Tues., Thuis. nnd Fri	
Glcnboro. Souris,  and inlc.-mcdlate
7^oi:.is, daiiv rx Sun	
Kapinko,, Mclihv. Alameda and Inter
modiato points,   M"on., Wed,  Fri.
Tuo.-i., Thurs. aud Pat	
Pipestone, Ilcston,Areola and intc-
mod ate p-jinii,   M^on. W ed.,  Fri.
Tu.cs., Thurs. and Sat—'	
Frobyshire, H'uah.  Bienfnit,  3-iste-
\rt'ij fcciu. »*••••••**••>••***•««• ••••••
j\2OIL-••««a*j«s *»*■••••■• ••*••••*•• ••••
Grjina, St. Paul, Chicago daily
Stonewall. Tuelcii-.Tues. Thurs, Sat
West Selkirk ^[on, Wed, Fri
West Selkirk Tues. Thtira, Sat
Emei-yon Mon, Wyd »-ul 1-ri
Gen. SuijU
7 30
18 00
19.2 D
13. f
Gen. Pass. Agent.
Lots of people lose their temper,
but unfortunately the loss is not permanent.
Mtad's Linimsnt Csres. • Disteip
A woiiian in Pennsj'lvania has been
deprived of speech,, but it took a
flash of lightning to do it.'
■ .The■''mail'.,who''volunteers ' to open,
a car -window for a lady is eithei?/;
very  strong, or  very inexperienced.
A woman may not marry the first
man - who proposes to her; but she
will--respect his good judgment us
long, as she. Hves.
A man may be able to mind his
own business, but it takes a woman'
to mind, her own and her .neighbor's
at the same time, '     ' ,.   '
A New York judge has decided that
no wife has, a right to go through
her husband.'s pockets. All'married
editors please copy.
ScTvlnR- Done   1)5" Ants.      ,
Ants are credited'with so many marvelous accomplishments Hint a new one
must be remarkable to *ae noteworthy.
Miv E. G. Green of Ceylon, an authority upon insect habits, ' has, however,
macle an observation which is well
worth putting on record. IJe has watched red ants holding grubs in their
mouths and using tbe web they spin to
repair a rent iu their nest.
. Some leaves which bad been,fastened
together by the ants were separated by
Mr. Green, and in a short time after be
saw small white grubs being passed
backward and forward across tbe gap.
Closer, observation showed that each
grub was held in the jaws of one of the
worker ants, aud its movements were
directed as required. A continuous'
thread of silk issued from the mouth of
each grub and was used by tbe ants to
sew up tbe rent in their shelter.
There were no grubs in the neighborhood, and those used were obtained
from a nest at some distance. This deliberate use of a naturally formed web
as a sewing thread is as astonishing as
any Instance o'f the intelligence of ants
yet observed.1
Most men get, married before they
are old enough  to, know better."
The Newest; 'The Cleanest', The Best-
WINNIPEG :' Maurice Nokcs, Prop.
Rates'—-One Dollar a Day.
See our .Imperial 'Bus-at   the Depot.
> The mighty  also  have their  woes.
The czar is trying to reduce his flesh.
Tho healthy glow disappearing from the
pheek and moaning and restlessness at
night are sure symptoms of worms in
children. Do not fall to get a bottle of
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator; it is
an effectual medlcino.
A pickpocket is
get his hand  in.
always  ready    to
Tho locomotive tender and the bartender are both  tank  iillcrs.
In hirf Vegetable Pii.t,s Dr. Parmcleo has
given to the world the fruits of long scientific research in the whole realm of medical
peien^-e, combined with new nnd valuable
discoveries never before known to man. For
DmjCATi' and D::ntr,iTATED Constitutions
Parmelee's Pills ;.ot like a chaim. Taken in
small doses, the effect is both n tonic and a
stimulaut, mildly exciting the secretions of
the body, giving tone and vigor.
Some     pretty  girls
despite their beauty.
are attractive
Lots .of men would-
friend. than a  dollar.
rather lose   a
and,so would many a young
lady, rather than take a bath
without tho "Albert"
It'lenvcB the skin wonderfully soft
and fresh, and its faint fragrance is extremely pleasing.
Kc-vraro of Imitations.
MONTREAL.'    ' Sj
With the exception .of a, fussy woman there is nothing on earth so
disagreeable as  a  fussy man.
A Paris doctor has discovered how
to make short ladies tall, and it, is
said that the Parisian ladies arc
flocking to him in hundreds. It will
probably turn'out that bis plan of
elongation, consists chiefly in pulling
the legs of his patients.
When all other corn preparations fail, try
Holloway's Corn Cure. No pain whatever,,
and no inconvenience in using it.
Blessed is he who. mak?s a
■bluff, but twice n'-cssod is he
makes a; bluff good
The    "oftener   a
cheaper he feels. '
man  is     sold., the,
Minaifs Liniraent Cures CoMs,.Etc-
The man who never makes an enemy '.may be a good man, but it is
dilucult to determine just what he
is good for.
A well known Perth doctor, as
yvitty^ as he' is clever, came jicros.*. a
master butcher the other day admiring a block of houses which be had
recently put up. "Weel, doctor,what
think ye o. that1 block ?" asked the
butcher._ "Think o'.t ?" replied the
doctor. l"I juist think there's mair
profit in killing than curing !''
It  takes  a game man   to  make    a
successful  house hunter.
It is the long hours and short, pay
that make, the average country-bred
youth, down on  the farm.
Denmark has GO cows to every 1.00
people, a European record. England
has  only 27.
W. N. U. No.  340.
A   «U.*W.5r.d h,'
Stratum .rtti:i<> 1  the L'ns»m.
Mi, Straiton 5*. ..':<* of the   :nii*|
tvufiir- men in tbt  v.e-t, and ih,-'   vv,"
in   which   he   j.irn d   Ih"   ( aipt nter*-'
union    illu.--ir.itc>    ;hi-.     L'ecent"".   h-
v.'ent to his new p.ilaii-1 honi'* on    Nevada avenue iu    Colorado   .spring-   to
KL'M)J)E'(JF' OLD' '""
IlA.A&.    boped ,iln\.u£rh  hi-, sbn-v.d  powers, oF'i
uisra riiyrrsaga
to rv,1  (7,/; Ppanish vicerov
o recognize hi*- govw^mr-nl, or, failing
Iu     ' ' -      ""'
tee how work wa-
Murphy v,-a5 then
workmen, for he >'
progiessing.    Tim
wiih  hi-s   force   of
■a,« b.').-■-
of   Car-   job.
■ I <'*■'■
. |  C'|i "
f T
Stiat'.on walked in nnd looked arn-nnd
Then he-udilonty fell iu'o a rage at
ihe apparent .-lou-ness of tin* work,
lie nbr-oinlely cu*«'-ed out the w]iol"
♦<hooting m.ilch and told them .-ill to
get otifof hi*, place, and that migli(\
Tho Government Sot Up by Count   ;„,*i-    . t   . ,
St, Denis in 1714. ;   " ",ls ,U" <'^tcd <° ™ overwihing
  ! over to' Spa in and get h inn- elf appoin >ed
' A itomiintie Frag-none  or South western    governor of iho Wrrlutry.    Mnenhear-
Jlistory-Tho Count's arc-tin;*- with fx.ved ai Ibe JYesido San Ju.-ui, ix-ai- the
, ( tho Mail lie  Thought lie .' lll° Grande, the governor received and
-"ftd  Slata. J entertained  him in a  most, hospitable
rn        • ,       7~^~ i lr*anner.    The   polished  'address    -ind
lliereismucluvell-aufbentit-atedmn-1 courtly   military  Wrin- of the bo L
»-n:.l for   he historian in the minds of   young ad veil uircr ainio"Uns antlv won '
the old ^ tenui^of the bonier timt will ' the head of the old goverir ar^ at the
,0011 pass beyond the reach of Ai vrit-; same time the heart'of hh bVaitJful '
*-rs.    J-ow people know anything of the ' daughter.    It was /onooL^-nS
very   ht,„ settlement, in Tex,*, and, | at first sight.    St. Dtoi"dm^rgot I g | I
doubly   many will be astonished to   the e^Iro that he had^ ^S ■ U P*   i
n  -ii K  ■.,      ihat   COl"1T^;    commenced!. Senor  Vihesecas and basking in 'the    8 # B     ft
nearly i!0(> years ..-10*0.    T h>i-«* wnvn mi.1 sm,'i«, „^  1-..,  •>,.... b UL I E? U K     &-**£
H'",000 in gold, Had lie Jhed a few
,\ c irs longer be would have aniieijxited
1 lie work of Austin and Houston, and
Ihmly established a government in
Texas thai Mexico could not have over-
1 brown 100 years before the battle of
S:m Jacinto was fought.—Globo-Dem-
r- in
f  '
'   «!' :■"-7'$*'*-
•   *■*» ■      "ir*?."  ,
,' ^ 11     l !    1   , f>'  s
'■fi?    ;.  * •>','
!iBJL"n     "f'-.J
,','if! --VCI -JJii
»■''!?■ '."I i It"; --'
!fH})  -. t,     't'.J-V
.W.  I  / ,    f ffet1
IK'O.. -'    i"4.
•''''■•  vhl::'!. '
-'   -fU',
-, ■ <iw ■
5 fe.T,
' <*H '■
'    " i4 '
j  Wt°
.  i/i.
,'    1 \rf:!'   '
.     lit-.   (   ,J   ;i""...    '
■^C A f"i 1
liti !.*l"; r ■;
''Where is-y.iur  curd,   Win?"  a*>keu ,
j\Iur|)hy half .--v: loiniy. ,    j
'•'C.ir.ibe  hanged!"   irjnhied   Slral-
''I don't need ,-i card."
"But this is n union job, Win, and
if you ain't <:ol one 0f fhem ilV all oil".
We can't v/ork with nonunion men
here and'you are not a union man."
"That's so, Tim," icjuioc d Slrultoii.
"I guess I had better eall ihe' bovs
back'and finish the job. And, Tim,
put my name in at the next meeting
of Ihe union."
.'uironio ,road. which is one of the best
lno",vn landmarks in the southwest,
v..-is laid off and carefully mapped just
1S2 years ago. It v.-as ai one time regarded  as the longest highway in the
J>ems was loaded with chains and
thrown into the fortress'of Monoclava.
Doima Maria continued to assure Hie
young man of, her, devotion and of (he
friendship   of her father.     After    St
[ fit   j
fa". !
t4 >•
i-njT {-'■■ -tj-jv 'i
t'-:nr ..'■ pk-.-
'■PI.   ..
Ml* ;<-
.* '*'j „i '■
u .•**,> -I
-;i c;
, 1 ! I ? t •
H is> 1   '
i-T 1,
*'4i ,|
-.-'.w-'i'- ;'.
"Do   you   moan   if,   Win?"  ai*krd
Murphy. - -
, '-To?, let her go in, if the   boys   will
.stand for it.    ] don't   w.mt any   man
over to ask me for a gard.    It he   dop?
I want to be abb- to .show   it   to   him,
1*111 t • *       »i i 1 0    1
"  I hey didn't have unions   in   my   day
but they are good things."
Whpn the union held its next, meet
ing Murphy put Sfratton's name in
,and tiie millionaire mine 'Owner was
duly elected, and has since Tjp.en carrying his union card.— Chicago Tribune.
H !
l» ', is
I5«i '.
F Ji ■',    ...
! -.ic-'in in 1
>ii' '
i-ii-i    '
Suporinteiuf ent lJury and tlie Strike.
The closing,of the trackmen's strike
has brought to tho front one   fact,  on
this division, and that is the excellent
manner in   which    the   train   service
■ was  handled.    Superintendent    Uury
-adopted plans radically different   from
those followed on some   'of
divisions. II0 allowed the  mon (0 con
tinue to live in   the   railroad   houses;
he permitted them to continue to  em
"To        - was^onffer tban any of Hie!  Henis had been confined  a month or.
"loi;e llis ixnverful rival appeared one
hue day at the door of Ids cell/followed j
by   a file of his guards, and told St. j
Denis that if he would instantly surrender all claims' to Uu). hand of Donna
Maria, that he would release him and
give him .letters that'would assist him
m the prosecution of his plans in the
C.iiy of Mexico.   St. Deriis,.vi.li flashing-
<'.>•-••*, xeorned  flic offer, an ; his reply
wo.s ^-oj-tby of one of the old knights of
chivalry.    ,
"Tyrant, you mayload meirith chains,
but, so long'- as Donna Maria honors me.
with  her°]oi;e arid confidence, po'long
f*hall that love nnd confidence beg-mud-
ed as my most sacred treasurcsr  You
may fake from me my life, senor, but
you cannot take from me,my honor."
I  ,  The iyrant ordered St/Denis to be
j  treated as a common criminal, but when
months had jxissed and the brave young
I Prcncluiiarj showed no signs of yielding''
iho wretch sent a courier bearing this
eruel message to Donna M-iria:   '"-Mar- j
, ry me, and St. Denis shall be released;-
refuse, and your lover shall surely die."
The  fearless youmr girl declined the |
tyrant's olV'c-r in emphatic terms, and I
at once applied to the viceroy in the City "
old If oman roads-longer i ban the great
military road that led from the tfau-sof
the Eternal City to Constantinople and
<be  Asiatic  provinces.    The  San Antonio  road, proper rah  from Snpi  Augustine to Sap Antonio, nnd the lop.*-
road extending r;rni1h oi the Alamo mis"
won across the Puo (Jr.'mde to the Cite
of Mexico1, a distance of mo;.- than l.Oub
miles, w;,.s also c.illed (he San .Lnlonio
road.    If, u ,t- originally Jaj<| ofl" i('m foet
wide,   if is a road yet.  Thipff,vn1 ,.0.,(i<
'over which Sprmi.sk' vicevovs and rieblv
laden' e-u-iiMins   traveled---over   v.hie'h
cruinilers    Ihousands    c'rowdetl     Ihoir
way to bp.1i !c fields for more than 100
I years,  « as laid off. by men who were
I 'talking cf republican institutions before the idea of .Ipffem.n or the triumphs  oi" Washington , had   ever    entered the 'minds of the wildest dreamers.
Spain ,nnd Prance both claimed the J
eountiy. France based her claims on
■the discoveries of La Ralle. This great >
explorer, in searching for ihe mouth of
tin; Mississippi, sailed Too,far west, and
'innlly landed on the shores of Matagorda bay. Jlere be'built a.forh antl
called   it  Port St. Louis." in lionor of
Hill! B
j, • . — FOR—
'Carpenters', Tools
Builders' Supplies,
Shelf and Heavy
Hdwarare, Paints
Oils and Glass.
It will pay those who have not taken advantage at our 10
per cent discount cash sale lo do so at once. We are otd-
„ling there with both feet and want nil tho people of Moyie
to do s,o lo get some of our 19 cent, 20 cent, 22-.i-'cent and
25 cent dn-58 goods. ' Hee our knitted goods in fascinate'™,
hoods and shawls,' all 10 per cent below cost.' ladies' cos- ,:
lumes, underskirts, lounging jackets, underwear and a
thousand other things. Come one, come all and wo will
treat yon right. - ° ' -
All accounts must be settlect'at once!
XiuMnitliiiij-: and PlumhSn'rr.
iii §§B afelsvLn.
SiazasS'.*g?'r^.'r!rrr*?~'.^^y r~»».--jr.
f 1
m   H a   S* R   t*J»-^>
Louis XIV. of France,    localizing that
o1' Mexico-1 elling him the siory 01 their
he bad made a mistake, La Salle ac- I Jore-,' Tllc viceroy was moved bv tbe
compcuied by'his followers, attempted P]<-cous appeals of tbebeauti'ful girl, and
to march across the country, hoping to I he rel*-«i*>ccl St. J>enis. As soon as St
reach a French fort on. Uie Arkansas | P,cnis v''as liberated he married Donna
the  othor.jito 'keep a small body ol soldiers.   Jle f  L- ..-e „«
lost, his life through the treacheiw of    dross won ai! hearts,   The viceroy of-
his own comrades, and it is supposed    forod him a positioii wnder the Spanish
epose somewhere on    government and gave him full authority
The be?I  of  apcommodntions
fortho traveling public.
-^ j    j-»»     ^«Jii^    Li\rf~   i        t ,  -~j       ■-«-.-    iiivi ^u     uv     L4-J
wers, attempted    P]tcous appeals of tbe beautiful girl, an
.mtiy, hoping to I he relenscd St. J>enis.   As soon as SI
.i-icm-n inrt on. the Arkansas    DenIs v-""s liberated he married Donna I
lerehe had instriifcted De Tonti    ^via um] Resumed his journey to the   McMfl h mi    Ikyna    'T>™^~
a small body of soldiers.   ne j Cji*v of Mexico.   Here his pleasing ad-   i*-sA"L-ld'il0n  .^IQ&.,   J^rOpS.
life tlii-ou.o-ii  ti-i^. (pnnni^m. Aft dress won all heart.**,   Tim -i-ir.Q>-^, „^- '   -r»-n™_»„_ '
 —WfcJ, vii
that his  bones  repos
the shores of the Neches river.
.?'< J
i~, ,  - ...   '„ illc -.-nores or ine leches riv
-joy  certain    privileges   granted ah cm ; grated  re^rts  concemiin-
ii-? 1*
\iA-V-' -)■   ii-f-f ,'.
i;,-;t% .-,1 {ii'ii:;,
IS'11    '.
h 41* ..., if.- -
i '^rV * 1    1 fa ft '
\ % t ■!»* .1
1 iW4 t
.while at workj and in consequence
during the entire time- of tho trouble
Air. J3ury retainea'' the respect and
good Will of the striding men( ou this
division. There
ble on thie part of
were run promptly on time, Mr
Bury is .deserving of- no little credit
for the manner in which he handltd
affairs, and his good ju.lgmeut will no
Unubt be appreciated by the' company,
■-•-Crau brook -Herald.
, c, the rich
eoimiry west of the Mississippi river,
which bordered on the Gulf; of Mexico,
reached France; The soil was said to
be the richest in the world; the climate
I »-as .salubrious, like that of southern
to punish his enemy. St. Denis showed
, that magnanimity was numbered with
his many other line traits of character,
for he refused to make any trouble for
the man w;ho had so cruelly wronp-ed
hbn. ^ . .;,      ,  ^
It is not known as to what kind of au-
Kcpnirod and Made to Order.
,' The objects of  the* com'pnuy
are;    Jo  niTonl   -a  safe*  and" ; <
T-rofibible.nmana for^Lho   sav-
■-    ing'of Pipal) sums by   iegular
instalments, 11s well as for the   '
inveptmen-t of small unmunlg
of ciipilni ,-il a produclive rate
, of int{-rp,-(.    To assist   m^m-
horp in building,  purchasing,    "
»' or im'proving home? and clenr-
ing, ,off   existing   incumber-
P. T. SMYTH,     Agent,o Moyie.
' WILDEY L0D3 E NO, U.   " ■
„'-      ,    ,      SUCCESSORS  TO''       ,    "
M.-Mclnn.es'& Co.
'WUOJ.ESA/.K ASD R-RTMU    ,    ,
Frerih   and Cured Meals,- i^rosh
, ., .Fifjh, Oaine  and  Poultry.', We
supply   only   the   best.
You 1
trade solicited.
' nr.VT.KETH
At   all   the   Principal
Ofties   and, Towns   in
British Columbia.
R.^A. SMITH,' Moyie. j Jreet8 ever*v Ivlon(Jil>" evening in   their
i- ■ ""I*   on- Victoria  street,    Soiournitie
VIVID    Jf ./.D ,n.      i.-... <_..         .. ' T
venturous and warlike spirits that sur--
rounded the throne of .Louis XIV, notie
listened to iheso stories with more ea^
fffiruesfi than CoUht $i, D011U,  He wafl
a, brave, energetic, and iiaridsome youth,
i >vbo had inherited a great name f.nd
J mahy heavily mortgaged estates.   Tbe
•>-.,. "   >        i , I opportunity which he eagerly sought;
..AA^TED-TKUSTWOKTih' MWAKB vyo*- j lo draw his sivofd and make an effort
;^;I   mV, , ''cmseioroM eslab!islJea   to fUl his purse on the piains'of the
hou.se of solul linnncial standiii".   sniarv S7M) n I 7>-    n  -    i   * . l
year and expmc all nayahl" in "cS    Ko«m   ll° ^?^^^-^-^jteclt
,",.,;.: „„,,  „..,.,„... I      XIie bare cold facts of it
ordered the lands sun-eyed, and granted
titles to the settlers;   He 'established
trading- posts at various points in the
ini-ei'ior and 'rapidly   accumulated   a
large fortune.  He po«j»*,sed the hanpv
faculty of inakiig-- a friend of every
man   who came- ,in contact with hiim
He was called the- "just chief by the
Indians, and his fame for fair dealing- i *«*- >      *       «
avos well establii-rhed with all the tribes IMoyie, B. C
near MacEachrbs & Macdosalds
. House - painter, grainer;
'glazier, and ptiperhanger.
All work on" perfect but-
face guranteed. Price? ac
cording lo quality' and
stock required
i0i!f.yre*'ows cordially invited.
F. 1: Mookb, 'A. D.,DrujMmoxd,
Noble Grand.
ytwng required. Give refor'-iiccis and euiiloiso
S>elf addressed stainped euvlopu. Address jUuu
ager, lioo Coxton Slug.,' Chicago, j-j
1   lid '.',1 'i 1
n t!
for ■
On and after this dale we will not be '
responsible for   any   debts   contracted
by any person.    All accounts   payable
to the undesigned at Cranbrook.
:     '      .Signed,.,
wirSTEJlN- -supply CO.!"
Hoyio, 13. C, Sept. 10,1001.    -1—2--,"Jt.
within reach of his capital. While in
the height of his power two Indians
one day came to his bouse and told him
that they had seen a white man with a
tribe of coast Indians who held him as a
prisoner. St. Denis at once offered
them a large sum of money if they
and a young Frenchman of equal rank   ",v<?llltUr° ancl rescue the white man and
nf n*» -nn-mr, ^-t t^i^.1 -i._i,—•_   i wing hinrto A'acogdocPes.  The Indians
went away, and in a few weeks thevre
the story of
ihis young man's adventures read so
much like the dreams of a romancer
that they would be rejected by all historians, if they were, not supported by
indubitable records.   Count, St. Denis
v o „„^„,., ^j. ,-i.uul ranli
of the name of Belisle we.re both vio-
■ently  in love ,with ,the saine    vountr i - - -*-„■**■-
—   ■--■■ c -     . ". Uppetu-ed  at St.  Denis' house with a
Asicasmctu v/or?-. Contructa 'X.-.kci*..
.. L'arties wishing to   have   assessment
work done o.n   claim;; inthe vicinitv oil
Moyie. will.do well to con?tilt or   vvritr ! ">vith" open' armsj anil immediately of
tlm   undersigned   Joi*   terms
left in mv care will   be
lady.    Their rivalry ended in acqiiartel
which led to afd^eJ,l.TTh& antagonists
mot and fought.-?.,.tfirrible- battle with
j swords, which t*-jjTnma,ted, as Sr. Denis
| supposed, in the death of his rival.   He
j nl once fled from France, and* after a
1 '-cries  oi*  narrow; escapes from  arrest
and dea-h be finally landed in America
••ind   joined   tbe  groat-Louisiana  eom-
:iany.    His   countrymen   received   him
I'ercd   him
naked, half-staa-ved human being- who
\.3* besmeared with dirt and painted
ike  an  Indian.     St.   Denis ordered ;i
hatJi for the poor shivering creature,
a-nd sent, a suit of bis own clothes to the
balhroom.    When   the man had been
washed and clothed he appeared before
j his  benefactor,  , St.  Denis no sooner
, looked  a,t  hini  than he  was    struck
I dumb with amazement.   The man'wa*
All   Spanish j ,^f' ?*h°™- ,St" De™'« thought    he
,..;.,    ,..    I i* "bed with his sword in Paris.   JJelislc
chas. p. oampbellJ
Funeral Director
Graduate of Champion College of the
United States. Upholstering and general furniture repairing. Office nnd
.-tore, Aiken's block, near Canridian
B.ink of Commerce. Tele-graph and
mail ordera promptly attended to
Moyie   Miners'   Union
:'*H0.7 1.
IMer-ta in McGregor hall every Tuesday
evening. .   Sojourning    members    are
cordially invited to aliend.-'    ,-
John XIcDonald, P. t. Smyth,
-President. "      Secretary.
■   Fine   Suitings,    Overcoating '
* ' Trousers,   Imported    Goods, .
MOYIE,-      ;■■■'','  B. 0
r iii umi 'Jim
JOSKi-ii .NiEblCIi^TAliT; I'rop,
Lager bbef eo'ld  by the   tCeg or "tlozari
bottles.   '
Moyie Board of Trade1
Sleets.on the first Wednesday
evening of each  month at
8 o'clock sharp in the court * ,.
.     A. P. Macdo.S-alU, Pros.
L. A. RicKEHfe,       , Lewis Tnoiisorj
.  • Vice-Pros. , ge<Jiv
Bottled B§ef
in Stock. ...
Outside Orders Given 'Strict Alteiitioi!
- c
son's Artiiicuilii,ar Drum's,  gave   $10,
000 to his Institute-, fco thatdc.if people
uniibie to procuio the Ear Driims'inay ;
have  th<-iii   fnn>.    Addrc-f.*.  Mo,   Lli>"22
The Xichoh-on Iubtiiutr-,   '",S0    J-'i-'i'ih'., •   • m 11.
\ x, r --'.-...in   ;< onng  man.   pr>.*,«;p.*-sin«v  many   of  the'
A.-onue, ,  mv ^ ork, rj. y. A\ , traits of a lender, not tho Iea.*'t nmon- | T]u'*v «ot lo^and tlie .ship s'ai'led away
liaioviMi ltots,,..,.,...'., ! w,l5oh   v''oro llis mnslerlv necomi»lish- I j'1"1     k"rt'    1,lt'"1-       After    i\uuderiiiir
' ments as a diplomat, for be not only ! }.'f0,"^h tllc J'orcstf- for maiiy days J"!e-
n  alliance olT.***',:vr. .-.,,,1 ,ir>e—    i h.*.le s   two   oonii-sides    ].,c-ri*;hed    from
' I'ini.gor.   lielislo fell in with some coa-st
marched through a region of country
■ hat literally swarmed wiih hostile snv-
'ie-es and OK-fablisbod liimself in nnrth-
< ni Texas wiibom cAer Hrinir n shot.
He  must   have been an   extraordinary
oi *-uh en Hirers who sailed to join the
■ Louisiana, company at, the month of the
.Mi^i-fiippi. LiRc La Salle, tliev lost
I t li"ir h;iv, and sailed Uxi far west.    (5e-
I'^li-.  "ith two comi-iKl.-s, went, ashore
«« tin- coast, of Texas to enjoy a hunt
,,.i , . 1HI--J11.-. ii*, ;i, ciipiomat, fc
ihe mutt complete  houlth n-*;!:-t on    made an alliance olTenMve
the continent of North  Amcuca
••< t ■     ,1 "
Si I.
uated mid.-i 'jcenory uinivalL-.d fo:
iSPUINGS Sanitariuni, Halcyon Hot
F-Prii)gt, Arrow Lake, B. C. Itcsidc-iiL
physician r.-.c nurse, Boat:rg t:.-*i-,iny
and excursions. Telegraphic communication with all parts of the
world. Two maib- anivc and depart
duil.v. Term.-, $15 to $lo' j:cr week ,'
to   n.-.-idenco   in   hotel   or
and do fen
, own.    This was in iho year mi, and
j if ivas the very firs! attempt, to establish
an independent R-ovcmmonl ever made
fin llu- Xorlh Amerieaneonlineiir.
It u-as a curious k'tmbof n ;>-ovcrn-
ment. St. Denis v.-fi*. „,. ,!»• in-ao of i t
under the modest 1ille of rowvne-r mvl
. dia*
it.. i..,ii ii ,'')y 1np  P-'ovi'.ions  of Ihe ^on*.1 II ni ;m,
Its balks omc all   nervous and ,-,,*;,,, be. draf-  .bims-elf. l,e p .'   ^"i
mu.cL'li'.r disciu-es.    Its water.*, heal all   '    '"r   '"    "'    "
y,   liver    i:A   -p.: »:ic-!i   troubles.
a,lhs and waters   arc   an  invalu-
cdy for bilvcr and  lead   poison-.
in in*; limited reaim jusi .ibo.n j,*: much
'"'-.\"i . - tin- mi!(-".*ntr,faii ,iu- iiti*,.slns.
I.i-ivin.'- a 1ni«.i(.'"i suoailcro in ,.0in-
ma'id. St. Du,j\ Fi,r nn, for Ihe City.if
-dc-xjuo -on a-mission'.ihat has' never
beei! thoroughly underwood.     IP- cilll'T
ynii Hie Indians for a long time. St.
uems gave Dc-lLsJe an oJIicet in Iiismv-
enimuii, and put, bin, jn the way of
niaking money,
St   Dt-nis was >slain jn fl battle _vitn
he India-ns on inz jron>/ier ol" his country, and alter, bis- Ou.-ith, the aJJ'aira ol
Lht.fvl,on,y fe-1 .incc,Mi*.urdea-.    At tho
tm>r of. St. :D-iMi^. ^n-iuh -inwo were
al.o7ii.  ,W0  whp;,   :.'., .„.; -Aj,o olahncd j
Jbf   ,»,-(,((.,-t.j0i  .,   „.. ^,, ,.llu,.(ltlli ;iIlll
ll.uv ivm, ne-riy all ri -p-.o.-.r-ed-ous cir-
fmnsl-anees.    "Huny  u    Jn-.i" 1, u\    ac-
.einmih,ted   fortunes' -(T^.i.ng with the -
Indians, and St! Denis himself was said j
lo Jjave liad in .his pof--*cSR\oa mon- thai, !
Trie Leading Ladies .
>    Had Mens Furnisher...
Oiothihg. Boots and Shoes;
A i'ull Slock of Miners Supplie;:
Always on Hand.
Gal!   and   Inspect O^.if   Goods.
All Sail, Lakes, Sob line
Via. Si. Paul and'Oincago      '
Through Sleeping- Oar]
Kootenay Landing-   to
Toronto, One cliang-e to
*H--y for Itate.s, Mnp*, Time Cr.nl--, 'J if
I-"u]l Jiifoi-mrMon lo ^('.^.ruu L'-i
,*''-is .I'.H)
G. Hilitfir, /Ujcht. frioyie.
'  0A'in^V.   ., .    K.J. COYUJ,
Hi;*!, 1'iiks. Aat, Ass't Gen. Vans
Nt-lioa,. .v
Prices G-iveL.
and   Order'B
Taken on
In the Printing-
Line at the
^-VI'ltURS'    Aj-Ji)      iiUN'.'l.".)
1 Dk'uvkrv.
-*,rw~,'"»-*»~"-™-»»-™«m-«» .
j Noti';:<-.
J     This is lo i-tM-tily   thai,   Wm.   U.ill.iri
i and   lh"__ iiiid(;isj"iiMi   Im'vc   .M«olv. d
partnershij) j;;;,] |),0   mulcir-ignrd   ban
authority j,, ro]|i-ci   ;l]|   uceomit.s   cluo
miii-ni of Keiineily ^Dallas ami wil^
pay ail billy ;1g,u"nS|, the saiiie.
•4-12-   ■■'     Tiros, s. ke:nw:7)^.


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