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The Moyie Leader Sep 10, 1904

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 f 'if        I*
. i
'J ■
i-* r.
, . i
'°6V "Vi
'""*- *--K*<vc"*r*r-****r~'
j£'. *£A- •**"' /**• **■"• *s
■Z?Z>-i^>2*™' .-*»!»-«m- «-»••
flT-ft   $ lift-a*
bub is pay day at 'the St. Luge ne
an?) a  sum   in   th'e  neighborhood   of '
| $2i VjO will be disbursed.   ' On acdoun t
ibf the'thortage cf v/at:,r it r/ac  necer.--
1 pary [.> lay-'off some of thernen; there ■
\(IT*, foie the payroll for  August   io" AbfitU
* "* ' i $1 0% lees than that- forJuly:
Il   fell I
emtio, mm
James Cboniu  was
in Gnokn.',
til! 3
Wm. Luoao returned to Moyio  \yith
j hir, wife- Wednesday,
w    mi.     T)    :i T - 11   ' t*,    ! i  A daughter v;as borr.   tc   Mr.   find
* |Tiie BlUiamgB.are   Slde-Bv   ^%L AYednesday morning,
W j   .     "   SidB and' Command S   '   ]     Prof. Chase will give another   socia
^ '        Pretty Location;        fJanco , **? bi3 clas~ wob" ^Fridi,y
"     ' evening. • ,
              '           j   ~r.RRA.D-~-"Twelve loave^ fov $1   at
'A'-"-- Dht'vfb-.f--, p«- .Kn-  Ji-    "yw   •,r:lUl' Vrtl-;^ n>r*tiWrVP. «■»«*  ' ^0'.7*.;'b>
ji wv will,time,J i..u  «j.-lt,  jli    i,OuM,f    Ot ,
(ji'CTUo.s  in S/ciyio,  'I).   J "MoiurtiQu J Co./.)
has the contra,,! of building both, and [    L, M, MunVlield ft ltd wife and David
expects to have his work finished in  a r Anderson and sister, all from   Marye*-
month's time.   The   Cotholie church j ville,'spent hist Sunday   and  Monde y
is 27i feet in width, and 70  feet   long, j m Moyie.
It   is   being   built   on^.-i .-stone-found- '
ation and it will be   in   every   way
^Z£yS- V ^v >**•■ 1**
'aid XJo dapital   $8,700,000.
.'TotaiKes.aroes   - 83,000,000 ^o/od)
'      -,   I'-br-ed    •i>reseai KAtc'of lulercfli 3'pprcunt."
lta,i"'J'""'"" "    ' F. C. MMPAS. WIGB
substantial and Imposing edifice, cosl-
inff v.'hen finished' nearly $3,000.
The MnthodUt church is 2Lx'U), teat
and has a study adioining 12x20  feet,
Il y;ill he well iini«hod   and   be  warm
and oomforlabia.   It is the intention of i
thc pastor and    tbe   congregation    to
It is said that .the boys   in   Medicine
1-Iatnre,anxious to gel a  malch  with j
tbe Moyie baseball team.
Three   loaves   of Mrs. Whitehead's
| bread lor ?,5 cents. For sale al her resi-
j dence  or   at,   MacEachern   &   Mae-
i donald's store. -
Ji.cli' Cronin,   Norb-rc   Niederstadt!
^i i)»i
Jf not, give-it a trial. If is of" fhe -h'nesi
ftuality and flavor, -We' alwavs" keep it
■in"stock; and guars.nt.ee- avQr.v ,pound;
~Crantoook  OeleJ)ration,
-      ., .,    ....     T,    i and James  Harper   returned   'to   the
occr.pv it  as  eoon   as   possible.    The i ,. ,,    .    I,„,,,.^,n„i.
V *       b-i     i       . b   Gonzaga col ege in Spokane Una v/eek.
two churche.-', are a!mo*-t sido   by   r-tde, p™      6 °, ■ ,,
on Tavistock street and 'cmmtrnd a ^. M. IlobertB, of tlio Arm ol Arnold
very prett, location. They will >Ad / l^bert8, Cranbrook was in town
mateViBllvfro tho npi-zance of ,],, i durii.g the Week rustling ?or bunness.
town ' I     W.F-    Robertson, provincial   min-
The Kecent Fires in Cranbrook- g
*   .,-,., unn a- a practical reminder that no one  can   afford   to   |
r.1   'V^TB-VfOE     It pavs to carry ,,;  much a,  you  pop „ j|
r"lh0a,U*N'   t^m^bo-thc next vi.tim.   INSURE  with  the
81'vr*ibib'"1--; vou ma\  «<- e-e*- -*v .
Ws ,-AAsabta oompanios rcjlrCMntu-l Jy
. Head 0-r
The way that the people^, bt- Oran
brook have of celebrating is anything,
but slow. Their Labor Day celebration
.vtts tbe best ever Held in the district.
The prize's were liberal, and the. various ^
ie-nis were pulled off without the
Obtest   bitch.     Nearly   300' people"
New York—Bar silver,    50|- centp
Lead, $4.20.    Zinc. (speltmA $'1.85.
"Lokdok— Lead. £ lib 13d. 9d.
Another Contest.
erologiBl, ih here piocijriug dat a for bU"
next annual report.
J. \v. Fi'tctj, tbe .grocer in the  Lake
There wilbbe another   rock drilling ! Shore addition, is carrying a nice, fresh ,
cautesi held in - Moyie   on   Saturday, j stock of "goods and his prices n>  every
September Mtb, at 4   o'cock   in   tbe j wiso aro right.' ■<
t-fternoon. After, the' 'Dominion Day j Dr. MiUoy. dentist of P.ossland, wib
celebration was held $02 were left over . be in Moyie lor several days at the
and at a meeting of the commiE tee,; H0t5l Kootenay, where tho^e wishing
hold en Wednesday it was. d-cijl,ed to j his services can find him. His room
offer this' aud raise ait  additional   sum ;js ^'0. M.
sufficient to make an even ^lOO purse.; Wm Mins ,,1UI himily have moved
The .Moyie boys are   auzit.us to  :»ri'lin i to Fernie for a short  stay.    Mr,   Mills
Uook the Grocery Store in   the
Lake Shore Addition.
is.    Prices as Low as Any.
W. JITCH, Proprietor.
■w iioo
meetTiioioey and   lohnson of   Kim-
bcrly, th.c winnig team  at   the Oran-'
brook L ebor D iy eelebration,   aud   an
invitation will  bt   extended  lo   them
to be present.    The  following Moyie
teams will drill on that day*    McDoa-
aid aud Mills, Taylor' and  Hunt,   Mc- j day in a privftte Car
Tavish   and   Cameron.   McLeod   and !     '    "'
Wbd.Lc-rs, Stephens and  HhetU'O*:
will have charge of lhe Central Hotel
during tne absence of Mrs. Jennings
in the eac.t.
Hon. A. G. Bair, head of the railway commission, and bis party went
oa«t over the Crows Nest, line   Thurs-
ie"you want-
Tlie Sullivan.
Frank P. Hogftn, one oi the promoters cf the Marysvillc town&ile, say a
thr.t the Sullh an sm&lier v.-iU be finished and blown in within from sixty
to ninetv days. It i, the intention oi
the company to cstaiAbh next, spnng
not onlv a refinery but also corrod..:g
works for tbe manufacture of wm e
load and a lead pipe factory also, to
«av nothing of a coppei stuck later on.
Miners Uiiion "Election,
 . o
The regular semi-.iuuiiil election o-f
the ?rToyie-tniners union w.n lubl   last
Saturday vriib the tullu'witig result:
, John McDonald, president.
,  J.'A. Welsh, vice-president.
E. Temby, liihanial secretary.
James Oullin-iue, recording secr'y..
John Blaakbuvu, treasurer.
J. J. McDouidd. conductor.
Fred Edg?, warden.
. Trustees—Wm.     Steoh»n=-0!^   Cou
Lynch, Pat   Welsh,   Chas.    Hastings,
Alex Cameron.
Finance Committee—Wm- Smith,
Wm. Bennett, John Morrison.
The Moyie union is becoming stong
numerically and iinancialiy.- Te-a
membership will soon be over the 200
mark. ,	
Eagles Will Organize.
An aerie of the Fraternal   Order  of
uime'u out  from   Moyio.    The   mine
and sawmill were shut  down   for   the
day and the town was  practically  do-
eerted.    And Moyie won  some of  the
prizes.    The   miners   union   won the
--too prize for the largest representation,
McTavisb and Sheared won $75 as-aeo
ond prize in tbe" drilling   contest,   D-
Webster won the first  money in  tbe
boy's foot race, and   the ' Moyie   boys
won the ball game, the score being   23
tolo.>    The   boys   looked   well   and
played well.   £aeh wore a blue sweater
with  tho     letter   M   on   the  breast.
Little Charlie Elmer w.as dressed the
same and acted as a    mascot   for    tbo
tCKin.    Gdldin Wcbcpter,    the   pitcher.
U a wliirlwind, and Elioll   Crowe    the.
catcher did some as   pretty   work    as
was ever seen on a diamond.                    Eagles will be organized in Moyie next
The rock drilling contest was one   of* fi, , ,„-,,„   r r  p,Nnns. nro-
*   ^3"^?'
Examining Instruments
Are becoming more, iu,d   more  nccu- , Ua«.od
Messrs. Haryey & Dunbar, the Cranbrook barristers, have dissoved partnership. C. 11. Dunbar has established
a branch office in Cranbrook.
Miss Murial Atwood has accepted a
Motion in the btudio of tho Prest
Photo Co. in Cranbrook and entered
upon her wprk last Tuesday.
Ma Cameron this week   purchased
a lot in the Lake Shore addition   from
Victor Desaulnier and has commenced , ,
the erection of a residence.   It will be
20x20 feet in size.
J. Crawford, the barber, has been au-
I thorized to collect-the outstanding ac-
I countit cfW.B.L.ung in Moyie. r.tr-
Ides owing Mr. Laing are requested
i.o  make scitlementat once with Mr:
tlie most interesting oy.-nls. Marry
Thomey and Swau Johnson won first
money, drilling U inches in 15 minutes.
1 P. J. McMahon officiated''as one of
j the judges for the horse racing und
some of the other sports.
Left for Ashcroft,
We make it a point !    Therc ia ..bsolutely no need o. send
A party of Movie gentlemen consisting of A. E. Stepheusou, Kobt. Gardner, Dan McKay and W. Appleton,
left Tliursdny for Ashcroft, and from
there theyygo out on the proposed new
line of railway. It is .heir intention
to take up la»d and secure some good
timber limits and await the boom j
which, will naturally come with th
building of thp'roiul. All four untill
ivceutly have bpen \a the  employ   of I
e-:  ot
Tuesday evening. E. S. Parsons, provincial deputy grand   president,   and
Frank Lekoy, worthy   secretary,  and
editor of the   Canadian   Eagle, were
here this week   conferring   with   the
members   and soliciting   new   appli-j
cants. Mr. Parsons liafe gone to Fernie
to visit that aerie and will   return  for
the instituting of the new aerie   Tuesday.    Mr. LeEoy returned to Vancou^
ver Thursday.    There are
on the list for the ney aerie.
:75   names
, ' Tke Jj^tli Star,
Another large bqdy of ore has been
struck at tbe Nurth Sias mine, and
the properly which was said to have-
petered out gives promise of being
better than -ever.
,'li,b-A r-mgoof imt? in town.    ///
ie "i'-iiu;: or Tin.  >> *-^1-    •"lj
• ihftic     We make it a pome i     Thcr0 1Sl sibsouucsy nu u^. —   jn-i-.i'm...  u„*...,**.*  .*-  ---   --  . .
[/Z, and a,e t-plcmH-ily ^VJ^ I ° cftn hilve them made in town. C. g0od follows and the l^t ivisb*
for taking . liarne of any ^"JJ;,^;;^ \ yQ0[^ tll0 (llilor, employs first class the pi.Opi0 (,f Moyie go with them,
Piiiiod vM.-n.    'i.P*1;'^ ''';,,,   ,'nnPT   I',. '',„,! mva them union \vagt'S, -   - 	
I ties.
v, :;;,n Supply you ^;;s
Pake anvantage  of   our   l.icin
s-l ,000,000
"«:, ,00.6,000
' >2,8(10,000
w< h. WILSON,
jeweler..    ■    C.RA,NBKO0K, ». C.
- *N. lb bino Watch repairing a
■  •    t'-pccialty. ,
worljnion and pay a them union wages
„ml he and his men live  in town   and
bpi-nd their money in   the town.    Ill-
]Miop i*«, therefore, entitled tc the  pat-
1 raiiagc oi tho-people.
Ppof, YVcilker Je^
i'roi". Wdiker of 'Poranto   iinivcrsdy ;
W-is hero   this   webk   isisp-clina    'dA i
mines and procuring ore   sample,;;, -for.
geological   purposes.    On .AVedueeday
'A ITTAL, (Authorized,). •. • •
CAPITAL, (Paid  Up)...	
KEST....A... .. ."".'..- ••'
iHEAD.dPFiCK, TORONTO,   ONTAE10. ' _' .^ M;U1.
j^-RAY, Assistant Gen, ManagcrA W-MOlAh ^--Vj ^ ^
SAVINGS DEAUTMEN;Wnicest allowed on deposits. ,
;«IU sold, available in all   p.irts   of   Canada,   United "tales  .
wUtol-<-'.   Special utlcution given to collections.
j.F'M. PINKHAM, Manager
F,i0 Bradley •&, Co
'-"■■■ pBOORATORS.
sale and.robin uc.ti.
,/c  bcrbin   promoter of the Spok-lmca^puay. W»ttj .Q.   t\   ^^/^
n„o.Koo^.   vVaitroad, is  out  with ! a.| ,-ent to the Society Qtrlmioo  east ..Qf
,ine IVU-jH-.i- . , ,-.Anna&   ; ,,       ,,,    T,  .,,. fX.. im    nnirnnw ill    flit-
■tne-Kootenav railroad,' is  ULtl>   ,w'-"   'M ««»" "J ""'- -*-r*Vjr --y  .»* . .
nick train looking over the proposed j the St. Eugenedar tup, purpose or gi>t:.
route. The new line is to connect | (ing so,n(j sptf0in»on5 of phosphate of-
with the Canadian Paciffc at \ ahi*-. ^ * ^±    This lhe only ipine   in   Ounada
 ..... ■ .,«i.i""*~"-''-1,!gSZ^^"b-?-*-- I ,,   •     -,-._.». ^.. ,.f    /-,*A     i<!      fnttUf-.
th0 Knfeli-'b, Amorio^"   an
d  Canadian
! where this* character, of p,re   is   fouud.
Forest Fire,
I am pleased, to inform
txi8 public that all un-
rsold lots belonging to;
! tlie Moyie Townsite Cov
A fores I. (\rc.
ait or iv
*b vh.vA\^. v.V A'.V..v.A.jiC/.jyJ/ A>t^i..\$t--*■< -7
:j.^..o}; ;A-*
ina.uibcu 1,.. ,inpi,oaru,n   am,
Sample  -A1:1   ( , ,aii   kinds ui
ostimbesb'r.ushed   on
' '    '';0HAiNBB.OO^
Cioodvooms.good  tables and   b.e.',
y      4ud arst;claa9>mp!o 'W.
li)'..''     •>' 7
jii-o and thin luciiiuuy
der control.
IV   k« »*»^   w v + *
Agent. 1 or 'lbwusite,
/    V !*"
Mi-   niick'-ll i**   a    ty
To determine definitely the amount
of filth'that gets into milk during the
process of milking 'and how much this
can be lessened by -washing the udder3
the following was done:
It was determined after several
trials with three different milkers on
thirty cows that it requires an average
of four and one-half minutes to milk a
cow. A... glazed dish eleven inches in
diameter, tbe size of an ordinary milk
pail, was placed in thc top of a pal1
and.held under the cow's udder in the
Bame position as when' milking. For
four and one-half minutes the milker
then went through motions similar to
those made in milking, but without
drawing any milk. The amount of
dirt which fell into the dish during the
operation was of course approximately
the same as would have gone into the
milk during the milking process. The
dirt caught in the dish was then brushed into a small glass weighing tube,
the udder washed and the process repeated. The dirt which fell from the
washed udder was also carefully
brushed into a weighing tube. Both
tubes were then placed in ti( desiccator
and after drying twenty-four hours
were accurately weighed on a chemical balance.
Sixty trials were made at different
seasons of the year. With udders that
were apparently clean it was found
that an average of, three and one-half
times as much dirt fell from the unwashed udders as from the same udders after they were washed. With
soiled udders tho average was twenty-
two nnd with muddy udders the aver-
ago was ninety-four limes as rnuch
flirt from the unwashed as from the
same udders niter washing.— Illinois
Tlie Reading;  Dairyman  Wins.
1 have seen one dairyman with a
beautiful home, large and well ventilated stables, all the product of a herd
of milk cows, and another farmer
with the same old house he built ten
years before, dilapidated stables, gales
broken, fences down, all the product
of another herd of cows, equal in number to the first. Why this difference'
with the same conditions?
If you go Into the homo of the first
class of ,men you will find agricultural
papers; you will find a reader, a man
who has a thinker and is using it. lie
may not be a graduate of any agrioul-
tura! college, but he is a self educated
man, who received a large part of his
education'from the agricultural papers.
How much more advanced be would
have been if he had learned the rudiments at the agricultural college: But
greater honor i.s due to self education
than to a college educated man. Still,
If progress was to depend on self education wo would resemble the snail instead of tlie ant.
I am a firm believer that the duty of
every state is to place a premium on
agricultural   pursuits.    The  most  important branch of agriculture i.s dairying.    The growth  of cereals depends
on dairying to return its elements to
thc soil  of  whicii   the   soil   has  been
robbed by their growth.    Dairying enriches  the  soil,  while  the  growth  of
cereals Impoverishes it.    Therefore no
branch of  agriculture  should  be  fostered and encouraged as much as thc
dairying   industry.—E.   A.   McDonald,
Washington    State   Dairy   and   Food
Good  and   Tfceiscly  Literature.
The dairy and food department ot
Minnesota has recently issued several
Important circulars. One is entitled
"Butter Is King," and is being placed
In the hands of the farmers of that
state. It treats the subject of dairying
briefly, simply and thoroughly. It
shows that it is not necessary for one
to buy a lot of thoroughbred stock 1e>
start in the business, but that the
proper way is lo gradually grade up
one's herd. The matter of feeds is
taken up and instructions given for
the planting of soiling crops and the
building of -silos. There are amp!'1 directions for "the care and handling of
milk, and the circular concludes with
tlio dairy laws of the state. A second
circular on "Preparation and Propagation of Pure Commercial Cultures'' has
been sent out to the butter makers in
tho state. It treats the subject clearly
und fully.
The   "Dislry   Shjirli."
.T, A. Orokelt, dairyman, T'tah Agricultural college, has iccenily sent out
warning to the butler makers of hi**
stale against a "dairy shark" who i-i
disposing of a process whereby he
claims the yield of butter is increased
from 50 to 100 per cent in excess of
that made in the ordinary manner.
Same old fraud that bobs up now and
again. All farmers and dairymen
should leave all such fellows and their
"process" alone—Dairy and Creamery.
A  Cash  IJIu.-Jtrnlioii..
The Arizona 'experiment station has
recorded the results of a cold rain on
the milk How of the station herd. The
cows wore exposed three days to a cold
rain. During this time thoy.■'decreased
B7 per cent in milk yield and continued
until it reached 50'per cent, and it was
ii month until thoy gave as muchi'milk
as before tho storm. Hoard's l-iaii-y-
man says this is what might be called
a cash Illustration of the value of sheltering cows from cold rains.
Ne^lcctod  StiJj.JeotM.
Professor Ifaeekor, the dairy expert
of the Minnesota station, hays that
"too much has been, said about balanced rations and too Utile about kindness and regularity, loo much about
dairy, bred cows und too little abou*
iairy bred men."
Coii-etrm-Ucn of UrioU Track tto.-d.-t.
Keo<i.J.>«ifiide«l-Tli4-i>- Cost and 1>.i-
rnl»ilii>— Eim-loj i!i*-"t ' ot Con t tela
In   HJtfuwuy   IJi.ii.JinR,.
The  present   general   movement  for
better  roads  am! the  prospect   of m-
From these tlie fowls take    tional aid in rotul bi.miiug Have f;,vatly
stimulated the study of the best tnet-i-
oJs of road buikb'.u-
While to the g<*.,»-r.U public the- id'-,
of iJmldh.g permanent roads  is to u-v
ri-creaiiins   In   F.-ncr   Ai«on.sr   Uz-orO-
i.       era   of   l*j«nltrj.
'5 lie d"y fcpilin-' -\\--teni is mcfbrv,
wbli ir.-..v.sinz l.i'.'<.r. Breed.t-* who
have uicd one season of it claim that
ilit* egg proiluctii-n is increased and
they have more uniform growth wiih
lhe young stock, says "VY-ill-ic's
Farmer. The feed boxes are k> pt
Idled Miih a variety of tcrui.)-*, the
grit box is full, and also a box of
, charcoal
i their  choice,  balancing ihcir own   rations as they do in the summer time
' on free range.
j     It has not been very long since the
farmer  was  censured 'for  letting  his
1 poultry  have  the  ranee of   the   feed
' yards, where was always a supply of
corn, and of the barn, wiih its wheat
] and oat bin.   It was a source of won-
i der  to   the, town   breeder  that   under
' such conditions the farmers (lock laid
nn egg, yet they continued to pay the
grains it is not very different from the
dry  feed system .if, chickens are s.up-
' plied with pure waTer, housed warmly
in dry quarters and really have access
' to the feed bin.*-.    If they are supplied
t -With grit and charcoal they will (buibi-
j'loss lay as well as the fnnciebs fowls
on drv feed and free range.
„*.*.*—+****«>*******%] ,;:,r:;;:'s,,lli;;M;:1; zz ,„
*  WESTERN CANADIAN EBIiOi-S  * ,.^, ■.■„,!  ..i-.i.-x   ■■•   .■*•  .'...i'.«-i..>.
T+     »»"-'»*•*        ______ h   Vi.--l.      lb"    !'    st!il    "    .'•'lt'':'-*   ••••,J|-
%    A "cries of articles describing    %   {\iUI\   vem*    ...    «"(-•    tin - . .iiimmr-
their li\es, their aims and
their influence.
broken stone, a tier the system lir-l
employed by .lohn Macadam about tlie
year 'iTSo. other methods should be
carefully studied in order to build the'
best and most durable roads at the
lowest cost. ,
It seems a remarkable fact, in view
of, the great  improvements  in   everywhere there is a   variety 'of    thing connected with modern life. Unit
we are stiil building our roads the
,snme way they were built over K\>
yours ago, says the Waynesboro (Pa.J
Ilerald. This resulted lnun the universal, introduction of the railroad,
whicii caused the improvement of nur
common roods to be sadly ne-^leetcd a.*'
well as advancement in the art of
building them.
A great obstacle in the way of building durable roads of crushed stone i*-
fi.tind in the lack of suitable stone in
1110,-A localities' where good road stone
Tlie   1'M'feil   Orpington. I
The Orpins-ton. the youngest aspirant
for fame in the poultry world in England, is a oemipusite brood th.-'t has
been   brought   by   careful crossing, of
several varieties of fowls with the ob-
j.-et of producing,a breed thnt'bvould
combine first clas's laying and table
qualities, writes T. I). Iliitlon in Western Poultry Journal.
The type is deep, short, broad and
cobby in body and short on leg; tail
rather short and compact; the back
sbdVdel be a nice U shaped curve; carriage .bold and upright.
The Buff Orpingtons of the correct
type are equal to the Dorkinir in amount
and quality of ( flesh and in some respects are superior. They lay on flesh
and mature very easily and attain, a '
is found. In New York state, lor instance, wlicr*.' io.-hI building has been
very active'in recent" years, sumo ha*-
been shipped over HQO miles hi sum.-
instances in order io obtain stone of
good quality. ., * *
The lack of good road material has
caused careful study of various methods of road building bv experts, with
the result that for general use a modification of the old stone wheel track
or tramway roads, which have been in
constant use for over a hundred years
without 'material wear or cost, has
been highly recommended. Tbe old
tramway roads could only be built nt
reasonable cost in a few localities having suitable stone, but by suL-stiiutiifj;
paving-brick for the stone slabs thi-*
superior form of road can be ehenplt
built in every locality.
In fact, even in the favored localities
where good road stone is abundant the
use of these brick wheel tracks considerably decreases the first cost of roads,
•while (hey practically do away wiih all
repair expenses as well as,the dust and
mud and at the same'time enabie three
to four times the load to be hauled
with the same team force.
This improved method of road building ^as been adopted in a number of
localities and the c-o'st has been found
to be from $1,200 to £2,500 a mile, according to the relative cost of( materials, labor, etc., while the average
cost of crushed stone roads has been
nlSout 39.000 a mile in New York, where
FV3o.   S-
of the C'.rbervy Express"
to*^*************** ♦♦<*►* ♦**
A r<>Hi'AY<>i:l>.
Tln'i-.-' in ■ in.in- :*i.ui(!ai-ei*.—moral,
mate, ml jin.l intellect u,il-by which
the progress of the ('.ni.ieli.-.n West
,.M> be measure.!, and' lo .ill ol them
lhe v.i*t imiirii-pl.il'1 and mountnm-
se.t Iviug bi-f.'.ecn lhe ..rent 1-kcs
anil the Pacific ejv.'s a, triumphant
response'.    Thumbi.the  P',v-*er.t  sum oi
iw,.l   j,,,   '.,iv.-i-   is   ii-   r.-marbibl.
,*..    pti   1    aCl'ompllA.meats   :   i      !«•'
•ill 'I.',-    pl«Ui.f '-
/fti,'1**' 7
i **•,»»*"•-j*»*
'' 'V •*'*V"V
'-'C   f *?        P-,
V?W /<> r*rft i~i r-*\ '■> t *'• y -    t
generally   c- ,-,:„-
trouble;:  ib'--.ii;r r-""1"-^
these   t.roAh\ ^ZiZ'r1'
cause p. run A- j.. j:!,ri. , "-'■
muvc.    Ther - ar-
i ft. '■*
il-, achie-.*'n'.'-at is bill the mere
niim, ami i-rophccy <>l its pcieut .al
gieulness, i; e ,i tl be s.f.'lj n**.**ci leel
ihat nowhere on earth has snmhu'l>
rapid and pi-riit.in.'iit ih-\ ebqiitR-til
been li.a.l'b over sei 1 lvinciideius 'nti
ai-c.i. in the same ■*)).!! e oi" thsn*." Il
in but three tli-c.iehs --inc.' West em
Canada w us .1 he Hiv.i'l l.eme Land
Tu J,u it i', '.',i*i 1 ecinnuu Un- graii-
ari t/t On- Fmpive TlirA lag town*,
.did ht'.nd-om*1 eiti.-* r.-e on' every
hand, ami e\ ci > w her"' *,i'e -1"' ,'^1-
(Jeil(e;,s tu ■ eiiibl c,i i**,', i''ol.li'l.,l W.A
jiro-pe-ri t \
Allium;    lb"   fi.'it I'd 'it Ilia   AiCbJ.,*.   'e)
Ih'-*     Wimeb e.ll'*     I !-.lliN/(>.-t!l.. ' ion     '.a.-.y
be recorded  the   inluieV.iv of  tin   Uesi-
ei n   ( amid).tn   pre--"*.      in     tin-.    \aA
coimii-v   tlie    pniit"r    (..nut'    hand    ia
ham! 'with     the    pio.i'-er       The    debt
of      era t iPiele      the      We-sl       r.wi'S     to
i f ^    ju-i-**'-:    h:n    ne\o-i'• lH'.-n  suhicient-
iy acknov, i.-ei.cl or a pi'ivem. ed .. With
ti.-,'l."*-      \igi!tinc>'      and    imf.ilt ri-im,
l.)\.;!l\    1 he   me'ii   wlu>   loin rolled     the
iii'uans   iii   piiiilicny   lin\e   'oiled,    always   with   /enl,   (.in.  .r.cai-lv, alwa\.*i
with  (ii-*'-i'' t imij.    for    llu    \\elfure    "f,
their    di-.t i-ic't      and      Ih.'ir    countrv.
Tlioiigh   men    oi   strong   convi'clions,
boll)   political   and   pirsonal.   it    was
seldom   that   ! hi" nrh w'.n'v     e)f     their
views   fp-ei--.iep])e'i   the''   hounds   of   (le- j .school    nt    Cnrln-Vi-y,    leaving    it     in
hate,  ami    h.-ry-e    i he, lone  of   public ' at tend    ih.-    Otiawa    Mi/vlel     Srho<d,
where',   i)t   18:-bb   h-  ives .silver  meehtl-,
list.    Jie'iiii-iiing   (o   th;.'  Vie*-!,    he   ;it-.
tended   St.   .John's  College, V. 'mutpeey
I'ri.iu   ISi.'O    tu     1 Si>.'!.    and    look  th"
le-.ichei-s" course nt   the Winnipeg bed-
7J7   ir   « -*v      i W—^vV-ft^-'ri   -*-.
_V'"^Se.*-iu^A^fCN:3*>VA\\     \*   , I
i-i^-rf^-=b>.*tt*^SV'J:V7 WJi-X -AC- -
^d£^xC ii&b"^- -
Till-:   K.X1'U1-".A.S  MAN."
Trior I e. Piiici'iiia- u-wspaper work
.Mi liiicki'll Intel elo'ne distinctly
go'id. if nut (list mg'ii-.hi el, Aioiif in
lhe realm <n .'.ii.i.iiliin, The* te,-.ih-
111c.-- prol.-f-aon iu the West |-s t hu Vi■,***-
iihule te.. the law. the iniiii**t ry,
n'li'iieiy .'.ml the erliliii-':: ele-k, and it
wa-- b.s that lol.-U- that Mr. Uuckell
entenul tlie a renin e.l' joiiriitilism. lie
had come to Manitoba in 'IS;-*.J, il
hoy oi nine years of age, with his
par.'ills, fi-niii Ot/iiiwt:. lie , Ciimc
honestly b,\ Ins- liking fy'r newspaper
work, for his f;i( her. /.'hoinas Huch-
ell, was a \etcr.iri -\.ho .*.erv..'d on tho
Ottawa fifizen in the eisrlii.-r days.'
Th.o liiit'nly went to llnpid City, ami
fiMin thoiK-e; moved, m 1SSC. io t'ac-
bei-rv. whete ever tuncri they have
been factois of importance m ds
municipal   and  political   acth lties.
Voung  lluckeil   nil ended  the public
greater weight. i
My' own experience after several ? *he greatest nmouut of road building
voars' Irving has been that the BulTs ! h:is reeontly been done,
liavo proved themselves to he the most j A section of this brick track road In
useful breed 1 have met with. They ' the United States department of agri-
begin to lay in thc early winter months culture grounds during the last four
and provide a constant supply of eggs ' seasons shows  no material wear  and
throughout the winter.,
CuriiiK-  the   C.'npei.
I keep wheat soaking in a small bottle of turpentine. If a chick wheezes,
snullles and rattles as though it had, a
cold, this is the forerunner of gapes,
has been' uniformly free from dust,
j mud and ruts during that time, while
j an adjacent section of crushed slone
road has been 'nearly ruined during
the same time, partly by" the washing
of water.
J For hilly roads these brick wheel
says an Illinois breeder in American tracks are especially adapted, ns by
Agriculturist. When gapes are un- j depressing the tracks below the ad-
usmilly violent and fatal a chick may ' jacent road surface tbe water is sue-
begin gaping without showing these. ; cessfully carried down the'bills on
In such case the chick is nearly al- | them without washing the roadway
ways a goner. Carbolic acid will help [ and without the use of the objection-
him if anything will.   *- j able   water   breaks,   besides   eiuibling
Pour n little refined carbolic acid in , three times the grade to be used witli-
n spoon, hold ii over a lamp, and dense    out disadvantage.
white fumes will soon arise.   Hold the
chick's   head   in   these,   drawing   him
Government road officials recommend
that long term convicts be employed in
awoy for a second or two to let him j penitentiaries in making the brick, ce
catch his breath. Don't lot him get inent, etc., for these roads, and short
his bill in the acid. If you look at the j term convicts be, used An making the
acid m the spoon before you pour it J ronds, to the moral and physical bet-
back in the bottle yoii can often see j torment of the convicts, and claim that
the  tiny   red  worms  that the   fumes    in this way the building of these supe-
di**ci.ssion in lb"1 V-i-deni pi\*.1* has
f,lv.-.\- been ma.'-ki1-.! bv if.iini*'-*.*. and
!■'(■«■ <u  the pioneer publishers of the
Sivs    survive.      Many    eil'    them   rest
from ihcir I,;\h')i'.s. thorn-ii their itood j !<*gi.t le. ' After obt-.m-mg his profes-
works ("--** il'.v to- them. To- them sional cci-t ilica te, he Uitight at IbM-
enm" little reward oilier ib.'in the Jjurn for three- ,vl'.:>-», It'wtis wh'ih'
knowledge thai '. he-> \\>;rf h-eli.-ing J t la iv h" n;ei.,and miii'-icd. Miss J
lay broad and d".'p th" n.-.nidations
of nation.ii urcatucs^.. .l-Vwleft nr'ch
uioi'" than the old Wt^l'.iii^lon pr-ss
that   each     week   .printed     the    local
new**   ai'<
r he  e-e.i* or s  view *--,
a     lew
irsic*- unpaid
fetnts  of   type ,   an.I    v
stib'-criiu .on   b*d .
Th * i-tiv.l.s of the V.'.'S'i-Vu Cti.'iadi.eti
]ir.'.-*s now include a. number of new
and younger inra of iliarnct m- and
ability These, each in hjs mm con-
st.it u'-iicv.   exert   much   liilhieiice,     but
K.   tlrtihii'Mi.  of   I.nkeliehl,   in   JS9<1."
It Was' perhaps un'cum-itaiucs, more
than inclination, that forced Mr.
llucki'U into iournali-sn'j. The local
t'oitservativcs de-sired a pnrty. oi'-^an
(',-i.rhei-ry aiready had a locul l-'aper.
Tlie News, professedly iiuleptmJent
and coi)!L-s*,cdly able. As a bu.Am-s.-;
.venture, tha establishment oi a. com-
politor wu.s admitted to be wijudi-
dicious and utiwis-', but imlilicitl requirements  overrode  ctuuiiiiTuial   con-
are in iiiiiiiy tiisi.*. unknown outside, i sid.-ratiori.s, and in 180- iho Cur-
except , through , th'Mi- o[)iuior:s on -berry Express made its first ap-
cui-rent    events,    publislifei    daily    or   penrnnce.
w-eeikly. Yei Own- is a nat hi al cm i- for sl^oimi years it struggled
osiiy among newspaper remiers to along. The lor,;il nev.s fiehl v.tts\cry
know V-omehw., t of the personality . >uiperfwt ly covered, ami il;* fa.biiou
of him  lo  vhom  they daily or wi-okly   of uriVinging nnd displaying the news
look for news. Por thin reason i hi
sjries of artich--. begun m this issue
will be a feature to attract gpnrral interest. Not only will ih'* public got
more 'knowledge n.s to 'tho appearance and pi'ii-onnliiy of the editors
whose    papers    they   'read,   but   it   is
won hi have mm ad n live editor to
v. rath or profanity, according to his
disposition. Hut. if it fell for below
thee staticlnrd n"s a local newspape-t,
within lhe limit*, of its spiiic it fui-
iiiled every iCcpiM-omenl n.-s n party
orc«in.    lbs editorials advocated  Cem-
also hoped that th,') series will bring ' pcrv.uive piincipk-s nnd ilefended
the editors tlu-im,"l\pa m closer j Cuii^ervaiivc policy v. jlh skill, ivoiifht
touch with c.ich other softening ! and vigpr, nnd were fi'ccpiijnt ly j-e-
wluite-.er aspbrit ick may result from J lu ve-d by a hi'itUi I *'('■*■** and n \im
opposing views em public matters, j tlint made 'them' as altrai-tn-e- as
and promoting fiicndliir relations ibey were formidable. Hut, eiespite
through  the kinship of common aims, j this -part ia]   success-.   Ihe   Kxptv-s i\ ,i£
The   Toronto    T.\ pe    l-'oumlry    Co., 'run  at   a   IhmiK-inl   lo:>s.   Several   tried
Ltd..  proposes   Lo  Coti-.ii.ue   the  series j I heir   hand   at   Its    management,   and
until   it   includes   c\ery   western   edi-jall   failed   to  make  it  earn a   re\enu<'
lor. > / " | A!    hist   Thnimi*--   Hpckfll.   father    of
VMien    complel.-d.     tlif    scrh-*)     will    tlie   firesent  editor,   boiifjii   il.   i-.tthe;
in wiiicn wonii n
l'••llu" |
c -'i,;,-.-:
form ti Gallery of l',ain;'—possibly
the iiiirfgcne'ftilL- ut.'iy *ay a llogiie's'
lAtlh'i-y—whi-.-h   will   contain     :i     por-
ihan s.--t' it ehsce-,nt im:..' pubbcat lem.
A few teonl.hri iil'ler he t nuisfiTred it
to   his   "eldest     son,     the    l,.te     I-"re-l
made the chick cough up. Five cents'
worth of acid will doctor dozens of
chicks. If the chick is only coughing,
two or three grain** of the wheat or a
tiny pioee of asafclida may cure him.
If lie is still wheezing lhe next day
repeat the dose. 1 never failed lo kill
a e-hiek that I nave both carbolic uchl
ami turpentine in one day.
Cli ic'IvC'ii*.   nml   ISik'(<*rin.
Some (jeriuan ewperiineiils are reported in which chicks wc-ie hatched
ont and fod iu such a way und uud'-r
',,;e-h conditions as to exchiele all bacteria, says American Poultry Joinn.il.
The chicks ale well and regularly and
apparently digested their fund normally. Neverthch .-.s they eliel not gain in
woi:;hl and died alter about twenty
days. Ppon examinatieni lhe droppings
were found free from bacteria. Other
chicks fed normally trained aboul three
times their original weight during (he
same period. Part of the chicks u-'-d
in flic test, were inoculated with intei-
tin.". 1 bacteria from normal chicks, after whicii they soon became strong
gained in weight.'        '-,..,'
In   (lie   Seiuiih   I.off.
.■It cannot too often lie said that miniated pigeons in a loft can do,Anore.';
harm to tlie workers .than'can bo estimated in a few words, says Iho. Fe;Ah-
er. Never, allow unmak-el or iton-
working, pigeons to stay in the squab
loft with the active producers. If you
intend keeping any of (he young
squabs you grow for breeder's remove
them into a separate loft as soon as-
thoy are weaimd and able to care for
rior and most durable of roads shoull
cost but SSOO to $1,200 a mile in mnny
localities. This makes an interesting
comparison with tlio cost of i?'j.<)00 a
mile in Xew York slate for crushed
stone roads, some of which.have been
nearly ruined by two or three years of
use;, while wheel tracks similar to the,'
brick tracks, built of stone, n.-'iir Albany, X. Y., in 1S:)3, nt a cost of S?1.."i(iii
a mile, show very little wear in nmiv
than seventy years of constant and
heavy Ira flic.
If convicts were thus employed In
such pciiilenlhirifs as Sing Sing. Now
York, for instance, where the be-;t of
brick clays could be delivered tit vet'y
low cost by boat, and from whicii th"
brick', etc., could be cheaply shipped
by Im-il lo nearly every point aloinr the-
proposed New York (Hid Chicago load
Ihat road couhl probably be built fo:
hvs than one-fifth of the cost of build
ing it of crushed stcaiie, hav.- three
times the smoothness nnd more than
ton times Iho durability of a cri, ,hed
.stone, road and at the same (i;.m be
nearly duslicss. nnd m'lulJess.'.
Brick made at.Sin'g- Sing-would also
be1'cheaply delivered at''nil. points, hi
.New York strife and also he shipped ti)
all. points along Lake Erie:, by bout,
■thus'enabling the greater part of (hA
proposed Now York and,'Chicago road
• to bo built by tbi.*bsupc.*rio,r system and
at a cost so low as (o be insignificant
vi'lien ceimpared with .its abb.sinntki)
and, lasting benefits.
trait   and   estimate   of   the   mo   v !.f i 11 uckell.   and   under   tiic   manage.ue.it
control and direct   the   press   of   West
ern   Canada.
And, spe-aking t)f portraits, the
oditors i'l-u requested to make a l .-).'-
vt-i-li.sing    conn-Hot    with     the    •hicai
%yiien  <o   Iliiiid   n  I1<*ii1iaukc.
roultry houses should iievcr he built
so late in 'the season that lime will
not permit them to be thoroughly dried
before the winter ueasoii sets in.
"Wlioii   We   Have   Good   Uondn.
As an illustration of. what may he
expected when we have good roads (his
incident' is iiilor.-'sliiig. A farmer near
Ilartfoi-d, Mich., having baled liny lo'
deliver, loadetl four v.agon.y with two
tons each, .made the wagon;- up info a
train, hitched on the; farm engine and
drew (lie entire load to town u,t one
of the* two tlio Fxpivss tin ne-d th"
corner, anrl began to build up into a
\;iliuibl'j iiowsjmpcr prop.." ty. Each
year it grew in KtJ-eiu>lh a ml importance, till Mr. Fred llutikcll. who h.ol
pholographi'i", if neces'.nrv. s<5 t !\.t nevr been very .strong, died in the'
a ,',ejocl likeness can be pub! isl.eet. j fall of IK'.).). Wicm thi* ni'it I cr of ' lie
Vr'e would bear in mind Ihii-ns" wiih, I disposition of the ealatu was consid-
au'l let its readers .see flic edi tors as creel, Mr P. A lluckeil dccidi-;l lo
others se'e tliim, aud tliuf cannot bo i forsake the [ledngogiiu's desk, buy-
done if antique relics aie .sent to ihu.the Expif"-'**), anil b' come an editor,
'■ngravrs inst»ail of good j)hoto-| liml'-'r his inan.tgvmi'nt the l".xpress
graphs. We want our --.Mirror" teijlms e-oulimic.l lo eh-\e!op, until it is
be>   natural.     \ ci bum   sap.   b\ufT   seel!    i.e-w  regarded   as  o-i" of  ihe focmo'-l
loi-.tl paj-i rs of Miimlob.i. 'I hougli
.-•till gM'iiiif consisl l'!|l Mippoi 1 te, lhe
Conservative party, the E\pre*,s is
no hiiigrr an organ, but a i.ewspa-
pe-r. lis celitorial til lei iiui-cn b.'inn In
(V'li.r.i! t./.'ipe r.i'.- ami !r"e n-.,ui ob-
t r-11 -. i v i- tirejiidic" Its local i.".'. ,-.''i-
\ !.-,' is ably ore;', ii i/i d, lhe In Id I "■
ii.)1, well I'mi'i-i'd, T.\ peigi .tpi.ie a 1 ly II
h'.i\.-s hide lo be dcsnid, and, |i:st-
ly, one' eil lhe b"'-'. pi lilted sheet'; in
lh<" pi e j \ in* i* Ii is u .standing r •
coiiime'iida I inn io tic \\\.' f.ie-e:, and
iriii.-i.il I'.p.'lpn nut car|-iid by the Toronto T\pe l-'ouii(!i-,\ I'd . 1 t.i. Thc
F. * pre f.s moi-I!ii1.\ nil-(I.s the i'li-
porliiiii-e <,| ihe town and di'-lrirl in
w'miIi it is publ i;-!,.-"1, aud 1.* a good
I \ pe   en    I I i.i l    lu.pi'l lu'lt    Chins   of   ioe-.il
m *spap is tu' Ctiiuehi- .which, turn
not mi'iih I o give tb..' ncwii, but. to
dn.it    the*  f 1 ought   e>f 'I heir  I'l.-aeJi'i'S.
Piibln li'inors uniiKiiitl Ylo r.m--li' n
\oune in.in luive'.- .been ol'fct-c'd Mr,
I Pie kill but he has hi I hei-t.o declii'te.d
thfio, de\o1ing til! his'.. cnprgles lb
lhe- uphill!, ling' of his paper.. I lo continues to take, a'.s- is nat oral, a. keen
iiileust in ediicut iona.1 .inal.l.ci's, All
forms of nth'."tics nnd sport appeal
lo him, ^\ud d"s|iii c f he (lciiinmiH of
bus giowmg busiiies.';,' he. still finds
time to follow most and indulge, in
sonic. In lhe (lays when the (htr-
bcj-i-v football loiintwas .invincible,
Mr. 11Lit.-ki.-U was fainomt as its gonl-
Ijee-per, ■playing nn Cut.ire: season
without   losing ;,   single goal.   '
BEN.   A.   TIBCKE'LL,   .
I'ropric-lmy anel   I'.d|tpr   Carberry   bbv-
pi-css.   '.       '   . ■
Mental nml. ph.y:-;ie-a.l aIci-l nessb 11!'-'
the.; most obvious, idmraef.orist icx of
Mr. 1!. Ai . 11 uckell, -.oeiit.or of I he
Carbes-ry Express.. Eeern of fhcjughl,
ready of sjiccch, swiff of .action, he
i in presses e>r>e l;y the. brcndi h of his
sympathy .nnd l|m. bright sine-ri I y of-
liis  gejodfcllowshij).
is nnotnev most <-(*rV*
pamfni experience cf"
women. ThousaiKiS(JfJ
arc taking i'.'.ccli^.^""-"]
periodifiilly jind f,,'^ ,?
wonderful in relitvlnjrt^
cring-. 'Every worvTi^'.
acquaint hvr-wlf wiih 1^.'.
tlicsc Pills can do, as   "■''
k Wmmtf'i Mi
can be avoided by usin.r
-. ppII1
See special in-* mictions j
women with each box.J
Prcpir"<l only \j Tlic/nis IJc^j;
Helens,  ri.iflanil.'
°       Sold eicrjwher' In Cans.'a kA.
,.    Aiaorlca.   In b.ixcn, .j WM
rry. viTCi'STTTvr-s '— --   .
• TIi'M-'-'s     oi.       ' I   '.'.;:,
to .Vou   about , ,,
,"^ our  bus!, u,.; .  e  ,
dear*, htM  my! ' i, ,   .i „ -
little   t Jinii^  lih >  ' ,i f y
Cajboy.   ' Why .  !„ ,    ,b,
1 hat   tv.iv   sue,. 11 ,,   ,
C.   C    KlCll.'viAiS  .7   '
De-ar  .-*iis.    1    I,a..
I   cured   a   hoi*-,'    <      i
five 'hot. Ies
it    bAsi.-.'-ed    ih-   :
month , th< i--»    v .' .
i\u   hiineness, '   ,.
PAN!) 1    "
Four   1-bill-.    N     li
' The  New   \ oi ;   II. ','*
tieilt    COtlfh.e.l    H.    '.1
nm   fi.T    ill.'   li's.ii       ■  , ■
a   bi.-lioi-   cimiji.-- i t  -
anj  i nn ri:' o.'   t h.t!   ' ,-',,
li/iiming   five
W.cll    t :"«■:-s%     b   • ■       :
1 t'\ t>i's    ri-',    S.-..|
il nil), ,*      t in*     i-,t i ,    •
DM SI*."     . *
Ansor.g-  Un;  hst-   '   ' •
itn.-r girls y,i -•    *-i..
thmr    isrru-,. ^ .1-*!,, •'  ■!
cut  from >bhick  o-1 •   ..
i.'xec; to   lhe aro-   '.    ' l
the   |-|...M .   leu visv   *>,
and   white  on   11-    '-  ' '
'I li.-i e   c,'ti   l.o   n   '" '     '
li, *'.l      ; i:Ii ri {•-'.      be'
opinion    ,fJ   te.      ''"■   "
<:iti\<s'   v.'.ua,   I"''..,,
**-iic  ni.d   f-.toe-imd
lu   Fianc   dm- .. ■
tree:*  by   elect: .«'.' >
i'l-,.  ti'l'Si- e,"     ' '   i1
lit" ! ha n  in - t, ' ' '-'   '
>il I
a r.
I. , 1! 1. ■■
, ."-. 'b
■ J'.Ill
.. *. *';1 ;i -1
, 'i fic*li!"*
(l(K)d    soap    '• *    I'
til   ■   of -.!• ill! ohI ,
Move-  ttio  ,\n«J\o o(   1 n-'■>'•"• ,l',rj
.lliieinnr.-i   fei   ! *-■'■■
In Tiorr.i del )A\,:>I '.'.. ■ -e
(Han h-..'!-. a i.-n;:,:',. i-' ■ ■
hri'ses the seas of C ;■ • ■
a frail b.trk caiioc. ir- "
Velkion or tribal ti'- >A' ,;
thc family, whicii hi.ih' ■ ' '-'-'l,J;!
food and sustenance. II'-"'-b1,
hold goods arc (h- «-■■■• :iKl_r*';;
brands which he c.-tt:
turf lu his canoe b> '■
place. The woni"ii, u-i A* 'k!\
die the canoe from the ';'"' ] ll
crouchc-s In the bow mi ' '-' -
iu-ey. On the shore .' u'.- c >'
!]<:f;.S to Biiil'f out .1.1 i t'i ' "''"
oiter or se>a bird. I !•'• ' '•- "
fringes the cc:.*i ',>'! ' - ■'
water for the Ira.i i : it '"'
only veiilui'c out h.t . '•'" ''
nels when Ihcir f"!<
that n culm v, ill he .1"
tiou to eicible tliciu t- i" |t '
lnh()«pi!.ib!e ben '. I" '■ ''
nro  unduly  ih-\ - ' ," d  v.  •
the   CXp'Ml.^C    (,!     I'."'    '■'    ' ;
they  pass (l.e't   i. - .■    ''"•"".' '
toasts.    1 i.durg   v  i» ■ "<   i    '_'
on    luu.sscN    n.e.l    f.::,-
imirks   l!ic   lin. :   to   .',!     •  "
slilp himself cf ai: ai-i u
yet siurvi vii.
I ..ll
it HI
A !::'.f.«ii.
Iliuka-I r.lw.sysj.i.e tu •}
.ii'ian who  knows  huw'e.o e11"'1'''     .
,in~r.    .Pi^k-b-Yos; It's ahn"-t i" Jj
ei is dh'iing -.villi a ■miiu who l-10'^
to nay for one. \-
Au    [iiir>«!-<*«»-   r"'-
Sl.nt istic.-i - show that a .man can
walk forty miles fat-llwr if ho is permit,(eel to wear a uniform iconsisi ing
mainly qf gold braid nnd brass buttons.
■A i
Not  long' ufter a. m-iyy ' ,
sea on a ceriahl steam'A.|y ^ '^
travelers were disriii-bn-bb'1'^' j,,,
liner;;. One of the .men '.,,V .!„,' ',j
C—r line, the other fin- "A
one on which the repealed; "'il''
"There's   one   importim ^
said the liir.t, "Ih.'ii y«'» <'•.'•   "'^U
have   .{.'(.msldered,    hut   v.'ln."
strongly witli inc."
"What  is  l'h!it:';
!'\Vhy,   thi
n...e ^"7
e (::■-- ihio r-i!ii:.r . it
lake   von   ncro.*s. . hti.':   I'.1'-   '.., ^^f
guaraiih'bJ to A\A' y'>n ,,!il>' '"'
il (men." I '
l!»S8Mmw 'ss&mt^ V-     Uii iiitj rMiRIEo,,
'tne- lu :ri. i". :i ",i;s"-,{'ss whir!—
.,"!*.l I v.- s bi^. y t,. git licrr;
3 I ft"— .to, b.   u'.'.tU ti].f-v*r;t*?r girl.
. >j, > '.-1 lie* -'.,. Hit  1,'Hl: '.   '
,     Tup    Krnisli     V, ar     oUiet'
I n,„ if !i   4     th -     .. '     >"••'' ")iJ
, St-vp     I'bit     Hob.',     ia     '■''-•     l''^'o
! I'lmm.A     ,u..1   in-'   bmhlii."*-   m.d   bt:,o
uj,-  I .■ivw .,1T.-:. J  on  '.MS.1
is (jis-j Uummy-hnm las a moil, which, m
,,, , ;,, laiiui'.on '-. 1 il. .'.my eiv.' milium-, o-
L'.n.-      ■■■-■• ' -
IS - ''.
^ r,er>jt,,
■ciice ({V
uid f,vj ,,
olieving ths
worvti g^j
'*f wiih Ih-Tjl
£u. as    ■ 1
ith each box.J
Tlio/riis IJcKt-
* In Cins.'a nil
i boxen, .3 «C.J
i   -1 „'■
\!1  S .
e       .
i  I
I  I   -
i ..,.
:,, ■
, ' l
le ' 1
ti,,.    doctor    docs - 	
l   ii,   s, c   a   fretting. How UU'ic  Vat   lIk* <{:irvfiwn   <o ai.,.,.
•o  u'-'e  ll  a  fno(-,i-" '"' " *"•"«<• r.
i,,,,.,"-!, iiini swci'tcn The   two   yotiii.;   i,..-n   we,.,   aigumj;
^     ,.,,,'ur knows that, fiercely.
,,v    ,,„,:!,!,-s   nfTccting "And  I   tell you it's a   v..-i-.,c of p.*,-'
,  _, , hihb-cii are dwj to til,)(l ,.fir yf n to (^ (]i ]|ir ^^ ^ ^
,       "mi.mh or Downs t(> jHii|i|iv         .. , ^
,,  . i-iiwc  i«  ri'iuoveci .,,„
'          ■        .7,     il iiiv's 1,1}lt s J"""1 1ll(l v"'-v y » i""k al ir,"'
,;:a:;;; ^S^iih^d ^!^./^J/».»."i»r';i'jN..r.r.
betes Cured  by
') uj-ii's   Kidney   Pills,
. (•.   ll.nl!. ii   ui   i-oul.l   K< l  no   Ki*lJ*-f  till
11 <• 'tie'il  tin- ilrtdl  Caiiuiltiiii   Ividiicy
K.'i.n 0\.
'*- 'ii'b i     -s*a ,   XA\ "1
, < *       -,.i i    -   I Lis    t hi i\ in
I. ,.,       , .,      ; jv ,   mu's'
,   . i iv'euro all    the       ;;ll's a pivlly g<„,U w
a!,.I     I1'"  "'      •
Aug   \5.— !
t e, v\ ii    fur- j
 ,      i, ma-rkable
. , ,      , i   Kid, c\   lus.-ase that has ever
I, "' "
. ,i
nil.   il!   ,1   lijen'I.V   sj, im,  • -     -     ,
ii-Hiv ,r,„ .1 .<    A i      "     .    ,   -.    b,"i iMimi-d   on   th,-   pr.titl"-j.      Mr. t
iiein g(j.,ii w.ii, loo,     "torie-d    .. ,       .                      ,, ,             f
e-       ,  ,    ,,■..■>.,■>-•.'    -"'-  ""               r,./,,       ...   .,.,,;         ,,            ,,   ,            ,     ,V, ••! (,    Ji.itti'man, a  w.-l -kno wn far- ,
|   ,"!"'   ',:,-,«     They   con-    lorn.           ow iicud hct   tHl  Lu,-y she    ,_, ■ ^   ,,„,,„.,„ eim-d', „,,d' he makes '
f '■            ,llS   "sooihing"   stuff,    preii'i-rcl u,."di:i,:i s,/< d me,,  to ,*itli<-r ' ,,, . ll)lli)W ,'„.,  .,« .o-miu-i.i -
I1-' :;'   :;.,..,  »nli safety to  tho    tall or short ..in*."                                         j        , ,,,,,   K,;lm,v  Tioiihlc  and
*<•''''   "            u;   the  well    grown        >-yltU  iKiy  ,!,;,(  j,,,,-.,.,,^-. 5 ,jU  ari,  ,*,„., .      .     ,..',..,..,      .  .....
■  • ,-.i*-l <j< I'Viie? t.'I wihottt a flaw,
, ■• i,.-,u-r iio-.v  *.',!.  .a   Kit.- to her
, I ,    it -.us dual   my v/r.rd was law.
'!:t'l 1...1,  luisonlh,' to iliclalu  tu her.
.'.  '   1-,t    I   inaii Utl   thtit   TH.-iielm,   aneJ I
v, l.i a
I "i.il<- l.i r a n'trt-rr a'-U iriat'* to nip
- .. 1,1'A.i lit-j- t-% c-a fi.nn the Li*t s anil tlie
i . a
*.n,i : t-.ite.el r s'tt in to rn late to mei!
- Aioj ^i"-.-- Coll it) I.ip;ii.«. oil's Magazine.
J nut   Tlifi'.k   of  That.
jJudsh - •- a-* 'io1- mole in 'he Wd*
o. -i.ijplyi.iCi; i..i..-^i. K..V.-1 laiwuU
with coin if.',c fi.y otk'-i ii onc-y-
nuk|,,„;   eslel.h-shm.'nt   in   th"   woild.
A   -1 *. 1 i-.h   woman   often   iu.s   a  1ms-
b-iml  who   i-. th- hi1 -si   thing  out
ii fees Sim a
Sop    "■
Si.' ' ''
...  -,
re iiic-
I   bed   Kidney  Tumble  mid   it de-
l.,p   el   1,-HO   Ul.ib.'tcS      1   went   to  tllC
bl.t    hi-,   « roalliif lit   v„n   of   no
, 'n i
.i,• i• r to in".    I  beg.in to take ,
Kidm-V '   Fills     in   fiecemhe'r, '
ti ok   1 hem   nil   winter    and ,
bile   I   v as  unable  t o   work
il ,,'
' I 1
i&'." •
'"'',    pm'imikI.   Ht'pworth dium six. ei
,   '.,s.     '-My   little,    one        ..^n(1   d!u.j.    c,llu))if xio!1(,i     (o
,,,;,,,',!  uith  indige'stion, C(m!I>l(.xiuIlwl „„,,,-
"*'-'' ••'t,K"ls1 f;rC'i',Th-ts       -Tlufii be e:.UM, you'.o dark and Fin
, ,  ,,e found the   lubl'ts ^ ^ „ ,   	
'''■k''ZZZ-C]™oA      \\nt   -n.ll.ty of tongue  ralhe,- th.m ■, ">   ■■'»«»    J   '"f ^'ZZZZZ^
,(   f,)r   cliihlien- o"'u ■ " ' a.,.1  m   \u,j,u-t   I   was able to   woiK.
'   _ .  ^..^...'s   or   sent    by oi the pen. ,        ^^  { j(|i)  ,„„,,. slloll|r. )  worked
'     , , .,   box.   by   writing       "You're fabricating on ihe fact Ihat , <<u  v nA, .. ^Iti,.,-.i  ,,.„,,•» m ».>   back
\'\   ii.mi.A    Medicine    Co., you're n lawye-r and I'm ti newspaper J *0|    -|iv   ])llt     (1>-    ,,IV   |,(„k-.      Dodd's ,
",',            ^                             , reporter," responded I dck.
"" *'_ 11
''    .1.1!
!l     •   \   1
n.-,:.: *,
i> , reporter," responded I dck. i ].:,P .-y'1'iiF  eu'-.'d   mc   ' Ij
_—  \     "Not :.t .'ill.' sulci Tom.   "I'm incrt-lv , '"n   p,,,    Kiebc-v    ln-.'-a e  is   of  long
u*    Mdk.ik    nsvlum    q„0,jIIg,.vJnlts|1(.s.,:ii.-. y,'.,,,;,,,,,!,,,.-   ukriimbutuicii.
Im!'    "I        l\   ,V',,v!     "Well," remai'k.'d Dick thought [V.1U-.    i, ,L lualtl -. kiilii' >   l'ills will  do it.
,    ,\ ll      ill"   otllil    Mil,*     j •    .
. ,„„.  nbe.-lbari ow f "I'll bet you a .-ig.ir, a hut, n dim..-!- or , ■
.     .'»•■     i'*-k.-'d    a    b-s-' »i house that I can /.■■> to her ;md ;i*k j     A   -ii.i.   i   J.,w l.'tU'i   in tlm  wm hi
'..'"(   an-   cra/V.''   re'-    tho iiiutriui'.iiial (pi"sli..!t   and  iyyf-j\e    i    u.    '
.   t ,     i     , .. . .....'!   , 1    I Ol       rtii    .illli-nl'i 111 I,    ;l *.*. \A',- r   t 11    111 V    i 111,-    ! ii ,. I       ' '   '      ''
I     till-     '   ' ."   ' ' .. _^._.._ . „
li   ]   num-.-! A up' an nliiruialne answer to my .pic. ti.m
iim-hl ,-itll  si   w-'h • within two in,null's <U' the time ol nA;-
1    ;,,s"   l.'tb'l    in   the   Will Id
'b 11 l.-h     Mii'-euiri.       1'    is  a
i, ,i i i i !,.,-  l.u    1 he   ba lid en
n     1  i mi e a.'iil     i,     W'1'1
,i   ,   ,  .,,, • '.,,^o.    hi-,    in    th.
t m  .)     i      i,l*i i ibe (1   hi-'d
Was  a   Gr-eat   S«ffores*   and   aEmost- In
Despaip-Riew   Bope 'atnd   Stresagth
..   Ganus   wlb°j   th©   Uss   ©f.
„ , . ;„„  ,,..,,*   .r-rtvet-  l)r    Chi-se's Almanac, and sent
This great food cure is c,o . g  won     r ^< .    -J -     • ;_ X(M.ve  ^.^^
dors    for    weak,   worn-out    and    «. *     r^»s ^.  {,iIS  11.l,,lllIll.nl   j   M)011 ■ ,1(.
couraged women.
Nany    medicines    width    are     prescribed    in    such    cases    are    mi-rely
1 Btimulants  which   cUc  tem|.oraiy   relief and arouse false hc.|).' «*
Because   Dr.   Chase's    Nerve    rrtixl
actually   foi ins   new,   rich' blooel    and
! Incr.-a-ws tho vitality m Hi" body, its
benefits ore thorough and   lasting ono
its cures permanent.'
1 rider   this   treatment   *   soon ' he-
ran    to    lnipiov.-,    and  bv the time J
had used  eleven  bu.v.'S of  Dr.   Chase's
Soi-'o   Food J   was happv  lo  fim* myself   stiong  nml   well   again,     1   oltcii
U.mk oi   what  a lot  of monev  r spent
for     medicin.'s     winch    dirt    "»'     >'"
good,  and  1  believe T  ov,'  my lit"* «'i
lit-    nm.s<-'s  Nerve  Food    I   hope  w o-
Zn who  sulh", as  I   did  will    hcnei.t
by my «*vp. ncm-p and  use Dr. C lias.--,
Mrs.   V..   A.   Clock,   yicnfe.rd     On-  . 'Nerw-   Fooel ^^   _Q  ^^
writes-     "Three   years  aero   l^bcc.tmo I    Pi.   • mi .   s
: \
■   Lei*,    ... <r*v,     *v^,-,,     ....v.    .......    --     --
c- v. tilt !'."!' *'\vi-s,    ii t Sn t}ic, I)n.ri(,r Ui.it he niiirht hear phim-
* :,>• u'le. I ly both cpie-sti'tn and an*-w.'cf.
  •        !     Djck   thought Alice r.e-.e-r 'looked  so
1   ^r'"Th      v^iui^.'.b bcvitihiniAy   beautiful   and, al!   that
•'";   ''    !'01"-'   'v'll:in        ' Sort of thm-.  And he told her k,
  -       j     "i'V0; been v.oii'hiimr." said he nften-
lll'S LimiQCDl UUlbJy uUlUb, Diu   j asJ{ y<nh AU(.0i lo ,ilMOJ1]0 my v.u-,. ,,
' you'd vefute me.   Vou would, wouldn't
1' V -S i'l ,
.11..1 t" .in.:.
■ da -,-t 1 a-*-, o!
,. ,' !,.    ,-eIl.- '.t
oaic    I,tt!"    lime
all   t he     i nlliery
.•tiu.el .   ,       w..  ^ _
ib....'   Pan,un imcte-i l'111, j !.(.[,.|,.(]f,fi   in   growth,   thus   causing   a
to    ie pi*
111  -1    •>■
!l!     '- I, ■    \\ llob
\\ as   s.aa i-lbi i.
" ",W '''■" ! I'lu-M.ture toward that bide.    Profes-or
U""   Uomanes cKperiniented with an mter-
.'til ''i,'",()/'(■*>
l-l III 1 \
mitteni iicht,-sm h as Unit of an elec
  trie   spark   discharge,   upon   mustard
• n7i i ."iti p     '.'lib-   seedling   aud   found   the   heliotropic
,01:'-' effeel produced in this way far greater
...lU'll       . , ...1      I...      .1,,,      C.1T1      f*,!'      miv
,,   ,     ■   ,-   mal.i-   nny    i.a-*-,-   ",,, b' t ' !)..., ,..    i,,,-,!1,-     mi,*     .«..-   . oi„- \ (,ftQlt.v jn-oduccd in this way far gr^aui
'"     '      u,..   n..v.raU...Hp.   ^/Ze*.     ludeeil,"    <p,iek!y    n-spemded | b---  ;■;•■■;, „'; '.,';,.. Z^ Vv/Z^^   th.t o.usoa ^   ^^n  or ^
-'     -' . -. I   .„,.„    .*you Know I'm to lmivry Harry I ,,-. .    ......    .... I 'i:-....   , .„,|.'.u -'- ..«.<!   other  form of light.    Stiangc to b.ii.
 rT       • P^PPnlnn  b *    A    - . "    ' 'l "-   ,""-  '"    l'"    "^' '"''"",' however, this abnormal influence is .uii-
cMn.-i,   Ofirnsng,   Creeping,   m.>:t month ' ,,,.*. .,1.-1    s...     ..*...*...,.•.   .,.    i'.i.'v<'i|lluH(-u"     .   ,.   ,..,   ^......-.'.ion   of
C*-Al'  :,„i;,.v,amafo«i     ......   ....  ,.*m   „„.  vr.^er.hiv   wl.«Mi   1"' ! •   ,,....,   . *...      -    ..,    ',M.e        'i !"'*    i-; a.-compauied    by    thc    MlKl.leio.l    ul
,,.   10   *    ■ , ,<   i..i       ii.ii-   .*. -n.-..t i ^iiioropin 11, the green coloring maucr
• :" ' "l ] '■•'■:: 'b.:'.' X ktk"h    „  „i:,m.*; which renuircs suushme for
Union Bank'of Panada. '  "
* j I
..... "'rolii-v- d in a few j "..^   -u,  ^^^   Int.   yestC'l'.hiy   wli«Mi   he   . .
.   Dictiiicnt.    Dr.   Aii- . .. .    , t„  b(l   j,-.j,   i,...t   man,"   said  j.
\ukZZ»^Z^, ■i.Sl'-Hut by -km,  y..u   ih, T- ■«
hf-.  nneJ  all   lirup- .• ,j ,;.at M-;iy I v-'ini a dinner i»r t.-.o ,'
otliin.E _ «ii-.ii        ;      .. ; •
11    )i.    SOC
-     ...   vl       I       ■
..II   ill  I'.l*'
A't -'.
, ll of U
He   went  to  ih"   <!."■•"   ^d   (bag
rAn'.icie   In   ivfi «ttij>-     W lloh' c'/e
,,      of     Hi.'     *e.*l.'   or ,      ,.v  ,
.,..'  line.'.    H5 ce-'nts  a j T)j[n  j.^^,,^ h;,. pl_,,.,, lU  :,'i:(..ier
 ' |     -1   .-isked   hi'.'   the   .pmsWui,
yi  -    unrigs     "us     the j h(1.,nK»   i,c. tohl,'hi*:   fneii-N,  'Miul  sue
„  .., |,--<-pnivd.    , | snUl .Yt
In plants which requires suuslime for
ils proper production. - Pall Mall Ca-
' a    li.
\,,.(;.., ..-,,)i   (,,'   ii i-   !'ivil,i -
• • ,, ,|\     in'    \u-t '-.Im.   ih«-
lb.''.,  lid     ',f   ^'.''1 boill ni'.   1 *
d   i.'IMS'.
  , T,.,,. had heard it. but he.uidn'c lock !,.,-, , ,  v
,„r CMi- g-ts l«-bt i       Uu,u<,h heludb-N'-w York Tribune.     „   m:,u.
imii,"   sa;d    ;*nmil    ua  	
'(pici'iocl     Un'
/eal.'.-a.i   -•  I.h   In-   I'.l* <■ ''*'-
i*ot      tl      sirawbelO
\.k   ..nn,"'   i;xpl-u.od
"Mister Jwlge," said  tne -.m co.<u-i- ,      , ___■ ,_	
cltl/.»n who came into th* jn-tiee cour. , .      ..
K,ullnga cmall negro-Doy by thecoa
JbMboISI!  JiL'AVlN   IJNbuibNT
llei-.o-.o*. fill ' lunJ, s..fl or c.ibou *.-el
bii'ips it.. .1 i.i...iu^Ii.*n i'ii.iii 'lii-cr*-,e*3 IjluoO
,*[KiM/i cub-, splints, iiii-'bo'ie. swi-L-iicy,
Mitli-s. •■■i.nn'S. (.iii^h ^.-..id "lid sw-ollun
U.i uai. «.o;i(fl.h (-'-'- ^'-^ ^;,i) l)> U,u
use of one bottle. Wan mit ed tlio most
ttti'-elci-iiil   ttleiiitsli   Cine   f.'-r   Vnomi.     ,
•ihe   fb'iiidation   stone   ui .Liverpool
Catbcdi.d,   laid   by   Uie   Ktng.   weighs
.        t      tr.i.r       1 11
..,._ n. r   Tn HAMDIE YO'Jtt SKIP.HE NT 3
, wu ■ vu Want iHss'?»=?-«sw
Cath ndva-acod on CiiM'-Jiur-O'i^- "b,."",,-,   tsasg* a t^ B B^ j
,-nn oldest i5r,B.^.ir.n o««n comm.m-.on    ^^      ^ ^ | ^ j^ S
Grain  Exchnnnr, Vc'lnr.lpog.'__£__^!_CT^_«fflB^^
TrrSr^^Trcpres'cntative of -bis. TUcl,^'dsan
^L£^^-— fJons, Kingst^i and Toron o am ^-^ ^
Willis. limited. Montreal, 1 Q 1 -jm . ;-*£ , ;^ I J; t wlll bc plettaod
of grain of every variety ?*?*}• °*Z t i on whatever you have to
to write or wire you quotations at nnj tnm. o i f, llUl. Requests
o^er. Correspondence solicited ,n « h^r 1. A - ;ta^ltinj, Keference:
for information re shipping etc, gnen i";»-l,Ja^R1.:ILljYf WINNIPEG.
1 Merchants BAnkoI (AinatUi. bU"" 	
l (.--,-
'■•-   '*r"''     ,;XPl-i,'0t,    clU^i w'ho came inm t^J^ii^om   |    ^^    ,,;   ,, ^„, ,,   ..1!tW    (!u,       . ^..... ■ u.u, ,..^. ..... ^^   ^^
•   _____ lciding a email vo-:roAyny by the io..t    ^_.  ,,       .,    ,(1  i>i,|   ,,.„„   ,,,e  top  ol -yi^     a|,d   li,1>,„„.,.s    7   icet    H>
;;":„;r"h..wu. «t.o.u| „,!,.„ ^-MMoi JeO.^, I ^" J" -V1. , ,■„,,' iMie,.- V p.-m^ ^ -h^ in K,n£,(ll. (4 ret O ine-h-s in
,"     ..   L'5-tem   uti!"   '",!',,„,,„  ^,1,   e-ne (lis boy V"U years ^n.n     , ,^Jf  ., a .   ,,.,_,,*,.*     ,,:.i    wlu.-e    n»";jmrilhi  nnd  - iect   .'5   imhcs m  height-
,:„:„.,Si , .n..Metb<-.:. ly -1' .-' } -^ (k. viltb*** fcrhim." -,,, . ti ;.,„'. ,Vi ho I slipped .'iu ;,,., 1IU..,,»MM.S oi the mothers mwt-
 "-1  -'•'   ""•   "U,tl,ll,.r:;:.   ,;   ",   ae-,.,r' a*.kod the a.-    ,- p      n„s,...,a-\IA    'He-   satUe   _ol,l   /    .„   Ul(.   du)c,:,(>   havc   ,ltlKl   fol*  it.
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'"I  ^^,rU trl.! I dolnV:-
-'What do you me-u,r' askod tl.o a*
touLslmd jiHtice.    AVhnt has he b.vn
U il       Vh\ sit '.i:\-
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bottom  of  i'
said  fm- s.-cr  i - ..jV^i,,.   mc out  er   l.on**o  en  lmnie, .     *.   1M ,
'»"    ",lM    l"' .°V'"iFUh:; was the reply, "wid d:it on^l.y ■;•;;•;,!;_
,,.    foo".'"",sa;<t   Ui',   .     '    itP or  hb.     Why.  je-ebv.  eubUPPC"     ,
,.     ttoKiloiifi!      'VN       ! p- de wdaile dat sw.Ul.nvcd .Duuth    ,
 .  , ari,ui:-cm"iils.     ^^   t!;   I"        n
trl'i Lte?.t Cures Distemper* i rokl, j^,i- .t-^ruu1;?.! IS
r i  i..i..   d-j d.* vuihci  cm.iim "■" i
*.   membe-rs  oi   the   mothers    meet
h,.   in   the   dioc.jse   have   paid   for  it
The   cathedial  fund   now   amounts  to
.,,.  ,s  .bei-.f.'.-k-   up   on   enjoy  McV-Vh^  toa-iu.   ^
laisbur.tl   lm\''  ,,;'-   tion.
,\M    V.KUb i\"!-: --'' "'c!e   !ll<>
ul i,h   I  i   -   no   e.U.e.   ;,-ii"o   ■
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.   ,,,   u.     ' ■*' "■' '       '"■'i-':.,"j\   tlin-c  luuKl't-il   ce.os  into
l',!,,,!,,,,   mill   .ur- i   '•    ic-    i-i'1'   ;   '■ l",n,'l ' t[a\        Weill. ine   x.ilt   nioloii.     ....
, ,n,1,.'.,';, ,,,,„        . ,u-    u .-.lu   .i-    «''"'! Uiie     oi     .>'••    iiuuinu-b   ol.U'P   ni«m'"!
.•;Wii„b-    i.    .i..i'*;.i'    ";,U,1l,'1,,      ii!!b>'':"   is   1'HV'OL-oil     bv    koei
^     \       t.;-:,e     i ,. s    b.'\<-   i."1      >-"o>- ■•       ii.-
,."!.'.  , *.i   '■"        '     I   '    • ' "'!"'"      "' "
''"'"      'A ''  :'   ,'    "", i ' p.. u   ... ion
'"'l,,;ia    *,    .'.I.'  '        "\    t.,b    ."    «'.-'.. n
■■ "" ,     - i-.y Mt-mii'iM-; hit-'K ^^v '"'• 1Ml°"
il    nit ci i'i-.    ,,,v(;i.-|i    _s„   -aioK*   SbnKo-poaie near-
-«■■•--«    -AVuiioe.iiaK.'.,   ^.„s«co    ^-,-  \-
Ivoepii'LT     tin-    bi'*b
.,.,,,.   ,*,,,,     -'"■*,        .   ,,,„.,  ,:is,ie,e      Ur    'lliuei.-is'   l-jelee l m-
>'.*      1 "'.'l'  ->   i   „|   !-,,.,!   int.'iimliv   v ill   em.'  e-oimli**    unci
„   ,a>l   ,,,,,.,-..-b t„ll(lK.,l,.   i.-lliinii.   i.\.-ii-.'i»f   e.oin'
'.1; i,„i   ,.iio *toi..:tli   te-*  Uie   o'spuiiu.iy   ot-
'I   I / > .1   j      it       i*      1   1  1st 1
Any, Bank in Winnipeg. ^^   ^^^  y      7N   RXtrbDCh.  ^XNTPEO._
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,,\o   I ,
1  1  , \      il'lv ,
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t;i\e   it  a  it ml
and c-L nq
„f  1 n-.-r.-. 'I*'-'
*.*.   f:i   ! *-■'■■
-.le...  -.'*'    ^   -,|f
.A..."  ■   -;"v
re ... ,i..in.t
c.   I.'"   ■""'
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tie ,it > '.   ' '•'
ill,.!.' ' * l'-'1'
nc.   U'-b'-w
(I,.,    ti,., .elill.'
car.. *- -'', ;i
tn "[. 'i  ti.'"1"-
'II,   l'-l   "'
i) the ''i'i
>w em ' '-'
oie ni'.- I''''
i.i i tu i '''"
I i.e 1 '---" 'i
VI    - *   ■'      '
.1 i: ::. ^1
h.t • '!"   "
I'.,;. -
ie . t
■in !• P
h   hi     "
, "
•,,.   i.>   .
., •    ''-.■*
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i.:: -
to ,.l
i ai-i o.
:'.C>.*IJ. i
juw'fo '■'rtU''i     .
iim 'who IiHO>V»
„<  nm.-A-."'<''
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U   ' •     - ,
h :, ; ' ' ; ■
lb p.' ,'
*. !-l>,M     lUCTOllllllC
VCIitirapl'-" 1»  Hrr bine. __  I      j,
■rca...ic -I  clai... that  my  ^/^Z'ZZr.    h"*
,.d when I went to    trouble tmrioiM-r on <••■■■'»■   '       *" "
io   h   h '
1   .-'.,. ml
l! , ' *-..     11'    "'
"Well     1   made   lhe   sale ail   i libit,*"
, .   , .    I new-   said   the    n-v.     salesman • »nt   you
'       -','""i'lU    I---'ll.nl     to    her   '     .aotestcd Uio      P1 o-
ZZZZ ',;.;,„, ;pn,,or     'Vou    tedd    her they    wee.
'didn '
•n-.l. ilnn.ni;; i ing. .     .[•*,, v.nvrj -mg    '...ai.m
:-i.'t liadn't been rais- ,    »rhnl,*« noUntm.   M. «' ^n,c
".a. m sler<hty."-Chi-, beenn-e v.- may be b-uu..n„ at
.; b^tU - ^:/:/^/i;/: mu ^m m ^ u wn
I iid,,; thimderboi-m.-   Cnctgo   l«c ,       __ _        ^  ^   p . ,,,    ,    l0
Eat   what   you   iike
iv.*r Utile ms««i. I duriibC  thuiuh-rslorm-*-     "-bit.-*
-She insists that    oripLlerii!d.
old    Irish     hives.'-     ' N"o.   _1
She  siu'ply   said   she   club) I
,ylV   A want   an>   'bogus  imitations,'    and    I
i.^sine.l   her ours  were  """'lllu'
i.—Give    tbo
di.^i've or-iuts senile work  to do. These
tancixon*   i.^l   eseie.se   »-«»«;»■   **«"$
,,    '   "ot    or    lhe    liuiiiiin    niiiitoni>.     but    u
1 "•'   "'"    o^v-ie  I'elKii'e    vwc   tl.om   thc   mil   that
loul   niul   sou   e-.ui   eel     aaytliiiiB:    thnts
, '"l.elle-eoii.o  ni,d  ,mhiliiblc-00   in    n  ,bo.v.
,        ,     P..".  e-eiilf. —s
,,,,,'iel  ,n 'I
illi-M, , ,'.. ■ .*: -;, ,._siIL. inMsIa that _ orj-Uoriikl. __ I ;... '.     ,,,'h.-  * ._  J_b^:~-- *       I wii«i^o"«' «'-d pwUitublc—00 in   a .box.
I1'   ■'   ''"i'."'r' Site's   nn   original I «« Tofrc*UMM*,b„. Bllo,vr,n-   '"     "'   '   :'' '' '      ",    "    VZZ" nZ\*- \     -Mow   much    ohh-r    is    your    elder
1 - The wemuiu was doing hybopn* ,.,     I"-- „    a    s,s.c,   than vou  are.  .lohnny,     .-sk*'d
I' "  b„y „,   i-.ycr-YeX   and   she ' T, Counter jumper h-mded her i 1^'"    .,. ,  .,   ..  ,,, m* <d' -a. , . ^ ,„.,„.   •     ,„» t
l^,:-^^--i^53^- i':::;:sbS^;EiF':;Alra"'C,r.
if-'.''■;;;'"',b1 ].':.';,.,„-.-. -•■..-"""-  ■aaAaaaaAAa:s •«•.■■ i'"-'.:> *■■""::	
r',-.- - —!-'i"'"™-i"1,b;ba'b.:-;.,;';:;! v;;„::,::u 'rbr^'bA-bxAr-M A.p;oasant Bu,y.y-«™,r
t ventured the <
",.        I.'.^t nig'ht his' >•<"»   "lM  ' ]
;. :, tme   p.".     Tltii , Tig'M'.
tent.ci-ature ,
, *'.),,
,   *, i   .
ill    I'd   Ul
y i
■!. M*.   Oil    Ii it   l,-;ii«*r{ J\
,    '    , ., i".   ,s ,  ;, mr  f.t  ,
.   ! my to t,co \eiti, '
nrti ia t- ui j.,. iiifi^!1      *
,  .,, , ..cine-lb r '""'",'',,  ,l ,-onsU'*' ;
K" ''' ,b     P,.,..-i  e.."u.b  l" '       l  cn.,sUi'ill'...i
;!; ,v ',  ii.!'- ""'.v ',;, •,!.**
,-A aM,e * I"-     ,;,b.t. i« ij i.'i"'
;■::'..'.:>-":7,..n„;,'.m'^- '-:1.";?;,;:.
(i!     I'   r"'b",  «
(III I*.
,     a Pleasant Duty.-" when \ lcnow (
ni*..:hi..5 wtutM- of '«",o,"i,,ri:!,,'.tior,;v-i!
,„ ,       li    is   (iMtiimly     miuoe.l   1". U.M   ,, „    ='
!,.;,      'Hi-   (ii ^t   n|.p'.eati'..n   benefited   im
„,   Cue   i-ihaitps "    f.o  els -.'
Not a pennv down,  simply  drop me
a  postal   villi your  name and 1  will
forward-you   one   oi   n.y   latost    Improved    U-Hh   Crude    Electric   Belts
Free     You can   use  it  three   months,
then'pay  me  if  cured    and  ^  P™c
will   be    only   half   what otheis ask
If ,tot cured, you  return the Be It  to
mc   at    my evpenso    am 'Y om:*oid
Will Pecide.     1    inn    wiUinc:    o tiust
, vou entirely, knowing that 1  have the
^r- -   -  ^  best  end   n.obt  perfect   Delt   ever    m-
Tcnted/ and  niae  men   in  ten   always  pay when  cured.
This modern Belt i. the on*^ouo   that   ^™£  **™X£
IT^Z-^Ze^/do,  ^dit   is   f--^^-
burn.     H  is a certain and  posit,   o o m  nil Norvous.
:;'bis,'b,£b^',- '^'Sa.'.Jr"^iS '..-. —
brought   on   by   abuse  and excess.
to each person writing mo one copy of my beautiful^^^
Mtvl.cal Book,   which shoulc     '«   "-nd   b>   "^   ^^ ,V ,„  sealed
1,r°P   or'  If 'vm d u-rScik" " III   4     cihty   no   lotmev.   but
^irtoX'for  my  splendid book and Belt freo.  ^ntoU.-Uu>.
t . t all.    What
. . I li line \, hen
('.-,-..r:e i,*i*c*t*.
it's ih-if hovri.l'bld
11 .'hint !  have gone
t  AT .'i.Hl.ory. but I'
; -.v.- not. .cmi:/ back
/    Mil
<\*r   C
'. r -  -
.ir. 1  '
!•    f    <
Fa,. i ■   ""'   1,'',r,;1
'Vr\'--> v- -,1,/ 1'" '
■   nUV
.1  tl-e  l"-dt
..  f;o , 'I'jlesl*. °
I ? * 1
■I. *
, [sCI-lC:
.. .mem !»'<"ivf
r tilt.- t
norbuA  eii'^'i
l -,,'!  ''.I'l'1" '„
I  .Vol)  d"l: '     ;..„U
but    WlA"   '""'
lino b^J'%1
^A n n u;.vai i-1    ki kt -1- a-cjy   m
msmMm i
kLff^^^h   REDUCES
yi%^ UE       EXPENSE
b. t
The r.ahy-A'r,NV- l"i:'" ;  ,\'7,IV m-'i"'*1*
doosn-t w;'!(u' ':;. YorkA'meVh'
niaiishipAi bi.---Ny        _   y„
WnllvliiK- eo.  <»'•<-' rolling.
Tew   people  probably   kn .w   wuat   It
1, thatcnaldesthc'. to^alkonthe.-'-'-
in.r      It   has been  siippo*''d   li.iu   im '
»u.::.;^vrO»;..    l!liI111!lll^lili;tlolUl.ll  was duet"  the    ;u
i;-'   ;"';'     "   \k-i\  1  t   ,.V llmt each of thbr  feet is a  .». . -• "
•"!''  '  ,:'"    ", I-   ,,  -I '■ "ir  puuip.    Tim*  theory  w i"  l."in   ***
■    '      '-     ',     TVb  n n..:1'f' ' Lo i;,;-"-,b niul it was tuott -r ;-'^
:!^™i\x&:«»«••"■ \««* :1^f;;^iS1snsubstir1w..Aii
b'Y-bb    i'-b::g    oAb baniam . niea is  iU > ^    ,- ...ou m   Ir. f,cL
w Files l^t year
NoFlies this year
if you. use
said  1 'AbA'bl-t b- 1,,0lv;_l„„! boi!ls mily partly J11^
ur osperhncnl ,w v,.,,
in   'he opcnAii.'   for. iho vuro"   A
nsth.na sucomh-u.-'   -.   ,.   n0(1  n-ynii.
•■wcii.i! l^b17,1;.     „,„,'!bf ao
-Wcllbi!   Ii;lb'riimi n p.,rt. of >'b
mryabdthey  !>•>v   ..,,,„.,„,
?IC«V*rftB-*3 W.ll bo paid by'   nslhina.'-< iiu-"--' 	
"V^MfO Lover  Brothcra   , ' ■ -~'(T.  *-.r«"«'.-'
)mi*ln      I,-    -f          .   I. .. Mllfl    15     -*
\-|)',l   om.1
v «.^ar1
i-Wiipri t„      "*■<'-"" Lover Brothers
car,   ZkZZ to Z HR-rson   vflvj
nny form of     ,l    l,1,s'   S0"P   contains'
fr cont-,;r°    "dultoration v/hat.Eoever
r<3 any  injurious chemicali.
**" for th0 Oclacoa Itar
5.Jni«l,'l>'   ''-
'fl.Inve you ',"■-'
bmd pni'ib ^
he didn't; bm-w *»•«'
/■■a. ivjj.^A—,-«■•■ . ■
'5 ,      i«-i vhiibleii'Ctr'.eiof-anu Wie
tt   j ff -p r. .'ii ""-^ va"' J*-v"^ IT
■b^?:',,.-,^    Tho, Lung
% /.IjUfe    ionic.
„;..i.'v mil »tiwiy-|,l05
,   ,,.et ouvo yott fl;^b',:n  tuo luuas  1*n(i
P^b'ba^l^bi1- I. ,
■■» m'i'"1 -.c.^^tn.oo.^'
uiiiUihle  for 'th*-1
«K,,VS- T,"-        1V     «   11 v   would  be
U:"in-   °       ! b   P-a • aUnbbon were it
. upheld-by ciip.lUii J-1    ,■   . ,    i8.
: 1Vu;..„hiths as  l»-i   >     -  » ,n.ni,.u.a
K,u:,Lfly ' u3Tb2   klmbuuefoot
1 ened glass.
W|nll„w IV.-c-1'...iK ««< "- i'1'"1" Ar*'
],,   one-   inipoi'tanl   depaviuu nt.   un-
nmh'.-ted  by  public criliei-'11.   the ad-
M-rUsers   b.ne   even   now   o*Aabh*.tu'd
ta.tefi.ln.'ss as the uiulei 1 Aim:-essenli-d
ptitieipl.'   of   their   ce,mi.ctilim>.      1 lm'
Is in vbndow dressiim'. a  AtA part Of
aelv.-rlisinu.     'Iho   henulifuh   n»t   the
bi'//irre: iho at(racti\e raUt-i' Uian tne ,
Bluvtliiig;  the allm-im; ami  inton-st.ng ,
'ire now soudit in the WinduW -etbTtb j
nfbwet-v shop.'.frotu the great eh-part-. :
niet.t store to the little caiulyiul.-.H-u: j
frolll Uu. basement'lights of a ^modes. .
lbu-ist  to thtAlong plate glass tnmt of .
U'Sliou cmDoriuin.    Salaries, of several j-
(Mousand   elolhirs  a   year,are paid   in. j
cities to the "artists':  m^st-skilled in
window   elressing,   and   their -requisitions for plants or ribbons--tcitaily ir-
relevmit as these may 'be to the stock
on  sale  and  d.esigned   merely  to  add |. ■ di.|nons1 ,.,,nou   .was.   gi'.'-n ' 1.1
to the beauty,of the w.lnjl ow ^/^A \T^n[0  ,„    i.Tivat.t    l^-r.v.     Ki»«-
m-0  1U)not-,el. imgnidg.ngb".     1-J    ^ ( .  .^^  S;.Vi,,,;,   ,,,,
the meivhant sajt,,   't"u-. "bv   I   stow ''■ ! '   -'   "-   t,!,,s,!   (,f
tlftil win-low Unit people «ill stop
1MHl ionic at. and that yet shall indicate
gi'iterallv the sort of trends 1 handle,
mid 1 do not. care what- it costs.'-
Chin-les M- bobinsonin Atlantic.   .
^\n  enthusiastii-.   popuhir. and   udli
I I I. * .'.(J      >f  i i i ** •   •        - ■
,      .    ,'i,..   clnse.   of   the"   i-rocY'd-
ns     .11 riuhl'."--I.it,«-
'JsssffRIvLiSJExi. r -,   i.' V* *    - "-iV*"     i   -       -■        . i l       * '    .    *!.. .-u.\-*^d?^'W'ii^*'^W£r^*)^i£w4^VSS£n^^
iWH1f?t'saSe."'■   '.i - i *   '- ■      -■ ■. ',<■»*' —   »■ -'rb;-        ,i* • *v, MAtfiiEigpaliki^
t'-^iy BHn«wra«»«aS9«SHKa««ElT«*
mzzzsraixrri-y -'^rwwii.^-;*:- -
' y -'-' '' '-•-./', ■:vb',--;.\b -'A'-;' ib^'ny
" ' '  ' ^Am-bMI'" "J;
<Tsw««».»5u.»«fc«»fWW ***?«',!':
■".■■.', 'bA'b'.-.ybbA'b-t7fp| b.7|SMa7-nmi %mi 7-
b'  ''■■"'' '   b •     ',',■ .. ■'  '-,-':' ..,'■ "    A ■>■- ■'A.''A." ~."i-:"-i-:" -■■■• iAcsr\      A-y
'.  ,,i,i-    kjU>   VAcy ,, if iv v y:.:.i(-' Kb -. A A *^7b   .,--- bbY
l?ablish'e(]'■in-ihei'nf.erea.t'bl-the people-,;
b,A '-oi ii0yie%nd-Eitf : ■': 7lnSe7t67  &7<B 0^^171-1310; Z'-^Zk \k~ZZZk.
"b, ;:';]?6w-d8X'blotlG3i ';'// //k/'Z'A• "t'/k.
b"'7 ■'::,'yyAbb ,,'"..:■■; y ' "--.;-': A7 s*v*, -\\""i!. v- iv.-, XX .r-bvb''' cr c.-,i'.n'v' a or.;-, Ar-.b-'-y"'-. -:■./; y-yy   ' --'.a
d:,,\)..\j'..;i -AtA,AA:. .„  ...., ,
lA'bbb  C7ery7bb.Y:.7 AAb-bUg yy; y'tliyir j -   .$*■ ',,    .
-y Aa..<*' -.
byy~ „....... », .i.,^-.-^/^
b sjAUb yib77 ^ -S2«^S?*=S^'>fc.:>'.>r >>>-^>*>- N* v,- A^;^£§
l.p    .11 .-.','
.■{■halt :,*/'■>    '' ^y' ■
...   -yyA,„yA"-:7'-' :-,.-" A,bAb. 7'-:,""",- " .-A/yA..'- y'b:'b b"j bjj
■ ■-'-; -'-: -A-'' lA-l Wi.--irvo-' -p yvr?el .R fbl ' Wn-I 1 *,-■• ■   ''.   '' *
*?ib', siti-itn,:^ 'bo.b -:".-;; ■.-::-'rubb'sber?
'•bates, of anj:5o.-iir-Ti,o:y ;•
'■■S  'A. 'A-AdAdi ""-'A.    .-' a    '• " "''f '
■["-■■' 77-':   7obAybb.;!:iKib..A', b,-..
jt.3..,,^-,-,.,--.ji-i.-,, j.',;-.,;,:.--.-A-t^uaj«^^K=.-iw-.i,'rf*.'.^*^s*^y^^
l.b7„        -..-...■
r-i-. 1 yiv,
1 aai.*
A, b'/b.-b
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/IV' ■'
,,^^^^/-'' ■■ .-■"■■i
A-.--  'by;,   ,   y 7,,-.Y. .-  7 -;;..-■   ,.-      ,7. -.,,.' ;.,       ■;-..,  y  ,  |
-,:. .-. :J,,:/(;t-urt-r*? -A'- knd: dhaler^.iriyUll.ikineis pf:-. l^bn-unr, "Ccj|j7'"
.";,-•**; yhUVb    '  i42t:l\)lis
':.{■;.;■-,,. -y-e
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