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The Moyie Leader Sep 27, 1902

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v. -
- 'J
sTo ?a:
. -r..".
Money Is Raised, to
Complete Work.
.   Oicton, Sept.   25.—Creston -is   en-
loyiu_ ■. goCd 8ie„jyi i)t_lth7   growtn
«nd i.hcu the  rich   /arming  country'.
-vlni-L surrounda  it  becomes  a  little-
bettor a.nnrovod it will be  one  of   the,
most prosperoustowns on the  Crow's]
Nest line.    Fruit and vegetables of all
kinds can be grown in abundancerand
■Heck raiding has become  an ' industry
c* no small importance.
The reclamation farm, which is close
, to liero, has 9,000. acres  of  the  finest
j kind of farming land, a 'good  portion
I? A Yt&R
jJ   'rr-iTT-VT** *-.-«- ■"        •-■  ;-      rt
Jg iMi.IIl3yII.tjB        |S     L MF "      ,,i0h' ^  U,Kler oultiTO«on-   ^e
Z "      '                  ' ! ff0ft Cf dykin*J iS °0ijlS "leadilv along,
M .                                 ,. j and, wiih, better   success   than  here-J
1 Company   will JW,' tt«i,- tct?;\,„ ._ _ ■    '. /       :   I
-_£•£"* -"\
To any one who shows
,,  the largest' cash ' pur-
Chase in ,our store for
one;  week/ beginning
.' Saturday morning- until next Saturday-night
at B:30, can have their
choice    o,f a    suit   of
,   clothes free out of our
large     and.     assorted    ..,
< .stdcfc of over 100 suits; < }f
Weflnditpays.toad-'  f
vertise. and let people    *
know what we have to
■offer.   The bargains offered ' last  week,  were
speedily -taKen. advantage of, .arid:the.same
., prices hold good.
, ■_; TljUs s}3§ciai offer ir?.-
eludes J'clothing*,    dry
goodsf   un'd-e'rwearV   ,ih
hoots and shoes, and all   }a
i^rids of goods, except   $\
groceries,    .Each   cus- M
'tomerwill. get a cash
receipt for"goods mir-
chased, and the party
yyho can show the most
in    the    aggregate   /ft
amount   at 9:30   next   (&
im a hot
and,wiih, better   success   than  here-.)
Company    Will   Soon,   Hold U^'the town-does not have to'dc'U],'      ' ' A   tTv^ut ' ■
'.Annual  Meeting   and   p8"^0"'"^^^^
p.n„<* w-_ ^ mine,a.big aiivei-iead property oniyj   Have'Commenced, 'and
t\yo miles from he-re, will* esumo opera- -     ■      - -
ticija lUsoon -as   tho  price   of, tbeae
['me-jala go a little -higher' in ,. value.
| There are also some other   good   pro-
Tile money has been rawed  for 'he 1 P°r,ti6a n°a'f h°re' which wiI1"80rae day
completion of th« Sullivan smelter" af,reShipi'Cr"- aod dividend payers!
W-...-..M,.      n.  . ■ " la. tbe town thiB mercantile interests
Faaa   &
plendid  stool
Annual  Meeting   and
leot New,Officers
■' - 'for Same   "   .
- Grreater Number of
Geo. llunro arid R. J. Long are cun
'ducting  lirdt   class' hoteld*   nnd   the
traveling public can be assured of   the
i,„„i. ^r .    ,   ■    , . '..
,. --- --...mu    MOCK,
">ch has U-«n'on the decline since
tlie trouble over tbe delayed v,-0rk occurred some iirao ago.,,    - '
The Canadian LVeWhaa completPfi
the survey from Ximberly to the- Su'l-'
Imn mine and-will   hayo   the   tram-      .. --    ---	
Jrom the,road to the- min/* a   <'.' tl  r- . j rt:"11Jenc,J'"i -iei'e,arj"-ong those worthy of
"'one and  a 'half   mile/ V^l!"cT   ""   "
wuhiu OO'days,   _There will  l,./som(
Aeeitlement  of  the  fight  between'
the Coeur  d'Alene  mine  owners'and
tho smelting trust hae  been  made at
m   aioo__   the conference in Chicago.    The  rail-  are    now    occurring    warrant -   tho
-                -«-   ton,  and   the- smelting   company  holders to hold the ,-ice of same  fi,™
■nake8,acatof.UatononitschamfiB.  ^,i„    ,"i_ -;-1"  : ' 8amo firm "
J        'IN-  ABU"SOASC"E,'sUimODKl)iJ .
«jj The recent -strikes 'here and'?
_g elsewhere show the imnortance if
j[ of Coal and Coke.,; " ■    7 '   r>
|   JIOIililSSEY Coal mines  will & '
^ always  be worked   to their - full k.
^i capacity,  which, insures "a large 2
o and steady payroll for this place. *
^   Any careful, intelligent investor f  '
■% who will eraminb   tho   resources ?*.
^ surrounding Morrisgey,  will  be- %
^ come convinced   .that  when h« k'
% buys real estate here at present £
«*• prices, he is purchasing at a  low K
^ price property   that  will    bring £f'
J bun splendid   returns.    Lots on ff,
M easy payments. , $
1) '     MORRISSSV TOW>'8XTB CO. i^'
{J,   Thus. Craliaii, Afft.     HEOBltr3SJEY.   jj
b *4t •£>s'"^"'^^^-^v^'^---"*<^rT^i^^^^ ,
r"      —
1 "H'o^lcJe.,
To the stockholders of the Similka-
meen Valley Coal Company, Limited;
and.   all    v/hom    if may   concern:
P-eceat 'development  of  the  com-     '
pany's coal lands and conditions that
are    now    occurring    warrant -   the -
best of accommodations
ire   some
,ti- ., '  *■    -."nil:
delay m getting t[ic machinery   there
but the,..meker will be liblc   i0  8lR;,'
some time in   December:    Tin, '..nt'H-e'
;n.<',Sftlliyjui was   to'have   held   u«.
■>nm-«l    ripetrijr   J:,b_   ?,rIJndi_vl; " bm
oe:nB   '-   t:;*   '-t^-c.'' of -^n{ltor
Ttirrr-f j'.'v*':'~f,..';',' -V/-'     ..     ■  ,    -' ■ i     i>ore—to Jir, p.t
poned anU^'pro^iC'L h£l   %£6fr S^'^* "
time next   week. ^ yew   officer*   will
tlicis bp eioctod for  ihe  coming year.
There  is  coui-ider^hlo 'demand   for
men lit ATarysviile',      »     '   '".•
Saturday night > can
have the choice of a
suit of clothes   free at
..      AD DITKWiir, LOCALS.
Thv   delinquent   tax .list   for   this
district appeared  in   the Fort  Steele
Prospector hist week.    The "list can be
Ueeu at the courthouse.
-.«% 1    It is almodt ,-m assured fact ihat,   the I
makes,a cut of $1 a ton on its charges".
In addition there are other concessions
which make the reductions"amount to
about H a ton in the case of -most of
the mines, '
-- nuiiuj ui      At the same  lime   the   rnineowners
oufciou belong   to   Mr.' F."G. |set the ^^i \o  increase   their' ship-
mentajn tlie aggregate from about*
8,000 to 12,000 tons a mouth. Ship-
men is under the new scale have commenced and it is expected that, the
force of men in'the miues which are
affected will be increased about '25 ■ percent.
The new arrangement   is  expected
to mean increased profit to the  mine-
owners amounting to $100,000 a month
or$1,200,000 „a   year.' That'   is done
-without raising the price of lead, which
is fb;ed at 3£ cents a pound.
The Goriienince .waa'held a. Chicago
.and was attended by D.  jr. H-jy^.an,
president"of  the'"Prised Consolidated
j special in
Utile and lid Mallandaiiie.
Crestoii is also the borne of Lord
-sholto Douglass, 'nephew of the
Marcus of (.iuceuabury. Jxjrd Sholto
has u-beaiitiiul residence not far from
the town, the furniture alone for
which cost, over $2,000:
Jue Wilson in constable ami E. N.
Murphy niiniug recorder.
Bom—to Jir. cad  Krr?t  Joe  \y'nS0ll
liin Farrell has gone to llossland tu
work.r ".      -'-    '    'j'.'.-   f ,
«,      r'. ; c |i«saiutfui-oi   too I'-risGo" Consolidated
Kin^W^67- '^ ^^^^ .fm\«™**»y> -,-^ntin,    the„mh^
"    }' owners; Traffic Director  Stubbs,   re-
and at a good'"figure. The company
are not' offering Treasury stock at'
present at any price:   '   '
Sirbilkameen Valley Coal Co., Ltd.
,    ItogariUnff IleciBtration.
Persons'' who are noV'bh,- the  voters'
list of South East  Kobtenay   do"   not
need to have   their ;names ' registere'd
again.   Jt    i3    absolutely"    essential;
therefore, that all those   who are  not
on the voters' lists at tho Drbeen t time '
m order'to obtain   a   vote, i must   see
that their applications are  han'ded ' in   '"
to the collector at the properoffice'viz.. "-'
the Court House.   This must be'done'
before    nexto   .Monday, '   gept.' 29tii    .
Constable A. D. Drummond  has "tlie
necessary blanks, etc., for registration'' "
fro m
*/^   Bast'Kootenay Lumber Co.'will   erect-1
John   Blackburn    returned
Pineiier Creek yesterday.
A splendid dance was given  at   the
Manhattan hotel Tuesday'evening
presenting the Harriman line ; a representative of the Hill interests and
of the smelting trust.
Why you should buy
m Tim cmwim
a largo   sawmill   between   Yahk
Tochty stations on
river shortly.
the.  lower   Movie
H uWi If
8 il b g S 8        _        _ ,   _
Jaid Up Capital   $8,000,000.
Xj-iy   York—Bar silver, 51-f cen"s
Lead, ft. 12_.    Copper,  r-lL.'K>.      '
Lo.ni>j,v—Load, £10, I','..-. 7jt
'    £A5-t KooncxAY Kroci-r.
Asked,      Bid
Crow's >7est Coal  ^,30 q0
St.. Eugene          "50        40
-*^or(ii Star         20       1S.J
Sullivan  c       ,-■!. ,-,-i
their company, says' ihe Nelson ;News!
F. J. Hill, >ccounhaiH for the" St! TTx^T ^ ZT* ^^ '
Eugene company,' was down to. Nelson You^ ^ ' ^ ?"»***' ™« D. R.
this week. ■ o.0'U.?g'    inau,lS,Qg   ^'rector    of   the
,„.        ,',•     „     , . aimilkamoen Valley Coal Co., Limited
_   I here will be -Presbyterian   services   have returned from their eastern   trip
mUiehall   tomorrow   at   the   usua 1 (in connection   with   the   business"
Mrs. Jamcd Cronin and Miss Linden
are spending .1 day or two in Cranbrook.
iteui R. Campbell & Cv.'a ad this
r/eek and learn how to get a suit oi
elotlu-s free.
Prank     Clapp    ._     }
presenting the East Kootenay Botllin.
Co., was in town yesterday.
Miss Maggie McLeod passed through
Because it is tlio best quaiitv.
Because it is the most testing cbov/,
UMIIi JAXDAR1T let, 1904.
Bocause-we cuarantee every plng-.'and
Beoaui-e your dealer is authorized to refund
your money if you are not satisfied.
The Emhke Tobacco Co., Ltd. .
Iheir  trip   was   an   eminently   vnni^n-.ii, * ""~\~ ~~"J-"^ iiiUi<- aoouc 1,000
m.cOTsWu, o,. ia-t,Mt «,„ ^?^CkJ&1^^xsZ£: ass
ed    What    !)]«•   awrlocl    o,,.:    tn     ,,„  I South MO cu.ios,   Uicnoe  we,t Jo  cVl„. "J
Jill"*    7-irNi.i*-     «/       ~ "***u.(fcJii^    IQ
ne pemt  oi  commencement, containingr640
acres moro or less. >    'DOKALD GRvnt
Dated September 1st, mo* WvAInT.
for Men.
ed   what   ihey   started   out    to    do,
of   Cranbrook,   rc_j ™Iat ^ey/onnd  British   Columbia
j investments in none too great demand,
owing   to   the, unsatisfactory   returns I        : ~ * ' -——___
from ono cause and another, tbey "had I yn'r    • ,'         N0T1CE-
Wloj^lson.    • financier* :a Oluceo   an,-)   ,ho   other I'"l"°d "«-»"»» fi**>l ».«",.!
^ja.iue-M.onci,.    L. B.   Murray.   8finr**_ I Commencintr at a post planted at tho Kortl
Joseph     J.UCUW.WUI     13     iiu.nine j •i-idf*.r*-..'--n<-'-.     n   d    *\r I   r-r.,, .  v,w^_,Ki.
,arra„po,Uents to t,kJ over Ih o Co*,™-1 h ?%,"    °y' J?',1-' ifu"^-   secre- E,S Z^l'ij"?C,' pl?nlM « ."° ?»«*
ofToronto,are  eomina   west  afc  „„'' h^in-V thence EMt so .^   '     °"C° *•-?"*>
It has been generally supposed   thai
The    tllSn .1 Caleb Ames, formerly  of  Moyie,  was
i-ib    man      WnO  dood.    Calebialivingnear  Port Hill,
0U_7S    hiS"   ShOeS   lda»P. «-»** *s very much alive
'from   us   needs . !i{!V'K w> st"
•tti/In.r.      rv^T interesting   lecture   on   "Cranks    ol ,     ,-.  -> j   «•«  ..^umueii
jUClgC      Ollly      Of Modern Socioty" in J-rewry'u huildin-  3l,bject l0 the ™»<P*etion of the above ... (ll w uajs ,.._.. , f
the lit.     We.proJ^'^dne.,ay^ning. ^j-rangement. ___ .S^K^n^^
tect  him in  all L T]e '',Ie Qnd dfl"shtor ol- *r- A- °-1       s-°«-»^ «.Urcb 8..rvi«».        cLSS, Kcto^Xtl!,-^f°"ow-nff *'*
ai^fiont   „,-_,,_.   ThuMduy     from|     Sunday school at 3   p.   m.    Prcnch. L&""={^^^
>g at   7':30   o'clock;    sribiect.    "Th n L^c^'orth ico elniuis. Ih^A^^ .^^
apleford  delivered   an,
interesting   lecture   on   "Cranks    ol lst0/z of lLu; fompnny' was  negotiated
of Toronto, are coming west at on^o __«*-V^-e Kast so^ | hcnS Sou'th'S
with a view to consollduting the two ^g! ? tbo '10ilIt°f oomneaoonout, CalS
companies as soon  as   the  promoters' Cs 1U0r0 or Ie-S3"'
stock is all  pooled   and  a  few   other j ,      AU?"NJE ca.meron,
details are arranged.      ',    ''' Dated September 1st, 190 >  Timbcr Limit x0. 2.
The sale of a hrge block of  treasury
*.,>!- /-,.  il,,.  —     ..'_  <- . ■'1
Badlng Ladies and Gents furnishers.
_:n-    ^       .     .     |Cook   arrived   hero   ThuraUiiy     from |     KUimay aciiool nt 3   p.  m.    Preach. I«XiTc?l.r.7T-"ff^^ Pdm
pOintS    01     Style   ^terborough,. Out.,   and   will   make | iug at   ?:30   o'clock;    subject,    ''Thc&%°»^e^
—-Cher, '        (Apostolic Prayer   Meeting."    Hymns  £_3£SBAffi^ -^ff^'    ■
Stone has  opened   a   ba-ber lfor this servicc IS«i, 191, 25G. lunicii September 1st lao-       D- "■"• «*ii«\."NT.
and Service. It's 1 i
1     "'" "'•-'-• - • for this service IS'l, 191, 25G
their home here
i.                      . I     ^r* R- Stone lus  opened   a   ba"ber
fcO    Olir    interest  shop in   the  McGregor  block,   which
■*""*  ~~~*  ■     will be open on Wednesday  and  Sat
urday of each week    .- tf
to sell you a satisfactory    shoe
Come and you   will
come. A. E. MARSHALL, Pastor. I-
be   made   we]-
ft  '  'I
-'-I'-S'.Sl.NJ.mt BIIOS,    A'ropS.     ...
''-'*<-' sample room' iu ■ coniio.'olion
n'lth ^use-01 commercial men.; 'Uost
<lf accommodation.^ .'■■''..•       I
and few  know
better than v/e
the require-
me,nts...;-of -Shoe
gi'^lersfor Oommencial and. Mining-Mon. i|jMacE2
.mov;.'', tl.-e
1V"i"h,r'Tl*,'?!'■ *-■ • 1* ■'-.-.-,—>-.,   -;-^- --,t --•■
I , w.'--— ->-_ *.tiC. J.
have: decided-"to close my
store for the present, and I
trust it.wil) only be for >
s.iprt   time.'    I -win., bn
pleased at all times to an-   "'-
swer"inquiries and supply      '
your   wants  ,from   6^.-
brook      Any  account remain ng unpaid 1  wduld
,    us-^thafrtuoy be remitted to
mo at  once as I am, any...
Jousi .to   close   the boot's
g. h;
- 1
, 1
'; 1
-.; 1 ' 1 -
A •
(    '
*<-d a round
he mud iii- td
.-. .it:-.- sipiash-
lie   <*'>!iiv!i'-d
permit    tli.i-f*
H> Goes Ont to Do Som
Battles' With
e DlRKing? and
« Farmer — Latter is
Convinced That the Searcher'. Action*,   Are  Suspicion*.
a htiimdi-iiT l-'i.v. ami lu
ll.'.'ll    Wl'.U   C\JKVl,'IIH-.l.
on b'*, eyebrows -red th,
td   out   id'   Ins  hhv*.,   ;-
around,   hut   lie   didn'i
trifim- incidents to iuti'rri.pl  Hie h.ir-
niony  of  the occasion,     it   was  0ulv
when   lie  paused   beioiv   a   milkweed
plant  that   was  getting  jeady   f..r  a
spring boom ihat he be-an to d'.tuht his
{Copyright, 1902, bv C. B   Low's] ■  1\I"mvI'"d-"-" of 1'OOtology.     IJ[p was disr-
JT was a mornfnfl- of fiJad sunshine ' ^ m,U "P t0 See w,K'tI)0r j* was sarsa-
-^aoftskJesand^rn^r   fi      "   ^  S™*   flatf   w!ie»   '»"  ^
, but   Mr.   Bowser  got     ,i7    it ' '"   T Vb° °wued tlJt' ur'™v:.l. ^'»
'ogy.    At breakfast  lie   J  nt £ '   *   V   "lort"a^- «'""' that way look-
nppetlte. and he dragged IPs le's as     * ■ "%£* f Sl"Y' ,,0«-
wont up stairs, and .Mrs. Bowse,- final ,/' wu, ^!l /"?  ,0?,-in'   foi,?"' "e nnoried.
ly said: '■'th suspicion in his tones.
"'I think you ought to Joi 'up on smok     serSronrl '^i^'/replied Ming for n week or so and get the nico     £_ bioocl '        "^ °
tine out of your system." !     ,,     u0"'
"Wbnr has smoking to do with if>'  I   ,""^.'   do   Je   Mvlnt   milkweed   and
he at once demanded.   , '   | sizimk s  cabbage  to   make  ver tonic'
'T   think  you   smoke  i.o   much.     It j ^VJ/ ,** ^ "S *V0™S ^^
n,a> be- however, ihat you have -towi. I     , ,     ^ bo l)e &* nnybow?"
too fat ag-ain." °,     •    j       My name Is Bowser."
'Too,fat again.'   When was I ever too •' ', "*   "evt,r ,lcVm-  of « hefore,  but I
fat before?   There isn't an ounce of 17- I ?,OT * Hke th° so»»" of it.   Sou: ds like
"    ! the name of a  man  wIl0._ 8l(lfl|      £
- d be much obleeacd to ve if ve'd roof
yerself out of this." " ' '       *
"I want to Und some spring roots "
protested .Mr. „OW8Pr „ ,„, e£k1™*
anger   back;   "sarsap-irilla.   spi,eb„s
■card of root beer.    Our mothers used
to make it for the blood, you'know"
los. I niny hev." replied (lie farmer,
also   heard -of  hog  (hie
/i baving        |
n iii.dei**tni'd that il w;:*. for v<ni, nil
1 /' I   ^ <'1I "
I'liey had reached lhe lal.o n. fli*'
jrii1! Helen sank ii,<*e/i.-i!i.eall.\ on T"h-
fi-ceu bank and whh the old '-Jiiiii.-li
■:i*.i<iiv li.-inded him lier shutex Ih-
i.ihiened them   with  hands  that   rrem
spring Ivor for
"Von diil it on purpose"'—
'•B.-lieve   me.   nothin
"1 shall never believe a man so lon»
ns I live"- ■      °
The hands fumblin- wJt_ the entan_
fflod   skates  closed   convulsively   over
the ffleaniinff'steel of the smaller pair
"lhe u-ouhJe was that you never did
him   really.    Y^u
n.'j.iat"—     '
By JAMES ALL/SON ^ ,' hU'l]
Copyn-jLit. iWi, a ;    "<-'ail't .vou understand. Helen?"
Hviijc-N.s. .Mc-'nnroC'omjjiiny q\    '""till  she  sat irariui; dumbly  across
CvO^C^C^O<5-0-^e»04-0^000^0^0*o '' tl)C'  P,ittei'in'v   o.\pause  of   ice  to   the
"J * wcodland   with  its glistening,  ghostly
! trees.    Never had  lie talked  like  this
was   further j ''fore, and the scales had fallpn from
. her" eyes  witli a  suddenness  thai   left
i bor fairly dazzled.    No: she had never
I understood   him.    He  had   seemed   to
I take their en^a-ement so lislitly.     He
bad hurt her apiin and a-ain with his
perpetual joking.    It  had  all  bee.-,
Ilrnlli-   aii.l     llo.i.-.if,,!,,^,,   -»«.».,'< Ii-.r-
iii-i«-i-:/:«-.l   J...r,J   K itciirn. ,■'* •I„i.li .1,,.
rvjuln-.- rr.-«-«i..in .if-.null.-, in11 ,.,.
n'heii (he freedom of the Town of
Soulluimptun was tenderi-d tu I orrj
Kiicheriei' the victorious tJunyi.-J d«r-
H\'jred a little speech, .whl.h ia tt
■rt'in  of  modesty
a n<
\?°n>oraium()    /u^i,:
i '-'-«--*- cuii,,)uny u;---«'i4i(*
been consid-'-   • huv«
(-or his  men.    It
and  ihoughtfii'nes-s
is  worth  quoting  in
were al-
believe in
ways unjust"
voice was low and tense.
girl drew aside impatiently.   '
''Mr.   Ludlow, - win  you* kindlv   dis-
entanffle those skates, or nt least let
us step out of people's wav."
Her    cheek*;
them enrious-
"but   I've
I've missed a spoiled boir.
c. es.
and if ye've
*tp'« "»» HI roller yP lo statP prison ••
" ■**? you old pudding head, do vou
mean to insult me?" shouted the r"oo
it'll he the
tro fat on me. and you know It     Vou
seem to wane to pick a fuss ibis morn
seeker ns he boiled over at lost.
."(.'it outer my woods or
wuss for ye!" „ . D   ,, ,
"I won't do It.'"
"Then I'll uinke ye!"
. There  was A   mortal   combar.    The
farmer was the olde.si and had a bow tc
il* bac,-V l\ut Wr-  Bowspr was the-fat,
est and bad le*s wind,   it wasinrj ev
for five minures,
I _ .     ,         -vore    atlame.       Nell
J priestly luid j,,st leaned ovor' the
of her cotter'to -raze ni
ly.   standing  thus   before   ihe   I'alaee
"I am doing my best," came the hum-
be   reply.     ne  Jorked   off  one
and rielen could not refrain from glnuc
»"S  down  nt his   Ion-   shapolv   hani]
•yjih the seal rim; she.bad -iven
the Chr/fitmna Just after their
nient was annouheed	
it back with f lie other'thirifrs.
serious a matter with her. and she had
thought be placed too light an estimate
on her love because—.because—well, no
Isnne'man should treat lightly so sen-
ous an affliction as a retrousse nose.
She   rose'and   poised   graeefullv   on'
I her skates.,   Ludlow stretched out his'
hands, and her own cuddled  Into his
confidingly.   Across the lake they sped
looking straight into each other's evo.s.'
'"*ou    (indersiand    me    better   now
Helen."  he pleaded.    "Tell   me. dear'
that you believe I loved you -alwavs"-'
;. She really   wanted   to   reply   hi   ihe
, les    he longed (o hear, but it was n
novel experience to see bin. so dea.ilv
j" earnest.   She shook her head slight
"Oh. raster, you've not been praetie-
He had not sent \ln?n^/a]a!    A8a !?!e"dt?r ^u"re
rJ'i'<-'< wo pairs oi ska tess wnng apart  ' evU ^n^ !°°k °?me Jl)to b,s ''Oiipsi
bui be kept dose to her side. I IZJn     '   'SP °" "°r ,,,,mJs '"O-Sened
"As  long a3 .vf,v«. S0l)e rl)is fnp_,'!_J!i "'"* " f/l^llsli Slanre she,shot
meaii-er-wi'-re    been   seen    to-etl,.- -   t. ,!,?i J,   Lh"'    s"e  shouted  sonio
«^n"„-I niigiit as well walk wUh vou        0^s^"nZ *hOUM*r: ""f be l0St the
I  t.-ike it we are- bound fdr the same   we-?!..        nf, nrp' on,i"0"s crackle
Plac-e. the park." "e J,,,n,p'| "0lk ,f,e-    There was ,, shrill sc
"p/en stareil st,*ni«hf oi,«;,i I ai!(i   n   second   later
"J am very proud of the great hon-
«r yon   have  conferred    upon   ,,10    in
■pri'sentiiig  me  with   the  freedom     ol
this nourishing rity.    1 feel  sure  that
the iinny  win re.-ogui7x* it us a torn-
I'lunent  and  as an expression of that,
kiiyl  welcome that- Inm'siire you aro
ay.vious to give them on their'reti.i-n
,-My first duty    on    landing is  to  express the heru-tfcii thanks of the noncommissioned     ofiu-ers   and  men     to
their  countrymen  and  countrywomen
who ha e subscribed so generously lo
awNL    and      support    their   families
while they have been awuy.   The men
will  Jn,e  mc-   to  add     that  thev  ary
giiUeful to those ladies who have vis-
'livtl their people,  written letteis telling them how they have been getting
o«,  and  have  curried   them,lews    of
Uii'ir doings in  the iield.       The noii-
I'oimiiissioiied   oilicors  and 'men  have
t.bmr own   special   anxieties   tied    re-
spoasibilitiebin   time of  war-  and    I
"Mint- you that it tightens*their rare
JiroiiRh  allot hey'have  to  do to   feel
'•■!  ". m.yihing   .happened   to   thorn
II"-' rmin   that  would  bo .suffered
t'i«" dear ones at liome would
Pored, i(t such  pain can  b
by the
,p,        - — "*uiijtv
I"*- eco:iou,1(.a. *
solvation  o,  ,',,, n6c«*«lj J
°™ who  u,Kleib.a ^,11
increased Ull(,
o'  material.  ,llfMl "U  "nct^.
i^-tlie hate,- T^/h A
trwneand hitter C''1S^|
ing agent s-iKl,  i^'-.-,,'
■ernaUvce, |ef. ,,
bec teiu-
1'he twej  alter
creasing «f tJle ,,,7"  "«»» _J
the reduction 0f tl,0 J /A
ture and sales   'JV ff10'*
he accomplished bv'?1,
As can readily he sp._ ,,
of the newcoiii^y'^l
jobbing operation l,u 'a''0''1
mutual interest*, 'Th.,!-^
Cd stock; the capiltt, _'aet|"rM
servative and . ^r™'. T
»»c« tangible ai-ts '^'4
stock olTored to the* „",,*.• 'c'f8'
•«"«.. -u^nj; :';;.;>
■■lanulacture,., „_ _«
tii-if 1
who thoy feed sure would look after
.hose whom they leave,behind.- You
ill^iow have the pleasing opportunity of seeing many of these men re
tanii.ig' joyfully   to   theii-
The Officers  a,-c ' ']',.._.^,
H. '.Mcfoh'iiffc-   fi t!l">
.   .«i-uo.^.iich.,   i.linirinun i,.i
Lonmiittee,   Uhurlw »»„    fl
The  ,.inunagunit.i,L of tvK. ,|
^d?   of    well    k«o«, y
ill., . >    w,-sJ
stared straight ahead.
"1 don't wish that, of course,, but if I
-yere you I'd get a tonic or something
I m quite sure your blood is out of or-
der. '
rMr.' Bowser looked at his tongue i„
tbe glass over the mantel, dallied wifb
a plmple.on his chin and finally turned
and observed: r
, "~Vhat"8 the matter with me is tint
spring Is here, and 1 need an old fashioned tonic made of roots. . It;., worth
fotty times anything a doctor can prescribe. I used to always dig th0 roots
for mother when I was a boy. She
made a sort of beer of it, and' it was
the greatest thin
ever saw."
"Well, you might engage a farnW to
dig you some roots," suggested Mrs
Bowser, though feeling certain j„" .,_.'
vance of bis answer.    ,    '
"I think I aee myself!   I don't care to
,0 ^V'°iSOnJUSf J'PL    WhDl ' Propose
to do is to fake the day off aud go out
after my own roots.   _ wart danSio
sarsnparllla, ' sassafras,   sweet   sic-ih
spicebush and several other kinds  and
tho walk will also do me good
show the cook how to make a keg 0,
beer, and it'll be the thing for hoM
 .anil  den   Mr.
*-'Owser got up and climbed ihe fence
-"(I.started for home, leaving spade and
casket and the farmer behind.   He urd
been rolled in the* soft muck, ,n,d  he
had been rolled in .the ponds of water
and nt -I o'clock in 'he afternoon a di-
.-ipid.'ite.d, dejected something appeared
»' Uio front hall of the Bowser
won   without   having   r.ims
Airs. Bowser looked
he   was   clrellri"
,f !-'elieieyo.idid it on purpose." she I Tarn n^h''"fk  h0,°  ":,K'rp  a   ^•^01'
remarked irrelevantly. " '        I ° Sha"*er had dlsa
I couirhi't," he
ma lithe   bell.
,    , at h. and the eat
-ooked at it. and while they were still
Paring and wondering it suddenly
U'red these words:
"Woman,   your  mnrrWoi'*-
teen   laid  bare In' all
Hnd yon and  1  will
this ovpninc.'"
plot   haa
its  wickedness,
have a settlement
Then it dragged Itself up stairs, and
e  cat  winked  at ".Mrs.   Bowser  and
AJii, Bowser smiled in'return.
-,.„ „ , - responded, knowing
f.i well what sll0 meant "It would
t.iue months of practice to entangle n
P<i.t of skates like that just in Awm<>
3011  and you've given me no cbam-e to
T. .t^He'lenr^'^^^
She ignored the question.
"But you came into the store on purpose — , - • , *
t1Snfnr"d!H1   U°eded   S°m0   POtflSh
taiijett, for- my throat"
"But."   she, persisted,   "vou  did
discover the fact- until you caugh,
eye across  my cup  0f  hot chocolate,
and then you hesitated "
w','S.-VO,laC-:n0%v!od-e that .™» -vere
watching me?    Well: that is n hopeful
round a  |,|-,0k  hole
rvl\\ZdSDtinby,the park*^ep^r's fire,
wrapped in strange. , unsightly eo,.
"ents.   Their host had bustled onui
to his' bachelor kitchen
to brew n hot
Helen faced Ludlow abruptly. There
were dark circles under her eve's uZ
her, chin ou.vered pathetically'alX
.    _   ufter all,   ladies  and -gentlemen'
armv  H 0?tfhi UlC rank ftiuJ' fiJe ot the'
auny  that   the  nation.now has    the
of tu   T/U'intr a 'wu'«fl'- 'conclusion
■or the war.    I am verv 'glad
rra.1 unite you,- "Sir: :\Invor
to con-,
and   the
People of .Southampton upon the . erv
efhcit-iii  way   in   whicii   this  splendid
«  thousand or more "  be
castlca.'ly replied after a glare at
If .vou didn't take advantage of
possible occasion to call
the  .Mayflower,  you
P.V.-     However,   if   1
*ery well, but of course von'll
oarofui.    ,t ,s p*
were a boy." '
PS      "-  sar
me a  relic of
wouldn't  be  hap-
..., don'l   hjippen   to
**nows.-irsapnrilla from thistle I
the oonsecjuences "
siV' whirrhad uotbins r»rinp»- to
My. while the cat sat up with a s0|
emn look on her face, and Mr. Bow^-r
a  b-iMvel and a spade and Parted out
2 ;.« trip.    IIe l00ked      |re h        .° '
he fau-ly got started. mu,  , •    ^
«lpntlon to the two or three w eked
^who yelled after bin, and w,    e
0 know if be was going out to dk   0
woodebucks.    A yellow car was soo'
speeding   him   countryward.   and   i.'n
logy feeling wfls quickly replaced hv'n
one.    Up enjoved
"lent of the run to
he   would   have g.
idn'i po|.-e,i
"Lester, dear, did you bear
called to you Just'before"-
"No,"   he   said, moodilv.     «a
drenched to the skin is not      '
to coquetry."
She continued bravely
j-ou?" , >e
'He looked Into ber eyes
ed,softly, tenderly.
arms.      .        . '
skS"bless yoA gir,ie- Mi-W
me.   don't
They glow
He took her In his
J Port, has fuinilcl  all   the militutvvL
1 rp „-ei,,c'„ts   for   putting    an   krmy.ln
tne     held    *ome  7,000     niiles  away.
Corisijk'rmg the vast number of- men
n?c ,tJ10ilamo"»-t.of material that has
passed through, this port, and-, the
pnormous_s.po.i_I claims that hftV0
been made upon it. 1 consider that
Urn result has been nothing- less'tho-i
woiHlerful; and 1 fecj sllrcT UuU ;_'.
will bo pleased ,to think that
have  appreciated
, Peering,     Charles U
James   Jeering.  i-Id,,dge Jijl
*yd F   Howe,  Abramil.H^I
'nm H- Jones;-Cyrus H. iJcfo
Harold   F.  McCormick,--Ceo?
Perkins   Norman B. HQdlU) "
Ward,  Paul D.   Cravath.
lhe Jntornationai Kurvesierl
Pony„owns  five   of   the W
vcsler plants in existence. -«>{_
pion,   IJecring,    "McConuick
kee and Piano-plants thdt'lui
producing nearly or quit, 9*1 reB
of   the   harvesting machines J
the  front
we at
the    ef-
foits which ,yo,, have" made, aim ram
anxious     to'    give   .you   my   grateful
.Hoot  Point of JL_*r.     ,
English writer gives a good
certain minds.    Some,years ago
Jt also owns .timber and coal!
Wast furnaces and a .steel/I'd
7s a "ew factpry in process
3truction in  Canada
,1  1      ' -----   M'0*-'*"-*   Kindncas,  hied    ,,„,i   ,1    *
and beg you  to Convey t_  {hc     ,o     • | »«!.   and   that
put side   the  hail   my   appreciation   of
tbe   warm   welcome   thev   imv.  .,:.-„.//".""""   "■"   "■'"-"    'armor,   to n
rnc on"
thanks, "\ly time
v.'jil not, say any
you   very much   for
my coming- home.
traveling on the contir
'the   Mo.-,ip;ito-After   vou
-x.nhonso.—New i'ork Jo
ca r
I Ins wn
PlcnJcky  „.,. „.„_„,.
e\erv  mo
the terminus, and
ki    ,, _, -OIH?  0n   looking- tor
bluebirds if the conductor h
Qncs.ioix of iVoicti.
',''•"   Mid   the   man   with
SPOn rnC0'':II\"tb!,t »""<• Is worth Sl.-
his nose In.    M(, ,v.ls ., m;|n  H.
for $i.i;8 n day Hntl p«u,s,.,lut.nlIv
no sentiment ,,i_0IIt ,„•„,
this  way.  do y0.,v   ,It. llsl.p„  :,s
Bowser got off the car.
"Who said 1 ,]•„>v
"Nobody.     I
your   looks.
old man.    |.
roosting in
a song."
you couldn't sing." eh
lliQ funny man. "    ■
The ma,, wifh-lhe frayed coI!;lr    .  ,
L"i   distantly and  ha'uglitily  and  rj
I'bfd .11 cold, cutting Lon-s-
"Oh. I could sing, but'I couldn't -e-
thp right notes.'" "      &£l
-'* nd the funny man looked ns
as an overripe slrawborrv at
torn of the basket.-E.vchan-,,,
lhe bot-
ni:n skatus with
symptom. Somehow lately wh
■m;t I've felt that you saw not
stop   raking over   dead   ashes.
en we ve
otbing but
on 11"
■'seel  io  I.
the trees
'.v.-1 **
of  whooping   con-.-!.
ehnfeod  'ein  10 a,
no wn  a  mud
SO      «'■ ni|.
'   '"'I'-ci'i-s   ..1     ,..,
In.:   -|.
.■;.   - ,
1 11
-  -ii   ii
wind Is good.
Mr.   Bowser was hopnimr mad
-"'niito,  and  he put down  !,,,, „t
f-Pade  with  the  idea   of  punc-h'',,.,
man's bead.   Then he '  "
1   1 i,r.
*"""-,(  rin-.c.
, Miss Clara —l
hisulteii h, my
Miss .A.-isrie-Whom?
J1/  f-»ai"--Tl,nt  young
MK-S Angle-What has
_*-li^s Clara-W
tii'tcriioon if 1 j
.'igo au<
d.M.lre I  v.-.*;*- never so
life.    OU.  henv  I   bate
snip   of a
j „ "Do
."Are they really dead. Helen'
there just  the  least little  spark
burning?"    This was not banter,
was thoroughly in earnest.
fi,..r,U. m".St  b"ow tl,ut  l   love
ed   mey   And   you   were  so   unreason-
able.    -ou would not let me explain"-
ti,, 1GJ    !c<Ml '"'U   lliln   eriticallv.   he'
thought coidlv
^ndtln-oughanclrobbedtle   p   "Sid;.
Ihe boundary line lay betwee    where
was actually in one territory while tbe
crime   was   committed   i„ \he   other
learned in  the law to crack.    Which
of tbe principalities should undert k
the prosecution of the culprit"
Hit ni  tb0y Went J'1 sood earnest, and
the arguments on either side were lo
and vehement till tho whole case   v^
emua med  |„ Inanv volui \    ^
one side yielded so far as to ^f1 '*,M
We will  permit you. as .an  act ol
courtesy,   to   prosecute,   while
same time reserving ail
at   the*
our sovereign
At,this point of tho recital tbe En»
lishman asked, "And how did tbe pros
ecution end?" ,
"Ah that is quite aaolhor matter'"
said his friend.    .*There . 6    l^
ilLt,°n:_!p,e.^™ °»>y ^ranging 'w-tm,
111"   «-..«r.*-r;t  nml   i),r  Protrn,
tiiesa   days    when   tho   camera
misses   iio'h-ng.   It  innv  seem 'hardly
cr.-diMe that  there   is  only  on'.- king
in    the'world   who has , bwii phbto-
graj h d  wearing-  his  crown.     Yet.   it
is   so,     King Oscar of .Sweden is the
exception.    \"o more -democratic king
sits on a Ihronc than he. and his memoirs,  which ha is writing for posthumous publication,  will probably   be
more  appreciated   by      ordinary' folk
Ihaii  tho memcirs  of royalty  usually
are.      Tney   win   tell,    110  cioubt,    of
K'nr   Omar's din ier with the sailors
:st    UeM    Jp.di-i    Docks,   when,     ca.ll-
"n.^  by  cluin.-e at, the  Temple  Home,
as   the   dinner   bell   rang.   His   Maios-
ty asked leave to sit  down  with "the
men   and  talked   with  KiigB.'h,  T.rer-
mari,   Norweigan.  Swedi.^h  and   Dane.
ca-h  in his own  irngce.     Wo sljall be j
told    too.  porlaps    0,1   I he .auihority
of   ih!  Imu-  himself,   of'h-s  mw ting
With  )I. .Carton   roinirr.   the fiunoua
InlaniM,  w|i»in di,  Km.  T, cL bot^n-
'-•--S'li'.ir Sto.-kholm   wh-ji   out hiin-
se.f  on  ;i  similar   occiput Ton.     'I heir
nun mil   interest    led    to   r0iivcrsaiioii
.ind M. Bonnier-,  hot-i oco-giilziug    (j.e
King,   sugge.slcd   a   lunch
cos can l«i
, cons'etiiicntlvj
suits'cannot he otherwise til's
ficial -to ' the farmer. To
the present prices of these mJ
means to continue* and inci-'ea]
I development of the agriculture"!
world, for no ono cause hns'c
uted or can contribute1 mom ■
development, than . the che.cpn
mttchhios  for harvesting,grtu«|
Ar«»li)toro»tJn-3i T«*n<-: cr,
,   The dcmiluic" w::«  trylu-- :y
the Darwinian th.nry to i:ise'.iss'
ne observed I ha; [hey \-,,u,
proper-' attention.      "Boy.*,/
'"when  I  am tryii'm to e.\p|,-,,jn«
lhe peculiarities of the moukerl
you would look right at me." '
tcKvo   It   Out.
, There   Is   but   one  art-to cc"J
would   ask 'no   other   knuivMaf
nian   who   knew   how   to oinil
make nn "Iliad" of a daily jupa
L. Stevensoa'
\ii pr
we should do when
ber, but we never cam-tit
we caught the rob
be- doneV
ho asked |1R.  (]ljs
d tlu-re was much
-''tween lhe people _..,, V(,.lrs
-Just thinlf-u.,, year*-.'
in a
•suddenly re.ilij'ed
that .t was aii Mr, hows;.;v;;; ;;';;;:
la w
! a
KOi home, and he picked
•md journeyed on.
ly  at  hand,     n,*.'
nnd   be   found
'■|«l'ing an,] fell
up   the
were   bur.Min-   -,ll0
np his ulen.-,ih
Spring H.-i-, c-iiaiu-
Haw   robins   11 >tting,
niudholes   iu-i n< i-
across.   lie saw ].,„,,,, ,-,    ,","'->
off a  fence and split  bi, c0:it
back.     The   buds
blossom and the meadows takin- rn ...
vivid-green,   but   these   thi S" were
somewhat offset,by an old one,loned
cow  running, mm  along' the  h,V I -
for a quarter of a mile a nil\1 ? .'   '
him with mud from head 1 "^
™ only after aii hour's walk 'M.
Bowser gained the primeval 0 ,' t
>-.as primeval -because there ■ ' '
much as, three acres of i - , ,'a
acres were under 1 Srt°-R'',,?ml , h°
and under water'to mp, "Ke*her-
However Itw-i/s  ,,!?       lai'eL'  oxte"t
that he-ised1 toBd " rooted"'"! ^
.•-" u'0 xoois when he was
come  to  tlu.  city   with
i«  -'bout   to  (.,,((.,-   uie
P110   first   thing   ,*■   (()  [h
"':u'"-      »c   you   know
,'. 011 c-an rec'oriinicud-/"
,:  »ot_ in'nr U.e  l.nv scho-il
"Iimeed.    Then
•"■< hool.
plrien  (hat
"WelJ.    „;
Btit I
."ton have survived the episode Cx-
intly.    "-ou are looking very well."
sob ?,'T   "'aS- Jl'St   a  s»S«oStlon   of  a
Rob-n hervo.ee.    I'ooplo bad said that
elen   had   fallen  off considerably
the hist few months.
"Vps. I  have honestly tried to forget
ri"1;"01"!?1 ' 1,ave wo^
I'^'d.   J be god Mammon has rewarded
better than did the little fellow to
formerly paid lny devotions."
wt*—you-were    very
r'H  have  him  xtudv
whom I
"1-1    thought
happy while it lasted.
"Happy  and  yet   miserable,     nrdon
can't you see that your |
J"our feeling that  I   did
devotion  to
Because I did
met   Ihat
«<»     Sflf|«fv.
"'-Vou will love uit.
.vou: (Iear'.';r . .
■slip (petulantlyi-Oh-_
He--What' in  the
terV     '.■       ■.-"■. .'      '
« he—Why
twice as bin
11 ways, won't
world is the/mat-
The stick
011   '■'■'!I'lh   don't
jis ahva.vs?     j
1 i-K
t-st  lnkvt:t
insect nr i>
pat insect know,,        I""
teen inches Ion-
«ome   sjiecies   A
beautiful colored
n co,
It i.s
you say
ie lar-
wingles'H,- but
hi •sects   have
"•'"fc's that fold like
ack of faith,
not  (trove my
vn„ . ,    you'  wero ,0',t"'-e to me?
ion   could   not   or   would   not   under
stand my temperaiuen!
not tell you every  titiio w0
yon   were  the   most  adorni»u.   „
Cod .had ever made.      "      'co, m    ".'
'ive without you and ii    [[/[" 'If
coldish, pretty conipuiaems^.'1,.!
to n certa n sort of wn,,,-, , • '- y
did ndt-iovei.yon, am^n'/^'11
ways I sbo^d ;ou1,^ t\-'^
one   woman   in   the   world e
never   called   on   any   0[
■ dear, uot even since yon i,mi.,
garment    1 haunted"'nur h/' °U'' ""-
I  was ashamed to loo,c v" J7.S ""!"
the face.    Itrled to ^.,7 o'^t ?
needed you every hour of , "".   Jl,t
gave up my pipe becau^ ^    l^    '
like it.    I ;cnt the Athletic ^"^ not
you objected to that &,,„>!!'  ,*™"*
But  because
Too   IfiflVctlve.
in a MhmTr proi)ri(i^ of a sawmll
in a Minnesota town USC(J for f    ,
refuse from the lumber.   The f   .  ,'"
nothing,  but It took four in „   0    °0'
eu  the Oprmnn  to put h,  npw 0OIIlll
congratulated.    /{IU ,/rZ' "'
"i'n n gloomy st.,re °e,Ilian g!m'
chinIr;,^oa!l|r1',:,|ttrr? DoPS"'t <he ma
the agent C'a"nwI f0r UV" «slc«.
•"wVin!"/ L °veHook» Bomellngs."
-    *vhat was lhatv".
at  the  inn
■omo   homo  wiih    me,"     snid
.  Osc-a--. and as  ihoy irached  ihe
Palace gate. (Ir* famous l.otardht rea-
h/.ing Hi- UK! iiy c>|- his'fri, n l.   beg-
■"ifl    a thou.siind pardons -,nd  I ecan-e
it'iuctnnt  to inter.  "I'm sorrv/' Said
H.s   .Maje-ity,   "hut   1   hapj on "
■V  Kim" of (his country.  „„d
the   of.'v   pi.-ice   l'\
an.vbii-.ly .11 "     ,\|,   w
''•';"■>'•,   »11 'I   the  t\,o
A'>    botany  |0i-   tht
to bo
• bis i.s
g<jt to enter* 11-n
i'cuinier v.h-. -,;. i,;..
«< n' iu and tab -
rest of  tin.- after-
1 cet,
l  .ih"  :
I'-n^lit-li   s-i.e;i|
I fo ir      dil'ft-i-i'iii
'nile of  o.'Jt'O i,,,t   ,,,jfi
i' "I   mile of fi/isr,
ference of ,,),„ ,
,!,p   two;   tin-,,   tin.,,.   ,,,-_
"V'e »f r,,\»'M f.„,   i(t,d  ,,
01    r'.720     ki- IoU|
evi'i-y   cjne   of  which
'I hen   ,'iluio.st   every
own .stun 'nnl |Hj|,',
their     mil      p.-issi.-ii,,
which     must   bin
' '   "luirr    *• i|,.«.
I'lg      PC)" lilt lies hnve
I be
thi* yeograjih-
makiiig tt  di/-_
on.'-M'Veiith   b'-tween
the   Scolc-h
Iri.-h mile
-aii ,11s    miles,
'■"■   •'"-'' I     iu '   use'
country   b;.K      iis
Tin- Bomiiiu; i.lu]
1,      1  Of 10    ,,a-PH
lhero  never  was,   unc!  never will!
iimversiU   pnnucca.   in  one renifdr, '4
■ills   to   which   flesh   is  lic-ir-thf itfjl
turc   of  uiany  curatives  beimr sxh T
wcro   thi?  Kertri3  of   other s*d ifift.T|
BCftted   rtisenses   rooted   in tie Qrf®
tho   patient—what   would   reif" mi,
in   turn   wouW   anruravftto tte oA«.
hnyo.   however,   in   Quinine   ""■«.*_,
obtainable  in  sound,  unncluUer&tri"**!
a  remedy for many  and erievoni UlsJ
its   pi-adual   and judicious use the'
est    systems    are   led    into coi
and  strength  by the iniluenco Ma}
nlno exerts on nature's own restowfl
it'rehcyea  the droopinc- spirits of f
with   whom   a    chronic   state or B-1
despondency   and   lack   of  interest-In[
is    a   disease,    and     by trnnquiliuitfj
nervon,   disposes  to   aoun.I find refrei-
slcop—Jmparts viKor to the action f
blood,    which,    lu-incr   stimulated."
through     the    veins      strengthen'!!*
healthy    animal    functions of the m
thereby   mnkinR-  activity  a  m-«s*aTJ
suit,  strenpthonlnir the frame, m{W
life  to   tho disroHtivo  orirani,  nhicM"!
rally demnnd   fiirroaseil  su iBtance-WJ
lrnproved   annotUcv    Northrop  >* L
of  Toronto.     hnvo  (riven   to    the!
tholr  nuperlor  Quitilno  Wine at trf'
rate.     nnd\     f*-unK«cl   bv    the   oplB««I
sclentints,   this   wlno  anpronc-he'' (i"'rB
porfec-tion   of   any    in    tlie  moiM*
druggisiw  soil   it.
r.,.„   .     .        .,  (1   •""'''■»   tibout     5,nun
ipf't  111   b-iii'     1      'i 1       /•*
d-iv     L   .    *,'        hi' (<l''""i.'".  mi!..' 10-
'>'     's   -'"!I'S   "-"el   in     h-iiglh,   more
•-han.io.li   a„d u   hn„   , ijlICJ? „,;    [f/r
1 i's*ian   nii)„   ls   ih,-M'I   feet      1
"-1"1   -'I   half     times
and   |)w,  v,,.;,u  ,    .
u }■'"<■  '.'-. !h,s get   more ■oxerc-jse
 on"■"*>*■ theii-. miles  (bi
as   10111,'   as
in , wal
> is  9,
''Ji'tf five.- miles, •
•"'• yards lone-.
in e
"Hi .s,
an    v,;(;
1 or   .thdit
to   me.     I
llPr   girl-no.
8,,"8 of fellows,
reason*  from  the, bou^r""0
..„.;,      A;JIill,W)»«bt.
elderly gentleman who was     s •   °   ""
"Yes. I believe 1 did." said ta n
"Did be look uglyr        ll"lt'llil"'
"I didn't notice:"  .
"Did be look scared?"
"1.don't know.    Whv?"
"Why, rheard be vvasaroiinfi ,.
and! don't know wbP, ia,       "d ,hPr"
<•*••< me or whether Ue'l ^ai'""''
ing to Jlck him.    Wish id id."
..'An  JOnglifil
some cbilcb-ui'.s
of children  wei'c
*>■■ their  own; i„ WniVJ,
"■'-•""inirs   play,da
lh(!  PJot.     "While !(1
Progress     one     „'
weril.; behind   ilic
vei'.v small  girl
'Oh     ,-• -   -'.ving   too?"
u".   I so  not
I'lnyfnl   MonUc'd-
Apes nnd gorill.is arc iimi-i"-'' vicli
nnd resentful und less ml<li('l,,Jt"l|'|
fill   tricks than  the c-oiuiuom tno"l|
Indeed (he monkey, as v.c nil ''""^j
a   trickster  both  in   his wild «1mI '
meslic  state.     In their iiitfi"''" for(>=
thoy spend hours In .-.wli'idii.-.'fr0®
br-.-incbes of trees, .suspciidt'd I'}''■
tails,   and   chattering   «i."J  ^'"JJ
w.'fb  evident signs of cleliurli<-   "'
holdt mentions seeing over « '"'"J
so employed in a-South Aiucricau
est.".'.   - .'.''■'.-,   "
•"op J.v.
.riiiu-i- tells a story 0f
theatrU-a;a. ' A pa,-fy
K'.',virig a little diamu
'coprt.sh'ips and
h'li-'ing    -part,    -.,
f-'iti-ty     was     in
"grown   tips"
and  lourid    a
'•y   "** 3'OiMc-r h)   Lh° COn,°'
t  you   i)
f'c:„  n    ',ft'"01'--'". funic
x «»e tlie, baity  waiti
• scenes
be  said.
to bo
f'olf  to   Dlaine   For  Hit
A   fisherman   noticed  a  I*"11'1   „„
sitting  on   a   rock  lit   r*"i.h '•*
kn'ttiiig, arid remarked to Ills W
ion: '•Tlmfs-a  ioiicsoiuo joold" ''_
man.    She sits on that rod: 11'iW^J
knitrirr,   she  never spc-aks '"
sowlj'nii u'uld maid. 1 sui'P°-sr'.   ,,y|
•'Aiild m.-iidV" replied the '^r'
her:   I   ken   her   find,     if''1'
ill 9 '
Canndn'i Forc/»<«-
It Is eatimated that Canndin"
will furnish wood for the pulP1"
for 8-ljb ^'ears.     :: ■
[ALL! joYn- leader. j   TWO LETTERS."" |~MARKET REYIEW,
JIOYIB,    B. . C.
,„■ dismissal . have been
m ihii colliers in the Bochuni
tijtuud districts, Westphalia,
)iaB been decided to restrict
of coal.
guv Ji*'">'* in a_bi!.ou,s country
i'Vithout Fartnelee's Vegetable
fteV,- doses token now and .then
i the nver active, cleanse the
'and bowel"" from all biliousmat-
fii -vt.-iit Ague- Mr. .... L. Price,
ifiri'ii Co.. Intl.. writes,,: ,, " 1
nn box of Parmelee's Pills and
This Correspouclenco Tellh Mora JEmohat.
leal ly Than Perlmps Any\hlt,K Could
tho Perfect Permanency of Cure*. Mude
by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
(Compiled not., 'i-i,,,  i* ■   ,
t    <-** -torn   uie  Comnu'i-ciul)
Uie best medicine for Fever and
e\et   used." .   ,
lot   s'c
G fieri. Out..' Sept. 8.—•( Sj.eci.d i-
-Mr. .Samuel Kernannii, of th-s pia<e
i.s a wonderful exanioie <>! ",",;.
Dodd's Kidney Bills will do
and  suffi'i-ing   humanity.
iieeii veiy iii   -|..
, n
ti ,
i»   .Manitoba
exUc-mc-iy   latl«   doing- ,
we-k     Tnere has bc-erT a
— ;—'■  j    Mr.  Kernahan  bad oeen veiy ill
ins,  it-  i'k contended  by scion-  deed   so   ill  ' that ■ the    doctor**    '
{-.sees almost the same virtues   given   him   up  as    incurabU'.    lie.
Ifor Sarsuparilla. hpeni   a  yef-t   deal' <>,'  niOM-y   m
|)i    has    medicinal     qualities   nnt.il     at     last
all blue pills ever made.
, nig to obtain a curt*.  b'it all in v..
a    friend   sugges,.,
J'ill*-;.       'J-"ii.s   v.-oni'U-
Richards &' Co.i
Ji'*e "9S   I ' had  , my
Dodd's  K'idne
jl'ul   remedy 'soon     made  , bun   a   v. <-'i
'man,   and   alth'otmh     ibis   was   >ie,-iri\
seven     years aqo, '   be   has     '-ran-.-'N
(known   what  iHn«*.«-s    bas  been    f>.,<e.
and , has   never   bad , a   return   oi   hi«
old   trouble.      Tbe     followine-  letjers
; which   be  has  nddres.sed   to   tin-   pi;o-
_ pi-ietprs of   Dodd's  Kidney   Bills,   tell
the story :—
' -c '
C'elert,   Out.    Oct-   1'2.  'I«<).■".
In  Dee.   l.S.).'!,  1   was taken sick 'and
laid'   up.     nimble   to     wotk    ioi-   il
I mouth.**,    I  was ..confined to, my house
(and-to  mv   bed.    I   v/ua  attended    at
'various; times during these months !.,\
j five  dtlTerciit  doctors.'  Three'of,i hem'
.        'decided   that, my   nUme-nt.   was    ilon't-
l- ,--,,   onnnrtr,    n,t?   "[n"' kidn'-y  and  incurable.    The  at he!
as passed the 200,000 mark,    ,tt„,Sl,id   ,,,._,_  *,   WflS  sp:„n,   ,,jfl|.„^.
l<-,.nsidcriibly more than two-,h,l(_ nl|   ,,V(; pf  th(.m   j>mrit)11„mJ    „JV
|the entire railway mileage of ' f.nj,,, nh^ilute.y an.) .po.sflfveiy
Itl-        - ,-   ■ ,  {able,    ih "moiuw
r.  .        < •   -l    i ir '■   ti    i i*'lr  ".wns, not. a'
, Liniment is best Hair Restorer. • advised me  to
it:, c.
jiid   wrist badly' bitten*' by   a
Jioisc., I  suffered greatly  tor
liiivs.  nnd  lhe  tooth  cuts  relied,   until ytmr aguiit gave
■tic    of    MI \'A BITS'   1,1X1-
v.bich  1  began using, and  tlp3
re magical.,. J-n  livedioilfs  the
il ceased,   and   in   two' weeks1
|ini    had     completely,   healed
fli-uid  and  arm   were as  well
'' Yours truly,
'     A. E. BOY,
.Maker.   St.  Antoinc,   P.Q
wheat   there lias  been
during     the
oral, the odd cars oi^d'^fhat
\i 1 am  for shipment  to   the Ontario
ade at prices  belt,,-  than  for September deliv6i-y. and    we think these
!«»■*  now vw-U-    out   of    the  way and!
Pi'cs  iron,   this  out   will  h,  im  ^ !
basis  oi   export  value for all    wheat.
!H.n*HvTV  °'"P'    TJ,e    '"••^    1-ai'l
-Kitte jy  for  spot  1  northern  and     2
Wihem.linv,.  been 71   and  CA cents'
! m  store  Fort William.      jn  c0j.trasJ '
| with   these   the  prices  for  September !
j delivery show  a  reduction  of  ,jc- ,.er '
bushel.    A few lots of wheat for Sep.- !
; teniber .delivery   in   store   Fort    Wil--
ham have been sold, some*, of them to
exporters,   but    the export trade    js ■'
not  yet   (uking     hold  of  business to
•r.>i*( l)it.iiil<,-in<l Hi* Cane a-. Catarrh of
'.lie .Sioui-.ch, but Puilcd to irelj> Him
--.M:i)-y U.-iii,-,li(.s Were Tried Before
ii <i:t*-  Wa*.   i'ounil.
Item the Bulletin, Bridgewater, "M.S.
Up    MipjH.se    iheie   is  not  a  cornel
nis   wn,L>   Dommioi'   in   which   wiil
lound   iit'op,c   who   liave   been
to     heaith    and     strength
not   be
..<". ti".- use o/ fJ,-.'Williams' I'm,,
lilt-re.   are  many    such    cases
m R.-'djewuter  and   its   vic!iiJt\,-
we  are .   this  wee
i any extent.
»y    mileage  in     the
wit's „ nen. nV
i.'il cone-/
'i ry
iiiiiiii    S*im,-^ one
Iliad as many lenses in ench
tlio  common   dragon   fly    has
lyour organs    of sight would
jg fis'a box car.
V-7,   iWiso   ITend)   Disinfectant
j-«i!cr is  better  thun  other* soan
as  it  also  acts' us  a  disinfeet-
S'.iuiit Perezel lias1 been ex pell-
an   Austrian   Hussar     regi-
Ican^e   he   did     not     use  his
|n a laborer who stnick him.
f.-Uwould be a trross injustice i
JiiTid ilia  standard   healinc accnt
jfo.'M.*-1 Electric Oil—with the or-
F«Hjj(we/it•!.,   lotions • and     salves.
ortcr.times   inflomniatory, and
it   T In si oji  is. on  the contrary,
J.' foolincr and soothlnp-  when an-
fetprpallv     to    relieve   pain,   anci
gb' M-ine.lial   when  swallowed.
Dodd's    Kidriei
(Pills,   nnd'as  a   InA   heme  T  did' U»i
i After  I   |nid   taken  three boxes  1   was
-nblc; to walk about,   but T continue"-!
the .treatment  until  I  bad, taken'   IS
boxes.   .Vow f can say 1  anl entirely
cured and able to do my work as we'll
ns  ever. -   '   Samuel _ Kermihai..
r* t ' i
'   -"'elert,   April  24.   1902.,
,, T  am   as sound  as   7   ever  was  and
have,, not had  the slightest  rot urn of
my nld trouble, since Dodd\s Kidney
1'ills c-iyed mc away bark in  *')4.
Saniuel   Kernahan.
Bc-dd's   Kidnej'  Pi'Ibs   cure   to   .stay
cured:   ' ,
■Jbipiiiiig of new wheat I M-yor
has begun at  towns along the bound- i urm
a."y  from  lOmerson  to, Morden,  but it
is' slew   work,   as   b'ad    weather    hinders    threshing  except   at    intervals,
and   cur* arc  also  scarce.    About   25
i-ntr.s «)'' new. wla-nt have been insjiect-
j.-d   this   Wi-ek,,   the  majorny. of,, •) h.-itt
[being  1   bard  and     1 northern.   ' Tim
ichiuiei'S -ire,  howeu-r.  that there will
Hie  considerable   variety   in   the gr.id-
jing  from   many  of, the  later  districts
aiid   that  tiigre  wiil   be-  metre  or less
fmstcd-   wheat to .deal    with.      The
prices -that  whi»at has  been  sold    at
for   Sej.tc-rnber    delivery,     Fort,    William,  during the week have been first
at 69_c, J   hard and 07JC-, 1 northern,
but   on, Thursday   TUc   anci '('8c   was
j.aid.   and cbi ^ J-Yiday 7fM.c and f58Jc
toldd    have   been  got  put    owing  (o
brolcen   weal ber   no    one   would   offer
wheat  for sale.   There.have  been  no
dealings  in   No. '2  northern yet,   but,
it may be taken at 2c under 1  northern. '
At -Liverpool on Saturday No. 1
northern spring wheat was quoted at
Os 3 3-Sd.      • ,   '
■Hid   „i.. ilir     .„.s  v,-eeK  i^.ven peritKs-
--.oii, to  HK-oi-ci one   -or'the  beneiit  o,
s.iiula:- ■ suf.erers.      Ti.u  case   ,.s   wel1
know i     ii ib s \>imty and the tenacity   Ol   tne    u.'SsOi-dc-r   was   remarkable.
1'or s.Jx  j-.-ars   Allied   V.enot.    a  sur-
oi' !..mui*i   fo'.- the great lumbe:
j......  of  Da\ i«on &.  Sons,   was a   victim of a .serious, disoider of the stom-
*uh.   Hi'-, sijiiermt's  were excruciating
.arid   he. iiad wasted to a shadow.   Doc-
Itors iire**criiicd for him, yet the agon-
ji/-mg,jiauis remained.,) "Many remedies
j were tried  but'to  no  avail.    The case
, was    diagnosed    us    catarrh-   of the
pimich ;     food   became    distasteful,
a burden.    The trouble    went   or
/or   nearly   six years,    then   a   good
Samaritan     advised     the'use of   Dr.
.Wj'liams'   Pink  Pills.    The  pills  were
g.-cn  a  fair, patient*'trial.  "Mr.    Vei-
jimt  using about a dozen   boxes,   and
, bi.uirc* they   were all  gone  a . perman-
ei.i   cure was efiecied.    .Mr.   Vienoi   :-
' nci'.v   aluo  io   atii'iid   io   h.i    b.isu.es.s
jwi'en   ii   looked   as if  ho  wa-,   doomed
p*-» 'b'1-      He ,.s e"fii.-!;d to  thi.s great
I medicine^ lor in.-.cue  anci  na.s no hes-
iir.i'nn  in Sciymg so.
L.-ca-.ise   rof     u--eir    tho:*o,ugh
i-iotitpt   acLion    on    the    butod
>a_:5K   FOR
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls.      Warranted1 Pure.
Put   up   in   all   sized   packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As  now  manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist on getting "OGILVIE'S."   as ,they are better than the Best.
HAVE    NO    EI«t2VIAl—
-fv-ttasu,   &T *4 /#s
Mf-p-wCs,  a4vJ£-,   C
i   !
_tl.es.c-.  ,i piiis  , ppcjd'.i.v , cure
.maomia. 'fiu.*iimat:.-mr   .sc.at:oa.   par
eial      para'.\s;s.    St,    Yra.s*     dance
sciofula    and 'eruptions  o(   the stui,
"ElrOIJTv—Demand   is   light   end   the i<-'1"-slPolas, kidney  and   liver   troubles
a man proposes    he    doesn't
ic-alii-o thal.it may result in
iiic control of himself.
in's word .in business is better
fs word in n love afT'ivir.
ptimisl   is
coal  in.
a man  who hns his
Prince Charlie's tartan cloak,which
ho wore during the rebellion in 17-i.""-.
is now being exhibited in a tailor's
.window at Pitlochry,  Perthshire.
Minard's Liniment Cures LaGrippe.
 _t__      '   ■ u
;Two torpedo-boats of the rmpi-rial
German navy will always be stationed in future on the Rhine.
market     i.s   -unchanged     as    follows:
Ogilvie's  Hungarian,   S-2.05  per sack
and ihe    functional     ailment-*
makes the lives of so'many women,a
oi    98    lbs. ;  Gie-nora Patent,  SI.90; J-'*ourcc  of constant'misery.    Get 'the
Alberta,     SI.75;     Manitoba.   , §1.00; ' "--"nitine W1'lh  the full  name  "BroWB-
|1k'1iis Pink Bills for J'aie 1'eople" ,on
jibe  wrapper  around  each   b'ox.-  Sold
by medicine dealers or sent, post paid
t  ."t')  cents  a  box "or  six boxes    for.
;r--2.."') by addressing the Dv. Williams
,„,„..,„.   i,t-,-,,v    ,„ , ,*      '{"Medicine   Co.,   Brockville,   Ont.
GUOTjNB   FEED—We   quote :     Oat
XXXX, *$1.2.'5.
3I1LLFEET) — Bran'    is    firm    and
worth  Sl-1 per ton  in  bulk.      Shorts],
firm at Si 9 per'ton in  bulk,  delivered, subject to usual trado 'discounts.
one  man   has .safd   »'   cleVi-r
|lots'   of   others    wonder    why
,-i-r thought   of jr.
»inv s
annual  ronsmnption   of
uit     at   over  30  gallons'
'-"»lme. isacescu, the \"k-nnese swimmer,' is trairp'ng for another nttc-npt
to swim tho English .channel.   '
. x      :
We 'have net .hesitation ir. pavine- I lint
Or. .J. I). Kellorir'sj Dysentery .QordiaJ )*=
without, doul^t the best inr-dtc-ir.e ever introduced for bv*.«-*.itery. .cliarri'.oea, t-l,!*.!-
ent nnd nil siiiinner ctoitiiilaiMis. sen
*£ck»tes5. ■ etc." It - |iroin;*ilv tri\ c s relief
nt-.d never fails to olTeri n nostt ive c .lie
,Mt-it^r-rs .s-iiotthl never be withoiil n .'untie  when,, their children  tire  TeeMiiny.
chop, -pen- ton, $2-1 : barlev- shop, §110:
mixed barley and oats', S22 ; oat
screenings,  Sl*l;  oil cake, •"'SO.
OAT.*"'*—There is nothing doing in
old oats und the market is steadily
declining. Sales of'small lots have
been nmdo this week at 29c: Fort
William, for -S'o. 2"white, but it is
doubtiul if'over 2Sc could nowl!>o"b-
ta'mcd for this grade at either, Fort.
William, or Winnipeg-, Jn the 1 rude
is taJlv of 20c to the'farmer for new
BARLEV—There i.s nothing doing
in'hurley. Crop prospects are -splendid.    About ..1."  to .'Kic. iter bushel for
When the millionth' visitor passed
through the turnstile -at Dussultlorf
exhibiticth he was presented with a
valliable gold watch and chain.
Watercress  is  a   "good,   all-round'
brace-iij> for   (he system.  , l
I.iLtU;   /inliies and
all Titc-ir' Minor
Mn'trimony—(view to.) Geiitleineii sliould
Join the JJritish Correspomlence Murcau.
IS'l Klmry Street, l-ondoii, S. W. Kii^land.
Particular*) fi-«-e.
-.  The quality Htandard Iroiii   Ocean   U'
Occun.   Your money back if not   »-.t
Ufat-tory. -
... !
• ■
'   .( , '
i1 "
^**r-f"o-<-ivr  &~.£kfcc€»,"  B.  C?.
fill .OtK,
ihe    prevailing   idea   of
Env led   (lit*   Ol lu-r
Jiy- I w :*.i I '.v.-:-- '\'<\
8<r- Wli;. V Vou. t:t
SO  i.s.   Vol!   ha\ P   ;i    I
:;:u.y .foui-s.
i- stnm-j'-r
.-■tier  home.
The Oi?rinan  government   has dec-id-
[ ed   t.o  start  ;i  system   of  motor curs
in   f'erman   East  Africa,   suiiplempiit-
ing the main  railway. ' -  ,   *>
■ois .-iikI in.
|:y-Y<-s.   I
l,i.s e.irs.
; e
poi-ket   i::i)iu'.v.
Xo Bussian is allowed to i-etm
liis   native'  country   il"    hc< has   '
n  to
., bile
know,   but   he   c-:u   nway changed his religion.
|trrlenc-o (lie  Only  Ti-hcIht,
|T:icu-'.s-   reiilly   no   r.as.m
[jif.ilk* tn tiuari-el
^o* c-.v-pt   thai   t!i".v   g.'u-T::!!
tl*.v qii.-irrels to find that out.
."JO   to   'A5c ' per
HAY—New hay    is'   plentiful.      We j
tjnote SO   to   §7   per   ton     for     fiesh
holed  in  carlots on  track.
POl'LTTtY-rSpring chickens, -B' lo
00c per pair, alive; fowl. 60 to 70c
clucks and geese.  9c   per pound:, tur-
When \ oui child—whether ,Lt is a
big child or little baby—suffers from
'stomach or bowel troubles m" any
.kind, is nervous, fidgety or cross and
| doesn't .sleep well, give Bahy.'s Own
j Tablets. "'Phis medicine is tbe quickest and .surest cure—and tho saiest.
'.because it contains no opiate or
: harmful drug. No matter bow young
or  how  feeble  vour  little  one  is  uie.
iTsLble.ts can be
ty that'tbe result will be good
iven  with a certain-
ivory voung infants crush  the Tablets
•! to   a  powder.    Mrs.   George   W.  'Poi'-
jler.  Thorold:  Ont.,  says :—".My  bahy
Minardls Liniment Is ihe
' When a bnby
once begins to
she  never gets
. girl, is
yell for
over   tho  habit
-_ re
born she   at.
clothes,    nnd
p'-n wlio h:;s  the  nioj'i   to *n\
"e'i.'i-iij   ht'vrinniiig   at   hniiie   h
t!).- one who thinks tu.-it   r«
J-iKlit lo begiu on the olhcr t.uip
There   is   more  joy   over   oik*  sinner
who, makes  up   a'lpioi-um.   tlia_ji   over
; ninety and nine  who  come  reguiai
'about    three- months     old.
17c I constantly   hungry   and   his
he     was
Tie was
food   did
keys,   He,  live weight.
* Bl/! TElt—Creamery—  Receipts  are   had   indigestion  badly when
moderately large and demand    good
Prices    hold    steady  at  16he  to
pound   for  choice  quality  f.o.b.    fac-,him no good as ho vomited it as soon
tory Moints - 1:1S llG took Jt'    1Ft3 w'as V0l'y lhin ar'ci
' BU'I'TEB -Dairv-Dcalers  are  pay- V'-e -md t'ot but.little  sleep,   as    he
*  for choicest dairy ,ci led, nearly   all   the  tune
Sitnnted midst scenery unrivalled for
irrasideur. Xlio must comjilete liealth resort on the continent of Xorth America.
Its baths cttre all   JTorvous   and   Sluhcu-
lur ilisea.-es.    Its -vvnt«rs  lieal   all   Kidtiey,
Liver and Stoiuacli ailiiienls.
CTJit-y are a jiever-fniiiiig- rt-iiiecly for   all
'Ttthcuiiiatic troubles. "" '
TERM-  $15 to $18 per week,   according
lo residence, in Ho:el or Villas.
To Assimilate Food
see that your stomach and
liver are in proper condition.
To do it easily and pleasantly take   ,
i *
•[S  J
and myself always smoke IiUCINA
Cigars, just for tnat sweet flavor.   ,
.( '     '*
You and your friend will enjoy tltem
just tito same.
Sold Everywhere. * Iu boxes, 35 cents.
W.  N. TI. No.  393.
i   '•
ing i:.c per pound
„,„„, r9, i„ s,-atl,,. ail c„„- X*Z,*?a*»™«r.
An   Ohio   woman   recently   preached
,'iior husband's  funeral   sermon.     'She
was bound to have the hist word.
is    an    acknowledged    nerve
be  bill-
|THE genuine'-
I'ulllc-iu-.'.!.   In   .lli-xicii.
Gentlemen In "Mexico tip hats whenever they see ouch other, thoy shake
bands whenever ihcy meet and p:u.,
t'-.-.-y du n<>t c-ousi'.ler it i":d !' ti.i to
stand in Hue "n the si.lcv.:i!.*:* •"•:-iI
sure at the la !i. s. ihe.v wear B'lir
hats in ii thciiipi- until lhe curtain use.*-,
nnd, ii:-ii-e<p. (-I-. tbey |>Ui them oil be
twecu'clhe acts and stand up -0
nt the iiiidi.-:i<- \ and ul'tpr a s
lion they eim i.-u-e and pal ''ac'i
on the back if the;; happen lo
mute friends. ," y
They smoke e-Vri-.Vwhetv. pvpu in
soiii'.' ilieriters. Tbey never carry bundles iu the street, but ea.-h is :i!U-nded
by a s'-rvnnl. who carries e\.'ii the
smrtllpst pncUmic. Thc.\ are wi-ndc-r-
f\il)v courlcmis (.» cacli oilier, and two
fric'r.ds will -*p -nd a g.u-d deal «*' **■"*■*i*-^
in deciding whicii i-hnll filler a ro.*m
or i-.-M-rliige ihrt.
Fin.-illv,   every   Mp.xicau   gi cni.-in
wlun strolling un a street insists on
giving the inside vt the walk to. nia
eompaiiion as a .iniYrlc of politeness.
-Thi*. point Is.Quickly
Is a dilTci-rence in s
there  i,s! not, and  the two friends go
down a .street nnd cross
the relative bilious are '■'1!l»-^
new discm. .*» , as to which shall occupy tlie inside becomes necessary at
every corner. —-
,f white fox is of.,'!i...pn.one<ln
H.-.uese'fables., and a   while seipm
iilH'nrsint.K-i.'pic'.ures.d-.neni^    Iu;
ptldesso."  roiliiiMV    "AjnonH ■_
•*' "u- iineieiit (.reeks-...i'<
...rsi* were dedic-aled
,.,,-e sliM  u'A'.whvd J",
e coui)try-    ' i"
cows   U'-Tl'
being paid  in   a
1'0'-    P
mission   ltasis.
and higher-    For
as U-ic per pound is
wholesale way, and the range is'from
9 lo 9Jc.
EGGS—Fresh case eggs are worth
Lie per dozen delivered in Winnipeg.
•' PRESSED MEATS—Beef, 6" to 7c:
veal. 8 to Op: mutton, Sc; lamb, 12_c
und hogs,  Si  to 9c.
HIDES—No. I city hides, (3*ic: No.
•J. ,"j*j; No. .'!, 'ljc. Kijis and c.tli
the s.-iinc price as hides; don kins. -">
'o -K-C-. slnn.-s. 10 to loc;: horsohid.-s.
50c- to SI-
WOO I .—-Manitoba clip, dtdivu'icd in
Winnipeg,   6]c  per  pound.
KF.N EC.A. BOOT—The root market
i.s ngain higher, and (50c per pound
is being offered for choice root delivered   in   Winnipeg,    inferior   grades
ioth   day
'and  night.   He   was  consun-yted:   lis
hia ' breath .tad.,
nr>y  good   nut il   r
iind     nitc-r
A   whale  caii  remain'1   under
for an hour and a half.
'givimr him  these a .short lime be be-
maiket     is    tinner | ^n   ~q __fc |>eUei.     ]lis ,ood f!,jr0Slot,d
best makes as high , pl.oppHy.   his  bowo]s i)0Came legular.
ihe began to grow,  and is  now a  big.
(healthy boy.    1  always keep the tablets on    hand     and    can  recommend
them td other mothers.'"    -
'The Tablets can bo obtained at any
drug store or you can get them by
mail, post paid, at 25 cents a bos
by writing direct to the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co.. Brockville. On'. . or
Schenectady.  N. Y.
>    A   record   in  courtship   and   propos-
■ tils   has  (iccnrred   at   Lubeck.   in   ("er-
uian.v,   where  ret-ities  a hotel   propi-ie-
, tor  with  a  famii\   of six     cluicl.-pn—
' ioil r, sons  and     two    dauirhter.*-—who
were  all   betrothed   in one  d.\y.       The
hull-do/en   happy   couples   were     also
married   on   the  same  day,   and     one
wedding breakfast    served     for  them
Mr. .1. W. wilder. J., P.. Lafargev ille, N.
Y . writes: "I am subject to severe attacks of Colic and Kidney Difficulty, unci
find Parmelee's Pills afford tue preat .relief, while all other remedies have I'm led.
They are the best medicine I have ev er
used." In fact so great;1 is the nower ot"
this medicine to clcunse and purify, that
diseases of almost every name and -nature are driven  from  the body. c
A homing pigeon flew 400 miles,
from Listowel, County Kervy, to
Ealing, near London,(in 9 hour's 19
It costs on an average <IM0 to put
out n fire in London and Jtl.'lS to extinguish one in  New York.
Minard's Liniment for Rliejimalisni.
CATTLE—There is a steady export movement of cattle, and the
market i.s without, special feature.
Choice export grades are worth ."i
to 4c per pound at point of .shipment, and butchers' grades fi to -3."....
-Receipts are moderate and
i r?
decided' if, there
iition or age, but if
often so that
from  .'3i   to  ,'3ic  per lit.,
nn esc. as .'ii-a'-m*-
Scythian*,, v-'hil''
to'the (-'-'d* and
the larger temr-.h
milk and butter
formerly prized .-
;.«■  Ol",th'
■ of   white
,s a medicine.
prices  range
oil cars,   Winnipeg
11QQ S—Receipts are -moderate and
'the market *s firmer at 0-} to 6"; per
pound for best packing weights ofT
cars Winnipeg. '     , ,    .
MILCH COWS—Cows 'are; scar-;e.
Good -.milker* readily, bring S45 in
this 'market,- the range boing, from
S'-Kvto -'g-15 each.,
Tui-iii]t seeds have been known to be
dormant  for seven  years lhrougli.be
ing .planted   too
time to sprout.
deep  anil  after  (hat
S«i.>-t*-*><* Sithium,
(salmon intended for .smoking arc-
first scrubbed and dried, after wlmli
thev lire hung np in the smokehouse.,
where a slow fire is kept burning. One
we'.k is reciuired for the smoking -process.
!     Take a piece of woollen cloth, or a
' piece  of a  blanket,  and  boil  It  thor-
..oughly in a strong solution of caustic
i soda, and you will find the wool will
' gradually,   be    eaten    away,,   leaving
| nothing but the skeleton.    Women do
j not realize   how   " soap   substitutes,"
( which   are  generally surcharged  with
scida, or how common alkaline soaps
destroy   their  clothing;   consequently
they," week   by   week,   subject   costly
fabric to such treatment     The hands
also are immersed for hours in such
solutions, resulting In. eczema,   coarse
skin,-and brittle nails. -    The caustic
soda may loosen the dirt, but it eats
away the fabric and^uins the hands.
There   is■', no   economy  in  such worK.
It; is so easy for a-woman' to test the
difference, between an alkali  charged
soap and a neutral washing soap, that
it is strange that there is  room  for
any but a pure soap on the Canadian
market;      Sunlight    Soap    has    been
tested  by chemists  and analysts  the
world over, and its freedom from free
alkali or caustic has been demonstrated
by. .thje   highest, medical authorities.
Consequently  the  true  saying,   "Sunlight Soap reduces expenses."     602.
It is estimated by engineers that
the leakage from tbe gas pipes of
London equal 9 per cent." of the total manufacture.
In "Manila most of the houses and
odices have tiny window panes made
of translucent oyster shell instead cf
glass. An average window Gft. high
by -ift. wide contains 260 shell panes
which temper tbe heat, and light of
the sun  and  prevent  blindness.
In Russia when a weapon -it any
kind is purchased a permit must be
secured from the local authorities.
The name of the man who makes the
purchase, with the number, of. the
weapon is recorded- . If the purchaser
ever, wants to dispose of the .weapon
he- must notify -the authorities -and
cause the transfer to be re'cordod,j'.on
the books of the firm which sold  it.
Are you going
to start a °
taper ?
*jf Then write to us for prices and
terms upon TYPE, MATERIAL and
MACHINERY.    :::::::.:.::
^[ We carry the only stock in the
Northwest, and can furnish complete Job and Newspaper Plants at
short notice; also Ready-Prints in
all sizes and styles.   : : : : : ; • • ;
Toronto Type Fdry
Co'y, Limited.
175 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg,
With the p'-csent low price of fruit
it is no compliment- to call a girl a
peach. It is .equivalent to saying she
looks like thirty cents.
.-Italy is not the■ only -couptry -that
can boast of its buried towns and
villages. In Scotland there are the
Cul'.in Sands, covering a large tract
of country, under, which many dwellings lie entombed : while in Ireland
there is the ancient town of Bannon.
situated on a once fertile tract between Wexford and AVaterford, as ef-
fccti-ally covered with sand as ever
Pompeii, was with red-hot cinders or
Ilerculanctmr with lava.
In the Rock of Gibraltar
seventy miles of tunnels.
there are V
I, I
.',    I
1   , .1 -I
> i
111   T « / ,
'        ' '  ' ,      1-
kA ,
4'   i
1,    ,       /;
■ ? i  --
: '• •  l
!'.      ,*"
S3      '
;     • t
i i.
,    mTTTI        TJIrtrrfn -  —.   .  . •-_ '
1 )   ~M*«.<tuin»«w*Meijg^*TJMrjw*
i iblished ir. iLc lutereel of the people
of "tfoyie and 'East Kootenay.
l . j. s.inr^rj & co.
'G ic
WBuwfciJWi ■nnfn rfiwiwn«n^/it»CTi»mrM*i
llalcyou ECot SprL-ifj-a
,| The most complete health resort on
J the continent of North America. Sit-
j aafed   j_i(jst   scenery   unrivalled  for
For Getting   Beautiful  Watch  and I ^"Jfl  QT™   HALOYOJST   HOT
_„   ,, „ jOt^iA'jrb Sanitarium. Halcyon  Hot
Cham Free.*-^o Money Required J f:viilg3> Amnv -^ B'   ^   ^.^
Every Man, Woman, Boy or  CM I pliy8_ei_n and _,_- ■ Boating flsl*ir,,
ha. lhe Same Opportunity  under j M(1   e3_cursiong.      TeIegrapb>6 ■ ^
cur System.,
In order to have L>r. Arnold's  Em
SATURDAY, SEPT. 27, 1902,
S25=2!^=la11 persons suffering iron:   bad   health
we make tbe 'following   moot liberal' vi!IlXS
munication   with   all   parts   of    tbei
world.-   Two mails arrive and  depart
      ' 55
- «■ -  ii r,        »        w.j?
\V.J"0f.KSAI.E klli> 1.ETAI;.
Fn .ill  and Cured AJfcatu, Fresh
Fish, Came an j Poultry
{.upply  only   tho  best,
,   We
'The late Right «on- W. E. Gladstone l"'* miil:
once  said:   ';'Notl)inn except  "the mint' °-Ter:~*~
ake  money wiilinuf, arfvi-rfisinn »-■
•This  is-why Gladstone
■S the Grand Old Man
 ~..   .^ Uu,v- i,i, A.myiu a    JE,I]g"  «.-*-.v-   «_...    uejjari I MAKKtSTS
li-Ji Toxin Pills placed in the hands oi I daiI^   Terms, $15 to- $18  per week-'- ol7      _.>.__     -pvinninal
all persons suffering iron:   bad  health   nccortl»-g    *-<">   residence' iu  hotel  or -       XrlAIiW._Jd*J
according   to   residence "ia"hotel  or
Its baths' cure all  nervous rind \ r* i Hoc*   o nri      •TVvrTTrio*'   i-n
.   .    .....,.,...,  .,   .,.„   oscular diseases.    Its waters heal all   0i^eS   aXldL      l0™«   m
pan make  money without advertising.''j    I-" you will send ug your name  nndj *^idn9'' liver aiicl  stomach   troubles: BritlSll  Columbia
ren,6'm_ere£.  addicss and agree to'sell foi -us twelve j"T",e'*''itlls 'i"S(I waters are an invaluable I ■■       " '' '
boxe, of Dr. Arnold's  English   To:dn   remef* for silver and lead poisoning CRANBROOK  B    C.
-  Pills at 2oc. per bo:;, we will give  you ' ——   ' '     " ■     '■■
The way to lid a tree of   its b'uk it..
lo skin it.    This is also said   to' appli-j am Ghalv in either Ladies .'or  Gent's
cable to dogs.. '      j size, or' your choice' ,bi  twenty * other 11
' preniiuma ,-Eucli- .4r a fino m At' 7„.'„„t   I '..•
^- 6. o. p,
"lVH<ley Lodge, Hip. 44.
■    '    •    ';  .,      |
llr-AnciUAin,,.„., rot. 1?ast  Kootknat
i - —   ".^".j-   unlet j ,*^>r-*«  ••ve*—fe?*^    ,   ^    I ^    r '
—_ _ . Jprernmm8:B«chaa a fine ae't'of'jewel-  Vr^'t'  •"    '   ""''    "   "' '    '      "'    '' "''   -
Down in-Oregon"anewa_japer editor ry, .Bingis,   Violins,., ij"andolinS,  Tea   ,        ■ 'every Mon^ay evening in   their-"
wrote a nice little puff for' a -mfiliner ' Seto;.Satecm ^irts, cameras,-etc.' ."Re-       "   ""  T""-"-:" ''-'-"'■     " :     ''
-iii which-lie stated that he was .glad (oi member we don't want aijy -money
up."'   Meeting   the" until-'after yon -sell (he*, pill*: and .yoc
it   rthn ,nor>Jrort    him    don't hn-va ir\ noil    o.,,.    .^'     n. .       '-. r
■see her "stocking
■editor en the-street she-soaked him,
-With'her umbrell-a, breaking three n'b?'
•of sanie'ahd't'hreateuefi'io tell hia wife.'
«*..... ...to yuu-6ou me*, pins and .*you
don;t have to sell  any   more  than 12
ball  on  "Victoria' street.    Soiourning-
Odd Fellows cordially'invited.    ".'
F. J. Smvth.   ' £. D.Hope,
'    'ISToble Grand.      ,     '   ' " Se^
boseatoeot the premiuiiio. ■'■Th.n 'An 1 V- " . ;,--"'--;'., _ _" ■ - ~—-^__:
a bona fide o/^er frbm'a realiabfe 'con- Movie""' ' __TinPr<*» TTWf^-n
corn that ha& given'.thousands'- of dol- \'T'7:°   ' ^1^'^,     VUl0n
Eepresent tlie -Strongest ^i
'Best Companies in the WtHd
* ' ' * I   CI* I **  J'Vil*-
si        *     >     i. ' - .  „      i i , *
* I
j Agents for Fire. Life, Accident. Sickte,
| ,   P1ate,Glass and General ijasurancp !i
x .^?anciai and .Commission Agents, Brok
3   -ers, Nbtari6'p PtiWld^to/Accounta-iro '
The best qf nccommodntions
for tp.b fraveling'public.       ■  '
$'. f?' WoMahoni Mgr,
ma i ii in"|*T,.||H "MMipi^iJ
Head Office
'■"-'-      Irf     . \f\J Jy,      »,-'      A. >  il.   '\   *       *Gf
■ -*      i
'place of   silver-lead and  gold   mining
for the present'and, are keeping  the  .,...,„„,,       ,      . .. ,,
,f ernes in all parts of the  world    Vn1.
country m  a   prosperous   cond tion.,h,-'      „,   .,   •, -     ..   .    " '    ,-01
ti •  •        •,    if    I     ■'•      ,-    •         'jh{l)e only to show tbem to sell tiiam I
J his is easily   (he  banner district of v "  n A    ,    „   .       ,         - ,cuem-
*-i „         -          T. t      -.,                - ,,        iotl «"6. «ot offering the neonle fimn** /
the province.    It has the  muter a\  lo>\ ,h-,nir ,,'      ,   •„ ,             I^P^ soine-
makeitsuch.  '    ,       • ' r     f      y   °ai ka°W-   0u'-«"tofieJ
, ===_======^^ are the regular standard size for Ladies
The  Sandon   Paystreaic" gives'the  llT^T !? ^ ^ Gun Metal
agitators for a higher duty "on lead the  ,7*    „  J   V f"0??0™6    -"<"»toated
^ii-...:.. _   . ... -/•   _       _    e  dials and reliable time keeper^  wat-
Plaints, and are for sale   by   all  first  g^^^^l^rr .JI I'T' =■■
cluas druggists and-dealers in modi*   WlT6_7      ^5     MoCarter,;
cines in all parts  of the" wnrW     v,'„ '',r""' "" '- i;     ■' • •!
Jlorvey, UroCartor £ rinltliam.
Barristers & Solicitors.-
-* ^-+-
following   nut   to  crack:'   Canadian   ehp. .....j „■ ■""   "Tw  —*"'"»   'Yli''-
melters pay *1.30i hundred for   lead,  _eed bfa hi    T       ? °f geQtIemaa
which they sell in Montreal  for  *2.7fi \l ,, u      t™^  t0, ^^   aud   the^
lupi_V*6  in  bars   and   «C  corideu. f* j^JTv ?^ uW^?- ^ »J1 who
'American smelters nay  ¥3.60  a  hun-   j'rf^ - ". 'u^ i^  those "™n"
Urev for raw 'lead   in   the   Coeur  d'-   .*"\L Zr   r ^   ^  0nCe
Alenes.    Oanadiap   smeltermeu ' want   "   1 n r'   ,     '"  JT  l0Cillit''   t0
a tariff of-n-50 a hundred to  ieo^iJ^^    ^^^l  !"lob«
American ." sineltermen   from   under-'"nrW ^   fSWei'ece^
selling them'in   Canada/ If" some of   -0   ^^M ^^,'" U ^ '^  8^d
the traiff agitators will uleasc -explain   ilT'u '^ -^^  ldge-her
bow the American 'smelteiV'c./buv   b^ ^v   oTT   '0i;W0S^   ^
ocautifully   colored   card  with    your
B. C
is^wis Thomson/
,i- •*■ - -      *-j ■ *»■-   ,-.-.
Repaired and Made lo Order.     *
lead for $3.50 ii hundred in tlie 'Coeur
.d'Alenes und sell it for-$2 75 in  Mont
real we will be much obliged.
I obterved a locomotive in the railroad
■  yards one d'ay; "       -
It was  waiting   in   tbe  round   house,
where the locomotives stay;
It was paining for the journey, it   was
coaled and fully manned,
And it   had a   box   the  fireman   was
filling full of sand.
, "  /vu,
name and address  on  as our authorized agent.   JJefir  in   mind' that yo'u
will not be  asked    to   sell   any   more   ^°y^3 __,,   .
than' the 12 boxes aud we don't want
any .money until after you have"sold />,..        -~-	
them.    We bear all- the   expense  and   kW      SjQa Vmg     Parlor
are only making this liberal offer as a " *    '       '
method   ol  advertising   Dr.  Arnold's
-t-ngJiah   Toxin  iJills.    Don't " delay,
Notary PUBLIC,AccoaN-jR-A^S?nTH,!i * Moyie:
•  W/^S?     -]— MACEACHREN&MACnONALD,     '
Bvug and Stationery Store,
Toilet Articles
i "   ft   *• * *   i* ^y
School Supplies,
write  at  once  and   earn  a   beantiful
preseut for yourself for Christmas.
Dcpt. 12i.. so Adelaide St. 'East, 'Toronto/out.
On their slender iron pavement, 'cause
tbe wheels are apt to slip :
And when they reach a slippery spot,
their tactics they command,
And to get a grip upon ' the rail tbey
csprinkle it with sand.
It's about this wiiy with travel along
life's slippery (rack,
If your load is rather heavy and you're
always sliding back ;
So, if a common locomotive, you completely understand.
*\.'ou,'Il supply yourself in starling with
a good supply of sand.
You can ^,-t to any station  that is   on
life's schedule 3ec:n,
If there's  fire   beneath' the  boiler   of
■ ambition's strong machine,
And yoii.ll reach a place cnlied'j'lu&li-
town at, a rate pf sp.eec] that's grand
If ior all Lhe slippery ' places  yqpfve a
go.qd supply of «;apd,
It appears that locomotives  cannot al-   Q-f-       T^« t^,        ~Z     ' '
ways get a grip' &T;'   Joseph's   Cpixvent
*N'£i,S0N, B. C.
Boarding and Day School   conduct-
ed.by the bisters of St. Joseph, Nelson
13.   L>.      Commp-rc.im!     ,>.,^    t..' -
CLINE, Prop.
# O l
,   Moyie, B. C.
Funeral Director
Chemist and Pru^iBt,
B. 0. Commercial tlud' business
courses a specialty. Excellence and
switt progress eharacteaize each de-'
partment. Parents should write for
particulars. .One month assures tbe
pubuc of the thoroughness of the
bisters'methods of teaching. (Next
terra commences Sept. 1st.")
Fine   Suitings',    Overcoating     '
Trousers,   Imported    Goods.    '
moyie, ' B. e
_ and
..w Embalmer. ^
—     * ,i        ,
Graduate of Champion College of the
United States. Upholstering and general furniture repairing. Office and
store, Aiken's block, "near Canadian
Bank of Commerce. . Telegraph and
mail orders promptly attended to.
Cranfcrppfc  ° b. C.
f    -}fr"™M-L   ACT   1896.
(form f.)
*' '•    '    I
Uo^S^tnintn, division of rast'Koote;!
;:: i
Har\c*-l'-ii, und Ihrashero who arc
v.-avy (onainrj;* A Chcwi.i-.- Tobac-
0. viil ftuu
^'.-^■-',;.-'',',',-     ' V--J','.'.---
J:,'.,,; -.
J. i,^'''--!'
i.   ,f   j-  "I
. AVW*MA<|:
fviuch- more, wholesome than the'rank
lobaccos of the. past.-''As onlv pure
jngredienta enter 'into the manufac-
Ui.'i- .0; this brand, it can. be used with,
perfect, security. ..Valuable presents
can also be obtained by saving the
Khow-shOe Tags, which are on ev-rv
plug,. The time for. redemption of
buow-fchoe Tags iiti-j been tv. tended  to
■I    VTi:-.
nay District
Wherp'Wecli-Oii SuIUvbu bill
rjkci-oliQcthjitr, Titos. T.' .VoViUie, X.   v
hW/'-l .C^tiflcBto  So.   B 43C70,   inteucl  Uxtv
c? i¥^C- f°-' ? Cer,lflcale ^ Imprpymeuts,
4»<1 fyrtlior Ulcc notice that (ict'on, uuiler
>5ff'^'' m,fst ,JC CQiumeijcod before the i<-s...
aiioQ of s-,-cb Cprtillcate of Iinproycmonts.       "r
h-ftctl thig 22ncl day of August, ims. '
•'erTHOS. T. MoVITTlE, A?ent.
f>on;r f.)
CBRTiriOATK or Jmviiovemc-stj.
■' '., KOXXCE.   ' '■-,'■'•.
.Foil fcicele -imlurnivisjon of East Kooknay
Where located:-0u Mar]: crock and Sullivan
j j ill. '-.,..- *
•Take'nbtlcothatl.Thos. T. McVitllo, F M
G. No. B 60236, agent for Chas. C. 'Farrell free
Miner's Certificate Ko. B dSCTO,- iutend' nUty
days from.the date hereof, to cimlv t0 the MJit
nig Recorder for a Cenifi,ato of'Jrhp.rovements,
for the purpose of ohtaiuhiff a Crown (;rflnt ',
the above claim.
And -father take notice li..d ' ti«t!6n,'mule.-
aecuon 3/:i must .-o 'commcnct'.i hefofo tits i^J.
aticcorsuch CprUOcnieof Jmprovfracnts      '
Dated this 2-.'nd clay of Auiritm,, 1(,i(j2.  ' " ■'
I.'      mr,       C1,AS"   (;'  FA1!*'EU-,
3-cr IH03.T. McviniE, Affcat. i
Rubber Stamps, Seals
stencils, -price markers', ' pricing
Wheels, numbering machines; band
dating and numbering stgmps, check
perforators, rubber " type,' prinLing
t presses, etc. etc.
Vancquvkk, B. C
Lager Beer, Porter and Bottled
Bger Always on Hand
auality not excelled in the country.   Try it
c '    * &.© convinced.
P. F. J03J/87QJ/
wmmw, %
AND mniNG MEH ","   '
-™—      " ""   '"       "",l" nilinun-yi    1 inmiiii   I,,  _ -
K"fPJtEf-'S    AND
2; J^^.S-t--*' ».- -WTOM
From Eosslapd, WeiPOp? pto<   ^.^
ponding redWct?on3  from all'
To^fct  Slg^sp   ggryice
Wo   Dunmore   j„nclIon  fIi,-]v fo
fct,. Paul.
I-.eavo , Ivootenav • ■Lnnr-Kn,.-   n*      .     ;
"'•"'.''    WEST
Leave   Eevelstoke daily  for , Seakle,
:   >^co^ah'd,coa8tcii|eflf.';;-'
, ■--■"~-—--.*--«)7j-——_. . ■, '
'prou^tioketsto Europe via   all
Atlantic  line,.   Prepaid - tickets ^om
"K- Mac^k^we, Proprietqr, .
The Hgtel for <ftQ   ia^9§g.   jjverytWn^ H
» @vqV7; P9TOWtf    g^jnpiej Rooms for
Qoinme reial Men
*«--_J:5 British Columbia
Patera of all
■Orders Solioifed.
•n/r^..,.. ,,     --. +'«pam  tickets from ■',.-'■.--(. ■     ,
^-O^IEl^Po^tS' at. lowest   ratea.   .For  f^  Sofla   Watnf   «W(    Q      T  '    '
^^^.M'^^'^^'^-PP^to local agents.      ■■.IIL=^m//™I     aild    SyplieilS.
*'Ul11ria,c '^   lar^    01
sn™U «T-i.-*:.titm:,;.t   (i„,l
 J;r' '•"1'"" ' 'Mr,,-,A
: lis.


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