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The Moyie Leader Sep 24, 1904

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SEP 28 1904      a
as * p <d
^      $1     «
Plff^f"- yigy! Mi f«$ hi nor
b.-Ulh*.igi uiiuiitng
He west! Neatest!
Wo have just received ^n immense
stock of now and up-to-date fall
Drilling Match Postponed.
> \jf
Sep 28 1904
"- \
O-   d
Aii are familiar with our Casli
Cheque System, and to encourage this
.Hill' further we will oiler to anyone
who returns tlio greatest, 'amount in
cash checks dated between September ,
17tii and October Jst inclusive, their
choice ol a
' FREE SUlt '    . -
from our 'immense stock., Checks
must be returned nut litter than , nine
o'clock, Saturday night, October, i,t •
Don't miss tlu3 chance ol „u FREE
SUIT at  '
( I
The rock drilling contest whicii was
to have taken pla.ee today has been
postponed,on accounted tbe death of
i'imud McOiellainJ. It will now be
held   next    Monday,    September   2G
Died Wednesday 'ln|Si^f E^
Was a Member -of Moyie
Miners Union, and was an
Enthusiastic Oddfellow,
P^rtJp" Capital.   $8>0.°0°o
HMMTa        - 3,000,000
SKesources   '- 83,000,000 0«
|1\ uitA'.luil.
iecting their own judges.
M, A, Beale is -.'isiting at the coast.
Davc'Torler has returned from    the
Coeur il'Aleuos.
A sen was born to Mr.   and   Mrs. J.
M. Hawke this morning.
°Mi« Ethel Pla-ckman', of the  Ross-
land iioslolfice suff, was   visting   with
frieml3 m Moyie Ibis week'.
S.F.Morley5 owner of the Morley
block, was up from Cranbrook yesterday looking after his interests.
Mr.-yCroniu wns in Nelson Lino week
where fu'c placed one oi the children
in theot. Josepb's school.
Don't forget tlio Nelson Fair next
week, Keijt. 2811= and iuth. The C P.
it. will give a half rate for,  the   lound
If not, give it a trial. , It is of the finest
quality and flavor, -We alwavs keep if
in stock,' and guarantee  everv pound.
Samuel McClelland. ionneriy of
Ltossland and (Jreenwood, but for p'.v-
eral months putt a resident of Moyie,
died m the St. Eugene hospital at
*Oranbrook early Weduesday morning
after,an illness of only five or si;: days.
Death was due to intestinal obstruction,
Jl was necce-mry to perform two opyra- , ^.^
lions on him, and  everything possible",     ^_ ^^^.^ of tbc Manhattan
i„,t to n."-«.n. y., ™™*r*™ \ '";::;;,„ Ruulh 7,m b0 -M^ ■,.
30, '0-1 ?
MM.Y3* •* «W»r.
The Recent.I.ires m-Oran^rooH
,V> « a practicl reader ih., no one  can  uff^to   J
^INSURANCE.   It pays lo carry    >  n^ < ,  g
V^^c you may bo the nc>;:t victim.    1^^-^ -
Unreliable companies represented Li      _ _      _  ,
?Gyears of age aud a minei by occupation. He , was a member of the Moyie
miners'union, a member of tbe Odd
Fellow's lodge in- Greenwood and a
member of tbe Encampment and lle-
bekah lodges in Rossland. As a devoted and enthusiastic member of
these orders, he governed his daily
life bj-' their precepts and teachings,
and when the end came he wars prepared and passed to that.eternal rest
which a well gdWncil life "has   for
New   York—Bar silver,    57^ cents
Lead- ?L20. * Zinc (spelter} $4.85.
Tr now seems to be the general  im-l     LosDOK-Lead, £11  10s. 3d.
ll now Bt-c*>--3  »~  ~
proMion that the, Dominion election
i'wmbeheld thi. fall, Probably abo»
! the 10th or  15th- of November     The
reward.   The ntws of
the fast about a week longer than   he
first expected to be- '     °
T. F: Keeland's. mayor of Vancouver
and'grand m«ster of tbe I. 0. 0. F.   for ^ ^   __ _
tho evince, will pay an  official   visit. e q[   Qualje0i„  ready   for   -he
to thb Moyie lodge about October   6th. \\ ^ aU the Liberal  members of
The local .erie of eagles   have.de-|j the   house   have   *f™*^™9
aided on Wednesday evening   of   each | minisler of tbeir readiness to go b to^
"■■ 1''        tl   j'r   constituencies.    It   is   rum
si,natioEl,«atloe«l,etw.tl.|l^  On
urio   L.betaes   WUo   counsel   ag^'
tea 16  66 J&i VV &dk°
I.A.M'.I'.eHH. „, ,-"■
r^.-.w«,--"i".^T.iJffig!?* >.v^i-u^1               «»-waM^g-
buwJ'i^vW •••  - -  ,,. —...im^iiiiwW" 'k ■ !1——aw-^w^- ■"U(,n
in the prime of life, will carry   sadness
to many hearts
Tlv fuueral wua held ;u Cranbrook
today and a special train was run ircm
Movie. -Over "100 people from nerc
in.^od out. Tbe faacral was hole
undw lhe anoi.ico*ui tho Moyie minor-
__       .-       ■»■»        ' t.,J«nn riil
enleii on vvesuiiccu.*j *-*- o
week as their regular meeting nigh',,
1) J. Elmer and P. .J. McMahon re-
'^   turned Tuesday from Macleod.   where
death, while   ,hcy V;ere on o business and   hunting
union and the Odd Fellows
|;jci (iKc
B.AM'. 110 OK
v' -..- A - ' <s^*'
lhe p:.l!L'-ai
iookthe Grocery'/Store' in
?.aiffl Shore Addition.
tit!   u
f/ loods,
Prices as Low -an
W. FITCH, Proprietor. _ |
Cranbrook and Movie
en v.vrc ma.ic up  .7   ihrtc   Iro:.i Jne
i;,)ion..:ui thrrciro.r. iho h-.d;;-.    ^-r
vi,e,    we.e    held   al   the   Meiuodisi
church, Rev. S..LThpmpsi^  oihetat-
inr.     The   ciskct   was   colored   v.ilb
W-r,.    A    wreath    in   the   lorm
Ibrce links, Aie tVA-
1.     'I*       1*' ,>tC.      • l111
was inn-.-' b, .'1. . ^ *.•'---. ^
W  1^  >'.. -mi-   :-   ' r«'"   v''"''    'n", *   ,
Mh. Elm.-iyi.ud-ioro-is wtis mat..-   d
Mr. and Mr-i. James Footo of Pincli-
or Creek were here this week   visiting
with Mr. and Mrs-C."A..Foote.
' p Tembv, financial secretary of (he
Mov"ie miners' union, will go to   Cres-
i ton   no>:t  week and initiate,   several
Iconaidales   and    affiliate  them   with
! this union.
BREAD—'fwcH-e loaves   for  !?1  at
tho P.-ixce restaurant and   Stewart   ct
Lost—A toni'i'-:
sii-tliug. Finder ^-
ils return in 11".c I-"-
pin, three stone
i be rewarded by
dcr ofYce.
tario   juiuciu*-    ■■- ,
bMte and advance the argument th^
matters in their province aro in .bad
condition at present-
Spokane Fair. ■
IVor-io'-m lir-iish Columbia who wish
to go "Mho Spokane Interstate Fair
ihi; ye:-. Aionid p.eparo «o go VV ed-
oe-.b.v.Coloberrub.foronthat (.ay a
nvuiror ihe round IripwU heaven on
the (>M»«t   Northern   between   \zcniu-
Chc-c   Wnsh.'.ndBonr.crs'Fet.'yJd'Vbp
HowLowery Sees It;
, Nelson     Ledge:    The     Chinaman
makes ivfortune in B. C. and takes the
money to China.   We roar about it and
put a $500 fee on  John.    Tim   Eaton
makes millions oat  of   the   Canucus,;
and buys the lumber for'his hew store,
in the Slutes.    B. Ci  iliblet   piles   up
the dough from building trams in B. ,
C. and puts  his   money   in   Spokane
reahy. If Tim and Kiblet wore pigtails
tbey could uot get   in   the   country.
Being white everything goes, and    the
riches of   this   wonderful   Canada   of
theirs are cheerfully given to build   up
another nation.
If tlie Shoe Tits, Wear It;
a t ■-«-• —t -ttn ij'nrwwr.
p'  ."l.'jIcMahon.    Tii.^ remains
Phippci to Ida ichuiv^o  ::i   L.n.-
Siock Harlot:
Stool:    quotation*   as furnis hod by
Mcsms. Bealc & fihvcii- ,.
.St. Fugcne.. ,      ■•
Nolh Star _'      jo
Sullivan -.-• •       ;y
Cauadiiin tech.'- uido         ^
Internal. Coai Loko .   .,.--•-••• ^^
I mperial Coal & Co.<o        ^fi
Western OiletCoa  Co..   ... ■-•
. Flathead Valley 0.1 LiinJ  ^nd.
! Development  Zdk„*  	
Sullivan Croup  Iuiiimu	
Company   T.ouda   	
at fne open, bonse in NeUon two
nights durius the fair ue-ct to-
burs.   Tope   went   into   Cranbrook
rhs,*.,h.v lo mother husbniHi   who   is
iP.ho hospital with a   cut   foot.   Mr.
Tope is repotted to be improving   rap-
1 "piof Mainice Chase, who conducted
a dll„cinB suhbol here during the past
tu-o months, left yesterday for Spokane     His his ;utei.*,ion to return lat-
ueuiitv Mining Eeoorder.
F J- Smvtb yesterday received   his
appointment as deputy mining record'
oJ £or Moyie und vicinity in the    place
of 1'. D.Hope, resigned,
Ihe Sti Eugenes
I er and organize another class
Jtii i_^,,'v,B*vr-.'W-r."s.R*w
i-BsrarpjSOi^a"  HATSi
M3 —
■U cti-rv the host range of hats in town.    -        '       .
PklDli 01-   TUB  Wi3.il.
ThiyA-o beauties.
:;^.ii-"'n>^a * —~Z
t'MTTAL, CiVuthonzod;. -      $3,000,000
CAPITAL, i.xd*d\   Up)....   "••".•• V.2,350,000
HEST ........-•---•,•• ••'■•''' *" ''■.'..■■■'.
jtoAD bfc'FIOS, TOUOITTO,   OHTAlvlO. ^-^ ^ ..Q^
•]' MKRpJTT.'Prea:   ■*>. !'• WI^,VV« ZZ^, Ohiol Jnopec'to:.
^AY.'Assistaiit Gen. I-Iunager.    \- -^-'■*•   '    ^      k.^,.;,^ bu7-
^fiUa BEAirrMErTT^-lutcresI, allowed on.iloposila.3 '^
7« E=VJ, available in all   pi.rtu   of - Caniulu,   Ln-oa   u—
•l,,0:ic-   Siuieiiil attbuiion given ).o. collectionb . -^
J, F  M. PlfvlKHArVi, Managei.
W'.ll receive  '-ho mnsl care -
il attention Hyo^u li   to
us  for   rspairs.      .. ^/'"7
outer*;   no   doubt     »e   -a
..Icicejou.    Cendrojr^Ui
W-ifit  ^   0Ut   o£,r^Z
ZZaY cure it    -^1 do   k
WaH.- .WILSON, (- .
CttANBROOli, 15. q-
The C v ll.willgi^oa special rate
lof S»20.H5 for   the   round   trip   from
^'Ur7-;o     to    Vancouver   and , return,
^i?ir,on7,-cOo,ls'-loi.l,,   ,00,1
I reluming uatil October 13th.
A lorsst i5re broke out Sunday alter-
, uoo'n on Clark's ranch at the head Oj
'the narrows, but from town It looked
M though tlio sawmill of thc Moyie
Lviubor~Co.wa3on<irc. There ™
cousidorahle excitement around town
until tho truth  wa-j   aecerlincd.
Jooali's Troubles.
The few hours heavy downpour _ or
H„ Thursday had its effect m raising
CwLr pressure at the St Eugene
mill for a day, but it is feared that i
will drop back Dgainunle.tbero^J
continued spen of wet gather .M
King, who has been in SpoK.no and
Ihe Coeur d'Aleues endeavoring to
!"weeko o: two tnontl, to sot :t here
The circuhitors ot malicious falsehoods in a coihUHinity should be
slnmiicd as a plaghd, and all right
thinking peopi'o should put the seal ol
vigorous disapproval upon a practice
tbat signifies both an tVil nature and
a low, dirty mind.
The GHurcnes.
The Methodius expect to be able to
occupy their new church tomorrow:
Of course tbe work on it is not 'yet
finished and it will be,, another 'week
or more before it is. .The frame work
on lhe Catholic ohuroh is up and work
on It is progress!n^Javora^ly;,_.. .      ,
: - -b-       ■    •:— ' 7.7m . in«,«. ■"
add set it ins
Have no   Trouble   iu Seilioc
"Whalo-^Tou'll have to   get;. ox^   c'-
this.. ■■       .     ■- ""A    -
-jomih--Wbat fori.    .   ■.   ■ -: ,,
\yiiale—l'ni not.chartered- -.0   ca.^
I plSSengcrt--Towp and' Country.       -^
FAINTEKS,    '.        , j ST0J, At the
, retail .'^1*f;;;.-,;u..",   ,X.,Aac;;an
si-.ie un-.
m i ;,.:yinA:K:ti'-!'a-
:_;anl..ic*'   iii'-,-
3jtinu«'^ ddy
v/orkin our
ipnliCitti.'n   uno
li;lti'kind:i of
''      ^ ^Z ^ W &** — -^ ~
.. .U-tA>rBH00K,
" Good ro-flins/good tablcsiand-bar,
aud first class sample roouis"
•   J L   u-'"*1m<-V1'i-0Io.
' 0C V, ft- Afer Goiiductors.
1,.. „T,-,pSn- The rrco-Pifess
WnuipesJ,lfcC-r°k*""   ,    ,.     ,.,;_„
u-a,iniormed'last might,that tn^Uga-
«;    are now under wa^onCadian
yvcinc railway   west ol Branitoniins^
vesult which ,i;: passenger, cond.ctc.=
h«ve  already been diachargetViuvi:   -
is emulated that wholesale ^^
will follow later, the, bumbfer  cf Leads
^anbmngestimatad,tK)C in round!
Lures-    vr'wcutioue/it  »-.«»d,-are
■afso contemplated againStySome^ em-
\^    -chealiuo-..   the     road.    Some
^J months ago the   conpait^    -
! optative,    in   Uie   employ   of    the
?heil Detective agency, as some of ^l e
i of its own special service depart;
iand  it was  deemed   neceasar,    -o
■|^e»rf -ith sonie of their ,.r vwe-.
* ' i   *   ■   •.    * •
.■:.'■ \, \\    •    i ' . , . - s-
Iv You Waxx ErrEEu* Si^^
h ii mii,
l^ui foi' Wio Townsito Com'pnc.;.-,
Arindtroutf -
A vo,
. .i,
r, \
%«*»?« SS
Her Soft Soap
®u   J1 ernes   J^orflecl
O OT.glt, 1004. uy K. M WA Kb -ad
,,;,--   -,,-/.    ,,,
Wlini Farmer .lames Tho'ivs'ri moit-
g-.-Egod h*s f'rii to old .leb.n l>c in tL.it
iie .p-ghr i„i e inone;, to go into the
da.'-.Vrh .* •.*>*. ] i* ('nii.l li.-.i . o'.t th..t
lie had iv. em;. . h nice- e.i **t', to**-,
against one ,.f 1 .,',,pe Inside of thiee
year-. ho\\e,ei ' >. do'tunc hnd (/.me
io bun in l> A . .lovn (biicicnl d.rec
■Oon-. M(***t ot b's Le.ui hid p<-i i>-heu
wlic'D bis b ir.i bad be-, i sti e< K bv a
"thumb'!, r.lt ., i \ follow p-i Ui M m> v jle
bad dit-! ri d be h id t lb n .n i hiohon
a leg:. 'tbiT" i .mid hi- e-ii\ < !).■ inure
cakm-m in *bo..' I in hiii- od tint put
in ,cr: «ipp("i,i.ii'co m (Hi.- im c ' Uie day
wlieis -l 'crier Ji.iel come lot 1 nn be' tallied,his ■ daughter .l-?v.ss.it;..|..!,i.- iUii.l..!***'
.;■■:. ""Well At'bnSy i-om&b.; 6ld -yloiui  Doah
'is'.going to.-,!forc<,io.so;.,,t;hi?:,.'hiin,:tp,.'igc.-6nb
tdAy: nhiY in .iAfe}vXw.oe!^
:,-'&pfiiA!^ss.;'';.H;crc:fs , theXheiiMcAA-i-fAnylds;:
"';^:ian ■of:.biisiiies*y"7y.,,A7 ;Ay-; :-S''   yfy.'b
y;.J hcl-jsiefTbompsbiiywasXi girl,of ■ t.weii-.y
yXv.7 Afinb-nridi^
;y?.Dg And Aiiiving -u^
AThoy, snhit so.'"..be-.-:)lisA' she--Inid,'.faced
; inji^for'tu-iie -with; ay.'br(i'vei'A-.lie.:irt.-:-;'tli.a'n,;.
7berAif7lJierfand 'liad displayed a a  level;
: yhcada nnd much,:..shrewdness in'., trying;,
ff'to. ''st,eni:' tlgy, title .aiiely cxtri('';tt;e.f:'Jiiih;
:-:,''-see." old.dphn:' Doiin -im person ■"- midf-try..
b£a ijofden'b^
b:hf3Xagent 7-i;nciAbeen
f;£ier:ff Atherfm list .pity tip or. gq.y7S.be.hail,:
yiic;rJ£iidierAvi^:y,^'7.fb;   AA^A. 777'7;X
A. :"Weli,;Af7we:-cnn'tXpay Ave'll "have
ftofsbAQf course, -btit .■wefsbalif'beAinoA'';
53d.aTCvr',y-yyksAgr;V;.:(.y;AnilAvbo knows
..-■wh'alt ihaydinppenbn:^
f'f'ea b-'ou t- i.iiv ii'-..'ri ii'6 tii?.; ,;.\y'a.-y ■:-br-^'<y!o'.. av de;*: s-'li ficT:
gassed, n-ndyMiss fBessieXiiad started;to
■- makeXsoft soap in. abbig. kef-fit- in;'the
; -softAsoiipaii the' spriii^Ajvep t::oiiii;b.;Vs''
jttir way to answer then     Can  yon
spat v-i,od without Iiack.1,4 jour '.'..'i
lei o'" ?"
• 1 b.i.c de -ie it " '♦    A series of articles describing   ♦   t
■I -.j:    fmu happen to know a t1    '-'   *       their Ihes, their aims and       <?      -
.   .   \\   l M   f   .1   i  >   i'      V*. -
,,,      v  il li     'i ii . n  il u  '
i i.. ' .    i'.i' i- <  -*'<> .    v. '.
J,      M   lu      c   >*   p ' t'k   I  "'■
,   i   '   1 <»
or xv * > "iv, young 1 i'i.b if ye u > ( <-' <>
p'u i1 >!, pot.Uuc- lion man: o..<-* ,*
v ou.d .\ i i put in u hill?" i ♦
their influence.
i   id,
. , ,    x     '   I «    M-     Ki..- - '"'-
M      \v     p    Jv i   I.i.i    -li        iV'- '
till  M   hi 1 \\. . i     t '"
' J" ini  eil  1,\ c "
".\nd how .I'.emt coin':"
' 1 ion, tour to **i\ kernels'"
' Y e •*    And do > ou play the p.auo?"
•I-biih   well"
'•\\ o'lelomil join,;' woman-poM-i-.P-
ly w o:,demii:" ho ibutklcMl a-* he ribbed '.;*- hind** tuuetbc! ' \ii.>Tlu r quo-*-
ticn -j. mo and I 11 he 1,0,m. (u .i'in-*e
J Oil  t\|iul  te. _'  t   -.)    I 1 It'll -OiI,e d.11 .-''
"1- I cio-i 1 Lnuu-," -uiniiiiii d tbe
blushing IU ^-m.'
' Kilt  1  lie.     Of l'IUl-0  \ou i'-.poct to,
Liid   \uin   ch.iiice  h.la l")l   .       \\'-at  do
you -*.ij  to me''    I 111 p.ni.1   'i. rli **i\ty,
but   I m   wonli  hnIr  .1   in.!,.)1    e o Lira
and tan bin  .uni Mil: eln- -•*.       '  \cl-
iet** anel dniPioiid*.     Jn*>t *   ., the \m>u1
and v e 11 be nuiiioi!  m .1  nioiiil.   .md
I'll "*i.\o the (.inn  for \o,i." l.U'.e.   and
giic linn .1 nou  st 1; t "
-,"• "rthank ydd. sirJ"; reyjAiOd'. Miss- .l-Je's-
fsiev; yviih 'dignity.:,1' but '.'"I, shall;' marry,,
Tor. love, otbnbtyiTa'll.bybXy., '['..■■,. .Ay
ffyf-,Yqnyire?-pl;iin-pt sppoc!:AyfiSS;,SaUc©:
'BoAAbiit, IftiX iic>t going to Viniu^clAyith
vou.'..-'--'You TioAyoiib "whyv iifid ' S'Mb go'
yhiiiic,  .but. AfbyoiiXlet■ ■ tiibt ysof't-A^oap;
spbil'Ifli^ohiiybiicki-abci 7i;aisc.;y;rowyf'7,y7
^vyho was Aiia'kihg As'i.ri.- e-tVoi-t  10 ; lipbblo';-
aboiif■'■ Ids' foe.)iii/; i'ecyi v.cd^'ti flcy 1 or ,i.i 1 an
'pttichii' AnyeippeJ 7y,He.::6pe.ncd;,it.Ayith:'
sinking lieitrt,-but hcx,t-ih^uiite7he waSy
aAyHere7isvaf di-celmrgc/ottnoi'tgage .a'of
a ;preseut::'to .Aiic-Af hc*7 gasped;'; X-: yjAA
"■ ,;.:."i's;:'it■p'psslbi'c'i''At;-.-aaA'a:'77'y:aa, A: ■
.yAAnd :-hcrii*: is-f-a JetterbfrdihQldyJphn
-Soanv'yvvbich stiys: Ahat:yj;ou;7are;:'tho,
;mpst'7seusible girl ■ heXoverrsaw, ;eyeyn:
to.refuSiiig-hisfb'ffer or7marriage 'vimen.
yoiiYAVet-e ■iua.khig'."isot*t^ soap- that day.
Befei e:;-A; yAAdA'A: A kkk^'tkAt-kZ
;,: -Bur.'..BCssie, Had -'ru:.i',!'-a-\va.v. to'.;cry.;b7
^ ... a
I (iS-"'
»», e  j j   ,1    ,ji    1 111     II
t ,    ,.„   „■    his   ,   Ih   1    ..".I   Hill        1     1M<
11 11' .11^   I-I . I III
Mi     Kin 1.. 1   11
ul   n.  h.iv.   jl.i).'*    1>,','''  "'l "'    "'
^^^^^♦^♦♦^^♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«'   1 In   "Mm   oll'< H.'   knows  tl-,    11n.l1-
j,i,i s     its   -ll'i-t 1 lhe is   .u el    li*-      lUt I-
' .7   •- Ms     k' O" '1 dll''       '"'    ''  l'(',i
j u,   h   vonilinil   . Pi    J'    .mil   e lite ij'i' '■e
», «, tin     1.-11 '      i'i     th,      ^'.'i s   1    k 114
A   v,    ii    ,...1.    nn w.ini    si 1 -i'i s  jn.Ii'i
, ,s   ,i„.|i,..'i il ci''     <" d   It*   1    ili/i.Hi   ,(l>
., ', ,  .,t,-i   ,1, < lee .ul  i In- 1. mi. " ' '•'l|1*~'
,,.       !   I    .   1   1\      till   .111"   I.   d     CI""   '! '      P'''"  '"
'   ITo Lo-se  J.f>*t   nc-lrre-en   the Arnolds.
I    John liemson I'huuipnn tohl nn amusing sioiy  of Matthew Arnold and Sir
1 Eclwin Arnold     "Some years aso,"  he
j 1 aid.   "when   walking   with   Matthew
, Arnold ou thc banks of the little river
I Test, near Koniscy abbey, conversation
i n-rncd on Sir Bdwiu Arnold and 'The
1 Lmht of Asia,' published lour or five
! rears previously. . ;-It, is .not .-.necessary.
i; to enter; intpifMr.  Arnold's Aipiuion off,
,f the; poem."; DiiriHgytheconyei-satipn  I
■t 'd tbok 'yoccasiph Ao- ask - him '..'if, he .Ayerey
;'■:''l::.relatfe(i:..'to->-Sfi.r. :Ed\vih.7\7no;;pa'used;Xa;
:x];momcnt,v;tis::if -shocked •■'hIt;:';ihe,:.suis:ises«.:
!: tion. Aind 'theri-saidy 'No. weMire-yot of
iiin.f Tndced^f doubt:Tf,ihe;ha,di7any;
"   ,boeiit, told that be.ls'pff:Ji?wlsh defstenL'
A'f<nv,.'"weeks' hit,er:i;happeucd; to-meet
HX/fDy' lUGGS,;
"Oiic meets t\itb <iuier opp(r*'.,.'f< hi
gutiiP ' *aid :i muJi who ba*, trawled
in tl.it c-ouuiij- "In the Basque piu'.-
hue-* (he p. ople ioi uhut. uj) to (dale,
tLufli iiud nidi: *U'eiu- In Jh.u-oloiin
I u.*, airice.thly t.tnpiiscd nt V.\e c w-
deucs oi model ii pro^resM. and nsprhi-
upi'l stre?-t, the It.imbhi, is uudeiu.ibl.v
intti ;li -a jn,i boulevaid in I'uns. In
soi..e other sections the nathes are
about the hunt ot sloth and ei nice 11
don l • aie- spuit 111 evci \ thing that ton-
cei ns their temporal welfare. The;, tell
u s-ioiy of :i .Spanish shoetnukei who
was apple-ached by a customer with
woipeml shoes with u reepiest that
they be repaired immediate^ The cob-
bier called (0 hih wife to know- liow
uiuih money there was in the bouse.
She nn.swcred pnough to siipplj tho
family wants for another day, wheie-
upou^ibc customer was told that If ho
was ni such a great hurry he- hnd better try sonic* other bhop. Tnis is tne
spirit that proMiils 111 some parts of
the lnn-dofd, but mu.st not be taken as
n national tharaetoribtie.''--"Washington
Tofct.       ,
. :A'Cad,''yit..is ■ pointedybiit:;hy,;id}>vrU'er/
.■;l8;Va^wpra,; Turnip
b tanct^f'X of, v'ybrba j; Al egeuVru ijon^vyAlie/'
■' Rfiys i-yy^I.tW^^hViU JTii the'r7>:oa'd tjt'y;: a nij-;-,;!^,'
in ,1
-. :X 7y; tbu  Suri. ff.A''.' 7 y-b'X,;' queryyto.'him7,:;'f;'N.c>.-' he: replied nuicklv.^
7 Bh's in ess..--Be fore":'PI easnre.y-'rA':-'-■.-.■..'
.'tour-/tlH'iitrlcalSX; D.uyiiygy. th7;pi-ogresa
■of Athcjy .play.;'.' a'tApireX i;lhio'7A:!A1cA;tiTeir''
pr(iscn.ee ','yrss,-'■'no 1 .■ -iieetTo-clfcui' "thof- *• fyi-se
'tliey:'Ad..togcthoif bebiVid -;the- -.s^'cive'a.-1''
.■A.Tfoi-.. soiri.e-ft'ii-^b licy. h;7l- tieeiA vr-rybit-
■tt'htiy'o-t'tf her-, Aiid. a'.ltiion'rli bobA,* \\A-\
'A-'].*heAMaiiitpu  Suny,, like fnioAt of the.
IA-k; yltiAt-yt X-career'• ■'■liiilrliyd ^if'biiost'-.
e< j Hit HyA by .ytie?fi)-y   a itti7 .di '-H'ic.iil ly. '"-,,;J11,
has,' hach.-xj.hiihg.-s;;An. .thc'A'pcCiipa'rits". of.
'its .- ..-ciiIaAaii,7,Xhitii;,.f,,bii.t7f.I hiAJiifj,!maul;
ali   it.-' has AAiM'ct eel -w.iilif TAK ti,t'-ti,bi-,tf«-s
the'.; hajitieni■ligis'"'AA-;v iid.-'c'oi'is'i itAciit-y,;
-'t.Opicii'.;.olV''"lib\ hAi'A-vAy ii-iui-':' ^ys^'Ai'l'-iii^-
't;Ay'i*tf:f-yXYiAb \y h;A;,'yAy- Ai!:>;;.'b,::s; AyiA'c
bcXt;XriAi;X^:i'Xi-t,bA;biAp!A.y('.V;:A'fA fAX't'hcb'o.
ciynXrniAb'v  ii   A^A-'-Y;:':yv^.yri   Yj.-A:iyM'or-,
■■;-, .-'.-•■ '-.-• /,,- ■■ A,     ■'■-•■ >,.-.* "•-■.' ' -,■■,.'--,' ■■■•■'    , ■■tontivo-tcn nc?r,--:.'.-lK . iititliong^l-pt-op e-njui , -.' -  v- ■■•:-,.',- -f„-   -,.-.-■  b- ■■■ - ■  --,-'■    -     '■.,-,. b" ■:■-■
-surcd -that- flic--.--world ywoukl;-'be, .no,.. .,.-;. .-. -.-,"-,, ...,--.■.■. y. » A..-...,.-Y-f; y'.;-,;' A-.-y.ti :,--n.;.ikS':!').'ri.,;' A^b.i.'p;-,:- .none-.-.-iiix.'j:::iir.oiJun:
"..,;, ;,.,... - ,''■:., .-.',-■■.■'. ■.'-.••. ',,.,--:- ., - ■•-.-', ■'.-.,- -,-1 -f.i'eqin:-ntl..v remarket 1: .ur-.ou -his,i ovotiou,.-- , .7-.--.- .j,; -A.., ■.,..',■.■•„..,,■•'■,... -a ay .;.'.-. :.-.7.-,-,.,
'.nioi-O-.by.--ini-(i.se-u'nin(!iv.' lh.o,-bi.i-.-.-ke-,'tt,i.o.|-; - A ' 7 ya." ' (b,X- y ■'■:■:■■'.■.■■ "'"■ ■ A'-' .'--."' p-t'-'A^-d^-AA :.X -A- ■ y.--*--i:
,-- -,■,'■ -',-.,,";'. -! .,,"-, ; ,■.'.-■.- ■',-" -:- '..-, ■ he Jiacl,.no.t come- !.i..:-fl:cy-pyiuy oby-ru- i(-.,-,-.'., ,y;,.- ,i.',-,,;.t..,-,-.*,,.,--■ ■•■■■• Vb-, X-!.-;-.--■'-,' .,,
lydd-beem-hihia with- lye trem-ilye.- ti:;nt-:ii- -y ,.,, ....,,. - , .,:.,,..,..,. ,- -, y y .-y.y, l -.. ■■ ,-.-,X'-A'7b'<'a - .'AAAb'X,-- <■.■....'.: A<\"h"t'AAA
-■■■". ■■■■■-.p. ..,-' --,.;y':y, '■■-.'■-,-..' •--■>■- Xi. ■■ :b-pOi-.;iitg."-,-,-B.ut. as thoy.... sutybbnml ■■l.rie,-,hbb-Mn:-'y:s.-y:;> :-:-yiy-:b--;]y;-i:.--,:,r£' ,,,--ri -tb-r,.
and-,.-a.-. fn-o7 started , -ti rider- it.- nnci'-fhc- ,4.      A •■■:-. -,,-."...--.-- ■ '*■",-: ,,y. -..-,.■        . ;-:, . ■'■-.:. >.-.- .-■.-.*";.•.»—-' s--*-. ";-■- - ■-*:■:. --.".:Abi"-,:-.-"1-"-
.■■■■■■'■--    :".-,,..-,,.-':>.,  .  ■■ y, '-■- -: -.-..;    ,', ..     SC-eiieS'AlCb I (:'.! t   Uia X .. ilTl,,;.Opp0.1'.tUUi;'■ IDO- It { HuA'  -'■ ?,■ i'l-;,     1   ib*'?-V:, ii;, .- .1 A^~77T^T^-:". ''".-ITT'
hc'iid/ory^ittle-chief.-': whs ;^
J3i'/-P"il\\4?5t ir'dlnnerAU-lJ.m
"nroinpteil bv;Ai; hope,-, ii notyunpardbn-„ ', 'hoblc, family,; and .iic<pdrocl.;itS:;;ni6db
"'" *      ''■'"'    •'-■■-"- ■'■'"   -•'■•■■■■ -b^n-apti^^
, BU^hfas'"a; luAck!ayeyr's;^sS
: f a in i 1 iiir ■ g'M f ■. yadil.ie;77fl^b c n , fciiddi cX f> rf-
7ctid7 'CniinU":;- to'; inca 1 A- ari'':f,od'd--;'.jpb,?iha.i.,;;'i
'• aboiit XteSy pick7;u py jobsA'by' :t|i is;- Aiahib,;.
',:p!ie-d'r.it'" tO';7:o::W;;ri- An.;geitcuA 1A;auA: ediy.
'..'.{fas't(^' Svl|li;.:'gbj^
ln:.lA)s:-tbne,'i;;am not■0related.ytoA'Mii't
-.th'ew"' Arnold.   We tire of'wrwlly difier-;
into"-his'.;.peculiar7';,sihi*7,- .ytie'-;.'added,:;
'Matthew'■'Arnold' y-isA. ah: rintc'llccituiil;
'dyspeptic.''7fHisf brain\does ;not, digest:-
^prOperlyA''^:-4;,"'- ':7---b7:"'::A7:AA*:-;vYy;:';y7.f,yy;;;yyy.
y "Mnfnrlfshf'f River..
;i)ppr, wasYiXo'cIo'ckXinytlie-yi-b-b'noo;;!!
''■;fwhen   Alii-iiS'' -I^frriyie^. Aiit'y'aowiifbf-Mfftiiii
y ;--ha'ck:::c.lp9rsiC'j)':;.br4.-'''.pf'-.'t^
yiCburscbof a.quarter 61-:'i--i.-'l-i-:.iii'r,:Siic,;'W-as;
'„''S0''lQi*t'',:UiyhCT';the-)uM'-|V;'S7 WA
, si ty -;of: Pt?n.isy 1 %& n iaj'epeh t" near ly'Tor-; Arada tion :.yis:; WydAiy'dA :Ayf
by" years ■'■ p.&',-hi.s: ,-1 il.o,:.ih; orien'talp traye;l ,.|;,-.- y A; AA77A,-----—-—-—-—~-;;y.
"'•"li'l StilcivbA^'Av:"::     ;-b:A!;:X-iA-b:-;-'y:-"''A:-7i:-Ayj;'A-A --;.jpiidi-ic-^-7ICA:i'ii'iiAA:fiIi<-t
times to:nArrtVto:.tiiostrang7Ai76ry^ "a"i}'a. :A^
was:once- 'made -bjf. aA&rcnch 'bsplorerf'lA'n:";,AAdAdeAdyiAyt^ ^d\\. dA*Xis It)
heliacldcnow^iJ This exp^
iiikptof-;thp.cburit-ry:.b<?;pa!*scd;7^ Wb.'t(}ibj'.ieAM^^
,TliA sniA\ii::rftMbg.abou
oi, .,f!.i*y.fAAign.:" y.AjSi.brb 7 .Mi'bbA'ii-ve
C,Ai.:bif;nAy(.i A;.:i..'i ;iyf'(io.;A.):\.tni'ty:7 Ay'! -of.
t:7A: .byifi-A AY;i7b.X>y:Ay: f 7(Ate7r7*w:t--:;-,^
 " -- - '   "- - ' "'        - - it? ■
:miy:it hn'd'rtrrivwl."
r/A:M.an(;!?f,-he' feaid;.;:''y:p^ iv>t-hf.7W,'i afl7^7-vii'y;rhY;fT;ovyj
■pcrcyiyed: nly- I;kin7. .A..y,r.f-1 "i-ii.AnGv.fyl-yy
Sl^x^riSmo'l,yi ttarlfiSlb
.:-."-.-I-Ta. '.-.irriWc- itp All
wAi-efhA'A'AxAyt ■ ;tii75Mp
'As; ic.;A-.pt fu',j-.l3o.;MCu.i't:;'''Ma;u.;'i.;f s^^ : 7'yAoi.'ba:;c:o-b7Aifu y
;. \'iA'~
■ 5u>Api-A't,o,;h'er feet by;:Ay;Li-ing7:!A.iayyli-
yX^}iccv-s:iyuig,':''-A'y' ';>b'A';,fXiA-....y ;. -. y.YA.A
■',-. 'X,^'^6u.!'ig,;y\fjp;:ibih',-i dpii.'.i),-f-y"o''u-:!;'noy.bth-,:i;L;i'
AfecA'flc '& uoilibg ■fbvor,-.t'ud-.'''svu>:-th.ig.'th:c!;.1
7ye7;7 Ay;-':;::'-';;;:;; A;,;byy:;-':,r..f.; J'.'aAa.Aa
b;-i.Abva3 yy;mnn• -.;of.-,P.ttpyd 1 A-Ayih ey-■
'l-'ifti-eil; rb:e.ATo;A .^;yte;yn;ij:p;'isA'd p.rOv.-Aty
'''fcl>e',-'.-5jous'.i;.'--'- lie  w-us'- ek'oeyiiliy '■'i.b.'e.-s'bi'id,,"
butbtA w;is bowbiickA'd Tihd.- bi.'iie. yfVh.l'
-.his 'Siunfiing.'- stipgy ;7ispo>;itio:y-.e'enik'!:..
fbe read" inh is- face. .'■-,;  fy A . A   '■  yy ';'■'
■* y'T-sny .i'lih't.-tht- Kc-tyKt :„s-b'jii:ng"t';,y<:u\'".,
':b'.e-:reY-'oii.fi:il.',as.:sht'''staroii Ab hifn ...d'iiil"
■-\Toh(-lyi'rcdAv'h(i;'bc,, Ooulu'hoy "it:' seems
to mc ".that 11 girl of. your ago.; ouyhbto .
.'""enow' .c-hoiigh -to piit'"a;st;ek:A!c-y{,ss it.;,
•vt'erh'apsA.'-ilibugh, «)'on've   t-'ot'-;'.ye 'to.
throw awiiy or yon! had,,raihyr7tliink,f
of iparryifiy some prince 'than of ,ibak-
fng sof-t'soap'-", ■ ' ■ y ■; .,,,. ' ..-..'
. '•'£—! ■w!is.,tb,ink-ing"'~,.she.stammei',.xl.',
' •"YcSy-I hnov;, but .it.. wa'.s'.Vt- itbout.
IbbXsoap. ,,-,Y,ou'ng womuny, when '.yo'ii-l
liav(>."'; anyi.hingXpn .hand at-tt'iid'. ..tt)':. it-
and ie.tycastk'' hni.lc'.in^.aleinc.'y.'rh'ur'kl'n'g..
Avon't I'.ring bi-c'ivd"ttrnlbutU';-." .    - 7. '
:.MJssXBe;:-;:dr.* w-ikiAl 'dowir- to thb Jire'-
•and rem-rnuyy&l-A, ;t bib and .-{hen laid'a
--stick yeropsbhejopfof'the ke;tl,y -TO'- P-'Cy
'>-enfc .another .iice.'ideiit. , While si:e: wan
.doing th.i,s,'--'t.lie' oli'A.m'ia.n '.sat. down on :
th^, Ateps, -ivhh u'-'grunt.- and' looke-d
■•a.rounel and rhut(eretTto..him.*eIt'., 1'ves*
.ently he c;i lied 1-a hor:' 7       .-.   -.,.'■ -
y'Vout'ig -Avonian",   is   your   f:i'her   at
lv?rork tinyy.'lu-'f.v.s-tibbut'tlie farmAf
"Xo; sir.' 'l--;:ther is ,in 'bed with „a,
broken icg.X   '-'■; f.   '.'AX   -''  -..
, "b K'pc-y.b be   was 'doing   sonie   fboi
tbiiv^- wlp.'ii be, broke it'.-"
.;'■.;."lie7-.y.",s-».lr/iwing up wood last Feb-'
.mary.".   ' f -    . ';-.',   X. -.   ■  v....'.- 7
"'•"IAiyA. "'A'hcrc-'s yo.'ur .niot'her'y'X,-"
'"..". 'T')e-i:'(h".'- 7 '""''':' ;-7
X'TAA'-   Who runs; the f:ir::;V"   '
'"'.I'ui   doing   my '-host, "pj    c:i::.'.•   .for
'■thing).:.   I.;tit,- it    won't   need   anybody
tor-i^b.'.s wo'Whtill soon.be h'-iy.iui:." ;
b"(ie,t     lo     h-:.ve, "' ell?','    iie.;. i;'l;!.i.-k!(-d.
.''Say, •■yi.mh'i'- woman', I'll -bet yen :i hiiir-
.pin .the'Tc':;. a. .ji'iortgagb' onilils  far in; j
'■"A.-inf't-il :*'A"   -
"A'c-b sir." a '-.
"And " l,;i,l bc-t ..another .Unit  it's' he-id '
"iiy ch'i..b')h.n Iiolin. tho old Ali nt licirled
t:asc;i!.    Come-now." '    .   .  ,;
."Yes." '
■ ""I thought so: I thought so. 7\nd, of-
course, he.-'s" going tod'urn'you. out-V" ■;,
"He Wiints his money, ..of onrso.".
replied .the; girl. ''T'crhaps he h:;s to-
be hard hciirted to prevent people -l.nl:-
ing acivantage of hhn.- if 1 could see
him and.tell hiuhj^st-'bow tliingsMitive
gone with us-1 be.eve'bo would give
ns i'l show.',' A
■"Well, why don't'you see him?" '
-  "T have tried to, but 1' had to deal
•with his agent."
"Yes. yes! .Urn, 11111! So yeiur father
5a in bod! with a broken  leg and   you
yApAA 'AX'A- thy YY-ovvfi'-y; rycy; lied, -ti
;g'ir!piAi-r.-i At-'.'d)\ shy" :;.y"--.,y':f:'t'-'ti.AyA'.'y,,,,;
;y---;''J'iYY;syy'ouVY;ueJfryfiii.te-i-iKi yXl'by .int-.c
"!-i!"]Ai-!l--AAyy-i',A;-';' ^AiibA/blyA-yfA-':
d-d' Yes.';'7shy f.-Vn,s'w't->.rt''!'i.i;:-;tf:;''.lhi)y : <:Api']g
-litjxj.?: -4'r--:*'c--i'71'.'u tyi'-"-':6;r-Ti is., y' :)
■inhbi A':AvAAd: '■■.■'Y.oill'':s-.-eui
, b:;!!.;;(iy -eiyc
!>i;rfnevyiy- |y'AAd'Aif,:'. '"dtAyy ALtlddAA:ivi.:ityAyAvP
•.•Y''r-'.-"',V';ir- Ays .y.-i/y ■-•', lyy- X-A;;i,b.-!-:i.' iriiXlt:--- of: "ty.e"sp"r6v
7 " "
■'■'■•   " b _      _.Y_i__yYY     -y; ;     ,..;.-; hind lyXve hi 7 "t h'i-.eiug-h'X -nil'b rhA - iinrf!
-   ;-   y ■ '-. -.".■-■   '■■-■ '"■    a,..,   .;'!,Ay,,^-,.,.;.;!
Ftrti-I -"oi"  .'!»   lovvtt   l.iityyer. '. A    ,    -.     b
li'i.e- c:i--:.'.i'i.a-;.:.';-.'. i.cpi   ;Y;ui   c--.nl! r.^vlpAi    AX
a-; 1 ii'iitr-.'c . 1 A. e-i-o,',',' -i-'o'-t ry>; iu (■:;•,, ;,.,-| ji ft >;*-,,
'i'ji.'ing t lr.by-'ot,;rijT|,Hi.  of  ; h
th.A A.;u7i'-s
'. . An',Ib,v,:a.';,'ht-:Wy.eA-'A'....'Ih:b the. uXbwih:;
A,:royy of--, his liratf luoiuAsy of-practice,
ifowent to a small, country town AiAl
seciired :i:i .-of'ie.e f-rooni.■-.. in:'..r'rb'nt." or",
.which wiis-phte-ed the nsmil-siyh.' Then
lie-*::t down timl fw^ifodTcn- his clh?n,i:':-i
tfi Ati'-iK-ar, -'iii'l- tile w-hiie TeAlin
'■iiiiiMi 'the
dty pass
other, .'ii
by,,and "si
'O'i-.i'.me-i'-niiig. however, he v,-;is- -it the
dep;.i to attehd ''upon-.'.the.- arrival, of'th'j-
daily   accehiiinodation -train.  quite   a:i
'important.'function;: of the .town, .when
a hsndsninc.A'we'n dressed-yimng -livdy-
.-h('n-A'bed  a.iic'l'-'-.iit.qii-ircil. -"Is- ihisM r.
f*!-i.ii.i.i.Ii?'■"■■■..At .once:'' the feeling:of -tnipoiv,,
..tanci.*; returne,!.'--and   in..' his  blandest
:.tone Jiof rep i.i ed-:'-it isj machAn.  AYlutt'
can I (To t'br.y.b'ii.?",",;.' .-y7   ,. A.di'
•".  "Con 'yoti'toll fine  how' much it-will
cost to send a-"sow" .a.nd-. pigs, '"'.own to
the r.exf stiition".-'"—Groeu thig. ,
1 io
'lv'*r;i.''Mqe.i'' c.'-.l-i;,r\:   i -yy
't'-.'ite".-ti .iii.-ip.    Adi...)'!':'" v,A'-bio Sriy,
th.:'■ yicii',':':.;,.-'  iur domy '-t.-ini,-.*  ;xAa-i
d-Ad±\ a n-i Y,,:!  ' '   '       '■'■     "    '   '	
trie-r   !>.-!
.-Y;,-,,  -,■'■;■'■'■'• ■• '"■' f- 7 ,.:-. ■f;'::-::,-'''b...V.b;;.YbXv|-''qJ3|i;c7^>-dbniy--OfX7iiOi;.^^^ Kl.v-t'HSYVdv..
dAdn,-,'A -A:,,-/,- y-y a—  : yy-y     y aa y;"7.y itiihAd^w:':;: with' ayro-ir^by.bi'vyiytytJt-iiHyy
iin^iAli   * .   A"      a* .-,'.-   - '-     ■ A1.-'- ■■'■'■    '■.-     .-    ■-'-' --..-       -;-..a.   , V .-.;■: -..   "-.■■   ■ ft. .--■;. --"■. 1:, -.,-;'-' ,'.'  !^i ■' '."■,■..■■■''.•'- .'   ■ 't--- A,y-   .■■;■   •■:■■-.-.-■■   '■; ■   ■:.■■    ■  ■•-.
'it -means'-'Dou^t.'-lcn^Vi*.';
.:■..-' A.... J onl Q„uje7Ax>.e,
A r em.ta:!:ln g.A.1 > a tb he: .0.1 uy ly* i n g;-. ni 1.^1 yb gy_yi '■_
[yp,A .tt>'-'co'ntj','3(VitV--'Viii!irAhiU)ph^^^
AyXbbf. p;u;.i,yf'f .7.b7x::;'V '.-.::'A--:'; '% '-ki- dd''t.:'"A
n .tiie '::..*:-
A-Siv'Harry: Johristoni-vthfi..English' ex-;,c; .-y,:;^-p^-^Bl-^rf^^..^<b .iv-^.^.
plo:-cr.„ oncoytravehxi on a-ship witbya; ■•• n-ho, <-)!,]lVo. 1Ailro;iih--whk'h7;iA;„:.from'
;-pet ■:ipp.-..It,-.yas-.!t great tayoritc A'», ddnMo .toAhe- goIdbiehis.htA tAn-ruf.ie
...all- the .Pa.s*.engprs.1 until   there„ came As,,— yis, (W-Khl(,nHi yn& Uphe  dAd
aboard at -.Madeira-, a Aady: with - ari-.-i;n-;;.; ■,cio,;j|." •- j,-y t|„-,; i^.j.,^ ^j-;,-^ -^: oi-ra, A: i^. 15 ; ePf i
farit..   Thcf latter, received -a goodAlealy H;Iv*.bUve ^r<*.m.s! feat of .railrotuleAA:
;ir,-.!l'I- ti-ie.- whi-ie doling'., very-J J rie-t   h.rintc ^Ap .A   i-iieyondn-yof -;v;ilr   of :attcntion: 'and' tho ■'■-..ape   in  .consc-yj ',d^A.}.^AA py,rA lK,.1S;->h(,AY - ^m:
ie Alignity of hi,s';,positfi)h:v Tho \ ';''A yA^niiau.    Hi-by •!;-._ Uif <ys: r,.-, ^l]eIie0 .became neglected, and jealous.y\'///^hh (ZZ dZZAAiho iuir-
id j-nothcT.  until, AyecKsywent   1n   :,•-;■ ■•,■.,-';.  , .. ; ;/a; .t/kyZ-   one day just in; Ume-teprcvent aytrag-   ,n,000 -feet J;,; lluy: n;b., nnv.,i7 ..uiies.
stu. there had been no ciiem,      ^.^ w]   ,. b.,?^ .;,y^ yy ^ , (,    edy..   The child bad been left unguard-.,.. ,Tll01xc.eAit  ,xoy   (hro-uy,   die .mtricibe
'vork:,ii)   smiiiht'i-..'.   Bttb i.l.,v7i77'h;ul i e(1'f^a'^0m5nt in ^^
ei   beioiybiini   tfiie  AAniiOiB:^ALvAt h'".*" made ..for -it,   pulled,-, it; from ..the j- .Kn^'.adhnA\itkdo of'Aoc<;-!:» feet.l!^
eivintr n; u.00(!-; iVinc^iort.  n lii-l, at the   cradle 'and was in thcact of throwing; .(li.Thnst. p0;nt.' A,  the   world-, where 7a
The   Pouch.'
reaches are-a Tonic.' -an. aperiont,. a
fooe.lA'tnd a All-ink combined,-or. to. put
it briefly,'thoy'are' nieat-a.nd- nieiTicinc.
A good meal inny bo made on'-cut.
■ pen'ehes' w-ii:h,cream and sugar, brey.d'
l an'..''.buller.' ■ ■ Aflc-.i- a meal-of, this variety a i.orson-.\v:!l, feci finoro like ;tt-.
teinling. to. tho Amies of the al'tornbon
tlii.n if be pr "shey indulged-in heavy
fob, Is. Beaches Aire good bo -fo're. breakfast, and- nfieu' dinner.'- '.They ure, .good
fo'.-.'.tho.'digesiii'ii. tyoud for, the bloeid
anel goiid' for--'lite <i-oinp!c.'.\yio;'i.'■ Some
pev.ph; (Ai'tt - llle-ni \vil'h:>Ut el'eillil OP
sugar nnd with go-od ' residls. . The
fruit is 'so rie-h in sugar and ucid thn.t
it-pi'f'-s-'oi'ves- its lhtvor.a hnig jvhiliy hut
to get the full .benefit.'it siiould be
eaten ns ..scon (is it is cut. Ueilne::s of
the nosey dilo to congestion,- iiuhimod
coniplonous,, set-ofuious and bilious
ti.Aideiicies are said to' be materially'in-
hueTice-d by a .liboiv.l cpnsuiiiptiou of
this luscious fruit.
0.1   nine:.,
■iVho-wv-i.t. 10 \Vt).nip,-g,   it overt-oard,when the traveler pouncedyjy{..^0!;   vn.yUtmod:ea  hv   stea-n.    T
1 ei p
1  '' 1
c   1 11
Our-   j -(,..
Itnsoillo, .      ///
v. ho w,ts u iu, . ,|     (     ' ""'L
bte'hri;:   OPl , '"'■   '*t
he- fc:lw th, 1.     ,    , '''
light he **'   ' e, ,.  .    k'   .
e>i ^Y.lsl!lllg^l, ,,,,, %      '■ vl
•"*' Bull  Bun, n |lU,  1
tune to bine n 1
lie woie jt ,it, ^
his gicjuml ,is ifl,
lout was ton pi, -,
lllg,   ll  good  (h   ,1  „,.'(n' l'hi   "A
b.ick at the e-,i*  t     . ' *"
K'lhiW  (.Ollgl, ,,| ,, u v 1    /",   \ '
"Who g'i.e j,,i lh, "(| f 'J-
dght?" a.*hed .1 ,,, ■ ,.„. ,,,,  "'
>:.-iv s-oik as he,,,,, ,u,, ;;;/'
'•WI13. I w..stl...lM ,J">
gan. ' v-
Thc Now \nilei c ,(j .,,,,,
!i,uei)11y he h.ld i. ,t l„ ,, m!(.
"YOU     Wi'H*     tl)." 1
"Aie ihe ens i "iiiii.
"No,"   hlli,i   Log 1,   '   „t(   (.,fj
ru'inrng. hut I-,- r,  ■ t|,, ,1^,
stale of Yhgim.i .«. a, 1(
- lake out"
*• 1.1.1
1 e   bl.
n A|
U  HI,
.-in versit v
,,''i; ...Sctptc.-;iti her.
went to, Wooeisifyok.'.: and,;)! J ii7 col- , r,T)e
h'ge; ,- fit'■■'. 'tivn-t j.lace ecjibpIrtAAl yhis' ^ .'„
,t n at.fi ci ;h: :ir,>n   y-oi't ps.  7ih 7 .inrie.,   ! 'A)A--     " '*, k
.  .- . ' ■ .   ' c*r'   t.
'J ty-cight  mile".*
and  iar a ,y.-Mr'idols ;,up  pibitaiy-tpry | upon: it:    Says  Sir: Harry., "It would ;A  .Dnc'er    is   thmhleei    o:l    n-ii.ombering
cyor.bieir A„aU':eiibUAor),;,x, - yianitob,, iccrtiiinly  have-hurled  it  into: the; sea'!. |^f ,[,^=^^7..^,;^,':^^,^^, ru'scveii-
h'f 1 bail not iny-aravrih.cn.iiscd:-tlio guilty
to d'"op;the child on the deck and, j
inbleaway." ..ThCbtpobviis.relegat-,:}- b777:xv4itJi'ot-^cicnt-J6,vii.-:77^
ed to a stroiigAron cage for the rest 01, I P/i'^yi^din the .Icwish n)iig;t;ine.;thc
that voyage. .     .   .     .;;| jle!U)!-aj,. Says  that' tlu-rc; were' richer
t;\ OciolX-p; o.t bkfit y.*a,i; heyentcft'd
.yfcMAstci- Iti'-iiyersi-i.-y;■ y-lfe-n-ori-to.'.'whi'ro
he sl.tuiied' for -tho ensuing four ye.-tt'-A.
receiyihg  the-Arts  degree  in   1902.:
Atven  year:t   of    };<;■>• eixX. stiidy   had
somewhat,     'impaired;     'Mr. X .J-tiggs'
nien liefore.tlio .Christian.era than.there
iya.re  now.,. lie estimates. Kor.-.ii's for-
11 1 .  ; ,
ri*'   I'ilib,
'I'l "Ofl.
1,.       Tlie Tlirifvy  rk-iiiiiejiid'se,
In (.-hai-:-,(.;'ii.'i' llii.' L'icjdinontcst' are very,
tiniike   Die  pe.pular   cone-eplieAi   of   the
Indian people,   -bs n class ihe peasants
are sober, iii'.h.isti-ious tiiie'l. thrifty.   The
following iris'.iince of the thrift of tbe
peasants has in .it  a  touch of pathos.
On ono occasion,  having given :i  cigeir
to a  boaro '(.herdsmiiiu.  I  foiind aftor-
W'.-ird  that (he precious weed had  lasted the recipient a whole month, it few
whiffs only being taken after the eWer;-
>sre  trying  to  run   the   farm-?     I   set-: j'ing   meal,   and -ih.-n   it   was  carefully
Can you cook, and wash?" ! laid aside till-lhe next evening.
; ".Of course." '   ■ j     Y\'hclhor  tho custom  which slid  ob-
"Kno'.v enough to milk a cow and do ; tains in some prtr!s of I'iedniont of ro-
churning?" J garding the hanaii'ss, necessiiry donu.-.".-
,"Ves; qihli- enough." tic cat as a delicate'morsel is lo he put
"Who makes your cloth.es?". combs- down to thrift or merely to a perycrU'd
••jod the old man as he looked her up appetite is doubtful, but it is well
2nd down. j known  Ihat to fill  the popau-feu of. a
"I  do,  sir,  but  why do  yon   ask .me ! 1 'iedinontese peasant' is the usual  fate
these questions?    What right have"--     • of wandering or hoimb'.-s felines.—Eu-
"Tut,   tut,   young   won:.-;id    It's my ' siaee Keyuolds-BaiJ. in Chambcra' Jour-
fjt-ay_ tp_asli questions, and it should be    ual.
healthy and yti'tythc  c;onchi-.s.id'ii '.of-his    nal.lj'Ayith advanrngo iri'-'ccrlaui cases.
both .for'men-and for 'women.'. But this
Medical   Use -of.  AXHiinlvy.   „       7,,
"Whisky '.asy.an   alternative   to   wine , ^^  nj. ;$3t000;ooi).000. -and   says thut
may undoubtedly bo employed mochci-   ■;s'"j()mpn>, aft(?I.   spendiiig^2o0.00b,op0
Lend at ?.!a id ton,- where, he ' renit'i inrel""   ;s:  Very" different-   from   tlie   constant
Z.Z':A:kit''kk   ,-i,r,'7',f   '7'X  ^'xt'i recommendation which As. suggested, -.as
if, indeed, doctors regard:whisky as a
;cot:i-sc,Ate: returned   lev ihe  okf home-
ste.ttl at  ?.!
eighlec'i.   iii.oiHhsf
-MeatUiitb i.;vcnis7w.-'re;' sl'bwlv I'ra'nsr'; ■     :. ■     ■      ,    ■       ■■■*,.
Pi-'ing- to l,:,,fl -Mr. I'iggsAjhteA jour-! sort 0l panacea' for every disease .11111-
.nalisnib Mr. VV. .HbJAiUanJ :, ju* oU-,,. j dcr the sunyand Taken perfect,delight
cr ■ .in cl.':.-.-. li to i'--, of the S-. in.',': had d.-.-id- fi" urging its consumption upon thoir
cd 'to taki* aii ' important mainuri-r-.! patients'."- 'As', a matter of fact; there
ship' offi-n.-d i-.im in. "M..'ii',ti-e;il7 . Th ■ ! never was a time when;.medical men
Sun fbvas , tem;.,,()r;.iri ;y en-trusfed .yd A'.'e!'0,ih'oresiow to prescribe the .used"
his si-in.. U".. I)., th.- y.-iiiitg.'.r." who f,,,-. ah-ohoi in.:'any fopni than they aro in
a shoi-i. ,.lim!„. neibel as. Ahfoi-.. Mr. | the present day. 'nor'a tlmeiwheu so
Biggs ei'.c.jil.viitu htun.-h onion ' ,t.|-,.' j -in.M!V rorr;iinod- from tidvislng Its use
sea .,:. ctmnty.y ..-tyspaibr work. impIJ at utl.-llospila
al     i he,   b-g, miing    ei;   hist   lleceinlv.-u- .,
bought, the. Sun. I.-i tlnvc-iydit month.-,
that have elapsed sine,4.' he purchased
tbei plant ..Mr. Biggs has -approved
liii.-isyh" a writer of ;'i>rce'and ahiliiv, one built by the tontobano.tt South Af-
with .'seiiincl ■' nml i-atioi:a! views ■' of • rieitn songster. It is built' of cotton
men and t,lAri.."b'nnel of a grace of j and yiAvnys upon the tree 'producing
.expression' noiXi're.jiiciifl.v Aonn,: even ! the material'.- In constructing the' thuii-
on city fiailh'S. 1 by was 'already Well j j-dlc'the fi-niale works inside and' the
known - anel popular in the, virimty, | nmlA'outshle. whore ho buildSYi se-idi-.
dot smcche has broadene,! <auI- tl.-, i. m.i' 1)0X for.11JS 0,V11 special use. He.
sco 1)0 .01  Ins work .lie  lias, ma eh* m.i/iv       .,.-,, ,   ,
sits  111   the   box   nnd   keeps   watch   or
siiigs   nearly  all   -ho. -time,   anil   '\yhen
danger e-,,mes in  the form■ ivf a, hawk
or  a ■:*■■: 1 tike.''he  wi-i.ru:'>  tin-  fainfly,   but'
never en:, rs ih'..' main nest.
Queer Nest of tlie Toniobtme.
Tiie oddest; of nil .''birds' nests is the?
.Xo«  .'■'c.-r^n-ctcil.-
','The   :-.:•,-■.  of   h-ltf-r   writing   Is   sndly
ncgh'cp'd  noV.-ach'Vo." said  the man  of
new .friends i\>r himSoif ,nnd the. '■•Sun
in the 'Mnnil b.u dist.)-i>.-t, while a,)ioiu7
the. nicrfhaiit.s nnel business 'men' f.-cv
in the town Aire more, highly *,'sie---a,-
r-rl. His uminV'cl.cd corn! iiatAir,.-. anrl
modest cot-din lily, iiuben'. imihe personal emnifies impossible, n.tpl eve.,',
those who oppose the policy n.civo-
ca ted ill tiie Sun on public. (|uesl.iim.s-
fire the, first *') ni-l-inriwiedge; tin.- line
ch.'ir.-tcferbjtics  e,f  its  e-ditor. .
"It- is u. distil,en, loss io western ! "lh;!i '"'''""k," said his more prab-
.•mw.spapr-reiom Ilia I Mr. Biggs cannot] 1i(':i1 ''''ionel. "sIa.oavs that you haven't
here continue the e-are-r he has coin- a, --^"i nt college who is applying him-
mcncefl si) anspiciiAusly. But his - solf to showing you why' Ids allowance
health, never very re/oust, has shown ' ought fo bo increased."
'.minis! iik-Ablc      sign:-;    oi      j-i'*T-ifio.rif*iib 1 '       .-      •
hre;i k'lowr), and    his    rneelica!    n.dviser;;!	
lii-i.-e   ri'inoval    to   a    less   bracing     ;,,,,; j \.,H,InK'   If   yui   Oi-Iwlnnl.
rigorous climate. |„ ,w:cordiuic wii h j yr,.s. suiil h-Usivc! you named your
,'h"'"" "'''•-'•'"■'"OMM h'bb,S "lade „r- « ,AV;n .,-,.,,,_ Ltl,v, Lu;.yAyc,„s„„i; wc';i
.vingemenis ■ u, du:p,,He of the Sun. j ,, (. III1u,(be:i,-'"I.'lops"m" mi' ''.Jeps'inb
and     tins     .-iAil.um.-i     -,v:!|     g0     t f,     (,,,.! , V' ' !
Coast,   where   it   is  a 11 ,l;,„tkor   nroha-!  I-'"'l"l""il   t>o<Ay   mimes.     Dave,   my  Ui
hie.*   that  he   ivi'U   e-orbimie   j„   the.  oro- I  ;'l:'"'  hl' lio1"'' «ot  d0IU  ui-l,ncs out(;n d(!
foK.s-ion  which  lie lias  prriv.Al   his ;..fit,i-
tucJ'.-.    The  best wishes, of  '.ve/darn cdi-
rlvilli   colyum.
'on his tonipleywits still '-worth between
$300,0bU,000bind .^iOO.OCOJQOb. in Ko-
mitn times there were three .lows,in ,Io-
rusalOm who botween them- eiffcrecl to
Epenrr.SlliA.OOO.Otkifeir twc-uiy-oiVoyears.
In feedingX'ho" I'nhn'b'i.l'.iiils' of tho'city
rather than,.siirrendei- the. city. -.One
of those ..-Jews,- XNikodomon. g-ivty his
daughter .a dowry of '?--l2or(ipO;(-XjO.:i,-7"
'■<-  ,-,,:■,/::.-A«Y,An»-«Mli>tt>, of  Uanriti,
>ykPd 9nA.<A<;iisioni ihiiitkhAi'as ejf
-iiiih; showcer" of. i';iiii; tU'"U:ir^,.J
■Aiec'kY; she Iter Ai'i W'f'bJ^i^^'d
hflthcr::Handel: w;7 'iny^ pahj!
.Aric'lfeeyth^ybhiifksi.Ajij Kib^;^ (
-.-■ yerjci.tyou;i!VAy 11ij>t.biusf:. fy.-''aa.'
'Athilcb'i th\-'t'jiit A7y..AAriAi'it'-.A binA
:.' ;i\\f.iiyy"'t'it'.'^l^is^;:;' an vi.JI;s,';rc'r,onT'|i^'ri¥'j:-<'j
- avork:y;yii 1 ,'h' bif;s.>n"g,,.; tbyflitt^b
A,h(y;u!t0f'hi,ftyvi^ithr7wus !i)akj'^.[
iujci ;b!s:;ui.v;!,hy.f<)if7i^
f-Mypk.'S (>f yihcj ■li'n|n-ii'ici-{jip',.on ikn\
' vybl.C-ii'.-'" hy.-,';; prodiicilig -itvoiliirn]
::?bunds,'fhu^piA]idgbih', tim«y iiibii i
-ab:bas3A:at-cc)pij.!iinli)]t^i)!:;:•■; llnndet,1
f rca thing; ,.-..j ipnii\:;: .lAiaynj iydyi.-, thj |
isheAWer-'Off.tjain ft!-:d■■coi.iip&sitiuh hi
;--a;'if iie, hilling; AC 'ihtbnttj.,!>rfiiia,';-;j;[
fbat-fh'^lsf ayiwinfuhyifiugfiiif r,;g
.'Serjpcdf his, '.il.i'sl.t -* ck-!''''.-".;*.-':)!;'..:'.:':.- ; ,;f |
;d-dSlyyiirsit'JinK.)'! d^Aa X. By7:txh
-eynAs, f'bllf ft fbiUiii f yyi-iyi ;A'i-;- hi
; -it'"': ■'< Jon ff.'d*.:n:i'?cA -i 'A I AdA "'A. :;Adt\
;:itp7-f7:,l,.yw;h.'jip'pcif7bu;t, ujy .yAAiy
ivokytii'i heXyo'tildAAiaA AyAyryritJ
AusyAace;XAP:.l7fl"-y -- Ayy dp:
' l:f!.udssy:^,A:tccb-';f'ly77A77;A.;i;A,:::*f
'fl.fit'r'^l; ihittAlf.jrhyyA y^Ay'd'Ad-'. I
■■■pia-iv i'if- i;-;hst(hyk:;7;,'X;A-h:f;y,-yt ays
Affobtpgi-iibih". ;fyf' AfXA f-'-f: .7;!?y:-:'-::y',:-
ddAydpAdd ddyAd(:!-dLd^ydddi
ApidyfAyti old A yd1;-y. d a dyy
f'f;vi:y-:iiiS'A|uA)r:'it-s;:-is iay
"'BbhbcA'ib.";■.■d'-.j-oin'-yUd,-*'byA. X-b
■ hv:B'Oivu'ui-1hiAa5 iluA'-'l.Ay.'vy;y':';
:'tXyy-i;,l;)'-ii:7oivniiii: ai'A-;7A",y--li"'-
ftnAello ''goffthi.y-Viio^k'Avhi^;'^
■AA).;theA>n^:ior iAsXieye-:.   aV -^A
70bey!:.Ue The UAA-e-yi.-.
th-.-A- mcin'o.irs ■y;»A"":'i.«-;iVv'.-:i::y.*-iV;f.
Ay-iAcii. .iS-'-t-yfi'ilyf'itjp. l.he..i'y>l-b-;' LA*
of: A in iii.iiuti t i kifilAi 1: i i-. A; !•■' y* A"
'lf.vi.Ti  ,c!f-■ -thy.- hifiy.iy'i- de'di' f-Ab;
■ Ffon;i;rce.'-',';... -;,   7-   y  -Ly '■''7-y.y,:'-
'- ' --  ,f   -:.\  xyjs |,*rV'o!i-;i»e)-
; 6neyof7hi;giVAX:s: -;i-:i.*!.i:,i'-('
tieSi it)yCenfr;u   .VniY;
•do. AijUa -ci.   -wtiictii-'yAecyiAi.A
sUiiiiA-d   ihiA'Ua'Hunahy ie<-A
'llvd. .miles soufibvebAA' diy A'i'v^
'hpexyis 1-h-ly.ayfee: Abive. jlic A'i
thc-soii; and cultA'ai.;,x.e^*:y
est';.trees';C*;:tctiei Ailniosif '-y^-'A.^
it'oc7:isionhi)y A'eius ■(«"''",'!h;t(i!;;:
pure cold -water.-' On ■ <i-u'y,:'"'^1^
^eruption": Of this, kiu«i i!'i::f'y^j
northorn:valley aiiil',d.|y--i'yv,^y/
vilhigey:siiuated   on , the'b»'A7;
peak, 7",■' -b •'.,-.    , -•' ,..„_X'" i
„ >-.--
by, i,j,-y,
■■ ,.;.yi 1
I'l.-i-raiitK-iitl:,- .IricIi.R''il>I<.'.      ,
"Mr.   Bdiggins   has   just   inherited  a
fortune," said, the wonuin  wlio knows
till flic news.    ""!  siipi'te-iscy he, will  now '
.Succeed in geltihgfinto the sm.-irt set."-.'
"No," answered. .Miss Cayenne. "Be-
foie he'wus rich they .sithl he 'bad ihoro
brains than.-money., Now they .will say
he   has   iiioro  'inonev   thaii   brains."
Tlie 'l'viitnit'a' TiiKte.-
Tramp (at the hitehen dooi-J—fA'thyou
give me'something to'ent, lady?"'Lady.
— There's the wood' pile. Trump —. I
can't ont'wood, lady."-yJAidy—You can-
saw it, can't you? Xlfrnmp-'-d'd'.rather
eaat it,   lady.    Good'''morning!. -. ..
, A \Ve)iiinir.«i Tcnrc,
A shrewd observer says that' "sometimes a woman erics just to get herself petted," a circu 1;isha\ce .which
sbows that there may be a method in
grief as  well  as in madness.
"Well   A iiKufn-d.
An American woman who had been
told by n l'.ntishea- Hint America wa.s
deficient in antiquities and curio,silies
roinarhcel, "The linliquitieswill come;
as for our curiosities, wo import tl.icin."
,,, 77y'  'Tiie.'wii'jy.nc'.pid.-,»•,'.
"At ,a   school ';cxr,iniu;:'i(,,v "  -^
castle-undcr-Byme. i-fnglU'iA-HA
loldytb:write nn,cssay oh ll;,;illjA,
of-rendiiig, lie .W'r'Ae'iA1';:'';1'^.^'.;!
milny'- .veasohsy .." SomiAi-i.e*y. ^a
■for, humor,  aiidiUiiAb-'Ay,..' ,-'.' ,-i
books   UAH   'Bon . 0"A"!'(X7y',v.;>;i
■    ,Y ■ '   > '■ V* , »     .11(11! i^O 1 iH.M»"
times  they  read, fo.. Au";   .
then,they n;ad the lbhlc
.-." TO«lt   It   MI.I.l'V
"Yeiv oldXBi/.7.iboy P-'-'V*' '■'■ "^
out to.'.hts place.on the hih^^"^
turned  the hose  on  th«Au>t
mci.it to '-arrive."    - . a)3!j
"He did! What did.they s:i^   A
"They called   It. nnconveiitH"1. J
pltalitv.    You  know,  bc's.teo, •
/miarrel Avith."
' '.     V - ■
11 Is.  Mnlnily* .
ssiouni' "!U;;i
What P
Wit-1  '     1
believe.    Jcss--Not at nit
you   that   idea?
that she sat Up-last ni.-1-1'-     •.  ^
man.".' Jcss-Bovcsick; ■ that ■>■ "■• ■;
was that fiance of he'b   y
8«mmer Cold®
Vou should1 euro that ™\'kinfcZrifo,
i« not. onTy mtUanif you t^J"'
but it id doing yoa burin,   n*"**
IloTillnpr   -1I.H   O-ivn. I
"Sling.v, isn't: he?" . b   ' i
"You've said it!    Why, lie holds fast j
* to  c'vei-ylhbig he gets  his  clute.-hc-s on '
"'""   a;\U even bolls down his dinnci:!"   , .
Cure ThoLu"K
Ifc'u  ffnursiBbMd   te  euro yo«.
xn»«oy ntanicA it It Joom. .- ^ ^ ^f|f  j
At nil <3n>3vt«t»,
.01 " "  .   ,,|,     «^K ■eawnm
SFmoyie leader
f/.oY«e, B- c
''     ,,(•   1 "••«■«-»   P'TSOIl.ll
|)r   she and it
1''1\1, ..vm.pio   «r   «ioir
"'"    Husband,     wife    and .
EK"Ha5y IS felCK.
,  ,n with nauseous ca»-
jd°7.,r   harsh    griping pur-
'°r,° 7- all things don't give
A'"1/ "soothing"     stuff.
-""onlv make him worse.
t'^'B.blef*   ore    what your
1°      «n    lbev"are   a   gentlo
P1' "V -arise    baby  sloop   be-
►■ ""..i    linn   well.      They
,h"      tlitI.s   mouth,   oaso   his
\     \,   u'id help his obstinate
h1 trro'^h  painlessly.  They
V'\       mother  nf«H for  her
at ' ,J/.   older    children    too.
(ir eenwood.    li.    C.,
£"""~C','  r    Babv's   Own Tali-
*] ' ' '" -u    w-i^^   in   t*r°Ui 5rl
P1111   ,,',,,. tlifru ore children
Br'Vq  „'l   i     ihat    1   did   not
','" „i,,it    worth     sooiK-r "
\.\\i  h'-lp  'iv.'iv  eb'ld
,,f*.'.'cdi'Ti) .:.coitt;aiiiy,-ho'
'Ihe  U< al  r;s  JmitiiMori.
l'rofes*or I;  \  J.,,i.he-.(er. ii,<. Biiti^b
scientist, has hi ought to l.g'.i a curious
trick  pr:ic-tic!-.l   by   London dealers  m
Of.prey   plum-<     i-bme   Un,.   ago   tho
Bunt-ess of \V-bc-, phicid b(i*clf at thei
head of a mow-nii ni to di-coui,ige tho
use of real c^pjoy plumes in older to
*ave the bmi, fimn bhiughter.  The result was an Immediate decline in the
sale, since fa.-int.ii could not iiy in tho
face of the i'linci-ss of Wales.   But recently facts have come to th.' notice of
Pioiessor    LuiiKOiter    showing     that
among certain fashionable millinc-is it
has become a pi ar-tiee to sell genuine
plumes as imitations.
• 1   0
.foiin .f. Burns Cured I)y Dortd'.
Kiclncy Pills.
()   ,.     .),    tl ••   ll   o -'       1
,110,11    .-   t'.e <:' '■"-,
Queer  {unit   ItnrdnS.
In the early >e;r of i^uci'ii Yic-toria'a
reign a court mania) was held against
ii ii ollicer on a roj.,1 jjeXiit because one
of the royal childicn had been bitten
by a flea.
' lueel   to   II.
'Tommy was vmiiiis a neighbor's.
At dinner 1he hostess apologized to him
hce'.-tuse the tabic hnon wa,s soiled at
his plate*
"Oh, that's P'-ihSng." 1 <"• assured her
promptly. "Ouis ia wo.se'n Unit at
rimiiKe    rr«.in     Sliort,    Slin.IC&«
Flnlvi."*   H>   Ciins-el   Arm*.
'. ' e shin's -in' i. >is -n '.renei.il u-e t-P
to die beginning ed the l.i-t cciitiuy
CO,, .sled of a Ion-, round nun
sii i>k, hawing two rouipi'.iativch -hurt
E,b -.gilt ami-, or liuke-, .ntlui'd to thc
sh.-ik at an angle of "bout ion/ do
gnis und meeting it iu a some what
..     sh.up point at the fieiwn.   In huge an-
Jf.> ITl«l Chronic Inllaminatlon of tho Kid-      ^^ ^ bulhV Woe-don btotk \..ls btlllt
11,}„_S..Y'e  His   ll.olher   r.,re,t.*r» Can j ^   ^ye^f pic    ".   hooped  together.
leu ah About it. j tJ:t w!>oki t<<l)(.,inK oUt,Vard to U-e ends,
Darnley.   1'.   K.  1 .  Aup.   20 —fSpe-j e^ocnily cm the aft or cable side,
c-ictl) —d'ohii   J     Bums,   .i   pioinment About the be ginning of the List con
member  ot   tb"  I.  0    V   her-,    who'-e tQrv   ^   L.k.[k   in   tbe   I'lymoutli   nivy
cure.- of   Chronic  lnflammat-o-t  oi  tne -^   Vorcli„ bv   [iaia(;i  suggested  cei
Bouts    and    Kidnc-vs ^"^ * ™e tain' impro\ omen Is,   the   niostimpor
tion some time ago,  report, tha.he ^s   mal:,n}, 1)le   .inil.
is  still   in   splendid   liealtn.     -   * LS.    ■
(All . S    '     '
eel fine-ii\
studv   i
sti tided  i
htlle   I'ide    ,!
11,'i-     M.ii.
i die me     .op
,  Si   If     SO     V, ,  1
I'   t.s    (ill."   '   i   "1   I
...  Hill- till'  |
lot-  pomp ai'''
,t   *>   r t\ oi r .-
;,    b)."  li.ts    m-
1   ,,,   t be .U '    eil
he.lllPg   .i"1'
an  el'.ie icn'
n.irv  illii' '-1-
dl,'   is   I .-".el el' d  *l*   (|"> • '
,el\|scr   in   e.i-   s   ol    Old.-
,       ! te ,'  i
!    i     1     ')(•
1    III,   '  1
'  I 1      -.III
Bin i • *:> i   is,  .i< < oru-
, . |   ,lh*s1    ll.A .])>■     m
I-, ei iii-t
i . _i.u .1     I ■<•
t. _rM
ll ll 1
-,, i- . ,iv.  .ou erne work
,1     . ii   t i.u   '        !-    iB.it In**
,t ,    . ,',«.,,., ^- '     U.ie-A's. ".No.
1 'i.tl -   h.-*   h. hi '*
bays Mr, Bums, "my ',«'- ls entne-
lv satisfactoty 1 have had no tremble since I m.cci Doejd's Kidney 1 ills.
Thov drove away the disease Bom
which  I  suffered for e'gld   y-'ars
"No    T'U  lu-vor forget  Dodd s  Kid-
ncv Bill-'.    Tbe doctor could not he p
n.e*     T   got   so   bad   1   could   sr-ircely
walk,   sit   or   sloep     I   was   about  to
I Hive  up  entirely    when   an  adveitist-
^cnt   led   mr*    to  t.y   Dodd's   Kidney
Pills     >'ov;    I    am  m    f*('od bealtn
Pod'd's Ktdricv Till"* <*<'-vt'fl ''lylife
n    ,j w * -->* <*v> Worft-Powders  aimcS   Quick   Cures
GOtjW01°L"tea?«-Si«g Sure 0M>in«l F^n.
i or',
- \-. t-
, ,y '•,, -: :* i; uA- d- 'fi ie ty i S'" 'cv',i-tii I' ■ - >f,
f-^^bb'v.Xiiudeff AM*''".-:.-.:l.:-:'b7"'':::-
B fX.pi.bjybiteicyi-c^uohyAyyet'A
f%Z 7i:XuctA.uiM;;fbdt,;fflteyy
.-■'-. ;',Af -XyvXAf \iAi ti: tji'iivtif./iA-' ■ dr.'A'yd.yy.i
7]^c7,.v,';rv.:-.Y.,ihe**:iyi ivbirhan Xjil'tyays
\ \{k v Ah e ■ o t ig'l 11 Jtl 'i'*: Wt -Abbi A urn I h:-f .siiOe'
; ti its n- tfIh)A'iinA'; 'Aiv,t.:.f.,Vchy:7does yb .man;
■ hit than-lic'eiinV-Voiikers Statesman.'-:
curved Instead of straight. At iir-t
sigh: this simple ch.in-.'C may '.''«'■ ol
little v.ilue, but c-onsiclci.ttion will bboW
this is not thc c,u*e. '1 he holding powcu
of an anchor depend*- on two prim .pal
conditions -namely, the extent"of useful holding -,iu I:i( e aud the amount of
vertical penetrance'. Tho latter 'iu.il
ity is necc-biiy on ac count of the ua
tiiro of ui.biiaiy sea bottoms, the surface hiyeis of width ..re ^cncally le-*
. tenacious   and   re-.it.ting   than   is    tin
Dodd's Ktdricv Till"* t*<"v^1 '«Y uu'       ' tenacious   and   renting   nun   •■>    »»
It any o»" doubts Mr   limns' story J ^.^a ;i si-„rt d'st into bclov.
he"';8irnpiy;'-rcfcrsithem Ad his; brothciy  ,,.:  ^HhcAyearAi.Slil chhin'^ahlesybegaii
Forester* ,   "They '.all ;■ know.,"«ow. bl\e  : -. ^pCrsede ,t'ilef hempenfpnCSiAyflii .-.the
faiffered'A 'and,;.thatf pqdd's    Kidnyy   f.^'^y.'tftatCthor'lohij'.^bapkW
This ctvse ol Mr. barber well dluj-
traU's the way m wb.ch Dr. L-tW)t>
Norse   Food   cures   headaches U?
Ho. tiit-d thc so-callod "quick cut cjs
first,   but   without   obtaining  lfncf)t'
it   is   it   well   known   tact   th.it   such
•ird   I   have   not   been   troubled   with,
hwidnch.- .since.      It made a-thorougli
and  Listing cure." w.,t-f*r
Mis.    .J.tines    Clancy,     VI4     Water
street,   Peterboio',   Ont.   state,i-   i
have  use-d  four  boxes  of  Di.   Uuse s
»Sb AAddktidAmlli.7-An'y XyoUpg.
P i ikAL :■ A-d-n i a A, i -| »A aa, , yky
[SA.:fiX^7;:ii::.;intf,7'-':' k'dLdiXkkdk.
A-A,  .^yibbK-iin^lhts'eectionfot^he,
^'A^51',^ ^y>;^a.:-i.u'p^«.*.:.t»*^
|i!l-ti« !wy-^> "s"^^.: Vear« tV>e-tors-pror
■V 1,U:1A -■&-'"/tf'OX ■'■■';>.;-.-..-'■ .y - .,bf
A-i-'uAfioisieyAbit rs 'A lva.ve;
aiAiAi fihbf .A)f,7 f'Ayf A-iiu7
 HI ^-i-i ii?v X fiXiiaVir
' Ay i'ttiout:-- b'ieKb,
•piUsXc-urcd-'h^xuy.-, -;-b'A:.LAf.7 y'LL.,^ -iff
-'": "7.i -'Vi'«*.'.-" \ n' i "i 1 < i t VV'Ji: j: -i7> jft i.V r i i.t-i'-- j. iliVi** -*31' 'f:X-l "»«;•' -'-' ? *?.^v.-:
Ai-, oe,)(t■-,loiiHbcJ/y PeAihind: St-o.ne,v • 2,>.r
:;Kia-v-.:Vt-*'.'' 1 iiyi'tdA^'iy'-u niiy "ii.-i nft' 'f».. • -,' v-?.''^..?.' ■>:'1'5,"'.-,_
.'.licV AluAsAbA" yy '-."■ y,;   ■.'^'■"■'..A'-'-yyAd'''
.result-:-tbat7ho: longfAbiinkW hnchorH
hitherto "in woguAfwerenoJoiigcy.ucc
ossnry.    'aiid7Aanchqrsf;Ywltl)b shorten
lt   „   a.   well   known   tact   th^t.such   ,a ^ ^  ^^  thoin
remedies whtm they do bring umpor iUcme.        1   wuh     troubled
aiy rehe-f do so   with   ^tmiioiito ^      '' nmte<,n s wjUx
waste  of  neve   force and   tonsec.ucnt j ^i   hcadac,uia#     whirh    „,*.,„*    n.e
injury to  the system. bv 1 used-ss  as  far  as   a cxo. up lush, ng   my
lh-    Cliase'a    Nerve 1-ood  cures   ^ k concerned,
c-ntiihuig    the   blood,   vita »/iiiK     thepvor Xcr^   ^^  Spomr(l   to  lwlid
neiwcfi   nnd   huihluiK  up   tho   ^stc-m rcneral)y.    and    so    mnilu    a
..Headaches, as well as all other symp-  » <-   ^   f^ i iny ..o)d. troiibley     I. ,
jiearibcifeire fits, inlliicnce. ..., Its  curpa. worn   .,.. .L_  ,,,,.,,.„,.  ,.„,. ,,,,...,,,nllsl..,..-
ias^iisbccau^: it .removes the cause
'ofithoAtrQUble,;;:. X'-y.;, .^.,f-^A. A-
Mr"".AO'".'- Barbery Simcpey O.nt.-, ^r!™?\:
•'Dr: Chased-Kervef Epoch is r.a.; W^n-
did   medicinoi   I   was  troubled  for-., a
Ghasc'sANerve    Food yin  'the  house,;
onef'sufTcririg.. a3 f Xf ;didf;;tpy'Rivc,At,^a
A great ibanyf'remedies had Ad) cd.
T''.;>'-   ■„.-■■       -.----...: „' T7iAr,fi   r.n cents    a.
" ■.--- ...,-.- -- ■
hhdbOidy   _.....,....
■ttSi.-cii-i'Vcry: Xi-yniedy
XATief:'-.y;,iiit,iiii.y ()t.f''fVi:b;i'..)(;c!c)yiAf«fhs; :"P.
iiii-7e--'--niiiiib-.,'f' .efAi'i'ef !;AAis7:hoiit 7,hi-K
:preuii7'sA 7nil AnA;xhef; eve};n;ii.i'g-7,these
AiVitnAjKbt,-e - AAt" yiAosef inf;,ytheff of*"tb-,
:yhi-ds- :■ bff'-fi -lie;; palaci.7 Ab ..i^iyns. .gy.t.y(iy,j
"of-",- tphe; rl-toYaiX„hyAAJnisy,7Al"hA-;'r;iUtaiA
'h'a7f,A'7t:iieiy..iniore: i-hijii-': i).000. fwtviisf-
-OHSIU.V.,       *.,'"-*,   |-ui.>.«y*». ,f"-"-,-..-   ...,-,   ,
■ Rhaiiks-and'Witllihjavieri.aiHl'Stre^papr     Ui. uua.->v --■-.•'■-t. .-,- ,:.:,.-..-■.-■:■,■ -...-a-.-vi-.- .,-  a.- (Treaii"-iuuiix-»e«'^"r"- ,.y '  ,    ,    .
'EcroWns^radii.iify'ciuno.iiUo,:us7;A;'I^ I.;.^-8 ^^d,^  ^-^
faiichors'aiidXayprinciixil.,^uit7 0tiAfs. .^
rklxirs^asAhoadopticn^fAlie^yaliC^   ,^a:n6. gbr*l.:S^
       —■'"'"-       ° "About "eight  months yftgO-: MPOK   bo^ :■:'; ,a- Ab"Ab;b ;. 7   '% e. Xb^_7b>'
x-bd^es Qf nr A Chase's: fNorye Fopd.lpo^ yy, „,.,.
in"  ai-ui-is -i'.'!.jiipi.'eU-.l;v,.'r..'-'i,i oKryi,■    .-.,.-,-, ,
■ evz.-s
Ci* 'V e"fi -11 inn    .'-.-„ v....m-'v-.'^.-:'-'.--:-.--*-.-' ■■-:'■,,. |. -      •'.-;.' ----—— ——r——~  ■     >,',
""   ' '"! ' ■'"'""-"' '-bbbb-,i....i-,- -,,,-   T, 7.,-yis,,t;i7-':per.y^s, ;7YfbvA h,yfsy,st,^t.o
,i aA.h.A iyAAAmmiAtyAoyAyAy^
:lA,i'b.f!b<':-:;j.!.rai;b^-; HallY;;-.A..,l,tu:*('...-,.U:f
p.AiiSv'fj;); AAy:;!: Xi!iA'Jiy';!>"^,.'b;'Vy '7-f I'-fy".-
■77'77iiiry --.i/.AcfXi' [>b.Ki>A'ch,lAn7'A''A y«V-
7*; A 17 A.-XAblb :->bor---eA*A '■'-">.<■■>', ac. upot,
flAbyA Ayy.,5,b b,;,y,i;l..i„,n,.j;ei;b.„v,:!t-.y,,v:.tbA'-
ff.77'-A.;::vf"nXsAb; .piilHyi,if:-'.iA'i'-,-bAll- -;iY-yr-
bAvA-'in'-titi-*.-bbbA-:. -'V^-',-.'.,'■,7'''"-!'A '77
j.-y-ifio:'.-:; .'..■<■■,..:: .','-.: :',:-■ ■',.'' "a '* .,-.".•■'.''-'.'■..■..-;.'- .-' "■...•'■';
e ib A sf ■■;■" -. ;;m ibi;'"' fvA!fA;7- A'aT*'-
..bAYiihTe-redfyA-i■•',  ski' 7-.,;7
if'AiAi ~/r> Za^LS^/^ ^"^"JJ;
13i- !Ilbo«/ -•.y--1;.'. ....;..*„ri ..._,.J. DfflCllia
,.     yAdt ,^A^9dAn^wv'-'m:
.,- r,; (tie; nyi-Aenji . -.    v-..  ,.,, „-,.^  - c;„n
- i- '-,fail*'.-,t*.,C*i.«'e*-
yb-::''b:iAif:'" i:ibiV-;-:m7'
.IUIJOI?,      *1   "O   >*'*-. >**-". -—■--• -';   . ■   .   -  ,
admiraity pattern/anchor, byhichy cp: ,
tlcuedbd be'',usedAn;th(yfBiitistiynayy
;up-'t6''the'.yoar,l6c707;fbi,f;ffy-.. '■-:'-~i!-::'
Th ' 1S-12- 7madei tho- w-dding; of; heavy,
■masses'pf: irpnAaffcbmparatiyelyAeasy
-and- reliiibie processxsqfAhiit.-fromythis.
Atirneioiiwiiid AbbAstrengUAof ;.-knchors
,'f Vllv kept- pacebwitli; that, ot the eham
"'.usc;.^^ kmuuilAtryorphteiAsAeAy-itnchOj-y
were tiikenAiut prior, to-.the; great-exhi;;
bitiori' offmiA. a-idj ■:pu.WIc'..'':arteutl|.i?
Yf'r.raiAi.p:Y ''*A;eS;yy,; yy.b'
,V-i*,:i''.X--iir'ev.:i ■YAi,..Ay;iyiy ci-:i,-
i AA A''■-'-.'Adth LA.. A'AdAA
rd yoy-y;;
'■if- d'A
--.,. li-.AP.yy;.
;' :fi.A'v-
A-Ai ;*h:A* i.-d;
" Vi	
','..A >'
'r. t; "i i
.71:7 AAA
'iivt c'Aity'bfhA
iv'h«."''"' 'd ,yy2AyA-APY' A1(1 .'■'
-.-, ■'■■..-, to' x«A- 7 ,i f; A- ■ a .p. \i iiy f-e
ai --Kd'AcijAidh 'fy-iXp'f-Ady
Wb h'ie.riit:';' V-ci-'uiic-e-jPf'i-.-ud
shbivii iiiitheTpilowine.
^^^^i^ScssxaTieiKssssaatB ,_ ,
ih'"' j.i'Vl"'-
tee "was- appointed; :li.v,...'tUco.nunairalty ,:>o I
'o£-ilio,;vavidus:ia;ids..b.„: .:.;•,;. ; : bA-'X.b-
" -'TrtVcAciiJ' Xf'ia.s'; were. tliGiiyiiisaiuyed.'
,^nd'-baA'ai.i'es:i!t,::some.nf'the ■ tests- to
Which-'Abe Anchors-'-wera ;submittCi:lv
were 'of doubtful vttiue*-suc:h.  for ,:m
aaaiTri&diizaBVziss^^ T(1 ..-.jbie VQlia S'-ifFW'^W'tSX :,7 -'  7«*2
¥©' 3 :iiiisSlils«-8"p? Z
:£:^M -.-y^-y^
■yni-iA'iiicnk .o'!;, .Canscia.    Y  '7
.--■     ■  Aii.A^csiahd'will'endeavor,.to:give.. ^.tisUtton.f
iVaricod on-Gonsif:nracc;t:,.yy;;,:bv0^i-L. v. ,, ,.   .,.,,..     r _,;.    „..
''iBr-ram-f 0;aAi:> coMmssiox,  <[^g_ v;. ?xffia_
' ' '" ' "JBsaas»'-'ni' ,«s33S»'i;,.      ,.
■■-•'-:'- ' ':''JvU^s!S33SE3BSSa»l?»a'
J.vr w.wlx.Mpec;. .
:chrit>.3«,: ^tnnipog-,,
A   ,r    ' .-. ,■;.." '• ..- :-d. «-rrV-^r-v.      b'   >*QU-.J    .■':' S<J Ljr\ -7     ,.'■.,.-,'   ___-'.  ..',,."    ', «. ■.;.■.,     X" A-ff-
taVCtittiiiq' Acicl-thiit'-nyHosfffrooi
rais7f tiiiii'' ttbn-ost:; ;at:rto:ig!«s,:,-.u-
L «A,;wjei7at-ic,u7A>fV,Uit*.:;-iooci7y^
r,-V*" -• -. ■ is ' ".--■ .''io ret- aahc ■ p t -; \vpn-
'  Aa ■7ttb;.ai^es-.i«nby ,150,-: --iuy-*
I S3 -ccr.:i.—• 10.';:',- - ■-..,,,, '.'.-■' .;•.. v. .■■■.---
-1!) \
■ -,t:l-  K'lVA'.'O,
A »yA :7Abybx7A^bif;;;;-:, ;sAyc
7 Millard's^
AL+dk/LkyA,AdL"vA'^ ]A'ZdZ-kZ idlest'-prices fandif'niakeApi..
'' Uniqrt-Canlcjirea^
'^■''^'A'A'AA'bAAY'A,-,:,,;,,,,,";,^, foiv-yi-o* y,n-y,A^yAA tc.. ,l.y,A.:..;^'A.y'.       ....,., ,r ; > r     >-_,----— ..     .. ^..^ .   .
y,yy .y^/^A.yjfbxy..;::,,; (.,J; -;-,,b  ...7 7:Y',|:yU^heVriiAilry.7bctwee:ip;ti7oYtwp-anfi
iib^ffiAbiibAf ;;ibffilb-
.^u^tA^-mivnts-    'Correspondence -.iS0111-1..1-^* ,-:■;■   ■ ■ y- -," ' r .- ■..-'A,-;-,,   •,. ;y ;  :"-;-,ay
~ir .-**•
sy .yyyiiy bAbiy' |
y*'.;■''yy. ',:-yi)!y"f-f. i
- .:i,',!\',-1-.-f' '■- a:\ ,.;:
AmiAiXAe^'-b^ oit'iriutva
tiiy-bAb'-b. AAl
yy,,,; y-rA.,-., -,j;;.--. t X; k a;* -t't'r.s. ■■ t o»
'.'AlfivOX-.eJyoyiAh^ .aim,, b
bbanbd,"'-  i'.Ay'; -y. A-.y
: .', ^ -
i'st i?v',---:-t.
A7.A uv
i, ^. 0
.. ■ ■; -i a*A'Ay-nv'-'hipn--'.-"'is'Amost
■Havy-i'iysaidy--jw.i>--.*r5'-h.];. A1K7-'"•-':• Y---1bb:;"
siiAwn - .between- th^,-in amies  andi:,tli.c,
.* i'hro sbieliei-ptincemA nyiyd .tiip ja"
;■,, ,,?,,y,y s --.\.-;;-; . ,;neu,bp, ijearnlg of;one old;tar who w hs
vh'l'.'A'U'' '''l,-A-7iii0vl>"'     --1 i   u ■  - ■        ■*-«.- ~-i i -»
;!!!    -'ff'
r j he'<.-;.;>;
■mvc. ib' ib!
'('': -
:.'■ •:'!■•.•■.!'
i y -
; it.
ci   ;:-
.'\'-:i--. i'.-i',"
"-■ ' '.-''■''''
- v
■ A'
'V* f-
:>-'  '
-yy  ;-..-,
ii -'
: 7
.'•a; 7 ; iv if!,; v;if iu'7'fb-Ay''^
a:!:i:;-;!!::.'   nypcHi;   ■>.'';■ .••,?.*'
ry.-i'ciA,.; ,,,7-A.: I>,bct Al"'
...t.P,;,;. 7 -.-  coiigb
■man-:,up. pi-.T-->w«».-'."""«1'-1!   ^ i.'r ^a*uA;
i,v;„   heart   «,kI.   often .fcP^X1  ^.7 7
.^t  4,-ba -UiBAexiA'l'Uu:..^ ■>\»>;J-V7tra,rly
..lyuhicc: ,uubbih  rt.L ^rtcan - Riu.umiluc
bAii'<^    f'f   ;^^pdXwe.. :H-kt,h.yqu.c.^
bbb.bhc ihu.i;!*' - .'bl!<M' j
ii.'.!-'. burcf'. sc'n'.ifisy AA-}: .;
:-: .0- XA'.i-Ai-'r.s co;ite-b-0"ai;y !
PibPb,., [;, Xnty^ fo* •■i.i--M:--t
pvdPvlu-t liticl ■ w'^rkf A-l
t'h-ickn.e,*-'S' d>"
lips'   is -irui-"
ipuiymr hnf,uiociyifii
nMunhshin."-    'I'i'1'
.   .-.,.-'      .'b... -,,-    .,       If *!.-1. HISS-   O" 'A:
smc AtPtuoi.-   oi. .y ,i , , ck-aL.
>    - -it,-    -\ -ii- es   u 'Din   ' '■""'- -A ;..-..,■      t
uKualh     .V    .y-.-b, .,,A\nht tnick-ut
';  id'rk-
*aa y. *7
■■:. *.ir.'.\\;-!.lso.n
v-y.-i'iiniitfy.    iiiciiAby
'y.-,,*, ever-: b-'i'-^
'i.ip.iAHy  X'i    near-
,A-iiic7,; ihAAriin-cP*
AA ,,fu(ti'r,*r. Aa' 1» AOAUb.
...;y,o '7- "t bl-oUoivay
'.has- «vi-r i'«'iv hnp\yn t.
of 'tin.
tn-yti-jui-f true
i.Xiiib..;,,; iiright ,-.■;•,-.-.'tl'i'.-.  out.io.('k i01'
IA-.u-,h7th,y-\;*:,-ar- ot 7-it7,'Map'iu's-
BV't,'Aiy|b hX-Y:,,-!-::. of   If**-'  c.-Ailc'r"-
i'!', s-i-i
7i..-ksy hard. W-u'k
'•..Aiii.r-piyU. .'|,,id 7 on' -..tb'- .
b'Ybb\A ground** iiba '-'ib f
.bnl'.-nAf .-"■■-.'   '     '-.'- '-    '•   A
'•> Liiiitnent Relieves '-Neuralgia, d
-■-.___ L -   ■   - i
..A •. ,,: , -A,, ,;b h.C.ff)   CfA-"1 ''■   f'u ' ,'!■■'
.   ''-.:•'    X'f- ,   Argenunb    .1 .'.P.i''"-t-,';''"
bb .yM,7'.-.v,.,v  rbcnilA l'i'h.1 j
•''i-,.i-.|,.bi.h...>i-'is : •"■■'.tt!.Cl;i' W:>^ ;
;';"'.-'. b--.\ b,ii7 Stone.' tv;'"NbV.'ay- '
'^'"■b,>A,t0.^.'.a Kv-titmioin'-APoubibi...
oAcn-protee. yyi.b b-  ,   _- ,,.      ■
A-iyAinbtldcky   - ? _y
;   c-ves  and Nose Ran Water.-
tyea    *.' nrcw-er    Me*.ino.    says:
C  '0 .   .A-r.chcr., of    yc"Py „ilv.,rai   ve.u-3-
b-I   have   ha.t. «^«     '^V^      ai »»'*•
SS"»!^ fe'3::S
.wonderful   r,:my-dy . ^h^*   ^^ut.-." .'.■  W
'^oart Relief 5n half an hour
'a,1>' In- N,,-,v York state. wrl'tinK '
f. cur. i,.,. j,,. Alrncw-.s cr,, ■ for t
Lb1; -iiys; • ••, foc.j ilk0 -one.' brouir
^": A1'11" 'li-* O.-ml, so (i-rc-at .was- I
Ay'V irVii,, !lt-n,*t trouble.- and . ■'> !
*,:--■ ii.ii-.i.--u'.--.,,is mv rocovc-ry Un'O"
' nu-fucy i.f t,i,i'-. nowejrfUi treat meat.
'We'"y' lift,  to ,it.-_i.9
T Doll   S.'l.lU'1-s.
_ho "d'Ml .anny"  in the  PuriLt arm..
;%mii i-'intiiius lAOOi; hgures of so!-!
lWs !d'...iit  two   inches   high  In ' dve'.
5[(':it '"bbA    TiKbarniot- and  uniform
L.,'v-1'.'" liiilitarv branch it re reprcsent-
C'vil!l bio utmost exactitude.    The
^'"iVMiAit. v.-o.-k occupied the lifetimo
,  i!" li!il Alsiiiiun, who fo'ugbt under
hhX-uicle"poaco. with-oho bf fvue fuia-
r-v.L.y'o]V me iiow'"'tov keep-out' of Arpu-
blcr-Aicold tar askedf: -If you'll show
mo.the wiiy.l'b give voir my .plus ol,
■■■"-      x        i --|h?h-nrine tried the plug And found
vev-wTs r.n'^enf Cures Bums, etc, a.  t 0 his nkmg.,yrio tightened ins belt
ll\na?d>WyktkZ ,--,- -..-., -j      |^^lci,wlllsCapaiid'then delivered
himsc-I'f of:thia-adyico: ., ,-, ■ .- ' '- *
- --^Vhepever you're,feeling easy and,
happy nnd ccifortable. t|uit it for^you
'be   breiikmg.aArpio.  , It's   the   only
way.'";   , ■ . ;   '. g" "■-.' ■■■'""- •'•       ■-..'■
AU   Httvc   a>oiible«> ^
■ i.F.-'rVbodv"-'Wcrrle3iilJo.iit money.   -..
cause thoy- can't got -money   and ^6-
■ticli man worries for fear that it will
Tetiawav," from . hittib    y-.   .-';.   Ay
t> ^- ' , ;■':■■
.,-'■■..-'■ •■ •,..'■-. .b,.e ■-..-•  .
Tn Plain EnpU.sli.
.-■ ■"po/.tor-i ■■found7the.patienti.to; be
s^'ing-from abrasion of the cut.cle.
t rbf' Aion. cechymosis and cxtrava-
i^i nAhcintogunieiit -and cellular.
Sic about the"left"orbit:-Audgc-;-
You ntoan.be-biid a black, eye?y Doc-
tOt':—YOS.   ^ AL—— ■— '     -
b7u<t:   Pbdn.    ordinniT    ^u-bborn^
•icher.'-Ai'jhisnn Olobe.":.- -     . :
'X ■:■ '   bo'i-c'Hv Vote.!.! I** Kurojie... -y;
hbAiotsyeiAlecble^hat soidiers'imoti.d |
.fepuhishTd: for A he ^btlonscsOof .all .was
conmio»-y;At Winchester; ;Anghind;, in
n^mpibintbviv,^ n),de:f'th:itAafteif
--■■'■■ - A     ,,..,..;. b,,„,v- lihriTi    unfau
..the   suvrcnuo
''a'r.il..'found''jguihy. -1
bv lot wiiickono of
it was..decided:
e.-six'- shbiiich-bc1
f^fbli y|ib;
-Ouite   rroiiDi.^-   : "  ,       A
tbe.story foi-Ahem    A- -^-^1h     w.ir
«^dVf:X-%   h    ;hi,ti';,tor,rend;
the: stories bciope   v--^.,;.
tures 'fbiy'oni-:   -■'.<  ■   ,b.
'     Ill»   F. ve re-'" "C>
•      ..." ■'-   "j^   iA--lvy remarked
■■(loiuu-*- c^.bi'yA-A,b    !,.',„..;j;;,1,i!v a ft or
wiJ,,A upyoiii- waK-.i '!*"-1^."-'     ■    -,
AliimoiA'b fy 7^;.t (.,. .,,v f,,,',:*uh.^ -VWiv
-b-.l-\u- iae .-'-a---1-   ".. ■'.;-.,, .,,,.-1.1,1 - p.n:
"•"     "Aocyu-'- Iim*   l.V0.II.H.'V' -'   ;     -;
      ; ' be e-:e:vi-e  ai.v-
, , n--i*-b te 1'.■<"'* TO nU!,:C
Th.e m:in w\;0 U A. >■ , '
•■■*"- . .,       ■ ,.   ....   .!,■    .1    S'-.'.P.P.
""A;7-7iXA,f A-1-:
1 depi-p b tn.   .yy--
'-,.. 01;..-i„. rall.^10"'  ';'    "
nv,-i,|.:.^  flurried Pho
,0l„.foriPlAn.'   avu.,..-U'.- becomes
^■■iedhci^^'^-d     -
li*.   !.il>fi-'.-.
. ..„,„...    .:,•    l.ih.'i-iii    receive
AJ i \.t -,' A.-'-
ice nnu'lAii.    Me" do.:
woui'-b i-o--'.i  i
1 yp v.'oi'iv
s    beciiu-'-e
An   Odd   Knot In History.        .
It- i* an Add fact in modern history
!h:vl un, tombs of.the kings, of Sari.ima
,Atd the cradle of-tlieirdymistv.b.^.
.rctntwintbe-hitiidsof I-riim-cy        A
Kitc'bVictor..Kiniyaiiiicl It. and 1.U...1
bert"'i: arc buried in Italy-     J^b'-;*
from the thinceuth century yand ,u --*
" f- tweuty-oi^d,  lie  in  the. a d-.v
:h;Z'of   IlauteA'ombc.   near     im •
,tv    whie-hAthe- pence -of  WUaira";;.
,,i.M,Mtvii:.Sfori-c(l to France." v,   . i;A
•iifof the province, i" ^'1;i: >. Aif
,,-...,,,„ aid: ugiihist .Austria, A> . •>
,;,.1,,e m-ersight the tombs o. t.a,
■-. y*. . T-.-'ti"A"",- iii lv.v.h.- amy
agaSbu ;1CG5. Zo soldicib bj^-cosl-:
the least was cxec.ute^ JdkA//:.A
tntnshttion   of y Barclay s-y. Leon   -*....
Iim,-! "elves' a curious story rot tins
ii-r'Speaking of English courage;- he
,,.,,-v   wove  -tiikon ..prisoners   b% , tut
Diaeb-iwho .decided .tofmnheyreprisii is
■Tor tle-p^vioiisfcruoityyorthea-en-
^ i(i c)„ti'cf7foutb and twenty, men
l<rv-"'th<M:cfbV«.- thrown into a helmc*.-
Zl'^d. "and tbefprisoncpswcre^
camiuitnd^d   to  <b-aw.-their. iArtuncs^y
^lo-ver shbuldAlvaw a bhinkwastc
7^pe.M)ut   whdevcr.should ,cirnw.   a
hhick lot was to-be hanged pvcseiu^ .
::T,l'OV were all-A saysMity- "POSSO.S-
ed will, a greiit: apprebynsion of tbei.
5U.n7.dangeA   ospcch.ily - O-ie^pati-
Ul.bTheir pitiful witmes iind te.t.s m
u'oiheis iau^tor.    There;was beside,
■■;   Ann danger an Englbhman, acom
n.-nboldier. who, with; a cai'PU'Ss.tot.u-
n„..cniyeboiAiy;to«bohem;eim- ; J-
,,- int. ('hance .favored huii. .1 ,^ >^ '1
'vbioti lA-ihg'froibhim.:elf from dan:.
■±. he came totheSpmihn-d. who was
S   imorousiind'trc.y.biingtoput.his
..'.■■A" Cost of PrortuclriK TM'.l't.  A
"■'kt: *d nuinbpv- ot experiment sta-
it'ions record :were 'kept to- deter mm j
:th6' cost, of fppochictng   niilk.  vtt Aour
of Abb stations  it,.cost 'uo   cem.sy to
:.prbU^o   lOO-poiinds   bThis  ™*%™'
4ost  of  one: pou.tdo    bitter  faol*->
cents:  Mil,k;.was--i«-oducoil:.^t -t.U?. lo«
yest.. cost Aluring; the   sutumc. -^1y^
-the higbestACluringAwmter.. llu-?. ■?}
■ ■w'i'i-fii!..»'is  to  bh,exuect.edb ,-.
f"'' ;"      ' '•-     rouitry lei'-.tlKr-Oi-.oluii-U.
'(bst i'a.woi-m    imong your: fo.wla ■-
A or At   -   rotiArv  will  bebust  asen
vArn.S Yi.:17the7;orchaA'd.-l-aiin
Ilauch.. ■,   "■'..-   ,..,.. ...'       ; ■■..'-
Ar,;j:*.-ir.ior  r.JffittRni.'
",-A-id  CIO vuti-bve Aiib'*'tl<:fa- -■    x"-s ■
To ntAvi.'.r"k-^liet*. ,r.t(iiil.,we say,,.
"•Oh ' vs." rciAP^vasb!io;preliy miss.
■p v.i-tili U.l*..icc-1.l.Hi.x'cwory «*>>'-.
.■•■b       ..   '—.Ahit-neo Trunin?.
. Utii,,. or Oleloii  Tlm»>.,
,    tlu' v.'i-y. lon^ ago hose  >d
'■Alliys ...>:   .,,-,„-   „.,-.,„,    I,,:'    i-.i':1
il!:i!  -
ere not
■A .".>: new worn. ht'.'.. made long
f - -■ t iw   t (. UUIII,       I.f *«   •-       -----
,,': v',,|'e often drawn up evon to th.e
Ly "'id, oddly enough.' hnd iiockuts
'd""il" A.::-:;.   \\',. rcui. nioivcvey. that
"SunVighf  Soap- .^^^
nor the surface ott untn- ( , ^.:1._,
% 1  ■«
Tho' in.'-
re e
I!'« liiiitv „r the Tmi.'irs and Stuarts
I ■■'"   "i   me   i iiuor.s  ...,'*
,'"•' w,,i'-*i cf  great  variety,   both   o
' '!li'AA  nnd    " '   '   "     	
coiti/;. 'and   for   stit-h   as _
were rich- j
(■(„,,,"  i,!U-  eoiofy  mid   i
LA"''.!!!',!,,;^...    ,1,(,   )nxu1-y
1 v,, 'm"'-'-"'* and costlv: they were often
l,"li'il "i„,,i. ,..,,„
'"-'bier stocks.
of di---'
, t,o„y th:u huvcrs iibeut
,, -< |i-i. I'eiivet* und l-.u-
A i i'P -' ' '   - - ,.   , ,..,,
•  , ,,*   , . :', A IS   keeps
,,,j.,     -\   CO :*-i- •-.''■ "i '
7 yy-P   an-  in   e::*.-nvation
'"   " ",,,-■■-7 full of water.
A.H)i tur tbe O^aaon Bar.
Ho a a--
yon pvcri.
im:-a Aav''
.     A
IV.>-><-   n>...:e.
. , vou hist night. ' Do
i ,.'.-..•- sb' ..supp-o^--
", ... rd like to v;yy
^Ze-ve a fit of sickness by having
andsa-veaii &nd
it yon will learn to use
Sold Evince™.    In b--"<cs 25 """•
Vt'l    llllli.'1'""   •••'" , ,-;,-
•and into the fiititl iiehnet   and .ecAv-
;u„  from him J.) A,r..nv,vs he-outlet .o>l
Iho .uidges-oh.   hoi-iyd.DU.iyeny-tua';
Pv-Pssing   the   SpiiibiU'd-.   they   would I
.mTcrhi.ua^in to try his fortune.
Ni-tv further,.rehires that "tbe jiu.jroa
,.,;;„J:,led to Abe mndinaAs re.ltmyl.
,vhAA alued his life at so lowb nttAy
•.,„(l' he again, 'drew a. sate im. M.iJ
:.;,;*;nst'itther to-regret the. second, es-
^,K- of thef-foolhm-dy . Enghsliman,
S,,I:! he Aenounces. as "a-wroch unworthy not otdy. of ^,Z Zo'so
evc-t of a single presorvatmn. nho.w
basely hacijniderv^yedju^ino.'   .
Tl:e ICiioUm.
Tp«.,_\viiat do you tltink of my new
shoes'' Quite nobby, aren't they? -less
._Yi.<; thev -are rather knobby, but 1
think any first class chiropodist could
remove ■ the kno^___;____   ■-'    ■      h
Too   SncBCRtlro.
■ -Th.e health oflicer adyisud me to as.c
sv^- man with -bom we had cloine^io
dealings if be was careful toboil the
water ho used iu his business.
- ".NVoill I asked tho milkman first And
what 'floyoiv tiding lie got.madfand
ivaub'd  to  lick   iuc" 	
1 '■      i&J?." ^
I You knbw. the" medicine" that
1 makes pure, rich blood—
I Ayer's'Sarsaparl$lfl.; xour |
it Their doctors trusted ft.
Yo«r doctor trusts it. inen
trust it yourself.   There is I
health and strength in it. <
..t" differed t«"Til)tT from UvJlgeotlon and   ffl
nenuy CU1^DJ-'."R. Hakt, Sit Kisco, N. Y.   |
j , TO   AYXr. CO.. »
3 jn.C0»l*oMl-). j'owrll.   ^-"-Ji
|i^4Si!Sfl£«3«MB» tor waaa-saeaiiaw^aia
AA ■'!-'■■•■
. ;\\&..kii.-tt'?d.
.PA. A A
';.'- ' r'Ad-id-Ai'd'AA. .-.,...-■
yA;;b:|ifnA;f'; ff;
- a- ,bi 17v ■ -;■ a;
-AyV-A %■.■-'■
: ■ ip 'A'
They greatly aid trio S«reapa«U«.
,„„,...     _' I,,,,...,,. ro^.-~—-,"'"T-
■^A/"   ' BV3    \.^     No    &■ S>€5 ''/J*3
-" S'i,
.«.  fa
.-0**\..'.»l*fm\jr3*J^ £r*LfitA&
PUP   MflYffl   TPAnpD
LUC   ■iliUAlLl   hkllttkii.    !
junTawnriiwi TT7irg
. A iblisbed in the interest of the pcoj-.lp !
of Moyie and Ear-t Hooter..".'.
.?. j. sirnrn & co,,
I'uM.shez-fl. 1
:r. cr 5-ur.:ci.:
Oae Ycj
.7.-..1... L7,. J > ..-.C*   I ii.'l IjLiX\.  -i,   J .'tl i.
ug Toy :inav8 toorseif r
If so, we have everything- you need tc
insure a comfortable §hate. B,a.zors;
^Strops, Mugs, Brushes. Soaps,  creams..
Powder. lotions, etc.
Use Witch ilajel cream'lor
"-vour    -.ftcr shave    lotion.
The Posfoffke 'Orag and SMoneiy Store,
Prescriptions carefully prepared.
«M*n«*5SS35*»s*H»>« <?■*•■
i.Ti«l'*T''l'*'Jy*w" ^ «* f J.n.v.f*,J.»ft^. ,-f -;*«■■»
••1 - *    .*■ Ti I
Meet:: p:vry Monday evening in   "*;*-
ja1.!   on  Victoria  street.    Ho;our::::jJ, j    /&
Odd X'cllcv.*:' co:ii?dl"
C. A. y7(b.v
Nob ice '. ,bnu.
-.*. ^.-■-■.^'.j^.j&.i^'^yzAj^./^.^.ji&.Pi'.j^ji^^.^.jtt'.^,^   _ ---29
, l.spxifiBi-i mm'&m
i    ".vc- * •
Movie   Min~r?sn . Union.
Wo. 71  W, F. o?M
^aWs ^lani-ag.andlLath kQi-
y ■ ■   Eastern Lead
Tore.)to Lrev.'5:    The department of
trade iv.i'J commerce has been reryic-t'™
ed to send an iuspectc:    to   E.umock - I gj^-3-1 y~<r% J jV~£ OSf    MeCBBBltl6S«
burn. Ont.    It'seem.. Ihat a   company v      " •*        -.----, ,
Fefrissrators,'Screen Doors.
Window Screens; Green wire cloth
/& hlannfacttnvrs ol and dealers in all kinds 01 Fbon'n?, (jcj,-,.? !
/{&  Siding, Shiplap, Common Boards. DiniPusion/iFlnh-ha:*;! ^al'h '"''''
^ik "   ,'   Prompt attention to vvhobeala and retail order,;,,        '
i .Meets in McGregor hail every   SaUii-l j - 'f JJ^   CAMERON,   IgT'o    ,'
d.iy evening.      Sojourning" niembei^j- '^ -,    ■.--      - ■ - - -    <   -    -* r- y
ar? cordially invited tc attend.
Jci:sr McDo:*y.LD,
•    ' President.
E. Tj,siiJY,:.
Secret, uv
at that point proposes to take :ulvant~-{
age of tbe lead bounty  act   passed   at j
lhe last session.    A smelter   h:u  b-en ;
crc-elscJ at Bannockbiirn. und aocnsiil-'
erable quantity ol" 1'jad is at  tho   station awaiting tho repwA oi the iro"orn-
ment inspector so   that, thc  company
,may claim the government' bounty  ou
it.   This v;ill hardly'be a^rc-i'l-lo news!
to the British Columbia load producers, J
who induced the government to fr^nt^
the bounty.    The   Bnti.-di   Columbia
lead   has   held   the   cittern market,
*' thoujrh it hablong been known that
large depo.-.its of'lead existed  in  Onl--
, ario nnd Quebec.    These could 1101 bv-
worked in competition with the Briliuh   £-§
Columbia dene-its, as they   contain'.d
. only lead, while the western ore carries
'a percentage of gold and silver. It appears   that   the   government 'bounty
, will offset thc precious alloy of the
western' lead and enables owners of
eastern deposits to enter the field of
.' The Carter White Lead company of
Chicago and Omaha, is establishing a
factory in this city, having   made ,ar->
,, rangements witb'the_Canadian Pacific
railway company to takeover their old
, shops located on Dclorimier, avimne.
The company will here est:;.dish a lead
corroding industry on a large scnio,'
and wiil> it is sail!,- utiHi/.e British Col-
umb'ia ore, special arrangements having been made with the C. P. 11. hu
the trrn^-portaf ion ot the same.
ice cream freezers.
r7e carry a .a:-^e slock.    Jfropin or write us when wen ting  any tiling
in thc Hardware line.
3 ''  i^  S M
1    U mk%
m i
iu   Crj        l? i*e )*i
W. F/'.GUED,
HAt:;t;sTKt:, soi.rciTOztj t-:xc.
CEA-NBROOK. .      B. C
v^ ■"«»." ^V
tli.M'^i^M^ .jwi^-iw
k    MfcW €. --A.'-.
-i-J* -t/"
p. .F. JOEMS10&
Barristers, Folicit.ors, Notaries. Etc.
Cranbrook,   »   - ' '£. G, * Thiai Hotel is 2-Tew and well Fimnshed, The ,i
<^.../t -Tables are Supjpliea with l^lie ."3est the
\% Mar net affords. The Bar is Filled with
, \% theEect Brands of Liquors and Cigars
<w ,                                                                                    l|
!&   MOTXU
■BiTTwr-'— "wa-.-w :'MiTKi'jrs»3w;jnjg3C!rj5.>ur^»ttrB
^      'il
2 -11
0 n
AboA Ji .,-JiXu. t
B. C
■i 11 m
;7   JtWEtlTt;
Wholesale Wine
, and' Spirit Mer-
r chant.
Agent for Calgary Brewing Co.'s  ■
Beer, Ale and Porter
■T. Label & Go.'a
Will he in JMoyiej IIih of each  month.
Cranbrook,      '     B,  C.
George H. Thomjpson,.,
Barrxstkr,' Solicitci:,  So-
ia'ry Vvclic, £c.'
CRANBROOK.      Bkitisii Columbia.
Z. WK -^t -»KTWF-j fJH*M atgJT.<
iii'Criivr/.v  i>i'.;ix';r  over- Eij-a.   Rivr.R
':' '     /r McTiRissHV, 13. C.
1 SEAIJ-JD T£NT.K;'b', rreit.cily ciiclor.ioci "To:i-
nor for Morris&cy liri,lire. ' -nil Lo .'■ocobecl oy
(die iiiiciers-Rneci up it noon of liu Oth or Oct"!
ober next, io; tho oiv-otijU iui<l v.oinii,'jli.,ii of ;i
avooeleii hii'iKc; .'-'i'..,s tl,.-- i.i',; iIivit, u! the
-Tov.'u of Mcr:c.Y,i. >, ,*«:,l l.o.'-:t.')t.y TJi*rnbt
."J. C.
. Dratrinu;';, s.-ecA/ic-.tie,:,:: ar.el «■ 01 .iiiloni of.
iendcrinn- r.n.i r;on(r..ci irir.y "w seen r.l tho oificr
'.or'tho Vr.hhc U'c-.':,; EriC'.'r.vcr, i.:.ii']>, ,u;el It'ork'
•T'3c-pV.riEeiii, VictcrtR, B. CA; f.t thc oiTito of tbe
Gciarr.n-.cmt jgeni-, Crrmrrook, P.. 0. and at iho
oHlco of Iho Chief Ccti-tbtfle at ferni'.? k. C, or.
'-.n.i after the iOth In^-tany
Each proy.osBl must ho nccompr.ltd "oy an r.e-
ooptect bant chcq-iio c- cortif.r.atc of ele-po-lt on
a Chartered bunk of Cancla, made pay&hlc to
the unfier-i^r.fjtl, in the =utn of two huneli-c-d
CWOOldollnr-, tvMch r-hall he forfeited if the
party tendering .iecliite to enter into contract
when pftiled upon to do =0. Tho cheque of i-.ii-
.sucees=;'t;l tenderers-",-iil be rtuirned to their,
upon tho er.-cer.rion of tlie eontract. Tho sue"
ccisful tt'iieJer.jt tvill d.e rce-jiiireel to j'ui-uj*h
bounds him«-t-.f an.i twoiurelic*, .-ali'iiiitilciry to
lhe Chief ('OFitms*".,:,;,-, iji 'be "-tint of two
thousand** (V.GOO)do.iui? tat ii, r-"]„j!! die u**f.
cution of the bond th t cdit-oiii' i.Vi".; menionf d
'.vill be ret'irned to il;c e,.:iti>i(Mjr.
, Tuueli.T.'* v, iii not !•■■ <",'.\ ;,■,,,_',' unlv.-> medo
out ou the j'oiiii,* -ujij.li. , l-uij .;^ii«;d with ihe
aetucl .*ignatiire e,f ti:e '■   "i-:..i.
lilts liivv.-M oriii'V l< i"!  .-jm:   'ii-.j';*^,-'til-,-   ji.-
'-'.. s*. e;OI.K,
J).-»..l!-   r,,; •||,i>.*,ic,'i-,e.-- Of J.P.I1'!.- -"■   -Vi.j ': ..
I.iuids uii'i '.--..1*:- ij.-i'ii'iii'-jiii,
Viotori.y i'. ( ., 1 Ali .■i-'p'.">'-.r, '■   ii
JcilS^   ''.Perfect    \
Wfflmf!&    Timeniece. |       Hay and c^rain
K\m$mZ& '        -    -
¥i/^"y^Wlt<4/ v're want ths pat-1 r-   1  »'"i
m4M^ron,Ze-oi theiScnlitz  an
^^Z^h      "particular   m.-.n" |
-Vfwswnr-TT^sr'J'      who , tnr.03      his !
ana  laigar}
repair work will please him, lie will
be interested in our stock of High
Grade Movements.
.    .   W. F. TATE,
;;Omci'al watch inspector if!. P. R. '
Crows Iscst Division.
WlW]pi        watch by lhesecT   ' JESJlCLJH M&-
"'^Mifefe '   0. ond   hand.      Our
Foreign and Domestic Wines, Liquors
'     BUY YOUR
JEF*i?iJL±t &/xxdL
■      "   »     '     FROM"
A. B, Stewart 8c Go.
J\J    BBU^i
' and BAKERY.    '"   "
ileais served to Order.   Bread lor Sale
<  Twelve-Loaves $1.
B. T. HOWARD, Prop.
03 fi»
i , __
' D+tl ALKIl  11.
bricklayers,and brick mauufactur-. B|P
ers. They intend putting a carload of j \M
•nick iu Moyie for imrr.ccHato u?o., |ri
Anyone requiring ciiirnnsys' can- com-!   **
en a g »
munipato cfirect ov leavo ordcrn Rt this, -r,T>/-v-n-n*r. ^mmnn,r
office.   French ranges a cnociiilty.        I PKOMPI DELi/ERY.
■^^^^^a^^^,^^-^^^:^^^ Queens' Ave.-     MOYIE
Sarber Shop.
and Bath Uooms,
In STONE Euilrlina.
J. Crawford.
CT-ir;:r;) z **' * ~
vlF,31ifi':iiv '^ii4 i AiN
■->'    -1
RpIpN H ^ f-V' l*7:--1 1   if" If
W'taiiiKaaadia      dti U' ■* ^i«a
j lies .t ui.:*.'ii;n n.tos,   jtops.
Lar^c   .-am pit:   ioom   in    connection
with lioutc f';r commercial m?
.1     --.A."      v^-OIil —
"mercial and JlinuiL'?.Iun.
b-ir.ii.'.i is to j-ioi'i:..' ;.at:on;;
Cood   iliaft ana   nettled  beer
always on Inmd.
rnisimp*!p»y*^aw*/• iui!.vnki"<i *srjtaa*atvv>HnKrM~m**x"~*
On.'.Nunoo:: Airo JMovie.
Fine   Suitings,    Overcoating
Trou8erSj   Imported    Goods.
MOYIE* 3. _C
B      ^S
fee ?^©r §cafe;?
Apply to
Makes you feel h'^ht and
gay, arid puts nev/ life into
, JUST RECEr/ED—A carload from the distilleries of
.Goodcrham efc Worts, Joseph Seagram, and Jlirani Walker
tt Sons,' ' , '       ,
fSM?"? * fin >'\
Vr'holesalc VViocs, Liquors and Cigars.
<IJIK TJX AXt>  'XilY. W0J:K.V.lX
are the two essentials i ua uu-.-wtorjl
'        -' ' I ,,!-', .'
iob. Jf the lit. is   good.   ;u:<!  'Ia- »*:»■
nian coinpo'i'.n!. IIip rmd  '-ih ''•' "yij
as a drum. Tho .best  Lrr.ul*'  *»- -^--Tj
tin is used  by  us.   Tho   '.vork R ^
-£±-^£t/;\\ O.V-* JJ?/       stave douo    Huve vein G'Jt 1*  A- ^
^^K^tt&I^^^    '   '   want us to iitiure on,?
QUEEN!.   AVKN'tJ*:,
"OVIli,  ii. c.
dlio   ^ilUBG   IlUlB.-i
7,1. J. HUG-EMT,  Prop.
Comfortable Rooms and Good   Board
at Reasonable Prices.
Eirst Class   Accommodations for miners,
MOYIE, British Columbia
Seattle, .Tacoma
AND  Abb
Pacific  Coast Points
St,  Paul,   Chicago>   New   York
fpilH    IJnlpTrm     ^f-f     Qmiifinrf>!i,il!ficc  antl  Touri^  Klceper?,   Buflet,
IliU   ' iidlujf Uii    ii-Ji      UlllJli^r    Library curs, Modern Day coaches.
ABEGW   LAKBf..-.'B-   0.
-   |he Most.C.ompletQ.y.
Health   . Pi-asort   on
the   Continent      of
North America,
- its BATHS Curo all   Nervous   and
Muscular .Diseases, ,
Its  WATERS     ileal   all    JCidney,
Liver and Stomach. Ailments.
Tbey  are a   Neverfailing    Remedy
for all Rheumatic Troubles,
TERMS-f 15. to !fl8, per week,   ac
cording to residence in Hotel or Vililas
Dining   cars.      Meals
a La Carte.
Best Meals on Wheels
2   Fast   Overland  A
Special  Excursion Rates to
World's Fair, St, Louis
, For Tickets,  Rated,   Folders   and
a Full, information, call on   or   address any   Great Northern  Agent
or write
O. W. r. A. C. X'. A T. A.
,'     Seattle,  .     701 \V. Jtiversid  Ave
M rA K S it? A\| V \tf« 8 B ft 9
v/iioi-Bi3.\r.i: asu hktau.
Fresh and Cured Meats, Fresh
Fish, Game an i Poultry. "We
supply only thu beat. Your
trade solicited,;*
In   all   the   Principal
Cities and   Towns] in
British Columbia,
Hf.auquar- .-.,,- roil:. Eakt Kootenay.
iPAHLOiiu-. ph
At such low pric-3 it will pay you to como,ai;d see for yoursel/..
lie Macconneli "Furniture Compaq
(!«" U NEI .,A I *   J i] RECTO RS )
Biitish riilu.-iii'i'1
St.-Joseph's   Convent.
nelson, ii. c,,..
jrioarding and Day School conducted by Uie Sialurs of St. Joseph, Nelson
B. C. Commercial and business
course*) a. Kpeeialty. Excellenpo and
swift progress ohsuaclcaiae nach department. Parents should vvrito for
particulars. One month assures the
public of the thoroughness of tbe
Sisters'methods of teaching. Terms
commence. .'January, April and Sept.
Hpokane,   Wa«h 'Pupils arc admitted durinsi terrp.
Nn ''.'in ;' oppmintiily  -.vim eve-r oiu-recl for the lujuisition of nn jnt'-n'--1 "■•'
on" oi Wi-i :crn C,i!i...l-i's ^r-'aiest ie.-purees than bv iiive.-tjiicii t iu the -"l! irva|
cf the
Flathead Valley Oil Lands Development Co,
Biiy'Nuw fJufori! (.be Slmros  (\u to a Preniiinn.
IT) UK.\1'S  Pi'^R SHAKl'7 Fully Paid up and Son-AssC-s ible.
The c-npiinl of lhe c.omjiany is siniill,' lu^i the valuu of its ft5sut« '^ Vt;|
great. Tbe priil'il,*. are Ijlcely to be lur<;c. For further particuhin rtiul i''*!'!'0
prospect us apply In
h British  Cdiumfpia ©ay &h the  Spokane
U       t *     '   INTERSTATE  JFAIB,   .
I  "'■■
M  Railroad Tiokotu o.i.n" bo purchased at One Fare for  Round   Tnb «»
TO -     Ti.iosi!ay, Oct. dt'l'-, Good Returning Until Oct. lOlh.-
H  Band Concert by biftli Regiment Royal   British   Artillery, Bund   of
yj . VICTORIA, B. C.
|   Big Vaudeville. Prc>»r.im u.   Front- .of .Grund AAyiuL    Si^   osoiuiij,'     ,
P. Riiot'.a.    -i^,u00 in rnrson. -.    :
ib":       Write for Rac(XVi'oi;i'iini. '
ROUT. "II. COSGROVE. Sccry. and M«r.
'^ii.- «^S'.1dl.\i -.L >,i
*;v\ *j|
AJ'rt>*-.   -*


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