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The Moyie Leader Sep 13, 1902

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 fk        *      /     / :        ./.    ;
\-kJ\ Upi-'W^K, f^ *s-
'MOYIE, B. 0.; SEPTEMBER (3, 1902.
2 A YE
Bnt we are still alive and
as anki6us to-catch trade   ^
W i
||MaeMne§ Taken Out
and Men Laid Off,
*fe 'latfl
t i" r
Were to catch, him; and
will Was sucpessful if you
o&me and get piir prices on
rb'nth^ lastofdxvr     '-'
-*• v~*
Which must be sold but in
the next few weeks, See
our large assortment of
boots and shoes'.
Mine Oannot Be Run at Pro-
fit   at present  Prices,
Therefore    It'' Is' .
' Shut X)owV
aid . Up Capital   $8,000,000.
'X'ho long talked of shutdown, at the
St* Eugene mine Has ootiis at'
last. Last Monday the pump was
pulled out of tbe. shaft, t'bo machines
taken out of the mine and carefully
placed away, invoices taken o! every
thing and, tbe miners given their
time. Two men have been letained'
to look after the property. W.-R.
Stone will have charge of the upper or
St, Eugene workings, and Joseph'Shea
the lower or Lake Shore workings.
Chas; Smith and a 3mall force of men
are finishing the installing of the new
boilers', but, this work will be completed in a very short, time, and then
there will he only two or three men
left on the payroll of the company. ,
Less than two vw-i.rs ajjo  this  puniu
jU- cc-m- ;. 'pound en lead ore. Deducting t! o duty would' leave )l cents a
pqunii as the price v/hich'British -Columbia mineov/ncrs ought to get. for
their h-ad if they could ship it to that
country., However, they cannot, ship
it in, and must sell in Europe for $1.30
a hundred pounds, which ia the price
based on the Loudon quotation. They
would gel 50'per cent more for their
lead, after paying duty, if they could
ship it into th'e United State3, hu,t the
trust will -not accept it,
S*3£s32 ifc!_.rfz-3fr'-r£-.
feii a $
J*!                         •   '
s*   i            *    c*- ft r\ i
1    *.~,     'c.H.
Monday May - See ' a
Tho3. ltider is up from Spokane.
P.J. McMahon ia up 'from Elko
today, '      -, '
Father Ouelette was, in town Monday. '■■■••
The St, Eugene whistle is beard no
more.     '- * '   n •
James Park left for hia home-in
Ontario Friday. r
- A by Loggott is said io bo in, San
Framiio'o. ■*
' OliFiS. Dania tvas iu Cranbrook' the'
first of the week.
Wesley Cline, the ' barber, was in
Cranbrook Wednesday. '
A. C. Cook's family is expected here
next week from Peterborough, Ont.
A boy baby was born 'to Sir.-and
Mrs.-Stappard last Sunday morning.    -
John McDonald, the boatman, was
in Nelso*n oh business this,, week.'
Prest, the photographer, was in town
today and got some splendid views <of
Moyie lake'.
Miss Jennie McLeod passed through
Moyie Thursday on her way ,to her
home near Whatcom, Wash.'
The town of vYardner is beoomiu^
md promise;*' to be
est towns in - the iii*;.
Trust" Is Independent find
', Sa'ys It can' Live"With?
out Ore from the
Ooeur d'Alenes- ' '.
■;] Invest $!0Q in. Moirlssey f
J and make $i 00 profit |
J in  30  days,     r
V it you can't call and examine &"
$ the property yourself, send us ^
A one hundred dollars with' which p
ji to make - the-' first^payment on &
>j the best unsold three hundred k''
«K dollar lot in' Morrissey and we [f
A will send,'you- a- contract; for "£
]*} same.     ''    ,,'     '      ' £
J   p,KFEnEOCEe—-Any bank orbusi- C
*i hess man in East Kootenay. ff
M   < .. . '       - k
company y/p employing nearly 300 j prosperous; again, :
men and had a monthly payroll''o: -'one of the li'veliesl
$25,000   or !p30,000.     It    wm   ship- I trice,-
ping over 2,000 .tons  of - concentrates j     >_ O'Kcily,  who  used   to run    the
each month to AulafRgastn, Chili, of a j boarding   house   at   the   St.  Eugene
j gross value of over   $70  a  ton. ' The | m]ue> « il0w   inilrosid   contracting  in
■ j mine was paying dividend* at the r:ito j thu'viciniiv ol Frank, Alberto.'.
_' of U05',0Q0 every   three' months'.   Sii-j    X bush "ire "has' bee
leading Ladies and Gents furnishers;
tv-v*ts«i**rf3JM*Js***iJr-e«£a **»*•*•»*
-.StCb^uw SaeB» .*a»B.,-t^*ifcSrg^-^JU*-CS^BfcC»iMKJSig»^u»*^^M> r^&Ht^^-C*
ver \vii3 Gl cents un   ounce' and lead
t s
was in the   neighborhood   ot   f?-i,oO  a
Then the price of sihvr aiu1 K-.-.d
gradually began to drop, and the St.
I-.ugene.minti gradually -uurtailea its
output,   until   sbipmevits   ceased en-
n raging near
Tochty ilils week. F. J. Cahill says
the fire has damaged bis timber limits
to 'the extent of nearly $5,000.
will   be    hold
it and
DESAUt.N'IEK JUtOS,    rroi>S.
i ,   ,
Liirj-p sample lOom^in connection
wiih house for commercial men.': Best
of accommodations. s ,
adquarters for Commencia! and Mining  Men.
MOYIJ!, r- c.     JK
,V-6,*>c.',«-)k.* 7=***"*«».•>-».•'I**
the f-
..1JBJA j!
'he man who
>uys  his' Shoes
[roift us S-Qecjg
i^&e onJ.y" ^f
the tit.   We xivci-
:eo^ ftteis' ail
)oilite Pf "g$f|e
;^ctSerf^e, tt?s
&c^ Qur   interestc
ft* «►=»! r you. », f-tpj.f-
' '  lew
''"■•■' than we
,    Moyie, August 9, 1902.
To 31 y I*at rnns: l-
I take 'tin's opportunity of
thanking  tbp   people    of
Movie 'for 'their generous
patronage  sinco    1    have
been in* business here,    t
have decided to close my
'store-for tho present, and-I
trust it will only bn. for a
f-hort    time.      1   wiil   bo
ploased at all times to answer incpurio-j und supply
your   wants-;    from   Cranbrook.     Any   account rr-
mafning unpaid   1   would
ask that they he remitted lo
:no at  once as [ am anxious   to   close   the books.
Presbyterian -service
tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 o'clock £ in.
Sabbath school and hible class at 1 :-I5
tirely. Theresore for tho present the *. ™- There will be no service in the
big'St. Eugene vninp, \vith it3 tlious
ands of tons of ore ou tho dumps and
enough blocked out to keep its mill
running steadily for the next eight
years, is silent. When-1 operations will
be resumed is,the (liiostion which no
one seems to'be able to answer. Manager James Cronin says that Ihe price
of lead must reach the £l.} mark before a wheel will turn, and Mr. Cionin
i '
is not much given to making reckless
nasertions.' Many arc of the opinion,
however, that when lead goes to .SI2
there will he "something doing."
AFhe American Smelting & Refining
company is so manipulating its affairs
that there is   no   longer   a   market in
Andrew Johnston is erecting a hotel
building in Morrissey and will be open
for business cwithin a short ' time.
Andy is a goOd hotel man, a genial
and popular fellow, and the Leader
.vishoshhn all kinds of good luck.
Ono of tho very beat dances of the
seisoh was given by tbe young meu
at the Moyie Lumber Co.'s mill last
evening. It was given in honor of
Mrs. Howard, who is going away on a
A, temporary settlement oi tho fight
boUveon t-1.9 ellvoMead wi'tieownGM of
th6 Coeiu1 d'AlonGfj.ft'ad the American
Smelting & Refining company is ex-
pec tec' nest Monday. There are three
possible endings in sight. The smelting trust- may come to the terms of
the miueowners, in which there would
be peace for some 'time to come1, but
that is not hoped lor. The smelting
trust may refuse to'make any concessions whatever, which would cut off
,the market for the ore3, but that is
not much feared by the miueowners.
In th'e third place, the trust and the
rnineowners may patch up a temporary truce, whereby shipments may
be.continued, and that is what is expected by the rnineowners. They feel-
that by the Luth of the month some
sort of u temporary arrangement may
be niaup that wiil permit of continuing their output.        , '    . "
Such a .truce, however, is   likely  to
be only  temporary.     The  dissatisfaction   bulween   the    rnineowners   and'
the tru&t, is growing.    A. B. Cain|>bell
■jayst   "While I do not   care  to   state!
anythiag'da/hiiicij,-at thid   time,   Spo* I
kane will have "a1 iineking  industry at'
no distant d<ito.    Capital is ' ready and
willing       to    'build      a     ', Spokane
smelter, when ih-3 conditions nre sucli
as  to  justify  'he-investment."    The
cause   of   the   recent   sunp3nsion    of
shipments ,in   the   Coeur d'Alenes  is
interesting.     For   some    weeks     the
rnineowners had been   negotiating  for
bel(er"terms from ' ihe.   iruat,   and in.
support of their claims ihe   miueowners pointed out   their  importance  a-*
the producers of about 50 per  cent  of
theclead   mined   in   the  country.    To
that argument   the   trust   replied   in
suhstance,  though  the    anawer    was
more diplomatically phrased:
"You have  altogether, too   high an
opinion of the part  you   play   in   the
'rt    'JChos. Oralian, Afit.    MOIUUSSEY.   ^
„  Mof rlssey Im<" tx Kcwspaper.
The first issue of South East Kootc-
nay's na*v pappr; the Morrissey Miner,
haa made Ha appearance,   It  has  n-3
long windodi doublo loaded salutatory"
editorlata proclaltnine; its policy,- poll-
tics,"etc.' but starts right off boosting -
for it3 town, and from all accounts the
tdv/n haa plenty of backing  to' justify .
it.    The Miner will be' a good 'paper^
because E. E. Simpson', fit, publisher,  -
will make it such.    He has that 'repu- ■
tation. :_ ' ''
- Metliodlot Churclt- Services.   ,
Sunday school at 3  p. m.  .'Preaching at  8   o'clock;  subject,  "Prodigal
Daughter."   "      •■-■.-■-
1 Coriie arid you will   b-9   made  welcome.   •      A. E. MAES A ALL. pastor.
'    „        NOTICE.
Notice is hereby given thai; 30 days after date
I intend to apply to the Chief Coinmissioiicr oi.
Lands and works for a  special ..lice&so .,td cut
and carry away timber from the following des
crihed lands, situate in East,Kootenay;
Comiaeiiuins.it a post planted on the Etiii:
.line of IT, A. Kobson's timber limit about", 1,000 .
yards South from the N. E.' corner a/rid .ilioiicii
IN'orth 160 chains, thence Ea&t.-io ohaiiis. .ilipiico
South IPO chaiiis, thenee .West .4.6 chain's .to
the point of,commencement, containing C-10 '
acres more or less. DONALD GRANT.
Dated Serteniber 1st, 1902.
KOTICB.' _        "' '
Noticu i-/l.-oreb}-gI»,oQ that £0 days after dal-!.<
I intend toVppl'y to tho chief commissioner of -
Lands and Worts for a  special licence to cut,
aud carry away timber from the £ol!o\Ting described lands, situate iu Eask Kootenay:
Commencing at a i>ost planted' at J;he jjorth
Eastconiei-Oi'II. A. Kobsou's timber limit, neui-
the North bank oi Moyie River, aud above the
falls, thence West SO chains, thenee North SO
chains, thence East SO chains, thence South SO
chains lo tho po'iiit of commeuccment, containing 010 acres more or less.
Timber1 Limit No, 1,   '
Dated September 1st, 1902.
Delinquent Taxes.      '-
It will-be remembered  that   during
tho last session of the  legislature   the,
the United States for British Coluni- j millbter of fuiance intimated that the
bia silver-lead ores. The trust :u its j qovernraeUf wou'jd arrange to collect
elibrts to restrict production has abso- j \hQ .^ arpqk?t jjUp for siBsesaetl
lutely refused to smelt lead  crea from j *
British Columbia.    The present   piice
of lend iu the United States is <U cents
although the trust-only pays 31 cents
a pound for lead.    There is a duty  cf
T.ilJf nntije ihBt 1 have appiiOil to  tho C'lii.-i"
oiiiml-si.in"r   ->f   laiuN   an.l   w .-.'<*.  V«i«torln
^^C :;„,;■ ...u-rn..... ^ ^^-^ •,""n^
Take liotn.- that 3D dr.ys ui'cr date -,ve intend
to apply io iho Chi.-i' C»!,iniisi«ioiior of I.aiiili*
ur.d Works for a'.'.t year*,' Tlmbc-i Lease of th..-
followln;' land'! situate on Lamb cieeK in South
Ei.st' Kooii'May iliplrict as follows:
Ce*-.'iiieni"i:u;!"t n p'"--.-' °'p f"1}1) thice-fonr'l'
milps north and IS dourcos w'cbV of ttio'north
west corner c<f lot ".fOl, thence west TOO clmin<<,
theiu-e iun.1 hN) chain-;, tbeiice \v<--s( 100 chnun,
thonce Miiith SO chains, llieiico west -tp cbr.iu.s,
tlienc-i- *onth -10 chains, thence east 40 chains
Mum-" nu'i v0''i-ivii*., the'iru ^'°^ ~° chnlii?,
M..>iul- o -'b i"i-h-ii ".. I'l'-i't'c ^.'-'.t (.0 chuiit*,
il.^iii,,. soi.th .■(ii-hnin.. ti..-..i--  *vi*t   t» cl's'iiii,
ta.:e.', y/hich i}ad bcon accnniulating
for some- years, and that tax sales
would be hsld throughout the province if the taxes were not sooner paid.
..in arrangement has" now been made
to hold la:; sale-; in all districts in the
Tn Lhe Fort Steele district  the  sale
will take place on October ?A.
The lux lists will appear in detail
in fhq OHicial Gazette, and in the
local papers of each district for ,'30 days
piovious to the ,day of sale, and delinquent taxpayers had batter take a nule
of this. 	
What Tlioy iv ill  Do.
id the men wlm hav-„ been   working
lead game. We really don't need
your Jead ere, and you havo no strings
on lis."
The\yineowners decided that the
trust wa5 trying to run a "bluff and
they, called the bluff. As a result
shipments were suspended ^ on the
first of the month, and negotiations
have been pending ever sinco.
N'otic-3 is hereby given that 30 days after date
I intend to apply to the Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for- a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described lands, situate in East ICooteuav:
Commencing at a post planted at'the point
where Boulder Creek errors Movie River,
thence North 160 chains, thence EastJO chains,
Ueuce South 100 chains, thence West 40 chain*-
to point of commencement, containing G10"
acies more or less.. ' d. W. GRANT.
Dated September 1st, J902.
IiiiVroviwr the Stvt-et^.
Don McKay, government road inspector for this district., was here this
week and put some men to work improving tho streets. About $200 will
be expended in nnd near the town and
a like amount, on the .road between
the Moyie Lumber Co.'s mill north of
town and tlio Itndd ranch south of
Moyie lake.
SllOe \n<W i-'-v" ■a'-1'1'"   ■"   Tl"
j of Kr.*t K'lolennv di\tr."t
knOW '    Comm.'iu ii.-''-' n  ■"*" '
i),iih,-. 'i  '•,.'
oPi.HSuM.n.eiic' -.-(-t T.Ph.iins]   t the L.t.JCuj'ene mine, Dennis Lynoh 'PuTiv
' Cumi -.- 'oii'h J." "bain-, U-..-11C-   i.f-:  -i .'ii-'ln-, i
New   Yam-:—B.u- silver, 51^ cents.
Lead, ,fJ.121.   -Copper,  Jgll.SQ.'
London—Lead, £10, J7s. fid.
J-".V.*.'J"  KOOTENAY   IJTqCIv.
Asked-      Bid
Crow's Nest Coal  ¥350 0Q
oi.  i:,;^-5!..       ,.     .   . :.(. 10
N.-r.l: >:i-  ,:0        V>
v.:-      r,J,       ;-)
Remember    the   date,
September 17th.
will ".pond   the   winter   in   Ciiliicrni-*. , «.
1   IdOOi't'..   I"   ' . "•"«
mile j.r.«t
34o nb.iut n mlb- nnd  ll
,-,iuvi-\ line,   niuiiiii.;   w
require- 6omii'-jeinuii-. .'«-■»«'■■'
tl.eu.'C -oiuh ilcli'.f-i-i tb.eiH-e v, i-.*i CO rhnins 'v
t'lv-uco-oulh 2'-chain', •h'.'-ieo  ^'"-t -*1 chair.s, ' <uu| .*1:xy tilko a trip lo Ireland; 1L*-1'1
t-utl-. .,0 ebi.-.u-i, thtiico v,(.-st M chain"
pjjKie.-^,"** i.-CB.—tfcr-vc*r.-,j\.rT.»*irtj».^^,^..^f.w«Baaww*^.l*«*5w»
' T'X    Ql
v action.
i-V   .'■'■    '
-[.' •'P m *} ■$•?! «nt$/
north -0 ,-n,-i!i'*,   i"   I1'".
conls'liiii'.'.-'IOaM.',*, nimv .
Uati) I Aliens I 1 >', t-JO.'
I., t
t!ii-,.Ci- *   i.... -.- * .,»••> ■>  -       -  j
then -i- -'■■ilh '-•■ ''h" "'• "u<>,1( ■'  uCC:f !"° ol';-;Ui- '
:l^t l-.l  CH.11M-, !
nst  SO (biur   !
T«l..-ii..li«vtlmjT  .jv,   -   ,'  .
the following  .."-■:l|,Ml \i  '.'. ,•
the. HO»lh'.-r:i ill
brillHb Colutaljia
. !:>•.'
t ]io--,l.   pi.-i;
mirth, .(lioneoi-Ocliniiis. we
mciic.;ment.f»"-1,       '• ■"   '
puled August "-•'. ''",-"
KM'-. .
lllf    l.l>.-li>    <""' <■'•  "*•   -■
.,     >il    ( !| ,|'|1,    tlh'IK',.
t.;  -ii i h. iii-s, ihi—.i'.- , iiniix-e *...ifh SO chain-,  tln-i'it-
'. ff i,ni  ..-menu r.r, | ||,(„K.o north ■''.■'ha:n*i, thcrco
,,,  ; tlioiu :-ouih tOib.ii..*, Un-r.e cast t*0 riiain--
!it!.!'.     , thcin-.- no-Ir'i -Ochaiu*.  thenco   ii-s| to <'.,,i:-,*
 i iIil-'h f- '-o'llh !0chains, thence   c.i.*L 'JO . ' ...
! Mun, v.- '-..:'h -' cliiiiii!?, tlu-i|cc o:.*,t fO . 1 i .
,-l,i,.i 'lii-.-ii. eui.ilh I.Jfl-aius, 1h-mco  vest 20 -.-b.iiii-
,,  '.]'('■ 'tl,  mi  ii,,ilh 10 ch-ii'lP, II.' (.«,.- «-,':i '-■'' > h.i'a-
•   i''1'"1    ;,,.  ■   i') th  '-,;'.,, un-,, t!.oi,( 0 \,,".' ;' >'    '
"   ,,i''-"'-(-'!   '',.'.-- north'-'U-i.i.in*, ll.uii-i-  en-'   m . '   n
'; ilu-r.ee noriii 1i'-!) chains, (luiiioe eiia-iu ohiiuif,;
"!,iK.! ,V°sij i tiicnec ;-out.ii -10chftliir,.-. thenco ■v,is|, W _'   '   '
"Vc'e HO j ih.-nce north SO chains! i,i*>J'*> or,less to  !'i-.-'-'
,,;■ (,'om-   |„.,ri,Uiing.    TMK.MOYIE .LLTMBKR t'C
jjMted thiK, 7t,h day of August, U'O.l,
-oi' .-I'O-.ild buv
,ji-i    ,«  r.,- 1.
A Eoyal Tims Promised All
on llicfc date-    Do not
miss this Big Ocie-
Piiiuicl: has bought a hotel   in   Ward
in..' and will eo into budness for   him-, r,'A I I;    pl.A V
° I ■£., -J>j,-i', - '    "* f'StiZ'. i'.
self; John Ulackburn may go lo lhe!
>,'orth\y-Ji. Territories to locate; ))a\e,'
:'tji:-o-- :i;iJ Jerry   Hudson   have goiii
ll V3fV.-',*!i''<(.ft-J l?«,
•jpceial trr'ir. -,\il! ]<;
ive Lethbridiitj
,.-.   i
,1 i.
ilo.il  at.
I   lo j.i
i- h.-i
j.   io   u.o   Ooeur   d'Alones;  Jack, |.',.4..j
.Vc- ton ' nd Jack   ,Wrin   arc   in  3vo*-h- , n -> i -   -
I.-...!, iv.ddy Murray and the O'Koiiiiui -  _   ^
bii-thcr.)    itayo   gone   to   .California ■ | "'Vj^-a
ll(.-,:,i * it;'..-
»"Jli;^, Dania and rntrick Bohhor
g..; to. Jiosslaud ; Joho Quo is in
"' I ' ' 1'0 iir-.'   ,U,.!'i \ .
ii l-,', lie i*.n|. I l.i;rJ!-,>- .,'.h--i- I
l.-o !-;'  oM, hi 'h   ;>.u:e ' or 1 ,-. j
:. .: :..m...%.:;..: :.-;, 7. r-o-. .. !
-,-i; ;.'.iai-.-u''toc eyory plug, >in:! |- j
}-b;i:r dc;-'.-;..- "m ii-.d'aoi-i/cd to re'.j'u! |
,-,-.t-;;' n y,i>i .-..i-c'l-o!, *-,.-.*|.sflcd;- '     ■'.     ,|
'Ikk E.-mi'.i- Toiv.'.cco Co., Vi'o.    ;
ar ,- a. ,n .nut Cranbrook .-it, (,-.}v tl
v.i. /i-.rangeme'Ui have |;,j,.n ni.idt;
for espejiuily [.-ip.. , ;,,.. .._ -j** , llo*
m ib*: L:u; i iir.iio*.-1;
tourniimi ;i'.
■n-r  .i:ni.-lie
^'ood Brass Band ir
Attendance,  , and.
Ef<£ .Free .Sail
......», ^ ....^^....i.. .;j .j
• ' '1.
1 -; 1,
'!*   1
1' i
> .
. ' ■ t.
• ■      i
,   ■ 'I. i
' . I .;, - 11
;   1 .
, 1
ai»CS^''^gi*-Jfl O=Qc000oOcCoQCoG000G0Q0Oco
By Horton Arnold
, *,  ,
.5  '   ,-  '
Ccpjrigijt, 1902,
By the S. S. McClure Company
Ridgevale was all excitement, and so
was  Harrison,   three  miles   down   the
North river road.   Harrison, which took
to itself ajrs and graces owing to the
fact that it was on the railroad, while
Ridgevale was not, had had a celebration in the morning, in which the town
parade had merged with the procession
of a one ring circus that showed that
afternoon and evening.  There had been
n  -rear' Goddess of Liberty  robed in
(he stars and stripes, who had read the
Declaration   of   Independence l% in   the
grove and  had  ridden  on   top of, the
lions' den in the parade.  ,
The  Ilarrisonites  had   never ceased
lo crow over the good people of Ridge-
, vale.'and now Ridgevale was preparing
to take its revenge.    Harrison' was Invited over to wi(ness a   Washington's
birthday celebration concerning which
all facts y,-ere refused.   But when Seth
Haskins drove over to Burden's grocery
'. "i, ""
i, .'
■ i,' - - .,..•
i    ,!-'  .
t   -
worm or the oaenngs. but in the kindly
leiuiniHil.s of tin* givers. This view of
tbe mailer was heartiiy applauded, .-uid
I hen through the gate came Dan Smith.
who had scorned the use of paper c.-iin-
brie and had devised a costume that
was startling, if not historically cor
Under   his  black   cutaway   coat   be
sported a yellow vest, cut into squares
by red and green stripes and set off by
a   massive  brass  watch  chain  and  a
flaming red necktie.   His legs were incased in a pair of blue bicycle knickerbockers, the extremities being clothed
with a pair of white stockings, whicii
Danny AIcKeever of Harrison prompt
ly   declared   belonged   to   Dan's   Aunt
Mary.     In   default  of  patent  leather
pumps a  pair of  brand  new  rubbers
glistened almost as effectively.
Pausing a moment to allow the rude
Harrisonian   laughter  to  subside,   the
senior Washington approached his son
and in a copy book speech bestowed up
on his hopeful offspring a toy-hatchet.-
After   this   he   retired   to   enable   the
youngster to chop down the evergreen,
which by courtesy was supposed to be
a fruit bearing tree.
All Ridgevale and the most of liar
rison held its breath as the future hero
of the American people raised his ax
on  high.    With a swinging, stroke, he
brought it down on the earefullv marked patch of bark, .quite in accordance
with instructions.    There was a ring-
Ing crash, with a louder howl, and the
hope of the Washingtons executed with
great spirit an unrehearsed war dance
upon.his left foot only while he nursed
with   one   hand   a   bruised   foot   and
brandished with his other the renin Iu«.
of his hatchet'       ' '       *
Harrison    shouted    and    Ridgevale
waxed indignant   A hurried i-xauilim
tmn showed that a  bar of steel had
been- carefully placed  under the bark
at the point indicated'for'the cut and
that this unexpected addition had caused the breaking of the cheap  uatoiler
which in-falling had bruised, George's
foot and  effectually stopped  the performance.
The visitors from Harrison departed
after much chaffing, which'did little to
soothe the injured vanity of the Rid«-e-
valians.   The latter charged bad fa ilh
but could not locate the culprit    They
do say, though, nt Burden's store that
Blanche Burden. In whom local pride
«»n   high,   became   engaged   to   Rav
.Bronson.    the   Ridgevale   blacksmith
that evening.   And Bronson declared it
was the first time he had ever forged „
wedding ring out of a bar of steel
GOES    OUT   AT    NIGHT    TO    SEE    A
Moonlight Walk la Halted by Bad
Boys, WTlio Radelj- Interrupt His
Searching Argo-aent Upon the Pronunciation of Xerxes. ,
f Copyright, 1902, by C. B. Lewis.]
HAT there was  something on
"Mr. Bowser's mind as he came
home to dinner the other evening   Mrs.   Bowser   saw   at  a
glance, but as be seemed puzzled rath-
fer than troubled she held her peace until he should be ready to explain.  They
had finished dinner, and he had almost
smoked out his cigar as he read his paper, when he carelessly remarked:
"Mrs.   Bowser,   do   you   know   that
spring is here at last?"
, "Why, yes, of course," she replied.
"It is early spring, but when r was
a boy I used to go out into the fields
•mi• with that?"
■it is pronounced .-is if spelled
•7'irkzeP.' You know ilniv is a town
ii> onii) called Xenia. Xohody calls it
'X cilia,' but it is called "/.eniii.' "
.Mr. Kowscr turned to her with his
fnc* aflame and choked and gasped for
a full minute before he could exclaim:
-•Woman, this is too much—too much"
Do you think my bead Is stuffed with
sawdust? Did any husband ever hear
of such cheek in a wife!"
"I  was simply correcting you." she
said in humble tones.1
He glared at her and kicked out his
leirs to see if they were asleep, but the
English    language   afforded    him    no
words In which to reply.   In this emergency he put on his hat and went out
info tbe back yard to  look   for  that
blue  crocus.     He'd   have   gone   if   n
whole army blocked the path.   The cat
went with him as far as the door and
then halted.   Mr. Bowser sent his gaze
up and down and around, but he mistook not the yellow labels of tbe tomato cans nor the blue ones of the table sauce bottles for the spring flowers
he   sought.     At   length   he   wandered
forth, stepping Into a pool of water at
the first stride, but totally ignoring it.
ITe had reached the rear fence in his
stroll and' had mentally taken note' of
several-weeds struggling for life under
the   cold   moonlight   when   something
whizzed by his head.   Some boy iu the
neighborhood   had  observed  his   wanderings and'decided to interrupt them
with  a   potato. ,   Where  there  Is
.1   *k»'lr-hy  l.-iIU  Im   Oho   of   tl r (;..ii:!<ilun
IrtC.rll   Will.    »\ .111    In   *.«lflll    .-.fj-J.'.t
' to   I (-aril   ).>>**r   ( )iil<!i<,|i.
boy  there are  two —three—six.
The   inimical   Gnamlteii.
■-.•j' ;
™=«»„ ,wD DP0S | Tb?;ei,Ttoe^epL;,,i'sleai ,>eopic"
-   y1*
*" *.' l
;     i
t'i- \,
, m ?
'I .'I
)    ■
*    . i.
;■ re
store for the mallbag*be loftily inform
ed the crowd of loungers that Ridgevale was preparing an Intellectual treat
that would cause such a commonplace
thing as a circus parade t,o resemble a
stranded minstrel troupe counting the
ties toward home.
c The secret was pretty well kept, but
(     toward the end all Harrison knew that
Gregory • Kinsman, -the   schoolmaster
had written a little play to be performed  in  the  schoolhouse yard.    George
Haskins, Seth's 'youngest son." was to I
Impersonate the Father of His Country
while Dan Smith was to be the elder
For this reason, they were not surprised on the morning of the22d when tbey
trooped Into the schoolhouse vard t'o
find the benches and some extra chairs
arranged in rows in front of the bulking. At the farther end the snow had
been shoveled from the frozen earth
forming a sort of stage. Branches of
cut evergreens masked the bare brown
fence boards, and In the geometrical
center of the cleared rectangle a single
small evergreen was firmly planted
Around the lower part of the tree n
band of bark, wired on, showed where
the  shrub   had   been   nearly   chopped
through.'   It  had   been  demonstrated
when the boys were over in Haskins'
ot for the evergreens that, with the tov
batchet furnished young Haskins, the
demolition of the tree would require
something  like an   hour and  a  half
I his would have greatly retarded the
crlspness of tbe performance.   A piece
of white cloth fastened ou the side farthest from  the audience showed  the
little fellow, where to make tbe initial
Most of the Ridgevale peoole had already gathered in the Inclosure when
the guests from Harrison began to arrive.   But seats had been saved for the
visitors.   When tbe last sleigbload bad
driven up.  Kinsman, who was called
professor"   in   Ridgevale   mid   plain
Greg    over in Harrison, opened the
proceedings with an oration which had
originally appeared as an editorial in
a New York paper two years before
bllas Hopkins followed with an extern-
poraneous address punctuated by "or"
and   "as   I   was  saying."    The   First
Keader class sang un odo to Washington composed by Kinsman and set to
he tune of "Bringing In the Sheaves."
ij.Ha Garrison, who was known to fame
as a child elocutionist, recited a poem
on Washington .from. Spellman's Fourth
Reader.    There was n quartet bv the
choir of-the  First M.E. church, and
then  the  stage  was  cleared   for  the
event of the afternoon.
Around the corner of the woodshed
Continental costume. A ha-- 'wVnf
cotton batting was-surraonted byhis
Sunday hat of black felt, carefully pi,
ned into an Imitation of cocked head-
£ear, while he wore the patent leather
pumps that the previous June bad been
the admiration of ail on the occasion
uos and are fair
e  organs,  and
at this season and look for crocuses
The  crocus is about  the  first  sprinc
flower, isn't it?"
''Yes; the crocus and dandelion.",
Mr. Bowser hitched around uneasily
and had no more to say for five minutes.   Then he softly observed:    "    "
"The.Romans had a queer superstition   regarding  the crocus,  and   tht-ro
may have been something in it   I presume you have read of it?"
"I; don't  remember,','  she-answered.-
looking at him in amazement that he
should have been .delving into Roman
history or paying any more heed to crocuses (ban to brickbats.
"The superstition 'seems to have
arisen with Xerxes, and It appears
that he who went forth on a tnoonlhm'
night and found a blue crocus wa "
to be elevated to power and
is sure
Bowser   had    scarcely    resumed    his
search' for that blue headed X-er-x-es
crocus when those six boys let fly with'
cans^and  bottles and chunks of' coal.
Ajax stiffened up nnd defied the lightning for about five seconds.    Then the
lightning plunked him hi about a dozen
places  at   once,   uhd   he   turned   and
"Did ye  git  what  ye  were lookin'
♦or?" asked  the cook  as he liounfleo
Into the kitchen just ahead of an ernn-
t.v beer bottle.   But he did not stop to
answer.    He was waiting to pour out
■die vials of his wrath upon Mrs. Bow-
rer.   He ascended the basement stairs
two steps at a' time,' but when he stood
before.her be could do no more thau
gasp and stutter.       , '    ■
1   wouldn't  try   to   talk   If   I   were
you," she soothingly said .as she rose,
up.    "Just drop' down on the  lounge
and let me cover.you -up for awhile.
It may be thatX-er-x-os was all wrung
or that our cat  ate   up all   the' blue
crocuses this afternoon.    Don't worrv.
however, t It won't belong before you
can go out and,look for the redheaded
sunflower!"     < ■        m. QDAD.
At  lost,   after   five   nigh'*-,    on    the
■ rain,    we arrived on "Satin day n:o: ri
ing,  June 1st,  at Camp  in.ri-%   from
winch  point    we  weiv  to  be -,-iit   lo
our different   destinations.
"He were met by' Mr Barry, , the
head waster, and some of his staff,
nnd from that moment'until the day
we got our inarching orders we received the utmost consideration from
all whom we met. Nothing that
could add to our comfort and convenience was forgotten, and the week
we spent at Irene will remain in our
memories as one of the pleasant est of
our .South African experiences.
'Iherc were all .-ort.s of merry-makings thai Week, partly iu our honor,
and paitlv'to celebrate the peace. A
dinner en .Monday evening, at whicii
the dignitaries of the -Education' Department from Pretoria were present, and v. hi Hi was really a very
enjoyable   affair.,    ,
Toasts wore, drunk in good port,
speeches were made—one bv Dr. Mullen, of Now Brunswick, who'is to bo
principal of the- new Normal school
at Johannesburg—and afterwards in
the drawing-room we had some ex-
t.iomeiy good music. .Mr. Barry,
who has a lini voice, sang "The
B.indolers." and ••Brink lo Me Onlv
With Thine Eyes." Mr. Ligertwood
on,; of ihe -Education Department
men, ,p3<oing the accompaniment as
well   as a professional.,,   Mr.,   Usher.
liavn \\
rl bei
""  ■"*".. .*i,K
'-J-.1   I- '" U'**l
' """'""" M.,u>i.rj
... j
i '!!
11,.      '-"'''"'"'i I
":"'; ".iu>-
Ti, A '" '"'liis
* :(jmitll:ri«s;
'•'"-' ia a
•-■vil  servici-
"he  uitiniati*    ]
n-'Wi,pap<.*r  •.,._.,,
"•■"nt th"3 i(.Vu ,
■ h?rc aie ii.-.m
l'-h-al     upponu.nu.u „,',"'
v° ""'I- Jf
In ih    "        "'  ■■"■'-       '
SO    maiiv.     \...    .1.'.      '■"''f
set-vice as
many ye,
ers  of   the  JUlU
longed,  an I  .A|10
or owners of .,,,,,,'V,* ("lil'
insiii. i!U's-'
"isuie  *->*r\jC(
"-■-.I1.V, yet u,i.lb ;;;"'.ai
nnmbei- of old i,,.,;,, ' l « r
i anks of, the .*,.....,,,.„ ' '""i m
large proi-m-i .„„ i. ,        0f 'K
n*- n..t
who bus for
uL-f il
■'"i'*'l (,f \\£
"-' °f Coiiiui' ""
one of the oflicers, sang "Sigh no
More. Indies," in the "sweetest , of
ten -.r voices, Aiul altogether the music lovers amongst us had a genuine
treat.   , , ° ,
Then there was an    ox-cart picnic
where we  sat  on mattresses-- about
twenty of us~-in «. huge wagon  that
seemed   to  be quite without springs
and   jolted   jolJily    over  the     rough' '
veldt/   the  driver cracking hist whip
shouting at his Un oxen, and faking
the    utmost pains  to  drive  over  e\"
cry   stone  and'hillock ho could    get
in,   the way of. . Afte,r the usual picnic    tea ,we were .surrounded "bv ICar-
u-   children, clamoring (or wlmt was
eft.     I could do nothing but eusfc at
them    and  admire   their varied    costumes, r
Thero was one little girl who' appealed very strongly to my svmpa-
tn-rs, becau.se bi,0r seemed - to be
humpbacked,     a    thin<
*0!!ll*   Vi*.l(i  U:A'<
profession in i In- c " J"-
if lis hat; lorn a ,.,
Gallery of the i;u..
'any Icnsih of I ,„„*, ]k/^J
keen insight U>Ui the wo,|. o! J
Parlments, and ,.,-a ,ul ° *■
more than the .juaiif^.*?**
lion without  being vuK-\^  ^
Amongst, ihr* ,.,,..,.,,. .
the present   .,-„.« .nva;,!':1^
newspaper lucn,  ami ,i J,'
possible   lrd  iiiij  a  i*u..., s|
training private 'w-ifi,,.,;.. J*
uj>-to-tlate newsjinpi.-r (,|i,c,
habit    of'    work i n,*     ,,,    ,„,
und        as        umr,v      |„,utC
■-stretch as  the o<"..i*.ion, ,>„.,,,,
being all -things  t0  ai, vj1'^
n.-wspaper   man   e.ulv iktr.r/
prnctico in' master ins; ihoi.^i
I apers or.,   tho   ii, t..'i'-    „■, ia;:-.1
(JiCcstiom' are all  of i||,!M r,^!
oi   the    .successful   P,null. ^*
Ihe private .sea-.'ian.K ... ,,rA,
oJIica     are  gnih,.,,.,!  fI0,;, ,'hr,,
winds    of    heaven—i'i-011s    ,;,
south,  east  nnd  \w-x
his  trai'n'ng      in     ij
nswspai.-cr' school;
land,   and     si in  rc-tanis
burr    of    the'auld
his -speech.   -   The  other*. .„,,,(
gathered  from the i 'oii.i'ii,.., ,,.M|
es,   wlifire tlun- grfRduatcil "n |,a|
■before entering' <,,,  die ,«*" k'<J
"■• ri-ctl
i' I nitMiS'T
•l")'*i'ti in SI
hough always harmonious. At night
the voices rise In sharp, nasal' tones,
singing the "novena." a term applied
to nine days of special worship to some
particular saint. Xovenas are ever in
evidence, for no sooner do they finish
with one than it is time for another to
I *S> nrZ05^11/7     "nei^orhood
bings   are frequent
The accordions are pleasing to the
natives at their dances and fandangos
or weddings. These latter always occur Thursday mornings at 4 o'clock
the names are cried in the church
three tunes before the wedding Wed
nesday evening there Is a social gathering of the families and friends of the
bride and bridegroom, with danein*
-and refreshments. Guests accompaS
* happy pair t0 the ch WW
the  priest  unites them.    Often   there
are three or four weddings ""the saS
'"orning.   and    happiness   reigns    «
But Xerxes was not a Roman."
"There-you   go I     Always   ready   to'
call me a liar at the slightest o^cusei
If  you'd   look   Into'history,, now   and
Sf£i i"stead"Of    keeping    to   novels
yon d have more sense In  vour head
Maybe you think Xerxes was*a Dutchman?"    '
Bluffer-I would challenge that cad
who insulted me to a duel if I were
sure of one thing. <
Biffer— What's that? '
Bluffer-That he wouldn't accept tho
j-hallenge.-Oblo State Journal.
its   littl
o beads' of eyes' staring,  up at
mat ion
of the annual school "commencement
and exhibition." "'."-"-ment
a ffiriTi8^908 °f h'8 taP°rtan«."as
strutted forward and In a ehihn«i.
treble Informed the audience tbj   thi
Orlarln  of  th*   ratline R,njr.
-Ihe  wedding ring is Llio subject of
J^tblatorlca. facta and endlisssu
tl.t symbol of marriage more for con-
vemence'than anything else.   I   i3 SUD
Posed to be a symbol of unbroken   o"^
and of power and to earn- special cura
live virtues with it   The ol^oid )ud-
saying about it is, "As yomCddlng
«w.iy        j he   ancients,   niny   amonjj
«„ 7-   * HG'ieVed that a a«''cnte wvf
ran direcUy from the ."ring linger" to
be beart and that the ring pla^d on
with ^,rS/'0T C,0S°ly cont1^
•fllth the heart In early Christian'
marriages the bridegroom put t ,e    n
n-st on the bride's thumb, then on e
f'rst finger, then on the second and last
gallon the third, saying as he did. "I,
the name of tbe Father and of the Son
an firsfi H°\? Qh°St" The *™»
? Itv tb V° b"Sen r°P'^»'.'d the
t mlty, the next linger was the one
tie ring was left on. to show tha.. next
o God a woman's duty was lo her
Uusband.-Ladles* Home Journal
Hardly   Coinpllinentnry
A certain author,  having explained
he nature of bis occupation to an old
Manx woman, was hardly'prepared ?or
ttitTzo^ "Wel1- WeJI' -'-tdoe/it
matter so ,ong as a body makes hi*.
Hviti' nonestly r ■■tbe.-.wo-rdB being e"!.
dently meant to put him on, better
terms with himself.    But worse s ill
timf iD EriSh clG1^-an °foSr some
time vicar pf a Manx parish and from
Ignorance of the. people and their wavs
not a very popular one. Having received
preferment elsewhere, he started on f
round of farewell viSit8, bu without
hearing a single regret w,thoul
"I krow that he was a Persian " «-he
quietly replied.
,"Xot by a jugful!"     „
She went over to the bookcase and
took out a volume of the onc*-clopedia
and. turning to the proper letter, she
laid the book down before Mr. Bowser
that he might rend:
"Xerxes I., king of Persia, was the
eldest son of .Darius and his second
wife Atossa," etc. •
"Yes. I see what it says," observed
Mr, Bowser, "but does that make the
slightest difference to me? When I
said that Xerxes-was a Roman, that
settled it and all 'the encyclopedias in
the world couldn't change it It is
quite probable, however, that there
were n dozen Xorteg hang,      aro(]nd
at that time and that one of them may
have bpen king of Persia."
"Yes. that may have been tbe way
of it." said .Mrs. Bowser, who saw
a way to dodge tbe threatened rOW
and was quick to take advantage of
it- The family cat bad figured on ragtime and gavecher a reproachful glance
as Pbe crawfished.
"Whoever found a blue crocus on a
moonlight "night" repeated Mr. Bow-
ser as he walked to and fro. "1 sup-
pose tberp are blue crocuses as well as
other colors?"
"I never saw one."
"You never saw a whale, either and
yet whalps exist All the crocuses I
have ever seen were yellow, but I never saw any except by davlight. Why
shouldn't the light of tbe moon cast a
blue Phade over certain spring flowers?"
"I know of no reason why. Wsrp vou
tulnkine, of going out this evening to
look for a blue crocus and become a
"Woman. I don't like your tone."' er-
elnlmed Mr  Bowser us he felt tbe stin*
of her words.   "I can excuse vour £
norance of ancient history,  vou beine
j' woman, but I'll be han^d i> ,-ou can
inuulgo in. sarcasm
JVot  Fr/ilernnl.        '   , %   i
Bellboy— LPt me have your grip.
Farmer-Get out!    1 don't belong, to
no lodge of yours.
s*'*">"C'plitioiis"\. Ii? i;
me,   and its queer head covered win"   /^'"■■"g'his  rticrgies , i» Hi
fufts. of wool1 that looked ^ctw'iS    d°Wn  °f ,ho
if    they  were .stuck  on  at  intervals
?hc   ^-.-r-"COVld h*y° *?''°",vn out ot
the   scalp in the ordinary way -
Wo     visited   the    schools   too.   nn
wnri?   ^r,   chi]d?n    doing .* excclle,,
work.      'Ihe  t<a:hers, nil  s«»m..rt    —
Bessie hath a dimpled chin.
Mouth with smile upon It.
Eyp« or blue to <jlory in.
Cut—she hath a bonnet.
That's the only thint* I <=ee
When she dares to don it;
Climax ^f all witchery
J-ies £n Bessie's bonnet
Tet, though 1 have sung the spell
Oft In many a sonnet, - .
To this day 1 cannot tell
One thing that ta on It
"Were It off her dainty head,    '
Who would care to con it?
She's the charm, when all Is said
Of her dainty bonnet
. ' —»lude-L*
..     .    ,. t<a:hers, all seemed   en
thusiastic,, and their pupil
dently, very fond of them,
charming, to    hear
Truly Exciting.
The Idea.
Mrs. Nurltch
—I want a pair
of the most expensive gloves
you've got ■
Yes'm. Do you
Mrs. Nurltch
— Don't be so
young man. I
want to buy
them, not hir»
them I
are* evi-
, It.   was
whenever we met them, pay, "C.'ood
morning," with a prettyx'EnglisJi accent, while they looked up at you-
with bright, smiling faces full of an
eager -desire to catch a look or word
ot    approval.
Preparations  were  being   made for
the  coronation  festivities,  at    vhich
Uiere   is tQl be a ATay-pole dunce, the
children   to.be dressed in rod,   white
and bbie. We saw them at their practices    and I  don't  think U  over     enjoyed    anything more  than   th'? sight
of   those   little   Boer    boys  nnd  girls
singnr   "Come    Lasses    and  Lads,"
keeping   perfect time to the n,usic as
they ii,arched  and  sang.
We'll      "threcp-    it,     °,"threep"      it
"Ih'cep"  it,   "threep"  ft,
Jhreop" it up aIul dow„
"Ih -n   al  t!
if    they   hud   been   lojul   sulueets
J'.dwatd the Kevcith, nil
On.- owning-   ,-\;,.
a    Ihirghur
habit   of (.>!.".em'!*'j
vior  by any otlier mod**, ihm t1
ivc-ogni ed by tbe Cusio;;,* .-nd
t-ntic- Acts of Pariiamonl.
rn   a  ipiiet,. > w.-ll      nn-.-n <.-<
»oo:n   iu  orn>  of  (li.*v   Iniikl u
worts  ono  who  for mnny y. u-.5l
the cdiloi'-in-chlef of one <>f th--|
est,| olitical  da'Ji'1**  ''*  OtMiwiu,
■vim   in   his   tui'm   as  e'ditor   |-ro"J
dif' more to elevate and enl:':l|!i*:|
Ontario 'press   than  any   o Ii >i |-[
n an   ,i :\'oiv  he  reigns  ns  h-nl
one  of  the most  juiporl.-n    l..-arJ
of Hie service,  and  whilst  -.i-i-.^.'l
country  still   continues   to unt'l
day and .gm-irat ion   by iieniiilir-ilj
jors.on   books      nnd \>i hei   m;itt|
His  -vi Kings form  no  «mi:u'.' iv.iij
the  nt tractions   of   one   of 'lu- t|
lies  and  arc   loo'-cd   for  e\"-.rl'
n'aiK- compeleiit   ii-d^es oi tiling
era-y and,jounmlistic.
in   th» next   room,  sopnmtul lul
At last one old woman
was "mortal sorry."; Iu .^        *
vicar  let   curiosity  outrun   die,-etio,
and tie asked for her reason.    «w !p »
said she  with touching candor, "we've
had a  lot o'  pass'-ns over  here   fmm
than the  last,  and after  vou're" trono
., , toward  inc.    If it
Pleases me to go out and look for a blue
croons in order to confirm or explode a
:•  The- cat  came  out  froth   unde--  the
lounge-with new hopes in her heart
r 1.        .'*, lJac")S back  aud ,r0rth
for awki e with what lie hoped was
Xerxes stride Mr. Bowser advanced to
a  back   wlndow^nd..'drew-asid0   tu°
ovn-tain   There was a bright moo,' nJd
,io could see every beer bottle, to no
can and clothespin  ,yingai.0l°m;«
yard.   There were pools of water «,d
several soft spots, and it didn't bok  o
be an inviting field for crocuses of u„v
color.  He might have given ,„   ,!       }
bad not Mrs. Bowser Suddenly ^
"How  do  you   pronounce  the
General Bore—Tes,
Miss Charm ly, It was
an  exciting  moment,
I Can Usqnro vnn     ir-
brigade   was   almost
totally annihilated;
Miss Charmly—And-
were you almost annihilated   too?    How
H«r   He««on.
"Why do^you
Insist on Mr.
Bawler singing?"
"It's a choice
between two
evils," answered   Miss   Cayenne,     "ff   he
doesn't   sing,
ho'll talk, and
the   words   of
any   song   are
infinitely  preferable   to   his
original   re
at  the   close   "Clod  "-"ave,  lhe
s'"ig   with  as' jinK-h  gusto  us
Ji'-'ir Jives..
Barry i Uo-:, mo to
,,i,„i-f i, itiitnce- . where on-'n floor
Plentifully hesprin-iUd. with v. hat* a
young u0ttP called can.lle-greasf I
enrored limdly throigli, a "barn-
dance" with a young gentleman who
rm„ rW   mT\l™   aZ°   W1LS   Poking  a
rifle from buhind a kopjq at our poor
unfortunate Tommies, and our l.mvV
if   sonietimes foolhardy oflicers
And th* way that young Sun of the
riuMy veldt could dance ivtw n lovol-
t   \\n L.drlne"    I-°nP  hcjfoiv  ,J,l-, iiJUs-ir.
stonpod   J Was  obliged   to  i-;,||
nnd a.Sft him   to take   me lo 1|
at  Hio head  of  t'
hostess sat in
table on  uhl.-l,  was 'la'id o.Vt*  "^l
tempting array   of ref.... .lun.-irs- .,   M _
my  bisciiils.   h-mon
a l.alt
a-   beiuii
here   ni_\-
stall',  presiding  (,\ (.,.
iu   i-Ofiiii,'
at   tilth'-.
tnst<'d   lik,.
The   Dr,iKon '.Fly's   Eye
3'ou bad as many lenses '
na me
m each
each•oi•you,•^::!;;;;I,0;!,•!;^, ,i^1-^.:
-.'.'.'■..-■.    ■•<> *ii"> a st. .-■'.':      ,
_ Bombast; once Kignified- the cotton
■that was employed to stuff gannei, s
particularly the •enormous trunk ho-'n
worn in the fourteetii and iifteenll."
Srpi-lHl,   wr,j    Jllll(1
v\nd .\o:i   m-edn't luuuh       'b—
you wo,ld !,, „• . ibosec'i;,,,, /
■£•0 rare deliea-irs uml Mk. ,-,,,],;
fo    wo.drl eiu- you |MI  app,.,ile  ():
WOllld  .SCO,,,    (l)    ..(j,.|v '"'u
m.y    biscuits.   Hi.il,
toieiie    and dim,     niy |i„lt. juicu with
abif   look.ivj  vrouw and  brought '   fl
Mi.ilcof   appreciation   to   f.,ie   c-oe,
-evince  oiV Jny   i>(.ai.riotl   and  sc-    ut
•looking   !H'.nt,.,Alfogetl,e,        ' ' ^
"'.v   first. balMnBoei'la.Kl verv
Wlepd.>and was ;sor,-y when  ftli-.Bai
if wns:V",,"'";  ,il"^»^Mi-iolU
it .was tntie
stone   wall,   and   rendu d   !.,.  mwl
entrance, works an old hibruvciij
l-Yin h-Canndinn     n-w.sp.i|-i    wj
and  who.  from   having I .-i-n a q
'of politics1 and a friind -u, I <wfJ
oi  the;, leaders   of   Ids  p.tit, iimll
lionalify. now serves hi*- i'>' »'r.'f
by  supervising   th;ir  in t ei <•*•'< in j
department cominitted to h-* tlu!
l"or many years one of iji-ton-'i
tial    councillors'
nso*t gifted and
inejiiory  holds  a
.written  details,
lishecl.   will   (brow
well  fle/'-n-.
the   history   of  Quebec j.o)i>'.'-!■ ^
A no'her old' new-spai-M- nmi^
for mnny veins occupn il a "J"1"!
tial and piomlnopl pla<-- i"'!l1''°|
ion I woi-hl, tioiftfh ne\. r oi ib «|
pies the pos-itioii of h-.i-l *"' '\
part merit frnm wJnch ii,f.'"'"i;[
flows, and wli'-li anii'i.iH" i-M1"!|
boo', uithoiii -. hid) io \u il-.>'-'-n'|
libiarv   i'i   m    i,i,.i...     I". pm<!   'I
of    oin- i.i"   Q'.«|
amhitb'.J*- •*ii-'i'»i
va"-t  -i!',-i  'i' *"'!
which   if''1'-";
\i\id 'i'-'"/?
d shi>c|-\s-oii Ian.-' V.''-*'''
il" c*o lilele.
politics and Ii ■ hun-.\ u I
a'-'ivo life ai, i)-.g-,t men '•<
i 11 exist, nee, In-, from In- ■'
p a c of 'ea*e, •. n Is foi ih » ''"
^ .veai- nrl-r 'i. - wh'f Ii in'' ,""1
i' anv « |,o nt-v- r lu-aicl Iii- n.i'»1'
w lio  do   not f\en   l.n.nv  th.ti he
A   CMii.'t       com  ei-.*-|illo-i.iib' '"'''
gi nt li-ii an.   well   up   in  \'-ii's. f"
t'n o.vul
to go.-
pronounced,   of
"As   it   should   be
course," be replied.
"But bow?"
. "X-er-X-es.   Have-you  any faiI,t  t0
A NatnriU riit-Iioime
-rhere is a point near the famous
Stony cave.,n. the CiU.skill„10„nu.hs
where-lc-emaybofoi.iidoi, any day |„'
the yeaivThis locality is loc-ally kno\VD
as the. ■ Not,-h and is walled
sides   by   steep
'•""!'.   i:|;.iii>,,
qiA-..f'»"p"naii   noticed   a   lonolu  hrrlv
'--,,^..Ttt':,T,^;;i,1lM —
„  *1' tl' inuid,"   replied
N° '>*V: 1' hen ber'line.
"-    gowl'ei-i'
'»' on all
niouiitaius,   some   of
which are more thai   '"
i 3,000 feet high.
''''"'•'I   llu:
She—Tho man  J
'one-soinethinif of       I   k  m,,st'\av
[,hen I am 'ti,P v Lun[)»v{»n<A.  He-
s. to
•I /or
ovi v   a   In aiu-'i   A   public   «1"'-   ''
v bic-b   Can- d t      h >.'.     eM""'1'1 -L"
things airl   Iroai   i-hieh M"' "u-
tiiVi'i  -in . flu;, ful 'n )ss  of  th'"
l-rad.-.'.nnci   will ■.♦•■t.oc-kr-cl     ■"••'       ..,
dobs  be 'years, ugo shone.. A » l;i
in ' On a.'-io  ' n eiv.*i jin;"^'do in •
then,  lie  has  l,e:n   in   the . in
nr- I liiore  Hia;n  one, Olovc: n-n-H'■
iiie-    iH'...;.s'ti-uggl.ing--..wilh   in e*< d; x1"'.''.^,
ings  (p  itioei: lhe- deniaip.^ "f ''"■'
er   .public, ■■'■'■■ '.■'..-
,.'.   In . ovcry ,;'departinf:nf  I'"'    .
por'.rirnn   i'.s|-to be. '.foiiiub iU"! ""
most   •• very Case he is In a
of  trust and  is doing, -worl*
tell   in   the course of. years <■'»
(hough   offiines; rndorvabii-il   il
time of 'doing,—Yeline l"ii<". m ■
rail Star.
.I'Jlil i
sl.lc ,
:i ki
f--*'!!   (J;
ith ("I
i hid «l
Mlllv   ;
|0 -It!)  I)
N   P(H
fe will/'
Ii lie B„;
"is proc
l,° you n
N carec
'"it l3 x
inarry   must h'avo
what    iinportant
'vari.in OI.I   Kxi*"*"
Toiri.tny—T.  risked     (h-r  1|(,';'
mo  off 'coss  mo aunt wiih 'I'
(iii- 'i!
ly—An'  wot did he
said.   "Who's  goin'   ter
I'liiieral?"—Comic Cuts.
-ning"did .you 'do?
Our  cpusins  hi  Canada   ,,ilVC/rh|
■another good salmon s.ca.su",     ^
propose to eat all they fiui,
.can   all  thev  can't*—Pun*'l*■
[d •» bet
m win,
plint boc
Lfe»t ll.ro
.   »CIK11|
1 le nov, (O
''1 hjrf
1 Ilia,
tsi.. 1C
' itn
.'H hi
^     2'.
il "ill
■l M
,n* j
tho i
i.     0
■h* |
'' l,:'|
Hi) 11
I'S    I
1 l;(fi
.-an t-4
;ffy. a: s
(if   !,')•-
.ir -|-ro"J
3i;:h 'I   li|
-h • id
iii   i..-.'ir>l
-r f i icJir.'-Jl
.'i- iniittl
ill naitj
'-.'Mil' ".1
foil .
B.    C.
A BUltX.
■ -   i   . l. , -   though
;ial  throughout, is a deadly
(Death    within    forty-eigla
L almost  as . good   as   in- '
,-g exhibited  by plants. , If. •
.,-,,- season a bucket of wa- '
ed ii'-ar a growing pump-
course of a few days -the
vill  turn' from   its  course
least one of its leaves, in
An extensive burn
■   ------ supen^.
j highly probable  if  Uvo-'ihira/^    **
.surface of the body be involved
j though the  burn  has   "   U.JlvwJ> *v<--'*
ed little more than
of  the
ioculi^   piodU(._
**-'• ei-ytheniu (rc-d-
1 ■*]<{
'' 'ous.1
('f 'hi;
e  intolerable , pain.
Cure , removes   the
wliftl amount  of pain   Js
The     superiority     of     Motiw,.   ,•    '
Worm   Exterminator   is'show. hv tVmves'
effects  on   the children.   Purchase*  s R,°ud
tie and give it a trial.        urUla-se a  iJOt-
has  a
St nugget of tin on rec-
fcceiuly found nt North Pun-
(jania." 't weighed 5,-100rb.-,
at. being pure tin.
('.  Richards &  Co.,
a--In ,'lune '9S   I had "my
"il   wrist badly bitten   by u
•ise.   I, suffered  greatly  for
i\s, and  the  tooth cuts  re-
HL'.d, until your agent gave
of    "vriNAHD'S    UINI-'
l.hieh I began using,' and the
magical.    In five hours tho
censed,   and   in   two   weeks,i
Sd    had     completely   healed .
jiuiid and  arm  were ns  well
Yours truly,
A.  E.  BOY,
hluker,  St.  Antoine,   P.Q. „
Breslau Co-operative society
record membership, u can
boast of no fewer than S78.619 members, and, in point of numbers is the
largest co-operative society in the
world. As regards its trade, h'ow-
ever, it is beaten by
so vera 1   Knglish
It may he, only
Ject     it    and     it
a triiliinr cold, hut netr-
-_ will fasten its fanirs in
your lungs, and you will noon bo earned
to un untimely grave, Jn this coif, Jry
we have sudden changes and must exoeel
to have coughs and*colds., w« S
avoid them; but we can effect a cure by
using ■ Bckle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup
(Lhe medicine that 1ms never been known
to   fail -in   curing coufdia.   colds.
j lis und all. alIectionVorthe"tliroax!'(lun^s
.Forty-five' tons is the record,weight
ever pulled by a pair of horses. The
load consisted of bark, which
pluced on a sleigh and pulled
the ice.
I'urt <»f   i i»b
r-iiioii  recniB
,*. uijclusiiiii.
lli-Min— I li
io   1 amr
Without Fear, Favor or Affection, He
Speaks  Plainly His   Honest
tunents.   Adding   Some
Words   of
ial)~Mr. R.
*md  Treasurer
Que     Sept.   l.~(Spec-
Boulanger,     Secretary
i --   ,°*  this  town is num-
bored among the most prominent and
JUsbly respects  citizens of the coun-
Time and again he has been honor-
"' ljy ttl-POintinents to oilices of nub-
1,C u-™*> u«d there is no man in our
community who commands th,
verbal lespect and
classes of citizens
l**ou laager.
Those    who
1      -'"   Hie   1 rout
'■<U.-st   Ii,v^hll,
inll"''   "X'l<'1   S,"'Ut   in   lhe   bruJ"n   of   Uie
"Jfc,'"-'-l mielH-cUiai faculties has been
_ iti'jur. puna ui science bince the
uiaiioiis oi -j,e organ oi" mind uegan
to (.t. uivt.sii«tlu.li vvitll accuracy,
i-J-Js a. wriu-i in the'London Chron-
1*-"*". The genoi.il consensus
"»ii localizes what we term
m the* prcfioniai lobes
bi'l by aiioiher
hinder lobes
io    uni-
esteem    of  all
more  than     Mr.
what is just and    not  to'
is   cowardice.—Confucius.
ft and   truth
meet  us  with
jiiiwent is best Hair Restorer.
Miiiard's Liniment Cures, LaGrippe.
aware "that
fortunate enough
A knocker is
a, person  full, of, envy
or a seeker after blackmail.
White  flour'
fed only on it
is,' a  delusion.   A   dog
will die iii 12 days.   '
i rule the- man who gets   in
pickle  doesn't  look well  preserved.
dways'right \ that   a    num
Inder n  reason  for  the  faith
jthin him.—Sidney Smith.
Soup—disinfectant—ifl   stronir-
niciifled    by the medical  profes-
HafecimnJ   nrfiiiiiHt   Infectious
■  You can't convince a girl that marriage is a failure until ufter she tries
it. ' '
fll   Plni-etl   Ge-nerowl.y.
j,j*zt went ou a lour In the
ti-ovinces.    Ife arrived at the
in of I.-- td give a  concert,
i.!'c.'i!.     But   the , inhabhants
to lake but little Interest In,
imalier-.. for when  the inusi-
Mfilon the platform he found
iiu-V) face with an audienco
ji,l' fiii-lly    seven     |ierVor.s.
insi (vry calmly to the front'
fins ri>*.-poctfully to Ihe ari-ay,
f/wuelies, he delivered himself
mil  gentlemen,   lu feel   ex-
li.-ith-i'ed   by   your    presence
ov< n:ng.   but  this   room   Is
III .suitable; the air is literally'
Will you be good enough'to
lii'y n:e to  my  hotel,  where  1
ie  the   piano  conveyed'.'     We
<iuiie comfortable there, and
;o  through  the  whole  of ,my
|ime." " .     '
il'er w;is unanimously accepted.
f-zt (r.'.-ited  iii's guests not  only
Jeiidld concert, but an exc.-lient-
itilo   (be   bargain. '   Next   da v.
come     men   never  acquire enemies
because' they have no money to, lend
to-their friends. '   -
 i t
Some, folks' who don't believe
faith cures have unlimited faith
their physicians.
'.'The deacon prayed for rain'
days and nights -on. a stretch,
when  the rain come"	
"What then ?"   '
"Drowned two of his best cows an'
washed the foundations from under
his house. An' now ho says that
hereafter he's a good mind to kexip
quiet an'' jest let Providence run the
weather to suit itself. •        ' , ''
know him well
iov somo time he was
*ery ill, and they also know, that ho
was, restored to good health, but
inany of them may not be' aware of
the means ufced by "Mr. Boulunger in
accomplishing the wonderful
which he has been
to bring about,
Dodd's Kidney Pills e0red him and
he has made this fa,.f public in a
grateful, letter, which "reads 'as follows : ,
"1 desiie to say that J was, completely cured o'f Kidney Disease and
Urinary Trouble by Dodd's Kidney
"1 was so bad that.l was obliged
to urinate _pften, , with much pain.
I hey have relieved rne of the pain
and the results in every way are satisfactory. '        -
"I think.it is prudent 'for every
family to keep them and use them."
> Wlfen a 'man' or "Mr. Bo'ulanger's
standing puts himself on record ,so
frankly and positively, there can be
no doubt but that he has experienced
all and more than he' states in hi?
Dodd's Kidney Pills have'now permanently established themselves as
an infallible remedy for all'urinary"
trouble, and the closing words of
Mr. Boulnnger's letter, are un1'advice
which every' household should observe.
Are  Nature's
Cure', For
,'Medicincs containing opiates should
never be given to children—little or
big. When you'use Baby's Own Tablets for your little ones you have a
positive guarantee that they contain
neither opiate nor harmful drug.
They are good for all children ' front
the smallest,- weakest- infant' to" the
well    grown    child.      These    Tablets
Virtue will be a kind of health and,
beauty and good habit of the soul,;
and vice will be a disease and deformity, and  sickness' of  it.—Plato.
,, ^ — '—*-
' Tl-nM, Tirrc r>EAi'\—Mr. J. F. Kellock,
Drugjrist, Perth, writes : "A customer of
mine linviiar been cured of deafness by
tlie u.-fii of ,"Dr. Thomas' "Sclectric Oil.
wrote to Ireland, tclline his friends tiiere
of tho cure. In consequence 1 received an
order to send half a.dozen by express to
Wexford,   Ireland,   this   week."
u- il!i.*.frious virtuoso appeared 'j quickly relieve and positively cure ai!
,sto(much and bo'well  troubles,  simple
.-eeond concert, I lie bull
t i.ir„ro enough to contain the
vlueii claimed admit lance.
Apii-tltc  and   HniiKcr.
■i pei'Mins  do   not  discriminate
:i iiuii'.-er and appetite." said a
f Mii:; experience.     "Appetite
makes a man drink or smoke
.1 iii.il.is most men and woni*
M:ur,   i.u  through   life  never
«!i:it   hunger   really    Is.     1
>.t !-i\t\  hours and never feel
■hi- Jut it.    A friend of mine, a
■M in  Ibooklyii.   goes   without
■".inn .l.-i,\s   nt   a   stretch   and
VW*. work meanwhile.-   There
1-,",''i that  c\-ui  contract  any
| -iv.i luck  of   food.'     Mc^st   (')(
'° ''awn. disoased through llie
0 inki- care of too much  food.
" In heifer tone after a fast.
r 'i'liiit. hunger Is felt only  In
■u'liaiul tin oat.   That gone feel-
i 'imiiy complain of Is not bun-
'al i" ii form of disease,    if per-
MiiM cut only when tbey were
nml only as much as hunger.
J'b-'iitp, culled Cor—well   we doe-
wld have to fast."
fevers,   troubles   while   teething, • etc.
They.always do good,  and can never
'do  the   slightest  harin.   .  .For     very
small  infants crush   Uie Tablets to  a
powder.   Mrs.  'J. P.- Latham,    Chut-
) ham,    Ont..   says:    "My "baby     took
very   sick.       His   tongue   was  coated,
his breath offensive, and he coukl not
retain fooil on his stomach.    He also
had   diarrhoea  for   four  or   five  dnys
and  grew very,   thin   ,aud  jiale.      We
gave him medicine,  but nothing-helped    him    until    we gave him Baby's
Own Tablets.     After giving him  the
ItrSt dose  he  began  to  improve    and
in  three  days he  was quite,  well.   He
began   to  gain  flesh    and    is     now  n
fat.   healthy   boy.      1  am   more  than
pleased   with   the Tablets  ns   1   think
they 'saved my baby's life."
Baby's Own Tablets are sold by
nil druggists or will be sent by mail
post paid nt 2."> cents a box: by writing direct to the Dr. Williams Medi
cine Co.. Brockville, Ont., or Schen
ectnely,  N. Y.
Queen Alexandra belongs to the ancient funi'ly of Hoistein-Oidenburg,
which for hundreds of years occupied the throne of "Denmark." The
families,of, the Dukes of TToIstein date
back to the beginning'" of German history.
oi opm-
"miijd '
of the hi am,
school of thinKei-s the
ha\e been credited with
our highest .cerebral
The balance of evidence, 1
y say,'is decidedly in favor of
the iormer view', ,m(j 1-c.t*(_„i rest-arch-
and obsei-yjitious . by Dr.' Phelps,
American in estigator, would appear to assist in .strengthening the
opinion that the most important portion of the"1 brain , is its unterior
region, hi th,* course of0th'e investigations in (piestiou some 29o cases
of bra'in injury and disease weie examined. In all save1, two it was
noticed that interference of ex'tenshe
nature with the prefrontal' region
resulted in serious disturbances ol
the mental faculties. Less severe in-'
jury produced' less' marked effects.
These facts parallel the researches of
other    .investigators,   and   they   are
further-substantiated by what' is observed 'in cases, of idiocy connected
with a, want, of development of the
frontal llobes of the brain.--
As   to   the, relative  importance    of
the two-lobes  or halves" of, the cerebrum or chief bruin mass most, of us
know that each half governs the opposite side'of the body ?and" that,   as
w.* are  right handed,' so  we may  be
culled   left  brained.    The superiority
in  functional  importance of; our  left-
brain   is   not  questioned,   and    it    is
therefore    interesting-    to     find     Dr.
Flu-lps  insisting.from th'e results   of
his investigations that our left brain
slobo     is     really      the     intellectual
half."       The      light      half,      it      is'
added,    is   capable    of sustaining severe, injury without    marked   mental
effects    supervening,     and cases    are"-
quoted .in  support  of this fact.     Jn-
de<-d,    such     cases     .have frequently
pihvded    physiologists,     seeing    that
the distwabance of tbe intellect has
in no sense been commensurate   with
-.the  injury  to   the  brain. , '
'On  the notion  of  the greater    'importance of our.-left brain and on the
theory   that'severe   injuries   which'do
not   produce utter mental breakdown
.really      involve    the   right   lobe,   the
puz/ling    constitution   Oi     the .brain
may   be   explained   in   part  at  .least'.
But  the. last  word  has not yet,been
said concerning the brain's ways and
work.   Injuries of the left half do not
always  produce  serious effects  as .re-
guards    the -mental    life,    while     we
have   had   some' physiologists   insisting  that   we hi\w really  two    brains
and    ihat,   while the left   lobe is the-
•fekyil  of  the' intellect,   the right.,on
occasion  at  least,  is  apt lo play the
part of IJyde.    A  fascinating    theory
tin's,   but, one  to which   sober science
is   not,  likely ,to     append   its    imprimatur.
ask ;for
Delicious  flavor.   Free from hulls.      Warranted Pure.
Put  up   in   all   sized   packages.
As  now  manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
InBlst on getting "OGILVIE'S."   as they are better than the "Beat.
Wi-a^e:   NO   EQUAL.
Y -yiHv 4H/k/ -to K^isd/ pua£ &rfo£eJL'
&nds4Jh &&7^f '<&L4tu su<ru/J!*n^ ^ds^idu
TRY    OUC=8
Limited. '
Hull,        Canada.
The latest and-Finest
Brand yet made. , <
• ii.1
.    r I
°; .
,  i-
' Tlio proprietors of Pjirmelee's Pills are
constantly receivinpr letters similar to
tho following-, which explains itself. Mr.
John A Beam, Waterloo. Ont., writes :
"1 ncv.-r used any medicine that can
ecjual Parmelee's Pills for Dyspepsia or
Liver ant' Kidney Complaints. Tlie relief
experienced after asinc: them was wonderful.' As a safe family medicine 3'ar-
melee's Vegetable Pills can be given in
all   cases   requiring a  cathartic.
It is the polished villain that beats
the bootblack out of his fee.
It matters but little if a prophet is
without honor in his own, country,
provided he can afford to go abroad.
JliHard's Liniment for Riieainali-an.
I have .learned ,to judge of men by
their own deeds: I do not make-the
accident of birth the sthndaid of
merit.—"\frs.  Hale.
>,'.>   llNt.-ikcs  In   tin*   llililt*
,   The   printing  of  the   Bible    is - the
most  strictly guarded  work  in existence—a   fact   which   appears    strange
unt.il   we   reflect  on   the  mischief    an
inaccurate.  Bible  might  bring  about.
The  King's p'riliters and the two universities of    Oxford and     Cambridge
give   to   tho     world   all     Lhe    Bibles
printed  in  the  United  Kingdom,    except some printed  by  special  license.
A   few years ago  the  question    arose
whether   the  word   -'spirit"   in    "Matthew   i'v.   l  and  "Mark     i.  12    should
have a capital   "S,"  it having  previously been printed' with a small one,
and. although tbe word was obviously wrongly printed,  it was not until
after   the  ruling  powers nt the    universities and  the King's printers hud
met   in,, solemn   council     that     leave
was given   to     use'a     capital  letter.
N'olhing  sanctioned   by   authority   in
1 (111 ' may. be  changed   without    creating something    akin   to  revolution
in.the places  where Bibles are'printed.    ■
"oi-or»-fcQ,  - - - - .
O nta r-i o
Arrow    Lake,    BS3. O.
,'i ■      i
'!.;'-   !:
\-'ul > j,
.;>:■■■'< i;
>" .vi   i' h
i , :
Nil;,.. ;i
-;i.ic ,,,..
Jy!'K-!l   C;,v
<-r(.«',.»t  Men.
ilillienlt task, if not nu
<u  persuade nny  linlf
'"'"illy   brought  together
'"' opinion 'conceniing
":iI,'s( limn who ever lived.    Most
'■ ii^ree  no  doubt  with
ll;''11 th.-it .lullus Cipsnr whs
_ri '"■'l"  of (lnclent   (iine*j ''
J01' lli.-lliy <i|' tl
h"M Jin,Ih
:l   "ion|
I Oil;; I
<• kIx would iii-ecpt
»"i''s ostininle of C'l-om-
-.'ii-.'ili'st Hiigllsbiiini) of all
•'"■Ii  or  them,   we   m.-iy   be
iMll'*,1 would  accept Shake-
"-.''■'•atosi poet,  yet  Lord
imil<' of  Milton  ns  "the
1)1,1  el'  our   country."    And
found two men out of
Willi Charles Alackey
Burns , that",'/.ic was
A white lie inny be dressed, in hiore
fashionable attire- than nny other
colored one, butdt's the chalk in the
milk  just  the  same.
Do tli*»   iMj'i**-   l-.vt-r   \!«*i.p?
have stood     by the bedside
peojil.' stiffrtr untolil misery chiy nfterclnv
with llencltu-he. There is rest neither chiy
or niidii ""tii the nerves are nil un-
st ritnt;. Tlio rtiusc* Ih irc-nei'all.v n disor-
(lere-il stomnr.h. «.'»l a euro can ho cflectril
h\' usiui: 1'ai-rneleo'n Vogotiihle 1" lis. containing Mnnclrako nnd Ji_ndellon Mr.
Kinlav Wnrk, Lvsmulor. V. Q.. wrilen :-•
"1 fic'ul I'Mrmcleo'fi PlUfl n fir«=t. cIush article  for   bilious  llendnclio."
.     FlMhln*.
Bettin' on a drift pile
"With a Jug of bait,
"Wl^hln'-thet I'd git a bltaj
Hungrier than fate.
Dozln' In th' sunshine;
Mighty hard tew keep
p riijht
olY lew sleep.
Wake up kind of suddlnt;
Lose my i,'rlp an" fall
In th' fl-sh holo with n Bplaah.
Jut; of hail an' all.
t« ns ii,,,
f" olid.
ft-' win
(■"Hi to
0 wys
MUfiard's Lmirnciit is (lie lies..
,, ...    l">et~ next
Vl(l u'' Hie.Jews-
I'nHlr.cedV"   ■•..
perhaps ,to
-whom' any
'* Come to
fjou n "",C  t0  Thl'«*
l]al carol. f01I1« t0 embark on an
,i„?,rcer-at Washington?"
Hint |q x,n
ri".     JOUr ^ec-iUty-prose or po*
*• is one woman In a mil*
d 1)G belt
er pi
f* million'."
P1*11 "wiih «"- ■ .0<1S0(1 ,c s-»o woa ou«
[Hit hinn°tl,CP C»"r»e.
htllirn,""!0 °f t,10L son of yourn
K8; °l,S»» colloBcV" I
^tuie ,'„!'!"■?,ll!m through the Keeley
A    .'' •-. .-ri*   '1'- .*-C
"You liuve in I v .'-ii .i •*• 'V.-i\' «-i'!d
the old   family  dueler,  "am!   h
to  have settled  in yum- throat."
'•Yes. doctor. Y-m fee I can hardly
speak." said-.lhe p.-i'.i.-ut. :i vivac-ioiis.
bright eyed young woin.m.
•'Can you st.-in.d heroic trealinenl. do
you IhiiVk?" asked the dorier.
"Try mc."
. "Are you,.sureV"
"Yes.   anything  you
mustard      plasters,
thing," said slie
"And   you
voifeV"      ,.
"It's herok- treatment
'•All   rif:ht..'\Vli:il   i«  II"?''.
"Yen .mustn't isillc  for two
Tit-Bit.-".   '__;_,-■-_-	
Arcllc   CUIch.
Keai-ly   all   ca"* Norway
are in   tho
St.   Petersburg,
tianl.-v   .'ii'i-'  -'i'1 f
than either Kill
wa n t
elect ricily-any-
a brentb.
to  got   back   your
mind you;
Merely  tin  loventineiit.
"Do yon' think It was wise to giv«
away that bonnet?" be asked when told
of her generosity.
"That gift." she replied, "was an Investment und n good one."
"You will simply have to buy me a
new one now. You see my gain, don'l
you?"—Chicago Post.
hundreds   of dying people,"  said    an
old "physician at Topeka   yesterday,
"and 1  have \et   to see a living person shed a tear.   No matter what the
grief of the bystanders may  be,    the
.stricken person  will show.no signs of
overpowering emotion.    I have .*-eon a
lirclc of agoni/ed  children around   a
dying     mother—a      mother    who-   in
health   would   have   been   touched     to
tbe     quick      b.\'   signs   of   grief     in    a
child—.vet   she   reposed   as   calm    and
iin.-molional  as   though  she  had   been
niaV     of     stone.        Tbeic     is    som.-
sti-iiugc  and   inexplicable   psyeho'ogi-
eul   change     which   accompanies    the
act   of dissolution      It   is  well   known
to  all    physic inns    that    pain    disappears   a*>   the  end   iippronrho*-.       And
nature ,-eems  fo   bn\e nri-unged   it   so
that   mental   pra.'o shall  also    attend
our  last     lingering moments."--Kansas   f'itv   •luiiriial..
Situated   midst   scenery  unrivalled
for grandeur.
The most complete health resort on
the continent of North America.
Its    baths    cure    all    "Nervous    and
Muscular diseases.
Its  Waters  heal   all Kidney,    Liver
and   Stomach Ailments.
They are a never-failing remedy for
all  Rheumatic Troubles.
Tho quality standard from   Ocean   U
Ocenn.   Your money back It not   «a.t-
isfactory.    ,     -
A box of cig-ars for her hubby.
Ten to ono.they are LUCIWAS,    .
because nil ladies love
their sweet aroma.
iiAN-iTPAurniiF.n iiy
W.  N    n. Ko: 392.
■  jMatiy   a  man's  crookedness  is
to   his  attempt  to   make  both
•UunIcCiiii!*   nnd   Poets.
.' - In, grea t hi tisieians, as iil grea t:poets,
tiie.gil't of genius' usually manifests
ilseif at 'an" early ..age. Mozart,, and
Kcals are only brilliant exanipks of
what may be called a goneral law;'-,'■
Cli i-
is a
and   Sweden
i,ne  latitude  as   Alaska
Slockholni  nnd  Chris-
in    a    higlier  biii'iide
.luneaii.    Iceland
in a  re
a or
liiinly poiniliilioii
^-.».*»r,.v ."-.rssr^""
nnd In about tbe same
Well  Made.
Pure flour and pure yeast do not
Siecessarlly mean    good    bread.     It
may bo spoiled in the.making.     Just
so :   material     is    not    everything.
Prof.    W.    Hodgson    Ellis,    Ofllclal
Analyst   to   the   Dominion   Government/after a number of analyses, reports that "Sunlight Soap is a pure
and well-made soap."   " Well made
means more than you think.      Try
Sunlight    Soap—Octagon    Bar—next
wash    day,    and    you J will    enjoy
the    benefits    of    a    " well-made
soap, anil will see that Prof. Ellis Is
right.     No oae should lsa©"*r better
than he.
>'<•«•  Clinics,.   / ri\i,\   t.. III.*  U.S.
Sir   Liang   Chen Tung,  the new
ncse envoy to th.> Ihiitcd Stales,
main-   sid.;,.l   m.-ui.      He   is   thirty-
,\-..-.li-s   olil   end   'was   on", of   the
stud en is sent   Iiy  China,   beginning, in
1882,'  to   learn   the   ways   of." I-Jnglisli
s;:,eakitig  peoples.     lie'entered     Amherst,    college. ■; but    was  unable    to
graduate;, because      of   recall   by his
(..oveiiimtnt..        lie    was     an  expert
catcher- nml   pitchei'-   on   tlie   baseba
nines   at   l-hillips   and ,AiiiIi:.>i-st.      lie.
is   fond   of, society- and   is   im   'entertaining . convt-i-satioiuilist. '     It      remains  to  be seen  \\ hut her he'can'approach   lhe, retiring   Minister Yv'u     as
an    ufter  dinner.' speaker.    Sir   Liang
is a widower. :■ A . ' f
Tbe expenses of municipal government in l-rondnn Inst year were X,'.\.-
•100,000 less than those of New York.
Vlndivostock possesses the only
crematorium that has boon erected
in  the  whole  Russian  empire.
Only  4'i.    persons  took    out
of naturalization in the whole
French  colonies last year.
of the
Finding a nine-leaved "shamrock"
a farm laborer at C.ronitigen. Holland, sent it to Queen Wilholmimi.
who accepted 'the gift, and rewnriled
the donor  with §10.      •
,      A nn' !■>;»,.   rilnsjjlc.
A :.Scotchman' t raveling in 'America
was looking at-.tho slatVie 0f (Jeorge
Washiug'o-i. -"There."-'said the American who was with'him. "is a man
lhi-oegh whose, lips a lie'. iu>ver juiss-
c<!. I but. is nibre limn can be said of
any f-cott brnati."
"Xa.    I
a,    i   suppose
, l.|(' gh hi.*  i.o;*e I
was  U*,e reply.
Ocorge  wad   sjieak
i.o the rest o' ye,"
11 We supply at short
notice complete JOB
1! We sell what Printers want; Printers want
what we sell.
1" AVe carry a complete
stock of Type and Supplies for. tlie composing.
Roomy' Pressroom and
Bindery,    y,
Company, Limited.,
I7ii ."tlcDeim >   Avenu -,       Winnipeg,
of the noblest works 'of creation is the man who pays for- his paper without being-dunned.—New Deliver Lodge.   .
The fastest long distance train in
the world is run between Paris nnd
Bayonee, in Franco. The speed is
54.13 miles an. hour.
rmmi *P'!,"-*'£?*5"*^^ __^
----—-■-----=--,.,^^^--—-7-- ' . .'"* .;—.^3-JtU resort oJf».      f i   1 f d      A     111)       f? ' -*--—.,
P iLiished in Lhe interest of the people
of Moyie and East Kootenay.
j ;k i;;e^i.c,.ii",ij,]ot3 health resort" on
fine , jr.t'nci:'' oiN-,:\h America*    Sit
"i.n.iJ   midst   scenery   unrivalled   lor
mi 11
;. e > i       h
*L=J w   I   ft
£■". J. siivrn &- co.,   -
\', i.O. i.'.-i^Li: AN:> liKJ'AIJ.
KALcrox  noT\MBhrr    MEBOHAFTS,!
. .. .. . 7       I      .     - -» -^      .    I , |
j.-ji-h  ami Cured .Meals, Froali
Fi-hj G.imc  an.1  Poultry.    Wc
tlie  best.     Your
The mules  were  the List   to   Isaye
tho Pennsylvania coal nuue--   and   are
the     fjrst     to-   return.—Great    Falls'
For Getting a .Beautiful   \V.ltch  -nd/^V?™    ™7 .-"——     — J
Ch-im F-»n     v   -- -        •       i,oli-J*Nv*f faaj-ijiriwu, jtLJcyon  Hot
.Chain >_eo.-*o .uomy lAunued . b,)r:ngK; Arrow L,,;(,   :>,  c>    Kcfiideu{ |
Wii ?™' Wn™U} *°y ™ ^rl|p^ciana.,I,i...-6c, Joanne, fishing
1-the Same Opportunity under,.,,, excursion, Telegraphic coi"° '
ourV«'«". , /»M:aicai:on   with   ,Jl   uarl_.  of
In order to havo Dr. Arnold•*   >;.,<*■-- \ ':ulUl ''Xw msAk airive and   depart
Tcrnv, fL5 to   "jtJS per "weekly,
:ig   to   ir-.i'enra   in   hotel   n,-|    **"*
woi„akeil.e   folloiri.,s   most   liberal/'"^*    lis ^th ■ ;nre i.H  nervous and j Qif ,nq   r_rl       Tn-orne*
(nnt*-cular disease    Its ivateis Iical 0J1   Wtxbb   a,I1Cl •    l0W11S^
'Uclney   liver  and   sionueh   troubles.     £ BritlSH  Columbia
the oaths and v.'n.b*i-.« nr.-. . ,, ;,.A~i!,-,.i~
SATUP.DAY, SEPT.-18, 1WB.        IW, Tteta'pflh^^/.^V.ndltl'''
sui-nh*  only   tne   op;
tra Iu Solicited.
all .persons suffering irom   had   J
'< cording
f     If you will send ua you.-   name   and
address and agree to tell for us twelve
 "  l boxes of Er.  Arnold's Enc'isl.   ToWn I"-"11
rho empty coal scuttle   is  likely   t,o   Pills at 25c,per box, we will glvo t>"   =
be a more  prominent  campaign   em-   absolutely;'Free aniUTriFUL WaLiI
blem in  Pennsylvania   this   fall' than   axi> CW in either Ladies  or  GenT «
thefull dmner   pail.-SPo*kesman-Ke-   size, or your choice   of  twenty  other
view. I'ni-„,^;,i. i. __     '„ w i
air tlie   Principal
■6*«» ^ .sen lor as twelve! Tbo hliths aijd waters arc un jnvalhahle j
Arnold's FJn_:.'ish  To-ci'n I remed3" for silver aud load  poisoning |
«*&. Vj*.
1* £'M •*'**»
Represent the Strongest ana
Best Companies - in the World,
I- O.O. F.
"Wiiaey Xoclgo  Xo. 4.4.
I  I
preiiijums such as a fine set of Jewel- |Ar    ,
ry,   j-t_ng_;   Violins,   .Alandolin,    Tea ',,   ,f       "'^ Monday eveili"g in' their
con    SetS> Sal6en &kirtS' Cttm«^ otc.'   Ho'-   odd Z °r,r f,^1*    S°J°Uroi^,
con"   member we dos't wakt aw ,rr.x-r*.-   °dd 2 e,lows cordlal]y mvitfed.        '
Slocan miueowners receive  §1.-.. .
hundred for their   lead, and   the   con-. ,
Burner pays five  cents and   more   per   '"7-,    ,!" ^ D°*'T WAM ^"r :,I0^Y
     '     " * uuUl !lftef 3'ou fiel] tho pills   ami   you
don't have to sell   any   more   (ban   12
round. No wonder ihe -lead miners
think there is something wrong and
Hrnt they ate not gelling Jiuir treal-
hu-nl.—*Phoeni\ Pioneer.
The   montc lircsemo   thin^  in    the
'-'•lid is (ho man or woman who is   al-
hoxes to get the premiums. This i«
* bona fidur-ffr.//.,._„... realinhle con
corn that has given thousands of do]-
lars woilh of premiums to agents all
over   ihe   counliy.      iWion.ber  also
F. J. Smyth.
tfoble Grand.
P. D. Hope
nervous   irunhiet
V.'.'.ys  kicUng  about    somobody,   but
v.-hn j,*! toowowal'dly logo Lo tl.o party
.•io.'Oil about with  ihw cuiii].-],iiiu.    Jf
yon  have   a  giievane.i   look   uiv the
right parly  and   tclllo Ii—don't   tiiel'i  -   ,        _----,—»
everybody you timet will, your (ale   o/'i        ,  a"'1 '"e """  8J'e     '    - -
ivoc—New Denver Ledge. °        t,ruK->«la 'aud   dealers in modi-
,       r::^^::^:^;^^ I CI1]es-u all parts  of tho  world.    You
John Houston used   to  occrm-   the   v™ °",">* lo 8,iOW 'th'm  fc0 St'31   them.
mayor's chair  at   Nelson';   Uow'''when I , °1' "^ "0t offeji,1° iho P^pie some-
T^oyie   Twiners'  Union
sro. ^i.
Meats in McGregor hall n.r; Tuesday
^Agents for Eire, Life, Accident, Sickness!
| Plate Glass'and; Genera! Insurance. -'!
« Financial and Commission Agents, J3rok. &
^    ers, Notaries-Public, etc. Accountants, i
Head Office
thatDr.Arnnli,-,   Kn.gli^h Toxin   PiJU
■■ire a well known   ramody  for all   (,i_,- /''ordially invifpd to atlotui
I ' Vf JlJJ7J,
Mijouiniuj,     j:, .j^bors
^o     of   w,e   kitlr.ev'   and     W.,dder.!^::rlJ!j.vCSj!I„1J,.|
Bngh, e d^caso, diabe,,,, iluumali.mj      '     Vn„Wcnl
""" a    ,:'      «nd   jWulo    com   ' iUsUU'lU-
' hy , aJl  first
i 2g3£2!ig2.2S
'Haryey   &
rTelson;   uow   	
the city council meets he sits'with
,'hc reporlers and is jti.t a3 happy.
3-rniK.ion is a typical weslero character and lias seen many  of lhe  ups
H>ing thoy don't knoiy.    Our   watche--.'
aro tho regular stanri-ird si,:o for'Ladies
or Gsutle.nen in nickel or  Gnu Metal
Cases    with    handsome    illuminated
dials and reliable  time  keepers,  wat-
and down's , of   life.   "From, a  tourist    ,^a,s auu rehabk'  t»"o  keepers,  wat-
printer he climbed to' be mavor' of  a        ^ a-J  "°  lad-v  0r gentleman
thriving city and then as a  women-   Q-n ibe asllamed   to carry,  und   they
Native of the people in'  the  provincial I    ,,    b.SS,lt nbsolu^y Free' to all .who
,   ««rVcyj ."VrcCartcr & Vi:ikhain,
Barristers' & Solicitors.']
i >,
:   V
I    '
"'    .,
-alive of the people in" the provincial
legislature.    He-has filled  many po-
iitions between; even  tb refereeing a
Prize fight, afid acting  as   "look   out"
'or, ii   faro   game.     When   Houslun
writes he strikes  from"   the  shoulder,
nnd never  makes   a  retraction,   -Not
many years ago" a  now   pib.hinoni C.
V. Ii. official went in "to lick the editor."    Houston was "it" at  the   time,
hiui after a" short   sculiie   the  rjilwiy / ///
official was   thrown   out   t'    ' ' ' a
. F.f GUBD,   '
CRANBEOOg,   '    .' „     ''6; c
ft   ' ■■
R j '
.vuidow   and   l(UJded   in   'the    street
'uhn had won in the first round
i'sn Picture of the Premier.
The London Express*- given tn«  fol-
sell only twelve boxes of those wonderful To-sin Pills," V7rlte at once
and be  the first  in  your locality   to
earn one of ihoso  beautiful  watches
and cnairj.    As   soon   as   we receive   T tTiTrr^   -^.---." "^
vour letter or post  card  ire-will  8end|^BWlS   THOMSOIT,
you post paid   twelve   boxes, together
with  our  illustrated   Catalogue r and
beautifully   colored   card   with    your
the  raii,ray/"!raULlad^SS   on   « our  authbr-
hrougl,   the    ^.T"    Br;  in   miDd  >hat  you
'...„          ivilluotoo  asked    to   sell   any   ,-il0re
Notary" Fublic, Accountant,    COHIUSSIOX    AND
I^suitAKCE Agent.
2 .
. ""-J        'ii\/l c
than the 12 hosus and we dox't v\$x
a.nv.VOxVey until after you have   sbkl   rt-*
them.    We bear all the  expense  and   U;y      Slaving"    Parlor.
are only making this liberal offer  as a I
KnJt?t • S   ^^.f^fi   ^r.  Arnold's
^-Repaired aud Made ts?*Order.   "  '
P^.A, SMITS,!} SMoyle,
xeab MacEachkbjV & Macdoxalds.' , .
Drug and Stationery Store.
, i
7oilet- Articles
lowing   inl<.re«linK     pon    ,,„.,, -sil  o, I EurfT,' T ,T","1'ng A1'  Araold'«l
*(k-!h1 fuucii..i]_s ia London at which
h<-was the guest of bono:: lie io-
i>hcJ to the icasl oi" "Our Guests "
'.vlilcli was proponed by the Jjuke of
-Mailborough; and the diueis iloirltod
■i"m far tables to stand "u groups
vo.w iho speakei-.    They w,Jro /n anl_
present for your,elf for Christmas
A'Ulre*s aiixolo JtiiDiciNii co      '
Dept.121.   SOAdelaldo St. i-;„si, Toronto, Out
St.   Joseph's   Convent.
Niaso-sr, e. o.
CLIXjfc;. j*ro„.
Movik, B. c.
ii-d    nidi!    t
tj. -nd on-
liad   given
'-'i'"" mm.*,  und
>l   s
Hc«n J,, .v Cood Fell.,,-/"   T.ill
",!n ■•--<; «'-.iifigiii.hoj, ^iii, the ti,,-;;
j'M-ri-c  /nee  of a  priest,   th0  j",,*.,,,,
l;'Ci.soiaPoot>lh.i telling gesluK-j   of
'*'   oratwr, and   the   cf.nl   air  t,f   m-
' haniborlam, Sii   \Vilrri I   w.id   :l   )>lr..'
••"PMlu- lii-ure a3 be   8l0((lJt  v,ith ^J,
uiifl^railo wail ing for   tho   rhr-.,rs   t.o
"-'i^tde.    Ia h-hn ljis   bear.-ra  ilmIwi]
> a'r-nu    mid picture-quo   ioice,   nr>t
r-J-lj.-oud Canadian and  fova-  ,,„,,.„.
•>']*!, and a iinn of ^Vairs in   on- ner-
■^n.u-ho sfood for theii<rhta and" di^
:nl\*s°f   tho   colonies   on   one hand,
and the solid might of the   emphe  on
*he others Hi, accent, a quaint   n.U-
',«: ' of Amencan   slap d,i,h   and   soft
-■•"-H.1" iVil..ci!,>sj,..Vi«t in keeping with
■no   fonlimoni   „i    ,i„.    s,»c,;c.i,     -riu,
:«*'u ol 1S_,i.1ki.sj. v/iih -.vhich Ihe-^nsts
'»•*■/./".) *  , 1    . .. r *w'
Boarding and lj,y Sc-hool   .,o-kU-i
i*u by tho bibW-i.s (lf ,-jt   ro^.,.1, v, ,
r>      (. ., .   , • -okLim. jNo1.*,oii
Uonimeicidl     and    bu
cour-os a specialty. Excellence and
"wi.lt progress charactoaize each d-
P-ilmont. I'nronts should vvi^u fur
l>-*rtn;u!art. Unc month assured the
Pf'^c of the thoroughness of e
^i^ters'methods of teaching. (N t
term commence Sept. ist,*,   fa ua
(t"0IOl  v )
0i:irti-7cAtk ok Lvphovemjexts.
— ,
r,--» tot. n ua.-n d u-fc-renci' to   i!iuin   .,,
'my Wiq!Vi-n;;,:!r-,i;1:il,.   w^-sitj,,;.]'
.. 'tas.noivin.ilip^u-eiii in whicii
ni* Vilfrid i, JJ3Jd ,„ the mother
Harvesters   em
,     NOTICE.
"Sui.dsorractional Mineral UrAn,, ,itltPtc In f
■.VhoroUH.nh.il.-oh Sulliu-u hill
-. -«u. ii Gij'.i,, aifciit for  Oh, s. C. J.v.irt-l!   rroc.
J..K J Wer fur a Curtlflcnic „    IiV ,movtm^, l "
or tho Durpo-o cf obtilillil);: (l Cs(///^
tlie- fibovo chum. 0J
And n,rthor til_0 _otico Uiu,
action i„ must bQ commence-,] b.-fon* .he  „' ,
•M^ofsuohcertilleatoonm prove mn.-t*        "
»«-<■■" Il"ll2"-C'(liiy of A.ii:„st,PJ0A
P  ii   CfifiTf
w- fl. roulc
^iuo   Suiting,    OvLMvoatiug
Trousers,   Imported    Goods.
atencila, price markers, priming
■vneeis, numberins machines, band
dating JlIld niJmbcriug atgni.^   cbcck
Penorators. rubber type,' printing
presses, etc, etc.
VAKiCOl.-VKH, 11. o.
and o -  ' [
- Embalmer.
Graduate of Champion College oi the
United Stales. Upholstering and geii-
eral furniture repairing. ' Ofllce and
".lore, Aiken's block, near Canadian
Bank of Commerce. Telegraph aud
mail orders promptly attended to.
_   -JUS*  „.
Che^iist and i)ruggisi
~l^^"ttcac>P^«*i^e*^^ 1
erter, Porter am
auality notrexcelled in the country.   Try it and
.be convinced.
Ai -^s ww-  -K«t\   -.-- -.»•«_ .  . *     •"- ,
Sept. 29 and 30
TO ,
2.^.^.^..^..-.,^^  . - — »i*uisiH;i)i,i in;
liltil'isil COM lllil \    V!/
fh."-i,  i
- V.n ] . I
Mi^IOllAL ACT 2S".').
'.'OJL'.i   jv.j
v li.   UK
BAlJCMCii,        JCxvitysS     A.Vn      (i.?NK"l/.I
— *' '" fC'—J   >
From llosshmd, Ifelson, etc.   Corres-      - -^     \u.  ^
Ponding reduction,*  from  all MacKenzic,  Proprietor.
m     . y   ;rti0nfi" '       rhe H°tei f°r the   masses-   Everything First
lOUHSt   Sleeper    Service!      m ever^ respect.    Sample: Rooms for
■ Commercial Men.
AOxrlE, ^ ... .   ,_ ,
'i '
'" (,) -I,
1   -    I   -nn   .,
ll>    I
"0   Dun -..or...
•C:L Tan!.
'iml Sal;-,- : '
JniicUcn   daily   f
l-.-r- ■ ^-r.r-r.
11 lor
I'.il   I.
''(       I !.(
* .1
p. .Ji t I    -I'CUlJfy.        •:
c m. i-Kf,  |v-   ontaiiHjd
•-"''V -hoe T.i_>; .vine;,
l^g.    The   tinu;    for    n-dernption   01
^:.--.-.-hnoo lags has been  ealoiilled   to
VI Ji J.
: n ',
l    i    ;
i , - i:
f... t,i
' -. i tii, t i. i;,.,
.'.' i->, ''..;. d! f.,i .
-ilii.C -llr;   „-i.
I".'- ilitt,   1.. ,,■
'■t ; lor a >' .-, <
I'.-i'j*'- c r (,,,'  ,   ■
'? f ii
i  1
•i:fi).-c tll0.ii;,S|,.-
I..:     i>.)M-cli.nTii,
Aii'l !nrl:hor,tukc,   no'ticc,-  ;!in|
scctioii ;;r, niii*:!. he eo:,iir,;-:!.( ^  „„,,,.,.
ance of siich Ccrlillcntc. ,,f \^nyyrW ,
bfttix.1 this 2Liiicl day of Aiiku,^. i;)(,:
''HAP. (,-. KA);Pi?'i't'-
'  J'cr Tllds. 't, i-icvirni.    I    '
■ *■"■*-'** - iii-,-Agijiit
i J UJ --ylU' l,' ii,< c. /,*'
:-;!0/i?r :.,:
tnB-.]'oi':(,ni,! -'i
iC i«*isrnai1 tj,'i;ui(
' A^; Moyie Bre
- ■ t.
., i
„.(r rii p
;.'< vcMo
'-[•'i In.
. >• 'r>,.'i
,,»*,r, I'p-M,    -.*,-,
I     '   tltl( i
•'-!.. "J j.
ii.ough tickets lo   K;,;
1   '■•'•«"{;«   -.-
iiit'Mit i;1(.
w«-'ry,. Slovio.
i-i);ointj   at   lowi-iiL   rateu.    i^or   full|oO({a
».".rtir«laro apply to local agents,
G. Hinier-Ageiit-, IVIoy/e.
3  C/.RTTJR,   '   -    ,;:"      ;K.j. C0VMC;
.WIfil.,-PflK:«. Afft,        ,'      »ss.Ui;u  _pJ
Vfiiiooyer, Cr.mjjfoo^
:!'•!  »{<jrjTfi",.Vr   ;;;.'i ■?;,";'    ftp. ■fl*--^
■:''"""   ■     ■" "; '■* ■ ^   *-2 '-'.■'^SJ'ij'i-ii;-''
,?; ;     '^-.^VX'<--^*'; *"   :   '
\    ''//}/'AhZ0tr^c' a i ■
'' L- Vf'/V '       ^of-'Y^i^it: rn -"-'■
*(!/ .tin '.-.irllllf; 11 •.U.'.rtll i.lld ilOIHllll-'' '    '"'"
.riii.-kly ,,(.-ic.-:i,|,(,|!i our OfiiViori f.oi! wi..-i.n.-i' "'-
IHV.'t.llrlM   i.l l„,,i»..„l,!-f V„,i,.„c„l,l,,     r-,iT,[!r,lt,l,f !•
~S:'j^*S:*-.-.-j-c^i-t*. .-
.." A;'Pr0st,-■
.',    ''h()trtj:(i'ii.p)]c.,i
Bloyio,    JP.oi-t s.tooj'«; '
fV - i,u,:.v.y .•(.•ic.fl.dlll   OUr OpIIilOCI
),>'.'"r'. n.':»."l -1        avudli'in i;> \imhnbl? vtti.i'Mu
-".i- (J-; .'.Ui.ji ,   t!""*:'.iri.-!ly <.•niilldciitl.il. H.-uuh...,...,,.. - ».	
-*,».,.-Jl '        ' '• ri,V'(-.''«<"• I'MciM nKOiifty i't.ir-n<ic1.irir*sr l»-H*"-'"■',■ „
.-.*,»«.--•_-,»-,  ,        r„t0lll..|   tlllKjii _t;hrcillfd)   JIlHllI   <<i  CD, riM-'M"
VJ'-l      Mj'illll'II     llw..     -       -
111.!-,' paU-ill-i'l-.l.-.    <7*>7.-cir.it/-i.'■
 ulliookon (Vii.-'i'--
j.-inoiii.H iiiKun tnmuttii jsiiiiiii <v, (
H'er.ial notice, vvll.liout cliitri-o, in tlio,
** \jr


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