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The Moyie Leader Sep 26, 1903

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■-■*SJ-.'K  .^bV
P;   ll'llf   ,,'■
'■(fS ■' fi-'S?-
111 i':'l-'l
3 a5*.vif'W--3    l*-i      5*p3.  ',   iji,
5■•■■&?• SSf  S'S   s*t     ?
roK$° 2;T;
;.--3;=.i.t;--Cr=;^  ^.'*^^-;^-bv''-.-v^'^•,'^■^.-^-■• ^"'^ v*- '•-•" >~.v, idii. 11 LKb   Hi M , fT  f A I •
' , ' '* 5
' „ -•'
•A a ,
',-iV   i
' r, •.) e   C
S'w t-s ' fA
-V.O m/ ft. G„ S£.PTKMBER,26, 1903
t V,iin,3  .'LU ly  (he    i(.'!l.-;    ,/'   ih,.
i'"0-.b.iiii'„„.-] r. p, joir.oti-.v j-bipinsr-r,
_ -it-.-raubr^ik ilmtT. ?'. 'bibb'"rtbb
";,';*, ".'j ■ vbioJly 111 iTrv,r ,,,.,] ^^ ,,,..„_,,-],.
,".y, i ori .e.-l by  PiKm,'   7,"iIK.-
~" ^   i    The irowt  enthusiastic   meeting ii:
-iZiir.d   ;,;o
-'rf-'h. ?.!r. C.
.  ci.p-niru--
st  idei-ipb).'
en, and  three ,
'•Upp'-.rti'i= were    on II i, I
X  j ,>''''* il'id tilei;- -iyi-U.;;,.., r/jiiJd  *,,,,    p,, !       §
Witiad,^   Th-rroi''.n..  3k,  biii   -,obed   the! $
bp_- bo.'it'.in. nb i.-F only live   c;r:;i:.e-r-;  out! j*:
> -i.    bA.b'i'.'i!   ',   LiboMl :iii<1 .'uiip-' l]i
" ■'■ i ' '. Dr. bins-, ,u.d t:,c-  P-i-.r" w.151 jg
■ ri\{".< Un   t.Po -(.p.. pu.-po-.ebl.'f ,,^,|b;i .      '   ""'
d:,'t'-.P cay-lb
M .D.ahPe;,   I pt.yr.b  o L--.,!i i,i!o
.,!*') -.-Pill i.   in    lt    -.n-Lbt    „e.-;\'[,tlllp
j ii-.in:ii..:i .;, ;. padhiicii Joe Marti.i.
:! now d't;Pp.i iho iio.*t- by ::a\ big
..li-.I lu-«(...-■ in bli.juk lli.'A "J;.b i-
Pti.'d lor Lhe Ictdorbp., -,r >\jf. \A,h"TA.
' Labormp ni'ji), yon iaive now an
i)pportun,ity to pat a man from your
own ranky in the lojpslatuie, at Vic-
l-.^ria, arid it is up to you to' take ' advantage of it,. Mark your bult'iU on
'.hdobei ^.>rd for Thos. L'aven.,
A. ri. tiooi'eve,  C6:ice"r\.'.ii'
M   |inM,e   I.O.O.V.  hell   lust   Sattuday
|j   ] evening.    SUnding   room   \y.is   at   a
c J
'i^^s^^s^^^m^^^^^^s^^^s^j^^s^s^Si^ ^ssssisBKaaasalf]
. J. H. KING
.-(Into for  Kosi-luii'f,   bas   been   niaeJo  a
'Paid Up Capital: $8,700,000. \
Reserve,   ",   ■- 8,000,000.
Dorrwils Uoceivcd.    Present JUie of'interest a per cent
IliHBiiilfl:; BliWCH-       ' ' FlCa
"CranbrooK, Sept. 21st, 1903.
Editor Moyie Leader: Eegarding- the letter
wndi-|in. the Cranbrook Herald'. of the I7th under the
heading* "Engineers Explain," Signed by TV S.
Gill, Secretary, wherein the inference is giyen
that members' of the B. of L« E. a,re opposed to
Mr. Oaye'n, we, the undersigned locomotive en-
• pollingpi«ce. 'a. v. Sutherland win gineers at Or'anbrook take exception to the, a.r
member of J'r'unijr ^r«jI3riJo'*-« yabinet,
lie lake,-;■ tin,- portfolio' of ^provincial
socr.eiiry and niitiifter uf   educalioin
At the election iu Moyie next Sutur-
D. J. J"'!iner"-j-.lore \vill   bo  used'bid   a
! be deputy  returning  oflieer, (and  Ed
'« rf>, £M*
Ijcpai Estate, Commissi on, Insurance and*|
| ' Financial Agents.   Brokers. ^
Only tiwSironp^A^dMorb   riebnblc   ■"*
^bnilii:     ?-i)•■-•*i -;    t'-J**^-1-
!>'iird bee yill bo hi a clerk.
Thc Conservative committee rooms
arc now open every afternoon and
evening, ami vb-itois are always wei-
if Ab,
:,|Mi.i.-.-    ttepreji'-y.ledi.    bimnc
II, at otil'-e*
MOYIE, S. C. p
c-*.*j-_r»^- *
r\prJAVL, tAulhcrimn
(WPI'lAL, Ct'-U'-l   tip)..
)? I ,OdO,000
^ i
tide, as it is MISLEADING AND . UN AUTHOR-
IZSD by the B. of L. E,   as a body, ■ It is well
known   that  labor organizations-; or unions,
! especially the B. of L. E., as an order, or union,
The .Liberals win hold a meeting; do not take any part in politics.   Mr. Gill?s  ar-
in.ho.baii^hiy^euu),. | tible is not in error whe^ fee says, in effect,, that"
NeWM..:,t.n.irket.* i^g gf of L. E. as a body has  taken 4no «part
?,Ie.-=-b-.   Ibiiri**   .'c  yTnPiPP   of  Crar---, ', . j -
b^uicbaveeM^Kb. a m-at maiket m! whatever in p&.rty poiixics or giver, any prom-
tbe j-\rrc» bWicmd are .--oiiciun.^ »| iscto supi)ort Mr. Caven as* a body.   Mr. Gill
! was simply overzealo'us in the, interest of the
I candidate lie favors, But we;'locomotive engi-
ineers at Cranbrook, as individuals believe that
IMr. Caven'will best represent our interests, a's
;he is a member oi: organized labor, and in case
j'of his election would'safely guard our interests
; in the legislature.   Therefore, we bespeak for
ia;:    Tuesday  evening   was  in   every j ^jjjx your eameSt-SUppOrfc   aiid VOte.
share Of the public patronage.
0. .1.   J dii)-on   his   intnni'5 !  homo
fr wn hi-i .-.'Hii-neiA ,,>uti.-i^
Jolici    i?!.i(.'h burn   v. .1-1   do-vpn
from Kin.beiloy on   a 'visit, for
Tiic, d nice   pA  tlie   K-u'eaay   hulel
HPPP OiTlcE,TOKOnO•   9^^^, apd   Gen. M.,:.
T.b MKKRlTT.Preb.    V*' W MO^*T Chiol Insprcor.
P II s b   Visual Gen. Manager.    W.MUi    .   »,
v,*.iy a success.
A. li. Trw-o o.' .•fpukiint'  i3  -p-endir-;
| a few days in town and i-J   stcp-pinj;   nt.
*}• : tho Kootenao .
? j     The- w^ter in the bke
i • >0   C u. t.
7ljs"^VV"KTMJiXt--Ii>,*«-rt'sirt1Uivri-d au deposit.
,   ■      11 ■      ,.      r   r.n. ..?.'     bulled   fAa-le:   unt.
-Pd, nvtbbvblo in idl   l'-ui?   in   (.iitJ.oi!..     A^-^-
'. *,*„:,- iVentioti given io. celled ior.J:.
""^  p, Hi MARSH, Mimagor.
,   ......   .-..-■-.   ■:.* vh'ii^i  ^v-i----'-*1-
■«.- -**- *--- -^\Ti:--3
T.'V V, . b.   PA,'OS   b.A
Tin    11 ~j;.'bru.   rf.::ulay   Schcol
.tvp.{ fe-sula: st-niccs   vbii be combined
y ; iu •'* ipeoi.ii inven   .erviee  g;i  J.-r.n..f,y
'   l   v£i\W.£ A. i.u hii;l.    Ab nb
s    1
C" TO 1.1,'
¥7 alter Edwards,
Ben. Xvlurgatroid,
Ohas. Mag-ee,
A. Jar dine,
l-T. A3 Ohaput,    ,   -
J- H. Casla&e,
33. Gr, Brown,
.J, M. Robertson<
rf—~7* 1" "Si     J
:? s^i'V-v
 „.-, „,r-r-*«.*«*
W. Neil.
E. G. Ruiiley,,'
W. A. E,ose,
John Fennessey,
Ol?.as. Yeandle,
I, T. Sarvrs.
If. Boyal,
D, Drain,
*..£        *      3--? r-: --"*. r* 17*
ly. Muni'oe.
piemiurn a:id tlio cr^v.-d v.'ti;
paid, close attention to tho ppea'-ier
Thfjr_oJ^'ore a uuod nuiribi-r' cf Indie.-:
oru-ent.' A. IA >Licdon-j.Id, president
(if thc ?.loyie Coi.sprvritP,-o ..-socin tion,
oflii'iated as ch.iirman and introduced
i Jio diiTorent .-jpertkers. .Berfidod the
ohairman on lhe platform were Tho.?,
daven,, • W. A, tSIncdouald, F.J't. Simp-
-•■.n, A. VP..Si:tbev!,'.n.b I>. ,J. I'Amor,
1','d JiiP. and F, .1. Mmylh.
When Isfr. Otveii io**o lo spe-ik he'
wa-: yretled with a hearty applnuao.
Mr. Caven i.s a plain, eassy speaker, lie
did not talk at' any "real . Icirgth or
pluiige into tlie dcep-fr issues, prc-
■.eriin^ to U-avo those in the hands, of
Mr. ?,Iacdon:iid, who war. to follow him.
tie explained bow be o.iir.o, to enter
the nice, mid wlial he would if elected,
and there was little doubt in.his mind
but be would. He had beeu%aresidenL
of the district since 18(}8 aud thought
bid reputation would hear close inspection. He spoke well of Dr. King
nnd said be held him in high esteem
as a. physician and gentleman.' He
coiibidored,, however, that he was more
closely allied and hud more, in common with tlie working people 'ot the
district than the doctor did and was
therefore more entitled to' their support in this election. When be finished speaking he was lite rally, deluged
with the bouquets which were showered
upon him by the ladies who were present. A handsome bouquet was also
presented to Mr. Mncdn'nidd of Nelpon.
A. YV. Sutherland, principal of tbe
Moyicsehool, made'a neat speech in
which he ' eulogized the difibrent
pi link-* in tlio Conservative platform.'
and-wound up by painting a ludicrous
word picture of tbe two candidates in*
pue con Ies i.
An invitation had been extended to
Dr. Kirie, the Liberal candidate, to be
present, but it was impossible far him
lo be th'^ro, so his, place"- was filled by
F, E. Himpson, who spoke fur the allotted half hour. Simpson knew bo
wild up against a bard proposition.
but b" waded iu and did admirably
well under the circumstances. He
received a good hearing, and did not
.-*ay nnvthiiiK that offense could be
talk en to.
\V. A. Macdonaid   K. C.; of  Kelson,
! was the last, speaker, and was   the- star
i oi tb.e evening. Macdonaid is a strong,,
j t'urci-able speaker and   had  everything
l hi-j own way from   beginning   to  end,
| lie handled both Dominion   and Provincial politics with   case,   and when
somo   of the   local   Liberals   tried   to
' "butt iu'; and tangle him he  disposed
of'them one by   ono,   in   short   order.
He    considered   AIcBride  thoroughly
competent man to nave  at  tho  head
I oi a-Tail 3;  a.-vd   I bought   ho must be
! .-.early right when u • il eral lieutenant
ior er.P.c-i   unor.   a  Conservative
a-Tc*wir»^u.B '-~- -~-^»-—.-  .^«.^..-.—,...— —^^
'D'e* *j'., .I2«icc!i'-,
G. A. Kin.-; at: 1 bis men are g.nt::H.
Vi.tt't-.s lEi'Bri.-tci-t'e!.
in take tlie   k-atl.
I.ilei.i1* o: the d:.
! Mi-
IIt-   .cookc   ol  thc
ir.ee and of Josepk
in,   whom   b.e   en'pivalicaily  de
clared would bo lender   in   ct
cn\:nnioci:, "..--
Ay; i^ales, Perfect Protection,   Before Inswing
Crtmuare Ow Rates.
i , - ■• /       i x *   .
a Abu waijb. raiytlViiig, skvU^a ,-^- -
.•ii'j very nicely   with   their
I'-olIowiiiT pro lhe nuir.bor of   '.(Uers | got ^nto power.    He .-aid tbat  Martin
v;xi not dead : that bt* v,-a-; tlie l.veliest
n the
he* i
I , , .      .*' I l,'i , ,rr.*i ;\
LU v-      *_, I »      — * L» ^ *- .11.
ii~n b*-t
rhev ; C'ii-.nbi'jjA riding
iii.-h Colt'.ivl
l. U-'UlV
,'b   will   be  inalailed   this:
. tion, ne::t ^ati-rday  October L-iti
va-v ; M:i'-donald   spolre   at   leivjlb    on   thc
tdec ' lend tarAb'uesLK.n  and tbat it 'vas tho
.mieobed tanP. and not a   bonus   that
b.'!, and  v.bL'ii   \\ns is completed   they
will rep.'i." ':•'•
Perl  ;:'teeP
.he piY pie v.'.tnlt-o,
Thre-;   olicir1,  vr:":   gi on   for  Mr,
Ca-oi; and liie '>."-
>*  a... jC*. • v"J*i.   * -ri
.|;o  mi:::-
'.-.-.  ?:.:\i\ .■-.-.v.-.'O i\: A..c . !.\
Tiiore is yet   a  chaiKe for ; yrjrv3. ,pc
be;;,,';' O'pcucd   Lei"or?  anew ] y.Audii'.;-.
i It van and
,' id
b<'-' Ca-'Oi; and liv:'J'\"--e:',..,i!:vc party, and
i'jo! lhe meetinp va-* oh so.! -\ith the  slog
r.«!~" "»•«»*"
t'.v.-^    |i',|"   I t^Tt?" fc*l     .   M    d
-""■'"■sl T
' .- 7. v ' ._ w-<.>.,• J"      ' ti ,'.-•
. jjJSF^- 1
p. bKSA.UX.'NtTi'.t Jt)'-<>3'
lyubo spmplc lOuin ::>_
with botboforcnnina-viyai
'Of accommedabour:,
.' i
riie.latedt thing in   -.
. "Boots; -.'atiid" Sh"o.esv
• flats and. Caps; ■
.'.' 11-,   '  .. \l>  TAltii'! . I
Tbe lead   tari'T question   is   :tiil   a ;
..i'b'.u-Ming issue iiiA.'ritiob Columbia. g,U ,
I woo ib'arPVand not :y.l.!Oin.s   that- was i
;a>Ped.fyr   from    iii?'  Liber-.yi   ^dyorn- j
1 irbn..,    Livti,   ihe   people 'were   lt:rned ;
.  .ii.
'/ i
* ■*■  i
i 0
('.■ii l-'.i- e the King.'
f. <-     V
y ' :;iver
iatey for
 ';.Ae;tiyi and Mo'risM'"   'v.r-   threatened
' -~') ■* I this week, bo.t    an   -aiiiieabPc   adiust—
; ment ol tb.cir grievances^ was made.".
There".was another big rock, elide  at
b   tbe
l,,Tiii}k V/ednoedav. mnrninr, bui- fortc-
! 1
lioi;   iiu:<ac.cb.
?rs ! iiomirji.' ck-c!'.;o:i ..for  -y. Ayproseybtivfl  i nate-b'. no. damage was bene,
and all depending o:v tno   nu;n:ip  in
Auslry realbc full well tli.il ii  tbey e:;- | f/{^/^/
at, the  ..jCgibbni.e   Assyni.bU',   Ay  the
Pbanbrook    P'loeloral b-istrici   are   as
-r^*—^r, ,,u.„jc-
nomas   Jbomiid
sxor- AT THE
^biquppters for' Conlmonciai- n»t« Wl'nmH
f.v; :'
^, I
.•.,**l i
'ii      5
Sirocenes, ■ &^
««k>»:. /."i-'iiiii!],. _
'piacfcaciiem *s
"That lh3   silver-lead- mikislricc  of \
the troviucc be fostered and, encour-:
•iced' by   the imposition of  ir.crenscd |''-    _  %
tusfoms duties ou lead and lead pro-. .Aev; \ohk—bar saver, „,.;
dti'c.la impobed into Canada, and that , po:u]. AIM"}. Cupper'. -bU.To
'PeConservaiiveiuemhorsof thcDcm- ; ,-SPf,itR^, $587 A
;inioi,,Ilou,c be prgal to-^W^ *">;!-    Lo^d^Leacb bil 2a. bd;.
!<)0tio:i mtrodiiceii foi-toUcli a purpo.oe.   I     :   .
;, pi;i;.,    ''"RAH^BOOH
'(■P.iod ;e.io:n.-. good   tabby and pp.r.
and first ciasi aumtiio roonie.
•fl^vi ♦^X^X-fr&fr^E-^
', i
', .,
II. 1
A ■'.!.'
<  vi*
I '.'".-',
.,,1  .   li
. i»IS":
'i P
i .
Author d "The Cunmaker of Moscow/' "The For-
fcuaacs of Cocttui," "The Shadow of the
G«28©fcine,*' E*c, Etc.
S   **/0.9
i   iu.
^ '
"That    is    a    question,    my    child,
which 1 will not  directly answer.    If,
as   wn      suppose,-  your  foster-mother
has died  intestate,   and  no  hens  appear,   L   shall   administer   upon       ihe
estate  under  directions   of  the  court,
and   I   am  sure you   will   be  carefully
and   tenderly   considered.   ' You   have
lnm'o  than   the  claims   of   a  servant.
IL   is   in   evidence   that   Madame    St
t.'Jair  regarded  you  as   her  daughter,
and  we  have  no   doubt   that    she intended   to leave ymi very much  if not
tho   bulk   or" her" property. ,    So,       if
your  claim  is  alone*  opposed   by    tho
commonwealth,   tho   court   may    find
, pood* and sufl.cieiit reason for making
ample provision in your behalf."
''But," whispered Christine, "if
heirs appear—"
•'And establish proof of kinship,"
said Adams, "there can be no a 1 tor-
native. But, even then, you might
present a claim'for services rendoied.
1 should feel justified in allowing- a
sum that might make a sung little
fortune in itself." • ,
Christine- thanked him, and'suffered
him to pass on.
Later in tho evening, raid Wa\-
brook.camo over, nnd sat with Chns-
line in the little drawing-room where
they had passed their happiest hours'
of life. They talked over the whole
matter, and Christine related what
the  administrator   had   told   her.    "
"But, my love," cried Paul, "you
have no cause for alarm. Let the
wtirst come, and what can it amount
to"' Kupposo you never get a penny
of this property, have not 1 enough?
Do you think I could love you " less?
If you do,  you do  not know mc."
"But, Paul, there may be more of
evil in this than we can See. 1
iviiow your lovo—how .pure and noble
it is- but are you your own .arbiter
in  this matter?"
Paul drew back quickly, and his
face  flushed.
•AVhat do you mean?"
"Forgive me. dear Paul.    1 do  not
fear  without,  a   cause.       Your   father
did  not  regard  me  kindly   this  evening.   ■ All „    the    others  were   friendly
and   sympathetic. He  alone       was
cold and formal. At the last, ,he
passed by me almost as though ho
did not know me. Have you seen
hiua since?"
'''No. , He sent for jne as I was
coming out, but I was on my way
hither, and did not answer the summons."
did not seek his aid.
Hon    Nathan AVaybr.ook  Intel an  in-
1 crest    at   slake,   and   he   was,   moreover,  amply  qualified for the  work of
investigation,  hut.'his pride stood   in
his ivn.v.    Had  Christine been  a  legal
heir,   so  that   the  investigation iiiielii
have   1-o.riin   and   ended  with   the will.
he    would    undoubtedly have  enf.'icei
into       the  work:   but  lie  saw   plainly
that   the   very   first   stops,   of   opposition—should      opposition    bo    maile—
would  he to question the maiden's inherent  right,.      This   would   bring-  tho
• ruth  to thc surface,  aiid  it   would  bo'
published   in   nil   the  papers     of     the'
day    that    the     son  of Hon.   Nathan'
Waybrook had been afiiaiioed     let      a
nameless foundling,   and  thai   ho,   the
hoiiornbhi parent, had boon willing to
sacrifice blood to wealth.
Of iho household there wore none to
help. Old Hagiir had followed Toin
to tho silent: shore;, anil Lora was)
alone left to bear, her young mistress company. But Lora could do
not him.' toward lifting the \uil that
darkened the future. She had sceii
two old wills destroyed, and kneyw
thiir    Madame    Rachel   ■ had   ordered
■";;•;; 'Ta7'^ 'Sb^r- ,,;,",;■ b*o«o«*o«>»co«»o«o«>
boon sent to summon the two work-j O
men from lhe garden, but she could j §
not dei-laro for what they had 'been i <£
.summoned, nor did she' know , that.'P
they had been admitted to Rachel's I £>
presence She had only conducted } <£
them io an ante-chamber, where,Mr. j ^!
Halford   had  received   them. 'o
.lohn Downey,' tlio gaidener,  was ob £
account' only so" far  as "he threwT      a : <£>
very uncertain  and  misdirecting glimmer  upon  the .disn pneai mice of  TChen . .       ,
Sanders and Seth  Davis.   He told of!     Half waF between the fort and the > them curiously
the    coming to  his  cot  of  two' men j Arizona border lies-LindeH's Rest.    It
who     were    engaged    in  looking- up : is a low wooden building, dull vellow
hands for a great, work' out West.
KOY.1t MIttS, water powef,  Flour      4,500 Hbl».
iiLKXOKA MILLS, water power, Flour      £,G00 nhl^.
CITY MILLS, water power,  Corn Products      8,000 tibia.
WIMXIPEO MILIS NO. 1. steam, Flour  3,000 SShU.
WINNIPEG MILLS NO. 8„ steam, 0«»t Products    .._ : '.  300 »bli».
r.                                                ' .———_
TOTAL DAILV CAPACITY      15J.30O ftbln.
FOKT WILLIAM MILLS (under construction)  3,000 Bbls.
Head Office:
The Company own and operate, in addition to the above mills,' 100 elevators., distributed throughout
Manitoba and the Northwest, having a storage capacity, of 3,500,000 bushels, which, with terminal elevators at
Winnipeg aud Montreal, and including a 56o;ooo bushel elevator under construction at Fort William, give lhem'a
total storage capacity of upwards of 5,500,000 bushels. '
C. R. HOSMER, President; Director Can. Pacific Ry. Co.    F. W. THOMPSON, Vice-Pries, and Man, Director.
Vice-President Bank of Montreal. Gen. Mgr. Bank of Montreal. Pres. Merchants Bank of Canada
W. A. BLACK,        -    ,  -
Western    Manager,
«     3y   IJZOLAl
Copyright, 1902.'  by T. C.  MeCluro
, months when he wont away, it seoru-
;,od belter, you know. lie was so
! young, and he thought ho could make
! n fortune out here. I guess lie hasn't.
;' though."
j Lolita" laughed. It was comical to
i think of I.lndcll making n fortune or
■ anything else. It was growing dark.
i nnd already a few couples had made
1 their appearance and passed indoors,
j with a gay greeting: to, Manuelo's
j daughter.    The strange girl  looked at
Life is a riddle that, evert,
son  of us  must, 'give up.
A   man   talks   to  amuse  ,,i|,
a woman talks to amuse h-i-,
"Don't fear-opposition from my father,"  said   Paul,   in  reply  to   Chris-
'1 tine's   words,     "If   my  father—-'"    But
he will  not—he dare not."
After a pause,,he arose and walked
to and fro across the door. He was
evidently talking a full estimate of
his father's character.
"Christine," he at length said, sitting down'once more by her side,
"my father has given his .nsent to
our union. Neither you nor '1 was
responsible for the cause which influenced him then, nor can responsibility be laid to our doors in this pre-,
sent case. If ho withdraws that consent,   I   will   marry   you   without  it."
"Paul!"    '
' 'I am resolved, darling. No power of earth shall separate us?"
Christine, who loved him so deeply
and so devotedly, and who felt that
her all of life was bound up in him,
could only rest her head upon his
bosom. Yd he had not lifted the
burden from her heart. She who
must, if.siifl'ering came,  bear the pas-f
"And I think,'" he said, "that they
offered Sanders and Davis-great pay.
At,   all   eicnis.   Ihe.v   said   that    good
like .tlio sun biUed plains around," and
there isn't even a cactus sprout to cast
a shadow near it.'
Yankee farmers, who knew how .. to | Saturday night nt.Lindell's is a thing,, i
work, were in great demand to" fill j to dream of evermore once one haa j
the places of directors and overseers, j lb'ed through it-—the crazy,, witching j
I" fancied 'that mv two men bit at j Mexican music; the dancers with their j
tbe bait, and as they wore under \ lithe, southern grace; the violet smoke- ;'
i-ontract with me for the season, the   '
It is the dance." said Lolita shortly,
j resenting the amused surprise in the
; other's eyes, -She would show- her she
I was not afraid to speak his name as
1 she had. "Al-iain. he like to dance lots
with me."
"Yes?"    The stranger looked at her
kindly.'    "I dp not wonder nt it,    You
are a dear, with those big brown eyes.
And the other—does lie dance too?"
Who--Tod?    No. no.    tie is not'one
chose to slip off on,-the «l
.*„..-,    .. ..mi,, ci   „u un,,,^otoci im   everlasting  cigarette-and   1
not   (jiiilo   a   weeks   wane*,   wore    due       .*i , -, .,
to   th'* missing   mon,   Madame   flachel i  , ^ ™S se™^cn th* su.
rings cm-Hug over alj; Lindell himself,,; bit  Mko   jAmlo\l    He  is   still  and  all
wav off somewhere.    He never care to
....   ■    ..              ,     ,      ..        .                 I tall and thin/ with his happy eyes and
Unco  it came to be discovered that ! ,„.„,.,„..,;„„.  ,. „*,„■ .„„,,   /ol|fa_
mmer L.ln-
| deil came to San Luis; a slim Mexican
.... > in-;        1 nuu        till-'!)      WCl'klv, -To)-,1  ;   , , ■    -       	
lWiiey's  hypoth.-s).-   seoined   eniii-T. ■ girl,, with long lashed., teasing eyes of
consistent,  the   more -~o  as he t'oiti'i-    velvety brown and dusky hair curling
, opinion witn  the f.im-ips wl i'-l;
liis-c>wn , pi-O'iidi.-es, ho had niag
around her small, piquant face.
Lindell    was    merely   a    gentleman
cc|  hi-
fi .-111
; if'od   into .f.w-ts.     And  so  thi*-    e-'"- , tramp in those davs, one of the crowd
°^St"n:Ce,'.^hich' ,Ubd?r  n*s'id   Sl'ru-   of boys who drift"here and there' once
the spirit of the gypsy is upon them.
tiny, might have led to grave sus
picious in, other directions, .was, in
the end, passed over as oi* no material  consequence.
Only one other person remained
who was at all interested in, or cognizant of, the merits of the en.-.e. and
that was  Caspar  Hugo.
We      would    not  forget Paul   W'uv-
accomplishing nothing, caring' for
nothing, but happy and true hearted
and quick to lend :i helping hand when
a call comes. He and Tod Xorris cani"
down together, with plenty of grit, but
neither cash nor credit, except at the
low. yellow half way house where old
brook.     But his inteiest was not of a t Manuelo kept ORen inn with his daugh
kind   to   be considered   nuclei-  the  cir- ' ter. Lolita.
Constance-;.        J.foreover,      his   father
would    not      suffer  him  to  interfere
Once  the youth had-ventured
the  declaration   that  he  would    take,
thc law in the ca&e upon his own icb
sponsibiliiy.     Ordinarily,   .Mr      Waybrook,    senior,      would    have      been
Those things happen of themselves—
moonlight on the little rough veranda.
Lolita singing 'comical little snatches
of American songs in 'her soft, broken
English, under Lindell's tutelage, with
her small brown lingers playing lightly
wroth at  such  a manifos'.tti m  of/ii-| 011 her mandolin:
iol dbrespect,  but in the present  in- ' "I can't tell why 1 love you, but I do-0-0:
s'ance  ho  lCgardod   it  simply    as    an .There   lolta   girl   in   town   so   sweet   liko
ebullition  of precocious obstreperous- «y, UI°"°'
lies*-,   and,   with   an   ironic smile,      he!       ?ut lh«e som,ethin? I can't tell.
asKod       tho  young   man ' how   old
was.      Paul     guessed that ho lacked
two   weeks   of   being   one-and-twonty,
I        S.-erti to hole nu; in it spel
I can't toil why J lovo you, but  I do-0-0.
sive  part,  had   no  strength    of    willland  tho reflection came crushing  up
but  to  endure.        She   had read  her  -
doom   in   the   coldness  of  the  father,
and though the impassioned vow of
hot- lover was grateful to her soul,
she dared not accept it as authority.
Paul, when ho made the vow, had
not entirely considered the power of
his father's will. Vet he had spoken truly—he had spoken from the
uttermost depths of his heart; he had
sworn only that whicii he had resolved to fulfill. He could not then
realize to what depths of misfortune
a war with parental authority might
Had there been parties at hand of
Madamo Rachel's kin, or had there;
been even one strong man, with
e-ool and level head, deeply interested
enough to demand and pursuo investigation without fear or favor, many
incidents connected with the closing
days of th« deceased, and especially
connected with tho matter of tha
will, which were now suffered to pass
lightly away, might have been dragged up to new and startling proportions.
Christine, the party most directly
interested, could not act for -herself.
IDvery sense of modesty and- decency
forbade It.    She  knew that in  truth
she was hut a nameless foundling 	
that she had been all tho years of
her life an humble dependent upon
Madame Rachel's bounty, and that,
yunder tho question of stern right, sho
had claim only to gratitude for fa.v-
ora already received, . rather than
claim for favors in the future. In
short, when brought face to face with
the bare facts of her life, she shrank
from publicity as the true heart ever
shrinks from the exposure of inherited  misfortunes.
I)r. Arkwright, though ' a true
friend, and plainly conversant with
affairs at the Prookside, was not the
man to institute proceedings at
law. He was a quiet, plethoric individual, following his profession
from tho impulse of long habit, and
possessing energy for littlo else. Had
Christine appealed to him, he"'might
' ave made an effort in her behalf,
was a gallant, man,'-'and ieallv
tho   beautiful   girl.      But     she
on him that ho  was as yet     but
child in the eyes  of the law.
•So Caspar Hugo was the, only remaining man to whom inquiry could
be directed. We will pass over the
many interviews held by other parties, and come to the final consultation with the'clerk by the Hon. Mr.
Waybrook. Thus far, Hugo hud sustained his reputation as an honest,
upright and devoted clerk, and Nathan Waybrook, fancying that he
poss.js.sed great tact in reading human character, expressed himself as
thankful that Halford's business had
been left In such capable hands
Thoro had been no loophole through
which a possible suspicion could attach to the clerk. The secretion or
destruction of a will would not seem
to havo benefited him. not in the
least, but, rather, he should have expected benefit from the presence of a
.Mr. Waybrook was welcomed to
the ollice by the clerk, and ushered to
a chair of slate, as though h- had
boon a magnate of supreme en.inencc.
Ho bowed .condescendingly', and felt
evidently happy that he had lo confer-with1 so perfect and proper a
gentleman. .
i\Ir. Waybrook opened his business.
Ho did not' wish to be'intrusive;'-but
ho wished the utmost possible
amount of light, with a view to a
final- settlement of the matter, in his
own .mind;
Caspar Hugo bade the merchant to
proceed; He would give all the light
he had-to give, and, he would render
any assistance- that lay in his power.
And he would do it all with the utmost cheerfulness.
"Do you think it possible," asked
Waybrook, "that Mr. Halford could
have written a will at Madame Rachel's dictation without your knowledge?"
"Such a thing would have been utterly impossible," answered the
clerk, emphatically," but very politely.
"Then it is your own private opinion that no new will was made?"
pursued  the merchant.
(To be Continued.)
Lindell would smoke and smoke and
look up at her as' she sang, "lazy and
happy and full of a joyous, don't care
irresponsibility that comes to one.
somehow, with the climate down there,
and the music aud the white," strange
One Saturday Lindell and N'orris
rode away to town, seventeen miles
away, with a promise to return in
time for the dance. Lolita watched
them out of sight, and .Manuelo laughed when ho heard her singing. She,
was the prettiest girl this side the
border. The American boy was clear
eyed and young and quick lo laugh.
If they loved, why not? There were
the house and a good bunch of money
when he was gone, and little Lolita
would sing evermore. II(* smiled
b-hrewdly.  Maybe, perhaps, quien sabe?
At 7 the mail coach from San Luis
drew uj) at the yellow hom:e. and a girl
alighted. Lolita was firing n hot shot
of smiles and repartee at the driver,
P.illio Slogan, when she saw her and
slopped short. The stranger was fair
and blue eyed, and, though the Indian
summer day had been hot and dusty.
sheMooked cool and charming.
Lolita was dressed for the dance.
She wore yellow and had wound a
long red silk scarf .about .her shoulders, crossed it and tied it below her
waist on one. hip. Rillio had. just told
her she looked like one of the little
dark red roses the ladier, wear in'
their hair over at San Luis on the
plaza when she caught sight of this
other girl, and she hoped Lindell would
not see her.    There was a difference.
Mr. Lindell and Mr. N'orris? Oh, yes,
Lolita told her. They were living
thoro. 'i'liey has! gon(> for a ride, just
ti short ride. Sho brought a chair out
on the veranda and fa iked with the
stranger after the coach bad gone.
She called Lindell Allan, this girl, and
Norri.s Ted, and she hoped they would
return  soon. b
"Vou have not seen him for a long
Cine, yesV" . said Lolita. her eyes lull
of a. half frightened suspicion.
"Not for a year," said the other softly.    "We had only been married a fow
! dance."
Tlie music had begun, and the blue
: eved girl rose hesitatiuglv.    "I  wish 1
1 could go and meet them.  I want to sur-
! prise,him, you know.   Could 1?"
I     Lolita rose, too. In quick, hot anger.
They would meet, and he would take
her   in   his   arms and   kiss   her.     She
thought of last night and th'e night before aud the nights before for weeks.
Was it for this Lindell Lad sung and
laughed with her and told her her lips-
were  the  sweetest  in   all   tbe   world?
Suddenly she looked at, the fair, calm
face beside her. and a flood of wild, unreasoning jealousy swept over her.  She
pointed southward.
"If you walk that way straight on to
■here  the  ground  dips  and   the cacti
'•>w  tall    you  will   meet  theu;."   she
told her.   "It Is only a short way.    You
cannot miss them.     It  is only two or
three miles to the next house, and thoy
may have stopped there."
After the girl had gone she went in
to the dance, laughing, with the He
fresh on her lips. There \yas no house
for thirty miles that way, and once
she had passed the giant cacti she
would go down into Death valley, that
terrible wilderness where only the
snakes and the Gila monsters and tarantulas could dwell in safety. One
night spent.there, and Lindell might
call and cry for his wife in rain.
Never was there such a dance at
Manuelo's as that Saturday night. Lolita danced and sang with feverish ga'y-
ety, her eyes ever on the door, wutelling for'Liudeli. Then suddenly, at the
very height of the merriment, she was
missed. Out into the clear, bright night
she went silently to the shed where
the horses stood, and, choosing her own
rough little mustang, she mounted and
rode away toward Death vallev.
tne sappnire darkness of rbe skies.
Manuelo   could   tell   you ,tiie   rest— |
how   the  two  Americans   returned   tit ,
midnight, and Just as they were to lead
the  search  for  Lolita  there came the
three   figures   through   the   moonlight,
and Lolita fell at Lindell's,feet.
"I bring tier back to jou." she said
pleadingly. But it was'.N'orris who
sprang to the stranger's side'with n
glad cry, and Lindell held tlio MeiJcan ',
girl lu his arms there before (hem all j 	
and told her she w-as all in all to,him.     1       - c-
So that is why it is  LlndeH's Rest   Till <* Dodd's   Kidney , PilLs   Drove
now.  and   If  you  stop  there  on   vour     '        , ... '   _,.
way  to the  fort or to San   Luis old , Away   H,s, Rheumatism.
Manuelo will tell you how It happened [   '       '  .
over a little glass of the deep red Mexican wine he loves and bid you shake
hands with his handsome son-in-law.
And if you are courteous and pleasant
Lolita   will   Hash   a   smile   up  at   you
from under her long, dark'lashes.
And Lindell? lie Is perfectly happy
and full-of a gay.'careless conte'iit that
conies but seldom to a man in this
world. It comes with the moonlight
nnd the music down there—and Lcllta.
,Story   of   W. J. Dixon, has »«H tli«  Raloj
.' Klver Settlement Tulkini;.
Barwick P.O., Aug., 81,—1..Special;
—Among the settlers here thV cure ol
William John Dixon of Klio'sniausm
it causing much talk. The Moiy ol
the,cure, as told by Mr. Di\..n himself,   ir,  as   follows :
"During- tho summer of'1901, i had
an attack of Typhoid Fever, ,uid alter I got over it -Rheumatism set In.
1 had pains in my back nml hi ray
right hip so bad that I hud tu use &
stick t'o walk and had no comfort 1;
"I could scarcely dress n.ysuil lov
nearly  ttt-o months,   and  for O.irtt or
wife siYll f (iUU woeI<s 1 could not lace my right
I shoe' or put mv right leg on my left
i knee.        ' "
I      "  My   biothoi-     advised     mc  to try-
Dodd's   Kidney   Pills,   and   aftor tai- '
j Ing   three boxes,   1   began  to walk, do
Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   take   the uric
acid   out  of   the -blood  and  the rheu-
Thc War  It Cock.
"I   was over nt   Allegash   the  other
day  for the first time In  four yean*."
said the Kohnck philosopher, just a bit
sarcastically, "and 1 found my nephew j
Luther   and   his   estlmnhle
squabbling   over   thc   same    question
Ihey   woro   quarreling  nhout   when   I
was   there   before.    The   only   cluing.'
that   I   was  able to  detect   was  that, ]
while In (he-first place they appeared j my, work  and luce up my shoes. And
lo   know    what   they   were   jangling j the best of it is, ,1 have'had no rhpu-
about,   by   this  time   they   seemed   to     mat-sin since.
have forgotten what the original bone.1
of contention was, and they were quilt
way  of  knowing when they   hnd   fin
ished. j
"Well,   when   my   appearance   inter- ;
rupted them Luther was atartAed to see j    q-|ie United States go\ ei ni-.e'.i I'
how much thinner I had grown In four ! coininisMon will raise gre-ei, '-.i'l
years, and his wife was astonished at
the way I had grown fat. Aud nt it
they went, quarreling over that, and
the original question was shelved for
good and all. I came away feeling amply repaid for taking thc trip. It Is a
satisfaction (0 know thnt you have
done a helpful act. and I expect I did
them a great favor by breaking the
.monotony and giving them something r
fresh to wrangle over."—Smart Set.
monotonously along without any j ',"«L,'sni g°c3  with  ?t'
Florida's    orange     and       j.-..'.1; a..
crop   is  estimated   ;> t   S^.noo o..n
A    Ivitdh   m    FiiliyM   -lili.    on en    .1 Uriel
O rof.d    .Mothers.
During the summer months 11 ni h
often appears on the l.t'-e n.il*. .ml
bodies of bobies and 'timili .'iiliii'M.
which is liable lo nblu.i t !..■ .y.yi
mother; it is due to tl.e ,\.,'-**'\--
boat, an'd while not diiiiirei.n.- 1*
the cause of much suflering lnn.i.-'li-
ato relief is gk-cii I.V dnsiu
eruption liberally with l!,tl\
l'owder, which may be had
driig-g-ist's, but to cure the I.
medicine must ho given   thai   v.
,ii ■•
Honpltublc  Pat.
A certain sportsman took a shooting
In Ireland.   lie was assured that It was
a good sporting territory.   When he arrived   this   was   corroborated   by   the j tho blood of the lit tic sulTeie;    A!"
head keeper, a typical Paddy.   The lat- j °wn tablets will bo found It n-> un
ter   declared   that  the  country   fairly   hk-ssing  in  sue-h  <-ns*c-s anil
bristled with pheasants.   So they wehl    """*
out after them  and  In a day  put up
five.   The next day tbe tenant Inquired
restore the olearni-ss and l..-,i,,i" "'
b.iby'h- skin. Mi-.s. Clifton Cub" e>.
Kincardine,   CJ.tt ,   mils •       ' M-.   vn •'-
had a rash   bronl-   011
If Lindell loved this fair, blue eyed j after partridges and was told the rum.? ,' ."j, over), or I )«riv" I 7/ 1
jirl, he would hate her for sending her | tale. *. Tho shoot yielded about six. i rhio. but the enip't ion ne\ .•■
o her death., The thought terrified her. ' Woodcock,    ffrouse,    capercailzie    nnd; until   I gave  her    liuby's    o
lots,     and   aftei    u**inu   ilinn
Vnything   but  his  hate,  she   thought; ; every kind of gnme.  Paddy  told  "his
anything but the look lu his eyes when i 'onner." were as thick as leaves In au- ' time the rash entirely dis.u
he knew. And was it not right? She \ tumn, but theycotild not be found. At ! h'lVl- nlKO Kive-n her the Ta
was fair like him and gentle voiced. ; last he said angrily. "Are there many
She was not a Mexican girl to smoke* j rhinoceroses on the estate?" "Shure,
a cigarette with und slug to in the | yer "oniier," drawled Pat verv slowly,
moonlight and laugh when her love I "not many, not many." but brfghtening
was won. ; up> ,.you may put up two or (}jree roimd
She caught her breath In deep sobs, | the lnke In the summer."    Long befor«
and   the  tears   fell  on  the  mustang's    the  summer,   of  course,   the   tenancy
hei 1.1"
il. ' 1
1   I
brown neck as she urged him on oyer
the miles that lay between them and
the valley, and nt last there Avere the
giant cacti ".ahead, guarding the entrance to the valley like grim sentinels.
She'turned toward them bravely, but
before the mustang had gone a "dozen
paces past them he reared and backed
away from something that lay upon
the ground.
Lolita knelt and caught her breath as
her' haiid    touched   the   hand   of   the
would be at an end. "Yoa confounded
rascal!" roared the tenant. "What do
you mean by telling me all these lies?"
"Shlire," said Pat, with a true Hibernian grin, "an' wouldn't I be.glvin'-yer
'onner a pleasant answer?"—London
Different  Now.
Harriet Martlneau visited the United
States in 1840 and reported that only
seven occupations wera open to women.
strange girl,    it was warm,  and. she ! ;?^ey were teaching, needlework, keep-
raised   her 'head-upon   her  lap.    The !   .2 boardera. working In cotton facto
id ue eyes opened wondei-ingly.
"It. was such a long way. inid I could
not find them," she said faintly. "You
did not know It was so far. did you?"
Lolita pressed a kiss on the hand
she bold., It was a white, daintv hand
No wonder Lindell loved it. Shehelpcd
her uj) to the saddle, and with one arm
around her for support she guided the
mustang back over the long stretches
of sand and <-,,:, \ink0i] „„„,„. on
through   the   night
rlea,    typesetting,    bookbinding    and
household service.
constipation   with the-   best of i>"   i('
thoy    act   goiills'   but   pr.mip'''-    ■" '
always   make   baby   quiet  niidi.'-'1 '
I   think   the  Tablets   n   spleiiihe!  u,".l
cino   for  young     children"       \ud>\ *
Own    Tablets   may   be   hod   fi"i"    •'''
(IrugjriatH at, 2")'cents    per  b<.'-    •'",l
Baby's    Own   -.Powder- .at  th"    *■,'""'
price.      If you   prefer   to  ori!e';r il'1'1'1'
they   .will-'.bo'sent- postpaid    eui    i'1
ceipt  of  price  by  the  Pr.   . Willi'm*
Medicine'. Company,   ni-ockvill-'.  ,)n'
Older is the only alcoholic beverngfl
that la not taxed. When sold fermented, 1b bottles, It contains ordinarily*
or' G per cent of alcohol, but tbW
amount may be increased largely w
adding BUgar—sufficiently, indfced, to
render tho .beverage quite intoxlcfltlos:.
Tree*  nnd  "Water.
The minimum rainfall at which trees
will grow Is twenty inches.        b
Manuelo's showed
Frntt   Snnce   For   PiMl.Ilnj*r«i.
"oil any  kind  0f fruit with  a  little
water until It Is quite noft, then rub
through a  fine sieve with the back of
"'•i-  <he  lights at     f   ^°"tltfn   "noon.     Sweeten   to   taste,
ko fireflies against ' v. '''"'1   po"r   ovor   tho   P"*-ding.
-Mce for boiled or steamed puddings.
Pipe* In * SkyncrnpcP.
In nn up to date skyscraper there nro
usually from ten to twenty miles 01
piping of all sorts and slzes-w'K*
pipes, gas pipes, sewer pipes, speak",»
tnhea and vp.ntilfltlnn rb.e'g
The  Mnle  Dackii. ■
If a horse touches his ears in tf"  -j
under a low bridge or through a tim
he will invariably throw his IV'-1"   J
and   receive  a   hard  knock.   Vv!u    -
mule's  ears touch anything
goes down.
bis IX""5
Our Fall and \
•j Ea fey 6
ntev Catalogue
-U-iite     HronChiti*.
e'l'Ii'S   LINIMFAT.   ,
Islands. - ' ~
Cured    of  Facial   Neuralgia.
\ltl>"S   Ll.ViMKNT.
WM.   DA Nil'"-I.S.
Kb. ui
iljiy^fbrth^ asW„r WritHor
,   Three Mail Order Specials
Ladies' Dolla
j, Tho three following'bargain's urr*
,; eis.    We have seemed  a large qj
, fill ordcos lecoived  afle,-   October   is,     19-V   *£'  ?ttDnot  *U
i ^ sure  of  getting your sh,,,,- „,   .i,,.™ '   X   °"-   To  ba i»J3itiv
'. L °'   tfeCM' ws w<""d advise ordering at ouw. ill
Ladies' Dollar Gloves for 59c
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ar- if!
Mail Order-Extra |,
Special Ladles' '
French made' real
Kid Gloves, glace
finish, ' 2 domes,
black and white
only, golf, and Ij
black or -white 'ft
embro ide ry.
This glove is made
,pf genuine kid skin
and will Bt, look
and wear aa well a*
the moit eipcnsive
Rlovei. 'Regular
$1.00Quality. Until October 1 st,
1903, per pair 59c
OL   WHO  WON.      '
".■i.'.i''.    f-'»r«t    Exiierlcne-!-
".(".-.    Vol-1;   Cltr.
"    ,.   Greeley first went  L.
t.iy,   a   green, .awkward
-   be  met with diseourag"
two days  he tiamped   ;i <*
'•'-   i i-iti.ig nvo-thirds of the prm:
,; i'e« i-j {no tiwn and always r.*-
-iig a i old iefu-eal of his services.
'.s- biographer. Mr. W. A. Linn, sa;, *■•
t by  .-atiirday  night  Greele-,-   iv..;
,' "!  i ii.it  tl.o c-.'ty offered  him no
.- of a living,    ii.o decided to lem-
' U'J 'C,    ,  i.i I
iii.'diri'- ,i|' j
Hi'tW: ,,,
1 I '-I *c oi, ,,
not   broken.
,    L    I  I -    ,|    ,
- ,i , i   i ,i
,-i      ." '.
-     I'.'"! e    a '
<j.-»t-npi ,m.
,>-.* lee,f i'.j
1    IIIMl-e    !!'
,111    "M
. inld'*.
dl.-ut   thing
Me e   il   the*
'.il 'i-i,ir.c:
( '.r.! .1 ill.
'.. C .ins" 'e if   ■ I-
i i.,
ben ..:,
pilf nvj.
,". pot.-.lu c-ui' in haii* and i ub-
uii'-.'i-.s -staiJit-d with vegetable
v A\   remove  tlie  di.*..-oh>rut ion
Over S.-jO.u'hi women motors will, it
es <--.. ,<J go Ui ihe pell*, at the coming    ■.'isiruliaii   federal   '•!..'( Horn*.
iiili'-    u,ij   .'.nt    come   near
spi inkle d   wi'h   1 ui pent uie
clol h.-^n-
fur c.e eoimn-y on Monday, before !
J '*•'. .it ;,:'i- was Rone.
A "hapjjoried that some acquaintances
Moil Order E<tra
Special, Men'a Tan, ,
Mocho Glovc-s, -with !
pure   wool fleeced '
lining-, i dome fastener ,half piqueeewn.
This glore is made
by one of tho best
Canadian maker,aad
ia   an   AI  glove   in '
every   respect. ,
of hi; landlord, who Called on
I'.'d him of an oi'iiyo where a compo-
i: •(■ wa-3. wanted. ' Greeley went there
Monday mo-ning before ,the place iv.\*
ot '•') Hi*; appearance was'so uncouth
th.it he would have been rejected there
a -*o if the foreman had not had difii-
oti'ty in getting a compositor for a
pi'-e o of woiik he wintee* done.
'i'',i* was setting up a small New
'I'-:,',.lent rt-i(3i narrow, columns, the
• •■-*! uitei-fperu'd with references to
n-ites- marked in ("n—k and other un-
u-uai ehai'.ictets So complicaied was j
the ',,>.!C ,t;!f] so pi-.],_. could'iho c-orn-
! n*-iior earn at it that •several intr'i had
abaii limed the .,io;ic almost as soon a*'
th";,  had begun it.
Sundir 1 Te:l  °f a Run-down System and   Exhausted Nerves-Strength
C.rtrvn*<z VS/J-f-h -tho.  tie A «*.-?   Fir.    r»fr» »*.<■>£»?,-.   M.-.—,,*.   e-~~-i
Comes WEth the Use of Or. Chase's Nerve Food.
The   f,'iv..:i:iaii
.'d   the   work   to
ggafd'4 LKT-cst Cnres Distemper,
Tl.c  A.ulriultr *'' ttiti Bn.Hct.
Btrlti.y ibfui'-'l, the ballet is properly
a thealilct-i exhibition  of   tho  art  of
liDclsg in Its highest perfection, com-
plylng •jfii.'r.illy with the rules of tbe
drama a* to, h.u composition and form.
Itirosli.cx'.s.tPiice In Italy as far back
ii L. D. iy».'lie court 'of Turin in that
tij orkifli' t*'.',cclal use of it and the
nrtl tnmllr aud nobles taking part In
It   Th^ rb. t was first introduced In
Franc? : i ■     :"!gn of Louis XIII., and
boii (li>i :   ,:\irrh and Louis'XIV. oc-,
Cfidoajiir took part In Its dances.
fIn Its earliest presentation rthe ballet
ippeare-ii  (i-xterously   In   combination
irltb t.'.t- odier theatrical  acts and* is
i&ld to ha-, i> "completed   the  chaotic
medley exhibited in   these spectacles,
Filch?>-m ;\i once mythological, aile-
sorleal. f.iu'tistic,   warlike  and  pastoral,"   'Lie i..uler will not   be slow to
observe than   its   development  in   the
present il.-.y  has   not  apparently   lost
light o." i!..*!-.i conditions.
About ibr year 1700 women made
their first appearance Jn .the ballet.
ffWch up lo that time had been performed (.T.Aubvely by men, as was lhe
cssealpo w.<h plays and operas, but no
w>aan bailei daucer of any note appeared mi:,! i7f)o.
' Dizzy?    Headache?" Pain! {^Ah* Heart: -uritii l b«a». takm«
■ -\ unci i c(J   i }uilf u*iil i id
, i
r i
"Thought    st    meant   death
SUre."-Mrs. James   McKim^ of   DnanvJUe,
Ont , says of her almost miraculous cure
rotn  heart   dlseaBe  by  Dr.  Acrne-w'a   f3ur»
hsck  of vnttr PVPC?       ff'c tr/inr ' tfcls  roniody 1 despaired  ol my life. I had
U«ClV UI   yUeJT CyCbr       IS S yOlir , heart  failure and     extreme     prostration.
li^'-,/irf       I I CA    ,&T7^r*'e    Piilo    .One   do.<=e  crave   me   auick.   relief   and   o
tr> rxyci   b    r\ 11J>. , bottle  cured  me. "The  nuderinc-s  o!  yea
Gently laxative; ail vegetable, r^uj^11^ m™ inagic".
Sold for 60 years.
Low oil, 2£sao. i
m/^mw^fm, mt*m ^i ^t*"
.'our raousfache or beard
ia heautiftsl brown or rich black? Use
»tn i- CT3.
n. r »\iLa co.. ■■cAs-'ecA, y. n.
Oreeiey. believing 'that in 'half a day
the b-.y would piove hims-'lf incapable
of pei-formim: il. \'i'!,"n the proprietor
saw tlreele-y at '-.ork he a«ked lhe forc-
inan why he hired Mint fool and said,
"Pay him o'f t/uiltrht."
I'.'-t il,<- foreman did 'iot pay him off.
This bc>y 'had .w-orked on a New Eng-
lanel farm,1 had eait wood in the winter
cold and in suinni'*r had worked in the
. .*
fie!.Is under the noon i^un. Lie was not
afraid of toil. He set that Testament.
Wl'en' the foreman examined the first
L>ii cf ho found that Greeley had sei
iik'-v typo ard s'-t it better than any
on.' eKe who bad tried.
To    many  people   peculiar  spells*, of ) " I    have    used    four  boxes    of     Dr.
di7zine-.*-.s nnd   weakness   aie   a  sutirce I Chase's      Nerre     Food,     and      found
of  almost,  daily   ahnovanee  ,ind __elis-}1llf'"'   tin   excellent  medicine.      I    was
tie'*s     Koine   see 'flii.sbos   of   luht   be- \ '-' l>ubled    more   or  loss   for    nineteen
foi.-   the'in.    und    become   blind      ,uni '.vra,s   with   sev.-re  headaches,      which
da//led ;   Ktth.-rs    I'Tvp.'iie.iCi.-      sc\ere | made  me   useless   as   far   as      accoiu-
attaciis of  headache.      Tb" cause     js [lAjs'.ing my work was concerned,
exhaustion    of    the   nervous    'system I     "The   nerve   food   seemed   to     build
and   de.'icicnc-v    in    tin-    qtinbtv     ,indj,ne   ,!P   generall.y,    and    so    made     a
quantity   c.f  blood.    In   all  such   coses i thoi ough   cure   of  my  old   trouble.   I
l)r.   Chase's   Nerve   Food   is   the   most I would     not    think    of beitifi;  without
cc-i lam a-, weil ,i=. ihe most   thm oi.gh 'J f1'"     Chase's    Xervc    Food     in     the
cine  obtainable..-. [hci'u.se.    and   would     strongly   recoin*
Mrs.   Sviiion*.    -1.2  Bt    Claii 'stroot, i "lend   anvone   suffering   as   I   did     to
I3olle\.IJ,'      Out.,       st. ites .       '• Soirio \~'is c   't   a   trial      II   sitccoiidi'd   in   my   ,
weeks,atro  I  hi'niui  a course o:   trent- j ca*-e   after   a    great    many   lomedles
with   l)r     ."lias,''*   N'ene   t-'uod, • h.id  failed."
fnii'id    il      a   \ i-i v     *• ttisia'-ioi v '   '  '°   the   thousutids  of    women    who
im cj,i mi,
wi'h ni'i
fiji tot in
both. M"l
WCal.n.'ss   ,mcl    di/,-
Vel'V     (llStl e^'ll-!
ti o.il mei't      i'i\      ii'
,    1    v.-.i1*   foi 11101 i\    11 nublei
oils  e\h;i-.i-.ti<)i:   and a
hcai t       \\ iii'in'\ ei-   m'.
me    J    *a Kind    ba \ .
o ■
ueak    ;,h''s
heart   a-1'1''
• I i -   , i f
.lie.-s      whit 11     were
•lis    mean*   ui   this
,", 1",   lle\*,     luMilili;
st r ont:
Se 'in-*
nif-i d
o:. "' i,
I ■ e
, and i b<- ,n (,cm c.f i he he.i'-i
te he •■(-■giilar. 1 can lo'com-
[ii    (i  i*-i'\   \, )•*,-(.   J-'ood   as   nn
'1     I,M-i ,(,/)'"' '
I,.-it., s        I'lai!' v    ,7! !      Wale:-
I', ti > l.'.i'.ugh.    Dni   ,"'sl;i(es- —
-, lc-tims of nervous headache
letler 'should < prove pf incstim-
\tilue. If they will but follow
ihe advice of Mis Clancy they can
Ij.,* cert it in of .great atai lasting-
Di Chase's Nerve Food, fit) cents a
box, at all dealers, or F.dnianson,
Hull's- SL Co , Toronto. To protect
villi against imitations, the portrait
and signature of Dr. A. "\V. Chase,
(ho famous receipt book author, are
on ovc-rv box.
t D'.tl  lii'.'r.^fi-j- Ilopi-euontecl
!:■   Hit-   Ctitiii'so   f'ily.
m-'ieb.n,*' ,-bli-ys aie the para-
db-' e>r Uie -•'y.-aimey who visits Canton,
CI. 'i.i. Tin- nI,',;)^ have open fronts on
r-iiher .side the iian-iw lane, and every
art a".e| iudu-iry. .':.•■ lioipcliest trade
ami the nios: f-. *.•.:■.iting pursuit,
Hnives in the dark p issage. Black
s'.i'i'i.-iHL' si'4itli,>o-i-ds ]ir',c!.;iiii the busi-
ne**s in (.ha.'..' leu's c )' nd or gold. Tan-
demoniuui tritiinjih-* in a series of yells
as the chairmen *. ream for pass room.
Th", nolo.-*. Lut the i-ode-iri >n in -tlio eye,
and the manelarin "(t'jies tho stranger.
The njiiive lilts his buim hat sidewise
to avoid a crush, and often the coolies
swing aslant in the alley or cluck into
a store to avoid a c-ntasivuplie.
■ The Chinese ns a people are modest
in  their  dress.   'The   person is  rarely ]
Jatnrrhfor twenty years and
c.v.vc;if ?n  a tsw  (.iays.^uon. .,„vi!i-
Jtii.ips.  of  Scranton    P.i..   says:    "1 hme>
li,*n   a   in'v. ivi-   to   Cntuirh    for    twentv
■.■.'.."•    rotistur.t   hnwkniff,  drooyiiiir io   t (■<;
l!.)..ii   ot'.cl   jtairi   in-the   bend,   verv  otTcn- ,
m\c   in-iMlh I   tried      Pr     Aitnen's   Co.-
t.«':l..-i-    Powrtc'i Tito     tir<-t    svoplicntioi)
ci:v.    ii'.ltint    t'f'-.'f        After   tipittc   tt   few;
liot (n..-   1   whs  cut.el     .">0   cunts— 1
Knd ill forcu el
b&nchrf or booy
hr. B.J. Kendill Co..  I h»To   u«d your Kendall'i  SpjTb
Cure for ,o ywrl «.d huro  fou.d  It in  i^/mlhtU "~**
K Houbio ..th. Your, tn.lv. I- ^^™s£W'&?V£,
As J llnlmmt for family u« It ha no jjn.»I._Prloo S1 ^»K
fnr CR     A-)c 50<ir dtu!-;ist for KENDALL'S bl.M*o
CURE: tI»o "A Troatiee on thn Horsd.- th* book fr.j.
Dr. B. J. Kendall Co., Enwtiurg FftJl*, Vt
exposed. Wom^n wo.ir cloub'e bieasl-
ed sacks whicii l\i tirtlit to the throat,
,iiid men are u-uahy covered. But
under the stress or" hard labor ihe man
at the forge Is )-'.ripped to the waist,
and in the fou.:<Ay a nearly nude
workman stride** -L;
).-* iron so(.-**aw like a
horse iu the iron-bull!. The butcher
cleaves his ih-sher on  the block amid
.w ^rvd ever
In the public eye and in everybodies
mouth. Always reliable—popular everywhere.
:*,.|i i-liiiii        t !'e
^\ .. b,i     !'i.l!*e     ..-*     [
a . \' a \ -,   [111**1"* -ed
l: i' un s
*i i 'ei I I;
lo    ol1'.
'""iiie-U  anel  Women.
Theiiu.'i!i)i;y b(-lwoen comets and women nu.e  lot-mod  the  subject of  the
following p-Toratiou  from  an evening
contemporary:  -'Comets  doubtless   an-
twer «.oi;h' wise and good .purpose  iu
the creation;   so  do   women.    Comets
<*re !iK-o:np.c>hensible, beautiful and eccentric; so are women.    Cornels shine
^hb peculiar splendor, hut at night are
most bnlliiint; so aro women.    Comets
are onv, iopod   with   a    lucid   nebula
through whicii their forms are visible;
so aiv those of women in  their light
and (>:,.e tut; ntlire*.    Comets confound
the mo^i learned  when  they  attempt
wasorbiln their naluro; so do women.
Coim-t*. -pially  excite  the admiration
of the philosopher and of the clod of
fl)e Milhy; ho do women.    Comets aud
■worn- ii ....,, therefore closely analogous.
n  im
|.i   I
I    I
nomo\oe nil hard, soU or calloused-
lumps nnd bh"ml>he?» from horses. Mood j
spavin, curbs, splints, rlnprbone, swaeuey, ,
ptitlc.i, sprains; cures sore unci awoollen i
thinat. coutrha. etc Save $50 by the
use? of one* bottle Warranted the n>o«t I
wosidei.'ul   lUcr.-noh   Curo  «ver  known. i
Sold   by   all   liru^Kttets. ' ;
Ten cents
to clear your house of
fifes and
i;, i. 11'. in
" na!uiv of each being .nseruta-
, -    ...   . .,*.., w, ...-, ....-*......
o.e. nil i!-,,(_ ri'in.iln.s for u^, to do i*'- to
v"lh adinlratlon the one und  to
ti." other to  adoration."
>'tri<l,*k Rna  tUt. snse.Io.iarr.
A8l0l'v 'a told of an attempt made by
« ^yi'thsh missionary to obtain a foot-
cold m Abyssinia.    No sooner hud he
wsuri to preach than ho was brought
"More. King. Menelek, who asked -him
nJ' be had lcrt his'home in Scandl-
avia tn order to come to Abyssinia.
ne. missi0nar.y .promptly'' replied that
e nail come to convert the Abvssiiiian
coT'    "Are there   no'.Tews   hv your
-unirj-r  asked' Menclekb   Tho'-mis-
fcvnary., m. ""ted   (hat  there   were   a
j, ''.   "And hi'all   the  countries  that
*     "nvo P-'issed through did you find
tintiM3 °r !,0,lthe»s?" the king con-
Blnn       "Jewa and heatlieus," the mis-
"Th!   ; ' n(lln,ttcrt'.     '"'nro     plentiful."
bovo!,V8nla-Meno,ekl "cnrry this man
reiun    thn h'ou[Un'  aml  lct bim  not
-1('wr   "'I1'1 lH> ll:ls coin'crted all the
and hcaih,,,, .which  lie between
"^ C0,1>':i'y_ii..i] mine-
Con   r    r""Mf<U>< "Teelmft'O...
nisi's -""' ,(,,,ar("(> is smoked by tho
\nZZ/UV'iU ('oun,'-.v Places in Eng-
ivnieiu' 'S ('alk>d l,y (1'u,n "tlif-'Tmest
Hin,MV -,°;! °;'rni '''"b^hirrh." H is
oftl,,'    ■ ' ,nV(1"-'(,il form of the leaves
K^ZZZ <',;^,'«-1- a Vhtk found
" Ulll! ui chalky roil.
.. in I   i
in p
w il
ii.-.ii   a   ei.:.
,i 1 e   il  *.;i.n
lei ! ('■
' e, MI ,
TWO years Abod.—Kor elR-ht jonrg
I Mi.lf-iod us :to one ever .lid with rheii-
ntfitism ; for two years I lay In bod;
could -ie,t so nine h ■*-« food myself. A
fil.-f.l      i(.i-oii.iii"ri.fcd      Mouih      Amoi Icin
im t|c      ,"..t,>        After   ihrce   elo.*i'**    1
rniiIn -'it ui'- l'o-clnv .1 at-'i r.s.stronir as
ov.ir I ii-i,s7'-Mr»' John Cook, 2S7 Clinton  M too!.   Toreuto.
dried rat*, and ykius of fowls stretched j
'taut on tlie rack. A'-.-xt door the gold
Dealer hammers in his caye. Beyond
die kindling man piles high his forest
of fagots. Near ny the miller is beat-
in--,- lhe meal tliromrli coarse sieves,
ibs neighbor skins rish and hopes to
tfeit them from the box where they
iloat under a feeble spurt of water. In
the adjoining den beautiful einbroider-
ie-.s are piled mountain hiirb, with silks,
satins and brocaded taffetas in wondrous designs of dragons and flowers.
Ilau Cheung Tai patiently transfers,
them by the hundred from shelf to table in the hope Ihat some stray bit may
catch tlie buyer's f.-n.-y. beat hers aro
an important inuii- r.\, ami fans, folding or open, line ihe next shop, painted
in   every   fanciful   conception.
p*i •■   iiiip.irle.l   last   \ i ,
*\\ I.U i:>  of   -.*. Ai i hi.'*.   101
1 t i" t ,  fi,■ Mil .sw ti /ei land.
l *   S i . 17 i ,-
.r-iiMh.s     of
.1'.'" no no ,it.i tion in sivmii lh>.l
1 I> 11,-llouu'-; l).\i*iMitorv Coi-.h.il t-*
.•' l .leiilil the !,Ccl I'K-ilii nil' p\ •"" ni-
*' l! Ml li\ '-_!ltt'!-, , cl'bi i-1k>«'.! . Jhi!-
i 1 .ul '-uiiiiner i-onm'-nun*. **t-<i f*n-L-
pi oini t!\    t;i\ es    i ,,'ic,'   ,' mi
There are S00 Chinese students in
thc colleges of Japan, and ,50eJ more
are to lie sent.
■i    ..lib    to      i-'T'.'ct    a    ;.o = ili\t*      cine
-■is   'hould   ni'M'i   ho   uiitiout   ii
v. ber   ih or   chiUiien   aic   teothin
' t.hi'I.N
1 \v.el\
'.'   Ill
i >.i i e
\l,;li    i
its '-IT
. e
e   1 .
i  ii-
0 ,'.
. is   1
in rn
it.il .,.
debt   c
-; ,s 1) e >
S     IY''
-.-.     t
;s- h;il
the   W
's   c
.... r.
Or. Agnow's Heart Curo is tho
ftfystic Remedy.
:- This reinat-kivble preparation Rives .-per-
i foci   relief,in  80   atlnutes   in   all. oosm^oI
' ; oru'tmic or sympathetic heart disease and
i sivcdilvelTects a cure. It is ft inacio
■IromcNlv for, palpitation, shortness .of
! bi-e«th.   s,t.otl.'ertnK   spelts,   pain . .»   ^
I' ; side and all symptoms ot a dit-easoci
i h"art. It . .tlso Strengthens ,tho ncrvos
| and-   cures -stptnach   disorders.-     Sold   by,
,    all   druff.cists.-b -
I' Dr.Agncw'.s Liver Pills are 111-- bcsUOdoses l(b
Groicsque   Kugllsli.
No doubt pureltasers in other lands
have reason to smile at English attempts to worthily describe English
wares in a foreign tongue. It is to be
hoped, however, that our business
houses do not send forth annouuee-
ni'-uls quite so grotesque as some that
come to this country. Here is a form
issued by a very considerable continental firm: "Docs your dressing case
need, by chance, a sup-M'tino antiseptic
soap, :<n energetic perfumed lotion, a
delicious cream, an impalpable, velou-
li'ne. a very delicate and lasting extract and unniatchlessly eflicient dentifrice? Or do you wish to buy those articles to make a pro-ent. the most de
sii-ableone, to a very clear person on its
saint's or birth day?"-London Express.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
quiets tickling throats, hack- |
| ing coughs, pain in the lungs.
I?   relieves   congestion, sub-
There  iieu'r  was   and  never  will   he    a
universal   pmi.icea.  in  one   remedv.   for all
ills   io  v, L.-ii   (lesh   is  heir—the  very    rui-
• iMc   o:'   tiia.v    (.uiatives   beinr'   such   that
.*e i'   i hi    p.-  ins   ot other   and   iliilereiitlv
-.<-.. ^ecl   ,iis .   es   looted   in   the   system   uf
■ l,e   i..itiO.it-  *vluit,    would    rt.'lii've   one   ill
hut- j in   I'lin   wi*    -1   n"<> rav'ate  the other       N\ e;
! Mm.'   liovvev   ■     Tn     Quinine   Wme.     when
ul-'...nal.le  it    Miu-.icl,  utiadultc'i-aied  sttile.
■:hhI\   '. i   U-..-.11A   and  iriievous   ills    ilv,
.'--  '...f-uuii'   and   iiuiicio'is   use the  fi inlost
*v*l.'ii.-*   a-e   1...1    nit o i i-onv ttUsceiiCi*     und
-. 'i,.tl'    I v    ihe   ln.luenct*   which   Quinine
-*\i I ' .*   on    uaUiie's   own    re-torn I i\ es     ll
.-••beves      the    droopina  spirits   of     chose
' irilh    'whom   ii   chfoi.ic      statu  of   morbid
de'-pondeiicv   and   lack   of   intert'ht   in   lile
-   a   disease     and    by   trviiiqiiili7ina     the
neivcs,   disposes   to   sound   and   rufresliiiiir
slee|i—imparts   vit>or   to   the  action of the
blood,   which    bei.'itr   stimulated,     courses
ih touch      the     veins.      st reticthenintr   the
he^itJiy   aiimtal   functions   of   the   svstem.
tht reby   mukinc   activitv   a'  necessary   re-
suli.   st reimrheiimc   the  frame  etnei   civinc
life   to   tho  dicesuve  organs,   which   tiatti-
-.-i'.\   ilemniKi'   increased   substance—result.
iinjwovecl   iLiipeiito     North)op   <fc   Lyman.
|   >f   'i'o.-'.mLo.      have   civen   to     the   public
i th'*n   Simeficif Quitdiip  Wine  at  tho  usual
| t.!', .•    i-,,i I.    huaaecl    bv   the     opinions     of
~t-..,-niis"t    the   wine   approaches      nearest
oerirct >..' .   of   anv   in    the
tlruuui-t-.  snIl  it.
in older to redd with profit ilie at-
, tent mr. must be rendered so firm
J ibe.t it sees felons just as the o.ve sees
! beid'es
dues inflammation. It heals,
strengthens. Your doctor will
explain this to you. ,He knows
all about this cough medicine.
"We hvre nsgd Ayesr'f Cherry Pectoral In
our family for 25 yo»r» for throat «.nd loop
troubles, and iro think no medicmo «<*.uala it.
ME5. A. FOMl-llOY, Appleton, Minn.
■ 2J0., 50O-, Sl.M. J.C  AtTBCC,
All dmrglst.. r _,_ Lowell.    .VTn«».
.rt'sr 'rni-: thint, tit vt'k WAXiT.n
— \ pil1 that net- upon the stomach and
v^ l t- so compounded that certain tn-
e t ".belli- of it ptescfvc their power,- to
n -i lipoii th*- mte-tta.il can.ils so as to
ib'.'r ' hem of i'WkMh Ihe le'ention of
iil'ii'i (,<n:ic)t hut ').- huitt'il was lone
.-. l*."l loi In- the medii-al prol'e.-si.iii I'
v,,'- ,el.eel li, !'.i fin.'lee's \'i-cei nl.le I'ilN
'..hull ,ue ihe /eMiii of inncli e\|),'rl
-'.'.I- md ,ii',' s. lenl Uic.illv ri.-Pii'od us
a   I.Oii'm,  .md   uu   al'et :in live  m   one
Orij?tn   r     ''Pants."
The. words breeches, trousers and.
pantaloons are now tisod-interehangea*
bly, but originally the significations
were quite different.. Panttiloons were-
at 'first nothing but. long stockings w'brn
in Italy as a. sort of religious habit by
t!ie devotees of St. l'antaloon. Breeches-,
originally reached -from tlie waist half
way to tlie,knee and finally to the
knee, 'where 'they were fastened with
a buckle.. Trousers are the present
style of leg gear, a combination of the
■former two.
Ayer's   Pills   greatly   aid   recovery.
Purely  vegetable,  gently   laxative.
Mot to ■ oi" the  circus  manager:   Give'
every man a show..      , b
fSnard's' liniment' Cures; Colds, ufeb
,   It's   easier   for   the   average,     youth
to   raise  p.. row   than  a. moustache.
\ shoiihotn bull It.is bce-n sole) at
■ tbe .sliiiv. of the Nortltuiidici land, Ag-
■Agrii-tiltiii'hl .Society.".in I'higland fc>r
desp'ate-h   to   Amei-icit   fer   $1.,"iOib
ilaariTs Liaimeot Cares Garget fe Qam
', ASel.f-possossio'n   is   nine . point's   with
men ;
-work   is   a   vice   to 'which     -few [
.'re''in o position  to  pi'-ad guili-y i
Her 'K.Jjcflit.
■  "What right.has she to star?" asked
tlie envious Thespianb
"The   best "righ.t'   in   the   theatrical
world."  was   the  reply.     "She has so-'
cured an 'angel.' "
Results from common soaps! j
eczema/coarse hands, ragged
clothes, shrunken    flannels.1
1 i W|
To complain of destiny is only to expose our own feebleness of soul.—
Prosperity gels followers, but adversity distinguishes them.
!>ti f!.f- t3;c flcfrtyi.n  J5ar 17-
C'a'tarrh Cannot be Cured
with   LOCAL   ArrLlCATIO-N'S.   as    thev
cotthot reiach the seat of tlie disease.
C.-itarrh is a blood or .coiistitut ioo.-il ei*,s-
ei.so. n:id in order to cure it von must,
take interim! remedies. .Hairs f-otarih"
Cere   is  I nkon .internally. . owl  nets  direel-
v on il-.e- bUSoil and miieous .su rfftces
tti, ll's I In til ,t,i Core., is net 11 omick ine'l-
-,-Y,e. II was oroscribi-il bv 01;,* •>' '*"■**
'ie*.t physiei-.os in this count r.v for v*-» .*
in.! is- n.-rPffiilar oreseription. It is com-
w-en-d i,f * hi'- f-.est tetiiis ki-.-.'.. 11 ,-.-e,;.i,i
f-il     wiih    the    b.'Sl . l.loi'l!    tuii-ili.'r*..     ne.t i,-,.-
Iboctly     on     'he   mt.ienti's    sin-'";! .-.*=■■ ' 'h-e-
oerfect   coicbini. t ion 'of.ili*'- I wo    irer'-e-li ■
•>',ts   is   vv 11 ti t'   produces   si'-.-h   wondofii)'  r"
^e.'.ts   in   ciirinc   Ctitarrh..    .Send   for   'esol-
•n.eiials   f:-..'.* .       ■ ,
M"     .'.-     niKN'KV   J;.   CO,   ..rnpv     '!'.*! i"h. '. >
Sold   Iiy   ('.ritcaists.   price, "ISr. •
■ •   Itall'i-   l-'nmily    Pills   * re   the   best.
T'-ho Rifoi-ma Medico states tliaf
with .*i.- -pulse-hejits to the tniniite
the blood (lows a distance of, seven
ttiilos nn  bout".
*. ,"
^   JSp^-TH^i."^
,v -    -     	
.ia*rh.*w*.r-v wiVIvA.k. 1 "*H.wrunl-'Vfr«b.7 Smn kin'* iff ■■»!«»*
ftSRSBL ..,.. -,.-«i.   w~m-  r~-.     j.jj..a»»
aa»sgFgaig^5«gJw^a!at^Brwfc.vf4 tfcrUffaraaaccfc*'^
■ ;'.-   . t
1    ■
-   * i
•I"   "I
'. ve
. i*
- i'
i t
,   i
I   A
t    A
!||'i ' f
n * : <,.  i
is *
!   -
LiiO    iOJiiLj   i:-Diiwiiii
>.j     'IO*   i<'
ic»   i cnr
^x^ey**m*^ty^'t?rrzz.f  ^rrr^ij-»-«
lb*,  n u-iv oil..-. ; l!.-,.:i!;iliiiii   more
■      i pnuple than smallpox and yellow fever
" - - i combined.   /In an army it,  is.  dreaded
.i:fo?i'Si of the people [ mon- th.in a battle. It require*, prompt
... ''a* t Kooionay.    ^  I md   ei-- ttivo   treatment.      Chamher-
bim'u Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Pemedy has b, en iis.nd in nine epidemics cf (./*cntPry in the United
Si.lies wiih perfect success, anil ir. lias
cui, d the moi-l maligna nt cases., both'
of childieu and adults, and under the
most rrjinir conditions. Every household *honli! li<i\e a bottle at'hand. It
may ,-ave a   life.    Sold   by   all drug-
o\Z ,
U1T3-. or sttrsc r.K'Tto.v.
a -?-
lit;!   !      •"'
.•.vp.itPAY sKrr.^O, r*)03.
■ni!; ru'.KiD'nr i.vhojs,
The Con = erva".iv- pirty is  now   and
has been a* all times thp fiiend   of the j ?_
workin;,'   men.    Theiei'orr*,   in   asking    gf.
woikingme.- for their vole   and  influence in the --oimng eleclimi. the <Am-
pervafive pirly have   a   liiA-it   to   nidi- \
st.mti-.ite those facte' by bnnghig lo the.
notioe of org.ii-ized labor   ciue   of   the
many acid   p.i**'3cd   by   tlie   Crun-erva -
tivesin the i'T\-d lum*", ia favci of Hie1*
wage earner.
Oo.tl Yinir-i 'de^.-la':,r!n Ait   ibOh—
"pr.mii-its lb '   t mnhmuoiA   of   .vomrn
and  • i.i'd.    -,   ...i*1 * ■'    '   -»<:   {"liiivs"
fomi ...ib i.*-' ...-■!. :  *  .- -,"A  -it!   pi*
vb., -t .'. .-    " .-ci. nl     j.^c!  ol.on   o'
inc.. v,r>>''-..i^ hi  .'.i'""-
bri.bi. tbbi.nii... ,b ol'av Ac I. ib'M)
— provides eooip. ::'e t'Ki'i for e.iUb
l.d'ud. e'le , the; unit ':,,e: '.tio rr-ii'Mf' r
iinc! -jtco^ui.iii,
Mechain:--; Lien At '.    ^ '1—njnk'oL-. j
the working ni.in h.v tjvme him a lien
•)g,.iu-'t anv prcpei'y on which he*   hiia
-..Tk( I, 'int.- prnvins; f-eUruy for wage
v. 2     &» s
fV<.?>J.«nx. A iUlJi.119
-u <-
Barber Shop
In STUNrE Building.
Residential Jots   on,[.Campbell
Residential    lots   on   Tavistock
House and lot on Victoria s-reet.
House nbd  lob on   Lake Shore
.Business    block     on    Victoria
Good dairy business near town.
' Mining stock,
' * ■ FOE BENT.
Office rooms and living  appart-
me.nts on Victoria street.
Houses for rent.'
We do   a   general   commission
Farrell & Sntyi
Movie Laoor union
-     NO.'365, A. L.U.
' Meets iu the I. O. 0. K. hall every
Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren  are cordially in-
■ vileel  lo   attend   these meetings.
L .      ,.   *     .- -     - -   v^_...\..^*,    3
R. A. Smith,.
P. F. JOHN,-3TO.\,
,    Sec'y.
Box obi.
wiw.Mi mrmnii
i ;; ih r
L.isploye:^' Lbibihiy AC. I«i'l--ir!
v 'k-*   <■..
u i:i lor mjurica i2ccb<?i'   h-   f^ctone--|
u.d on railways, '   I
Appieniiots .md :,Ibor« Act. ISI'Y—
prvshJcd for ..ppientii-iug of child ten
not umlei 1-i \ears. r
Ai rest and Jmpiisomnent. for Debt
Act 1897—practically abolished imprisonment, for debt
Qpefc. Wendnesdays
and Saturday
W. JR. StONB, Prop. - '
^Jt«fV»<-'t'^-J.''».rV?«P-(V^^ '   *" .'■'*:\1''*"<e,lL»Ml.rl\.l» i»M~m\
Emtoaliriefi        .    .
Coflius, Caskets, shrouds'-bi fill 3i5c;
and styles constantly kept in stbckA
OtEce over Impeiial Bank o'f  Canada.    Telegraph and  mail   orders   rc-
Credilors Relief Act   1902—provides I oaivt* prompt  atlentioa.    Open   night
three months pnoiily io  Morkin j;men ; and day.    Phone 43, .
fjr wages anil salary, when   imployeis
property 13 seized fur debt.
Labor .Regulation Act, LS9S—Japan-
1 *
ese and Chinese • "cleded  from   work
inu.   on   "aib*. j*.?    lol^irrisuh   and   tele
gi.iph and t-Aevlsoree   lAies  and    pub
lie work*.
Worknuu. s Comi-ensiilion Act LOO'i
'—piovides for injurufc to workmen
and compensation to woikmeu in caiC
u.f banki uptc\ of impi.-yer.
l)i'cci\e.l Work'neu* *.ct J'X'2,---de-
eeplne    repn M-iii.ilu.i"-   to   worlimtn
x? ip
Sirs. W. A. Prest,
Cr.iuUvooJc       iVIn^ici      fori Steele.
ty «. "O O Ci/ K-- i v/ ID «
iKchinil   piihi'.slui    and   d.mi-.iHes   can   }?ruit, Tea, 00X168;
i.ecou.ciid. Stovepipes ana
bhops   tsegulation   Act    I'-'iJU—J.io. I &  -
rides for a limited   number   of   hours j Tinware at
^ i
for cbildren and lemaic f.uiploye'.s-.       j
The above acU-    aro  all   credited   to!
the CunsorMitive nai i\ t'ud vduiiot   be !
£Se: -figeosite'
- ■    Oures Pain Instantly
in any part of body-
Without    taking   a drop  of
mfeflicine.    All thb superficial'
paina'are relieved without tlie
big risk ol   talJiug  duiifeefotis,  '
drugs into, the. system,    its
.   Work   is    simply   marvelous:
'-■'"   Pridej $3»00.
CHRISTIAN      NIELSEN;      Agfent
UdYm, ii. c.,
■nr •*,'n*'-^'^,^~H-fch,1ff.rTriiPe,".,y^,"i';'-'ajT1-t*y*'*,iric'':f*T*:iaTpM
0. F. DESAtJlNlER.
DB^tlsR IN
uUfl :
aueens' Ave.    ' MOYIE
waw«.miyrtimi ci^i'i.'^u-gii^'MLjei ■ i^c*ac"!wiija-^jt j.t»b
W. II. F.  CROSBY, Proprietor.
\-1 * r c- (■■• v
^*. J J JLr*   v . -I ,
B. C
y.t.  '.jute's.
Not n .ir.nuti. should  bo   lo'-t after .■
child    b.iov,.*-    ;.\ oiptun. .    o'    cholcrb
infantur.:. The 'ir.~t t:.:i!.-! al h-o.-'-nt .'* j
ni"    the    Aj /.-;•   t:.e.i:id   be   Mi'Iie'ieiiM
warning.    J!    i.'u-K.'.lia'a   ;.r,d   pioper ]
Iroatnient    ii;    A'~~    ^liot1^   cont'o-
'iuences    will   he   a-'ir'etl     Chamner- ! r>     (j.      (.'.miinereial     and"    business
i un'.*.    (Jolitb   '~'i\"\y-.n.   :,Md   7A.ar.'!'.c>ea b'*our-eb   >   --pecialty,    Excellence   and
b-uiivlv ; * l.'it   rA  n :•:■:■-')   of   tboiH-   sv/ift   progi(\*(j   fchaiaclc-aise   encii   de-
•t-lJ-tment.    Parents   bhould   write   for
p irticuhir.-*.    One month   assures   the
public  of   the   thoroughness   of    lhe
ftiM-hoid mi.'U'c! I'.r'e   ti '..ottle 1 s^terb melliods   of  teaching,    Terms
.b hj:\1.    (bi ;l tn (i-iy.     b tsur,   y.o'c A miiiii. nco .bmu try,   April   and   Sept.
". -   Joseph's   Convent.
Nj'.'r-OS, B. C.
|     jio.cdi.-.g and V.iy School  conduct-
O'l h-y the bit-ter? of St. Joseph, Nelson
■ o -j  i-ii.tlio-i?  vr\d   by   it j  aid  th, j
• O'i'-n - i'.'-u ilii'r clnl ireii s  h"Pc
'.i i:,c
An  -• K' i/V   i'l dnvgi  k
Pupils are admitted during tc-rtn.
j,.L     ,PI I I.I Wtl"<»llf il">WI   n  M
-iTiis lialcfoa Hoi Spp
"i .  i'     ■;>'-". *!-•     1   -'.I' •
Ii       . ,'       , v \ ,        Jt.l'l'Ml       '   )     '       |
\    ./, r > ,- *'        .'     ' • '    -Ai. V ,.!.'    1 nur
_.i .if,. j ,,,   , i \,  i      11   in   i , e r   I * I e TO.
,!,.•; ',ca iL.'ii'iii,.''1:   ,-   "   :i   .• '.'-• '. ■   ,..._,     —,     „ __.      ...      , ._
,„!;.:,>. .1... v.d SAIlxvUV^    IjAXE-,   13.^0.
Meets every Mon'day evening in their
hall on Victoria street. Sojourning
Odd Follows cordially invilc-d.
C. A. Footk.'   '       ■    F. J. Sm_yth-;
Noble Grand.    , Secr'y.
Moyie Board of Trade,
Meets on the first "Wednesday    ■
evening of each    month at
3 o'clock sharp   in the court
James Ckonin, Hon. Pros.
' A. P. .AlAcnor.ir.D, Pros.
P. F. Johnston, It. 0amiw:u,,
Vioe-Pres,      „ Sc'c'y.
r r   l
BnrrTffr.T|T.| .j rwrM|^|i1T^r.«^r,^.r-^^-rT^raf^-*»Wi^»n»t>.'l-.iii)f«Tl»m'^^
Harvey    &   Mc Carter, \
rOKT STKMLK, 13. C   ;
Ilarrcy, H-IcCnrtor £; rSnlcliIiiu,
KEVEL3T0F.E, B. C.    -
I '
Barristers & Solicitors.
W. Ii1. G-UED.   ..
K i*,..),
A.J1 *W
J.10i3 "k*^
6^1 t?&i
The H.ifost buy of the season, and you will double your
money in three months. The company have 12 cliiim*,
which surround the ,St. Eugene mine—the largest, fcilvt-r-
lead mine on the American continent.
y ir
lasury.Stock Is Now-Si
al 10 Gents a Share;
"or Parliculai's apply to
'   ' ' o
Cranbrook: B, C.
Geitlrg-e H. Tlioiiipson,'  -
BarrJsxhr, SbLrcrroK, No
lai-y PuBi/ic, &c.
Solicitor for tlje Imperial
Bank of Canada.,
ORANliitbOK".-,     Bitrnsu CoiA;:(i;rA.
avzrz^x*srx~:'j»jL. a.'jjiuj^*'ai," 'j-i xsg'ocaKr,^»tf'^:*i'-i-*iUiJiLr-ja'y»i,»'M
t-ioYiii's i.ii«.j:sg hotel:
Our aim is to plcafe patrons.'
Good   draft and   bottled  beei-
ahvayp on  hand.
°,    TO'AlbO  FU0M ALL
"HH 0# fesi "t
The he's!.- of^'accommodibiou!:
for/.he (raveling public.
P. J, McMahon, Mgr.
wul mumr* ri»^«e*i
eg     F1 SHOTS'8
■ hi i yy i l
Fine   Suitings,'   Overcoating
Trousers,   Imported    Goods.
•he c.ti «."- 'jiiPe ;.-"-',ukb.'- . 1) i" »'.d ;
iin.b.'hlv Iv i. md.il by 'he P1 -•]'■* (
itlio foln :-'*p,tK:.nc bn-* year. rA 11• * i
;,iir open-. <). t .1 . . - i'ti! ''i" ; °" !'.- 1
I.'Uli. T!)Ci'"".i ' Pr( '^,( ''(; -m !• ,
s-iili - aud i ', * :..'
a f I '.V (', i \ -  • (    -      i
,b.   I.    I.,A   •     '   '  ■ "1
.    I
(  In
■,. >     a 11.. i  j ' 'I '
i-   e> , i.    .
.'il-     -   C I.
n       I -.   ' 11 -     ! c, i
• i!«(.-r.' .c.   !,.Mt3i-   f   > o-i'i-.u   tiian   a' ■.;
■ (  "   .| ^  I i, i-
Vno [v'.uvi Cornpleid
:\z::lk'    Resort   on
the     GtbibiiAtii-     oi
iv;»;'j"is America,
I", \T!- •' <   ..'•   -di   riei-Vous   and
■:ri    -     ■;■'..;
is   '.'•'.\ l !.!'..""      ileal   all    Kidney,
mi i ■   :. jch .'.iVmcnts. -
.Tevufiiibn-ji.   Remedy
'*:< *.  M.(\e-  '■ •   '
111 v    . i'
Rb t.
! io: all ib:- t.m itic  i rouble^
y., , a    i   , '     TlA; MS--"*)'") to$!S   per ,\ve"ekb ac-
T h° bit 'U- ml I'll rtx.i tn c <  h ,-t  (..iki   i       *-'*"' ''-'<.    A ,-.       .   -,;;.,,   ,
11 "' '     "       „>       .  .   ,   icoidni''to ii-iiknccin Hotel or-villas,
ienced ly all   who   vse   Chainn?il,nn ,*■ ,
Stomach and   Ltv?r  Tiibkfs   and   lhe j ^
I \j r*. A r< u JW 0 A,  u    o .
Areated Waters of all
1*1 .o is ^^
CM; W   <s
' '   :    T O    '
Spokane,   CeaUlb  ,\tul'Coast  Point?.
tt.'Paul- Dultiib, Atitineapolis
'Chicago anibPuin's East.
2TRAiKlS bAfLY g|
FAST TIME ■■/■ ■
healthy    con.In:uii   of   the   body   and j „_ „ . «-,   ».
jinind which iheycrcale make, one feel   -i"L    J U U   fiAVJ!</1
'ovful,    For cale by till liiiggiiU.
WATC'i   KSi'AIUIMG   A   Sl'EC I.VL'iY,      1
CIl^NBROOK,   B,  C.     |
Nev?   Equipment,    Throughout, , Day
Coaches, Palace  and. Touriot
LOTTO SELL, I ■ .Sleepers, Dining and,;.Buf.
A HOUSE TO REN?. . . -'fet Smo.ldug and Li-;     •
:ji;UN0 STOCK TO BELL, j ,'.;,      brary Caro.
for-l'IcUete,'• iialcc, .Fokierb and
"Full information,-call oil or ad-
drees any- GiTiil'Itoriheru Agent
or write    .
0^cianbaAch.:n^.iai';l0i'   the 0. P. j ]?ox 85,    , M0YIE i GI2 First Avendei '   \&£auw, \V**U
Or if you wi&h to in'bbji;
in any of thece"oonsu'lf
M f *£■■■ d fi
Jso.d.a .vV.atcr   anci, -ayprions,
/»vrv. «"»«.»•-*» fn-»**»V m*<m »»»#r*ir **».»«■«
0;    QilQM'Q:    P.   fHl'
ft** ■     ktBe »?'"■« \      /if     2 bS8
I ■■:» ■    P 41 ? 6. i .1V b' i^   , ii w.
b'-     V/.l'lOI.Ka'A'Ui A1J2J KliTAli.
Fresh, and Cured;,Mealo;- Fro»h
Fish, Game an5- Poultry. We
supply  only   the  best.     Your
trade solicited,    .
In'   all   tiie   Pri:
Cities and   Towns • in
British Columbia.
^ BOX '3o.
MOVIE, lb v.   3
M ■■!    HIWlK Wi —H 1   Wl I III  III 1 ■ II 111 II11 IIWI ■Mlia'lBIIII
d SP0KANfis OCTOBER   5th to  ,13th.
tenth ax;:uai.
' MORE THAN ^0,000' LNT PREMIUMS.      , ,
_^^__ r _ ___ „„_ ™»          „__.__-._ .   ■   - ■ ■      . .   ,   -       -       . ■■   '1 *     t-  - - S
""" .*" i " " I J
Greatest Attractions   Biggest   Amusement j
itures Ever Secured.
S     A-.----'-   - -,— .-•-..-     ..--,     A. ,,.--_- fl
I , EiaKT BAYS EAGING.   '        *       |
I    0\'ER :10G irOHHE.S S^TERrdb BIG EVENT EACIT J)AY ' |
I'. ,.    . $10,000 TN PURSES. ■    |
|    ljov.-c io.vn   Clrcct Carnival   Every   ^ighl,, Vaude\l:Jl-?   Special tie,-*   |
and If:-.;!* Clu»»i- Circus Feature.'.'*'.
I Special L©¥/ Rales m. All Railroads, 1
si s, •    ■ r*. r. •, . .-       ;■ .1 .       ii-_:,., .-.._ l* »*;,,.,-.   ! ;,.. I'.
Commi.-*sion   Privilege:; im  cale.     >\>Ue for Premium ■ i
^! ii. cj. rri-i1:.;,,;,-.,,. r**.- >■ i.iui .■«.■-. f
IIrI I iiIS I lljjL
e?# x&«   ST •is' a    .*)   s '-«' ^
Drag' and Stationery Store.   ,.
Ofe. Slatiouerj-
Drugs, Chemicals,
Tolls! Articles      '   Schoo^. Supplief-
"r?Tl-'c.i*       -fyff^r^       ""/"";?• ,rf-^~^*\If~%'~iV7T5 •
British Colu;i-cia
lc^«^)l^ Kry^^wri^MMiMi ■Aii,»^MM»ii**er^r^-t*v"--y3?r^jBytX^^'i^ '-s.-;*rr->.*tcr?y*i
Illy I 1>A4J    "    JDllJ"^ 'v/'/ AW IU A «
XIUDlMiSTAWr, ItlKHTt. lA'AA.'d. CD.
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Quality not excelled In.tlie country. ■ JTryit ^;i^
••.-■. ■ ;.-'■    ;"    ■'" '■ 'be-Gontixiced'.'.'       •■; ,    "b.. " ". „■
tl^urra^r.^if^^'vc^wfJM^ttSfc.wcot-^iMK^^ft'iM^ m
T'T^A-v-"-,- p^
Z>.'F. J'OJlJVSlOti ■'■■
■■■ •>
■ ip
| Thut Hotel is New and well Fumislied. The *•
Tables are Supplied with tlie Best the |
Market affords. The Bar. is Filled with J
the Best Brands of. ladiiors and Cigars.
4\ I Ail),.'     t"'l/*
(ft  3tO>.'ii:i     -
haiTisri €oi,5'"'! .:u  Jj!


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