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The Moyie Leader Sep 6, 1902

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 L- to move than to pay
|ch the  handiert o   own
^.f and quit moving.   See
iu all, parts   of  town  on
NO 21.
^__ MOYIE, B. C. SEPTEMBI  * 6, 1902.
Bnt we are still alive and
as anxious to catch trade
as the •/'''--
Mine Owners Are Up
Against It.
Were to catch him; and
will be as successful if you
come and get our prices on
on the last of our
SVfS^'tejV^gatflW' I
Which must be sold out in
the next few weeks. See
pur laree assortment of
boots and shoes.   r
Although   Organized, Less
Than Three Years Ago
It Controls Smelting Industry.   '    ■
Sanadain bank of commerce
> -J
'     . '    I       ' , -
'aid Up .Capital   $8,000,000.;
Spokane, Sept.,4.*^The fight of' the
Cour d'Alene dead miners Avitli tbe
smelling trust is still unsettled, and if
a settlement Was dny nearer in sight
none of the officials are willing to say.
The mineownors position Was indicative of the belief that some sort of a
working arrangement l would ' be
reached whereby business relations
Would be restored and shipments
wohld be resumed. The -mineowners
niuflh prefer to make srrAngementa
with the trust satisfactory "to both
sides, rather than resort to the erec-
ti'on of independent suielters."
Although tbe smelting trust waa Organized  less   than   three   years ,ago,
it has tlie emelting   industry almost
completely buttoned   tip.   Lately too
the smelting trust ftae h'eon  making
long time contfgctiJ with' large con«
Burners of pig lead; with  the "idea'  of
neading off- the Gout d'Alenfe  rfflne-,
owners if th'ey should try bu"ild*ing  in-
indepe'nderit sm'eltefs.   The situation
would then be' .that  th'e   trU'st. Would
have contracts'to supply   the largest
consumers    and   th'e   new"     srn'elters0
would . be . seribUBly.- handicapped   in
dispoding of their product'.-
T. T. McVittie was iu town Monday.
[leadfng- hadieS kiii Qehii idtEUher^
»   -V.
. K   »,
rry it an
k'-(o-^'<<'<''^'-jln'^'-^'«-ft-l->l!!,^''g,-l!ff^' >g*>g*
tr;; .
»#SAcin*lElt BB03,
Elifj^e   sttn'tple   fdom.J_.lri .
with house fb'r commercial'men
of accommodations.   ■
[quarters for O'^rffitterrdal rfnd.Mfnfrfg  Men.
r^,'^'^1^'^i,^;^'^;'^^,<g'    ^'
.-'.--.--    .-•    ~ .*•; -.S.',. W   >  .  i*-V    i     -.> v' »,
School Examination*
Tbe results„ of th'e ' postponed" promotion examinations at - the,Moyie
public school are as follows.'
Lead in Loudon has fallen below
the £11 mark.
Postmaster Cann of Fort Steele was
in town this week.
Tbe St. Eugene mine v.ill„be closed
down tight next Monday.
, Miss McAllister of  Calgary is here
visitinc, Mr. and-Mrs. Prith.
S. A. Scott is up from Frank and is
spending a few days in town:
, Miss Erna Niederstadt is in  Nelson
attending the St. Joseph's convent.
John W. Kickers and family left for
Pincher creek Thursday to remain.
Andrew Johnston has returned
trorn the Lardeau and is now ■ in
- John Haggarty was down from
Kimberley. this week visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. Hi H. Dimock. -       ,
James Cronin and son, Jack Cronin,
returned from a trip to West Kootenay Wednesday.
B-oadinaster Chas. Crosaman intends
to move'his family to Cranbrook within a short time.    <-      ■ ,
^The employes of the sawmills' here
talking; of organizing a branch of the
Western Labor Union. "
P, J. Cahill returned returned 'from
Morrissey   Thursdayi, and   says   that'
things are .beginning to hum -there.
Manager Cameron of the' Moyie
Lumber Co. transacted _ business in
Cranbrook the first of the week.     \  '
President Leitch and Vice-Preside fit
McNab of the East Kootenay Lumber
Co. were this week inspecting the
Moyie milli
A. 0. Cook, accountant and shipper
for Park/ Mitchell & Go./ was in Cran-
Wcfo* this;' tfeefc taking stock ei
Iftiifcfl'V thiih
A social darie'e was' given* at tt'e-"
Cosmopolitan hotel last evening dftd
a'splendid time was had. The next
dafoce Will b'e held at the Manhattan-
hotel nex"t Friday evening.
- '' *■ ,       ,
The   Presbyterian  bible  class , and
Sabbafih school will, meet -at 3 o'clock
Items of Interest Se-
Disgruntled'Boers  Seeking
.New Homes, the  Two '
Per Cent Tax Must ,
Be Abolished,
Mont Peleo is again active.
It is said -.that   F.   August  Heiniie
will build a railroad in to Dawson,
i ■ * ■
Frank is makiag jireparations for a
monster demonstration of Sept. 10th.
Upwards of $10,000' worth pf lots
have already been sold in"the new
oWn  of Morrissey. ■
^Claus Spreckles o'f San Francisco k
said to,be, about to establish a six
million dollar sugar refinery business
in Canada; • '
Ed Boyo'e, ex-president of the Western Federation of Miners, has been
nominated on the socialist ticket of
Colorado for Governor of that State:
< Fifteen new auiis,- aggregating $229,-
000/ have been entered against the
Crow's 2-Teet Coal' company by relatives" bl those killed in tile big .Efainiflg
Jtffa'ftgerj-fen'frs Kav'e' b'Sefl HHm^teiid.
hi ti-dttihg iU & teigM-SdtfMl At
WarcfnV. " Th'e ni'ill \vill h'a^e a' c'ap'a^
city of 50j000 feet, and will be"" rea'dy
for operation by the first of th'e   year.
Di3gruiiitled Boers are Beeking Madagascar as a home.   The French' au-
A town whose natural
location will make  it
Situated in the Elk River Val- W
ley  and   surrounded  by    the fj
greatest coal deposits  on" the ,r?
American Continent.
i -
$   The Crow's Nest Southern will
<$   build its machine shops  and   r
3   round houses at MORRISSEY.    -J
The smelters of British Colum-  ■
bia, Montana and Washington'
will be supplied .with coke and
coal from MORRISSEY. "
It will pay you to visit  MORRISSEY      and     investigate.
Tlios. Crahan, Ajrt.    MOItltTSSEY.  ,ji
-    Mfiy Hare u Good THlns*   -
0." J. Johnson got wind of something gootl in a mining way last Sunday, and silently folded his' tent'and
stole away. Mr. Johnson was never
known to steal anything else.- lie
bought a ticket for Fort -Ste'elo Junction i and since" rumors have reached
here of a Hch ,strikQ at the head of
Tlellroaring creglrj it is sur'iriised that
he struck out for the  he-t? camp".
Nothing definite"'.ia kno'wn here of
the reported strike, but it 'is stated
that a large vein" of; exceedingly rich-
gold ore has feeeh'struck noa"r the divide between Goat fiver aiid -the St.
Marys. ,It is also stated tb'at-IL W.'
Ross" has negotiated for a grodp'bf six
claims thefo that promise td be" Uori-',
an-t,as.    , . '
,„»^».-TVr   i  non    .-,    i   . | thorities are agreeable, insisting, how-
instead of aU2:30  o'clock  tomorrow. ' , ■    ,-   ,-• ■■      -,    •■     ...
■uo™t»'fl.,™iiiv»,u'-u _'_  ..'...---.   - - ,,'     everj on naturalisation  and an  adop-
MOYIE," B. C.    ^fiy
lcg. «■!
Best te
L   v
it cm
;ers o:
f all
^A.f-%     J1?.-;/*
man who
rs fii| Shoes
°* ^ tt'l nVe^
e«. only pi
fit, We pro-
t liini/n alt
ats of' st^le
°^y interest'
°iiyou asat-'
ct'^ry sho©
• -^w  KhoW
than we
.of   Shoe
/. i ■»»
,     ..        Moyie; Attgu'st 9, raofc.'
To r»rv rAttons,-' .
!l take^this opportunity of
thanking' the   jieople.   of
'   Moyie. for their generous
patrQnage  since    1    li'avo.
b'een in business, here.- ,1
have decided to close ray-.
3torp for the proven \>, and I
trust it will o'nly-bsjor a-
short   time.     1 .,,willr be
plciised &p all times' lo answer, inquiries unci,supply
your   wan its .from   Crari'-
brpok..    Any   account remaining unpaid   I  would.  '
ask that they*-bo remjtyed to
aio,at ouco as t am anxious   to.t oloso   the books.
G. ii. MINER.
Take notice that I l.nvo npiilioil 40 the Chief
oniiiiis^ioncr of- Wui'Is a'i'1 works, Victoria
B.C., for n spujlfd .license to cut r.iuf enrry
a'vray fimbor from the following de-cribod
■vacant oro\vulaii(l3_ !n, the SonrJi.-ni diviiion
of l^ftSt JCOofenifv--UiVtrict, B. 0.
Connnonclntr at a jiost nlantcd en the 'vest
side of-tho B. C. Southern mil way at niilo post
3J& r.bontrt mile una -n h.-ilf north of 0.1'. R.
survey'line, ruuniiu; we«.t SO clmir,.s, thence
south SO chains", thence oust f"f) ohiUn-s, tlionoe
norlhfiO chuiiiM, to pllico of commencement,
coutaiuinffOlO acres, more or les-.. ■
Dated August let, 1P32. I'- CAIflLL.
TnUo notice IU"-? T l-r.-.e iippi'0'l '° |-*>a s*Jllicf
CorajBlssIonerof Unds and N.orlts inr ft special license to o'ul and cany uv.'.'iv timtiL-r from
the 'following described yuquiU ^r-nvn- lands n
the southern division of Ka^t Kootourty district,
britlsh Cohunbia:      •        ,     ,'.;,. AA^A^i
Conhnenelns at (i.po:<r- planted it fn-w^post
3-15 of the H. C. Southern railway riuii inj, «
chains north, thence SO chains west, ttienu &u
south, thence 80chains cast to place of com
' •  •--'-•-«•»-mres. more or les
Florence Harp'er;
James Harper;
, Oliyo Cline,
Hazel Cline, '        c
Arthur Lutner,
Dollie Crosaman.
' 1. Cleveland Uill,
2. John Ifudd; „,.
3^. Frank Feroglia,'
i: Arthur Crowe."
5. Willie VYhitehead/'
G. Edith Hawke,
7. John Elmer,
FIRST id SfiCONt/ C't'ASR.
1. Alfred Carlson,"
2." Carrie" McQueen,'
3. Eu's8ell Hawke,1
4. Sidney Elmer,.
5. Stephen Cahill,
6. John' Grossman,'
7. Ethel Brentou,'
S. Lena Rudd.
1. Louise Niederstadt,
2. Sura'fi,McQueen,
3. Boll Whitehead,'
*1. Mabel Lutner,
5, Annie Muif,"
6. Carl Nelson,
1. Yerua Brenlon,
2. Clara Niederstadt,
3. ]Wothy Blackburn,
•Jt. Mildred Cline,.
1. Earl Cahill,
2. Earl Shea,
3. Harry Cro.ve, t    .
There are 51 childi'en attending tb
Services will be'h'eld as usual ia" the
evening at 8' d'clock in the L 0. 0. F,
hall.   All welcome,
Wni. Barclay; shipper for the late
McNab Lurdber Co., of Jaffrayj was
here this week taking stock at the
Park; MitcLiell mill, preparatory to
entering the new company.( Mr. Barclay was a resident of Moyie at one
time add worked'in the" St. Ern+erie
mine. _ He is looking fine add holding
a splendid position.
• i        .    * -  -.
Prof; J. C, tsard,  M. A.,   representing Leys' school o'f  Canibridge,"' England, was,here this week visiting   with
his cousin, A. T. Clark.    Prof. Isard is
principal of the school, arid   is one   of
thesis or seven holding  similar pbsi-.
lions in tlie  whole   of  Englaiid   who
were selected  by  th's  C.   P.   E.  and
giyeri  free  transportation ,from" Eng-
pund to' Vancouver and,,return.    Tbe
.professor,would liked  to  h'ave\ etayed
longer in Moyie, but  could   not spare
the tinie, as lie wished to" reach  home
for the opening of scliool.    Dr, PCen-
dall, principal of Chesterho^use,, joined
Prof. Isard here and" tlie two are  traveling" honie together.
tion of the French language.
Col,"Prior, minister of mines,, who
has returned to-Victoria from a trip
through the Kootenays; says that the
people invariably asked for the abolition of the two per'cent ta.t oh the
output of metalliferous niiueo.
It is announced that the Mdiitana
and Great Northern and its Canadian
extension will be formally opened for
traficin a fier?- diiys. -Wi'tli .suitable
exuipmeut the Great Northern, will be
abie.,tci ship from $8,000 to 10,000'tons
of cq'al per diiyc from the Morrissey!
mines., President Hill says th'e Great
Northern will haul 2,000' tons per
ZusurancQ Agents Aiii.i7gamate.
M. A. Beale,' John Hutchisofi" and
Edw-ard Elwell have entered injo
partnership, amalgamating .the <late
firm of fieale e-b" Elwell with Mr. John
Hutchison.      , i      ,.   .,.
The head office k id C.rajib'ro'oli a:nd
it is their intention to-keep in active
operation branch offices at Moyie,
Fort 'Steele,- Jliiriberley,' Marysville,
.Morrissey and Elko, 3. C, and, Frank,
Alberta. Their business .will .consist
A Cant to th'e Fubiic. of fire, plate glass; boiler: life, aceideu't
To; obr. friends' and  patrons; >(ioa  £   sickness   insurance.    They   will
are b^- this time aware' of the new cbn-
Koott-nay Stjam Laundry.
nectioii1 which we have  made  by  am-
aJgamajing our business    wbtb    Mr,
John Hutchinson's of   Cranbrook, but
•we cannot enter upon   our  nsw .venture without  expressing . our sincere
thanks to you   all.  for   the  generous
support which yon  have  extended   to
us since we started businsss in  Moyie.
'We have tried to  merit  th'e  same  by
givmg your business  our  best   alteu-
ciou, and we trust the new   firm   may
rely on your continued support which
we shall   endeavor  to  retain   in   the
panic manner a,s heretofore.
Asa in thanking you wo  remain,
. Very truly yours,
ac.^as real estate, commission and
financial agents,'auditors and accountants," notaries public arid general
brokers. A collection^ department
will also be one.of tbc'ir branches,'
The new firm of Be;ale," Hutchison <£
Elwell forms a , strong eoiubin'afjioii.
All three are energetic young -men,
and so far as bustlers for business are
concerned there are no better hi South
East Kootenay. They will practically
•control the insurance business  of the
or tlie
•m'cncemc'at.; oontnlninif fl-10 acres, more or less
Bided August 1st, 1002,
Wi-ulcy O'li'nc, of. tlio  Central
barber shop,  ii)   nor;., .agent   *•
Kootenay Steam Laundry at
All lantKfry left in" his charge  will  be
pronlfitly attended' to.    Laundry must
bs in before Tuesday evening',
bash in advance.
rJsw   YoitK-rBar silver,  52j: cents.
Load, H.i2$...:Copper, $1L30V !
LoNDOX—Lead, £10, 18s. Od.';   .
.' district. .Mr- Beale will attend td the
Mo}-:e office auc will spend a good
portion/)!" his time here.
j       -       — —.     .
Why you should buy
ijpcaxiM) it is tec bed -nullity.
Hecaiue it is the most lasting chew. -
Uc6Au»cit, is tho Invsest, b'i{.'h grade j or 10c.
•plug. ' -  ..,v'   .'
l.5ccai.uio.thp tags arc   falualud Jot?;' premiuini-,
UJJIMIi JANUAliy let, ISOl...,"'■"
ijecniaso \ve guarantee'every f.Uig, and
jjcoauKo your dealer is antliOriEoct to'refund
•     your money if you are not satisfied'. -.-    ■•
Ths Empikb Toracco Cq:, Ltd
For letting' a Beautiful Watc'li tiu'ci
Ch'a-in* Ff'ee'.-^No Money §Jhii&d
te> M'tytfdW; bW ol Stti
liao trie S^anie Opportunity, under
,   our System.' , '    ■
In order to have JJr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills placed in the hands of" •
all persons suffering trorn  bad _,health'
we make tho -following   most liberal
offer:— -   ..
If you will" send Us your rianie and
address and agree to sell .for us twelve "
boxes of .Dr. Arnold's English Toxin.
Pills at 25c. per box, we will • give you.
axd Chaix iii either Ladies or  Gents
size, or your, choice   df twenty'other
premiums such as a fine set of Jewel-  -
ry;   Bingsj   Violins;'1 Mandolin's;  Tea
Sets, Sate^eri skirts, carheras, etc.    B^e-. s
m.ember vi:e vos'± ,tvant AiiY ?io.^EY •
until after you sell the"  pills  "arid  you"
don't, ha-ve. td cell  aHy  nidre   ttian 12
boxes to, get thg p'rerri'iurhi    Tliis is
a Bona fide offer from a realiable"',cQ'n-   "
cern .that has given thousands' of dollars, worth o'f premiums  tp.'agents'all,
'over ,the\ coiintry. _   .Eemember als.o'
tliat.Br. Arnolds .English Toxin Pill-/
are a,well known, r>n}edy..fbr all' diseases   cf ihQ .kidney, ind    .bladder/,
,Bright^ disease, diabetep/rli^udatisrn/. -
nbrvous   troubles;', and  fenialo,,, com-
P-aints, and are for .oaje .Jb'y ,ali  first
class, druggists and  dealers' in' medi-.
cities in all parts' .of ilif ^orld.—YuU-:
bAV'e oply to sbpw tlierii tb sell. '.them..
-You are riot oitexingthe people .some-,
thing-they don't know.    Our  watches.    "
are tho regular standard size'fpr'' Ladie^
or Gentlemen iri.nickel or Gun Metal
Oases( with'    handsome, illuminated
dials and reliable  time" keepers,  wat->
ches such  as  np' lady or .gentleman"
need be aobariied  to b'ar-ry,' aud   they-    '
will be, sent a'bsolu'tply Free to all whc.'
sellonly.Uyelve.boies of those  won-,
derful. Toxin-• P,iIlS;    \yriltf   afc  0nC6
and bo   tlie   first, in" your  locality   to*
earn one of  thoSe  beautiful   watches
and chain,    ^s   soon   as  v/e  receive:
your letter or post card  we will  send'
you post paid   twelve  boxeo, together
with, our   illustrated   Catali
beautifully   colored   car-t1
<>gUo    and
card   with    yCur
name-and addre.su  on  as ot!r  authorised agent.    Bear  in . riind c-that you
will not be. asked   to   cell .a"ny_ more,
than the 12 bo-es and r:e ^on't want
any .M03TKY until after you have  sold
| them.    We bear all tho  expense  and
j are only making this liberal offer  as a
'method   ot  advertising   Dr.  Arnold's
English   Toxm  Pills.    Don't    delay"
write  at once- and  earn  a "beantiful
present for yourself for Christmas.'.   '
•    Address AHjVOJLDBiebioine co -  - •-'•
Dept, 124.   50Adelaidei St. East, Toronto/Qc*.
', !
i L
t- I     I
I ' .1 * .
:■■ '■'• i
i   * t
i   t, , ,
1' ' i- ,   I
1     I • ;
,    <•*',
' *   ,    ..- -.
i-, ,   .'m
■'',   ', '   "'
:■:"-;•'< v'-'S'
IS* ,:,(?:       •■  '"" , '*    ,'_
~h/-;   *';,lK:
5       c'
■    I-.
v , -'<V ;    ,.
i - ,   ',
-if.  * i,
'vj-'l    '.-1     r        (
'-Jr--.?,..' ■
Ii:  v\
1    •   " ,    .
v   i » , * ^
**;**-.  i
*iV -
i A" \> "
i ,
(Copyright 1900 by Sir WaUcr Besant)
Anally be abandoned bis learned
view nnd adopted our' more modern
explanations of the case—viz, that tbe
marriage was a sham and that the
woman was some creature suborned
to personate Molly.
"But what woman can she be?" asked tbe vicar. "She can write. 1 have
»een the registers.   She has signed in a
full, round baud without bad spelling.
Tbe woman, therefore. Is educated. My
dear. we.nnry perhaps "find the woman.
My worthy and pious brother in orders
' Is most certainly lu the conspiracy.
When there are three, one Is generally
n traitor. To'begin with, the scheme is
".both bold and ' dangerous. It is tbe
Jir:«t stop toward obtaining a large sum
of money under false pretenses. Their
necks are In danger, even tbe neck of a
noble earl.    '
"It Is Inconceivable," be went on after a little-"'reflection.-"bow a woman
could be found to play such a part. She
amst be tlie mistress of tbe earl. No
other could,be trusted." ■    ,
' "What should be done meantime?"
' "We must meet the'enemy on bis own
ground. He spreads abroad the*report
that he married Molly this morning.
We must publicly aud openly deny tbe
f»ct. Captain, there will be a large
company at the assembly this evening.
You will take Molly- there. ..I will go
'" wltb you. Jack shall put on bis Sunday best aud shall also go'witb us. Wb
must be prepared for an impudent
claim, and we mifcst be ready with-a
prompt deaial. Let us' court publicity." ' ' '   "
This was clearly tbe best a«vlee possible.    We were  left   unmolested   all
. Vihe afternoon, though the captain made
t me stay, as a'kind of garrison in case
' of   any, attempt  at, abduction   being
made.   , , '        .
In tbe evening Molly In her chair and
dressed in ber finery was carried to tbe
gardens, while the captain, the vicar
and myself formed a bodyguard.
We arrived after the dancing bad begun. .Lady Anastasia'was looking on,
but her court of ladies and young men
for some reason seemed to have melted away. She stood almost alone, save
for the support of th'e old beau Sir Harry. Tbe colonel was also with ber, and
the Rev. Benjamin Purden stood behind her.
Tbe music was in tbe gallery at the
end of tbe long room. Tbe dancing was
carried on iu the middle. Lady Anas-
^ tasia was standing on the right of tbe
gallery, most of tbe company on tbe
left. Molly, with the captain aud followed by the vicar and myself, turned
to tbe left
On her entrance all eyes were fixed
upon the newly  made countess.    She
bad come without ber lord I    Was this
part of the secret—a secret known to
all the world—or was his lordship, before tbe whole'company, about to lead
bis bride to tbe first place, as became
her newly acquired rank? Some of the
ladies regarded her wltb looks of hatred,   the successors  of  tbe  looks  of
scorn with which they had first welcomed  ber.-   Most of them,  however,
were kindly.    A tale or love always
meets with a friendly reception.    Not
a woman In tbe place but would have
taken her place with joy unmeasured.
As no other woman could, tbey were
ready to accept their fate and to make
<    friends  wltb' tbe  successful  and  tbe
fortunate winner of so great a prize.
It was a great prize. Indeed, if tbey
orJj> knew.
'J'be minuets were over and the country dance was about to begin when
Lord Fylingdale arrived, followed, as
usual, by bis secretary. , He stood at
the door; he looked around. Then,"
wltb tbe cold pride which never failed
him, be stepped across tbe room and
Dowed low to Molly. "Madam." he
said, "with your permission, we will
dance this country danr-e together before 1 talce you away with me."
i "My lord." replied Molly aloud, so
that tbe whole company Heard and
trembled, "1 shall not dance with you
this evening nor on any other evening."
"She will never again dance with
you, my lord. Nor will she bold any
discourse with you. Nor will she willingly admit you to ber presence." It
was the vicar who spoke, because the
man ami the occasion proved too much
for tin* good old captain, who could
only roll thunderously between bis
teeth tilings more fitted for the quelling of a mutiny than for dealing with
such a man as bis lordship.
"Pray, sir," said Lord Fyllngdale,
stepping back, "what is the meaning
of this? Pray, madam"—be turned to
Molly—"what is tbe meaning of this
sudden change? Captain Crowle, have
1 or have I not the right to claim my
wife?" '
,The vicar stepped forward and con-
fronted We H"» tall. ^m ^ f**™
ion- cassock, bis thin and ascetic face,
contrasted with the overbaugbtmess
of his adversary.
"My lord." be ashed, "bow long has
this lady been your wife?"      '
'"We were married," be said, at 6
o'clock this morning by' tbe Rev. Mr.
Benjamin Purden; who is here to bear
witness to tbe fact' Tbe wedding was
prlvare at my request, because, as you
may perhaps believe, 1 was, not anxious to join In tbe wedding, feast with
a company of boors, bumpkins and
"Ladies and gentlemen"—the vicar
raised bis voice and by a gesture silenced tbe orchestra—"I have to lay
before you a conspiracy which I believe is" unparalleled in any history.
You are aware that Lord' Fylinr-nle,
who stands before you, came to the
spa a tev>{ weeks afijp'for purposes best
known to himself. You will also doubtless remember that certain persons
who arrived before him were loud in
bis praises. He; was said by them to
be a-model of all the virtues. I will
not repeat the things:tbat were said."
"All this," said Lord Fyllngdale, "is
beside the mark. I come to claim my,
. "Among those" who accepted these
statements Ofor gospel was Captain
Crowle. tbe guardian of the young lady
beside me. It was to him a great honor to be admitted to converse with so
distinguished" a nobleman and to be
permitted to consult with him as to tbe
affairs of bis ward. He even informed
bis'lordship of tbe extent of tbe lady's
fortune, which is far.greater than was
generally understood. Thereupon his
lordship began' to pay attention of a
marked character. You have all, I believe, remarked these" attentions. Then
came the attempted abduction and tbe
lady's rescue by Lord Fyllngdale. After this be formally offered his band
and his rauk to the lady. Tbe honor
seemed very great, ne was accepted.
He then engaged the lady to undertake
a private marriage without festivities,
to which she consented. She promised,
in fact, to be married at St. Nicholas'
church this very morning at G o'clock."
"All this," said Lord Fylingdale coldly, "is quite true, yet why you detain
the company to,the narrative I do uot
understand. Tbe lady kept ber promise. I met her at the place and time'
appointed. We were "married.. Once
more,   Captain   Crowle,   I   claim   my
wife." ' ,    ,
'"Ladies and gentlemen," tbe vicar
continued, "there is but one reply to
tbe last statement, for tbe lady did not
keep ber engagement."
Sir-"—Ills lordship advanced a step—
"are you aware of tbe .meaning of-
words? Do yoirassert that I was not
married at_tbat time and in that place?"
Tbe Rev. Benjamin Purden advanced." "Sir," be addressed tbe.vicar.-."Iike
his lordship, I' am amazed at these
words. Why, sir, "l myself— I myself
at 6, o'clock .this morning performed
tbe marriage service as proscribed by
tbe church for the right honorable the
Earl of Fylingdale and Miss Mary Miller." "' '
"at yocit peru-.."
Y this time tbe company were crowding
' round, eagerly listening. No one could understand what had I
happened. Tbe bridegroom claimed his
bride. The bride's
friends denied that she was married.
"Yesterday,'.' the vicar' went on,
"there arrived simultaneously three letters. One of 'them, an anonymous letter, was addressed ,to Captain Crowle;
one, from a respectable bookseller in
London, was addressed to Mr. L'ente-
crosse, master of the grammar school,
and one, from a certain fellow of his
college at Cambridge, was addressed to
me. All these letters together contained charges which show how deeply, we
have been deceived."   .
"Have a care!    Have a care!" said
Lord Fylingdale. •
- "By these letters aud other sources,"
the vicar continued, "1 learn first as to
tbe noble lord's friends tbe following
"I find that the Lady Anastasia Lang-
ston hath been lately presented by tbe
grand jury of Middlesex for keeping a
bouse riotous, of great extravagance,
luxury, idleness and 111 fame.
"I am informed that Lady Anastasia
bath held a bank every night in this
place, to tbe burt and loss of many.
"I turn next to the case of tbe Rev.
Benjamin Purdeu, who stands before
you. He was the tutor of Lord Fylingdale. He Is described as the companion of his vices. He was the cause last
year of a grievous scandal at Bath. He
is tbe author of a ribald piece of verse,
by which he has t- . upted many. No
bishop would sanctiou bis acceptance
of tbe smallest preferment."
"This Is very surprising," said Mr.
Purden. shaking his big bead, "but we
shall see, we shall see—immediately."
"There are next tbe two gentlemen
known as Sir Harry Malyns and Colo-
uc-1 Lanyon. Their occupation is to act
as decoy ducks, to lure young men to
tlie gaming table and to plunder them
when they are caught."
Both   these  gentlemen   started,   but
neither replied.
"I  now come to the noble lord before me.   He is a most notorious profligate.   He shares in Lady  Anaslasia's
gaming bouse.   He has long since been
refused admittance into the houses of
persons, of honor,   lie is an inveterate
gambler.   He lias  ruined  bis own  estate,   sold   the  family  plate  and   pictures,   library,   everything.   He   is   at
this  moment unable to  borrow  or to
raise the smallest sum'of money.   Tlie
Fleet and the King's Bencli prisons are
full of tbe unfortunate tradesmen who
trusted him and the young rakes whom
off her promise and wrote to bis lordship for explanations. Captain Crowle
called upon bis lordship this morning
for explanations. He was met with
derision. He was told that be was
too late—tbe young lady was already
married; there was no necessity ,for
any explanations." ,
The company murmured. , Voices
were raised demanding explanations.
"My friends," said bis lordship cold-
lv. "these inventions need uo reply.
I claim my wife."
"She is not your wife," said the vicar.
"We are ready to* prove that at ,6
o'clock tbe young lady was already
engaged with ber mother in tbe still-
room or some other occupation. • Of
that there is no doubt possible. But"—
and here- be lifted a warning finger,
but bis lordship paid no attention—
"there was a wedding early tlds morning. His reverence, Mr. Purden, performed the service. The wedding was
In tbe name of Mary Miller as bride.
Tbe registers are signed 'Mary Miller.'
This is'therefore'a conspiracy."
"You talk nonsense," said bis lordship, who certainly carried it off with
an amazing assurance. "I claim my
wife. Once more, madam, will you
come with me?"
"I am no,t your wife."
"We must endeavor," said the vicar,
•'to find the 'woman- who. personated
Miss Molly. The clerk of tbe parish
testifies to the wedding, but be does
uot appear to have seen tbe face of
the bride. Whoever sbe'was she wore
a domino and bad thrown her,, hood
over ber face."
The Lady Anastasia stepped forward,
agitating her fan. "Reverend sir." she
said to the vicar, "in matters of society
vou are a very Ignorant and a very simple person.: It Is quite true that I have
been presented by a Middlesex jury for
gambling. It is also true that half London might also be presented. As for
tbe rest of your statements—that,"for
Instance, Lord Fylingdale shares in tbe
profits of my bank-let me assure you
that your innocence has been abused.
These things are not true. However; it
Is not for me to answer public insults,
in a public place. Sir Harry, my old
friend, tbey call you a decoy; even you.
with your .name''and your reputation.
A decoy! Sir, your,,cloth should shame
you. Sir Harry, take me to my chair.
If tomorrow morning,, the; company
thinks proper to dissociate Itself from
this public insult, I will remain in this
place, where, I own,' I 'have never
found many friends. If not, 1 shall return''to London and to the bouse pre-,
sented by tlie grand jury of Middlesex."
So saying, she retired smiling and, as
they say of soldiers, In good order;
'with ber. also in good order, the ancient beau, with no other signs of "agitation tban a trembling of the knees,
and this might very well"be laid to the'
account0of his threescore years and fif-.
teen or perhaps fourscore.
Lord   Fylingdale  once  more  turned
to Molly.
"Madam, for the last time"—
'  "Send  biro away—send  him away."
said Molly.   "He makes me sick."
"We deny tbe marriage, my lord,"-
said tbe vicar. "That is all we have
to say."
"At your peril." replied bis lordship.
So saying he walked away unmoved
apparently. Mr. Purden and Colonel
'Lanyon went with him. Both men
were flushed in tbe cheeks ,and restrained themselves by an evident effort. I was sorry for Sam Semple, for
he followed, his face full of trouble
and disappointment.
When they were gone, the vicar spoke
once more.
"Ladies and gentlemen," be" said.i
"we have thought It best to court the
greatest publicity possible in this matter. Tbe people whom we have exposed will not again trouble this com-
pany by their presence, i know not
what tbe law may decide iu this ease,
supposing bis lordship so ill advised
as to go to law. but the truth, which
Is above tbe law, remains that an imposture of tbe most daring kind has
been attempted, and that some wormui
has been found to personate Miss Mol
ly. I have to express her sorrow (oi
keeping you 60 long from your pleasures."
And with these words he offered his
hand to Molly, and we withdrew and
the music struck up a lively country
] HEN, six months later,
I   returned    from    a
cruise,   I   found   that
Lord Fylingdale, having   agreed   to   leave
Molly free,  had been
put    into    possession
without resistance of
the bulk of her fortune and was making "ducks and drakes" with it in London.
There came into my head the thought
he has ruined. tuat   \   might  somehow,  by. , going   to
"Ladies und gentlemen, this was London, find out what manner of" life
the story which'reached us yesterday, ' was led by my lord and in what ways
fortunately iii time.   Miss Molly broki   he wasted and scattered Molly's sub-
,„.,„ ,|k- >>»«''»'"'•->;;„     :      ;or 5ome
i   tlii-iii'dit   over   tlie   pian   -*•*
''it assumed clearer" shape.    It
(1-ijs.    ** •'* Mniiv  for ber part.
t0 V>e ber husband work bis wicked r. 11
i"ld do what be pleased provided that
, oi ion   riding with a small company
„-..v ihat 1 put up at one of the inns
0" side Bisbo'psgale und that I found
o my cousin and put the whole case
° rJ him. He was a grave and re-
sible citizen, a churchwarden and
of  good   standing   in   the   Stationers
company. ,   ^
"You want to know bow Lord Fylingdale spends bis .money. 1 can„ucip
vou in this business,"
' It was by tbe kind offices of this gentleman, whom I found to be a person
of quick wit and ready understanding,
hosides being of a most obliging dis-(
posiliou. that 1 was enabled to see with
my own eves an evening' such as my
lord loved". As- for tbe details, you
must, if you please, bold me excused.
Let it suffice that our observations be-
"•an at a gaming bouse and ended at a
tavern. At both places 1 kept in the
background because I would not be
recognized by Lord Fyllugdale.     -"
He came In to tbe.gaming table with
tbe same lofty, cold carriage which bo
bad shown at our humble assembly.
He advanced to the table; he began to
play. No one could tell from his lordship's fneewhetner be lost or won. In
half an'hour or so, my friend returned
to my, corner. "He has lost a,cool £500.
Tbey are whispering round the. table
that be loses hundreds every evening.
All the- world is asking what gold
mine he,, possesses that be can stand
these losses." -
"I know bis gold mine," l replied,
with a sigh. "But it is nearly exhausted." '.
"' We staid a little longer. It-was about
10 or 11 in tbe evening thatbis lordship
left the table.
"Come,", said my friend. "I know the
tavern where be will spend' the next
three or four hours. I can-take you
there." The bowls of 'punch and the
company and everything'is provided
at bis lordship's expense.- Mr. Petite-
crosse, it .must be not a gold mine, but
a mine of Golconda, to bear this profu-
■" sion." " ' -
"I tell you. sir. whatever it is, the
mine is nearly run out."
"It will not be bad for tbe morals of
the town when fc* has quite run oiit.",
As regards the tavern and lis' company, it is indeed astonishing to me that
any man should find pleasure in such
a company and~in such discourse. At
the head of the table" sat my lord. He
appeared to be neither pleased nor displeased. Tbe drink, flowed like a stream
of running water. It seized on all and
made their faces red, their voices thick.
Tbe noble leader sat unmoved, or. if
moved at all, then'by',a kind of contempt At 2 o'clock he arose aud walked out Into the street, where bis chair
awaited blm.
• "This is bis humor," said my guide.
"Play is bis passion. It is tbe one thing
that he lives for."    •   ,
So I had learned all that 1 wanted to
know. It was now quite certain that
we were within a very short distance
from tbe end. Tbe lands and bouses,
the fleet and tbe business would be
sold.   What next?
The'day after this .experience in the
life, of a rake I   paid a visit for the
first and only 'time to St James' parkin the afternoon.   It was, I remember,
a cold   but  clear  and .bright  day  lu
January.   At tbe gates stood a crowd
Df lackeys and fellows waiting for their
ladies   and   stamping   ou   the' ground
to keep off tbe cold.   Within a goodly
company walked briskly up and dowu.
Tbey   were the great  people of  London whom 1 saw here.   While I looked
ou, admiring tbe dresses of-the ladies
and   tbe   extravagances   of   the   gentlemen,  who seemed to vie with each
other in calling attention'to themselves
by their dress and  by their gestures,
there passed me,-walking alone, a lady
whom at first I did not recognize. She
started, however, and smartly tapped
my hand with ber fan.  She carried the
fan, although it was winter, just as tlie
beaus dangled their canes from their
"Why," she cried, "it is my sailorl
ft is surely Jack Pentecrosse!"
Then I recognized the Lady Anastasia.
"And what is Jack Pentecrosse doing in this wicked town? And how Is
Molly, tbe countess? Come, Jack, to
my house. It is not far from here. I
should like a talk with you and to hear
the news. And I will give you n dish
of tea. Why, I left Lynn in disgrace-
did I not? On account of tbe grand
jury of Middlesex? It was that evening v.'b.-n Lord Fylingdale turned upon
his enemies." ,'
Her house was. not very far from
Et. James street As we walked along
she discoursed) pleasantly in her. soft
and charming manner, as If she was
made huppy ju.*,i by meeting me aud
as if she had always been thinking
about me.
She phier-d me In a chair before the
lire. She sat opposite. She rang tho
bell and called for tea. Then she began to talk about Lynn and its people.
"Toll me, Jack, about your friend
Molly. Is she reconciled to her rank
and title yet? 1 believe that she does
not live with her husband."
[■l'u   i».J  CONTINUED.]
tjauford said:  "Caraie,  youTi;  k brick."-
Duiiy J'ai»er.    '
.sii.il.t-,  Jooh jSaufoi-U.
Voi.'ie  a Inieli '
U! die richest,   rarest elflj ;
^o:.liei--g:irt>ed such sum  v.-mild  »>«
Z-'oit-rtr and  u day.
i"t\- tho,  tliat  pluck lii*c .voj*»,
W-iWt labelled—"glorious wars   ,
Hudu"t fought where shoe aaJ **a*.u
Itoar their threnodies ot hen,
Vet; Josh  Sauford,  duty  v-uils
Kiuiiti   in   suioeks   and   oveit«Ji-J. .
Writes  tlu-ii-  n.tnio-s  Iini»c«i --name
I-.M'ii  on  au-old   farm  well.
Vi'iing Ji).*--.i  Sanfoni.
, .Si-sty  fc't , .    '
ru-wii  :<   luiie  of  ti-eaclicrois  «ina,
While, (his nien-.v  heart ■*S*J-y>
rem and   I   would  -.-.like t<» ^'."'J'
l>.KS.ns,   dljrgliiga,   wu.MUiik   l» rUap%
.Ii.si luce lois or other  eliajis--
When  th.it  awful  shlv'Hii,'  -*wti,1„fl   ,„,,
Caved   the' sides   that   firu-.m.-d   -ind  .el',
Then Josah  Samlford-w h«w were you?
Uod lu heaven  only  knew.
Swift   was dealli  and  burial
la   that dct-u  -sepulchral   wel.
I lead?   Josh   SJjuMru!
Ves, they said—---.
Like the*  well  pip", Komi and  deep;
Till  a tappliiK  ou  the  imv;    '
Mmle'a hundred  pulses   leap—   *
Mude   a.   hundred   pul*-es   sun?
And   a   hundred   shovels  rluif;
l.iat:   Kneli tup c.nne UK.*- ft knell  r;
Mated to a marriage bell,        , ,
And Josh- Sanford-ull  cried    stive
Dig  him  from  his llvius tjrave   • ,  ■
And  lhey  dug for yous; grim  cell-
Inif,'.   till   sank  agalu   the  well.        ••        '
F-illh! Josh  San ford— '      - '    '
You  shall show-
In your soul's extremity   , ' -
Valor, such aa scorns all Xear,               '
Staggers all  humanity.
V\«\\\   a   hundred'torturous  hours
VII  death's  miu.elesM,   hldeutis  powers,
Muke v.H-n leap to say, 'farewell —
Dare the doim-nlaeal-
Held!    Josh  Sanlord—Saved!    Well done-
Caitile,  Duiiston., H.mi.ltoii;
'1'hese  have   wrought  a   nurac-le,
SsHatched ..vou  living  from  the  welh     ^   ;
Shake—Josh   Sun ford,       '    ' ,
You liave crowned '
Willi  tlie laurels of your fnme
K way thing  that'honor  loves
In   a  truly  h»lIo\ve<l  inline. „     .     ' -   .
J'ltv,   tho".  that .pluck   like yours-     •■    ,  "
""Wasn't labelled   "glorious .wars";,.
Think what homage,.voti'd compel,,.
And' the  grand   things   possible.      .-
Star, Josh Sanford—funic nnd-Um<        *>   '
Know   no. struggle<imore  sublime
Than the one that you  co.ild  tell,
■Dauntless hero'.of tlie- welL ,
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Dr. Davidson was lecturer in Orientals in Trinity University, Toronto, during hist season. . As Ihe bolder'Of the traveling scholarship from
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first minor Assyrian, and his second
minor modern history. His thesis
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Tlis thesis was "the Semitic I'ennnn-
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\ '
,) -1
'!i'!',"V   l.'ii
ill I
■'A,-- > <-;"•■
-Vi'-Vj '>' .-'*.,
:_-,:*.'..  -.-'. •- i -
h, h*-. I- ' '.. • "
;; Vy :.   -1 .> -
f; '.-. i' .-    '"
i Lf' ''.      • 4'!*i
; , .\  ;      -   ,'      <
' >•''-*'-."    * >.< ''
>'$ -.■;.
; >' '• "Ai  ,:V>-''-
', ,,.    ,., <,,'..-.
»;•:.*.' :v< '■■
L'i  "•',.•    -,.;.-   .
If ":>-,- ! -    ■'
-■•n'm.',   v '■'*
1     c! "     ,
;;';. '■      •'' '
K- ■''-
- ■ - ^ -  , ^ /   i ,j
i'Xk '' .. -1, .
f/ '     -''',   . .:
;i V'" :■  ■".'
. ,    , T   "W   St. John
President   J-      • °Wilson
Vice-President... , ■ ■ p- ^va]™£
Secretary-Treasurer    ... * -J^™1"^
Board of Directors-.!. W .St. Jonn  bai
rister,  Toronto,   Out.;   P.   h.   Wilson,
barrister   Nelson, B. C: Kobt. Hamil-
.      on   Wm.   Hamilton Mfg.  Co.,, Peterborough, Ont; Dr. T. J. Jones, dentist,
Victoria,  B.  C;     D.   R.
Young,    journalist,    Nelson, B.  C; J. S.  Lawrence,     railroad     official,
Nelson, -B.   C;     W.   C.
McLean, railroad contractor, Nelson, B. C; H. It.
Cameron, financial agent,
Nelson, B. C; R. J. Steel,
financial     agent,   Nelson,
B.   C;     J.   A.   Kirkpat-
rick,    capitalist,    Nelson
B.   C.
Solicitors   -	
  Galliher & Wilson
Bankers, Bank of Montreal
Managing Director 	
 -    D.  R.  Young
Consulting Engineer 	
    "vV. Blakeraore
Head  Office of the, Com-
panv      Nelson, B. C
In presenting the prospectus of the Aslinola
Smelter, Limited, its "directors only wish to convey to
the public the plain facts
in connection with the present position of the affairs
of the company, and feel
that by so doing, they will
meet the approval of every,,
one concerned.
. ,     ASSETS.
' Copper      Cliff       mineral
claim,   situated   about   two
miles    from  the company's ■
smelter site at Ashnola, on
which  a  tunnel    has''been
driven a distance of 51 feet.
The face of  this tunnel is
ail in shipping ore, averaging $20.UO per ton  in gold. ,
copper and silver.    The ore
is copper pyrites and lies in
a true fissure vein," which is
widening at least one inch
,per foot.   The ledge can be
traced  the  entire width  of"
the claim.
The Copper Bluff mineral claim adjoins the Copper Cliff, and therefore has
equal advantages except that it is not a
true fissure vein, but a large deposit of
high   grade  boruite  ore.
The ore from either of these claims
can be delivered to our smelter by an
aerial tram at a cost that wall not exceed
of $5.00 per
A iv
said lands
undoubtedly   be
lots which will b
tage of all cone
Samples of coal
,ml the survey, of the
tion of this land will
Hibdivided   into   town
. to the mutual advanced.
the surface ot
the eight-foot seam men Loim ^ebc<£
submitted to A. Mdvi lops**o> ei ol
Nelson, and his analysis will he, 1 ound
herein, and show., that it is a fust-class
this ore is practically self-fluxing and
sh miediate situation  to  the  smelter
It  certainly  should  derive  considerable
nrofit from this source.
1  As can be seen by the accompauj    J
m-ins the company's coal lands an.
oit favorably situated,-and the com-
uS i therefore in a position to.com-
o e with any other coal company in    u
province, and with the assurance of the
The   present 'maiiag.-in. !,    ,.„,.;.
intend   to   incur   any   liabilu..
the company beyond the ,-1 \
at any time to pay for .,,U1.,  ■
proceed as fast as possible -., i ■
velopment  of  tbe 'property i ,
possible advantage, tiding up-i,,
modern machinery.   The i-iuiAi
qualified    and    .-..;
help, will   he   tin-
Ui' liiiml
''■"I win
• '111; df,.
'!>'■ bt,t
•'<". .mil
iTi'-nt 0j
li tlf(!,|
I steam and domestic, coal.
Twentv-five thouand shares' of Simil-
kameen Valley Coal Company. Limited,
non-assebsable and fully ,pakl up stock,
and ten acres of land at Aslinola for th'e
Compauv's smelter site,' have been
placed in escrow to he handed over to
V. V. &■ E. railroad tlie position of the
company will.be a most favorable one.
Its metalliferous <- mines alone- should
make' the., company's stock-sell at par
within twelve months form date.
I. hereby certify that the samples of
ore herewith .described and assayed for
m;;0 of
mamigeim i;i.      yu,^
this system the ''xnfi -,viii
never take pos*,i-M.,uof'uit.
company's asset*;, i)\e ^()(^   ,
will always havi  a --'duo.   ■
By resolution of iiu- board
of directors the Hr--i lOO.dfjri
shares are to he .--id at s
cents  per   .share    emuI* ar<j
non-assessable    and    fulK-
paid-up. or will be voj,].^'
calls    of    2 1-2   . i-nts   per
month   if  recjtiired.  with a
non-forfeiture    cl<-.':i-i*, ^.
cept the cancellalio;: of the
expired option, w1:,"i simfc
will   be  issued for 1'w amount of cash receiv.-.i by the
rcompany,    The se.-. ,..} iijfj.-
0Q0, will'   be    issue! at \i\ ,,
cents, the third Km,.; <\> :\',\r,
cents, ' the    fourth    3"i>.i.s.i
at 25'' cents.    It i-* '- ^',.>•<u:.\
that   (his   amount     -..:!] io
■ sufficient   for   dev< ,.i:.:>i'!:t
and  will put the '-*•!'• i-anj'i
coal     mines    on   a   [..nru
basis.     Stock  will- ■:•■:-, |.t
advanced accordina d -,ir,--
. gross and  as fuii';.*' arc y-
It  will  be  noted  ".mi n-i
, alluring sUiteineiit*. :,n- i.-..
ing made on helm1:" ■■:" th:*-1
company,'    and    thin    -v.('i
officer,and direeior l.-'i.. vr-l,,
in  full for their sin. \-.- th.;
,  .same as any other vvto}><-:,
as caiJobc seen by i!.-  . ■".',•>
of the. company.
■    The   following   is  .".  ;,..:-
li.-.i llst-of the priun. :■ a-if
the company:
J. W, St. John. T..;'"i.:n,
Ont.: Robert Ibumii':-..
Peterborough, Qnt.:.l'. i.'.
Wilson. Nelson. B. (": I),'.
J. ' Jones, Victoria, 13. <".; Ji.,
Cameron, \Vinnipog. Ma:!::ni i.
A. Kirkpatric-k, Nelson, I.. C:
C. McLean. Nelson, B. C-; J. S.
Lawrence. Nelson. B. C; R. A *■•<■
Nelson, B. C; Wr.'Blake-more, Moiitrcal.
Que.; C. B. Murray. Toronto, 'On'., I.
L. Merriiield. Toronto, Out.; G. A T.-ir-
Ashnola .Smelter.
/■COAL   LANDS.•'      o
 —-=----=3 -. Milts
tndivn   'TTrstrtf
-.   c
r.   "5
/      _
Indian ~7?rt<rrs
pr t
'!'■     ■-
U ~   '/.
five cents per ton.   These claims are now
being crown grunted.
The Ashnola mineral claim is situated
about three miles from the company's
smelter site. This property has a fair
showing of gold and copper ore, assaying
$18.00 per ton. There is practically no
development work done on this property
at present. t
These properties were purchased under
rrdvice from W. Blakemore, M. E., and
their location can be seen on the accompanying map.
The Copper Cliff and Copper Bluff ores
are practically self-lluxirig, carrying
values as per assays as follows: Silver
$1.00, gold §2.00, copper 20 per cent.,
silica Ifi par cent., sulphur 10 P'M- cent.,
kron 20 per cent.,; lime 24 per cent.
COAL LANDS. -     . ;
One thousand two hundred and eighty
. acres of coal lands situated on Trout
week,-two and a half miles from Okan-
agan lake. On this property there is
one seani of coal eight feet thick already
exposed, from which shipping will begin
almost at once. There are also 2,r.i.G
arcres «f coal lands situated oil the east.
.. side of Okanagan lake, about six miles
HP Mission creek, from the1 lake shore.
There are several smai/1 seam's .outcropping .upon this property, from which favorable assays have been obtained. The
location of these coal lands can-he soen
on   the  accsmpanying  maps.
The above mentioned coal lands are
now held by licenses from'the'government of British Columbia, and all. demand's are paid on tho same for one
year. Leases can he obtainted for same
at a nominal rent of 10 cents per aero
for live yearB if desired, or crown granrf.H
can be obtained at any time at a coat
the Company as a bonus as soon as the,
smelter is completed.
There are 1,500,000 non-assessable and
fully paid up shares of the company in
the treasury, to be used for development
purposes as required, and $10,000 in
cash and to be paid to the company's
credit on contracts. All expenses including incorporation have been paid
for to date. In fact, there is not a dollar of outstanding liabilities against the
This company has undoubtedly three
distinct sources of revenue. First—
from its nietaliferousmiimn. Second-
its coal lands., Third— its smelter,
.which will in all probability, be conV
slrueted within one, year, from the or-'
ganization of this company.
The smelter will he located near the
centre of the metaliferous mine* of the.
"district, and at the very base of Copper
and Kennedy mountains, which are well
known to contain -vast deposits of gold,
copper and, silver ores, and within a
radius of 12 miles from the smelter site
c>TCry rami'site can be obtained for the
smelter. It has, been carefully estimated that the ore-can bo treated at this
point, for at least $1,00 per ton less than
at any other point in British Columbia,
owing to the fact that not only in every
■ requisite obtainable for smelting, hut
both agricultural and horticultural resources are ulso obtainable within a few
miles from the Company's smelter. The
company's metaliferous mines have
been sufficiently developed to demonstrate the fact that they are very valuable, and from the assays obtained are
certainly very high-grade ote, and
taking into consideration the £a*tr that
Ashnola smelter gave tho following results:
<Um -L. '.,,   Ii   —
o  d
|   'Sj'JI    —
•At b\ b
r, l.    Ci
- s *- '•>
-ice —
r 'd.     r.
,   ;
f „
_• •   c _:
- r* r-> r£
v v.. o o
S     r-
r,  r,   ryi-i
r-   r„  ' ■
If'. i
n   ii
r i
C-'Jj "o -
N x 4.    —
^O   CO CO - (v.
O   O   O O. 4.
O   O   O   O   O
O   O   Q   O   -'•
, r*
q. o
S "
r »
'  n
ini, Toronto, Ont.; H. J.
na, B. C; F. S. MacLure,
C; C. S. Douglas, Vanco
J Macdonald, - Sandon. M
Hlckoy, Sandon, B. C;
Ashnola, B. C; Geo. L.
Forest, Ont,; Dr. A. II.'.
Ont.; T. It. Morrow. Ro*-i
Joseph W. McNab. Che.spi
Hugo. New Mr.-impton, IO
L. Wyatt, Hatnilton, OnL
Gannon, Morrisburg, Out.
•Ross. ;Morrisburg, Ont,;
Victoria.  B.C.;. .las.   Lai
B. C;   F.VAV. Swannell, N
John. Mamblin,  Nelson,  H.
sbaw, .Nelson,  B.C.;  D. *'•
son, I.!, C; S. M. Brydges
Duncan McArtbur,  Nelsoi
)',  Wright,, Nelson,  B.  C.
Pontoon. & Murray..
A. W. More <f* Co. ..
,0. S. Douglas &•-Co.,
W.  Ni M'c.GatinonY...
H.  R. Cameron......
R. J. Steel •
Head Office, of the com Pi
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, h
Code,  tuldress—"AKhnoin
C. P. O. Box 714.   Teleph
It wlllho noted that tliree
capital stock of tho.cornp-'oi
treasury,;and therefore tli<-
only recelvlnf the reinnlim
for which they have (iirnoil ■
pany the ontlre aHHotw tin «'-'
pectus, Including »10,w>0' "'
ono dollar of outfilandlng
8-pon.ka for Itaelf. Vow com
fored a fairer opportunity
u v> J
,-n vi r
I!, U
a:!- ii
II. c
Ota" Sh e
('■.: •
Wi ];*'?»
N. M<-
A'. I*H
'-, -Mon'
I.' (•
' >'el
4 is
. .W
I!, I
' \'o. 1°
of th*
ill m1
he c"1
,.a< R'org^.
^ malum
mm ,
JA ma
,    Ceies games,   instituted   *,,   i;m  to
, celebrate ti.e return 0f the Ce.es men
Horn   Bamiockbprn,   ww„     celeb  ""
.recently in  Fifeshire.  Scotland\
;]v pVcrV street  in  Japanese ;
'"public oven  where,   for    a '
.' finaiffs LiiriMt Cnres Burns, Etc,
By sowing nitrate of soda
'" n{A
; ilium
it win
lKi   (If;.
" bt,t
i'-iit oi
J'.io of
"'ft will
a of Uit.
«■• -.lock
"illuo.    '
<- board
»• at s
--old oa
its   prr
with a
:w\ r,^.
i of the
'". Ploik
m&h pu"lic u'u" """*-' *"■ . i "•'"-""?*» *-"*"«■*-«: ui soua in small
*5?53i housewives may have their quantities in showery weather under
W*i\d suppers cooked for them.- trees  a  most  beautiful  verdure   will
be obtained.
horse with a supposed-
?S(,;0 ringbone for -$30.00,
Hn 'with S1.00 worth of
jfe LINIMENT, and sold
§gL months for 985.00. Fro-
fef|;m,nt,  $54.00.
.  Hotel Keeper.
Que..   Nov.  1st,   1901.
For  Weak- and   Sickly   Children  During the Hot Weather.
Sis usually doing  the     very
 j„ or else the very worst he
Thousands  of  children    die    during
, the hot weather months, because sum-
j mer complaint,  and  stomach   troubles
j come  suddenly  and  mothers  do    not
i have the means at hand to promptly
check and cure theni. In homes where
Baby's  Own  Tublets    are   used   thesu
precious   little   lives can     be saved,
und no home where there are infants
and  j'oung  children  should  be  without them.
,   Baby's  Own Tablets   will  promptly
cute all -stoinuch' and bowel troubles,
land     are a' great  relief  to    teething
I children.    The tablets are sold■under
decora-os : a  positive "guarantee" that they   con-
the same family for j Crushcd  to  a powder    they can    be
jtuin neither,opiate nor harmful drug.
.: hy the
..■! lull.
>1 at id
:'» 'it 1.',
3 "ii iiii.i
,    11,.K||,|
-..'.!! lo
':•• :i hi
fi ;ire.
■ arc y-
"ill!   ■;<,
>   :,!•'•   I."-
:' ■■:" tl"* .
Ill   --,.'1
i, \ .  !,l',lv
oi V- in-
i-e ii'li'--,
■:i, ;f
i-niaii    Impress
hi cross-every servant who.
ed  hi
s- .given  with  absolute safety to a new
iuttmuvp ftp Mp Pwrwrtiprp   ib6rn babe'   Mrs" K" Fereuso».    105
[JNlMBnT lOr bdie bYeryWflEre.   [Mansfield street.  Montreal,  says: '';l
  , have'used'Baby's, Own  Tablets   and
lined  that'a-sure cure for ( have' found them tho best medicine I
is-to' inhale as much air   }iave   evei.  given   Jnv  children.
ng.s will hold and retain-it
is-possible. If one i nimbi-'
|t .sufficient repeat th.'* pi-..-'
<*      'H
r,u -,
:   i
in' !,
Q ,
I   S.
>:< •'.
11 cal
., 1.
. A
trt'ie    Implement*    of    Owr
u.-ie  I'ltBxle ScIciitlxlM.
ousnnq> of curious .objects
venpons. etc.. of, the races
:1 North America In- prebis-
that one sees in "the cnseB
Is in the Smithsonian insti-
■souie five or more curiously
!oue objects from, mounds in
bearing   such   a   close   re-
to   modern,   flatlrons   that
le have thought that such
been their use among tholr
makers, although it would
Imagine .what the primitive?
of  this ■ continent   had   to
« aud appearance "of these*
mrj way' correspond with
Hilton, handle and all, and
ffcleuiltic men have been un--
cover what'they were used,
however, just "a little slngu-
otight stones, similar to tbe
lie Tennessee mounds, have
in l'eru among the tombs of
nd at the necropolis of An-
■old  Spanish   writers,* men-
panled Pizzaro"'"in the con-
hat couutry, state' that the
Peruvians,   who   were   grent
these wrought stones, or
flatlrons, aa trowels In pins-
f" *°"™!ls with mortar.
;cts found In one of tbe Ten^
und.s are'the only ones "that
found In the United States,
!y way to account for their
BcrfKSn thnt locality is to suppose
Peruvian    material    reached
baby has always.been small and del-
icate^ and suffered, so much last summer with his teeth that 1 did not
think he would live'., Then he was attacked with dysentery, ■ a feverish
skin and cough. As the .doctor's
medicine did not help 'him, I sent
forrBaby's,,Own Tablets and, they did
him a wonderful', amount , of good,
and, he is'7 now getting along1 splendidly, J gladly give my experience
for the benefit, of other mothers." If
your druggist does not keep .these
Tablets they.*, will- be sent' by mail
post paid at 25 cents a'box by writing direct to the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont,, or Schenectady,  Nf'V. '-  '
An old bachelor,_when. he feels blue
and ^discouraged, .always,"-regrets that*
he has no wife to'whine to.   ' .
Ikslffur to the north of the", isth-'
iienits of Intertribal trade. ,
-= '/
-: i
[1   I'll!-.
,,,   M.ltiCt
Oil'., -'■
:.u-: h-
N. Mf
w i.'l"-
; H (■:■
, the cnterpillars found Io the
tlie Darling river.  Austra
r six Inches In length.
its of a dock of migrating
become tired sooner than
aro frequently relieved by
u- ,\  '-, *
buzzard Is said to be the
bird that Hies, . tlie ' yoiiug
|ntord is plentiful, weighing
jr/winds.    The bird is near-
P'n lives largely upon crabs.
[oats his food, but bolts it
fi' tidbit ls'the crab's claw,
; swallows .whole with - the
worm lays eggs which. It la
heniselves luminous. IIow-
t"it.g hatched from them are
«d of those peculiar proper-
[fter the first transformation.
I'iir tnoth la nn Australian
|ero is n glassy Bpoce on the
*s*'d with ribs. When the
to to whistle, it strikes these
dts anteniiie, which have a
jc einl. The sound Is a love
Jie mule io the female.
I,   ■»
. oil
flOIll J
of th*
in in'
I he*1
tepnlil   In' Kind.
:,'» liall In the country the
"K a gentleman  undertook
1 n companion to a young
r,t utotit lady, who seemed
•'"r a dance.
:s- <»td fellow.   I" don't care
Ii n eart."
« understood In the district
as a partner,Who docs not
1 (,t' the dancing, but has to
,ni,,k's later the Bame young
,(1 overheard the conversa-
t!"1 J'oung man seeking an
1 and asking if  be might
pnoi, etc.
Jou," alio replied. "I may
^U^ not a donkey cartl"
Pa in]
f,'-t.1«C<MII «.*!»<
u '.. Kl.-On"
whic11, ■cMin-^
eenient may he
mending- glass   and
11   1,v 'lilmiiiy the white of
1,,l!1< «l' water.   .Rent up
"ll'":,|'i"iiiK to the eonslst-
11   I'i'xlt;   with    powdered
;' l|1"';t lie used ininiediate-.
'""lis virtue,     h
a* "'i-o
1   -5<>v.-lIltH.-.
n'hin1  ''' I.ou-Ut ordlnn'rily (it
■«m fib
ii — ■* •   «i ..iiiiiiu v  vie
11 » P"ce of a  little over
1  «eeond,
or about sixty
• 'Stand still, ye,whirling planets:   ,
Ye have no acid to \yhlrl;       .-; >-, -'
We.have no eyes for thee: they're on
; "'„Tfte tsrHtlualing girl!
'.   Berlbhonc-0 and Ix-laced, she   '.
Is just, about to show ,     '
Tour brightest constellation!^--   ;;       ,s
A thins or two, 1 trow!       L    ,,
l'Now clips she with her sctsriors
And wields the silken thread,
While visions of lu-r triumph
Are racing tSirouRh her head,
And on her Ciifjer nlJ'nble
She ilts the festive thimble,
A rosy, blushing symbol .    . v
Of youth to conquer sped.
-Back, ail ye weighty nuestloha        ,
And problems of the'day!.
We have no time for you now,  .,   ' »
No matter what you weigh!
■   Lot business complications .
• And "great affairs of-state
Stand buck: wts'rft near commencement,
' And other things can wait!
t ■ Let armies'vie ■vlth'nrmk-.s,     t
" Let nations fail or rise,'
i-     I.UH for these lesser matters
We have no ears,nor eyes;
*. We're deep in admiration      "
. Of all this preparation "    *   -  "
For early graduation '
, And Incident surprise.
*' Stand still, ye whirling planets,
Your dizzy dance suppress!
Ve deem yourselves" Important,
But stand ye. none the less;       ,   -
You're hardly worth u mention}
We rivet our attention
On each demure'dimension
Of the graduating dress.
—Ualtlmof Nevra.
Tolincco Plan J.
The Nicoliaua aCi'mis. or sweet scented .tobacco plant, should be in <evcry
I'anien. It attains n height ofV.vo foi-t
-f.iider good eoiulitions*, boars n'n a bun
t'.anc-e of large.' fragrunt, .pure while
blo.-ispuisaiiil is siiiiu-ieutly hardy. The
plants, if cut back tit .the time,of the
::iimi:iti potting, will bloom all winter. >
Q .	
Tlie Imtinn 'VImi.
' The Indiiyi vi:>a is ,a liar'of hollow
lii.iniboo. lo which are fastened two
empty gourds. It is strung with eight-
wires, live of which are provided with
movable frets.	
A   CooUIhk   Hint.
R.-ilf pork is an excellent sub«.tltiite
for biiMiT in sa icing,nli:n'!-t :i;:.\ sert
of food where 1.niter might be used.
DoiiM I'or-.;e|. loo. that .a few droiis of
olive Oil for deli«'Ute frying Is far belter
I bun L..Ucr nt any price.
l»ol«i   ii ml   .I'"""*
You crm t«'ll more about the quality
of tho housekeeping from (he condition
of tin- kettles and puns in the kitchen
thnn from th'' «■■■'>' t'lt; i'mI)lre funii"
lure is arriii.ged in the parlor.
W liKAT—The wheat markets during ttie past week have continued to
decline daily, with scarcely the least
sign oi reaction. Crop weather everywhere has been favorable, and the
volume oi" trade extremely light The
consequence is that in the American
speculative markets there has only
been one way to the course of prices
and that has  been downward.
Ii anything should happen to depreciate the present tine prospect lor
the spring wheat crop a sharp advance Iu prices would readily take
place. At the stage which the spring
wheat has arrived, it would scarcely
be possible under the most favorable'
conditions to improve the prospects
further, io that any change in weather conditions would probably be for
the worse, and much may happen between-now and the, time when the
crop will all be safely gathered.
The demand from Europe for wheat
has been very quiet for some time,,
but in the last few days a good deal1
of export business is reported from
the seaboard. Broomhall reports bad
harvest weather this week in the United Kingdom, and this with small
stocks of old wheat everywhere, and
low prices on this side for future delivery easily-leads' to demand which
again may lead-to,a reaction, in tht*
price of futures.
"At Liverpool on Friday the price
foe No. 1 northern spring wheat was
lis, 14d   '
. The market, 'for Manitoba wheat
continues firm, but the amount of
business is small. Spot wheat is
scarce. There are only three shippers
in the market, but they readily take
all the wheat they can get for nniuc--
diate delivery, in store, Fort VYiJ-
'liam. Prices have eased ofT a little
under the effect of the decline in the
American markets, and at the close
last week prices were : No. 1 hard,
7o£c; 1 northern, 73ic;.2 northern'!
71Uc in store Fort William; spot or
delivery first half August.
FLO UK—-Demand is light and the
market > is unchanged, as follows:,
Ogilvie's Hungarian, $2.05 per sack
of 98 lhs. ; Glenora Patent, SI.90;
Alberta, $3.75; Manitoba, 81.60:
XXXX,  S1.25.    -
M1LLFEED — Bran , is firm and
worth $15 per ton in bulk. Shorts
firin at $17.per ton in bulk, delivered", subject to usual trade discounts.
^ "GROUND FEED—We quote: Oat
chop, per ton, $2tJ;- bar.ley chop, $2-1;
mixed barley" and bats, $26; chop
screenings, $15.50; oil cake,  $30.
OATS—The market is weak and
Ipwer.- owing to near approach of,
harvest ■ No. 2 white oats are offering at -10 and 40ic, in store, Fort
William. Feed grades are; worth .'.7
to 38c per bushel at Winnipeg.
BARLEY—All offerings are now being'taken for feed at 40c per bushel.
The movement-is .very light,
.SPELTZ—Dealers are .doing a little business'in speltz-'for feeding purposes at 50c per bushel of nolbs.
HAY—Demand is fair' aud the market steady t,at $7 to $8 per ton for
Carlots on track here for fresh baled.
POULTRY— Spring chickens", 3 0 to
'3 5c per pair, alive;- fowl, 70 to 75c;
ducks and t^ccse, °c per pound; turkeys,  lie,  Jive weight.
BUTTER — Creamery—The'demand
for creamery butter is not so strong
as to justify the advance in prices
which some creamery managers hoped
for in August. The make is now- at
high water mark and shipments ieg-
ular at steady prices. We quote 161
to 17c per pound f.o.b. at factory
l.M.-T'l ER—Dairy—Receipts are m.jd-
e-utely "I.-.-ge, "and the. tu'i.-lle'. is
f.oady. Considerable quaiit"-ios ».••'
paying-1,5c per -,poundo for choicest
dairy in tubs or " boxes,- and from
that figure the market ranges down
to 10c per pound for lo'w grades, all
commission  basis.
CHEESE—The market is" steady
and purchases have been made at
8ic per pound. ,The range or prices*
is from Sic to 9c .per pound delivered here.
EGGS—Fresh case eggs are worth
J2.Jc per dozen delivered in Winnipeg.
DRESSED MEATS—The market for
beef is easy, and the price ranges
from 7 to 7Jc; veal, S to 9c. Mutton is steady, at Sic. Spring hinibs
ore selling nt I2»c per pound, -log-s.
7}   to 8c per pound.
iriDES— No. I city bides, ti*V.; No.
2. otf; No. 3, -lj'c. Kips and calf
the .same price us hides; deal;ins, '25
in -10c: slunks, 10 to 15c; horsohidos,
.*)U<-   to   $1.
Reuben Draper, of Bristol, Que.. Whu
U-as a Victim Finds Relief' and a
Permanent Cure—He Tells of His
Sufferings and How He Left His
Troubles Behind.
^'Biistoi, Que., August 11.—(Special)
No disease can cause more severe
and dreadful pain than Crave!. Reuben Draper, of _ this place, was taken
ill with this awful trouble about five
years ago. lie was cured and so,
many have asked him how it was
done that he has decided to give the
whole story for publication :
"About live years ago I was taken
ill ,with Gravel.' I suffered great pain
so, I sent for a doctor. He gave me
some medicine'and came to see ine
twice afterwards, but my disease
was not gone, and in a short time 1
had  another very  bad  attack.'     ' '    .
"This'time I sent, for another'doctor, with about tlie same results,
only ' 1 was getting weaker all the
time.        ■       i       '
"Then, a man advised me to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills, for he said they
had'cured his-mother. 1 thought 1
would try them  and bought a box:'
"■lust one week after I began' the
treatment I passed a stone as large
as a small bean, and four days later
another about the'size of a r'grain of
barley—this gave me great rebel",
and I commenced.,to feel better and
t0..^,il!" st**ength right away.
"That was five years ago, and I
have not had any trouble in that
way since. -1 have the stones in a
sinah hot tie and anyone can see them
who wishes. Dodd's Kidney-Pills
certainly saved my life."
„T.ie story of. Mr_ jjraper £m he
good news to many sufferers who
may not have known, that Dodd's
Kidney Pills always cure Gravel and
atone  in  the Bladder.        ,'     *,
What has cured this gentlemen-and
hundreds of "other very bad cases
should cure anyone, and those who
may be^afflicted as.Mrl Draper' was
should try Dodd's Kidney Pills.
The consumption of tea in the
United Kingdom exceeds that of all
other European countries and the
United States put together, 'Diu-ino-
the 17 years from 1884 to 1900 it
has risen from 175 million lbs. to
^•>0 millions, an increase'of 43'per
cent. 1
V   -.J*1 c II
because the statement is unimpeachable : if a sack or barrel of flour
bears the mark "Ogilvie's" you may
iely on its f.bso.ute purity, excellence and nutrient qualities when it
is your desire to have good bread—
and who doesn't want that ?—be sure
to  order   Ogilvie's  flour.
:opv ricmt
Millers to H.R.H. tho Prince of Wales
Tho quality Htuiidurd Trom Ocerni %>
Occun. Your money back \t not &at
ihfactory. - '        -
Without question ' tho best tad
most effective springs in Canada for
the cure of rheumatism, kidney oi
liver troubles. Th« medicinal - qualities of tho water are unequalled
Splendid hotel accommodation ,- An*
fishing and hunting. An id&al spot
far  th« invalid.
Geraniums bloom most satisfactorily when grown in comparatively
small pots and.-soil which is termed
rich, but, is not* rank with excessive
Very   many   persons   dio   annually   from
whoem.„lXd ,kindr?d s«"»mer diseases"
•i. „•'■ ""ff,"*-, h£*ve been saved if nronei"
i-emeilios  Imcl   been   used.    If  atLackPriI   rfn
u0tK^y !" £<*""» a bottle of D? J°
icino     i£5S gentry   Cordial., the  .*«&
j;~nu,ffl-c,fio,othorouBh^ a-- ^
The sun;s light is equal to 5 563
wax candles at one ' foot from' the
eye. It would take 800,000 full
moons to equal cloudless sunshine
Tlie annual birth rate iii European
Russia is -16.3 per thousand and' the
death rate only 33.6' which results
in an annual surplus of births of
over  1,600.000.       , '      r
"Hello!" ©Id Chap!
Looking for a good  Cigar,?
' ' "Yes."    Well, try a—
It -will fill- the" "bill."
SompL^^18. "-Head) Disinfectant,
the watP u% +d."Ste(1 m t*he bath softens:
iVifects Same  time t,lat  u liis-
Tn some parts of ■ South Africa
much damage is done by baboons,
which go in large marauding parties
to  rob gardens.   •
fade, but .voiwb lives endangered »,*/ sev-
eie couphs and colds mav be pres«A-ed
by Dr. Thomas. Eclectric Oil P c-oun
wlior.i.jncr coiiRh. bronchitis, in short ali
«niift,0ins,of the thl"»'*t and Iui ffS . ,-e
•hichCd niSS" this H.st«»"'i"£ nrepamUon
*n..«i    .      •        reme*1*es     rheimiatic   enins
Fs  . ..Urr|!,ws- I'-l!es'  ki<Ine-v dimeulty.   , id
is  ino.sn oc-onoinic.
It is remarkable that the United
States, which began its'little war
some time before the 'British, is still
hammering away in the Philippines.
The old country is not so slow as
some "dreflle smart" people suppose.
—Scottish American.
A New York paper has been-investigating- the Four Hundred, and prints
a number of receipted bills -if. the
last century showing that a Stuyve-
sant sold handkerchiefs; a - Depey-
ster, beans; a Rhinelandee.' hats; "a
Brevoort, pewter spoons; a Beckman.
molasses; and a Roosevelt, lampblack. '    '
Chronic Derangements of tne Stomach,
Liver and Blood are speedily removed by
the active principle of the ingredients eri-
terinn; into the composition of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.i These pills ,aei specifically on the deranged organs, stimulating to action the dormant energies • of
the" system, 'thereby removing disease nnd
lenewing life and vitality to the alllicted.
in this lies tho great secret of tho popularity of Parmelee's  Vegetable   Pills.
. A treatment highly' recommended
by a scientific, magazine for poisoning from ivy is to wet a slice , of
bread with water, dust it with common washing soda and apply it to
eruption, keeping the bread wet from'
the outside. Half an hour of this
treatment is said  to be,a sure cure.
A pessimist is a man who believes
thata every, chestnut has a worm in
A  recipe is not a cake.
MIiaRD'o* iJoiifMwtsjenrallla.
The dews in (Jennany are considerably perplexed that their numbers
are receding  in   the Fatherland.
CA'l TLE—-The export movement is
Iwiomin// larger and quite a few entile havi been handled this week.
Thei.- condition is goorl. Choice export steers from oho western ranges
aie worth -l^c per pound off cars at
Winnipeg: butchers' cattle, 3-J to 1c.
Stocken* are not moving to any extent.
SHEEP— Kt-ceipt's are - moderate
and prices range from 4 to 4 Jo per
pound, off curs. Winnipeg. Lambs
are worth ...J   to 4c.
HOOK—Live    hogs    are   coming  in
freely,', and .the- market    is   easy
6ic olT cars here.
MILCn COWS—Cows, are scarce.
Oood milkers readily bring $4.j in
this market., the range being from
$35 to.$45 each.
HQI-KES—There is a good demand
for Work horses, and an active trade
is doing in. these. Furmers are buying freely for- fall. work. Driving
lorses are also in good demand.' ".
Women are naturally tender-hearted. No worn tin ever deliberately
Stepped on a mouse.
People  are  so   anxious  to  see somo
thing for nothing that they will  run
„ couple of miles to see a Utile i-hod
I burn down.    •
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, in one remedy, for all
ills to which flesh is heir—the very nature of many curatives being such that
were the germs of other ■ and differently
seated diseases rooted in - the system of
the patient—what would relieve' one ill
in turn would aggravate the other. We
have however, in Q'uinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound, unadulterated sut-.te,
a remedy for many and grievous in*,. By
its gradual and judicious use the frailest
systems are led into -convalescence find
strength by the influence which Quinine
exerts on nature's' own restoratives. It
relieves the drooping spirits of those
with whom a chronic state of morbid
despondency and' lack of interest, in life
is a disease, and. by tranquilizing- ' the
nerves disposes to sound and" refreshing
sleep—imparts vigor to'the action of the
blood, which, being stimulated, courses
throughout the veins, strengthening the
healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity a necessary result, strengthening tho frame, and giving
life to the digestive organs, which naturally demand 'increased substance—result,
improved appetite. Northrop & Lyman,
of Toronto, have given to the public
their superior- Quinine Wine at the usual
rate, and, gauged by the opinion of
kcientists. this wine-approaches nearest
perfection of ,any in the market. All
druggists  sell  It.
The goats of Naples go upstairs into tenement houses to be milked,
sometimes to the sixth or seventh
PARC'S.. LINIMENT .Cures Mrpl -
When the oflicoholder, loses  his  grip
he  does  less .-'handshaking.,   '
Crystnlized. nitrogen, is one of the
greatest chemical curiosities.' By
cooling nitrogen gas down to 367
degrees below-the. freezing point, and
then. ' u.lld.wing it to,; expand 'solid
.snowlike crystals are formed.
As Parmelee's Vegetable' .Pills''contain
Mandrake and Dandelion, thev cure Liver
nnd Kidnev • complaints with -unerring
certainty. They also contain Roots and
Herbs which have specific virtues truly
wonderful in-their action on the stomach
and bowels. Mr. E.. , A. Cairucross,
Shakc.speni-e, writes: "I consider Parmelee's Pills.-,ah. excellent' remedy for Biliousness nnd Derangement' of Ihe Liver,
having used  them  myself for-some  time."
The Salvation Army claims that
no divorce has been' gr;uited to any
one married, under its auspice's in the
35  years  of its  existence.
•\V.   N.   V.  No.   ,?89.
It is, interesting to recall that the
news of the. fall of-Sevastopol leached England on a. Monday (10,th Sept.
1S55). Tt was conveyed by expr'.'s.s
to the Queen nt Balmoral, and s-lu*
caused a huge bonfire to be kindled
on the summit of Cruigowan.
- . t
'i    ' .
!*' b
; I!  .
.•:  ?i
. i,
>! ,
*££ I'
t -:
:.'   I
i -1
■,-   . >i.
ii / ,_
\     >   - f
*-,  ' - f
<' ' .*
" ■ ',■»
'    *<
i ''- '<;.
i,) >
- -1
I '
tie idub mm;
P lblished in the interest of the peopleJ
of Moyie -ted-,East TCcotenay,
"':    :'i^R^    ^,-
f. J. sjEgtri? # co.,
It was just one year yesterday since
the assassination of president ■JfcK'in-
*'ey at the Buffalo exposition,   tjn' the
rlhe   mad   whirl of; life," how  quickly
i3nch eyepts are forgotten I
anrice Frtcrion«3 Jlinercl Clsfin, $ItU£.ta iu
-_ Pab|t!shers. J the Fort Steeic mining division of"j:ait Kootenay District. ' _      ' A :   ■'    ' '
Where located':—On Sullivcn hill.'
Tate notice that I, Thos._.T. ifcVitlie, F. M.
C, IS'o. B 60236, ngent for' Chas. C jFc'rrell, FxCe
Miner's Certificate' No. B *3676, intend n.\-ty
dayg from the "date hereof, to anplj- to the -Mia
ing:.Recorderfc   -"'  "'"    '
for the purpose of obtaining- a.Crov
the aboye claim'/    ,    '   ' ," <f *
And further take' notice' that 'ec'tion, "under
section 37, niust be commenced before tlio issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.    -
Date>3' this 22nd day of August, 1902.. >
'   ,'  . Clf AS/C. FARRELL,
Per THOS. T. Ur.VlTTlE, Agent.
SEPT. 6. 1902
j,:    .    A   ■    .-:
\        > f5alcyQ»-*II<it Sprlnjja
}.   The mo'st complete health report on
! tbe continent of North < America.'  Sit-"
j ualed   midst  scenery  «nrrralled  forjj
eianduer. '  THE   HALCYON   HOT
I SPRINGS Sanitarium; Halcyon'Hot
springs,"Arrow Lake, BAG.    Resident
physician and nurse.   Boating fishing
and   excursions/    Telegraphic  'communication   with   all, parts   of    the
world.    Two mails arrive and  depart
he HALCyb^"HOT'|]|fjjAT    WEBGTIANT9
Fresh and Cured Meat's,' 'Fresh
Fisb, Game an 3 Poultry.' V/o
supply only the b6st
s from the date hereof, to apply to the-Min- ,*-■      m-        . ^,K   .      *,«""'                                             ' , 7f° I
Recorder for a Certified of Improvements, Uaiiy-     -J-erms, *1&   to*" *18   per   week.j-r„ flTj fll^    'PmriPlTOir
the puniose o/ottaiiiing a,croym -'Grant of according 'to   residence-' :in "hotel or       - - -       x-j.j.iAva.jfcjew
aboVe claim".     ,        * ' A'      -     v   ,          ■ .•,,_       Ti   ,   „,                 .,                             : '*    " '. f'   '
t'  f
- "ffiN^BAt'AGT 1S.96.    "
•', 'K:'  (FtiRlL'F)  /   '"**
villas.   Its; baths cure all  nervous and: Qftfcg   an(|      TOWUS]   111
muscular diseaoes.    Its waters heal all''       ' •   --        -    -        •'  -*-       •
kidney,  liver and  stomach   troubles.
The baths and waters are an invaluable
remedy for silver and lead  poisoning
.- ( • V*    **    ' ' ' .   " '"**■**     ' "—^——
Eeale. Et-«tohiso^Voir-*-:Blw:ell   are  ac ;
knowledged'to be  the .leading!'insnr-f
Jauce ag'ents of the district.   Thoy  are'
.-also the largest'■advertisers:' in- their
:liue.   .Liberal-and rbdic'ious advertis-i
"'ing has' built" lip   their -'business :?nd L^"f-^ ^^f^, Bituato in
4. ,-."   .LiA     ,-   if     Ir'..   •*   r        Fort Steele, JfjmugPiVJsjou qf ^.'st Kopf
ithey realize it.-(     <->■■,      ■.:   ■.- -    .      jj district.      ?-,(',-f',    ;'. •     ^'    ,7    *   ;
3    M'h'ere located :-On Maik circekand Sullivan-
.-hill, • ;■   .*     7    - .*,    : -. A..    .'  '  r    .
3fflIk ,CfCek   MJfieralf'Olalm,  Eituato in the?
§ .British Coljijriibia
v, B C.
-, i .i
jron East Kootenat
 , an ffact tire1 dhy'    -rr--a
fclosely'obse'r'/ad'tr/fca e'ver b-8fore1.'- In! 'or
Wildey I.odffa No. 44 ,
'   i -     .   .:   >   (    r.-
•;- .".■-■■     . '    .'       •   •   '
Meetp every Monday evening in their
hall oh Victoria' Street. "■ Soiourning
Odd Fellows bor'dially invited/    '"   -,
F. J. Sjfy-TH.   '   '    - ,'p;. D. H;ope,
'-SToble Grand. ' Secr'y*
■    •    u
,    .7   ,raP    { ln?Roe*,f*Iol-f(^"p,acrtificate.of Improvements J 3XTO.  *71
l, . Jo, for the jjiirppM tf obtaining a tCrOwn Grpnt of L,        , •'..',   *?.*-. *• T
ffiSje-fj-^ef'-ftni'tflaa tprned put *? *}°/e l^1*      ' ' ■" ?'   '"'i,:    "-}       j Mee^s in McGregor haj! eyery^Tuesday j
•-:. .;    rv   :..•/'.••.    .-J r   1   APWnpr.^ Sojourning   members   are
3bras?I6i5 ]?&'toaster! eVeryVflie^,        '6n^°rm* eorti^a'teQ/'z^provewoiite. "     coro^ny invited to mma. ,
Sou th ^iat ^ODfepfiylij' "rapidly be
zomti&'lio l^d'or'rnonupolies and, ^^-of^^y-
combmea," Only within the past -two    TA^ H0TWg tJJAp, the' parmersWp nor0to
weeks several of 'the 'eawipill .owners J foro existing: betiyoeu th? undersigned, under
The best of accommodations'
for tjie trayeh'nglrjubjip.'
g. J. VoMabon," Mgr
P. BDUKTS % CO.  '' *     .'   8
aH. 'MINER.  .V     .   /'
iV      A:       ^
feople |i)iw]8 With tlie
Moyie Board of Trade
havefonneda /rust, B-^^o^ , Meets on tbe first Wednesday
as Elwell are inononohzintr the   infiiir-1 noss u-ui i«- iia^o*-..^. «„».t„j ._„ .^. _ .,1 evening of each month at
8 o'clock sharp in'the court
l" ■ .     I-       •      I :,
house.    '-
A. p. Macd.onaxd, Pres.^
Andre^ J6hnston,'n Lewis Thomson,
,'j<*        ■;-*.*vl-. .,** f-     f •   , H '
Vioe-Pres. , Sec'y.
•- <-
<fe Elwell are monopolizing the   insur
ance  business, and' Fred /Simpson is
tbe   map    with ' newspaper
All voters""lists were cancelled on
September 1st and the new list of
voters commenced." On Monday j tbe
3rd day of November next, tbe  Court
il «    •   '        'I '       . .
of Revision will sit wben the names of
all qualified persnnc wjio have applied on the proper forms, will be ptu
on the list of yptero pptitljetj; tp ybte at
any Provincial election, which may
* * ■   * i  ,    ,,i i - -     j   w   ,  r     ,
come on before many months.
-., ,.-     *ri . i:     »ii     " M-*
MW»M«»»i^TOI I II   III!
-^rr—|—■•ji- ■ Xri.ji. *-j-v
An Anaconda, 'Mont., " lawyer is
suing  the  Northern Pacific   railway
, company for damages for not running
its train's on lime.   The  lawyer   pur-
, chased a ticket, and tbe train schedule
• -    ' •     l> !      .       .   >l    • lu        |,i; .      .-1- i s     v
showed that he would reach  his  des-
"; ' ■     •,     ,1, iii.iu, i     ii,       „,»
tination at a   certain   hour.    But  he
''•'•'. .      i •   I.,   ,   i      n
' djd not reach there'until'four hours
■    > , • U (,.    1 ifi,     ,,        ill",i ,
later, which to him  was a grievance
too deep to bear.    Lucky he  does   not
live on'the Crow's Nest line.
i •    , • • i   ■*.     .<      , .- .      ,
ness -ivijl be hereafter carried on by the said
P. F. Johnston, who assumes all liabilities of
the said partnership and to lvnoin fill debts
owiugthc-'said partnership must be'paid.
' ;  Anphew Johnston,
PiriMr F, ./'o'h&ston
Dated 9th day of 'August, 1902.- '   ■'	
tfotics.is hereby given that 30 days after date
I intend to apply'tcrthe Cqmmissiotier'of Lands
and Wdrks"for- a 'special iicense " to  cut and ■
carry, aW'ay timber- from the'following described laij'ds: • '" .    :
Comm'en'cfng at a post planted , near the' 331
mile post on the C.;,'P,' flait-yay 6n the -vest
bank' of the ^pyje riyW; ' East' Kootenay.
Thence easf?fj chains, (hence south SO' cliains '
thence-vest 80 chAins, tbenoe north SO chains
to point of. cominenoemen't. Containing'"640
acres, more or less.''" ■' ij. jj. ^aENTONi '
Dated ?9lh July,'1902, - 516
W. F. Q^RD,
B. C
Sandon Padstreak: The editor of
fjik great blue jouinal has returned to
(the silver city of the glocan, ancj once
Hgain grind§ out copy jn t^e front'end
of th& printing palace and ,c|oc|ge's the
wily creditor around the nejghborjug
woods. It is easier gojng to 'i*U than
]t is getting home, as (,he government
pnly supplys tninsportation pne way,
but the warm r.W'ORgJyen ^he editor
on his return to the metropoljs of tbe
Slocau was very different from" fhe reception giyen him by the "supreme
court. '     , "'
Notice is hereby given that 30 days-alter date
I intend to apply tb thtf CMef-Coto'missJoner of
Lands and works torn.'special license to cut.
and carry away timber frOmiihe following described lands; f     -"     * •-' »v
Commenting at a post pjante4 near the 350
mile post of tite'p.'P: Railway on" west bank of
iioyie river, East lIvo"otena'y. THence east 80
chains, thei.ee south'80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence nortfi'80 chains'td point of commencement. Containing 040 acres, more or
less- .-        ' FRXfcK A. NELSON.
Dated 29th July, 1902.        ■-■'*•. ^
Notary Public, Accquk-
tant) Cosfaiissio^' and
B, C;
B§0Ti|j,4p   ?#PES
^^Jiepairpd and Madi io brden
It, A, SMITH,'!,   MMk
i f
Drug and St?t|6^er^ St^
' Cf
r5ehool 5flppliesf
*'.% i.j t-
City,   Shaving   Parlor,
Notice is herby giver, that 30 days after date I
intend to apply tp the Chief' Commissioner of
Lauds and works for a special license to ■ cut
and carry away timber from the following described lauds:
Commencing at, a post planted near tho 349
mi2e post ou the C. p. Hallway on the east
bank of tho Moyio river, East ' Kootenay.
Thence east SO chains, thence south 80 chains
thenee west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement. Containinc 640
acres, more or less.' '       m.' A. BEALE
Dated-29th July, 1902. ' 5 1G
CLINE, Prop.   ' '
Moyie, B. C.
-"mu   . ,
Funeral Director
and *   '"'" "    "-     "
Graduate of Champion College oi the
United States.' UphoIster,ing-"and general furniture repairing. Office and
store, Aiken/s block, near Canadian
Bank pf Commerce. Telegraph ''and
mail orders promptly attended/to.
piieaiist a&4 -Dri|||i^
^,*3»- '
ft   *     Strm    ^P  Z
Harvesters and (.hrashers wbq are
heayy consumprs of pfipjvjng' Tobac-
po, yill f}P(|
?ay b-qll. mwim
much more wlipleopmp tfon Itjp rank
tobapcos pf thp paafc, As RRjy jiure
Ingredients en^y intn pf*p rfiapufap-
lure of this brand, jt pan he \]W\ With
perfect. Bppuritjr. Valuable prppepts
pan.aleobp obLajnpd by saving the
Show-sboe Tags, whip})- are op every
plug. The time far redemption of
^ppw-B])oe Tags Jias b.eeri e^tende'fj .to
St.   Joseph's   Convent.
Boarding and .Day School conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph,' Nelson^.
13. C. Conirncrciar and business
courses a specialty. Excellence and
swift progress cbaracteaize each dc-
'partme'nt," Parenta should write for
particulars. One month assures the
public of tho thoroughness of the
Bisters'methods  of   teaching,   (Next
lam eommowkB Sept, 1st.)
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date
J1?^ t0,aPi?lyto the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and works for a' sneqlal 'license to cut
£18 WW ,a>ra-- "^f fromtiiefoUowing des-
crilied lands; "
l,ijM?B§t}?Sfa^.ost planted near tho 3-18
KM- f«5 ^ 5sus'aioi-tlic vesfc bank
°* HP M!« ny?P' Hs} Kootenay". Thence
easteophanjg; fheRc'e •^Ui^fc^ins, thence
west 80chatng, fnonce nqifh %l chains to the
point of commencement. Containing 640
acres, more or less. ' '" IJItED'6LOAT
Dated &thJuJy,%>. £     •      •    " g.16
f ^fi "flticp that 30 days afjer flate wo intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
flR<MV9Fifsfor,a21yqars' Timber Lease of' the
J?Mfl^fl? !ft!}d.s situate on Lamb'crcVfe'in South
-.-fi-^ ffaotcnay district as fi*Holy's;'L'    '"   '
PPrrifSO!lP}lliT!}ta'pqEt one'and fhree-fonrth
'B!'?* \mW SR11.3 .degrees  we"t' of the "north
)f:'s^8FlT-'f"fif}qt28Ql,tl}e^PiQ7est lflO chains,
J IPS"? 1-oj.fh gg fii-ai^ thencQ wcSt lOfl phains
^PSPesnHf-iWQlialna, thence west 40 chains
t.eSP5 6B|?th49ohamsI thence casit 40 chains,'
ipj-RSfi ffSlfth §0 Chains, thence west 2Q chains
ticncp soijth 40chains, thence east fa ohains,'
ipppe south 20 chains, thence west gb chains,
hence south 20 chains, thenee  £08t 20 chains
thence south 20 chains', thonce west 20 chains
■thence south 20 chains", thence 'west 6p chains'
hence south 2o chains, thciipd west 20 chains
.thence south 20.phaina, thence west 80 chains,
hence south 20 chains,"thejjco west 80 chains,
thenoe south 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains,
hence north 20 chains, thence east 80 chains
hence south 40 chains: thence east 80 'chains
hence north 80 chains, thence east 40 chains
hence south 40chains, thence  east 20 chains
thence south 20chnins, thence east 60 chains'
-hence north 40 chains, thence west 20 chains'
thence north 40 chains-, thence west 20 chains
thence north 20 chains, thence west 20 chains'
thence north SO chains, thence  east 40 r-lmins'
hence north ICO chains, thence ea*;t 40 chains'
hence south 40chains,  thence east 80 choinv
-hence north 80 chains more or less to place of
beginning-'    THE MOYIE LUilBER CO'  ITl
Dated this, 7th day of August. 190:' '■'''
Fine   Suitings,   Overcoating
Trousers,   Imported    Goods.
moyie, b. c
Bubber Sljap^ps, Seals
stencils, price markers, printing
wheels, numbering machines, band
dating and numbering 8tgmp8; check
perforators, rubber ' type,' printing
pre&ses, etc. etc.
VAiypquyKrt, B. C.
World's   Scenic'   goute.
DIREgT LJp..  .'
St. j7oJi^'
er Beer, Porter anc| Bottled
ays §n
auality notrexceljed in the country.   Try it andj
,° ' West
f>., f. fQRffMQft
^4LSQ^ '■'.''
BAocAGg,    Express   ^   q^^ ,
y*^****«JaftTltll lltr*WTO"irriUCB3rilliJ
For sale ;iu iMg0. or
small quantihcg at the
Moyio Brewery,  jtfoyie.
Leaye   Fort Wjlharp, Spn.  TuP, Fri
¥14.. m§ um
a '■■ '■,'.'■ :''- -DAST-;   ://'■'""/
_• ":■ St. Pap}. '.,"-...   --i. -,
Leave Kooteqay Landing Tuesday
and Saturday,for Toronto and all
eastern points. '     "
' ■''.    ":>   WEST-
Leav^EeveletoKe daily for   8eattle>
Vancouver and coast citi,eS.
BttiTrgH.coT'ii.-j.'b' |!
».» — — — —    , _: «uti»}n,uv(»"|"r-
^Pel pv;m^  mmm,   lyerytliing' .KrsJ
m §Y§^y; mpQpi;. §m$l§ m°ws for
Irtish Coliimlbia,
Queens'- Ave..'-  hotxe
ihrough tickets to Europe vift   pll
A -antic Jinee,   Prepaid  ticket^ro^
'all-pointo-..Xt   lowest   rates.   Eor f„n
VwAruUta apply t0 lQPa, ^^ IqJ1
fi..'HHitt?vAsent, Moyie.'
J-» oAitTOa, ;«. j. coyijd,    ,
!;^«^ ^'tQo ■'..■Pa.s.ARtj
*"'','l'on, Vnncovor, Icr.mhi-oolf,
Order's ioflelM.
Soda Wafe -mil] Bv^km.
A. Prest,
.Moyio,    I'on Steele,
Afiyono sondliiB a skolciTand dencrlptlo'i
qrtfekljr ascortflln our opinion _fA'ep^„nutinlrn
auicKiy oHcorf^in our opinion j-rcu ; *    n|M.
Invention la probnWy patontiibliV f°"V,',Uu
Uoiih strictlyooiilldonttul. lliindbooU oi    ' .-
oont fruo: Oldest ni*oiicy /or Hocurliiitpa'r(;''„|rii
Patontu taken throuKli Muiin 'A C" rflCU'
Vpccial notice, without clinrgo. In tlio
A hftnrtsomoJy Illustrated wcnitty. J-^^' pn
ciilntloii of any Hclontlllc loiirniil. '.<-' A^un,
nmr- four montha, »L B</M byul ''«w,lf(
«rwich Oflice. ©i V BU9 WMhWiwJ-- <"
'"* "**,B .i.*t,-"™*- "■*'-r


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