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The Moyie Leader Sep 7, 1901

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 .'- *
/ >' " .■''.'. f
Jf /' ,!**'*>"| / j /       c\
// >JLa\ . O ., ,. <'A Ji'i w--'<'- (       ' A-*£^€?i  * „ .«*£<*&¥
".-   '■ /'
Work.. Will  Begin    at
Once on the Plant.
A Partial list-
Prints, Cottons; Underskirts,' Overskirts,
Jiiderwear, Cotton Hose; Summer Cor-
ets. Some, beautiful patterns in light
)ress Goods.
n gentlemen's lines the finest'stock; of
oots in Moyie.       .
' Fa.
t '
Light underwear from 75 els- each and tip.
.Summer bats from 25 cts up
Cotton'hose from 15 cents up.     ■   " ,
company, to   Give   ».„,„„, aiu,    jnor,.nao
Capitalization—>-cv/ .lI;)»iuKfir
i to SJe Chosen, o'
I • W , (     I
' ° < '        ' C t'
Paid Up .Capital   $8,000,000^/
IK tfRlNCH.      .   \ :■  fHUBERT HAINES, fVIGR
Hotel for the   masses., Ever^ttim* First
?_2.Y., ?7.„ respect."   Sample Booms for   . -
Coninie rciaLvMen.
. British Cblusibi a
ft       The buL'iling of a smeller at M;uy3
0K    villeis now  an   assured, -/:Act.    Work
will begin at once.    It h expected tint
the plant will'bd ready to treat ore  by
April J next. ' ■
Tlie' smelter   will   have
.oapacityof 130 tons when first,.startcd"
.Additional faculties   will   bo   installed
when business warrauts''the   improvement.
About $125,000 will be needed to
build the plant. This will be furnished
by leading stockholders of the Sullivan
conujany/wlio wj\\ take » mortgage on
t!.c mine as security at 8 per cem interest. A bonus of 50,000.shares of
slock will be given the men who put
up tbo money.
A.meeting of the company has been
called for November l,.in Spokane,- io
vote on tbe proposiiion of increasing
the capitalization of '$2,500,000 "to
•$3,000,000. As Lhe con tiolli ng i n terest
in lbe.company is hold ' by tho'men
who are pushing the smelter scheme
the meeting win doubtless quickly
transact, the business.
A  new   manager  for the   company
will also be  selected,  at   the   meeting
At present there is no manager.
The site is'on the "St. Maries river,
at the month ,of Murk creek, between
Cranbiook and Ivimbtitley. There h
a magnificent- water-power and the
j locution i-j -pt. jo.i.jcvrl •?.!!_ ideiM on,, by
the gfiiLleu-iei'i inlt rHsied.,--" '   Y'
A fine body of cl-iy vms round ned'r
tbe(proposed site and a contract was
practically agreed upon. ..with-- Burley
Brothers of ATorthpo'rfc to furnish th.e
brick. The firm will move its brick-
making   plant   to   Murysville, at  once
P. J. McMahon made a business
trip to Elko the first of the week.'
Messrs. Elmer, Scott and Pogue
took in-the celebration at Fernie last
Monday. .,.-''
Mrs. O.A.King and daughter left
ior Spokane last Saturday.'
Father Coccolo wa3 out to- Moyie
last Sunday.       ' l
Miss(Jaquish has returned from her
viait to Elko. '
Sten Hansen has been painting his
buildings in the Lake Shore addition
which adds greatly to their appearance, j
Joseph Schaich,   the   druggist,  has
returned from Cascade City. '
John McDonald and Cameron Chirk
are practicing for ihe rock drilling eon-
_ test   which   will    take   place   at   tlie
daily   Cranbrook'exhibition.
" At the school meeting last Tuesday
L. A. Kickers was elected to fill the
vacancy in thc board'of tiustees caused
by the resignation of; Fred Pollard.
Miss Ethel Bennett returned to   her
home near Kimberley Thursday.
'    Dan   McKay . returned, from    ,the
hospital   Thursday.     His   iiand     is
getting along nicely.
,   M. Mclnnes'was out to   Moyie i-this
Hill Bros.,, (four in number) were
visiting in .Moyie hut. Sunday.
J. J. Murphy and D. J. Johnson
spent Tuesday in Cranbrook.    ■
M. A. Boale would5' be glad to receive samples'of ore for' the Cranbrook
mineral exhibit.
Mrs. N. A. MacKenzie was in Cranbrook yesterday.. „'   -. '
„ Win. Tope had a narrow escape from
drownin-j: while working .it Park,
Mitchell & Co's mill, last Tuesday.
H> warf out on the log boom when he
slipped and fell through, and not being able to swim it ' was some, little
timj Vltir? <-he was dterowrsd r-nd
hV'-ed out. The walt-r wus nbout J2
feet deep where he went in. '
Moyie People Spent An
Enjoyable Day.
Shot at Buffalo Exposition Yesterday.
The Boys' had a Good Program, and Tliey
I>itl Splendid  Work During;
the I>ay.
cealed 'in an Umbrella
and Eired two Shots
- At Him.
A  report,   which   is
apparently, well found-
Jk\ ! Negotiations
iii<! start on the big job of turning out
JiSV. ME3.VOLXt&R,' I'rop.
Ltir^e sample -room in connection
with house for commercial men. Beet
of accomh1odii(idti$.   .
uapters^for Commenoial arid Mining,
— JIOYIJE.   B. t4.
and a quarter of brick,
ire also under way lo
have a sawmn! moved to the site!
Tlierc is plenty of timber ajneeut. and
the lumber will be sawed in time to
season before building in the winter
Tbe company   expects  to mill and j
smelt its ore at & cost of not exceeding j
#12 per ton.    There are  150',000  tons
ofore.on the dump and ih  sight, according   to the statement;' of B,  W.
'Lay ton.
"The loan of $125,000 will be equally
divided.beiwi'un eastern and western
uitercdts," said Mr. Layiou/ f'Vv'e will
experience no diilicuky on that score,'
as both interests stand willing to pui
up the entire amount ori'sudh good
security as wo consider the Sullivan
Senator Turner, Colonel I. oST. Peyton, Ed Sanders, Colonel \\~. M.
liidpath and Major J. M. Armstrong
will provide the Spokane end of the
required sum,
iiobt. Campbidl.returned this week
from Ins trip to Scotland. He, hat/ a
very_ enjoyable 'trip-while away and
saw many intcrestine sights. '"Bob''
retumedjihme, having evidently left
the highland lassie behind, but ilu-
kids gave him a chaiiv.-ni the night of
his anival just1 thii same, presumably
on getitral piincipics.
■   W. WYLToble, manager for P.  Burns
& Co, was in iowu last evening.
Sam   and Malcolm   Grant  ^'ere ia
Fernie aud Elko on business this week.
A sidewalk has been built fioei   tbe
Moyie's first annual Labor Day celc
hration last, Monluy Was a most suc--
cessful affair taking<iuto'consideration
the short time in which 'the people
had to prepare for the event. In the'
morning the weather did not look very
Assassin Had Revolver Oon-J-ilvo'abie' but j." the' afternco» lhs-
sun como out and it  proved   an, ideal
day for sports.   -During the  afternoon
all the stores closed and nearly  every
one went to the picnic grounds- across
the lake.     Following' is the  program
and   the 'names; of   those   who  were
successful     in     winning    first"   and
seccond prizes:    Sailing race,  1st,  A",
D.  Drummohd; 2nd,    G.    Campbeih
Men's rowing race, 1st, O. J.  Johnson,
Men's ' swimming  race,  1st,   Ch.-rlos*
Mitchell.'   Ladies''boat race, 1st, Mrs.
Hollister;" 2nd,- Miss Jaquish. , BoyV
swimming race, 1st. Lloyd Crowe; 2ucL
Elliott  Crowe.     Log  rolling  contest*
1st; W.   L.   Reid.   -Meu's  canoe" race/
Messrs. Campbell and Angers.    Walk-   ■
ing-greasy pole, 1st, W. L. Reid.    Tub   •
race 1st,  C.   A.  Foote." Tug. of   war,
between' town men and Moyie Lumber
Company,   1st,   Moyie  Lumber .Company.    Standing high jump, ist'i.'j^.-
Tate:    Standing long jump, 1st, I: ]Sf.
Tate. .   ■      .
Tht!   prizes   were  donated   by    fchd,   '
business   men,   and   the  lunches,  ic'K
cream, etc., by the people of-the (OR-'ri.-
Tliprefore, even with moderate"charjft?2"
the    Moyio   Firn   brigade,    wher'   Uii'J
char'ge of the affair succee'ded in clean"
ing hp close to "$70   alter   paying  expenses.    A.   \VV Sutherland   and    $'
Hillier,"Jr., had  charge  of   tbe   boot!/
andjaraes   Casey   arid   \V.   L,   Foisy:
looked after   the   tables.    Botii   these
committees   stayed, right   with    their
j positions ail   day   and    they   deserve,
special credit f jr their work.
The celebration of Labor  Dav -was1
such a success  that  it  is  likely  that
Moyie will,reserve that day for its big
annual celebrations.
m circulation
that President McKin-
ley was assassinated
at. the Buffalo , Exposition grounds yesterday
.The report goes that McKinley had
just finished making ,a speech arid
was shaking bands with the .crowd
when a man came up with, a revolver
concealed iu an umberella and-fired
t vo shots, one taking' effect near the
heart and the other in tho stomach,
;i -LATER—The report has been confirmed. McKinlev isrjnot dead v it,
i>uf. there i,s hide hope1 a! his recovery,
3?ilzgprnlU—Cuir Content.
The boxing contest between Jack
Fitzgerald arid Ed Cuff which ..took
place in Fernie,last Monday night was
ended even iu a'shorter time than the
one whicli took place between ihe
sunic geutlemeu'in Moyie a few weeks
In the middle of tbe firot rouud
Fit/, gave Cuff a right jab under, the
heart and sent him sprawling to the
floor. When Seleree Tuttle counted
10 he WU3 still unable to rise and
was counted out.
Both men were ia  better conditibn
Manhattan hotel along Victoria street   tl,sm when the? met  ia   MoJ'ie-    Fin
was all of 10 pounds lighter gnd   CufT
looked riiore confident,
Fitzgerald has been   matched for a
to tlie railroad track'
.Rev. A.  D.   Henziee of Kasio  will
pieacn    in
the   Odd   Fellows'    hall
The   new   addition   lb, the ■ Moyie
school is io be 2Sx-19 feet in 'size.    Q
A. T. Clark cunie over froni hi>
faMh this morning with a gbc'il lot, of
pioduce raised on his owu place. Mr.
Clark is well satisfied with his experiment as n rancher and expects to
branch out on a larger scale from year
to year.
20 round contest with Charlie Goff  to
take place at Cranbiook September 26,
during the exhibition!
FOR SALE—Wood   healing   stove,
I drum aud   pipe  for  same- Apply  at
ffcole&'ome  and  nutritious .breakfast. food.
|8      UfltfllfJlfli
-h the purchase of two packages a handsome
picture is given entirely free;
Town ,>r KlKo.
The town of Elko  givpj  promi-a  of
being quite a  lively   placo   ironi   this
time forward.    The town now baa two
general| clores,  one a   branch  of   the
Kort  Steele' Mercantile Co., and   the
oilier is run by T. M.   1 foi brook,   who
is also postmasts" of (ho  place.    The
Elko hotel, owned by Geo.   Hogga-rth.
is doing agood husiiioo*, aud McMahon
Uros. of Moyie intend to have   another
hotel   running there   within   a   short
time.    Dr. J. W. Livers has opened hia
this oilice.     -,
Lots lor $75.   Easy   naymeuts.
D. J. Elmer.
i »  . i i
Luis   on   Victoria   street   on
payments.    See B. J. Eimer.
i 'Mr. Crouin iiot urns.
Mariager J.imc-)   Crdnici - of  tlie   St.
Eu'gune rtturned to Moyie this   nio'D-
,-• i    . i, .
-ing from his trip to Seattle and California points, lie says there are no
new developments with regard to tbe
working of the mine," and that there
were yet no.-contracts in sight.
The YVister\vor3ks.
Work ia yoing ahead nicely  on   the
I Moyie waterworks.    JSTew trenches are
See j being dug and the   pipes   lain".    John-
ias y
Tlio 1. Q. O. 1?. JSsei'ra'on.
'} hs Odd Fellows' of Cranbrook have
planned to,have ah excursion to Moyie
nest Friday, September 14.th,' and
inauy cf the oth.er townspeople will
join with thon.'. .A special train will
leave, Crrnbrook in the   morninr..  and
ston JQrcs. oi the Movie hotel were  the jn]ovecj
Pekin ailnsral Clainf.
A company 'is being organized to
work the Pekin mineral claim, which1
ia situated about 12 miles northwest of
Moyie on the upper Moyie river. The
directors are nearly all residents of
Fernie. Amongst ihem &re jjr. £.'
Ronriell," the president; F. StilimaH,'
Geo. £>. itingsburg Unci o'tliers.    t).   y."
Motl is the ' manager.,  Tli9 comDaii,'•
,       ., - . .- i  *
will be known as tbe f'ekiii Sliiiing Go.'
It will have a capitalization ol i*?2oy$0'G.
The Pekin   group  consists  of    n\e
claims.    It is   being  developed   by   a1
shaft, which is now dov/n 70 feet.   The    -
shaft is 7x9.feet and is well   timbered.'
There is a three loot  ledge of  galena,
iu a formation similar  to that   of the
St, Eugene.    Thero  is   also   a  strong
showing (of  copper,  and    indications
point to 'ho  ledge   turning into" that
ore.    Seven men  aro   now  being  em-
iirst to get the water into  their   place,!
and they now hayu it i.n, their kitchen,
barroom r.ud washrooms.
drug store and. is luuking forward w'^a j a round trip faro o  SJ. will be charged.
gootl trade.    CM. E
Lo and 1:
creasing demand for lots,
uw.irtJj. has charge   Tbe people of,, M ^yio. shauld  tieo   Unit
of the townsitc and he reports   an   in-"the Cranbrook visitors are  well   taken
care of on that day.    ..   .._
.Uoiird of Ti-.-ulo Jleeti-ig,
The regular monthly mqot
the board of. lpid«;,v.'aa held,
cotir I houso Wednesday   evening, r;ith
. -Vlnors' t'l'loii  KZc'ctioj'.
"57    ol [ .; L^iat  Tuesday  evcuiug   the   Mcvie
at .thQl j^inor/ Union
A.  1-. .-UcIviJloii.-As-fayer.
Attention is called to the ad of A.
L. Mi-Killop, (b.c Nelson assayer, on
another page. Mr. McfCillop is one of
tho most reliable a&saycrs in fbe
Koctenaj's and all y;ork entrusted to
bis care will be given prompt atiention.
Prospectors should bear this in   mind.
The. government, and the owners,
will spend !pl,000 upon the trail be-,
twecn Swansea and the properly this
fall., The distance is come 12 miles.   .
It i.s the intention of the company,
to push development as fast as conditions will permit.
x ^   Jtetal Quotation?.
New Tori;,- f-'opl. 5.—Bar ailvcr,
5S.1- cents. .Lead, .price, for miners
and smo!t3iy,..f.|.37 j- jit .the close. Copper, b,roke:o'. price,,..* 1QY0,   < ; i •'; . [.
:f   ?.T:uido::a,.d
J:i.   til 3
qlllcuis hiservp.fqr the ensuing   term
Pn"jidc::t, John McDonald; vice-preside::!,, Geo, Heed;".financial   secretary,
PIT. Smyth; treasurer,'  Jolin    Black-
{pv^^v^,^-.^ • ■- "- t„ ..«.,«.«... o.,   .JU - bLlrn ' '^^ii"gsecretary, S.-J. M'.V,-3li;
&9^'&£l:££^'Z®^^ -..      .,w.   paired tiiis'fall, and ;.-. ,-if-k the govern- j coniltutor,   Wm. Gallop;   warden,  M
.■."-.'        , ■'"■'■*■ ■■~-^^*-,^^s^'^^i^'.^.:^~&%  niont to'render .''.uian<;ul tujsiytancc,    , i.Nugent,   ,        :
and Lewis, Thomcon,. .up-,, .spcrctary.
Amongst tho; ol!:•::■ ')u,sineao transacted, it wiis decided i.o malm an etlbrt
to have the streets cleaned tij'i and   re
elected, the  following      London, Sept.  5.—-Lead sl'X's. M.
t4i»lii>J to Jtiivys^ i'Jt>.
Frank ',lloganA Goe.. Hull, R.. .,C.
Riblett and Mr,God>:ell pasaed tlirough
.Moyie this morning' ijm their, way, to
Marysvillo to look alter- starting work
on the now smeitor.
Another KJcjIroi  !>«■«!.
Another big iron deal has been made
in South East, Kootenay.    The   latest,
is the bonding of a group oft21 claims]
on Bull river. , The claims were owned
by J.T. Laid law, A. 13. FertwicK,   Geo,
Watson, C'. M, Edwards,   \V.  R.  Ross,
nj'.d,^.(Johnson,and   were   bended   to
3t■ it'iJ->i'y>-:)>ytT-prrser:ling  a   wealthy
I'JxpLap?.,.   .r/r-d'icpte, , for    $100,000,
:Tit»cpleii:::'.-; l:e facing Bull   river,   near
tlio fallc, which is only s,ix miles   from
Wnrdcner over a gOQdv;agon road.
T.he deal was made in Cranbrook,
J, A. liaiyoy.acting for the owners of
the properly and W. F. Gurd bir Mr,
«ebo,   ■ '   .
m§WMM¥£^^m »  ' I '
is* ,
' ' '-i
,'    "1
i -S.,,1
.     ,i At
, , Si '»
< 5 1
I i
a; i^
-'-ia '-i llf^
.*« ■ i ,$
OB      i' gj*     ,  *
!"'.&    'Y
,   'IISR4J'
'i iii/.
;^i|i-.'--l lit
i    *. -
; ';W--
' Mi;   ■.
> M; ,«-1 M'si
it ;f:;i .»';} '.-'
i|iy if! IH
'. '.f-r    ,    l.ljl,   •
Vf I1
•«f   'I
!ii'h ,i
- ",f, ■'
■i $'
!YJi rs 'J*
SI   f
t ;'!lBr
|fS   ■
Aft   '
s»fiL' !
* hi ,
jifj -
si U   ,
jl ;E S
•& ,.i|
"|'J- f'
i|-,' ■
fife :   ^
?.!• IFffi   LRABE8-  J   v-b.="^"^*r^Mud|Harv8y    &   McOarter,(TaE   FQST    OFFICE| /^^> , (   -^^^T   r
oi Yifoyze and E;ur Iucofcuay.
ij.n   *i
;L...i.n',   -'.n;^   ._^\...rci.   one   02
__ ::i tr^ijKtnts in th^'n-.ithi'P, was by
i.ir the hast e::cited person  on   board.
I il:-i  Maje-'.ty's   first  thought    was    to
=   -------- ; isk If anyone was hurt.    Beinu assured
i'ubliEiici-5.,' tliat fc'.ervbo ly was sale. Kii:-.' lid ward
—JT-—^z=n_ I calmly lit a cigar and  bi^an" climbing
lat£" cr surccRii-T'c:;
around over ihe wreckage to  :"-.
cciiul   of   the   dniuage.
tout sti-:ej.-h,b.c
Harvey, licCarter & Alexander.
PJ311NIE, 3. 0. =
barristers & Solicitors,
*^VE-"J*_*  r-«
Mining- Stock
 ?2.oo! the
^---=-j desiring to get a yiev/ of tho broken
bowsprit,'he had Sir Thomas take tlie
Erin around lhe wrack.
Kiu,i,.iYlwurd has n.id eight brrsb'.-s
with de.itb. \7hcn .-'.;i>: low they
occurred are told as follows:
1. While n  s'choolboy   at   Oxford   a i
The St. Eugene mine
produced more lead
'during,ihe year 190'0
than any' other single!l,oal i:; wIJich h°T*> n,w"? v,'a"nver
, . ,~       , ~.   ^       i turned.    He saved   Inn'i.-elr by awim
producer m the Pro¥»'mingashors.
2. Upon   returning   to   England   in j
1SG0, aftor his visit to Canada' and  the
United States, his voyage   was   so delayed by storms    that  w.:rcl:ips' were
sent in search pf the warrhlp Hero.
3. In 1S71' fii attack ol typhoid
fever threatened to result fatally.
His life -was despaired of, bus was
saved through vigorously rubbing him
with brandy,'
' *"*       fcj       i     Al     fc    PE1    /   tl     C
Qll$l% BROOK:
Daily market prices  by   wire
from Spokane.
ince,or nearly as much
as the combined output
of the entiles B3Qcf:ii district.— Minister of Mink'
.   Moyie should jutlly-' feel proud of its
water system.
One thing certain-about Sir ihomas
'Liplon, he is a dead game sport.
Notary Pjjjilic, Accoun-
taijx, Co:,rMissiON and
B,  G.
'   P.D.HOPE,    '■  '■'
Cliemist and Druggist,
They niake "a sxaecialtv
of this line of business.  ,
FERNIE, and nil other points in British Columbia.      ,
*L<mt r.*^ ^g^acgT^wata5ra*jnc«j!^iTaM^^>gyw^^'g<^_j ±~i*
Why Does Every:
body Prefer
East_ Kootenay^FIRST AnnualJHineral,
The  Spokosn.Mn-Iteviev/'K   'J:<  pa.yro
.iddition J;it:t .-siiuday was',,?.   Innniurr.
Jt was, demonstrated last jjlonday
that labor is- a lr.ighty fo.ee in this
JMoyie's stieets need cleaning and
repairing,'and the go'vernmenl. should
ussijt in thc von'/.
Tlie members of the Movie Fire
brigade are hustlers and they cannot
be given tco much praise or assistance,
, Moyie should select Labor Day for
its biq; annual..celebration'., There is
not a day in.the year better adapted
for it.  ,
Mnrysville, Elko, Jaffray and Kitoh-
ener", four'young towns full of life and
Vigor, are forging to  tbo  front  these
days.'  And some day  some  of them
owill develope into bright young  cities.
Feruie bus a gre.iter variely of
Sports—old, dead game, brokeu down
and otherwise—than any other town
in the distiic-i, 1 bey c.-.n act tip anv-
thii:^- from ,t .game   of   yiarbies   tn   a
piiie   tight   at   almost   a    moment's
'   It is pleasing lo note that the 0.  P.
R. uackmen's.ritnke n.is been declared
i l
'Oil', aud that their union is to be given
recognition by the company. The
Tr.ickineo may not rank highest on
fin: company's payroll but there is no
d.Hibt na to the importaucij of the wojk
th'.-y hi'«\e to do, nor of the ntuesi-ity
of having it.well done'
4.. In 1875 uliilo llger shcoting in
India, a tiger sprang'upon the'l'rince's
ciephr.nl. His Ii'"c 'was saved by
Cclon'f'l V/i'ol:. of li'is suite, who killed
thc bcfiu-t.
0, In IS'.l? he siippsd aud'fell "on ,a
stairway, r-ustiiihingYiu accident to
his kneo which . threatened to niake
him ,1a me for life. Within ""a fr-w
months ho hr.d completely recovered.
' G. On April df'J90b.wh:l3"fii,"ruuif
tu Copenhagen wus shot,at' by a half
crazed youth' named sTpido at" the
Brussels'railway station. Two shots
were fired, both of which midsei.1 their
7. While on a visit to Emperor
William of Germany-he was hunting
stags, and two of them charged upon
his" horse. The horse reared and
threw him' to the ground. Tie . was
only slightly bruised, j
! 8, Ho missed"death by just ten seconds on tho Shamrock, II.' the other
day.  c_
Assessment work Contracts ,Taitcn.
• Parties wishing to have iissesatne n
work done ou claims inthe vicinity o
Moyie, will do well to consult oi write
the undersigned for terms. 'Wort
left in my care will be promptly attended to, aud 'satisfaction will b<
guaranteed.    <       '        S.A.SCOTT,
W. F. GURD,"
Agricultural   and   Industrial. "Exhibitioi
CBANBPiQOK.   ,    ' ■    ;    ,B. C.
Because It's the best and is'constanUy
kept oil hand, by ■U)e"'only wholesaler
in" East, Kootenay. ' Y
cranbrook; b. c'
Commission   and    Insurance
Acent. '        '   ' i -
,    NEW .y.Q.RKTJFE,
'Tnsuyinpp Co.fs
Port Steele. ; B. O.
Board $6,00 Per Weefk.
'AIES. WHITEHEAD,  Proprietress.'
ieep.iour eye
City   Shaving   Parlor,
,  ,        Moyie, B. G.-
Mineral fehibits, Bucking* Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse  Races.
Send Your Work:
To the^,,^^-
Sovereign b- ; again loft
thc stuff of the Idaho State Tribune.
Mr. Sovereign is one of zhb ablobt
uhampioniotis of tlie labor causa iu
(he wybt. but his utterances were not
radical enough for lheCoeurd'Alcucrn.
They wan ted his editorials to have a
'•'dynamite" savor, and Mr. Sovereigu
was too lofty in principle to cater to
iheni, so they stO]>pcd his pay.
For practical Chiistianity the Salvation Anny furnishes an example to
most ol the denominational bodice of
'today. Founded 05 years ago, (be
Army now bus its flags flying in 41
countries; it bus 7200 societies, 31,000
oUlcers 40,000 day ofncprs.aud 17,000
bandsmen. The War Cry i-; printed
in 30 languages, aud the gospel is
preached in 10 difmrdnt languages.
In one year they have fnt-niahed beds
to 4,000,000 persons, given mrv.ls to
0,000,000 ;',nd helpo'l 3G,()00 to oltain
work. Ti.is i« a jeooid which ujif.iks
volumes for a people who were one?:
ridiculed in almost uvery ci-.ili.-.ed country as a lot of cranks and fauatics, and
jiad great Ui/ticulty iu s-ectuing lhe
privil-"«c of working in somn Christian
countries. Gen, Booth ioinliiled In a--,
_iouch glory as almost any great military genius who has gained' victories
on bloody fields. Booth's war is against
wickedness, and docs not involve
bloodshead—a war of upbuilding and
not of destruction. Tbo Salvation
Army works in an humble sphere,;and
■ v.-i,:lc Ys methods do not appeal to all
'■■•;'m- Laslbs there can be no riuestioii tliat
:: h'.msands . of; ineu' who had' lost all
,;.!•■!,rcRpecl. and   almost   given -up in'
■ ilir->;,ii:., bii.v'e.beea by, them ..re-Yuimed
ir'.'uv :h-e denfhn.of dcgv.'KLi'.iun and
?n-ide ireful citi-oos,—Toronto'World,
men to tr.i-,'Ll and advertise for old (j^taylishod
house; of ?,olid ihiancial t,tiuiclins. da'la.ry fWJu
year anU exi».sii<,t-s, all lmyablt! ia cash. Xo cuu-
viisius rciiuircd. Give rciorcucp* nnd ciulosu
.self addu-.-ioCiI btdMj'Cd cuvloi>u. Aduioss .'.iim
ager, libb Oaxtou jlldj,'., Chieaso, 4-j.
Take notice that thirty dayy' from (He ante
hereof, J intend to ajuily to lhe r-hief commissioner of lands aud u ork.s ior a timber lease on
rhefoiVv.virijj lauds, situate ou the ivebt side
of J\5"oyie lalce in Soutli East. .Koofenay, nad
described a.s follows:: Comrjiencinpr at, a ]>ost
planted M7 charm 83 jinks north 41 cleg, o-l miii'.
'vest i'i-oiu lhe rioilhwc&t eomer of lot 2801,
group 3, East irootcnuy. Thence we«t -0 r-haiuh
to a pc-Jt, thence norih ldO uliniim to a i.o-sl,
thcuceeiist 10 chains lo n post, thence fonth 100
ctitiins lo !he place of besiuuiii'j, cir.r.aiiiiag
C10 acres. (Sgd) LAWRKN'CR I: BOYLK.
Aug. 29, 1001. ' .'—20
Where 'it  will  be, Done  Satisfactory.
•     '    , .I\.LUTJNTEIt, Prop'.,   ■
OOOI) WOUIf. .PitlCES   RE.tF0>/AB£.F.
■  company; '
AND    FOWL ' '
The best program ever seen in   the  country. • See posters  and'circulars  for
further particulars.   Specially, kny return railway   rales   from/ all   point;,
A. W. McVITTIE/Sec'y.
itiy f 83?*
Iror hire by the h.~ur or
the   day.    Alotlcratc" rates.
Uread d^liyoiod
' '      toanyparto   the city.
Clothing'','' Gents'    Furnishings, •
Boots,  Shoes,"Hats,'Gloves, Etc,
c ,
Take notice that thirty days from the date
hereof, I lutend To apply to the chief commissioner of tand.T and works for a timber lease on
thc following lands situate on the west Mile oi
Moyie lake m South East Koot°nay, and
described as. follows: Ooiniiipucins at a post
planted 183 chains SI links norlh 70 de-^.'20 min.
west from tho noithwest corner of lot 2»0j,
-xroup 1, East Kootcnay, thence west 1G0 ch'iiu«.
to a post, rhence north 40 chains to a. post,
thence east 100 chains to a post, thence south
40 chains to place of bepiuuiiiif, containing m
all, G10 acres. (Sgd)   SAMUEL GRAXr.
Aug. 29,1001. ^ .1—20.
Thirty days after dale, 1 intend to apply to tho
Chief commissioner of'nndn and works for a
special license to cut and icmovo limber fro'n
the following location. Commencing at the
north erst corner post, .situated near Ihp west
liank of Moyie river, opposite Uohcit.-, placer
miiif, fcO chains south, 'hence SO chains wr-sl,
I hence SO chains north, Ihenr-eSn chains'cast to
thc point of commcnc'in-,'—C10 acre more or
lens. J. %r. OU A I'TERTON.
July CIh l''0t. ^ i_ki.
'Jjiiity driyi after ih:le I intend lo apply to lhe
chief commissioner of kinds nnd woika for n
sjiecial licente to cui nnd remove tir.ile: fnmi
'.lie lollovv it'ar locution, ('omi.ieiicinr,- i.f the
noith cii-st c-o;ii(M- po-,t, smutted near tbo nt-l
hunk of 3loyie nut- opjjomIu Ri/k rib pluCu-
mine, "j0 eh.iin.-, south, tlic-ucc S'O chiiins w*-!,
thence b0 chains norlh, thence b.0 ulr.uns ei-.'.i to
point of commencement— CIO acres moreor l<.«s.
June 10th 1901. -l-io
Thirty days .after date I Intend to apply to the
cliier commissioner of lands and' works for a
special license to cut aud. remove timber from'
the.foll.-iwii.ip! buid'situated cm Moviel'ver.'East
TCootctiay, Coinmeueimf at a post ou' tlio. ^nui'
mil; ..between ,Nf;;-,n,er creek and ■'Moyie river.
•Uiinninji.iiO chains cn'st', thence SO ehivins north,
theiicc.iiO ch;..ius.-.ve!-,t, Ih'enee'si) chain's .south'to
the ii'-hit of, eyimncr.cr.i'.:-O-.iO .r.eres, rnorc or
less.. ,"■ ■       ■' .ROBERT KOBSON.
.rune'JOIh Vjfil. ■   ,j ..|0,
LAiOi   SliOKE
jm etc;
Alv:ays ox Hand.
Victoria Awe.,"" jM'ovie, 13.
~-<r/.i "in**c
.•srr<K:it:9Zn.irtifK**si2* fir t^ixtci***
~~- I
Hot, Cold and Vitpor EaLho.|
Opposite (iCcsfnopoiltan
W. JL,. yOISV ?ron,
wmtgirmK »flcwatoe»rj!tn»?vt «.»*»
i.fto i idib t L h A {   tiu i i il si u b l'«
i ., , v
Areated Waters of all
a as
MbMLlm ?
Orders Soliciied.
Soda Water   and Syphena,
B. C
5*i( *"j   c™   \x\        Pv«   p h2   M   tst tS  RH
'   . JAKE NELSON,. Proprietor.-
Miners 'headquarters.     Good   accommodations   for   tmvelcra.
'liquors and cigars kept in 3tock%
Best . win<?a
TT-3 "T?"
■V i N"
w      Pi    «   A
a i e^a
JO US   iiARUEU,    I>. .!>. j ,S.,    L.   X).    fi.
' - jDJiiimncsTo
Offipc'n nd ^Keeidence    URA NBROOK
Quality not excelled in the country. Try it and
be convinced.
Anyone.sending .-.'.si'.rich sua itoscrlptionfflftj
quickly ascertain'■our opinlrui free v.-liethor an
Invention is pvorinliiy p.-itciifiHilo." Coraniunlcn,.
tionsstrictly connuaiittii!. Haucjbnolc'on Patents
sent free. Oideiit nteuey for nacaviiiK patentR.'
Faiontu t.tiHoii t.hro"--:h  f-Iumr .Js Co. recolvc
iptcUtl notice.■ *,viHinufc o.v
A '.,..:.:::ti-.-'i'-iC!y ilhi£t.r.'>U'it ivppicly. T,nrcc«t Pit-
'r.-ii!iiL',r,;i ci any f.cie.-i.'.'.'iiV .[fi'!iii-.;t!. 'j'erins,;;.') 3
'VI...-..I' . iniir .'iioiubs, '.fl.  f'.-;' 0 by ail nen'S(ie.",lcr:i.
.   , Brunei! OiTiee. fi;?5.F l>t-i >v,"-««lnKlo-i, i>, C,
iiPrest, the photographer, has just received the finest lot
of mouldings in
East Kootenay.
■;•■, W. A. Prest,
■■■',. Pholognipher,
Cro»>l>rf»olr,     RIoyicY' fort-Sle'elo.'
Wi!l Visit Moyie on      '       . -
Tuesrlay and We'° dnda
& FT /f*h ITT IT ^f^a
ivH y   I    & nXA
to    ■
to      ,
to .  -' . -
to   MOVIB,
«'■'■'■ ■,.-,■. \ .'     ■    ,„...
,- i
Thirf Hotel is New and well Furnished  Tnv .;
Tables are Supplied with the Best the I
affords. The. Bar is Filled, with.;.
the Ji«L\st 'Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
agents'- foR;Pabst'S^^mil\vauk:&e,bee.^
heAdq^'ar-ters- for commercial ,
Y     A^Dl-MINiMG' MSN
-  ' Yv'    .   --■■'.'..    ■ "-,   -     '  ' -r-    ''■■  /.KKITTSir <!<ll.l.'.-«i
B.    0.
. -ir«riiff-iirm«ini i -\-*m n^rr*'firy—am nria win »u«j^mjawbtiw■ ii r■»»'*~ni~'
WliyMeH Lift Their if
Some      Ontario. _ uu_.'
jT5""are discus-
sing- whelher or not -,  «„if
trio Km j
of vii-v/,     Sj
A lacy Who Cures Her Husband o!
■ISfis Drinking Habits Writes
of Ker Struggle to
Save Iter iiome.
It   nil   ,1 ""l"3   lh°   httnd   «*
i;?11^"'1,? °n the point
press. Nos"jLJiH-Woo.f,stock Ex"
kisa anvbw i ring C,tizen could
solf-abatSJt-! yJ««; - a token     of
the ceremgny nernjv a, °°k<f upon
edgment of his a/lSan^6?, ack,?owl-
reason why his 1*? °' theru as no
suffer niH ^h-respect      should
taiSd long'aft^Xir ^ ^ ?e ^
nificancc has depai u-JI °"glnal ^
a man take off     },js j
^CC^di.n» to lhe o^inoT significance
Why  should
hat to a lady?
of_the custom he offerer an insult,
Satsh£ H1S hiS hat he Plumes
aihtt 1 carrymg a club or some
other murderous weapon concealed j.
^Z*    2 ? h°r  d^Pe»-es.  When    he
SecT      "Then" ^ ^  l° **    *
orY h"   •,   -r 1S    ^   naked    head;
smash it if you want to."   But
ever thinks of tho
of the cus-
"I had for, a long- time been thinking'of trying the Tasteless Samaria
Prescription treatment' on ,nsy husband for lils drinking habits, but ..I
■wad afrr-.id he would discover that J
was giving him medicine, and the
thought unnerved.inc. I hesitated for
ni-arfy a week, bub one day; when lie
caino homo very, much, ' intoxicated
aiui his salary nearly all spent, - I
threw oft all fear; and- determined to
make an effort to save our homo
from ilio ruin I. saw coining, at ' all
hazards. I sent for your ' Tascelcss
Samaria Prescription and put it ' in
his coffee osv directed next morning
and watched and .prayed for the result. At' noon I gavo, hirn.' moro arid
also at supper'. He never suspected
a thing, and I then boldly kept right
■on gh ing il regulai-ly,' as I had discovered something that , set "every
nerve in my body tingling with'hopo
and happiness, and 1 could see a
, bright future, spread out before me—
a peaceful, happy'home, a share in
the good things of life, an attentive,
loving husband; comforts, and everything else dear to u woman's heart;
fcr my husband had. told mo that,
whisky was vile > ; stufl, and > he was
taking a tlislike to it. -It was only
too true, for before 'llPhad., given him
thc full course1 he had. stopped drinking altogether, but'I kept giving
him lli' medicine till it was all gone;
and then .sent- for -another lot to
have on hand if, he should relapse, as
c-he had done from ' promises before.
lie n-'Vi-r has, and I, am writing j'ou
this 'li'.ter to tell you how. thankful
7 mm. T, honestly believe it .will cure
the worst cases." -
pack'iiuo of -Tasteless, .Samaria - Prescription! SENT FREE, with full particulars in plain;scaled envelope. Ail
leilor.'i considered, sacredly confidential. Address The Samaria Remnly'
Co., GO Jordan street, Toronto,  Gut.
'THE • '    '■
fOman's Mstiaii Temperance Unioi
Plant With V«nomo,IS Spikes.
The pest of British Columbia for-
a plant called the devil's
has spike's which, when
enter the" flesh, break off., and
produce poisoned wounds, which fester.
,   T-.tofolil.
Sniff .s—Thpre is more sin in Chicago
thiin any other city on the face ol,tl.e
win 11.
KuiiftV-1 beg U'iive to differ.
"I defy you to name another with
more sin iu it!"
"Cincinnati."—San Francisco Bulletin.
Feiiialo   OlplomnoyJ
"My deai." lie said. "I forgot to post
thai leiicr this morning."
"Oh. \ou dear:" she cried. "That was
insl \\!i:it 1 wanted. Now I cau blame
)"u,ii ivlieti that supercilious Sadie c-om-
•pluiiis that I don't answer her notes."
-Boston Courier.
A  Colored   PMlciHoiilier.
''Ain't do use a-worryin about nuth-
in," said tlie colored, philosopher, dangling his feel over the edge,of the barrel'on which he sat "Ain't no use t'
get blue nor t' feel down in the mout',
'cause it ain't goin f do any good 'tall.
L says t' myself, says I: 'Mose, what's
the use of you scnuchhi? Wife's been
dead 'bout four ycahs. La's' of ma
child'en shufUed off las' week. I don't
care if, I eatsenwn pones -or lasses
bread. Live just as'long nohow., Ain'
goin t' .trouble ma mln' 'bout nothin..
Wite man, he have wife, an child'en
nn a good coat an,a *ouse." Bar'l good
nut! fur me. Ain't,got nothin t' work'
fur an ain't goin t' work.' " lie shuttled
off the barrel and moseyed easily down
Ilickory alley.      z
'a  '
IIU  Uncertainty.
Farmer Donlc—Say, Lem!
Farmer Stackrider—liar?
Farmer Honk—Is that 'ere solemn,
Bpeclaeled j'oung nephew of yoiirn
that's, bein called "doctor" and goes
around lookln as wise as a treeful of
,owls a dentist, a boss physician, a corn
curer, a layer on of hand§, a presidin
elder or just a common doctor that
saws bones and kills folks?—Puck, i
A    "Shipping"    Tomnlo    Par    Excel-
Honor Bright is establishing a fine
reputation as,a shipping tomato. This
i.s due to itsexceptional habit in ripen-
'i»g. r Although it blooms with the early tomatoes, it does not mature its
fruits until quite late, ripening very
slowly from the center outward, just
the reverse of other tomatoes. At lirst
il turns ivory white, gradually changing to yellow, then pink,'deepening into beautiful red when,fully ripe.
When in its waxy white, stage of
ripening, the fruit is very 'solid "and
linn and. it is claimed, will bear almost
as rough handling as' potatoes.
The fruit can be piclo-d when passing
out of the while stage and he shipped
oi1 stored away for days and lie found
tender skinned and red , ripe when
wanted for use.
Afrriu.:il::ra!   Itrcvlllea.
Jerrcy growers haVe GreatCd
ri'jiuuninn for thi'ir sweet potato'1*,
nnd uow more .)ei-.-.ey sweets are sold
lliini that state produce:.;.
IV.IiiK'tto and,, ArgenlenJI asparagus
arc varieties' generally leconiinended as
resist i'n^' i ust.
■ Air dried s'waiiip muck has a high'
v^-.ue lioili for the nitrogen it contain?
aii.l for its power to aiisorb and .retain
liquid excrement when used for' bedding animals.     °
Ail winter grain is reported by the
crop circularsPin good condition in Now
England, gra.-s wintered well, and
'prospects are, for an early and large
• Gracilis pea is called one of the fiuesi
on the market, a great bearer, with
ncas large and smooth.      - '
' - All  fSnilirneliiK'.
"I Bee that sorncilrii'y1 says" Edmund
Kcan.-the most famous of Enghsii ^
tors, lived to adapt tlie Xli'? ****j.-r>»ni
he ate to H>e part he had to piay. choosing pork ?;r tyrants,, i,v^." !r~ "lurdcr-
ers and mutton for lovers."
"That's i great Idea. I'. suppose
when he had to play several parts in
one evening he ate hash."
It  is  sometimes,   easier'  to
things as they come than it is
! r""uo ll.cin +n come, i
to in-
- Dear Sirs,—Within the past year I
kTiow of three fatty tumor's on tho
head having been removed by the application of JMINARiTS LINIMENT
without any surgical operation and
there is no ir-^-cation of a return.
Clifton,  N.13.      Gondola Ferry.
It seems that almost eve: ybody' asphalt to find with the material used
in the" pavements.
Letter from Mrs. Georgj Grant, of
Paisley. Ont., giving pait-nulars of
a cure effected by "Samaria Prescription," resulting in its use'aud adop-
t ion by tlio Paislty Woman's Christian Temperance Union.
Paisley, Out., Tioceniber 11th, 1900.
The Samaria Uemedy Co.,
30; Jordan Street",  Toronto,  Ont.
Dear Sirs,—1\penned, a few .lines" to
.%ou-sonu> tiniu ago,—as a member of
ihe teniperanco, cause, I wrote for
informalipn; at that timo, 1 had' in
n>y mind friends whose son was a
yi'-ai. cause uf anxiety and trouble oh
a< count of his drunken habits. 1
f-'iongly urged,the friends to try the
r.-medy I saw advertised in the To-
J'ni.to Globe. TJiey did so. It was
'!k= s.nnaria Remedy that was tuir
niiilistered and I aan' pleased to ln-
form the conipc.ny the medicine was
helpful; the young man has. hot
drank a drop since, breaking off from
old companions: and special pravers
«» his behalf, all aided in breaking
»lio cliains.
At tho hus-c meeting of the W. C.
I- U. here, I introduced your niedi-
cui" for the cure .of the licpior habit,
B-nd a resolution was passed, "That
Inasmuch as it, is the aim of this or-
gfiiii/ni ion- to help the poor inebriate,
v-'» -should reconinn-nd this remedy in
homes where persons are ar"dieted to
tiso of dntdxicatinb".Seniors."
sirs, wishing- you a -successful,
in-your n oblo . work, and, feel-
'ng tliat assistance can bp given* in,
. '•'a! precincts of homo by the hand of
moth,.,.. or AvifG;. trusting God may
*l"-u up useful' avenues for your labors. Yours very respectfully, -;
..(Signed) ..",jms. GEORGE GRANT,
°i behalf;of Paisley W. C. T. U.
JREE SAMPLE ■ffJ'^feiSr'
S tcattmonials and iirlce°3ent in plaii
Th ^YJ\v,ft °Pe- Enclose io stamp. AdSresi
"tlu bAMAIUA REMEDY CO.. 80 Jordan St.
■TORONTO, Onturk
At Pouglikeepsie, N. J., the other
day a tramp broke into a houso and
took a bath. It is thought his mind
was affected by tlie heat.
Tlie salt 'method of curing typhoid
fever wouldn't have much' effect on
some extremely fresh people we know
people suffer untold misery day after day
with Headache. Thoro is rest neither day or
night until the nerves are nil unstrung. Th»
cause is generally a disordorod stomach, and
a cure can ba effected by using Parmelee'fl
yegotablo Pills, containing Mandrake and
Dandelion, Mr. Finley, Wark. Lysander,
P. Q., writes: "I find Parmelee's Pilia a
flrat-clasa article for Bilious Headache."
7 SC
Oho way of making tho wt\er-
works self-sustaining would he to
turn   it into   a distillery.
The man who elbows past women
Jor the purpose of getting a seat in
tho car never crowds a lady out of
her pew in church.
S. S.  Marie, Owen Sound,  Torontoi IW All.
• andEost, Via Lakes,  Mon., Thurs |_   _
-ties ,Fri. «vndBun.-.	
2Iontre.il, Toronto.  New Yorlc and
-   east, via all rail, dally	
Kat    Portage    and    intermediate
poiufs, Mon., Wed. & Fi-i.	
Taoi., Thurs. efc Sat 	
"Rr.t    Pcrtago     and     intermcdi.ite
luints. Tucs..Thurs, and Sat	
Mon., Wed. and Frl	
llolson, Lao Da Bnnnofc and   Inter
inoliate Points. Thurs only	
, Portage la Prairie, Brandon, CalparyJ
Kelson and all Kootenay and Coast
points, daily ■	
Portage Li Prairie, Brandon, and in
■ termediate points, daily es Snu	
Portage la Prairie, Brandon, 3Ioo e-
ja.\v and intermediate pointa d cily
esSunday c	
Sladstone. I^eepawa, Miunedosa and
intermei.iato jioints, daily ex Sun.
SlicalLake, Yorkton and i:itermedi-
ate points, Mon., Wed. ar.d Fri —
Tues. Thuir., and Saturday	
Rapid   City,     Ham iota,     Miuota,
Tuei., 'I'hurs. audS.it	
Mon., Wed. andFil	
Morden, Delorainsaiidintonnediato
points.., daily ex Sun
Napinka, Alameda and intermediate
poinls, Men., Wed.,Thi'rs. & Sat
Alon.r.Tucs., Thui'3. ar.d Fri	
Glenboro, Souris, and In'/ji-meOiate
points, daily ex Sun	
Napinbo,Molita, Alameda, a-ul Inter
mediate points,   Mon., Wed,  I<ri.
Tues., Thurs. andSat	
Pipestone, Region.Areola and inter
mediate points,   Mon. Wed., Fri.
Tues., Thurs. au d Sa t	
Frobyshire, Hirsh. Bicufr.it,  Este-
\an, Sat. .,.*•..................,...■
Men.,............................ -*••
Gretna, St Paul, ;Cneago daily
Stonewall, Tuelon-.Tues. Thurs, Sat
West Selkirk Mon, Wen, 1< n
West Selkirk Tues. Thurs, S»at
Emerson ".. Mon, WedVmd Fr■,
18 00
7.S0 lS.'io
18. ia
13. H
Gen. Supt
Gen. Pass, ARent
Stations a no Da vs.
Brevity  is  thc soul of wit
the levity of the soul.
wit is
Miiiari's Liniment Cures Diphtlieria,
The woman may look at a wicked
mnn with horror, but there arc a lot
of good men that they never look at
at all.
It  i.s  unwise to judge a man's
tellect by the size of his mouth.
The more  we  study,   the  more
d iscover our ignorance.—Shelly.
Lswo from   Ca-.iadl.ia
jRorlhoru depot
Winnipeg to Morris F. n
ei-3on,St. F-.ul fi--c. tljr|
St l'aul to Emarfl.jnj
Morris, Wiimip'-'ff dlv
"■     ■ llpliwl.
1 .cave
^'heii a girl calls a rich old codger
a silly boy ho forg.ets   tlmfc 'hc-cver
"^'l the rheumatism.
r-^0,1°wny's Corn Ouro is tho medicine to
ri-movo nil kinds of corns and warts, and
oily costs tho small sum of twenty-flvo ccnta.
a man   who    has a    small
spiirk. of genius imagines ho possesses
a J«rge conflagration."
When a man goes,without   his dinner   to  do  you  a -favor,    pla.ee   his
name at the   top    of. your    list
No  sword
evil tongue.
bites  so  fiercely  as    an
$100 Reward, $100
Tho readers Qf this paper will be Pj^p'1 t0
loarn that there is at leunt one dr^Aded <M,R«ftse
tbat SoSwico'hM been able toydure In all its
stnaos," and that; is Catarrh, JAftll's Outarrh
Cure Is tha only pes tfve euro known to the
medical fratot.nlty. Cotinrrh behiff a opnstitu-
tlonal disease, requires U eunidtiUlopfti treat-
meat. Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internally
acting dlreolly upon Ou blood end mucous sur.
fRccsKof thX^lmm. thereby. deBtroyiijg the
foundation of tfie diaenee.and 8«vlng tft^ pifttlent
strmictli by bu lcUng up Jh«. oonstitutlon and
assisting nature in doing it* jr°rk-)fXJ^lJiSZ
prietors.havo so nni»'h faith in Ite' ^"HTS
nowero, that they qffor One hundred dollarsi for
£nyo»»olhftHt/»U«tooure.   Send  for   lint of
t4AcWr^s;V J.WBNBI & CO., Tol do.'" C
Sold ny Druggists, "So-.
Hall's Family Pill* are the beat.
U'imii[!og    10
Miami. Bel nont.il
ney & Br&ucUm, jjimi.,
Wod and Fri.     -   -  ■
P'-andon, ILiriney. Bel
uuMt, jUia-.ni, Ri-land,
io Whmiro-:.   Tues
'i hurs iiiui i" it.    -  -
\Vltini;-cgtc piirtnso la
P. and intorinoilialo
s'ations, daily ex Sun,
PortiicolaP. and inter-
inodiute stations t >
Wiiinipcftdl.' ex Sun.
Winnipeg to stJV ions or.
1 (eaver and Delta bran
ches, Tue-s. a:ul Thiivs
Uo.ivor and Delta -br'cli
■■sts.tions,-to Winnipefr
Taos, and Thurs.    -
Winnipogto Portage la
P.,Gladstone.    -   -  -
Dauphin, etc., Mon.
Wed. and. Fri.      '-
Dauphin. Clladstono, l'.'
la Prairie, Winnipeg
Tues., Thurs. &   Sat.
■ Winnipeg to  Wp'gosis,
•Tues' and. Thurs.   -   -I
Winnipcgosh to Wpg
Mon.andFri. ...	
Winnipeg to Grain
View, Mon.  and  Fri
Lfrand view to Wpg
Tues. and Sat.„	
Dauphin tA W'p'gosis
and return, Sat-	
Dauphin to Swan River
& Khvood, Wed.  ....
Elwoocl to Swan River
& Dauphin, Fri ,
Leave froni C. P. depot
Winnlpoo; to 'Warroad
Beaudetto and inti-r-
mediata stations,Mon,
Weil., and Fri.  ......
Buaudotto, Warroad,etc.
to Winnipeg, Tues.,
Thurs. and Sat.    .^^
Gen- ouptv.
9. .15
J 9.15
Record of Occurrences in the Laml That
Rutins L'nique in the World's History
and Supremo in the Commercial L,if«-
of ilw. World — Side LJjfhtd on Great
3Ien and lirents.
The fund for the national memorial
to Queen Victoria now exceidi
In certain London hotels wine left
on the tables , is ,the waiters' perquisite.
Jun ilaclaren has been lecturing
Punch for its caricature of Mr: .Samuel Smith> M.   I'
The net pro/it on tlie Lei-ds cor]Jor-
ation trams during tlie past y, ar
anionnis to £.'51/158.
A man has given a Heading mason
a penny'for finding a lost purse containing £.:U)U  j ii   noiy.-, anil .^l> cl.
It isjiropost-d to erect a statue to
the late Sir Arthur Sullivan oh the.
Thames embankment,  in London.
John Kent's autograph poem "Ode
to the Nightingale," fetc'la-d iilOo at
Sotheby's,  London,   the  other  day.   -
There are SHO places of public entertainment in London, with a combined seating capacity for 400,000
People,in lhe west end of London
arc spending much money this year
on external floral decorations for
their houses,    '
Jn thc past forty years Croat -.Britain has produced' forty million tons
of steel, or about one-third' of - the
world's total product.
The Earl of Soaficki holds . Great
Britain's record us a tree planter,
having planted  00,000- Lives,, on    40,-
000 acres   in. In'vornesshire.
A London cashier named Rohb was
remanded for falsifying the. bdoks of
his employer and stealing sums
amounting  to  over £10,000.
The Manchester School Board..( has
47,000 scholars on the books and
1,577 teachers. There are 1(3,300 pupils and . 96G teachers at the evening
schools. ' ' "
- London', to ah appearances, was
never more prosperous" than now.
The theatres, music halls and.- concert rooms are crowded. Every hotel
is full of visitors.
. The value of f-sh, landed in Great
Britain and Ireland last year' was ■
fully nine millions and a 4half sterling, as compared with (less,, than
seven millions in 1892.
, The value ,of haddock landed on
English coasts is usually £800,000
greater than ■• thai oi herrings, ,and
conslitues one-third of the value' of
all  the fish  annually  taken.
Miss Ellen Terry has a friend who
obtains the portrait of the actress
as soon as, published and puts them
in lier rooms. "It, made me quite
wretched when I last called," said
Miss Terry. "There was T . weeping
in her bedroom and mad in her dining-room',   while   in   the'- front   parlor
1 was positively dying in three different  positions."
An , extremely pretty' "daffodil"
wedding took place in Devonshire the
other day.- All the bridesmaids were
in daffodilyOhina silk Empire dresses,
with toques to match, and earned
crooks surmounted by a buncli of the
spring - llowers. At the wedding
breakfast, which was a, good old-
fashioned 'sitting down one, no flowers  were used but daffodils.
Referring to the subject ^of temperance recently the Archbishop of
Canterbury said, that a very few
years ago thc man who did not indulge, in intoxicating drink was regarded as an" "odd" man, but that
public opinion-was changing so rapidly that it seemed«likely that before long the "odd" 'man would ' be
Ihe'man that did indulge.
Dr: James Gow, tlie,new head-master of the Westminster School, London, is ( the first layman to hold
that ollice since Queen Elizabeth re-
founded the school. At Cambridge
he was' chancellor's medallist and
Fellow of Trinity College, and he'has
given further proof'of his learning
by his books, which embrace such
subjects as Greek, mathematics, and
tho odes  and epodes of lTr.race".
Miss Baden - Towoll, only sister o(
Major-General Baden-Towell, is to be
married shortly to Sir William Bis-"
ell' Berry, N.A.N".])., who so greatly
distinguished himself in Gape Colony.
Many old friends will be interested
in knowing that Sir William ' Berry
was the favorite neph#w of the iate
Mrs. John Leslie, of Ottawa, Ont.
He is a cousin' of Mr. James A. Leslie arid of -Mrs. T. Alfred (..'ode, of
Riverside, Perth.
The royal monogram which is to
be placed upon the 7-Cing's-liveries is
of thc neatest possible .'■■tyle, and
consists of the letters E. R. with
VII. benealh them. The somewhat
(luinbiioyant manner in which the
royal cypher appeared upon the livery and harness of the previous sov-.
eteign now gives place to a severer
taste, and this applies not only to
the full state trappings, but also to
the Ascot and Goodwood liveries,
both of which are also in preparation.
W7U ^i/e^M7V'C/e^/>
SjL^i£iL Arts /MS £<V&?%1> -TUr77LZ/ 4m&f*tj
' J& ' '
A 000-Year Lease Expires.
The ago of London and the immutable system of affairs is illustrated
by the fact that a. 909-year lease
expired hci'e the other day and the
property was taken possession ' of
by the original lessor, the chapter of
Westminster .parish. The lessee was
tfte town, and the-property had been
in its possession, continually since
the original- lease was made. T do
not think such a thing would occur
in any other city, but there are said
to be many similar leases about to
expire, which were made at very
near the same time.
Another interesting fact is that' a
bank note for £5 issued in 18,16
was presented for redemption at the
Bank of. England the other day. Jt
was found among the possessions of
an old , lady who died in .Wales, and
was probably inherited by her from
one of'her ancestors.. — , W. ID.
tis, in  Chicago Record-ITerald.
I heard
Disraeli      (he
frii-nd  met him
187<1,   when  for
Aneciiott! of I)isi-a<:li.
a delightful    anecdole
day.     An  old
after  tho election    of
the first  time in his
life he commanded a majority in the
House ofj Commons', and when for
the^ second time be, had become
Prime ,Minister. . "Well," said - the
friend, "I never expected to so„e you
Prime' Minister , the second time."
Disraeli looked mys'teriou's, and then
said. ■* with an air of indescribable
comicality, \ "God is great, greater
than ever!"—M.  A.- P.
The Astor Ilnlcher Trust.
From the northern end of Chatham
square starts the Bowery, and a few
steps from ils commencement is the
building now used as a Gormen theater, which was once the Old Bowery.
Beforo the Bowery theater and previous to the Revolution the same site
occupied by a building which has a
place, in history because Washington
slept in It. This was the Bull's Head
tavern. Being close by the city slaughter houses, all tho butchers who came
to town stopped at this Inn, making it
the first commercial inn of its day.
During the Revolution Henry Astor,
brother of John Jacob Astor, owned
the Bull's Head tavern. He leased 'it
to Richard Varinn. But Variau weut
privateering and left the inn to be
conducted by his wife. ,   "
Astor was a butcher and conducted
bis .business   In   the   Fly   market   in
.Maiden Iane.|_   lie incurred the enmity
of all the butchers In the town by eon-,
ceiviug the brilliant idea of riding far
out  along  the   Bowery, lane,   meeting
the drovers as they brought, their0eat-
tle  to town  and  buying  their  stock,
which he sold to tlie other butchers at.
his own price.    As the lane was really
the only road to the city,, Astor in this
way formed a trust and .prospered for
many years.    The inn, too, prospered ■
until 1S2G, when it gave place to the
Bowery,theater.—Home Journal.  '
Surirery in, 1801.
In 3 800 all surgical operations
were performed without the use ■ of
anaesthetics. ,The use,of chloroform
was not, discovered until 1847. Ether
was first used to deaden pain iii
■•846. s
Very   many' persons die   annually from
cholera and  kindred' summer   complaints,
who might have been saved if proper remedies had been.used.   It attacked  do not delay in getting a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, the medicine that never,
fails to effect,a cure.   Those who have used '
it say it acts promptly, and  thoroughly sub
dues,tho pain and disease.
Ueu-t.-Col.' Kvans.
'Lieut.-Col. T. D. B. Evans, C.*B.,
$s a native of Ottawa, where he was
born March' 22, 1S60. He for several years was in command of the
Cavalry School at Winnipeg, and
was given command of rthe Yukon
military contingent y;hcn it left Ottawa in March. 1898. I Ve'* went to
,South Africa as ss'econd in command
of, the. Canadian Mount rd Billes, af-
tcrwurd--*"! nov n as the II. -'al Can-
i Hifi',i    Pi- »•   -on«.
There is nothing equal to" Mother Graves',
Worm Exterminator for 'destroying worms;
No article, of its kind has given " such satisfaction.    ' Y '        '    , ■  '
T!t  For Tut.
' ■" The correspondence was brief, but to
the point. -.Tbo letter she received was
as follows:    , - 4       • .    .
■ ' Dear - Madam—I take pleasure ■ tn shipping to
your address a f'ujf valued at ?50, for which"!
Ehall be glad to rercire your check. If you do not
desire tbe rug, please return it.
"The idea!" she exclaimed.   "I never
knew such impertinence."    '
'Then  she sat  down1 and   wrote the
following: j. -
Dear Sir—I liave ordered no rug; from your establishment, and I see no reason why I should go
to the expense of retuminjj Out which 1 do not
want and which was sent to me unsolicited.
To this she received the following
answer in due time:
Dear   Madam—I
nip,   and   I   trust
send for the unsolicited charity, entertainment
tickets which .now lie, with about 2S other's, on
my desk. ■
"The discourteous boor!" she exclaimed. ,
"Evidently," ho soliloquized, "there
are met hods of procedure that cannot
be successfully applied to business."
The amount of '.water flowing out
of' the Nile is 16 times that of tlie
A strong-minded'woman is one'wTho
insist? upon ^wearing shoes large
enough .for her. „
Minard's Liniment Cutis -Distemper.
Many a mother's actions  keep
out of the mother-in-law -class. '
will   send   for   the   unsolicited
y^i   will   do   me   the   favor   to
ner, Langton. writes: "Por about two years
I was troubled with Inward Piles, but by using Parmelee's Pills. I was completely cured,
and although four years havo elapsed since
then they have not returned." Parmelee's
Pills are anti-bilious and a specific for the
cure of the Liver and Kidney Complaints",
Dyspepsia, Oostiveness, Headache, Piles,
etc., and will regulate the secretions and remove all bilious matter.
When a man poses as a cynic it is
a reflection on -his wife's ability as a
ceok.     *
'■ HE HASCTR,IED IT.—Mr. John Anderson, Kinloss, writes: "I venture to say
few, if any, have received greater benefit,
from the use of Dr. Thomas' Eclectrio Oil'
than 1 have. I have used it regularly for
over ten years, and have recommended it
,to all sufferers I knew of, and they also
found it of great virtue in cases of sever*
.bronchitis and incipient consumption." '
Physicians say that swinging is
healthful exercise^—yet many a poor
fellow has met his death thereby.
Repentance is the golden key that
opens the palace of eternity.—Mil^
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach gets a pension of £1,200 a year when out of
The now ..throne for the use of
Queen Alexandra is an. almost exact
replica of the old one. Its design is
mainly Tudor-Gothic, the seat being
embroidered in gold and,' silver after
the Gothic pattern !of the one used
by, Queen Victoria,, the back consisting1 of a very handsome 'embroidered
Royal Standard,, which is surmounted by a-beautiful gilt scroll centrepiece on which, are inscribed the letters "V. R." It was the King's special command': that "V. RJ.'" should
not be replaced by "E. R.'"
A    .high     tribute,  was  paid   to. the
British nurses by-Lord-"Roberts, who
said,   in  a  South   African     despatch:
"I. find it diflicult, to express the deep
gratitude with     which the    Nursing
Sisterhood "has.    inspired'  all     ranks
serving   iu   South   Africa.   The   ■devotion,     skill,   courage   and   endurance
displayed   by   the   army   nursing    service,     and  by     kindred   organizations
from   the  coimiies,   have- cxiilcd      m\
admiration and just itied  my    opini: ,-.
that I hold   as  to  the  necessity     at:
economy  to the service of an     atnpl.
nursing service for our army."'
The Cronpicr V.'lio Spins the B«ll.
A croupier's commencing salary is i?GoO
per annum, and'he may rise to $1,200. A
regular school is established on the Con-
ilamino for training these men. The
"professor of roulette" once openly said
tii:n some of his recruits attained such
-JcNterity with their fingers as'to be able
to place the ball in any number they liked
five times out of six. It is hard to believe
the font possible or to be convinced of it.
If it were possible, the player would he
cleaned out at a quicker rate than even
iiuw. and those very clever croupiers
would be able, with the assistance of au
accomplice silting at the table, to get rich
in an hour. There is no need for cheating en the pint of the hank; the game is
w ingeniously arranged as to give tlio tables the maximum of chances in their favor. The profits of the play, are Mitlieient
evidence of thai.—Ledger Monthly."
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Thirty-eight in every 1,000 Englishmen who many are 50 years of
Ill-gotten  gains—doctor's  fees.
Every restaurant is a sort «f waiting room..
y The largest cut stones known to posterity are in the Temple of'.the Inn at
.Baaiboc. Many are more than GO. feet
long, 20 feet broad and of unknown depth.
Two per cent of people aged 30 are constantly confined to bed by illness and 10
ucr cent of those aged .75.
-fiBiarl's -'LlBiment - Cnreg Siret ircra
Self-respect  is   the  corner-stone
all virtue.—John Herschel.
age,   5;"i0
lifeboats save,
lives  a year.
on  an aver-
Bvcry fisherman
reel   thing.
thinks he  is     the
. With  some men  it is  either, a  case
of get married or go to work;
i Recommend
to all mothers who want their babies
to havo pink, clean, c)*ar, and
healthy skin.
Made of tlie finest maie-lals.
Ko soap, wherever mado,.Is betier.
♦ Manufacturers of the Celebrated
♦ ■■    "  .
W.'iNriL No. 338.
It    .'     '
-,!   I
.." f
if $
>    'hi   '    IS'*-   '
«-- fi,.i
>""r-   -f MY
y4'Y ;
- K(»:iji: i ■
<   ■
<>'.?f5' *.    ?
!,   ... I-      (        17,
t,'^.fS     .... ) li. .
Il,"   £      '(-'. I   till    ■
m m.'-
in..*. .,,': l/jp- ,
....   .,    l0I1
k -
&'f '.
■   '""£'    .1-1  r-5»-   '
;      PI1.-.
?;} Y
,p 'J'.-'f rt
; "Su
. ->
Tho Oronl Strike Loader.
;TfTTrVTTTr??rTFfi jF!7TiTfTrffT7!r?n?;-fr/f7?7fr§ | a
Winn  Mr, and   Mrs.   ShafiVr   were J |   {J^ fog j^jrf^  J}^    gjaehe, before i
married Tne.ulore wae   a   minj.-t.ir-, io ■ z     ■    ,-    .,'    ; -  .- -,        " 3   .. JJ'*JJ»*--
liie    Methodist.    Episcopal    Church, i £
Theadore is now the   nresiidpnt  of   tln-'S
/3Y GLEN   rfATHAWAY.        |
Amalgamated Association of the  Ircn . %MmLmmLlUlimkiimiiiUmbJiiiU,iLC>
and Steel Workers, and tho' leader  ol	
tlie   present   great   strike.   ' He   had    r"P^iE Danforrhs were   mo-ving   that
■ worked in the mill in order to"educate j   I   firsl ot Mfly-   If ^vas their fourth
' himself'for'the''iiiinisfry,  and, it  wa.-j
'after ]:is training hi the Western   Uni
versity that the   two  met.    For   i ight
•'3'ears after    they   were    married    Mr.
Shafi'er v/us a minister,   and  then   his
health save way, and   he   returned   io
the'injll.    Mrs. Shaffer gay.-3tli.-il many
letter's are coming to her wliich suggest
"that-the time is at   hand   for, another
Jean d'Arc,,and   auggesling   that • s-he
undertake' the mission.    She, however,
disclaims any   intention   ito  enter   the
lirits.    I'Tliey little know me,?' slie t'ayt.
"if thej- think I, »vuuld slop out ni   (li. ,'
world in  the   fashion 'suggested;.    My
life io in   the'iiome.    There   lies   my
mispion/' 'Mrs. Shaffer is in sympathy
witli her husband ahvaj'^s,'and   lie can
always convince her he is   right.   'Mr.
Shaffer is a unique h'bor   io-uler.    He
is tall, with a scholarly stoop, and  the
expression of his smooth-shaven  face,
and his rich,   deep   vtuYe   and   )vell
modulated  toneo :suggest  tlie  clergy-
'inan.'r   They are'an interesting couple,
and whatever tlie Stilts   of President
ShafiOr may ho, and they appear (o ho
faults of opinion only, /J'hcudoreSliaf'
for is tho worthy husband   of a   very
'oharming'wifo, arid the}' live in a very
happy ho:-.:e.—-Montreal '-Witness."
XotJiing- JF-l&ft Undone.
The managemont ol tlie South East
Ivooteuoy   Mineral,  Agricultural''and
Industrial   exhibition   to   bo; held    at
Cranbrook, September 25, 20  and ,27,
"are not leaving 'a  stone, unturned   in
' order lo secure Tor that occasion every
al traction possible,  ' Arrangements aie
,'bcing made with   an excellent   opera
'companyfor three nights' performance,
and this in itself should prove a   drawling card to lovers of good«opera.    The
Vest does h'ot'often afford such' opportunities of listening to'.high class music
tu   i.   -- •    ■•  ■   '•■ -
An Eye to Uusinecs.
Foreman   of' job   office-rr-What   are
you wocking at how?
X      I !
• Boy—Runinn' off some ,bu=ines3
cards of a young woman who wants tQ
do mending for gents and families.
Forornaa—jQse whizzl     DidaU   you'
get word not to print 'am?    Tho order
is countermanded.    Quick as the   .boss
saw that girl's card, he rushed off and
iiiarried her.—?Ne\v York Weekly.,.
FOR EENT—-Au eight ro.ompd
h,oi/3e. For particulars apply to Mrs.
wl C. Lacoy.
-.v vS" rv: j -r.t j i r x ) i: i c -r: >   and, wo
men to travel aad ntlvertise for old established
bouse of bolid tinancial standinjj. Salary ->7S0 a
year aud expsusus, all naynblo iu cahh. JN'o eau-
vnbing rcipiirod., (jive refereuces, mid eneloM.
belt addressed stamped eav.ope. Addiess iVlan
agor, 333 Caxton Bld_g., Chicago,- 4-1
JNotieo lo Uelejiqucnt Co-Owner.
To Joseph Wiunskursl, or to any per'.on or
persons to whom he may have transferred bis
interest iu tbe Iron JMouutain mineral ciaim,
situated al tbe foot of .Moyie lake in tbe J''ou
Steele JMiuiug Division of tbe distiict of' lia.st
JCooteuay, 3. 0. aud recorded in tbe recordei'.1-
Oilice of the'l'ort Steele Mining Division.
You, and eaeli of you, are hereby notified tbat
J have expended tiyo bumdred dollura in la^or
cud improvements upon tbe above mentioned
mineral claiai iu order to bold said i-iinera
claim under the provisions of the mineral act,
jiudif within ninety days from the date if mis
notice you fail or refuse to contribute your,
poroportiou of such expenditures together with
fillcoars of adveUii-In=', your intei-ests in said
claims will become the jropertv of iho sub
scriber under section-1 of an act entitled "an
act to amend the Mineral Act 1000"
F. .1. McMAlIOX.
Paled at Moyie, U. C. this 7tb day of June 1901,
A rich lady cured of hei deafnefi^
and noises in the head by Dr.' Nichol
sou's Artificial Ear Drums, gave $10,
000 to his Institute, so that deaf people
unable to procure tlie Ear Drums may
havo them free. Address No, 14o22
Tiie Nicholson Institute, JS0, Eighth
Avenue, New York, U. H. A.
Halcyon Ifttt .S]irins;s.
oiove in three years,'a \kiry unusual record fnr a family of any pretentions to
respectability in the staid little town.
Ami the Danfortli nmni; had been one
of-lhe most aristocratic there ior many
\) ears. . ,   ,
"First we lived in our own clear old
liom'e, where 1 was born," Frances had
enumerated the evening before, sitting
on  the porch in the go'ft, April^moon-
light, with her lover on the steps just
below her,    '"Then when Cousin /'ebo-
dee and  thc mortgage took   that,    in
spite of all our pinclii'ug and planning
alt the years I was growing- up, we had
fliac nic. house on liner street.    The
next year we had to give that up ss too
expensive and move to this plnce.'that 1
might   say   something-    against/    but
won't, because—well,'because I won't,
Dick)," she lucidly   explained,  with   a
downward  smile  at",tb-cYyoung man,
who knew very well'"that she forgave
the house its many faults for the sake
of having fpund her romance within its
walls.    '.'Hut   Yiere's   nothing lm£ .the
lowr'esR of.' \ny. rent in fa\or ol    thc
liou.-;o we're-;;;.ing to,''she ended. "It's
crumped'and tihabb}'' nnd iuconveuieni
i7i esory way.    When I think how far
below the old home we've £Ot in pnl.\
three years,  1—I really fear we shall
find ouiYelves moving'but to the poor-
i'arm one of the.--c springs."   - '
''Il you would only piove to'my house
one of Ih-'se springs—or sooner," began
Dick Sledman, reaching- up to take one
of his'swCelheai-i's small brown handB,
tliat were jjretty in spite of all the work
thoy had had to do. ' ,
■•   But  Frances .pulled  it  impatiently
■ "You couldn't afford to, marry my
whole family, Dick, even if 'we'd let
you, and they can't possibly spare mc
as maid-of-all-work and general manager as long as thc money comes in so
slowly and the children grow out of
'their clothes" so fast, There! don't let
us waste any more time to-night; talking of disagreeables or of what can't
,ber" >-   . '"■""■"       ' '    -
"If your grand-aunt    only  -hadn't
made such a cruelly unjust will," Dick
began again; axrcl again Miss Danforth
, cut him shbrTY5"-i,-t:--":'?f-r •-'. '
|     »if wishes'were horses, then beggars
would   ride," '~sne'-'-£rvjbte'd,. absurdly.
"Mj1" grand-aurit'did'rcalce her own will
' to suitherself, as Iprqbably shall if ever
I am a wealthy old spinster and able to
afford dislikes;" and what is the use of
ifs?   Once more I'siiggcsr. that you
Pt-arj some pleaf&nter topic this last of
our evenings' cm thisr   pleasant   old
pctfob," '       '       "•'    "    Y -'   '
- Apparently Lo obeyael] fov ihflir iftiii
grow iovf-torifet'l, and Hit pretty finv'n
hcado and hia  comely, £air one drew
quite unnecessarily close to each other
as it went on.   When he left', which was
early, in consideration of her busy morrow, there was the brightest of smiles
on Miss Danforth's face as she went into the parlor.
But the smile faded as she looked
round the familiar room. ,The trail of
the mover was already upon it. The
tacks were out of the carpet, and the
bookcase was emptied and its contents
piled in a corner.
The handsome furniture—much too
handsome and aristocratic in its stately old-fashion for the cramped little
room with its cheap, glaring, g-ilt paper
and worn carpet—bore "traces of rough
usuage. Frances stopped on her way
to bed to pityingly study the scratches
and dents on a secretary of inlaid mahogany.
The fn.-zLit.Tire had been the sole legacy left Sir. Dnjnforfch by the will of his
Aunt Deborah, an eccentric old lady
who .had practically adopted him as
a boy, brought him up in idloii-ess to,
expect her money, and turned him out
viithout a penny when he declined: to
marry to please lier and, did marry to
ITis'wife was an orphan, with a pleasant house of hor own, which Frances
.still   regretted,  and h-e had   g-one    to
l i.Lv.r.
he moving hv.u" r.->;>l-,-]-'>
» and v'ier    .-.ir-f.ililifi.;
3 j lieutenants Jack an,*.!>•'-i   t'^ ^:, refold tw^ns„wcrc lelt io deal with the af-
f* { fair, devoutly desiring to be ?pared1he.
assistance of thc- four younger i.hildren,
safely di.tpuwhod to school, who reveled in co'.ifUftion (like panels in a tempest, but- had s.-nall i<k-a ol work,
Jf'.irs, thowi.=eand womanly, went on
to -tin, nc-iV house thut the three had
cleaned'the day before, to look after
..UkI pkice the furniture as it arrived,
while JibOk divided Ins FC'rvioe.s as needed, and Frances superintended the
flitting from t,hv old home.
While slie worked lier thoughts were
bitter-. She v.o'uld nci hate minded labor jf it h'ad lijd to .1.7?_»thing, bin. all
their elfoi-ts? v.-tjre suareely even Softening their fa31.   Year after year tlie fam
^ >mith vmis an honest
man, if a hard one, and the new-found
^\ ill i\as uiiimpeacInibJe.
H^ did not attempt to ivsi^t If., and
.Mr. Danfortli was libera! to him iu talc- J
ing back his own. Anil the Dan forth s
moved into Miss Deborah'1- stately old
f-tojie hoti"se in time n ,have I'Vitncea
married fi*om ihert.--J^adii,.s' World.
ily -ffiw Blipping- down,     'J'he   younger,
one's wore growing up to harder 1 hues,
less ath:u2rages, ihnnoven sho Inul had.
Jean had hoan obiligccl to leave'school'
last year to help at homo, aa:d J in:k coulci.
not continue after this term", but must
go to work, a& he had alr-eady Jnul'to
do in the vacations. lAutl she had tried
so   hard to let them keep on a little
longer.   Jean was a born teacher, if she
coivJil  ordy be  educated   herself,   and.
Jack had many talents.   But there"wa.s
nothing for them in life but drudgery
—nothing for the youngest children but
tlie, same. '■   '       <
'Arid she—she' could not leave them
when she was xo needed. She, too„nmsl
toil on hopelessly,, and crush down all
natural',longing- for ease t\nd bright-
nea« and girlish pleasures—crush down
'ovcai lote.   '     - "
She fairly hated thccosilyuold furniture, even while she wnfehed carefully
oter its packing by tho 1 riickinoh. who
were inclined to be impertinent t-o hor
about'its weight and her'care. Fveu
it could help them so much, ,if only
they \ve-ro allowed to sell it.
She grot a hasty dinner nt peon for
the others, but wa*s too heated andftired
lo eat herself. It' wns not till micl-
afternoo'n.tha.t the last load siivrwcl for
the new house.'"
The truckmeai,%\-ho had evidently had
something .stronger than coffee to drink-
after dinner, unci wore iii a hurry'to by
tliroughv being- .paid by lhe job ;tnd not
the load, piled the-things on recklessly
high. When,, Frances ventured tQ'remonstrate,, they we're insolent.
•lack, with the pi'oteetion^of his in;
cipient- manhood, was >ot the Other
house; she could ondy stacd aside and
pretoiid not to 'notice the half-druhken
fellow's 'muttereS ecnierapt for _"wom-
eri's'rtnd'pbc>Vfc5k^bosblng.'   '
The load'wyi p&ci<f4 ot last. ,The.
crowning piece' w'astj&o 'beautiful old
"""'been the pride
nry. •. As the
horses moved "Utrd^rTjtie whip aaid oath,
ancFthe wagoii aavvi'd, pi-akin;g>'too-
eharp turn int-O tlifj^YfAid front its
batflttjfMip pg^fiJou opi^'lU) the front
fftito, the sceJVi-toV^ lMnm?'.\ on It^ mi-
era&hed in piocw* oii tl^Vi.d(wvalk.,"'
' The horses got apoiher cut- for their
awkwardness, and without apology or
comment, the truclcmeii drove hastily
ofi'p ' They were to be paid at the new
'house, ajid they hoped! to get their
money bef ore-news of their carelessness
reached'there.     ' t
To Frances, overwrought as she was
in mind, and body, tlie accident seemed
the last stroke of, fate. She sat. down
among the ruins and cried, with her
apron to her eyes, careless who tnigh t
see -her.
Dick Stedman saw her afar as he
came up the quiet, elm-shaded street,
and arri »-«cl on a run in 1 -',■; tinxicty.
"2\[y deadest girF what, ai-e you doing?" cried he. 'Are you hurt, or1 what,
lias ha.ppe.iicd?"
lie was goijig- pn his knees beside her,
but Fi ances stopped h.hp hy rising with
the dignity of a']I the colonial Dan-
fortlis, embodied jn a very small wotn-
an wearing a faded ealico dress and
large gingham apron.
"Don't be alarmed, Dick," she said,
"and don't do the distracted Eorneo out
°is at Gilpins/'.
•Y-M '
<i ■
arpen^rs" Tools.
Shelf and Heavy
lidwarare, Paints_5
Oils and Glass,
, . , -to
vTSyw-Tiiiiiiiiltliliijr smtJ fl'im'ilnff.
' li you are looking for anytjung in the bargain line just give' us
■• call for vyo'have h:irga;tj,s in evecythin*'under the sun.  .
Ths first place to get on' at i.j our dry   goods derailment.    We
Ji.ivo a lincly assorted atocik of the best that, money can buy, and to
make ioom for our fall stock are   giving   big  inducements   to  buy   <Vi
Come Mid price'our goods and you will tell your   friends that GIL- !\1
FIN has the hist and cheapest goods   in   East,   Kootenay.    Talk  jri H
cheap but our goods   are   cheaper,   so   when    we eay bargains   we ^'\
mean "bargains; bargains, bargains every time.  , ' fi
Then conie« shirts, underwear, ties,   collars,   ho?e,   hoots and  '(i
shoes Otrictly up to date) window   bliuds,   curtains,   carpets,  linol- f\
% etiins, oil cloths, mats, rugs,   furniture (in  Ihese   lines   \ye  exctll) ^
K\  men's and hoys'clothing, never a misfit, hiijg    n«.p5-^r^si{Ij..v^L.}       %
t/.   \vare, hardware of all kind?. ' |
Jiarpins, yes, hargn'ms; .vail I g»!G;-s bargains. Bargains in
groceries because they are strictly first clarfs, tinti prices down to
the lowest notch. If you are"looking for good cheap eatables come
and s=ee us and,you will never rogret it. We have the lurgost and
host assorted stock in Moyie and'can therefore sell, tlie cheapest,
Don't forget that, wo curry the best line of stoves in Canada bar ^
r<  none and they are all'bargains. t ■"    , ,      '   '       , ^
:   " ' *$
kltlsk Colurrfbia
inlaid secretary fytti lU'^
of ,Miss  Debora'hts: ji.SV;
The best  of  accommodations
for tlie t raveling public.
I Is I
McMaJrion Bros.,r Props.
Repaired and Made to Order.
j.oa^, and SAvixay company.
The ohjpcls'-of, the .company    -
aro;    To  aflbrd  a- cafe   ra'nd
profitable means for the   sav-   -
ing of str.nl).Hums by   regular        -
instalments, as well as for the
investinenfof email amounts
of capital at a produ'ctjve rate ,
of interest.   To.,assist  mem- ^
bers in building,  purchasing,    ,
or improving Homes and clearing  off   existing
ances.   <
srcCEssons to
P. r. SMYTH,     Agent, Moyie.
1YL Mclnnes & Co.
Fresh and Cured M^ajs, Fresh
Fish, Game a pel Poultry. " YV0
'supply only Uio.ljcst, Your
trade solicited. •  '
At   all   .the   Principal
Cities   and  Towns   in
^British Columbia.
-rV>- &> i3iaXa,*/. &, «0<»
X&'Lp. M'^cBApHIlBNT & MAODOKALpfi'.
r*Mfr'*^-~"r]iiffii itittfirti"!
House     piuiity'r.
glazier    and    pa]>erlianger.
All   work  on   perfect   surface gu run Iced'.    Prices   ne,
cording     to    quality    and
stock rea uired
S Z^!X?tt?!jnm!®'» IWWWMWLWT ■ TAttOE
OddTfllloiVH flordiaily fairi&ii,
F. J. 5IOORE,"
i^oble Grand.
A. D. Prjjmw.okd,,
Fine   Suitings,'   Overcoating
Trousern,   Imported    Goocjs.
B. 0
Moyie, B. O.
.Funeral Director
Moyie   Miners'" ITnion.
NO.7 1..
o   I « i
Meqts in AIcGregor hall every Tuesday
evening. Scijourning members arc
cordially invited to attend..
Joiiif McDonai.0,' )'.T. Smyth,
Prot-ident. Kecretarv.
18 fc   '
work gallointly to r,iip|xirt himself and    accident, audi i.s a noble wreck in ruin
ii?, and for «itime had prospered. But
having no profession and being without
much' business faculty, Afr. Danforth
had failed to attain more than a very
moderate salary in an office, while.-Ins
wife had early settled dow~n as a mild,
-hronic invalid, whose constant worrv
ever the way lier doctors'   bills    and
^ther needs -ate into the family income
i1 id not improve her chances of recovery.
"When nt Icrjgth Miss Deborah, died, it
\\ as foil p.d that, whe had left all her valuable antique furniture- to her nephew,
:< the la.'-t of thc Dan forth s, coupled
•\itli thc provision that he should forfeit it.jf he ever attempted to sell a
.'■ingle piece, and. had bequeathed  lier
here; for old MUs Wichitb has bec-n
v.atching througli 'her blinds al] day
to see our, thing's a.s they go, anil she's
Iprobaibily looking' at yoti now. J'ni
njot'hurt in the least, but my Grand-
nnrit Deborah's writing-desk has had :m
The most complete  health resort on ! ''tMT wnMdcrable fortune fo a distant
and already well-to-do cousin, Zehedec
the continent, of North Amorica. Situated midst Scenery unrivalled for
iir:in(luer. THE HALCYON HOT
SPRINGS Sanitarium, Halcyon Hot
springs, Arrow Lake, E. C. Resident
physician and nurse, Boating fishing
and excursions. Telegraphic communication with all parts of the
World. Two mails arrive and depart
daily. Terms, $15 to $18 per week
nccoiding to lesidence .in hotel 01
villas. Its baths,curt all nervous aud
muscular diseases. Its vyaters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach troubles.
The baths and waters are an invalu-
hie remedy for silver and lead poison-
injs'..   '.. I .-.'■'..■'        '■ *
Smith by name.
Mr. Danforth had philosophically ac-
-epLed the situation and thc furniture,
oiling oil' the commoner things he aire:.dy had to w.'tilc some bills of long-
landing with the proceeds, and crowding his small rooms with thc richest, of
ear\ecl oak and mahogany, most of
which was presently si ill further decorated by the jnc;kknives and bootheels
of his irro.prcssiblc. boys.
Mr.   Smith  had   likewise   nse^l    his
legacy to the best. adva,ntage, and made
considerable merit of soon after accexm-
nipda.ting his. Danforth. cousins with''a,
i loan on. their liom-estead.     !;
Tlie. next day was one of storm and
stress to Frances, on whom the weight
o|f the. household burdens always fell".
'Mr. Danforth, of course, had to go to
tbe oilice, and M^s.'Danforth. retired .to
ous perfection. Behold it!'' with a
tn.gic gesture down at-theruins. "Who
could deny a tear to such litcraJJy fallen
Very little could 1>» done for it, evidently. Thc bea-.y fall on the stones
-had f:nr]\ split it, in pieces, ftfj sj>iudle
legs had .sustained several compound
fractures; one side, was in wplintcrs,
the shattered drapers had fallen out,
and bits of r!'-:lrate inlaying lay all
about the pa.', r.-ment.
Dielr went, on piling the pieces
methodically at one side; (hen nio\iug
tiie main part, picked up some papers
and ro:.-e to gh o themto l-'ra-nccs.
'"Your letters will be blowing all
alyont the. street if you don't -talcc ewe,"
he said.
"Letters? There were none in the
de.k. No one has used it since; my
gra.nd-aunt did. These ,must be .some
of hers, crowded out of a drawer and
in belliud thc fiiime somehow. It can't
be any harm 10 ."-co what they |arc,
though, I-suppose."
She unfolded them as she spoke.
There was an urrimportmii, receipted
bill or two, a tajc assessment of the year
Miss Deborah died, then a, crackling',
l'sgaJ-looking she^T. of parehtnctit,
"I, Deborah DarifoHh, dp in ale c aiid
publish;, this;. in| ■ UXl wjll ahcl. tcstfi-
inen,t," read France*;, .''ijlck, it intis?!, be
—it 'can't be—it is' ainb'ther, will, of hers,
and in my father's fayjOrl ' 'And it is
dated itfter ,the one that tllsifiherited
him!"   .■■■•     ■'• .::.''■
Tho Danfort'lis moved onco more before that spring had deepened, into'sum-
Gr.uiu He of Champion College of the
United States. Uiiholsteririg aud gen
eral furniture repairing. Office and
store, Aiken's block, near Canadian
Bank of Commerce. Telegraph and
meil orders promptly attended to,
•aJ*     \-/*
.,.; „r»ctg*5
US \$
Moyie Board of Trade
Elects on the first Wcdneedav
l 1 •■
evening of each  mouth al
*S o'clock flli'arp..
J. P. FAUKBLL/Prcfi".
A. P. Macdonald, ■ Lkwis Thomson',
Vice-Pres. Sec'v.
IS'o. 4.0G5.
Meets on the hist Thurs
day of each mo nf h. V
iling brcthoru invited
to attend.
a t. >rcortEc;ou,"K. s.
Lager beeryold   by tlie   k'eg or  d«.zcfi
Bottled Beer
in Stock;. . .
Ouiiside Orderu Given Blriel Aticnttua
S*3  ftK<
F. I.'MJOUH, C. k.
#      I   IB.
All Kail, Lakes, Soo line
Via. St. Paul and Chicago
Through Sleeping Oar
Kootenay Landing to
Toronto. One change to
Atiply j'u.r Itnles, Miijis, Time Card?, 'J'tcJ.'cU, aud
"nil Information to Nearciit Local   '
.'■Agent,       '•:;• ■ ..-■,..
G. Hiliier, Agent, Moyie. I
j. s; CARTER, K. J. COYLE,'
.'.y-Disi, Pnss. AgC.    ■ Ass'tGcn. Pass. ARt.
' NelbOJ-i, ' Vnncover.
Tlie Iieatiiiig Ka((ie§
and Mens Furnishers.
Clothing, Boots  aiid Shoos,
A Full Stock of Miners Supplies
Always on Hand.
Call^and   Inspect Our   Goods.
Prices Givei*.
and   Orders
Taen on
in the Frinting
Line at the
BAGQAOK,        KXPR15RS      A.N  )      (iL'NKKA1
v Xiitlcc,
.' This is lo'certiiy that AYm.Pidl.-i3
and the undersigned-, have ;h%-solved
partnership and the undersigned li"3
authority to collect all accountH due.
the firm of Kennedy A Dallas'anil will
pay nil bills against the same
4-12. THOS.^S. ICENNKl'Y


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