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The Moyie Leader Sep 29, 1900

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-/ -'- z7 ,,,:^
^'\r-   ■*       **" '
£.\*S\,S    \
§r&} NO. 24. ^
MOYIE, B. p6? SEPTEMBER '}% 1900.
■S3 A. YEAR-
[underwear ? .Blankets,
Mackinaw Coats,.
.Examine,our atock men's underwear.
"       "'     "        " , oil *coata
,. "   o   "       ". ■ ", top shirts
'    ■     (X °-   "       t'         " fall suits
i r        * * '
.Bee our largo, assortment of blankets
" " '     M     \, >' lad.ips'underwear
'    .«  , «      , f,,         "      "■ ,     wrappers
" "       '<         ■-/'     ['    dress goods
1    f? '.f ,'    ."    , '   !«          '"of carpets
*■' ' ^ ^   ».      .1,7      -s-"
~1   H qrooekiss, BOOTS ASfD shoes.
t—■— ... ► » «■  ■ .-P -ja
igftP, Q4MPBHL&C0.
' ^? -5?<,--^T'-;C'-,«Slr'?^' >**"•*.• >*.'^!£.'-'St "•P^C- >^.-^.>5^s >*.'^k'^k'.^»:
Paid Up Capital, $6,000,000.
5 001
Organizedfo^ the Town
of Moyie,
Tho   Company   'has   a   Capital Iratlon' of
,   l**     • 6"
§20,000   with   Shares nt q,   IJar
Yaluo of 81 E«ch.
*~   V- *   *
' ■ Feed (Dog) Puldmajs-.
X ■*■ V*/   J-
I Hotel for the   masses.   Everything First
| in every   respect.    Sample |Rooms for
Commercial Men,
British Columbia
?^s?^p^?>? ^^^^^^^s^^?^^-^'^-
y.i»ESAIJI,NIEK,   r?oi). __ ^Jv
Largo   sample   room   in   connection   r f}}
with house for. commercial men,' Best f}\
of accommodations. .;   .. „ n?
- /)V
Headquarters for CommenciaJ grid Mijiing Men. ft\
' ' OS
QUEF.H  AVENUE, <-*' -v — MOYJE,   B. (?.. ^
|c sell suits to menlthal will^wear.
• Eel! boots and shoes for nien  at
r *"ell  hats   and  caps for  men,
1 colors, correct styles.
13 scll  hose   for   boys   mado of
|c!l fingering wool.    .
?° sell boota and ehoes for boys and
! "ncqimllcd for price   in the  city.
^".cil K-nee pants  for boys  that
''J wool.
ie sell move goods than any  two
We sell ready made skirts for   ladies'
made from Now York styles.
Wo soli hosiery for Jadies with
spliced heels and toos.
Wo sell hosiery fo girls in  all Biy.es.
Wo sell tho best under vest for
ladies ever oflered for thc price.
Wo sell fjamielcttes, prints, art
muslins, art sateens, -Val laoee, ginghams, tablo liuon.
"Wo pay cash for goods and buy
them cheaper than others.
At last a company has been organized for the purposo of puttjng in a
vyater system for the town > of n Moyie.
A meeting was held, in McMahons
Bros.' fjtqre building l?Tst Saturday
.evening and a permanent organization
was effected, with the following as a
list oi'diroctors, J. A.'Harvey, president :.J, P.Fiirrell, vice-president; A.
P, Mcdonald, secretary; Y', Desaulnier,
■trpasuror; J?. J. McMahon, W, L. Ile.id,
Andrew Johnston.
Immediate steps will be taken to have
the company incorporated and have
tho stock placed on the market, so
that moriey for doing this work will be-
raised in as short a time as possible.
The company will have a capitalisation
of $25,000, and shares will be placed on
the market for a period of 10 ' days at
50 cents each. After the expiration of
JO days the directors can use their
best judgement as to the price the remaining shares to.be sold can bo disposed of, -The par value of the shares
will bo $1.00. As much work' as possible will be done this ,fall before the
ground becomes frozen. It is the intention of the company to at least have
the dam built and have the main laid
to Victoria street by that time. Mr.
Harvey had charge of organizing tbe
company, and will act, as solicitor for
the same. '.' '        ' :
We Shall Try to Be There.
The following unique invitation has
been received at this' office from tha
Press Club of the Spokane Industrial
Exposition :
' "Ye Editor: We want you at the
fourth annual doings of the Spokane
Press Club Oct. 6.' The exposition
management wants you to see its prize
pumpkins j we want you tc forget
your troubles aud help us celebrate
Press Day; the combination will be an
easy one. Leave your paper in charge
of the office devil; change your shirt
and join us. We will give you a trolley
ride in the morning, and a visit to the
exposition in0 the afternoon. In the
early evening a big feed will happen.
Later the "High Jinks," introducing
all the latest sensations, will occupy
the time until sunrise. If we^overlook
anything we'll go hack for "it. The
police potrol wagon has been covered
and the weathermau has been subsidised: Send your- reply at. once on
atat-tched card."
■ We are, in the same fix, as the editor
of tho Cranbrook Herald, who says he
has "squared" the "devil," and if someone will kindly leave a /-wash'' hanging out over night and chain' up the
dog, he-will be enabled to comply with
the shirt proposition.
A SlnKor of >Totc.
The concert, given in the Odd Fellows' hall last Saturday evening by T.
J. Scott, one of Canada's sweetest
tenor singers, assisted by local talent,
was a success in every way, notwithstanding tho unsettled condition of the
weather. Mr Scott sang songs, told
stories and kept his audience in good
humor all the while. In singing he
was accompanied on the piano by Mrs.
L. M. Mansfield. Mrs. Watkins sang
a couple of solos, accompanied by Dr.
Higgina, and took part iu a duot with
Mr". Scott. There were select readings
by Ilev. Dunn of Moyie and Mr. Fortune of Cranbrook, and Mr. John
Hunter, of the Manhattan hotel,
favored the audience with one of his
favorite Scottish solos.
' TV ill ■ Handle Wood, mul Coal.
Felix Detiauluier has seven mln employed cutting wood, and , intends
putting up at least 1,000 cords this
winter. He will also handle coal d ur-
;ug the winter.
Two good Rochester   lamps-for   sale
afabiirguaiat Mcintosh's-
,   Miss Ida Hawkins was in Cranbrook
Tuesday.   "
Dr. Green wan in Cranbrcck the first-
cf tlie week. " "    -
James Cronin returned from Spokane Tuesday. '   •      •
' E. F. Blewott, president of the Nel-.
son  Miner's   Union,-  was   in   ,Moyie
several days tliis week.
NYA. Mackenzie; bi the Manhattan,
was* in Cranbrook'yesterday.
If or a good cigar and a quite place,
to snT-oke it, go to Mcintosh'o, -'
W. T. Reid, the Cranbrook 'raer-
chant, was in Moyie yesterday.   - -
■ Wbo.n in Cranbrook call and inspect Pcid & Oo'sYmillinery rooms.
,W. II. Bullock-Webster 'oi Kelson,
chief of Provincial police, ip- in town.
' 'Mcintosh is the Moyie agent for
Auer gasolene lamps, - Call' and see
The wife and familly of H. MT. Bren-
ton arrived here last Sunday from
Spring Hill, IL S.        ',-,.,
W. J. Watfcins has secured three
teams and will begin hauling ore from,
the Society Girl next week, , •   ;,
\V. T. Jameson's father and'' mother'
arrived here last Thursday from   Wal-
halla, North Dakota.; ,
When you decide to preserve fruits
give me a call. Prices are the best on
peaches, pears, plums and eto.
,    ,'     '    -      J. I. McIntosh.
F.'C. Rankin, one of Cranbrook's
most popularres.i'dsntS; was in Moyie
this week, He-may decide to remain
John Fink and Chas. Thics, of the
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., spent most
of the week in Movie looking over its
resources. , i
According to alb reports the Aurora
mine on the \vest side of ihe lake is
ssteadly looking better as development
T. E. Mahaffey of Cascade uOity  has '
rented the lower floor-of J.-P. Farrell's
new block and will .occupy it as a store
when completed.
Edward Desaulnier, A. Stephensen
and P. Lutuer, the three mencwho were
hurt within short intervals some time
ago, are getting along nicely.    ,    ,
W. L. Reid and his sister rec cived
the sad news this week of the death of
their father, Janves Reid, in Ottav/a,
who passed away last Wednesday. He
was nearly 60 years of age.
J. E. Angers returned to Moyie , this
week after an absence of two years.
Mr. Angers was then'a member of the
Northwest Mounted police and was
stationed at this place.
President T. C. Sh-aughnessy, of the
C. P. R., and party went west early
yesterday, morning on a special train.
ThCopresident is on taour of inspection of the western division of the road.
MacEachern &  Maodonuld  are   excavating   their lot   south   of   G.    H.
Miner's store preparatory to  building
a lire proof   collar.'   Grant &   Sheady
have the contract of doing the work.
Look up Mcintosh's ad in another
Chas. Dillin, a miner, returned to
Moyie Wednesday morning fro m Trout
Lake City, in the Xardeau country.
Mr. Dillin stopped over in Nelson and
while there visited W. , R. Hocking at
the jail, Hocking, he says, looked
well and seemed to be in the best of
spirits. lie expects his trial to come
oil" sometime between now and the 10th
of October:	
New Tram for fjt. Eugoijo.
A now tool tram is being built by
B. C. Riblet of Nelson for tho St. Eugene mine. It will bo a single rope
aerial tram and will extend from thc
blacksmith shop at the Lake Shore
mine to the No. -1 tuuncl of the same
property. A single bucket will be at-
tatched, which will be used for delivering to'the various workings- along the,
line. The tram be will operated by;
compressed air. The, new-system! will
do away with two blacksniitkshops,
and in'timedt is likely the tram will
be be extended to the higher workings
of tho mine.
It Is a Credit and an
Ornament to Moyie,
Tljo AffJtatloii   Started   Over ,X-,vo   Years
Ago and was Taken,Up In th;n
' Ooisiuion'lloa^o,
Passenger? coming and going from
Moyie no longer havo to jump off in
the ditch or stand out in the wet or
cold while waiting for a' train. The
new station is finished', aside from,
being painted and plastered,'' and is
already being " occupied by Agent
Mansfield and his staff. • It ia a large
and commodious structure "nnd is in
every way a credit to a thriving town
like Movie. 'Tlie platform in front is
•180 feet in length and affords a'mple
room for the crowds which now gather
there at train time,
The agitation for a station at Moyie
was commenced over two- years ' ago.
At that time ■ the railway company
asked for a half interest in the town-
site. Thjs being refused they started
an opposition''tbwnsjte tit the foot, of
the'lake, a distance of over two miles
from Moyie, and called it Moyelle.
The fight was kept up for nearly a
year and a half and the matter was
even taken up in the Dominion' house
of parliament at Ottawa. c But; as can
now be seen; the C. P. B.' for once at
least' was baffled and the people were
ckanbFoOOh:  items.
Geo.  iiatley in liusincsg.
According to the following item
which recently appeared in the, Spo-
kesmam-Review, Geo. Batley, formerly
of this place is noiv in' business in
Spokane.:    ...",.'
"Geo. Batley has purchased an jja-'
terest with F. B. Wright in, the wall-
paper'and paint ,b,iisiness at SOS Riverside avenue. Mr. Batley was formerly
'postmaster at Gem, Idaho. He will
look after the picture-framing department."' 	
McMahon Bro3. gave a dance at
{heir popular hotel list evening whicn
was simply a cracker jack. They
furnished^ good mnsic, an excellent
supper and spared no pains for the enjoyment of their guests.
Cranbrook Herald:
A new rule is being strictly enforced
by the C. P. E. that baggage in excess
of 250 pounds will not' be checked as
The court of revision will be in ses- ,
sion' at Fort Steele Monday, Nov.  5th,
when all objoctiqris to names of voters ,
on the poll list will be considered.
G. R. Leask departs this week to take
in the Spokane exposition, and visit
with' friends and relatives thero. Mrs.'
Leask has been there for several weeks.
Tenders are still being called for by
Rev. Holford fcr the construction of
the new Baptist church in Cranbrook.
Contractors may govern themselvea
Distinguished Vi&itor* Hero.
A distinguished party of business
men ancj mining investors 'was hero
most of the'week. Amongst the party
were J. C. Hodgson,,' Goo,, Sumner, "bribe firm of Hogson & Sunnier of Mon-
treaul; R. K. HGpe, registrar of Hamilton, Geo. Gcoderham,and brother C.
H. Gooderhrm/T. G. Blackatock and
J. C.'-Drewry—all interested in the St.
Eugene mine. They were accompanied by E. 3. Kirby, general manager
of the Center Star.mine, and Wayne'
Darlington, a mining expert' roi high;
repute. ^
"Doe:1 I'ullmau Soils oue.'    .'
"Doc" Pullman today', disposed of
his interest in the Manhattan hotel to
hia partuer, N. A. MacKenzie. After,
taking a short.vacation and a trip, to
the Spokane Exposition, he will accept
a position in the Royal hotel at Ferine,
Mr. MacKenzie will hereafter, conduct,
the business ol t,hb hotel alone. -The
dining room and rooms have beed
leased to Mr. and Mrs. E. L. CardinaL
The tenders for Moyie's new school,
have been recalled, presumable for the
purpose of making alternations.
,   Metal Quotations-'
, ii,
New York, Sept. 27.—Bar silver;
G3£ cents. Lead, price for miners,
and smelters, $-1.00 at th'e'.closo. Copper, brokers'iprice, lj»16.S7.
itmrntoki mi  mint
ik^iumiva maat ■j-tj
JOHN   lJAItBJSK,   D.   D.   S.,   I..    O.   S,,
Offico and Residence    CRANBROOK:,
t i
.Between Moyie and Moyelle.
Government1 Agent Armstrong is
calling for tenders for. the ' building ..'of
u  vanbn   road   he I ween   Moyie   and
Mo voile. ■•■■'
Is a pure baKing powder
No acid but that from grapes
^—which is pure, pleasant and
healthful—enters . into Dr* Price's
Baking Powder*
Fruit acids are accounted by
hygienists the most important of
the elements of the food of man.
and of these the acid of the grape
is most prominent*
Dr* Prices. Cream Baking
Powder is not only the most efficient', and perfect of leavening
agents, but owing to its constituents is likewise promotive of health*
Note.—There are many cheap baking powders
made of' alum., Licbicr, the celebraU-a
chemist,: savs that aliini disorders the.
i ■•   i
I ...
,   i
i       f '
: *'* "'
~. »•
( " !
■ h
t   ".\,
!     '-   ,    -,
, " ' *>'
.    1
l          '*       '
, -Si
iW?WB6ftl :*TY
••■ xXXmfX^X '•,:. ■
:YY^i;)fl£yYY/Y.: ,
;,-., *•■,,'   ' '•">.-tl^,;w- •■■   ,",.' ,, -■'
;'t'''.ti:'Wti>X''^Vi   !:':'•   :
■iD:;-i-.Hc,E«-|^K:f;t;;'.j:»ifir/ •!;,.■■■■','
feSff 0t$ jPM/Y; / "'■
1 '■«?:; :-..-i:, s^t^lWito-..*----' v.';::/ -
It®' If 1-lfflS' $$& Y: - ■'
Ili:!:li|il8 ttpflfe
i |-.:g rtjsfel^lgf f 1; y Y/;
''.''lilvKlivffi;.®ftSfej ^i/if/, *..'-.
:,>..,«;X:ji;:#Sl^MrK4^K--:r ", „
■ 'J-. ■-'£(:-•'   ,.-'- /SJ-«5,-|.|. ^...I--,.:    :^.:      ,:
,' ^jyresati8««<giwwMimB^^
> l-^l^«jtW«ft«;»T«»^».~»«g»ai,7ift.t;-
^-nr^^r^^xgt^ai^s^matnsm mraiaBBgsaagp
y ii ml
-Published in', tlie intercut of the people
■ of Moyie and East ICootdnay.
fCE:   Lant 'cf Couin-.cicc KMsr,
X- j.; sjtrrK & cb>j
,,c'a its ,,df ,»;'u iisc '• i it;o:j
thoce thould got tho business. .They
do net lia'nulo betlei- goods, nor do
thoy ofter better bargains when everything; ia taken into consideration.
They make no redress whatever if
goods aro not what have been ordered
and in thecaso o: miscarriage in de-
rnW,B,l*PH-'livery thnt   do   not   hold   themselves,
responsible.' The goods have aii to bo I Harvey   &   McCarter,
I * I '
J.  R, COSTIGhAN, Q. 0.| McVittie & Hutchison
Una -Year.;
:: SATUE^MysiiirT. 29,1900.
fS:;-:v-^.v ■«#|;i!fe'f tp. >'*P •'-:-•
li:/;;/':.:^ffeYIIlfflY^frsi /;
l^iS'iS^NNtWFWft'^ "
- Yy'Eveiy: aierchaht in, Moyie favored
/!,lbe./early Yeldfim^ Not-
■ywithstanding tln'sythey failed to agree'
!: and!their;contract to'oloce .early has
ordered from catalogues and price
lists and arc' often, mado to appear
xery superior to what they really are.
The moral o: all this is that western
consumerG should keep their trade at
home. The remedy ret>t3 with them,
—"Winnipeg Commercial.
llnrvey, McCnrtor & Alexander!    "
Barristers & Solicitors,
Fire and Life assurance. Min-
• Brokers, Land Survey ers and
Conveyance;-.-, and Notaries
I,onvo 6i-a«.ib ut. JCcidei"   Oijlce, MOi'lK
jt. Powder Jlllll Explosion
„ Removes everything in sight: so do
drastic mineral pills, but'' both arc
mighty dangerous.    Ko need to dyna
Notary Public, Accountant, Gomjiissiox -ASD
Issurxxcv Agent.
Moyie, B,  0.
City   Shaving   Parlor,
WK9T I'l' CLINK, rrop.
i^.   W.    J^KITII/XToin-Xctor.
Thia liptel^'^noAv open to  the,public, aud'iu  well  filft
islied throughout.    JSrone but tho best  brands of  win(.«
liquors and'eigare kept in stock.    '  .        ,     -.      -   , '
Moyie, B, C.
- W. P. etTRD.
James Kerrigan & Co.
€KAA>ltOOK,*!iJ,  C.
IM :mMmtimM<m^':- Y.:w;airi'
pYY^:,W^0Xmm<;': -YbkuX
l.*YJY:£ fjifeM*' mwXw
.t-6ybey::pickj3d,;:;b and
,v!p)aced,:ih the bundle of hairs- of corres
ponding leri|?i,]i;  w ^   v .  '    ■    ,
Ai.hoaeti\ciit -ivort CoaUactr, 'jCukcn,
Partieo wishing to have assessment
work done on claims'in tho vicinity of
Moyie, will do well to consult or write
the undersigned for terms. -' Work j
left in my care will be promptly at-
ended to, and satisfaction -will be
guraateed.     ■'   "? ■    S. A. SCOTT.
B. C.
X Tlie ■'■'nest '.-•thing in  order tc  agitate
jforis a Sunday mail service over  the
yyCrow's:;Ne5t"road.   With  a   mail   ear
■WiPPpli^Sli^1^ oa tliere is  no  reason
PlMiil^llililpI^kv^!*y!'.wliyi'ith'e''towns along this' line shoulcf
^^w'fef'Jiifei^^ -",..,-v ,:.'-, ■ ,
ftilitfc^ m>'en d&yeervice'      ?
KSjgM^&M^^^^ ,     -.-     —-     ,	
ffl^#py|:fe0|||f#|iflyY'::'Y'Y-Tlie::cabinet'at Ottawa- has .decided  bargains.   Before investing see
Lots for-Sale.   Rioney to ICoan.
LotaJfor gale in all" parts of town.
Money to loan. Agent for Karn and
Williams pianos.   Have other .special
■ 0. ■ P. HIGGINS. -.
Physician, and' Burgeon
MOYIE,.    .        '   British Coiumbia.
— ■■■ ■ — i     i  ■,■■,.— ■.  ———...-..A.
Wholesale grocers
,AND ,    ,
General Ag-ents,
Homo end   Foreign   Bonded   Warehouses.
'    I
' .    '■       JOHNSTON  BllOS. .     '■ '"\
This Hotel is New and well Furnished.  The '
-jthisyear^^anYearlier date has been
;"^elected,yin response^to requests tha,t
!this should be done.       ■'
MjXp' (M§X''W W
&jiW!,H- .'.I  ."'■ .■- ''Sum
:Y! !:yy!.With aYgood wagon road between
i:yyY.|^y,iefiand;<!MQyelle the rich farming
YY^racts ofland-alouff 'the Moyie river
yyycanbe:more ■easily reached; Ahead}-
flYY-^-tliis'.stripy!of;cpuntry is becoming pros-
!f-L:S^5ror4syY.^hQ!;'spil is rich', ihe growth
yyyYpf^egetatiOnist^exceilent, and Moyie
yxs^fEordsia r^adyoiiarket for everything-
Box 17.
D. J. Elmer.
|||jJl|y'!Y^ editors   aro   very
illllfS^ stamp collectors  "to
bd very careful  about purchasing   the
Mafeking siege iseue, for tho market ia
:g^K|?fp:!"I III!■Ji^Y:*t ^y^dodedwitb counterfeits.'!    The advice
l^irSJpl^^;^.'']|iL^fef&'^Y--"^-'^''^/^^fl"^.®P®ssa.-ry.y:.   What's  the   odds   if
H^^^py^j^yl^^l.rth^;gj^^/y^.yyvl-iAtie:y ^y?3 ^QOiziiterieits, so long, as   they
^^||y?yYfY!||i? ;:-.iS|^M^^fYpiv;..:..Y-y:,.^-; ^atisfy^^'ttie.:-■ craviiigs -of _the'  stamp
^^^|iY§E^| y;,:S||!|;|^fY^ Ledge.
"i*'W'-f)-v-;^ ■■'-Jwfejifttf^jfc'f
::^-.A   ..1,.;,.,..^ -,,vKi.lflHii|..Iili
mX:M   ^Mm:i&:
4Y YitiMWsY, ■,-
■: mMi\aitU!}XBmmgi!rxjmm*mnxF^jM-i
My gram'pa isz.funny man,    '
He's Scorch-a.'. lie can be, "
I tries to teach ha'fi s.5.11 can,
• Eut he can'.t Viik lilts :ne,    ,
I've' told him foi-ty'fousand times
But tain't a bkofv.se,
,   - He always saya p. man's a "mon"
-    An' calls a houae"a "noose."
-He plays with me most ev'ry day,
. And rides me on'his knee;
He took me to a picnic oncd
And dressed up just like me.
He saya I am a "bonnie bairn,"
' Asvl kisses me, and when < '
1 aska him why can't he talk right,
He says:   "I dlnna ken.'5
, , But me.an'him has lots of fun,.
He's such ,a funny man,     ■■  '
I dancofor him and brush HlQ hair, "' .
And loves hirn' all I can.
1 calls hirr. Anjrew (that's riis name.),
And lie says I can't talk,
And tbMi'hp puts myjjlaldlo on
,   __ And takes me for a walk.
, i telia liim i'orty 'fousand times
^But tain't a bit of use.
He always says a man's a' "mon"
An' calls a house a "noose."
-Charlea D. Stewart, In Chicago Interior
Apply to
Whiskey^ Winesj Beer,
Cigars, Produce, Fruit,
Etc.,   Etc.,   Etc.,     Etc.
the Best Brands of Liquors and Cigar?, '*
$ aioivj;,      .   _ -      ■ _. J.<     ,    w        liumsn coj.rnmA |'
B, C.
Just received a fine Assortment of Mcridcn Britannia
Gents'    Furnishings
Boots3 Shoes? Hats, Gloves, Etc
Victoria Ave., ,Movu-;, B. 0
:   :i'Wliatare the effects' on   the   man
'    'piitside tile! union ivqeh he hears union
yyrnen, maligned and   abused   by   their
Y,! fellow-craftsmen on the  streets   or  in
'ihe'.barroom?  'Aresuch actions calcu-
latedtoinspire the non-unionist   v/ith
Y high ideals of;:the  fraternal   spirit  of
trades-union?; ?Think   it   over,    and
XJhen nezt theyiiiajority of the  unions
yydoes not seethings your way,   control
yYyour.'tongue;'  and   'remember     that
y: though "to erryia human,"   affairs are
S«iao c* the' m-asioas fs-osa Which ,'Jfhcy
Young horses eo-n be, led up to a sack
lying on thc g-rovmd and induced to pass
it by letting- them emeil it and find out
that it really is a sack, and not the Protean thing, whatever it may be, which
illusion conjures up Ior them. ,Once
the writer b&w a. very quick and pretty
instance of espcriment by touch made
by a frightened pony. It waa .being
driven as leader in a pony tandem, and
a topped short in front of where the
rails of a steam tramway crossed the
road. It first smelled thc near ra il, andl
then quickly gave it two taps with its
Barber Shop.
c      i
Opposite   CosmopoiitGn
W. I.. I-'rtTHY rrop
of all
righted! by'wise councel -and   not' bar   hoof-   After'thia it was satisfied, and
crossed tie I Los,   On Uie other hand, a
room, sessions.—Typographical   Jour,
,:;As'is ushal about this   time  of   the
year, the west is being flooded just now
-witli the catalogues  and  otJicr  litcra-   ..„, „_„„ M„lvo auLG w .^ na or U1G
4ure, of- eastern "dejiartmcnta]   stores. ! illusion that there sits up In the top of
The retaii.trades.of the west  have   al-   'l1'  A-^nrn"" "" ,— J"!""    '
ways had; a  grievance  against these
stores for stepping into thc Held in this
donkey', always tried to jump the shadows of treo trunks on the road, though
a similar experiment of touch would
have shown that tht^se wero as unreal
as the tram rail was substantial. Lastly, no horse which Yuui once knocloed.
lte head against, the top of a stable door-
way Beems quite able to gcrt rid of the
Orders Solicited.
Soda-Water  and Syphens.
1   High grade movements  in
gold,   gold filled  or silver
-'. ' cases!"
.    W, F." TATE.
Official Watch Repairer..for ,C. P. 1?
Cranbrook, ii. C.
Wl, MILLS, Proprietor,.
Miners   headquarters,'    Good   accommoilationd  for  travelers.
" ■   liquors and cigars kept in stock.
Lake Shore Addition
You  will find a full etock of-
n w B 3 B a\ R 3    B    K a
vV»:^,.: '•?{.
I -i
W;ay at the/season  of  the year  when
there is a,little esfra money   in  circulation and the people have  none cash
with which  to.-make^ purchases,- and
they are quite  justified  in  feeling   as
thoy do about, .it, ' Those  department
Stores.will sell   only   for   cash,-' they
never lift a hand to carry anybody over
.a bad .year, and they,.only solicit, ■bu'si-
. ness zn this country, when   they/ know.
s there v/ili be a little readj' inonej' to be
, snapped    up.     The,   western    retail
merchant is called upon to supply con-
'burners liere with goods at all 'seasons,
■ to, supply thein on credit  -when   there
•is no cash to pay with  and   lo   sometimes carry  accounts  for years when
hard times strike the country, or when
there has been  some individual  case
of misfortune, and to the credit of   the
trade it may "be, said .that   they   never
shrink from doing all that  their  capital will allow of   this   sort   of   tilings,
and sometimes a great deal   more/  ia
spite of possible disastrous results   to
themselves.  'It'; does seem, therefore,
too ■ bad .that'/when   there   is   some
cash trade going, these eastern sharks
should slip in and take  it  away   from
local  traders.    And  moro ,so. because
^tJserc is n0 good reai0" whgtevcr   why
ail doorways an invisible something
which will hit him again next timo he
goes through. Howes the troublesome,
and eometimes incurable, habit of
horses "jibbing" when taken."out of thc
. Thia is an obvious Instance of thodis-
advankige at which meat animals stand
iii regard to means of 'physical expcrl-
mentti. The horeo, for instance, needs
only feel the lfaatel to find out that it is
S^:ed ami docs'»<>t. move, and is not alive
and waiting to idt him. But except his
lips, which are sensitive, he ■ has no
niembor with which he can make tbie
experiment. Except- tho elephant and
tne monkey, most of the "higher" animals suiSer fronrt. this lack of the means
of .experiment.'/. The wonder is, not that
■they'suffer.'from iriu&ksjia, but that they
make so few niistekes.'-^Spectator,''
B. U
JuGt  received  a  carload of
■A %J v
A-'Cull Solicited,
Moyie, B. 0.
WSlLIB**. »*! J U.'«S^t
Furnishings,   Stoves,   Hardware,
Oiothing, and Groceries,
A An
j&.   j±
UMiKHtftw Ot
i -cjeMWWuaraa jen'j-j.ii;
Repaired and Made to Oritur.
R/.A. SMITH,      Moyie.
.   €KI/rAE§
Patent  medicines,  toilet   ' '
articles, office  p.taiioncry
and school   supplies. . . .
Li-.-VDiNG Lhirakv : If you want a book
ja.sk for it and it will be procured fur
| you without delay.
Clicmfsti, rmtl liruijginl,,
Agent for  the  Hamilton  J?owdcr  Company,  and  Shcrrin  Williams' p.ii»ti
mPv" W~?y. v->r-'j.v
Cabinet Cigar
,       J.I. McINTOSH,-I'ltor.    '
tiuiiiiN'fS Avi-:.\-!.'K.   ,, '     MOYIE, 13. C.
v-  'V'
■The'ohiy.''house:, in.  East    Ko'otnay
heated-th-roughout with liotair. '
~ I "       :-■■■'.
Fij-sL'elase.in   every -respcet."'' Special
rates to boardery.    Good Sample" room
•for. commercial men.
European plan.  .■,Open.'day and nighi
•h.MAl.t I'rup.
MOYIE- B. 03
, Are Now Open and Ready I'or
Business With a Full Line '.:.'"
,   Staple and Fancy
^Cl>tfT*2*pr-T^-p ir' Pa*cv.^
'ntSdMBSuCU TTl 1B| fTrmtfjWjf
Vow arc Invitud to l'n?pect iSti"1, '"
':y      ■.-'"■    ,':lMELBON.
v-c-/ t-:v
1    I
3fI^^i; Oh
' '.'-
'   I
■ 11
he 5
he j
MOYIE,    B.    0.
It i.ck 13 lu-ats to dec
11 „, Milwaukee rcccutl
it- in -'     i
to decide  a  matinee
to an expert, The Bondsman
nearly   the   Idugpin   unmarked
Ju the,turf today;
t    V   Colt  bns  purchased ' for  91.D00
,• w'-u-i'ld chestnut horse Three Rars,
""u^m-r out of Voltic   The horse will
rI\'0rud to the jumping same.
itzt-r a son of Secretary, .was lhe
"'h.rU'lo gut n record below 2:ir> in
Vr.'i-i this year,     lie, won   the  first
"       c the'first race at Santa itosa in
Iviii'ii i>'<,nc ir'°,tod ln 2:07M at San,i
Oil A. I'- Spreckels had the *ut-
Kt'ioii of knowing that two inures he
k have records of better- than 2:00.
»tf X l» Hilda. 2:08*.'
Vnrfii'i   Tuttle.   n   Goshen   horseman,
..     lrl,l  «reat  success  in  Austria.," lie
.eld most of the horses which he took"
ay't'l,(.iv Wiih him last winter, besides
biii'iii'S ewvral important races.
i .(iiii--ticiiiii 1ms computed that Amer-
«-.,„ harness horses will this year race
I''. «nkeb and purses representing ail
I;" "..• somi'lhlHC ovor, $2,000,000. $r>rv
|(^i „f which comes from New Wit.
ij,,t    Madison,     by    J»mes     Madison,
o-lTV,  took a record of 2:80 as a 2-yeat-
*i"j i„ 181)3 and never got below that
HD-irk  until   a   few.days  ago   when   bho
Ftarti-'U  at tho  San   .lose   (Cal.)   meeting
'i'i-I'V,. cutthiu tho mark down to 2:13'/,
o i:,V' and 2:17'/j.
"i:i n h-ci-nt work out, Hal  B. 2:f».}i/..:
j.>(. Hond. 2:0$: Fanny Dillard, 2:OSV4;
j/nil.i-, 2:12'/i. uud Sidney Pointer,
I'l'-lPi. Itiirted from the' wire in a bunch.
(At  the   Imlf   mile   pole ■ Sidney   stepped
away from the bunch and, finished in
b.-OM';. h»st quarter'at a 2:01 gait,
" HiiUii'siKii, the bay gelding which np-
ipi-aii'd to hiive a sure thing ' in the M.
laiKl.M. al Detroit and pulled up with a
[cut teiidoti. started in' the 2:2.") trot at
ivv,ii.l-or. Out..''without a public record
{iJiul n'ottcd h(s lirst winning' mile in
f2:l-Oi.'cutting the mark down to 2:13Vi
|m the third heat.   .
Fetek axd Aguk a.jjd Bilious DKRA-van-
ums lire positively cured   by thc use of
[Parmelte's LJille:   They not only cleanse the,
{stomach' and bowels from all bilious matter,
I bat they open the excretory vessels, causing
them to iour copiou-j effusions   from tho
blood into tho bowels, after which the cor-
[rnpttd mass is thrown out by the natural
pasaace of the body.   They are used us a
central   family  medicine, with    the   beat
nnnKcrous.  HlWjacttt.
Old world privilege and restrict ion
reign supreme in Spain, where there is
a law tliat no siibji-.-t shall touch the
person of the king or queen.
■ Alfonso XIII nearly buffered a severe fall from this rule- in his childhood. Au auut of his made hiiu a present cf a swing. When he used it for
the -lirst time, thy motion frightened
him, aud he begiin to cry, whereupon a
lackey lifted him (jiiiotly out of it and
so. no doubt, preserved him from falling.   ' ' ■,
The breach of etiquette, however,
was flagrant and dreadful. The queen
was obliged to puiiish.it hy dismissing
the man from his post. At the same
time she showed her real feelings on
the subject by appointing him immediately to another and better' place in
the royal household.
In another case a. queen of Spain
nearly lost her" life in a dreadful way
owing to tills peculiar rule. She bad
been thrown when out riding, and, her
foot catching in the stirrup, she was
dragged; Her escort' would not risk
interference, and she would have been
dashed to pieces but for the heroic Interposition of a young man who stopped the horse and released her from
lier dangerous position.
As soon as' tlic-y saw she "was safe
her escort turned to arrest the traitor
who had dared to touch the queen's
foot, bill he was not to be seen. Know-
lug well the penalty he had'Incurred,
tie made off at once, fled for his life
ami did not stop until lie had crossed
tlio frontier.
Tiie riiiltlrcn'H   I.um-li.
truncheon :i« a niiildaj meal belongs to
modern time-, .-;s it was unknown until
tLc present con tiny. It now require* an
important pl;u-e, particularly in households where it constitutes the children's,
dinner, and yet even there frequently
meets witli inexcusable neglect iu quantity, quality and c-aie in prepaintiou.
How often, says Table Talk, the information below staiib: "Bridget, I- am going out- and i-hall not bo homo for lunch.
See lUat the chiliheu have theirs." Alas,
poor children!
Mamma' shops, makes social vigils and
enjoys' herself generally, while Hridgel,
sharing her niisti-es^' opinion thai "anything will do for him heon,"serves the hungry children with a sort of hpu-'e picnic,
pie, cake, pieserves, usually the left overs
of the diniiet of the previous evening.
"Kless - their ' hearts, how tbi-y do enjoy
il!" is Hridget's only comment, fur how
can she know anything of the after ef
feels of thi.-s unwise indulgence upon the
poor tiri'd little stomachs and brains?
She has lier work to do, and it suits her
convenience as to time, therefore tlie
luncheon is a movable f,e:ist when madam is out. today at 1 oV-lock, tomorrow
possibly at 2, and so on. It goes without
saying that a mother who permits this
state of affairs is, culpable and wholly
rcqiomiL!,. Vor the injury it results in to
her children.       „    -
i • •       ■ ^   ^ r»
i0U1Hr,c UnuliziiiK thinga by( which we are be-
Hi '
lawn who makes an  "able" Bpccch, he ts the
(uiiRlicst yet.     i
'Tit people btand  and  whisptr:   "Be as^juict ai
vou can. .       ■
■loa mustn't   tntcrnipt ' him.     He's   a   very   able
man."     , •
AnJ the boys gel tired and wripKlc,
And thc plrii all want to fjlgiclc,
' And I lose his chain of logic and go drifting Into
doubt, i
And my head In rhythm .nodding     •
■    With his cadences goes plodding,
i While 1 wonder what thc mischief lie Is hollering
! It really must be a. most depressing mental strain
Vor-a  man to have an  "able" reputation to sustain '
And know he dare not dally with an anecdote or
To keep us all from wishing he would hurry and
get through.
And just when 1 am dozing    '
And in comfort am proposing
To yield  my own opinions to,this wondrous able
Mil monotone he changes
And through wild crebcendos ranges
la i sericii of explosions just to Jar mv Utile nap.
She Itode Free,
. A'woman who had come out of the
west, where she'had been a cow girl on
n ranch, was boarding a, car in this
city recently. , She bad just placed her
foot u{)oi) the step and was preparing
to take another step to the upper platform when, with a furious "Step lively!" the conductor pulled the strap.
The car jerked forward,' and the western woman swayed back for a minute,
. then just.'caught herself iu time to prevent a bud fall upon the cobbles.
■She confronted the conductor with
angry eyes—eyes that had looked undismayed Iuto those of mighty horned
monsters of the prairies.
"What do you mean by starting the
car-before I was'on It?" she asked.
"Cun't-nwait all day for you, lady,"
the "conductor suarled. . "JusYstep inside there.".
•in a moment the western woman,
with a backward golf sweep of the
arm, lunged for the conductor's head.
He dodged.' The blow sent bis hat
splinting back into the track. . The,
woman entered the car and sat down.
She was (lushed, but dignified. While
the other women passengers were rather startled, they all knew just how she
felt. Then the car stopped, while the
conductor went back for his hat The
western woman rode free tliat time.—
0. 0. Richards & Oo.
Dear Sirs,—Your MINARD'S LINIMENT is our remedy for sore throat,
colds"nnd all ordinary ailments.
It never fails to reliovo and , cure
Port Malgravo.
Cray Hnlrot! "Women.
3 There ■ is a gray haired .joke current
among would he wits depicting the horror with which a woman discovers her
tir«-'t i:ray hair and t»he frantic haste with
which she seeks to remedy it. Hut gray
hair is no longer a sign of, age. The,
rush anil nervous t< nsion of .American
life are bringing whiteuingr locks to tlie
comparatively young,, and' the woman
who finds streaks of silver iu her hrown
or golden tresses should set herself at
once.to discover the good and bad points
of the change nnd to dress accoidingiy.
Gray, hair' is not ' only -beautiful in
itself, hut softening to the complexion
and so picturesque that its coming often
transforms a hitherto plain person into
a  distinguished looking individual.     Na-
' lure seems to have provided it especially
for the time when the darkening and less
clear complexion needed something to
lighten and relieve it. This by iis ie-
(looted lights It does in a masterly fashion, darkening by contrast the eyes
which age has paled and softening and
clearing the skin. What prettier sight is
there than a, graciqus elderly woman
with waves of soft, snowy hair above
her brow?
it   Is   nil
.lli.klni: un   .*«<iu-il"ii>"<c-
Editor—And     you  did   wriia
essay all  hy  ymirsi'li?
Literary   Aspirant—Yes,
my ou ii work.
Editor (recognizing t.ho source of
Hi—Well, then, Charles l.utnl), I «>'i
V"S-y much pleased lo moot ^ you. T
thought you died some fifty y<-uir
t,oi»t Hn< Storle*.
The London Globe has been collecting a series of lost hat stories', of which
the following are specimens:
A father and son were standing at
the entrance to Old Chain pier at
r.riehtou when the dear littlo boy
tumbled Into the dancing waves. A
bystander, accoutered as he was;
plunged into the sea and, buffeting the,
waves with lusty sinews, succeeded at
last lu setting the dripping, child at his
father's feet. "Aud what hae ye done
v/i' Jiis hat?", said papa.
A correspondent sent the following
narrative: A- festive bluejacket was
seeu from a ship in Malta harbor dancing on the top of the'parapet wall at
Fort Iticasoli. First his hat blew over,
and then, leaning over lo look for it,
he lost his balance and fell after It—a
sheer drop of 30 feet or more. The
surgeon on duty whs landed with a
pariv to bring off tbe remains for
hlentificaticn. Thoy found them crawling about on hands and knees and Inquired If be was seriously hurt. "Hurt
be bio wed!" was his reply., "Where's
A  New   Discovery.
Tommy—Say, paw!
Mr. Figg—Well?  ,
"What Is au optimist?"
'   "An optimist, my son. Is a crank vrbo
is sur" his turn will come."
Urtmi pi ...I   liy  I- \|> ••fom"-.
Vi'ifi 1      v,-jsh      I   could   get   soinc-
t'niig to keep the rats fr"i>» "Otiiing
'"to the house.
Iliisli.-tnil—Why don't you do your
ov-'u   oooU-itm?
Free and easy, expectoration immedifitoly
relieves and frees tho throat and lungs from
T,8cid ■phlegm', and a medicine that promotes this'i8 tho bod medicine to use for
coughs, colds, inflammation of tho lungs
find nil affections of-Iho'■throat, and'chest,
this ia precisely what Bicklo'a Anti-Oon-
Btimptiyo Syrup is a 'specific for, and whoro-
• fver used it has given unbounded satiafac-
"on- , Children like it because it is pleasant,
adulta like it becauso it relievesand cures
tho disease.
Sot ReHirieted.
"Tint gentleman who is being Introduced to Miss mnks Is a freethinker.
'•Which is be. a bachelor or a widower?"	
About one half of the questions ot
life we solve; the other half solve us.-
Milwiiukee .Journal
A Tip For Married Men.
Mrs. Henpeck—1 have no control over
toy husband nt nil any more.
Mrs. \Vunder— What's wrong?
Mi's. Henpeck—He secured n certified
c°r>y of the census enumerator's rec-
0I'<1, showing that I had given his name
as the head of the famliy.
L* "TOSCANA," KJgffigS&Sffl
In St. Louis' summer resort weather an
inacrut nhlo providence seems to be opposing the crusade for the male shirt waist.
-^t. Louis.Republic. '
lb-ore,j9 only one objection to the "shirt
waist num." In ease ho establishes thc
janluon tlu>re is a type of masculinity
"it will insist on making it an excuse
l°r Wcai-iuR ruffles.
ts tho deadliest and most
painful'malady to which II
mankind is subject. Dodd »
Kidney PHls wil cure, any
case, of ^rlpht', Disease.
They havo never failed in
ono single case. They are
the only remedy that ever
ha. cured it, and they are
tho only remedy that can.
There are Imitation, of
Sodd'. Kidney PiM "•
box and name-but Unita-
tions aro dangerous 1 no
'original and only ■f-nulna
cure for Brighfabfie*"!-
1 Balmoral,
iHontrooS.  Froe Bus. Am.
P. U.IW up.  E. P. *1.00 eav
podd*. Kidney PU1. are
flfty cenU a box at all
Miss Belle Colinnn, of Whit- Rock Mills
X. S.,T<-l!s How Sl><» RigniiM-d   UealtH
and   AiUisfS    Others    to    I-ollow   Her
From  the Acadien, "Wolfvi'lle,  N.  S.
At White Rock Mills, within sound
of the noisy, swish of thc Gaspereau
n,\er, is a pretty little cottage.
In this cottage there dwells with.
her parents Miss Belle. Cohoon, a
vi-rv bright and attractive young lar
dy who takes a livcly'"intcrest in all
the church and society work of the
little village. A shqrt time wigo an
Acadian representative called upon
Miss Cohoon for the purpose of ascertaining her opinion of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills-which remedy ho
bad" been informed she bad been
using. He was very cordially received
and found both Miss Cohoon and.'her
mother most enthusiastic and ardent
friends of this great Canadian reme-
dv which is now so universally used
throughout the world. We give below in essentially her own words
Miss Cohoon's  story:.
."Three years ago this spring my
health was very much run down. I
had not been feeling, well for some,
time, and when spring opened up and
the weather became wartvir my condition became? worse. The least exertion exhausted ,me and .was followed by an awful feeling of weakness', and a rapid palpitation of tho
heart. 1" seemed to lose my ambition
and a feeling of langour'1 and sluggishness' took its place. My appetite
failed me and my sleep at night waa
disturbed and restless. In fact I was
in a very sorry condition'. I suffered
in  this  way  for  some  time.   Then I
The dikes cf Japan cost in the aggregate more money than those of the
The old Indian burying grounds In
the suburbs of Fantlusky, O., are to
be made into e,ity parks. The bones of
the red men who have been hurled
there, some of J.I10111 for nearly half a
century, will be removed to some other
spot. '' '
London is luxuriating in a new
street phrase, "There's 'air." , which
excites mirth whenever and wherever
employed. The newspapers are trying
hard "to find out what it means and
where it was'lirst used, but have been
unsuccessful so far.
The seaport town of Great Var-
. mouth, on the eastern coast of England, contains a'street that is perhaps
the narrowest built up street in the
world, it is known as "Kilty Witches
row." and measurement gives its
greatest width as f>0 inches.
A quaint procedure followed 100
.years ago is still'observed at tlie court
of the manor at Frognal. llampstead.
England. „ An absentee, 1-ember v.-as
recently mulcted in the sin-: of 1 shilling.' iiiid the bailiff-was <> nally ordered to'place him, in the jipc\r\. As'it
happens, however, there orv» «i-   stocks.
THE BEST TILLS-—Mr. YVm. Vnrider-
voort,'Sydney Crossing. Ont., write:-: "N o
have bc-jn usin« Parmoleo's Pillis and hnd
them by far the be.*t pills we ever used.'
Fok Delicate and Debilitated Consthu-
"tion's theso pills act like a charm. Taken in
small doses, tho effect is both a tonic and a
stimulant, mildly exciting tho secretions of
the body, giving tone and vigor.
Thc never-failing medicine. Hollowny 8
Corn Cure, removes all kinds of corns, warts,
etc; even the most difficult to remove cannot
withstand this tvonderful remedy.
rt Met  RcqnlrtmeiKii.
Charles Iloyt, the farce writer, once
invited a friend to go to the theater
with him.
-What play?'7 queried his friend.
"Nat Goodwin in 'Nathan Hale,'".
said thc playwright.   ' .
'Tm   very   sorry,"   said   the   friend,
"but you'll have to count me out."
, "What's tbe matter?" asked Hoyt In
"Well, to be frank with you, I don't
like Nat Goodwin In anything. I hate
him personally and can't enjoy him as
an actor, and, as far as I am concerned, I wouldn't mind seeing him dead."
"Then this is your play," slyly added
Mr. Iloyt in his peculiar Yankee dialect. "You don't want, to miss'it. They
hang him in tbe last act."—News Let-'
ter.   ,	
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator dofca
not require the help of any purgative medicine to complete the cure. Give it a trial
and be convinced. . '
Hoyt Needle*  Are Made.
Needles are all made by machinery.
The piece of mechanism by which the
needle, Is manufactured takes the rough
steel, wire, cuts It into proper lengths,
files the point/flattens the head, pierces
the eye, then sharpens the.tray instru-'
ment and gives it that' polish familiar
to tho purchaser. There is also a machine by which needles aro counted
and placed In the papers in which they
are sold, these being afterward folded
by tho same contrivance.
',',. ColIeRC Education For Glrl.s.
A graduate of Coim-11 university writes
on "How a Girl Can Work Her Way
Through College" in Ladies'.Home Journal and argues that the penniless girl
determined to gain a collegiate education
can and will readily get it. Typewriting
and bookkeeping, she holds, are helpful to
such an uiidei-tnking. while the student
may also earn money hy giving dancing
lessons, playing the piano, conducting lit-
,orary or history classes, fchoir singing, tutoring, conducting co-operatice hoarding
clubs, selling hooks; stationery, millinery
and'articles of dress furiiL-bings, making
and .-selling couch pillows, covers aud
room decorations, cleaning ,and mending
„clothing, hairdressing.. cuiiductiug agencies, writing advertisements, writing and
illustrating for newspapers and magazines, etc.- This fair graduate points out
many roads which will take through college "the blight, energetic- girl who is not
averse to hard, conscientious work.
WUnt' LnuudrcNMCH   Pull   to   Comiire-
Soft water for washing is preferable to
hard for various reasons. Iu the lirst
place, because it uses los* Miap, more soap
being reo.i-.ircd to make a hither with ha-.d
water than'with soft. In the second place,
because hard water contains a deposit of
lime, which is not good for the clothes,
tending to rot the libers. One soon'learns
to know tho difference in feeling between
hard and soft water. There is no .substance so bard that it cannot be dissolved
sooner or later with water. Water dissolves the dirt, and water without soap
will do this. We use soap,1 however, to
soften the grease which holds the particles of dirt.cwhicli loosen as the grease is
softened. If. tin re fore, the water which
vou are compelled 10 use is hard, use bo
i-a.\ to soften it.—Woman's'Home Com
Not For Red  Haired  Women.
A famous I'arisiau dressmaker declares that blue and pink of any slunk-
whatsoever are fatal to the beauty of a
woman with red'hair. He. refuses point
blank to use even the most frugal teii'.Mi
of either color, no matter how earnestb
his red haired patrons may desire tin m.
and tells them with deep regret but un-
vielding firmness that only, black and
white in judicious combination, solt,
warm ' browns and delicate purples are
permitted to thorn. Another Pans dressmaker says that there is a touch of green
in everv woman's coloring and that lie
makes 'it a point to discover it and to
bring that especial .shade into the tinish-
iug of the gown. He also adds a touch of
white to everv costume that issues frcm
his atelier, claiming that all colors are
improved by its contrasted effect.
A Charitable Woman.
Mrs J. n. Cox of Philadelphia, who
.has devoted a great part of her Iffe to
philanthropic and charitable work, ,h0*>
collected'■ $150,000 for various deserving
institutions. In addition to her charitable work, Mrs, Cox has ligured to 11..considerable extent', in 'the public life of
Philadelphia in other ways. In lbiS s ie
was one of 13 women representing the
13 original states at the Centennial and
wis one of the committee that presented
lohii Welsh with the English and American" flags. She was ,lirst directress of
the Drexel institute and was one of the
committee of representative women from
Pennsylvania to the Columbian exhibition at Chicago. For many years she was
the leading" spirit in the Educational
home and  Lincoln  institution.
began the use of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and, they soon-began to work
a change for-the, better. My strength
and spirits" improved wonderfully,
and the old feeling'of tiredness began to leave me. My appetite returned 1 and my weight increased
steadily.. By,, the time I, had used
less than half. a dozen boxes I felt
stronger than I had done for' years'
Since that time whenever, I feel tho
need of a-"medicine a prompt, use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills has always
brought me speedy relief," and in future , when ailing I shall never use
anything but these pills, and strong-
Jy advise, others to follow my example.", , " • ,,„
Dr.-Williams' Pink Pills create new
blood, build up thc nerves, and thus
drive disease, from the system. In
hundreds of cases they have cured
after all other medicines have failed,
thus establishing the claim that they
are a marvel among the triumphs of
'modern medical science. The genuine
Pink Pills arc" sold only in boxes,
bearing the. , full trade, mark, ;'Dr.
Williams' Pink Tills for Pale' People." Protect yourself from .imposition by refusing any pill that does
not bear the registered , trade mark
around the box.
°        Tolstoi'* Sen.se ,of  Honor.
At one musicjjarty at Count Tolstoi's
a lady's singing displeased the count's
boys, and they adjourned to another
room and made a noise. Their father
lost patience and went after them, and
a characteristic admonition ensued.
"Are you making a uoise on purpose?" he asked.
After some hesitation came an answer in the affirmative, "Y-y-yes."
"Does not her singing please you?"
"Well, no. Why docscshe bowl?" declared one of the boys, with vexation.
"So you wish to protest against her
singing?" asked Lyeff Nikolaevitch In a
"ri,hen go out and say so or stand in
the middle of the room and tell every
one present. That would be rude, but
upright and honest/ But you'diave got
together and aro squealing like grasshoppers in a corner. I will not endure
such protests."—Newcastle (England)
Beware of   Ointments  for  Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy tho sense of
smoll and e omplotely derange the -whole system when entering it through thc mucous surfaces. Such articles should never bo used except on prescriptions f 10111 reputable physicians,
as tho damage they wiU do is ten fold to the
good vou can possibly derive from ttiem. Hull s
C.itfl.rrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Chetioy &
Qnipt iiontmtr.
"Pa, what Is quiet hostility?" '
"Quiet hostility, little Jim, is the way
In which, when 1 decline to give you a
nlckeb you sneak around  behind  my
chair and make faces."—Chicago Roc-,
.  .,, ,
ord.        ,   ,     	
r n
In Turkey amber is supposed to be a
specific against the evil effects of nicotine, aud as the people are great lovers
'of tobacco they freely indulge iii .the
use of it, but take care to safeguard'
themselves' by having amber mouthpieces to their pipes.	
"UNEQUALLED, — Mr.lThomas Brunt,
Tyendinuga, Out., writes: "I havo to thank
you for recommending Dr. Thomas' Eclec-
tric Oil for bleeding piles. I was troubled
with them for nearly fifteen years, and tried
almost everything I could hear or think of.
Some of them would give me temporary relief, but none- would effect a cure. I havo
now been free from the distressing complaint for nearly eighteen months. I hope
you will continue to recommend- it.''   ■
.A Famona  London Tavern. •
The Mermaid was the name of a famous London tavern frequented by
noted literary men and actors during
the reign of Queen Elizabeth. All the
wit and talent of the timo assembled
there for convivial enjoyment-' Authors have made'it the scene of great
mind combats between such men as
Shakespeare, Ben Jonson," Beaumont,
Fletcher, Selden, Carew, Donne and-
others of reverential memory. It was
the gathering place .of the' celebrated
Mermaid club, the origin of which is
ascribed to Sir Walter Raleigh. The
Meruiald tavern was located In Bread
street and was handily reached from
three thoroughfares, so .that it has been
often referred to iu various ways. The
Mermaid in Bread street, the Mermaid
iu Friday street and .the Mermaid in
Cheap street were, however, all one
and the same. It was the nearest to
Bread street. ' The Mermaid was destroyed lu the great London fire. There
were other Mermaid taverns, one iu
Cheapside and another in Coruhill; but
they had no such associations as clung
to that of Bread street
Minarl's Liniment. Cures Colds, Etc. ■
ITe^—Look   bore,    Ma tilde,    I'm
quite such an idiot as I look!
She (soothingly)—No, dear; I'm sure
.•'■•t'ro not',
-?   •''.
Do you want Ink?
Do you want Type?
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Do  you  want ANYTHING  in  the
way of Printing Material?
Correspond with tho
oronto Type
oundry Co.
Co Toledo, O., contains no "mercury, and is
taken internally, acting: directly upon illo blood
ami mucous surfnct'S ot the system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure be ?ure you get the genuine. It Is token Internally,and mndo in Toledo,
Ohio by F. J. Cheney & Co.   Testimonials free.
Sold hy Druggists, prico 75c per bottle.
Hall's Family i'iUsIlrc Uu; uest-
■ «a*s»
&   Stocks and bonds bought, sold_ and
T carried  on  margin.    Listed
mininir stocks carried
LoctiNl.s Good  to  Rut.
All native African races eat locusts
With many it takes, and has |.o take,
the place of' the British .worknianV
beef and mutton. In acgood many vil
lages sun dried locusts are an aKIch' ol
commerce. The Sudanese are purlieu
larly fond of them.
Beforo they, are eaten they are.toast,
od.    The  wings and  legs  having  first'
been torn off, the long, soft body nnd
the crisp head form the delicacy. ,
Ydetermined not to let my European
prejudices influence me, but to ,give
the dish of grilled locusts a fair trial.
1 thought how John the Baptist had
enjoyed theth plus wild  honey.
The one I was eating was rather
nice! 1 agreed with ,niy Arab servant
that." should-'the' meat supply fall short,
a dish of locusts would be a very good
By the time 1 was eating the second locust it seemed to: me absurd
wh.v one should have a sort of lurking
pity for John the Baptist's dally menu
unless It be for its monotony, and I
felt convinced that I should get tired
cf honey sooner than I should of lo
custs.- ■'■-!.■'
Canadian industries are certainly
winning their full share of prizes at
the Paris exhibition. The Grand
Trunk Railway system has just/been
awarded the gold medal by the international jury for their exhibit ■ of,
scenery. This speaks volumes, 'not
only for the scenic beauty along the
lines of this popular railway, but for
the Dominion.
A  StiiffKrcstion.
The-Roston citizen has the advantage
on thoMc'e proposition.    lie has only to
materialize the glance of the bean city
girl to accomplish the chilling of every
tiling   in' liis   immediate   vicinity.—St
Louis Star.	
Minaif s Liniment Cores Distemper.
How   IH-  Dciill   Willi   Coiuu-iIn.
In   appearance   Oman    Pasha,   th
lion of Plevna, was handsome and pi\
possessing,   looking' a   born   leader  c.
men.     Like Napoleon,  he  was alway:
distinguished  by  the  plainness of  hi-
uniform.    He had n queer habit of n!
ways,  even  in  battle, carrying a  pen
cil behind his oar, hull end  foremost
He   was  taciturn,   grave,   abrupt   uix
disdainful of forms and etiquette.    IL
hated   all   foreigners,   especially   tier
mans.  Russians and  English.    As  foi
war correspondents, he entertained Hunt most  detestation   of   them,   whence
the   deeds   of   his 'army.' ' were   tie vet
chronicled  as they, shoulil  have 'been
He  had  a strange  method of dealing
With   cowards.     lie   would   send ' for
thein   and   publicly    box    their   ears
When really angry, his rage was terrible.   ■"'.     .'.'. .   ■ "'.. .''    '  .,   ■
After the sortie and the surrender he
was seen to be weeping tears of rage
and shame. He was/, it may: be. 11
little touched by. the Czar Alexandci
It, who came upio him and saidY -
"I congratulate you on your superb
defense. .It Is one of the finest feats
of military history."      ,     '
And that Is"thu,;Judgment of, poster!
ty/. •"■■.';   :    '■'■.. '.'-•' ■■ ;- :- - ■: y '-;,
Miiiard's -. iiiJMent; Cures Diplitoiu,
for the Printer
175 Owen St., Winnipeg, Man.
British Columbia Branch, Vancouver
Issues an  Ideal   l'ollcy.
Altrrs. Manitoba and N". W. T.,
Winnipeg, Man.
Or to KOIJT. DICKSON, General Asrent,
Winnipeg;, Man.
lMUm»«mt*, Drums, Uniform*, Kto.
* Lowest vr^_^?^^\S^}^
6W Illustrations mailed free.   V*
thin* lu Mu»lo or Muitcul Iu
.    ■'■■« «_ n~    Toronto, Ont., an*
Whaley Royce & uo.,     Winnipeg, mm.
Manufactured by T1IOS. LEB, Winnipeg...
'.-'Market   Street., Opp. City  Hull,
Winnipeg:,'Man. Y
Write for catalORue.
W.'A. SIPPKELL, B; A., Principal.
Books. Rosaries,
He Hnd Hnd Experience.
Miss Sentiment—Were you ever disappointed in love?
;   Eligible  Widower—Two and a  half
Miss   Sentiment—Two   and   a .half
times? ■'''.''■
Eligible Widower—Yes:  lwicc  mir-,
ried and once rejected	
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in Cows.
Catholic Prayer ,SCP
ulars, Religious Pictures. Statuary, and Church
Ornaments, Educational Works. Sl^l orders receive prompt attention, ft & J, MM & CO„MQHtreal
Did you ever uso Acetylene Gas t
I3 the best, the only reliable, and tho most
durable generator in Panada. Works automatically ; requires no attention while working.
Tie Noia-West Acetylene Gas Company,
312 Princess St., WinniiiCtf, Man. Agents Wanted
W. N. U.   290
w r«^v^.>iHH^^l^■wP""W*™1'£™,
I < i'
! ,Y
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ti f
1, "i
,1    , ;'
1 ;Y!-:
tfswtoaisa .1
; :r»
t  ,Y'| f(
1      i'J^r-lV
• i-;-* j,'
J.     r'  "v •
■J *■!.?.
V      f-l'-V'
if ^
I     K-!M        »
rj-:iJn »■
-Li'!   -V
' li-
i tt
hi- > r-
»i:*.f i'
,v,.' r-
?*#','iku ■';/•! ik
Y jktei l
,i,i. .<?
i j-
T-.r j i1, ftji}.
*{,i;  ky.n,-,;.;:- f
: lu\i fcs'. 'j
'- f   i V. < 'ii
lY'-P 'J; '(*!;'
T-ft Y "ti
fii'f   r< jflf-li
♦.J-tiU i *.
I. 'r
lit ."!/>,
' 1.1' -
i i-
.:lyii.'* {-i1'.1-. :.5v ■',''.
y ■!;i(!^jj;-.i-.!,:
n.:/   | '..'*■■;'*
B>:''      ■ '*''
l^'jfi-®'-;.}. ■>'■>■.:'.]
S.Y,' "-Y ■' ■
;■.-■■--;-:-^ i-.'-'a'!' ,  ■:,:'
W^Mfl-f''^- ■'*•-'
,1^, ,->-.; ,-...,--- .-   • -.
1    '>  ;!V       ""V.
This lyorlu is fuil of pilots.   In   fact
. it is made up of pilots—everybody is a
pilot of   some   kind.   ^Tnere  are sea
- oilots, land pilots', sk}f pilots,  journal.
i^tic pilots and Pontius  Pilots.    Most
people are poiitious  Pilots.    Tiiey are
J Pontius Pilots ^because  Uiey  haven't
'the moral courage tQ'he iinytilingeloe.
All Pontius X:ildto are  moral'"cowards.
0 'To be a successful Jpontius JEjjot you
must be a cov/urd.   It you  a.v$ v.6t a
'coward 3'ou can't be a Pontius 'Pilot.
'Pontius  Pilots "thinlf  for  themselves
'and act a? other peoole think.   What-
ever'the rag-tail-rabble demand, Pon-
'tius Pilots   do.   4n3'  /°°1   cfP   be a
.Pontius Pilot.    Sky , pilots  are eQmo-
"times Pontius pilote at heart so are all
'other kinds of pilqts.    But 'sea pilots
'are never land pilots, and  land  pilots
are never journalistic pilots.   To be a
'sea pilot you must havo some nautical
3ense; a land giloj-needs nerve, q. s,ky
oilot   isjith   and a journalistic   joitot
^money.    )Vithout  the almighty "doIr
lar the joijrjiftlijtic pilot will die; without fajtji the sky pilot will go hungry;
.without n.erye the land pilot  will* become ft wreck, and without  naiufcal
sQiisQ the sea pilot will And ,a jyaterj'
grave.   Journalistic  pilots are   born,
'not made., Other pilots are made, not
;born,   and   some * make   themselves.
•Pontiua pilots gi;ow.   You can shake
.them from the bushes of pride,,con
JHss MalYina^s Organ. 1
Bu VirQinfa H. Leeds.
It was all on jvcoaunt of ^Mbss.Mal-
viira's or^en. li e.ii/iVi$$i\\t;Li^"niioTrjfan
it woul3 prQbabl^n-e-vef ho-^iiippened.
The' dictionary aec?.a.nfc£ itat'aa org-an
,Suc-h. ai» llitt-~i$&viiifc^£*bd&t£i&i''i&'*ei.
px^mkT&pvnii r$CG%t&slg) i^j.3 par-mcip?il
or^'tn o^ dig-csti^n', ia vshi(ib.iqod L-sprfi-
pared for nourishing-Hue body,'','
P^rha-pe Miiss Malviiik's Crg^ai sva« a
membranous recpptacle. ,-Th*re? Were rip
absolute proofs to ^thp contrary—^bt^b
thiijD it was'an'organ, of'diig^stkm -was
simply a jslaiider.' ;Ther€"'wae'no digestion about it. It was indi^e-stipia ftJJ the
w^y tbrougii, ,!Th6 fo^d i-hat jvatrt into
it; .if it jn&do -up its mind to renvain,
didn't nourissh her body in iih$ least and
onry subjected'hex to 6?'6ry kind oi'dto-
comfor^. v   .    •
Taken as a- -gtfipje, jJiia organ, which
fqr lack of corrobomtion V"g snail call a
' nicmbnuibua receptacle, was a barrel
organ of indigestion in'which nothing
except tortuin} yra^ prepared for either
body or eoul.
"Ithftule*ttGj*£isa $Udvin&ii''i$p<ifil torr
tnXa &%<l hv&k&Kg., -T^ ^opsaer-iuid
dirp^ged 'off., (xfi'py f^''p^&p^imt of
their j^'et' speciflejs peing reject^, by j
either Miaa'ifaiviiia or hef"organ; the
second''was ^ fine" musical .ts.l&a.t which
ehe znight have tmiiic-d ito accpunt but
for th.9 same fnelanoholy cause, and the
third" waa perhaps th^ ?nost dismol of
Col. Wilds, a gallant officer, had in the
proved than she came down to dinner.
"it jsss & usique bajj/qjiet-   -'-The con*
yii-fcB  ajl jfayojight bottle? and spo,one
wiJc .ihem, and J«pe took their drop?
before' eatiujg e^§f borne  aftenvardk.
Moreover, the bread -was dry and tbo
drinking water was hot.
Miss Malvina waa introduced to her
fellow invalids, Mrs. "Weeks "and. 2>ITi»tj
'Paine, who were already at the^ible
ji-bfen'she enitefed,"and' sho was having-
Ik r^ry nice time with them, comparing
'sypi'ptdinB; "wlien a footfftep and a man's
Yofije'caused h^r to look up. Then there
ocoiirrpd io poo? Mis.s >£a.lvjna the one
ev<ait of her life.
The g-enitiemain of the rusrves land eccentric tendencies was none other than
her"old 'admirer, Col. Wilds. ,
Mips Malvjna ertarted fmdblushpd and
recognized bijn in a moment.   His hair
had turned white and h* no longer wore i
a upaform; bui he ^iae the same gallant:
irnan—indeed, age h^d Jm.pjrpjsd him,
Gol. Wilds reoognJzed Miss'Malvina
also; and t'hjuir aawting; w&s Rn inter-
psting one.
''Wliy, fllesu jny sop.). Miss Mabina!"
cried the colonel, ,!to think of our coming together again after all thes>« years
and''under, syph" dc-Ugbtful circumstance*.   What's your "trouble?"
•"An or;gan," murmured Miss Molvina.
."Only "pne?" exclaimed thu'colonel.
'■'Yfhyi"' J-'Yi> S°P &• tJjous^n^tj ,ind eysry
one of -'em out p^ tune J"
Mtss Malvina *aid sh# y;aa sorry? and
began' inquiring about his gympjoms.
The coloaej ^n-tertained her Yfiib. a
list of the most intense 'horrors,' and
the meal passed oft delightfully,
Aftey dinner they played dominoes.
It was a party, of ghosts; pale faces,
wasted hands, an occasional groan, en
Tbe Yory Jient Kulo.
Don't torment yourself about what
'people are g*in& to t)iiak ab^a* tluS
and that action.   No matter what you
do or leave undQoe gome will criticise
you severely, and the very best rule for
gating through .life .with, comparative
comfort ifl aftqr you have made «py°ur
"mind as to the pi'.o^erity and adsfl>
ability of a certaiSP ourse pursue it
calmly, without paying the tdigbtest at-
teaition to the criticisms of the lookers
on from the outaide, Yon^Bee, juat be-
catiso they Eire oa the outside they can
only eee tho surface. It does not xnat-
tej In the least .svhat $i(ty thinJe-r-Do-,
'fcpolt Free Prea?.
We Challenge
Lager beer gold  by th.o Keg oj-, dojscn
bottlojl '"
JBottled Beer-
in Stock...,
0uts.de Orders Given Strict A ttsntiQn.
»»i iijiMiM^n
ceit, avarice, greed, faint heartedness.   earlier d*ya -Ioet hie Ix&art to Mi£» Mai-   "venec
/rh«w   P.rA   hkv™ 'i»   'rinJIno '   n..nn    >'.«!% and ynm no doubt have married   c0."fb-
livened-from time to time by,a hacking
Toronto Olothim
XxO t-J S$Jfclit
.They   srs   baked   in  .shallow    pane,
seasoned with  cowardice to suit the
.taste, and served with ignominy on
, the side.   All  pilotB   sometimes  loeo
.their bearings.   Sky pilots ge't shunted
pff on bigotry, or fall into the sump of
sin ; sea pilots are , drawn away from
.their course   by   false   signals j land
■pilots go,down in the fogg of despair^
and journalistic pilots get lost when
Abb flow of milk and honey, cocktails
.and lucre, washes out the  trail.   Pon-
> iius Pilots neyer have any bearings to
io lose.   Sky pilots   blaze -the    trail
.for the souls of men,   land   pilots for
, the   feetj   journalistic   pilots for  the
head.   Pontius pilots blaze<. the   trail
to hell.—New Denver Ledge,
" ''It, is easy to sit iu tlie sunshine
'Anil t&lfc to the mau in the'shade,"
Jt is easy to float in ii) a well-trimmed boat,
And point out the place to wade.
Jiut once we pass into the shadows
"We murmur and fret and frown,
And our length from thc haul:, wc shout for
a plank,
c0r throw PP our hands and go down,
jt is easy to git in j our carriage
And counsel the man ou foot:
put get dowu and walk and you'll change
your talk,
As yon feel the peg in your boot.
£t is easy io tell thc toiie/
How best he can carry his paoia
But no oue can rate a burden's weight
Until it hgs beeq on hj,sback,
The -up-ciulsd mouth of pleasure
Can perch of .sorrow's worth;
Put gfve it a sip, aud a wryer lip,,
"Wgs never made on earth.
—Ella Wheeler Wilcox,
gpeelal Days at Exposition.
Wednesday, October 3, Fire Chiels'
pay and fireman's tournament and
Thursday, October 4. Fruit Growers'
Friday October 5, Red Men's^Day.
Saturday, October 6, Press Day.
Wednesday/October 10, Elks'  Pay.
Friday, October 12, Pruggiats'  Pay.
Tuesday, October 16, Spokane  Pay.
Besides these, others have o,sked for
special days which have not yet been
determined upon, among them being
the Eagles, the Kuights of Pythias the
Woodman of the world, the Foresters
and the traveling men,
Editor'H Awful Pliirht.
F. M. Higgins, Editor Seneca (Ills..)
News, was afilicted for years with Piles
that no doctor or remedy helped until
he tried Bucklen's Arnica Salve, tho
best m the world. He writes two bo<tes
•wholly cured him. .^Infallible for Piles.
Cure gurautoed! Only 25c. Sold by-
Hope <fc Beattie, druggists.
Moylo's l*oet.
It is not generally known that Moyie
has a real live poet. But it has in the
person of W. G. Arnald. Arnald
came to the Leader office this week,
carrying in his hand an effusion hot
from the pen. We herewith
duce-it.    All rights reserved:
"The mountain rat is an
-.cuss, and
he  lives  iu  tho  mountain shade.    Like   the
'Indian.of old, his heart is hold, aud he often
goes on a raid, ijc holes up all''dav, and
snoozes away> in a nest big enough for "a hear
At night he prowls round, from ceiling to
to ground and in the morning your cupboard is
bare. He is the most fragrant of all that, bears
tbe name,  his instincts arc to loot. For he took
. all the colftc "Iliad iu my shack, and  stored it
jtjy-ny in my boot.'
lierf but during a sojourn in India he
had fallen victim to a liver conipteint;
which so diaguewd him with clis<&rdesrs
of tha hupi&a machinery! thai, any
young woman possessed of so unpar-
donabia a thing" as $n /.'organ'-' hadn't
tlve retootest chance with top gallant
Miss Malviwa, therefore, was simply
not in. it at all. And so at the time pur
story opens w§> find p*»? Mi ^s Malvina
•wreteihed,. frieadiass, siakly and- £&~
pend§np upon p. difiag-rfii&ftQje qld aunt.
To b^ «ickiy is bad enough without
bei^g friBiidlees; but io be both and to
have am. "organ" hito the bargain is hand
luck indeed.
£<ire. Smithsras, Miss Malvina^s aunt,
was a detestable person. She believed
thoroughly in the test that a fool and his
money ard soon parted, and she obeyed
the text tp the letter, She had plenty of
money and no heirs, but like all mieera
alia did not consider that' she had near
enough, and she hoarded it up for
Heaven, knows" what purpose.
She was in no wise & charitably disposed individual, though tlie fact of her
giving-, a home to her orphaned nieoe
might Imply that she was. But no one
would think so if he knew in whatma#v
ner the home was held out,
"Dear Malvina," she wrote. "As you
cannot, starve, I suppose I must take
you in."
And poor Malvina, whose organ had
rendered her a meek and miserable
mortal, responded weakly:
''Dear Aunt: As you eay, I cannot
atarva and eo I must accept j^ur gem
eroua ofter,"
And when MLm Malvina. arrived, in
pomp&ny with a goodly-sized apothecary shop, Mra. Smither*' acerbity waa
by no>meajQS appeased..
"Bother your organl" she exclaimed,
"It bothers, me," returned poor Malvina.
This exclamation and pitiful rejoinder
becoane an almost daily phnafle.
Mrs, Smithers had not the Blighte&t
patience with her piece's membranous
receptacle, and at every meal such mortal enemies aa hot bread pies confronted poor Malvina. The organt, naturally,'
cried out against sutfk indignities, and
Mies Malyina grew hourly worse,
Such torm<£its las the poor thing
knew jjo words pan deppribe.
Fin-ally, to litra. Smithers' utter horror, the family pbytripian had to be
!Nror wa-s this the worst. After prescribing all sorts of villainous compounds, which Miss Malvina's organ rejected with scorn, Dr, Calomel insisted
that Miss Malvina should come to his
private sanitarium, known as the Kest.
Mrs. Smithers was as one demented/
Bhe fumed and raged aud almost tore
her falee-hair, for theboord alone, without medical attendance, was $25 fi week,
But Dr. Calomel was quite as determined ae ohs was, and at last, after
a fearful atrnggle, he won the day,
Mrs. Smithers dan hord-ly be said to
have given in graciously, for as soon
ou the doctor went away she flounced
into the miserable little hall room she
allowed Miss Malvina, and where the
poor thing was having a wrestling-
'match"with'her organ, ^nd exclaimed,
vindictively t
"I wiab. that 'organ' of youra was in
Gehenna!" ;      ,
Poor Malvina! she wished ao, too, if
she diidn't have to accompany it there,
but it was not tranaplanfted iust for
the wishing, ,■'',. '
A. few days later, in fear and trembling-, Miss Malvina drove up in
Dr, Calomel's own neafrly-appointed
brougham to the door of the Rest.
At the time of her arrival there were
only three other patients—-Mrs. Weeks,
a chronic dyspeptic; Miss Paine, a combination invalid, and an old gentleman
who was a bundle of hervea.
It was against the latter individual
that Miss Malvina was particularly
w-anned, 'the slightesrtirritating circurn^
stance onusang him to tear his hair and
'Fire!"   ;
For a weekMis«'.Malvina rented, lying
quietly on a neat lit/tie white bedstead,
gnring at harmoniously-tinted walla.
On the eighth day she was bo much im-
At a quarter of nine   Mrs. ^Week's
dropped a domino.   Coi, Wilds shrieked
"Fire!" and they ^'ere al! carried off'
and pufr'to b£ii like babies. .
In' consequence of ithe excitement
Mrs, Weeks and Misc Paine went to rest
for another week, and the folio-wing
evening Miss Malvina and'CoL Wilds sat
doiwn to "a tete-artete game.  „
I>Iiss Malvina could not help noticing
how JianidsQine her former lover had become, and how highly polished- and
pink hia bald head was,
They were having, a moat charming
game, when suddenly a moth ','miller
sputtered into the gas and fell whizzing-
among -the dominoes.
.Immediately Col. Wilds went off.
' Poor Miss Malvina was so overcame
she scarcely knew what to do. '4Srot
liking to sit, gazing at- heir old friend,
who was behaying himself In a most
childish and foolish manner, she hits*
tily (arose, and, walking across the room,
took from her-> pocket a small box from
which ehe extiaoted an "excitement
pill," which she swallowed, , ' *
In> a naoment the colonel was at her
"Miss Malyin&l" ha cried, ''what is
it"?   You orei-ill!"
'flt'a only my orgs^,?r faltered Miss
In his courtly synvpaithy Col. Wilds
forgot his own ilia.
After this for a" week .he and Miss
Malvipa sat down tete-a-tete, and during that time .he never once eKhibi't&cl
a perve, and she almoet forgot fchnt s2v>
ever had an organ.
But happiness in. thi& world is 8h»rt
liyed and Fate is a cruel ^ade.
On the eighth evening, when t-he colonel and Miss Malvina were enjoying
the most harmoriiious game of dominoes
they Imd yet played, and when,each was
touchhigly reluatant to beat the other,
a note was brought to Miss M&lvino.
• She tore it open and read;
"Dear Malvina—I pay for'no well persons.
I hear that you have entirely recovered, pnd
that that miserable organ of youra performs Its functions like a Christian,
"Come home at once."
Misa Malvina laid down, the note and
a tear fell among the dominoes.-
"My dear Miss Malvina 1" cried the
colonel, sympathetically, ."wibat' is
troubling you?   Tell ine, I beg!'!
"Alae! Ool. Wilds, l"must-leave this
haven of reet."
"But why?" .     • *•'•'"
"My aurit refuses to pay my board
any longer,"
"Allow me to do sol" '%iT ''
"Oh! Col. Wildel"
"Why not? I'm a millionaire, un*
married and of age!"
Miss Malvina blushed like? a schoolgirl.
"You areoo kind—mit what would
the world say?" ■
''Nothing, if you will follow my
wishes." ..     ..■._. - -       •'.... -*,.
' ''What are they?" inquired Miss Malvina, innooenitly.
"Be my wife-" -      ' -»«wY
"But Col. Wilds, my organ?"
''No objection, whatever," answered
the colonel, cheerfully; "it counteracts
my nerves."   ,
Poor Miss Malvina; all the puiysios in
the world had been tried' uponi her arid
all had failed,.for no , one hod ever
'thought of giving her a dose ol happi-
nesB. That dose beiag administered,
her recovery vvas rapid and complete,
One day there was a quiet little wedding'at The Heat, and afterwards, as
Miss Malvina—Miss Malvina. no longer
—thrertv all her medicines omt of t)U
window, she said'to'herself:.-
"Dear me: did I ever think I'd-live
to see -tjhe dJjiy \vhen I would bleas my
For your out St:   The largest Btocjc in
East Kootenay,
"' (i
i ,
Cranbrook, B.C.
• House painter, grainer,
glazier ..and paperhauger.
All ^ork on perfect' snr-
i face guranleed. Prices according to cinality and
stock' required
Moyie, B. C.
^To beat tlie quality and price
of our liquors.   Agents Giant   ,
powder Co., Bennett; Fuse, Calgary and Scliiitz brewing Co, f
'     \   '     '   * -I
WRIT® US FOIt P$tC^3. » J
■■'''.       j i
" "' >^
i i      i \
_St?ele .Mercahtije Company, Ltd. 5
JACOB P. FINK, M'gr. _
Eaat   Kootenay's    big  mail   order   tipuse.     'JCRANBROOK, fl. q ^
No. 4003/.
Meets on the first ati£
liird TMnraday of tach
month.   Visiting bretli-
rc;i luvited to atteud.
'  WILDEY L0D5E NO. 44.  ,
Meets every Monday,,evening in their
hall on Victoria.; slr&ot. Sojourning
Odd Fellows cordially invited.
B. A. SMITH, K..C.
Fl. I. M00RE, P..   S,
F. J. SMYTH, F. 3.
By Sending Your Work To the
funeral Director
Graduate of Champion College oi the
United States. Upholstering and general furniture repairing. Oflice and
store, Aiken's block, near Canadian
Bank of- Commerce. Telegraph; and
niail orders promptly attended to.
Moyie   Miners'   Union
Meets in "McGregor hall < eyery Tuesday
evoning. Sojourning members aro
cordially invited to attenrl,
P. T. Smyth,   ,
Wholesale   and
Retail Butchers.
Moyie * /„   ,   Fort, Steele
Cranbrook Ferine Wardner
i©ff 'mm
H. H. DlMoCK,
Moyie Board of Trade-
Meets in thc JCoyie school
house on the first Monday
evening of each month at
8 o'clock sharp.
, r J. P. Farri'.li., Pres.
A. P. Macdonald A. T. CLABk,
ViceTres. Sec'y.
B. C.
and Soo Line,
c' -    MERCUANT  TAILORS.      '
Stylish  Young  Men's Wear.
Mado Suits.
J. J, MURPHY  &'C0.*S
lyrortE, s-tOYiE, i\. e.
c   -      Hauling nnd Dniying,
,   Wood for Sale,
3. C,
South Victoria Street.
Moyie, B. Q.
With   direGt  connecting
and from tlio
Nothing "Wasted.
"Everything serves some useful purpose," he said, oracularly, "it is simply
astonishing <how. true this is. Tliere is
the Turko-Grecian war,'foriristance."
"What  particularly iisefiul    purpose
has this served?" she demanded,
y "What!   Haven't.you noticed?"he exclaimed,   "rt'li.ifi g-iven .the girls an idea
;"'m*  n   nnu-  h}r:yv\c: <XJ\twr."~■C.]vc::vr
First class elcepers on all
trains. Tourist cars pass Medicine Hat daily for St, Paul,
...Saturdays for Montreal- and
Boston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.
'        DAILY   TRAIN.
18:2X.lvo.,. .. .MOYIE..... .1V0.8 :U
Connectsi-at Macleod for Calgary
and Edmonton and at Medicine Hat
for allrioinls east.
. Connects at.Kootenay Landing for
y.ill points in West Kootenay, Slocau
and Boundary districts, and for Pacific coast and main line points via.
Apply for Rates, Mnps, Time Cards, Tickets and
Ku'll Information to Nearest Local'
Agent; or .   '!
If you cannot bring your
washing, send it lo  the
Cliristmas lg coming. Get
your pictures taken   to soiul
, home. PREST, th photographer, will visit Moyie on
each Saturday. Flashlight
pictures taken at  tho Moyio
or at your room or house,
Leave your orders at once.
No time todolay.
Prest & Co.,
Prices Qiven
and Orders
Taken on
in the Printing
Line at the


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