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The Moyie City Leader Sep 17, 1898

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VOL, l, NO, >&,
MOYIE -DiTY,- Br £S« SEPT;. 17,■ 1898.
AN IDEAL TOWNSITE For Business^and f
- , Pleasure; as a Residential Locality X
Unequalled. •, - "   '       ^
Situated on Moyie Lake. Excellent Fish-      ■ -    '       vB
ing. Boating, Bathing .and  Shooting... Y $fe
Appointmenfpas Teacher Received
", lake Shore,!!
Iji'inca aU>ithm an hour's walk. Good water
cupplyv Exceptional drainage facilities. Has
•thc best prospects.
Campbell & Clark's Old   Koiei   nuildlng-
■Will Bo Used as a School Boom
for tho Present
The Busiest and Most Talked of Town in
G.' CAMPBELL, Moyie City,   B. C.
Moyio City haB 'been , granted a'
teacher, and' next Monday morning''
at nine o'clock school .will .open with
Mrs. Emma O. McMahon- as princi-'
The announcement that thia :place
v/as given a teacher come ag a sur-,
prise, as it was only a short time agoi
that the-information was received that'
the matter was indefinitely deferred,'
or words to that effect..
The building belonging to G-.-Camp-i
bell and A. T. Clark, and ' until re-1
cently occupied by the Leader, will',
be'used as a school room, until such
time as the government sees fit to
erect a building for that purpose.
•DONE •—
G   events' Furnishings.
£   EOOTS and SHOES,
'■ WSTT^r^jnjr xjs.-7^f
r-rPKOPMETOKB '01' —
Ooje*. 'Victoria .[St. .a:o.c3L Moyie iive.
::ft«:o>"srx:E; oarfc^.
V. DESAGXXIER &• CO., l>roi>s.
The IJoyse.is -Equipped   in Firct Class  Style
.-Throughout.   Large and Commodious Dining-
Room.   Best■ Rrtrnfis^of .Wines, .Liquors   nud
Cigars can bej;Jiad_at;thc.Bar.
JHeadguarters for Commencial and Mining Men.
A. jrANUKL & CO., I>rops.
J, M. r.tXDSAY, lUnuajrcr.
This hotel is now open to the public, and is well furnished throughout. None but the best brands of wines,
liquors and cigars kept in stock.        . .        .
Nlea Halo K-tuuluj; Chinook TVawa.
Mrs. ' J. "M.  McMahon, Mrs.  L. J.
Kenny and her mother,  Mrs.  McMahon,  last Wednesday   concluded    to
take a stroll down   to , tho   meadows
about two-miles below town   to where
Jack   McMahon   and   another    man-
were putting up hay..   The principal
topic of conversation on the   way   was',
thc     courage     and     bravery    each'
possessed!   They would not be  afraid
to meet a bear, neither would a  band,
of red skins on the warpath have  any
terrors   for   them.    All   went    aiong
smoothly until Hhey   were   ahiiGstin,
sight of their destination, when   their
hearts   sank   and   they   become
wilderod, for immediately Jh  front of
them  coming  riding  leisurely along
was a real live Indian.    Their first.impulse was to run, then   they   made an
attempt to climb a' neighboring  tree.
Tlie thought of  meeting ' their doom'
far from home and on the Crows  Nest'
road was simply horrifying.   They^'had'
reael of the Custer anel Whitman massacres,    tlie   onslaughts    of    Sitting
Bull and Bain-in-the-Fnce^ub the battle   of   Wounded    Knee,    and   were
well awaro of the noble red .man's  unrelenting . desire ior the scalp  of  the
"pale face/' ,   .
''The poor siwash was almost as badly
frightened as the women. He thought
they were lost and was endeayorin g to
console them and set them aright.
He talkeel to them iu Chinook, but
they did not "kuixitux" a little bit.
The more ho talked the worse they
become scared, and he~ finally left in
disgust. It is safe to say that it will
be a long time before these three
women venture so far from home
The editor sat in his well-worn chair, his heael
■   bowed low on his breast,
Thc tangled., whiskers which fringed his face
clung close to his tattered vest.
He sat reflecting,upon his lot, aud the sighs.
which he.let escape '
Seemed wiudy evidence that attain! with him,'
were in a denperate shape.
Delinquent subscribers came not in to gladden
his heart with coin,  '
'Twas many a day since he Rtowed awuy a silver
piece In his groin.
And his wife had told him that very inoru, with
, a sort of a hungry frown,   , ■
His dinner that day tfould be turnips straight
-    with .water.to wash them down.
He'd chronicled every birth and death, with a
comment on each event, ''
Had  "Personaled" every man in camp, if he
only a-fishing wen<\; ,
At every wedding, 110 matter if the .bride was n
homely fright,
He'd laud,her comeliness to the skies; .-just
.^flatter her out of sight,1
.      I He orien taia tnat the minister was a Talmage
"e' of eloquence,
The Drain of the young attorney-at-law a bonanza of legal sense-
In short, iie'fl putted every living   soul, -from
the Mayor to Bummer Jini,
Vet never a "thank you" had oome his wa>;(
not a dollar been.thrown to .him.
While thus reflecting he heard ;a step, .and a
heart-warming " Howdy-do ?'
J reckon  you're the editor man ; .I've bin a
lookin' fur you-l'
I'jn ol' Sam Bass of the TwoOC ranch, bin takin'
yer paper a year,
An' I want .you to keep it a slidin' ialong ; I've
got tho spoudulix here.
I tell you, parduer,, the ol' Gazette is a huumior
from top .to toe !
My woman says she'll stop keepin', house if it
stops a comin', by Jo !
An' that reminds me, I brought a crock o' butter
of her own make,
An' throwed you in a hindfiuarter o' beef, jei'
sorter fur friendship's sake
jj^-v.^^:.*-.^.„& ;>.-y:y.-5T2&VVV?Z&Zr&t?zzz?ZrWPZtZ'Z'W>&~&Z?Z?:> 19^-^-^,V.^-^Z>^"~*v
\v   ■,■
to      '■■■.■
to .MOYIii
This Hotel is New and well Furnished.   The
Tables are Supplied with the Best the
Marketafibrds. The Bar is Filled with |
the Best Brands of Liquors .and Cigars.
CITY, ',i— — '■"'■— — — lSKITTSIt COT.U.iriilA.
Hon. Cliil'ord S if Lou aucl l'arty.
A special car containing the Hon.
Clifford yiftoii, minister of the interior, accompanied by his wife, mother
and child, Hon. .Robert Watson,
James Sutherland, Chief Whip, M. P.,
of Winnipeg, and Mrs. S. J. Jason of
Sturnwall, Man., passed through
Moyie City last 'Sunday.night to the
west, again passing through on their
return Monday afternoon. The party
went through to the end of the steel
to seo the tracklayers at weirk, aud
have a look at the country generally.
All were much .pleased with Moyie
City and its beautiful location, and its
natural adaption for a summer resort.
Mr. Sifton was on a tour of inspection
of the coal and minerul lands .along
the Crow's Nest road.'
"An' Tom—I guess you remember Tom ! Got
married last week, you know—
He told me to tell you that piece you writ about
the att'air w.a'n't slow ;
You said his girl was a'rural sprite,'  with  a
angel brand on her smile,
An' here's ten elollars that Tom sent iu to show
that he likes yer stylo,.
Aii' here ''—But the rancher heard a gasp, thc
editor toppled o'er
Aud fell with a dull aud sickening thud-on his
den's uucarjieled floor !
The visitor kneli o'er the prostriite form aud
lifted the helpless head ;
But the ten-dollar shock'hud done its work!
The editor uiau vvt.s dead 1
All Kinds of Bough and
Dressed Lumber. . . . .
MOyjE CITX, B.  V..   '
Will ttuild n Sidetrack.
While in' Cranbrook one day this
week Chas. Farrell approached M. J.
Haney on tho matter of 'building-a
sidetrack in Moyie City for the ac-
commodkition of the mine owners in
shipping their ore.. Mr, Haney as
sured him the sidetrack would
built by the time it was needed.
WrJls iiavK U-feu^Isauod.
Victoria, Sopt., 'J.—Tho cabinet ministers chosen by tho  Hon. C. A. Sem-
lin to carry on tho government of this
province will return to the   people for
re-election almost immediately.    Tho
writs have gone but to the diliercntre-
turuiug officers and aro  returnable on
October, 15, on   which  elate   the   new
government will be  firmly  seated, as
it is'unlikely that any opposition   will
be offered to the, return of   the, ministers.  Those, who will seek the endorse,
ment of their.constituents are Messrs.
Semlin,   West Yale ;'■ Joseph   Martin
arid  F.   C.   Cotton,  Vancouver;   and
Hume, Nelson.   Mr. McKechnie, president of the council,   being   without-a
portfolio, will not be required to   seek
re-election.—Fort Steele Prospector.
W,.S. Granston '.was - in Cranbrook
Joe Shae was on the Sick list Monday and Tuesday. -. .
The Mills boys are at present looking after' their interests in Wardner
aud'on Bull river.
'- The ground for the now Catholic
church is cleared, aud work on'the
building will begin next week.
J. M. Simpson and Miss Hackett,
the charming Swansea "helo girl,"
•wore visitors:i-i Moyie ' Monday oven-
ing. . . ' ,
At the meeting of the Washington
press association held in Spokane recently, the Leader was represented
by Judge Fraser of this place.
Sergeant Clopp and" Constable , Au-
gersj of  the .Northwest,  mounted  po-!
lice, have been called 'from Moyie and
are now following ;;p   the .traoklaying
gang.    L
A. T. Clark rs at present living on
his valuable   meadow   ranch   on   the.
"west shore of the lake, and is -clearing
land and making haty   whi-le  '-the -sun
There is a deal pending between the
owners of the Lake Shore hotel aud
D. J. Elmer. In all probability Mr.
Elmer will assume the management
about nejct Monday.
J. M. Lindsay and<= E. H. Small left
for the new town of Ivimberley Wednesday-. Mr. Lindsay has been awarded the contract for lathing and plastering the big hotel which is being built
Matt' Rockendorf came over from
Cranbrook on last Saturday ■ night's
train and spent Sunday with his
mother, Mrs. H. McKay. Matt "holds
cases" on tlie Cranbrook Herald.
There is a small fortune awaiting a
shoemaker and a tailor in Moyie City.
A report has reached here that tho
city of New Westminster was totally
destroyeel by fire a few days ago. . The
neighboring coast cities have responded promptly to the bail for the relief
of the suffering and distressed.
EaTl Mintof-eaifc; for Canada on
T-he-Kamloops Sentinel ar, nrotrfpti'b-
lishcd twice a w«ok.
Archbishop Ireland of St. 1'aul   has
been raised to the Cardinalate.     ''
Five business houses   in   Brooklyn,
B. C, are now lighted with ..gas.
Many portions of the ^Russian lSm<
pir<3 are threatened with famine.
Several accidental  drownings   ha'veY
recently occurred at Vancouver.
Hotels and towusites are springing
up all along the line from Brooklyn to
A ~Ne\v York despatch of September
I3th quotes bar siker at ;60£ cen-ts
and -lead at -f 3.85.
' The-report oames that tlie Indian
mints are really to be opened once
more to the coinage of silver.
Kansas City -Star: IPor {preside-fift-
in 19Q0—Russell a AUger. JEUabfor-nr--
Dead 'men tell 'Ao itf.les.
Germany looks favorably -on tho
peace proposals "of the Czar of Russia,
but they'are .totally rejected hy -tho
■French government. .   ''   ' '
A Washington journal remarks':
"The Chicago girl who is to marry
General Merritt rather thinks herself
several laps ahead of the St. Louis
girl who kissed  Lieutenant  Hobson.".
All hotel bars and saloons throughout the Dominion will be closed ou
Thursday, the i'Jih of September, tho
day on which the prohibition plebiscite is to be taken.
The Dominiun Department of Rail",
roads has issued instructions to close
the Niagata Central Railway for either
passenger or freight purposes, the road
being deemed to be in an unsafe condition. "
6h E. MUIK, Mgr.
Passengers on the Prograsso stated
that there between 200 and 300 men
who have drifted down the Yo'ukou
river in small boats and rafts, camped
on the beaeh at St, Michaels, They
have no means to secure passage to
the States. There was considerable
talk of applying to the government for relief; '   '    '
.Tender Flow tho Truck.
The tender of the locomotive of one
of the construction trains jumped the
track about Six miles west of Moyie
last Thursday, cuusing nearly ji 24
hours delay in running trains. Several oast bound passengers were"' on
board, amongst them being Inspector
Sanders of tho Northwest mounted
police. They walked from the scene
of the wreck to town, and con tin ued
their.journey eastward yesterday.
At a depth of only 23 feet. Dan Mc-
Dougald and Chas. Diamond, while
digging a well for the Moyie hotel,
struck three feet of water.
S. L. Goldberg returned from Brooklyn and the Boundary Creek country
yesterday. Times, in- Brooklyn, he
says, are, very dull, and the'contracture
and laborers ou the new road are as
much dissatisfied as they.were on the
Crow's Nest road.
J. E. Musgrave is, making sonic
neat and artistic improvements on
his barber shop.
■ Two carloads of dressed lumber will
be shipped from G. II, Muir's sawmill
to Cranbrook Monday.
A toil ' of -Slocan ore samples has
been shipped from Sandon to form X
part of the C. P. ; k.'s proposed European ore exhibit and goes direct- to
London and from there to Paris.
To, whom it may concern;' I have this day
transferred airngrtt, title aud iuturusl iu'the
Movie City Lkaijhk to l-\ J. Smyth mid J, K.
Musyritve, who will hereafter conduct tlie
business. All IjiUs duo . the Leaijkk will be
Collected by them, mid all bills against the
Lu.voi-;i; will be, paid by myself,   i), K. Vouno.
Malinger ijlucitu Citv i'ub. Co,
Moyie City, B, u., July .^jih, isvs.   '
There aro now over 2,000 men at
work-on the construction of the Rob-.
son-Pentiotou branch of the Q'olutu*'
bia i Western , railway,now building
from Robsou to Midway, a distance ot
105 miles.
Tho, Semlin gov. have not been
long in giying ofleet to their election
pledges, for they have .already .started. •
the piosecution of'the Dunsmuir syndicate for employing Chiuese under,
ground.—Golden Era,
, Cranbrook is both cosmopolitan mid
metropolitan. Last Sunday evening
there were open air services being
held on the principle corner, while a
block away an Indian horse race wa§
wan in full sway. Both entertain.
■ nieuts had a large crowd and a 'preach-
eiysays the Hei\Uei,
iraBomraesvosss ;-^S8?*v
-v.*o..*"?fv^ tui
g^^rv i ,.. ■!■,   nTff^^M, t*^rt.***v^»:-***-;-
i      !
] I
■   !•.
'r,1  TJ
5%     !
I t
. , t
■.' < ■ i -
;. ;> 'i
■• i
i   i
J««;t for .- <!r»i.;j;'4 c^lro wonld I! ave J,,t p~,
Jtnt for r. -'rccia's sp .«. lying half ii-rlir.cd
AprJr-5, <:irt t'.-»fe, feci ylsateoui heir tatwin-
Wir'j i-.UV whjtfi pj>arl* cat*, hlli'.s a'.l telcir.
/u-t fcr a J/er.pi'B rfate «*uly would I know
Too frJ! pcr.'*.«tl<5jB licv-ilJily catllned
liviieolli iiie vrrc^ihir.g rAin.e-i.t8 ilis-t omvir.cl
Her sujivptnotw   brauty  from   x!l irlnds tliat
B&e's but tbu cbifc-lod fu':iso of jay firrann,
Tlio tu <>:itivr>'' yirtrbit* It rap thng-odel drawn
U;><«. c;. i Isicu Jy ii» nighi'.s dpj»j> bish,
{Titan b».«tctr'B «L!, f2ad   Jn   the  moon's  thin
IS ant tori's. U> cnl! th:> Crst ro^o of tl-.p r"s">m
Afn'ds-t l;or ynriJc: gruoit-i wainj ^ndluPb,
Waffios >»evtou Matthews ta Xew BoiaiclQ.-i'.'
vf^ce to give  him iude- i
icon engaged, for tho I
1 wi'-h- players. !
employer -was  a new- I
who  know  nothiu/?  of  "Slow-
no cf;
fcerw»s,'foi' It mig
eitivo sor.1   beyond
parpoee.     But, for
telling who  his maa-
hi vex s-jcio, poor eea,
Ike citys  and to no
himself, ho  wea  a
most familiar figure en tho link?—tall,
ben*, scosewhnt cflo sided, an infirmity
(hat increased with years and vkcuina-
tism, with an angular faeb, . clean
ebaved twice a -week, with a Scotch
fcenrt! etrck awry above it and a short
clay pipe  insecurely held in thc corner
, ?! of  pri'-f, to rit during  tho nfrcnicoa
j on his   ac-curtonied Lcnch with fho oih-
, cr caddie:-.    In   the  meming  he beset
himself 'o find a new oii^n^cmont.    He
i v.'afi in receipt cf a sinall pension ftom
Lis   late   r.:v.<.r  in   reccrr.-jiticn   of  *»
many years cf  faithful service, but tho
1 sum did  net eu:
I pendence.  H
I links were 'hronged wi'-h- players.
This time  his  employer was  a ncw-
' comer,
' back's"  pccr.Iiaii*y.     Ho   wa3   nearly
Ftpnned with purpri^o at what ho dosm-
r-1 :he, caddie's indolence ou hh first utterance cf the inevitable wcrdd.  Ho laid
not bin jfi however, en   tho  first ofTccso,
but when it was repeated  expostulated
in unmeasured  terms.    To his surprise*,
■his rebuke   hrought "Slowhack" to fho
ver^o of tedrs.   Then, partly by his opponent  and  partly   by tlie epponent'e
caddie,   tho   situation  -was  explained.
Ho found h'mFclf able to-minglc a rness-
uro of pity VY*i(h bis wrath, but through-
i fivr-'" rw aim
Tha lien.-1; tli-.t Jinj:> our scr.'.'.a tojjoth')?,
Vi'i.l it 1 .^t il.roairh srsrn:y -.veathar?
Vi'iil it j;io! j'.r u:ul O.ecpy
A* tho lo:i? houra H = ct jv.-.iy?
V,'il] it sin ic5i v.-i.un t.^.rt UiviJf-a ui,
VTr-.en dark, wi-ary day.'i bavu tried U.3T
If it look ton \iuut ::nd s-l'.^'lit,
Let V3 'urciik thc linkn touight.
■It was not forged by mortal hands
Or cl.isppil Tv-itli golden br.rs or uanda
Euro tliisic ,'iutl mine, no other eyes
Tho slider li;u:\;an reooanizo.
In the bright 1 ght it K^niau to fado,
And it is biddm in the phade.
Villi.*, heaven nr carta has ucvor hearcS
Or sciouu, vow or plifr.'ii.'d wonl. ,
Yet wiwt no mortal lusd could maia
Ko inortnl jio-.vcr' can ever b.-fak.
What worJn or vo'ya could liavar do
Ko words or vows can n;iko untruo.
And if to othor heart.-* unknown   ,
The dearer and tho moro our own
jlccause too sacred nnd divine
For ether eyes sr.vo thine r.nd ralno.
—Edward vrilhur.- rlcrcn :a "ifomanlilnd,
rVoIby  vr<(h   an  irjcrcdilon*    Jock fi
aiuusWic-t.    "AriG\?cr  paid too.    Thr
dovil sh--' did! And yoa havo accepted?"
"W''.at else -would yon havo me dc?"
rianels Efolidlj".
•of his mouth for Iric-k of teeth. Presum
cbly ho had net Ixcn elv/ays thus.
Doabtleaj there had been a (irno \vhen
tip was a barelegged geveeen, Ecnmper-
lug blitbtjly v,'ith mJicd feft, end again
a tizue ^tLoi. , bo Trao a sprnc« young
xaoQ, a favorite with the L'iBsie3 may-
lie, but i! sracb, times had ever been It
•ffta extremely bard to picture thrta to
one's incntal vieteu, aud
, himsc-If never referred to thoiii.
It wo3 irupcf.siblo to picture bim otb-
««ar than be '.vna v,-hcn hrct we,know hira
—shambling in gcih, crookeri of aspect,
clad in lc;:^ fror.f-.crr' ?iud du iuade-eiua^e-
ly short cor.t, witfc a woclcn ecarf about
{lis'nceik, snd Looted at such Ic-ugth th-tst
ft Gcomcd ah'-nsd to poppose his toes
conic rcacii thc end cf their roveruigs.
He v.'S.*; a reserved n>an and appenroel to
We did not trou-
hi9,Jodgiijg, but
out tho ronud tho ejaculation, many
timed repeated, in, the speaker's ov/n
dcepito, spoiled,his intended stroke and
led to the immediate payment of the
caddio and rejection cf hi3 further services.
Several   times   during   fho   ensuing
week.-; e'id  now one  and  now another,
in igiioranen or in   pity, enpogo the unfortunate man to curry club.s, but in no
case could his  it'.icsyncrasy be  endured
beyord the liaifsof a einglc round.  Ho
made cffoi ts that were absolutely heroio
to  overcome it,   EV.'athiD^  the woolen
corafortor around   his   mouth   until asphyxiation threatened him, but through
all the folds of  the stuff  come, vrith a
"Slowlvick"-!1 mufded   lugTibriousness, tho hateful cz-
'clamaiion v.-hieh thc  man would  havo
giveu   v.'crlGS   to  havo  withheld.    Do
^•haS' h6 would he cculd not rid himself
of  this damnoFa Ltercditus, bpqucathed
to him, along with his slender pansion,
by bis departed- master.    Gradually ha
Ghe had received a letter in tho morning bogging her to Fomehow • procure
liim a little :uoney. Thing.-? were going
badly, and lio had been ill. Sho thought
of if all dpy lonj, .bavin? dispatched the
r  thc   thinking,
bo without roh
bla to inquire about
cvory morrii»-J3 he'was t-o l:>e f.ecn sitting
on ^he bench that the other cadeii^e occupied, smoking h'ia pipe and waiting
for hi3 master to cone with the clubs
from the o'.cbhon^e. Then, ho would
."carry" the two btntntory ronncis of
the linkn sec! disappear again until the
follewiag morning. How bo'trpo-nfe his
Bondays wo never thought of asking,
bst no, ono hos ever appeared to havo
'««u him fin tfcs day of i-ert.
All this waa in the years b-oforn the
."boom" in golf which led to the game
becoming the pcrso^ion of all and sundry. Bookn had not l-i'-cn written abou*
tho paajc, and nil the available majcimo
«*» carried in tho heads of thoro who,
tike " Slow back," made a profusion
either ci pls-ing or of carrying clnlxs.
* Tbo maxims were substantially three,
"Slov7 back," "Keep jOnr e.yo on the
ball" and "Don't presa" *To thess
poicUt bavo Leon  nde?cd   a  fourth, "Ee
SiSa'-'-S^t t-"e' applied mo:? na.r*ioul.n:-'li-
«A;'ei;« slfM-t   j;am(.; ^uinT'wa^lho V.rs%
of themaxim-i, roncc-rned with the more
g]or!o::s bnslDC.'--s of the drive*, that wc5
ocftined to  oscrc-lso  an   important   in-  J
fiueaieo on "Slowback's" life.    There is I
no doubt, of coureo, that ho had another
name  fbaa   this  sobriquet, but it hap-
peDf-d fc nnno cf us ever to learn it, and
tie manner  in which  ho  obtained hir
appellation was aa follows: His master
was  never  moro   than  an   indifferent
player at the beet   Ho was consoious of
bit defleiencies, but rather than attribute  them   to what wore   perhaps  thoh-
trner cansex, cf faulty eyesight or inado-
qoatQ muscle, prefeiTC-d to n?fer them to
naglecfc of  soraft of  tho important mas-
ixs6 cf tie golilog art   and especially to
tiiat first qucte-d  ono of   "Slow back. "
Z2« conceived that  ho  hi.d contracted a
fttal hai>ifc cf  hurrying tlie club away,
la the  bat-k  stroke, from She ball, and
that thia  initial  error was  responsible
for all tho subeeejuenl miss kits and toppings with v/nicb) tho  club visited  the
ball  on  ita  descent,    ilaybe   be  was
yigbk   Bat la  any casw f£te  me»ns  by
which h« strore to core bim*elf of this
fatal tendency wero to iaake his caddio
cjncnlate tlie magio words of monition,
f' Slow back!'' each time that be prepared
to raise his club for tb« driving stroke.
'The result, it has to be  admitted, waa
not wholly satisfactory.  One can say no
xnor«  tbaji   that   hia  esecutiou  might
conceivably bavo been worse   in the ab-
|*ace of tb« warning.
Tht»a It wen* on foreov^ral years. At
$ho end cf that tln»« it happened that
'"Slowback's" tiaeter—for a 1 ready the
ooddlo had earned the nickname by
which alone we know him—was called
away for three "a ce'wi or co by the de.ith
of a near rolntivo. Then "Slowback"
carried clubs for another master. But
th^ lmbit that he b;;d formed during
these years of ejaculating his monitory
"Slow backl" «a his muster raised the
ftlub waa not to be denied. Still, at the
#ouclnsioB of each address to tho ball,
he uttered thc eolemn words, then found
himself covered with the most pitiful
coniiiHieju i.-t the rebuke which his uncalled for interference had merited.  For
ogrew to lcccg^izo the hopelessness of
' his condition and ecaped even'to seek
employment. Ho spent his days sitting
dejectedly en the accustomed seat, growing thinner and mere gaunt as poverty
set its grip moie flnnly upon him,
grateful if now and again one of hie
.friend? cu the bfnch would give him a
fill of tcbaccp for his seldom replenished
At,length he'ceased to frequent the
links altogether. For seme days no one
tcexasd to notice his absence. Then it
was noticed that "Slowback" had disappeared, and we began to ask questions
about him. I'l^s ci-oniee knew nothing,
only that ho h&d not bees: down to the
links fox ,a day or tv:c ' We inquired
where he lodged ■ and with seme difficulty found the locality. It,was up a
<?tccp  stair in   a  little honrc of , a back
landlady told
13 that  she
I street.
j feared ho was not well.    For some days
■ he had net left the house aud had eaten
' ne^t  to  nothing; said   his stomach re-
■ fused food, and that he had no 'ippe-
i tire.' Wo asked her whether she thought
; he lacked for rnon'-y, but the woman
I said no, basing her information ou ,the
I faot.. that' he batl k<_us Iiir umall *«t
( pa 10 ^p.
\h    When we wont is, it appeared at ones
Mist  he wes  veiy lis.'!.   Ke  lay on the
bed terribly wasicd, ioarce'ly more than
a skeleton e>f a man.   We asked whether
he ,had   eern   a  elector and being  told
no sent, off for ono at once.    He seemed
to recognize un, and a strange smile  of
pleasure struggled  across  his thin features.    Ee even tried to  speak, but the
only word we could distinguish was hi3
terriblo  ejaculation   cf "Slow   back!"
though whether Le were trying to speak
of  himccif thus by Lia familiar  sobriquet  cr   whether  he  deemed   himself
still "carrying''  for  his old master on
the links  we   could not  tell.    Then he
relapsed   into   silence   and seemed  to
At length the dortor camo. Ho took
but ono glance at the poor figure en the
bed, passed his hand beneath thc
clotkee and laid it for a moment over
the hetrt. Then he hiincd to us, with 6
gTave face. "Blowb?.ck" was dead.—
Oornhill Magazine
a Ftre,kc or two, putting great restraint
upon himself, he succeeded in keeping
fcis soul in silence, but at the next the
t.j{-intable exclamation bioke from him
again,.to the .distraction and .'despair, of.
■thc.srifferer to whom it was addressed.
During the three weeks of his master's
alweiice several golfers mndo trial of
."Slowback's"'cervices,'for ho was an
excellent caddie, saving his single idiosyncrasy, and regarded with a certain affection us being somewhat of a "character" besides. But none could suffer him
long. One after another had f.6 give
him up after being reduced to impotence tuid despair by his ravcnliko
croak. At length his legitimate master
returned, iuid '-Slowback" was u man
.   A   P (7  more   years   drugged   their
IcuRth to a cVwo, fafti'then   the hand of
I'leuth h:\], thia time: ou no near relative.
<-'f   hi^ msstcr, but, ou   the mas't.or himccif.    "Slowback,"'   in   a   j»-w suit   of
Pol.soDOQH Tli--stio In ttio Tllcod.
A recent intelligent writer draws attention to   an   important but not  sufficiently considered point in u recent communication to   Tho  Lauecfc.    Dr. Hood
gives his experience   as to   the valuo of
car bona ;• j  of  limo in tho form  of  calcined oyster shells as a means of arrest-
ins   tlie   trrowtl^of  cancerous tumors,
and, alihoufjh his opportunities ror em-
ploying   it  iu test cases havo not been
large, tho results attained by its use aro
characterized as having proved satisfactory in a high degree.   Several instances
aro named   in which a   porsovcring use
of   tho  euloiueel   shti/1 powder   arrested
tho growth and pain in tumors undoubtedly of   n   caiic-rroTt'i chau.ctfr.     Where
tho n.ituro of   tii'1 aJce.tiou i.j e-irly recognized, a, iiorsistcnt triul of this method is pronnnnccd very desirable, among
othoi points nicntionc-d   in its favor being that of entire liarmlosKiieiris and noninterference   with   any other  remedies
resorted   to  for the jelief of pain.    The I
t.yster  shells  for  this purpose  may bo '
conveniently   baked   in   n  homo  oven,  !
and   the   calcined   white lining of  the ,
couoave shell sciaped off, the substance i
thus obtained   being then reduced !o   a !
powder, and   as   much as will lie on  a '
diver quarter taken once or twico a day '
ih'a little warm water or tea. i
little  eho  h?;cl, and
things looke-l/^o better. Her brother
had noi ruor.'rh to livo upon, and (hero
was an omi c-i it Fate was niggardly
witli rhem all. During tho afternoon
•tho -<:'rls camo iu and Mrs Hamlin.
Mrs. iiiiuliu was always delightful nnd
cheery. -Yer lovely dresses and sweet
face aiKjb^rarjrant oloRanco reminded
Ltuijio iA'^i-at least nho was ,the ripht"
psrri'ju in c-hs^-riglifc place-^with fitting
eun^idh'-gs and the beantifnl things
of life that all women instinctively
claim us their right hers.
','Iuni,sie, you look preposterously de-
j jactotl.  What is it? Are yon in love with
| auoannrohipt, oris  it  only, gcneral'as-
j pirutiens toward tho impossible?"
: ,    "No, I am not  in  love,   but  I  am
thinking of •oropesiug to some'one. "
"Why?" ■ '     .  '    '
"Because I am,in a hurry.  Fred, you
know,' ia frightfully hard up." -  ■
"But why don't'you accept IVfr. Howard, when he's so devoted, poor man?"
"That .wouldn't be fair,, because, yon
fioe, he i9 devoted, and I—no, I think a
fat man with beard   and . glasses   is the
sort,of thing—in tho abstract." ,
, '   "Oh, excellent in  tho abstract; protects you, is kind to yon and gives you
, checks.   In the concrete he"—
|       "Dear Airs. Hamlin, don't.  The mat- I
! tor is net discussable in tho concrete. ',*
,      "Fancy Maisie  proposing 1" said erne
of tho girls.
"You don't know wkct I am capable
of," returned Maisin.
"I'll dare yen, Mcisio, " Mrs. Hamlin
twinkled; "£20 on, and I'll give- yon a
"Twenty pounds!" repeated Maiaie.
And there wa.3 an odd sound in her voice.
, "Twenty pounds."
"Deine!" she- said,   to  the  astonishment cf the room. "It's a bet!"   Everyone sat up   nnd bristled with delisted
curiosity,  jiair-ie. of all people, who-invariably t/oated her swains with a good
'tempered scorn that was iho envy of her
friesi-sd.-il •        , '
"I will do it now I'* sho wont en e.x-
cltcdly. "Mabel, give mo those telegraph, forms. Of courso I won't undertake'to carry out the contract if any on*
accepts," she added.
"Xo, no: but a bona fide proposal!*'
She  thou  sit,  down   aud   addressed
Beven Joifgrams   and   dispatched them
by the  maid.  "Reply paid, "she eaid.
"And now we'il have tea."
"what havo you done?" questioned
Mrs. Hamlin. .   .
"I  havo  asked  ecvon ruon to marry
me." '
"Maisie I"'
"Well, se-ven gentlemen will hardly
b<; able to think that I am pining for
them all, and they'll exchange notes."
"Men nevur do that. "
riAh, what men never do that snrely
man always does,"she laughed. "Honor with them is a collective virtue that
has no application in the singular. You
shall read tho answers."
For tho next few" days Hcraco Sands
expeiioticed a general sense of bcwiider-
u<; ckpru.si'ou. flo was an engaged
mi-.n-—to a very lovely girl, it was true,
but nevertheless he was engaged, tied
up, as it were—somebotl/'s property.
He. must bay proccuts aud ring.s. ;:nd
tliii'ik of furniture. Xcver in his life had
he thoupht-about furniture. Even at
college he. h-iel not, as many of the men
did. troubled how his diggings were arranged.
'   He pisced a man in tho street carry-,.
Ing a kitchen safe.    Ho   tried   to thin.1. ,
what a safe waa meant for and realized ;
that they would certainly have to havt ■
|  a safe.    Some perambulators in a great'|
shop canght-°his eye, and ho blushed niiei j
looked obstinately on   tho  other side of ,
f,-?ithe read.  lie had postponed callings-he j
bad not dared j-ef.  lie would never sum- '
h?on 'courage to h'jhave us a lover should ;
to such a wo-id'.-rful piece of femininity. ;
II-j  remembered   now that   lier  eyes '.
wcr: gray nnd serious and lnngliing all
at ouce; that she had a delightful, pet- '
nlant month.    The'thought of  her was
.iwoei. Thc reality at present;,\van- te'rri- -;
fying.  Ha could not yet face his betroth- j
ed.    Ho >iiu«t have   time to get   used to ;
himself   nnder   these   new   couelitions. j
Another day pnssciL    On  tho fourth he j
dre.'-seel himself in a frock coat, adejrneo I1
bis bnttonliojo with a bouquet aut.1 start- ! I
ocl fe^r her iionso: ',',
When ho arrived as far as tho street
i:i whicii she lived, ho turned round und
wont to ihe e-^ub. Tooiowas a notc
from her—-'hioe days del. Again he
Hushed and thrust it into his pocket.
He, went our, and in the busy traffic of
the streets read hia first love loiter from
P, HI. 12 C'oriV.v.M
Siilu W.aur .,ire,e
} Vacouver,
Complete Outfits
Klqndyke-Yukon Gold Fields,
Wc have tho largest stock on thc eou.st  .-ind   cmi   outlit. paitius
on .^Iioid
iK>tice,    Wa can alnh .supply pnek or woi it lmrac-? lit reaKonnljlu \trUy
1 ok
Klondykc Outfitters.
Ukaii Mn. Sani>3—How chivaJrou3 and r.to«
of you I   It, was, a bet, you know.
He cliei not read any more, but strode
homeward.. ,Hc had been a pretty kind
of fool anyhow—n vnin'ass too.  As if c
beautiful girl like that—then  ho began
to laiiRh.  Ac any rate, he was free again
—free!   But  somehow he,wasn^t  quit€ J ,
j  suro that ho wanted   to bo &o very free, j Special' A OTrKcJeS
;  Tho  furniture  had  Leguu   to   interest j *=>-*
i  W«»-   . ■       , ,;
'      Tnr." met Iho no^zt   evening  atLneVj'j
1  Vangh'-in's.    hho  received   him wii-h a j
j  very   bright  smile,   and   they  danced, j
I  They danced several times, auel thou he I
said at tlie c-nd, ' 'I suppose yeiu couldn't i
oaro feir me, could ycu?"' Aud she col- '
oreel   all   over   and   said,   "Oh,   no,, I i
couldn't—nctranyhow in {ho'worlell"
Fan; threw them together. They constantly met. Shs tried to uvoiel.ii'im,
but ho would "hot let her, nudshe coanotl
at hist to try. At tlio cud of throe
months he again asked her to L-o his
wife. The tenia crepl into her eyes thc^i,
and sho said, "You are very kind *nd
fhivaIrons, and'I am Tory grateful, .ftut
[ cu n't—Indeed I cau'ti" So that he;
wpuc away conscious that there was a
burner between them ho cuiuld not
break do..vn. Ho went nbroad with
Wei by a;:d prove-1 n propos'torously dull
'/■-.lie. will  ner?r havo mo, " be a
one ei.iy irreleiv.-.ntly.  "I believe it
because of that confounded tch.-grum. "
'•Most likely."
"Wh.-.t :,;i-.i]l I do
"Fotg^j her."
■ "That's vshut  I
do,' but f-.-vo'.-j  cicpc
Lciixt, and I can't."
"^,7ire. theiil'1
"vVha!; tho v.'ired to yen."
.Maicio was sitting v,-i:h Mrs. Hamlin,
and her pretty faco w.-is even paler than
on tho meuic.rablo occasion of the send-
)®S©S®©©© ®©©®©®®©©©$$®®®©i
Segr ani's Rye "Whisky
Q. H. M.      , "     . .
B', P. RITHBT & CO,,
Agon ts
have hern trying to,
somehow   into   rm
We Quote Lo-vv Prices on Picks, Shovels, Gold Pans,
,   Gold Scales, Pack Straps and Saddles, Dog Sleds,
Dog Harness, Tents, River Coats," Steel Stoves.
Etc. .       -
Camp Utensils, Etc
ing of the telegrams
Ah," she said,
I.. , ".     ;,-(;i
)■.::, i^ppar-
^ The Railroad -Car Journal of New
York h:iH'originated a project to build a
private car for the use of tho president
of l he" TJnirod States from material and
appliances contributed by the car building and affiliated ■ industries. ■ The designs aud specifications-are being prepared under tho supervision of a corn-
luittoo of 25 master car builders aud superintendents of motive, power. "The
projected car," it-is said, "will ben
complete exposition of the art of car
building, demonstrating-to tlio woriel
the surpassing cxcollenco of this iudns-
try iu ilia United States, nnd it i;; to bo
presented to tho nation, as a tribute
from tho car building fraternity, for thei
pei-Koiinl liiid official nso of the! successivu
preddents cf the United States."
tu  duo  course  of  time the answers
ramo.  Ono by one the girl opened them
beforo  her' expectant  friends, who refused to go till all had come.  "Rcgrote,"
quoted  Maisie,' holding  up  ono  with
mock    gravity.    "JToxfc.   pioaso.    Ah,
thank you, Susan! 'Sorry, previous engagement.'   'AJaa!   impossible!'    'Cir-
j cumataucea over which  I  have no con-
i  troll" 'I would if I could, but I can't!'
j  'Ino!'   That's-rather  impolite, and  he
l  really—well, emo mustn't bo kissed and
toil.   Twas so   long a;.-o   too.    You see,
ladies, how devoted  my lovers  all are.
,  But ,1 havo won my b:t.  Ah, hero i:i another; one. more polite refusal! Xo! 'Of
com so I   am   honored,' " she   read.    A
crimson ilu'-di of   shame spread over th»
girl's laughing face.   "That's chivalrous
cf   him," Fho said, trying   to   hide her
eiiibrnrapsmont.  "And now to invent a .
polite refusal to.my own proposal."
° ■>"«•»•     j
Horace Sands was in chambeis when '
Miss   M.iiaic's telegram—reply  paid— I
arrived..  He  Vvas   smoking   a cigarette j
with Max Welby:   They generally smok-"I
i-d together after  lunch   in  a  kind, of'I
pyiup'atlietic'si'le'neb. He read-it sloWlyj.
then went out of the room.    On' returning  his  friend  noticed, an'  expression
of most pathetic  Woo  upon   his  placid
features, and, such a hangdog' look that
he re-fraineel from pu^ng auy questioas
from fear, of intruding on private matters.  Horace, however, after some fidgeting, said, "You  know  after  all it's »
dreadful thing, but what could a fallow
do? She's a charming girl of course, but
I didn't think of exactly—in fact, I run
not a marrying man, ypu know. I neve?
thought of marrying—don't know anything about it."
"If you'll explain what you are talk-'
Jng about, I may bo able to understand. "
"Well, tho fact is, Miss'Maisie wired
aud asked nic, don't you know, and I,
of course"—
"Asked you what:"
"Well, I suppose I oughtn't to say,"
bt> snid, suddenly flushing crimson.
'Did   she   propose to 'you?','   nske£
"it i.; a pity!   I care for him so much-
eo much—anel it could   never  be  now!
Couid it?"
"It'si rather difilcult," said Mrs.
Elamlin. "How mad of us all to havo
let yon do it! We didn't rcali/.o till thc
things were gone. Your spirits carried
us i-w:>".   lie's abroad, isn't he?"   '
"Yes, and I can't bear it, but I must.
Thal'3 Jifo, ii-n'fc it?" sho said, with a
little h-ad smile. "We all manage to
bear whut we- can't." And then a tolti-
gram came, reply paid.
"NVh-.-.t is i;'r': s;dd Mrs. Hamlin.
"I'm has viied.    Look!"
"And y. hat are you going to say?"
Tho girl sat down upon hr.r hccln upon
tho floor and looked first into the fire
aud tlien   at  Mrs. Hamlin.    "I think 1
Hoods bought in BritHt Columbia go
in (he: Uniifd SVcs tliey will be taxed
the; clicnpc-'iit {
into llio Islondyke free.    If bonj/Iit
."U   por   ci-nt   duty.    V.-mrouve-i-  i.<
ice to outfit. ,  Wiil.s ns. for map'contaiiiuig ful^ information
reeiy &
victoria, u. o.
you?" hIh-
ouglit   to  be  jiolite.    Don't
Raid.   "He v/c/i to me. "
"Ye«," fl.'iid   Mrs. Hamlin, "I  think
you fhoiiid be polile."
And Miss Maisio was.—Westminster
Wholesale Merchants, Shippers and Importers.
Cold nnd Orcnsr.
Rome years ngo the mint  authorities
a certain  city'notioed   that   a i--mull
amounr, of ;;cl 1 wo-i mi'ising every day
af'er tlio coj.'.'ing opc-iafici:s wore over.
The-y wafe bed and set. traps of-. every
description, but no thief was '-.detected",
and after the. loss had con tinned with
regularity'for some months thoy set it
down to an crfra a mount, of Unavoidable
waste and thought no more about it.-' ,
Two., or three.'yoars afterward two
brothers, who wcro working there, left,
and set ^p a public house together on
money which tbry said had been left
them by an uncle. Ab they had both
cood characters, it -was not until one of
them told a mint fore»man, ou tlio understanding that no action should be
^keh, tbjat anything was knowa of the
follo^iog trick:
Both tho tirotkera Bsft.8 ta gwase their
hands befe»e working •« 9ito maehlues,
and whenever they a<«4e<jrt msm golrf
dust sCicfeing fc> th© grvna* ft «i4-aiperl
off in their hair. Care tf A* *m<\ thaft
enough waa net taken to ehow, though
when they washed th«ir . hair at feoffie
e-ich night the, few grninn meant oeveynl
extra shillingR, which nltimatoly en-
ablod t.hem to retire and live comfort-
abiT.—-Strand Ilasaziuo. Y.
?LOUE and. FEED       Mm
■1 ^-^.v^/5k/fc/%'-1S^'%/^s^
JrANU'll'AGTLrKEJt'S .UK' —'
no i
itS 9
_.oncentrators, u
$ Bngmes, Boilers and Saw Mills.
!i,       PiiTERBono.uorr.ONT.- Vancouver, n. a,
i '■■ ,        subscribe: for   -
Jsa   JL1L%ZJ-
XjTuy    jla. $i5iOoo on Stamp Mill.
Saw  Mill.
he- Expanded   on    the
Following  Alines:    , ■>
reat Northern
The Surveyor's Chair;  Wade It
Transcontinental Route.
It is Hie Xoit ifo.h'i-n in Equipment.
It is the;He vi<*sr Ituiie I Li  e.
It has a Itork-ildlliist ItiudijeJ.
It Crosses Ko S mi Di-sei-is.
It win r,v&1£ Witliout^Land CJrant or
Government: A it*.
It is note I   for tlie  Coiirt-sy of Its
It is the Onlr Line Sen liig Meals on
the la Carte iTaii.
Grandest  Sceno.ru
la America by Daylight.
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vrefltnud Noriiibikl. j
, Form.-n«.»l*cir.xi;ivf t»tiHiJ(;i,. information !
call on or auiAre^. K.S: «.,!,'}-.. j,,* v-,v .,,,,1 1
TrndhitfOi. V- ami I". S. Kv., or-      ' " '    "•      ' I
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~5<iKt5 issued  through nnd  baggage
checked   u> dost in;iLion. '
Tourist Gars
M ' ' ' '
IJnllyloKt. l'mil.   I>ailjr<in.<«>|ii W'ertnes-
,      day to   Ktiitxsm Oaitadaui  mid   U.  :>.
1 :m>i-i.<w— -. 1 ajiji—■ u-«..raTujT»t» .~i»^»»-. hui«,»«>..^..jljmj:u.i
[Tbo Japanas9 have a Icigoad to the t-fisci
iliat tie duwy 'uiw-s in tbo litmrt of h:)ru. or
jkrysuntheraiim, nr? tho c-U-rJr of life. Tin
tollowla- translation from a netivo poet, 8«-
laxui O0U-.1, touches upon this point.]    ■
O bloom of rhrysialhe—was,
j. Failed ot old.
! JL fountain of rnptare -- Z.
. And fi"cctnt-:-K untoldl '       """ **
f ^
~be de-A-y win? sporMed    *. "     '-*"
With Iiro in its flame,        '   ' •    "~. ,
And mortal* partaking       t ,'
I—mortal beoumo. "■'"
Eut, lo, thoro hath c.iescA
A wocdprfnl flower,
For God'a lovo haih blossorSeiS.
( Soul lifo is its dowc-r.
/.■3d its pctiiln uhMI shine
More enduring than thine
With tbfilr faliulcus troajures of llfij
giving wine
For fairjlaad'n etore.
And iU dswdrops ehall glow, '
Aad its frapraaos filiull grow ~
From mora uato moro ,.       * ,JI?3*-
1 While tho years voire and ctk
Dart ars the mounds where the mow %lMt it
Wild is the cry of tlio wind on Its flight,
Cold ia tho drift thnt tho north wind is heaping
Orer the a-&rtilng alone tn tho night 1
Alono in  the  night ead tho dark that wait
Out cf her arms bet, a daybreak n;o!
Anguished \rith sorrow, her ivaichahe is'keep-
Far would  sho follovr through etorra —id
through snow.
'Nay,   tender  mother,  hs.v& done  with  your
v f-epi-ig,
Not, ir. L>,o night and tho dark has ha part.
His all of bright Leaven savo -when ho is sleeping
And  dreaming  of  heaven, warai.-v.-arm  in
your h.-_rt.
—Harper's liizxr.
Coniip'cdons    Daily   (except  Sunday)
=x—iT-^TO^ncvciMToiro ruid.Main Line points.
6a. —. Li-. XUKWS   CITY ,\rr.  0:40 p. m.
To NcImki, k'aslu, Tr:iii aiul Ilos.sland.     ■'
"no- Lr.  SLfK^AN OtTT ,trr.  n:aoa. m.
Kokanec* Icarc«  Kaxlo on Tao«lays and   Kri-
<lay» <>f each Week at 9:15 juit. fur   round trip
<o Larduniid Artjcnta. ,
Atsecrfaiii jvrcv<wsi    ,
AnH   full, lnfofinnfion   by
THOMAS 11 J5XI)i£«60N,
Alpine, Group
Lucky George
Thcie is no reason in tho world  tyhy
ttien, wL-cthcr  uvoraKO  men or mou  of
go'nius, t-hoiikl  despise  (ho  cooking of
j  their food.   Tbey iic\cr ehow, or aro re«
J  quired to show, tlio same contempt  to-
!  wanl iiuy other 'url, and on no other  is
J  their mental calm  moro completely dependent.   Anill fitting coat is n worry,
but, not sn'ch a \rorry as c'iuners porpet-
nallyill drrssed.  To many rnen, and especially to mou wlicso work ia sedentary ,
or   whoso   brains  aro fully tuxod, food
whirh in at once light and. nonriFhing is
in, absolnto necessity if  thry aro to ei- \
ert  their'highest power?, and   food of ]
that  kind is obtainable only by caro in
Gclccting meats and Rood cooking when '
they are selected.   A   man   should  not ■
think tco much of _ hia dinner or devote !
too much time  to 'preparation for it or f
enjoy it tco visibly when it has arrived, !
for all those  aro  animal  poduliaritieH. I
Eut  to  remain content with bad food, j
wheiYa little more thought or  careful- j
ncss  or criticism would procure it In a '
state fit to be eaten, is only what 'Scotch- j
mrja ustyl   to  describe as "a wasting of '
the maircie<:i."-:-Loridon'Spectator. I
Tke    Way*    of   tl>«    Two   Grrj»t   Proinirr*
j Were C'nrtou«ljr Unlike.
I beard nearly all the great *p<?eche*
leado L'j tatb thc'rnrn in that p*rli«-
raeatary 6n*l, which lasted fof feo'many
yenrs lij own oreer^afiou ai;d joug-
ment gave tte su^ericiity to ilr. Qlad
- stcno - sli thro*tfh, kcl I qoiu» ftosafl
that Disraeli stofxl up well *o hia.paeol,
opponent and that it was nol alwayn
e»sj (o award tho juizo of rJctory. Tht
two men's voirrs we.ro curiously unlike., Di&rncli hud a dreji, low, powerful voire, jienrd ev«rywhere throughoul
tho houEO, but having little variety or
nm'sic i:i it.' GJudstoiio's voice was
tuned (0 a Jii.chn- note, was pouotmc-'
inn, rrponaiii, litu-itt mid full of an <:x-
quisito modtiiaticn and music' which
gave new Mia^es' of n:cnninj» to every
emphncired void. The ways i.f the'
men were in almost   vrciy respect curi-
Ralte* ftt tho Proper Time and of Coirect
Acaottnts Did thc Trick—Morrisssy Got
~l,COO Otit of tho 1'ot, Scovel Got the
&e«t and tlio Otliern Got t*fU
Tho pspsing cf the Crystal Faloon.
Gone, but not forgotten. Erected in
1708. Razed only :i few rtays ago. , The
Crystal saloon, which adjoined the Frcar
Hcah>o, was for over 40 year? (he principal ami cbont the only rendezvous for'
(fporting men in ' thin city.- It was the
! resort of such \vell known men r.s John
l /icrriKPey, John Daly, Colcncl Jim Sro-
j rcl and othora. Stories liavn been told
i of plays of faro when the limit was tho
• eLj, t»nd whe.ro tho checks were piled
i on a card as high as tho ceiling.
Many good   f-tories  nro   told  cf' big
peine* played In the Crystal.   One of tho
bent is of tbo great prlrer jame in which
•bo  lato  John   Morrifpey and   Colonel
Jim   ScotgI   wera   the  two   important
player*.   It was nearly 80 years ago. It
I was a bleak Deocmbc* night.   This waa
; brfow  Soovel was  sent to tho   United
j Slate's  paristc   by   tht>   Jerseyitps,   a'nd,
*rhen Morrissoy was  at  tlie  height of
bis  prorainenoo.    It'wcs 11 six  handed
game of draw.   Tho gaum had been lagging on for three hours without any excitement, ''ilorripsey was ,abcut $-1,000
'    HIG!
"W. F. Ax'iiKijsox,
mck Prince
0 Grouu
Sundown Fract
,    E. J. COYLF.
District P^s^ep^c'r Agent,
Vancouver, Iirillsh  Columbia.
«rBe«»rc your ticket iv«ds via C. P. I?,
>I 15,000  ?T I5.OOO $115,000
TRADING C0,7 Ltd.'   ';
KooTK.v.iv I.ak'i: a.vij I!ivi:k.
Summer Geird
-rj''K<.m vi-: ma iten i;». ishs.
tJiwAt*a.TCs lCa.slo at .rlaa-in.. nirivc-s ut R:!(l
p.m } W»rr,K Ain>\vorlli at ti:lo a.m. arrives at
":10 p.m.: leaves I'ilot Hay at 7:1.5 11.111. arrixc-
at H^!0 p.m.: Ic-ivcf iialfoiiral 7:la a. in., arrive.,
«tfi:00 p.m.; losi'vcs Five Mile iioint at i) a ;u..
nrrirehnto:10|).m ; arrives at Nelson at !):l;5a.
111-. lcavc« <:1.5 p.m.   ICvery day except- Sundiiy.
Bntit fcsTvr, KajsSo at 5 |i.in.. Tuesdays and
Ra<iirda.r«. hitivch at, 1 .-».»«. on ?.{<»ii(lays mid
TliUTs«itt,»«: lt'iir«>-Aliwwoi-tb at <i3>) p.hi., av-
rwen ut li:l<) p.n^; io:iva» I'ik*. Iia.v at 7 p.m.,
'arrive!* at ilvp.ui.; leave*; KiKkonwil: ut 10 p.in.
arrives at S jure.. 'Su«o.uy ".muI'. VVediioArtiiy;
leaver G«i<t Hirer «t 12 o'clock iiifflit, arrives
«>t R p.m.: fciires iioundrtxy at 1 win. \Vcdiics-
•i-T Mid Sunday, arrives 5 j».h:.: arrives at
rlonncr'H f'cn-.v'at. S a-iu.'. arrives at, '1 p.m.
Alailxund berths' not ineliidwS. Passengers
on ss. liiiei-iintional fniiii- XiiIwsji. Hpokunc
«-4c. for point.s on Kootcnay lake JXiu'tli of l'i-
lot.Jl.iy, will connect at" that jjoiiit witli the
.^S. Alhortiu,
The rnmpiiiiy'Hi stcaninrs 'coniwsct -Kootcnay
Iako iiiul Slocnn points sr'th all"jKiints in the
l"nil<>rl suites unci C:iri-.da, by jviay of Spokuno
«od Kootonuy river.
Tickets   sold  and   battg-aj,"!   ciieeked   lo   all
!«Mhr«. by purser.son stwuiiur* 0r.1t our oflice.
O. AI.KXAXDtia. tJon. I\lan.
*'. O. Ilos iii, Ka.slo, n. C.  '.■'■■'■
Solid Vestib«ie Tnilns
Modern Etyulpmeat
TO   Y
Tacotua, Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver,
and CiillfoiTiltt I'avits.
St.   Paul,   St.   Louis,   Chicago,   Now
'York, Itotilqi),
all   points    Kast.   also    Knnipcan   S.
^115,000    SlI5,000     bII5,000
This is iho PAY KOLL
(hat;  will   make'
The Coining'
Situated at the junction
of IvCinon BAid- Summit
creeks at thc mouth of
the Twin Lake Pass to
Kootcnay river - and
Instance* of 'XTieir Ga.tlierln;j nnd March-
inj: A-n-ny Together.
, Sfanlj Hr.rdy writes to Tho Forest
Qnd.Strr-nni p.bcnt bears that migrated:
"Tho first notice of these migrntiona
is to be found in a book by Johu . Josso-
'lyii, entitled 'New Enylnnd Rarcties
Discovered.^ pxiblished in 1873. In this
book belays; that great companies of
bears Eonietimes traveled across what is
probtibly tho Piscntaqua river.
"About 70 years Hgo. curly in Soptern-
ber, my father one  night   %vitnesf;ed  a •
bear nipraticri. ■ The night v?'ns' a durk
one.    Tho   boars  camo to the cast bank-
of' Tl^ Penobscot river in tho   town   of
Oningtcii, about seven miles below Bam
per.   Tho boars could bo  heard  calling
and nunwcriug each orher till low water,
whra   they   took   to' tho  water,  swam
j across and landed on tbo Hampden eido.
1 la the  morning, it  was  fczxid. that a
I large   iir.suber' h.-:d crossed.    My father
j eaw   their   trucks across a singlo plank j
I in a shipyard. j
"Again, about SO years ago, a friend i
of mine, Heury Clnpp, who is quoted in !
Cassino's 'Standard Natural History' as !
an authority ou bears, told mo that daring the fall   ho had geno on a trapping
trip, but had found few bears, till   one
morning in   November after a snowfall
be  found   the   tracks of  nino different
bears, all headed op  ono  little valley.
For   several   days after that more   bear
trucks were   fonud,  nil   headed   in   tho
eanio direction—from east to west. They
denned up when it cutuc timo to do so,
nnd in the spring headed east agnin.
"It is believed among sportsmen that
bears go back into the woods to den up
and como to the vicinity of tho clearings every spring, but, extensive migrations by bcr.rs cro'as littlo beard of «a
thoso of wild turkeys nud prnirio chickens. What naturalists do not understand
ia how the animals, which nsntilly scatter over miles cf territory, know how,
when or whero to get tOKolhcr for their
piisly   unlike.   'Ghins-'tono   was   always
' eager fcr conversation.  lie loved to talk c
, to  aiiyl'.wiy about   unytiling.    Disraeli,
; even among   his most intimate friends,
j was  given   to frequent fits cf  absolute
■ and appa'roully gloomy Hilenco.
I Gladstone,' after his earlier parlia-
j —ternary days, beennio'nlmcst enjjirolv
j indifferent to dross. Disraeli
! turned out in the newest fashion, and
j down to his liitest years went in the
[ get upcf a young man abont town. Not
I less different were tho chaiactcrs aud
j temperaments  of   thu two men.    Glad-
Ftono changed his political opinions
many times timing'his long parliamentary career, but ho changed his opinions ot]y iu ocference to tho force of s
growing  conviction ,aud to   the rccog-
■ «iticu of facts and conditions which
he could no leuner ccnecieutiouely dispute. Nobody probably ever knew what
Mr. Disraeli's real opinions were- upon
any political question or,•.■whether he
had any real opinions at all. Gladstone
began us a Tory and graduallj' becam€
changed into a Radirci., Distcoli began
as an extreme Radical under tho pat-,,
rouago'cf Daniel O'Coisucll and changed
into a Tciy.    But everybody knew that
'Gladstone, was at first' a sincere Tory
and at last,a sincere Radical. Nobodv'
knew,- or, indeed, cared,'whether Disraeli ever was cither 11 sincere Radical
or a sinccro Tcify.—Justin McCarthy is
Outlook. ' ' -      i
For further information ,'ipply Lo
AGENT,  Slocax City.
Applewhalt,  Sherwood 6 Co.
Nelson, B. C.
«wul  all  .points   Kast.   also
TlMri scir{triL'j.R
Xo. MVcst Depart- 8:W p. m.
^o. 2 K(ujfc ' 7:00 n. in.
For Information, timo ciirti;;, cm|is. and tiok-
•et« call on or write F. I). flllSHS,
Gon'l Affl.., .SpnkiHic, \\rasli.
Or A. n. r,!tAni.TOK,.A.-:Kt. (Icn'l Tiiss. Aft-.
Kaslp and Slocan
RAILWAY   ■ ..
Ti.mk Cvuri Xb. 1.
«iiiiiira''t./t.o C'1kiiij.'o U'il.liimt Xotiec.
'ri-iii'iit* run on l'mtili-.: Standard Time.
N'o. 2o.") 'Jloi'rison
St., Co/, 'i'h'ird, J'oi-tland,
South I-'firk
Jloar I.ukfi
I.cavo 11:00 a in.      Sandon
Arrive)-11:^0   " C'ndy   '
Forr.-i'.CM nnd inforiuntion i
pn.ii.vV oflleos.
iioWvH'r njyiNo.     oi-:o.
Cioii.yr West.   .
l>ftVeS:!lOn. in.
••     S:.-ili    "
'•     !)::ir,    "
"     <l;.M     "
"  'yi:ta     "
■    "-. 'KIMS     "
-10:38    •'
Ar.    J 0:50    "
Going Kast.
Arn'vo.'l./iO p. in.
.1:1.->     "
Hil.j     "
2:IH)     "
1:!S     '-.
"       1 :.",.'.l     "
"   ,1:12 ■"
Leave 1:00     "
Arrive 11:15 a.in,
J.oavc ll:2,i     "-
ipply at tlio com-
.       I
But    He   Overshot    tlio    5f»i-)i   an-l   Wt»3
Trnjijycd by Hio Hunk.
Not long ago therostood beforo the
paying teller's window of one of Now
York's big banks an unctuous little
man smiling blandly over a if J 00 chock.
Signature, iudqrsenient and ovory detail
wore correct. Tom;.':o assurance doubly
sure, tho little man explained with
some insistence, "You see, I havo had
my indorsement certified."
Tho check was paid without hesitation, br.t tho teller said to himself,
"Why ia (hut idiot standing there with
such a Lroad grin, trying to fix his fivco
en my memory?" And duly ho took
A few days later tho man appeared
at tlio window again, his countenance
distended In the sniuo smile, with another check from the same firm. Tho
indorsement, was certified in exactly the
same way, and this timo tho amount
was C.000. Thoro was absolutely nothing wrong with tho check on its face,
and it came from a well, known customer of the bunk. "In spite of all,1' said
tho payiiifl teller, "something told mo
that fellow was a crook. So I said I
should havo to look up tho account be- |
foro it could bo paid, and while bo ,
waited I slipped around to the firm's
office, which was only a short distauco
"Tho check was examined and pronounced perfectly good, and I was about
to \yalk away when tho -head of the
firm said: 'W-hy, hold up. Wo'vo issued
no checks this morning.' And then I
wont back and bagged my crook. Ho
had first sold tho firm a bond and got
his original $100 check in payment.
This ho had used to imitate the,fiim'fl
signature on the second and likewise
to impress me with tbo fact that hewas
all right, so that when ho camo around
a second time I would not bother bim."
—C. D. Lanier in Scribncr's.
Wtecn   UKiaain  \VM Afraid.    ,'
One cf Blcudin'a favorite jofre> wai
j' to offer to enrry somo (>;stingxtished
| *p*>c*ator ecros-s the' rop« with him on
j his back. Everybody natorally refused,
j and the sro-nt. cqoilibrf.-f, with n genial
j smile, would si:y, "I am sorry you ur«
| afraid J tdionld drop yon." But he ttbi
I hoist or.ee with !,:'« own potnrd.
j Ho was exhibiting in Paris and vrsi
, abont to cross the Soino on his rope.
Cham, the fjreat caricaturist, had come
i to make a sicetc-'lt. ,Blondin, recognizing
! hira, at once invited him to croua with
: him.
|       "With pleasure," replied Cbein, "but
I  on one condition."  -'
"And that is"— qnoricd Blondin.
"That I rfcall carry yon ou mj buck, "
smrsrorcd Cham.
"Sot  if I  tnmv —ijsolf," nnrfrerted
"A-ii,"      friuiaphBBtly      exclaimed
Cbnta, "th!«  time.   M.   ttlondln, 10  Jc
yoa   who  ar»   «f»aJ<2!" — W*«iiinj|(~tl |
A S?«rjr ef On Hmn&vsk
Ono dny, -whlU tajfidgr  hia ferPD$ito
Tralk abont the b«ifeh. Da M*af(«r SltP !
ft gathering of people ttfe&b*   torfafg «? \
the  shallow pond whicJrw a pcrtlaalar ;
attraction to Htimpstead.    A thin coating of  ico covered tho water, excepting '
where a little dog had   broken   through
and was   ineffectually struggling to got '
out  again.    The   ico   was.   however, so .
■ weak that whenever this littlo creatnro
drew its front paws up over tho edge it
broko under his weight and forced.him
to  repeat  this painful operation again
,  and again, until it looked as though the
poor animal would becomo oxhansted in
his efforts.
j      Du Altf-aricr was ia dolioate health at
tho time, and, knowing that  the water
was nowl era moro than three feet deep,
! called    to    tbo   idlers  ia  the  crowd,
! "Hero's balf a crown for tbe  man who
; fetches that dog ajhere." Tbo offer km
| not accepted, at   least  not soon enough
to satisfy tbe mercurial artist.    So, despite tho doctor, into tbo  pond rushed
Du'Maurier, breaking bis way through
the thin ice until be reached tbo drowning doggie, which bo eeized iu bis anas
and brought ashore, amid the cheers of
the bystandera.
His only thought  now was  to  ran
home rapidly in order to prevent a chill.
Ho was overtaken, bowover, by a man,
who  pressed bim   to  accept a piece of
money by way of reward.   I>a Manlier
declined, with thanks, and  pressed  on ■
with  renewed  vigor.    Tb«  man, however, wonld not bo dlsctrarcged is bis ',
charitable    intention,   bat    repeatedly i
urged  our artist to accept a tip for bis i
hcuble.   Tbe annoyance at length grew !
feeyond eyen Da Maurier'B fondness for '■'•
I joke, for the well meaning patron in-
listed upon potting a tip into Du Man- j
tier's bands while he was fumbling for!
his doorkjy  on  the front steps of bis
bwn house. j
Between this and tbe miserable chilli- '
uess of bia garments Du Maurier finally j
forgot  that conrtliness which w»a bis !'
distinguishing soark and snapped oat, '
"Damn It, go to the de-fill"
"Ob, I be_ yonr pardon, aifl" Mid
the now blnsnin_ pcrssAootos-. "!5kSno$
know you was a geatlemaa."—H&s^'e
winner.  Scovel was a loser cf about, half
that much.    Tlio play which mado this
story came  up   about 2 o'clock  in the
morning.    John was  the dealer, Scovel
sat to his left, and was  tho first man to
speak.  It'was a §20 "jack. " '
(      "Pars,"  raid  the,big colonel, never
I looking qfc his hand.
j     The  next man did the  same as Sco-
| vol, but  tho   player who  followed him
I opened it  for $120. the eize of tho pot.
■ The no*t man stayed, the nest  passed,
aTwayj ' nud when it camo to Mcrrissc-y ho tilted
' it fSGO., It was now Scovol's turn.
, There was $820 now iu tho center. Sco-
j velwasji poker player cf the old school.
' He would Jay down fours as quickly aa
_ tho amateur would   draw four cards to
■ an ace when it cost $100, and ho would
j play a three card flush if the pot \vm
. worth winning at all. Scovel looked nt
j his baud when Morrissey had finished
' putting iu tho checks. Ho stared at.
| John for a fe%y moments, all the timo
: fumbling his checks, and then in a tool
way went down, in his insido pocket
and pulled out a large wallet,
"I'll raiso yon $810," Jim said.
Tho man who had opened tho pot saw
both raises, for bo sat with n'nice pat
straight in his hand, avid tho next fellow put in $1,170. Morrissey „was non-'
plused when it camo to him. ■ It was at
least 15 minutes beforo ho put in tho
"I'm in so much I might as well
stay," ho remarked, as he picked up tlio
deck.  "How many, Jim?" , ,
"Threo," answered Scovel, "end sew
that thoy aro good ones."
".Oh, I've got you .beat," chirped
John, aa bo dealt cnt the required number.
"I'll play these," was the answer of ,!
tlio niuu who held the pat straight. ;
"Thut's a good   thing," said Morris- {
scy, looking  in , a {.nrprieed way at tho
" Givo me two," was tho order of tho
next man, nnd ho got them.
"Well, I only want ono, and I don't
need it at that," remarked Morrissey,
as ho took tho top card.
The man who had opened was ono of
those fellows who arc always afraid of
a ono card draw, and ho merely chipped
£o cents. Tho next man was there with
thrco aces cold, und ho threw a ?.'50
greenback in tho center. It was now
Morrissey'8 turn. He had "skinned"'
bis bend off two or threo times.
"Pive hundred hotter," said ho, without moving a muscle.
- During tbo play i-covel had been leaning back in hia^cba'ir watching his op-
Joucnie. Tbe "gallery," which is tho
nam* n*d for the spectators who con-
gpagnto around tbo tablo, was moro ex-
ctteil (ban fbe playefs. The center ox
tho Cable ««* piled with bills.
" It weans lifco a ebame," exclaimed
Boovol, "but I'm going to raiso you^2,-
600, John," an4- Btiitiug tho. action tG
tho word be counted off that, amount iu
bills and threw it in tho middle.
Tho man witli tbo pat straight passed
without hesitating, aud ,<ho next witr.
threo aces concluded that his hand
wasn't worth sfy.000 more, so lie, too,
dropped out.
"How about splitting tho pot, Jim?"
asked Monissny.
"Mover," replied Scovel, "but I'll
lot you take your last iai.se. out. "
"Aiako   it  $1,000," t-aid   Morrissey,  '
"and I'll go you."
"All right,".eaid Scovel. "What'd
you havo?" '
"A    lalla-pa-lcosn,"    nnswered  i>ij| I
set-si t'j  n.-? In  i:j.q!
Cairo Woi:ichi.
It is hnrd to find a j::>i:t, well   fitting
fIioi.; in Caiio, tccsufc'the wc man of thu
fc J 3 ah cla.-sP goes I art. footed nnd tho woman of tho harem w( «js fclippi is.  Egypt
has  no   middle   class cf a size to count
for anything.   The .shoe, when .one die--
covers it, is too broad for thc fot,},  of  a
Kiuopeau.  It ia round toed and without
an instep, for the ute of a  splay footed
generation.  It has either no heel or else
cue   that   puts   the   "common    sense"
models to shamo. It i.s a clumsy adaptation cf  its European prototype, useful,
probably, but certainly not ornamental.
The  slipper is a different tiling.    In
its lowtst state it is bright coicrad.    It
is a thing of tho soil and seems  a   part
of tho foot that has shuffled ulcng in  it
for centuries.  The cheaper slippers worn
by  thc women of Cairo aro a vivid  led
or yellow.   They are very loose, but are
too   flexible to be altogether awkward.
Thoy have sole:; almcst as thin as paper
unci no lucls. To walk in them is un art
that can't be Icirned'in cno generation, ,
but   need.;   to bo developed through he- '
rcriity,   fcr   thry   aie   alwayr.    trodden
down .-it-tho back, and it takes  toes  as'
clever ( as  fingi i s to hold • them in position.
Bxit Egyptian  women  can  jnmpae,
nimbly as ethers froui' cxtreiuo  to  extreme, and   every mother's daughter of
them who can, afford it wears  stiltlika
Louis Quiuve heelk .' Tho women cf thc
wealthier cIiikscs are odd sights in their-
batliko,   black  cloak*--   and  white  yak-
maks, tiltinf,' through  thr> streets with
a   liberal display of pink silk stockings
and blue satin slippers that  lcok  fitter
for   a   ballroom.    Feet  are  all  that  a
veiled  woman    can   display,   aud   sho
makes the most of them.  In the narrow
streets  that- leatl   from the.muski   one    '
| may see iu   n   ten > minutes'   walk   any
i morning stockings and   slippers  of   all
| the hues cf-thc rainbow.   Thc shapeleso
silk cloaks that are   universal   for'out-   -
door wear are cnt conveniently short to
display black slippers embroidered with
gold, white hlippors  beaded with   blue, ,,
yellow  satin  slippers with white   lace
losettos and dozens of  red silk slippers
with black beading.    In Matarieh, He-
louan   and   other    suburban - villages,
where many  of   tho  pashas keep their
harems, so that their wives may not buy
out tho jewelers' bazaars   of  Cairo, tho
display of footgear is even more striking.
The women who have the largest fortunes invested in stockings and slippers
,arn not apparently young and aro of toner than not   of  unwieldy figures.    The
feet cf Egyptian women aro net small,
aud these gay slippers are apt to" bo iu
big   sizes.     They are frequently soiled,
and'spotted, for tho streets of Cairo are
dirty, but thoy add to the picturcsque-
noKS of outdoor lifo and to one's appre?
ciation   of   thc ingenuity of  women.-~   '
New York Tribune.
Tlio Lnilitth   Furiiinh   Food, Draw   Sledgci
and. bupply Clothing to Thoir Owners.
Harding Cox writes  abont Jaikas, or
the northern dogs, to 'the Loudon Field).
"The  duties of   tho true laiku," lie
says, "are   of  an extremely varied   nature.    ' Among     tho    Chinese     about '
1,000,000   aro  eaten every yearj wJiile
in   Russia -tho  beast is  trained for al|
sorts of hunting—squirrels, bear, deer,
snipe, capercailzie,   ermine,   sable, and,
all tho other beasts are taken with them,
oven   tho wolves.    It is estimated thai
nearly 1,010,000 rubles' worth of gamo
is taken eveiy year with the aid of   the
laikas   in   Bnrsia.    Princo   Schirinsky,
a Russian noble, i.s trying to get a cross
between   tho   laiku   and some t-ottcr  or
, retriever, believing that ho would thereby obtain a dog which would   make as
nearly a perfect hunting dog as is possible.
"Iu tho polar swamps tho laikas are
used in drawinR sledges, as well ashuntr
ing, by tho natives, while their warm,
pelts aro mado to serve as coats ami
"Tho laika has an upright, pointed
car, which tJio dog pricks when excited.
Tho muzzle is long and sharp, but powerful, set to a broad forehead. Tho
body is strong and at tho quarteis broad
and powerful. Tho ribs are big and
long. Thc chest is deep and broad. Tho
legs aio for running, while tho coat i.s '
thick, having 'cotton' under tho hair,
which makes it warm.
"Tho chief colors aro from black and ■
black and tan to grayish, but tho dogs
are never spotted in the pure blood. A
fow of those dogH cm ."top a boar cr
anything elso easily. Tho dogs aro just
short of two feet higher."
John, and threw his hand to Scovel.
There was a jack cf hearts and a deuce,
tray, four and five of diamonds.
Soovcl turned his band over and
showed (ho jack of diamonds, queen of
hearts, jack and seven of clubs, and ace
of spades; bo had i\ solitary pair of
jacks. Talk about consternation. Tho
man who had passeel on three aces mado
tho air blue, and tbo pat straight fellow
fell unconscious. Scovel treated tho
house and took a cab to Albany. ' 'If I
bad only thought you was bln"*»ng,"
said Morrissey, "I'd havo sent j iu to
Philadelphia on a freight train."
There was $8,071 iu tho ' pot, which
Scovel won with' a pair of jacks.—
Troy Observer.
Artiilclnl  lVtrolrum.
Among tho achievements of scionco ia
tho production of petroleum from liu-
fc-eed oil by distillation under pressure.
Two theories have been held as to fho
origin of petroleum. Ono is (hat it is of
vegetable, tho other of auimal origin.
It is not unlikely thnt >t may bo a combination of both. Animal aud vegetables
oils filter through tho, ground and might!
by changes iu the chemical laboratcry
of nature pi ounce this substance. A$
all events, iho fact i-, significant and
In tore ting, especially <.<* several petroleum hydiocarbous have ii suited f:om
the oxporimeuHJ as noted.—Xew York
The great wall of China is 1,600
miles long and traverses high mountains, deep valleys and, by means of
arches, wide 'rivers. Tho foundations
and corners are of granite, but the principal part is of blue bricks. The last
official account of the population of
China gives a total of upward of
400,000,000. Y
I "   "" * —'—' '
The waste land of tbo United Kingdom, including xuoontaiuB, heath and
oomnicn,'w't^iaiut's-;!',:'!•■ -i0..r■---•• Yi\t.
Hunker tl.
Tho elephant trumpeted loudly.
"What's  tbo   trouble'!"'    asked
"Somebody's worked tho shell gamo
on me," replied tho pachyderm as he
throw away the bag of empty peanut
shells which had just 'been handed to.
him.—-Philadelphia North American.
Tlio lteuIKstnio MRii'a Tct Story.
Opdikc- (discussing their new flat)—.
The real cstato agent faid that.my wifo
and I could havo the fiat for f 25 a.
month, but that he would charge' any
040 olso $30. ■,' '      : Y
JFathergill—That, was the offer hot
made nit' and-iuy wife when we tho.ugh.4
'*. >--
i .-     % ,     ..     . JL       ■' "■      1   '   *   ■'
.,•»/■■» I- >'     ■■    ...    ■»■■,- .     . >'   ■
M. -   ,     qV
tfSSSwS I f
■ "«v:;
•, .1""
i," I   3 '■
'■''  /
,i j.i.Y
Y ,Y".
f VY)';
Y   t
>   r
I    _V   i
3   '
f     l   '.
i, \
I 1
V :■■ „:.-:', ;■■:?;
I'Y' v^Y
«—»...! »«.,_—,—.,—>———,
Published in the? interest of the people | bemglakl As*reauU a  new   town   "
of Moyie City and East Kootcnay.
tf- J. SMYTH,       -        -   ,
One ,Y cur	
Alt coram union lions io the cdicor must be
accompanied by the writer's name and uddrks,
not necessarily for publication,, ."but jis evidence
<>! good iiiUh. /dvertlsiu'ff rates made known
upon application, , a
1 here seems to be a littlo  coldness
I   between the the C. P., R.  and   Moyie
City, just   enough   so thai  you   can
notice it.
out at the lower end of the
lake, below Moyie, and F. J. Smyth,
of tbo Leader, is writing with intermittent paroxysms of pain."
■ The above, taken   from   tlie  Cranbrook- Herald   is  only partially   tine.
There is no new town  being laid   out
at the  foot of  the  lake,  nor is.there
ever likely (o be.   The Moyie  of  the
present will be the  Moyie" of, the  fii-
i lure.    However, it gives us a pain-, and
a severe one at   thai,   to   witness   the
aclions of this corporation in   attempt-1
ing to "play liorso" with us.
SATURDAY,  SEPT.' 17, 1808.
.mm,m,«wmbi n,,,,,,, M ,„ ■ w.mmi,, ,„	
Tii.vr.i'KomKmoN act.
A vote oiiplhe question of prohibition will bo taken on'the 29tli day of
Septembeiyupou which all qualified
Canadian voters will have a voice.
The question will be placed in this
form-for the voter to answer by yes or
The town of Plains, Mont.,  has  a
only one tooth. wTi.ioIi hung- down over
his under lip like a tusk, and which
gave him a .repulsive appearance.
'Tijah hated him. <-Well, she. was
sitting- idlj- on the seashore, behind
some rocks, looking over the sea
and wishingshe could get into tbe koleh
(native boat) which, la}- moored close
by, and row across the water to lier old j
home where she had been .so happv.
"Suddenly she heard steps, and became aware of voices conversing in an
undertone, on the other side of the rocks,
which,  projecting ' seaward, concealed
her from view, and she'recognized that
the jiersons talking- were her brother-
in-law, Tong and his wife.'   She heard
that the two were plotting, away Slei-
man's life.   Tong said that he had news
that, his brother would come to-morrow,
and that he,would have-'about $200 with
him.    They would kill him, and conceal his body, but how to nccomnlish it
barber,   whose   name   is   C. Zander J without letting "Tijah know?, At, the
j Steedc.    Jn bis'ad in the News-Letter I mo,Hion of her name, she betrayed her
he announces to  tho public  (hat   heJ V™m*c> a ^ "?
conducts a tonsoiial   parlor, with bath
rooms in connection.    He also makes
a specially of cleaning, repairing  and
renovating clothes, and   concludes   by
stating that boot  and   shoe  repairing
no;   "'Are you in favor of the passing j^11 be-neatly and promptly  executed
of an act prohibiting the importation,   ^  l»m,   Moyie   City   has 'a  barber
manufacture or sale of spirits,  wine,  wIi°j besides shaving tlie public; is an
ale,,beer, cider and all oilier alcoholic
liquors for use as beverages?"
, The result of this election will be
watched with interest's the-.success
or ruination of the dealers in intoxicating liquors will much depend on
its outcome.
The   Cranbrook   Herald   deals    at
length  with   tbe subject,  which, 'the
editor handles  like a person who' has
had   a  varied experience   ih his life
either behind or in front of a bar.
"We have crossed the burning sands
, of prohibition in tlie  slate of Kansas,"
he says, "where the law created' more
hypocrits, liars, law-breaking people in
one year than  could   be reformed in
ten; we have tarried   in  God  fearing
totvns in  Illinois, "where   prohibition
has  been  victorious,  and  men  have
made   fortunes   operating   jug
engineer, machinist, carpenter, dentist, photographer, musician, and has
an interest in a newspaper. However,
lie has so far drawn the' line on cleaning and renovating clothing and repairing boots and shoes.
 , .  .   ,....    . At:■».'.
"Blame those mosquitoes!"   I   exclaimed aloud, in u burst of indigna-'
,tion; whereupon my guide aud servant,
ifot,  a cheery and intelligent ]tfalay,
ejaculated     a    confirmatory    "Tnan"
(which means ."master,"  but is frequently used as an affirmative in conversation by the Malays, as if he thought I
he ought to agree, although, as a. son
of„the country, tlie exasperating litde
insects hod not the power to persecute
him as they did me.
1. had' taken a few days' leave after
some weeks of hard work, and had
started on a journey of discovery across
Jinesl some unknown jungle country,''hopfounder cover of (he deep shadows of to baff some game en route and fetch up
night, bringing in   the  vilest,  concoc-   ?fc. a lrifnd'» bungalow, who was dis-
tions distilled  lo  lay   the  foundation
for wholesale drunks among the youth
and aged; we have passed through the
.   struggles of a  prohibition   victory  in
Iowa, where liquor was  said   to  be'  a
product of Satan and an anti-prohibitionist an  emissary  of hell.    And in
every place and under all circumstances and at all .times, the law has 'been
ti failure aud the eilect on tlie   morality of  the  community   disastrous   in
the,extreme.    Municiplo, county and
state governments have been   mulcted
in heavy sums to  carry on   the  farce
of enforcement,   while  the  revenues
arising from legitimate  and   carefully
regulated sales were cut off."
But since Brother Simpson has not
been outsiele tbe border line of prohibition Kansas the requisite ten years
the above information can only be
taken for what it is worth.
Here is an   item   from   a   London
weekly   whose   lone   is   sympathetic
toward the colonies and   it gives us a
glance at ourselves as  others  see  us:
"Prosperity >s in  itself  the self-sufficient advertisement for a prosperous
country.   The United States had   no
difficulty in filling up the vacant areas
of the   union  without  the help of a
vigorous   immigration   policy.    So  it
will be with Canada,  if  mineral   discoveries, high prices  and  good   crops
combine lo establish   the Dominion in j
its character as a .country where peo-j
pie can do well,    The fatal  mistake of '
allowing railway companies to grab so
much of the land in the northwest deprived  Canada of   the   wealth   of free
homesteads,   which   was perhaps  the
greatest     inducement     the     United
Slates offered   to  settler*.     The old
conservative hiisuke of Undue tenderness lo corporations has  retarded  the
growth of population iu the west,   but
now it is fair to assume that the  mineral 'discoveries  and   the   agricultural
prosperity of  ires tern Canada are do-'
ing more to fill up   the  country   than
the vigorous immigration policy;"
trict officer in tie state adjoining my
own.    Wo   had, trudged fair, and had
mado a fair  bag consisting of some
stupe, wild pigeon,.and jungle fowl.  In
traversing the paths'through which at
times we. bad been obliged to cut. our
way, -.ve had seen tracks of deer and
bigger game, but the undergrowth was
too dense to follow them.   And now we
hud -spread our ma-ttresses and sot up
our curtains, intending to settle down
to rest for thc nigh t. 'I was 80 tired that
I should have slept, in spite of high
Temperature,, but for the incursions of
these worrying  pests that had made
their way by some stratagem under tlie,
frame of my nelting-hencc the expl*
tive which had escaped me and called
forth reiteration from my follower, Mat
I have slumbered th rough a heavy thunderstorm and an earthquake, and even
the frantic yells of a wakeful infant
have failed to disturb me when once I
I was safely in the surma of Morpheas;
but the ping of d. persistent proboscis-
ai-med monster has a peculiarly rousing  effect upon  my nerves, and   insomnia reigns supreme.
After a short wrestle with thetwo invaders of my privacy and a vain attempt
at slaughter, I sat up in a spiritof resignation and proceeded to fill and light my
pipe, at the same timeaddressing space,
or my faithful Mat, if he happened to be
awake, <, ....
"I have always been taught,from the
years of my earliest childhood, that
e-iery creature on God's earth was created for some good and useful purpose.
Hill,any human being tell me what's
the use of a mosquito?" .'
To which.remark I received au unexpected reply. Mat crawled from under
his curium and approached quite near
to where I lay; then squatting on hi*
haunches, he said, solemnly, in his Dative tongue:
"1 have heard ihat question before,
luan. '(Master), aaid opce I fotmd the
Tn a. second the
two wore-; upon, her asking-her what.she
did  thoro. and whether she had heard
what they had'said.    Terrified of the
wretches, she gasped out that she was
sleeping and their voices startled her,
but, that'.she knew nothing of what they
had  been  .saying.    Tong grasped her
by the shoulders and told her if .she
was speaking the truth it was well for
her; but if not, she hail ix?tter keep her
mouth  shut,  or-he would  b'lajar (a
threat).   Then tliey, let her go.
"The next day Sieiman arrived and
■was greeted with effusion by his relatives.    'Tijah trembled and was silent.
..She dared'not tell him of the danger he
was in, but- she mado up her mind, if
she could get the opportunity, townrri
him to  take  care. - Till late Sieiman
sat outside talking to different neighbors who looked in, and 'Tijah crept
away to'-her.room, meaning to lie and
watch until, Sieiman joined her,-but
wearied with the alarm and anxiety of
the previous night, she"fell asleep/
"She awoke with a sudden sense of
terror knocking at her heairt.    By the
light of the moon   which   penetrated
through a small window in the but she
saw- Sieiman extended by her side; for
p. short space of time she heard nothing
but the noise of his loud shores, when
suddenly a sort of shuffling sound inside the room struck"her as something
strange.   It seemed as though some animal was crawling along the floor, and
as she looked with trembling   expectancy  toward   thc direction whence it
[ of their ill doing. The neighbors inquirer] what had Income o'f Sieiman nnd
why he had come and' gone so suddenly. , , '
" 'Oh,' said Tong, 'he> left hurriedly;
'he took 'Tijah with him and wenta,way
in ,the kloeh at. daybreak io catch a
steamer which would pass there going
'to Singapore."
"ft was a very mysterious affair, and
no one could make out; the truth; but
when the police had given up all search.
finding they could prove nothing, quit/?.
unexpectedly   thc  murder was   found
out. ^A man of the village went into
the. jungle to out wood, and at midday
he walked down ,to the creek to wash
after his food.   Coming'baek through
the swampy mangrove near the river he
noticed   a  very great swarm of flies!
They were like a cloud, they wore so
thick.      'What    have ■ we,   here?'   ho
thought; 'some dead animal, perhaps."
and wont to see. Sunk in the mud where.
the ris-e-r washed over it at high tide, he
fpund a barrel, from which proceeded
a' very nauseous ' smell.    His curiosily
was aroupcd, so he put in his hand*;
feeling something hfird, he drew it out.
It was o skull, the skuil of a man, and
projecting from the upper jaw was ;i
Jons- toqth, like.a tusk.  'Aha!' he-cried;
, ire. went and told (he police, and ihey
eamo and took the cask, and the mur-
, der wa.i proved, because the clothes
nnd the- tooth were, those of Sieiman.
So Tong was'hanged, and his wife is
in prison now in China jail in Singapore. r She wiJl never come out till she
dies. , ' '       ,
"And 'Tijah is my wife, and Hove her,
and she loves me,, antl we are very happy.   She is grateful to the mosquito.''
"Thank you foryeur story, Mat,
which proves once, more the old adage,
'Murder -will/out.' I feel a special interest in Katijah since you have fold
me her romantic history. And now per-
hnps those blessed mosquitoes will let
me have some -sleep. Anyhow, I'll try.
and you had better do so, too."
And as we turned in' Mat murmured
once more:   "Tuan."-—St. Paul's.
n r\
R. Riesterer and CoJProps., °
* i ' i i      e
ifornia Wine Co
'nelson.    <  -   :   ■
DON"]' n'OnOBT
Boot & Shoe Co.
». t;
came,  the face  of  Tong slowly rose
beside Sieiman from the other side of
the low bed on which she lay.    She held
her breath, hardly dariDg to keep her
eyes fixed on him lest'the intensity of
her gaze should draw Tong's attention
I io herself.    A flash of something bright,
[a  long-drawn , groan, a short struggle,
and then a pillow flung over the mouth
which was still capable of crying out
for help, and  brawny muscular arms,
pressing it firmly down till the convulsive heaving ceased, and all was still as
death.   'Tijah closed her   eyes    with
one deep shuddering sigh and fainted.
When she regained    her   senses,   she
feared to move or look at first, dreading
what ghastly sight would meet   hen
She put out her hand and felt  about
cautiously.   The dead form of Sieiman
was still beside her; the pillow tested
over the face;  in the room no sound,
but below a stealthy passing to   and
fro—Tong  and his wife preparing to
get rid of the body.
" 'Tijah patisgd. thinking what to do;
then she-rose slowly aud crept outside.
The door of the house \va& open, and
Tong had evidently just gone out. She
caught up a sarong (skirt)-which lay
near her on the floor, and flung it over
her head; then, without a backward
glance, she fled .through the doorway
and as fast as her terror-stricken limbs'
would carry her down to the sedslionr.
It took no time to ufaf'asten the koleh,
The above hotel has been recently
ected, and neatly   furnished   throughout. ■
Cosy   and Comfortable   Rooms.
The bar is supplied   with   tlie
best  brands   of liquors    and
' cigars. '
Headquarters for Mining Men.
JOSKPH >"KIl>Kj:jjTAI)T.  Prop.     "'
I ' ,
Lager beer sold  by the   Keg or  dozen
bottles.   . ,-■ -, "'  ■
Hardware, Groceries.
Dry-Goods, Stationery
Etc., Etc.
Movnr.n. c
Oueeii's Avenue,   ,-,   '   .
Barber Shop
Bath Rooms
J. E. atUSGRAVK,      -      _   Proprietor
Bottled Beer
in Stock. . .\-
ivl MclNNES &
Outside Orders Given Strict Attention.
Toronto - Clothing
Stafonery, Office  SuppliesAWall Paper.
".Well, Matt; tell me;   Winrb (U ,
of them, then?" fc
"It's a long .story, but I will tell Tuan
u he JikKs to hear."
"Tell on. I'm all attention."
f A,1?/1 ^is. 1m lite tnle* that; he told inc.
:I had often sccrl like heroine of ii (Hi's
Wlfe) i^ssing ■f-b- find frS across the back
premises' attached to inv residence' She
was. a- prfetty ySiing MaiayV woman,
aged about 20,years, with.a particular^'
ly, bright .and'pleasing inahtier, ;
"Tuan.. knows my ..wife, Katijali; she '
Was a. widow .when i married her. When
we  were "y iii te email'we'lived ih  the
same :village  near  Malacca,   and
-, An exchange says tlkU   in  the  beginning god created tlie  heavens and
the earth j then He  made  the  editor, ,	
the liberal advertiser and   the  prompt | P?ayed^togethcr; and I/walvery fond'of
paying subscribers,  and it was  good.   ^    'n'"" """
The next   day a blizzard' set and He
created tbe man, who didn't believe in
advertising, and another  who didn't
take his home paper, then He  rested.
Then the devil got inlo the moulding
room, and he created the fellow who
takee the paper for years  and   then
fails to pay for it.   After Completing
that Mbrry job, and having a few lumps
of mouldy mud left lie  made  the  excuse for a man who   Bellies'   hia  subscription- by   instructing    the    postmaster to mark his paper "refused;"
and then he felt so mean about it that
be in* been  kicking    himself
her.    Then .we grew up, and I went to
bo aberrant to a European, • and .lier
father married her when she was 14 to
aneh man, who was a c.attie dealer and'
had. plenty of money.   He w'ris old, per^
haps 40 years of age. . 'Tijah could r%t
car* .for- him; He took h«»r away to &
Place on the co.asi, where he lived with
lbs! brother; and jjisteHii-lav, and J did
not sec her gga^h for,.many days and
weeks;   1:r-- t^^---i->- <-."-•■  -■     ."    -i ■-
and in a few mdfhents she had grasped
the. paddle and had set out in hertinv
boat to row over the miles of sea which
lay between her and her parents' home
in Malacca.   It was a frail   bark   for
safety; but she. felt'she could trust <o
it sooner-than  to those    bloodthirsty
eroatures she had left behind.    A long
way she rowed, and the next day when
the sun got Up nnd scorched her, she
pulled in her paddle and rolled herself
in her sarong and lay down in the bottom of the boat'and slept.   She 'was
aroused by thc movement of her Cockle I
shell.'   It  was   night;   a    breeze    had (
sprung up and a squall was   coming; \
white crests tipped the waves and ' a i
heavy bank of clouds obscured the star- "
light, and in a few moments a black
p.all  of  darkness  enveloped her.   The
wiiid struck the fragile craft,' whirling
it .wildly round, and before she could
seize the paddle to try find steady it, the
boat tiapsized, an d  she waS n u hg' S n < o'
the angry sea. 'She/struck,out boldly
and swam until her hands touched the
upturned bark, to which she clung endeavoring to right it., -Poor, girl!'she
knew not where she was, how far from
shore, how; long her strength Swtiuld
last, and whether there was any hope of
Men's suits,^Shirts and Underwear, boots, shoes
and Rubbers, socks gloves and bnices,
-Everything the^railroad
and city /nan wants.
Give us a call,
Dealers in
Fresh and
Qured Meats.
Drug's, Patent
Druggists'   Sundries,
B. C.
Mail   Orders   Solicited
Logging Camp
Twenty miles west of Moyie City
on the line of the new  Crow's
Pass railway io now, prepared lo
good accommodations to Iho traveling
public, having been thoroughly  overhauled  and remodeled   to  accommodate tbe increasing   trade   The  best
brands of liquors are, stippiied a!t the
bar, and the proprietors/ who  are  old
timers, can' give  full  information   to
tho   traveling public.    Good
in connection with' the hotel.
Want Anything
Call on or write
W. F. TEET2EL & CO.,
Railway.    Company
Pacific     Line
Direct Route
and Su#&rior Service*
To Kl.ON j)lKK null.V'UICON Gold .Kjeld.s.
To;rjucillc(Joa.s(,)CliinH, Juimn mid A nstrnlia.
To Enstem and European points. .
knevy Ue. wou,ia soon cotpe again; Her
heart was sad, for .she always dreaded
his coming, as she did riot love him. He
was old and ugly, very ugly.   He iifld
knevr lie;w6ujd .soon-coipc: again:   Her
■ ■. At last the-squall passed over' and the
water beenhie cdrnpara-iiveiy calm, but
the moon, had not: risen and she. could
see nothiqg. She began to get exhnilst-
ed _apd felt -that she'could not. hold"bh
much longer and would sinK and droWn
unless Tnan Allah took pity on iicr
She thought sadly that she was youiig
tp die, a-Wl.prayed for hejp, A'small'
thing as. light as a feather touched lier
chwjk—a mosquito, stot to save hnv
«*??,. ^.^^Ht- heard tiiq sdimd w.Hich'l
Thap. curspd ju,st ndw j,_e knefw tiiiit
hnkctStii-NJSbSO^, B.'c.
Whdlesale  Groceries  aridj Prpviaiahs.
tKTTKii onnKns i'»iomi'ti..y
i\ b. iiox 214.
hfer feet tbucHeci lifebeaeli;
"jfeonwhiie,' tjaoso cruel murderer:B
had finished their work, and beforedav-
hght dawned had got rid of every trace
1)kaLeiuj ift
Pi J'eed and Produce
-Aiarge stock  tif Hay, ' Odta
■ find Fresh Vegetables always
bnhfihd. |[ Prompt attentloii
given to mail orders; Agents
Lion Brewery, Rossland.
ba'keb st;
rojican pi
Tickets -is-sued through'nnd  bug
chucked tn UtisKiiiision,
•■     I'-ASS HKV-BLSTOk'JS" ■ .
OiiilJ- U< St. l'itn).'Daily} <jx'ec|il Wed
tlKy to Easteril Cnimdliu) hiuI V. S
I't'HUs;   '-:.■•'        ..,,.,'
Procure Time, Tables, Mapisi  etc.
Ascertain Prdabnt
Centrally   lbcutedj  ahel
BliiBBih  all apiti'tiiibnte.
'  , Ahtl fill] nlhjj-liiiuibn ii<-
itdiircsanig Heiu-i-st lbtiii
HEfl'Ul; in-
^'. K. iijTjifeHsJOx;      ':i-rav: vM>\-ft&bM;
District Passenger Agent,  Vancotlvb?
f« your ticuct reads vju;i c; r. k


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