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The Moyie City Leader Sep 10, 1898

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Array V-    >• - »    .      i    ,
'■on#.—*<i wi*»-m™ * *'.ir*t~-K-*i--j«.^-* <.^.    „
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VOL. 1, NO. 22.
MOYIE  CITY, B. C, SEPT. 10, 1898.
Steel   was Laid   Here
Last Sunday.
AN IDEAL TOWNSITE For Business and I
Pleasure; as a Residential Locality
i ( I
Situated ou Moyie Lake. Excellent Fish.
jug, Boating, Bathing  and 'Shooting. ". .       ' ,...-:
ugene,- take Shore,
Mines alljvitbin'an hour's walk. Good water
supply. Exceptional drainage facilities. 'Has
the be3t prospects. , <   .,
Trains   Are  Kuiiutaff  to tlio   End p/ the
'       Traokt and a G oneral-Traffic
Je Being Carried on.
The [Busiest and Most Talked of Town in
G. CAMPBELL, Moyie City,  B. C.
>k' -<<*■ >/ X*L' >&.* >K' >*• ^- ^S£
*H&''•US'<»-'£•<£• &£Zi£L£i*£>
Tho.nousc is .-Equipped iu First Class Style
Tlirougliout. Large and Commodious Diniug
Room. ■ Best' Briiuds'^oi Wines, Liquors ■ and
Cigars cau be^iad at]the.Bar. '
Headquarters^for Commencial and Mining Men.
—   , MOYIE  CITY, B. C.
^.>^.^. 'Sw.>*l..^»w.>*k'^,'>'»w,*H.'^iR/>s».''
•^^'^•^•jr-A**' >^.>T.>^.R*>
At exactly 5:30 o'clock last Sunday
afternoon tho rails wero laid across
Queens avenue,' and at last, after
months of patient waiting, Moyie City
has a railroad.
■ It was a'great day for Moyie. From
the lime the puffs of smoke were first
seen issuing from the locomotive propelling the tracklayer the town was
thrown into a frenzy of excitement. Quite a crowd,went up the
grade to see the outfit at work,
and followed it along until it passed
through town. Never did a train of
cars look so pleasing to the eye, nor
the whistle of a locomotive; seem so
Since that time trains loaded with
steel and other material have been
passing every few hours day and .night,
and the tracklaying is being pushod
with all possible „speed. As .we go
to press the rails are laid about 20
miles west of here. A temporary siding was put in at,tlie foot of the lakej
which was used until yesterday, when
the outfit was moved on six miles
farther to Irishman creek.
. Moyie is already deriving considerable benefit from the railroad, as the
construction trains are carrying both
passengers and freight.
■      ALL KINDS'Of
1  Txxi TTI7"ox-l5L
i c      — DONE —
Gents' Furnishings,
i^r-i^ntf: z.yr zyn^s-t^s~i^ z^-i^srz^ri^s: -^t£?
Ooi** T7"iot'ojri«i, St. etnea. Moyie jSlxto,
hoyiei oiwxr.
A.. MANUEt &CO„ Props.
J, M. HJfDSAY, Manager.
This hotel is now open to the public, and is well furn-.
isheel throughout. None but the best brands of wines,
liquors and cigars kept in stock.        .       ,       .       .     ,
,?€€€ S.SS$S£a£ $»&3 »&&S 9$9$d&938&9&&$9&*39&99&*99®&-**&&
This Hotel is New and well Furnished The
Tables are Supplied with the Best the
Market affords. The Bar is Riled with
theiBest CBrands ofLiqti6rs |axld Oigars.
We Will Dave a Postoffice.
Contrary to the report published  in
the Leader last week, Moyie City will
have a postoffice by thefirst of October. ' - ,      *
The rumor circulated last week that
E. H. Small had refused to accept the
postofiice is.entirely without foundation. When Mr. Small was confronted
with the report he was quite surprised.
"I have no idea how the report got
started," he said, "as Mr. Fletcher and
myself had no such conversation. I
have accepted the office and will take
the oath of office today (Thursday,)
and also have a deputy eworn in.
However, the office will not bo under
the jurisdiction'of the postal department until the first of October, ,at
which time the official stamps, books,
blanks, etc., will be here, and • through
trains will ,be running"7 to carry
the mail."
Thursday night Mr. Small' and his
deputy, F. I. Moore, appeared before
Stipendiary Magistrate Sanders and
took the oath of office, The office
will remain in the store of the Moyie
Supply Co.
On the fourth page of this issue is
an editorial comment which was written and printed prior to the foregoing
information being learned. Since we
have a postoffico the comment is
ANDMININGMEN,  . ■       ■        '   ■
MOYIJE CITV'i -      '•.•_■■■  ■_'■"       — — UKITTSH COtU.nis'A
AU Kinds of Rougfa M§
Pressed Lumber.- »• ; *" j
j. ■
n,-dvie'pari'f b. a.
'.m"MiQ£8 wm mmm
a, r. MtrtR, iigfi
Tho Klmljorley To-rt-nsito.
Chas. Estmere, part owner and sole
agent for the Kimbcrlcy townsite, was
a visitor in Moyie .Monday; Mr. Estmere. is quite enthusiastic over the
futtife prospects for his town,,and believes the steady growth which it. is
now having: Will co'ntiriue. and be
permanent. . Cdriaid'ei-'able buildinff is
being done. Tlie Fof't Steele. Development Syridlc'alG, whicli has the con:
trolling interest in .the townsite, is
phtting up a Hotel 50x58 in size, and
two' fiild cfrie-hillf etdrie'^ high. It is
of' rri'oderu architecture; arid will be
heated witli hdt nir «nd lighted
with Acetylene gas. A.; fiithibef of
oilier' gtibstafitial . bifildinftr are! in
cours'o df constftic'tio'ii, arid Fihch
Bros.'s£iw mill is kept busy turning
diihiUniKlti tti sUpp'ly' tlie d'euaaricl.
iSirfib'efie^ is" sitiiateci  tit tlie fb'rks
til Mrffk' iiBd SU'lhv'ari 6're'eks: arid is iri
6ta vMmitf id m tidm, star ama.
Mltmmms; -..>■■■
• It Pleated JVIr. Wallinger.   ,
■s N. A, Wallinger, .thft resident manager'for the Fort Steele' Development
Syndicate, inspected the workings of
the QueGn of ■ the Hills and Moyie
claims last Monday in the interest of
his company. He was more than
pleased with, the big strike which was
made about two weeks ago by Ike Wil
liams and his raen^
''There are 10 feet of ore in the face
of the drift," he said, "and all indications point towards its widening. I
wouldnot be at all surprised to see
the ledge widen to 18 or 20 feet within
'a short distance. One reason this rich
8"trike pleases me is because the property had previously been condemned
by^several. : exports, and,, mining
men.; When I first saw the property
I was convinced it was all right, only
"poorly handled, and now my convictions haye been sustained. I believe
there is an immense body of ore there.
On the surface there are • two distinct
ledges, but I am under the impression
that when depth is attained they will
drift into one large vein."
"When will "the working force on
the property* be increased?"
"Shortly after the last payment is
made, which will be in October. When
I return to Steele I will cable the
company in London of this last strike,
and will await their orders. There is
no question in my mind but the
last payment will be made, and when
done the mine will be operated on an
extensive scale."
This company haB other large holdings in East Kootenay, being also the
principal owners in the Kimberley
townsite, and the Minnie M.' and
Tiger mines on Tracey creek.
Later—Yesterday Captain James
Morrish, tlie syndicate's expert, in
company \Vith Mr. Wallinger, made a
thorough iim-sligatibn of the above
properties, as well as the St. Eugene
and Lake Shore .'nines. When Mr.
Morrish'd report is considered by the
syndicate, the final decision will bo
made, and in all probability tho last
payment will be made on the Moyie
and Queen of the Hillsi .      '
i'or a Constable.
A petition was circulated this- week,,
and signed by all the business men
and property holders,'.asking for the
appointment of J. M. Lindsay as constable for Moyie City. The town „at
present has riiounted police protection,
but they will be withdrawn'in'a few
weeks to the Northwest Territories,
they being stationed along the, liii'e
only temporarily under contract .with
the C. P. R. during the construction
of the new line of railway.
Abetter selection than Mr. .Lindsay
could not have been made. For several years he held a, similar position
in the east, giving the best ,of satisfaction, thus making him' eminently
fitted for the position. His appointment will meet with the hearty approval of every citizen of Moyie.
of tho'^Crow's Nesi 'foad; w'as'_ in tbrVii
Monday. No information of any irii-
portance could be elicited  from him.'
Tflio Kotio Out o( Ituclti
While, the steamer Echo. ■ was ■ riiakA
ing a run to the fob"t Of the lake Monday afternoon she diet with an accident which will render Her unfit fpr
use for some time to come. While
making ri turn in tho' Moyie river1
near the" foot of the lake" ' the propelling dcrdw banie in contact with a
fockf breaking off one of the flanges.
As two flanges' had b'een broken off On
a previous bqcasio'nj only One now remains* and the boat must consequently be idle until another screw
is received arid iristalled. ;.•"..
£t W. Serdliiiiet M<1 Psirty tter«5.'
h. W. Herchmer,  commisslotter
tho Northwest  mounted   pdllc
giriafH. W. Herchmer; Fort Steele,
ti. it Rarid'aiij Fort Steele; arid In-
ap'Cc'tb't Saadeffl of Maclebd were toS-
3t"b'.f6 lii Moyie Thiirsday, arid sp'erit a
good pb'ftiofi bf tlio day In yachting
arid fishing, They returned to Steele
Alone: tlie'C. If. P.
Rev. R. J. MacPherson arrived home
Tuesday from a trip over the Crow's
Nest railway as far east as Coal Creek.
He was favorably impressed with that
town, and thinks it will eventually be
one of the best   on the line.
■ He says between 80 and 100 men
are working in the coal mines and the
company is already shipping five carloads a day. Nearly 1,000 feet' of tunneling has been done, and three eight
hour shifts are being run.
' Mr. MacPherson has taken up his
residence in Cranbrook, and will conduct Sabbath services there  hereafter.
• Work will bo started on the Lake
Shore mine next week.
M. Mclnnes, East Kootenay's meat
king, was in town Wednesday.
J. W. Robinson went to Kuskonook
Thursday, and will be absent a  week.
Father Welsh, of the St. Eugene
mission, has been in town for several
Joe Shac has in stock a nice aasort-
men of good cigars and choice apples,
oranges, etc.
Rev. Gordon , and -Oliver, of the
Presbyterian clergy, were in town a
few hours Monday. , :
Engineer' Kilally, .who has charge
of the railway work near Palmer's J3ar/
was a visitor in Moyie Sunday.,,
-A contract has been let for the
efection.of another -large'i bunk house
and an offlcd at the St. Eugene mine.
Win, Carlin; .the Fort Steele merchant, cache'-into . lo'.wri: oh Tuesday's
train'. When asked if he boarded tlie
train at Steele,' he eimply smiled.
T. J. illliott,' once a resident df this
p'af'tpf the country; but flow employed
id a clerical capacity id the C. P. R.
offices at Madleod, was here . looking
after his interests this week;
, A wire frq,m the friaiu line was
Strung to G..Campbell's custom office
Tuesday evening, an instrument was
installed arid fbr 38 ltdttra Moyie City
had a. telegraph office, Then,, orders-
were received by the operator, P. C.
■Fallon; td move to the switch at the
foot of the lake, in order to be nearer
the construction forces:       .
"Sugar" Dixson, representing Luke
Bristoll & Co. of Hamilton, Ont. was
doing business with Moyio City merchants Thursday.
F. I.Moore is building an eight foot
sidewalk along the front of his lot
facing Queens avenue. This is a step
in the rigut direction.
G. R..Muir has made  arrangements
to ship two cr.rloads  of   dressed   lumber   to -Archie  Leitch  at Cranbrook,
Leitch'd mill is-unable to  supply   the,
demand of Cranbrook's builders.
Constable Jv Wilson came up from
Kuskonook Thursday to subpoena
witnesses for the trial of Antonio
Bruno for the murder of Gui&eppo
Puerio, which will begin at' Nelson on
September 20th.
'Paymaster Stephens came in by rail
ou his last trip, instead of horseback
as heretofore. Tlie usual payments
in town were made, and the tracklayers were paid at the siding' at tho
foot of the lake.
James Clandening, who has had
of the construction of the
western portion of the Crow's Nest
line, and has been a resident of this
place for nearly a year, has gone to his
home in Vancouver to remain.
Moyie City was given a taste of high
life this week, The arrival of the
steel, followed within a day or two by
the paymaster, had0 an1 exhilarating
affect upon the people. The business
houses, hotels especially, enjoyed a
liberal trade;
E. H. Small is home again from
the Mission hospital, after battling for
several weeks with a severe attack ■ of
typhoid fever, Although out of the
hospital only 10 days, he is looking
splendid. He is loud iu his praise of
the excellent treatment received whilo
at the hospital,
W. H. Shim has returned from
Wasa, where he has been for a month
past. Besides doing assessment work-
on the Black Pine and rinnnysidc
claims, ho put in some time on the
wagon road, which is beiug built to
that phiCb by the government.
Rev. C\ A. Procunier, who has
charge of the Church, of England -in
East Kiootehay, was here yesterday
afternoon getting acquainted witli. the-
people. He leaves for Rowland today,
for a short .visit. He expects to hold
services here iit je'ast.one Sunday in
each-'m'oh.li.i, V '   :
Joe Ni'ido'rstacit, the brow'br,' is tlie
busiest man in loWn, and his beer i.<
constantly- increasing in popularity.
As tlie'Leader predicted sum'o weeks'
ago, Jos. Neiderstadt in a short time'
will be the Jog. Schlit>: 61 'the Kdo'te-
nsiys,-.end his be'er will be ; kiiowd kS
that -which made Moyie famous.
JFIec'. liktoril tlie Wriet'iy;
i ■
iri'e .iiisfi   yduf-   lietfoy
urged tlie yo'ritli in the parlor'.
"Young man," roared it voice fro'h'i
avove; "tlie boriibsirdriierit will open as
soon as 1 get down Stairs."
Then the hapless youugater organized ■'himself into a flying squadron1
and made a fleet disappearance.—Em'
i ■v. I
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, -For ;a'lor.g' ■ tfriic in Iut):;;; tho'aiiparvj
erS,i■'triiusniutat'i.oy,■: 6i'';tiiifr ■Ape,..cd'ppcr j
i'u'ii n:,f!rcar7'''.'iiitb prcc'idus 'hic'tal'a   has ;   . ,
'. ,::MUC;l'FOr;': H!Ma-',..';'-
^'•wiiii'oar oven eyes;a metal like,gold is-:;.
•' 6u::3g„frcinV,thncra(dbi^
■'■' alchemists—n;i^tttd;,:that could npt tip-:,
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■'tJuchstcisn.- We::ii!uy say,:-hov>;evqr;;;tbut^
./in old-'.'ludia, as,v..C'Jl' i>S iu.ycniJg Ai;;cr- j
.-''- Jca.tiH^huvc'iict-yct^sac-cefjded in,,JRiv.
riir.rass'e.d- tlis' risls—A. TS.r.i.llibjr  Ser.rjc,/
- '-Ur-oh '"V.'hich   cu''l3r:ii;c«s:e.  ..Xl!TOiia'';6f
'.■'.'' S'siojilti r.bbited/AVU'h.Trij-ylii/j 3CiiiotiX)ns;';
'   ■' '.'Talki'■: abeiut: your  nhnrk bun tors in :
iherold', travdov, ''l;nt.l'i'c:neinbcr; scc-;
; ''' "": 'cxLCohyfc:r>.vjt:h' :cue.'.cf ■ riip.'-Cl.bng.■;
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I frdrt wonldliave U'iw) stay, bld.yoa'r,,: ;
'■'.'. l>V,r, oh,'jny-heart is-'soi'e! .'.-;•:.:;
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•' rarcwc-Vl fovover'n:6i-cl   ■"■';..'-, •-■, '.-.■ '
■I'Eowfeii'l iei.theo pass, old year,  ...   ....
•'■■   The ■tli.rc-siibld.'bi ir>y(doar?   .-.- -v . .;     r   ;
.' For, v,-):c,:i,Hi:on fai-est forth', old year,"'■:   •
", T]:q>t wilt not froblc-iic,'-" ■<-•■ ..■'■,. ,-v
,. Eat onlylKhnllfiw, <M ycar;,v      ■■',,..  •',!■
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". -::;■'.:.. — Hary.■iA:;.'-£ri'.;nu'i'l:M i!V^'P^:-0;Ear.   '
' J. of the earlr-gea of. ludia,;<:vvh0i,accyrd-'»w :^waitf,. r^d; ^,!;cring v^-f ;f,
-^:::hritHcf:thbvliiu:alayasi: to learn ;these£:Mb;e«
iii^'idia^'thclist'ofSnbstituceijnecessary i:scut.hi^
    These 'are,' it he"\Vater. groans; ai!;l;ftcrea:K3 oirlicrror
."..:.::.. -■■   1 vvc'ntwup'in.;:;!!:;'clircctipi;^::;:Hia .'s'liark-
•;■-.;for."'tliis (lolicato; otcration:
',)dinblicaj,::l24;ruipees:;vrcight.(!7 ounces).
',:'; ;^yi)'ite seeds:cfjAhrn.procatofius,.9 ru-
'ipecs.^veigiit (SJ^'lGuhcesXi;..;:;'Zr':;::l:''X^
?.v;:Oue.:\vlj9le'gar2icJ:: XX'^•■■'''J■■■■■■;-^'-Z
■ :rCihUubar,:Girupcca Aveight(2;orihceG):
These ''''''arp,/pt3wtljr^
then, a piistdjis-'.piadc.' of thcAvbole,yv'ilh ''
w:in, cas'di-'g,:;!ongij^riv g 1 uuces' at.ibV sac:...,
e.u'lciit.;''Hihdoo'''';:l:r.bics^ G™";;
■ ;•'','.IS: thpSjtl's't'Hf i'l2 ,tlip 1;abbub:svtall; "
■■■;-,vx,bilr:tl;ii:'p,n!jta'.i'i/s';.«C-, the resertV/ioppot
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.v^r.s :j!:<? ,cla': 1 :'it;n;'-v>yeather; Jiai:deiied
:\yr'rp hi«':'ipur£^^
''"ii'uu'i ]jit:d,:cv:r.r.; I:'('i;ril;a:-:0ccd;.wbril'frcin
the' iit\i0, i orlprirand 'frail,5-.: a playihin?
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piece cf':t!;o"narrow/■diVce";:that;\\vas'..the
;"fbot-aj)df;K;vpviw?fc of,/Ui'p"'h;ilh!,^Yc>?:',the
v^csnan" :yv:hb:;::strc'tch
ti!C:;ilnhcr;;>^Kn/:fpll;,of yent'ioipg^fayiir
to^:i■■>:•,   (hen  i:vJ:e   this dime 'rm  in
r-,iii.' «.l t?!C  r-ca.   Tluu i will give j-on
ti-.-iM. .!■-'•■
C.lui •iiir-b va« whito.
"i^.th-. r Trasiko,   such   a  thing   ia
.impi.^iblo," he stammered."
■   "Tiien  go  yov.r  way,   yon  dullard,
r..»l pat .ywauada out, of your """d "
"i.ad v.ill you Lccp your word?"
A^am the old man laaqhed loudly.
'.[v, ill   be feed fcr  the lishea on tho
<:ay that, I bu-ak it."
"Give me t>. twc-lveinonth for it,"
Trasihn uddded cio«sly. Ho saw how
the your.g Iran's eyes .-.bene a.s if with
j.rouhu'y. Who could tell, perhaps tho
Christian nods wore more v.dliing to
Leln rhf ir own than were the uni'riond-
Jy \,-a(cr c-piiit-^.
i:.i fh'-y n.srtcd.-     - .     ■
As the Jit13o boat, wan again laanehed
i:j the foan i:;g tide Chin-rlicb threw
hinjft If on his knees and jiniyed: "Give
i me u t-'iy'u., U merciful ."avidjir, to tell
■ urn if thou wilt blovs my work nnd
i l-ri'ag thy-holy cicpz to (>%crhisting hoii-
' tr oil this ccii'i. TL'.n will I po out in-
j to lhe v, mh: (fiufeitid, l:nowing that I
' t-h.-.H rerurn'to liappir:! ;.■>. " ,
j And if, he rurned his head again to
'• Ice!; Pi,"S: a ioyiV.l ••Jlo-iiinm!" burst
'   I'h,ih,1,:s iiiN."ff";r np <m. the iiu»e3;M00'i_
• b'wiiuafla ami sti-tcl'.-.l t-ut her ^arins
! }o>::ui.^ly, to t!u'<t her liguio was out^
; ihiul agaiM.'t thy d:y in the form of a
I   sdeiidci rn..-s.
I      'L'ims iJ:e raints'cnpwcrrd his prayer.
• Chiis!ii:!< laid dovsu' to r?st in hia
!,bo;it and saw a wonderful dream pic-
1   fare.   An j-Iar.rl piojoeted fioni the' bluo
i -sea, s.;i.dy and   ma".;fe like  tho hillock,
, upon whith   Trasik/i'.,!'''hufc was   built.
1 lac loose eaiih sank into the waves,
p, in, 12 f'onh.vn '!t".'«t     "|    \Tr&/^g\tt\li\tf'      P      /*
j '.' „    ■ SUPPLY    '
■ Complete Outfits
!Klon^ki9:yTikon Gold Fields.
'   , \y'o h.ivc ihc largest .-lock on the const and  can   outfii   {tirta* on shbi't
t, , '
notice,     Wo can also .-apply pack or work horses nt reasonable price*.  . .
Lui.ku g up and dirsolvirg iu utter help-    ^
of a-hind   of :honseboau":and in a fibort .4:vessols intolufi^
spcedi: announce tliatr-he would catch!^
Iho^-r-ark ' > :>''-^-«""::;''v''"'^^ 'C
: three quarts of  "pnddy1''. made  of -tb'o:,
•'•: milkvguieecfAseiepias gi^antea. .The j.Avas'.pcrfcctiy naked   .
'''whole ^is ^grcund-:ap ■OTth^.^^
• ^rhen^it;tWliard\biih&,.:'r.ro IE
.,,-mixture, and,finaliy:two'sat'tia arpVtaken :.iprmpd ;c^y;;witli,a?lcr:_g;rope hkp.a;.hpi-
..■■that; .tbo:,materiahtp bG^clistilled peep-.. his ielfc Im-itl.:1'
'.■{■'.vessel.: OiV'fhe'idwcr; vessel anbthersn't "'
rUlis.sblderecl^ith:: potter!s; earth, pfter
;. an :,opehiiig..has', been m<:cle in the 'end; cf
l this Eccoiid"vase.', ;Oyer;tliis holp'.;:■ is.,.fit-,
ted *a : bottle iwhc'se end ispierced-, and
it 'is carefullysealed ; (bthoypse. -■..Jtitp
:.'thp;; lpwcr;vase aro:pvit:the;'.little;balls
{described above,'and'.t.he.whplo: is "then
• sealed \ip,
'^ultdotlra dead'Imsh'feil upon, the'v.^^
 a'^rt Hiiiciobstccd.erect:  lie'!{T .who
' " 'f6r.-:::av-littj.e"^
ll ■'a'b:bva-;..''.-t'i-i8 ■• ;:Watcrv ;niigry'';.or^ ^railing,
\L wreath ed ;wirb",,r^ns'he3;:; 'i h':'>h;eVsunshino
:if;ed;:ehar:pis,;;o.vcr.; the'.w'avep'.fa.t'^i'ilght,
,;i 'amid^tjumder: aud3l;ght:ning.»;;Hp:;made
,'"'! help1' and:, T&viied^them 'when^th'ey're-
l"f'Ssed"it;/::c:,l ..■:■.-:'"•'■::■■;■';£ ;•"■ ^::\,,X^: ':X- ■
| •>;: "• The7 Old v.'.raha- "h'nd i^tbrcdyup-^reat
| wealth::.ihv; his -xabhi^durlngftheylou}:
Lyeaxs^but the,Icvclicst; pearl Jhatypyer
I '.inau';;:cy;.ca''lc(dli'c?tl %fm;:.clid;!^pt;;lie'{wit 11
ing: yblneSejeavCpt
jipt■ J as ti pphp J he. hpnia)ir;w itj X ''.'.Dpli v -
rcrupce" si3.:.ii:iiTp'ei; and'■'.''IJappiness" as
cargo.: Swanadawas the lisiiei'Sgoidea
back' with':,'.
.../;. ••■.?■.,.. .,./'..■    ;-/ .;,,.
'came.; to ;the
surface; a'bbnt^htyarS^M
aiui immediately;;tlip;Hindcb/plunged;
overbeafcl.;^;;:;-^. • ■'V;;{.v :-■; X;% ^^'^.XX ;,.,.';■'■
■■''■''. 'X chorus cf groan n nnd'exclamatipn's'
went up,;iu tiioinidsttpf :whicli;thpHiu-;:
doo;   reappeared;;• swimining, yvith,. his,
righMiand^-'IStau aiid;shark,facpd each;
othcrvand I;f tine::tcV;.that;I say/ p..'pleascd
Tho .pbw'cler, ;whch-: vaporized, -::riscs;;^as'tb say,;' WelU; thia:;ia civil,' to;Bayi tho
oug'.-fh&v:^i'des:'."ofrthc' bottle.ahd^ou^'HleasfvV;-^^^^ \XiX-XX'
-•-■■:. sdeus'eB-'''!iroundv'-<lie''4i6.1c.-:--;It;-is.'collected
;'•''" with a'featber.  Then, zinc 'is1 taken: For j a „' cinch' en ■.(tbp--si'tyaficii,' fbivhe swam
■ -each rupee's weight of 'ziub':- is allowed"! leisurely' toward .'0 the '•■.. Hindoo, turned |- cargo. Swanafiawafitho^hei'sgoKleij
' a paantitybf tho powder as large- as [ slowly un.cn hX back. and. cponed -his ! haired . daug-htcr,;. tho/.mc^t .beautiful
"   two or'Un'oo rice grains!   Tho zinonnd{| mouth
" tho powder are wrapped-'.tip together■■in,-1-.a:if.l tie'people, screamedf'bpt ibe; IIin-:•]■■ ftcrh ciiiV land^ the, valued goal;.tpw.aru
:'v'fa'1 bit: "of naper or linen Pr'a leaf. The |;;doo 'had-dived',.' and presehtly:he appeared ;j which:.the ycutksfcf ■ tho;Ccast ..abd/cf
' ;whole"is'pat".'intb.';:a -,crucible,'. which is,| again on the off sicip cMhc. shark,;sruil.- ,-:J; 'tho.hcishbpri-ug-iBln'ijdn.-nipde their:\voy
•-''., th'cu'' sealed with'a pasto'.{composed/;-of>!,-iug'and;eti'll'.c^^
.';   ono part of co'W dung,;, one  of  charcoal |      "The big fish   looked; surprised   and
: , and, ouc^pf, potter's' '.-carthY   This    is; i then, -made  aacthcr/gentle:-dab:a'S the
.placed- bu.a firo'of-Weed, charcoal -and .1; Hihdcb.; /Tlie.rcsplfelvvas tho same, and
"•• heated white  hot,' ■■after..which it is  ah
lowed to cool:   Qpen tho erucible-
;'n. —Paris Cosmoa.
Oh, praise 13 cvo:-Kv.-et-t to'her-.r! .' ,
'.'lis si:ii]tic cn.r.dor I eoat'es.^ it, *  ,
.Andihen, I b%vr.,:'t:H.dbnbly dear •■■•■-   -'-'■.■
....  W:cn lpvinj; lips lijco'.'yours.-osi)i'C33 it.
And yet when cnhuly.l'reflect"'. : ...
,. .;Hoxv.'miic-li is,dv.o_to Cbi.'i"d'3..-l.>Hpdjit|33,.;
Forgive-ir.e,-.dixrr, if I,■puf-.'peut  :': °
•'■'■ Your pi-tiises o'lily'-pi-ovo youi:.kir.fln.,es3. .
. \niatbvcr. vh-iacs-15!i:sy..licnst."        -■'■-,;
(Aiid sli;:'ut, 'indetid', '.is iby profession),,.
,.Thc!.b.n.i': y<-u praisu nnd .priro the must
'■Miiy he ilio least iii 'my, jiosscsiuOn. ,-      .' -;
:Vou cf'-ll.ir,0''.'cor.H'::nt;''and rovere-
A r.iii:d \;y'st'Cndy :snd v.iiswervuig, ' ,
But.never.poet yet, I i'ear,
;' Of su«h bpphuiao'was qrato descryInjr.    ,.
The poet'sL cons!fiucy at- hest'
Is like tlie l^ois's—yOh.-.ptvi'ov.s rover—
Btill i-onKli'iii-to hid l-.o.'jiy que^t,
'   Though l'ouad in apple Vdeoin or clover..'
And do I Ihr.siny fr-.itii i:i:p,e;^:h'.'   ,     ; .  ,   ■'
, Ah <:nc un'.vi;'."!.-) love's vocatien.?   '
- A juoiriontlspntieiii-e,-I hesci^-h, .     .
■ '■' And you .-hull hear my e.»'pl::ii:i!loru
Suppose Ih'o hbc?; no jirono to r-tray '.
As f-:iney bids i:o::i l.H.wer i6 bower,
Bhould chance to lind «>)ii:e Ir.i-ky'day
• 'A wwiurfcv.i l-.cacy l,i.::uii:|; £(j\k'i.-i',
Whhh, ill i.:t;U the y.] p<-d i:r.d <-,:rac. li(:&ln
An i,fl.«-n n.-i the r.ry v.-»s sv.nu'y,
Quid; va:c.-:hau.--,l«l sh(,iild rj.ir.ain, ■
An i-veriluwiii;^ iVivail i.-i honey.    l
Bueh pri'.ise as !-,]:e,i'.;;;i;t fitly claim,
'   If r.c'ci-a^aia i;lio jiiev<-dh lover.
Bo l/.iu-h (';i;i! et.Kcs bit- the sr.iiie)   ,
' la flue your load iiiiu hiithfid-lover.
-    —Johr. (.;. h';::-:o ia >.'cw York J.edqcr.
Mr.'" 'Hindoo came up fresh for the third
round:.':':;/' ;,;,.■ ''-.;;"';;/.;; "';,,'.■;'-';;"
.'■■'■ "Then the eharkbcgnutogrow'aDgvy
i.pud made a viciot-s nuiat the Hindoo,
and again'". he "misled.: - Tho': people en
shore and ih the-boats;,,began to feci
confidence in the.htznmu/e.ha'mpiojj, a'iid'
their;groans w/ero changed,to applause':
''.But Trasi'r.o kept: his ■hard;haii<li..cu
tho lovely.fiGwer-nndinfjpected-the.suitors' '"witbY;l:i'T -cpntting, greedy: ryes.
Ths'rp -wr.3:'.: r.oi}6- ricda. .enough, to pur-
cb.asoYnch'a! wonder.plant.- .;, ;''',':
t '■S'wai'mVla.;''tcck -'it"with' .ihdilTorence.
Eei 'face showed an ccensioual fieetin?
obatipw, liuS. iu'hcr.:heart.:ail 'remained
peaceful nnd;.ecoi.:,. £he; waited -fcr him
wherii eho.'lmdsQcn iri: creams." earnest
a:id: 'convincing, vgcatlo   and. proud   at
•Every  time /the: man;; madoX  point. |^oneo. "A/dark'eloai-hungfrOrn hisshoul-
tlioso 'heathens would: j'dero.
.Where: his   boafc';;.tossed.; the .sea
ho.  clouds, ,iOf   hedven
,xho  nn
v;a« a  re;
TUo Itb:isia!i  I'olico.
A tyrannical and' universal secret
jrorveil lance blights., all J'.nssiau national life. The clergy preach but little,
the' great majority npver attempting
to deliver "a seruion, cJiiefly. becauso an
unguarded'or misti'mlo-i'stor;;]. wpj-rl may
bo so reported as to lead to severe penalties. All.public meetings are prohibited, and so ridiculous is the'extreine to
.which.the superfine-.bureaucracy pushes
its operations Unit nobody is at   liberty j
to give, even a dinner party without, the j
. permit of the everlasting politsi. . j
The police officer is the aod cf Russia. |
If permission is uraatod for a party, a I
detective must be admitted. .PubIk; ;
lectures are .all . bat.uukncliwn, i'or the j
law sternly forbids 'them. Seeing (bat j
education is rapidly spreading, aud that |
by the efforts of tlie authorities  i-a   this ',
■ land of endless paradoxus, it is manifest j
that tho elements of some feari'ol social j
cataclysm aio bein^ abundantly aud j
expeditiously provided. Tlie passport '
Kyste'in is an unsy.eak'aljle abomination, ;
lor.which there lis not. the slightest jas-
tifieaiioiY It, puts .travelers to tho nt- i
iiu -t " a inn   i i    tc    n 1   ( ic i '    is   ( u   '
against tho. nsn
sciidnp -a.rd-r.s'ih'K'Cbecr.- '/ ,: '■ .   ■'■. :v ' ■'■■•: j .:6parlil'e|cl? end' .
'..' /' Aveii,-: by t.b.is. time -tho.. thihg-was;. i /changed to gold andfloated in thoshape-.
.pcftting'-'csciiiDa.'-'   T ficver ,eaw ,/sach -i.cl ;&;-.cvcs3:.abovp 'the stranger's head.
Kw'immi:ig /brforc,   and vl'  never /will:.!' Iii !■ IIow thp tempest shrieks,: hpw. the
ular'.water j sea/'thundcraagainst thoPhbrc'l  /;,,;':.;
...'■Trasiko/-kv3hs/;hin;/bctu'dod.i;:chih/: on
Loth hands-.bail.-curses; the geds... 1-Ic
kiiows hcwlhp- baro 'teeth- -of ■ thpsea
cut".into■"' tho ,.coast. Then- he- hurries
down eagerly. : It scemsvto him that he
sees: by ibY glaro/of the■ligh'tniug a
cmdl beat battling' with the' waves. ■
, When he returns, his;face is strrner
than ueual and his back,is bent with tin
puaccnsl omed' burden, lip drags, n.i-ypu th
with him'-r^ho knov.'s not if it,is pod or
man.- Piocuutiou■ urgcd'.lriui to the yt s-
cue that ho..i:-igh5 not risk ruining hiiu-
Keli-Yomnlo'tely/wiih' tho ail powerful
spirits. ■-"-   "■-
.'' Swauad^ .-lifta tlio'.fi'rebranil, and a.?
chc looks'bn tho ntnmgcr'sface it seems
to her Xhat a warin sitnbeam haa suddenly fallen into J;er heart. It becomes
bright in thocotta'-e, hhAI it weio bathed in flaming'purple light-.. It ccmes,
from the - little cress-,that glov,:s eh the
:seaman's brea.:-.t..   u" ',    '
•And.v.meh'tlic sun shrine again in the
heavens ■ tho. .'young Christiicb looked
into tho bluceye:.i,o'f -Hie heathen-fisher
maid; two hearts wero exchanged, a
troth watrpliahrcd for time and eternity, and "cwciu '"'.to upon ibe crors., The
foreif.'ii seaman went .boldly.to Trasiko
snake./ :iTb':'.c;ddgc'd,.' twisted, dove   and.,
jumped  liko -an   eel.    The iish : maaov
chargo' after ' charge.';.  .Onco   his   'fin '
"grazed''flip Hindoo's arm, aiid the wa-.
.fer-wascolpredwith bleed.    The niair's"
stock went"down; a   point, but it soon,
i-pSo, again, when/tho crowd  began to
sec that  the fish .'pimply wasn't, iu .it..-.
Thp nian was  beating  hinrttt his own
game. '..Ypn'spcy the- ni-li ccirld eniy/'ge.
in.-ono- cli recti on—straight, .alicati   like
ah ./arrow—rWhilo 'tubman iarhed   and;
doubled like a.i'cx        /    -
'  "\Veil, by   and   !.y the Cxoriion  and
ercitenitliiS' told c:u tho monster.   lie'got
rattled, churned   the   river   into 'foam,
:aud then  became quiet, again.    At Ibis
moment-the .Hindoo  faced him again.
It.Was tho last round. . -.   . .
"Tho.Klnnk.cuarged  languidly.    The
man"'waited,'..lying in Yho water  iu.itii.
the grea.t mouth .was open to, i;ei/,6 him.
Then/with a convulsive backward'leap,'
ho straightened Lis body and,sank, feet
dr-wjiwiird.-Jik') a-'plummet cf lead.
"The "sh:n ,t ,sc
d down over him,
■lashing the water, into a lather foam.
Th'.-y snemed to be grappling-with.t-ach
other. Tho crowd gioar.ed aud scream-
c-d, and then'bceauie silent... '
"For the .space of what seemed many
'minutes tlie people, watched the surface
ci" the water'.until even the bubbles had
_cs?ne:-s.c Thc':i down from the clouds
1 came a h:ii;!.f angel bearing in "his
J'hands an insignificant looking gray
l plant, 'horny and'haul, with wonderful
i 'jagapd leaves. He planted it-in the arid
!, sand,- one little stalk bci-id'o another.
[ And s-''1 ti.'cve, with what magic/power
; it shectif up r.iid becomes a strong inter-
| laced wall that hems the earth firmly
i tc.geJhtrwith its net work of, 1,000 roots !-
i And the angol turned hij smiling face
! taward'the young seaman and pointed
!   to iho v«oik of hi.T hands.        v"
Gbristlie-b  aveke   i.nv'l thanked  Qod
;  and praisf d i.iin. ■ Thv.ii he sot  forth to
find the   island   thrcagh  tho  boundless
j  seas of the wprlrl.
Tho sun rc't-e and rank a^ain into tho
I   wr.f, r;   Mais watched over  the solitary
■ little boat and threateningclor.ds thick-
! eucd around tho mast; storm and tem-
I pest played ti^ ir wild game and pulled
i at the golden anchor of 'faith which
j love unci the vision had cast iu the
i heart, of the ycun'g ."aman.
; At last be ispied it, iho .longed'for
i island, -tandinf-bigh ami uneven above
I   tho sea, giistoi-ing   in   the light of .tho
; morning sun. The neaman raised hie,
' hands jovially and cried, ,"God he
| prair-d, 1 hare f-'imd thee, thou prom-
! ised artel's land I ' c
j There grew,t!:o gray, thorny weed
i that va? !o give ]•.',:;: his happiness, and
he, uy; e.ofed :ho phu.f'j and loaded his
vcssrl to ir.fi edge with them until
thnc- v.-as ^can cly rceni .for himself.
"Hciit the sai!—yo ho!—aud away for
the distant r0art of the Ualticl"
Hi! Ihiw the v:avtv, rose; how the
white foam frests b-ar. in anger against
tlie weak timbtr! And what torment
to be .confined to J be narrow place jfox
days i.ud wee':?, stung until ho bled by
(he sharp haves aud thorns whenever
he n.ovrd. wounds on all his limbs, a
very toitnie'cbaii! Should ho throw the
weed oveihotud, goaded as ho was by
the unceasing rain? ITo; rather lot their
tnedlos rliaw his ,last chop of blood.
But '.hi: tar-ic became hurdrraud harder.
The sun burned; th.e gray thistles
drooped rhcir wilt."d .heads. With a
Iirtiycr CbiiMlicb reached for his last
j flask cf wafer aud shared it with his
! charges. Tl;en shenc a rainbow in the
; sky, and a wind rpumg up and carried
|  the little snip, as if with inagio hands,
■ to the faraway shore.
;       "Hwunada! Sv.-auada!" .
I      Tiiere .i;i:o  stood, weeping  for happi-
: r.es:-, r.ud stretched ot:t- her arms to her
j   love d 1-1:0.
Chr:st'.i. b jilr.nted (he thistles on the
, shore of O.c ihiilie. sea, and Trasiko's
I rlun.M were as hrm as the cliiis. The
. old nian'.-; henrt was softened wheni he
| 'sa»- (he po\M r of the Christian's God,
i and !■< laid (l:e bard of Lis daughter in
| that cf the j, em.g s.eaman.
: llri^-iit glowed the sr-ivolh pni-ple
j and gold. Th;pr"h (hcilii :hs (liere
, Fiirjiod ,:inl :usfj"d as'u-.nd ::s of n'thou-
; sand voi^il ph.dtrr, and cu the. bill the
I fii-'-t e;-(,;-s w.'S rai-'c J..
; lih:-,y liiiui'r '!;.• rs have pass'd. On
, the strand <f '/>\.\.•■*, (be b( lis (;f \h^
\ Loid iiiij'1 the t •■;! I-ii tigti <;■? faitJi
j.shines from ■ the- tower cf the church.
! Nn.'trace is to bo found oil the wbiie
■! sand ,of Trtisilro's lint. It is gone,, and
long, long forgotten. But, on-a tiling re-'
.main:.;—the gray. lhi:-:tlc->, the protector of
'tho dunes, that was once brought with
pain from Over <|ip, f;ca. ' It grows and
spreads an'n legacy left !.y .the true
— Segraiii's Bye Whisky ■
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"   VAKG00VER   B.C.
vicioniA, ii. u.
and   acked   him   for  IhcV;
He .was   poor,
mo   or
disappeared and all'was ouiet.
" 'Lost! Lest!' screamed a priest, and
the mob ro-ec'ho'ed,t!ip cry and began to
beat their breasts like a lot of madmen. ■
Then suddenly ia, tho middle of it, all
the Hindoo reapiiearc.?, SO yards up tho
ctream. Iloi.h hands were above his
head, and he was screaming, ,'Tan, (an, ,
tan!' He had slipped the nocse cf his
lariat, around tho .shark's tail and drawn
it taut, and ho held the free end in his
"In an instant it wt/s ashore, and a-
r.e.orc of Hindoos were drawing tit' it. ^Ifc
took   them   half   an 'liouv to   get   Mr.
for he pulled' like a loco
motive, but they finally managed it.
"Ho proved to bo nine feet long and
sold for a .'--urn which cmibk-d his captor to live in comfort for nearly half a
year."—Philadelphia Telegraph.
daughter.   Tie .was   poor, he   said.    Ho
camo  iVorn   fsr   beyond the t-ea to find.
an)her on the. Bait in coast.       .    :   '
.   Then came  a  .shrill, evil laugh from
the eld man's lips..
" ' '<Jo your w;:y homo again,'' ho cried
feornfully. "I have never-met one who
could dig up gold witli his -linger nails,
lie' -who', would marry my daughter,
must/do something me;r,o than hunt for
scraps of yellow resin. "
'•And what sliall I do, Father Trasiko? ^lo "vvork if; too hard that,is done
for my Jove and Gcd. Chiist and all
tho saints will help mo."
■ Sharp as a dagger's point were tho
fisher's eyes. His gkmoo 'swept over tho
sbor:-, from which the tide had again
torn a large piece. 'After a minute, the
sand dune slid -down affer.it, and Tra-
t-iko's but f-.'mk nr-arer to the iseti. It-
w:i» tin unpleasant, thought foi the ojd
man that he must set to work and build
He laughed'.darY,
Man. i-'c ..
ro this d
'which we
i','ov<; uo-.v of CJlnistlii-'b, but'
y the  ipiny, unlovely v,-eecl,
know as   sea holly, is called
in the language of Ike.pcc-ple "seaman's
fa it b.''—JYom   tho  German For Short
Contri;:;t«..' ...I-
■ ...Rtaiisiictj show that, tho uneducated
factory, girl is more frequently' married
than is tile/wide awake, capable girl in
■ the higher salaried j esit.ieii cf stenographer, oliice assistant, clerk or trusted
Eocixlaiy. The factery girl is,not
thrown\viih ]:eop]t.!'of wealth and po-
citiou'eo much ;:s is her more talented
taster, ami. consequently when some
honest man «oircs along she is. ready to.
trust her future Willi his in a simple,
oven shabby, Jit lie home. Hut the girl
who sees, day 1 y day, the iusth: of myji
lady's silks and the courtly manners of
my lady's husband and sons will not bei
content to give -up her Hilary, however
difficult it, may Lc to earn.it, for fho
s:»!:e of being loved by a man who may
not find-her so charming when Iho rent
is overdue and the babies need new
she t <    '-o th     I n - on, growing old and
Wholesale Merchants, Shippers and Importers.
kootejn'ay -branch    \''3^;EIiSOKy :5'.--^-
LIQTI0SS; ; -CIGAES,  BUY //.GOODS,'       :
"•.'./."'     TEKTS,:   BLANKETS, ■ MACiaifr/ayTS,      : :
•'■■,;'■■" duill: steel,   os.e: bags,   j?wur m$fbed
I  .; /."tKe wm.'/hamilton .M'f& -te' ltd..-;
% , '     :,        — — JfANUJ-'ACXpRERa OF— —
$ Stamp Mills/ Conceiitritors, E
|-       -,; '. CENERAL  MINING   MfleHiSIRY.
| Engines, Boilers and. Saw MiHs.
■i   i   i
Lea4e|: <l\
jf*** %-Kr^vV^"   -"V*W* ■
tt; ..t^t « ■" ■z*(*rrr* >r*f •"
«-rE"r«.**J^ "J *"" t;n"i -
,t*i«-. 7"-
-vt-t-s: 'i jr^re^- ■vrxi'c "
zjzl jL-i'^jsci.is.'utTr:
Great n^u*^**
The Surveyor's Chain  Made  It
Transcontinental Roule.
It is the 5'ojt MoiI-imi in Eqnij-mpnt.
ft U lli<* He viorft Riiili'l Li  e.
It has a Hock-Ballast Komi bed.
It Crosses No S mil Deserts.
It vi< l'.uilt Without Land Grantor
Government Aid.
It is noiel  lor 'he  Court-sy of ita
Kmploy. s. , ,   "
It ii tli«" Only r/ne spr\l g Jlo.ils on
tlie la Carte I'lan.
ii in
S*3    r#     H   £»   *!?      \P    W   Ct    f«
$15,000 on Stamp Mill.
5,0 -jo
Cm,,,   u;n
V_,,l\»'        *,J. 1 11.
Streets '
Grand est  Scencnj
In America by Daylight,
^ttrm'tivoToiirmluriiiff Pe.-i.-iou of Navigation uii GivrU Lukes vi,i Dulutli in i-iiiiiicrlioii
u-itii il.-iJliiitli-cnt l'jihheiitfci- .Stca.intT.-i Xui-lh-
uefluuil Nortlilmiil.
ITiir uiiLp-. ti< kcLn tt'ml eonmleto infoniiutlon
t«i!l 011 «»• lulilrui** K. & S. Ity.. Int. Na.v.Laiul
Ti;odiiitr<"i>., N.'iwul K. S. J!j\, or
C.G. DIXON, Goner.nl Asfcnt,
Siioktiup;1 Wash.
K. I. WHITNEY. G. 1>. AT. A.;
,   St. Paul, Minn.
,       AND	
, Thousand
13 oil
To   he   Kxpeiided' fin
Following '.Mines
^ t% jT^ *.*i
Canadian Pacific St. Lawrence
Crusader • ■'
St Louis
-----  And So,>Pa'dfic Line.
Direct. Route
and Superior Service. |
To KI.ON'IMKK unit VCKON Gold rioliR I
To Piicillc Const. C'hini*. Jnpaii anil Au»tnilni. 1
To E-ulcru ami Kuropeun pointH.
Tickets issued through ami' Imjrsni'o ;
C'llCl'kLHl     to    lloatinillLCllI. !
Tourist Car
fi:om  i:i-:vi-:r>ToKK
IWIlvtofl.r.uil.   Diiilytoxvept VS'edncs-
ilii'v 10  Ea.stcrn I'niiadiiui and   L.  s>.
JlOllltH. t
ConnecLions    Daily   (t'.xcept Sunday)
■ Aiiniston'-
Alpine Group
■ Mon'uni'
The young and pretty bride felt wor- ,
t-icd and oul of f-ort.-i.  Only a short eight '_
\ve<-ks ago fib'J  nmiricd  her  dc:ir  Ous, \
mid had followed him to his home in j
V.,.and ahc.'-.dy be1 bad begun tonoKkcl; j
brr, togoe.al of an owning and to leave ;
her alone in ihebighou,-c  lie had tried 1
to convince her that, ho could  not  alto- i
fret Ik r neglect  his   foimer friends   and
conipanipus and   that hIio  ought, not, to |
obji-it to his jncctinp! them on two oven-.
iu;,'.s cvciy v.-cc-k and to pans an agrooa- >
bio hour or two in their  company  ever'
a friendly game of whiut, bv.t sho Fim-
ply did not comprehend how  ho  could
enjoy   himself  without .her;'how    he,
could   ever  think  cf  poiiifr  auyv.-iicrc |
without taliin.'j her alon?. !
"Oh, t!.o dreadful ovcuingq I have to ,
epend!" fibe coir.plaJn«d, with tears in
her eyes. "1 am obli-cd to >!it here all
alcnf" b-^.inso I havo as ycb had no
chauco to form auy ac'iu'aiiitauccH hero.
K.'.turally I pot homes,ck." Often I feel
like Jcavii:;.; oVeryihii:;- and taking tho
train honiu to my parents."
"Wo'ild it not bo bettor;'darlinft, if
yen went to bed and tried to sleep?"
"Tb.<t i.- jo-t ^,'h:•re the troublo ia, "
she rojdicd, still iu tears;.   "I am airuid.
Our rr-rv;:nt bleeps way up ia the attic
£he,v'ou!d not even hear.were anything
to liapnon to me."
"\>'hy you foolish child, whati'j thefi
to bo atraid of? What is going to happen?" *'
"Aro not tho papor.-s every daw full of
burglaries and robberies?" she peiv,i?tcd. •/
"Think of tlio many Ktran«ws that flock
to a well kno7.-n health report like this.
Inching ia imposniblo under such cir-
The husband' loolccd thoughtfully nt
hi:? swert bride.
"No, dear; I do not want you to
friphten yor.rsclf into illness. Ipromiso
you herewith of my own free will"—(ho
poor fellow ■ could not" help hcaviny a
sigh as ho Raid thi^—' Uo return promptly
at°ll o'cioek whenever I go to meet my
friends. It is irciposFibloforjiso to withdraw myself from their society alto-
I gether, "for, they would ridicnlo and
i make fun of mo and call me henpecked.
I Burpdars rarely put in their appearance
' befoi-n the hour cf- 11, the streets boing
full of life and traClc. Gc.idby, darling,
aud"nlease do not feel lonesome.'
Cauro'yi oopo
ag corner and n cup of bdi cofTee 1
L>af restored   h.im.    Lr.t   he   v.-as :
pretty  .'"cr-n  iic
iu hi:i  corner  as   hi? wife
nii;ht before on her Joungo.
did  bin  wifo   fare?
'.-n::" in tho middle of   tho night wiih
htart, almost frightened "out  of  her
wit, by "a horrid dream, in   which
r? fllrs f-
To Rcvel.ifokc nud Miun I.uio iioints.
6».m. Uv.  tibOC'-VS   CITY Ait. 6:40 p. m
,Tii N'elrtwi, Kiihlo.Tra.il anil rioM>liin<l.
.tsisoonl.v. SI.OC'AN CITY  Arr. 11:20 a. ni. j
KoknntK) Iriivrrh   ICaslo on  TiicmIu.v.s unit  1-Vi- 1
Aiyiiof each wecfcittO:l.> p.m.  for  round trip,
ti» Lnnltr (tint A rffefltn. |
AsH-ertniii prwent 1
Lucky, Georg
eery ui
Hound ;'.-ic"p
had Lff.n t.ho
J.rA ■ how
a' .       .
ha-band   had    appeared     before    her,
wounded, bleeding  and   tern t by  Jmge
bloodboauds.  Pretty mooii, however, she
comprehended tho f-i(nation.    Jlcr  face
ba'hed in tear.", she p-scod restlessly up
! and down the roam, v.-riuging bor hands
"Oh, the wr'-foh! To ctay oat all uightl
Jns-t to (;iiuL- of it! Such a man has the
effrontery to tall: to  me   of  love.    Not
! content to  not   like  a   villain, he even
; bad (0 re.sk'-, fau   of  mo   last   night by
1 preti-noiug he,would honccf01th behoma
I at   11  o'clock.    Who'would over  havo
i thorvbt'him  fo ba?e?   Tl-.ey' close   the
' beerhouse   after   midnight;  ■ hence   he
, cannot prci'-nd to bo playing cardn there
! all right,  fleaven only knows where he
' is spending  the -night, iu  whoco com-
' panv lie is enjoying himself, while I—
Hut he'll find th.it I am not his dupe.  1
! shall l.-ave him r.tnnco.  Thero is a tiain
i at 7 o'clock iu tho morning which I'am
1 going to take and go  homo to my parents." '   c
At 5- o'clock  fiha called  the scrvin?
■ mtdcl, whom she t-ut to tho garret fcr a
l valine  aud  commenced   to  pack.    The
' ia:.:-l .i.iid nothing, aad ?he waL-.fiurpris-
:'edtm*thor n:a.-:(er  had  not  risou and
' did   not help  his wife.    However, s.
,.' made tho co">vo and went after a cab
The front door was wide 'open
locksmith bkry with tho big leek when
1 Annie appealed in tlio hall.    The laud-
\ ladv ran *1c meet  her, exclaiming in a
hnrrv of  escitemenfc:  "Did  you  hsar
nbont it, madam? A thief was here last
night and made- an att-vrnpt to enter the
house.    Some one must,have frightor.ee5
him off. lie loft a broken key stack fast
in tho lock, and was  unable   to unlock
the door. I had to call from the window
until I aroused a neighbor, who ran for
a locksmith.  Now I am goiug to havo a
patent lock put on aud spoil their little
1 game. But ycu look very pale, my dear
madam.   I urn so^ry to have frightened
you with my burglar Diory. Arc you going to take a  rido  so   early this inbru-
-sit.»!.,;(>   I'roiv.alioji-
ir.t i:t.
A v:B,
A ycur:g ir.an  f:,im   my native to'.mi
cntirul 'the   aimy, and by djut cf hard
fightir-g and jral mc:it rcraki the rank
cf brigadier gtucral, but  with   him   ac
cvciy jaomoticn rore his' brother, vhem
I will call X., who   had   not  inc
'for yeais and who \vr.j peacefully occu
jiicd as  cook in a .distant   opiu::
This is how it wan done.    The
after end
iavc done   it."
Detroit l-iOtbcr with h.iif a
engagement in which lie uis
tinguifhed hiji^df,' reportt>d ,imagiii;iry
f'Hdsot valor performed by his brother,
i,;>d his uord was   taken.    One day the
"cook in the opium den, who had never
t-s-en seen a battle, read Mr. name in Tho
C/a.^lte and found to his surprise that
ho had attained tho rank cf colonel in
the imperial forces.    ,
' Miistaiy service is in ninny ways
voi7 r-.-muiu-rativci to'the officers. They
cm oil t'uy nun they like, and they ai-
v.ayn draw the pay for many more men.
than am actually in the army. About
70 jtv cent of iho full number cf men
nomiuallv serving and fcr whom pay ia
daughter!-, after iho and
hoi- hn;-ba:id bad u tired the other nigiit
j "That's tho man of it.    Perhaps if you
hiid   a  f.--w ir.oro girl3   aud lived right
j with them all tho tnno you might learn
1 something about their   dispositions and
him I show  souio  littlo  glimmer of Henso iu
dealing with them."
" What's the matter with you anyhow,
".Matter enough, 1 should think.
Hero Vxo bc-n prnisicg that s^onug
Comeback, toDettic day in and day out.
I've landed,him,lo tho skies, made all
kinds cf preposterous claims in his favor and given her a surfeit Sho'was
sick   and   tired of  hearing me sing his
sick and tired
pruisss, so she 13 getting
of him." ■   '
VGlad 'of it.   I told her  tonight that
he looked like an idiot and came mighty
near bii::a one."
„ "Of ccuiso vou end, ana Tiiac'3 wnere
yon wero idiotic. Didn't'she fly right
up in hbiYhfeusc?. Didn't sho say he
know mcr.: than £o:no men who bad
l'i-.vd a gord deal longer, and thatho ut
s: ix^°s sp'S^ \ i^.-».;^ r^Jj|"S2
?s"£s x;^j^.<Xi i»»ii-u YiiUB i„ ice a* ..i.»>
Tiio C ikcIb per month pmrt by too  gov- | yoi
ernme-ut fcr each soldier, about one-fifth'I axAu^e^B ^ Bcttn
or Jc« rcaci-cs tho pockets of   the men.  I     "Then cotint.mojclcar onto, it
Si thif^'i-: !o the "braves" who aro ; night."-Decroit Freo Press.'
ftiiy en""-iged  during wartime and  are! ~ ~   "     7
disbanded' the  moment  the fighting is;    ,,     ' ^    ^ .7,     '    ,    tm,.
over v.hcrcvcr they may happen to be > Creto Is n land of ,tho past It is a
a-d nearly always without tho means ; land of memories rather thaa of passing
ofreturning't'o.thcir homes, thus keep- I events; n land whoso period of activity
i-iK up tho cupTjly of aimed robbers ull . n«d importance.has passed, whoso time
over the empire.        ■ ' I- of decuy and 'torpor scorns to havo come
As to tho soldiers cf tho standing ; To iiistory it is tho bntbplaco and tomb
nrrov in ti-ncs'of peace, they are, with ! of Zeus, the home of Miuos, tho thalas-
the exception of tho Jlaiitchco garrison, ; cocrat, tho scene cf war tuad_ carnage,
«--o wvctchedlv paid that its strength ex- j the Venetian colonial seat,
ist's only on paper.    Tbo men enlist and ! it is tho laud cf  memories  sad uud he-,
iv—8   shillings
1 in
regu,larly draw' thc-ir  pay
per month—and have i-cr.rccly any fur
— ■ . ,   ; glad that the woman had not  seen hey
Annie sighed aud submitted resigucu- | ^   i<sp  ,vhicll,hcr maij hv/1 already put
y, to her fate.    Kbc  read   awhile.    Sno     int6t[K) cab_
And   full   nifonnalion   l'V
ngoiit, or
W. V. Andkrso.v.
nisfrict Pas-en«vr Agent,    '
VaiiCMiiver, 13riti*h  .Colunihin.
*rKi'Piin> ym'ir lickid tends via (J. P- 1>,
sunuown rract-
$115,000 ?i 15,000 $n5,000j
kooTKN.w Laki: anh Kivr.K.
S.ummer Garcl
/H-. f\ f>
Xj' O \S
$115,000      $,H5,000       $II5,000
This is the PAY  UOLL
that,  \\ ill  make
Koiit leaves K.-islo at 5:(.'. u.iu.. !",'"i.y^f.l,?iI1.S:,l"
then took up her embroidery, a present
for her mother. Sho played a game of
solitaire,-, and finally she paced restlessly
up and down (ho-room. At homo there
had been a largo family circle; honce it
■ was very trying to her (c be left so much
to hoiself in her new surroundings.
At 10 o'clock even tho familiar noises
in the kitchen erased, for the servant
had r:ouo up stairs to her attic, and the
pooAvomaa felt the old feeling of distress and fright, creep over her. The sit-
tiugroom was located at' tho rear of the
house, and there was a hallway between
it and tho front rooms. She therefore
could not hoar (he iwual noises. A
deathlike silcueo. reigned hi the room.
'T.'rcd and yr( cscit-cx:". >"^G u:rew herself
en the lounge,
becrhemses aud eard parties hail been
calhd into existence. By and by her
thoughts became moro and more confuted" and she fell into a sound slumber.
It was 11:0o o'clock win u Gus arrived
breatlilessly and p-ostha.-te at his house
door and tried to lit his key into tho
1 look. ,. '   .
Poor foMow! Had evil spirits conspired to get him into' trouble? Click—
tho kev broke in two, and the bit stuck
fust in" the keyhole, handle and barrel
alono remaining in his hauels.
Ho knocked, ho called, he knocked
again and louder—for unfortunately
there was no house bell; all iu vain.
:'I bardlv think my wife has retired as
early   as" this;"   he  relieved, "but of
To Greece
md heroic.   To  Turkey it is a thorn.   In old
'dava  it  got tho namo cf ill measure.
Annie nodded uud passed on.  She was    ^.""om^ciion with the military serv- I Today it  might  bo said   to "be scarcely,
ice The few that go en duty in the city J known, except as 0 _ country of homo
"atcs'livo eutiiolv"c!i bribes. The Mini- ; life. It is properly an agricultural is-
chn force under the Taitar general, on ];,ud. In its entire area .there are not
the other hand, is well paid, but theso moro than six considerable towns, auci
soldier" do no fiahting. They arc only theso the ruins of other days, tho houses
engaged in guarding the city against'' old and fallen, gaunt bcgs,_ stary-
Chinceo rebels. Thov live in a separato j ing< curs and hawks tenanting tho
quarter to that occupied by the Chinese,' utrcets. All around are the mountaiiis,
on,whom they often make unprovoked
uttacks. Thus 'tights between the Chinese and the Tartar soldiery are of com
"What a narrow escape I "had last
night! How near I came being robbed—
perhaps worse I" ' She was now thor-
cnghlvYngry. &> much more reason for
leaving the fellow, no matter what the
consequences! ."For the present I tSiall
remain with my parents." Thus nius-
iug, she arrived at tho depot.
" Before pert-hading her ticket she intended to leave her valise in thovyait-
ing room. Annie entered aud made for
an empty table, wkeif suddenly sho dropped tho ,valise and. almost screamed
alot-.cl. Wasn't that her husband, "her"
C4us, sifting there in a corner and snoring loud enough, to make everybody in
the room smil'c at his nasal powers? Bo
/coked tired and worn, uuel ins gariai-ns-
and every considerable town is by tho1
sea. On tho cratered mountain tops and
in   tho  rugged valleys tho peasants till
men occunrnce, and as these Tartar sol- ! tho land aad pasturo their sheep and
di»is pre not under (ho jurisdiction cf j goats. At night they sleep in the vi r;
the civil law their outrages invariably | ]Uges, and by day they are in their fields
ko unpunished. Naturally there is no ; cf rye, millet and sunflowers They
•love Ic=t lutwceh tho city poards aud I mako but sorry agriculturists. Laziness
tljo native Chinese.—ISnclish'UzcbanBO.     ia tho root cf  tbtir vices, and  the Cro-
.. . —  ! tans aro lazy ne'er do wells.  Moro than
i rro-iWeut tiayoo' SJittia- Vook. j j)alf  of   (heir days cio holidays, whjelj
'     E--Secretary of tho Treasury Charles j (hey eclebrato by getting drunk.  By ac.
' Peter wns talking to mo ouo day about-1 ^1 coiri,t  there nro   128 of theso lioli-
£hc sadly reflected why 1 arJr,„7C.ci damp.    How did ho get here,    RlYurrfoni B. Iloycfs.  Foster iopreseut- , (lavSi nnj  %vheu   men   and women _ get
'    '  7 prel why was he in such   a dilapidated       ,   it.,vOS' ' district;  ia  congress  when , jufoxicated 123 times in a year it   is  a,
- - - —-       '      "'• -'■ --^   ■ Springfield  Ilcpubho-
;c sho is. in   toe
v.nc ; loiives Ain^wol•tll nt i'r.U :i.in   nrrn us in
f JO p.m.: U-uvt-s-Pilot Unyal 7:15 11.111.  m    >  •; 1
tt 6:'«) p.m.: lmv-e*JIalfour in -:<•''»; "vA111'",'   I
AtR:OOp.m.:loivr^h-iv«  Mile point at fl   i,» ■■
nrrives at 5:1D p.m .: m-i-iv.-x ut Nelson al.l.• •> 'V 1
ia., Iwivwirljp.iii.   Kvcryduy except huii(..i>.
Tlont leaven ICiu«lo ut fi   p.m..   T"(>J<(1.a-v^. 'u") '
SulnrilnyH. arrive* at 1 a-in. cm _^lomli_i>s ■»"» ,
The   Coming
at H p.m.: leiivM no.iiKl.-u-y at 1 n.m. .\-,S' lu
•tiiynmiSundiiy. nrrivon .> . p."> j »»' "- IU
honncr'H Forvi »t S n.ni.. iiitivo< ut I P-i»-
Mouls iipd berths  not  incliidcd.   f ''tT.IMi-^liV-** '
on SS.  luN-rniiliniml rroiti  NoUni.   ^"'^"'V
r*o..for|>ointrt.in KooU-nny luko .sou li  of ' ■-
lot Hav. -nill   i-oiiiiL-ot ut tliut point  with  tin,
SS. AlWrta.
Tho eompany-rt idemm™ conni-.-t '^'oUmi.-iv
lake and SlocanpointK w Mi nil pomls " t ^
fiiilod StatoH and t'^i «.da by way of Miok.mo
P.i.1. by m™f*™^&$£^An.
V. O. I5or 1'.'2. ICaili). h. V.
Solid Vestibule Trains
Modern Ecruipnicnt
Tacoiua, Seattle, Victoria,'Vancouver
nnd California Points;
St.   Paul,   St.   lioviis^   Clijicago.
\'(irk, Boston,
Situated fit the junction
of Lemon and Smunnt
creeks at the mouth, of
tlie Twin Lake Pass to
Kootcnay river and
sitting room, nnd
most likely she cannot hear me." Once
more ho knocked, this tioio very loud.
He called until his voico was hoarse; no
To fill his cup of misery to the brim
i.fc commenced to rain, and he was without an umbrella. A   ,    ,   ^
"Pen-haps Annie has gone to bed niter all " ho thought, shivering and dripping we'.. "Shall I goto a hotel? Ino!
What would the people think! The only
phro'hatl know of that, may still be
open U (ho railway d.T-«t. ^- thorG is a
^^^        £5hc. stood for a moment un
decielcd and unable to   take her eyes off
; his d-r.-iv.-n, wornout features.
■      Suddenly, tho slctper opened his eyes.
1 Whatever the ouicomc, she must  avoid
l a scene in a public room.  Anything h?t
that. The waiters had more than once
1 locked wondcriugly at (ho man who had
' drunk tiire'e cupse>f tciieeand then fali-
] en asleep hours ago. Annie tried to ap-
• pear unite unconcerned and took a 6eat
1 beside'her husband.1 Somehow her anger
I had suddenly vanished.
1 "Oh. darling, what brought rue—I
' mean rather'wliat brought you—here?"
. he asked, astonished at tho unexpected
1 appoaranco cf his wife dressed for a
j journey.
j      ".Never   mind.' clear.    Don't  bouicr
about    that    now,"    she   whispered.
, "Come, Ictus lido  homo, whero I wil\
! explain all."       ■ •
i Gus acquiesced t in silence. His feet
J felt heavv.a-id hardly able to carrying
' weight. He was rick. All ho could do
; wash) drag himself to a cab.
', And then explanations were in order.
'■ Annie had no rcai:ou to doubt her hns-
' baud's nair.ilion oi his adventures dur-
iu" the nighl, and  whan   tho   landlady
i-ad 'told her about tho broken kvy tended    pouted as   a  consular   agent
Haves was president-    They wcro polit- .
■ical  and  personal'friends of  almost a ;.
lifetime standing.  Said Foster to me:      j
"I  got  plenty   of  patronago    under ■
Haves, to Le sure, but for a long time I ,
„ov"« liiiuled   the  men   in whom I was ,
mest •particular  and    earnestly   inter- ;
c-stcd.    I would go to, tlio president and ;
lay tho claims of  my man bei'crn him.
Ho would  usually   acquiesce  iu cvciy- I
thing that I said, because in most .cases ,
ho knew the unniicunts as well 0.3 I did.  ,
Well, in every instance, whera some devotee!  fricuefwas  concerned'the president would say, 'Oh, well, Charlio, wo
wi'l  fix that in a day or sol'   Then  ho
would   reach   down   in   a drawer, pull '
put a small   book   aud a short stub of a
pencil aud make a note of tho man and .
his wants.    I   would   then  for   days to
comescanwithmuch interest   tho  list
' of appoint incuts scut to the sena(e,-buC
none that had found a place in the president's notebook wns to bo seen among
them. Still, I didu't complain much,
for 1 knew that Hayes was doing tho
best ho cculd.  Time went on, and final
regular sysicm.
t.!vl3J In tho Fataro.
A popular lecturer,, in estimating tho,.,
nrmiher  of  peoplo who would   inhabit
thi3 globo 1,000 years hence, was asked
by cue iu the audience how such a vast
multitudo could bo fed. In reply to this
question  ho  is   quoted as saying: "We
know not -what discoveries may bo made
to render tlio earth  more fertilo ^or tn
increase its productive, power, but   long
beforo that time enough of the sands ci
Cape Cod and  Isow  Jersey  may   havo
been converted into gla«a to place a roof
over  all   tho  laud  devoted to grcwiug;
crops, and beneath its shelter the farmer, in is cllmata cf  perpetual  summer,
may  grow his rrors in continuous succession, ar.cl vriJh the waters of.tho deep
springs  and the lakes under his centred
may be free from dangers  of  flood and
drought as well as  from tho frosts and
Undoubtedly long beforo  tho expiration of the 1,000 years, gardeners, fami
ly I called at tho Wliito Hobpo to insist _ in;? l11](ll.r {,vlSS, w,n bo engaged 111 sup,
tint, a certain friend of mine, who was i piyjng not what aro today considered
then in   Washington  bo   in.-tantly  ap- :  ,bo ]n:curit-p ct life, bur, tho very ueces-
abroad.   1  smc?.
llothonsc  fruits and vegetables
For furlhet information apply U>
ti-cn eiiorlitu- ana siill another to while
nViiv the Lino, lie was (he only per-e.-n
there, la due time the List tiain hau
anived, aud he could stay-" loil^r-
rii"'v were about to clu-* up.
hi :.iioer ilospt ration he looked at ins
11 v
11 cam
pnYedcd hct to ll-.e depot, had been sud
1 seiit her after a
d'.'nly take n sk;K,
Uih v.-.n veiy rick.  For two weeks he
could m.t leave his bed.   A complicated
and Hggr.-vareel attaik of influimKa wa«
It was i o'clock w hen he emerged into    thc r0.uit, cf Jjis cxt crience during that
thesti^^, and if   had   cea-ed   to  lain,     ill f..)frd nigh!
aid v.iak
AGENT,  Syocax City
Appiewliait,   Sherwood 6 Cc.
Nelson, B. C.
The full moon s< c-aed to grin a:
through  the cloudy
"See, old
at him maliciously
rs though she meant to :My:
• ;ht.  Why must you
and all
twiiits   K-ist.  also
s. s.
Xo. 1 -VVoHt Depart
No. 2 Kast,'       i      .   ■   '
For iiiforination, time cards, niiipii. i
S:-,,r) p. in-
7:(iOn. in.
itl tiul:-
TlMK (.'.san Xl'i. 1
Subicct !<> C-luiiiK-ti \'\"itln»uf- >j"oi.ic.-e.
Gciintr Wc--;t-.
mau, it K'tvcri yon ngm .
go out t.i play cards and leave your wile
at he-mo in Innilins rs?"
In spite of  the icpeated  notations bo
; still folt chilly-    '-There is no help for
r- i it but. a good run," he said to hmiseh,
lively  trot through  tk9
starting on   a
Aimie nevi r left his bedside, and now
it was her groat c are and (ir-, lc.-a, devoted
nursing timi opined his oyi s as to tho
deptli and unFC'lfiPi.-ncps of her great Icr,-e
for hiiu. ,   .
At last Gv." get well, aud   though ho
ouid now and then go to have a social
whist   his  wife   never  again
doubted him, even if ho s^aid out later
than 11.—From tho German.
.-, he was opening its leaves I
grained' his aim and said: 'Hold en
ther" gcaeial. I'll bo ^witched if that
man's namo g«cs in that jackassbook V
Th-J pn-nidmt saw tho humor e^f it, ant,
I got my constituent appointed then and
there. "—Chicago Times-Ileruld.     • -.
All actcr tchl a rtoiy tho ether oven-
lv,. about a fcucir.3 ma-tcr in London,
vho had two tens. Uoth cf them, hko
the father, v.-eie phyMial giants.
Which v.as the stn.ngcr and better
fi-'hkr wa« a deputed fiucstion until a
GcoreeUthclbert Walsh iu Lippincott s.
Curious (IfirriaRM by Venders.
A street vender -laid that anything
that miglit be 1 iVcnd could be sold in
tho street. Kj:uo things sell better than
oth'-i.-, aud fcr some tho demand is
mere continuous (ban for others, but
buvers can Le found for anything if the
article ia biought to their attention. A
knowledge of this fact prompts thc
offering sometimes cf curious things 01
thiugs that at fn.-t thought srem curious, that one would not expect to see
offered in this way. But tho fact will
be recalled, if cue dwells for a moment
upon this subject, th»t tin re aro always
'• ,S::«>
•• <i:.'l
" ni:(i:t
•• 111:1s
•■■ lii::W
etflcnll on nr wrilo F. D- 01MHS
Oem'l Afft.. S]}oka.no. Was'li-
AKt.. '
N'o. l?.Vi Jlorrison St.. Cor
Soulli l-'i'i'k
Hear I ,-|Uo
.liincl ion
t'ODY  I.1N1-"
Coins iCasl.
Arri vi! :'::">(' P- ,n-
•'■     -A:\n      "
•' ' l':i)ii
'••,      1: IS      '•
1:1^     "
I.cavo  l:i)»     "
T.cavivll::!(i.a '"•
Arrive n:L'(>   "
[.■„r rates and iiifiiriiiatHi.V
tlii-os. :
Or A. D.OirAni.TON. A«st. Gisn'l  Pas*
Thinl.PorUaiHl,   P^K];TI.;yiN(;
Oregon. (,-.!•
Arrive-Hit''     .
njijily at. the coin-
Without stop or rest for fear of catching
cold.. , c a
Xh» town, clockstruck the hour off.
«t;  is  stii]   too  early to  get  into t.ie
house," ho said.    "The  front  dcor  »
never unlocked before, 0   o'clock.  Y'lJJ
(bev be able to unlock thc door anyway/
A piece of.my key   sticks in   the .lock.
The women aro imprisoned  and cannot
W. out.    But now   I  can stand tins no
■longer.    I  must have something hot to
eli-ink ami sit-down somewhere.    There
is a tram at 4 o'clock." And forthwith
:cc piorc wended  his way   to  too
t 5i-.iru tlie bollr, of Eothlebem rlriB.
Thtlr    voice was , sweeter    than
I lir-ar'l'Vhe hlrOs of Ectlilolicui slug
cliurchly leasts.
ly clinched
The other, brother, hearing tho noise,
rushed down stairs, and, not being able
the things. .
Here was a man, for instance, selling
Unbidtk.n in'-ta
■ ai-id.
sung   oa-.tho   nwiasriris
They   clnr.s
JTi'Vh'm tho cMn f:acl '.r.c'-r.rcil r.!r.
Ti-.e  pttcnts.  v..:!h  -..-p:-Uiiar.;i v.'.-.u.
e.'buiucd ;i aovcr cn^iiH'.' pi'i'.y<-r.
So b«ll v.nd bird.and priort T '.-".irel.
Hr.t vr.lrc r.f 1i!i-j: v.-.-.s iiu-::t t;> vaa.
II had no'i-H-.::■: 1. y.o ^ov\.
" Aiul yet it .^oiir.ut:,-! true aad .reo.
I thou.Tlit.'chiM  Tf.<5--T, ver
T.'oald  !.-.•>  th--'s-lrv-irur  ii
Am! eh-!'-:/ i.l-- 'it: 1.   1 Mid" 1-
Anti siiiiio up-..:, lu's Eii: li-'''
:   th,J
■'desperate.    ■ , ■   !
' The father, awakened by the npTCir,
rc-'lied down' stairs Svith a heavy walking slick. Then the -fight was something
to admire,  but■(:> avoid:
When it was all ov'cr :in«l tho pan was
lidiicd'hy.tlioiigi'd  -l'c«cii:g  maK;er. 1;
discovi'icd   1 h;ii:-  ho  'had wli3i';:'-a
pass  111   the course   of   tho day along a.
busy street have manifold wants.   Some
among them want files. ■   .    ''   '
Files   cannot   bo   sold    steadily   by
street  venders,   as  many other things
nro—tlioro  is   a  limit to the  epmiitity
that this muiktt will absorb—but.i-aerc,
is soma sale  for files   iu 'tho  '.arc:
the.rii is fovprccty ii'Vich cveiytliiug !        >•
' *
, , ' 'l I '
'■' -1
■ 'I'-j'M
,1  ^V
,1 •   ,
i   i
1 1
-- ■■[■■
~" "   '" "    ' '     "    —w-«——-- -■ — -■ — —■  —■■—-t.    ■
Published'in the iate;e&t of iLc people
of Moyie C'.ly ai:d iZa^i KcolCfiay.'
all   iliHlllll UUWSKWtUtagO*^
G>mCif >-■ >Ji/G«&4-V>i,   _    - .PubJi&liers.
I'. ,). fcUfTJJ.      _-       _-'     •       -       Kditpr.
;:.4,iXr CI-" CUKCKIPTrON.
Gee Ycy.
All £Oi£.n'-UE.icti.i.ions to the editor iuii-1 be
acccs;p&iiiL.d by.the writer's name, and r.ddrcss,
not Kecc-csarny for publication, but as evidence
gi" good feitb. Advertising rates* made known
v.poii application.
The   Kloudyk.e Nugget, ,oae of the
iVi'G papers published at Dawson City,
is having a great deal .of trouble  finding itp town subscribers^ who pay $24
€. 3;car for  the  privilege  of getting a
somi-ivcekly edition.    A paragraph  in
a recent issue  explains  the difficulty
by eaying that it is yery hard to find
some of the houses  according to  the
addresses left at  the office.   Among
those  mentioned were:    "Tho cabin
with the screen door;" 'ftho slab house
facing tho river;" "the  bi£ tent with
two   otove   pipes,"   and   "The  cabin
three doors south  cf   where  all  the
dogs aro."	
SATURDAY,  SEPT, 10, 1898.
The changes wrought in Moyie City
in  a    year   have    been    marvelous.
Phoenix like it has  sprung  iu   that
time from a cabin and a lew tout's in a
forest to the majestic proportions cf a
large and growing city,    This giowth
was not rapid but etcady,   and   the
buildings here today eland as evidence
of their permanency and tlie  well  directed efforts of their owners.
Not   only was  a, creditable   <town
" built'up, but an adequate ' amount .of
work was done in the mines surrounding and a sufficient <uaatity  of ore
•taken   out   fqi shipment to  demonstrate -beyond -the  shadow of  a doubt
the character'of these colossp.1 minoral
deposits.   Nor .has   this   work   -been
done at a .loss to  the owners,  for  in
nearly everj-caso  wherever $100 was
expended from $300 to $500 worth  of
ore has been taken out.
Now that the railroad has been built
tho mine owners will begin to ship
their ore and business in all branches
, -will forge ahead. From tho day the
•rails were laid to Moyie City . this activity has. been perceptible.
Moyie has an'ideal townsite, being
situated on the main line of a railroad
.and on one of the most picturesque
bodies of water in the country. It is
surrounded un all sides by .mines of
determined    value, ,and  has  enough
Appearing in a townsite  ad in the
Cranbrook Herald  is a map showing
the Crow's Nest road, and' most of tho
principal towns along that line.    It is
noticeable, though, that  Moyie  City',
which  13' of   equal   importance  with
Fort Steele, Cranbrook, or Wardncr,
is loft of the map entirely.    The  map
waa compiled under  tho  direction, of
the C. P. B.  company, and  of course
at their hands Moyie could not expect
any betier troatmenl.
The I-Caslo Kootenaian conducts a
column entitled Borrowed Wit; It
says: "Editors of exchanges aro invited to send us marked paragraphs,
as we find difficulty in detecting wit
in the papers of the northwest:" The
Kootcnain's "wit" man must bo possessed of an abnormally opaque vision
or ho would be able to delect the wit
in the humorous effusions of Bob
•Lowery and tho poetic productions of
D. R. Young.
timber at its command  to  supply  its
wants for years to come.
Since Moyie City has 'made such
wonderful progress during the past
year, being handicapped by having
the <■ crudest possible ' transportation facilities, her growth during the
coming 3 car will be simply phenomenal , and the prosperity which she
•will enjoy will outreach the most sanguine expectations of her host wishers.
Know "Where to Go. ">
A man went into a store in one of
our neighboring towns one da3r and
asked if he could rest four or five
hours! The proprietor, who had just
found a nest of new born mice 'in the
coffee grinder, told him he could, and
then asked him why he didn't go to a
hotel. The man replied: "I am suffering from tiorvous prostration, and
the doctor said to get a quiet placo' to
rest, and as I see you don't advertise,
I knew that I couldn't find a 'quieter
place." And with that he settled in
his chair and watched the swallows
build a nest in the cheese box.
Old   Soho's  Biggest   Soratoh
JSLono .and .Faro.
The above is the heading of an article in the Ivaslo Kootenaian which
"Complaint is made against some of
the newspapers of Victoria, Vancouver and other cities of British Columbia'because citizens of the United
States hold editorial positions on
these journals. It is a foolish bit of
hyper-criticisni which could emanate
only from thoughtless observers.
"We certainly should be as cosmopolitan as the people of the United
States. The New York World, one of
the most successful journals in the republic, is owned and published by a
Polish Jew. The Argonaut of San
."Francisco was founded and made
famous by a talented Englishman.
For many years the editorial genius of
the Seattle Post-Intclligcncer was a
subject of Great Britain, and who
would object to the Examiner because
one of its editors, Edward Cahill, is a
native of Dublin, Ireland? The proprietors and publishers of Puck, the
most popular of American comic papers, are natives of Germany. With
such examples before us, shall wo in
British Columbia exhibit to the world
a spectacle of national prejudice utterly devoid of eyery cosmopolitan
The Maa "Who Died After the Cards Had
.' Bub Afiralnsi- flfeoji—Bunrilng- a Faro
Dank  with (OeIf a Five-
Dollar Boll.
During the coming campaign the
Lhauer will support the man whom
it considers most capable of representing the people of South East Kootcnay
honestly and efficiently, regardless of
party affiliation. It is not in the
clutches of any clique, ring, corporation or individual, and is, therefore,
in position to use its own discretion
in the selection of its candidate to
When tho people of Moyie City
agree upon a man to serve them as
postmaster and his name is sent in for
tlie 'post.master general's approval,
they (should refrain, from-afterwards
sending in additional names. We
are without a postoffice today chiefly
bn account of such an error being
made. ■
J'It does beat all how cards will sometimes keep a-ruunin' all one way for
a long time," remarked Old Sclio, apropos of nothing in particular, during an
informal meeting of the Gladstone club,
as he toyed with a(stack of red chips,
which, like all their blue and white and
yellow companions in this city, have
become useless, except as counters
in'an innocent game of whist or casino,
since the reform wave came along and
closed up all the places where men used
to gamble on the green, says an Albany
correspondent of the New York Sun.
Old Scho heaved a meditative sigh, reflectively stroked his white chin whiskers, and looked up and around to observe whether an5' of the other members were listening io him. Having satisfied himself that thare were at least
tluree or four who were willing to give
willing- ears to the yarns that he spins
on the slightest provocation, or no provocation at all, he continued:
"I remember one night, years ago,
when Paddy Martin was running a
keno joint, up here in Broadway, I made
the biggest scratch of my life. It was
like this: I'm broke, an'I'm just going
out when a friend o' mine comes in an'
[ says to him: 'Lemme have ten. dollars, will ye?' He puts his hand in his
pocket nrni pulls; out ten dollars an'
gives it to me. I go in an' 1 bet just one
card, for a half dollar, an' 1 win the pool.
There was $77 in the i>ool. Well, I don't
play no more keno that night, hut 1
go over 1o the White house an' I go up
tigin the bank, au' I win $2,700. I sim-
pljr can't Iohc a bet. I win all the time
that night."
As those who had been listening were
old and well-seasoned members of the
Gladstone clnb, whose purpose is, and
is distinctly specified in its articles of
incorporation, the promotion of the
social enjoyment and intellectual development of its members, they did nob
show that they had been profoundly
impres.si.-d by Old Scho'snarrative. They
had often heard him tell similar stories,
nil of which he warranted to be true
in every detail. JJut the old man was
not discouraged by the apparent want
of appreciation on the part of his audience. With a little preliminary cough,1
which had no suggestion'of an apology .
in its sound, he .'began again:
"I remember another time, up in.Saratoga one night, I see Cull Holland
win $55 with two cents off the roulette
■wheel in Cale Mitchell's. Then he goes
over agin the faro (bank an' wins something like, $2,000."
This time the solemn-looking member, with the long, flowing, black mustache, felt himself impelled to ask:
"How could he win anything with
two oeuts? They wouldn't lot him put
it down," ,     '   , :
"Ob, yes they would, They'd let him
put anything down, even a brass button, and pay him.- too.    Of course, they
knowed him welj, a^' he'd been lc-dng
cjuiie a little money.'*,
A brief period of silence intervened,
.during which the old man gtrpk*ii his
whiskers three £imeg.     Tb-eii   1*8   resumed his fliscQ.ur&e;
' -''A^r' then again, Z-'vg eejgi^tpji n&rds
run agin aman.aUnigh,*.  .J. remember
one nighx .when j was jiea^ingr faro txuik
in Chicag-o, ther.e was a, xnsja playing—
he was .the brother of .some senator; I
forget hjs name now—An' he lose 33 beis
right straight off the reel.   Jle gets   p,
stand-off np.w an' then,' bui -he? never
picks-;ubei,off the layout.   Bimeby he
win a few bets,;but putty soon he lose
again, an-' along to'rds.midnightl guess
he'-s putty near,broke. -Ho reaches down
in his pocket and pulls out a SGO-bilJ, an
he hands.it over an' says:    'Put that on
the five.'       I put it ^n the five, an'-she
lose   the 'next turn,'' -.Well, that man
he just gave one gasp an' fell back in
his chair.       Sonic of Uig players that
was sitting 'longskle-of him began to
rub his hands, on' one. man called for
water.   They thought he'd fainted. But
i looked at him just once- an', I says:
'Oh, no, he ain't fainted; he's dead.'    Ye
see, I'd, seen a fellow-die just like that
onco before, an* I knowed the signs."
Then   the   solemn-looking  'member
spoke up again and remarked:
"Well,   now Pll tell you .people -just,
one little story.    It's little.'but it's true.'
T sec a fellow go- up against the   faro
bank up in Johnny Mnek's on<? night and,
he only has half a dollar to lx?g-in with, ;
and bfc'begins io play the high, card, and
I'm'blamed 'if he/Ion'£ beat.every turn
through a-flvhoie deaj, from'top to hot*
torn. At tho end of the deal he has about
$16:"   ,
"How much did he bet at a ,time.?"
asked the smooth-faced,' dark-haired
■merriber -with the streak, of gray .at his
■tempi ee.
"Only 50 cents, five white ehips.all
the way through the deal."
^Then he couldn't have had $16, even
if he beatever}' turn, for ;cher-e>a.re only
25 turns in a deal."
wAw, say, -you're too-particular. ' 'He
might have betaiitHe-ojore.toward^he
last.   Anyway, he had-about $16."
"Did he win.any .inoxe or did hedoso
it all again ?" inquired the member with
the .flowing gray mustacha ;and the
Elouchhati '■
"I xeally donffc knosv. ■ I came away
just then."
"You must have been broke,"
"Else a team of horses, couldn't hava
dragged you away."
"Oh, I don't know. I guess I've come
away winner as often as mostpeople."
"Yes, I guess that's so, too."
"Talk about being broke," resumed
-Old Scho, who had been smoking vigorously while the others were talking,
"reminds me of one time when me an*
another ^fellow out in Chicago run a
faro bank for three days with only $5
in. the bank roll. You 6ee, we had the
use of the rooms and the layout, but we
couldn't get ho money, so we just
thought wfi'd takeL a-chance. We had
several close calls. One time a fellow
had out about $200 worth of chips, but
he kept a-playing, an' of course he lose
it .all back -again. Another time some
small players got $4 of our $5, an' things
looked mighty blue for us. At last
there came along a fellow with a big
wad one night, an' the cards go agin him
from the start. Putty soon we had
about $1,000 of his money; then he
strikes a lucky streak, an' win it putty
near all back again, but he don't quit,
an' bimeby he lose again, an' he keeps
on a-losin' until about five o'clock in
the morning, when he gets up an' says
ho'a broke. An' how much money do
yo s'pose we win off that fellow?"
"Oh, about a hundred thousand,"
gravely remarked the solemn member.
"Probably abont a million, if we let
you tell it," said tho fat member.
Old Scho looked up with an expression evidently intended to be one of injured innocence.
"No, gentlemen," said he, "what I'm
telling you is the honest truth. Wo win
just $5,009 and not a cent more."
. "Is that all ?" asked the short, stout
member with the smiling face and the
stubby black mustache, in a tone* pf
deep surprise.
Old Scho took a few vigorous puffs nt
his pipe.   Then he began egam:
"Saj-, you people remember the time
when they used to deal draw poker
around the table, just like stud? Well,
in them days they used to give a prize
of $100 cver3' week over here in the
Whito house for the best hand held.
Well, one Friday night I sit in the gamo
an' putty soon I have four aces. That's
the best hand that's been held that
week, an' there's only one day left, so
my chances of getting the prize is putty
good. But a fellow who sits next to me
offers me $10 for my chance, on' I says:
'Give's yer $10.' , Some, of the other fellows says I'm fooliah; but I know what
I'm doing all the time. I know there
ain't nothing more uncertain than
cards. Sure enough, before I'd been
playing a great while longer I hold a
straight flush. An' I sell that, too.
An' I'll be darned if that wasn't beat
the next day by a higher straight flush."
"Scho, you're a bird," remarked the
fat member with great intensity of feeling, and several of the other members
looked at, the old man with renewed interest, noticing that he was getting
back into his GO-ycar-old form, when, as
all who know him will acknowledge, he
was at his best. .'
Thus 'encouraged, and refreshed with
a few more vigorous puffs at his pipe,
which perceptibly thickened the atmosphere of the room and gave the solemn
member a violent fit of coughing, he
came once more to the scratch, not the
least bit winded: ■
"The funniest thing I ever had happen
to me was one night when I was dealing
faro bank in New York. A man came
in who said he'd never played fn.ro bank
bcfore.an' he buys five dollars' worth of
him his money.   He takes it an* looks at
it a moment; then he hands it   back
again, all but $10, an' he says-to me:
'Here, take your money; Idon!twant-tc
take no -advantage of <jou.       I   only
wanted to .double rny-jnonej'.  >If it's so
easy tor a man to win who never played
£h& gapie before, what must it. be for a
piaa -who"knows how-to play?'   Well,
I nearly fell off the chair, but I don't
iet &n tnar, there's anything surprised
ine.   Z£aysi<?theEaan:    'My friend, you
■better-take your SM>ney • you win it fair
.an' square, an-" you may want it bimo-
r>y.'   Butr he won'jfc take it, so I put it
back in rhe.^rawer.an'hewaiks.out."
At this point ail the members arose,
formed a ^expici.r.ele in front £>f the old
man, bowed iow befoj£ hi'na, and Jheii
filtered out into thesiJe.n.t night.
To .whom It, may concern: J have'-this day
transferred-tin right, lido .and "merest in the
JIoyiiv 1'ity.Lkabkk to.-R J. Smyth -.ami J. K.
Musfcrtive, who will herein*tor -,conduct the
Diicinopp. All hills duo tho I.badjjk will be
collected' b"' ".hum, find nil 'bills against 4he
LEAD4."H.v,'illl>e paid by myself.   I). R. Young.'
Manager Sloc«-.""\Oiir,rub„C"o.f
Moyie, Oity.'B. C, July 2otb, 18B8.
Ol?D£H£ i'jROMPSTjY ATTJ3KJ>£jD 'T-0.
pf.fttes\erer ajid Co:, Props.,
The above lioteHias'been recerltly, erected, antLneatly furnished throughout v
Cosy  and Comfortable  Rooms.
The bar -is supplied -with   the
best brands   of liquors   aud
'    cigars.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
.    *    p ABDKESS
' )     "        1 >-
Lager beer sold
bottles.    .
by the  Keg or  dozen
Bottled Beer
in Stock". . ..
Boot ■&„ Shoe, Co.
Bfie Supply. Co,
B. 0
Outside 'Orders'>Given Strict Attention.
Barber Shop
Bath Rooms
J. E. MCSGBAVE,       —
HOUSE.      '
^Meii's suits,'Shirts abcl'Uiidcrwcar, boots, shoes;
aud Rubbers, socks, gloves aud'braces.
•JBvcrytiling the'jrailrotul
'and city man wants. . . .
Give us a call.-^Kk
:ViaYthvare,  Groceries,
•Dry Goods, Stationery
Queen's Avenue,
• MOYIK.lt. 0
B. C.
Staionery, Officej Supplies, Wall Paper.
Drugs, Patent
Druggists'  Sundries,'  Mail   Orders   Solicited
,   ,   ' — THE—
„-• Logging Camp
Twenty miles west of Moyie City and
on the line ■ of the r>aw Crow's Nest
Pass railway is now, prepared to give
good-accommodations to the traveling
public, having been thoroughly overhauled and remodeled to accommodate the, increasing trade. Ther best
brands of liquors are supplied at the
bar, and the proprietors, who are old
timers, can give full information to
tho traveling jpubhe. Good stabling
in connection with the hotel.
Dealers in
Fresh and
Cured Meats.
If You
Want Anything
dill on or write
Railway    Company
chips. Ho says he only wants to doiljble
his money. But he strikes a winning1
streak an' he keeps on a-playing till he
has $S7.   Then Ik; cauhcK'ju nn'. I hand
B. C.
Baker St., NELSON,.B.C.        '
Wholesale Groceries  and? Provisions.
p. o. box 214.
All  Mining   l'iti>«r»  I.ckuIIj.   ami   Neatly
Drawn Up.
We can Imnrilc mlnlug property in
Knst Kootcnay, mid will develop
.mines or do »issessineut work.
■a. c.
Soo     Pacific     Line
DEALBWIH ' ' -.    ,
Hay, Feed and Produce
A large stock of Hay, Oats
and Fresh' Vegetables always
on hand. Prompt attention
given to mail orders!, Agents
Lion Brewery, Rossland.
Baker St., NELSON, II, C,
Direct Route
and Superior Service,
To IvLpNDUCK and YUKON:'Gold Fields.
To I'aeific CoaKt, Chln'u', Japan ''and A'ustralln.
To Kiisteni and European points.
Tickfa'ts issiied through nud baggage
' '      • '-.-.checked to destiuaaiou.
Dally -to St. Paul. Daily, except Wed'
day to Eastern Canadian and IJ> 3.
Procure Time Tables, Maps,  etc.
Ascertain Present
Centrally located,  and   first
class in all apartments. . , ,
And full Information by
.addressing nearest ■ local
agent, or
W. F, ANDJC.IWON,        '.iVuv, rass. Agoi l,
.        Nclfluti,
District Passenger Agent,  Vancouver
B. C.
;Wfc-Bc sure your ticket rc-ftdH via, C, P, 1L


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