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The Moyie Leader Jun 1, 1907

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- ..._..-•  (£
-.'      SEE
W. H. WILSON, Jeweler,
WfffiXv YOC '■ WA^T'; A--BS-',' • •'-'
I.IAELE .   -"•','    "     "\
'^-webbing nma-- \v
■ -■'   -  -call;o_--7, _: '.:]v '- - '•'*-..
w. H. WILSON,. Jcwdeipf '-;>•
' cranbrook. --'-;•..;. • »-,<''
VOL. 10, NO 8.
MOYIE, B. C, JftpE 1. 1907.
We Will Sell
all thc-"^'-
Which we have in stock at
Greatly Reduced Prices,
' Which anyone needing a suit oi
Clothes can't afford to overlook.
3M. O Y E E
wmrE TO
Beale & Elwell
For particulars about the
Cranbrook Fire-Brick & Terra Cotta Co.
15,000 shares only on the market, of which "a large quantity have already been sold.   Get in now.
Y   ' MOYIE, B.C.
Julius Mueller is making a great
success with his new brewery at
Regina.  '
So large has the business of the
Dominion Espro3S Company
grown in Fernie, they are putting
on their own wagon for the quick
collection and delivery of parcels.
L. B. VanDecar of the Royal
hotel, Cranbrook, has taken a
lease on the Driard hotel at "Victoria; and has already assumed
the management.
John Hays Ilainmpnd, the
world-famous mining - engineer,
has an income of $800,000 a ye^.r,
which is more than any other man
ever; received for personal services.
* W. A. Carlyle, former provincial
mineralogist, and who for the
past seven years general manager
of the Rio Tinto copper mines,
Spain, has resigned that position
to take up consulting work in
London. . .
As a result of a conference between .Typographical Union and
employing printers, of Toronto, a
five-year agreement was proposed
by employees. All allied" printing
trades are to get an eight-hour
day commencing June 1 with a
raise in wages.
John Simpson,  Poet.
- -1
Is Dominion Day to
Be Observed?
Dance   Proposed   in. £ Aid
New Fire Hall on that
^-gfogg-5^^ r-fflWHtifg-'
If the people of Moyie intend
holding a celebration on'. Dominion Day there is no time to lose
in making the necessary-.prepara-
tions. . There is just one month in
which to get ready, and it will require fully this time* to .raise the
neBessary money for prizes and to
do the advertising which'is so essential for the success of an affair
of this kind. If'the. celebration
is to be of a local - nature, "and
principally for the children, then
there is plenty, of time, but if it is
to be on a large scale and for the
..    -    4 - ' -
purpose of attracting people from
the outside, there is no" time to
lose in getting down to work. One
The June number of the'Can- feature that is practically assured
adiru Magazine under the caption ; i8 a grand ball in aid of {."the new-
of "Scotch-Canadian Poetry"-gives jfire hall. The Leader, suggests
quite a lengthy sketch of John that a public meeting be held not
Simpson, the late principal of the. later-than next week in' order   to
• ''■'." '''"-.'-Teas   .
Grocer's Specialties
'     . - AND ,     -
Calgary Milling Co's Flour
Moyie school, and also publishes
his.photo. .The article says that
''The name of John Simpson is not
so weirknown in ■ Canada as it
deserves to be.' This may. be accounted for in two ways. - la "the
firstplace, he has not published
his.wri-ingsra book form; and in
the second, he' has resided for
many years in the United States.
Mr.' Simpson has written some of
the best poetry of which Canada
can boast, and it can confidently
be said that he has not yet given
to the world the best that is in
thoroughly   discuss   the    matter
and to appoint the   various   com
mistee3 in case' it is decided
ahead.   Dominion Day :this
falls on Monday. '«
Here Buying Ore.
to go
Geo.'T. Bafcchelor,-of the firm of
B.itchelor Bros., ore buyers, of
New Y[ork and Spokane, is' -in
Moyie and will remain here about
three week3. Mr. Bachelor is receiving ore from the St. Eugene
Ifor   the    Panhandle    smelter at
him."    Then  follows  one of his sandpoint, Idaho, which will  be
ITiaJll ! l J.    J.1--      1 .-_ __.        _C     XT-!-
poems, "Thou   God
Ouard our Land.""
of   Nations,
r. t^x«__t«-AS- j*rj«ti«_-_>tJ«rJ_TL_r^-s-.V&-!fate& sb^te-&^*&&-& *&
MjOYIE'S   leading   HOTEL. £
Hotel Kootenay   \
V :
The best of accommodations
for the Traveling Public.    .
Largo a*tad Commodious Sample Rooms. Billiard Rooms,
McTAVISH & CAMERON Proprietors.
*$n$T7}.T w ^s-^tt^-j^* w W W7^ W^r^'^r^W WP W^^ W*iPW & *
We have secured tho agency of  this American   high
class shoe.
We have a splendid range of them in Patent leather,
in Oxfords, Bals and Bluchers. Call and see these lines
before purchasing elsewhere.
JL,    A.   HILLj
Graduating with Honors.
The commencement exeicises
of the Spokaue High school were
held at the Auditorium in that
city last evening. Among the
graduates was Miss Nettie King,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. - G. A.
King, formerly of Moyie.   .Out of
blown in about the 15bh of thi3
month. This is a new smelter
built upon modern lines and is
backed by almost untimited capital. . Mr. Bjitchelor informs the
Leader that his firm handles no
better ore than that which comes
from the St. Eugene, and that all
the smelters in the country are
anxious to get it.
the class of over one hundred"Miss
King was the one selected to deliver the oration. Her many old
friends congratulate her on her
rapid advancement. •
Price of Board Going Up.
Dimock & Hagarty, of the O03-
niop.-i-aa hotel, and Armstrong
<k Riley, of bli_ International hotel,
havo raised fcho price of board at
thoir r-jspactive h )b.l. from $2(5 a
month to $l a day straight. This
raiso Ira,, boon mado noce.sary by
the advance ia tli3 pric-> of meat
and other foodstuff-. £ >.u\l at
the otlier hotels in M >yi. has always been $l a day and over.
Settling in Moyie Valley.
There is a considerable demand
for land in the valley of the Moyie
river along the line of the Spokane
International. There are already
a good number of settlers and
they are well pleased with the
outlook. Several cable bridges
are to be put across the Mo yie
river this summer for the * accommodation o those liviug along
the stream.
Oj     ssssss
V^biWWWW.-*««>- *** t •^rT^^^/^zj5*--^r7js-.^ WWWW^WW ~W^
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Interest paid quarterly,
jl J, F. M. PiN(-I\7l, VI in j.?
effects r'
Colli'   mul lMiurhi'-n.
P.iin-. ii tlie sSonitch, colic an.l
diarrhoea are<ci'iick'y relieved by
the u.e of Ca:tn,3.rlainN Olio,
Cholera and diarrhoea Reniody.
For sale by the Moyie Drug &
Stationery Co.
Card of Thanks.
I desire through the Leader to
express my most heartfelt thanks
to all for tlieir kindness during
the illness of my wifd, and at the
time of her death and funeral. I
wish to especially thank tho
Knights of Pythias and the Minors' Union.
Sam Wormi-tgton.  5
Through   Driving Logs.
The Porto Rico Lumber company have completed their work
of driving logs down Lamb creek
for the present. New camps are
in course of construction and logging will be carried on during the
summer months on as large a
scale as possible. The sawmill is
running satisfactorily and is averaging a good cut each day.
■ *
B. C
Ice  Cream Stand.
The Ladies' Aid of the Pl-esby-
terian church have erected a large
tent on "Victoria street, south of
MacEachern & Macdonald's store,
and plan to sell ico cream and
cake from four to nine p. m. every
Saturday of each week throughout the s eason,
Mrs/ Rudd is up from B .lloviie
on a visit. Y -
Strawberries have made, their
appearance in the markets.
Mrs. Lomer returned Sunday
from her trip to the coast.
Mrs. James Wright has gone to
Pembroke, Ont.. to spend the summer.
A 12-V pound boy was born to
Mr. and Mrs. H. Weir last Sunday,
May 20th. - '
FOR SALE—Logging.trucks in
good condition. Price $70. Apply
to J. E. Crowe. • ■
.Rev. Father Choinel held ser-.
vices in the Moyie Catholic church
last. Sunday.
FOR RENT—Furnished rooms
for' housekeeping. For particulars apply at this office.
Some new ore bins are to be
built at the St. Eugene. '
Mrs. Jas. Whitehead and daugh:
ter were in Cranbrook Monday.
'.Mrs. C. A. Foote-is in Spokane
visiting with Mrs. H.,Steuart.,and
Mrs. G, A.   King.*
" Mrs. - Sheridan of Ainsworth
came overfto Moyie this weak, and
is vifaiting with her daughter, Mrs.-
Mike Ryan, an old timer in the
Slocan, came over this , week to
spend a few days with his old
friends Frank and Andy Johnston
FOR RENT-Two furnished
rooms. Inquire of Mrs. Hollister.
Near Gonrad building;
- P. G. Routh,' the - constable, is
carrying his hand in a sling these
days as a result of. a slight attack
of blood poisoning which sec * in.
Mr. Sowerbutts announces that
he will not be here to hold.service
in the Methodist church tomorrow, therefore there will he no
-' .'Jas.:llcNeUrjjid, Dick Mangin
are-sick in the Cranbrook hospital.
James Grant and Hurley Scott
were  in   Cranbrook   during   the
-* j
Mrs. James Irving returned Sunday to her home at Walla Walla,
Wash. Mrs. Irving is a sister -of
the late Mrs. Wormington, and
was here taking bare of the latter
duringher illness.
Ralph Stokes, of Johannesburg,
South Afrsca, was in Moyie for a
day this week. He was looking
over the mines and getting information for a series of articles
which he is writing for a Chicago
paper. \ -
The C. P. R. announce, on Juno
2nd, when summer time card be-
comWeff-Fctive; they" will-run-a
sleeper, Banff to Vancouver daily.
S.veral sections of this car will bo
reserved for the- accomodation of
Kootenay pas.engers. ' Berths
can be reserved through Nelson
City office, or J. S. Carter, D. P. A.
Nelson, B. 0.
Miss Smith, assistant in. the
Moyie posto_fi-.e, is taking her vacation, and is spending her timo
with her mother and brothers at
Macleod. Miss Maude Bolen is in
the postoflice during her absence.
Wrs. Whitehead and daughters
left this week for their ranch near
Stettler, Alberta, where thoy will
remain for the summer.
Farrell & Smyth have two 100
acre tracts of land for sale. Call
at their office and get particulars.
Desaulnier Bros, have set a good
example and have built a new
sidewalk around their hotel.
The ladies of the Methodist
church will hold an icecream social in McGregor hall on the evening of Wednesday, June 12fch.
They have selected this date in-
instead of July 1st, as was stated
last week.
Jim Macdonald was in Cranbrook the early part of tbe week
on business in connection **-.ith
the East Kootenay Power and
Light company.
Sam Wormingtou's mother arrived from Toronto yesteiduy.
She will remain here a short time
and will then retnrn to the east,
taking Mr. Wormingtou's children
with her.
- --.-." -'-'Guardr Against-^ -':<
by buying frfam up. ' N*nlj:iip-'
but.     tho      best" "ciin'Yii-ul
room   in   our   store.-   ,Ti<«rV
what has luiilt up our business.    Another reason i-i ih.'it
YOUR  CHILD wilf.;,ivc(;iv.i
the same quality of goods aa -
though   you made tho pjii'-;*
cLaso    yourself- *. Deliveries •
are always made when.promised.   Will call  for   your
- order if you wish.- ,"-*-.'     \".
We'have just received a car of-Raymond flour .bought.
before the recent advance.   This is our second car within -
• three months.   Saves 25. cents by trying a sack, it gives
' as good results as any flour on the market. Our price is: \
98 lb. sacks
49 lb. sacks
- 24 1-2 lb. sacks
MacEachern & Macdonald
John   Burns.
'•■ When John Burns entered the
British   cabinet   it was rumored
that he would .refuse'to. wear the
official.uniform.-- The king,asked
him about it. • "Nob true." replied
Mr. Burns", "and, besides,  I have
already wprn your majesty's- uniform."   The king naturaliy asked
when it' was/  "When   I  was in,
Pentonville," answered Mr. Burns,
alluding to his three months'- sen,
tence after the -Trafalgar square
xiots. ..   -   '.       * '
Bishop-Do'ntenwill .Coming.
Lodges Elect: Officers^
The following officers were"elect•*
ed at the last meeting„of ..Wildey
Lodge No. 44 I. O..O.JF.' ;,. 4; V *'.
W. H'.-Laird—Noble. Grand,-"' 7L
y.ILyJ. 'Lowes—yice Grand, •** , ,,.'»
F. J.  Smyth—Secretary,"-: '-."-.   /
W. P. White-rTreasurer.Y. :' •    ,
Bishop Dbntenwill will arrive
here next Saturday, June 8 th,- and
will.be ^tiere^or the; services at
"the Catholic";church on'^Sunday:
June 9th, when he will administer
th^ sacrament of confirmation to
several 'of the children.' The
bishop is making a pastorial visit
through the Kootenays.
Change of Ministers.
' Following-are the newly elected
officers "of St. Eugene -Lodge* Njj.;:
37,Knights of Pythias..'*v -7L-': "v'
A. G: Mbnkhouse—C. C.    -J-' '
R. Campbell -^V. C C. * *' :>' -■   /
, John .Blackburn—Prelate, .. „
C. A. Foote—M. of*W:. *'-**-- ;. ,
- G. H. Findlay—K. of R'. arid S.
E. A. Hill -M. of P.    , ' -.; •' .''.;
S. K. Harvie-M. of E.'. ■"' .     ;,.''
F. S. Smyth—M.>f'A. ' ' "
..J-J. Thom—I. G.L. '7L-Lt7"7-\Ly.
" pTBmovP-O. &* "*' '""-''*'.""-/ * "■
'The officers.of -\both lodges will
be installed at their first regular-
meetings in July. '
New Foreman   A rives.
We learn that Rev. Mr. Bolton
will be the new minister for the
Moyie Methodist church.   ' '
Rev.'W.-'E. Jones will leave
Creston next week for New Westminster, and he will be succeeded
by the Rev. David A. Scott.
nwry Gamble of Rossland is the* _
new foreman at the Lvke Shorn
workings of the St. Eugene.. Hh
is filling the position occupied' by'
P. J. Bonner, whose resignation
went into effect today. Mr. Bonner will leave for Ireland abous
the first of July, where be will.
visit the scenes of his childhood'.
ome Bisct*ft
■ \ -«=%^
are light, sweet and wholesome,      \
while others are sour, heavy,
bitter, unpalatable.   The same -
flour, butter, eggs and sugar arc
used \ what makes the difference?
lt?s ai! in the baking powder
m. pntn mm mmm p®wmr
can be depended upon always to make the food light,
sweet, delicious and wholesome. This is because it
' is scientifically and accurately combined and contains
the purest grape cream of tartar, which is the most
healthful of all fruit acids, used for a hundred years
in the finest leavening preparations.
Boy only fcaktag powder wfcose  lafce!
shows it to fee made with cream ol iswtar.
. -    * ,Y".,/.&-*-.
. v.---'-* -J.  .L?-r
Note. — There are many alleged cream o^
tartar baking powd.-s upon the market
sold at lower prices, wimh prove, unoi^
analysis, to be alum powders in disjruisj"^
They will not ru.3kru I-.oi«ome. fc^dA THE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  !  '���>%��� v. * ���*  ���.*����������� ���  :*5c r- :.  "'���*"x*^ ������..'.���.-:���:������:       u��< ���������> C*��Mer       .'^���Tv.-ik  (Continued)        CHAPTER XIX.  "*_T1T_HY'   good   ��venlnB-    '���   that  |4fl you?"    struggled   somewhat  11 I hysterically   through   Bever-  ' ly's lips.   Not since the dear  old days of the stolen Jam and sugar  bits had she known tbe feelings of a  culprit caught red handed.   The light  from the park lamps revealed a merry,  accusing smile on the face of Yetlve,  but the faces of the men were serious.  Marlanx was ths picture of suppressed  fury.  "It Is the relief expedition, your highness," said Yetlve warmly. "We  thought you were lost ln the wilds of  the Jungle."  "Sbe ls much better protected than  we could have Imagined," said the Iron.  Count, malevolently mild and polite.  "Can't I venture Into the park without ' being sent for?" asked Beverly,  ready to fly Into the proper rage. The  pink had left her cheeks white. "I am  proud to observe, however, that the  relief expedition is composed of the  most distinguished people In all Graustark. Is there any significance to be  attached to the circumstance?"  "Can't we also go strolling In tbe  park, my dear?" plaintively asked Yetlve.  "It depends upon where wa stroll, I  fancy," suggested Marlanx derisively.  Beverly flashed a fierce look at the  head of the army. "By the way, Baron  Dangloss, where la the Incomparable  Haddan?"  Baldos shot a startled glance at tbe  two,men and ln an Instant comprehension came to bim. He knew the secret  pf Haddan'B comrtant companionship.  Aa expression of bitter scorn settled  upon his mouth. Dangloss mumbled a  reply, at which the Iron Count laughed  sarcastically.  "I am returning to the castle," said  Beverly coldly. "Pray don't let me  Interfere with your stroll. Or' ls it  possible tbat you think lt necessary to  deliver me safely to my nurse now that  you have found me?"  "Don't be angry, dear," whispered  Yetlve, coming close to ber side. "I  will tell you all about It later on. It  was all due to Count Marlanx.".  "It was all done to humiliate me,"  replied Beverly, indignation surpassing  confusion at last   "I hate all of you."  "Oh, Beverly!" whispered the princess ln distress.  "Well,  perhaps you were led Into  . It,", retracted Beverly,. half mollified;  "Look at that old villain whispering  - ovfr there. No wonder his wives up  and died.   They Just'had to do lt   I  ' bate all but you and Count Halfont  _and Baron'Dangloss," which left but  one condemned.  "And Baldos?" added Yetlve, patting  . ber. band.   ' ���  - _ "I wish you'd be sensible," cried Bev-  y erly. most ungraciously, and Yetlve's  ���oft laugh Irritated her." "How long  .." bad you'been listening to us?"  -"' "Not so much as the tiniest part of  a minute," said Yetive, recalling another disastrous eavesdropping. "I am  much wiser than when BaldoB first  came to serve you. We were quite a  distance behind Count Marlanx, I assure you."  , ."Then he heard something?"- asked  Beverly1 anxiously.  '_ "He has been ln a detestable mood  ., ever since we rejoined him.   Could he  bave heard anything disagreeable?"  "No; on the contrary, It was quite  agreeable."  All this time Baldos was standing at  -attentlon-a-few-paces off.-a modelsol--  dler despite the angry shifting, of his  bl&ck eyes. He saw that they had been  caught' in a most unfortunate position.  No amount of explaining could remove  the impression that bud been forced  upon the witnesses, voluntary or Involuntary, as the case might be. Bal-.  dos could do nothing to help her, while,  ���he was compelled'' to face the suspicions of her best friends. At best it  could be considered nothing short of a  clandestine meeting, the consequences  of which she.must suffer, not he. In  his'heated brain he was beginning to  picture scandal with all tbe disgusting  details that grow- out of evil misrepresentation.  < Count Halfont separated himself  from tbe group of three and advanced  to the sedan chair. Marlanx and Dangloss .were .arguing earnestly ln low  tones.'  "Shall we return, your highness?"  asked Halfout, addressing both with  one of his rarest smiles. "If I remember aright, we were to dine en famille'  tonight, and lt ls well upon the hour.  Besides, Count Marlanx ls a little distressed by your absentmlndedncss,  Miss Beverly, and I fancy he is eager  to have lt out with you."  "My-* absentmludedness? What la it  that I have forgotten?" asked Beverly,  puckering her brow.  "That's the trouble, dear," said Yetlve. ''You forgot your promise to teach  him how to play that awful game called poker. He has waited for you at the  castle since 0 o'clock. It ls now 8. Is  It any wonder that he led the searching  party? He bas been on nettles for an  hour and a half."  "Goodness, I'll wager he's ln a temper I" exclaimed Beverly, with no remorse, but some apprehension.  "It would be wisdom to apologize to  him," suggested Yetive, and her uncle  nodded earnestly.  "All right. I think I can get him into  good humor without half trying. Oh,  Count Marlanx! Come here, please.  You aren't angry with me, are-you?  Wasn't it awful for me to run away  and leave you to play solitaire Instead  of poker? But don't you know, I was  so wretchedly tired after the ride, and  I knew you wouldn't mind if I"��� and  no she ran glibly on, completely forestalling him, to the secret amusement  of the others. Nevertheless, she was  nervous and embarrassed over tho situation.   Jhere  waa evpry. reasqB  t|  SM��__^-^gtaB��-��<aBTjy3a_? ^  rear that "the Iron Count bad b%m'and  seen enough to form a pretty good opinion of what had passed between herself and Baldos ln this remote corner  of the park. A deep sense of shame  was taking possession of ber.  Marlanx, smiling significantly, looked  into her brave littlo face and permitted i.er to talk on until she had run out  of breath aud composure. Then he  bowed with exaggerated gallantry and  Informed her that he was hers to command and- that lt was not for him to  forglvs, but to accept whatever was  he/ gracious pleasure. He called upon  the chair bearers, and they took up  ticlr burden. Beverly promptly changed  her mind and concluded to walk to the  castle. And so they started off, the  chair going ahead as If out of commission forever. Despite her.efforts  to do so tiie American girl���feeling  ��� very much abused, by the way���was  ; unsuccessful ln the attempt to keep  I the princess at her side. Yetlve deliberately walked ahead with Halfont  and Dangloss. It seemed to Beverly  that they walked unnecessarily fast  and that Marlanx was provokinsly  slow. Baldos was twenty paces behind, as was his custom.  "Is It necessary for me to ask you to  double the number of lessons I am to  have?" Marlanx asked. He was quite  too close to her side to please Beverly.  "Can't you 'earn In one lesson? Most  Americans think tbey know all about  poker after the first game."  "I am not so quick wltted, your highness." '  "Far be It from me to accelerate  your wits, Count Marlanx. it might  not be profitable."  "You might profit by losing, you  know," be ventured, leaning Btill closer. "Poker ls not the only game ot  chance. It was chance Unit gave me a  winning hand this evening."  "I don't understand."  "It shall be my pleasure to teach  you ln return for Instructions I am -to  have. I have tried to teach your'excellent guard'one phase of the game.  He has not profited, I fear. He has  been blind enough to pick a losing  hand in spite of my advice. It ls the  game of hearts." Beverly could not  but understand. She shrank' away  with a shudder. Her wits did not desert her, however.  "I know the game," she said steadily.  "One's object is to cist off all tbe  hearts. ��� I have been very lucky at ths  game, Count-Marlanx." , ��� -  "Uump!" was his Ironical comment.  "Ah, isn't this u' night for lovers?" he  went on, chauging.tack suddenly. "To  stroll In the shadows, where even tbe  moon is blind, is a Joy that love alone  provides. Come, fair mistress; share  this Joy with me."  With that his hand closed over her  soft arm above the elbow, and she  was drawn close to his side. Beverly's  first shock of revulsion was succeeded  by.the distressing certainty that Baldos .was a helpless witness of this indignity. She tried to Jerk her arm  away, but he held it tight.  "Release my arm, sir!" she, cried,  hoarse With passion.  "Call your champion, my lady. It  will .mean his death. I have evidence  that will Insure his conviction and execution within an hour. ��� Nothing could  save him.   Call him, I say, and"���  "I will call him. He is my sworn  protector, and I will command him to  knock you down If you don't go away,"  she flared, stopping decisively.  "At his perll"-   ^'Baldos!" she called, without a sec-  ond'iThe-1 tatlon.    Tlie"guifrd���came-up"  wlth a rush Just as Marlanx released  her .arm., and. feH away with a muttered Imprecation.  .* "Your highness!" cried Baldos, who  had witnessed everything.  "Are you afraid to die?" she demanded brlefly'and clenrly.  "No!"    -  'That Is all." she 6ald, suddenly calm.  "I-merely wanted to prove It to Count  Marlanx." Tact had come to her relief most opportunely. Like a flash she  saw., that .a conflict between the. commander of the aumy und a guard could  have' but one result, and that disastrous to the latter. One word from  her would have ended everything fot  such a pleasant sacrifice," observea  Count Marlanx, covering his failure  skillfully. "Later on, perhaps, she may  sign your death warrant. I am proud  to hear, sir, that a member of my  corps has the courage to face the inevitable, even though he be an alien  and unwilling to die on the field of battle. You have my compliments, sir.  You have been on Irksome duty for  several hours and must be fatigued as  well as hungry. A soldier suffers many  deprivations, not the least of which is  starvation ln pursuit of his calling.  Mess ls not an unwelcome relief to you  after all these arduous hours. You  may return to the barracks at once.  Tho princess ls under my care for the  remainder of tbe campaign." (  Baldos looked first at her and then  at the sarcastic old general. Yetive  nnd her companions were waiting for  them at the fountain a hundred yards  abend.  "You mny go, Baldos," said Beverly  ln low tones.  "I am uot fatigued nor"��� ho began  eagerly.  "Go!" marled Marlanx. "Am I to  repent a command to you? Do'you ignore the word of your mistress?" There  wns a significant sneer ln the way he  said it.  "Mistress?" gasped Baldos, his eye  blazing, his arm half raised.  "Count Marlanx!" implored Beverly,  drawing herself to her full height and  staring at him like a wounded thing.  "1 humbly Implore you not to misconstrue the meaning of the term, your  iighness," said the count affably. "Ab  pou have dropped something.   Permi  me. It ls a note of some description,  think."  He stooped quickly���too quickly���an  recovered from the, ground aLheuX"  the bit of paper which had fallen from  her hand. It was the note from Ravone  to Baldos, which Beverly had forgotten  ln tbe excitement of the encounter.  "Count- Marlanx, give ni. that paper!" demanded Beverly breathlessly.  "Is It a love letter? Perhaps lt Is  -intended for me. At any rate, your  highness, it is safe against my heart  for the time being. When we reach  the castle I shall be happy to restore  lt It is safer with me. Come, we go  one way and���have you not gone, sir?"  ln his most sarcastic tone to the guard.  Beverly was trembling..  "No, I have not, und I shall not pa  until I see you obey, the command of  ber highness. She has asked you for  that piece of paper," said Baldos,  standing squarely in front of Marlanx.  "Insolent dbg! Do you mean to  question my"���  "Give over that paper!"  "If you strike me, fellow, it will  be"-  "If I strike you It will be to kill.  Count Marlanx. The paper, sir." Baldos towered over the Iron Count, and  there was danger In his daredevil voice.  "Surely, sir, I am but obeying your own  instructions. 'Protect the princess and  all that is hers with your life,' you havo  6a id to me." ���   '  "Oh, I wish you hadn't done this,  Baldos!"- cried Beverly, panic stricken.  "You have threatened my life. I  shall not.forget it, fool! Here is the  precious note,, your highness, with my  condolences to the "writer!" Marlanx  passed the note to her and then looked  triumphantly ut the guard. "I dare  say you have done all you can, sir. Do  you wish to udd anything more?"  "What can one do when dealing with  his superior and finds him a despicable  coward?" snid Baldos, with cool Irony.  "You are reputed to be a brave soldier. I know that to be false or I  would ask you to draw the sword you  carry and"��� lie wns drawing his  Bv.-ord as he spoke.  "Baldos!" ��� implored Beverly. Her  evident concern infuriated Marlanx.  In his heart he knew Baldos to be a  man of superior birth and a foeman  not to be despised from bis own station.' Carried away by passion, ho  Bashed his sword.from its sheath.  "You have drawn on me, air,-* ho  ���narled. "I must defend myself  against even such as you. You will  find that I am no coward. Time Is  short for your gallant lover, madam."  Before she could utter a word of pro-  t-st~the-blades~had"clashedr'and"they  were hungry for blood. It was dark  ln the shadows of the trees, and the trio  wero quite alone with their tragedy.  Sbe beard Baldos laugh recklessly ln  responso to Marlanx's cry of:  "Oh, the sbame of fighting with such  carrion as you!" .  "Don't Jest at a time like thla, count,"  ���aid the guard softly. "Remember  that I lose, bo matter which way it  goes. If you kill me I lose. If I beat-  you I lose. Remr-nber, you can still  have me shot for insubordination and  conduct unbecoming"���  "Stop!" almost shrieked Beverly. At  the risk, of personal Injury she rushed  between the two swordsmen. Both  drew back and dropped their points.  Not a dozen passes had been mado  (To Be Continued)  One hundred and twelve years, it  ii* claimed, wns the age of Mrs. Mc-  Cube, who died at tlie Toronto  House of Providence on Monday.  '"jLf;t^^S0Jr^S  vij.V^r^?-'';  Jfhi  m  .lie ~>V. ,���  *o��o<*  Si.1.?  blic  ions. Sold al  nl/1  "Lawyers get stung as easily ns  other people," said one who practises in Uie criminal courts. "Here's  what happened to ra. tlie otlier day:  A. friend of mine tipped mc off that  tliere wns a ense coming up in Special Sessions nnd it would be easy to  'ct the defendant,  a negro,  free.  ' 'There's a twenty in it for you/  'ie added. 'I've got another case on  ipstahs or I would take it myself.'  "Sure enough I got Uie fellow off  md when we reached the corridor J  ���olitely intimated thnt V had heard  -���here was a twenty awaiting nie for  riy trouble.  " 'Sure tiling, boss,' said the negro,  liying into his pocket. 'It certainly  ���in worth twenty, all right.' With-  >ut n- smile lie handed over two  limes."���New  York  Sun.  "Tipping" In Europe.  According to immemorial usage, European servants are entitled to tips aa  on assured part of their income.- At  the hotels the theory Is thnt the landlord furnishes a'guest a private room  and the.use of tlie public rooms, heat  and light f0��d nud dishes, but not  menial service. For convenience he  keeps at hand a corps of servants who  will respond to the guest's summons,  but at his expense. In old times travelers were attended by their own servants to wait on them. The modern  custom echoes the ancient. The traveler no longer carries with him a retinue of servants, because he can hire  temporarily those of the landlord. The  customary fees ar�� the payment. To  avoid feeing is really to cheat the servants, who need all they can get, heaven knows. A chsiuibermnld nt the best  hotels receives ns wages only about $2  a month. Tipping servants in America  is a regrettable Imitation of the European custom without Its resting on the  reasonable basis of the foreign Institutions.  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"1 killed oue of the  finest bucks yesterday I ever saw, and  he weighed over two hundred." It was  the season when deer may not be shot  without subjecting the hunter to a  heavy fine. "Well, that is n fine one,"  said the warden, "and do you know  who you are talking to?" Being assured that he did not, the official said,  "Why, I am the chief game warden of  Colorado." The hunter was only taken  aback for a moment, when he asked,  "And do you know who you are talking to?" The warden didn't know.  "Well, sir," said tlie hunter, appar  ently much relieved, "you are talking  to the biggest liar in the whole, state  of Colorado."  DOCTOR'S ANALYSIS  PROVED THIS CURE  UnmistafcabBo   Evidence   That   Kidney  Disease  is Cured by  D?��. CHASE'S KIDNEY-LIVER PILLS  Are you a sufferer with corns? If  you are, get a bottle of Holloway's  Corn Cure. It has never been  known  to  fail.  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It was not  until the thirteenth century that the.  vlelle was scooped out at the waist  The corner blocks were added in the  fifteenth century and .are attributed  to ' Germany. For nearly a century  the sound holes were shifted all over  the instrument before they were cv,t  ' in their proper place and the brld{,��"  fixed between them.���Circle ^lagazh-e.  DANGEROUS   PURGATIVES  , Captain Wm. Smith, a veteran of���  the Crimean war, living at Revel-  stoke, B.C., writes: "I can testify  to the benefit derived^ from Dr.  Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. For  years I was a sufferer from kidney  disease," and could get no relief for  it. The doctor examined me and analyzed my urine and told me I hnd  chronic disease of the kidneys. As  his medicine did nie no good I  bouglil'a box of Dr. Chase's Kidney-  Liver Pills and was benefited* so  much that I kept on taking them  until I can say that I am perfectly-  cured. 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Nothing could have  saved tbe guard who bad struck bis  superior officer, but Beverly thought  In time.  . "To die ls easy, your highness.  You  have but to ask tt of me," said Baldos,  whose face was white and drawn.  "She baa no inteutjpi'^f dpman&rig  THE PROOF.  The following Is a,  sample ot; thousands  ���f testimonies to th*  wonderful "merits of  PSYCHINE Ib the most  ilfflcult eases. Doe-  tors an* prescribing  PSYCHINE fat. their  practice with the most  satisfactory results.  "Several years ago  my wife was so seriously ill cf lung trouble as for.months to  be unable to walk, at.  vhich time a noted  physician told me  that the next dress  that I would buy for  her would be a  .shroud. 'She used  PSYCHINE and is  now reasonably well  Rav. C E. Burrbll,  "Baptist Minister,  Forest, Oat.'  For Coughs and Colds take PSYCHINE.  For Throat and Lung trouble take PSYCHINE.  For Catarrh and Consumption take PSYCHINE.  For after-effects of La Grippe, Pneumonia and  . 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" 'Presarve us!' he shouted;  'we're goin' richt into the 'pothecary  shop at Peebles.'"  0  Without  Alcohol  A Strong Tonic        Without Alcohol  A Bodv Builder  Without Alcohol]  A Blood Purifier   . Without Alcohol j  A Great Alterative   Without Alcohol  A Doctor's Medicine Without Alcohol  Ayer's Sarsaparilla   Without Alcohol  Wa publish our_foraul.i  W�� b-iiiih aVoho! |  /     from ourm��_i*fl��i  Wa ufffe you to \  .eoMia'.t your  dootor  Ayer's Pills are livqr pills. They act  directly on the liver, mate .more bile  aecrcted. This is why they are so valuable in constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia, sick-headache. Ask your doctor  if he knows a better laxative pill. -  i      Trail* by ths 3.0. Ajar Co., Lowell, Mesa.������  The Simple Life  is best. To live naturally; work  - during' the day, keep your temper,  eat three meals and take a Beecham's Pill regularly, as required.  There is no medicine for the simple life, or"the strenuous, like'  Beecham's  Pills  feold Everywhere.    In bozes 25 cents.  Hadn't Been Drunk.  He evidently wasn't used to the way.  of big hotels. He looked as though he  might have.been from some Kansas  farm and was in a large city for the  first time. Somehow be had heard thai  tbe next morning men who had been  absorbing intoxicants drink lots of ice  water.  "Say," he said to C. T. Newton behind the desk at tbe Shirley hotel about  8 o'clock in the morning, "the other  clerk last night told me to ask "fei  things over tbe little telephone ln my  room when I wanted 'em."  "Yes," said Newton.  *  "Well, this morning, about a half an  hour ago. I asked fer a glass of lc��  water. Some girl answered the telephone."  "Yes."  "Well, I dou't like to'be took fer a  heavy drinker. I wasn't drunk last  night."  "What do you mean?"  "Jes* this: I didn't get no glass of Ice  water. That girl sent me up a whole  pitcher. It looked mighty much to me  like sbe thought I was full of liquor  lnat night and would need a whola  pitcher. A glass- would 'a* been  enough." And as he turned and strod��  away he wore one of those."Guess I  didn't  call  him  down,  eh?"   looks.  An Old Time Alderman.  Several patrons of the restaurant at  Broadway and Tenth street were lunching there a few days ago, seated at a  table between the corner windows on  the second lloor which commanded a  One view down Broadway, which  makes a sharp turn at Tenth street  Said one of them: "Do you know that  this bend ln Broadway wa�� made tn  order to save"a tree? Well,,1. was. As  originally planned, .Broadway would  tave cut a slice off the lawn of Hen-  drlk Brevoort, who ran a tavern ln  tbe Dutch farmhouse which stood  where Grace church _.��w ls. He was  an alderman, like many of his profession today, and not only succeeded in  saving the magnificent tree in the  shade of which bis customers lingered  over their pipes to watch tlie traffic on  Bloomingdale rosd, but about 1849 also prevented tbe opening of Eleventh  street from Fourth avenue to Broadway, whioh would have necessitated  the tearing dowD of his tavern."  5PBMI  Zam-Buk ii compounded from pure  herbal extract*, is highly antiseptic and  applied to a wound or sore kills all bacilli  ana disease germs which otherwise set up  festering, blood poison, etc. It heals cuts,  burns, aoalds, bruises) and cures ecxema,  prairie itch, salt rheum, poisoned wounds,  ulcers, eto. All stores' ahd druggists sell  at 50c. per box, or post free from Zam-  Buk Co., Toronto, for price. 6 boxes  for 92.60. Send lc. stamp for trial box. -  THE JERUSALEM CHAMBER.  An Expert Sewer.  The Philadelphia Record declarer  that Charles C. Eeber, an employe  in a shirt factory at St'-ausstown,  Berks county, Penn., is an expert at  sewing on buttons. He sewed on  4,200 buttons recently in five and  one-half hours, which means 600  shirts, seven buttons to a shirt, or  about fourteen buttons in a minute.  At another time, not being aware of  the fact that he was.being timed, hi*  sewed on seven buttons in 25 soo  onds. Mr. Reber claims that he can  fasten, on a wager, 21 buttons in a  minute, seven buttons to a shirt.  There can be a difference of opinion on most subjects, but there is  only one opinion as to the reliability  of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.    It is safe, sure and effectual.  The Madrigal.  The .word madrigal sounds very  formidable to a beginner in music.  More than once bave I heard the ques-J  tion, "What is a madrigal?" Strictly'  speaking, a madrigal Is an elaborate  vocal composition in from three to six  parts, generally sung ln chorus. The  melody should not be carried through  a single part, but should be dispersed  in phrases through the different voic...'  in the conversational manner peculiar  *�� the music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Tho true madrigal  jas no accompaniment This form of  song is considered English, but ia  .bought to have had its origin ln the  Netherlands. The exact derivation of  the wor'I/ Is not known. The first  madrigals are believed to have been  morning songs, shepherds', lays or  songs in praise of the Virgin.  A Very'Practical Christian.  A .benevolent old man who* lived on  his farm iu Iowa never refused shelter  to any who might ask lt of him. His  many friends ^remonstrated with'him  about this characteristic, knowing that  many unscrupulous hoboes would avail  themsclves"o_ the opportunity apd that  tnere was great danger of the old  wan being robbed. To these remonstrances the old man replied that he  believed _in "practical Christianity."  "But," said one of his friends, "this  seems very Impractical. Suppose one  of these men" took It into his head to  rob you one night?"-  "My dear young friend," was.the reply, "I bid all enter ln the name of  God, but I prove my belief in practical  Christianity by locking up their pants  during the night"  Poll Parrot as a Game Bird.  While the parrot is a bird of beautiful plumage, as a table delicacy it Is  not to be recommended, as I know  from sad experience. My first essay at  eating a parrot was attended with mod-  Jlfied success. The bird must have been  comparatively young, and after several  hours' boiling became soft enough to  masticate and finally swallow, leaving  behind it an Impression that we had  lunched on the sole of a rubber boot-  Arthur D. Temple in Field and Stream.  CENTENARIAN MARINER.  An Ancient "Salt" Dies After an Adventurous  Career.  Born in Long Acre May 28, 1800,  Kdward ColLius, aged 100 years and  II mouths, has died in the Rackham  street infirmary, North Kensington,  from the effects of an injury caused  by a fall on the stairs at his lodgings  in Marylebone.  Collins "came of a family renowned  for longevity, his father, a pawn-  Bn^ker. living to the age of 110 years,  and his grandfather to 111 years. In  his early days his fancy for a seafaring life led him to join the" Royal  Navy, and during a career of over 30  years at sea he had many adventures.  One of the earliest of these was'the  search for and chase of pirates in the  Indian Seas. He was one of-the-expedition which brought to England  three pirates who were hanged in  public at Newgate, and he often  dilated on ���the excitement of chasing  slave-traders, arresting their officers,  and liberating the poor slaves. He  served his country in the Crimea, and  was at the storming of Sebastopol.  On giving up his seafaring life he  settled down as a maker' of sails and  blinds, an occupation he was able to  follow close up to the time of hti  death. Ten of his 11 children had predeceased him.  -  Up to the iast Collins retained all  his faculties. He had lived under  1 five Sovereigns,* and remembered the  rejoicing after the Battle of Waterloo  nnd the coronation of the late Queen  Victoria.  The Tip Randolph Wanted.  Can you put me ln no way*to become a successful rogue to an'amount  that may throw an air of dignity over  the transaction and divert.the attention of the gaping public from the  enormity of the offense to that of the  sum?���From a Letter of John Randolph of Roanoke to Dr. John Brock-  W.   N.    U.   No.   638  Two of a Kind. ���  A revival meeting was In progtess,  and Sister Jones was called upon for  testimony. Being meek and humble,  she said: "I do hot. feel as though I  should stand here and give testimony.  I have been a transgressor for a good  many years and have only, recently  seen the light I believe that my place  is in a dark corner, behind the door."  Brother Smith was next called upon  for his testimony and, following the  example set by Sister Jones, said: "I  too, have been a sinner, for more than  forty years, and I. do not think it would  be fitting for me to stand before this  assembly as a model. I think my place  is.behind the door, In-a dark corner,  with Sister Jones." A.nd he wondered  why the meeting was convulsed with  the laughter of those who came to  -DraK-       Y     . .. ���   V  "How are r you getting along?"  asked a travelling man of an acquaintance'who had gone on the  stayp..    .      ���.���������,  . "Oh, L have mst with a share of  success. I ^played -Hamlet for the  first time." -.���-������ ���  "Did you get through all right?"  "Yes, except that I happened to  stumble and fall into Ophelia's  grave." Y '���"'-'.  "That must have been embarrassing." .    '  "It was; but I wouldn't have  minded it if the audience hadn't  seemed so disappointed when I got  out."���Chicago Tribune.  Governor of Jamaico.  Sydney Oliver, who succeeds Sir  Alexander Swettenhamas governor of  Jamaica, is a "Radical of Radicals���in  fact, his views are more pronounce1  and frankly avowed than is customary with permanent servants of tin-  crown. Por some years he was sec  retary of the Fabian Society, ann  when this is mentioned the color oi  his politics runs no risk of being mi5-5  taken.  No one can gainsay, however, thn1  Mr.' Oliver is an exceptionally bril  liant man, and as he is still on thr-  sunny side of fifty his public caree1  may yet have much in reserve. H  already knows Jamaica, having serv  ed for five years in that island as  Colonial Secretary, and later aa acting-governor on three separate occasions. Educationally he is a good example of what Oxford and a German  university can turn out, and when he  first entered the Colonial Office, n  quarter of a century ago" it was at  the head of the open competition. At  present he is principal clerk of the  West African department of the Colonial Office, and in his time has served as Colonial Secretary in British  -IIonduTas,-nuditor-general_.of__the_Lee_1  ward Islands, and secretary to the  West Indian Royal Commission. Some  years ago he was sent to Washington  'to assist in the reciprocity negotiations on behalf of the. West Indian  colonies, and in recognition of hin  work he was created a C. M: G. Mr.  Oliver was formerly private secretary  to Lord Selborne while at the Colonial  Office.  A  Real  Seaman.  A short time ago a writer in  "P. T. O." was talking with a sailoi  who had served under the command  of the Prince of Wales. "When first  we heard that the prince was going  to command us," he said, "we were  a bit dubious, and certainly wo had  to put up with a lot of chaff from  the other ships of the fleet, who  promptly christened our boat Buckingham Palace, and would stop us in  the street and 'beg our lordships' pardon, but could we oblige them with  a match?' The prince had not been  abroad long, however, before we found  out that he was no ornamental sailor,  but a real seaman down to his  boots. And he stood no nonsense  either! He knew what he wanted, and  he saw that he got it. During the  whole cruise our ship was a picture,  and a better disciplined or happiei  crew never sailed. The prince was a  great change from some of the shout-  ing, raying captain* I have served  under. You can take it from me,"  added the tar in conclusion, "that  the Prince of Wales is a jolly good  Bailor"���only the adjective he used  was not "jolly."  Premier and Suffragettes.        ���  It has just come to light, says The  .London  Daily News, that on Friday  ' afternoon . last  Sir  Henry  Campbell-  Bannerman was cleverly0interviewed  "by two of the most militant leaders  'of the suffragette campaign.   The premier, who was on his way to Cannes,  entered  the   dining-car   of   the  train  for the purpose of taking tea, and sal  down   at   a   table   adjoining   one   ai  which were seated'two ladies.    The  latter promptly introduced themselves  as Miss Annie Kenney and Miss Mary  Gawthorpe, and a friendly discussion  ensued.   Sir Henry expressed approval of the educational work of the Women's Social and Political Union; but  went on to criticize its methods.   He  gave no hope that the Government  would bring in a.bill enfranchizing  women this session and said he wished to, dissuade the ladies from engag-  iing in further   demonstrations   out-  'side the House of Commons, considering that such proceedings were noi  'lilcAlv to croduce eood resultn-  A Celebrated  Recess  In the Wall of  Westminster Abbey.  In the southwest wall of 'Westmin-  stei'Abbay a narrow recess shows on  old 'oak door. Behind it is a passage  leading into a small room with finely  carved panelling "called- the Jericho  parlor, which leads into the celebrated Jerusalem chamber. This chamber  is of profound modern interest in that  it wa3 the scene of the 1611 and 1884  revisions of the Bible, in the latter  instance the United States .taking a  most' prominent part.  The Jerusalem chamber' is also of  great historic interest, being one of  the few remains of the' old palace of  Westminster, which for centuries waa  distinct and separate from the abbey  Many room's in the old palace had  similar fanciful names, such as heaven, paradise and the Antioch chambers.  The Jerusalem chamber was built by  Abbot, Li'.lington in 1386 and was so  named fiom the colored glass brought  trom Jerusalem which decorates it.  The room is rectangular in shape,  wainscoted with cedar and other  woods, all of which were brought from  the Holy Land. The ceiling and the  upper part of the walls nre frescoed,  and here and there hang costly tapestries, which Henry VIII. placed in  the choir- of 'the abbey, but which  have since been removed to this room.  The splendid cedar mantelpiece was  put up in commemoration ol the marriage of Charles I., then Prince of  Wales, with the Princess Henrietta  Maria of France. " The carved and  wooden heads on either side of the  mantelshelf represent the royal pair.  One of tlie frescoes depicts King  Henry IV., who breathed his last within these walls in 1413. This event occurred twenty-five years after the  room was built and was doubtless the  first really- important incident in its  history, for celebrated, indeed sacred,  as the chamber has since-become, at  its construction it was only intend.-1  as the withdrawing room for the  guests of Abbot Litlington.  King Henry, with the uneasy conscience of a usurper and a superstitious belief in a prophecy that foretold his death at Jerusalem, decided  upon a crusade to the Holy Land. The  crusade, which the King deemed ample atonement for his sins, waa, however, too long deferred. * PrepaTatory  to leaving on his journey to Jerusalem, while praying before the shrine  of St. Edward the Confessor in the  abbey, he was stricken with a mortal  sickness, and, in the words of the  old chronicle, '"they for his comfort  boTe him into the abbot's place and  laid him down before the fire in this  chamber."  On coming to himself and learning  that he was in the chamber named  Hierusalem then said the King, "Laud  be to thee, Father in heaven, for now  I know that I shall die in this ch.��m-  ber, according to the prophecy made  of me before soid, that I should die  in Hierusalem." And so he made  himself ready and died shortly after.  ��� The body of Addison lay in state  in this Toom, whence it was borne  at the* dead of night to its last resting place in the chapel of Henry VII.,  the procession passing round the  shrine of Edward the Confessor and  the choir singing a funeral hymn.  From the Jerusalem chamber also the  body of Sir Isaac Newton was carried  to the grave, the pall being borne by  the. Lord Chancellor and ���by . dukes  and earls. "  King's Cane Collection.  King Edward is a diligent collectot  of walking sticks, match-boxes, caricatures, and model ships. His collection of, canes numbers nearly 2,000,  and most of these have remarkable  associations. A stick highly prized by  the King is one used by Queen Victoria in her closing years. It ia  made from a portion of the oak in  whose boughs Charles 1. concealed  himself after his defeat by Cromwell  at Worcester.  MAKE THE FEET FLAT.  The Mark  T@lls  Pen-Angle trade-,  mark (in red) on  every Pen-Angle  garment,,tells you  it will fitand won't  shrink,��� your  own dealer bo  guaranteosit.  Underwear thua  tradeniarked ia  softer, warmer,  more ���flexible,  better -wearing.  ^y   Trade rjorK  Trad- mirtcd thus in a  variety of s'.ylei, fabrics and  prices >oc women, men and  children, Form Fitted.  Dcnlere are au.iori.cd to  replace iaitanUy and at our  cost, any Pen-A-ale Barmen! faulty in material  or   making. 208  a  J3 _E7 T IT JEJ  UNDERWEAR  You cannot possibly have  a better Cocoa than  A delicious drink and a sustaining  food. Fragrant,, nutritious and  economical. This excellent Cocoa  maintains the system in robust  health, and enables it tu resist  winter's extreme cold.  Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers  In i-lb. and i-lb Tins. ,  A Chiropodist Say* Injury Is Often  Dono by Low Heels.  "This talk about high heels breaking  the arch of the foot ls all nonsense,"  said a chiropodist who made a specialty of the "broken arch" difficulty. "It  is the spring heel and very low heel  that cause the trouble. Mothers should  never be guilty of putting spring beel  shoes on tlieir children, for It means a  flat and ugly foot ln later years. Just  as soon as a child can toddle around it  should be provided with a soft, .pliable'  shoe which has the tiniest bit of a heel.  This tends to throw the weight of the  body forward on the ball of the foot,  where it is most easily supported',' and  relieves the strain on the arch.  "You bave often seen small children  who have just learned to walk run  over the heels of their shoes, haven't  you? It is not because they are unsteady on their feet, which is the popular opinion, but because their weight is  resting on tbe arcli or where tbe bone  of the lower leg meets tlie bone of tho  foot. The flat foot may begin at this  very time, so great care should be taken as to just what shoes the little toddlers wear. In some of the European  countries little ones wear one-quarter  Inch heels on their shoes, but American  mothers seem to think that spring heels  are smarter and more healthful.  "For adults tho moderately high  Cuban heel is the most comfortable  and sensible for ordinary wear. The  flat heels and the common sense heel  should -both bo tabooed. Even the  French heel ls not particularly- Injurious if it is only worn" occasionally  an* when the woman will not walk  much, but of course lt is ridiculous for  a walking boot. But, whatever you do,  avoid the low heel."���New York Press.  JAPAN TEA DRINKERS  ARTISTIC  PILLOW.  A Stylish, Quickly Worked and Easily  Washed' Cover.  A charming pillow may be made  of the heavy fish net .that, can be  bought lu the upholstery department  of most large department stores.  Cut from paper a pattern of conventionalized four leaved clover about  six Inches across/ Put this on the net  and trace around the edge"with a soft  lead pencil. Diagonally backof lt set  another clover blossom of which part  of two petals is hidden. Dot two  flowers so grouped at equal Intervals  ���ver the surface of the net  Outline the design in duchess lace  braid and fill in each petal with a  darning stitch in pink rope silk. Use  a darker pink for the under flower.  Run the lace around the centers. Extending about an inch on the outside  of each group of flowers darn ln an irregular background of a still darker  shade of pink. For this the stitches  should go directly across the mesh of  the net, not up and down.  Made up over a nlie green'taffeta pillow, this makes a stylish and quickly  worked cover, which has the added  advantage that it may be easily washed.��� rhlladelphia Press.  YOU   REALLY   MUST  TRY  lm�� i_V��a'W**((-y  ��� GREEN TEA  Same flavor as Japan, only perfectly fre.e from adulteration of any kind.'  It Is .to the Japan tea drinker what 'SALADA" Black Is to' ths black  tea  drinker. t -"''...-' '    1  Lead Packets Only.    40c, 60c and 60c per Lb.   -   Sounded  Better'  "How your, daughter's music has  improved!" * ���   *  , ���   ���  "No," answered Mr. Cumrocks, "it  only seems better. We have moved  the music room further away from  the reception room."���Washington  Star.  Mrs. Hunks���You have plenty -of  money, and you ought to be ashamed to see me,in the kind of clothes  J have to wear.  Old Hunks���I am. You don't  seem to have ono bit of taste in making over your old . ones.���Chicago  Tribune.  A Cure for Costiveness���Costiveness comes from the refusal of the  excretory organs to' perform their  duties regularly from contributory  causes, usually disordered digestion.  Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, prepared  on scientific principles,, are so compounded that certain ingredients in  them pass through the stomach and  act upon the bowels so as to remove  their torpor and arouse them to  proper action. Many thousands are  prepared to bear testimony to their  power in this  respect. '  LAUNDRY  LINES.  Alex. Flett, Scotch fish curer, after  negotiations with the government of  Newfoundland, has'decided to engage  herring-curing there.  Daniel Chisholme -is the lone student in the school of bricklaying  which was intended to be one of the  largest departments, of the Carnegie  technical schools, Pittsburg.  A Doukhpbor reserve of 248 quarter  sections near Langham, Sask., has  been thrown open for settlement.  ' A Successful Medicine���Everyone  wishes to be successful in any' undertaking' in which he may engage.  It is, therefore; extremely gratifying to tlie proprietors of Parmelee's  Vegetable Pills to know that their  efforts to compound a me'dicine  which would' prove a " blessing to  mankind have been successful be-'  yond their expectations.' The'endor-  sation of these- Pills by tlie public  is a guarantee that a- pill has been  produced which "will fulfil"' everything claimed for it. . I   " ��� .' '   -'  The Other Side^ ���, , .     v  "What a pity you are "engaged so  young, my dear," said the,maid-.who  was   beginning  to   carry   weight for  age.    "You  will  never   know 'what  fun it is to refuse a man." _,,  "No, I suppose not," rejoiried'the  fair debutante, "but you -can't ��� imagine how much fun-there is in';ac-  cepting one."���Chicago' News. -   ' .'  - itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and  every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minute* by  Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.  Immigration returns for the--nine  months ending with March, show' a  total immigration of 122,667.       . .,     '  * * *-        *   -?  The  King  of Saxony  was' thrown'  from his horse while at' manoeuvres  at Oschatz.  Ask for Minard's and Take no/Other,.  Stockings and socks should be turned  wrongside out before they-are put Into  the tub.  ��� Do not waste time and strength ironing knit underwear. If folded down  smoothly when taken from the line,  these garments will need no ironing,  '  An ordinary telegraph wire makes a  better line to hang clothes on to dry  than the hempen one generally used.  The wire does not sag, rot or break. It  Is'easily made clean.  Soap should never be used when  washing silk stockings. Add four ta-  ^blespoonfulsof bran to a quart of water used'for this purpose, rinse In several clear waters, pressing" the waler  out, and dry In-the sun.  In sorting clothes to send to the laundry look carefully over each article,  taking care to remove every pin, which  may seriously injure the laundress, aud  seeing that no studs, shields or cuff  buttons are left in the blouses and  shirts. ��� ~  An old negro entered an Eighth  avenue drug store the.other day and  looked about'him doubtfully.-. ' > -  "Something you want,- old man?"  inquired the, clerk, .stepping.up. ^.  1 "Yais, sah'; yais, sail,".was his fe-  Iply, as he scratched his chin; but I  Jdisremembahs  'zactly whut "  .  "Forgot what you came for?" broke  :in the clerk. "  "Dass des edzackly hit, sah; dass  des hit!"'exclaimed-the old negro,  |hit face lighting up with-relief. "Er  nickul's wuth, sah."  | The clerk stared, for a moment,  then grinned understanding^, and  handed the old negro his desired five  cents' worth of "camephor."  _ Mrs.   Boreing���Imagination!  'What  is imagination?  Mr Boreing���It is that faculty,  my dear, which makes men, believe  that marriage is* bliss.���Judge.    -"  ' ' The "Dopper." '-; "'' ''-'  It is not uncommon to flndjthe epl-.  thet,"dopper" applied,to a Boer, as If  the terms were synonymous. The name  "dopper" is really derived from the  Dutch word for an extinguisher, and  It is properly applied only to the members of a religious sect which is;desirous of .extinguishing all theological:  opinions of a later date than the famous synod of Dort    .   ; ,���T ������;������-. .  Respected His 8cruplec >-'���"   . ,  - In the mathematics class one day at  Williams  college   Professor" S.,: who  was rarely mad? the subject of college  Jests,. *was ��� excessively   annoyed   by  some man,"squeaklug" a'small rubber  bladder.   The-noise  seemed'to come  from near a certain;Jack Hollls, -and  after querying each of his neighbors  ' and receiving a negative answer professor S. said sternly:  ,    "Hollis, do you know who is making  that unbearable noise?"' "-'-*-  ".. *  Hollls, who had been, the guilty person all along, assumed an" air of stoical  bravery ahd said calmly,' "1 know, sir,  but I prefer not to tell."  Professor S.'s angry face grew calmer,' and with evident pleasure b'e rs-  plled: "I respect your scruples; Hollb-  They* do~yo u Vrb'dU'aud^. hoiiJa"''Bham��  the guilty man. sir.',' . ���~  .  V-^r -,;YW1 NYii-PEC^#^  ���mmmmiLrm  CULINARY  CONCEITS.  Apples will not turn-dark when pared  if dropped into water to which lemon  'nice has been added.  When cooking rabbit always remove  the kidney fat and the flavor of the  meat will be greatly Improved.  For a' green omelet mix minced pars*  ley with the beaten egg before turning  lt into the pan, and then cook without  browning.  Instead of stuffing dtfftes with nuts  try filling them with cream cheese for  an afternoon tea relish. Finely chop-  fed nuts mixed with the cheese Ls an  addition.  , When frying croquettes or doughnuts  in fat ItHs well to drop in a small bit  of bread when smoke begins to rise.  ���If In about five minutes the bread begins to brown, tbe fat ls ready for use.  la to the pot of boiling mutton drop  an onion Into which a clove bas been  stuck, a small carrot and a small bit  of bay leaf. If the liquor Is to be used  for a soup, add a couple of tablespoon*  fula of barley. ... ;.Y  THE RECORD  >MIRALi  FURNACE  fills the demand for a fur-  nace possessing the larg-  j����^ est amount of grate sur-  face" in proportioiTto'the-  diameter of the top of the  fire pot. It possesses all  the advantages o_ a re- |  turn flue construction.  The "Admiral" has  the largest ash pit of any  furnace on the market,  thus permitting the free removal of ashes.  Wood or coal may he burned in the "Admiral'furnace.:  Write for Cataloguo  THE RECORD F0UND8Y& MACHINE CO.  ��� RNindnnat' MONCTON, N.B C MONTREAL. RQ.  Wl  Sales Branches at MONCTON, N.B.;    MONTREAL.      P.O.;    TO-  RONTO.YQHT.;  WINNIPEG,   MAN.J    CALGARY,    ALTA.    and  VAMCOUVIR, -WO,  Tonsilitis  Bronchitis  Hoarseness  CURED BV  Liniment  For Internal and External use.  Relieves rheumatism and neuralgia.  Cures lame or. aoro muscles, strain.,  sprains or soreuess anywhere.-  25 and 50 ceuts.   Bold by druggists.  I.-S. JOKHSCH & CO., Boston, Mais.  New Cruiser Launched.  The British* armored cruiser Invincible was launched last week from  the Elswick shipyard, Newcastle,     "j  She is one ol the trio ol   largest  cruisers in the world, - of which the  \ first, the Indomitable, was launched  March 16. \  Under   the   admiralty   order   tha'  greatest secrecy was observe^, rn or- ���  der to prevent any details regarding  the new warship leaking out. >  Her dimensions are the same as  those of the Indomitable, namely,  she is 17,250 tons, is 530 ieet long,  exceeding the older armored "cruisers  by 50 {pet; bas turbine engines and  is expected to attain the high speed  of 25 knots an hour.  The armament of these three cruis-  era' includes eight 12-inch guns, almost equaling the main battery ol  the Dreadnought.  AS  A  SURE   ROAD  TO   HEALTH   AND   STRENGTH  NOTHING  WILL  EQUAL  The palatable and nutritious Shredded Wheat Wafer. Contains in  most digestible form all the nutritive elements of the whole wheat  kernel. Its continued use will prevent nearly all the stomach and  intestinal disorders known ato mankind.  Try   BISCUIT   for   Breakfast; TRISCUIT for Luncheon.  Ail  Grocers���13c a carton; 2 for 25c.  Made of Hiprh Carbon Wire,���well provo.it to you. COTLED not orlmped. This  makes It Btill stronger in Fervico. lt Hlays taut. Painted WHITE over heavy  THE    PAGE,   WIRE    F3BVNCS.    COMPAKY,   LIMITED.  gnlvanirfnc���rust proof.  Experienced dealers to erect it.  Leads all in B-ilea  ���aa ln merit.    Get illustrated booklet and 1907 priecB bofore buying  Walliorv-llo, Toronto,   Hoat-eai:   St.   J oh.-.,  Winnipeg '.^nrgf-  &*>>��'.'>*_>'���* >ll->\W>    ���>-**  THE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Published tn the interest of tho people  of Moyie and EftBt Kootenay.  1��\ J. SMYTH, Publisher.  BN?Ofi\fefea��I.ABKL  BATES 07 SDBBCpIPTION.  Oao Year tS-W  SATURDAY JUNE 1, 1907.  Saying nothing  to anyone for  the past week, Old Sol has been  -spending his   entire time sawing  -wood.  -������ i  ^        -   ~    ���  The Chicago Journal says that  prices are ou a higher level than  they have beon for seventeen  years, according to tho Bureau of  Lobo. Wo are glad to know they  'are on the level, even if they are  higher.  The Ohio Penitentiary News has  suspended owing to the fact that  there ftce. no printers incarcerated  there.   It is said, however, that  the    penitentiary   officials  have  plenty of opportunities  of  starfc-  /     Y',*"''    "'   ing ft bank.   .m-4   Not every weekly newspaper  pan afford the luxury pf "a cartoonist. However, |he Cranbrook  Herald seems to mukq the riffle,  ��nd the artist who \s doing the  work need have no fear pf putting  his impript pH it- -H'19 work is  certainly clever.  , Now is the time to begin boosting Moy|e as a summer resort. A  park on the west side" of the lake  opposite tfae town would prove a  big attra^tjon "during, the. hot  ' summer months.   In order to at?  .......1 .- ii: __'���-��� .       ' '   * "  tract people here year after year  an effort must be made to make  their stay as comfortable and  pleasant as possible when they  come.    /���  -'Moyie would like very tmich to  cultivate the acquaintance of  that man John Horton,'the gardener in the  Kootenays for the  ��� ���. . i     i      .*_��   i i .-*-���,'.  &. P. H. We hear of him being in  Rossland, Nelson, Trail and other  places, but never in Moyie. The  railway company have a plot of  grqund.near their station which  would be an ornament to the town  if itJfvas fixed up,, but as it is it  ...      1'-- '  resembles an abandoned ram pasture.    -��� ____________���_____  Resolutions, of Condojence.  -Whereas.-death-lias-visited-the  family of our esteemed fellow  member, Bro. Sam "YVormington,  p,nd claimed his beloved wife,  ���' Resolved, by Moyie Miners'  IJnion, No. 71, W. P. M., that we  pjctend to Bro. Wormington and  family our sincerest sympathy in  this, the hour of their affliction,  '   And   - ItesolvcJ, that our charter be  draped in mourning for a period  of thirty days us a mark of respect  to deceased and family. And  further  ' Resolved, that a copy of these  resolutions bo spread on the minutes of our meeting, a copy be sent  fij Bro. Wormington, and copies  be sent tp the Moyie Loader and  iUni-u'd' Magazine for publication.  - "     "    "      T.E.Kelly,  J. L. Gibbons,  Committee.  Moyie, Alay 24bh, 1907.  '*'        Notice.  The Strike at Bisbee.  The miners of Bisbee, Arizona,  are making a desperate struggle  to hold their organization together. On the 8i.h of last February the Federation opened an  office at Bisbee aud the response  of the miners to the invitation  into the union was hearty  and enthusiastic. In less than a  month eleven hundred members  had bpon enrolled. The mine  owners have lef o no stone unturned to break up the union, and between the date of organization  and the present time they have  discharged and blacklisted fully  seven hundred of its members. A  committee of the union waited  upon the mine managers and  asked for the abolition of .the  blacklist and discrimination of  union men, but they wore met  with a refusal to discuss the matter. Soeing nothing could he accomplished in this way the union  declared a strike, and they accordingly quit work ou April 10th, aud  have been out ever since. The  picn are determined to stand firm  until the companies accede to  their just dei_vm.d_. Ic is need  le3s to say they will have the assistance of organized l$bor everywhere.        Making good Progress.  The Cranbrook Fire-Brick and  Terra Cofcta Oqmpauy, Limited,  is said to be making very satisfactory progress, and Beale <fc  Elwell, the official brokers, report  a good and rapidly increasing  demand for tho stock, {j. he officers are: J. D. McBride, president;  Frank L. Byron, vice-president;  and J. P. Fink, secretary-treasurer. The plant is at Old Town  on Perry creek, and the clay deposit is said tq be very suitable for  manufacturing purposes.  Cranbrook Licence District.  The half yearly meeting of the  Board of Licence Commissioners,  Cranbrook Licence District, will  be held at the Court House, Cranbrook, on Saturday, June the 15th,  1907, at ten o'clock in the forenoon,* when the following applications will come before the board,  viz:  . P. J.McMahou, transfer to McTavish & Cameron, Kootenay  Hotel, Moyie B. C.  * Ben. Riley, transfer to Armstrong & Riley, International  Hotel, Moyie, B. C.  P. F. Johnston, Moyie Ilote1,  _.Ioyie B. C.  A.   Stephenson,     Cosmopolitan  Hotel, Moyie B. C.     .  .' P.   F. ' Johnston,      Manhattan  Hotel, Moyie B. C.  : Louise    Elmer,    Royal    Hotel,  Kingsgate B. C.  P. R. Monms,  Chief Licence Inspector.  -Cranbrook Licence District.  I. O. O. F.  \>'lld.��y Lodge No. 44.  Meets Tuesday pveningsin McGregor  hall on Victoria street. Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited,  AvftrAcFAiiLANB,        F. J. Smyth,  Noble Grand. Secr'y.  C.   A. Foote,  Chancellor Com.  St. Kugimo *_odge No. 37.  K. of P.  Meets every Thursday  vening    in   McGregor  hull at 8  o'clock.   Visiting brothers invited.  F. J.Smyth,  K. R, and S.  Moyio   Miners'   Union  No. 71 W. F. of M.  Meets in McGregor hall every Saturday eyening. Sojourning members  are cordially invited to at lend.  Jar. Mclauen  President.  Jas.  Roberts,  Secretary  Harvey,    McOarter  &  Macdonald.  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries-, Etc.  Cranbrook,   -   -   B. C.  !MHH��NaMMMHMMnM��___MM-^UHKP-MMatfa��  W. F, GURI),.    v  ItAKKI^TEl-, SOLICITOR, ETC.  CRANBROOK.  B. C  C. H. DUNBAR  Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, Etc  Cranbrook, B. 0.  i    ^ '  DR. F. B. MILES,  DENTIST.  Cranbrook, B, C.  George H. Thompson,  . Barristkr, Solicitor  tary Public, &c.  ,  CRANBROOK, ' ' British Columbia  W, R. BEATTY  Einbaluier and Undertaker,  Phone 89. CRANBROOK,  arm  _J  One hundred and sixty acres of land, suitable for vegetable and fruit raising purposes.  One half bottom land. This land is a snap at  the price offered. Call at our office and get  particular^. This offer holds good for only 30  days.  160 acres of land, one mile south of Curzon  on the Spokane International railway. Five  acres partly cleared. Three roorq. house with  stove and cooking utensils.   $300 buys it.  Business  lots  $200an# Up      -  Residential lots  $50 and Up.  LL & SMYTH.  "LET US STAND TOGETHER."  You to buy ous trousers and other  t"*irment,s, and  we  "make   good"   our  ussertion  that ior   stlye,  fit,   quality  and price  YOU CANT.DUPLICATE '   ^--.-QUR-GARMENTS '. =__  Residents of Moyie are hereby  ^otified tbat hydrants are to be  used for lire protection only,  {'ex sons using hydrants for dom-  ���ps^ic use will be prosecuted.  Moyie Watep <io.  BiVMgMMnHM��nMNMa��nHPI.M.MN4  "3= ~ S���7TI���-.-..  '' '  ':  jpo Ifot  Noi;loct the Children.  At thiti season o�� the year the  flrst    unnatural    looseness  of a  .child'- bowels should have immediate attention. The best thing  that can be given is Chamber-  - Inn's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea  It.medy followed by castor oil  as  -directed with each bottle of the  remedy.   For sale by the Moyie  Bi'ug, and Stationery Co.  Kvory Miin His Own   -Doctor.  Tho ayerage man cannot afford  to employ a physican for every  slight ailment or injury that may  occ*tr in his family, nor can he  afford to neglect them, as so light  au injury as the scratch oE a pin  has been.known to cause the loss  of a limb. Hence every man must  from nocessity be his own doctor  for this class of ailments. Success  often depend-) upon prompt treit-  rnent, which can only be had  when suitable medicines are. kept  p.t home. Chamberlain's Remedi*. s  havo been in the market for many  years aud enjoy a goo.d reputation.  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea remedy fqr bowel  complaints.  Chamberlain ;o Cough Remedy  Cor coughs, colds and whooping  cough.  Chamberlain'-e Pain Balm (an  antiseptic liniment) for cuts,  bruises, burns, sprains, swellings,  lame back and rheumatic pa^ns.  Chamberlain's Stomach and  Liver Tablets for constipation,  biliousness and stomach troubles.  Chamberlain's Salve for diseases  of the skin.  One bottle of each of these five  preparations costs but $1.25. Por  sale by the Moyie Drug <k Stationery Co.   For Sale���Five bedroom suites,  kitchen stove and utensils" complete, table?, chairs, *wi iting dt-ek  and other furniture. Price $150.  Apply to Farrell <fe Smyth.  It's a broad nsserlion but provable.  Our beat citizens wear our clotbns.  l'liey are walking proofs* of all we assert, Our "trousers sale" ia a ' spi-c-  ial."   Don't mi***- it.  Cleaning,   repairing    and  pressing done.  . i FI  MOYIE,  Insurance.    Real Estate.    Pollections.  BUY YOUR  TmPlCTJL��t ��k-E_ic3L  FROM  A B. Stewart  S Co.  B. C  riOTICK.  Oil AN'U ROOK LAND DISTRICT  kqoth?;ay nisTiacr.  Take NOriOE Hint nyron fi. St. Clair of  Crnnbrook', tlmbur rniifur, will upply for a  j^ie-lul Umber lluonhu over the foUoHJi*5**  described land.  Communclus at a post marked D. C. St.  Clalr'x N. R. poit plniitud ou the Went bank  of Moyie Lake, about 2.'i0 fl. Kant of iho 8. K.  corner of Lot 7-!(Vi, the Portland Mineral Claim;  thenco Went 10 ubaiuH, theucc tiouth 1*20 chains,  to 1'. It. 1012, thunce East 20 chains, to I^ot  R039, tUcnuc Nurlli 20 chains, thence east 20  chain5*, to bank of Moyie Lake, thence follow-  in-5; the lake North to place or commencement,  I'ontaininpOlO acres more or loss, subject to  Ihe prior rlpht. if any, of holders of Mineral  claims therein eoatdincd. ;  ' Locator.   UYROS CAMPBELL ST. CLAIR.  Dated May -111*., 1007. ���   NOTICE.  Notice is heroby given that, CO days afterdate,  we Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner  of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase  80 acres of pasture land, more or  less:���Commencing at the north-east corner pot,t of Lot  G4'.!2,   on  tho  Moyio   River, thence south 20  chains, thence cast 40 chains, thence north    to  the Movie River, theucc down stream to  place  of commencement.  Moyie B. 0.  Dated this 2.'ith day of March, 1007.  ALLEN FORI).  JAMES ROBERTS.  PREST PHOTO CO.  Ckasbrook and Moyie  NOTICE.*  Take notice tbat I intend sixty days after  date to apply to the chief commissioner of  Lands and VVoiks for permission to purchase  tho following described lands, commencing at  a post planted at the North West corner of Lot  2S02 G. 1, Kootenay Distiict, thence West 33  chains, thence North CO chains, thence East to  the shore of Moyio Lake following shore of  said lake to boundary line of Lot 2802, thence  West lo point of commencement, Containing  ICO acres, more or less.  Dated this Gth day of April, 1907.  EDWIN 0. WHITE,  WHEN YOU ARE TN PAIN  you' can {jet instant relief from  our liniments and pain killing  remedies. Prudent people always have a supply of them iu  the hou.se in case of emergencies.  OUR REMEDIES AND  " PREPARATIONS  are all put up in accordance with  the National Pure Food Law.  Their purity is guaranteed as well  as thoir efficacy in time of trouble.  Bettor be wiso like other people  aud lay in a bottle or  so.  The Moyie Drug  and Stationery Co.  P, BURNS & GO  JUST    RECEIVED   A  SHIPMENT OF  ���AND���  MARKETS  In 7 all  the   Principal  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  DEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  ESTABLISHED 1867  B. E. WALKER, President  ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager  A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of  Branches  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000  Rest, - - 7 5,000,000  Total Assets, -. 113,000,000  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England.  A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED  COMMERCIAL AND FARMERS' PAPER DISCOUNTED!  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  84-  Deposlts of $1 and upwards received, and Interest allowed at 3����  current rates.    The depositor ia subject to no delay whatever itt  the withdrawal oi the whole or any portion of the deposit,  CRANBROOK BRANCH. F. C. MALPAS. MGR.  ' ���       ,-  East Kootenay Dye Works.  For all kinds of  DYEING and CLEANING,  Hale, Ties, Gloves, Feathers, Furs, Portieres, Draperies, Lace Curtains,  Doilies, Battonburg, and in fact all kinds of fancy goods.  There is nothing large or small, fine or 7S2  coarse that we cannot handler  HOUSTON & WILSON, Props.,'  CRANBROOK.  GREAT STOCK  REDUCTION SALE.  We are overstocked to the extent of $20,000,'arid  this surplus niust be reduced,  WE   WILL   PAY  RAILWAY FARJ2  Any person purchasing $15 worth of goods at  sale prices, providing not more than half is grocer-'  ics, will have the price qf their double fare ticket  refunded. '  Cranbrook Go-Operative Stores  LIMJTgD.  I- MOYIE    HOTEL. |  u*  P..F. J0EMS10M  I This Hotel is New and well Furnished The |  | . Tables are Supplied with the Best the |  I Market affords. The Bar is Filled with ��  %       the Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars,  | HEADQUARTERS FOR COMMERCIAL    ' |  | ^    AND MINING MEN *  jf-j   MOYIE ���  - ��� i-     _   - - BRITISH COLUMBIA.   *  ������6��� ��*�����*<*} GGGGGGG��ieG.GGGGGG999��GGGG999^ 99999999G*ie4ltS<i** '  St.   Joseph's   Convent.  NELSON, B. C.  \   - *  x5oarding and Day School conducted hy the Sisters of St. Jospph, Nelson,  B. G. Commercial and business  courses a specialty. Excellence and  swift progress cliaractesiize each department. Parents should write for  particulars. One month assures the  public of tho thoroughness of the  Sisters' methods of teaching. Terms  commence January, April and Sept.  Pupils are admitted during tern?.  Cities ahd   Towns  in  British Columbia  MOYIE, B. C.  CANADIAN  - \** \\-mnJL  SUMMER.  Excursion Rates  EAST  From   Moyie  $52 50   to  Winnipeg,  Port Arthur,  St. Paul,  Duluth,  Sioux'   City.  St. Louis '     |6o.00  Chicago |64.0Q  Toronto $78^50  Ottawa ' $82.55  Montreal $84.00  St. John's $94 00.  Halifax $101.8o  On Sale  June  8,-7, 8  First-lass Romid Trip  - 90 day's Limit  Corresponding, reductions from  all Kootenay points. Tickets aval ab.le for Lake Routo, including  Meals and Jiorths on lake steamer*  Through rates quoted to any station in Ontario, Quebec, or. Maritime Provinces on application.  Full particulars ou  application to local agents or write. '  J. Attwood, Agent, Moyie.  J. 8 CARTER, E. J. COYLK,  Dist, fuss. Agt Aas't Gonl. rasa, Agt  i.v.,,i VancouY55)5-.  Moyie B  As made by tho present brewer is  admittedly   the  Best Beer in East Kootenay. With tho Best Malt and  tbe Turest Spring Water it is unexcelled for quality.  Insist on havJDg Moyie Beer,  Bottled and Draft Beer.  JULIUS MUELLER, Proprietor,  MOYIE, B. O,  0. F. DESAULNIER  DEAIER IK  PROMPT DELIVERY.  Queens' Ave.     MOYIE  " E4- GWYNNE  Cigars,        Tobaccp,        ' Cpnfolionery  ~~   Fruits, Elc  FARRELL BLOCK",  ���THE  I  DESAUL-UEIt BROS,   Props.  Lari-e sample room in connection  with house for commercial men. Best  of accommodations.  Headquarters  for   Com-r  mercial and MiningMen.  . Queens avenue,        movie, b. o  STOP AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  WHEN IN  CBANBI^E  B. H.~ SMA^L, Manager.  Good rooms, good tables and bar  and  first class sample xootbb.  Wm. Jewell  Express and General Delivery Business. Livery and  Feed Stable.  Leave Orders at  Gwynno's Store.  MOYIE British ColumLu^,  1


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