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The Moyie Leader Apr 20, 1907

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Array -V™
«*•: )r» j>|
,''' " -   '«      . * .   V       „    ; -l'V'     ,>i ,'tr't'   *     J v-Xi*
J ■'''.     '  V .   t '  J5iC'i»*-r
- i i    \  . ."- 5   !»-M'<*-..«     r-
•whIsn you "want-a< -
SEE   ,     *     .  ,
W.H.WILSON, Jeweler,
7 'swmk'- yotjVyr.Jfrk i*7tiii-\^4#j
-'■"--   "       '? WABLE-. 17. J   '   .5--'-*'*Y^i
VOL. 10, NO 2.
MOYIE, B. C  APRIL 30, 1907,
, , »   -  - - - - , ., ' ' r-7; —       ■  — )■  _  .;    --     --^^l
^^——————————————! 1 t~-*- -~- '- <l
HATS for the Ladies,
HATS for the Gentlemen*
HATS for the Girls,. .. ";'*-.'-.'-.:.",
HATS for the Boys,    y   _    ;/
Never before has tfte people of Moyie hfld
such a stock of Hats to choose from, all,
the newest and latest styles" in straw f01*
Ladies, Masses and Girls.   Prices range
from 25 cents to $2.50/ , ;    *"
Our spring stock of the celebrated ,VPITT
-. HAT" has arrived. See our show window,
TbeC. P.R. Is Tak-
ing a Hand.
Will Be Held at Fernie to Try
and Arrange For a Settle-..
- ment.    -
are today the best 3tocks to invest in. " :
International Coal & Coke,-f .     -'        'AltartaGoal & Coke,'
Nicola Coal Jk Coke/ ' y"   . B. 0. An*ialgan»ated.<
-'■7-i   --'.  .    '■     ■ Wire or .Write. \ . '     f '-
Beale &
MO'^-'B.-t |
Percy £/arge has gone to Med-
ford, Oregon."   . '"-' '7
•   6us  Holm  is again   working
in C. A.' Foota'a tailor shop,   "
, -.Wm, Jewell was Jn Craubrook
Jaat Saturday. "
Patrick Keany is out to Spokane
on a visit with two of his daughters who live near that city.
John Taylor has returned from
the Cranbrook hospital and has
almost fully recovered. -'   >-
The Cosmopolitan - hotel was
taken over by H. H. Dimock' and
JackHaggarty Thursday. -
Robt. Campbell*has received a
two horse power gasoline engine
for his launch, tlie "Helen Minto."
The ice on the lake' is .rapidly
breaking up and it will probatily
all be out in three ar four days.
Rev. T. Sowerbutts conducted
the services in the. Methodist
church at Cranbrook,last-Sunday.
Mrs. Whitehead ?and daugter
Clara went out to ~ Spokane this
week over the Spokane International.    Y  _.-*•'■,
A meeting of the Moyie Liberal
Association will be held this evening at the Central-hotel sample
rooms.     "       ■      |.   , -*
There "was a dance at .the Manhattan hotel Monday evening a'nd
another at the Lake Shore hotel
Wednesday evening.,.      ' '" ■"
Pete Besovi is udw a shiftboss
at.the Lake   Shore workings   of
Declared by the CM.
and "S, CO.
This  Ii the   Sixth; Quarterly
Dividend   Since,  the
The coal miners' strike is still
in progress,,arid the prospects of
an early settlement are not at all
bright. Yesterday the C." P. R.
sent''notifications to the various
smelters and mines m the Koote-
nay that no further ore shipments
could be accepted until the railway had a visible supply of coal
on hand.- Only perishable freight
is being accepted. At Fernie the
0. P. R.'has told the miners they
cannot pull an engine after 10
days and want „to know if-the
miners have a full supply of grub
to last. Manager, Lindsey has
left Toronto for h6me.
" It is reported that it is the C. P.
R; that is making the most vigorous efforts to settle the difficulty
between the mine operators and'the mine, - and ^.-.occupying the
men."  Realizing that a close down'position until' recently filled by
-'"**'■!- m +
Something that you aU want,
I have a nice assortment in White, also
areenVirginiaV V 'yy' '-" y
-  7 i '■'"       • Coyne and see"•-:* -"!< y' ■
*'-*'*. -i      ""*■',■-    ^ i      _*"'•■     ,    -    -T "t^t&eK
v     .. .   Yr-_AT_" ' *'   '      " '
-k  .-.-»..,_..■ ».-« .-- -_   r. ■ »■ •**■•*• -,- ■       ,--...- ,   >.      j *
■^. .-""**■- '• **"     ' *     - -x   1 t
-:"'     fMOYIE'S   LEADING   HOTEL. * 'ft
The best of accommodations
.for t}ie^Traveling Public.
j '    -    ~ *
Large and Commodioiu Sample Rooms. -        ' Milliard Rooms,
■ -^   i   ' "*
..'    -*:mgtavi9h.&:oame^
,»jr»^**H«-x}r WJWWW W & WW Hrj*I""5'5,>5r2vs '8rz{3> WW WWWW 1
of the mines would have .a most
disastrous result' oa, their road,
they .will not tolerate any interruption as far as their mines are
'-Vice President Lewis of the
union is expected from Indianapolis shortly and -ft"-°eottference~"'has
been arranged for Tuesday, April
23, in Fernie- between him, with
the district officers, and the representatives^ the companies. It
is hoped that some arrangement
may be agreed to then.   '
At Moyie the St. Eugene is
punning without - interruption.
R. |H.* Stewart, general superintendent of the company, informed
the Leader yesterday that there
were no immediate. prospects "of
the mine having to .close down.
They have coal enough on hand
for nearly two months and they
have a good supply of water for
running the mill. Arrangements
maybe made for storing .the coh-
ceiitrates if the railway refuses
to h»y.ii them t'Q-the smelter. _^
International Hotel Sale.
StenifeM's Underwear
* - -...    *, ... -
*-.is known fronrcoast-tO'Ooast as the best manufac-
.. ---t'ured Qti:the continent, -Every suit guaranteed
;    nei-fectly unshrinkable, -'-
We have'it in suits |i?om $3.50 to $6.00 pep suit,
The International - hotel in
Moyie was sold at auction at W.
F. Gurd's office in Cranbrook this
morning at 10 o'clock. C. J. Armstrong and B. J. Riley were the
purchasers and the price paid
was $3,800	
Pire Hall Concert.
 '' , i.'ii n i
>P»yWil l
wwwrwww W'
•^jjg, ■wWWW.nr^^rrWW'W.W^WWW?ve.-
'    Imperial Bank of Canada,
Deposits of $1.00'or upwards received,   i, ;-
\" -, .  y"*' T^eia no, bettor 'investment, than a Sayings.
" - Y   '     Bank deposit.^       j- J      ,'   --  ■     ■ "'^'
'■-- Once opened it grows whether added to or   not.
Interest allowed at current  rates  and  coin-
'*'" poncded twice a year.* -;
r:'. ^   J. F, M; PINKHAM, .Manager.
"•tfttjftejfe-tftr :&t ttV t8r xkr&sii^ *xr rir y£r •& i
A high class performance by
local talent will be the attraction
at Morley hall on the- evening of
Wednesday, May 1st. The minstrel show will probably last 45
msnutes, After which will follow a
yarled program of song«, recitations, etc. A meeting of the program committee will be held next
Monday evening.
Good Ad for Moyie.
Dr. Harvie has had some choice
views of Moyie made up in the
form ot a souvenir letter cards
and now has them on sale. The
views are well selected and will
give the outsider a good idea of
Moyie's scenic grandeur. They
will prove a goqd advertisement
for the town.
G. B. Brown,
The new motorand generator for
the St. Eugene arrived this week.
The motor'will J& used on the
tram line between 'the shaf thquse
and mill, '" '-''7
- JK. J)._ Stinson ^d-YMrife* have
taken a lease :on-the 'Lake Shore
Hotel .on'South' Victoria street,
»nd are now conducting it as a
lodging house.,
Chas.- Armstrong ia back from
Vancouver. He did not go to
Prince Rupert, as he had planned,
on account of the unsettled conditions there.   •
Moyie Odd Fallows will pajr. the
Cranbrook lodge an official visit
on Monday evening, • April 29th,
and will confer -the work in the
second degree.
Constable Morris of Cranbrook
was in town Wednesday arranging for the sheriff's sale, which
will take place at the International hotel nest Tuesday.
 TfXT-*I      QmS-M*       C\      Ranman    n.nr1
   »V OI*-rWUIl«U--"**•   -immtmximmimJmmmnmM — »••«.
Wm. Bremner left for Calgary
this week. Smith and Henman
intend going on their' homesteads
near Trochu Valley, Alberta.
Jf S: MacEachern, J. *W. Pitch
and J. E. Crowe have been planting trees'around their places during the past week, There should
be more of this done in Moyie.
Let the good work go on.
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian church will hold their second Ten Cent Tea at the home of
Mrs. Alex MacFarlane on Tuesday,
April 23rd, to bagin > at 2 p. m.
Everybody invited to attend.
Wm. Irvine, grand chancellor
commander of the Knights- of
Pythias for the domain of British
Columbia, will pay the Moyie
lodge an official visit next Thursday evening, April 25th, A full
attendance of the members is
The usual quarterly dividend of
2r\ per cent on the capital stock of
the Consolidated Mining 6z Smelting Company of Canada, Ltd.,
was declared on Friday, to be payable to shareholders registered on
April 22, on which date the .books
of the company, will close. This'
is the sixth quarterly dividend
paid since1 the consolidation.'was(
effected. The dividend amounts
to the comfortable sum of $120,000,
and the aggregate of all of the six
dividends isVover $700,000. This
is a remarkable good showing and
reflects high credit on the able
manner in which the .large and
varied interests" of the company
are . looked after. -. The . several
mines of the company are gradually getting in better' condition
for an increase d output, the smelter: and 'refinery can handle a
larger tonnage than ever, and the
outlook for an improvement in the
output of ore"and an increase in
the dividends is very bright.
• * .-,  ,/--'--     .    •-'   ' -■'''
' 1"t ■ is about here.-■ ,, \;
,:i.  -> j* -qow ready.'"[ <\"
"I with a larg'e.range of;."*
'• beautiful  and* artistic
patterns, all 1907:design£.
1 .  J\ '* ^    '     l      " - Y f     ^ .
* /" - Come', and, 190k   oyer our book of samples,', and-7 /
- you'Will-find that.yo'u can solect a' paper suitable,-*
for any room in.your li'ouse at.almost any^price.- --"-
' •" We also have a full stock of Rea "y Mixed Pairiitsiy
5Oils^Brssties^and everything necessary forreri'b'vat-./,
■>i, ■       ■    -* l j       Y '**   ' ~ i ■»'." "' - - '***■>».$' ■"*»
ingyourjhouse,-      7 " *  -*v:  :i..&~:'i**y >> >'••
^      V * _ ■** .""■ ii''l55L-*.r-J.1'
T*   /- ,,» j. --•■11*-.-.. -. ' ^
•* ' ' 'J iff- l y      ^ A e ^i      '   ' 1*^-
MacEachern &v^cdonaldf^;|
., ;■*■,-*■:■
-s    ^V_* . I-    I
■'   sv'7 I
77 m
'-   ""  K.-1
Work on Half -Moon.
Wood'is selling at $0 a cord
Winnipeg.' •
The tunnel on the Half Moon
claim is now in a distance,-"of-50
feet and .*i the \ sowners '. have
every reason' for believing they
are on the north vein 'of the ' St.'
Eugene.' There is a well defined
ledge which has a good sprinkling
of galena. Three different assays
have given very satisfactory results. J. P. Farrell and two Moyie
men who are interested with him
intend going ahead' with further
work with as much speed as possible.",'    -^	
Moore Concert Company.;
-•w-J   .
.   There   is    one
among women to eight men.
Close to 800 men are now em
ployed in the mines of Phoenix
i, j ■
W. A. Galliher, M. P. for KoOf
tenay was married in Buffalo on
Wednesday. Mr. Galliher and
his bride are taking a trip to
Aid. Sam Green has been elected mayor of Kaslo by acclamation for the unexpired term of the
late mayor, C. W. McAnn.
The Moore Concert "company,
which will play in "Eagle hall tonight and Monday night, comes
with an excellent reputation and
no doubt the people will be given
the full worth of their money.
Tickets and reserved seats can be
procured at the Moyie Drug &
Stationery Store.
Repairing the Farrell Block.
To Suppress Gambling.
'4 -*: H
I --v
'- ,1"**
, 31
TIia mtmrinntnt
ivi*ix till     iruiarot    nt
o-—"——~-»o" ——
the Knights of Pythias will meet
in convention at Nelson this year
on M-ty 8th, 9th and 10th.
The La Plata mill is now treating 900 tons of ore d<tily, and will
be able to keep this up until the
low water season again occurs.
Stanford White's modern paintings were sold at his late residence
in New York for $20,27?. The
sale was conducted by the American Art association.
From May 1st the shovelers,
carmen, ore sorters, and surface
men employed at the mines of the
Rossland camp are to receive $3
per day, instead of $2.75 as heretofore. __^___
Organized labor in Los Angeles
is planning to establish a bank.
It will be financed and operated
wholly by trades unionists. It is
proposed to place the institution
in the new labor temple.
As C. P. R. watch Inspec-    ?* Ba?' fo,,ght 20. Arrq"na8
...        ,     with Tim Hurley over at Mullan,
tors we are in a position to'Idahola8t Tueaday ni>?ht>   Bur.
repair your watch thoroughly | iey seemed to h«*.ve the best of the
so as tQ make it a reliable j fight from start to finish and hit
time  keeper.     We guarantee Hurley at will, while  the  latter
satisfaction.     --."•.
Chas. Farrell is repairing the
Farrell block which was gutted by
fire last winter. The building will
be fixed up about as before and
will be ready to occupy in a month
or six weeks. The insurance companies have made a satisfactoiy
settlement for the damage by fire.
The following was handed thJ« "/--^jsa I
week,to the^Laader ;for.",'publica-.77fiL0&
tion:   v     '" ;.-:>*"*--i-*i":.^'''-; ~y-x^ **
A well attended -"and, represent,
."-. <.    => .',"-*,' -        '.1
tative meeting was held ''iu Me. '
-1.   .. i r ■•,  ■- -
Gregor hall Wednesday, night to
take under discussion the-matter
of suppressing the gambling evil, ,-
now existing in Moyie: .. *Tho3.' F4."
Kelly,was unanimously voted,to..]
the chair.    He briefly "stated* the '
object the meeting was called-for
and invited'expressions^ opinion/
from those present.   The * follow--
ing gentlemen -took - -part" in  tbe'"
discussion that - followed: v. Cha*.
A. MaeKay, Geo. Edwards",.-Rev.
G.H.Findlay,"P. 'Besovi;? AlvidQ,=
Brydle, D. Macdonald, J. A. Macdonald, James Roberti, J.,H. A'ex-
ander and others.   The concensus-
of opinion was that some active
steps should be taken at once to.
suppress all gambling in the city,
and the following committee waa
appointed to see  that the  anti- *
gambling law of this province be
enforced, and also to draw up and
circulate a petition for signatures
of those in  sympathy with the
movement: Chas. MaeKay, Thos.
E- Kelly, Alvide Brydle, Geo. Edwards, Jas.   A.   Macdonald.   Rev.
Mr. Findlay and Jas, Roberts.
mSm^mLmf      tM^4*m.1-mmm.
and <uajse
'   Mr. E.A.
agent.    r<-.  .
Hill  of. Moyie i« our
3. C
Jewelers and Graduate Opticians.
^   cranbeook;b. 0. -.
:*:•*."-..■,   . • .-,*     -
QtflciaLWatch Inspec»or>r C. P. R
Crow's Nest Pasi Pivisivn.
swung wildly and failed to connect. The fight was declared a
draw. - -'	
■y-'-'"*   *    Whooping   Cough.
I have used Chainherlain's Cough
Remedy in my family in cases of
whooping cough, anil want to tell you
it is tbe bent medioine , I have ever
used.—W. " P.t Gastow, I'osco, Oa.
This remedy is safe - anil sure. For
sa-e by the Moyio Dj ug & Stationery
Co. "v
are light, sweet and wholesome,
while others are sour, heavy,
bitter, unpalatable* The same
flour, butter, eggs and sugar are
used; what makes the difference?
It's all im the Baking powefe*
can be depended upon always to make the food light,
sweet, delicious and wholesome. This is because it
is scientifically and accurately combined and contains
the purest grape cream of tartar, which is the most
healthful of all fruit acids, used for a hundred year*
in the finest leavening preparations.
Stay only baking powde? whose label
shows It to be made with cream of Urta-r,
Note. — There are many alleged cream oi
tartar baking powders upon the market
sold at lower prices, which prove, upon
analysis, to be alum powders in disguue.
They will not wake wholesome food,
....... » -4 — •'*■
«    V -.- !•- THE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  PEN-ANGLE  Graustark!  I1'.1 *>���������>.  ���t"X-S'A.'*9S����<M  *^LiLr*^5  (Ooutiuued From Last Week.)  -.     ���     COAPTEB XIV. ��� ���  mHAT ..same afternoon Baldos,  blissfully, ignorant of the stir  he had created in "certain circles, rode out for the first time  :-*as,a member, of the castle guard. He  ; and Haddan were detailed by* Colonel  "Quinnox ;to" act as private escort to  '-'Miss Calhoun until otherwise ordered.  -,'If Haddan thought himself wiser than  officers, leaving Beverly alone with the  host Servants came in, to clear the  tables, but the' count harshly ordered  them to wait until the guests bad departed.  "It is the dearest thing I have seen,"  said Beverly, holding a rare old candlestick at arm's length and looking at it  in as many ways as tbe wrist could  turn. Her loose sleeves ended just below the elbows. The count's eyes followed the graceful curves of her white  ,-Baldos In knowing that their charge. forearm wltn an eagerness that was  was not'the princess he was very much  . - mistaken.   If he enjoyed the trick that  was being played on bis fellow guards  annoying.  "I  prize lt  more dearly  than  any  other piece in my collection," he said.  man  his enjoyment was as nothing 1 ,.lt cflme fr(jm Rome   It has a Listory  when compared to the pleasure Baldos - wh,eh j sha��� tfy tQ te��� you some*day  was deriving from the situation.  The royal victoria was driven to the  fortress, conveying the supposed princess and the Countess Dagmar to the  home of Count Marlanx. The two  guards rode bravely behind the equipage, resplendent in brilliant new uniforms. Baldos was mildly surprised  and puzzled by the homage paid the  young American girl. It struck him as  ' preposterous that tlie entire population  ' of Edelweiss" could be in the game to  deceive him. , -    /,  "Who is the princess' companion?"  he inquired of Haddan as they left the  castle grounds.  "The Countess Dagmar, cousin to her  highness. She is the wife of Mr. Anguish.", .'-       3        '       ,  '���'I have seen her before," said Baldos.  .. a strange smile on his face.  ��� The Countess Dagmar found it-difficult at first to meet the eye of the new  guard,,,but  he, was  so.��� punctiliously  oblivious that her courage was restored.  She even went so far as to whisper in  Beverly's ear that he. did not remember  her face and probably .would not recognize Yetive as one of the eavesdroppers.   The princess had flatly refused  to accompany them on the visit to the  fortress because of Baldos.- Struck'by  ;a,sudden impulse, Beverly railed Baldos to the side of the vehicle.  ��� "Baldos, you behaved very nicely yos-  .terday  in  exposing  the  duplicity  of  those young women." she pnia.  "-l/amftappy'to'-Tiave pleased your  highness," be said steadily.  "It may Interest you to know, that  ' they ceased to be ladies in.waiting after that exposure."      , '  "Yes, your highness, lt certainly ls in-'  ��� teresting," he said as he fell back into  position beside Haddan. , During the  "remainder of the ride he caught him-.  ��� gelf time after time gazing reflectively  at the back of her. proud little head,  .possessed of an almost uncontrollable  desire to touch the soft brown hair.  Y'Yqu can't fool that excellent young  man much longer, my dear," said the  countess, recalling the look in his dark  eyes: The same thought had been afflicting Beverly .with its probabilities  for twenty-four hours and more.  Count Marlanx welcomed his visitor*  with a graciousuess that awoke won-  , der in the minds of his - staff. His  marked preference for the American  "girl 'did not escape attention."  Some of  ' 'the bolder young officers indulged in  'surreptitious grimaces,-and"all looked  , with i more or less compassion upon the  _happy faced beauty from over the sea.  Marlanx surveyed Baldos steadily'and  " coldly, deep disapproval in his sinister  eyes. He had ��� not' forgotten the" encounter of the 'day .before." . ���> ���  ' "I see the favorite Is on guard," he  said blandly. - "Has he told you of the  lesson' in, manners he enjoyed last  night?" He was leading his guests toward the quarters,' Baldos and Haddan  - following.   The new guard could not'  -help-hearing-the-sarcastlc-rcmark  "You didn't have him beaten?" cried  Beverly, stopping short  "No, but I Imagine it would have  been preferable. I talked with him ior  half 'an hour," said the -general; laugh-  ilug significantly;     :.  When the party stopped at the drink-  '���Ing fountain In the" center of the fort  Baldos halted near by. His face was  as impassive as marble, his eyes set  straight before him, his figure erect  and soldierly. An*'occasional sarcastic remark by the Iron Coiint, meant  for his ears, made^no impression upon'  the deadly composure of the new guard  who had had his lesson. Miss Calhoun was conscious ofa vague feeling  that she had served Baldos anill turn  when she put him into this position.  The count provided a light luncheon  In his quarters aflor the. ladles had  gone over the fortress. Beverly Calhoun, will) all of a woman's indifference to things material, could not but  see how poorly equipped the fort was  as compared to the ones she had seen  lu the United States. - She and the  countess visited the armory, the arsenal and the repair shops before  luncheon, reserving the pleasures of  the clubhouse, the * officers' quarters'  ' and the parade ground until afterward.  Count Marlanx's home was in the,  southeast corner of the inclosure' near  the gates. Several of the officers lunched with him and the young - ladles.  Marlanx was assiduous in his attention to Beverly Calhoun, so much so,  in fact, that the countess teased her,  afterward about her conquest of tho  old and well worn heart Beverly  thought him extremely silly and sentimental, much preferring him in the  character of the harsh, implacable martinet.  At regular Intervals she saw the  straight, martial form of Baldos pass  the window near which she sat. He  was patrolling the narrow piazza  which fronted the house. Toward the  close of the rather trying luncheon she  was almost unable to control the impulse to rush out and compel him to  relax that imposing, machine-like  stride. She hungered for a few minutes of the old time freedom with blm.  The Iron Count was showing her  some rare antique bronzes he had collected In the south. The luncheon was  over, and the countess had strolled off  toward JJichagtiaos with the .young  and which-makes it almost Invaluable.  A German nobleman offered - me a  small fortune if I would part with it."  "And you wouldn't sell it?"   '  "1 was saving it for an occasion,  your highness," he said, his steely eyes ���  glittering. "The glad hour has come  when I can part with it for a recompense far. greater than the-.baron's  gold."  "Oh, isn't it lucky you kept it?" she  cried. Then she turned her eyes away  quickly, for his gaze seemed "greedily  endeavoring to pierce through the lace  insertion covering her neck ancTBhoul-  ders. Outside the window the steady  tramp of the tall guard went' on monotonously.   - - ; ^  "The recompense of a sweet smile, a  tender blush and the unguarded  thanks of-a-pretty.woman. The can-,  dlestlck Is yours, Miss Calhoun���if you  will repay me for my sacrifice by accepting it without reservation."  Slowly Beverly Calhoun set the candlestick down upon the table, her eyes  meeting bis with steady disdainr  "What a. rare old jester you are.  Count Marlanx," she said without a  smile. "If I thought you were in earnest I should scream with laughter.  May I suggest that we join the countess? We must hurry along, you know.  She and I have promised to play tennis  with the princess at 3 o'clock." The  count's glare of disappointment lasted  but a moment The diplomacy of egotism came to his relief, and he held  uacK tbe gift for another day, but not  for another woman.  " "It grieves me to have you hurry  away.. My afternoon is .to be a dull  one unless you permit me to watch the  tenuis game," he said.  ."I thought-you were interested only-  In the game of war," she' said pointedly.  .. "I stand in greater awe of a tennis  ball than I do of.a "cannon ball, if it is  sent by such an arm as yours," and  he- not only laid his eyes, but his hand,  upon her bare arm. She started as "if  something had stung her, and a cold  shiver raced over her'warm flesh. His  eyes for the moment held her spellbound. He was drawing ,the hand to  his lips when a shadow darkened the  Freuch window, and a saber rattled  warningly. "  Count Marlanx looked up instantly,  a_ scowl on his face. Baldos stood at  the window in an attitude of alert attention. Beverly drew her arm away  spasmodically5 and took a step toward  "the window. The guard saw by her  eyes that she was frightened; "but, if  his heart beat violently, his face was  the picture of military stoniness.  " "What are you doing there?" snarled  the count.5 . ,  "Did your highness call?" asked Baldos coolly.  "She did not call, fellow!" said the  count, with deadly menace in his voice.5  "Report^to-m"e"in~hair-an*~hourr-You"  still have something to learn, I see."  Beverly was alarmed by the threat in  his tones. She saw what was in store  for Baldos, for she knew: quite as well  as Marlanx that,ther'guard had deliberately intervened;in her behalf. - .  . ,..^He cannot come in half an hourT'  she cried quickly.' "i'ha've something  for him to do, Count Marlanx. Besides,  I_-.think*I did call." Both men stared  at her.   '     ,   :~.~._   ���*���?>._ ���   ���*  .."My ears are excellent*' said Marlanx stiffly: Y '.'���;���, .'.   .:.-  "I fancy Baldos' must be even better,  for he heard me," said Beverly, herself''  once more. The shadow of a smile  crossed the face of the guard.  ��� "He is impertinent, insolent, your  highness. You will report to me tomorrow, sir, at Oo'clock in Colonel Quin-  nox's quarters. Now, go!" commanded  "the count  "Walt a minute, Baldos. We are going out too. Will you open that window for me?" Baldos gladly took it as  a command "and threw open the long  French window. She gave him a grateful glance ns she stepped through, and  he could scarcely conceal the gleam of  joy that shot into his 'own eyes. The  dark scowl on the count's face made  absolutely no impression upon him. He  closed the window and followed ten  paces behind the couple.  "Your guard is a priceless treasure,"  said the count grimly.'  "That's what you said about the candlestick," said she' sweetly.  She was disturbed by his threat to  reprimand Baldos. For some time her  mind had been struggling with what  the count had said about "the lesson."  It grew upon her that her friend had  been bullied and humiliated, perhaps  ln the presence of spectators. Resentment fired her curiosity into action.  While the general was explaining one  of the new gun carriages to the countess Beverly walked deliberately over to  where Baldos was standing. Haddan's  knowledge of English was exceedingly  limited, and he could understand but  little of the rapid conversation. Standing squarely in front of Baldos, she  questioned him in low tones.  "What did he mean when he said he  had given you a lesson?" she demanded.   His eyes gleamed merrily.  "He meant to alarm your highness."  "Didn't he. give you a talking to?"   .  Trade r[an(  In a variety of ��tyle��,  fabrics and prices, for  women, men and  children. Form-fitted.  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And her eyes were  gleaming dangerously. Then she rejoined the group, the members of  which had been watching her curiously.* "Count Marlanx," she said, with  entrancing dimples, "will you report  to me at 9 tomorrow morning?"  "I * have an appointment," he said  slowly, but with understanding.  "But you will break it, I am sure,"  she asserted confidently. "I want to  give you a lesson in���in lawn tennis."  Later on, when the victoria was-well  away from the fort, Dagmar took her  companion to taSk for holding in public friendly discourse with a member  of the guard, whoever he might be..  "It is altogether contrary to custom  and'.'��� But Beverly put her hand over  the critical lips and smiled like a  guilty child.  "Now, don't scold," she pleaded, and  the countess, could go no further,  i lu be Continuod.j  ANIMAL  EPICURES.  The Crab Eating Raccoon and Pecul-'*  , iar Crustacean Taste.  What made the crab eating raccoon  first take to his queer diet? The  question ls suggested by a specimen of  this strange animal'which has arrived  at the menagerie and will be happy to  oblige any generous visitor with sin'  illustration of the' quickest-way to kill,  unshell and swallow a crustacean without artificial assistance of any kind.  Doubtless the peculiarity originated in  the shore frequenting habits of the  species, and," being a' delicate feeder,  the succulence of the crab, once cracked, was an obvious.inducement to renew his acquaintance on every possible occasion. Originally probably a  fruit eater, the raccoon is inquisitive  and dainty, both strong'incentives to  experiments In diet. When an individual sees a small object he does not  understand, . his actions fall under  three headings: He" first puts the  article to close scrutiny; Loth with his  eyes and that supercilious upturned  nose of his; then he takes it away and  .washes it���a' very characteristic action  of this water loving animal���and finally, puts it to the grand test of eatable-  uess or otherwise. If It appears un-  . palatable, he gives it to his wife.- In  this way it is easy to imagine how the  creek loving' coon, wearying of too  ���much fruit,, made his first .crab supper  and, though he .has never been able to  add a 'squeeze' of lemon !or brown  bread and butter to the repast has become'a confirmed lovei, of Crustacea  ever since. . AU creatures make experiments of the sort and occasionally car-  jrx_thejn_qnjuntll they_Vecorne_n_flxed.  habit, and their ir\6\e structure is  modified in accordance. 'Nature, for  instance,-never intended the osprey to  live on fish. _It was th'e temptation of  an^old world trout In difficulties in  'the Ghailows that first 'led the great  -hnwk astray. " Some small ��� Brazilian  monkeys, again, live almost exclusively oa birds' eggs, an Australian parrot  has given jip a proper vegetarian diet  for an exclusive regimen of mutton,  and many other instances of the same  unorthodox appetites * might be cited.  ���London-Globe.  POINTED  PARAGRAPHS.  A good many loafers imagine they  are philosophers. i  You are very fond of your opinions  Let other men enjoy theirs.  Parents will say their children are  bad, but won't stand it from others.  Enthusiasm Is all right provided you  uon't meet a man who is full of it  when you are busiest  The average man has more respect  for a thief than a deadbeat And  thieves are not held in high esteem.  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CRYING   BABIES  Babies do not cry for the fun of it,  nor is it always because they are  hungry, as so many young mothert  ���think. Nine times out of ten baby'*-  cry indlc.ytes that his little stomach  is out.of order. Mothers will fine  instant relief for their suffering little  ones in Baby's Own Tablets. A few  doses will cure the..most obstlnati  cases of constipation, "Indigestion 01  vomiting, and a Tabjet given now  and thon to tlie well child will keej  lt well. Mrs. Mary Pollock, Gawas  Ont., says: "Baby's Own Tablets  have been a great benefit to my bab.y  -They have made him happy,- peacefu  nnd contented, when before he _uset  to cry all the time. I have more comfort with klmn since giving him tht  Tablets than I ever had before. Hi  now sits and plays and laughs"while  I do piy work. ' What greater praisi  can I give Baby's Own Tablets." For  salo at druggists or by mail at 2!  cents a box from The Dr. William.  Medicine Co.,' Brockville," Ont'  In the Ryland's hbiaiy,* MancheStei  theie is the table used by Queer  Elizabeth from which the late Mr  Gladstone used tp read the lessons ii  Ha\Varden  church".  State ef Ohio, City *6f Toledo,   --"���   Lucas County,  Frank 3. Cheney makes oatA tfrat he  Is senior partner of the Arm of F. J.  Cheney & Co.. dotag business 1ft the city  of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,  and. that said --Arm will pay tbe sura of  ONI* HUNDRED DOLUAJ*tStfor each and  every case of Catarrh. Riot cannot be  cuied by the use of Hall's Catirrh Cure.  FRANK J.  CHENIEY.  Sworn to before me and subscribed In  mv prmpneo thla 6th day of December,  A   D   1&6. A. W.  GLEAaON,  (Seal.) ' Notary  Public  Hall s Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally  and acts directly on the bloed and muo-  oos surfaces of the BfsteA. 8end for  testimonials free. >  F 3 CHENttT  ft CO., Toledo.  O.  Sold  bv  aU   Druggists.  7*>c  Take Hall's Family Pllla for constipation  Lawscn���Is   he  rich! -��� .  DaWson ��� Fabulously. Why, he  stayed three days once^ at* a Floridi  hotel.���Somerville Journal.  Pale, ^sickly children should usr  Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator  Worms are one of the principal caust!  of suffering in children and should b-  expelled from.the.system. ,.   /  _* t  - -*  ARTIFICIAL NUTMEGS  Artificial 'nutmegs  are  made  in  Bel  gium in so clever'a manner'that the  can hardly be distinguished from' ger  uine ones, especially if mixed with tlv  latter.-   A chemical analysis has showi*  them to consist of a mixture of finely  powdered   nutmeg   (from   extiacted, oi  injured  kernels) and ahput'20 per 06^'*  of   mineral   substances. * The   followinp  means  of  detection ,are  recommended  ���When  the kernels   are   cut. the wel <  known   plantlike   structure   so   charac  teristic  in  genuine'nutmeg  is  absent  if the kernels *"are_ treated for three" oi  foJr   minutes  with  hniliner  w��tn-  th- -  , becoma. soft, and can be rubbed,, ui>  into a powder with the fingers; on be  in? burned they leave about 18 pel  cent of ashes, while ^true nutmeg con  tains only 2 to 3 per'cent; the imita  tation nuts aie generally much' heavie.  ; than 4he genuine - article.  STEAMSHIP ENGINES/  A Thousand Top. of Coal Daily Feed  the 192 Furnaces.  One of the most impressive manifestations ,of the power of the modern  steam engine is the sight of.an up to  date freight locomotive starting a train  of fcrty or fifty cars ,and gathering  way until the whole mass is thundering over the rails,at,a speed of twenty-  five or thirty miles an hour. When wo  attempt by our unaided strength.to  move "a heavy piece of furniture, we  understand' very well what Is nieant  by mass-and'inertia. To move a single  loaded,-freight car on the level by human power it is necessary to crowd  around lt as many men as'can lay their  _ bands or shoulders against it ln a united propulsive effort And hence when  we see not one, but forty or fifty loaded cars, started from rest and swung  Into their full stride by a" single locomotive, the latter becomes symbolical-  ln the popular mind of majestic power.  It Is for this reason "that to represent  the horsepower,'*which5"'will be neces-  ��� sary-to drive the new Cunard liners at  twenty-four and one-fourth knots an  hour we-have taken,the average sized  freight-locomotive !as our unit of comparison. The least amount of power  which the designers of��� the Lusitanla  and Mauretanla found would be necessary to drive these,ships at their contract speed was 68,000 horsepower.  Now, the .horsepower of the average  freight locomotive "is about 2,100, and  'consequently the total thrust 'on the  four propellers of each of these ships  will be equal to-the total pull exerted  by thirty-two modern American freight  engines. One of "these"'"locomotives  could" haul-on* the* level a train of fifty  _cars, whose total le-ngtb-would be just  a third of a mileu Consequently --me  whole 68,000 power, of "the Cunarder  expressed-ln terms-of locomotive work  would be sufficient to haul, a train of  1,600 cars, whose total length would be  over five miles. *". VJ s -   '"  To develop a" "minimum of 68,000  horsepower and a maximum tbat will  possibly run up tot 75,000 or 80,000  horsepower calls for<a boiler and engine plant of truly titanic proportions.  Steam will be supplied by twenty-five  cylindrical boilers, of which twenty-  three are double ended and two single  effded, the former being seventeen feet  "three inches In'diameter and twenty-  one feet long. The coal will be burned  ln these'boilers on 192 furnaces, the  total area of whose grates would be-  represented by a square measuring  sixty-four feet on each side, containing about 4,000 square feet of surface^  Night and day an army of several hundred firemen will be continuously shoveling >coal 'Into these.furnaces, where  lt will be burned at the rate of about  1,000 tons every twenty-four hours,  and to insure'that the coal; is burned,  at a?fierce white heat the air will be  forced through the grates continuously  by means of.powerful.electrically driven fans, the rush ot air being also assisted by the four great smokestacks,  through which the products of combustion, will be discharged high up In the  air" at about 150v feet'above the level  'of the grate bass.���Scientific American.  Four banks in Brussels, Belgium,  have gone to the wall, and theie is a  panic on the bourse.  rvr..t  witnoatr~~  Alcohol  A Strong Tonic        Without Alcohol  A Body Builder        Vithout Alcohol  A Blood Purifier      Without'Ateo-he-I  A Great Alterative    Without Alcohol  A Doctor's Medicine Without Alcohol  Ayer's Sarsaparilla   Without Alcohol  A  We publish sot forma)**  yers  We bulih ���loojaol  J    tram ���ura��Uofl*>*  We urc��� jrpe to  oeBsnM jrbttT  w   noetor.  Ayer's Pills ire liver pills. They act  directly on the live*?,* make more bile  secreted.- Tbis is why they are so valuable in constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia, sick-headache. Ask your doctor  if he knows a better laxative pill.  5      ViiH \>T the J. O. Ar**Oa., I��weU, lfmi,  '"*-? ' Queer Mental Disorder..  | ' A singular mental disorder is" report-  .ed of a patient confined at Bicetre,.  France. ' He professes to remember  nothing except the month and year-in  which he was born. Lest he should  forget the date of each new day he  fills sheet f after sheet, of-paper with  memoranda.*1 It'Is not a case of true  amnesia or loss of memory; otherwise  -he should, be,unable to speak or write.  It Is~.a;/'fixed.ldea"'6f "forgetfulness, a  delusion, not an* Incapacity to remember. It has been argued by some that  all the delusions of the ^nsane are the  result of 'the imagination filling the  gaps which exist in an impaired memory." But this "is the first case which  bas been described -of one idee fixe  d'oubli.  Spokane's Ambition.  Spokane has an honorable- ambition  to be a.state capital.  'To achieve it  ^ Spolcane-would^make 'd-7new-state,-tQ  be called Lincoln. To the 'eastern  counties of Washington it would add  the northeastern counties of Oregon  and the "panhandle" of Idaho.   Such  -would be -the new state. To round  things out-^icely lt would recompense  Idaho with the southeastern counties  of Oregon. What is left of Washington and Oregon it would turn Into a  single" state. Up to the present Spokane only has consented to this remaking of the map.���New York Tribune: -'      "  , - ���.-  COULD NOT SPEAK  ABOVE A WHISPER.  GoBd En tho. Ghost Seemed to be Unmovable  But; Cure was Soon Effected hy  ���       .. * **  Dr-Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine  It is waste of time to use ordinary5  cough mixtures for serious colds, on  the chest, and time is of infinite value when, the) lungs are in  danger.  The risk is too great, especially  when5 'jou wait to 'think ^that Dr.  Chase's Syrup of'Linseed and .Turpentine is for sale in nearly e.very>  store  that^keeps  medicines  at all.  This letter gives you some idea of  the elfectivenesfa of this great medicino.       ' ��� ., ��� '>.'  Mrs. A. Barnum, Ingersoll, Ont.,  writes:���"My husband .had a very  severe cold on his chest and got .so  bad he could not speak above-"'a  whisper. The cough medicines he tried  seemed to have no effect and reading  about Dr. -Chase's Syrup of Linseed  and Turpentine* I sent for a bottle.  In two days he was cured and is very  grateful for such a medicine. He says  we will never be without this rr.idi-  cine  in  the house." .   ,    ���  The very name of Dr." Chase's Syrup of  Linseed    and    Turpentine     is  sufficient-! to -explain the , simple, and  yet powerful and well-known, ingredients of 5whlch this great medicine .is. composed. ���'  While linseed sheathes the mouth,  tongue and throat, with a protective  coating' tb prevent Injury from hard  coughing,,^turpentine-,.disinfects -and  stimulates' the ulcerated parts of the  bronchial tubes and lungs and is*almost specific  for  bronchitis.  Other ingredients which along;with  these go-to'^make up Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine, soothe  the nerves, loosen the cough, aid expectoration,- and" by thorough action  on the whole, system completely cure  coughs and colds, bronchitis, asthma,  whooping  cough  and   sore   throat.  Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and  Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle at all  dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,  Toronto! To protect you against -Imitations, the portrait and signature of  Dr. A. W. Chase, the famdus receipt  book  author,   are  on   every  bottle."  AN EVEN'BREAK  There was once a sporting paison at  Eastington, a - place on -the ' English  cjast which was a favorite landing  tdace for" woodcocks at the time ot  thsir 'mmigration to Eugland. when  the birds arrived, exhausted by their  long flight, eveiybody in the parish,  including the paison, at once turned  out, to join in the sport of -knocking  them down with sticks. One Sunday  the p:ople were in fchurch, and the  parson in the pulpit, when the-church  door was cautiously opened, 'and a  head appeared with a beckoning fin-  eer "Well, what is it?" asked the  parson. S'Cooks ,is coom!" The parson hurriedly shut up his sermon case.  "Shut'the door and lock it," he cried  to the clerk. "Keep the people in  church till I've got my sujrphce off.  Let's all have a fair  chance.  PEEPS INTO  WDMEITS LETTERS  If our readers could spend one morning looking through the letters received from all over Canada by the Aam-  Buk Co., it would bring home to tliem  with Irresistible force the healing virtues of this great household balm. Old  women, young women, wives, mothers  and even young girls have something  to say about how Zam-Buk did this or  that good office in' their home. Many  of these writers give permission to  make extracts from their grateful testimony. Prom -these the following  were taken at random:  ���> "I- wai-3*"troubled- for some weeks  with salt rheum in hands and 'arms  and-was using* a salve which "did me  little good. On receiving a supply of  Zam-Buk I applied it, and it really  seemed to act like>agic! The itching  and burning ceased, and in -a few days  the skin was cleared and healthy." So  writes Miss E. A. Butchard, pf North  Keppel. -       - -..     ���   .  -.-"Three boxes of Zam-Buk cured mc  of Eczema, from which I had suffered  a long time." ' .So says Mrs. Gladden,  of Mansonville, Que. .* ,  "Zam-Buk cured a case of blood  poison in my' family, and I wish to  thank you-" for. th'e great -blessing it  has proved,"*is the effect of a letter  from   Mrs. "Webb,  of- Dovercourt.  And so-one could go on quoting extract after extract, showing how Zam-  Buk''-cures chronic _ sores, ulcers,  abscesses, j - bad leg, itch, and blood  poison; takes the soreness out of cuts  and burns, and giows new, healthy  skin over injured or diseased places.  All stores, a.nd druggists sell at fifty  cents a box, or the Zam-Buk Co.,  Toronto, will mail, for price.  ' f ' K A-REVISED EDITION  t A .small citizen of Springfield, Mass..  says" Lippincott's Magazine, made out  a list of the things he hoped to receive  for his approaching bilthday, and this  is what his fond nirfmma found xe  corded as the < first item of all1:  "Anew" testimunt,   reversed   viiginl"  "HOMES,   HEALTHFUL   AND   BEAU-  ���-. TIFUL" -  /���-  KITCHEN  ECONOMIES.  W&pr*mnt9t3 to Give 3mtfofeetIom*  .i y^flifln y^i!.!  Has Imitators But Kb.foiflptfitors.  A Safe, Speedy and Positive Caro for  Curb, Splint, Sweeny, Capped HoA,  Strained Tendone, tovniti, Wind  , Puffs, and all Uuneneei from Spj-nn,,  Ringbone and other bonV tumaro.  Curei all aUn diaeuei orPoraStei,  Thrush, Diphtheria. Removes aU  Bunchee from Bonca or Cattle.  _A��.a HmnanKemedy--tor fibettmatiim,  b, Sore ThiUat, eto., ltl��lnv��luabli  Submarine Auxiliary.,  When a submarine boat becomes dis-,  abled beneath the surface of the water  and cannot rise, Its crew is in a bad  predicament To remedy the difficulty  an Inventor has contrived an auxiliary  boat to be carried ln tbe submarine  and' to be a part of It practically, until needed. * In time of accident the  crew of ihe incapacitated submarine  would enter the little craft, and when  tho containing chamber -had been  flooded the bolts would be withdrawn  and the vessel with Its human freight  would clear'Itself and* rise to .the surface. , 7-  New York Subway. Mistakes.  "There are four fool things that New  -York has done ln Its subway that arc  big mistakes and the causes.of much  unnecessary delay- In operating the  lines,-- said a man from London when  he made his first trip from the bridgt  to. Harlem In an horn*. "Tho first la  having stations on corves; second, malt-  tag station platforms too short for Increased train lengths; third*, making entrances and exits of ears at the sanM  points," and, fourth and worst of all,  making tracks cross each other ol  Ninety-sixth sto*ee*t*---*Mr York He*  Under the above caption the Alabastine Co., Limited, _ of-" Paris, Ontaiio,  have put'out piobably one of the hand  soinest booklets on home decoration  'ever issued in Canada. While designed  primarily as a catalogue, the book is  handsomely illustrated with numeibus  cuts of the interiors of rooms in col  ors, ��� and, .-as well5 as containing complete,,information on* wall decoration,  is filled" with' many -valuable*- sugges  tioivs, both pictorial and. otherwise, on  tasteful home furnishing. It is a book  which needs only to be seen to be ap  predated.  "Homes, Healthful and Beautiful'  is gotten out in the form of an edition  de luxe,' and is too expensive a book  to distribute promiscuously to every  one who might write for it mi rely oui  of idle cuiiosity. Tlie Alabastine Co.  are therefore making a charge of ten  cents for it, which amount, whiie noi  nearly covering the cost of the book, I5-  intended to discourage those win  would wiite for it merely to giatify an  idle whim.  It is well woith reading. A copy  Will be mailed to any adciiess on re  ceipt of ten cents.  Making a Skirt.  In making skirts be sure to have an  creases pressed out before, arranging  pattern on material. If material bas a  nap, or,- should lt be a large design,"  lay pattern on the one way.* If not, you  may reverse pattern up and down,  which would prevent its matching  when put together. Be sure that the  pattern is arranged in the correct way.  A Substitute For the Fish Kettle .and  Other Makeshifts.  If you havevno fish-kettle tie the  fish ln a piece of coarse muslin before  cooking it, so that' there may be no  delay In" lifting it out when done.  Kub it slightly with vinegar or add a '  little to -the' boiling water, as it whit  ens the fish and makes lt firmer.  Small mustard tins make good spice  boxes if a neat label ls placed-on the  froik of each tin. An earthen pan la  the best .receptacle for keeping bread  freRh, but'if-this cannot be obtained  a large tin with a good lid makes a  capital substitute. '  For the cutter whlcb is-used tot  stamping out rounds of pastry use  lids of tins, tops of tumblers or wineglasses. A good set of weights and  scales should find a place. in every  kitchen. Quantities may sometimes be  guessed pretty accurately, but there  are many things which must be weighed.  A salamander Ib used to Impart a  brown color to.any preparation. The  instrument is madei red hot and held  close to thfe preparation till it la  browned. A fire, shovel made red hot  will-do as well it yon have no tonga  for turning steaks and chops, this can  be done with two spoons.  Every housekeeper knows that by  using a fork the juice runs ont and la  wasted, and the meat,will look white  Inside.*"  ' "  When pinched with the spoons. It  should feel soft; if bard, it is too much  cooked; if spongy, It"Is underdone. A  chair placed upside down on another  chair makes a very good stand for a  "Jelly bag! A* tall mnsic stool is still  better. Cheesecloth folded four times  makes a much better strainer than the  old fashioned flannel bag. Dip lt first  in boiling water and let tbe straining  be done before the fire. If an egg  whisk is not possessed,^ plate and a  long, handled knife .win do as well.  A Government to Kick About.  "We  kick  about  our  own  govern*  ment,"  said  a  reformer,   "and  it .is  doubtless pretty bad, but what would  'we think If it took the taxpayers' money to pay 'every year a pension of $50,~-  000 to the Goulds, another of $75,000 to  the Astors and another still of $25,000  to the Vanderbilts? That Is what goes  on in England.    The English doctor,  .the English druggist, the English carpenter, all sorts of hardworking Englishmen^ are taxed $200 or $300 a year,  and the money goes to pay the hnge  ''pension of some ducal-loafer who is  already too rich. Charles IL, for Instance, 'granted a,n eternal,' pension of  $95,000 a year" to the Dnke of Richmond and Gordon., In all the years  since Charles. II.'s time* that pension  has been paid out of the taxpayers!  pockets'. To this day lt is paid. The  present Duke of Richmond and Gordon  settles for his dinners at the Rltz in  London or_ at. Ciro'sw in Monte Carlo  with money earned by English butch-,  ers, bricklayers and blacksmiths."���Exchange.  '       .    '  The Lion's Mouth.  *The use of the lion's mouth as "the  vent of a fountain is'so common that  it, cannot be regarded as accidental.  As a matter of fact, the custom (like so  many customs���not forgetting the fountain pen) came from Egypt,- which  adopted it because the annual inundation of the Nile takes place when the  sun Is in ,the constellation Leo���the  lion. The allusion Is too obvious to  need pointing out. The , oldest fixed  date (4241 B. C.) can be traced to  ' Egypt, where the calendar; was' introduced In the middle of the forty-third  century.' And the history 'of modern  shipbuilding began ln Egypt, where it  can be traced to about 3000'B. C. The  rnost recent discoveries give to the  land of Egypt a clean' run of about  11.000 years without any admixture'of  foreign races. "Egypt, laud of hidden  mysteries, great mother of science and  art, what thinking mind has not dreamed of thee!"'  Covering Furniture.  An original idea for covering furniture has been tried, and proved successful by a,woman who wished to  have some unsightly chairs in her'furnished fiat improved. She bought a  lot of Roman blankets with wide dark  blue and red stripes and bad an upholsterer cover her sofa and chairs  with them," just as though he were  using tapestry or velours. These looked so well that she has had her bedroom chairs also covered Avith blankets  having alternate pink and floral stripes.  She has had portieres and inside curtains made of blankets matching those  on the chairs, and the effect is really  charming,-"andr-as- the-blankets -are  very cheap, they cost much less than  one would suppose. She says that everything depends* upon the color of the  blankets chosen. Of, course very pronounced stripes would'be ugly- upon  furniture,, but tlie more subdued or  delicate colors give a most satisfactory  appearance to a room.' Here Is an op  portunlty for the amateur upholsterer  to try her hand.  HEALTHFUL  Booauso of its Purity and! Freodoni  From .Coloring Matter;  T    "       * I r  ���* if  5 *.* hi  .'-.til  ' '1* li  I ..  GREEN TEA  / 5-> -   ,. ^      .-'��)*.;r*-iv  Bold only in lealed-lead-paoketi at 40o,  60o and 60a per lb.     At Hi groMW.  .-.V*j-  ' *,*,*.  -ON THE SCRAP HEAP  In an Jjrish court recently an - old  niari'wa'i'called into the* witness box.  and being infirm and ; just a little  blind, he went too far m more than  one sense. Instead of'-keeping up-th5?  stairs that led to the box, he mounted  those, that led to the bench. Said tho  judge*- good ' humoredly.: -    -'  "Is it a judge you want, to be,'my  go6d"man?" r-"'  "���    '���>  .  "Ah,  sure, your honor," was.the reply, "I'm" an ould man now, and mob-  b3 it's 'all I'm5 fit* for."  . The judge had  no ready retort.���Tii'  Bits.  Vlinard's Liniment.Cures Colds, etc.  Husband Would Settle.  Prom India comes a story of the discomfiture of a very-distinguished sol-  'dier. It happened at a big dinner,  where he had taken* In a pretty American globe trotter, who asked him to  pass a dish of almonds and raisins.  "With pleasure," * replied the gallant  son of Mars, "but do you know that  what you have asked for is called in  the vernacular' kissmiss and that the  penalty of a kiss attaches to tbe request?" ~ ,  - "Is that so?" answered the woman  calmly. "I must consult my, husband,"  and she called across the table to him  and told him of tbe request.  "Quite so," he replied, "according to  the custom of the country it is a just  debt and must be paid, but.is tbe gen  era! aware of the arrangement made  when we married that,-1- must settle  ��all my wife's liabilities?"  Submerged Aristocrats.  Some curious letters are quoted by  Mr. Percival Bickerstaffe the pedigree  searcher.^ln an-interview with a representative of the London Tribune. Oiie  runs: -  "I am a plumber and gasfiter out of  work. My stummick is empty, but in  my art is the blud of noble burth. �� ��� ��  I claim the family title and tenements  which I will not be denyed the same."  A city clerk wrote:  "f have long suspected* that I am of  high birth.' People tell me that I have  manners above my station of life. My  photograph herewith shows that I have  an aristocratic cast of face and will  perhaps, be a clew to my ancestry. I  do not ask for fortune, but I aspire to  the pride of race."  Cittiman���Look  here,  sir.  didn't you'  warrant the horse you/sold me y ester  day to be without a fault?  David   Harum���Yc*;   ain't  he?  Cittiman���No, sir, he is'not;^ho interferes.      - - -     ���* ',-,.  v,  David Harmu���Wal, I don't,, see as  you hev any" reason fur complainin'  about .that.' He 5 don't interfere 'with  anybody but himself,* does he?���Lip-  pinlcotfs".   '  v -"'   '  "  - ' ���" if  A Requisite for the Rancher.���On  the cattle 'ranges of the West; where  men and stock are far5 from doctors  aud apothecaiies,. Dr. Thomas' Eclec  trie Oil is kept on -hand by the intelli  gent as a ready made medicine, not  o.ily for many human ills, but as' a  horse and cattle medicine of surpass,  ing merit. A hoise and cattle ranchei  will find matters greatly 'simplified ^by  using this Oil.  "There's* one thing I will'say,"'ro  marked Mr. Millions, "and that is that  my daughter, Arabella, has a fine di��  position."      ��� - - <  ' '   ..  , *   -    -  "Indeed!".  "Yes, sir. The way she can listen  for hours to her own playing,,on thr  violin shows remarkable self-control.'  ���Tit-Bits.  c -*  Y.*j;i  In its initial stages a cold iB a loca.  ailment easily dealt with. But manj.  neglect it and the result is often tin  ^development of distressing seizuies o  the bionchial tubes and lungs thai  render life miserable for the unhappj  victim. As a first aid there is noting  in, the handy medicine line so certaii  in curative results as Bickle's Anti  Consumptive Syrup, the far-faiiie'-  remedy for colds and couphs.  A lady'returned from the country tc  find her towifr garden denuded of _ al.  bulbs and plants, and a few months  later a very "worthy old ��� wopan tolc  the lady's former housemaid that shi  had  taken  the  flowers.  "People was beginning to steal 'em  my aear, and I felt suie your missut  would rather, they was took respect  able."���Nursing   Times.-  .Holloway's Corn- Cure is a specific  foe the lemoval of corns and warts  We have never- heard of 'its failing to  remove even the worst kind.  "   COOKING A' SQUASH  A    correspondent    of    the    Listener  writes:���I think you.vwill enjoy the following from' our English cousins.   We  have .laughed   ourselves  weak   over.it.  A barrel was sent to' London at Christ-   _ -  mas   containing   apples,    a    Hubbard  squash,   some   cranberries, .and   sweet -  potatoes.    This    is    from * the    reply:  "The   apples, were  fine,  but^ the  potatoes, alas, had gone quite bad and yellow. . The   cranberries  are   veiy shand- ���  .  some, but seem somewhat acid to our  taste:   Thetsquash was a novelty, apd  I daresay .we didn't know exactly how    -  to    deal    with   it.    We put it 'on the  table  for  dessert,  but  James  found   it  extremely . difficult   to  cut.     Later    1  steWed  it with  lemon and-esugar,  and   J  we all declared it delicious.'; ,   .*  <-        "**        *  s*   '4  Minard's. Liniment^Cures,,Garget   In.   ,  Cows. . . L.    "Y  . ''I heard you giggling in the library  ,  last night,"  said tWe stern parent. ."I    *  think   you   must    have " been. beside  yourself."     -> - *   . '       . ,  "Oh!    no,"    said    the - pretty    gjrl,.,  blushing,"-deeply,-    "I   j was     beside  Charlie.''���Life. J   '  ���i *����� "*        **   ** ���<-  A Clear, Healthy Skin.���Eruptions of ���  the skin  and  the blotches which  ble- _ .  mish beauty are the result, of. impure  blood  caused   by   unhealthy  action  of  the liver and kidneys. -In  -correcting  this   unhealthy   action    and    restoring  the  organs  to  their  normal  condition,  Parmelee's  Vegetable  Pills  will  at the    <  same time cleanse the-blood,  and the   -  blotches  and eruptions   will' disappear  without leaving any trace.    ��� ���--  Miss   Pepprey���No, - he"  didn't    like  your eyebrows.   He said they were loo   ,  black. ' '.      '  ' "���' *' "-".*���  " ''  Miss Painter���The  ideal ,  Miss Pepprey���However, -. I . assured  him they were not as black as they  were   painted.���Philadelphia" Inquirer.  -Sprains, Sore TbiBat,'eta., lt i�� Invaluable*.  tvery bottlo of Gatistio Balaam ��old Is  Warranted to Rive BaUtfaattonTrrJce $1 60  per bottlo.  Bold by dfcufrgtatt. or sent by ex-  {iroes, charges paid, -vrttir full directions for  t�� nso.   Qt'Send for deserlptlro circulars,  ��� <-testimonials, etc.  Address  Tbe Lawrence-Williams Co., Toronto, Ont.  Cash or Credit.  Women should not get credit Nel  .Sjer should men. Cash Is the cure.  Tradesmen maybe would have a bad  time for six or twelve months, and  many a lady would have to "lie low,"  but in the end we would get both oui  trade and .our money, and she would  get her dress and at far less cost-  London Opinion.  ff-lsa's leaning Tower.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa la 178  feet In height and leans fourteeg feet  -ijatof plamb.  Traitor.  "They say that he fell overboard aa  the ship rolled ou Its side."  "Ton might say that be left tbe chip  In the lurch.-*���Yale Record.  YJMJDttSY  '   Rhubarb Retlpet,  Rhubarb and Orange Marmalade.���  String and cut in pieces one Inch long  two pounds of-rhubarb. Peel half a  dozen oranges and shred the yellow  rind. Put It Into a preserving kettle  with tbe oranges, rhubarb and a pound  and a half of granulated sugar and  place over a slow fire. Cook and stir  until lt ls the right consistency and  then pour into jars, but do not cover  until quite cold.  Rhubarb Jam.���To each pound of ent  rhubarb allow one pound of sugar and  one lemon. Peel the lemons as thin  as possible and slice them, removing  all seeds; Cut the rhnbarb into pieces  an inch long and into the bowl on top  of the lemon nnd the peel, then put  the sugar on top of the rhubarb, cover  and set away lu a cool place overnight  In the morning put the-mixture into a  preserving kettle and let it simmei  gently for three-quarters-of an hoar.  Remove it from the stove, allow it to  cool and pack into jars, covering it  with paraffin or brandied paper.  Dressmaking Hint*.  . New cotton often causes needles to  break because of its exceeding harshness. This difficulty may be overcome  by rubbing along the part to be sews  with a dry piece of soap. ' The plan  answers equally well whether the wort-  he 'done by hand br machine. Donl  hang,skirts wrong side ont when putting tbem away. Tbey are bound te  crease, and with light ones, so a professional dressmaker says, whatever dost  bas been collected by the lining and  clung ln spite of your brushing ia  bound to sift through to. the right Bid*  and stick. Go over skirt linings every couple of months with a cloth  wrung out���as hard aa you can���ol  water. Tbat cloth shonld be inat ont  tiny remove from perttittly dry. Bat  tbe amount of dust tt win collect froa  what yon probably thought waa a pe*  fectly clean lining to astonishing.  THE LATE MR. C. B. RECORD,  FOUNDS* 07 THE HHCORD FOUKDRV.  Reproduced above, is a portrait of the late  Mr. C. B. Record, the founder nnd original  ht-.-id of the Record Foundry & Machine  Co., of Moncton, N.B., and Montreal,  P.Q.  Previous to Mr. Record going into the  manufacture of stoves, those used in  Canada were almost wholly ot American  manufacture. Tho character of the work  turned out by the Record Foundry &  Machine Co., at once gave tlieir stoves a  standing, and as a result a very large  business soon grew up, largely owing to  Mr. Record's untiring induktry and perseverance against many obstacles.  Although Mr. Record retired from active  business as far back as 1879, the solid  basis.on which lie had established the industry, has resulted in its growth from a  sturdy pioneer into one of the largest stove  manufacturing plants on the northern hall  of the American continent. >.With two  large pKnts, one in Moncton and one in  Montreal, the Record Foundry & Machine  Co. are known from Halifax to Vancouver,  and their "Calorific" and "Admiral"  furnaces and ���' Penn Esther" ranges  recognized as the standard of Canadian  exrellence.  The Reward of Industry.  Sir William White, who .till recently was director of naval construction  of Great Britain, began life as a shipwright's apprentice, but his genius  carried him up the ladder. with a  rapidity which atartled his fellow-  workers. He nearly lost his life once  through taking an experimental trip  with a submarine boat which on being submerged stuck in the mud." lt  was only after furious work with the  pumps thai, be '���"'aa rwxu*3  Minard's Liniment-Cures Distemper.  Grim Joke In a Blue .Book.  A grim piece of hnmor appears ln  the British blue book dealing with the  taxation of unimproved land valnes ln  the colonies. The tax commissioner of  Adelaide, after referring to' the inaccurate returns,* says: *   ,    ,  "Side by side with these inaccurate  returns lt bos been pleasing to note  the completeness with which others  have been prepared in tbe minutest  particulars,, and we cannot fall to recognize the thoroughness of tbe taxpayer who returned that piece of land  of his, measuring nine feet by six feet  in the   cemetery,' and under tbe  column./Name of-Occupier' gave that  a* his departed wife."  CPmmnced Sf-Keizv.)  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS' SUCCESSFUL RECORD  MONEY can bay advertising space, bat it can't bay a  quarter centary'i successful record of wonderful and  almost miraculous cures of the most difficult-end  intricate cases of throat, long and stomach troubles. Buch ia  Psychine's record. Thousands of cases given up by leading  doctors as hopeless and incurable have .'been Quickly and | er-  manently cured by Psychine. It is an infallible remedy for  coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, consumption, indigestion,  loss of appetite and all wasting diseases.  ������pita worth living*."���Ha. X. Bicb-  axda, Marriotts Cove, N.S.  " My lungs are now aouDd as a bell  after uslxg Psychine."���H. Bobbin555,  Brldgebuig, Ont  ("Psrchlnenved myltfo.'*���A.Wal-  den, 7 Cornwall St., Toronto.  Psychine Never Falls     Psychine has no Substitute  AT AU- DBADBRS, 80c and J1.00 A  BOTTLB    0  DR. T.A. SLOCUM. Limited, 179 Kine St. W.. Toronto  "My son had a terrible ooogh and  was wasted to a shadow. Doctors  ' Mid ho could not live. Be used Pay.  ehlne.ltouredhun."���1IH.J. Banger, Brockville.  "After taking tt.00 worth of Psychine my lungs are well and life Is  Yon cannot possibly have  a better Cocoa than  A delicious drink and a sustaining  food. Fragrant, nutritions and  economical. This excellent Cocoa  maintains the system In robust  health, and enables it to-Jresist  winter's extreme cold.  Said by Grocers and Storekeepers  in i-lb. and 4-lb Tins.  W.    N.   U.    No.   632  , . ,f-  'Y^l  hi  6  *. rrtayf^ir-iKKtr, R.iW-Firrfc.n* *,viiivaxsn ���  ifWfivtt��-'*itr,^m  fr��torft��*'5��^'*M"  THE LEADER, MOYXE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ^**  -a������ *  ill  Published in the interest of the people  of Moyie and East Kootenay.  P. J. SMYTH, Publisher.  uisuq**-  LA.I$Et,  bath or so��cnirT?oJt.  PUB Year..  ,. W.00  SATURDAY, APKIL 20,1907.  One rnmor.will spread faster  $han forty cqatr^diefcioqa tp stpp  ic.  . ���*<-  A fast young man is seldom able  to keep up with his running expense1?.    He shed h"i8 winter underwear,  Was soon with fever fired,  And now he ia sojourning where  Such t&ings are not required.  The "circular insanity" refered  to by the' experts* in the Thaw  case is perhaps the brain trouble  known to western sgignce, as  ���(wheels ty tha head." -  A drug store in Moscow is said  to have filled as many as 2,000  prescriptions in one day; t almost  as many aa are filled in an-American ���-'dry" to,wn on the Fqur^ pf  July.     ���*��� "������. - -.*;���'  . -..        ������<   It is Bftid the Pernio miners feel  that if they could pass up Lindsay, a settlement would be reached  in a few tours.   The operators it  - is said feel the same way.   Then  ' Lindsay should be asked to. step  aside and allow the settlement of  the difficulty to proceed without  delay.    "-    **   ***   " The greater portion of the.divi-  dend just declared by the Consolidated Mining and Smelting (Jo. of  Canada, I^td.,'was earned by the  1   ��>t.'Eugene,  mine at   Moyie, the  - -most-valuable" qf the company's  koldmgs.   Great "Is the    St.   Eu-  *:gene.       '"   '"    "' --���  '   Tbere is too much rubbish and  u pl4 t*u cans in evidence in Moyie.  - Near the 0. P. B. station Mr. Mac-  Kay is,  filling  iQ  a.   -UrRe  bole,  '"���^yfiy not have  these  cans  and  rubbish hauled, and dumped there,  , where they  will bo  buried and  put out of sight foreyer$   �����-. ���  Tbe Col. Not a Good Husband.  At Spokane this week a decree  of divorce was granted to Tiny  B.ray ton, giving her a legal sepera-  . tion,from  her  husband,  W, ?*.  ^Biraytoiii  wh"6m^he"~acca8ea~of  .' having a violent and ungovernable  "temper, ghe claims that upon  the slightest provocations he  '-WQuId abuse her and call her vile  names in the presence of friends,  making life unbearable.1   Accord-  .. ing to her story, he has threaten:  ed to do her bodily harm, and she  has" feared tb$t he would; carry  his threat into' execution,  Colonel Brayton is well known  to the pioqeer residents pf Moyie.  During the building of the  Crows' l{est railway he attempted  to boom the townsite of Moyelie,  now Aldridge, and did succeed in  disposing of seyeral tats,  The Gun Club..  Delphine M.  Delfiias.  Delphine Michael  Delias,  the  famous California lawyer who was  tbe leading attorney  for the defense in the Harry Thaw case, was  born in France,  April   14.  1844.  He removed to California in   his  boyhood, and was graduated from  the Santa Clara College in 1862.  Three years   later he graduated  from the Yale Law School.   After  his   admission to the California  bar in  1SQ0 he practiced law in  San Jose until 1881, and since then  in San Prancisco.   He was chosen  regent of the University of California ' in - 188q and delegate-at-  large to the Democratic national  convention in St.   Louis in 1902.  Mr. Delmas resides at Casa Dei-  mas, Santa Clara County, and has  his oifice in San Frahqaco.   During his years of practice at the  California bar he   has won many  famous cases.   It ia said, in fact,  that no client he has ever defended, has ever been found guijty,  WW Defy the Act,   '-  I.O.O/F.  W!?fli?:f fcoHs? No. 44.  Meets Tuesday evenings in McGregor,  hall on Victoria street. Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  A. MacFaklane,        F..J. Smyth,  Noble" Grand. Secr'y.  The C. P. R. have withdrawn  their Instructions to their employes in Winnipeg and the west  regarding Sunday work, The men  will, accordingly, work on Sundays  and relieve the blocks and delays  which are occurring to the stock  trains. This is against the provisions of the Lord's Day Act, and  the Lord's Day Alliance will probably be moved to tafce action  against the company. Probably  this is what the railway companies are aiming at, as if an action  results they can then apply for an  investigation to enquire into" the  working of the new apt aa it  applies to the railroads.. If the  companies can show that the -interests of shippers are menaced by  the act, and the unnecessary suffering is caused to the cattle in  these efforts -to keep the Iprd's  Day holy. It may result in an  amendment permitting the transportation of cattle on th?*t day.  A Woman Tells. How to Relieve  Itheumatlc P^lns.  I have been a very great sufferer  from the dreadful disease, rheumatism,  for a number of yeais. T, have tried  many medicines but never got much  relief from sny of them until two  ���years agoj when I bought'a bottle ol  Chamberlain's Pain Balm. I found  relief before I bad ueed all of one 'bottle, but kept on applying it'nnd soon  lelt like a different yyotpan. Through  my advice many of my friends have  tried it and can tell you how wonderfully it has woiked.���Mrs. Sarah A.  Cole, 140 S. Nvw St, Dover, Del.  Chamberlain's Pain B.alm is a liniment.  The reljef from paiq which it affords is alone worth many times its  cost, It makes rest and sleep possible.  For sale by the Moyie Drug & Station  ery Co.  Tho members of the SJoyie Gun Club  held their regular weekly shoot Thursday-afternoon. Fqllowing is a list of  the contestants and the number of  cl<ty pigeons broken by each :  "W. P. Br oniley    18 ont of 25  ��.-Campball , ,    16 ���>  J. II. Alexander     16.  Cured of Rlie flmatlsm.  M?. Win- H^nry of Chattanooga,  Tenn., had ���beumatism in his left arm.  -���'The strength seemed to have gone  out of tho niuRcleg so that it was useless for v/ork," he says. , "I appliod  Chatnberiam's Pain Balm and wrapped  Uie arm in flannel at night, and to my  relief 1 found that the pain gradually  left me aud Uie strength returned. In  three Mf eks the rhet-m&.tiam had di6-  jtppenrad and has not since returned."  \i tronbl<-d with rheumatism try a few  *-ipp,lioafin,n8 of P<iin Balm. Yr>U are  pertain to be pleased with the relief  whioh it aflords. ��� For Bale by ihe  jfljyiv Drug Si, -Jutioue-y-.Oo,  -EAGLE    HALL-  Moyie.JI. C.  Sat. Apr|l 2Qth and Mon. April 22  TAOYfliways^Fopuiar"  MOORE CONCERT  CO,  ��� ���    �� # m ���   m  Singing 3,11 'the latest sp,ngs,  Playing  ���'���   ���' '     "     music.  Also   introducing   clean    up-to-date  VAUDEVILLE ACTS.   *��>+. '  After the sfcaw- each night  there will be a social dance  free'' with. ' the Co's own  orchestra of G pieces for  music,.   �����*�� ���  Prices  Reserved seats, 75, Qen A<4ni. 50,  Children 25,  Seats now on sale at Moyie Drug  Store.  as  NOTICE.  TakQiiQ^oe (hat I Intend sixty days nflcr  dato to anply to tUc chief commlssionor of  Land55, and Wotka for permission to purchase  the following described lands, commencing at  a post pl&nted at the North Mfest corner of Lot  2802 G. I, Kootenay District, thence West **:'  chains, thence North GO chains, theuoo East to  the shore of Moyie Lr^c following shore of  mild lake to boundary line of Lot 2302, thence  West tp point of commoqcon\ent, Containing  1C0 acrup, more or les<*.  Dated tills Cth day of April, ;907.  EDWIN 0. WHITE.  NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given tbati60 daf' afterdate,  we Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works fctr permission to purchase  80 acres of pas^e lt(nd,, more or  Jess:���Com-  menclng at the nprth-cant corner post of Lot  G122,  on tho Moyie   River, thence gouth 20  chains, thenco east 40 chains, thence nortlj,   to  tbe Moyio River, theuce dowu stream to  place  of commencement.  Moyio, B. C  Dated this 25th day of March, 1907.  ALLEN FORT),  JAMES ROBEUTS.  St. Eueeno lodge No. 37.  K. of P.  Meets eysry fhorsday  vening   in   Mcf3refeor  iiall at S o-clock.   Vis-  iunj-f brothers invited.  G. A. tfooTB, f. J. Smyth,  a c    ellor Com. K. R, and 8-  Moyie' Miners'  Union  No. 7J W, F. of M.  Meets in McGregor hall every Saturday evening. Sojourning members  are cordially invjted to attend.  GREAT    BARGAINS  $350  Buys iot and large building, suitable  for house or barn, on Victoria street.  Lot and seven room house,   House  well finished and in good location.  $760  Two story building and Iqt, situated  in business center, Store room 15x40.  Terms, one-balf down, balance on eas-  payfpepts. Cbpaper if 8pot cash is  paid. * Glean title. Biggest hargaip in  the list.    _  J. L. Gibbonb,  President,  Jab.  Bobebts,  Secretary  --+���  Harvey,    McCarter &  Macdonald.  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Eto.  Cranbrook,   -   -   B. C.  W. F. CHJRD,  ,   KABRISTlC|lt ^PC^OIXOB, TOCO.  CRANBROOK. B. C  "-J.U1'  ~��mm****���  ':    C.H.DXJ|fBAR  Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Publio^ Eto  > Cranbrook, B. O.  DR. F, B. MILES,  Cranbrook, B, C.  ���W"  Gteorge fl. Thompson,  - '        Bakb^btke, Solicitok, No  tary P^j?lic, &o. ���  CRANBROOK,      Bkixibh Columbia  W. 7RK B^^TTY      j  Embalmer and Undertaker,  Phone 8a;     . CRANBROOK.  ���   '   ���'. '.������ 'fi-.1,. �� ��� -i .". J)  r���. sas  $goo  Lot in  center  of  business distriot  with small building,  $400  Will buy four room bouse apd two  lots.   $200 down and balance on time.  $300  Two room house and lot, in good  location,  House rents for $8 a month.  $700  Largs' warehouse and lot on Viotoria  street.  $4000  Large boarding house close to ipine.  All furnished and ready to move in.  $500  -Pout  room house and lot.  location; ���  3ood  $125  Good lot in Government addition.  moo  Three houses bringing in a rental of  ?84 a month.  $850  Seven .room   house on  Tavistock  street.  $6.0  Qood residential Iptt in   Parrell  addition,  ���j ���"��� '    c i  *-si  $$20  Two lota apd  two room house on  Lake street.  Eleven residential lots in lake Shore  addition.  $600  House and lot, and garden.  ' $75  Will buy good residence lot,  $175  Let in Farrell addition.  T^ese are only a. few of the many bargains   we   have.  JM\) efeoose the lot or piece of property you desire find call  onus.   Ten chances to Qn,e it is on our list,    "'  - - "The tin*e to buy Real Estate is "when the mar   1-: u rjj  rise.   Moyie is 9, great oampt   Why not own a home in it?  FARRELL & SMYTH.  JnsuranQe,    Real Estate.    Collections.'  .    OUR EASTER GREETINGS  takesvthe form of an offer to supply  vou with an un^sally handsome Easter outfit. We have sec-^red an exceptionally attractive collection oi modish  fabrics  TO MAKE INTO  CLOTmNG  FOR  ^_- ,TOU._- _-^_  - The - patterns are exclusive. You  cannot get them elsewhere. The (arl  ier you call the - wider your choice.  Such goods are too Qne (o remain long  unordered.       Y  ..  - Gleaning,- repairing and  pressing done.  - C. A, FOOTE  MOYIE, -", ....   B. C  Etas  Cloride of Lime  is the best disinfectant to use around  the house.  It Can't be Beat  We have a fcfge supply.  The Moyie Drag  and Stationery Co,  -;   BUY'YOV^  FROM  A B. Stewart  & Co.  (ANHATTAN  Comfortable  Rooms and  Best of  Table Board.  Summers & Thompson.  -     PROPRIETORS.  ������"���������^"���������(IW*'���*--mmmmmmnawMxM^S  NOTICE.  NOTICE Is l^orotiy given that 80 days aftor  date, I Iutend to apply to the Honourab.le Chief  Commissioner ol Laq^s qnd Works for a special  icence to cut and carry HVfay timber from tho  following described lan<1s4 It) Bouth-East Kootenay:���Commencing at a post plated at the  South West Corner of William 5atea Timber  claim near Tuunel Creek, thenco 8ot;th 120  chains, thenco Eaat 40 chains, thonco No.rtt^ ^20  chains, thence West 40 ohalus to place ot com-  m^ucomout.  P.fltetl \*W 5th day of March 1907.  A. D. MacDonald,  V, Stg-ffftrt, "Agent.  S4- SWYNNE  Cigars,       Tobacco, Canfctionery  ^THite.Eic  " -.iv ' '  FARRELL BLOCK:,  St. Joseph's  Convent.  NELSON, E. 0.  hoarding and Day School conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph, Nelson^  B. C. Commercial and business  courses a specialty, Excellence and  swift progress characterise each department. Parents should verite for  particufars. One month assures the  public of the thoroughness of the  Sisters' methods of teaching. Terms  commence-January, April and Sept.  Pupils ^re ad-jilted during tertp.  P. BURNS & 00  JIJST    RECEIVED   A  SHIPMENT OE  s.  -AND-  BACON  KABKBTB  In   aU the Principal  Cities and   Towns  in  British Columbia. "���  - moyie, b, a :  STOP AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  WHEN IN  : CRAUBROOK  E. B(. SatA^tlCt Manager5-  Good rooms, good tables and bar  ~ and first class sapaple nrtvm,.  Wm, Jewell-  Express and Qeneis  al Delivery Business., ' Livery and  Feed Stable.  '    '      'Leave Orders at  Gvvynne-d Store.  MOYIE      .. British Colum'��ia.  -/THE���  DESAPLKIEB BROS,   f^ops.  Lar^e sample room, in connection  with house for commercial men. Best  of accommodations.'   ,'-���,  Headquarters for  Oom-  j-pprcial and MiniDgMen.  4     QPEEHB AVmVB,- MaYIB, ��." C  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COIiiMERCE  H��AI>  OFFICE, TOEONTO  ESTABLISHED 1807  B. E. WAXKKK, PresMent  ALEX. LAIRD, General Maatger - -'  A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent��!  Branches  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000  Rest, . - - - 5,000,000  Total Assets, - 113,000,000  BANK MONEY ORDERS  87  imucb AT-me roujgmitta hates ���  $5 aad under.          3 cent*  Over $5 and no*-exceeding $10......    6 cents '  "   $1��       M ,** ?30  Scents  "   $30       f <���     ..?50   15 cents  These Orders are payable at par- at arty office lu Canada pf a Chaptered Bxa^  (Yukon eatceiplecl), ^nd at the principal banking poipts in the United-States.  They are negotiable at $4.90 to the �� sterling in Great Britain and Ireland.  They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with safety  and at small cost, and may be obtained without delay at any office of the Bask  F. C. MALPAS. MGR  CRANBROOK BRANCH.  WmmB  DRINK  CALGARY BEER.  The Best Bottled Beer made in Canada today.  For aUALITT ��w4 PURITY it is UNEXOELLEli  A. L. McDERMOT  Wholesale Wine and Spirit   Merchant.  Cranbrook SOLE AGENT  B. d 1  =m  BSBBP  m  QREAT STOCK  REDUCTION SALE,  ���  ��� We are aver-stocked to'the e^te^t of f20x000�� a.nd"  this surplus must be reduced,      -      -  WE  WILL  3PAY  RAILWAY ��ARE'-' * -*  Any persan purchasing. $15 worth of goods at  sale prices; providing not more than half is grocer-"  ies, will'have th^e price of their Rouble f^re ticket  refunded. . ���    , '   '        **** --.    -  Oranbr ook Cooperative Stores  LIMITED.  MOYIE    HOTEL I  P. F. J0EMS10M  This Hotel is New and well Furnished' The  Tables are Supplied with the Best the $  Market affords. The Bar is Filled with *  ;   the��est Brawls of Liquors and Cigars.  I  headquarters for commercial  -     , And mining wek  *_ -        ���        ��� - ��� Y       BRITISH COI.VUBIA.   I*  e&mm���GeGVGGGGGG4*Mi>9399GGGG999S99999999e4TjeeVi>u1  ^���M������M-M^-Byii��^w����yy,,i-5��51,,-5��5555551,*^www'uiiii' iiui-J I'.jm igwaa^m.  eUJL\m9J-JL \*7r-M*0 ^f^tASr  Aa mada by the present*-brewer is  admittedly   the  Best Beer in East Kootenay. With the BeBt Malt aad  tbe Purest Spring Water it is unexcelled /or quality.  Iusist on having Moyie Beer.  Bottled and Draft Beer.  JULIUS MUELLER, J��roprietor,  MOYIE, B. C.  O. F. DE3AULNIE&  PEA1JPR 19  TTQOD.COil I m  PROMPT DELIVEBY.     "  Queens' A^e.   :JC0YIE  A,  GKRENIER.  CranhrQok, B. C,  AWNING MAKER,  TARPAUUN,  EUNKET MAKER.  Made on short notice and at  lowest prices.  ��� iwpMwipEWmmmw���ma      h_ijii j  PREST PHOTO CO.  ::Y^:;^p>ak.Gi-F;a;*c;  Direct     Service  :     T0_SP0KANE  VIA KINQSGATE  '    AND     - -   -  SPOKANE   INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY  12.20  arr.     Moyie        lv.  14.25  11.40  "       Cranbrook "  11.25  11.50  "   ,   Kingsgata   ".  14.00  10.30  " Bonners Ferry "  15.20  Q.00  "     , Band Paint ��-  16.55  6.00 lv.       Spokrne       rr .2.000  Full particulars on applies-*  tion to local agents or wke.  .- J. Attwood, Agent, Moyie.  J. 8 CARTER, E, J. COYLS.���^ *  Pitt, Pass. Agt- -Am't G��nl. Put, Agt  Ksls*-t 3,  V��;:cr^T��i'f  wmatm


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