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The Moyie Leader Feb 16, 1907

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 Eye-** carefully   tested.
A*-proper fit guaranteed.
WILSON, Optician;
^p^A^-€^y^ A0^^W1
FEB 21 'Mv
when left with us.
WILSON, the Jeweler..
,-' /''K
—.--       -   JJ •■   \" *. v«-
fc\ ^       .^lir^ratcli'  will' ire- ' n C'-l;i
~i^irjl&-^careful   att-ehfiott-   .  ^S|
VOL. 9, NO 45.
MOYIE, B. C,  FEBRUARY 16.1907.
havo arrived, and there are very many, new and  inter*
esting novelties being shown this season.
Wo know that it is still a little oarly to buy but we
are starting to show the goods and you may aB well be
among the first to choose.
Being anxious to clear out our winter goods entirely,
we are offering some rare bargains in everything thut-
is needed for the cold'weather.'
Big consigneraent of BOOSTS and SHOES arrived
this week, both Minors and Miner5*-. Come''and see'
Good    Crowd    and
good Costumes.
The Dance was "Kept Going
Until After 2  o'clock ,
Friday Morning,
Joe Goupill w.is~up from Fernio tl.is
Coal  Stocks
are "today the best stocks to invest in.
International Coal & Coke,      1 Albarta'Coal & Coke,   ,
Nicola Coal & Coke,       ,        ' . B. C. Amalgamated. r  ^
-Wire or Write. _"*-.*,
Beale &ElwellV
- .       •   .:       ■*
Moyie Aerie of Eagles No. 835 gave
another successful annuafmagquerade
ball Thursday .evening. The' crowd
was as large aa the hall could comfortably accommodate, and they represented all sorts of characters from the
sublime to the -Ridiculous, The makeups'were alf good, but those worthy of
special mention would' fall to Mike
Bonner and J-Jias Belle Whitehead,
and the best sustained pha^acter would
lie between'Arthur* Dandurand. as
Indian chief, and E. :T. Howard as
clown, The greater 'number of the
costumes were furnished bv'Mrs. An*
derson of Northport;- Wash. Hugh
Canjerou officiated,as master of ceremonies and with entire satisfaction to
.l - * i pf
everyone.   Music  was   furnished   by
Mrs.   McMahon,,   piano/ and   F.   J.
Smyth, violin,   , ,
Following  is a Hat ,of 'tho<**e who
masked and the characters' they.reprc-
resented ; v *.
SprWg Cleaning time,
:. ■""  "will be heve soon.'.     ."   , " :
HL op handles, Brooms, Brushes,
Soap, Sold dust, Pe^iae,^
\X -«-Sf •*V.i~X'->&*K*~r-
-"l  '   ■-     ti r
>.   ._ * . -    -
VMOYIE'S   LEADING   HOTEL.    .---,. - , $
Hotel Kpptenay  |
The hesjt pf accommodations |
for- the Traveling Public.-.,       |
51   • i   -4 ■ • - ■ •'     . '.   . \
Laree and Commodious Sample Rooms.       -. -Billiard. Rooms. -   &
.     .-■■•■■ '■ :\ . '•- '■    ~*       3
._ mcta\/|sh1& CAMERON^Proprietor?.,      _|
^jnjs-r^Tor xjn*T7onor w W WW WWWW WW WW WWW**1 %
That 2-QTfl CENTURY BRAND Men's Fine Tailored Garments-
the very'' make of clothes that all the best dresse-4 travellers
wear,'the clothes that'are worn by thousands of young men
'jn Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and aUike'leading Cities^
dan be obtained right here. ' Dozens of patterns to choosy
''from—great style',' gjejit fit, moderate price.
M. J, Bonner, Colonial costume,
R. T. Howard, clov/n,     '*•* [ '.'
lire. Howard, maid,
Ifc. D. ktinson, gentleman,
Miss Batt, Queen of Spades,
- Geo. McClelland, soldier,
Annie Lofstrom, Spanish dancer/
. Lillie Schuke, stars,'
Hugh McMillan, cowboy,
Mrs. Gilbert, Japanese lady,   • %
Mrs, Hollister,   Colonial^ costume,
.vlWm.'Breuiuer,. Boldier,j-i ..•£" vr   *
""' Wm .* Hanrahan,  Spanish'cavalier,
-Mrs.   McKinnon,   .Moyie**   Steam
. Miss Balle^Whitchead,   etarsr
Mrs. Foote,   Spanish dancing girl,
A. J. Dandurand, -Indian   chief,..
Mrs. McTavish.   fairy,
A. W. Davis and Fred Ege,  miners,
. Chan. Livesley, uniform rank K. P..
Ben Riley, Spaniard,
33 A. Hill, Spanish toreador,
Geo. Whitehead, Highlander,
Ned-Foster, Chiaanian,
Miss Spinner,   squaw,
W. P. White,    Iudian princess,
Harry Swan, major,.  '
MisB Ida Whitehead, flower girl,
Frank Haggerty,   bullfighter.
Miss Bolen,  Yankee girl,'
Albert' Lund,   toreidor,
MiBs'Holt,  ^chool girl,
"MartinTHblt, pageT-^    "       ~
Miss'Crawford, Queen of  diamonds,
Jacob Marchi, Spanish Bostume,
Ben Obert, Colonial,
Dan McLean, Clown',
Sid Elmer and Cecil Larson, Cqous
. Eva Stinson. old lady,   .
Joe Howard, little*olown.-
. *< *
i&LjAt. WWWWrv *0-'w -v- W^WW^W ■>y-r2-JT5^5*-z(F
|    Imperial Bank of Canada
»-T -A J
Deposits of $0X) or upwards received.
TI}ore is no bettep inyestnlent.lhan a 'Savings
B\ok deposit.1"   ',.
Once opened it grows whether added to or   not.
Jntejest  allowed at  current   rateB   and   com-
pweded twice a year.     - '
', J, F.M. PINKHAM, Manager.
Smallpox in Oranhrook-
Two cases of smallpox have developed in Cr.m'irook, Mrs. McCieiry,
wife of a railroad man, nud a man
named Builon are'the 'victim*-. Both
are in the insolation hospital. The
Wentworth hotel ti Under q*ur-
rantine and also some -10 ol ihosi*
(.topping there, jfloft Rilliugs of the
Herald aud -Mit<8 Peterson nf Moyie are
anntngthe bunch. ' Wq-i! Smalls place
is also under quarantine.' Every precaution is being taken tor prt-vent the
spri'ud oR.be diae.isi', and in all probability there wiU'fje'.uo more cases. ,
"Miss^ Maraie Farrell   was   in   Cranbrook Thursday.     "\
Thos. R-ider was up- from Pincher
Station Ttuirsday.
Next Monday nigtn will be the regular meeting aigltt for the-Mviyie aerie
of Englea.    -
*-- ;
Mrs: Soper is down from Kimberley
and is visiting with her daughter, Mre.
F. J. MeM-ahon.
The Moyie Witer Co., will holJ their
regular annual meeting in Moyie next
Friday, February 22nd.
Mrs. P. F. Johnston returned home
Thursday from Lethbri lge, wuere she
has been tor several weeks,
G. H. E J wards, engineer at the St.
Eugene compressor, was down to Nelson Una, week Uking an examination.
Mis. Elmer and children bave returned from Kingagata, aud are occupying their Moyie' home.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. G.
W. Orchard la-it Sunday morning at'
their home near the mill of the Porto
Bio© Lumber company.-
G. T, McGregor xetuaned last Saturday from his home neat Fergus, On
tario, where he w-is \i *itiug for several
weeks.       .     „      *._
M. A. Beale spent Monday in tovn.
Father Qaoinul was up from Cranbrook both ou Sunday and Wednesday of this wsek.
There is a rcoveme-at en foot to ■jet-
up a concert about the first of March
in aid of Mr. Cro<iby,<: who lost all of
his worldly possessions in the jrpcent
Farrell block fire.    '   -
The tamily of JJobt. Lenox came
o**er from Ro3sUn"d this w.ejk and
haye taken up their -ro*j*dence -in
Moyie. _-, „      .- '
* * i
The ice on the lake is in perfect condition for skatiug, aud there are good
crowds enjoying themselves ever*/
a/ternoon and evening.
The nomination of-officers, in the
Moyie Miner's union for the ensuing
term will be hold at,the meeting this
evening and next.Saturday evening.
Bey. W. E. Jones of -Creston paid.
Moyie a visit. Mr. Jones says a
concert will be given in Creston shortly to raise funds for furniohing the new
Methodist parsonage! '
- Messrs, Summers & Thompson will
give an opening dance at the Manhattan hotel -next. Wednesday evening,
February 20th. ,The dance will be
fiee, and they extend a cordial invitation to everyone  to attend.
Chas. McDonald left this week for
Ljc Lv Hache, on the Crrtboo roid,
where he will j **in Dan MeK iy, one of
Eic partners m some extensive ^timber
lnterents held bv them and some otlier
Moyie parties. ~". -
Alex Chisholm has been in the hospital at Cranbroo * for several weeks
suffering from blood poisoning in his
7i"?lit-arhT.~ He_is"gfaBually recov'fr^"
|ng, but lt ia sail' hti h ind ni iy bu
pernaaneutly crippled.
The Moyie Odd FellowSy.will hxye
work on in tbe initiatory decree next
Tuesday evening, after which coffee,
cake ond sandwiches willl be served.
All members o! the order in town are
requested to be present.
Mrs. Herrett and Isabella Crowe
went over to BosBlaud this week to
attend the Rossland Carnival. Mis5}
Lulu Crowe, who is working iu the
Rossland postoffice. will return with
McTavish & Can*ero*§
Take   Kcotenay.
Frank McMahon and- Fam-
- ilv Will Move tto Medford, Oreeon-
Ydu canjookwith:
pride upon your '-,
shirt if bot here.
Ah important liotel deal was made
this week when the ownership of the
Hotel Kootenay was transferred from
McMahon Bros., to Messrs. McTavish
& Cameron, w'jo for -several months
past have been running the Cosmopolitan hotel on south Victoria street.
While the deal was actually consumat-
ed yesterday, the new proprietors will
not assume charge until today. F, J.
McMahon and family will leave shortr
ly for Medford, Oregon, where* P.' J.
MsMahon ti conducting- tlie Hotel
Nash. The Kootenay is -the largest
hotel in Moyie and one of the largest in
the district*. It was built nine years'ago
by MeMahon Bros., who were among
the first to settle in tne place and engage in bu'sines-*. Since then Frank
McMahon has been a continuous resi—
dentismd was looked upon as one of
Moyie'd permanent fixtures.-   -- -.
There is little doubt but the new
proprietors .wil I make a success of their
venture. B/Jth have worked aa miners^
ia the camp an 1 enjoy a -wjde circle ot
friends. They are to be congratulated
on   their enterprise.
As there is no-tii'iKg cheap about its.-appearance..
Our slwrts are very dressy,  of  good  strong  linen,
with many attractive stripes in the* colored ones,
and are very popular with- the fashionably dressed *
young men in town.
Better Buy a number of the new line of shirts .
we have just received in stock.   They'll be sold in .
short order,as they ire the swellest and latest things/-
jn "Men's Furnishings. The prices are exceptionally -*
fc% for such  high-class shirts.   We- have them- *
plain and colored—suit your taste.       t \"-*tj
.The latest.af MenVFuniishing goods gan-alwaysv^
be Imd at our store, -     "'.■■.-•.     **. .*-        •' :L'-i'
MacEachera & Macdonald C
,' -*5-- a
• *'."r**l
The Scotch Concert.
* A'. Ste^hen^n,-owner .ot the Cosmopolitan hotel, has leased 'the bundling to P.itrick Hig-;i,n9, who- succeed**
Messrs. McTavish' & Cameron in tbe
management. Mrs. Gill will have
charge of tho dining room. We predict all kinds of success for Mr. Hig
gins.  "
Left.-Fanjilv to Die.
,The worst story ot the winter comeu
from A'amed*, Manitobo, which is to
the effect that a German settler's wife
and Ga'6 children were found frozen to
death eight days ago, in their f inn
house twenty miles north of Bienfait.'
The farmer bad gone into the villiage
to get fuel! There was not difficulty
in securing the fuel there, but he went
to Estev-iu, where hs became the worse
for liquur, and on arriving home, three
days later, discovered that every mum-
ber_of his_family had _pefishpd_during
his absence, being without fuel. There
was no storm on and it was a matter of
neglect, it is alleged, on the part of
the husband and father that caujsd
tlie tra'ge Iy. 'JJl-.e net tier was a newcomer. Every stick of furniture in
the house and even the fljoring had
been burned by them in a terrible fi^ht
aguinst the frost.
Commonwealth Phrases-
Success Not Sure.
"Wtll/said the cheerful wife, who
thougnt she had/ a {soprano voice, ''if
the worst comes to the worst' X fbuld
keep the wolf from the door by Bing-
"I don't doubt that wculd do it," replied her pessimistic husand, "butsuppose tbe wolf should happen   to be
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
pures Colds, Croup and Whooplnj Cough. t
The most religious stale—Mass.
Tbe cleanly state—Wash.
Tbe most egotistjca) iitate—Me.
.The sickliest state—HI.
The most maidenly state~Miss.
The medical state—Md.
The most paternal state-
The mining state—Ore.
The bunco state—C'>nn.
The deep in debt state-
T\\e coy state—La.     ^
The personal state—U.
The swift Ijiyorc5* state—*S. Q.
The liquid state—Flo.
The card shaped state—Mont.
The oldest prate—Ark.
Everybody who attended wa9j thoroughly pleased with tln*^ Scotch concert last Monday uight.'- Every numT
ber ou tho program - was interesting,
and Moyie is to be congratulated on
Her h'gh class talent. The only imported article that eyening was the
piper. Alderman* A. .McCowan of
Cranbrook and his son Charlie aro a
whole show in themselves, and they
gave the people of Moyie a rare treat
with th<jir"playing and dancing.
Jamo8~Thom sang some Bco'tch
songs which were well' received, and"
Wm. Herd made a decided hit with*
his two recitations. »       .   ',
Mr. Sowerbutts sang "The- Banks of
Allan Water" and "The Sound of tho
Drum" both of whioh were thoroughly enjoyed.
Mrs. Pairi'quin-simg'VAnnie Laurie"
and was -given a hearty encore. „• She
theu s.ing "Robin Adair."; "j;- ..*>..». k .
' ,The a55ng7'Jtrs«e's"I)ream,;Tir'by A-
P. Macdonald, was one jt the best of
the evening.
L. E. MoGregor gave a reading,
'•Paddy's fcove Letter," which struck
a happy yein of humor.
Mrs. Macdonald and Miss Nicholson
were the apcompanists.
Mr. Findlay occupied the chair,
and kept things moving so that there
were no lagging m imsntj.
Tho concert, w .s alio quite a financial success.
New York—Bar silver/. 68-V\cenjf
Lead, $6. ' _- /- / '.-'..'j\\J\
London—Lead," £19 10a .      '•   "
Wednesday was the beginning of the,
Lenten season.    * .* *   ?:f^U -,
Thirty deaths from, pneumonia ,'oc-
oured at Winnipeg last month. ,',
" The lodge of Elks -in.Calgary ■Jhave/
decided to erect a ?10.000 club' buili-.'
mg. - '    - -i"..s -Jv --j-,-*'-*
Want Bachelors Ta^er],
Thos.Taylor, M.L.  A.,;BeveUtoke^
has been' sworn in as Provincial Se'c-
s- - \ -.«
retary in the MoBride cabinet.- , ^ •*,
Spokane's new directory shows the
population of that city to"- be- 9C.00\
Sevnn-yeare ago it'WAS only 47,00(>,_
At-this rate or incroas'o before,the end
of the proBent^eatSj-wkan^wilLb'?. i»*v
the" 100.000class. ^'" • ■    ■ .^i.
The fanious'Nickle"" Plate- mine ftt
Iledley as well as the sta.np mill have-
been forced to close downswing to the.
extreme cold and ti;e great depth of
xnow which has prev»ited \\\ ■ thosi}
parts for the-past few wjeks.    *
An offi-ial statement of the Selby
S.noltin'g.works shows that a recent
stiipemont of 47. tous of ore trom tho
Hayee-Monette lease ou the Mohawlf
mine at G ildfield netted the shippers
over ^STi.OOO. At this rate the ore iu
worth over -JB.1I a poun'l.       ',
Pneumonia Proves Fatal.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Clues Colds, Croup ao-f "Wioqjhiijj Coujjh.
t*Umm~U~.m1mZ*'m Colic Cholera ana
LnainfieriaiQ 8 pUrrhoea. Kemedy.
"NeTer fails,  Buy it now.   It may aa-velife.
The following is taken from Mie
Spokesman-Review of Friday, Feb-c
ruary 8:h;
Mrs. Elizabeth Perry Ayres, wife of
Itev. W. \V. Ayres, died of pneumonia
Thursday at the family residence, 212i
Second avenue. Itev. Ayres wis for-
n;er}y pastor of the Episcopal church
at Cauon City, Col., and at La^reuce,
K,»n. Mrs. Ayres ctm* to Spokane
•villi her husbm-l several irpnth-j as*).
Tne funeral will take place Saturday
from the residence and will bo private.
Mrs. Jules Ijibarthe of Trail, B. C.
Af\s. T. B. Coon of Ainkhead, Alberta,
and Miss Bessie Ayres of Sf. ik-iue are
diughlersof Mrs. Ayres. One son,
Ejarwin Ayres ol Moyie, B, C, also
Tqo Many Dogs.
Declaring that bachelors "are of no
earthly use save as pallbearers," the
unmarried ladies of Wakeficid, Mass.,
havo petitioned the "great and genial
f-onri'1 to impose a graduated tax on
all unmarried men of the State. The
petition was brought to the statehouse
by Senator Hayes,*of Hompden.
Iu big, hold letters, the petition
- "We, the unmarried ladies of Wake
Quid, petition your 'honorablo bodioa
for a law levying a tax upon bachelors,
said tax to be graduated as follows:
•'Fiom 20 to 25 years, $5; from 25
to 3Q years, $10; from 30 to 35 years.
$15 - fron) $5. to -10 years, $20, and over
40 years in Nr-,0 doses; aud,
"Your petitioners furthor present
that b ichelors aro'a fungous growth
on Iho ship of society,? impeding its
progress, and aro of no earthly use
have as pallbearers,""
Work Oa The Guindon.
Muyie Ins too mtny dogs. This
week a band of them, m wtly mongrels,
gathered nearly ovary d iy on the mam
street and almost blocked traffic. A
djz*>n or two or them should be
killed and either sent to the bone yaid
or wjrked up iuto siiu-i.-ys,
Frank Guindon is steadily engaged
doingassesmiuniwork op tlci Guindon
group of claims on the west side of
Moyie lake. If-* has started a new
tunnel and is now in about 20 feet.
A Habit   lo lie   Enconragerf.
The mother who has acquired th**
habit of keeping' on hand a bottle of
Chamlierlaiu's Cough' tyt-inedv, save;-
hurfcelf a groat amount of 'un-'t-.sinc-*a
aiid anxiety. Ci'iulis, ci.jds aud UT*up.
to which children are susceptible aro
quickly cured by its use.' Ii counteracts any tendency'of a cold to result in
pneumonia, and if given *t3. boon ae
tho first symptoms of croup appear, it
will prevout tho attack, This remedy
contains nothing inj'inoiw and
mothers give it lo little ones with h
feelim; of p 'rfecl security. Hold by
the M-jji.- Uru; 4 BU'ijiitry Co.
When Bev. A. ATMainwaring, pastor
of the L-*>ng9port, Indiana, Baptist'-
Church, preached irom the text,
"Awake, thou that Bleepeat," he
brought his fiat down upon the pulpit
with such force as to fracture * tin*
Bmall bones of the hand. While suffering pain, he continued until thero
had been three conversions.
Al the Rossland carnival Spokane
won the hockey "game ov-ir * Revelutoke
by a score of -1 to 2 The game between Kelson and 11 issland resulted
in a shore of 3 to 2 in favor of Roas-
lind. Tiie Rossland and Pujenix
intermediates played a gime in the
intermediate championship series and
Rossland won by a score of three tq
FOR SALE—A four rwmed house,
and lot. Price, $500. For particular*!
apply to Ft-rrell & Smyth.
We emphasize quality
when selling j'ou a Diamond.
A Diamond ring properly
bought is a good asset.
When' purchasing from us
you can depend upon our
judgement, for quality is>
a-hvays our firsr consideration
Mr. E. A. Hill   of   Moyie ie|/>ur ,.
W. P. TATE & sqsr
Jeweler* and   Graduate Opticians.
Otncial Watch Inspector for C. P.  fi^
Cr-^'e Neil I'dt» Du:«*■{•,
i1 -T
-"'- -1
•-—-      y-  r>
.     'i-
*>_ -    . »
■**->* *»■**' THE LEADER; MGftlE. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  j*=  \  (Onutiuued From Last Week.)  "Then you do not know tbat Mr.  Lorry la still on tbe Dawsbergen frontier ln conference with representatives  from Serros. He may not return for  a week, so Colonel Qulnnox brings  back word."  "It's news to me," murmured Beverly.  "You do not seem to be alarmed," he  ���ventured. "Yet 1 fancy it ls not a dangerous mission, although Prince Gabriel 1b ready to battle at a moment's  notice."  "I have tbe utmost confidence ln Mr.  Lorry,"   Bald   Beverly,   with  pride.  "Baron Dangloss, your minister of  police. Is In these mountains watching  tbe operations of Axphain scouts and  ���pies."  "Is he7 * You are very well posted, lt  seems."  "Moreover, the Axphalnlans are planning to attack Ganlook upon the first  signal from their ruler. I do not wish  to alarm your highness, but we may as  ���well expect trouble before we come  to the Ganlook gates. You are known  to be In the pass, and I am certain  an effort will be made to take possession of your person."  "They wouldn't dare!" she exclalm-  sd. "Uncle Sam would annihilate them  In a week."  "Uncle Sam? Is he related to your  Aunt Fanny? I'm afraid .he could do  but little against Volga's fighting men,"  he said, with a smile.  "They'd soon find out who Uncle  Bun is if they touch me," she threatened grandly. He seemed puzzled, but  -was too polite to press her for explanations. "But he Is a long way off  and couldn't do much if we were sud-  donl-f attacked from ambush, could he?  "What would they do to me If I were  taken, as you suggest?" She was mors  ' concerned than she appeared to be.  "With you In their hands, Graustark  would be utterly helpless. Volga could  demand anything she liked and your  ministry would- be forced to submit."  "I really think lt would he a capital  Joke on-the Princess. Volga," mused  Beverly reflectively. He did not know  \ .what she meant, but regarded her soft  smile as trie clear title to the serenity  of a princess.  She sank back and gave herself over  to the complications that were likely to  grow out of her involuntary deception.  The one thing which worried her more  - than all others was the fear that Yetive  might not be ln Edelweiss.   According  to all reports, she had lately been ln St  Petersburg, and the mere fact that she  -was supposed %to be traveling by coach  ���was sufficient proof that she was not  at her capital.    Then there was, of  course, the possibility of trouble on the  road with the Axphain scouts, but Bev-  ''erly enjoyed the optimism of youth and  'civilization.  Baldos, the goat hunter, was dreamily thinking of the beautiful young woman at bis side and of the queer freak  fortune had played ln bringing them  * together. As he studied her0 face he  j could not but lament that marriage at  least established a barrier between her  and "the advances his bold heart might  otherwise be willing to risk. His black  hair straggled down over his forehead,  and his dark eyes���the patch liad beon  \\-  ... surreptitiously  lifted���were unusually  -;penslve.  "lt is strange that you live ln Graustark and have not seen Its princess���  before," she said, laying-groundwork  for inquiry concerning the acts and  Whereabouts of the real princess.   "SIay-lt-please-your-highness,-I-have  not lived long ln Graustark. Besides,  lt ls said that half the people of Ganlook have never looked upon your  face."  "I'm not surprised at that. The proportion is much smaller than I imagined. I have not visited Ganlook,  strange as It may seem to you."  "One of.my company fell in with  some of your guards from the Ganlook  garrison day before yesterday. He  learned that you were to reach that  city within forty-eight hours. A large  detachment of men has been sent to  meet you at Labbot."  "Oh, Indeed," said Beverly, very  much interested.  "They must have been misinformed  as to your route or else your Russian  ' escort decided lo take you through by  the lower -and more hazardous way.  It'was our luck that you came by the  wrong road. Otherwise we should not  have met each other, and the lion," be  said, eniiling reflectively.  "Where is  Labbot?"  asked ahe,  In-  - tent upon the one subject uppermost In  her mind,  "In' the mountains many leagues  north of this pass. Had you taken that  route Instead of this you -would by this  time have left Labbot for the town of  Erfoa, a half day's journey from Ganlook. Instead of vagabonds your escort would bave been made up of loyal  soldiers, well fed, well clad and well  satisfied with themselves at least."  "But no braver, no truer than my  soldiers of fortune," she said earnestly.  - "By the way, are you Informed as to  the state of affairs in Dawsbergen?"  "Scarcely as well as your highness  -must be," he replied.  "The. young prince ��� what's his  name*?" she paused, looking to him for  the name.  "Dantan V  ..   "Yes, that's lt What has become of  Wm?   I am terribly Interested In him."  "He Is a fugitive, they say."  .was educated iii England and had seen  but little of his own country when he  was called to the throne two years ago.  You remember,of course that his mother was au Englishwoman, Lady Ida  Falconer."  "I���I think I have beard some of his  history. A very Utile, to be sure," she  explained lamely.  "Prluce Gabriel, his half brother, la  the sou of Pi-luce Louis III. by his  first wife, who was a Polish countess.  After her death, when Gabriel was  two years old, the prince marrlod Lady  Ida. Dantan is their son. He has a  sister, Candace, who ls but nineteen  proper   years of age."  "1 am ashamed to confess that you  know so much more about my neighbors than I," she said.  "I lived In Dawsbergen for a little  while and was ever Interested In the  doings of royalty. That ls a poor man's  privilege, you know."  "Prince Gabriel must be a terrible i  man," cried Beverly, her heart swelling  with tender thoughts of tbe exiled Dantan and his little sister. '  "You have cause to know," said he  shortly", and she was perplexed until  she recalled the stories of Gabriel's  misdemeanors at the-court of Edelweiss.  "Is Prince Dantan as handsome'' as  they say he Is?" she asked.  "It is entirely ,a mutter of opinion,"  he replied. "I for" oue do not consider  film at all prepossessing." ,  ���The day went on, fatiguing, distressing iu Its length and its happenings.  Progres's was necessarily slow.- tho  perils of the road increasing as the  little cavalcade wound, deeper. and  deeper Into the wilderness. There were  times, when the coach fairly crawled  along the edge of a .precipice, a proceeding so hazardous that Beverly  shuddered as if ln a chill. Aunt Fauny  slept serenely most of .the time, and  Bnldos took to dreaming with his eyes  wide open. Contrary to her expectations, the Axphalnlans did not appear,  and if there were robbers In the bills  ttiey thought better than to attack the  valorous looking party. It dawned,  upon her finally that tbe Axphalnlans  were guarding the upper route and not  the one over which she was traveling.  Yetlve doubtless was approaching Ganlook over the northern pass, provided  tbe enemy had not been encountered  before Labbot was reached. Beverly  soon found herself fearing -for the  safety of the princess, a fear which*at  last became almost unendurable.  Near nightfall* they cameupon three  Graustark' shepherds, and learned' that  Ganlook could not be" reached before  the next*afternoon. The tired, hungry  travelers spent the night In a snug  little valley through which a rivulet  hounded onward to the river below.  The supper was a scant one, the foragers having poor luck In the hunt for  food. .Daybreak huw them on their  way once more.. Hunger and dread  had worn down Beverly's supply of  good spirits; she was having dlfflculty-  In keeping tbe haggard, distressed look  from her face. Her tender, hopeful  eyes "were not so bold or so merry as  on the day before; cheerfulness cost  her an effort,~but she managed to keep  lt fairly alive. Her escort, wretched  and half starved," never forgot the deference due to their charge, but strode  steadily  on with  the  doggedness of  uefore we reach the gates, l"know,  out you have nothing to fear during  ���ae rest of the trip. Franz shall" drive  .tou to the sentry post and turn over  tbe horses to your own men. My  friends aud I must leave you at the  end of the mountain road.* We are"���  "Ridiculous!" she cried. "I'll not  permit lt!   You must go to a hospital."  "If I enter the Ganlook gates lt will  be tbe-same as entering tbe gates of  death," he protested.  "Nonsense! You have a fever or you  wouldn't talk like that ,1 can promise  you absolute security."  "You do not understand, your high-'  ness."  "Nevertheless, you are going to a  hospital," she firmly said. "You would  die out here In the wilds, so what are  the odds either way? Aunt Fanny, will  you be careful? Don't you know tbat  the least movement of those bags hurts  him?"  "Please do not mind me, your highness.  I am doing very well," he said,  smllliur.  (To Be Continued.)  WHEN 6 REMEDIES  _HAD FAILED  HE TRIED  BILEANS.  FAMOUS. GAMBLERS.  The "hired girl" (.we never.5 never n'.  luded to ber us "tlie maid" In tbe small  American-town or quiet country pine*  where you and I 'were "raised") was  like oue of the family, uud mother was  glad to have her help, uud. none of us  put on any frills with her, aud she was*  uot compelled to put on any frills ol  cap or apron with us. Ofttimes, especially In the quiet country places,, hei  social standing was as good as that ol  anybody else. .Usually she was one ol  a grown family of girls There was  plenty of help at hei'.house. and so sh��  came aud assisted our mother at oui  'house. In their hours of ease mothei  and she discussed the neighborhood  gossip" together. _ The "hired girl" had  ber beau, a neighbor's stolid, sheepish  son, and much was she joked" about  him, and finally, after years of faithful  and friendly servitude, she married  him. We went to the wedding, and II  was quite a social affair, with much  ^temperate merriment and with many  cheap   but   useful   presents."    . .  Now  He   has    Dyspepsia  no   More.  Strange why people should not  try the very thing which would do  them good until last! Mr. Geo._La  Portwin, of 36 St. Paul St., Toronto, tried six difforent remedies for  dyspepsia, headache, and heartburn  before he tiied Bileans. The six  did him no good. Bi'eins have  cured him! He says: "I had  heartburn, dyspepsia and wind af:  ter food. The nourishment I took  seemed to do me no^ good, and the  pain I suffered wns 'veiy acute. I  tried six different remedies before  Bileans, but they- did me no good.  With Bileans it was finite different.  I   found   they    relieved    the    flatu-  Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Roid isatab-  ence and the pain within a few  hours, and a short course resulted  in a complete cure."*  In every country where they  have been introduced, Bile-ma haw  quickly taken fiist place because  of their rapid and lns'.ing cuitb  of indigestion, liver- and kidney  complaints, anemia, leidache, debility, constipation, piles, fema'e ailments and irregularities, rheumatism, liver chill, etc. Purely he bal  and containing no alcohol they nre  an ideal family medicine. All s'oro.s  and druggists sell at' 50c* a box, or  trom the Bile.-in Co., Toronto, for  price.    6 boxes *ent for $2.50.  martyrs. At times she was impelled to  disclose her true' Identity, but discretion told her that deception was her.  best safeguard.  Late In the afternoon of the second  day the front axle of the coach snap-  ped~In���two, and^tedldusTdelay of two"  hours ensued. Baldos was strangely silent and subdued.*' It wus not until the  misfortune came that Beverly observed the flushed condition of his face.  Involuntarily aud with the compassion  of a true woman, she touched bis band  and brow. They were burning hpt  The wounded man was in a high fever.  He laughed at her fears and scoffed at  the prospect of blood poisoning and the  hundred other possibilities that suggested themselves to ber anxious  brain.  "We are close to Ganlook," be said,  with the setting of tbe sun. "Soon you  may be relieved of your tiresome,  cheerless company, your highness."  "You are going to a physician," she  said resolutely, alive and active once  more, now that the worst part of the  journey was coining to an end. "Tell  that mun to drive in u gallop all the  rest of the way."  B  CHAPTER VIII.  Y this time thoy  were passing  the queer little huts that marked the outskirts of a/habitable      community.    These   were  the  homes of-shepherds, hunters and others whose vocations related especially to the mountains. Farther on there  were signs of farming interests; the  homes became more numerous and  more pretentious in appearance.' The  rock lined gorge broadened into a fertile valley; tho road was smooth and  level, a condition which afforded relief  to the travelers. Ravone had oace  more dressed the wounds inflicted by  tbe lion, but he was unable to provide  j anything tp subdue the fever. Baldos  was undeniably ill. Beverly, between  her exclamations of joy and relief at  being in sight of Ganlook, was profuse  In "her* expressions of concern for the  hero of the Hawk and Raven. ,The  feverish gleam  ln bis dark eyes and  I the pain that marked bis face touched  Webatvr'5* Cerapll-neat..  While It Is well known tbat 'Daniel  Webster In speaking of General Tay  lor's candidacy for the oftlce of presl-  , dent pronounced It "a nominal! >ii no!  fit to be inude," he never fuller! .!o du  justice,to the general's military abilities and eminent service in the field,  On one occasion he paid tbe old soldier a "delicate and .well deserved compliment. General Taylor was complaining of the crowds of people wlu  dally besieged him soon after his accession to the presidency. -   '  "They Interfere," he said, "with my  official engagements and' violate my  domestic retirement, but still"I do not  wish to/ .turn my -back upon - my  friends." , -  "You-never did upon your enemies,  general," Mr. Webster instantly i*e-  "plied.  The Satib. "  The snob cultivntos a man or a w-jM-  an not because he expects to get n job  or a loan out ofelther, but 1)000118? be  thinks either can help him along luio  society's elect.   He-cuts a- forme.-'ac-  'qualntauce because, the UDfortun:ite  person seems to be of no" use iu bis  own 'social advancement- Ife suppresses tbe Impulse tbat may lead b{ui  to dislike useful people and like useless ones just as ,the-ambitious b.-uik  clerk-'suppresses his small extinv-a-  gances, bis fondness for the race .track.  Because social position seems so- important to him he admires excessively  ,those who have it and snubs fiosa  whose position he deems'Inferior to his  own. ' -       '  30  ex-  Jo=eph Deary, aged about  yearb, .was killed by a G. T. R.  press near Chatham. Chickens.'said  to have been stolen, and a whisky  bottle,  were found beside his body.  Old Time London  Butting; Clubo nnd  Tbeir Memben,  There were three principal  clubs-  White's, Brookes' and Boodles'. White's  was originally a "chocolate house" in  William III.'b time, but became a private club early in the eighteenth century and was used by the' Tories.   It  was a club always^noted for high play  -and betting, and very curious some,of  their bets were, tbe old wager book  being still preserved.    Brookes'   was  the Whig club and was then conducted by that  Liberal Brookes, whose speculative skill  Is hasty credit and a distant bill;  Who, nursed ln clubs, disdained a vulgar  trade.  Exults to trust and blushes to be paid.  Among the members of this club  were the Prince. of Wales, and, of  course, his fldus Achates, Sheridan, besides thu great Charles Jumes Fox,  who here played deeply and whose  uauie ls oft .recorded ln the wager  book, which, however, ls of older date  and was kept when the club was held  at Almack's. "Lord Northington bets  Mr. C. Fox, June 4, 1774, that he (Mr.  C. F.) is not called to the bar before  this day four years." "March 11, 1775,  Lord Bollugbroke gives a guinea to  Mr. Charles Fox and Is to receive a  thousand from him whenever the debt  of" this .county amounts to ��171,000,-  000. Mr. Fox is uot to pay the ��1.000  till he is oue of his majesty's cabinet"  "Ap>**il 7, 1791. Mr. Sheridan bets Lord  Lauderdale aud Lord Thanet1 25  guineas each that parliament will not  consent to any more lotteries after the  present one voted to be drawn ln February next"���From "The Dawn of the  Nineteenth Century." by John Ashton.  NO   DIFFERENCE.  ��� Dr. Leonard's H?m-Koid cures any  form of    Piles.    Internal,    External,  Bleiding, Blind,   Itching,   S ppurit-  ing,  etc.,  are  simply  names   of  the  stages through which every -case will  Dass if it continues.  - Piles are caused by congestion    of  .'o il in   the lower   bowel,    and it  a!*-.:- an internal letncdy to remove  the cause.  Dr. seonhardt's Hem-Eoid is a tablet, taken internally, and no case of  -"ilea has ever been found .it failed  .0 cure. Money back if it doss fail.  $1.00 at any dealers, or lhe*Wil-  son-FvleCo., Limited, Niagara Falls,  Ont.. 14.  Confuae-i (be Blevatos Man.  New York elevator operators hare I  dislike of the word "next"    ��� |  "It ls too confusing," said one man'  "For example, two men stepped int<  my car tbe other day. One said," 'Flftl  floor.' The other said, 'Next.' I stop  ped at the second floor and waited and  waited for the man who had ordered  'next' to get off. He flew into a rage  'I don't want tbis floor,' he said. '1  said the'.sixth floor. Didn't the othei  fellow say "Fifth," and didn't Tsaj  "Next," and Isn't sixth next after flfthl  Huh?'  "The following day oue passengei  called ont, 'Third floor,' and the othei  said 'Next' at the same time! I though!  I knew my business that time. I bus  tied the third floor man right up to bli  landing and took the chap whojwantei!  'next' on to the fourth floor. .He wai  angry also." 'What did you bring mi  up here for when 1 wasn't looking?' hi  thundered. 'Didn't you hear me saj  next?' 'Yes,' said 1, 'but tbe other ma-g  said third'��� 'I don't give a rap,' Bald  he, 'what the other man said. Wi  were then ou the first floor, and when  1 said next didn't that mean secondl  I'll report you for Inattention, that'i  what I'll do.' . .  "And that is what he did do," sighed  tbe operator. "Clearly the word 'next  ought to be abolished."  HE DIED FIGHTING.  How  RHEUMATIC  AGONY.  Your Doctor  Can cure your Cough or Cold,-  no question about that,  but��� - *  -why go to' all the trouble and  inconvenience of looking him up,  and then of ha ving hisprescription  filled, when you can step into any  drug store in Canada and obtain  a bottle of SHILOH'S CURE     /  for a quarter.  Why pay two to five dollars  when a twenty-five cent 4  bottle of SHILOH will cure you    .  as quickly T  Why not do as hundreds of-   -  -thousands   of   Canadians  have  * done -for  the past thirty-four  years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold  appears.   -  SHILOH will cure you, and aU  druggists back up this statement *,  with a positive guarantee. '  The next   time you have  a *  Cough or Cold cure it with - :-  SHILOH  Charged with bigamy and. credited  with having ihiitoin wives, Kev. Albert Holden pleaded, guilty in Toledo, Ohio, and was sentenced to  six years  in  the  penitentialy.  In Montreal during 1905 four and  three' quarter millions of dollaTs was  expended on buildings, as compared  to $7,748,023 in  1906.  Dr.. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. ��� Eev.  W. H. Main, pastor of the Baptist Emanuel Church, Buffalo, gives strbnij.. testimony ior and is a firm believer iu Dr.  Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. - Be has tried  many kinds of -remedies without avail.  "After using Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder I was benefited at once," are ' his  words. It is a wonderful remedy. 61'  cents.���65  Harry Hallett, aged ��� 15 years, - was  .killed by " the overturning of a  wagon at St.-Catharines.  Minard's -Liniment  Cures  Garget   in  -* Cows.       1  - The. Manchester Guardian-says:  "Canada prospers ' greatly under or  in spite of protection."  Prince. Louts    Napoleon    Waa  Killed-by the Zalna. ,  How Prince Louis Napoleon was.klll-  ed by the. Zulus June 1, 1879, Is told  graphically In the book by Sir Evelyn;  Wood, who took part In that war. The  little party which the prince accompanied was surprised and attacked. Sir  Evelyu writes: "The Zulus In pursuit  ran first after the two white soldiers  who were on" the flanks, three or four  men, headed by Labanga, following  tbe prince. His horse had jumped just  as he was mounting, and his sword fell  out of Its scabbard. He was very active and was vaulting on his horse in  motion when tlie wallet on the front  of the saddle broke away, and he fell  to the ground, being at this time only  sixty yards behind the (British) fugitives. There were seven men who actually fought thp'prince. When Lan-  galebele, -pursuing the fugitives, first  saw Labanga, he was running away  from tbe prince, who was rushing, at  him. Labanga, crouching In the grass,  threw an assagai at him". The first assagai stuck In the prince's"thigh, and,  withdrawing It from the'wound, he  kept his foes at bay for some minutes.'  In the native's words: 'He fought like  a lion. He fired two_ shots,' but without effect, and I threw an assagai at  him, which struck him, as I said at the  time, but I always allowed Laba'nga'a  claim to bave killed him, for* his assagai hit tbe prince in the left shoulder,  a mortal wound.' ���-  -  -   * '  ...m  Alnayi.  It Is easy .to eonvlnce~a woman that-  on love her, but lt Is not so easy-"to-  1 vi- up to it for a Ufetime.-riew Zea_-  .aud Graphic.     -  '    Tl��e  Letter A.,  The .'etter A is In Hebrew failed  aleph, an ox, and tbe Phoenician character which represents this sound was  originally a picture of au ox" .dead;  hence the name. The right band Fftoke  of the A represents the top of-the fu*ad,  the other do"wn stroke the left side, ***d  a 'line, since fallen 'out of I'se. represented the right side of the head. \\*'!Ie  -In���very���old��� Phoenician���uiuhus*.** ipts  two dots above for eyesaiiJ twj below for nostrils rendered' the resemblance complete. '       \   ,  Bsrhclor  (Kuoratnce.  "Aren't men the limit?" said- y��uug  MrsT Wheel. ".When I told my brui'n-r  this morning tint oaby had Jutt cut a  tooth, he asked mo savagely wl'-j I  had allowed it to play with knives"  "And my bachelor uJiCie," 3->ul Mrs,  Whoa, "when he beard ibot my lmby  had begun teeth'ng, wanted to know If  It  would   begiu   hairing  soon."  Odd lloo^ttisrkJ.  A" Newark librarian has kept a record  of odd bookmavLs found In returned  books. Tho record Includes an ins-jr-  nnce policy, a two dollar bill, a pair  of speetucles, Jove letters, a will, a  mortgage, photograph*, u marriage certificate, u promissory-note, dress samples mid a hare's foot  Then  Slie  Cot  Furious.  She���Here we've lipen marred Just  one rnonth. and now you no longer love  me. He���But. my denr��� She���Don't try  to explain I'm not biind. fou made  n mlsta.vi-. You oaj-hl to have married  some silly, stupid woman He���But,"  dearest, I've done my best.   -  m. 'A-Fearful   Dnel.  The most terrible duel fought at any  time -In Paris was the one 'between  Colonel D., an old Bonapartlst officer,  a'nd-M. de Q. of-the. Gardes "du Corps,  a * mere youth, ~ but of herculean  strength. The two men, .lashed together so as to -leave tlieir right arms  free, were armed with short* knives,  placed ln a hackney coach'and driven  at a tearing gallop around the Place  de la Concorde. - They were taken out  of the coach dead. The colonel had  eighteen stabs, the youth only four,  but oue of these had pierced bis heart   Maaicrea-th-a-<*(.��� ---,',������,���  " Hundreds of people' have cured themselves of. impediments lu'speech.'-One  of last year's mayors as a young man  used to find'it almost impossible,to pro-  nouuee words -beginning with _ a "q."  ETvery day for months be used to walk  across St. James' park practicing this  sentence aloud. "A quantity ofL quicksilver quietly quartered ln- a quagmire," until be conquered the Impediment. Today he is one of the most  fluent speakers In England.���London  Tit-Bits. -     *        '     -  "They haven't captured him, then?   her deeply. Suffering softened his lean,  sun browned features, obliterating the  mocking lines that had Impressed her  so unfavorably at the outset She was  saying to herself tbat he was hand-  -55~ne after a most unusual cast; It waa  an unforgettable face. <  "Your highness," he said earnestly,  after she bad looked long and anxlous-  *���*--". u\s half closed eyes, "we arewlth-  o ed boun of ftmiiaoit    U v'U.tia dark  Good!   I am so glad!"  Baldos exhibited little or no Interest  In the fresh topic.  "It is strange you should have forgotten bis name," he said wearily.  "Oh, I do so many ridiculous things I"  complalned Beverly, remembering who  sne was supposed to be.   "I bave never  seen him, you know," she added.  .  "itis not straiue'e. vouAhI>zbnesa    Ha  Distrust is tint? motlier of security.���  La Fonts.!no.  (letting  Hnr>k  at  IIl>��.  Hewitt���1 gor ����ven with tbe" doctor  who vaccinated me. .Tewett���How dii'  you do li? Hewitt���He ran for office,  and I scratched hiin.   Sugar.  The introduction of sugar into* England is often dated as late as the fifteenth century.- but It was really in use  in that country In the thirteenth century. ,,   '  The Btraacama.  The Etruscans were a civilized people ages before the foundation of  Roma Herodotus states that Etrurla,  the modern Tuscany, was founded by  a colony of Lydians. Tbe Etruscan  vases and tombs show a high state of  civilization and refinement, and it ls  believed tbat the Romans borrowed  many of their institutions and laws  from Etrurla.  Why  He Wanted  am Auto-graph.  A young inau once wrote to William  Dean Howells for his autograph. The  novelist replied ln a typewritten line:  "Have yon bought my last book?"  The young man answered:  "I have not. I want to sell your autograph In order to get money enough  to buy II."  Reasonable  Request.  "The trouble," said the dentist as he  probed away at tbe aching molar with  a long, slender instrument, J'ls evident  !y due to a dying,nerve,."  "Well." groaned the victim. "It's  open to you to treat the dying with a  little more respect."  Some Odd WUla.   ������  One of the oddest documents of the  will kind known'was that.of Queen  Austrlgllda,'consort 0f King Goutram  of Burgundy. The dying princess enjoined-upon her husband to slay and  bury ln the same grave wltb_ber the  physicians who had attended her. - Another will, was that of a husband who  forbade bis wife's marrying on pain of  bis returning to haunt, her.- This Is  quite different from that,of avWoman  who Instructed ber executors to-seek",  out "some nice, good, pretty girl" who  would make an affectionate second  wife to ber spouse. It Is a fact Interesting In this connection that the first  Napoleon actually bequeathed : 10,000  francs to. a fellow named' Cantillon.  who had been tried for attempting the  assassination of the Duke of Wellington. _    ���  Nothing Reached the _ Root of the  Trouble Until Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills  Were  Used.  "I suffered almost untold, agony  from rheumatism. - For several  weary months I wns confined to bed?  I had the best of medical treatment,  but nothing seemed tb reach the root  of'tht disease until I used Dr. William's' Pink-Pills. These have completely restored my health." This  fitrong emphatic sla'ement is made  by Mrs. Edna Morrill," Woodstock, N.  S., a la_dy who had practically, been  given up as incurable by-doctors.  She fuitheiAsays:"I suffered'forover  two years and rheumatism seemed to  bo-fiiirily implanted is my system.-.At  the oulset I was able to attend to  my househdld duties,vbut'at night ]  suffered the greatest pain. I at  once began to .take medicine but my  condition actually grew worse. I was  attended by a skilful doctor but was  ultimately forced to remain in bed,  sufferin? untold agony with every  movement,. Finally the. doctors told  me the trouble was incurable. -One  day 1 h*!>s advised-to try'Dr.* Williams' Pink-Pills and I decided to do"  so. Pvfrfently the pains were not so  sevfire. and I- ljegan to feel myself  gainiyg.. Shortly after I was able  to r,0 about, and in less than three  mMiths'I was-perfectly'well. Jov  ���his condition my thanks are gratefully   due   to   Dr.   "Williams'    Pink  puis.-/ .-;-"���--���      j    -   "--    -  . Dr. Williams'. "Pink Pills cured  Mis.- Morrill' by "driving the rheumatic poison out of her blood. They  actually make ' new- blood.'-- They  don't bother with "mere symptoms.  They go right to- ihe root of the  trouble in the blood. -That is why  they have cured the - worbt cases- of  anaemia, (bloodless-.ess), headaches/  a,nd backaches, ��� kidney troubled, indigestion, neuralgia nervousness and  the - special * ailments" of ' girls and  women whose blood supply becomes  weak, scanty or irregular. Sold bv  all medicine "dealers, or by mail a't  50c a box or six boxes for'$2.50 from  the -Dr. Williams Medicine -, Co.,  Brockville, Ont.  Mild In Their Action.���Pannelei-'s  Vegetable Pills are very mild in their  action. They do not cause*griping in'  the blomach--*or cause distuibunces  there -as so many jnlls dp. 'Thei'e-  foie, the most delicate can take them  without fear of unpleasant results,  fhey can, too, be administered - to  children without imposingf the penalties which follow the use of pills not  so carefully prepared. - ,  The new" ordnance 'makes it- mandatory oh the public seivice corporation of Jersey City to provide  seats -ior -every ��� passenger r on .- its  cars. ' ' - -",'"  The Nova  Scotia "Lumber    King"  says:     / -' 5       -     .  J'l consider-MINAKD'S LINIMENT  the JiEST liniment'111, use.  I got mv foot badly jammed lately.  I bathed 'it    well    with   MINARD'S  LINIMENT and it was as well    as  ;ever next day."   .  it '     Yours very truly,"      . \  -  "' . T..G." McMULLEN.  Tony Sairi, a foreigner, went to a"  "coke* oven' in " Uniontown, Pa.,  deliberately undressed .and threw himself  into  the "bed  of-' fire  and-was  burned to death. _--*---���  A Casket- of Pear li.���Dr. Yon -Stan'a  Pineapple Tablets -would prove a great  solace to the disheartened dyspeptio if  he would but test their potency. They're  veritable gems in preventiutj the seating  of stomach disorders, by aiding and ntim-.  ulating digestion ���* .60 *of these health  ���'pearls-'--in'a* box, and they oost M*  ccnts. ** Recommended v by most eminent,  physicians.���64 '  A Problem In Life.  - They had met in the subway and In  the Interval of passing a few stations  bad fallen to talking of a lovely woman friend who had died. .'-  "How did she'dleV Do you know?"  he asked. * -  "She nursed a little niece through an  infectious disease,' then took It herself  and died of it," said she. '.  "A strange Providence!" he mused  sadly. . "She, lovely, gracious, charming, everything to live for and a blessing to her friends, to die in order that  a child might live. A strange and unaccountable  Provldencel"  The. Combination.  Mis5-* Mlllyun���One can be very hnp  py lu this world with health and inori-  ���\v Dendbroke���Then' let's be made  one. I have the health und you have  the money.���Illustrated BltB. -     -  Qood and Oasoo4.  The subject of ancestors Is often an  Interesting topic of conversation. A  lady extremely proud of her mother's  family created a sensation and made  her listeners wonder a little when she  remarked: "My father filled many responsible positions. We all have tha  greatest respect for him. My father  was a good man, but"���and a certain  stiffening of the shoulders and an  added expression of firmness ln the.  good lady's face added importance .to  her ��� conclusion���"my mother-was an  Osgood 1"  Han to Blame.- _ "*  Women are more prone to deceit than  men. From the time when' Scheherazade told her lord 1.001 lies to keep the  peace lt has been the accepted way.  And the men, not the women, aro the  most to blame. It Is what they like,  and they get It���Good Words.  "  "-'drink more; eat.less.1  1 " -*-    .?* . . . -**  Advice For Tboae Wltb Rheumatism,  Gout, Eczema and. Neuralgia.  If people would take less nntritlon  "and-drink more water, there' would be  less rheumatism, "gout.* eczema and  neuralgia in the world. The most, frequent cause-of these .derangements'Is  an excess of nutritive materials. The  blood is surcharged with ^salts that  are not needed In the system.   ��� * ���"''  "' The doctors-are'trying to remedy  these diseases by giving something to  eliminate tbe salts, such as purgatives,  diuretics - and * solvents of various  kinds. "The rational wuy, however, to  cure such affections * Is to stop the  cause.     Drink-more -water;   eat-less  =meat���and���concentrated���foods. - -This  shuts off the supply of urates In the  blood.      v-   -_-',..--;.-  ThoBe who take active exercise In  tbe "open air every day "require a greater amount of nutrition. Not only do  they use .up the nutritive-materials in  muscular, exercise, but 'the' amount of  ..oxygen inhaled because of their1 activ;  ities thoroughly oxidizes the urates and  changes them in urea. If the blood Is  loaded with "Mates they are very likely to crystallize, especially in those  portions of the~body where the circulation is the least and the temperature  Is tbe lowest, such as the elbows, ankles, the toes and fingers.  .~ -Drink more water; "eat less' foodi  This is a prescription that is worth  more to such people than all the drugs  in tbe world. Shut off tbe source of  urate poisoning and tbe effects of  .urate poisoning .will disappear.���Ex-  chance. * -  His   majesty   'the ' king' has   appointed Isaa.c Henry Mathers assistant -receiver-general   at -Halifax, ,N.  ,S.t. to. represent "Canada on theahip-  ping ling commission.  Itch,-Mange, Prairie Scratches and-  every form of-contagious Itch-on human or-animals cured-in 30 minutes  by. Wolford's Sanitary Lotion. ., ,  "William McKerroll, aged 98 years, -  died-at Ottawa.^ He was one-of the  early  settlers   in -  the '.- Ontario, district,' going there in-1842.  George .Katzemnyer, ten years of  age,' while trying to crawl under a  train "at. a crossing near St., Thomas,  had both his legs cut off. -  Or. Slocum's Great Toole  and Disease Destroyer -  -)\  \]  )\  V*  Love is Intoxicating, it Is said. What  a good thing it Is that marriage hat  a tendency" to sober a man.���Torcall  (Tex.) Transcript  The First Dancers.  People have danced for thousands of  years and will probably continue to  do so for ages to come. This custom  Ib of ancient origin. The first people  to dance were the Guretes, who adopted dancing as a mark of rejoicing in  1543 B. C. In early-times the Greeks  combined dancing with the drama, and  In 22 B. Q, pantomimic dances were  Introduced on tbe Roman stage. At  the discovery of America the American  Indiana were holding their religious,  mcirtlal and social dances.  Benevolence U the tranquil habitation of man.- and "righteousness is his  straight path.���Menicus.  A lady wiites: "I was enabled to  remove the cohib, root and branch,  by, the use of Holloway's Corn Cure.".  Others who have tried it: have the  same experience. -�� -*  A  Pusxled Author. '  When Alphonse Daudet brought,out  "Sappho" - an American publishing  house tbat issued religious books, not  knowing Its character, offered M. Daudet a large sum for advance sheets of  the work. He accepted-the offer, and  tbe advance sheets were sent. When  the publishers received tbem they decided tbat they could not Issue'the  book, and they cabled to the author,  "'Sappho' will not .do." This dispatch  puzzled Daudet. He consulted" with  numbers of friends, and this was tbe  conclusion' at whlcb they eventually  arrived: "Sappho" In French Is spelled  witn one "p"���"Sapho," after the Greek  fashlon. In English It Is spelled with  two. An unusually acute friend pointed this out to Daudet, whlcb much relieved the novelist and he cabled back"  to the publishers, "Spell "It with two  p's." It Is needless to state that the  publishers were more astonished at  Dandefs reply than he bad been at  their cable dispatch. -  L _���      (fRONOUHOED IHUUU     *  Usecl in Thousands  of Homes in Canada  THOSE WHO don't know what Psychine  is and what it does are asking about U"."  THOSE WHO do know what P��ychine  is and what it'does are using it   They  * regard it as their best physician and  friend.  THOSE WHO use it are being quickly  ' and permanently cured of all forms of  throat, chest,-lung and stomach  troubles. ~ It ia a scientific preparation, destroying all disease germs in the  blood and syitem.   It is a wonderful  ' tonic and system building remedy, and  ii a certain cure for  COUGHS,  LA GBIPPt,  Colds, ,  Paoanonla,  Kroachitls,  Catarrh,  Weal Voice,  Sle-aplaMness,  NarTousaess, -  Malaria,  Aaaamte,  Bronchial Coughs,  Chills and Fever,  Difficult /Breathing,  Genera' WeaKnen  " Fenaie Troubles,  FicMe Appetite,  Hemorrhages,  Night Sweats,     ,_ >  Consnmption,  ��    !  Catarrh of tho  ,-. Stomach.  All then-diseases are serious in themselves, and if not promptly cured in tbe  early stages are the certain forerunners of  Consumption in its-moot-terrible forms.  Psychine 'conquers and cures Consumption,, but it is much easier and safer to  prevent its development by using Psy-  I chine. - Here is' a sample of thousands of  voluntary and unsolicited statements from  "all over Canada: ��  Or. T. A. Siocum, Limited:  GenUemen,���I feel lt m-r dntj to tdrin yon  ���f the remarkable cute adected br your Fiyohine  aaa Oxomulslon, which -hire come mader my  MnoaU obeervation. Three men, well known te  lee. Albeit Townieiid, Haiel Hlpaon and John  KoKay, all ol Bheltrarne County, were pro-  - Bounced -by-the beet'.medical men lobar*  eorujumptlon, aad to be incurable and beyond the  reach of medical aid. -They tved Psychine and  Ozomnlilon and they are now in eood health.  I feel it a doty I owe to luffering humanity te  atate these facta for the benefit *f other aufferen  iron thl�� terrible disease. '.  '      .  TonitTerytrulT, ^  LEANDEB McKBHZIB, J.P.,  ^        - Green Harbor, N.S.  FSychine, pronounced Si-keen, Is for  sale at all'up-to-date dealeni. If-yoni  druggist or general store cannot supply  you, write Dr. T. A. Siocum, limited, 179  Kin* Street West, Toronto.  W.  N.     U.     No.  623  Her."-J.- -.���  M   ���..    ~<   3    . ���t /  ir��-m~*i i'i  -a  THEiEADjiii, MOYIE; BRITISH COLOMBIA.-"'  ,-"���'-."?  .>���:"'-  V, ,nTT"'���,'.,,  HAVE YOUR CHILDREN  ANY SORES, JIN6-  WORMORULCEBS?  ZAM-BUK   WILL   SURELY   CURE  Here are a few instances of Zam -  Buk's healing power:.  Three children   in one family   i  Bulk's Falls have bacn cured of serious skin diseases by Zam-BuL.  Mrs. Minnie Elliff, of St. John'.5  We3t (Welland 'County), says: "M;.  baby had a kind of rash on his head  quite a lot of small red spots ar.d  pimples. "��� I applied Zam-Buk and  was delighted with the result." -  Mrs. Goring, of Longford Mil s  saya: "Zam-Buk is a wonderful  healer of ringworm. I trie'd' eveiy-  thing that could be thought of, b il  nothing was able to cuie until Zam-  Buk came.    It is a fine lemedy."  Mrs. liiidges of South Cote, Sask.,  writes: "I used Zam-Buk on baby',  cheeks when they got chilled, witi  excellent tesults. It is the bcss  thing I know for barns, and -shall  always koi p Zam-Buk in the house."  Zarn-Buk   is   particularly    ndapteci  to delicate and  tendei  hkins".    lt i  free  fiom  all  mineial coloring matter aiid from animal fat, "being purely    herbal.    It  heata   cuts,     bums  bruises, ulcers, cnapped places, ec/.t-  ma,   1 ingworm,   running  sores,    b. d  leg,   enlarged     veins,   piles,   scaling  sores,   etc.      As    ail  embrocation  i  cures  rheumatism, sciatica,    neuralgia, and tubbed v.eh on to the ches-  ._in cases ot cold eases the tightne, ���/  "and aching.   -  All druggists and stores sell ai  50c a box, or- post free from - the  Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for ' price  6  boxes  sent  for .$2.50.  THE "LIVING IN" SYSTEM.  M. Guidema, governor of the political pri oa -on Vasili Ostron (Basil  island), was 'killed . in -the. main  street of the island.  The budget has passed the chamber of deputies of Fiance after r-  stormy  debate.  According to advices leceived fron.  .Caracas, Governor Mata stirprised a  6eciet political meeting. __ ,Governoi  Mata arid several others weie killed  - - A MOTHER'S PRIDE. .. N  A mother's greatest pleasure is ir  seeing her little ones ' blight  playful^and healthy, fhe wellchild  is a blessing to the home,-"but the  sick child is a regular little tyrant.  A.few doses of Baby's Own Tablets  will make the ;sickly* child well, oi  an occasional dose will prevent sickness. There - is nothing to equal  these tablet* as a_cure-for stomach  arid bowel troubles. . They ��� make  teething easy, break up, colds, - expel  worms and. cure "simple, fevers.  Baby's Own Tablets .are s.old under  the guarautee of a government 'analyst not to contain one particle oi  opiate���they never do harm-i-al-  ways good. Mrs. G. M. Kemp,  Carleton Place, Ont.", says: "I have  given Baby's Own ^Tablets to" mj  little, one-since he "'as a week old,  an 1'have found them a splendid  medicine.. At eleven months he  weighed over ' twenty-six ' pounds.  The Tablets are sold^by druggists  "or by mail at 25" cents a box from  The, Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,  Brockville,  Ont.  Hardships of Shop Assistants In Eas-  lish Business House55-.   -  "Shop-assistants'* and clerks, in retail and wholesale houses and similar  establishments In England often endure great hardship on account of the  survival of the mediaeval "living in"  rules by which they" eat, sleep and''  work all under the same roof. A determined effort ls now being- made to d3  away with the evils of'the system. J.  Macpherson, general' secretary of the  Union, of Shop Assistants, quotes Dr.  Norman Kerr as follows: "It Is Impossible' for me to Hud language strong  enough to convey a hundredth part of  the mischief which I have seen arise  from the excessive hours of .labor,of  shop assistants who" bave been under  my professional care. The great length  of the hours at work I have seen breakdown strong constitutions, seriously  aggravated ns the evil has been by the  dyspeptic misery and disease Induced  by the necessary bolting vof food  through the far too short period allowed for meals."  Secretary Macpherson writes: "The  following bouse rules Indicate the  'homelike' nature of the accommodation provided, not only for young people, but equally for adult men and  women: 'No pictures or photos are to  disfigure the walls. Any one so doing  will be,charged with* the repairs. All  bedrooms must be cleared by 8 a. m.  On' Sundays bedrooms to be cleared by  10:30 a. m. and not entered again till  12:30 p. m. Assistants must not lean  out of the window or loiter In the passages or doorsteps or pavements near  the hou-e and are on-no account to"  bring strange* a Into the house. No'  flowers to be put In water glasses or  bottles. House door Is closed at 11  p. m. Gas turned off fifteen minutes  later. Any one having a light after  that time, will be discharged.'  "That the employers will not relln-t  qulsb such a profitable-source of revenue without a struggle is obvious," the  same official continues. "Take the following ,. illustration: -An employer  boards and feeds a staff of 500 assistants.    He decides to reduce the cost  The Mark  That Tells  Pen-Angle -trademark (in red) on  every- Pen-Anglei  garment, tells you  it will fit and won't  shrink, ��� you*  own dealer so  Zr'&JOjr^fiP^JA   guarantees it.  poce.focwomen. men aad ^Underwear     U1US.  cUldna. Form Fiijai.- trademarked ia  Vtnot era authorized lo M. -  rerf.ee iuuoar ��nd ��i mi   Bolter,     warmer,  tot, ujr PeL-Ansls a*r   more     flexible,  ���tent faulty- Hi   Biatenal - . _.�����.!����7  rnt tasking.       209   better wearing.  jn   Ifj"! 1*  UNDERWEAR  William Whitcley  bequeathed" $!".,-  000.000  to piovide    almshouses   and  homes  fot the aged    and  deberving  poor. -          ' .  A St. Peiarsnurg dispatch .to the  London Times says it is reported  that here are pio*pects of'a matrimonial union* between the imperial  families of Germany and Russia.  Something That Should be Rubbed  In.���"Whenever pain is felt in the  limbs or back, take Dr. Thomas'  Electric Oil; pour a little in the  hnnd, and applying it to the surface  beneath which -the pain lies, mb  briskly. If the fiist "application does  not affoi d relief, "which is not usually the cose, kepp rubbing. The' Oil  will giadually penetrate to the affected part and relief will come..  The Harriman railroads - are buying coal in Australia and shipping  it to the United States for use in.  locomotives  on lines  of the sjstem  HOWS THIS ?  We oiler One Hundred Dollars Reward for any  case of Catarrh tbat cannot be oursd by Hall's Catarrh Cure. -JF. J. CHENEY * CO., Toledo, O.   .  We, the undergignad, hare known I*. J. Cheney  for tbe lait 16 years, and believe him perftetly hon-  Of breakfasts to the extent Of 1 penny   | orable In all bntlneas transactions and flnsrioislly  able to carry ont any obligation! mads by hla fins.  WAtDWO,  KimUN & MAnTItf,  a head per diem. This economy ln  housekeeping gives him an additional  profit of ��760 ($3,800) a year-on the  cheeseparing of one meal alone. " The  unfortunate, assistant, 'who can leave  If he doesn't like the food provided,',  must deplete his meager wage to buy  extra food to satisfy hunger or to tempt  the palate to swallow the unappetizing  fare provided by the firm."  . Inspector Hughes of Toronto, has  s received a letter from Alfred Mose-  " ly, stating tha't he has nearly completed  arrangements    for    a .return  visit  of the  United States and  Canadian  teachers   to  British  schools'r  " Fehmi Pasha, chief of the secret  police of the palace of the sultan of  Turkey, has come into _��erions conflict with  the  German  embassy.  Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria  Robert  Ferguson    of    Port  Hope,*  was found  frozen" to    death in his  "bed in a miserable shack which was  shared by a companion nanSed Hill.  At a meeting of representatives or  the Lehigh -Valley railway trackmen^ switchmen and gate tenders,  it' was resolved to make a demand  _uponr the_company_for_anrincrease of.  10  per  cent..,- . .    .    *     *  Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup is  the result of" expert -'chemical experiments, undertaken to dise6ver n  preventative of inflammation of the  lung and consumption, by destroying  the germs that develop these dis  eases, and fill the. world-with piti  able subjects hopeiessly stricken  The use of "this Syrup will prevent  the dire consequences of neglected  colds. A trial, which costs only. 25  cents, will convince you that this te  coriect.  .A Modern Samson.  Possessed of Samsonlike" strength,  Albert Fisher of Quebec saved his life  by a remarkable exhibition of hls'pow-  er.' Fisher" was"-employed at sa stone  crusher, and his - duties consisted In  feeding'rocks into the huge machine.  To aid this he stood on a platform just  above the crusher. He had just.drop-  ed a fifty pound bowlder Into the machine when'hls foot slipped and he fell^  headlong between tlie steel jaws.  No person "was near to stop tbe engine. Bracing his shoulders against  tho steel crushers, which were slowly,  closing, the sturdy workman, exerted  all his great strength In'one"powerful  effort. For a moment the machine  stopped, then the massive Bides drew  apart, and finally there was a rending  of the steel joints, and the crusher fell  to pieces.���Philadelphia North'American. - ___  Frugal Kin* Leopold.  A few years ago King Leopold of  the Belgians made a Norwegian tour  and In <|ue course drove overland in a  chaise to Stavanger, where one of tha  large hotels was stirred by the news  that lt was about to be favored by royal patronage. The dinner hour of the  .other guests was postponed ln order  that the king might have the huge dining room for" his" sole use, and other  -preparations were made for the adequate entertainment of hla majesty.  The sumptuous repast was served In  style, apparently to the king's complete  satisfaction. At the end of the repast  he beckoned to the maitre d'hotel and  without a word handed him Ja J^ttJe-_  ment.a tourist's coupon. Even when  on pleasure bent King Leopold has a  frugal mind.   ,  Wholesale Drnojlitt, Toledo, O.  Hall's Catarrh Cur* la taken Internally, acting  directly upon the blood and mnooas ratfaces ol th*  ���jutem. -Teetimoniol, 'sent Iras. Prloo Wo. pa��  bottle.   Sold by all Druggists.      '  Take Hall's Family Fills tor ooutlpitlsn.  . Further seiious consequences are  expected in the Chinese famine districts unless immediate aid is-forth-  coming, accoiding to state department advices. -^"  A Horse with a v  Strained Shoulder  is sound as a dollar in 24 hours  -'--'after you rub the sore spot with  Fellows' Leernlng'3 Essence. -  It gives  instant relief in-all  - cases of Strains, Bruises and  ' Swellings ��� draw9  the  pain  right  out ���'Strengthens   the  -weak back, shoulder or knee.  Whether yon have one horse  or twenty, accidents are-liable  to happen'any time. Keep a  bottle of  Fellows'"  I*eeming*s  '- l&ssex&ce  '  handy ��o you can have it when  * needed.  50c. a bottle.   At dealers.  NATIONAL DRUQ A CHEMICAL CO,  LIMITED, MONTREAL.  18  - RAILWAY CONSTRUCTION.  All   Provincas   of   Canada   Share   In  Sixty  Million  Dollar Development  ���Thousands of Miles of Steel.  The" year 1906 will go" on record*as  one of extraordinary expansion in >  railroad building.* Without taking  electric roads into account, it is 'estimated that 3,314-miles "of new railway are under construction in Canada, at an approximate cost of 62 millions. The actual- construction of ���  these lines will probably _ cost forty-  'four millions, the other eighteen mil  lions being spent in equipment.  J.ames J. Hill is building lines in  British Columbia in connection with  the Great -Northern"system,--aggregating 419 miles, and as he is building  in a mountainous country his "operations 'are likely to cost a round ten  millions'.  , Watch the cows.   -  Get Good Returns For Good, Feed sad  ' Treatment.  It Is too often the case with many  farmers or dairymen tbat they keep  their cows, regardless of their producing capacity, till .they are old before  they replace them with others. A cow  should be, as.lt were, a trial. And her  owner should be exacting enough to demand large returns from good feed and  treatment* Every generation of cows  can for many years yet be made an  Improvement on their dams. .Then the  more rapidly one generation of cows ls  made to rephu-u another the1more,rapidly .will the herd Improve ln producing  capacity If the proper care ls,exercised  in breeding. It is possible to bave all  cows ln the herd approach and even  equal the best cow In the amount and  quality of milk given. A little ambition  and enterprise on the part of dairymen  should soon bring this "about. '  Reducing the Herd.  Our pasture fields and feed supply  should be used to their full capacity.  When a cow on account of some accident or for some other unforeseen  cause does.not,give sufficient milk to  make lt profitable to keep ber, there  should be heifers ready to take ber  place. It is a good plan to raise a certain number of heifers each year, and  1 If no vacancies should occur In' tbe  ranks of tbe ddter cows then create  some vacancies by selling the least productive ones. A farmer must see to It"  that bis herd is'reduced "in numbers.  With improvements ln "methods, of  growing and handling the farm* crops,  the fanner ls easily enabled also to enlarge his dairy' herd. -To renew the  herd ls the only way to keep lt possessed of vitality and thrift with capa-  - blllty or capacity for large productions.  We'should make a sort of civil service examination of our herds, saya the  ('heese and Dairy Journal^ That ls the  _, only way to be up with the times. It  Is. the only way to get the profit.  BREAKDOWN OF  NERVOUS SYSTEM  Too Fi?equonf These Days��-Preyented by us��  of the Great Restorative "  Dr. Chaise's Nerve Fobcl.  -1.'..  i   ,      '_ ''/I  *f'r -��.-. ,'e-v'  . "V^/.L*" >  "    ..-"IV55*   ���**   ~-'  -J. -f r <���, r *  -*-'    -i'    .  1  1 he. keen competition of life is now  felt in all grades of society, and as  the lesult ['prostration, paralysis' and  insanity ate becoming more and  more common as the natural outcome  of exhausted nerves. ' -  Sleeplessness, irritability,' indigestion, headache and a'general lack of  energy and-ambition are among the  early indications of nervous" troubles,  and with women the' result is not infrequently derangementB and 'irregularities ol the feminine organism.  If a committee of expetts.on diseases of the nerveB were to prescribe  fot you they would give you juBt such  a fomiula as that of Dr. Chase's  Nerve Food, for this medicine is competed of the most powerful restoratives known in medical��� science." ,*  This is no idle boast, as we shall  be'pleased to piove to you if youwjll  have your physician call at tltese offices and examine tlie formula.   .    ",.  What we consider as better proof  of what Dr...Chase's,Nerve Food will  do for you is to be found in the letters,, ot* lecommendation . published  fiom time to time in Dr. CJhase's Almanac and in the newspapers of this  country. ' ~, .���   . -  Mr. Albeit Saunier; Willow-Bunch,  A Difference  In "Balls.  But few men appreciate the wonder-  j ful difference In bulls, and^ probably  The new lines of the Canadian Pn- 1 one of the greatest hindrances to the  cific,   including  a  hundred   miles  of- development of a good dairy herd ls  double   tracking - between   Winnipeg   th(* lndifference which-is-paid to the  S��d ^rt .^llh-lm- }oia>   m .1mlles: I selection of a sire.  There ls ao surer  The 750 miles of-extensions will cost,     -     ,���,,  ��� ��������� ii l,,,,,,* ���-j��i~  fifteen.millions, and the increase" in    ���*?^���1?}���^J?�����?:  rolling   stock   will. amount' to   eight  Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.  Who Gets  Yonr  Vote!    '  "Do.you see that man_there?".remarked a barber to a customer in hla  chair. ;^WelI, he.has bad one and the  same Job for the past forty-seven years  and has'been married all tbat time,  and his wife has never at any time  during .that period kuown*"what. salary  her husband5 was getting. The wife  ^ets su much a week and no more and  has never been able*to learn what  amount of money ber husband ha<-t  beon receiving In exchange for his labor. Now, what bothers ine fs> which  should' hnve the diamond medal���I say  diamond, as iu this case the finest  would seem to be needed���tbe man for  being able to so long bafHe a woman's  curiosity or tbe woman for, surviving  so long au unsatisfied curiosity."  SACRED THREADS.  Kidney Experiment. ��� There's no time  for experimenting when you've discovered  thai you are a victim of some one form  or another of kidney disease Lay hold  ot the treatment that thousands have  pinned their faith to and has cured  quicklv and permanently. South American Kidney Cure stands pre-eminent in  the world of medicine-as tho kidney sufferer's   truest   friend.���62  The Cords Worn br tbe Three Castes  of the Hindoos.  The sacred thread of tbe Brahmans Ib  well known. It Is a caste distinction  assumed at an early age and never  parted with. It must be made by a  Brahman and should consist of three  strands, each of a. different color, for  ty-elght yards In length, doubled and  twisted together twice, the "ends tied  in knots. It must be worn next the  skin, over the* left shoulder, hanging  down to.the thigh on tbe right side.  The three castes of the Hindoos are  distinguished by the material of these  threads���cotton for the "Brahmans  hemp for the warriors and wool* for tbe  artisans. The Parsees also wear the  sacred thread, and boys of seven or  * nine are invested with It. the threads  used being made always of fibers of  the suru tree. _ Mouier Williams describes'the sacred girdle'of the Par-  sees as made of seventy-two woolen  threads, forming a flat band, which Is  twined three times around tbe body  and tied In two peculiar knots, the secret of which is known only to the  Parsees.  The use of "medicine .cords" ls common among North American Indians  .Mr. Bourke describes those worn by  tbe Apaches. These consist of one,  two. three and four strands, to wbicb  are attached shells, feathers, beads,  rock crystal, sacred green stones and  other articles, doubtless employed symbolically.  Practical.  "-What did she say when she heart  he was dead In lovp with her?" j  "She wanted to iffiew U be carrW  ���an*f. Uf��� iMnrano,"-     j  Bad Men of the West.  Searchers for real v western color  with which to 'illuminate their tales of  the frontier have for some time been  complaining that all the snap and ginger of the old life In the weBt had departed. -To a certain extent this is  true. The.genuine Indians have near-,  ly all followed the'tniffalo over the divide Into the happy hunting 'grounds  of the Great Spirit. The modern cow  boy is less careless with bis shooting  Iron and his branding Iron than he was  In the old days, but It Is an error to believe tbat all of the picturesque deviltry which gave color to early days  In tbe west has been eliminated. The  had man with the gun out on the  fringe of civilization ls fully as bad aa  his predecessor of earlier years.���Portland Oregonlan.  Vie Gentlemanly Leopard.  The cheetah has a reputation as one  of the most gentlemanly of beasts. A  story from Ootacamund shows what  fine manners the animal has. Three  Calcutta visitors to the .hill station  were out on a tramp when they were  overtaken by-a thunderstorm, accompanied by sheets of rain. They spied a  -cave In the side of-the hlllrand-lnto-lt  they rushed. When the rain stopped  they came out and, to their surprise,  found a cheetah sitting licking the  heavy wet off bis waistcoat and his  paws. It was his cave, but rather than  deprive his visitors of their shelter the  polite creature had sat.outside ln the  driving tempest With a friendly mew  and gracefully wagging bis tail, the  cheetah bade adieu to bis guests and  walked with dignity into his house.  The "Dobs" of America.  A London writer calls General Miles  the "Bobs" of America. In describing  the famous soldier this writer says:  "Despite his valorous record and his  sixty-seven years he Is a Beau Brum- '  mel. With his perfectly fitting frock  coat, gray tie, gray suede gloves', tan  spats, tan waistcoat and gleaming patent leathers, this grizzled campaigner  could give points to any Burlington  Bertie. He Is remarkably handsome  too. With his Roman nose and pointed  chin, his upturned eyebrows and mustache and his piercing eyes, he reminds one of an eagle scenting its  prey from afar. It la a soldier's face,  and tbe man's whole aspect ls millta |  rlsni personified?*         r  ��������� 1  High Finance.  "Say," began Burroughs, "lend me  a five, will you?"  "See here," -replied Markley. "If  you'd only save your own money you  wouldn't have to borrow from your  friends."  "But by borrowing from my friends  I do save my own money."  Profitable Municipal Ownership.  The report of* the Waterloo, Ont.,  Water Commission shows that that  body closes the year with a profit of  $1,041] after allowance has been made  for interest, sinking fund, repairs and  depreciation. Tbe plant represents an  investment oi $78400.  Bovr to Saxvms5! Is) Literature.  The qualities wbicb I consider most  conducive to success tn. literature are  -imagination, coupled with a great  knowledge of tbe world, concentration,  the willingness and ability to work  hard, a considerable knowledge of  business and a firm determination to  Ignore the instructions of literary and  other agents with regard to what the  reading public may be supposed to require. If any author once loses his independence in writing he may be called finished, so far as any career is In  question,���John Oliver Hobbes.  millions.  .The Canadian Northern is building  660 miles of new road at a cost this  year of ten millions, and is spending  five ' millions  on "equipment.  Another five millions for ..rolling  stock will" be spent by the Grand  Trunk in Ontario. The Grand Trunk  Pacific has 900 miles under construction in the west, the expenditure on  the work this year totalling six millions. ���"*The eastern section of this  transcontinental line, .which the-Dominion Government-is building,-will  cost a'million dollars this year, therp  being under construction 395 miles in  two sections.       -  ���* ���     ���  The expenditure on new track' and  rolling stock on the Temiskaming and  Northern* Ontario Railway this year  will total up in the neighborhood of  two millions.-  -These great railway strides are not  confined to "the more recently, settle^  parts of Canada. Ontario-has a generous share and the Eastern Province-  have not-been forgotten. Half a cen  tury ago they were less than 60 mile5^  of railway -in -British America.  Can as i an Artist Abroad.  One of the best known of Canadian  artists is Mr. Henry Sahdham, who.  although he has lived for the past si>  years in England, and previous to that  for some time in Boston, is still prow"  to call himself a son of Canada. Mr  Sandham was born at Monti eal in  1842. Frord his eailiest years he, wa1-  fond of drawing, and did such excellent work in the studio of the late  William Notman that he was given  a partnership* in the firm. His first  artistic tuition was received from Mr  J. A. Fraser, who has since won distinction as an original painter. Vogt,  Way and Jacobi also gave personal  instruction, and all joined in advising the young man to pursue his studies in Europe. He took their advice,  and-spent-some -time- in��� study;���re--  turning to Canada in 1880, when he  was chosen as one of the eight charter  members of the Royal Canadian Academy. In Boston, where he settled,  he quickly won a reputation, as one of  the foremost aitists on the continent,  became widely known as a magazine  illustrator. His sketches-in The Century representing Canadian sport are  still remembered.  Mr. Sandham's most famous worl.  is the historical piece, "The Dawn  of Liberty," or "The Battle of Lexington." This occupied his time for  four years, and is a model of care and  exactness in detail. In Canada Mr.  Sandham's best known painting is the  portrait of Sir John A. Macdonald  which hangs in the Senate Chamber  at'Ottawa, and which has been pronounced the best likeness existing ol  the famous stateman. But this versatile artist does not confine himself  to historic pieces and portrait-paint  ing. He it>' nt home in almost any  line, and has ione excellent work in  landscape painting, in oil and color,  in etching, and in black and white illustrating. At present he has paintings on exhibition at several of the  leading centres in Britain.  -pay-tbe extra cost for a good sire,,but    smoke before issuing from tbe no��Vlt  herd than the use of a strong, vigorous  and prepotent bull which comes from  a .family of good milking cows. Good  animals cost more than scrubs, aud  consequently farmers do not think  there ls enough difference In bulls to  Sask.v-.writes:    "I  received thetwo'  boxes   of   Dr.' Chase's  Nerve'   Food,,*'  which I ordered from-you and.have   - -  found it to be an excellent medicine   It- has "proven  a splendid' treatment'  ior headache and  a run .down system and I have recommended it to    -"  many people."' * .,   .'.,     . - .  . Mr.   r Alexander     Honsburger, - 10 . '  Moore "street, St.  Catharines,    Ont., J  writes:   "For some years I waa much*_, -  afflicted    with"   nervousness,    which'  grew on me and developed Into paralysis of the limbs so'that I became-,  helpless.    The .best efforts - of thre?  doctors failed "to    even  relieve' ��� me,'  and, though I tried a Buffalo special-   ;.  ist, he, too, was baffled in my/case.     '  \I giaduully grew'worse and" was in   '-,  such a bad condition that 1 despair-" "\  ed of being well again. ".  After-taking  several  boxes  of  Dr.  Chase's Nerve* Food 1 was able to re-    ,-*  suiiie work .and" am now feeling bet- ',  tertlian I did for twenty years. " I-  consider Dr. Chuse's Nerve Food, the  ^  king of all medicines, for through its J  use 1 recoveied health after���long aut-'.-;  fering." .    ' - -      -".-,.  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a ,'  -box, 6 boxes for $2.50,' at all dealets, -  or Edmanson, * Bates & Co., Toronto.  ,*-*'�� I  C^iV,-* *,  A SOURCE OF DISEASE.  Her Head Was Hot.  v  Lady Dorothy NevllI In her rem!-"*'  nlscences tells this story of the 't^i >'.  Misses Walpole. her'coushis: "On'one',  occasion, when both of the ���two were _:  well-over "ninety, Miss Fanny,"-the "  younger, whobad tbat day^been rather;  Beware the  Man  Who  Blows Bmolc*  ThrouKk His Nostrils.    *  A popular practice of many smokers  consists ln discharging the" smoke Inhaled, especially from .cigaretteB,  through   the   nostrils.     This   Is   even  considered by-some to be essential to> 111," only joined her sister'In "the Bitting'  tbe full enjoyment of the flavor of the  room just before' dinner.    On her ar-"-'  ���--Wl  rival downstairs the latter (Miss Char-.  lotte~by .name), remarked:  'Fanny.-I  am going to be ill too. A feel so holr  It must be apoplexy.'  exclaimed Miss  tobacco.  The London Lancet, while acknowledging   that   perhaps   under, ordinary  circumstances no harm is done to the^ about the head,  smoker save to his sense of smell, has  'Nothing of the sort!  sounded a note of warning against the, Fanny, making a dnslTat her "sister's  habit.'as a possible disseminator of dis-  head.   'Your cap's on fire.-and I'm'go-  ease.    Hay fever and other annoying  Ing to put it out.'   And so, the brave l^ l-f\  complaints have been spread through  old thing did" -       "   ��� '- --"  unsuspecting   households   by" the   un  thinking visitor who habitually blew  smoke through bis'nose.        ��� <.  The surface traversed by tbe tobacco  here ls an expression, says Hoard's  Dairyman, from a practical breeder:  W. ;L Glllett of Rosedale, Wis., a  prominent Holsteln breeder, says  "about the purchase of a high priced,  bull: "The hardest'battle I ever"fought  was years ago to lead myself to pay  the sum of $300 for a bull calf for use  on our pure.bred herd, but I can now  say had I paid $3,000 for tbis same  sire the sum would not have equaled  his worth or been commensurate In  value to the great dairy characteristics  he stamped upon his offspring.'' -  Give the Coves Exercise.  Cows In milk will consume and digest more food and- give more' milk  with moderate open air exercise tban  if kept ln closed quarters.  DAIRY WISDOM  Is remarked by the Lancet, ls moistened with the natural secretion of the  mucous membrane lining it,' and thil  secretion Is mingled with the fluid discharged from the conjunctival sac protecting the eyes. It therefore contains  numerous micro organisms, which,  floating lu the air, have become attached to the moist and stick surface of  .the conjunctiva," as well as those which  pass over the surface - of (the nasal  membrane. As Tyndnlf long ago showed, germs are completely- filtered ofl  from the air Inhaled, by the extensive  and Irregular surfaces - presented _ by  tbe turblnal bones. These germs art  carried Into the air by the man wbc  blows smoke through bis nostrils.  Minard's  Liniment Cures: Colds, .etc.  '���v.  The Greek steamer Oratios .Coup-_  pas," which has arrived in Barcelona,  reports having ftaken in' tow*>the*  British steamer 'Bolton Hall,; which"  had  lost her propeller.    ... -      *    _  '5".  "I* "*  I  A SENSE OF DIRECTION.  Colds on  the Chest  Ask your doctor the'medical  name for a cold on the chest.  He will say, "Bronchitis."  Ask him if it is ever serious.  Lastly, ask him if he prescribes Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for this disease. Keep!  in close touch with your  family physician.  A  W�� pakUsa snr tnailu  vers "  Wsssalsfc clsshsl  nxm snr isi-neUss  nrss jsais  uoltysnr  ds��to*  ���hen you tell your doctor about the bad  taste in your, mouth, loss of appetite for  breakfast, and frequent headache*, and  when he sees your coated tongue, he will  say, " You are bilious." Ayer's Pills  work well in such cases.  ia7^��t.0.Aju0^UftnU,  A Lucky Chance.  A family living in Essex County  found it something of a strain upon  their ideas of hospitality to be obliged  every day to entertain a tedious woman of 80. The favorite book or the  necessary piece of work had to be put  aside in order to shout bits of conversation in her ear.  At last the father, in desperation,  planned to go into a sudden fit of temper in the presence of the obnoxious  caller -in the hope of convincing her  that they were not pleasant people to  visit.    * '  Accordingly, one evening, when he ,  returned from business and found the <  old lady present as .usual, he began  to   talk   loudly   and in   an   irritated  voice.   Then, growing  more  excited j  he stamped about the room, knocking'  furniture  right and  left,  and ended  by going out and banging the door  after him.  The old lady knitted 'away quietly  through the confusion, and when the  man was gone she turned to the family, and said in a comforting voice:  "I reckon it was mighty lucky I  was here, or you'd had to take it.  But  you  needn't be frightened,  I'll  The cow appropriates a certain  amount of food to sustain life. What  you give her above this ls clear profit.  Quick fattening makes tender meat  Let, it help. out with the old ��� cows.  Round up all the poor" cows for the  butcher.  The cow that tests less than 8 per  cent butter fat had better be sold.  Deliver the cream before it becomes  too old. Cool It promptly and use great  care ln milking and cleaning the separator. Then your creameryman will  have no objection to the hand separator.  ^Burn-the-rag^youJised to_-wash the  milk utensils with.   Then use a brush.  There ls much ln breed, but more la  care and feeding.  To make your dairy pay better study  how to produce milk at. less cost,  SHaged fed cows winter better, give  more milk and do better when put on  pasture than others.  If the silage molds and decays on the  top do not begin to worry. This seals  up the rest and keeps all tbat Is under  It In prime condition.  Pack the silage well at tbe sides.  The middle will settle of Its own  weight, but the contact with tbe. aides  of the silo keeps lt from settling around  the outer edge, says Kimball's Dairy  Farmer.  The great principle to be observed ln  winter dairying Is to feed economically  as regards cost so as to secure the best  result.  Dutch Belted cattle may be regarded  ns strictly dairy cattle, but I have  found that they make good beef owing  to their size and easy keeping qualities.��� F. R. Sanders, New Hampshire.  - A good hardworking cow should have  felxty days' rest before starting the  fresh period. Many jcows will keep up  a good flow until a very few days before calving, but it is a poor plan to  let tbem do this. Tbe most persistent  milkers are the ones who will do IhlB,  and they are just the cows which need  a good long rest. They will more than  make up for lost time when they  freshen. ��  Ropy or stringy milk ls caused sometimes by stagnant water. The cows  are permitted to stand In water holes,  and this gets the old water and mud  on their hind legs. When they lie  down their udders come In contact  ���with this niurt and trouble follows.  The   Prime   Kcqalsite   For  Making a  True Woodsman.-  A sense of direction I should namt  as the prime 'requisite for him whe  would become a true woodsman, depending on himself ,, rather tban on  guides. The faculty ls largely devel  oped of course by much practice, bul  it must be Inborn.- Some men possesi  lt; others do not ���just as some men  have a mathematical bent, while tc  others figures are always a despair. II  Is a sort of extra, having nothing tc  do with crlterlons of Intelligence 01  mental development, like the repeatei  movement hi a watch. A highly edu  cated, cultured man may lack lt; the  roughest possess It. Some who bavt  never been In the woods or mountalni  "aequli'e*"ln��� the"space"of~a���vacation"-*  fair facility at picking a **way, and 1  have met a few who have spent theii  lives on the prospect trail and whe  were still and .always would be' ai  helpless as the newest city dweller  It Is a gift, a talent. If you bine III  tiniest germ" >ou can become n trav  eler of the wide tnd lonely places  If you have It not you nia.\ as wel  resign yourself to guides.���Stew.irt Ed  ward Wblte lu Outlug Magazine.  A  Sound Stomach Means A" Clear  Head.���The high- pressure   of a ner-,  vous life which business men of the '  present day are constrained to   live  make   draughts ���upon their   vitality-  highly detrimental to tlieir health.,It  is only by the most careful treatment  that they are able to keep^ themselves alert and active in their various  callings.    Many   of  them  know  the  value  of  Parmelee's  Vegetable. Pills-  in/regulating'the storrifEcir and  consequently keeping the head clear.*    ,'  It was asseited in well informed  circles that the pope had made his  last sacrifices in the matter of the  conflict with  France.  Dr. Agnew's Ointment Cures Piles. ���  Itching, Bleeding and Blind PileH. Comfort in one application. ������ It cures ln Itareo  to six night5). It cureB all skin diseaijes  in -. young and old. .A remedy beyond  compare, and it ne\or falls. 35 cent*.���  63 ,   ���  A mouse scurried actoss the auditorium of the Eoyal , theatro in the  losefstndt, Austua, during a performance nnd caused a great deal of  excitement:  Science nml   Mornlllr.  Tlie it ue student 01 the piufcs&lonal  01 technical school becomes heir to a  comprehensive and olear mill erst n tiding of hi** duties nud responsibilities Id  UN lel-itiony to his'fellow men uud to  tbe coiiiiiimisty. TIiosp diilld3 nnd re-  s|H)iisihlliiios present llieuisehes le Ills  11.11 lied tiiind in tlieir rci! proportion  lit' Is neither uondoNeloped uor mttlde-  vcloped iu his judgment of uft'uirs. fill  unixci'-lt.v trniiiiii-;. especially in the  ic'liim-ni schoni, has taught him accu  nicy nnd penetintion In the aualysis ol  any proposition confronting him und  thai truth ami knowledge must b��  ������ought w ith the dlrcctuess of a plumb  line. Science yields nothing but con  liision to the shifty, devious and dis-  lioup-tt Inquirer. The fundamentals ol  morality are the very stepping slonei  to technical success or professional at  tainment  Worms derange the whole system.  Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator  deranges worms and gives rest to the  3tiffeier. It only costs 25 cents- to  try   and   be  convinced.  Tlie Saddle.  Early Greeks aud Romans rod*  horses barehack. They regarded lt ai  effeminate to ride In n saddle. Th<  modern saddle, with pommel, cruppei  and stlrrupp, was unknown* to the an  cleats. Nero gave out fancy coverlngi��  to his cavalry, and the bareback ridert  of the German forests used to laugh al  tbem. Saddles with trees came lntt  use ln the fourth century, stlrrupi  three centuries later.   t  * i  Btandln-ft-  and   Bittln-555*.  David Slowpay���I shall bring yoi  back those dark trousers to be reseat  ed,- Mr. Snip. You know I Bit a goo*!  deal. Mr. Snip (tallor)-AH right an<  If you'll bring tbe bill I sent you sll  months ago 1 will be pleased to r*  celpt tbat also. You know I've stood 1  good deal.���London TIt-Blts. ,  Rainy Dar Money. ,  "Is your husband putting by anything for a rainy day?" asked the prudent relative.  "I think so," answered young Mrs.  Torklns. "I heard him mention several  horses yesterday that he said always  run best on a muddy track."-        _>  Smart  Youth.  "Young man, there are two questions  In life-'WHl it pay?' and Ts It right?'  Which shall you choose?"  The   Hellbender.  "There's no reason why the bell  1 lender shouldn't be good to eat." said  a scientist "Its principal food Is thf  crajflsb. the same ns the principal  food for bass. The hellblnder belong!  to the same family of amphibians ai  the frog and Is very closely related  Both are' hatched from the egg, aud  both pass through the tadpole stag*  before reaching maturity. The hellbender Is a mlgbty tine fish, as any ont  can prove to himself If he wil) conquei  his natural aversion." Tbe bellbendei  1 is fouud principally ln streams about  the foothills of the Alleghany mountains.  Escaping the Organ Grinders.  Reside close to a dentist's If you are  not fond of street music. Itinerant  organ men carefully avoid playing  anywhere near the bouse of a practitioner  who  can   effectually  stop  or  Properlr Situated.  "They    may    Bay    what   they    llk<  against him," said the convicted one"i.  defender, "but bis heart ls ln the rlgit  place."  "Yes," assented tbe otber, "and so II  the rest of him foe a .few years." -  V.J-'_-."  '..J:.-::':i-r'A. 11*1. i-t-c-o ���.������:���;  TORONTO & WlNNI PEG^  Both.   I'll use the first up to fifty,  stay right here with you till he gets J  ^  ^^   -j   can  probabiy  afford to1 remove all troublesome grlnders.-Lon  ���over it. . .    . adopt the Becond." don Punch.  M��y come from % ��tr��ln, lumbago, kidney trouble or indigestion. Whstsrer  tbe cstite, the sibing is there; & dull,  annoying or pieranE kind, tbat makes  you cry out with pain.   To curs iim  JoH��  ANOOfrtf  LINIMENT  Let sons one bstbe yonr back with hot  water, wipe dry, then apply freely ths  Anodyne; rub gently. Thnt used you  ���are on Liniment and double tbe effect.  25 cents, three timet as much SO cents.  I. 8. JOHNSON A CO., Boston, Msas.1  w.  N.      U.      No.      623. THE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  mpmmmttmmmminesmuli ptstlfpr tr  Published in the interest of the people  of Moyie and EaBt Kootenay.  F. J. SMYTH, Publisher..  ���rjsio-N  LApEC  BAT'S5] Of BUBSCBIPTIO*5--.-  OabYear. J;. '...:.'.'. 12:00  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 70,1907.  NO TIME FOR BELAY.  Theie shou'd be no delay ia overhauling arid'-nating the necessary re-  p lira en Moyie's fire tfghtjng 'equip-  ment. The town needs the best possible protection against fire, and it is  ixp td'tlie" business men and property  holders generally td'eee to it tbat the  town has ample protection. In order  to'do this there rhust be' an 'expenditure of money. It would be any thine  but fair to ask ady oge person to do  this without renumeratiori.' Enough  of IhiB sort of thing has been done  jn the pas*. Prabably no one man  in Moyie has done ��0 much  g'a|uildu'B work foi*'' the brigade sb C.  A. Foote, who has officiated in the  capacity of chief for several years, and'  tbis burden should no longer be saddled  upon him'.' A man should be hired lo  repair the fire hall, look after the hose  cart and see that all the hose is in  shape to tt'se.  ''������'���'    -';  Two ways of getting ���this money  have heen suggested "to tlie Leader.  One is to glvto a concert, and the other  is to use the'fu'n'ds'ieft over after' last  year's,- Dominion ' Bay' celebration.  This fund" we- ar6 told amounts to  about $50.'' Either suggestion is a  good one. B/ut ia 'any ev'ept ' immediate action 'ohai|lc| be taWen.  It has been suggested that a meeting be held about next Friday evening  for the purp'oss 'jol further diBc'ussing  this Matter.   :"        ''  .  Did you get a valentine?  How about that bank for Moyie?  Uow is the time to boost for- Movie,  83 her tuture prospects* were never  brighter. ,  am-    ......-, mm. mf.    ,..    _.  \  ���Sh-e-'" Cranbrook' H. raid and the  Cranbrook Prospector are still fighting  the battles of the campaign.  Not a wail has been heard from the  rJie Liberals on that famous "K-ii-en  island" since the' election. '  Couiuiou Colds are   the   Came  of Many  Sorlous Disease.  Physicians who have gained a  natiojaul reputation as analysts of the  cause of various diseases, claim that if  catching cold*could be avoided a long  list of dangerous ailments would never  be heard of.- Every one knows that  pneumonia and consumption originate  ffbm a cold,'and chronic caj-an-'h'; bron  chilis, and afl'throat'and tij-ng" 'trouble  arc aggravated and rendered -pore serious by each fresh attucb. Do not  risk your lif�� or take chances when  you have- a-;; gold-. Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy will cure it bofore  these diseases' de-MQp-. Thi8 remndy  contains no opium, morphine or other  harmful drug and hiiB thirty yours of  reputation hack of it,'gained by its  cures under every condition! For sale  by the Moyie Drag & Stationery 'Co.  MINERAL ACT.  ' * '��� (FORM F;)   '  CERTiriCATB  OK I.Ul'I'OYEMENTS.  NOTICE.  "Cambrion" Mineral Clflim, situate ln the  Koct Steele Mining Division ot East Kootenay  District.  Where located'.���Adjoining and to wont end ol  the Crown Granted mlneral.ctalra "Luke Shore"  at Moyie, East Kootenay, B, C.'' _'       TAKE NOTIOK that I, Charles A. ITaclCay,  F. M. 0. no. b! Tfe-iiotliiK an agent for Tho Black-  MacKay Mining Company, Limited, Non Personal Liability, Free MIner'B Certiflc No, B. 896,  Intend, sixty days from tho date hereof, to  'apply to.tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate  ot Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crowu Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section .17, must be commencod   before, the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  , .Dated this 12th day of February, A. D. 1907.  :-i.-... CHARLES A. MACKA Y.  ��� KOTICE.  NOTICE Is hereby given that 30 dnyj after  date, I Intend to apply to.the Honorable Commissioner of Lands and Wort's , for n special  license to cut and carry away timber from tht-  followiu-r described .lands, . situate iu East  Kootenay, to wit:���Commencing at a pott  pla^fifflW the North-Bast bonlc of the North  West Fork ottlie jgij" Rtfcr -above ��� the Canyon  and situate near the Nort'terr*. B(qu.*>d&ry ,,of F.  Podblclunclk's coal 'claim', 'tfteiAie East -10  chain?, tbenco Nortjh 80 .chains, thence. West  80 chain.i, tlieuce Eust. 40 chains to- -point of  commencement       ,.       *.;  Dated the Itith duy of January, 1907  ."      ���  *���'     ,    . A.J. FAJlQUHARSOf*.  I. O. O. F.  Wlldey Lodge No. 44.  Meets Tuesday evenings in McGregor  hall on  Victoria street.   Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  ���   ���" -   tn ��� *  A. MacFaklane,        JP. J. Smyth,  *v"N6ble'Grand.   "    '     Secr'y.  St. Eog'ene Lodge Nn. 37.>  K.ofP.  Meets evary Thursday  vening    in   McGregor  hall at 8 o'clock.' Vifc-  i:.ing brothers invited.  C.  A. l'OOTE, G, W. Orchard,  - Chancellor Com. K. E, and S.  =r  Moyie   Miners'   Union  No. 71 W, F. of M.  Meets in McGregor hall every Saturday evening. Sojourning members  are cordially invited to attend.  J. L. Gibbous,  President.  Jas.  Roberts,  Secretary  ��U'  ��� ���   ������  JttOYIE AERTE NO. 855  Meets third Monday of e-ac-h month  in-McGregor IJall.  F. J. SMYTH, J. H HAWKE,  Wortliy PreB. ySf drtfey Secr'y.  ItOTICE.  NOTICE Is hereby given "-that Sfl days after  date. I hiti-u'ft-d apply fp the Bonoivtable cbm-  missioncr of Hands. aud* Works'for a'special  llcenso to cut arid carry away timber -from the  following dcGCrlbbil ��� lauds . situate In, East  Kootenay, to wit:���Commencing at.apoit  plantea about one mile South 'of Lizard Creek  and one mile and a halt West of The Crow's  Nest Southern Railway, thenco West 80 chaius,  thence South,SO chains, thence East 80 chaiun,  thence Noith 80 chaius to point of commencement, . ��� *. . , v , . ; .  Dated the 20th day of January 1907.  - 'A: D.-MACttONALD  by A. JT. FARO^HAltSjON,-Agent.  Clinroli Be rvlces.  Presbyterian���In Ihe Oddfellows  Hall. Sunday School at 3 p, m. Evening  .service  at* 8. : *   .  Everyone welcome.  " G. H. FINLAY, 'Pastor.  Methodist���Sunday School at 3 p  m.   Evening.service at 7*30 o'clock:  ' Everyone welcome.   ' ;  *   '     T. SOWERBUTTS, Pastor.  The towns of Frank, Blairmore and  Coleman will hereaiter do business on  a strictly cash baEia. " They are bo; a  and tired of being'bilked; *   ' '  When you want a maD,s character  go to the place he lived in."   lt looks  as if Kaslo bad faith in R'. F.' Green,  _and"KaaIo^holildk"*^w^GiSnd Tor ka  Gaz'tte. '        ���',-���*   r-fH   Ernest Giradot, exhibition commissioner of the dominion, sa3's he is' frequently asked Abroad why Canada has  no distinctive 'fil^. Foreigners' look  upon oarfja^'aa eooBis'tiiig'of the British ensign'With'a cltwter of "provincial  eacutcheouB. Mr, Giradot pugt-^ats a  fi ig:con8istlng of th'e Union' jack, the  Maple Leaf add, nine vertical bars representing th'p proyinebs. '  BO YEAR3��  EXPERIENCE  DESIGN'S  .... Copyrights &c.  Anyone scndlng.a sketch and doserlotlon tosj  quickly naoertaln onr qptnion free \tnether ao  Invention Is probably patentable. Commnnlc��  tloiiB strictly oonflitP^tfal- tlnndbookon Patents  sentfrco. Oldest*fc��mey forsecurlnirpatdnta.  Patents taken tSroncli *Mimn & Co. rcpelve  ipte'olmit'^-n'ttMWt'eborfce.-ln-tho       " ������*���  Scienfifi? flm^tt/  A handsomely lllnstrated weekly. Jjirgsst clr  enlntlort of any solsntlflo Intirnnl. Terms,'* a  jear   four months, IL 8o dbyall no*vsdealern  "|IIIONH'tCo?��,,S5sBew tow  Harvey, ~*tfeCar(gr &  Macdonald. *  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc.  ��� ���/ ii-:    '    ' ���/���  Cranbrook,   r   -   ?. O.  W. F; &XJED,    '  bakris-iki-., gotxcrroB, ETC.  -.'.*���' am ^e     J  ' I      * ��  CRANBROOK.  B.C  O. H. DUIifBAIji  Barricter, Solicitor, Notary public, Etc  Cranbrook, B. C.  ���*������/.  DR. J\ B. itltES,  * ** ��� *  DENTIS*r.  Cranbrook,' ;/_ ' ^, C.  George H. Thompson,  "'BARRISTKR, SOUCITORi  No  tary Pp'siic, -Sc." ' '  "    *��.t  CRANBRQOj:, ���    Br-jtish Columbia.  W, R. BEATTY     /  Embalmer and Undertaker,  '     - ��� -  Phone 89. "    ���    CRANBROOK.  J0b  WORK  Tl-p \Veek has a'cartoon suggesting  that equ-o day'Bristtl} Columbia's rising son (.Premier McBride) will be at  the head of his party in tlie Dominion.  In an accompanying articlb it also  sayp,and very tiuthfully, too: "The.  Dominion has sore need of young, able,  foarlcsa men. Is it too much to prophecy thai a day may come in the near  future when he will be called upon .to  fill foi tbh great Dominion a similar  ���office to that which he has so worthily  ' occupied in ber richt-Bt-Province?"  Lame Ilaclc.  x  This ailment is usually caused by  rheumatism of the muscles   aud   may  be cured  by applying Chambpflain's  Pain Balm two or three limes' a day  rubbing the parts  vigorously  at each  ' ayphcatiou.   If this does not afford re  lief, bind on a piece of flannel slightly  dampened with Pain Balm, and quick  relirf \b almost sure   to   follow.     For  Bale by the Moyie Drug and Stationery  Everything  in the Printing  Line at the  Wm, Jpwell;  Express and General   Delivery .Busi-"  ness.    Livery and  Feed Stable.  ' Leave" Orders at  *'    *   /  -  . GWynne's Store.  ���'_ , ;-*.'.  MOYIE      "   .. ' British 'Columbia.  gtr���>.i"  CANADBAN  -��� 5WU'��.'- ���*" '       '��� ---'������ri-rii^:".---'^'''' *' *w  Excursion  Rate-^  ROWLAND  WINTER  CARNIVAL  r-ytr  FARE AND ONE THIRD  FOR'ROUND TRIP.  MABKKT8  :~Sv  Comfortable  Rooms san<��  Best af  Table Boart.  f        -~r - ���       ,  Surnmers & Thompson.  '���'"    ��� PROPRIETORS.'  ^  "'  0  A      -\  n  w  From Revelstoke, Fernie and all.  intermediate and branch line  points.  ON SALE '    LIMIT  Feb. llth to 16th. Feb. ISth.  For detailed information   apply   to  local agents.  J. Attwoqd, Agent, Moyie.  A. L  McKftLOP  ASSAYMB*  NELSON,  B. C  WHEN WRITING*  dot-ybuT i*8 and cross your t'a. It's  customary to do so, and what's customary is generally fashionably. Your  correspondence won't be complete,  however, without one of those  FJNE JEJOXES QF PAPER  like we are   now   offering.   Don't be  satisfied with any "Did thing," but get  the kind sold   here,    It's  better and  anybody can afford* it. ���  'I .   * i-  The Moyie Drug  and Stationery Co?  In   all  the   Principal  Cities and   Towns  in  British Columbia.  MOYIE, R �� ���  P. BURNS & BO  **,*���   *.��� V"  W1JOLEBALE ANU   EBTAJT,  MEAT    5CEUCHANTS  *'f **���*>*���"     .      -      v    '     '���  Fresh and Cured Meats*, FreBh  ...    .*.,,.      - >-.-  Fish, Game ana Poultry.   We  supply- only the beBt.    Your  trade solicited;  STOP AT THE  ��O$I0POUTAN  WHEN IN    ���'"-*  .  CRANBROOK  K. IX. SMALL, Manager.  (*  Good rooms, good tableB and bar  and first class sample root-as.  ' E.a. GWYNNE    .  Cigars,       Tobacco, Confctjqpery  Fruits, Elc  *v . -*  FARRELL BLOCK,  BUY YOUR  O. F. DESAULNIER  '     _-'-."     *  ���:������<{. .-;i  ��� j       DEALER  IU"  FROM  A. B, Stewart & Co.  Agent for  Crows'  NeBt  - Steam Laundry.  THE CANADIAN BANK  "DF COIVIMERCE  Paid-up Capita!, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO! .  B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'I Maaagcf  BRANCHES *I!HROUGHOUT CANADA, AND IN  THE UNITED &TATESLAND ENGLAND     '  ���THE���  DBSAC-dOBR BROS,   Props.  Large sample room in..connection  with house for commercial men. Best  of accommodations.''  Headquarters for  Com-  PROMPT DELIVERY. mer��ial and Mi^We?-'  Queens' Am     MOYIE   Q'-" f�����.     M0YIB-B-��  -vw-*1-:  ������'    :>,*���-  SEE  FARRELL & SMYTH  FOR  I  J.S CARTER,  Dlat, Pass. Agt  NcUon,  E. J. COYLE, ���  Asi't Genl. Pans, Alft  Vancouver.  PREST PHOTO CO.  ���Ckak-jrook aijp Moyie  Fire Insurance  geal Estates  ^pllections.  Victoria Slrept.  Moyio.  i -WmWml\?m\*mW*W-lWKS��^  '   HAVE A LOOK  little one at what's going to happen in  1907 at this tailoring establishment  You'll see men and youths come and  go, and all for what?  FOR MADE TO ORDER  SUJT3,  and that's all. Nothing worries them  after we send home their suit tailored  here." It's O, K. every time. O. K.  in tit, st>Ie and price. Commence  the New Year by buying a Buit.  0. A. FOOTE  St.  Josephs: Convent.  NELSON, B. C.  hoarding and Day School conducted hy the Sisters qf St. Joseph, NielBon'  *  ,.    ,1        ir-,-: ,  B. C. Commercial and buaiaesH  courses a specialty. Excellence, and  awift progress characte��ij-e each department.- Parorits sliould Wr"ite for  particulars. One -month assures tbe  public of the thoroughness'-'of the  Sisters' methods of teaching". .Terms  commence January,' April and Sept.  Pupils are admitted during terrp- *"  MOYIE,  B. C  BANKING   BY MAIL  Business may po transacted by mail with any bran-fth  of the JBank. Ac-b^wnts may'|��o opened, and depQtdtlt-  made or *withdraW by mail. Every attention is paid  to out-of-t^wn accountsv _������...������  CRANBROOK BRANCH. F. G. MALPAS. MGR  4*.     �����������������   ������  ' ���      ^-^-������.    -      -������      ��� m.m.   ,^a-.-.m        ,      , m .^.     . ,  ,   ���       ,m  .1 I-  'V ' . ' - .  '  V,>ii''..-...f���-:,  J. T. MARION  UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER  Late cf the New .Eng'and Undertaking  Parlors, Spokane, Wash.  CRANBROOK,  BC  Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores  LIMITED.  /jV^-a5!;-^ gZ^^nm-'Sb'S- �����>-S'-a*- ���*&���>&-<��� ���^������^--*ft-a^-5**-'^55'^*>'>>-'-^-;  1 SKATES '  zip *���  yu> Don't forget that our stock in this line is complete'  )\\   .    and also Hockey Sticks, Pucks, Etc.  ik .'      '   ��   "  t/J^ The season is nowhere and you should be prepared  T for it.  J. D. MCBRIDE,  CRANBROOK.  mj^^^ ^Sl Jvmi'^Km^mjltm\^mm ^LtX  4tm\mm\��m. *-^"r^!rS^ iZi^Si*t^f t&S^OiA  ft"-"*5**-.- '���"���^���''^���-'55��*,'-5^'*>��,'',55>55k!^  ^'"^���'9^^^ ^3&^��^F$��3(  $ &2^*S^99999999GGGG999$9999999$99999999999999999999  ' MOYIE    HOTEL.  .      f 1?. F. J0EMS1OM  This Hotel is New and well Furnished The  ' Tables are Supplied with the Best the  | MarKet affords. The Bar is Filled with  I       the Best Brapdsof ��iquors and Cigars.  |   --        HEADQUARTERS FOR COMMERCIAL  1 *' '  *   AN$ MINING MEN  A   MOTIE ��� - -    - -    -.   -  BRITISH COLUMBIA  5��3��S���^5��C��9 WWG&*G���m0Gtt9999<e^G999h99999999���Q.2*l9HM  i  NOTICE.  IN THE MATTER of'tha Coffipai-ilca  Act 1897 and the amending ActBJ and  . in the matter of Tho Blac&MacKay  .    Mining Company,  UmUc4>*'pcfn-per-  eonal liability.        ���,    ' '* '  NOTICEIb hereby givep {hit thfQP months  ^(ter the 5th. dav of Decomber'lSOS.'The Blact-  Maokay MIninK Company Limited non-person -  si liability will apply to tho Llentenast Governor for an order in Council cb��inglng its  name^to the Cambrian Mining Company Limit  ed non-personal liability. v        ' ��  Dated the 38th day of November 1906  -  ��� E. A. CREA9K,  Solicitor for the laid Company.  / '."'"''  As mtide by tbe present' brewer ti  admittedly   the  Best' Beer in East'iCootehay. With the"BeBt Malt and  the FuresVSpring Water itvis une-tcell'e'd Ior quality.  InBist on having Moyie' Beer,  Bottled and Draft Beer,  JULIUS MUELLER, Proprietor,  IIOYIE, B. ft  'i  ���w^S5^*:-"-.�� -^rt^-  ^W"   -.^.Tll-T      ^_.   er.


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