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The Moyie Leader Sep 1, 1900

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Array a
/l   -A      s
'   ' v ^
r    ■
J     I,'.- > .,..."
-_ pi
m. Mas^i
B3, NO. 20.
■I     l ^
iderwear, Blankets,
Examine our stock  men's underwear
" oil, coats
«       K <(
top shirts
fall euitp
See   our large assortment of  blankets
Amount   Concentrates
for August. .
Owing;   to   tho   Shortage    ol(_ Water   tlie
.Hill Did Not linn at Its Full
Cutfacity miring the Month.
" ladies' underwear
,        1
"      "         wrappers
" ,' "     dreEs goods'
, tl
" ''•■         ' , of carnets
• Paid Up," Capital,,$6,000,000.*
M BRANCH. .-■ ';    :J..W.'H;SMrrHE, kR
Fred CDcc) Pullman.
U.jl', ii till I'll 'Ii 1 I
11U1 -
[otel for, the  masses.   Everything* First
every   respect.    Sample ptooms  for
Commercial Men,
British' Columbia
^^:^>^*^I;i^^4i'rf^'-^'4^'*,or'^;^:J^;^:^»^^£ j^S^S^S'T
v, liv.-.wr.y'^'n. vrr-v.
(. I   ..Ot.'*. ill
leadquarters for Commenoial and (VJining Men.
—■- ~ .Moyie, b, c.
AVEKiJS, '       -~~   .     ,       -- ~
*.*- •*=_ ^K-^f^r*a»?»S»"S»S»5!»3Wai^S»5S*«K3?; ^R^R^RlV
■Twr-Hfim iium
^ THe Suspender
1 That Fits—>*
v rv. broad or
row    shoulders
The shippments of concentrated by
the Sfc. .Eugene Consolidated Mining
Co., for the month of August amounted to 1000 tons. This ismot quite up
to July shipments, the cause being tbe
lack of, water with which to run the'
concentrator,'it being run at only half
its full capacity„-a good portion oi the
time. Tbe concentrates are still being
shipped,to Autofagasta, Chilli, to Guggenheim Brosr With the aid 61 the
present heavy showers it is expected
the mill can soon again be, run at its
full capacity. The new flume will b«
finished about. September 20th, at
which time there will be an ample supply of water for all purposes.
ComstaL-ld, Liuileay ttcctci).   '
Cpnstable J. M. Lindsay jeccivc-d a
terrible beating .while attempting to
arrest two drunken men in a house of
ill fame in the north end of town last
Sunday 'evening. Tlie two men were
creating a disturbance, and one of the
inmates of the bouse came down town
for the , constable. When Lindsay
wont to the house and stepped inside
'the door the two men jumped upon,
.took his cane away from him and
beat him ■ unmercifully. Lindsay
called ou.a third man who was there
for assistance, bul the man apparently
i-did n.Qt wish .to p-:M tdngtod up in the
molee, so made himself scarce., This
man, however, along with one of Lindsay's assailants was*landed in iho'leck-
up,'bnt. the other mmi has never been
raptured,      " .
The two priso-iv.1'.- wore, trice I • '~v
Government Afcent. Arm strong Monday evening, and J. A. Hurvey of Fort
Steele appeared for the defendants.
The man v.'lio was charged with assault pleaded guilty and was fined $25
and costs, and thc one I hat wasch.irged
with refusing to assist tin* ^iliepi- go'
off free.
Thore is a strong opinion prevailing
that the men were too leniently dealt
••vith,  taking  into   consideration    the
Cronbrook Herald:0Archie McVittie
returned home early in the week from
an extended trip through the oil district in the east slope of the Rocky
'mountain's and which lies—-the best of
'it—in thc Flathead country, bordering on tho boundary line between the
States and Canada. Here Mr. McA'ittie
succeeded in locating ten square miles
of land that in many placed oil oozed
through tho earth- by digging or by
upturning large boulders. In one
place a match was applied to a crevice
in the rock and a flame from natural
gas was the result. There can be
little doubt about the matter oi vast
oil deposits iu that region which only
.*.",v-.i;.- devl "ptnei't and transportation
faculties tc be productive to great
Regarding transportation Mr. 31c-
Vitlio says it would be a very simple
matter to construct a pipe line from
the Holds to the Great .Northern
There is quite a rush being made
for these lands now and Air. McYittio
thought at.one timo he was going to
be left on the proposition, but a rustler
is seldom put,.in the rear. '    •'
fl&@r. WE HAVE TltEM^^
A. T. Fox left Monday for Spokane
lo remain.    ^
H. Poll .rd was down from Gortfell
J. J. Murphy was in Cranbrook
Thos.' Under will leave for Spokane
W. F. .Curd of Cranbl-ook spent   a
day in Moyie this week. • ■
A. Leggett a . miner,   haa returned
from the Slocan country.     , ' ■
Ur. John Barber,' dentist, will again
visit Moyie iu a short time.
G. II., Gilpin, a Cranbrook merchant,
spent Thursday evening iu Moyie.
Mr. James Short, a'barrister of Calgary, was amongst 'the visitors to
Moyie this week.
. W. S. JCeny, customs .- collector of
Cranbrook, was in town over  Sunday.
' Mrs. Niederstadt and daughter. Lou-
i?o, returned from - Kclsono Tuesday
morning.      \       '  *     •
V. De'eaulnier, of the Hotel Central,
is confined to his bed with an attack
oE eczema'.
• Mrs. J. P. Farrell and Miss Mamie
Farrell arc spending a fe\7 days at the
St, Engene Mission.'       ,  _.
J. C.'Drewry, Geo. Gooderham and
T. G. Blackstock returned this morn-
ir.g from 'Rossland.
Frank Johnston, of the Moyie hotel,
transacted business ir* the commercial
me.nter Wednesday.
Rev. Alex Dunn was in Greenwood
this week attending a convention of
the provincial Presbytery.
BORN.—To the wife of Wm. Mills
tli is morning at an early hour a daughter. ,l5r. .Higgins was' the attending
physician.       c
Fred Pollard came in from Goatfell
this morning "where he' v/as . fishing,
r.nd hu,rvt,in2'for reyeral days.(.        _  *
There "was snow on the peaks of
some of the mountains surrounding
flown last Sunday morning.
ili... P. J. McMahon* took   her   departure for Spokane Wednesday  even-
:_?_ to .--'--e her sister   who   is   reported
(inngi .'•u'sly ill.
Thero was born in Cranbrook last
Wednesday night to the wife of F. W.
Frith, ci tbe Lake Shore hotel, a
M'isi Flossie  Link-lighter   of   Leth-
%jddge is   here    visiting   with    Miss
Louise Henderson at the Hotel Kootenay,
Edward Desauluier, who had his leg
'•r ■••■>' ■ ' i-. -v ''."k, in resting easily and
• '"••'':, - !0 n's rapidly as could be ex-
Miss Maggie Hunter arrived here
this week from Iron prior, Ont;. to*
join her father John Hunter, employed
at the Manhattan hotel,
There will be an election of officers
of tho Moyie Board' of Trade next Wednesday evening at thc school house.
A good attendance is desired,
Mr, and Mrs. Gc-o. .Leatk ,and sou
and Miss Scott, of thc Dudley-Buck
Quartcte, were in Moyie Tuesday*.
Miss Scctt and. Master Leask left for
Spokane the same evening.
Pcstmasfc- *T >• r *,t--*- visiting at one
oitho.'.iti- ."'.'..ics in the rural district adjacent to Fort Steele *h first
of the week. Theft, he watched the
haymakers making liay while the sun
shincd, listned to the sounds of the
reaper r.s it cut the golden grain,
watched thc bees as tliey suckled from
thc closer and the flowers and carried
their loads to the hives to make honey,
and did several other things.
The   Former Won
Five Rounds.
iicavy   Blow.*-,     Over    tho     Heart
Knocked Kiel :HcCoy Out In
an Easy Manner*
New York, Aug. '30*.—The long
looked for nieoting between James J.
Corbett and "Kid" McCoy, under the
auspices of thc Twentieth Century
club at Madison Square Garden, is over,
and in less than five rounds Corbett
proved himself to b'e the better man.
Keen judges of thc game who saw tonight's fight declared that it was ,the
cleverest exhibition ever witnessed in
tho ring. Up to the moment the men
stepped into tbcrihg^ opinion's as to
their respective ability were widely
divergent. Many claimed that Corbett
would prove lo be the stronger, as well
as the cleverer, and it was thought his
superb feinting and heavy slugging
that h.e pUt .McCoy- down and. out.
McCoy's friends all along have claimed
that' he was equally as dexterous with
his hahds, eyes and feet as the' former
champion, and in addition to this they
said that' the "Kid" could hit harder
than Corbett. All who have met McCoy acknowledge that his' blowes are
powerful ones, and that they sting and
cut' wherever they land. Tonight,
however, while McCoy landed so hie
stinging jabs, he did not cut Corbett's
skin, nor did he'land a single heavy
right hand blow during the contest.
,On the other hand, Corbett, when he
dropped science., and began- io ' slug,
"lauded hard "rights" and lefts _>hioh
simply rook McCoy's guard away, aiid
when Corbett found a vulnerable spot
in the region of  McCoy's  heart,   two
1 o
lefts and a right ended thc battle.
Work on tlio Aurora. „
'•'Tho snowing on thc Amora is con--
Uniting to improve right along," said
Manager Rader yesterday,, "and if
everything goes well I think we can
begin shipping ore this fall., Already
there is a nice lot of ore on the dump,
and we are ccntinuoually "(taking more
out." .   .
The force ou the mine was increased
this week, and 'there is considerable-
work laid out. While the main tunnel will be driven ahead there will'also
bo a good deal of outside  work   done.
I>r. Uarher Coming.;
Dr. John Barber, Dgntist, who is
now permanently located in Cranbrook,
will pay a professional visit to Moyie
about Sept. 20th, and will remain, as
long as there is any work to bo done.
He will come prepared to do all kinds
of^modern dentistry, such fts crown
and bridge work, plates, etci Dr. Barber has beeu in Moyie before and his
work has given raod satisfaction.
X.ifo Iini>ri9oiimonfv    y  .
Mi!;t!i, T laly, Aug. 20.—At the close
!of the trial today of Bresci, the anar-
.einst who assassinated King Humbert,
the prisoner was pronounced guilty
and sentenced to impnsonmentfbr life.
Bresci escaped with life imprison-,
-men!, as the penalty is the most severe
which can be imposed under the laws
-ol-Italy for murder,on, which charge
Ihe anarchist was tried.. It was at first
behoved Bresci would be tried for.
'treason, in '■ which case, the pbuelty
would have been dcaJ-h.
Work Kc*uiuert <>-> Station.
Work has been resumed on theC.P.
R,- station at Movie, and .it ia not likely
■ that .there will be any'. further delays.
The masons are working on the foundation; and all the lumber aud material
necessary for the building is in cars on
the J.iake Snore . siding. The carpenters will be here next Tuesday or Wednesday to begin work oh the  building.
Kousiuff Kcuciit for SUlIlvun.
JNcw York, Aug. 20.—John L. Sullivan was given a rousing benefit at tho
Twentieth Century club in Madison
Square Garden tonight. Tho sum realized from the sale of tickets, and
subscriptions will be larger than. • expected. It will be held in "tirust by a
committee, who will inveat the money
ancl pay the -interest to John L.
Cranbrook Herald: ,
The first "County Fair" ever held
in East Kootenay will occur at Cranbrook on September 2-1-25, on the
spacious grounds of the Turf and
Athletic Association,
It is a girl baby, and   wail   born , -in
Cranbrook last night.   Mr.   and   Mrs.,_
Fred Frith of Moyie   are   the   happy
parents.,   Mother   and .daughter   are
doing well.   '
The strike of the'C. P. R. Machinists,
which has been on. for several weeks,
has been so tiled and the men go to
work , immediately.'-' In Cranbrook
Foreman Mallineon «o limiting \v\> bis
crew. ' ' ■    •    '
On Tuesday tbe new compressor Was
started at th'e Sullivan mine. Owing
to some of the parts having been left
out when the"machinery was "shipped;
the plant could not be put id operation
as quickly as anticipated, •
Tuesday two employed of the C, P.
R. alt Crow3 Nest lake were drowned;
Their names,were Hutch and Fitzgerald. They were out on the lake inv
a sniall ooat, when, while changing
seats, they'were throwu out and the ■
boat capsized. They were observed
from the shore, but there was no other
boat al hand/and by the time a .,small
raft had been constructed they had become chilled through and .sank. The
lake being very cold thc men wero
probably, taken with cramps;3
J. H. Taylor, the Perry Creek min-'
ing man, was iu recently and says that
Dan Monroe aud his partner■, H. Ellera,"
beve made another great discovery on
Perry creek j if the reports are realized
the find will prove to be one 'of' the
most important ever made in Easi
Kootenay. Mr, Taylor,stated that - he
had not been to thp ' new discoveiy
himself, but that lie had been inlonued
by Mr. Monroe i.b-H ho had, rjv'dr* IP
locations on a big ledge that showed
uiucli free gold and .would 'also show
big beads of tho, same metal' by   roast'-
iiig.        . - '■
Big Strike on the Society Gin.,'
As we go to press news reached
town that five feet of solid ore has
been struck in the tunnel on the
Society.Girl mine near the St. Eugcue,,
There, are seven nien at work on thc
To Avoirt War With Chinu.
Washington, Aug. 30.—The United
States government, having acted ou
the Russian proposition as ici'tho witli-
drawal, of troops uuiu Peki.i. is now
quietly waitings for responses to . the
notes which have been sent * to our
various representatives for presentation to the powers. Judging by the
rates of progress made iu the preceding negotiations5 several days, and
perhaps a week, may puss before all of
these replies are received. According
tb their former expressions, all of tho
powers are agreed upon this one.poiut:/
They do not desire, to enter upon a
formal war on China.
The United States government is
trying to bring .about this result. From tho moment it finds itself side by side with Russia, whoso
earnestness can not be questioned at
this lime., thc object* now in viow is to
bring about a situation in China that
will admit cl thc beginning cf negotiations looking to the re-establishment
of order and thc cessation of hostilities
with the insurance of protection tc
foreign life and property.''
i- •■
•t   ;
Lots .for Sale.   Mojioy to X.oiwi.1
Lots for gale iii all   parts   of   town;
Money to loan.,   Agent for Karn   and
Williams pianos;    Have other   special
bargains.    Before investing see-  -.
Box 17. f. ..     D. J. Elmer.
'" 13UV  VOnSELF  A v
=^yfr-      AiAyw   ■ A\,W\\«     MV.';.^     Co.,,.*.'     *...\C.*-     W.C.WV. - W.-,V.    \W.*.\. W1.7W
-.9ti.ll'Another HosJ.tlonco."
1 Philip Conrad-has given a contract
to A. Stephenson for the erection'of a
20x24 residence, on Tavistock street.
Work -will begin next week'7
■ liletiU'Quotations.'
New York, Aug 30.—Bar silver,,
Glf cen ts. . Lead $L10 @ $4.25. Price
for miners and smelters, $.4.05 at the
close.    Copper, brokers' price, $ 10.05.
■ Cramhi-ookH MacliliUKfs' T>auce,
,The .members, of the ;Machinists'
Union in Cranbrook will give a ball at
Weutwprth' hall next Monday evening.
A cakewalk will be one of tha leading
Joiitln'OUj and a cordial and pressing
invitation     ha!s,   been 'extended   the
Moyie c.u'.kb-va.U-ei's '.'
1 r*,<:'oi *.(.'.
Jj;..J, MXJSPHYj' *.& 00;
stoi-'1'',MOYlf-:, n, ('.
..tlobt. Kohson Soils Out.
This week Robt. Robson sold out-
his bakery business to A. H. :SUtiu'j
'who will hereafter conduct thebucineso.
secure.their-bottled- beer  from   Josop
■Kiederatadt   at   tho   Moyio   .Brewery.
Price per dor.on, $1.,75 au(.l.$'2.5<>.
Fou SAi'E..-7-Gooil busmess lot,  ;u-*a
Central hotel.    Apply to 1).  -i*..  B
chon, Movi."*, or .A.,-5'0, Wall. Granl*re
^      t.r
¥M& i\  J-'  mXgM9PBr'jmil&t  McVittie & Hutchison,  hc-d in the interest  cf Moyie and East Kootenay  1!' ^'AA\'  \  r  1  17.  1         T  ,'           j  _i-t\ ,1. SMYTH & CO.;    -   -���   -    rnMielien:.  ' f A",i; ���"���'  i i. -''A'  ;'," '*''/ "*',  i  rates or (UKScr.irTiox.  : { '/��M/ ���  -1   ;-.Vf :.'���'!  One Year -....* ���"-������ a-w  - ,���'.' v  ���  rtyy  SATURDAY, SEPT. 1, 1900.  .:. (*.'.'���  ,K  I   -  ��', .'�� (   >   I  ��� '-I.;  ry    The position cf co-stable  in   Moyie  h no longer ar. enviable one.    There is  j pc one loolung for llr. Lindsay's job.  7  , -I'i:  . i-.i'JM  .'���-vUl  'tf   i-  L       t   p I  I'    ,i  .>>.;  ."V. ���  ,{??���  <!*'-  ���!:'   s.  - (*  "!*��� '"'V,  ' '    ' h*  .,��.rf. - ,  it is pleasing; to see  so   many,, new  - l'   '  residences going up in Moyie and   tlie  7iumber of families which are 3 coming  here to make their'homes.    These are  amongst the best evidences of   a   per-  aienent and substantial town.  /*���. -  I.'V  ���1^  ���-k  ��� <��� i  M;f A. A "  !*vi n* i'  M    '.'5  j*'   '  I. If-]' 7''"^  i i*** ���*.:'.-'  ri  yy A'-  \  w  V If  w.  With the Aurora mine on  the  west  side of the  lake   turning   out   to   be  3uch a wonderful property ��� and Uie  i numerous other claims now under ,do-  , "relopment,looking so well. Moyie ' can  - no longer'be called a one mine  camp. I the Punkville banker, and  Mr.  Haw- {  It is safe to predict',, that', within   two j ]"��s is naturally delighted tc know a  '.years Moyie will  hr.vc   at  least 'five  steady shipping mince.     .  .  rushes lcrwaru w  "Why isn't  this   Zeb   Hawkins  of  Punkville?"  ' The stranger knows it' is   Hawkins,  because Zeb told his whole family history to a   nice"   traveliug  man  whom  he meton the train  a  few miles out  and   with   whom   he   had   played a  sociable   game   of  "seven-up"    for  a  quarter a corner.    "Zeb" most  always  won, but once   when he lost'lie displayed a fat roll of bills.  "Meantime   two    confederates,    perhaps have held'a hurried consultation  near the depot, while a thiid has kept  careful track  of  the traveler's  movements.    They have referred to a business directory   in    which'   they  have  found:  ; Punkville, Ind.,���Hawkins, Zeb. ;  ; Cheese Factory and Live Stock. ;  ;   , ., Booster, J. H. 1  Booster's Bank (75,000.)        ;  From this time forth the man of benevolent appearance   is a   brother  of  CRANBROOK,  B.C.  Harvey   & , McCarter,  i  TORT STEELE, B. C  Harvey, Mc Carter & Aloxauilcr,  FCUNIE, B. C.  Barristers & Solicitors.  and Life assurance. Min-  Jrokers, Land Surveyers and  Conveyance:;-.,, aud Notaries  Public/  Leave *irilcr-i r.t  I>osdpr   Oiflcc, MOYIJE.  City   Shaving KParlor,  ���    CENTRAL   HOTEL.  V7.   imiTUyVtoprlGtov,  This hotcl?is*now open to the public, andjis well furu  ished throughout. None hut the best brands of v/inc<  liquors aud cigars kept in stock,       .        ,  LEWIS THOMSON,  Notary Punuc, Accountant,   Commission   anx>  ' Insurance Agent  ie,  WEST EY CLIXE- Troii.  Moyie, B. C.  FIRST    CLASS    ACCOMMODATIONS.  MOYIE, B.  b, o.| James Kerrigan, & Co.  W. F. GTJRJD,  CKANBROOK,"B.  C.  ..BAKRISTEK, gOIiTClTOK, 3ETC  < t  CRANBROOK,        ���   '  B. C.  ��aadsss&&^��3a.&^aaa^&a&9e66e&9^6���������53a9^s>��^rg-?���..jftw  il  hk%i  1  u  Am**PA  aMa;  mMA��  U jrv       ','- j-j   (    - *,    ,,(  vM Au y��--' '  't,',�� -iA'i'% " '"i'i  I  0. P, HIGGTNS,    ���  relative of ouch, a prominent  man aa|PhySiCian and Blirgeon  Mr. Booste���. ' How fortunate, indeed.  Wholesale 'Grocers  .A37D  General. Agents,  i   tA  W -if {if  H'-  i-'  I  i- ��� '.k  A V  'Z 7M  �� 'U-n  tf 'Mi,  it- Ai. >  .', i  A.-:  UV<  f-.iii.?.  i   ijV '  i-.i:i  in  ���yy'A (j  ,   �� 'i  ;  <  'it  t*jii  I.S'51  Iffi;!1  !���' M'  ;|/B?  ?ii  ��  V  IS  -.���"<!- i  , ft-1: ll'  Ww*'.  ;  -f;t<i  ���     !'"    ,  I      i  '���"    i  mi  m  i, 4,-  I'll*-'!11  ^  77  iy  11'  i -  It is sad, but'it is a fact nevertheless,  that tho business men  of  towns,, take  t toQ'little interest in  their  boards 0f|Icm*n��:  .trade.   This is net only   true   cf   the  smaller towns, but the larger lowns as  , well.    Only a short  time  ago  on   the  ������-regular*  meeting   night   the   Nelson  : board was compelled   to adjourn  for  " lack of a quorum.   The members of  .-the Cranbrook and Fort Steele boards  also seem ' to. take   little   interest   in  . iheir work, and the same  can also be  i Said of  the   members   of   the   Moyie  board.      Matters   of  importance   are  . continually arising ia a. town   which  ��� should be taken -in--hand and dealt  .- 'with by its business  men.    The   most  * eflieient and satisfactory way to dp  ���thi3 is to havo a regularly; organised  "���board cf trade."'  Busin'ess men should  | "retsember that anything which effects  'the welfare of a town effects them" also  ���^'p a'greater cr i,Ipse en tent, therefore  ''they should bo on 'hah'tl at all meetings  and give these matters their attention.  *' It is to be hoped that in future the  ' people of Moyio will givo  their board  of*trade 'more attention than they  \aaye ih the past,"  is he to have such a nice, reliable person to show him the sights of Chicago!  Then may happen any one ot' the  fol-  OFFICE-  MO YIE,"  -FARRELL block. "  British Coiumbin.  t  '    !!  viJ  1(1-  If:  tr-:  tu . ���  it! -V '  u:-A  ptrif-y  . ..If... II 1>  '!tf*  ll  ih-  . II I'  '���ill  ?1Vi   -   ,-  ":Vi >k'i  *i i' '':    'i-bf  ,.   .' .*! I i   -C    . *! .  ���(-,.A >"-���>'. , .  ���*"'���������.-;: :  IA!  ; ��� 'i  A, ,'s�� i.  A "^Al\\P";'  ������;   ' I'.r v''* ', i''  a y-y^-x  y\' ' ?-" '".I- ";?  Ways of "Con Men."  Cf all the criminals with which the  ���police of lartje cities have to deal, the  .'copfidence man is the most elusive  'and percistenl in plying his nefarious  'vocation, oayo the Chicago News'. And  of all the cult, the Chicago "con" is  'the most accomplished and difficult to  convict. This city is a Mecca for the  craft and many are the golden harvests  that are gatliefea.t1n" ly"\yily gentlemen who act as self appointed committees of reception for the-guileless  "and unsophisticated ruralite who does  not read the newspapers.  So common have the robberies of  the innocent become that as items of  public interest they aie'relegated to  'the category of false fire alarms,  broken legs and "clothes ��� line" fights.  .The records cf the police department  are burdened v/itli  theia, but there is  He -may   visit   the   room    of   his  "steefer," and after  indulging in  several rounds of drinks, doctored for  the  occasion, awake to find  that his  new  found   fiiend   has   disappeared���likewise hia money".   Or, if this plan fails  of its purpose,   Mr. Hawkins  may.be  induced.to invest in   a few  hundred  dollars worth   of   gilt   ed&ed  mining  stocks ih a   company' of   which 'Mr.  Booster of Chicago   is   the executive,'  only to learn that he   has   bought a  set of prettily   decorated  certificates  and nothing moie.  Led en by tho success he achieved  at cards while on the train, hi3 little  coterie of new found friends may pur-  suc.de him to indulge in a very simple  game' wherein three cards alone are  used. -He finally consents, arid-<.whi'@  preparations) for the game are going  ou/a lanky Texan, who goes by the  nom de guerre of "The Cattle King,"  stalks into the room. There is bra-  voclo in his manner and a bunch of  bills in his hand. He wants to take a  luvfld in the- game for high stakes, He  botn and loses. He' bets and losos  again, Mr. Hawkins wino. Suddenly  there is a terrific knocking at the  door and a conorous voice shouts:  "Let me in!" The ir.an'in the hall  does not.wait to be admitted, but kicks  in the door,  "What, gambling in my bouse!"  shouts he. "I'll have you all arrested  and sent to the penitentiary."  "P.jlieeLpolice!" he yclL,  A moment later in rushes a bogus  officer, upon whoes coat thero flashes  an ominous star. He waves a hickory  club aloft and swoops down upon the  players. Now follows an explanation,  with the result that all ihe money in  the crowd is transferred to the pockets  of the omniscient "copper," who, be it  known, is a "pal" of the other conspirators. This is the method most in  vogue at present, although   there   arc-  Home and   Foreign   Bonded m Wo rehouses.  JOHNSTON  BJROS.   ,  | This Hotel is New and well Furnished,  The *  ��        Tables are Supplied with the Best the *  Market affords. Xhel Bar is Filled with *  the Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. *  AGENTS   FOR PABST'S   MILWAUKEE BEER,  HEADQUARTERS,, FOR. COMMERCIAL  ��� AND MNIINGMEN;  ffi   MOIYJS,        <       - - _ _        "  .HUITl.Sn  OOLUMRIX   1  \9  . - ' '    Jf  Api'ly to  FOR SALE AND RENT  OR MADE TO'ORDER.  Iff. L. HOLLISTER, 'Moyie.'  Whiskey, .Wines, Beer,  Cigars, Produce; Fruit.  Etc.',   Etc.,   Etc.,     Etc  ("0RI1ESPONDENCE  INVITED.  JEWELER  MOYIE,  B.C.  c  Gents'    Furnishings,  Boots,  Shoes, Hats, Gloves, Etc.  Clothing,  Ju3t received a fine' Assortment of Meriden Britannia  silverware.  UK ION gAE-BEE SHOP  * AND BATH ROOMS.  a woeful disparity between  tho num.-  raany otl)ers which are carrib(i ouL on  i ni  '-. -  "A '"  ber there recorded and the number  of  convictions   iu   the   archives   of   the  criminal court.    This is due the  com-  1 ���    plete, busmuss-likc  system  by  which  .'_    the   confidence   men   work, to plans  ���which, save in the event  of  an  inad-  '     vcrlent "slipup'' forestall  in   their  in-  .cipiency, the po..7177-.> o: :..iKi;o.  To begin with, the  confidence   man  i    in his personal appearance, is  far from  ������     the commonly   accepted idea,  which  ��� suggests a tall, swaggering, diamond-  ( bedecked fellow, with a vest of  : Brusslee carpet pattern and a very  j wicked, black cigar held between gold  ;    fililed teeth at an angle of 15 decrees.  This is so, beeaubc lhe confidence man  like any other shrewd individual deduces that innocent stranger,-' are  in-  ��� disposed to get on familiar terms with  - a man whose very dress and bearing  ���    bespeak hia calling.   Jt leads  to  thc  - supposition thai ho is slick, if nothing  T. E. CORLISS, Prop.  COME AND SEE US.  Victoria Ave., MoVrr, B. C  MOYIE, B. C.  EAST KOOTENAY BOTTLING CO.  CRANBROOK, B. C  Areated Waters  Kinds.  C-v.v.  - ���; .High grade movements  in  .    gold,   gold   filled  or, silver  caGec-.  'W V. TATE  Official Watch Repairer for   C. P. B  Cranbrook, B. 0.  AT G. H. MINER'S  WM. MILLS, Proprietor.  Orders Solicited.  Soda Water and Syphens,  .I a   full stock of  A��A)^A\ A Ahliy  NELSON,  !s.T33K��*sQcr^uaii j^^. *.. 9-t-��tr ���  similar lines. Thc old dsyn of the  lerriblelake front and tonnel explosions, the horrible carnage resultant  upon tho collapse of KJ-story oflice  buildings and "the shells" arc pant.  Tour modern conr,deuco man id up  to date. 31c adops dilfurent t vac ties.  V i 'xA. ;., - V '."*��� (,: l,*..., . \..u  are so arranged tliat subseijiicnt complaints fo the police rarely do an;- j BOOTS AND  good other than to result in the arrest  and discharge for want of prosecution.  Continuances in police court are  easily had and seldom can a victimized visitor bo found who, after losing  all his money, is willing to remain  in  Chicago for   the   purpose   of   sending |      kext dook to blacksmith siioi'  good mor.  C  General     Hard war  ���e  AXp  GESEIlATi  SUPPLIES.  Just  received   a  carload of  Miners   headquarters.     Good   accommodations  for  travelers.  liquors ',vnd cigars kept,in stock,  Rest  v, n:  Lake Shore Addition  MOYIE, B. G.  r^ ���  A Call Solicited.  Trs*8JI01> iX COXNJiCTION.  Moyie, B. C.  A. kk <~i  POST   OFFICE  CRAMS E=t.C3 OKI,  ("AN  SUPPLY   VOU   WITH  Stoves, Tinware, Furniture,' Mattresses, "Bed*  ding, Carpets, Curtains, Etc, at lower- prices  than can be had by sending to eastern cities.  W'iit;-: i-o!   Qi'ctarroy  Mail Ohdbk.s Promptly attended to.  ��*jqr-H��,*.fc��fciiii��..-g����^���M��.r-.r,wirT���,  B7  HOES  Repaired and Made to Order.  II, iL__SM\TH,  e.  DRUG   AXU   STATIO.VEitY .STOUE.  Patent,  medicincf..  tc.ilel  articles, office  stationery  and school  supplies. . , .  Levli :g Liurapy : If yon want a book-  ask for it and it will Le   procured  for  you without delay.  IT I'AYS TO HEAL WITH  -v.*L\j'x J.��   A^r    2,>ji2..AAJ. .1 X~2.i-  G!i(;��ilf.tH ainl Urutjgje.jo,  MOYin, Ii. C  ^fKFRS  ��� JJU .. \ L, < \ vj  r\  \j  i'ar.yire the men who have   marl.i-  cukucd  -  it this most severe of all  ecnools���������a day's experience with  Chicago crooks.  ��arJtj..j<.ow^KT^ai.'m.in<aefa-air^Miej.j,.".f.y..'ntt..,.l!,.,.. y^, .��� iTi.ri^nfT-  T��.JFJWinn����1��, M.AC J.tf -  ~^r^^xztrcrKin?^~**a.x  DC  MOYIE B. 0.  Are Mow Open and Beady For  Business With a Full Lino of  fJ'jCiple ��'jY..6, ].?ancy  else.    That h why a conspicuous  out-  F011 TJIE CHOICEST BRANDS OF  fit is no longer  worn  by   him   during  ���'"working horr.~."  Neither does ho dye hi-, mustache a  vallainous sable. If he does any hirsute altering at all, it is lo ?ivc hia Iin  decoration a lingo of nice b.-nevolcnt  gray. His at tire is as studied ;is that  of any actor���for the "cor- man" acta  a part.  Jn C'Cr ,a!    ip0   victim    is  thrown  ['".���/.(.tcly oil ;,,.      , ^ _    -���,-;������-*.���>    i>,,.i.i  jj^oAMa  Ti.yr ^sr^sny.  TBI  CLL AT Till;  Cai  fijr  oigar Btore  J. I. McINTOSLl, I'icoj'.  ^i-ken'*, Avea-cte. MOYIE, B. 0.  f  .  VlilA  I :\t  ill  V-a/  ��  &��?<'������>  yx-f.  :'-^-f,7_\ty  r't .y.',y\'r.-f...-y  A'7'" "^"Av;;A^J^-7^^rz,^---.-/^.v   /--/-, y<r,y.  The only house in East ICoolnay  lieafcd 'hnAighout^v.ith^hotair.  Fn. i r.iiii,. in oy;r>ry respect. :-|jccia!  ra'.os to Kjardorn. Goc.'. i ampler room  for commercial men.  European plan.    Open day and night  ���������;. jr. HMALI, Vroii.  i  J ��� ^ i *       I  ;  CRANBROOK, - ^  B, C.  - -"' *'-' :..',,' .\Ji,ryJ.7,..-A^/.yJxr -As.;.C/,s'.z..-,.'./ <i-.t��X-.i?  :��5fss  You arc Invited to Inspect Bloc < .  FO.E FXNE  o:  ?*&\-'l  ADDRESB ,  WBLSON, 1 -��� '   '  %i  Ie moyie leader.  MOYIE,   B.    C.  STAGE GLINTS.  fl-oacs Krugcr, it is said, will star  Eg season 5u "^l'l-ilims-"  'ile widow of thu late Felix Morris  t"      a vaudeville performer.  B,tiii(lc�� Coghlan will'pass the surn-  fjfoi' Trince Edward island.  $ iuiliort Drouat will bo Miss Mary  Sin.'i'iii^'d leading ����ui next season.  m\'i Marlowe lias secured a produc-  HsM �� l'lay by IIarr,pt Ponl aml ]'e"  Intiie De ^Iille entitled'','The Awaken-  I. ��� ��� ,  niong the plays to be revived next,  foil aro "Iloodman Blind/' "Tho  Ll" -The-Black Flag" and "Storm  jflnntitig variety theater, to ho to-w-  Wfoni one watering place to another  jL tlio coast, is an English idea for  ���(lining summer season.  ,  ie iirpt' dramatization  of  Unrriet  V,er Stowe's famous story) "Uncle  's Cabin,"   was  produced  at  the  museum, New York, in 1S02.  Ilicrt IL Mnntell will add to his rop-  Vv'next season a new'piny by \Y.'  ^TrcniiiyiiL' entitled "A Free-'Lance."  Manu'Il is nt present in Europe.  avid,, Helaseo  is  to  make  n piny  Miss Cherry Blossom of Tokio,"  lory by John Luther Long, author  Madame Butterfly," that-Mr. lie-  also dramatized.  no Nc'w York Sun is responsible' for  romance:  A   Boston  chap 'drank  iolic .'K'id for unrequited'love of an  W%],) "''''' ln n d'ino "uif-eum, but the  ���rs saved his life, nnd now.,he lias  uie nn exhibit in the same show.  R XIXE YEAliS���Mr. Samuel Bryan,"  .furd, writes: "For nine years 1 suffered  uk-omted sores,on my leg; I expended  $100 to physicians.,and tried ' every  .���nation 1 heard of or saw recommended  jucli disease, but could get no relief. I at  Vim recommended to givo Dr. Thomas'  .jctrio Oil n trial, which has resulted,  iter lining (ijtht bottles (using it internully  ^externally), in a complete cure. I hern it i-< die he=t medicine in the world, nnd  ffefflE'10 diis to let, others know what it has  (or me."  FROZEN  DESSERTS.  Coffee Mounhc���Slrnivbcrry; Rnspber-  ry and I'eueli  l'ii,ldlnK.s.  Mousses and frozen puddings aro delicious dinner desserts and have the  advantage of being easily made, says  the New York Tribune.  For coffee mousse heat together in a  double boiler 1\\ eupfuls of sugar and  1*2 eupfuls of strong coffee." When the  sugar is dissolved, add the yolks of six  eggs and stir the mixture until it begins to thicken, when it must be removed quickly and stirred until cold.  Fold in carefully'one pint of cream  whipped until it is dry. Turn it into a  mold and put on the- cover. To prevent  salt water from entering paste n strip  of buttered paper around the edge.  Pack it ln cracked ice and salt so that  It is completely buried and leave it for  four hours. When ready _ to , serve,  plunge the form quickly into hot -water  arid turn it on to a plate.  The rule given above may be varied  for different fruits and flavorings. If  vanilla is wanted, use only one cup of  sugar and substitute water for the coffee, adding two teaspoonfuls of, vanilla  extract when tlie whipped cream is  mixed w;ith the custard.  A delicious strawberry, raspberry (or  peach frozen pudding may be made by  mashing the fruit, .adding to it two  eupfuls of powdered sugar ,to every  quart and folding in carefully" one  qunrtof crenni whipped. Fill it, into n  mold, put on the cover, insure its safety from salt water by pasting a strip  of buttered' paper over the juncture  and pack In Ice and salt for four hours.  If pineapple is used, it should' be chopped very fine, covered with the sugar  ancl allowed to stand an hour or two  before the cream is added to it.  The frozen fruit'pudding may bo varied by using macaroons Instead of  fruit Dry ln th<? oven a half pound of  macaroons and roll tliem fine. Add  them and a half cupful of powdered  sugar to a quart of cream whipped dry  and pack and freeze as before.    "  Hidden Trenmire.  "m  coins   to   pay   a   man   $10   to  fi. hten up my desk."  n't. thut   au   extravagant   expendi-  8SfOli, no.   Think of tho fortune in post-  ���.slain;'.-* lost under all those papers."  Biciai/* Keeoid.  THERE A'WILL, WISDOM POINTS  WAY.���Tho sick man pines for relief,  jpbjjfiie dislikes sending for tbe doctor, which  ftoeini bottles of drugs never consumed. Ho  * ""riot thc resolution to, load his stomach  gjgtt compounds which smell villainously  iiMtftsic worse. But if ho have tho will to  pajg himself with hia ailment, wisdom will  JdWct his attention to Pamiclce's Vegetable  ffiBfe, which as a specific for indigestion and  jrde're of. tho digestive organs, have no,  M.  '  Gcttinrc On.  |now nre you getting on with your  fihotagrnpliy V"  T\YoU."   answered, the   young   man  itti brown finger tips, "I'm doing bet-  ||��r.   The snap shot portrait 1 took of  Cur.nmdge must have been recog-  fcnl.le."  ';4Y��u nre sure of that?"  perfectly. for ns soon ns Curmudge  ;��jv it he snid ho could whip the man  l^jio made that picture."���Exchange.  '' A Garden Pnrty Gown.  Some of tho most novel effects of  fashion are represented in the garden  party gown of the accompanying cut  This*is a new satin foulard with a sky  blue ground printed with a  lace pat  sy  j ���  I was cured of Acute Bronohitis by  XINARD'S LINIMENT.,  ��� J. M. CAMPBELL.  &y-of Islands.  I was cured of Facial Neuralgia by  MINARD'S LINIMENT.'  WM. DANIELS.  Bjiriiighill. N.S. o  ���J was cured of Ohronio Rheumatism  ^MINARD'S LINIMENT.  .  GEORGE TINGLEY.  Albert Go., N.B.  Prculi' From  London.  Mthors-I say. Blithers, I've just had  R'plny accepted by the Piccadilly theater.  Withers���Oh! What is it���a five act  ftniedyV  Dithers���N-no; a ono act farce.  Blithers (laughing)���Oh, only n farce?  -aa.lm:  -Withers (sensitive chap, Pithers)-  V(,U. there's nothing to laugh nt in  th.'ii.  Slithers (rynleal chap, BlitlH*rs)--No;  ���hi*: a farce of yours, there wouldn't  I'iok Me Up.  b*  b  - Ik* great demand for a pleasant, safe and  * niil-.lt.* antidote for all affections of tho  V r<>.(t nnd lungB is fully mot with in Bieklo a  ? di-Coiisumptivo Syrup. It: is a pure y  ;'<{etuhle-Compound, and acts promptly  , �� niti-ricully in subduing all coughs, colds,  i <mi--liitis, inflammation of the. lunge, etc.  J '��w> palatable that ri child will not refuse  "nd iu put ut a price that will not exclude  11 o poor from its benefits.  OF TI1E LATEST KLEGAKCE.  tern of royal blue and white traceries.  The"deep flounce of white lace is headed-with a ruche ln white silk muslin.  Narrower flounces round the wrists  and the bolero in dark silk arc overlaid  with a guipurcliko embroidery in  coarse lisso etamine. It fastens over  the left side under a jabot and velvet  bows joined with a ribbon twist. The  folded empire belt is iu silk to match.  3  One of 'I'Iiohc ^nt-Nltons,  Toss���Clio's old Brownson'.s widow.  Joss-Which one is she?'  .''ess��� What do you mean?  _ -'ess���Wliy, he wns married twice.    Is  ' ^ Ids  first  or  second   widow?���Phila-  1 -Ipliia Press. ..'      (      -   '     .   .  '  tA "T(V\f ANA " RELIANCE   CIGAB  ����<V     IU3V/ANA,     FACTORY, Montreal  An 111 Advinea ncqucnt.      ,  ''That telegraphic healer was mad,  I  ' J] you." y  '^Vlmt was the matter?"  ki.iuu  woman  telephoned  for him  to  ve li,.*.* LjUijy automobile absent treat-  (.���ut."  lliltP.l T^alTIl nT��Ql    Montreal. Free Bus. Aro.  0lul DCU1UUIdl, P. 81.60 up.   K. P. W.00 ca.  55, Nenr It.  j ftnopmnn-nere is a very nice thing  "'volvlnq bookcases, madam.  , '  , ������N(,wrleh-Oh. nre those revolv-  J* "ookcasps?    I thought they called  . '"'   elrculatlng   libraries. ��� London  ^-ing.  N->^Sg^-.'  Smnll roliitu of Social Form.  'The unwritten laws of" society nre  continually changing. For Instance,  invitations were always sent by hand.  Now they nre almost always given to  the postman. This is an obvious advantage unless the messenger or footman Is perfectly reliable. Besides, it  gives much less trouble and expense.  At n dinner small differences are  more observable than nt large nnd less  "smart" functions, and there nre many  little things that it behooves an aspirant or a debutante to remember. W6-  men should not rise when n man is introduced to thom, and they should also  remain seated when nn acquaintance  greets them, putting out their hands to  be shaken. Of course in the case of n  hostess or an old or particularly distinguished person this is different. A  hostess will receive all her guests  standing nnd do all she can to show  polite hospitality.-New York Tribuue.  Toilet   Hint*.  ' Some skins are curiously absorbent  of all grease, whereas in direct contrast there arc sonic unfortunate poo*,  pie'-who'are-possessed of skins which  nre too greasy and require nn* astringent lotion and drying powders.  People whose skin is very sensitive  nre often troubled with great Irritability of the scalp when at.thc seaside or  nfter sea bathing. This Is caused Ijy  the snlt air and salt water, nnd a little  vaseline should he well rubbed into tho  roots of the hair at night nnd the hair  washed again In pure tepid rain water  whenever it has been dipped into the  sea. , ..  A little borax sprinkled on a cloth  nnd rubbed lightly on the face Is a  good remedy for blackheads. Care  should be taken to rub lightly, or it will  malm the skin smart. ��� ._  In general anything that tends tod.,  the skin should bo avoided, such ns baj  rim   alcohol, camphor, and  anmionia^  If used in great moderation, thoy are  all good.  FIRST  TIME  AT  A  SHOW  Tbe LiiKtinpv Imprensloii on the Meza-  ' ory the IMcc-e Mukcii,  Chance and a rainy night 'found a little box party at a frugal repast of old  fashioned melodrama. There was the  "real thing" villain doing a bovine stride  across the stage and masticating his  whiskers, a frail girl who looked like she  needed a three course dinner more than  the husband' for whom she was pining  and the foreman of a mine who was determined to die honorably'1!!! and for the  love of somebody.  "Do you remember the first sliow you  ever saw?" asked one.  "Yes. D was 'Hazel Kirke..' The show  caino to my little home town up in Maine.  My guardian took me to *-ee it. For two  weeks after it left I haunted our old mill-  dam looking for young'ladies who might  fall into it. I became so infernal morbid'  the doctor took' it for liver complaint and  filled me full of calomel. My sisters had  a taffy pulling at our. house a few nights  afterward. I swallowed a hunk of the  stuff ijnd was salivated for a month."  "Mine was .'Itaii'.-h No. 10,' or something like that," said another. "1 never  can forget the play. For an hour before  the curtain rose I sat-in thc gallery frontc"  row and tried to look through the drop  curtain., It seemed like an flge. ,'At last  the manhole opened and the orchestra  came up. That in itself was a hit with  nit*. Whore they came from was past understanding. Nobody near me seemed to  know,' but when the leader blow his  breath against space and thousands of  lights burst into bloom, I grabbed hold of  tlio railing and hold on.' I had no' idea  when ���the wheels would move' and the  whole theater swim off into eternity to  the music that rippled under us, yet already the groat wonderful building was-  lurching from side to side, like a ship in  a storm. Through the mass of enchantment came the' sharp, keen tinkle of' a  hcl). It struck into harmony a multitude  of sounds just as the swirling melody in  the orchestra pit swooned away. I was  lit the time devouring a bag of dates  when some bronzed denizen of the docks  leaned over the tier above- me and grabbed the bag. I was about to protest  when ho made such a hideous face at me  I sneaked away down to the other ond of  the' seat and remained breathless? Again  the boll tinkled, and up went the curtain!  A .vision of loveliness smote me to the  heart! You could have run over me with  a hose wagon, aud I would have been  glad. My lower jaw fell, my eyes opened,  aud the rest of the night I was in a  trance.  "From ^i woods where trees grew in  velvet stepped out a human being that  was,not all human. lie was part divine,  wearing boots that looked ten fcet'high:  "His hair curled in unison with his  mustache, aud across that stage he strode  like a king.,  "It was confusing. Still I knew that  somewhere on ��� earth people walked like  that. Perhaps in the palaces I had read  about iu the yellow backs. Somehow, I  s_,-eint*'d' to hnve a faint recollection of  them and to have b-nm among tbein, but  that was thousands of years before.  "I was 'with him,' for he had no more  idea of fear than a mouse has of Thanks-'  giving- day. I followed him through  duels with pistols'and with swords. 1  saw him killed three times, and three  times- he ascended and , went back to  work.1 11 marked the villain and would  have gladly gone around to the stage entrance and put him on to what was being*.framed up for him had I known  there was a stage entrance. But I  lived'to sec that same villuin got worse  treatment nt the hands of my ideal than  ever a broncho got from its buster aud  went home full of beuigu gratitude.  "That night my pillow was dampened  with tears of joy as the events of the  evening paraded themselves across tbo'  imagination. It was the initial night of  my life, wherein virtue and manhood  triumphed and villainy got its reward.  Sinco that timo I have seen so many  pictures on the same lino and all so badly out of drawing that the first ono shines  all the clearer, and I am indeed thankful  for that first eveninc with *hf> r>eople'"f  'Ranch No. 10.' "  FORGET BUSINESS AT NIGHT  That Ih the  Only Way to Be Sore ot  Doing: Your Bcttt'Worlc.  "Every business man of common  sense knows, whether he chooses to  acknowledge lt or not, that the farther  a way, he gets in the evening from his  commercial associations during the  day, ko that his business associates or  thoughts of it or them cannot get at  him. tbe healthier he is, the wiser life  he leads���in short, the better off he is  in every respect and. the abler for the  duties of the morrow," writes Edward  Bok in The Ladies' Home Journal!  "Now, what does he get in .the city  in' the evening, even if he lives a carefully regulated life? There'is no mode  of life he can possibly follow which' is  In any way recuperative to his mental  or physical being. He has never been  out of hearing of the noises of the city.  or out of the range of its lights. Every  night he has'slept In the polluted air of  the city and in the morning has looked  out on the gray, sidewalks which he  sp.es all day long. What does such a  man know of tbe exhilarating, refreshing and blood quickening experience of  opening the shutters of his' chambpr  window upon a landscape of space and  sunshine? And, what is far worse,  what do his wife and children know of  such a blessing? ���  "Yet he deludes himself Into the be-,  lief tbat he must live in tbe city, so a3  to���be 'in touch with things.' If you  ask him what those 'things' are, you  Invariably discover that they are of a  business nature, either strictly business or some social convention which  he feels has a bearing on his business.  But it is always business, business!  Now, a man living under this pressure  rarely, does his best-work, although be  fully believes that he is doing it. But  he cannot be giving out the best because he does not allow the best to get  within him."  PERSONALITIES.  Fooling; a Typewriter.  Thero wore two typewriters In the  room. One was in ufo and the other was  not. The young man sat down near the  ono that was not in use and watched the  young woman who was busy 'with the  other.  . Inadvertently the young man touched  tho bell of the machine.near him, whereupon tho young woman yanked the carriage of her machine back and started a  new lino.,  The .young man chuckled, and a minute  later ho touched tho bell of the machine  near him again. The young woman started another now line.  Tho young man laughed and tried ii  again with equal success.  "Willie," called the young woman to  the otlico boy when she had taken the  sheet out of her machine, "telephone to  the typewriter people to send a man  over here right away to fix this machine.  It's all but of order, nnd I can't for tho  life of.me sco what's the matter."  Tho young man laughed some more and  -then made his escape. Ho has not returned, lie is afraid to go back.���Chicago Post. ���   He Wanted Chnrtn. .  Lippincott's tells this story illustrative  of tho prevailing ignorance concerning  the work of the hydrogruphic oflice: The  mere fact, that the United States hy-  drographic oflice issues "charts" is widely understood, ns was'shown- recently  when a spruce little man bustled into  the otlico and asked for "charts."  "What chnrtsdo yon wauL?" :  "All of them," was the sweeping answer,    ��� '.:������,.'������'������'.    ���  When he was told that'they numbered  many thousands and therefore it was  necessary to specify for* what seas or  harbors he wanted them, he showed great  surprise and ��� .disappointment, -and announced that he was a "ladies' tailor"  from San Francisco seeking "dress  charts." --  Hotv to Have Gen Ins Rewarded. ' ^  Tho artist was bewailing his luck.  ,"My  paintings are  gems,"   he  said.  "Even  the critics  admit  that;   but  I  can't get any prices for them."  "Of course not," returned the man of  business. "You see, the trouble with  you is that you are alive, and genius  ls rewarded only after death. Now;  If you could arrange to die"���  "But how could I profit by that?"  demanded tho artist.  "Let me finish," said tha man of  business. "If you, could .arrange to die  temporarily, your fortune .would be  made. Just make me the executor of  your estate, drop out of sight for  "awhile aii'd you will' have both fame  and money. The trouble with you artists is that you have no head for business. Now the moment you are gone  you will be written up and lauded, and  all the pathos of your struggle for recognition will be brought out, and people will just fall, over themselves, to  get your paintings. Just give me a  .chance to kill you off. and I'll have, you  rolling in wealth."  " A Distinction.  "Kriogood , tells me you won some  money.from hira last night," said the  man with the shrieking shirt.  "Nipe," said the man with the whispering tie; "I merely won a few beta  from him."  ",Oh!"  The private secretary of an Important official is a good thing uutil he begins to think he is. the Important official.���New Orleans Picayune. .  LAUGHING GAS;  An Uiixhnkcn Believer.  They're touring down the castles we've erected .in  the air,  They claim that  Brother Damon never flourished  anywhere,  They tell .is that thc story of his friendship was  a myth,   .  But I believe in Damon, and I've faith in Brother  Pyth. '    .,    ,  They, cite  us   tacts and   figures,   claiming  it's  a  fairy tale  01  the  residence  of Jonah  in  the  inside  of  the  whale,    ^  And they say that Billy Tell did  not take snap  shots at his son,  But I believe the stories, I believe 'ein every one.  They try to prove that  Sheridan could not have  1  "saved thc day,"  They say he didn't ride like mad from "twenty  miles away,"  Hut  1   put  my  trust in  it���I'm content to go it  blind��� '  I've just as firm belief in it ns if I rode behind.  I pin  my faith  to every one of all the good old  tales;  I've confidence in all the men, the horses and tho  whales.  They c-iuii.ot break my idols, they cannot spoil my  fun,  For 1 believe the stories, I believe 'cm every one.  '' DROP THAT CIGARETTE."  ���9&i*��a3^��d9$$&��***^**>e  BANKERS AND  BROKERS. . . ...  362 MAIN ST., WINNIPEG  Stocks and bonds bought, sold and  carried   on  margin.    Listed .:���      m  mining stocks carried m  liul    Mr. Gourde   Gould   O.iicKly   VIA A��  lie Wi��h Told.  A Now York correspondent writes  to the Chicago .Times-Herald: "Drop  that cigarette,Mr. Could,." exclaimed E. 11. Harriman, chairman of the  executive meeting of the Board of  Directors of the Union; Pacific Kail-  road, a few 'days ago. He was, speaking to George J, Gould, the million-  air director of the: company, the  man whose father some years ago  mado a clean sweep of every director  in the . corporation, from Charles  ���Francis Adams down, because they  had displeased him.      :  Mr. Gould looked astounded. He  glanced out of tho window of the  company's oflice to see if the world  had come to an end.  "I mean it, said Mr. Harriman,  severely, "I have just issued an order  prohibiting cigarette smoking by any  employo of the Union Pn.cific Railroad. You are an employo of the.  company���you get $10 every time  you come here. So kindly put away  that cigarette." j  Millionaire Gould recovered from  the state of daze into which he had  been thrown. Then he slowly dropped his cigarette.  Then Mr. Harriman, who objects to  smoking of any kind, announced that,  he thought men should not be directors in companies nnd ma 1��* rules for  others if they can't.'-.. obey the rules  themselves.     ���  .'��� .  Lady Sarah Wilson, of Mnfeking  fame, is quite noted for her dancing.  She also rides well to hounds aud is a  capable whip.  Professor D. A. Kent of Jewell, la.,  has been appointed by the sultan of  Turkey instructor of farming for the  entire Turkish empire.  The late Duke of Argyll was devoted  to his home at Inverary, and his last  hours were vexed with the illusion  that ho was dying away from It.  ' Charlotte Crablree, the retired actress, widely known to older playgoers  as Lotta, has' subscribed $300 to the  fund for' building an actors' home in  New York.  Charles n. nackley, the Micbigai.  millionaire and philanthropist, has given the town of Muskegon four bronze  statues .of Lincoln, Sherman, Farragut  and Grant.  Mr. Bouriie Cockran became so much  Interested in the cause of negro education on his recent visit south that he  has contributed $500 to the work of  the Tuskegee (Ala.) Normal and Industrial Institute.  William Gillet, chairman of a committee of the Bachelors' club' of London, says that the Due d'Orleans was  expelled from that organization May  17. The reason the duke refuses to resign is ai'last obvious.  The mayor of Salford, England, announced the other' day that Colonel  Baden-Powell is engaged to a young  .woman who lives in that town. Tho  colonel Is 43" years old and has been  generally regarded as an incorrigible  bachelor.  Lieutenant Iliigh A. Drum" of the  Twelfth infantry,'now serving In'Luzon, is said to be the youngest officer  in the United States'army. His.father  Was killed,by,his side on San Juan hill.  The latter bad been favorably mentioned several times in tbe_.dispatches.  ' Secretary Long recently sent to  Speaker Myers of the Massachusetts  house a handsome big gavel for the  speaker's desk. The head Is made  from wood of the Olympia and * the  handle from the rail of the Spanish  gunboat Sandoval, captured in tbe late  war. '- -  *The Rev. Dr. William J.��� Holland,  wlio for nine years has been chancellor of the Western University of Pennsylvania at Alleghany, has Just resigned that place.' Since 1S97 he has also  been director of the Carnegie museum,  Pittsburg, and will hereafter devote  his entire time to the scientific work  of that post.  - In China it Is the rule of good society  that widows do not remarry. They are  not' forbidden to do so, but they are  thought more highly of if they don't.  Nearly two pounds of wood pulp was  recently taken from the stomach of a  Brooklyn boy, who had an inordinate  appetite for chewing toothpicks and  matches/ , ' ���.  It Is a curious,fact that, despite the  general knowledge of the deadly powers of high tension electric, currents  aud their well known use for executing  criminals, thore is no record of a de-  'ihornto suicide by .electric shock.  Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc,  Natural  ftiifry,  "Oh, yes," said tho young lady from  Venezuela. "We have a society , of  Daughters of the Revolution'too."  "Which revolution'?"' asked the inquiring philosopher.- '  MAUD'S LmiMENT Meyes "neuralgia.  Wary.  "Here is an interesting article setting  forth the improvements that will havo Lo  bo incorporated in the typewriter of the  future."  "Skip it. I don't want to hear it. In  a day or two it will be followed'.by an announcement that su^-h .a machine is on the  market."     .  MINARD'S IMIENT. for Sale Eyerrwta. ���  Not Ready Fop Thut.  "I undc-i'sliii-'l," said tho reporter, "that  you arc iroing to turn your establishment  into a co-operative concern."  "That's an outrageous He!" exclaimed  the head of the linn with ill concealed  impatience. "I want you to understand,  sir, that this plant is still paying handsome dividends."���Chicago Tiiuos-llerald.  MIAB'S LMMENT Cures DaidmlL '  SalvlnK* His  Compnnctlons.  Pronibter���I called to see you about  that bill, the details of which I wrote  you a few clays ago.  Legislator���Excuse me, sir, but I cannot lend my influence to any such  scheme as that.  Promoter���Who lias asked you to  lend your influence? I havo come prepared to pay you well for it.���Boston  Transcript. 7  The .Taken Forts.  A typographical error pecuvrod in milking the Taku forts. They should li:i*e'  been the'"Take .'.us**' forts.'-r.iin'alo Impress. '     ;   -  _7 .    ,    . ���  These two desirable qualifications, pleasant to. thc taste and at the same timo effectual, ure to bo found in Mother Graves' Worm  Exterminator.   Children like it.  To I nt-of View.  The Dear Girl���Life in camp must ^e  ��� trulv grand. '  The. Rough Ri<'��r���Yes, indeed! It's  simply in-tcuts!  Sonic One to Dlnnie.  The Benedict���I tell you, my boy, n  wife is a great comfort.       *  The Bachelor���Yes; it must be comforting to have soni'1 o*-9 to hlamo when  things go wrong.-  Fnlr Wenther Fi-lcntld.  She���It's too  bad  poor.lack  Ciondt'.-l  low failed.    He had so many friends i,.-..  lie. (reflectively)���lie   had!��� Brooklyn  Li IV. .   - -  When nil other corn preparations fail, try  Hollowny's Corn Cure. No pain whatever,  sind no inconvenience in uaing it.  A CLEAR, HEALTHY SKIN.���Eruptions  of the skin and the blotches which blemish  beauty are the result of impure blood caused  by unhealthy action of the Liver and Kidneys. In correcting -this -unhealthy action  and restoring tlie organs to their normal  condition, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will  at the same time cleanse the blood, and the  blotches and eruptions will disappear without leaving any trace.  Oblivion.  Here the hero's good fairy came and  stood before him. "I will cause you to  disappear completely from the sight of  men," said she.  "Oh, thank you!" said the hero. ' "By  waving your'wand, I suppose?"  "Oli, no. By causing you to marry nn  authoress!" said the good fairy.  . Then she explained that she seldom  resorted to magic tliese days, finding it  hotter upon the whole' '-* *��ir�� niivantas"*  of exoteric principles.  Johnny's rnjia'a "Wife's Slater.'  Johnny���Aunt Hannah, what'did papa  mean by calling you an old hen? .  Aunt   Hannah���Do   you  mean* to  Bay  your  father  calio'd   me such a  name as,  that? ' .        , '  Johnny���Well, h* said you w*��re no  chicken.-       .  State of Ohio, City of Toledo,) ���   ���  Lucas county,      ��� }   ���  Fhan'k J. Uiii'xev makes oath that he is the  senior partner of the linn of F. J. Ciikvey &  fto.,, do.ng* bus-ino-.s in tha Citv of Toledo,  County and State afores.-i'id, and (lint said firm  will pay tho sum'of (JNK HUNUUBD DOL-  L^ltS for each and every cuse of catarrh th*it  carinot be cured by the use of Hai.i/s Catahkh  Cuhk. FRANK J. CHENEY.  Sworn to before me and subscribed in inj  presence, this (5th day of lleccmltor, A. D,, 188&.  f ���- ._ '    A. \V. GLEA.SON,  |sEA.r,V '       Notary Public ' ���  Hall's Catarrh Cure ls taken internally and  acts directly on tho blood and mucous surfaces  of <the system.   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Big; Attrpctioi:.-: io^ tue lair-  Outside cf the itoval  Marine   liand  ! ���" U ]  >';H A  &  MY   OL0_ c'ii;E?iD   ?a fiu i   iitHc,  I hark to tn& !v��.rab ��i, oxidant-notes"  of Italy, tbo biggest attraction   at   tlie I    Of clt+morods *:.U -:*.o- strife,  Ci     ,   "       ,    - " ,  .  ,    v, -      ... ., .   | I dratr my fe'-t thtyivfa itte dust find heat  Spokane   Incmstrial   Exposition   this1 fe    *     -.<���-.^"-*���.-���  vear will be Atlantis, the globe and fire  dancer and jugleross, who ��9 Lhe 'greatest in her lino ever eeon in America,  tier unique dance while moving aboui  '.lie stage ou a globe has attracted much  attention to the vaudeville world. The  f-phere which she uses for this dance  aiid balencing act is nearly three feot  in diameter. It is a ball of dazeliug  light, illuminated by means of electric  Of the. broad-bbshr-OAji of life  But I catch 7101 thf sound of a well-known  voice��� -        .     A. '  And tbo-road is brown and Bere,  And my eyesight blears ".vith unshod tears���  For my old fri&nd is not.hore,  fif*..- .'(., a.*,  '-   -     .'"'.���yjl*  ra  iflftr  U  I,*, .j.j A ',.**>���  -:!  Jghts run by r, storage   battery  inside  'the globe.    She laovo?   gracefully on  tho stage- her   long   s-lken   robe3   at  lilies completely covering   the' globe  on whieli she is walking.    While  still  wearing the flowing robe of thc serpentine dance she executes  several pther  difficult 'dances on ber moving sphere  4   vvhile calcium lignts  are illuminating  ���;"   her draperies in a wealth of color.  The Uravery of Woman  ., Was grandly shown   by Airs.   John  Dowling of Butler, Pa.., iu a three years'  'struggle with  a   malignant .stomach  trouble that caused distressing  attacks  of nausea and indigestion.    All  remedies failed to relievo lier until she tried  .Electric Bitters.   J^tte;* taking jt   two  "months, she vvrote ��� "X '^ now0 wholly  cured f*nd can   e^t   anything. ' It   is  ��ruly jigraud icuic for. thc whole  system as'I gained'  in   weight   aud   feel  much stronger since using it.''   lfc aids  digestion,  cures   dysoep.sia,  improves  appetite, gives' nev/   life.   Only   50c.  puranteed, at Hope & Beatlie'a   drug  store. ' ���*  With ahachwarj glance and a wave of tho  hand,  To^!la^1dThate^run^de?'croudle6s skie*-    <*���� ����� ����>'*> ^ sli0uld *<* 0���}*  performed now?" he inquired inwardly,  consider every ujuw-uicnt of tho be-  1 gowned man as: 10 some especial import,  and genuflected and crossed themselves  and murmured unintelligible utterances, which he took for prayers;   It  was very interesting, and in Iiis heart  he wished that reason might show him  how to be as happily satisfied with the  priest's teachings as were these,'  "If  a  mfracle could  be  enacted in  Where the sun shines all tho day;  Ajid his form is-lost ln the hurrying throng  That gathers from far and near,  And I mls& the grace c��*"hia kindly face*-  For my o!c| friend is nc.t r-ere.  But I Qa.iight a. glirfip&i'.^i that unknowD  land_ y  As my old if ri find hurried through        -.  The outer *ah,U ,-whe-r? tjv& dear ones wait  For tjie ptlVrip". i^i-i.'-j due;  And I know"xrh.��.t--"fes sunshines all thoday,  That tho flow'-' s hl'AS.1 all the year���  I uhall miss hlE-emtio-through the attar.  while,     -      5 .-1 .��� ��� -  For my old friend ls not here*,  ���S.iQ. -Leplus, ln Ohio Farmer,  Axioi'u'A-OliKiiiiiiou.- "���,',-'. -  , "Who ia tlia-i lank jiui'Ly wi f.h thp mortals?" asked the drumrow..  ��� "That ia our town champion," tho  rural grpcer explained. "Uo has got  his, picture in the papers more times  fer'bein* cured of j-^re diileront diseases than: a.uy ma^liii the United  States."���Cincinnati Enquirer.  HIS  MIRACLE,'^  BI CAKL SMITH,  ./tA-'  'J  The section, foreman's boy," red oi  hair ond freckled  of face, offered to  show him the way tc the; church, but  he declined the proffeml courtxisy, preferring to walk up ihe, railroad trnc"k  until he shouJd gt-1* tiirt'd of the ja-unt,  Avhen he would ?tpp -s,ti o. cat.Ue guard  and _ rest* oskd tihtai,rir-irn in time for  dhunor.' Ch-tirch goin^ had been an unknot quaji'ii'ty ���'wittt'lum in tlie citjr,  where th-e^a wero gr^at'cathedrals in  half "a doset giSei^nt. parts of tlie  town," and Ee. hardly iaw tlio" occasion  for dtej>art.ing from custom' simply be  "Oh, no. It is all opposed to sense and  science. Falt-h?"���for he had arrived  in tijne w hear enough of the sermon to  know Thai, tlie )>riest had discoursed on  faith���"yes, bg. a mircolo I eould.have  "faith, but���" '; ��� .z y -  Bis self'ConJDiunidu svaa ini-ermpted  by the sound of a silvery voice coming  from the gallery ,'aboVe his -head.  -    "O salutaris!st the hail rose pure and  sweet���such a voice as,the agnostic had  never before heard. '"0 wilutarisl" and  the church was tilled with the wonder  of a music which. cnJiised hini,to tliinlc  that an angel sung, quite ignoring tho  fact that according to his philosophy,  no such thing ns an angel.could exist, j  He listened as one entranced, aud hej  ' left the church with his very soul brim*  ' ming'with tho joy of that heavenly soprano. ��� ''  Tho next Sunday he walked up the  track again, but'ljnly ft littio way. The  section foreman's boy iiad invited him  as before to aevompahj- him, but I\en-  ncdj* hes!t��at<-d''-f��fio. Hf^-itating, -was not  lost. Xowj'howii.^i'uii he again looked up  at the cheery 'hail Of the happy ivissen-  gers of the handcar,* Lv hesitated again,'  and^his hesitation-"ocrh h 1 m churchward.  He took his former seat in the rear, under the odd liti'io choir loft, and to-day  a���"new- priest  taiked, ,and,    strangely  j Moyie,  iSfow the f-ole agents for  Cranbrook,    Kimfterley,  Steele   and  Fernie.   ': *  FOH T1I13  CALGARY, BREWING CO.'S  JOtiEPJl NBIIUSltSTADT,  l*.r����p  Lager beer sold .by the  Keg or  dozen  bottles.  Bottled Beer  in Stock,. . .  Outside Orders Given Strict Attention.  GO   TO   THE  cause his exi)e  in  the-little'country    "���������"^v-' i>"��au ��u��eu. .auu,    a-uma^iy  town' was< so uninterestingly eventless,    enough; of the ^firaole of Faith." ^ As  S3CO>TJS^S.  i  Bottled Beer,. Porter, and Ale. Grive them S  ^ a trial and you will be convinced that <$  I they are of the very best quality, to be %  S had. We will continue to handle the old ?��  4i reliable "SCHLITZ," also a full line of the 3  very best grades,of all other liquors. We $  guarantee our goods and wilt not take a $  back seat for any one on prices.      , '"       ^  *    '       ,"   *'      WHITE FOR rjUCES.,      '��     _ j^  Fort Steele^ Mercantile Company, ltd.l  JACOB P. FINK, Mgr. tt  . i��        - ; .-.-''' i  East' Kootonay's    big  mail   order   house.   'CEANBKOOK, B. <J k)  ,   1, ' '-"���-."��� " s f?  \ti..n%'yyA'\  ..Ji' it M ���;-;..!  i^r.1.11     A A  i   lb-A\ {'t'-uU i  ���     v. fi y&i n  if* l'J ii[ , Si:il "������  y '..  ji,- iH i ?.>  fc inltt  AMi&  *!Ai l\(th.  fv  ���'  V) % ?Ji  �� km  *; BR  r i  '.    f> 1  'll  < \\i  -"lis-  wm  fA .hi,.'  -*1 r -pVti  H-#;  5ij.*i��i  IT'^'ii  ���ftf-tiiSt:  JUomories of a Waltz.  ."Did you over try to dance   with   a  foreigner t" asked a  Louisville gentle-  :nan who' had been  traveling   abroad,  of the Detroit   Free   Press   man.   "I  7>   did once," he continued, "and that ex-  \\  ' - * -  ,   penenc.e was more than   enough   for  7f   mo.   It happened at "a ball   at'  Mus-  ,)   tapha, at the Hotel   St.. Georges. * I  i|   asked an Austrian countess  to waltz,  jj   aud when we started ' I   supposed   we  ij xwould dance in the leisurely American  t| /asbion,  ,��*.--   *  j; i   ;tThe countess had diflerent ideti in  h *.-.  ji. her head. She preferred to whirl mad;  ;|  Jy, like a deryjsh, on s soace that could  1��   u .    ,' '.,,       '   ' "y        7    '  h  ri  ? \  i'U  ,!�����*  ,be pove?ed y/ith & parasol, a.nd on ac-  f,y"' *$iW''A' count of ber auperibr strength, I clung  t-A'-' i  to her and we began to spin.  j.j;XiVj;j:      "Finally, when it seemeci-to me that  .Ji., .-1' ���:  we were performing our antics on  the  polling with our heads hanging down,  J. could'staud it no longer, and gasping  for breath, suggested that we sit down.  I saw two chairs galloping around the  room and prepared to catch  them , on  the next lap.   We tteered for them; J  .clinging helplessly to the athletic lady,  and then we sank dop/u,    i   sat dazed  and  almost   insensible   until   I   was  Aroused by the countess eaying:  "Excuse me but we are   siitiue-   oir  IA  .*.. i  <-i   .'-, !*  H  ' '  fry:  fAyU  yf.  thi  is  s  I  (i   9  * " J K A *  -���l+il^-iV  : i-*!*'*i' i  " i v��\ J     tr JI  ;'i#^'7  LS rt    I, ,1".  ���'faf-Vf- *{.  'vi"'k?t' ''  i.i t\U ,,*h, j    ���  .,11."- fl-','  . 1 - .ii1 *��� .   *. t.  ���-��� --"' li'Vf  -&vA>  ,7^1-h1  iA4A\  ��� y.iV a  7^7" 7  ihe same chair.'"  A\ri'  '.'(,     "��'  }   '.  ' . 1 'I.  ���i    I*  V  ��� ir     11  il  I.  lEndnred Death's Agonle?.  Only a roaring fire enabled J, M.  iGarrettson, ,of San Antonio, Tex., to  lie down when attacked bv Asthma,  from which he suffered for years. He  writes his misery was often so great  that it teemed he endured tbe agonies  oi death; but Dr. King's i\few Discovery for Consumption wholly cured  him. j. This marvelous medicine is the  only known cure for Asthma as woll  as Consumption, Coughs and Colds  and all Throat, Olms-t 'in.I Lung  trouble?, Trice .10 on.If nnd WL.OO.  Guaranteed. Trial bottles  Hope & Jkallio'fc drug .-fore.  ret)    ui   t]  IIo started with, a .swinging, tathletic-  club stride'tip the line-of gravel, therefore,  and   the  section foreman's boy,  palpably starchy and awkward in his  Sunday  clpthes, went -kuxrjlng down  the street from the station, his red hair  crimsonly signaling; his approach to  tbe little frame church while hewasyet  a'great distance'away.    ���-- ........ -, -.  Kennedy wqs the new telegraph operator,   lie <was ��.n aspiring fellow and  an  intelligent one, 'and some day he  hoped to be, a isick <iiiph,tcher, and possibly, after reasouablelapse1 of time, the  superintendent of telegraph.   He spent  the long and I&nesonie nighta in reeding 'on social O3onomics, and he knew  more about"the history of strange and  pe-ctiliar things associated with government than aimo&t anybody whose name  or fame is now suggested to mind.   He  wai. the chief' telegrapher of hia division of th�� telegraphers'labor union,  which met in the city 30 miles away, and  he was tho.inaa. who made the best  speeches   on   7t.ssd.ay   nights,   wien  lodge proceeding^ had got m far along  as the "good of the order.'"  The others  of the division thought highly of him,  and  usually they &ent htm   cs   their'  lodge delegate to tha sessions of the  iutematior.fll  oonvec ti.cn.     He   could  argue splendidly and he said he waa an  agnostic, ;  As he walked up the track this Sunday   morning   the    Sabbath    feeling  seemed to rise up as though fo offend  against  his reasoning and reasonable  agnosticism,    .across the fields came  th6 mello-wness of a church bell, and  seeming far, $ex; far away, its sound  was the sweeter for the distance.   Over  to  the right a farmer's wagon   was  creeping  along the section lim> road  as the ��leek brown horses dragged the  family toward tha place of worship in  the towrr.   'Around the curve ahead of  him there rose o quiet rumbling, and,  looking to see what/ unexpected train  was bearing down upon him, he received the hail of Michael Doolen, foreman of Section 45, several miles up the  parallel line of rails, who,  with   his  men and their women  and children,  was whirring along in the direction of  the little .pariah church toward which  the redheaded  boy  iiad  sped  several  mintites before.   The men wero on a  hand car, to which a little flat had been  attached, and this flat accommodated  the women ond children,  "1^suppose it's oil right for them."  v\fr.nedy murmured, as the twin caw  disappeared around the other bend of  o curve, "but Thut. ifn't for me.   Be-  r.r-.id tl.e 'I'm onto Woii.l.  Duriu-r the p.i--t few ye.ira The Toronto World ha.-i been building up a  remarkable reputation as a reliable  authority on iiii.iL.ee, c-uiumuce nnd  the mining ipdns-try. Also foi its reports of thc live t'tock ma.rl:et.  In the&c   dejiarlnicntb   The  '���tr  orld  employs a stall of mcu epecinlly qualified by actual  personal   exporiuioc   to  handle the cjuostioiiB witii wiiich   tliey  ii.vc to deal.  This 3?   why   pcuph-   ink-* -itd    in  those.puhjcotii are   rc*guli..i    iciulcrh  Thc World. '  of  As.��o.sa'me��t ��"c*i-k..Cci>U*aots 'Xnls.un.  , -Parties wishing to have   .nssesanient  work, done on claims hi tho. vicinity of  !7|fi|7|ly'7, M��y^. "?JH do well to consult or write  undcrsiyned  JJ,  tornifi, .    Work  left iu my care 'tvill  he ���proh.ij'i.tly  ended   to,   and   aalitfaclio:'-!   will  it-  on  nt'eed.  SCOTT.'  ^  �� 1F.Vi{  .yAl\��i  &  SHORE  Barber Shop.  CosmopoHteri    Hotel  row/, ifr.-m.  ll^ion is a good enoisgh f.hing���an indispensable thing, ind^id, but ithnsn't  got oxound to me yet, and it never will.  It's o g*ood, handy thing to have for the  purpose of Kwearing people in courts  | and impressing ignorant persons whx*c  '���Inr-'ciiTi r.*nn'v- --fini." ������^-* i\r i-';]'-. ���*  of luystieibin, nut only ior their awn  comfort, but far the safety of tho  public. Such people, without a weight  or anchorage of some kind, would rattle oround annoyingly and even harmfully to others. I wish I could believe  aa they do. Doubtless it is. i comforting  thing io be as they are, but���"  And he clcfyad his stntement-of opinion by picking up a stonw arid throwing it ot a rabbit.  IJc walked to the cattleguard, and,  resting, returned, and found he had  vastly miscalculated distance and time,  and that 'itwas still very early in the  d ay. He looked about and saw the handcar on a siding, and it suggested something to him. Kennedy .prided himself  on i-eiiig a liberal Eiort of person, and  the thought came to him that it would  be a fair and reasonable thing for him  to .drop into the -little church, just to  show that he had really no feeling  against religion- He''found Uie white-  painted structure with, the crosn over'  its queer,, little cupola,'and, entering,  took, tlie rearmost seat. The services  .vere nearly closing. 1 fe looked forward,  over thclicads of hiilf a'hundred devout worshipers, at the,priest in vest*  ments, which���although Ivennedv did  not know it���he had brought at great  labor from the city, for the parish was  too poor to support a resident pastor.  !f�� noted that the wor&Hpers seemed to  though answering a question of Kennedy's the clergyman said: "Who are  the believers? The greatest of all tho  great in learning, statecraft and material advancement. Presidents, prime  ministers,'men jf mighty mind accept  the divinitv  of  Christ-���and if    these  v d  men, wise enough to be great, and great  enough to be honest, accept by faith,  why should you or I cry out , for a  mtracle to be enacted for our special  behoof. There are many millions of  people in the worlds���*l  Kennedy couliiTha'^told him how  many. ,  ,.   ,     .  "���and what rigiit has 'one man to  ask God to miraculopslj'- perform for  him so that he might he badgered and  forced reluctantly into accepting what  worthier, mofe'.'fearh.oa' men and, men  of,infinitely greiter responsibility and  vaster temptation gla<fiy and gratefully  take as a boon??'' " '*���     -   ���  "This," thought Kennedy, "sounds  reasonable, but ro&riaot blindly accept  their belief on ' uuitpported, unwitnessed sentimen. ^.'"Aad as he thought  upon it the voics of the soprano -rose  in glorification 'Jt, yf'&s what he Iiad  waited for,- It filled "him with great  happiness, Tho undeserved miracle  was beginning of peri'onnance.  Every Sunday after this he came ir.  after the others and took his back seat.,  Her voice had sung him almost into the  acceptance (toward which the reasoning  of the priest was powerless to persuade.  He seemed to partake of the feeling of  the singer.    He exulted with lier in the  Latin   praise of the   Redeemer.     Tie  learned the words, and they rose almost  to his lips as she eur>g.   What a woman  , she must be!    What a heart of purity  to well up in such witness of the might"  of Christian, love ond Christian mercy!  H<3- -had never Seen her, for he wns- an  ngfaosti^ end> he con1.-! r*o!-  -. -ei-i  iv :  fc-tubborncss of his unbelief toatk about  her, or to even wait in the church to  watch her.   He came into church laio  and he left early.   Ho was an agnostic,  and she��� '  But was he?    '  One day after the fcervices were concluded he advanced past the half-hundred humbl" worshipers, and, greeting  tho priest, fyiid: "Father, I want to  come into the church." His _ heart  leaped with that acknowledgment, and  (he little edifice seemed filled with thc  glory of thc Shepherd of the lost ��li<*op.  Suddenly, from tho organ loft, which,  now for the first time was visible io  his eyes, came the'swelling bound of  that heavenly voice in somo. &ong of  praise.  He looked for the singer,   it was the  section foreman's l>oy.  .And this- uaa hie-? mimde.���Ohicago  Record.  For your outfit.    Thc largest stock in  East Kootenay,  .,   KEID &CO.,  Ckandjrook, 13, C.  S. J. WHITOOKB  House ..painter, grainer,  glazier t and paperhunger.  All work on perfect sur-  , face guranteed. Prices ac-  , cording, to qualify ' and  stock required '  Moyie, B. 0.  PATKONIZE '~:  WHITE LABOR  By Sending Your Work To the  -UNION UDND1...  PHILIP CONRAD, Pjiop,  COUltT JtO-VIB.  '    No. 4005,    "'  Meets'on the llrfet iukJ  , hird Thiusday of each  mouth.   Visiting.broth,  ren invjtt-rt to atten'l. "  r.EVris tuomson.^.b.  WILDEY L0jb"aE S'O.-di  Meets every Monday evening iu their  hall on Victoriji 'streot. . Sojourning  Odd Follows oordially inviU-df  i". I. MOQBK, Tl.   S, , , _ ,  - p^.^YTK.r.s. Jyioyie '  It. A. iJITTit, S. C,  A. T. KKNXIIUS', 'CRJlAd.  Wholesale   and  " u  Retail Butchers.  SHOTS    AT  Moyie ��� Miners'   Union  �� * -' i,  Meets in Mcpregor hall eyory Tuesday  evening. Sojourning members1 ar-a  cordially invited to attend.  H. H. Dnnctvi     '        P. T. Smvth? -  Acting Pres. '  Acting Sec'y.  . < �� Fort Steele  Cranbrook, Fernie ��� Wardner  GOOD WORK.  piticKs 'Keaso^a-Blj:  CHAS.: P.  CAMPBELL",  aud  embalming  Uudorlakin  a cpecialty. Graduate of the  champion college of the  United States. I am pre par-  it.-* i" At, iA\ in this lino of  buaiiicori. Successor to Maggp  & Hughes. 'Telegraph and  mail orders properly attended  to.    Main oilicc  Moyie Board of Trade.  Meets? in  the Moyie school  house otv4he first Monday -  evening of each  month  ixt  S o'clock sharp.  J: C. Drewry., Pre?.  J. P. Faukkll,        ���   '     A. T. Cr.ARk,|  ,   Vico-Pree. fiec'v.J  f-. -.  ^     i   -  ITll�� ICnv  * ^ ��   i       f"3 i-JS M $  MERCHANT TAILO:;  orahbrook:.  ! Repairing Nealiy and   Promptly  - ecu ted.   fipeoial Attention G:  to Mail Orders.  vn.  G0cT0  JOHN BRYDEI,  Suits   Made ' to Order,  Oranbrook,  B. C.  A.    E.   RIOHARDSOST,  MERCHANT TA VLOTl.  For  custuin    macle  styles and reasonable piici.=.  clothing,    Laco Jt  Hauling and Drawing.  Wood for Sale.  Moyie,  B.  W>.y ire yoeaeni a Gun.  I* u*a.-> a -.���.'--stern town, unclfcteyoung  fellow had been arrested for rarrying  a concealed weapon. Fresh from" i lie  east, he irnfigined that bad men lurked  in the shadows, and he had bought a  pistol that had a bore ns large aa a  cough-drop. When arraigned before  the police judge he had no defense to  make, and the magistrate said'! "I shall  huve to fine you."  "Please let me ofE," said tho young  fellow. "I have no money to pay a  fine, and if you line me I shall have to  go toy jail, andthat would disgrace me,  I have done nothing wrong except  carry the,revolver, and I am sorry for  that. I have no friends front whom I  tould secure the money to pay the fine."  -."What; did you carry the' artillery'  for ?''aaked the judge, A ������  "Why, er���er���-to .protect my valuables." -'   -  -  '   7 ���'   ���'.  "To protect your valuables?     What  valuables have you?   You say you have'  no money to pay a fine.' What else have  you of value V"  "Why, 'you see���that is���er  the giin.    It cost me $12."  He went to jail.���N". Y. World,  <<IA  luLAH P  RAILWAY  MITED  if  ,va  ���'���tt cr.'.iro! It**-  siiing, hond  it  -I have  9?  Service for ihe year 1900 will  be commenced JUNE 10th.  The "Imperial������LimiierJ'' takes  you across the Continent'in'  four days without change.  It is a( solid yesiibiiieu train,  iuxuriousSy equpped with  ever possible essential for  the comfort and convenience  of Passengers. Ask your  friends who have traveled on  it, or address  MOYIE LAUNDRY  PKICI5P KE A SOX ABLE.  JL.KK it HICK 1CV.  tfgrg  !>���  l-^*^!Kii^-  M. Mansfield, Agent, Moyie.  w. K  ANUKRSON,  T. I'. A. Nelson  K. J.-COVLK,  A, 0., 1;', A .,  VlUlOOVl.-r  Cbristma's    is  coming.     Get]  your pictures taken   to soud i  home. ^PKEST,  the,.pl,u;o7  grapl.-or, will visit.  Moyio  on i  each : .Saturday.     FUtshligbt, 1  picture!*, taken at' Uiy . Moyio  or at   your   room   Of   libuao.  Leave  your  orders   al  ouce.  No libic to'delay. x  Presf& Co.,  -Prices Given  and   Orders  Taken on  Eyerythmg-  in the Printing  Line at the  Or.-.nli.vooK-,      ���\!���v)n,  botographers,  K'H-l. 'y��f.i��*.  v��


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